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Dami Olufowoshe Selected Works

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M. in ar ch itectu r e with d is tin ction 2016 A r ch itectu r e an d U r b an D es ig n U n iver s ity of C alifor n ia Los A n g eles B.S. In ar ch itectu r e with h on or s 2013 A u s tin E. Kn owlton Sch ool of A r ch itectu r e Th e Oh io State U n iver s ity email: d olu fowos h e@g cell: (832) 231-1400

Academic Projects 06

The Crazier Vault Using the case study as a disciplinary method, this studio pushed for the deployment of various formal analysis methods as the foundation for new work in attempts to describe architecture as a discursive practice and establish form and its affiliated attributes as a central category of architectural discourse and production.


Hotel Attraction The studio was based on notion of Architecture as a form of an attraction. Af ter studying both covert and overt attractions, natural and man made, a hotel was designed as an architectural spectacle at the termination of the High Line in the Chelsey district of Manhattan.


2012 Gui Competition The first phase was the design of a master plan for a campus in Otaniemi, Finland. Phase two was the design of the MAAD Buuilding (Media, Arts. Architecture and Design).

Sustainable Design 28

P r i m i t i ve Hu t : r e de si gn G ot t f r i e d S e m pe r ’s i de a of a pr i m i t i ve h u t ( h e ar t h , m ou n d, e n cl o su r e , a n d r o o f ) u si n g pa ssi ve / gr e e n t e ch n o l o gi e s.


T h e O S U A r bor e t u m V i si t or C e n t e r : a pr o j e ct u se d t o ex pe r i m e n t vvw i t h passi ve su st ai n a bl e st r at e gi e s, su ch a s: or i e n t a t i o n , so l a r sh a de s, i n su l at i o n , i n di r e ct h e at gai n , w i n dow t o w a l l r a t i o , w at e r m an a ge m e n t .

2013 Formal Analysis The “Crazier” Vault Examining The Asymmetric Vaults Within The Lincoln Cathedral 5th Year Grad Studio: Fall 2013 | 6 weeks Critic: Erin Besler


For m a l A n a l y s i s S t udi o

T h e “C ra z ier ” Va u lt


Regulating Geometry of Existing Vault

Regulating Geometry of Resulting Vault

Intersection Misalignment

Profile curves extruded and trimmed

Intersection Manipulation

“Crazy” Vault

Profile curves extruded and trimmed

Intersection Manipulation

“Crazy” Vault

Unrolled Elevation Rendering

“Crazier ” Vault Formation Surface Separation and Intersection Manipulation

14 8

Surface Re-alignment

Fo rmal Ana lysis St ud io

Surface Separation and Intersection Manipulation

For m a l A n a l y s i s S t udi o

Surface Re-alignment

Unrolled Elevation Drawing

Serial Sections Arriving at Four Square

High Contrast Photographs

Crazier Vault

Crazier Vault

T he “Cra zier ” Va ult T h e “C ra z ier ” Va u lt

15 9

2013 Architectural Attraction Ascent Hotel Exploring The Architectural Phenomenon Of Scents 4th Year Studio: Spring 2013 | 8 weeks Critic: Beth Blostein

16 10

A Att t rra a c t iion on S Stt u ud d iio o

A Ascent scen t H Ho o t el

11 17

Hotel Room Orientations

Hotel Room Cluster Unit

View Into Cluster Common Lounge

View Within Event Space

Cluster Section

Entrance From Site

Cluster Plan

Room Section

Entrance From HighLine

Room Plan

Exploded Axonometric

Event Space Plan

Fifth Floor Plan

18 12

At t ra c t io n St ud io Attraction Studio

Third Floor Plan

Hotel Section

Ascent Ho t el A scen t H o t el

19 13

2012 Gui Competition Entry Crystillion Phase I: Masterplan | Phase II: MAAD Building Design 4th Year Studio: Fall 2012 | 15 weeks Critic: Isabela Gould Competition Finalist: Honorable Mention

