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Man of the Match

Here Comes the Sun

Zain Hirani meets Roger Federer and raises a glass to one of the greatest tennis players of our time

Make a splash this summer, whether home or away, in retro swimsuits, statement sunglasses and bold prints



Birthday Beats

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous

As it celebrates its 100th anniversary, Louise Rose reflects on the history of Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc’s legendary Pavilion

Anwer Bati uncovers exactly why the Marbella Club continues to attract A-listers after 60 years of success

30 Emotional Ties Olivia Sharpe links up with the co-founder of luxury swimwear label Heidi Klein as it launches its latest collection

36 Deep Blue Sea We explore the weird and wonderful world of jewellery designer Shaun Leane before going underwater with Boodles


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June / July Cover: A sea gypsy spear fishing on the Andaman Sea Photography: Cat Vinton Image courtesy of the Travel Photographer of the Year competition Read more on p. 52

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ind tes omi tabilis duo fratres curren

From the EDITOR As Wimbledon fever, and its accompanying flurry of bright tennis whites, strawberries and cream, Pimm’s and champagne, descends upon London, thoughts turn to summer holidays. We’ve sought out some fantastic options less than a four hour flight away; turn to p. 103 to be inspired by our European summer travel special, covering luxury resorts and experiences in France, Italy, Spain and Greece. The world-famous Marbella Club is celebrating 60 years in business while Santa Marina in Mykonos and Le Bristol in Paris have both recently undergone extensive, and impressive, renovations. Another milestone celebration is taking place at the Hôtel-du-Cap Eden-Roc’s Pavilion, which since 1914 has welcomed every A-lister from Marlene Dietrich and Winston Churchill to Charles De Gaulle, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; Louise Rose delves into the glittering, glamorous history of this French Riviera hotspot (p. 24). Stylish sunseekers, take inspiration from 50s pin-ups and make a splash this summer in retro swimsuits, statement sunglasses and bold prints (p. 74). Surely one of the biggest perks of being a professional tennis player is being able to globe-trot on an almost weekly basis; Zain Hirani interviews sporting superstar Roger Federer, new father to his second set of twins, as he prepares to compete in Wimbledon 2014 (p. 16). Further north, and just three weeks later, international sportsmen and women will fly into the UK from all over the world and attention will turn to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games; Alex Harrison looks back at five of the most memorable moments in the history of the sporting event (p. 20). Both sport and travel provide ample opportunities for quick-witted and talented photographers to snap outstanding action shots and as such, our cover image is courtesy of the Travel Photographer of the Year competition (p. 52). This image was taken by Cat Vinton and local residents can see similarly captivating images for themselves at the Royal Geographic Society in Kensington from 11 July to 17 August.




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Man of the Match If it’s good enough for the Emperor of France, it’s good enough for the king of tennis. In the halls where Jean-Rémy Moët once entertained Napoleon Bonaparte, Zain Hirani meets Roger Federer and raises a glass to the greatest tennis player of our time A 17-time Grand Slam winner, Roger Federer has conquered the world of tennis. You don’t need to be a student of the sport to appreciate what he brings to it; spectators enjoy a rare cocktail of elegant, beautiful play blended with consistency and precision. Since he defeated Pete Sampras in the fourth round of Wimbledon in 2001, a performance Federer describes as his “most emotional moment on court”, he has been a dominant force in tennis. A calm energy translates into a fluid and effortless style on court and, almost 13 years since that famous victory, he sits in the top four of the ATP rankings, still smashing and volleying in the fight for titles. Dressed in a smart blue suit and white shirt, the Federer brand is immediately recognisable; classic, smart and grounded without a scent of extravagance. He is here

in Épernay for the launch of Möet & Chandon’s 2006 Vintage Champagne and the opening of the fine dining pop-up at the Orangerie on the Möet & Chandon estate. It is clear why he was chosen to follow Scarlett Johansson as brand ambassador; 2006, in which he reached the final of all four Grand Slams (winning three) was arguably Federer’s best year and this Vintage is one of Möet’s finest. In fact, Federer has plenty of reasons to raise a glass of Möet, a brand synonymous with celebration. The list of his achievements is extensive but most recently it’s the birth of his second pair of twins, Leo and Lenny, in May (following the birth of twin girls in 2009) that has dominated headlines. This is quite a feat, but not as unusual as you’d think, according to Federer. Three years ago at the US Open, Stephane Houdet,


Photography: Neale Cousland /


a Frenchman on the wheelchair tennis circuit, told Federer that he had two sets of twins. Federer replied: “That’s nice! We probably never will”. Two years later, he’s joining Houdet in this rather unique group in men’s tennis. Fatherhood has had a profound effect on Federer. “Of course I’ve changed. It was seeing myself as a parent that changed me. I have two clocks; my schedule and their schedule.” And now, from “holding babies and changing diapers”, his thoughts have sped forwards to their education, “much faster than I thought they would”. With a world-class team around him, now including six-time Grand Slam champion Stefan Edberg, having four children under five has not thrown out his preparation too much. “I’ve been able to train hard for the last few months. I had a lot of catching up to do after last year when I had a bad back. I had to get myself back into perfect shape and, for the last month or two, I have been 100 per cent”. That’s exciting news for any tennis fan, and probably the last thing many of his competitors want to hear. There is still hunger for victory in his eyes which gives him a great chance of adding another Grand Slam to his already overflowing trophy cabinet. Federer is benefiting from the experience of Edberg and the extra “controlled

aggression” that he brings to his game. “Stefan has been my inspiration, my idol, for so many years. When I called him I was sure he was going to say no; he has his own life. I’m so happy that I can spend so much time with him; it’s very motivating to see him excited about my game”. In recent years, a truly great generation of male tennis players has emerged, one in which every player in the top ten can challenge for Grand Slam titles. “In this day and age you can’t wait for the other guy to miss; you have to take the game to him”. The competition is great from the fans’ point of view, and Federer thinks it fantastic that the legends are still part of the game. Injuries have taken their toll, though, and with a punishing tour schedule and the race to the ATP World Tour Finals to contend with, Federer has had to make sacrifices. “Before I had mononucleosis and glandular fever in 2008, I enjoyed sports like skiing, soccer, squash and basketball. But I pushed them all aside because I didn’t want to get injured and needed to save energy for playing tennis. It also became about time management; how can we have

Photography: Neale Cousland /


Roger Federer by P. Demarchelier for © Moët & Chandon

the best time on tour with the kids? It’s 4pm now; what are they doing? They’re out enjoying the parks, then they’ll come back for dinner and a bath and we’ll read a story.” So far he seems too perfect, too prepared, but what else did I expect? The RF brand has been built up during a 16-year career and the calm facade is broken only infrequently by “the moment when I am so happy and emotional that I can’t control myself and I start to cry”. What you see is really what you get. Federer seems to be a normal guy, like you or me, but one who just happens to be the greatest tennis player of all time. When he was ten he was playing tennis against 15-year-olds as a junior, whereas I was terrorising my parents and getting beaten up by my little brother. Here we find the essence of the man; that deep-rooted will to win, the guy who will go for the shot just because he wants to or it feels right. Of the current crop of top players he most enjoys watching those with character “who are not afraid to hit the low percentage shots”, like Gael Monfils. Federer might be battling with a new generation of tennis stars but he learnt his trade from past masters, from Sampras, Agassi, Edberg and Becker. Looking back, Federer has no regrets, not even missing the National Swiss Junior Tennis Championships to go on a school skiing holiday. But for someone who has won everything, what keeps him going? “Love for the game. I want to be successful and I like life on the road. I like to do it all with my family because it will be over before I know it. I remember the days when I was playing on court 18 and nobody cared about the young guy over there. Now I can play on Centre Court, in front of 15,000

people. I don’t have to prove myself anymore and I can play the tournaments I want to play. That way, I keep the fire burning and I really want to win. That hasn’t changed even though I have had four kids and a lot of success. “I have never had that feeling in the morning that I don’t want to train; when that moment comes you know your time is up. So I am happy how much I still enjoy tennis today after so many years”. What does the future hold for when that day finally comes? I’m looking forward to having a more settled life in Switzerland. To some degree I will always want to travel, be it for business purposes, tennis purposes or for

“It’s very motivating to see Stefan [Edburg], who has been my idol for years... excited about my game” sponsors. Some sponsorships may exceed my playing days so it will be nice to stay involved with them. I want to be more active and do more trips for my foundation in South Africa, which I can’t really do right now with my touring schedule. So there are a lot of things I want to do, but in the beginning I will settle down, be at home with my family and enjoy that time the most”. Roger Federer is the global brand ambassador for Moët & Chandon. Tables at Moët & Chandon’s LE & at the Orangerie are €450 per person Available every Monday, until July 9 2014, via


England’s Roger Bannister (329) breaks the tape in the one-mile final at the British Empire Games in Vancouver, 7 August 1954 © Bettmann/CORBIS



As the sporting world (or, at least, the 71 participating nations) turns its attention to Glasgow for the start of the 20th Commonwealth Games on 23 July, Alex Harrison reflects on the origin and evolution of the so-called ‘Friendly Games’ and five of their most memorable moments


imes have certainly changed since the inaugural 1930 British Empire Games (as they were then known) were held in Hamilton, Canada. Just 11 countries participated across six sports in fairly humble conditions. Whereas athletes in Glasgow can look forward to a purpose-built Athletes’ Village with luxury lodging, a retail area, training facilities and medical site, the 1930 Games were more utilitarian, with competitors lodging at a local high school, two dozen to a classroom. The 84 years of Commonwealth Games history have provided their fair share of dramatic highs and lows; we look back at five defining moments.

The Big Country One of the strengths of the Commonwealth Games compared to the Olympics is that they encourage smaller and less wealthy nations to showcase their athleticism; in the absence of certain sporting giants (notably the USA, China and Russia) the chances of taking home a medal are significantly boosted. Of course, the quality of sport is still world-class, with Australians in the pool, Jamaicans on the track and Scots on their bikes, but in certain sports there are real opportunities for countries with flags whose victorious flutterings are yet to disturb Olympic skies. The nation of Nauru in the South Pacific is a perfect example of a country seizing such chances. With a land area of eight square miles, Nauru is the world’s second smallest nation (after Vatican City). If it were a London borough, it would be one of the smallest; in fact the world’s entire population of Nauruans would comfortably fit within the home ground of Scunthorpe United. Despite a limited stock of athletes to draw on, Nauru has won at least two medals at each of the five Games in which they have competed, all within the field of weightlifting. It was at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland that Nauru first stepped into sporting history, when Marcus Stephen surprised competitors and spectators alike by coming out of nowhere (or at least from a country that nobody had heard of) and securing gold in the 60kg Snatch event. This was the start of an illustrious sporting career for Stephen, who went on to win 12 further medals in subsequent Commonwealth Games. And in 2007, in a surprising career shift reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger (sans movie stardom), Stephen was elected President of Nauru, and enjoyed four years in office (before resigning due to allegations of corruption).

And the Winner Is…? Amidst the logistical setbacks and blunders that plagued the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi (including inadequate lavatories, collapsing bridges and the unwanted attendance of many snakes and monkeys), one of the most infamous controversies was the final of the Women’s 100m sprint. England’s Laura Turner and Australia’s Sally Pearson had a simultaneous false start; however only Turner was disqualified. Despite commenting that she thought she had also had a false start, Pearson went on to win the rerun with an unremarkable time of 11.28 seconds. It wasn’t until Pearson had completed a tearful victory lap, proudly brandishing her nation’s flag, that she was informed of the protests against her win and was ultimately disqualified. Nigeria’s Osayemi Oludamola was elevated from silver to gold, while ungraciously complaining that her fellow athletes should be able to follow simple rules. Following a positive drugs test result Oludamola was later also disqualified, with the gold medal finally being awarded to Natasha Mayers of St Vincent and the Grenadines (who had finished third place in the original race).

The Miracle Mile The year 1954 was a landmark year in the history of middle distance running, with England’s Roger Bannister famously breaking the four minute mile barrier in May of that year, with a time of three minutes, 59.4 seconds. Less well known (amongst Britons, at least) is that Australia’s John Landy broke this record by more than a second, just six weeks later. And so, with the only two men in the world to have ever run sub-four minute mile competing, the Men’s Mile Run event in the August 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games was justifiably billed as a “clash of the titans”. The eyes of the world turned to Vancouver in the hopes of a dramatic showdown between superhuman athletes at the peaks of their careers, and they were not disappointed.

Stamps, Clockwise from top: Andy Lidstone; CTR Photos; Bocman1973; tristan tan; Andy Lidstone; YANGCHAO All stamp images are from



Landy’s plan was to establish an early lead so vast that it would be impossible for Bannister to catch up, even with his trademark finishing burst. For the first few laps this tactic appeared to be working, with Landy leading Bannister by ten yards. However Bannister was wise to his rival’s strategy, and realised that he would need to gradually make up the ground in time for the final sprint. With one lap to go, Landy’s lead had shrunk to just a few strides. As Bannister stalked him around the final bend, Landy slowed infinitesimally to glance over his left shoulder, where he saw nothing but empty track. The Englishman had crept up on Landy’s right side and was powering ahead to the roar of a deafening crowd; he won the gold with a time of three minutes, 58.8 seconds. Amazingly, Landy’s time of three minutes, 59.6 seconds, which had been considered an impossible feat just months earlier, was only enough to warrant second place.

A Tragic Turn Later, on in the same afternoon as the Bannister-Landy ‘Miracle Mile’, the spectators of the 1954 Games were party to a tragic moment in athletics history. England’s best long-distance runner, Jim Peters, had set his sights on the gold medal for the men’s marathon, and when he reached the stadium in first place, an incredible 17 minutes ahead of his nearest competitor, victory was a foregone conclusion. However, as Peters started the final 400m lap of the race, it was apparent that something was very wrong. To the horrified silence of the crowd, Peters was on his feet but only semiconscious, having succumbed to exhaustion and the day’s extreme heat. After stumbling just 200 metres over an agonising 11 minutes, Peters collapsed, never to race again. “I was lucky not to have died that day”, he later said. His Games kit, including plimsolls and the honorary medal awarded to him by the Duke of Edinburgh following the Games (inscribed To a most gallant marathon runner), were given to The Sports Hall of Fame, Vancouver in 1967 for exhibition.

The Pocket Rocket Despite being the number one weight-lifter in his weight class in South Africa, the excellently named Precious McKenzie was barred (through the country’s apartheid regime) from representing his country in the 1958 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. The Pocket Rocket (so nicknamed due to his diminutive 4’ 9” stature) rejected an offer to represent South Africa at the 1964 Olympics, on the condition of segregation from his white

Bannister crept up on Landy’s right side and powered ahead to the roar of a deafening crowd team members, and moved himself and his family to Britain. Following a fast-tracked citizenship application, courtesy of the British minister for sport, McKenzie competed for England in the 1966 Commonwealth Games and won the gold medal. This proved to be start of an exceptional weightlifting career, with McKenzie going on to win consecutive golds in three further Games. In 2006 he was finally recognised by his native country with an induction into the South African Sports Hall of Fame. It is too early to know what drama will unfold over the 11 days this summer in Glasgow. Will the likes of GB’s Farah and Rutherford re-reach the heady heights of 2012’s Super Saturday? Will a certain Mr Bolt redefine the limits of human capability (again)? Will the local talent meet their country’s understandably high expectations? And, in a year when Scotland’s future is to be decided, will the host’s successes and failures be inevitably woven into political argument? Only time will tell.

Stamps, clockwise from top: Andy Lidstone; rook76; Andy Lidstone; Lefteris Papaulakis; rook76; All stamp images are from


Birthday Beats After 100 years of jet-set glamour, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc’s legendary pavilion celebrates a centenary in the spotlight. Louise Rose reflects


hen you think of old-school French glamour, it’s impossible not to be instantly transported to a beautiful palace situated just between Nice and Cannes which goes by the name of Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Originally built as a private mansion named Villa Soleil in 1869, it opened as a hotel in 1870 before being bought by Italian hotelier Antoine Sella. Sella made history when he launched the Grand Hôtel du Cap in 1889; it has rarely left the limelight since. While at first Eden-Roc’s tearoom offered a refuge for artists and writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway (immortalised by the former as the Hôtel des Etrangers in Tender Is the Night) and then to various European aristocrats, today it attracts a glittering array of A-list names who arrive in their droves to mark the annual Cannes Film Festival and look out over the Riviera on Eden-Roc’s 22-acre paparazzi-proof peninsula. The only hiatus to its status as a style centre was becoming a Red Cross hospital during World War One. According to records, nurses enjoyed cooling off in the sea between shifts, prompting the hotel’s then general

Many a famous name has commemorated a birthday, wedding or anniversary here manager to install a heated saltwater infinity pool, set deep in the natural rock. Although the hotel lacks an idyllic Mediterranean sandy beach, an overwater trapeze now launches sun-worshippers straight into the sea. Following a four-year, £50 million restoration, completed in April 2011, architect Luc Svetchine didn’t stray far from Fitzgerald’s scenic description, with rooms retaining their Louis XV and XVI decor. Modern additions have merely added to the lux-factor: wiring, plumbing and soundproofing have lifted the property, mod con-wise, into 2014, while the Eden-Roc Grill serves tapas and sushi on its ocean liner deck-like terrace. These days, you can even pay your final bill with a credit card. From Marlene Dietrich to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Winston Churchill to Charles De Gaulle, Elizabeth Taylor to Richard Burton, many a famous name has commemorated a honeymoon, wedding or birthday here, while Karl Lagerled’s short film The Tale of a Fairy used the landmark as its backdrop. The 100th anniversary of the Eden-Roc Pavilion is being celebrated this summer; it was built in 1914 just 400 yards from the main hotel and was originally the tearoom of the Grand Hôtel du Cap, frequented by Above/ the Duchess of Windsor arriving at the hotel in 1936


royalty who lived in Cap d’Antibes. Consisting of three buildings – The Hôtel du Cap, a Napoleon III château located on the southern tip of the Cap d’Antibes in acres of lush vegetation, The Eden-Roc and Les 2 Fontaines – there are also two private villas, the Eleana and Les Cèdres, available to rent. The centenary revelries began with an all-singing, all-dancing gala dinner in May – the kind Jay Gatsby may have thrown, complete with fireworks from a barge in the bay and immaculate 1930s cars – and a €700-a place five-course menu with all the truffle, lobster and vintage wine trimmings. Celebrations will end with a bang on 5 September thanks to a menu prepared by a variety of the Oetker Collection’s famous chefs from Le Bristol Paris and Le Château Saint-Martin, though meanwhile, guests can watch silent films shown on giant screens to commemorate the famous artists of the period. Whether you joined for the party in May, are planning to fly out for the summer, or are invited to September’s social, one thing’s for sure: if you’re headed to Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, you’ve arrived.

Far right, from top/ Marlene Dietrich at the hotel in 1938; the swimming pool in 1920



A Battle

Royal The Cartier Queen’s Cup in June delivers first-class sporting action and an equally high calibre of spectators. Annabel Harrison reports on one of the season’s most anticipated events If you mix in certain circles, you’re bound to have received an invitation to one, or more, of the following exciting events this season: Royal Ascot, the Henley Royal Regatta, Wimbledon and The Cartier Queen’s Cup, to name but a few. This is undoubtedly because horseracing, tennis, rowing and polo are spectator sports that go quite happily hand-in-hand with everything from smart suits and elegant dresses to top hats, showstopping millinery and, of course, champagne galore. Of the set, though, polo is particularly glamorous with a history stretching back thousands of years and spanning continents, not to mention its established imperial connections. On Sunday 15 June, the Cartier Queen’s Cup Final takes place and whether you understand exactly what’s happening on the field or not, guests undoubtedly recognise many of the faces enjoying

the action from the sidelines. Past Cartier polo events have been frequented by a royalty of princesses, a posse of Hollywood megastars (Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett), Sloaney ponies (the Delevingne sisters) and a few members of the Brit film pack (Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Emma Watson), to name but a few. This year is particularly significant for Cartier because it marks the company’s 30th year of polo sponsorship. The association with the so-called ‘Sport of Kings’ started in 1984 when Cartier first sponsored the International Day, which would go on to become the largest and most prestigious polo spectator event in the world, welcoming more than 25,000 people through the gates of Windsor Great Park at Guards Polo Club. After 27 years, the spotlight then descended upon the elite Queen’s Cup. Guests in past years would have been able to enjoy

You’ll find Cartier polo events in places as diverse as Switzerland, Dubai and Beijing

Images of Cartier Polo


watching HRH Prince Philip, who played in a final, and HRH Prince Charles galloping to victory and winning the trophy. HM The Queen first presented her cup to Guards Polo Club in 1960 and historically attends Finals Day; she can expect to see 22-goal polo at its best. We Brits don’t monopolise all the fun though; there’s a reason Cartier is deemed the world’s biggest polo supporter. You’ll find events in places as diverse as Switzerland (the Snow Polo World Cup St Moritz) and the UAE (the Cartier International Dubai Polo Challenge), as well as the newest location, Beijing. While the sport of polo has embedded itself in British culture, it has continued to expand to other parts of the world and this has been hugely helped along its way by Cartier.

THE TEAMS League One El Remanso Dubai Polo Team EFG Bank Aravali Twelve Oaks Estate Fox & Hounds League Two Lucchese Talandracas UAE Polo Team Black Bears Cortium Sport League Three Zacara HB Polo Team Enigma Polo Team Sifani King Power

From top/ Emma Watson; Arnaud Bamberger & Diane Kruger; Cate Blanchett, Anjelica Huston, Arnaud Bamberger; Pippa Middleton & Ed Taylor; Chloe and Poppy Delevingne. All images courtesy of Cartier




As the co-founder of luxury holiday emporium Heidi Klein, Heidi Gosman is certainly an authority when it comes to swimwear. Olivia Sharpe catches up with the creative director as the brand launches its My Body collection and discovers that there is a swimsuit to suit all


“Swimwear is an incredibly emotional buy,” states Heidi Gosman. After having experienced numerous, tear-filled occasions in swimwear stores, I am all too aware of what she means. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, there aren’t many of us who can say that we actively enjoy this particular brand of shopping. Most of us, in fact, loathe it. Upstairs in the creative director’s standalone store just off Sloane Square, I am being given a sneak peak of the new Heidi Klein High Summer ‘14 collection which is in stores now. Penny Klein, Heidi’s business partner and co-founder, is away travelling (“One of the perks of the job,” smiles Heidi) which is almost just as well as there is something very particular Heidi wishes to show me. For the first time, the brand is launching a My Body collection. Each swimsuit in the new 15 piece range has been designed to sit within each story in the High Summer ‘14 collection and has been tailored to create instant toning swimwear, cut to flatter any size or shape. As with all Heidi Klein collections, My Body was driven by customer demand. “It was journalists who actually gave me the idea,” Heidi explains. “They kept joking how they’ve had kids and were therefore in desperate need of Spanx in swimwear form. ‘I can have Spanx with my ballgown but I need it with swimwear’, they’d say.” Since its inception, Heidi Klein has catered to the older woman who is no longer content with the ego-deflating, ultra-mini bikinis you’ll find in high street chains such as Topshop but is instead looking for swimwear which lends support. The My Body collection is an extension of this philosophy and includes tummy control, ruched bottoms which create a miracle contouring and slimming effect and can be pulled up and down for women who want to hide stretch marks or birth scars, as well as D-G sized wired tops offering full cup coverage. “A lot of our clients with larger bust sizes have been restricted to slimming navy and black but many have said to me they wish this could change. So I’m trying to incorporate a larger cup size into every story within My Body.” While the collection is largely tailored towards a curvier, albeit incredibly glamorous woman, Heidi has never been one to ignore a demographic so she has also incorporated a padded push-up top (part of the Vernazza story) for women in need of a sophisticated boost to their cleavage. With a background in business, Heidi understands customer demand. Before launching her swimwear label, she worked for a consultancy firm which looked after major international retailers such as M&S. However, it was when working on a big presentation measuring “airport spending per square foot” with her current business partner Penny that she realised how “the holiday mindset is an extremely lucrative one to tap into”.

Soon after, Heidi was planning a trip with her boyfriend (now husband) to the Maldives and to her dismay, she couldn’t find a bikini that suited her. Suddenly, in a lightbulb moment, both women spotted a gap in the market: “We put two and two together and thought ‘gosh, this is an opportunity that nobody’s doing’; a one-stop holiday shop that has everything under one roof.” Over the next six months, Heidi and Penny worked on their new business model and found they couldn’t hold down their day jobs so decided, in a fit of bravado, to quit. The brand’s first retail store launched in April 2002


in Westbourne Grove. At that time, the creative director notes that Notting Hill was “the shopping destination for stylish women and celebrities” and was the perfect location for their luxury swimwear label; the two businesswomen decided to plunge straight in and land themselves on the retail map here. Three years later, after requests from Chelsea’s yummy mummies, they opened a second branch on Pavilion Road, which remains to this day Heidi’s personal favourite. “Penny would probably say she prefers Westbourne Grove but for me it’s always been here. I love the Dickensian feel of the area with its trees and the little squares”. As business partners, Penny and Heidi are the dream team; Heidi puts this down to the simple fact that they weren’t friends to begin with: “It’s so hard to find a business partner because the usual basis is to be friends and I think that’s quite a dangerous starting block. Penny and I complement each other which is what’s important.” Initially working on every aspect of the business together, over the years the two women have naturally fallen into their separate roles; as creative director, Heidi is in charge of the design and buying side, while Penny looks after the sales and client side as the commercial director. From the beginning, Heidi sought to distinguish their brand from department stores such as Harvey Nichols which stocked well-known labels like Ralph Lauren, and instead introduce “small, unknown boutique brands from Spain and Italy which people hadn’t seen before”. The concept behind Heidi Klein has gradually evolved from a retail store to a luxury brand, encompassing not only swimwear but resort wear, beach accessories and suitcase staples. Heidi picks out a super chic canvas bag with a leather trim which she casually throws over her shoulder. “Something like this is essential for summer. Just an easy little bag that you can take on the flight which then doubles up as a beach bag for your kids’ towels. There’s also a waterproof pouch for your bikini.” The accessories collection launched last year and instantly made waves, having been steered, as usual, by Heidi Klein customers. However, when I probe Heidi as to whether she sees the collection growing, she shakes her tussled blonde head. “Anya [Hindmarch] used to do this kind of thing and we did stock her products but then she stopped and we decided to fill this gap. However, we want to keep it tight and small. At the end of the day, swimwear is our thing.” It certainly is. Surveying the rails which hold

the new season’s collection, I spot staple Heidi Klein classics including a nautical balcony push-up bikini from the Ravello story and a rich cream bandeau which looks to the sun-drenched sands of Oman, mixed with sudden injections of colour. New this season is Ischia, a hot pink design which comes in twisted and plaited styles. “Our pop stories are doing really well. We’re starting to get a reputation for bright pieces and although it’s not what I personally wear, it’s important to have these pieces in a collection.” Business-savvy, both Heidi and Penny understand the need to appeal to a wider market by bringing in younger and edgier pieces “subtly, which can then be merchandised.” Another surprising addition is Zambia. The on-trend, tropicalinspired range features a bold and daring print in bright lime mix-and-match pieces. Despite neither Heidi nor Penny wishing to branch out with their accessories and menswear collections, this doesn’t mean to say they’re not looking to expand. Over the next five years, they plan to develop the wholesale side of the business, paying particular

“If we can’t find something to fit every size or shape nicely, we’re not doing our jobs properly”


attention to the U.S. market where they have already seen huge demand. And while they have no current plans to open a third standalone store, they will continue to launch pop-up stores in prime holiday destinations “where the yacht sails”, including Montenegro and the South of France. Given the nature of their work, both Penny and Heidi have had the luxury of travelling a good deal and have seen it all. I ask Heidi what her biggest beachwear faux pas are: “One thing I’ve found that a lot of women who think they have a large bottom do is cover it in as much fabric as possible. So all of a sudden they’re wearing a big nappy and when it gets wet it looks like an even bigger nappy,” she laughs. “What you need is something that sits nicely on the skin so you don’t have the VPL. This is down to the lining. It’s not about covering it; it’s about getting that cut back.” And this is what Heidi Klein does best. Rather than forcing you into an ill-fitted swimsuit, all of the employees are trained to find you the most flattering piece. As for Heidi, it’s all about restoring confidence: “You look better if you have confidence. If we can’t find something that fits you nicely, whatever size or shape you are, then we’re not doing our jobs properly. My mum’s 70 and she still wears a bikini. It’s all about feeling confident and gorgeous on holiday.” Heidi Klein, Sloane Square, 257 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP Heidi Klein, 174 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, W11 2RW


RUN WILDbracelet london_UK 13/04/12 09.37 Pagina 2

From the Honeycomb Eternelle Ring Collection



After Eight For the house of Dior, eight is a very lucky number, representing the opening day of its first couture house (8 October 1946), the eponymous designer’s Avenue Montaigne address in the eighth arrondissement of Paris and the name of the first collection, En Huit. So it was only fitting that the first ceramic timepiece created by the house would feature the numeric symbol VIII. Previewed at Baselworld, the new Dior VIII Montaigne timepiece collection marks one of the biggest from the brand this year and it will be available towards the end of July. Prices start from an accessible £2,350 and the pieces come in three different sizes – 25mm, 32mm or 36mm – as well as in a selection of metals, including stainless steel and pink gold. Dior VIII Montaigne collection, launching end of July;




Fly on the Wall Until the end of August, Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio on Motcomb Street has been transformed into a weird and wonderful chamber of curiosities as it plays host to contemporary jewellery designer Shaun Leane’s new exhibition. Notable works from the avant-garde designer include his very first creation, a finely crafted single diamond tusk earring which was first seen on Alexander McQueen’s catwalk in 1994, not to mention a whimsical 22-karat gold jewel beetle brooch. Each bespoke piece has been thoughtfully paired with a piece of art, fashion item or natural history specimen; a butterfly brooch sits next to an original Damien Hirst painting, for example, while an elaborate pair of feather hoop earrings is being shown alongside a Philip Treacy hat. Until 29 August Nick Knight SHOWstudio 19 Motcomb Street, SW1X;

Rare Jewels This year marks the 10th anniversary of Graff Diamonds’ Monaco Rare Jewels Exhibition; held at Hôtel de Paris from 29 July to 17 August, the annual event will once again present the house’s very finest luxury jewels and watches. Those of you who had the misfortune to miss this year’s Baselworld will be given another opportunity to see the most talked-about piece of the entire show; Graff’s multi-coloured diamond Hallucination watch, which broke the record for the most expensive timepiece ever created (at £33 million). Other remarkable pieces on display from the Graff Jewels collection will include stunning tiaras, opulent brooches and elegant Alice bands, along with timepieces from the Luxury Watches collection. Graff Diamonds’ Monaco Rare Jewels exhibition 29 July – 17 August

Set Free Cutting Edge On a flying visit to London before the Vegas Couture Show, Texan-based jeweller Emily Armenta, whose eponymous jewellery brand launched 12 years ago, presented her latest collection. Incorporating ancient techniques such as micromosaic and stone layering, each piece within the new collection tells an intriguing story:

“As with all my collections, I’ve tried to bring a piece of history forward and make it relevant to today. The new collection was inspired by the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and his vision of ‘duende’, which is essentially the powerful beauty of life” – Emily Armenta


Parisian-born Raphaele Canot’s CV is certainly impressive; she has worked in jewellery design for the past 18 years at Cartier and De Beers. This May saw the designer break free from these historic jewellers with the launch of her first solo collection. Comprising 30 pieces and christened the Set Free Diamonds collection, it is aptly named to describe the range of wearable diamond pieces which have, quite literally, been set loose from their traditional gold settings. Pieces include delicate rings and mini hoop earrings in pavé or adorned gold, and revisited solitaire pendants. Available at Dover Street Market London


TONDA METROPOLITAINE Steel Automatic movement Steel bracelet Made in Switzerland








BlueSea This June saw British jeweller Boodles unveil its new high jewellery collection, Ocean of Dreams, and it has already made quite a splash, reports Olivia Sharpe


