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Dear Resident, Is there anything more irresistible than the sound of a popped cork and the following cadence of a river of amber liquid flowing into a glass at the end of a long day of work? As London’s first urban winery London Cru launches in Fulham, Lauren Romano visits the oenology experts to talk tannin, tastebuds and tinned lychees (p. 7). The borough is ringing with the sound of music this month as the World Heart Beat Music Academy in Wandsworth rejoices in its partnership with the Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry Music Fund, based in Fulham. I have the pleasure of talking to the founder of the Academy Sahana Gero, who is determined to offer local young people opportunities through music (p. 20). Last but not least, may I draw your attention to page 6. If you complete the Run Wild Media Group reader survey, you’ll be in with a chance of winning the ultimate luxury prize. Treat yourself and four friends to a day in Paris; be whisked there by your own private jet and enjoy a gastronomic feast at Camélia at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which is renowned for its traditional French fare. What are you waiting for? La Ville-Lumière awaits.

Image / London Cru’s Syrah harvest, © Ian Stirling Photography ( Read about London’s first winery on p.7

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FULHAM Residents’ Journal

LOCAL NEWS Keep your finger on the pulse with our round-up of local news

Image / Crews from the BNY Mellon Boat Race. © Getty Images

Row on the spring The spring’s local sporting highlight returns on Sunday 6 April with the 160th BNY Mellon Boat Race between historic rowing rivals at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. And with it, the annual family-friendly event in Bishop’s Park will provide one of the best spots to see all the action unfold. The race will be broadcast live on giant screens, and beer tents and food stalls will keep spectators occupied from 12pm7pm. Can Cambridge claw back to victory after last year’s defeat or will Oxford continue its winning streak? Clear your diary and head to Bishop’s Park to find out.

Underground upgrade

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Last month, the first of 80 new District Line trains took to the track on the Wimbledon to Edgware Road branch. Like the new trains launched on the Circle Line last year, these carriages have air conditioning to combat the summer heat, as well as wider doors and walkways; a smaller gap between the train and the platform; and seven carriages instead of the typical six, which will help accommodate the 700,000 commuters who use the District Line every day more comfortably. Here’s hoping getting up close and personal to strangers’ armpits is a thing of the past.

Turn it up

Second shot

It’s been 25 years since Meridian Audio introduced its first digital loudspeaker, and to celebrate the digital sound specialist has opened its first shop on the King’s Road. Feast your ears on the latest state-of-the-art offering, the futuristic-looking Meridian Special Edition DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers, which will be available alongside the newly introduced personal audio range.

Word on the street is that Shot espresso, the independent coffee shop and deli on Jerdan Place, renowned for its popular aperitivo hour, has opened a second branch at 28 Parsons Green Lane. The café will be open for the next month, serving up Allpress coffee alongside delicious homemade panini, pasta and brunches, after which it will close for a refurbishment and return, fully licensed, in time for an Aperol spritz or two in the (fingers crossed) spring sunshine. (

535 Kings Road, SW10 0SZ (

Teething problems Behind barres Fulham’s latest fitness studio, Paola’s BodyBarre opens this month. Combining dynamic Pilates with ballet barre conditioning, the danceinspired workout is the brainchild of Paola Di Lanzo and Tracy Ramsay and promises to do wonders for your core.

Forget dummies, the new secret weapon for soothing teething toddlers is amber beads. Fulham-based company Mama Geo create beautiful, semi-precious amber teething necklaces, which have been used by midwives for centuries for their calming and relaxing qualities. Other karma necklaces to look out for include strings of amethyst to aid communication and rose quartz, renowned for its healing qualities. The perfect gift for deserving mums this Mother’s Day. Amber necklaces cost from £11.99 plus postage and are suitable for babies and toddlers from six months (

70 Rosaline Road, SW6 7QT (

And there was light Gloomily-lit public spaces will be a thing of the past as revolutionary glow-in-the-dark footpaths are rolled out at William Parnell Park. Although it might sound like the stuff of Doctor Who, these illuminated walkways come from a spray can. The ‘Starpath’ coating works by absorbing UV rays during the day which it then emits at night to illuminate the surface, with no on-going energy costs or light pollution. If successful, light-up lanes could be coming to a badlylit green area near you.

Fulham’s first theatre, London Theatre Workshop has opened! Read all about it on p14 -5-

Win! The ulTimaTe luxury prize.

4 friends 1 exclusive privaTe jeT 2 michelin sTars As prizes go, they don’t come much better than this. Treat yourself and your colleagues to a day in Paris, whisked away by your own private jet. Enjoy a gastronomic feast at CamÊlia, the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, renowned for its traditional French fare. To enter simply take part in the Runwild Media Group magazine survey by visiting the website below. Terms & Conditions: (TBC) Entries must be received before midnight on 20th April 2014.

If London was a beverage she would be a refreshing G&T. But a glass of Chardonnay – surely that’s more South of France than south London? Not any more. Lauren Romano bypasses the evermultiplying distilleries and microbreweries to sip her way around London Cru, the capital’s first urban winery


ondon Cru began, like many of the best ideas, with a chat down the pub. It was at The Atlas, the ivy-covered watering hole opposite the headquarters of fine wine retailers Roberson that Cliff Roberson and his team were mulling over the wine trade. Nursing their drinks, they wondered, what with so many independent wine shops and bars

established across town, what could you do to really make a mark on the London wine trade? The corker of an answer: open the capital’s first winery, naturally. The toast of their brainstorming opened towards the end of last year. Backed by Cliff and investor Will Tomlinson, the space beneath the Roberson offices has been transformed into a working winery with a difference. Here, anyone with a predilection for good vino can be part of the process, enjoying informative tours and tastings and even becoming a winemaker for the day. ‘We want to get people involved; tasting wines, maybe blending things up and playing around in a way that they can’t normally do. Often you’ll go to a winery and it’s all clinical and cold. London Cru is a working winery, so you can see the nuts and bolts of the whole operation,’ winemaker Gavin Monery begins, dwarfed by gleaming fermentation tanks. And what an operation it is. It takes all of two minutes (and a couple of swigs) for Gavin to make a white-wine


h harvest in Roussill

The fruits of the Syra


All images © Ian Stirling Photography


Heard it on the

FULHAM Residents’ Journal

patiently in their French oak barrels before bottling in a couple of months’ time. The Chardonnay should be ready by May or June and the reds will follow around August time. ‘I’ve been involved in moving fruit in Australia and sometimes it’s 24 hours before it’s processed. We thought that if we were careful with the handling of it all we should be able to process the fruit in France in 36 hours,’ the native Aussie tells me. ‘We work with growers who we really trust and hand-harvest everything, so it’s a gentle process. Chilling the grapes immediately helps preserve the quality too.’ When the endless crates arrive, the fun – and early starts and sleepless nights – begins. Gavin talks me through the slog, pointing out a series of apparatus in turn. To paraphrase the process, it’s conveyor belts, vibrating conveyor belts, forklift trucks, open-top tanks, the press, barrels... The dummy’s guide to winemaking goes something like this: for white wine, the grapes go directly into the press and then go through fermentation in the barrel after being pressed, so just the juice is fermented. Red wine, on the other hand, needs as much contact with the grape skins as possible, to leach out all the pigment, so the red grapes are fermented in their skins to extract colour and tannin. ‘When the fermentation is finished, we drain all the red wine from the bottom of the tank and then we’re left with just grape skins, which we dig out and put into the press to extract any remaining juice. It is filthy work; your hands turn purple,’ Gavin groans. ‘The purple’s not so bad as it just looks like you’ve robbed a bank, but the worst thing is that the pigment starts to stain your hands black. In a wine country, it’s a recognisable occupational trait, but

The grapeS Chardonnay and Syrah The origin Château de Corneilla, Roussillon The growers Phillipe and William Jonqueres d’Oriola The taste Chardonnay: Lean, acidic, creamy. The barrels are at least two years old so you’ll detect a hint of oaky influence. Syrah: Soft, light, elegant and not too spicy

convert out of this Rioja devotee; not bad going for a Friday morning. If I close my eyes between sips of creamy Chardonnay straight from the barrel, I can almost envisage the verdant tangle of vines at the Château de Corneilla in Roussillon where the grapes were hand-picked last September. Since then, some 21 tonnes of Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera grapes have been handharvested from growers carefully selected by Gavin and Roberson Wine’s senior buyer, Mark Andrew, and packed up in refrigerated trucks within a strict two hour window, arriving in Fulham some 36 hours later. Processed on-site, fermented and barrelled, the fruits of all this labour wait -8-

Right / Grower William Jonques d’Oriala at the London Cru launch party

in London you go to the shops and hand someone your money and they think you haven’t washed your hands.’ With microbreweries popping up left, right and centre and enough distilleries to make William Hogarth stir in his grave, it was only a matter of time before a winery touched down; nevertheless, the ‘why London?’ question crosses my lips. ‘Why not?’ Gavin replies. ‘I’m surprised it has taken this long, because as a concept it has really worked well elsewhere. The only thing I can put it down to is that the wine market in the UK is very traditional and mature; people have been importing wine here for hundreds of years. We want to get people involved, and that’s why we choose to do it in London, because here we have eight million people on our doorstep. ‘There are so many people in London who are really interested in food and its provenance, but they might buy organic beef from the butcher and then get their wine from the supermarket,’ Gavin continues. ‘We want to connect with those people and show them exactly how wine is made and try to demystify a lot of it. What with all the different varieties and regions, wine can be a very complex subject, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating. We can raise a glass with our visitors – after all, it should be about having fun rather than having someone in red trousers condescend to you.’ And when it comes to tasting the fruits of Gavin’s labour, his wine-tasting style couldn’t be less Loyd Grossman. His advice for a novice like myself: ‘Swirl to liberate the aroma, and then it’s just a bit of a sniff and a drink. I tend to spit, it’s before 12 o’clock,’ and right on cue he expertly directs a jet-stream of rosé into

the awaiting bucket in a perfect parabola, as I guiltily gulp mine back. ‘You can liken it to examples of various fruits and things like that, but I tend not to because it gets pretentious,’ he admits. ‘Oh lovely, it tastes like lychees, um, yes, definitely lychees – tinned lychees – not the fresh ones,’ he intones with mock sarcasm. 11.30am and six wines down and we’re on to the nitty-gritty of where the wines, made from French and Italian grapes in London, are actually from. A halfEuropean, half-British hybrid, I wonder? In actual fact, the wines fall under an all-inclusive European Community label. ‘The minute we move the grapes from their region, they lose all appellation status,’ Gavin enlightens me. ‘But the way

