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hen we first decided to have a British-themed issue, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t initially envisage lots of Union Jack themed fashion and interiors features in the offing, coupled with our favourite places to get fish and chips, cups of tea and Yorkshire puddings. I mean, that’s terribly British after all… But then, it became apparent we could do so much better than that. Celebrating the ‘Best of British’ isn’t just about celebrating visual representations of classically British themes, it’s about looking further and celebrating our achievements, our heritage, and our history. And there is no better year to do this that 2012 – twelve months which will see the Olympics come to London in July, the Queen’s Jubilee in June and the anniversary of Captain Scott’s death in March. Polar issues have weighed heavily on all our minds recently, due in no small part to the awe-inspiring Frozen Planet series on BBC1 shown towards the end of 2011. As the best in technological developments allowed the producers to show us a previously undiscovered icy world in mind-blowing high definition, we were equally reminded of the incredible commitment it took from those early explorers to venture out in the great, and harsh, unknown. Our interview with Antony Jinman, intrepid explorer, who is retracing Scott’s steps in October this year, recalls the kind of commitments and sacrifices this team made, and the ultimate price they paid in the quest to be the first to reach the South Pole and to raise the British flag at its icy heart (p. 22). Other sources of British history feature heavily too this month - in the form of some of the greatest and most iconic British luxury brands that have endured over the years. Julia Carrick, CEO of British luxury organisation Walpole, talks to us about the unique qualities of luxury and Britishness on p. 12, while we search out our favourite Jubilee products on p. 16, our most desired British jewels and gems on p. 58 and great British dining in our Food & Drink pages, starting on p. 71.

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ARCADE Diamonds are forever

Expert advice and exquisite jewels

Finer things in Life p.12 (Image: Wallpaper from a selection at Cole & Son, Runwild Media Group Publishers of: Canary Wharf, The City magazine, The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine, The Mayfair Magazine



For the stylish modern day gentleman


luxurious The ultimate guide to London’s Mayfair



Antique Market 8


With one hundred vendors, Alfies Antiques Market is a vast sprawling cave teeming with vintage treasures, reports Lauren Romano Filled to the rafters with ephemera, trinkets and retro relics, over its 30 year history Alfies Antique Market has become home to some of the most specialised and experienced dealers in twentieth century design and collectibles. An assorted jumble of furniture, fashion, decorative arts and jewellery is hoarded throughout the labyrinth of corridors and mezzanine levels, which attract collectors, interior designers and loyal customers in search of unique antique gems and expert advice on restoration and investment.

Formerly an Edwardian department store, the premises had fallen into a semi-derelict state when founder Bennie Gray transformed the building in 1976 into the imposing Egyptian-style art deco space that exists today. The success of Alfies is in a large part responsible for the establishment of the adjacent Church Street as an antiques haven, something which Gray, born just around the corner on Cosway Street, is understandably proud of. “When I first had the idea, plenty of people said I was mad and that it was doomed to failure – which is just the sort of incentive that makes me go ahead with a plan.� These days Alfies Antiques Market is cherished locally and known to be the largest indoor antiques arcade in the country. The market traders support many community initiatives and hold events including a Christmas shopping evening. n

this weekend we’re in…

ST JOHN’S WOOD ENjoying luxury, laughs and lunches


he King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery may have departed St John’s Wood in February, but the area still draws many visitors seeking charming surroundings, long and laidback lunches and a spot of shopping; everything you need for a lovely weekend with friends and family.

We’re following James Lakeland’s advice For us, a Saturday morning wouldn’t be complete without a potter amongst our favourite local boutiques including James Lakeland on the High Street. The man himself has been declaring this the time to invest in navy, lace and bright colours and, true to his word, the new pieces in store include vibrant prints and sophisticated classics for every occasion. Our favourite? The cream and black top styled with chiffon sleeves which is both comfortable and chic. Everything in store reflects Italian design and craftsmanship, ensuring our purchases are great quality.

We’re seeking springtime radiance at EF MediSpa Having been tipped off about the wonders of the luxurious French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, available exclusively in the UK at this local beauty spa, we’re booking in for the curiously named facial ‘Lift C.V.S’, a comprehensive and bespoke treatment which lifts, restructures and revitalises tired skin – saving us the confusion and the sense of compromise when choosing skincare aims. Devised by the Allouche family and combining the knowledge of a biologist, physiotherapist and doctor, Biologique Recherche formulations include high concentrations of active botanicals and marine extracts, which we’re always being told to look out for as part of our pampering routine. We’ve also been told that customised versions of the facial are available for those with sensitive skin.

We’re feasting on expertly cooked steaks, fit for a Queen It’s fair to say Poem Bar and Grill is unassuming, and sometimes overlooked by curious visitors who flock to see the iconic Abbey Road Studios, just yards away. Yet, we think that few places satisfy the desire for laid-back, rustic fare and generous portions as well as this fine little establishment with its smart glass frontage and


subtle lighting. We’re booking a table with friends and piling in to enjoy succulent steaks direct from Donald Russell – provider to the Royal Family. There are a variety of sizzling cuts available here, alongside a range of continental delicacies, including North African spicy lamb sausages and duck with plum sauce, all to be enjoyed with full-bodied wines from around the world and a few quirky cocktails.

We’re supporting new talent at the Cockpit Theatre One of our favourite nights of the month is the ‘Theatre in The Pound’ evening at the nearby Cockpit Theatre, an eclectic mesh of new drama, writing and cabaret which gives emerging talent the opportunity to perform and us an ideal extension to our weekend, and endless things to talk about the next day. February’s show saw romantic poetry with a twist, all-singing, all-dancing comedy and an interesting artistic exploration of divorce, so we’re eagerly anticipating 5 March.

And we’re taking time out to a new level We confess that meditation classes weren’t something immediately on our radar until we were told just how great they are at clearing the mind and enabling focus – perfect for the season of new beginnings. Now, we’re enrolling at one of Barbara Ann’s monthly evening workshops held at the Violet Hill Studios. Barbara tells us the classes can be quite intense for beginners but all the elements are included to cleanse and calm mind and body – including a guide to breathing techniques and the principles of chakra (energies). The class for March is on a Sunday evening, ideal for winding down after a hectic couple of days. n


SLOANE ST Sw1 C O N T E m p O R a Ry CaShmERE SiNCE 1936

Available from Burlington Arcade, Mayfair Tel: 020 7499 6485 and 149 Sloane Street Sw1 Tel: 020 7730 6891

Finer things in life

Julia Carrick, CEO of Walpole, the British luxury organisation, and former editor and founder of the FT’s How to Spend it, shares her thoughts about what epitomises the specific and unique aspects of luxury from our fair isle


Top row, left to right: Candy & Candy; The Lanesborough; Cole & Son Middle Row: Christie’s; Hackett; Harrods Bottom Row: Gieves & Hawkes; J Sheekey; Bovey Castle


believe that heritage, quality, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation remain at the absolute heart of British luxury. British luxury brands also have a certain quirkiness and wit, giving them a unique personality that makes them stand out from their European counterparts. We changed our mission statement in 2005 from ‘promoting British excellence’ to ‘promoting British luxury’ because Walpole was growing rapidly and the membership needs were getting more diverse. For example, what would British Petroleum and Jimmy Choo have in common in terms of their agenda and needs? The British luxury industry was growing in strength and it was felt that, by focusing on luxury, we would be able to truly fulfil the needs of the members and support this growing and vital industry.  One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as CEO of Walpole has been the turbulent economic climate of the last two years. 2009 challenged even the most positive amongst us, and 2010 was unsettling as developed economies faced budget deficits, public spending cuts, unemployment and increased taxation. The current economic climate over the past 12 months has, of course, been unsettling for the luxury goods industry, however what has been astonishing is the growth that some of our British brands have reported over the last 12 months. Burberry had a 22 per cent rise in their third quarter results, and Mulberry has expanded its factory capacity and reported a surge in profits. I don’t think anyone

knew how resilient British luxury brands would be in a recession. That said, our membership includes some of the nation’s oldest, finest and most loved businesses, many of whom have historically proved resilient; we have survived world wars, industrial revolutions and recessions. One aspect that has been surprising, and somewhat alarming though, has been the lack of understanding and recognition from governments for our industry. Through our political engagement work on topics such as selective distribution agreements and competition law, we have been amazed how little the British luxury industry is really recognised for both our economic and creative value; and the fact is that it is important to the economy, employment, creativity, innovation, to Britain’s international reputation and to tourism. We work closely with our French and Italian counterparts, Comité Colbert and Altagamma, and it is very apparent that they really value and support their luxury goods industries, something that Walpole is trying to achieve here in the UK. What has become clear recently is that there is a core luxury customer, who has money to spend and is looking for unique, quality products which are going to last. That is what Britain does very well. We are fortunate to have a global appeal, with Asia in particular seeming to have an insatiable appetite for all things British and that is partly due to our history and traditions as well as our reputation for design. I don’t think that the inherent qualities of British luxury have changed historically. It is in fact these

dutourdumonde /



Clockwise from top left: Charbonnel et Walker; Ettinger; Links of London; Burberry

strong values that have been the backbone of our industry and ensured its sustainability and success. What is so key to our industry is that it balances both tradition and modernity. We have businesses that are steeped in heritage with incredibly skilled craftsmen, who ensure the meaning of ‘Made in Britain’ retains its value. But this is kept fresh with visionary creativity and internationally respected innovation, that is itself inherent in our culture. The combination of these factors is very appealing to consumers. It is about owning something genuine, unique and which has a story. This year will be the second year running that the world’s eyes are on the UK and in particular London. Last year’s Royal Wedding really brought out something special, not just in the capital, but across the country and beyond. We had something to celebrate and we really waved the flag for Great Britain in a way that only we can. London is gearing up to take the spotlight again and I hope the atmosphere is just as electric. It is an opportunity to show the world our unique identity and national spirit - how we like to do things. The opportunity is there, there will be hundreds of thousands of people coming to us and watching us, who will all want to own a little piece of Britishness and all it encompasses. Britishness evokes a sense of tradition, about doing things properly. At some point over the last decade, this became unfashionable. The understanding of ‘British’ has always been the same and is deep-rooted in our heritage and culture - but we had a crisis of confidence.

Julia Carrick and Walpole No one knows the luxury industry quite like Julia Carrick. She founded the Financial Times’ hugely successful How To Spend It magazine and, since 2000, has continued to further the interests of the British luxury industry as CEO of Walpole. Under her leadership, membership has quadrupled and now includes more than 160 of Britain’s most prestigious brands and cultural institutions, as the largest membership organisation representing luxury businesses in Europe. Walpole takes its name from the statesman Sir Robert Walpole (1676–1745), a highly regarded commercial minister, famous for his energetic promotion of overseas trade. He was also a great patron of the arts and contributed to a golden age of craftsmanship and manufacturing. From large to small, all members uphold and promote the core values of Walpole, which include quality, style, design, excellence, craftsmanship, creativity, sustainability, service and innovation.


We lost our way in what and who we are. The last few years has seen luxury brands embrace every part of what embodies being British. What binds and distinguishes the British people from the rest of the world, and that is a wide spectrum of conservatism, eccentricity, quirkiness, wit, intelligence and most importantly our history and wealth of culture. What it means for luxury brands is something entirely unique to celebrate, innovate and demonstrate through their designs and products. The British luxury industry has a strong legacy in supporting emerging companies and individuals, and I was lucky enough to have this kind of support early on in my career. Our current chairman of Walpole, Sir David Bell, was former chairman of the FT, and, while he did not necessarily mentor me, he believed in me, gave me the right guidance, the opportunity and helped me build the confidence in myself that I could really achieve things. In turn, we have played an active role in fostering this mentoring spirit, nurturing the creative and entrepreneurial talent of the future through our two mentoring programmes – Brands of Tomorrow and Crafted. Through these two programmes, Walpole has now mentored nearly 50 individuals and businesses. n



Famous For Engagement Rings

WEST END 56-57 BURLINGTON ARCADE W1J 0QN - T +44 (0)20 7499 6814 - CITY 9 HATTON GARDEN EC1N 8AH - T +44 (0)20 7831 3333

CanaryWharfMar12.indd 1

02/02/2012 15:17

the list

Flying the flag Our top picks this month feature pieces rich in British heritage – a perfect representation of centuries of quality, innovation and style. No designer has been more intricately

Style and substance from McQueen Paisley Chiffon Cape, £465, Alexander McQueen

2 Soft Touch Bring regal splendour to your interiors

linked with British heritage and royalty

Royal Collection Jubilee Damson Cushion £75, Designers Guild

recently than Alexander McQueen, and this

beautiful cape with its delicate paisley motif

3 Shoulder to Shoulder

makes a unique and striking piece when

Regent Cross Body Bag, £250, Aquascutum

teamed with the divine Aquascutum shoulder bag, a veritable hymn to British design excellence. The royal connection continues with the special edition Jubilee china and accessories from British stalwart Fortnum & Mason, and the playful, royal collection cushion

Classic British style in soft grey leather

4 Soak in Silence Soak away your troubles Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil £37, Aromatherapy Associates

5 Afternoon Delight Limited edition china with a royal stamp

from Designers Guild, while luxury oils from

Jubilee Griffin & House of Hanover Mug, £25; Jubilee China Tea Pot, £85; Jubilee Marc de Champagne Truffles, £20, all Fortnum & Mason

British beauty brand Aromatherapy Associates

provide a calming influence.


1 By Royal Appointment







537-BBR-Mayfair-CP-A4-AW-FIN.indd 1

14/02/2012 09:15


guest list 1




Guests and Artwork 1. The decision-making process 2. The judges 3. Ed Vaizey, Matthew Dixon and Karolina Kula 4. Dan Stevens with Ed Vaizey 5 & 6. Artwork by Noemie Goudal 7. Dan Stevens with Caroline Rush





in residency announcement Royal College of Art graduate Noemie Goudal was named as the first to receive the prestigious patronage of the Corinthia Hotel London, following deliberations by an esteemed panel of judges. UK Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey was joined by Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council, amongst others in announcing that Goudal had been chosen to exhibit at the five-star hotel in April. The photographer’s residency reflects Corinthia London’s commitment to supporting new talent from across creative disciplines. n

The date: 13 January 2012 The location: Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall


address book Sharon Wolter-Ferguson Sharon Wolter-Ferguson is founder of exciting new retail website, which caters for fashion savvy individuals from around the world. Based on a self-upload system, the site offers men and women the perfect way to buy or sell pre-owned luxury items for themselves or their children, with everything from that already-been-seen Prada dress to designer vintage clothing. Based in Marylebone and Monaco, Sharon runs the business with her team, including her two daughters, Natalya, 21, and Tatiana, 20.


My favourite beauty haunts include Urban Retreat in Harrods for my hair colour. I get bored of my hair colour very easily and love trying new things. For haircuts, I always go to John Frieda in Mayfair which helps me keep my hair as long as it is and in good condition. And I go to Fabulous Nails on Blandford Street for my regular manicures, they are quick and extremely efficient.



One place locally that people often forget about is the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square, yards from our front door. I love to wander in to look at all the wonderful works of art and artefacts in the collection. It is very peaceful and you forget everything when surrounded by all that beauty. If I have a few hours, I love to go to the Tower of London and wander around seeping up its history – I am very passionate about the Tudor period.


eating & drinking Breakfast


We live in a Marylebone mews house which is full of charm. We love the ambiance in Marylebone, the village feel of the area filled with chic boutiques and specialist shops which cater for everything. As keen shoppers, the girls and I love the close proximity to Oxford Street, and especially the ten minute walk to Selfridges when the mood takes us. What you can’t beat is the ability to open the windows on a summer’s evening and hear the concerts from Hyde Park, yet when we want some peace and quiet we are nicely tucked away.


One of my favourite places to shop and walk about is Chiltern Street, but I often find myself looking at all the quirky individual shops in Marylebone on a Sunday when they’re closed, so I can’t go in and get distracted!

I am not really a morning person, but for breakfast I often go to Home House – it’s very convenient and I love the atmosphere there. I try to have all my regular breakfast meetings there! I have also just discovered the Riding House Café, which I adore.

Lunch During the weekdays we are usually too busy to go out for lunch. Instead lunch is usually provided by a member of the team or delivered. We like

Supper For dinner we often eat at Il Baretto on Blandford Street – my favourite dish is definitely the Lobster Linguine. I also love going for pre-drinks at George in Mayfair followed by dinner across the road at Scotts. I love the Dublin Bay prawns with mayonnaise!

