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elcome to the first edition of Prestige, the magazine for foodies! As you will see, our enthusiasm and passion for food at Sodexo Prestige runs far beyond the plate and influences everything we do. As providers of great food and service we place our chefs at the heart of our business, supported by the rest of us following the same ethos of: sow, grow, create and serve. Through our food programme we strive to improve health, nutrition and sustainability. Our staff are key to all that we achieve. We ensure that they grow through the many opportunities with us including investment in training and exposure to great events. Events like Royal Ascot or The Open Championship provide experiences and innovation that ultimately influence the rest of our business and benefit our clients. I hope that this magazine gives you a rounder picture of what we do, providing an insight into our energy, creativity and commitment. We look forward to receiving your feedback to include in later editions. Finally, through this magazine, I hope you not only enjoy the read but also feel you have got to know us a little better.

Chris John Managing Director, Sodexo Prestige


Royal Ascot

A Very Royal Occasion

Royal Ascot 2012 signified the start of summer in glittering style, and with a wealth of unique and luxurious catering options provided by Sodexo Prestige, there was no shortage of ways to celebrate


here are few sporting venues that can match the rich heritage of Ascot, brought into existence by Queen Anne in 1711. Happening upon an open heath while out riding close to Windsor Castle, she viewed it as an ideal place for “horses to gallop at full stretch”. Her Majesty’s observation became an accurate prophecy; the racecourse was laid out by William Lowen and his team, and the first four-day meeting took place in 1768. Although unclear, Royal Ascot as we know 04 • PRESTIGE • SUMMER 2012

it today arguably began to evolve with the establishment of the Gold Cup in 1807. Remaining to this day the feature race of the third day of the racing event (and traditionally the busiest of the week), the Gold Cup is now known colloquially as ‘Ladies’ Day’. Royal Ascot was the only race meeting held at the racecourse until 1939. This year, almost 300,000 people paid a visit to the Berkshire racecourse during Royal Ascot week. There were 18 Group races on offer in total, with at least one Group One event on each of the five days.

ROYAL ASCOT 2012’S DRESS CODE For many people attending Royal Ascot 2012, deciding what to wear was as much part of the experience as the horse racing itself. For the ladies in particular, in the lead up to this prestigious event, much time was initially dedicated to making sure that their outfit of choice befitted the elegant occasion; secondly, it was to ensure that theirs was the one that stood out from the crowd. While the spirit of the dress code has always reflected this, the letter of it has arguably lacked clarity, leading in some cases to misunderstanding of what constitutes appropriate attire for this formal occasion and as such, the guidelines were verified to assist visitors. It would not have been a This year, all ladies visiting the Royal truly British occasion without Enclosure were advised that fascinators were afternoon tea, and Executive no longer permitted, Chef Steve Golding created a headpieces should have a base of more than playful offering, called the Top ten centimetres and that “dresses and skirts Hat Tea should be of modest length, defined as falling just above the knee or longer.” In the Grandstand Enclosure, “a hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times.” Gentlemen were “kindly reminded that it is a requirement to wear either Thoroughbred fashion: black or grey morning dress which must include a Royal Ascot 2012’s waistcoat and tie (no cravats), a black or grey top hat elegant dress code set the and black shoes.” tone for a sophisticated day at the races

Heirloom tomato & basil salad

THE BEST IN HOSPITALITY The official caterers of Royal Ascot 2012, Sodexo Prestige provided the very best in British produce and culinary flair for this year’s event. Acclaimed chef, Mark Sargeant, worked closely with Ascot’s Executive Chef, Steve Golding, to devise a unique take on modern British cuisine. Having together concocted signature summer menus served across the Grandstand Restaurants, dishes included steaming hot shells, a light crab salad and a wild raspberry and white chocolate

As Sodexo Prestige sources the finest ingredients and employs some of the nation’s best chefs, the hospitality offering at Royal Ascot 2012 was a mouthwatering success

daiquiri. Adding to the decadence, seafood specialist Caviar House also hosted an exclusive bar where spoonfuls of the luxury delicacy were placed on top of filled glasses of champagne or vodka. It would not have been a truly British occasion without an area specially catering for afternoon tea. Steve Golding invented a playful spin on sartorial elegance with the creation of the Top Hat Tea, inspired by the milliner Stephen Jones; served in the Private Boxes, pastries were placed on the rim of chocolate top hats. For a more relaxed dining experience, the Bandstand Restaurant offered a range of traditional favourites including fish and chips and an all-day English breakfast. For dedicated racegoers, the Concourse level of the Grandstand served a range of easy takeaway options: handmade sandwiches, cakes and hot drinks at The Gourmet Delis, Italian classics available at Pizza Express, and gourmet burgers, sausages and herb chicken served at The Front Runner Grill. In honour of the Queen’s Jubilee, Windsor and Eton Brewery toasted the monarch with the launch of its five ales.




Partnership Working in partnership with Sodexo Prestige, Glasgow-based printer manufacturer OKI has become one of the nation’s most efficient, healthy and eco-friendly businesses


odexo Prestige’s relationship with global print manufacturer OKI dates back to 1987, when it provided catering services at its plant in Cumbernauld, near Glasgow. Since then, the partnership has flourished and it now provides OKI with a wide range of additional services, including janitorial, security, reception, cleaning, hospitality and an on-site gym. Sodexo Prestige’s 30-strong staff works side-by-side with the client and is constantly exploring new ways of improving the service to the company and its 400 staff – allowing OKI to concentrate on its core functions of manufacturing and customer service. In 2005, when the company moved to its new custom-built premises in Cumbernauld, a range of measures were introduced to make the operation more efficient while maintaining quality standards. This saved OKI £70,000 in the first year. Craig Douglas, OKI’s General Manager of Operations, said: “Like many businesses, the past six or seven years have been challenging, so we continually look for opportunities to work together with Sodexo Prestige, not just to look for cost reductions, but to add value. It is very much a partnership and there is a very high level of trust between us.” OKI arranged for Prestige’s janitors to be trained to operate a lifting platform, which now allows them to do high-level external cleaning of the building and its windows, saving OKI up to £20,000 per year. Improving work processes and technology for cleaners enabled Sodexo Prestige to reduce its cleaning staff from twelve to five – saving 166 hours per week. Significant efficiencies were also made in cleaning chemicals, saving the company a total of £30,000 in the first year. Combining the mail room service with reception shaved a further £20,000 off the annual bill. As well as saving money, Prestige has come up with creative ways to improve service, recently rebranding the OKI gym as Healthworks. Healthworks is a wellness service provided by the team that includes fitness, health and well-being. This high-quality on-site service


recognises the individual requirements of every OKI employee who joins the gym membership. All the Sodexo Prestige instructors are registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and through the company’s “Committed to You” personal development programme, they receive individually tailored continuous professional development. Prestige recently upgraded the Healthworks gym to provide an improved facility for OKI staff. The company also opened up membership to family members, allowing employees to bring their families into the facility in the evenings and at weekends. In addition to helping staff in the gym, instructor David Munro organises spin classes, health boot camps and other activities. As a food-led business “By allowing Sodexo Prestige Sodexo Prestige is committed to providing to do what they are good at healthy and nutritious we have fewer distractions food. In 2006, it helped OKI to become one of and can concentrate on our the first companies in Scotland to win a Healthy core business, delivering great Living Award – an products and high levels of accreditation which has been retained every year service to our customers... It is since then. Employees are encouraged to embrace genuinely a partnership.” healthy eating, by the prominent display of information about nutrition and its sourcing policy. Chef David Comasky will often be seen doing live cooking in the restaurant, demonstrating the benefits of healthy eating. The restaurant, which provides a full cooked breakfast service and hot and cold meals for lunch, is popular with more than 80 per cent of staff using the facilities regularly. Craig said: “Sodexo Prestige and OKI take the wellbeing of staff very seriously. The food in the canteen is very healthy as well as being of a very high standard and reasonably priced. David is very passionate about