The grape Cabernet Sauvignon The origin Mas Coutelou, Languedoc, Roussillon The grower Jean-Francois ‘Jeff’ Coutelou The taste Made in a mix of new and older barrels to complement each other; the older barrel is darker, richer and drier; the new barrel has a coffee influence


FULHAM Residents’ Journal

The fermentation Preparing the

grapes for the


we make the wines is the same, or in some cases, better than some other top domaine producers. Each particular region has quite strict protections on how they produce wine, whereas our situation gives us a lot of freedom.’ As for using English grapes to make wine, Gavin is adamant that it will happen at some point in the future. ‘The wine industry in the South Downs and Kent is really developing, which is great. Hopefully we’ll get some English wine next season,’ says Gavin. ‘I did try last year but 2012 was quite a bad year, so everyone kept everything for themselves, because they wanted to fill their own tanks up again. And what does 2014 have in store for

The grape Barbera The origin Priocca, Piedmonte The growers Giovanni Cordero and his sons The taste A work in progress, still a bit acidic. This is going through malolactic fermentation at the moment, which involves neutralising the malic acid to soften the taste

London Cru? The team wants to keep a lot of the core range the same but work with new growers as well to add a few different grape varieties, such as Chenin Blanc and perhaps some Spanish varieties to the lineup. ‘From a winemaking perspective this is very exciting. In most wineries, the varieties you work with are dictated by the region, but we get to move around. In an ideal world I’d like to be making 10 or 15 wines if I could. I think we can make 3,000 cases,’ Gavin estimates. The wine, which London Cru hopes to release for around £15 a bottle, will be sold directly through tours and tastings as well as via the website. ‘I want the wines to stand up on their own rather than having a novelty factor; that might get people through the door once, but it won’t build long-term business. I hope visitors will go home with 20 cases but I’m ever the optimist,’ Gavin laughs. ‘Cliff has never been afraid to take a punt on something different. Initially, we thought we were just playing around; it was a little research project we were doing after our day jobs. Then Cliff agreed to finance it and it became very real. I’ve been swinging between terrified and excited so far,’ Gavin confides, as I take another swig; this winemaking business is thirsty work. The next Meet the Cru tours take place on 8 and 22 March with a Winemaker for a Day session on 15 March. Check the website for further details and to book. 21-27 Seagrave Road, SW6 1RP 020 7381 7871 (

- 10 -



















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FULHAM Residents’ Journal

THE CALENDAR Diary dates for residents looking for the best events in town

LOCAL Until 22 March

27 March

Until 24 May

Under wraps

Rock around the clock

The original designer

The golden age of rock ‘n’ roll comes to Under the Bridge for one night only this month, when three generations of Bill Haley’s Comets – aged between 40 and (impressively) 90 years old – revive an original 50s performance. Ever since Bill Haley and his band recorded the toe-tappingly catchy Rock Around the Clock in 1954, more than 50 million copies of the track have been sold across the globe. The evening’s line-up will feature original musicians performing with Haley’s daughter Gina. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to throw some shapes.

Did you know that the aerodynamic high-speed bullet train was actually inspired by the shape of a mallard’s beak? Don’t believe us? This act of emulating or imitating nature is called biomimicry, and is the topic of scrutiny this month at Roca Gallery. The exhibition, Designs by Mother Nature, will explore how the natural world has been the primary source of inspiration for many of our architectural designs and everyday objects since the dawn of time.

What’s the big secret? Theatre goers can find out for themselves as The Secret Theatre Company returns to the Lyric for the next instalment of its much talked about secret shows. As usual, the company is keeping its cards close to its chest, meaning the synopsis of the forthcoming play is strictly confidential. Viewers will not be given any details about what they are going to be watching, or indeed, who will be in it. Rumour has it however, that power, corruption and revenge will all make an appearance. Curious? Book early to avoid disappointment.

Right / Roskilde 6 © National Museum of Denmark

£15, book online at or 020 8741 6850, Lyric Square King’s Street W6 0QL

the vikings are coming

£27.50, 7pm, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, SW6 1HS (

Free, Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm Saturdays 11am-5pm, Station Court Townmead Road, SW6 2PY 020 7610 9503 (

a walk on the wild side - 12 -

LONDON 6 March – 22 June

Until 23 March

26 March – 25 August

The Vikings are coming

A walk on the wild side

Designs for life

This month will see the first major exhibition on Viking life in more than 30 years taking place at The British Museum. The exhibition focuses on the late eighth century to the early 11th century, and will feature many new archaeological discoveries, such as the newly excavated skeletons from a mass grave in Dorset as well as never before seen artefacts. Don’t miss the show’s centrepiece, the surviving timbers of a 37 metre-long Roskilde six war ship, the longest Viking ship ever discovered.

Now in its 50th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition will be coming to a close at the Natural History Museum this month, so don’t miss out. The competition attracts thousands of photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, from across the globe, receiving entries from more than 98 countries. From up close and personal animal portraits to depictions of dramatic landscapes, the show presents the competition’s 100 award-winning images.

£16.50 plus £1 booking fee, book online via or calk 020 7323 8181 44 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3DG 020 7323 8000

£12/concessions available book online at Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD 020 7942 5000

- 13 -

£12.40. 28 Shad Thames, SE1 2YD 020 7403 6933 (

Left / Makoko floating school, designed by NLÉ, Makoko Community Building Team

Left / Mother’s little headful by Udayan Rao Pawar (India)

designs for life

Designs of the Year 2014 returns to the Design Museum this month, showcasing the most innovative creations across a host of disciplines. Nominees include home-grown talent and international design stars, and span global architecture, digital, fashion, furniture, product and transport designs. Many of this year’s entries offer a nod to ever-evolving smartphone technology, with designs such as Kate Moss’s favourite app, Dumb Ways To Die up for scrutiny. Attendees and followers of the event also get to take part in a daily interactive vote for their favourite entry.

FULHAM Residents’ Journal

Broadway COMES to t Forget winging it to the West End, Fulham now has its first boutique theatre found above the newly renovated Eel Brook pub. Lauren Romano heads over to the London Theatre Workshop to talk kitchen sink dramas with artistic director Ray Rackham


n 10 March, the four-strong cast of London Theatre Workshop’s opening show, Ordinary Days, will be preparing for the first curtain call. Time is ticking; over the next two weeks the black-walled hub will be installed with seats, and fitted with lighting; a stage will be built, and a series of final rehearsals will ensue. Now is the metaphorical calm before the storm, and the forecast is looking positive. Swept up in the current of eager

anticipation, artistic director Ray Rackham is incredulous. ‘I have been given such an amazing opportunity to build an artistic policy from scratch,’ he tells me. ‘We are going to open a space, we have a season lined up, and it’s all happening in less than a month’s time,’ he continues out loud, almost to prove that he isn’t dreaming. There have been several times over the last few months when Ray has had to pinch himself. The back story to creating Fulham’s first fringe theatre has all the romance hallmarks of a Richard Curtis film. ‘I met my wife over there on Eel Brook Common,’ Ray begins, looking out onto the green expanse visible from the window of the newly renovated Eel Brook pub. ‘I was playing a rather raucous rugby game and Hannah, my wife, was sitting over there with her mates. The rugby ball hit their picnic basket and wrecked her afternoon. She absolutely hated me for about six months. Hannah lived with her parents three streets that way, and I’ve grown up around here,’ Ray tells me, adding that co-founder and creative producer Sarah Shelton lives around the corner too. ‘I’ve been working in the theatre for many years, renting spaces all over town and I wanted to find my own home,’ he admits. Chez Ray turned out to be closer than he thought. After a tip off from Sarah Shelton, who knew that the Eel Brook (formerly the Southern Cross pub) had an unused function room upstairs, the pair spotted the potential for a big break. The result was Fringe on the Fringe festival. Last summer 30 acts were staged over six weeks and the overwhelming success clinched a deal with the brewery. ‘They have been so fantastic,’ Ray admits. ‘After Fringe on the Fringe they agreed to let us gut the place and build a theatre. Then in November, we got even more good news; not only were they going to let us transform the upstairs space but they planned to renovate the downstairs pub too.’ The new refurbishment suits Ray’s

