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Rural Hard to Reach Local Government Partnerships’ Working Group SUMMARY NOTES March 14, 2018, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Call #: 646-558-8656, Access Code: 260244449#, no participant # needed Invitees: IMPLEMENTERS Elisabeth Bertrand, AMBAG Bryan Titzler, CDCMC

Pam Bold, HSEF Kimberly Fleming, KEW Lou Jacobson, RCEA

Sarah Farell. SJVCEO Courtney Kalashian, SJVCEO Jordan Garbayo, SLO County Jon Griesser, SLO County

Chad Bender, SBC John Plaggmier, SBC Jen Rosser, SBC Kari Sinoff, SBC

Welcome Jon Griesser (JG2) welcomed the group. Debrief from In-Person Meeting Courtney Kalashian shared the Day One meeting minutes; she will complete Day Two minutes and send to the group. CK wants to be better about staying true to the agenda. For example, the group had dedicated an hour to talk about best practices on Day One, but let conversations flow and ended up shoving this section into 15 minutes on Day Two. CK recommends the group holds each other accountable to honor the Best Practices section set aside for each meeting. Pam Bold asked for an update on the Best Practices database. It’s in a spreadsheet currently; JG2 and CK will dive into this and membership in post-co-chair life. Lou Jacobson wants to revisit how we define ourselves as a group; he’d like a broader definition of what we can talk about (outside of pure public EE) and share versus limiting this by what we’re allowed to bill as a group. CK, JG2, PB, and LJ to take this offline. Timelines for Q1 Action Items March 8 and 9 ACTION ITEMS • LJ to share out ‘Summer Study’ details with full group: two memos and scoring worksheet Done. LJ sent out defining rural memo and lit review on 3/14. CK has Tom Pickering’s memo in SJVCEO files; CK to find this and send it to group. • JG2 to share out Cost Effectiveness Studies white paper that team SLO prepared. Done. JG2 sent this out 3/9. CK also sent out federal doc re: cost effectiveness, which provides interesting insight into how our IOUs think • Courtney to follow up with LGP’s actively interested in RHTR membership Done. VCREA is interested and communications have started. • Bylaws Committee: members CK and Bryan Titzler. Plan is to vote new bylaws in at SEEC in-person; BT and CK to get all this done 2 weeks prior to meeting for review ◦ Review Bylaws ◦ Update to reflect current state ◦ Make recommendations to group on new inclusions • SLOEW and MLEW to work collaboratively on contract extensions to cover July-December of 2018. Done. This is already in coordination and moving forward. • CK to reach out to IOUs and CPUC of status of public sector market potential/characterization study. CK is drafting this email now and will send in 2 weeks (around 3/28). • CK to share one model for determining an LGP budget. Done. CK sent 03/08. • Inserting RHTR into the RFA process (60% outsourcing requirement put on IOUs by CPUC) 2018 Call Schedule: second Wednesday of each month | 11:00AM – 12:00PM | April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14, December 12

CK to meet with SCE on 03/28 to determine process. Will solicit same information from PG&E, SCG and SDG&E between now and April 1. Conversation already opened on PG&E; CK will check against what is said by SCE before going back. ◦ Once place and process is determined, ER and LJ will represent RHTR at PGE; JG2 will represent RHTR to SCG; CK will represent RHTR to SCE and SDG&E. ◦ Form a subcommittee to observe the RFA process and produce Gantt charts; this should all lead toward an actionable item (ie contract in 2019) in Q3 or Q4 • PB to contact Rick Phelps regarding involvement in Peer Review Group Done. RP interested and may call CK for more information and to be put in contact with Lara. He will possibly start in fall. • Legislative Platform Subcommittee: CK and Steve Frisch (SF2) ◦ Brainstorm platform in two parts: for immediate advocacy and for future advocacy CK follow up with SF2 ◦ Present platform(s) to group SEEC ◦ Develop web-based training for Elected’s staffers re: LGPs End of summer ◦ Develop “Value of LGP” one pager template (should be customized by Elected/LGP by LGP) ◦ CK to provide CA Senate and Assembly listing (RHTR only) to members) Next Friday (3/23) • Elisabeth Bertrand to meet with Meghan Dewey to discuss how we’re not looped in on RFA process and there needs to be better communication Done. Meeting on Monday 3/19 • CK asked the following questions. Nils Strindberg will answer all questions on GPAC call 3/15. CK to send answers to group ◦ Do LGPs, as they exist now, count toward the 60%? ◦ Will LGPs count toward the 60% in 2019 and going forward, or would LGPs need to respond to RFPs for consideration toward 60%? ◦ Are Local Governments eligible to respond to the RFAs? ◦ Are Local Governments eligible to respond to the RFPs? Is there something that specifies who can respond to the RFAs/RFPs? ESPM Benchmarking Updates Sarah Farell explained that the final AB 802 regulation language had been released on 3/7. SCE is set to update their Benchmarking portal with the elimination of the ownership verification requirement sometime in April. SCE and PG&E are maintaining the elimination of their legacy systems. SF sent out a Benchmarking Briefing document to the group describing the chief barriers and all individual benchmarking processes. She will be setting up a Benchmarking Coalition meeting for the following week to share a solutions-based document that can be shared with higher-ups at the IOUs as well as the CEC and CPUC if necessary. New Business/Wrap Up SEEC Open Proposals: CK proposed RTHR gets involved again. Round 2 with Cary? LJ prefers to discuss defining rural. What are the varying treatments applied to varying rural spaces? Rural is defined differently for all these programs; how do we approach this? CK and LJ to chat about this offline next week. Adjourn Incomplete Action Items in Yellow

2018 Call Schedule: second Wednesday of each month | 11:00AM – 12:00PM | April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14, December 12

Rhtr memberscall summarynotes 03 14 2018  
Rhtr memberscall summarynotes 03 14 2018