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Material World

Out with the Old

Arbiter of glamour and friend of the Kardashians – Hannah Lemon looks at the making of Julien Macdonald

Meets members of the fashion crowd who are reinventing and recycling their grandparents’ wardrobes



Check Mate

Salt of the Earth

Tartan’s distinguished pattern never fails to appeal to the masses. We find out why it has remained a timeless trend

Rosalyn Wikeley steals a few minutes with Elizabeth Saltzman for some tips on how to survive London Fashion Week



Fashionably Late

The Spice of Life

Nicole Farhi turned her back on design to start sculpting. She tells Hannah Lemon what it’s like to break the mould

Clare Vooght goes to town in south-west China, sampling Sichuan chillies and performing tai chi by Mount Emei

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On the Cover... Eduard Erlikh has the ability to make catwalk models look even more glamorous (if that’s possible). With a quick stroke of paint and a dash of ink, he splashes vibrant yellows, pinks and blues across blank pages and reimagines the magic and movement in designs by haute couture houses, such as Balenciaga, Lanvin and Jean Paul Gaultier. We find out more on page 45.

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ind tes omi tabilis duo fratres curren

From the EDITOR “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” It turns out Coco Chanel didn’t just make a good frock, she was pretty insightful too. As we compiled the pages for this fashion issue, we came to realise how designers, models and haute couture houses style the world around us.

And it’s not just the contemporary catwalks that are impressing everyone; looking at the spring and summer trends hitting London (p. 58), we can see a few blasts from the past. There’s the reappearance of flouncy florals, structured shoulders and boho frills; even the familiar tartan check, once a favourite of Queen Victoria, is still spotted on silhouettes tailored by Rochas and Vivienne Westwood (p. 20). Plus, we meet locals who are reinventing and recycling the luxury wardrobes of their grandparents’ era. “Vintage appeals to our clients due to its individual nature,” explains Charlotte Rogers, founder of This Old Thing London (p. 30). “They can expect to leave us with a piece they may have been hunting down for years.” Those of you who are more interested in chucking out the old than bringing in the new, we focus on the frontline of fashion. Julien Macdonald bares all on life in the Welsh Valleys, as well as what it was like to work with Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander McQueen (p. 16); Rosalyn Wikeley steals a few minutes with stylist and contributing editor to Vanity Fair Elizabeth Saltzman for some tips on how to survive London Fashion Week (p. 60); while Olivia Sharpe offers a few ideas of her own on our style pages (p. 62). Away from the frenzy, we speak to Nicole Farhi, who threw in the sewing kit for life as a sculptor (p. 26). “I loved it from the first time I touched the clay and I thought: this is it. I had found what I wanted to do in life.” Taught by Eduardo Paolozzi – the godfather of pop art and sculptor insurmountable – Farhi has never looked back, although she remains as effortlessly chic as ever.

Acting Editor

Hannah Lemon

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ind tes omi n e r r tabilis duo fratres cu 014

All images courtesy of: Julien Macdonald



Knitwear know-it-all, arbiter of glamour, Welsh wanderer and friend of the Kardashians – HANNAH LEMON looks at the making of Julien Macdonald


ulien Macdonald Obe is a journalist’s dream. He has all the right anecdotes, delivered with a likeable Welsh charm. His Valleys accent skips down the phone to me as he recalls his grounded working-class upbringing in Merthyr Tydfil, where he developed a liking for dancing and singing – “my Billy Elliot years”. Then there’s the story of turning down a place at drama school for fear of speaking the Queen’s English. And the other one about being hit with a fan by Karl Lagerfeld when he scouted him out for Chanel at the Royal College of Art. From small-town dreamer to international designer for Chanel, Givenchy and the global glitterati, it’s difficult to decipher where on this spectrum the real him is. Macdonald

has delivered these anecdotes nearly word for word before and his persona in the media has ranged from camp diva (complete with fake tan for a series of Strictly Come Dancing), frank speaker (his fallout with Givenchy hit headlines), and likeable, down-to-earth everyman. I try my best to learn more about the person he was before the meteoric rise. Was he always attracted to the sequins and sparkles of fashion? “When I was young I used to dress kind of eccentric and wacky but I didn’t do it for a particular reason,” Macdonald explains. “My school cardigan was meant to hit the waist and mine hit the floor. I always had the pointiest shoes and the baggiest trousers. It was probably an indicator that I had a passion for fashion. But I never wanted to be a designer.”


It wasn’t until his days studying fashion knitwear at the University of Brighton and an MA at the Royal College of Art that his love for textiles wove itself into his career. “I used to do life drawing classes where the fat – no, the figure –” he laughs, “was draped in fabric and I ended up drawing the fabric, not the body.” His witty ripostes and frank delivery is refreshing and it is he who addresses his relationship with Givenchy without a prompt. “It was a very crazy, busy time for me. I had a lovehate relationship with the house.” Macdonald’s style was not always simpatico with the maison’s. “The house was involved with the image of Audrey Hepburn. She is very chic and elegant. Perhaps they thought I could bring my knowledge of Chanel to the house, but Audrey Hepburn would hardly be my ideal woman to dress. It would definitely be Marilyn Monroe. I like a more exciting, sexy woman.”

s l u x ury l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Every time I think he is on the brink of spilling some gossip, he surprises me with pragmatic insight. “I didn’t really have the experience they needed,” he continues. “I wasn’t a trained ready-to-wear designer. Textiles was my forte. After a year or so, I found my feet and made the house very profitable, but it was a hard time.” I try to get a few insider titbits on the people he has worked with and Macdonald retaliates with complimentary accounts of everyone. Isabella Blow: “Eccentric and at the same time so enthusiastic.” Lee Alexander McQueen: “An amazing person. Very down-to-earth, very funny; he had a funny laugh. I got on with him as a friend. We were just two normal guys, really.” Karl Lagerfeld: “A fantastic mentor. A very intelligent man. An absolute workaholic. He really is one of the world’s greatest ever designers. He definitely deserves that title.”

We talk about the style he has developed since starting out on his own in 1997. Macdonald’s intricate knitwear, revealing embroidery, tight-fitting gowns and sheer fabrics have certainly grown in popularity. Is this something that he will always stick to? “I think so. I’m good at it. I’ve managed to find a good eye and refinement for it. Each one is like a jewellery box, a sparkly diamond dress.” And, of course, there are his menswear collections too. “People are so intrigued by how the Julien Macdonald man dresses. Everyone was very surprised when the man was tough and modern. People were expecting Liberace on acid and I didn’t deliver that, unfortunately,” he laughs. He has also launched an Interflora range, a diffusion line at Debenhams, spectacles, wallpaper and in April he will collaborate with Mothercare for children’s clothing – Smiles by Julien Macdonald. And this month he’ll be showcasing his


“People were expecting Liberace on acid and I didn’t deliver that” latest collection at London Fashion Week. “I think it will be a very modern collection,” he tells me, “but it hasn’t finished being designed yet and we only have five weeks to go. This season we are fashionably late. It’s a bit of a nightmare.” Success has brought with it a comfortable life for Macdonald. A property on Westbourne Grove – “I always dreamed of owning one of those white houses with the black railings and my dream came true” – holidays abroad to Miami, LA and Kuala Lumpur, and plenty of celebrity parties. A-list encounters include a meeting with the Kardashian clan. Love them or hate them, receiving a personal invitation to their home from momager Kris is a

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

pretty big deal. “We talked about fashion and I’m scheduled to make Kim some dresses over the next few months. I’m not leaving Kanye off – he’s going to get one of my sweaters.” But for all this glitz and glamour Macdonald hasn’t forgotten his humble roots. “I am involved in lots of charitable work in Wales. I regularly speak to local colleges and schools about my success and I am patron of a breast cancer ward in Llandough Hospital in Cardiff. I like to help as much as I can.” Macdonald is a patchwork of past and present. He may have learnt from the biggest names in fashion but he has steadfastly maintained his own identity, a thick accent and undeniable talent. “I have a very trained eye,” he agrees, wryly adding, “and a sharp tongue to go with it.”


Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2016-17 Collection



Whether it’s used for kilts or catwalks, tartan’s distinguished pattern never fails to appeal to the masses. HANNAH LEMON discovers why this simple overlay of warp and weft remains a timeless trend



hether it be pretty pinafore dresses, Burberry check or formal Scottish dinner dress, tartan conjures up vivid images for each of us. My mind pictures something a lot less sophisticated: Laird Archie Macdonald donning a kilt while rescuing the Scottish castle Glenbogle from disrepute. For those of you staring blankly at the page, I am of course talking about the TV series Monarch of the Glen, which first aired in 2001. Far and away one of the BBC’s best accomplishments (I think nostalgia may have something to do with my thoughts on this), it follows the story of a London likely lad who has to resurrect the family’s country pile from the ravages of an empty bank account. And there is tartan galore. Tartan kilts, tartan dresses, tartan bagpipes, tartan hats and tartan ties. Scotland is, after all, the home of tartan but the popularity the fabric has generated, from its humble origins as everyday garb in the 1600s to catwalk couture for Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel among others, is astounding. In fact, the material had such a powerful impact on society that in 1746 parliament banned people from wearing it in an effort to bring Scottish clans under control. By the time the interdiction was halted, tartan had lost its everyday appeal and became a symbol for Scottish national dress – waistcoat, kilt, jacket, fur sporran and white lace jabot included.

s l u x ury l o n d o n . c o. u k s


This page, clockwise from right: Traditional machines at Begg & Co; Paloma Faith at a Vivienne Westwood show, Photography: David M Benett; Staffa Creole Green Cashmere Silk Scarf, Begg & Co, £190; A traditional Scottish kilt and sparron

While gentry and monarchs have added linear patterns to their wardrobe, so has everyone else But it’s not just bagpipe players who have had a love affair with pretty plaid. When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought their country retreat in Balmoral, they kitted out the interiors with reams of the stuff and even created their own personalised versions: Victoria and Balmoral. The latter has stayed as the royal tartan ever since. While gentry and monarchs have added linear patterns to their wardrobes, so has everyone else. During the punk era of the ’70s, tartan was notoriously used as an anti-establishment tool, something that Vivienne Westwood embraced wholeheartedly. The designer’s most notable collection, her A/W 1993/1994 Anglomania, recruited models Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss to model metres of the fabric, which was even transformed into a red and blue patterned


wedding dress. It was here that Campbell famously toppled over on her ten-inch blue heels while wearing a tartan skirt. It was also here that Westwood debuted her own tartan, the McAndreas, named after her husband. Westwood’s crisscross designs have since picked up a celebrity following: Paloma Faith, Christina Ricci, Georgia May Jagger and Helena Bonham Carter, who picked out a bright red chequered dress to collect her MBE from Her Majesty The Queen. Other fashion designers have also taken up the Scottish mantle. Alexander McQueen often used tartan, made famous through his exquisitely tailored Highland Rape collection, to style the likes of Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Jenkins and Kate Middleton. The accessibility of the simple check and its diverse history means that everyone can wear it – whether they’re a singer, actress or royal. One brand that has seen the transformation from highland to high fashion is Begg & Co, which handcrafts scarves, wraps and

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

throws from the finest cashmere, silk and lambswool angora yarns. Established in 1866, the focal point of the production was originally paisley – a name taken from the Scottish town in which it was based. Hand-loomed by a small team of weavers, the company grew too big for the premises and in 1902 relocated 35 miles south west to the seaside town of Ayr. The company expanded and purchased machinery, adopting new techniques and styles. Its expert craftsmanship is viewed by haute couture houses as an important part of the production process for their high-end garments and many recruit Begg & Co as their specialist traditional tartan manufacturer. Marketing director Ann Ryley is unwilling to divulge which brands these are, but hints at them being some of the biggest labels in European and American fashion. The smallscale nature of the establishment means that craftsmen and women are trained in age-old techniques – controlling rickety hand looms; pummelling cloth in an old wooden milling machine to release short fibres for a soft handle; using specially grown handharvested Italian teasel plant heads, brushed on with a sprinkling of Scottish water, to give cashmere a ripple-effect finish; and inspecting the final product inch by inch. “We still use the

Clockwise from top left: Hand-crafting scarves for Begg & Co; Rochas Pre-Fall 2016; Vivienne Westwood S/S16 Mens; Acne Studios Resort 2016


Revolutionising tartan is a favourite pastime of couture designers, such as the punk styling from Alexander McQueen


traditional techniques, where they achieve the best results,” Ryley explains. “For instance, our milling machines used for finishing the scarves are 100 years old.” This is coupled with cutting-edge equipment for computerised jacquard weaving machines for more modern designs as well, with prices ranging from £75 for a hat to £1,195 for a throw. “We do always look to produce tartan,” says Ryley, “but, as well as producing classic tartans, we try to give them a new twist. We offer tartan with a light-weight, wispy quality, which is so fine that there are five miles of yarn in every scarf. Another interpretation was to produce wraps that combine a patchwork of different tartans.” Angela Bell who worked for Pringle before starting her own cashmere knitwear company Queene and Belle, and Michael Drake, who worked at Aquascutum designing its house check, were hired to modernise the produce. Bell developed the patchwork and Drake experimented with finishing by washing the cashmere scarves to give them a casual look. Revolutionising conventional tartan is a favourite pastime of famous couture designers. Many of the 2015 and ’16 collections played with the idea: there was punk styling from Alexander McQueen; a collaboration between Aspinal and Être Cécile for a collection of bags with contrasting lines of bright tangerine, vibrant lemon and arctic blue; fuzzy yellow plaid coats from Acne Studios; and Lou Dalton’s contemporary casual blazers and wide-leg trousers inspired by the wild Shetland Islands. With this in mind, tartan is sure to make an appearance at London Fashion Week in a variety of different styles and weaves – perhaps you’ll see one or two made by Begg & Co, though you won’t know it. Yet, for me, nothing will ever beat Laird Archie Macdonald’s dashing green kilt. Begg & Co is sold at Selfridges, Liberty, Mr Porter,, Trunk, Joseph, Fortnum & Mason and

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

For me, nothing will ever beat Archie Macdonald’s dashing green kilt This page, clockwise from top left: Lou Dalton A/W16; Begg & Co; Scottish tartan; Rochas Pre-Fall 2016-17 Collection; Vivienne Westwood Royal Mail Stamp, Image courtesy of: catwalker/shutterstock Opposite page: McQ by Alexander McQueen, Pre-A/W16




At the age most people retire, Nicole Farhi turned her back on design to start sculpting. She tells HANNAH LEMON what it’s like to break the mould


Nicole Farhi, Featureflash /

Eduardo Paolozzi

don’t buy clothes. I have enough old clothes. I’ve just sent three sweaters to be mended because they are full of holes.” It’s not quite the opening you would expect from a woman who made a name for herself in fashion – designer for French Connection in 1978, founder of her eponymous brand in 1983, awarded an honourary CBE for her services to fashion in 2007 and three years later the Légion d’Honneur by her native France. But Nicole Farhi’s life couldn’t be further removed from stressful catwalk calls and the intense scrutiny that comes with running a public business. Nestled among the winding, hilly, cobbled streets of Hampstead, Farhi’s house looks as if it has sprouted out of the English countryside. The large Georgian building sprawls around a big garden and there isn’t a peep to be heard from the city hubbub around us, just the occasional twitter from a passing bird. A maid opens the front door and quietly ushers me into a sitting room. My eyes are overwhelmed by the enchantingly comfortable and colourful set-up. Sculptures hang, lean and rest on every inch of space; some are her own and others, including a giant ear protruding from a wall, I don’t recognise. Books crowd around the room and I notice volumes detailing Henry Moore’s work piled on a bottom shelf. Turkish kilim carpets soften the landing for my feet and throws and cushions provide a cosy welcome on the sofa. Farhi appears a few seconds later, wrapping up the end of a phone call, her recognisable fiery red frizz of hair glowing like a cumbersome halo. I am surprised (and delighted) by her refreshingly unfussy appearance; a grey polo-neck jumper, black trousers and shoes, and a hint of lipstick and mascara. This relaxed, elegant French style is what made waves those 30 years ago. Demure beige shapes, billowing blush materials draping from sophisticated


Anna Wintour

s l u x ury l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Judi Dench

silhouettes – her effortless designs could be thrown on in a moment, disregarding the hours that it takes most normal people to get the casual-chic look. Born to Turkish parents in France, Nicole Farhi’s family was far from creative, making a living by selling rugs and lamps, but it wasn’t long before Farhi enrolled as an art student in Paris. “I was doing painting and fashion,” she tells me. “Fashion took over and I was lucky – I could immediately sell my work as a fashion designer, while no one was interested in my drawings or paintings.” Her accent is still thick with Parisian texture, rolling Rs and guttural vowels. Work quickly snowballed, but it was easy then, she says, far easier than for today’s generation of designers, and before she knew it she was a designer at French Connection. However, it’s her trained eye in sculpting that has me interested. When she handed in her sewing kit back in 2012,

Farhi had already been practising pottery. “I loved it from the first time I touched the clay and I thought: this is it. I had found what I wanted to do in life.” A friend at a dinner party introduced her to classes, which Farhi attended two or three times a week. Then, when she was casting her first bronze work, she met Eduardo Paolozzi, the godfather of pop art and sculptor insurmountable. “He was interested in what I was doing and he invited me to go to his studio. Then he came to mine and we became friends. For years and years I saw him practically every week.” Farhi attributes her successful new start to this less formal education. “He taught me to be aware of the world – to open my eyes. You can look at a tree or a flower and find shapes in them.” It was in 2013 that Farhi launched her first exhibition with Bowman Sculpture. “It was like my first fashion show,” she recalls. “I had tears in my eyes because it was the first time I had such a big show in such a beautiful gallery. I started crying.” The show received critical acclaim, not only because of her natural talent, but also because of her subjects: Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Christopher Walken, Stephen Frears, Lucian Freud, Tom Stoppard – many of them friends. As we walk through her studio I spy Anna Wintour perched on a shelf, glaring out into the room. “She’s always looking at what I am doing,” smiles Farhi. A sure-fire way to speed up productivity, I imagine. Also floating and clinging along the walls is Farhi’s next collection and a work in progress. “I decided to sculpt creative hands,” she explains. “Hands of dancers, painters, sculptors, violinists, musicians, flutists and ceramists. Some of them I knew, most I did not. But I got to know them through different sittings and they became friends. I go to their concerts and ballets, which has opened up another world.” Her immersion


into this unique creative fold seems inevitable, particularly with her marriage to playwright David Hare back in 1992. Across the garden in her second studio she shows me a giant builder’s thumb that she is midway through moulding and photos of clay doppelgängers of her mother’s hands and Eduardo Paolozzi’s fist. Each is made up with a different material, be it marble, glass, ceramic or metal, depending on Farhi’s encounter with the subject. “It has to suit the person,” she says. “They all talk to you. Eduardo Paolozzi’s hand is in bronze, because it is strong and powerful – I wanted a metal for him.” This intense, insightful and slightly romantic perception of humans has led Farhi into more abstract forms. “I want to do voices one day. Voices are so important – not only for what they say but how they sound. I have a friend who is an opera singer and I want to sculpt what I feel when I hear her voice.” I try not to ask her too much about her previous life, but it’s not long before a question creeps out. Doesn’t she find it strange that her name if still on billboards? “No,” she smiles knowingly, “but I think everyone else does. I am being asked that question non-stop. It’s not me. I don’t look in the window. I don’t want to see what they are doing. I am not in touch with the company at all.”

“It was the first time I had such a big show in a gallery. I started crying”

so much and so hard because I am not young and I don’t have that many years to do it.” Farhi feels an unbreakable confidence about her future – something very few people are able to find once in a lifetime, let alone twice. Nicole Farhi is part of a group exhibition Meaning at Candida Stevens Fine Art, Chichester (21 May–2 July), and her solo exhibition HANDS will be at Bowman Sculpture, Dukes Street in September

Tom Stoppard

Does she have any regrets? “Sometimes I think I should have started sculpting professionally a bit earlier. I think I regret my last two years in fashion. When my company was sold, I was not happy with the people who bought it. I think I should have left before I saw this change. That was sad. But I don’t regret the work I put in and the people who helped me.” The door to the past has been left ajar; she keeps in touch with her pattern cutter and assistants. “We had 20 years of our life working together. You can’t turn the page. I have reunions with my old team and it’s great. I love them.” She also keeps in touch with her ex-husband Stephen Marks, with whom she started her label. “I am seeing him tonight. We are very close to our daughter. She is in town at the moment and so we are having dinner. It’s a good example to families that have split up. You can make it work and it’s great.” There is a serenity, a calmness and a strength that Farhi emanates throughout our conversation. Her steady gaze, passion, enthusiasm and thirst for her newfound love are captivating. She works every day of the week, only cutting it down to mornings on Saturday and Sunday. I tentatively ask if she thinks she will get bored of it eventually, to which she laughs, “If I reach that point in 40 years – as I did with fashion – I’ll be dead, so I don’t care. It’s probably why I am working

Bill Nighy

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Decades of Fashion: 1900 to the Present by Harriet Worsley, 2011 Published by: Endeavour London Ltd

Blast from the


If you think dressing like your parents or grandparents is a serious style faux pas, think again. HANNAH LEMON meets members of the fashion crowd who are reinventing and recycling the luxury wardrobes of these unwitting style icons


flick through a family photo album brings all sorts of gems to the surface – ’60s beehive haircuts, oversized neon ’80s sweaters and patterned ’90s leggings. You might have thought that they would remain stuck in sepia but, oh no, you thought wrong. Reinvention is a wonderful thing and fashion houses the world over are chanting the mantra. Flares, floaty ’70s florals, slip dresses circa season one of Friends – you name it; we’ve seen it. And London Fashion Week is sure to throw more at our wardrobes. This time-machine trend has gained an avid following and it’s not just the modern versions people are grappling after. Savvy sartorial style gurus, like Dawn O’Porter and Mary Portas, hunt out the best vintage and luxury bargains with the same fervour as youths flock to the latest Balmain collections. But the link between old and new is blurred – take O’Porter, for example. She once sniffed out vintage purchases to buy and sell but then, with sizing options proving to be a problem, set up her own line of clothes, inspired by decades-old silhouettes. So what is the difference between second-hand rags and high-end vintage? And what if you are looking for a modern take on an old style? We look to the local area for pop-ups and boutiques that cash in on your grandmother’s Gucci, and speak to a designer who rode the wave of the vintage trend to launch her own label.


This Old Thing London Charlotte Rogers Starting out: I set up my online designer accessories brand This Old Thing London (TOTL) in 2010. I operate it from my family’s shop The Portobello Antique Store, which has been run by my family for 20 years. Inspiration: I have a background in fashion PR (I graduated from the London College of Fashion with a first in 2010) and it was this, mixed with my upbringing in a well-known antique-dealing family and my industry experience, that led to the creation of TOTL. I wanted to create a company that sourced high-end sought-after designer accessories for a discerning, unisex client base. Famous faces: Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger, Patrick Dempsey, Kyle De’Volle, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, Lana El Sahely, Caroline Stanbury, and various Middle Eastern royal family members and international princesses. The team: I am the accessories curator, my sister Niki is the shop manager, my father Tim is an antique and diamond specialist and we have a photographer, Gabrielle, and jeweller, David. Favourite pieces: A rare Chanel cream couture ’90s mini bag, gold ‘CC’ logo brooches and sterling silver jewellery boxes. We source items worldwide and the team travels separately all over the globe on a weekly basis, from Europe to the USA and at auctions, antique fairs and from private suppliers. We also make bespoke handmade fine jewellery and can rework vintage jewellery into modern wearable pieces for individual clients.

Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy Bag, £700; Chanel charm bracelet, £850, both from This Old Thing London

s lu x ury lo n d o n . c o. u k s


BuyMyWardrobe Kal Di Paola Starting out: I used to have a fashion label, Kal Kaur Rai, which I launched in 1997 and had for 12 years. I started the online resale site BuyMyWardrobe in August 2012, although I had been hosting events on and off since 2008. Inspiration: I had accumulated a lot of designer clothes in my wardrobe over the years and was frustrated by the lack of options for selling on luxury items. Plus, well-heeled customers love a bargain just as much as those with less disposable income. Decades of Fashion: 1900 to the Present by Harriet Worsley, 2011 Published by: Endeavour London Ltd

Our jeweller has over 30 years’ experience in London’s Hatton Garden. Sourcing stock: Each item, from an individual diamond to a large leather handbag, is handpicked and vetted personally by the appropriate expert. Our clients are some of the most discerning in the market place and are very particular about condition and quality. Vintage hauls: Vintage appeals to our clients due to its individual nature. They can expect to leave us with a piece they may have been hunting down for years. Lawrence Vrba chandelier earrings, £300, from This Old Thing London

Famous faces: We believe that any woman can be a style icon and love to spotlight the style, eclecticism and diversity of ordinary women. The team: I am lucky to have some high-profile fashion industry insiders who have invested in the business including Carmen Busquets, founding investor in Net-a-Porter; Mimma Viglezio, editor, fashion consultant and former executive vice president at Gucci Group; and David Suddens, former CEO of Dr Martens. Favourite items: There are too many to mention – I drool over new stuff everyday. Exquisite Victoria Beckham and Alaïa dresses, Balenciaga and vintage Chanel bags, limited-edition

Personal taste: I love my vintage Chanel handbags. My Chanel XL jumbo maxi flap bag from the year I was born is my personal favourite. I get asked for bags from the year people were born all the time. It’s a really special thing to own. Just like the birth date Rolex trend. I’ve also never forgotten the first Hermès bag that I sold and should have kept. Upcoming events: We are hosting a designer vintage jewellery concession on South Beach in Miami, handbag and luggage pop-up shops throughout the year, and lots of private sales events in The Portobello Antique Store. Vintage Chanel from This Old Thing London

A BuyMyWardrobe pop-up


Merchant Archive S/S16

Charlotte Olympia shoes, and sold-out, hard-to-find Shrimps coats. But I will never forget a vintage-style Chanel swimsuit which I had my eye on, but it was snapped up before I had the chance to lay my claim. Standards: We have layers of validation to ensure we maintain the level of quality our customers expect. We vet the sellers, who are given strict codes of conduct, and we check each item as it gets listed. Personal taste: I don’t get attached to pieces for long and so my wardrobe is constantly evolving. I tend to buy basics that I wear daily until they fall apart and special pieces for occasions that I wear once or twice and then sell. I get bored of wearing the same thing over and over again. The one piece, though, that I love and will never sell is my vintage Chanel classic mini flap bag. Upcoming events: We have some pop-up shops planned, starting with one at 199 Portobello Road, which is on until the end of April. We are also hosting a one-day event in February in Hoxton on 28 February. From May we will be moving further afield in order to take the BuyMyWardrobe concept to as many people as possible. Watch this space.

Merchant Archive Sophie Merchant Starting out: I began Merchant Archive in 2007, sourcing and selling vintage clothes on appointment largely to designers. In 2013, I introduced my own designs and by September 2014 the store exclusively sold the Merchant Archive collection, offering womenswear, accessories, and homeware. S/S15 launched with Net-a-Porter and it continues to grow around the globe. Inspiration: I worked with an incredible network of vintage dealers who travelled the world and returned with treasure. Some of them you can find under the Westway on a Friday. Famous faces: Lianne La Havas performed in Merchant Archive at Bestival and the MOBOs this year, Sienna and Savannah Miller have remained supporters, as has Dita Von Teese who we met through a friend of Merchant Archive’s event designer and local Fiona Leahy. We also worked on Florence Welch’s tour wardrobe, which was such an honour, and her outfit for Glastonbury. Kate Moss pops in from time to time too. The list goes on but doesn’t change in type – they’re all creative and brilliantly talented.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Sourcing stock: When I was selling antique and vintage clothing, it was a bit like selling couture; it’s highly sought after as there are rarely two the same. As a result, it commands the attention of affluent shoppers. I was never surprised by the desirability – the beauty of Edwardian Irish crochet or the bead work of a ’20s jacket speaks for itself; it’s exquisite. Personal taste: Favourite pieces in my wardrobe include a Dior jacket, a ’20s tennis dress, and an ’80s bright green Chanel jacket. I lost my Merchant Archive black floor-length cashmere cape coat on a train recently. When I say lost, I mean left. I’m such an idiot, and it sold out ... devastating. Good thing I can rustle up another when I get a moment, I guess. Evolution: Naturally, as Merchant Archive grows and reaches other markets, its clients change, but I think it still appeals to a creative girl, outwardly sophisticated with an inner rebel. There was always a thrill for clients when they shopped with us for vintage clothes, many shrieking in excitement – I wanted that same reaction with my own collections. Favourite designs: We are just starting to deliver S/S16. This was my first foray into embellishment so I’m really excited about the black jacket with hand-embellished pockets. The work is so special – it’s a combination of silk chiffon appliqué, bead work and raffia embroidery. We have made it exclusively for a wonderful store in San Francisco and our own store in Notting Hill, but you will be able to find the skirt version on Net-a-Porter. Upcoming events: We are on schedule for London Fashion Week. I need to be better at hosting events at the store; I used to hold big dinner parties there but haven’t for years. I need to get my dinner party mojo back.



True Colours A stroll down New Bond Street and you will not fail to spot the latest addition to this luxury watch and jewellery hub: De Grisogono’s newly opened store. Its colourful windows stand out from its competitors and will no doubt entice shoppers inside, mesmerised by the stunning display of pieces (some of which are exclusive to the London store). Unlike the Swiss brand’s previous boutiques, the new David Collins Studio-designed flagship has been divided into three rooms, mirroring the traditional aesthetic of an Italian house to tie in with founder Fawaz Gruosi’s Florentine heritage. Along with a dedicated watch area, there is a Grand Sala (or drawing room) that is reached via a vestibule and has been decorated with mid-century Italian furniture. 15a New Bond Street, W1S,

Photography: Adrien Dirand

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s





Romancing the Stone The story of Tiffany & Co’s now world-famous diamond engagement ring, the Tiffany Setting, begins with the American jeweller’s founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, who set out in 1886 to create a ring that highlighted the beauty of brilliant-cut diamonds. 130 years and countless proposals and film appearances later, he certainly succeeded in his mission. Fittingly, Tiffany & Co. has chosen to mark this impressive milestone with a year-long celebration. This will involve a brand new campaign which, rather than relying on models or celebrities as endorsements, will instead feature the company’s skilled artisans who are responsible for the rings’ creation. 145 Sloane Street, SW1X;

New Hue So fast-paced is the jewellery industry today that if you stand still for a second, you will almost certainly get left behind. This is something Pomellato understands only too well, as the Milanese jeweller never appears to rest in its constant pursuit to innovate its pieces. And nothing illustrates this better than the brand’s signature Nudo pendant collection, which has been reinvented once again for 2016 with a new rose gold chain to be worn with one of any six coloured gemstones. Nudo pendant with rose gold chain, £1,320

Top of the Game

I Promise to Love You “She [Tracey Emin] been my friend for 30 years and she made me the ‘I promise to love you’ neon sign for my store in Beverly Hills. One day I said to her, ‘Let me have a go at seeing what I can come up with out of your work and our relationship’.” When K&C interviewed Stephen Webster last year, we were fortunate to be one of the first publications to see the designer’s collaborative collection with artist Tracey Emin, which has only now been released. Capturing the artist’s iconic neon works with the jeweller’s expert craftsmanship, Webster has created a range of pieces that use gold and diamonds to spell out Emin’s trademark handwriting, with declarations including ‘With You I Breathe’, ‘Love’ and ‘More Passion’. Figurative woodland creatures inspired by Emin’s hand-drawn animal sketches have also been brought to life as charms. Having been released in time for Valentine’s Day, it is a true testament of friendship. I Promise to Love You, £400-19,000


Before becoming the founder of one of the pinnacle French fashion houses, a young Christian Dior spent his childhood playing games in the gardens of his hometown of Granville. Jewellery designer Victoire de Castellane has once again chosen to capture this idyllic part of Christian Dior’s history in her latest collection, christened Granville. Made up of 12 unique pieces, each one tells the story of childish outdoor games with the vivid rainbow of coloured stones: green beryl, peridot, aquamarine, tanzanite, chrysoberyl, pink tourmaline and rubellite all play lead roles. Granville collection, POA;

Shake ItOff From her movable bangles to her Glam’Azone pieces, Valérie Messika has spent the past decade shaking up the diamond business with her brand’s edgy, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. As jewellery historian Vivienne Becker explores the company’s achievements in her new book, Olivia Sharpe speaks to the founder about her diamond legacy

This page: Ballerina of National Theatre in Belgrade, Dina Johnsen, Opposite page: Swan cuff and earrings, Diamond Feathers collection



alérie Messika has broken new ground in the diamond industry with her eponymous jewellery brand. At a time when diamonds were perceived as “unattainable and untouchable” (says Becker in her book), it was she who set about changing the industry’s perception and forging a new language for the diamond as something that is light, wearable, youthful and stylish. Eleven years later and Messika Joaillerie has done just that – renowned for its revolutionary and cutting-edge take on diamond design, it has successfully bridged the gap between the worlds of high jewellery and fashion. To say that diamonds are in Valérie’s DNA is an understatement. Her father, Andre Messika, is a well-known diamond dealer and Valérie spent her childhood playing with rare stones that he brought home. This is what led her to view diamonds in a different light: not as precious objects, but as something to enjoy and take pleasure in every day. However, she admits to having always been more interested in fashion – “My example was never jewellery, always fashion” – and has always greatly admired couturiers Yves Saint Laurent and Alaïa for their ability to blur the lines between masculine and feminine clothing, and create pieces that “sculpt the body”. It was while working at Chanel that the then 23-yearold first began unconsciously realising her vision for her brand. “It is one of the most powerful brands in the world and it was very interesting for me to see it from the inside. It was 1999 and I remember how I could sense Coco Chanel’s presence in the building. People referring to her and her heritage, and it was this that made me realise how important the DNA of a brand is. So when I launched my company, that was my first consideration.” Following this, Valérie went to work for her father, but soon discovered that she was not interested in the dealing side of things and knew her heart lay in design. “I realised fairly soon that the job was not really for me because it had quite an old-fashioned mentality,” she comments. “So after a few years I said to him, ‘Dad, if I stay with the business I have to do my own work because I feel that there are no in-between brands in jewellery and I would like this to change.” Valérie was determined to find some middle ground between the high jewellery houses on the Place Vendôme and inexpensive brands, and while initially dubious about her concept, Andre accepted his daughter’s proposal with the condition that diamonds remained at the heart of her company. To this day, Valérie has never gone against her word and this has undoubtedly paid off. “I think he was right for many reasons,” she explains. “I was born into a world

s l u x u ry lon d on . co. u k s

of diamonds so they are my area of expertise. I think it’s very important for the consumer to understand that we are specialists in this subject because this is what makes us stand apart from other jewellers. It’s the same as fashion brands that are specialists in cashmere or knitwear, for instance. I think if I were to work with coloured gemstones, it would deviate from my DNA.” Typically, size is one of the most important factors when it comes to a diamond’s value. However, Valérie has never personally been drawn to massive rocks, having always preferred the tiny gems she was allowed to play with as a child. “Strangely, I found myself much more emotionally attached to the very small stones I would find buried in an envelope than a massive 15-carat rock,” she says, smiling. “To have something so small, precious and shiny in your hand is very special.” This is why the jeweller began experimenting with micro-pavé, creating her first ever piece which has now become signature to the brand: the Move bangle.

It was while working at Chanel that 23-yearold Valérie first began realising her vision for her brand


The playful, daring design – a simple bracelet featuring three diamonds that slide effortlessly from side to side on a hidden rail – pushed boundaries in the way that it highlighted the potential versatility and transformability of diamond jewellery. “At the time I launched my brand, the state of mind among women in Paris was that you could only wear diamonds for special occasions or if it was your engagement ring. But I wanted to show them that diamond jewellery could be something cool, casual and modern that you could wear every day.” Although Valérie modestly says how she has never considered herself “a designer”, she believes she has an innate ability to sense what women today want to wear and judging from her own modern sense of style, you can well believe it. One of the jeweller’s prized possessions in her wardrobe is a Ralph Lauren leather jacket which can be dressed up or down depending on her mood – “I can pair it with something more relaxed or I can dress it up to make it look more sophisticated” – along with her abundant collection of shoes (how many pairs this includes she refuses to tell me for fear of her husband’s reaction). Valérie’s impeccable taste is further illustrated in her Paris atelier, which truly stands apart from traditional jewellery workshops with its beautifully light, airy and contemporary design. And yet, she insists that she would never try to impart her own style onto other women as what she loves most about Messika is that it has such universal appeal. “When I visit my shop, I see a lot of women walking in with their mums and walking out with

This page, clockwise from top: Messika High Jewellery atelier in Paris, ©Eugénie Martinez; Skinny bracelet in white gold and diamonds; Rihanna, Daily Front Row Awards, 2015, photography: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Opposite page, from top: Move bangle; Move rings; Swan necklace, Diamond Feathers collection


different pieces because at Messika there are so many different styles and price brackets. And each piece reveals something about your own personal style.” Current fans of the brand include Beyoncé, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne, highlighting that the women who covet Messika share a unique, confident and individual sense of style. The inspiration for another of the house’s best-selling designs, Skinny, came from Valérie having envisaged a “diamond tattoo” bracelet, whereby gems look as though they have been traced onto the skin. The ergonomic and tactile design was inspired by the red Kabbalah bracelet that was all the rage in the ‘90s thanks to Madonna. “It’s almost like an elastic of diamonds. It looks very comfortable because it fits every width of wrist.” With its flexibility, fashion-forwardness and fragility, Skinny, like Move, perfectly captures the spirit of Messika. In the Paris atelier, you will find moodboards with cutout pictures of runway shows, architecture, accessories and ballerinas, as Valérie has often found inspiration in dance and movement for her body-conscious pieces. For the tenth-

Valérie isn’t opposed to branching out into other product categories and hints that a watch collection might be on the horizon anniversary high jewellery collection unveiled at last year’s Baselworld, pieces drew reference to the natural grace of a swan. The jeweller isn’t opposed to branching out into other product categories and hints that a watch collection might be on the horizon, but for the moment she feels that the brand is still very young and needs time to mature. She hopes one day to pass on her company to her two daughters, one of whom, as fate would have it, was born on the same day as the opening of her first store. For the time being, however, the most important thing for Valérie is to remain true to herself and to her roots: “I am very lucky because I have invested my heart and soul into my brand and I think even if my clients don’t know that, they can sense it. We don’t lie. The big lesson I’ve learnt is to follow my instincts because I’m not a very self-confident person, but the more I work in the business, the more confident I am becoming. Sometimes you just have a feeling and you can’t explain it, but you just have to go with it.” Whichever direction Messika moves in, I am certain that it will only be forward. Messika Joaillerie by Vivienne Becker, £16, available from the end of February,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s




Inside SIHH 2016

Panthères et Colibri, POA, Cartier

Black Velvet, £44,600, Roger Dubuis

In the rarefied world of luxury watches, few brands are independently owned. Rolex, Patek Philippe and Breitling remain autonomous. The rest of the big boys are owned by huge parent companies. The manufacturers held by Kering, LVMH and Swatch Group choose to exhibit at the annual Baselworld show. The brands that are owned by Richemont have a fair all of their own. The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, or SIHH, takes place in Geneva every January. Amid the abrasive and the kitsch, the haughty and the heinous, these were the timepieces that most stood out in 2016. And yes, these prices are real. We checked.

Ladies’ High Jewellery Watches

Secret Heart, £64,000, Roger Dubuis

Dragon Mystérieux, POA, Cartier

Limelight Stella, £24,500, Piaget

Lady Arpels Ronde des Papillons, £89,500, Van Cleef & Arpels

When it came to ladies’ watches, the majority of efforts were geared towards women of a considerable spending power. Roger Dubuis welcomed guests with a red carpet reception and models dressed by Alexander McQueen and Maison Margiela. Its Velvet Diva collection was designed to turn heads, but it was the more understated creations within the range, particularly the Black Velvet (£44,600) and Secret Heart (£64,000), that shone the brightest. High jewellery timepieces stole the show at Cartier. The diamondscaled dragon on the brand’s Dragon Mystérieux (POA) wrapped itself around an hour and minute hand seemingly suspended in mid-air, while the Panthères et Colibri (POA) possessed a crown that, when pushed, ushered out a young panther from beneath its mother. Continuing its movement, the panther progresses to chase away a hummingbird, which flutters to the top of the dial where it acts as a power reserve indicator. Very smart indeed. Piaget’s timepieces were a more pared-back affair. The elegant, quartz-powered Limelight Gala (from £27,700) is set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds and is available with either a white gold or pink gold Milanese strap. If mechanical means more to you, then the Limelight Stella (from £24,500) is equipped with Piaget’s in-house, automatic Caliber 584P movement. The watch’s moon phase indicator requires just one correction every 122 years. Choose the watch with or without diamonds. No one could deny the intrinsic beauty of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Lady Arpels Ronde des Papillons (£89,500). From under a collection of layered, mother-of-pearl clouds, three butterflies emerge to display the minutes of the hour. At the bottom of the dial, a white-gold swallow indicates the hours of the day. Delicate, delightful and, at 38mm in diameter, not too extravagant for delicate wrists, the watch offered wow-factor in spades.

Best in

Show Among the hordes of celebrity ambassadors patrolling the show, the following stars proved to be the real showstoppers

Time Travellers Whether it was GMTs, world-timers or pilot’s watches, time travel was the overriding theme of SIHH 2016. Perhaps most significant of all was IWC’s Timezoner Chronograph – the first watch to allow its wearer to set the time zone, as well as the date, simply by rotating its bezel. Purists may not appreciate its cluttered dial, but by offering clear legibility and a flyback chronograph function, the Timezoner, unlike most world-timers, could actually be used for the purpose it was intended. Other noteworthy world-timers included Montblanc’s 4810 Orbis Terrarum and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Geophysic Universal Time. The former features a coloured dial below a transparent map that rotates so that you can distinguish night from day. JLC’s is the only world-timer to sport a deadbeat seconds hand, meaning that it ‘jumps’, rather than glides, between seconds. The result is a ‘truer’ representation of time.

Parmigiani Fleurier’s Tonda Chronor Anniversaire, £103,000

Possibly the best-looking watch of SIHH 2016, Parmigiani Fleurier’s Tonda Chronor Anniversaire celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary by including the company’s first in-house integrated chronograph – a hugely impressive feat for such a small, albeit brilliant, manufacturer. Audemars Piguet’s

Geophysic Universal Time, £18,300, Jaeger-LeCoultre

Timezoner Chronograph, £9,450, IWC

4810 Orbis Terrarum, £4,500, Montblanc

Value for Money

Supersonnerie, CHF520,000

Thanks to three patents, eight years of research and 478 parts, AP has created the most clear-sounding minute repeater of all time. Not only does it chime with absolute purity, but it also houses a tourbillon chronograph. Ding ding. MB&F’s HM6 SV, £300,000

When you’d actually wear it, we don’t know, but when the HM6 SV comprises a flying tourbillon and 11 pieces of sapphire crystal – one of the most difficult materials with which to work – there’s no denying MB&F is the ultimate master of the avant-garde. Van Cleef & Arpels’s Midnight Nuit Lumineuse, POA

Spread across the handpainted, diamond-set dial of the Midnight Nuit Lumineuse is the Monoceros constellation, more commonly known as the Unicorn. Activate the pusher at 8 o’clock and six of the stars light up. Powered by an electro-mechanical movement, rather than a battery, it’s something that has never before been seen in watchmaking.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

For watches that won’t require remortgaging the house, look towards Montblanc, Cartier and IWC. Cartier’s Drive was something of a sensation. Bolstering what is already Richemont’s biggest brand, the completely new timepiece was a lesson in masculine watch design. Slim, elegant and perfectly proportioned, the vintage-inspired pieces feature a cushion-shaped case and come equipped with an in-house movement. Expect the Drive to fly off jewellers’ shelves when it’s released in June. Pilot Watch Mark Equally buzzworthy was IWC’s Pilot’s XVIII, £3,190, IWC Watch Mark XVIII, the latest in a long line of legendary pilot’s watches. A return to its roots, with its uncluttered dial and ergonomic design, the watch will find favour among IWC purists. The Mark XVIII is 40mm in size and you can opt for either a black or silver dial. Pilot or not, at £3,190, it’s a handsome investment for any wrist. Continuing to evolve under the stewardship of CEO Jérôme Lambert – previously Jaeger-LeCoultre and A. Lange & Söhne – Montblanc presented the Chronométrie Collection Twincounter Date. Powered by a brand new Montblanc movement, the 40mm piece has a 38-hour power reserve and is water-resistant to 30 metres. Smart, sharp and sporting a self-winding, in-house calibre, the watch is a snip at £2,155.

Chronométrie Collection Twincounter Date, £2,155, Montblanc

Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition ‘Le Petit Prince’, £3,190, IWC Drive de Cartier, £4,550, Cartier


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Resident’s Journal

Written for the residents of


FEBRUARY 2016 • IssUE 40

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STRIKE A POSE For our fashion issue it’s only right that we celebrate the creativity of an individual who dedicates himself to the dazzling world of style. Illustrator Eduard Erlikh works to capture the movement and vibrancy of catwalks on paper, using bright watercolours and line drawing to depict the dramatic form of models’ silhouettes and designer looks. Represented by international gallery LUMAS, Erlikh’s work reaches audiences in all corners of the world and has been commissioned by a host of renowned clients, including American Vogue and Tiffany & Co.

Gaultier Couture Military Suit with a Crown © Eduard Erlikh,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Illustration: Mai Osawa

All for One


& chelsea

The Blenheim charity and the Octavia Foundation have launched a project in the Royal Borough, Learn to Earn, which aims to support people with long-term drug and alcohol dependency. Awarded a grant of £262,223 by the Big Lottery Fund, the project wants to encourage those with a history of substance misuse into education, training and employment. By building social skills and confidence through engaging group work, the programme will break down the barriers that surface when sufferers try to find work.