C H Ponting photograph, Canterbury Museum

Retracing history British polar explorer Antony Jinman will soon set out on a historic journey to retrace the steps of the search party sent out for Captain Scott and his ill-fated team in October 1912. Mike Peake meets him

C H Ponting photograph, Canterbury Museum


C H Ponting photograph, Canterbury Museum



Top: Scott’s birthday at Cape Evans Base Camp Left to right: Antony Jinman; Expedition team with Scott centre; Terra Nova; Cape Evans exterior; inside the Cape Evans hut, perfectly preserved

istory doesn’t record whether it was a student whip-round or a dip into the staffroom tea fund which saw an £8 cheque being sent off to Captain Robert Falcon Scott by South Hampstead High School a century ago. In either case, the money was gratefully received: the explorer’s ‘Terra Nova’ expedition, in which he intended to bag the South Pole, was as much about winning hearts and minds – and donations – as it was about slogging across the ice. The school’s money was used to buy a dog named Jackass and a pony called Bones, which turned out to be one of the better horses bought for the voyage. As donations rolled in from schools and individuals from all corners of the country, Britain steadily whipped itself into an Antarctic frenzy. From playground to Parliament, the nation throbbed with excitement, and in Captain Scott, the expedition had exactly the frontman it needed. A writer from the Daily Mail met Scott in 1910 and described him as, ‘thick-set, deep-chested and with a thoughtful geniality.’ Asked by the reporter what he might do if he didn’t succeed, Scott took a puff on his cigarette and replied: “We shall jolly well stop there till the thing is done.” Subsequent events did, of course, prove that Scott was good to his word, though he famously paid the ultimate price, dying in a tent on the ice with his closest companions just 11 miles from life-saving supplies. They had made it to the South Pole, but the journey had been more hellish than anyone could have imagined. Worse still, the Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten them to it. Years in the making, but relative moments in the undoing, Captain Scott’s Terra Nova expedition came to a grinding halt at the end of March 1912 and cast a sombre shadow over the whole year. And yet, enmeshed within the sadness, was an overwhelming sense of national pride. Scott’s expedition came to exemplify British stoicism. The team’s efforts represented grit and determination on an epic scale. Exactly one hundred years on, the Antarctic is no less inhospitable when it comes to terrain and weather, though it does represent a slightly more achievable challenge to the modern explorer, thanks to air travel and a well-established support network in case of trouble. No one’s saying it is easy, but we’ve come a long way since March 1912, when a frostbitten Scott penned his fateful epitaph in his diary: “Had we lived,” he wrote, “I should have had a tale to tell which would

have stirred the heart of every Englishman. These rough notes and our dead bodies must tell the tale.” Among the many memorial expeditions to the South Pole this year, one of the more touching ones is being headed by British polar explorer Antony Jinman, who is retracing the steps of the search party which set out to try and find out what had happened to Scott in October 1912. Antony will lead his five-man team across 250-miles of ice to reach the place where Scott died – not that there’s any proof of its existence any more: the tent containing the bodies of Scott and his companions has long since been buried under snow and ice, and moves almost imperceptibly towards the ocean. Antony’s trip, scheduled to begin in late October in temperatures as low as minus 30, is expected to last around three weeks, the team moving on skis and pulling sledges laden with vital supplies. “We can’t erect a permanent memorial when we get there because of the ever-shifting ice,” explains Antony. Instead, they will do what Scott’s old colleagues did upon discovering their leader’s remains - make an impromptu ice monument and say a few words. For Antony, it will be a powerful journey. The story of Captain Scott enthralled him as a child, and put the idea of exploration as a career into his head. Today, Antony is as much about education as he is exploration: when he’s not on the ice, he’s telling children about his expeditions, and this year in particular, Scott is very much a part of the conversation. The Terra Nova expedition is being remembered all over the UK in 2012 – London’s Natural History Museum has a fabulous exhibition about Scott’s ill-fated voyage running until September which includes a replica of his base camp hut. This and a hundred other events are proof that you don’t need a happy ending to reserve your place in history – but what is it about Scott that so resonates? Antony thinks he has the answer. “It was the team’s ability to face up to the obstacles before them,” he says. “The whole expedition went off on a three year journey into the unknown that challenged them all in ways they could scarcely have imagined. Their legacy has had a profound impact on the world we live in, be that scientifically or in terms of teamwork, and as a symbol of perseverance there is no better example.” n

Snapshot Scott’s Cape Evans Base Camp, (left) was used as one of the Terra Nova expedition’s main bases. After 1917 it remained untouched until 1956, when US expeditioners dug it out of the snow and ice. It was found to be in a remarkable state of preservation, and included many artifacts from both the earlier expeditions. While some artifacts were taken as souvenirs at the time (and since), this hut remains largely as it was in 1917. © New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust,

© New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust,

are you feeling


Join The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ to enjoy instant benefits, including complimentary stays, upgrades and access to exclusive offers. After just one stay, you will be upgraded from Special to Loved member and after five stays you will become Honoured, enjoying the highest level of benefits. It’s completely free to join, so sign up today and let the love grow!

you’ve conquered Christmas, now it’s Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldtm Experience another World

Over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries


fa s h i o n

wish list


Royal Ascot has issued a revised dress code to uphold the sophisticated nature of the event

A beautiful outfit for Royal Ascot is always a must-have and deserving of careful planning and research. This year, the British institution has clarified guidelines on attire for ladies and gentleman who are set to enjoy the events from the Royal Enclosure in June. Ahead of time one should note that fascinators are no longer permitted to be worn, and that headpieces should have a base of more than four inches (ten centimetres). Gentlemen have been asked to ensure that only black shoes are paired with morning dress and this attire should include a waistcoat and tie. Cravats are not permitted. “Improving the dress code wording will ensure the event remains iconic,� commented Sarah Harris of Vogue. n



Alba Mini Dress £350, Diane Von Furstenberg

Lurex yarn, brocade and silk give the SS12 collections a beautiful lustre, but the real triumph here is the sense of power which emanates from the clothes this season; cool aluminium tones and dresses sliced across the torso were unveiled at the preview show of Christopher Kane, who cited his inspiration as the intimidating schoolgirl, while Todd Lynn was widely praised for his knife-pleats and high collars, worked in glistening silver bouclé. Sporty flats and platform boots enforced the looks respectively. AS SEEN AT: Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Giles, Marios Schwab

Metallic-washed Leather Top £2,535, Ralph Lauren Collection

Metallic lamé and mesh striped dress £2,365, Marc Jacobs

Metallic Woven Silver Huxley Clutch £695, My Wardrobe


Eugenie Blue and Silver Brocade Dress £221, Priestly, Poppy Lacquered Top £424, Marc Jacobs

Taupe and Silver Quinn Ankle Strap Platform Pump £185, DKNY

fa s h i o n


As Vantage went to print, Couture Fashion Week returned in a flurry of tulle, feathers and glitter - a welcome, albeit temporary, antidote to modern austerity. Sheer layers and black florals were on show at Christian Dior, whilst Versace celebrated the onset of awards season reputation with a series of slinky gowns created from Lycra and lace. However flashbulbs popped most as Alexis Mabille unleashed a riot of colour and dramatic headpieces which signified the fun side of fashion at its best.


“Sometimes I picture my ancestor Thierry Hermès back in 1837, his eyes lighting up as he breathes in and feels the leathers of the saddle and harness workshop he has just set up in Paris,” said Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès, recently.


Designer Alice Temperley has launched a new initiative to support emerging talent. Each season ALICE by Temperley Talent will offer a performer, artist or illustrator the opportunity to represent the collection and produce a personal artistic interpretation of it, which will then be promoted through a social media campaign. Temperley boutiques in London and Los Angeles will also serve as dedicated exhibition spaces.


You don’t have to go far to find inspiration wherever you are in London

Matthew Williamson



The Julian Hake design story has all the makings of a modern legend; a playful sketch by a city architect, an online blog and a viral campaign which saw over 100,000 enquiries from across the world. Now, this spring the glossy, curvaceous reality of the mojito heel is launching into Harvey Nichols in a variety of colours and materials. Hake himself says; ‘The form of the shoe is highly sculptural and as such can be read in a number of ways. To some customers it is a piece of art or sculpture for the foot, almost like walk-able jewellery. For others it is a cool, comfortable and fashionforward modern form.’

Over 175 years since Thierry Hermès began making high quality leather goods in Paris, the design house is holding an exhibition which explores its relationship with such craftsmanship throughout the centuries. From May guests will be able to view special commissions including those requested by members of the British royal family, as well as having the opportunity to bid for four unique Hermès bags created to celebrate the United Kingdom, with all proceeds benefitting the Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition will also allow visitors to witness artisans from the design house’s workshop in Paris demonstrating their leather working skills in situ. 8-27 May, 6 Burlington Gardens, W1

Canary Wharf London luxury & style

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EMMY SCARTERFIELD Gabrielle Lane talks fashion and future plans with the couture designer


mmy Scarterfield, couture shoe designer, is upbeat and friendly, peppering her speech with words such as ‘lovely’ and ‘indulgent’ as we talk. While she readily describes designing shoes for the Jenny Packham runway shows, and in-house at Mulberry and Giorgio Armani, as ‘exciting’ and ‘great’, in her own words her eponymous label and the creative freedom that comes with it, is ‘a completely different high’. She clearly loves her work. Scarterfield has become renowned for beautiful, bespoke bridal shoes, but this season launches her first ever evening collection, entitled ‘Wish List’. Indeed the range of luxurious satins, bright prints and flower appliqués make for desirable heels. “With the bespoke collection you can be as over-the-top as you want to. We made the allover-crystal shoe for the Dorothy [Wizard of Oz] Show and we have a shoe which is magical and ethereal with an ostrich feather draped around it,” she explains. However, this sense of fun is coupled with an understanding of timeless elegance - a factor which was no doubt influential when securing commissions from Carole Middleton for last year’s Royal Wedding, as well as from both her daughters for subsequent occasions. Understandably, Emmy is discreet about her clientele, but also down-to-earth. Are the lead times for such briefs much tighter than the average 14 to 16 weeks? “Absolutely,” she laughs. “It was a surprise; we hadn’t worked like that before. We’ve developed a way of working within those restrictions and I love the drama of it all. It’s kind of surreal yet obviously it’s so private – it’s just not worth messing it up!” Unsurprisingly, she tells me the ongoing excitement and success of last year left her feeling as if she ‘spent 2011 on a treadmill’ and this year will aim to take some time out. “This year I’ve made pact with myself to take half an hour a week to go for a run or clear my head. My mornings are chaotic and a race against time, I have three-year-old twins and I’m in real mummy mode while checking my iPad! However, when I get to work, my work space is serene. It’s such a pretty and calm environment, it always feels like a haven.” n


Navy and white cotton jacket, £660, and matching skirt, £372, Philosphy (020 7235 2349); Black head piece, £169, Nerida Fraiman at Fenwick (020 7629 9161); Black leather bag, £120,; Earrings, stylist’s own



First Fashion:

Charlie Moore Photography:

Elizabeth Gibson


Coat, £625, Paule Ka at Harrods (0845 605 1234); Pink wool dress, £495, Victoria, Victoria Beckham at; Acetate sunglasses, £239, Dior Eyewear (01423 520 303); Cream leather gloves with pearl trim, £139.95, Sermonetta (020 7491 9009); Patent leather vanity case, £495, Aspinal of; Cream silk head scarf, stylist’s own



Dress, £525, by Paule Ka at Harrods (0845 605 1234); Acetate sunglasses, £179, by; Raffia hat, £165, Emma; black satin gloves, £35, by Cornelia

Silk floral print playsuit, £1,850 and matching kimono, £325, both Temperley London (020 7229 7957); Turquiose and crystal earrings, £115, Anton Heunis at Fenwick (020 7629 9161); Ring, £130, Kenneth Jay Lane at Him, throughout: Suit, £579, by BOSS Black (020 7554 5700); White cotton shirt, £99, silk tie, £75, and silk pocket square, £35, all Thomas Pink (020 7498 3882); Leather belt, £79, BOSS Black (020 7554 5700)

Make up: Amanda Wright using Alpha H

Hair: James Langan using L’Orèal Professional

Models: Carly at Profile and Dallas at MOT



ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN WALL OF SOUND The new BeoLab 12 is a fully digital on-wall loudspeaker that produces sensational surround sound in a graceful, minimalist fashion. It is the perfect compliment to any flat-screen or home stereo system. This revolutionary loudspeaker co-operates with the wall it is placed on, transmitting treble and bass sounds with outstanding precision and depth. BeoLab 12 features a sculptural design that forms a reassuring wave pattern that beholds powerful capabilities, maximizing every inch of the slim space. Call it the world’s most high-performing optical illusion, because when viewed from the side, this commanding loudspeaker appears even slimmer.

Visit our showroom to experience the spectacular sound of BeoLab12 Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea 147 Kings Road, London SW3 5TX Tel: 020 7376 5222 Email:

Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea - BeoLab 12 Advert - Place at 100% (297 x 210mm + 3mm Bleed)


Interiors inspiration

spare room… THE SNUG


Russell Sage was the man enlisted with creating elegant spaces at the York & Albany hotel and restaurant in NW1, working with the original features of the Grade I listed building and adding touches of glamour and modernity as he saw fit. Sage shows that rooms don’t have to be flamboyant to be interesting; the design of this snug is attractive yet achievable and its real charm and distinction lies in the fact that everything used is made in the UK.

Karim Rashid’s designs are lifechanging, or at least that’s his intention. The award-winning creative believes we should be living in a world full of inspiring objects, a passion which has led him to reject conventional forms in favour of bold shapes and diverse mediums. Following collaborations with luxury brands including Veuve Clicquot, Rashid has partnered Bo Concept to produce an exclusive range of dining furniture for Harrods.

Paper Chase >


The new releases from Anthropologie include this beautiful trinket box, created from quartz, wood and leather. It has one compartment, ideal for storing your favourite piece of costume jewellery, though it is a great treasure in itself. Uncovered Quartz Jewellery Box, £488, Anthropologie

Ahead of springtime, create a vibrant and seasonal feature wall with this Amrapali paper from Designers Guild in Marylebone. Adorned with floral bouquets in a peony, orange and peacock blue colour way, the pattern is also digitally-printed onto luxurious non-woven ground for easy hanging. Matching fabric is also available. Amrapali wallpaper in Peony, £173 per roll, Designers Guild


trend ELEGANT &ECCENTRIC Opulent and exotic spaces can be created using British brands and styles in the heart of the home

Jasper Conran Baroque Platinum Collection Platter £110, Wedgewood,

My Fan £8,000, Charles Burnand

Mica Linden Fabric (armchairs) £86 per metre Akita Leaf fabric (large cushions) £79 per metre Zoffany,

Soap in Limehouse £6.95, Soapsmith,


Pagoda Screen £POA, Linley,

interiors Military Brocade Rug by Alexander McQueen £8,900, The Rug Company

The Owl Lantern £8,125, Soane,

Riviera Crystal Glasses from £65, Linley,

Maison Guedin Or Du Temps Scented Candle Box Set £58, Occa Home,

Dorset 88/7027 Wallpaper £70 per roll, Cole & Son,

belvedere chair in bone £2,500, Fleming & Howland





heritage Award-winning architectural interior design company Oliver Burns has lent its expertise and signature style to a historical development at the heart of Mayfair


ommitted to creating truly exquisite homes whose design blends a respect for classical style with modern innovation, Oliver Burns create thoughtful, captivating designs for discerning and influential clients in prime residential locations. Established in 2004, their latest project, Walpole Mayfair, is a prestigious landmark site on Arlington Street, SW1, opposite The Ritz London and Le Caprice. The 25,000 sq ft property has an illustrious history, having once been the home of Britain’s first and longest serving prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole, and his son, eminent patron of the arts, Horace Walpole. The renovation has transformed the property into five exquisite apartments, with the piecè de résistance penthouse featuring a magnificent roof terrace with far reaching views over London; while the lower floor

apartments feature dramatic high ceilings and intricate period features. Oliver Burns’ elegant styling breathes new life into the building while preserving its rare architectural heritage, creating spaces which incorporate state-of-the-art technology, bespoke luxury kitchens and sumptuous bathrooms. In these bold and striking apartments, classic baroque and art deco styles meet modern colour palettes and innovative design. In addition to offering architectural interior design, Oliver Burns also has expertise in property sourcing, development appraisal, acquisition, planning, development management and marketing, and is also a Certified CarbonNeutral company. Impressive credentials.



We have ensured the wonderful details, such as the high ceilings and period features have been retained, and the views from the penthouse roof terrace are exceptional


Joe Burns

Managing director (pictured above with wife, Sharon) Oliver Burns



get the look... THE RITZ london


Innovation underpinned the vision of renowned French hotelier César Ritz when he oversaw the creation of a resplendent property in the heart of Mayfair in 1904. The hotel opened two years later, with luxurious features such as brass beds and en suites, lu unknown to its rivals. To this day its Parisian-inspired architecture continues to signal a unique opulence, evident in the Louis XVI style vaulted gallery, sumptuous suites and extravagant crystal, gilt and marble adornments throughout.



The beautiful expanse of the duplex Royal Suite is divided into a bedroom, sitting room and bathroom. In keeping with the rest of the property, the décor reflects the Louis XVI period, illuminated by natural light. The ornate walls and ceilings are embellished with 24 carat gold leaf, while flowers in the suite are designed by Paul Thomas, who is responsible for many of the Royal Family’s private commissions.





