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Change with the Times

History in the Making

Hannah Lemon meets Lucia van der Post to discuss the evolution of luxury from oranges to Hermès

As part of the brand’s 175th birthday celebrations, the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London arrives in Chelsea



Shall We Dance?

Speed King

Life coach and inspiration Samiya Noordeen talks about the power of a good shimmy at her retreat in Ibiza

With awesome performance, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed is an iron fist inside a velvet glove, says Matthew Carter



Mum’s the Word

A Room with A View

Ella Harris meets the mother and daughter team behind the cheery textiles label Torna Lucia from India

Hannah Lemon admires the epic alpine forest scenery and cobalt waters of Lake Lucerne from her hotel room window

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On the Cover... Our arts and news pages are filled to the brim once again with things to do and see, but if you are still yet to explore the Heist gallery we recommend that you move that to number one on your to-do list. The online gallery offers a striking array of fine art photography and you can even book for a private view at its Notting Hill headquarters. The stand-out artist for us, however, is the Polish-German image maker Madame Peripetie who creates striking surreal portraits; be prepared to be amazed.

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From the EDITOR If you’d been born in the 15th century, oranges would have been considered quite the luxury and the rich would have been identifiable by their rotten teeth; sugar was the exciting new import of the time. Hannah Lemon meets local resident Lucia van der Post to find out more about the evolution of luxury and the fact that “the interest and appetite for truly expensive and very, very fine things has grown enormously. [For me], luxury is new experiences” (p. 16). In that vein, take a leaf out of life coach Samiya Noordeen’s book and try something new. She lives in Holland Park but Samiya also runs Santhosh Retreats in sun-soaked Ibiza with the aim of helping women battling issues of self-esteem and weight fluctuation (p. 26). Local mother and daughter team Lucy and Torna – of ethical fashion brand Torna Lucia – also divide their time between London (Portobello Road and Lansdowne Crescent, respectively) and Ibiza, with India thrown into the mix for good measure; their label’s textiles are all handmade there and as such take a long time to manufacture (p. 42). Hannah Lemon, for now, remains close to home and rests her weary head at The Portobello Hotel (p. 32), digging through the facts (or fiction) of its infamous past and looking forward to what the future holds. Founded in 1971, it has long been a haven for punks and rockers: Marc Bolan and Jimi Hendrix lived around the corner; Sid Vicious and Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry, worked near Portobello Market; and more recent guests include Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Tina Turner and Alice Cooper. Well, if it’s good enough for Kate… If you feel like making your own home a bit more rock ‘n’ roll, head to Heist Gallery. Our favourite image is Flowerhead, from a collection that focuses on varying ideas of utopia. It was taken by Madame Peripetie; the Polish-German image maker creates striking portraits that explore the surreal relationship between the human body and the world around us. Quite the statement.


Annabel Harrison

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@Harrods #HarrodsFlowersямВowers

Photography: David O’Driscoll,


The Evolution of


From the orange of a satsuma to the orange of an Hermès Birkin, the idea of what is deemed an extravagance has changed beyond recognition. Hannah Lemon meets the undisputed grand dame of luxury, Lucia van der Post, to find out more

hen I had to make the customary daily phone call to my mother from boarding school, she always asked to know what I had had to eat that day. I don’t know if it was to find out whether I had actually been fed or because she wanted to make sure that the expensive school fees were being put to good use, but I would dutifully reply regardless. On one occasion, I explained that there was Parma ham and smoked salmon at the sixth form lunch buffet; I think she nearly dropped the phone. “What a luxury! In my day we used to get excited if we got a piece of fruit!” At the time, I thought her a bit ridiculous. Parma ham was hardly a luxury; it was available from Tesco for less than a fiver. And fruit? That was sold by the bucketload. But luxury, I soon learnt, is a very fluid concept. From the 15th century to the present day, the definition of ‘luxury’ has changed shape according to availability, class and cost. Goods and imports from foreign countries, at a time when freight planes weren’t even an atom of thought, were something only the rich could afford. During the 1400s–1500s, for example, oranges and lemons from Southern Europe were deemed a lavish indulgence, as well as sugar, which was imported from the territories in the West and East Indies. This meant that the richer you were, the more rotten your teeth. And with the continuing growth of the British Empire came luxuries like ivory, pearls and even tea. Additionally, research and new inventions frequently change the face of luxury, whether that’s with the

production of spectacles in the 16th century, automobiles in the early 20th century, or iPads in the 21st. No one is more familiar with this evolution than Lucia van der Post, who has kept a watchful eye on the luxury market ever since she started writing her column How to Spend It for the Financial Times. Her article moved from newspaper to glossy in 1994, advising the highly discerning customer how to spend their millions, not just in business but leisure as well. “The interest and appetite for truly expensive and very, very fine things has grown enormously,” Lucia tells me in her house off Kensington High Street. “You have only to look at the growth of wealth

Sugar used to be an indulgence, meaning that the richer you were the more rotten your teeth and the huge numbers of really very wealthy people. When I first started writing in the late 70s, we were in quite a depressed state.” Lucia explains that once the Iron Curtain was lifted, individuals from countries such as Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Russia and China began to travel and enjoy luxury goods, changing the face of the market. Moving from periods of austerity to sudden wealth meant that the extremely wealthy from these countries jumped at the chance to indulge. “I think that’s really what happened in Russia. They couldn’t believe it after all those years,” muses Lucia. “If you ever went behind the Iron Curtain – which I did once or twice – there


was nothing to buy in the shops; they were grey, dreary places. Suddenly, to have these goodies available to them – I think they were kind of like children in sweetie shops, which I understand. I think it’s totally natural.” Statistics support Lucia’s understanding of the market. Although the luxury goods market falls in line with economic stability and thus shares the downturn of 2003 and 2008, the overall pattern has been of astounding growth. Companies such as Richemont, Kering and LVMH have benefited from impressive increases in income, with the latter reaching a value of $62.5 million in 2013, according to Statista research. “People are rich beyond any notion we had in the early 70s and 80s,” comments Lucia. “There were a few very, very rich people but not on the scale it is now. The market is much bigger. The appetite for beautiful things is not only there, but money is there.” I ask if this attraction and, essentially, the flaunting of wealth has meant that the market has cultivated ostentatious products, but Lucia replies that there will always be clients with differing taste. “I think the British

have an unremitting sense of understatement and reserve about such things. Particularly the aristocratic classes who never really bothered much about how they dressed. You don’t see them prancing around in Prada!” With such substantial growth, companies often find it difficult to sustain an exclusivity. As Lucia puts it: “Women with wealth don’t want to buy bags that their secretaries would recognise.” So how does the market adapt? Many luxury brands offer exclusive personal shopping to entice the super wealthy. Limited-edition collections offer a unique selection for those not wanting to be seen in ‘affordable’ designer gear. Asprey, for example, launched 12 one-of-a-kind crocodile handbags; each bag was handmade with either 18 carat rose, silver or yellow gold fitting and inlaid with rare, precious stones such as tanzanite, sapphire, garnet, cognac and pink and yellow diamonds. Watch this space for their next collection ready to launch in a few months. Similarly, Louis Vuitton’s top clients get invited to the room above the New Bond Street store for an exclusive shopping experience or they can dock their private yacht next to its Singapore Island Maison for additional privacy. With this refinement of products, shopping and experiences, I ask how Lucia, the grand dame of luxury, would define the term. “Luxury is very hard to define in



Luxury ivory ornaments became common possessions in palaces from Italy to England during this era. Henry VIII’s inventory of the crown’s possessions included ivory pipes and flutes and also several pairs of spectacles, one of which was ‘garnished with gold’.


Oranges, lemons and sugar were on the list of expensive imported ingredients used for medical remedies and general indulgence. The next century saw sugar’s popularity rise considerably, with Queen Elizabeth I even brushing her teeth with the stuff.

With the success of the East India companies and the prohibited import of finished Asian textiles, tea became the primary Chinese import. Tea leaves were such a luxury that people kept them locked up in tea chests.


Thomas Coryat, an English traveller, is credited with introducing forks from Italy. Only very wealthy households would provide cutlery for guests; it was more common for people to carry their own set.


one sentence, isn’t it? I think it’s where you’re coming from; where you’re placed. For some people, a house in Kensington would be thought a great luxury. Whereas, for me, it’s just where I live. I don’t mean to say I don’t think I’m not very lucky, I do, but... I mean this isn’t a palace! It’s a family house. I think it’s rather sad that nowadays a normal family house is beyond the reaches of most people and is considered a luxury.” After pushing further for her definition of the word, I am surprised by the simplicity of the answer: “Luxury is new experiences.” And for Lucia this involves going to an amazing opera or exhibition. “The Rembrandt exhibition just blew me away,” Lucia remarks, adding that one of her friends, a banker, went five times. I ask Lucia if she is interested in the recent developments of technology and fashion, there is the smart watch craze and with the recent Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A, we’ve seen holograms of Kate Moss and dresses spray-painted by robots. “I’m probably a bit old for that but I do find things like email absolutely amazing,” replies Lucia. “I come from South Africa – it makes it so easy to keep in touch with my friends over there. But I’m a very low level user of these things.” I laugh, recalling her emails to me in planning for this interview. Short, monosyllabic answers were all I got but, in justification, all I really needed. As a result I felt slightly nervous that Lucia would be a short-tempered lady with remarks like “In my day...” or “You’re too young to remember but....” However, as soon as I arrived she put me at ease and left me to my own devices while she

dashed upstairs and conferred with her husband Neil Crichton-Miller as to the best place for us to sit. Even her style is unexpected; she may be wearing a conservative grey dress and pearl necklace but her feet are adorned with a pair of maroon Robert Clergerie suede and leather Oxford platforms (a small luxury of hers perhaps). Just as the interview draws to a close we fall into conversation about her role as a supporter of The Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT), but she gives most praise to her friend Gilly Fitzhugh MBE, who is a keen fundraiser. “Every year they have a wonderful opera in Holland Park and every year we bring friends along to support it,” explains Lucia. “This year they are having a concert. I haven’t yet

“Luxury is new experiences. The Rembrandt exhibition just blew me away” started but I shall try and get some friends to buy tickets soon.” The charity supports disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the area, helping them get the support they need to lead fulfilling lives free from crime and deprivation. RPT works with over 1,200 children a week, most of whom come from Kensington – the land of luxury. All this talk of crocodile handbags and private yachts makes me realise that we mustn’t overlook the fact that, for some, there are far more deserving things, such as education and wellbeing, on the list of ultimate luxuries. The Rugby Portobello Trust runs events throughout the year. For more information, visit:


In 1903, Ernst Pfennig, a Chicago dentist, became the first person to own a car made by the Ford Motor Company. By 1913, Henry Ford had built a factory in the UK that went on to sell 7310 cars that year.


Demand for natural pearls reached unprecedented heights during the 19th century; the aristocracy sported them in all manner of styles, from broaches and chokers to ropes. Queen Victoria even requested black pearls after the death of her husband Albert.


Asprey, like many luxury brands, offers clients the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind designs. Its 2014 private collection included this 167 Mini in White Grape, which was one of 12 bejewelled crocodile handbags.


not just a hotel,

a way of life











Making a


Summer is coming and it’s time to assemble your beach wardrobe. Hannah Lemon looks at the finer details of manufacturing to make sure we get the most out of our bikinis

Karla Colletto Draped Fringe; Photography by: Dean Alexander


Vitamin A Cannes Rashguard, £105

nless you are an Olympic swimmer, I doubt that you have spent much time thinking about the material of your swimsuit. The rules and regulations of the professional sport are constantly advancing and changing so as to give people some, but not too much, streamline form. Speedo once led the way with innovative technology to make costumes as efficient as possible. With the help of NASA, the company designed its full-body Fastskin LZR Racer, which mimicked the efficiency of shark skin and reportedly took 20 minutes to squeeze into. Some competitors protested that it would give those that could afford the gear an unfair advantage; Speedo claimed it increased swimming speed by three to seven per cent. Whether you believe the rumours or not, 40 world records were broken by people wearing the suits in 2008. So in 2010, all non-textile suits were banned. But with the loss of investment in new technologies are we missing the benefits of new manufacturing techniques? Is it possible that these can benefit the average person on the beach in a bikini? Marie Su, founder of bespoke swimwear boutique Sumarie, thinks so. “There are many brands that experiment with technology in ready-to-wear and sportswear but really not so many in swimwear,” she says. “Probably because this has been viewed as glamorous leisure wear, however, I believe that a beautiful swimsuit should always be functional.” She uses her boutique and workshop under the Westway as a laboratory for experimentation. Starting with in-depth research, followed by a few

trial-and-error samples with materials sourced from Italy and France, she turns ideas into fullyformed designs. She then sends these off to the manufacturers to make it a reality. The Sumarie collections offer classicallytailored costumes to suit the customer and include stylish bikinis as well as more sophisticated seaside evening outfits, each with materials and techniques used to heighten the consumer’s comfort and the material’s durability. “To create something truly innovative, I wanted to use texture and that was what really inspired me to develop 3D-cubed Lycra that is now a best seller,” she explains. “The technique is fairly complicated. To simplify: imagine a waffle maker. There are two layers of textile and a spongy middle part that creates the height; the waffle machine presses it together to make one piece of material with an interesting shape.”

Vitamin A Eco Luxe Swimsuit, £175


Karla Colletto Swim At Your Own Risk; Photography by: Dean Alexander

Mara Hoffman Horizon Surf Suit, £258; Photography by: Olivia Malone

This adds a unique texture to waistbands and embellishments, adding extra support as well as being at the forefront of design. Not only are new technologies benefitting consumers, they are also profiting the environment, as Vitamin A has proven. Founder of the luxury swimwear label Amahlia Stevens says, “Early in my career I worked closely with Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia [the ethical outdoor clothing company] and a pioneer in the green movement. The work he did with textiles in the outdoor market inspired me to investigate how similar technologies could be applied to swimwear.” The result is the EcoLux™ bikini, which is made from a superfine matte jersey swim fabric that combines sustainability with cutting-edge technology, resulting in a fabric that erases flaws and fits like a second skin. “We blend recycled nylon fibre with Lyrca Xtra Life® fibre, for superior stretch and resilience against chlorine and oxidation. The recycled fibre in EcoLux keeps nylon waste out of landfills and conserves natural resources, while Lyrca Xtra Life fibre extends the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of traditional Spandex products. EcoLux fabric is designed and produced locally in California, exclusively for Vitamin A. This cuts down on the waste caused by transportation of raw materials since it’s made locally.” The designs are classic and simple, aiming to last and last “because timeless style and quality are part of sustainability, too”. The pieces have rapidly gained a celebrity following from the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum.

Sumarie Chrysler Swimsuit, £329

Mara Hoffman Horizon Wrap Bikini, £232

Opposite page, from left / Sumarie Chrysler Swimsuit, £329; Sumarie Empire Swimsuit £249; Mara Hoffman Jacquard Bikini, £211,, Photography by: Olivia Malone; Vitamin A Rothko White Bikini, £189, Karla Colletto Strappy Photography by: Dean Alexander


FEATURE Mara Hoffman Macrame Stone Bikini, £215 Braid Back Swimsuit, £209 Photography by: Olivia Malone

Mara Hoffman Macrame Cami Bikini, £248

Kara Colletto has a similar psychology regarding her eponymous brand. “I enjoy working with Eurojersey Sensitive® microfibre. The technical properties of this fabric offer chlorine resistance, UV protection, extra comfort, and quick-drying fibres all while being committed to eco-sustainability and the environment. It’s super versatile, drapes beautifully and offers great wearability and shape. Each garment is engineered with unique patterns and construction techniques.” Experimenting with material is vital to the creation of figure-flattering bikinis. “I push the boundaries when experimenting with fabric. I pull, stretch, drape and slice fabrics to discover unique textures and patterns. Combining fabrics and components in an out-of-the-box way creates the unique garments found in my collections.” These include bonded microfibre, laser-cut details, and

MORE INFORMATION Sumarie, Unit 12, Portobello Green Arcade, 281 Portobello Road, W10 5TZ Karla Colletto is available at Heidi Klein, 174 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RW;

From design to conceptualisation, the focus is on making women feel great NoSo® technologies, which use heat welding and bonding techniques to create invisible seams. This doesn’t mean that the designs have to be boring though, the innovative materials are mixed with a plethora of arty inspiration such as modernist paintings, old movies, classic architecture and the elements of nature. A bright and beautiful aesthetic is very much a part of Mara Hoffman’s manufacturing process as well. When she started in the early 2000s, Mara’s line consisted of one-of-a-kind pieces that she hand-dyed and batiked in her own apartment. Her latest collection of neon Aztec patterns combined with attractive lattice work makes it seem as though the sun has come out even before you have reached the beach. “We are always experimenting with new silhouettes, embellishment techniques, and fabrications. Each season, we try to bring something new to the table.” From design to conceptualisation, the focus is on making women feel great and extensive thought and attention goes into this. “All of our beading and some of our embroidery work is crafted by hand so you know you’re wearing something really special,” says Hoffman. The future of swimwear and innovative technology looks to be in safe hands and set for an interesting journey. Marie Su even has plans to experiment and develop swimwear that doesn’t leave tanning marks. Maybe they’ll allow that for self-conscious swimmers at the next Olympics.

Vitamin A and Mara Hoffman are both available at Beach Cafe, 123 Ledbury Road, W11 2AQ

Vitamin A Neutra Bikini, £179

Karla Colletto Hologram Photography by: Dean Alexander


Shall We Dance? Forget looking good this summer. Try feeling good. Hannah Lemon talks to life coach and inspiration Samiya Noordeen about the power of a good shimmy

are I ask if you are beach body ready? I thought not. The controversy surrounding Protein World’s skinny, bronzed, bikini-clad and, no doubt, airbrushed model has had every Londoner in uproar. Defaced posters on the tube have retaliated with ‘Everybody’s ready’ and ‘Stop encouraging women to starve themselves’. While I couldn’t agree more that we need to embrace a mentality of being comfortable in our own skin, it is often not just the advertising culture that upholds unrealistic paradigms, but other women. Miranda Kerr and her posse of Victoria’s Secret Angels, socialites like Millie Mackintosh and actressturned-health guru Gwyneth Paltrow often post pictures of themselves in yoga poses and sampling meals of lettuce leaves, which are then shared by the masses as images to aim for. One could argue that these depictions of healthy living are more of a marketing ploy for designer gear and sunny retreats; there are far too many conveniently placed hashtags not to warrant this opinion on occasion. But whether this is the case or not, the main question to ask is: do these fitness programmes and diets nurture a healthy mind as well as healthy body? Samiya

Noordeen believes not and her honesty on the matter is refreshing. She runs the Santhosh Retreats in Ibiza to help women battle issues of self-esteem and weight fluctuation, problems that she is all too familiar with. After working as a barrister in London for seven years and then for the family jewellery business Sifani for five years after that, she decided to have children. Following several painful miscarriages, she fell pregnant with her first child, a baby boy, and despite her previous

Do fitness programmes and diets nurture a healthy mind as well as a healthy body? struggle, “just like buses”, she had two more. “After my third child, I had hit 82 kilograms [12 stone 13 pounds],” she tells me. “I had polycystic ovary syndrome, which means you put on weight easily, and I wasn’t doing any exercise. I felt really, really old.” Around this time she had organised a trek up to the top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, where she is from, but was struggling to get to the summit with the rest of the group. “I had this 16-year-old guide with me and I was at the end. I realised I was



failing; I was in tears. I was thinking: I used to be an athlete, I used to run and now I’m a blob!” She smiles. Her strength of character prevailed and she turned the upsetting experience into something positive. “The guide just wouldn’t give up on me. He encouraged me all the way. He said, ‘If I have to carry you I will’. I was thinking that poor guy’s going to have major spinal problems if he carries me! But we did it! I actually did it,” she says, laughing. “On my way back down, I thought I’ve got to do something.” And so she did. Samiya started a search for dance instructors near her home in Holland Park (“Dancing because I don’t like gyms”) to motivate her to lose weight and enhance her life. She started attending classes with five friends “because I didn’t have the confidence to do it alone” and within four months she had a following of 200 women. “People saw me beginning to lose weight, but more than that, I was just on a high. I had finally shifted who I was.” She now runs popular weekly classes in the Tabernacle on Tuesday (Latin dancing), Thursday (salsa) and Friday (Bollywood dancing). Samiya is eager to stress that dancing is the key. Dance is not just about exercise, although it obviously has the same benefits, it’s about an attitude. Samiya finds that women are often sculpted by a mould of what a community deems acceptable. “After you drop

your child off at school in the morning, you go and have a coffee and talk about what school your child is going to next and how that mother has managed to get her son into Westminster and how you have failed miserably! I used to sit there thinking this is not me.” Through dance she encourages women to lose these inhibitions and stop worrying about what other people think. It obviously works. Samiyah is glowing. Wrapped in a tight blue dress that accentuates her feminine figure, she looks healthy. Her sleek, thick, shiny hair frames a mouth that never stops smiling; it’s infectious. Which is obviously why the Santhosh Retreats in her Ibiza home of 15 years, Casa de Vista, have done so well. A group of (a maximum) 12 women are invited to the villa for four nights and five days of fitness and wellbeing. The building overlooks 33 acres of pine forest with breathtaking views of the mountains behind and is a short walk to the beach below. It’s so picturesque that people also


request it for weddings and private parties. During the stay, the women enjoy a light breakfast, yoga in the morning, lunch, followed by a range of activities including workouts, dancing, hikes, relaxing massages, or even just a chat with Samiya, who is a trained life coach. The place offers plenty of space for all of this as well as enclaves of privacy; Samiya admits she has taken herself to a quiet corner for a cry should she need it. But that is the appeal of the place, a sort of therapy for mind, body and soul – a change to so many resorts that are often solely aimed at getting that ‘beach body’. This retreat is for women in the real world with real problems. “I have clients who come because they have lost a child, are overcoming breast cancer, have been through a divorce, or have had a baby and feel like they can’t cope and need to get away.” If you think I’m painting a slightly morose picture of therapy sessions with evenings spent holding hands in a circle and crying, you are mistaken. Samiya ensures that there is plenty of fun as well as healing. “I don’t think we should actually be called a retreat,” she muses. “At Santhosh, women retreat from the sameness and the

“It’s clean but great fun. You laugh and you cry; it’s life in five days” boring life. It’s more about fun – to bring back the child in you. Kick starting what a lot of women, I think, feel they have lost.” Women can enjoy a mojito in the afternoon and an evening meal with wine, always put on in a surprise location. Guests are encouraged to dress up glamorously for supper, which is carb-free but substantial (not just green juices here, I notice with glee). By the end of their stay, women feel refreshed, relaxed and their worries a little lighter; Santhosh, I’m told, is Sanskrit for happiness. “You go back with no guilt and no toxins. It’s clean but great fun. You laugh and you cry; it’s life in five days.” Samiya tries to tailor the packages as much as possible and sends out questionnaires to her guests before their arrival to determine what they want from the trip and their dancing ability. I for one, am pleased to hear this. I severely lack any rhythm, with my moves often verging on ‘dad dancing’, and was concerned that this might be a Strictly Come Dancing contest; but Samiyah, perhaps on seeing my expression, assures me that dancing talent is not necessary, only the enthusiasm to get stuck in. “Everybody can dance. Everyone can move,” she assures me. “The moment you are born you are shuffling your bum. The moment you stop worrying about what people say and think about you, and move,



you can move everybody else. You are willing to be a better person.” Teachers are selected to ensure that guests reap the benefits of this philosophy. “If there is a teacher who is technically brilliant, has won every competition under the sun, but is miserable, there is no way he or she is going to step onto one of our retreats,” laughs Samiya. It’s comforting to know that the women who come back from the retreat can maintain this change in attitude through classes at the Tabernacle, in an area of London that Samiya finds nurtures equal happiness. “It’s like you are in a big city but you can retreat to the country if you can. You get peacocks in the garden! It’s multicultural. I love the Englishness but all the other

“All that matters is that people smile again with their heart, not just their face” parts that have come in. I mean, Portobello Market, how cool is that! You also have a bit of celebrity going on; you see Beckham at the bar and Cameron on his bicycle. I think it’s wonderful.” But that’s the joy of such a diverse area, Samiya tells me. Some people come to her classes poshly dressed in Sweaty Betty and others arrive in their husband’s old jogging trousers; all that matters is that they “smile again with their heart, not just their face.” Now that’s what I call beach body ready.


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Bathing in

History Hannah Lemon revisits The Portobello Hotel’s infamous past and looks at what the future holds for this once rock ‘n’ roll haven It’s 1998. Helena Lena is doing a marvellous job, which, incidentally, is maid at The Portobello Hotel. She’s just finished cleaning room 16 where a lovely, exceptionally good-looking, if not slightly extravagant, couple are staying. Most importantly, she has left the bath spotless, which for some reason, unknown to her at the time, had been left full to the brim with dirty bath water. After finishing her usual shift, she is summoned by the manager Hanna Turner to be told that she has, in fact, just pulled the plug (quite literally) on a bath of 36 bottles of Mumm Champagne that Johnny Depp had prepared for his girlfriend Kate Moss. And so it was that the rock ‘n’ roll history of The Portobello Hotel was firmly cemented. The champagne bath was actually a £750 service (a fair sum back then) that the hotel provided and the scene has since been vehemently denied by the couple on several occasions. However, it wasn’t just this A-list pair that made the pages of the hotel’s history book of indulgence. The hotel was founded in 1971 by Tim and Cathy Herring, designed by Julie Hodgess and run by managing partner Johnny Ekperigin. It started life in a haven for punks and rockers; Marc Bolan and Jimi Hendrix lived around the corner; Sid Vicious and Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry, worked near Portobello Market. All convened, according to the hotel information pack, at the bar discussing music, fashion and art, whilst being served by Damon Albarn, who worked there in 1988. This crowd set the scene for a series of riotous (and rumoured) events in the 21 bedrooms of the boutique hotel. Tina Turner loved the hotel so much in the 1980s

that she bought a house next door. Alice Cooper stayed in room 16 with his pet boa constrictor, which wiled away its days in the same bath that had caused such controversy with Moss. Tim Burton, a guest in the same room, leapt from the bed to the bath so many times that he flooded the sitting room below. Other guests included the Rolling Stones, Patti Smith and U2, but the stories soon fade to a halt. Other more glamorous establishments popped up on the London scene that could provide space for large

Alice Cooper stayed with his pet boa constrictor and Tim Burton flooded the sitting room entourages, in-house dining and a plethora of activities where boutique hotels simply didn’t have the capacity. Is The Portobello Hotel still living off this legendary past? Are clients of equal stature still booking rooms or has the boutique hotel had its day? According to the hotel staff, the latest celebrity presence was hardly rock’n’roll; Harrison Ford apparently stopped by to check the place out but mumbled something about it being too fancy. Other than that it seems mainly to be the preference of business men and couples on romantic getaways. One face, however, which pops up in most places these days, belonging to Cara Delevingne, was spotted in none other than room 16. It must be a sign of the times though that she wasn’t there to reek havoc but put in some hard graft for a 2014 Topshop campaign. This list of the rich and




famous is a great deal shorter than that of the 80s and 90s, but the charm of the hotel has not been lost and is set to stay that way under new ownership. The establishment has been taken over by Peter and Jessica Frankopan (the Sainsbury heiress), who also have the Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds, L’Hotel on the Left Bank in Paris and Canal House in Amsterdam in their A Curious Group of Hotels portfolio. The couple hardly gives off the aura of rock star, with their concern for the environment and natural and ethical bath products Green & Spring, which are now placed in every bathroom in the hotel. But maybe this will give the place a new lease of life for the next generation. The Frankopans have already detailed that they want to retain its quirky nature but also heighten its luxury reputation. On staying at The Portobello Hotel, one must be prepared for English eccentricity; there are no blank walls with statement artwork, nor is there a luxurious spa in which to relax. The experience is designed as a ‘home from home’; by design the two knocked-through neo-classical townhouses wouldn’t cater for anything else. The tight mesh of thin corridors, vintage furniture,

The decor embodies the charm of Notting Hill that many other places are set to lose Victorian baths and gold doors offer a unique experience that is the very essence of Notting Hill. The mish mash of antiques and the floral tea set on which breakfast is served almost seem as though they have been garnered from the esteemed Portobello Market itself. The Frankopans have earmarked which items from the eclectic interior will stay during their upcoming renovation process over the next few months, although some of the artwork is to make way for lighter, cheerier subjects. Room 16 is much the same as it was but for a few tweaks here and there – a lick of paint, a new carpet and the rearrangement of furniture – which refreshes the room without ruining the attraction of its history. The same Victorian bath with impressive copper pipes that offer a full body spray stands in the same place adjacent to the yellow mural on two of the walls. The centerpiece of the room, however, is the bed which is draped with a canopy of material as decoration. Room 13 has had a similar rejuvenation. Small touches like an espresso machine, freshly-cut flowers in a vase and chocolates from local boutique Alexeeva & Jones add a distinguished personal feel. The grand four-poster bed taken from Hampton Court Palace can’t be ignored either; it’s rumoured that Henry VIII slept in it

and it comes with a small set of wooden steps to help you reach the mattress. Other ‘Exceptional Rooms’ on the ground floor include their own private patios; you can also book Good, Better and Great rooms, ranging from £195 to £395 per night. Retouched murals by Julie Hodgess remain intact, as does the funky design in one room, which is decked out with marble-stained mirrors. However, rooms with a view of Stanley Gardens are recommended even if it is strictly out of bounds; typically of Notting Hill, a stoic local residents’ association has ensured that no one has access to the garden other than the private houses paying for the pleasure. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Snacks, breakfast in bed and a generous selection of bubbles and spirits are available from the small bar downstairs, which operates under a help-yourself policy. And for those looking for the conveniences of larger hotels, such as massages and spa therapies, Beauty Works West offers a special guest rate or you can order a professional to the room via reception. Wi-Fi is free and so are, interestingly, all outgoing calls; although I’m sure the hotel doesn’t want to promote the fact that guests can enjoy free hour-long conversations with relatives in Australia. The Portobello Hotel may be small but it provides a bucket load more charm that some of London’s finest luxury retreats. The mismatched furniture, vintage murals and antique china embody the charm of Notting Hill that many other places are set to lose. Next time you have guests in the area who are looking for somewhere to stay, why not mention a visit? You’ll be hard pushed to resist the temptation to stay there yourself, even if it’s guaranteed that you won’t be sharing a champagne bubble bath with Johnny Depp. The Portobello Hotel, 22 Stanley Gardens, W11 2NG




P l e a s e

LR_RunWildMedia_UK_235x333.indd 2


d r i n k


L ’ Œ U V R E

r e s P o n s i b l y

29/01/2015 14:38


Get the Picture Last year local Julie Michaelsen made the giant leap from working at a hedge fund to photographing weddings and there are already a long list of couples who are thankful she did. As well as portraiture and lifestyle photography, Julie captures the emotion and jubilance of luxury weddings. The excitement between husband and wife is magically captured and distilled through crystal clear images, whether they’re pulling faces while signing the register or kissing under confetti. Guests are just as important too, with fussing mothers and giggling bridesmaids caught expertly by the lens. Julie also offers gift certificates, which act as perfect presents for friends and family who want to document these life-defining celebrations.