British heritage jeweller Boodles has never actively sought out fame; however, being the creator of some of the most exquisite pieces of fine jewellery, it is only natural that on occasion it is in the limelight. One such example of this was just a few months ago when Channel 4 decided to go undercover at the 215-year-old British jewellery house in an exclusive documentary, The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles. In a fascinating fly-on-the-wall exposé, the documentary revealed the work that goes into creating some of Boodles’ most celebrated suites, in particular the Greenfire emerald necklace, which is part of the most valuable set of jewels ever made by the house and is currently valued at £2.8 million. The show took us on a journey explaining how these precious gems are sourced before they are then entrusted to the design team in the firm’s UK-based jewellery workshops and transformed into wearable works of art. Three months later, Boodles has returned with a new collection of unique, design-led creations. Ocean of Dreams is a couture collection of 11 one-off high jewellery pieces inspired by the mystery and magic of the underwater world. Nicholas Wainwright, the chairman and creative director of Boodles, tells me how he fell in love with the concept as soon as his head designer Rebecca Hawkins pitched it to him: “It’s easy to see why the ocean has been the inspiration behind so many designs in the past; it’s so

captivating and entices you with its elements of mystery.” Each suite, ranging from Atlantic Blue to Mermaid’s Tale, paints a whimsical picture of the ocean through its combination of diamond and coloured stones with delicate and intricate design motifs. Nicholas explains: “Dolphins’ Serenade, for instance, captures a series of dolphins’ fins as they emerge above the water by using marquise diamonds surrounded by smaller pavé set diamonds, while the Sea Star suite uses a more obvious pink and white diamond encrusted starfish motif.” At the unveiling of the collection at The Savoy last month, co-designer Lorna Shaw explained how the process of designing the collection, which took a total of two years, began with creating the Atlantic Blue Suite; featuring incandescent Paraiba Tourmalines, which has become somewhat of a trademark stone of the jewellery house, these were used to capture the ocean’s mesmerizing waters. For Shaw, this particular suite sums up the entire collection with its vibrant colour and intricate design. The majority of the stones, including the Paraiba Tourmalines, were sourced two years ago in Basel and in the case of the Ocean Moon set, which features an array of sapphires, chalcedony and aquamarines, the design was centered on the stones themselves. Similarly, Pastel Reef pays tribute to the wealth of flora found in coral reefs through its combination of aquamarines, tsavorites, pink and yellow


sapphires, and green and yellow beryls with diamonds, and in Deep Sea Treasure, freshwater pearls are used to depict the rare natural treasures which can be unearthed from the depths of the sea. However, this was not the case for all the pieces. In Mermaid’s Tale, for example, chairman Nicholas comments how it was the design which came first: “This suite has been inspired by the most mythical of sea creatures and the way in which different elements of the mermaid subtly surface as you carefully inspect the cuff.” It features swirls of diamonds and platinum evoking

Couture collection Ocean of Dreams is inspired by the mystery and magic of the underwater world the ripples that remain on the water after a vision of the sea maidens. Indeed, every single design tells its own enchanting story which goes beyond the wearer’s wildest dreams. While the design-led pieces are undoubtedly the most spectacular, Shaw predicts that the simplicity of the Dolphins’ Serenade, which includes classic drop diamond earrings made up of fin-shaped sections, will prove the most popular among clients. Nicholas Wainwright has worked at Boodles for more than 43 years and he continues to be very much involved in all aspects of the business. He and his brother Michael (managing director) took over from their father in 1992 and Nicholas’ son Jody and his nephew James Amos are joint directors, proving the age-old expression that

blood is thicker than water. Those of you who watched the Channel 4 documentary will remember that it was Jody who sourced the exceptional Colombian emeralds found in the million pound suite and according to Nicholas, he has taken over “the lion’s share of travelling”. However, the chairman is still heavily involved in the stone sourcing process. “I was in the Far East recently and bought some fabulous emeralds and rubies and combined this with some of my duties as Honorary Consul of Thailand.” Nicholas confides that it is very much the company’s plan to focus on design-led projects over the next two years and this is currently being headed up by Rebecca and her team of five world-class designers including Lorna Shaw. One of the many exciting projects in the pipeline is Boodles’ first watch, launching this October. “We feel that our brand is now at the right place for the watch to really make an impact. It is something that we have always wanted to do and it was a very natural transition for us. It will be a ‘jewellery’ watch featuring pink and white diamonds, and mother-of-pearl… we are all very excited!” Boodles is currently expanding its New Bond Street showroom and this is set to be completed in the spring of 2015. The flagship store will effectively double in size as it takes over premises on Albemarle Street. While Nicholas remains tight-lipped as to the surprises expected to be found in store, it is clear that still waters certainly do run deep. Ocean of Dreams is now available in Boodles’ showrooms, POA



Lost Tribe Embrace the S/S14 tribal vibe with statement accessories

1 Stone ring, £662, Beth Orduna, 2 Gold-plated horn necklace, £565, Maiyet, 3 18-karat yellow gold oval link wood necklace set with champagne diamonds, £5,910, by Armenta at Talisman Gallery, 020 7201 8582 4 Heleni horn and bronze earrings, £270, Ashley Pittman, 5 Chalcedony, wood, leather and bronze necklace, £1,950, by Monies at Talisman Gallery, as before 6 Tula necklace, £124, Vice & Vanity, 7 Gold-plated, Swarovski crystal and wood necklace, £1,195, VICKISARGE, 8 Horn earrings, £110, by Monies at Talisman Gallery, as before 9 Wood and gold-plated bracelet, £115, Kenneth Jay Lane, 10 Hoop earrings, £187, Onyx, 11 Gold-tone bar choker, £1,565, Alexander McQueen, 12 18-karat yellow gold and wood earrings set with boulder opals, diamonds and sapphires, £1,660, by Armenta at Talisman Gallery, as before 13 Cia earrings, Sarah Angold Studio, £350, 14 Shasira bone and garnet earrings, £310, Ashley Pittman, 15 Horn and gold-leaf cuff, £295, by Monies at Talisman Gallery, as before



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Breitling’s Space Odyssey A month after The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine team took to the Gloucestershire skies with the Breitling Jet Team (an experience we’ve still not yet come down from), the brand has announced that its dedication to aviation will take it to the edge of the stratosphere next year. That’s when Swiss Space Systems will be opening its first weightless ZeroG flights to the public. As the project’s main partner, Breitling will provide passengers with a S3 ZeroG chronograph. Equipped with a SuperQuartz movement, it will be ten times more accurate than a standard quartz watch and act as a boarding pass for the programme’s successful applicants. Registration has just opened. To apply, visit

Luminor’s Latest Incarnation To celebrate the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge reaching its 10th year, Panerai has created the Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Titanio. This version of the iconic dive watch comes with a 47mm case and is powered by the brand’s in-house P. 9000 calibre movement. If you’re looking for a robust, over-sized classic, you’ll do well to find better. Only 50 will be made and each will cost around £6,800. Expect to see more on the wrists of City boys than deep sea divers.

Arsenal Punt Pays Off Ten minutes into the FA Cup Final and Bruno Grande must have been a nervous man. The JeanRichard managing director, whose brand acts as official timekeeper at Arsenal, was about to watch the one-time league hopeful’s season go from a calamity to a disaster. Luckily, Aaron Ramsey stepped up in extra time to prove the sponsorship had been a masterstroke all along. JeanRichard celebrated the victory by unveiling a limited edition of its Aeroscope Chronograph (£4,400), complete with fully red dial and black titanium case. It’s a young, dynamic and athletic-looking piece. Much like the team, then.

One to Watch Adrian Maronneau, Director of Buying & Merchandising at The Watch Gallery, selects his watch of the month:

“New for 2014, the 26470 Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph collection maintains the original 42mm ‘supersize’ diameter of 1993. The new references are available in stainlesssteel or 18-carat pink gold, and are distinguished by a more technical, sculpted aesthetic”


Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 3126/3840, £29,700, Audemars Piguet Available from Selfridges, The Watch Gallery Westfield and at

Swiss movement, English heart

Calibre JJ03 modification (Patent pending) of ETA 2893 self-winding movement / Personally assembled by Master Watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke and team at CW’s Swiss atelier / 2 x 24 hour time-zone display / 24 airport code identification and simultaneous world map indicator / 43mm, marine-grade, 316L polished steel case with sapphire crystal and transparent case-back / Ethically sourced, midnight blue, Louisiana alligator strap with Bader deployment

280_ChristopherWard_KensingtonChelsea.indd 1

02/06/2014 08:34


TIME Even before World Cup fever swept the‌ er‌ world, the watch industry was already getting cosy with some of the finest domestic teams. Alex Doak asks why the luxury sector would suddenly become so interested in a mass-market sport


Many moons ago, iconoclastic watchmaker Richard Mille hooked up with an obscure young tennis player called Rafael Nadal and made him a watch that cost in the region of £400,000. It was a high-tech piece so shock-resistant that the hard-hitting rookie could wear it when he played and when he started lifting trophies, which he did at Roland Garros in 2005. Mille then made a bright, white and super-light piece for another unknown sports star – a self-taught golfer called Bubba Watson, who, sure enough, went on to win the Masters, twice, with a magnesium-cased RM038 strapped to his left wrist, still ticking despite the American’s brutal 126mph swing. “Richard just has this amazing ability to pick future superstars of sport,” attests Beatrice Giusti, Mille’s communications director for Europe. “He can sense rising talent.” But despite his form on sports stars, the watch world was still left scratching its head when Mille announced a partnership with Manchester City FC in 2012. Sure, we’d all spotted a chunky titanium piece on Roberto Mancini’s wrist in the dug-out but what was the sponsor of a glamorous regatta in glitzy

Hublot is keeping time on the World Cup, peppering Rio’s streets with oversized clocks St Barths and the highly exclusive Le Mans Classic race doing, aligning itself with an ailing Premier League team whose directors could barely afford the resulting extratime-counter Mancini watch, let alone the fans? The ‘Mille effect’ has indeed come to pass, however, with Man City’s fairytale victory in the Premier League this year (Mancini-less, it must be said). And, would you believe it? Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and even FC Barcelona all now boast ‘official timekeeper’ partnerships; Rotary, Bulova, JeanRichard and Maurice Lacroix respectively. Elsewhere, just in time for the World Cup, Switzerland’s virtuoso but rather gnomic Parmigiani Fleurier aligned with the Confederaçåo Brasileira de Futebol, releasing a version of its Pershing Yachts chronograph in the Brazilian colours (go figure). Hublot is keeping time on the World Cup Opposite / Manchester City FC (image courtesy of Richard Mille) This page, clockwise from top / Robert Dreyfuss with CFC team; Rotary’s Chelsea watch; TAG Heuer ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo; Parmigiani Fleurier watch


as a whole, peppering the streets of Rio with oversized clocks and making friends with the legendary Pele and Roy Hodgson. Even TAG Heuer – already blessed by the visages of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Maria Sharapova – added the greased, cherubic features of Cristiano Ronaldo to its brand-ambassador roster in May, fresh from his Champions League victory with Real Madrid. Although he was back in training at the time of going to press, there was a hairy moment when competing in Rio with Portugal looked unlikely thanks to injury, which would indeed have been just as painful for TAG Heuer’s marketing department. But, for all the glamour and global exposure of this summer’s World Cup, what could possibly be motivating luxury watch brands to align with a traditionally workingclass sport – brands more likely to be seen adorning the hoardings of polo pitches and F1 paddocks? As you’d expect, the official line being towed by the press releases cites shared values of precision, excellence and team spirit. However, some brands are being rather more honest about the market leverage such alignments afford. “London as a global city and capital is the perfect platform for JeanRichard to welcome our clients and

The critical factor for the watch industry is the global audience that the English Premier League enjoys, especially in Asia visitors,” said JeanRichard’s CEO Bruno Grande, fresh from a reassuringly impressive display of skill on the hallowed turf of the Emirates during the recent launch. “But Arsenal has a great visibility in a lot of countries; they reach all the way to an especially big following in the US and Asia. As one of the leading teams of the English Premier League [EPL],” Grande concludes, “and one of the ‘best to watch’ soccer clubs in the world, the Gunners were, in our opinion, the perfect fit.” Apparently, the critical factor here is the global audience that the EPL enjoys – especially in the Swiss watch industry’s most important market, Asia. As a recent BBC Online report attests, England gave football to the world, but nowadays a more accurate description is that England sells football to the world. A new EPL TV deal running from 2013-16 is worth nearly £5.5 billion, and more than £2 billion of this comes from the sale of overseas rights. Thailand, Singapore, Hong

Kong and Malaysia paid £650 million between them. Any Briton who has visited southeast Asia will more than likely have been asked by locals whether they support Chelsea or Man U – something that invariably irritates diehard West Ham fans as much as football refuseniks. So why do Asians love the EPL so much? As for many British businesses, the language helps. The time zone helps too; games that traditionally kick off at 3pm in England will be broadcast at primetime in south-east Asia. As traditionalist fans find to their irritation, weekend matches are even staggered to maximise both the UK and Asian TV audiences. This popularity is good news for TV networks, but also great business for producers – luxury watchmakers and jersey manufacturers alike. As Alice Tsang, an economist for Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council, attests: “Apparel such as football strips and jackets are the most popular items among the fans in Hong Kong.

This page, clockwise from top / Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wojciech Szczesny and Kieran Gibbs; the JeanRichard Terrascope watch Opposite, clockwise from top / Manchester United players (image courtesy of Bulova); Hublot celebrates Roy Hodgson’s 66 by presenting the King Power; Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Bi-retrograde Chronograph


Apart from fashion items, a number of traditional English football clubs such as Arsenal and Liverpool have even set up lucrative soccer schools in Hong Kong and China respectively.” Tsang cites the rising middle-class income and purchasing power in the East as reasons for making higher priced football-related merchandise, such as luxury watches, a more viable commercial proposition nowadays. “Also,” she says, “by manufacturing one-of-a-kind, longlasting memorial watches for historic football teams, it reinforces the Swiss brands’ prestigious image for far longer than this seasons’s home strip.” Whether the trend as a whole proves to be as durable as the watches themselves is yet to be seen. But given younger fans’ slavish devotion to their favourite players, a newfound passion for Swiss watches among footballing fans worldwide may be here to stay. Watch this space.


Motcomb Street Party 2014

it’s coming wednesday 25th june 2014 o f f i c i a l m e d i a pa r t n e r s

supporting the household cavalry foundation

If you’d like to become a Sponsor, please contact Sue Liberman – who will be delighted to discuss how you can proceed with this fantastic opportunity.


State of the Art Launched last year, London Art Week is the result of a partnership between Master Drawings and Sculpture Week, and Master Paintings Week. A delight for curators, collectors and the curious alike, it provides a platform for specialist dealers and auction houses to showcase and sell remarkable fine art, as well as to celebrate London’s expertise in the field. Classical Greek and Roman sculpture will feature alongside the likes of the surrealism of the Romanian avant-garde and special events and exhibitions, hosted by the various participating venues across central London, will explore different aspects of art history. Download the app to make use of its on-the-go map and interactive guide for the week’s events. London Art Week, 4-11 July;

A Nurse and a Child in the Foyer of an elegant Townhouse, 1663, Jacob Ochtervelt (1634-1682), Johnny Van Haeften Ltd


Illustration: Mai Osawa


& chelsea

Caught On Camera The historic Royal Geographical Society in Kensington will be publicly showcasing the winning images from the international 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year competition. As expected from such a prestigious competition, exceptional entries were made from amateurs and professionals in almost 100 countries. These world-class photographs capture our world, its nature and human spirit in stunning and detailed definition, from intimate moments and buzzing festivals to architecturally wondrous cityscapes and breath-taking natural landscapes. Special evening events will also be taking place and a book featuring the winning images, Journey Six, will go on sale at the start of the exhibition. 11 July – 17 August Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR

Clockwise from top/ Leopard on tree, Masai Mara, Kenya Photography: Nicolas Lotsos; Holi festival, Mathura city, Uttar Pradesh, India Photography: Sahil Lodha; A sea gypsy spear fishing on the Andaman Sea Photography: Cat Vinton; La Fete de Crépissage – the annual festival of the replastering of the central mosque in Djenné Photography: Timothy Allen

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Remember Them

Monday Night Club

This year sees the centenary of the start of WW1. In a year of reflection and remembrance, Knightsbridge gallery Gladwell & Patterson has teamed up with one of its artists to give a symbolic and generous show of support. Amongst the number of WW1 tribute gardens at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in May, a striking commemorative painting by Paul S Brown was on display at the Gladwell & Patterson stand. Paul felt that In Flanders Fields could be a platform for raising funds as well as awareness and it was decided that if a sale resulted, £5,500 would then be donated to The Royal British Legion.

Horses are in the Balding blood and leading racehorse trainer Andrew Balding has now added another string to his whip. He is ambassador to the Monday Night Club (MNC), an exclusive members club for the iconic Royal Windsor Racecourse’s Monday night flat racing season, a must in horseracing circles. A range of privileges and benefits include a members’ bar and complimentary drinks, riverboat transport from central London to the racecourse and for the real enthusiasts, a visit to Andrew’s stables at historic Kingsclere in Berkshire. The Sydney Arms pub in Chelsea is one of the MNC’s selected partners.

Membership £99, Monday nights until August

Quick as a Flash

Frock Me Fair Frock Me is hosting its last vintage fashion fair of the summer this July. Held in Chelsea Old Town Hall, where 60s designer Ossie Clark held his first show, shoppers can find original retro pieces and endless inspiration. With more than 50 top dealers from the UK and beyond, the fair brings together an exceptional collection of vintage fashion, accessories and designer items. Staples such as vintage denim will sit alongside more seasonal retro swimwear, sandals and 50s sunglasses. A vintage tea room will be serving classic summer treats for shoppers to savour, including strawberries and cream, and Pimm’s.

The Michael Hoppen Gallery in Chelsea, a specialist in 19th and 20th century photography, is now exhibiting some particularly rare photographs by Dr Harold Edgerton. Edgerton is one of the lesser known but most innovative photographers in recent history; as the inventor of the ‘strobe’ flash in the 1930s, he pushed the boundaries of what it was thought possible to capture on film. Edgerton believed his work was primarily scientific but the images of the moments he froze in time, from a tennis serve in motion to a bullet breaking a piece of glass, also have a certain ethereal aesthetic. 6 June – 2 August

13 July, 11am – 5.30pm Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road

© Harold Edgerton Archive, MIT Images courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

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Going Global Acknowledging its status as a British institution with an ever more global audience, this year’s BBC Proms will celebrate music with the help of more international ensembles than ever before. Orchestras from Lapland and Qatar are welcome first-time participants, while a series of Prom Lates provide alternatives to the classical core of the Proms, with performances by Laura Mvula and Paloma Faith. A special highlight to commemorate WW1 is the War Horse Prom, complete with incredibly dextrous puppetry and the Military Wives Choir, directed by Gareth Malone. Technology is being utilised by the Proms to share its content as widely as possible, with a range of it across BBC Radio 3 and online. BBC Proms, 18 July – 13 September Tickets in person at Royal Albert Hall or via 0845 401 5040 and

Photography: Robert Viglasky ©BBC

Natural Occurrence For all devotees of a natural and organic lifestyle, a three-day event taking place this July is the perfect opportunity to indulge. The event will provide unparalleled access to a multitude of brands, all in one location. Food, cosmetics, household products and clothing will be available, while a recipe exchange, yoga zone and a programme of talks will provide ways to upkeep or perhaps inspire a healthy lifestyle. Neal’s Yard will also be present at the event for guests to book an exclusive expert skin consultation, its analysis helping to determine the best products for different skin-types. 4 July – 6 July, Olympia Grand;

Body Art In an unusual spectacle this summer, an exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries will host the artist herself in a live performance. A leader in the performance art world, Serbian-born Marina Abramovic is spending 512 hours in the sparse space, pushing mental and physical limits in her first UK durational performance. Her body is the focus of her art and she will use only a few objects, as well as her intrigued audience, to influence her changing and unscripted actions. Guests will be similarly restricted, stripped of all items including coats, bags and electrical gadgets, in order to engage with the artist more directly. 11 June – 25 August

Watermen under the Bridge The Doggett’s Coat and Badge Rowing Race is historically significant for both Chelsea and the rest of the world, as the longest-running annual sporting event in history. Thomas Doggett, an Irish actor, funded the first boat race in 1715 to commemorate the first year anniversary of George I’s accession to the throne. Although a rare breed now, six Thames watermen still take part today, racing in single sculls from London Bridge to the finish line at Chelsea’s Albert Bridge. The winner, to be greeted by The Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea on Cadogan Pier, will take the traditional prize of a scarlet coat with silver badge and breeches, a representation of traditional 18th century watermen’s livery. Race start 12.30pm on 15 July

Portrait of Marina Abramovic, 2013 © Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

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Kidimanjaro On Tuesday 1 July, 200 children will take to the streets of Chelsea in a sponsored walk for Borne Trust. Setting off from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, the aspiring young trekkers will follow the King’s Road route to Chelsea and Westminster Town Hall, where they will be treated to a tea party, mountain activities and a medal ceremony with Will Greenwood. Money raised from the event will go towards Borne’s vital research into premature birth. In the UK, one in 10 babies are born early and premature birth accounts for more than 70 per cent of long-term disability and death in newborn babies. It is Borne’s aim to change this. The charity is the result of a partnership between Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and the maternity team at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Kidimanjaro has been kindly supported by Knight Frank, The Thackeray Estate and The Samonas Family. Commenting on its involvement, James Pace, Office Head at Knight Frank Chelsea, said: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring the Borne walk again this year. The statistics for death and disability in childbirth worldwide are startling and the charity’s long term goal of preventing this is admirable. Not only will this make a real difference in the future but work that has been carried out already has had a tangible impact for so many. We are incredibly proud that it is based here in Chelsea and of course, to be asked to be a part of it.” Kidimanjaro also celebrates the activities of Will Greenwood and his wife who will be leading a team of trekkers up Kilimanjaro in aid of Borne in August.

Picnic in the Park It wouldn’t be summer without a picnic so why not take the opportunity to do it in style? The five-star Milestone Hotel in Kensington is offering a luxury seasonal special and with Kensington Gardens right outside its front door, it would simply be rude not to. The hotel arranges a traditional wicker basket, filled with either its Afternoon Tea or Afternoon Feast menu. Whether French pastries and Devonshire cream scones, or corn-fed chicken and crayfish cocktail take your fancy, each option can, of course, include champagne. Picnics can also be altered to suit any dietary requirements. From £85 for two people including champagne

Festival Al Fresco Now in its eighth year, the InTransit festival returns to the outdoors and is set to be even bigger and better this summer. Taking art and performance to the streets of Kensington and Chelsea, its varied programme will allow residents and visitors to physically and creatively explore the borough’s spaces, nature and architecture. Its theme will be ‘How good it is to dwell in unity’, otherwise known as the English translation of the borough’s motto. The festival is led by the design and production team behind Secret Cinema, O’ Neill Ross, which curates interactive and fun events, from the merging of hip-hop and classical theatre to artist-led walks and family-friendly performances.

To find out more, please visit 18-27 July,

New Dimensions Paul Cadden is of the hyperrealist school and his latest exhibition showcases his detailed and precise pencil drawings. His images are incredibly life-like but rather than creating a simple representation or direct copy of the source photograph, he tries to subtly transform and “intensify the normal”. He adds this illusory layer by drawing on emotional, social, cultural and political themes, adding something new for the viewer to discover and marking a move away from the more literal, technical approach of photorealism. This new collection on display at the Plus One Gallery explores the nature of human connections and the mystery of identity. 2 July – 26 July Right/ Way to Blue, Paul Cadden

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Expressive Colombian Art Sandra Higgins’ latest quest has been to scour South America for innovative, high quality art that she can showcase in her London gallery. Her success has brought about a programme of Latin American art which is launched by Carlos Jacanamijoy. He has developed a strong following over the past 20 years that has earned him international exhibitions, culminating in a retrospective show at MamBo, Bogota’s Museum of Modern Art. Some of his paintings displayed at MamBo will be joined by new work at this Chelsea gallery. The artist creates vibrantly coloured abstracts that embody all aspects of the life he experienced whilst growing up in the Colombian tropical rainforest. As a result, they are expressive interpretations of the natural world, the landscape and the spiritual powers of that remarkable region and of the Inga community which he springs from. Carlos Jacanamijoy 25 June – 18 July From left/ Hora de Cosechar and Nacido en el Fuego by Carlos Jacanamijoy

with Tom Rooth, Head of Department, Sporting & Wildlife Art at Christie’s Q: What do you consider to be your prize lots in this auction? A: The bronze Leopard Standing on a Slope, by Dylan Lewis (estimate: £25-35,000), and George Mure of Herringswell, by Harry Hall (estimate: £60£80,000) are

the prize lots of this auction which will be held at Christie’s South Kensington on 9 July. Q: What can you tell me about those two artists? A: Dylan Lewis is an exceptional artist and his works are beautifully executed, with style and composition, capturing the raw essence, and power of nature. Harry Hall was a renowned sporting portrait artist in the 19th century and George Mure of Herringswell is one of the – if not the – finest examples of the artist’s work to have come to market. Q: Is their work in private or public collections? A: Dylan Lewis’ work can be found in many private collections around the world. Works by Harry Hall can be found at Tate Britain and in numerous private collections.

Q: Regarding investment potential, have the auction prices for either of these artists increased in recent years? A: Dylan Lewis’ bronzes have a global collector base, with some exceptional prices over the past decade. Sporting & Wildlife Art, 9 July

From left/ Leopard standing on a slope, life-size bronze, Dylan Lewis (b. 1964); George Mure of Herringswell, Master of the East Suffolk Hunt, on a bay hunter, with huntsmen and hounds, Harry Hall (1814-1882)


French Sophistication



Artist Laure Hatchuel-Becker will be flooding the Elena Shchukina Gallery with colour and light when she presents her first solo exhibition in London. Inspired by her numerous travels and by her encounters with Aboriginal art in particular, HatchuelBecker has developed a form of dot painting that reveals her sophisticated, painterly approach to the use of colour and light. The technique infuses her non-figurative work with tactile texture but she avoids the hazard of the dots appearing monotonous and dazzling by using just the right amount of white amongst her applications of rich, varied colour. This has the additional effect of bringing a wonderfully airy and bright feel to her work. Another characteristic of these paintings is symmetry which is handled with subtlety so that it never dominates, but introduces a sense of calm and captivation to otherwise busy, intriguing compositions.

Paper, Paper Everywhere It is safe to say that Natasha Law knows all about how to use paper as an artistic medium because it has been an integral part of her modus operandi. Law has utilised it for her ink drawings, screen printing and unusual gloss paintings on paper, as well as the starting block for her experiments with both innovative compositions and painterly effects. Her approach has proved to be so successful that Law’s work has been exhibited across many continents. In this exhibition of new work, the paper backgrounds function in distinctly different ways: some are left white so that the artist’s sensitive and accomplished line drawings of female forms, highlighted with colour, stand out clearly and unhindered; others are saturated in colour and the figures left stark white to create arresting, reverse silhouettes. Whatever role Law determines for her paper, it results in pictures that combine simplicity with very intelligent use of materials.

Form and Colour Throughout July Right/ Swiss Impact, 2013 Below/ Spiral, 2014

Put it on Paper, 13 June – 6 September From top/ Untitled (Pink on Red); White Dress ii

AUCTIONS: MOST WANTED Farmer and Rocks by Sir Kyffin Williams OBE RA (estimate: £4-6,000)

Online Only Auction At 25 Blythe Road, two of its dealers and auctioneers, George Duckett and Harry Moore-Gwyn, have combined their expertise to create auctions aimed at the middle market of British and Continental pictures. It is a market they define as “the expanding face of the art world that represents great quality, diversity and value for money”. The Kensington auction house is home to a growing nucleus of specialists, mainly ex-Sotheby’s and Christie’s, who operate their own auctions – both actual and online – under the same Blythe Road roof. For busy buyers, July’s auction is ideal as it operates online only, focusing on drawings, watercolours and oils from the 18th-20th centuries with estimates to suit all budgets. Among the most exciting lots will be a pencil and wash created by Sir Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) and a watercolour over pencil by Sir Kyffin Williams OBE, RA (1918-2006). British and Continental Pictures, 23 June: online viewing starts, 3-8 July: online auction:


Does your insurer value your most precious assets as much as you do?



“All art is an abstraction to some degree,” declared Britain’s late, great Henry Moore who illustrated it through his own sculpture which, to a lesser or greater degree, was abstracted from the human form. Abstraction continues to be popular with diverse contemporary artists, especially in America, as the Saatchi Gallery’s latest exhibition reveals. Carol Cordrey reports

Above/ Paul Bloodgood, Reading, Waiting, Copying Opposite, clockwise from left/ Trudy Benson, For RL; Wyatt Kahn, Late Nite; Jackie Saccoccio, Right Portrait


In contrast to representational art, abstract art emerges as an independent aesthetic resulting from an artist’s reaction to physical or emotional subjects. Its pioneers are generally considered to be Russia’s Wassily Kandinsky, American’s Arthur Dove and Switzerland’s Alberto Giacometti, who first created their unconventional paintings and sculptures in the early decades of the 20th century. Its popularity spread and it reached real prominence in 1930 when Paris held the first international exhibition of abstract art. The following decades saw various forms of abstraction develop globally and contemporary artists continue to find new ways of presenting it to us. The very name of Saatchi is synonymous with the discovery and promotion of emerging artists so the eponymous gallery strikes me as the perfect stage for shining the spotlight on some of the most innovative of today’s abstract artists. Under that spotlight will be nine of America’s contemporary figures whose fascinating work is as divergent as their choice of media. Amongst them will be Brent Wadden who has exhibited his paintings and textiles internationally. His work features striking geometric, repeat patterns that are inspired by

Canadian folk art. They combine paint with hand-woven fibres, the latter becoming a new dimension in his work some four years ago when this trained painter added self-taught weaving to his skills. His palette is restricted to tones of black and white which have the effect of sharpening the impact of his geometric compositions. Trudy Benson’s paintings are characterised by solid areas of vibrant colour juxtaposed with sections of varied patterns and symbols that include dots, dashes and grids; this is directly related to her interest in computers

These nine contemporary figures are presenting work as divergent as their choice of media and digital art. Not only are they richly coloured but also richly textured, the paint having been applied to her large canvases with unconventional tools or straight from the tube. This affords them a sense of spontaneous lyricism which makes them sing out to me as unconstrained expression, reminiscent of the works of Kandinsky.



