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43 emotion

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EMOTION affords space, comfort and luxury for 10 – 12 guests served by a professional crew of 9. This elegant 43 metre yacht is available for private charter in the Mediterranean this summer from Burgess as Worldwide Central Agents.

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Picture Perfect

Spotlight on... Walton Street

Annabel Harrison visits the Rolls-Royce plant at Goodwood for a private viewing of A Different View by Karl Lagerfeld

Olivia Sharpe delves into the history of one of the borough’s most loved streets and how it has changed over the decades



Join the Club

The House That Fun Built

Gemma Taylor tells us which of London’s most exclusive members clubs are worth joining in 2013

Be inspired to rethink your use of space; Gemma Taylor takes a closer look at the one-of-a-kind Hidden House



The Queen of the Silver Screen

Wish You Were Here?

National treasure Dame Helen Mirren reveals all about relationships, royal roles, British irony and ‘that bikini’

Katherine Levy falls in love with the romantic, luxurious Maldivian island Niyama (not to mention its underwater club)

122 Cocktails Are the New Cupcakes James Steen discovers a new way of dining at Trinity restaurant, where gin cocktails are served with every course. His verdict? This is an excellent idea



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The Beauty of Ballet: Enchanting a Nation Photograph of the English National Ballet Š Lois Greenfield, See p. 65

London Living

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P r i n t e d i n G r e at B r i ta i n



ind tes omi tabilis duo fratres curren

From the


“A dancer’s movements illustrate the passage of time, giving it a substance, materiality and space... Time is stopped, a split second becomes an eternity, and an ephemeral moment is solid as sculpture... There is a dynamic tension between dance and photography. I exploit photography’s ability to fragment time and fracture space, translating 360 degrees into a two-dimensional image and depicting moments beneath the threshold of perception.” Lois Greenfield has spent the past 25 years of her photographic career “investigating movement and its expressive potential”. The aesthetically rich world of dance holds a particular fascination for Lois and, as such, our English National Ballet company has provided many perfect, agile models over the years. Now, saturated by Christmas cheer, overwhelmed by gift-wrapping and having consumed more mince pies than is necessary, give your senses an enchanting, guilt-free wake-up and enjoy the productions of either The Nutcracker or The Sleeping Beauty before 2013 gets underway (p. 65). Subjects just as picture perfect, although rather easier to capture on film, are the polished, immaculate, colossal motor cars produced with exquisite attention to detail by Rolls-Royce. Not only was I fortunate enough to visit the company’s impressive plant at Goodwood this month but I was also invited to a private view of none other than Mr Karl Lagerfeld’s latest photographic exhibition. A Different View comprises a set of images that Lagerfeld has taken of his own Rolls-Royce and the man himself was just as charismatic, eccentric and enigmatic as I expected, although he surprised those present with his sense of humour (p. 12). We are in the era of the Great Dames, it seems, and having interviewed the wonderful Dame Judi ‘M’ Dench in November, this month we speak to Dame Helen Mirren (p. 22); frank, funny and full of stories, the silver screen star of The Queen is taking a leading role in the new film Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins, released in the UK in February.



I wish you all a prosperous and happy 2013. Can it possibly top 2012? Only time will tell.


Annabel Harrison Follow us on Twitter @KandCMagazine or email with any comments

ind tes omi tabilis duo fratres curren 010





ANNABEL HARRISON visits the impeccable, Goodwood-based home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to enjoy a private viewing of A Different View, the photography exhibition by fashion’s maestro, the inimitable Karl Lagerfeld

All Images © Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd


It’s not every day that one is invited to Goodwood to be shown around the impressive, immaculate Rolls-Royce manufacturing plant. Even more unusual is an invitation which includes a private audience with Karl Lagerfeld, the world-renowned fashion designer who, it transpires, has also spent more than two decades exploring the art of photography. In 2012, Rolls-Royce hosted a succession of private Icons of Art talks by contemporary artists in tribute to the artistry behind each Rolls-Royce motor car and Lagerfeld followed in the footsteps of John Zinsser, Marie-Jo Lafontaine and Isaac Julien. The ensuing motor-car-manufacture and photography-filled day was quite unforgettable.



The airy Rolls-Royce reception and lounge area are crackling with anticipation. For a cold, foggy Friday, female guests are noticeably dressed up – kitted out in furs, outlandish footwear and an overwhelming amount of black – and this is surely with the aim of if not impressing Mr Lagerfeld then at least ensuring their outfits are not subject to his sartorial disdain. Although the Lady Gaga-esque footwear seems sure to cause some consternation on our walking tour of the RollsRoyce plant, prior to Lagerfeld’s talk and given by the lovely Jane – who is a magistrate by trade, a volunteer Rolls-Royce tour guide “for fun” and a wonderful storyteller – we soon lose ourselves in the history of the most brilliant and British of luxury motor car brands. Founder Henry Royce had a passion for the manufacturing industry from a very young age; having invented and patented the electric light bulb fitting, he then established an electrical and mechanical business in 1884, built his first motor car in 1904 and in May of that year met Charles Rolls, whose company sold quality cars in London. The second Royce car ever made was driven to London to show Rolls and an agreement was then reached that Royce Limited would manufacture cars to be sold by CS Rolls & Co; they were to bear the name Rolls-Royce. Jane explains that Sir Henry’s motto was to “Take the best that exists but make it better”

In choosing a colour, the only limit is a customer’s imagination: one lady had the ears of her English red setter scanned and this same motto is emblazoned on a long, low wall on the way into the plant’s car park. We are reassured that although Rolls-Royce belongs to BMW, the German parent company makes only the engines and outline of the car; everything else is 100 per cent British. Before we enter the plant, we sit in an atrium with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and it strikes me that the plant’s buildings are rather unusual because, despite their airiness, they seem to be sunk into the ground. “They are,” confirms Jane. “If you fly in by helicopter, you can’t see any of them; the roofs are covered with cedar grass. All you can see are the car parks.” Prior to Rolls-Royce moving in, the Earl of March, owner of the Goodwood estate, had decided that he wanted to lease 48 acres of his land to a car company; while the first bid from Nissan was rejected, Lord March readily accepted the second, which came from Rolls-Royce.


Although the local people of Chichester were initially resistant, English architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw (responsible for the Eden Project in Cornwall and Waterloo’s international terminal) saved the day. His plan involved excavating 80,000 tonnes of gravel and planting 420,000 trees and shrubs in order to ensure minimal disruption to the local landscape and environment. Sir Henry’s motto echoes in my mind as we hear this information – nothing but the best is acceptable for Rolls-Royce, whether in terms of relocation or manufacture – and as we step into a space that resembles an aircraft hangar, hosting what must be two of the world’s most expensive, shiniest production lines. Phantom after Phantom and Ghost after Ghost are slowly but surely taking shape as they progress along the line

and their many components are added. A tip for telling them apart at first glance (if the more colossal size of the Ghost’s big sister hasn’t already given it away) is that only the Ghost has a radio aerial on its roof. As Jane shows us around the various departments, I am overwhelmed by the customer choice available, the production process and the fanatical attention to detail and, in appreciating this, I see why Karl Lagerfeld has a close affinity with the brand; creativity, precision and impeccable design seem to be of paramount importance to him. In the Surface Finish Centre, we learn that in choosing the colour of their car’s finish and leather, “the only limit is the customer’s imagination”. A lady from Paris sent in her (hot pink) lipstick and another lady had the ears of her English red setter scanned. 33 litres of paint are used to finish every car while ten raw bull hides are used in a Phantom (eight in a Ghost); skill is of the essence as experts must cut 350 leather shapes from


just 20 half hides. Environmentalists, be reassured; the bulls are part of an organic German meat chain and all the wood comes from sustainable sources. Rolls-Royce produced 3,538 cars in the 2011 financial year, a number boosted by the booming Chinese market. From order, it takes five to six months for a Phantom to be delivered and Jane adds that in her four months at Rolls-Royce, every Phantom has had a ‘bespoke’ note on it. This means the £300,000 plus price tag goes up by 30-40 per cent, depending on the individual customer and as we are told, every wish will be granted, even if it’s for a microwave to be built into the car (to provide guests with hot towels, of course). I leave the plant regretfully. I’d love to stay and learn more, besotted with the beautiful, powerful cars being lovingly crafted and finished, but the bustling event organisers announce that ‘KL’ is en route, en avion, from Paris and so we hurry to take our places for his arrival.


Fashionably late, of course, the fashion industry’s figurehead, and favourite eccentric, Karl Lagerfeld is ushered into a structure that has been specially built to accommodate A Different View. The exhibition comprises photographs of his own Rolls-Royce, taken in the South of France with old film, a Fuji camera and no additional lighting. Both the structure and photographs are monochrome, as is Lagerfeld; “I love black and white – look at me. I am black and white.” True enough, his white hair is tied back into a trademark ponytail and he is wearing a black embroidered jacket, black tie, white shirt with a huge, starched collar (appearing to hold his head in place) and black mesh fingerless gloves. Lagerfeld is both charismatic and enigmatic from the moment he arrives, wearing black sunglasses (which remain in place), until he sweeps out, a waiter scurrying in his wake with a Diet Coke on a silver tray. Media commentator and journalist Peter York chairs Lagerfeld’s talk, which turns out to be challenging for Peter and both captivating and entertaining for the audience. After a glowing introduction from Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös – the brand is clearly delighted to be hosting the exhibition – York follows with a praise-laden summary of Lagerfeld’s body of work: He is “prodigious and phenomenal and not just for the quality of his designs but also for his astonishing range of work and the range of his output across countries and sectors, from the couture in Paris to his collections and then the art, the books, the films and special collaborations of all kinds... People are interested in whatever he does and whatever he says.” This is true enough; the audience, of a few dozen people, hangs onto Lagerfeld’s every word, whether he is answering the question posed to him or not. Lagerfeld interrupts York constantly and casually deflects questions: to the suggestion that “the audience might like to ask Mr Lagerfeld something about this great initiative and these lovely photographs”, Lagerfeld drily retorts; “There’s not much left to ask”. Also evident is a playful sense of humour: at the start, he explains he has a slight cold – “so I hope you can understand me. I have a strange accent in whatever language I speak” – and after referring to his photography as abstract art, he then corrects himself, as he does often, with, “No, just abstract. Let’s be modest!” The relevance of Rolls-Royce to Lagerfeld is not contrived; “I view the world, fashion and automobiles through my camera lens”, he declares, adding later, and invoking much laughter, that “the lines of Rolls-Royce are beautiful. I’m not just saying that because I am here, not just to be polite. I wouldn’t say the same thing about French cars!” He owns two Rolls-Royces and although sometimes one is in Paris, usually both are needed in the South of France “because of the guests”. This, as most of his statements are, is delivered with a smile. Lagerfeld himself does not drive; “I’m not a good driver because


A Different View © Karl Lagerfeld

I want to see everything... [After three crashes] I said, maybe I better stop driving. Someone else can always drive you.” He recalls his first Rolls-Royce, a 1973 model in dark green (clearly before the Monochrome Karl Era), and the second, a chocolate-brown model from 1929/30, although as to when Lagerfeld bought them, “you’ll have to ask [my assistant] Sebastian. I don’t know how old they are. You ask me about my past... I never think about it.” After chatting happily about owning a Bentley next, drawing a gasp from the crowd, he smiles, doing a smooth U-turn: “...But you always go back to your first love.” Lagerfeld started taking photos some 26 years ago; he is completely self-taught and “totally independent”. Steeped in the fashion industry from an early age, quite naturally a love of photography developed; soon Lagerfeld realised “there was lots I could do myself… I thought, some people do it so well; how could I do that [too]?” At the beginning of his time at Chanel, he was frustrated by the delay in receiving retouched images from the photographers after shows so “the image director from Chanel said to me, ‘it’s not that difficult; do it yourself’. We hired one assistant and this is how it started... Going into the world of photography is going into advertising, editorial and models; you really live the world of fashion.” Although Lagerfeld has shot a huge number of fashion campaigns and editorials, this exhibition is entirely motor-car based and called A Different View because normally “you look at cars like this” (in their full form). It shows Lagerfeld’s “very simple and down to earth way” of looking at things, differently from everyone else. “It’s a story,” York states confidently, backtracking hesitantly before Lagerfeld can contradict him; “There seems to be a story?” Lagerfeld decides it’s more like a vision than a story: “It’s a game with lines,

A Different View © Karl Lagerfeld

more of a graphic effect. I wanted to give a kind of a game to show the superiority of the lines of those cars.” While taking photographs is one thing, printing them, Lagerfeld enthuses, is quite another. “The thing I love most in life is beautiful paper. My sketches are the starting point of a collection and printing is the final touch. Paper at the beginning and paper at the end. I am a paper freak!” One feels he would like to talk about paper on this occasion more than about his photographs; in response to “Would you like to talk about these beautiful photographs?”, Lagerfeld answers in a rather childlike fashion; “I am too shy to explain [them].” I leave safe in the knowledge that Karl Lagerfeld is a consummate aesthete, obsessed with presentation and finish, as are the Rolls-Royce craftsmen, and for that reason, I am confident that whatever Rolls-Royce and Lagerfeld produce henceforth will be just as worthy of close study and praise as what I studied and praised today.

“Chanel’s image director said to me: Photography is not that difficult; do it yourself”



Join the Club Some of the best private members clubs in London are located here in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. As we welcome 2013 and a new year, Gemma Taylor takes a look at the cream of the crop


The Sloane Club What: Step back in time to a place where men and women still dress for dinner and the sound of mobile phones is replaced with the gentle ticking of a clock. Elegant furnishings and flower displays line corridors covered in comic strip illustrations, available to purchase. Who: For those seeking a luxurious home from home Where: Lower Sloane Street, Chelsea, SW1W 8BS How much: £515 per annum 020 7730 9131

The Caledonian Club What: For people with an appreciation of all things Scottish, looking to socialise with people interested in everything from the arts to golf. The five-storey club hosts regular Burns suppers and evenings of Scottish dancing. Who: Highland flingers looking for a good ceilidh. Notable past members include Labour Party leader John Smith and John Logie Baird, who invented one of the world’s first television sets Where: 9 Halkin Street, Belgravia, SW1X 7DR How much: Price on application 020 7235 5162

Electric House What: Plush teal velvet and comfy leather create an intimate dinning space where local residents can hang out and enjoy a cold Electropolitan cocktail. Who: Smart Notting Hill-ers who have been nominated by no less than two existing members Where: 191 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W11 2ED How much: £1,200 per annum (£700 for under-27s) 020 7908 9696



The Brompton Club What: The result of a collaboration between nightclub kingpins Piers Adam (Mahiki and Whiskey Mist) and Nick House (London Parties), the Brompton Club prides itself on its exclusivity and throwing nights to remember.

Who: Fun-loving, stylish party people Where: 92 Old Brompton Road, Kensington, SW7 5LR How much: £750 per annum 020 7268 5906

Equinox Fitness Club What: With Kiehl’s products in the showers as standard, Equinox is a place where you can work out in luxury. The members-only club boasts ten different types of yoga and exclusive classes including Shockwave. Who: Dedicated and fair-weather gym goers who want to see and be seen (in the chicest work-out kit, of course)

Where: 99 Kensington High Street, South Kensington, W8 5SA How much: £180 per month 020 7666 6000

Grace Belgravia What: The only exclusively female club in London, Grace Belgravia provides medical care, exercise sessions and spa treatments for women from young adulthood, through fertility, pregnancy, child rearing, empty nesting, menopause and ageing-well, in a luxurious and relaxing all-women environment. Men are allowed to enter for dinner on Thursdays though. Who: Sophisticated, spirited, health-conscious women Where: 11C West Halkin Street, Belgravia, SW1X 8JL How much: £5,500 per annum 020 7235 8900


The Army & Navy Club What: Nicknamed The Rag, this military club prides itself on offering a unique combination of the ambience traditionally found in an officers’ mess and the comfort and facilities of an exclusive hotel. Who: Former officers of the British and Commonwealth Armed Services, as well as their immediate relatives

Where: 36-39 Pall Mall, Westminster, SW1Y 5JN How much: £15 per month 020 7827 8024

Royal Thames Yacht Club What: The RTYC is the oldest operating yacht club in the UK. Members can benefit from moorings on the Solent and team and match racing. The Knightsbridge Clubhouse has two bars, meeting rooms, a restaurant and a distinguished cellar serving wines from around the world.

Who: Yachting enthusiasts of all ages who love to socialise Where: 60 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LF How much: Price on application 020 7235 2121

Purple Dragon What: A children’s club with a difference. Tired mothers can unwind with a manicure in an escape pod while fathers can use the pro-golf simulator. Founded by Sharai Meyers, former muse to French fashion designer Roland Mouret, elements like the vintage style changing rooms are iconic. Who: Hipster mums looking for imaginative and luxurious childcare

Where: 30 Gatliff Road, Belgravia, SW1W 8DP How much: £1,750 per annum 0844 880 3580



Helga Esteb /


Queen of the

silver screen Oscar winner, and national treasure, Dame Helen Mirren talks relationships, royalty, sexuality and ‘that bikini’. Richard Aldhous reports Long before she was a Dame, Helen Mirren once pretended to be engaged in order to persuade a bank manager to give her a mortgage for her first home off the Fulham Road. That’s because, once upon a time, the idea of a single woman climbing singlehandedly onto the property ladder was a preposterous notion. “It’s how it was back then, so you simply had to work around your restrictions. I wanted this flat so badly, I was willing to move mountains… the mountain being, I would pretend I was engaged. Naturally I couldn’t even dream of getting by without a man by my side!” Wiley Mirren offered quite the performance with her male friend to land the apartment that was already converted in two. “He had a girlfriend, but we both had a goal in mind, so we teamed up. We went into the mortgage company and I very fakely sat on his knee and said, ‘Oh darling, I can’t wait for us to get a house together.’ In fact, we were always going to live completely separately.” It seems Mirren was industriously self-assured, even before the accolades, the applause and the recognition from Her Majesty the Queen, for in fact portraying the Queen. It’s odd, then, that this living legend would often doubt herself, or maybe it’s a side-effect of such extolled praise? “It’s taken me a long time to realise that you’re always going to be striving to reach that ultimate level of performance,” Mirren says. “When you’re young, you’re driven by the desire to find that perfection or ease of expression that erases all your doubts. Acting has helped me escape my natural tendency to be uptight and conservative, but I’ve had to accept that you can never quite erase your upbringing. The thrill comes in getting as close as you can to that feeling of total abandonment to your art.” The Oscar winner’s new movie is Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins as the legendary British film director and Mirren as Alma Reville, his wife, confidante, advisor and uncredited writer on many of his greatest works. Centred around the making of Psycho, the 1960 black and white masterpiece that shocked audiences when the film’s apparent main character,

s_bukley /




Debby Wong /

Debby Wong /

Marion Crane – as played by Janet Leigh – is killed off after only 30 minutes in the infamous shower stabbing sequence. Scarlett Johansson gives a luscious performance as Leigh while Jessica Biel co-stars as Vera Miles, who originally played Crane’s sister. It’s almost inconceivable, however, that the film marks the debut pairing of Mirren and Hopkins, two cinematic greats. “We both knew it was our destiny to work together someday but when this project came about, we were both of the mind, ‘Why did it take so long?’ Anthony and I had a very good time on this picture and we tried to develop this gentle yet deep friendship that Alma and Alfred shared. It’s very rare that you get to play this kind of unique relationship.” Trained as a film editor in the nascent British silent film industry of the 1920s, Reville married Alfred Hitchcock in 1926 and, over the course of their 53-year marriage, helped him create some of the world’s greatest movies including Shadow of a Doubt, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, North by Northwest and Vertigo. Reville served as his tireless collaborator and actively participated in story development, casting, and the editing process while also serving as his most trusted critic. “They shared a wonderful love story that was very romantic and caring,” Mirren surmises. “They were like Romeo and Juliet although they shared their love in a much more low-key, unglamorous way. They were true partners in life and their story offers many insights into how to lead a successful marriage. Alma loved Alfred’s wit and sense of humour. Hitchcock had this wickedly ironic streak and he was always telling jokes on the set and teasing his actors. She adored him and from the very beginning of their marriage understood that he was an artistic genius.” Mirren adds that Alma also knew that Alfred needed her support and “that he could rely on her judgement which was very precise and valuable. Though Hitchcock was one of the world’s most famous film directors during his day, very few people knew that Alma was a key collaborator on every picture. She would often rewrite scenes before and during the actual filming, and she was always there to help him refine his vision.” Mirren’s own vision has been shaped during a

Featureflash /

s_bukley /


rather impressive life. Born Ilenya Mironov, the granddaughter of a Russian Count who lost everything during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Mirren was educated largely in London public schools while her cab driver father struggled to make ends meet. Fiercely independent and sexually liberated, Mirren became an art-house favourite in racy films like Caligula, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and The Comfort of Strangers, though it was her portrayal of DCI Jane Tennison in seven seasons of Prime Suspect that gained extraordinary popularity, finally landing the actress on the map, leading to four Oscar nominations, one delivering a win for her career defining performance in The Queen. Throughout her career, she has had notable relationships with actors like Nicol Williamson and Liam Neeson, with whom she set up house in the aforementioned Fulham Road flat, before finding happiness in her 26-year marriage to director Taylor Hackford, falling in love when he directed her in the 1986 film White Nights. Does their relationship mirror Alma and Alfred’s at all? “It’s different if you’re an actress because the dynamic isn’t the same and often the roles that come up aren’t necessarily suited to you. Taylor’s tried to get me to work with him many times but I’ve almost always told him that the roles haven’t been good enough,” she blusters. “But we worked very closely together on Love Ranch, so that was good.” Mirren and Hackford live mainly in Los Angeles but also have homes in New York, Provence and a riverside retreat in Wapping on the Thames. The couple never had children but remain lovingly devoted to each other. “I had always had very intense relationships with men and I always hated dating because it’s such torture at times. So I was something of a serial

“Anthony and I both knew it was our destiny to work together someday... We had a very good time on this picture” monogamist and had some truly wonderful relationships with men. When I met Taylor, I knew pretty much from the beginning that we could get along and live harmoniously. He has a very strong character, which was a prerequisite since I have a fairly strong will myself. It’s also interesting to occasionally make a film and go home and sleep with the director!” Based most of the year in the States, Mirren admits a pining for British comfort and custom is beginning to dog her thoughts. “Sometimes it feels strange because the language and humour is very different in America compared with England. British irony just doesn’t work with Americans. I do get homesick and over the years I’ve kept coming back to London which I still consider my home, and to which I have a deep connection. London is where I was raised and where my Russian father came to settle and met my mother, who was from West Ham and whose family goes way back in England.” A long-standing, cross-generational sex symbol, Helen finds the concept still rather convoluted but has accepted a certain level of flattery, finally. “You can look it either way. I suppose it’s a good thing but as you get older you wonder whether the public still accepts you because they don’t see you as sexy anymore,” she laughs heartily. “I’ve never felt particularly empowered by the nudity experience; it was something I just had to get on with. I felt that it was part of my personal journey towards a kind of liberation. I’m a great admirer of beauty and sexiness although I don’t think I’m that kind of a woman. And often when men talk about sexiness, it’s just about tits and legs and what’s so remarkable about that?” She agrees that it is of course flattering to be perceived as having some sort of sex appeal, “but in my case I think it’s more my force of personality and I suppose some people find that sexy. At least it’s helped me find roles where I play a more dynamic kind of woman rather than those where you tend to be more subservient or retiring.” The subject was never more personal for the actress than when she was photographed on a beach in Italy four years ago, flaunting an astonishingly taut body for a then 63-year-old. A frenzy was inevitable. “I think the thing that will haunt me for the rest of my life is that bloody photograph of myself in a bikini. In and of itself, it is a lie because I don’t actually look like that; I know that that is going to haunt me forever and I’ll be forever trying to bury it unsuccessfully.” It’s not the worst thing to be remembered for, surely, as a very attractive older woman? “Well in hindsight, there’s worse to be tainted by, you’re right.” We will certainly remember this great Dame most for her extensive, impressive acting career.




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Customer acquisition and marketing specialists for luxury brands. Please contact © Aston Martin

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10/12/2012 14:11


A Tribute to

British Excellence

The Walpole Awards for Excellence returned to Whitehall’s Banqueting House once again, honouring industries and individuals for having achieved outstanding success in the luxury sector both in Britain and around the world in the year 2012. Olivia Sharpe reports Oscar’s night: members of the film industry, regaled in splendour, gather together to honour the past year’s cinematic achievements in a formal ceremony watched by more than 100 countries. Although lacking a red carpet and with rather fewer viewers, it is not difficult to see why the annual Walpole Awards for Excellence have been dubbed the ‘Oscars of the luxury market’ as members of the British luxury industry meet to enjoy a night dedicated to the celebration of all that is deserving in the sector. Yes, the voice of British luxury has spoken out once again and, as ever, the emphasis on the night was on the good old UK. In the same way that Prime Minister David Cameron has recently been striving to put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain (an aim given a resounding boost by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games), Walpole as an organisation has always looked to promote Britishness in the luxury industry. Named after the great statesman Robert Walpole, a commercial minister famous for his long-standing contribution to a golden age of craftsmanship and manufacturing, Walpole continues his recognition and maintenance of the highest standards of British commerce and industry. Setting the standard for British excellence were high calibre founders British Airways, Chewton Glen, Coutts & Co, DAKS Simpson, The Financial Times, The Savoy Group and William Grant & Sons, back in 1990. Initially striving

to give our nation a collective mouthpiece in the global market by promoting its excellence, the Walpole membership shifted its pitch in 2005 to promote British luxury as an industry and it has been doing so ever since. As this year’s awards ceremony began, the audience was treated to a slideshow displaying recent footage. From the Royal Wedding and London 2012 to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the video montage showed 2012 as ‘Britain’s year’, an excellent taster coming in the form of Wills and Kate’s nuptials in 2011, with eyes and ears across the globe permanently focussed on our small island in a joint celebration of its legacy and heritage. Following this rather nostalgic start, Walpole’s CEO Julia Carrick took to the stage dressed in Alexander Mcqueen, a fitting tribute to one of our all-time greatest fashion designers. In her patriotric address, Carrick began by reminding us that we are far more than just a nation of tea-drinkers, having consistently been instrumental in the expansion of the luxury sector. “With the eyes of the world upon us, Britishness and all that we stand for… is in vogue and Brand Britain is stronger than ever before. Walpole is proud to represent an industry that contributes so much to the global economy. An industry that is one of Britain’s greatest exports – outperforming GDP growth over the last 20 years. An industry that is continually growing in strength and is predicted to grow 57 per cent by 2015.”

From left / Jane and Marcus Wareing, Theo Fennell and Michael Ward, MD Harrods, Julia Carrick, CEO of Walpole, and Anthony Head, Jonnie Peacock and Katherine Grainger



Indeed, no one knows the luxury industry quite like Carrick. Having founded the Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine, since 2000 she has continued to further the interests of the British luxury industry as CEO of Walpole. Under her leadership, membership has quadrupled and now includes more than 175 of Britain’s most prestigious brands and cultural institutions, as the largest membership not-for-profit organisation representing luxury businesses in Europe. Despite a strong focus on British achievements, Carrick also stressed the importance of looking outside of the European Union to the Eastern world in order for the future of British luxury brands to improve: “We strive to ease the path for wealthy tourists who wish to visit our country from outside the European Union. In 2011, along with a number of strategic partners such as the New West End Company and Walpole members, we set up a formal working group with the UK Borders Agency. The objective was to improve the complex visa process for Chinese visitors to the UK. The successful solution would result in some £1.2 billion of potential revenue each year.”

By working closely with government agencies, Carrick and the rest of the Walpole team hope to use the recession to their advantage as they look to Eastern markets to increase profits as the Western economy continues to suffer. Despite British industries being integral to the production and exportation of luxury goods, it is the consumers in the East to whom we turn to maintain our British heritage through the purchasing of such goods. This point was subsequently taken up by Coutts chairman Michael Morley, who highlighted the new Coutts tablets soon to be available which will help customers learn more about the luxury world. It was interesting how Morley emphasised the importance of using technology in order to reach out to consumers living outside of the United Kingdom. For British people who have grown up with luxury goods, this education is not as pivotal and therefore needs to be translated over to our Eastern neighbours who are increasingly looking to Great Britain for its rich tradition and heritage. It has become evident that the British luxury industry’s future lies just as much in the East as it does at home.