Green Fingers The Royal Horticultural Society’s Botanical Art Show is back again. It is an event that focuses exclusively on capturing the beauty of plants in works of art. Expect to see a lot more than what’s in your back garden, with works depicting a wide range of horticultural specimens, from orchids and artichokes to rare and endangered wildflowers. The show will also give visitors the opportunity to meet artists and learn about their creative processes, as well as gain some tips from botanical art and illustration societies which will be on hand to talk about practical courses on offer. 26–27 February, The Royal Horticultural Society, Lindley Hall, Elverton Street, SW1P,

Patron Trevor Nelson

Carry a Tune Already a hotbed for musical maestros, the Notting Hill Arts Club has now opened its doors to students as part of its Academy of Music. The academy aims to educate, nurture and inspire Britain’s next generation of talent, developing individuals who could obtain the success of artists such as Adele, Sam Smith or Mark Ronson. On top of its original courses, from March 2016 the academy will offer many other educational opportunities including an MA in Future Music Industry and monthly masterclass sessions with high-profile guest speakers who will be discussing the biggest talking points of the music business. Notting Hill Arts Club, 21 Notting Hill Gate, W11,

Hydrangea by Gael Sellwood

spotlight on the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea: news, events, reviews & local interest stories

From left: Purity Ring – Another Eternity; David Gilmour – Rattle That Lock; Blur – The Magic Whip

Record and Play Now on display at the Belgraves Hotel are the results of the Best Art Vinyl 2015 awards, celebrating record cover art and giving recognition to the best design that has surfaced in modern music culture each year. Out of 50 nominated records, guitarist and singer David Gilmour’s album Rattle That Lock took first place, with the tough decision being made by a panel of music design experts, previous Best Art Vinyl winners and two Turner Prize nominees. All of the records on show embrace a range of creative disciplines, including photography, computer graphics and traditional fine art, making this visually stunning exhibition a delight of sight and sounds. Until 30 April, Belgraves Hotel, 20 Chesham Place, SW1X,

Henning Kraggerud ©Tomaszewicz

Norwegian Nights

Sicily in the City The Mediterranean may seem far removed from the streets of the Royal Borough, but the South Kensington Club has brought this holiday experience to the heart of London. The private members’ club has exported 25 tonnes of seawater from the volcanic Aeolian Islands in Lipari, and transported it into its Watsu Pool. Other than making members feel as if they’re swimming on Italian shores, the water creates a uniquely dense and buoyant environment for bathers, softens skin and, when combined with the Aquatic Bodyworks therapy, eases muscles and joins.

As part of the ninth Zurich International Orchestra Series, the Oslo Philharmonic will take to the stage in Cadogan Hall. The orchestra’s chief conductor Vasily Petrenko and violin virtuoso Henning Kraggerud join forces to perform Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, a musical work renowned for its technical difficulty. With the programme also including excerpts from Grieg’s Lyric Suite and Shostakovich’s Symphony No.5, the show looks set to present some of the finest artistry and skill in classical music. 10 March, From £18, Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, SW1X,

South Kensington Club, 38–42 Harrington Road, SW7,

covering kensington, chelsea, knightsbridge, holland park & notting hill

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


From left: Venus Dress Look 15 Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion Show in Milan, Italy, 1993, ©; La Ghirlandata, 1873, by Dante Gabriel Rossetti ©Guildhall Art Gallery, 2015. Photo Scala Florence Heritage Images; Portrait of a Young Man c.1490-5 by Sandro Botticelli. Image courtsesy of the National Gallery of Art Washington; Venus after Botticelli, 2008, by Xin Yin Guillaume Duhamel. Private collection courtesy Duhamel Fine Art Paris

Botticelli as Muse The V&A’s new major exhibition Botticelli Reimagined, the largest Sandro Botticelli exhibition in Britain since 1930, explores the legacy of the great Early Renaissance painter. The show will include everything from paintings and sculpture to fashion and tapestries to illustrate how artists across the centuries have been inspired by the Italian and his visual aesthetic. Alongside 50 original works, expect to see pieces from other artists such as William Morris, René Magritte and Andy Warhol, who in their respective styles have reinterpreted Botticelli’s vision. 5 March–3 July, V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7,

Art with Heart London lettings and estate agent Chestertons has organised a creative workshop and fundraising auction in aid of homeless charity St Mungo’s at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly. Back in January, Chestertons, which is a premier supporter of the Royal Academy, arranged a tutored session for around 25 of the people St Mungo’s helps and has now put 11 of their pieces up for auction, with all profits to go to the charity. The sale was launched at Burlington House alongside a behind-closed-doors viewing of Painting the Modern Garden: From Monet to Matisse. Art lovers on the lookout for a vibrant original daubing to call their own at a fraction of the cost of a Monet masterpiece can bid now. Until 6pm, 1 March,

Group VI, No 1. Evolution, 1908; Oil on canvas; Courtesy of: Stiftelsen Hilma af Klints Verk

A Different Vision Gain an insight into the invisible at the Serpentine’s spring exhibition, Hilma af Klint: Painting the Unseen. Focusing primarily on Hilma af Klint’s series The Paintings for the Temple, the show explores the artist’s efforts to express the emotions transmitted to her from nature and the unseen spiritual world. The late Swedish painter is regarded as a pioneer of abstract art, with her early 20thcentury works pre-dating the works of luminaries such as Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian. 3 March–22 May, Serpentine Galleries, Kensington Gardens, W2,

spotlight on the royal borough of Kensington & Chelsea: news, events, reviews & local interest stories

Picture Perfect A wonderful meeting of fashion and art, Anthropologie’s first show of 2016 at its King’s Road gallery is The Infinity Degree, a solo exhibition of landscapes captured by British photographer Chris Floyd. Illuminating an interesting relationship between scale and space, Floyd’s atmospheric images place viewers at particular moments in time, depicting fragile scenes on the precipice of change. Floyd’s collaboration with fashion brand Anthropologie adds to an already extensive list of accomplishments; his work has appeared in a host of prestigious publications, such as GQ and Esquire, and has been nominated for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize. Until 13 March, Anthropologie, 131–141 King’s Road, SW3, From top: North Dakota Border; Côte d’Azur, both by Chris Floyd

The Star Man 2016 Season Collection by Simon Copeland

Ladies Who Lunch You are sure to enjoy getting ready for parties once designer Simon Copeland has launched his 2016 collection. Copeland will release a range of bespoke occasion wear at a Ladies’ Fashion Lunch in aid of Mencap, the UK’s leading charity for people with learning disabilities. Fittingly, the sumptuous ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel will be the setting for this event, where guests can see pieces from the designer whose previous clients include members of the Royal Family. Expect a gorgeous selection of clothes that cater to the forthcoming season, from Henley to Royal Ascot, as well as a special ensemble created exclusively to honour Mencap’s 70th anniversary.

Tachen’s new title, Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie 1972-1973, offers the perfect way to commemorate the music legend. Documenting the years in which Bowie’s groundbreaking album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust was released, the singer’s official photographer, Mick Rock, takes readers on a journey of the expressive ’70s, tracking Bowie’s transformation into the glitter-clad, sexually ambiguous and utterly fearless persona that we remember him as today. As well as spectacular performance shots and intimate backstage portraits, this specialedition book is signed by Bowie and Rock, and contains previously unseen images that offer unprecedented insight into the singer’s personality and fame. £3,000, Taschen, 12 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY,

21 March, £90, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X,

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s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


All illustrations by: Brian Stonehouse


Most Stylish Spy From secret agent to New York socialite and portrait painter, Brian Stonehouse is one of the most mysterious fashion personalities. Rebecca Wallersteiner finds out more about the man behind the paintbrush


n the fashion world there are few stories as exceptional as that of Brian Stonehouse, whose life reads like a film script. A survivor of four Nazi concentration camps, after being captured while working as a spy in France during World War II, Stonehouse stayed alive by charming Gestapo guards with his exquisite drawings of their wives and girlfriends. “More details about this brilliant and enigmatic man’s professional life are gradually coming to light,” explains Philip Athill, managing director of Abbott and Holder, which deals with the artist’s estate. In 1946, Stonehouse moved to New York with his friend Major Harry Haller who belonged to an old Maryland family. Crossing the Atlantic, Stonehouse aimed to become a portraitist and Haller’s connections gave him an immediate

entrée into New York society. He was attracted to the style of wealthy women who came to sit for their portraits. In addition to capturing their faces, he drew their elegant clothes and jewellery. He had a particularly keen eye for hats and gloves and his flair caught the attention of Jessica Daves at American Vogue who hired him as staff illustrator. She believed that his talent as an artist would easily translate into a flair for depicting fashion. His immediate success proved that she was right. While at Vogue Stonehouse enjoyed a golden decade. His traditional art training and fluent French helped him find a place among the ranks of designers who were bringing European panache to the American fashion scene. Stonehouse drew some of the world’s most beautiful women, including actresses Sophia Loren and Tallulah Bankhead, capturing their poise, vitality and


stylish originality with spontaneous effortlessness. “He worked quickly and could dash off a fashion illustration in around ten minutes,” says Athill. In the early ’60s, Stonehouse collaborated with Daves on a new column, The Shop Hound, which aimed to bring ready-to-wear collections to readers inspired by the latest trends from Christian Dior, Cristóbal Balenciaga and Pierre Balmain. “During the 1960s and ’70s, the world changed dramatically,” says Athill. “Stonehouse’s extraordinary talent and survival skills enabled him to move with the times and transition to capturing the free-spirited, less structured clothes of the ’60s and ’70s.” Around this time he was introduced to the Kennedys by his acquaintance Afdera Franchetti, the society hostess and wife of Henry Fonda. “In the early 1960s Stonehouse became friends with Jackie Kennedy and moved within the jet-set circles of the Court of Camelot,” says Athill. When John F Kennedy decided to run for president in 1960, Stonehouse became caught up in the political campaign and met the movers and shakers of the day. He was invited everywhere and knew everyone that mattered. New York hostesses and celebrities loved his impeccable manners and chiselled features. His mantelpiece heaved with invitations to their black-tie dinners and he partied with leading politicians and Hollywood stars. In November 1963, John F Kennedy was tragically assassinated and the world turned upside down: the following years saw huge social and political change, which was reflected by the era’s fashions. The same year, Jessica Daves was replaced by the dynamic Diana Vreeland, who favoured young fashion photographers such as Richard Avedon to capture the energy and vitality of the “youthquake” of the new age, and fashion illustration receded.

s l u x u ry lo n d o n . c o. u k s

Stonehouse moved with the times and lightened his drawing style. “By the ’70s it had evolved from the Frenchified, painterly look of the ’50s to something much leaner and more graphic in line with fashion illustrators such as Kenneth Block and Antonio [Lopez],” explains Athill. Such was his reputation that Stonehouse had little difficultly going freelance and continued to attract advertising commissions, particularly from department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Elizabeth Arden, working for the latter until the ’80s.

“Stonehouse’s extraordinary talent enabled him to move with the times” Stonehouse returned to London in 1979 and spent his final years living in Bayswater. One of his last commissions was of The Queen Mother, whose own social circles were not so dissimilar from those in which he had shone during his New York years. He died in 1998. In recent years, his images have enjoyed a new popularity with the emergence of a fresh generation of artists, including the celebrated David Downton and younger fashion designers at Gucci, drawing inspiration from 1970s fashion. The best sketches are now sought after as collectible artworks in their own right. “Normally, fashion illustrations were thrown away after they had been published,” says Athill, “but luckily something inside Stonehouse made him keep everything.” A selection of Brian Stonehouse’s fashion illustrations can be purchased through Abbott and Holder,



ART ANTIQUES BY Rebecca Wallersteiner Juliette Bigley, Two Bowls sculpture, hand-raised and fabricated in sterling silver, 2015

Silver Speaks A new show at the V&A, Silver Speaks: Idea to Object will celebrate the joint 20th anniversary of Contemporary British Silversmiths and the V&A’s silver galleries, and spotlight the exceptional creativity and skill in British silversmithing today. The exhibition’s curator Corinne Julius comments: “Silver fell out of favour but is now being rediscovered and enjoyed by a new generation.” The exhibition will present a dazzling range of pieces from 18 of Britain’s leading silversmiths, including Rauni Higson, Kevin Grey and Juliette Bigley. The Silver Trust will be unveiling a stunning installation, specially commissioned from Marcin Rusak to mark this special occasion. 8 March–31 January 2017, V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7

In BADA Taste From left: Laura Bordignon, Japanese bronze rooster looking down at a small toad, with gilt details and inlaid glass eyes, standing on a gnarled wood base, signed Yoshiaki, Meiji Period; Beaux Arts, Henry Moore, Draped Reclining Figure, 1956, bronze LH411, From an edition of 9 + 2 2.75 x 6.25 inches (7 x 15.9 cm)

Put a date in your diary for the BADA Fair, now in its 24th year. If you happen to be looking for a spring wedding or anniversary present for art-loving friends, there will be almost 100 exhibitors delighted to share their specialist knowledge with you. Highlights include: a ravishing pair of sapphire and diamond hoop earrings, created in the 1960s by Van Cleef & Arpels, presented by

Anthea AG Antiques; an enigmatic bronze sculpture, Draped Reclining Figure by Henry Moore, dating from 1956 to be unveiled by Beaux Arts; and an impressive Regency period armchair dating from 1805 from Godson & Coles. The BADA Fair, 9–15 March, Duke of York Square, Chelsea, SW3,

Rock ‘n’ Roll Candelabras Established in 2004 by Swedes Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar, Jimmie Martin has won awards for its innovative furnishings, which are created either as limited editions or as bespoke pieces for clients. During March they will spotlight their hand-painted Imperfection Mess Candelabras (£3,000 for a pair). “We aim to surprise people with our one-off hand-painted pieces combining the decadent and quirky with the modern, as most mass-produced items are boring,” explains Karlsson. With such originality it isn’t surprising that their list of celebrity clients is getting longer: Madonna, Rita Ora and Liam Gallagher have all furnished their homes with unusual pieces from the store. Jimmie Martin, 77 Kensington Church Street, W8, Above: Imperfection Candelabra

with curator Jenny Christensson on a solo exhibition of new work by Russian artist Aidan Salakhova Q. Where is the artist based? A. Aidan Salakhova moves between Moscow and Carrara, Italy, which is famed for its white and blue-grey marble. Q. Which are Salakhova’s preferred mediums? A.The artist works in sculpture, drawing, painting and video. Q. What are her main influences? A. Salakhova’s work reveals the influence of multiple artistic traditions: her traditional academy training in Soviet Moscow in the 1980s; the inspiration of Western art history and contemporary Western artists; and the art and craft of her Azeri and Uzbekistani heritage. Above: Without Words #1, 2014, 28 x 43 x 10cm, Private Collection of Dmitry Bykov (Russia); Below: Duality, 2015, Black Zimbabwean granite, white statuary marble, 220 x 400 x 100cm, Edition 2/3

Q. How does Salakhova’s new work aim to challenge preconceived ideas about gender? A. Salakhova uses the veiled figure to challenge the patriarchal order while referencing traditional and religious symbols. Her provocative video installation explores the erotic potential of the veil, the archetype of the dominatrix, and the fantasy of female domination and male submission. Her new work takes over one entire floor running alongside a separate all-women show that marks the Saatchi Gallery’s 30th anniversary.

Above: Wailing Wall, 20142015 Various dimensions, 80 pieces; Left: Bas-relief #9 from Persian Miniatures Series, 2014-2015, Black Belgian marble, white statuary marble, 90 x 70 x 40 cm

Q. Where has the artist’s work previously been shown? A. Twice at the Venice Biennale (1991 and 2011) and at the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2007). Revelations: New Work by Aidan, until 28 February, Saatchi Gallery,

Battersea Landmark Over the past 50 years the Battersea Power Station has become a notable landmark in London. Its urban beauty and marshy riverside location has influenced countless artists and photographers, including filmmaker Alice May Williams, the winner of this year’s prestigious Jerwood/FVU Awards. Her video-film installation, Dream City – More, Better, Sooner, was inspired by seeing a photo of her great-greatgrandmother in a failed amusement park from 1908, which was standing where the power station now is. Her film combines archive footage of Battersea Power Station in its industrial heyday with computergenerated projections of what it may soon become, confronting crucial questions about London’s housing and gentrification.

Film stills from Dream City – More, Better, Sooner by Alice May Williams. Produced as part of the Jerwood/ FVU Awards 2016: Borrowed Time. Images courtesy of the artist.

Jerwood/FVU Awards 2016: Borrowed Time, 9 March –24 April, Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, SE1,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Tuesday’s Bidders As part of the Christie’s Late events, the auction house is opening its doors to the public on the first Tuesday of every month. This month the auction house will welcome experts to talk about how they value items, what they look for when examining an object or artwork and what tools they use. Do bring along any item of jewellery, painting or drawing you want to learn more about with an expert’s help. If you’ve never attended an auction before, you can take part in a mock auction and learn how to bid and buy. There will be a bar – so stop by for a tipple and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. Christie’s Lates: Meet the Specialists (sponsored by Strutt & Parker), 1 March, 6–8.30pm, Christie’s South Kensington, 85 Old Brompton Road, SW7,

Aladdin’s Cave

Rosewood ‘Marwood’ Sideboard, designed by Martin Hall for Gordon Russell; Doris Zinkeisen (18981991) Brighton Beach at Paul Mayhew Fine Art; Double panther head torc, Plaza Jewellery

The Chelsea Antiques Fair opens its doors once again in Chelsea’s elegant Old Town Hall. Held over four days and celebrating its 66th year, the fair shows an eclectic mix of museum-quality pieces. Find beautifully made furniture, paintings, decorative art, silver, sculpture and ceramics. Don’t miss seeing the delightful 1930s novelty Paris Street lamp-post scent bottle at scent

specialist Richard Hoppé or the colourful Art Nouveau vases presented by Morgan. Markov will bring precious jewellery and Roger de Ville will display unique 18thcentury English pottery. 17–20 March, Chelsea Old Town Hall, King’s Road, SW3,

Liz West, An Additive Mixture, 2013 Image courtesy of the artist

From top: Surrounded Islands POA; Valley Curtain POA; Wrapped Vespa POA; Running Fence POA

All Wrapped Up “Throughout March, we will be showing a collection of Christo’s beautiful, signed lithographs, both postcard and poster-sized; some are of the collaged plans for future projects and others are striking photographs of the finished installations,” says Rosanna Wilson Stephens, director of Wilson, Stephens & Jones. Christo was one half of the most colourful artistic couples in the late 20th century, the other being Jeanne-Claude. They seized newspaper headlines with their monumental outdoor works including the wrapping of the Pont-Neuf in Paris (1985) and the Reichstag in Berlin (1995). Sadly Jeanne-Claude died in 2009 but New York-based Christo continues to work and this latest collection will appeal to people nostalgic for the duo’s controversial creations. Throughout March, Wilson, Stephens & Jones, 71 Westbourne Park Road, W2,

Explore Sculpture Every year the Royal British Society of Sculptors (whose Patron is Her Majesty The Queen) runs the RBS Bursary Awards to help encourage highly talented, emerging sculptors. You will be able to see the work of the ten outstanding 2015 winners in a group exhibition held at the society’s historic headquarters in South Kensington. The Bursary Awards provide a platform for emerging sculptors to achieve their artistic potential and establish themselves professionally. 17 March–20 May, Royal British Society of Sculptors, 108 Old Brompton Road, SW7

Y O U O N LY H A V E O N E P A I R O F E Y E S . T H E R E ’ S O N LY O N E P L A C E T O H A V E T H E M C A R E D F O R . A state-of-the-art London home for the UK’s most trusted eye care specialist.* Where our pioneering consultants deliver the full spectrum of eye health care and you will receive a more profound treatment experience.

Find us off Harley St. Optegra Eye Hospital London, 25 Queen Anne St, W1G 9HT

Book a consultation at or call us on 0808 169 6606 CATARACT


*Source: Trustpilot 16th December 2015

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21/12/2015 16:08

Reset the clock.

Get time on your side with Dr Sebagh’s iconic, glow-restoring serums. Serum Repair

Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum

Dr Sebagh’s award-winning, cult serum with 60% hyaluronic acid intensively hydrates and plumps the skin for instantly glowing results. Perfect for day or night, or as a pre-party radiance boost.

A highly powerful super-serum, Dr Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum plumps, hydrates and protects skin whilst boosting its natural glow. Oil-free, for all skin types, this potent concentration of ingredients, including resveratrol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and three antiageing peptides, helps kick-start collagen production and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose de Vie Sérum Délicat More than just a pretty bottle. This powerful, silky, organic rose oilbased serum is an essential treatment to restore the skin’s natural barrier and vitality. Calming, soothing and antioxidant-rich, it reduces redness and protects and smoothes dry, mature or sensitive skin.

Used alone or mixed to create your perfect, personalised blend, find Dr Sebagh serums in stores and online at


CALAMITY JANE While there was no mention of carnival in Clare Wright Keller’s synopsis of her latest collection for Chloé, there was definitely an element of festival spirit in the air. The S/S16 campaign was shot in Buenos Aires, which proved the perfect backdrop for the bohemian collection of peasant smocks, box pleated sundresses, ombre striped blouses and lace harem pants. This “youthful optimism” (as Wright Keller described it) continued into the accompanying line of accessories, with lace-up sandals in rainbow colours and tassel-trim leather and suede crossbody bags in sorbet shades being the standout pieces. For the designer, the whole collection was a tribute to the ‘90s when the fashion industry was more free-spirited and joyful. Jane tassel-trim crossbody bag, £1,105,

Image courtesy of: Chloé

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s



Calvin Klein


Emilia Wickstead

Dolce & Gabbana

Emilia Wickstead


Amanda Wakeley Ermanno Scervino

Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs



Garden Party


Embrace spring and all its natural glory with the return of florals. From delicate embroidery to graphic patterns, expect to see blooms everywhere this season – in bold colours and clashing textures. Find trippy, cosmic styles at Calvin Klein, ditsy botanical motifs at Erdem and classic and sophisticated prints perfect for garden parties at Emilia Wickstead.

Shine brightly this season with glittering evening gowns and sparkling silver cropped jackets and midi skirts. Sheer fabrics, cut outs and mirrored designs in metallic made their way onto the catwalk, as Temperley London and Saint Laurent stood out in particular with their bedazzling takes on high shine. The former’s full-length sequined evening gown is a true showstopper.

Temperley London

Silver Lining


Arm Candy Throw some shapes away from the dance floor with this daring, structural trend. They may be associated with the ‘80s, but exaggerated, voluminous shoulders are back. 3.1 Phillip


ND REPORT Alexander

McQueen Gucci

Jonathan Saunders

Sonia Rykiel Delpozo

Michael Kors


Christian Dior Miu Miu


Giambattista Valli



Get in Line

Lim went for subtle sleeve decorations, while Christian Dior and Céline went all out with structured volume, the latter’s stiffened balloon sleeve design having raised the roof.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Thick, thin, horizontal and vertical: you’ll find every variation of stripe on this season’s catwalk. As well as monochrome lines, bold primary colours inject a youthful edge to the graphic trend. Standout styles include MaxMara’s candy-cane stripes and multicoloured designs by Jonathan Saunders and Salvatore Ferragamo. Alternatively, get into the thick of it with Christian Dior’s fierce red and black spring coat.

5 Ruffle Up

Valentine’s Day may have just gone by, but the trail of romance is still lingering in the fashion world. Structured tiers, alluring frills and layers in bold hues and soft nudes were spotted across the catwalk. Michael Kors embraced his inner Latin lover with layered red ruffles, while Gucci opted for pink floating frills and Alexander McQueen took a more feminine approach with a shredded pale pink number.


