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His product has been around less than a decade and it reaches 300 million people every month. It’s enough to turn even the most seasoned marketing man green with envy. Then again, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, doesn’t even do any marketing, as he tells Claire Adler


Free Thinking

hen asked what Wikipedia’s first ever listing was, founder Jimmy Wales can’t remember. But, he says, the first words he put out were: “Hallo world”. How apt. Those who have met and interviewed him know Jimmy Wales is hardly your effusive marketing type. Everything he utters is nothing if not to the point. What began in 2001 as a mission to provide a free encyclopaedia to everyone on the planet, has become a global operation involving thousands of volunteer editors and contributors. Today Wikipedia’s global scope is such that its articles are available in over 250 languages and the The English language content of Wikipedia is just 20 per cent of the total of Wikipedia. “Hallo world”, indeed. “I’m most excited and proud about what’s going on in the developing world,” says Wales, who has declared his ultimate aim is to empower people everywhere to make good decisions. “In some cultures and languages, like Swahili, Wikipedia is the first encyclopaedia that has ever existed. There are currently 18,000 articles on Swahili Wikipedia. Indian Wikipedia is also showing very strong growth and transforming the lives of people there.” Wikipedia – owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, which Wales set up in 2003, and funded by donations – finally turned its first profit in the last quarter of 2009. On one of his regular visits to schools that use Wikipedia round the world, Wales dropped in on a class of children in a slum in the Dominican Republic, sitting in a computer lab in an afterschool session. “Three years ago, this community didn’t even have electricity. Now they have instant access to Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and they are on IM with their friends,” he says. In the Indian state of Kerala, the government has distributed a CD-Rom of Wikipedia articles to 50,000 teachers in their local language. On a recent trip to an India slum, Wales met a 17-year-old boy who thanked him personally, saying Wikipedia had helped him pass his high school exams. In 1962, Charles van Doren, later a senior editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica, claimed: “The ideal encyclopaedia should be radical. It should stop being safe.” Wales, a man accustomed to risk – he began his career as an options trader betting on interest rates and foreign currency fluctuations – couldn’t help noticing the history of

Talking to Jimmy Wales, the man behind the world’s encyclopaedia, Wikipedia


The Art of Fashion Exploring the inextricably linked worlds of art and fashion

we’ve built a global brand. We don’t do any marketing. Word of mouth is stronger than ever

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Britannica was “anything but radical.” He remains driven by his own radical idea – imagining a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Wales launched in 2004 – where communities of people come together to share information on anything they love – currently 75th on the list of most-visited websites and attracting 30 million unique visitors monthly. This summer, the British Museum hosted the first ever Wikipedian-in-Residence, a project that offered UK fans a Backstage Pass tour and resulted in new Wikipedia content. While Wikipedia has been free since 2001, the British Museum has offered free entry since 1753. In another collaboration, Jimmy Wales currently appears in advertisements for innovative luxury Swiss watchmakers Maurice Lacroix. “I love the Maurice Lacroix watch and I like the company’s authenticity. You can’t get by with just glitz,” he says. By the same token, Maurice Lacroix CEO Martin Bachmann is in awe of Wales’s vision and revolutionary accomplishments. Wales is largely regarded as one of the architects of a new way of working, enabling a world where collaboration and the democratisation of information has empowered people to share knowledge freely. Anyone can re-use Wikipedia content for commercial or non-profit purposes. It is a culture that has led to new ways of doing business. Think of companies who give away free laptops to sell internet subscriptions, free phones to sell talk time, or free online photography-sharing site Flickr, which sells the superior FlickrPro to serious users. Chris Anderson, the author of Free: The Future Of Radical Price, claims people below 30 no longer pay for information, knowing it will be available somewhere for free. Wales believes people are still more likely to pay for specialised information, but that encyclopaedia information is too easily accessible to charge for. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s convinced News International’s recent decision to charge readers for online access to The Times will not prompt other papers to follow. “I think News International will give it up,” he says. So what does this say about how consumers will choose what they’re prepared to pay for in the future – from information to luxury watches? “The power now lies with brands to share their compelling stories via the internet and their enthusiast communities,” says Wales. “With Wikipedia’s 300 million users per month, we’ve built a global brand. We don’t do any marketing. Word of mouth is stronger than ever.” n


Fashion Quintessentially British menswear


Design London Looking at The London Design Festival, which takes place this month

weddings 48

The Oldfield Occasion

Mr. Classic

Bruce Oldfield OBE, lets us into a few secrets as a top fashion designer


Red tartan tie, £50, blue tartan shirt, £80, navy blazer, £450, blue jeans, £100, small green and tan briefcase, £490, burgundy spot silk square, £25

Aisle Style

Photographer: Peter Zownir

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calibre Male Bonding Matthew Carter argues the case for the Abrath’s new 500C Cabrio Left: Outrace in Trafalgar Square by Kram and Weisshaar with Audi for LDF 2010



The Racing Ringleader Formula One ringleader Bernie Ecclestone, the shrewdest business man in sport

Right: Once Upon a Dream at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel Below: Staircase installation at the V&A Museum

his is the eighth year of the Festival that celebrates global creativity across numerous design disciplines by exhibiting exciting, innovative works in a vast range of venues across the capital. One of those venues, the hotel Andaz Liverpool Street, will host a number of installations and events such as the sleeping capsule, Once Upon a Dream, by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. Located in the hotel’s lounge, the capsule functions as a sleep pod that introduces a new way of helping a hotel’s residents to rest and recuperate from jetlag and to adjust to their new, journey’s-end environment. “A good sleep is a luxury few people can boast of when they are travelling,” comments Arnaud de Saint-Exupéry, general manager of the hotel, “and we feel the pod is reflective of the innovative spirit Andaz is known for.” Commissioned by luxury brand, Veuve Clicquot, the pod’s form is an amalgamation of fairy-tale and futuristic design created by Lehanneur after researching scientific studies carried out by specialists dealing with chronic insomnia. Once Upon a Dream offers a bed in an intimate space that cleverly optimises the sleep process. It achieves this within a 15-minute period by closing a curtain automatically around the bed, gradually increasing the surrounding darkness and reducing the temperature to 19°⁰C – the optimum for sleep. A “white noise” humming sound at a natural frequency is also produced, which isolates the user from unwanted noise and the pod receives a micro-diffusion of sea air at regular intervals that gently rocks the user. The waking process is equally sensitive as, at a pre-determined time, the user is automatically brought out of sleep over a 15-minute period by the gradual rise in the light and the temperature in the pod. As the hotel is expected to become a hub for people visiting the Festival’s other projects in the Liverpool Street area and the East End, the pod looks certain to become a major attraction both in the short and the long term.


comment The industrial and economic move of manufacturing to the interior of China

connoisseur 126 The Business of Pleasure The most luxurious and indulgent way to do business in Hong Kong

139 On a High A new Head Chef joins Plateau

Without doubt a feast of design for all tastes, for everyone to enjoy and for London to be proud of The Festival will transform locations such as Clerkenwell, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia Village and South Kensington into temporary Design Districts presenting a selection of unique exhibitions and experiences. South Kensington will also offer Brompton Bicycle Tours as a topical and practical way of visiting all areas of the Festival. Not too far away by bike or by any other mode of transport will be the extraordinary mechanical octopus in Trafalgar Square. Consisting of eight industrial robotic arms from leading car manufacturer, Audi, it is destined to attract a huge audience, especially as visitors seeing it via the internet can participate in its actions.