20 14

G Gui ui C Co om mp pe ett iitt iion o n 2012

C Cryst ryst illio illion n

15 21

P h a s e I : M a s t e r P l a n ngi n

Commercial Facilities


Site Strategy

Academic Center

S i t e S t r agt ey Parking + Underground Entry Parking + Entry to Undergrou arnkdinP g

Commercial Facilities Amphitheatre Student Union Commercial Faciliti esA mphitheatre Student Union

Faculty Faculty

Arts + Architecture Arts + Architectu re

Media + Design Media + Design

Program Distribution

P r o g r a m O r g a n i z a t i on

Circulation Slices

B l d g . T r a n s f o r m a t in o Massing Evolution

SSolar o l a rManipulation M a n i p u l a t ino

CoTmp G UI CGui O M PETI O I Net it ion 28 22


2012 G u i C o m p e t i t i o n 2012

S i t e Pal n

Cryst G UI CO M illion PE TI TIO 23 N C ryst illio n 17


Studios Stud ios(Media, (Med iaFlexible) , Flex

P h a s e I I : B u i l d i n g D e s in g

ible )

Classrooms Cl assrooms Lecture Lec tureHalls Ha ll s Workshops Wor kshop s Exhibition Space Exhibition Space Lobby Lobby Cafe / Lounge Ca fe/Loun g e Dark Rooms Da rkR oo m s Print Labs Print L abs

N o rElevation t h E l e v a t ino North

S o u Elevation t h E l e v a t ino South

Second Floor F West Elevation

W e s t E l e v a t i no

S e c o n Floor d L e Plan ve l Second

F iFloor r s t Plan L e vle First

First Floor r

Ground Floor F Arts A r c+h iArchitecture t e c t u r e Interior + Arts

I n t err i o

Lower Level e

Pavillion P a v i l lSpace i o n S p aec

Media M e d i a+ Design + D e s Interior i g n I n t e r ir o

Program Axon . Program Axonometric

S i t e S e c t ino

24 G i Co CETIT o mp m p et e t it i t ion ion G U ICGui O uMP ION 30 18


C ryst illion illio nTION 19 31 25 G UCryst ICOM P ETI

Sustainable Design


St ruc t ural St udio

Native Plants Erosion Controller 4” Soil Vegatation Free Strip Filter Fabric Aluminum Curbing Drainage: 2” Gravel Solar Shading Panel Filter Fabric Aluminum Curbing Heavy Timber Overhang

Primitive Hut Rendering

Primitive Hut Axonometric

Insulation Protection Layer Root Barrier Water Proof Membrane Joist Insulation Heavy Timber Arch Header Top Plate Header

Closed Sun-Shades Side Elevation

Hinge Steel Frame Retractable Arm Glass Panel Hardwood Flooring Wood Spacers Tubing

Open Sun-Shades Side Elevation

Sill Plate Concrete Patio Floor Joinst Joist Sill Plate Anchor Bolt Crushed Stone Earth Concrete Beam

Closed Sun-Shades Front Elevation

6” Steel Bars Concrete Footing

Open Sun-Shades Front Elevation

22 28

Passssive i v e Des D e sig i gnn Pa

South W all Sect ion

P rimit ive Hut Hut Primitive

23 29



(-) (-)



(+) (+) (+)









Visitors Center Rendering

(+) (-)





Bernoulli Effect Demonstration

M ai n Sect ion








(+) (+)












Solar Testing

30 24

Pa Passssive i v e Des D e sig i gnn

Visit V isitoors rs Center C en t er

31 25



M. in a rchitecture with dis tinctio n 2016 Architecture and U rb an Desig n U niversity of California Los Angeles B.S. In architecture with ho nors 2013 Aus tin E. K nowlton Sc hool of Architecture The Ohio State U niversity email: d olufowos cell: (832) 231-1400


St ruc t ural St udio

Crea t ive Fo rest



St ruc t ural St udio

Selected Works  

Initial work sample

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