Illustration: Mai Osawa

Acceptable in the 80s

notting hill

& holland park

Photography: Linda Nylind The Guardian

Who didn’t fall in love with Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza? Or fancy joining in the volley ball match in Top Gun? Or actually want to get stuck in school so they could join The Breakfast Club gang? Hadley Freeman relives all these cult classics in her book Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies. Lutyens & Rubenstein have given Freeman free reign to showcase her extensive movie knowledge in an event this month that shows us what popular culture today is missing out on. This is set to be more than just a trip down memory lane. 2 June, 7pm, tickets cost £10 Lutyens & Rubinstein Bookshop, 21 Kensington Park Road, W11 2EU;

What a Wonderful World “To me, it is the people you meet that make this such a wonderful world.” These words from local photographer Tony Annis accompany a selection of pictures taken from his travels around the globe. Through Annis’ latest exhibition, The World About Us at the 20th Century Theatre this month, you can delve into the Middle East and see Arabs riding through the desert on camels or perch on the end of a creaky wooden pier with a local in Brazil. Annis provides an intimate insight into different customs and brings unique lifestyles and visual delights from across the globe to our doorstep. The World About Us, 3–7 June 20th Century Theatre, 291 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA;

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Aston Martin picnic hamper; available at or Harrods. £2,950

Picnic in the Park The first day of summer lands on 21 June this year and we hope the sun will follow suit. Although you can never be too complacent with the weather for fear of a downpour of rain any second, you can try and make the most of a sunny spell with a trip to Holland Park. We probably need not remind you that there are a plethora of things to do, but just in case you are stuck for ideas there’s the Koyoto Garden, tennis, football, golf practice nets, netball and of course the Ecology Centre. For any time in between, we recommend a pit stop on the 22.5 hectares of gardens with a picnic for National Picnic Week; try the Aston Martin hamper for a little outdoor luxury. 13–21 June, National Picnic Week

Dream Sequence

Midsummer Music The Rugby Portobello Trust is holding an evening of Midsummer Music featuring Melvyn Tan, the charismatic international concert pianist. Tan will be joined by two outstanding young opera stars, lyric soprano Nadine Benjamin and tenor Ben Thapa, and pianist Brian Stanborough. The evening will feature pieces by Chopin, Haydn, Puccini and Verdi and will be hosted by Dame Janet Suzman, the distinguished Shakespearean actress. Tickets, which cost £70, will support the charity’s work in helping thousands of children and young people get the support they need to lead fulfilling lives free from crime and deprivation. Guests can also enjoy a canapé reception at 7pm before the show on the dining terrace of the new Aldridge Academy.

If you are looking to add to your interiors this month, head to the Heist gallery for a private viewing of its collections. The stand out one for us is the Road to Elysium, which focuses on varying ideas of utopia. Many of the photographic works evoke strong ethereal aesthetic qualities, much like the portfolio from Madame Peripetie. The Polish-German image maker creates striking portraits that explore the surreal relationship between the human body and the world around us; a statement piece for any room. Heist, 43 Linden Gardens, W2 4HP Right / Flowerhead by Madame Peripetie

Midsummer Music, 24 June Aldridge Academy, 1 Silchester Road, W10 6EX;

covering holland park, notting hill and the surrounding area


An Evening of Opera Opera Holland Park is back. A performance of Il trittico lands on 2 June for opening night this year. Giacomo Puccini’s three-act opera immerses the audience in an intense theatrical musical narration of the heartbreak and tragedy of Suor Angelica, the terror and jealousy of Tabarro’s murder, and the comedy of Gianni Schicchi. Opera Holland Park, which is sponsored by Investec Wealth & Investment, runs until 1 August with Alice in Wonderland as the pièce de résistance; an apt celebration of the 150th anniversary of Lewis Caroll’s famous quirky tale. 2 June –1 August, Holland Park

New Neighbour Blink and you might miss it. Flat Three, a new restaurant in town, is situated on a quiet corner by Holland Park station and looks like any other house on the street. But as soon as you are down the stairs, it’s like you have been let in on an exciting new secret. The quiet venue in the basement of the building offers minimalistic decor in-keeping with the Japanese-inspired food but don’t be deceived by the calming interiors – the food is an explosion of flavour. We recommend opting for the ninecourse chef’s choice or vegetarian selection paired with wine. Your senses will be tested and tantalised with a clever experiment of Japanese cuisine with subtle slices of scorpion fish and smoked salmon with Jeung Je tea leaves followed by a dessert of genmaicha ice cream and strawberries in vinegar. We couldn’t be happier to welcome our new neighbour. Flat Three, 120-122 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UA

Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison

Tarts on Tour Locals Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones are on the move. Their food venture Tart London has opened a pop-up that will run until the end of June. Tart’s Kitchen will offer fresh and seasonal all-day food and drink in its new home in Queen’s Park. Supported by the iconic English brand Wedgwood, Tart London is offering high quality, healthy fare to the public, with a daily changing menu for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. This certainly provides food for thought.

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with local Mark Hill, founder of Green Box Drinks Q: What inspired you to start Green Box Drinks in 2012? A: I had found a way to sell premium quality alcoholic spirits in an environmentally friendly way. We produce Boxer Gin, Element29 British Wheat Vodka, Bloodshot Spiced and Little Devil Bloody Mary Mix. Q: Do you have any celebrity followers? A: A few. We have spotted Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy enjoying a Little Devil Bloody Mary, and Hugh Bonneville, aka Lord Grantham, sipping a Boxer Gin and tonic.

Debut Contemporary Last month saw the opening of Ella Prakash’s solo exhibition at Debut Contemporary. The Bahrain-based Indian artist attracted some of the most powerful and influential people from the Indian art and business world of London. Cocktails were flying, and artwork was breath-taking. Ella’s theme on women empowerment took onlookers by surprise in an explosion of colour. So much so that her exhibition made headlines in Bahrain despite it being Formula 1 week. Keep your eyes peeled for part two during India Art week in June. Debut Contemporary, 82 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RT

Q: What do you like about being based in Notting Hill? A: Walking to work and the variety of people on the streets. Q: What gets you through a day at work? A: Multicultural lunch options on Golborne Road; you can choose from Italy, Morocco, Spain, Lebanon, Austria, Palestine, India, Denmark and England. Q: What was your first ever business idea? A: Hangover-free beer. I’m still working on the recipe! Q: What can we expect from GBD this year? A: Boxer Summer Punch coming to a pub near you…

From top/ Bounded with Love; Maya The illusion by Ella Prakesh

Live at Chelsea It’s worth snapping up tickets while they’re still available for the first Live At Chelsea series, taking place 12–14 June in the beautiful Royal Hospital Chelsea grounds. The performers on consecutive nights will be Alison Moyet, Damien Rice (already sold out) and Rufus Wainwright, and guests will take their seats in stands erected for the annual Founder’s Day celebration. The Royal Hospital Chelsea was founded by King Charles II in 1682 “as a place of refuge and shelter for such Land Soldiers as are or shall be old, lame or infirm in the service of the Crown” and we fully support any fundraising venture that helps CEO David McDowall CBE and his team deliver this aim, especially when it sounds as wonderful as this will., 0844 871 8803

covering holland park, notting hill and the surrounding area


Mum’s the


Ella Harris meets the mother and daughter team who use the unusual mix of Ibiza, Notting Hill and India as inspiration for their cheery label Torna Lucia


hen I ask Lucy Russell-Hills what it is like to work with her mother she laughs down the phone. “Good question.” But I can tell she is joking. The mother and daughter team have been working together since March last year on their luxury textiles, clothing and accessories label Torna Lucia. The concept has been around for a while as a family business that Torna Russell-Hills set up with her mother and sister over ten years ago. “We just produced things that we liked. It always seemed to us that when we came back from India people said: ‘Could you bring one of those for me when you come back next time?’ That’s how it started. We were making things that we loved.” When Torna’s mother moved to Australia and her sister to Majorca, Torna was left to develop the business on her own until her daughter stepped in. The textiles are all handmade in India and as such take a long time to manufacture, which often requires patience and a sensibility of the work process. Many parts of the country employ different techniques, so if Torna requires a specific border for the linen, for example, it has to be woven in another district and then hand embroidered elsewhere. “For instance, the pyjamas are weaved in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, which is on the Narmada River,” explains Torna. “The weaving takes three months, then it goes down to Bombay where it is cut, then it’s overprinted by hand, then it is stitched. The whole process takes four and a half months, minimum.” By the time the pyjamas reach Notting Hill, they have received more care and attention than most garments. The relationships the two women have built up with locals over the last decade remain steadfast. They work with a nun in Pondicherry who runs a convent for young girls from disavantaged backgrounds and teaches them new skills, such as embroidery. “We love working with her,” says Lucy. “Not only because what they create is so beautiful but also because she works with young women in places that were destroyed by the Tsunami. All the money goes back into the convent, teaching them. We are micro-financing a micro-businesses.” The core of their business is hand block


printing. Traditionally in India the technique comprises a palette of muddy browns and reds and has been made popular in Europe through companies such as Brigette Sing. However, Torna Lucia has taken the age-old printing custom and mixed it with brighter shades. “What I really love about what my mum created with her mum is that the designs are quite light, elegant and simple,” says Lucy. “The pastel colours are more contemporary and fit better in western homes than the traditional style.” Each textile incorporates a maximum of three colours, unlike traditional printers in Jaipur who use four or five. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere for the pair. Lucy and Torna divide their time between Notting Hill – Torna lives on Lansdowne Crescent and Lucy on Portobello Road – India and Ibiza, which Torna assures me is not just a holiday house. “We’ve had a house there for nearly 30 years; it’s a second home.” The

“We like the slight craziness of Notting Hill. It’s what makes the place home” colours from the island such as the Formentera green, bourgenvilla purple or apricot orange are immediately identifiable in the textiles. The patterns, too, come from a plethora of sources. “Inspiration for the tile prints on the tablecloths came from when we were standing by traffic lights in Madrid and they had these amazing patterns on the pavement,” laughs Torna. Combine this with the “infuriating, chaotic, crazy but really inspiring” culture of India and they have a winning formula. It has worked so well that in a few months they are setting up a pop-up shop (you heard it here first). Notting Hill is core to their business as well. “I’ve lived here since the 1980s,” says Torna. “I’ve seen a lot of changes. I remember Westbourne Grove as it used to be. I used to get milk from down the road in my dressing gown; now you can buy a pair of Gucci shoes!” She delivers this with a mixture of mirth and disapproval, although the latter is more obvious when she talks about Portobello Road Market. “I hate having to constantly defend it from being taken over by developers. It’s so exhausting.” Lucy is in agreement and adamantly endorses the quirky nature and independent shops belonging to the area. “We like the slight craziness of it. The characters you see wondering around are lovely. They’re what makes Notting Hill, Notting Hill. It’s home.”



It’s never too late...



ART ANTIQUES BY Rebecca Wallersteiner

The Romance of Russia From 4 June, a slice of Russia comes to the Whitewall Gallery on Westbourne Grove. Russian artist Anna Razumovskaya’s beautiful paintings are inspired by the graceful elegance of the female figure. Romantic, playful and revealing, the artist captures shifting poses and attitudes of the female form. “Quickly, easily, brightly: this is the way I draw, the way I live. My art is a reflection of my life, a reflection of myself,” says Razumovskaya. Born at the height of the Cold War, the artist studied art at the Russian State University for Arts, as well as Germany, Belgium and Holland. She names Russian and European Old Masters, including Rembrandt, Rubens and the Russian painter Valentin Serov as her influences. Razumovskaya has had solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, Toronto and Berlin and her work is held in private collections across the globe. This will be her debut solo exhibition at the Whitewall Gallery. We wish her every success. Anna Razumovskaya; 4–18 June, private view 25 June Whitewall Galleries, 100 Westbourne Grove, W2 5RU;

From far left / Firefly II; The Thing of Beauty by Anna Razumovskaya

with Irish art specialist Barbara Stanley at her Connaught Street gallery Q. How did you discover Comhghall Casey and is this his first major exhibition here? A. The artist’s work first caught my eye in Ireland, around 10 years ago, and since then I have wanted to represent him. He is one of Ireland’s most exciting, young contemporary painters. This will be his first solo show at my gallery.

Toy Motor Launch by Comhghall Casey

Q. Where has the artist’s work previously been shown? A. Casey has featured in the Royal Academy’s Summer Show three consecutive years from 2010. He has been short-listed for this year’s BP Portrait Award and his excellent self-portrait in a hyper-realist style will be on show in June

Dublin, where he has since been living and working as a full time artist. Q. What forms of art will Casey be exhibiting with you and on what scale? A. The artist usually works on a small scale with still life and portraiture. He is known for his intricately-painted studies of everyday objects such as plants, fruits and toys. His simple compositions reveal brilliant observational and painting skills.

at the National Portrait Gallery. Q. Where does Casey originate from? A. The artist is from Belfast. He studied at the University of Ulster and in 2000 he moved to

Comhghall Casey, 15–30 June The Barbara Stanley Gallery, 27 Connaught Street, W2 2AY




Emerging Talent From 10 June Leighton House will present the annual Art on Show exhibition and competition celebrating artwork created by local school students, aged 3 to 18 years. Now in its 16th year and sponsored by the Friends of Leighton House, The Park Gallery and Flow Gallery it is open to all schools and Colleges in the Royal Borough. Students are invited to submit artwork via their school or college, in a range of mediums. Prizes for the best art will be awarded to shortlisted young artists by the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, at Leighton House, on 9 June from 12–2pm. This year, through the new Art on Loan programme, student’s artwork will be made available for local businesses to hire to display following the exhibition. Art on Show Exhibition; 10–28 June Upper Perrin Gallery, Leighton House, 12 Holland Park Road, W14 8LZ;

From top/ Trojan Horse, a collaborative project by St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, photo by Tony Annis; The Old Teddy by Leah Noirot from Falkner House, age 7

Book Worms At Gail’s on Portobello Road and in collaboration with the Rebecca Hossack Gallery, until 31 July, you can see artworks by acclaimed digital printmaker Phil Shaw. Originally from Yorkshire, Shaw studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art. In his series of bookshelf prints, the artist has taken digital-printmaking into exciting new territory – using an innovative eight-colour printing process. He depicts books arranged on shelves, their titles merging, melting and forming unexpected connections. “The book titles are all absolutely genuine (with the exception of the Fiction and Friction series) and all appear in the British Library Catalogue,” says Shaw. Famous quotes are spelled out along the shelves and titles pose questions which neighbouring book titles answer. Shaw was commissioned by Prime Minister David Cameron to create a special artwork to be presented to world leaders attending the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland in 2013, which now forms part of the National Art Collection. His images are funny, unsettling and beautiful.

Clocks with Character For over 30 years, Raffety’s has been synonymous with rare antique clocks. Each of their stunning timepieces has its own individual character and fascinating history. During June they will spotlight an elegant 19th century mahogany wall clock, probably made for the Bell Brewhouse in Shoreditch that was used as a brewhouse from 1617 to 1817, when it housed an ironmonger, and then the Bell Inn pub until 1934. The clock’s intriguing 12-inch wooden dial retains its original craquelure finish and is signed Ellicott & Taylor Royal Exchange and Bell Brewhouse. Raffety Clocks, 79 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BG; 0207 937 2220


Fiction, the Classics, 2009, by Phil Shaw; eight-colour pigment based archival print on Hahnemuhle paper, 116.8 x 50.8 cm, edition of 60

Ellicott & Taylor wall clock

Gail’s Bakery, Portobello Road, 138 Portobello Road, W11 2DZ;

PR ADO settee with cushion & EVERY WHERE sideboard. Design: Christian Werner. LUMIĂˆRE NOIRE floor lamps. Design: Philippe Nigro.

23-25 Mortimer Street London W1T 3JE 0207 323 1248

Clockwise from left/ Jockey Sketch Series; Ripon Races; Jockey Sketch Series; High Window

Horsing Around With not long to go until the who’s who of the equestrian world flocks to Ascot, Hannah Lemon discovers that there is more to horse racing than hats and haute couture


day at the races is always a memorable experience. For some it’s a chance to model the finest millinery while tasting delicious canapés and sipping on bubbles. For others it’s fraught with tension to see whether their gamble pays off with jockey and horse intact. And for a select few, the stripes and spots of riders’ silks, the flurry of whips and hooves, and the tension in the crowd provides creative inspiration. The quintessentially British pastime of horse racing has been thoroughly covered by painters throughout the centuries, most notably in England by Alfred Munnings. In France too, the sport was famously recorded by Théodore Géricault and Edgar Degas, the latter of which was inspired by the spontaneity of the horse anatomy in action, although is more frequently praised for his familiar depictions of ballet dancers. Using these masters of the art as inspiration, Jay Boyd Kirkman provides fresh insight into the demanding world of racing for both horse and human. Kirkman lurks on the periphery of the course to capture the exhaustion of the race and the calm after the event through detailed pastels and paintings as well as chalk and Conté sketches. Kirkman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1958 and came to England in 1973. He studied at the West Surrey College of Art and at the Camberwell School of Art from 1976 to 1980 and, once he had left, began to focus on equestrian subjects at courses such as Ripon, Newcastle, York and Hexham. He has exhibited his paintings regularly in London and Dublin at prestigious art galleries and major art fairs, including Christie’s where

a portrait of a race horse, Winner in Noseband, fetched £6,875. His work now forms a part of important private collections both in Britain and abroad. Another high-achieving horse acts as muse to Kirkman in High Window, a detailed portrait of a grey with striking similarity to the iconic English racehorse Desert Orchid. “Grey horses have been a special interest in my work and this is an example of what is now a series of pictures,” says Kirkman. “This painting is based on several greys I have followed, not the least, the great Desert Orchid.” Dubbed Dessie, the horse was famed for great versatility and also somewhat erratic behaviour, which caused the horse to change from flying to thumping at a moments notice. He raced a staggering 70 times, winning 34 and being placed 19. Although Dessie died at the ripe old age of 27, he has been immortalised by Kirkman. This painting and a selection of Kirkman’s original works has been added to the Equestrian Gallery’s exclusive collection of equine art. The gallery is an online portal that offers a selection of detailed horse studies through sculpture, painting and photography. It is a division of Art Reserve Ltd, which was founded by Julian Thomas in 2005 (then director of the corporate art consultancy Art Contact) and also includes marine art, illustration and abstract prints. The paintings are available to view by appointment at the Notting Hill headquarters, providing a specialised and more personal service so that you, like Kirkman, can admire the “horsemanship, resilience and devotion to the sport of racing”. The Equestrian Gallery, 62 Campden Street, W8 7EL


C E L E B R AT I N G 3 0 Y E A R S

Aurora Inspire romance with this 0.86ct Fancy Intense Australian Argyle Pink Diamond Ring, reflecting the warm, vibrant and fiery hues of its extraordinary and ancient origins. A highly prized, rare and collectable jewel.

To receive the beautiful Calleija brochure, please contact us The Royal Arcade Old Bond Street London +44 (0)20 7499 8490

The Westin Martin Place Sydney +61 (0)2 9233 6661

Marina Mirage Main Beach Gold Coast +61 (0)7 5528 3666


TURNING POINT In a unique collaboration between British jeweller Boodles and the Royal Opera House, the very essence of dance has been translated into a fine jewellery collection. Head designer Rebecca Hawkins has been fascinated by ballet since childhood and has indulged her passion by exploring the physicality of this art form, working with The Royal Ballet’s associate director Jeanetta Laurence. The inclusion of kite-shaped diamonds, sourced by Boodles’ head of precious gemstones Jody Wainwright, evoke the geometric forms of dancers in a pas de deux, along with pairs of Ashoka diamonds which have been designed to balance on a single fine point (echoing the balletic movement). Photographer Charlie Dailey went behind the scenes at the Royal Opera House to capture the ballet dancers in action. Pas de deux collection, inspired by The Royal Ballet and available from June;

Photography: Charlie Dailey




Fully Charged Deviating from its customary squarecased creations, Bell & Ross presents this, the Vintage WW1 Edición Limitada. Handsome to the hilt, the timepiece is intended to honour the craft, colour and celebrity status of Cuban cigars. Thanks to a doublebarrel power reserve, the 42mm watch will run for five days before it needs winding. It comes housed in a case of Makassar ebony and rare and precious kaya wood, which can be transformed into a humidor for 50 cigars, complete with humidifier and hygrometer. Vintage WW1 Edición Limitada, £15,000 Bell&Ross, Burlington Arcade, Mayfair

Harrods Honours Horological Indies Proving itself a promoter of small, independent watchmakers, Harrods has become a supplier of MeisterSinger, alongside Speake-Marin, for which it acts as exclusive UK stockist. The former is a German brand, known for being the only watch company to make exclusively single-handed watches. The latter is the eponymous creation of English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin, whose collection of complicated timepieces are now made outside of Switzerland. A special green dial version of MeisterSinger’s Salthora Meta has been made exclusive to Harrods. For £2,375, you’ll get an attractive jumping hour watch with an automatic movement and sapphire case back. The elegant, Edwardian-inspired Speake-Marin collection comprises perpetual calendars, tourbillons and minute repeaters. (Genuine) friend of the company Pierce Brosnan lends his face to the marketing campaign. Find both brands in Harrods’ Fine Watch Room now.

One to Watch Each month we select our timepiece of the moment from the watch world’s most exciting creations:

Rolex has introduced a new black and 18-karat Everose gold version of its nautical Oyster Perpetual YachtMaster. It comes with a Rolex-patented ‘Oysterflex’ bracelet, which marries the robustness of steel with the comfort of rubber. Its sporty aesthetic lends this Rolex classic a contemporary edge

Yacht-Master 40 Everose, £16,650, Rolex;


Bond Street’s Boutique Bonanza In less than a year, horological heavyweights Blancpain, Bell & Ross, IWC, Richard Mille and Patek Philippe have turned Mayfair into even more of a mecca for watch aficionados. The latest Swiss export to stake their claim in W1 is Jaeger-LeCoultre, which opened a boutique at 13 Old Bond Street last month. Enthusiasts are invited to learn about the history of the company, and fine watchmaking in general, through a closeup look at historical treasures rarely revealed to the public, including instruments invented by Antoine LeCoultre, historical pocket-watches, emblematic high jewellery pieces and legendary Atmos clocks. Jaeger-LeCoultre, 13 Old Bond Street, W1

History in the


As the globally venerated masterpiece-maker that is Patek Philippe celebrates its 175th anniversary, Annabel Harrison takes a closer look at the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London, taking place from 27 May until 7 June at the Saatchi Gallery “When I held that watch, I felt its power reverberate through my entire soul… It was like holding a living heart… something organic, something that’s alive.” Ahead of Sotheby’s sale of Patek Philippe’s Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication pocket watch in Geneva, which took place in November 2014, Daryn Schnipper, Chairman of Sotheby’s International Watch Division, recalled her first encounter with this world-renowned watch and its sale at Sotheby’s in 1999. “We valued it at $3-$5 million. As we got closer to the sale, the excitement started to build... [On the day] there were six bidders up to $6 million and all of sudden there were two new bidders.” It went for $11 million. “A ‘Supercomplication’ is more than a horological work; it’s beyond a watch. It is a masterpiece.” It was sold again just 15 years later, for a remarkable $24.4 million. Schnipper’s passionate words encapsulate what many watch enthusiasts feel, that their precious timepiece is so much more than an inanimate object exchanged for equally inanimate cash; purchases are often far more subjective and emotional than horological philistines might imagine. This is what came into play at both the 1999 and 2014

auctions. Smart, informative catalogues showcased the wares on offer, in particular this renowned Supercomplication, and objective price estimates were given. Despite the most careful, calculated planning and thorough, expert research, there is always a chance of an estimate being thoroughly trumped because once emotion comes into it, everything can change. This Patek Philippe timepiece, on the day of the 2014 auction, aroused such emotions. In addition to being able to lay claim to having created the world’s most expensive, and therefore valuable, timepiece, the company has one of the most emotive, and familiar, advertising straplines in the watch industry: “You never actually own a Patek. You merely look after it for the next generation.” In black and white images of happy family units, the people take centre stage, and the watch plays second fiddle. Because it’s certainly not just a watch. It’s a family heirloom, made up of as many memories and feelings as parts and pieces. In purchasing one, you consider generations past, present and future. In fact, I find summing up neatly the worldwide appeal of, and reverence for, Patek Philippe almost as difficult as I would assembling the 900 parts of this Supercomplication from scratch. As Nick Foulkes, author of an authorised biography about the brand’s history, says, “Patek is almost a religion for some people and there are as many ideas of what Patek Philippe is really about as there are collectors of its watches”. This, it seems, is exactly what the brand aims to explore in its upcoming exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery which, incidentally, with its bright white walls and starkness will provide a contemporary environment in which to showcase more than 400 historical timepieces, both decades and centuries old, across more than a dozen themed areas.

Left / Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175


Clockwise from top left / Tableclock in the shape of a cage with five singing-birds and music, c.1830; Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175; The Duke of Regla Minute Repeating Pocket Watch; Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 with Honorary President Mr Philippe Stern and President Mr Thierry Stern


The Watch Art Grand Exhibition will bring to a close the expansive Patek Philippe 175th anniversary celebrations, which started on 1 May last year. As such it will incorporate the commemorative timepieces which were presented in October and “celebrate Patek Philippe’s tradition of high-precision watch manufacturing [by giving] an insight into the company’s 175-year history as well as its heritage in the domain of haute horlogerie”. Mark Hearn, the Managing Director for Patek Philippe UK, adds that “visitors will be able to learn about horology generally, the history of watchmaking and also find out interesting information about this fascinating industry, which is not only composed of watchmaking but also rare handcrafts techniques”. Visitors will be able to see for the first time in London iconic and historical timepieces such as the first Swiss wristwatch, made by Patek Philippe in 1868 (from yellow gold, enamel and diamonds) and sold to a Countess of Hungary. The exquisite Duc de Regla Grand Complication pocket watch from 1910 will also be on show; it has a Grande and a Petite Sonnerie that plays the Westminster melody as well as a minute repeater. Mark Hearn explains that the exhibition’s objective is to “inspire and help visitors to understand and appreciate watchmaking”; we suggest you visit and do so yourself. Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition London 2015; 27 May – 7 June, Saatchi Gallery, SW3. The exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, 9am-7pm (weekdays and Saturdays) and 10am-6pm (Sundays). No bookings or tickets are required. Guided tours will be available on a daily basis and in different languages.