The world’s most famous design museum, the V&A, adopts a truly 21st century image by playing host to a variety of the Festival’s features that include digital tapestries, a stunning staircase installation and a dramatic garden sculpture! Liberty, famous for decades as the capital’s showcase store for designers from around the globe, will be holding an exhibition by Swedish company, ACNE, of its new range of sleek, sculptural sofas inspired by that country’s late, distinguished furniture designer, Carl Malmsten. Also being launched there will be a range of items by the design group, Roger la Borde, that includes its new collection of distinctive stationery, homewares featuring Victoriana illustrations with a contemporary twist, as well as original artwork and limited edition prints by internationally acclaimed artists such as Nelly Dimitranova, Aya Kakeda and Su Blackwell. Without doubt a feast of design for all tastes, for everyone to enjoy and for London to be proud of. n

When people think of London, they automatically think of it as a centre for art and design, and this month’s London Design Festival is certain to reaffirm that view, assures Carol Cordrey

110 China’s Hinterlands

Lucie Dodds 63

Bridal trends for the autumn/winter season


Fashion Editor:

London Design Festival 18–26 September


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1. Claire Adler is a London-based freelance journalist specialising in jewellery, watches and luxury brands. Her work has appeared in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian and Harrods magazine. 2. Jamie Carter is a freelance journalist specialising in gadgets and technology. Jamie has written for the likes of T3, Home Cinema Choice and The Guardian as well as a number of websites. 3. David Kuo is one of the uK’s leading

commentators on money matters. He is a director at The Motley Fool as well as providing daily insight and financial news for BBC London’s Breakfast Show.

4. Sim Smith is a freelance journalist and

stylist based in London. A frequent contributor to prestigious publications, Sim has worked with ELLE Decoration, The Telegraph and The Financial Times.

5. Matthew Carter is a London-based freelance journalist who’s been writing about cars for most of his working life. A former editor of Autocar magazine, he is a serial car owner. 6. Martin Bamford is one of the youngest and most successful financial planners in the UK. He runs his own firm of financial advisers – Informed Choice – and regularly contributes to various financial publications. 7. Carol Cordrey is an art critic and editor with popular columns in many magazines. Each year she organises sponsored art competitions offering attractive prize money and judged by distiguished artists. 8. Clare Murray is founder and managing partner of specialist law firm, CM Murray LLP. Clare and her colleagues advise a wide range of companies, professional firms and senior individuals on employment, partnership and business immigration law issues.

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from the editor...


’m not sure about April being labelled the month of showers as, right now, as we press print on our September issue, the end of August is giving April a really good run for its money. Where’s that Indian summer we were promised by the weatherman? I guess it must be time to reinstate the autumn wardrobe with some inspirational seasonal extras. Take note of our special autumn showers collection of macs (p.22) as I’m predicting we’ll need them more and more. And step back to the time of the English gentleman with our vintage inspired fashion shoot celebrating the launch of the new Hackett store in Canary Wharf (p.38). September is also a time when the winter wedding season really gets into full swing, so we’ve got a whole section for you to pore over (p.47); dresses, designs and an in-depth interview with Bruce Oldfield, wedding dress designer to Sarah Cameron, Princess Diana and more; hints on how to propose and choose ‘the’ ring (useful for the other half or for you to point out, just in case); the season’s ultimate trends and some of the best local venues.

The Ryder Cup is on the horizon, so we’ve sent our roving golfing expert out to Wales (umbrella at the ready) to see what other courses there are on offer (p.99) and we profile the one and only Bernie Ecclestone, one of the shrewdest men in sport and also, possibly the shortest (p.94). Our financial pages (p.107) cover the announcement of cuts and a reorganisation of the Ministry of Defence; a special Reuters report on China’s manufacturing hinterlands; the state of the foreign exchange market; the rise of women investors and the importance of setting goals to get to where you want to be in life and work. Stepping out of the country we visit Hong Kong, one of the most exhilarating cities in the world, filled with a rich sense of culture and a modern metropolitan edge and a truly pleasurable place to do business (p.126). Alternatively, Beverley Byrne dons her sailing gear and floats around the Turkish and Greek islands in a traditional timber yacht all shipshape and Bristol fashion (p.132). Enjoy the read... and don’t forget your umbrella

WISHING YOU A HARRODS CHRISTMAS With over 100 years of heritage and a whole host of cutting-edge and classic gift ideas, Harrods makes light work of your corporate Christmas giving. Not only do we have a luxurious array of gourmet hampers, that suit all budgets, but for Christmas 2010, we also have an range of artisan hampers created exclusively for Harrods by Daylesford Organic and Stichelton Cheesemakers, as well as the quintessentially British treats that will delight clients, employees and friends around the world. Whatever you need this Christmas, there’s something for everyone at Harrods. For more information, contact Harrods Corporate Service on +44 (0) 207 225 5994 or

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free THINKING His product has been around less than a decade and it reaches 300 million people every month. It’s enough to turn even the most seasoned marketing man green with envy. Then again, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, doesn’t even do any marketing, as he tells Claire Adler