Although appearing randomly fractured, Paul Bloodgood’s collages are thoughtfully structured, recycled even, from torn pieces of photographed artworks made earlier by himself and by other artists such as Cézanne and fellow American artist Pollock. Within his form of Abstraction are clearly painted, coloured gridlines that conventional artists use as a tool for arranging their compositions or scaling them up before deliberately erasing the lines. Bloodgood, on the other hand, retains the gridlines which he paints with a degree of fluidity. For me, they introduce a graphic quality as well as a subtle sense of order to his jigsaw art. Wool stitched or knitted into banners or used to create garments presented on mannequins emerges from Lisa Anne Auerbach’s creative hands. The artist, who taught herself to knit, blends controversial messages or slogans related to the clothing itself, politics and propaganda into garments. Her banners, or wall-hangings, are heavily peppered with text that underscores the importance of language as a visual and not just a spoken tool for instigating social and political change. Auerbach’s oeuvre also challenges conventions by blurring the distinction between fine art and craft. Paint is the preferred medium of Jackie Saccoccio which she applies in an energetic manner to very large scale canvases, so that the overall impact is one of great drama. The paint is highly textured as a result of layering then pouring and scraping it so that original colours are transformed into varied, new tones and sections of her compositions change form; sweeps of paint then acquire linear, dripped or explosive effects. It is as if the paint has developed a volatile character of its own. In fact, she considers every one of her works to have gone through a building process in the manner of a sculpture that is built, piece by piece, with clay that is pushed and pulled in various directions and sometimes scored until the sculptor achieves a form he is content with. Equally, for Saccoccio, the flowing of the paint and the linear marks on her pictures represent a record of her personal emotions and gestures experienced during the creative process of each composition. Consequently, they can be seen as self-portraits and this explains why the titles of her work often identify it with portraiture. These are just a handful of the artists who, collectively, are pushing the boundaries of abstract art. The exhibition is an exciting opportunity not just to witness and enjoy their restless, innovative creativity but, perhaps, to discover a Henry Moore, a Kandinsky, a Dove or a Giacometti of the future. Abstract America Today Until 28 September From top/ Ivan Morley, Techachepi; Brent Wadden, Alignment (21)


Heath spotted orchids and grasses – Watercolour, graphite and ink on Arches 640 gsm paper 102 x 124 cm

Exhibition 12 JUNE – 5 JULY 2014

Jonathan Cooper Park Walk Gallery

20 Park Walk London SW10 0AQ t: +44 (0)20 7351 0410

Rosie Sanders Dandelions and other flowers PA I N T I N G S O F W I L D F L O W E R S

A colour catalogue is available on request View online catalogue at

Local Profile:

Robert Young Rebecca Wallersteiner speaks to Robert Young, who believes that “folk art is simply our native art, the fruit of human creativity” When I arrive to interview folk art dealer Robert Young, he greets me warmly and offers me tea. A delicate blend is served in hand-painted teacups and two hours then flash past as Robert shares his passion for folk art with me in what must surely be the cosiest gallery in London. Sinking into a comfortable chair and sipping tea, being surrounded by walls painted in bright primal colours encourages one to regress to childhood. “Part of folk art’s allure is that it appeals to the child in us,” agrees Robert, as I admire a whimsical wooden rocking horse and decoy ducks. Robert goes on to tell me that he became interested in antiques as a schoolboy and his first purchase was a sculptural-looking dugout chair which he saw in a shop window. This was the beginning of his lifelong love affair with folk art. He was just 22 when he started dealing and during the past 40 years he has done much to raise its profile and increase its popularity. Robert has a particular love of weathered wooden pieces such as Welsh love spoons, trade signs, toys and painted furniture, which were often made as gifts, or simple tokens of love. “We spend much time Above/ Pair of fabric collages by George Smart of Frant, c. 1840 (left and right); Tobacconist’s trade sign fashioned as a Highlander Snuff figure, c.1875 (centre) Opposite/Fine Noah’s Ark toy complete with original animals’ German, c.1870; Dog breeder’s trade sign in the form of a fox terrier, English, c.1900

looking for unusual, individual, beautifully made pieces that capture our imagination,” Robert says, “and it is the imperfections that make something sexy.” In 1978, Robert founded Robert Young Antiques in Battersea with his French wife Josyane, who shares his passion. They both love the area for its little shops and businesses and the nearby river. Staying put for so long helped their business to grow thanks to clients who like to return to a familiar place and develop their collections over decades. “Even in the early years we always looked for original pieces, with quality, detail and patinated surfaces caused by the passing of time, and most importantly, soul,” explains Robert, who trained at Sotheby’s and La Sorbonne. In their cracks and marks, these pieces embody the history of how they were used. “When we began dealing in the 70s, there was little demand for rustic art and painted furniture and we toured the country looking for unusual, well-made pieces.” At that time, some dealers and collectors felt that folk art was not refined enough for the major fairs but this has now changed with pieces often selling for several thousands of pounds at art and antique fairs, like Chelsea’s prestigious Masterpiece London, held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital. “One of our highlights at Masterpiece this year is a hand-carved Noah’s Ark, with a complete set of pairs of miniature carved wooden animals. Part of the timeless appeal of this Ark is the evidence of the years of enjoyment it has evidently given.” Its original paintwork


is faded and worn, bearing witness to the countless hours children have spent playing with it. “Models of Noah’s Ark were amongst the few toys that children were allowed to play with on Sundays, partly because of their obvious biblical reference and partly because they were considered educational. As a result they are often still found in good condition, with their original paintwork and a complete quota of animals,” explains Robert. Other striking gems for Masterpiece include a hand-painted, cast-iron dog-breeder’s trade sign in the form of a fox-terrier and a Victorian tobacconist’s wooden sign depicting a Highlander in a feathered cap and kilt, taking snuff. This sign would have hung in the street outside the tobacconist’s shop to help passersby to identify his premises. Many shop signs took the form of giant, oversized objects, which were symbolic of various trades, including giant spectacles for an optician, a huge key for a locksmiths and an oversized fish for a fishmonger. These symbols could be readily understood by all, even the illiterate. “In recent years we have been seeing a lot of younger people visiting the gallery and coming up to our stall at fairs like Masterpiece,” says Robert. Many of these people had never previously looked at antiques but were attracted by the originality and power of folk art, which looks terrific when incorporated into either traditional or modern homes and juxtaposed with contemporary design.

With its imaginative, theatrical lighting and handpainted walls, it isn’t surprising that Robert’s stall often wins awards for best stand design at art fairs and that local interior designers often drop by for inspiration. Robert and Josyane share a self-taught flair for interior design and occasionally undertake individual projects, including a Charles II period townhouse in Highgate and a family house in Notting Hill, as Riviére Interiors. “We are chic in our non-chic-ness,” declares Robert, in a sartorial self-assessment. New pieces can be created by mixing new and old elements: “In the context of the design side of our business, we often re-use interesting and sculptural antique elements in combination with contemporary materials to create unique and stylish objects. However all the folk art in my gallery is old, genuine and original,” says Robert. It’s hard to think of another dealer as passionate about his field as Robert. His atmospheric gallery, which is open six days a week, has greatly helped raise the international profile of folk art. Robert Young Antiques 68 Battersea Bridge Road SW11 3AG



Freedom of Expression Marni’s pre-fall collection reveals flashes of colour and exuberance, reined in by architecturally precise silhouettes and firm fabrics. Drawing on the Art Brut and Outsider art spheres, Marni looked to a world unbounded by the art market, institutions or formal conventions; its representatives, usually self-taught and often marginalised, practice raw, artistic expression, a perfect match for the adventurous spirit of this collection. Christophe Joubert and François-Xavier Tavy-Sacley from France and Stefano Favaro from Italy were the chosen artists and each has its own unique stamp, but the vibrancy of their prints, replicated across fabrics and leather goods including iPad cases and shoppers, unites them. The collection is available in the Sloane Street store. Marni, 26 Sloane Street, SW1X;


Second Skin Henry Hopwood-Phillips gives Hervé Léger a retrospective, before talking to its London managing director Patrick Couderc about the future

Nearly 30 years have passed since the Hervé Léger label was founded by its French designer in 1985. 13 years on, in September 1998, it was acquired by BCBG Max Azria and its creative hub began to migrate westwards, across the Atlantic. Early 2008 saw Max’s wife Lubov take over the creative helm of the brand, reviving its signature bandage dress with a capsule collection and a Beverly Hills boutique remodel. A few months later, models wearing the first full collection, renamed Hervé Léger by MAX AZRIA, were walking the boards of New York Fashion Week. Since then, Lubov has continued to stay true to the signature techniques of the classic bandage dress. “It is rather special,” she explains, emphasising that nothing really compares to the genuine article. “There are no patterns; the individual bandages are dabbed with pins and sewn together by hand. It is a labour of love.” Whilst essentially working with the same material each season, Lubov and her creative team move forward by reinventing the brand’s heritage in increasingly intricate ways. Many of the prototypes boast exceptional craftsmanship and are developed behind the closed doors of the Los Angeles design hub. These rather


secret innovations are then showcased during New York Fashion Week. The Runway collection, as it is known, always involves very complex techniques in the making process. As a result, the designs are made in limited editions and distributed very selectively. Today, Hervé Léger’s iconic bandage dresses are prominent on the red carpet and widely embraced by celebrities in all fields of endeavour. Having recently branched out into swimwear, the label is also making inroads into markets beyond its ken and since its first New York runway, it has exploded internationally. Hervé Léger can now boast a flagship in many a fashion location tick-box; Paris, Rome, Geneva, Beirut, Moscow, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as more than 15 US brand-owned boutiques. And of course London. Which brings us to Patrick Couderc, MD of Hervé Léger, London. Few men can get away with strutting their stuff in a bow tie but Patrick ups the fashion stakes with an impeccable French accent and pink shoelaces, as well as a secret stash of pocket squares. “The London flagship opened in September 2009, attracting quite a hullabaloo from the fashion community,” he explains. I forgot to mention his unnervingly firm command of the English language. I probe him on the marketing realities of his location. His reply is attractively blunt. “Okay, on Lowndes, we are a little bit ‘off Broadway’ so to speak but this address lets us turn the tables to our benefit: when we talk of exclusivity and style, ‘we are Belgravians’ but when we are enhancing the global position of the brand, we are ‘just off Sloane Street, the heart of Knightsbridge’.” There are two quite different atmospheres in the store. The ground floor

is full of air and light in a modern art gallery manner. Its front is basically one piece of glass, sure to intrigue onlookers, but downstairs it’s a different affair. It’s intimate and cosy; that may be the macaroons and tea-set talking but I’m feeling it. Tucked behind curtains that would fit a stage are rooms pretending to be changing rooms but could in fact double as ballrooms. “They’re supersized,”

The signature dresses have no patterns: “individual bandages are sewn together by hand” Patrick mutters, for once picking a less than diplomatic word. Supersized is not a word anybody near one of these dresses wants to hear. “Oh don’t get in a flap!” the MD teases. “Wearing Léger involves a certain amount of confidence.” Jokes aside, the customer base of the brand is changing: “When we first opened our doors, a significant number of our customers were Londoners. However, the brand continued to develop internationally; we are now benefitting from the loyalty of Hervé Léger fans from all over the world.” Accordingly, all in-house stylists are keeping up to date with these new markets. That’s not to say Hervé Léger is looking so far afield it has forgotten about its own feet. Planted in Belgravia, the store “supports its neighbourhood in as many ways as it can,” according to Patrick. “Many of our marketing partnerships are chosen from our closest neighbours and we are regular contributors to local charities.” As my visit draws to an end, the MD concludes; “In a nutshell, we will always strive to go the whole nine yards to satisfy our clients. We are talking about something fun enough to be recounted over dinner with friends. We don’t want to stand still; we are always thinking of ways to make any journey with us even more memorable!” Hervé Léger, 29 Lowndes Street, SW1X 9HX, 020 7201 2590


FASHION Nappe printed triangle bikini, £335 Dolce & Gabbana,

Cropped striped cotton T-shirt £90, A.P.C,

Coral poncho, £225, Issa Amelia Bug clutch, £895, Matthew Williamson,

Easy puzzle wedge sandals, £505 Sergio Rossi,

Twist-effect rings, £308, Aamaya by Priyanka,

Suitcase Essentials

Princess Comet necklace, £815 Shourouk,

Orange is the colour of the season so why not bask in this summer’s hottest shade with these key holiday items?

Bug on granny chic sunglasses £310, Cutler and Gross

Gustave frayed stretch-denim shorts, £260, Isabel Marant

Coral mid rise slouch trousers, £237 Mara Hoffman,

Garance Maillot, from a selection, Lisa Marie Fernandez,

Illusion V-back crepe maxi dress £412, DKNY,

Shark’s tooth-lock leather sandals, £546, Givenchy


Shoe Business Working nine ‘til five in a “rich man’s game” is no mean feat but thanks to Charlotte Olympia’s new collection of killer heels, you will certainly mean business. The permanent collection includes stilettos, block heels and kitten heels; choose from the three heel heights depending on how adept you are at striding around the office. These come in a sophisticated and understated colour palette of burgundy, bottle green, grey, brown, black, navy and, for the more daring, fuchsia. Well-known for adding a touch of humour into her coveted collections, each Charlotte Olympia style comes in a briefcaseinspired shoebox which has been designed to sit under your desk and is paired with matching stockings. Let’s face it ladies; there’s no business like shoe business.;

HER STYLE By olivia sharpe

True Romance To the untrained eye, Dolce & Gabbana’s pre-fall 2014 collection is almost identical to its S/S14 line, featuring vibrant floral and tropical prints with matching accessories and romantic lace pieces, evoking Sicilian style and glamour. And yet, the pre-fall collection, while embodying all of these elements, has in fact been refashioned to incorporate strong silhouettes, lace panels and sequins. The result is a more laid-back, casual collection which provides the perfect transition from summer to autumn. The pre-fall collection is now available in stores.

Gucci Essentials The horse-bit loafer, which celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, reigns supreme in Gucci’s pre-fall collection this year, arriving in burnt orange and black leather. Frida Giannini didn’t just look to the past to create her latest collection, however, having introduced a new shoe style this season; a towering squaretoe leather bootie with a chunky heel. Clean and laid-back with a masculine undertone, the accessories perfectly complement Giannini’s Gucci Essentials line comprising bare and minimal pieces, controlled volume and sleek silhouettes. Along with the classic loafer, the creative director has also revived the house’s embossed Diamanté pattern onto the new range of handbags.

Dallas Buyers Club Chanel’s legendary Metiers d’Arts shows have travelled far and wide, from the wildness of the Scottish Highlands to the exoticism of Singapore, and this year was no different as Karl Lagerfeld presented his pre-fall show in Dallas, Texas (several decades after Coco Chanel’s memorable visit in 1957). Sparing no expense, the designer transformed the city’s famed Fair Park into a rodeo complete with an all-American, drive-in movie theatre with 74 vintage automobiles parked in front of four giant screens which played Lagerfeld’s short film, The Return, starring Geraldine Chaplin as Coco Chanel. Channelling the wild, wild west, models resembled cowgirls in flared mid-calf skirts, stone-washed denim and prairie hues including brown, grey and wheat tones. Effortlessly stylish and contemporary, there was certainly nothing about the bad and the ugly when it came to this collection.

All Heart In collaboration with Linda Farrow, Markus Lupfer has created a collection of sunglasses modelled, quite literally, after his own heart, comprising fun and quirky styles including lip-printed wayfarers and, our personal favourite, over-sized, heart-shaped glasses. The new range, which drops in stores on 22 June, was inspired by the fashion designer’s A/W14 collection featuring off-beat prints, sequins and embellishments; these elements have been translated into Linda Farrow eyewear with the use of print and glitter acetate. Set your heart on it now. Markus Lupfer by Linda Farrow Gallery Available from 22 June;

Sister Act Two Following the success of its first standalone store in Paris which launched last year, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela has made its way across the Channel and opened a second European boutique in London’s Mayfair. As the sister collection to the avantgarde mainline, MM6 Maison Martin Margiela offers a more rebellious take on fashion, incorporating deconstructed silhouettes, contemporary prints and innovative fabrics within its sporty, ready-to-wear aesthetic. The new store on Conduit Street currently houses the S/S14 ready-towear collection, as well as footwear (which you’ll find in the dedicated wooden shoe salon), handbags and accessories.

New Arrival: Sun, Sand & Honey After 15 years of living in Spain, journalist Rita Roby-Goncalves decided to escape her sunny existence there and head to London to pursue her passion for luxury swimwear. Now a resident of Belgravia, this year sees the designer debut her first beachwear range. Like a scene out of Raquel Welch’s Fantastic Voyage, the new campaign was shot against a mountainous backdrop and features simple, elegant designs in earthy, neutral tones such as black and terracotta. Incorporating the finest Italian fabrics manufactured in Venice, each piece exudes timeless elegance and glamour.

MM6 Maison Martin Margiela


Capri pants, £325, JC de Castelbajac,; Beige Jemima hat, £110, Melissa Odabash,; Moscow glasses, £255, Prism, 54 Chiltern Street, W1U 7QX; Twist bandeau top, £95, Heidi Klein, 257 Pavilion Road and 174 Westbourne Grove,; Coral bracelet, £885, Freywille, 4A Sloane Street, SW1X 9LA

Here Comes



Make a splash this summer, whether home or away, in retro swimsuits, statement sunglasses and bold prints Photography:

Phillip Waterman


Jess Stebbings

Carre Cube silk scarf, £310, Hermès, 179 Sloane Street,; Sunglasses, £310, Cutler and Gross,; Bikini, £138, Orla Kiely,; Watch, £1,522, Freywille, as before; Natural zircon and 18-karat gold earrings, £165, Kirsten Goss London,

Gem embellished lace skirt, £2,395, Burberry Prorsum,; Salinas bikini top, £132, Prism, as before; Sunglasses, £310, Cutler and Gross, as before; Watch, £1,522, Freywille as before; Iriza shoes, £395, Christian Louboutin,; Peach coral earrings, £95, Kirsten Goss London, as before

Pleated one piece, £190, Heidi Klein, as before; Gwynitta patent heels, £495, Christian Louboutin, as before; Canary yellow necklace, £1,524, and radiantcut ring, £282, both CARAT* London, CARAT* Covent Garden, 020 7379 5320; Sunglasses, £310, Cutler and Gross, as before

English lace shirt, £495, and cotton knickers, £295, Burberry Prorsum, as before; Capri sunglasses, £255, Prism, as before; Trio earrings of white diamond pavé in 18-karat yellow gold, £20,690, Shamballa Jewels,; Pink bracelet, £758, and coral watch, £1,841, both Freywille, as before

Elaine sage swimsuit, £189, Pistol Panties,; Textured flower shorts £168, Orla Kiely, as before; Platinum Ivy necklace with yellow and white diamonds and matching earrings with yellow and white diamonds, both POA, Boodles,; Radiant-cut ring, £282, CARAT* London, as before; Eyelash sunglasses, £125, Tatty Devine,

One-piece swimsuit, £78, Calvin Klein,; Print jacket, £760, Holly Fulton,; Custard cream clutch, £995, Anya Hindmarch,; Iriza shoes, £395, Christian Louboutin, as before; Canary yellow necklace, £1,524, and radiant-cut ring, £282, both CARAT* London, as before ASSISTANT: Kiran Mane HAIR: Elliot Bssila @ Terri Manduca for Errol Douglas Salon MAKE-UP: Charlotte Cowen MODEL: Fruszina @ Models 1 With many thanks to Ealing Village Pool Ealing Village is an elegant 1930s residential estate, built in an Art Deco Dutch Colonial style. It was modelled on Hollywood's serviced apartments, with dinner served every evening in the clubhouse. Gentlemen would later retire to play billiards in the private games room. Today it retains its lion's head fountain and original outdoor Lido, tennis court and clubhouse with full size billiards and snooker table.

Stamp Duty Hedi Slimane has put his stamp, quite literally, on the new unisex Saint Laurent Monogram Collection. 30 pieces have been included in the initial launch, including traditional luggage, smaller leather goods and travel essentials. Made in the label’s leather workshops in Italy, all carry the Saint Laurent signature gold leaf lettering and come in rich, smart shades of brown and black with a practical resilient coating. With the print design based on a link from the Art Deco Babylone chain bracelet, the range brings a heritage approach to modern, functional design. Personalised initials can be added to products in selected Saint Laurent stores.

Tour du Monde Vilebrequin, established in Saint Tropez in 1971, continues to lead the way in finely crafted, high-performance swimwear. Its new High Summer Tour du Monde collection captures the spirit and pleasures of jet-setting, whether sunbathing on sandy beaches or relaxing by a rooftop pool in the city. Inspired by the planet’s most iconic and alluring destinations such as Paris, New York and Brazil, its swimwear and accessories feature a diverse range of colours and prints, from sail boats, turtles and a New York taxi to a world map and flags. The Brazilian references are particularly relevant, with eyes currently fixed on the World Cup.

HIS STYLE By melissa emerson

Taylor Made Moving Mountains Trainers are no longer just reserved for gym workouts, as shown by Dolce and Gabbana’s new collection for the style-conscious city-dweller. The range is inspired by the technical clothing and equipment of Mount Etna’s climbers and the trainers are, fittingly, made in Italy. The Mid-Cut has a strong and powerful silhouette to reflect the spirit of adventure and the double-sided leather straps held by toggled laces and perforated polka dot panels with reflective underlay, are reminiscent of climbing ropes and safety clothing. Bold colour contrasts give them a bright and wearable feel. Step into summer.


The S/S14 capsule collection from up-andcoming eyewear brand Taylor Morris comprises six polished and sophisticated styles, each of which utilise the highest quality colour injected Mazzuchelli acetate. Last season’s bestsellers (the Saratoga, Chelsea Cat’s Eye and Vredefort), worn by the likes of Jamie Campbell Bower and Will Poulter, have been re-designed and will feature alongside the new RollRight style. Rose gold and indigo colourways with yellow gold metalwork add a touch of elegance while flash mirror lenses give a rock ‘n’ roll edge, as reflected by model Sam Webb in the South West London campaign. Founders Hugo Taylor and Charlie Morris turned up at Harvey Nichols in May with a host of famous faces to celebrate the latest collection. S/S14 capsule collection, stocked exclusively in Harvey Nichols nationwide;

Salute to Style

Salute to Style_A4 Advert.indd 3

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OFFER Subscribe to The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine or The Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine for just £45 a year and receive a CULT51 beauty gift (RRP £125)* For just £45 a year, have the latest issue delivered directly to your door each month Both magazines feature: Exclusive Interviews Local News & Events Art, Auctions & Culture Fashion, Style & Luxury Goods Interior Design & Property Luxury Travel & Motoring

Subscribers will receive a revolutionary 3D multi-active night cream by CULT51. This innovative product, with 51 anti-ageing benefits, is clinically proven to renew, regenerate and restore all skin types ( *

To subscribe, please visit now * While stock lasts. The limited offer ends on 31 July 2014. Pay for your subscription with your credit/debit card or PayPal account; all transactions are made through PayPal. This price includes taxes, packing & postal charges. The delivery is made by First Class Royal Mail Service and is available in the UK only. If you have any queries regarding Terms & Conditions, your subscription or international deliveries please contact the Runwild Media office on 020 7987 4320, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5.30pm (GMT) or email Registered office and postal address: Runwild Media Group, 6th Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AX


lifestyle water pressure Let’s face it; sports equipment has taken up far too much precious space for far too long, often causing proud home-owners interior design nightmares due to unsightly and bulky items. If you face this predicament but refuse to give up your keep-fit regime, we’d suggest you Google the genius solutions offered by WaterRower, a company founded in the mid 80s by Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke. Its products are designed to blend into a home’s decor and design, rather than detract from them. We like this smart cherry wood WaterRower Oxbridge, neutral and stylish enough to ensure that it isn’t banished to the garage and that, therefore, it is indeed used as much as the purchaser intended.




A R T.


I T.

In craftsmanship and performance, Sub-Zero is without rival. Its advanced technology keeps food fresher longer. 251 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 2EP 0845 250 0010



BY melissa emerson

Couture Glass Local interior design studio Keir Townsend has established an innovative new way of decorating glass, employing the dedicated attitude and delicate techniques usually found in the bespoke art world. The idea can be applied to a number of surfaces, from glass wall panels and table tops to tiles. A variety of paints, varnishes and patinas form the background layer, while silver, gold and copper leaf create the pattern, shine and depth of colour. Hand-cutting, hand-mixing the colours and providing an infinite choice of patterns ensures a truly individual piece for every client. 142 Old Brompton Road, SW7 4NR

Garden Grandeur

Three Dimensional Living

Now that British summertime is here, it’s time to take advantage of the great outdoors and enjoy what blissful sunshine our temperamental weather has to offer. With this in mind, OKA has expanded its already comprehensive garden range to help us to do just that. All-weather rattan material means that even with the odd shower, its pieces are geared up for the British outdoors – a winning combination of style and practicality. Pieces have been created with spaces both large and small in mind, from the Carisbrooke Dining Table for two, with folding chairs, to the much larger and luxurious Callanish Dining table, big enough for 12 guests to enjoy dinner al fresco on the striking Greenwich metal chairs.

Studio Integrate’s latest design project provides a contemporary approach to interior design through its use of large-scale 3D printing techniques. Perfection can be achieved in the computer-programmed interiors products, while non-repetitive sequences ensure the designs are unique rather than uniform. One of the particularly intriguing products produced this way is the GeMo vase. Inspired by the geometric patterns and symmetrical shapes in Islamic art, the technology allows manipulation of these to create a multitude of distinct variations, something not possible in the traditional manufacturing process. Most products are also limited edition.

Available in store from July 155-167 Fulham Road, Chelsea, SW3;

GeMo Vase, £1,000;

Worthy Winners Our May issue featured a very special WW1 memorial garden, which was the thoughtful creation of Nature Redesigned duo Francesca Murrell and Emma Page. Having teamed up for the first time to enter the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year, it is with delight we congratulate them on their Gold medal in the Show’s Artisan section. The Potter’s Garden, sponsored by Dial-A-Flight (Lotus Group Ltd), was highly acclaimed; its abandoned kiln and workshop told the story of a potter snatched away to war, while the wildflowers indicated nature’s ability to constantly regenerate.




Round the Houses

With Occa Home’s extensive range of curated and themed collections, as well as numerous designer brands to choose from, a little guidance could be a valuable asset in selecting the pieces most suitable for your design scheme. Its team of expert interior designers now provide tailored services, always working with the client’s available space and personal style. These range from a £75 one-off consultation with advice on trends and finishes to a more extended collaboration complete with moodboards, samples and images. Having quality products and knowledgeable designers available in one creates a simple, streamlined process for interior design enthusiasts.

Redloh House Fabrics is a co-operative of designers who are all dedicated to working lovingly and personally on their fabrics and wallpapers. The boutique, situated just off the King’s Road, has been designed as a quaint, country-style house; this fittingly reflects the artisan nature of the designs which Redloh House believes sets it apart from impersonal mass-market consumerism. Two talented American designers recently joined the collaborative for S/S14; Kerry Joyce contributes botanical fabrics, inspired by a 19th century book of wildflowers, while Chris Barrett draws on her travels and Californian heritage for her collection of engaging outdoor textiles.

At Your Service

Architecture A-Z

Material World In exciting news, Cabbages and Roses, the British fabrics, homeware and fashion brand which we recently welcomed to Chelsea with its store opening on Sydney Street in February, is launching a select range of its fine furnishing fabrics in John Lewis stores this July. Headed up by creative director Christina Strutt, the curated collection will contain 12 classic designs, including the popular and much-loved Hatley Rose print in a pale pastel pink. Florals are a particular feature of this selection and the vintage feel is kept fresh and light for summer with soft and muted tones of pink and blue. The Jolly Stripe in red adds a brighter and bolder character in contrast for those of you looking to make a statement. Available in John Lewis from July


David Collins was an inspirational and muchadmired figure in the design world and a new book ABCDCS from the David Collins Studio celebrates his life’s work in the world of interiors and architecture. A foreword from Madonna, a friend and fan of his, introduces the story of David’s influences, motifs and inspirations. These are presented chronologically from A-Z, via ‘I’ for ‘Inspiration’ and ‘R’ for ‘Reflection’. Complemented with a striking array of images, the book is visually arresting. Originally from Ireland but having settled in London in 1985, David put his distinctive stamp on numerous spaces and his legacy, whether through hotels, restaurants or residences, is a change in the way people use and interact with spaces both public and private. ABCDCS: David Collins Studios, by David Collins, £44.25

Saturno Dining Table and Vesta Chairs

Discover the Natuzzi Italia dining collection.

02031 314 001

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Up to 70% off


great quality bed linen available all day, every day at





Sheridan ‘Nerina’ bed linen shown above from £35 for a single set. HOTEL LIVING plain dye available in 400, 600, 1000 thread count from £30 for a single duvet cover. Both ranges available throughout July 2014. FURNITURE AND HOMEWARE BRANDS AT EXCEPTIONAL PRICES ANYWHERE YOU CAN GET ON-LINE

£20 off your first order when you spend over £60, not valid on travel promotions. *Savings off RRP. Full T&Cs on

Kids KINGDOM BY nicole blair

Parents’ Club Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a manual so to provide a little assistance in this area, Chelseabased children’s fashion brand Jacadi has launched its very own club for bewildered parents. The Parents’ Club will enable members to get together in the comforts of the Jacadi Brompton Road boutique to share opinions, discuss problems and offer advice to one another. Expert professionals will also be on hand and each meeting will focus on a different topic or theme. See the Jacadi website for more information and to register.

Wild at Heart Lions and tigers and bunnies, oh my! Bonnie Baby founder Tracey Samuels has designed this season’s collection by taking inspiration from her own children’s favourite animals. The friendly creature appliqués come to life with three-dimensional knitted ears and loveable animated faces and the range includes knitted playsuits, cardigans, sweaters, and dresses in block summery hues of sunshine yellow, ice cream pink and ocean blue. Get ready to go wild.

The House Imagination Built If your child could have any playhouse imaginable, what would they dream up? From fairy tale castles to turreted treehouses, the Master Wishmakers can make any kid’s dream house a reality. The architecture and interiors company offers a creative collection of beautiful and exciting playhouses, themed bedrooms and luxury gazebos but it is their bespoke ranges that really stand out. These skilled artisans can custom build to any client’s wishes, making sure that every piece they produce appeals to both children and parents alike and is entirely unique. Playhouses from £25,000

Darling Dauphine Your little princess will look regal in Mischka Aoki’s S/S14 collection, inspired by the grandeur and elegance of the legendary dauphines of the Chateau de Versailles. In collaboration with Swarovski, each design is lavish and all come in rich colours with an abundance of stunning floral appliqué detailing. This season’s collection also has coordinating jewel and Swarovski crystal-encrusted headbands and hair clips so she can be the belle of the ball at her next debut.

The Cat’s Whiskers Everyone’s favourite feline is now available in playful but tasteful bling, with luxury jeweller Mikimoto having teamed up with the beloved Hello Kitty to create a whimsical line of jewellery and accessories. Mikimoto’s famous pearls are showcased in creative designs reflecting the character’s iconic face as well as her signature bow. The collection features draped pearl necklaces, shaped bangles and chokers but the pièce de resistance has to be an elaborate tiara, complete with diamond centre, pearl flowers and jewelled strawberry lockets hiding tiny Hello Kitty figures.

Box Upon a Time

Parents know well how quickly toddlers grow out of clothing and shopping with the little ones in tow isn’t always a walk in the park. Enter Box Upon a Time, a clever new subscription service that offers premium childrenswear brands delivered to your door, and at discounted rates to boot. The company offers monthly and one-off gifting services, delivering expertly selected outfits which are handpicked based on answers to an online fashion profile. Box Upon a Time is available for children aged up to three and designer brands include Marmalade & Mash and Marie Chantal.

World-Wise Babes

The Little One Tres jolie! La pitchoune’s founder hopes her new luxury kidswear label will appeal to little girls and their mothers too. Fashion stylist Loulou Bontemps is co-founder of this Made in Britain brand to offer elegant, beautiful dresses that will catch the eye of discerning mini fashion critics, while simultaneously getting the nod from trend-conscious mums. The debut collection for La pitchoune, translated as ‘the little one’ in French, is comprised of nine distinct styles of gorgeous, wearable occasion dresses for girls 1-6 years old. If only they were available in sizes for Mummy as well!

Londali, whose name is a combination of London (where founder Julie Birch studied fashion) and Alicante (the Spanish city in which she now resides), is now offering exclusive cotton baby kaftans. The pieces are made by Indian artisans and come in sizes from six months to one year old. Birch believes in the importance of socially aware brands so you can feel good decking your baby out in these beautiful brightly coloured pieces; not only does Londali respect the local heritage of each product offered but it also donates eight per cent of its profits to the charities and NGOs working with the artisans involved.