Image courtesy of: Elizabeth Saltzman

Salt of the Earth Stylist and contributing editor to Vanity Fair Elizabeth Saltzman is a steady fixture on the global fashion scene. Rosalyn Wikeley steals a few minutes with the style aficionado for some tips on how to survive London Fashion Week



lizabeth Saltzman is a celebrity in the traditional, pre-Kardashian sense of the word. Her illustrious reputation can be put down to her achievements as an editor and stylist, rather than her shocking home videos or size of her posterior. Dressing a plethora of A-listers from Cameron Diaz to Gemma Arterton, she is responsible for some of the red carpet’s most iconic moments, such as the Tom Ford caped gown worn by Gwyneth Paltrow at the 84th Academy Awards in 2012. However, she tells me that the pursuit of fame was never on the cards. “I don’t need attention from the outside world – I need it from my own inside world.” Here, the London-based stylist discusses her wardrobe staples, juggling family with her hands-on career, and the fashion industry before the birth of Instagram. When I first started out working for Giorgio Armani in the ‘80s, I was living this dream lifestyle where I was being whisked away to his design studio in Milan. Then I remember telling a designer friend [Calvin Klein] how I had met this crazy woman at a fashion show, who seemed so interesting, but I didn’t think I’d be able to survive working for her because I needed to pay for my flat and I knew the job wouldn’t support my lifestyle. But then he turned to me and said, ‘Will you please get off your high horse and understand that she is one of the all-time greats and you’re lucky to be in her presence?’ So I was hired by Polly Mellen, the then American Vogue editor. I had so much fun at Vogue. You were in the presence of greatness. It was all about learning and working 20-hour days, and not caring. In truth, I’m not a huge shopper. I think the shop at Bluebird has some great brands, but because I work directly with the designers I don’t really shop. For emergencies, I love going to Manolo Blahnik because here in London it is so different from the New York store. I’m also a huge fan of Emilia Wickstead. It’s amazing to see such a young designer with her own store in Chelsea. I’m very impressed by her. There’s also some incredible stuff in Tom Ford’s store on Sloane Street. His shearling coat solves every problem.

Pilotto and Christopher Kane. The past couple of seasons have been all about romance, sequins, ruffles, sleeve detailing and stripes. What really sets London apart though is its quality of life: its parks, culture and the general absence of iPhones which have now become glued to people’s faces elsewhere. I blame the American work ethic. I’m so blessed to have Gwyneth [Paltrow] as a friend. If people only knew how fun and funny she is. The thing is, she never edits what she says so people take what they want out of it, but so often it’s hysterical. We agree to disagree about things all the time. It has to be a healthy relationship in order for it to work. I love working with Uma Thurman and Cameron Diaz because they have personalities. I also adore Gemma Arterton. She’s like a French coquette cat even though she’s not French at all. I’m also really blown away by Saoirse Ronan right now. Twenty-one years old, has done 18 films, already twice Oscarnominated. It’s very exciting to be working with someone like her. The fashion world as we know it is changing, from how we shop to what we wear and where we wear it, as well as how insiders and outsiders get their information. The pressure for those that lead the pack is immense. Raf Simons’ decision to leave Dior was very sad and it will undoubtedly have a huge impact. Instagram has also been a massive gamechanger. Before, my private life was private and so I could be daring and crazy with what I wore because I knew it wasn’t going to end up anywhere public.

You should always have a killer black dress in your wardrobe – actually, about five killer black dresses if you’re lucky. You should have one that you can wear on a hot date, even with your husband who you’ve been married to for 20 years. And a classic one that can take you anywhere – say, if you’re going to the home of someone you’ve never met before, or a business dinner. Essentials such as a good pair of jeans, a jacket, white shirt and a sweater should never be scrimped on and, finally, every woman needs a beautiful bag because you’re never too fat to wear it.

When someone finds the perfect balance between being a wife and mum and having a job, will they please let me know? I want the answers sent to my email. In all honesty, being able to spend time and laugh with my children is a priority, as well as being a fairly strict mum. Manners are everything to me. And in my constant battle for equal rights between genders, I often forget that I truly enjoy being a wife to my husband. Making sure that he feels like he is the king of our castle is deeply important.

Lately, London has been on fire when it comes to Fashion Week. It’s giving Paris and New York a run for their money with all its big-gun designers and brands, from Burberry to Tom Ford. For me, the standout shows are Duro Olowu, Emilia Wickstead, Erdem, Peter

Fashion is not just about fun. This is a big old business that employs a lot of people around the world. And right or wrong, it’s our responsibility to make the most out of it.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Gemma Arterton, photography: s_bukley/

Gwyneth Paltrow at the 84th Academy Awards in 2012 in Tom Ford, image courtesy of: Getty Images


Photography: ©Rankin

Fresh as a Daisy Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Escada looks younger than ever in its latest S/S16 collection. Bursting with florals, vibrant colours and contemporary cut-out pieces, the range brings a new lease of life to the brand and, indeed, to our summer wardrobes. As to which is our favourite look, the K&C team is torn between the eye-catching ornamental print Toul trousers with matching Nesis blouse (part of the Heritage capsule collection) and the yellow mesh midi dress.

HER STYLE By olivia sharpe

Let Me Entertain You It did cross our minds that the models in the Céline S/S16 show might have forgotten to get dressed, as so many of them sported lingerie-inspired slip dresses and camisoles. But then we remembered that this season saw designers embrace the concept of underwear as the new outerwear. Inspired by the idea of “clothes that you could pack up and go somewhere with – a bit like a tent”, Phoebe Philo’s take on this trend was far more ‘glamping’ than it was ‘camping’, transforming as mundane an object as a pillow into one of the most talked-about accessories of the season. The cartable pillow handbag arrives in grey or black lambskin.

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur takes centre stage this year with its dazzling S/S16 collection. This season’s daring new colour palette includes amethyst, electric cobalt and lapis lazuli, as showcased in the Odessa, Adlina and Mariona styles. Along with its statement pieces, the latest line sees a greater focus on nightwear, with the Jada teddy suit making a playful debut in black or amethyst stretch chiffon, along with the beautiful Idalia white gown. However, the star of the show would have to be Layla; the black lace bodysuit features an elaborate boned effect and bare back to create an enviable silhouette.


Pillow Talk

Spring Time

Photography: ©Burberry/Testino

Put some spring in your step with Jerome C. Rousseau’s vibrant new collection. Renowned for his show-stopping pieces, this season was no different for the LAbased shoe designer, who has created a number of multicoloured, floral and metallic pieces that are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Rousseau often draws upon his passion for modern art and European design, but his latest styles have on this occasion been named after his closest friends. From £325-719,

Drop in the Ocean Those lucky souls among you who are jetting off for some winter sun: don’t forget to make a pit stop at Heidi Klein to stock up on some new beach attire. The brand’s latest Resort ‘16 collection is available in stores and includes bikinis, one-pieces, cover-ups and dresses, along with some sportier pieces for those of you who prefer hitting the surf instead of lounging by the pool. 257 Pavilion Road, SW1X;

Back to Back The trusty rucksack has made a sartorial comeback this season and one fashion house fronting the pack is British heritage brand Burberry, which introduces the practical bag as its break-out accessory for S/S16. The inspiration for the lightweight nylon carryall was taken directly from Burberry’s military archive and, like its staple trench, features a gabardine construction. Available in two sizes and colourways (with new colours being added throughout the season), each rucksack can also be personalised with the wearer’s initials. Paired with a summer dress or a winter coat, this accessory will carry you effortlessly from season to season. £795 plus £50 for monogramming of up to three initials,

Pair Up British brands L.K.Bennett and Bionda Castana have proven the perfect pair. Signature Bionda Castana styles such as the Lana, Alexa and Denni have been adapted to tie in with L.K.Bennett’s timeless aesthetic, resulting in 20 unique styles named after inspiring women. The distinctive January pumps feature a graphic chequerboard print, while the feminine pastel pink Betty block heels have soft scallop detailing. Although L.K.Bennett has previously partnered with the likes of Laura Bailey and Caroline Issa, this is the first time it has worked with another brand, marking an exciting new direction for the label. From £275-350,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Spring to

Action From graphic stripes and plentiful florals to delicate frills and ‘90s-inspired slip dresses, embrace the hottest S/S16 trends

Photographer: Rachael Louise May

Stylist: Elizabeth Hoadly

Coat, ÂŁ2,800, Christian Dior, 31 Sloane Street, SW1X

Left / Dress, POA, Erdem, 70 South Audley Street, W1K Above / Dress, ÂŁ17,500, Giorgio Armani,

make-up: Maria Vittoria Bortolussi at Frank Agency using MAC Cosmetics hair: Davide Barbieri at Caren using Aveda Model: Vick @ Profile Model Management Photographer’s assisTANT: Benny J Johnson Shot on location at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel,

Above / Dress, POA, Dolce & Gabbana, 175 Sloane Street, SW1X; Shoes, POA, Stuart Weitzman,; Ring, POA, Chaumet, 174 New Bond Street, W1S Left / Dress, ÂŁ450, Rag & Bone, 13-14 Sloane Square, SW1W

Image courtesy of: Hugo Boss

Show Who’s Boss In exciting news, Hugo Boss has just opened its new flagship store on Regent Street. Spanning two floors, it is the brand’s largest boutique in the UK and inside you will find the full BOSS menswear and womenswear collections, including ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. The men’s S/S16 range was inspired by architectural lines and avant-garde materials, and classic outwear pieces have been updated with sharp tailoring, bright colours and bold graphic prints. For something even more unique, there is a dedicated Made to Measure room where specialist tailors are on hand to create bespoke suits, shirts and accessories. BOSS store, 180 Regent Street, W1B,


Photography: Rankin

Ground Breakers Belstaff honours continent-crossers and daring lifestyles in its new Worship the Ground campaign, starring intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Hollywood stuntman Riley Harper. The campaign showcases the brand’s iconic Trialmaster short boot, which has been the footwear of choice for those who seek the thrill of exploration since its creation in 1955. Adapted from the style of military and biker boots, the Trialmaster is crafted from hand-waxed calf leather, which creates a luxurious but very functional design that will no doubt see you through all of your own great adventures. Trialmaster short boot, £425,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Scent Symphony

Crew Cut

As we slowly move into spring, it is time to invest in a new fragrance and for the fashion-conscious among you, we highly recommend Carven’s new L’Eau Intense fragrance, which recently wafted its way into Selfridges. The well-balanced scent – the joint efforts of perfumers Jérôme Di Marino and Francis Kurkdjian (the pair behind the brand’s signature women’s perfume, Carven L’Absolu) - combines powerful spicy and woody notes with fresh touches of mint, grapefruit and cardamom.

This year sees J Crew debut its first ever range of sunglasses, bringing its modern, American aesthetic to the all-important summer accessory. Handmade from acetate, the men’s range includes a classic Aviator style called Jack, along with a new take on a round frame (Sam), and a slick, rectangular model christened Irving – meaning that every face shape and style preference has been catered for. As well as ensuring lenses are both scratch-resistant and 100 per cent UV protected, designer Jenna Lyons has paid close attention to the smaller details, from the custom-made colours down to the small hinges on the side of each frame.

From £35, available at Selfridges,








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Photography: David Sims


Make Your Marc The wait is finally over. The Marc Jacobs Beauty make-up collection went into Harrods on 1 February and as expected, products have already flown off the shelves. While it has previously been possible to buy select products at the brand’s Mount Street store, this is the first time the full collection is available in the UK, and items include new launches such as the Le Marc Lip Crème in Charlotte (a Harrods exclusive) and the Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara, of which Winona Ryder (a long-standing friend of the founder) is the face. Marc our words, it is well worth a visit. From £15, available exclusively at Harrods,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s



HEALTH BEAUTY BY Olivia sharpe Image courtesy of: ©YSL Beauté

Self Preservation

In a selfie-addicted world, it has never been more important for our make-up to be camera-ready at all times – which is why YSL Beauty has introduced 12 new lipsticks to its Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick range especially for ‘instagirls’. For when you’re running from workouts to working lunches, opt for one of the four Day Bloomer hues, such as light coral or subtle nude. For evenings when you’re out on the town, remember to glam it up with a statement shade from Night Birds. Finally, busy weekenders are also catered for with four new colours to wear to brunch, gallery visits or leisurely shopping trips. Say cheese. Available from 24 February, £26 each,

Some Like It Haute

Ford Focus

Embracing the future has never been a problem for Tom Ford: in a media sensation, the designer did away with a traditional fashion show this year and instead presented a filmed version of his S/S16 collection, starring none other than Lady Gaga, who was joined by a host of dancing models. Capture the camera-worthy beauty looks through the brand’s latest colour collection, encompassing a range of electric eye shadows. We particularly love the retro glamour of siren blue. Cream colour for eyes, £32, Tom Ford Beauty, available on

Elie Saab’s latest fragrance has been dedicated to a flower that has cropped up again and again in the fashion house’s couture collections: the rose. Renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was the man responsible for harvesting the new scent which, along with rose nectar, is brimming with floral notes including orange blossom, fresh peony and jasmine. Rose Couture eau de toilette, £70 for 70ml,

Mix and Matcha

Wearing nail polish constantly can be harmful to your nails, but fortunately Nails inc. has remedied this problem with its new Sweet Almonds collection, which incorporates matcha powder – a powerful antioxidant that will protect nails and boost moisture – as well as a sweet almond oil base within each shade. The range comprises three muted colours, including linen blue, porcelain grey, warmed pink, and a revolutionary rose gold shade. We guarantee your nails will never have looked so healthy. £14 each,

Image courtesy of: Parfums Christian Dior, spring 2016, Glowing Gardens

A Matter of Thyme

Ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show in May, Jo Malone has taken inspiration from the aromatic foliage of a herb garden to cook up its latest batch of fragrances. The collection introduces five scents featuring an array of herbs that you would more commonly expect to find in your larder, including: sorrel and lemon thyme, wild strawberry and parsley, nasturtium and clover, carrot blossom and fennel, and finally lavender and coriander. For a spicy, nostalgic scent, we suggest stocking up on nasturtium and clover, which in one spritz conjures up a summer’s forest with its blend of cool clover and peppery rocket. The Herb Garden Collection, available in March £44 for 30ml,

Get the Gloss Get up and Glow

In homage to the idyllic gardens of founder Christian Dior’s home in Granville, make-up director Peter Philips has created a light and natural beauty look for the season which is bursting with pastel shades and radiant pigments. To recreate models’ fresh, dewy complexions as sported in the S/S16 show, use an evanescent foundation before brightening cheekbones with the brand’s iconic Diorskin Nude illuminating powder, which has been reimagined with a limited edition embossed flower for spring. Apply to the high planes of the face to achieve a lovely luminous glow. Finally, finish the look with Diorblush Glowing Gardens in Floral Pink for the perfect rosy blush. Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens, £40; Diorblush Glowing Gardens in Floral Pink, £32.50; 020 7216 0216,

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

It is now possible to get the best of both worlds thanks to Guerlain’s latest lipstick range, which combines the brand’s covetable lipstick shades with its best-selling fragrance, La Petite Robe Noire. Along with their irresistible scented texture, the 20 new shades can be layered up depending on how deep you would like the colour to be (one layer for a natural day look, two for casual chic and three for a glamorous, statement effect in the evening), and also contain pure and ultraluminous pigments so lips look shinier than ever before. £21.50 each, exclusive to House of Fraser until 1 March





Photography: Nick Pope

Room Mates As a tribute to her late friend Oscar de la Renta, OKA co-founder Lady Astor has created a range of pieces based on the fashion designer’s home in the Dominican Republic. Having visited the exotic location numerous times on holiday, the founder has taken inspiration from De la Renta’s natural talent for “pulling together a room from an assortment of items he’d collected over the years” to produce her own collection of eclectic yet elegant furniture. Standout pieces include the Caldora sofa – a French-inspired piece upholstered in natural cotton – and the Fauntleroy: a contemporary stool in stonewashed indigo with brass stud detailing. Caldora sofa: £1,485; Fauntleroy stool: £425 155-167 Fulham Road, SW3,

London Design Week 2016 Described as the supplier of ‘couture for the home’, the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour once again plays host to London Design Week this month. A mix of unique collections and specially commissioned installations, the event offers a wealth of inspiration for the discerning interiors collector. Whether you’re looking to put the finishing touches to your home or seeking ideas on how to style spaces for business projects, the event gives you the opportunity to speak to influential designers and access specialist expertise that will no doubt ignite your imagination. 13-18 March, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour,

Au Naturel For previous homeware collections, Jean Paul Gaultier has invariably remained in his comfort zone and drawn reference to his haute couture fashion shows. However, for his latest range, the designer has instead looked to the outdoors for inspiration. Along with bold romantic florals and patterns of rolling waves, the range also references more unusual elements of the natural world, such as the brilliant earthy tones created by metal oxidisation and the vibrant colours associated with the rural landscape of the Basque Country. Choose from a selection of cushions or purchase one of the unique prints in fabric form to transform curtains and upholstery. £95 per metre,

Off the Wall Making your home appear bigger is quite an optical illusion and so who better for interior designer Kelly Hoppen MBE to call upon to help her achieve this than celebrated magician Dynamo? In an unusual collaboration, the pair has used the latest technology to produce digitally printed trompe l’oeil wallpapers. There are two designs available: Enigma has a three-dimensional pillar effect, while Paradox imitates an angled, jutting stone wall. Using realistic imagery and optical design, each one gives a sense of space to a room. And the magic doesn’t end there: a percentage of the proceeds are being donated to the Prince’s Trust in honour of its 40th anniversary. The Illusionist Wallpaper collection, from £30 per square metre,

Bowled Over Sitting Pretty Take pleasure in sitting with Beaumont & Fletcher’s new selection of chairs for 2016. Adding to its extensive collection of English handmade furnishings, the Edgar chair is an elegant, contemporary design, while the Theodore presents a modern take on the traditional high-back wing chair. Both styles are available in a fabric of your choice, but in order to make the pieces even more bespoke, clients can choose from a range of wood stains, two different leg styles (turned or square-tapered) and with or without castors.

LSA International glassware is literally going full circle with the release of its new Globe range for 2016. The spherical vases are ideal for adding drama to large, informal bouquets or for creating internal floating displays. The sleek designs are mouth-blown and hand-finished by a team of artisans and are available in clear or coloured glass, which can then be mixed and matched for the ultimate visual effect.

Beaumont & Fletcher, 261 Fulham Road, SW3,

History in the Making Venetian textile company Rubelli has a gift for combining its 150-year old heritage with modern innovations and the latest collection, In Wonderland, proves it. Drawing on its weaving expertise, the Italian design studio has incorporated threads of silk, metallic yarn and technical fibres to create fabrics that resemble works of art, many featuring 3D effects inspired by old documents, nature and art. Highlights include Giotto – a monochrome print that has a hand-crafted sketch appearance – and Backgammon, which arrives in jacquard velvet and features a simple geometric pattern. Rubelli, Design Centre East, SW10, Image credit: Chair Klismos by Donghia suit by Gentucca Bini, all Giotto

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Kids KINGDOM BY Natasha Levy

Heart and Sole Make sure they find their footing for the season ahead in Pom d’Api’s new line of shoes for boys and girls. From chic sandals and pretty ballet pumps to practical boots and stylish loafers, there’s a style to suit all of their outdoor pursuits, whether they’re out exploring the country woods or rock climbing at the seaside. Each item comes in a neutral shade and has been made with a durable sole – so you can be sure that they will last throughout the summer months without falling to pieces. From £41, available at

The Smell of Rebellion Matilda The Musical is now in its fifth run in the West End. And yet somehow, the Royal Shakespeare Company continues to add wonderful new twists to this much-loved production. From 15 March, young performers Zaris-Angel Hator, Clare Read and Emily-May Stephenson will be joining Evie Hone in playing the title role. With this explosion of fresh new talent on stage, there will be all the more reason to sing along. To book tickets, visit the website:

Like Mother, Like Daughter Bold, printed skirts and duster coats in Marni’s new S/S16 Bambina collection reflect the fashion house’s love of geometric structures, while the denim dungarees, tracksuits and colourful knitwear add a playful element. This season marks the launch of the Italian fashion brand’s baby range, comprising a dress, trousers, T-shirt and bathing suits, all of which arrive in a beautifully decorated box featuring children’s artwork. From £50, 26 Sloane Street, SW1X,

Photography: Manuel Harlan

Hop to It Your little ones are guaranteed to bounce with joy following the news of Mamas & Papas and Fifi Lapin’s new collection. For a second time, the family brand and fashion bunny blogger have collaborated to create a charming line of clothing for girls up to the age of three. Just as you would expect from the furry fashionista, the range – encompassing rompers, collared bodysuits and quilted jackets – is full of contemporary styles that arrive in a stylish colour palette and feature Fifi’s signature print. From £12,

Spring Clean Adding an exotic twist to a British children’s literary classic, Dragons of Walton Street has placed Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit and his friends against a Moroccan-inspired backdrop for its latest range of furniture. Pieces include a cot, chest of drawers and a waste paper bin that have each been handpainted with the much-loved characters and a traditional gold Moroccan pattern, transforming children’s bedrooms into temples of peace and tranquility where they will no doubt dream of adventures abroad. Waste bin, £245; Cot, £2,295; Large chest of drawers, £2,695 available at Harrods

All That Jazz A Cracking Easter Give your kids their chocolate fix this Easter with a great selection of treats on offer at Harrods. The wonderfully whimsical egg by Pierre Marcolini has been decorated with larger-than-life playing cards, undoubtedly drawing reference to Lewis Carroll’s delightful novel, Alice in Wonderland. In order to make full use of their sugar rush, children’s party supplies company Meri has countless great ideas for the holiday period, including kits for egg hunting and decorating, as well as bunny cupcake sets and crackers.

We thought metallic tuxedos had gone the way of disco pants and leg warmers, but turns out we were wrong as Dolce & Gabbana has resuscitated this somewhat courageous sartorial statement in its S/S16 boys’ collection. Ensuring little gentlemen are just as fashion forward as their fathers, the Italian designers have created miniature versions of the technicolour tailoring trend as highlighted in this season’s men’s collection, coming in jewelled hues of silver and gold to ensure they stand out from the crowd at any social occasion. POA, 8 Sloane Street, SW1X

Pierre Marcolini eggs, £49 for 500g, available at Harrods

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Take on IRONMAN® 70.3® Staffordshire triathlon alongside Gordon and Tana Ramsay. They’ve secured 100 places on the sold-out event for their team – the GTR100.

Join the GTR100 and receive: Top of the range HUUB Archimedes wetsuit HUUB tri-suit, cycling jersey, bib shorts and running kit Musculoskeletal screening with Team GB Physiotherapists Invitation to training events alongside elite athletes

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Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Registered charity no. 1160024.

high life

Guerlain Says Relax Follow in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot (and Kim Kardashian, but the less said about her the better) by indulging in exquisite fragrances and cosmetics from Guerlain. The French skincare and makeup maison has tailored treatments especially for the spa at One&Only The Palm in Dubai. Receive a hot-and-cold vitality-boosting treatment or enjoy an oriental experience, both with lotions and potions made from natural and rare ingredients. If a holiday in the Middle East is not enough to relieve tension and stress, the restorative powers of rare orchids, bees and natural pearls bottled in jars made from precious jewels are sure to do the trick.

The spa at One&Only The Palm

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THE WORLD By Hannah Lemon

A Model Moment Before you meet up with the likes of Olivier Rousteing, Carolina Herrera and Isabel Marant at Paris Fashion Week this month, why not check in to the Mandarin Oriental on rue Saint-Honoré? To reflect the rich haute couture scene of the city, the hotel has been dutifully decorated with intricate precision by a long list of sculptors, photographers, artists, architects and interior designers. Take time to indulge in the sophisticated surroundings at Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx and Bar 8 with fine food and sumptuous cocktails; you won’t want to be seen anywhere else.

Blue Days One of the best ways to experience the Indian Ocean is with a night’s stay in an overwater villa. Havodda Maldives provides a bedroom on stilts over a crystal clear sea, so you can fall asleep and wake up to the soothing sound of waves rippling below. During the day, enjoy island hopping, sailing, fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving. But don’t get too friendly with the sea life – some of it might be landing on your plate at the Amaya Food Gallery for a delicious Asian feast.

The Cabochons suite terrace, Mandarin Oriental Paris

Godfathers of Hospitality You may not know it, but Robert De Niro’s CV – aside from actor, director and producer – includes restaurateur. The Hollywood legend partnered with chef Nobu Matsuhisa to launch the Nobu brand, first in New York and now in Riyadh. The latest offering, with its 134 spacious rooms and suites designed by the acclaimed Rockwell Group, is sure to live up to expectations. Book now. Yes, we’re talking to you.