hen asked what Wikipedia’s first ever listing was, founder Jimmy Wales can’t remember. But, he says, the first words he put out were: “Hallo world”. How apt. Those who have met and interviewed him know Jimmy Wales is hardly your effusive marketing type. Everything he utters is nothing if not to the point. What began in 2001 as a mission to provide a free encyclopaedia to everyone on the planet, has become a global operation involving thousands of volunteer editors and contributors. Today Wikipedia’s global scope is such that its articles are available in over 250 languages and the The English language content of Wikipedia is just 20 per cent of the total of Wikipedia. “Hallo world”, indeed. “I’m most excited and proud about what’s going on in the developing world,” says Wales, who has declared his ultimate aim is to empower people everywhere to make good decisions. “In some cultures and languages, like Swahili, Wikipedia is the first encyclopaedia that has ever existed. There are currently 18,000 articles on Swahili Wikipedia. Indian Wikipedia is also showing very strong growth and transforming the lives of people there.” Wikipedia – owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, which Wales set up in 2003, and funded by donations – finally turned its first profit in the last quarter of 2009. On one of his regular visits to schools that use Wikipedia round the world, Wales dropped in on a class of children in a slum in the Dominican Republic, sitting in a computer lab in an afterschool session. “Three years ago, this community didn’t even have electricity. Now they have instant access to Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and they are on IM with their friends,” he says. In the Indian state of Kerala, the government has distributed a CD-Rom of Wikipedia articles to 50,000 teachers in their local language. On a recent trip to an India slum, Wales met a 17-year-old boy who thanked him personally, saying Wikipedia had helped him pass his high school exams. In 1962, Charles van Doren, later a senior editor at Encyclopaedia Britannica, claimed: “The ideal encyclopaedia should be radical. It should stop being safe.” Wales, a man accustomed to risk – he began his career as an options trader betting on interest rates and foreign currency fluctuations – couldn’t help noticing the history of

we’ve built a global brand. We don’t do any marketing. Word of mouth is stronger than ever

Britannica was “anything but radical.” He remains driven by his own radical idea – imagining a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Wales launched in 2004 – where communities of people come together to share information on anything they love – currently 75th on the list of most-visited websites and attracting 30 million unique visitors monthly. This summer, the British Museum hosted the first ever Wikipedian-in-Residence, a project that offered UK fans a Backstage Pass tour and resulted in new Wikipedia content. While Wikipedia has been free since 2001, the British Museum has offered free entry since 1753. In another collaboration, Jimmy Wales currently appears in advertisements for innovative luxury Swiss watchmakers Maurice Lacroix. “I love the Maurice Lacroix watch and I like the company’s authenticity. You can’t get by with just glitz,” he says. By the same token, Maurice Lacroix CEO Martin Bachmann is in awe of Wales’s vision and revolutionary accomplishments. Wales is largely regarded as one of the architects of a new way of working, enabling a world where collaboration and the democratisation of information has empowered people to share knowledge freely. Anyone can re-use Wikipedia content for commercial or non-profit purposes. It is a culture that has led to new ways of doing business. Think of companies who give away free laptops to sell internet subscriptions, free phones to sell talk time, or free online photography-sharing site Flickr, which sells the superior FlickrPro to serious users. Chris Anderson, the author of Free: The Future Of Radical Price, claims people below 30 no longer pay for information, knowing it will be available somewhere for free. Wales believes people are still more likely to pay for specialised information, but that encyclopaedia information is too easily accessible to charge for. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s convinced News International’s recent decision to charge readers for online access to The Times will not prompt other papers to follow. “I think News International will give it up,” he says. So what does this say about how consumers will choose what they’re prepared to pay for in the future – from information to luxury watches? “The power now lies with brands to share their compelling stories via the internet and their enthusiast communities,” says Wales. “With Wikipedia’s 300 million users per month, we’ve built a global brand. We don’t do any marketing. Word of mouth is stronger than ever.” n





Delving into the worlds of art and fashion, from the making of the modern age to the current day, Penelope M Walsh explores the extent to which these two modes of expression have informed and influenced each other, arguing that they are ultimately inseparable

Cubart by Lako Bukia




rt and fashion have evolved interdependently since at least as far back as the Renaissance, when the move towards a more mimetic style of representation in fine art led to a more detailed and involved depiction of garments. This, in turn, lead to sartorial style becoming a legitimate subject matter for fine art, and as important a way of representing the sitter’s character and status as the rest of the composition. Just as fashion was beginning to influence art, so too art began to affect fashions, becoming akin to fashion plates, proliferating trends between courts, just as illustrated fashion journalism spread trends across capitals in the 20th century. with this movement that we have the Many regard fashion to be all famous London fashion store that bears too quotidian to be considered art, his name. Housing oriental objet d’art, but in fact, towards the end of the decorative homewares and fashions, the 19th century there was a significant influence of Liberty’s on Art Nouveau crossover between the art and fashion was so great, that it is known in Italian worlds, with artists and fashion as ‘Stile Liberty’. designers working and socialising As a result of this collaboration in increasingly close proximity, between the arts and artists, fashion and often in collaboration. From began naturally to adopt the style of the Aesthetic movement, which Art Nouveau. The distinctive S-shaped championed art for art’s sake, right silhouette became ubiquitous, through to Art Nouveau, many artists bolstered with bustle-like contraptions began moonlighting in the fashion under the skirt. Skirts became softly world, with fine artists such as James layered, draped and pleated, mirroring Abbott McNeil Whistler and Gustav Art Nouveau’s curvaceous, organic Klimt designing dresses for their lines and reminiscent in shape and sitters; others such as Raoul Dufy form of the floral motifs used in the designing and painting textiles art of the period. Fashion also began and accessories; and artists such to borrow Art Nouveau’s palette of as Paul Iribe and Georges Lepape soft, pale colours, with an emphasis on creating fashion illustrations. greens and reds found in nature. The involvement of artists in Long inspired by, and involved with fashion led to a bleeding of the the art world, Paris’ first star couturier, concerns of contemporary artistic Paul Poiret, engaged artist Raoul Dufy movements into the edges of the to create textile prints for his designs, as fashion world, and couturiers became well as a group of women, who took increasingly thought of as creators, for their education in design only the rather than tradesmen. The effect of trips that Poiret instigated to the this was most pronounced leading up Louvre. As Art Nouveau gave way to and during the Art Nouveau period, to the newer, Poiret, and others when in an unprecedented move like him, moved away from its towards a unity of artistic concerns and palette and began to employ ideas, fine and decorative artists strived bright, vibrant colours such as to create a cohesive and monumental pinks, blues and reds. This art movement that would stretch across shift in shades was equally all forms of art, design, decoration inspired by the activities of and craft, creating a style distinctive the art world, mirroring to the modern age. In England, this the palette used by movement was known as the Arts and Fauvist painters Crafts Movement, and it was through such as Henri Art Nouveau inspired fashion Arthur Lasenby Liberty’s involvement Matisse and André Derain.