1. Grand Lighting Vintage lighting solutions are available locally at places such as Judith Michael & Daughter and Decoratum, though Juliette’s Interiors also stocks a great selection of French and Italian styles. Ivory Finish Italian Ironwork Chandelier, £990 Juliette’s Interiors,

2. Finishing Touches It is the luxurious textures and details which create a stately atmosphere in this suite. Use interesting tie-backs and trimmings to emulate the effect. Ashlin Trim in Terracotta, £POA, Designers Guild

3. Elegant Accessories Rugs help make large spaces feel homely and welcoming. The Rug Company has a huge handmade collection including those with very traditional patterns. Aubusson 613, £1,780, The Rug Company

4. Storage Space There are few storage designs as sophisticated as a velvet ottoman. Oliver Bonas has several simple designs ready to be personalised. Velvet Ottoman, £365, Oliver Bonas,

5. Stylish Seating This hand-carved mahogany chair is finished in damask silk and gold lacquer, making it both extravagant and delightful. Versailles Damask Gold Seat, £435, The French Bedroom Company

4 5


The Pinstripe Collection Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 1616

Ettinger Pinstripe Ad Canary Feb12 297x210.indd 1

19/1/12 11:18 AM


wish list



The watch industry’s equivalent of the trend-setting fashion weeks, Baselworld showcases the newest creations from the world’s most prestigious brands

If you plan on visiting the Swiss town of Basel one spring, check the dates of the annual Baselworld event first. Don’t, and you’ll struggle to find somewhere to stay. For eight days each year, Basel’s population almost doubles in size as more than 100,000 visitors from 100 countries descend on the world’s largest watch and jewellery exposition. Vantage will be among the 3,000 media representatives at this year’s event and with more than 1,800 companies from the watch, jewellery and precious-stone industry showcasing their latest collections, choosing our favourite innovations won’t be easy. We’re looking forward to seeing Omega’s Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf – a refined piece with distinctive green elements on its dial – and Pequignet’s Paris Royal Red Gold, which boasts an attractive power reserve indicator. n


Swiss movement, English heart


Swiss made / 26 jewel automatic movement / 38 hour power reserve / Balance wheel viewing window / Old radium superluminova hands and indices Diameter: 44mm / Calibre: Sellita SW200-1. E XC LU S I V E LY AVA I L A B L E AT

ChristopherWard_Vantage.indd 1

16/02/2012 16:23


watch news expert opinion Robin Swithinbank, editor of Calibre watch magazine, on the state of Britain’s watch industry What are the biggest changes the industry has experienced in the last two decades? The watch industry at large has enjoyed a period of unprecedented growth but the British have been relatively slow to pick up on it. We’re starting to see signs that the illustrious history of British watchmaking may yet enjoy a 21st century revival, with a number of promising new brands popping up. There’s great kudos all over the world in being a British luxury brand, so native watch companies have a great platform on which to build. Expect to see the word ‘London’ appearing on more watch dials in the future.

Home-grown Talent Switzerland may be the undisputed home of the fine watchmaking industry but we’d like to pay homage to a brand whose roots lie a little closer to home. Inspired by the endeavours of the London clockmaker George Graham, a man responsible for the master clock at Greenwich Royal Observatory which defined time for most of the 18th century, Graham-London has been flying the flag for modern British watchmaking since it regrouped in 1995.

Fitting for a firm whose namesake gave us the chronograph, dead-beat cylinder escapement and the mercury pendulum, Graham-London’s Swordfish Booster Iris is as much an engineering masterpiece as it is a product to tell the time. With a steel case formed through plasma reactions in a vacuum, and a nanometre-scale coating developed exclusively for Graham, the watch’s surface refracts light to change colour at every angle.

One to Watch Every month, we choose our favourite timepiece from the newest, and best, models. March’s watch of the month comes courtesy of Rolex

With numerous innovative watchmaking features, the Yacht-Master II model is the epitome of Rolex’s creative force and technology Yacht Master II £16,770, Rolex Available at Harrods

Who are the most important brands flying the flag for British watch making? In high-end watchmaking, the name of Roger Smith is respected and revered by collectors all over the world. Smith was mentored by the brilliant, late George Daniels and plies his trade from an atelier on the Isle of Man. He produces fewer than 30 pieces a year, some unique and made to order, hand-crafting every part and creating watches that are as horologically pure as anything made anywhere else in the industry. Which British watch brand most excites you? Bremont, by a margin. The English brothers have achieved impossible things in less than a decade – a collection of highly desirable timepieces, a bullet-proof brand, a roster of virile ambassadors and a fanbase that watch houses founded more than a century ago would kill for. And they’re passionately British. This year they’re opening a manufacture in Henley-on-Thames where ultimately they hope to produce a luxury mechanical watch that’s more British than a bulldog eating a cucumber sandwich. Which British brand should we look out for? Schofield. Its founder Giles Ellis only launched his first watch [a GMT piece called the Signalman inspired by his love of lighthouses] at Salon QP in November but he generated the kind of buzz big brands set aside Olympic-sized budgets to achieve. Ellis is a quality obsessive and his 2011 allocation of watches sold out in a flash.


a truly

English affair 50


Annabel Harrison meets Nick English, one half of the dynamic English brothers and co-founder of British watch brand Bremont


he engine purrs, revs and roars into action and before I know it, I’m soaring through the air, 1,000 feet above the English countryside (Epping Forest and Chelmsford, to be exact). I’m not in a Boeing 747 or an Airbus 380, though – my preferred, and standard, method of airborne travel but one passenger of two in a tiny, toy plane which is, I am told, an RV4. Initial trepidation at travelling in what, quite frankly, has less interior space than a Mini is swiftly overtaken with the thrill of feeling like a character in Top Gun (although more like Goose than Maverick). The pilot expertly steers us to the optimum cruising height and asks me, casually, over the headset if I’d like to drive for a bit. After a moment’s hesitation, I take over control and experience the sheer joy of feeling the plane dip and tilt exactly as I command, before the pilot resumes control to flip us over into a few, 360º barrel rolls. This is but a glimpse into the life of a Bremont brother – Nick, this time round (although I had met the equally charming Giles at SalonQP in November). I’d like to say that I was composed enough to conduct my interview with Nick whilst airborne but unfortunately the noise was prohibitive and

instead we chatted in the cosy Squadron at North Weald Airfield. From their names to their demeanour, via their watch brand and personal passions, the English brothers are British through and through. Bremont has a story to tell too, and a surprisingly young one at that; its watches are gracing the manly, homegrown wrists of Hugh Laurie, Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom, just ten years after the company’s journey began, and five years after their watches were actually being sold. Nick explains that from the offset the brothers wanted to make beautifully crafted and engineered pilots’ watches of such a high quality that “you could not find a better made watch [in that £3-4,000 price range]”. A love of flying, watches and all things mechanical has been in the English blood for generations, inherited by Nick and Giles from their late father Euan, who died in 1995 when the vintage aircraft he was flying crashed. Nick deems this “the tipping point in life, when you have to think about what you really want to do”. This tragic accident was followed by Nick and Giles crash-landing


on French land because of a rough-running engine and bad weather. In a serendipitous turn of events, the farmer who offered them refuge from the authorities and a bed for the night was a retired pilot and gifted engineer, surrounded in his farm by old wall clocks in various states of restoration. The farmer’s name was Antoine Bremont and although the company’s name is French in origin, Bremont retains a proudly British backbone. “There’s this incredible history of British watch making”, Nick says, with characteristic English enthusiasm, “and for people to understand and appreciate what you’re doing is fantastic, so although people like to play it down, it’s always nice to receive awards”. Those in question were from Walpole, the prestigious protector and promoter of the British luxury industry, which saw potential and named Bremont a Brand of Tomorrow in 2007 and, the following year, Best Emerging British Luxury Brand. Their customers since these accolades have turned out to be, by and large, people who recognise the effort and passion that goes


into watch-making and who have an interest in well-engineered products. Is there a stereotypical Bremont owner? “What’s interesting,” Nick replies, “is that it’s not all about money. A lot of our guys work in the city in high paid jobs and they will save up and buy one of our watches”. With a love of mechanical watches, often Bremont won’t be their first horological purchase; they may have been given a TAG or Omega when younger but since, “they have done their research and want to wear something that’s different, that separates them from the rest of the pack”. The purchase may well also become an investment; Nick tells me that some of his watches that sold for £6,500 three years ago are now going for as much as £10,000 and that in 2012, the brand will produce only 3,000 timepieces, making them yet more sought after. Importantly, though, “we’re not a flashy brand, not showy. It’s for people who like the understated feeling of having something special on their wrist – I think the car equivalent would be more Maserati than Ferrari”. The English brothers are as serious as

they are jovial and Nick replies, straightfaced, when I ask next what the biggest challenge has been to date, “working with my brother”. Cracking into a smile, he adds mischievously, “I won’t go through the list of ideas I’ve come up with because it’ll put him to shame”. He then answers honestly that “we’re very diplomatic and both involved with all the big decisions”. Challenges have come in the form of the technical – “in terms of procuring parts of this industry, especially when you’re doing a lot yourself and you have lots of suppliers” – and the financial; “the competition is spending a huge amount of money on marketing but we are a smaller brand, without a Richemont behind us”. This is where unofficial ambassadors are worth their weight in gold. On the adventure side of things, Bremont works very closely with world-record climber Jake Meyer, Olympic skier Graham Bell, world-champion free diver Sara Campbell, polar explorer Ben Saunders and adventurer Bear Grylls. “There’s a great synergy and we appeal to those kind of guys, who show that you can use one of

our watches in [extreme] conditions and it still works”. Charlie Boorman “batters them around because he’s always falling off a motorbike” but, testament to their endurance, he hasn’t managed to destroy one (yet). For those who aren’t fortunate, or mad, enough to spend most of their waking hours completing death-defying or record-breaking feats, a Bremont watch is still suitable wrist wear; “we wanted to produce watches which you could wear to the boardroom but also go off and do amazing stuff at the weekend – windsurfing, up Everest, skydiving, whatever you want”. Indeed. For Nick and Giles, “whatever you want” seems to be the lives they are living, revolving around aviation, engineering, time-keeping and family heritage. My afternoon at the airfield ends with a smile and a wave from Nick as he hops into his plane to ‘drive’ back to the office in Henley. What a commute. I have no doubt that Euan English and Antoine Bremont would be immensely proud of the Bremont brand and of the English brothers, and that their part in the legacy is only just beginning. n

écurie25 Supercar Club

écurie25 provides members with immediate access to a collection of the World’s best supercars and the associated lifestyle. Much more than a supercar club, écurie25 is for people who make the most of every day... Exciting parties, drive days, track days, weekends away, champagne tastings, trips to Grand Prix’s, and a host of luxury experiences combine to provide members with the ultimate lifestyle. With five clubhouses in the UK, new clubs in New York and Brisbane, and plenty of stories to share, we would love for you to join us for an exciting adventure. After all, life is what you make of it.

Special Reader Offer from Vantage Magazine Join écurie25 before the end of March 2012 and receive a free 3-night stay at any Small Luxury Hotel of the World * - anywhere in the World! To join the club and claim your free gift, please call Vantage Magazine directly on 0207 987 4320, quoting reference é25 Vantage. *Terms and Conditions Apply





Northern Ireland

New York







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the 11




Defined by sophistication and timelessness, it’s no wonder that the demand for British brands, like London-founded Rolex, has defied the recession




1 Bank lid-over attaché case, £2,166, Ettinger, available in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols 2 Croco travel pass holder, £84, Ettinger, as before 3 Mississippi croc golf ball tube, £75, Daines and Hathaway, 4 Classic braces, £45, Budd Shirt Makers, 3 Piccadilly Arcade 5 Mississippi croc golf accessory wallet, £43, Daines and Hathaway, as before 6 18-carat rose gold Parliament watch, POA, Dent London, 7 Bladon black 48 hour bag, £1,400, Dunhill, 8 Silverstone Tourbillograph Gold, £25,000 Graham London, available at Harrods and Selfridges 9 Renaissance watch, POA, Speake-Marin,

10 Cosmograph Daytona, £19,670, Rolex, available at Harrods, Selfridges and Watches of Switzerland 11 Classic umbrellas, £125 each, Budd Shirt Makers, as before


Urban Danish Design since 1952

Based on the Danish design traditions of simplicity and functionality, we create furniture that is not only beautiful, but useful too. That is how we started. And that is how we work today. Speak to one of our professional Design Consultants in store and ask about our FREE Interior Design Service. Or visit

BoConcept TCR 路 158 Tottenham Court Road 路 London W1T 7NH 路 0207 388 2447 路

374_UK_TCR_Int_Dec-Arco_CanaryWharf.indd 1

8/1/12 07:43:56


jewellery news EXPERT OPINION Rebecca Hawkins Head of Design for Boodles

The Art of Diamonds

Comprising seven unique pieces, with prices starting at around £100,000, Danger is the exciting new collection by British designer Jack Du Rose. Du Rose’s rise to fame in the jewellery industry is as romantic and inspiring as his latest collection: he came to London with the single-minded purpose of being commissioned by Stephen Webster and this dream then became a reality. Subsequently, in 2005, Du Rose received a mystery call requesting him to design and make the master pattern for a life-size reproduction of a platinum and diamond-encrusted human skull. He worked 100-hour weeks for three months before overcoming the challenge and it wasn’t until he had finished that he discovered that it was Damien Hirst who had commissioned the £64 million work. Like Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane, Du Rose considers his works to be as much artwork as it is jewellery; each piece comes with its own bell jar and ebony display case, which locks with a gold and diamond scorpion-shaped key.

Cutting Edge Having captivated the world with his jewellery collections for more than 25 years, Theo Fennell continues to excite his customers with his quirky wit and original conceptions, as shown through his latest collection

Jouster is made with a subtle mosaic of pavé-set stones that hint at the signs and shapes of antiquity but the brilliance of its colours and the liquid designs give Jouster an extraordinarily contemporary look. There is nothing else like it. Again, Theo Fennell has combined the bold and the subtle, the old and the new. to make works of art you can wear. Sapphire and diamond jouster skull round ring, £4,950 Theo Fennell,

It is extremely difficult to pick a favourite gemstone. I am most attracted to blues, such as tanzanite, star sapphires and aquamarines. My favourite would have to be Paraiba tourmaline, the colour of a clear pool of water on a perfect summer’s day. If I could choose one thing from Boodles, it would be the Firebird bracelet. My designs are inspired by a variety of things: textiles and patterns, illustration and photography, poetry and, of course, nature. The less tangible and unstructured elements of nature, such as water, are reoccurring themes. Elegance and balance are the most important factors, whether the design is a more minimal daytime piece or an elaborate, dramatic one off design. Boodles prides itself on being an honest, transparent company. All our diamonds are purchased from legitimate sources and are not involved in funding conflict in any way. A collection takes about 10 to 12 months from concept through to launch. An individual piece, depending on the complexity and the degree of difficulty involved in sourcing specific gem stones, would take three to four months. Modern techniques have brought about many changes. Computer-aided design techniques have made it possible to see a 3D visual of a product before it becomes a physical item. However, the computer doesn’t actually design it; whilst it is sophisticated, it is still a tool. The skill of the user is paramount. I believe hand drawing at the initial stages then hand finishing a master pattern is still very important in order to get feeling and finesse into a product. We are planning an exciting new collection for May 2012. It will have an exotic feel with an eclectic mix of motifs and influences. It incorporates fresh and unusual colour combinations as well as an interesting conceptual thread linking the individual designs.



