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Medicaid Planning Attorney

Planning for the future of individuals with special needs and minor children can be particularly worrisome. Parents of minor children will need to ensure the proper care of their children until such time that they are able to care for themselves.  A trust is often used to preserve the assets for the minor children until such time that they reach the age of maturity when they can act independently.   Parents of special needs children have valid concerns about how their children’s needs will be tended to after the parent is unable to do so.  Who will ensure that they receive the appropriate care, and remain eligible for any public assistance that they may be receiving?  Many special needs individuals depend on public assistance for necessary services, such as special education, therapy, and health care. Any money they receive,  

Welcome To Ruocco Law Office LLc Estate planning and elder law issues should be of concern to all of us. None of us will live forever, and many of us will require long term care prior to our passing away. These are not fun things to think about, but they are a reality and need to be dealt with. If planning is not done, the financial security and well being of your family may be compromised. Without proper planning, the state will direct how your assets are distributed at your death and how you will be taken care of should you become incapacitated. Don't you want to direct what will happen to you should you become incapacitated and how your assets will be distributed should you pass away? What about your wishes for the care of your minor or special needs children? We care about you and your family. Our practice focuses on estate planning and elder law issues.

Nursing Home Medicaid Myths

Understanding Medicaid and how such state and federal assistance works can be a daunting task for many families. Not only is your family in a state of emotional crisis due to the devastating decline of your loved one's health, your family may also be facing financial demise due to the thousands of dollars that will be expended each month to provide the needed care to your beloved family member.   One hears many variations of "rules" when trying to meander through the maze of rules and laws related to such planning.  As the laws related to nursing home Medicaid change frequently, on the federal, state, and administrative agency levels, without professional help, protecting one's interest in this area, can be difficult.

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Medicaid Planning Attorney  

At Ruocco Law Office, we recognize that each client has a unique set of circumstances and objectives.  Our goal is to ensure our understandi...