Orange Crush The colour that shone bold and bright out of the sea of monochrome which pervaded the S/S14 catwalk was... wait for it... orange. While the pasty majority of us who believe we are incapable of wearing this particularly daring shade would have let out a groan of despair on hearing the news, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. If you do not feel brave enough to invest in an orange-based wardrobe, you can always opt for the alternative and incorporate it into your summer make-up range. If you decide to do this, look no further than Chanel. As part of its Summer 2014 make-up collection, the house has included orange tones in the form of a coral nail polish, water-proof mascara and lip gloss which positively burst with vitality and freshness. Paired with a natural, glowing tan, you will be the envy of the beach. Collection Reflets d’Ete de Chanel, from £18

On the Hour We are pleased to announce that Hourglass is now available to buy in Harrods’ Urban Retreat. Step inside the beauty emporium and you will find the beauty brand’s warm weather beauty essentials. These include Illusion Tinted Moisturiser, which Hourglass make-up artist Kirsty D recommends using instead of foundation during the summer, and Waterproof Bronzer. New to Hourglass this season is a kaleidoscope of vivid lip shapes, from light pink to deep berry, which have been created to amplify your colour library with summery hues of Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss and Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner. “Extreme Sheen creates an irresistible pop of colour and infuses lips with rich moisture,” comments Kirsty D. “Panoramic is a day-to-night liner which extends the longevity of your lip colour.” Illusion Tinted Moisturizer, £45, Superficial Waterproof Bronzer, £30, Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss, £21 (new shades: Muse, Canvas, Ballet), Panoramic Long Wear Lip Liner, £21 (new shades: Empress, Raven, Muse, Eden) Hourglass at Urban Retreat

Order of the Day During the hot summer months, it is more important than ever that we keep our skin protected and with that in mind, Eve Lom has released a Daily Protection SPF50 sunscreen. Classed as the next generation of sunscreen, the product contains an anti-wrinkle formula designed either to be used on its own or layered with the brand’s own range of skincare dependent on skin type, for everyday use. With powerful UV shields as well as antioxidant Vitamins C and E, your skin will never feel so protected.

Copacabana This summer sees Guerlain once again introducing a new Aqua Allegoria perfume to its Eaux Fraiches range. Limon Verde, as you would expect from the name, is a fresh and fruity scent which takes as its inspiration the lively exuberance of a Brazilian festival (no doubt to mark this year’s World Cup). The scent, created by master perfumer Thierry Wasser, includes notes of cachaca, cane sugar and lime; the quintessential raw materials of the Latin American continent. Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde, £58 for 125ml Exclusive to John Lewis,

Daily Protection SPF50, £70

Bride Wars Personal trainer, life-coach and all round habit-breaking gurus Tim Drummond and Phil Hawksworth of Arete White specialise in making sure brides-to-be look their best on the big day. With previous clients including actress Mischa Barton, you’ll get weighed in and have your body fat distribution measured before your day-to-day diet and lifestyle habits are analysed. According to them, just 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days can set you up for “unlimited energy, easy weight loss, and most importantly, an inspiring life”. So if sculpted arms, a toned back and slim waist are top of your wedding day checklist, Tim and Phil are your men. Arete White uses a holistic approach, combining exercise, nutritional analysis, lifestyle and motivation coaching to ensure that you reach your goal in good time and without having to starve yourself. The bespoke nature of the service means they invest highly in each client and work with only four brides-to-be at a time so booking in advance is strongly recommended. Packages from £12,000 for six months to £24,000 for 12 months,

True Blue Continuing its journey through the Mediterranean, fragrance house Acqua di Parma has extended its Blue Mediterraneo range to include Ginepro di Sardegna. Juniper berries are typical to Sardinia and are subsequently the defining notes of the new unisex scent, capturing the very essence of the island. This has been blended with holm oak, heather, euphorbia, wild olive, carob, lentiscus, strawberry tree and myrtle, all of which have been used to convey the character of the varied land with its cosy creeks, pink-shaded granite and crystal clear sea water. The Blue Mediterraneo range comes complete with a fragrance, energising shower gel and body milk, and a perfumed deodorant. Ginepro di Sardegna, £78 for 150ml

Super Woman Most 49-year old women dread their next birthday like the plague but for Elle Macpherson, it is just another day. And when you look as good as she does, it’s hardly surprising. To mark this milestone, the model turned businesswoman has demonstrated once again why she was given the nickname The Body with the launch of her first beauty product, The Super Elixir by WelleCo. Branded as the next generation in alkalising food supplements, it has taken several years to formulate by Dr. Simone Laubscher, Macpherson’s own Harley Street doctor who specialises in disease prevention, and is designed to support 11 systems in the body, including digestion, nervous and circulatory with its super green formula (containing 45 key ingredients such as Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes). While we cannot promise that you’ll look like Ms. Macpherson simply by drinking it every day, it’s at least a step in the right direction. The Super Elixir by WelleCo, £98 for 300g Exclusively available at Selfridges




Tri-Hard What do Chelsea, Primrose Hill, Soho and Covent Garden have in common? They’re all home to a triyoga studio and a host of locals keen on the company’s ethos of ‘detox, heal, relax + restore’. The Chelsea centre opened three summers ago and offers the same as the central and north London outposts; yoga and pilates classes taught by the best in the business, and more than 50 different treatments, from acupuncture to craniosacral therapy via Maya medicine and massage. My Level 1/2 yoga class in Chelsea with the encouraging, chirpy and accomplished teacher Anna Ashby (which is, incidentally, as full as the class I tried in Primrose Hill) is brilliant. I’m a beginner but don’t feel left out and do my best, quite happily, despite the fact that I’m sandwiched between two of the most flexible class members; the triyoga experience is meant to be accessible for anyone regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle. This is followed by a blissful massage from the talented Emma Watson, who specialises in aromatherapy, holistic fusion, natural lift facial and pregnancy massages. She gently but firmly works out tensions in my shoulders and legs, in particular, and I leave, invigorated, relaxed and, to be honest, a bit of a triyoga convert. Sign me up. Annabel Harrison Triyoga’s Intro Unlimited Pass: £20 for two weeks of unlimited yoga Massages from £40 Triyoga Chelsea, 372 King’s Road, SW3 5UZ;

with health and nutrition expert Vicki Edgson on tackling sugar in our diets Q. What’s your take on the huge amount of media coverage this year about our sugar consumption? A. Every nutritionist has always said that people need to cut back on their sugars and some have been profiled a lot lately for their radical ‘all or nothing’ approach but, in my experience, most people can’t actually give it up entirely. I’m not sure people should be cutting out all fruit, for example; it was put on the planet to be healthy, not harmful. I always say that if you’re eating food as close to nature as possible, it will do no harm. There’s a big difference between having fresh raspberries and raspberry compote, for example. Jam is 47 per cent sugar, minimum, and once you know that fact, you become aware that it just doesn’t taste of raspberries. The biggest problem is that we’ve all been brought up on sugar; we can’t just cut it out in one fell swoop and a lot of people are addicted to it. The important thing is to not be radical and alarmist; let’s look at the psychology behind it. Because to say to someone, you’ve got to cut out all sugar is actually much harder than people think it is. You have to do it in phases, one thing at a time; attack it from a more intelligent, practical perspective. Q. So what are these phases to break a sugar addiction, as outlined in your e-book? A. This is all about identifying the most important sugars to cut out. Phase 1: Cut out anything that comes in a jar or a bottle with a shelf life of three months; this means sauces, dressings, canned/tinned foods and so on; people don’t realise how much sugar these contain. Phase 2: Take a look at your carbohydrates and refined grains. What kind of bread are you eating? Is it artisan or does it contain a lot of yeast, which means a lot of sugar? Then look at breakfast cereals. People need to learn about good sugar and bad sugar, and how to balance it out; half the sugar in a cereal could, for example, be because of the dried fruit, so by soaking it overnight and adding a cup of oats, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. Phase 3: The so-called ‘healthy’ food; sugar is being disguised. A low-fat yoghurt, for example, has had its fat replaced by sugar, and why would you have a cherry-flavoured yoghurt, rather than real cherries? Phase 4: Drinks. All drinks. Cut out sugar in tea or coffee, and fruit juice that’s not made in front of you; if it’s not fresh, preservatives have been added. Red wines don’t have as much sugar as white, and for whites, the dryer the better. Phase 5: Sugars in your natural foods, such as fruits, and cooked root vegetables such as beetroot and carrots (twice as high in sugar when cooked than when raw). Don’t cut them out but make sure when you have them, you’re sensible. Ask for a carrot with your carrot, celery and apple juice to add the fibre back into your diet. Q. What overall advice would you give to those trying to tackle their sugar consumption? A. It’s all about finding the right balance and being realistic; you have to live. For most people time and cost are the major limiting factors. No one has any time anymore; it’s all rush, rush, rush. Our recipes in Honestly Healthy for Life are not too time-consuming. Visit Vicki’s website for more information about her Sugar-Busting Vital Energy Retreat in Portugal in September;




Salute to

London’s new and exclusive classic car event, Salute to Style, is taking place at The Hurlingham Club, 16-19 July The historic HURLINGHAM Club is the driving force behind London’s new classic car event, Salute to Style, taking place this July. Set up in partnership with well-known car veteran Michael Scott, the founder of the 96 Club and the International Guild of Specialist Engineers, the three-day summer event will showcase an exclusive mix of classic cars and modern super sportscars, with areas dedicated to showcasing the very best of automotive style and engineering. Among the stunning cars on display will be the Lightning V8 GT, created by the founder of the Ronart Company Arthur Wolstenholme, and the Rocket, created by F1 and McLaren designer Gordon Murray. There will also be a recreation of a Le Mans pit populated with original classic racers which will no doubt thrill adrenaline-fuelled guests. The Hurlingham Club has long been considered to be one of Britain’s most prestigious private members’ clubs, home to various other notable events including the Louis Vuitton Concours D’Elegance, so it was therefore the ideal venue to host this elegant summer garden party. Opening the occasion will be a French-inspired Bastille Day Ball on the evening of Wednesday 16 July, which will include a sumptuous three-course dinner with wine and accompanying music, dancing and entertainment all promising a certain ‘joie de vivre’. This theme will continue throughout the course of

the event, with the beautiful grounds of the Hurlingham Club being transformed into a lavish French fayre, encompassing authentic food and drink, art exhibitions and fashion boutiques, as well as traditional French pastimes to keep guests entertained. Salute to Style promises to bring a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to our fair capital, being the first summer event in London to celebrate design, creativity and craftsmanship in motoring history. Open to all car enthusiasts and stylish Londoners alike, Salute to Style is an event not to be missed this summer.

Salute to Style The three-day event starts on Thursday 17 July VIP tickets are available on 17 and 18 July, and general admission tickets from 17-19 July. Members and guests can purchase tickets to attend the event and there are opportunities for exhibitors and for sponsorship of the event To find out more about purchasing tickets for Salute to Style and the Bastille Day Ball on Wednesday 16 July, please visit


high life

Great Lengths Following a multi-million pound refurbishment, One & Only is opening its latest resort on the Hayman Island of the Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef this July. This is the luxury hotel group’s eighth property, and its first in the Asia Pacific region. The interior design and landscape architecture are the result of a partnership between DBI Design and Kerzner International Development. Guest rooms, suites, villas and penthouses can cater for couples, families or groups and each has been designed to take advantage of the awe-inspiring ocean views. Defining features include the redeveloped Pool Wing, featuring new all-suite living spaces, and the Penthouse Residences, one of which was created by designer Diane Von Furstenberg. Opens 1 July 2014;




From Me to You Following the success of its new property in London last year, ME by Melia has chosen to expand its hotel offering further with the launch of ME Ibiza this June. Situated on a bay in Santa Eulalia, the hotel has a modern and minimalist design which perfectly complements the sweeping views. The property comprises 205 guest rooms, including 26 ME suites (some of which feature private Jacuzzis and swimming pools), an on-site fitness centre, a rooftop SkinC spa and a roof terrace cocktail bar with sea view and restaurant. With top international cuisine and DJ performances, the ME by Melia is set to become an Ibiza destination in itself.

Taken for a Ride Parents will no doubt be thrilled to learn that the Four Seasons is opening its doors this August at Walt Disney World in Florida and is already taking bookings. The new luxury accommodation will no doubt change the landscape of the popular theme park resort, offering a haven for weary parents and tribes of excitable children. Located in the resort’s gated community of Golden Oak and set within 23 acres of landscaped lakes and protected wetlands, it is in the ideal location to feel separated from the madness of the theme park but still close enough that kids won’t feel as though they’re missing out on the fun. Facilities include a kids’ camp, 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, a spa and fitness centre.

Testing the Water The first stage of a multi-million refurbishment of the five-star Hotel Royal at Evian Resort will be revealed this July. Its sixth floor, now with public areas and private suites, has been redesigned by well-known French interior designer François Champsaur. With his notable talent for playing on the light and volume of spaces, he brings a contemporary edge to this early 20th century building. While enjoying their luxurious surroundings, guests will also be able to appreciate their suite’s panoramic views of Lake Geneva.

Home is Where the Hart is History reigns supreme at Hartwell House this July as the hotel is not only celebrating its Silver Jubilee but also the 200th anniversary of the departure of King Louis XVIII; he left to claim the throne of France in 1814 and was Hartwell House’s most famous resident. Today the hotel continues to accommodate high-profile guests, having recently hosted the G7 meeting, as well as city dwellers looking for a relaxing country escape or as a base to explore what Oxford, the Cotsworlds and the Chiltern Hills have to offer. To celebrate its anniversary, the hotel is offering a selection of packages throughout 2014, including stays at Hartwell House from Monday to Thursday for £180 per person per night, including dinner to the value of £50 per person, half a bottle of champagne and Hartwell chocolates, a VIP Bicester invitation, 20 per cent discount off treatments in the Hartwell Spa, full English breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Friday and Saturday night rates start from £199.

with Matthew Williamson The designer gives us his personal tips on how best to dress on the beach this summer

Q: What five things would you take if you were to be stranded on a desert island? A: A friend for good company, a book, sunglasses, a scarf which doubles as a blanket overnight and my iPhone to call for help. Q: How long does it take you to pack a suitcase and what are your travel essentials? A: Being a seasoned traveller, I’m quite speedy with packing. I’ll take items which I know will have a lot of utility, pieces which will easily take me from day to night mixed with some casual and easy separates. My travel essentials include a cashmere scarf, a pair of classic sunglasses and a well-cut jacket in case you need to smarten up for evenings. Q: Is there one thing you can’t live without when you go on holiday? A: I’m never without the necklace and engraved pendant my parents gave me.

The Whole Nine Yards When people think of adventure, many typically imagine themselves trekking to some far corner of the world which has never before been discovered. And yet, one sometimes wonders why one goes to all that effort when there are still so many undiscovered wonders right here at home. Take Soho’s newest luxury boutique hotel, Ham Yard, for instance. Created by Kit and Tim Kemp, the proud couple behind Firmdale Hotels which currently owns eight of London’s boutique establishments plus one in New York, the hotel is located on a former WW2 bombsite which has been transformed into a luxury destination. It encompasses a bar and restaurant, spa, 188-seat theatre and 1950s-style bowling alley, as well as 91 suites and bedrooms, and 24 apartments. Get ready to ham it up in Soho this summer. Ham Yard Hotel, 1 Ham Yard, W1 020 3642 2000;

Q: Who do you most like going on holiday with, and why? A: I’ve known my best friend and business partner Joseph Velosa since I was 17 and we’ve had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful places over the years. He is still one of my favourite people to holiday with; we are so familiar with one another that it’s effortless. Q: What do you like to wear on the beach? A: Orlebar Brown shorts. I’ll also bring a T-shirt if I need some cover from the sun and flip-flops. Matthew Williamson’s limited edition kaftan, created to celebrate One & Only’s tenth anniversary, is currently available to buy at One & Only resorts, along with a select number of pieces from his S/S14 collection.

Clockwise from right/ Slim-fit searsucker blazer, £910, Thom Browne,; Monte Carlo anniversary print bulldog trunks, £225 Orlebar Brown,; Tavener blue frame, £252 Oliver Peoples,


Just a couple of hours from home. And yet a world away.

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Yo u r p e r s o n a l H o l i d a y I n f o r m a t i o n L i n e : 0845 101 1818 (calls charged at local rates)


European Travel Special A brilliant British summer can never be guaranteed but one of the benefits of living in good old Blighty is that sunshine escapes are never far away, thanks to 21st century air travel. We suggest living the high life in Marbella, dining like kings in South Tyrol, sun worshipping in Mykonos or gallivanting in Paris; what are you waiting for?


Winds Island of the

Mykonos may only take up 33 square miles of the Aegean Sea but it’s certainly made its mark; Annabel Harrison retreats to luxury resort Santa Marina to soak up the sunshine and get into the fun-loving spirit of this little Greek gem

THE SUN SHINES for up to 300 days a year in Mykonos. This is reason enough to visit for me but when one adds in the fact that residents are required by local law to paint every building white, I’m sold. I can’t imagine anything prettier than a sun-drenched island, fringed with the vivid turquoise of the Aegean and cocooned by cerulean sky, speckled with icing sugar white dwellings. In fact, I’ve never wished for a longer transfer before but when we’re driven the ten short minutes it takes to reach Santa Marina from the airport, I can’t take it all in quickly enough; it’s white, white, bright blue and white, as far as the eye can see, and crosses big and small stand proudly above the buildings, scattered over the slopes in little clusters. The wind-whipped island may be famed for its (heaven sent) breezy and blustery climate but Santa Marina, which takes its name from a nearby chapel, is nestled safely within the sheltered Ornos Bay, home to a handful of small

local restaurants and taverns. On an island where stylish masses flock to the most popular beaches for cocktails, dancing and people-watching, and which is known for being an unbeatable place to stay up dancing and go to sleep as the sun rises, Santa Marina is somewhat of a haven. That’s not to say it doesn’t know how to party like the best of them, as I’m sure summer scenes will testify, but it offers the luxuries of privacy and space, which are not as freely found elsewhere on Mykonos. Let’s start with the beach; this is very important. Santa Marina is one of the only hotels in Europe to have a private beach (150 metres of it), right in front of the hotel. Guests can splash straight from their sun loungers into the sea and luxury


yacht owners can moor in the bay all day without being disturbed (which I’m told they do, very happily). Speed boats and tenders are on hand if you feel like a day trip to another beach. The entrance and expansive grounds – all 20 acres of them – are private too, and from almost every spot, one is dazzled by a 180 degree, picture-perfect view of the sun-dappled sea, the bay of Ornos and shadowy shapes in the distance (the islands of Naxos and Paros). In fact, it’s what the panoramic setting on your camera was designed for. The beach is buzzy and busy during the day, with great music and atmosphere (more than half of guests are repeat visitors, which adds a really friendly vibe), but if you yearn for a little more sunbathing space, head upwards. The resort, established in 1982, is made up of five separate accommodation areas built into the land that slopes down to the sea and over the years these have been connected

and homogenised. The lovely island-white theme continues, complemented by stone walls and tunnels. There are two pools flanked by individual sunbeds and heavenly double wicker loungers, a tiny church named after St George, floodlit tennis courts, the Lotus Spa and a kids’ playground (its popularity proved by the constant stream of kids rushing in and out of it). A kiosk next to the spa sells useful things such as chilled drinks, lilos and suncream, while a little boutique sells luxury brands synonymous with a stylish summer, including Chloé, Melissa Odabash and Vilebrequin. What’s most exciting this year is that, following an extensive renovation, most of the rooms (89 of them) and communal areas have been revamped and are ohso-chic in a typically Mykonian way. The Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms and Seaview Suites boast a white or black scheme, comprising expanses of wicker, sea-themed iconography (silver fish and framed white coral), smart suitcase-inspired bedside tables and bathrooms in cool cream with silver accents and housing statement sinks made from petrified wood. The air conditioning and heavy cream curtains mean that it’s tempting to lie in until lunchtime but I’d urge you to get up for the buffet breakfast, 8-11am, at the Colonial Restaurant (which does lunch too). The fresh fruit is particularly delicious.

Supper at Bayview restaurant blows me away and that’s before I’ve even tried the food

However, it’s supper at Bayview Beach Restaurant & Bar which blows me away and that’s before I’ve even tried the food. It winds its way along the length of half the beach, backed by stone walls, canopied by a white and wooden-beamed ceiling and separated (just) from the beach and its beautiful view by unobtrusive glass panels. Beautiful Indonesian-style lanterns hang above the bar and orchids (white, of course) in silver champagne buckets sit on the counter, as well as on each table. Huge vases of palm leaves sway in the breeze and stresses melt away as, glass in hand, I contemplate the menu. It’s seafood-tastic and Bayview even has its own sushi station. You must try the shrimp tempura with wasabi, and both the sea bream and bass are fresh and mouth-watering. The pasta is also excellent (be prepared for a big, hearty portion), as is the the pavlova and berry pudding. We are eating next to a family and it exemplifies how easily couples or friends can coexist here with lively kids; we are enchanted by one of the little girls happily whirling on the spot to the DJ’s music and we have noticed charming owner Christiana’s well-behaved children flitting around the resort. Kids and adults alike will enjoy going into Mykonos town for a sunset drink and supper too; it’s a microcosm of the island’s most lovely aspects, with little streets winding through white-washed buildings via tiny restaurants and boutiques selling everything from high-end swimsuits to fringed and frilly children’s dresses. However, we end up on our last night

back in Bayview because we like it so much. When foodie and sunshine indulgence becomes too much, head to the Lotus Spa for one of its Timeless Treatments; I opt for a 60-minute Sports Massage (€95). The best way of describing therapist Tina’s technique is that it feels as though she can see beneath my skin, so spot on is she in targeting knots and kneading my sore spots. Heavenly. Face, Body and Signature Rituals treatments (such as Bio Rhythms Jet Lag Balance) come courtesy of organic brand ILA and Le Spa Phytomer, from France, has a line of treatments with natural products that combine the spirit and values of the sea, including Golden Veil Lifting and the Monoi Tahitian Ritual. Also on offer are manicures, pedicures and waxes for those keen on preening to perfection before a Mykonian night out. During peak season BA has two flights a week to Mykonos, each taking less than three and a half hours. I don’t know about you but I think that this provides yet another very good reason to return for a minibreak. Friends, if our British summer is as dismal as it sometimes is, you’ll know where to find me. Santa Marina Resort & Villas, Mykonos is open until 6 October 2014. Stay 7 nights from £1,315pp in a Superior Room including breakfast, return flights from London Heathrow with British Airways and private transfers; 0161 492 1357 /


Lifestyles of the Rich


As the iconic hotel celebrates its 60th birthday, Anwer Bati uncovers exactly why the Marbella Club has continued to attract A-listers, royalty and globe-trotting aristocrats for so long

o the gossip columns and glossies of the 1960s and 70s, they were the ‘International Jet Set’; a group of rich, famous, often aristocratic hedonists who thought nothing of hopping on a plane to party at the world’s hottest destinations at a time when air travel was unthinkable for most people. And there was nowhere hotter or smarter for them to gather than the Marbella Club on the south coast of Spain. As with so many great hotels, it started thanks to one man’s vision. Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe bought an estate of vines, pines and olive groves – the Finca Santa Margarita, between the sea and the Sierra Blanca mountains – for a pittance in 1947. At first the Andalusian villa he built was his home and Marbella itself was a tiny town with fewer than a thousand inhabitants but the attractions of the area – namely, its beaches, fine climate and lovely setting – soon drew his high society friends there in droves. He converted an old farmhouse into a meeting point, called it the Marbella Club and then added 20 simple rooms in two new wings. From these modest beginnings, the hotel itself opened in 1954, with staff at first trained by Hohenlohe family retainers, giving it the air of an aristocratic retreat. Within a few years, it became more luxurious and internationally famous, with a new professionalism provided by Alfonso’s cousin, Count Rudi Schönburg, who was a trained hotelier. Inspired by time spent in California, Prince Alfonso planted luxuriant subtropical gardens and built more rooms and suites in blocks resembling villas, giving the hotel – with no building above tree height – a relaxed village atmosphere, though

one of the utmost urbanity. The guest list – including Ava Gardner, the Duke of Windsor, Brigitte Bardot, Edward Kennedy, Sean Connery, James Hunt, the Bismarcks, the Thyssens and Elizabeth Taylor – was a paparazzo’s dream, despite the privacy the place offered. The glamour inevitably rubbed off on Marbella itself and it boomed to become a major resort, with the Club at the heart of what became known as the Golden Mile of coast. But even the chicest places fade and by the end of the 1980s, the Club was no longer a haven of high life; Prince Alfonso didn’t own it anymore and Count Rudi had left. Marbella, too, lost its gloss. There were many

The glamour of the guests, such as Brigitte Bardot, inevitably rubbed off on Marbella itself reasons, crime and corruption among them, and the fact that the Costa del Sol had become an area of mass tourism, with Joe Public catching up with the Jet Set. In the mid-1990s, however, a group of investors led by property tycoon David Shamoon came to the rescue and started restoring the hotel to its former glory, even luring Count Rudi back as an advisor. After many recent changes and improvements overseen by dynamic general manager Franck Sibille, the Marbella Club, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with several special events, is once again one of the finest resort hotels in Europe, attracting the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Zinedine Zidane, Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria and the Beckhams.


With only 120 spacious rooms and suites, all with balconies or terraces, spread out over ten acres, it couldn’t be more peaceful. The rooms have been stylishly renovated by leading interior designers Kamini Ezralow and Jean-Pierre Martel and the 14 villas, some with private gardens and heated pools, are wonderfully luxurious. The star turn, though, is the remarkable Villa del Mar, a beachfront estate that was until recently privately owned. To say it’s ritzy undersells it. Not only does it have six huge bedrooms, all with terraces, but also its own staff (including chef, trainer and security), gardens, a large pool and a spa, and it will set you back a mere €30,000 per night. It’s often used for weddings, with Brian Ferry having performed at a recent party. Despite events like these, the hotel has become rather quieter and more family orientated than in its heyday, with the new Kids’ Club, on the site of Prince Alfonso’s original villa, offering a host of imaginative activities and classes – including dance, art, cooking and computers – for children from four to 12. Meanwhile, parents, pamper yourselves at the state-of-the-art Thalasso Spa, with its indoor seawater pool. There’s a gym, too. Other activities – if you don’t feel like lounging on the beach or swimming in one of the two outdoor pools – include golf and riding at the spectacularly located Marbella Club Golf Resort, 11 miles away. There’s a free shuttle to take you there and green fees are normally included in the room rate. That the hotel offers good food almost goes without saying and the fact that many diners come from outside is a testimony to it. The lavish, and delicious, buffet with both hot and cold dishes

(they’ll also grill you the meat or fish of the day) has been a feature of the Beach Club, by the main pool since it opened in 1961. Another lunch option is the Pool Bar, set in a garden, serving salads and light meals, or enjoy seafood, grilled over coals, on the beach. For dinner the elegant Grill restaurant, going since the 60s, has been revamped, serving seasonal dishes inside or outside on the large terrace. For lighter all-day dining choose from the eclectic menu at the MC Café. The Summer Bar and the Champagne Room are both perfect for an aperitif. The helpful, friendly and attentive members of staff are an abiding feature not only of the restaurants but throughout the hotel. If you feel like going out, head to the charming old town, with its craft shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants. It’s a half hour walk along the beach path or a five minute cab ride. Try Alabardero Beach Club for a relaxed, good value lunch of paella or seafood (; the Orientally-inspired Nueva Kaskada, run by German chef Ewald Fichthaler ( in a beautiful hill setting, with weekend events; or the hip Trocadero Arena, with its own beach, which stays open late (trocaderoarena. com). They’re all just a ten minute cab ride away. For top gastronomy, try two Michelin-starred Dani Garcia ( at Hotel Puente Romano. It’s likely, though, you’ll find it difficult to tear yourself away from the tranquillity and comfort of the magical Marbella Club and its many beguiling enticements. easyJet flies to Malaga from ten UK airports For prices and more information visit


Grand Spas Michelin Stars Kate Vandy visits a region that boasts the most Michelin stars to be found in Italy (23, to be precise); the picturesque, German-speaking area of South Tyrol When I told friends I was paying Italy a visit in the name of gastronomy – I’ve always been impressed by the variety of dialects, landscapes and regional cuisine – their guesses came in thick and fast. “Tuscany, Sicily, Calabria?” When I told them it was in fact South Tyrol, they looked perplexed, some questioning whether it was even in Italy. It’s the region’s location that puzzles people most; South Tyrol exists entirely within the Alps, cradled by the Austrian border to the north and Switzerland to the west. I was sure of one thing: the heights of my expectations. Twenty-three is a lot of Michelin stars. My driver Antonio is waiting for me when I arrive at Verona airport. “Guten Tag”, he says enthusiastically, followed by, inquisitively, “Buongiorno?” I apologise that my German and Italian are not very good. “I speak no English”, he replies. As we approach the car, he points in the direction of the Dolomites. “Merano? We go there?” I answer in the affirmative, hopeful. An Austrian territory for hundreds of years, South Tyrol has been Italian since WWI but this hasn’t stopped 70 per cent of the half-million inhabitants from speaking German and all signs remain written in both German and

Italian. The landscape is like a picture postcard, dotted with apple orchards, vineyards, medieval castles, and wooden-gabled farmhouses, all bordered by the spiky peaks of the mountains and thickset forest. There is also the occasional palm tree, just to confuse matters. It’s an easy drive up the autobahn/autostrada (even I’m doing it now) and Antonio kindly points out various towns along the way. He’s most proud of Bolzano – his hometown. Not far from Bolzano is the spa town of Merano, my base for the weekend. Antonio drops me off at Hotel Ottmanngut, a stunning 13th century estate which I discover previously served as a farm but in 2012 was converted into the nine room inn that it remains today. It has the original hardwood and terrazzo flooring and the interior is decorated with a mix of art nouveau and Biedermeier furnishings belonging to the Kirchenlecher family who own it. Ottmanngut’s garden is a treat, boasting swaying palms, lemon trees, agaves and cypresses. I open the French style doors in my room and take a moment in the sun on my terrace. To my left is a steep incline of vines and to my right are the rugged, snow-capped Dolomites. There’s a knock at the door and my guide for

the weekend, Oskar, has arrived. A South Tyrolean, he’s passionate about the region. “We love food. It’s what we do. We’re Italian and German at heart, so it must be very delicious but well organised!” he laughs. “To start your food adventure we will go to The Mill.” It’s a very short drive to an unassuming property just off a main road and we leave the traffic behind, walking down a winding path into another world. Our waiter brings us an ice-cold Aperol Spritz – a local favourite. “This is Kränzelhof,” says Oskar. “It’s a collection of gardens, sculptures, vineyards and a restaurant.” Our starter arrives, salmon sashimi, and so does Kränzelhof’s eccentric owner, Franz Graf von Pfeil. As we eat our way through the starter – a liquid lunch for Mr von Pfeil – and a main course of perfectly cooked beef, he explains more about his eclectic property. “The garden was not planned. I have constructed it by feeling and intuition. It is my playground.” After lunch we explore the magnificent grounds and try some of his well-known wines. His ‘No Name’ wine is my favourite. “I give no information about this wine. I want no expectation; I want it to be a surprise journey for the tastebuds!” After a good few hours enjoying the oasis that is Kränzelhof, I make my way back to Ottmanngut and while away time on the sun-kissed terrace until supper. “This is one of my all-time favourites,” says Oskar as we walk around the corner and take a seat at the relatively understated Michelin-starred restaurant Sissi. Chef Andrea Fenoglio greets us warmly and we let him guide us through the menu. We start with liquid pizza (which really does taste like a margarita), followed by a cooked pepper infused with anchovies, smoked mackerel, lamb encrusted with pistachios, and a modern pepper and apple strudel. It arrives on a spoon and has the texture of a softly boiled egg yoke. “Have it all in one bite,” Andrea instructs. “When the yoke breaks it will be an explosion of flavour in your mouth.” And it is. The mixture of Mediterranean and Alpine influences come through strongly at Sissi and every dish is a delight. The following morning is yet another gastronomic treat and I start to wonder if purchasing some stretchy clothes should be a prerequisite before venturing to South Tyrol. Ottmanngut presents a ‘surprise brunch’ on the weekends – think umpteen courses of just-baked breads, homemade cherry jam, asparagus tart, caramelised artichoke and goat’s cheese. I’m pleased to see Oskar come through the gates with his hiking gear on. “What about a walk in the mountains?” After more courses at breakfast than I’m prepared to admit to, I’m game. Mere moments from Ottmanngut, we are walking along the Algund irrigation channels’ hiking track. A further few kilometres into the six kilometre trail, there’s an opening between the pine trees and what can only be described

as a spectacular view across Merano and into the Etsch Valley – endless olive groves, palm trees, cypresses, vineyards and orchids. We come to a fork in the road and a sign reading Leiter am Waal, which is a beautiful old inn nestled in the mountains, overlooking the valleys below. Oskar laughs. “It’s already time for your next meal!” We quench our thirst with another Aperol Spritz and, following Oskar’s suggestion to “Go traditional here,” I opt for a Viennese cutlet with mountain cranberries and roasted potatoes. It’s so delicious I finish it far too quickly. After lunch we make our way into the centre of Merano to explore. The mighty river Passirio runs through the town and the streets are lined with pastel-coloured mansions. Terme Merano is a state of the art thermal spa; Oskar explains it was a favourite destination for Austrian emperors and aristocrats. “And it remains just as popular today.” It’s not hard to see why; modern facilities are a contrast to the panoramic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. I spend my afternoon here and I make a beeline for one of the 36° outdoor thermal baths. I wander back to Ottmanngut to change for dinner, which is at Michelin-starred restaurant Zum Löwen. I’m particularly excited about this meal as head chef Anna Matscher is the only woman in the region with a Michelin star to her name. I start with carbonara of asparagus, cuttlefish and crunchy speck, followed by tortelli filled with oxtail, and breast of pigeon filled with foie gras on artichokes. I can hardly move at this point but I am talked into a final course; soup of herbs with sorbet of strawberry, woodruff and apple sorrel. The strong influence of the region’s Austrian past, when combined with Italian flavours, has resulted in a beautiful collision of all the best bits of both at Zum Löwen and, in fact, this is true of all the restaurants I came across in South Tyrol in general. While the region continues to confuse the people not lucky enough to have visited, those of us who have know the area is like a glorious collage that has cut, copied and pasted all the magnificent beauty and flavour from the places around it, and kept them for its own.