Craig Douglas, General Manager of Operations at OKI

Healthy and delicious staff cafe

Fit for work

the food he serves and where it comes from. He enjoys the challenges thrown at him, like supporting OKI in entertaining members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. “We have already received a Healthy Living Award, which we would not have been able to achieve without the commitment of Lynn McBride, Sodexo Prestige’s Business Manager. We are now working together towards the Healthy Working Lives Award programme.” Sodexo Prestige has supported and helped OKI run the plant in a more environmentally friendly manner. The janitorial team recycles 90 per cent of all waste produced on site – mainly cardboard, polythene and polystyrene. As a result the volume of waste going to landfill has been reduced from 261 tons in 2005 to 70 tons in 2011. Craig added, “By allowing Sodexo Prestige to do what they are good at we have fewer distractions and can concentrate on our core business, delivering great products and high levels of service to our customers. With Prestige providing many of the soft services, OKI only employs two full-time facilities personnel on site, which is extremely small for a facility this size. It is genuinely a partnership. We are always happy to allow Sodexo Prestige to bring in potential clients to see how we operate or to let exisiting clients see the wide range of services that they perform so well for us here.” June Anderson, Sodexo Prestige’s General Services Manager at OKI, said: “We are constantly striving to innovate and improve the service we deliver to OKI. It’s important to remember that when we started out in 1987 we were just delivering the food service. Our aim has always been to develop confidence in our ability and take more on and help OKI to focus on doing an even better job for their clients. It is very much a working partnership aimed at achieving mutual business success.”

PROGRESS IN NUMBERS • Prestige’s efficiency plans saved £70,000 in year 1 in OKI’s new premises • Training on high-level external cleaning and windows saves £20,000 a year • Waste going to landfill has been reduced by 73% over 6 years • Improving work processes and technology reduced cleaning staff by 42% • Efficiencies in cleaning chemicals saved £30,000 in the first year • Combining the mail room with reception shaved £20,000 off the annual bill • 90% of all waste on site is recycled



Most athletes competing in the London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics will have spent years honing the perfect diet to help them achieve a gold medal. We consider the sports stars who have found it a lot harder to give up bad habits and move away from the sugary snacks, fast foods and fizzy drinks

Fuelling the Fire Prestige Ticketing Limited, a joint venture between Sodexo and the Mike Burton Group, has been appointed as the exclusive supplier of in-venue hospitality packages for both the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


uring the course of the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, food vendors are serving more than 14 million meals across 40 different locations. The Olympic Village itself is stocked with 25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tonnes of potatoes, 82 tonnes of seafood, 75,000 litres of milk and more than 330 tonnes of fruit and vegetables. Of course, food has always played an important part in the life of athletes. Even in the time of ancient Greece, would-be Olympians focused much attention on the types of breads, vegetables and meats they were ingesting. Nowadays, the diets of Olympic athletes tend to be high in energy, fat and protein, with a survey taken at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics reporting that an average athlete consumed 18,841 kJ of energy each day. While the impact of diet on performance is well known, there are, however, some athletes whose love of fast food before a championship is at odds with modern conventions of nutritional eating. 08 • PRESTIGE • SUMMER 2012

Usain Bolt Under the floodlights of Beijing’s Bird Cage stadium, Usain Bolt shocked the world four years ago when he burst on to the Olympic scene to break the 100, 200 and 4x100 metres world records. Nearly as shocking, however, was the secret behind his success… a diet of chicken nuggets. “I woke around 11am and decided to watch some TV and had some nuggets,” said the then-21-year-old. “Then I slept for a couple of hours more. Then I got some more nuggets and came to the track.” Michael Phelps While Bolt was smashing records on the Beijing track, Michael Phelps was doing the same in the pool. Winning gold medals across various distances in butterfly, freestyle and the medley, Phelps became one of the greatest Olympians of all time – winning a total of 16 medals over two Games. And on what gastronomic superfoods was his glory built? A daily intake of fats, sugars and carbohydrates that contained enough calories (12,000) to sustain a mere mortal for four or five days. Breakfast alone would comprise three fried cheese, tomato and onion sandwiches, three sugar-covered slices of French toast and three chocolate chip pancakes – an Olympic-sized achievement in itself. Athletes of Old Proving that the association between food and Olympic success dates back well beyond the era of Bolt and Phelps, is the ancient Greek athlete, Milo of Croton. A wrestler of mythic strength, Milo would supposedly eat 20 pounds of meat and as many of bread, while

Geoff Nelson /

Michael Phelps

Lord Seb Coe, Chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, along with Andrew Burton, CEO of Prestige Ticketing Ltd, officially opens the stunning new Prestige hospitality pavilion in the Olympic Park, only 70 metres from the Olympic Stadium. Prestige Ticketing’s flagship hospitality venue provides world-class hospitality for up to 3,000 guests a day throughout all 17 days of the Olympic Games and 12 days of the Paralympic Games.

Usain Bolt

drinking up to three pitchers of wine. Tales also tell of Milo carrying a four-year-old bull on his shoulders around a stadium before he cut it up and ate it all in a single day. True or not, the diets of ancient Olympians would have been very different to their modern-day counterparts. Even Hippocrates once reportedly gave the advice to athletes with sore muscles to “get drunk once or twice”. It seems the right food has always been paramount to sporting glory.