From top / The Duke of Regla Minute Repeating Pocket Watch; The first Swiss wristwatch, 1868; Antoine Norbet de Patek’s Pocket Watch, 1839-1842

Movement Room Showcasing the entire movement current collection from the Patek Philippe manufacture, this gallery will allow you to experience a 360° view of some of the most intricate Patek watch movements ever created.

Historical Film Theatre Room The Patek Philippe historical movie will be shown here.



The Museum Room Very much like the Museum in Geneva, this room will be divided into two sections. In the first there will be some of the greatest historical timepieces spanning the last five centuries, including the earliest watches ever made. In the second section, historical Patek Philippe timepieces dating back to the 1830s, including some

Immersion Room

of the earliest Patek Philippe watches, will be on display.

This room has been created to inspire and immerse visitors in the world of Patek Philippe. A short introductory film will be shown on a 10-minute loop.

Napoleon Room Be transported to the magical Patek Philippe Salon on the Rue du Rhone in Geneva.

The Grand Complications Room This gallery is dedicated to the rarest and most complicated timepieces created. Minute repeaters, Sky Moon Tourbillons and Chronographs will be on display.

The Current Collection Room This gallery showcasing the current collection is designed to replicate the Patek Philippe Historical Salon on the Rue du Rhone in Geneva.




Live for the Moment Fine jewellery should no longer be worn just for special occasions but should be part of your everyday uniform. This is the message being given by Buccellati in its new campaign shot by photographer Peter Lindbergh, who has used his renowned lens to capture the magic of everyday moments. The series of black-and-white images, starring actress Elisa Sednaoui, speak to the Italian jeweller’s rich heritage, having been shot where the maison was founded in Milan in 1919. Pictured here sporting pieces from the Hawaii collection – characterised by gold wheels, crafted by artisans who twist the gold thread into circular shapes by hand – the campaign also presents Macri and Iconi, as well as the brand’s coveted, one-of-a-kind cocktail rings.

Gone with the Wind This month marks an exciting moment for Dior; having been consistently updating existing fine jewellery collections, Victoire de Castellane has now released her first complete range in almost three years. Wanting to “capture the history of the house”, it has been based around an iconic symbol relating to the brand’s founder; the Rose des Vents is an eight-branch star motif which Dior first discovered in his childhood summer home in Granville. This has been reinterpreted into a series of bracelets and necklaces featuring a medallion-style pendant with a reverso concept; one side has a precious gemstone (choose from turquoise, mother of pearl, pink opal or lapis lazuli), while the other features the diamond star pattern. With prices starting from an affordable £1,050, this is the perfect summer holiday accessory. Rose des Vents, from £1,050;

Round the Bend

Cutting Edge The iconic quilted pattern, also known as ‘matelassé’, on Chanel’s legendary handbags was first created in February 1955. Said to have been inspired by a number of different sources, from a jockey’s riding coat to cushions in Coco Chanel’s Paris apartment, it has this year resulted in the birth of a new fine jewellery range, Coco Crush, encompassing rings and a cuff-bracelet.

In its simplicity, the radical and resolutely contemporary spirit of the Coco Crush collection expresses all the values of modernity and refinement that have distinguished Chanel fine jewellery since its origins

Coco Crush, from £1,400

So used are we to seeing bright colours emanating from De Grisogono’s fine jewellery collections that we were quite taken aback at this year’s Baselworld when we previewed its latest offering. In a dramatic turn around, the Genevabased jeweller’s Vortice collection comprises rose gold jewellery pieces whereby the focus is solely on the intricate, intertwining design; each of the volutes making up the earrings and rings is composed of springshaped coils that wrap around the wearer’s skin to create the dynamic, free-flowing movement. But of course, it wouldn’t quite be De Grisogono if there wasn’t a smattering of diamonds to finish it off. Vortice collection, from £4,700 (non-set rose-gold ring) to £43,300 (full diamond-set earrings in white or rose gold)


Falling from

Grace Carolina Herrera de Báez presents her first jewellery collection, Falling Jasmine, a tribute to her mother – fashion designer Carolina Herrera. Olivia Sharpe reports Photography: Leonardo de Vega

or most women, turning into one’s mother is something to be avoided at all costs. But when your mother is Carolina Herrera – the celebrated fashion designer and business mogul who has built her own retail empire – it is something to aspire to. Carolina Herrera de Báez is one of four daughters of the Venezuelan designer and, along with inheriting her name (not to mention her natural elegance and poise), the 45 year-old beauty has also followed in her footsteps when it comes to her career. She first began working with her mother in 1996, when she was asked to collaborate with her on a new perfume for the house (which would eventually become its signature fragrance, 212), whilst living in New York. Accepting the job, and believing it would only be a temporary position, 18 years later Carolina finds herself to be an indispensable member of the family business, currently creative director of Herrera’s House of Fragrances. Saying that, she has by no means stood in her mother’s shadow; she has been

widely credited for bringing her own fresh take to the brand’s CH line (offering lifestyle sportswear for men, women and children), and this year, she has launched her first ever jewellery collection. Christened Falling Jasmine, it comprises ten pieces – ranging from earrings to a tiara – each of which captures the delicate flower through the use of white enamel. Speaking to Carolina, she explains how it was her upbringing which, in many ways, sowed the seeds for her latest collection, stemming from her childhood love of this flower. “It is my first olfactory memory. Growing up, the garden in my home in Caracas was full of jasmine and I remember my mother blending the oils of tuberose and jasmine to create her own perfumes


when I was a girl.” It is because of these childhood memories that jasmine has since become an essential ingredient in her fragrances. The perfumer has always “loved the mystery, allure and romance of making perfumes”: “There are no formulas. I think what I most appreciate about them is that they appeal to a sensual and olfactory memory, and for each person, that can be different.” While she cannot deny her love of fragrance, Carolina has always known that she would one day do something in jewellery. Like so many women, her earliest jewellery-related memory is wanting “to steal my grandmother’s and mother’s jewellery” and to this day, she confesses, “I still ‘borrow’ from my mother all the time”. She sentimentally picks out a pair of paste earrings that her father gave her when she graduated from college as well as the 1940s and 50s vintage bracelets her husband has been gifting her since they got married, as her favourite pieces of jewellery. The 20th century ‘art nouveau’ jewellers, including the likes of Cartier and Verdura, have evidently had an effect on the modern jeweller, who has included more traditional pieces such as a brooch and a tiara in her line. Working on Falling Jasmine also enabled her to combine her passion for “art and design”. She partnered with renowned Argentine artist and close friend Grillo Demo to create the collection, and for those of you who are familiar with his work will know that jasmine has similarly been a profound influence upon him. “I love his vision”, remarks Carolina. “Grillo is an artist with a great amount of sensitivity and creativity. We talk about everything, we laugh a lot, we like the same things and the truth is that his ‘office’ (his home in Ibiza) is full of jasmine. It’s a little piece of heaven there.” Although Demo painted the sketches for each piece, Carolina was still heavily involved

in every aspect of the design and creative direction. For their collection, the duo wanted to create “easy-to-wear pieces that can be worn day or night”, and the fruits of their labour have clearly paid off. The beautiful white enamel pieces perfectly capture the flower’s delicate grace and femininity, while setting them in gold plate gives them a modern edge. “The beauty of Falling Jasmine is that any woman can wear the collection”, she comments. “It’s made up of separate pieces that can be mixed and matched according to each person’s tastes. The jasmine can also be combined with other jewellery. I’ve worn the ear cuff with an amazing 19th century pearl and diamond drop earring.” By designing ten pieces, Carolina wanted to create the allusion that, if you were to wear all of them together, it would appear as though the flowers are falling from the head (the tiara) down to the hands (the ring). Ultimately, Falling Jasmine was a tribute to Carolina’s mother. A constant source of inspiration to her, she tells me they have the perfect working relationship (something which I could not imagine all of us could say if we worked with our mothers): “Working with her is the easiest thing in the world! It’s great because there is a relationship of mutual respect and confidence. I love her taste, values and opinions because I know she will always tell me what she’s thinking but she also gives me lots of freedom to work on new ideas.” While evidently idolising her mother for her success and achievements, at the end of the day, she is also just her mum: “I was my mother’s daughter before she was a well-known fashion designer. Of course everyone asks if I will follow in her footsteps but if there is one thing she has taught all her girls it is to have their own lives.” Wise words. Falling Jasmine collection, from £60 to £250 CH Carolina Herrera, 2 Fulham Road, Brompton Cross, SW3




Crush Take a dip into the ocean with a wave of vivid blue gemstone pieces and jewel-encrusted sea creatures

1 Rivière de l’Eridan ring, POA, Ornella Iannuzzi, 2 Wave ring, POA, Palmiero, 3 Octopus pendant, POA, Lydia Courteille, 4 18-karat white gold, opal slice and diamond bracelet, £11,500, Amrapali, 55 Beauchamp Place, SW3 5 18-carat white gold blue sapphire Columba pendant, £32,850, Shawish Geneve, 143 Fulham Road, SW3 6 Coralline Reef dangling earrings, from £250, Ornella Iannuzzi, as before 7 Crystal bead necklace, £197, Night Market, 8 18-karat white gold and diamond Anchor pendant, £1,290, NOA Fine Jewellery, 9 18-karat white gold Oursin ring set with diamonds and sapphires, POA, Boucheron, 020 7514 9170 10 Happy Fish watch, POA, Chopard, 11 14-karat gold, silver, turquoise, moonstone and blue sapphire earrings, £1,650, Amrapali, as before 12 Opal, sapphires, green garnets and gold ring, from the Deep Sea collection, POA, Lydia Courteille, as before 13 Octopus bangle, £440,000, Shawish Genève, as before, as before 14 Beaded necklace, £821, Lanvin, 15 The Tempest tanzanite ring, POA, Wallace Chan, 16 Baroque tanzanite ring, POA, Jewellery Theatre, 17 Jellyfish earrings, £3,900, Pippa Small, 201 Westbourne Grove, W11


ELIZABETH STREET ELIZABETH STREET SW1 SW1 Bespoke fine jewellery We invite you to visit our website 59 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9PP +44 (0)207 730 1901


BAS_AZ_Mayfair _UK_210x297_300.indd 1







20.04.15 14:42

For retail enquiries call 020 7225 5203

55 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3 1DP

b a s l e r- f a s h i o n . c o m


Land On One’s Feet Notting Hill-based footwear designer Penelope Chilvers lives up to her brand’s logo, ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’, with her latest capsule collection, inspired by a recent trip to Botswana. The designer has taken the ‘on-safari’ principle in her stride, whereby each item is essential and practical; leather boots designed for walking through the bush, equestrian boots for riding safaris and elegant Dandy slippers for the evening. Chilvers has used a colour palette that is sympathetic to the African landscape, comprising earthy tones of khaki, sand and metallic bronze, while her bags feature African needlepoint in ruby, black and tortoise, inspired by a friend’s old stool. With so many covetable pieces making up the affordable Safari Collection S/S15 (prices from £50 to £350), feel free to go wild. 48-50 Ledbury Road, W11;


Push the Boat Out If there’s one brand you can count on to take you effortlessly and stylishly through the summer, it’s Heidi Klein. Founded 13 years ago when there was still a gap in the market for luxury holiday beachwear, it remains at the top of its game and its new High Summer 2015 collection, out this month, is indicative of this. The brand’s staple nautical prints, throwon kaftans and must-have cover-ups all make an appearance, along with some exciting new additions, including the Formentera vibrant yellow bikini, which was inspired by the Mediterranean island; Lavandou, a chic selection of lavender crochet swimwear offering a refined take on boho luxe; and finally the best-selling Fisher Island bandeau bikini featuring a zip down the middle that nods to the current trend for activewear. Fisher Island bandeau top, £95, and Binding hipster bottom, £85, both High Summer 2015 collection, available from June

HER STYLE Philip Treacy headpiece, £2,250

By olivia sharpe

Hat Hysteria

Made in Chelsea

Royal Ascot is truly the time when British milliners can let their hair down and experiment with weird and wonderful creations. This year, the prestigious racecourse has collaborated with Britain’s most renowned milliners to produce a six-piece collection: The Royal Ascot Collective. The perfect platform to celebrate the very best of British millinery, the hatters taking part – including Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Piers Atkinson, Noel Stewart, Rachel Trevor Morgan and William Chambers – all have strong ties with Royal Ascot and each one has given his or her own unique slant. Known for his playful touch, Stephen Jones has designed Hysteria Wisteria, a whimsical headpiece which has been designed to resemble the climbing shrub growing downwards and, according the designer, makes the wearer “very kissable in it”, while the brilliant Philip Treacy has designed “a sweeping wave in sinamay with overlay, buntal ribbons rosettes”, as he puts it. Each hat is directly available from the milliners

Even when it comes to his ready-to-wear collections, you can be sure that every pair of glasses Tom Davies designs has a bespoke element. A case in point is the designer’s new S/S15 Chelsea collection, encompassing six women’s sunglasses handmade in cotton acetate and featuring ion-plated gold titanium trim. Davies comments: “The concept for the Chelsea Collection with its sunken titanium detailing was born out of some recent bespoke design consultations I did at my store.” Having already proven so popular among his clients, and locals, Davies has used the collection as the main inspiration for his forthcoming S/S16 ready-to-wear range. Watch this space.

Stephen Jones headpiece, £1,200

The Chelsea Collection S/S15, from £395 Tom Davies, 54 Sloane Square, SW1W

Unspoken Elegance This season, Salvatore Ferragamo has revived one of its most iconic designs, the famous round-toed suede ballerina shoe created for Audrey Hepburn in 1954. While the understated elegance of the original design has been maintained, the brand has still managed to bring the shoe firmly into the 21st century with an accompanying digital project: #unspokenelegance, featuring catchy slogans such as ‘Life is a Beautiful Walk’ and ‘Nobody is Ever Too Old to Play’. Styles range from classic patent leather to a modern laser-cut lace-effect nappa and a bold summer stripe design, arriving in a variety of summer shades, including Ferragamo Red, Oxford Blue and New Optic White. Prices range from £375 to £425;

The Voyage Out Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Giorgio Armani’s name has already been bandied around a good deal in the press. While we weren’t able to fly over to the Italian fashion label’s recent big birthday bash in Milan, we can at least enjoy its newly-refurbed store on the Brompton Road. Here you will find the Emporio Armani S/S15 range housed, which is a true testament to the brand’s timeless style, encompassing vintage nautical prints, graphic stripes and sheer boxy knits. Emporio Armani, 191 Brompton Road, SW3

Here Comes the Bride So many designers now seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to launching bridal collections, and next in line is loungewear designer Olivia von Halle, whose first collection has just launched online at Net-aPorter. Having been “inspired by the idea of starting your marriage afresh with a beautiful collection which would see you through your wedding day, honeymoon and into married life”, Von Halle’s modern take on a traditional wedding trousseau includes decadent chemises, pyjamas and nightgowns sculpted in rich Italian silk and hand-corded lace; everything a bride could possibly need in order to embark on her married journey. Olivia von Halle bridal collection, available on

Body Beautiful With fitness now playing a far greater role in all of our lives, it’s no longer acceptable for women to sport their husband’s baggy old t-shirt and a sagging bra top while exercising, which is just as well, as fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff’s debut line of luxury activewear couldn’t be further from this. Encompassing a performance-minded but stylish assembly of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, including bra tops, tanks, dresses, sweaters, leggings and jackets, all of the items have been designed to take you effortlessly from the gym to your next social engagement. Available from June, the range will also include a selection of sports bags and trainers. Prices from £40 to £155


Beyond the Pale

Take inspiration from a balletic palette this spring; be pale and interesting in cream, nude, blush and mushroom Photographer:

Dominic Nicholls


Hayley Caine

Dress, ÂŁ6,400, Giorgio Armani, armani. com; Pink and white diamond earrings, ÂŁ57,500, Boodles,

Chiffon dress, ÂŁ2,399, Alberta Ferretti,

Ivory drape dress, ÂŁ1,499, Christopher Kane,; Platinum and diamond drop earrings, ÂŁ27,000, Boodles, as before

Satin midi dress, £1,225, Stella McCartney,; Diamond feather earrings, £12,000, Asprey,; Attila shoes, £395, Jimmy Choo,

Nude tulle and white brocade dress, £1,500, tulle gloves, £350, and pumps, £700, all Simone Rocha,; Woodland diamond hoops, £1,200, Asprey, as before

hair & make-up: Lou Box @ s:management using Kevyn Aucoin and Redken MODEL: Arabella @ Elite Model Management PHOTOgrapher's ASSISTANT: Inna Kostukovsky

Jack of All Trades We all know Richard E. Grant as an internationally acclaimed actor, writer and director, but few know him as the purveyor of gentlemanly scents. His debut fragrance, JACK Covent Garden, combines the earthy scents of lime, mandarin, vetiver, pepper, cloves and gardenias to create a hypnotic, unisex perfume. Mr. Grant himself deems the perfume a realisation of his boyhood dreams: “I’ve aspired to create a fragrance that is as lickably-more-ish as it’s addictive. JACK is my ‘signature’ in scent.”

A Whole New Ball Game As Wimbledon approaches for another year, with the first players hitting the grass at the end of the month, Ralph Lauren has released the Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon collection to commemorate a 10-year partnership. Since 2005, Ralph Lauren has been the official outfitter of Wimbledon and is proudly the only brand ever to design the uniforms for all on-court officials. With pieces that combine ergonomic usability with traditional sartorial design, Ralph Lauren has created a range that is not only contemporary, but complementary of quintessential British sporting heritage too. Just steer clear of the strawberries if you want to keep your whites white.

Available now, £95,

Ralph Lauren, 105-109 Fulham Road, SW3;


Around the Globe A Very Bamford Story The Bamford name is sweeping through the world of luxury style. George, founder of the infamous Bamford Watch Department, has teamed up with his mother, Carole, and her luxury lifestyle brand, Bamford, to introduce their first men’s range, the Bamford Grooming Department. Bringing together their combined passion for natural products and cutting-edge design, they have created a range of five products for every discerning gentleman’s daily grooming routine. This range, which is inspired by George and Carole’s love for travel, includes shampoo, exfoliating face wash, body wash and shaving oil, all scented with a blend of vetiver, agarwood and oak moss for refined manliness. Available from June; prices from £25 to £50

Globe-Trotter and Jaguar are both synonymous with exquisite style, subtle elegance and luxurious quality. So its little wonder they have teamed up to produce a breath-taking suitcase with a more than exceptional story. In 1962, Jaguar commissioned 18 Lightweight E-Types, of which only 12 were built. Worth more than £1 million each, the final six cars have recently been produced and sold, coming complete with a bespoke Globe-Trotter suitcase. Each suitcase is matched to the upholstery of its corresponding car, with each vehicle’s individual blueprint imprinted onto the lining and the chassis number etched into its luggage tag. For more information visit

Image courtesy of: Hac


Image courtesy of: Hackett

£2550, Zilli,

From £85, Ralph Lauren,

From £360 Tateossian

£115, Tod’s


From £95, Duke & Dexter


£235, Incotex From £360 Tateossian

The onset of the British polo season sees the emergence of the quintessential summer sporting style. The rich heritage of the game, coupled with the prominence of current fashion trends, make the S/S15 Polo season one of unbridled gentlemanly quality. From rich Italian fabrics, pastel chinos and vibrant blazers to classic sunglasses, masculine cufflinks and refined jewellery, we take a look at the latest in luxury polo attire. Suitsupply From £147 Persol

Hackett £550, Hackett,

£65, Hackett

From £85, Ralph Lauren,

£410, Gucci,



Easy Like Sunday

Even when it comes to her nail colour, you can be sure that Olivia Palermo will get it right. The style icon has partnered with Ciaté London, as its guest creative director, to release a trio of nail enamel shades using mesh-lock technology; it is the first of four exclusive collections. Each of the three limited-edition lacquers has a certain sentimental value to Palermo: the first, Hutch, is inspired by her mother and is described as a ‘go-to red’, while Sundays – an ode to her husband and their weekends spent together – is a powdery pink. Last but not least, the bright coral shade of Nantucket is based on her favourite holiday destination and is the perfect accompaniment to a tan this summer. Ciaté Paint Pots, £17 each, available from June




0777 338 3530 0207 209 4442



BY ashiana pradhan

The Spirit of Spirio Steinway & Sons, the go-to manufacturer for the world’s finest pianos, has launched the innovative Steinway Spirio, a piano system that is truly a masterpiece of modern engineering. Subtly built into the Steinway grand pianos, the system is controlled by the complimentary iPad provided, which has an in-built music library organised by genre and which is consistently updated with live high-resolution performances. These recorded recitals are seamlessly replicated by the system and can express an entire range of motion, from delicate pedalling to thundering fortissimos. With more than 1,700 artists to choose from, music lovers are quite literally spoilt for choice. Steinway Spirio, from £74,000

American Opulence In the words of Jonathan Adler, “modern American glamour is about comfort, casualness and quality with a little razzle dazzle. Add a dash of socialite, a dollop of hippy and we’ll take you there”. With 32 wallpapers in different colours and patterns and five new bed linen designs, this opulent collection injects a bit of the glitz and glamour of America into your home, and remains in keeping with contemporary, unique design. We are particularly drawn to the Jackson wallpaper (as pictured below) which pays homage to Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock’s distinctive splattering of paint onto a canvas. Bedding from £78, wallpaper from £300 (per roll) Jonathan Adler, 60 Sloane Avenue, SW3

#LIGHTACANDLE A luxury scented candle brand with a 21st century twist, Maison Ves launched this year and has transformed the simple candle into an Instagrammer’s dream. The candle holders have been inscribed with a string of hashtags which come in a variety of sentiments, from light-hearted to heartfelt, and scents include lavender, cinnamon and orange. The Best Friend candle, for instance, is engraved with hashtags such as #PARTNERINCRIME and #FRIENDSFOREVER, while the Wedding candle has been inscribed with #MRANDMRS, #MADEFOREACHOTHER and #SOULMATES (to name but a few). With a range of handmade candles to choose from, Maison Ves offers a fun alternative to this conventionally safe gift. Maison Ves candle, £78 Available at Baar & Bass, 336 King’s Road, SW3;



HOME A Whole New World

This season, Christian Lacroix Maison has dreamt up a fantastical new fabric and wallcovering collection for Designers Guild based on the idea of an adventurer wading his way through the Caribbean rainforests. The exotic colours and varied textures derive from the vivid visions one might have in these new undiscovered worlds – or nouveaux mondes – such as an array of multi-coloured exotic fruits, wild butterflies, and the interplay between light and colour at the foot of a beautiful waterfall. All in all, Lacroix’s collection can add a much-needed touch of the colourful tropics to your London home, even when it’s grey outside.

Bogotán Fruits At the Salone del Mobile 2015, Italian fashion house Marni presented a brilliantly-coloured showroom inspired by the markets of Bogota. The collection features ornamental interpretations of exotic fruits found in local markets, including pineapple, sapote, guanabana and curuba. The unique pieces, sold in a variety of colours, are multi-functional and can serve either as containers or purely decorative sculptures. Also within this eclectic collection are a new range of chairs and stools made from metal and colourful PVC weavings; these have been intricately crafted by a group of women in Colombia who showcase the fruits of their labour through the pieces, all of the proceeds for which will go towards their workshop, Anayibe Rincon. From £180

Rustic Al-Fresco The perfect accompaniment to a beautiful British summer, the Outdoor Living collection by The Linen Works is filled with top-quality linens in soft, understated tones and patterns to achieve a rustic aesthetic. The concept was born from the idea of a sun-drenched day spent outdoors, and the subtle beauty of the napkins, tablecloths, throws and cushion covers all participate in creating the desired ambience. Each piece features pure 100 per cent washed linen from flax grown in rainwater in France and Belgium, and is available to purchase on the Second Floor of Harrods.

Photography: Richard Powers

Making Waves The design for Noël Paris’ latest collection was masterfully created by well-known French artist Annabelle d’Huart, who has been a contributor to the embroidery brand since the 1980s. On this occasion, d’Huart has stripped back nature to its original form and shape with a motif that can be interpreted as an ‘oceanic wave’ or ‘trade wind’, translated from the French word alizés (which incidentally is the name of the collection). The delicate wave pattern has subsequently been printed onto the company’s signature soft linen, which comes in shades of azure and turquoise, as chosen by Noël’s CEO Adeline Dieudonné. Incorporated onto bedspreads, sheets and pillowcases (as well as tablecloths and towels), the range will now no doubt breathe a fresh lease of life into your bedroom. Price from approx. £215;


Navy stripe Aries tablecloth from £80 Chalk fringe throw from £110

Suppliers of quality bespoke doors and ironmongery to some of the UK’s finest homes. Showrooms: Esher, Surrey & Chelsea Harbour 01932 851 081 or 0207 376 7000

Kids KINGDOM BY Phoebe McDowell

One Born Every Minute Petit Bateau has launched a gender-neutral collection for babies that nods to its signature mariner and Breton stripe. Comprising staple pieces including an all-in-one baby bloomer, a short striped overall, a striped bodysuit tee and a knitted cardigan, the range is ideal if, like Will and Kate did, you choose to keep the sex of your baby as a surprise. The French clothing brand has also collaborated with publishing house L’école des loisirs, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, on a range of white tees and cotton underwear featuring L’école des loisirs’ winsome little creatures. J’adore! L’école des loisirs collection Available from 1 June 106-108 King’s Road, SW3

On the Fence

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Recently launched online shop NINE IN THE MIRROR caters for all women who are expecting but who still wish to look stylish. Labels on offer, including Valentino, Alexander Wang and Sandro, have been chosen to flatter the body at every stage of pregnancy but there’s also a few to flatter your baby too. First, the Coveted Things cotton swaddle blankets that are emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek slogans such as ‘S*** Just Got Real’ and featuring quirky arrows and crown patterns. We are also huge fans of the brand Oeuf, which has alpaca rompers with sewn bunny faces on its front. Teamed with cotton booties, we can’t think of a more adorable look. Coveted Things cotton swaddle blanket, £35; Oeuf alpaca romper, £40

For those of you whose children are looking to take up a rather more unusual hobby, let us introduce you to The Fencing School. As the name suggests, it is primarily concerned with the age-old, time-honoured sport, and has just launched after school drop-in taster sessions at the Ethelburga Community College in Battersea. Aimed at children aged seven to 12 who are yet to try their hand at the sport, the sessions cost £8 a week (including equipment hire). The fast and athletic sport is not only an exciting way to keep kids fit but also to challenge their minds, helping them to get a greater grasp of tactic and strategy. En garde! Ethelburga Community Centre, 60 Worfield Street, SW11

Basket Case Personalised monogramming is having a moment in the luxury industry and is something fashion brand Rae Feather has now also latched onto. It recently launched its S/S15 collection that includes baskets with monogrammed initials and beautifully coloured stripes. The generouslysized baskets are perfect for summer outdoor pursuits, with plenty of room for picnic ingredients and tea party sets. What’s more, Rae Feather offers the baskets in two sizes, meaning that you and your little one can take matching ones out for the day.

Green Fingers

Kids basket, £100; monogram small basket, £120;

Small Print S/S15 collections have officially landed on Smallable, the luxury online kid’s department store. Stocking high-end, quality brands such as Stella McCartney Kids and Little Marc Jacobs, it truly is a one-stop shop for kitting out children’s wardrobes for summer. It also provides some great sartorial inspiration, whether your child is a boho belle or a punk rocker. We love the pieces that have been pulled to achieve an ethnic look; think virtuosic colour, geometric print and tassel detailing, delivered by brands such as American Outfitters and Bellerose. Equally for boys, the 90s look, made possible by a Stella McCartney bomber and a Fendi T-shirt, is oh-so-cool.

