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E DITOR Kate Harrison


o matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow,’ so goes the old adage. this is the month when this proverb is proved to be true, as mayfair emerges gloriously from the dark winter days, inundated with colour, cheer and events to celebrate the season. For this reason we decided that april was a far more sensible time to look at wellbeing than the doomedto-fail month of January, and have dedicated this issue to improving health in all aspects. For those looking for a total overhaul, we visit the henri Chenot spa in the beautiful italian town of merano, where regal luxury meets with strict medical detoxing (page 90). meanwhile, elle Blakeman explores the modern addiction to technology and asks if it’s time to put down the BlackBerry (page 26). and if all else fails, we suggest visiting harley Street for a spot of hypnotherapy (page 100). and it seems we are not the only ones looking for a fresh start, as this spring sees a host of new beginnings all over: Bulgari prepares to open its latest luxury hotel in Knightsbridge (page 16), Lotus unveils five new cars, a new team and a new return to F1 (page 86), Carolina herrera’s daughter steps into her mother’s shoes with her first Ch accessories collection (page 70) and Robert Redford’s independent film festival, Sundance, arrives in London for the first time in its 34-year history (page 23). But if all of this change is too much for some, we have added a sense of balance by looking at the more traditional offerings from mayfair. the 158th annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge once again arrives in our fair city, promising ancient rivalry and a fabulous day out for spectators (page 79). We also celebrate the return of the London Book Fair with a look at the rich literary history of mayfair which has been the setting to many an author and character (page 12). indeed, as one guide said, ‘if you’re writing a novel and quickly want to explain that someone is of a certain distinction, stick him in mayfair’. We couldn’t agree more.


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


SLOANE ST Sw1 C O N T E m p O R a Ry CaShmERE SiNCE 1936

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Stylish slumber

Awaken the sleeping giant

As Bulgari prepare to launch their new hotel in Knightsbridge next month, we look at designer hotels across the world

Lotus is back on top with a new team, five new cars and a fierce return to F1. Josh Sims interviews new CEO Dany Bahar



The sun will come out Robert Redford’s independent film festival lands in London for the first time this April. Mike Peake investigates

Health management Revive and restore at the exquisite Henri Chenot spa in the Italian spa town of Merano



Too much information Elle Blakeman explores our addiction to technology and asks if it’s time for a digital detox

In safe hands Tom Kerridge talks to Neil Ridley about being awarded his second Michelin star at his pub in leafy Marlow



Residents’ news Celebrate the Easter holiday with our guide to the top events taking place in Mayfair, St. James and Belgravia


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C ONTRIBUTORS Matthew Carter Matthew Carter is a London-based freelance journalist who’s been writing about cars for most of his working life. A former

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editor of Autocar magazine, he is a serial car owner.

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Carol Cordrey Carol Cordrey is an art critic and editor with popular columns in many magazines. Each year she organises the international London Ice Sculpting Festival as well as sponsored

Andreu Doz grew up in charismatic Barcelona, before moving to London in 2006 to study at Goldsmith University. He nows works full time as a photographer, specialising in location and portrait shots.

Neil Ridley As well as being deputy editor for Men’s lifestyle magazine The Chap, Neil is also a regular contributor to Whisky Magazine and Imbibe, and has featured in The Evening Standard and Sunseeker. His irreverent whisky blog was recently nominated for several online awards.

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We would like to apologise for the errors found in the March publication of The Mayfair Magazine and the incorrect spelling of Ian Fleming in the article St. James Bond (page 24).

luxurious The ultimate guide to London’s Mayfair

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From Roald Dahl to Lord Byron, James Bond to Bertie Wooster, Mayfair has been an inspiration and setting for many a literary classic. Mike Peake investigates the literary history of the area

Illustration: Mai Osawa


in Roald dahl’s The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – an engaging little tale about a man who acquires the ability to see through playing cards – the titular character decides to dispense with a bundle of ill-gotten bank-notes by throwing them from the balcony of his apartment in Curzon street. it is no accident that the gifted children’s author chose such an agreeable W1 address: right in the heart of mayfair, Curzon street was entirely befitting of a well-to-do london playboy – and yet another example of how mayfair has been a literary byword for ‘the good life’ for centuries. ‘if you’re writing a novel and quickly want to explain that someone is of a certain distinction, stick him in mayfair,’ says Westminster guide Richard Reddaway, whose walking tours include a literary stroll through mayfair. ‘Writers have lived here and written about the area since the local history books began, and they know that a mayfair address for a character works wonders when it comes to filling in the background.’ mayfair is positively buzzing with the ghosts of famous authors and playwrights, many of whom penned some of their most celebrated works here. there are countless other literary strings to mayfair’s bow, too, from publishing firsts to headline-grabbing auctions. as bibliophiles of the world unite at the london Book Fair in earl’s Court this april, for many, a small detour to mayfair will be a must. ‘a typical literary walk might begin at Chesterfield street,’ says Reddaway. ‘number 6 has a blue plaque for somerset maugham whose successful West end plays enabled him to buy the house in 1911.’ a couple of minutes’ walk to the north is hay’s mews, where James Bond creator ian Fleming lived. Fleming was mayfair through and through: not only was he born at 27 green street, his grandfather lived near grosvenor square and he would frequently mention his home turf in his novels. in Berkeley square, Colley Cibber, playwright and Poet laureate lived until his death in 1757, but it is a short skip (and a right turn) onto dover street that really puts book lovers into literary nirvana. ‘the diarist John evelyn died in a house here in 1706,’ says Reddaway. ‘another resident was ebullient scotsman dr John arbuthnot, a famous physician and satirist in his day who created the famous John Bull character and helped found the scriblerus Club in 1712.’ this amiable group of literary-minded friends also included gulliver’s travels author Jonathan swift and the poet alexander Pope. at number 40 dover street is the arts Club, founded in 1863 by Charles dickens and fellow novelist anthony trollope, amongst others. dickens, of course, knew london intimately, as did his son, Charles dickens Jr, who wrote of mayfair in his dictionary of london in 1879: ‘it is still,’ he noted, ‘from the society point of view, the crème de la crème of residential london.’ if there is an epicentre of mayfair literary history it is probably albemarle street, where lord Byron’s publisher was once based, and where the visitor to london will find Brown’s hotel – a place so beloved of wordsmiths you can almost smell the ink. ‘Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book here,’ says stuart Johnson, the hotel’s general manager. ‘the dover suite actually has the desk he sat at when he wrote it – it’s part of the room to sit and write at today.’ other guests to have checked in include oscar Wilde, arthur Conan doyle, Robert louis stevenson, J.m. Barrie and dracula author Bram stoker. Weaving yet more literary gold into the fabric of this historic five star hotel was agatha Christie, whose 1965 thriller At Bertram’s Hotel was set there. ‘opposite Brown’s,’ says Reddaway, ‘at number 13, was the albemarle Club where the marquess of Queensberry left a note for oscar Wilde in February 1895 which included the famously misspelled line, “For oscar

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e



Wilde – posing somdomite”.’ the note was to lead to the legal actions that bankrupted Wilde and brought about his imprisonment and his move to Paris where he was to die in poverty. Other notable mayfair residents include playwright and poet Richard Brinsley Sheridan who lived at 14 Savile Row, and Lord Byron, J.B. Priestley, aldous huxley and graham greene who all enjoyed a spell at the albany, the distinguished apartment complex on Piccadilly which can also count three former Prime ministers as residents. Fictitious mayfair locals, meanwhile, have included Phileas Fogg, whom Jules Verne placed in Savile Row, and P.g. Wodehouse’s Bertie Wooster, a mayfair man-about-town if ever there was one. there are literary links at every turn in mayfair. Dahl’s henry Sugar, gazing out onto Curzon Street back in 1977 when the short story was first printed, could well have been looking directly at heywood hill at number 10, one of mayfair’s best-loved bookshops. Cited in a Daily Telegraph list of ‘50 reasons to love Britain’, heywood hill has been a mecca for book lovers for more than 70 years, and was run for several years by nancy mitford, a celebrated local novelist herself. a couple of hundred metres away, at 50 Berkeley Square, lies another iconic mayfair book store: maggs Bros, one of the world’s largest antiquarian booksellers, established in 1853. Crammed with more than 100,000 books, maggs set a new world record in 1998 when it bought one of the first books ever printed in england – Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales – for a customer for more than £4m. ever more literary treasures flood into mayfair thanks to the large number of international auction houses based here. Just last year, the book department at Sotheby’s had a one-off manuscript signed by Jane austen under lock and key at their new Bond Street hQ. When the hammer went down, the price was just shy of £1m. Finally, it was an idea perfected in mayfair in the mid-1930s that helped bring literature to the masses. Sir allen Lane, founder of Penguin books, took the initiative to print quality material – as opposed to ‘trash’ – in paperback, and it was an instant success. a plaque in Vigo Street marks the spot where Lane’s first paperbacks were printed. ‘One nice thing about mayfair is that i think most of the figures who form its literary history would still recognise it,’ says Reddaway. ‘its character is still there, its layout is much the same, and it still has a very special “feel” to it. i think that they would like that.’


‘If you’re writing a novel and quickly want to explain that someone is of a certain distinction, stick him in Mayfair’

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e





With the opening of Bulgari’s latest hotel in London this spring, Olivia Platt-HePwOrtH explores why some of the world’s most established fashion houses are expanding into the hotel industry

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


It all started with the Ferragamo Group, the first fashion house to take the leap of opening a hotel with the unveiling of the lungarno Collection in Italy in 1995 (it opened to the public in 1999). the Versace Group followed in boldly coloured suit with the Palazzo Versace on australia’s Gold Coast in 2000, and the success of this six-star high glamour ‘palace’ – as dramatic as any piece in their catwalk collections – was then followed by several other fashion brands, including Bulgari, Moschino and Missoni. true to the fashion houses’ style that can be seen in their clothing and products, they have all ensured that their brands are successfully reflected in their respective hotels. the Missoni Hotel in edinburgh has drawn on its fashion design heritage, employing its signature colourful patterns and contemporary design within the hotel, while the lungarno Collection draws on the understated elegance of the Ferragamo brand. Within its Hotel lungarno, situated on the edge of the river arno in Florence, muted colours and tones such as cool blues reflect its stunning location by the water. One hotel that certainly fulfils the quirky expectations of a fashion designer’s hotel is the Maison Moschino in Milan. a chic, boutique hotel where you will find four-poster beds made of trees, huge red velvet dresses covering bedroom walls, and light installations as striking as you would find in any art gallery. and lots of sheep. Naturally. the hotel was designed with rossella Jardini, Moschino’s creative director, who describes the hotel as ‘a place of enchanted fairytales.’ Indeed there is a slightly magical, whimsical feeling throughout, as 16 of the 65 rooms have taken unique ‘dream design’ concepts, ranging from little red riding Hood to the sweet room (where you will find chandeliers of pop-coloured candy and biscuits). Clearly all of the brands are keen to offer a luxurious and unique experience, extending their fashionable lifestyle offering, but what is the crossover between hotels and labels? ‘When you leave a luxury boutique, you go away with a shopping bag that contains a unique piece that will last and accompany you through a distinct period of your life,’ says leonardo Ferragamo, president of the Ferragamo Group. ‘When clients leave our hotels, we hope they leave with a “bag” of great moments and wonderful experiences spent within our structures with the help of our services and staff.’ the Ferragamo Group’s lungarno Collection went on to win several travel awards, and at present, the group has several luxury hotels, retreats, a villa and a yacht to its name in tuscany (largely Florence) and rome. It was in Florence that salvatore Ferragamo founded his business in 1927. as the brand became more prominent in the following years, he hosted visits


from hollywood stars, including marilyn monroe and audrey hepburn, as well as aristocrats and diplomats, at the historic Palazzo Spini Feroni overlooking the River arno during the 1950s. his charismatic hospitality became renowned and was the inspiration for the creation of the hotels, which are run by his son, Leonardo Ferragamo. the hotel Lungarno is the restoration of a 16th century grand residence that displays over 400 works of art, including some by Picasso and Cocteau, using ivory-toned fabrics, antique furniture and deep, blue carpets to create the feel of an aristocratic italian residence. across the river is hotel Continentale, which aims to imitate the 1950s and 1960s fashion and cinema period in italy with quirky details. Within the foyer is a black and white show-reel of the Ponte Vecchio. its rooftop lounge bar is reputed to serve one of the city’s best cocktails and is the trendiest place to be seen in summer. Further afield in Florence, a magnificent 16th-century villa that has antique rose bushes and potted lemon trees in Chianti is available to rent from the Lungarno Collection. Leonardo Ferragamo says that the idea behind the diversity of the hotels is so that there is accommodation that caters to the various stages of one’s life.

‘i believe that an individual, throughout the journey of his life, no matter what his age or mindset, can enjoy the diverse structures of our hotel collection,’ says Ferragamo. ‘this is why we have established hotels that are different in style and atmosphere and target of clients, whilst sharing magical locations in tuscany.’ the locations actually range from the waterside views of tuscany to the traditional cobbled streets of edinburgh, where italian brand missoni somewhat surprisingly decided to set up camp in 2009. ‘edinburgh was chosen as it’s a stunning city, so full of culture and art, which fits well with the missoni brand,’ says Carina Svensen, general manager at hotel missoni edinburgh. ‘Launching a very different and unique hotel to the city has been great for the market and has offered something really special to both visitors and locals.’ the hotel itself, a tribute to the vibrant signature patterns and colours of the brand, is ideally located in the heart of edinburgh’s old town at the top of the Royal mile, just a few minutes’ walk away from edinburgh Castle. Bulgari will now take the latest spotlight with the opening of its luxurious hotel and residences in the prestigious Knightsbridge next month. the hotel is

‘We have established hotels that are different in style and atmosphere and clients, whilst sharing magical locations in Tuscany,’ says Ferragamo

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Lead image & left / Maison Moschino, Milan Below / Hotel Lungarno, Florence



Missoni Hotel, Edinburgh

noteworthy in itself as it will be the first, luxury purpose-built hotel build in London in over forty years. according to Sylvain ercoli, general manager of the Bulgari hotel and Residences, the company spent several years determining the location for the company’s third hotel after milan and Bali.

‘In a tribute to the company’s silversmith origins, the interior design, furnishings and textiles used throughout the hotel and residences have been made exclusively for Bulgari, crafted by Italian manufacturers’ ‘London has a rich history and culture and is of course, one of the famous and prestigious business and tourist destinations in the world, but the opening of our hotel is more than this,’ says ercoli. ‘We saw London as an important location to strengthen our brand visibility in this market, particularly from the perspective of a company that wants to grow.’ in a tribute to the company’s silversmith origins, the interior design, furnishings and textiles used throughout the hotel and residences have been made exclusively for Bulgari, crafted by italian manufacturers. this silver theme continues throughout the hotel from the bedside lamps


used in the suites to the bar that has been entirely finished in stainless steel. additionally, the dramatic focal point of the ballroom will be two, 2.4 metre, solid silver chandeliers, which were designed and handcrafted specifically for the space by a British silversmith. and so now it seems that the eyes of the fashion world are on our fair city once again this year, waiting in eager anticipation of the opening of those glamorous Bulgari doors. Let the a-list flock.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

We prefer not to be measured by dimensions. Unless it’s a new dimension of accuracy.

No fewer than four exceptional mechanisms enhance the precision of the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite”: the tiny fusée-and-chain transmission, the delicate tourbillon, the ultra-thin Lange balance spring, and – not least – the patented stop-seconds device for the tourbillon which makes it possible to

set the watch with one-second accuracy in the first place. Never before has an A. Lange & Söhne watch been endowed with so many complications that simultaneously enhance its rate accuracy, settability, and readability. And so, this remarkable timepiece truly deserves the honorary attribute “Pour le Mérite”.

Arije 165, Sloane Street London • George Pragnell 5 and 6, Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon Hamilton & Inches 87, George Street, Edinburgh • Harrods 87–135 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London Watches of Switzerland 16, New Bond Street, London • Wempe 43-44, New Bond Street, London Lange Uhren GmbH • Tel. +34 91 454 89 82 •

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The Pinstripe Collection Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 1616

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The sun come out will

this april, Robert Redford’s celebrated Sundance film festival will be coming to London for the first time. Mike Peake looks at the ultimate celebration of independent film, and what this means for London’s film industry

Image courtesy of The Hallmark Channel

CanneS iS gLitzy, Venice is chic, but in film-festival parlance, the one word that has been forever entwined with the name ‘Sundance’ is “cool”. actually – make that two words, because the other factor that marks this 34-year-old american festival out from the mainstream is its obsession with independent films. indie and cool then. and for the first time ever, it’s coming to London. ‘London has been on the radar for quite a while,’ Sundance Director John Cooper tells The Mayfair Magazine. ‘We started thinking seriously about it two years ago, and in the end it all happened pretty organically. Our mission is to provide new opportunities to film-makers

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

and it became evident that maybe that was going to mean us going outside the United States.’ Luckily for us, Sundance’s foray across the atlantic is exceedingly well-timed: following criticism that the festival had become so large it could no longer be true to its roots, this year’s main event in Utah – the longstanding home of Sundance – was universally hailed as a return to former glories. awash with thought-provoking dramas and hard-hitting documentaries, the 10-day January festival seemed to have shaken off much of the glitter it had been unwittingly accumulating over the last 15 years and was positively aglow with indie cool. Sundance was back.


‘We’d ended up with parties and celebrities and Paris Hilton, and that’s not us,’ said Oscar-winning actor/director Robert Redford, founder of the Sundance Institute. ‘Sundance has nothing to do with any of that.’ Originally conceived as a way to support emerging independent film-making talent, Sundance was instrumental in the discovery of such modern movie legends as Steven Soderbergh, The Coen Brothers and Kevin ‘Clerks’ Smith. Even Hugh Grant got his big break via Sundance, which played its part in turning Four Weddings and a Funeral into a global smash in 1994. Inevitably though, Hollywood and the Paparazzi were soon beating a path to Salt Lake City. One person to notice the return to former glories this year was William H. Macy, star of the indie classic Fargo. ‘The budgets seemed lower this year,’ he told The Guardian, approvingly: in movieland, smaller budgets usually mean leaner productions and a surge in original

thinking. For proof, look no further than Reservoir Dogs, filmed on less than £1m and the undisputed champion of Sundance 1992. From more than 100 films premiered in Utah this year, 14 have been hand-picked for a first UK showing at Sundance London. Among them are 2 Days In New York, the follow up to the acclaimed 2 Days In Paris, staring French screen siren Julie Delpy who also writes and directs once again. ‘The films are not just screenings,’ says Cooper. ‘There’s an introduction by the director, and usually a pretty healthy Q&A session afterwards. It really works for the directors, especially those whose films haven’t yet gone into the mainstream marketplace. For most of the films in London, it will only be the second time they’ve ever been shown, so it’s really good to get feedback from the audience.’ The setting for Sundance London is the O2, a


stone’s throw from the former industrial wasteland that will form the heartland of the 2012 Olympics. east is very much where the live action is at this year – and with ever-improving transport-links, is well within the grasp of everyone within W1. if you were hoping for a little slice of hollywood, however, you might be disappointed: none of the films are what you might describe as “blockbusters”. But that’s not to say they’re impenetrable, either. ‘What we’re trying to do is choose films that are directly related to the different kinds of films we show at Sundance,’ says Cooper. ‘We have some experimental films and some that are more accessible, as well as documentaries, too. there’s something for everyone, and what i really love is when someone goes along to something that they’re really not sure is to their taste but then it is.’ as well as the premieres, Sundance London is bringing music into the equation with performances from indie rock trio Placebo and more acts still to be announced. in fact, music is a theme that runs throughout the event – even the films have a musical thread – and Robert Redford himself will co-host a live discussion about the marriage of music and drama on the big screen. ‘the music side is something Redford’s been talking about for some time,’ says Cooper. ‘he really likes the idea of artists crossing over genres and talking to each other.’ While no one is claiming Sundance London will rival

its american big sister in terms of size, the organisers will be happy if they can recreate some of the cinematic magic that permeates Utah every January. this isn’t just a festival for film fans, but for movie makers, too. ‘Sharing ideas is a big part of it,’ says Cooper. ‘We already have a long history of supporting British films and we’re hoping some of our friends and alumni will be there to connect back to Sundance. it’ll be interesting to see where that takes us.’ independent British film, of course, has a phenomenal track record – we were, after all, behind such indie classics as The King’s Speech and Slumdog Millionaire. and while London’s traditional role in the movies might seem to be centred around endless thames-side stunt sequences and grimy back alleys in the east end, Cooper doesn’t think it’s inconceivable that mayfair, too, could one day have its day. ‘Of course it could!’ he says. ‘mayfair might have a certain image attached to it, but one thing that films can sometimes do is draw people’s attention to the things that maybe they don’t want to talk about – and that’s a good thing, too.’ mayfair goes indie? he might just be onto something. Backers and budding producers – just pick up the phone and dial t for tarantino. a Pulp Fiction sequel set on Bond Street? now that’s a film we’d pay to see…

‘We’d ended up with parties and celebrities and Paris Hilton, and that’s not us,’ said Robert Redford founder of the Sundance Institute

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Sundance London takes place from 26 – 29 April (


information Too much

Modern life relies on technology, but has our enthusiasm for gadgets turned into something darker? From business emails to social networking, EllE BlakEman wonders if our need for online communication has become a full-on addiction IronIc, Isn’t It? technology was created to improve our lives, to make things quicker and easier, and somehow we’ve ended up enslaved to it, checking emails, tweets and texts in a Pavlovian response to every blinking red light or inbox ping. We should have called it quits at the electric washing machine. In a globalised world where an overloaded to-do list is a status symbol, BlackBerrys, iPhones and 24/7 access to emails is conspiring to push us further and further over the edge – promising that we can do more than ever before, but fragmenting our attention to focus on anything fully. Multitasking was once a skill, now it’s a given. ‘You’ve got to take back control,’ says Edward Hallowell, MD, author of CrazyBusy: Overbooked, Overstretched, and About to Snap! ‘the great thing about modern life is you can do so much,’ he says, ‘and the curse of modern life is you can do so much.’ the advent of smartphones and iPads has removed the concept of leaving the office, now we bring it with us. We are on 24/7. If we’re not we are missing out. or rather we could be, we don’t know, so we constantly check in just to be sure. the ‘crackBerry’ moniker caught on for a reason. ‘It’s the new epidemic,’ Hallowell says. ‘People joke about being crazy busy. sometimes they brag about it. But they don’t realize that it’s as harmful for them as obesity or smoking.’ overloading on technology is a modern disease that has been linked to everything from insomnia and anxiety to relationship breakdown. the ability to communicate at

all times has led to blurred lines between home and work life. If you are always available, when can you switch off, technically or mentally? this inability to switch off is often held responsible for disrupting sleep, further damaging our rest time. ‘technology has invaded the bedroom,’ says charles czeisler, of Harvard Medical school and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. His research argues that exposure to artificial light before going to bed can increase alertness and suppress the release of melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone. ‘the invasion of such alerting technologies may contribute to the high proportion of respondents who reported they routinely get less sleep than they need,’ he says. But why are we so worried to turn the damn things off? one theory is that the fear of missing an opportunity seems to be fuelling the fire. ‘You need to be available all the time because everyone else in the industry is,’ says Jessica richmond, a financial journalist. ‘You don’t want to lose a story or a networking opportunity so you have to keep up. I sleep with my BlackBerry by my bed.’ However, it’s not just work. Facebook now boasts 845 million active users across the world, all constantly updating photos, thoughts and friend lists in an endless documentation of their lives. But is this insatiable desire to record our lives preventing us from actually living them? As American screen siren, tallulah Bankhead once said, ‘It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time’.