Following a performance by British talent Peter Manning, the 2012 winners were finally announced:

BRITISH LUXURY BRAND Sponsored by Laurent-Perrier Awarded to the British luxury brand that has had the greatest national impact in terms of sales, customer service, and business and media exposure

Winner: Mulberry, accepted by Emma Hill, Creative Director Nominees: Mulberry, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Harrods, Stella McCartney

BEST EMERGING BRITISH LUXURY BRAND Sponsored by Chase Vodka Awarded to an aspiring British company, established within the last ten years, that has demonstrated the potential and ability to develop into an established British Luxury brand

Winner: Orlebar Brown, accepted by Adam Brown, founder Nominees: Orlebar Brown, Monica Vinader, Mr. Hare, Roksanda Ilincic, Zoe Jordan


INTERNATIONAL LUXURY BRAND Sponsored by McArthurGlen Group Awarded to the international (non-British) luxury brand that has the greatest impact in terms of sales both in the UK and overseas, innovation, customer service, and business and media exposure

Winner: Ferrari, accepted by Andrea Perrone, Senior Vice President Nominees: Ferrari, Cartier, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zegna

BRITISH LUXURY DESIGN TALENT Sponsored by Design Centre Chelsea Harbour Awarded to an individual or company who has maintained the highest standard of British Design Talent through innovation, design and quality product

Winner: Gerry McGovern for Range Rover and Land Rover, accepted by Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Nominees: Anna Perchal – Fortnum & Mason, Roksanda Ilincic, Thomas Heatherwick, Zaha Hadid

BRITISH CULTURAL EXCELLENCE Sponsored by The Admirable Crichton Awarded to the best British cultural achievement from a range of disciplines, including music, dance, theatre, art and film, both traditional and contemporary, in front of and behind the scenes

Winner: Royal Academy of Arts, accepted by Charles Saumarez Smith, CEO and Christopher Le Brun, President Nominees: Royal Academy of Arts, Glyndebourne, Goodwood, National Portrait Gallery, The Cultural Olympiad, Victoria and Albert Museum

BEST LUXURY SERVICE Sponsored by Mishcon de Reya Awarded to the British Luxury Brand that embodies the finest standards of service through exceptional innovation, consistent excellence and clear mastery


Winner: Brown’s Hotel, accepted by Sir Rocco Forte, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Rocco Forte Hotels Nominees: Brown’s Hotel, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Gleneagles, Mosimann’s, The Ledbury

Awarded to the company either British or international that has shown innovation through the use of online technology and marketing, achieved outstanding sales results and presence online

Winner: Burberry, accepted by Sarah Manley, Chief Marketing Officer Nominees: Burberry, Aston Martin, Orlebar Brown, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co.




CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Awarded to the luxury brand or institution that has made CSR an inherent part of its business ethic, incorporating product design and development, sustainable sourcing, supplier and employee relationship and nurturing communities and environments in which it operates

Winner: IWC Schaffhausen, accepted by Edwin Colella, Director of Marketing and Communications Nominees: IWC Schaffhausen, Quintessentially, Stella McCartney, Tiffany & Co, Vivienne Westwood

LUXURY CRAFTSMANSHIP Sponsored by Chivas Regal 25 Awarded to the British brand or institution that has shown the most imaginative and greatest commitment to the support and development of a craft in luxury

Winner: Theo Fennell, accepted by Theo Fennell, Jewellery Designer and Founder Nominees: Theo Fennell, Diamond Jubilee for John Walker & Sons, Ettinger, QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust), Savoir Beds

BRITISH LUXURY BRAND OVERSEAS Sponsored by Virtuous Retail Awarded to the company that has achieved outstanding success in raising their profile and business overseas through export, expanding retail presence, increasing sales and special events

Winner: Jaguar, accepted by Tom Silk, Global Brand Experience Director Nominees: Jaguar, Burberry, Dunhill, John Walker & Sons, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Although winners were predominantly, and unsurprisingly, British in heritage, due credit was given to those international brands which have given so much to the luxury industry, in particular Ferrari and IWC Schaffhausen. However, after the awards had been announced, Walpole’s Chairman Ben Hughes could not help but reiterate our greatness as a nation as he proceeded to introduce the Walpole Medals of Excellence. This year, the awards honoured gold-medal winning Olympic rower Katherine Grainger and gold-medal winning Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock. Despite the gloom cast by the recession, a light of optimism shines forth through the luxury industry as we see how brands succeed in the face


of austerity. Rather than ignoring the economic problems, we note how Walpole members look to the East for the future of British luxury goods, and as the New Year dawns, we can only be excited about what 2013 will bring. Never a truer word was spoken than when Sir Winston Churchill remarked how “all great things are single, and many can be expressed in a single world”. For us, now more than ever does the luxury British industry represent all that is “wit, craftsmanship, innovation, individuality, tradition, pomp and ceremony.”


ENJOY YOUR VERY OWN WALL OF SOUND The new BeoLab 12 is a fully digital on-wall loudspeaker that produces sensational surround sound in a graceful, minimalist fashion. It is the perfect compliment to any flat-screen or home stereo system. This revolutionary loudspeaker co-operates with the wall it is placed on, transmitting treble and bass sounds with outstanding precision and depth. BeoLab 12 features a sculptural design that forms a reassuring wave pattern that beholds powerful capabilities, maximizing every inch of the slim space. Call it the world’s most high-performing optical illusion, because when viewed from the side, this commanding loudspeaker appears even slimmer.

Visit our showroom to experience the spectacular sound of BeoLab12 Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea 147 Kings Road, London SW3 5TX Tel: 020 7376 5222 Email:

Bang & Olufsen of Chelsea - BeoLab 12 Advert - Place at 100% (297 x 210mm + 3mm Bleed)

Royal Borough

NEWS Covering the whole Royal Borough: Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill and Holland Park

Illustration: Mai Osawa



Royal Borough News The latest news, best events and areas of interest for residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

New Horizons Along with drinking less and becoming fitter, popular New Year resolutions include enjoying life more and learning something new. With this in mind, the Telegraph Adventure Travel Show has returned to Olympia this January to offer adventure seekers some much-needed tips about how to achieve the holiday of a lifetime this 2013. For some, adventure is all about reaching new heights and the Travel Show gives you the chance to reach such altitudes, quite literally, with organised treks to Everest Base Camp. If it has long been a dream of yours to travel to Antarctica, you can hear advice from the experts and explorers giving talks at the show about how to do it right. For those who place greater emphasis on unusual cultural excursions as an accepted form of adventure, the show offers guidance on how you might spend a holiday with the Saami in Lapland or the Masaai Mara in Kenya. Telegraph Adventure Travel Show, Olympia 26-27 January 2013 0871 230 7159;

A Midsummer Night’s Dream When founding BurntOut Theatre, it was director Clemmie Reynolds’ vision to bring accessible Shakespeare productions to historic and unusual venues, while giving back to the community by raising money for charities. It was also Reynolds’ dream to employ young actors who are currently suffering from the absence of regional theatre. Her latest production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which took place in December as part of the London transfer of BurntOut’s 2012 open air summer production, showed Reynolds’ vision as a reality as she brought her cast of drama school graduates to perform Shakespeare’s classic play at the Christ Church venue on Chelsea’s Flood Street. The tumultuous reception was well-deserved as Reynolds successfully incorporated traditional elements, including the use of Elizabethan costume, with unconventional staging (the cast flitted from the aisles, balconies and pews of the church), all together creating an innovative production which by no means lost the magic of the original story. The theatre company also raised £8,230 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society over the course of the five performances.


School Report

James Dean © Bob Willoughby

Caught on Camera Photographer Bob Willoughby has gone down in history as the man who invented the photojournalistic motion picture still. In other words, he was the first ‘outside’ photographer to be hired by studios to document the filming of movies both on-screen and off. His first big break came when he shot Judy Garland on the set of A Star is Born which proceeded to make the front cover of Life Magazine. From then on, Willoughby was privy to some of the greatest moments of drama in cinema history, documenting films such as The Graduate, My Fair Lady, Ocean’s Eleven and Rosemary’s Baby. What made Willoughby particularly extraordinary was his way of capturing stars at moments when they were out of character. His most famous shots include James Dean poring over his script, a deeply pensive Jane Fonda rehearsing her lines and on-set tension abated by a food fight between Blake Edwards and Natalie Wood. This retrospective look at Willoughby’s incredible career and behind the scenes of the silver screen, on show at Proud Chelsea, is well-worth a visit this winter.

Elizabeth Taylor © Bob Willoughby

Figures released on 27 November revealed that Kensington and Chelsea is one of only nine local education authorities in the country where 100 per cent of pupils who attend secondary schools are judged by Ofsted to be either good or outstanding. The academic prowess displayed in the classroom has been equally matched on the playing field, as demonstrated on 12 November when pupils from 12 of the borough’s primary schools took part in a full day of sport at Westway. School teams had the opportunity to compete in six sports: mini-basketball, mixed football, Boccia, tag-rugby, hockey and tri-golf. The Olympic-style sporting festival had its very own opening ceremony which included a group dance performance and an athletes’ parade with the schools displaying their banners. Young leaders from Chelsea Academy and Sion-Manning RC Girls’ School provided support for the event. Winners: Mini-basketball: Bevington and Marlborough (Final suspended due to adverse weather; to be rescheduled to a later date) Boccia: St Francis 2 Tri-golf: Oratory 1 Tag-rugby: Fox 2 Quicksticks Hockey: Oratory Mixed-football: Oxford Gardens

Bob Willoughby: The Silver Age of Hollywood Until 13 January 2013 Proud Chelsea, 161 King’s Road, SW3 5XP

Festive Fun on Motcomb Street Remember, remember the sixth of December... the annual Motcomb Street Christmas Event took place once again and exceeded high expectations. Santa and his Christmas Elf visited as many stores as possible, to the great delight of the visiting children, and the whole family could join in with the carols sung beautifully by the Holland Park Opera Singers. The Ebony Steelband also played, surrounded by the twinkling Christmas lights and beautiful decorations. Visitors had the chance to sample delicious drinks and purchase presents at Gianni & Claudie, Henry & James, Palm Restaurant, Motcombs, Pierre Corthay and Waitrose. Free skincare consultations, products and gift vouchers were given by Dr Barbara Kubicka, and candle making and art classes were also on offer. Finally, the fashion brands put their best (heel-clad) feet forward with their fantastic array of party and winter-worthy wares.



Royal Borough News Covering the whole Royal Borough: Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill and Holland Park

Best Bar None Awards 2012 The Drayton Arms scooped the coveted Best Bar None Overall Winner for 2012 at the annual ceremony which took place at the borough’s Royal Garden Hotel on 28 November. Beating stiff competition to the overall title, it was also named Best Pub. Councillor Nick Paget-Brown, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment, commented: “The Best Bar None Awards have gone from strength to strength in the borough and it is good to see a pub that has been involved since the start taking the prize. Leigh Philips, the landlord of The Drayton Arms, also deserves credit for being the first person to win the Overall Winner award for a second time.” A further 47 pubs, bars and clubs across the borough gained membership of the scheme, with the category winners as follows: Best Bar: Juju, King’s Road Runner up: Janet’s Bar, Old Brompton Road Best Club: Supperclub, Acklam Road Runner up: The Roof Gardens, Kensington High Street The Roof Gardens


100 Reasons to Exercise If you ever give yourself the excuse that it’s too late in life to start doing exercise, just think of inspirational Chelsea resident Dorothy Patrick who took up exercise classes at 98 years of age after a physiotherapist’s recommendation following a fall. To commemorate her 100th birthday in October, Dorothy celebrated with a week-long flurry of activities with family and friends as well as attending her weekly exercise class at the New Horizons Centre. The multi-activity centre offers weekly activities for those aged 50 and over, in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the NHS Kensington and Chelsea. As well as exercising, Dorothy has an active social life, attends the Christ Church Fellowship, listens to classical music, watches television and enjoys reading. “Dorothy is an example to us all and proof that you are never too old to take up exercise,” said Cllr Fiona Buxton, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.

THE ROYAL BOROUGH Photography: Justin Barton

Epstein Trio at Leighton House Classical musicians the Epstein Trio are supporting the charity as chosen by the Royal Borough’s Mayor this year, the Brain Tumour Research Campaign (BTRC), with a special concert at Leighton House Museum on 17 January. The proceeds from the event will go towards raising £250,000 to buy a Sonawand, a vital piece of neurosurgery equipment which will be given to Charing Cross Hospital, as well as to funds for research into brain tumours. The concert at Leighton House is one of a number of fundraising events that Cllr Christopher Buckmaster, Mayor of the Royal Borough, is organising to raise funds for the Sonowand. The Magic Wand Concert, Thursday 17 January Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, W14 8LZ To book tickets email or visit

On the Rise A group of educators and parents, along with their partners Ambitious about Autism and Dimensions, are submitting a bid to the Department for Education to set up The Rise School, a free school in West London for children with high functioning autism or Asperger Syndrome. With currently only 15 per cent of autistic adults in full time paid employment (according to the National Autistic Society) and the average lifetime cost of supporting a person with high functioning autism standing at £3.1 million (Knapp), The Rise School aims to significantly improve this figure through its educational initiative. The school seeks to merge the most important aspects of mainstream and special education, offering both conventional lessons as well as expert support for pupils’ sensory, communication and behavioural needs. The application is being submitted to the Department for Education at the end of 2012 and if it is approved The Rise School will open in 2014 for students aged between five and 19.

Q&A with... with Jeremy Raphaely, Founder and director of the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation Q: What inspired you to start the Foundation? A: People don’t expect affluent areas like Kensington and Chelsea to have significant social problems but drug misuse is twice the national average, 200 people were sleeping rough last year and 4,000 women suffered an instance of domestic violence.

Q: How does the Foundation work? A: There are more than 400 small local charities in the borough helping with these issues. They are run on shoestring budgets by passionate people who don’t always have a lot of experience in fundraising. We match local businesses with charities they’re interested in and help residents create ‘giving circles’.

Q: Does this model work? A: When people join a circle they can commit money and another member so it grows organically. One giving circle around a garden in Notting Hill raised donations of more than £100,000 in this way and it created a real sense of community.



Spotlight on...

Walton Street Olivia Sharpe offers an insider’s look at Walton Street and explains why it has become one of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s most treasured areas at face value, Walton Street is one of many pretty streets in the borough with some lovely shops and several good restaurants. Stretching across from the Fulham Road to the Old Brompton Road, it is in close vicinity to some of the most renowned destinations in London, including Sloane Street and the King’s Road; a small fish, it would seem, in a very large cultural pond. And yet, it is one of the few streets in the borough to have been marked out as a Chelsea Conservation area because of its great historical and architectural interest. So what is it that makes Walton Street so special? Constructed in the mid-19th century, circa 1847, Walton Street was named after George Walton Onslow, a former trustee of the Smith’s Charity. Originally a 14-acre field, it was turned into an exclusive cricket ground called Prince’s Club in 1840. The first part of the street to be laid out on Prince’s Club grounds was Walton Place and one of the first buildings on the street was St. Saviour’s Church. Soon after its construction, twin terraces of nine stucco-fronted houses were developed nearby. The rest of the street, encompassing terraced houses and shops, was laid out in 1847. Today, as you walk down Walton Street, you will see how its protected status has meant that it has kept some original timber framed shopfronts and period architectural detailing. Buildings vary in age and style, reflecting the changing fashions in urban design, but the original twin terraces remain almost exactly as they were when completed in 1844, adjacent to Harrods. These existing stucco-fronted houses with modest embellishments serve as a reminder of how Walton Street once greatly differed in terms of wealth and prominence in comparison to the neighbouring Pont Street, for example, which still stands out in terms of both grandeur and stature with its redbrick mansion houses in the high-Victorian Queen Anne style. Walton Street has therefore come to represent just as much a significant historical artefact for the borough as it is a popular thoroughfare and shopping district. What makes Walton Street particularly unusual is the fact that it is both residential and commercial. If you travelled down from the Knightsbridge end, where Walton Street crosses Pont Street, you would appear to be in an exclusively residential area. However, if you came from the opposite end, close to where the Fulham Road meets Brompton Road, you could easily convince yourself that you were on a different street altogether, as you’d find yourself amidst a bustle of shops and other commercial enterprises.

All Photography: Saskia Beresford



Jewellery store Van Peterson 194-196 Walton Street SW3 2JL 020 7584 1101


BEAUTY EMPORIUM Serena Linley Provence 156 Walton Street SW3 2JL 020 7052 0000




INTERIOR DESIGN Percy Bass 184 Walton Street SW3 2JL 020 7589 4853


DRINKING & DINING Scalini 1-3 Walton Street SW3 2JD 020 7225 2301


Antique Store Bentleys 204 Walton Street SW3 2JL 020 7584 7770

Image courtesy of



Despite this transition, the layout of the street and the retention of the buildings’ original details throughout have meant that the combination is achieved seamlessly. However, it was surprisingly not until the 1970s that Walton Street would transform into the hive of industry that it is now. Although it had always possessed a mixture of shops and private houses, it was only during this period that it began to establish itself as a fantastic area for the discerning, fashion-conscious homemaker to visit; a whole throng of luxury antique dealers, jewellery stores and interior design shops rose up on the street, providing its wealthy customers with high quality goods. One of the most historic of these is interior design store Percy Bass. Founder Percy arrived at Walton Street in the 1920s and rented a workshop space in order to set up his upholstery business. Prospering during the 1930s and surviving through the Second World War, the shop today stands as one of the UK’s best-known decorating houses, supplying traditionally-made, high-quality upholstery and curtains to other designers and customers. It is also recognised as the longest standing business tenant in Walton Street. Like the historic buildings they inhabit, the shop owners themselves have impressive stories about how they came to be there, each as personal and poignant as the next. 2012 saw the 30 year celebration of one of our favourite local jewellers, Van Peterson Design. Now a much-loved fixture in Chelsea, it was initially set up by husband and wife duo Eric and Lin Van Peterson as a stall in Camden Lock Market. Although a far cry from their current location, the couple were no doubt attracted to the street’s individual style and identity, so in keeping with their own collection of vintage pieces. Three decades on, the pair often remark on how their success is largely thanks to the faithful, local supporters from the Royal Borough. Similarly, Dragons of Walton Street came about when mother Rosie Fisher decided to merge her home and work life by making hand-made furniture for her own children’s rooms. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and, with vintage-inspired designs including Terry Soldiers, Beatrix Potter and the Union Jack flag, it has remained quintessentially British despite its international following. Another old gem is Bentleys antique store, established in 1989. For us, it remains to this day a true destination shop possessing a treasure trove of the unexpected. Like Dragons, the store speaks to the heritage of its site with the traditional products that it sells, from English leather accessories and travel goods to silver from the Edwardian era and the finest vintage trunks from Louis Vuitton, Goyard and Hermès. Despite measuring only about 200 metres in length, Walton Street has everything from antiques shops, jewellery stores and interior design showrooms to restaurants, bars, pubs and delicatessens. If you’re in the business for a new antique rug or a great local dry cleaners, you’re sure to find it on Walton Street. In this way, it acts as its very own miniature village, serving the community as well as visitors from across London. As a result of its diversity of uses, Walton Street naturally has additional bustle and a more varied character, meaning that many of the commercial residents who took up space on the street have remained for decades. And, unlike their high street competitors, the majority of the shops on Walton Street are one-off boutiques, which cannot be found anywhere else in London or, indeed, the world, giving it an unrivalled and distinct personality. In our minds, Walton Street stands as a surviving monument to a golden age of Britain when quality, excellence, luxury and tradition reigned supreme.



Tom Hodgkinson and his

Idler Academy This year Tom Hodgkinson celebrates the 20th anniversary of Idler magazine and two years since the opening of his bookshop/coffeehouse, which has added to the character of Notting Hill. REBECCA WALLERSTEINER speaks to the man himself

For someone who advocates ‘idling’ as a lifestyle, Tom Hodgkinson is amazingly dynamic. As well as running a bookshop/coffeehouse, writing a column for The Independent on Sunday and taking part in the Port Eliot Festival, he is also the author of a series of books encouraging readers to free themselves from wage slavery. Tom and his wife Victoria opened their Idler Academy/Coffeehouse two years ago and it forms part of an enclave of interesting small shops on Westbourne Park Road that continue to flourish despite the recession. Part bookshop, part coffeehouse, part seminar-space, The Idler Academy offers an unusual range of courses from Latin and British history to poetry, grammar, wildfood foraging and vodka tasting. “We are now holding

events nearly every evening and they are open to all who buy a ticket,” says Tom. This year his Idler Magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary. To expand any business in this current recession is a feat in itself, let alone a bookstore in a shrinking publishing market, with others struggling to survive. Tom is charmingly honest when he arrives late for our interview. “I was asleep and you woke me up,” he admits apologetically – to my great delight. He looks like a punk-don, with his hair sticking out in various directions. His conversation is brilliant as a don’s too, with philosophical ideas flying around like snowflakes. As well as being clever and laid-back, Tom is also thoughtful and offers to make us tea. “The Greeks believed that free time should be used to cultivate the mind and the Greek word for leisure is skolia,” he explains whilst pouring tea. The son of journalists, he was educated at Westminster School and Cambridge where he played the bass guitar in a punk influenced band called Chopper. In addition to all his activities, Tom’s fortnightly column for The Independent expounds his belief that we would all attain a better quality of life if we gave up working long hours for big corporations and spent more time engaged in interesting ‘idling’ pursuits, like reading, making art, playing the ukulele, crafts and bridge. “In our age, career success is the Holy Grail with idleness generally relegated to an indulgent pleasure,” explains Tom. As Oscar Wilde famously quipped, “Being Idle is very hard work as everyone is against you.” I ask Tom whether he is still managing to confine his working day to four hours per day, in this economic downturn, leaving plentiful time for ‘idling?’ He answers: “Life has been frantic recently and it would be impossible


to survive without working longer hours. My working pattern has changed as this winter we are holding events nearly every night. To run your own business involves disciplined toil.” Tom has been spending more time at his Devon home writing a book about the ukulele – to be published in 2013 by Bloomsbury. This has enabled him to spend more quality time with Victoria and their children – Arthur, 12, Delilah, ten, and Henry, seven. Tom has played the ukulele since childhood; originating from Hawaii in the 19th century, it became very popular in the 1920s and fell out of fashion until recently. Since opening its doors The Idler has added character to Notting Hill. “We are aiming to bring people with literary interests together, rather like an 18th century coffeehouse,” says Tom. His personal ties with the Royal Borough have always been strong. His mother moved to Arundel Gardens when he was at Cambridge and after graduation he rented a flat on Portobello Road and worked at Rough Trade Records – his dream job. Tom was inspired to open a book/coffeeshop while visiting the City Lights bookshop, in San Francisco in the 1990s. “In its heyday artists, writers and musicians gathered at City Lights to share ideas, read poetry and play the guitar. It influenced me to create something similar,” he recalls. I ask Tom whether he is planning to run further educational events next year? Yes, he is. “We plan to repeat our most popular courses, including British History,


Philosophy, Ukulele for Beginners, Wild-Food Foraging and Bridge next spring,” says Tom. A large group gathered to learn survival skills at The Idler’s foraging workshop at Kensal Green cemetery, learning how to find edible mushrooms, nettles, dandelion leaves and nuts. “People should engage more with our landscape – like the Russians who are great foragers,” Tom suggests. This summer, with help from his staff, Tom created a herb garden at the back of The Idler and delicious wafts of mint, rosemary and thyme drift in as we sip our tea. Weather permitting, he plans to serve traditional English cream teas outside next summer. Cooked breakfasts will soon be on the menu when Tilly from the River Café joins The Idler’s team in January. Next February The Idler will be running a series of No Noise events at Selfridges on Oxford Street. Rachel Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of The Lady magazine has agreed to speak on Idle Parenting – a subject Tom feels strongly about. “Victoria and I reject that parenting requires hard work. We believe that an unhealthy dose of the work ethic is threatening to wreck childhood and years of play and joyful learning are spoilt by targets and tests.” Although Tom Hodgkinson claims to be an ‘idler’ he is actually one of the hardest working people I have come across. The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, W2 5QH; 020 7221 5908



+44 (0)20 7736 2917

Antiques &

AR T Carol Cordrey finds works of art both old and new to inspire and enrich our lives

Gaiety, Soviet Style The Saatchi Gallery is holding its first exhibition of Russian art and, in doing so, plans to dispel any thoughts we may have of Soviet culture being decidedly serious. Many of us living here in the West may have believed that for decades the only way to induce laughter, fun and any sense of optimism in Russia was by drinking copious quantities of vodka but the Saatchi will employ the disparate work of 18 artists, comprising photographers, painters, sculptors and installation artists, to prove the opposite. Some of these talented Russians are internationally recognised whilst others are young and emerging, but they all underscore Stalin’s somewhat surprising statement that “gaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union”. Some artists responded to Stalinism by using their work to create social critiques and political satire, others referenced the Russian love of jokes and yet more, such as Malevich and Rodchenko, chose to enjoy the arrival of Modernism in Russia. Clearly, Russia is a huge land mass and an equally huge subject for artists to interpret so this promises to be a fascinating exhibition. Art from Russia 21 November 2012 – 5 May 2013 Above / Valery Koshlyakov, Grand Opera, Paris, 1995, Tempera on cardboard © Valery Koshlyakov, 1995, Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

Q&A with Michael Hoppen as he celebrates 20 years of success at his eponymous gallery Q: What was the rationale behind opening your own gallery? A: I had been a photographer for a number of years and had used the building as studios. The 1991 recession hit us very hard and I needed to find a way to stay in photography which I still love. My gut feeling told me it was a good idea.

Q: In the early years, did you formulate a list of iconic photographers whose work you wanted to promote? A: I had so many on my list as very few galleries and museums even considered photography: Guy Bourdin, William Klein, Martin Mukácsi and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Also the more obscure Hungarian artists whose work we managed to exhibit during the Royal Academy show in 2011.

Q: Have you seen a dramatic increase in the public’s enthusiasm for photography? A: Definitely; look at London now! We have five amazing shows on at present around the capital, all drawing big crowds and good reviews.