With summer holidays on the horizon, you may be starting to think about activities to occupy your children; one that springs to mind as we await warmer weather is gardening. Although you may not want to see your little one digging away in your favourite flower bed, you can surely find somewhere for a little helping hand kitted out in Wild & Wolf’s Little Thoughtful Gardener collection. The range is designed especially for small hands and features garden gloves, a bug box and magnifying glass, fork and trowel, flower press, garden kneeler, insect hotel, garden apron, watering can and seed set; plenty to keep short attention spans in check. Each piece is winsomely illustrated, actively encouraging children to enquire and learn all about nature. From £7.95

en.smallable. com

Capture the Magic Disney’s new Cinderella film introduces us to a heroine whose motto is to “have courage and be kind”; certainly something that any parent would like to instill in their children. A great starting point, then surely, is to dress in the namesake brand Courage & Kind? The label has rummaged through archives of Cinderella, Star Wars and Marvel to produce magical pieces for little ones. We particularly love those that use the original illustrations. Little girls will feel like princesses in their Cinderella-inspired dresses, leggings, shorts and tees, while boys are encouraged to channel their inner dark side in Star Wars’ Darth Vader-emblazoned jackets and tees. And imparting lots of his wisdom (we hope) is Yoda, who features heavily in the line.;




Walker on Air New Zealand fashion designer Karen Walker, aka 'the Queen of Cool', has us on a high with her debut fragrance launch; you can be sure that her new eau de parfums – A, B and C – possess the same energy and eccentricity as her upbeat womenswear collections, each of the three scents having its own characteristics to suit a woman's changing mood. A is the 'happiness potion' and features fresh, floral notes of rose, lily of the valley and crushed mint leaves, while B is lush, ripe and, according to Walker, "brimming with possibilities". Last but not least, C is an addictive, opulent scent, comprising sensual notes of sandalwood, amber and musk. £85 for 100ml each; exclusive to Harvey Nichols

A Dabb Hand

Show Off Since Tamara Ecclestone launched her Show Beauty luxury haircare product range two years ago, it has been going from strength to strength; after successfully launching its in-store blow dry stations across the UK, including Harvey Nichols and Fenwicks, the creative director decided to extend this even further and so has opened her first standalone blow dry bar in the heart of Notting Hill. SHOW Dry, 173 Westbourne Grove, W11;

It was only a matter of time before footcare expert Margaret Dabbs turned her attention to hands. Designed to complement the existing Fabulous Feet range, the “expert-led performance-related” handcare collection encompasses seven products, all of which contain “ingredients that give results”, says Dabbs. This includes the brand’s signature Australian Emu Oil, known for its exceptional healing, anti-ageing and moisturising properties. We particularly love the hand serum; apply a small dollop onto hands before your moisturising cream for an instant silky-smooth finish. The vitamin E and soy isoflavones formula, enriched with sunflower shoot and Lupinus albus seed extracts, also works to reduce the visible signs of ageing and encourage collagen production. Intensive Anti-Ageing Hand Serum, £30 for 30ml; Fabulous Hands collection by Margaret Dabbs;

Burn the Midnight Oil Treating your skin after sun exposure is just as important as during, so make sure that along with your sun cream, you pack after sun when embarking on your summer holiday. One of our favourite new products is Clarins’ After Sun Shimmer Oil. As well as providing essential nourishing moisture through hazelnut oil that works to soften and soothe skin after the dehydrating effects of the sun, it contains tiny flecks of golden shimmer to enhance a tan but without the unpleasant oily texture. What's more, the nourishing oil can be used on the ends of dry or damp hair too. Clarins limited-edition After Sun Shimmer Oil, £32 for 100ml;

Christopher Kane x NARS Having worked together on runway shows for the last three years, we felt certain that the day would soon arrive when NARS and Christopher Kane announced a collaboration, and this finally took place last autumn, much to our excitement. Now available online, the ten-piece Summer 2015 collection, named NEONEUTRAL, encapsulates both brands to a tee, comprising lip glosses, eye shadows, blushers and Illuminating Multiples in bold shades of pink, orange and purple, as well as nude shades to balance them.


of the Month Although it’s so obvious when you stop to think about it, it’s easy to forget how much our bodies are put through because of our hectic lives; a consultation with traditional Chinese medicine expert Dr Zhang reminds me of this emphatically. After a punishing 18-day course of malaria tablets, my digestive system had taken a battering and I wanted a natural solution. Dr Zhang, a dapper dresser with a lovely manner who looks rather more chic than most doctors I’ve visited, explained that his modus operandi is all about prevention, aiming to treat small problems before they become big ones. Abdominal acupuncture is the solution for me, as well as eating warm or hot food, instead of cold meals, for two to three months. Following the relaxing acupuncture, now all I need to do is breathe more deeply and chew more slowly, Dr Zhang tells me. Easier said than done, but this traditional approach has given me the impetus to try harder. Annabel Harrison Dr Dapeng Zhang is based in London’s Harley Street and the Hale Clinic Initial consultation and treatment (75 minutes), £225;

NEONEUTRAL Collection, from £18 Available at Selfridges,

The Mists of Time

The Tied is High Tie-dye is a trend that has trickled down from the fashion world into the cosmetics industry, as highlighted by Dior, which has reinterpreted its kaleidoscopic house collection into a new summer make-up range. Each of the products available – including blushers, eyeshadow, lipsticks and nail polish – have been inspired by tie-dye prints and drench the face in sunkissed radiance. Our favourite products from the range include the nail polishes; apply a single layer of the grenadine base coat on top of one of the three colour options – Sunwashed (milky yellow), Sunkissed (rosy nude) or Sundown (radiant hibiscus) – to give instant tie-dye shading to your nails.

To complement its new summer make-up range of lust-worthy bright colours (including a gorgeous new waterproof mascara in teal), Givenchy has released a number of products designed to give you a natural-looking bronzed glow with minimal hassle. This includes the innovative Croisiere 2015 Must-Have Brume Bonne Mine which works not as a powder or gel but as a fine mist which, with two spritzes, gives skin a healthy sun-kissed effect in just one second. Why waste time sun-bathing?

Dior Vernis, £19 each; Tie Dye Top Coat, £20 020 7216 0216;



Think Fit OLIVIA SHARPE discovers a newfound passion for exercise after training at Matt Roberts in Knightsbridge

THERE ARE SO MANY get-fit schemes currently out there that when it comes to choosing the right one, the prospect has become incredibly daunting. From yoga and zumba to Voga and, if you can believe it, Doga (yoga with your dog), the list is endless. I myself have tried many of these in the hope I would suddenly develop a love affair with exercise while simultaneously transforming into Adriana Lima but sadly this has, so far, been to no avail. It’s not that I want to lose weight but with the approach of the dreaded ‘bikini season’, I found myself (I’m ashamed to admit) falling prey to the recent advert that sparked so much controversy, which condescendingly asked women everywhere: “Are you beach-body ready?” as a blonde, perfectly toned goddess stared down at us with judgemental eyes. So I decided, having exhausted all other options, to try my hand at personal training. Matt Roberts is now one of the most well-established personal training gyms in London. This is largely thanks to its eponymous founder – who, at 16, spotted a gap in the market for “personal training gyms that provide high quality-training, diet and physio services in exceptional settings” – and has since become a pioneering figure in the field, responsible for training politicians and supermodels alike. Unsurprisingly, given his hectic schedule, the man himself is nowhere to be found when I visit the Chelsea outpost but he has built a team of highly skilled trainers (including international athletes and competition winners) to pass on his tried-and-tested methods. I meet one such personal trainer, Ayo, for my initial consultation. Promising to offer clients a five-star experience, the gym has been designed to resemble a Manhattan boutique hotel, kitted out with sleek wooden floor, flattering lighting and luxury products in the changing rooms so clients feel instantly at home. The first question I’m asked is what my goal is, to which I respond: “I want to be ready for the beach”. To my surprise, his face drops and, looking puzzled, he says: “What do you mean? You


already are.” Going red, I elaborate that I would like to look leaner and more toned in general. Smiling, he responds, “That’s better. Being ‘beach-body ready’ doesn’t really mean anything here. After all, what you consider as being this might be completely different to someone else.” The whole ethos behind Matt Roberts is to cater to clients’ individual needs so everything, from my fitness and weight down to my diet, is assessed in order for him to devise my own tailor-made, six-week programme. While the comfortable surroundings might fool you into thinking you’ll be allowed to take it easy, think again. From day one, I was put through my paces and no amount of moaning (trust me) will result in the trainers letting you slack off which, in the long run, you’ll thank them for. My initial sessions were based around building the basic movements that would then form the foundations of my programme, such as squat technique, deadlifts and pressups. I was then given a combination of exercises to do in higher repetition sets to raise my heart rate while building muscular strength and endurance, before moving on to interval-based work to increase my cardiovascular fitness. After six weeks of training two days a week, Ayo repeated the fitness assessment and I discovered, to my delight, that I had indeed become slimmer and more toned, but this wasn’t the most astonishing thing. Now knowing the most effective ways to stay fit and healthy, I have since continued exercising and (shock horror) actually find myself enjoying it, which is truly a miracle in itself. Matt Roberts Kensington & Chelsea, 230 Brompton Road SW3, 020 7581 9199;


Behind the Screens PANDORA jONES speaks to Mark Foligno, Senior Producer at MoliFilms, about how investors can take advantage of the tax benefits provided by an HMRC-approved EIS Scheme and his involvement in award-winning cinematic hit The King’s Speech What inspired you to set up the MoliFilms brand in 2010? It was really born out of a passion for story-telling, ultimately; it’s important to follow your passion in life and, having worked on a number of projects over the years, it made sense to look at making stories we were passionate about. And that was the main reason behind it. What was the most important thing you learnt as MD at postproduction company Molinare? It is key to make sure you are working with people who have experience and good credits behind them, because there’s a lot to learn in film production. Having heads of department who have the ability to resolve ongoing problems – which there always are, because working with a group of creatives is never without its difficulties on occasion – definitely helps a lot. You want some grey hair and experience on the crew! How will this Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) help British independent films? The EIS is a very beneficial vehicle for high-net-worth or super-high-net-worth individuals to involve themselves in more of a passion project, with an element of protection. Investing in film offers great opportunities but there are risks associated and I think the EIS is a very good vehicle for those kinds of endeavours. With it being looked upon so favourably by the government, there are opportunities that protect you from creating something that doesn’t always achieve your ambition. It’s a very positive way of investing in your passion. Can you sum up the financial benefits of this opportunity? You have tax relief off the money going into the company, which has to run for a minimum of three years. If you have a hit, the upside can be incredibly positive. The downside is that there is risk attached; not everyone finds every story as positive as you do.

What are the ‘lifestyle benefits’ of joining the scheme? For investors who have family and friends who have an interest in the creative arts, it’s a positive way to put your toe in the water in terms of visiting the set and coming to screenings, premieres and film festivals; basically being part of something creative is of massive benefit to our investors. We’ve had investors who have been good enough to have speaking parts in films, if they make the grade! Did you ever anticipate the level of success The King’s Speech would attain? It was one of those films that only comes along now and then, and it was a joy to be involved. It became a phenomenon and I guess it was mainly due to the timing which is always important when releasing a film. There was a real positivity surrounding the royal family and Kate and William’s forthcoming wedding. The story had real resonance with so many people and Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were beautifully cast. The stars aligned, which doesn’t always happen; for a long time the script couldn’t get funding. The British and global public loved it. What’s your favourite film from 2014? I am a BAFTA voting member so we receive all the films and vote on them, in time for the BAFTAs. I enjoyed a number of them but one that really stood out was The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am a fan of Wes Anderson anyway and for me this was his best film to date. I think it worked remarkably well, on every level, and it had a tremendous cast. What can you tell us about your upcoming projects? We just shot a fantastic comedy caper called Golden Years about a group of pensioners who go on a bank-robbing spree. We have some fantastic stars (including Bernard Hill and Sue Johnston) and it will be released next year. I think we have something very special.



King With awesome performance, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed is an iron fist inside a velvet glove, says Matthew Carter



nder normal circumstances it wouldn’t be terribly sensible to pound down the outside lane of a motorway at 160mph in the pouring rain. Nine times out of ten it would get you into some sort of trouble. But then, these were not normal circumstances. For starters, we were in Germany driving on an unrestricted autobahn and, on this stretch at least, it was relatively free of other traffic. And I was at the wheel of a Bentley Mulsanne Speed, a car with a potential maximum of 190mph, so I was well within the car’s capabilities. Legal and safe, then… but even that is merely scratching at the surface of what this car can do. The Mulsanne Speed is Bentley’s new top model. The company has taken a hand-built Mulsanne and, as the name implies, added speed. It is not being shy about its “pinnacle flagship”, which it says “redefines the fastest ultra-luxury driving experience in the world”. It’s a bold claim, but clearly one based in reality. The numbers alone are impressive. Under that long bonnet lies Bentley’s longserving 6.75-litre V8 engine, except that it’s been breathed upon to deliver more of everything. Power is up to 537PS (from 512PS), but the engine’s torque, or pulling power, has risen to an extraordinary 1,110Nm; to put that into perspective, a VW Golf GTI makes do with 350Nm.

The result is mind-blowing. This three-tonne battleship rockets to 60mph from rest in 4.8 seconds, can go on to that top speed of 190mph and yet it is even more efficient. Bentley proudly reckons there’s a 13 per cent fuel economy gain (partly down to an improved cylinder deactivation system, which turns the V8 into a V4 when performance is not required) and that you can now go a further 50 miles on every tank. However, these things are relative: the official combined fuel economy figure remains stubbornly below 20mpg and you’ll be doing well to see anything like that in normal use. Fuel economy isn’t really the point of the Mulsanne Speed, though. Although many Mulsannes are chauffeurdriven, the Speed is aimed at the captain of industry who enjoys driving as much as being driven. He (and most buyers are male) will need to be seriously wealthy, of course. The ‘basic’ Mulsanne Speed weighs in at £252,000 – £22k more than the ordinary Mulsanne – and it’s a reassuring £100,000 more than the most expensive Bentley Flying Spur saloon, as driven by the merely rich. That price includes a number of features unique to the Speed, such as the 21-inch uni-directional wheels that are machined (then hand-finished) from solid forged blanks. Even the raised ‘Speed’ badges on the front wings are special, made from polished stainless steel and framed within a laser-cut stainless-steel bar.


And that’s really just the start. ‘My’ Speed had a further £50k worth of optional extras, ranging from a pair of city umbrellas at £155 to a refrigerated bottle cooler between the rear seats with three bespoke crystal champagne flutes for an extraordinary £8,225. Even the rear-view camera – standard in many lesser cars – is a £1,400 extra. So what exactly does our buyer get for his £302,000 investment? He gets a quite remarkable machine with a genuine dual personality. On one hand it’s a supremely comfortable and cossetting bolide that feels just about perfect from the back seat. Surrounded by diamond-quilted premium cowhide – 15 hides are used in each Mulsanne – and confronted with an optional £21,500 (yes, really) entertainment package that includes an integrated iPod, DVD player, the world’s most powerful in-car amplifier and goodness knows what else, it’s a pretty good way to travel. And it’s much better up front. It’s not just the engine that’s been modified to create the Speed. The chassis features electronic control that allows the driver to switch from Comfort to Sport mode, stiffening the all-round air suspension for better body control and

The Speed is aimed at the captain of industry who enjoys driving as much as being driven modifying the steering feel to give better feedback and accuracy. The driver can also scroll through various options to come up with custom settings covering steering, chassis and engine tunes. And while the Speed should never be considered a sports car, it is certainly a sharper act than the conventional Mulsanne. Nothing shows that better than a drive along a strip of unrestricted road. Driving on the autobahn at a modest 120mph or so, the traffic (and spray from the wet road) cleared sufficiently so that I could bury the throttle in the deep pile Wilton overmats (yours for an extra £1,085). With its lights ablaze, the prow of the ‘Extreme Silver’ machine rose majestically and the Speed, er, sped away. The eight-speed automatic dropped a couple of gears – well, it probably did but the changes are so smooth that it’s almost impossible to say for sure – and within a couple of seconds the speedo was showing 160mph. At that point we were travelling notably faster than other cars around so discretion suggested it would be unwise to go any quicker. At that speed, the Mulsanne was utterly beguiling. The car was totally in command of the road while inside the cockpit all was calm and quiet. As far as the Speed was concerned this might have well been a gentle amble in the country rather than a full-on blast down a soaked motorway.

It’s not bad away from the autobahn, either. The Mulsanne is a big car, yet it seems to shrink around you when driving on ordinary A and B roads. Part of that is down to the commanding driving position and the squarerigger styling that makes visibility out as easy as possible. The Flying B bonnet mascot helps the driver’s aim and provides a useful pointer as to the car’s length when parking. Even that is a two-and-a-half grand optional extra, but perhaps that’s the point. If you can afford to spend this sort of money on a car you can equally well afford to plunder the options list to create your bespoke Bentley. Even better, you can spend a couple of days up at the factory in Crewe, meeting the men and women who will spend 400 hours building your car. Here you can choose the colours you want, the style of cross-stitching on the leather-bound steering wheel, the type of veneer, the extras. Whichever way you look at it, the Mulsanne Speed is a long way from being merely a motorcar.

IN BRIEF Car: Bentley Mulsanne Speed Price: £252,000 Engine: Front-mounted, 6,752cc, twin-turbocharged V8 petrol Power: 537PS Performance: 190mph maximum, 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds Drive: Rear-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic


high life

Eat, drink & be merry If you’re in pursuit of guaranteed sunshine, the Algarve in Portugal can boast of more than 300 sunny days each year. Just 35 minutes by car from Faro is Vila Vita Parc, in a prime cliff-top location with panoramic sea views and access to a secluded beach. Across the resort are 180 rooms, suites and villas, many of which are newly-renovated, and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to wining and dining; there are eight restaurants, including the two Michelin-starred Ocean restaurant, six bars and a wine cellar. Adventurous types can sail (on the hotel’s 72-foot yacht, available for private charter), golf, bike or swim, while spa junkies can enjoy treatments by celebrity podiatrist Margaret Dabbs and the HYPOXI® studio. Monarch operates flights to Faro from London Gatwick and London Luton,;



THE WORLD BY annabel harrison

Sixth Sense In June, as Brits flock to the sun-soaked Spanish resort of Marbella, the Puente Romano Beach Resort is adding another string to its hospitality bow to entice holidaymakers. The sparkling new Six Senses Spa combines design elements beautifully suited to a spa in this area of the world – whitewashed walls, blue and white painted tiles, natural stone and oak timber floors – with an all-singing, all-dancing wet area. Once you tire of reading, sunbathing and people-watching, choose from the Six Senses’ signature massage, facial and body treatment menu, wellness therapies and rituals as well as beauty and fitness treatments. Chelsea favourite QMS Medicosmetics and The Organic Pharmacy have been confirmed as product partners and in the pipeline are yoga classes and wellness retreats. Sign us up.

Moving On Up Shaken Not Stirred Just as famous as the white-uniformed door men and the palm tree-lined boulevard that leads to the grand house that is Raffles Singapore is its Singapore Sling cocktail. For 100 years, the fruity concoction served at the hotel’s Long Bar has won over fans worldwide, one of whom was Rudyard Kipling (despite it originally being intended as a libation for the ladies). Much like global favourite Coca Cola, the drink’s recipe has to date been shrouded in secrecy but, to mark its momentous coming of age, the hotel has released it; perhaps putting many mixologists, who thought they’d cracked and perfected it, to shame.

In response to guest requests, private member’s club The Arts Club is set to open its very own hotel, further elevating Dover Street into the upper echelons of London’s luxury sphere. Although membership is not a prerequisite for booking, an air of exclusivity is retained as reservations can only be made via someone who is (so it’s time to schmooze any friends who are members there). There is to be a combination of 16 rooms and suites, the latter of which are located on the second, third and fourth floor of the Mayfair townhouse. The interior design is inspired by the elegance of early 20th century Europe and rooms boast leather-embossed headboards, gilded mirror panels and hand tufted rugs. Guests, of course, will have access to all of the Club’s existing facilities, including the three restaurants, garden and nightclub. Opens late June;

The One & Only To the delight of anyone visiting Los Cabos in the imminent future, One&Only’s Palmilla resort has re-opened. Carnivores should make a beeline for the new steakhouse, SEARED by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and fish-lovers for Suviche restaurant, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez. The spa is now a colossal, gleaming 22,000-squarefoot oasis of space; if the humidity has wreaked havoc with your hair, head to the OBO Salon by top Beverly Hills celebrity stylists Jonathan & George or Barber&Blade, exclusively for the gentlemen. Follow this with lunch or fresh juice in the Yoga Garden and, if you want to be rather more active, go for a dip in the ocean or partake in an outdoor activity, like Sunrise Yoga or Beach Boot Camp. One thing that hasn’t changed for guests staying in the 173 oceanfront guest rooms and suites is the service; every single guest is served by a butler whose role is to cater to your each and every whim.

New Edition Visitors to, and residents of, New York are now being treated to a little piece of hotelier Ian Schrager’s revolutionary and creative mastery, thanks to The Edition, which opened in April. It sits on the border between Uptown and Downtown in the famous Clocktower building on Madison Square Park. There are 273 rooms, many of which showcase a 180-degree view of Manhattan, but if that doesn’t suffice, the 1,400 sq. ft. penthouse offers a 360° vista. Interiors speak to both the old and new; the original dark wood walls and floors have been retained on the second floor, while leading up to it is a 30-foot-long steel fireplace and sculptural staircase that evokes the opulence of Millionaire’s Row mansion entrances. The hotel will have a restaurant by Britain’s very own Jason Atherton; with this young chef at the helm, ever ahead of the gastronomic curve, we expect that Social will soon become a stomping ground for refined foodies and celebrities alike. Rooms start at £470;

Marry in Style Two of our favourite brands – Mandarin Oriental and Jenny Packham – have partnered up to ensure brides-to-be can throw the ultimate wedding party in the heart of London. If following the footsteps of the beautiful Kim Sears (now Mrs. Murray) appeals to you, book at the Mandarin and feel like a princess as you and your groom arrive via the Royal Entrance on Hyde Park, whirl around the ballroom (24-carat-gilded, naturally) and retire after much merriment to a Mandarin Junior Suite, with the hotel’s compliments. Best of all, you can take advantage of an exclusive discount off Jenny Packham wedding dresses and accessories as well as receiving an original sketch of your gown signed by Jenny herself. We particularly like the fact that the hotel can host an ‘after-party’ in its lower ground floor events spaces, thanks to its late night license until 3am, which means that Cinderella certainly doesn’t have to go home at midnight. The Wedding Package is available until 31 December 2015. To make a reservation call 020 7201 3772 or email (quoting Jenny Packham 2015)


The Nature of the

Game Annabel Harrison visits the spectacular Singita Grumeti Reserves in the heart of Tanzania for the most magical safari experience imaginable

t’s a sound I won’t ever forget. Our open-sided Jeep has pulled off the terracotta-coloured dirt road and purred through the long, whispering grass towards a tree that, from a distance, looks indistinguishable from the hundreds scattered over the plain around it. Dawn is breaking; the blue-grey sky is tinged peach-pink on the horizon and the savannah’s inhabitants are yawning and stretching in the cool morning air. I know which tree we’re aiming for because we were here last night too, in the hope of catching sight of a female leopard who, according to reports from other safari guides, had won a hard-fought fight against a baboon and had taken her prize up a tree to enjoy it at leisure. Skittish, she slunk away before we arrived but we saw the limp, lifeless simian among the branches, hands and feet hanging pitifully. As we draw closer, we glimpse a flash of spotted hide in this same spot. Our peerless guide Peter, as ever, sees more than we do. “That leopard is big. It’s a male.” My fiancé Zain and I look at each other; Peter explains that the male has stolen the female’s catch. It’s then that we hear the sound; I had expected a lively dawn chorus of birdsong and lions roaring good morning but that’s

Faru Faru Lodge’s pool and deck


Photography: Zain Hirani


not it. When we stop ten metres from the tree, we hear strong jaws crunching through rib bones as if they were carrot sticks. It’s mesmerising. I’m distressed about the baboon’s fate but remind myself that this is not a Disney safari and the big cats have to eat too; Peter recounts a recent, unforgettable encounter with a leopard which killed seven impala and spent days in a tree eating them. Our leopard episode takes up just an hour of our safari experience but it’s indicative of the natural wonders you will encounter in the Singita Grumeti Reserves, covering 350,000 acres and adjacent to the Western Corridor of the Serengeti. Created by the Tanzanian government in 1994 to protect the path of the annual (and world-famous) wildebeest migration and the indigenous biodiversity of this vast ecosystem, Singita took over management in 2006 and began the task of generating, via low-impact tourism, the funds necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of the reserve. East Africa is equatorial so the climate is fairly constant year-round, ideal for tourists, and low-impact is the right term for the Singita approach; in Tanzania (Singita also has properties in South Africa) a maximum of 94 people can be hosted at any one time, across five accommodation options on the reserve. We’re shown around all of them and I suggest Serengeti House which sleeps eight for those who want absolute privacy (such as groups of friends, families or high-profile guests), Sabora Tented Camp for those who are thrilled by the idea of lions being five feet away as they sleep and the Explore Mobile Tented Camp for those who want to feel like true African wanderers. We stay at the lodges, Sasakwa (which can sleep 34) and Faru Faru (22), for four nights and can’t decide which one we love most. Just how far the staff will go to make you happy is immediately obvious. Zain is upset at having forgotten

his camera charger (an essential piece of kit for safari) and friendly, efficient assistant lodge manager Tansy solves this in an instant. “We have a universal charger or, as yours is in Arusha with your parents, we could arrange for it to be brought over on the next flight?” Zain beams and Tansy shows us around the main lodge, reminiscent of a gorgeous, colonial African manor house, with wide verandas, slate roofs and stone-clad columns, as well as a treasure trove of furniture and art. Singita calls the style ‘eclectic and African colonial’; there are Indian textiles, Chinese porcelain, European antiques and African artefacts. Amazing animal photography and sculptures give the lodge a homely feel while reminding you exactly where you are. As we go, Tansy explains that there are only two rules: “Please don’t walk at night unattended. And don’t feed the monkeys!” They are opportunistic, that’s for sure; when we’re shown around the beautiful Equestrian Centre (equine-enthusiasts’ heaven) by its manager Alison, the monkeys are trying to steal the horses’ lunch. There are jewellery and gift boutiques, a pool and Jacuzzi, tennis courts and gym. We’re staying in Hemingway, one of ten cottages (which sleep between two and eight people). It’s laugh-out-loud luxurious; double front doors lead past kikoi on hooks, a mini bar and a guest loo into our lounge (complete with chandelier, sumptuous armchairs, a zebra-hide pouf and a French map of Africa on the wall), which in turn leads into our bedroom (with a wooden, four-poster, white-canopied bed and bell-like copper light switches). We have a small outdoor pool and garden too, a huge bathroom kitted out with Penhaligon’s products and an old-fashioned, wood-panelled dressing room. Faru Faru is smaller, with an even more laidback feel. At first glance it’s all stone and white with a tented

There are only two rules: “Please don’t walk at night unattended, and don’t feed the monkeys!”

Faru Faru Lodge


roof (upon which the monkeys later frolic, eyes firmly on our breakfast until staff scare them off). Tamara shows us to our suite, which is breath-taking, decked out in exquisite neutral fabrics, African furniture and decorative touches; the length of it is almost entirely glass on the side facing the river (and our private pool). Tamara explains that the lodge isn’t closed off to animals, so we must always be taken back to our room at night (as we could, quite literally, be only three feet from a rhino as we do so). We realise quickly that we may be in the middle of the Tanzanian wilderness almost nose-to-nose with nature but at Singita that definitely doesn’t mean abandoning creature comforts. The Sasakwa spa, for example, is up there with the best I’ve ever visited. A tempting-sounding menu includes the standard mani/pedi, facial and massage options, plus an impressive range of African treatments; Zain and I try the amazing (and reasonable, at $100 for 90 minutes) Uhai body balance massage; it

Photography: Zain Hirani

incorporates strong, kneading, knot-releasing movements with a facial and head rub so blissful we both doze off. However, despite the delights of both lodges, it’s the game drives that make Singita completely unforgettable. We go out early in the morning, returning for a late breakfast, and then again at 4.30pm, as temperatures begin to ease off. Looking for the solitary big cats (cheetahs and leopards) turns out to be like searching for needles in a haystack, if the haystack is made up of never-ending expanses of waist-high grass, clusters of dense foliage and trees, myriad shades of cat colours and thousands of other animals grazing on the vast plains. Peter stops sporadically and checks the dirt for paw prints; during our conversations I realise that I do know some Swahili words, including simba, hakuna matata and rafiki (thanks to The Lion King!) Lions are a lot easier to find – and we see 25 of these majestic creatures over the course of eight drives. The first sighting is arguably

Sasakwa Lodge


Photography: Zain Hirani

the most special; one early morning, we happen upon a pride comprising three mothers, five young males and two young females. When even your guide is taking a photo, you know it’s an extraordinary moment. The biggest treat follows this sighting, just when we think it can’t get any better. We turn a corner and spot vivid orange tablecloths amid the green grass. The team has put on a surprise breakfast out in the bush and it’s as generous an offering as could be found in a top London hotel. We settle down with Peter, and a

It’s a thrilling moment on the bush walk when a herd of 60 elephants passes behind us chilled glass of Cava, to enjoy fresh fruit, an assortment of pastries and pancakes, yoghurt, meat and cheese, teas, juices, eggs, bacon and sausages. It would feed at least 15 hungry people and there are just seven of us. Zain and I are speechless, and so satisfied we feel we’ve been fed enough to last us the whole day. However, this spread is indicative of what is to come; at Singita, you must cast any diet plan or thoughts of abstinence aside. You are going to be fed and watered extremely well and you’ll want to revel in it, even if you do start to feel like a hobbit (meals include first breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea and supper, plus snacks). In both lodges, we never eat in the same place and always outdoors, which is lovely. At Sasakwa, Khalid takes wonderful care of us and he, as with most Singita staff we speak to, has been with the company for years. Lunch might comprise a green salad followed by Cajun

Faru Faru

Faru Faru


Photography: Zain Hirani

fish skewers and blueberry cheesecake with lavender ice cream (and there’s always freshly-baked bread, which is irresistible). Wine is included in the room rate with every meal; generally there are a couple of whites, roses and reds on offer, many from Stellenbosch in South Africa. Breakfast at Faru Faru is particularly memorable too; Zain and I both love the chapatti and omelette. The menus are more diverse than we expected; we count more than 30 separate ingredients in one impressive lunch platter. You can use the gym in an attempt to work it off but it’s a lot more fun to go on a bush walk. Tansy’s engaging and practical husband Rich takes us out and it’s a thrilling moment when a herd of 60 elephants passes behind us. I know we’re in safe hands; Rich has been doing this for years (and Peter, reassuringly, is following in the car). If you’re a safari novice, take lots of sun-cream and bug spray, a hat, layers of clothing, cameras (fully charged) and plenty of patience. The small creature sightings (a tiny fluffy owl, inquisitive jackals, the delightful, short-legged, nervous warthogs reversing into their holes) are just as special as the Big Five. Birds are fascinating too; there are 1,200 species

in the Serengeti and Peter names every one we see, many of which have great names; bare-faced ‘go-away’ birds, white-breasted bastards and cocky franklins. On our last evening game drive, as the air is cooling, we’re allowed to get out of the car in the middle of a flat, cropped plain as we enjoy a sundowner G&T and pre-supper snacks. One of the highlights of our day is chatting to Peter during this quiet time. As far as the eye can see, we’re surrounded; there are clusters of monochrome-striped zebras, ostriches, curlyhorned buffalo, wildebeest, warthog, and fleet-footed gazelles, elands and topi. A baby zebra (“probably born yesterday”, says Peter) stays at its mother’s side and birdsong echoes in the distance. I feel utterly at peace, and never want to leave, a feeling exacerbated by our return to the lodge, where a bubble bath has been run for us and our room filled with candles. As our tiny plane races down the runway at the Sasakwa airstrip the next morning, Peter signals goodbye in a truly African fashion; a far cry from a slightly embarrassed, one-handed British attempt, he lifts both arms and waves expansively. I am not ashamed to say that my eyes tear up at this moment, so sad I am that this experience is ending but so happy to take away our memories that will last a lifetime.