feature fashion

Poiret moved away from what he himself considered to be the tyranny of the corset in a bid to give women a freedom of movement, but in doing so moved the fashion silhouette away from the curvaceous S that had marked out Art Nouveau fashion, and towards a more linear silhouette, created with tubular, cylindrical dress shapes. Around this time, Coco Chanel also began creating simple, linear dresses and cloche hats. The clean lines of these fashions changed the silhouette of women’s bodies to a stylistic representation of geometric shapes, reflecting the style of the Cubist movement. Cubism had a significant impact on the fashion of the time and also on Art Deco, which borrowed not only its geometric shapes, but also its use of black and white, a combination that not only influenced Chanel, but ultimately became her trademark. Many of the trends that Chanel has become famous for can be linked to the prevailing taste for Art Deco. For example, Chanel is largely credited with introducing the trend of tanning, which ties in with Jean Cocteau the Art Deco preoccupation with travel and oriental exoticism. Equally, Chanel’s creation of the now infamous ‘little black dress’ and introduction of elements of menswear into women’s fashion can be linked with the later Art Deco concern with speed, movement and streamlining. Streamlining characterised the later stages of Art Deco and became the

Art produces ugly things which frequently become beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time

Christian Louboutin’s Piet Mondrian inspired shoes


buzzword of the 1930s, thanks in part to Futurism, which embraced speed and movement in art. Streamlining quickly entered the vocabulary of women’s fashion, no doubt in part due to the increased emancipation of women. Madeleine Vionnet developed the bias cut dress, which was figurehugging and moved sensuously in tune with the body. Streamlining and the resultant bias cut became so popular and such a key part of 1930s fashion that in 1934, Vogue decreed that the silhouette du jour was “the windswept, fleet lines of a speed boat or airplane”. As the 1930s progressed, two women dominated the world of couture: Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. Both socialised with and collaborated artistically with many of the stars of the Surrealist scene, including Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali. Surrealist motifs began to pervade their fashions, with Schiaparelli creating Surrealist prints and adding Surrealist ‘jokes’ such as pockets in the form of miniature drawers complete with handles, and employing the Surrealist sense of displacement and illusion with the shoe hat from her 1937 Winter collection. Much of the fashion after this period was affected more by political developments than by art, particularly the rationing of cloth and luxury goods during World War II and the subsequent expulsion of full, pleated skirts after Dior’s New Look made a defiant show of hope for the affluence of the future in 1947. It wasn’t until the 1960s that art became a significant influence on fashion again, with Op Art- and Pop Art-inspired prints appearing on clothing throughout the period. Op Art was characterised by black and white, mind-blowing and -bending optical illusions. An example of the way Op Art was appropriated by fashion designers is the black and white striped jacket tinged with elements of optical illusion, worn by David Bowie and recently revisited in Givenchy’s Spring Summer 2010 collection. Givenchy’s looking to the past for inspiration ties neatly into postmodern theories, in light of which it is no surprise that today the influence of art on fashion tends to be a retrospective, cherry picking look at the best of what the past can offer, for example the appropriation of Mondrian’s distinct grids by both Yves

Art Deco inspired fashion

Saint Laurent in the 1960s, and again later by Christian Louboutin in 2010. Designer Lako Bukia’s Autumn Winter collection, Cubart, is a great case in point for this theory, looking back to the same work that originally inspired Poiret and Chanel, taking inspiration from Cubism, particularly the works of Pablo Picasso. Recreating the contrasting tones, textures and clean, graphic lines of Cubist paintings, Bukia’s collection uses unusual pairings of wool, velvet and chiffon to create a multi-dimensional perspective and sense of tonality to startlingly sumptuous and elegant effect. Bukia comments that art often plays a role in inspiring her collections, but that ultimately her inspiration is everything that “surrounds” her. This calls to mind the famous quotation from Coco Chanel: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”, illustrating the organic and inevitable way in which art and fashion grow together and towards one another, equally informed by how the world around them develops. To give Bukia the last word, when asked what the relationship between art and fashion are, succinctly, she says it all: “They are one, they can’t be without each other”. n Cubart by Lako Bukia is stocked by Not Just a Label

Porsche recommends

Model shown is a Panamera at £62,772, including metallic paint at £761, 12 months road fund licence and first registration fee.

The most rational decision your heart can make. Luxury, flexibility and performance have just become more accessible. Our latest two and four-wheel drive additions to the Panamera range offer uncompromising performance. And efficiency. The 3.6 litre V6 engine with Direct Fuel Injection generates 300hp, taking the lightweight Panamera from 0-62 in 6.3 seconds. Whilst features such as Auto Start/Stop mean you can still achieve an impressive 30.4mpg and CO2 emissions of just 218g/km.* With up to 1,263 litres of luggage space and four individual ‘driver’s’ seats, it makes your emotional decision a practical one.

The new Panamera and Panamera 4. From £61,461 to the limits you set. Call 020 7718 5242 or visit for more information.

Porsche Centre East London - Canary Wharf Showroom 20 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5NN

* 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) gearbox as standard on Panamera 4. Optional on Panamera. Performance figures quoted are for Panamera with optional PDK.

Fuel consumption figures for the Panamera and Panamera 4 in mpg (l/100km): Urban 21.6 (13.1) -16.5 (17.1); Extra Urban 39.8 (7.1) -35.8 (7.9); Combined 30.4 (9.3) -25.0 (11.3). CO2 emissions (g/km) 218-265

Call it a lightweight. I dare you. Lighter: 70 kg less than standard car Faster acceleration: 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds Top speed: 202 mph More power: 570 hp at 8,000 rpm Uncompromising on road and track

Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP 570-4, now available at Lamborghini Sevenoaks and Lamborghini Reading. Lamborghini Sevenoaks

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Lamborghini Sevenoaks and Lamborghini Reading, part of Jardine Motors Group.

EU fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100 km) for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera with e-gear: urban 13.8 (20.4); extra-urban 30 (9.4); combined 20.9 (13.5). CO2 emissions: 319 g/km.

current affairs


sugar and spice...

and all things nice?

In a rapidly changing society, it appears that each generation of children is losing a little bit more of their childhood. Josephine O’Donoghue looks at the influence of the media, social networking sites, peer pressure and marketing on the childhood innocence of young girls


ou only have to log on to one of the many existing social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace or Bebo to see hundreds of provocative and explicit photos of young teenage girls, displayed to the general public without any privacy settings to limit their viewings. Many of these girls, posing in their bikinis or underwear, or flashing their newly developed curves to the camera, are in their early teens – and unfortunately, are not yet mature enough to understand the social, moral or personal ramifications of their actions. Think back to the time when you were 12 or 13 years old, and I bet the picture is rather different from what we see today. Research from Mintel in 2004 showed that most 7–10-year-old girls have started to wear make-up before they even hit their teens – 83 per cent wear nail varnish and 66 per cent use lipstick – and in the six years since then, figures have only increased. Twenty or thirty years ago, it was unheard of that girls wore their first bra until they at least reached