Jewels in our crown

Britain’s stamp on the jewellery world is elegantly eclectic; our thriving industry champions renowned stalwarts such as Garrard and Boodles, diamond geezer Stephen Webster, and Solange Azagury Patridge and Shaun Leane, two of the most exciting new designers on the scene. Olivia Sharpe delves deeper


Boodles Although unable to compete with Garrard for ‘the world’s oldest jeweller’ title, the family-owned company follows closely behind with a 200-year-old legacy, making it one of the most established of British jewellery brands. Embodying Boodles’ ethos of classic and elegant pieces, the Tanzanite and Vintage collections are truly exquisite, revealing the extent of Head of Design Rebecca Hawkins’ love of all things blue and sparkling. Princess cut Tanzanite shimmer ring in platinum with 12 brilliant cut diamonds suspended from a diamond set bezel, £52,000, Tanzanite Milky Way necklace, POA Vintage heart-shaped sapphire and diamond earrings, £35,000

There is no need for an introduction to the royal jeweller. Despite its traditional heritage and status as creators of the Crown Jewels, the British jewellery house’s forward-thinking approach to its branding is emphasised through its innovative Creative Director, Stephen Webster. This magnificent Fire of London couture necklace, created by Webster for Garrard, is one of Garrard’s most iconic pieces, worn by British icon Kate Moss in 2009. Fire of London couture necklace in white gold and diamonds, only available to order Georgina Chapman for Garrard feather silver diamonds and blackened silver earrings, £1,950 Star and Garter ring from the Grace collection, £5,500 All Garrard,

All Boodles,



Shaun Leane Like any soon-to-be leading designer, Shaun Leane began his career working alongside revered figures such as the late Alexander McQueen, creating provocative and iconic catwalk jewellery. Inspired by this high-profile collaboration, Leane set out to create his own masterpieces; launching his eponymous collection in 1999, Leane successfully created a new genre of jewellery with his award-winning collections, merging the themes of poetry, history and sentiment with a sense of eternity and preciousness. The darkly romantic Blackthorn collection marks this fusion. Silver cluster ring with black pearl and black spinel, £325 Large silver thorn pendant with black spinel leaves and black pearl cluster, £445 Both Shaun Leane,

Solange Azagury-Partridge It comes as no surprise that Solange began her infamous journey to jewellery stardom from a small boutique in the heart of London’s Notting Hill. Here, in the ideal creative environment, Solange led the way forward with unique and quirky designs, each exemplifying her playful imagination and fantastical individualism. Following global success and having been handpicked by Tom Ford to be creative director of Boucheron from 2001 to 2004, Solange is set to take over the jewellery world. Diamond Hotlips 18-carat blackened white gold and diamonds, £15,000 Mathemagical bracelet in 18-carat white gold and diamonds, £140,000 Mish mash ring 18-carat blackened white gold diamonds and sapphires, £25,600 All Solange Azagury-Partridge,

Stephen Webster Madonna, Sir Elton John, Kate Moss… these are just a handful of celebrity names to have fallen head over heels for Stephen Webster’s iconic designs, making him one of the most influential British designers of the Noughties. The underworld of the sinister intent of femme fatales has set the overall tone of his ‘Murder She Wrote’ glam-rock collection, every piece concealing a deep and deadly secret; the Black diamond crucifix earrings reveal dagger-sharp pointed ends. Alchemy in the UK flag signet ring set in black rhodium-plated sterling silver with polished Union Jack design, £225 Murder She Wrote small chandelier couture earrings set in 18-carat white gold with blue sapphires and white diamonds, £13,550 Both Stephen Webster,

p r o m o txi oxn x


international Polo moves indoors this month as the sport’s biggest stars descend on The O2 arena for the HPA Gaucho Polo 2012, reports Martin Boshell


f you attended the inaugural Gaucho International Polo last year, then well done, you helped to make history. Along with more than 7,000 other spectators, you made the O 2 event the highest attended indoor international the sport has ever known. Following the success of 2011’s tournament, you won’t be surprised to learn that the event is back for a second year. Returning to the iconic arena on 21 March, the HPA Gaucho International Polo 2012 will merge music with polo as Grammy-award-winning South American band Bajofondo takes to the stage between two international arena matches. Played on smaller sized pitches than the grass version, and with three players per team rather than four, arena polo has fast become a sport popular with thrill-seeking fans. Games are faster, slicker and more highly-charged than their traditional counterparts, intensifying the match atmosphere and enhancing the spectator experience. Guests attending March’s HPA Gaucho International Polo 2012 will see Scotland take on Ireland before the evening culminates in the titanic clash between IG Index’s England and Argentina – a match that will pit Britain’s finest player Jamie Morrison against the sport’s biggest star Nacho Figueras. As a restaurant dedicated to promoting the best in Argentine food and wine, Gaucho has promised to enthuse proceedings with a South American vibe. Not only has it

Nacho Figueras Age: 34

organized for Bajofondo to introduce the crowds to their unique blend of ‘electrotango’ but the restaurant has also arranged for Wines of Argentina to give guests a taste of the country’s 30 finest wineries in their complimentary tasting lounge. Although Gaucho are keen to stress that anything goes when it comes to dress code, polo has also become synonymous with a particular article of dress: white jeans. It is from this association that Gaucho International Polo 2012 takes its ‘White Jeans Party’ theme, so if you own a pair, wear them; Gaucho has promised to donate £1 to charity for every person that does so. The White Jeans campaign has been a huge success so far, with celebrities such as Tara Palmer-Tompkinson, Aldo Zilli, Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, Rosie Fortescue and Jamie Laing, plus rugby stars Simon Shaw and Kenny Logan supporting this wonderful cause. As the evening draws to a close, entertainment continues Argentinean-style at the nearby IndigO2 with Royston Prisk presenting the Gaucho International Polo Players After-Party. Hugo Heathcote, James Park and Sacha Bahlsen will be joining DJ Sam Young to ensure the party flows with a seamless mix of music, dancing, champagne and cocktails. n Gaucho International Polo 2012, The O2 arena, Wednesday 21st March, Follow @GauchoPolo or visit

Polo is a great sport to watch and enjoy with friends and family and, if you’re at the right place, even a great sport to play.You just need to be passionate about it.

Who: Argentina Captain Handicap: 6 outdoor 7 indoor Career Highlight: Winning the Copa Republica in Palermo What are the biggest misconceptions about polo as a sport? That polo is out of reach for most people.

How does the HPA Gaucho International Polo 2012 help promote the sport? It puts polo in a much more familiarized venue and makes the sport much more accessible. It teaches people that polo is easy to become involved with. Why has arena polo proved

such a successful? It allows you to put polo on in front of more people while still giving you a great idea of what polo is all about. It is a lot of fun and very engaging for new spectators. As a player, how does The O2 rate against other sporting venues you’ve played at? I have played in many spectacular places but The O2 arena is a very special place. It is the most successful entertainment venue in the word and an extraordinary place to play.


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Female First Your health is important. In this special feature we look at some of the key issues surrounding breast and ovarian cancers


ll women are unique, whether they are old or young, single or a mother, but there are some issues which affect all women. One of them is breast cancer, sadly one of the most recognised and publicised health issues to date, with over 44,600 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually in the UK. Breast cancer is not a disease you should be afraid of, but a disease you should be aware of. Don’t let the fear cripple you. It’s crucial to know the facts; and to know that help is at hand. Mr. Muhamed Al-Dubaisi, lead breast surgeon, from The Wellington Breast Unit states: “A breast cancer diagnosis is a sudden and severe shock to most women, many feel utterly helpless. When women are facing a possibly life-threatening condition, they want the most expert care possible, rapid diagnosis and treatment and access to the most up-to-date technology”. At The Wellington Breast Unit, the emphasis is on providing coordinated simultaneous appointments with all the appropriate specialties. The unit provides an integrated service provided by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all benign, and malignant breast disease. If a woman is referred or presents with a breast abnormality she can have breast imaging performed and reported by a specialist breast radiologist at the same time as her appointment with the breast surgeon. If there is an abnormality, she can have an image guided biopsy performed during the same visit. i.e. a “One Stop Breast Clinic”

The Wellington Breast Unit is exclusively focused on management of breast disease. It provides convenient appointments, most importantly, patients receive personal, friendly, confidential care that is designed to meet the needs of the whole patient, not just treat the disease. Early detection – The first step • Early detection can aid in achieving successful breast cancer treatment. In the early stages, the tumor is still small, and the risk of it having spread throughout the body is significantly lower. • Accept your routine Breast Screening Appointment when invited • Breast Awareness is an important aspect of your health based on the principal of getting to know what your breasts look and feel like. To arrange an appointment at The Wellington Hospital’s Breast Unit, please contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148

GP Sessions: Women’s Health Dr Lisa Anderson explains some of the key things to be aware of with ovarian cancer Unlike breast and cervical cancer, as yet there is no national screening programme for ovarian cancer, though this is being evaluated at present. Ovarian cancer affects around 7000 women per year in the UK and has often been referred to as a ‘silent’ disease, as symptoms do not appear until the disease has reached its late stages. Ovarian cancer is more common after the menopause and can also run in families. Women who have two or more close relatives with breast or ovarian cancer are at increased risk. The BEAT ovarian cancer test is available on the website and is a simple tool to see if you should see your GP.

For further information, please visit The Wellington Hospital or contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148.


B – abdominal bloating – have you noticed an increase in abdominal size or persistent bloating recently? E – eating difficulties - have you had difficulties eating or have you been feeling full too quickly recently?– have you any heartburn, loss of appetite of nausea? A – have you had persistent abdominal and pelvic pain recently? O – other symptoms - Have you experienced urinary problems, changes in bowel habit, extreme fatigue or back pain recently? These are common problems and the majority of causes will not be due to ovarian cancer, but may be present in some women. F – family history - Are you aware of any members of your family having been diagnosed with breast and/or ovarian cancer? T – talking – tell your GP. Early diagnosis of this condition will save lives.


Backstage beauty Full Flutter It is the juxtaposition of innocence and glamour which makes the Louis Vuitton S/S12 beauty look so alluring, and the ideal accompaniment to Marc Jacobs’ creative vision for the season – gentle females with an inner strength. Achieving the balance between feminine and feisty is simple; it’s all in the eyes. Both Dior and Guerlain have recently launched luscious new mascaras promising longer and fuller eyelashes, while Shu Uemura continues to reinvent false lashes for instant results, which will not only work with the nude lips of Vuitton, but reflect the dramatic eye make-up of shows including Jeremy Scott and Peter Som.



Louis Vuitton S/S

1. Apply two eye shadows in a nude/taupe tone and extend the lighter tone to the inner corner of the eye. 2. Apply false lashes as close to the roots of your natural lashes as possible and top with a light coat of mascara. Apply a line of liquid eyeliner over the top. 3. Choose a lip balm or nude lip gloss.

Soft Cross False Eyelashes Smoky Layers False Eyelashes Black Velvet Feather False Eyelashes From £15.50, Shu Uemura,

Ecrin 4 Couleurs in Les Noirs 09 £37, Guerlain,

Diorshow New Look Mascara

£23, Dior,

The Lip Balm

£40, Crème de la Mer

Noir G De Guerlain

£35, Guerlain,

Noir Absolut for Eyes

£25, Tom Ford,


HEALTH & beauty update NEWSFLASH

Following the call for a ban on the advertising of cosmetic surgery, Esther Fieldgrass of EF Medispa in St John’s Wood says: “As an industry we have a duty to protect people…we promote consultations with one of our experienced medical co-ordinators ahead of cosmetic surgery as well as offering non-invasive alternatives.”

Waiting List

A potent essence harvested from the depths of the Antarctic Ocean underpins Estee Lauder’s innovative new anti-ageing complex, Re-Nutriv Re-Creation. Noted by researchers for its protective and invigorating properties, the Glacial Bio-extract was identified by scientists seeking to establish the survival mechanisms of organisms in the extreme climate, and has been shown to help promote natural collagen production and restore moisture and radiance to the skin. It is available across four coveted products including a luxurious face cream, two concentrated serums (including one for the delicate eye area) and an eye balm which also contains ingredients to soften fine lines and reduce dark circles – intended to be used together as part of an utterly indulgent beauty ritual. Re-Creation Face Duo, £590; Re-Creation Eye Duo, £215 Estee Lauder,


LOOKS IN BOOKS AUDREY HEPBURN PHOTOGRAPHS 1953-1966 BY BOB WILLOUGHBY With her delicate chignon and neat eye-liner, Audrey Hepburn is certainly a beauty icon. This book showcases a selection of rarely seen and beautiful portraits captured during both her private and professional life by friend and esteemed photographer Bob Willoughby.


Tried and Tested

Living Well

Amarya Beauty Box Those looking to expand their organic beauty horizons should consider subscribing to the Amarya beauty box service which presents clients with a selection of carefully chosen organic and natural products each month to try, including favourites from REN and Dr Hauschka. £120, Amarya,

Find out the things you value most and love doing, and decide on a meaningful, purposeful goal for your life. Don’t let anybody else tell you what’s best for you.

Intense colour, shine and endurance are key qualities of the new technology-driven lip stain from YSL, which is now available in 20 shades and remains brilliantly lightweight.

2. Set and Measure Goals

Take stock of where you are, and where you want to be. You can get there more easily if you know where you’re going to! Write an action plan; taking a ‘business’ approach in life can produce huge benefits, saving you time and energy.

£22.50, YSL,

2. Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Originally created in 1930, The Eight Hour Cream Skin Protector has long been renowned for its soothing balm-like qualities and has now been wrapped in silver to celebrate its status. In addition, its formula is now fragrance-free so it’s even more suitable for sensitive skin.


£25, Elizabeth Arden,

3. Eau des Merveilles ‘‘Au Bal des Etoiles” Limited Edition



Springtime is the season to look to the future with hope. While uncertainty can be daunting, it can also provide the impetus to find your inner strength. Local life coach Alfonso Vonscheidt advises on how to face adversity and get the best of yourself.

1. Discover Your Values

1. Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lévres Glossy Stain

£62.50, Hermès

Joseph Addison


Latest Launches

It’s not quite a Birkin, but Hermès have reworked their original fragrance into a very desirable form. Existing notes of woods and amber have been combined with orange and Siamese benzoin while the bottle has been designed by notable illustrator Alice Charbin.


Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other

3. Think Positively

Get as much help, support and inspiration as you can, from friends, books and movies. Share and celebrate your progress to create a positive atmosphere around you. Keep a record of success through photos and memories.

4. Keep Calm When you feel overwhelmed, remember that any big challenge can be broken down and tackled through small steps and turned into a great achievement.

5. Take Time Out


Take a few minutes a day for yourself; relax with a warm bath; invest your attention in a pet project or learning a new skill. You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish! Alfonso Vonscheidt is a life coach and inspiralist practising in north west London, 07981 326675


for the


A discreet and gorgeous luxury spa attracting a very discerning clientele


n the domain of luxury London hotels, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is noted for its fabulous architecture, quintessentially British interiors and beautiful Knightsbridge setting. However, its spa has stayed relatively under the radar. Although, that’s not to say those in the know don’t praise its fabulous service and facilities - and deservedly so. On-site there’s everything one could need for a leisurely afternoon of pampering, including a vitality pool, sanarium, amethyst crystal steam room and gym, each smart and timeless upon appearance owing to the white walls, dark woods and accents of sky blue used throughout. Staff members are attentive and knowledgeable, channelling an ethos which centres on bespoke treatments and is best reflected by the option of booking time slots which can be used for different rituals to suit the client’s mood on the day. This flexible service combined with the spa’s ‘tick-every-box’ approach to the high-end suite means a visit is an ideal gift experience. The Mandarin Oriental Spa satisfies the every whim of guests desiring east-meets-west,


mind-meets-body pampering. Unique therapies and boutique style rituals are here in charming abundance: signature treatments incorporate elements of traditional Chinese medicine such as scent and touch (two-therapist massages are intensive for tired muscles) as well as Native American-Indian practices, such as the use of hot stones. There’s also just as much of a consideration here for modern lifestyle demands, with access to a veritable entourage of health and fitness experts available on request, including Pilates instructors, nutritionists and a tai-chi practitioner. While you can opt for customised aromatherapy-based facials, an oriental essence massage utilising the invigorating scents of ginger and mandarin, or anti-ageing treatments, it’s tempting to go all-out and combine body wraps, foot rituals and everything in-between as part of one of the many incredible programmes of relaxation available. n 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA

Treatment Lazing in the thermal suite before a dip in the rippling plunge pool, with no-one else around, it’s easy to feel like the most spoilt of divas. A feeling that never leaves for a second during two hours of massage, cleansing and skin-buffing accompanied by softly scented, warm, drizzled rose oil - a package which constitutes the English Rose treatment. There’s the relief of tired muscles aided by a herbpacked poultice, a facial which leaves skin radiant, a scalp treatment which conditions hair and gentle kneading which relieves stress and moisturises the whole body owing to the conditioning properties of the flower. It’s an experience which makes any writer rethink previous uses of the word ‘indulgent’.


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Sweet Dreams Dr Howard Branley, consultant physician in Thoracic Medicine at The Wellington Hospital’s Acute Admissions Unit, looks at the often overlooked condition of sleep apnoea


good night’s rest is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing and health; if you wish you could get a better night’s sleep or find you sometimes snore, then read on. Snoring is a common problem and can sometimes suggest a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). OSA occurs because the upper airway around the back of your throat becomes constricted when asleep, resulting in snoring and intermittent episodes of breathing temporarily stopping. If this happens, your brain realises something is wrong and disturbs you from a good, restful deep sleep to either a more shallow sleep or wakes you up completely. Have you ever woken up during the night and wondered why? Interrupted sleep can have a serious effect on your day to day functioning. During the night your symptoms could include snoring, stopping breathing, choking and waking to pass urine. You will most likely wake up feeling unrefreshed, and feel tired and sluggish during the day with headaches, poor concentration or irritability, while snoring at night can lead to relationship difficulties if your partner’s sleep is also disturbed, and you might notice a reduced sex drive. Is OSA dangerous? OSA may be associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight and, if untreated, can sometimes lead to problems such as stroke and heart disease. Importantly, OSA can affect a person’s ability to drive with a risk of falling asleep while driving. Testing for OSA The good news is that OSA can be diagnosed with a test called a sleep study. A sleep study is painless and involves wearing an oxygen measuring device (an oximeter) on your finger, a small device to record how well you are breathing and a couple of belts around your chest and tummy to record how you breath at night. This test can be performed in the comfort of your own home once we have shown you how to use the equipment in our state-of-the-art lung function laboratory (it’s really easy to use!). The next day you return the equipment and we download the data and produce a personalised written report and can advise on any treatment if required. Is there any treatment for OSA? OSA can be treated with weight reduction (if appropriate) and the use of a breathing machine at night called CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). If CPAP is recommended for you then this should help you by reducing the amount of sleep disruption from abnormal breathing when asleep. CPAP is a small, portable machine with a mask connected to some tubing that gently blows in some air to stop the upper airway from constricting too much at night. The result is a more restful sleep and feeling more refreshed the next day.