- 14 -

o the Eel Brook vision to a T. Sitting ensconced on a plush O’Neill classic, Ah, Wilderness! and, armchair, pillar candles twinkling, it’s not excitingly, the UK premiere of Harvey hard to imagine the destination venue he is Fierstein and John Bucchino’s Broadway after – one where people drift in from their musical, A Catered Affair. nearby homes on a Saturday afternoon ‘This will be the first time that a with no plans and wind up having dinner professional company has taken a big and then heading upstairs to see what’s on Broadway show and brought it to a 65 seat at the theatre. ‘We are trying to pick shows venue,’ Ray tells me. ‘I saw it on Broadway that are as diverse as possible to capture and I thought it was a kitchen sink drama the interest of the residential community – a piece that required the audience to round here, who would otherwise head to actually be sitting around the table with the West End,’ he says. the cast. And then it struck me: “Hang on a London Theatre Workshop is, after all, minute, I’ve got the kitchen! We can build about the spontaneity of having an arts that upstairs and invite people to come venue right on your doorstep, as opposed and spend an evening with this family.” to waiting in box office queues to snap up John Bucchino has been a real supporter a ticket for a show four months in advance. of our work, he has always seen his play as And the team hope that this formula an intimate piece. It’s a small story about will see people returning time and time human emotion and interaction, so what again. ‘We are a close knit group and our better way to achieve this than to feel like audience becomes an extension of that you are actually sat at the sixth place at the group. There was a lovely local lady called table with the actors?’ Liz who booked about five dozen tickets to Fringe on London Theatre Workshop’s main the Fringe in the summer – at least half of us now know aim will be to produce accessible theatre her by name,’ Ray smiles and to engage with the community pauses. ‘I think that is how we will measure our success, by how many Liz’s we get to know over the The artistic policy Ray and his team first year.’ have built has been a labour of love, with a It was the lack of an intimate arts venue particular stress on labour. From obtaining where shows could be nurtured and rights to brushing up on the cast’s DIY developed before transferring to bigger skills, the creation of London Theatre theatres that prompted Ray and Sarah Workshop has been a very hands-on to action. Accordingly, London Theatre experience. ‘It is funny when the music Workshop’s main aim will be to produce director, who you’re used to seeing at the accessible theatre and to engage with the piano, is handed a paintbrush and told, community. ‘The cost of a ticket is going “You’ve got to do the whole ceiling by the to be about the same as the price of the end of the evening.” It was dark red before cinema, but for a live, visceral experience. with heavy carpet and curtains – just putting The only thing we won’t be doing is selling down a new floor and painting everything popcorn,’ Ray laughs. The intimate nature black took 12 people from 9am on Friday of the 65-seat venue has always been part morning until Sunday lunchtime. Six of us of its appeal for him and he is adamant the actually slept on the floor,’ he recalls. audience should be no further than 10 feet As well as preparing for the imminent away from the actors. ‘Big stories in a small launch, Ray has bigger plans in the space, that is what we are about,’ he beams. pipeline, one being the creation of a young And Ray couldn’t have picked a more creative programme. The scheme will invite fitting tribute to his mantra than the a young director, producer and designer, all theatre’s first season, which as well as the aged between 18-21, to spend the summer opening show (Adam Gwon’s musical, in the space and devise their own work of Ordinary Days) includes theatrical theatre from start to finish. highlights such as a revival of the Eugene ‘When you are that age you are at the

- 15 -


FULHAM Residents’ Journal

bottom of the career ladder but ironically your idea bank is probably as full as it’s ever going to be,’ Ray reasons. ‘We will hand over the space for the summer holidays and all of our expertise. The show they devise will open our second season.’ Opportunities that involve being handed a fully functional theatre on a plate might happen once in a blue moon, but the programme is also meant to highlight the difficulties carving out a career in the theatre can entail. ‘It is tough,’ Ray admits. ‘When I was 18, I thought I’d be sorted in five years’ time; that I’d be directing something in the West End.’ His vision doesn’t end there; Ray is also hoping to roll out an education and mentoring programme with even younger residents too. ‘I would absolutely love to work with a local school to produce the Sondheim musical Into the Woods, about all the different Brothers Grimm fairy tales.’ He talks me through his vision with palpable excitement. ‘The first act features the fairy tales as we know them, the second act is after the happily ever after. My vision for this piece is to have school children playing the characters in the first act and then professional actors playing them when they grow up. Every performer has a mentor because every character has another actor playing them later on. For teenagers who really want to get into the profession, it’s a great opportunity for them to see how actors have actually honed their craft. And some of them could design, be involved with the music…’ he trails off. ‘That would be my dream, to have children on a stage designed by their classmates with an orchestra made up of kids and we’d just have fun.’ Fingers crossed, his dream will soon become a reality.

We are trying to pick shows that are as diverse as possible to capture the interest of the residential community round here who would otherwise head to the West End

London Theatre Workshop will open with Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon, which runs from 10-29 March, Monday to Saturday at 8pm, £15 (£12 concession). Visit to book. As an opening offer, tickets for all of the first three productions, Ordinary Days, Ah, Wilderness! and A Catered Affair, are available for combined price of £30 65 New Kings Road, SW6 4SG (

- 16 -

The Really Helpful Club ( is an infinitely useful resource for smart, sensible women. A members’ forum to share your great ideas and best recommendations in a friendly, welcoming environment. More and more women are benefiting from the RHC, a trusted, new best friend

A trusted friend


icture this: you’re in need of a fantastic tried-and-tested holiday destination; a savvy recommendation for a venue in which to host a surprise party; a trusted nanny; a reliable builder, or you’re just frantically scanning the shelves at Waitrose, in need of inspiration for child-friendly meals to stave off those inevitable grumbles... the answer could be just a few clicks away. How many times have we found ourselves in similar situations? Solutions are reassuringly close to hand when you know where to look. If you are seeking real reviews and helpful tips and advice from likeminded women who share a similar outlook and perspective, read on. When the Journal discovered the Really Helpful Club (RHC), an online forum for smart, sensible women to share great ideas and helpful recommendations, we felt our prayers had been answered. The concept for the Club, a website on which members can post thoughts, questions and recommendations, arose when Sarah Austin, a south west London resident and founder of the RHC, realised that she had an invaluable network at her fingertips, as do most women. ‘I noticed that sometimes you have go beyond your own network to a wider audience for help,’ Sarah explains. ‘One person simply cannot have the answers to everything. Equally, you don’t want to ask every friend the same question.’ The Really Helpful Club is a friendly network of practical women who write posts on a wide range of topics. Akin to a best friend, the site is used to gain access to trusted suggestions and recommendations and is free to join. The results speak for themselves, with the members receiving a multitude of great answers to their diverse quandaries from women just like them.

Discovering gems One of the most current popular threads is the topical issue of internet safety for young people. One mother recommended an internet-safety training course for children after her friend introduced her to the RHC. The courses have received rave reviews from both parents and their children. ‘My daughter told me that she was under increasing pressure at school to send inappropriate images…’ explains one anxious parent on the RHC. ‘We attended the course a couple of weeks ago and it has changed our lives. I am no longer terrified and my daughter is confident enough to say no to inappropriate messages… So here I am standing on my soap box, hoping that it will help keep your children safe as well as mine.’ This example perfectly highlights a fact that the RHC’s members know all too well: that word of mouth and positive personal referral is the best way to find results.

Excellent advice from women like you

The RHC is clearly striking a chord with an increasing number of women, as members share recommendations with one another. In one such example, a member seeks advice about juicers and which model to purchase. Within hours, she is greeted with considered responses and actually buys a recommended model; job done and onto the next task that requires attention that day. ‘The juicer is an absolute triumph,’ she writes on the RHC. ‘We are thrilled with it. Thank you so much for the recommendation, especially for sending the link to show where to order it from. It was the simplest and quickest research and purchase I have ever done!’ Another member seeks a reliable dog-walking service as she is contemplating returning to - 17 -

work and receives prompt advice, perfectly answering her query. Recommendations include accurate descriptions and endorsements: ‘Our dog walker is wonderful and so is her stand-in on the rare occasion she cannot make it. She is a genuine dog lover and is so reliable.’ The RHC is an indispensable resource, rich in reassuring advice and helpful solutions.

Creating trust The Really Helpful Club is fast becoming an increasingly influential means of showcasing outstanding local businesses. A case in point that illustrates the RHC’s success is the growing Little Black Book section, a directory of local trusted businesses. A compendium of all you would need to know, this directory provides an essential guide to modern, local life – and everything is recommended by trusted RHC peers. Only those businesses that have received a genuine recommendation by RHC members may be invited to list in the Little Black Book. Taking a peek in this section highlights the breadth and the depth of businesses being praised by RHC members. From amazing cake makers and caterers, wonderful interior designers and florists to brilliant personal trainers as well as trusted and reliable local tradesmen, the Little Black Book is buzzing with the best of the local community. Join the club today for valuable, honest advice and tips. Solutions are a simple click away. n


FULHAM Residents’ Journal

FOOD & DRINK Exploring SW6 through our tastebuds

Raising the Steaks Lauren Romano tucks into signature steaks at Stamford Bridge’s Marco Grill….


egulars to Marco Pierre White’s eponymous establishment in the grounds of Chelsea Football Club might have noticed things have become a touch laid back. The Swarovski-encrusted golden column continues to gleam – its 2.5 million crystals winking incessantly – and the Richard Young snaps of a posse of famous faces still stare back from the walls, but in the kitchen, executive head chef Roger Pizey and his team have been shaking things up. The all-new menu, introduced at the end of last year, features straightforward but well-executed dishes such as fish and chips and whole native lobster. But the real showstopper is the selection of 35 day aged steaks, sourced from award-winning British butcher Donald Russell. The variety of cuts and sizes varies from the 10oz hanger to the hulking Tomahawk – a 35oz beast of brawn. It’s the sort of steak you could imagine Adam Richman from Man v. Food wolfing down for breakfast at a roadside diner, although Marco advises that the Tomahawk is best shared with friends. My steak side-kick and I begin with an amuse bouche of sweet tomato soup served in dainty espresso cups before

working our way through elegantly presented starters of delicate beetrootcured gravadlax and pan-fried buttersoft scallops and chorizo with black olive oil. Both are delicious, but the surf and turf is the winner and sets the bar high for things to come. The steaks arrive with a flourish – a sirloin and a fillet sit alone on white crockery. My fillet comes drenched in a flavoursome Diane sauce and my friend’s sirloin is smeared in a thick blue cheese. Buttered spinach, garlic mushrooms and triple cooked chips wait on the side lines. The rosy blush of fillet is cooked to perfection and the rich pan juices and mushrooms in the