secondary school; today, raunchy underwear and ‘sexy padded’ bikinis are available from 6–7 years. So, are girls as young as 7 years old really aware of the manner in which they dress, or are they simply imitating role models they see within the media? “Girls see celebrities acting and dressing in an overtly sexual way and think that is the best way to get attention”, commented Dr Glenn Wilson (reader in psychology at King’s College London and an expert on exhibitionism) to The Times. Although he believes flirtation and attention seeking to be natural for young girls, he says that: “Wearing items like thongs and revealing clothes sends the message that they are sexually available. It also implies knowledge of sexuality that just isn’t there”. Dr Sharon Lamb, a Professor of Psychology at Vermont University, agrees and thinks that girls are being encouraged by the rise of celebrity culture, badly designed clothing and toymakers. The popular pre-teen craze for Bratz dolls is just one example, popular in both the USA and the UK. These ‘dolls’

are dressed in stilettos or platform shoes, strappy tops, stockings and miniskirts and are painted with lurid ‘make-up’ including plenty of lipstick, eyeliner and huge fake eyelashes. The television adverts show them in scenarios focused on shopping, money, personal appearance and impressing boys. “That’s giving girls the wrong message about what their body means”, says Lamb. Echoing research from Mintel, and from psychological experts, a more recent Girl Guides study in the UK pointed out that premature sexualisation and pressure to grow up too quickly are two of the key influences in anxiety felt by girls. Amongst other things, pressure to wear adult-style clothing and media encouragement to lose weight were marked out as the biggest contributing factors to the early sexualisation of young girls today.

INTERESTING FACT: A study by Dr Barbara Fredrickson at the University of North Carolina reports that girls who view themselves as sexual objects face an increased risk of developing eating disorders, depression and sexual dysfunction.

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Across the Atlantic, where the influence of celebrity culture, media and the internet is comparable to the UK, similar findings are being recorded. The American Psychological Association (APA) reported that “... girls’ fear of social rejection and unpopularity drive them to choose sexualised clothing; and once they are dressed up like that, they feel the urge to perform as adults”. Dr Andrew McCulloch, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, agrees, saying that by forcing girls to grow up at an unnatural pace, “we are creating a generation under stress”. However, perhaps equally as worrying is the shift in attitude that appears to be tied to the change in pre-teen and teenage looks and fashion. A poll by the Lab TV website asked nearly 1,000 girls who they considered a “good role model”. The results showed that infamous glamour models Abi Titmuss and Jordan topped the list, with successful women such as JK Rowling appearing at the bottom of the results. In that same survey, around one quarter said that lap dancing would be a “good profession” and a whopping 63 per cent aspired to be glamour models rather than doctors or teachers. Justine Roberts, founder of popular website, recognises the results in the parenting experiences of her website users. “Intelligence, emotional strength and sporting achievement pale into insignificance when compared with sexiness. And we should all – parents, non-parents, men and women – be up in arms about it. This generation is being sexualised before children reach their teens, with disastrous implications for their self-worth.” This change in attitude and loss of independent ambition is an issue that has been picked up on in schools up and down the country. In 2008, Vicky Tuck (principal of Cheltenham Ladies College) said to The Times Education Editor that parents were concerned that their daughters were growing up too quickly, and were worried that they were being exposed to many negative influences. In response, these parents were increasingly turning to private, single-sex education as an antidote to a society dominated by “botox and bingeing”.

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“Worried about a coarsening of society and the toxic cocktail of binge drinking, internet safety and the early sexualisation of girls,” parents were lacking confidence in themselves as parents, said Principal Tuck. “When did we forget the craft of parenting... or that your daughter is not there to be your friend?” Ominously, the long-term effects of the early sexualisation of children are now becoming more apparent as these girls begin to reach adulthood. A report from APA, which looked at research from the past 30 years, concluded that a young girl’s preoccupation with appearance and sexuality can have disturbing consequences for her physical and mental well-being, and unhealthily “a girl’s sense of self-worth hinges on her sexual appeal”. The APA report also featured a 1998 study, in which college-aged girls were asked to try on either a swimsuit or a sweater, assess their appearance, and then perform mathematical tests. The girls asked to wear swimsuits performed significantly worse. “These girls were so hung up on their appearance, they literally didn’t have room in their heads to do maths”, explains Lamb. “They learn that preoccupation from the women they look up to in the media.” Many parents will recognise this problem in their own daughters, and it goes without saying that much of the responsibility lies with the media, the clothing manufacturers and the celebrities that these girls imitate. But essentially, individuals will only really be guided by the additional influences of those at home and at school, as the media will be ever-present in their surroundings. Positive methods of helping girls stay grounded include: presenting a choice of strong, independent and more realistic role models; monitoring internet usage and curbing any inappropriate activities; encouraging hobbies, interests and studies; focusing on the positives of childhood; and discussing peer pressure objectively. “Encourage girls to cast a critical gaze over the media and they will begin to realise that they have a choice about how they are perceived”, says Lamb. n

LET GIRLS BE GIRLS Mumsnet’s Let Girls Be Girls campaign was launched in early 2010, and grew from Mumsnetters’ concern that an increasingly sexualised culture was dripping, toxically, into the lives of children. The campaign aims to curb the premature sexualisation of children by asking retailers to commit not to sell products that play upon, emphasise or exploit their sexuality. The campaign was also backed by Gordon Brown, who was Prime Minister over the launch period. He said, “I’m proud to back Mumsnet’s Let Girls Be Girls campaign, because all of us as parents can recognise there’s something wrong when companies are pushing our kids into acting like little grown-ups when they should be enjoying being children. “Parent power has successfully persuaded retailers to withdraw inappropriate products in the past, and this campaign will send an important message about our determination to set boundaries around childhood.”

INTERESTING FACT After news broke that MySpace barred 29,000 sex offenders from using the site in 2007, Attorney-General of American state North Carolina, Roy Cooper, now wants to enforce a state law that requires parental permission for any child to create a profile and display personal photos on a social networking site.

autumn winter

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1st, 2nd, 3rd October e c i v d A s w le y o t h S S k L Catwa s t n u o c s i D e r o t S e v i Exclus CWAutFS-AD-A4.indd 1

20/8/10 12:16:35

SHOPPING ICONIC BRITISH STYLE Hackett London opens new store in Canary Wharf

Hackett Mayfair shawl collar cardigan in navy, £160

Quintessential British men’s outfitters Hackett London is due to open a brand new store in Cabot Place at Canary Wharf in September 2010. This store will be relocated from the original Hackett store on Cabot Square and will be Hackett’s first within Canary Wharf’s shopping malls. On entering the store, key pieces from the Hackett Mayfair casual collection, luxury sportswear line and Hackett London’s signature tweeds are displayed within hand-selected antique shop counters and cabinets. To bring the collections to life further a plasma screen plays behind the scenes footage from photo shoots and British sporting and social events sponsored by the brand. Through the panelled Georgian archway is the men’s suiting room showcasing the formal Hackett Mayfair collection alongside Hackett’s personal tailoring services – the suiting room has a totally new concept designed to recreate the atmosphere of an exclusive gentleman’s club. Hackett is renowned for its attention to detail and this is clearly reflected in the new store environment and stunning collections.