What can you do next? If you are worried that you might have OSA then complete the Epworth sleepiness score below, to see how sleepy you really are. If you have symptoms you are worried about or if you score more than ten on the Epworth score then please discuss this with your GP/hospital specialist who can arrange a referral if necessary. Epworth sleepiness score How likely are you to doze off or fall asleep in the following situations? Answer considering how you have felt over the last week or so, and use the following scale to choose the most appropriate number for each situation: 0 = would never doze 1 = slight chance of dozing 2 = moderate chance of dozing 3 = high chance of dozing 1. Sitting and reading. 2. Watching TV 3. Sitting inactive in a public place (e.g. theatre or meeting) 4. As a passenger in a car for an hour without a break 5. Lying down to rest in the afternoon when circumstances permit 6. Sitting and talking to someone 7. Sitting quietly after lunch without alcohol 8. In a car, while stopped for a few minutes in traffic

ACUTE ADMISSIONS UNIT The Acute Admissions Unit (AAU) at The Wellington Hospital will open this month; providing a fast track assessment for patients who need urgent medical or surgical admission. The unit has been equipped to the highest standard, with intensive care and high dependency beds and is supported by a core rota of physicians and surgeons who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no other unit quite like this available in North West London and will offer patients some of the finest facilities in the country. All patients must be referred via their GP to access this service. Please contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148 for further information

For further information please visit The Wellington Hospital or contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148.



the heart of

c o c kta i l b a r | lo u n g e | r e s ta u r a n t | c h e f â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s d i n i n g r o o m | a r t g a l l e r y | l a c a v e 1 0 l a n c a s h i r e c o u r t n e w b o n d s t r e e t lo n d o n w 1 s 1 e y + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 5 1 8 9 3 8 8 w w w. m e w s o f m ay fa i r . c o m

d i a ry

wish list

Make Time for Tea Zandra Rhodes pairs iconic style with sweet treats and launches her signature afternoon tea at The Mandeville Hotel

Zandra Rhodes, the enigmatic doyenne of fashion design, has worked her stylish magic at The Mandeville Hotel in Marylebone, creating an afternoon tea which includes the divine-sounding lavender shortbread, jewelled ĂŠclair fingers, macaroon buttons and signature pink meringues - a definitive nod to her distinctive sense of style and shock of pink hair. The Mandeville itself is no stranger to bold style and is notable for its eccentric colours and decor. Served in the drawing room, you will be met with vibrant tones and comfortable chairs in a relaxed environment complete with floral wallpaper, Perspex-framed paintings and Venetian mask wall lights. n


wine A selection for Spring Kathrine Larsen, head sommelier at Orrery in Marylebone conjures up food and matching wines for the perfect British dinner party


Pomp &


In the same extravagant style and decadence as its Pan-Asian neighbour, Gilgamesh, Shaka-Zulu is a full-on ‘experience’ restaurant, complete with drama, bold décor, vast spaces, big flavours and bags of attitude, says Emma Johnson


et’s imagine we’re enjoying a three course dinner, celebrating English wine, and English heritage. Spring is around the corner (so we hope), and I’m envisaging us relaxing on a warm roof terrace with the sun hanging low. In our glasses, what better way to start than with sparkling wine? Being one of this country’s strongest cards, when it comes to competing with our brothers and sisters across the La Manche, for this special evening, I have chosen a wine from Hush Heath Estate in Kent. Their Brut Rosé NV is a blend of the three classic grape varieties used to produce Champagne, and it has proved to do very well when cultivated on the deep chalk deposits of Southern England, which are believed to be similar to those of the Champagne region of France. The wine, with its depth of fruit and racy character, will prove a refreshing and mouth-watering accompaniment to a charcuterie platter (chorizo, bayonne, saucisson). Alternatively, the wine could be served with pissaladière (small pastries with caramalised onions and sardines, originating in the south of France). When ready, we will move inside, to surround a well-laid table. The first course is a delight of raw scallops served on cottage cheese, with a soup of cucumber, and accompanied by the Bacchus Dry 2010 from Camel Valley in Cornwall; the wine, with its steely, flinty and mineral character, is an excellent partner for the purity and freshness of the first course. Main course is next - a fitting spring time dish of corn-fed chicken assisted by langoustine tails, grilled white and green asparagus, carrots and a sweet and floral sauce. In the glass, from Davenport Vineyards in Sussex, the limited edition Limney Diamond Fields, Pinot Noir, 2010 – organically produced from a two-acre plot in Kent, a must-try wine that, with its complexity and medium to light body, will match well with our main course. For those who prefer fish, this wine could be served with baked monkfish on a layer of braised cabbage, with diced chorizo and sauce Bordelaise. And finally, a dessert of mango and apricot crème brulée, served with the North Star 2006 from Englantine Vineyards in Nottinghamshire. Made from the grape variety Madeleine Angevine, it’s an incredibly suave and sumptuous finale to our evening, aromas of apricots and tropical fruit bursting out of the glass. For a good English finish, why not end where we started, with bubbles, this time from Nyetimber in Sussex, the Classic Cuvée 2005? If there is space, serve it with a few sticks of Montgomery Cheddar, Gruyère, Comté and Beaufort. n

pening in 2010, with the blessing of Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini, this massive restaurant is set across two floors in The Stables Market in Camden and covers a staggering 27,000 sq ft. The bar on the first floor is vast, and yet doesn’t feel overwhelming. Seated in African style chairs complete with textiles and tables befitting the rustic setting, we drink South African Windhoek beer and peruse our surroundings. Wooden floors stretch out to meet a gilt encrusted bar, zebra print sofas encircle solid carved wooden tables and 20ft high warrior statues overlook the proceedings, while music is loud, and service is charismatic, if a little haphazard. Downstairs, the braai restaurant offers a dynamic selection of meats, cooked in traditional ways, with a certain dramatic flourish. The restaurant has called the open plan kitchen its ‘Theatre of Food’ and – while, you could argue that the open plan kitchen’s heyday has been and gone – the sights and sounds of sizzling meat and stoked fires does indeed add to the excitement. The menu enticingly echoes this drama, offering fish and meat in a variety of spices and marinades. Executive head chef Stephen Boucher has created a menu designed to showcase the originality and flair of South African cuisine and culture and offers a variety of unique game meats, including kudu, ostrich and springbok. We start with a carpaccio of ostrich – strong and rich in flavour – with tangy goats cheese providing a perfectly balanced plate. Spiced prawns could do with a little more kick, but they’re deliciously fresh and well-cooked. For main course, our waiter recommends the Shaka Zulu sample board for two, (well-priced at £70), which includes expertly cooked cuts of springbok, ostrich, kudu, lamb rump and boerewors, with the alarmingly named ‘monkey gland sauce’. It’s a huge wooden board, simply filled with food, and our extra side orders of fries and roasted shallots and garlic, (which seemed like a good idea at the time), remain virtually untouched. And we don’t miss them. This is all about the meat; diverse flavours and textures keep us entertained for ages. We wash all this down with a great bottle of L’Avenir Pinotage 2007, Stellenbosch, a rich and well-suited accompaniment to the delicious red meat. There’s no doubt that the food here is not from the Michelin, formal dining stable. It’s all about great hunks of meat, cooked in sizzling style, served with powerful wines and a certain helping of theatre and drama. The flavours are big, the portions are huge, the restaurant is enormous. Oh yes, it’s brash, bold and brave – but it’s also very good. n


d i a ry

dine GREAT local British PUBS For English Charm The Holly Bush, Hampstead

Image: Tim Matthews,

A warm, inviting and incredibly atmospheric venue, hidden away at the top of Hampstead High Street, this place offers a wealth of cosy nooks and crannies to curl up in. Grab yourself a spot by the fire, enjoy a pint of ale and escape a winter’s day with friends or family. While it’s especially popular with tourists because of its classic ‘English pub’ characteristics, don’t let this put you off, there’s a reason it epitomises the best of British watering holes - because it is one!

For Great Gastro The Bull & Last, Kentish Town A much-loved haunt of the great and good of Kentish Town and beyond (Giles Coren is a BIG fan), this amazing gastro pub is famed for its homemade Scotch eggs, and they really are quite something. A perfect place to relax after a walk on the Heath, or to enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch, visitors are guaranteed a warm welcome in quirky, laid-back surroundings, factors which make this place a real Vantage favourite - together with the amazing food.

For Location, Location, Location The Flask, Highgate A wonderful and popular pub at the top end of Highgate and walking distance from parts of Hampstead Heath, no summer’s day is better spent than relaxing in their welcoming garden with a cool glass of Honey Dew organic beer and a plate of Sunday roast; and no winter’s day is better spent than setting the world to rights with a bottle of good red in front of the log fire. Food is excellent here, service friendly and it has a wonderful (albeit a little haunted) history.

d i a ry

night in

Mark Hix HIX at The Albemarle, Brown’s Hotel, W1 Famed for his dedication to classic British dishes, Mark Hix, director of food at HIX at The Albemarle at Brown’s Hotel, shares one of his favourite recipes which uses a wealth of great British ingredients


Razor Clams with wild boar bacon and hedgerow garlic (Serves four)

• • • • • • • • • •

stirring occasionally until the shells are just starting to open. Drain in a colander. When cool enough to handle, carefully remove the clams from their shells, keeping the shells intact. Cut away the dark looking sac and discard, then cut each clam into two or three pieces. Lay the razor shells in a warm shallow baking dish. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the bacon over a medium heat for a couple minutes until lightly coloured. Add the butter and hedgerow garlic. Arrange the clams in their shells, scattering over the bacon and garlic mixture. Warm through in the oven for a couple of minutes, then serve.n


HIX at The Albemarle Mark Hix is renowned for championing classic British cooking and ingredients, and his previous career includes stints at The Grosvenor, The Dorchester and eventually Caprice Holdings as executive head chef, overseeing Le Caprice, The Ivy and J Sheekey. Working with executive chef Lee Streeton, at HIX at The Albemarle, this venture seamlessly blends great British food with great British art, and has already enjoyed exhibitions from Tracey Emin, Michael Landy and Bridget Riley. Brown’s Hotel Albemarle Street, W1S 4BP


BRITISH SEASONAL FOOD by MARK HIX, published by Quadrille, Photo © JASON LOWE

Ingredients 8 or 12 live razor clams 150g wild boar bacon or normal bacon in one piece ½ glass white wine A few sprigs of thyme A few parsley stalks 3 garlic cloves, peeled and roughly chopped 1 teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 50g butter Handful of hedgerow garlic, chopped First, preheat the oven to 150°C/Gas 2. Wash the razor clams under cold running water for ten minutes. Meanwhile, chop the bacon roughly into 1cm pieces, blanch in boiling water for two minutes, then drain and set aside. Put the razor clams into a cooking pot with the white wine, thyme, parsley stalks, garlic and salt. Cover with a tight-fitting lid and cook over a high heat for a couple of minutes,

This is the perfect seasonal dish for a night in with friends or family. Razor clams, while the oddest of shellfish and not commonly found in fishmongers, are available from January until the early summer and are easy to cook with a rich flavour and texture – combined with the bacon and garlic mixture, this recipe is delicious. But don’t overcook or they’ll turn rubbery!

d i a ry

night out

Dorsia, Kensington


et in a beautifully grand townhouse in Kensington (complete with French doors leading to a garden terrace) Dorsia has various impressive entertainment lounges – from a glittering bar with sweeping banquette seating and original fireplace, to a trendy nightclub reached by marble stairs and styled in bronze, leather and solid onyx. However, it’s the top floor restaurant that is particularly special – a discreet retreat from the social vibrancy below, but no less lavish owing to a huge chandelier, ornate ceilings and wall décor accentuated by gold leaf. Attention-to-detail is evident in the small cocktail bar which is ideal for aperitifs and the amuse-bouches served while head chef Alexander Baillieu oversees a delicious and seasonal main menu,

cooked to perfection; Vantage feasted on roasted scallops with crispy parma ham and pea foam and wild mushroom ravioli with truffle espuma, followed by tender steak and accompanied by a selection of fine wines and Champagne each recommended by the sommelier. While the restaurant is open to the public, members of Dorsia benefit from a variety of privileges, including access to exclusive events and concessions with partner brands. Our tip would be to visit during the week to savour the experience during quieter evenings; its location is slightly further afield for north west London residents but the food is truly sublime. n


d i a ry

Prize lot PONTING, HERBERT G. Cavern in an Iceberg Hand-finished green carbon print with Terra Nova in the distance, captioned and signed by Ponting on the mount in pencil Image 450 x 320mm c.1912 Estimate: £3,000-5,000

Unparalleled View A unique sale of polar items at Bonhams offers an incredible opportunity to own a range of memorabilia from Scott’s fateful trip This is certainly the year to celebrate British endeavour, and Captain Scott’s ill-fated journey to the South Pole remains one of the most enduring and iconic events of the last century. In 2012, the year that sees the 100 year anniversary of Scott’s death, Bonhams is fittingly offering a series of unique pieces from this, and Amunsden’s, polar expeditions, in its hotly anticipated Polar Sale. Some of the incredible lots available include the first of a series of farewell letters written by Captain

Robert Scott, and a series of stunning images taken by exhibition photographer Herbert Ponting, featuring the awe-inspiring ‘Cavern in an Iceberg’ image (pictured), a fine copy of one of Ponting’s most iconic images. n Polar Sale Bonhams, London 30 March 2012



Image by Cecil Beaton, © V&A Images

As part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations the V&A is showcasing portraits by royal photographer Cecil Beaton, spanning her 60 year reign. From wartime snaps of the young princess, to rarely seen pictures with her children, the collection mixes powerful official photographs with startling intimate ones to depict the Queen as both monarch and mother. Together with an archive of diary entries and press cuttings, the exhibition unravels a fascinating insight into the public face of the royal family which Beaton helped to shape.

culture fix With an exhibition-heavy month ahead, take inspiration from our pick of the most anticipated shows to be unveiled at museums and galleries across the capital. From a retrospective of iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin to centenary commemorations of Robert Scott’s fateful polar exploration and Her Majesty the Queen’s diamond jubilee, culture in March is steeped in heritage

MARCH 2012 EVENTS 22-25 March London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair

The Showroom, Marylebone

Until 7 April Perfect Moments Do Exist

Jiq Jaq Contemporary Art, Hampstead

Until 3 March  Creative Quarter, An Exhibition of Art

Made in Hampstead and St John’s Wood The Queen’s Terrace Café 14 March - 5 June Turner Inspired: In The Light of Claude The National Gallery


ROYAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH ARCHITECTS, W1B A PLACE TO CALL HOME: WHERE WE LIVE AND WHY 16 FEBRUARY - 28 APRIL Part of the RIBA’s Home Season of displays and film screenings, this latest exhibition explores the design and appeal of everyday homes. Guest curated by property guru Sarah Beeny, 18th century building projects, suburban expansionism and post-war housing projects are all discussed. And, if you visit the exhibition before 27 April and enjoy a main course lunch or dinner on a Tuesday in the Florence Hall restaurant, quote ‘Vantage’ to claim a complimentary glass of wine per diner.

d i a ry



Images by Phillippe Garcia from Christian Louboutin book published by Rizzoli

Coveted the world over, Christian Louboutin’s red-soled creations are a wardrobe staple of well-heeled women everywhere. Now the Design Museum offers a rare insight into the vision behind the ubiquitous footwear brand, as it unveils the first UK retrospective of the French designer’s work. Indebted to everything from glitzy cabaret showgirls to sculptural architecture, the exhibition dips into Louboutin’s personal archive, to celebrate the twenty years of inspiration responsible for theatrical, dramatic stilettos, boots and bejewelled pumps.

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers...

Sir Cecil Beaton



C H Ponting, Pennell collection, Canterbury Museum NZ


NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, SW7 SCOTT’S LAST EXPEDITION UNTIL 2 SEPTEMBER Charting both the tragedy and scientific legacy of Captain Scott’s fateful expedition to the South Pole, the Natural History Museum marks the centenary of the Antarctic quest with an array of historic artefacts and specimens. A life-sized recreation of the explorer’s hut, which still stands today in the frozen Cape, and a collection of everyday objects, pieces together the existence and endurance of the polar party whose painstaking scientific and geographical exploration still holds fundamental importance today.

Tickets to the Royal Academy’s blockbuster David Hockney exhibition may well be sold out but those keen to get up close to the vivid landscape paintings of ‘A Bigger Picture’ can still gain entry by combining the show with a champagne three course lunch in the Michelin -tarred Library & Lecture room at Sketch. Nibble on dishes like foie gras, razor clams, braised beef cheeks and a selection of tempting cheeses finished with coffee and petits fours, and then work off the indulgence with a leisurely potter around the Royal Academy.

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can hurt

Our specialist units provide expert management for all orthopaedic conditions, including:

Knee, Hip & Groin, Hand & Wrist, Shoulder, Spinal and Head & Neck injuries

020 7483 5148

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three IN ONE

For the ultimate golfing experience, play your way around three different courses in three different countries in glorious Africa

Situated on the border of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, the blissfully secluded, eco-sensitive Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge is perfectly positioned for golf aficionados to enjoy a whistle-stop tour of three of the best golf courses in this part of Africa. Starting off from the luxurious five star lodge, in the heart of the Katombra forest in Zambia, guests can cross the borders to nearby Botswana and Zimbabwe, play a round of golf and then return each evening to a stunning sunset cruise, a trip to the magnificent Victoria Falls or a pampering session at the glorious floating spa as it bobs along the Zambezi River. A stay here is the ideal way to consolidate new horizons and enduring past-times. n










t r av e l

TRAVEL in style Room with A View Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa A paradise for lovers of nature and luxury alike, the Grootbos Nature Reserve’s five star lodges and exclusive private villa overlook the wilderness of green shrubland and tumbling forest covered hills of Walker Bay, on the Western Cape’s southern coast. A site of unrivalled biodiversity, Grootbos’ charm is sustained by its natural surrounds; guests can see whales and Great White sharks, set off on jeep safaris, horse-ride on the beach and enjoy local wines and reserve-grown produce, while taking in the indescribable panorama. The palatial, six suite villa is the epitome of blissful escapism; complete with a private butler, chef and guide, a private pool and its own wine cellar, wake up to 180 degree views of the unspoilt coastline and the Indian Ocean beyond.