The real show-stopper is the selection of 35 day aged steaks sauce complement the flavour well, while the sirloin is similarly tender but perhaps overpowered ever so slightly by the blue cheese. The triple cooked chips make you wonder why chips were only ever cooked twice, or heaven forbid, once. Triple cooking should be mandatory. As we get stuck in, I observe that, despite the paired-back menu, Marco

- 18 -

Grill retains the glamour it has always had. The service is attentive and friendly and the playlist is nothing short of brilliant. Shifting from The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and interludes from various musicals, I take a sip of oaky Merlot, as I tap my feet to Son of a Preacher Man. This place is sassy. Rationality goes out of the window when it comes to pudding time. What better follow up to a hefty 8oz steak, than a quartet of desserts? Head chef Roger has been part of Marco’s culinary team since 1990, starting his career as a patisserie chef. His syrupy tarte tatin is award-winning stuff, I can confirm. Gorging our way through the complete line-up, we begin with the aforementioned tarte tatin and cinnamon ice cream, then move onto sticky toffee pudding and bitter valrhona chocolate tart, ending with a zingy and refreshing fresh blackberry and lemon cream trifle. The re-launch has certainly been a triumph. After two hours of gluttony, Marco Grill is so laid-back I need a lie down. Marco Grill, Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, SW6 1HS, 020 7915 2929 (


Take away goes gourmet

QUICK & SIMPLE This month chef Ed Sargent brings sunshine to the table because, let’s face it, we aren’t going to get it from anywhere else anytime soon


Chorizo, red peppers, Desiree potatoes Ingredients • 1 pack of Rosario chorizo cooking sausages (Brindisa sell the best) • 2 large red peppers • 2 large Desiree potatoes


1. Prick the peppers and place on a tray in a hot oven (200 °C) until the skin blackens and blisters. Remove, put in a bowl, cover the opening tightly with cling film and allow to sweat and cool. Once cool enough to handle, peel the skin away to reveal the flesh and hull 2. Slice the flesh of the peppers into strips, sprinkle with rock salt and a good glug of olive oil and marinate for two hours 3. Peel the potatoes and cut lengthways into eight pieces. Next, cook them in salted boiling water until they slip from the tip of a sharp knife (approximately six minutes). Drain, cool and set aside 4. Turn your oven down to 150 °C 5. Slice the chorizo sausage into 2 cm thick discs and put half of it into a very hot, dry sauté pan. Cook fiercely until the sausage is a beautiful, burnished red-gold all over. As you cook the chorizo a wonderfully aromatic oil is released 6. Remove the first wave of chorizo, place in an oven proof dish and pop it in the oven to keep warm. Now cook the second half of the sausage, remembering to keep all of that lovely oil 7. Repeat as above and finally sauté the Desiree potatoes in the chorizo oil. Once the pieces have a crisp skin, add them to the oven proof dish 8. Finally, take the marinated peppers and add them to the mélange, toss around to ensure everything is evenly coated, scatter with chopped coriander, should you wish, and serve. All of a sudden, the sun is shining. Ed Sargent is head chef at The Beef Kitchen, a not-for-profit outside catering social enterprise that employs and trains veterans of the Armed Forces All profits made by The Beef Kitchen are donated to charities committed to helping veterans. To book The Beef Kitchen for your event or private dinner and to find out more about what it does, visit or tweet: @thebeefkitchen

- 19 -

Move over microwaveable meals, there’s a new brand of convenience food in town and it’s exclusive to SW6. Cooked up by Michelin-trained chef Rob Bateman, Private Cuisine offers a gourmet approach to the ordinarily additive-laden, nutritionally dubious supermarket ready meals. Made fresh to order Monday to Friday, using carefully sourced ingredients and delivered that evening to Fulham residents, Private Cuisine’s meals on wheels are ready to reheat, freeze or can be kept in the fridge for a few days. Featuring dishes such as tender roasted pork belly with sweet potato gratin and rosemary and cumin infused lamb shoulder, the food on offer is a taste of Sundays without hours spent slaving over the stove. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes et voilà. Want to learn a few tips from the expert? Rob also offers cookery lessons from the comfort of your own home. And for anyone dreaming of escaping the rat race entirely, Rob is planning to organise longer cookery weekends this spring at his family home in Tavistock, Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor. Rustling up delicious grub, country rambles and bonding over a few drinks at the local pub, all in the name of brushing up your culinary skills? Count us in. Contact Rob or keep an eye on the website for further details. All orders must be placed by 4pm for next day delivery between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Friday. £35 minimum order Place your orders at Contact Rob on 07798 868488 or email

FULHAM Residents’ Journal


Katie Randall goes in search of a heartbeat and finds a pulse in an unlikely source, flowing from Fulham all the way to an industrial road in Wandsworth


he music produced by the performers at the World Heart Beat Music Academy in south west London is unlike any other in the capital. It is so special, in fact, that it has secured the support of international luxury brand Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, based on Sulivan Road. Perusing the photographs adorning the organisation’s walls, I can almost hear the notes beaming out from the sea of smiling faces. Music means the world to these young people, and founder and musical director of the Academy Sahana Gero is determined to give them the world. The doors to the Music Academy – a space where more than 240 students learn to play instruments, rehearse and perform in public concerts – were opened in May 2012, but its roots go back much further. Sahana’s first musical foray was launched in 2000. From humble beginnings at a doughnut party held in a living room in East Sheen, the 51st State Band emerged.

Image / Fo Academ under of the W y, Sahan a Gero orld Heart Bea t Mu

‘My living room was packed with 30 children, eager to learn an instrument,’ recalls Sahana. ‘We needed extra space so I hired a hall, and within a few years my venture grew to become one of the largest concert bands for young people in London. We have well over 100 musicians and have performed in the Royal Festival Hall, as well as with many renowned musicians.’ Music has taken the softly-spoken musical director to the four corners of the globe, performing concerts in more than 50 countries, therefore she recognises the impact this art form can have on young lives. She has visited schools all over the world, striving to make music accessible and inspirational for children everywhere. Specialising in playing the Bengali music of Sri Chinmoy, as a teacher, she has more than 18 years of experience and has taught more than 1,000 young people how to play an instrument. ‘I wanted to do more for young people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the UK,’ Sahana

The 51st State Band

The 51st State Band, photo by Neelakshi

- 20 -


begins. ‘I’ve travelled the world playing instruments, so I’ve seen how music influences people and can change their lives in different countries. This wasn’t being reflected in the UK though, and there were disadvantaged children missing out, their talent slipping under the radar. ‘I felt the urge to open a music academy, so I formed a charity – and the name actually came to me in a dream. The one thing that all of humanity has in common is a heartbeat. I live in a loft in Wandsworth and you can look out over London and sense everyone in the city. Even if they are all asleep, on quiet mornings you can almost feel the heartbeats.’ Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry UK, which is based in Fulham, heard about Sahana’s venture and magnanimously reached out to the academy. The organisation was launching its music sponsorship programme (the Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry Music Fund) with Grammy-winning mentors, such as Emeli Sandé. The Fund seeks to discover and promote talented young musicians in the United Kingdom. Through the sales of a striking, interlocking stainless-steel timepiece, Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry is supporting 10 young people at the academy for an entire year. Excitingly, the programme also partners with the renowned GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles. ‘The Fund wanted to support young people who weren’t under the tutelage of the Royal College of Music or benefiting from the support of the Royal Academy of Music,’ Sahana tells me. ‘It sought out musicians with a broader mindset, disadvantaged youths who wanted to learn about the whole of the music industry, as

The 51st State Band

well as those who love to play instruments.’ Ten students from the World Heart Beat Music Academy, all with a variety of different musical interests, have been chosen. Among these ten, 17-year-old Quinn Oulton, a saxophonist and jazz specialist, as well as 18-year-old Isaac Duribe, an electronic-music producer, both from south west London, were selected to attend the GRAMMY Camp. ‘Without wanting to sound too clichéd, I honestly don’t know what I would do without music, and no matter what the future holds I know it will always stay that way,’ says Quinn, who completed his Grade eight with distinction at the tender age of 11. The World Heart Beat Music Academy is far from your average musty music school with an aged professor falling asleep on his or her trombone, instead, multifarious, lively musical styles waft from its corridors. The 51st State Band is alive and kicking,

The one thing that all of humanity has in common is a heartbeat performing across London, with new recruits making marked progress thanks to access to free tuition and instrument hire at the academy. Leading the Stardust People Jazz Improvising Choir, virtuoso vocalist, actor and composer Cleveland Watkiss inspires a new generation of singers. All ages and abilities are welcome to join the group. A new reggae school offers children and young people the opportunity to learn an instrument through the groove and soul of this music genre. The only rigid policy that must be adhered to at the Academy is imbuing young people with an appreciation for greatness in culture, whatever musical form it takes. ‘We’ve been in our current space for two years now,’ says Sahana. ‘With almost 250 students, we are bursting at the seams. We’re looking for a new space and are about to open up a development board. Ultimately, all of the work we do here is driven by the desire to see young people succeed. Every child is born with an inalienable connection to music, which begins with that most essential rhythm of life – the heartbeat, and we want to keep the pulse alive.’ For more information on the World Heart Beat Music Academy, visit