Hackett Mayfair canvas/ leather laptop bag, £220

Hackett Mayfair dinner suit in black, £600

For further information please contact; 020 7939 6865

CREATE A STORM Luxury British heritage brand Aquascutum opens their new store at Canary Wharf

Renowned for creating iconic trench coats for everyone from Winston Churchill to Cary Grant, stylish British brand Aquascutum are set to bring their latest collection to Canary Wharf this season with a brand new store opening at Cabot Place. Using luxurious blends of wool, cashmere and silk, beautiful trench coats are paired with soft textured knits to create a collection bursting with future classics. Herringbone and tweed are given a stylish update in simple, unstructured styles that showcase the craftsmanship and elegance the brand is known for . The exquisite pieces are showcased in a campaign inspired by artist Richard Long, whose landscape photography inspires the stormy hues of the colour palette. Aquascutum also offers a personal tailoring service, creating made-tomeasure tailoring in an array of fabrics and styles, modified specifically to the individual requirements creating a truly special suit (prices from ÂŁ750).

Cabot Place 020 3069 8790

Canteen Canary Wharf, The Park Pavilion, 40 Canada Square, London E14 5FW 0845 686 1122 Canteen’s first cookbook ‘GREAT BRITISH FOOD’ Available now



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autumn showers

Make a splash with this season’s classic macs and accessories




1 Twill Mac £265, Karen Millen, Jubilee Place 2 Paper Poplin Trench £79.50, Gap, Canada Place 3 Ruffle Funnel Mac £80, Oasis, Jubilee Place 4 Ellie Belted Mac £175, Whistles, Jubilee Place 5 Black Trench £50 Dorothy Perkins, Canada Place 6 Ruche Mac £169, Hobbs, Canada Place 7 Pleat Mac £65, Next, Canada Place 8 Darla Black £275, LK Bennett, Jubilee Place 9 Flower Umbrella £150 , Aspinal of London, Cabot Place

NEWS New GreeN Gateway for CaNary wharf

Work has recently finished on the redevelopment of Cartier Circle, a spectacular landscaped entrance at the East End of Canary Wharf. “The Cartier Circle design welcomes visitors, heralding their arrival at Canary Wharf,” says Guy Dare, Design Manager at Canary Wharf Group plc. The focal point of the design is 17 sculptured bronze posts up to 13 metres high. “The outsides of the sculptured posts have a reflective quality that catch the daylight and subtly change with the weather. At night the columns are lit, creating a beautiful, jewel-like constellation,” says Dare.

PiNG PoNG fever hitS CaNary wharf

Canary Wharf has recently served up free table tennis to locals, workers and visitors. Former British number one Desmond Douglas was among those encouraging the public to have a free go on the table tennis tables specially placed in Jubilee Place mall as part of the Ping! event. West Ham United players Manuel da Costa and Herita Ilunga also popped down for a hit, along with leading players from Tower Hamlets’ Morpeth School, which has a proud tradition in table tennis, producing several national champions.

reaChiNG for the Sky

Britain’s best up-and-coming athletic talent recently took part in Street Pole Vault, an exhibition competition to promote the Aviva London Grand Prix. The athletes vaulted well over 5m – higher than a London double-decker bus, which was positioned next to the event in Montgomery Square. Crowds from across Canary Wharf and the surrounding community watched Max Eaves, Robert Warensjo, Alasdair Strange, Paul Walker, Andy Marsh and Christian North defy gravity, creating quite a site beneath Britain’s tallest buildings.

Manuel da Costa and herita ilunga from west ham United

Innovation and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of FrĂŠdĂŠrique Constant. Driven by an unparalleled passion for precision and craftsmanship, our watchmakers manufacture Geneva timepieces of contemporary, classic design and exceptional value.

Maxime Manufacture Automatic

For information and to order a catalogue, please contact us: Argento Fine Products T. 020 7722 24 38

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5/26/2010 2:23:45 PM

events AcousTic AfTer Hours WiTH... Turin Brakes

Often compared to many of the new indie bands from the late 1990s such as Elbow and Starsailor, Turin Brakes have made a major impact on the music scene since their debut album The Optimist was Mercury nominated in 2001. Their singles include Future Boy, Pain Killer and most recently, Sea Change from their acclaimed 2010 LP Outbursts. Turin Brakes will be the first group to kick off the autumn Acoustic After Hours series at Canary Wharf.

Wednesday 29 september 7.45pm (Doors open at 7pm) east Wintergarden, Bank street tickets ÂŁ18 (booking fee applies) Online: tel: 0844 847 2268 For more information visit:

Turin Brakes Š Andy Willsher

tWiliGht DeliGhts

Mica Paris

Summer may be drawing to a close but there is the opportunity for one last fling in the final concert of the series

the blues brothers Jake & Elwood invite you to spend an evening in as they explode on stage with a soul, rhythm and blues musical extravaganza. With the driving backbeat of the fabulous Black Rhino Band, they continue to deliver electrifying, totally live performances to standing ovation audiences globally.

Thursday 2 September 7pm Canada Square Park FREE For details of this and other events visit

Canar y Whar reCom f menDs

Canary Wharf Gets in touCh With ruGby

Mica Paris

Mica Paris is undoubtedly the UK’s Soul Queen – talented, beautiful and successful. The range, power and sheer soulfulness of her singing have made a major impact on the music scene. Her many hits include You Are My One Temptation, Where Is The Love, Never Felt Like This Before and I Put A Spell On You. Last year she released her first original studio album in ten years, Born Again to critical acclaim.

Wednesday 20 October 7.45pm (Doors open at 7pm) East Wintergarden, Bank Street Tickets £18 (booking fee applies) Online: Tel: 0844 847 2268 For more information visit:

Canary Wharf is getting ready for something completely new on 9 September; a rugby tournament. The RFU has confirmed details of the Touch Rugby Corporate Challenge, taking place in the famous business and shopping district as part of its Play On campaign. The event in Canada Square Park gives anyone in Canary Wharf and the surrounding community the chance to play touch rugby on a grass pitch nestled between Britain’s tallest buildings. The Touch Rugby Corporate Challenge allows anyone to get a four person team together for quick-fire matches lasting five minutes each way. Teams must have at least one female player.