Q: Can you name any photographers whose careers have been accelerated by your gallery’s exhibitions? A: We certainly work hard at bringing new and old talent to our London audience. I would suggest that our shows of work by Desirée Dolron and Peter Beard – their first in the UK – placed them in the public eye. Finders Keepers 12 December 2012 – 31 January 2013 Above / Daido Moriyama, Koriyama City, 1989. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery/Taka Ishii Gallery



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Auctions Carol Cordrey recommends local exhibitions worth attending and auctions with prize lots on offer

The Glamour of the 1920s and 30s The inter-war years brought us a much-needed dose of glamour, courtesy of film stars, luxurious modes of travel and furnishings, particularly those that echoed the revolutionary Art Deco style. We will be able to revel in it all over again at the winter edition of the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair in Battersea Park where around 140 exhibitors will present items that evoke that era of high excitement and high quality. Banish the grey winter days with 20th century beauty manifesting itself in an array of sparkling chandeliers, elegant furniture, gleaming mirrors, fabulous luggage, seductive jewellery, beautifully crafted cocktail items and stunning silverware and ceramics as well as paintings, sculpture and poster art. Items will range from the quintessentially English and European to the acclaimed American styles of design and craftsmanship, so there is something to suit all tastes. Access will be easy as a free shuttle bus will operate every 10-15 minutes from the Sloane Square Hotel to the Fair in the Battersea Evolution Marquee. Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair, 22-27 January Tickets: £10 per person (includes catalogue)

Art’s Most Wanted Genius Gadgets Galore It is worthy of the inventive mind of Fleming‘s fictional character Q but this extremely rare 1942 catalogue, Per Ardua Libertas, originated from escape ideas thought up by the real Christopher Clayton-Hutton of the secret department of the War Office. Examples of his life-saving gadgets include: coat buttons concealing compasses; hacksaws hidden in dartboards; maps printed on clothing; cameras disguised as cigarette lighters; and aircrew boots that could be converted to the appearance of civilian brogues. Despite the humorous, Heath-Robinson nature of some of the gadgets, they had serious intent as survival aids to WW2 prisoners-of-war and secret agents. Unsurprisingly, very few of these catalogues have survived so this copy is expected to attract keen interest across the globe. Gentleman’s Library Sale 30 January Bonhams, Montpelier Street, Knightsbridge SW7 1HH

Above / Boats In Harbour, oil on canvas, by Julien Parille, French c. 20th century, £480. Dealer, Georgina Hastie Left / Stig Lindberg Ceramics, Gustavberg factory, Sweden, 1930s. £250-£800. Dealer, Newsum Antiques

Wild Horses Item: Pair of French bronze models of the Marly Horses on black marble, based on works of Guillaume Coustou (1677-1746) Date: Late 19th century Estimated Value: £3,000 – £5,000 Date: 29-30 January, Interiors Sale Location: Christie’s, 85 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, SW7 3LD

Polaroid Perfect Item: Selling exhibition of Polaroid photos and prints accompanies the 30 Years of Polaroids book by the acclaimed Swiss photographer, featuring iconic models such as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer Artist: Bruno Bisang Date: 15 January – 9 February Location: The Little Black Gallery, 13A Park Walk SW10 OAJ



Our boutique is located 20 Motcomb Street London SWIX 8LB tel. 020 7823 2176

Auction Spotlight: CHRISTIE’S SKI POSTERS SALE One woman’s love of skiing and of posters promoting the sport were the catalysts for an auction that attracts buyers from all over the globe, says CAROL CORDREY Nicolette Tomkinson is one of Christie’s Directors and its Poster Specialist, but in 1998 she was involved in the auction house’s regular sale of general posters. Clients attending those auctions kept expressing their enthusiasm for ski posters so she responded with the world’s first sale dedicated to that genre. It was an enormous success and, since then, the auction has developed into a global event. Then, as now, the posters that attract the most bidders are those promoting the most glamorous French and Swiss ski resorts; St. Moritz, Chamonix and Davos being prime examples. Of course, this year’s phenomenal interest in the London 2012 Olympics has created great demand for poster art featuring earlier Olympics, such as this auction’s 1932 Lake Placid poster. Continuing the subject of American ski locations, the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College has been famed for its Winter Carnival since 1911 and there are attractive posters to prove it. Ski resorts in Scandinavia (arguably the birthplace of skiing), Germany and Poland have spawned popular posters but generally the highest prices are achieved by posters that combine rare images of renowned resorts with great graphics by acclaimed artists such as Joseph Binder, Hugo Laubi, Roger Broders, Pierre Kramer and Fancisco Tamagno. Buyers at Christie’s earliest auctions used to be from a distinctly international background but now 60 to 70 per cent of them live in the UK and a large proportion of those within the Royal Borough. Interior designers and private buyers snap them up to decorate chalets,

including those that are let to tenants; the posters inject vibrancy and style and represent good value per square inch compared to similarly priced paintings. Ski posters are also popular for family homes or for offices where they serve as reminders of happy holidays, gap years or yesteryear’s school trips. For some, they appeal because of the way they record the “bright young things” of the 1920-30s, bygone eras of fashion or the developments in engineering apparent in early ski resort railways, chair lifts and cable cars. Train companies made Europe’s mountain ski resorts accessible through the development of train and cable car links and they employed artists to produce posters that advertised those new facilities. This January’s auction exemplifies that form of marketing through its Montreux and Davos posters. For those selling ski posters, Christie’s’ annual sale is known to attract the keen-eyed and committed who are in search of rare examples in top quality condition and are willing to pay generously to secure them for their private or corporate collections and museums. Nonetheless, there are usually approximately 300 lots in the annual ski poster sale and estimates range from £500 so this auction is an ideal opportunity for dipping a toe into the market and securing an exciting work of art. The Ski Sale, Travel In Style: 23 January 2013 Christie’s South Kensington, 85 Old Brompton Road, SW7

Above from left / Lot 14, Aubert, Montreux-Berner Oberland, lithograph in colours. Estimate: £800-1,200 Lot 11, Tony-George Roux (1894-1928), Font-Romeu, lithograph in colours, 1923. Estimate: £800-1,200 Lot 16, Roger Broders (1883-1953), Col Du Grand St. Bernard, lithograph in colours, 1927. Estimate: £1,500-2,000 Right / Lot 12, Roger Broders (1883-1953), Funiculaire Chamonix-Planpraz, lithograph in colours, c.1931. Estimate: £2,000-3,000 All poster images © Christie’s Images Limited 2012




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From the Honeycomb Eternelle Ring Collection


A Vision Shared:

The Power Players The most revered name in watchmaking collaborates with jewellery’s most famous Maison, writes RICHARD BROWN

Watch-collectors looking for something unique to kick off their New Year could do a lot worse than procuring a 4987G or 5396G. They’re the reference numbers of the limited edition timepieces Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co. jointly released towards the end of last year. Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the former’s boutique in the latter’s world-famous Fifth Avenue flagship store, the watches pay homage to a partnership that stretches back to 1851. Limited to 50 pieces, the Art Deco-inspired Ladies Gondolo watch (the 4987G) features a curved, tonneau-shaped case in 18-karat white gold, accented with no less than 164 round brilliant-cut


diamonds. Two dial options are offered: choose the matt blue sunburst dial with white painted Roman numerals for understated elegance or the white mother-of-pearl dial with powdered gold numerals for a perfect day-to-evening timepiece. For men, the Annual Calendar creations (5396G) display the day, date and month in apertures, moon phases and 24-hour indication on a smart black dial. The watches are limited to an exclusive 100 pieces and all have a sapphire-crystal case back, as well as featuring an exclusive engraving. As these are available only in the States, though, you’ll have to factor in the cost of a flight to get one.


Swiss movement, English heart

Swiss made / High-tech ceramic bezel and bracelet centre / Marine-grade stainless steel/PVD rose gold case and bracelet / Anti-reflective sapphire crystal / SuperLuminova ďŹ lled hands and indexes / Deep-etched back plate engraving / Luxury presentation case and owners handbook TM

069_ChristopherWard_Kensington.indd 1

26/11/2012 16:06

World of

watches For treasured timepieces, horological heirlooms and modern masterpieces, watch this space...

And the Winners Are… When experts from the watch world gathered at the 2012 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix at the end of last year, it was TAG Heuer’s Mikrogirder that they voted the best overall watch of the year. “Our chronograph is the ultimate in high-precision timing; it consigns quartz to historical oblivion,” said Jean-Christophe Babin, the company’s CEO, upon accepting the award. Other brands scooping gongs at what are effectively the Oscars of the watch industry included Chanel with its Flying Tourbillon Première (Best Ladies’ Watch) and MB&F with its Legacy Machine N°1 (winner of both Best Men’s Watch and the Public’s Choice award). Another noteworthy victor was HYT’s H1 Titanium Black DLC (Innovation Watch Prize), a watch that uses two reservoirs of fluorescent liquid to indicate the time.

Gold Rush Fresh from plugging the Seamaster Planet Ocean as 007’s wristwatch of choice, 2013 sees Omega extend the collection with the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold. Distinguished from the rest of the range by ceramic Ceragold bezels (a material new to the world of watchmaking), the models come equipped with a helium escape valve and Omega’s own Co-Axial calibre 9301 movement. The timepieces feature 18-karat red gold cases and allow would-be James Bonds to descend to a depth of 600 metres. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 45.50mm Chronograph Ceragold £20,950

Dual-Winging It One to watch Each month we select our timepiece of the moment from the watch world’s most exciting pieces

With its shiny, grey, hand-stitched alligator strap and moon phase display, the 4968G is an illustration of why Patek’s complicated watches are among the most distinctive and valuable timepieces a woman can own

While nearly all of the top watchmakers now produce worldtime timepieces, none have managed to mastermind a creation that enables the user to adjust the time in the travel zone to the nearest minute. None, that is, except Jaeger-LeCoultre. Thanks to a new dual-wing movement that uses two independent barrels and gear trains, the company’s Duomètre Unique Travel Time does just that. Unveiled towards the end of last year, the stunning 100-piece limited edition series comes in 18-karat white gold and features a globe-shaped day/night indicator at 6 o’clock. Yours for £30,400.

4968G, £39,380, Patek Philippe




Breitling No one does aviation watches quite like Breitling. As the company takes to the skies with new ambassador David Beckham, Richard Brown speaks to Vice President, Jean-Paul Girardin, about the future flight path of this famous brand TAG has Diaz and DiCaprio; Omega, Kidman and Clooney; Rolex, Federer, Woods and Placido Domingo. Breitling, comparatively, has wing-walkers, a jet-man and, err, John Travolta. Danny Zuko aside, when it comes to the employment of international ambassadors, Breitling hasn’t exactly invested in household names. Until, that was, last year drew to a close. Then, as December reared its head and Christmas wish-lists were being written, the brand unveiled its newest emissary: a marketing masterpiece in the shape of a (soon-to-be-Sir, surely?) David Beckham. A footballingsuperstar-come-style-guru may not have been the most obvious choice for a brand more associated with aviation than sporting achievement but in terms of mass appeal, few come as universally adored as old Golden Balls. “It has to be more than a product placement,” said Breitling’s Vice President, Jean-Paul Girardin, of celebrity endorsements when I spoke to him two weeks before the Beckham news broke. “It is important that they are professional, that there should be a clear link between product and ambassador.” Other than the fact that he spends a lot of time in the air, flitting between time zones, the link between Beckham and the Transocean Chronograph Unitime (the watch for which he is now the face) might not be the most transparent. Not that will matter too much to Breitling; for the company, the association allows for a press release that can be littered with words like “precision”, “style” and “icon”, as much to describe the footballer as the time-teller.

Launched at this year’s Baselworld watch fair, the modern Unitime is a reinvention of a watch originally launched in the 50s, a self-winding world-timer that now exists as a sought-after collector’s piece. It’s an important watch for Breitling, one that simultaneously signifies its 21st century technical prowess, in the use of an in-house movement, and recognises its aviation-dominated past. As Girardin explains: “In 2004 we started developing our first in-house mechanical movement which launched in 2009. Three years later [with the Transocean Chronograph Unitime] we have proved we are able to produce not just quantity but quality. It’s important to be able to show our consumers that we have that sort of in-house innovation capacity.” So confident is Breitling in the quality of that innovation that the watch comes with a five year warranty. As the images on this page will testify, Breitling is a brand dedicated to aerial endeavours. What started in the 1930s, when the company began producing onboard




chronographs for aircraft cockpits, progressed into World War II, when Breitling became the go-to-brand for The Royal Airforce in equipping their Spitfire and Hurricane fighter planes. Seven years after the end of the war, the company launched the watch that would arguably define it: the Breitling Navitimer. With looks that animated aviation enthusiasts and mainstream watch lovers alike, the timepiece would quickly become a cult chronograph and design classic. Having celebrated its 60 anniversary this year, the Navitimer is today the world’s oldest mechanical chronograph still in production. “Technically, it is completely different from the originals,” points out Mr Girardin. “It is now water resistant, it is made with sapphire crystals and it uses different movements. But from a design point of view, it is very similar. We are the only watch company truly dedicated to aviation. In the Navitimer you can see that dedication and the consistency of our brand.” You can see it in other places too. Breitling’s sustained commitment to aviation sees it sponsoring the fixed-wing jet pack flights of Yves Rossy, as well as its own jet team, a team of wingwalkers and the first balloon to successfully circumnavigate the globe (the Breitling Orbiter) without stopping. But while the Navitimer

may continue to act as the cornerstone of Breitling’s range, you can’t accuse the brand of relying on its most popular timepiece to swell sales. In 1995 Breitling launched the Emergency, a watch equipped with a radio transmitter that when activated broadcast at the frequency used for distress calls. Following a crash or a forced landing, and the unscrewing a protective cap, the Emergency would send out a signal on which rescuers could home in. Mr Girardin explains that the watch’s USP proved to be more than a novelty. “We have already located more than 20 people by using the Emergency. We have some examples we cannot tell you about, relating to the Air Forces; they are happy to be saved, but it seems not happy to talk about being saved. We had two UK helicopter pilots flying from South America to Darfur. When they hit a patch of high pressure they began to experience autorotation


[where a helicopter’s rotor system begins turning through air pressure rather than engine power] and were forced to jump 30 feet from the helicopter into the sea. They both had an Emergency watch and we were able to save them.” More recently, there’s been Breitling’s collaboration with Bentley. Predating the relationships between the likes of Hublot and Ferrari, and Ball and BMW, the partnership has proved to be one of the more successful unifications between the automobile and watchmaking worlds. It came in 2003 when Bentley announced its return to the supercar sector with the world’s most powerful sedan: the Continental GT. “Bentley had been taken over by Volkswagen and completely repositioned as a truly luxury car, not just the production factory of Rolls-Royce. This made it a perfect match,” explains Mr Girardin. “They wanted to rejuvenate the classic days and the GT became the symbol of this new Bentley brand. They asked us to bring a little dynamism to the dashboard and we designed the Breitling of the Bentley GT dashboard clock.” The company then went one step further by

presenting their customers with a collection titled Breitling for Bentley. “These were not just recreations but a completely new brand, almost; a new product, a new aesthetic, a new pricing position. It was a meeting of high performance and luxury.” The range now stretches to some 16 models, with customers being able to tailor the details of each to their specific requirements. No other watch-car collaboration can count itself such a triumph. Tracing its roots back to 1884, yet still independently owned, Breitling is a rarity within its industry; having served the same single company for more than 20 years, so is Girardin. In the next year or so, Breitling will hope that Brand Beckham proves as lucrative an investment as Brand Bentley did, but what of the future after that? “There are now many brands claiming they have close links with aviation but we are the only ones truly focused on that relationship. Most of our technical features have been gained through this association. Some brands try to do everything; we know we cannot. We will continue to focus our energy and resources on that segment.” Of the luxury watch industry as a whole? “There won’t be as many changes as we have seen in recent years. There was trend for the merging and acquisition of independent brands by big groups but now I think that the remaining independent brands are the ones that stand a good chance of coming into their stride. We are quick; we can create special products. “If you talk about the size of the watch, I think we’ve achieved the ultimate diameter. Breitling, for one, will not be going any bigger. You still have to wear your watch in a convenient manner. Geographically, I think the Swiss watch industry is about to go to war over China.” Let’s hope the Chinese like planes. If they don’t, Breitling can always rely on Beckham.





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Start Your engines


Forget the January blues; kick-start the New Year with a range of race-inspired accessories

6 8 7

1 Aston Martin Racing driving gloves, £125, Hackett, 137/138 Sloane Street 2 DS Podium Big Size GMT, £495, Certina, 3 RT Watch Mechanical Racing cufflinks, £175, Tateossian, 15 Duke of York Square 4 Ducati Quattroporte 4 Wheeled Extended Trip, £695, Tumi, 5 Submariner Date in Steel, £6,050, Rolex, One Hyde Park 6 Contemporary cufflinks, £200, Montblanc, 151 Sloane Street 7 Bridle Hide green travel shoe horn, £60, Ettinger, 8 Bentley-inspired Number 1 Monza weekend holdall, £420, Caracalla, 9 C7 MK11 British Racing Green, £399, Christopher Ward,


the real


This British watch company has experienced sales growth of 60 per cent year on year since its foundation in 2004. OLIVIA SHARPE finds out more about Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward’s eponymous watch company was founded on a boat on the River Thames by Mike France, Chris Ward and Peter Ellis. Having previously owned the Early Learning Centre, France and Ellis brought retail know-how to the company and Ward the watchmaking expertise. Upon discovering just how much a typical luxury Swiss watch brand can spend on marketing, the three decided to turn the traditional model on its head. Their mission: to create “the cheapest most expensive watches in the world.” By selling directly to the public online (the first luxury watchmaker to do so) and choosing not to pursue any celebrity endorsements, it’s a mission many people would have contested. However, Ward and his partners wanted to make the visceral pleasure of owning and wearing a precision-made, premium watch accessible to almost everyone, aware that in the current market the cost of making a watch was a fraction for what they were sold. By avoiding expensive retail overheads, the brand’s marketing expenses are a fraction of its competitors and mark-ups are by no means extortionate. Although “it’s not an easy route” in terms of profiting capabilities, Ward finds “the satisfaction is immense” upon seeing and hearing “the disbelief from owners when they first see and handle one of our timepieces.” The company has managed to uphold its founding mantra while also succeeding in turning huge profits, becoming one of the leading English watchmakers. Although Christopher Ward’s name is today established in the watch industry, Ward is quick to acknowledge that starting a watch brand from scratch is a huge risk and the company’s growth certainly exceeded all initial expectations. Although one would think that their biggest test would have been riding out the economic crisis, it was in fact overcoming the general public’s scepticism that watches of real quality could possibly be affordable. “It was only when the online watch enthusiasts discovered they were the real McCoy that we knew we had a chance,” explains Ward. As such, the recession could not have come at a better time for the company which, in many ways, greatly benefited from the financial malaise thanks to the change in people’s opinions regarding real value over hype. Ward views the brand’s online forum as an integral marketing strategy: “We were quick to realise how useful it could be – not just in terms of sales


but also in providing almost instant feedback on proposed new ideas and designs. The Forum acts as a giant, ready-made focus group which in turn provides an early steer as to whether we’ve got things right or wrong.” As a result of this, Ward proudly remarks how “brands like Nike would kill for this kind of social network”, the Forum having been a key component in the watch manufacturer’s success. Today, Christopher Ward is very much a global firm. The US is its second largest market at more than 20 per cent of the business and growing at more than 100 per cent per annum. As you might expect, 70 per cent of Christopher Ward customers are male. However, Ward is quick to confirm that the only thing which unifies them is their “appreciation of watches, quality and craftsmanship”, as well as the fact that there is an apparent bias towards professional people, with two per cent of sales coming from doctors. The newest Christopher Ward watch, out in the New Year, is this C11 Titanium Elite (COSC), a diving watch priced at £750 and no doubt inspired by Ward’s own love of diving. Titanium was discovered by amateur geologist William Gregor in Cornwall in 1791 and, with the strength of steel but 45 per cent lighter and with remarkable anticorrosive properties (particularly against sea water), titanium is perfect for dive watches. The case incorporates an internal countdown bezel and the watch itself a Swiss-made helium release valve, but only 500 C11s in this colour combination will ever be produced, so don’t miss out.




BOX Jewels, gems, pearls and diamonds; the essential components of any lady’s jewellery collection

Hidden Gems The newly-refurbished Manguette on Gordon Place is anything but your average jewellery shop, specialising in semi-precious stones, amber and pearls set in 22 or 24-karat gold. Founder Michelle Manguette has more than 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry and, being a born traveller, she has sourced gemstones from distant climes. Also stocked in this treasure trove are Parisian brands Adelline and Vaubel (both exclusive to Manguette UK) and US designers Margo Morrison and Coralia Leets. Whether you’re looking for small trinkets or investment pieces, Manguette has something for everyone. 40 Gordon Place, W8 4JF 020 7937 2897

Cutting Edge Spotted on the wrists of Jay Z, Gwyneth Paltrow and Karl Lagerfeld, the rest of the world soon followed suit when they saw the universality and versatility of the diamond-studded gold-ball bracelets, created by Shamballa jewels. The jewellery label has now added a new design to its growing repertoire;

Featuring a diamond pavé ball and a connecting Tibetan purpa dagger, and symbolising victory over evil, the Laughing Skull pendant is a testament to the founders’ of Shamballa Jewels, brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerups, desire to explore further their fascination with spirituality and ancient cultures through their fine jewellery creations

Out of the Wood Like most one-of-a-kind items, the limited-edition Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection was discovered by chance. As the jewellery house was refurbishing its Place Vendôme residence, some planks of letterwood resembling hieroglyphs were unearthed. Untouched for 25 years, the founders set about carving the speckled black wood into the lucky four-leaf clover shape. The pieces were contrasted with rose-gold motifs and placed on simple chains.

Keeping with Tradition We have always loved Fabergé’s sense of tradition. Its latest Matelassé collection is inspired by the lavish furnishings of the Romanov palaces, featuring the quilted design inherent to Fabergé which recalls the classical-revival style of the turn of the century. However, the house has always reinvented itself by drawing on the contemporary fashion world and fusing fabric and jewels. The Bandeau ring, with its sculptural yet sleek design, is a highlight of the most recent collection.

The Man with the Golden Touch British designer Alex Monroe has become universally loved for his commitment to capturing the English countryside in his signature designs. The popular Goldcrest collection, named after the designer’s favourite British bird, now includes the Teeny Tiny range, a selection of his most iconic pieces recreated in miniatures, along with textured wedding bands, engagement rings and gemstone rings.

Laughing Skull Purpa pendant, £24,400, available at Harrods,




2 3 4 1



Family Heirlooms From vintage Chanel earrings and bejewelled rings to ornate brooches and pendants, raid your family’s jewellery boxes for accessory inspiration this 2013







1 Love of God gold-plated Swarovski crystal necklace, £1,305, Tom Binns, 2 Allegra 3-band ring in 18-karat yellow gold with pink tourmaline, peridot, citrine quartz, blue topaz and pavé diamonds, POA, Bulgari, 3 Gold-plated glass pearl Virgin Mary necklace, £385, Dolce & Gabbana, 4 Gold-tone resin flower clip earrings, £560, Dolce & Gabbana, 5 Vintage cuff, £950, Chanel Vintage, 6 Gold-tone crystal and velvet necklace, £610, Dolce & Gabbana, as before 7 24-karat gold-plated Swarovski crystal and pearl clip earrings, £270, Bijoux Heart, 8 Vintage earrings, £295, Chanel Vintage, 9 24-karat gold-plated crystal bracelet, £295, 10 Girlie Queen gold-plated Swarovski crystal earrings, £330, Erickson Beamon, 11 24-karat gold-plated crystal ring, £210, Oscar de la Renta, as before 12 Mini Luna 18-karat gold-plated vermeil bracelets, £105 each, Monica Vinader, 062


THE SIENNA COLLECTION Inspired by the Renaissance Masters, The Sienna Collection reincarnates the artist’s love of colour and creativity. The Sienna Cuff and The Sienna Chandelier drop earrings both feature a superb array of mandarin garnets, pink spinels and diamonds set in yellow gold. The Sienna Collection is truly inspired by a timeless period in European history which celebrated beauty through the adornment of majestic gems.



The Royal Arcade, Old Bond St, Mayfair London W1S 4SW

Sydney Gold Coast

Make it a Ritz Christmas!

Telephone: 020 7493 8181

The Beauty of British Ballet:

Enchanting a Nation Ballet is not only one of the most sophisticated forms of art but it also tells magical and beautiful stories, captivating audiences year after year, says NATALIE BOLLU

For more than 60 years, the English National Ballet has been one of the world’s greatest dance companies. Founded by the famous dance couple Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin in 1950, the British public has long enjoyed the magic which each show brings. Timeless classics include the legendary Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, which are performed in front of audiences every year. Both shows feature wonderful choreography by the likes of Kenneth MacMillan along with the world’s best-loved classical music. Lois Greenfield has been photographing ballet dancers for 25 years, capturing the purity and exhilaration of the movement of each performer. Her inspiration behind “shooting the still movement of the ballerinas” lies in the photographer’s ability to

seemingly stop time and capture the beautiful pose which is seen only fleetingly by the eye. Award-winning dancer Tamara Rojo, who has appeared in Lois Greenfield’s photographs, continued her outstanding career from 1997 with the English National Ballet and there she then became a lead dancer in Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Coppelia. Tamara was named the Dance Revelation of the Year in 2007 and has now been appointed as director and principal dancer of the English National Ballet. English National Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty, in London until 19 January 2013; ENB’s The Nutcracker, until 5 January 2013 For ticket information and prices please visit

The English National Ballet © Lois Greenfield



The Untold Story of Kate Moss As she waited at JFK airport, Storm model management founder Sarah Doukas happened to spot the then 17-year old Kate Moss on her way back from holiday. Instantly Doukas was struck by the young girl, seeing something in her that the world had not yet come across but had evidently been awaiting. Following her first photoshoot with Corinne Day, the fashion photographer described her look as “dirty realism” and “grunge” with her waifish figure, razor-sharp cheekbones and jagged teeth. This unconventional look was a far cry from the Glamazons who had up until then been reigning in the fashion world. It would therefore be through Kate, the “anti-supermodel” of the 1990s, that the fashion industry would spearhead the age of grunge. On that first photoshoot, the camera began its love affair with Moss and she has since become one of the most photographed women of her generation. Now the much-awaited tome featuring never-before-seen photographs of the iconic model has been released. Edited by ex-husband Jefferson Hack and casting director Jess Hallett, contributions have also been made by Hedi Slimane, David Sims, Juergen Teller, Patrick Demarchelier and Mario Testino, although Kate chose the pictures. Kate: The Kate Moss Book, £50,


What’s all the Hoopla? Although questionable as to whether or not Chanel was having a joke at its audience’s expense when models strode out onto the catwalk bearing the extraordinary hula hoop bag at the S/S13 show, the fashion house has revealed it was quite serious, having announced plans to launch this season’s most talked-about bag in stores. Thankfully for our shoulders’ sakes, the bag has been downsized into a smaller version, measuring just 24 centimetres across. The mini hula hoop bag will retail for £1,500.

Fashion Forward The Victoria and Albert Museum’s Fashion in Motion enterprise, which sees leading international designers display their talent in a series of catwalk shows, returned on 7 December. This time, the focus was given to Fashion Fringe award-winning design duo Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, otherwise known as Fyodor Golan. The chosen designers commented: “Our design process often starts with the idea of British heritage and culture and so it is with great pleasure that we see our design point of view translated through a fashion event within such an inspiring venue.” The four catwalk shows presented highlights from their collections to date, including the latest S/S13 line which was acclaimed for its modern vitality. The V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL 020 7942 2000; Fyodor Golan S/S 2013


Move with the Times Although it sometimes seems as though the luxury world has never heard the term ‘recession’, like any industry it understands the importance of remaining accessible to its market – as recently indicated by luxury Italian fashion label Missoni. Following its collaboration with US chain Target last year which, despite initial criticism for being an unsuitable pairing, became an instant sell-out, the brand has plans to launch a lower-priced diffusion line. Granddaughter of the fashion house’s founders, Margherita Missoni told The Wall Street Journal: “You need to evolve. If you sit for a moment, you’re not relevant in fashion anymore.” While Missoni has not yet revealed the release date, the new line is eagerly anticipated by members of the fashion industry.

Q&A with... ...Sheena Abbott Davies, founder of luxury loungewear label Dote London Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job? A: Seeing the clothes all together and loving how they look. That’s not to mention getting called into Harrods!

Q: What is your favourite piece from the current collection? A: I honestly love every single piece. The silk cotton printed boyfriend PJs are what I’m wearing at the moment as they remind me of Marrakech and they are super comfy and very stylish when worn with the grey blanket wool gown. In warmer weather, I wear the silk or jersey slips every day but in winter I like my shoulders covered or I just can’t get out of bed in the mornings.

Q: Who is your style icon? A: My aunt June, Sofia Coppola, Thandie Newton, Kate Moss, Grace Kelly... people who just make an effort but keep it real. I’m not so into the fake thing.

Q: What do you like most about living in West London? A: Our big garden. Notting Hill has amazing access to the West End and it’s a very quick dash to Heathrow. Of course, I also love Chiswick; it’s superrelaxed and it’s a lovely place to raise children.

Q: What does the future hold for Dote? A: I want to make it

Coach’s Colourful Lasting Legacy To celebrate Coach’s new concession store in Harrods, the brand has produced an exclusive selection of men’s and women’s pieces in crocodile leather. Opt for either the Candace Carryall or the elegant Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse All by Coach, available at Harrods 87-135 Brompton Road;

Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse, £3,000


Ladies Tote, £10,000

easy for women to feel they have a “home wardrobe” of beautiful pieces that will make them feel gorgeous while relaxing and being with their families. That’s my mission. It’s not about being in the right designer labels or showing off to friends but having something that is flattering, feels good and will make you look your best in front of those you love most; that’s the way you want them to remember you. All our products are designed to be worn daily and can go into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. They’re not high maintenance as that wouldn’t be practical; that’s the beauty of Dote. Dote London recently collaborated with Ross X Bute to launch a pop-up boutique housing best-sellers from both brands Dote, 8 Devonshire Road, W4 2HD


Mick button cashmere scarf with black leather pockets, £285, and Jane cashmere sweater, £315, both Madeleine Thompson Fur headband, £120, Marielle Designs, Leggings, £99, James Lakeland,

Baby it's cold


While it's fun to dress up in evening finery, sometimes it's so much nicer to be cosy. Bring après-ski chic to Kensington at Bodo's Schloss and kit yourself out in knits, cashmere, fur and leather Photography:


Antony Nobilo

Wendy Tee

Vienna Joplin style jeans, £148, MiH Jeans at Austique Chelsea, 330 King’s Road, SW3 5UR Boots, £765, Sergio Rossi, Leather quilted puffer jacket with fur collar, £475, Marielle Designs, as before, Linen T-shirt £70, Filippa K,

Trousers, £239, DvF, 020 7499 0886, Quilted jacket with fur cuffs, £2,700, Nina Naustdal 020 7581 9988,, Stretch jersey turtleneck top, £61, Splendid,

Toscana fur and leather jacket, £1,400, Gomez-Gracia, Ear muffs, £55, Hat Attack at Austique, as before

Jersey and leather leggings, £530, Gomez-Gracia Waistcoat, £370, Madeleine Thompson Fur headband £120, Marielle Designs, all as before Sweater, £120, Boutique by Jaeger, Brompton calfskin leather backpack £308, Rachael Ruddick, Black Nappa boots, £395 United Nude, STYLIST's ASSISTANT: Tarra Chong Hair: Leigh Keates MAKE-UP: Yuko Fredriksson using Shu Uemura MODEL: Anya Barker at Storm LOCATION: Shot on location at Bodo's Schloss in Kensington, a new restaurant, bar and old-fashioned disco, reminiscent of an Austrian alpine lodge 2 Kensington High Street, W8 4PT, 020 7937 5506; With thanks to the Royal Garden Hotel, a luxury hotel and meeting venue in the heart of Kensington. Royal Garden Hotel, 9 Old Court Place, Kensington, W8 4PL 020 7937 8000;


Mr Porter Collaborates Mr Porter has launched the exclusive eveningwear capsule collection by Acne and eveningwear by the Italian label Brioni. The range from Acne comprises smart smoking jackets, overcoats, bow ties and tuxedos, which come in both wool and velvet and are made with bespoke jacquard fabrics and silks, resulting in utterly luxurious ensembles. Unlike many other evening attire collections, each piece from Acne can be worn in isolation, to accompany other items or even to smarten up jeans and a T-shirt. Brioni, on the other hand, offers both tailoring and outerwear as well as a selection of stylish accessories. The brand has a very refined Italian style and is one which Hollywood actors including Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Rock Hudson have favoured for the red carpet.