Hotel Ottmanngut British Airways flies twice a day from London Gatwick to Verona from just £106 return including taxes, fees and charges For more information, visit


Un Palais en


Annabel Harrison is treated like a queen at the opulent Le Bristol, in the heart of one of the oldest districts in Paris and a glamorous, established jewel in the French capital’s hotel crown

“AH YES, YOUR ROOM, eet iz quite small,” says the woman behind the reception desk, smiling. Waleed, her colleague, smiles at us too and hands us a heavy silver key. We smile back, because we’re British and too polite to query this assessment of our room, thinking this is perhaps an example of peculiar French humour. We have been warmly greeted by the doormen, standing to attention by the verdant greenery and cheery daffodils outside, so we doubt these members of staff mean anything negative by their comment. And we’re right. Waleed leads us to the lift through the chandelier-bedecked and polished marblefloored lobby (which was renewed only a week ago) to a beautifully old-fashioned lift. We are visiting as an extensive renovation programme comes to an end, having cost the Oetker family, who have owned the hotel for more than 30 years, the princely sum of €150 million. Its efforts past and present to maintain an exemplary

Le Bristol has been hosting celebrities, royals, diplomats and aristocrats since the Roaring 20s standard have paid off; Le Bristol was the first French hotel to be officially granted Palace status in 2011 and its immaculate condition is testimony to this accolade. The lift is glass and wrought-iron, and rises through the cavity of the winding staircase, reminding me of the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; this is not the only element of the hotel that gives me a sense of child-like joy. We step out onto the fifth floor and turn not left but right, and in the direction of the Prince Suite. Which is of course anything but small; capacious, enormous or vast would suffice. Having almost as many suites as rooms (92 to 96), all redecorated by Mrs Oetker herself, makes sense when one considers Le Bristol’s prime location; it’s just two blocks from the Elysée Palace on the chic Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and has been hosting celebrities, royals, diplomats and aristocrats since April 1925, when the Roaring 20s were in full swing. I can only assume that all of the above would be satisfied with the Prince Suite; we’re blown away. At 150 square metres, it is twice as big than our two-bedroom flat in London and decorated in an authentic, grand 18th century style. The prints, paintings and mirrors are all authentic, as reproductions are not allowed at Le Bristol; the Oetker family collects art. All five (yes, five) sets of double windows overlook the garden ‘a la française’ outside, five floors below. I imagine myself holding court and hosting delegates for drinks in the living area, which houses several large sofas and armchairs, a desk, coffee tables


and a TV discreetly hidden behind a sliding mirror, as well as enough floor space to create a dance floor area should the drinks party take that turn. But the bedroom lures me in, with its ridiculously comfy bed that’s as wide as I am tall, mirrorpanelled closets that stretch the breadth of the room (and which could house my whole wardrobe), and a door into my favourite part of the suite (via another small entrance hall, for our suite’s second front door). Le Bristol can boast of Paris’ largest bathrooms and I could while away hours in the marble bath, which takes centre stage in the light, bright setting. It makes me think of Rome in its heyday; decadent is the word. I would even opt to use the shower products at home, which I usually wouldn’t; no surprise, as they’re La Prairie. The fluffy hotel bathrobe can be yours for €180, should you wish to purchase it. We decide that we should, really, spend the whole weekend in the suite to make the most of its size and amenities; however, a glance at the room service menu (€15 for a filter coffee and €42 for a club sandwich) reminds us that we’re not President Obama or rock ‘n’

Épicure’s service and food are equals; that’s no mean feat when the food is so very, very good roll royalty (hazarding a guess at the suite’s most famous occupants) – and that wandering around Paris might be a better afternoon option. I’d suggest a stroll along the Champs-Elysées, via Le Rue Saint-Honoré, and towards Les Jardins Tullières. We stop for ‘vin et pain’ and enjoy glorious sunshine on a warm spring day before I return to enjoy a treatment in Le Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie, which re-opened in 2011. My massage is relaxing and my therapist lovely, sending me into a sleepy stupor from which I must arise; supper is booked for just an hour later. For this part of my experience, it’s nigh on impossible to do it justice with mere words. There’s a reason Épicure is three Michelin-starred, and booked up months and months in advance, and that’s because it’s quite simply magnifique. Despite the fact they’re suitably suited and booted (I’d wager there’s a never-ending supply of cream jackets out of sight to ensure entirely unblemished attire at all times) the waiters are jovial and charming, making me laugh on more than one occasion; this doesn’t usually happen in the most casual of restaurants so it takes me by (happy) surprise. We start with champagne and this sets a celebratory mood that continues during our culinary adventure. The service and the food are equals and that’s no mean feat when the food is so very, very good. As you’d

expect from such an establishment, course after course (all well proportioned so as to allow you to reach dessert without expiring) arrive, exquisitely presented and even more delicious than they look. One amuse bouche stands out for its clever take on a tuna niçoise and I’ve never had a palate cleanser (lemon and mango) which has achieved its purpose so well. Our starters – asparagus for me and duck and foie gras macaroni for my fiancé – are so prettily arranged that it takes us a good minute to tuck in. Main courses have a similar effect and my lamb saddle is accompanied by divine chickpea purée. The fromage trolley delights my cheese-loving fiancé and, after dessert, I am as delighted as the children on the next table by the mirrored cabinet, wheeled over by the lovely Thomas. It houses all manner of Parisian sweet treats but I won’t go into detail; go and see for yourself. Needless to say, we find space for one (or three) and spend half an hour before bed waxing lyrical about our Épicure experience. Reluctantly leaving the suite behind, we take breakfast in Le Jardin Français the next morning, trying to eke out as much time at Le Bristol as possible before the Eurostar whisks us back to London. Fanatical attention to detail and wonderful service from Jean-Philippe, as well as a beautifully painted matching crockery set and quiet French music, go a long way towards explaining the €60 cost. Fresh tea is served, followed by delicious, fresh juice in very tall glasses. Choose from five jams to enhance the soft, buttery brioche and croissants (I’d

recommend the fig). My eggs come perfectly dippy and the toast soldiers are so uniform I suspect that they may well have been cut using a ruler! As we leave, I notice a smartly-dressed little girl looking completely at home on an armchair in the lobby, with a Chanel iPhone case slung over her shoulder. She’s cuddling a fluffy white Burmese cat; at first I wonder if she’s been allowed to bring her pet with her (what a decadent life for a pre-teen, I think) but the friendly reception staff tell me it’s actually Fa-raon, Le Bristol’s resident feline. It may provide the very epitome of the luxury experience here, with the accompanying prices, but Le Bristol has enough of a sense of humour and delightful touches to take away any stuffiness. Its lime green logo and branding, for example, adds an injection of colour, and life, into its otherwise traditional character. In the same way that one might adore an indulgent Michelin-starred meal of an evening but admits its impact (and one’s waistline) would be lost if enjoyed every day, living in the lap of luxury is best done on occasion, in order to delight fully in the joys of being treated like a queen.

Eurostar operates up to 18 daily services from London St Pancras International to Paris Gare Du Nord with return fares from £69 (Standard Premier fares from £189 return). Eurostar also offers connecting fares from more than 300 stations in the UK. Fastest London-Paris journey time is 2 hours 15 minutes 08432 186 186 / Rooms at Le Bristol from €830 on a room only basis




BY nicole blair

SW3 Tasteful Design Restaurant aficionados will all agree that it’s not just the cuisine that brings patrons to a table but the atmosphere. The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards book recently released by TASCHEN recognises the importance of dining room design and is filled with stunning images of innovative and exceptional venues from all over the world. Fine dining restaurants, swanky nightclubs and London’s own popular eatery Tramshed are all showcased in page after page of design work, bound to whet your appetite. The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (hardcover), £34.99 TASCHEN, 12 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY

Carnival of Venice

Chelsea’s Grand Dame Daphne’s turns 50 this year and is celebrating with an extravagant Venetian-style makeover. Coinciding with the interior refresh courtesy of designer Martin Brudnizki, 50 celebrities have designed bespoke Venetian masks to be displayed during the anniversary month, which will then be sold to art enthusiast diners at a cost of £250. All proceeds will benefit Great Ormond Street Hospital. Designers include Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan and Jennifer Saunders. The masks will make their dramatic debut at Daphne’s Venetian Masked Ball on 24 June.

From top/ masks by Zaha Hadid, Alice Temperley & Giles Deacon

Cheers, Darling! Look no further; we have found the perfect accessory for all of your upcoming boat trips, pool parties and al fresco summer events. What better way to chill out this season than with a glass, or better yet, 20 bottles of the world’s first ever iced champagne? The portable, and impressively-named, Moët & Chandon Ice Imperial Limited Edition Summer Escape Trunk houses a stylish minibar complete with a generous supply of this sweet, cooling bubbly, 24 glasses, two ice buckets and separate compartments for ice and fruit. Your yacht or mine?

Coming Up Rosebery Adding to an already impressive roster of fine eateries, the Knightsbridge-based Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is now home to a grand tea room. Named after British Prime Minister the 5th Earl of Rosebery, it is set in a beautiful renovated space that once served as a tea room in the 1920s. Its design highlights the building’s Victorian roots, while showcasing bespoke contemporary art pieces. Afternoon tea, complete with sandwiches, scones and pastries, will be on offer daily and each evening the atmosphere will shift as the room is converted into a chic champagne and cocktail salon.



DRINKING Look to the East

Wherever you live in London, unless you’re a health food junkie, you’re bound to have at least one favourite local restaurant and more often than not, it’ll be dedicated to a popular international cuisine. As such, we pay tribute this month to the Chinese restaurant group Royal China and its oldest establishment in Queensway, which has been satisfying the tastebuds of West Londoners since 1996. It’s reputedly popular with chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal, which is testimony to the food’s quality. With its authentic gold leaf ceiling and ornate hand-painted Chinese murals, the restaurant is buzzing when we visit; the 130-seat capacity is filled with families and groups of friends, many of whom seem to know exactly what they want to order already. We have to recommend the delicious Dim Sum lunch, which is served from noon until 5pm as is traditional in China, or the excellent value Set Menu offerings; we can guarantee that you’ll be too full for pudding. Royal China Queensway, 13 Queensway, W2 4QJ; 020 7221 2535


Treat Yourself

Those of you with a sweet tooth will be happy to learn of the newest local artisan patisserie, Anges de Sucre. The menu reads like a sugar-coated dream with signature glamorous macaroons, indulgent hot chocolate and pillow-soft marshmallows in mouth-watering flavours such as Road to Isaphan, filled with crushed pistachio and dainty floral rose. The luxurious boutique is the perfect place for a mid-shopping break and macaroons can be purchased in elegantly packaged gift boxes or alternatively, arranged into beautiful towers for your next big event. Anges de Sucre, 1 Holland Street, W8 4NA

Cosy Courtyard Very often, it’s not the size of a menu that matters; it’s what you do with it. The newly opened Chelsea Courtyard Café features a small, quality over quantity menu focusing on 100 per cent organic ingredients and homecooked dishes. It’s a great lunch spot for the health conscious, offering fresh sandwiches, salads and gluten-free buckwheat crepes stuffed with delicious fillings like spinach, ham, tomato and egg. As the name suggests, the highlight of the café is the outdoor courtyard space which will be well utilised this summer with plans for a barbeque and Spanish folk music. For foodies wishing to sharpen their skills in the kitchen, owner Rob Bateman will also offer small group in-home cookery tuition. Chelsea Courtyard Café, 250 King’s Road, SW3 5UE

Itadakimasu! Acclaimed Japanese restaurant Nozomi in Knightsbridge is stepping into the daylight, for the first time opening for lunch. The new lunch menu coincides with Nozomi’s 10th anniversary, and will feature signature Japanese and European fusion dishes, as well as a dedicated healthy menu; its lighter options available include Kaiso salad, mixed seaweed and raw vegetables. Waistwatching diners will also have the option of black rice sushi, which is lower in carbohydrates than normal rice and high in antioxidants, making Nozomi a smart choice for a work day lunch break. Nozomi, 14 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NQ

Prime Cut New to the Borough Michelin-starred chef Adam Simmonds proved he was one to watch in his previous position at Danesfield House. He is now branching out on his own with a classic but innovative new restaurant, Pavilion. Diners should expect the very best seasonal British produce and will have the opportunity to watch Simmonds at work thanks to an open kitchen and Chef’s Table. The menu includes deli counter offerings, as well as separate bar and restaurant selections. Pavilion promises to be stylish, yet unpretentious, with uncomplicated, tempting food; read next month’s issue for a full review.

How do you improve on a menu on which the highlights are amazing steaks from ethically raised British cattle? The owners of the ever-popular Hawksmoor restaurants are doing just that with the opening of Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge. The newest, and fifth, restaurant in the group will embrace flavours from Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore by means of dishes such as Singapore-style devilled Brixham lobster, Vietnamese-style oysters and lobster roll with mayonnaise and siracha. The subterranean 1930s inspired interior of this latest West London addition stands up to beloved Hawksmoor quality but adds a touch of old-school glamour. Hawksmoor, 3 Yeoman’s Row, SW3 2AL;

Picnic Time Nothing says summer like an al fresco meal, the height of which is of course, the perfect picnic. Tom’s Kitchen has taken the planning pressure off your shoulders with its attractively packaged Deli Picnic Hampers, which come in three sizes. The largest, the Kitchen Feast, includes a bottle of champagne and disposable flutes for true fine dining luxury in the great outdoors. The hampers are stocked with a variety of treats including homemade baguettes, salads and cakes as well as a pretty picnic cloth. This season, Tom’s Kitchen is also providing a wide selection of breakfast and lunch options, delivered straight to your door.


Photography: Anthony Upton Sam Faiers and Pommery girls Daniel Fox-Davies and Team Abu Dhabi

IG Sydney and Team Abu Dhabi Team Abu Dhabi

IG Sydney and Team Abu Dhabi Sam Faiers and guests

Team Abu Dhabi AIR EUROPA Buenos Aires

Team Abu Dhabi


london living Photography: Gerardo Jaconelli

Cash in Hand

Sophie Ellis Bextor and Richard Jones

WHAT: Cash & Rocket Gala Dinner and Auction WHEN: 8 June WHERE: Natural History Museum WHO: Daisy Lowe, Portia Freeman, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Yasmin Le Bon, Selita Ebanks, Chloe Green, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli WHY: To mark the end of the Cash & Rocket Tour, celebrities assembled in the magnificently decked central hall of the Royal Borough’s Natural History Museum for a gala dinner and auction. The four-day road trip, which saw a number of high-profile women from fashion, film, music, art and business joining together to raise global awareness for women and children in Africa, came to a glorious end with large sums of money being raised. Gracing the grand halls of the museum, guests including Portia Freeman and Sophie Ellis Bextor sported beautiful white gowns courtesy of Italian fashion house Valentino, one of the sponsors of Cash & Rocket.

Chloe Green

Portia Freeman


Yasmin Le Bon

A Question of Equestrian WHAT: Chestertons Polo in the Park WHEN: 6-8 June WHERE: Hurlingham Park, Fulham WHY: The summer social event of the season once again took place in the lush fields of Hurlingham Park as the historic venue played host to Chestertons Polo in the Park this June. This much-anticipated occasion did not disappoint as teams from Britain, Buenos Aires, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Lagos and Beijing valiantly battled to the end. Despite team GB not making it to the finals (better luck next time boys), the exhilarating final saw Abu Dhabi triumph and the team was heralded reigning champion. Further entertainment for visitors included Chukka Friday Office Party and Angela Menz was chosen by the editor of The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine and Girl Meets Dress as the winner of our Best Dressed competition.

Selita Ebanks

Fawaz Gruosi, Sharon Stone and models wearing Gyunel Couture


Underwater World WHAT: De Grisogono Annual Cannes Film Festival Anniversary party WHEN: 20 May WHERE: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, France WHO: Harvey Weinstein, Cheryl Cole, Riley Keough, Antonio Banderas, Chris Tucker and Rosario Dawson WHY: Starlets, including guest of honour and lady in red Sharon Stone, gathered in the lavish Hôtel du Cap-EdenRoc for fine jeweller De Grisogono’s 21st anniversary party at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The hidden walkways were transformed into catwalks exhibiting the brand’s stunning jewels and models were dressed in Grecian goddess-inspired gowns by London-based couture designer Gyunel. The colour palette comprised mostly whites and sea foam greens with water being one of the main features of the latest collection; the designer was inspired by stories of Poseidon, the god of the sea. Cara Delevingne and Paris Hilton were among the other female celebrities who attended the event which was set against the backdrop of the French Riviera.


Gyunel with guests

Photography: Mike Marsland / Getty Images


Photography: Emma Dudlyke Serena Guen, Nicholas Dellaportas and Nazifa Movsoumova

Aziyadé Noelle and Anne Helene d’Arenberg

Ella Catliff

Tabitha Willett and Poppy Regan

Pack Up your Troubles WHAT: Summer Suitcase pop-up boutique launch WHEN: 29 May WHERE: 91 Walton Street, SW3 WHO: Hugo Taylor, Charlie Morris, Ella Catliff and Anne Helene d’Arenberg WHY: Nothing could have put us in the holiday spirit more than the recent Suitcase summer pop-up launch. Word must have got out that Suitcase editor-in-chief Serena Guen was hosting her second London pop-up boutique throughout June in partnership with Taylor Morris Eyewear and pop-up specialist Modern Society; half of Chelsea turned up to do essential pre-holiday shopping with established designers including Beulah, Bib & Sola and Kara by Kara Ross all available in store. While the weather may have been dreary outside, the heat was certainly turned up inside as guests got into the pre-weekend spirit by sipping on bespoke cocktails courtesy of Martin Miller’s Gin. It must be true what they say; Thursday is indeed the new Friday.

Nazifa Movsoumova, Tona Stell, Nicholas Dellaportas, Hugo Taylor, Serena Guen and Charlie Morris

A Royal Affair WHAT: The Audi International Polo Challenge WHEN: 1 June WHERE: Coworth Park Polo Club, Ascot, Berkshire WHO: Dame Helen Mirren, Clive Owen, Anna Friel, Tom Hardy, Jeremy Piven, Michelle Rodriguez and Nick Frost WHY: This year’s Annual Audi Polo Challenge saw The Duke of Cambridge and HRH Prince Harry partaking (and sadly losing within the final minutes) in the two day polo weekend which raises money for three charities close to their hearts: the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital in Chelsea, Skillforce and Sentebale. Guests included the brothers’ on-screen grandmother Dame Helen Mirren who proved the perfect substitute for HM The Queen, dressed head-to-toe in Dolce & Gabbana and seen sharing a joke or two with Prince Harry. After the polo was over, the Duke of Cambridge said his goodbyes but Prince Harry decided to stay on and enjoy the three course dinner, followed by singer Eliza Doolittle’s set, with his polo buddies.

Lilah Parsons

Ella Catliff and Katie Readman

Deborah Lloyd and guest Sarah-Jane Crawford, Katie Readman and Amber Atherton

Martha Ward and Hedvig Opshaug Photography: David Benett

Dionne Bromfield and A*M*E

Toucan Gesture WHAT: Kate Spade New York Tropical Fête WHEN: 22 May WHERE: Kate Spade boutique, Sloane Square WHO: Laura Mvula, Amber Atherton and Lilah Parsons WHY: Sloane Square flourished with exotic blooms as the Kate Spade flagship store was transformed into a tropical paradise for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Hosted by chief creative officer Deborah Lloyd, the vibrant window display earned itself the Bloom Gold Award. Guests flocked to the boutique, celebrating by creating floral headpieces and bouquets, provided by Wild at Heart, with the help of celebrity stylist Martha Ward. They feasted on pulled pork, ceviche and crab, and tropical sorbet and sipped on Coconut Water, caipirinhas and pina coladas.

london living Photography: Dave Benett Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy

Will Young

Michelle Rodriguez

Olivia Sharpe and Beatrice Petit Bon Dame Helen Mirren

Jeremy Piven and Tom Hardy

Anna Friel

Clive Owen and Prince Harry

Anna Friel and Ophelia Lovibond

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock

Luke Evans, Michelle Rodriguez and Angela Scanlon

Nick Frost and Ophelia Lovibond


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

Katharine Pooley

Hydrohealing Spa


Repairs & Cleaning

160 Walton Street, SW3 2JL 020 7584 3223

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Jeeves of Belgravia 123 Fulham Road, SW3 6RT 020 7589 9229

Sloane Tailors & Dry Cleaners 69 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8DA 020 7824 8644

Precious Pieces Jewellery Valuation & repair

Bourbon Hanby 151 Sydney Street, SW3 6NT 020 7352 2106

Hawkes and Son 50-52 Walton Street, SW3 1RB 020 7589 2523 Watch Repair

Ligne Roset

Strip Wax Bar

Le Café Anglais

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Urban Retreat at Harrods

Chelsea Brasserie

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Medicare Français

Electric House


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Light Hair Studio

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Watches of Knightsbridge 64 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JF 020 7590 3034

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Beauty Salons & Spas

Hutch Interiors

The Chelsea Day Spa

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Scalini 1-3 Walton Street, SW3 2JD 020 7225 2301

Umami 100 Cromwell Road, SW7 4ER 020 7341 2320 Delicatessens

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Fine cheeses

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Luxury Car Services

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Boujis 43 Thurloe Street, SW7 2LQ 020 7584 2000

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Runners 4 U Couriers


Melt Chocolates

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lifestyle services london lifestyle service

The Cadogan Arms

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borough-wide specialist services BUILDER

St. Anne’s Housekeeping 19 Bolsover Street, W1W 5NA 020 3397 7495

William Gaze Ltd


Basement, Loft & Extension Specialist 28 Imperial Square 020 7078 8874

Canine Culture

dog training

Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10 4JL 079 4952 3710

M.A. Dog Training and Services 07547 716076

Purple Bone 95 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3JZ 020 7985 0903

Little Luxuries Premium Cigars

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White Circle Collection 298 King’s Road, SW3 5UG 020 7352 6500

La Cave a Fromage


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HOMES showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

Local News Landmark moments for property prices

Prime Potential

From The Lancasters to Westbourne Gardens, discover the latest in luxury developments Image courtesy of Strutt & Parker

Featured Estate Agents PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 37 Alexander Street W2 5NU 020 7908 9338 CHELSEA 280 Fulham Road SW10 9EW 020 7351 6308

NOTTING HILL 10 Clarendon Road W11 3AA 020 7229 1414 NOTTING HILL 10 Lambton Place W11 2SH 020 7221 1117

KENSINGTON GATE 22 Gloucester Road SW7 4RB 020 7581 1152 NOTTING HILL 299 Westbourne Grove W11 2QA 020 7727 7777 SOUTH KENSINGTON 25-27 Harrington Road SW7 3EU 020 7581 8888

CHELSEA 134 Fulham Road SW10 9PY 020 7717 5291

BELGRAVIA 1 Motcomb Street SW1X 8JX 020 7235 8861


CHELSEA 2 Cale Street SW3 3QU 020 7581 5011

8 Chertsey Street, Surrey GU1 4HD 01483 339740 KENSINGTON 8 Hornton Street W8 4NW 020 7937 9371

PIMLICO & WESTMINSTER 50 Belgrave Road SW1V 1RQ 020 7717 5315

CHELSEA 117 Sydney Street SW3 6NR 020 7351 7822


£1,300 per week Furnished/Unfurnished 020 7590 0333

Residential Lettings across RBK&C in Chelsea, South Kensington, Earls Court and Notting Hill

08/02/2012 13:34

KENSINGTON 375 Kensington High St W14 8QH 020 7087 5696 WEST END 30 Warwick Street W1B 5NH 020 7201 6699

PADDINGTON 4c Praed Street, W2 1JX 020 7717 5313

A stylish and contemporary style mews house in South Kensington, arranged over three floors with a private terrace and fully-fitted eat-in granite kitchen. Master bedroom suite, 2 further double bedrooms, bathroom.

BAYSWATER 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 020 7221 7817

EARL’S COURT 239 Earl’s Court Road SW5 9AH 020 7590 0333


MAYFAIR 48 Berkeley Square W1J 5AX 020 3284 1888

NOTTING HILL 301 Westbourne Grove W11 2QA 020 7717 5311

£2,500 per week Unfurnished 020 7243 1352

Kensington&Chelsea mag Mar12.indd 19

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 82 Brompton Road SW3 1ER 020 7225 6506

CHELSEA 54-56 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8BP 020 7730 8762

A converted barn set over three floors, designed by a local architect and situated in a private mews, featuring a sliding roof and original barn doors. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 receptions, balcony, garage.

NOTTING HILL 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717

SOUTH KENSINGTON 115 Old Brompton Road SW7 3LE 020 7590 0333


CHELSEA 58 Fulham Road SW3 6HH 020 7225 6700

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 168 Brompton Road SW3 1HW 020 7584 2044


NOTTING HILL 129-131 Notting Hill Gate W11 3LB 020 7717 5106

KENSINGTON 172 Kensington Church Street W8 4BN 020 7792 1881

KENSINGTON 38 Gloucester Road SW7 4QT 020 7581 0154

CHELSEA 45 Sloane Avenue SW3 3DH 020 7225 1225

NOTTING HILL 89 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JZ 020 7717 5109 EARL’S COURT 16b Hogarth Place SW5 0QT 020 7373 5222

HYDE PARK & BAYSWATER 24-25 Albion Street, W2 2AX 020 7262 2030 MARYLEBONE & REGENT’S PARK 20a Paddington Street W1U 5QP 020 7486 6338

SLOANE SQUARE 7 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8AH 020 7717 5317

BAYSWATER 23 Leinster Terrace W2 3ET 020 3280 3504 HOLLAND PARK 128 Holland Park Avenue W11 4UE 020 3282 1550

FULHAM 29 Effie Road SW6 1EN 020 3280 3528 BELGRAVIA 82-83 Chester Square SW1W 9JH 020 7881 7722 CHELSEA 352a King’s Road SW3 5UU 020 7349 4300 FULHAM 203 New King’s Road SW6 4SR 020 7751 2400 Hyde Park 1 Craven Terrace W2 3QD 0207 871 5060 KENSINGTON 54-56 Kensington Church Street W8 4DB 020 7938 4311 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 60 Sloane Avenue SW3 3DD 020 7591 8600 NOTTING HILL 298 Westbourne Grove W11 2PS 020 7229 0229  SOUTH KENSINGTON 157 Gloucester Road SW7 4TH 020 7871 4111 CHELSEA 62-64 Fulham Road SW3 6HH 020 7808 8540 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 49 Beauchamp Place SW3 1NY 020 7581 3253

MAYFAIR 26a Conduit Street W1S 2XY 020 7495 9580 Chelsea Rawlings House 2a Milner Street, SW3 2PU 020 7591 5570 Earls Court 246 Old Brompton Road SW5 ODE 020 7835 0620 Holland Park 57 Norland Square W11 4QJ 020 7605 6890 Kensington 9 Kensington Church Street W8 4LF 020 7368 4450 North Kensington 136 Lancaster Road W11 1QU 020 7313 8350 CHELSEA 196-200 Fulham Road SW10 9PN 020 7578 9000

KENSINGTON 145 Kensington Church Street W8 7LP 020 7535 3300

South Kensington 123a Gloucester Road SW7 4TE 020 7373 5052

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 66 Sloane Street SW1X 9SH 020 7235 9959 NOTTING HILL 303 Westbourne Grove W11 2QA 020 7221 1111

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 174 Brompton Road SW3 1HP 020 7306 1610

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 188 Brompton Road SW3 1HQ 020 7581 5234

Notting Hill 168 Westbourne Grove W11 2RW 020 7727 5750

KENSINGTON 6 Holland Street W8 4LT 020 7361 0400

SLOANE STREET 139 Sloane Street SW1X 9AY 020 7730 0822 Kensington 118 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BH 020 7727 1500

South Kensington 29 Harrington Road SW7 3HD 020 7590 0800 Notting Hill 2-6 Kensington Park Road W11 3BU 020 7313 2890

KENSINGTON 103 Kensington Church Street W8 7LN 020 7938 3666

CHELSEA 43 Cadogan Street SW3 2PR 020 7225 3866 WEST CHELSEA 140 Fulham Road SW10 9PY 020 7373 1010

Knightsbridge & Chelsea 289 Brompton Road SW3 2DY 020 7589 6616 Notting Hill 178 Westbourne Grove W11 2RH 020 7727 3227


Beyond your expectations

Kenway Road, SW5 A unique and impressively refurbished three bedroom freehold house, with a charming private roof terrace, nestled quietly within the sought after Kenway Village in the vibrant community of Earl’s Court, a short walk from the tube station. This stunning property has been meticulously refurbished and offers spacious, light accommodation arranged over three floors. EPC: D

Price on Application • • • • • •

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 0207 835 1444 | Lettings. 020 7717 5433

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Open plan living space Spread over three floors South facing, private roof terrace Meticulously refurbished

Campden Hill Court, W8 A fantastic opportunity to acquire a wonderful first floor lateral apartment (2,067 sq. ft.) in this highly regarded portered building. The property is currently configured as four bedrooms and is quietly situated at the rear of the building, with a leafy aspect over the communal garden. EPC: D

£3,850,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7937 9371 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Two reception rooms Kitchen Utility room Four bedrooms Two bathrooms Porter

Beyond your expectations

Queen’s Gate, SW7 An absolutely immaculate second floor two bedroom apartment (with lift), with a superb reception room offering far reaching leafy views over the private gardens of the Natural History Museum. The property has been sympathetically architect designed to optimise space, light and functionality and attractively interior designed in a timeless but contemporary style. EPC: C

£2,950,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5463

Generous reception room Stunning bulthaup kitchen Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Second bedroom with en-suite shower room Guest cloakroom Balcony

Cheyne Court, SW3 A wonderful opportunity to purchase an unmodernised three bedroom apartment situated on the ground floor of this well known portered mansion block, situated in the heart of Chelsea. The apartment benefits from a share of the freehold and could be reconfigured. EPC: D

£2,395,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Sales. 020 7717 5481 | Lettings. 0207 717 5483

Three bedrooms Two bathrooms Two reception rooms Porter/caretaker Lift Approx 1,421 sq ft

Beyond your expectations

Kings Road, SW10 A spectacular newly refurbished period house superbly renovated and extended by the present owners. Boasting over 3100 square feet this property has three double bedrooms on the top two floors (all with ensuites), fantastic reception room space on the ground and lower ground floors, a stunning kitchen/breakfast room and cinema room.