‘The “CrackBerry” moniker caught on for a reason’

Illustration: Mai Osawa


‘it’s life PR,’ says Paris Starr, a public relations executive. ‘it’s essentially marketing yourself and your life as a “brand”, where you eat, where you travel, what you do with your free time, and so on. it can be a bit exhausting, but it’s gone too far to stop now.’ twitter meanwhile is a networkers dream, allowing you to follow the activities and musings of everyone from close friends to business rivals. however, with this ability comes the pressure to be a reporter-come-comedian at all hours, providing your followers with snappy, witty social commentary in fewer than 140 characters; an unpaid stand-up act competing for the attention of the masses. But woe betide anyone who doesn’t take it all seriously, there have been several examples of twitter storms where people have lived to regret ill-considered tweets. this January, Labour shadow minister Diane abbott came under heavy criticism from all sides when she claimed that white people ‘love playing divide and rule’ in a twitter conversation.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

So we are under pressure to perform, update and entertain, but it must be something you can stand by. ‘i think this 24/7 layer of connectedness we’ve added has really ramped up the feeling that life is going out of control,’ said William Powers, author of Hamlet’s Blackberry. ‘multitasking can cause the brain to overheat, like a car engine,’ says hallowell. ‘the brain needs periods to recover, not just sleeping at night,’ he says, ‘but during the day, [it needs] periods of rest and recovery. it simply can’t run straight out all day long at peak performance.’ it’s the type a burn-out, made worse by access to technology. Workaholics feel obliged to answer every query, every email, which in a high-powered job can take up an endless amount of time and energy. it is also cutting down on our face-to-face interaction, which we all need. there is nothing worse than getting an email from the person sitting next to you. this is what hallowell terms the F-State – Frantic, Frazzled, Frenzied. ‘they get toxic stress and burn up energy rapidly and wastefully,’ he says. ‘in that state, they do bad work, lose friends, and lose clients. it’s bad for them in every measurable way.’ and the consequences can be serious for companies as well as individuals. Basex, a US research firm specialising in technical issues in the workplace, estimates that information overload is responsible for economic losses of $900 billion a year at work. But it does seem that things are slowly starting to change, as corporations are starting to see the signs of cracks in their overworked employees. in germany, union pressure forced Volkswagen to change their email policy; now, emails will only be forwarded to company smartphones during a shift and for 30 minutes before and after it. meanwhile, French it company atOS has banned email altogether, favouring instant messaging during work hours. ‘it is not normal that some of our fellow employees spend hours in the evening dealing with their emails,’ says thierry Breton, the company’s chief executive, ‘the email is no longer the appropriate tool.’ the answer seems to be using technology with common sense, learning how to prioritise what’s actually crucial, and what can wait until work. how many of those late night emails are truly unable to wait until the morning? and how many films or conversations have you half listened to as you have one hand furiously tapping away on your iPhone? going in too many directions will leave you exhausted and unable to achieve anything well. ‘You really need to be very clear about what matters most to you,’ he says, ‘it won’t happen automatically. if you don’t take your time, your time will be taken from you.’ ‘if you de-stress, if you prioritise, everything gets better – your physical health, your longevity, your enjoyment of life.’ the next time the person next to you sends you an email, turn round and talk to them. Or put your Out of Office on and see if they notice…




Michael charalaMbous nyumba house of hair & beauty

May fa I R

Celebrity stylist miChael Charalambous opened nyumba back in 2004 and since then, the luxurious salon based in a converted bank on mount street has become widely acclaimed as one of london’s most well-appointed outlets for hair and beauty treatments. Dubbed ‘the armani of the crimperati’, Charalambous travels to all corners of the globe to style the hair of his celebrity clients. born and raised on a tobacco plantation in tanzania, the stylist was inspired by his natural surroundings and this is perhaps most evident in the remarkable décor within the salon – a mix of vividly coloured fresh flowers, tribal masks and polished wood surfaces, all lending a distinctly homely, but african feel to the place. in fact, the name nyumba means ‘home’ in swahili – something which i’m keen to discuss with Charalambous in regard to his relationship with mayfair in particular. so what is the ethos behind the brand? ‘i feel i have translated the name nyumba – or “home” into every possible aspect of my salon aiming to create a welcoming environment where people can relax and experience the very best,’ he says. ‘i have tried all my treatments and you could say that i am the salon’s biggest fan.’ ‘i don’t think we really have a “typical visitor” – i personally take care of high-profile clientele from all over the world, from rock stars to royalty to the fashion elite. i make sure i do everything in the most professional and fun-filled way. What i love most about my salon is that mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters all come to me. We’re all family here.’ but what about the competition? after all this area of london is positively awash with fabulous salons, catering to the groomed elite that reside among mayfair’s cobbled streets. ‘i’ve never felt competition because i have my own unique style,’ he

says. ‘i’ve been criticised by lots of different people, including other hairdressers. When i opened in 2004, people told me that another salon wouldn’t work on mount street. however, eight years later, i am now the only one still here. i look after my clients and my emphasis on perfection and attention to detail has bought me the best from london and from around the world.’ ‘it’s the people who make mayfair the vibrant, fun place it is,’ he says. ‘i especially love morton’s club on berkeley square,’ he says. ‘it is like a second home to me and as soon as i walk through the door i can relax knowing i will be impeccably looked after. For birthday presents for my wife i always go to nicholas Kirkwood, whose hair i also cut and i like to keep it local by getting all my meat from allens opposite the salon.’ interestingly, mount street designers nicholas Kirkwood, stephen Webster and roland mouret are all nyumba clients, and in turn he recommends them regularly, even taking clients into the shops to help them pick from their ranges. When michael isn’t styling the hair of rock stars and celebrities in nyumba’s ‘Diamond Vault’ – a ViP area with its own entrance, which he describes as ‘the ultimate beauty escape, with the benefit of absolute privacy’, he recommends the michelin-starred Japanese restaurant umu on bruton Place as one of his favourite places to eat. ‘i regularly send my clients there and they always come back raving about it,’ he says. so does he currently have any plans to expand the nyumba concept? ‘my approach is that good hair is good lifestyle and good lifestyle is good living. mayfair is the best place for good living and i would never want to have my salon anywhere else.’ i’m sure his many mayfair fans are pleased to hear it.

A consultation with Michael Charalambous costs £65. For more details, visit:

Nyumba, 6-7 Mount Street, Mayfair, London W1K 3EH (020 7408 1489)

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Mayfair & St James’s


From entry to sold-out exhibits to Easter fun in the park, there are plenty of things to celebrate this month

egg trail Combine classical tunes and chocolate at the Handel House Museum this Easter Sunday, with a special egg trail and an afternoon of authentic harpsichord music. With prizes included for everyone who comes along, you can also take the time to explore the famous building with its beautifully restored Georgian interiors, where the composer lived for 36 years until his death in 1759. Hallelujah for Easter: Live Music and Easter Trail Handel House Museum Easter Sunday, 12-6pm £6 for adults, free for children (020 7495 1685;

Art of glass

Changing of the guard Just like Christopher Robin when he went down with Alice, treat yourself to some regal pageantry this Bank Holiday weekend with the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Easter Sunday will see the St James Palace detachment of the Old Guard form up in Friary Court at 10am before marching off via Stable Yard Gate and along the Mall to join up with the rest of the troops waiting in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace. At 10.30am, the New Guard, led by their Regimental Band and Corps of Drums will march into the Palace Forecourt. Watch the symbolic handing-over of the Palace keys, the posting of sentries and other military formalities, and then head for a stroll in Green Park.

This is the last month to see the current collection from contemporary and internationally celebrated glass artist Dale Chihuly at the Halcyon Gallery. Known for his elaborate and colourful installations, the singly and combined pieces in this major exhibition are just as thrilling as the vessels, chandeliers, wall sconces and organic assemblages of the sort that stunned visitors at the ‘Gardens of Glass’ at Kew Gardens in 2005. We love the 24-foot ‘Mille Fiori’ garden of glass and the two-story ‘Gold and Quartz Two Tier Chandelier’, two revered architectural works that hold Chihuly as the world’s premier glass sculpture. He has also created the six-metre high ‘Torchlight Chandelier’ on display on Park Lane, which is illuminated nightly. Not to be missed. Halcyon Gallery 144-146 New Bond St, W1S Free. Until 21 April (

Mille Fiori Photography: Rolant Dafis

Hyde Park hijinks Kicking off with the Long Good Friday Night Skate, the Easter Skate Eggstravaganza is playing host to a number of Bank Holiday events in Hyde Park. Whether you have never skated before or are a long time pro, there is something here for all abilities and ages, and the perfect way to burn off all those chocolate eggs. With treasure hunts, skating classes and the final Egg and Spoon Race on Sunday, the weekend ends with the Easter Bunny Party, where you can take full advantage of the Monday lie-in by indulging in a late night out. The Long Good Friday Skate takes place from 6 April at 7pm, and leaves from Hyde Park Corner. The Easter Sunday Bunny Stroll takes place from 2pm on 8 April and leaves from Serpentine Road, Hyde Park, W2 6 April – 8 April (

Lunch with Hockney Don’t miss out on the last opportunity to get up close to the new landscape works by David Hockney this Bank Holiday weekend. Tickets to the stunning exhibition may well be sold out, but those keen to experience the vivid paintings of ‘A Bigger Picture’ can still go, thanks to the wonderful art-supporting, Michelin-starred Library & Lecture room at Sketch. Tickets will be given to those who enjoy the three-course champagne lunch at the restaurant before 9 April. Nibble on dishes such as foie gras, razor clams, braised beef cheeks and a selection of tempting cheese, followed by coffee and petit fours, and then work off the indulgence with a leisurely potter around the main galleries. 9 Conduit Street, W1S Until 9 April (020 7659 4500;

Easter services at St George

Photography: Malcolm Crowthers

One of Mayfair’s most beloved churches will be filled to the rafters for the Good Friday and Sunday services. Built in 1721-24 to the designs of John James, and featured in the timeless film ‘My Fair Lady’, St George’s in Hanover Square should provide a welcome retreat from the Bank Holiday hustle and bustle. Easter services Good Friday 10am and the Service of the Vespas at 2.30pm Easter Sunday 8.30am and the Sung Euchurist at 11am Saint George, Hanover Square, The Vestry, 2A Mill Street, W1S (020 7629 0874;

T H E M AY FA I R M A G A z i N E



News From Bobtail goring to book launches, Belgravia is a colourful place to celebrate this easter

Concerto class

Above / Brothers in the Wet Savannah

Fine oils

St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, SW1 26 April, 7.30pm (020 7871 4019;

a wide variety of fine oil paintings are on display at the Belgravia gallery on albemarle Street this month. From the contemporary zebras and african landscapes of Jan Coutts, to the wine paintings of Lincoln Seligman, the high-quality collection spans over 100 years of traditional excellence. We love Charlie mackesy’s stunning painting ‘golden girl’, which evocatively depicts the beauty and frailty of the female form. Belgravia Gallery, 45 Albemarle Street, W1S (020 7495 1010;

Discover the unique musical combination of star soprano hila Plitmann, young British clarinettist Julian Bliss, and pianist Christopher glynn, in an evening of scintillating music from some of the world’s top composers. the repertoire includes a selection of traditional Yiddish and german songs and a special arrangement from composer of the moment, eric Whitacre’s ‘Five hebrew Love Songs’, prepared especially for the evening. St Peter’s Church in eaton Square is the perfect setting to hear the top notes soaring above the rafters.

Above / Golden Girl

spring fever

Book launch

it’s the time of year for everyone’s favourite easter Bunny, Bobtail goring. the Belgravia hotel is playing host to an easter spectacular, where guests can take part in the annual easter egg hunt on 4 april in the hotel grounds. the goring’s concierge team have also created the number one day out in the city for the holiday with their special ‘Child’s eye View’ package, which includes a flight on the London eye, a boat journey along the thames and trip to the London aquarium. after such a bustling, busy schedule, milk and cookies await your little ones at bedtime to complete the perfect day.

Can you really trust somebody who is two people, and how do you know when to believe a professional liar? menacing, fast-paced, with a unique and intense voice, Polish a.m. Bakalar’s first novel reveals unexpected truths about the lies we all tell and the people we really are. Belgravia Books are hosting a very special book launch for Madame Mephisto, complete with live music performed by the top Shelf Jazz gypsy Duo this month – a chance to get a signed copy and a glass of bubbly. Free entry, but booking is advised.

The Child’s Eye View of London package - £995 per night, based on 2 adults and 2 children (020 7396 9000;

Belgravia Books 59 Ebury Street, SW1W 19 April, 6.30pm (020 7259 9336;


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Northampton • England

Makers of the finest English shoes since 1879

U.K. 25 Royal Exchange, London EC3 New Shop - 92 Jermyn Street, London SW1 69 Jermyn Street, London SW1 20-21 Burlington Arcade, London W1 25 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3

FRANCE 14, Rue Chauveau-Lagarde, La Madeleine, 75008 Paris U.S.A. 7 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019

C&J Rex.indd 1

14/9/11 16:49:53

The latest discoveries, exhibits and must-sees in the art world this month

Blue Mountains in Mayfair acclaimed australian painter, Warwick Fuller, will be transforming the landscape in Bury Street with his solo exhibition of scenes of australia’s breathtakingly beautiful Blue mountains. that huge World heritage site provides artists with a cornucopia of inspiration, amply reflected in Fuller’s new work depicting environments where tough trekking, fishing, sailing, rambling over rolling hills or the wonders of the natural world can all be enjoyed. Delicious, distant views are at the heart of this exhibition but it should be appreciated, also, for its captivating spectrum of textures and atmospheres, brilliantly evoked by this plain air painter’s use of colour, chiaroscuro and painterly techniques which range from sculpted to delicate, stippled brush marks. Blue Mountain Days 18 April – 11 May (

Fishing at Anglers Reach by Warwick Fuller

Show-stopping surrealism gordon mitchell is anything but a dour Scot as his show at the Portland gallery will testify. the utterly original work by this edinburgh-born artist emerges from the combination of his great technical skills as a painter, his sense of humour and his love of presenting realism in a novel, irreverent way. many of his paintings place boats, seagulls, the female form or still life objects on beaches but balanced or juxtaposed in such odd ways that they acquire amusing, new roles, reinforced by the puns of their titles. Often, mitchell delights in putting female figures in settings that bring a modern day twist to the traditional, naughty seaside postcard but all his subjects engage his viewers with brilliantly painted, thought-provoking clashes between the real and the surreal whilst simultaneously injecting some much needed lightheartedness into the world of art.

Quoits by Gordon Mitchell

Gordon Mitchell 29 March – 20 April (

Q&A with the founding father of Street Art, Blek le RAt Q: Your fame emerged from painting graffiti in Paris in 1981, establishing a global art movement; will the exhibition present your original work? A: my show at Opera gallery will be new works which will be original paintings but one of them will be made into a very limited edition print of only 100 copies, signed by me.

Q: Would you describe yourself now as a street artist rather than a graffiti artist? A: i don’t make any difference between street art and graffiti art. i like them both, street artists and graffiti artists belong to the same family.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Q: Do you feature Andy Warhol because you admire him for establishing a reactionary, new art movement as you did? A: in my humble opinion Warhol and Pop art produced the most interesting and revolutionary art movement of the second half of the 20th century. i met Warhol in the 1970s in a gallery in Paris…my painting is a tribute to him, one of my favourite artists of that century.

Q: Is it still important to you that your paintings question the world’s political and social issues? A: Yes it is important, and the issues which concern me most are homeless people and beggars.

Sacre du Graffiti by Blek Le Rat

Andy, Red by Blek Le Rat

Blek Le Rat 26 April – 17 May (


eXHIBITIOn FOCus Turner InspIred:

In the Light of Claude the national Gallery’s new turner exhibit explored, by Carol Cordrey

When I thInk of turner I think of twin artistic styles. he was so precociously talented and self-motivated that he developed a second mode of representing the world whilst still a young man. this latter style was inspired by the French artist, Claude Lorrain (1604-82), and it relied less on draughtsmanship and realism than on emotion and imagination. Most importantly, it would result in turner being considered a revolutionary talent who would, in turn, inspire successive generations of artists. Joseph Mallord William turner (1775-1851) was born in Maiden Lane and he lived most of his life in London. his father, a barber, encouraged his son to develop his artistic abilities such that, aged just 14, turner enrolled as a student at the Royal Academy School. Four years of study began with lessons from thomas Malton who was renowned for his detailed, topographical watercolours and urban views. turner painted similarly accurate views featuring architectural subjects – old dwellings, cathedrals, ruins – and sold them successfully, particularly to engravers. he did not turn his hand to oils until 1796, the year in which Fishermen at Sea, inspired by 17th century Dutch paintings, was exhibited at the Academy. In 1802 he became the youngest ever Royal Academician. With this new status, outstanding talent, capacity for hard work and financial acumen his career took off. It was helped by the success of his engraving projects as well as the patronage of influential people like Lord egremont of Petworth house and the praise heaped on him by his friend and admirer, the art critic John Ruskin. though turner was never good at drawing the human form (people play a minor role in his paintings),

Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude 14 March – 5 June (

he pursued excellence in other facets of his work by studying and imbibing techniques used by the Old Masters. the Dutch influence was displaced by that of Claude in particular, whose work had been highly sought after in england by collectors. his compositions united draughtsmanship and detail with the mood of a landscape presented through masterly control of light and colour tones. It is recorded that the effect of seeing Claude’s Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba was so overwhelming for turner that it caused him to burst into tears. By the start of the 19th century, turner had developed a revolutionary landscape style in which form became subordinate to colour, dramatic light and a sense of power. his contemporary, John Constable, said that: ‘he seems to paint with tinted steam’. turner had travelled frequently around Britain’s inland and coastal areas, filling sketchbooks with meticulous studies of nature and buildings and ideas for compositions which he worked up later in oil or watercolour in either of his preferred styles. he especially delighted in producing pictures which plunged the viewer’s eye into a vague distance suffused with ethereal light, Caernarvon Castle and Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Night being good examples. After the treaty of Peace in Amiens (1802), artists could travel to the Continent, resulting in compositions by turner such as Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc and what he considered to be his best work, Dido Building Carthage. this latter composition and Sun rising through Vapour: Fishermen Cleaning and Selling Fish confirm the everlasting importance of Claude on turner and his considerable bequest to the national Gallery insisted that both paintings be hung there between two by Claude.

Above / Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 1851) ‘Modern Italy - the Pifferari’, exhibited 1838. Oil on canvas. © Glasgow Museums Right, above / Claude (1604/5 1682) ‘Landscape with the Father of Psyche sacrificing at the Temple of Apollo’, 1662. Oil on canvas © Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire/ National Trust Photographic Library/John Hammond/The Bridgeman Art Library Right / Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775 1851) ‘Landscape: Composition of Tivoli’, 1817 Watercolour on paper. © Photo Robert Chapman Photography / courtesy of the owner


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


are you feeling


Join The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ to enjoy instant benefits, including complimentary stays, upgrades and access to exclusive offers. After just one stay, you will be upgraded from Special to Loved member and after five stays you will become Honoured, enjoying the highest level of benefits. It’s completely free to join, so sign up today and let the love grow!

you’ve conquered Christmas, now it’s Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldtm Experience another World

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Art of the eAst a stunning collision of two distant worlds offers an extraordinary opportunity for collectors

PArtICULArs: Auction: Art of the islamic & indian Worlds ExpEctEd vAluE (itEm): £100,000 - £150,000 ExpEctEd vAluE (Auction): £7,000,000 EstimAtEd rAngE: £1,000 - £800,000 no. of lots: 300 plAcE: Christie' s London, 8 King Street, St. James' s

A gem-set rock crystal bottle

dAtE: 26 April 2012

Mughal India, 17th century and later © Christie’s Images Limited 2012

a continuing demand across the market for works of art from the islamic and indian realms has prompted christie’s to present some exquisite eastern craftsmanship, produced as far back as the ninth century. the sale of Art of the Islamic & Indian Worlds includes a strong array of ottoman turkish works of art, including over 20 stunning pieces of rare iznik pottery, a dish from the collection of monique uzielli, and an impressive number of kufic Qur’an pages and calligraphy. indian art is also strongly represented in the auction, where lots include a superb compilation of miniatures and a variety of mughal treasure. this remarkable gem-set rock crystal bottle, decorated with gold and rare gemstones originates from central or northern india. other exceptional offerings include a superb jade-hilted dagger with the original blade, encrusted with gold inlay, emeralds and rubies, which is expected to realise £100,000 - £150,000. (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e




RedISCoveRed mASTeRPIeCe an incredibly rare example of 18th century english porcelain

PARTICULARS: Auction: British Pottery and Porcelain Sale ExpEctEd vAluE (itEm): Record breaking potential ExpEctEd vAluE (Auction): £700,000 - £800,000 EstimAtEd rAngE: from £400 no. of lots: 326 plAcE: Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street dAtE: 18 April 2012

Chelsea Porcelain head Image courtesy of Bonhams

Fergus gambon, department director of british ceramics at bonhams, was moved to tears by his first sight of this incredibly rare and valuable work. ‘my heart stopped. i knew that the only known example of the model was in the ashmolean museum in oxford, regarded as a jewel in the crown of the ceramics collection there. no other example was recorded. here was another... and somehow even better. i was immediately struck by its radiance and beauty,’ comments Fergus. ‘in contrast to the coloured example at oxford, the bonhams head has been left in white as the potter intended,’ he continues. ‘the unknown child’s smiling face and thick, curly hair are beautifully modelled, beneath a glaze as smooth as silk. the result is a piece of sculpture of great delicacy and pathos.’ Chelsea china is highly collectable and this piece is a product of the early period of the Chelsea factory, the earliest to produce porcelain in england, dating to 1748-50. specialists believe that the head has the potential to break the world record price for early english porcelain at auction, which is currently £223,650 for another piece of Chelsea sold in London in 2003. (


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Prize Lot: sotheby’s

PoP icon Sleeping girl - a spectacular sample of Post-War american art

‘SleePing girl is one of the great masterpieces of the 20th century, counting iconic depictions of women by Pablo Picasso, Constantin Brancusi and amedeo modigliani among its peers,’ comments tobias meyer, Sotheby’s Worldwide head of Contemporary art. ‘lichtenstein’s ‘girls’ are arguably his most desirable works today and Sleeping Girl has been coveted since it was acquired in 1964, the year it was painted. it is astonishingly fresh and vibrant, as if it were painted yesterday.’ Favouring the old-fashioned comic strip as subject matter, prominent american pop artist roy lichtenstein produced hardedged, precise compositions that documented in a tongue-in-cheek humorous manner. Sleeping Girl is the highpoint of lichtenstein’s most acclaimed and sustained body of work, painted between 1961 and 1965. Sleeping Girl will be shown in los angeles, hong Kong, london and new York prior to auction. (

Particulars: Auction: Contemporary Art evening Sale ExpEctEd VAluE (itEm): $30,000,000 - $40,000,000 ExpEctEd VAluE (Auction): tBC EstimAtEd RAngE: tBC no. of lots: tBC plAcE: Sotheby' s New York dAtE: 9 May 2012

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Roy Lichtenstein Sleeping Girl 1964 © Sotheby’s


For further information please contact - Argento Fine Products Ltd: T 020 7722 2438, info@agďƒž


N ews Classic timepieces to covet now and enjoy for a lifetime

ONe tO watch

Italian style this year, it is Franck muller’s turn to collaborate with a brand you wouldn’t normally associate with the watch world. the co-branding contract between the Florentine fashion group Roberto Cavalli and the Swiss watchmaking group has been formed to ‘respond to the different needs of a clientele that is ever more sophisticated.’ Roberto Cavalli by Franck muller watches will start at just over £1,000.

each month, we select our watch of the moment from the latest releases

exactly 40 years after its launch, the Oyster Perpetual explorer II has been updated with the most recently patented Rolex technologies. the robust and reliable nature of this watch make it the rational choice for anyone who values style and substance equally

haute horology aesthetics + Mathematics

Oyster Perpetual explorer II £5,530, Rolex available at mappin & Webb, 1a Old Bond Street

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Vacheron Constantin may be able to trace its roots back to the middle of the 18th century but you certainly can’t accuse the brand of being stuck in the past. the latest additions to its métiers d’art collection, Vacheron’s most imaginative line of watches, are inspired by the work of Dutch artist maurits Cornelis escher and centre on the concept of tessellation – the process of creating a twodimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps or gaps. employing all the techniques used in modernday watchmaking – enamelling, gem-setting, engraving and guilloché work – the métiers d’art Les masques timepieces highlight what can happen when art meets mechanics. a mechanical self-winding Calibre 2460 movement, entirely developed and crafted by Vacheron Constantin, sits at the heart of the collection’s three timepieces, each of which has been limited to just 20 pieces and is available through Vacheron boutiques only.

if you pride yourself on owning accessories that others do not, you may want to acquaint yourself with Swiss brand Cecil Purnell. manufacturing a maximum of just 75 watches a year, the brand retains its status as one of the most exclusive watch companies in the world. each timepiece is made to order under full client consultation and takes between three and six months to produce.