With its nourishing plant extracts and gold and silk microfibers, this pot of potent goodness is the perfect travel rescue remedy for tired skin. Chantecaille Nano Gold Energising Cream, £370, Space NK


The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page


St. Augustine

Short haul Dais Cove, Crete

Long haul Landaa Giraavaru, Maldives

Nestled snugly in its hillside setting, overlooking a picturesque private bay, Dais Cove is a luxury resort that places rest and relaxation high on the agenda. With the glistening Mediterranean lapping at its shores, unwinding is made easier still by the addition of a state of the art spa by Germain de Capuccini. A palatial, Zen-like sanctuary, the spa has eight treatment rooms, a Thai massage studio and doubles suites for couples, all offering a range of exclusive treatments.

Organic treatments and natural healing are promoted at the spa and ayurvedic retreat found at the unspoilt and secluded Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru resort. The 2.5 acre spa complex is immersed in the exceptional beauty of the island location, with ten open-air treatment pavilions found scattered through lush tropical gardens and on stilts above the calm, crystal waters of the turquoise lagoon. Ila’s Beyond Organic products are used in a range of body and facial rituals.


Friday 8TH JUNE 2012


‘The Best Corporate Day Out’ - as voted by CITY AM Winner of ‘Best Sports Attraction’ - London Lifestyle Awards 2010 & 2011 This sensational three day event kicks off the weekend with a fabulous corporate day offering world class polo from six international teams, with fully inclusive hospitality plus the new ‘Veuve Clicquot at Hurlingham’ evening launch party. Enjoy a classic British summer day out; three polo matches, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, lunch at the iconic Hurlingham Club - the historic home of polo - a quintessential afternoon cream tea and to finish the day off, a rocking party with live music and guest DJ’s.

Prices start from just £185 plus VAT per person. For more details or to book, telephone 0207 936 5284 or email: rachel@

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the best

luxury English Hotels Cliveden House

Steeped in history, these five hotels provide first-class service and finesse, says Lauren Romano CLIVEDEN HOUSE

Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

Grandly ensconced in undulating grounds, the stately Cliveden House has ushered every British monarch since George I, as well as the likes of Charlie Chaplin and George Bernard Shaw through its doors. A bastion of indulgence and refinement, Cliveden harks back to an era of traditional charm, and palatial rooms feature roaring open fires and priceless antiques. Yet for all its refinery, Cliveden strives to be homely too, offering an unrivalled level of attentive service.

BOWOOD HOTEL, SPA & GOLF RESORT Situated at the heart of Wiltshire’s Bowood Estate, Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, surrounded by 100 acres of Capability Brown landscaped parklands, delivers fine-tuned relaxation and escapism. The upper echelon of luxury is met with the onsite spa, 18-hole golf course, and the 42 sumptuous rooms and suites. The elegant Shelburne Restaurant exudes the elegance of refined dining, while the brasserie and the cosy library provide the setting for relaxed lunches.


Once a private residence frequented by royalty and prime ministers, now a golf and spa destination, Luton Hoo is a magnificent rural bolthole. The centrepiece of 1000 acres of parkland, traditional ambience is achieved throughout with four poster beds and imposing fireplaces. The Wernher restaurant is a showstopper; remodelled by the same architects responsible for the Ritz, marble panelling and ornate chandeliers mean guests can dine in period opulence. Outside, two lakes and an octagonal walled garden sit amidst uninterrupted rural surrounds, perfect for getting lost in.


Barnsley House

A traditional country house hotel with a contemporary twist, this characterful retreat is one of the most romantic spots in the Cotswolds. The charming gardens, with their abundance of wild flowers, open out onto ancient meadows, and have earned approval from the Prince of Wales. An ornamental fruit and vegetable garden supplies the ingredients for the hearty British fare on offer, while the onsite private cinema is the perfect place to wind down after an evening meal.



Iconic design and impeccable service have long sustained Claridge’s reputation. The recognisable art deco interiors and the five star rooms and suites are the epitome of glamour and sophistication, while the concierge and butler service ensures a restful stay. Sit down to afternoon tea in the foyer and watch the world go by, sip champagne at the beautiful bar, enjoy the ultimate in fine dining at the Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s restaurant or sample Thirties themed cocktails in the intimate Fumoir. n



t r av e l


Land From the mountainous Andes, to the desert coast and the vast expanse of the Amazon jungle, Peru offers such a wide range of experiences that it can be difficult to choose between them, says Sarah Gilbert


rom the capital Lima, it’s only a short hop by plane east to Puerto Maldonado, the gateway to a swathe of hot and humid rainforests, and a biodiversity hotspot. From there we took a boat to Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, perched on the banks of the Madre de Dios River that connects to Brazil and the mighty Amazon. The lodge’s 35 private cabañas are the epitome of rustic luxury, and environmentally friendly too. Built from natural materials, they are designed to blend into their surroundings with palm-thatched roofs, cedar-wood floors and furniture made from reclaimed ironwood. Surrounded by a lush garden full of exotic plants and trees, we could see and hear the resident wildlife through our screened porch – the weaverbird’s peculiar chortle, the chatter of night monkeys and the constant chirp of cicadas. Early the following morning we set off on one of the many walking trails led by an all-seeing native guide who pointed out the fascinating flora and fauna en route, from a slumbering bat to a praying mantis stalking its prey. The afternoon saw nothing more strenuous than lying in a hammock in blissful indolence for hours, listening to the distant growl of howler monkeys, before a trip to the spa and a reinvigorating coldstone massage, the perfect antidote to the sultry heat. After caiman spotting on the moonlit river, it was time for happy hour in the dining pavilion-cum-lounge, built around the trunk of a giant strangler fig. I opted for a refreshing Pisco Sour, Peru’s signature cocktail, and a delicious seafood ceviche. The next morning we got a bird’s-eye view of the forest from the treetop walkway, strung from tree-to-tree across the jungle canopy. With up to 200 bird species around the lodge, it’s a bird watchers paradise, and we had close encounters with magnificent scarlet macaws and colourful toucans. Then it was on to Cusco. Built in the shape of a crouching puma with a fortress at its head and a temple at its heart, the former Inca capital is now a charming mix of impressive ancient stonework and Spanish colonial architecture. We checked into the 11-suite Inkaterra La Casona, set in a 16thcentury mansion on the historic Plaza Las Nazarenas, just a short walk from the picturesque main square. It was one of the first Spanish buildings in Cusco, built over an Inca complex and later occupied by the conquistadors of Peru. Built around a courtyard, the sumptuous

t r av e l

Cusco Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

Inkaterra La Casona

Inkaterra Machu Picchu

suites have log fires and tubs large enough to share and the hotel artfully combines original Inca wall hangings and Spanish religious icons with iPod docks and underfloor heating. After exploring the artists’ enclave of San Blas and the Convento de Santo Domingo – once an Inca Temple to the Sun, now a monastery, we dined on traditional Cusquenian treats, including surprisingly tasty marinated guinea pig and alpaca steaks. Outside, the square was filled with Andean women with their long plaits and distinctive full skirts, selling everything from alpaca clothing to musical instruments. We spent a day driving through the Sacred Valley, stopping off at the imposing fortress of Sacsayhuaman, high on a hill overlooking Cusco, and the pretty mountain town of Pisac famed for its high-grade silver and daily market, as well as a farm to see adorable llamas, alpacas and doeeyed vicuñas, whose wool is the most expensive natural fibre in the world. While this winding and fertile valley was at the spiritual and commercial heart of the Incan empire, Peru’s most famous site is Machu Picchu. The majestic Lost City sits in splendid isolation in a valley almost 8,000 ft above sea level, dominated by the green-clad mountain of Wayna Picchu. The citadel was built around 1450 at the height of the Inca Empire and abandoned less than 100 years later at the time of the Spanish conquest. Unlike other Inca sites, it was not found by the Spanish and remained, enveloped in vegetation, until Yale historian and explorer, Hiram Bingham, rediscovered it in 1911. As we explored the religious temples, ceremonial sites, homesteads and agricultural terraces of the site, we marvelled at the architectural wonder of it all. While Bingham had to scramble through dense jungle for several days to reach the ruins, we took a comfortable three-hour train ride from Cusco to Machu Picchu Pueblo, watching the dramatic scenery change from snow-capped mountains to cloud forest through the panoramic windows. Our base was Inkaterra Machu Picchu, set in 12 acres of protected cloud forest flanked by verdant mountains, where hummingbirds dart through the trees and stone pathways lead to whitewashed, tiled-roof casitas. Guides will take you along nature trails that wind past the hotel’s tea plantation, herb garden and the world’s largest private collection of exquisite orchids, some no bigger than a thumbnail. After a day spent clambering up and down Incan stone steps, we began by easing our weary muscles at the hotel’s award-winning spa, sweating it out in the Andean sauna – an adobe hut lit by candles and lined with delicious-smelling Eucalyptus leaves – and star-gazing from the hot tub. Then we relaxed on a sofa in front of a log fire in the elegant lounge before heading to the gourmet restaurant to feast on Andean trout and suckling pig, reflecting that our own Peruvian trail had taken us from steamy jungle to colonial splendour and sacred cities via some incredible natural highs. n

Getting There The author travelled with Journey Latin America, who specialise in tailormade holidays and group tours throughout Latin America. A return flight to Lima with domestic flights to Puerto Maldonado and Cusco starts from £1,184, and all Inkaterra properties can be booked through JLA. For more information contact or 020 8747 8315 Inkaterra Experiences offer personalised travel itineraries throughout Peru. For more information visit For more information on Peru visit


Idle pleasures Coworth Park in Surrey is a bastion of Britishness, complete with stables, spa and great British food, Emma Johnson escapes to the country


modern marvel with a classic history, Coworth Park seems to blend the best of everything that contemporary Michelindining and exclusive modernity offers, with an unashamed loyalty to tradition and heritage at its core. It’s a hard balance to get right, and yet Coworth overwhelming succeeds. The long drive sweeps up through the park’s considerable acres, undulating grassy slopes meet manicured gardens, while the modern marvel that is the spa juts proudly out from its sunken position amidst the rolling landscape. Arriving at the lobby in torrential rain we are swept inside undercover of delightfully branded orange umbrellas into a busy reception, bustling with afternoon tea traffic and other guests checking in. Our junior suite is a divine, comforting and relaxing space, with high ceilings and huge windows, furnished with soft grey and white tones. The huge bed is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in, and the tranquil peace of the park makes it a wonderfully relaxing place to wake up. Little touches including playful wooden hangers with instructions such as ‘Counting Sheep’ or ‘Flown the Nest’ tell the housekeeping staff where we are, while the lovely, warm bathroom effortlessly blends modern style with classic touches – a wall-to-wall black and white photographic frieze flanks a large copper bathtub, complete with vintage novels and bath oils – perfect for zoning out. Relaxed after our drive from London, we finally venture out of our delightful room for dinner and drinks. All the public spaces here are warm, inviting and beautifully decked out. The bar and lounge serve as a more moderate, muted and classic space to relax with a drink in front of the fire, and we enjoy some excellent gin and tonics while perusing the menu to the soothing sounds of jazz on a nearby piano.


Moving through to the restaurant, the cosy, almost autumnal theme, complete with gigantic copper leaf motif sculpture stretched across the ceiling, makes more of a bold statement. And well it should. Food here is impressively good and the tasting selection we opt for takes us through a menu of composite skill, diverse and unique flavours are matched with considerable finesse, complemented by an impressive wine list. The next morning we head over to the on-site stables, open for all hotel and local residents, regardless of their level of riding ability. The equestrian centre offers a variety of beautiful horses available to hire for classes or hacks around the 240 acre private estate. We potter around the stunning countryside on horseback for just over an hour, enjoying the fresh air and the new perspective it affords us; a wonderful added bonus of staying somewhere like this. Following this, I take myself for some serious pampering at the spa, a calm haven of long white corridors and softly spoken therapists; I’m half asleep before my treatment has even started. A signature prescription facial with Kerstin Florian products leaves my skin sparkling and rejuvenated. Finally, we enjoy Sunday lunch at The Barn, a wonderfully converted space, with a welcoming bar upstairs and the small, friendly restaurant downstairs which leads out to a lovely terrace with views across the park, a great spot for lunch in both winter and summer. Coworth Park is a really wonderful place to get away from it all, being just an hour’s drive from London it’s the place for a weekend break – classy, unique and simply luxurious. n



& fast back



Quick, sure-footed and great to look at, the Audi A7 is as good as any other Audi on the road, says Matthew Carter


astes change. A few years ago, a big saloon – a BMW 7-series, for example – was a sign you’d made it. Today, driving a Seven means you’re a chauffeur for an up-market private hire company. The same applies at Audi. Aside from looking like an A4 on steroids, the Audi A8 is effectively an upmarket taxi, albeit a very nice one at that. In my opinion, saloons are boring. That’s why the Germans (and it’s the Germans who dominate this sector of the market) have created a whole bunch of alternatives, from the frankly weird BMW 5-series Gran Turismo to the swoopy Mercedes CLS. Thankfully it was the Merc rather than the Bee-Em that inspired what’s the best of the lot: the Audi A7. The Audi is what the manufacturers like to call a five-door coupé (and never mind that that’s a contradiction in terms). What they really mean is that it has a rather more svelte profile than a typical ‘three-box’ saloon (one box for the engine, one for the passengers and one for their luggage). Audi calls it a Sportback and that’s a pretty fair description as far as I can see. Unlike the four-door Merc, which retains a separate boot, the Audi is a hatchback, offering five-door practicality with sporting looks. It’s a niche design concept which, in Audi terms, started with the A5 Sportback but which has been further refined in the A7. Ignoring the R8 supercar, I reckon the A7 is the best Audi on offer. And that’s odd. For underneath the stylish fastback body, the A7 is essentially the same as the equivalent A6 saloon. Yet it feels livelier, more luxurious and all round the better car. Needless to say there are a number of different engine options, petrol and diesel, and two and quattro four-wheel drive. The latest generation of VW Group direct injection petrol engines – TFSI in Audi-speak – are smooth, refined and impressive, but for high mileage drivers there’s nothing to beat the top-of-the-range 245bhp 3.0-litre TDI diesel. Top speed is governed to 155mph, which is no hardship in the real word, while its sprinting ability is impressive for a car of this bulk – it’ll hit 60mph from rest in under 6.3 seconds. Even better, is the effortless way that power is delivered. The quattro version has S tronic (VW calls it DSG), a seven-speed automated manual transmission as standard (you can either change gear yourself using the steering wheel mounted paddles or leave it to its own devices) which takes full advantage of the engine’s huge reserves of pulling power to whisk you past slower traffic. Add four-wheel drive to the mix and what you have is a fast, comfortable and, above all, secure grand tourer. Plus this is an Audi which has more than a hint of sporty handling. It uses the latest generation of quattro technology with a 40:60 bias to the rear wheels and an advanced differential which can vary the torque distribution between front and rear axles more widely.