MORE INFORMATION Rates at Singita Sasakwa Lodge for a cottage start from £960 per person per night on a full board basis. Rates for a suite at Singita Faru Faru Lodge start from £775 per night, based on two people sharing on a full board basis. Both room rates include twice-daily game drives, equestrian day rides and return transfers to the Singitia Sasakwa airstrip (

Sasakwa Lodge


Al-Husn - Bait Al Bahr


Delights For those planning ahead for holidays towards the end of the year, set course for Oman, says James Ogilvy, for a taste of heaven


first of all, let’s talk about flights. For me, one of the most important aspects of a holiday, especially a short one, is a direct flight. You know the problem: you’ve had a wonderful week on some remote Caribbean island, but when it comes to going home, you’re faced with, perhaps, a boat ride, a hop in a small plane, then a wait in a not-very-lovely airport for the main flight. The result? You end up getting home, and needing another holiday. And lovely though the Caribbean is, I do also rather like heading east, so that when I come back to the UK, I wake up early and feel full of beans for days to come. So here is a simple question, for those of you looking ahead to the next autumn/winter season: what is the closest, reliably sunny destination in an easterly direction, without connections? In my opinion, a very good answer is Oman. Dubai rather dominates tourism in the area, but it is often best experienced in small doses. Relaxing it is not. There are some great hotels but I find I’m always aware of this intense city bubbling away very close by, quite apart from the hubbub of planes, boats and construction. Just an hour further on (direct from London by Oman Air) brings you to Oman and a different world. Under the visionary leadership of the current Sultan (the more I discover about him, the more impressive he becomes), Oman has avoided the problems that beset so much of the Middle East. It is diverse and tolerant, and for the visitor it provides a very warm and welcoming atmosphere with a very strong sense of its own long history and culture.

An ideal trip, in my eyes, would comprise five or six days spent on the coast, soaking up the sun and getting a taste of Muscat, followed by a few days up in the mountains for something rather special. One of the joys of Oman is that it has not been over-developed. There are just a few resort-style hotels close to the capital and my recommendation for anything more than a few days

Oman is diverse and tolerant, with a very strong sense of its own history and culture is the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, below, which is about 30 minutes from the airport. Spreading over three distinct properties, there is something for everyone The Al Waha is by the beach, surrounded by pools and perfectly set up for families with younger children with fun eating places and plenty to keep them entertained. The Al Bandar is a little more ‘grown-up’ and is slightly set back from the water with a variety of restaurants in and around the front of the property. The majority of all rooms look out to the Gulf of Oman framed by dramatic rock formations. But if you’re after peace and quiet, go for the Al Husn part of the hotel, which is essentially adults-only. Set apart on the top


Al Husn’s private beach


of a rocky outcrop, the rooms are all large and airy. It has its own pool, restaurants and – most importantly – beach. In its own little bay, it is utterly quiet. The day starts with a fantastic breakfast, and I prefer to spend it either by the pool or on the beach. Attention to guests’ comfort is exemplary: morning and afternoon, chilled fruit and sorbet are brought round, cool face towels arrive regularly, and nice chaps appear to clean my glasses. Two more very nice touches: afternoon tea is served on the main terrace (at the perfect time if a large breakfast has taken you right through lunch) and in the early evening, drinks for all Al Husn guests. Both are complimentary – yes, free! – and both are clearly greatly appreciated by guests, judging by the take-up. Other

Alternative Oman It works extremely well to combine the ‘resort’ experience with another perspective on Oman. A two-hour drive up into the mountains brings you to the extraordinary Alila Jabal Akhdar, close to Nizwa. You arrive without realising it, so wellcamouflaged are the hotel’s buildings, which are all made from local stone. This relatively small hotel is in a dramatic position, perched on a promontory overlooking a canyon half-a-mile deep. The complete surprise is the level of quality.

Afternoon tea on the main terrace and early evening drinks are complimentary for all guests hotels should take note: a little generosity goes a long way. There is a big central spa and gym, and a wide choice of restaurants catering to all tastes, which is great if you are there for a while, in terms of variety. There are some very enjoyable diversions too. A two-hour trip to see dolphins (and whales in January/ February) was an unexpected pleasure: the sight of hundreds of them cavorting simultaneously was quite something. And as a visitor you should definitely venture into Muscat. We set off with a very knowledgeable guide in a taxi and saw and learnt a great deal. When it came to leave we felt completely revitalised.

The rooms are superb: they are warmly modern and very luxurious. Every detail from bed to carpet and bath to lighting has been carefully chosen, and the hotel’s own natural lotions and potions are wonderful. The food is a revelation and of a quality and intensity I would be blown away by in the centre of London or Paris. To achieve it in such a location is remarkable. The spa is world-class, again using the fabulous in-house products. You simply don’t expect to find this kind of experience outside of an Aman resort and at considerably lower cost. But the remarkable thing about the Alila is the silence, which is absolute. At 7,000 feet, you’re essentially in a vast nature reserve, with no visitors allowed other than guests and local villagers who mostly farm roses (for rose water) and pomegranates. Early mornings you’ll tend to find a mist hanging in the canyon,

From £1,695 per person through Mason Rose Private: five nights at Shangri-La Al Bandar in a Deluxe Room (including one complimentary night; stay five nights for four) and two nights at Alila Jabal Akhdar in a Mountain Room. Rates are on a bed and breakfast basis and include economy flights (based on Oman Air) and round-trip private transfers. Supplement for business class from £1,600 per person (

and as the sun comes up it gradually touches the surrounding peaks, before working its way down the mountains, burning off the mist as it rises. It is a spiritual experience. Unlike a resort hotel where body and mind feel refreshed, here your soul is refreshed too.


A Room with a


Hannah Lemon plays the modern-day princess in a white tower of luxury, admiring epic alpine-forest scenery and the cobalt waters of Lake Lucerne below


t was always a dream of mine to visit Disneyland. As soon as I was introduced to the film world of princesses and castles with flags waving from turrets, I imagined with dreamy wonder what it might be like to experience this magical world. As my taxi drives up towards Château Gütsch, that same feeling reappears. Surrounded by Lucerne’s alpine trees, the Swiss hotel’s white tower looks like a place Rapunzel might dangle her hair from and as we get closer it doesn’t lose its charm. The hotel has had a rocky history, though, ever since it was set up as an inn in 1888. A fire later destroyed parts of the building; it then remained closed during the First World War, was handed over to the military during the Second and was finally restored as a hotel in 1948. In May 2014, after extensive renovation and a change of hands, the château reopened with the aim of providing an insight into Lucerne’s rich history as well as the luxury offerings of a boutique hotel. The result is proudly revealed by the staff who warmly welcome my boyfriend and me with a tour of the building. The hotel is small – with only 27 bedrooms – but the interiors designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard provide grandeur beyond its size. The spacious restaurant serves guests breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sits alongside a small wine cellar, which can be booked out by interested parties. On the floor above is the imperial Knights Hall, which overlooks the castle’s courtyard. This impressive room, decorated in soft duck egg blue and teal, is a calming place to sit and chat with a tipple or two. A balcony wraps around the exterior of the castle from which I spy a plaque commemorating one of its most famous guests, more exciting than Disney royalty: Queen Victoria. The most impressive thing about Château Gütsch, however, is the crystal-clear panoramic view of the River Reuss and Lake Lucerne against a striking backdrop of Swiss mountains. This vision is even available from our room, which we get to via a charming, rickety, oldfashioned lift that supports a maximum of three people. Anyone looking for overstated glamour is not going to be wowed by the regular bedrooms but they are perfect for

an intimate weekend escape. For an upgrade, however, opt for the Queen Victoria suite at £590 a night. We start our first evening at the hotel with a cocktail at the bar before setting off for dinner, which turns out to be an elaborate affair. I am advised by the waiter that the set menu of six courses is not a hefty undertaking. Despite this, inordinately large portions appear from the kitchen one after the other. My boyfriend manages to finish every last bite but I am defeated by the offering and only manage half. The elaborate thought and fuss that goes into the construction of each plate does translate into very tasty mouthfuls, even even if there are too many of them. Dishes on offer include veal with morel-sherry sauce, Chateaubriand steak with risotto and beef steak tartare, and there is also a great selection of vegetarian dishes including ravioli with truffle and spinach. The large meal supplies plenty of fuel for the next day; the German-speaking town of Lucerne is not large, so it’s easy to walk to most places, although a

I spy a plaque commemorating one of the hotel’s most famous guests; Queen Victoria taxi back to the hotel is recommended unless you are used to vertical hiking. You will notice that Lucerne, like most affluent Swiss destinations, advertises and sells an overwhelming variety of luxury watches. Chopard, Piaget, IWC, Bucherer; you name it, you’ll find it. After a pricey purchase, walk along the creaky Kapellbrücke (chapel bridge) across Lake Lucerne to the quaint shops and cafes, and visit the 10-metre-long lion monument. The sculpture of the dying lion was etched into the rock face in 1820 to commemorate Swiss soldiers who died defending King Louis XVI during the French Revolution. Lucerne’s impressive landscape offers something to do for every season. Mid-summer temperatures average in the early 20s, so it is an excellent climate



for active couples or families wanting to amuse (and tire out) their children. There are hiking trips or tours to Mount Pilatus, where you can get a cable car to the top to enjoy the views, and throughout the summer and autumn months there are also a variety of jazz and classical music festivals. At the end of the year, it’s romantically Christmassy; snow is sprinkled over the mountains like a smattering of icing sugar, and everything in the town is equally as sweet. Candy canes and gingerbread men are available to buy at the Christmas market on Franziskanerplatz and although it’s not as impressive in scale as some of the others on offer in Europe, it is truly authentic. Whether it is cold or warm, a stroll along the river is worth the effort, particularly if you can make it down to the Swiss Museum of Transport. For those already rolling their eyes at the thought of train-spotting, be prepared to be amazed. This is by the far the most exciting museum


I have been to and is a haven for little children who can run around on scooters and dumper trucks. We are not exempt from this either; we learn how to ride a penny farthing, choose our favourite vehicles from a workshop of retro cars and even fly a plane (simulation, of course). When it’s time to pack up and leave this quaint lake of luxury I can’t help feeling a little smug; Lucerne is no Disneyland but it provides just the right amount of fairy-tale feeling to make any stay magical. Stay at Château Gütsch from £216 per room per night including breakfast, Wi-Fi, service, VAT and outdoor parking, plus city tax of £2.20 per person per night. For more information or to book, contact Château Gütsch (+41 41 289 14 14;


yo ursElf to be n

Iro nma Public entry is now sold out across all UK Ironman events but you can still get your hands on a place with Macmillan. Ensure you are on the start line and sign up for a place today. The extreme challenge consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run. Not sure you are quite ready for an Ironman event yet? If not, Macmillan has places in two Ironman 70.3 events – that’s half the distance. Every stroke, pedal and step you can will help to ensure no one has to face cancer alone.

For more information and to join Team Macmillan visit

Ironman Ironman Ironman Ironman

70.3 Staffordshire 14 June 2015 70.3 UK Exmoor 28 June 2015 UK 19 July 2015 Wales 13 September 2015

Macmillan Cancer Support, registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604).

More than just a name, Snow Lepoard vodka was created to help save this beautiful creature from extinction. 15% of profits from the brand are given directly to Snow Leopard conservation projects. Award winning Snow Leopard vodka is the first luxury vodka to be made from the Spelt grain, which provides a unique and distinct, nutty fresh taste. Available from Selfridges, Hedonism Drinks and Fortnum and Mason



BY phoebe mcdowell

Truffle Treats If you’re a true truffle-hunter, then you’ll be delighted to learn that this month Harrods will dedicate an entire section to this decadent treat with the opening of Tartufi and Friends, to coincide with the black truffle season in May. With flagship restaurants in Milan and Rome, this Italian truffle lounge, founded by the Sermoneta Group, is wellsuited to a residency in Harrods’ distinguished food hall. Fresh black and white versions of the ingredient will be used in all of the restaurant’s dishes, sweet and savoury, not to mention the signature cocktails. To give it its proper Italian name, the tartufo bianco, the more indulgent of the funghi options, is included in a burger that will hopefully live up to its whopping £75 price tag.

Down the Garden Path If there was anywhere I’d expect to see Michael Caine and the cast of Made in Chelsea all in one room, it would be The Ivy Chelsea Garden. The muchanticipated opening of the company’s third outpost took place last month and, as to be expected from a restaurant famed for its famous clientele, our evening turned out to be just as much about the people-watching as it was about the food. The all-day menu, a mix of British and international dishes, is filled with many tempting comfort food options but there are also a number of lighter dishes (no doubt to cater for those patrons looking to watch their already svelte figures). For starters, the beef carpaccio is a must-have; it’s a generous portion with a delicious accompaniment of horseradish, mustard cream and virgin olive oil, which thankfully did not overpower the succulent flavour of the meat. The crispy duck salad, which has been given a refreshing Asian twist, served with pak choi, beansprout and ginger salad, is another great choice. While there are many options aside from the grill when it comes to mains, from hearty shepherd’s pie to pea and asparagus risotto, this is the obvious choice. My tuna was let down by being slightly overcooked but fortunately the side of thick-cut chips, served hot and crispy, made up for this. Opting for non-grill, my guest had the rack of lamb, which was in every way the perfect spring dish, arriving pink and tender with a fresh herb crust. While I never usually favour dessert, the chocolate bombe (which our waiter insisted on us trying) proved to be the highlight of the meal. Cracking into the chocolate casing to reveal what was

Tartufi and Friends, Harrods

hidden underneath, the explosive combination of honeycomb, hot salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream encapsulates what every dessert should be: rich, decadent and completely irresistible. Although there were a couple of teething problems when it came to the service (the waiter brought our meal to the table when neither of us was sitting down), this is to be expected in the first week of a restaurant’s opening, and on the whole the staff was helpful and obliging. While it was still a little too chilly when my guest and I visited to sit in the garden, I am sure this will be the area’s new ‘it’ al fresco dining area as soon as summer arrives (no doubt giving the likes of Bluebird a run for its money). With its beautiful, climbing trellises and soothing water foundations, there is now even less reason not to leave the tranquil haven that is Chelsea. Olivia Sharpe The Ivy Chelsea Garden, 197 King’s Road, SW3



DRINKING Orient Express

A little while ago we told you about Kurobuta, Scott Hallsworth’s King’s Road venture. If you were a fan, we suggest you make a reservation at Joe’s Oriental Diner, pronto. It has the dive bar culture of the Orient at its core, something to which the intimate space, with hanging filament lights and slap-dash lick of paint, certainly panders. It’s nondescript but that merely adds to the emphasis staying firmly on what is edible (and drinkable). Quirky cocktails (some of which are served in teapots) complement the food well, although wine is also available if you prefer. The pan-Asian menu throws up a whole host of delicious small and large plates, presented on china-patterned plates. For us, the BBQ pork belly and its accompanying chilli jam emerged as the favourite, with delicious crackling and melt-inthe-mouth meat. The scallops were enormous, served piping hot and doused in a translucent broth so good that it warranted a slurp of the remnants from the shell. If you’re after something more classic, however, opt for the yellow snapper curry; exotic and authentic in equal measure. Although less sophisticated than Kurobuta, Scott’s certainly shares its special DNA. Joe’s Diner, 251 King’s Road, SW3

Dab Hand Put it in your diary now or miss out; from 11 May, for eight weeks only, renowned Michelin-starred Ollie Dabbous is guest chef at Harrods for the store’s ongoing foodie campaign, Chef of the Season. Snap up a dish-togo from a range inspired by Ollie’s own restaurant’s signature offerings. “The dishes I’ve created for Harrods”, he says, “are stylistically aligned with my restaurant but with a bit more comfort and accessibility. It’s summer, so I’ve gone for a mix of cold foods, salads and baked goods with a simple, light feel where you can taste all the ingredients.” Fill your fridge with cured goose with fenugreek, and a fennel, pollen, lemon balm, pickled rose petals and barbecued octopus salad with toasted buckwheat. We love the sound of the desserts most of all: canales cooked in beeswax, cigar leaf caramel “BB” chocolates and a banana and custard pie. Finish off this first-class spread with a glass of Ollie’s signature Verbena lemonade. Ollie Dabbous at Harrods, from 11 May;


Start the Day Well Considering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Polpo has some very good news. The W11 branch now serves breakfast, which is Venetian-inspired, of course. Available from 10am until 4pm, dishes include pancetta hash and poached egg, mushroom piadina and fried egg, and zucchini frittata. Along with a selection of fresh juices, tea and coffee, those feeling the effects of the night before can banish sore heads with a hair-of-the-dog Bloody Mary, breakfast Martini or Bellini. And in other news, Chelsea residents are rejoicing as Polpo has snapped up a space in Duke of York Square. It is now open and complete with a large outdoor space that serves to further evoke a Venetian charm. Polpo, 126-128 Notting Hill Gate, W11

Oyster specialists and seafood wholesalers the Wright Brothers have announced the launch of their new oyster house. Seafood-lovers will be flocking to savour a menu of mouth-watering oysters and fruits-de-mer, as well as a regularly changing specials board. There will also be a bar to wash down the ‘pound a pop’ Happy Hour oysters, cultivated from the company’s own Duchy Oyster Farm. Wright brother Robin Hancock says: “South Kensington feels like that little corner of Paris where we first began to dream about re-popularising the oyster in London.” Robin, along with brother-in-law Ben, has a simple aim; to revive our love for the oyster. The Wright Brothers, 56 Old Brompton Road, SW7;

Pink Fizz Theo Fennell is well-known for his jewellery but it appears his talents, and passions, stray a little further than that; the Chelsea resident has been dabbling in cocktail-making at Mayfair’s Sketch. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the cocktail, named Theo’s Pink Fizz, comes in a shocking shade of pink (the jewellery brand’s signature colour) and consists of Beefeater 24, a floral rose liqueur, and orange and blossom water, complete with a smidgen of rosé Champagne. Created by Sketch’s very own Joseph Arowolo, it is a guaranteed distinctive yet delicious taste of summer. Available from June Sketch, 9 Conduit Street, W1S

Spice Up Your Life If you tend to approach spice with caution when it comes to cooking, there is no longer need to fear; Arun Kapil is here to help. The award-winning purveyor of fine spices has written a book on the different types of spices and how to use them, meaning he is well-placed to offer his expertise. His three kits (beginners, advanced and masters) all contain a range of spices, a copy of Fresh Spice and an electric grinder for the most skilled mixing. As the skill level increases, more additions are included; making for the most accomplished of spice handlers, and of course, the most flavoursome of dishes. Arun’s Beginners’ Spice Kit: £65; Advanced: £135; Master: £175



General manager Gabriel Smith gives us an insight into working life at Chelsea’s Sophie’s Steakhouse • We kick off a Monday by breaking down the week just past; what could we have done better? Managing the emotional atmosphere of the team is a constant challenge and needs assessing daily. I find that ongoing training and informal chats work a treat! • We dry-age and butcher our native breed beef in house so I have a morning meeting with the chef to talk about what he’s cutting for the day. This week was all about T-bones with Porterhouses weighing in at between 25oz and 50oz. My next task is to respond to party booking enquiries. Fun is part of Sophie’s DNA and I love Chelsea for the complete cross-section of people it attracts; they help to create our unique buzz. • Film is my thing and I have recently discovered the luxury of the Pullman seat in the Curzon Cinema. I am new to the Chelsea area so I try to take a different route to work every day; yesterday I stumbled across the beautiful magnolia trees lining St Leonards Terrace. • I love to support independent restaurants, my local favourites being Kurobuta or Tommi’s Burgers post-shift. I say, #gowest! Sophie’s, 311-313 Fulham Road, SW10 9QH 020 7352 0088;

Don’t Mind if We Choux Quite possibly the most exquisite éclairs are those made by Maître Choux, hence our excitement at it setting up shop in South Kensington. Belonging to Joakim Prat – an award-winning pastry chef who worked as head chef for Joël Robuchon’s at L’Atelier – it is the only UK pastry shop to have a three Michelinstarred master at its helm. The shop will sell a range of éclairs, choux and chouquette, and for those who understandably want to savour the indulgence and enjoy with a fine tea, coffee, or even a hot chocolate (made from a recipe from Prat’s grandmother), there are a handful of seats. Maître Choux, 15 Harrington Road, SW7


Rosie Fortescue

Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Richard Jones

Olivia Hunt

Roxie Nafousi Kyle Soller, Sam Hoare and James Norton

Alice Naylor-Leyland

James and Sophia Blunt

Ella Catliff

Nicky Haslam

Charlie Casely-Hayford and Hugo Taylor

Lizzy Cundy and Basia Briggs

Lily Bartol and Alistair Guy

Kelly Hoppen

Irene Forte and Chelsea Davy

Rosie Fortescue and Rosanna Falconer

LONDON LIVING Photography: Dave Benett

A Thing of Beauty

Dylan Jones and Ewan Venters

Martha Ward, Eve Pollard and Justine Picardie

Richard E. Grant

WHAT: Fortnum & Mason Fragrance and Beauty Floor launch WHEN: 27 April WHERE: Fortnum & Mason 2nd Floor, Piccadilly WHO: Richard E. Grant, Lisa Snowdon, Amber Atherton, Stephen Webster and Dylan Jones WHY: Associated with quintessential British refinement and tradition since 1707, Fortnum & Mason has added to its famed repertoire a dedicated new beauty floor, offering fine fragrance, cosmetics, bath and body products, covetable loungewear and luxurious treatment rooms by Bamford. Definitely something worth celebrating, right? And Fortnum’s did just that, inviting Lisa Snowdon, Amber Atherton and Richard E. Grant to feast on canapés spritzed with scent to reflect the multi-sensory environment of the floor, which has been inspired by the tranquil ambience of ladies salons in the Georgian era and boasts a spectacular floor-to-ceiling chandelier. We wouldn’t expect anything less. Amber Atherton

The Ivy League WHAT: The Ivy Chelsea Garden launch party WHEN: 14 April WHERE: The Ivy Chelsea Garden WHO: Charles Delevingne, James Blunt, Hugo Taylor, Astrid Harbord, Chelsea Davy, Rosie Fortescue and Nicky Haslam WHY: The sun came out for The Ivy Chelsea Garden’s much-anticipated launch event, which is just as well as guests were dressed in their summer best and supplied with chilled glasses of Moët & Chandon Champagne. Decadent canapés, including truffle chicken gougère and lemon meringue – courtesy of executive chef Sean Burbidge – were in generous supply throughout the evening. With the smooth sound of jazz by The Blind Tigers as a backdrop, Poldark’s Kyle Soller and Grantchester’s James Norton revelled in the convivial ambience, while Sophie Ellis-Bextor was spotted catching up with James Blunt, who attended the event despite flying in from his 12-month tour that same day! So rock 'n' roll.

Anna Williamson and Ella Ringner

Assia and Stephen Webster

Gabriela Peacock, Marissa Hermer and Bodil Blain

Zoe Jordan

Carioca Cool WHAT: Frescobol Carioca x The Shop at Bluebird launch party in partnership with Suitcase magazine WHEN: 15 April WHERE: The Shop at Bluebird, King's Road WHO: Alice Naylor-Leyland, Alistair Guy, Serena Guen and Zoe Jordan WHY: Guests at the Frescobol Carioca launch were pleasingly met by dapper male models (who had been strategically placed outside playing bat and ball to entice passers-by) as they arrived at the launch of the luxury beachwear and lifestyle brand, Carioca, at The Shop at Bluebird. Emulating the vibrant vibe of Rio de Janiero, those in attendance were served authentically Brazilian (and lethal) Yaguara Cachaça and revelled in the lively atmosphere created by DJ Scarlett Lapidus and the Menendez Brothers, before calling it a night at a rather respectable 9pm.

Harry Brantly, Caroline Whiddett and Thom Whiddett

Serena Guen

DJ Scarlett Lapidus Alice Naylor-Leyland

Photography: Darren Gerrish for Getty Images


Take Flight

Victoria Dashwood and guest

James Campbell-Gray, Rob Fenwick and guest Lady Dashwood, Tarquin MillingtonDrake and Maddie Millington-Drake

Patrick Mavros, Tarquin Millington-Drake and Sir Edward Dashwood

Adam Clayton, Sean Scott, Victoria Tetley and Darren Clayton

SES Chairman Andrew Mitchell, Niall McCann and Sir Ranulph Fiennes (SES Hon Vice-President) Niall McCann with SES Cadogan Tate Explorer Award winner James Borrell and girlfriend Jessica Plumb

Andrew Mitchell, John Blashford-Snell, Giulia Grimaldi (winner of the SES Neville Shulman Film Award), Neville Shulman, Giulia’s colleague Barbora Vigorska and Sir Ranulph Fiennes Photography: Nicholas Young

Alex Mavros and Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

SES Hon Vice-President Rosie Stancer and Award sponsor Neville Shulman CBE John Blashford-Snell with representatives from Award sponsor Cadogan Tate

John Blashford-Snell, Sarah Gregory (mother of SES Zenith Explorer Award winner Bertie) and Harry Apostolakis representing Zenith

WHAT: A Celebration of Grouse with Sir Edward Dashwood, Patrick Mavros and Tarquin Millington-Drake WHEN: 5 and 6 May WHERE: Patrick Mavros flagship store, Fulham Road, SW3 WHY: Honouring the magnificent grouse in its prime season while simultaneously acknowledging the 10th birthday of his flagship store on Fulham Road, Patrick Mavros teamed up with close friends Sir Edward Dashwood (the man behind the E.J. Churchill shooting ground) and sporting travel photographer Tarquin Millington-Drake to compile a unique exhibition. Millington-Drake’s eye-catching photography, Dashwood’s selection of shotguns and Mavros’ silver grouse sculptures were unveiled to guests during the two-day celebrations to represent the trio’s dedicated enthusiasm for the glorious game bird. Jolly good show, old sport.