- 21 -

FULHAM Residents’ Journal

residents’ culture A forum for residents’ daily concerns and activities

The French are coming, look chic… Belinda Donovan catches up with Philippe Lassagne to discuss the French Club that he started along with Pascale Mourer-Cooper last year during her mayoral term


ne of the local community’s regulars and the eclectic bunch star couples, Philippe of newcomers alike, who all had Lassagne and his wife interested stories to share. Where Solveig, have co-ordinated else would service personnel from the Sterndale Road Neighbourhood NATO – the French navy – rub Watch for many years. Not content shoulders with an interesting lady with being the local eyes and ears, showcasing her delicious handmade Philippe decided to play to his French chocolate? I am afraid I was established, will find an interesting native French roots and gather network of contacts here. together the gallic community What’s more, the French Club I was only too willing to take settled in the nearby area. is free to attend, just contact up the offer to try her delicacies and Philippe and let him know – he The highly successful club he helped set up brings will then be able to share details together we all discussed ways of together French speakers of forthcoming special guests marketing the products in and (or those wanting to polish with you. Attending the club around Fulham up their rusty language skills regularly has been both great fun forgotten since school days) and it has also really helped me through regular meetings at the only too willing to take up the offer with my rusty school girl French. Vive Queen’s Head, Brook Green in the to try her delicacies and together le French Club. bar at the back of the pub. we discussed ways of marketing the Last time I attended the French products in and around Fulham. Local To contact Philippe, email him Club, it was great to catch up with the French businesses, whether fledgling or


Psst, Belinda’s top pick for…the best cake in town I spent this afternoon eating the best lemon drizzle cake and chatting to Lulu Gwynne, who as far as I am concerned, is a modern-day Betty Blythe, the ultra-glamorous pre ‘talkies’ film star Lulu named her fabulous retro tea house after. Lulu started Betty Blythe almost six years ago – if you have not yet visited you are missing a treat. She

provides a wonderful catering service for children’s birthday parties as well as holding fun events in her shop. Betty Blythe sells a range of cakes plus superb coffee, tea and presents that will please even those people who make present buying a very difficult task to say the least. I really recommend the Betty Blythe cookery book as well – it is packed full of show-stopping recipes.

73 Blythe Road, W14 0HP 020 7602 1177 (

Have you got a local recommendation? Email us at: or tweet:@FulhamRJ - 22 -


First impressions Impressionist painter Christopher Miers puts down his paint brush to talk to local resident David Brough


hristopher Miers is one of in his studio. The end result is an St. James’s, and the periodic open Fulham’s most distinguished impressionist scene rather than a studios Christopher holds at his artists. He has painted in very detailed painting that might be home for his extensive list of clients. many parts of the world, achieved by relying on a photograph. Many of the collectors of his work are from the Victoria Falls to South Miers, a former army colonel, British, because they feel an emotional Africa, and Italy to India. But he is says he is not trying to express any resonance with his scenes. perhaps best known for his scenes of social message or angst in his work. Sometimes people even acquire London, notably Fulham, where he ‘I want to paint attractive subjects Miers’s work on the spot. Recently, he has depicted many riverside views as that people want to have on their was painting a scene on The Mall when well as the allotments near his home walls,’ he assures me. His appeal has an American couple passed by and in Bishops Mansions. been made apparent through the admired his work. They had a chat and ‘I walk out into the landscape and many solo exhibitions in galleries in went away. A few days later, the same paint what I see,’ Miers tells me at his couple called from California to buy home-cum-studio, facing onto the public the painting he had been working on, tennis courts and allotments beyond. as well as a couple of others. The Fulham allotments are among Miers’s home is a sight to behold. Miers’s favourite scenes. ‘There are some Filled with his own paintings, all wonderfully paintable trees, sheds and framed by Fulham specialist Christina coloured materials. In a small area, Leder (who is based on Parsons one can see a variety of different Green Lane) the backdrop compositions,’ he reveals. provides several eye-wandering He talks me through distractions. ‘I believe in the his process; an elected words of the impressionist member of the Royal Alfred Sisley who said that Society of British Artists every landscape painting (RBA), he works with represents a view with oil on canvas and which the painter has with egg tempera on fallen in love,’ he watercolour paper. Have a burning local issue you need to get off your chest? concludes, and with the Want to spread the word about a local venture? Or perhaps He paints quickly, admiration in his eye, you would like to share your thoughts and memories of standing in front of it’s clear he has fallen Fulham? The Journal is looking for contributors to write the scene, trying to head-over-heels with short opinion columns on life and local issues or to catch the moment on his creations. share their news. Submissions can be anonymous for canvas. ‘This morning anyone who wants to keep their identity a mystery. I was painting the dawn. Miers’s work can be seen The sun was moving and at the 2014 Annual Exhibition Email the cloud was coming over. of the Royal Society of British You have to work very fast.’ Artists, taking place from 5-15 Although time is of the essence, March at the Mall Galleries, SW1 Miers prefers to work en plein air, His work can also be viewed at rather than from photographs back

Fulham Residents’ Journal needs you!

- 23 -

There’s never been a better time to make yourself top priority and listen to your body – making small changes to your lifestyle now will make a big difference to the future health and wellbeing of you and your baby. Being pregnant is a very special and exciting time. It’s also a stage when your body will go through an enormous number of changes, along with your moods and emotions, as your baby develops. This nine months is the single most important time to listen to what your body needs. What you eat, the way you exercise and how much time you get to rest and relax will all be crucial to affecting the wellbeing of you and your child. INDIVIDUAL WELLBEING Mermaid Maternity is a unique resource created to help you put yourself first at this important time. A meeting place for mums-to-be and new mums that provides help, advice and support at every step of your motherhood journey, all under one roof. At Mermaid the focus is on nurturing your individual wellbeing from those early stages of pregnancy through to post delivery and beyond.

‘I was at that point when I was a bit of a wreck and really tired. Staying at Mermaid made such a difference. The benefit for me was the three of us being alone with no worries and being able to focus on our new family.’

Mermaid Maternity @MermaidRetreat

NETWORK OF SUPPORT Pregnancy is exactly the right time to take your healthy lifestyle to that extra level which is why Mermaid offer the very best in individual nutritional advice, personal training, wellness treatments and beneficial therapies. You can drop in to Mermaid, whether you feel in need of a relaxing massage, a skin-boosting facial, an energising exercise class or simply just a coffee and a chat. You’ll find a network of support to help.

NURTURING ENVIRONMENT After the birth, the expert Mermaid mother and baby team are on hand around-the-clock for support and advice and to help provide the perfect nurturing environment to give you the time you need to rest, recuperate and feel fully confident about your new life as a family. The opportunity for you, your partner and new baby to stay in one of the beautiful Mermaid family suites, which have been specially designed for your privacy and comfort, is invaluable. Professor in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine at University College London, Eric Jauniaux, says, ‘The UK is the only country in the developed world where women are routinely discharged from hospital within a few days of delivery. For many this can be a very difficult and distressing way to begin life as a mother. Therefore while hospitals may be the safest place to deliver, Mermaid is the perfect place to recover.’

VISIT MERMAID MATERNITY RETREAT: 234a King’s Road, London SW3 5UA OR CALL 020 7199 3220 |

PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT Structural changes in the area

Planning applications Date registered: 21 February Address: Sulivan Primary School, Peterborough Road Proposal: Erection of twostorey temporary building within school playground Date received: 17 February Address: Rivermead Court, Ranelagh Gardens Proposal: Tree maintenance work to Indian Bean and Norway Maple Date received: 18 February Address: Fulham Road Proposal: Display of an internally illuminated fascia sign

Flyover could take three years Discussions at the transport select committee last month revealed that a subterranean replacement for the ageing Hammersmith Flyover could take three years to build. The council’s transport team have been working with Halcrow, the engineers responsible for the Channel Tunnel, to formulate three possible tunnel replacements. These include digging a tunnel 15 metres beneath the road’s surface between Furnivall Gardens and Hammersmith & West London College, or longer tunnels which would be buried 25 metres underground. These longer stretches would start at Sutton Court Road and end at either North End Road or Earls Court Road. It is predicted that land released by the development of a tunnel could generate around £1billion to help finance the construction. ‘We now know there are at least three ways to tear down Hammersmith’s Berlin Wall,’ said Cllr Nicholas Botterill. ‘Each of the options has pros and cons but we are now clear that they are possible and, in some cases, may even be self-financing, which is an important factor for taxpayers.’ To read the transport select committee report, visit

Planned roadworks and closures in and around March STREET




Broughton Road approach

Network operations maintenance; install and replace link box

Until 11 March

Fulham Palace Road

Road repairs (standard lane closure to apply)

Until 24 April

UKPN East & Lon LTD 0800 028 4587 Transport for London 0845 305 1234

Harwood Road

Footway repaving on western footway between Effie Road and Moore Park Road, partial lane closure to be put in place Cycle hire scheme carriageway works. Excavate and construct foundations for docking points Service connection works

Until 7 March

Hammersmith & Fulham 020 8748 3020

Until 16 March

Transport for London

Until 28 March

National Grid Gas plc 0845 605 6677 UKPN East & Lon LTD

Hurlingham Road (adjacent to entrance to Hurlingham Park) Stevenage Road

Wandsworth Bridge Road Network operations maintenance

- 25 -

Until 11 March

FULHAM Residents’ Journal

the directory Whether whim or wish, all of the essentials are taken care of in our round up for harmonious living

ESTATE AGENTS John D Wood & Co 287 New King’s Road 020 7731 4223

Savills 191 New King’s Road 020 7731 9400

Knight Frank 203 New King’s Road 020 7751 2400

Cannons Estate Agents 189 Fulham Palace Road 020 7381 2184

Marsh & Parsons 105 Moore Park Road 020 7736 9822

Strutt & Parker 701 Fulham Road 020 7731 7100

Marsh & Parsons 333 Fulham Palace Road 020 7993 9888

Winkworths Fulham and Parsons Green 40 New King’s Road 020 7731 3388 Haus Properties 99 Wandsworth Bridge Road 020 7751 0400

PROPERTY SEARCH AGENT Penn Holmes London Ltd ‘SW6 ladies Katie and Francesca specialise in buying properties for their clients here in Fulham.’