Thelefty /

Enjoy the day in style Psychologists call it ‘the flash bulb moment’ when momentous events are witnessed and remain imprinted upon the mind. This will undoubtedly occur at the London 2012 Olympic Games when world records may be broken and the world once again ponders the question ‘Just how fast can a human being run?’ and you were there to witness it.You will never forget who was with you or gave you the opportunity to be there and see it for yourself. London 2012 is the first time that there has been an in-venue hospitality programme that is open to all at an Olympic and Paralympic Games, as previously this has been the preserve of sponsors only. The Prestige Hospitality programme at London 2012 is world-class. It sets new standards of excellence in terms of design, innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Hospitality guests experience the powerful combination of exceptional food, service and entertainment and the best category tickets available. Fasttrack access, exclusivity and attention to detail are all part of the Prestige experience. The programme is being

delivered at a level not previously seen at international sporting events. The hospitality venues are stunning and inspirational. For example, the £9.5m purpose-designed and built Prestige Pavilion at the Olympic Park is located just 70 metres from the Olympic Stadium, and guests are free to roam between the stadium and the venue and around the rest of the park as they please. Other Prestige Pavilions are located on the finishing line at Eton Dorney for the rowing and adjacent to the arena in Greenwich Park for the equestrian events, and in St James’ Park for the Beach Volleyball. The menus are unashamedly ‘Best of British’ served in a fresh and contemporary style. For the last 18 months Prestige Ticketing’s executive chefs have been scouring the UK seeking out small, artisanal suppliers that are producing great food ethically and sustainably, and doing it incredibly well. London 2012 presents an excellent opportunity to showcase this homegrown talent. For more information visit:



Rich Pickings Virgin Atlantic is a globally recognised brand with a reputation for a forwardthinking and innovative approach to delivering exemplary service, which is why Sodexo Prestige is thrilled to provide the catering for Virgin’s Upper-class Clubhouse lounges across the globe. We meet the man behind the Virgin Group Empire, Sir Richard Branson


here’s something so approachable about Sir Richard Branson. Considering his reported amassed fortune of £2.6 billion equals the GDI of several small nations combined, the intimidation factor, for one, is completely absent. Presiding over a global capital conglomerate, of which Virgin Atlantic Airways is one of the empire’s core branches, the tycoon’s personable and perfectionist approach has cemented the Virgin Group’s esteemed reputation as one synonymous with aspiration, luxury and the highest level of service. And yet, for all the Virgin Group’s enduring eminence, encountering the fifth wealthiest man in the UK, it’s surprising to meet a billionaire who seems to have retained the values of a grounded upbringing. “I’ve always said that you are who you are,” he begins. “Success and money shouldn’t change how you speak to people. I know for some it does, but I also believe that some people we might deem high-profile would be rude whether they were wealthy or not.” So how did a young boy, the son of a respected barrister and air hostess, find himself running an empire with such a high level of service and quality? A poor academic performance at school initially bolstered his drive to succeed beyond scholastic boundaries, and at 16, he made his first ripple in the business world, setting up The Student magazine. From here, Branson developed a voracious appetite for success and turned his attention to the music industry, where he hit upon the notion of selling popular vinyl records by mail order for a fraction of the price of high street retailers. Overnight, an empire had been conceived and, as the looming downturn of the 1980s settled itself, casting a black shadow over most, in true signature Branson style, the decade became his most successful, thanks in no small part to the launch of the Virgin Atlantic airline. “Fortunes are made out of recessions,” he wisely explains. “A lot of entrepreneurs get going in the economic depths because the barriers to entry are lower. It was the same back then, and it’s the same now. “For anyone looking to set up these days, there’s no better time. My slogan is ‘Screw it, just do it’, and if you get great people around you, a small team of really committed people that you can work with on whatever you’re doing, then that’s important.” 10 • PRESTIGE • SUMMER 2012

“Look at what Steve Jobs achieved, for instance. He is undoubtedly the entrepreneur I most look up to. I think what he created with Apple is incredible. It’s a tremendous brand, of great quality and with incredible innovation. I can’t think of anybody who beats Steve – and I can’t imagine who will now fill his shoes.” Jobs would certainly From London to New York, San be impressed with Branson’s ability to Francisco or Johannesburg, the embrace social media. Sir Richard recently topped lounges display the unique style 2.2 million followers and personal level of service on Twitter. “I love what Twitter represents, that Virgin Atlantic customers because it complements this era we’re in where have come to expect people are deciding it’s time to make the unknown accessible to the public. Computers are only really the start of this; I think we need to conquer the depths of the ocean too and maybe we can get a space triathlon up and running one day?” he suggests, without even a hint of humour. For anyone else, sub-orbital space flights and triathlons for the paying public, and deep-sea exploration would sound like lofty, unattainable dreams. For Sir Richard Branson, it’s just another day at the office. This interview first appeared in The City Magazine in October 2011. Image: Neale Haynes/Contour by Getty Images

BEHIND THE SCENES Behind the scenes, the tireless work of Sodexo Prestige helps to maintain Virgin Atlantic’s sense of refinement and consciousness. Looking after 520,000 Virgin Atlantic Upper-class passengers in their eight clubhouses and one arrivals lounge 365 days of the year is no mean feat, and requires a team of 100 Sodexo Prestige staff who fully understand the brand and its values. From London to New York, San Francisco to Boston and London to Johannesburg, all lounges display the unique style and personal level of service that Virgin Atlantic customers have come to expect. So whether they choose the brasserie to sample the à la carte menu, tuck in at the deli bar or simply ‘sip’ their time away at the best cocktail lounge in any airport,Virgin Atlantic has it all.



A Better


Being concerned about the environment has become far more than an afterthought for most businesses now and there is a whole host of ways to make your contribution, from reducing carbon footprints and being greener, to more sustainable procurement and recycling initiatives


odexo Prestige combines economic, social and environmental factors with a particular focus on seasonality and provenance to go beyond ‘food miles’ and look at the bigger picture, so its clients and customers can make informed choices. This commitment is captured in Sodexo’s ‘Better Tomorrow Plan’, a worldwide sustainability strategy that runs up to 2020 and is divided into three parts: ‘We Are’ – detailing core values, ethical principles and the fundamentals on how the company operates. ‘We Do’ – 14 commitments to action on sustainability issues covering health, nutrition and well-being, local communities and environmental sustainability in the supply chain and operations. ‘We Engage’ – this is the commitment to engage with its employees, clients, customers, suppliers, NGOs and other stakeholders to influence behaviour and performance where they operate, in the supply chain and beyond. Over the past six months Sodexo Prestige has worked on some exciting new initiatives to help it achieve its ambitions running up to 2020 with an emphasis on working with the community and adding value to help their clients to achieve similar objectives of their own, including some of the following initiatives:


