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ABPL30048_2012_SM1 Architecture Design Studio AIR Students Name ID:

Bowen DING 349859,

Tutor: Chris and Loren (Fri 9-12pm)

Min ZHANG 389708,

Ruosang WANG 352115



Natural features (Werribee River, K Road Cliffs)

Historical Sites and Museums (RAAF Museum, Cobbledicks Ford)

Wildlife Sanctuaries (Point Cook Coastal Park, Heathdale Wetlands)

Gateway (Art) Encouraging ongoing interest in and reflect on the western interchange.

Heritage (Market gardens farming area) Community settlement & Industry

Gateway for The City of Wyndham

DESIGN CONCEPT The gateway design is located in the Princes Highway which is the major traffic connection between Geelong and the south west coast to the CBD. Western fringe contain numbers of wetland areas that attract thousands species of migration birds. City of Wyndham is a residential and rural municipality, which is significantly experiencing residential expansion and urban development these years. The continuous changing of urban environment and global travelling of migration birds carry out a strong sense of movement. The project is inspired by the analysis of bird‟s wing physical structure, its bone and muscle structures and the motion of wings and feathers while travelling in air. Wyndham city is committed to achieving long term environmental sustainability. The „Floating‟ design is energy efficiency, aiming to upgrade the condition and aesthetics of its streetscapes. It represents the entire appearance of Wyndham City is „flying‟ towards to a large development in different aspects in the near future. The design would become an iconic feature to remind people to achieve sustainable Wyndham city.

1) Two identical light-weight structure on both sides 2) Layers of feather, movement in air -- Layers of structure, movement 3) Bird bone, empty inside, hollow – Steel truss & Al frame 4) Water live bird wings cannot be wetted by water -Structure less rain water capture. 5) Fixed at one end free the other end, structure free fall.


GENERAL ARRANGEMENT The structure of this design contains two lines of curling columns in different heights from 12 meters to 16 meters. Each line of columns extends 150 meters along freeway at 2 meters spacing, and 15meters long across the roads. It will take 5 – 6 s for a car to travel through the gateway at 100km/h speed.

Summer Sunlight Winter Sunlight

10 m


The curling columns designed in different heights is in order to create „moving waves‟. This “visual movements” is combined with the movements from the membranes. ETFE is soft enough to allow smooth movement for the membranes. Due to different heights of the curling columns, angles formed by the cables on every column and the horizontal line are different. View from side, the spacing out cables is like diverging from ground to columns. Achieving an ordering view and spectacular expression.

Summer: 76°sunlight Clear shadow of membrane‟s pattern is created on road. Winter: 29°sunlight Clearer shadow of cables and columns than shadow of membrane. >50% transparent ETFE allow part of light through.

Shortest columns 12m to 16m each +1m



Bottom Fixing

STRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION The pulley system is generated by a hydraulic system, which is to achieve smooth movements for the free-end membrane. In general, the crane-like curling column, pulley system construction method and steel trusses and cables construction materials used in the design, they can be seen as a symbol of Wyndham City‟s substantial industry.

Bottom Fixing

Connection between Cables and Steel Trusses

Connection between Cables and Steel Trusses


Cable on Roller

Cable on Roller

Aluminum Cover Steel Trusses

Aluminum Cover


Steel Trusses Cables

Connection between AL Cover & Steel Trusses

Connection between AL Cover & Steel Trusses Steel Screw Piles

Steel Screw Piles Hydraulic System


Concrete footing

Concrete footing

Aluminum Frame

Aluminum Frame

ETFE Membrane with pattern





7.5 m



12 m

Curve 15 m

Individual Top View


air final  
air final  

air final panel