Spa and Safari

Anya Hindmarch has created this limited edition Be A Bag wash bag (£195) to celebrate the summer opening

The Nihiwatu resort on the Indonesian island Sumba offers a unique experience at its secluded villa Uma Izzie. Starting with a scenic safari trek or short drive through the Nihi Oka Valley, couples can spend the rest of the day enjoying spa treatments. This is followed by an intimate dinner against the Sumbanese sunset surrounded by 1,000 candles. It’s certainly one way to keep the fire burning.

of Il Sereno in Lake Como. Stay at the sister hotel Le Sereno in St Barths to receive it as a gift or buy it online at


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NICO ROSBERG Global citizen


211 Regent Street, L ondon • Westfield Shepherds Bush, L ondon • L ondon City Airport

211 Regent Street, L ondon • Westfield Shepherds Bush, L ondon • L ondon City Airport Also available at Case, Harrods and Selfridges Also available at Case, Harrods and Selfridges

From North

to South A view of Florence from Il Salviatino

We send three intrepid travellers to suss out the unique attractions of Italy’s famous boot. They tell us where to find the best Roman relics, picturesque ports, gastronomical delights and welcoming hotels


You can’t go wrong with a city break in Italy. From the small jewel of a city, Verona, to the mother of all Renaissance cities, Florence, it is quick and easy to get around with high-speed train links. Famous as the setting for Romeo & Juliet, Verona makes the most of its Shakespearean connections but it is so much more than that. The city proudly displays its layers of history: in only a few steps, you can go from the Roman amphitheatre in the city centre (still used for concerts and plays all year round) to a square dedicated to Dante. Glimpses of its precious past are echoed in Hotel Palazzo Victoria, which is set in the medieval heart

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Verona. Image courtesy of: Hotel Palazzo Victoria

of the area. Passing a graffitied wall, 1950s Felliniesque white leather chairs in the reception and Roman frescoes preserved in the suites, you can almost time travel through Verona as you walk down to breakfast. Kathi Hall Hotel Palazzo Victoria, Verona,


Club Victoria at Hotel Palazzo Victoria

To see Michelangelo’s David with your own eyes is unforgettable If Verona is a subtle city that benefits from leisurely wandering, Florence is a place that can overwhelm even the most excited tourist. To see the Duomo or Michelangelo’s David with your own eyes is unforgettable, but make sure you also take time to meander down the high-walled side streets that are home to traditional workers, small independent boutiques and coffee houses buzzing with local chatter. For something really special, get a table at Cibreo Teatro del Sale owned by local legend Fabio Picchi, who looks like Neptune with his flowing white hair and beard. The traditional Tuscan dishes are made even more exceptional by the fact that the lady of the house pulls a chair up to your table to describe the menu as if it were a bedtime story. Staying at the five-star Il Salviatino in the foothills outside Florence means you’re far from the madding crowd after a day of sightseeing. This restored 15th-century villa has a terrace

Orangery at Hotel Palazzo Victoria


overlooking the formal gardens, which is perfect for a leisurely breakfast in the morning or a cheeky cocktail in the cool of the evening. The laid-back luxury and charming staff lull you into the dream that the villa is all yours. Open your window late at night to hear opera from the terrace with Florence lit up in the distance. It’s a sense memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Kathi Hall


Il Salviatino, Florence,

With rolling green hills and a 15th-century castle, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in a dream

One Italian hideaway, where barely a word of English is heard, is particularly popular with the Sienese and Florentines looking for some time away from their beautiful but busy cities. It’s called Castiglione della Pescaia, which could only mean paradise in Italian (I don’t speak a word of the language). With blue sea, rolling green hills and, between the two, a walled medieval town, complete with towers, gates and a 15th-century castle, it’s hard not to feel like you’re in a dream. Even more so when a dish of pappardelle al pomodoro arrives at the table just as you’re finishing your first glass of Le Mortelle’s 2009 Vintage. Located in the south-western portion of Tuscany, in the province of Grosseto, this ancient fishing town offers some

This page: Views from Il Salviatino, Florence

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This page: Elba island, Rio Marina village bay Giglio island

Cala Del Porto beach

of the best beaches in Italy, with stunning views of the islands of Elba and Giglio, hikes through Le Biancane National Park, and fascinating trails of Etruscan ruins. If you’re not so much an archaeologist, as an architect or a sommelier, you’ll be interested to hear of the region’s designer wineries, including Renzo Piano’s Rocca di Frassinello and Mario Botta’s Cantina Petra. Then again, if stretching out on a sun lounger and admiring a view is what you’re really looking for in a seaside sojourn, then it doesn’t get any better than Hotel Cala del Porto. Standing amid the Maremma pine forests leading to the sea, the hotel offers guests a magnificent view of the entire Tuscan archipelago. Its 38 bay-facing rooms and suites are decorated in a traditional Tuscan style and offer all the creature comforts one would expect. With two restaurants to choose from, offering both regional Tuscan and Italian cuisine, expect to be extending your stay. Tiffany Eastland Rooms at Baglioni Hotel Cala del Porto are available from €300 B&B per night. Price is based on two adults sharing and includes VAT., +39 0564 922455.


Porto di Maratea is the ideal spot to watch the sunset while enjoying an Aperol hotel still visit regularly, and if you’re lucky you may even spot their adorable dog Peppino. The town’s yacht and fishing harbour, Porto di Maratea, is a short walk down the hill from the hotel and is well worth a visit for its wonderful boutique shops and restaurants. It’s also the ideal spot to watch the sunset while enjoying an Aperol (or any other aperitif of your choice, of course). If you’re looking for further relaxation, make sure you check out Santavenere Hotel’s grotto-style Le Therme Spa. Although it seems a little unorthodox that such facilities are part of what seems like a traditional offering, it’s certainty a pleasant surprise and up to four guests can enjoy exclusive use of the facilities, which include a rain shower, sauna, salt cave, sun room, steam room, pool and ice bath. The latter is sure to wake you up if you fall into a slumber. Francesca Lee Santavenere Hotel, Via Conte Stefano Rivetti 1, 85046 Maratea, Italy,

Santavenere Hotel

Castiglione della Pescaia Maratea

Aerial view of Maratea harbour

For more breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, pay a visit to Santavenere Hotel, which is positioned on the rocky coastline of Maratea in southern Italy. Although the nearest airport in Naples is at least a two-hour drive away, it’s well worth a stopover if you’re driving south to Sicily. Built in 1956, the château-style house, complete with antique furniture and oil paintings, has a family home feel. Indeed, the owners who used to live at the

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Anshun Bridge, Chengdu, Sichuan

The Spice of Life Clare Vooght goes to town in south-west China, sampling Sichuan chillies, performing tai chi by Mount Emei and cooing over Chengdu’s pandas



n the past 24 hours I have seen bamboo used as scaffolding, as a decorative table centre and as a tool for warding off thieving monkeys. I’ve even eaten it in soup – it’s mild tasting, soft with a little bite. Now, however, it is being used during a massage to roll and pummel my muscles into blissful submission after a mountain hike. I’m staying at the tranquil Anantara Resort, at the foot of Sichuan’s Mount Emei – the highest of China’s four sacred

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Buddhist mountains and a UNESCO heritage site – and a few hours earlier I was at the mountain’s peak. Despite thick mountain fog, the payoff was worth the cable car ride and a brisk hour-long march to the 3,099-metre summit – pursued by adorable but cheeky monkeys who we spotted sipping from stolen water bottles despite hikers wielding bamboo sticks. The world’s highest golden Buddha statue, 48 metres tall with ten faces, dominates the mountaintop Buddhist temple, which was the first to be built in China in


the first century AD. Incense smoke snakes around fruit offerings inside gold pagoda-roofed structures and dancing flames warm the chilly air outside from rows of thick red candles and huge iron cauldrons. It’s up here on Mount Emei where the botanicals for the products used in Anantara’s lakeside spa are grown. And when I return, the spa provides the perfect antidote to my sore limbs after the combination of the hike and a ten-hour flight the previous day. During the course of my signature bamboo massage, which follows a milk and rose petal foot soak, each and every knot in my body is rolled smooth with a mixture of traditional massage and rolling pin-style bamboo work. It sets me up for a deep sleep in my luxurious yet cosy Anantara pavilion – with intricately carved dark wood furniture and magenta orchid flowers placed on every available surface – and I rise early the following morning for some traditionally Chinese tai chi by the lake. From behind pampas grass I spot black swans floating past as my teacher, Gree, shows me the ropes. I had always thought the ultra-slow movements looked easy, but Gree tells me each controlled pose must be reached while tensing your muscles and breathing in the correct way – and I realise it’s not quite as simple as it looks. Once I’ve mastered the theatrical tai chi moves, it’s time to witness another theatrical Chinese export – Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan spice is unique in that it causes tingling and numbness, and its food has steadily been growing in influence outside China. Anantara’s fine-dining restaurant Jinyi serves up dish after dish of authentic Sichuanese food – all intended for sharing – including a creation entitled Riches and Flower Blossom. It comprises pastry flowers arranged on a tree carved from dark wood, with scallops deep fried with potato strands and prawns in lychees with a sweet red sauce.

A frog stew, red with chilli, comes to the table next, where the bowl is dramatically set on fire. Noodles follow, with beans, pak choy and spicy Sichuan numbness. The spectacle ends with custard tarts and pastries topped with delicate sugar-crafted swan necks and heads, served on a plate with a green centre and hand-crafted flowers and lilly pads, so the dish looks like a lake. Stomach satisfied, I leave the peace of the mountains that afternoon for Chengdu: Sichuan’s capital and China’s sprawling fourth city of 14 million. In comparison with other great Chinese metropolises, Chengdu is a little more laid-back, but still chaotic by European standards, and driving on one of the main veins into the city on a Friday evening is a noisy, lethargic experience. The Temple House in downtown Chengdu provides a welcome sanctuary when I check in at the quiet, centuries-old restored courtyard with its wood-carved walls and balconies. The hotel, which opened last year, blends traditional Chinese aesthetics with modern design: pagoda roofs here, sharp, clean lines there; the rooms have traditional-style dark wood screens and sliding mirrored doors; the spa’s minimal treatment rooms with off-white leather wall panels stand beside a traditional teahouse inspired by a traditional Chinese apothecary. It is incredibly sleek and incredibly cool. In creating the skylight ceiling of the pool, the architect – Make, the British firm that redesigned the new escalator hall

Sichuan spice is unique in that is causes tingling and numbness

This page: All images Anantara Emei Resort; Opposite page: All images The Temple House


at Harrods and built the Copper Box Arena for the London Olympics – drew inspiration from the terraced rice fields on hills frequently seen in the Chinese countryside. After a few lengths of the pool I head to The Temple Café for the hotel group’s latest fashion collaboration. Stylish parent brand Swire has previously teamed with Diptyque, but its style ally during my stay is Lanvin: it has drafted in the fashion house to create a Lanvin afternoon tea. A selection of sweet, decadent French-inspired macarons, pink éclairs and redcurrant-topped chocolate tarts is presented alongside napkins and placemats featuring specially hand-drawn illustrations by former Lanvin creative director Alber Elbaz. Love Lanvin is written on one of the plates in sugar. And as a final touch, guests are all given a tote bag or fan bearing the same designs to take home. The newly developed surrounding area Taikoo Li is equally hip, with similar restored-meets-modern aesthetics and plenty of bars, restaurants, and clothing and design boutiques. Especially worth a visit is The Upper Gallery, which acts as both a booking-only design restaurant and furniture showroom, where intimate dinners are served among innovative new furniture pieces. Amid all this is the tranquil Daci Temple, dating back to the seventh century.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

And within walking distance are all the designer stores you could need – including Salvatore Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton and Prada. Above the latter hangs an enormous panda sculpture that appears to be climbing onto its roof. Chengdu is quite rightly proud of its pandas – photos and cartoons of the fluffy bears are all over the city. The real ones are most active first thing in the morning, so head to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on the edge of Chengdu early. Young ones perch impossibly on thin branches up trees and even the adults are heart-stoppingly cute – I could have happily watched a pair sloppily jostling around and playing in slow motion for hours. If you’re especially lucky, you may see baby ones. If you can tear yourself away, take a walk around the colourful Tibetan quarter for great food and a little spirituality, or for a quintessential Chinese park experience head to the adjacent People’s Park. Here I witness scores of people watching outdoor karaoke performers warble their way through Mandarin classics and groups of locals doing tai chi. For a more peaceful experience, visit Wangjianglou Park – which is, in essence, a riverside park in a forest of, yes, more bamboo. A walk along the quiet bamboo-lined walkways, past magnificent pagodas and miniature waterfalls on the edges of preened ponds and over their little footbridges is guaranteed to soothe the soul. Nightly rates at Anantara Emei Resort start from £97 on a bed & breakfast basis for a Deluxe Garden View Room,; rooms at The Temple House cost from £204 per night,


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“AT DINNER, WE HAD SIX DIFFERENT WINES FOR SIX DIFFERENT PEOPLE. BUT DIDN’T OPEN A SINGLE BOTTLE.” For centuries, it was impossible. NOW THE CORAVIN REVOLUTION IS IN YOUR HANDS. The Coravin System is the first and only tool in the world that lets you access, pour and enjoy wine from a bottle - without pulling the cork. Now you can taste, share, compare and explore wines like never before. It’s the revolution that’s opening up an enriching world of possibilities.

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12/10/15 2:51 PM



BY Hannah lemon

The Garden State The Ivy has clung on to popular culture, well, like ivy tends to cling – pretty hard. Before Caprice Holdings acquired the West End venue as its flagship and private members’ club, it had changed hands many times but always remained in favour with its flashy A-list clientele; from Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh and Marlene Dietrich of the mid-1900s to Mick Jagger, Madonna, Kate Moss and Brad Pitt in recent years. The Ivy has grown and sprawled across London like its namesake, adding to its collection Chelsea Garden, Market Grill in Covent Garden and Café in Marylebone. With such an esteemed reputation come high expectations.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

The high and mighty have been fans for decades I have the pleasure of visiting the latest addition: Kensington Brasserie. Martin Brudnizki Design Studio’s interiors really are the pièce de résistance here. Leather banquettes provide seating areas in the middle of the room separated by a mesh partition that makes me feel like a French secret agent in a film noir. The lighting for this production is on point, with a dulled but kind light glowing on guests through large circular bulbs hanging from the ceiling, while pictures of Greek figures, Victorian etchings and Roman statues relax against the walls. This hotchpotch of European influences is reflected in the menu as well, which offers the usual Ivy specialities such as shepherd’s pie and steak, egg and chips. My first niggle is the size of the

portions – anyone dining at The Ivy is sure to want to enjoy three courses but it frustratingly insists on filling you up with just one. The tuna carpaccio is clean and crisp while the crunchy prawns with wasabi are big enough to have for a main. We follow these starters with whole lemon sole (on the dry side) and mussels and chips. For a spectacle of a desert, opt for the chocolate bomb – the pyrotechnics of salted caramel, milk foam and ice cream are fun to watch – although it is remarkably heavy. Whereas the dairy-free coconut panna cotta with the delightfully light bubbles of Moscato d’Asti is the perfect way to finish the meal. Whether people agree with me as to whether the menu has a few creases to be ironed out is irrelevant – the high and mighty have been fans for many decades and are surely going to remain so for many more. The Ivy Kensington Brasserie, 96 Kensington High Street, W8,


Turn of the Century It’s one thing to find it frustrating when you have to wait for a film to reach your nearest cinema but it’s an entirely different thing when you have to wait a century to see it at all. To celebrate the LOUIS XIII Cognac, the label has filmed a prediction of what the world will be like 100 years from now, to be released in 2115. Starring the mysterious John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez, 100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See is inspired by the careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of the aromatic spirit. But if you are planning to notify future generations, you will need a ticket and only 1,000 people received exclusive invitations to hand to their descendants. This certainly is a movie of a lifetime. LOUIS XIII is available at Harrods, £1,995 and Fortnum and Mason, £2,200, Hedonism and Selfridges

In It to Gin It Cocktails at Clarendon Beneath the quirky boutique hotel Artist Residence in Pimlico Village, owned by Charlotte and Justin Salisbury, is the equally quirky Clarendon Cocktail Cellar. Bar manager and expert cocktail shaker Stephen Ruse has used painters, printers and pop-artists as inspiration for the drinks list for the new bar. Featuring Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans with bacon bourbon or olive oil vodka, Edvard Munch’s The Scream and Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, there is enough creative flair here to whet any artist’s whistle in an instant. 52 Cambridge Street, Pimlico, SW1V,

Passage to Peru The beginning of March sees the owners of Michelinstarred LIMA Fitzrovia and LIMA Floral restaurants bring the taste of Peru to Harrods. The delicatessen will offer walk-ins the option of take-away lunch or dinner on the go with colourful and contemporary dishes. On offer will be salmon and sea bream ceviche, potatoes huancaína (a traditional Peruvian dish from the town of Huancayo), beef or chicken empanadas, and various anticuchos (street food originating from the pre-Columbian era). Harrods, 87–135 Brompton Road, SW1X,,

Often called the Queen of the Hebrides, the Scottish island of Islay is commonly known to produce whiskies such as Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Bowmore. But also in its repertoire is The Botanist, a hand-crafted gin augmented with 22 local herbs and flowers which are foraged responsibly by hand from the hills, shores and bogs. The aroma from the bottle is something entirely different from the usual offerings for an afternoon G&T, with fresh apple, mint and citrus flavours, complemented by the soft Scottish flavours of heather, juniper, lady’s bedstraw and hawthorn. You may be opting for a G without the T before too long.


Monday Movie Nights Give yourself a reason to indulge in carefully crafted carbs with a visit to the Rabbit on the King’s Road. Indulge in homemade pasta from the restaurant’s cinema set menu for just £18 before or after a viewing at the Curzon. Accompanied by a side salad and a glass of Nutbourne red wine, which comes directly from the family vineyard in West Sussex, Oliver Gladwin’s comforting creations will warm the cockles. 172 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW3,

Try It Out for Size

The Producers The Grill at The Dorchester is welcoming experts in the food field to introduce their produce to guests and host an exclusive dinner. On 25 February The Kernel Brewery will be popping in to showcase pale ales, porters and stouts, while on 28 April Paxton & Whitfield will present its cheeses. The 200-year-old British cheesemonger, which is a proud Royal Warrant holder as appointed by Her Majesty The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales, is sure to select only the best for local turophiles.

Tiny Leaf is taking over the former site of Bumpkin on Westbourne Park Road until it finds a permanent residence. It claims to be London’s first organic, vegetarian and zero-waste restaurant, turning surplus food sourced from local food suppliers into a guilt-free gastronomic experience. Creating a new niche for the conscientious consumer, chef Justin Horne, general manager Jonathan Krauss (formerly of Chiltern Firehouse) and marketing director Alice Gilsenan will serve up whatever their partners in industry – chains such as Planet Organic and wholesaler Langridge – are able to contribute. Diners can also morph into eco-warriors by taking leftovers home in free ‘bio-boxes’ made from biodegradable vegetable polymers. Situated over four floors, there is a bistro, juice bar, fine-dining restaurant, cinema, events space and botanical cocktail bar. Expect big things from Tiny Leaf. 209 Westbourne Park Road, W11,

The Grill at The Dorchester, 53 Park Lane, W1K,

Chucs Away You may be familiar with the popular portmanteaus Brangelina, cockapoo and frappuccino but one more to add to the list is fooshion. Chucs restaurant isn’t the first to combine fashion and food (there is 202 on Westbourne Grove) but its take on the combination sounds intriguing nonetheless. Due to open in mid-February, one level will be dedicated to its menswear collection and the garden level will be home to an Italian restaurant and café overseen by Alessandro Verdenelli, executive chef of KX gym. Get ready to sheat (shop and eat?) your heart out.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s


Photography: Dave M Benett/Getty Images Amber Le Bon

Roxie Nafousi, Alice Naylor-Leyland & Rosie Fortescue

Charlotte Olympia Dellal & Alice Naylor-Leyland Lady Kitty Spencer, Alice NaylorLeyland & Amber Atherton

Mary Charteris & Alice Naylor-Leyland

Sabine Getty & Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis

Photography: Thomas Alexander Photography: Thomas Alexander

Nicky Wilkinson

Katherine Hooker

Harriet Rochester, Gina Harding, Susannah Gill, Elizabeth Peel & Sally Rowley-Williams


Cara Meehan

Tara Myerscough

Vanessa Palmer & Georgie Island

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

LONDON LIVING Photography: Dave M Benett

Sole Purpose WHAT: Mrs Alice for French Sole Launch Party WHEN: 2 February WHERE: Annabel’s, 44 Berkeley Square, W1J WHO: Amber Le Bon, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, Patrick Grant, Candice Lake and Markus Lupfer WHY: Mayfair became a wonderland for the launch party of all-round fashion guru Alice Naylor-Leyland’s collaboration with French Sole. Private members’ club Annabel’s was the venue, and was completely transformed with a floral archway that had shoes from the collection peeping through the blooms, flamingo-lined paths and a leopard lounge. Late Lapin and Queen of Hearts cocktails were provided by Belvedere Vodka, and mini burgers were handed around for hungry mouths.

Charlotte Olympia Dellal

Mat Collishaw & Polly Morgan

Lara Bohinc

Martha Ward

Crème of the Crop WHAT: Crème de la Mer launch of Genaissance de la Mer WHEN: 21 January WHERE: Sexy Fish, Berkeley Square, W1J WHO: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Yasmin Le Bon, Kelly Hoppen, Daisy Lowe and Polly Morgan WHY: A-listers and brand devotees gathered for a private dinner with Crème de la Mer to celebrate the launch of its luxury serum Genaissance de la Mer. The new product, which has been years in the making, uses rare marine ingredients and state-of-the-art technology in order to provide an exceptional skincare experience. The venue was certainly fitting, as the crowd sat down to eat at seafood restaurant Sexy Fish and chose from a menu that included seared yellowfin tuna and Isle of Mull scallops.

Polly Morgan & Harriet Verney

Richard Jones & Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Kelly Hoppen & Yasmin Le Bon

Olga Kurylenko

Daisy Lowe & Portia Freeman

Darren Kennedy & Vogue Williams

Natasha Oakley

Donna Air

Photography: Dave M Benett

Off to the Races WHAT: Katherine Hooker x Penmayne of London WHEN: 3 February WHERE: Katherine Hooker, 19 Ashburnham Road, Chelsea, SW10 WHO: Camilla Henderson, Gina Harding, Cara Meehan, Katherine Hooker and Claire Howeson WHY: Katherine Hooker and Penmayne of London have come together to produce hat and coat combinations for the Cheltenham Festival in March. They threw a launch party with Gina Harding, the Channel 4 racing presenter, which proved popular with ladies from the equestrian world, such as horse-mad milliner Cara Meehan and amateur jockey Camilla Henderson. While attendees took top tips from Harding, they also participated in a raffle in aid of the Injured Jockey Fund.