Science on a plate Sodexo Prestige in Scotland launched its involvement with ‘Science on a Plate’, Scotland’s first festival of science and food, where their executive chef, Stephen Frost, served a special dinner of Scottish-sourced fish dishes for food experts and scientists onboard the RRS Discovery in Dundee. The festival was designed to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the world around them and ‘Science on a Plate’ achieved that with all things food-related. Through interactive cooking demonstrations, The Real Life Science Kitchen taught visitors about healthy meat, sustainable fish, Scotland’s super-foods and seasonal vegetables. Sustainable accreditation Bateaux London, the capital’s leading restaurant cruise experience on the Thames, has become the first operator on the river and the first Sodexo Prestige venue to gain BS8901 sustainable event management certification. The standard is awarded for sustainable practices and requires Bateaux London to meet rigorous external audits to pass the independent accreditation process. BS8901 is the British Standard for sustainable practice in the events industry and acknowledges a balanced and committed

their nominated charity, STOP Hunger, for the fertiliser. Coffee grounds are rich in vitamins and minerals and are particularly good for acid-loving plants such as beans, cabbage, blueberries, gardenias and roses. They are also ideal as a natural organic pest deterrent. The initiative has the potential to divert more than 200 tonnes of used coffee grounds from landfill every year across UK operations, and has been approved by the UK Environment Agency and the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. This reduction in waste could be equivalent to a CO2 emission reduction of 100 tonnes per year. Eco uniform The EkoChef jacket is made from recycled plastic bottles! It takes 25 one-litre PET water bottles to make one EkoChef Jacket. This saves 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per 1,000 jackets compared with standard polyester jackets. There is also a huge saving on landfill – 6.7 cubic metres of plastic per 1,000 jackets. Combined with the 80 per cent reduction in energy required for production, and an overall reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, this all adds up to a significantly lower environmental impact, which is exactly what Sodexo Prestige is trying to achieve. The jackets are every bit as good as their conventionally produced predecessors. They’re comfortable, hard-wearing enough for life in the kitchen, and look very smart for client-facing occasions. Sustainable practice can sometimes require ‘out of the box’ thinking and no better is this illustrated than with the EkoChef jacket. approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress relating to events. It was created as part of London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics, as it was recognised that there was a need for a UK sustainability standard for events. It is applicable to any organisation that is involved in events from suppliers to actual event organisers, and is designed to inform events industry stakeholders of a company’s sustainable practice. Sodexo Prestige is planning to gain accreditation for a further four centres of excellence so that all venues that it operates can benefit from the experience, making it the leader in sustainable events. Coffee bean recycling Much has been made recently of the buoyancy of the UK coffee market, which has doubled in size since 2005 to an estimated £2.1bn turnover. However, with more sales comes more coffee and more used coffee beans of which to dispose. Coffee Grounds for Growth was born from ‘Green Spark’, a Sodexo competition to encourage great green employee ideas, aiming to reduce waste and carbon emissions while simultaneously encouraging people to garden. It’s simple; Sodexo Prestige collects the used coffee grounds from coffee machines, re-bags them and gives them to customers to use as a natural fertiliser. Customers are invited to make a voluntary donation to

Catch of the day Dwindling marine fish stocks have made strategies for safeguarding supplies for future generations a priority for all. To relieve pressure on popular, but sometimes overfished, species like cod, attention has increasingly focused on encouraging consumption of under-utilised, more plentiful species. The reality is that, when commercial fishermen launch their nets, there is often unwanted fish alongside the target catch. Last year, a summary report on ‘Fishing for the Markets’, a Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs-funded research programme, revealed that approximately 17 per cent of all fish caught by English fishing vessels are thrown back into the sea. Typically, less popular fish like dab, gurnard and bib (pouting) are discarded because market demand for these species is weak or absent. To help reduce fish wastage and bolster the market for under-used species, Sodexo Prestige in London, in partnership with supplier Direct Seafoods, is launching a new initiative to showcase these fish on its menus at venues including the Churchill War Rooms and leading contracts in the City. Chefs at Sodexo Prestige’s London sites must be on their mettle and ready to cook whatever lesser known varieties of fresh fish are in season and on offer each day. Whether there are 15 pouting or five megrims, they will use their culinary acumen to make the fish enticing to diners. 13


Live Well Wan Mak is Head of Health, Nutrition & Well-being Strategy at Sodexo Prestige, which means she’s always thinking about how to enjoy a nutritious diet and live a healthy, informed life. In this exclusive feature, she explains what a typical day at Sodexo Prestige involves


uch has been made of rising obesity levels and general health issues relating to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles. However, it is not just the adverse effects of poor food and drink decisions that drive commitment to nutrition and health at Sodexo Prestige, but the positive impact a well-balanced diet can have as well. Recent studies suggest that not only can a healthier workforce result in reduced absenteeism but employers will also find their teams more engaged and mentally focused on their work. Wan Mak and her team drive all aspects of the company’s nutrition, health and well-being strategy for its clients and their consumers as well as Sodexo Prestige employees. Wan’s impeccable credentials – a first class honours degree in food science and nutrition, followed by a postgraduate from King’s College London in dietetics, clinical dietician for the NHS and within the private healthcare sector, nutrition and dietetics lecturer and programme director at a leading university, not to mention her vast experience within the foodservices and food manufacturing industry – are supported by a love of food that began at an early age. “For as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about food. When I discovered early on that people’s diet could play a very significant role in their well-being, I knew I wanted to help develop people’s understanding of food, its role in their health and in the treatment of chronic diseases,” said Wan. And help she did! With over one million Sodexo meals served every day, Wan’s influence is considerable although she’s quick to point out that there is no “one-size-fits-all’ solution and it is definitely not about forcing a way of life on anybody. “Everything we do from a nutritional and dietetics point of view revolves around Healthwise; our nutrition, well-being and lifestyle philosophy. It is a commitment to our clients, customers and staff that our service teams will be able to help them make an informed decision to improve their nutritional balance of food intake.


“It is about putting into context an approach that will hopefully lead employees and customers into maintaining a healthier, balanced lifestyle. We are providing information on a huge variety of topics such as which snacks make the best healthy energy boosters, what you need to know about additives and preservatives, what the different types of fat are, how much salt you can have and how best to approach exercise, to name a few. It sounds like a daunting level of information but it’s very accessible and practical information that will help people find the balance in their diets and lifestyles that will improve their health. We understand everybody’s different; for example, we work closely with each of our clients to ensure that we deliver the best suited programmes for Everything we do from a their employees and nutritional and dietetics customers. We wouldn’t offer the same advice point of view revolves around to somebody doing a lot of physical activity, Healthwise; our nutrition, wellsuch as a sailor, to being and lifestyle philosophy somebody who spends the majority of their day at a desk.” Aside from ensuring wide levels of guidance for customers and staff over food and well-being issues, Wan’s team makes sure that the Healthwise philosophy underpins everything that Sodexo Prestige does on a practical level. “From a purchasing side we analyse every recipe and menu before discussing with our chefs about how they can make their dishes healthier. This isn’t always a straightforward process, particularly due to the variety and complexity of some of the fine dining dishes that the Sodexo Prestige Executive Chefs produce on a daily basis. However, if there is an alternative, healthier ingredient that won’t compromise on flavour then we’ll recommend it. We also help construct the menu so that the unhealthier choices are offset with healthy options. I am also very keen on what I like to call ‘health by stealth’, whereby we will try and make sure that the ingredients coming into the business are healthy.