Welcome to



For most of us, the New Year began on 1 January. For the watch and jewellery industry, 2012 didn’t start until 8 March – the day that Baselworld opened its doors. RichaRd BRown reports from the world’s largest exhibition of fine jewellery and intricate timepieces


each spring something strange happens in the swiss town of Basel. For eight days, hotel rooms become like gold dust, restaurant reservations become essential and the price of guinness becomes, well, astronomical. say hello to Baselworld, the world’s largest watch and jewellery trade show; an event that welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to the sleepy suburbs of the country’s third largest city and creates a corridor of fully-booked bed and breakfasts that extends all the way to neighbouring France and germany. think of any boat or motor show you’ve ever been to and multiply that by ten. replace the yachts and cars with the world’s finest jewellery and most intricate timepieces, add more than a splattering of precious gems, stones, and silverware, and you’ll begin to appreciate the scale of an event that attracts more than 100,000 trade visitors and 3,000 journalists each year.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

if arriving at Baselworld for the first time, it will undoubtedly be the magnitude of the event that strikes you. spread over 160,000 square metres of exhibition space – within a ‘palace’ and six multi-storied buildings with names like the ‘hall of Dreams’, the ‘hall of inspirations’ and the ‘hall of Fascination’ – the event presents the creations of more than 1,800 exhibitors, in a week that last year accounted for 90 per cent of the £15.7 billion worth of watches switzerland exported within 12 months. step inside the hall of Dreams, home to the industry’s big boys, and enter a gleaming, glassy designer world that makes the likes of Bicester Village seem like a flea market. set out in avenue-like rows and box-shaped cul-de-sacs, two storey ‘shops’ stretch from floor to ceiling and as far as an awe-stricken eye can see. stamped with the logos of the world’s most


Right / Oyster Perpetual SkyDweller, Rolex

prestigious watch and jewellery brands, each finds idiosyncrasy in elaborate quirks like giant, wall-mounted fish tanks, indoor waterfalls and projections of mind-boggling holograms. As Baselworld embodiments of their flagship boutiques, each brand’s stand aims to mirror their real world counterparts. Step into Harry Winston, for example, and you are transported in an instant to the company’s New York City residence. Of course, as absorbing and impressive as the flat-packed constructions are, they’re not the reason thousands of visitors pass through Baselworld’s doors every year. No; they come to marvel for the first time at the latest creations from the fine watch and jewellery industries. And once you’ve come to terms with the scale and beauty of the houses each brand hides behind, it is these that become the stars of the show.



Located just a few miles from the valleys of Cantons Neuchâtel, Bern and Solothurn – the nuclei of the mechanic watchmaking industry – Baselworld provides the country’s watchmakers with the chance to show off in their own backyard. True to form, it was innovations from the native land that made the biggest splashes. While the watch arena may not witness the same type of shifts in trends that the fashion world does, certain styles undoubtedly proved ‘in vogue’ at Basel this year. Vintage has been in the spotlight for several years now and, if Switzerland’s latest collections were anything to go by, there’s little sign of the trend waning. The 1950s and 60s continued to be revisited via ‘new vintage’ creations inspired by historic models of a glamorous past. Aesthetics were simplified, with the frequent use of ultra-thin, round and more modestly sized cases. Highly readable faces were finding favour despite the growing popularity of open-worked and skeletonised dials. Also noteworthy, amongst the pervading whites and blacks, was the frequent use of royal blue on both straps and faces. Having witnessed a 34 per cent increase in exports in 2011, it was no surprise to see an enlarged representation of the French watch, clock and jewellery industries at this year’s event. Brands like Pequignet, Lip, Pierre Lannier, Saint Honore and Rochet Bijoux proved that, when it comes to cases, round shapes remain popular, particularly among men’s watches, whilst women’s watches focus on square, rectangular and oval shapes. Dials, on the whole, were less cluttered than those from other European brands, with discreet figures and indices displaying hours and minutes. Design-wise, gentleness and elegance pervaded, while when it came to colour choice, it was white for women and black for men. Over at the Hong Kong Pavilion, the largest international pavilion at Baselworld and the one with the most battery-powered wristwatches, the dominance of black and white continued. When it came to materials, white metal remained the mainstream, while the bracelets, necklaces and rings on display suggested a renewed interest and demand for colour stone jewellery. Like our own luxury goods industry, the German jewellery, watch and clock sectors are profiting substantially from a growing demand for opulent goods, especially amongst the households in rising eastern economies. Last year, sales posted by the jewellery industry rose by more than one-quarter, representing a ten year high, while the country’s watch and clock industry recorded its largest growth since 2006. Not surprising then that this year, Basel’s carpets were graced by more than 170 German companies, although trend-wise it was harder to find similarities between the timepieces they brought with them.

‘I am looking forward with great expectations to the new era that will be dawning for this world show’ Sylvie Ritter, managing director of Baselworld

Left from top / Chronomat 44 GMT, Breitling; D-Star 200, Rado; Maestro Quantième à Aiguille, Raymond Weil



HigHligHts the unveiling of Breitling’s Chronomat 44 gmt remains a highlight for me, as does Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller. Distinguished by its rotating bezel, the new 44 millimetre Breitling is a more refined and less weighty version of the brand’s staple timepieces, while the hotly anticipated Rolex is sure to become a favourite by virtue of it being the first Rolex with two timezones, if nothing else. across the hall, Raymond Weil impressed with its maestro Quantième à aiguille. Featuring a silver dial, graceful sunray guilloche centre and traditional black Roman hour markers, the Quantième à aiguille is a case in point of the current trend for combining vintage-inspired elegance with contemporary design. at what will be the more affordable end of the price spectrum, although specific prices are yet to be announced, Rado’s D-Star 200 watches are noteworthy for the amount of good-looking watch you’ll get for your money, should you choose to invest. For timothy Barber, editor of 00/24 WatchWorld magazine, this year’s highlights included the new Carrera watch from tag heuer, made to celebrate watch-industry legend Jack heuer’s 80th birthday and ‘Patek’s pleasing high-end offerings, including a white-dial nautilus, and another

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

super-strong collection from zenith.’ Overall, though, it was Chopard that won the day with its new LUC Lunar One: ‘the most beautiful watch of 2012 – a stupendous timepiece.’ as much as it was about the watches, though, Barber noted how Baselworld 2012 was also significant for showcasing the growing confidence of the watch and jewellery industry. ‘there was definitely a brighter atmosphere at the fair this year. after a tricky few years – even despite all the reports of the luxury industry’s relative buoyancy – the brands seem to have got their mojo back, with fewer retro watches and re-editions and more fresh designs.’ this year’s event may have only just come to its conclusion, but preparation has already started for Baselworld 2013 when the fair will be held in an entirely new exhibition space being built over the next 12 months. ‘i am looking forward impatiently and with great expectations to the new era that will be dawning for this world show,’ said Sylvie Ritter, managing director of Baselworld. With the watch and jewellery industry only showing signs of going from strength to strength, anyone planning on attending the event should be just as excited.



N ews glamorous and seductive pieces to cherish for a lifetime

Chanel s/s12 ‘the shapes of sea life are ultra-modern, beautiful and timeless,’ explains Karl Lagerfeld. the 2012 collection by Chanel is all that you would ever want from a S/S line; with tropical fish, seaweed and sponges taking on an ethereal, abstract quality, and the main palette comprising porcelain pink, pearly white and sea blue hues, the overall look becomes feminine, light and airy. to enhance the ultra-feminine guise, look to the accessories. the line is dripping with pearls: around the neck, along the spine, used as buttons or taking the place of a chain belt to punctuate the overall ensemble. golds, corals and blues speckle the collection, enhancing the oceanic theme. Following in the footsteps of other great fashion brands, Chanel has incorporated bold, chunky bangles into its spring repertoire. however, not wishing to lose the elegance for which the French house is renowned, bangles are decorated with delicate pale pink glass stones.

of the best… MAsCuliNe wAtChes

Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’ Price on enquiry, a. Lange & Söhne


CuttiNg edge French designer aurélie Bidermann has always prided herself on incorporating her imagination and experiences into innovative designs. her latest S/S12 jewellery collection harkens to the Wild West with chunky gold pieces, bull detailing and turquoise stone embellishment.

Hamptons Quartz with croc strap £1,780, Baume & mercier

‘the sublime creations of Aurélie Bidermann reinvent themselves constantly. snakes, feathers, lace, insects, wheat and the leaves of ginkgo always dipped in gold - have now become her heritage. they have become timeless classics that she constantly reinterprets’ Wild West gold-plated and turquoise cuff, £685 Cheyenne gold-plated and turquoise cuff, £510 Aurélie Bidermann (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Jules Audemars Chronograph in Rose Gold £21,500, audemars Piguet



Chanel 80th Anniversary Jewels in times of austerity, the luxury industry has always understood the need for decadence

the freedom to imagine a life free from financial restraint is the ultimate escapism, one where goals such as owning your own yacht or buying an island become aspirations. in 1932, in the midst of economic gloom, gabrielle Chanel understood more than anyone how this glimmer of hope can be found within the sparkle of a diamond. ‘during the economic recession, when, in every sphere of life, there emerged an instinctive desire for authenticity, and amusing trinkets were once again put into their proper perspective,’ she wrote of the launch of her 1932 exhibition de Bijoux en diamants. Such wisdom has prevailed to this day, and with another recession, the french fashion house has picked the ideal time to pay tribute to this audacious exhibition, showcasing the finest in diamond jewellery, with a world tour of one-off pieces celebrating the 80th anniversary. the jewels were previewed in Paris at Couture Week, echoing the themes of the original display, which took place in a mirrored room on the rue du faubourg Saint-honorĂŠ to awed crowds. this montre Secret Cosmos ferme bracelet, with a stunning arrangement of diamonds set in the shape of a star, truly encapsulates the opulence of the collection.


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e



Famous For Engagement Rings

WEST END 56-57 BURLINGTON ARCADE W1J 0QN - T +44 (0)20 7499 6814 - CITY 9 HATTON GARDEN EC1N 8AH - T +44 (0)20 7831 3333




A cascade of vibrant colour, the 2012 complements the Jenny Packham SS12 catw by nature’s rainbow: a kaleidoscope of dazzl Packham accessory range comprises etherea collars and belts spanning a vivid spectrum blues and golden opa


Dramatic and colourful, the collection fu 1930s Paris with the glamour of old Ho opulent headpieces are embellished with d undulating strands of fine silver or rich noir a opal pear and oval crystal jewels in a pletho decadence, whilst shimmering pearls lend

Exquisite bejewelled belts on luxurious F grosgrain are new to the collection this sea from the vintage inspired beading in th


Jenny Packham’s A-list fans include the Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron D Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer A

For further brand information ple T: +44 (0) 207 493 6290 E: PR@jenn

2 6

Sea shores


Jewellery emulates the colours and shapes of the sea this spring with cerulean crystals, sea blue hues and striking turquoise stones and beads



9 1 Rear window necklace, £775, erickson Beamon ( 2 Ready to Wear accessories, Jenny Packham ( 3 Rear window necklace - from a selection, £854, erickson Beamon, as before 4 Silver and turquoise drop earrings, £90, Chan Luu ( 5 Wichita silver-plated turquoise necklace, £260, Philippe audibert ( 6 multi-stone brass ring, £335, emilio Pucci ( 7 Rock Candy 18-carat gold turquoise bangle, £2,395, ippolita ( 8 Bossa nova silver-plated Swarovski crystal ring, £235, erickson Beamon, as before 9 Plexiglass and crystal clip earrings, £220, miu miu (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Courtesy of IWC






7 6


2 4

indulge your sense of adventure by wearing accessories designed with the (stylish) explorer in mind



1 z6/z6i 2nd generation rifle scope, £2,300, Swarovski Optik ( 2 Black Ceramic Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm, Price on enquiry, audemars Piguet, available at harrods 3 Classic Prince of Wales check umbrella, £65, London Undercover ( 4 Coin carbon fibre cufflinks, £200, alfred Dunhill ( 5 Woven linen belt, £65, anderson’s ( 6 my sailing bag, £1,945, Loro Piana, 47 Sloane Street 7 navy blue techno fabric gloves, £215, giorgio armani ( 8 Be-well bag, £3,100, Loro Piana, as before 9 aquaracer Calibre 5 500m, £3,150, tag heuer, available at harrods 056

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

TP_CityMag_TP-RG_210x297_TP_CityMag_TP-RG_1Oct11 19.09.11 11:24 Page1

The Fusion between Ceramic, 18K Red Gold and Rubber.

For a list of Hublot stockists in the UK, please telephone 0207 343 7200 or e-mail Hublot TV on:

Pink and silver dress, £3,600 Hervé Léger, 020 7201 2590

The heighT

Sophistication OF

Mayfair’s 45 Park Lane, the newest offering from Dorchester Collection, is the epitome of contemporary luxury. Ensure you’re as smart, chic and stylish as your surroundings with our selection of this season’s most sophisticated ensembles


Neil Marriott

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds

Blue linen blazer, £1,250, white shirt, £95, blue silk tie, £85, all Dunhill, 0845 4580779 ( White trousers, £135, Hackett, 137/138 Sloane Street, SW1 ( Tan ‘Christie’ brogues, £275, Oliver Sweeney ( Silver button cufflinks, £110, Links of London ( Blue aviators, £231, Tom Ford ( Cape Cod watch, £1,950, Hermes 020 7499 8856

Black and white linen toile peasant blouse, £2,428, black and sable raffia panelled fringe skirt, £2,085, Tom Ford ( Gold sphere earrings, £6,000, Bentley & Skinner, 55 Piccadilly, W1, 020 7629 0651

Lavender linen wool silk suit, £2,705, purple and white cotton shirt, £560, knitted dark orchid tie, £104, lilac and pink silk pocket square, £87, blue aviators, £231 all Tom Ford ( Pink zip back dress, £1,275, Antonio Berardi at Harvey Nichols ( Gold wire earrings £2,400 ( Cream leather ‘Justine’ bag, £1,195, Jimmy Choo ( Flesh python ‘Cassidy’ slingbacks, £590, Gina 9 Old Bond Street, W1 (

Biscuit Corby suede trenchcoat, £1,850, biscuit linen Buckingham jacket, £450, matching Cameron trousers £175, white Barton shirt, £75, stripe silk tie, £75, all Aquascutum (

Cream chiffon shirt, £240, Elizabeth & James at Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, SW1 ( Gold and pearl Victorian bracelet, £24,000 Bentley & Skinner, 55 Piccadilly, W1

Art Direction: Melissa Watson (

Hair: Paula Mann @ Models1Creative, using Paul Mitchell

Make-up: Haleigh Maskall @ Models1Creative, using Clinique Shot on location at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1PN ( 45 Park Lane includes 45 guest rooms and suites and a Penthouse Suite, all with fantastic views overlooking Hyde Park. The hotel’s design was undertaken by world-renowned architect and designer Thierry Despont and Wolfgang Puck’s first European venture comes in the form of American steak restaurant, CUT at 45 Park Lane, the new Mayfair hot spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information, please call 020 7493 4545 or email For reservations, please call 020 7317 6550 or email 45 Park Lane is the ninth property to join Dorchester Collection’s portfolio of luxury hotels which also includes The Dorchester (London), The Beverly Hills Hotel (Beverly Hills), Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athénée (Paris), Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milan), Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles), Coworth Park (Ascot) and Le Richemond (Geneva).


the heart of

c o c kta i l b a r | lo u n g e | r e s ta u r a n t | c h e f ’ s d i n i n g r o o m | a r t g a l l e r y | l a c a v e 1 0 l a n c a s h i r e c o u r t n e w b o n d s t r e e t lo n d o n w 1 s 1 e y + 4 4 ( 0 ) 2 0 7 5 1 8 9 3 8 8 w w w. m e w s o f m ay fa i r . c o m


Handbag heaven Luxury-handbag brand Coach is opening its third London location, the second stand-alone store in england, at the end of the month. the brand, established in a family-run manhattan workshop loft in the early Forties, is marking the notable new arrival on Regent Street with a new lavish leather bag - exclusive to the new premises. the Bleecker Legacy Weekend tote will be available in a rainbow of colours, priced at £545 each, and just perfect to team with that new spring essential. 74-76 Regent Street, W1 (



Fashion revolution Yves Saint Laurent’s designs have influenced several designers throughout the years. in 1966, the couture house became the first to launch the modern concept of luxury ready-to-wear, via the Rive gauche collection and Yves Saint Laurent Rive gauche boutiques were soon opened throughout the world. this has now been immortalised in a new book, from Pierre Bergé, the cofounder of Yves Saint Laurent Couture house and fashion historian Jéromine Savignon. ‘Saint Laurent Rive gauche: Fashion Revolution’ (£19.99) explores Laurent’s progressive approach to fashion, highlights the cultural impact of the brand and celebrates the legacy of one of the industry’s most significant fashion lines. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: Fashion Revolution By Pierre Bergé and Jéromine Savignon Published by Abrams Books, £19.99 Saint Laurent rive gauche, collection printemps-été 1967 Robe de shantung de soie safran, cravate en twill de soie, ceinture à anneaux carrés en écaille, chapeau de coton bleu ciel Collection E2 (Ceinture) © Sophie Carre

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Shoe domain this month sees fashion insider site launch their new offshoot entirely dedicated to shoes. will stock over 100 brands, including coveted designers such as marni, alexander Wang and giambattista Valli, in addition to offering foot-related services, books, jewellery, design items and reviews. With new labels being added continuously the site features everything from top names to stylist-selected niche brands. ‘Shoescribers’ are offered complimentary services including shoe repair and free shipping. (

Who’s afraid? another fashionable opening on mayfair’s Dover Street, this time upping the style stakes, as lifestyle brand Wolf & Badger prepares to open its doors. the second site of the quirky London boutique will feature the best neWgen designers including mark Fast, Lou Dalton and Jean-Pierre Braganza, who sit alongside a curated selection of independent designer hero pieces from the ‘Lab’ store in notting hill. the new partnership with beauty e-tailer zuneta will further establish the coveted store as high-end distributor of ethical and niche brands. Wolf & Badger 32 Dover Street, Mayfair, W1S (020 7229 4848;



Travel in style nothing is more stylish than travelling to your chosen destination by private jet, and Chapman Freeborn, the world’s largest aircraft charter broker, is giving you the opportunity to step off the plane looking a million dollars. the company have teamed up with online luxury fashion boutique to offer elite flyers a gift card worth £500 with every first new booking made before 31 may*. Private jet customers are invited to shop the ready-to-wear collections of the award-winning website, and browse some of the world’s most covetable designer brands and hottest trends of the season – ideal for arriving in style. *Offer is limited to first-time booking only for new clients to Chapman Freeborn until 31 May 2012 (01293 572888;



Fashion on film the first black tailor on Savile Row and former creative director of givenchy, Ozwald Boateng has released A Man’s Story, a film of his remarkable career. Starting in 1998 when a film crew followed him around for two weeks, it culminates when he closed London Fashion Week in September 2010 with the biggest menswear show in history. Director Varon Bonicos captures some unique detail of Boateng’s prominent rise to fame, reminding us why he is such a fashion tour de force. Released on DVD 19 March (

Photography: Jamie Morgan


Heaven scent acqua di Parma have released a stunning new fragrance for summer, arancia di Capri, designed to evoke the energy of the mediterranean. Based around the orange trees in the region; the scent blends light citrus notes of mandarin, lemon, rich cardamom, sweet caramel and sensual musk base notes - divine. From £50, Arancia di Capri (

London style it has been called both ‘the future of British menswear’ and ‘a way of life’ – big claims for a 27-year-old designer. however, the newly opened flagship, a. Sauvage, on maddox Street certainly seems to live up to the hype, offering a chic, new take on contemporary tailoring. established earlier this year by the up-and-coming British designer adrien Sauvage, the London fashion house specialises in Ready to Wear suits (but does also offer bespoke pieces), with his trademark satin-lapelled tuxedos and houndstooth flecked blazers. Sauvage, of ghanaian descent, turned his back on professional basketball at the age of 19 and became a lifestyle consultant for the stars of rock, fashion, film, sports and politics – many of which have since become muses of the brand since its inception. 48 Maddox Street, W1S (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Swiss movement, English heart

C9 HARRISON JUMPING HOUR Limited Edition ÂŁ1150.00

Swiss made automatic / movement: ETA 2824-2 - 25 jewel modified jumping hour complication JJ001 / 200 piece limited edition / Hand-finished case / Louisiana alligator strap / Diameter: 43mm E XC LU S I V E LY AVA I L A B L E AT

ChristopherWard_Mayfair.indd 1

08/03/2012 07:51



As Carolina Herrera’s daughter launches her first ever handbag line, EllE BlakEman chats to the elegant designer about colour, inspiration and why the brand is perfect for today’s ever-juggling woman


Carolina herrera de Báez is fashion royalty. in 1981, her mother moved from Venezuela to new York and set up her elegant, eponymous line in 1981, which soon counted a-listers and the social elite among its many fans. anna Wintour is close friends with Carolina herrera, and is often spotted in the brand at various manhattan events, while celebrities from Penelope Cruz to meryl Streep are also seen in herrera’s chic, fuss-free pieces. and – the biggest stamp of approval for many – the label was once Jackie onassis’s favourite, with herrera dressing the first lady for several of her final years. Carolina herrera de Báez, herrera’s third daughter (of four), has been involved with the business since 1997, when she came for an internship in new York. herrera de Báez launched the incredibly successful 212 fragrance, and today is responsible for all nine fragrances, along with designing the utterly charming childrenswear line that hangs adorably from tiny hangers in the mount Street store. this season, she has ventured into the adult line for the first time, with a stunning collection of bags for S/ S12 – fresh, pop-coloured totes in keeping with herrera’s signature minimalist elegance. ‘my inspiration for this collection was the 2012 Carolina herrera Spring/Summer Collection. i loved the fabrics and the colours,’ she says. after fifteen years juggling two sides of the business, now was the right time to launch into something new. ‘i have been doing the children’s collection for the past few years. From that experience, i thought it would be great fun to do a capsule collection each year. this first one is bags, but there will be more to come ranging from scarves, jewellery, shirts etc. i’m already working on spring 2013 and i'm very excited,’ she says. She describes the Carolina herrera woman as ‘feminine, elegant and timeless’, unsurprisingly noting her mother as her role model within the industry. ‘She is honest, humble, talented, real, funny, curious; a wonderful mother, wife and all-round woman,’ she says, echoing the

ethos of the brand itself. the label is known for appealing to stylish but ‘real’ women, women who may have children, or a business, who combine running a house with running the world. ‘We women manage to do many things at the same time’ says herrera Snr. ‘men, no. men do one thing at a time. my husband says “why are you doing all these at the same time? You're going to do something wrong here.” i say, “no.” Because women, we are able to do that.’ Clearly one of those women herself, herrera de Báez juggles children and work in the same way her clients do. ‘in a typical day i usually take the children to school, do yoga and then work which can be a meeting, a shoot or an interview etc,’ she says. and how does she find working with her legendary mother? ‘it’s a privilege, a pleasure and she makes it very easy and a lot of fun,’ she says. herrera Snr agrees, ‘We work well together because she lives in Spain and i live in new York. She's my daughter, so i cannot fire her,’ she jokes. however, despite her fashion heritage, herrera de Báez insists that she doesn’t live the typical designer’s life. ‘We rarely go out to parties and such. at night i usually hang out with my husband at home or we go to a movie or have friends over for dinner,’ she says. the brand itself has transferred perfectly from new York to london life, and the shop itself sits aptly within mayfair’s elegant go-to street for the great and the good of london fashion. ‘mount Street is so chic,’ says herrera Snr. ‘i waited and waited until there was the right spot for us. i've been coming to london all my life and i always loved this area.’ From the sight of the ever-busy store, it seems that the area loves her back.