Well Heeled WHAT: Manolo Blahnik Store Launch Party WHEN: 2 February WHERE: Manolo Blahnik, Burlington Arcade, W1J WHO: Suzy Menkes, Yasmin Le Bon, Kristine and Evangeline Blahnik and Mary Beard WHY: Mr Blahnik has added another destination to our shopping list by opening up a brand new store in Mayfair. The location in the Burlington Arcade acts as a homage to the designer’s long-term love of traditional England. Many notable figures from the fashion crowd were in attendance, all of whom were eager to see the new collection on the shelves. And to ensure that everyone fell head over heels for the designs, Blahnik was there to sign his soles away.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Fenton Bailey & Sarah Stanbury

Yasmin Le Bon & Kristina Blahnik

Yasmin Le Bon & Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik & Suzy Menkes

Kristina Blahnik, Manolo Blahnik & Suzy Menkes


The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

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Ease your emotional baggage through writing. Sit with a writer and, using a specially developed format, write out your traumatic event or problem to release it. To book 60 or 90 minute appointments email or call 07733 112333







Discover Yerba Maté, a fresh, stimulating aroma, inspired by the steeped leaf infusion of Argentina and South America. Evoking the wild solitude of the Pampas grasslands, Yerba Maté will sharpen your senses and free your thoughts with enlivening petitgrain, a shot of maté, guaiac wood and vetiver. This is pure energy. Yerba Maté joins Darjeeling, our original aromatic infusion, blended for positivity with zesty lemongrass, citrus and warm nutmeg, layered over a rich black tea base. Both blends are captured in candles, room diffusers, bath & shower, hand cleansers and body hydrators, infused with potent natural botanicals. These are scents to surround yourself in. Every day. Every place. From lounge to bath, work space to holiday.


TL DJ YM advert-AW 14.1.16.indd 2

15/01/2016 06:58

HOMES showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

Peak Point Why Chelsea will remain one of the most sought-after addresses in London

Image courtesy of Strutt & Parker

Stafford Terrace, Kensington W8 An immaculately presented two bedroom lateral apartment A beautifully presented and elegant apartment spanning two buildings on the second floor of a Victorian conversion which benefits from excellent living and entertaining space. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, utility area. EPC: C. Approximately 126 sq m (1,356 sq ft).   Share of freehold

Guide price: £2,500,000 020 3551 5156  


Stafford Terrace, 11C - K&C Mag - CM

08/02/2016 10:18:25



Carlyle Square, Chelsea SW3 A spectacular house situated on the highly exclusive Carlyle Square This phenomenal house has been rebuilt, extended and refurbished to a level and specification rarely found in Chelsea and is located on the highly sought after northern terrace of Carlyle Square with fabulous views from both front and back over the gardens. 6 double bedroom suites, reception room, kitchen/dining/sitting room, cinema, gym/playroom, private garden, access to garden square. EPC: C. Approximately 473 sq m (5,100 sq ft). Freehold

Guide price: £18,750,000 020 3641 5903 020 3641 5913


K&C March Carlyle Prue

08/02/2016 16:52:39

Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill W11 Exceptional period house with parking and access to gardens An impressive semi detached low built wide villa with generous parking and direct access to a stunning communal garden. 5/6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, shower room, 3 reception rooms, kitchen, dining room,  garden, external storage vaults, access to residents' communal gardens, garage. EPC: E Approximately 415.5 sq m (4,472 sq ft).   Freehold

Guide price: £10,500,000 020 8166 5449  


52 Ladbroke Grove K&C March 2016

04/02/2016 13:44:55


Aldridge Road Villas, Notting Hill W11 Charming two bedroom flat A rare opportunity to acquire a spacious and beautifully presented first floor flat located in a handsome period building benefitting from impressive volumes, an abundance of natural light and beautiful period features.       2 bedrooms, bathroom, reception room, kitchen. EPC: D. Approximately 51 sq m (550 sq ft).   Leasehold

Guide price: £870,000 020 8166 5449  


A Cadogan Lane, Belgravia SW1 A highly desirable house bordering Chelsea, Belgravia and Knightsbridge This immaculate four bedroom house is within close proximity of Sloane Square and benefits from an abundance of natural light. Master bedroom (en suite), 3 further bedrooms, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, cloakroom, loft, garden, off street parking and an integral garage. The house qualifies for access to Cadogan Place communal gardens (including tennis courts). EPC: E. Approximately 139 sq (1,502 sq ft).   Freehold    

Guide price: £3,950,000 020 3641 5913          


S a g ( 2 l

F @KnightFrank


Kensington and Chelsea March 16- 67 Cadogan Lane

08/02/2016 10:33:54



Albert Terrace, Primrose Hill NW1 Imposing house with Park views 020 8022 5461

Situated behind a perimeter wall with off street parking for 3 cars and a rear garden. The property is a wide Victorian house presented in good condition with an abundance of volume and light. 6 bedrooms (3 with en suite bathrooms), 3 further bathrooms, 2 dressing rooms, 2 reception rooms, 2 study rooms, studio/games room, family room, lift. EPC: C. Approximately 548.8 sq m (5,907 sq ft). Freehold


333849_Vantage_KF_March.indd 1

10/02/2016 11:37

HELPING YOU MOVE FORWARD IN 2016 To find out how we can help you or to arrange your complimentary market appraisal please contact us: 020 3641 6122    

Guide price: £4,750,000

Gledhow Gardens, Earl's Court SW5


Beautifully presented ground and lower floor apartment with bespoke features and south west facing front aspect reception room and large family kitchen leading out on to a terrace and communal gardens. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, patio, roof terrace, communal garden. EPC: D. Leasehold 146 years. Approximately 211.4 sq m (2,276 sq ft). Office: 020 3641 6122

All potential tenants should be advised that as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 and referencing fees of £48 per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit


Guide price: £6,500,000

Queen's Gate Place, South Kensington SW7 With adaptable voluminous rooms to suit any type of living, this property has high ceilings and French windows leading to a balcony. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, reception room, roof terrace, communal garden. EPC: D. Share of freehold. Approximately 280 sq m (3,014sq ft). Office: 020 3641 6122  


04/02/2016 09:45:26



Stafford Terrace, Kensington W8 A recently refurbished three bedroom maisonette This property benefits from a wonderful reception room, with high ceilings, wooden floors and working fireplaces, which leads on to a stunning south facing terrace and garden. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, terrace and patio garden. EPC: C. Approximately 175.05 sq m (1,884 sq ft).     Available furnished or unfurnished

Guide price: £2,750 per week 020 7938 4311  


K&C Mag - Stafford Terrace

08/02/2016 12:26:26

Wellington Square, Chelsea SW3 Elegant four bedroom house in popular garden square This west facing town house benefits from spacious family accommodation, a pretty rear garden and a large roof terrace. Wellington Square is ideally situated just off the Kings Road, close to all the amenities and shops of Kings Road and Sloane Street. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, garden, roof terrace. EPC: D. Approximately 243 sq m (2,623 sq ft). Available unfurnished 020 3641 6019  

Guide price: £3,950 per week All potential tenants should be advised that as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 and referencing fees of £48 per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

K&C - March 2016


08/02/2016 16:39:09


Hot Property: Campden Street A charming three-bed Victorian house built over four floors with a garden

Situated in the heart of Kensington is a charming three-bed Victorian house (approx. 1,450 sq ft). Built over four floors, the house offers ample room. On the ground floor is a kitchen, dining area, study and guest loo. The spacious kitchen leads out onto one of two outdoor spaces – a secluded south-facing garden, which enables the light to filter through the windows and is perfect for a summer gathering. Up through a spiral staircase is a large reception room that stretches from the front of the house to the rear, where you can access the other outdoor space – a large roof terrace. The lofty patio connects to the rear garden via outside steps, offering a quiet getaway for a few private drinks in the evening. Further up the spiral staircase is the second floor, comprising two bedrooms and a family bathroom, while on the top floor there is a bright master bedroom with an en-suite shower room and built-in wardrobes.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Campden Street, Kensington, W8 £2,400,000

The quiet Campden Street has a rich history – Agatha Christie was once a tenant. But relaxed residential life can be quickly swapped with the bustling retail therapy destinations of Westbourne Grove, Portobello Road and Kensington High Street. Shopping, entertainment, prestigious schools, large parks and endless cultural excursions are just some of the appealing attractions in the area.

52-56 Kensington Church Street, W8 4DB


Whether small or tall Move with Savills


Guide £2.35 million

CHELTENHAM TERRACE SW3 1,228 sq ft 3 1 2 EPC=D


Guide £795,000


Guide £1.95 million


576 sq ft EPC=C


1,120 sq ft EPC=D

6428|A K&C 'Small or Tall' Sales DPS 1 ART.indd 1

08/02/2016 09:47


Call us 7 days a week on 020 7877 4640



Price on application


2,192 sq ft EPC=D


Guide £1.895 million


Guide £1.795 million


1,100 sq ft EPC=E


1,250 sq ft EPC=C

6428|A K&C 'Small or Tall' Sales DPS 1 ART.indd 2

Reception room | media room | playroom | kitchen | 3 double bedrooms 4 bathrooms | utility room | garden | access to communal gardens

08/02/2016 09:48

Call us 7 days a week on 020 7877 4640


Guide £1.2 million


Guide £2.25 million


790 sq ft EPC=E


984 sq ft EPC=C


Guide £2.5 million


Guide £1.55 million


1,504 sq ft EPC=D


950 sq ft EPC=D

6428|B K&C 'Small or Tall' Sales DPS 2 ART.indd 1

08/02/2016 09:50




4,472 sq ft EPC=E

Double reception room | dining room | kitchen | master bedroom suite with dressing room | 5 further bedrooms (1 en suite) | 2 further bathrooms | garage




6428|B K&C 'Small or Tall' Sales DPS 2 ART.indd 2

3,313 sq ft EPC=C

Guide £10.5 million

Guide £5.75 million

3 reception rooms | 5 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | lift | porter | garage

08/02/2016 09:51

Call us 7 days a week on 020 7877 4640


Guide £4.25 million


Guide £2.9 million


2,793 sq ft EPC=D


1,735 sq ft EPC=C


Guide £4.95 million


Guide £3.6 million


2,670 sq ft EPC=B

BOYNE TERRACE MEWS W11 2,027 sq ft 3 2 3 EPC=B

6428|C K&C 'Small or Tall' Mews Sales DPS 3 ART.indd 1

08/02/2016 09:53



CORNWALL MEWS WEST SW7 2,216 sq ft 3 2 3 EPC=E

Guide £3.75 million 2 reception rooms | open plan kitchen/dining room | 3 bedrooms | bathroom 2 shower rooms | utility room | roof terrace | 3rd reception room/garage




6428|C K&C 'Small or Tall' Mews Sales DPS 3 ART.indd 2

2,346 sq ft EPC EXEMPT

Guide £6.05 million

2 reception rooms | kitchen/dining room | 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms | steam room

08/02/2016 09:53

Call us 7 days a week on 020 7877 4640


£750 pw + fees apply*


£575 pw + fees apply*


618 sq ft EPC=C


706 sq ft EPC=D


£900 pw + fees apply*


£910 pw + fees apply*


1,154 sq ft EPC=D


756 sq ft EPC=D

* Fees to include drawing up the tenancy agreements and reference change for one tenant – £282 inc VAT one-off fee. £36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependant on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details visit

6428|D K&C 'Small or Tall' Lettings DPS 4 ART.indd 1

08/02/2016 09:56




4,448 sq ft EPC=E

7 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms | 4 reception rooms | laundry room with storage




6428|D K&C 'Small or Tall' Lettings DPS 4 ART.indd 2

2,239 sq ft EPC=C

£5,650 pw + fees apply*

£4,950 pw + fees apply*

3 bedrooms | 3 bathrooms | 2 reception rooms | kitchen swimming pool | 24 hour porter | underground parking

08/02/2016 09:56

Beyond your expectations

Kensington Court, W8 £775 per week Furnished (charges apply)* A newly decorated two bedroom two bathroom duplex apartment well located moments from Kensington High Street. Benefiting from a pretty patio garden and the upper floor boasts excellent light and natural wood flooring. (860 sq ft / 79.9 sq m). EPC: E

Iverna Court, W8 £2,300 per week Furnished/Unfurnished A stunning completely refurbished four bedroom apartment on the 4th floor (with lift) of this well maintained portered redbrick mansion block in Kensington. Benefiting from four bathrooms and a large new kitchen. (1,885 sq ft / 171.5 sq m). EPC: D

Hamptons Kensington Office Sales. 020 7717 5461 | Lettings. 020 7717 5459

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hollywood Road, SW10 Four bedroom family house situated in Hollywood Road, SW10. The house comprises a fabulous 39’3 reception room with a conservatory area leading out to a private garden. On the lower ground floor is the modern fully fitted kitchen and dining/breakfast room as well as the utility room. Master bedroom with ensuite, three further bedrooms and two family bathrooms. EPC: C *Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Chelsea Office Sales. 020 7717 5431 | Lettings. 0207 3700 774

£1950 Per Week • • • • •

Four Bedrooms Two Bathrooms Private Garden Conservatory Study

(charges apply)*

Beyond your expectations

Hans Place, SW1X This newly refurbished apartment has been finished to exacting detail providing a wealth of natural light and finished in a contemporary style. The apartment is situated on the top floor of this red brick period building providing views over the communal gardens. EPC: E

£795 per week, Furnished charges apply)* • • • • • •

Hamptons Knightsbridge Office Lettings. 020 7584 2014 | Sales. 020 7717 5461

Two bedrooms Two bathrooms Communal Gardens Recently Refurbished Wealth of Natural Light Permit Parking



Property News

Journal of Prime Property

PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Peak Point Lily Terrell explains why Chelsea remains one of the most sought-after and prestigious areas in which to live in London

The property market

Tumble Down Average prices per square foot across prime central London were down -3.7% at the end of 2015, according to the latest figures from LonRes. All in all, 2015 was a “rather muted” year in the PCL market, said the firm, due to stamp duty reform, currency movements and tax changes to non-doms having sobered up the market in a big way. Although the average decline in per square foot values over the fourth quarter was only -0.4%, prices in the worst-affected £5m+ range fell by -8.6% between Q4 2014 and Q4 2015 – a stark contrast to the +7.8% rise recorded in the sub-£1m bracket (the only price range to have posted an increase).

“It should be remembered that the market in Q4 2014 was affected by the change in stamp duty” - LonRes Meanwhile, sales volumes carried on free-falling. There were 22% fewer transactions recorded in Q4 2015 than in the fourth quarter of 2014, meaning that sales over 2015, as a whole, were 21% lower than in the previous year. Mind-blowing as it may be, the 53.5% plunge in sales above £5m+ should, however, be taken within the context of what happened in Q4 2014: “It should be remembered that the market in Q4 2014 was affected by the surprise change in stamp duty and many buyers at the very top end of the market rushed to buy in the first days of December 2014,” said LonRes, “which pushed up sales rates in the final quarter of that year.” Beyond the centre, Greater London saw prices soar by 12.4% during 2015, according to Land Registry data, in part thanks to a +2.1% increase in December (the biggest monthly increase of any region). That compares to a national average property price rise across England and Wales of 6.4% through the year.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

in Chelsea has reached its peak. Despite the challenges set by the government last year, the Royal Borough has kept its high standards and reputation. For a long time, I believed that areas outside prime central London (PCL), such as Fulham, Wandsworth and Battersea, would exceed the price level of areas such as Chelsea or Holland Park. My reasoning came from the steady and high increase in prices in non-PCL in comparison to the lack of increase in prices and sales within PCL. Last year, there were 30% to 50% fewer transactions in central London than in the previous year. This is not to say that the value of properties has gone down, but if there are any time constraints in selling a property in Chelsea, the only way would be to sell below market value due to the lack of demand.

Buyers will decide whether they want to live in a place with the potential to make a higher profit or live within the safe and steady walls of Chelsea My more recent thoughts are that the market is simply readjusting after the influx of price levels in Chelsea in comparison to its neighbouring boroughs. Once the gap in price levels between Zones 1 and 2 becomes slimmer, the Chelsea property market should begin to kick off once again. Currently people aren’t buying in PCL because the most profit is to be made in newly developed areas such as Battersea that haven’t yet reached their ultimate price point. Soon enough, buyers will decide whether they want to live in a place with the potential to make a higher profit or live within the safe and steady walls of Chelsea, where its reputation is unquestioned and the market is more stable. There will inevitably be some more challenges along the way for areas such as Chelsea for as long as the government tries to make the rich poorer and the poor richer, but there is no other place like it in the world. With the most beautiful buildings and direct access to the best shops and restaurants in the capital, Chelsea should always remain at the top of the London property market. Carter Jonas LLP, One Chapel Place, WIG OBG;



CORNWALL GARDENS, SW7 ÂŁ1,750,000 Share of Freehold An exceptionally light and bright three bedroom flat on the second floor (with a lift) of this well maintained Grade II listed period conversion that is located at the preferred quiet western end of this popular garden square. This charming flat is presented in good order throughout and extends to 865sq/ft (80 sq/m) of well arranged and proportioned accommodation. Entrance Hall | Reception Room | Kitchen | Three Bedrooms | Large Shower Room | Guest WC | Access to Communal Gardens (STUCC) | Approx 865 Sq/ft (80.36 Sq/m) | Council Tax Band F | EPC: C

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7373 5052 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.


ONSLOW GARDENS, SW7 £595 Per Week £2,578.33 Per Month A beautifully presented one bedroom property, situated on the raised ground floor of this delightful period building.

1 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Rooms | 1 Bathrooms | Raised Ground Floor Period Flat | Approx 545 Sq Ft | Band F

SOUTH KENSINGTON | 020 7370 6767 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.



BLITHFIELD STREET, LONDON, W8 £2,750,000 FREEHOLD An attractive four bedroom Victorian house (1782 sq ft/ 165 sq m) situated quietly at the end of a charming cherry tree lined cul-de-sac. The ground floor has a 26’ reception room with square arch through to a kitchen/dining room which leads to the patio garden. The principal bedroom suite occupies the first floor. There are three further bedrooms and two further bath/shower rooms.

Reception room | Kitchen/Dining room | Principal bedroom with en suite bathroom | Three further bedrooms | Further bathroom | Shower room | Patio | Quiet and charming location | EPC: E

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.


MELBURY COURT, LONDON W8 ÂŁ4,750,000 LEASEHOLD An exceptional lateral five bedroom apartment (2700 sq ft/250 sq m) situated on the top floor (with lift) of this prestigious portered block with secure parking. This beautiful fifth floor apartment has long views over the roof tops of Kensington and excellent entertaining space with two large interconnecting reception rooms, a well-equipped kitchen/dining room and study. The five double bedrooms have ample wardrobe space. There is also a large storage room in the basement. Entrance Hall | Two Reception Rooms | Study | Kitchen/Dining Room | Five Bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | Cloakroom | 24 Hour Porterage | Separate Storage | Parking | EPC: E

KENSINGTON | 020 7727 1500 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.


DURHAM TERRACE, W2 ÂŁ1,550,000 LEASEHOLD A stunning, contemporary two bedroom two bathroom apartment, the results of a well thought through refurbishment programme, providing extensive and exceptionally well arranged open living space, flooded with light throughout in this pretty, peaceful spot.

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Room | 2 Bathrooms | 969 sq ft

NOTTING HILL | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.



PEMBRIDGE VILLAS, W11 ÂŁ1,895,000 Not one, but two simply amazing gardens, with a pretty fantastic apartment also. This exceptional two bedroom property is essentially ground floor level and has been entirely refurbished by its current owner both inside and out. It features some of the finest garden spaces in the area, making it the perfect home for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

Share of Freehold | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception Rooms | 1 Bathroom | Two Gardens | 1118 sq ft

NOTTING HILL | 020 7727 3227 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.


LAWRENCE STREET, SW3 ÂŁPOA A luxurious development by Parsons Green Land Ltd of the famous Cross Keys Public House, in this stunning Old Chelsea location. Arranged over four floors, the building is constructed in a Queen Anne style, with high ceilings throughout and a sense of light and space to each apartment. A comprehensive redevelopment of the upper floors has been completed by the Developer to create 4 bespoke flats, with particular attention having been employed to the fixtures and fittings.

Leasehold | Each Flat has 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms | 776 -950 Approx Sq ft | EPC C

KNIGHTSBRIDGE | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.


CHESTER STREET, SW1X £4,250 PER WEEK A grand, newly refurbished, six bedroom town house in the heart of Belgravia. Finished to a high standard throughout and offering bright, spacious accommodation and the benefit of a patio garden and a roof terrace. Period House | 6 Bedrooms | 4 Reception Rooms | 5 Bathrooms | Patio | Roof Terrace | Resident Parking | Unfurnished | 3280 Approx Sq ft | EPC E

PONT STREET, SW1X £925 PER WEEK A fantastic opportunity to rent this professionally managed 2 bedroom bright lateral apartment on the 3rd floor (lift) of a well located building in Knightsbridge with a porter. Two Bedrooms | 1 Reception room | 1 Bathroom | Period Flat | Lift | Furnished | 821 Approx Sq ft.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE | 020 7589 6616 on the go... No matter where you are, our properties are only a tap away.



SSIBLE We don’t want to be part of the pack.

Why should selling or buying a property be formulaic or even torture? We’re not different for difference sake. We do business differently to get great results which is why we’re statistically so effective at selling and buying in our particular patch. Give us a call today and find out how.

020 7221 1117

10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

St Stephens Mews Notting Hill W2 This off-the-beaten-track treasure won’t stay a secret for long... A deceptively large house with exceptional living space tucked away in this pretty cobbled Notting Hill mews.

020 7221 1117

10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Reception/kitchen/dining area Master bedroom suite Two further bedrooms Two further bathrooms Media room/gym Cloakroom Utility room Garden Garage 2,614 sq ft/ 242.84 sq m City of Westminster EPC rating band C Sole Agent Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ3.75 million T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Elgin Crescent Notting Hill W11 Notting Hill duplex with epic views and loads of space to crash... This flat is definitely party central, with huge entertaining space in the triple-aspect reception room and access to beautiful communal gardens, it is young-professional heaven.

020 7221 1117

10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Reception/dining room Kitchen Three bedrooms Three bathrooms Ample storage space Access to communal gardens 1,659 sq ft/ 154.10 sq m Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea EPC rating band E Share of Freehold Guide Price ÂŁ2.4 million

Viscount Court Notting Hill W2 This is luxury first flat/pied a terre territory – high enough for peace, and dead handy...

Reception/kitchen/dining area Master bedroom suite One further en-suite bedroom 793 sq ft/ 73.7 sq m Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea EPC rating band D Leasehold Guide Price ÂŁ1.325 million

020 7221 1117

10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Chepstow Road Notting Hill W2 Embrace the freedom of the single state in this delightful maisonette at the cooler end of Notting Hill...