Rapeseed oil as opposed to vegetable oil, premium quality sausages as opposed to fattier sausages, or even something like herbs and spices as a substitute for salt. If it will not impact on the customers’ experience and there is a healthier option, we will take that option.” A current hot topic in the food industry is calorie labelling and other forms of how best to advise consumers about what they are eating, which Wan is heavily involved in both from her work with Sodexo Prestige and as a government advisor on the issue. “Sodexo Prestige along with Sodexo’s other

Wan Mak is Head of Health, Nutrition & Well-being Strategy at Sodexo Prestige

businesses in the UK and Ireland have for some time now been a pro-active supporter of calorie labelling. As an early adopter of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) calorie labelling pilot in 2009, we were one of the first foodservices companies to see the early results and benefits to the consumer experience. As part of Healthwise and our overall corporate objectives, we have always made a conscious effort to provide our customers with as much information as possible on nutrition to help them make an informed choice.”

Wan shares her top summer health tips: 1. M  ix it up – I try to never have the same thing and always be a little creative. I’ll always have fruit, starchy carbohydrates (e.g. potatoes, bread, rice and pasta), meat or protein and vegetables. I’m not a big dairy fan but will always have 1 per cent milk, which is what we have at Sodexo UK. I think there’s a misconception that it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal, but there is plenty you can do in 30 minutes! 2. Pay attention to the ‘eatwell plate’ from the FSA, which explains the main food groups and how to get the right balance. Similarly in Ireland, it will be the food pyramid. 3. Stay hydrated – it sounds basic but so many issues from tiredness to headaches stem from dehydration. 4. Always avoid additional salt – we have actually introduced a system as part of Healthwise whereby we do not routinely place salt cellars on dining tables. Salt is in almost everything and there is hardly ever a need to add it on at the end. 5. Exercise – we recommend 30 minutes of exercise five times

a week, but break it into three bouts of 10 minutes or two 15-minute sessions to reach your 30 minutes if that works best for you. Anything that leaves you slightly out of breath and a little hot is great; you don’t have to go to the gym!



Home Grown

Today, more than ever before, the provenance and origin of our food is increasingly important and as we celebrate a truly British year with both the Diamond Jubilee and the OIympics, a renaissance of great British food is very fitting Fresh Produce and Local Knowledge Supporting local farmers and growers to reduce food miles and promote the use of top-quality, local, seasonal produce is very important. A network of predominantly family-run farms with a vast experience of the agriculture industry has been built up to supply Sodexo Prestige, carefully selected based on freshness, the taste of their produce and the sustainability of the growing practices used. Conscientious and passionate farmers from as far afield as the rolling Weald of Kent to the Scottish Highlands supply the highest quality raw materials for our chefs. Pesticides are avoided, natural manure is used to fertilise the land and produce is picked by hand, in peak season for optimum freshness. Families like the Poskitts in Yorkshire have been growing carrots for the hospitality industry for more than 50 years, so their expertise can’t be bettered, growing them all year round to ensure a steady supply. Carrots are harvested naturally through spring and summer and then, from October onwards, kept snug under vast quantities of straw, until they’re lifted between Christmas and Easter. Surviving the chilly winters can be a challenge for lots of vegetables, but not the hardy swede. The Stewart family have been growing swedes, or ‘neeps’ in Scotland since 1975. So committed to high standards are they that the family make sure they are responsible for growing, picking, washing, packing, chilling and delivering the swedes to their customers themselves. In so doing, they ensure that every single one arrives in tiptop condition. This approach fits with our values and has earned the Stewarts the Red Tractor certificate, as well as making them one of Britain’s largest growers and packers. Great food starts with the farmers; however, we shouldn’t forget the prestigious food and wine suppliers from around the UK who add value to the total food experience that Prestige delivers. The following suppliers illustrate this point. 16 • PRESTIGE • SUMMER 2012

Paul Rhodes Bakery

Cheese Cellar This established merchant has been sourcing the finest cheeses and speciality goods for more than 20 years. It is renowned for its loyal customer base and long-serving staff, as well as its relationships with notable chefs including Claire Clark MBE. The company also prides itself on its green initiatives including extensive recycling initiatives, a scheme to turn waste into fuel and the use of an electric van for local deliveries. The Cheese Cellar recently won the title of the ‘Best Sustainable Transport Change’ in the Wandsworth Green Business Awards. Paul Rhodes Bakery The finest flours and salts are combined with other ingredients such as roasted garlic, vine tomatoes and Italian olives to create flavoursome treats. Paul Rhodes was a chef for some of London’s most celebrated restaurants before indulging his passion for baking bread and establishing his very own London bakeries in Greenwich and Notting Hill.

Campbell Brothers

Cheese Cellar

Allens of Mayfair The site of Allens of Mayfair has been home to a butcher’s shop for more than 120 years and today is run by David House and Justin Preston, whose hard work saw it named Butcher’s Shop of the Year for the South of England in 2011 by the Meat Trades Journal. Meat products include high-quality sausages and smoked hams as well as a succulent selection of lamb, beef, poultry and game. The team is also highly sought after for its tutoring classess and its rare expertise in this field. Arran Fine Foods Originally a small mustard factory in the quaint village of Lamlash on the east coast of Arran in Scotland, the company now produces relishes, chutneys, marmalades and preserves. This move into other product ranges is due to popular demand and the company now sees its goods exported to more than 45 countries. Arran itself has inspired a community of artisans who also produce homemade ice cream, oatcakes and beers and share the desire to represent the tiny island as a gastronomic haven. The chutneys and relishes produced by Arran Fine Foods include juicy chunks of beetroot, cask-matured apple and ale blends and local single malt whisky, which are perfect for glazing meat and poultry, or serving with hearty plates of bread and cheese. Campbell Brothers Well known for its fresh meat and game reared in Scotland, Campbell Brothers has been in business for more than a century thanks to its commitment to excellent service. Campbell Brothers’ reputation lies on its focus on traditional Scottish meats which are hung and aged for the finest quality. Sodexo Prestige has been working with the company for over 30 years, and the firm favourites include speciality Scottish produce like Lorne sausage, haggis and Buccleuch beef.

Allens of Mayfair and a team from Sodexo Prestige in London

Arran Fine Foods

CHAPEL DOWN WINES English wine has for too long been overlooked in lieu of the extensive and well loved alternatives offered from around the world, so it’s about time these great quality, home grown wines got the recognition they deserve. Warmer summers, better sited vineyards and increasing experience in the field have all led to a boom in the English wine market, with over 404 vineyards producing 4,046,133 bottles! A team of Sodexo Prestige foodies recently visited Chapel Down, in Tenterden, Kent. Chapel Down is proud to be the first ever English producer to win a gold medal for sparkling wine at the prestigious International Wine Challenge and its wines are getting better with every vintage. The farmers and suppliers described serve Sodexo Prestige around the country.

Chapel Down Wines 17


Aspinal of london Be patriotic in style this summer with Aspinal of London’s Union Jack range. Clutch bag, £325, Aspinal of London

The RHS chelsea flower show A British institution, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where Sodexo Prestige provide the catering for the prestigious Gala Night and all visitor catering, displays the very best of beautiful blooms and fabulous florals.