All images: Acne

His S T Y L E By Natalie Bollu

This polka-dot pocket square has a polished satin background, adding a touch of sophistication to any suit £85,

Napapijri’s Flagship The high-performance sportswear label Napapijri has opened its first British flagship store in London’s West End at 171 Regent Street. Napapijri is well-known for its technical backpack and bag collection but is now offering a full variety of men’s active-wear and footwear. The selection of accessories on offer is perfect for the cold weather and each one has its own unique design. The brand is new to Britain but is part of the VF Corporation, which is the world’s biggest clothing company.

Made from lightweight cotton, the Derek Rose handkerchief has a classic style and a soft and silky finish £40,

Pocket Handkerchiefs for the Debonair Gent To smarten up a suit, and ensure perfect colour co-ordination, choose a pocket handkerchief to match your tie, waistcoat, cummerbund or cufflinks. We love these options by Derek Rose, Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren

An Alexander McQueen handkerchief livens up any formal outfit with its skull and polka-dot pattern complete with metallic gold trim. £65,



New Zinc showroom now open 1 Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London SW10 0QJ

0679_Zinc Kensington & Chelsea Ad_Apr12_AW.indd 1

09/03/2012 16:51


kingdom New Year, new clothes? They might use this excuse to get their hands on this cute new childrenswear

Global Kids’ Fashion Week Children’s fashion is being taken increasingly seriously; the first Global Kids’ Fashion Week will be taking place in March 2013. Organised by Kids Company founder Camilla Batmanghelidjh and Alex Theophanous, founder of global style website for children,, the fashion week looks to emulate the adult version as established designers and emerging names showcase their latest collections. Runway shows, performances, exhibitions, industry talks and activities have all been booked into the three-day schedule. There will also be two main shows: the first includes an exclusive media event showcasing A/ W13 trends from leading labels and the second is a ticketed event in aid of Kids Company; open to the public this will display the current S/S13 looks from AlexandAlexa’s brand portfolio. Workshops from the V&A’s Museum of Childhood, a performance from the London Children’s Ballet and an interactive bloggers lounge will undoubtedly make the event fun and interactive for both parents and children. A public fashion show will take place during the Global Kids’ Fashion Week with all proceeds going to Kids Company. Public fashion show tickets will be available on Ticketmaster in early 2013;

The World of Children Many of us will remember creeping into our parents’ room when we were little and dressing up in our mother’s beautiful dresses and designer shoes or our father’s crisp shirts and ties. Now children no longer have to play “grown-ups” because Dolce & Gabbana’s A/W12 childrenswear collection echoes its adult counterpart. Trends and materials making up the girls collection, including tweed, polka dots and the signature animalier print, mirror this year’s womenswear collection. Three-piece suits, bow ties, velvet jackets and silk scarves have been designed for the little sartorial gentleman. For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, style evidently has no age limit.

Fondant Fancies & Chocolate Galore For a sophisticated take on your average children’s party, look to Betty Blythe. Catering for the little lady of the household, the tea room in Brook Green takes you back to a past era with its elegant white French-style furniture alongside vintage gowns and flowered china. Little alcoves and exposed brickwork features add a secret garden feel, transporting your children into an enchanting world. Tables are set for a grown-up tea party, complete with teapots filled with hot chocolate, pretty china cups, napkins and flowers. Mini sandwiches are served on stands alongside pink wafer biscuits, chocolate brownies and mini muffins for those with a sweet tooth. Alternatively, Betty Blythe can come to your home; with its very own catering service, the company offers a picnic for two to 50 people, afternoon tea or even an all-singing, all-dancing children’s party; the perfect choice for the little girl who loves to dress up. Betty Blythe Fine Food Pantry, 73 Blythe Road, Brook Green, W14 0HP 020 7602 1177;

Little Living Kirstie Allsopp has launched her first children’s bed linen collection, Little Living at Peter Jones, alongside her A/W12 Home Living range. The Alphabet Patchwork set features a bold paisley design whereas the Top Dog collection incorporates coral and lime patterns for a more playful bedroom. Commenting on her new range, Kirstie Allsopp says: “Having two young children myself, I realised I really wanted to have a part in creating some designs that they would really love too. They need to be appealing, but never compromise on quality. With that in mind, I made this a focus for my new collection. Not only will the fabrics please the parents, but the hand drawn and quirky designs will keep the children happy come bedtime!”

Hello Kitty Meets Brora An international star and a luxury cashmere label have joined forces in what we believe to be the cutest collaboration of the year. Hello Kitty and Brora came together to produce a collection of sumptuous cashmere knits in soft pinks and baby blues and separates featuring the staple Hello Kitty logo. Must-have items include funky dungaree and liberty print smock dresses for girls. The range also features a cashmere jumper for women in a deep red with built-in wrist warmers for added cosiness in the bitter winter months. The collection has been available in the Brora flagship store on Symons Street since 13 November.

Happily Ever After With all eyes on Disney this Christmas, especially with Harrods’ window display featuring the most iconic princesses, internet boutique Folly has followed suit with these book ends, perfect for adding a fairy tale touch to your children’s bookshelves. Folly Fairy Tale Book Ends £27.95; call 01455 631984 or visit




kingdom New Year, new clothes? They might use this excuse to get their hands on this cute new childrenswear

Give a Little Through an initiative with UNICEF, Claire’s Accessories has made giving gifts extra special this season. The accessory brand and the worldwide charity organisation have collaborated to create a range of six bespoke jewellery items which will raise money for UNICEF’s work saving children’s lives. David Bull, UNICEF UK Executive Director commented: “We are delighted that the partnership has already raised so much for our work with children and I would like to thank all of Claire’s customers and employees who have pledged their support to the partnership so far. Even the smallest donation can make a difference to children’s lives.” Products include a pretty pink love heart friendship bracelet, a star necklace and matching star pink bracelet.

No Added Sugar Since the launch of its new flagship store in November, No Added Sugar has become a popular destination for adults and children alike. Although predominantly housing childrenswear and baby clothing, the innovative store also features art installations and exhibitions from emerging British creatives, adding a sophisticated and modern edge to the children’s clothing concept. The opening saw the unveiling of the brand’s new partywear collection, which includes froufrou dresses in winter blues and pale pinks, leggings and smart shirts for boys.

Snug as a Bug To protect your children’s toes this winter, Celtic Sheepskin has created a range of cashmere socks and fur boots which are both stylish and snug 01637 871605;

Fair Isle Cashmere Ankle Socks in Cassis, £30

Mini Popper Boots in Mocca, £65-85 Mini Toscana Boots in Mocca, £65-85

Ledbury Road, W11 2AA





LIVE band Permageddon

party in 80s rock star style 7pm − 2am

‘livi Skate to hits from the 80s ‘s

• entrance to Boisdale on Ice • live band & DJ • luxury hot canapés & bowl food

hild w ee t c


£38 • ice skating

a pr of m

a’y e r ’ ine

n o z nger

‘‘dEyeaof the Tiger’

Party with live music from Permageddon Tickets include...

n on

Advance booking essential Ticket only Dress code: 80s rock Prizes for the best dressed

• midnight celebrations

Buy tickets at Box Office 020 7536 8400


‘A n y


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f o d l i et ch

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r zone’



int eriors Home is where the heart is, so adorn it with the finest fabrics, furnishings, accessories and art

Pride of Scotland On this year’s A/W12 runways, as designers drew inspiration from Downton Abbey with their plaid, corduroy and traditional tailoring take on countryside chic, they were also seen to make subtle use of tartan in their designs. The employment of the checked fabric in fashion has similarly been translated to the world of interiors; Johnston of Elgin’s patterned design is inspired by the Scottish Highlands and each throw is made from vicuna and cashmere fibres, making them ideal for snuggling up in the bitter winter months. These throws have been created using a mixture of the finest silk and velvet with floral embroidery to complete the homely look. Johnston of Elgin’s throw, £629, available at Harrods,

Black Baroque Alexandra Wolf, a self-taught illustrator, has been creating her own unique products for more than 15 years. Like any true artist, Alexandra sees her artwork as an extension of her personality, drawing on her love of animals, birds, antique books and home décor. An avid collector, her home is filled with antique treasures. The name and inspiration behind her collection of art prints transpired from a black-framed photograph given to her by her husband as well as her large collection of antique books. Each of Alexandra’s art prints features a collage of antique images, displayed on an original page of an antique book with each dating back to the 1800s, making each print one of a kind.

Creature Comforts Insects and vines are usually the last things that people would want creeping through their homes. However, an exception comes in the form of the wallpaper designs of Timorous Beasties, the Glasgowbased interiors company, which uses all elements of nature as inspiration to create beautiful and unusual wall coverings. The distinctive designs feature unique patterns which depict all manner of creatures, from delicate butterflies to huge bees via thistles and orchids, and all available in a range of bold colours. Nature can now be brought indoors as we await the arrival of new life in spring. Timorous Beasties Wallpaper, from £54 per 10 metre roll,

Cast a Shadow Light up your home when the outside world is in darkness this winter with this Niki Jones woodland tealight holder. With its warm gold finish and cut pattern designed to create stunning silhouettes as the flame burns, your room will be transformed into a atmospheric and tranquil sanctuary. Woodland Tealight Holder in Gold, £12.50



Above left / Reflection of neon light artwork by Simon Tyszko bearing the message: “I just can’t take it any more”


The House That

Fun Built

Architect power couple Ian Hogarth and Claire Farrow have redefined the family home in an example of liberal free thinking. Gemma Taylor sees what lies behind the front door of the Hidden House



With a DJ booth and a 16-foot gold Chesterfield sofa, the Hogarths have created a home that doesn’t exactly conform to the design norms of your average mews residence. The interior, which was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs, uses Perspex, neon lights and minimalist white surfaces to give the effect of a hospital nightclub. Ian Hogarth, founder of Hogarth Architects, says it was inspired by the “three Peters”, comprising Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, graphic designer Peter Saville, who did artwork for Factory Records, New Order and the Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, and modernist architect Peter Aldington, a hippy architect and master of ‘inside out’. Ian often uses the Blackpool illuminations as a starting point for designing: “This is something I had as a child and I like the way that someone can recreate this fantasy with a few coloured lights,” he says. Glass walls are laser-cut with motifs from a Joy Division album cover and a flashing dance floor connects a luxury spa with an interior pond waterfall. The house is a direct reflection of the family’s interests. Ian’s son, 16-year-old Gil, a budding dubstep sound technician, has an industrial, macho bedroom with a nightclub feel, while daughter Tilly, 12, has an aquatic-themed space, which is completely white with curved corners, similar to the paper backdrop of a photographer’s studio. Considering the heavy 80s influences, the house boasts impressive noughties eco-credentials. Heat recovery ventilation sucks air out, extracts the heat and pumps it back in with fresh air. Solar panels on the roof heat filtered rainwater, which is used for loos, laundry and gardening. Recycled concrete from blast furnace and power station waste makes up the foundations and the windows have an inner heat mirror film that reflects heat but not light. Despite his own energy-saving measures, Ian is concerned that the government is unlikely to meet its goal of being zero carbon by 2016. “Solar was so close to taking off but the government panicked and lowered the feed-in tariff. The price of materials would have lowered but now there’s a lack of confidence in the market, which will take a while to get back,” he predicts. Few homes are complete without a cosy hearth but Ian and Claire have put theirs in the garden: “You can’t have a fire in an eco-house. That’s like building a ship and putting a hole in it. Le Corbusier did a similar thing for a surrealist rooftop garden in Paris.” Found in a skip, complete with a mantelpiece, it challenges your perceptions of space. Ian reasons that if you’re in a city you should try and make things bigger, explaining that “When you’re inside you don’t want to be divorced from the outside and a lot of this is about views. When you’re in one room you don’t want to feel like you’re in a box, which is why the glass wall connecting the kitchen to the garden slides away.” In response to the idea that Ian and Claire have redefined the family home, Ian says it’s simple. “We just responded to our current family at the age we’re at and our lifestyle. Claire likes dancing, I like watching films and Gil likes DJing. We don’t go out as much as we used to so we’ve brought the entertainment to us.”

Passing trains are framed with dramatic effect by the thin rectangular kitchen window

Strong vertical lines lead you down to a flashing dance floor


Gil’s room is influenced by the famous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.

Tilly’s bedroom, inspired by infinity pools, has no corners

A luxury spa and yoga room was one of architect Ian’s design must-haves



DESIGNSALE Great Greatsavings savingson onsofas, sofas,tables, tables,dining diningchairs, chairs, wall wallsystems, systems,bedroom bedroomfurniture furnitureand andlots lotsmore. more. Also Alsosave saveup upto to50% 50%on onall allclearance clearanceitems. items. Notting NottingHill Hill0207 0207792 7924111 4111■ Harrods ■ Harrods0207 0207225 2256586 6586■ ■Selfridges Selfridges0207 0207318 3183101 3101

Visit Visitour ourprofessional professionaldesign designconsultants consultantsininstore store and andask askabout aboutour ourfree freeinterior interiordesign designservice. service.

Kingston Kingston0208 0208546 5466050 6050■ ■Guildford Guildford01483 01483565027 565027■ ■Opening OpeningSat Sat12th 12thJanuary JanuaryLondon, London,Finchley FinchleyRd Rd

Floris is delighted to announce the opening of a new Bespoke Perfumery Boutique at 147 Ebury Street, Belgravia, 282 years since Mr and Mrs Floris opened the doors to their first Perfumery at 89 Jermyn Street.

Health &

beau ty “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life” – Coco Chanel Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette Violet Underground, £40, Estée Lauder,

Seasonal Glow Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in L’Impatiente £25, Chanel,

Shocking False Lash Effect Eyeliner, £24, Yves Saint Laurent,

Clear Brow Set £11.50, MAC

THE TREND: Party Time With 2012 wrapping up and people looking forward to what the New Year will bring, we have officially arrived at the party season. It appears that designers at this year’s A/W12 fashion week were following the same line of thought as models looked as though they had been made up for a night on the town. At Chanel, the audience was transfixed by the bejewelled brows which almost stole the show. At Chloé, the bold brow look was emulated in a more subtle fashion as they were brushed upwards, whereas at Vera Wang and Missoni Limited Edition Terra Soleia they had been darkened Bronzer, £44, Guerlain and enlarged. Make Available at sure you’re prepared for the social engagements ahead with the latest beauty products from MAC, Chanel, Lancôme and Guerlain.

Changing seasons can be tough on skin, so this winter book in for a Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial at Liz Earle. Recognising that our skincare needs are always changing, the facial begins with a skin analysis to ensure that any problems are dealt with. The cult Cleanse & Polish plays its part at the beginning of the treatment to clean and exfoliate the skin prior to a facial massage, bespoke mask and neck and shoulder massage to round everything off. Liz Earle believes that our state of mind is expressed in our skin so her speciality facial massage technique works on the areas where we hold tension and eases away the stress from both face and mind. Benefit from 30 minutes of lymphatic drainage, which instantly reduces puffiness and is designed to treat every skin type and skincare concern to deliver a naturally radiant complexion. A rejuvenating journey of total relaxation for the mind, body and soul, the facial is a truly unique, personal experience. Expect glowing results. Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial, £70 for 60 minutes Liz Earle Skincare & Treatments 38-39 Duke of York Square, King’s Road, SW3 4LY 020 7881 7750;

Ombre Hypnôse Mono in Fil d’Argent no. S207, £18 Lancôme,



Health &

beauty “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life” – Coco Chanel

Hero Make-Up Products Our round-up of the best beauty buys of 2012; stock up now!

Black Pearl Eye Palette £42, Bobbi Brown

Maestro Complexion Perfector £36, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics

Club Eye Shadow, £12, MAC

Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Viper, £14.50, Estée Lauder

Midnight Roses Blush Highlighter, £34, Lancome


Best Foot Forward At four o’clock on a freezing Wednesday, Neville Hair & Beauty on Pont Street is warm, welcoming and buzzing with the sounds of hair dryers and lively chatter. I see at least two regulars greeting their stylists with hugs; this is clearly a salon with lots of regulars, which bodes well. Exposed brick walls feel more Brick Lane than Belgravia but a big shiny black lacquered desk and coffee table copy of Vogue sets me at ease. I’m here for a reflexology treatment and my therapist is the friendly and knowledgeable Paolo. He seems to attend to the sole needs of every blonde-haired British TV presenter, as well as a host of other well-known names (discretion is key, though) so you’re in good hands. While parts of the treatment are enjoyably relaxing, others do hurt; this is, Paolo reassures me, “sweet pain”: “If you feel nothing, you’re not human!” he declares with conviction. Certain points are tender and I can see how regular sessions could really help ease tension and relax the nervous system. Overall, it was an hour well spent and one to be repeated. Foot Reflexology from £50 (30 minutes) Neville Hair & Beauty 5 Pont Street, Belgravia, SW1X 9EJ; 020 7235 3654

The World of Beauty: Newsflash World Spa & Wellness Awards 2013 Finalists Revealed: the finalists for Day Spa of the Year are Escape Spa & Vanilla Browns in Ireland, Urban Spa in Spain and Victoria Spa in Bulgaria... Leo Bancroft Unveils First Men’s and Accessories Lines: These new ranges include hair and body wash, a selection of detoxing shampoos, hair wax and hairpieces (… Winners Announced at HJ British Hairdressing Awards: British Hairdresser of the Year was presented to Angelo Seminara whilst Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year went to Indira Schauwecker at Toni & Guy… Christian Dior Reveals Cherie Bow collection: The party-perfect collection consists of a trio of velvety eye shadows, a black eyeliner and a pink lip-gloss. The popular Dior Addict lip and nail glow are also both available....


Vagheggi Estd. 1975 Anti-wrinkle injections Luxury skincare Minor cosmetic treatments

3 Areas Botox or

Dermal Filler 1ml Includes

£ 20 Gift Vou


Usual price £465, now £225

Call 0207 352 1113 Offer ends January 31, 2013 Redeemable to March 30, 2013

A complimentary glass of bubbly awaits you at Chelsea’s first Luxury Boutique Clinic Vagheggi Chelsea, 205 Kings Rd, Chelsea, London, SW3 5ED I 020 7352 1113 Vagheggi Harley St, 1 Harley St, London, W1G 9QD Vagheggi Luxury Beauty


The Pinstripe Collection Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 1616

Ettinger Pinstripe Ad Canary Feb12 297x210.indd 1

19/1/12 11:18 AM

Automotive Inspiration:

Form & Function The name Aston Martin evokes images of cars with sleek lines, the best craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, elements which have now been applied to a range of silverware

Aston Martin is approaching its 100th birthday and therefore celebrating a century of being one of the world’s foremost car manufacturers. Aston Martin cars are known for being luxurious and consistently top of their game and the Silver by Aston Martin collection has succeeded in emulating this high standard. The collection stands out for its elegant, contemporary aesthetic and subtle motoring influences. The champagne cooler possesses the perfect combination of form and function, its shape elegant and understated, and the cooler insulated with state-of-the-art carbon fibre to regulate temperature and prevent condensation forming. Aston Martin’s engineering heritage manifests itself in the champagne flutes, which are decorated with intricate weave detail inspired by the carbon-


fibre used inside Aston Martin’s One-77 chassis. Whisky lovers can enjoy their favourite beverage from the sterling silver or 18-karat gold tumblers, whose design is inspired by the workmanship of the One-77. The range includes pieces which would make ideal gifts for car connoisseurs and design lovers alike. Function and innovation come together particularly well in the sterling silver paper knives: inspired by the form of the DB9, the lattice detailing recalls the car’s instantly recognisable front grille. This collection is a must for those who seek that elusive Holy Grail: form combined with function. Silver by Aston Martin, Available at Harrods,




It’s taken a long time to get here but after driving the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, Matthew Carter reckons it’s been worth the wait

Big estates (I’m talking cars here, not family seats) are hugely popular, not just in the UK but right across Europe, so perhaps the biggest surprise about the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake is the length of time it’s taken to get here. After all, the XF saloon was released to great acclaim nearly five years ago but at that point an estate version wasn’t in the planned product lifecycle. The reasons? A couple spring to mind: Jag has no estate heritage – until the X-type wagon, they’d never produced a load-lugger – and, er, had no money. That Jaguar has been able to put right this omission, however, in a comparatively short time frame is testament to Jag’s ability to move quickly and its now healthy balance sheet. For while the motor industry in general is suffering in the current economic climate – and French car makers, in particular, are on their knees – Indian-owned JLR (Jaguar and its Land Rover stablemate) is booming. Bold expansion plans for Jaguar include a raft of new models, including a 3-series rival and a Porsche Cayenne-rivalling SUV, while the F-type sports car will be on the market next year. But first here’s the Sportbrake, targeting the lucrative premium estate market which, until now, has been the domain of the German firms. Going head to head with cars like the M-B E-class, BMW 5 Series and Audi Avant is not for the faint-hearted. Is the Jag is up to the task? Bearing in mind it was something of an

afterthought, the design seems remarkably coherent, with the higher, longer roofline adding an elegant presence to the saloon. Part of that is down to the dramatic swoop of the rear end; in truth, this is more fastback than estate and the Sportbrake is not the largest load carrier in the class. The elevated roofline and larger glasshouse around the rear do, however, make the rear seats a more pleasant place to be. There’s more headroom and an airy feeling lacking from the back seats of the saloon. In terms of load space, with the back seats in place, the Sportbrake has no more luggage room than the saloon. Fold the seats flat, however, and the Sportbrake comes into its own with a long load floor that’s beautifully finished and practical, too. Standard kit includes a powered tailgate and beautifully crafted rail fixing system to prevent luggage from sliding all over the place. OK, so it’s not as big as the Merc but it is at least as good as the equivalent BMW and Audi. If there’s a downside to all that extra metal overhead, though, it’s the weight. The Sportbrake is notably heavier than the saloon and that makes engine choice all the more critical. If you want a Jag wagon, you’ll have to opt for a diesel as there’s no petrol offering – the theory is that most will be bought with company money and that means diesel is the only sensible choice when it comes to benefit in kind, tax and so on. Like the saloon there are three diesels on offer, two powered

Expansion plans include a raft of new models, including a 3-series rival, an SUV and F-type sports car



by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder unit developing 163 or 200hp, and the third by a 240hp 3.0-litre V6. In the saloon the smallest of the diesels loses little to the 200hp unit in terms of performance, and gains massively when it comes to the bills. In the estate, though, the extra weight means it struggles. If keeping costs down is a priority, go for the 200hp version. If it’s not, then plump for the creamy V6 which Jag reckons will sprint to 60 from rest in a little under seven seconds; not bad for a diesel estate. All three versions have an exceptionally smooth eight-speed automatic transmission as standard, but it’s best matched with the V6; to maintain momentum in the smaller engined versions, the box tends to change down too often. With more power and torque available, the V6 has plenty of punch throughout the rev range so the gearbox doesn’t need to work so hard for its living. Arguably the best bit about the Jag, though, is the comfort. In the old days, Jaguars were advertised with the tagline Grace, Pace and Space. The Sportbrake certainly has pace and space, but it has real grace, too. Much of that is down to its air-sprung rear suspension, which soaks up bumps and ridges as if they weren’t there. It also ensures that a heavy load in the rear won’t upset the car’s ride-height: no scraping its bum along the road with the headlights illuminating the top of the trees. But despite being more softly spring than the saloon, the Sportbrake is just as good to drive. The chassis set-up has clearly been created to cope with a typical British B-road which means it can handle just about anything. In terms of outright handling prowess the BMW probably has the edge but falls short when it comes to the suppleness of its ride. Perhaps the one area where the XF is starting to show its age, though, is the cabin. The standard sat nav screen is too small – and the system not terribly intuitive – while the ambience of the dashboard is more vodka-bar cool than traditional Brit wood and leather. Nothing wrong with that, except that the modernist approach has dated quickly. Here the Audi’s interior is the class benchmark, which is just as well as its exterior is just about as anonymous as it can get. Such is Audi’s slavish attention

to a family look that it’s difficult to know at a glance whether this is an A6, A4 or, from the front, an A3. Nor do they exactly give the Jag away – but in that area it’s in good company with the Germans. In top Portfolio trim, the V6 will set you back more than £47k and there’s still plenty of opportunity to tick the option boxes and bump the bill up yet higher. That said, you do get plenty of kit for the money, including steering wheel mounted gearshift paddles, a premium sound system from Meridian and intelligent stop/start to help the not especially brilliant fuel economy, all of which makes the Sportbrake, a late comer to the party remember, sound as if it fails to match the opposition in a number of key areas. It’s not as big as the Merc, nor quite as sharp as the BMW and its cabin is no match for the Audi. But the sum of its parts puts the Sportbrake at the top of the tree. It’s more comfortable than the others, just as quick and still great to drive. So if you own a large dog or two, you need a Mercedes E-Class estate. If you’re a boy racer with a family, go for the BMW 5-Series estate and if you crave anonymity you won’t get a second glance when driving an Audi A6 Avant. But if you want something that’s always going to be rarer than anything from Germany, that offers a useful load space and drives and rides exceptionally well, and that’s born and bred in the UK, the Jaguar Sportbrake ticks all the boxes.

In brief Car: Jaguar XF Sportbrake Portfolio 3.0D Price: £47,605 Engine: 2,993cc, V6-cylinder diesel Power: 240 hp Performance: 149 mph max, 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds Drive: Rear-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic




Behind the wheel at the

Luxury Brand Show Back and bigger than ever, the Luxury Brand Show 2013 will be showcasing the finer things in life alongside some of the fastest cars on the market The Tullett Prebon London Boat Show has an exciting partner. Complementing the impressive collection of boats on display is the Luxury Brand Show 2013; an array of the world’s finest motoring, travel, jewellery, interiors, leisure and finance products. At the Supercar Gallery browse, and buy, some of the finest vintage and modern day supercars. The ultimate GT, the Vanquish, is a masterful blend of art, technology, craftsmanship and pure adrenalin-inducing design. Powered by a completely reshaped, new generation V12 engine, clothed in all-carbon-fibre body panels and equipped with an innovative touch sensitive centre, the car is the first of a new breed of Aston Martin. Hot on its

heels is the new DB9, the latest progeny of an illustrious bloodline. Discreet potency cloaked in a choice of Coupe or Volante bodywork, this car combines the timeless qualities of long-distance touring ability with sports car precision and unprecedented power. Beneath the DB9’s new skin lies a state-of-the-art VH architecture, dramatically improving structural integrity, optimising weight distribution and lowering the centre of a mighty 6.0-litre V12 engine. Carbon ceramic brakes and three-stage adaptive damping together with an even more luxurious interior makes this definitive grand tourer the best DB9 yet. For ocean riders, the all-new Pearl 75, which won Motor Yacht of the Show at this year’s Southampton Boat


Show, offers owners sleek and innovative design powered by twin MTU 1250 HPs engines that afford a comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 30 knots. Created by the acclaimed studio of Bill Dixon, the design incorporates vast areas of specialist glass that maximise light while large rectangular bonded glass port lights flood the cabins with sunlight by day and moonlight by night. The effect is dramatic and creates bright, open spaces. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the offerings from Club Wembley, the ultimate way to enjoy world class hospitality and all the sport and entertainment at Wembley Stadium. Imagine coming into the stadium to have breakfast with Roy Hodgson before work or watching England training just metres away. This unique membership offers the chance to attend ‘money can’t buy’ experiences that promise to create incredible memories. For the ultimate rush, adrenalin junkies can enquire about the Jetlev, the most exciting water-based flying machine in the world. It can fly at heights of up to 50 feet and has been clocked at speeds of up to 50mph. The JF 250 will cruise for three hours at open throttle. Should that for everyone, the Luxury Brand Show has become the destination of choice for the most discerning of buyers.