Reception room Kitchen Master bedroom One further bedroom Bathroom Balcony 914 sq ft/ 84.91 sq m City of Westminster EPC rating band E Leasehold Guide Price ÂŁ1.3 million

020 7221 1117

10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH


£2,495,000 £2,495,000 £2,495,000 £2,495,000

Share Share of freehold of freehold Share Share ofof freehold freehold A sensational A sensational three-bedroom three-bedroom maisonette, maisonette, A beautifully A sensational sensational three-bedroom three-bedroom maisonette, maisonette, beautifully designed designed andand in keeping in keeping withwith the the beautifully beautifully designed designed and and in in keeping keeping with with thethe original original features. features. original original features. features. ThisThis gorgeous gorgeous home home offers offers a wealth a wealth of of This This gorgeous gorgeous home offers offers a wealth a wealth ofof entertaining entertaining andhome and living living space. space. entertaining entertaining and and living living space. space. – –Bright Bright reception reception room room Bright Bright reception reception room – – ––Modern Modern kitchen kitchen / dining /room dining room room Modern Modern kitchen kitchen / dining /with dining room room – – ––Master Master bedroom bedroom with en suite en suite – – Master Master bedroom bedroom with with en en suite suite – –OneOne further further double double bedroom bedroom One One further further double bedroom bedroom – – ––Third Third bedroom bedroom /double study / study – – Third Third bedroom bedroom / study / study – –Guest Guest bathroom bathroom Guest Guest bathroom bathroom – – ––Private Private patio patio garden garden – – Private Private patio patio garden garden – –CityCity of Westminster of Westminster – – City City of of Westminster Westminster – –Interior Interior designer: designer: Different Different LikeLike A Zoo A Zoo Interior Interior designer: designer: Different Like Like A A Zoo Zoo – – ––Approx Approx 1,580 1,580 sq ft. sq/Different ft. 147 / 147 sq m. sq EPC=E m. EPC=E – – Approx Approx 1,580 1,580 sqsq ft.ft. / 147 / 147 sqsq m.m. EPC=E EPC=E

Domus Domus Nova Nova Bayswater Bayswater Domus DomusNova NovaBayswater Bayswater

78 78 Westbourne Westbourne Grove Grove W2W2 5RT5RT 7878Westbourne WestbourneGrove GroveW2 W25RT 5RT 0207 0207 221221 78177817 0207 0207 221 221 7817

K+C Mag K+C -Mag Mar-2016.indd Mar 2016.indd 26-2726-27 K+C K+C MagMag - Mar - Mar 2016.indd 2016.indd 26-27 26-27



£7,000,000 Freehold

An incredible interpretation of a modern mews house designed by Guy Stansfeld and recently finished by Maddux Creative. This fastidiously created three bedroom home offers phenomenal lateral space over all floors and is remarkably well finished throughout. – – – – – – – –

Reception room with adjoining kitchen Top-floor media area onto roof garden Master bedroom suite with dressing area and en suite Two guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms Dedicated Eurocave cellar room Double garage Interior designer: Maddux Creative Approx 3,177 sq ft. / 295.2 sq m. EPC=C

10/02/2016 12:52:57


£6,950,000 Freehold

An exceptional new home created and built by Landmass London. This impressive five-bedroom contemporary house has been expertly designed and finished to an outstanding level. – – – – – – – – –

Ground-floor reception room Kitchen / dining area with secondary reception space onto patio garden First floor master bedroom suite with stunning bathroom and dressing room Three guest bedrooms with bathrooms Gym / bedroom five with en suite Dedicated media room Walled patio garden Integral garage with electric car charging Approx. 3,280 sq ft / 304.7 sq m. EPC=B

Domus Nova Notting Hill 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 0207 727 1717

K+C Mag - Mar 2016.indd 28-29




Share of freehold A beautifully executed and extensively refurbished three-bedroom duplex, marrying traditional proportions and features with refined contemporary detail. Queen’s Gardens is situated on one of the area’s most desirable private garden squares, near Hyde Park and the Italian Gardens. – – – – – – – – –

33 ft reception with original detailing Superb contemporary eat-in kitchen Master bedroom with en suite Two guest bedrooms with en suites Grand private entrance Private enclosed patio area Access to communal gardens City of Westminster Approx. 2,175 sq ft / 202 sq m. EPC=D

10/02/2016 12:53:09


£2,500 per week – admin fees apply* Long let Modern decor and period features combine to create relaxed living at this spacious home complete with a private garden and terrace. Situated in Notting Hill, Ladbroke Road is close to many amenities and transport links including Notting Hill Gate station. – – – – – – – – – –

Double reception room Spacious kitchen / breakfast room Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Walk-in wardrobe Three further double bedrooms Three bathrooms Private garden and terrace Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Approx. 2,019 sq ft / 188 sq m. EPC=E *

Domus Nova Bayswater 78 Westbourne Grove W2 5RT 0207 221 7817

K+C Mag - Mar 2016.indd 30-31



£2,500 per week – admin fees apply* Short let

Extensively remodelled and refurbished, this charismatic home offers a variety engaging spaces and plenty of natural light. Cornwall Crescent is located near to the excellent bars, restaurants and boutiques on Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove. – – – – – – – – –

Spacious first-floor reception room Contemporary kitchen Dedicated dining area Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom Three additional bedrooms Private terrace Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Approx. 2,169 sq ft / 202 sq m. EPC=D *

10/02/2016 12:53:33


The property consists of a large reception room with wooden floors leading onto a decked terrace. The family kitchen/ dining room is found on the lower ground floor and offers a perfect space for entertaining. 2 reception rooms • 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Garden • EPC rating F

Guide price £3,800,000

Knightsbridge and Chelsea 020 7584 7020


Meticulously refurbished, this bright apartment situated on the ground floor gives a fantastic feeling of space and proportion. The apartment fits a multitude of uses such as a Pied a Terre, investment or a first home. Reception room • Bedroom Bathroom • Ground floor apartment EPC rating D

Guide price £675,000

Knightsbridge and Chelsea 020 7584 7020


An imposing Grade II* listed semi-detached house situated in an enviable position in this highly sought-after garden square, with the rare benefit of a lift. It has a particularly handsome white stucco facade and extends to approximately 4,952 sq ft over five floors. 4 reception rooms • 6 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Balcony • Paved garden Communal garden

Guide price £10,950,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill 020 7371 1111



Chelsea SW3

South Kensington SW7

A brand new refurbished split-level maisonette with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

A brand new refurbished property with plenty of natural light. The property is located on the raised ground floor in a vibrant location.

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • Bathroom • EPC rating D

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • EPC rating D

£795 per week*/£3,445 per month*

£800 per week*/£3,467 per month*

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7584 7020 |

020 7584 7020 |



South Kensington SW5

Kensington W8

A larger than average apartment in the heart of South Kensington. The property benefits from wooden flooring throughout and has access to the communal gardens. Closet tube station is Gloucester road.

The apartment comprises two bedrooms and two bathrooms one of which is an en suite shower room. The reception room has high ceilings as expected within a period building.

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • EPC rating E

£1,295 per week*/£7,267 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7584 7020 |

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms EPC rating D

£850 per week*/£3,683 per month* Knightsbridge & Chelsea

020 7584 7020 |

Rent excludes reference and tenancy paperwork fees. Please contact our branch who can provide this information.



Kensington W8

Hyde Park Estate W2

A brand new apartment set within the extremely desirable and exclusive Holland Green Development.

A contemporary apartment set in a popular portered development on the prestigious Hyde Park Estate.

Reception room • 3 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • Kitchen Underground parking • Swimming pool & gym • EPC rating C

Reception room • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen Access to communal gardens • EPC rating D

£625 per week*/£2,708.33 per month*

£3,500 per week*/£15,166.67 per month* Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill



Holland Park W14

Hyde Park Estate W2

A unique studio house arranged over three floors providing flexible family accommodation and superb entertaining space.

A modern and contemporary mews house set on a quiet cobbled mews near Hyde Park and Lancaster Gate.

2 reception rooms • 5 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Kitchen Garden • EPC rating F

Open-plan reception room/kitchen • 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms • EPC rating D

£2,500 per week*/£10,833.33 per month*

£850 per week*/£3,683.33 per month*

Holland Park & Notting Hill

Holland Park & Notting Hill

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |

020 7371 3377 |


We want our home to go to someone who’ll love it as much as we do


Call 020 3811 2679 to arrange a valuation Happy Easter to all our friends and clients across the world. Sales | Lettings | Property Management

JLL-WAEllis_Runwild-Easter_Advert-Feb-2016.indd 1

10/02/2016 09:35:08



5/6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 3/4 Reception rooms Kitchen

● ● ● ●

Garden Extensive communal gardens Approx. 4,953 sq ft (460 sq m) EPC: D

Price on application Freehold For more information, call Giles Cook 020 3811 2679 or email JSA Kay & Co 020 7262 2030

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


5 Double bedrooms 4 Bathrooms Double reception room Kitchen / dining room

● ● ● ●

Roof terrace Courtyard garden Approx. 2,228 sq ft (207 sq m) EPC: current (E) potential (E)

Price £3,250 per week Unfurnished For more information, call Kerry Morley 020 3813 5978 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP


3 Double bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Open plan living room Private balcony

● ● ● ●

Resident only leisure facilities 24 Hour concierge Approx. 1,140 sq ft (106 sq m) EPC: B

Price £1,650 per week Furnished For more information, call Ken Dowling 020 3811 2395 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

387 Kensington High Street London W14 8QH

A modern apartment boasting high ceilings throughout Matching people and property in London for 160 years.

Rutland RutlandHouse HouseW8 W8£4,350,000 £4,350,000 AA superb superb four-bedroom four-bedroom family family apartment apartment that that has has undergone undergone aa full full refurbishment, refurbishment, situated situated onon Marloes Marloes Road Road and and within within walking walking distance distance toto Kensington Kensington High High Street. Street. Share Share ofof Freehold. Freehold. EPC=D EPC=D Four bedrooms bedrooms Beautifully refurbished refurbished lateral lateral apartment apartment Two balconies, balconies, liftlift && porter porter Prime location location • •Four • •Beautifully • •Two • •Prime

Kensington KensingtonSales: Sales:020 0207368 73684450

All Saints Road W11 £2,000,000 A beautifully presented two-bedroom apartment, benefitting from its own private entrance and boasting high ceilings throughout, located in the heart of Notting Hill. Freehold. EPC=D

• Two bedrooms • Generous open-plan living space • Private rear garden • Excellent condition throughout South Kensington Sales: 020 7590 0800

Dunworth Mews W11 £1,850,000 An exceptional two-bedroom mews house, wonderfully located on a quiet cobbled street, just off the world-renowned Portobello Road, and close to Westbourne Grove. Freehold. EPC=E

• Two bedrooms • Excellent condition throughout • Westerly aspect • Prime location Notting Hill Sales: 020 7313 2890

Magnolia Lodge, Kensington Green

Kensington W8


A 3 bedroom 1st floor apartment (with lift), benefiting from 2 underground parking spaces in the exclusive Kensington Green, a quiet & secure gated development with 24hr porterage & a fully equipped on-site gym. The accommodation comprises a spacious dual aspect reception room with dining area, a separate fully fitted kitchen with new Miele appliances, 2 double bedrooms (including master en-suite), a further bedroom & a family bathroom. EPC rating C


020 7937 7244


Kensington Court Place

Kensington W8

A completely rebuilt family house which has retained its original Georgian facade, situated in a prime Kensington location. Arranged over 4 floors, the accommodation comprises a spacious double reception room & an Italian kitchen with integrated De Dietrich appliances, Corian worktops & a central island unit with an induction hob. There is a master bedroom suite with dressing area, 3 further double bedrooms, a bathroom, utility room & a fabulous decked roof terrace. EPC rating D


020 7937 7244

ÂŁ3,995,000 freehold

Coleherne Court, The Little Boltons

Chelsea SW5

share of freehold

A very rare & hugely desirable 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, ideally situated on the 3rd floor of Coleherne Court on The Little Boltons. The apartment benefits from breathtaking, uninterrupted westerly views from each of the principle rooms, over the beautifully manicured residents’ garden. EPC rating D


020 7594 4740


Walpole Street

Chelsea SW3

A charming & incredibly bright classic Chelsea period town house, situated to the south of the Kings Road. This 4 bedroom family home offers flexible living with a self-contained 1 bedroom apartment on the lower floor. EPC rating E


020 7594 4740

ÂŁ5,350,000 freehold


Freehold for Sale – £3,500,000

Situated opposite the gates of Holland Park, a charming family house with a pretty rear garden and off street parking for several cars. The property offers excellent family living on three floors. The accommodation is well laid out and comprises large entrance hall, reception room, dining room, kitchen, study, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and guest’s cloakroom.


Leasehold for Sale - £850,000

A delightful second floor flat in this handsome Grade II* Listed building. The flat extends to 632 sq.ft. and offers spacious living accommodation. The bedroom to the rear of the property is wonderfully light and has views over the neighbouring gardens. Holland Park Avenue benefits from first class shopping and transport facilities and the Westfield complex is within a few minutes walk.


Freehold for Sale - £5,500,000

A comprehensively refurbished and very bright semi-detached family home with lovely views to the rear over the private 43 ft garden. The house has real character is stucco fronted and Grade II Listed. It offers excellent family living with a flexible arrangement. Approx 2,736 sq.ft., the accommodation comprises double drawing room, reception room, kitchen with wine store, conservatory, 4 double bedrooms, bathroom, 2 shower rooms, 2 cloakrooms.


Freehold for Sale - £5,250,000

A wonderfully wide, unmodernised and unlisted family house with masses of potential in this most sought after Holland Park address. The property has enormous character and charm, is low built and boasts a 67’ west facing rear garden. At present the house comprises 3,178 sq.ft. Drawing room with door to terrace overlooking the garden, study, reception room, dining room, kitchen, utility, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, shower room, loft and storage area.


To Let £1,350 per week (Unfurnished)

Full of classic charm with a modern style, a large apartment in an impressive villa. The property has recently been refurbished throughout and the easy flowing accommodation comprises, spacious entrance hall, 3 double bedrooms, good sized reception room, modern fitted kitchen, 2 bathrooms, utility room, and use of a delightful communal garden. Addison Road is a prestigious residential road, close to all the amenities at Holland Park Avenue, Kensington High Street and the Westfield complex.


To Let £1,000 per week (Unfurnished)

This family home has recently been refurbished to a high standard and has the benefit of a private rear garden and terrace. The accommodation comprises huge reception room with doors leading to garden, modern kitchen with appliances, 3 double bedrooms, bathroom and shower room. Queensdale Road is located within easy walking distance of Holland Park Avenue (Central Line) and the Westfield complex – the Overground link giving access to Clapham Junction.


To Let £825 per week (Unfurnished)

Presented in excellent condition throughout, a newly refurbished lower ground floor flat in this beautiful red brick building, moments from the gates of Holland Park and the amenities at Kensington High Street. The property consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a very large reception room and a fully fitted modern kitchen. The building benefits from a lovely communal garden and parking on a first come, first served basis.


To Let £1,250 per week (Unfurnished)

A charming house within a small gated development just off Addison Avenue. The spacious and well presented accommodation comprises very large reception room, with opening to fitted kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 modern bathrooms and utility area. The house also benefits from an off street parking space. Addison Avenue is within a few minutes walk from the first class amenities at Holland Park Avenue.

Completely at home in West London.

Our services Sales and Lettings Property Management Block and Estate Management Property Solicitors Chartered Surveyors Financial Services Visit

With over 35 years’ experience and more than 50 branches across the Capital, our local knowledge and London network will ensure we achieve the right result for you. Local branches include • Fulham • Fulham and Chelsea • Holland Park • South Kensington

03 March 16 Brand adverts.indd 1

05/02/2016 14:27



Royal Crescent, Holland Park, W11 £1,200,000 Holland Park 020 3542 2111

03.16 KFH Runwild Kensington and Chelsea.indd 2

A fantastic two bedroom flat in an elegant Victorian building, featuring a contemporary kitchen and a beautiful wood floored reception room opening on to a roof terrace with wonderful views. Royal Crescent is a handsome Holland Park landmark set around pretty communal gardens. It is located conveniently for the underground station, an excellent choice of cafés, shops and restaurants and benefits from close proximity to the green open spaces of Holland Park itself.

• • • • • • • •

Two double bedrooms Two modern bathrooms Beautiful reception room Two terraces Communal gardens Close to Westfield shopping centre Shared freehold EPC rating C

05/02/2016 14:54

Rigault Road, Fulham, SW6 £1,950,000 Fulham 020 3486 2280

03.16 KFH Runwild Kensington and Chelsea.indd 3

A fantastic five bedroom family home, arranged over three floors, refurbished to the highest standards. The property benefits from a double reception room, an exceptionally spacious kitchen/diner, two family bathrooms and a private patio garden. Located between Putney Bridge and Parsons Green, this beautiful home is convenient for both underground stations.

• • • • • • • •

Five double bedrooms Two bathrooms Double reception room Stunning kitchen/diner Beautiful patio garden Close to Putney Bridge and Parsons Green underground stations Freehold EPC rating C

05/02/2016 14:54



Walham Yard, Fulham, SW6 £1,050,000

Extending to over 1,200 sq ft and arranged over four floors, is this stunning three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse located in a quiet mews development.

Fulham and Chelsea 020 7731 0051

Finished to exacting standards, this beautiful property is conveniently located moments from the amenities and transport links of Fulham Broadway.

03.16 KFH Runwild Kensington and Chelsea.indd 4

• • • • • • •

Master bedroom suite Second double bedroom and third bedroom/study Arranged over four floors Private balcony Close to Fulham Broadway underground station Freehold EPC rating C

05/02/2016 14:54

“I can only say that, after years managing this building together with fellow directors I am utterly delighted that the RMC appointed 1st Asset as managers. They have repaired structural damage, improved fixtures, liaised with our freeholder, slashed insurance costs... the list goes on. I'm all for 1st Asset because they're a wonderful support, have done great things for this building and taken a huge burden from our shoulders.� Mrs Davis

If you are looking for exceptional block management services in Kensington & Chelsea, please get in touch today for a chat. T 020 7014 3806



• 3 double bedrooms


• 3 bathrooms


• 2 interconnecting receptions rooms

T rT tr b t

• Overlooking Stanhope Gardens

This bright three bedroom apartment on the fourth floor has spectacular views over Stanhope Gardens and two secure car parking spaces.




• Lift access • 24 hour porter • 2 secure underground parking spaces • Purpose built block behind period façade • Use of communal gardens

b L S L a S


1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

7-9 Tryon Street


London SW3 3LG


05/02/2015 15:20


• One bedroom

• 3 double bedrooms•• ground floor One bedroom •Raised 2 spacious double bedrooms Period town house Week Set over four floors •• apartment Raised ground floor •1 2bedroom bathrooms • 3 bathrooms £| .15F, LET 0O5 0Rm 0 £5,900 eek CWT H7O EN L| STS EO A SPAeLr EWPW E N S I NSG W 7LSEW | T|£3 TO 3 9 CHELSEA SW3 Recently refurbished •• refurbished throughout 1Gallery bedroom apartment •Newly kitchen • 2 interconnecting receptions rooms O f stunning f e r s i nnewly t h erefurbished r e g i o n1 bedroom o f £ 2 mapartment on the This with designer fully furnishings • Wonderful fitted kitchen ••Newly throughout Large refurbished reception room with 2 feature fireplaces Overlooking raised ground floor of this elegant stucco fronted •building offers Stanhope Gardens This stunning newly refurbished 1 bedroom apartment on the •• Open-plan designer kitchen with designer furnishings Five large double bedrooms • Bright and airy the standards modern interior designed interiors, spacious ground floor apartment indesigned the heart of Chelsea' Thishighest beautifully restored and elegantly five bedroom •building Lift'Old access raised ground floor of in this elegant stucco fronted offers •• Walking distance of Harrods Open-plan designer kitchen Four beautiful boasting a wealth hi-tec appliances. period town house in heart of Royaldesigned Borough of Kensington offers in-excess ofof930 sq/ft with interior a bright, south facing reception • Aproximately 930bathrooms sq/ft the highest standards inthe modern interiors, • 24 hour porter and Chelsea provides an ideal family home and retreat from the room, large master and en-suite bathroom. Some cosmetic •• Walk-in Separate servants quarters shower room / wet room Walking distance of Harrods boasting a wealth of bedroom hi-tec appliances. • Newly refurbished communal parts hustle and of Central This grand offers Located within an easy walk ofLondon. Harvey Nichols, updating isbustle required making itHarrods, the ideal blank canvas and project •property 2 secure underground parking spaces Additional fitted kitchen •• Furnished to the highest standards Walk-in shower room / wet room extremely generous living accommodation over four Sloane Street and High Street boutiques asfloors well property. This Victorian Mansion Block is on one of the area's(4,349 Located within an easy walk of Kensington Harrods, Harvey Nichols, • Purpose built block behind period façade • Media room/gym sq ft), and as a corner plot, commands one of the most prominent • Available July 2015 standards Furnishedearly to the highest as HydeStreet Park, Sloane Square and The Royal Albert Hall. quietest residential streets, between The King's Sloane and High Streetmidpoint Kensington boutiques as wellRoad positions on Astell Street and adjoining Britten • Street. Use of communal gardens and The River Thames. • Available early April July 2015 2016 as Hyde Park, Sloane Square and The Royal Albert Hall.

ght three bedroom apartment ourth floor has spectacular ver Stanhope Gardens and ure car parking spaces.

15:20 HOPE.indd 1

Address P ROPE RTY

A G E N Address T P R I V E´


1st Asset Management


+ 44 (0) 207 014 3800

7-9 Tryon Street

7-9 Tryon Street Telephone 1st 1stAsset AssetManagement Management London SW3 3LG Email 7-9 7-9Tryon TryonStreet Street

Email + 44 (0) 207 014 3800 Telephone Telephone Web Email Email ++44 44(0) (0)207 207014 0143800 3800

London SW3 3LG

Web London LondonSW3 SW33LG 3LG Web Web

1st Asset Management Address Address

05/02/2015 15:20



Wonderful World Ideas and inspiration for a second home





Here in Barbados, every day is just waiting for you to design it. From diving our wrecks and working up an appetite for the day’s catch. To sporting action on land and sea – or total inaction involving a lounger, a book and a glass. We’ve also taken the magic inside. Our architect-designed two to five bedroom residences are exquisitely finished, and located right on the shoreline.

UNNA Luxury Resorts & Residences

For holidays and home ownership visit and Then call 0800 097 0847.

Beautiful places to press pause

Punta Minitas, Dominican Republic

“Casa Palapa offers a bewitching blend of architecture and nature in an exceptional location�

Guide Price $16,500,000

While located at the heart of the Casa de Campo resort, the sense of ease and seclusion at Casa Palapa is palpable; the three-acre peninsular, stretching out into the Caribbean Sea, offers wonderful vistas that compound the magic of this property. Designed by the Mexican architect Marco Aldaco, named among the 100 best architects in the world by Architectural Digest, the hand of a master is to be found everywhere. Casa Palapa provides a blissful escape in a perfect tropical setting.