Mulberry Celebrated for its quintessentially English style, the Mulberry brand continues to grow, creating timeless products season after season. The classic Lily bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the body Snowball white Lily bag, £495, Mulberry

Christopher Ward Swiss-designed chronographs headquartered in London, Christopher Ward’s watches are some of the most luxury timepieces on the market. C9 Harrison Jumping Hour, £1,150, Christopher Ward

L.K. BennetT L.K. Bennett’s fame started with its signature shoe collections before the introduction of its womenswear collections. This bright yellow petal shoe adds a shot of colour this summer. Petal Toe Shoe, Yellow, £185, L.K.Bennett



Brigade Defined by sophistication and timelessness, it’s no wonder that the demand for British brands has defied the recession


Drakes of London There aren’t many things more evocative of summer days than a Panama hat, and this channels a classic summer gent look. 1950s-inspired hat, £120, Drakes of London

Fins for Him Launched in 2008, Fins For Him has quickly become the go-to choice for anyone looking for a classic summer loafer. Samuel Deck Loafer, £125, Fins For Him

Links of London The official jewellery sponsor for the London Olympics 2012, Links of London, is one of the UK’s top jewellery brands. The Love Note Rose Gold Diamond ring makes for the perfect romantic gift. Love Note ring £1,500, Links of London

The Open Championship Get into the swing of summer with golf’s Open Championship, where Sodexo Prestige is the official hospitality, food and beverage provider.

Aquascutum Renowned for its signature trenches, Aquascutum has been inspiring fashion trends for the past 150 years. This figure-hugging women’s cream trench coat effortlessly combines both practicality and style. Lana trench, £700, Aquascutum Hackett Home of essential British tailoring, Hackett has garnered a worldwide reputation for quality, luxury design. Whether at the polo or the cricket, stay stylish in the sunshine this summer. Plain Linen Jacket, £375, Hackett

Charbonnel et Walker Priding itself on being one of Britain’s earliest chocolatiers, Charbonnel et Walker shows off its heritage and celebrates the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics 2012 with a special Union Jack box. Cutler and Gross Knightsbridge-based Cutler and Gross has been designing luxury eyewear for the last 40 years. These tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses are a failsafe choice. Acetate Sunglasses, £300, Cutler and Gross 19


A Taste of

Edinburgh Culture, tradition and class await visitors to the Scottish capital and with a wealth of luxury dining and hotel options in the city, along with an impressive range of festivals over the summer months, there is plenty to keep foodies and culture vultures happy



rriving in Edinburgh feels like stepping back into a different world, where the pace of life is at once calm and relaxed, and yet still vibrant and exciting. With its cobbled streets and castle, a host of exciting summer festivals (including the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe in August) drawing the crème of the literary and thespian worlds, and a serious reputation for throwing great seasonal parties, Edinburgh really does have it all. The city is set in the shadow of the eponymous castle and a bracing walk up the hill enables visitors the chance to view its surroundings at their most majestic, as well as work up a healthy appetite as they explore the grand architecture, its legends and secrets. Visitors are encouraged to set aside the day as they twist and turn both literally and mentally, with the Braveheart years

alone taking a good hour to do them justice. At the foot of the castle lies Scotland’s world famous Royal Mile, a stunning historic stretch containing several ‘closes’ (narrow passages linking streets underground), which are hidden among the many cashmere shops showcasing their traditional and brightly coloured wares. There’s also a smattering of traditional taverns, antique shops, fudge kitchens and all manner of sites of interests – including a statue of influential thinker David Hume, the High Court of Judiciary, and a plaque marking the location of the last hanging. For savvy shoppers, Multrees Walk is full of luxury brands and Jenners, an institution since 1938, which sits in a beautiful building full of Victorian grandeur, is a must.

Where to Stay:

Dundas Castle

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Dundas Castle Those looking to enjoy the romance of a Scottish castle could stay the night at Dundas Castle, the stately home of Sir Jack Stewart-Clark and his wife Lady Lydia which is just eight miles from Edinburgh city centre. The castle, built in 1818, is available for exclusive hire for a wide range of events from weddings, conferences and incentive groups through to launch events and private dinner parties. The Croquet Room, which can host sumptuous dinners for up to 60 guests, has spectacular views over the estate, while the Library has a welcoming log fire and silk wall coverings. The Sodexo Prestige team in Scotland offers an extensive choice of menus and wines at Dundas or they can create bespoke menus for your special occasion. Situated on a private loch in the heart of the Dundas Estate is the Boathouse, a luxurious four star cottage.This one bedroom self-catering cottage is the ideal location for a romantic getaway.Wake up to a luxury breakfast hamper and take time to observe the swans, herons, ducks and coots from the comfort of your veranda.

Where to Eat:

Glamis Castle

Perth Racecourse

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Founded in the 17th century as a physic garden, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is home to more than 10,000 plants and a world-famous centre for plant science and education. After taking a stroll in the garden, the restaurant in the award-winning John Hope Gateway Centre is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. The delightful surroundings, fine food and personable service will surely be one of the highlights of your visit to the garden. Sodexo Prestige Head Chef Ben Harrison works closely with the gardeners and incorporates a wide range of produce from the gardens in his menus throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy fresh chillies and lemongrass from the garden in their Thai broth, as well as fennel, cress, mustard, chard and rocket in their salads, not to mention

apples and pears in the home-made chutneys. The £15.7 million Gateway Centre has been a runaway success since opening in October 2009, and has been named Scotland’s Best Unusual Venue in the Scottish Event Awards and the Most Sustainable Building in Scotland in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in Scotland Awards.

Where to Visit:

Glamis Castle For a taste of history, a day trip out of Edinburgh into the Scottish Highlands to visit Glamis Castle in Angus is highly recommended. A royal residence since 1372, it was the childhood home of the late Queen Mother and the birthplace of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret. With its magnificent mile-long tree-lined avenue and magical turrets, Glamis is guaranteed to delight and inspire those that travel further afield. Visitors can relax in the atmospheric Restaurant set in the magnificent Victorian Kitchens, whose 19th century ovens, stoves and copper pans have been lovingly restored. The licensed self-service restaurant operated by Prestige, serves up delicious local Scottish produce, including lettuces and herbs grown on the estate. Visitors can enjoy freshly-brewed Fairtrade coffee or specialty teas served with Scottish pancakes and jam made from fruit grown at Glamis.The estate also includes a Victorian Tea Room where visitors can enjoy a delicious afternoon tea between 2.30 pm and 4.30pm.

Sporting Exploits:

Perth Racecourse in nearby Perthshire and Hamilton Park Racecourse in Lanarkshire are no more than an hour’s drive from the capital and ideal for racing enthusiasts. Visitors can combine all the excitement of the races with champagne and fine food served up by Sodexo Prestige.,


good taste



Three top Sodexo Prestige chefs explore their passion for food and share some of their best recipes to create a delicious summer dinner

Describe the moment you decided you wanted to be a chef. I have been involved in food from a young age as my parents owned two baker’s shops in Glasgow and it definitely started off my passion for food. When I left school at 16, I was determined to pursue a career in food and I started in a Sodexo youth training scheme.