£3,995 per week (charges apply)* • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Chelsea Office Lettings. 020 7717 5433 | Sales. 0207 835 1444

Reception Eat in kitchen Four bedrooms Four bathrooms Cinema room Garden

Kensington HighW8 Street, W14 Abingdon Villas, A beautifully superb one bedroom apartment on the 10th floor (withfrom lift) of thisStreet exclusive refurbished family house located moments High Kensington. The development off Kensington High Street. apartment comprises open-plan house comprises a double reception room,The recently refurbished kitchen, modernkitchen bathrooms, reception withand wood floors and great fantastic offers access to a five bedrooms a large utility roomviews. on theThis lower ground development floor. Benefitting from high stunning communaland gym, swimming pool, ceilings throughout offindoor street parking. EPC: E cinema and concierge. EPC: B

£ 690 per week £2,500 per week Furnished (charges apply)* Unfurnished (charges apply)* • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Kensington Office Lettings. 020 7717 5459 | Sales. 020 7937 9371

Brand new apartment Five bedrooms Concierge Two bathrooms Gym Garden Home Patio cinema Swimming pool Off street parking Unreserved parking Central location

Beyond your expectations

Kingston Princes Gate, House, SW7 SW7 Situated on the second floor this well runresidential period building, thisdirectly contemporarily styled third floor ofof a sought-after building opposite the apartment has just beenof finished in neutral tonesapartment and boastsishard wood in floors. EPC: C wide open green spaces Hyde Park itself. This decorated neutral contemporary tones and boasts a wealth of natural light. EPC: C

£995 £1,100per perweek week Furnished (charges (chargesapply)* apply)* • • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7717 5463 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

Wealth Newly refurbished of natural light Two Hardwood bedroom floors Two Central bathroom Knightsbridge location Communal Onsite housekeeper gardens access Opposite Hyde Park Porter

Cliveden Place, SW1

£1,995 per week Unfurnished (charges apply)*

A stunning lateral three double bedroom flat moments from Sloane Square. The flat is beautifully appointed with an abundance of light and has wonderful entertaining space.


• • *Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Sloane Square Office Lettings. 0207 717 5483 | Sales. 020 7717 5481

Two reception rooms Three bedrooms Third floor with lift Lateral flat Off street parking

Aldridge Road Villas, Notting Hill W11 Prime Freehold Investment opportunity in Notting Hill

Unique opportunity to acquire this block of five 1 and 2 bedroom flats in this popular road in Notting Hill. The apartments are being sold with tenants in place, and there may also be potential to turn it into a single house ﴾subject to planning﴿. EPC ratings D, D, C, C & C. Approximately 269 sq m ﴾2899 sq ft﴿ Freehold


Guide price: £2,950,000 ﴾NGH140068﴿ 020 8166 5449

K&C - July - 21 Aldridge Road Villas

06/06/2014 11:40:20


Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill W11 Stunning four bedroom house with garden

A magnificent four bedroom home of unbridled style and luxury. Extensively refurbished and completely interior designed throughout. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen/dining room, media room, office, utility room, guest cloakroom, balcony, garden. EPC rating D. Approximately 310 sq m ﴾3,334 sq ft﴿. Freehold Guide price: £4,750,000 ﴾NGH140066﴿ 020 8166 5449 Joint Agent: Domus Nova 020 7727 1717

Ledbury Road, Notting Hill W11

Immaculately presented two bedroom apartment An opportunity to acquire an extremely light and well proportioned second floor flat with stunning views of Ledbury Road and Artesian Road. The property would make an ideal home or pied‐á‐terre. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, open plan kitchen/reception room. EPC rating C. Approximately 58 sq m ﴾628 sq ft﴿ Share of freehold


Guide price: £1,200,000 ﴾NGH140115﴿ 020 8166 7505

K&C - July - 3, 83-85 Ledbury Road

06/06/2014 14:52:37



Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill W11 Six bedroom house with a two bedroom cottage

A stunning wide double fronted house with an attractive west facing garden, a separate cottage and off street parking. 6 to 8 bedrooms, 3 to 5 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, 2 kitchens, dining room, family room, garden, off street parking. EPC ratings E & E. Approximately 506 sq m ﴾5,445 sq ft﴿ Freehold Guide price: £9,500,000 ﴾NGH140045﴿ 020 8166 5449 Joint Agent: Pereds 020 7221 1404

K&C - July - 124 Elgin Crescent

06/06/2014 14:33:16

Melbury Road, Holland Park W14 Stunning family house with large garden

A detached red brick family house with five bedrooms, a spacious and bright first floor drawing room and a pretty paved west facing garden, close to Holland Park. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, kitchenette, cloakroom, garden. EPC rating F. Approximately 321 sq m ﴾3,459 sq ft﴿ 020 3551 5156

Freehold Asking price: £7,250,000 ﴾KEN110188﴿

NH&HP may april 20 Melbury - 10 March 2014 - 48701

05/06/2014 19:19:22



Holland Park, Holland Park W11 Penthouse with porter and direct lift access

A stunning and immaculate lateral penthouse apartment situated within a classic white stucco fronted villa in the exclusive and highly sought after Holland Park. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, reception room, dining room, kitchen, dressing room, guest cloakroom, lift, porter.  EPC rating E. Approximately 347 sq m ﴾3,744 sq ft﴿ Share of freehold Guide price: £9,250,000 020 3551 5156    


Holland Park - 6 -81 k and c - july 2014 - 45439

06/06/2014 09:48:45

Campden Hill Court, Kensington W8 A large lateral apartment in prime Kensington

A beautiful and bright top floor apartment located in this prestigious portered mansion block in W8, with high ceilings and stunning roof top views. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, 5th floor with lift, porter. EPC rating F. Approximately 162 sq m ﴾1,754 sq ft﴿ 020 3551 5156

Share of freehold Guide price: £3,750,000 ﴾KEN140081﴿

K and C - May 3/10 Observ - 08 April 2014 - 49890

06/06/2014 09:46:43



Mulberry Walk, Chelsea SW3 Unusually wide with off street parking


One of the best houses on Mulberry Walk which has the advantage of planning consent for extension over two floors. 4 double bedrooms ﴾3 en suite﴿, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, top floor sitting room, bathroom, landscaped garden, roof terrace, off‐street parking for 2 cars. EPC rating E. Approximately 413 sq m ﴾4,450 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 7731

Freehold Guide price: £12,000,000 ﴾CHL130377﴿

Kensington and Chelsea June - 05 June 2014 - 51386

06/06/2014 12:21:38

Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park W2 Spectacular three bedroom apartment

A beautifully renovated, spacious three bedroom maisonette in Lancaster Gate, situated in a Grade II listed stucco fronted building with porter, moments from the green open spaces of Hyde Park. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, porter. Approximately 256.8 sq m ﴾2,764 sq ft﴿ 020 3544 2483

Leasehold: 966 years approximately Price guide £4,950,000 ﴾HPE130240﴿

NHHP - July 14 - 109A Lancaster Gate

06/06/2014 10:09:40



Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park W2 Wonderful lateral penthouse apartment

This wonderful Grade II lateral penthouse apartment offers fantastic entertaining space. A magnficent roof terrace, with views towards Hyde Park, is accessed via all the principal rooms. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, study, terrace, balcony. Approximately 290.7 sq m ﴾3,129 sq ft﴿ 020 3544 2483

Share of freehold Guide price £5,950,000 ﴾HPE120045﴿

NHHP - June 14 - 55 Lancaster Gate

05/06/2014 12:10:33

Queen's Gate, South Kensington SW7 Four bedroom penthouse duplex with roof terrace

A bright, spacious and well‐presented apartment with living accommodation on the fourth and fifth floors. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom, 3 further bedrooms, shower room, family bathroom, Reception room, kitchen/breakfast room, guest cloakroom, roof terrace, lift. EPC rating C. Approximately 172 sq m ﴾1,856 sq ft﴿ Share of freehold: approximately 960 years remaining Guide price: £3,750,000 020 8128 1253    


The K & C Magazine - July Issue - 05 June 2014 - 51384

06/06/2014 09:28:08


Burton Court, Franklin’s Row, Chelsea SW3 A four bedroom portered apartment with lift

n m


An exceptional duplex penthouse apartment situated in one of Chelsea’s most prestigious portered blocks, with panoramic views towards The Royal Hospital and the River Thames. Master bedroom with en suite, 3 further bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, study, kitchen, breakfast room, utility room, cloakroom, balcony, lift access, resident porter, communal hot water, independent central heating. EPC rating E. Approximately 238 sq m ﴾2,568 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 5913

Share of freehold Guide price: £6,750,000

K&C July 2014 Burton Court proof 1

29/05/2014 09:46:48

Campden Hill Court, W8

A beautifully presented lateral apartment A tranquil apartment featuring period features. Ideally located and within walking distance of High Street Kensington and the beautiful open spaces of Holland Park. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double reception room, kitchen, wc, third floor, lift, porter. Approximately 194 sq ft ﴾2088 sq ft﴿ 020 7937 8203

Available unfurnished Guide price: £2,250 per week


All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C July - CHC

06/06/2014 15:14:33

68 L



Limerston Street, Chelsea SW10

Charming four bedroom house with west facing garden A beautifully presented four bedroom family house which benefits from an open plan kitchen and dining room and boasts excellent decoration throughout. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen/dining room/family room, reception room, garden, cloakroom. EPC rating E. Approximately 205 sq m ﴾2,206 sq ft﴿ 020 3641 6022  

Available furnished or unfurnished Guide price £2,850 per week ﴾CHQ193953﴿

All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

68 Limerston Street K&C Mag July 14

06/06/2014 10:22:40

Elvaston Place, South Kensington SW7 Norland Square, London W11 Fantastic two and bedroom flat with terrace Spacious light upper maisonette

This first floorand flat spacious on a highly sought after street boasts a terrace opening A light upper maisonette in the heart of Holland Park.out from the reception room, wooden floors, high ceilings and is bathrooms, in immaculate condition. The property includes 3 double bedrooms, 2 a large reception room and eat‐ Masterinbedroom suite,house second reception room, kitchen, terrace. kitchen. This hasbedroom, plenty ofbathroom, storage, wood flooring throughout and access to EPC rating D. Approximately 80 sq m ﴾861 sq ft﴿ communal gardens. EPC rating D. Approximately 107 sq m ﴾1,151 sq ft﴿ Available furnished Unfurnished

     020 3641 6025  

020 7985 9990

Guide Guide price: £1,200 per week price: £1,150 per week ﴾SKQ197238﴿ ﴾NHQ89522﴿

All potential tenants advised that, as well rent, an administration £276when will apply when renting a property. All potential tenants should beshould advisedbethat, as well as rent, an as administration fee of £276fee willof apply renting a property. us information for more information about feesapply that may apply or visit Please askPlease us forask more about other fees other that may or visit

2, 37 Elvaston Place K&C Mag July Cropped Portobello Road4

06/06/2014 10:49:01 06/06/2014 11:47:42

2, 3

Elvaston ElvastonPlace, South Place, SouthKensington SW7 Kensington SW7     

Fantastic Fantastic two two bedroom bedroom flatflat with with terrace terrace

ThisThis firstfirst floorfloor flat flat on aon highly a highly sought sought afterafter street boasts street boasts a terrace a terrace opening opening out out fromfrom the the reception reception room, room, wooden wooden floors, floors, highhigh ceilings ceilings andand is inisimmaculate in immaculate condition. condition. Master Master bedroom bedroom suite, suite, second second bedroom, bedroom, bathroom, bathroom, reception reception room, room, kitchen, kitchen, terrace. terrace. EPCEPC rating rating D. Approximately 80 D. Approximately 80 sq m sq﴾861 m ﴾861 sq ft﴿ sq ft﴿ Available Available furnished furnished 020020 3641 3641 6025 6025  

Guide Guide price: price: £1,200 per £1,200 per week week ﴾SKQ197238﴿ ﴾SKQ197238﴿

All potential All potential tenants tenants should should be advised be advised that, as that, well asas well rent, as an rent, administration an administration fee offee £276 of £276 will apply will apply whenwhen renting renting a property. a property. PleasePlease ask usask forus more for more information information aboutabout otherother fees that feesmay thatapply may apply or visit visit

2, Elvaston 37 Elvaston Place Place K&CK&C MagMag JulyJuly Cropped Cropped 42 2, 37

06/06/2014 06/06/2014 10:49:01 10:49:01

The Pluto Appeal Shorter hospital stays and better recovery times for young children and babies is an important issue for many and, with funding from Knight Frank, The Children’s Hospital Trust Fund hope to make this a reality. Hannah Lemon reports

Being in hospital is a frightening prospect for all young children and also for their parents. Time taken away from a lengthy stay in hospital is a welcome relief for children so that they can recuperate in the comfort of their own home close to their family. This is an important prospect close to many of our hearts, whether we have children or not. Thanks to generous sponsorship from Knight Frank, The Children’s Hospital Trust Fund (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital) has successfully raised more than £1 million to purchase Pluto, the first surgical robot dedicated to paediatric surgery in the South of England. This will enable surgeons to perform intricate surgery on babies and children with more precision, better recovery times, shorter hospital stays and smaller scars. However, the Children’s Hospital Fund needs to continue to raise money in order to keep Pluto running and buy new essential instruments and equipment. The funding from the NHS alone cannot maintain the robot and so, with the help of Knight Frank sponsorship, the Children’s Hospital Trust Fund is hosting the annual Summer Party at Courtfield Gardens for the second year running. This year’s evening event will be held on Friday 27 June in aid of The Pluto Appeal. Last year the Summer Party was a great success and attracted 500 guests, many of whom are local residents of Kensington and Chelsea. The event raised more than £12,000 for The Pluto Appeal with hopes to raise even more this year. There will be food stalls, cocktail and wine bars and an unmissable live auction. For more information about the event, how to attend and also how to make donations visit the Children’s Hospital Trust Fund website. The Courtfield Gardens Summer Party, Friday 27 June, 7-11pm, tickets £10 Courtfield Gardens (West), SW5 0PD;

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall meet Pluto


1 A WELL APPOINTED HOUSE IN THE HEART OF OLD CHELSEA justice walk, sw3 Reception room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø wine cellar ø master bedroom suite ø 4 further bedrooms (1 en suite) ø family bathroom ø south-facing garden ø 240 sq m (2,579 sq ft) ø EPC=C Guide £5.895 million Freehold

Savills Sloane Street

Savills Knightsbridge

Tom Lamb

William Duckworth-Chad

020 7730 0822

020 7581 5234

1 BEAUTIFULLY REFURBISHED TOWNHOUSE WITH ROOF GARDEN de vere cottages, w8 Entrance hall ø 1st floor drawing room ø 2 further reception rooms ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 2 bedroom suites ø further bedroom ø 2 further shower rooms ø study/bedroom 4 ø utility room ø cloakroom ø roof garden ø 193 sq m (2,083 sq ft) ø EPC=D Guide £4.5 million Freehold

Savills Kensington Johnny Fuller

020 7535 3300

1 IMMACULATE END OF TERRACE HOUSE WITH LIGHT ON THREE SIDES victoria road, w8 Entrance hall ø drawing room ø dining room ø sitting room ø study ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 5 further bedrooms ø 4 further bathrooms ø laundry room ø 3 terraces ø patio garden ø 440 sq m (4,739 sq ft) ø EPC=E Guide £13.5 million Freehold

Carter Jonas

Savills Kensington

Gareth Jones

Sarah Birch

020 7471 9833

020 7535 3300

1 A WONDERFUL AND GRAND NORTH KENSINGTON VILLA st charles square, w10 Reception room ø dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom, shower room and dressing room ø 4 further bedrooms (3 en suite) ø guest cloakroom ø utility room ø wine cellar ø garden ø 399 sq m (4,297 sq ft) ø EPC=E ø N.B. photos from September 2012 Guide £5.45 million Freehold

Savills Notting Hill Oliver Lurot

020 7727 5750

1 RARE OPPORTUNITY IN THIS PRESTIGIOUS LOCATION kensington park gardens, w11 Grade II listed ø currently arranged as 4 apartments ø potential to convert to a house subject to planning permission and listed building consent ø direct access to communal gardens ø 354 sq m (3,802 sq ft) Guide £8.5 million Freehold

Savills Notting Hill Oliver Lurot

020 7727 5750

1 WONDERFUL MAISONETTE ON COMMUNAL GARDEN ladbroke grove, w11 Double reception room with open plan kitchen ø study area ø 3 bedrooms (1 en suite shower room) ø family bathroom ø utility room ø guest cloakroom ø front garden ø rear garden with direct access to communal garden ø 216 sq m (2,333 sq ft) ø EPC=E Guide £4.5 million Leasehold, approximately 997 years remaining plus Share of Freehold

Savills Notting Hill Oliver Lurot

020 7727 5750

1 STUNNING FOUR BEDROOM HOUSE NEAR WESTBOURNE GROVE northumberland place, w2 Reception room ø kitchen/dining area ø 4 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø utility room ø 2 guest cloakrooms ø patio garden ø 159 sq m (1,711 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Savills Notting Hill Ben Davies

020 7727 5750 Guide £3.5 million Freehold

1 WIDE SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE WITH WONDERFUL GARDEN abbotsbury road, w14 Reception room ø dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom suite ø 4 further bedrooms ø further bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø west-facing garden ø garage ø off-street parking for 2-3 cars ø 205 sq m (2,208 sq ft) ø EPC=D Offers in excess of £3.25 million Leasehold, approximately 46 years remaining

Savills Kensington Kit Allen

020 7535 3300

1 BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED TOWNHOUSE WITH PARKING AND TERRACE vantage place, w8 Entrance hall ø first floor drawing room ø open plan kitchen/dining/reception room ø study ø master bedroom suite ø two further bedrooms ø shower room ø utility room ø cloakroom ø terrace ø shared courtyard garden ø garage ø 198 sq m (2,133 sq ft) ø EPC=C Guide £4 million Freehold

Savills Kensington Johnny Fuller

020 7535 3300


Reception room ø dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 3 en suite bedrooms ø reception 2/family room ø cloakroom ø 2 roof terraces ø private lift ø communal gardens ø 212 sq m (2,284 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Savills Kensington Stephen Holmes

020 7535 3300

Asking £4.75 million Leasehold, approximately 89 years remaining (entire freehold by separate negotiation)

1 A GRADE II LISTED FAMILY HOUSE earls court square, sw5 Open plan kitchen/breakfast room ø dining room ø reception room ø master bedroom suite with dressing room ø 5 further bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø patio garden ø access to communal gardens ø 375 sq m (4,039 sq ft) ø EPC=C Guide £6.45 million Freehold

Savills Chelsea Nicola Ridley

020 7578 9000

1 A SUPERB FIRST FLOOR FLAT OVERLOOKING THE COMMUNAL GARDENS evelyn gardens, sw7 Double reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø second bedroom ø shower room ø balcony ø 98 sq m (1,055 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Savills Chelsea Billy Harvey

0207 578 9007 Guide £2.65 million, Leasehold, plus Share of Freehold

1 2



Reception room/kitchen ø bedroom ø bathroom ø balcony ø 50 sq m (538 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Reception room/dining room ø galley kitchen ø 2 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms ø further bedroom ø guest cloakroom ø 2 patios ø 132 sq m (1,427 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £825,000 Leasehold

Guide £1.6 million Share of Freehold

Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9000

Savills Chelsea 0207 578 9007



Unmodernised ø reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø bathroom ø leafy park views ø 2nd floor ø access to communal gardens ø 73 sq m (785 sq ft) ø EPC=F

Reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø further bedroom ø shower room ø lift ø top floor ø caretaker ø 96 sq m (1,039 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Asking £1.75 million Leasehold

Asking £2.2 million Leasehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

Savills Kensington 020 7535 2980

3 4

1 2



Open plan reception room/kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø further bedroom ø shower room ø 24 hour concierge ø underground parking ø spa and leisure facilities ø 106 sq m (1,145 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Entrance hall ø reception room with dining area ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 4 further bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø terrace ø parking ø 193 sq m (2,076 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Asking £1.95 million Leasehold

Guide £3 million Freehold

Savills Kensington 020 7535 3300

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750



Reception room ø study ø kitchen/family room ø master bedroom with en suite shower room ø 3 further bedrooms ø family bathroom ø shower room ø guest cloakroom ø garden ø 191 sq m (2,062 sq ft) ø EPC=E

1 bedroom ø 1 bathroom ø 1 reception room ø balcony ø first floor ø Council Tax=D ø EPC=D

Guide £3 million Freehold

Guide £525 per week Unfurnished

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5750

Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

3 4




BRAND NEWLY REFURBISHED PROPERTY kings road, sw3 3 bedrooms ø bathroom ø reception room ø separate kitchen ø balcony ø Managed by the Sloane Stanley Estate ø 103 sq m (1,110 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=C

Unfurnished £975 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Chelsea Oliver Mellotte

020 7578 9020


CONTEMPORARY AND BEAUTIFULLY REFURBISHED TOWNHOUSE elystan place, sw7 6 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø separate eat in kitchen ø roof terrace ø 267 sq m (2,883 sq ft) ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Unfurnished £3,950 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply*

Savills Chelsea Izzy Birch-Reynardson

020 7578 9020 *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/ guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

1 2




3 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=E

2 bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø open plan kitchen ø full leisure facilities ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=B

Furnished £1,195 per week

Furnished £1,100 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Kensington 020 7535 3333



2 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø lift ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=E

2 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø balcony ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=C

Furnished £950 per week

Unfurnished £795 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7584 8585

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Knightsbridge 020 7590 5079

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit


1 2




3 bedrooms (2 en suite) ø further bathroom ø reception room ø dining room ø eat in kitchen ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=D

5 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø kitchen ø roof terrace ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

Unfurnished £2,450 per week

Unfurnished £3,950 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9020

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Chelsea 020 7578 9020



1 bedroom ø 1 bathroom ø 1 reception room ø balcony ø first floor ø Council Tax=D ø EPC=D

2 bedroom suites ø reception room ø kitchen ø patio ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=D

Unfurnished £525 per week

Unfurnished £1,000 per week

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

+ £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* Savills Notting Hill 020 7727 5751

3 4

*£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

44.7% 26.7%

Under £1m Source: Lonres

£1m to £2m

£2m to £5m

£5m to £10m

Over £10m




Sales by price band, first quarter 2014, Crayson market area

Why choose an estate agency when you can hire a Private Eye? If you’ve got your eyes open for the perfect home – or a buyer happy to pay the price you are looking for – we’ve probably already got them in our sights. This is because we look at things differently. Property in our mind’s eye is about people. Which is why we take the time to get to know our clients and fully understand what they want. To do this, we offer a more private, highly personalised service – whether you’re buying or selling. For that property you’re looking for might be one we’ve been asked to sell. How else would we know? With property, things are always changing. At Crayson we keep a constant eye on the market, providing regular, up-to-date reviews filled with genuine insights. But come and see for yourself. Drop round for a tea and a chat. You’ll see that for a refreshingly different, more intelligent approach, you need look no further. T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Pembroke Square, Kensington W8 A big house for sale in perfect Pembroke Square – beautiful, elegant, quiet and, of course, extremely well-located. On the western side of the square, this Grade II listed house is found on one of the prettiest squares in Kensington, giving it some fairly hefty square footage and an epic double reception room on the ground floor.

Double reception room Kitchen / dining room Master bedroom suite Two ensuite bedrooms One further bedroom / one further bathroom Dressing room / study Direct access to the garage (garage available by arrangement) Utility room Wine cellars Front and back gardens Terrace Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea 3,034 sq ft / 281.9 sq m EPC Rating Band E Guide Price ÂŁ6.25 million Freehold

Sole Agent T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Northumberland Place, Notting Hill W2 There’s nothing like a pretty house backed up by a good address to really ramp up the popularity factor. Be quick… This really is one of London’s prettiest streets, with its avenue of trees and characteristic ironwork, and the houses sell like hot cakes. You can tell a great deal from the feel of a house as you walk in, and this one gives good vibes.

Double reception room Kitchen / dining room Master bedroom suite Three further bedrooms (one ensuite) One further shower room Cloakroom Utility room Garden / off- street parking City of Westminster 2,216 sq ft / 205.8 sq m EPC Rating Band E Guide Price ÂŁ4.5 million Freehold

Sole Agent T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Campden Hill Road, Kensington W8 Welcome to the Tardis – a dear house on the outside, and surprisingly big on the inside... Exterminate all competitors quickly... Riding the Kensington / Notting Hill border, this house has the whole Campden Hill village look going on while concealing a massive basement (man cave, utility, ensuite double bedroom and a proper sauna) that seems to double the floorspace.

Double reception room Kitchen / dining room / family room Master bedroom suite Two further bedrooms (one ensuite) One further shower room Study Media room Sauna Two cloakrooms Utility room Garden Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea 2,490 sq ft / 231.3 sq m EPC Rating Band F Guide Price ÂŁ3.8 million Freehold

Sole Agent T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Harvist Road, Queen’s Park NW6 In up and coming Queen’s Park, a pearl of a house in perfect nick. Do yourself a favour, skip the builders and move straight in. Some people might tell you that groovy loft living is where it’s at with family life today. They would be wrong. This much loved Victorian house knocks all those stark utilitarian living spaces out of the park, and welcomes you over the (perfectly restored) threshold to warmth, comfort and domesticity.

Double reception room Kitchen / dining room Conservatory Master bedroom suite Dressing area Three further bedrooms Family bathroom One further shower room Cloakroom Front and back gardens London Borough of Brent 2,182 sq ft / 202.7 sq m EPC Rating Band D Guide Price ÂŁ2.59 million Freehold

Joint Sole Agents Crayson T 020 7221 1117 T 020 7221 1117 Queens Park Partnership Lambton Place London W11 2SH T10020 7328 2828

Ossington Street, Notting Hill W2

Reception room

For the discerning bachelor/ette, young, free, single, flush, and looking to up their game, address-wise; this one has got to be for you.

One further bedroom

Kitchen / dining room Master bedroom suite One further bathroom City of Westminster 1,207 sq ft / 112.11 sq m EPC Rating Band E Guide Price ÂŁ1.925 million Freehold

Sole Agent T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

St Stephens Gardens, Notting Hill W2

Reception / kitchen / dining room

Surprisingly big, this flat is a welcome change from most poky London apartments. It’s also in spanking good nick, so you can move right on in.

Two ensuite bathrooms

Two bedrooms Utility room & cloakroom Two terraces & lift City of Westminster 1,475 sq ft / 137 sq m EPC Rating Band B Guide Price ÂŁ2.3 million Leasehold

Sole Agent T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 1117 2SH T 020 7221 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Property News PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Breaking Records The top end of London’s property market is on the brink of a landmark moment: Gary Hersham’s Beauchamp Estates says it is now “imminent” that a “perfectly presented super-prime property” will achieve £10,000 per square foot (psf). That “imminent” means within the next six months, and it’ll probably happen in Knightsbridge, says the firm, where there have been 145 sales over the last 12 months with values averaging £2,212 psf (£2,714 psf above £5 million), and in some cases hitting £7,000 psf. The prediction would be “a phenomenal price record unheard of in the global real estate market”, valuing the cheapest 300 square foot studio flat in Knightsbridge at £3 million and rubber-stamping London’s status as the world’s most expensive residential address. Knightsbridge’s prices sit just above Belgravia’s, which has seen 140 sales over the last 12 months, with values averaging £1,690 psf but reaching up to £7,000 psf. Mayfair (with 105 sales over the last 12 months averaging £2,123 psf and top sales of £5,000 psf) is next up, followed by Chelsea (with prices averaging £1,741 psf over the last 12 months), Kensington (£1,575 psf) and St John’s Wood (£1,140 psf).

Image courtesy of: Candy & Candy

View from the Top

Annual price growth in Prime Word spreads of a plateau in Prime London prices and stable Central London by area supply and demand levels: “We’ve reached the top of the market” announced one high-end estate agent this month. The supply of property in London has risen by 26% since March, says Marsh & Parsons, while the number of registered buyers per property has dropped from 24 in January to 16 on the cusp of June. Q2’s price growth in Prime Central London was a touch over half that of Q1, dropping from a quite dramatic 4% to a more reasonable 2.1% over the last three months, according to Marsh & Parsons. What’s more, there’s been “very little change in property prices, as growth stalls” over the last few weeks. The agency is the latest in a rather influential line-up of pundits and companies that are talking about this being the top of the prime market cycle. Douglas & Gordon’s Ed Mead argued that “buyers have reached the limit of their elasticity” while Knight Frank and Markit’s latest House Price Sentiment Index reports a distinct cooling in home-owners’ price growth expectations. Private bank Coutts stated that “house prices are fully valued” at the top-end of the London market, and Image courtesy of: Knight Frank two property giants, Development Securities and Grosvenor, are moving away from prime property investments over concerns about values (financial, not ethical). Both Savills and Knight Frank have also reported localised plateaus in PCL price rises. “We believe this slowdown in price growth is a healthy and organic development,” says Peter Rollings, CEO of Marsh & Parsons, “and would urge the government and the Bank of England to allow the market to take its natural course. Ramping up interest rates or making mortgages more expensive would be a gross overreaction, which could harm the wider market outside of the capital, where the story is very different and recovery is only beginning to take shape.” There are, of course, still plenty – the majority – of reports that focus more on continued price rises, transaction level peaks and bubble-mania. Rightmove, for example, just reported the biggest ever May rise for asking prices, at 3.6%; Hamptons reported a chunky 18% annual growth in Fulham; and Beauchamp Estates is fully expecting someplace in Knightsbridge to breach £10,000 per square foot very soon.


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Green Light for Project Blue First phase of the Chelsea Barracks scheme is due to get underway later this year: After all the right royal wrangling, Qatari Diar’s Project Blue Ltd has got the nod from Westminster’s planners to start building. The council unanimously approved detailed consent for Squire & Partners’ designs for the first three blocks on the site, which will deliver 74 super-prime residential units along the north-western edge of the site and “reflect London’s architectural traditions”. Each block will have eight storeys, the top two of which will be penthouses, set back from the front line of the building to help reduce visual impact. When all is completed, the 13-acre site should house 448 apartments with five acres of public space. A few campaigners raised concerns about the “overbearing” look of the four proposed duplex penthouse units, but there was “significant praise from the committee for the quality of the designs and their appropriateness to the site” during the planning meeting, with planners flagging up just how comprehensive the consultation had been. A spokesperson for Project Blue Ltd said: “We are delighted to have been granted unanimous consent for phase one of Chelsea Barracks and are absolutely committed to creating a world-class development that enhances the surrounding area, integrates the local community and cements itself as the pinnacle of global luxury real estate.” Qatari Diar bought the site from the Ministry of Defence for a cool £1 billion back in 2007, making it the UK’s most expensive residential development. It’s been through the ringer since day one, though, with critiques of the initial “brutalist” Candy & Candy plans from the likes of Prince Charles causing some ground-up redesigns in 2009. A new-look Masterplan, designed by Squire & Partners, was given the nod by planners in 2011, but then all went quiet on the Chelsea front as the economy tanked. The site charged back into action late last year with contractor Keltbray taking on site clearance and enabling works.