Belvoir! 632 Fulham Road 020 7736 2786

Chesterton Humberts ‘Three offices – one great postcode’ 78 New Kings Road 020 7731 4448

55 Langthorne Street 07884 180480 07989 746499

Essam Guenedy 267 New King’s Road 020 7371 8010

Marc Wallace 261 New King’s Road 020 7736 6795

Katie & Jo 253 New King’s Road 020 7736 5304

Zaeem Jamal ‘Luxury, hand-embroidered evening gowns decorated with radiant gem stones.’

Iceblu 24a New King’s Road 020 7371 9292

Claudia Sebire 136 Fulham Road 020 7835 1327

Mania Mia 307 New King’s Road 020 3441 1003




Space NK 205 New Kings Road 020 7736 6728

hair salon



guest house

Gina Conway 612 Fulham Road 020 7731 7633

309 King’s Road 020 7100 2072

Palace Pharmacy 331 Fulham Palace Road 020 7736 3034

Mermaid Maternity Retreat 234a Kings Road 020 7199 3220 (

hotels b&b

Fulham Thames Walk B&B 91 Langthorne Street 020 7381 0198

La Reserve Hotel 422-428 Fulham Road 020 7385 8561

Fulham Guest House 55 Wandsworth Bridge Road 020 7731 1662 - 26 -


Millennium & Copthorne Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road 020 7565 1400

HOME INTERIOR DESIGN Alice Leigh Design 12 Parkville Road 07801 823953 (

Caroline Fooks Design

WOOD FLOORING Bembé UK Ltd ‘German craft since 1780.’

Unit 13 Sulivan Enterprise Centre Sulivan Road 020 7386 5772 (

315-317 New King’s Road 020 7371 9090

schools & nurseries Chelsea Independent College 517-523 Fulham Road 020 7610 1114

Godolphin and Latymer School Iffley Road 020 8741 1936

Latymer Upper School 237 King Street 0845 638 5800

Eridge House Preparatory School 1 Fulham Park Road 020 7371 9009

Hurlingham and Chelsea School Peterborough Road 020 7731 2581

L’Ecole des Petits 2 Hazlebury Road 020 7371 8350

Fulham Cross Girls’ School Munster Road 020 7381 0861

Kensington Prep School 596 Fulham Road 020 7731 9300

Millie’s House Nursery & Pre-School 163 New King’s Road 020 7731 0440

Fulham Prep School 200 Greyhound Road 020 7371 9911

Lady Margaret School Parsons Green 020 7736 7138

Parayhouse School New King’s Road 020 7751 0914

essentials childcare

Fulham Nannies 69 Stephendale Road 020 7736 8289


Vanston Dry Cleaning/ Laundry 1 Vanston Place 020 7381 3609

post office Fulham Road Post Office 815 Fulham Road 0845 722 3344


The London Oratory School Seagrave Road 020 7385 0102 The Moat School Bishop’s Avenue 020 7610 9018 Thomas’s Fulham Hugon Road 020 7751 8200

luxury services EVENTS

Sweetapple Heating & Plumbing ‘Local Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineers, offering a 24 hour service’ 130 Stephendale Road 020 7371 0409 07889 184146 (

Sinclair House School 159 Munster Road 020 7736 9182

Addoastra ‘A boutique event management company based in London but operating throughout the country’ 20 Reporton Road 020 3689 4585 (


Town and County Flowers 131 Wandsworth Bridge 020 7736 4683 - 27 -


Paramount Press Ltd 129 Munster Road 020 7731 0900


Perry’s 777 Fulham Road 020 7736 7225


The Ultimate Travel Co. 25-27 Vanston Place 020 7386 4646

FULHAM Residents’ Journal

PROPERTY WATCH Experts share their invaluable knowledge and shine a light on local property news

The local

knowledge Having collectively clocked up 40 years living in Fulham, Francesca Penn and Katie Holmes of bespoke residential property search service Penn Holmes can help daunted buyers find the right property for them, at the right price


abbies take The Knowledge, but after years of pounding the pavements in Fulham, Francesca Penn and Katie Holmes’ knowledge of the local streets is nothing short of encyclopaedic. The duo, who have been friends since childhood, fully appreciate that buying a property can be a difficult business, particularly in Fulham’s fast-paced market. After personally wading through the quagmire of rejected offers, sealed bids and dashed hopes that buying a home can entail, they decided to carve out their own niche. Together they founded Penn Holmes, a bespoke property search service, which helps clients secure the right property for them at the right price. ‘We live and breathe Fulham,’ Francesca begins. ‘I have lived here all my life and Katie has been here ten years, so we understand what people at all stages of their lives are looking for when they settle here.’ But what exactly is a property search agent and why would people need one? ‘We don’t sell houses,’ Katie is clear. ‘We match our clients with the right property for their budget. Having bought, sold and developed in SW6 over the years we knew exactly what we would have wanted if we had employed somebody like ourselves.’ With such limited local supply good properties in Fulham don’t hang around for long. ‘Essentially, we give our clients the confidence to recognise what they want and to move

quickly when they find it. We are frank and realistic in our search,’ Francesca explains. ‘We emphasise to our clients that from the moment we start the search they have got to be prepared to act straight away, even if it’s the first thing they see. There might be 20 or 30 people viewing a particular property so hanging around is not an option when the right property comes up.’ Together, Francesca and Katie take clients by the hand. They can advise on how to offer a fair market price and when to offer. ‘Preparation before the search begins is also essential,’ Francesca says.’ We ensure our clients’ finances (and/or mortgages) are watertight, and that they have

instructed a solicitor and a surveyor. There’s no point getting started until that’s sorted.’ Shortlisting properties is just the early part of what Penn Holmes does. Francesca and Katie see deals through right to the end – from getting an offer excepted through to exchange and completion. ‘We help them get over the line,’ Katie assures, ‘as this is so often the time when many deals fall out of bed.’ The duo’s excellent network of local contacts, from estate agents to developers and residents themselves, ensure no stones are left unturned for clients. ‘We work closely with all the local estate agents so they know that the clients coming through us are sensible, realistic and committed buyers.’ This local address book has enabled the pair to find approximately 80 per cent of their properties through either pre-market sales or offmarket deals. From upsizers to downsizers, first time buyers to investors, Francesca and Katie’s bespoke service is open to all looking for reliable property guidance. After all, as they point out, in life most people seek guidance or advice for any other significant financial investment, so why wouldn’t you consult somebody for advice on the biggest financial commitment of your life? When it comes to tailor-made advice on the Fulham property market, Penn Holmes has the local knowledge. (

- 28 -



French estate agents Breteuil explains why the local property market is attracting the French to Fulham


he French community has long found a home in Fulham, but in recent months, the steady trickle of residents from across the Channel has shown no sign of slowing down. Attracted by the dynamic of this corner of south west London and its flourishing Gallic community, many are also choosing to settle here for the investment potential it affords. The French economic policy, which includes new taxation rates that can amount to 75 per cent on salaries of more than €1 million, has been one reason for families and companies choosing to relocate to London, or living between the capital and France. In light of this, French estate agent

chain Breteuil, who have 10 thriving offices in Paris, decided the time was right to open its first London branch on the Fulham Road. While not exclusively open to French clients, access to native French speakers and the team’s knowledge of both the French and UK property markets can

Breteuil offer access to native French speakers help those looking to establish roots in Fulham find their feet. The well-established Lyceé Français Charles de Gaulle in nearby South Kensington and the French Cultural Institute continue to prove attractive to young families, while the easy proximity

of London and Paris thanks to the Eurostar has also enabled people to live and move between both the UK and the French capital to get the best of both worlds. As more French residents continue to arrive in the area, Breteuil has announced that it will be attending a forthcoming conference organised by the British Chamber of Commerce for French companies interested in moving to London. The team will be on hand to discuss the practicalities of a full-scale move and to help decipher buying and rental policy. So who is the typical Breteuil client? Many people are moving here with the intention of buying as London real estate is seen as a stable investment. More people are also making the move to benefit from the job prospects here, especially in the financial sector. And when they do, Breteuil will be there to help them make Fulham home. 280 Fulham Road, SW10 9EW 020 7351 6308 (

- 29 -


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Emma Stead 020 7731 9400

1 IMMACULATE DOUBLE FRONTED HOUSE WITH SOUTH FACING GARDEN clancarty road, sw6 Reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø media room ø family room ø study ø master bedroom suite with dressing room ø 4 further bedrooms ø 3 further bathrooms ø cloakroom ø utility room ø south facing garden ø 322 sq m (3,466 sq ft) ø EPC=D Guide £3.4 million Freehold

Savills Fulham Emma Stead

020 7731 9420

1 SUBSTANTIAL PERIOD HOUSE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED hartismere road, sw6 Reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø 4 double bedrooms ø 2 bathrooms ø garden ø cellar ø 165 sq m (1,776 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Savills Fulham Sarah Lloyd

020 7731 9420 Guide £1.595 million Freehold

1 SUPERB HOME WITHIN A PRESTIGIOUS GATED DEVELOPMENT hurlingham square, sw6 2/3 reception rooms ø kitchen ø 4/5 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø garden ø 2 off-street secure parking spaces ø 169 sq m (1,819 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Savills Fulham Alfie Baldwin

020 7731 9420 Guide £1.825 million Freehold



IMMACULATELY PRESENTED FAMILY HOUSE fernhurst road, sw6 5 bedrooms ø double reception room ø eat-in kitchen ø 3 bathrooms (1 en suite) ø garden ø 195 sq m (2,089 sq ft) ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

Savills Fulham - Bishops Park Kate Rotheram

020 7578 9051 Unfurnished £1,850 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit



BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED APARTMENT OVERLOOKING PARSONS GREEN parsons green, sw6 2 double bedrooms ø modern bathroom ø reception room ø eat-in gallery kitchen ø guest cloakroom ø 72 sq m (775 sq ft) ø Council Tax=E ø EPC=D

Savills Fulham Milly Webb

020 7731 2692 Unfurnished £525 per week + £276 inc VAT one-off admin fee and other charges may apply* *£36 inc VAT for each additional tenant/occupant/guarantor reference where required. Inventory check out fee – charged at the end of or early termination of the tenancy and the amount is dependent on the property size and whether furnished/unfurnished. For more details, visit

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Fulham Road SW6 £2,950,000 This superb five-bedroom, mid terrace family house is offered in excellent condition and conveniently located on the border of Fulham & Chelsea. This stunning period property is beautifully presented throughout, with elegant accommodation arranged over four floors. Finished in a contemporary style, the house includes two impressive raised ground floor reception rooms, complete with beautiful wooden flooring, fireplaces and access out to a south facing balcony. Freehold. EPC=C. Sole Agents.