‘We work well together because she lives in Spain and I live in New York. She’s my daughter, so I cannot fire her’

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Tote bags, £260. CH Carolina Herrera, 120 Mount Street, London W1 (020 3441 0965;


CONTESSA To own a rare Argyle pink diamond is to own a truly magnificent heirloom. Contessa, beautifully handcrafted in Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold, features an exquisite combination of stunning craftsmanship and the rarest of Australian Argyle pink diamonds. Simply, they are the rarest diamonds in the world and are revered for their unique provenance and intrinsic beauty.

UNITED KINGDOM The Royal Arcade, Old Bond St, Mayfair London W1S 4SW AUSTRALIA Sydney Gold Coast

Calleija-CountryTownUK-298x225mm_v1.indd 1

25/01/12 11:51 AM


It' S All AbOut

the dress

it’s one of the fashion world’s most iconic looks, but what is it about the hervé Léger signature style that is so universally appealing to women? Kelly Green explores the history of that dress no garment celebrates the female form quite like a hervé Léger bandage dress. Seamlessly sculpting the silhouette with its signature banding construction, the iconic figure-hugging dress caresses every curve, enhancing the body shape and turning heads season after season. made up of bandage-like strips of fabric (hence the name), sewn entirely by hand and made to couture standard, the dresses mould and shape the wearer’s figure with their stripes, creating a flattering silhouette and pioneering the ‘body-con’ style that has seen a return to the fashion spotlight in recent seasons. in fact, the original body-con dress has become synonymous with the fashion house ever since the label was founded in 1985 by the French couturier who today goes by the name of hervé L Leroux. the ultra-glam dresses took the eighties by storm and became a huge fashion hit. For S/S12, the classic style has been given a revamp by designer max azria, who took over the design helm and relaunched the label in 2007, following the 1998 acquisition of the hervé Léger brand by american BCBg max azria group. While the history of the label is varied, the craftmanship has remained consistent. each hervé Léger by max azria look is designed with the bandage dress in mind, paying tribute to a modern femininity while maintaining the house’s heritage. the S/S12 collection features metallic tones of silver, gold and blush with striking accents of black and white. it focuses on subtle pattern and fringing whilst modernising the iconic style with cut outs, gold hardware and flowing fabrics, capturing the allure of the modern, powerful woman.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

it’s no wonder hervé Léger by max azria has won over a host of stylish celebrity fans, counting Victoria Beckham, elle macpherson and Jennifer Lopez among its clientele. however, it was not just celebrities who were rushing to snap up fashion’s sexiest dresses when the label opened its first UK flagship boutique in London’s Lowndes Street in 2009. While the dresses certainly require the wearer to have some degree of confidence (due to the headturning, jaw-dropping reactions they incite), their ability to make every woman who wears them feel like a supermodel means that their popularity is continuing to rise. to match its high-flying clientele, the Knightsbridge store is just as beautiful as the garments adorning the mannequins in the shop window. Fulfilling its role as the UK flagship, the boutique orders all the runway styles from each collection to make sure the store offers includes more than just the cherry on top. ensuring the ultimate luxury shopping experience, so spacious are the supersized changing rooms they would put a typical bathroom at most five-star hotels to shame. and if you happen to change your mind when you get your purchase home, the flagship store issues credit notes for ‘dresses unwanted on the voyage’, giving the customer more time to deliberate their purchase. But really, after stepping inside the London boutique, the biggest decision you’re going to have to make is what colour dress to go for.


ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN WALL OF SOUND The new BeoLab 12 is a fully digital on-wall loudspeaker that produces sensational surround sound in a graceful, minimalist fashion. It is the perfect compliment to any flat-screen or home stereo system. This revolutionary loudspeaker co-operates with the wall it is placed on, transmitting treble and bass sounds with outstanding precision and depth. BeoLab 12 features a sculptural design that forms a reassuring wave pattern that beholds powerful capabilities, maximizing every inch of the slim space. Call it the world’s most high-performing optical illusion, because when viewed from the side, this commanding loudspeaker appears even slimmer.

Visit our showroom to experience the spectacular sound of BeoLab12 Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea 147 Kings Road, London SW3 5TX Tel: 020 7376 5222 Email:

Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea - BeoLab 12 Advert - Place at 100% (297 x 210mm + 3mm Bleed)


News Update your home with the latest interiors products from fabulous wallpaper to decadent finishing touches

wall to wall For the superstitious, the quaint design of this wallpaper from Barneby gates, arranged in a classical urn formation, are symbols of fortune: horse-shoes, crossed keys, acorns and ladybirds feature – sure to bring luck to any home. Wallpaper in Graphite on Denim, £78 per roll, Barneby Gates (

ClassiC Vs CoNtemporary - staircases Classic Working out of a listed 18th-century forge on the idyllic eastnor Castle estate, artist and blacksmith andrew Findlay specialises in creating large-scale bespoke architectural pieces. inspired by the great works of gaudi, horta and Brandt, plain metal bars have been heated in furnaces to near white-hot and then pounded to create this enchanting, mediterranean-esque balustrade and staircase. From £2,050 per running metre (01531 634999;


antikBar’s assortment of vintage posters includes some of the rarest prints from cinema, theatre, propaganda and sporting events from the 1890s to the 1970s, and will create a thought-provoking focal point. highly collectable and ideal for the lounge or office, this poster from the 1936 USSR Dance Festival is bound to leave a lasting impression.

an imaginative use of materials, combined with leading-edge technical know-how ensures these ‘statement stairs’ create the illusion of light and openness. Bisca designed this elegant helical staircase with its clean uncluttered lines and thick oak treads, to sweep dramatically between the lofty levels of a prestigious, private dwelling in London - ideal for maximising space.

Poster, £2,975 (

From £20,000 (01439 771 702;

Finishing touches

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Suite Dreams: The Connaught The Connaught hotel dates from 1897, though owes its present, beautiful form to a recent and comprehensive renovation programme which saw eminent designers and architects including Guy Oliver fuse original details with understated yet luxurious bespoke furniture and original artwork and state-of-the-art technology. Oliver wanted the hotel to feel like a personal residence and took care to make sure each room offered a unique atmosphere and appearance whilst preserving the character and charm of the original Connaught. The result is a luxurious designer hotel with a timeless and unique character.

The Sutherland Suite Rich in history and grandeur, the focal point of this one-bedroom suite is a Steinway Grand Piano which belonged to famed Polish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman, who inspired the Oscar-winning film The Pianist. Oliver’s intention was to emphasise the magnificence of the drawing rooms by recreating the galleried spaces of an English stately home using hand-carved Italian and French furniture and artwork. (






Soothing tones were chosen for the suite to evoke a relaxing vibe. Sanderson have a range of lovely fabrics which would work, including this subtle take on a damask print.

artwork is central to the designer’s vision for a gallery space which inspires and enthrals. this suitably springtime scene is an oil on canvas piece by Quang ho.

Sherbourne Fabric in Cream, Price on enquiry, Sanderson (

Composition with Irises, Price on enquiry, Quang Ho (


yet tiMeless

this contemporary sconce injects light into the corner of the room and is available in a silver or gilded finish on request. The Bullet Wall Light, £1,600, Soane (



this deceptive panel is crafted from a photograph taken from the head office of maison martin margiela in Paris and then applied to adhesive fabric. trompe l’oeil (visual illusion) is frequently employed in the brand’s work. Trompe-l’oeil Haussmannian Door Sticker, £455, Maison Martin Margiella (

FaMily HeirlooMs markson Pianos have been restoring the fine instruments for three generations and have a selection available for hire and purchase, from their showroom in albany Street, nW1. Bosendorfer Piano, Price on enquiry, Markson Pianos (

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arrive and revive

The ‘Alm’ we hiked to today was an insider tip from our host. The view from here of sun-kissed mountain peaks reaching for the sky is simply spellbinding. We feel totally free, nearly giddy with joy. We might even spend the night up here. Just like the dairy maid. For information about holidays in Austria, visit or call 0845 101 1818


Photography: Richard Heathcote Getty Images

Battle royale although quintessentially english, rowing is a niche sport rarely covered by the media – until it is suddenly catapulted into the public eye for one day a year, at the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. But what is this great British institution all about, asks AnnAbel Trew

On 7 apRil, as spring tentatively nudges the sun over the horizon, london will play host to one of the biggest annual sporting events of the year. Since two friends challenged each other in march 1829, sixteen of the most athletic ‘boaties’ from our two greatest universities have battled it out on the thames, precariously balanced on very thin and long boats. the oddest element of the Boat Race is that all the participants, although rowing to a professional level, are still at university. Challenging the stereotypical perception of students, the members of the crews and staff have to

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

juggle academic commitments with a gruelling training schedule. the quality of the training is so high that, according to ex-Oxford Blue and Olympic gold medallist luka gruber, those in the crews who already have Olympic medals often find that they improve – in fact, the Oxbridge crews frequently feed the national teams. Some of the best coaches in history have coached at both boat houses. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the rowers sneak themselves into the two universities under various ‘mickey mouse’ degrees. ‘You actually have to study’ says



gruber. ‘there is an informal agreement about training; it would be bad form if one university allowed their rowers not to study hard.’ in fact, many of the rowers welcome the academic side: ‘a lot of international rowers go to Oxford or Cambridge in the first two years of the Olympic cycle because they want to continue their studies,’ he says. it just isn’t cricket if one side lets standards slip. ex-cox nick Brodie says that, because the professionalism of the teams is so high, the days of the sherry-lubricated crews enjoying a black tie dinner until the early hours on the morning of the race are, sadly, long gone. nevertheless, with 153 years of history, the event is still steeped in traditions, many of which sound vaguely pagan. For example, the winning crew rewards its longsuffering and hardworking coxes by joyously throwing them in the dirty River thames, although they seem to like this sort of treatment. along this line, at their internal university summer Bumps regattas, the successful crews decorate their hair with twigs and leafs, and then celebrate by burning a wooden boat. however, not all the traditions are so primeval. the majestic pomp and pageantry often associated with the stereotypical Oxbridge golden age is still preserved in the gold sovereign ceremony, where a gilded coin is tossed to determine which side of the river the crew will row on. after a year of preparation and intense rivalry on both sides, even with a team of international Olympic rowers, using gruber’s words, ‘there is nothing to prepare

‘The winning crew rewards its longsuffering and hardworking coxes by joyously throwing them in the dirty River Thames’ you for it’. ‘We watch tapes of old races while we train,’ says Jack Lindeman (Cambridge). ‘You don’t realise how big it is until you are chosen to take part it in.’ With an estimated quarter of a million spectators watching the race live from the banks, and around seven to nine million Britons viewing it on tV (not to mention those tuning in abroad), it is absolutely terrifying for the crews. gruber recalls the roar of the helicopters drowning everything else out, and not being able to hear the starter or even his cox because of the noise of the crowds on Putney Bridge. even though he later rowed for england in the Olympics, this was the only event where he had a police escort. the Oxford team even have a psychologist who helps with the mental preparation.


Photography: Richard Heathcote, Getty Images

‘Part of the job of president is making sure that everyone does the training in the right way and that no one thinks we don’t have to train really hard to beat Cambridge,’ says Karl hudspith, Oxford University Boat Club President. ‘We’ve got a good bunch of guys who are motivated. For most of them this is their one shot at winning the Boat Race so that’s a strong incentive.’ the day is somewhat more enjoyable for spectators. the most dedicated ones position themselves in specific places, many claiming that hammersmith Bridge, as the only road bridge to cross the course, offers the best viewing platform to catch the Surrey Bend, whereas Chiswick Bridge is the best vantage point for the finish. there is definitely a carnival atmosphere, with many people toasting the crews at strategic pubs along the course. So, wrap up warm, grab a flask of something hot and alcoholic, get there early and then shriek encouragement joyously as the men row by. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race 7 April (

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Combining the excellence and experience of The Wellington Hospital, The Platinum Medical Centre provides only the best in private healthcare

Platinum Medical Centre, 15-17 Lodge Road, St Johns Wood, London, NW8 8NX Tel 020 7483 5148

Ghost story Matthew Carter goes for a drive in one of the best cars in the world and he’s proud to say that it’s made in Britain

‘WaftaBility’. it’s probably not even a real word but it sums up perfectly what it’s like to drive a Rolls-Royce, because you don’t just drive a Rolls; you waft about in one. this means any journey in a Rolls-Royce becomes a special event, and surprisingly, that can create problems. i’ve been doing this job for quite a few years now and you’d think that, with all that experience, every report is as objective as it can be. But the moment i slide behind the wheel of a Rolls, things get a bit tougher. i know it’s just a car, but there’s something very special about sitting behind that long bonnet and seeing the Spirit of Ecstasy framing the view ahead. i can tell it’s going to be especially difficult today. i’m at Goodwood, home to Rolls-Royce, and i’ve been handed the keys to a brand new Ghost EWB (extended wheelbase). the sun is shining, the roads are a rewarding mix of the fast and the twisty and they are empty. Objectivity could go out of the window. Before the start button is pushed, though, there’s time for a quick reflection on the Ghost. it was introduced less than two years ago as a new, entry-level model – the way into R-R ownership. in extended wheelbase form (introduced last year) it’s only £230,000 – a veritable bargain alongside the £337,000 price tag for the Phantom EWB. it’s smaller than the Phantom, of course, but these things are relative. at more than 5.5 metres from the flying lady’s nose to the car’s back bumper, it’s still significantly longer than a long wheelbase Merc S-Class, for example.

However, the Ghost is very different to the Phantom. Even this stretched model – it’s 170mm longer than the standard car, all of which has been handed over to those in the back who now enjoy 330mm of legroom – is aimed at the ownerdriver rather than James the chauffeur. it’s certainly caught the imagination of those with the wherewithal to buy one. Despite the global recession, Rolls-Royce enjoyed record sales of more than 3,500 cars in 2011, up 31 per cent on the previous year. and of those, three in every four was a Ghost. it might be the baby of the range, but it’s still a big, imposing car.


t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e



the famous R-R grille stands proudly at the front, though smaller and more curved than usual, and the bonnet still seems long enough to land a small plane on. Frankly, there’s an awful lot of metal to move about which is why the ghost has a 6.6-litre V12 engine under that elegant nose. not one but two turbos allow it to develop a heady 563hp, more than 100hp over what the larger, heavier Phantom can muster. the result? Despite its stately looks, the ghost flies. top speed might be limited to 155mph, but its 0-60mph time of just 4.7 seconds puts it into sports car territory. if that figure seems impressive on paper, it’s even more so in the real world. Put your foot down and the gearbox, an eight-speed automatic, drops a few cogs and the car, all two-and-a-half tonnes of it, doesn’t so much waft as rocket away. at least, i think it’s an eight-speeder: in everyday use the gearshifts are so smooth and so slick that detecting any change is damn near impossible. this isn’t helped by the lack of a rev counter. R-R clearly thinks this a vulgar device, because in its place it has created something called a Power Reserve gauge. at a standstill the gauge reads 100 per cent and this diminishes as you floor the throttle – a bit pointless, in my opinion. What is perhaps even more remarkable is that, driven sensibly, you ought to be able to get 20mpg from the thing. alongside a diesel hatchback that might not seem very clever but for a Rolls, believe me, that’s impressive. mind you, if you can afford the car in the first place, and environmental considerations aside, you won’t be worried by its thirst. this performance, of course, is down to BmW, owners of this most British of brands. the V12 engine was originally developed for the 7-Series and the car’s steel frame is also related to the BmW flagship (not that you’d notice it, though). it’s twice the price of the Seven, but then, it’s much more than twice the vehicle. the engine’s performance really sums up the entire car: it’s smooth and sophisticated yet can turn nasty (in a good way) on demand. On the one hand – and especially when we’re talking about the eWB version with its greater


In brIef Car:

Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB PrICe:

£230,000 engIne:

6,592cc, V12-cylinder petrol Power:

563 hp PerformanCe:

155 mph max, 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds DrIve:

Rear-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic

rear legroom – it’s a genuinely relaxing way to waft about. Yet start to use the performance and this big car shrinks around you and really shifts. But standing start sprints aren’t what this car is all about. Consider the fact that it takes 20 days to handbuild, and seven to paint and polish, and that the carpet is thick enough to lose yourself in. Consider, too, the rear compartment, accessed via rear-hinged ‘lounge’ doors, which has all the luxury expected from a private jet. 9.2 inch LCD screens are built into the back of the front seats; the sound system has a ten channel amplifier and 16 speakers; and the seats themselves are behind the rear pillar to offer the occupants a little privacy from the gawping crowds. it’s all about the luxury. the ghost has a sophisticated air suspension system borrowed from BmW. On smooth surfaces it really does glide along, but on the UK’s broken roads things can get a little unsettled. the wheels tend to patter over the bumps and the ride becomes almost jittery. almost. We are dealing with superlatives here, so if anything fails to come up 100 per cent it’s worth talking about; in a normal car the slight deterioration in ride quality probably wouldn’t be noticed. i do hesitate to say this but i have one or two other issues. the dashboard might look imposing but it’s an ergonomic mish-mash with buttons and controls scattered all over the place, though no doubt an owner would soon get used to it. there’s even one large chrome push button with no indication as to what it does. i never did dare to push it. the dials themselves are a little on the mean side, too, so it’s just as well that it has a heads up display to let you know how fast you’re going. trust me, with no noise from the engine and no road roar or wind whistling around the door mirrors, it’s all too easy to break speed limits: the display is vital. it’s just a shame that its housing behind the steering wheel causes such reflections in the screen. While i’m pleased to see that i haven’t lost all objectivity, it’s hard not to be impressed by the ghost. Why on earth would anyone want a Phantom when they could have this?

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Duravit brings the bathroom to life.

Sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness products and accessories: Duravit has everything you need to make life in the bathroom a little more beautiful. More info at Duravit UK, Milton Keynes, Phone 0845 500 7787, Fax 0845 500 7786,,


sleeping THE


With a huge new team, five new cars and a return to formula one, British favourite lotus is making big waves in the luxury super-car market. JoSh SiMS meets its new Ceo Dany Bahar to discuss why 2012 is shaping up to be ‘massive fun’ Donato CoCo says he feels rather tired. ‘this just never happens in the car world,’ he says. ‘normally a car company builds on the previous generation of cars. new cars evolve. We’ve had to pull together all our brand values and start from scratch. as a designer that’s very exciting. so exciting you could die from it...’ Coco is, however, still with us, even if he is no longer with ferrari: the man who helped shape ferrari’s f430 scuderia Coupe, California and the f458 Italia, among others, has now made the move to be design director of lotus, the relative minnow of a British sports car company that in recent decades has been somewhat on the skids. he has given up sunny climes for eastern england. for what? only to design five new cars in the space of nine months – against the industry norm of one every year or so. ‘the design staff went up from 15 members to 65 almost overnight,’ he says. ‘We got them from all over the world – wherever we could find them. and we’ve had to dream up what we’ve done since. otherwise when we woke up each morning we were already late.’ this year sees the launch of the first dream – a new esprit V8, returning lotus to the super-car market and, of course, making a nod to arguably its most memorable model, as driven underwater by Roger Moore as James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me. this will be rapidly followed by a new elise, to take on the Porsche Boxster entry-level market; the elite, a two-plus-two coupe more in the mould of aston Martin’s DB; and the eterna, lotus’ first four-door ‘super-saloon’ – all of which will necessarily share a distinctive handwriting. In short, lotus is gambling that it can go from historically-significant, fondly-recalled but commercially-stalled has-been to a serious new player in the luxury sports-car market almost overnight.


‘Why do it? madness, stupidity, all the usual reasons,’ says a buoyant Dany Bahar, an ex-senior vice president at Ferrari, before that the COO of Red Bull and now the new CeO at Lotus. ‘But then any manager dreams of being able to reawaken a sleeping giant. it’s better than just doing more of what your predecessor did. this is a massive challenge, there are massive problems. But it’s massive fun. there aren’t many people who would take on Lotus now, not even without its debt, not even if it was for free. So the only response is attack. it’s 50/50, win or lose.’ amid a recession, they may seem intimidating odds. But Bahar is confident that Lotus can be turned around and a British motoring institution saved: after all, Lotus may now be owned by the malaysian car-maker Proton, but it was the company’s late founder, Colin Chapman, who put motor-racing on the map in the UK. he made stars of the likes of mario andretti and ayrton Senna. he pioneered many of the clever engineering techniques that became standard in Formula One racing (the company continues to operate a world-class engineering division, contracting to the likes of gm, toyota, Vauxhall and Dodge). and he created a name legendary in the UK’s autophile circles to stand alongside the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce, the late Bristol motors or the now also reborn Jensen. Bahar’s plan is simple – to follow-up on what Chapman realised back in the Seventies, but could not correct: that today it is almost impossible to build a business on low-volume, low-margin car manufacture; instead, as, for example, Porsche has done, you need to retain the enthusiast’s love for the brand while offering a range of cars that target several niche demands, including the latest ones. ‘even the idea of sports cars being sold as everyday, useable cars was unheard of just ten years ago,’ says Bahar. ‘But that’s not enough to revive the brand – you have to retain that special enthusiasm for Lotus, one that has survived even the last 15 years, when the company has been somewhat slowly disappearing. Lotus is still up there for those fans even after that.’ the company has returned to F1 and is even going out on a limb in the most unexpected of ways. the eagle-eyed may have noticed that five new car launches were mentioned, but only four described. the fifth is, remarkably, an electric, four-seater city car concept – chic, nifty, progressive but hardly something to get the petrol-heads revved up. Yet it points to the revamped company’s new maturity. ‘there’s no real reason for launching a car like that,’ says Bahar. ‘You could live without it. But the fact is that the whole car market has changed over recent years – towards smaller and greener cars, like Smart, mini, Prius – and we have to recognise that. Besides, there is still room to do all that with a sportier model.’ Room, certainly, has been something Coco has been pondering too, in between trying to catch some sleep. ‘We’ve enjoyed this time [relaunching]. and we’ve suffered a lot. now we see if it will all work out,’ he says. ‘the most important thing has been to make sure we don’t repeat mistakes – that we correct the limitations of the previous cars.’ What could he be referring to? the horsepower? the power/weight ratio? the handling through that tricky S-bend? ‘i met this guy the other week who was a real Lotus fanatic – one of the many around the world,’ says Coco. ‘But he told me he had a problem with them. it was that he was tall and couldn’t get into any of the cars. that’s crazy. and such a shame. So we’re making sure that these new cars you can get in and out of more elegantly too.’

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Hitting the


can hurt

Our specialist units provide expert management for all orthopaedic conditions, including:

Knee, Hip & Groin, Hand & Wrist, Shoulder, Spinal and Head & Neck injuries

020 7483 5148


News the places to see in this month and the must-have pieces and advice to get you there

shorT hauL Vs LoNg hauL

Don’t leave home without… this sleek, ultra limited-edition X100 digital camera. Combining manual and digital design, it has a high precision lens and electronic viewfinder and comes in a bespoke leather case. £1,299 (

short haul:

Long haul:

Les Sources De Caudalie, France hidden away just outside Bordeaux and in the heart of the grand Cru vines in martillac, you will find the ancient vineyards of Château Smith haut Lafitte. the sprawling estate dates back to the 14th century, when the house of Verrier Du Boscq planted vines on the gravelly plateau. Les Sources de Caudalie now claims residency, complete with their Vinothérapie Spa, where each unique treatment is inspired by the ‘French Paradox’ – the benefits of wine consumption against cardiovascular disease. Plunge into a barrel, red vine or grape marc bath, and sooth away stress with merlot, honey and wine or a four-hand refreshing massage under a Vichy shower with grape-seed oil, the Crushed Cabernet Scrub, and a plantar reflexology workout. after a leisurely dip in the spa pool, indulge in a cookery class, and then head for the cellars – where the head Sommelier offers tasting sessions and vineyard tours for Château guests. and for the budding oenologist in you, you can visit nearby graves, the birthplace of Bordeaux wines.