Spring to Life WHAT: The Jo Malone and Poppy Delevingne Blossom Ball WHEN: 23 April WHERE: Jo Malone London Townhouse, Gloucester Place WHO: David Gandy, Daisy Lowe, Jonathan Saunders and Matthew Williamson WHY: Poppy Delevingne – dressed in a diaphanous gown custom-made by Jonathan Saunders – hosted a delightfully fragrant ball to celebrate her appointment as the first official 'Jo Malone London Girl'. Tickled pink by the excuse to dress up for the flowery occasion, guests such as David Gandy and Daisy Lowe roamed the Georgian townhouse, which was enchantingly decorated with spring flowers and scented with the brand’s Orange Blossom and Lime, Basil & Mandarin candles. Minglers were served posh junk food (pardon the oxymoron) made by Cellar Society, indulged in wine by Nyetimber and enjoyed music by Three and a Half Men, Mary Charteris and Hugo Heathcote. Described by Poppy herself as “bonkers and brilliant”, we couldn’t agree with her more.

Go Forth & Explore WHAT: The Scientific Exploration Society Explorer Awards 2015 WHEN: 5 May WHERE: Park Tower Hotel, Knightsbridge WHY: On a blustery Tuesday night, the Park Tower Hotel’s fittingly kitted out Exploration Suite was buzzing with people far more used to scaling glaciers and descending into ravines than mingling at an awards ceremony with a glass of wine in hand. Thankfully, this energetic group managed it with aplomb; legendary explorers Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Scientific Exploration Society (SES) founder Colonel Blashford-Snell were seen chatting to young and aspiring globe-trotters before the presentation ceremony. The SES, founded in 1969, aims “to inspire leadership and innovation through scientific exploration at the frontiers of human discovery”. Bertie Gregory should be congratulated on scooping the SES Zenith Explorer Award 2015 – and both £8,500 and a Zenith El Primero 36,000 VPH watch – as should the other worthy award recipients James Borrell, Unmesh Katwate, John Mitchell and Giulia Grimaldi.

LONDON LIVING Images courtesy of: Jo Malone London Alice Temperley

Daisy Lowe and Jonathan Saunders

Ella Richards and Lottie Moss

Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey George Lamb

Mary Charteris

Matthew Williamson

Caroline Issa

Laura Carmichael

Laura Bailey

Alice NaylorLeyland

David Gandy James Cook and Poppy Delevingne

Zara Martin

Charlotte Tilbury

Leonora and George Bamford

Charles and Pandora Delevingne


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

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Ease your emotional baggage through writing. Sit with a writer and, using a specially developed format, write out your traumatic event or problem to release it. To book 60 or 90 minute appointments email or call 07733 112333



from the executive producer of ‘The King’s Speech’, 16 Brune street, London, EC1 7NJ. that toTel: date has7148 grossed +44 (0)20 0714 in excess of £250M worldwide

A unique opportunity to be involved in and support the british film industry

ExECuTIVE PrOduCEr PACkAgE £50,000 TAX BENEFITS ........................

lifestyle BENEFITS ...................................

• HMRC UK Government Tax Scheme

• 3 Film Experiences

• 30% Income Tax Relief

• Chance to attend BAFTA’s, CANNES and other Film Festivals

• Any profits realised TAX FREE As part of MoliFilms’ Executive Producer Package, available from January 2014, we are Invitations to regularly held VIP EVENTS able to offer the following privileges. These investment. ckage, available from January 2014, weare areexclusive to one film per •

• Capital Gains deferral relief are exclusive to one film per investment.

• Inheritance Tax Exemption (IHT) INVITATION TO… ACCESS TO… Conditions apply


Film set

During the filming of the • GAP Investment feature, investors will be invited ■ Festival De Cannes to visit the set where they will Investorstowill beand invited be introduced cast

Investors will be invited to available to all investors join us in celebrating the film during the world-renowned festival in France.

join us in celebrating the film

Castduring read-throughs and the world-renowned rehearsals festival in France.

Festival De Cannes


including Premieres/Screenings/Red carpet events/onset days with cast and crew

• Participation as supporting actors or within production crew for investors family and friends • Associate and Executive Producer Credits available

Investors will receive tickets An opportunity to learn more to the premiere of the film in For process further information and your chance to attend London an exclusive and meet the about the rehearsal to whichscreening they may be ■ Premiere molifilms team, and meet members of the cast. accompanied by one guest. Investors will receive ticketsplease email:

to the premiere of the film in ■ Castings Wrap Party Please include your fullname, phone number and Investors the bestwill time to contact you. be invited to

London to which they may be The Executive Producer accompanied one guest. Package also entitlesbyinvestors to observe part of the casting ■ Wrap Party process and meet the film’s Investors will be invited to casting directors.

attend the official wrap party of the film with cast and crew to which they may be accompanied by one guest.

Street, London, London E1 16 Brune street, EC17NJ 7NJ. 3750 0714 2323 Tel: +44 (0)20 7148

HOMES showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

Conservative Commerce Local property experts predict a busy few months following the election

Image courtesy of Hamptons

Evolutionary Road As Strutt & Parker embarks on an era of growth and expansion, Kate Racovolis meets Charlie Willis, the newly appointed head of London Residential, and Andrew Scott, partner at Strutt & Parker, to discuss the future of the estate agency Charlie Willis and Andrew Scott Photography by: Sarel Jansen

It’s a bright, spring morning at the Leighton House Museum on Holland Park Road. In the grandeur of this historic mansion, all is quiet, except for two energetic gentlemen, who I am here to meet. They are Andrew Scott, partner who is to spearhead the growth of London Residential, and Charlie Willis, the newly appointed head of London Residential at Strutt & Parker; two estate agents that are rarely interviewed together, and who have some 50 years of experience between them working in London’s prime central property market. The Strutt & Parker story is an interesting one, with one of its most recent pivotal moments being when it merged with Lane Fox in 2007 in what Scott describes as “the perfect marriage”, not least because of the philosophies that underpin both companies; hard work and a real drive to

succeed and genuinely put the interests of their clients above all else. Scott founded the London Residential arm of Lane Fox in 1988, setting out to bring about a new approach to estate agency with a more personalised service, a philosophy he proudly carried over when it joined forces with Strutt & Parker. “Recently, Rupert Wiggin, who runs our Kensington office, showed me a property we had been marketing; an unmodernised, low-build house,” says Scott. “Inside, there were 3D visuals of floorplans and he had commissioned a leading architect to put a full planning permission in. He had 54 viewings in a pre-election market, 17 offers and then sold it for ten per cent above the asking price in two weeks. That was fabulous estate agency.” Clearly, the Lane Fox attitude to selling property runs in Strutt & Parker’s DNA. And


now, Willis, who has worked in the property industry for 20 years, has taken the proverbial reins of the London Residential business and is poised for an exciting time of growth and expansion of the Strutt & Parker brand, with new offices and a larger team. The location of our interview is befitting of the modern Strutt & Parker identity; a partnership with the museum started with a recent exhibition that ran until the end of last month. “Strutt & Parker has always done things slightly differently,” says Willis. “Since also becoming the sole UK affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate we do a lot on the art side of things,

“We know what we’ve got to do and we’ve got to do it brilliantly. That’s the recipe for success” because we know that art and property go hand in hand. We think about our clients’ lifestyles and make sure people realise we completely understand that it’s not just about property; it’s all down to how we look after our clients. The clients are key when it comes to what they are trying to achieve; our service revolves around what they want.” In a market that is moving more quickly than ever, fostered by the rapidity of the internet, both Scott and Willis – who have worked together for eight years – find themselves at a particularly exciting juncture for Strutt & Parker in their respective new roles, with plans to expand and evolve the brand in the Prime Central London market. “My aim is to grow what we’ve been doing brilliantly, using the same energy and enthusiasm,” says Willis. “We have aspirations to increase the size of the team and increase the number of offices, which Andrew will be spearheading. It’s an evolution. I understand that as the market changes, there are things that need to change within the business as well. We know what we’ve got to do and we’ve got to do it brilliantly. That’s the recipe for success.” Meanwhile, Scott will bring his 32 years of experience to a new role, helping to deliver the company’s future growth. “We have a strategy, quite a dynamic one, and my role will be to help the business deliver that,” says Scott. “Which you can only do if you’ve got more than three decades of experience in the business, because you have to understand everything about it. “Steve Jobs said in his famous Stanford University address that ‘Death is very likely the single best invention of life’, and what he meant by that was that as people move through a system, new blood comes on board. I’ve led the business for 28 years, but through new leadership you get accelerated change. I think politicians have got it right when they say three terms in office is the maximum – in any modern business the leadership should be changing every decade, at least to keep that accelerated change. I am very excited about the opportunity that Charlie has to do that.”


1 THREE APARTMENTS IN THIS CLASSIC WHITE STUCCO FRONTED BUILDING queen's gate, sw7 ø Flat 1: 3 bedrooms, 3 bath/shower rooms, 164 sq m (1,763 sq ft), EPC=D ø Flat 2: 3 bedrooms, 3 bath/shower rooms, patio, 197 sq m (2,123 sq ft), EPC=D ø Flat 3: 2 bedrooms, bathroom, cloakroom, lift, 165 sq m (1,776 sq ft), EPC=D Price on application Share of Freehold

Savills Kensington Thomas Holcroft

020 7535 3300

1 NEWLY REFURBISHED THREE BEDROOM MEWS HOUSE WITH ROOF TERRACE adam and eve mews, w8 Reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø further shower room ø utility room ø landscaped roof terrace ø 121.5 sq m (1,308 sq ft) ø EPC=C Guide £2.95 million Freehold

Hamptons International

Savills Kensington

Mark Sommerville

Sarah Birch

020 7937 9371

020 7535 3300

1 2



Entrance hall ø double reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bath/shower rooms ø communal gardens ø lift ø gym ø 99 sq m (1,071 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø second bedroom ø shower room ø 57 sq m (613 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £1.5 million Share of Freehold

Asking £895,000 Leasehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980



Third floor studio ø shower room ø lift ø porter ø 35 sq m (372 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Reception room ø kitchen ø bedroom ø bathroom ø 58 sq m (621 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Asking £595,000 Leasehold

Guide £850,000 Leasehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

3 4

1 2



Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø roof terrace ø underground parking ø porter ø 142 sq m (1,501 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Open plan reception room/dining room/kitchen ø master bedroom suite with walk-in wardrobe ø further bedroom suite ø balcony ø underground parking space ø porter ø 120 sq m (1,289 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.35 million Leasehold

Guide £2.1 million Leasehold

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750



Reception room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø 2 parking spaces ø 24 hour porter ø lift ø 130 sq m (1,394 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Reception room/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further double bedrooms ø bathroom ø terrace ø 142 sq m (1,530 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Guide £2.95 million Leasehold

Guide £2.15 million Leasehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9002

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9004

3 4



INTERIOR DESIGNED FIRST FLOOR APARTMENT campden house, w8 2 double bedrooms ø reception room ø 2 bathrooms ø open plan kitchen ø porter ø 123 sq m (1,321 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=C

Furnished £1,650 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Kensington Louise Good

020 7535 3333


UNFURNISHED FLAT SITUATED ON THE THIRD FLOOR phillimore gardens, w8 2 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø 73 sq m (787 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=C

Unfurnished £925 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Kensington Louise Good

020 7535 3333 *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/ guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit



BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED FAMILY HOME IN THE HEART OF CHELSEA drayton gardens, sw10 Master bedroom suite ø 5 further bedrooms (1 en suite) ø 2 reception rooms ø conservatory ø dining room ø eat-in kitchen ø 3 bathrooms ø garden ø 320 sq m (3,444 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Savills Chelsea Danielle Fearnon

020 7578 9020

Unfurnished £4,500 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

1 2




Bedroom suite ø reception room ø kitchen ø lift ø communal gardens ø 68 sq m (736 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=C

6 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø 2 reception rooms ø eat-in kitchen ø 3 bathrooms ø garden ø 309 sq m (3,328 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Furnished £975 per week

Unfurnished £4,500 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9011



3 bedrooms (2 en suite) ø reception room ø kitchen ø bathroom ø parking ø 24 hour porter ø swimming pool ø gym ø 141 sq m (1,518 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

Double bedroom ø reception room ø open plan kitchen ø shower room ø utility space ø lift ø 91 sq m (987 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=F

Unfurnished £2,250 per week

Furnished £1,250 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9012

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit


1 2




2 bedrooms ø reception room ø separate kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø porter ø wooden flooring throughout ø 89 sq m (955 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

4 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø 4 bathrooms ø sauna and steam room ø garden ø 224 sq m (2,421 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £825 per week

Furnished £3,950 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333



4 bedrooms ø reception room/dining room ø 4 bathrooms ø utility room ø day porter ø lift ø 237 sq m (2,551 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

Studio ø kitchen ø bathroom ø residents swimming pool and gym ø concierge ø 61 sq m (662 sq ft) ø Council Tax=E ø EPC=F

Unfurnished £3,250 per week

Furnished £750 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

Beyond your expectations

Queen’s Gate Place Mews, SW7 An immaculately presented four bedroom mews house which has been meticulously refurbished and interior designed to exacting standards. This stunning property offers generous accommodation and superb natural light, combining sympathetic materials with exceptional audio visual equipment and lighting. EPC: B

£7,495,000 Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5463

A superb first floor reception room Stunning kitchen and dining room Top floor master bedroom with en-suite Three further bedrooms all with en-suites Cinema room West facing roof terrace

Pembroke Gardens, W8

£3,750,000 Freehold

A fantastic four/five bedroom family house that has been in the same family for circa 46 years. Occupying approximately 2,249 sq ft, over three floors with off-street parking and a large garage. The house also has the advantage of having excellent entertaining space, with a separate dining room and a kitchen both of which lead onto an attractive garden.


Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7937 9371 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

• • •

Four/five bedroom house Garden Development potential Private parking Approximately 2,153 sq ft

Beyond your expectations

Silverlight, W10 A remarkable award winning 5209 sq. ft. David Adjaye designed home. The unique contemporary space encompasses five floors with great views from the terraces and direct access to the West Union Canal. With a superb entertaining spaces including double height main reception area, a diverse choice of materials and colour and attention to detail, this is a rare opportunity to own a property like no other. EPC: C

£5,500,000 Leasehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Notting Hill Office Sales. 020 7717 5311 | Lettings. 020 7717 5341

Living space with kitchen Master bedroom Three guest bedrooms Home office Roof garden & wet bar Integral garage

Courtfield Gardens, SW5 A stunning four bedroom first and second floor apartment, forming part of this beautiful stucco fronted period building. This impressive flat has direct lift access to both floors and also offers a beautifully presented first floor reception room, with direct access to a private terrace and views over wonderful communal gardens. EPC: B

£4,650,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 0207 835 1444 | Lettings. 020 7717 5433

Four bedrooms Stunning views over gardens Split level first and second floors Lift Roof terrace 2,031 sq. ft.

Beyond your expectations

Centurion Building, SW8 A stunning two/three bedroom sixth floor lateral apartment which has recently been modernised and offers amazing views over the River towards Chelsea and the Royal Hospital. The property benefits from a private secure underground parking space whilst the development offers 24 hour porterage. Located just south of Chelsea, the property is part of the Chelsea Bridge Wharf development and is well situated for the amenities of Sloane Square, the Kings Road and the open spaces of Battersea Park. EPC: C

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Sales. 020 7717 5481 | Lettings. 0207 717 5483

£2,495,000 • • • • • •

Reception room Two/three bedrooms Three bathrooms Balcony Private parking 24 hour porterage

Pont Street, SW1X Situated on the ground and lower ground floor of this impressive redbrick period building in the very heart of Knightsbridge, this fabulous duplex apartment is presented in immaculate order and boasts a wealth of charm and character. EPC: E

£1,725 per week Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

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(charges apply)*

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Private patio and garden Central location Lift access Ample storage

Beyond your expectations

Thornwood Gardens, W8 A stunning two bedroom apartment in this sought after development with 24 hour concierge and underground parking. Benefiting from wooden floors and a modern finish the apartment comprises good entertaining space with a well sized reception room and a modern eat-in fully fitted kitchen. EPC: C

£2,500 per week Furnished • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

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(charges apply)*

1,613 sq ft / 149.9 sq m Two en suite bathrooms Guest WC Portered Development Underground Parking Furnished

Roland Way, SW7 Three bedroom mews house, finished to an exacting standard and interior designed throughout. Exquisite entertaining space with large eat-in kitchen and separate TV area. Master bedroom with ensuite, dressing room, two further double bedrooms and access to the roof terrace with 360 degree views of Central London. Ideal family home. EPC: D

£2,950 per week • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

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(charges apply)*

Interior designed Master bedroom with ensuite Fully furnished Wooden floors throughout Roof terrace SONOS sound system

Beyond your expectations

Sloane Avenue, SW3

£2,750 per week

SHORT LET - An immaculately presented, newly refurbished three bedroom apartment situated on the fourth floor (with lift) offering an abundance of living and entertaining space. The property consists of three double bedrooms, two bathrooms (one en-suite), eat-in-kitchen, Wi-Fi, wooden floors, and roof terrace. A perfect property to use for a base in London. EPC: D

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per

person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

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• • • •

SHORT LET Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Roof terrace Wood floors Eat in kitchen

(charges apply)*

Elystan Place, Chelsea SW3 A rare opportunity to acquire a five bedroom, meticulously refurbished, freehold period house in the heart of Chelsea. This unique lateral house, nearly fifteen metres wide and on four floors, features windows on all four sides of the house making it exceptionally light and bright, has front and rear entrances and has the feeling of a detached house. Located just off Chelsea Green, the house features a grand entrance hall, three large reception rooms, a separate kitchen and dining room, five double bedrooms (of which two have en-suite bathrooms), five bathrooms, a utility room, plant room, private East facing patio and direct access onto the West facing communal gardens.

£8,650,000 »»Five double bedrooms »»Five bathrooms »»Four large reception rooms »»Separate bespoke Mark Wilkinson kitchen »»Direct access to west facing communal gardens »»Climate controlled wine cellar »»ADT alarm and smoke detector system »»3,328 sq ft with planning permission to extend by a further c. 1,500 sq ft

Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill W11 Stunning semi-detached communal garden house A beautifully presented four bedroom family house with fantastic light, grand proportions, excellent entertaining space and direct access into the Blenheim/Elgin communal gardens. 4 bedrooms, bathroom,  shower room, double reception room, kitchen/dining room, study, utility room, garden, access to communal gardens. EPC: E. Approximately 295 sq m (3,180 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £8,750,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C June - 120 Elgin Crescent

06/05/2015 10:34:12



Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill W11 Two bedroom communal garden flat A spacious flat located in a handsome white stucco fronted period building and set in arguably one of the most desirable locations in Notting Hill. This charming flat offers an incoming purchaser an opportunity to create their ideal home. 2 bedrooms, shower room, access to communal gardens. EPC: D. Approximately 66.8 sq m (179 sq ft).   Share of freehold

Guide price: £1,400,000 020 8166 5449 020 7727 1717    


K&C June - 5, 32 KPG

05/05/2015 17:50:59

Opal Apartments, Notting Hill W2 Four bedroom apartment for sale in Notting Hill Two beautifully presented first floor apartments that have been interconnected to provide excellent lateral space, fantastic volumes and a stunning triple aspect living space. 4 bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms, 2 shower rooms, reception room, reception/kitchen, 2 underground parking spaces, portered building. EPC: F. Approximately 189 sq m (2,032 sq ft).   Leasehold

Guide price: £3,300,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C June - opal apartments

05/05/2015 12:18:08



St Stephens Gardens, Notting Hill W2 Stunning two bedroom maisonette An opportunity to acquire a beautiful first and second floor maisonette located in a white stucco fronted period building and boasting a fantastic mezzanine level and two private terraces, as well as access to communal gardens. 3 bedrooms, bathroom,  reception room, kitchen, study, guest cloakroom, terrace, balcony. EPC: D.  Approximately 116 sq m (1,248 sq ft).   Share of freehold

Guide price: £1,650,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C June - 2, 49 St. Stephens Gardens

05/05/2015 17:10:03

St Stephens Mansions, Notting Hill W2 Lovely two bedroom flat for sale in Notting Hill A charming ground floor apartment located in this immaculate block, with fantastic light and impressive volumes. This flat has the benefit of a dual aspect and is quietly located on Monmouth Road, in the heart of Westbourne Grove. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, en suite shower room, reception room, kitchen, utility room, storage. EPC: B. Approximately 83 sq m (892 sq ft).   Leasehold

Guide price: £1,300,000 020 8166 5449    


K&C June - 4 St Stephens Mansions

06/05/2015 11:53:52



Stratford Road, Kensington W8 An immaculate house with off street parking A beautiful south facing family house with wonderful proportions and positions ideally on Stratford Road. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, kitchen, balcony, roof terrace, garden, private parking. EPC: D. Approximately 265 sq m (2,860 sq ft). Freehold 

Guide price: £6,150,000 020 7938 4311  


Kensington & Chelsea Mag - Stratford

06/05/2015 13:50:20

Cheyne Walk, Chelsea SW3 Family house for sale A unique Grade II listed house with open views across the Thames and Albert Bridge. The property comprises a main house with three high volume studio rooms with ceilings up to 17.06 ft (5.2m). A separate cottage with a spacious studio room, a good garden and garage. 5/6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 - 4 reception rooms, garden, private parking. EPC: E. Approximately 448 sq m (4,824 sq ft).   Freehold 020 3641 5903 020 7730 7731      

Guide price: £10,500,000


K&C June Chelsea

06/05/2015 10:45:35



The Collingham Collection, SW5 Four bedroom triplex apartment with terrace, balcony and garden views This stunning four bedroom terraced triplex apartment occupies the first and second floor of a beautiful period building that has been thoughtfully and tastefully designed, offering exciting interiors at each level. Overlooking a historical church at the front, the apartment enjoys magnificent views over a secluded garden square to the rear and benefits further from direct access to the garden. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, reception room, dining room, cinema, separate WC, terrace. EPC: B. Approximately 2,775 sq ft (258 sq m).   Leasehold

Guide price: £5,850,000 020 3641 6122  


K&C June South Ken

06/05/2015 09:45:09

Godfrey Street, Chelsea SW3 Turn key house in the heart of Chelsea An immaculately refurbished house finished to the highest of standards, in a sought after street just off Chelsea Green. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and terrace, 2 further bedrooms, bathroom, double reception room, open plan kitchen and dining area. EPC: E. Approximately 150 sq m ﴾1,612 sq ft). Freehold

Guide price: £3,750,000 020 3641 5913  


K&C June 15 48 Godfrey Street

06/05/2015 11:05:06



Pont Street, Knightsbridge SW1 Turn key two bedroom apartment An elegant ground floor maisonette with a private front door and double height ceilings throughout. Master bedroom with dressing area and en suite shower room, guest bedroom with en suite bathroom, reception room, kitchen, cloakroom, entrance hall, private front entrance, resident caretaker. EPC: D. Approximately 190 sq m (2,042 sq ft). Leasehold: approximately 61 years remaining

Guide price: £4,950,000 0203 641 5913  


K&C June 15 39 Pont Street

06/05/2015 10:41:20

Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill A stunning family house situated in the heart of Notting Hill This beautiful house boasts a large reception room with high ceilings and wooden floors, a bright eat in kitchen with concertina doors opening out onto the private south facing patio garden. Master bedroom suite with good storage, 3 further bedrooms, family bathroom and separate cloakroom. On the lower ground floor there is a large studio/playroom with kitchenette and bathroom. EPC:E. 020 7985 9990  

Available furnished or unfurnished

Guide price: £3,750 per week


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Blenheim Crescent 37 SW

27/04/2015 17:11:50



Pelham Crescent, Knightsbridge SW7 Immaculate six bedroom white stucco fronted house One of Knightsbridge's finest addresses, with superb room proportions and ceiling heights. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, guest cloakroom, reception room, library, study, dining room, family room, kitchen, balconies, stunning west facing rear garden. EPC: E. Approximately 312 sq m (3,359 sq ft). Available unfurnished

Guide price: £6,250 per week 020 3641 6019  


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C - June 2015

05/05/2015 16:32:39

Country Calling Are you thinking of moving to the country? On Thursday 4th June our Home Counties agents will be on hand in some of our London offices to answer any questions you have about moving to the country. Please visit us in Chiswick, Clapham, Fulham, Mayfair, Richmond, Wandsworth or Wimbledon between 4pm - 8pm to share a drink and our market leading knowledge.

If you would like to attend please email, call us on 020 7591 8600 or visit us on the day.


The Ultimate Luxury Michelle Van Vuuren, managing director of residential development at United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty, highlights the importance of secretive sales for high-net-worth individuals There are many articles about the definition of luxury and the ultimate ‘must have’ desirables across fashion, technology, and location. Consumers are bombarded with branded messages across social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, billboards, television commercials and product placements. The reality is that the single most sought-after luxury today is rare, and it is the enclave of a privileged few – privacy. In a generation seemingly defined by self-publicising, Andy Warhol’s prediction concerning 15 minutes of fame has become very apt; with the rise of multi-millionaire YouTube celebrities, paparazzi and 24-hour news channels, it is almost impossible to keep a low profile. Politicians, celebrities, royals and the ultra-wealthy spend an exorbitant amount of time and money protecting themselves and their loved ones from the prying eyes of the public and press. For many celebrities it is a double-edged sword: fame is seemingly a necessity to their success, but also a hindrance to their personal lives. Prince William and Prince Harry have grown up surrounded by media frenzy; and despite the best efforts of their family, they remain firmly in the unremitting spotlight of the global media. The desire for privacy amongst the wealthy consumes many dinner conversations. It is the most coveted asset of all. There are many reasons for

this. Firstly, concerns surrounding security and safety. Recently a number of highprofile Emiratis were targeted by thieving gangs in London, resulting in two of the wealthy visitors from the UAE being admitted to intensive care. Secondly, many prefer the extremities of their personal net worth to remain secret; often for tax purposes. High-value art is often procured at auction anonymously. Rarely is it revealed who buys it or where the works go, until they once again return to auction years later or are revealed at a gallery exhibition. More than half of the global art market is actually made up of private gallery and dealer sales according to reports from The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF). Thirdly, many dislike being the topic of social gossip. The purchase and disposal of assets – particularly those disposals involving family homes – is to be accomplished discreetly and, ideally, off-market. At Sotheby’s International Realty, the world’s largest network of residential estate agents, with more than 800 offices worldwide, we have seen a growing trend in the sale of off-market properties, particularly at the high end of the market. Half of the properties worth more than £5 million are sold off-market with deals done by buying agents in the majority of cases. Such discretion prevents floor plans becoming known and the details of family homes remain private. In an age when information is so readily available, it is easy to understand why off-market sales are proliferating. But in a market where privacy is everything, it is down to the ability of the selling agent and their network to ensure the best buyer comes forward without the crutch of the property portals to announce the particulars of sale far and wide. United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty

The Bromptons, Rose Square, Chelsea


Spectacular rooftop garden in South Kensington Matching people and property in London for 150 years.

Hereford Road W2 ÂŁ4,900,000 An elegant five-bedroom townhouse offering grand proportions and enjoying fabulous natural light on a sought after residential road moments from central Notting Hill. Freehold. EPC=E

Prime Sales: 020 7368 4197

Pembroke Square W8 ÂŁ4,250,000 A beautifully presented four-bedroom Grade II listed family house ideally located overlooking an elegant garden square boasting great proportions and good ceiling height. Freehold. EPC=E

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

Gloucester Walk W8 ÂŁ4,195,000 A fabulous six-bedroom house with a south facing garden presently divided in to two fantastic flats with high ceilings which is now in need of modernisation. Freehold. EPC=E

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

Collier House SW3 £3,500,000 An immacutately presented three-bedroom apartment situated in one of London’s most prestigious addresses. The property also boasts a fabulous west facing terrace perfect for entertaining. EPC=B

Chelsea: 020 7591 5570

Ledbury Mews West W11 ÂŁ2,950,000 A stunning three-bedroom beautifully presented mews house featuring high ceilings and an exceptional entertaining space in Prime Notting Hill. Freehold. Awaiting EPC

Notting Hill: 020 7313 2890

Barkston Gardens SW5 ÂŁ2,650,000 A stunning well proportioned four-bedroom apartment situated on the top floor of this prestigious period mansion block moments away from Gloucester Road and South Kensington. Share of Freehold. EPC=D

Earls Court: 020 7835 0620

Stratford Road W8 ÂŁ2,450,000 A newly refurbished three-bedroom duplex apartment with a south facing garden, offering fantastic ceiling heights throughout and beautiful period features. EPC = E

Kensington: 020 7368 4450

Barkston Gardens SW5 ÂŁ1,700 per week A charming three-bedroom apartment located on the third floor of a beautiful Victorian building with a lift, private balcony, with direct views onto communal gardens. EPC=C

Earls Court: 020 7835 0620

Stanhope Gardens SW7 ÂŁ840 per week A beautiful two-bedroom, two bathroom apartment finished to a wonderful standard, located in between South Kensinton and Gloucester Road with excellent transport links and amenities.

South Kensington: 020 7590 0800

a Unique perspective on...