FULHAM: 020 7736 9822

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Little Venice

Notting Hill

Waterford Road SW6 £2,300,000 Positioned on the Chelsea/Fulham border this superb house offers well balanced accommodation arranged over four floors. The property comprises a beautiful ground floor reception room and a bright eat-in kitchen leading out to a private patio garden. The lower ground floor offers a further reception room, study area, double bedroom and a shower room while the upper floors provide a beautiful master bedroom with en suite bathroom, two further double bedrooms and a bathroom. Freehold. Sole Agents.

FULHAM: 020 7736 9822

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Bronsart Road SW6 £1,895,000 This very rare Victorian house is located on a popular residential street in Fulham offering two floors of fantastic living and bedroom accommodation. Retaining many of its exceptional original features, the property provides a large eat-in kitchen, bright reception room leading out to a 37ft garden, four good sized double bedrooms and a shower room. The property benefits further from a very private garden and offers the potential to extend, subject to the usual planning requirements. Freehold. EPC=C. Joint Sole Agent.

BISHOPS PARK: 020 7993 9888

The Negotiator Awards 2013 (for the 2nd year running!)

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 - Gold (for the 2nd year running!)

Community Champion of the Year

Best London Estate Agency

The Negotiator Awards 2013 - Silver

Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year 2013 (Medium) - Gold (for the 4th year running!)

Langthorne Street SW6 £1,650,000 Located within the popular Alphabet Streets of Fulham, this property provides well balanced accommodation arranged over three floors. The ground floor includes a spacious bay windowed double reception room and a beautiful open plan family kitchen leading out to a 60ft south facing garden. The upper floors provide an elegant master bedroom with fitted cupboards and en suite shower room, three further double bedrooms (one with en suite shower room) and a family bathroom. Freehold. EPC=E. Sole Agents.

BISHOPS PARK: 020 7993 9888

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Waterford Road SW6 £995 per week This beautifully renovated family house is located in the sought after Moore Park Estate. The property comprises a large double reception room with wooden oors and an arch that leads through to an extended kitchen/dining/family room with double doors leading out to a paved garden. The bedroom accommodation includes three double bedrooms and three bathrooms (one en suite). EPC=D

FULHAM: 020 7736 9822

Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W11

£1,850,000 Road, Fulham, SW6 Waterford

£2,250,000 - Sold Situated on one of London’s most famous and vibrant roads, this beautiful home is an all-out treat for lovers of authentic retro chic. Although we appreciate the development potential, the kitsch cool inside this freehold home has not been created, more maintained An outstanding freehold house situated on the exclusive Moore Park Estate, just off the New Kings Road. to an exacting standard. Having undergone a meticulous and immaculate refurbishment, the internal accommodation is well designed and planned accommodation is spread over four equally impressive floors.

PR RO OP PE ER RT T II E ES S P HausProperty_12x12FP_BG.indd 1

020 7751 0400 #HausProperties

11/09/2012 15

Stephendale Road, Fulham, SW6 ÂŁ1,995,000 Waterford Road, Fulham, SW6

ÂŁ2,250,000 - Sold An exceptionally large home in thriving Sands End. This interior designer owned property is a bold and unique expression of architectural design and a statement of can be done with a Victorian terraced property. Over 2300 sq ft of accommodation offering An outstanding freehold house situated on the exclusive Moore Park Estate, just off the New Kings Road. everything from the crisp and calm to flamboyant and colourful. Having undergone a meticulous and immaculate refurbishment, the internal accommodation is well designed and planned accommodation is spread over four equally impressive floors.

PROPERTIES HausProperty_12x12FP_BG.indd 1

020 7751 0400 #HausProperties

11/09/2012 1

The Sharrolds, SW6

Prices from £625,000 – Available Waterford Road, Fulham, SW6March 2014

£2,250,000 - Sold A sophisticated new development of 8 new 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Designed and built to the highest of standards, ‘The Sharrolds, SW6’ is right in the heart of Fulham, seconds from the popular wine bars, restaurants and of course the tube at An outstanding freehold house situated on the exclusive Moore Park Estate, just off the New Kings Road. Fulham Broadway. Having undergone a meticulous and immaculate refurbishment, the internal accommodation is well designed and planned accommodation is spread over four equally impressive floors.

PROPERTIES HausProperty_12x12FP_BG.indd 1

020 7751 0400 #HausProperties

11/09/2012 15

Waterford Road, Fulham, SW6 ÂŁ2,250,000 - Sold

An outstanding freehold house situated on the exclusive Moore Park Estate, just off the New Kings Road. Having undergone a meticulous and immaculate refurbishment, the internal accommodation is well designed and planned accommodation is spread over four equally impressive floors.

PROPERTIES HausProperty_12x12FP_BG.indd 1

020 7751 0400 #HausProperties

11/09/2012 1


Fulham Island, Fulham SW6 Two bedroom flat near Fulham Broadway

A third floor apartment in a smart and contemporary modern development in the increasingly sought after Fulham Broadway area. The apartment features a great 30’ reception opening onto a south facing balcony. Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2nd bedroom, reception room with open plan kitchen, guest shower room, balcony, underground parking space, porter. EPC rating B. Approximately 84.1 sq m (905 sq ft) Leasehold Guide price: £999,950 (FLH140055) 020 0203641 36416175 6175

The Piper Building, Fulham SW6 Three bedroom apartment with parking

A stunningly refurbished split-level apartment on the second floor of an iconic portered building benefiting from a west-facing outlook and balcony along with a private parking space. Master bedroom with en suite shower room, further bedroom with en suite bathroom, bedroom/study, reception room with open plan kitchen, mezzanine seating area, guest shower room, balcony, parking, porter. EPC rating B. Approximately 173.2 sq m (1,864 sq ft) Leasehold Guide price: ÂŁ1,375,000 (FLH140028) 020 3641 6175 Nicosia Road, Wandsworth SW18

Nicosia Road, Wandsworth SW18


A handsome semi‐detached family home of substantial proportions located on the much sought after “Toast Rack”. 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, cloakroom, utility space, large rear garden, off street parking. EPC rating E. Approximately 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿   Freehold

A handsome semi‐detached family home of substantial proportions located on the much sought after “Toast Rack”. 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, cloakroom, utility space, large rear garden, off street parking. EPC rating E. Approximately 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿   Freehold

Thi A Roa su bed so kitc ba clo ki gar la ﴾1,7 E. Fre Fr

Asking price: £2,795,000

Asking price: £2,795,000

Ask A 020 7768 0993 020 7768 0993

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Vardens Road, Battersea SW11

Vardens Road, Battersea SW11


Semi‐detached property providing generously proportioned accommodation combining fine period features with modern design. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, large kitchen/dining area, utility room, cloakroom, study, terrace, garage, south west facing garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 321 sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ Freehold

Semi‐detached property providing generously proportioned accommodation combining fine period features with modern design. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, large kitchen/dining area, utility room, cloakroom, study, terrace, garage, south west facing garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 321 sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ Freehold

Orville Road, Battersea SW11

Asking price: £3,150,000

Con Se Com pr for pe suit be roo ro gar cl D. A fa sq Fre   Fr Ask A

Toast Rack house

Modern design

Asking price: £3,150,000

Toast Rack house

Modern design Split level 4 bedroom house with roof terrace 020 7768 0993 020 7768 0993 A stylish split level house, benefiting from double height ceilings, wooden flooring, and finished to a high specification throughout. 4 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen and ﴾WND120139﴿ ﴾WND120139﴿ dinng room, study, roof terrance. EPC rating D. Approximately 187 sq m (2,008 sq ft) 020 3597 7670 Freehold

Guide price: £1,875,000 (RVR130328)

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Kni K wa w 020 02



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Trinity Nicosia Road, Trinity Road, NicosiaRoad, Road, Wandsworth Wandsworth Wandsworth Wandsworth SW17 SW18 SW17 SW18

Trinity Nicosia Road, Road, Trinity Nicosia Road, Road, Wandsworth Wandsworth Wandsworth Wandsworth SW17 SW18 SW17 SW18