Hot on its heels is the new DB9, the latest progeny of an illustrious bloodline

For further information and ticket purchases visit

not be enough, visitors can bring excitement home with the Wolf dual fuel luxury kitchen cooker range, which features gas range-tops with dual-stacked sealed burners for reduced cooking time and even heating. Ingredients can be kept chilled at the perfect temperature with the PRO 48, the largest residential refrigerator-freezer on the market. Watch-lovers are also catered for thanks to GirardPerregaux and its new Hawk Collection sports watches. The new Hawk range features an uncompromisingly avant-garde design forged by a manufacturing expertise that dates back to 1791. Two models, one a chronograph, the other for diving, launch a new line that boldly takes its place in the heritage of the renowned brand. Now in its second year, and offering something




London Ice Sculpting Festival


he UK’s biggest international ice sculpting competition returns to Canary Wharf for three unforgettable days, with live sculpting and free ice-themed fun for people of all ages. This year, eleven teams of celebrated sculptors, including newcomers from the USA, are set for a dramatic showdown on Wood Wharf. As well as watching world-class sculptors carve unique designs from giant ice blocks, visitors to the Festival can try their own hand at sculpting by signing up for a Masterclass*, get in touch with their inner Banksy on the ice graffiti wall or show off some moves on the ice chess board. If all the action gets too much, the Winter Market offers visitors a breather from all the excitement with warming drinks and snacks such as Alpine raclette, sweet crêpes and hot chocolate. If that’s not enough, there’s plenty of entertainment with ice-themed activities throughout Canary Wharf and its shopping malls, including face painting and arts and crafts workshops, live ice carving, a snow pit with real snow to play in and mysterious glow entertainers. Other highlights during the Festival include “illuminated” twilight performances, a Northern Lights laser show and, for art-lovers, Canary Wharf’s Winter Lights exhibition ‘Voyage’ by Aether & Hemera: A Journey into Imagination on Canary Wharf’s Middle Dock. Plus, don’t miss the last opportunity to skate at Ice Rink Canary Wharf, located beneath the soaring buildings in Canada Square Park and bathed in twinkling festive lights. The new rink’s season finishes with the festival so this is the last chance to explore London’s first skate path and Boisdale On Ice, the pop up bar and restaurant created exclusively for the rink by famous Scottish restaurant and music venue, Boisdale of Canary Wharf. With so much to see and do, Canary Wharf and London Ice Sculpting Festival provide the perfect mix of free entertainment and more than 240 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants offer Festival fans warming respite from watching the chilly creations unfold. For more information visit, and Throughout Canary Wharf, FREE Friday 11th January, 11am – 7pm Saturday 12th January, 10am – 8pm Sunday 13th January, 11am – 6pm


*Visitors must sign upon arrival for Masterclasses. Children must be 12+ and accompanied by an adult.

3 hours free parking

at weekends and bank holidays when you spend £10 at Canary wharf*

Canary Wharf

bars & restaurants • fashion & style • arts & events *terms and conditions apply.


Exclusive Modern Furniture Made in Germany

Harrods Heal’s

3rd Floor Knightsbridge |

1st Floor Tottenham Court Road |

Hülsta-Westend Hülsta-Bristol

23-25 Baker Street |

33 Wine Street, Bristol | | the german furniture brand

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16/09/2011 13:30

Knightsbridge’s Finest:

AnUrban Retreat The Wellesley Hotel is one of our capital’s most stylish establishments (and it has exceptional views too). NATALIE BOLLU admires its recent refurbishment

The contemporary but classic Wellesley Hotel boasts six floors of complete luxury, combining 1920s Art Deco design with stylish modern additions. The interior of the building has been beautifully restored by award-winning design experts Fox Linton, who have recently been shortlisted for four awards at the European Hotel Design Awards, and this exciting new refurbishment is being revealed on 14 December. The hotel boasts a cigar lounge with the UK’s largest bespoke humidor and a collection of cigars, sold on a stick-by-stick basis. In addition to the Cigar Lounge, visitors can also relax in the Crystal Bar which features its very own whisky and cognac wall. Although the entire hotel is decorated in rich furnishings,


the Penthouse Suite is considered the finest. With incredible views overlooking Hyde Park, four bedrooms and state-of-theart technology, it provides a truly special night away from home. For jazz lovers, a dedicated room showcasing established and up-and-coming acts sets the atmosphere before you relocate to your bedroom, or head down to the Oval Restaurant for fresh and beautifully cooked Italian dishes. The combination of an ideal location, jazz entertainment and an excellent bar and restaurant makes the Wellesley Hotel an unforgettable place to stay. The Wellesley, 11 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7QS



Overlooking Kensington Palace and Hyde Park this gracious hotel offers exceptional value and service and is a landmark of unique character and 21st century elegance. Knightsbridge shopping, Kensington High Street antiques, the Royal Albert Hall and magnificent museums are all near at hand. From the stylish design and decor to the small thoughtful details and the discreet, yet warm personal service, our aim is to make every guest feel special, cared for, and most of all, at home.

1 Kensington Court, London W8 5DL T: +44 (0)20 7917 1000 E: For ‘Best Available Rates’ quote Kensington and Chelsea Magazine when booking.

Travel the

world “Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Home Away From Home The festive season brings with it plenty of merriment, from Christmas get-togethers to New Year’s Eve blowouts. However, if the pace of London life becomes too much, Unique Homestays offers the ideal solution for a country getaway where you can keep up the party atmosphere. Just one of an impressive range of properties, Grittleton Manor is a spectacular Georgian country house which can sleep up to 22 guests; it’s the perfect location for a celebration with family and friends away from the city. Those who take advantage of the luxury catering option will be treated to a sumptuous fare and can enjoy New Year’s Eve revelry with none of the stress (or washing up).

Brilliant Berlin One of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities, Berlin is an exhilarating place to spend New Year’s Eve. For an exceptional start to 2013, the ultra-luxurious Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome in the heart of the city is offering a night of great music and delectable food. Start at the Berlin Concert Hall, where Alexander Shelley will lead violinist Daniel Hope, along with the Concert Hall orchestra, through a series of classical masterpieces. Afterwards, return to the spectacular ballroom of the hotel for a champagne reception, followed by a three-course gala menu with accompanying wines. At the stroke of midnight, the roof terrace will provide the location for guests to enjoy a panoramic view of Berlin’s fabulous fireworks, champagne in hand. Unforgettable.


Unwind in the Pyrénées






The Can Rigall Hotel is nestled among the Pyrénées, directly between the famous springs of Amelie-les-Bains and La-Preste-les-Bains. It is here that visitors can enjoy a selection of healing treatments while taking in the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains. After a peaceful walk through the pictureperfect landscape, return to the hotel for fireside siestas and organic homecooked dinners. The hotel offers luxurious Roman baths, famously known for their respiratory and detoxifying benefits. Treat yourself to a week-long sojourn which typically includes skin-smoothing mud baths, pain-relieving hydro massage and anti-cellulite treatments. During your stay, you’re encouraged to unwind in the beautiful gardens between treatments; float blissfully in the mineral rich water. The naturally healing atmosphere and luxury of Can Rigall makes this hotel the perfect place to replenish mind, body and spirit.



Fit for Purpose It’s that time of the year again when we are exhausted, over-indulged and desperately trying to re-instate a regime of health and fitness – or something approximating to it. Jo Foley looks at the best places to get fit, detox and (hopefully) lose weight, plus where to go to slow the dreaded ageing process

fighting Fit WildFitness takes place on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world in a UN-designated area of natural beauty; Watamu Beach in Kenya. It takes an holistic approach, believing that humans, like animals, will heal and thrive in their natural environment. ‘Primal Fitness’ is its motto and the aim is to get us all back to the strength, speed and agility enjoyed by animals and which we have allegedly lost since we stopped running from predators. In practice though, it’s wild, fun, exhausting and exhilarating and can change lives as well as body shapes. There are a choice of courses – a nine-day Kick Start, a two-week Revitalise and a longer transformation. Workshops, healthy eating lectures and breathing technique advice exist alongside core fitness, boxing, freediving and kite-surfing lessons, while mangrove forest treks are all par for the course. Or you can wait until summer and try a three-day taster on the Isle of Wight. From £2,250;


Alternatively, head for the Caribbean and the glorious island of St Vincent where two ex-Royal Marine Commando trainers are awaiting your arrival with pleasure. Buccament Bay Resort is a luxury all-inclusive resort, which is just as well, as you will be concentrating mostly on your fitness needs, although the pleasurable aspect is still close at hand with the beaches, the sun and the food. Trainers and nutritionists together prescribe individual programmes to suit your needs and body. Daily exercises include circuit training, obstacle

courses, swimming, team games, boxing, yoga and more. Through a mixture of high intensity physical training, nutritionally balanced food and personal health coaching, you will be encouraged to reach and sustain your weight and fitness goals. Choose from a five, six, ten or 12-day programme. You can also play tennis, scuba dive or simply relax in the Caribbean sun. From £2,695 per person (including flights, transfers and seven nights, all-inclusive);

If you’re keen to stay a little closer to home, head for the New Forest and Lime Wood’s Forest Fit Bootcamp. It’s not based on a traditional military regime but neither is it for the faint-hearted; specifically designed for a woman’s body, this brings in all the elements of a fitness regime as well as the pampering elements of the Herb House Spa. Every programme is bespoke and begins with a detailed consultation with a fitness expert before you leave home, after which a specific three-day programme will be prescribed for each participant. The programme focuses on cardiorespiratory fitness, structural strength and body conditioning as well as nutrition, rest and recovery. From £2,200 for single occupancy and £1,750 for double (includes accommodation, fitness sessions, full use of the spa facilities, and all food and soft drinks) 023 8028 6998; If this sounds a little too daunting, try the Herb House Spa’s Reboot Camp which is available on the first Tuesday of every month and provides the perfect jump start for your body and mind. If you’re an experienced fitness fanatic looking to try out new workouts or are new to exercise, this will re-boot your motivation. £110 for members, £125 for non-members



eat, pray, detox Viva Mayr is where the naughty go when they’ve over-indulged and how true that is of most of us after the festive season. The interesting thing, though, is that this place is booked solid throughout the year. Overlooking Lake Worth in Austria’s southern province of Corinthia, it isn’t going to win any prizes for looks but it wins them all for what it does to your body and wellbeing. Based on the teachings of Dr Franz Xavier Mayr, which mostly concentrate on the digestive system, cleansing your gut and detoxing your body, food is limited either to spelt rusks, delicious broths and the odd potato, egg or yogurt and every mouthful has to be chewed a minimum of 40 times. This has a two-fold purpose; it slows down our eating, as it has been found that today we are given to gulping food rather than savouring it, and this extreme mastication makes the food easier to digest. In between such feasts there are consultations with doctors, nutritionists, exercise specialists and masseurs. You may feel light-headed and grumpy for the first couple of days but that soon disperses and you return with clearer skin, fewer pounds and masses of energy. From £3,025 (seven nights with accommodation and the medically supervised Detoxification Programme)

Ananda in the Himalayas sits in one of the most beautiful locations on earth in the foothills of those mighty mountains and overlooking the valley of the Ganges and the pilgrim town of Rishikesh. The detox programme here is based on traditional Ayurvedic principles and includes yoga and meditation. Each visit begins with a consultation with a doctor where your dosha (body type) is identified and a regime of diet, treatments and exercise is then prescribed for you. The regime is carefully monitored so that it can be adapted into your normal lifestyle on your return. More than anything this relaxes and refreshes both body and mind as you experience not just a controlled diet but improved circulation of both the blood and lymphatic systems using natural therapies and healthy cuisine. Add to that yoga in the early morning, meditation as the sun sets and pure mountain air. Take a walk to a nearby temple or make a visit to Rishikesh in time for the evening arte – the Hindu ritual of prayer, chanting and offerings. From £2,790 per person (seven nights on the Ananda Detox programme including flights and transfers)


The Selman in Marrakech is lavish and lush but also offers one of the best – and least painful – detox programmes. The Chenot Method on offer here is a lighter version of the original at the Merano Palace but includes diet control, fitness, massage and hydrotherapy as well as a host of high-tech beauty treatments. Guests first see a doctor, a nutritionist and a fitness expert before a programme is devised around the Henri Chenot Biontology concept which helps rebalance and detox the body. Be warned: the first couple of days of detox can result in real lethargy and bad headaches, but after that you will immediately begin to feel fitter and lighter. From £1,340 (four nights);

Castel Monastero is hidden in the Tuscan countryside, a few miles from Siena. A renovated 11th century hamlet with rooms, suites, villas and its own tiny chapel, it comes with a huge spa with three outdoor swimming pools and two indoor ones, a hammam, a number of treatment rooms and the ministrations of Dr Mosaraf Ali. A renowned Ayurvedic specialist, Dr Ali treats HRH Prince Charles, Morgan Freeman and Tommy Hilfiger among others. Guests can opt for his three or seven-day detox, revitalising or weight management programmes which involve a mixture of Ayurveda, naturopathy and modern science alongside low-cal healthy menus devised by Gordon Ramsay. Guests can have their first consultation with Dr Ali at his rooms in London and can continue aftercare with him too. While at Monastero he and his team of doctors oversee the management of your programme. From £1,210 (three-night programme)




stop the clock The SHA Wellness Clinic is close to Alicante and adjacent to the Sierra Helada National Park with great views of the coastline from the rooftop pool. This is undoubtedly the chicest spa in Spain with its gleaming, pure white, ultra-modern buildings, exuding a calm, Zen-like atmosphere. All guests are allotted an agenda co-ordinator who will oversee the programme prescribed by the doctors, nutrionists and fitness masters. There is also a wide range of beauty treatments, cosmetic procedures (from fillers to Botox) and delicious food based on macrobiotic principles. The seven-day anti-ageing programme is one of the most comprehensive available and includes everything from a general medical check-up to skin screening and postural re-evaluation costs. From ÂŁ4,830, starting in January; Verdura Golf and Spa Resort in Sicily has just introduced a Vital Health programme which offers the latest research into preventative medicine. In partnership with Dr Nyjon Eccles, a leading integrated medical physician who specialises in nutritional, non-invasive and anti-ageing medicine and has researched the topic for more than 25 years, there are four specific programmes on offer. These include Better-Ageing and can be undertaken for one or two weeks. All are based on the latest integrative medical techniques fused with advanced natural therapies. There is always a consultation before you leave home and you will conclude the programme not just with tangible results, but with on-going advice and recommendations which can be continued when you leave. From ÂŁ2,170;

One of the top anti-ageing performers in the spa world is Clinique La Prairie on the shores of Lake Geneva. The six-night Revitalisation Programme with CLP Extract is what has been attracting famous guests for more than 80 years, from rock stars and royalty, popes and presidents. All visits begin with a thorough medical (in fact, one of the best you will undergo anywhere) to ensure that your body will accept the extract, which comes from the live cells of sheep embryos. It helps to boost the immune system, aiding longevity and body repair, and has also been found to slow down the growth of tumours. The clinic has a medical centre, a dental clinic and one of the best menopause centres in Europe. The Revitalisation CLP Programme costs approximately ÂŁ20,000; kids’... night...dive... your favourite club just got even better


Small Luxury Hotels of the Worldtm Experience another World

Over 520 hotels in more than 70 countries Join The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ for free to receive complimentary room upgrades, breakfasts, exclusive rates and more. As a bonus, all readers of this magazine will be automatically upgraded to Loved Membership, simply by visiting or scanning the code here with your smartphone.

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You Were Here? The Maldives are synonymous with the idyllic travel daydream of whiter than white sand and bluer than blue sea, in the epitome of romantic settings. Katherine Levy visits the new Maldivian lap of luxury that is Niyama, finding all of the above (and an underwater club)


The last hour of a ten-hour flight to the Maldives is fairground-ride exciting. Tropical islands float by the cabin window like confetti in a blue-green ocean and as you descend into the capital island of Malé, rings of islands (Atolls) rear up like sandy teardrops in turquoise lagoons. The only tears you’ll shed on a trip to this paradise, though, are the ones that well up when it’s time to go home. Niyama (peaceful journey in Maldivian) is a brand new luxury resort and sister to Huvafen Fushi; stretched over two islands in the South Western Atoll of Dhaalu, it’s only a 40-minute seaplane ride from Malé. On arrival, weary limbs relax in an instant; sweet juice from crushed watermelons is proffered up in a coconut shell as we step onto the island’s jetty and bags are spirited away to your room (there’s no torturous checkin, thank goodness; they know we’re desperate to flop). Then it’s straight into golf buggies that whisk us away to our beach studio. Within five minutes of disembarking, we were on our veranda sipping the chilled bottle of Piper-Heidsieck that awaited us. If the bubbles leave you wanting to explore the island’s nightlife rather than sleep off the jetlag, start with the resort’s floating bar and restaurant, 500 metres offshore and apparently hovering in the Indian Ocean. Go at sundown when the speedboat ride will make you feel like James Bond and his girl du jour. Your destination? A wooden runway on stilts that hosts a cocktail bar (the thyme-infused mojito is unforgettable) and Edge restaurant, a glass-walled cube that has low lighting, Hakkasan-style. The food here is of the molecular-gastronomic variety; think Heston but better. The head chef used to work at The Ledbury and his imagination knows no end; we coo with delight when a selection of petit fours and Ladurée-esque macaroons appear on a bed of coral. After this it’s a mere totter to the entrance of Subsix, the world’s first underwater club, which is right next door (or rather, below), and has huge glass windows so you can gaze at clown fish and coral while sipping cosmopolitans. Subsix is indeed an architectural feat but in truth, once below, it feels more like a cocktail bar than the Maldivian answer to Pacha, even if Tinie Tempah did play at its opening bash. Chilling in your beach studio soon becomes addictive. You’ll either be a beach or an overwater person, so decide whether you prefer skittering jack fish around your water studio at night or sand between your toes before breakfast. The bedroom and living room of our beach studio is one vaulted chamber, all polished bamboo floors and glass walls, with a feature-wall bar and a studio iPad if we want to connect with the world we’ve left behind (doubtful).



In Subsix, the world’s first underwater club, gaze at clown fish and coral while sipping cosmopolitans

It is equatorial sleek meets contemporary; the furniture is tropical hardwood and the flatscreen TV is Bose. From the vast bed we can look out through the French windows at what appears to be our own private stretch of beach, courtesy of the mangrove trees that are planted between the studios for extra privacy. The veranda hosts a plunge pool and a soft swing, its shape inspired by the hull of a traditional Maldivian fishing boat. After a dip in the pool we step out and stride one, two, three, four steps into the Indian Ocean, which is as clear and blue as a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin. I feel like Ursula Andress. Adding to the wow-factor is the bathroom, because there is no bathroom. Behind two heavy teak doors at the rear of the chamber lies an open-air oasis, which we dub the ‘bath garden’. Within its walls, which are high to ensure no peeping Toms, there is a free standing bath, a waterfall shower and a power shower, landscaped around a water feature bursting with spider lily and frangipani. If that’s not enough to make your jaw drop, take a peek at the capacious Ocean Pavilions, which have two bedrooms, an infinity pool, a Jacuzzi and wooden stairs leading straight into the lagoon. Bliss. At Niyama, it is the frequent acts of thoughtfulness that surprise and delight. The moment we take refuge by the hotel’s enormous infinity pool, iced teas and chilled flannels arrive. One day we return from the beach to find that our Thakuru, or butler, has drawn the biggest rose petal bubble bath of my life (the bath is so large it takes

40 minutes to fill, so I’m glad someone else bothered). And despite returning from a mouth-watering dinner at Tribal, the resort’s African barbecue restaurant where you point at what you fancy and then sip cocktails by a campfire until it’s cooked, the chocolate M&Ms left by the bedside at turndown are impossible to resist. When it’s time to be active, Niyama is well equipped. Of course there’s the gym, but the real gem is its watersport office Float, which is run by ex-pat diving


instructors and marine biologists. Take the snorkelling trip to Valla, a Robinson Crusoe type of island where the reef houses trumpet fish, turtles and friendly reef sharks. The braver among you can opt for a night snorkel, where ultraviolet torches allow you to see fluorescent coral and larger fish that only come out at night. The peak season of December to April coincides with the migration of whale sharks and manta rays to the Dhaalu Atoll so this is definitely the best time to go. For the kids it’s fun to spend a morning ‘adopting’ a coral, which involves swimming to a coral nursery, choosing and naming a baby coral and having it planted in the house reef as part of an ongoing conservation project. A resident marine biologist will email guests photo updates throughout the year so you can see how your coral is growing. And if there’s a tropical downpour, forcing the kids inside, do not fear; there’s a games complex which houses table tennis, table football, pool and an XBox, so they will never be bored. But if you’re child-free and simply want to be pampered, this is all you need do. Couples can book simultaneous massages in the resort’s signature Lime Spa, which combines a comfortable chill out area with treatment huts built over the shallow lagoon. Following a day in the sun I opt for a radiance ice cube treatment that perks up puffy eyes. Afterwards I feel ready for a night out on the island, starting with a sundown Martini. Whoever said that Bond girls don’t really exist?


booking your trip Stay for seven nights and pay for six, as well as receiving complementary half board ITC Classics (01244 355 527; has prices from £2,350 per person, based on two adults sharing a Beach Studio for seven nights on a half board basis including return economy flights with Qatar from London Heathrow and seaplane transfers (saving up to £730 per person) Valid for travel completed between 8 April 2013 – 30 September 2013


The City of


Gabriel O’Rorke discovers that the city of canals can be summarised in noises: gasps, whoops and sighs emanate from visitors day and night as they explore. Venice really is as magical as literature would have us believe


Thinking Venice might be like Christmas –

Photography: Gabriel O’Rorke

where the weight of expectation can cause the reality to sag – I embark on its waterways with caution, reining in my imagination and tempering my anticipation. However, its beauty, romance and magic are as satisfying to the eye as melting chocolate on the tongue. Colourful houses rise up from the water, casting forth reflections; narrow canals take the place of alleyways; and humpback bridges form brackets between the streets. Snapping away like paparazzi, we reach Piazza San Marco, the main square in the heart of the city. Hungry, we’re wondering whether to have lunch first or check into the hotel when I spot a motorboat approaching. A replica of the boat in The Tourist, I half expect Angelina Jolie to emerge as it docks in a private jetty. Instead, a cashmereclad couple alight and I notice HOTEL CIPRIANI emblazoned across the side. We deposit our bags with the boatman, leave him with a “Grazie, arrivederci” and set off through labyrinthine streets towards Palazzina G

Supper is at the intimate Cip’s Club, known for its over-water patio and view of San Marco Restaurant. Sitting with a view of Chef Alberto we enjoy a display of preparation – first a porcini mushroom salad, then a Catalan platter – and having been in Venice for less than an hour, we find ourselves sitting in seventh heaven eating lobster. Things could be worse. After lunch we follow in the wake of our bags and head to Giudecca Island. Leaving the crowds behind, gliding across the water and docking at the elegant 1950s Hotel Cipriani puts a whole new slant on living the high life and sure enough, the hotel’s guestbook is a roll-call of celebrities and royalty. Revelling in the thought of swimming in the same pool as Johnny Depp and Joan Collins, I do a few laps to rouse my appetite. Supper is at the old-school, intimate Cip’s Club, best known for its over-water patio and view of San Marco. After devouring veal carpaccio, seabass and anise parfait, I roll into bed, vowing to swim again in the morning. Or not, because the next morning we set off early to explore. After admiring beautiful Venice from the bell tower and exploring the Basilica (avoid queues using Skip the Line at it’s time for the classic Venetian must-do: a gondola ride. After a suitably magical and romantic journey along the waterways we find ourselves back in San Marco, opting, for lunch, for the only fine dining restaurant in the piazza; Ristorante Quadri.



More information The Venetian Overture package includes one night on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in a double cabin, two nights at Hotel Cipriani and an economy flight. Prices start from £2,670 per person based on double occupancy, including meals on the train, breakfast at Hotel Cipriani and transfers on arrival and departure. The Cipriani opens after the winter on 21 March 2013 and the VSOE begins on 20 March. For a gondola ride, ‘skip the line’ service, entry to museums and tours in Venice:; Palazzina G: Restaurant Quadri: Enrica Rocca:

Photography: Gabriel O’Rorke


On the first floor of the city’s iconic 18th century Caffe Quadri, it boasts murals and hot chocolate downstairs and Michelin-star food and glittering chandeliers upstairs. We order more carpaccio – this time langoustine – seasonal pumpkin and cinnamon risotto, twice-cooked sea bass and pomegranate sorbet for pudding. Wandering out into the afternoon sunshine, I wonder how I will ever return to lunching on a sandwich over my keyboard. “Your glass is crying,” exclaims Enrica Rocca that evening as we find ourselves eating once again, remedying the situation with Prosecco. Enrica runs a Ventian cookery school and invites guests for table d’hôte dinners at her house. Tonight we find ourselves guests of the Cooking Contessa and her six-month-old King Charles spaniel, Soy. “Today I am treating you like family,” Enrica says in strong Italian tones. “We are having risotto saltado, an old dish that my grandmother did; fresh tuna meatballs and no pudding – well, apart from coffee and chocolate!” After all the rich restaurant-dining, we’re grateful for a simple meal and the evening passes in a flash as Enrica entertains us with stories of husbands past, and plans for future meals, travels and books. Our time in Venice sadly at an end, the next morning we head to the train station vowing to return again soon. Never could the road from paradise be easier travelled than aboard the Orient Express. Porters in royal blue flat-caps show us to our mahogany-lined cabin; we have stepped aboard a moving museum and everything is polished and positioned to perfection. Our cabin serves as a sitting room during the day and is transformed into bunk beds at night; with a small table and a basin tucked into the corner, there’s barely room to swing a cat but that’s all part of its charm. As we head north our porter comes to ask us when we would like lunch. We opt for the 2.30pm seating and a waiter delivers a reservation ticket. Now, having thought we ate well in Venice, we were about to reach a whole new level of gastronomy (I recommend bringing with you a healthy appetite and clothes with expanding waistbands). After a three-course lunch – mushroom soup, sea bass with fennel and coconut and passionfruit pudding – we return to our cabin to watch Italy go by. Before we know it, there’s a knock at the door and tea and pastries are delivered. To match the 1920s surroundings, we change into black-tie for dinner. I slip on a sequinned dress (only just resisting the temptation to wear my new Venetian mask) and we head to the bar. To the sound of old classics on the piano, different nationalities sit together, relishing this experience of a lifetime. An

announcement on the tannoy invites us to take our seats for dinner, and as we trundle westward towards Zurich we dine on turbot, risotto, veal, cheese, and Mont-Blanc pudding (glazed chestnuts, meringue and cream). The next morning we wake up to find ourselves in Paris. Some guests alight but we are London-bound and that can only mean more food. Sure enough, brunch is served as we head towards Calais; scrambled eggs with salmon, followed by lobster, apple tart, coffee and chocolates. This is the last meal aboard the Orient Express but not the last meal of all – we traverse the Channel Tunnel by coach and soon reach English shores where a brass band welcomes us aboard the British Pullman and sparkling rose and high tea await us. As we pull into London Victoria at 18:00 sharp I feel like a time-traveller. Reluctantly we alight, and the staff wave goodbye as we step back into real life. If it weren’t for my expanded waistband, I swear I would think it all a dream.