Calabash Cove Resort & Spa, St Lucia St. Lucia is a wonderfully scenic place to wind down in april, with lush volcanic hills, plantation houses and rainforests – surrounded by sheltered bays and white sandy beaches. tucked away on a gently sloping hillside lies Calabash Cove Resort & Spa, offering old Caribbean charm with modern amenities. Stay in one of their secluded Balinese mahogany cottages with your own private plunge pool. the hotel’s concierge service offers a number of island diversions, including horseback riding, mountain climbing, and sailing. You can also take a helicopter ride across the island to soak up the vistas from up high. at night, spend time in the C-Bar which serves cocktails and fine wines from the Calabash Cove cellars amid lively island music, then head to the Windsong restaurant overlooking the blue coastline, or request a candle-lit dinner on the custom-designed boardwalk. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the eastern-influenced ti Spa, where you can indulge in a specially designed detoxing treatment, to cleanse the body of stress – bliss.

From £599 for three nights (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

From £4,050 for seven nights all inclusive, based on two people sharing (

There’s an app for that… WordShot

Your own personal interpreter; this clever app can instantly translate different types of text, such as road signs or menus, using your smartphone camera. Simply point the lens and the text appears overlaid in english on the screen. £3.99 on iPhone and Blackberry. Available to download at

The best advice we’ve ever heard…

‘If you’re flying long-haul, don’t eat or drink on the plane because it messes up your body clock and metabolism. Eat before you fly and when you land and jet lag doesn’t hit you so badly.’ says Matthew Williamson



management EllE E Blak BlakEman Eman man visits the luxurious Henri Chenot spa in the stunning Italian town of Merano, and discovers that the ‘world’s most life-changing detox’ is both opulent and effective, but not for the faint of heart



imon Cowell gets vitamin drips,’ is the response i get from a friend when i tell her what’s in store at henri Chenot, the luxury detox programme set in the italian spa town of merano. it’s with this stamp of approval i arrive at the impossibly grand Palace merano, for a week at what was voted the most life-changing spa in the world, and has been compared to a cult - albeit an incredibly healthy one - more than once. henri Chenot is a highly animated man whom i was surprised to learn was nearly 70 (he could easily pass for 50). an expert in Chinese medicine, he tells me that after studying biology and philosophy he had a road-to-Damascus moment when he read teilhard’s The Human Phenomenon, a book detailing the emergence of human life, thought and socialisation on the planet. after this epiphany, he studied taoism and Chinese medicine, which essentially promotes holistic good health as a preventative to illness. and so with this life-changing moment in mind, he set about changing other people’s. the spa is built upon the concept of ancient Chinese principles, and is split into two sections – the medical centre where you have several consultations with your doctor, in addition to acupuncture and tests measuring your energy levels, food intolerances and metabolic rate, and the beauty centre with daily massages, detoxifying baths and mud wraps. there’s no negotiation on this programme. the medical visits are compulsory, the tests, poking and proding from various therapists are essential, and you must sign up for the full seven days; henri Chenot is not for the faint of heart. and yet when i talk to other people, most have been before. Perhaps comparing Chenot’s devotees to a cult might have some validity. Day one is a whirlwind of tests. my doctor, a healthy looking man of indiscriminate age (another good testament to the programme) talks me through a long questionnaire of family history, diet, and any complaints at all, from insomnia to the permanent dark circles under my eyes. an energy test reveals i am too stressed out, while acupuncture tells me my liver and kidneys are overworked. i feel highly toxic and begin to simply mutter single words by way of explanation: ‘London’, ‘Journalist’, ‘alcoholic’. i am prescribed the Cowell-favoured vitamin drips, and several sessions of acupuncture. happily next on my rather busy schedule is the daily massage, followed by a detoxifying bath and mud wrap. the massage turns out to be gruelling (no soft pampering allowed, everything here is good for you), with industrially firm pressure applied to release years worth of tension, and hot cups, which draw the skin up in order to drain toxins away. my highly poisonous ways ensure that this was really quite painful, so much so that i was tensing up waiting for what was coming next. however i did feel fantastic afterwards, finding my shoulders lowering for the first time in months. the detoxifying baths are heaven and the following mud wraps

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e



messy (i felt like an old shed being slap-dash painted) but together they worked wonders on my skin. if you are tempted to drift off during the mud wrap be warned – a hydro jet ‘massage’ is awaiting you. From what i could tell, this applied only mildly less water pressure than the canons they use to clear protesters. again though it is all about moving and shifting those irritating toxins, frankly there can’t be anywhere left for them to hide. after all of these fairly exhausting duties, my schedule is done for the day and i am free to enjoy the regal splendor of the hotel, with its shiny marble, enormous mirrors and heavily gilded finishing touches at every conceivable turn. there are spectacular crystal chandeliers hung by thick velvet rope over chess tables already laid out and ready for competitors to take their pew. Deep over-stuffed armchairs lay invitingly with tables of newspapers and magazines from around the world on them. the whole place is instructing you to relax. guests are quick to accept this message and spend the entire day in huge fluffy robes and slippers – slightly comical when juxtaposed with the stately grandeur of the hotel. Outside, you only have to look up to realise that you are nestled within one of the country’s most beautiful spots, deep in the foothills of the italian Dolomites. the snow-capped mountains provide a postcard-worthy backdrop, a view so perfect, it makes you wonder how anyone could ever become accustomed to it, though obviously they must. the town is a short walk away and is gloriously and authentically italian. the cobbled streets and piazzas are full of chattering people, and markets bustle with sellers offering flowers, bread and fresh food for (non-detox) lunches. Back at the hotel there are plenty of healthy activities to keep you occupied and your mind off food. there are fantastic Pilates and aquagym classes daily, and a well-stocked gym including a personal trainer for those


who are really looking to shape up. there are also two pools, which are both luxuriously quiet – that expensive silence we call golden for a reason. the meals are surprisingly satisfying, with three courses of exquisitely presented, incredibly healthy food. Sadly, in the palatial surroundings, with white linen tablecloths and handsome italian waiters, the cravings for a glass of red wine to accompany my meal were nothing short of torture. the food is served according to Chenot’s ‘biontology’ beliefs, and his study of digestion, so fruit is served at the start, followed by a large salad, and then a small serving of low gi complex carbohydrates, such as gluten-free risotto, or wholewheat pasta. it’s enough, although i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t secretly hoping for a steak. Day two starts the 24-hour fasting, which consisted of weak mushroom and vegetable broth. in foul humour and with almost no energy i soldiered on, thankful that i at least could retire to my comfortable room and rest like a starving genteel woman of a different era, admitedly with access to Sky movies. to mark the end of the fasting day, i was presented with grilled fish and vegetables, possibly one of the best meals i have ever had; pure hunger makes for a very grateful dining experience. From here on in, things got progressively better: my newly decaffeinated, detoxed body felt a little better every day until my energy levels were higher than they have been in years. With much-improved skin and dark circles that have seen a mountain of concealer suddenly looking brighter, i feel myself converting to the cult. i could probably fund a return trip in money saved on touche Éclat. a diet programme for home is drawn up on the basis of my blood tests, which show an intolerance to dairy. While not exactly good news, i am at least happy to move forward armed with this new information, and it could explain why my energy has soared in the week since this has been cut from my diet. Being at henri Chenot is like taking a pause in your health, a comma by which you can take stock, assess what you are doing well and how you can improve your health and energy levels, with enough science and medical advice to ensure you are on the right path. Weight loss is inevitable, although not the primary goal and most people lose around 2-3kg. the hitherto quasi cult-like Chenot brand is about to go global as he launches spas in greece and moscow, and is reportedly considering mayfair next. this, in addition to a new skincare range to be put online this month. With these new beginnings, a permanently growing fan base and the energy levels that come with decades of toxin-free living, Chenot is about to be the name to know – go now before everyone finds out about it. A week stay at Espace Henri Chenot, Palace Merano costs from around £3,710 including the Comprehensive Henri Chenot Health Programme, accommodation in a classic double room, all meals and the compulsory medical visit. To book, ring +39 0473 271000 or visit

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Kate harrison enjoys a romantic weekend in Florence at a restored, aesthetic marvel of a hotel where it’s all part of the process to come, see and stay in bed

Lobby, The Chedi The Four Seasons, Istanbul

Heart of the OttOman centuries-old architecture perched alongside a vibrant café culture. The Mayfair Magazine explores istanbul Part command centre for a military empire, part archetypal eastern pleasure paradise, this city is the only one in the world to span two continents. the banks of the Bosphorus give rise to a coastal enclave of natural beauty, and are surrounded by a plethora of luscious parks, palaces and yalıs (waterside mansions). Spring is the perfect time to travel here – the weather is a comfortable 20°c, the trees are in blossom and the tourist rush hasn’t yet begun. one of the most beautiful sights is the imperial ‘Blue mosque’ of Sultan ahmet i, so-called because of its high interior ceiling lined with 20,000 blue tiles. Located at the Sultanahmet Square, its six fluted minarets, fine iznik tile work and great cascade of domes are delicate examples of islamic architecture. the lavish topkapı Palace – the seat of ottoman power for over three centuries – is a must-visit, and needs a few hours to do it justice. don’t forget about the great galata tower which stands tall on the skyline, and offers fantastic city views. You’ll need plenty of time to spare when you visit the grand Bazaar. With over 5,500 shops, make ready for an onslaught of courting and cajolements as you haggle – serious shoppers should go armed with a notepad and a calculator. Yörük is a highly recommended little carpet store while Pako (at no.87) stocks the best handbags and purses. Set between an electric shop and a bakery in the cihangir district, Portobello is a veritable aladdin’s cave of antiques and curios. dig deep and you might find Persian masks, lanterns, old-fashioned capes, and puppets. top off your trip with a truly relaxing boat ride across the Bosphorous in the evening sun. alight ashore at eminönü or Kuzguncuk along the way and indulge in a rakı on ice, a spirit similar to greece’s ouzo, in one of the many waterside cafés. London to Istanbul in April with British Airways: return fares start from £165 (; 0871 909 2303)


Where To STay combining the refined taste of the ottoman-style landscaping with the turquoise waters of the world’s narrowest strait, the Four Seasons istanbul at the Bosphorus ( is the perfect retreat for those looking for the ultimate in sophisticated relaxation. a former 19th century palace known as atik Pasha, the stunning interiors of marble and glass compliment the traditional turkish artwork that adorns the walls. Pay a visit to the spa; turkish baths are intended to purify and are strongly linked to the islamic tradition of ablutions – the strict set of rules for washing before praying. ask for a massage under the eight-edged star motif symbolising the eight gates to heaven. eaTIng and drInkIng complete with charming terrace and unsurpassed views, the aqua restaurant at the hotel specialises in rich and local flavours of mediterranean cuisine. For seafood lovers, the menu has a rich variety of options, including sea bass, black cod and lobster. only a short drive away from the hotel in the upscale-bohemian neighbourhood of cihangir is mimolett ( – an eclectic fusion of european influence and turkey’s finest ingredients, and istanbul’s first michelin-starred restaurant. enjoy post-dinner drinks on the rooftop terrace of the chic gaja Sky bar, or live jazz at the Çıragan Bar – both perfect places to finish your evening – or dance into the early hours at the angelique club. MayFaIr reCoMMendS no visit to istanbul is complete without some tea, smoke or coffee. called hookah or ‘hubbly-bubbly’, turks have been smoking the narghile, the Persian word for ‘coconut’, since the early 17th century and the pedestrian strip by the american Pazari is lined with hookah lounges. if feeling truly intrepid, go the whole hog and opt for an accompanying traditional turkish coffee. Boiled in a miniature copper beaker, it packs the kick of a double espresso.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Fedora, Eugenia Kim, £170 ( Sunglasses Prada, £190 (

Silk Faille Cocktail Dress Alexander McQueen, £1,585 (

Diamond and 18ct yellow-gold ring by Marco Bicego, at Nigel Milne, £4,250 (

Cashmere wrap, Madeleine Thompson, £375 (

Duo Nail Polish Set in Edition 8 Yves Saint Laurent, £28 (





Cashmere-blend Ikat scarf Matthew Williamson, £295 (

lley vel tro led tra s exterior e e h w tured thanks to it y struc autifull extra space chic. e b is ith : th city , in style omes w epitome of xtracts Travel ga Veneta c nical e ydrate the ta – o e b ts tt e o ck e and to reh from B zip po marin nail oduct ed with e per fect pr op-coloured g r a h C p : th s e s e is e v y a must-h r’s Mist spra sun, while th lounging. e e e Beauty e La M ng day in th lam poolsid D eal to e ar f (id Crèm for g r a lo l e a ft e a Ikat sc e wrap and id in e is r k s a th r s h r e u e it yo polish easy w ues), cashm pants and tyle is ctical s visiting mosq cropped silk ection a r P : coll e chic hen with us new Daytim as a shawl w a hat. Team fabulo r p ’s o u a d d le a fe r b aw of P dou gant str a pair nglasses. bul – it this ele e look with r Istan fo f su t o c hot fe th is per ing the sa, finish e ed silk ou cool dur r h c u r lo a o y M c from te Boldly nd will keep n : le w r p o u g m o m a ilk Co me gla thyst s ds dress. legant, Night-ti urous and e ith this ame een cocktail n of diamon w o o u is glam gs. Go long is pink McQ and a selecti th ry enin g with gold jewelle lamour. city ev t g re darin or mo with decaden r maximum fo t h e M Ae YF Ao Ik R magazine lo th

Silk gown, Notte by Marchesa £1,070 (

The Mist, Crème de la Mer £45 for 125ml ( Vermillon Intrecciato VN Trolley Bottega Veneta, £3,200 (


Canary Wharf London luxury & style


N ews Tips and tricks to look and feel your best from industry insiders

CaTwalk To CouNTer This monTh’s Trend: runway hair Catwalks are renowned for showcasing unfeasibly fabulous, feat-of-engineering hair that is seemingly impossible to copy at home. However, award-winning salon Brooks+Brooks is now offering masterclasses to teach women how to mould their tresses into catwalkworthy creations. Long-hair specialist, Valerie Benavides works on the shows, and can teach a client a selection of insider tricks and tips to create the perfect on-trend style, whether it’s the forties-inspired vintage rolls at Tracy reese, or the sleek and chic ponytails at Milly by Michelle Smith. The sessions last just 90 minutes and will absolutely transform the way you style your hair from now on (and they even send you home with a step-by-step guide) – an excellent beauty investment. A 90-minute appointment with Valerie or Sophia costs £100 including accessories. ( © Goodspeed & Valentine: Milly by Michelle Smith New York Fashion Week S/S12; © Goodspeed & Valentine: Tracy Reese New York Fashion Week S/S12









oM Men

TreaTmeNT oF The moNTh su-man at the w hotel

Anne Hathaway called it a life-changing experience. After 60 minutes in Su-Man’s expert hands I’m inclined to agree. Su-Man usually operates out of her North London home, but has recently arrived at the W hotel in Leicester Square for one precious day a week, meaning that her previouslyimpossible-to-get appointments are now available in central London. Su-Man is a fan of serious skincare; there’s no lazy

T H e M AY FA I R M A g A z I N e

pampering here, everything is intense and hard-working from the steamed extraction (grin and bare it – it’s worth it) to the shiatsu pummelling on your face, neck and decollate. Cheeks are pinched, ears are pulled and your face is almost hypnotically ‘drummed’ on in an attempt to get the blood flowing to the face, all of which produce the most incredible, glowing end result. Su-Man doesn’t waste a second of your 60 minutes, and when the algae face mask is applied, she gives me an amazing foot massage, again pulling and pummelling away the tension. You will leave looking like one of Su-Man’s many A-lister clients. £120 for 60 mins at the W Away Spa at the W hotel, 10 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QF (020 7758 1071)

ProduCT uPdATe: Phloretin CF Gel Antioxidants have always been a big buzzword in the beauty industry, as they are responsible for forming the skin’s natural defence against signs of aging. our supply is depleted by environmental aggressors, speeding up the aging process, which is why this new serum from results-driven brand SkinCeuticals is a lifesaver for anyone battling life in central London. Formulated to protect skin from damage from the sun and pollution, this gel also accelerates cell turnover and boosts collagen to reverse previous damage and pigmentation, leaving you with a radiant, even complexion. £150, available from April (

The best advice we’ve heard… Switch off with frankincense. Burning this essential oil relaxes the diaphragm allowing you to take deep, calm breaths, as opposed to the shallow ones we take when stressed. This Aromatherapy Associates electric diffuser is ideal as it quickly fills the room with calming fragrance, and unlike candles there is no fear of burning the house down. Home fragrancer, £38.50 Aromatherapy Associates (


Spa RetReat

Home & Away Kate Harrison discovers two luxurious spas, each offering a unique, memorable experience. One can be found on your doorstep and the other a little further afield

Mandarin Oriental Spa, Knightsbridge, London In the domain of luxury London hotels, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is noted for its fabulous architecture, quintessentially British interiors and beautiful setting. However, its spa has stayed relatively under-the-radar. Though, that’s not to say those in-the-know don’t praise its fabulous service and facilities - and deservedly so. On-site there’s everything one could need for a leisurely afternoon of pampering including a vitality pool, sanarium, amethyst crystal steam room and gym, each smart and timeless upon appearance owing to the white walls, dark woods and accents of sky blue used throughout. Lazing in the thermal suite before a dip in the rippling plunge pool, with no-one else around, it’s easy to feel like the most indulged of divas. A feeling that never leaves you for a second during two hours of massage, cleansing and skin-buffing accompanied by the beautifying and softly scented qualities of warm, drizzled rose oil - a package which constitutes the English Rose treatment. There’s the relief of tired muscles aided by a herb-packed poultice, a facial which leaves skin radiant, a scalp treatment which conditions hair and relieves stress and a wrap which tones and moisturises the whole body. Therapists channel an ethos of bespoke treatments and satisfy every whim of guests desiring east-meets-west, mind-meets-body pampering. While you can opt for customised aromatherapy-based facials, an oriental essence massage utilising the invigorating scents of ginger and mandarin or anti-ageing treatments, it’s tempting to go all-out and combine body wraps, foot rituals and everything in between as part of one of the many incredible programmes of relaxation available. (


COMO Shambhala, Bali, Indonesia For those in need of something more involved than a massage to find equilibrium once again, COmO Shambhala offers a retreat in which to reboot that will leave you not only more relaxed, but healthier too. Located on the indonesian island of Bali, COmO Shambhala (Sanskrit for ‘peace and lifelong learning’) is a luxury experience from the moment you step off the plane. emerging from your limousine an hour and a half later you are greeted by reception staff offering fragrant wrist corsages and your personal journey to well-being has begun. Personal attention is a cornerstone of the philosophy behind COmO Shambhala: the retreat has a nutritionist, naturopath, reflexologist, chiropractor and physiotherapist and hands-on healing is recommended according to guests’ needs, whether for muscular pains, stress or emotional difficulties, with techniques that include thai, indonesian, Shiatsu, deep tissue and hot stone massage. my tejasuara (‘sound of fire’) villa is sumptuous and decorated in rich Balinese style, the only sounds being the river and the light breeze through the trees, rippling across the private pool. Food is organic, and locally sourced raw fruit and vegetables are integral to nutritional supercharging here, with an extensive juice and vegetable extract menu for detoxification. Other tastes on offer range from indian to italian and Balinese, served in two restaurants, glow and Kudus house. after an initial consultation and a short time to relax, a personal assistant will take you through your tailor-made programme. i begin with the COmO Shambhala signature massage to alleviate my jetlag, and with personal yoga, meditation sessions and treatments scheduled in each day, i’m immediately in heaven. after five days of nurturing attention, my mind feels free and relaxed, and i’m ready for anything. i’ve decided that my body is definitely a temple and i intend to keep it that way. (

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Mind over


Can hypnotherapy really help you to lose weight? Olivia GOldinG visits a leading practitioner on Harley Street to find out


Louise moore believes that anything is possible with hypnotherapy. she can help you quit smoking, make you think that you have a gastric band and even ensure a virtually pain-free birth, all through the awesome power of the mind. With a healthy dose of scepticism, and an unhealthy addiction to sugar, caffeine and the good life in general, i find myself in a reclining leather chair on harley street fully prepared to hand over my subconscious to someone who can hopefully do a better job with it than i have so far. ‘We only ever use a small percentage of our mind,’ says moore, ‘we can do so much more if we find a way to engage the rest. hypnotherapy is all about engaging the subconscious which by now has several “hooks” on which it has attached thoughts and habits – both good and bad. hypnotherapy allows us to go in and change these for the better.’ surely a good, old-fashioned atkins, Dukan, or the hideous side-effect inducing cabbage soup diet are better if you want real results though? ‘no. the reason diets work is because you are focusing all your attention on them, but nothing has actually changed in your mind. You still want the bad stuff, you are just concentrating enough to avoid them. But the minute you lose your focus, you will be right back to where you started,’ she says. ‘What i do is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, so you will be totally relaxed around food and only eat when you are naturally hungry. You will start to eat more slowly and begin to really enjoy your food.’ the figures add up – diets have an average 95% failure rate, while hypnotherapy enjoys a 98% success rate if it is done correctly. hypnotherapy has recently received a lot of attention for health and weight loss purposes, with several a-listers admitting to turning to it for help in getting red-carpet ready. Lily allen reportedly went from a size 14 to a size 8 through the aid of a harley street hypnotherapist, while oprah has spent years encouraging the world to engage in ‘mindful eating’. i’ve always privately believed that hypnotherapy was a bit obvious – no one overeats because they are unaware of the consequences. ‘true, but to many, food has lost its nutritional value because it is so loaded with emotion,’ says moore. ‘People don’t eat because they are hungry anymore, there are so many reasons: boredom, anxiety, distress and so on; if we remove these from the equation, then food becomes something lighter, to enjoy but not think too much about.’ to someone who can spend an entire day finding reasons to justify a desert with dinner, this freedom from food guilt sounds like heaven. surely removing that weight alone will aid my goal. We begin the session by talking about my life, diet and ideal goals from the treatment, all the while moore

scribbles private notes to help her when i am ‘under’. she asks me to visualise this achievement – for example to picture myself wearing a size ten dress, picturing the colour, style and fit while imagining how good it feels to be in it. her voice is soft and calming and i find myself incredibly at ease talking about long-held diet convictions and food issues. after this, it’s time for me to ‘go under’ and my fears that i would mentally fight, or worse burst into inappropriate laughter have melted away in this calm environment. as moore counted down from five, asking me to picture a relaxing place in my mind, i remained completely aware of what was happening and being said, but relaxed enough to just let it wash over me. sirens and outside noise faded into the background as i listened to her soporific voice re-writing my flawed mindset. afterwards i ‘awoke’ feeling like i had had a long nap; refreshed, despite only 25 minutes of semi-conscious shut-eye. at the time it was hard to tell if it worked, but that night i had dinner with a friend and ignored the bread as if it was not there. i now don’t want it. i also eat slower than i can ever remember doing, and despite the food being delicious, i am unable to finish it. my usual mentality of finishing what is on my plate (derived, moore guesses, from a childhood being told to ‘eat up’) is calmed by the thought that i can simply eat again later, as and when i am hungry. guilt be gone! my next appointment is two weeks on and while i could hear moore in my head for the first few days, i do feel my resolve weakening as the days to our next meeting get closer. she explains that it takes a few sessions for the message to sink in, but once you have started, the process gets easier each time. indeed this time i found myself even more relaxed than before and the visualisations stronger. i left once again feeling confident of my ability to distinguish between hunger and cravings and really quite serene and at peace with the world. that night i sleep like a baby and manage to switch off the endless ‘to do’ list that usually circles in my mind, a pointless whirlpool of guilt. it’s now been four weeks since my first appointment and i have lost 4 lbs through making very few changes. i have eaten less (and what i have eaten has been substantially more healthy), but i have avoided any feelings of deprivation that usually accompany my diets. i plan to return for another session to maintain my newfound healthy mindset, but knowing i am not on a diet is the lightest i’ve felt in ages. now if i’m hungry, i’ll eat, who knew it was that easy?