134,548 sq ft (12,500 sq m) Six bedrooms | Seven bathrooms | Staff buildings | 30-foot-tall Palapa | Two private beaches | Private dock | Gardens | Oceanside swimming pool | Paddle tennis court | Organic vegetable garden| Orchards

Lulu Egerton 020 7225 3866

Slamming the Cynics Ellen Breakwell, head of sales at Hogarth Estates, explains that the London property market is maintaining its status as an international destination for buyers and has the stats to prove it. HANNAH LEMON reports Photography by: Sarel Jansen

The GENERAL FEELING among property agents at the moment is not far off dejection. A plateau in the market due to taxes, political changes and the property bubble has brought with it a concern for the future. But outside this murmuring of doubt in the Royal Borough is a quiet haven of property around a peaceful, private garden – Nevern Square. It is Hogarth Estates’ stomping ground and it is bucking many trends of the market. “It’s expensive to buy in London,” Ellen Breakwell, head of sales at Hogarth Estates, admits. “You need to be earning a high salary to meet the demands of buying in this area where £1.2m barely gets you a good sized two-bedroom flat.” But despite the efforts it takes to get there, the rewards are worth it. “In the past five years, all of the properties that I’ve sold have substantially increased in value,” she says, adding, “Properties I sold three to four years ago have nearly doubled in price.” These statistics are outrageously appealing, but we must not forget that the past few years have seen huge growth in the financial markets since the 2008 crash. We are chatting in a stunning two-bedroom flat in an 1880s residential building in Nevern Square, which was completely redesigned in 2014 courtesy of architect Daniele Petteno at DPAW (formerly at Foster + Partners). Storage springs open and neatly disappears again like a Swiss Army knife, with such innovation that it has received international acclaim and numerous awards. Doors miraculously appear from inside walls, storage is seamlessly hidden, bathrooms are designed with single slab porcelain tiles and invisible drainage systems, and there is a clear view from the back of the house through to the delightful green space outside. The latter is one of the area’s greatest attributes. “Nevern Square is particularly beautiful,” says Ellen. “In some other areas you look out of your window onto exteriors of buildings that are a little run-down or need a paint, whereas the buildings here are very well kept and the view of unbroken architecture is exceptional.” The boutique agency works on sales and lettings in the heart of SW5 and has been going for the past 40 years. Nevern Square is the gem in its crown with record prices having been set time and again in the past 18 months alone. What is it about the area that makes it so alluring? “The appeal of Earls Court, and in particular the garden squares such as Nevern, is the combination of existing attractions and future growth,” replies Ellen. “There is going to be enormous investment through the Earls Court development project, which will bring with it desirable local amenities. And with several luxury brands rumoured to be opening retail outlets within the development, I believe this will enhance the status of Earls Court a great deal. The area is also known for its transport facilities; you’ve got the Heathrow Express nearby and Earls Court has three underground lines: District, Circle and Piccadilly.” And of course, Kensington High Street and South Kensington are a short walk away. But it’s not just entertainment and trains that buyers are interested in: it’s the prices. “We have very seasoned, knowledgeable buyers who are looking for future value. Many have existing buy-to-let portfolios and are knowledgeable about price per square foot.” Ellen mentions that Imperial College London is another huge attraction in this area. Every year students and professors arrive looking for a property to buy or rent near to the


Nevern Square, Sw5, POA

“London property is still one of the safest places you can put your money”

Hogarth’s Nevern Square • 13 properties sold in the past 12 months, including a whole block of flats • £1,795/sq ft is the top price achieved in the past 12 months

university campus. “That’s why rentals and sales do so well here,” she explains. “You have wealthy parents from all over the world whose children are going to study at the college and they want to rent or buy something for themselves or their offspring near the campus. They spend an average of £1.35–1.5m for a two-bed flat here and in South Kensington.” So what about the future of the property market? Are we likely to see some more peaks in prime prices? In truth, no one can tell, not even Ellen, but she highlights why this city will always remain top of the list. “People always need to move and London is not just a wonderful, vibrant place to live but it is part of a global property investment market. At a time when investors are finding uncertainty in many other areas, London property is still one of the safest places you can put your money. Long term, London property bucks almost any trend and has consistently yielded a good return on capital invested. I believe these facts will continue to encourage people to buy in London.”

• Currently, the average price is £1,550/sq ft; the average price three to four years ago was £800/sq ft

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

Hogarth Estates, 16b Hogarth Place, Earls Court, SW5 0QT, 020 7373 5222,


Established 1897

SMITH STREET, Chelsea SW3 A truly exceptional Victorian five bedroom terraced house (approximately 3,722sq ft/ 345.8sq m) located on Smith Street in the heart of Chelsea. The property has been modernised to a high standard and boasts a beautifully presented 85ft west-facing garden. Benefitting from an abundance of light and sympathetic and effective use of the space, the apartment is provided with the state-of-the-art technologies that would be expected from a property of this standard. The accommodation includes a double reception room, large kitchen, family room, five bedrooms, cinema, gym and sauna, study, wine cellar, Japanese garden and a separate garden room. Offered with no onward chain, the house is located moments from the many shops and restaurants that the Kings Road has to offer. EPC rating C. Guide price: ÂŁ7,950,000 Freehold 020 7225 5911



Established 1897

RUTLAND HOUSE, Kensington W8 A superb first floor, lateral four bedroom apartment (approximately 2,220sq ft/ 204sq m) located within a wellmaintained portered building. The apartment has recently been renovated to the highest-standard and is located in the heart in of Kensington. The accommodation comprises two substantial, west-facing reception rooms, both with pleasant aspects over Marloes Road, a bespoke eat-in kitchen, large master bedroom with ensuite and dressing area, a spacious second bedroom, two further bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate WC. Rutland House is located within close proximity to the numerous shops, restaurants and transport facilities that Kensington and Holland Park have to offer. EPC rating D. Guide Price: ÂŁ4,350,000 Leasehold: Approximately 968 years remaining 020 3650 4600



BELGRAVIA, SW1X A rare combination of two mews houses which has created a great 5 bedroom lateral house with a four bay 35.4 foot (17.7m) drawing room. Large open plan sitting and dining area. Perfectly situated within a quiet part of the Belgravia, with a private walled garden, garage and two parking spaces. Planning permission for a first floor conservatory to incorporate a part glazed roof terrace, lift and creation of a basement living space. EPC Rating C.

PRICE: £9,000,000 FREEHOLD


RUTLAND GARDENS, KNIGTHSBRIDGE, SW7 A refurbished 5th floor lateral apartment of approx. 1739 sq.ft, with panoramic views of Hyde Park. The property offers a grand reception room/dining room with park views, fitted kitchen, three en suite bedrooms all with under floor heating and air conditioning. This classic period building is one of the most prestigious places to live in Knightsbridge, with excellent porters, video entry phone and lift. There is also a gym and a spa with an instructor who attends each week. The proximity to Hyde Park makes for an excellent lifestyle. EPC Rating C.


John Taylor UK 48 Berkeley Square, London W1J 5AX Tel: 020 3284 1888 Email:




ÂŁ1,150 per week

bedroom | reception | kitchen | bathroom | valet parking | 24-hour concierge | swimming pool | gym


ÂŁ1,200 per week

2 bedrooms | open-plan reception and kitchen | bathroom | first floor | high ceilings | fireplace | Epc F

10 Clarendon Road London W11 3AA

020 7229 1414



2nd Bathroom | Single Garage with Storage | EPC- F

WEST-FACING MEWS HOUSE Large Reception with Fully Fitted Open-Plan Kitchen | Master Bedroom | En-Suite Bathroom | 2 Further Double Bedrooms |

MOORE STREET, SW3 £2,200 PER WEEK UNFURNISHED NEWLY UPDATED FOUR STOREY MAISONETTE 1st Floor Double Reception With Gas Fire | Ground Floor Fully Fitted Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Room Leading To The

020 7225 0433

Rear Paved Patio Terrace | Master Bedroom With Ensuite Bathroom & Separate Shower | 2 Further Double Bedrooms | Single Bedroom | Family Bathroom | Cloakroom | Utility Room | Small Kitchenette | EPC- E

020 7225 0433

102 Draycott Avenue Chelsea SW3 4AD




C- E

BRIGHT TOP FLOOR ONE BEDROOM FLAT Reception Room | Kitchen | Double Bedrooms | Bathroom | Porter | Pretty Courtyard | EPC- D


Bathroom | Cloakroom | Separate Storage Room | Off Street Parking | EPC- D

020 7589 2000

020 7589 2000





CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011

20 Montpelier Street Knightsbridge London SW7 1HD

BRITTEN STREET, SW3 2 Bedrooms | Bathroom | Dining/ Reception Room |Kitchen/ Breakfast Room |901 sq ft | Caretaker | Communal Garden | EPC D A stylish interior designed two bedroom flat, in the heart of Chelsea; benefitting from dual aspect views, plenty of natural light and great proportions throughout. The apartment comprises two double bedrooms, marbled shower room with underfloor heating, considerable reception room with space for dining, separate kitchen/breakfast room and access to the communal garden. Britten House is a popular and well maintained building, with caretaker, located moments from Chelsea Green, close to the numerous amenities and transport links of both The King’s Road and South Kensington (Piccadilly, Circle & District lines).

£1,450,000 Leasehold, plus Share of Freehold

UPPER CHEYNE ROW, SW3 2 Bedrooms | Bathroom | Kitchen/ Reception Room | 760 sq ft | Roof Terrace | EPC D A charming mews house tucked away down this attractive walkway, lined with flora, in Old Chelsea. The cottage possesses quintessential character whilst providing desirable contemporary living. The expansive reception room with a large sash window, fireplace and ceiling spotlights throughout; provides great proportions and opens onto a modern integrated kitchen to the rear, with light well above, perfect for entertaining. The feature glass staircase leads to the upper accommodation comprising two double bedrooms, a fully fitted bathroom and superb roof terrace with decking.

£850 Per Week Unfurnished

T: +44 (0)20 3770 3474

South Penthouse Parkside, Knightsbridge, SW1 Exquisite penthouse in the heart of Knightsbridge This stunning penthouse apartment is bright and spacious with a multitude of floor to ceiling windows throughout creating an abundance of natural light in every room and far-reaching views across London. – Master suite benefits from a dressing room and a modern ensuite luxury bathroom – Two further double bedrooms both with built in wardrobes – Newly renovated – 24hr concierge

Guide price £9,995,000

West End sales 020 7420 3050

Trebovir Road, SW5 1,646 S1.FT/153 SQ.M

A spectacular two bedroom, two bathroom raised ground and lower ground floor maisonette with superb proportions and high ceilings. The magnificent reception room has doors leading to the 42’ft private garden.

Price £2,200,000


020 7590 9339

Grenville Place, SW7 804 SQ.FT / 81 SQ.M

A light and superbly proportioned first floor flat offering classic high ceilings and a spacious reception room with a pleasant garden view. Both bedrooms have access to the west facing balcony.

Price £1,375,000


020 7590 9339 38 GLOUCESTER ROAD, SW7



Galliard_Stage_K&CMag_FPC_17.2.16 09/02/2016 12:13 Page 1












WITH 6 YEARS GUARANTEED INCOME FROM EXCHANGE UP TO 2022* PRICES FROM £695,000 * Terms & conditions apply. Image computer generated. Price correct at time of going to press.





020 3621 0519


SYDNEY STREET,LONDON, LONDON SW3 020 7351 7822 FAX:M: 020 7351 2274 117117 SYDNEY STREET, SW3 6NR 6NR TEL: TEL: 020 7351 7822 07530 689536 e-mail: website: e-mail:



This fabulous two bedroom house in a quiet private gated mews close to Fulham Road has been refurbished and decorated throughout. The house has been beautifully furnished in an elegant classic style with a spacious kitchen/ dining room and sunny top floor reception room leading onto a small terrace.


£1275 per week


This stunning corner apartment in a well-run portered building in the heart of Chelsea has just been completely renovated throughout in an elegant contemporary style. The bathrooms have been beautifully designed and the kitchen is sleek and modern. Situated on the 8th floor this flat has wonderful panoramic views north to the V and A museum and south to Richmond Park. The flat has two double bedrooms, the master having a dressing room and bathroom en-suite and excellent storage. There is 24 hour porterage, lift and a communal garden. - TWO DOUBLE BEDROOMS - LIVING ROOM/DINING ROOM - OPEN PLAN KITCHEN - ENSUITE BATHROOM/DRESSING ROOM - SHOWER ROOM - PORTERAGE - LIFT - COMMUNAL GARDEN

£725 per week




This elegant SECOND FLOOR flat has just been totally refurbished including a large new family kitchen and wood floors throughout. It is newly decorated in neutral colours and its three separate reception rooms make it ideal for entertaining as well as family living. This well run portered building with access to communal gardens and use of tennis court is conveniently located close to Sloane Square underground and shops.

This elegant family house has retained many of its original features including the stone staircase and cornicing throughout.Thehousehasbeenthoughtfullyandcarefullydesignedwithawonderfulgroundfloorkitchen/ family room leading through to a conservatory dining room. French doors lead onto a secluded paved west facing garden from which is accessed a good sized private garage. Newly decorated throughout in neutral colours and wood floors in all the reception rooms, this house lends itself perfectly to both entertaining and family living. Conveniently located close to South Kensington shops and underground station.



£2250 per week


117 Sydney Street London SW3 6NR Lettings: 0207 351 7822 or

£3850 per week


Quintessentially British An exquisite collection of Grade II listed Lateral Apartments and Townhouses with concierge, set on a private garden square

Computer generated image

7-12 Leinster Square, Westbourne Grove W2 Lateral Apartments from ÂŁ4,450,000 Townhouses from ÂŁ6,250,000 Hamptons International | +44 (0)20 7758 8441 Carter Jonas | +44 (0)20 7518 3240

LEW0972 MAL K&C MAR16_OL.indd 1

02/02/2016 18:37

L O N D O N ’ S






Battersea Place will be opening its doors to residents from April 2016. Our exceptional services include chauffeur-driven car, concierge, high-class restaurant, bar and café, billiard room, gymnasium, lounge, private cinema, hairdresser, swimming pool, treatment rooms, spa and guest apartment.


Visit now while there is still a selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available. Call today on 020 7205 4537 to view our show apartments at 45 Worfield Street, London, SW11 4RD.

1 ,







RWMG_K&C_AW.indd 1

P L A C E ,

7 3



R O A D ,

L O N D O N ,

S W 1 1

4 D S

10/02/2016 12:30

Property News PRIME RESI provides us with a comprehensive monthly round-up of key news about the local luxury property market

Lay of the Land A comprehensive “Domesday Book” of all the public land in London has been unveiled online. After some sterling work by Savills, the London Land Commission has published an interactive map of all 40,000 brownfield sites identified in the survey, in a bid to identify any that are surplus to requirements. City Hall is currently analysing the data and reckons it has already spotted the potential for 130,000 new homes. Spread across every borough, the sites are owned by the Mayor of London, government departments, councils, Transport for London and the NHS, and range from tiny parcels to big swathes. The existing use of each site has also been determined and marked down. According to a statement, owners on the register will be contacted to “determine availability” and “encourage the marketing of public land to obtain the best possible housing development for Londoners, rather than selling with no obligations”. The Commission also plans to group together plots of potentially surplus land.

Property Potential A double-fronted villa in London’s Holland Park may have fetched £30m, but that’s not a patch on what it could be worth if the new owner decides to realise its full potential. Although it happened a while ago, the sale of the white stucco seven-bed on Addison Road has now come to light as the biggest residential deal recorded by the Land Registry in November, and one of the chunkiest transactions to be lodged over the past 12 months. Coming in at 6,495 square feet, the house was advertised as having full planning in place to extend the internal space up to 22,231 square feet, thereby creating one of London’s ultimate trophy homes. The 0.35 acre plot means the house has one of the biggest gardens in the area, thereby allowing for the creation of a doublelevel subterranean extension. RKBC granted consent for the proposals in 2014, just a few months before its borough-wide clampdown on basement development. The plans allow for a 77foot pool, separate male and female changing rooms, plunge pool, steam room, sauna, wine store, Champagne room, art gallery, car lift, staff accommodation and a 50-seat private cinema. Two floors dedicated to a grand entertaining space, a master suite and four more bedrooms have also been included in the plans. At 22,231 square feet, a £3k per square foot calculation works out as being between £65m-£70m so at £4k per square foot, we’re into £90m territory. Other big deals recorded at the end of 2015 included a 5,000 square foot apartment on Kensington Palace Gardens (£19m), a seven-bed end of terrace on Upper Phillimore Gardens (£17.45m) and a stunning new-build property on Lyall Street in Belgravia (£15.15m).

The Next Step Elena Dimova, managing director of CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, considers how the 3% stamp duty has resulted in a sense of urgency in the London property market

THE FIRST QUARTER has started with a sense of urgency to buy or sell before the new 3% stamp duty is implemented. It is an interesting time because buyers are in a rush and so are sellers, but their reasons for being in a rush may be different. The effect is more stock and more choice offered in the market, as well as greater opportunities for buyers to upgrade or for sellers to downsize or move on. We are also seeing a weaker pound versus other major currencies, making London property cheaper for overseas investors. They are dealing with international woes, weaker oil prices and commodity prices, and a slowdown in Chinese growth. Buying in London gives them diversification and is now costing them less. We are soon to enter the busy spring market and local people will start to move, not only because they want to beat one tax deadline or another, but simply because they need to move.

We are always dreaming of the next step on the property ladder. It is part of our culture There was a recent article in the Financial Times entitled, Young bankers will want to live in London, however expensive. It reminded me that no matter how much we try to analyse short- and medium-term trends in the property market to predict what the smart money will do next, there are millions of people living in London because they need and want to live here. There are fundamental reasons for this, irrespective of short-term views on the property market. These are related to jobs, education, family and lifestyle, among others. The population is predicted to grow. We all want more space, a shorter commute and better amenities. For some, natural light and high ceilings prevail, for others a modern finish and a concierge, and for those with children, pets or love of gardens, outside space is the most important asset. As our lives evolve, our needs and requirements change and therefore we need to move. We are always dreaming of the next step on the property ladder. It is part of our culture. CENTURY 21 Sophia Elena, 10 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA 020 7229 1414;


PrimeQResi Journal of Prime Property

Space Time Nick Crayson attempts to predict exactly what is going to happen to central London property prices over the next five years by transcending space and time

have you ever picked up the

Top of the Line A former Chelsea police station just off Sloane Avenue is reportedly being turned into a residential building worth around £150m, after being snapped up for “in excess of £45m”. The 23,153 square foot building sits on a 0.195 acre plot at the southern end of Lucan Place and hit the market with Knight Frank last year. Topland Group has confirmed that it provided the buyer with a loan of £22.5m less than two weeks after the first approach, at a rate of 5.5% per annum. According to the leading property group, the unnamed developer paid more than £45m for the superbly-located site and is currently working up plans for a new apartment scheme, which local agents believe could have a GDV in excess of £150m. The loan was just one of a quartet of big bridging deals arranged by the alternative lender in December. The other three were for the former Westminster Fire Station – which the borrower also hopes to convert into prime resi – and two £20m loans to “one of the UK’s leading high-end residential developers”. The average loan period was nine months with an average loan-to-value of 65%. The total GDV for the four deals is a whopping £250m.

Open Book Kensington & Chelsea Council is to begin publishing the pre-application advice given by its planning officers. Applicants are able to seek up to four different levels of advice about a development proposal before submitting an application, although this has all generally been seen as confidential until now (it can get published on the back of a Freedom of Information request or under the Environmental Information Regulations, once a related application is made). As of March, however, any advice given by officers or the Architectural Appraisal Panel will automatically be published as part of a new transparency drive. RBKC says it is the first council in the country to open its files in this way. This means one will be able to see what planners make of schemes right off the bat, along with all the ensuing battles. It should make for some useful, and revealing, reading.

s l u x u ry l o n d o n . c o. u k s

phone to call somebody and found that they are already there, having rung you at the exact same moment? Do you ever think about somebody and wonder if they are thinking about you at the same time? Do you ever get the feeling that there is someone or something else in the room after having seen a shape, a shadow, or something indiscernible? Pure coincidence, or are there strange things afoot? I am convinced that it is the former, but that human brains are not quite evolved enough yet to process such unexplained phenomena. Maybe a shift in consciousness will allow greater use of our brain capacities and one day extra-dimensional activity will become completely apparent. Scientific reports in September 2015 predicted a rise in the Earth’s frequency between two and four Hz. And apparently a 3,400-year ‘Mayan’ cyclical planetary realignment is currently at its apex and this is reportedly resulting in less gravity and increased brain activity – so one day such strange happenings may finally be explained. All of this occurred to me the other day when I saw my dog walk across my living room. However, it was not my dog because he was asleep on the sofa. This same scenario has been repeating itself for a few years now, but what I have actually been seeing is some sort of moving shadow. But what has this got to do with property? Most people I have spoken to have seen ghosts, but some have even heard sounds. In Notting Hill many people live in houses that are up to 200 years old. Buildings and their spaces hold memories and often you will find that there is a record of people who have lived there and previous goings-on. Some people have hypothesised that the phenomenon is, in fact, a real recording of a past event, somehow imprinted onto the surroundings. I really like the idea of recording a ghost. Imagine if we could build a machine to replay such ghosts at will. We would have a window into history. We could point the machine all over the place, not just at haunted locations, and maybe watch real historical events being replayed. It would certainly beat television period dramas. We only really ‘borrow’ the houses we live in and we are all playing our parts in their rich histories – a live yet multidimensional reality show. Again, I have failed to predict exactly where property prices are going, but this was never my intention. There are simply too many ghosts in the predictability machine. Crayson, 10 Lambton Place, W11 2SH, 020 7221 1117;


Lennox Gardens, Knightsbridge SW1

A brand newly refurbished two bedroom flat located in the best portered building on one of the finest garden squares in Knightsbridge.

ÂŁ3,995,000 Share of Freehold

1,216 sq ft (112 sq m) Entrance hall | Reception room | Dining area | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Second double bedroom suite | Guest cloakroom | Porter

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

Thornwood Gardens, Kensington W8

An impressive three bedroom apartment, situated on the second floor with two underground parking spaces and 24 hour porterage.

ÂŁ4,000,000 Share of Freehold

1,638 sq ft (152 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Kitchen | Dining area | Three bedrooms | Two en suite bathrooms | Shower room | Utility area | Lift | 24 hour porterage | Two underground parking spaces | EPC rating C

Kensington 020 7938 3666

Sloane Square, Knightsbridge SW1

An outstanding three bedroom lateral apartment, exquisitely re-designed with the very highest quality materials and expert finishes throughout.

1,898 sq ft (176 sq m) Drawing room | Kitchen | Dining room | Master bedroom suite | Guest bedroom suite | Third bedroom with en suite | Lift | Balcony | EPC rating C

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959 JSA: Savills 020 7581 5234

ÂŁ7,250,000 Leasehold

Clarendon Road, Holland Park W11

A beautifully presented five bedroom family house, with the benefit of a fabulous 46 ft westfacing garden.

3,672 sq ft (341 sq m) Entrance hall | Drawing room | Sitting room | Kitchen | Dining room | Study | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room | Four further double bedrooms | Three shower rooms | Utility room | Cloakroom | Vault | Terrace | Garden | EPC rating D

Notting Hill 020 7221 1111

ÂŁ9,650,000 Freehold

Micklethwaite Road, Fulham SW6 

This property boasts fantastic space, an abundance of natural light throughout and exceptional private garden with summer house.

£1,050 per week * Unfurnished

1,867 sq ft (173 sq m) Drawing room | Reception room | Eat-in kitchen | Two double bedroom suites | Two further bedrooms | Bathroom | Garden | Summer house | EPC rating F

Cambridge Place, Kensington W8 

An exceptional, semi-detached, stucco fronted house on this prestigious and sought after street in Kensington, with the advantage of a garage.

3,730 sq ft (346 sq m) Drawing room | Sitting room | Kitchen/ breakfast room | Study | Master bedroom suite | Four further bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Terrace | Garage | EPC rating F

* The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inv VAT) Credit Reference per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.

Fulham 020 7731 7100

£3,950 per week * Unfurnished

Kensington 020 7938 3866

Cadogan Place, Knightsbridge SW1X

An excellent first and second floor maisonette with an outstanding drawing room, exquisite garden views and 416 sq ft roof terrace.

1,574 sq ft (146 sq m) Drawing room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Master bedroom suite | Second bedroom suite | Study | Balcony | Terrace | Communal garden (separate negotiation) | EPC rating C

Cheyne Terrace, Chelsea SW3

This fantastically stylish first floor apartment is part of a stunning new development situated in the heart of Old Chelsea.

£4,250 per week * Furnished

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9996

£5,250 per week * Furnished

2,747 sq ft (255 sq m) Two bedrooms | Reception room | Three bathrooms | Double garage | Terrace | Pool | Gym | EPC rating B

* The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inv VAT) Credit Reference per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.

Chelsea 020 7589 9966

Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine March 2016  

The sister to the Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Roya...

Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine March 2016  

The sister to the Notting Hill & Holland Park Magazine showcases news concerning local residents and events happening in and around the Roya...