Never could the road from paradise be easier travelled than aboard the Orient Express












Above & Beyond Soaring 100 feet above Kensington’s skyline with spectacular fireworks, The Roof Gardens are the ideal place to see in 2013, says NATALIE BOLLU

Amid 1.5 acres of beautiful gardens high above London’s rooftops, see in the New Year in style at The Roof Gardens. Upon entrance, every guest will be welcomed with complementary cocktails and champagne (as befitting a night of celebrations). A canapé reception and a seasonal winter BBQ will then be served by the banqueting team. The mouth-watering selection of delicacies on offer ensures that everyone will be fuelled enough to dance until dawn. A DJ and a live dance percussion in the Tudor Gardens marquee will provide the soundtrack to your night; step outside at midnight as fireworks scatter over Kensington’s skyline and mark the end of 2012. Even after the clock strikes midnight, capture the evening’s most unforgettable (and silliest) moments in


the photo booth. A print to take home and share with friends and family is also complementary. As the end of the celebrations draw near, breakfast-themed canapés will be served from 3am for those who need to be rejuvenated. In 2012 The Roof Gardens was the first club to be awarded Best Live Music Venue at The London Club Awards 2012 and is hoping to build on the success of last year where it enjoyed two sell-out seasons of its winter Live Music Programme. New Year’s Eve at The Roof Gardens, £125 per person 99 Kensington High Street, W8 5SA 020 7368 3992;


Cocktails Are the

New Cupcakes James Steen was invited to a four-course meal at Trinity restaurant, with the unusual addition of gin cocktails paired with each course. His verdict? A great idea

That great wit and poet Dorothy Parker once pondered her renowned drinking habits: “I like to drink Martinis,” she concluded, “two at the very most. Three, I’m under the table. Four, I’m under the host.” Parker staggered through America’s Prohibition, when alcohol was outlawed but, of course, readily available, and the cocktail was in its heyday. Although this was during the roarin’, soarin’ 20s, her words came back to me when an invitation arrived to enjoy a four-course meal at Adam Byatt’s restaurant, Trinity, and that didn’t present a problem; I would surely answer “Yes”. Yet each course was to be accompanied by a cocktail containing Beefeater gin. That’s taking it to the dangerous four that put Parker between the sheets with her host. What’s more, whose palate would savour fine food with – you would imagine – large volumes of mixed drinks, heavy on the alcohol? Even Byatt confessed: “I was sceptical but I think it really works.” It was not an invitation I readily accepted. But read on, please. The fact is that cocktails have developed since Parker’s time. They are undergoing monumental changes and have gained the respect of our finest chefs. Overly-synthetic, syrupy concoctions, with their vibrant paper umbrellas and glowing swizzle sticks, are now with the dregs of bar tendering history. Cocktails have become part of gastronomy. Today’s bartenders are “mixologists” with superior taste buds and imagination. Tom Cruise spinning shakers in Cocktail? Forget it. The rebirth of the cocktail is abundantly clear to those who like a pick-me-up in Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham. There is Eighty-Six on Fulham Road and Barts on Sloane Avenue, which is a speakeasy that bills itself as London’s worst-kept secret. It brightens the days with cocktails like The Chelsea Rose (gin, dark berries, elderflower, cucumber and apple) and Al Capone (white rum, mango, passion fruit and grenadine). There’s also

the Collection, Ju-Ju and the long-running PJ’s Bar and Grill, again on the Fulham Road, which serves a particularly well-balanced Caipirinha, the drink that put Brazil on the map and is a mix of sugar cane rum, sugar and lime. How about Babylon at Kensington Roof Gardens or Trailer Happiness? Then there’s the London Cocktail Club, in which Michelin-starred chef Raymond Blanc has a stake. There’s an LCC in Goodge Street, another in Shaftesbury Avenue and he promises more. Indeed LCC’s slogan is: “Ripping up London, one bar at a time.” So they nicked my epitaph. Blanc tells me: “To have a true cocktail experience is heavenly. My first job in France was as a cocktail barman – my God, things have certainly progressed. There is no question that cocktails, when made correctly, are the epitome of gastronomy.” Hawksmoor (two in the City, one in Covent Garden and now there’s another on Air Street off Piccadilly) is another superb haven of food and cocktails. Meanwhile, South Place is the newly-opened hotel in Moorgate and serves delicious cocktails. What we are witnessing goes far beyond fashion; it is the future. Soon we will all be striving to make exceptional cocktails at home. Cocktailing is the new baking. John Collingwood is a mixologist for Fling Bar Services and he travels to luxury hotels around the world, teaching bar staff about cocktails, taste and textures. He confirms that chefs and bar staff are now working together – a major break with the industry’s tradition. Chefs and barmen speak to one another these days and respect each other. “Chefs and mixologists are two peas in a pod,” says Collingwood. “They are creatively-minded souls, with a thirst for knowledge, who aim to push the boundaries of a guest’s expectation. It makes perfect sense to pair cocktails with food. An impeccably-crafted cocktail can serve many purposes during a dining experience, adding layers of complementary flavours. Cocktails are only limited by the mind of the creator.”

This is the future. Soon we will all be striving to make exceptional cocktails at home. Cocktailing is the new baking





This takes me back to Byatt’s invitation. It was too intriguing to decline. His partner in this ambitious Trinity tasting venture was Sebastian HamiltonMudge, as colourful in person as he is in name. Seb’s job – and I hesitate before using that word – is to travel the world, drinking, mixing and concocting in his role as Global Brand Ambassador for Beefeater. For this one meal, he and Byatt shared wisdom, knowledge and palates to create a feast that was, quite simply, unique and pioneering. Come now to Trinity, and to the table where the food was eaten and the drinks – all of them with Beefeater as an ingredient – were drunk. The first course comprised three small dishes. There was smoked salmon and pickled cucumber, served with a cocktail of Beefeater 24, fresh lemon juice and lapsang souchong; there was beetroot cured salmon, orange puree, pomegranate and dandelion, which came with Beefeater 24, fresh cucumber water, grated horseradish, chives and lemon juice; and there was salmon with pak choi, sesame and soy and the drink was a mix of Beefeater 24, fresh carrot, chilli, coriander, lemongrass, bean sprouts, lemon and soy. Pausing for a moment to digest; the dishes were as delicate as the cocktails. The cocktails were not vast in volume; just a few sips. They were chilled but there was no ice to dilute and destroy the flavours. The harmony continued with the next course. It was a family-sized slice of game terrine, divine beyond belief, and Cumberland sauce. The accompanying cocktail was made from Beefeater 24, fresh tomato water, watercress, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and just a touch of chilli. Next up was Beefeater botanical rub belly pork, rolled, barbecued and served with charred

lettuce, onions and apple purée. It was served with a cocktail of Beefeater Dry, pressed apple juice, lemon, fresh mint and Ricard; that last ingredient bringing its own welcome perfume to the party. Byatt’s dessert was a raspberry and gin Eton bomb and the ballshaped meringue was cracked to reveal an interior of little gin jellies and raspberry purée. Hamilton-Mudge’s contribution was made from Beefeater Dry, red wine vinegar, fresh raspberries, lemon juice, fresh apple juice, and redcurrant and port sauce. This drink came to the table in a punch bowl and was ladled into glasses. This was not a boozy affair, M’lud. It was a highly enjoyable gastronomic experience; the legs did not give way and no one ended up, Parker-style, under the table. Though there wasn’t time to double check, because Seb and I waved farewell to Byatt and headed off on a bar crawl (for the purposes of research). Our next stop was Byatt’s Bistro Union, which is also in Clapham. “When it comes to cocktails there are misconceptions,” said Seb. “They’re not all about Sex on the Beach. They are laboured and loved, and they have an element of surprise. The industry is now full of people who have a love of flavours.” We cabbed it to Pollen Street Social, Jason Atherton’s restaurant in Mayfair. It’s here that you can see once again the development of the cocktail, where the high quality of ingredients is uppermost in the mixologist’s mind. “We try to stay seasonal and celebrate British products and drinks where we can,” says bar manager Gareth Evans. “And then we use modern techniques and unusual ideas to change how the drinks are presented. We aim to make all of our drinks not only delicious but also memorable and beautiful to look at.” At Pollen Street the cocktails include a Silver Screen (Popcornwashed Maker’s Mark bourbon, PSS cherry ‘bespoke-a-cola’ syrup, orange oils, 3D bitters) and a Shiso Lovely (Yamazaki 12 whisky, shiso, kaffir lime, absinthe, orgeat, egg white, kumquat). These drinks contain ingredients which are known only to a few, and they are all about 14 quid a pop. We finished at Burger and Lobster, that heaving monster of a restaurant in Dean Street, Soho, where some 20 per cent of their customers like to drink cocktails while they eat. That might be because guests are given a list of drinks to match the food. There are B (for burger) Cocktails which are mostly brandy-based and L (for lobster) Cocktails, which are generally gin-based. One of the cocktails emptied itself over my notepad so my recollections of the drinks are not as acute as they might otherwise have been, though they had the more traditional visual impact: lots of ice and large glasses. Next day, coffee.

This was not a boozy affair but a highly enjoyable gastronomic experience; no one ended up, Parker-style, under the table


Adam Byatt and Beefeater are working on a project to be launched mid-2013



classic dishes, beautifully cooked. cosy, rustic, informal and incurably romantic

6 Old Court Place Kensington Church Street London W8 4PL

{ 020 7937 6462

Drinking &

dining “There is no love sincerer than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw

Movie Nights at Brooklyn Bite Pizza followed by a trip to the cinema is a fail-safe evening option. Brooklyn Bite, the downtown New York style pizzeria, has taken note of this and combined the two activities into one enjoyable event: movie nights at Brooklyn Bite. The cocktails are interesting and tasty; think classics with a New York twist. The pizza is decadent and delicious, with plenty of cheese and thick, chewy crusts. The intriguingly named Benny Blanco from the Bronx with its ricotta, garlic and mozzarella topping is a mouth-watering treat, and the perfect dish to eat whilst watching the vintage American gangster flick Little Caesar. Head down with a group of friends for a thoroughly enjoyable and appetite-satisfying evening. Brooklyn Bite, 342 King’s Road, SW3 5UR 020 7352 5057;

Paris à la Sloane Square Numbers 50-52 Sloane Square, which used to house Oriel, have now been transformed into Colbert, a Parisian-style eatery inspired by the best French pavement cafés. The interior feels authentic and slightly eclectic, with Art Nouveau arches, Victorian tiling and vintage photographs throughout. Colbert is open from 8am until 11pm, making it the ideal location for all manner of rendezvous. For breakfast, feast on any kind of eggs you can imagine or indulge your sweet tooth with a delicious pastry. Choose from the wonderfully varied range of croques for lunch, and for dinner treat yourself to an authentic Steak Diane or Escalope de Veau Viennoise, washed down with a glass of fine French wine. Bon appetit. Colbert, 50-52 Sloane Square, SW1W 8AX; 020 7730 2804

Review Cheneston’s at The Milestone Hotel Taking its name from the old English for Kensington, Chenestons’ feels like an undiscovered time warp of old-school wood panelling, heavy mahogany furniture and Victorian architecture, which fit perfectly with its traditional English menu. Seated in front of an open fire, the atmosphere is intimate and cosy and a friendly sommelier provides excellent and surprisingly off-beat wine choices. An amuse bouche of cheese and cauliflower foam melts on the tongue like snowflakes and the slow-roasted Goosenargh duck with red cabbage, confit potatoes, quince and sherry glazed foie gras is a soul-warming combination of rich meats and crunchy textures. A mango soufflé, sorbet, and smoothie trio cleanses the palette, leaving us with a spritely feeling as we return to modernity. The Milestone Hotel, 1 Kensington Court, W8 5DL 020 7917 1000;



New Year’s Eve 2012 at The Roof Gardens Escape the crowds in central London and make New Year’s Eve 2012 one to remember. Experience the truly unique setting of 1.5 acres of themed gardens 6 floors above Kensington High Street, with some of London’s hottest DJs, featuring four bars, a heated marquee chill out area and a private fireworks display.

YOUR TICKET INCLUDES: • Entry to The Club from 8pm • A mini bottle of champagne • A selection of complimentary cocktails, drinks from the bar and welcome canapés until 9pm • Live music in the Marquee • Complimentary snack from the BBQ • Three of London’s top DJs in the Clubhouse • Spectacular fireworks display • Breakfast nibbles between 3am and 4am! We’ve also set up a themed photo set for you and your friends to capture the magic of the evening. TICKETS ARE £125 (£105 FOR MEMBERS) AND ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE.

START THE PARTY EARLY IN BABYLON RESTAURANT Make your New Year’s Eve even more memorable this year by treating yourself to four sizzling courses in Babylon Restaurant before heading to The Club. In addition to all the goodies included on the Club ticket, we’ll be serving unlimited beer and wine during your meal. Limited tables are available and places are £230 per person (£200 for members). Contact Babylon Restaurant on 0207 368 3993

The Roof Gardens 99 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA • E: • T: 0207 368 3960

(More)Drinking &

Dining Sound of the Underground Baku on Sloane Street has opened up its basement to create Cellar 164, a stylish and intimate new cocktail bar, which provides an interesting addition to the Chelsea late night scene. The space has a strong focus on art and showcases a number of Azeri pieces, which bring the atmosphere and vibrancy of Baku to this sister venue. The artwork changes monthly and is always in keeping with the moody and industrial interior. The exquisite bespoke cocktails are best enjoyed whilst reclining on the luxurious leather sofas and listening to the acclaimed DJs who play here. Cellar 164, 164-165 Sloane Street, SW1X 9QB


Launceston Place The restaurant used to be Princess Diana’s local and what a ‘local’ it is. The décor is elegant but not fussy and the atmosphere warm as you are embraced by a knowledgeable and attentive staff. The menu is short and exudes precision and balance both in thought and execution. The clientele is Chelsea-come-Holland Park and looks the part for this upmarket experience. Slow-cooked duck egg to start and Iberico pork and roe deer for mains were outstanding. Perfection was close but there were errors (as Michel would say). The seasoning was slightly inconsistent and the roe and the pork could have perhaps done with more sauce and vegetables. The wine list needed a week off work but Augustin the charming sommelier saved the day with a very interesting and rare Spanish white Treixadura, Casal de Armin (he’s Spanish after all) and a Vacqueyras Domaine de la Charbonniere, reasonably priced but no bargains to be had. The pistachio soufflé, though, was heavenly and for those with amour in mind sharing the plate would melt the stoniest heart. Viva la local! 1A Launceston Place, W8 5RL 020 7937 6912;

Winter Warmers A glamorous winter bar will be transforming the oh-so familiar courtyard at the Bluebird restaurant in Chelsea throughout the winter months (or at least until 2013). The specially constructed seasonal bar is a festive yet stylish place to unwind whilst sipping Moët & Chandon Champagne, classic cocktails and indulging in a selection of delicious canapés. Situated in an intimate heated marquee kitted out with luxurious sofas and illuminated by candlelight, the winter bar provides an ideal retreat from the cold to hang out with friends and family. The bar was created by Conran & Company who has designed the outdoor space for relaxing and socialising in style. The Winter Bar at Bluebird, until 2 January 2013 350 King’s Road, SW3 5UU

Portobello House Bistro Upon entering Portobello House Bistro, greeted by groups enjoying after-work drinks, my first thought was that ‘pub’ would be a more accurate title than ‘bistro’. Nonetheless, the interior was charming and the atmosphere the right level of lively. Arriving early, I enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail at the bar, which was fruity and enjoyable. We began our meal with the salt and pepper squid which was perfectly cooked but could have done with a little more seasoning. The main course of grilled bream with salsa verde had a melt-in-the-mouth texture and the fish itself tasted wonderful. However, the salsa verde was rather heavy on the capers, making it slightly too salty for my liking. Pudding, comprising tarte tatin, was sweet, sticky and delicious; definitely worth the wait (of which we were informed before ordering). Overall, this is a charming and pleasant bistro and ideal for a casual, enjoyable dinner. Portobello House Bistro, 225 Ladbroke Grove, W10 6HQ

The Rum Diaries In the world of spirits, whisky tends to rather dominate the luxury market. However, Appleton Estate has released a batch of limited edition 50-year-old rum to rival even the finest scotch. This Jamaican reserve rum is the oldest in the world, and only 800 bottles are being released globally. The hand-blended beverage is an exceptionally smooth blend of oak, vanilla, cinnamon and maple flavours with a hint of orange peel, creating a traditional and exceptional taste. The release coincides with the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence, adding another layer of history to this complex and outstanding creation.

The Chelsea Insider As a reporter for two well-known restaurant guides I’m always being asked: “What’s your favourite restaurant?” This is like being asked which is your favourite shirt. Some days I’m in a blue (Italian) frame of mind, while another day I’m in a white (French) mood. There are days when I choose a red striped shirt (Indian) or denim (Chinese). It’s all a matter of mood, occasion and time of year; some restaurants are definitely more suited to winter than summer and vice versa. However I can certainly tell you what I don’t like in restaurants: Pomposity/pretension/stuffiness; waiting half an hour to be offered a drink while I’m looking at the menu; being asked by waiters every few minutes if I’m enjoying my meal; a sommelier who recommends a bottle of wine costing a hundred pounds; the space on the credit card slip left blank when the service charge has already been included. Anyway, to go back to the original question to what is my favourite restaurant, here are my London-based current top five:


After the theatre: Le Caprice in Arlington Street. The Ivy may be trendier but Le Caprice is much more fun. For what the Americans call ‘Fine Dining’ (yuck!): Pollen Street Social. The Full English is an extraordinary and delicious starter. Jason Atherton’s cooking just gets better and better. For Chinese: Min Jiang in the Royal Garden Hotel. Order the Peking Duck when you book; even the oven in which it’s cooked comes from China. For Indian: it’s a toss up between Zaika on Kensington High Street and The Cinnamon Club in the old Westminster Public Library. For a take-in (or take-out, as they say in the US) Shikara in Bute Street can’t be beaten; they’ll even cook with olive oil if you ask them. For French food: Racine opposite Brompton Oratory is as good as it gets. Not haute cuisine (thank goodness); just delicious, beautifully cooked food. Owner Henry Harris takes after his father who was also a great chef. So now you know. Richard Temple


Photography: Shaun James Cox

FASHION forward

Alexa Chung

Salma Hayek

Where: The Savoy Hotel and Theatre WhaT: British Fashion Awards 2012 WHO: Salma Hayek, Alexa Chung and Valentino Why: Hosted by bright young things Gemma Amber Valletta

Rita Ora

Jessica Alston and Davina Harbord

Arterton and Nick Grimshaw, the evening saw 14 awards presented to the leading figures in fashion, recognising creative and design talent across all areas of the industry. Team GB kit designer Stella McCartney was fittingly named Designer of the Year.

Harold Tillman CBE and Caroline Rush

Cara Delevinge Valentino

Henga Hammond, Richard Warrender and Annie Miall

Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Georgie Finbow

shine on Where: Barts Speakeasy, Chelsea WhaT: W&W Jewellery party Pippa Middleton

WHO: Pippa Middleton, Astrid Harbord, Alice NaylorLeyland, Daisy Fellowes and Susanna Warren

Why: A close friend of the evening's host Katie Readman, Pippa Middleton turned up to the W&W party appropriately adorned in a sparkling diamond necklace to celebrate the brand's recent success.

Tom Warren, Annie Colburn and Rik Campbell Photography: Nick Ensing

Rowan Lewis and John Gilmour


Photography: Tara Hewitt Richard Hannon Jnr and James Ramsden

Emily Lopes, Wilfred Frost and Emily Forbes

Louise Coles and James Newson

Lavinia Brennan and Will Wells

Jamie Dundas and Olivia Perry

Astrid Harbord and Eveie Longdon

Guests and Emma Borgerhoff Mulder (right)

drink up Where: The Sydney Arms, Chelsea WhaT: Crystal Head Vodka launch WHO: Laura Bailey, Emily Lopes, Guy Pelly, Max Sangster, Will Wells and Lavinia Brennan

Why: Guests in attendance at the recent Crystal Vodka launch in Chelsea enjoyed vodka-based cocktails and shots and were fed on a feast of pizza, crisps and sweets.

Gillian Anderson

Charlie Gilkes and Anneke Von Trotha Taylor

Jemima Khan and Laura Bailey

Amber Le Bon

give back Where: The Corinthia Hotel's Royal Penthouse WhaT: GREAT Boodles Bangle launch party Masha Markova

for The GREAT Initiative

WHO: Amber le Bon, Laura Bailey, Mariella Frostrup and Emma Freud

Rachel Stevens

Why: Fine jewellery house Boodles recently

Mariella Frostrup and Karen Ruimy

partnered with The GREAT Initiative charity to raise money for women all over the world, aiming to give them a voice and to help promote gender equality. As such, Boodles launched two beautiful bangles at this event, the profits from which will go straight to the charity.

Penny Smith and Kathy Lette

Photography: Richard Young



Photography: Tim Griffiths Mr Francois Le Troquer, MD Cartier UK, Mrs Luca Cumani and Mr John Warren

Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber and Sheikh Fahad Al Thani

Dr and Mrs James Hay

Team Frankel

Tom Queally, Brough Scott and Barry McGuigan Denise Lewis, Willie Carson and Dr Edwin Moses

Lord Grimthorpe and Mr Francois Le Troquer Mr and Mrs Anthony Oppenheimer

Mr and Mrs Arnaud Bamberger, Executive Chairman Cartier UK, and Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber

LONDON LIVING Mr Arnaud Bamberger and Mrs Ernan O'Donnell

Miss Hayley Turner and Mr and Mrs Paul Hanagan

The Hon. Harry Herbert and Mr Arnaud Bamberger Sandeep Gauravaram, Dee Deacon, Mike Marshall and Brough Scott

Dr and Mrs Edwin Moses

cartier The Hon. Harry Herbert and Miss Chloe Herbert Lord Lloyd Webber and Mr Arnaud Bamberger

Where: The Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane WhaT: The 22nd Cartier Racing Awards WHO: Arnaud Bamberger, Dr and Mrs Edwin Moses, Lord Lloyd Webber and the Hon. Harry Herbert

Why: The much-acclaimed Cartier Racing Awards were unveiled in true style on the evening of 13 November 2012 at The Dorchester Hotel. The very best of the horseracing world gathered together to celebrate some of the best horses and performers the industry has ever seen. The amazing Frankel took home for the second year running the illustrious Horse of the Year accolade, along with various other deserving accolades including the Cartier Older Horse and the prestigious Cartier/ Daily Telegraph Award of Merit, awarded to Team Frankel.

Guest, Mrs Anthony Oppenheimer and Mrs Arnaud Bamberger

The Hon. Harry Herbert, Lord Lloyd Webber, Miss Chloe Herbert and Dr Edwin Moses



The Concierge What is it you require, sir? How may I help, madam? The Concierge is here to help with every need, whim or wish, however great or small Apparel

Knightsbridge Watches

Beauty Salons and Spas

Bespoke Dressmaker

88 Brompton Road, SW3 1ER 08000 337 333

Babylon at Kensington Roof Gardens

Vagheggi Boutique Clinic

99 Kensington High Street, W8 5SA 020 7368 3993

Mary Treacy 12 Rickett Street, Fulham SW6 1RU 020 7385 3398

Repairs and Cleaning Jeeves of Belgravia 271 Kensington High Street 020 7603 0484

Vintage Watch Sellers

205 King’s Road, SW3 5ED 020 7352 1113

Watches of Knightsbridge

The Chelsea Day Spa

64 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JF 020 7590 3034

69a King’s Road, SW3 4NX 020 7351 0911

For the Home

Urban Retreat at Harrods

Furniture and soft furnishings

87-135 Brompton Road SW1X 7XL 020 7893 8333


Katherine Pooley Sloane Tailors & Dry Cleaners 69 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8DA 020 7824 8644

160 Walton Street, SW3 2JL 020 7584 3223

Chelsea Brasserie

Chelsea Consulting Rooms 2 Lower Sloane Street, SW1W 8BJ 020 7763 9100

Chelsea Green Shoe Repairs

Kimbolton Court 117b Fulham Road, SW3 6RL 020 7589 1442

31 Elystan Street, SW3 3NT 020 7584 0776

Nina Campbell

3 Harrington Gardens, SW7 4JJ 020 7370 4999

Daphne’s 110-112 Draycott Avenue SW3 3AE 020 7589 4257

Gaucho 89 Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DX 020 7584 9901

Medicare Français

Jewellery Valuation

9 Walton Street, SW3 2JD 020 7225 1011

Bourbon Hanby


151 Sydney Street, SW3 6NT 020 7352 2106

103 Lancaster Road, W11 1QN 020 7792 1425

Precious Pieces

7-12 Sloane Square, SW1W 8EG 020 7881 5999

Medical and Dental Services

Louise Bradley

Shoes Reheeled

81 Fulham Road, SW3 6RD 020 7581 5817

Julie’s Restaurant 135 Portland Road, W11 4LW 020 7229 8331

The Lister Hospital Chelsea Bridge Road SW1W 8RH 020 7730 7733

Tiffany & Co.


The Beresford Clinic

145 Sloane Street, SW1X 9BL 020 7409 2790

274 King’s Road, SW3 5AW 020 7376 7574

2 Lower Grosvenor Place SW1W 0EJ 020 7821 9411

Jewellery Repair

Pampering & Wellbeing

Hawkes and Son


50-52 Walton Street, SW3 1RB 020 7589 2523


Maroush 38 Beauchamp Place, SW3 1NU 020 7581 5434

Scalini 1-3 Walton Street, SW3 2JD 020 7225 2301

Cadogan Street Dental Office


47 Cadogan Street, SW3 2QJ 020 7581 0811

5 Raphael Street, SW7 1DL 020 7584 1010

Haute Cuisine

Watch Repair

305 Brompton Road, SW3 2DY 020 7581 5211

Bar Boulud


The Watch Gallery

Richard Ward

129 Fulham Road, SW3 6RT 020 7581 3239

82 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY 020 7730 1222

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA 020 7201 3899

2-5 Duke of York Square SW3 4LY 020 7730 7102




The Grocer on Elgin

Electric House


6 Elgin Crescent, W11 2HX 020 7221 3844

191 Portobello Road, W11 2ED 020 7908 9696

Executive Cars

Mungo & Maud

020 3170 5838

79 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9PJ 020 7022 1207

Wholefoods Market

The Sloane Club

63-97 Kensington High Street W8 5SE 020 7368 4500

Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8BS 020 7730 9131


air, land & sea

Crown Security Chauffeurs 0845 901 1471

Business Affairs

89 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8DA 0845 270 6996

Avolus Ltd 38 Lombard Road SW11 3RP 020 7978 6506

William Curley 198 Ebury Street 020 7730 5522

Drinking Boujis

Luxury Car Services

43 Thurloe Street, SW7 2LQ 020 7584 2000

Belgravia Garage

298 King’s Road, SW3 5UG 020 7352 6500

Juju 316-318 King’s Road, SW3 5UH 020 7351 5998

Sending Parcels

Little Luxuries

272 Kensington High Street W8 6ND 0844 257 0668

Private Chef The Personal Chef


59 Ritherton Road, SW17 8QE 020 7871 1080

Aplomb Translations

Premium Coffee and Cigars

London Battersea Heliport Bridges Wharf, Battersea SW11 3BE 0844 884 8660

The Cadogan Arms

Pet Pavilion 60 Gloucester Road, SW7 4QT 020 7584 8848


Helicopter Charter L’Artisan Du Chocolat


74 Chancery Lane WC2A 1AD 020 7831 9444

Tomtom Cigars and Coffee 63 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9PP 020 7730 1790

Computer and Technology Help 1 Eaton Mews West Belgravia, SW1W 9ET 020 7235 9900

VIP Car Hire Queen Elizabeth Street SE1 2JE 0870 200 4949

Richard Darsa 78 Cadogan Place, SW1X 9RP 07768 200 551

Housekeeping & Family Housekeeping

Fine Wine Handford Fine Wines 105 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3LE 020 7589 6113 Florists


St. Anne’s Housekeeping

Gilding the Lily

Yacht Charter/ Sale

58 Kenway Road, SW5 0RA 020 7370 1359

Old Brompton Road, SW7 2NB 020 7584 1950

Princess Yachts


Only Roses

Imperial Nannies

257 Old Brompton Road, SW5 9HP 020 7373 9595

Members Clubs Beaufort House 354 Kings Road, SW3 5UZ 020 7352 2828

64 Grosvenor Street W1K 3JH 020 7499 5050

Chelsea Arts Club


143 Old Church Street SW3 6EB 020 7376 3311

36 Davies Street W1K 4NF 020 7355 0980


17 Radley Mews, W8 6JP 020 7795 6220

Leather Goods and Accessories

Kensington Nannies


3 Hornton Place, W8 4LZ 020 7937 3299

149 Sloane Street, SW1X 9BZ 020 7823 5638


Duravit brings the bathroom to life.

Sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness products and accessories: Duravit has everything you need to make life in the bathroom a little more beautiful. More info at Duravit UK, Milton Keynes, Phone 0845 500 7787, Fax 0845 500 7786,,


& Chelsea P R O P E RT Y

showcasing the

finest HOMES & PROPERTY from the best estate agents

Market Insight The 2013 forecast for the UK and Prime Central London property markets

Image courtesy of Hamptons


Estate Agents Beauchamp Estates

Chesterton Humberts

Farleys Residential

MAYFAIR 24 Curzon Street W1J 7TF 020 7499 7722

Bective Leslie Marsh

Chelsea & South Kensington 60 Sloane Avenue SW3 3DD 020 7594 4740 Kensington Church Street 62 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BU 020 3040 8445

SOUTH KENSINGTON 44-48 Old Brompton Road SW7 3DY 020 7589 1234

Harpers & Harrison

John Taylor

KENSINGTON 53 Abingdon Road W8 6AN 020 7938 2311

MAYFAIR 53 Davies Street W1K 5JH 020 3284 1888


Henry & James

Kaye & Carey

CHELSEA 134 Fulham Road SW10 9PY 020 7717 5291

BELGRAVIA 1 Motcomb Street SW1X 8JX 020 7235 8861

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 4 Yeoman’s Row Brompton Road SW3 2AH 020 7590 0066


CHELSEA 2 Cale Street SW3 3QU 020 7581 5011 Chelsea 1 Cadogan Street SW3 2PP 020 7589 6677 Kensington 10 Hornton Street W8 4NW 020 7795 4288 Notting Hill 205 Westbourne Grove W11 2SB 020 7221 4805 Ladbroke Grove 126 Ladbroke Grove W10 5NE 020 7221 0330

Kensington & Notting Hill 116 Kensington High Street W8 7RW 020 7937 7244 Knightsbridge & Belgravia 31 Lowndes Street SW1X 9HX 020 7235 8090

Crayson NOTTING HILL 10 Lambton Place W11 2SH 020 7221 1117

Chelsea International KNIGHTSBRIDGE 14 Basil Street SW3 1AJ 020 7349 9094

Domus Nova BAYSWATER 37 Alexander Street W2 5NU 020 7727 1717 NOTTING HILL 17 Kensington Park Road W11 2EU 020 7727 1717

8 Chertsey Street, Surrey GU1 4HD 01483 339740 KENSINGTON 8 Hornton Street W8 4NW 020 7937 9371

Knight Frank John D Wood & Co.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE 168 Brompton Road SW3 1HW 020 7584 2044

CHELSEA 9 Cale Street SW3 3QS 020 7352 1484

NOTTING HILL 301 Westbourne Grove W11 2QA 020 7717 5311

HOLLAND PARK 10 Portland Road W11 4LA 020 7727 2233

PADDINGTON 4c Praed Street W2 1JX 020 7717 5313

KENSINGTON 162 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BN 020 7908 1100

PIMLICO & WESTMINSTER 50 Belgrave Road SW1V 1RQ 020 7717 5315

LADBROKE GROVE 136A Lancaster Road W11 1QU 020 7229 2356

SLOANE SQUARE 7 Lower Sloane Street SW1W 8AH 020 7717 5317

SOUTH KENSINGTON 125 Gloucester Road SW7 4TE 020 7835 0000 BELGRAVIA 82-83 Chester Square SW1W 9JH 020 7881 7722 CHELSEA 352a King’s Road SW3 5UU 020 7349 4300 FULHAM 203 New King’s Road SW6 4SR 020 7751 2400 KENSINGTON 54-56 Kensington Church Street W8 4DB 020 7938 4311 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 60 Sloane Avenue SW3 3DD 020 7591 8600


NOTTING HILL 298 Westbourne Grove W11 2PS 020 7229 0229

Holland Park 57 Norland Square W11 4QJ 020 7605 6890

020 7937 9777

Rickman Properties

SOUTH KENSINGTON 157 Gloucester Road SW7 4TH 020 7871 4111

London Sotheby’s International Realty CHELSEA 62-64 Fulham Road SW3 6HH 020 7808 8540 MAYFAIR 26A Conduit Street W1S 2XY 020 7495 9580

Kensington 9 Kensington Church Street W8 4LF 020 7368 4450 North Kensington 136 Lancaster Road W11 1QU 020 7313 8350 Notting Hill 2-6 Kensington Park Road W11 3BU 020 7313 2890

Messila Residential

HYDE PARK 37-41 Sussex Place W2 2TH 020 7479 1999 SOUTH KENSINGTON 5 Kynance Place SW7 4QS 020 7590 9955

Marsh & Parsons CHELSEA 5 Anderson Street SW3 3LU 020 7225 0277 CHELSEA 43 Cadogan Street SW3 2PR 020 7225 3866 WEST CHELSEA 140 Fulham Road SW10 9PY 020 7373 1010 KENSINGTON 103 Kensington Church Street W8 7LN 020 7938 3666 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 66 Sloane Street SW1X 9SH 020 7235 9959

Knightsbridge 20 Montpelier Street SW7 1HD 0 20 7589 4452


Plaza Estates Knightsbridge 51 Beauchamp Place SW3 1NY 020 7581 7646 Marble Arch 29-31 Edgware Road W2 2JE 020 7724 3100


Chelsea Rawlings House 2a Milner Street SW3 2PU 020 7591 5570

Russell Simpson

Strutt & Parker

Lurot Brand

KENSINGTON 21 Earls Court Road W8 6EB 020 7937 9777


SLOANE STREET 149 Sloane Street SW1X 9BZ 020 7589 6298

the KENSINGTON & CHELSEA magazine Kensington 118 Kensington Church Street, W8 4BH 020 7727 1500 Knightsbridge 289 Brompton Road SW3 2DY 020 7589 6616 Notting Hill 178 Westbourne Grove W11 2RH 020 7727 3227 South Kensington 123a Gloucester Road SW7 4TE 020 7373 5052

NOTTING HILL 303 Westbourne Grove W11 2QA 020 7221 1111

CHELSEA 196-200 Fulham Road SW10 9PN 020 7578 9000 KENSINGTON 145 Kensington Church Street W8 7LP 020 7535 3300 KNIGHTSBRIDGE 188 Brompton Road SW3 1HQ 020 7581 5234 Notting Hill 168 Westbourne Grove W11 2RW 020 7727 5750 SLOANE STREET 139 Sloane Street SW1X 9AY 020 7730 0822

Tates Agents WEST KENSINGTON 135 Hammersmith Road W14 0QL 020 7602 6022

W.A. Ellis KNIGHTSBRIDGE 174 Brompton Road SW3 1HP 020 7306 1610


Hamptons Chelsea

Sales. 0207 835 1444

Chelsea Crescent, SW10 A superb two bedroom, two bathroom sixth floor apartment with breathtaking views of the River Thames and the central London skyline. This property has a 27’0 x 26’7 main reception room with access to the private terrace that wraps around this part of the flat and offers stunning views beyond. Hamptons Chelsea 0207 835 1444

£1,950,000 Leasehold Sixth floor Spectacular views 27ft open plan reception room Modern building Lots of natural light Parking

Hamptons Kensington

Sales. 020 7937 9371

Drayson Mews, W8 A unique opportunity to acquire one of four architect designed mews houses, which have been finished to exacting standards to provide maximum space and light. Arranged over three floors the accommodation includes wonderful views over the tranquil gardens of the iconic St Mary Abbots Church. Hamptons Kensington 020 7937 9371

Guide Price ÂŁ2,250,000 Freehold Two Bedrooms Two Bathrooms Reception Room / Kitchen Dining Room Garage Photography of the show house

Hamptons Knightsbridge

Sales. 020 7717 5461

Hans Place, SW1X A superbly located and very spacious four bedroom maisonette with well proportioned rooms throughout on this very desirable Garden Square. The property is arranged over the ground, lower ground and first floor of a magnificent redbrick period building. The property has been refurbished by the current owners to a high standard and includes air conditioning. Hamptons Knightsbridge 020 7717 5461 JSA Savills 020 7581 5234

ÂŁ6,250,000 Leasehold 988 years Entrance hall Reception room Kitchen 4 double bedroom suites Guest cloakroom Patio garden

Hamptons Notting Hill

Sales. 020 7717 5469

Palace Court, W2 A beautifully refurbished, large two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Finished to exacting standards with smart eat-in kitchen, a dual-aspect reception room and a mix of hardwood and stone flooring . The property also benefits from having lift access and a porter. Hamptons Notting Hill 020 7717 5469

ÂŁ1,600,000 Share of Freehold Large south-facing reception room Two bedrooms Two bathrooms (one en suite) Eat-in kitchen Porter Close to Hyde Park

Hamptons Sloane Square

Sales. 020 7717 5481

Christchurch Street, SW3 A charming three bedroom period house situated in the heart of one of Chelsea’s most sought after locations. The property benefits from pretty front and rear gardens, a double reception room leading to a kitchen with dining area and plenty of natural light throughout.

Hamptons Sloane Square 020 7717 5481

ÂŁ2,650,000 Freehold Double Reception Room Kitchen with Dining area Three Bedrooms Two Bathrooms (One En Suite) Cellar Garden

Hamptons Chelsea

Lettings. 020 7370 0774

Redcliffe Mews, SW10 A wonderfully designed and newly renovated house accommodates two double bedrooms with bathrooms, study, main reception room and a cinema room as well as integrated music system, programmable lighting throughout and air-conditioning. The house has its own garage as well as a fantastic roof terrace with gel fireplace. Hamptons Chelsea 020 7370 0774

ÂŁ2,500 per week Furnished Beautifully finished to the highest specification Stunning location within quiet mews Lots of natural light Two double bedrooms with bathrooms Private garage Roof terrace with fireplace

Hamptons Kensington

Lettings. 020 7717 5459

Abingdon Road, W8 A stunning four double bedroom family house in this highly sought after location benefiting from spacious rooms, a beautiful eat-in kitchen with additional conservatory room, private patio and balcony.

Hamptons Kensington 020 7717 5459

ÂŁ2,500 per week Unfurnished 4 Bedrooms Additional study 2 Bathrooms Private Patio Balcony Conservatory

Hamptons Knightsbridge

Lettings. 020 7717 5463

Lennox Gardens, SW1X Finished to a contemporary and discerning style, this brand new one bedroom property offers luxury living in the very best of Knightsbridge locations.

Hamptons Knightsbridge 020 7717 5463

ÂŁ695 per week Furnished Newly Refurbished Separate kitchen 1 bedroom Patio

Hamptons Sloane Square

Lettings.0207 717 5483

Gatliff Road, SW1W A modern three bedroom apartment on the third floor with two balconies off the master bedroom and reception. It is located in this prestigious riverside development with 24 hour portorage and is within walking distance to Sloane Square. Furnished to a high standard, is ideal for couple or young family. Hamptons Sloane Square 0207 717 5483

ÂŁ1,250 per week Furnished 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Balconies 24 hour porter Parking Furnished


20 Baron’s Court Road, W14 Peaceful protestor Mahatma Gandhi lived at 20 Baron’s Court Road as a law student in the late 1880s. Gemma Taylor puts a spotlight on this period of his life On 4 September 1888, Gandhi travelled to rights. After his return to India in 1915, he set London, England, to read law at University College about organising peasants, farmers and urban London; he wanted to train as a barrister. His labourers in protesting against excessive home for this time, the longest he spent land-tax and discrimination. Assuming in London, was at 20 Baron’s Court leadership of the Indian National Road. It was here that the 19-yearCongress in 1921, Gandhi led old Mohandras Karmchand nationwide campaigns for Gandhi (his famous name easing poverty, expanding Mahatma, meaning ‘great soul’, women’s rights, building came later) paid 30 shillings a religious and ethnic amity, week for board and lodging. ending untouchability His time in London, and increasing economic the Imperial capital, was self-reliance, but above all, influenced by a vow he for achieving Swaraj – the had made to his mother independence of India from in the presence of the Jain foreign domination. Gandhi monk Becharji, upon leaving famously led Indians in India, to observe the Hindu protesting against the Britishprecepts of abstinence from imposed salt tax with the meat, alcohol, and promiscuity. 250-mile Dandi Salt March in His widowed landlady Elizabeth 1930, and later in calling for the Turner had herself lived in India but British to Quit India in 1942. He was struggled to cater for his meatless diet; imprisoned for many years, on many © English Heritage the dinners provided were, he recalled, occasions, in both South Africa and India. “third rate”, and he was often left hungry, Gandhi strove to practice non-violence scouting round the neighbourhood for vegetarian and truth in all situations and advocated that others food. Mrs Turner told him about do the same. He lived modestly in a selfvegetarian restaurants in London where sufficient residential community and wore he discovered one of his life’s great the traditional Indian dhoti and shawl, causes: the promotion of a meatless diet. woven with yarn he had hand-spun on a He joined the Vegetarian Society, charkha. He ate simple vegetarian food was elected to its executive committee, and also undertook long fasts as means of and started a local Bayswater chapter. both self-purification and social protest. Some of the vegetarians he met were Gandhi returned to England on four members of the Theosophical Society, occasions, and declared in 1909 that “next which had been founded in 1875 to to India, I would rather live in London than further universal brotherhood and which any other place in the world.” The plaque was devoted to the study of Buddhist was one of the last to be put up by the and Hindu literature. They encouraged Gandhi to join them in reading the Greater London Council and like Gandhi’s plaque in Bow, bears no descriptor, it Bhagavad Gita, both in translation as well as in the original. Not having shown having been agreed that “any attempts to describe his achievements in the usual interest in religion before, he became increasingly intrigued by religious thought short phrase would be superfluous”. and began to read both Hindu and Christian scriptures. Gandhi experimented with adopting other ‘English’ customs by taking dancing, elocution and French lessons, which proved less enduring, though he continued to affect the smart dress of an aspiring lawyer – including a top hat – for some time after leaving Baron’s Court Road. He was called to the bar on 10 June 1891 and two days later he left London for India, where he learned that his mother had died while he was in London and that his family had kept the news from him. Gandhi first employed non-violent civil disobedience as an expatriate lawyer in South Africa in the resident Indian community’s struggle for civil

This plaque bears no descriptor, it having been agreed that “any attempts to describe his achievements in the usual short phrase would be superfluous”

Catwalker /



Knight Frank Flats




Pont Street, Knightsbridge SW1

Cadogan Square, Knightsbridge SW1

Ormonde Gate, Chelsea SW3




Hans Place, Knightsbridge SW1

Sloane Court East, Chelsea SW3

Sloane Gardens, Chelsea SW1




Beaufort Gardens, Knightsbridge SW3

Rutland Gate, Knightsbridge SW7

The Knightsbridge, Knightsbridge SW7




Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge SW7

Eaton Square, Belgravia SW1

Lowndes Square, Knightsbridge SW1

Guide price: £825,000

Guide price: £1,950,000

Guide price: £3,500,000

Guide price: £6,950,000

Guide price: £1,350,000

Guide price: £2,250,000

Guide price: £4,500,000

Guide price: £13,750,000

Guide price: £1,950,000

Guide price: £2,750,000

Guide price: £5,250,000

Guide price: £15,000,000

* Asking prices quoted - many agreed at asking price or above Sarah Cowie Negotiator Knightsbridge Sales 020 7591 8600 60 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DD You can now follow us on Twitter @_knightsbridge_

Charles Olver Associate

Knight Frank Houses




Guthrie Street, Chelsea SW3

Radnor Walk, Chelsea SW3

First Street, Chelsea SW3




Grosvenor Crescent Mews, Belgravia SW1

Radnor Walk, Chelsea SW3

Drayton Gardens, Chelsea SW10




Wellington Square, Chelsea SW3

Walton Place, Knightsbridge SW3

Onslow Gardens, South Kensington SW7




Tregunter Road, Chelsea SW10

Brompton Square, Knightsbridge SW3

Ovington Square, Knightsbridge SW3

Guide price: £2,250,000

Guide price: £4,250,000

Guide price: £6,450,000

Guide price: OIEO £12,000,000

Guide price: £2,500,000

Guide price: £3,500,000

Guide price: £4,500,000

Guide price: £6,225,000

Guide price: £7,500,000

Guide price: £20,000,000

Guide price: £8,500,000

Guide price: £23,000,000

With 20 sales and lettings offices across London, Ascot, Cobham and Esher, Knight Frank has it covered. Alexander Millett Partner

Paul Gransbury Partner

Nick Vestey Partner

Bruce Tolmie-Thomson Partner

Rupert des Forges Partner

Eliza Leigh Regional Head

Knight Frank




Fawcett Street, Chelsea SW10

Grenville Place, South Kensington SW7

Stanhope Gardens, South Kensington SW7




Limerston Street, Chelsea SW10

Bolton Gardens Mews, Chelsea SW10

Queen’s Gate Gardens, South Kensington SW7




Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea SW10

Stanhope Gardens, South Kensington SW7

Redcliffe Road, Chelsea SW10




Ensor Mews, South Kensington SW7

Barkston Gardens, Earl’s Court SW7

Clareville Grove, South Kensington SW7

Guide price: £900,000

Guide price: £2,650,000

Guide price: £860,000

Guide price: £3,295,000

Guide price: £900,000

Guide price: £3,450,000

Guide price: £1,375,000

Guide price: £3,350,000

Guide price: £1,495,000

Guide price: £3,850,000

Guide price: £1,695,000

Guide price: £3,850,000

* Asking prices quoted - many agreed at asking price or above Chelsea Sales 020 7349 4300 352a King’s Road, London SW3 5UU South Kensington Sales 020 7871 4111 157 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4TH

James Pace Partner

John Kennedy Partner

Knight Frank




Gledhow Gardens, South Kensington SW5

Drayton Gardens, Chelsea SW10

Cranley Gardens, South Kensington SW7




Roland Way, South Kensington SW7

Elm Park Road, Chelsea SW3

Evelyn Gardens, South Kensington SW7




Drayton Gardens, Chelsea SW10

Earl’s Court Square, Earl’s Court SW5

Old Church Street, Chelsea SW3




Justice Walk, Chelsea SW3

Neville Terrace, South Kensington SW7

Chelsea Park Gardens, Chelsea SW3

Guide price: £1,650,000

Guide price: £4,250,000

Guide price: £2,650,000

Guide price: £4,950,000

John Waters Associate

Victoria Garrett Associate

Guide price: £1,800,000

Guide price: £2,450,000

Guide price: £8,750,000

Guide price: £5,950,000

Guide price: £2,950,000

Guide price: £5,395,000

Lucy Holroyd Associate

Nick Gaunt Negotiator

Harriet Taylor Negotiator

Guide price: £3,100,000

Guide price: £11,250,000

Tom Kain Negotiator

Amy Rogers Negotiator

Knight Frank

Stafford Terrace & Phillimore Walk, Kensington, W8 A stunning family home with adjoining mews house

An immaculate Grade II listed family home with a mews house. Main House: 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, study, drawing room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, family room, utility room, south facing garden. Mews House: 2 bedrooms, study/bedroom 3, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, garage. Total square feet for 2 houses 521 sq m (5,620 sq ft) Freehold Guide price: ÂŁ15,000,000 (KEN120056) 020 7938 4311

Knight Frank

Royal Crescent, Notting Hill W11 Impressive family house with private garden

This stunning seven bedroom Grade II listed Victorian house has views over the communal gardens at the front. Master bedroom suite, 6 further bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en suite), 3 reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, study, additional kitchen, wine cellar, guest cloakroom, rear garden (approximately 56ft), summer house. Approximately 392 sq m (4,220 sq ft) Freehold Guide price: ÂŁ4,500,000 (NGH070263) 020 7229 0229 Joint agent: John Wilcox 020 7602 2352

Knight Frank

Palace Garden Mews, Kensington W8 Beautiful mews house in exclusive location

This house boasts a large reception room with a high vaulted ceiling, and state of the art technology. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large reception room, kitchen, study, utility room, integral garage, off-street parking. Approximately 163 sq m (1,753 sq ft) Unfurnished Guide price: ÂŁ2,250 per week (KEQ92723)

Kensington Lettings 020 3641 7308

Knight Frank

Wellington Square, Chelsea SW3 Garden square house

An impressive ‘Key’ house located in the middle of a highly sought after white stucco garden square in Chelsea. Master bedroom suite, 4 further bedrooms, 2 further bath/shower rooms, kitchen, dining room, double reception room, study, utility, cloakroom, garden. Approximately 244 sq m (2,633 sq ft) Freehold Guide price: £6,150,000 (SLA120382) 020 3641 5913

Knight Frank

Wellington Square, Knightsbridge, SW1X Lovely family house in garden square

The house is unusually deep giving good family accommodation and benefits from an integral double garage. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 5 reception rooms, kitchen, 2 cloakrooms, utility room, large south-facing roof terrace, double garage. Approximately 413 sq m (4,446 sq ft) Unfurnished Guide price: ÂŁ5,500 per week (KNQ87084)

Knightsbridge Lettings 020 3641 6019


Knight Frank


1 A DELIGHTFUL, WELL ARRANGED FAMILY HOUSE WITH WEST-FACING GARDEN portland road, w11 2 reception rooms ø study ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 3 further bedrooms ø studio room/bedroom 5 leading to roof terrace ø further bathroom ø guest cloakroom/utility room ø west-facing garden ø 235 sq m (2,528 sq ft) Guide £4.5 million Freehold

Savills Notting Hill

Kane Properties

Oliver Lurot

Theresa Kane

020 7727 5750

020 7351 9322

1 STUNNING HOUSE IN SECURE DEVELOPMENT WITH PARKING AND LIFT wycombe square, w8 First floor drawing room ø dining room ø sitting room ø playroom ø kitchen/breakfast room ø 5 bedrooms ø 5 bath/shower rooms ø guest cloakroom ø lift ø garden ø double garage ø 24hr security ø concierge ø 423 sq m (4,552 sq ft) Guide £10.5 million Freehold

Savills Kensington

Savills Knightsbridge

Johnny Fuller

Barbara Allen

020 7535 3300

020 7590 5064

1 EXCELLENT THREE BEDROOM FLAT WITH STUNNING RIVER VIEWS chelsea harbour, sw10 Entrance hall ø reception room with dining area ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø separate bathroom ø terrace ø porter ø parking for 2 cars ø 142 sq m (1,528 sq ft)

Guide £1.8 million Leasehold, approximately 100 years remaining

Savills Chelsea Henry Reid

020 7578 9000

1 SOUTH-FACING APARTMENT WITH OUTSIDE SPACE tasker lodge, w8 Entrance hall ø reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø guest bedroom suite ø guest cloakroom ø 2 patios ø underground parking space ø 24hr porterage ø 125 sq m (1,349 sq ft)

Guide £2.95 million Leasehold, approximately 994 years remaining

Savills Kensington Thomas Holcroft

020 7535 3300

1 BEAUTIFUL MAISONETTE IN ONE OF NOTTING HILL'S FINEST ADDRESSES chepstow crescent, w11 Entrance hall ø reception room ø kitchen ø master bedroom suite ø 2 further bedrooms ø further bathroom ø 85 sq m (920 sq ft)

Savills Notting Hill Billy Harvey

020 7727 5750 Guide £1.25 million Leasehold, approximately 995 years remaining plus Share of Freehold

1 A FIVE BEDROOM GRADE II LISTED PERIOD HOUSE st. james's gardens, w11 5 bedrooms ø double reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø 4 bathrooms ø landscaped garden ø terrace ø 256 sq m (2,757 sq ft)

Savills Notting Hill Nik Dennis

020 7727 5751 £3,950 per week Unfurnished

1 A FANTASTIC APARTMENT REFURBISHED TO A HIGH STANDARD kensington court, w8 3 bedrooms ø double reception room ø separate kitchen ø 3 bathrooms ø guest cloakroom ø lift ø second floor ø 142 sq m (1,539 sq ft)

Savills Kensington Monika Scott

020 7535 3333 £1,750 per week Unfurnished

1 A WONDERFUL FAMILY HOME WITH A PRETTY PAVED GARDEN holland park road, w14 4 bedrooms ø reception room ø dining room ø sitting room ø study ø kitchen ø 2 bathrooms ø guest cloakroom ø west-facing garden ø off-street parking for 2 cars ø 167 sq m (1,798 sq ft)

£1,900 per week Unfurnished

Savills Kensington Isabel Lacey

020 7535 3333


THREE BEDROOM MAISONETTE WITH ROOF TERRACE sydney mews, sw3 3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø kitchen ø further bathroom ø roof terrace ø 152 sq m (1,545 sq ft) £1,395 per week Unfurnished

Savills Chelsea


Oliver Mellotte

020 7578 9000

RECENTLY REFURBISHED FLAT WITH BALCONY royal avenue, sw3 2 bedrooms ø reception room ø kitchen ø shower room ø air conditioning ø caretaker ø balcony ø 61 sq m (656 sq ft) £795 per week Furnished

Savills Chelsea Clem Byron Evans

020 7578 9000

1 A UNIQUE HOUSE BUILT TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD gunter grove, sw10 3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø reception room ø dining room ø study ø open plan kitchen ø 2 further bathrooms ø utility room ø patio garden ø Lutron lighting ø 288 sq m (3,103 sq ft)

£2,500 per week Unfurnished

Savills Chelsea Oliver Mellotte

020 7578 9000



Hot property:

Cottesmore Court

Exceptional four bedroom family flat in Kensington

THis property is an outstanding and beautifully presented four bedroom family flat on the sixth and seventh floors of this well maintained, portered block. As well as having excellent entertaining space, the property has the advantage of spectacular and far-reaching views from the principal rooms and the terrace towards the Royal Albert Hall and beyond. Cottesmore Court is situated on Stanford Road to the south of Kensington Gardens in the highly regarded De Vere conservation area and is therefore very close to the extensive shopping and transport facilities of Kensington High Street. The flat comprises an entrance hall, drawing room, study, kitchen, family room, master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room, three further bedroom suites and a cloakroom. There are two resident porters and the flat, which covers 3,001 square feet (278.79 square metres), has both a lift and a terrace.







Stanford Road, W8 ÂŁ6,250,000 (share of freehold)

James Gow 020 7938 3666



Market Insight Gráinne Gilmore, head of UK residential research at Knight Frank, explains the latest forecasts for London, and the wider UK property market, in 2013

UK Housing Market IF YOU TAKE A LOOK at any indicator of the UK housing market, from transaction levels to prices or mortgage lending, it is clear that, five years after the financial crisis, the mainstream UK housing market is still not functioning normally. UK house prices plunged by 20 per cent in late 2008 and early 2009, before bouncing back by 11 per cent, but have remained broadly unchanged over the last two years. This lack of movement in prices is not because there is an equal balance between supply and demand in the market; rather, average prices have been underpinned by record low interest rates, which have now been pegged at 0.5 per cent for nearly four years. Looking at the historical relationship between house prices and earnings, it seems that a further correction in prices is needed. The average price of a home is still expensive in relation to average incomes and compared to long-term norms. In addition, mortgage lenders’ demands for higher deposits look unlikely to be a temporary factor in the market, making the ascent onto the housing ladder even more challenging. We do not forecast that the additional price correction needed will happen in another short, sharp drop in values (unless there is an unexpected and rapid rise in interest rates). Rather we foresee a longer-term erosion of value as prices rise more slowly than inflation. As such, we expect average UK prices to fall by 2 per cent this year before modest rises of 1 per cent in 2014 and 2 per cent in 2015.

Knight Frank House Price Forecasts 10.0% 8.0% 6.0% 4.0% 2.0% 0.0% -2.0%







-4.0% Source: Knight Frank Residential Research


Prime Central London Just as prime central London property values have bucked the national trend in recent years, bouncing back by 50 per cent after the post-financial crisis trough to hit new record highs, we forecast that this broad trend will continue. London is seen as a ‘safe haven’ location for international buyers and investors, given the continued economic uncertainty, especially in the Eurozone. The resulting government policies in the Eurozone countries, especially wealth taxes, have also had an impact. Indeed, it is notable that when the French government announced it was proceeding with the 75 per cent wealth tax, searches from France for prime London property on Knight Frank’s global property web search soared. Closer to home, however, recent UK government policies have also had an impact, creating some challenges for the prime London market. Not least among these is the new, higher, stamp duty charges for properties worth more than £2 million as well as the extra tax rules for £2 million+ properties owned through company structures. We forecast that the market may ‘take a breather’ in 2013 in terms of prices, with properties holding their value, before a modest growth returns in 2014 and 2015, resulting in cumulative growth of 10 per cent. However, within these headline forecasts, we see a multi-speed market, with transaction volumes and price growth strongest in the sub-£2 million market.