Alan Tonks Alan Tonks puts his 20 years of experience at Sodexo Prestige to great use as Executive Chef for Corporate Services in Scotland

What is the highlight of your career so far? It is a difficult decision to choose just one highlight of my career, but working at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt certainly stands out and working on Sodexo Prestige’s Bateaux London with Anton Edelman was also a fantastic experience. Winning Chef of the Year for Sodexo, and, after 20 years with the company, being appointed Executive Chef for Scotland, were real personal highlights. What is the best thing about the role? The training and development that I am involved with and being able to coach and mentor our chefs to achieve great results. I was able to mentor Raymond Cavanagh, our chef at the Glasgow Courts of Justice, and it is rewarding to see him move through the ranks and win Sodexo Chef of the Year this year. What is your favourite comfort food? There is nothing like a traditional Scottish fry-up to start off the day.


This may not be quite the culinary combination you would expect from a chef, but there are certain food combinations that are just classics. How about the ultimate decadent meal? I’ve eaten many fabulous meals in restaurants across Scotland but the ultimate decadent meal has to be Jean George’s Steakhouse in the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. What is your favourite UK restaurant and/or chef? My favourite UK chef is one of Scotland’s greatest chefs, Willie Pike, MBE. We are very lucky at Sodexo Prestige to have Willie as a consultant, whose passion for food is an inspiration. What are the top three ingredients you like to cook with? Garlic, chillies and thyme. Your dream menu would be...? My starter would be a combination of Scottish fish and shellfish, marinated and lightly smoked royale of salmon with poached langoustines. Main course would consist of perfectly cooked Highland beef with seasonal vegetables and fondant potato. Dessert would be a Drambuie mousse with fresh raspberries and finished with amazing Scottish cheeses.

Goat’s Cheese Fondant Serve with grape, apple, caramelised walnut and rocket salad (Serves 4) Ingredients 90gs goat’s cheese 2 eggs 2 egg yolks 90gs double cream 40gs plain flour Salt and cayenne pepper Handful of finely grated parmesan Method 1. P  repare the dariole moulds by brushing with softened butter and dusting with a mix of parmesan and cayenne pepper. 2. W  arm and soften the goat’s cheese and whisk through the egg yolks, eggs and cream followed by the flour. 3. Season with salt and cayenne pepper. 4. P  our into prepared darioles and cook at 160°C for 5 minutes. 5. R  emove from the oven and allow to rest for 2 minutes.

good taste

Describe the moment you decided you wanted to be a chef. When I was 14 I started to work in a country village pub and I was in the pot wash section. One day the head chef called in sick and they needed someone to step in and so I offered and just loved it. I probably burnt most of the food but from that moment on I knew I wanted to be a chef. I cooked from 14 all the way until the 6th Form and I still love it as much as when I first started.

mark parfait As the Creative Food Director of Sodexo Prestige in London, Mark Parfait gets to share his lifelong love of food and work at the very highest levels of food innovation and service

What is the highlight of your career so far – which meal/menu/event stands out? For me it’s the international cooking competition that takes place each year called the La Parade des Chefs. I have been lucky enough to have won four gold medals in the team events, which is a huge achievement and I believe I am the only chef to have done this so far. What’s the best thing about your role? The freedom to come up with innovative ideas and striving to be the leader in the field on new products, design and food and making sure that Sodexo Prestige stands out in the market. What’s your favourite comfort food? Homemade quiche filled with wild mushroom and West Country bacon and made with free range or organic eggs. This is a dish we are looking to introduce into the business.


How about the ultimate decadent meal? I organised a VIP dinner for 20 guests last year and the client requested a seven-course menu that included British seafood. They ate around two fishing boats which had bespoke table tops. The dishes included scallops, langoustine, lobster and lumpfish. It really was the most fantastic meal. What is your favourite UK restaurant and/or chef? It would have to be Mishkin, which is an American Jewish restaurant. The reason I like it so much is that it offers the best salt beef sandwiches, which are out of this world. What are the top three ingredients you like to cook with? Free range pork; Gloucester old spot, or Tamworth breeds. Wild mushrooms (I love to forage and gather my own) and a good old live English crab! Your dream menu would be...? To start, a whole Cromer crab and fresh organic lemon. My dream main course is ribs of beef served with coleslaw. Dessert: mango sorbet, which is very simple, and it’s so refreshing. For the cheese, any from Paxton Whitfield, but if I had to choose it would be Timsbury goat’s cheese and I love this one particularly, as it’s from where I was born.

Sustainable Brixham fishcake (Serves 4) Ingredients 250g fish, (megrim, dab, salmon ) 2 large King Edward potatoes, skin on (approx 250g potato) 1 tsp lemon juice 20g spring onion (finely chopped) 1 egg yolk (beaten) 25g flat leaf parsley (finely chopped) Sea salt and pepper 100g dried breadcrumbs for coating Rapeseed oil for frying the fish cakes 1tbs olive oil Method 1. Wash the potatoes, prick with a fork and cover with a generous amount of sea salt. Place the potatoes onto a tray and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 50 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before scooping out the potato and roughly mashing with a fork. 2. Meanwhile season the fish and coat with a little olive oil, place the fish onto a tray and then into the pre heated oven for 12 minutes. Allow to cool before flaking the fish into a large bowl. 3. Combine the potato, fish, parsley, lemon juice and seasoning, mix together by hand and form 4 thick fishcake discs. 4. Coat in the egg yolk and dried breadcrumbs. 5. Heat some oil in a large frying pan and sautÊ for about 5 minutes, turning halfway through until golden on both sides.

good taste

GEMMA Amor Head Chef for Sodexo Prestige’s hospitality offering at Ascot Racecourse, Gemma is in charge of devising and delivering delicious food to thousands of racegoers


Describe the moment you decided you wanted to be a chef. From the age of 12 I knew I wanted to be a chef as I came from a big family. I was the eldest of seven, and all I wanted to do was cook, cook, cook! I often cooked at home with my mum. I loved it and really enjoyed trying out new dishes.

How about the ultimate decadent meal? My perfect meal would be fillet of beef with pan-fried foie gras.

What is the highlight of your career so far – what stands out? It would have to be Royal Ascot, as each year we create new and exciting menus and it’s an outstanding event with up to 50 menus being served each day. It’s amazing to be part of it.

What are the top three ingredients you like to cook with? Fillet of beef, foie gras and chocolate.

What’s the best thing about the role? Being a female head chef in charge of such a prestigious venue as Ascot Racecourse, which is also one of the biggest venues of Sodexo Prestige. What’s your favourite comfort food? Sounds a little strange but I love salt and vinegar crisps with chocolate buttons.

What is your favourite UK restaurant and/or chef? Pollen Street Social and Jason Atherton.