Market Comment Asking the Right Question Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, advises buyers not to worry about speculations of the property market’s future

“Is this the right time to buy? Is the property market going up or down? What if interest rates go up? How about the tax changes affecting overseas buyers? What about Mansion Tax? And the election in 2015? What does it all mean?” These are the questions we are asked every day, and the themes discussed at dinner parties and in the corridors of power. The predictions by economists and property market analysts vary from the more bullish ones, who expect further rises, to the bearish, who are warning that there are potential risks in the market. The truth is that there is no science yet invented that can perfectly predict what the market will do. Forecasts are based on assigning levels of importance to different sets of known assumptions. The world, our perceptions and expectations change all the time. The bottom line is that no one knows for certain if the market is going up, or down, by how much and the exact timing of those moves. What we do know is that buyers are still buying despite recent price increases. For an investor, a lot more goes into the decision process. Overseas purchasers are acquiring property in London because they have evaluated it against other alternatives and have decided they want to be in the capital, as this is where they are comfortable holding assets. Most overseas buyers are not speculators; they are not looking for a fast return to then exit the market. Their strategy is usually a longer term one; they are looking to add money to the market. Those that have been in the market long enough and experienced professional investors will tell you that ultimately the important question is “what and where to buy?” and not “when precisely to buy?”. In five or ten years, what will determine your success is not whether you bought one month later or whether you paid three per cent either side, but in fact whether you bought the best property you could have. CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA 020 7229 1414; Leinster Gardens Image courtesy of: Century 21

Image courtesy of: Chelsea Barracks Partnership/Squire and Partners


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Earls Court


Little Venice

Notting Hill


Bishops Park


East Sheen

Holland Park


Pimlico & Westminster


Brook Green




North Kensington

South Kensington

Norland Square W11 £5,950,000 An elegant and spacious, early Victorian family house with a large private garden and access to beautiful communal gardens enjoying wonderful light and retaining a wealth of original features This charming six-bedroom, Grade II listed house offers exceptional interior space of nearly 4,000 sqft. The reception rooms are arranged over three floors and include a magnificent drawing room, a generous kitchen/breakfast room, a large dining room, library, a conservatory and an informal reception room. Freehold. Sole Agents.

PRIME SALES: 020 7368 4197

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Gloucester Walk W8 ÂŁ4,495,000 The charming house provides excellent living/entertaining space, fantastic high ceilings and is flooded with an abundance of natural light. Arranged over four floors the accommodation includes a large double reception room, a second reception room, a dinning room and a separate kitchen. The bedroom accommodation boasts six bedrooms (one en suite) and two further bathrooms. Freehold. EPC=E. Sole Agents.

KENSINGTON: 020 7368 4450

The Negotiator Awards 2013 (for the 2nd year running!)

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 - Gold (for the 2nd year running!)

Community Champion of the Year

Best London Estate Agency

The Negotiator Awards 2013 - Silver

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 (Medium) - Gold (for the 4th year running!)

Adam & Eve Mews W8 £3,950,000 This beautifully modernised and completely rebuilt three-bedroom house is located moments from Kensington High Street in a highly sought after mews and benefits from an integral garage and private roof terrace. Extending to approx. 2,080 sqft with the benefit of a full 10-year NHBC warranty, the accommodation comprises an open plan reception room, a beautiful handmade kitchen and a gym with access to a large bespoke wine cellar. Freehold. EPC=C. Sole Agents.

KENSINGTON: 020 7368 4450

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Abbotsbury Close W14 ÂŁ3,595,000 This beautifully presented house is positioned in a sought after location adjacent to Holland Park. Having been comprehensively reconfigured the accommodation now comprises a large open plan kitchen/dining/reception area that leads straight out to a mature walled garden, a further reception room on the first floor, a large master bedroom suite and three further bedrooms served by a family bathroom. The property further benefits from off-street parking and a cellar. Freehold EPC=D. Sole Agents.

HOLLAND PARK: 020 7605 6890

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Earls Court


Little Venice

Notting Hill


Bishops Park


East Sheen

Holland Park


Pimlico & Westminster


Brook Green




North Kensington

South Kensington

Halsey Street SW3 £3,500,000 This magnificent family home is presented in excellent condition throughout and features a stunning Underwood kitchen leading through to a bright dining room. Following the stairs down to the lower ground floor, there is a study with doors leading out to the garden, a large double bedroom with en suite bathroom, a utility room and a storage vault. The upper floors provide a further double reception room, a master bedroom suite and a further two double bedrooms. Freehold. EPC=E. Sole Agents.

CHELSEA: 020 7591 5570

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Sirdar Road W11 £3,250,000 This extraordinary four-bedroom property, located in a discreet W11 location, extends to over 2,350 sqft following a meticulous and extensive architectural re-design. The property comprises a formal reception room with a westerly aspect, an internal formal dining area owing into a fully integrated, bespoke kitchen and an enchanting garden designed by Chelsea Flower Show awardwinner David Lewis. Freehold. EPC=D. Sole Agents.

HOLLAND PARK: 020 7605 6890

The Negotiator Awards 2013 (for the 2nd year running!)

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 - Gold (for the 2nd year running!)

Community Champion of the Year

Best London Estate Agency

The Negotiator Awards 2013 - Silver

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 (Medium) - Gold (for the 4th year running!)

Stoneleigh Street W11 £2,695,000 This bright and well proportioned four-bedroom period house, boasting an attractive garden, is located just moments from Clarendon Cross. Currently configured with an independent lower ground floor one-bedroom apartment, this versatile house offers bright, open plan entertaining space with a large double reception room leading to a fabulous kitchen/dining room offering lovely views over the garden. Freehold. EPC=D. Sole Agents.

HOLLAND PARK: 020 7605 6890

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Oakwood Court SW14 £2,599,995 This meticulously refurbished fourth floor apartment, benefiting from a lift and communal gardens, is situated in a prestigious Holland Park portered block. The spacious accommodation comprises a very large reception room with semi-separate dining area, a separate fully equipped kitchen, a very large master bedroom with en suite bathroom, second double bedroom and a shower room. Share of Freehold. EPC=D. Joint Sole Agent.

HOLLAND PARK: 020 7605 6890

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Earls Court


Little Venice

Notting Hill


Bishops Park


East Sheen

Holland Park


Pimlico & Westminster


Brook Green




North Kensington

South Kensington

Pont Street SW1 ÂŁ1,995,000 This spacious three-bedroom apartment is perfectly located moments from Knightsbridge and Sloane Square on a sought after garden square. Well presented throughout the property boasts a large reception room with high ceilings, a separate conservatory dining room, a fully ďŹ tted kitchen, two large double bedrooms both with en suite bathrooms, a third double bedroom and an additional bathroom. Leasehold. EPC=D. Sole Agents.

CHELSEA: 020 7591 5570

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Earls Court Square SW5 £1,700,000 Merging modern style with original Victorian features, this 936 sqft apartment is located in the heart of the much sought after Earl’s Court Square. The stunning accommodation comprises and open plan kitchen/reception/dinning room, a study and two en suite double bedrooms. The nearest stations are Earl’s Court (District, Circle and Piccadilly lines) and West Brompton underground and mainline station, Share of Freehold. Sole Agents.

EARLS COURT: 020 7835 0620

TITE STREET, SW3 ÂŁ1,475,000 STC LEASEHOLD This stunning conversion flat has been tastefully refurbished to a high standard throughout and enjoys a large double bedroom with ample storage on the first floor half landing. In addition, there is a well-proportioned reception room with space for dining and an adjacent modern kitchen with integrated appliances. The wide and elegant reception room features a gas flame fire and a bay window with uninterrupted westerly rooftop views. This former red brick Victorian terraced house is found moments away from the world renowned Chelsea Physic Gardens, Chelsea Embankment and the green and open spaces of Burton Court. Smart Communal Entrance | Entrance Hall | Reception Room with Dining Area | Kitchen with Integrated Appliances | Double Bedroom with Fitted Cupboards | Family Bathroom | Qualifies for RBKC Parking | 704 Sq Ft | EPC Rating E

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Sydney Street, SW3 ÂŁ750 per week A beautiful two bedroom duplex apartment arranged over the third and fourth floors of this period conversion, situated on Sydney Street between South Kensington and the Kings Road. The apartment has been refurbished to a very high standard and is to be newly decorated throughout. The flat comprises reception room, fully fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms, walk-in wardrobe and bathroom. Two Bedrooms | One Reception | One Bathroom | Upper Floor | Balcony | Resident Parking | Furnished | 807 Approx Sq Ft

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Kensington Church Street, W8 ÂŁ3,850,000, Share of freehold A large garden maisonette (2,326 sq. ft/215 sq. m) situated on the raised ground, lower ground and first floor of a stucco fronted terraced house which is set back from the road behind a verdant front garden. This stylish property has a number of contemporary features including poured concrete and glass floors. There are a number of living areas including a 13m open plan kitchen/dining/family room with a wall of glass opening onto an attractive garden. There is also a ground floor sitting room with balcony overlooking the rear garden, a study and a graciously proportioned first floor drawing room. 13m Open Plan Kitchen/Dining/Family Room | Drawing Room | Sitting Room | Study | Principal Bedroom with En Suite Bathroom and Dressing Area | Two Further Bedrooms| En Suite Bathroom | Utility Room | Cloakroom | Storage| Two Balconies | Garden | EPC Rating D

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Inverness Gardens, W8 ÂŁ11,000,000 freehold An exceptionally grand and beautifully presented five to six bedroom stucco fronted house (4,712 sq ft/ 437 sq m) on four floors only. This very broad house has a number of unusually large reception rooms including an 11.7m drawing room with high ceilings and five sash windows, a 6.1m dining room with a bay window and a newly installed Bulthaup kitchen/breakfast room with a square arch through to a family room. The principal bedroom has a large en suite bathroom and an impressive roof terrace with views down the cherry tree lined Palace Gardens Terrace. Entrance Hall | Drawing Room | Dining Room | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Further Reception Room | Study/Bedroom 6 | Principal Bedroom Suite with Large Bathroom and Roof Terrace | Four Further Bedrooms | Further En Suite Bathroom | En Suite Shower Room | Further Shower Room | Gym | Cloakroom | Dumb Waiter | Wine Cellar | EPC Rating D

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Queen’s Gate Gardens, SW7 £2,650,000 Share of Freehold A beautifully refurbished and arranged two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on the second floor (with lift) which spans 1,080 sq/ft (100 sq/m). Located in a purpose built block that has retained the period façade; 36-38 Queens Gate Gardens is one of the most sought after buildings on the square and further benefits from a resident caretaker. This west facing flat offers an abundance of light, great storage, excellent proportions and very little wasted space throughout. The property is to be sold with a share in the freehold company. AS PREVIOUSLY FURNISHED. Entrance Hall | Open Plan Kitchen/Reception Room | Two Bedrooms | En-Suite Bathroom | Bath/Shower Room | Lift | Resident Caretaker

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Nevern Place, SW5 ÂŁ2,500 per week unfurnished A magnificently proportioned five bedroom triplex apartment in this terraced period building. With parquet flooring throughout, accommodation is generously arranged over the First, Ground and Lower Ground floors. Modern eat-in kitchen, voluminous south facing reception room with a balcony and formal dining area. Master bedroom with excellent storage and an en-suite bathroom, a second double bedroom, guest WC and a good size study with access to the beautiful private garden. A further two bedrooms and a separate shower room. A self contained kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom.. This stunning property is available from midJuly 2014 on an unfurnished basis. Five Bedrooms | Two Reception Rooms | Three Bathrooms | Triplex Apartment | Private Garden | Balcony | Unfurnished

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Northumberland Place, W11 £3,850,000 Freehold A five storey house of almost 2400sqft on one of Notting Hill’s prettiest and most popular streets, currently laid out as three separate flats but offering the potential, (subject to planning), to create a beautiful family home with west facing garden. One Bedroom Garden Flat | One Bedroom Ground Floor Flat | Three Bedroom Upper Maisonette with Terrace | 2,392 Sq Ft (222.5 SqM)

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Monmouth Road, W2 ÂŁ1,995,000 Share of Freehold An extremely attractive three bedroom maisonette on this peaceful yet central cul de sac. Three Bedrooms | One Reception | Two Bathrooms | Roof Terrace | 1,150 Approx Sq ft | EPC Rating E

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ALL SAINTS ROAD, W11 £1,800 per week – admin fees apply* Long let A modern three-bedroom home that has been finished to an immaculate standard. This brilliant family property is situated on vibrant All Saints Road in the heart of Notting Hill, close to Portobello Road, Westbourne Grove and Ledbury Road. epc = e *

3 double bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 reception room 1 family kitchen/dining and living space Large roof terrace Approx 188 sq m (2026 sq ft) roof terrace

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 020 7727 1717

DN.indd 26-27

PEMBRIDGE VILLAS, W11 £950 per week – admin fees apply* Long let A luxurious, light-filled apartment in a beautiful conversion in prime Notting Hill, with a sensational wrap-around roof terrace. The unique property effectively offers two flats in one, with an enchanting rooftop Islamicstyle courtyard. epc = c - 1 bedroom - Large reception space - Large U-shaped roof terrace - Outdoor kitchen and bar - Approx 61.32 sq m (660 sq ft) internal space - Approx 61.23 sq m (659 sq ft) roof terrace *

06/06/2014 09:34:34


£3,500 per week – admin fees apply* Long let A beautifully stylish townhouse on Notting Hill’s highly desirable Alexander Street. This wonderful home demonstrates the owner’s unique creativity, marrying colourful contemporary detail with traditional features throughout. epc = e *

3 double bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 formal reception rooms 1 large kitchen/dining and family space Beautiful patio garden Approx 269.91 sq m (2905 sq ft)

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 020 7221 7817

DN.indd 28-29


ÂŁ5,500,000 Freehold

An exquisite five-bedroom Notting Hill house with a south-facing garden and a lovely outlook. Providing perfect family accommodation, the property has been meticulously designed to create superb living space. epc = d -

Grand reception room Large kitchen/dining area Five bedrooms (two en-suite) South-facing rear garden Home office Approx 252.69 sq m (2719.9 sq ft)

06/06/2014 09:34:51

BARLBY ROAD, W10 ÂŁ5,500,000 Freehold

A spectacular old hall with a contemporary side addition, beautiful gardens and a garage. Occupying a large plot in a peaceful North Kensington location, the property offers very generous living space and excellent family accommodation. epc = e -

Double-volume living space Four bedrooms (two en-suite) Home office Swimming pool Garage Approx 386.5 sq m (4160 sq ft)

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 020 7727 1717

DN.indd 30-31

w LADBROKE ROAD, W11 ÂŁ5,000,000 Freehold

A wonderfully unique property with an inverted layout, impeccably designed. Enjoying an unbeatable location moments from Notting Hill Gate, this beautiful property is one of a kind. epc = c -

Double-volume living space Galleried kitchen/dining room Four bedrooms (two en-suite) Terrace with retractable canopy Beautiful interior design Approx 219 sq m (2357 sq ft)

06/06/2014 09:35:07

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E £ L

When we value property, we don’t just rely on educated guesses. We use data and insights from leading London residential property investors at D&G Asset Management. Residential Sales & Lettings

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C53705 D&G_Brand_Spring_297x210_Kens+Chel.indd 1

04/06/2014 16:39

Elm Park Road SW3 ÂŁ3,250,000 Leasehold Chelsea Sales 020 7225 1225 | South North


Balham Chelsea

Battersea Fulham

A stunning flat, designed by Pygmalion Interiors, with a circa 63 ft. garden on a prime Chelsea street. At the end of the garden there is a triple aspect studio room with electricity and the possibility for plumbing.

2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), Reception room, Conservatory/dining room, Kitchen, Garden, Terrace, EPC: C.

Battersea Park Clapham East Putney Southfields & Earlsfield West Putney Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush Kensington Kensington Gate South Kensington

Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster


Onslow Square SW7 £3,200,000 Leasehold South Kensington Sales 020 7581 8888 | North



A well-presented lateral apartment on the third floor of this popular South Kensington Mansion block. The flat offers spacious and light accommodation throughout whilst benefiting from access to communal gardens and the tennis courts.

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Kensington Gate

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2 further bedrooms, Shower room, Reception room, Dining room, Kitchen, Porter, Basement storage, EPC: D.

South Kensington

A £ S

Ke 02 Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster


Ashburn Place SW7 ÂŁ1,850,000 Share of Freehold Kensington Gate Sales 020 7581 1152 | er




Battersea Park

A three bedroom, first floor apartment moments away from Gloucester Road. The property provides generous accommodation with plenty of natural light throughout and a south-facing reception room overlooking Wetherby Place. Clapham

East Putney

Southfields & Earlsfield

Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2 further bedrooms, Shower room, Reception room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Balcony, EPC: D.

West Putney


Queensberry Place SW7 £1,650 per week Fees apply Unfurnished South Kensington Lettings 020 7584 8888 | North



A split level, top floor flat located in the heart of South Kensington. The property offers a spacious reception room, with wooden floors, which is flooded with natural light and benefits from a beautiful south-west facing roof terrace.

Hammersmith & Shepherd’s Bush


Kensington Gate

3 bedrooms, 2 en-suite bathrooms, Cloakroom, Reception room, Kitchen, 2 private terraces, Direct lift access, EPC: E.

South Kensington

H £ U

Ke 02 Notting Hill

Pimlico & Westminster



Holland Park W11 ÂŁ1,350 per week Fees apply Unfurnished Kensington Lettings 020 7792 1331 |





Battersea Park

A spacious flat in a period conversion, located on this popular residential street close to Holland Park. The flat offers three double bedrooms and has wooden floors, high ceilings and a neutral modern interior throughout. Clapham

East Putney

Southfields & Earlsfield

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), Reception room, Eat-in kitchen, Cloakroom, Patio, EPC: E.

West Putney

JLL Kensington_Phase 2_420x297 AW.indd 1



JLL was established in 1783 but, as newcomers to Kensington, we know we’ve got a lot to prove. In fact, we believe no one will try harder to keep you satisfied, or look harder to find your perfect buyer. So, when you come to sell your home, why not give us a try? We’re just around the corner at 375 Kensington High Street.

T: +44 (0)20 7087 5696

04/03/2014 17:08

020 7087 5696

RESIDENTIAL 387 Kensington High Street, W14 8QA

GORLESTON STREET, W14 £2,500,000

Georgian, double-fronted town house, originally built in 1972 has undergone extensive refurbishment in 2010/2011 to create a stunning home with modern fixtures, yet retaining the charm of its original character.

• • • • •

3 bed, 3 bath Living room, dining room and large utility room Top floor sun room with hot tub Second reception area that could double up as a forth bedroom Energy Efficiency Rating Band C


KENSINGTON WEST, W14 £1,525,000

This fantastic apartment comprises of a large reception room and a separate, good size kitchen. The whole property has been finished to a very high standard. This property also comes with off road, allocated parking and has easy access to superb public transport links, shops and restaurants.

• • • • • •

2 bed apartment 2 en-suites plus guest bathroom Large reception room Full use of the gym, swimming pool facilities and squash court 24hr concierge Energy Efficiency Rating Band B

020 7087 5696

RESIDENTIAL 387 Kensington High Street, W14 8QA


Fantastic waterside development located just off Kings’ Road adjacent to Chelsea Harbour on the north side of the River Thames. Exceptional specification with a high end modern kitchen, luxurious bathroom and a spacious light bedroom. Excellent transport links with Imperial Wharf station only moments away.

• • • • • • •

1 bed apartment Interior designed furniture Full use of spa, gym, and swimming pool facilities 24hr security and concierge On-site shops, bars and restaurants Available for immediate occupation Energy Efficiency Rating Band B

Tenant agency fees: £240 administration fee per property, £48 referencing fee per Tenant/Guarantor.



Luxury apartment in the prestigious new development, 375 Kensington High Street. This spacious apartment set in the heart of one of London’s most sought-after locations the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, offers unparalleled standard of living and convenience. Moments’ walk to Kensington Olympia Overground and the District Line. London’s most famous shopping destinations nearby including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Sloane Street, Kensington Church Street. Close to open spaces including Kensington Gardens and Holland Park.

• • • • • • • •

1 bed, 5th floor apartment Bespoke kitchen with Miele appliances and granite work tops Villeroy & Boch fitted bathroom with Bornbracht fixtures and fittings Full use of spa, gym and swimming pool facilities Harrods 24hr security and concierge Available for immediate occupation Includes secure underground car parking Energy Efficiency Rating Band B

Tenant agency fees: £240 administration fee per property, £48 referencing fee per Tenant/Guarantor.


We can tend to be a bit ‘showy ’ Wilfords’ Kensington office is located on Holland Street, just north of Kensington High Street and running east off Kensington Church Street. Our relaxed gallery style office attracts hundreds of buyers and tenants through our doors every month. Just another way to help your property achieve maximum exposure. We believe that at every step, finding, selling or renting your property should be a hassle-free, smooth and enjoyable process.

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LEXHAM GARDENS – W8 Guide Price £3.25M 2067 SQ FT / 192 SQ M / 4 BEDROOMS / LEASEHOLD (250 YEARS) ROYAL BOROUGH OF KENSINGTON & CHELSEA A spectacular and stylish four bedroom duplex apartment with wonderful views over an attractive garden square and roof terrace with far reaching views. The property occupies the third and fourth floor of a classic period building and has been exceptionally designed throughout creating a comfortable and contemporary home. Comprising over 2,000 square feet, the property boasts beautiful period features such as the fireplace in the reception room. This peaceful home is perfectly located for easily accessing transport, shopping and parks. This property needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

HEREFORD ROAD – W2 Guide Price £5M 2,778 SQ FT / 258 SQ M / 5 BEDROOMS / FREEHOLD / NOTTING HILL CITY OF WESTMINSTER A beautifully designed Grade II Listed family house completed to the highest specification with a lovely 50 foot garden. The property consists of five floors and over 2,770 square feet of living space. Hereford Road is a very attractive tree lined street running to the north of Westbourne Grove. Within easy walking distance is an abundance of excellent shops, restaurants and transport links with Kensington Gardens only slightly farther afield. The property is well situated for the prestigious schools and nurseries of the area such as Wetherby, Pembridge Hall, Strawberry Fields and Notting Hill Prep.

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HARRINGTON GARDENS, SW7 A beautifully presented flat situated on the raised ground and first floors of a well maintained red brick building. The apartment further benefits from two terraces and access to communal gardens. Energy Rating: D. Bedroom, bathroom, reception room, communal gardens, 2 terraces. £1,350,000 Share of Freehold 020 7293 0627



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STAFFORD TERRACE, W8 A spacious apartment close to the restaurants, shops and bars of Kensington High Street and Holland Park. Approx. 1,708 sq ft. Energy Rating: D. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, garden. £2,995,000 Leasehold 020 7293 0594

LANCASTER ROAD, W11 A striking raised ground floor apartment of a period building with high ceilings in close proximity of Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove. Approx. 643 sq ft. Energy Rating: C. Bedroom, bathroom, reception room. £925,000 Share of Freehold 020 7293 0594


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06/06/2014 08:58



UPPER BELGRAVE STREET, SW1 A luxuriously refurbished triple-aspect apartment located on the 2nd floor of this detached Grade ll Listed building with high ceilings and south westerly views. Energy Rating: E. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen/dining room, cloakroom, lift, porter. £4,400,000. Lease to 2109 020 7293 0638



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06/06/2014 08:58

Hereford Square, South Kensington SW7 • 4/5 Bedrooms

• Family room

• 3 Bathrooms (1 en suite)

• Study

• First floor drawing room

• 53ft Private rear garden

• Kitchen

• Loft storage

• Dining room

• Approx. 2,758 sq ft (256 sq m)

“ An elegant, stucco fronted, Grade II listed house situated on the north side of this charming garden square”

Guide price £5,450,000 Freehold

For more information call Richard Barber on 020 7306 1620 or email JSA Knight Frank 020 7871 4111

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Belgravia House, Halkin Place, Belgravia SW1 • 2 Bedrooms

• Resident porter

• 2 Bathrooms (1 en suite)

• Lift

• 2 Reception rooms

• Approx. 1,401 sq ft (130 sq m)

• Kitchen

• EPC rating: current (C) potential (B)

• 2 Terraces

“ A ground floor flat situated quietly at the rear of this well established and sought after building”

Guide price £4,950,000 Leasehold with 111 years remaining

For more information call Simon Godson on 020 7306 1610 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Queen’s Gate Place, South Kensington SW7 • 2 Bedrooms

• Fully fitted kitchen

• 2 Bathrooms (en suite)

• 2 Balconies

• Guest cloakroom

• Approx. 973 sq ft (90 sq m)

• Reception room

• EPC rating: current (C) potential (C)

“ A wonderful second floor apartment in this stunning building in the heart of South Kensington”

£1,395 per week Furnished

For more information call Lucy Morton on 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

Chapel Street, Belgravia SW1 • 5 Double bedrooms

• Kitchen/dining room

• 4 Bathrooms

• Terrace & garden

• Guest cloakroom

• Approx. 3,412 sq ft (317 sq m)

• 3 Reception rooms

• EPC rating: current (D) potential (C)

“ A wonderful family house in this prime location in the heart of Belgravia”

£3,950 per week Unfurnished

For more information call David Mills on 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

W.A.Ellis will make an initial one-off tenancy agreement charge of £240 per tenancy plus £60 referencing charge per tenant. A minimum of six weeks’ rent will be required for all properties. For further details of our services and charges please visit

Imperial Crescent, Imperial Wharf, SW6 An exceptional modern five bedroom house (approx. 4,225 sq. ft. / 392 sq. m.) offering extremely flexible living accommodation, in an outstanding gated development. This well-proportioned property includes two first-floor reception rooms (both with balconies), an open-plan kitchen / dining room, study, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, dressing room and two balconies, four further bedrooms (two with ensuite bathrooms), two family bathrooms, two cloakrooms and a utility room. There is also a double garage, a garden and a separate studio with bathroom which could be used as an additional entertainment space or nanny flat. Imperial Wharf is quietly located close to the Thames and benefits from on-site security, porterage, guest parking and access to landscaped communal gardens. EPC rating D. Leasehold approximately 984 years remaining Asking price ÂŁ4,700,000 020 7225 5911


Basil Street, Knightsbridge, SW3 A very spacious two bedroom duplex apartment (1485 sq ft/138 sq m) forming part of this new development located on the corner of Basil Street and Hans Crescent in the heart of Knightsbridge. The Lansbury was newly built in 2013 and was interior designed by Finchatton. The building provides daily concierge provided by the Capital Hotel, Security and a fabulous location directly opposite Harrods. Beautifully furnished and finished to the highest specifications, it would make the ideal pied-à-terre or rental investment.

Leasehold: approximately 997 years Guide price £3,995,000 +44 (0)20 7225 6506


Thornwood Lodge, Kensington, W8 A beautifully presented two double bedroom apartment (1,570 sq.ft / 148 sq. m) on the ground floor of Thornwood Lodge, which forms part of this new private gated development in the heart of Kensington. The property benefits from a very spacious reception room, well-equipped kitchen / breakfast room. There is also a front patio which overlooks the private garden square and a terrace off the master bedroom at the rear. Thornwood Gardens is a recently completed gated new development which is arranged around an open garden square with 24 hour porterage, security and secure underground parking. Located off Kensington Church Street, the property is ideally situated for all the local amenities and is also within a few moments walk of Holland Park. EPC rating C. Price Per Week: £2,950 Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £190 Checkout. References: £42 per person* *

020 7225 5881


Egerton Crescent, Knightsbridge, SW3 A stunning property located in this quiet leafy crescent, yet moments from Harrods and the amenities of Knightsbridge. Accommodation of approx. 3428 sq ft comprises three reception rooms, spacious kitchen/dining area, master bedroom suite, two further bedrooms and large garden. This wonderful house is rare to the lettings market and available for short term lets over the Summer of 2014. Available now, furnished, live in housekeeper included, butler services available by separate negotiation EPC rating D.

Price Per Week: £18,500 Plus property fees: £180 Admin & £310 Checkout. References: £42 per person* *

020 7225 5881


Cheltenham Terrace

Chelsea SW3

An extremely special, freehold house, situated in an enviable position on this most sought after street, overlooking the Duke of York grounds. This family home is presented in immaculate condition & benefits from a layout which offers flexible living accommodation & also qualifies for access to the beautiful Burton Court with its tennis courts. EPC rating E

ÂŁ4,800,000 freehold


020 7594 4740

Chelsea Embankment


Chelsea SW3


EPC rating D


A stunning, raised ground floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom property with fabulous river views. The apartment benefits from great entertaining space, 12 ft ceilings, elegant proportions & a 22 ft terrace.