‘The figures add up – diets have an average 95% failure rate, while hypnotherapy enjoys a 98% success rate if it is done correctly’

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

A session with Louise Moore costs £150 7 Harley Street, London (; 07970834446)



Mighty marathon Brutal, rewarding, emotional – marathon running could be synonymous with many things, but enjoyment isn’t one of them… is it?


very April, London welcomes the patter of 35,000 pairs of feet eager to pound the city streets. The capital morphs into an athletics track, covering over 26 miles of urban terrain usually reserved for rush-hour traffic. Many of us look on and cheer in amazement – unlikely to ever consider running a marathon ourselves. Although the obsession of running is often an enigma to those who do not engage in the sport, runners agree that once those initial barriers erode, it can become a way of life. We all know that running is great for us, and the endurance of distance running provides an abundance of health advantages. Aside from lowering blood pressure and maximising lung potential, running also helps to prevent heart attacks and improves bone strength. Distance running will encourage improved sleeping patterns and aid relaxation, promote a stronger immune system and help maintain a healthy weight. Scheduling time to squeeze in regular distance runs may seem difficult for busy professionals, but it is worth the dedication: running has a positive effect on the mind as well as the body. It requires constant motivation to keep pushing harder and faster - to break those personal goals; and frequently setting goals and achieving them builds

Be PrePared

self-esteem and confidence. It can improve mental agility and relieve stress and depression, whilst creating a space to think with clarity, in the middle of a chaotic world. Regular adrenaline boosts will produce those feel good hormones, providing you with natural exhilaration which will encourage you to keep running. Injuries occur mostly in the unprepared runner, so remember to start slowly and build up gradually. Distance running comes as a reward from steady training and persistence; it won’t come instantly. Running is a fantastic fitness all-rounder, offering a sense of freedom, abundant health benefits and it’s a pleasant way to explore the city. The countdown is on for Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith is a 22nd April, but have you Physician in Sport and Exercise Medicine at been inspired to take up The Wellington Hospital. She has worked at the challenge for 2013? The Commonwealth Games, with GB rowing, Read top tips from Sports Olympian runners and triathletes, elite teams, and Exercise Medicine as well as the occasional exerciser. She Consultant, Dr Catherine specialises in overuse injuries, especially Spencer-Smith below. groin and hip problems, and chronic injuries of the knee, ankle and shoulder.


the specialist

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith, talks us through some top tips for marathon training The biggest cause of injury in marathoners is poor preparation. As a rule of thumb, your regular, comfortable, weekly mileage should be around 25 miles, before considering tackling marathon training. Increase your running distances gradually, (by no more than 10 percent per week), build in rest days and plenty of sleep, and ideally get a coach or join a club. You can’t ‘store up’ running fitness, so if you’ve been forced to skip training, go back a few steps in your schedule to safely re-start. The right shoe for you is very important, and sports podiatrists are experts in this area. You’ll need new shoes every 400 miles. Strength and conditioning work is an absolute must in training; don’t neglect this. Lazy glutes and poor pelvic stability can lead to

knee, hip, back and tendon problems, as well as poor efficiency. A good sports physiotherapist or osteopath can identify problems before injury occurs. Consider pilates for flexibility, cross training to reduce impact, a sports nutritionist for dietary tips, and massage to aid recovery. Persistent aches or swelling must never be ignored – get a proper assessment with a runner-friendly physiotherapist, osteopath or sports physician. We regularly see patients who needlessly develop stress fractures because they push on regardless. Above all else, running should be enjoyable.

For further information, please visit The Wellington Hospital or contact the Enquiry Helpline on 020 7483 5148.

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A family concern. Since 1698

Hand-picked and sensibly priced, this is everyday drinking that’s anything but ordinary.

V at isit No Be . 3 rry St s’ L Ja on m do es n ’s Sh St o re p et

Over 300 years’ family experience goes into the Berrys’ own label selection.

Food & Drink

N ews

new openings, sweet treats and culinary delights for the spring month ahead

Park Lane paradise acclaimed chef alain Ducasse has just introduced a new bespoke Stilton cheese trolley to his namesake restaurant, the three michelin–starred, alain Ducasse at the Dorchester. guests can now order a log of the special Colston Bassett stilton, sourced as the perfect after-dinner treat, and pair it with a sweet dessert wine from the sommelier’s extensive range. the cheese is complemented by homemade chutney, made of muscat de hamburg grapes and shallots – a delicious sweet and sour creation from head chef Jocelyn herland – and served with rustic walnut crackers. the stilton is protected by a glass dome and presented on a magnificent Patrick Jouin-designed trolley, so it reaches your table in prime condition. The Dorchester 53 Park Lane, W1K (020 7629 8866;

Carry case For those who like their bubbly permanently available, Krug have created a special Flânerie – the perfect way to carry their new bespoke bottle. Complete with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport, the cooler, made from an interweave of natural cowhide, keeps the champagne at the ideal temperature of 10 ºc for two hours – an ingenious accompaniment for those who fancy an early spring picnic in the park. Flânerie, £185 from Amathus Drinks (

Non-members only 5 Pollen Street is a discreet little gem of a place that has rapidly become a favourite of the social elite in London, with everyone from gwyneth Paltrow to andrew Lloyd Webber being spotted dining next to the notorious gary hume-designed walls (encompassing a strange and fabulous mix of legs, plants and colours). now boasting a new head chef – the illustrious massimo tagliaferri, formerly of enoteca turi – and a fresh new italian menu, mixing strong authentic flavours with delicate ingredients, it is the perfect time to go. the open ravioli with lobster and the veal milanese are fantastic, but leave room for desert, the torrone semifreddo is delicious and light, while the tiramisu is better than you find in milan.

to coincide with their fifth birthday, private members’ club maddox has launched the Restaurant at maddox, where the public can indulge in classic mediterranean dishes before gaining exclusive access to the select hot-spot. the re-design includes a complete transformation of the first floor, with a glamorously lit back bar. head chef gianni Pauro has created a fabulous menu of dishes to accompany the extensive wine list, ranging from lightly sautéed monkfish and grilled lobster to classic veal milanese, each devised with healthy living in mind.

5 Pollen Street, Mayfair (020 7629 1555;

Maddox Club, 3-5 Mill Street, W1S (020 7629 8877;

Five live

Tiles and smiles For over a century, the art Deco checkerboard lobby at Claridge’s has welcomed royalty and dignitaries alike, and now, it serves as the inspiration for this year’s iconic Claridge’s easter egg. head pastry chef nick Patterson has created just 100 limited-edition Deco eggs using the finest Valrhona chocolate in three varieties using dark, milk and white chocolate. each is filled with a selection of home-made chocolate quail eggs, wrapped in black and white art Deco foil, tied with a black satin bow and beautifully presented in the hotel’s signature eau de nil coloured box. Claridge’s easter egg, £45 (020 7629 1508; t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Safe hands in

The Hand & Flowers in the picturesque town of Marlow has redefined the image of the modern gastro pub, receiving its second Michelin star in January. Neil Ridley takes a trip out to meet owner and head chef, Tom Kerridge and discovers why simple is best

As counTryside reTreATs go, Marlow and the surrounding villages of Bray and cookham are like no other destinations in the uK. not only do they exude the rustic, rural charm which the average city-dweller craves, but the area has now become a hotbed of gastronomic excellence – within a ten mile radius, there are no fewer than five restaurants all sporting a number of highly

coveted Michelin stars. For chef Tom Kerridge and his wife Beth, the remarkable success story behind The Hand & Flowers pub and restaurant has clearly taken the couple by surprise. receiving their first Michelin star after just one year, the establishment has gone on to further heights this year receiving yet another star for Tom’s innovative yet simple take on great British cuisine.


‘it’s been an amazing achievement for us and we’re over the moon,’ says Kerridge as he shows me around the remarkably compact kitchens at the heart of this classic georgian pub, complete with its cosy log fires and wood-beamed ceilings. ‘Seven years ago, we opened the place with no money and seven years later, we’ve got a staff of about 40 people and two michelin stars!’ So is there more international attention now, as well as visitors from London? ‘absolutely. there’s a lot more interest from international diners, from the US, australia and further beyond – i think particularly as the image of the British pub has had quite a bad name in the past, especially the food,’ he says. ah yes, the curse of the British ‘pub grub’ of old. indeed, images of stale cheese sandwiches curling up at the ends and greasy basket meals have certainly travelled far and wide, scarring a few international palates on the way, but the level of culinary expertise on display at the hand & Flowers has unquestionably redefined the rule book and i’m keen to find out what Kerridge’s ethos has been in creating such an array of proudly British dishes. ‘it’s about sourcing the best ingredients and treating them with care, respect and simplicity,’ he says. ‘When my wife and i thought about the type of place we wanted to open, we really went for somewhere that we would want to visit on a day off from the kitchens. i’ve worked in michelinstarred restaurants my whole life (Kerridge honed his skills at adlards in norwich, monsieur max in hampton as well as Odettes and Rhodes in the Square) and sometimes the last thing you want is to visit a place and feel you’ve got to put a shirt and tie on. You can turn up here in a pair of swimming trunks – i don’t care, so long as you’re having a great time! Food has to be about having a nice time, the enjoyment isn’t necessarily about everything else that goes with it, not the pomp and ceremony that sometimes occurs.’ ‘there’s definitely a time and a place for it,’ he says. the three-michelin-starred restaurants of this world are absolutely fantastic for a special occasion, but for me, great dining is about being comfortable and getting great value for money. So does Kerridge feel there is anything in particular on the menu, which typifies this ethos? ‘i guess it would have to be the duck breast and chips, which won the BBC’s great British menu in 2010,’ [and earning him the honour of cooking for hRh Prince Charles]. ‘We go out of our way to source the best duck, which we then cook

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

If you fancy a long weekend out of London, the Maidenhead area is brimming with some of Britain’s most celebrated places to eat. Alongside The Hand & Flowers, here’s our pick of the best: The Fat Duck With three Michelin stars, Heston Blumenthal’s innovative eaterie has become known the world over for its outlandish, yet beautifully balanced cuisine. High Street, Bray Berkshire SL6 2AQ (01628 580 333; The Waterside Inn Now in its 4th decade, Alain Roux’s remarkable three Michelin starred restaurant is seen by many gourmets as the pinnacle of French cuisine in the UK. Ferry Road, Bray, Berkshire SL6 2AT (01628 620691; Royal Oak Owned by chat show legend Sir Michael Parkinson, The Royal Oak pub has now maintained its one Michelin star for a third consecutive year. Paley Street, Littlefield Green, Nr. Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 3JN (01628 620 541;

in a modern way using a water bath, really treating it with simplicity and then serving it with chips, which gives you an idea of the sort of working class background that i’m from’, he says laughing. Whilst on the surface the idea of a simply cooked duck partnered with chips doesn’t sound that challenging, the reality is an incredibly balanced yet intense dish, which explores some extraordinary levels of flavour. the tender duck is lighted dusted with nutmeg and is served with a wonderfully aromatic savoy cabbage, a deliciously sticky gravy and quite possibly the best chips you’re ever likely to taste, succulently cooked in duck fat. Similarly, the starters on the hand & Flower’s menu are simple but undeniably well thought out. the braised pearl barley and slow-cooked Somerset hare, is cleverly infused with orange oil and pickled quince, giving the dish a summery, West-Country feel. i ask Kerridge whether he manages to get back to visit his roots in the south west from time to time and whether it still inspires his cooking. ‘i travel back down to Cornwall probably three or four times a year to see friends and family, but from a food perspective the produce they have down that way is outstanding – the fish in particular is just stunning. in fact, the guy who supplies the restaurant comes up every day with fresh catches,’ he says. So what is next for the hand & Flowers? Will we see a tV career and subsequent books highlighting the ‘tom Kerridge’ way? ‘Right now, i’m 100% focused on keeping it real at the restaurant,’ he says. ‘Stay exactly as we are, building on the success we’ve achieved and managing customer expectations. Keep doing what we’re doing and just getting it right. One thing i’m aware of is that we have a fantastic young team around us and i’m sure there’ll come a point where i need to think about opening a new place and promoting them.’ as i leave tom, he informs me that the hand & Flowers is currently developing the kitchen to increase their preparation facilities and he’s off to a catering auction in Wiltshire to see what he can pick up. ‘i guess that really shows my roots doesn’t it,’ he says, ‘no point in buying anything brand new, is there?!’ The Hand and Flowers, 126 West Street, Marlow, SL7 2BP (01628 482 277;

107 08456 190 088


Remembering May fa I R Floris london there are few businesses that can trace their company history back 100 years, and to find one with roots that are 200 years old is rarer still. But 282 years? that’s a kind of heritage that is virtually unheard of – and one which could easily sink a business under the weight of its own sense of importance. But not family-run luxury perfumer floris, however, whose commitment to their roots is perfectly balanced with an eye on the future. as a result, this very special and much-loved company – now in the hands of the eighth generation of its founders – is as relevant and vibrant as ever. Year zero for floris was 1730, when Juan famenias floris arrived in London from his native menorca seeking his fortune as a barber and comb-maker in the elegant quarter of St James. missing the aromas of home, he soon set about re-creating them from memory, blending oils and essences from europe. his customers were wowed by his creations, and Juan would make bespoke scents for them, writing his formulas down for safekeeping. to this day, these fragrances – closely guarded in their original hand-written ledgers – remain at the heart of the floris business, and right up until the 1970s were made in a sub-basement at the firm’s historic Jermyn Street store. ‘the Jermyn Street shop remains pretty much unchanged from when the Spanish mahogany glass cabinets were put in place in 1851,’ says edward Bodenham, the company’s marketing director and himself a part of the floris family. ‘they were acquired from the great exhibition within the Crystal Palace in hyde

Park and do not actually reach the ceiling as they were not made to measure.’ another eye-catching feature of the shop is the original King george iV royal warrant, which was granted in 1820. ‘according to a historian from the V&a museum who visited us recently,’ says Bodenham, ‘it is the oldest royal warrant on display anywhere in the world.’ the floris archives read like a who’s who of the great and the good: there are letters from florence nightingale and mary Shelley, from fashion icon Beau Brummell – who would discuss his fragrances at length with the floris family – while James Bond creator ian fleming was a regular visitor. ‘there is most definitely a sense that you are stepping back in time when you enter the Jermyn Street shop,’ he says, ‘and in a good way. there is something reassuring and fondly nostalgic about the place.’ today, a new generation of floris admirers is being forged, with such famous names as Jasmine guinness, michael Caine and Sharon Stone among them. Clearly passionate about making sure that everything they do is done with an integrity their forefathers would be proud of, floris have lovingly crafted two new scents for 2012 – a monumental year in British history. One creation has yet to be announced, but the other, royal arms – Diamond edition, will celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. as with most things floris, there’s a story attached: the scent is an adaptation of their original royal arms fragrance… which was launched way back in 1926 to mark the birth of the young Queen to be.

‘Fragrances are closely guarded in their orginial hand-written ledgers’

Above / Michael Bodenham, 7th descendant mixing fragrance in the mine Right / shop front

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Andy Sturgeon

Richard Bull

Petr Weigl


Fabergé egg hunt at canary wharF Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

COme and take part in the fabergé big egg hunt this easter. Less than 20 minutes frOm mayfair On the jubiLee Line, find aLL Of the fabuLOus fabergé eggs and disCOver stunning Canary wharf members of the public will have to keep their eyes peeled in order to find each and every giant fabergé egg, over 200 of which have been sprinkled across London in the lead up to easter, exclusively designed, bejewelled and decorated by some of the world’s leading art industry figures as part of the fabergé big egg hunt. by participating in the hunt there is also the chance to win your very own fabregé egg, the diamond jubilee egg valued at over £100,000. the artistic creations strewn across Canary wharf’s parks, plazas and shopping malls have been designed by eminent names including film director sir ridley scott, international landscape designer andy sturgeon and architect sir nicholas grimshaw. artist petr weigl, renowned for exploring the potential of different materials and techniques, has produced an eye catching red and white spiked egg; one not to be missed. from scenic parks to bustling shopping malls, Canary wharf egg hunters will have to search inside and out to find each of the 11 eggs hidden around the zone. following their hunt, egg-seekers can enjoy a delicious meal and stunning views at plateau restaurant, one of 12 restaurant partners in London for the fabergé egg hunt project,


Eggs Fabergé, Plateau Restaurant Bar & Grill Louise Dear

Roger Dean

Sweet treatS Established as Britain’s Master Chocolatiers since 1875 Charbonnel et Walker have created a lusciously indulgent giant chocolate egg, as part of the Big Egg Hunt, nearly 80cm tall and weighing over 12 kg, waiting to be discovered within Canary Wharf. If you are looking for something deliciously chocolaty but on a slightly smaller scale then search out some of the tastiest Easter treats available at Canary Wharf, with many to be found in Sweet Couture cake boutique. English Rose Violet Creams Egg, £31, Charbonnel et Walker

sampling their mouth-watering celebratory Eggs Fabergé dish; a slow cooked duck egg with a ragout of chanterelles, brioche and duck scratchings. The hand-crafted eggs, which are destined to become highly collectible works of art, will

be available to buy at auction, with proceeds going to Action for Children and Elephant Family. The jewel in the crown of the auction will be an exclusively designed, stunning 127ct emerald and gold egg pendant ‘Le Collier Plume d’Or’ by Fabergé.

CaNarY wHarF ZONe artIStS aND SPONSOrS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

RichaRd Bull BGC Partners RogeR dean Canary Wharf Group plc Wilkinson eyRe Canary Wharf Group plc siR nicholas gRimshaW  Canary Wharf Group plc andy stuRgeon Canary Wharf Group plc PetR Weigl Canary Wharf Group  plc

chaRBonnel et WalkeR Charbonnel et Walker 8. siR Ridley scott Clifford Chance 9. louise deaR Empiric Solutions 10. andReW logan Morgan Stanley 11. nilesh mistRy Morgan Stanley 7.

Florianne Belgian Chocolate Praline Gull Eggs, £5.75, Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home

Champagne Truffle Egg £47, Hotel Chocolat



‘The Best Corporate Day Out’ - as voted by CITY AM Winner of ‘Best Sports Attraction’ - London Lifestyle Awards 2010 & 2011 This sensational three day event kicks off the weekend with a fabulous corporate day offering world class polo from six international teams, with fully inclusive hospitality plus the new ‘Veuve Clicquot at Hurlingham’ evening launch party. Enjoy a classic British summer day out; three polo matches, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, lunch at the iconic Hurlingham Club - the historic home of polo - a quintessential afternoon cream tea and to finish the day off, a rocking party with live music and guest DJ’s.

An exciting range of hospitality options to suit all budgets with prices from just £150 plus VAT per person. Book now for a remarkable experience. Telephone 0207 936 5284 or email


iNdoor door

International Polo moves indoors this month as the sport’s biggest stars descend on the o2 arena for hPa gaucho Polo 2012, reports Martin Boshell

if you attended the inaugural gaucho international Polo last year, then well done, you helped to make history. along with more than 7,000 other spectators, you made the o2 event the highest attended indoor international the sport has ever known. following the success of 2011’s tournament, you won’t be surprised to learn that the event is back for a second year. Returning to the iconic arena on 21 march, the hPa gaucho international Polo 2012 will merge music with polo as grammy-award-winning South american band Bajofondo takes to the stage between two international arena matches. Played on smaller sized pitches than the grass version, and with three players per team rather than four, arena polo has fast become a sport popular with thrill-seeking fans. games are faster, slicker and more highly-charged than their traditional counterparts, intensifying the match atmosphere and enhancing the spectator experience. guests attending march’s hPa gaucho international Polo 2012 will see Scotland take on ireland before the evening culminates in the titanic clash between ig index’s england and argentina – a match that will pit Britain’s finest player Jamie morrison against the sport’s biggest star nacho figueras. as a restaurant dedicated to promoting the best in argentine food and wine, gaucho has promised to enthuse proceedings with a South american vibe. not only has it organized for Bajofondo to introduce the crowds to their unique blend of ‘electrotango’ but the restaurant has also arranged for Wines of argentina to give guests a taste of the country’s 30 finest wineries in their complimentary tasting lounge. although gaucho is keen to stress that anything goes when it comes to dress code, polo has also become synonymous with a particular article of dress: white jeans. it is from this association that gaucho international Polo 2012 takes its ‘White Jeans Party’ theme, so if you

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

Nacho Figueras Age: 34 Who: Argentina Captain Handicap: 6 outdoor 7 indoor Career Highlight: Winning the Copa Republica in Palermo What are the biggest misconceptions about polo?

own a pair, wear them; gaucho has promised to donate £1 to charity for every person that does so. the White Jeans campaign has been a huge success so far, with celebrities such as tara Palmer-tompkinson, aldo zilli, made in Chelsea’s millie mackintosh, Rosie fortescue and Jamie Laing, plus rugby stars Simon Shaw and Kenny Logan supporting this wonderful cause. as the evening draws to a close, entertainment continues argentinean-style at the nearby indigo2 with Royston Prisk presenting the gaucho international Polo Players after-Party. hugo heathcote, James Park and Sacha Bahlsen will be joining dJ Sam young to ensure the party flows with a seamless mix of music, dancing, champagne and cocktails. Gaucho International Polo 2012, The O2 Arena, Wednesday 21st March ( Follow @GauchoPolo or visit Gauchointernationalpolo

That polo is out of reach for most people. Polo is a great sport to watch and enjoy with friends and family and, if you’re at the right place, even a great sport to play. You just need to be passionate about it. How does the HPA Gaucho International Polo 2012 help to promote the sport? it puts it in a more familiar venue and makes it much more accessible. it teaches people that polo is easy to become involved with. Why has arena polo proved so successful? it allows you to play in front of more people while still giving a great idea of what polo is about. it’s very engaging for new spectators.