It’s economical, too. Use it hard and fuel consumption will dip into the low 30s, but used sensibly you should be able to get 40+mpg. It’s helped by a standard stop/start system which automatically kills the engine when stationary at lights or junctions. Comfort and handling are assisted by standard adaptive chassis dynamics which allow the driver to set various parameters for the suspension, steering weight and throttle response. In Dynamic mode the A7 feels more alert than is usual in a big Audi while the Comfort setting does just what it says on the tin. Where the A7 really excels is inside the cabin. The ambience is just right; a clever mix of minimalist luxury and cool technology. Granted, much of the latter comes only after an expensive visit to the options list but some of the things the A7 can do really do raise the bar: I mean, it’s possible to turn the interior into a mobile WiFi hotspot if you so desire. Standard features include a DAB radio, heated and electrically adjusted front seats, Bluetooth, cruise control and keyless go. The test car had £10,000 worth of extras – comparatively modest for an Audi Press car – of which I’d happily pay £2,050 for the technology package, which provides an excellent head-up display and upgrades the sat nav to a touch screen system. I’d probably pay £1,750 for the comfort package, with memory seats and a rear view parking camera, but I might baulk at the £1,200 for a sun roof. Equally, I personally wouldn’t bother with a grand for fancy alloys: the standard ones are perfectly fine. Thankfully, the test car was to SE rather than S line specification – Audi, along with BMW and M-B, are guilty of thinking sports suspension, the major feature of S line spec, improves the car when all it does is ruin the ride. Since the A7 Sportback went on sale a little over a year ago, there’s only been one significant change to the car. The early examples were four-seaters only but it’s now possible to get a five-seat version at no extra cost, though it would be a little cramped with three adults in the rear. In both cases, though, taller passengers will find the sloping roofline limits headroom but the large boot compensates to a degree. Unlike the M-B CLS, which has a comparatively small boot and an awkwardly small opening, the full size tailgate of the Audi makes loading luggage dead easy and the rear seats fold to increase load space if required. This is a seriously practical car. So the A7 really does offer a genuine alternative to the more predictable saloon. It also proves there’s nothing new under the sun. Those with long memories might recall the Rover SD1, an upmarket hatchback equally beloved by company directors and by the police. Now if only Rover, when under BMW ownership, had recreated that concept rather than dish up the staid 75 saloon, the company might still be with us today. n

In Brief Car:  Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI quattro SE S tronic Price: £49,010 Engine: 2,967cc, V6-cylinder diesel Power: 245 hp Drive:  Four-wheel drive, sevenspeed double clutch automated manual Performance: 155 mph max, 0-62 mph in 6.3 seconds

listing See below for estate agents in YOUR area 26 Clifton Road W9 1SX 020 7286 4632 Arlington Residential 8 Wellington Road NW8 9SP 020 7722 3322



Knight Frank 5-7 Wellington Place NW8 7PB 020 7586 2777

An impressive period conversion occupying the entire ground floor with own entrance and private garden. Approx. 888 sq ft. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, reception room. £425,000 Share of Freehold 020 7267 7074

800 Finchley Road NW11 7TJ 020 8455 3538

Greenstone 83 Boundary Road NW8 0RG 020 7625 7000 OUR SERVICE WILL MOVE YOU


A 1st floor apartment with twin doors leading out to the cast iron balcony and communal gardens. Approx. 406 sq ft. Bedroom, bathroom, open-plan kitchen/reception room. £330,000 Leasehold 020 7267 7074

FS Vantage September 2011.indd 1

10/08/2011 12:51

Benham & Reeves 56 Heath Street NW3 1DL 020 7435 9822

21 Heath street NW3 6TR 020 7717 5301

chesterton humberts 55-56 Hampstead High Street NW3 1QH 020 7794 3311

Hanover Residential 112 Boundary Road NW8 0RH 020 7372 4499










79-81 Heath Street NW3 6UG 020 7431 8686 120a Mount Street W1K 3NN 020 7483 8349

Hamptons International 99 St John’s Wood Terrace NW8 6PL 020 7717 5319

Brian Lack & Co 4-6 Saint Ann’s Terrace NW8 6PJ 020 7586 5929

Parkheath 208 Haverstock Hill NW3 2AG 020 7431 1234 8a Canfield Gardens NW6 3BS 020 7625 4567

FARON SUTARIA 114 -118 Parkway NW1 7AN 020 7267 7074

Aston Chase 69 / 71 Park Road NW1 6XU 020 7724 4724


Jonathan Arron 18 Blenheim Terrace NW8 0EB 020 7604 4611

192 West End Lane NW6 1SG 020 7794 7111

Property Divas 34a Rosslyn Hill NW3 1NH 020 7431 8000

Rescorp 11 Hanover Gate Mansions NW1 4SJ 020 3348 8000 MARCUS PARFITT 28 Church Row NW3 6UP 020 7431 0000 Savills 7 Perrin’s Court NW3 1QS 020 7472 5000 Marsh & Parsons 35 Maida Vale W9 1TP 020 7368 4458

15 St John’s Wood High Street NW8 7NG 020 3043 3600

If you would like to appear within the property pages of VANTAGE, contact Kate Oxbrow, property manager on 020 7987 4320 or


PROPERTY Showcasing the finest homes in your area

Fabric and wallpaper from a selection at Sanderson

Knight Frank

Pavilion Apartments, St John’s Wood NW8 8 Bedroom Apartment

Duplex apartment in one of the finest modern portered buildings in St John’s Wood with exceptional outside space. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom/jacuzzi and dressing room, 7 further bedrooms (6 with en suites), large double reception room, family room, kitchen/breakfast room, staff kitchen, dining room, underground parking for 4 cars. Approximately 433.5 sq.m (4,666 sq.ft) plus 2 roof terraces of 2,160 sq.ft. Leasehold 988 years 4 months £8,950,000 (SJW100089) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

St Katharine’s Orchard, Regent’s Park NW1 Newly Built Villa In Regents Park

This detached house extends to over 3,711sq ft on three floors only and benefits from a garden and double garage. Master bedroom with en suite dressing room and bathroom, 2 further bedrooms (both with en suite bathroom), drawing room, media room, dining room, study, kitchen, guest WC, self contained area comprising of bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette, garden, double garage. Leasehold 123 years 10 months Guide price: £7,950,000 (SJW110189) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

Shots of Regent’s Park

Shots of Regent’s Park

St Katharine’s Precinct, Regent’s Park NW1 Elegant House With Planning Permission

An elegant Grade I Listed house in this picturesque location opposite Regent’s Park with planning permission to extend the property to 4,574sq ft. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, bedroom 2 with en suite bathroom, staff bedroom with shower room, drawing room, 2 sitting rooms, study, dining room, kitchen/ breakfast room, utility room, conservatory, gallery, guest WC, garden, off street parking for 2 cars. Leasehold 144 years 1 month Guide price £7,950,000 (SJW110197) 020 7586 2777

Knight Frank

Templewood Avenue, Hampstead, NW3 Stunning Views From A Luxury Block

A spacious apartment on one of Hampstead most sought after avenues, with views over Hampstead Heath. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Reception Rooms, 3 Bathrooms, Terrace, Communal Garden, 24 Hour Porterage, Communal Leisure Facilities and Swimming Pool, Underground Parking. Approximately 271 sq.m (2,917 sq.ft) Leasehold Guide price: ÂŁ3,950,000

(HAM110232) 020 7431 8686

ROMNEY CLOSE HAMPSTEAD GARDEN SUBURB NW11 On the market for the first time in over 37 years, a rare opportunity to purchase this double fronted detached family house built circa 1907 and situated in this sought after close opposite Hampstead Heath extension.

The house which comprises approximately 320sq m/3,439sq ft provides versatile accommodation arranged over three floors and features a large rear garden, detached garage and additional off street parking for several cars.


Principal Bedroom with En-Suite Bathroom, 5 Further Bedrooms, 2 Further Bathrooms, Reception Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Room, Study/Sitting Room, Utility Room, Detached Garage, Landscaped Rear Garden, Off Street Parking for several cars. FREEHOLD GUIDE PRICE ÂŁ3.75M



020 8455 3538

CHESTER TERRACE REGENT’S PARK NW1 £10,950,000 FREEHOLD An extremely rare opportunity to purchase an outstanding low built lateral Grade I Listed Nash Villa (448sq m/4,823sq ft) which is understood to have been designed by John Nash for his wife. The house provides elegant well planned accommodation arranged over three floors only, featuring a beautiful formal drawing room providing direct access to an enchanting private west facing garden. Chester Terrace is located directly opposite Regent’s Park and within close proximity to all the amenities of Marylebone High Street as well as Regent’s Park (Bakerloo) and Great Portland Street (Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan and Circle Lines) Underground Stations. ACCOMMODATION AND AMENITIES Principal Bedroom with Large En-Suite Bathroom & Dressing Room, 2 Further Double Bedrooms, 1 Further Bathroom, Staff/Guest Bedroom 4 with adjoining Kitchen & Bathroom, Reception Hall, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Sitting Room (could form part of Guest Suite), Kitchen/Breakfast Room, Utility/Boiler Room, 52'6" x 28' Private West Facing Fully Irrigated Garden with Flood Lighting, Large Store Room, Security Room, Vaulted Store, Wine Cellar, Single Garage in Chester Close South. JOINT SOLE AGENT

REGENT’S PARK OFFICE 69–71 PARK ROAD LONDON NW1 6XU T –020 7724 4724 F –020 7724 6160


MARLBOROUGH PLACE ST JOHN’S WOOD NW8 £8,950,000 FREEHOLD A rare opportunity to purchase an exceptional low built, non-basement three storey house that was only recently constructed and benefits from an NHBC Guarantee. The house features spacious entertaining rooms, six double bedrooms, rear and front gardens and secure off street parking for 3- 4 cars. The property is conveniently located within close proximity to the American School and in easy reach of St John’s Wood’s fashionable shops, restaurants and nearby transport links including St John’s Wood Underground Station (Jubilee Line). ACCOMMODATION AND AMENITIES Principal Bedroom with His & Hers Dressing Room and En-Suite Bathroom, 5 Further Bedrooms (All En-Suite), Kitchen/Breakfast Room, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Study, Utility Room, Guest Cloakroom, NHBC Guarantee, Under Floor Heating on Ground & First Floor Levels, Air Conditioning Throughout including Central Core, Rain Water Recycling, Ample Storage, Solar Panels, Video Entry Phone System, Steam Shower in Master En-Suite, CAT 5 and/or 6 Cabling Throughout, In Ceiling Speakers in Most Rooms (Ground & First), Miele/Neff Appliances, Front & Rear Landscaped Gardens, Off Street Parking for 3/4 Cars. JOINT SOLE AGENT

Belsize Avenue NW3


Blending contemporary and period features, a bright raised ground floor apartment within a semi-detached property Belsize Park Office 020 7431 1234

1257 sq ft internal accommodation • 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • 25’ x 17’ reception room • Private entrance •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

The Porticos NW3


Superbly located, this 3 double bedroom apartment features a large reception opening to a private rear garden Belsize Park Office 020 7431 1234

1453 sq ft internal accommodation • 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Private terrace and garden • Underground parking, lift, porterage •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

Lambolle Road NW3

£1,175 pw

A recently refurbished top floor maisonette within a period property on one of the area’s premier roads Belsize Park Office 020 7431 3104

25’8 open plan reception/kitchen • 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Private entrance • Close to Jubilee Line facilities •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

Eton Avenue NW3


Stylish ground floor apartment within a double-fronted detached property at this prestigious address Belsize Park Office 020 7431 1234

962 sq ft internal accommodation • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Large communal terrace • Off street parking •

Belsize Park 020 7431 1234 South Hampstead 020 7625 4567 West Hampstead 020 7794 7111

Primrose Hill NW3 Directly opposite and offering fabulous views of Primrose Hill Park, an end of terrace town house providing 2,728 sq ft/253 sq m of accommodation. The property, which offers flexible living space benefits from an integral garage, off street parking for 2 further cars, 2 roof terraces is located within a moments walk of the shops, cafes and boutiques of Primrose Hill Village. 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Reception Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen/Breakfast Room, Utility Room, Guest Cloakroom. Garage, additional Parking for 2 further Cars, 2 Terraces, Balcony. FREEHOLD PRiCE ÂŁ2,500,000

LHP_271108_Vantage_Arl_Mar12.indd 1

15/02/2012 11:55



Maida Vale W9 Tranquilly located in a quiet cobbled mews, a striking 3 floor house (circa 2,730 sq ft/254 sq m) featuring a stunning 38 ft/11.7m reception room, an impressive entrance hall and double volume light well feature. Pindock Mews is situated within a short walk of Warwick Avenue Underground Station and the shops and Cafes of Little Venice as well as being within easy reach of the West End. Master Bedroom Suite comprising of Large Bedroom, Dressing Area, Large Bathroom and Decked Roof Terrace. 2 Further Double Bedrooms each with access to an Internal Patio, One En-Suite Bathroom, One En-Suite Steam Room, Double Reception Room, Kitchen, Utility Room, Guest Cloakroom, Integral Garage, Terrace and Patio. AVAILABLE TO REnT PRICE ÂŁ2,500 PER WEEK

RHP_271108_Vantage_Arl_Mar12.indd 2

15/02/2012 11:54


Modern Elegance

This three floor house has a striking contemporary interior and backs onto, and offers views of, Primrose Hill Park. The house, which offers wonderful family accommodation with an abundance of light and space, features a large lawned south-facing rear garden with the unique aspect of the park to the rear. Elsworthy Road is located within


walking distance of Primrose Hill village, as well being close to the extensive amenities of Swiss Cottage and St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood.The accommodation comprises four double bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms, a guest cloakroom, double reception room, dining room, open-plan kitchen, utility room, large rear garden, lock up garage and off-street parking.

homes & property

ELSWORTHY ROAD, NW3 ÂŁ3,500 per week Arlington Residential

020 7722 3322

1 REFURBISHED STUCCO-FRONTED NASH HOME park square west, nw1 3 reception rooms ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room ø 6 further bedrooms (4 en suite) ø shower room ø library ø gym ø guest cloakroom ø access to landscaped private gardens ø 445 sq m (4,800 sq ft) Price on application Leasehold, approximately 135 years remaining

Savills St John's Wood Stephen Lindsay

020 3043 3600

1 GRADE I LISTED CLASSIC chester terrace, nw1 3 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 4 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø garage/storage room ø residents' parking ø access to communal gardens ø lift ø 384 sq m (4,134 sq ft)

Savills St John's Wood Stephen Lindsay

020 3043 3600 Guide £8.2 million Leasehold, approximately 135 years remaining

1 SUBSTANTIAL AND METICULOUSLY REFURBISHED UPPER MAISONETTE rosecroft avenue, nw3 Double reception ø study ø tv room ø kitchen ø 4 bedrooms ø 3 bath/shower rooms ø garden ø roof terrace ø parking ø 252 sq m (2,714 sq ft)

Guide £2.5 million Leasehold, plus Share of Freehold

Savills Hampstead Simon Edwards

020 7472 5000

1 ELEGANT AND SUBSTANTIAL VICTORIAN FAMILY HOUSE IN A PRIVATE ROAD hampstead lane, n6 4 reception rooms ø study ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 6 bedrooms ø 3 bath/shower rooms ø parking ø large rear garden ø 385 sq m (4,155 sq ft)

Savills Hampstead Simon Edwards

020 7472 5000 Guide £4 million Freehold

1 A BRIGHT AND MODERN APARTMENT LOCATED IN PRIME REGENT'S PARK nottingham terrace, nw1 2 bedrooms ø open plan reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø 24hr porter ø off-street parking ø 93 sq m (1,001 sq ft)

Savills St John's Wood Tim van der Schyff

020 3043 3616 £1,250 per week Furnished

1 OUTSTANDING FAMILY RESIDENCE WITH PERIOD FEATURES west heath road, nw3 6 bedrooms ø 5 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 4 bathrooms ø garage ø lawned garden ø parking ø 478 sq m (5,145 sq ft)

Savills Hampstead Arron Bart

020 7472 5000 £4,950 per week Unfurnished

Benham & Reeves Vantage DPS March 2012:B&R


Hampstead 020 7435 9822



Page 1

Highgate 020 8348 2341


Dartmouth Park


020 7284 0101

West Hampstead 020 7644 9300

Hampstead NW3


An exceptional penthouse apartment benefitting from direct lift access in sought after road between the village and Finchley Road. The flat features a superb double volume reception room and a 28ft x 24ft roof terrace with 360 degree views.

S n in

Master Bedroom With E/S Shower Room & Walk-In Wardrobe * 2 Further Bedrooms * E/S Shower Room * Family Bathroom * 45ft Reception Room * Fitted Kitchen * Roof Terrace * West Facing Balcony * RPZ.

6 F R U H G S



Sole Agent

Hampstead | 020 7435 9822 |





020 7435 9822



020 8348 2341

Hampstead NW3 Set behind a classic Victorian facade, a truly outstanding, newly renovated and skilfully refurbished family home in excess of 4000 sq ft with off street parking. 6 Bedrooms * E/S Bathroom * 2 E/S Shower Rooms * Family Shower Room * 3 Receptions * Kitchen/Dining/ Reception * TV Room * Study * Store Room * 2 WCs * Utility Room * Cat 5 Cabling Throughout * Under-Floor Heating * Wired For Sound * Air Conditioning To Ground & Lower Ground Floors * Central Vacuum System * Balcony * 50ft West Facing Garden * OSP

Guide ÂŁ5,000,000

Sole Agent

Hampstead | 020 7435 9822 |

Dartmouth Park 020 7284 0101


West Hampstead 020 7644 9300

HAMPSTEAD VILLAGE nw3 NEW INSTRUCTION! Extending to over 3500 sq ft this wonderful home is located in this prime position in the Heart of Hampstead Village. The house is presented in immaculate condition throughout and has been sympathetically restored with the guidance of English Heritage It boasts 4 Reception Rooms, 5 Bedrooms & is arranged over 5 floors. With a plethora of original features including fire surrounds, cornice detail and working shutters. A favoured Southern aspect to the rear with exceptional city views from the upper floors & a 47â&#x20AC;&#x2122; South Facing walled garden complement this fine home.

LHP_271435_MP_Vantage_MAR11.indd 1

17/02/2012 12:14




RHP_271435_MP_Vantage_MAR11.indd 2

17/02/2012 12:16


TAVISTOCK TERRACE, N19 A stunning house set over three substantial floors, boasting impressive and stylish interiors, a fantastic garden and close to amenities and transport links. Approx. 1,512 sq ft. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, dining room, garden. ÂŁ1,190,000 Freehold 020 7267 7074


FS Vantage Mar12.indd 1

14/02/2012 11:21




QUEEN SQUARE, WC1 A seven storey Georgian townhouse situated in the heart of Bloomsbury, recently refurbished, offering flexible accommodation, gated off-street parking and a stunning roof terrace with outstanding views. Approx. 2,726 sq ft. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, reception room. ÂŁ2,850,000 Freehold 020 7267 7074


FS Vantage Mar12.indd 2

14/02/2012 11:21

Hamptons St. John’s Wood Office Lettings. 020 7722 2131

Hanover Terrace, NW1 £10,000 pw

Bishops Avenue, N2 £5,500 pw

A beautiful, five bedroom Nash terrace family home with a separate mews house, that boasts picturesque views of Regent’s Park. The property is arranged over five floors and each floor has been designed to an exceptional standard. The special features of the house include gym with sauna, balcony, terrace and patio, and landscaped garden.