Lansdowne Court, W11 ÂŁ10,500,000 LEASEHOLD A spectacular penthouse apartment of breath-taking design, with glass external walls taking full advantage of the sensational views offered by such an elevated position. The apartment is accessed through a discreet private courtyard and lift and features expansive living and entertaining space, both inside and out, a fabulous master bedroom suite and up to four additional bedrooms. Six Bedrooms | Reception Room/Bar | Reception/Dining Area | Kitchen | Four Bathrooms | Penthouse | Private Lift | Roof Terrace | 4,056 Approx Sq Ft

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Stanley Lodge, Stanley Crescent, W11 £2,950,000 Share of Freehold A beautifully redesigned three bedroom lateral apartment occupying the whole of the second floor (with lift) of this impressive end of terrace building looking out over and with use of communal gardens. The apartment’s triple aspects provide open outlooks all round, and its excellent ceiling heights, a wonderful sense of space and light. Just some of the specifications include Gaggenau kitchen appliances, a water filtration system, sound/ energy efficient double glazing throughout, concealed security safes, and CAT 7 wiring throughout. Three Bedrooms | Two Reception Room | Two Bathrooms | Communal Gardens | Lift | 1,319 Sq ft | Share of Freehold

notting hill | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

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Strathmore Gardens, London, W8 ÂŁ1,195,000 Share of freehold A beautifully presented two bedroom maisonette situated on the raised and lower ground floors of an attractive double fronted Victorian terraced house. This lovely property has a gracious reception room with high ceilings, a large bay window and wooden floors. There is an arch through to an attractive kitchen/dining room. Downstairs there are two bedrooms and a modern bathroom. Strathmore Gardens is a quiet and sought after cul-desac off Palace Gardens Terrace which in turn is conveniently located between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street. The green open spaces of both Kensington Gardens and Holland Park are also within easy walking distance. Reception Room | Kitchen/Dining Room | Two Bedrooms | Bathroom | High Ceilings | EPC: D

Kensington | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W8 £1,650,000 Share of freehold A beautifully presented two bedroom garden flat situated on the lower ground floor of a broad, stucco fronted, Victorian terraced house. This stylish property has wood floors throughout the principal rooms with the reception room leading out to a large conservatory that, in turn, leads to a spacious decked garden. The cherry tree lined Palace Gardens Terrace is one of Kensington’s most sought after streets and is located between Kensington High Street and Notting Hill with their myriad of shops, restaurants and transport facilities. The green open spaces of both Kensington Gardens and Holland Park are also within easy walking distance. Entrance Hall | Reception Room/Kitchen | Conservatory | Study Area | Two Bedrooms | Modern Bathroom | Decked Garden | EPC: C

Kensington | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

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Crompton Court, Brompton Road, SW3 ÂŁ1,600,000 Leasehold A well-presented purpose built apartment, in this prestigious mansion building in the heart of Brompton Cross. The property which benefits from a smart communal entrance and resident Porter, enjoys views over the roof tops of South Kensington. Modern Flat | Fourth Floor (with Lift) | Two Bedrooms | One Reception | One Bathroom | Resident Parking | 741 Approx Sq Ft | EPC D

Rutland Gate, London, SW7 ÂŁ3,795,000 Share of Freehold A beautifully presented three bedroom top floor conversion flat could be occupied at little further expense and benefits from stunning dual aspects over communal gardens and the roof tops of Knightsbridge. Top Floor (with Lift) | Three Bedrooms | One Reception | Two Bathrooms | Communal Gardens | Resident Parking | 1,338 Approx Sq Ft | Caretaker & SF | EPC E

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Fulham Road, London, SW3 ÂŁ899,950 Leasehold This is a wonderfully presented two bedroom second floor flat offering well-proportioned living space, with bright and neutrally decorated rooms and a superb location on popular Fulham Road. Period Flat | Two Bedrooms | One Recepton | One Bathroom | Upper Floor | Resident Parking | 623 Approx Sq Ft | EPC D

Crescent Place, London, SW3 ÂŁ4,950,000 Freehold A beautifully presented double fronted three bedroom house tucked away in a quiet cul de sac in this exclusive part of Knightsbridge. This immaculate property benefits from Sonos sound system, lutron lighting, underfloor heating, alarm system and safe. Period Terraced House | Three Bedrooms | Three Receptions | Four Bathrooms | Garden | Resident Parking | 1940 Approx Sq Ft | EPC E

Knightsbridge & Chelsea | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

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Hereford Square, SW7 £2,750,000 Leasehold (37 years remaining) A rare opportunity to acquire an unmodernised house in one of South Kensington’s most exclusive garden squares. The house extends to 2407sq/ft (223.61sq/m) and is currently arranged with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two reception rooms, eat in kitchen, utility room and with a large roof terrace, double garage and off street parking. Of particular note are the simply fabulous views over the communal gardens (to which the occupants have access STUCC) and we believe this is an opportunity to create the most fantastic family home. Entrance Hall | Two Reception Rooms | Kitchen/Dining Room | Four Bedrooms | Bathroom/Shower Room | En-Suite Shower Room | Utility Room | Studio/Workshop | EPC D

South Kensington | 020 7373 5052 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

buying renting and selling homes.

Cornwalll Gardens, SW7

ÂŁ1,450 per week

A wonderfully light and bright first floor flat, comprising master bedroom with en-suite shower room, second bedroom, family bathroom, large reception room with fantastic high ceilings and access to a south facing balcony, brand new separate kitchen and access to communal gardens. The property also benefits from wooden flooring in the reception room and excellent storage throughout. The property is available on an unfurnished basis from the 13th May 2015. Two Bedrooms | One Reception room | Two Bathrooms | First Floor Period Flat | Unfurnished | Communal Gardens | Balcony | EPC E

South Kensington | 020 7370 6767 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.

Offices in London, the country and overseas. See things differently

So 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH



Selling property. It’s what Crayson are known for. For us, it’s about getting the best possible price for our clients, regardless of how the market is performing. To find out more about our professional approach to selling property, please get in touch.

020 7221 1117

Warwick Avenue, Little Venice W9 A Victorian Italianate villa set back from the road in its own wrap around garden, sheltered from prying eyes and London life. Reception room, family room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom suite, four further bedrooms, three further bathrooms, utility room, cloakroom, study/bedroom5 Wine cellar and media room Front and back gardens with access to communal gardens with a tennis court 5,144 sq ft/477.9 sq m City of Westminster EPC rating band E Joint Sole Agent Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ11 million

10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH

020 7221 1117

Uxbridge Street, Kensington W8 Bachelor pad or starter home, or quite possibly a Tardis, given the space in this charming house in the heart of the Hillgate Village. Reception room, kitchen/dining room, master bedroom suite,two further bedrooms, two further bathrooms. Two entrances Terrace 1,286 sq ft/119.5 sq m The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea EPC rating band D

Sole Agent Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ2.5 million

10 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH



Property News

Journal of Prime Property

PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

The Big Bucks Notting Hill Gate Estate goes for £215m: Real estate fund manager Frogmore has come out on top in the battle for the 165,000 sq ft Notting Hill Gate Estate. The chunky slice of W11 is made up of: David Game House, Astley House, West Block, and 92–144 Notting Hill Gate. It’s mostly office and retail space, but includes a good few residential units, as well as development potential – up to 100,000 sq ft of prime new homes by some measures, with West Block, on the way down to Holland Park, likely to be the first to pop. Pears Group – the secretive family firm that owns several billion pounds of property assets throughout London and the South East – and LaSalle Investment Management acquired the estate for around the £130m mark back in June 2010. They sold off a couple of blocks, including Newcombe House, to Development Securities and Brockton Capital for £50m in 2011, before instructing Savills to find a buyer for the remaining four buildings in January of this year. There was talk earlier in the year of a £220m price tag, but it’s since been widely reported that Frogmore pipped numerous rival bidders with a £215m sum.

Market Comment Make an Entrance Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, prepares for a busy summer season

Kensington and the UK have a new baby princess

Notting Hill Gate Image by: Ben Brooksbank

Live and Learn Students overtake financial sector as Prime Central London’s (PCL) biggest renters: New research has claimed that students are now the biggest renters in PCL, overtaking the financial sector in terms of numbers and shelling out an average of £28,866 a year in rent. The analysis by London Central Portfolio (LCP) has found that students now represent the largest proportion of PCL tenancy start-ups, at 34%, with the financial sector falling into second place at 31%. Legal and accountancy professionals are next up, accounting for 11%. It’s a very different picture to how things looked before the credit crunch; in 2006, tenants comprised just 12% of LCP’s tenancies. The ‘student rush’ has also led to some interesting new trends, says the research team, including an increased seasonality in the market. Marylebone appears to be flavour of the month, with 23% of student tenants in the firm’s managed portfolio opting for this part of town, which offers proximity to Regent’s Business School, the Royal Academy of Music and London Fashion School, amongst others. Other favourite areas have been Knightsbridge and Fitzrovia (10% each), which are both just a short trot from University College London and Imperial College. Students represent the largest proportion of Prime Central London tenants Image courtesy of: London Central Portfolio


and as with most new births, thoughts look to the future with hope and aspiration. When we talk about the property market we tend to focus on the world of economics and politics; we often forget that not everyone buying a home is an investor. Most of us move due to a change in circumstances or a major life event. Pent-up demand and supply in the Prime Central London property market has being waiting for the conclusion of the election to come to the surface. Markets do not like uncertainty. Buyers have been looking, but hesitating to take the plunge. Sellers have been asking for market appraisals, yet delaying

Now we have clarity, investors can make an informed decision until after the election to launch properties in order to avoid being faced with buyers not willing to commit. All of these people need to move. The locals who have postponed acting for the last few months eventually will. We see growing families that need more space; couples of a certain age preferring fewer stairs and looking for lateral living; retired citizens intending to spend less time in London and more in their country house; and grandmothers who want to move closer to their grandchildren. Overseas buyers are more sensitive to political changes as well as the economic and tax system implications. As investors, they carry out detailed analysis before making a decision. In a period of uncertainty the variables are too many. Now we have clarity, investors can make an informed decision. We are very excited about the next few months, as we expect a lot to happen in the London property market. We are looking forward to a busy summer period of helping people achieve their goals and dreams. CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA 020 7229 1414;


Releasing the Animal Spirits henry Hopwood-Phillips talks to Richard Barber and Lucy Morton at W.A.Ellis about how the General Election will affect the property market

It was J. M. Keynes who famously referred to the instincts, appetites, fears and hopes of the market as ‘animal spirits’. Today we are more likely to place the sentiment under a broader, looser jacket such as ‘confidence’, but its centrality to prosperity is undisputed, as is its vulnerability to political headwinds. Richard Barber, director at W.A.Ellis agrees: “In the year before the election we saw transactions drop by almost a third and this was almost solely attributable to messages coming from the political economy.” Lucy Morton, head of residential agency, gives the impression that the market in Prime Central London was slowly grinding to a halt too. “Uncertainty was hobbling business,” she admits, “but now it is being put to rest.” Partisanship is rarely good for business, yet the Labour Party’s rhetoric on a number of issues, from mansion tax to rent controls, meant neutrality became

increasingly hard to sustain. Neither Richard nor Lucy divulge too much detail but disclose the fact that Labour’s policy ideas certainly “put a drag on activity”. The Conservatives, on the contrary, have put housing at the top of their agenda. Lucy is particularly keen to emphasise that the party has committed itself to building 200,000 new starter homes in the next parliament. Both become visibly excited as they describe some of the changes that are already starting to occur. “More stock is coming on; vendors were holding back before. On the demand side, confidence is being restored,” Lucy begins to explain, before Richard adds that he’s expecting house price increases of five per cent per annum to become the norm. He contrasts this with the performance of parts of Prime Central London that, in the lead up to the election, saw three to four per cent being shaved off stock in the £2.5–7 million belt. Not that everybody can ride happily into the sunset. “We mustn’t be flippant,” Richard reminds me. “The increase in stamp duty at the end of last year as well as ATED (annual tax on enveloped dwellings) has cooled the market in several places and it’d be unwise to bring anything else in.” But, at least for the moment, the only serious reform on the horizon looks to be a positive one. The new council tax system will deliver a more just “finely calibrated system,” Lucy stresses. So the message seems to be that the General Election has ended uncertainty, stagnancy and general anxiety about the property market’s direction of travel, and that the corollary return of confidence and transparency can only be a good thing. Let’s hope the experts are right. Lincoln Street SW3, £4,950,000


SILVERLIGHT, W10 £5,500,000 Freehold

An iconic, award winning David Adjaye property on the market for the first time since its construction. The concept for this new-build home was to respond to its urban context, between the Harrow Road and the Grand Union Canal. – – – – – – – –

Voluminous, double-height living space Striking kitchen Indulgent master bedroom with enclosed terrace Three guest bedrooms Home office and utility room Roof garden, wet bar and direct access to the canal Integral garage Approx. 5,209 sq ft / 483.9 sq m. EPC=C

020 7727 1717

ST PETERSBURGH PLACE, W2 £6,950,000 Freehold

Architecturally designed by Michela Bertolini, this unique house has undergone an extensive rebuild and refurbishment resulting in an impressive contemporary home. St Petersburgh Place is superbly positioned from Kensington Gardens and Notting Hill Gate Underground station. – – – – – – –

Vast reception room Bespoke Miele kitchen Five bedrooms Games room, cinema and gym Study Private garage Approx. 4,252 sq ft / 395 sq m. EPC=C

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 020 7221 7817

K+C mag JUNE Edition.indd 30-31

vv WESTBOURNE PARK VILLAS, W2 £2,500 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let

A beautiful, two-bedroom triplex occupying the majority of a wide period building in Notting Hill. Designed by Claire Lloyd, it has been finished with no expense spared. This wonderful property is superbly located for the many amenities of Westbourne Grove, Ledbury Road and Portobello Road. – – – – – –

Impressive reception space Modern vaulted kitchen Master bedroom suite Second double bedroom South-facing terrace Approx. 2,288 sq ft / 213 sq m. EPC=E *

06/05/2015 13:14:07

HYDE PARK GARDENS, W2 £10,750,000 Leasehold

A classic four-bedroom apartment that is arguably one of the finest properties at this prestigious and exclusive address. Hyde Park Gardens is within easy reach of the West End and many other central London destinations and shopping districts. – – – – – – –

South-facing reception room Open-plan kitchen/dining room Luxurious master bedroom suite Three additional bedrooms Three en-suite bathrooms Private roof terrace Approx. 3,566 sq ft / 331.3 sq m. EPC=G

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 020 7221 7817

K+C mag JUNE Edition.indd 32-33

w WYCHCOMBE STUDIOS, NW3 £3,250 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let

A wonderful and unique property offering an abundance of space and light in a secluded gated development in Belsize Park. Conveniently located for the green open spaces of Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath. – – – – – –

Vaulted reception space Modern kitchen within a glass atrium Master bedroom suite with mezzanine area Three further double bedrooms Four bathrooms, three en suite Approx. 1,938 sq ft / 180 sq m. EPC=E *

06/05/2015 13:14:21


£3,750 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let A historic building that was once the Duke of Sussex public house and more recently the Dreamtime Gallery. The property has since been remodelled by Found Associates. Superbly located for the shops, restaurants and amenities of both Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street. – – – – – – –

Spectacular living space Corian kitchen Spacious master bedroom with en suite Additional double bedroom Cinema room Gymnasium Approx. 2,475 sq ft / 229.9 sq m. EPC=E *

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717

K+C mag JUNE Edition.indd 34-35


£1,500 per week – admin fees apply* Long Let An extensive refurbishment of a terraced building, by CUBIC Studios, now presents an extraordinarily individual muscular-designed maisonette. Located on Portobello Road, the property is also close to fashionable Golborne Road. – – – – – –

Spacious reception area Fully fitted kitchen Large master bedroom with en suite Second double bedroom Second family bathroom Approx. 1,561 sq ft / 145 sq m. EPC=C *

06/05/2015 13:14:34



Holland Park W14

Notting Hill W11

A fabulous, extremely light and spacious (over 1700 sq ft) 5th floor unfurnished apartment with lift situated in a portered building in Holland Park.

Located in heart of Notting Hill with stunning views over the Communal Gardens, a bright and spacious duplex apartment.

Reception room • 4 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen Balcony • EPC rating E

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen Dining room • Communal gardens • EPC rating D

£950 per week*/£4,116.66 per month*

£1,450 per week*/£6,283.33 per month* Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill



Holland Park W14

Hyde Park W2

A stunning apartment with a westerly aspect set in a period building in the heart of Holland Park.

A fully refurbished apartment set on the ground floor in a period building boasting high ceilings and wooden floor throughout.

Reception room • Kitchen • Bedroom • Bathroom EPC rating C

Open plan reception room/kitchen • Bedroom • Bathroom EPC rating C

£525 per week*/£2,275 per month*

£395 per week*/£1,711.66 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

*Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our branch who can provide this information.



Knightsbridge SW1

Knightsbridge SW1

An absolutely stunning house set over six floors (with lift) in the heart of Knightsbridge.

An exceptionally high specification maisonette with its own private entrance on one of the most prestigious gardens squares in Knightsbridge.

4 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms • 6 bathrooms • 2 patio gardens • Swimming pool • EPC rating E

£22,000 per week*/£95,333.34 per month*

Reception room • 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Eat in kitchen Patio • EPC rating E

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

£2,750 per week*/£11,916.67 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |

020 7590 4696 |



Knightsbridge SW3

Chelsea SW3

An immaculately refurbished, contemporary apartment on the fourth floor (with lift) of a smart building in the heart of Knightsbridge.

A stunning apartment arranged over two floors on the top floor (with lift) of this exclusive development.

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Porter Lift • EPC rating D

2 reception rooms • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Concierge Gated development • EPC rating F

£1,350 per week*/£5,850 per month*

£2,000 per week*/£8,666.67 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7590 4696 |

020 7590 4696 |

ASHCHURCH LODGE Ashchurch Terrace W12

Ashchurch Lodge is one of the most important villas in the Ravenscourt and Starch Green conservation area. This end of terrace house has a spectacularly large garden along with generous gated parking. This exceptional house must be viewed to be appreciated. 3 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Kitchen/dining room Artist’s studio • Studio apartment Large garden • EPC rating E

Guide price £4,950,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7471 9833

KINGS QUAY Chelsea Harbour SW10

A truly superb duplex penthouse apartment with spectacular views of both The River and Marina at Chelsea Harbour. The property is newly built and finished to the very highest of standards. 3 reception rooms • 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Kitchen • Underground parking • 2 terraces • EPC rating C

Guide price £9,950,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

0207 584 7020


Glebe House is a beautiful house located on the East side of this historically fascinating street of town houses, villas and artists’ studios running off King’s Road in the heart of Old Chelsea. 4 reception rooms • 6 bedrooms Kitchen • Staff accommodation EPC rating E

Price on application

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

0207 584 7020


Royal Avenue

Chelsea SW3


Royal Avenue is an impressive early Victorian, stucco-fronted 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom family home offering bright, flexible & spacious accommodation. The property is positioned at the north west corner of one of the most recognised & sought after addresses in prime central London. The house benefits from commanding views over the gardens, with a large south west facing terrace & is located in the heart of Chelsea, providing easy access to the excellent local amenities of the King’s Road. EPC rating E


020 7594 4740

Christchurch Street


Chelsea SW3


An attractive & extremely rare low built, semi detached, non-basement, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, family house, discreetly set back behind a front garden with a stunning 1st floor south west facing terrace, a small front garden & uniquely a separate detached garage, plus a further private off street parking space for one car. The house is presented in a condition where a new owner can refurbish to their own taste & is quietly located south of the King’s Road. EPC rating E

We are the proud title sponsor of


POLO IN THE PARK Start the summer off in style at Chestertons Polo in the Park. A three-day sporting spectacle with a vibrant party atmosphere and thrilling display of polo. 5th | 6th | 7th June 2015 Hurlingham Park, Fulham SW6 Enter the exclusive voucher code ‘CHESTERTONS’ for a £5 discount on each adult ticket for Friday or Sunday only* * While stocks lasts.


020 7594 4740

Tickets available from

Wynnstay Gardens


Kensington W8

share of freehold

A 3 bedroom lateral apartment on the top floor (with lift) of this highly regarded portered mansion block, with the added benefit of 24hr security & access to off street parking. Spread over 1,840 sq ft, the accommodation comprises a double reception room, a separate eat in kitchen, a stunning master bedroom with a large en-suite bathroom, 2 further double bedrooms, a bathroom & a guest cloakroom. Further benefits include solid wooden floors throughout, high ceilings & superb rooftop views of Kensington. EPC rating D


020 7937 7244

Gordon Place

Kensington W8

A charming 3 bedroom period home tucked away on this leafy, pedestrianised terrace off Holland Street, benefiting from both a paved front garden & a west facing roof terrace. Spread over 3 floors, the accommodation comprises a double reception room, a separate fully fitted eat in kitchen, 3 bedrooms (master en-suite), a family bathroom & guest cloakroom. Further benefits include solid wooden flooring throughout as well as an abundance of storage. The property is currently tenanted until June 2016. EPC rating G


020 7937 7244

ÂŁ2,650,000 freehold


Addison Avenue

Notting Hill W11


Rare to the market is this unmodernised end of terrace Grade II listed house, set on a beautiful tree lined street in the heart of Holland Park. The house benefits from 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms & a 75ft west facing garden. EPC rating E

We are the proud title sponsor of


POLO IN THE PARK Start the summer off in style at Chestertons Polo in the Park. A three-day sporting spectacle with a vibrant party atmosphere and thrilling display of polo. 5th | 6th | 7th June 2015 Hurlingham Park, Fulham SW6 Enter the exclusive voucher code ‘CHESTERTONS’ for a £5 discount on each adult ticket for Friday or Sunday only* * While stocks lasts.

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

Tickets available from

Elgin Crescent

Notting Hill W11

An impressive 5 bedroom, end of terrace period house on Elgin Crescent, which is rare to the market. Benefiting from a large private garden leading directly onto beautiful communal gardens behind & potential to extend (subject to planning permission). EPC rating E

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

ÂŁ8,750,000 freehold

BODENS 102 Draycott Avenue

The Little Boltons, SW10 ÂŁ4,500,000 Leasehold

Chelsea SW3 3AD

| Utility Room | Terrace | Balcony | Garden | Garage | Off Street Parking for 2 Cars | EPC F

Freehold available, subject to contract Unmodernised Chelsea House

Entrance Hall | Drawing Room | Dining Room | 2 Kitchens | 5 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 2 Cloakrooms

020 7589 2000

bespoke KNOWLEDGE discreet Creative intelligent outstanding


BODENS 102 Draycott Avenue

Chelsea SW3 3AD

Cadogan Square, SW1X ÂŁ4,000 Per Week Long Let ÂŁ6,500 Per Week Short Let

| Master Bedroom | En-suite Bathroom | 3 Further Double Bedrooms | 3 Further Bathrooms | Access to Communal Gardens

Immaculate Chelsea Maisonette

Reception Room | Open-Plan Kitchen | Family Room

020 7225 0433

KnowledgeaBle SecOnd to None Tailor madE discreet IndepeNdent Higher Rents


BRIDGEMAN HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 2 Bedrooms • Resident only leisure suite • 2 Bathrooms • General right to park • Open kitchen & living room • Approx. 1,033 sq ft (96 sq m) • Private balcony • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,899,950 LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

CHARLES HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 2 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Open kitchen & living room • Private balcony • Resident only leisure suite

• General right to park • Balcony • Approx. 815 sq ft (75 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,430,000 LEASEHOLD For more information, call Jessica Conway 020 7087 5696 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

RAINSBOROUGH SQUARE, FARM LANE, LONDON SW6 • 3 Bedrooms • 1 Reception room • 1 Bathroom • Private garden • Gated development

• Townhouse • 24 Hour security • Garden • 1,715 sq ft (159.3 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,350 PER WEEK UNFURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7306 1630 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

BRIDGEMAN HOUSE, KENSINGTON HIGH STREET, W14 • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Reception room • 2 Bathroom • Spa & leisure facilities

• 24 Hour security and concierge • High spec fittings • 1,036 sq ft (96.2 sq m) • EPC: current (B) potential (B)

GUIDE PRICE £1,100 PER WEEK FULLY FURNISHED For more information, call Kyle Best 020 7306 1630 or email

JLL 387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QA


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

WILTON STREET, BELGRAVIA SW1 • 5 Bedrooms • 4 Bathrooms (2 en suite) • Drawing room • Dining room • Family / breakfast room

• Study • Kitchen • Roof terrace • Access to communal gardens • Approx. 3,259 sq ft (302 sq m)

GUIDE PRICE £6,250,000 FREEHOLD For more information, call Richard Barber 020 7306 1620 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


BROMPTON SQUARE, KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW3 • 5 Bedrooms • 5 Bathrooms (en suite) • Reception room • Dining room • Kitchen

• Library / study • Utility room • Large roof terrace • Access to communal gardens • Approx. 3,584 sq ft (333 sq m)

GUIDE PRICE £7,500,000 FREEHOLD For more information, call Richard Barber 020 7306 1620 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


WALDRON HOUSE, OLD CHURCH STREET SW3 • 3 Double bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms (en suite) • 1 Shower room • Double reception room • Fully fitted kitchen

• Lift • 24 Hour concierge • Allocated parking • Approx. 1,672 sq ft (155 sq m) • EPC rating: current (B) potential (B)

PRICE £2,250 PER WEEK FURNISHED For more information, call Kerry Morley 020 7306 1630 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

THE COURT HOUSE, JUSTICE WALK SW3 • 7 Double bedrooms • 9 Bathrooms • 2 Guest cloakrooms • 4 Reception rooms • Kitchen/breakfast room

• Study • Gym • Patio garden • Approx. 6,739 sq ft (626 sq m) • EPC rating: current (D) potential (C)

PRICE £8,500 PER WEEK UNFURNISHED For more information, call James Grant 020 7306 1630 or email

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required as deposit for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

Established 1897

Petersham House Penthouse, South Kensington SW7 A spectacular penthouse apartment with direct lift access and a panoramic terrace located in the heart of South Kensington. The apartment is luxuriously designed throughout with bespoke fixtures and fittings and also offers a dual aspect reception room, a 360° wrap-around terrace with separate gym, covered sun terrace and a fabulous Jacuzzi, offering stunning views of the London skyline. The accommodation includes a 30’ reception room, kitchen / breakfast room, utility room, master bedroom suite with dressing room and ensuite bathroom, two further double ensuite bedrooms and guest WC. The apartment is located moments from the shops and restaurants of South Kensington and within easy walking distance of Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. EPC rating D.

Leasehold: approximately 114 years remaining Guide price: £10,000,000 020 7225 5752


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge SW1 Situated on the Ground and First floors of this exclusive worldrenowned residential development, this very spacious two bedroom duplex apartment (1803 sq ft) boasts magnificent Hyde Park views from the fabulous reception room and terrace. Interior designed by Candy & Candy, One Hyde Park is the first European Residences at the Mandarin Oriental with access to a private cinema, games rooms, squash court, gymnasium, spa and swimming pool, valet parking, maid service and access to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Accommodation comprises entrance hall, guest cloakroom, reception room, dining area, kitchen, lower hall, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, bedroom two with ensuite bathroom, powder room, storage and terrace off the reception room overlooking Hyde Park. Each apartment at One Hyde Park has been finished to exacting standards with an impressive selection of exclusive materials sourced from around the world by award-winning interior designers, who have also designed all the communal areas and recreational facilities. EPC Rating C. Leasehold: approximately 990 years remaining O.I.E.O: ÂŁ9,995,000 020 7225 6508


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

Wilton Place, Belgravia SW1 A stunning family house that has been completely redesigned to create sunny, spacious accommodation of approx 4510 sq ft comprising three reception rooms, large eat in kitchen, 6 double bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms, swimming pool, sauna and decked roof terrace. The tenant will also have access to the adjacent award winning Wilton Crescent Gardens as well as the tennis courts in Belgrave Square. Two parking spaces are also available in the nearby council car park in Kinnerton Street by separate negotiation at £1500 per annum each, as well as on street parking with a resident’s parking permit. EPC rating D. Price: £8,250 per week Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £300-£350 Checkout. References: £42 per person* * 020 7225 6602


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Established 1897

Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge SW1 A beautifully finished ground floor flat, of 736 sq ft furnished to a very high standard overlooking the communal gardens to which the tenant will also have access. Accommodation comprises reception / dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and guest cloakroom. Available immediately on a furnished basis for long term let. Parking is available on a first come first served basis, and the building also benefits from the added security of cctv. EPC rating C.

Price: £995 per week Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £165 Checkout. References: £42 per person* * 020 7225 6602


HARRODSESTATES.COM @harrodsestates

Oakley Street SW3 ÂŁ3,450,000 Leasehold Chelsea Sales 020 7225 1225 |




A well-proportioned and immaculately presented maisonette situated on the first, second and third floors of this impressive building. The flat stretches to over 1,700 sq.ft. and benefits from two stunning terraces.