Teams can register via Thursday 9 September From 11am Canada Square Park FREE

sCUlpTUre in The worKplaCe

art window galleries the art, Design & Lightbox Window Galleries are located in the Canada Place retail mall at Canada Place, and are showcases for up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.

suzanne Tang

Until 24 September Tableware made from porcelain paperclay; each delicate piece has evolved from a discarded newspaper and is transformed into an enduring, treasured object. portrait of Michael sheen by Cambridge Jones

Kerry John andrews

‘photographer to the stars’ to exhibit in Canary wharf

CoMMUniTY gallerY

Photographic portraits of Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen, Stereophonics, Duffy and many others are on display at Canary Wharf from 14 September. The Talking Pictures exhibition is captured by celebrity photographer Cambridge Jones, described as Britain’s answer to Annie Leibovitz. The portraits are accompanied by audio recordings of the eminent performers, designers and writers who were asked to describe who or what inspired them.

Crossrail: steaming ahead

Photographer Cambridge Jones and each of the talking Pictures subjects share a passion for Wales. talking Pictures is produced in association with the Welsh assembly Government and with support from Canary Wharf Group plc. FrEE ENtrY 14 September – 1 October Lobby, One Canada Square

Situated within Jubilee Walk, the link from Canada Place retail mall to the Jubilee line station, the Community Gallery is devoted to exhibiting work by local arts projects.

Until 7 September

View progress on London’s vital Crossrail project. From 2017 Crossrail will increase London’s rail capacity by 10% and bring an additional 1.5 million people within an hour’s commute of London’s key business districts. The display includes new images of the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station and time lapse footage showing the draining of the construction site in North Dock.

isle of dogs Community Foundation 9 September – 27 October

2010 is the Isle of Dogs Community Foundation’s twentieth anniversary and what a couple of decades it has been! This exhibition showcases the strong partnership between local voluntary, business and statutory bodies. Since the charity was established, IDCF has invested more than £16 million in grants to the local community for a mind-boggling array of initiatives.

29 august – 24 September

Kerry has created (heer), a site-specific work of separated image and sound that explores ideas about an extended sense of self in terms of thought, the body and the space we inhabit. The images and sounds come from the immediate environment and take into account its past history.

Chasing shadows Until 29 October

Chasing Shadows is a collaborative art work, by Eleanor and Peter Pritchard, based around the collection at the Tados Ivanauskas Zoological Museum. The ‘trees’ are created with tracing paper, singe marks and tears, referencing ‘karpinai’, traditional Lithuanian papercuts. Shadows flit and flicker across the forest, suggesting an unseen presence. The work reflects on themes of escape, confinement, belonging and dislocation.

Keeping it real




Carol Cordrey talks politics, photography and leading ladies with Cambridge Jones, portrait photographer who is leading the way in creative negotiation

he name’s Jones. Cambridge Jones. No, he’s not named after his alma mater because that, believe it or not, would have made him Oxford Jones and despite taking on numerous, adventurous commissions around the world, he is unrelated to Indiana Jones. Nonetheless, such a memorable name probably came in handy when, as a Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) graduate, he decided to change tack and make his mark as a professional photographer. Also helpful was the availability of the dark room in his Oxford college where, according to CJ (his preferred sobriquet), he spent most of his time: “I remain fascinated by politics and the political process, but I was always a photographer first and a student second and PPE was my hobby. My tutor will confirm that!” he reflected self-effacingly. David Cameron was a fellow student, which may well account for CJ’s ability to be at ease with the celebrities who have subsequently filled his portfolio: musicians, actors, politicians, famous models, TV personalities and sportspeople who, ironically, have made CJ a celebrity too. He has been compared to the iconic photographer, Annie Leibovitz, though he personally feels influenced by David Bailey, the late Cartier-Bresson and Irving Penn. His portrait photographs are minimalist and either look like spontaneous, flash-of-a-second shots as in the case of Bill Nighy’s portrait, or carefully contrived poses as in the Take That group photograph. Such contrasting results are always distinctive and they depend on what CJ calls “a creative negotiation” between the two people on either side of the lens. “Sometimes what they want to give [me] and what I feel they can give fuses and we fly; sometimes I have to tease it out; sometimes chaos ensues and that can be great too”, he confessed, citing the session with Rhys Ifans as an example of chaos that resulted in a very successful image. The techniques he uses are surprisingly simple, involving chatting to his subjects about everything except their work and photography, “as though we’ve met on a bus”, and unsophisticated lighting involving natural light or no more than three artificial lights. In characteristic modest manner, he considers his style of photography to be quite simple too, “It’s honest. I want the best of people but I want the REAL best, not the fake Hollywood best.” Actually, the sum of his photographic work is far greater than its parts, for his portfolio is packed with unique images which reveal either a new, real facet of each person or emphasise a characteristic already familiar to us. Mostly in monochrome, which eliminates the distraction, even confusion of varied colouring, they focus the viewer’s attention on each subject’s face or body language, aided occasionally by the odd prop. For example, CJ’s new portrait of Damian Lewis in his exhibition at One Canada Square has an hypnotic,

almost sinister, stare that mirrors his pose with a swinging pocket watch. This Talking Pictures exhibition features people with Welsh connections – rather appropriate for a photographer called Jones – so it will also include the musician Duffy, the actor Anthony Hopkins, and Katherine Jenkins who is portrayed anew as a soft, barefoot but most alluring of divas in a gorgeous, notso-little black number. Michael Sheen, who shot to fame playing Tony Blair, will also be there but in the totally different guise of gangster rather than smooth, fakesmiling politician. Even more interestingly, each of the photographs really will talk, as they are accompanied by audio recordings in which the subjects talk about the inspiration for their individual success. The numerous real politicians CJ has worked with have, apparently, proved quite tricky when it comes to creating interesting portraits: “They think they are very good at it, but actually they have a very narrow range of what they will do”, he revealed, “whereas musicians are free, confident and creative and understand that pictures create their image, so they will go the full hog.” This may well present CJ with a few challenges later this year, because he’s been commissioned to create Tony Blair’s Christmas card and an exhibition of David Cameron’s Conservatives. In addition to these high-profile commitments, he will be continuing his work with people at the other end of the social spectrum in his roles as ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, which helps women in business, especially in the Middle East. Celebrities of all types lead very busy lives and, clearly, Cambridge Jones is no exception. n Talking Pictures Lobby, One Canada Square Canary Wharf 14 September–1 October

Opposite: Damian Lewis Top: Cambridge Jones Left: Katherine Jenkins


Each Lange watch is one-of-a-kind. Just like the people who craft it.