A substantial double fronted house on this prestigious avenue. Secluded behind private gates the house offers spectacular family accommodation, which benefits from five double bedrooms, three reception rooms and six ensuite bathrooms.

Clarence Terrace, NW1 £1,850 pw A stunning, three bedroom duplex apartment situated on the ground and first floor of this portered block. The apartment is beautifully presented throughout and benefits from high ceilings, park views, a private patio, porterage, communal heating and an underground parking space.

Randolph Avenue, W1 £695 pw

Best for Property Management 2011

A fantastic, newly refurbished, two bedroom, two bathroom apartment located in this superb position on Clifton Gardens, which is a short walk from Warwick Avenue Tube Station.

Hamptons International has been crowned Gold Winner in Best for Property with The Sunday Times and The Times, recognising Hamptons’ commitment to exceptional customer service. Call us to find out more about how our Property Management Services can help us meet your property requirements

Reassuringly Traditional Surprisingly Innovative

Property Expertise Beyond Your Expectations As a trusted brand with over 140 years’ experience, we know how to sell and let property. We also know the market changes; which is why our people are trained to the highest standard and equipped with the latest knowledge and innovative sales tools. To find out how our traditional yet innovative approach could benefit you, contact Chloe Ellis today on 020 7722 2131 or

Hamptons St John’s Wood 99 St John’s Wood Terrace, St John’s Wood, London NW8 6PL Sales. 020 7586 9595 - Lettings. 020 7722 2131 -

Local know-how. Better results.

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Warrington Crescent W9 ÂŁ1,650,000 This rarely available apartment benefits from many charming period features and plenty of natural light. The beautiful accommodation boasts an elegant reception room with high ceilings, a well equipped kitchen/breakfast room, a spacious master bedroom, two further double bedrooms, a family bathroom and a separate shower room. Warrington Crescent is located close to Formosa Street, Clifton Road and their fantastic array of local amenities. Share of Freehold. Joint Sole Agent.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

Local know-how. Better results. Our OfďŹ ces:

Brook Green





Holland Park

North Kensington




Notting Hill



Little Venice


Our sales negotiators get you the best results. Our extensive knowledge of active buyers and perfect, reliable tenants searching in the area means our team act more like matchmakers than agents.

Clifton Gardens W9 ÂŁ1,575,000 This fantastic apartment offers light and airy accommodation comprising a lovely reception room, a modern open plan kitchen/dining room, a sumptuous master bedroom with en suite shower room, two further double bedrooms, a family bathroom, guest cloakroom and a decked private patio. Leasehold. Sole Agents.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

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Shirland Mews W9 ÂŁ850 per week A stunning three bedroom house situated within this modern and beautifully designed mews in Maida Vale. The accommodation comprises a amazing split level kitchen and reception area with high ceilings, three double bedrooms, three bathrooms, a patio garden, a large balcony and private garage.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

Clifton Gardens W9 ÂŁ530 per week This lovely apartment is situated on the second floor of an impressive period building, a short walk from Warwick Avenue and St Johns Wood. The flat provides an open plan reception room with views of the communal gardens, two double bedrooms and a bathroom. The property is neutrally decorated throughout and benefits from lots of natural light.

LITTLE VENICE: 020 7993 3050

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Little Venice 020 7286 4632

Surrendale Place W9

£2,350,000 freehold

An immaculate & contemporary house offering over 2,760 sq ft of living space including a spacious master bedroom suite, a fabulous kitchen/dining room, conservatory & private garden.

Little Venice 020 7266 2369

Clifton Gardens W9

£2,500 per week

A magnificent & rare 4 bedroom apartment set within a grade II listed building on the prestigious Clifton Gardens. Located close to the canal & cafes’ & benefiting from a private garden leading to beautiful communal gardens.

Hampstead 020 7794 3311

Southway NW11

ÂŁ2,270,000 freehold

A newly refurbished house situated in the heart of Hampstead Garden Suburb. Accommodation comprises a reception room, entertainment room, dining area, eat in kitchen & garden. The upper floors are made up of a master bedroom with an en-suite & 5 further bedrooms (1 with an en- suite). Hampstead 020 7794 1125

West End Lane NW6

ÂŁ1,250 per week

An exceptionally elegant & newly refurbished 4 double bedroom apartment on the 1st floor of St James Mansions. The property is well located for access to both the overground and underground stations of West Hampstead.

83 Boundary Road, St John’s Wood, London NW8 0RG

Greenstone are based in St John’s Wood and specialise in the sale, acquisition, rental and management of residential flats and houses in St John’s Wood, Regent’s Park, Hampstead, West Hampstead, Little Venice and Maida Vale.

Since opening our doors in 1995 we have grown into a leading Central and North West London property Agency by focusing on our company values - providing a professional service and working hard to get results! Lewis Green is the founder of Greenstone and has a vast experience in the Central and North West London area. Lewis heads a team of negotiators and administration staff to ensure a smooth and efficient service that effectively sell, let and manage a huge portfolio of properties. Greenstone has luxury offices in St John’s Wood and while keeping to traditional values have the latest computer and technology and advertise on all the major property portals.


Lettings & Management

Our sales department comprises of a small elite team that market a wide selection of flats and houses in the area.

Our established lettings team comprises a Lettings manager, negotiators and administration staff all of which work together to offer a very smooth service.

We only deal with the finest of properties in the mid to high end market and through our networks, media campaigns and personal contacts are able to sell or acquire the perfect homes for our clients.

Having let and managed properties for 16 years our contact list and corporate database is vast.

We are able to sell property on a discreet basis or in most cases offer maximum exposure, featuring the property on all the major web portals or in our glossy advertising. We are able to work with you to achieve your goals and offer a no obligation market appraisal of your property.

We have fine tuned our service to exacting standards and offer the full spectrum of the lettings procedure from Inventories to furniture to the latest up to date tenancy agreements. We hold deposits in our Tenancy Deposit registered Account and can fully manage your property from rent collection to Overseas Landlord Tax returns.

A fair fee structure - No upfront letting fees or annual renewal fees, giving you more freedom and better cash flow. If we manage your property we simply take our commission each time we collect the rent. When the tenancy ends our commission stops!* *Subject to our terms of business

Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our YouTube channel:

T: 020 7625 7000 E:

Having sold, let and managed properties for 16 years our contact list and corporate database is vast greenstone Residential Estate Agents


Carrick Villa, REGENTS PARK, NW1 Carrick Villa is a newly built detached residence located in a private gated enclave in Regents Park offering secure living in a prime central London location. This four bedroom, four en-suite bathroom house comprises of 3355 sq ft / 311 sq m, set over three floors with generous living accommodation benefiting from a media room, study, drawing room, dining room and a luxury kitchen. Long Leasehold PRICE: ÂŁ7,950,000

Jonathan Arron Residential 18 Blenheim Terrace, St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood, London, NW8 0EB

The property, which has been interior designed, benefits from state of the art systems for heating, air handling, lighting, audio visual and security. Further benefits include, double garage, a private walled garden with gated access to the Outer Circle of Regents Park.

T: 020 7604 4611 W:

homes & property

In your best interest

Property consultant Simon Barnes talks to VANTAGE about offering a service defined by discretion and dedication Property consultancy can be a mixed bag, how do you ensure someone is working exclusively for you, sourcing the best and most exclusive properties and utilising a wealth of extensive and far-reaching contacts to offer you the best properties available on the market – and also those that aren’t? If you’re selling, then are they the best person to find you the right buyers and ensure you are getting a great price; do they protect your interests and your reputation, over their own? If you’re using them for property management, are they looking after your tenants, and are they looking after you? Is their discretion assured, and can you turn to them for any queries or concerns however complex or sensitive? And, ultimately, how can you be sure of this? “It’s really down to reputation,” explains Simon Barnes, a property consultant working in Mayfair and Belgravia for over 20 years. “Ninety per cent of my business comes from recommendations and word of mouth, it’s important to use someone whose reputation you can trust.” And Simon has worked hard to ensure this reputation remains immaculate. “I moved from working with larger companies to becoming independent because I wanted to be able to offer the clients I’d worked with a more comprehensive service. Now the people I deal with have been my clients, often for many years, and I’ve worked with them on selling and buying several houses. I can even be there when they want to diversify and start renting out their property, or even buying businesses – a restaurant, a shop etc. In the same way that you can visit your lawyer for all your legal needs my clients work with me for all their property needs over a long period of time.” Working with someone who specialises in what they do and can take a lot of the hassle out of buying and selling a property can be


a godsend. Simon’s clients benefit from not only his considerable expertise, but his extensive contacts built up over years of working with and specialising in high end luxury properties bought and sold off-market. “I’ve built up a solid rapport with buyers, sellers, agents, lawyers and surveyors. My relationship with the key agents, for instance, is so good that when I ring an agent about a property they’ll take it seriously. That’s the kind of credibility that gets me – and therefore my clients - to the front of the queue, and they’re often the first to hear about an exciting property.” In addition, one of the keys to Simon’s success is that he only ever works for three or four clients at a time, ensuring there is no conflict, and he can divide his time as they need it. “This is not a mass market thing, three or four active clients is as much as I can, and want to, deal with, because then I can offer them the level of service they expect, and deserve. And I tailor it accordingly, depending on what they want. It’s a hands-on process, I deal with all my clients personally, and I can adapt to what suits them.” In today’s economic climate, buying and selling property can be a delicate and complex process. Often those people who are spending large amounts of money on a property are understandably keen to ensure the purchase is as discreet as possible. “People don’t want to be seen to be splashing cash,” explains Simon. “They want their names kept out of it, to ensure a level playing field - discretion is vital. This is happening more and more in the last five years, so my approach, more so than ever now, is very low key. Acting for my clients, I can get straight to the source buyer or seller, acting as an intermediary, and this is vital. I ensure a minimum of fuss and exposure.” At the end of the day, this is expertise you can’t match, and it’s invaluable. “Achieving the best possible outcome in anything is all about finding someone who can do the job better than you,” finishes Simon. “Working smarter, not harder.” n Simon Barnes Property Consultants 020 7499 3434 078 3146 5414


ÂŁ1,995,000 Freehold

Joint Sole Agent

Stunning, bespoke, modern mews house in the heart of Belsize Park arranged over three floors comprising three double bedrooms, four bathrooms one including a steam room, separate utility room, additional study/ dressing room off the ground floor bedroom, fabulous first floor reception with Juliet balcony and open plan L shaped kitchen. Second floor comprises two further double bedrooms one with en suite bathroom and the other with an en suite shower room. Access to the rear balcony is via French doors from the bedroom on this level. The integral garage can be accessed from the ground floor entrance hallway and there is parking in the private mews for up to two cars. Total square footage approximately 1981 sq ft (184 sq m).

Property Divas Limited, 34a Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead, NW3 1NH 020 7431 8000

St Ann’s Terrace, NW8 We are pleased to offer for sale this Victorian Grade II Listed 5 bedroom terraced house in St John’s Wood. St Ann’s Terrace has a sublime location literally a stones throw from the High Street and the station. This charismatic house has immense potential in being an absolutely lovely family home.

Joint Sole Agent: Behr & Butchoff T: 0207 722 7222

Offers are invited around £3.4m

11 Hanover Gate Mansions, Park Road, London, NW1 4SJ - T: 0203 348 8000

Between sky and snow in



Photography: Philip Volkers

Set next to the main ski piste, the exclusive chalets at Le Hameau du Ciel, in Veysonnaz, enjoy miles of fabulous skiing and enchanting mountain views in the famous Four Valleys


e Hameau du Ciel means the Sky’s Hamlet and never was a name more apt to describe a property development. This cluster of only five delightful chalets perches on Les Mayens ski slope, near the village of Veysonnaz, and overlooks the wide Rhone Valley, the soaring peaks beyond it, and seemingly endless swathes of deep blue sky. These luxurious chalets, which have large balconies to make the most of the views, are the third phase of an exclusive development designed by architect Louis Fournier. They are situated next to the main piste, close to a forest and only a few minutes’ walk from Veysonnaz’s village shops. Skiing in and out could not be easier, but families who hanker for slope variety can choose from more than 256 miles of runs, as Veysonnaz is linked to Verbier and is part of the

Four Valleys, Switzerland’s largest ski area. ‘Veysonnaz epitomises unspoilt Switzerland, with the advantage of having access to other resorts in the Four Valleys area,’ says Rachel Hayward, who owns a chalet at Le Hameau du Ciel that was completed last year. Buyers can choose between two chalet sizes—a manageable 130 square metres or a spacious 160 square metres. The developers employ the finest tradesmen to ensure the chalets are finished to exacting standards. ‘We have ended up with exactly what we wanted and are thrilled with the final result,’ enthuses Mrs Hayward. Chalets at Le Hameau du Ciel can all be purchased by non-Swiss residents and selling agents Alpine Homes, Savills’ exclusive associate in Switzerland, are at hand to help buyers obtain their authorisation permit—as well as assisting with

any other aspect of the buying process and the settling in. ‘Alpine Homes always go the extra mile,’ says Mrs Hayward. Prices start from CHF 1.3m (about £897,700). Alpine Homes, in association with Savills, Office: +44 (0) 20 7016 3740, Switzerland: +41 (0) 27 323 77 77,

St Johns Wood Office: 020 7586 5929

Sheringham, St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood Park, London, NW8

ÂŁ1,495,000 Leasehold

A charming three bedroom apartment set on the second floor of this highly sought after building located in the secure Queensmead development. Comprising three bedrooms, reception room, kitchen, shower room and en-suite bathroom. The property benefits from a long lease, balcony, passenger lift to all floors, garage and 24 hour porterage.

Elstree T: 0208 387 1546

Knightsbridge T: 0207 225 0878

St Johns Wood Office: 020 7586 5929

Portland House, St John’s Wood, London, NW8

£895,000 Leasehold

A split level apartment arranged over the 2nd and 3rd floors of this purpose built block situated just off St John’s Wood High Street. Comprising three bedrooms (two doubles, one single), two bathrooms (one en-suite), reception room, fully fitted kitchen and terrace. Ideally located for all local amenities of St John’s Wood High Street and just moments away from St John’s Wood tube station (Jubilee Line). St Johns Wood T: 020 7586 5929

Belgrade T: 381 11301 1161

St Johns Wood Office: 020 7586 5929

Rodney Court, Maida Vale, London, W9

POA Leasehold

An interior designed three double bedroom, two bathroom apartment set on the 4th floor of this impressive purpose built block. Comprising a double reception room with balcony, luxury fitted kitchen, three double bedrooms (2 en-suite) and guest WC this stunning flat offers in excess of 1500 sq ft of bright and well balanced accommodation. Rodney Court benefits from a 24 hour porter and is conveniently located for Clifton Road and the transport links of both Maida Vale and St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood.

Elstree T: 0208 387 1546

Knightsbridge T: 0207 225 0878

St Johns Wood Office: 020 7586 5929

Platts Lane, Hampstead, London, NW8

ÂŁ525,000 Leasehold

A delightful two bedroom apartment on the first floor of this period conversion. The property benefits from a good size reception room, one double bedroom, one single bedroom, a open plan kitchen, separate bathroom/WC. The property is located near to the amenities of Finchley Road. The nearest underground station is Finchley Rd (Jubilee & Metropolitan Lines) and Frognal Station- Silverlink. St Johns Wood T: 020 7586 5929

Belgrade T: 381 11301 1161

Berridge Mews, West Hampstead, NW6 A beautifully presented three bedroom, two storey modern house (1,390 sq ft / 129 sq m) located within this secure gated development. The house is located on a corner plot and features a larger than average garden (approx 64â&#x20AC;&#x2122;), integral garage and a further off street parking space. Berridge Mews is conveniently located for the shopping and transport amenities of West Hampstead (Jubilee line).

Sole Agent



Garden Court, St John’s Wood, NW8 A newly refurbished three bedroom, two bathroom apartment (1,272 sq ft /116 sq m), situated on the first floor of this purpose built block. Garden Court is located within close proximity of the boutiques and restaurants of St John’s Wood High Street and underground station (Jubilee Line). The apartment benefits from Lutron lighting, wood flooring, basement storage, communal gardens and Share of Freehold. A long leasehold garage is available by separate negotiation.

Principal Agent

Share of Freehold


St Stephens Close, St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood, NW8 A beautifully presented three bedroom apartment (1,614 sq ft / 149 sq m) situated on the first floor of this prestigious development located off Avenue Road. The property features two exceptional reception rooms and a stunning kitchen. Other benefits include 24 hour porterage, limited off street parking and direct access to Primrose Hill from behind the building.

Sole Agent

Share of Freehold


g in n n io d an iss e Pl rm nt a pe gr


Springfield Road, St Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Wood, NW8 A four storey detached house with the benefit of full planning permission to extend and redesign the external and internal layout creating an outstanding family home of approximately 3,960 sq ft. The house benefits from off street parting and a mature south facing garden. Springfield Road is a prestigious tree lined residential street on the West side of St Johns Wood, conveniently located for The American School and the many local transport and shopping amenities in the area. Plans available on request.

Sole Agent


Price on Application




Page 1 0207 493 6174

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Vantage Magazine March 2012 - Hampstead Edition  

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