This property issemi‐detached set behind the family houseshome on Trinity A handsome of This property issemi‐detached set behind the family houseshome on Trinity A handsome of Road substantial and accessed proportions via a secure located gated on the entrance. 4 much Road substantial and accessed proportions via a secure located gated on the entrance. 4 much bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, sought after “Toast Rack”. 6 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, sought after “Toast Rack”. 6 bedrooms, 2 kitchen/dining/family bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, room, 2 reception media/playroom, rooms, kitchen/dining/family room, media/playroom, bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, cloakroom, utilityroom, room,cloakroom, plant room,utility 45ft space, kitchen/dining cloakroom, utilityroom, room,cloakroom, plant room,utility 45ft space, kitchen/dining garden. EPCgarden, rating C. sq m large rear offApproximately street parking.158.8  EPC rating garden. EPCgarden, rating C. sq m large rear offApproximately street parking.158.8  EPC rating ﴾1,710 sq ft﴿ E. Approximately 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿ ﴾1,710 sq ft﴿ E. Approximately 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿     Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold

semi‐detached familyon home of ThisA handsome property is set behind the houses Trinity ThisA handsome property is set semi‐detached behind the houses familyon home Trinity of substantial proportions located onentrance. 4 the much Road and accessed via a secure gated substantial proportions located onentrance. 4 the much Road and accessed via a secure gated sought after “Toast Rack”. bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ﴾1 en 6suite﴿, sought after “Toast Rack”. bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms ﴾1 en 6suite﴿, bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining/family room, media/playroom, kitchen/dining/family bathrooms ﴾1 en suite﴿, room, 2 reception media/playroom, rooms, cloakroom, kitchen/dining utility room, room,plant cloakroom, room, 45ft utility space, kitchen/dining room,plant cloakroom, utility space, cloakroom, utility room, room, 45ft garden. largeEPC rearrating garden, C. Approximately off street parking. 158.8  EPCsq rating m garden. largeEPC rearrating garden, C. Approximately off street parking. 158.8  EPCsq rating m E. Approximately 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿ ﴾1,710 sq ft﴿ ﴾1,710 E. Approximately sq ft﴿ 260 sq m ﴾2,799 sq ft﴿     Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold

T T R R b b k k c c g g ﴾ ﴾

Asking Askingprice: price:£1,795,000 £2,795,000 Asking Askingprice: price:£1,795,000 £2,795,000

Asking price: £2,795,000 Asking price: £1,795,000 Asking price: £2,795,000 Asking price: £1,795,000

A A 020 0207768 77680993 0993 020 0207768 77680993 0993 020020 7768 7768 0993 0993 7768 0993 020020 7768 0993

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﴾WND140026﴿ ﴾WND140007﴿ ﴾WND140026﴿ ﴾WND140007﴿

﴾WND140007﴿ ﴾WND140026﴿ ﴾WND140007﴿ ﴾WND140026﴿

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Roseneath Road, Vardens Roseneath Road, Vardens Road, Road, Battersea Battersea SW11 Battersea SW11 BatterseaSW11 SW11

Vardens Roseneath Road, Vardens Road, Road, Roseneath Road, Battersea SW11 Battersea BatterseaSW11 SW11 Battersea SW11


Contemporary house located between the Semi‐detached property providing generously Contemporary house located between the Semi‐detached property providing generously Commons proportioned with accommodation an integral garage combining and parking fine Commons proportioned with accommodation an integral garage combining and parking fine for period 2 cars.features 4/5 bedrooms, with modern 3 bathrooms design. 6﴾1 en for period 2 cars.features 4/5 bedrooms, with modern 3 bathrooms design. 6﴾1 en suite﴿, bedrooms, reception 4 bathrooms room, kitchen/dining/family ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception suite﴿, bedrooms, reception 4 bathrooms room, kitchen/dining/family ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception room, study/bedroom 5, cloakroom, integral rooms, large kitchen/dining area, utility room, room, study/bedroom 5, cloakroom, integral rooms, large kitchen/dining area, utility room, garage, off street parking forgarage, 2 cars. EPC rating cloakroom, study, terrace, south west garage, off street parking forgarage, 2 cars. EPC rating cloakroom, study, terrace, south west D. Approximately 205rating sq m E. ﴾2,207 sq ft﴿ facing garden. EPC Approximately 321 D. Approximately 205rating sq m E. ﴾2,207 sq ft﴿ facing garden. EPC Approximately 321 sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ Freehold   Freehold   Freehold Freehold Asking price: £1,800,000 Asking price: £1,800,000 Asking price: £3,150,000 Asking price: £3,150,000

Contemporary Semi‐detached house property located between providing generously the Contemporary Semi‐detached house property located between providing generously the proportioned combining Commons with anaccommodation integral garage and parkingfine Commons proportioned with anaccommodation integral garage and combining parkingfine features with modern design.﴾16en for 2period cars. 4/5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms features with modern design.﴾16en for 2period cars. 4/5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms suite﴿, bedrooms, reception 4 bathrooms room, kitchen/dining/family ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception bedrooms, 4 bathrooms ﴾3 en suite﴿, 2 reception suite﴿, reception room, kitchen/dining/family rooms, large kitchen/dining area, integral utility room, room, study/bedroom 5, cloakroom, room, rooms, study/bedroom large kitchen/dining 5, cloakroom, area, integral utility room, cloakroom, study, terrace, south west garage, off street parking for 2garage, cars. EPC rating cloakroom, study, terrace, south west garage, off street parking for 2garage, cars. EPC rating facing garden.205 EPCsq rating E. Approximately 321 D. Approximately m ﴾2,207 sq ft﴿ facing garden.205 EPCsq rating E. Approximately 321 D. Approximately m ﴾2,207 sq ft﴿ sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ sq m ﴾3,451 sq ft﴿ Freehold   Freehold   Freehold Freehold Asking price: £1,800,000 Asking price: £1,800,000 Asking price: £3,150,000 Asking price: £3,150,000

C C C C f f s s r r g g D D

﴾WND130246﴿ ﴾WND120139﴿ ﴾WND120139﴿

﴾WND130246﴿ ﴾WND120139﴿ ﴾WND120139﴿

Contemporary house Toast Contemporary house Toast Rack Rack house house

Peaceful Modern design Peaceful development Modern development design 020 7768 0993 020 0207768 77680993 0993 020 7768 0993 ﴾WND130246﴿

Contemporary Toast house Contemporary Toast Rack Rack house house house

Peaceful Modern development design Peaceful Modern development design 7768 0993 7768 0993 020 7768 0993 020 7768 0993 ﴾WND130246﴿






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“Committed to excellence Dedicated to you�

92% of our sales stock has sold for over the asking price this year. 87% of all our rental properties are let within the first 72 hrs of marketing. Call now to arrange a free valuation. 020 7381 2184

189 Fulham Palace Road London W6 8QX

fulham | Parsons green sands End | munster Village barons court | west brompton


To LeT Stylish and immaculately presented three double bedroom family house with south/west facing garden and well situated by the popular ‘Villes’ area of Fulham, close to the amenities of Fulham Road, Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green. Early ViEwing rEcommEndEd. aVailablE immEdiatEly – UnfUrnishEd. EPC Rating D. Approximately 103 sq m (1,109 sq ft). 632 Fulham Road | London | SW6 5RT 020 7736 2786 | 7423 Belvoir Fulham Residents Journal Advert v6.indd 1

27/02/2014 16:31

We believe that every building is one-of-akind. Every design is created to a unique, specific and personal vision. And every project requires individual understanding, research and planning. Blending architectural flair with building surveying professionalism. Collaborating with clients, suppliers, engineers and builders. Together we create original and beautiful bespoke houses. We are experienced and pragmatic, fresh thinking and innovative; we are Pennington Phillips.

Pennington Phillips 16 Spectrum House 32–34 Gordon House Road London NW5 1LP t: 020 7267 1414 f: 020 7267 7878

Boutique living in the heart of w6 ASHLAR COURT Ravenscourt Gardens, London, W6 0TU

2 Bedroom apartments from £750,000

• A collection of 2 & 3 bedroom luxury apartments • Beautiful Grade II listed building • Many original features being retained • Secure underground parking • Lovingly restored communal gardens • Excellent transport links

For more information

0844 644 1576

Prices and details correct at time of going to press.

9607_029_Ashlar_RJ Fulham_248x175mm_AW_05.03.indd 1

28/02/2014 12:11

Sans titre-1.indd 3







17/02/2014 15:23:49

Petley Road, SW6

A beautifully presented four bedroom terraced house on this attractive road set within the ‘Crabtree Estate.’

£1,395,000 Freehold

1,593 sq ft (148 sq m) ) EPC Rating D Drawing room | Kitchen/Dining Room | Master bedroom | Three further bedrooms | Two Bathrooms | Cloakroom |Utility Room | Patio Garden

Fulham 020 7730 7100

Dolphin House, SW6

Arguably one of the most prime riverside apartments to come to the market within this impressive development.

ÂŁ2,950,000 Leasehold

1,873 sq ft (174 sq m) EPC Rating B Kitchen/dining room | Drawing room | Three bedrooms | Three bathrooms | Two balconies | Gardens | Concierge and security | Underground Parking

Fulham 020 7731 7100

Bronsart Road, SW6

A beautiful family house that has been lovingly refurbished in recent years to create a charming, contemporary and neutral home.

£875 per week* Unfurnished

1,461 sq ft (135.73 sq m) EPC Rating D Reception room | Eat-in kitchen | Master bedroom with en suite bathroom | Three further double bedrooms | Bathroom | Cloakroom | Garden

Fulham Lettings 020 7731 7100 *The following Tenant charges may apply prior to tenancy commencement: Tenancy Agreement £210 (inc VAT) Credit References per application £54 (inc VAT). All advertised prices are excluded and other associated services.

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Waterford Road SW6 £995 per week This beautifully renovated family house is located in the sought after Moore Park Estate. The property comprises a large double reception room with wooden oors and an arch that leads through to an extended kitchen/dining/family room with double doors leading out to a paved garden. The bedroom accommodation includes three double bedrooms and three bathrooms (one en suite). EPC=D

FULHAM: 020 7736 9822

Fulham Resident's Journal March 2014  

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