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Santiago and The Shark

"Hey Manolin!" shouted Santiago. "Yes?" replied Manolin, coming from the back room of Santiago's house. "Did you pack all of my bait?" asked Santiago. "Of course!" said Manolin, adding "How long will you be out fishing?" "Hmm... probably six hours" Santiago said and yawned. "Okay! I will see you then" said Manolin as he waved "good-bye" .


Santiago left, he left to do what he loved the most which was fishing. He hasn't been able to fish well for a long time, but he hoped that this time it would be better, much better. It was early in the morning, a time when me or you would probably still be sleeping. "My favorite time of day" said Santiago, as he rested in his boat waiting patiently for fish.


After a few hours Santiago felt a tug which sacred him at first since he started to fall asleep from waiting so long. He let some of the line out from his fishing rod, and waited for the right minute to catch the fish.

"3..2..1." counted Santiago. ZIP! He pulled the fish right into his boat! "Well I'll be, this is one of the biggest fish that I caught this year!"


"I can't wait until Manolin see's this!" said Santiago, very excited about the fish he had caught. The old man started to pack up his bait and stored the fish in his cooler. "Ah what a successful day." he sighed to himself. From afar the old man saw a grey triangle pop up from under the water.


"What might that be?" Santiago asked himself, squinting his eyes. The triangle swam closer to Santiago's boat. He finally knew what it was. "It is a shark!" he whispered to himself, shocked. "He wants my fish, what should I do?" He thought panicking.


The shark swam closer and closer, until he was next to the boat. Santiago stood still so he wouldn't scare the shark. But the shark suddenly went under the boat. "What? Where did he go?" Santiago said, in a low voice. CREAK! CREAK! The boat began to rock back and forth. The shark had swam under the boat, and started to bump into it. The old man almost fell, but kept his balance. From the corner of his eye he saw something roll.


"That is it!" Santiago said. "I will throw the can of bait into the water with the shark, so he won't take my fish!" CREAK! The shark bumped into the boat again, but Santiago grabbed the can of bait as fast as he could and removed the lid. "This is it." said Santiago nervously. Santiago lifted his arm and threw the can as far away as possible.


The shark swam after the can of bait, splashing a lot of water behind him. "He almost had my fish there!" laughed Santiago. "I have such a great story to tell Manolin, with a big fish to go with it!". Santiago's day was almost over and he knew that, that was enough excitement for one day. So after packing up everything besides the bait he threw to the shark, he paddled back to his home, where he knew Manolin would be waiting.


"Anything interesting happen today?" asked Manolin. "You bet!" said Santiago with a wide smile. "I can tell you about it while we make this fish that I caught..."


Santiago and The Shark  
Santiago and The Shark