Above / Elm Park Road, for sale through Knight Frank Chelsea (020 7349 4300) for £5,950,000


Groom Place, SW1X ÂŁ2,999,950


An extremely well presented four storey house tucked away in this charming Belgravia mews, just off Chester Street and Belgrave Square. This property offers superb location, minutes from the heart of Belgravia and the excellent restaurants and shops of Sloane Street and Knightsbridge.

Private Street Entrance | One Reception | Three Bedrooms | Kitchen | Two Bathrooms | Roof Terrace

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020 7589 7727 6616 3227| || |

Brompton Road, SW3 ÂŁ1,100 PW Furnished/Unfurnished Triplex apartment with attractive roof terrace on the world famous Brompton Cross. Entered via a private street entrance this extremely light apartment retains the feeling of a private house but, with the benefit of high ceilings and spacious accommodation.

Three Bedroom | Three Bathroom | Two Receptions | Roof Terrace

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0207589 77276616 3227| || | 020

Barkston Gardens, SW5 ÂŁ2,450,000 STC Share of Freehold A simply stunning two/three bedroom flat on the second floor (with a lift) of the favoured West facing side of this prominent red brick mansion block with the benefit of a lift and a porter. This well maintained corner building is known for its wonderful period features, exceptionally good ceiling heights and apartments that offers leafy views front and rear as well as good amounts of natural light of which this flat has in abundance. Large Entrance Hall | Drawing Room | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Master Bedroom | Two Further Bedrooms | Bathroom | Guest Cloakroom | Wrap Around Balcony | Lift | Porter Access to Communal Gardens (STTUC)

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Cornwall Gardens, SW7 ÂŁ1450 pw Furnished A stunning and contemporary 3 bedroom flat in this period conversion, situated on one of the most popular garden squares in South Kensington. The flat benefits from a bright and spacious reception room, a secluded and quiet roof terrace, access to communal gardens and a fully fitted kitchen. It also comprises master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, two additional bedrooms, a shower room and a guest cloakroom. The property is situated within a few minutes walk of Gloucester Road and Hyde Park. Contemporary 3 Bedroom Maisonette | 2 Bathrooms | Spacious Reception Room | Roof Terrace | Furnished | Access to communal gardens

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0207373 77275052 3227| | | | 020

Kensington Church Street, W8 Price On Application Leasehold Well-appointed three bedroom penthouse apartment in a newly built luxury portered block. The apartment has far-reaching views over the rooftops of Kensington, and benefits from two roof terraces.

Entrance Hall | Reception Room | Kitchen/Breakfast Room | Master Bedroom With Dressing Room And Bathroom | Two Further Bedrooms | En Suite Bathroom | En Suite Shower Room | Cloakroom | Utility Room | Storage | Two Roof Terraces | Air Conditioning | Direct Lift Access | Secure Parking Available by Separate Negotiation

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020 7727 7727 1500 3227| | | |

Sheffield Terrace, W8 Price On Application Freehold A beautifully presented Victorian terraced house on one of Kensington’s prettiest streets. This seven bedroom property has recently been extended and renovated to a really high standard including wooden floors, air cooling and CAT 6 wiring.

Entrance Hall | Drawing Room | Dining Room | Three Further Reception Rooms | Modern Kitchen | Principal Bedroom Suite | Six Further Bedrooms | Further En Suite Bathroom | Family Bathroom | Two En Suite Shower Rooms | Two Cloakrooms | Two Courtyard Gardens | Two Roof Terraces

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Lonsdale Road, W11 ÂŁ3,100,000 Freehold This beautifully refurbished and impeccably presented 4 bedroom house with wisteria climbing up its front is one the most attractive on the street. Lovely open kitchen with dining area, spacious double height conservatory, utility room and cloakroom with galleried balcony looking down to the lower ground from the rear. Perfect for a young family. 4 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms | Garden | House | 1741 Approx Sq ft

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020 7727 7727 3227 3227| | | |

Leamington Road Villas, W11 ÂŁ4,400,000 Freehold One of the finest houses to have come to market in this street for many years, beautifully designed to blend period elegance with contemporary features measuring almost 3000sqft over just four floors, wonderful west facing garden and designed with easy living and entertainment very much in mind this creates the ultimate family and entertaining home. 4 Bedrooms | 2 Reception | 3 Bathrooms | Garden | Balcony | House | 2968 Approx Sq ft

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Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea SW3 “ A very special flat offering lateral accommodation over • Resident porter the first floor of this fine red • Use of Cadogan Square gardens • Approx. 1,829 sq ft (169.9 sq m) brick mansion block”

• 3 Bedrooms

• Balcony

• 2 Bathrooms (1 en suite)

• Lift

• Shower room (en suite) • 2 reception rooms (interconnecting) • Kitchen / breakfast room

Guide price £5,500,000 Leasehold with 103 years remaining

For more information call Tim des Forges on 020 7306 1610 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Cadogan Gardens, Chelsea SW3 • 2 Bedrooms

• Dining room

• 1 Bathroom

• Kitchen

• Separate WC

• Lift and resident caretaker

• Reception room

• Approx. 1,489 sq ft (138.3 sq m)

£3,250,000 Share of freehold For more information call Simon Godson on 020 7306 1610 or email

“ A south-facing second floor flat in this portered red brick Edwardian mansion block”

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Walpole Street, Chelsea SW3 • 5 Double bedrooms

• Kitchen/breakfast room

• 4 Bathrooms

• Balcony

• Guest cloakroom

• Paved garden

• 3 Reception rooms

• Approx. 3,337 sq ft (310 sq m)

£4,100 per week Unfurnished For more information call me, Kerry Morley, on 020 7306 1630 or email

“An outstanding family house in Chelsea which has been finished to the highest of standards” W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

Stafford Terrace, Kensington W8 • 3 Bedrooms

• Kitchen / dining room

• 3 Bathrooms

• Study

• Guest cloakroom

• Terrace

• Drawing room

• Approx. 1,855 sq ft (172 sq m)

“ A newly refurbished and interior designed apartment located just off High Street Kensington”

£2,950 per week Furnished

For more information call Lucy Morton on 020 7306 1630 or email

W.A.Ellis LLP 174 Brompton Road London SW3 1HP

To make sure they get the best service, wise men go to Crayson. We didn’t open our doors to be like everyone else. We entered a category in crisis, crying out for new agency. With the energy, the drive (and the nerve) to shake things up. At the end of our second year, we wish to thank everyone who has been wise enough to have instructed us. Who have profited from a fresher, more intelligent approach to both selling and buying. Who have benefitted from an uncompromised service. Who are you? Why not drop in for a glass of mulled wine and a festive mince pie. We would love to meet you. T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Was a wise man living near you? Here are just some of the properties we sold in 2012. For top prices. In difficult times. Exceeding all of our clients’ expectations. To get the perfect buyer at your door – or to get to the door of that perfect property – come to ours. A wise move indeed.

Ledbury Road, W11 £3,950,000

Chepstow Place, W2 £3,450,000

Notting Hill Gate, W11 £3,750,000

Chepstow Crescent, W11 £6,250,000

Leamington Road Villas, W11 £3,450,000 Hewer Street, W10 £2,500,000



St James’s Gardens, W11 £1,995,000

Highlever Road, W10 £1,200,000

Horbury Crescent, W11 £4,500,000

Talbot Road, W2 £1,000,000

Chepstow Place, W2 £4,150,000

Ladbroke Square, W11 £750,000

Woodsford Square, W14 £2,750,000 T 020 7221 1117 10 Lambton Place London W11 2SH

Lonsdale Road, W11 £1,300,000


Chepstow Road, W2 £2,650,000

Local know-how. Better results.

0 % Commission 100 % Local know-how And our commitment to getting you the best possible result …on the house! > More offices than any other estate agent in the Royal Borough, all working together

> Maximum exposure to the best buyers > London’s best negotiators* > Unequalled customer service > Award-winning marketing* > Over 150 years’ experience

To celebrate the opening of our 7th office in the Royal Borough, we are offering to sell your property for free! For full Terms and Conditions, call us or visit South Kensington Office 29 Harrington Road, London, SW7 3HD T: 020 7368 4458

* Voted ‘Best UK Estate Agent 2012’ and ‘Best Marketing 2011’ at The Negotiator Awards.

Local know-how. Better results. Our Offices: Balham Barnes

Battersea Brook Green Chelsea

Clapham Earls Court Fulham

Hammersmith Holland Park Kensington

Little Venice Mayfair North Kensington

Notting Hill Pimlico & Westminster South Kensington

Gloucester Road SW7 ÂŁ3,500,000 A unique opportunity to acquire this striking and beautifully refurbished Victorian terraced house with a large west facing garden. Occupying over 2,000 sqft, this generously proportioned grade II listed home has recently been completely refurbished and now comprises two reception rooms, a separate kitchen, a superb patio garden, four double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a roof terrace. The property is situated at the northern end of Gloucester Road, opposite Kensington Gate. Freehold. Joint Sole Agents.

SOUTH KENSINGTON: 020 7590 0800

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Evelyn Gardens SW7 ÂŁ2,495,000 Situated in a well maintained period building, this large duplex apartment is presented in excellent condition throughout. The accommodation comprises a large open plan kitchen/reception room with views over the communal gardens, two double bedrooms, a family bathroom, a large master suite with excellent built-in storage and a private roof terrace accessed from the half landing. Evelyn Gardens is a picturesque road ideally located between South Kensington and Chelsea. Leasehold. Sole Agents.

SOUTH KENSINGTON: 020 7590 0800


ÂŁ2,975,000 stc Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, large reception, playroom, terrace, conservatory, two parking spaces. Well presented and spacious four bedroom modern house on three floors. The house is approached through electronic gates into a courtyard area and benefits from two large reception rooms, a family kitchen / breakfast room and a conservatory. The four bedrooms are all on one floor and have two en suite bathrooms and a shower room.

There is the added benefit of air conditioning and a carport for two cars. It would be ideal as a pied a terre or for a family with young children. Halsey Mews is a gated courtyard mews shared with only one other house and is ideally located for the extensive facilities of both Sloane Square, South Kensington and Knightsbridge.

CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011


ÂŁ1,895,000 stc Three bedrooms, Two bathrooms, Large reception room, Open-plan kitchen, Direct access to communal gardens. Beautifully & contemporary refurbished three bedroom duplex on the ground & lower ground floors of much sought after Onslow Gardens with direct access to the stunning communal gardens. Entrance Hall, Reception/dining kitchen with high ceilings, Master Bedroom with Ensuite, Further two bedrooms, family bathroom, cloakroom, paved patio

area leading to communal gardens (garden access subject to usual consents). Onslow Gardens is very well positioned within easy walking distance of fashionable South Kensington with its excellent transport links, shopping opportunities and restaurants, as well as close to Gloucester Road underground station.

CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



PER WEEK stc Reception room, Eat- in kitchen, Three double bedrooms, Two bathrooms, Communal gardens, Housekeeper. A fabulous three double bedroom apartment located in Cadogan Square. This elegant, quiet apartment located in a well-maintained red brick period building on one of London’s premier garden squares has been finished to a very high standard, with contemporary decor and excellent reception space. Accomodation comprises three double bedrooms, two

bathrooms, eat-in kitchen, semi open-plan reception room, access to Cadogan Square communal gardens (by separate negotiation) and a housekeeper. Situated within a short walking distance to Knightsbridge and Sloane Square tube stations and moments from boutiques and restaurants on picturesque Motcomb street and Walton Street.

CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011



PER WEEK stc Three double bedrooms, Three bathrooms, Reception room, Kitchen, Garden. The property has been neutrally decorated throughout and benefits from wood floors in all rooms. Accommodation comprises reception room with eat-in conservatory, smart recently fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, two doubles one with a bathroom en-suite, second bathroom, shower room, single bedroom/study, small pave outside area.

Available immediately for a long term let. The local area offers a fantastic array of amenities as the shops, bars and restaurants of Chelsea, Knightsbridge and South Kensington are within close proximity.Nearby public transport links include Sloane Square (London Underground Circle Line and District Line)

CHELSEA OFFICE 2 Cale Street, London SW3 3QU +44 (0)20 7581 5011

BOLTON GARDENS MEWS, SW10 Nestling between the prestigious addresses of The Boltons and The Little Boltons is a stunning and discrete mews house. Reception room, kitchen/dining room, media room/bedroom 3 and adjacent shower room, guest bedroom with en-suite shower room and dressing area, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, garage, atrium courtyard.

Freehold £3,450,000 STC South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

QUEEN’S GATE MEWS, SW7 A charming two floor house with a westerly aspect in the quieter culde-sac section of this stunning South Kensington mews. Currently arranged as a two bedroom house with a study, the accommodation could easily be arranged to provide three bedrooms. Reception room, kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en-suite), study/ bedroom 3, cloakroom, garage and patio.

Freehold £2,450,000 STC South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

@Lurotbrand @LurotbrandSales @LurotBrandLets

LB JANUARY 2013.indd 2-3

HOLLAND PARK MEWS, W11 A beautifully finished three storey house located in one of London’s best known and most desirable mews. 2 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, large split level living space incorporating kitchen/dining area and sitting room, entrance hall/study, garage, roof terrace, air conditioning, under-floor heating, wine cellar.

Freehold OIEO £2,950,000 STC Hyde Park Office 020 7479 1999 JSA Savills 020 7727 5750

ORME COURT MEWS, W2 A great opportunity to extend this gem of a house in this charming private mews, close to Hyde Park. The house has previously had planning consent to excavate a basement and add about 600 sq ft above ground level. Open-plan reception/kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms (1 en suite) cloakroom, garage, 2 patios.

Freehold £1,700,000 STC Hyde Park Office 020 7479 1999

06/12/2012 17:42

NAPIER PLACE, W14 A stunning contemporarydesigned house that offers all the creature comforts that any urban professional is looking for when choosing a luxurious London home. 1st floor reception room with dining area and fully fitted open-plan kitchen, 2 double bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms, 3rd double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, utility cupboard, cloakroom, garage.

ÂŁ1,800 per week Furnished South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

HESPER MEWS, SW5 A large, recently refurbished three storey mews house. This is quite possibly the ideal family home with plenty of reception space andgood storage. 1st floor reception, fully fitted openplan kitchen/reception 2, 2 double bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms, double bedroom 3, family bathroom, cloakroom, decked roof terrace, garage.

ÂŁ1,450 per week Unfurnished South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

@Lurotbrand @LurotbrandSales @LurotBrandLets

LB JANUARY 2013.indd 4-5

EAGLE PLACE, SW7 Smart, spacious double-aspect contemporary house in a private gated mews, with plenty of reception space and well-appointed bedrooms. Reception, dining room leading to patio, fully fitted kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2nd double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2 further double bedrooms, bathroom 3, integral single garage, parking for 1 car.

£1,750 per week Un/furnished South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

REECE MEWS, SW7 Brand newly rebuilt (so new we don’t have a photo of it yet!) 1st and 2nd floor maisonette with roof terrace situated above office premises owned by the same Landlord. Reception with fully fitted open-plan kitchen, master bedroom with ensuite shower room and dressing room/ bedroom 3, 2nd double bedroom, bathroom with separate shower, decked west-facing roof terrace.

£1,400 per week Un/furnished South Kensington Office 020 7590 9955

06/12/2012 17:42

ALBION RIVERSIDE, SW11 ÂŁ3,250,000 Leasehold

A sensational apartment in the famous Norman Foster building, Albion Riverside. Beautifully finished throughout, the property comprises a vast open plan reception space which includes the living, kitchen, dining and study area measuring over 2000 sq ft. The bedrooms and the living area open out onto a brilliant wrap-around balcony with spectacular views over the River Thames. The two spacious double bedrooms come with excellent views and smart en suite bathrooms. This unique home benefits from lift access, a 24 hour porter/ concierge, fully-fitted gymnasium, pool and two off-street parking spaces.

17 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2EU

Email: Tel: 0207 727 1717 Fax: 0207 727 2030 Web: Domus loves: warming dinners at Cambio de Tercio on the Old Brompton Road


ÂŁ7,950,000 Freehold

A new build contemporary house designed by Seth Stein Architects. Set behind a traditional façade within Hillgate Village in Notting Hill Gate, the plan extends 26 metres (85 feet) in length and provides accommodation on four floors, arranged around a courtyard that steps back on each level. The house consists of three principal bedroom suites and a guest/ housekeeper suite. It provides two separate living areas on two levels for formal and less formal living. There is also an integral garage and in total, four terraces.

COLVILLE GARDENS, W11 ÂŁ695 per week Long Let

Immaculately presented, intelligently designed and in the heart of Notting Hill. Bright and refreshing, the open plan living and dining area makes for a refined and stylish entertaining space, alongside the cool contemporary kitchen. Impressive sash windows give a fantastic dual aspect view across Colville Gardens whilst the property further comprises a well-proportioned bedroom with a wall of fitted wardrobes, fresh neutral dĂŠcor and a smart bathroom.

17 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2EU

Email: Tel: 0207 727 1717 Fax: 0207 727 2030 Web: Domus loves: unique and modern designs at Ally Capellino on Portobello Road

FARADAY ROAD, W10 ÂŁ550 per week Long Let

A welcoming first floor apartment offering versatile living just moments from fashionable Golborne Road. Owing to its corner location, this property has a fantastic sense of space and volume throughout. Of note is the open plan reception and kitchen space that features dual aspect sash windows, high ceilings and beautifully distressed wood floors. The remainder of the property is dedicated to two generous double bedrooms and one family bathroom.

Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington SW7 A stunning three bedroom flat set in one of Kensington’s most prestigious addresses. Master bedroom with en-suite • Bedroom two • Shower room Reception room • Entrance hall • Guest cloakroom • Kitchen/breakfast room Media room / bedroom three • Lift • Porter Approximately 1,533 sq ft / 142 sq m

020 7808 8540

Guide Price: £3,150,000 Leasehold

Over 600 Offices in 46 Countries Sothebys_Ken&Che Mag_Jan_13.indd 1 06/12/2012 14:55


3 Fe

r bruA







Going the extra mile to find the perfect buyer UK Sotheby’s International Realty will be travelling to New Delhi to showcase our property portfolio at the India Art Fair 2013 between 1st and 3rd February. India Art Fair is one of the world’s most attended art fairs showcasing modern and contemporary art, attracting high net worth individuals from across Asia and worldwide. By promoting our property portfolio at the heart of this emerging market we will be meeting those who want to invest in real estate within the UK. If you are considering selling your property and would like it to travel 4,170 miles to New Delhi, we would be delighted to hear from you. 020 7808 8540


Sothebys_Ken&Che Mag_Jan_13.indd 2

06/12/2012 12:00

Leinster Square, Notting Hill W2 A superb third floor flat in the heart of fashionable Westbourne Grove. Two Bedrooms • Bathroom • Reception room • Lift access • Newly refurbished white stucco building • Overlooking communal gardens • Approximately 1,415 sq ft / 131 sq m

020 7808 8540

Price on Application Leasehold

Over 600 Offices in 46 Countries Sothebys_Ken&Che Mag_Jan_13.indd 4 06/12/2012 12:00


West Eaton Place, Belgravia SW1 An elegant London pied-à-terre in a premier location. Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, dressing room and private courtyard • Bedroom two with en-suite bathroom • Third bedroom Double reception room • Entrance hall • Kitchen/dining room • Terrace Cloakroom • Study • Storage vault • Approximately 2,051 sq ft / 191 sq m

020 7808 8540

Guide Price: £2,550,000 Leasehold

Over 600 Offices in 46 Countries 12:00

Sothebys_Ken&Che Mag_Jan_13.indd 3 06/12/2012 12:00

We don’t have 40 offices worldwide! We don’t have a huge turnaround in staff! We don’t leave you hanging on the telephone! We don’t just have clients from the U.K. They are from all over the world!

But We do have a reputation:

“Internationally respected, locally renowned” Experience The Difference… The Difference is Experience

020 7937 9777 21 Earls Court Road, Kensington, London, W8 6EB Tel: 020 7937 9777 • 020 7938 3425 Email:

Rickman Corporate FP_A4 version.indd 1

24/10/2012 15:07


Expert Comment Oliver Lurot, head of Savills’ Notting Hill office, reflects on 2012 Artesian Road

Ladbroke Square

Artesian Road

Since opening the office at the end of September we have had an incredibly fruitful first few months, laying the groundwork for 2013. Whilst the market has shown glimmers of hope, 2012 was a challenging year. The summer was slow due to London 2012 and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; this has resulted in pent-up demand within the market which we were able to take advantage of as buyers became more active in the autumn months. We saw that the market in Notting Hill was busy right up until the end of November, when usually it would be beginning to slow in the run-up to Christmas. The general outlook for the economy for 2013 is better although not especially positive, and we would hope that this will be reflected in buyer activity, which ultimately, is the driver for all of our markets. Working closely with our highly successful Kensington office, here at Savills in Notting Hill we expect that 2013 will be a busy year. House prices will stabilise and, whilst we are not out of the woods yet, we expect to see a growth in buyer activity, in light of the announcement of the UK’s GDP growth at the end of 2012 and as more and more people are moving out of rented accommodation. According to our research department, appetite for the best property in Prime Central London will continue unabated over the next five years as international private wealth continues to flow into the capital, be it investment driven or those looking for boltholes in one of the world’s most coveted cities.


Attracted by London’s robust safe haven status and transparent market, buyers from India, the Middle East and Russia come to London’s prime locations looking for prestigious and secure turnkey properties, be it a grand mansion, beautiful mews or magnificent apartment, and this is certainly something which we see in Notting Hill. Whilst our market is hugely diverse already and we do still retain many UK-based buyers, over the next five years we are likely to see strong growth in demand from CIS countries as they generate more wealth internally, making London even more of a global destination than ever before. Some of the more significant sales at the end of 2012 were a charming house on Artesian Road, which achieved record prices per square foot for the area, and a very large unmodernised house on Ladbroke Square which sold for well over the guide price. We have also had record-breaking deals within the lettings team, such as a property on St Charles Square which was let for the highest price recorded in the area. Coming into the New Year we have some really exciting new instructions, including a magnificent detached villa in Holland Park and some lovely flats that form part of a church development just off Westbourne Grove. Savills Notting Hill, 168 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RW 020 7727 5750;


Parkside, Knightsbridge, SW1 An extremely large (approx2400 sq ft) flat in this well run portered building overlooking Hyde Park from the rear balcony. The apartment has undergone redecoration throughout, as well as a new kitchen and the installation of air conditioning. Accommodation comprises large entrance / dining hall, reception room, family room / bedroom four, kitchen, utility room, master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, second and third double bedrooms and two further bathrooms. Available immediately for long term let on a furnished or unfurnished basis. ÂŁ4,250 pw 020 7225 6759



Stafford Terrace, Kensington, W8 A beautifully presented second, third and fourth floor apartment in this period building that has been totally refurbished to a very high standard with air conditioning, lutron lighting and under floor heating throughout. Accommodation of approx 1855 sq ft comprises master bedroom suite with ensuite bathroom, second double bedroom suite with ensuite bathroom, guest cloakroom, shower room, media room / third bedroom with access to roof terrace, study, and kitchen / dining room leading to reception room. Available immediately for long term let on a furnished basis.

ÂŁ2,950pw 020 7225 6602



Courtfield Road, SW7 An exceptional 3 bedroom split level apartment on the first floor of a well maintained red brick period conversion. The property extends to 1143 sq ft and has wood floors, high ceilings, modern fixtures and fittings and the main reception room faces south over a quiet garden square. Reception Room - Dining Room - 3 Bedrooms - En-suite Bathroom - Shower Room - Fitted Kitchen

Share of Freehold


Rutland Gate, SW7 Excellent 2 bedroom apartment on lower ground floor of period conversion with access to rear patio. Rutland Gate is a prestigious and quiet garden square, opposite Hyde Park and within an easy walk of the excellent amenities of Knightsbridge. Reception Room - 2 Bedrooms - Bathroom - Fitted Kitchen - Lift - Rear Patio - Access to Communal Gardens

Leasehold 135 Years KNIGHTSBRIDGE: 51 BEAUCHAMP PLACE LONDON SW3 1NY 020 7581 7646






KNIGHTSBRIDGE +44 20 7589 4452


ÂŁ700 Per Week

A superb two bedroom apartment located across from Hyde Park in a small redbrick mansion block with 24 hour porterage. Comprising open plan kitchen/reception room, large master bedroom with fitted wardrobes, a second (small double) bedroom and shower room. This property is ideally situated for Harrods, Sloane Street and Knightsbridge Underground Station. Available furnished or unfurnished and the property benefits from being professionally managed. SOLE AGENT. MAYFAIR




51-53 South Audley Street

20 Montpelier Street

65 Weymouth Street

137 Park Road





KNIGHTSBRIDGE +44 20 7589 4452


ÂŁ32,000,000 Freehold

An ambassadorial style home positioned at arguably the optimum position on this sought after address next to Motcomb Street. Extending to almost 10,000sqft of accommodation, including a connected mews house and offering three entrances, patio garden and air conditioning. Four reception rooms and seven bedrooms create spacious flexible accommodation. Potential to extend and redesign subject to necessary consents. SOLE AGENT MAYFAIR




51-53 South Audley Street

20 Montpelier Street

65 Weymouth Street

137 Park Road


ÂŁ1,100 per week

A superb three double bedroom flat in an award winning gated development located just off Brook Green. The property has just been refurbished to an excellent standard, is neutrally decorated and stylishly furnished throughout. The accommodation further comprises a bright spacious reception room with corner balcony, sleek contemporary kitchen with integrated appliances and granite work surfaces and two bathrooms (one en suite). Ideally located within easy walking distance of the restaurants and travel links of both Hammersmith and Kensington High Street.

135 Hammersmith Road, London W14 0QL

NEW YEAR, AA new year, NEW HOME aA new home FOR 2013 for 2013

PLEASEcontact CONTACT us US FOR Please forALL allYOUR your PROPERTY requirements. REQUIREMENTS. property

020 7602 6020

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Drayton Gardens | Chelsea | SW10 3,403 sq ft (316.1 sq m)

Situated behind a period façade is a contemporary styled family house which benefits from a landscaped west facing garden and double garage. 2 Reception rooms | Kitchen/breakfast room | 3 Bedrooms | Bedroom 4/playroom | 2 Shower rooms | Cloakroom | Utility room | Garden | Garage Asking price £6,250,000 Freehold

West Chelsea Sales 020 7373 1010

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Where will we find your perfect buyer? At Strutt & Parker, we’ve always gone to great lengths to bring the right buyer to your door, using our knowledge, contacts and total commitment to achieve the sale you want. But now we go further than ever. As members of the Christie’s International Real Estate network, we can reach quality buyers in 42 countries via 1,049 offices and a website visited 135,600 times a month. There’s no better way to open your door to the world.

Chelsea Fulham & Parsons Green Kensington & Holland Park Knightsbridge, Belgravia & Mayfair Notting Hill & Bayswater West Chelsea & South Kensington

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Cadogan Square | Chelsea | SW1X 1,470 sq ft (136.6 sq m)

A superb, newly refurbished penthouse apartment located in the heart of Knightsbridge, on the exclusive Cadogan Square. Kitchen | Double Reception Room | Three bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Roof Terrace ÂŁ2,500 per week Furnished

Chelsea Lettings 020 7589 9966

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Where will we find your perfect buyer? At Strutt & Parker, we’ve always gone to great lengths to bring the right buyer to your door, using our knowledge, contacts and total commitment to achieve the sale you want. But now we go further than ever. As members of the Christie’s International Real Estate network, we can reach quality buyers in 42 countries via 1,049 offices and a website visited 135,600 times a month. There’s no better way to open your door to the world.

Chelsea Fulham & Parsons Green Kensington & Holland Park Knightsbridge, Belgravia & Mayfair Notting Hill & Bayswater West Chelsea & South Kensington

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Linden Gardens | Notting Hill | W2 1,757 sq ft (163.23 sq m)

A wonderful three bedroom maisonette with a large roof terrace offering magnificent views of the London skyline. Entrance hall | Drawing room | Dining room | Kitchen | Conservatory | Three bedrooms | Bathroom | Shower room | Roof terrace Asking price ÂŁ1,975,000 Leasehold

Notting Hill Sales 020 7221 1111

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Where will we find your perfect buyer? At Strutt & Parker, we’ve always gone to great lengths to bring the right buyer to your door, using our knowledge, contacts and total commitment to achieve the sale you want. But now we go further than ever. As members of the Christie’s International Real Estate network, we can reach quality buyers in 42 countries via 1,049 offices and a website visited 135,600 times a month. There’s no better way to open your door to the world.


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The Kensington & Chelsea Magazine January 2013  

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