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Kensington Gate

Master bedroom with luxury en-suite bathroom, 2 double bedrooms, Shower room, Reception room, Kitchen, Rear terrace, Roof terrace, EPC: D.

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Marloes Road W8 ÂŁ1,799,950 Leasehold Gloucester Road Sales 020 7581 1152 |




Battersea Park

An outstanding two bedroom flat which is beautifully presented throughout. The property provides fabulous living and entertaining space that leads directly on to an immaculate private garden.


East Putney

Southfields & Earlsfield

2 double bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms, Reception room, Kitchen/ dining room, Study, Gym, Patio, Garden, EPC: D.

West Putney

Norland Square W11 ÂŁ3,500 per week Fees apply Unfurnished Notting Hill Lettings 020 7727 8000 |




A fabulous family home situated on one of Holland Park's most desirable garden squares. The property boasts views over the fabulous communal gardens, to which it has access, along with the square's tennis courts.

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Kensington Gate

4 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, Kitchen, 2 studies, Media room, Balcony, Private and communal gardens, Tennis court, EPC: E.

South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster

Pembridge Gardens W2 £1,300 per week Fees apply Furnished/Unfurnished Kensington Lettings 020 7792 1331 |

A stylish third floor flat which has been refurbished to an extremely high standard. The property is ideally located just off Notting Hill Gate and close to the shops, bars and restaurants of Portobello Road.

3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Shower room, Reception room, Kitchen/ breakfast room, Direct lift access, Porter, EPC: E.

*Fees apply – Potential tenants are advised that as well as rent, an initial one-off tenancy agreement fee of £240 per tenancy will be payable to D&G plus a £45 referencing charge per person renting a property. Please ask us for more information or visit our website




Battersea Park


East Putney

Southfields & Earlsfield

West Putney



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011

Onslow Gardens South Kensington SW7

An incredibly rare lateral apartment on one of South Kensington’s premier garden squares, converted across two beautiful Victorian buildings at first floor level and into the second floor in one. Drawing Room • Open Plan Dining Room/Kitchen • Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom • Two Further Bedrooms with Ensuite Bathrooms • Cloakroom • Utility Room • East and West facing Terraces • EPC Rating D


LHP_324353_RS Ken Chelsea Mag_June15.indd 1


07/05/2015 16:02


Cheyne Terrace Chelsea SW3

Presented to the market is this exceptional Todhunter Earle interior designed apartment offering a double Reception Room with four sets of French doors leading to a large terrace (circa 1,000 sq ft). Double Reception Room with Open-Plan Kitchen • Master Bedroom with ensuite Bathroom • Bedroom Two with ensuite Shower Room • Utility Room Swimming Pool • Gymnasium • Large Storage Room • Wine Storage Room • Parking for Two Cars • Garden Terrace • 24 Hour Security • EPC Rating B


GU ID E P R IC E : £ 9 , 7 5 0 , 0 0 0


020 7591 8600


RHP_324353_RS_Ken Chelsea Mag_June15.indd 2

07/05/2015 14:51

Completely at home in West London.

Our services Sales and Lettings Property Management Block Management Property Solicitors Chartered Surveyors Financial Services Visit

With over 35 years’ experience and more than 50 branches across the Capital, our local knowledge and London network will ensure we achieve the right result for you. Local branches include • Bayswater • Fulham • Holland Park

06.15 KFH Kensington and Chelsea.indd 1

07/05/2015 15:47

Dunworth Mews, Notting Hill, W11 £2,000,000 Holland Park 020 3542 2111

06.15 KFH Kensington and Chelsea.indd 2

A beautiful two double bedroom mews house with two modern bathrooms, west facing reception room and study. The property is situated in a sought after cobbled mews close to transport links.

• • • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Two modern bathrooms Large reception room Study Wood flooring Close to transport links Freehold EPC rating E

06/05/2015 12:11


St James’s Gardens, Holland Park, W11 £7,150pcm Holland Park 020 3542 2120

Impressive three double bedroom, three bathroom maisonette offering high ceilings, large windows and a 31 ft garden. The property is situated in a sought after garden square close to transport links.

• • • • • • • •

Three double bedrooms Three bathrooms High ceilings 31 ft private garden Access to communal garden Close to transport links Furnished EPC rating D

£210 tenancy agreement fee per property. Other fees apply, visit


06.15 KFH Kensington and Chelsea.indd 3

30/04/2015 14:15

20 Montpelier Street Knightsbridge London SW7 1HD

Chesham Close Belgravia | 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | EPC: F | 1530 sqft An attractive freehold townhouse in the heart of Belgravia with the benefit of a courtyard parking space and 24 hour security and porterage. The property which forms part of the Chesham Place Estate is situated in a prestigious private enclave situated to the rear of Chesham Place and entered through Lyall Street. The house has an abundance of natural light due to it having ample windows overlooking Chesham Close to the front and Lyall Mews to the rear.


Hans Place Knightsbridge | 3 bedroom | 3 Ensuite bathrooms | EPC: C | 2663 sqft This elegant and spacious three double bedroom second floor lateral flat with direct lift access is situated in one of Knightsbridge’s premier locations. The apartment boasts double aspect views with a south facing large reception room and beautiful garden views from two of the principle rooms. The property also comprises a study, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, three large double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, utility room, guest WC, porterage, air conditioning and access to the garden square (by separate negotiation).

£4,000 per week

T: +44 (0)20 3770 3474

Albert Court, Kensington, SW7 Refurbished to a high standard, this spacious two bedroom apartment is situated on the raised ground floor of a magnificent mansion block. The apartment retains period features, European hardwood flooring, control 4 home automation, multi room audio systems and Lutron lighting. Comprising reception room, kitchen/breakfast room, master bedroom with en suite, 2nd bedroom, bathroom and cloahroom. EPC Rating C


Cheval Place, Knightsbridge, SW7 A surprisingly deep, three/four bedroom, freehold, modern townhouse with a large roof terrace for entertaining. Roof windows and a glass walled stairwell provide plenty of light to the expansive open plan entertaining areas. The ground floor has an open plan sitting room, dining room and kitchen with sky lights. The kitchen is of a high quality with Smeg oven and Gaggenou gas hotplate. The first floor has a room which could be either an office or a fourth bedroom and overlooks the roof terrace. The main bedroom en suite also has doors onto the roof terrace. There are two further bedrooms (one en suite) and a bathroom on the top floor. There is also the added benefit of a garage with a two car stacker and off street parking to the front of the property. EPC Rating C John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, £7,900,000 London W1J 5AX Freehold Tel: 020 3284 1888 Email: MERIBEL • MIAMI • MILAN • MONACO • MOSCOW • PALM BEACH • PARIS • ST JEAN-CAP-FERRAT • ST PAUL DEVENCE • ST TROPEZ • THE HAMPTONS • VALBONNE



• 2 Double bedrooms • Grand high ceilings

CHELSEA SW3 | £2.3m


• Raised ground floor

This newly refurbished two bedroom apartment in Prime Knightsbridge has high ceilings and access to stunning communal gardens.

This newly refurbished two bedroom apartment in Prime Knightsbridge has high ceilings and access to stunning communal gardens.


T T n n h h b b h h l l

• Long lease • Recently refurbished

T o a v h st

• Newly refurbished common parts • Access to communal gardens • Classical redbrick building • Central Knightsbridge location

1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

7-9 Tryon Street


London SW3 3LG



05/02/2015 15:20



C SO HE U LT SHE A K ESNWS 3I N| G£T2 ., 3Nm 1O 9 5S,W 0 07 0 | £ 3 . 9 5 m This well appointed, bright and airy garden apartment is This wellamongst appointed, and airy garden is nestled the bright quiet residential streetsapartment of Chelsea’s nestled amongstWalk the quiet residential streets of Chelsea’s historic Cheyne and Chelsea Embankment. The Apartment historic and Chelsea The Apartment boasts aCheyne wealth Walk of modern fixtures Embankment. and fittings, under floor boasts a wealth of modern fixtures and fittings, under floor heating, an elegant feature fireplace and bi-folding doors heating, an elegant feature and bi-folding leading onto it’s tranquil andfireplace secluded private patiodoors garden. leading onto it’s tranquil and secluded private patio garden.

This newly bright refurbished three bedroom two apartment bedroom apartment on the fourth in Prime floor has Knightsbridge spectacular has views high over ceilings Stanhope and Gardens access toand stunning two secure communal car parking gardens. spaces.

Address Address

1st Asset Management 1st Asset 7-9 Tryon Management Street 7-9 TryonSW3 Street London 3LG London SW3 3LG


• 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes 3 double Double bedrooms bedrooms with fitted wardrobes •2 • 2 modern bathrooms Grand 3 modern bathrooms highbathrooms ceilings •2 • 2 reception rooms including dining area Raised interconnecting ground floor receptions roomsarea •2 reception rooms including dining • Share of freehold (lease expires 3014) Long Overlooking lease Stanhope • Share of freehold (leaseGardens expires 3014) • Bright & airy Recently Lift access refurbished • Bright & airy • 829 sq/ft • 829 Newly 24 hour refurbished porter common parts sq/ft • Separate storage room Access 2 securetounderground communal gardens parking spaces • Separate storage room • Private and secluded terrace • Private Classical Purposeand built redbrick block building behind period façade secluded terrace • Central Use of communal Knightsbridge gardens location

Telephone Telephone Email Email Web Web



T o v t

+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800 + 44 (0) 207 014 3800

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ÂŁ2,200,000 share of freehold

bedroom | reception | kitchen | bathroom | valet parking | concierge | swimming pool | gym | Epc C


ÂŁ2,150,000 share of freehold

2 bedrooms | open-plan reception and kitchen | bathroom | first floor | high ceilings | fireplace | Epc F

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414

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Fine Tenants for Fine Properties 1, 2 & 3 beds required Tel: 020 7581 2222


It came through the French Revolution unscathed. It would be a pity if it came to grief on the M25.

• UK Residential Removals

• Car Transportation & Storage

• Worldwide Relocations

• Office & Commercial Moving

• Weekly European Removals

• Antiques, Fine Art Packing,

• Storage Services

Storing & Moving Telephone: 020 3773 5796 E-Mail:

Certificate No. FS23942

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Fernshaw R oad SW 10 £1,925,000 L EASEHOLD • 1,130

sq ft Terrace • 3 Bedrooms • 5 minute walk to Kings Road • Roof

A 5-minute walk from the Kings Road, this spacious flat is conveniently located in fashionable West Chelsea. The property is split over two floors and has a private entrance and hallway with the added benefit of a terraced balcony.   A comprehensive renovation provides modern day luxury including under-floor heating, a fully integrated media system, walnut flooring, bespoke walnut doors, a stunning en-suite master bathroom and a bespoke kitchen. These design details give the flat a high-spec, highly desirable finish.

i n f o @ p a ll a d i a n l t d . c o m w w w . p a llA d i a n l t d . c o m 020 8409 0278

Queen’s Gate Mews, SW7 2,009 SQ.FT/186.64 SQ.M

This superb 3 bedroom Mews house was re-built to a superior quality behind its original façade. The accommodation is set over three floors and has an integral garage, 3 bathrooms, media room, gym and cloakroom.

Price: £4,200,000


020 7590 9339

Draycott Place, SW3 855 SQ.FT/82.2 SQ.M

A bright and airy 2 bedroom flat situated on the third floor of a charming red brick period building close to Sloane Square. Entered from the 2nd floor and comprising of reception room/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a separate W. C.

Price: £1,550,000

Share of Freehold

020 7590 9339 38 Gloucester Road, SW7



Invest in Europe From Baroque Viennese mansions to luxury villas in sunny Gibraltar

Image courtesy of Avantgarde


TRANQUIL ELEGANCE IN TUCKER’S TOWN A private promontory surrounded by a stunning turquoise reef and vistas across Castle Harbour to the Tucker’s Town peninsula, Shell Point enjoys a magical setting comprising 2 acres and 6500 square feet of accommodation between the elegant main house, the guest cottage and apartment. This is one of the most private estates in Tucker’s Town, yet it is within a walk or golf cart ride of the Mid-Ocean and Tucker’s Point golf clubs, their beaches and restaurants. A substantial dock, jetty, boat slip and mooring make this home especially well suited for boaters. Price Upon Request.

WHY SINCLAIR REALTY? As Bermuda’s exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, Sinclair Realty offers the finest cache of properties in Tucker’s Town and island-wide. We look forward to welcoming you to our island with the depth of expertise and ‘above-and-beyond’ service that is the Sinclair hallmark.

Tel +1 441 296 0278 | |

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A WORLD-CLASS PRIVATE BEACHFRONT COMPOUND Overlooking the pink sands and turquoise waters of Grape Bay, the 14-acre Chelston Estate is a beachfront compound of rare magnitude. For 30 years it served as the official residence of the U.S. Consul General, hosting a distinguished list of guests including presidents and foreign dignitaries. Understated elegance defines the 10,000 square foot main house and its three guest houses. The outstanding grounds include a spectacular 75- by 40-foot saltwater pool and pool house, croquet lawn, walled gardens, a beach pavilion and staff accommodation. Offered at US$ 45 million.

Tel +1 441 296 0278 | |

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Development Focus As Buena Vista Park Villas launches the final phase of its luxurious, and private, gated development in Gibraltar, Pandora Jones reports on the progress to date and how buyers can get involved

The prime location of Buena Vista Park Villas, in the southern district of Gibraltar where the climate is even better than the rest of the country, means that residents can enjoy in excess of 300 days of sunshine a year. The properties – luxury villas and townhouses – are currently being sold off-plan, and each and every one boasts spectacular views across the Bay and Straits of Gibraltar. The development has been divided into three phases. In Phase 1, nine townhouses and six detached villas with pools and gardens, were sold off-plan and purchasers were able to customise their homes. Phase 2 will see the renovation of a large, stone-block building dating back to the 18th century; the stone-block building, formerly Buena Vista Barracks, will be renovated and converted into a luxury residence with extensive grounds. Completion is expected for mid-2017; a mix of villas and townhouses will be available, with purchasers having the ability to customise the internal layouts and choose from a wide range of high-quality finishes. All the villas are being equipped with top-of-the-range home automation systems that control lighting scenes, audio, video, room temperature, hot water, window blinds, security cameras, alarm, gates and house entry – all to the owner’s specific requirements. The properties benefit from solar panels, rainwater


harvesting and living green roofs too, which provide insulation, filter pollutants and act as a resting place for migrating birds. Robert Martin, sales manager for the developer, BV Homes Ltd, explains that “we want each home to be bespoke, so we are giving purchasers as much choice and flexibility as possible in designing their home. Each house will be unique, with the end result being that purchasers will get exactly what they want.” Robert also explains that Gibraltar is known to be an excellent “low tax jurisdiction”; with property prices in Gibraltar being significantly lower than in Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Monaco. There is, however, much more to Gibraltar than just low tax and stunning properties: it is a safe place to live and the economy is booming. Local schools, restaurants and bars are flourishing and the playgrounds of Andalucia’s golf courses and the cosmopolitan Puerto Banus are just over the border in Spain. If you want to travel further afield, then Gibraltar’s new international airport provides an increasing number of direct flight destinations. For more information about Buena Vista Park Villas, contact Robert Martin ( / +350 200 65825)


Buena Vista Park Villas










GIBRALTAR BUENA VISTA PARK VILLAS is a luxury private gated development in the South district of Gibraltar. Phase three includes 3 exclusive townhouses and 8 unique villas, with extensive customisation options, in terms of internal layouts and finishes. All properties will have amazing sea views across the bay of Gibraltar towards Spain and across the Straits of Gibraltar to North Africa. One of the few places in the world that offers views of two continents. Townhouses from £1,850,000 Villas from £2,900,000 Gibraltar is a british overseas territory, where the language is english, the currency is sterling (£) and education and law are based on the british system.

Attractive Fiscal benefits in Gibraltar: • NO VAT • NO Capital Gains Tax

• NO Inheritance Tax • ZERO Income Tax*

*Zero Income Tax applies to Category 2 Tax Residents on their income over £80,000 per annum.

For more information contact Robert Martin Sales Manager BV Homes Ltd Tel: +350 200 65825 Email:


Falling for Vienna If you fancy waltzing around your own luxury Baroque property, Ella Harris suggests a visit to the real estate brokerage Avantgarde

Looking for a bolt-hole abroad? Why not head to Vienna? It has been dubbed the city that offers the best quality of life in the world for the sixth year in a row by Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings. It’s hard not to see why its rich culture of opera, dance, fine cuisine and arguably the best tortes in the world, coupled with excellent education facilities, political stability and a healthy economy has received such recognition. Additionally, the Austrian capital is one of the greenest metropolises in the world; more than 50 per cent is green space, which includes numerous inner-city parks and gardens. Vienna’s historic homes and splendid new developments make it a prime international location for investors and home buyers. The city is arranged in 23 districts. Wealthy buyers usually head straight to the first, Innere Stadt, the most central of all the districts and the historic core of the city. Characterised by Baroque squares and landmark buildings, it is a place of fairy-tale beauty and, therefore, not surprisingly, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 13th district, Hietzing, covers the area around the Imperial Palace of Schönbrunn, the Austrian Emperor’s summer residence. A drive through the area shows you not only the obvious wealth of its residents, but also a fascinating collection of mostly Biedermeier and Gründerzeit (Wilhelminianstyle) villas perfect for families. The 19th district, Döbling, situated on the northern edge but within easy reach of downtown Vienna, hosts some of Vienna’s most exclusive residential neighbourhoods. It is famous for its large swathes of vineyards, magnificent historic villages and enchanting 19th century flair and is home to a large expat community, diplomatic embassies and international schools. The immaculate, chestnut-tree-lined streets provide the ideal setting for some of Vienna’s most luxurious private residences with spacious interiors, perfectly-


manicured lots and sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding scenery and city below. As Vienna’s top luxury real estate brokerage, Avantgarde, an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, showcases the finest properties in each of these prime locations. Its extensive portfolio of elite homes offer outstanding architecture, luxurious design and the ultimate in comfortable living. The company’s exemplary service take the effort out of property searches, providing you with results that perfectly match your criteria and lifestyle.


Trophy Penthouse

Design Condo

A luxurious 6243 ft² penthouse in Vienna‘s city center with superb sky terrace providing monument views. Price on request

Private pools and panoramic views for a lifestyle of luxury. € 1.420.000,-

LUXURY LIVING IN THE WORLD‘S MOST LIVEABLE CITY Sky-High Living Panoramic glazing and vast terrace space characterize this light and airy home. € 2.650.000,-

Vienna is the No.1 city offering the world‘s best quality of life. The Austrian capital is known for its cultural attractions and historical architecture and apart from being a desirable place to live offers one of the most stable and promising markets for home buyers and property investors.

Luxury Garden Apartment A one-of-a-kind urban home spreading over 2 floors and featuring classic architecture and park-like garden. € 5.500.000,-

Family Mansion T. +43 (0)1 890 5533 | M. +43 (0)676 394 0837

From a unique hillside location this dream home overlooks the entire city of Vienna. Price on request

Property News PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Set the Ball Rolling Newcastle United owner makes £200m prime resi play with Chelsea acquisition: Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United and founder of budget sports retailer Sports Direct, has apparently stumped up £200m to fund the acquisition of the John Lewis warehouses between Sloane and Draycott Avenues, with plans already sorted for a 69-unit luxury residential development that should be worth around the £900m mark once completed. It’s Ashley’s first proper foray into the luxury development space, and it’s a big one. The site, right in the heart of Chelsea, includes three blocks: The Clearings One, The Clearings Two with depot site, and Marlborough Primary School. The John Lewis Partnership secured planning permission last September for both the moving around of the primary school, and the creation of 62 apartments and seven townhouses over 160,000 sq ft on the site. Dixon Jones architects did the drawings; CBRE filled in the planning forms. Marlborough Primary School will, as part of a plan drawn up by John Lewis, be shifted from its current site to a temporary home for up to four years in The Clearings, while a shiny new school is constructed on the old site. Once the pupils have been moved back and forth, works on the major residential scheme will get going.

The Basement Battle RBKC to scrap permitted development rights for basements: Kensington and Chelsea has made a borough-wide article direction to remove permitted development rights (PDRs) in relation to basements. The council has opened up a six-week consultation to find out what residents think, but the plan is to rejig PDRs so that owners and occupiers can’t use them in relation to subterranean development. Flats don’t benefit from the rights, so this will only apply to houses. If confirmed, RBKC wants the changes to come into force on 28 April 2016. The rights are defined by National Planning Policy Guidance as: “A national grant of planning permission which allow certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application. PDRs are subject to conditions and limitations to control impact and to protect local amenity.” And just for clarification, by “basement development” RBKC means: “The enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwellinghouse, by way of basement development, lightwells or any other development below the dwellinghouse or its curtilage.” The Council claimed victory in its war on subterranean shenanigans at the end of last year, after proposals to clamp down on “excessive excavation” were declared sound in a report published by the Government’s planning inspector. After a partial review of the core strategy, the policy on basements was adopted on 21 January 2015.

Market Comment A Win for the Bricks Nick Crayson, founder of Crayson, mulls over what is in store for the property market following the election result

I AM SITTING at my desk at Crayson at 8am on 8 May having been up all night watching the results of the UK General Election unfurl. I felt that this election was fundamental; not just for the future growth and development of my company, but for its very survival. The Conservatives have won an overall majority and the news has also hit that Ed Balls has lost his seat. These results are quite unexpected as nearly everyone was predicting a hung parliament and various coalition/minority government combinations with the odds on Labour to win. This could not be a more profound result for the London property market. Uncertainty is the biggest enemy to transaction levels, which have been suffering. Prime Central London house transactions over £2 million have been down to unprecedented low levels as buyers have shown concern about a number of Labour policies. These included ‘Mansion Tax’, the removal of the nondomicile tax status, and further rises in the higher bands of income tax. All these policies have been suppressed with the return of the Conservatives for at least another five years. It is likely that the Party will be proactive with the ‘Mansion Tax’ issue by looking at the option of raising higher bands of Council Tax, in order to address the more glaring inequalities that have surfaced within the debate. The Conservatives are set to continue rebuilding the economy, attracting investment in industry and job creation. Over the past five years, the UK has become a stable safe-haven and has successfully attracted wealth from all over the world; there is no denying the trickle-down effect this has brought to the capital. The country was in danger of following other European countries, which have witnessed a huge drain of entrepreneurial talent due to governments that have systematically removed incentives for entrepreneurialism. As a result, their economies are shrinking and they have insufficient funds to pay for vital public services. The next challenge for the Conservative party is to represent the entire population in an inclusive mission to improve living standards for all. Housing is a crucial part of this and the government has a role to provide support to the sector whilst allowing the free-market economy to continue to flourish. Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH; 020 7221 1117;


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Market Comment At First Sight Jon Gittins, Head of Holland Park Lettings at Carter Jonas, highlights the importance of first impressions

A Foot in the Door First-time buyers drive a 20% surge in Prime Central London demand: Overall demand for prime London homes shot up by 20% in Q1, says Marsh & Parsons, with first-time buyers and investors each accounting for nearly a third of sales. 29% of prime London property purchases were made by investors in last three months – down from 37% at the end of 2014 – while a ‘huge spike’ means that 28% of sales went to first time buyers, says the estate agency. First-time buyers accounted for 21% of deals in Q4 2014; the escalation has caused mortgage-funded transactions to jump by 17% in the past three months. As a result, one-bed properties have out-performed most other unit sizes; one-bed values have risen by 5% (£75 a day over the past year) compared to 1.7% annual growth across the market as a whole. Marsh & Parsons is now reporting that its ratio of registered buyers per property has risen from ten in December 2014 to 12 in March 2014. “First-time buyers have been riding a wave of fortuitous circumstances recently – with almost unheard of mortgage rates, reduced up-front stamp duty costs, and support schemes like the Help to Buy ISA inflating confidence,” says Peter Rollings, CEO of Marsh & Parsons. “Combined with a more accessible pace of property price growth so far in 2015, many more have been able to take the plunge into the property market. Prime London property has always been a bastion of investment, but it’s encouraging to see the drawbridge being lowered for everyday Londoners who live and work in this city. “However, there is, and has always been, some aspirational Prime Central areas that are out of grasp for new buyers, and will remain an investment stronghold. Addresses like Kensington and Chelsea resonate around the world, and will forever entice buyers looking for unparalleled capital returns.”

Although it has been a slower start to the year in lettings, the momentum in the Holland Park market has taken a very positive turn over the last month. We have seen a threefold increase in the number of new tenants registering during the month of April compared with March and a 150 per cent increase in offers agreed compared with the same period. We have also seen the return of relocation agents who deal with high-end corporate relocation for international and domestic corporate tenants. On one day we received three calls from different relocation agents about the same four-bedroom house in Queensdale Road. However, I can see why; the property has been fully refurbished and reconfigured throughout and is the best family home we have on the market. I feel this increase in activity overall is a clear indication of the traditional busier summer period for lettings. With a majority of initial searches being carried out online, presentation is absolutely crucial in order to maximise the exposure of properties. We had a fantastic property in Holland Park that, unfortunately, was not showing its full potential through the photography and also on viewings due to the existing tenant’s belongings making the property feel quite cluttered. Upon the tenants vacating, we had new photos taken and shortly received competing bids on the property. Although there has been a lift in the number of tenants registering and the return of competitive bidding, there is still a large selection of properties available so it is important to ensure the price is realistic from the outset to create the best initial impact. Carter Jonas had one instance where another agent valued the same property for 15 per cent more than Carter Jonas; needless to say that it has remained available since February. This is a clear message that although there has been a positive increase in activity, it is crucial to ensure that the price is realistic. Carter Jonas LLP, 8 Addison Avenue, Holland Park, W11 4QR


Vunabaka Residential Resort, Malolo Island, Fiji

“A magnificent, luxurious residential and hotel development on this private tropical island in Fiji.�

Lot prices from US $600,000 to US $1,400,000

Vunabaka is a residential and hotel development on Malolo Island. The marina based community encompasses 100 acres of hill-top, marina, ocean and beach front lots centred around the five star Island Grace boutique hotel, scheduled to open in 2016. All of the lots offer ample space and each lot includes a marina berth. 2/3rds already sold. Lots range in size from 1,666 sq m up to 4,018 sq m. Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866

Holly Mews, Chelsea SW10

An absolutely stunning Mews house quietly located off Thistle Grove and Drayton Gardens and has been finished to an excellent standard throughout with neutral colours and fitted appliances.

ÂŁ1,300 per week Furnished/Unfurnished

876 sq ft (81.36 sq m) Reception room | Kitchen | Three bedrooms | Two bathrooms | EPC Rating E

Chelsea SW10 - 020 7373 1010

Queens Gate, South Kensington SW7

Stunning penthouse maisonette offering fantastic entertaining space with direct lift access, wood flooring throughout and a large west facing roof terrace with far reaching views.

ÂŁ2,950 per week Unfurnished

2,269 sq ft (210.83 sq m) Reception room | Kitchen/dining room | Five bedrooms | Four bathrooms | Utility room | Cloakroom | Roof terrace | Lift | EPC Rating E

Kensington Lettings 020 7938 3866

Redcliffe Square, Chelsea SW10

A striking two bedroom raised ground floor flat boasting stylish interiors and detailed finishing. The property benefits from a pleasant outlook of the church to the front and a generous west facing terrace at the rear.

ÂŁ2,350,000 Share of Freehold

1,016 sq ft (94.4 sq m) Entrance hall | Reception room | Kitchen | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom | Bedroom two | Shower room | Terrace | Access to garden square | EPC Rating C

Chelsea SW10 - 020 7373 1010 JSA: Farleys 020 7589 1234

Eaton Place, Belgravia SW1X

An immaculately presented one bedroom flat on the first floor of a white stucco building in a premier Belgravia address.

838 sq ft (77.9 sq m) Reception room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Master bedroom suite | Lift | EPC rating E

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

ÂŁ2,150,000 Leasehold

London, W2

“Built in 1820, this semi-detached, double fronted villa has been in the same family for nearly 90 years, over 5 generations.�

Price upon application Freehold

An outstanding low built seven bedroom Grade II* Listed Georgian family house over three floors, with large front and rear gardens, beautiful views overlooking Kensington Gardens and a separate underground parking space.

4,850 sq ft (450.57 sq m) Drawing room | Dining room | Sitting room | Study | Kitchen/breakfast room | Second kitchen | Playroom/office | Seven bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Utility room | Terrace | Garden | Separate underground parking space

Notting Hill 020 7221 1111



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The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine June 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...

The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine June 2015  

The sister to the Kensington & Chelsea Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Royal Borou...