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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

During the creation of my music magazine, I continuously looked at existin tions are portrayed and presented. I tended to look at the Billboard magazin of ideas and suited my target audience especially after the audience surv

Front Cover

The masthead of my magazine appears at the top right hand corner of my front cover because this is where majority of the mastheads appear of music magazines and also most viewers’ eyes are directed to the masthead as soon as they have seen the main image and main sell line. The audience would look at the main image as that it is generally most important however in the case of my magazine I have used an extreme close-up with my model looking right into the camera so it seems she is looking directly at the readers which engages them with the magazine. Due to the use of an extreme close-up the readers will immediately look at it and then look at the name and masthead to see who the story is done by, which magazine. The masthead appearance and colour was inspired from the NME magazine even though it is an indie/rock genre magazine whereas mine is pop genre I didn’t feel there is anything immoral in using the appearance. My masthead does not appear to look like NME’s masthead but the idea of putting it in red and in top right hand corner was used. I have used a tag line to promote my magazine as to be the best as the tag line I have used is ‘bite into the best’. It links in well with my masthead name which is ‘Beat Bite’. I feel the tag line will grasp the audience’s attention as they want the best. I have incorporated this convention in my magazine as it looks and sounds effectual on the Q magazine ‘The UK’s biggest music magazine’. This makes their magazine sound extremely successful and the best so that is what I was aiming for. Furthermore, the sell lines are surrounding the main image. I feel surrounding the main image with text is not crowded as all the text is away from the text. This was effectively prepared as I had planned the main image before my photo-shoot so I knew exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I wanted my model’s hair to blown out with a fan so her hair spreads and fills up the majority of the page. Additionally, this fitted my colour scheme well and allowed me to use the colour white more effectively on the black coloured hair. The sell lines itself are bold looking which attracts the audience further and makes them read the entire magazine and in order to do that they would have to buy the magazine so the sell lines have to be exceptionally superior and must try to grab every potential reader. I have made the artists names big and bold so the fans can catch the attention of it easily. I made the main sell line the biggest and boldest firstly because she is new to the music industry and her name needs to be heard in public. I have included a barcode which has the price and the website on it. I have included two prices; one is the UK price in pounds (£) and the other is a price for EU countries which is in Euros (€). This is commonly seen on most magazines which suggest that the magazines are not only sold in UK but are sold in other countries which expands their audience and makes their magazine more and more popular. This code of magazine is successful and I have included it to get a high number of people to read my magazine. Moreover, I have included a puff by incorporating a free A4 poster to attract my readers into buying my magazine. I have made the ‘free’ sign big and bold compared to the other text in the puff.

ng magazines of my music genre which is pop music and how the convenne as the layout and conventions really inspired me and it included my kind vey. I feel I have successfully used the conventions of an existing magazine.

My contents page contains a lot of the conventions you wou see in a regular but thriving contents page starting from the ca egories the information is split into which is ‘News’, ‘Features’ an ‘Regulars’. These three columns are the ones that stand out th most as they are the ones that need to get the audience attrac ed as this makes it easier for them to see what my magazine c box and the ‘Stay in Touch’ column. These two columns have b to subscribe and stay in touch with the new media such as Fac Another typical convention found in magazines is a ‘Band Ind magazine with page numbers. This allows fans to find their favou on the left hand side of a contents page in a different colour. Furthermore, having quadrilateral images with page numbers cluded an unconventional feature. This is the fact that I haven’t of my models without a box around it. I haven’t seen this on many contents pages maybe one or two. I feel this makes it effective as the page doesn’t look too boring with boxes everywhere. However I have included two quadrilateral images however one is promoting an artist’s new album and the other is a regular feature that I have included in my magazine which is ‘Guess Who’ where audience have to guess who the picture is of and they find out in the next issue of the magazine. This is unconventional as well but a valuable way of getting the potential readers to become existing readers. I have also included an editor’s note which is also conventional in magazines as this tells readers who created the magazine. The editor’s note contains a short message from the editor stating what is included in this issue. The main thing is that I have created the contents page on a double page spreads which allows me to add more information and have it spread out.

Contents Page

uld atnd he ctcontains. Another two columns which is bold is the ‘Subscribe’ been made bolder so it can catch the attention of the readers cebook and Twitter. dex’ which is a list of artists and bands that is mentioned in the urite artist’s page in the magazine easily. This is normally placed

s on it is highly conventional in magazines. However I have int used any quadrilateral images with page numbers but images

Double Page Spr

artist that t title which tual article as not ma Additional as well. Th about. My this in colu columns. T another im which is de ten in mag My third d as I got th

Over I feel I have included all the codes and conventions of a s chosen and the target audience. Other conventions are chang


My first double page spread is conventional as it follows most double page spreads in existing magazines. The first double page spread includes an image or more of the the article is based on. My first double page spread includes a big h is the artists name and then in a bit smaller size the title of the ace. I have included three images of the artist. This isn’t conventional any double page spreads contains more than one image. lly, I have placed the first paragraph on that double page spread his allows the readers to have a heads-up on what the article is y second double page spread is the main article. I had presented umns which is extremely conventional as mostly all articles are put in This makes it quite easy for the reader to read. I have incorporated mage on the left. On the right hand side, I have added a column edicated to promote the artist’s latest album. This is seen quite ofgazines whether it is about the same artists or another. double page spread is of another artist. This is also conventional he idea from an existing double page spread. I have created a montage of my model doing different poses but in full shots. I changed all of them into black and white except the middle one and it looked phenomenal. This took up at least three quarters of the page which allowed me to do a small article underneath. I have also included pull quotes in both double page spreads which is seen in all magazines and not only musical ones.

successful magazine I could that would suit the genre I have ged to fit in with my target audience’s expectations.

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