020 7594 4740

Abingdon Road

Kensington W8

A 5 bedroom family home located on this beautiful tree lined residential street in the heart of Kensington. Spread over 4 floors & approximately 2,200 sq ft, accommodation comprises 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 well proportioned reception rooms, open plan kitchen/dining room with a separate pantry & a utility room. Further benefits include a sunny terrace & pretty south west facing garden. EPC rating F

ÂŁ4,595,000 freehold


020 7937 7244

West Cromwell Road

London SW5

An exceptional 2 double bedroom raised ground floor period apartment that has been recently refurbished. The property comprises master bedroom which boasts a dressing room & en-suite bathroom, whilst the second bedroom possesses high ceilings with beautiful sash window & access to a family shower room. The utility room & modern fully fitted kitchen are located directly off the grand, well proportioned south facing reception room, with a private manicured garden to the rear of the building. EPC rating C

ÂŁ2,000,000 share of freehold


0207 937 7244

Portland Road

Notting Hill W11

ÂŁ6,250,000 freehold

A wonderful 6 bedroom period house, one of the biggest original builds on the street with the rare benefit of off street parking. Excellent lateral living space arranged on the raised & lower ground levels, both with direct access to the garden. EPC rating F

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

Portobello Road

Notting Hill W11

We are delighted to present this superb period house, arranged over 4 floors & positioned at the residential end of Portobello Road close to Notting Hill Gate. Currently arranged as a 2 bedroom upper maisonette & 1 bedroom lower ground floor flat with planning permission to turn it back into a family house & increase the internal space. EPC rating C & E

ÂŁ3,100,000 freehold

Notting Hill

020 3040 8585

1st Floor Flat

3rd Floor Flat

Rutland Mews South Knightsbridge SW7

181.99 SQ M/1,959 SQ FT

A character broadKnightsbridge fronted period Mews house, with large conservatory style reception room Rutland Gate SW7

and west facing roof terrace with garden aspect at the rear. In a quiet cobbled Mews, a short Wewalk are offering two excellent for sale in this period building with resident caretaker & lift, from Harrods & Hydeflats Park. facing on to Hyde Park and within a short walk to allroom, Knightsbridge’s shops & restaurants 3/4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception/dining kitchen, conservatory reception room, West facing roof EPC C.maisonette: 3 bedrooms, 3rd floor newly refurbished apartment with park 1st terrace, floor balcony views: 2 bedrooms, 2 Sole bathrooms, Freeholdkitchen, £5,500,000 3 bathrooms, dining room, reception room, Agent double reception entrance hall, balcony, EPC C, 144.18 sq m / 1,552 sq ft

room, kitchen, EPC C, 85.75 sq m / 923 sq ft

Leasehold £4,350,000

Leasehold £2,780,000

Sole Agent

JSA W A Ellis 020 7581 7654

6 s


Rutland Gate Rutland Prince’s Gate

KnightsbridgeSW7 SW7 Knightsbridge Knightsbridge Approximately 56.20 sq m m // 605 155.61 sq m/1,67556.20 sq ft sq Approximately 605 sq sq ft ft

Anexcellent excellentfreshly freshly decorated decorated An 4th floor flat in fine stucco 4th floor flat in finefacing stuccoGarden Delightful South buildingwith withopen open aspect aspect building apartment in this renowned overlooking garden square overlooking garden square ‘Parkside’ portered block, with momentsfrom from Hyde Park Park and moments and direct access toHyde balustraded an easy walk to Harrods. Patio and peaceful landscaped an easy walk to Harrods. double bedroom communal garden opposite double bedroom bathroom Hyde Park. bathroom reception room reception kitchen room kitchen 3porter bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, porter lift double reception room, lift entryphone kitchen/breakfast room, entryphone use of cloakroom, communal gardens guest entrance use communal gardens EPCofD hall, EPC D. EPC D Share of Freehold Leasehold Share of Freehold £1,450,000 £3,750,000 £1,450,000 Sole Agent JSA Knight Frank 020 7591 8600 Sole Agent

Rutland Gate Rutland Gate

Rutland GateSW7 Knightsbridge SW7 Knightsbridge Knightsbridge SW7 Approximately sq m/ 56.20 sq m/605 sq121.14 ft

r Flat

1,304 sq ft



6-8 Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1EZ 6-8 Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1EZ

A23587-HOB-TLM-DPS-08L.indd 2

Approximately 121.14 sq m / An excellent freshly decorated 1,304 ft Highsq specification refurbishment fourth floor flat, facing east, of top floor lateral refurbishment apartment in High specification overlooking garden square white stucco building overlooking of topevery floor lateral apartment from window. Situatedin garden square and moments white in finestucco periodbuilding stucco overlooking building from Harrods & Hyde Park. garden square moments 200 yards fromand Hyde Park and 3short bedrooms afrom walk from Harrods. Harrods & Hyde Park. 2 bathrooms 3studio bedrooms reception room Double bedroom, bathroom, 2kitchen bathrooms reception room, kitchen, lift, studio reception room hallway porter, communal heating & kitchen porter hot water, access to communal hallway lift gardens, EPC C. porter video entryphone lift use of communal gardens video EPC Eentryphone Share of Freehold use of communal gardens £1,450,000 Share EPC E of Freehold £3,795,000 Sole Agent Share of Freehold £3,795,000

020 7581 8277 020 7581 8277 26/02/2014 17:01

1st Floor Flat

3rd Floor Flat

Albert Court Prince Consort Road SW7

294.49 sq m/3,170 sq ft

A magnificent second floor balcony apartment, Rutland Gate Knightsbridge SW7 displaying traditional grandeur and elegance

overlooking the Royal Albert Hall and the great West Steps. Superbly located in the finest of WeLondon’s are offering two excellent for sale this period building with resident caretaker & lift, mansion blocks,flats a short walkinfrom Kensington Gardens. facing on to Hyde Park and within a short walk to all Knightsbridge’s shops & restaurants 3 magnificent reception rooms, 2 double bedrooms, 2 ensuite bath/shower rooms, kitchen, hallway, guest separate staff 3bedroom, with CCTV, lift,apartment EPC C. with park 3rdporterage floor newly refurbished 1st cloakroom, floor balcony maisonette: bedrooms,2 balconies, 24 hour views: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double reception 3 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, reception room, Share of Freehold £8,500,000 JSA Knight Frank 020 7591 8600 entrance hall, balcony, EPC C, 144.18 sq m / 1,552 sq ft

room, kitchen, EPC C, 85.75 sq m / 923 sq ft

Leasehold £4,350,000

Leasehold £2,780,000

Sole Agent

JSA W A Ellis 020 7581 7654

6 s


Rutland GatePlace Rutland Montpelier KnightsbridgeSW7 SW7 Knightsbridge Knightsbridge

Approximately 56.20 sq m m // 605 175.21 sq m/1,88656.20 sq ft sq Approximately 605 sq sq ft ft

Anexcellent excellentfreshly freshly decorated decorated An 4th floor flat in fine stucco floor flat inhigh fine stucco A4th sensational spec end buildingwith withopen open aspect aspect building of terrace Grade II listed Town overlookinggarden garden square square overlooking house, superbly renovated and momentsfrom fromHyde Hyde Park Park and moments and interior designed in the best an easy walk to Harrods. modern contemporary an easy walk to Harrods. style, double bedroom whilst retaining its existing double bedroom bathroom period façade in the heart of bathroom reception room Village’ a short ‘Knightsbridge reception kitchen room walk from Harrods & Hyde Park. kitchen porter porter 3lift double bedrooms, 2 lift entryphone reception room, bathrooms, entryphone use of kitchen/ communalbreakfast gardens study, use of communal gardens EPC D room, dining room, guest EPC D cloaks. Share of Freehold Freehold Share of Freehold £1,450,000 £4,500,000 £1,450,000 Sole Agent Sole SoleAgent Agent

Egerton Gardens Rutland Gate Rutland GateSW3 Knightsbridge Knightsbridge SW7 Knightsbridge SW7 62.99 sq m/678 sq121.14 ft Approximately sq m/

r Flat


1,304 sq ft An ideal Knightsbridge Approximately 121.14 sq m pied / a1,304 terresq with access to ft directrefurbishment High specification delightful gardens. of top floorcommunal lateral refurbishment apartment in High specification An excellent conversion with white stucco building overlooking of top floor lateral apartment in high ceilings and aspect garden square andopen moments white stucco building overlooking over fromgardens. Harrods & Hyde Park. garden square and moments 3 bedrooms Double bedroom, from Harrods & Hyde Park. 2 bathroomsreception room, bathroom, 3studio bedrooms reception room kitchen, entrance lobby, 2kitchen bathrooms direct access to communal studio reception room hallway gardens. EPC D kitchen porter hallway lift porter video entryphone lift use of communal gardens video EPC Eentryphone Leasehold use of communal gardens Share £1,750,000 EPC E of Freehold £3,795,000 JSA Susan 020 7581 3349 Share of Metcalfe Freehold

6-8 Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1EZ 6-8 Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1EZ

A23587-HOB-TLM-DPS-08L.indd 2


020 7581 8277 020 7581 8277 26/02/2014 17:01

A Piece of the Action Hannah Lemon meets the Savills Kensington flat sales team, Thomas Holcroft and Stephen Holmes, to discuss the evolution of the sales market in high-profile developments, such as The Lancasters Photography: Sarel Jansen

IT IS EVIDENT from the rapport between Thomas Holcroft and Stephen Holmes that this has been an exciting few years in property, particularly now that an apartment in The Lancasters development is back on the market through Savills. And I can see why. I am in awe as I arrive at our interview’s location; a beautiful first-floor apartment of The Lancasters, a rare jewel of the property world. The walls and floors are decorated with Spanish and Italian marble tiling and each bedroom and bespoke dressing room is complete with Italian-designed fitted wardrobes. The apartment is dressed with all the modern appliances a home could wish for, including ceiling and under-floor heating. The Lancasters was originally an elegant parade of 15 stucco-fronted Grade II listed houses dating from the mid-19th century. Since restoration, the development is now made up of 77 homes that exhibit a unique fusion of traditional architecture and brand new design, the majority of which are south-facing with views onto Hyde Park. Thomas and Stephen specialise in marketing top-end flats through Savills all over the world. “Flats are a very different product to houses,”

Stephen informs me. “Both in terms of the pound per square foot rates that they achieve and also the sale process, which includes dealing with leases, management information and service charges.” Savills provides the perfect platform and a wealth of knowledge for those desiring an exclusive membership to high-profile developments, such as The Lancasters. In Kensington, the strength of buyers for apartments is particularly dominant between the £1-2 million value as the stamp duty increases from five per cent to seven per cent as soon as a property reaches over the £2 million mark. Most buyers will try to knock the price down below this limit or will only agree to a sale if the purchase sits beyond the £2.5 million threshold. “There is a bit of a battle in that area,” says Stephen. However, the super prime market of £10 million and over is just as healthy, as is evident at The Lancasters. ‘If it suits buyers, they’ll pay the price. An opportunity like this flat at The Lancasters won’t come up very often,’ says Stephen. “We have had a couple of people through the door already and would expect to sell this property within three months,” adds Thomas.


Most top-end buyers see property as a long-term investment. Investors are not looking for yields on properties anymore. “It used to be very simple,” Stephen explains. ‘If something was £10 million, it was £10,000 a week for rent. However, the yields have probably halved in terms of what people get on their rental return. So most buyers will concentrate on the capital growth over a two to five year period.” At the time of purchase, the majority of units at The Lancasters are for end users (one of their many homes throughout the world) and so only 10-15 per cent are for letting purposes. Thomas says; “Very often property is now seen as a commodity. From whatever part of the world a buyer originates, whether it’s Hong Kong, Russia or Turkey, they see property as an investment, on the same lines as they would have historically viewed the stock market. Frequently property is bought but remains empty for a few years; in short, property has become a bank.” This has been highlighted through the re-sales at The Lancasters. Although, as Thomas points out, this is the first time a flat of this size and position has come back to the market and it should command the highest premiums. The apartment overlooks Hyde Park, with high ceilings, period detail, large fireplaces and white stucco. “International buyers have this classic interpretation of what British property is,” says Stephen. “So properties like The Lancasters can often appeal more to them than the Brits. “The Lancasters is a truly international development, including Russian, Nigerian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Pakistani,” he continues. “Typically, buyers are 40 to 50 years of age, with the majority being heads of international companies in areas such as oil, construction, commodities, retail and finance.” Purchasers of super prime property, despite being able to pay the full amount, will most likely take some financing as money is relatively inexpensive to borrow with interest rates being so low. “Investors are taking debt out of choice not necessity in order to allow their money to work better for them,” explains Thomas. Top-end investors will also expect to pay for an exceptional and unique finish to a building. The apartment we are sitting in is decorated by David Linley and accentuates the high-quality lifestyle that people will be buying in to: as Thomas puts it; “Dressing adds value”. Looking around the flat, it is obvious that the design and architecture is all part and parcel of luxurious living. “Properties are dressed for the international market who will very often buy it lock, stock and barrel,” continues Thomas. As well as beautiful interiors, buyers want a personal and efficient concierge service that provides the option of benefits such as housekeeping, restaurant and theatre booking, and catering. “Generally, properties that provide security and a 24-hour concierge service are popular with buyers who aren’t there the whole time,” says Thomas. “This is where the market is going. The Lancasters, for example, is run like a five-star hotel with leisure and gym facilities. The concierge is also a key feature and parking is safe and easy. Any new scheme would be difficult to promote if it didn’t have security.” Buyers of a high net worth look for security as insurance for maintaining their property. “The service charge for this Lancasters property (including car parking) is just under £30,000, so about £10 per square foot,” explains Stephen. “The Knightsbridge development is approximately £14 and One Hyde Park, £17 per square foot. So this is, relatively speaking, very reasonable.” The quality of such a service is evident as soon as you walk into the building and are greeted by attentive, well-presented staff in a pristine lobby.

But what about the future of these properties? “If you’ve got something to do with your money, invest! It’s difficult to find something that will do better than property over the next five years,” says Thomas. It is obvious that a place like The Lancasters offers not only a luxurious way of life with facilities that give even the best five-star hotels a run for their money, but also an investment that provides growth greater than that of any other sector. Savills Kensington, 67 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BG; 020 7535 3300


Upper Cheyne Row, London SW3

A Grade II Listed property hidden away in the heart of ‘Old Chelsea’. Four bedrooms • Three reception rooms • Front and rear gardens • Substantial first floor terrace • Garden studio flat with private entrance • Energy Rating: D

020 7293 0879

Guide Price: £6,150,000 Freehold

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Kensington & Chelsea July14.indd 5

06/06/2014 08:58


Hornton Street, London W8

An extremely rare modern house in the heart of Kensington. Three bedrooms • Two bathrooms • 31 ft Reception room • Dining room Kitchen • Office/Library • Swimming Pool • Steam Room • Changing Room Utility Room • Off-street parking • South facing garden • Planning permission to extend to 4,532 sq ft • Energy Rating: D

020 7808 8540

Price Upon Application Freehold

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries


Kensington & Chelsea July14.indd 6

06/06/2014 08:58

Holland Park, W14 A magnificent apartment laid out over the upper floors of this beautiful stucco double fronted villa, refurbished to the very highest standard and with direct lift access. The apartment has excellent entertaining accommodation with a large reception room/dining area and a separate cinema room/study. The master bedroom suite has a walk through wardrobe leading to a stunning bathroom, and there are 4 further bedrooms. There is ample outside space with balconies on the 2nd and 3rd floor and a large terrace on the 4th. EPC Rating D.

£8,950,000 Share of Freehold ABU



JSA Knight Frank, Kensington •









Kensington Court, W8 A three double bedroom lateral apartment refurbished to a high standard, situated on the 2nd floor within a period mansion block with impressive rooms, high ceilings a lift. The property further benefits from underfloor heating in the hallway, reception and wetroom areas, advanced light control systems; CAT 6 wiring linked to a central AV control; Sonos sound system and wirelessly controlled. Long leasehold of approx. EPC Rating C. John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AX Tel: 020 3284 1888

£3,950,000 New 999 year lease available from July 2014 MEGEVE









file:/ Josep

W2 Albion Street £2,950* Per Week An exquisite four-storey Georgian townhouse situated along a charming terrace at the heart of The Hyde Park Estate. Offering the best of both worlds, Albion Street is remarkably peaceful considering its Central London location, with the wide open spaces of Hyde Park at one end of the street and the amenities of prestigious Connaught Village at the other. The property is ideal for family life with four bed rooms and four bathrooms but also offers entertaining space in abundance with a large open plan kitchen and dining room to the ground floor with a more formal sitting room to the impressively grand first floor. Energy Rating: D. *Rent excludes administration fees of £300 Inc. VAT plus £50 per person Inc. VAT for referencing which is payable upon creation of a legally binding tenancy agreement.

020 3394 0015

file:///C:/Users/Joseph%20Chilton/Downloads/4%20albion%20close%20312531%20Extl_RGB.jpg file:///C:/Users/ Joseph%20Chilton/Downloads/4%20albion%20close%20312531%20Extl_RGB.jpg

W2 Albion Close ÂŁ3,350,000 Freehold A well-proportioned freehold mews house situated in one of the most sought after roads on The Hyde Park Estate, literally moments from Hyde Park and Connaught Village. The internal accommodation of 1,882 sq.ft is arranged over three floors and offers excellent open plan living accommodation which benefits from superb natural light. The property comprises four bedrooms and three bathrooms, as well as a large open plan living area, study and a parking space in this private gated mews. Energy Rating: C.

020 3394 0016

49 Beauchamp Place London SW3 1NY 020 7581 3253

Pont Street, Knightsbridge SW1

A fabulous first floor balcony flat in the centre of prime Knightsbridge, with high ceilings and elegant rooms. Double bedroom • Bathroom • Reception room • Balcony • Kitchen • Cloakroom • EER band D • 882 sq ft / 82 sq m. £1,100 per week Unfurnished (to inc CH & HW) Sole Agent

Hans Place, Knightsbridge SW1 A very spacious top floor flat with a roof terrace with garden views. Double bedroom • Shower room • Reception room • Dining room • Kitchen • Terrace • Lift • Use of communal gardens • EER band F • 806 sq ft / 75 sq m. £625 per week per week Unfurnished Sole Agent

020 7581 3253

49 Beauchamp Place London SW3 1NY 020 7581 3253

Harrods Court, Knightsbridge SW3

Newly refurbished apartment offering luxury living inc underfloor heating & air conditioning. 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Reception room • Kitchen • Lift • Porter • Valet parking • EER band C • 1,169 sq ft / 109 sq m. £2,750,000 Share of Freehold or to Let £2,500 per week Furnished Sole Agent

020 7581 3253









ÂŁ2,750 per week

3 bedrooms | double reception | Italian kitchen | 3 bathrooms | balconies | high ceilings | lift | porter | Epc D


ÂŁ3,750,000 freehold

3 bedrooms | double reception | Poggenpohl kitchen | 2 bathrooms | balconies | views | high ceilings | Epc C

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414

Westbourne Gardens With so many luxury developments in central London, it is hard to know where is best to invest. Mark Sommerville, sales manager for Hamptons Notting Hill, lets Hannah Lemon know why W2 has prime potential Photography: Sarel Jansen

new, white stucco-fronted building and sits comfortably alongside elegant Victorian terraces. It is close to Hyde Park and the buzz of Portobello Road. How is Westbourne Gardens and the surrounding area developing? The area has received a lot of publicity in the last 12 months, with a superrich Brunei investor buying a lot of freeholds in Queensway. His ten-year plan is to turn Queensway into a new Portobello or Covent Garden area. The £1 billion regeneration scheme in place looks to include a luxury shopping and dining village modelled on the renowned Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair. The goal is to transform the area into a prestigious retail boulevard, only minutes away from One Westbourne Gardens. Westbourne Gardens itself is regarded as a traditional residential garden square in Notting Hill. Westbourne Grove is only a few minutes away and the mix of trendy cafés and celebrated fine-dining restaurants is quickly expanding to this side of W2. Is the price of property in this part of W2 reflecting this change? The surrounding streets are home to prime property. One Westbourne Gardens is close to Pembridge Place and Dawson Place, which are the most expensive streets in Notting Hill. Nick Ross, of Crimewatch fame, reportedly sold his house there for £35 million. Queensway has not always been on the map of luxury property. Westbourne Gardens has a W2 postcode but has always traded a little bit below that area. Similarly, the same property in Knightsbridge would be £3,000 per square foot. This development is a great investment and prices are certainly reflecting that. In 2011, we were selling a development of an avante-garde hotel in Westbourne Gardens that was turned into six luxury boutique flats at £1,500 per square foot; so it is definitely on people’s radar.

One Westbourne Gardens is under construction as I arrive to interview Mark Sommerville, sales manager for the Hamptons Notting Hill Sales Team. We walk past the white boards and hard-at-work builders to preview one of the flats that is ready for sale. And I’m not disappointed. The modern flat is pristinely finished and inviting, with graceful white oak timber lining the rooms. I want to tell Mark that I’m ready to sign my name up. Mark is a successful estate agent with over 11 years of experience locally as partner in a smaller agency and manager at Hamptons since 2010. Before this he was a futures trader but the buzz of property was something he couldn’t resist. “My first deal was the best one I have done,” he says. However, I think the beautiful building where our interview is set might challenge this statement. One Westbourne Gardens is a collection of nine striking apartments due for completion later this summer. The building is set within an impressive

Would you say investors’ interest lie in the £1-2 million bracket and then the super prime bracket of over £5–10 million? There is a definite shift towards the bracket from £1-3 million. Anything sub £1 million goes straightaway. There are a lot of properties available over £10 million but there are fewer buyers in this range and so many have been on the market for a while. This development is circa £1,800 per square foot. Although, it won’t be long until we will be hitting £2,000 per square foot regularly. Are properties achieving over the asking price? Yes, for the right product. It has to be on the right floor, in the right building, in the right location. Valuing this correctly is really important. Vendors are curious and they will push it as far as they can. They can always try the highest price and then go back down quickly if it’s not working. But they have to be quick as no one will go for a stale property. How does Hamptons encourage local buyers to the area? Our network at Hamptons is our strength. We have offices in Westbourne Grove (W11), Praed Street (W2) and Hornton Street (W8), so a buyer can walk into


any office for an apartment in this building. We are also seeing the same buyer profile coming from South Kensington; they can no longer afford what they would get in that area for the same price. As an international agent are you marketing this abroad? Hamptons has an exhibition called The Collection, which is an exclusive client event in its seventh year that has gone from London to Hong Kong and Dubai with a selection of properties. One Westbourne Gardens is a major feature and we are anticipating it to be very popular out there. The Asian market is replacing Chelsea with Notting Hill, which is now very much part of the rich international investors’ portfolio. By the end of the tour we expect to have sold a few both locally and internationally.

Finally, do you invest in property? I have a place in Brunswick Gardens (W8), one in Sussex and have just bought a property in the Portobello Square development. With three children I have got to make provisions somehow! Hamptons Notting Hill, 301 Westbourne Grove, W11 2QA; 020 7034 0404

What demographic of person is likely to take an interest in this development? One example is a businessman who lives internationally looking for his daughter and one unit has been reserved by a couple who are downsizing. The rich tapestry of the Notting Hill and W2 buyer profile is very hard to pinpoint. We expect interest from both local and international young professionals as the location of One Westbourne Gardens is perfect for people who need to travel. The development is only a 10 minute walk from Paddington and from there the Heathrow Express takes 15 minutes to the airport. This property will also attract families. A big section of the market is parents selling bigger houses and then distributing the wealth among their offspring to buy a family home. There is lots to do in the area with children as well as an excellent selection of schools. Can you tell us a bit more about the development itself? The ground floor will be occupied by the West London Buddhist Centre, perfectly complementing the grace and harmony of the building. The first to fourth floors will be made up of two to three bed properties ranging from £1.65 to 3.65 million. Each apartment is complete with underfloor heating, bespoke LED lighting details, an inbuilt audio entrainment system via Sonos, an eight-person lift to all floors, and secure underground parking. It provides families with a comfortable well-located environment and professionals a pad that is easy and safe to lock up and leave. Who was the developer on this project? Hamptons worked with the developer Fruition Properties on One Westbourne Gardens. Fruition have been around for about 10 years now and have done a lot in Prime Central London. We have sold a few of their projects in the past and advised them on purchases. They know that properties have to be equipped with all the right gear and be eco-friendly. This property has roof-mounted solar panels and metering systems that allow owners to monitor energy consumption and enable precision billing. This property will come with a 10-year guarantee. So if there are any final tweaks within that time that need to be made, like fixing a hairline crack, Fruition will be on hand to ensure that clients are happy. We appreciate this loyalty, which in turn is appreciated by our investors; a client now will be a client forever at Hamptons.



SYDNEY STREET,LONDON, LONDON SW3 020 7351 7822 FAX:M: 020 7351 2274 117117 SYDNEY STREET, SW3 6NR 6NR TEL: TEL: 020 7351 7822 07530 689536 e-mail: website: e-mail:



This stylish maisonette has been totally refurbished by one of London’s top Interior Designers. Situated on the popular Elizabeth Street and a stone’s throw from the boutiques and cafes, this property certainly exudes character & charm.

Fabulous raised ground floor flat which has been interior designed and refurbished to a very high standard. The property has wood floors throughout, high ceilings, and an integral music system and south facing terrace.


£1,200 per week



£1,350 per week




A very spacious flat on the second floor in a well looked after building ideally located in the heart of Knightsbridge and also benefits from great storage. The apartment’s layout makes it a very comfortable home.

Fantastic newly refurbished end of terrace house, ideal for family living. There is a wide entrance hall leading to a study and an ‘L’ shaped reception room with original parquet flooring. Located close to Pimlico Green.


£1,950 per week


117 Sydney Street London SW3 6NR Lettings: 0207 351 7822 or


£2,250 per week


Launceston Place, W8 2,646 sq ft (245.8 sq m)

An elegant low built regency villa situated in one of the most highly regarded streets in Kensington. This five bedroom semi-detached house is set over four floors and has gardens to the front and rear elevations. Entrance Hall | Double Reception Room | Study/Office | Cloakroom/W.C | Dining Room | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Family Room/Bedroom 5 | Master Bedroom with En-Suite Bathroom | Three/Four Further Bedrooms | Two Bathrooms

Price Upon Application Freehold 38 Gloucester Road, SW7

020 7590 9339








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New Instructions

Bearing Fruit

The first new-build to be erected on Kensington Palace Gardens for more than a century: The house is to be built on Britain’s most expensive street and will be a 22,000 square foot luxury mansion (at Number 3) designed by architects Colwyn Foulkes & Partners. The practice received the thumbs up for the scheme from planners at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea a few weeks ago, after developing the design in conjunction with English Heritage, the Kensington Society and the Crown Estate’s heritage advisors. Work is due to start later this year for the client, Hasib Holding Company Establishment, although the main contractor is yet to be confirmed. It’s thought the build cost could top £18 million, with the finished article set to be worth upwards of £40 million.

Cadogan Estate records another successful year as property values rise 13.8%: “Particularly strong growth” in the value of its residential and retail properties on the back of “the general buoyancy of the central London property market” meant that 2013 was a decent year for the Cadogan Estate, which has released its annual figures. The Estate, which owns significant chunks of Chelsea, saw property values climb by 13.8% in the year to reach a new peak of £4.46 billion, while rental income rose by 11.8% to £117.1 million. Retail assets outperformed residential properties by a fair whack, increasing by 16.4% compared to residential’s 13.1%. Cadogan’s pre-tax profits shot up from £57.3 million to £73.8 million over the year, leading it to declare “another successful year in 2013 across all parts of the business”. The Estate bought 37 residential properties in 2013, sold 152 through the leasehold enfranchisement process to bring in £121.7 million and is now in the midst of a five-year plan to rejuvenate Sloane Street.

Image courtesy of: Colwyn Foulkes & Partners

Price Pressures NICK CRAYSON warns vendors not to be overambitious with the value of their property

As spring turns to summer, the market in our area of prime London remains relatively buoyant. Average values achieved so far this year are almost 13% higher than they were a year ago, with the number of properties sold up 17%. Despite the strong market conditions and vendors continuing to benefit from the number of potential buyers outpacing new instructions, it is vital that both vendors and agents are realistic about the value their properties can achieve. As competition for new instructions has intensified, some agents are overvaluing in a bid to secure instructions; a practice that is not recommend. Put simply, vendors who achieve the best price for their property do so by bringing their home to market at the right price, creating early interest amongst buyers. Properties that are launched at an unrealistically high price are missing out on crucial selling opportunities in the early stages of marketing. The average amount of time before a property is first reduced is currently 70 days. Unrealistic expectations of values alongside competition for new instructions means properties are still reaching the market at values that are not attracting buyers. Within the Royal Borough, 24% of properties

currently on the market have been reduced in price since they were first marketed. The highest proportion of price reductions is seen in the price bracket over £10 million (31% now reduced); this compares with just 21% of properties priced at £2-5 million. Within our area, 25 per cent of the most prolific agents (with more than five properties listed for sale) have reduced the prices of more than a third of their available stock. Comparing properties sold this year at different price bands shows that the market of over £5 million saw the highest levels of price reductions, with 36% of properties having their asking-price reduced before finding a buyer. This compares to just 15% of properties over £5 million sold in 2013. For properties under £5 million, 22% had seen their asking prices reduced before finding a buyer. Percentage of properties being marketed at reduced prices % of properties reduced in price

35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Under £1m

£1m to £2m

£2m to £5m

£5m to £10m

over £10m

All price bands

Source: Lonres - Crayson market area


Onslow Gardens, South Kensington SW7

An extremely rare opportunity to acquire a sumptuous three bedroom maisonette with the benefit of its own street entrance.

ÂŁ4,250,000 Share of Freehold

2,052 sq ft (190.6 sq m) EPC Rating C Own front door | Reception room | Dining room | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Bedroom two with en suite bathroom | Bedroom three/study with en suite shower room | Cloakroom | Patio garden | Roof terrace | Extensive vault storage | Access to communal gardens (by separate negotiation)

West Chelsea 020 7373 1010

Clabon Mews, Knightsbridge SW1

Newly refurbished to an exemplary standard, with unusually large and wellproportioned floors, this is arguably the best house on the street.

3,500 sq ft (325.2 sq m) EPC Rating D Entrance/Dining Hall | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Drawing Room | Family/Media Room with wet bar| Four bedrooms | Three bath/shower rooms | Gym/Bedroom 5 with en suite steam/shower room | Utility Room | Plant room | Garden | Garage

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

ÂŁ12,500,000 Freehold

Queen’s Gate Gardens, South Kensington SW7

A wonderfully elegant two double bedroom apartment with great volume and the rare benefit of its own front door and 25’ terrace on the raised ground floor in a beautiful garden square.

1,276 sq ft (118.54 sq m) EPC Rating C Own front door | Reception room | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite| Second double bedroom | Family bathroom/guest WC | 25’ terrace

Ovington Gardens, Knightsbridge SW3

An exceptional newly refurbished flat, located on a highly sought after Garden Square in Knightsbridge with a fabulous 20 foot, West-facing garden.

1,087 sq ft (101 sq m) EPC Rating D Reception room | Dining Hall | Kitchen | Master bedroom with en suite shower room | Second bedroom | Bathroom | 20 foot west-facing garden | Access to garden square (by separate arrangement)

£3,250,000 Leasehold

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

£1,950,000 Leasehold

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

Cranley Gardens, South Kensington SW7

A wonderfully bright three double bedroom maisonette arranged over the third and fourth floors (with a lift) of a stucco fronted converted period town house.

1,464 sq ft (136.01 sq m) Drawing room | Kitchen/dining room | Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom | Two further double bedrooms | Family bathroom | Roof terrace off kitchen | Roof

Oakley Street, Chelsea SW3

A light, South-West facing two bedroom maisonette arranged over the top two floors of an impressive stucco house with lovely views

ÂŁ3,650,000 Share of Freehold

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

ÂŁ1,995,000 Share of Freehold

986 sq ft (91.6 sq m) EPC Rating D Entrance on the second floor | Kitchen/ breakfast room | Reception room | Study | Master bedroom with en suite shower room | Bedroom two | Family bathroom/guest WC | Half landing store room

Chelsea 020 7225 3866

Turtle Hall, Jupiter Island, Florida

“Surrounded by magnificent gardens, mature trees and tropical lushness that Jupiter Island is known for sits this remarkable Georgian home.�

The 2.37 acre property with approximately 255 sq ft of ocean frontage rests along the most desirable stretches of beach on the island. Providing five bedrooms, the residence introduces a gracious Old World ambience completed by superb architectural details throughout. Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866


Hyde Park Gate, Kensington SW7

An impressive and well presented six bedroom family house, with the advantage of having excellent entertaining space and off-street parking.

4,708 sq ft (437.4 sq m) EPC Rating D Dining hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Study | Family room | Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and dressing room | Five further bedrooms | Two shower rooms | Three further bathrooms | Two cloakrooms | Garden | Off-street parking

Kensington 020 7938 3666

ÂŁ11,500,000, Freehold

Victoria Road, Kensington W8

A wonderful seven bedroom family house, with the advantage of having off-street parking, situated in this highly regarded residential street in the De Vere Conservation Area.

3,920 sq ft (364.2 sq m) EPC rating E Drawing room | Sitting room | Kitchen/ family room | Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom | Six further bedrooms | Two further bathrooms | Three shower rooms | Cloakroom | Utility room | Patio | Terrace | Off street parking

Kensington 020 7938 3666

ÂŁ7,950,000 Freehold

Chepstow Villas, Notting Hill W11

A wonderful three bedroom penthouse flat in this highly regarded mansion building in the heart of Notting Hill. The flat has spectacular views and the building benefits from a lift and resident porterage.

1,417 sq ft (131.6 sq m) EPC rating E Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/ dining room | Three bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Resident porter | Lift

Notting Hill 020 7221 1111

ÂŁ2,650,000 Leasehold

Palace Gate, Kensington W8

An outstanding four bedroom upper maisonette, on the top two floors (with direct lift access) of this impressive Victorian terraced house with a wonderful terrace.

ÂŁ4,499,000 Share of Freehold

2,165 sq ft (201.1 sq m) EPC Rating E Entrance hall | Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen | Four bedrooms | Bathroom | Shower room | Cloakroom | Terrace| Direct lift access

Kensington 020 7938 3666 JSA Knight Frank 0207 938 4311

Stanley Gardens, Notting Hill W11

A meticulously renovated six bedroom house located on this sought after Notting Hill street. This property features state of the art audio/visual/ security systems and boasts direct access onto pretty communal gardens

£6,950 per week* Furnished/ Unfurnished

4,632 sq ft (430 sq m) EPC Rating D Drawing room | Eat-in Kitchen| Dining Room | Master bedroom en-suite| Five further bedrooms | Three further bathrooms | Terrace | Access to communal gardens

Notting Hill Lettings 020 7221 1111

*The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inc VAT) Credit References per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.

Milner Street, Chelsea SW3

A stunning two double bedroom maisonette which has been interior designed to create a wonderfully light and open space throughout.

£1,750 per week* Furnished

3,597 sq ft (334.2 sq m) Open plan living/dining room | Kitchen | Master bedroom with en suite shower room | Second bedroom | Bathroom | Garden

Chelsea Lettings 020 7589 9966

*The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inc VAT) Credit References per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.


Chelsea Park Gardens, Chelsea SW3

A handsome and substantial double fronted freehold family house which has been in the same ownership for over twenty years.

3,527 sq ft (327.7 sq m) EPC Rating D Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen/ breakfast room | Study | Master bedroom suite | Bedroom two with en suite bathroom | Four further bedrooms | Family bathroom | Utility room | Cellar | Terrace | Garden | Direct access to communal gardens

West Chelsea 020 7373 1010

ÂŁ8,950,000 Freehold

Lamont Road, Chelsea SW10

An impressive five bedroom Freehold house situated in the popular Ten Acre Estate.

2,818 sq ft (261.8 sq m) EPC Rating E Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen/ dining room | Playroom | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room | Four further bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Study | Cloakroom | Studio | Garden | Patio

West Chelsea 020 7373 1010

ÂŁ5,250,000 Freehold

Š Didier Gourdon

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