Where can I... ? Some of the interesting requests made to Mayfair’s most experienced concierges


Dry cleaner / clothing repair

Watch Club

Mayfair Prestige


4-5 Royal Arcade, W1S 4SD 020 7495 4882

0845 862 2142

020 7407 2115


VIP Car Hire

Soho AV

The Circle, Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 2JE 0870 200 4949

020 7494 4449

Buckingham Dry Cleaners 83 Duke Street, W1K 5PF 020 7499 1253

City Centre 31 Avery Row, W1K 4BD 020 7629 5558

Buy a car

Jack Barclay 18 Berkeley Square, W1J 6AE 020 7629 7444

Jeeves of Belgravia


54 South Audley Street, W1K 2QQ 020 7491 8885

Berkeley Square, W1K 3NA 020 7514 0900

Washington Dry Cleaners

Rolls Royce

18 Half Moon Street, W1J 7BF 020 7499 3711

15 Berkeley Square, W1J 6EG 020 7491 7941

it / tech support

charter a helicopter

luxury yacht charter / sale Exclusive Lifestyle 72 Bond Street, W1S 1RR 0845 338 0377

Killik & Co 46 Grosvenor Street, W1K 3HN 020 7337 0443

Avolus Ltd 38 Lombard Road, SW11 3RP 020 7978 6506

36 Davies Street, W1K 4NF 020 7355 0980


rent a rolls royce

Wavex 0845 644 8060

shoes re-heeleD James Taylor and Son 4 Paddington Street, W1U 5QE 020 7935 4149

Mayfair Cobblers

23 Berkeley Square, W1J 6HE 08453 888 248

Exclusive Aircraft 3rd Floor 14 Hannover Street W1S 1YH 020 7183 7988

First City Air LTD Lister House Chelsea Bridge Rd, SW1W 8RH 020 7259 9313

4 White Horse Street, W1J 7LG

Sole Man



Mti Commodities UK Ltd 80 Park Lane, W1K 7TR 020 7529 5330

Novum Securities Ltd 47 Park Lane, W1K 1PR 020 7399 9400

Old Park Lane Capital

86-91 Uxbridge Road W7 3ST 020 7436 2070

49 Berkeley Square, W1J 5AZ 020 7493 8188

Phantom Hire

South China Securities Ltd

0800 542 1337

12 Stanhope Gate, W1K 1AW 020 7491 9225

thames cruise City Cruses 020 7740 0400

London River Cruises 020 7839 8008

London Battersea Heliport

Cheyne 13 Cleveland Row, SW1A 1DH 020 7968 7450

Princess Yachts

Mike Will Fix It


Artemis 57 St James Street, SW1A 1LD 020 7399 6000

64 Grosvenor Street, W1K 3JH 020 7499 5050

020 7737 2514 / 0776 264 7547

0845 402 6797

Buy / sell shares

TAIB Securities Ltd 11 Carlos Place, W1K 3AX 020 7533 1600

international courier

Bridges Wharf, Battersea, SW11 3BE 0844 884 8660

River Thames Cruises


020 7237 3108/9111

0844 248 0844

electric cars

Spirit of Chartwell


020 7372 2077

020 7536 7170

54 Stratton Street, W1J 8LP 020 7493 3505

The Electric Car Corporation

Thames Cruises


Watch repair

1st Floor, 5 Aldford Street, W1K 2AF 020 7495 5270

020 7928 9009

0845 607 0809

1 White Horse Street, W1J 7LB 020 7355 2553


Marcus Watches

Thames Dinner Cruises

London Executive International 020 7450 0060

170 Bond Street, W15 4RB 020 7290 6500

luxury car rental

Royal Arcade Watches 4 Royal Arcade, W1S 4SD 020 7495 4882

48-56 Ebury, Bridge Rd, SW1W 8QF 020 7730 8888

auDio Visual hire

0844 888 4111

Russell Talerman

Mayfair Corporation


Go-Betweens Couriers Ltd

34-36 Maddox Street, W1S 1PD 020 7491 0625

020 8255 0522

020 3130 0401

020 7278 1000

Belgravia Garage

0845 299 4127


local courier City Sprint


Mail Boxes etc 020 7491 0022

Prestige taxi Crown Security Chauffeurs 0845 901 1471

Executive Cars UK 0800 048 3359

London Prestige Chauffeur Service

MTS Mayfair Translation


14 Soho Street, W1D 3Dn 0795 740 5061

Lees Place Medical Centre

Paul Thomas Flowers

11 Lees Place, W1n 6Ln 020 7036 6060

4 Shepherd Street, W1J 7JD 020 7499 6889

Russian Business Translator

The London General Practice

0770 411 4323

5 Devonshire Place, W1g 6hL 020 7935 1000

LIFE SAVER BaBy sitter

Find a

The Mayfair Medical Centre 3 - 5 Weighhouse Street, W1K 5LS 020 7493 1647

020 7580 6403

Urgent Care Centre

Rockabye Babysitters

42-52 nottingham Place, W1U 5nY 020 7908 2144

9 Wimpole St, W1g 9Sg 020 7624 0060


020 7127 4838


Arthur Morrice

The Executive Car Service

Aqua Dental Spa

020 7635 2571

25 manchester Square, W1U 3PY 020 7935 5332

020 7624 2632

Signature Cars

TST Car Service 94 mount Street, W1K 2Sz 020 7409 3033

UK Chauffeurs Ltd 020 3326 0513

Private Dining room Corrigans

Crescent Dental Clinic 57 Crawford Street, W1h 4JL 020 7723 2255

Doug Jarvis 38 Poland Street, W1F 7LY 020 7437 6383

Lund Osler Dental Health Care

28 Upper grosvenor Street W1K 7eh 020 7499 9943

56 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7Jn 020 7838 8969


11 South molton Street, W1K 5QL 020 7499 1225

29 maddox Street, W1S 2Pa 020 7629 2999

Sartoria 20 Savile Row, W1S 3PR 020 7534 7000


N Meyer & Associates

Pall Mall Dental 15 Pall mall, SW1Y 5LU 020 7766 7250


Peter Kertesz

20 mount Street, W1K 2he 020 7495 7309

29a Brook Street, W1K 4he 020 7629 3262


Swiss Smile

54 Curzon Street, W1J 8Pg 020 7629 2742

10 Brook Street, W1S 1Bg 020 7290 1180

11 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1nQ 020 7584 4661

Dog walkers

Wild Things of Mayfair 47 Davies Street, W1K 4LY 020 7495 3030

William Clark Flowers 26 Seymour Place, W1h 7nn 020 7402 3444

last minute giFts Halcyon Days 14 Brook Street, W1S 1BD 0844 880 8210

Harrods 87–135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL 020 7730 1234

Central London Dog Walking Service

Jeff de Bruges

18 Warwick Square, SW1V 2aB 0785 604 5975

13 South molton Street, W1K 5QW 020 7409 0213

Chelsea Dogs

Linley Accessories

7 Chelsea Square, SW3 6LF 0778 632 5053

46 albemarle Street, W1S 4Jn 020 7290 1410

Happy Paws

34 Burlington arcade, W1J 0Qa 020 7499 6337

41 Cumberland Street, SW1V 4LU 0781 846 3286

K9 to 5 Club

Penfriend London

Personal cheF

46 Broadwalk Court, W8 4eF 0771 006 4871

Galor Personal Chef

Mayfair Mutts

The Personal Chef

Upper Brook Street, W1 020 7409 7739 07957 460 610

020 7871 1080

Pawsh Dogs Dog Walking

020 7371 4076

Personal shoPPer Gabrielle Teare 0798 531 9300

54 harwood Road, SW6 4PY 0750 344 8489

High Heels

30 Bruton Place, W1J 6nL 020 7409 1728

The Mayfair Dental Practice

Pedigree Pups

Sophie Deedes 0759 504 3802

0780 433 7486

Mark Lord London


71 Park Street, W1K 7hn 020 7499 2168

Pets in the City

0786 658 1230

Central Translations

Teeth @ W1

21 Woodstock Street, W1C 2aP 020 7493 5511

7 South molton Street, W1K 5Qg 020 7499 7015

The Guinea Grill

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e

75 St helens gardens, W10 6LL 020 8962 0700 0795 730 3858

Threads Styling Consultancy 020 7749 0784


Stationery printer City Images 8 Avery Row, W1K 4AL 020 7495 0421

Mail Boxes etc 8 Shepherd Market, WIJ 7JY 020 7491 0022

020 7823 1888

Randall & Aubin 16 Brewer Street, W1F 0SQ 020 7287 4447

Mount Street Printers

The Wolseley 160 Piccadilly, W1J 9EB 020 7499 6996


Late night iCe-Cream Baskin-Robbins


Edgware Road, W2 2HZ 020 7262 3918

28 Curzon Street, W1J 7TJ 020 7499 4599

Freggo Ice-cream Bar

24 Hertford Street, W1J 7SA 020 7495 5000

27-29 Swallow Street W1B 4QB 020 7287 9506

Crockfords Club


30 Curzon Street, W1J 7TN 020 7493 7771

7 Archer Street, W1D 7AU 020 7287 5555

Colony Club

The Dorchester Spa Park Lane, W1K 1QA 020 7319 7109


Women’S hair

Noura 16 Curzon Street, W1J 5HP 020 7495 1050

4 Mount Street, W1K 3LW 020 7409 0303


Henry Bonas 020 3214 2099

dog grooming Mayfair Mutts

Upper Brook Street, W1 020 7409 7739 0795 746 0610

Pets in the City 75 St Helens Gardens, W10 6LL 020 8962 0700 / 0795 730 3858

maSSageS Mayfair Spa - The Mayfair Hotel Stratton Street, W1J 8LT 020 7915 2826

Michael John Boutique 25 Albemarle Street W1S 4HU 020 7629 6969

Janet Ginnings Hair and Beauty Salon 45 Curzon Street, W1J 7UQ 020 7499 1904

Joe’s Hair Salon 73 Burlington Arcade, W1J 0QR 020 7629 3456

Michael John Hair and Beauty 25 Albemarle Street, W1S 4HU 020 7629 6969

Nicky Clarke 130 Mount Street, Mayfair, W1K 3NY

Sassoon Salon 60 South Molton Street, W1K 5SW 020 7491 8848

Top One Hair and Beauty Specialist’s 53 Berkeley Street, W1J 8EX 020 7629 6465

London Club International

Midnite Cookies

Spa Illuminata

10 Brick Street, W1J 7HQ 020 7518 0000

15 Exeter Street, WC2E 7DT 020 7836 5131

63 South Audley Street, W1K 2QS 020 7499 7777


Parks Tower Casino

The Icecreamists

The Dorchester Spa

Aspinal of London

101 Knightsbridge SW1X 7RQ 020 7235 6161

Selfridges, W1A 1AB 020 8616 8694

Park Lane, W1K 1QA 020 7319 7109

0845 053 6900

The Palm Beach Casino

memberS CLubS

men’S hair

44 Baker Street, W1U 7RT 020 7388 2404

30 Berkeley Street, W1J 8EH 020 7493 6585

The Ritz Club 150 Piccadilly, W1J 9BS 020 7499 1818

FanCy dreSS Pantaloons 020 7630 8330

So High Soho Ltd 96 Berwick Street, W1F 0QQ 020 7287 1295

Late night Food Automat 33 Dover Street, W1S 4NF 020 7499 3033

Benares 12A Berkeley Square House, W1J 6BS 020 7629 8886

Hakkasan 17 Bruton Street, W1J 6QB 020 7907 1888

Mango Tree 46 Grosvenor Place, SW1X 7EQ

Arts Club

Atherton Cox

40 Dover Street, W1S 4NP 020 7499 8581

18 New Cavendish Street, W1G 8UR 020 7487 4048


Sassoon Salon for Men

48-49 St James Street SW1A 1JT 020 7499 9999

56 Brook Street, W1K 5NE 020 7399 6935

Maddox Club 3-5 Mill Street, W1S 2AU 020 7629 8877

Mortons Club 28 Berkeley Square, W1J 6EN 020 7499 0363

Savile Club 69 Brook Street, W1K 4ER 020 7629 5462

The Lansdowne Club 9 Fitzmaurice Place, W1J 5JD 020 7629 7200

party pLanner Concorde Media

The Barber at Alfred Dunhill 2 Davies Street, W1K 3DJ 0845 458 0779

Spa & beauty Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa 29 Davies Street, W1K 4LW 0870 787 6626

Mayfair Tanning & Waxing LTD, 19 Denman Street, W1D 7HP 020 7494 3344

Michael John Boutique 25 Albemarle Street, W1S 4HU 020 7629 6969

Nails Inc

020 7297 3344

41 South Molton Street, W1k 5RP 020 7499 8333

G&D Events

The Athenaeum

020 7682 2682

116 Piccadilly, W1J 7BJ 020 7499 3464

baCkgammon board

London Chess Shop

William & Son 10 Mount Street, W1K 2TY 020 7493 8385

Caviar Caviar House & Prunier 161 Piccadilly, W1J 9EA 0871 961 9577

Harrods 87 - 135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL 020 7730 1234

CheeSe Harrods 87 - 135 Brompton Road SW1X 7XL 020 7730 1234

La Fromagerie 2-6 Moxon Street, W1U 4EW 020 7935 0341

ChoCoLateS Charbonnel et Walker The Royal Arcade 28 Old Bond Street, W1S 4BT 020 7491 0939


Jeff de Bruges


Burlington Jewellers

Pasha Clinic

13 South molton Street, W1K 5QW 020 7409 0213

11 Curzon Street, W1J 5h5 020 7629 1564

37 maddox Street, W1S 2PP 020 7409 7354

Rococo Chocolates

Vintage watCHes

10 - 11 Burlington arcade W1J 0Pg 020 7493 0777

45 marylebone high Street, W1U 5hg 020 7935 7780


David Duggan 63 Burlington arcade, WiJ 0QS 020 7491 1675

Guy & Max

Perfect Feet Spa

8 Shepherd Street, W1J 7eJ 020 7499 5898

7 - 9 Queensway, W2 4QJ 020 7243 6723

Sautter of Mount Street

Rolex Boutique

Hancocks & Co,

Selfridges & Co

106 mount Street, W1K 2tW 020 7499 4866

61 Brompton Road, SW3 1DB 020 7581 7073

Burlington arcade, W1J Ohh 020 7493 8904

400 Oxford Street, W1a 1aB 0800 123 400

Fine wine

24 Burlington arcade, W1J 0ea 020 7499 2032

Berry Bros & Rudd 3 St. James’s Street, SW1a 1eg 0800 280 2440

Jeroboams 20 Davies Street, W1K 3Dt 020 7499 1015

Suze in Mayfair

The Vintage Watch Co.

Watchclub 4 - 5 the Royal arcade, W1S 4SD 020 7495 4882



Burlington arcade, W1J 0QX 020 7491 9155

Michael Marks

rent a douBLe deCker Bus

58 Davies Street, W1K 5LP 020 7491 0332

Richard Ogden

Bespoke perFumes Clive Christian

Tiffany & Co.


harrods, Knightsbridge 020 7730 1234

25 Old Bond Street, W1S 4QB 020 7409 2790



46 albemarle Street, W1S 4Jn 020 7290 1410

Peter Jones, Sloane Square, SW1W 8eL 020 7730 3434

exotiC pyjamas

Sautter of Mount Street

Jo Malone

106 mount Street, W1K 2tW 020 7499 4866

23 Brook Street, W1K 4ha 0870 192 5181

Luxury Hamper Fortnum & Mason 181 Piccadilly, W1a 1eR 020 7734 8040

Harvey Nichols 109 - 125 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7RJ 020 7235 5000

John Lewis 300 Oxford Street, W1a 1eX 08456 049 049

Luxury Liquor

Miller Harris 21 Bruton Street, W1J 6QD 020 7629 7750

Ormonde Jayne 12 the Royal arcade, W1S 4SL 020 7499 1100

Hackett 137 - 138 Sloane Street SW1X 9aY 020 7730 3331


London Bus Export Company 01291 689741

London Heritage Travel 01353 863273

This 0845 4652 394

seCurity Cameras IP Tec 351 horn Lane, W3 0BX 020 8993 3377

87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL 020 7730 1234


Louis Vuitton

72 Bond Street, W1S 1RR

190 - 192 Sloane Street, SW1X 9QX 020 7201 4190

sHotgun repairs


Anderson Wheeler

Bug deteCtors

4 Burlington gardens, W15 3eR 020 7491 8548

13 Shepherd market, W1J 7PQ 020 7499 9315

London Detective, W1


0800 970 7925

16-18 Old Bond Street, W1S 4PS 020 7647 5000

23 Burton Street, W1J 6hh 020 7499 4411

Ralph Lauren

James Purdey & Sons Ltd

1 new Bond Street, W1a 3RL 020 7535 4600

57 - 58 South audley Street W1K 2eD 020 7499 1801

Sweepers De-Bugging Service

Gerry’s Wines & Spirits

302 - 308 Regent Street, W1B 3hh 0870 765 4307

74 Old Compton Street, W1D 4UW 020 7734 2053

diamonds VaLued


Armour Winston

87 - 135 Brompton Road SW1X 7XL 020 7730 1234

43 Burlington arcade, W1J 0QQ 020 7493 8937

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


45 - 46 new Bond Street, W1S 2SF 020 7477 2455

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verted barn set over three floors, designed by a local architect and situated in a private mews, ing a sliding roof and original barn doors. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 receptions, balcony, garage.

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sh and contemporary style mews house in South Kensington, arranged over three floors with a private e and fully-fitted eat-in granite kitchen. Master bedroom suite, 2 further double bedrooms, bathroom.

W.A. Ellis

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Residential Lettings across RBK&C in Chelsea, South Kensington, Earls Court and Notting Hill

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finest hoMes & PRoPeRtY fRoM the best estate agents

Luxury apartments Hamptons International, Mayfair Sales

The hottest properties and most exclusive addresses in the area

Knight Frank Lees Place, Mayfair W1

Bright one bedroom apartment An immaculate one bedroom flat perfectly located in the heart of Mayfair. Set within an attractive building close to Hyde Park, this well presented apartment benefits from the use of a lovely terrace. Bedroom, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, shared patio/terrace. Approximately 343 sq ft (50.4 sq m). Leasehold 57 years approximately Guide Price: ÂŁ895,000 020 8166 7482


Half Moon Street, Mayfair W1 Light one bedroom apartment

An opportunity to acquire a wonderful unmodernised apartment with high ceilings and partial views of Green Park. This well arranged one bedroom flat is on the top floor, with lift, and has great natural light. Bedroom, bathroom, reception room, kitchen, lift. Approximately 600 sq ft (58 sq m) Leasehold 123 years approximately Guide Price: ÂŁ1,300,000 020 8166 7482


Knight Frank Brick Street, Mayfair W1

Freehold house with planning permission An extremely rare opportunity to acquire a freehold house in the prime location of Mayfair with planning permission to add two further storeys. Approximately 829 sq ft (77 sq m). Freehold

Price on Application 020 8166 7482


Whitehall Court, Westminster SW1 Stunning views and historical architecture

A spacious and elegant flat with breathtaking panoramic views across the river Thames, located in this prestigious Victorian Gothic building in Westminster. Master bedroom suite, further bedroom, further bathroom, 3 reception rooms, kitchen and balcony; Whitehall Court boasts 24 hour porterage, passenger lifts, restaurants, members clubs and direct exclusive access to the Royal Horseguards Hotel. Approximately 2,207 sq ft (205 sq m). Leasehold 164 years approximately Guide Price: ÂŁ5,350,000 020 8166 7482


Knight Frank Bourdon Street, Mayfair W1K Spacious maisonette with patio

Boasting plentiful natural light and a secluded yet central location, the 2 double bedroom property also comprises spacious family bathroom, open plan reception/dining room and kitchen leading onto private patio. Available furnished.

Guide Price: ÂŁ1,650 per week

Mayfair Lettings 020 7499 1012


Green Street, Mayfair W1K

Stylish triplex with terrace Recently developed to the finest standards, the bright and contemporary living accommodation comprises 2 double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, third bedroom/ study with further bathroom, access to private terrace, reception room with balcony, eat-in kitchen and lift. Available unfurnished.

Guide Price: ÂŁ2,750 per week

Mayfair Lettings 020 7499 1012


Knight Frank St George Street, Mayfair W1S

Contemporary duplex with balcony and parking Perfectly located for the best of the West End, this stylish split-level apartment consists of 2 double bedrooms, en suite bathroom, shower room, open plan reception room, kitchen, air conditioning, balcony, lift and parking space. Available furnished.

Guide Price: ÂŁ1,750 per week

Mayfair Lettings 020 7499 1012


Davies Street, Mayfair W1K

Lateral living with parking and balcony Located in a modern building close to Berkeley Square, the contemporary living accommodation comprises 3 double bedrooms, 3 en suite bathrooms, reception/dining room, kitchen, guest WC, balcony, porter and underground parking space. Available furnished.

Guide Price: ÂŁ4,500 per week

Mayfair Lettings 020 7499 1012


The app that brings the world to you The best properties from the UK and around the world on the Knight Frank app for iPhone, now updated and expanded for iPad. Please contact us if you would like to buy or sell a property in Marylebone, or to find out how our use of technology can help you. Tel: 020 7483 8349

app advert - 12 March 2012 - 18808

12/03/2012 10:28:26

Knight Frank

Langham Street, Fitzrovia W1

An exceptional five bedroom Georgian house This magnificent Georgian townhouse has been beautifully renovated and restored to an exceptionally high standard encompassing a modern glass extension and conservatory. Master bedroom suite with bathroom, shower room and dressing room, 4 further bedrooms (1 with ensuite shower room), 2 further shower rooms, 2 guest cloakrooms, 4 reception rooms, conservatory and terrace, gym, sauna, steam room, passenger lift. Approximately 527 sq.m (5,682 sq.ft). Freehold ÂŁ6,950,000

(MRY110033) 020 7483 8349

Connaught Square, Hyde Park W2 Magnificent Georgian town house

An elegant family house presented to an exceptionally high standard on the east side of Connaught Square with views across the communal gardens. Master en suite bedroom, 5 further bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, gymnasium, study, cloakroom, 2 terraces, 2 storage vaults, access to communal gardens. Approximately 333 sq m (3,585 sq ft) 020 7871 5060

Freehold Price on application (HPE110174)

LHP_272417_KF_Mayfair Mag Apr12.indd 1

15/03/2012 17:03



The Lancasters, Hyde Park W2

A selection of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments Set against the stunning backdrop of Hyde Park is a selection of spectacular apartments with private parking space situated in The Lancasters - a fully restored parade of 19th century stucco-fronted Grade II listed houses. Contemporary kitchens, Fantini bathrooms, underfloor heating, comfort cooling system, spa to include gymnasium, swimming pool, steam and treatment room, concierge, valet parking. From approximately 63 sq m (681 sq ft) to 253 sq m (2,727 sq ft) 020 7871 5060

Leasehold Guide price: From ÂŁ900,000 - ÂŁ7,950,000 (HPE110024)

RHP_272418_KF_MayfairMag_Apr12.indd 1

15/03/2012 17:04

of the BEST Sarah MatthewS of Knight Frank Mayfair discusses the most competitive area of the property market This year has seen a renewed surge of buyers wanting to invest their money in the safe haven of Prime Central London property, owing to the ongoing instability in mainland Europe’s financial markets. The Mayfair market in particular is feeling the benefit of London’s perceived robustness with huge demand for the ever-elusive two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment, especially if it has scope to be modernised. However, supply of this type of property is at exceptionally low levels as potential vendors ride out the current period of uncertainty. As a result of this shortage, buyers are widening their search to include one bedroom properties that they wouldn’t have previously considered. The reason that the housing market has remained especially strong in Mayfair, even in comparison to the rest of the capital, is that it is regarded globally as an aspirational district in which to own property. Mayfair offers the very best hotels, restaurants and luxury retail, all housed in beautiful period blocks and town houses all within close proximity to London’s financial district. Mayfair Village, centred around Mount Street, is especially prized as a location to purchase property, and even with the impact of the current global crises, we have seen a continued increase in the numbers of buyers registering in this area. We have recently experienced unprecedented success with some great one and two-bedroom apartments priced between £750,000 and £2.5m, and the examples of three of our most recent sales confirm that it really is a seller’s market out there.

Mount Street: top of the wish list for many buyers

Knight Frank 020 7881 7722


these transactions demonstrate the buoyant market for one and two-bedroom flats, and we hope to see continued vigour in this market throughout the year:


study one:

Hertford Street £995,000* a record breaking property, as although a very attractive period building with immaculate communal areas, previous sales of one-bedroom flats here had failed to break through the £1m barrier. We launched this particular apartment onto the market on a Friday and by the monday it had been agreed as a result of best bids, well in excess of the asking price and surpassing the six-figure threshold. the buyer was already well known to Knight Frank.


study two:

Half Moon Street £900,000* this flat was a real gem: a bright top-floor apartment in need of modernisation and with glorious partial views over green Park. Our database of existing applicants produced such strong interest from qualified buyers in a position to proceed that we didn’t even launch the property onto the open market. the buyer made our client an offer he couldn’t refuse at well over the asking price, thus securing an excellent result for all parties.


study three:

Berkeley House £2,100,000* this was an unmodernised two-bedroom apartment being sold for a greek client who no longer required their London home. We offered the property to our database of known buyers and within four days had achieved an offer at the full asking price as a result of multiple competitive bids. the successful buyer was again already known to Knight Frank and was in a position to exchange contracts immediately. the vendor was over the moon with the price achieved and the efficiency of the sale.

*Asking prices quoted.