Your dream menu would be...? To start with I would serve pan-fried scallops with crab risotto, followed by fillet of beef Wellington served with Dauphinoise potatoes and baby vegetables, and to finish a chocolate and salt caramel ganache. If I still had room I would choose a Barkham blue cheese to complement my perfect menu!

WILD RASPBERRY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE DAIQUIRI (Serves 6) White Chocolate Panacotta 4 gelatine sheets/leaves 600ml (1 pint) double cream 150ml (5fl oz) milk 60g (2 oz) caster sugar 200g (7 oz) white chocolate, broken into pieces Soak the gelatine sheets in a plate of cold water until soft, then set aside until ready to use. Heat the cream, milk and caster sugar in a heavy-based saucepan over low heat to melt the sugar, stirring occasionally. When the cream starts to bubble up the sides of the saucepan, remove from the heat and stir in the chocolate until melted. Drain the excess water off the gelatine and add the gelatine to the cream mixture. Stir until dissolved. Set to one side until you are ready to build in the glass; this can be placed back on the heat if it starts to set. Raspberry Jelly 500g fresh raspberries blended and passed through a sieve 25g sugar 1 pint raspberry jelly made using half the water 2 shots of vodka (do not use too much as it may not set) method 1. To make the jelly add the sugar and vodka to the fresh raspberry purée then fold into the hot jelly mix. 2. Set to one side just to check it sets, as different makes of jelly can mean it doesn’t always set to the recipe. If it doesn’t set then just heat a little of the mixture and mix in a little more jelly powder or a couple more squares. 3. Set a little (about 1cm) of the raspberry jelly in the martini glass and chill. When set, place on top approximately 1cm of the panacotta. Do this twice more for both the jelly and panacotta. When this is complete you are ready to serve.



by numbers

Discover the figures that add up to make Sodexo Prestige what it is today

12 charities have benefited from Sodexo charity donations in the last year, in the UK.

Sodexo Prestige sources a wide range of sustainable fish species, 14 of which are MSC certified.

At The Open Championship, more than 50 chefs, 600 food service assistants and a team of 20 managers deliver top-quality food services for patrons, corporate hospitality, spectators, players and officials.

During Royal Ascot 2012, Sodexo Prestige served more than 22,500 guests in its fine dining restaurants. Over five days, the company used 3,300 punnets of strawberries, 52,500 English local asparagus spears and served more than 40,000 scones!

Sodexo Prestige feeds 166,000 Virgin Atlantic global customers in VIP lounges each year with a team of 100 catering staff. 28 • PRESTIGE • SUMMER 2012

Sodexo Prestige recycles 100% of glass used at its events.

100% of Sodexo Prestige UK fresh meat, poultry, fresh milk and cream is Red Tractor certified.

When the Scotland national team plays at Hampden, more than 21,000 pies are served to the Tartan Army.

It takes 25 recycled one-litre PET water bottles to make one EkoChef jacket.

Bateaux London’s fine dine fleet on the Thames travelled over 9,400 miles in 2011, serving more than 100,000 customers.

Herbs and vegetables such as chillies, lemongrass, sweet cicely, fennel, cress, rocket, apples and pears grown in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh are used at its on-site John Hope Gateway restaurant. 29


How did you become Sodexo’s Ambassador for Health & Wellbeing? What does the role entail? I joined Sodexo in 2010 to champion the benefits of health and wellbeing to our clients, consumers and staff. Because of my background in high performance sport and my passion for food, there seemed to be a natural fit with Sodexo and its values. My role is quite varied and I often travel the country and sometimes further afield. I visit our sites and reaffirm what a huge difference we can make by eating and drinking the right things, as well as promoting the positive results of daily exercise. Does health and nutrition have particular importance in this Olympic year? The Olympics are a tremendous platform for the nation to recognise what Great Britain has to offer in terms of facilities, national pride, food provenance and, hopefully, sporting success. Our Olympic athletes quite simply could not compete at the highest level without a dedication to looking after their bodies 24/7.


Second Interview

Matt Dawson

Can you tell us more about some of your career highlights, and how they have helped shape your view of lifestyle choices and personal health? I was fortunate enough to be a part of the England Rugby team, which had an extremely professional, all-round approach to the game. During the 2003 World Cup we even took our own chef away with us who would talk to the fitness trainers every day. There’s no question that my disciplined rugby diet continues to help me and my family to live a healthier life. I guess after winning Masterchef I have the skills to use our fantastic British produce too. I now thoroughly look forward to meal times so that I can test new recipes and ingredients. My wife doesn’t stand a chance of getting near the hob! How has your diet changed through your career activities of sportsman, presenter and dancer? Which diet do you prefer? Actually my diet hasn’t changed too much over the years. I try not to eat unnecessary fats, I watch my salt intake, and I drink lots of water. I know this may seem fairly basic but it’s vital to find a diet that works for you otherwise you will never stick to it. It is an old cliché but you are what you eat. There is a slight caveat and that is balance. Sometimes I love a treat, (don’t we all?) but in moderation. Don’t tell anyone but my big weakness is Stilton cheese! What is your favourite recipe and why? My favourite recipe does depend on what season it is right now I love Thai green chicken curry. Not sure why, maybe because when you make your own paste the aromas tickle your taste buds. Have you got tickets to the Olympics and what are you looking forward to seeing? I am lucky enough to have a ticket for the Opening Ceremony but the rest of the time I will be working for either Sodexo or the BBC covering the cycling. Lucky, lucky me. It’s going to be off the scale - I can’t wait!



a weekend for two in


To celebrate our love of great food, Sodexo Prestige has provided you with the opportunity to win a food lovers’ weekend for two in Edinburgh. The free prize draw includes a two night stay in the Boathouse at Dundas Castle.You and your guest will also be our guests at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh for an afternoon tea of finger cut sandwiches and freshly baked scones filled with clotted cream and raspberry jam, plus a selection of the chef’s cakes and bakes, including home-made shortbread, all washed down with a choice of freshly brewed tea or coffee and a glass or two of champagne. Please email your name and telephone number to stating EDINBURGH WEEKEND in the subject heading. Terms & conditions Entries must be received by 5pm on Thursday 30 August 2012 and the winner will be drawn at random on Friday 31 August 2012. The winner will be notified using the contact details provided. Subject to availability at the time of booking. The prize is subject to availability at the time of request and is valid until 30th November 2012. Travel costs are not included. Sodexo Prestige, One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA

Published for Sodexo Prestige by:

One Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HA 020 3116 4361,

7 Heron Quay, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4JB 020 7987 4320,

Don’t be left in the rough, enjoy official hospitality at The Open Experience exclusive and award-winning hospitality in the luxurious surroundings of the only on-course official Hospitality Village for 2013. A unique blend of fine dining and Championship golf. THE OPEN MUIRFIELD 17 - 21 July 2013 To win two hospitality packages for The Open at Muirfield, please email and quote “PRESTIGE”. To book, call +44 (0)844 371 0883 or visit

The Open. It’s close.

Sodexo Prestige  

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