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


1 DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY buckingham place, sw1 Proposed accommodation: ø entrance hall/dining room ø drawing room ø study ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom suite ø 4 further bedrooms ø 4 bath/shower rooms ø garden ø approx 250 sq m (2,700 sq ft) Offers in excess of £2.4 million Freehold

Savills Sloane Street

Savills Knightsbridge

Tom Lamb

Lucy Blythe

020 7730 0822

020 7581 5234

1 STUNNING CONTEMPORARY MEWS HOUSE hyde park gardens mews, w1 Reception room/kitchen ø cinema room ø master bedroom with en suite shower room ø 2 further bedrooms ø bathroom ø gym ø utility room ø guest cloakroom ø garage ø roof terrace ø 197 sq m (2,122 sq ft) Guide £3.75 million Freehold

Savills Mayfair

Lurot Brand

Charles Lloyd

Oliver Lurot

020 7578 5100

020 7479 1999

1 LATERAL THIRD FLOOR FLAT IN THE HEART OF ST JAMES'S ryder street, sw1 Entrance hall ø 29ft reception room ø kitchen with dining area ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 2 further bedrooms ø shower room ø lift ø resident porter ø storage cupboard ø communal garden square access ø 177 sq m (1,910 sq ft)

Guide £3.65 million Leasehold, approximately 93 years remaining

Savills Mayfair David Turner

020 7578 5100

1 SPECTACULAR DUPLEX PENTHOUSE WITH TWO TERRACES hallam street, w1 Entrance hall ø double reception room with open plan kitchen ø study ø master bedroom suite ø guest bedroom with en suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø shower room ø guest cloakroom ø 2 terraces ø porter ø lift ø 360 sq m (3,874 sq ft) Guide £7.95 million Leasehold, plus Share of Freehold

Savills Mayfair

Knight Frank

Claire Reynolds

Christian Lock-Necrews

020 7578 5100

020 7483 8349

1 BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED MAISONETTE aldford street, w1 Entrance hall ø reception room ø dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 2 further bedrooms ø further bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø terrace ø 183 sq m (1,968 sq ft) Guide £3.75 million Leasehold, approximately 32 years remaining

Savills Mayfair

Charles McDowell

Charles Lloyd

Charles McDowell

020 7578 5100

020 7578 9357


1 STYLISH AND CONTEMPORARY TOWNHOUSE charlotte street, w1 Entrance hall ø open plan kitchen/dining room ø first floor double reception room ø studio room ø master bedroom suite ø 3 further bedrooms ø further bathroom ø guest cloakroom ø utility room ø patio ø self-contained lower ground floor one bedroom apartment ø 365 sq m (3,936 sq ft) Guide £4 million Freehold

Savills Mayfair Charles Lloyd

020 7578 5100

1 IDEALLY LOCATED ELEGANT DUPLEX APARTMENT green street, w1 3 bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø guest cloakroom ø communal gardens ø 184 sq m (1,982 sq ft)

Savills Mayfair Leonie Bucher

020 7578 5101 £2,950 per week Furnished

1 BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED MAYFAIR TOWNHOUSE south audley street, w1 5 bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms ø 2 reception rooms ø kitchen ø study ø shower room ø 3 guest cloakrooms ø utility room ø lift ø air conditioning ø 386 sq m (4,160 sq ft)

£6,500 per week Furnished

Savills Mayfair Guy Bradshaw

020 7578 5101






coM Mend



South Audley Street, W1K

a stunning townhouse on one of london’s most desirable streets

This subsTanTial and very well appointed interior designed townhouse situated close to Park lane and Curzon street offers the ultimate in luxury living. Refurbished to a very high standard throughout, the property extends to approximately 4,331 square feet of internal living space. it comprises three magnificent reception rooms, a dining room, spacious fully fitted kitchen with breakfast area, four en-suite bedrooms,

with a further fifth bedroom, three guest cloakrooms, utility room, vault, courtyard and passenger lift. This stylish property is perfectly located on south audley street in the heart of Mayfair and within close proximity to the open green spaces of hyde Park and all the amenities offered by Mayfair, st James’s and the West End.


South Audley Street, Mayfair, W1K ÂŁ8,495,000 Freehold

Chesterton Humberts 020 7629 4513

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Hamptons Mayfair

020 7717 5465

Chesterfield Street, W1 A very fine and beautifully presented Georgian townhouse that has recently been the subject of a complete refurbishment. The house extends to in excess of 5000 sq.ft and includes ample entertaining space, five bedroom suites, two terraces, a passenger lift and comfort cooling. Hamptons Mayfair 020 7717 5465

In the year of medals, we are already on a winning streak.

Hamptons International Silver for Best for UK Large Estate Agency and Best for Marketing.

ÂŁ10,750,000 Freehold Four Reception Rooms Master Bedroom Suite Four Further Bedrooms (all en-suite) Three Guest Cloakrooms Roof Terrace Passenger Lift

Hamptons Mayfair

020 7717 5467

Bickenhall Mansions, W1U

ÂŁ1,850 per week Unfurnished

A stunning three bedroom three bathroom lateral apartment, in a well located mansion building, which has been refurbished to an extremely high standard.

Hamptons Mayfair Lettings 020 7717 5467

3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms and WC Study 2 Reception Rooms Large Kitchen Balcony

Here. There. Everywhere. We were the first UK estate agency to launch an app for iPad, and an app for iPhone, and our website has hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Wether you want to buy, sell, let or rent, it couldn’t be easier.

Hamptons Knightsbridge

020 7717 5463

Grosvenor Place, SW1X A wonderfully well presented one bedroom apartment with a great deal of space and storage. Situated in a prime location overlooking Wellington Arch.

Hamptons Knightsbridge Lettings 020 7717 5463

In the year of medals, we are already on a winning streak.

Hamptons International Silver for Best for UK Large Estate Agency and Best for Marketing.

ÂŁ895 per week Separate Kitchen 1 Bedroom Dressing Room Balcony 24 Hour Porter Lift

Hamptons Paddington 020 7717 5473

Cleveland Square, W2

ÂŁ6,500,000 Share of Freehold

An interior designed maisonette on this sought after garden square bordering Hyde Park. Unique features of this stunning apartment include a private entrance, grand entrance hallway, a swimming pool, gymnasium/games room plus maids quarters. With high ceilings throughout on the ground floor a fantastic double reception room this property also offers fantastic entertaining space. Paddington & Bayswater 020 7717 5473

White Stucco Fronted Building Interior Designed Apartment Private Entrance Ground Floor Double Reception Room Indoor Swimming Pool Four Bedrooms (All En-suite).

Here. There. Everywhere. We were the first UK estate agency to launch an app for iPad, and an app for iPhone, and our website has hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Wether you want to buy, sell, let or rent, it couldn’t be easier.

How far do your property details travel? With Sotheby’s International Realty your property details travel further. In fact, your printed brochure will travel over 150,000 miles across the globe to key offices in our network and auction locations worldwide. With over 550 offices in 46 countries, we provide your property with the international coverage it deserves. To find out more please contact our Mayfair office on 020 7495 9580


Green Street, Mayfair W1

Grand and spacious ground floor maisonette. Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Reception room • Kitchen Guest cloakroom • Private garden

Svetlana Shcholokova

020 7495 9591

Guide Price: £3,750,000 Share of freehold

Over 550 Offices in 46 Countries

3372_1.indd 1

3/5/2012 2:04:33 PM

Derby Street, Mayfair W1

A charming Mayfair townhouse just off Curzon Street, close to Hyde Park. Two reception rooms • Five bedrooms • Three bathrooms Roof terrace • 2,798 sq ft / 252 sq m

Casper Tham

020 7495 9583

Guide Price: £4,750,000 Freehold

Over 550 Offices in 46 Countries

3323_1.indd 1

3/5/2012 2:05:29 PM



Clarges Street, Mayfair W1

A wonderful three bedroom penthouse apartment. Double reception/dining room • Kitchen • Cloakroom • Master bedroom with en-suite • Two/three further bedrooms • Lift Conservatory • Terrace • Porter • Parking

Svetlana Shcholokova

020 7495 9591

Price on application Leasehold

Over 550 Offices in 46 Countries

3322_1.indd 1

3/5/2012 2:04:48 PM

70 Offices • 5 Continents • 11 Countries

this month’s

Mayfair home to rent

• Russia • Italy • France • Spain • South Africa • Australia • Singapore • UAE • Barbados • Gibraltar • United Kingdom

Aldford Street w1k

£2,750 per week

An impressive 3 bedroom apartment with a private patio area. The accommodation extends to approx. 2,500 sq ft & benefits from parquet flooring in all principal rooms & high ceilings.

Mayfair Lettings

020 7288 8301


CUrzon SqUAre w1j

Green Street w1k

£1,750 per week

A luxurious 2nd floor, 2 bedroom apartment finished to the highest standard with B&O sound system throughout, Creston lighting system, lift access & 24hr porter. (Also available for short let at £2,650 per week)

£1,625 per week

A fabulous 2 bedroom apartment completely renovated to the highest quality, flooded with natural light & benefits from high ceilings. Located in a period red brick building on one of Mayfair’s most premier streets.

Mayfair Lettings

020 7288 8301


new CAvendiSh Street w1g

£1,300 per week

An extremely bright & spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with wood flooring & high ceilings located on the 3rd floor of this smart period building with lift access & day porter.

CheSterfield GArdenS w1j

£850 per week

A contemporary 2 bedroom apartment of approx 1,100 sq ft. Comprising a reception room, dining room, eat in kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & a 24 hr porter. Hot water & central heating included.

Mayfair Lettings

020 7288 8301


70 Offices • 5 Continents • 11 Countries

this month’s

Mayfair home to buy

• Russia • Italy • France • Spain • South Africa • Australia • Singapore • UAE • Barbados • Gibraltar • United Kingdom

SoUth AUdley Street w1k

£8,495,000 freehold

A very well appointed interior designed Mayfair townhouse, featuring 3 reception rooms, a dining room, fully fitted kitchen/ breakfast room, 4 en-suite bedrooms, a further 5th bedroom , 3 cloakrooms, vault storage, courtyard & lift access.

Mayfair Sales

020 7629 4513


Upper Brook Street w1k

£4,250,000 leasehold

A prestigious 1st floor, south facing apartment set within an impressive period building with views towards Grosvenor Square. The accommodation includes 2 en-suite bedrooms, a kitchen, utility room & lift access. Long lease.

SoUth AUdley Street w1k

£3,995,000 share of freehold

A substantial Mayfair apartment set within a highly regarded portered block with views of Hyde Park. Comprising a west facing double reception/dining room, kitchen, 2 en-suite bedrooms, a further 3rd bedroom, shower room, cloakroom & lift access.

Mayfair Sales

020 7629 4513


CUrzon Street w1j

£2,595,000 leasehold

hertford Street w1j

An impressive & stylish recently refurbished 1st floor Mayfair apartment, remodelled to a very high standard & offering 2 bedrooms (1 with en suite), kitchen, bathroom, lift access, porter & a long lease.

£1,895,000 leasehold

A stunning 7th floor double aspect penthouse apartment set within a fine Art Deco building. Featuring outstanding views across London, 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lift access & porter. Long lease.

Mayfair Sales

020 7629 4513


70 Offices • 5 Continents • 11 Countries

• Russia • Italy • France • Spain • South Africa • Australia • Singapore • UAE • Barbados • Gibraltar • United Kingdom


£3,300,000 guide price / freehold

A handsome stucco house, refurbished to the highest standard. Comprising a grand double reception room, study, large dining area & bespoke kitchen. The master suite consists of a dressing room & bespoke en-suite bathroom & there are also 4 further double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 roof terraces & a patio. Further benefits include an integrated sound to the principal rooms, Cat 5 wiring, lutron lighting, video entry & security system with CCTV. Moreton Place is a very peaceful residential street in the sought after ‘Moreton Triangle’ area of Pimlico.

Westminster & Pimlico sales 0203 040 8201 •


on your doorstep leading residential estate agent and property services organisation hamptons international talks to The Mayfair Magazine about their new premises and predictions for the market this coming year

Fresh From launching its flagship sales and lettings branch in mayfair, the london-based firm hosted a successful unveiling event in march, during which the company’s head of research adam challis gave a presentation about projections for the Prime central london market, focusing specifically on the areas of mayfair and st James. he noted that sales in these areas have continued to outperform the wider market, as they have done since mid-2009; however the buyer profile for 2012 looks set to change. in the second half of 2011, a noticeable return of domestic demand was observed and is expected to continue in 2012. ‘it’s clear mayfair and st James are beginning to reassert themselves as preeminent residential locations, and in particular, the west side of mayfair,’ he says. ‘there are two main reasons behind this: commercial occupiers in inefficient mayfair offices are able to access more suitable accommodation elsewhere in the West end, and more importantly, residential values of townhouses and lateral apartments in this area are well in excess of offices, meaning that there is an appetite from developers to return properties to their residential roots.’ the results of hamptons international’s Q1 nationality tracker are to be released later this month, and will confirm as to whether uK buyers are becoming more active in the market, supporting house prices at a time when

international buyers may be considering options elsewhere. at the time of press, george osborne’s Budget was yet to be announced, so it’s not clear as to whether they may have a significant impact on the Prime residential market. With issues such as the mansion tax, a higher council tax band, sPV clampdown and the 50 per cent tax rate expected to be raised, the impacts on Prime location buyers could be quite unpredictable. there is a real challenge for a domestic economy that is desperately seeking new avenues for growth. even whilst rental prices remain strong, demand at the higher end of the market has softened due to weaker corporate relocation activity. however, due to osborne freezing the threshold for capital gains tax for this year, property investors in much of central london have benefited from the stamp duty holiday (which was due to end on 24 march). ‘it’s clear that the financial business services sector, alongside oil and gas, are key players within the prime rental market,’ says challis. ‘looking forward, the olympics are likely to delay the return of strong corporate demand until september, creating a competitive supply environment in the back half of 2012. We predict that Prime central property prices will increase by four per cent in 2012, and it is likely that, taken together with the resilient market demand, the mayfair and st James residential market will outperform this.’

Hamptons International 32 Grosvenor Square, W1 (020 7758 8440;

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


Chelsea Fulham & Parsons Green Kensington & Holland Park Knightsbridge, Belgravia & Mayfair Notting Hill & Bayswater West Chelsea & South Kensington

Sales 020 7225 3866 Sales 020 7731 7100 Sales 020 7938 3666 Sales 020 7235 9959 Sales 020 7221 1111 Sales 020 7373 1010

Lettings 020 7589 9966 Lettings 020 7731 7100 Lettings 020 7938 3866 Lettings 020 7235 9959 Lettings 020 7221 1111 Lettings 020 7373 1010

City Office Professional Valuations UK Commercial & Residential Residential Investment Property Management

020 7600 3456 020 7318 5039 020 7629 7282 020 7318 5196 020 7052 9417

Lowndes Square | Knightsbridge | SW1 3,186 sq ft (296 sq m)

A newly refurbished lateral apartment situated on the first floor of a portered building, overlooking this world renowned garden square. Entrance hall | Reception room | Dining room | Media room | Kitchen/Breakfast room | Five bedrooms & five bath/shower rooms | Cloakroom | Porter | Access to communal gardens Asking price ÂŁ12,000,000 Leasehold

JSA Chesterton Humberts 020 7235 8090 Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

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COLLINGHAM PLACE, SW5 A stylish and contemporary designed duplex apartment renovated to exacting standards and benefits from a spacious open-plan reception room leading onto a roof terrace. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, roof terrace. ÂŁ1,595,000 Leasehold 020 7835 1577


Mayfair mag Apr12.indd 3

09/03/2012 09:49



OUR EXPANDED NETWORK GIVES US STRENGTH Our recent expansion to 10 offices across London and the power of our innovative marketing enables us to attract more and more local, national and overseas buyers and tenants. If you are considering selling or letting, we’d love to hear from you.



Mayfair mag Apr12.indd 4

09/03/2012 09:50

D’OYLEY STREET, SW1 An exceptionally attractive flat with a separate artists’ studio/study close to Sloane Square. 2 bedrooms, bathroom, drawing room, balcony, cloakroom/utility room, cloakroom, artists’ studio/study. Freehold Share Guide Price: £1,595,000

John D Wood & Co. are pleased to sponsor


at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, Belgravia on Wednesday 28th March. The evening will be chaired by Peter York and Robert Lacey will be talking about his new book ‘A Brief Life of The Queen’. Peter York will be chairing the evening All proceeds in aid of

PLAY AND RESOURCE CENTRE © PARC (Essex) copyright 2012 Charity Number. 1065854

Tickets are £25 each including a glass of champagne upon arrival. There will be a raffle and signed copies of the book will be on sale.

For tickets please call our Belgravia office on 020 7824 7900

BELGRAVIA 020 7824 7900

Robert Lacey


BURTON MEWS, SW1 A beautifully modernised house with a garage in a secluded Belgravia mews. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 en suite), reception room, study, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, patio. Freehold Guide Price: ÂŁ3,695,000

BELGRAVIA 020 7824 7900

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09/03/2012 09:49

WHITEHALL COURT A magnificent and spacious fourth floor apartment in this impressive Victorian mansion block. Situated alongside the river Thames this apartment boasts high ceilings, three interconnecting reception rooms and stone balconies the full length of the apartment with stunning panoramic views.


020 7839 6006

23a St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1HA

ÂŁ5.3 million

Horne & Harvey Est. 1803

WHITEHALL COURT A wonderful 2 bed 2 bath apartment on the 3rd floor of this magnificent Victorian mansion block. Modernised to a high standard with a fantastic entertaining space and high ceilings.


£2.2 million



An excellent one bedroom apartment situated on the first floor of this portered building in the heart of St James’s. Duke of York Street is close to Piccadilly and all the theatres, restaurants, clubs and shops of the West End.

A wonderful two bedroom apartment ideally situated just minutes from Hyde Park, Kensington High Street and the museums of South Kensington. On the 5th floor of this period portered building the apartment boasts wooden floors throughout, a spacious roof terrace and an abundance of natural light.



£430 per week

£700 per week

Lancashire Court, W1 Lancashire Court, W1

£999,999 Shepherds House, £999,999 L/H L/H Shepherd House, W1 W1

£1,450,000 L/H

A charming period house built in the 18th century and A Mayfair charming Mayfair period house built in the 18th century and A bright top floor apartment in Mayfair, comprising of two modernised to a high standard. The house is house located modernised to a high standard. The is between located between bedrooms and two bathrooms that benefits from Share of lift and is in close proximity a communal roof garden roof Brook Street and Grosvenor Street and benefits from a dual Freehold, a lift and is in to close proximity to a communal Refurbished, Floor, Two Two Bathrooms aspect. Private entrance, Guest cloakroom, Modern finish garden. Top Refurbished, TopBedrooms Floor, Two/ Bedrooms / Two Bathrooms Mayfair Office: 020 7664 6644

Mews, W1K Brook’s Brook’s Mews, W1K

Fast find: 45977 Mayfair Office: 020 7664 6644

Dover Street, £2,050,000 £2,050,000 L/H L/H Dover Street, W1W1

Fast find: 46823

£2,250,000 £2,050,000 L/H

A terrace in heart in a quietincul-de-sac next A period two bedroom apartment of approx. 1,150 sq. sq. ft. which A period two bedroom apartment of approx. 1,150 ft. which A the terrace in of theMayfair! heart ofLocated Mayfair! Located a quiet cul-de-sac to Claridges Hotel, this charming 2 bedroom 2 2bathroom benefits from a double reception with tall ceilings and floor to next to Claridges Hotel, this charming bedroomapartment 2 bathroom ceiling windows. apartment is situated on the 3rd floor of a modern building. ing windows Lease of approx. years140 remaining, Terrace, Passenger Lift Lease of140 approx. years remaining, Terrace, Passenger Lift Tall ceilings, Floor to ceiling windows, Two bedrooms Mayfair Office: 020 7664 6644

Fast find: 46381 Mayfair Office: 020 7664 6644

Fast find: 46849

the smart way to BUY or SELL your property

A service defined by discretion and dedication that will save you time and money. His extensive experience in property consultancy takes the pain and effort out of the buying and selling process, and any problems that you would usually encounter, become his problems and not yours. After all, achieving the best possible outcome in anything is all about finding someone who can do the job better than you.

work smarter, not harder. T: 020 7499 3434 M: 078 3146 5414

We believe that every building is one-of-akind. Every design is created to a unique, specific and personal vision. And every project requires individual understanding, research and planning. Blending architectural flair with building surveying professionalism. Collaborating with clients, suppliers, engineers and builders. Together we create original and beautiful bespoke houses. We are experienced and pragmatic, fresh thinking and innovative; we are Pennington Phillips.

Pennington Phillips 16 Spectrum House 32–34 Gordon House Road London NW5 1LP t: 020 7267 1414 f: 020 7267 7878

UNIQUE HOMES, UNIQUE SERVICE, UNIQUE PEOPLE A t a i l o r e d s e r v i c e f r o m L a n g f o rd R u s s e l l f o r d i s t i n c t i ve a n d e x c l u s i ve h o m e s

Keston Court, Keston, BR2 - ÂŁ4,850,000 Freehold Central London 14 miles - The City/West End within 20 minutes

Over 10,000 square feet of unadulterated pure luxury. Town or Country living? Why compromise when you could have it all? A modern day architectural masterpiece without equal, envelops luxuriously finished contemporary interiors of the highest order.

UNIQUE is a Specialist Division of Langford Russell

Unique at Langford Russell Chislehurst Office 13 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5AB Tel 020 8378 1222 Email

Offices Also At: Beckenham & Bromley


smart investment Location and quality in the borough is now a must-have for purchasers. estate agents Jackson stops & staff explain how they offer their expertise to investors

London’s booming property market is bucking the national trend by becoming a highly sought-after haven for domestic and international investors alike. despite house prices falling for the 21st consecutive month in march and official figures declaring lending in January was 10 per cent higher than the same month in 2011, people in the capital seem to be surprisingly upbeat about the outlook. the latest figures from the house price sentiment index (hpsi) and the rightmove house price index show there has been a recent increase in first-time buyer activity, demand remains strong and investment levels are at an unprecedented high. With house prices recording their biggest ‘spring bounce’ in eight years, along with historically low borrowing costs, the current climate makes it as good a time to buy as it has ever been. Jackson stops & staff, one of the city’s leading property consultancy agencies, has launched a new investment department this month, offering a specialised gateway for private and corporate investors into the London market, making the most of these trends. With over 25 years’ experience of the residential and commercial markets, the team on Curzon street is headed up by emma Whitby-smith. ‘From the private landlord to pension funds to consortia of property investors, we are able to offer sound advice and access to off-market property which is critical in today’s market where there is a great deal on offer but little

of which satisfies the performance required by investors,’ says Whitby-smith. ‘the opportunities offered by the investment department can vary considerably from single units, sometimes ones we have managed for a number of years for other investors, residential blocks of two or more apartments, through to mixed use buildings comprising commercial and residential,’ she says. ‘the appetite from overseas investors is enormous, buyers are also aware that the gross yield for a trophy investment in prime London will be fairly low but are happy that the capital growth is good. Whereas in greater London the investor is likely to be more yield driven and want a greater return.’ ‘there has been an enormous uplift in freehold office transactions throughout London, and a huge demand for un-modernised single units in prime locations in all price ranges,’ says Whitby-smith. ‘For example, we have recently advised on the sale of a small residential block of flats in sW19 and dealt with the disposal of a portfolio of three-star townhouse hotels in the city, as well as an un-modernised house in Knightsbridge with potential to extend.’ there are very few investments around, but people should consider acquiring as the rental market is very strong and will continue to be so in London, smaller units within a block are the most popular as they let very well and pretty much continuously, larger units 3 bed plus are harder to let therefore void periods are greater.

Jackson-Stops & Staff 17c Curzon Street, W1J (020 7664 6644;

t h e M AY FA I R m a g a z i n e


HANOvER TERRACE, REGENTS PARK, NW1 A five-storey family house, situated directly opposite the lakes of Regent’s Park. The property consists of a main house, garden and mews house. The main house comprises three reception rooms, kitchen/conservatory with access to the garden, master suite with en-suite bathroom and two dressing areas, five further bedrooms, three further bathrooms and guest cloakroom.

£10,000 pw 020 7409 9158



Hyde Park Gardens, London, W2 With direct views over Hyde Park, this stunning third floor (with lift), two bedroom apartment is found in immaculate condition throughout. Benefiting from high ceilings, secure off street parking and resident porter. Accommodation comprises of reception room, fully fitted kitchen with units from Poggenpol, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, second bedroom and guest shower room.

ÂŁ2,000,000 020 7409 9047

knIGHTsBrIdGe oFFICe: 82 BroMPTon road London sW3 1er T: +44 020 7225 6506 MayFaIr oFFICe: 61 Park Lane London W1k 1QF T: +44 020 7409 9001


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The Mayfair Magazine April 2012  

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