No two SAXONIA ANNUAL CALENDAR watches are one hundred per cent identical. That’s because nothing can

There, you can also hear the story of F. A. Lange who 165 years ago moved to Glashütte and established Germany’s precision

replace the human hand in the manufacture of an A. Lange & Söhne. Every master assembles and completes the watch

watchmaking industry. With the objective of crafting the world’s finest timepieces, he actively contributed to the evolution of the

in his very own personal way. The result is a one-of-a-kind timepiece available only from the world’s finest jewellers.

mechanical watch. We take our inspiration from his spirit of ingenuity.

Arjie 165, Sloane Street, London • George Pragnell 5 and 6, Wood Street, Stratford-upon-Avon Hamilton & Inches 87, George Street, Edinburgh • Watches of Switzerland 16, New Bond Street, London Wempe 43-44, New Bond Street, London Lange Uhren GmbH • Tel. +33 (0) 1 58 18 14 92 •

Final_N_SaxAC_165years_RG_210x297_VW-095-10.indd 1

01.07.2010 17:42:46 Uhr

fashion weddings interiors

mr c;lassic season’s trends ................................................................ surrealism

. ....................................................................... . ..................................

The Epitome of Cool

Frank Sinatra’s legendary clique defined life in the fast lane throughout the late ‘50s, and next month a lavishly illustrated Rat Pack retrospective will be released


select group of photographers, including Sid Avery and Bob Willoughby, captured the Rat Pack in their heyday. Many of the images they produced have been largely stored away, many even undeveloped. For the first time, access to these shots has been made possible, to produce one deluxe 450-page collector’s edition. The Rat Pack is the definitive book on Frank, Dean, Sammy and co. tearing up Hollywood and Las Vegas, with an extended cast including Marilyn Monroe and JFK. Fifty years on from the year many refer to as the Year of the

Rat Pack, 1960, and their influence endures. Shooting Oceans 11 by day, performing at the Sands by night, and sweating out the sour mash in the sauna in between, this coffee table book includes behind-the-scenes footage at the JFK Presidential inauguration and house parties with Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. This numbered print run of just 2,250 is the first collectable photographic book on the men whose appeal transcends generations, and who remain the epitome of cool. n Available from Reel Art Press


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new Skin


news divine deSiGn

With no formal training, designer Jacob Kimmie has arguably learnt his trade from a keen eye for the world around him, driving him to deliver, in his own words, “an ideal of absolute, perfect and eternal beauty – like an antidote” to the injustice of that world. As such, Jacob Kimmie’s eponymous label delivers a style infused with a bold sense of idiom, ideology and subversion. The Autumn Winter collection, ’Pilgrim‘, is inspired by a modern take on the primitive spirituality of Aztec and Inca temples, creating an alluring and profound sense of the sublime, with this couturelike collection in a cool, clean palette of cream, white and black.

A favourite of such doyennes of distinctive style as dita von Teese, Analeena’s new Autumn Winter collection features the label’s trademark ladylike luxury that is classic and timeless. The collection features exotic skins paired with exquisite detail and includes practical yet stylish pieces, businesslike bags and laptop and blackberry cases, adding an elegant edge to a work wardrobe that means business.


Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside

AlexAnder PoPe

Photography: Richard Battye




Head to the Tier One website for a fantastic and stylish range of men’s and women’s shirts, which will make a great addition to any wardrobe of work wear. The unique Tier One shirts are skilfully cut to flatter and are comfortable, stylish and versatile. The effortlessly professional and well dressed look that these shirts create, make them ideal for making right impression at work.


To my shock, horror and surprise, it seems the ‘90s are now considered long enough in the past that we are already seeing a revival of their most prolific fashion trends. I, for one, will not be taking posthumous style tips from Kurt Cobain, but you can’t legislate for everyone. And so it is that the cargo pant has seen a triumphant return (and evidently spent some time under the knife), because this season’s revisitation of that old horror, is sleek, skinny and fitted, giving an altogether more chic tone to its utilitarian reputation. All AvAilAble from


Tier One is currently running a promotion which offers shirts for £39 each or £100 for 3.

One of the hottest (or rather warmest) trends this season will be the aviator look, with leather- and shearling-lined items in full flight on the catwalk, from jackets and flying caps to even goggles. An aviator-inspired jacket will certainly be one of the must-haves this season, so as the cold winds blow a little closer to our shores, get into winter defence mode and snuggle up in the cosy yet chic, limited edition Toggle Shearling Jacket from Dom and Ruby. AvAilAble from


Red tartan tie, £50, blue tartan shirt, £80, navy blazer, £450, blue jeans, £100, small green and tan briefcase, £490, burgundy spot silk square, £25

Mr. Classic Photographer: Peter Zownir

Fashion Editor:

Lucie Dodds 63

Blue tartan check shirt, £100, red tartan bow-tie, £50, cream trousers, £100, grey tweed waistcoat, £150, small green and tan briefcase, £490, large wheel green and tan suitcase, £750

Grey check shirt, £100, grey rib silk tie, £65 Fair Isle grey jumper, £125, grey/tan tweed jacket, £400, burgundy spot cotton square £25, orange cord trousers, £120

Cream button cardigan, ÂŁ250 and cream/brown herringbone scarf, ÂŁ100

Check shirt, £90, blue/grey knit stripe tie, £45, navy/grey shawl collar cardigan, £160, blue jeans, £100

White collared blue stripe button down shirt, £90, green rib silk tie, £65, grey Fair Isle shawl collar jumper, £170 tan/burgundy check jacket £400, cream trousers, £100

All available from Hackett New Store Opening in September Cabot Place Canary Wharf 020 7939 6865 Grooming: Yvette Redmond at Tiger Creative using









weddings interview fashion 5 of the best

bruce oldfield winter trends venues



Valdisaire by Ian Stuart



The Oldfield


Celebrating his 60th birthday this July, Bruce Oldfield OBE – the man who designed Samantha Cameron’s wedding dress – talks to Claire Adler about his calming effect on bridezillas, red carpet blunders (not his), and his favourite clients


his year Bruce Oldfield celebrates 35 years as a top fashion designer to the rich and famous, plus many of the crown heads of Europe. His spectacular rise has seen him make his way from a Barnardo’s orphanage to his own Knightsbridge showrooms, conquering cancer – and a couple of recessions – on the way. His all-ages client list spans American country pop singer Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Joan Collins. As Barnardo’s most famous son, today Oldfield is vice-president of the charity. He has also scooped up three honorary doctorates, the most recent awarded in 2009, an OBE for services to fashion and industry, and he is a former trustee of the Royal Academy. Oldfield recently launched his own range of engagement rings and late last year opened his second boutique on Beauchamp Place – a bridal salon where, alongside dreamy, sculpted, sweeping dresses, clients can also choose from small editions of quality silver, china, glass, linen and stationery. The publicist has told me the interview is to be about Bruce’s forthcoming 60th birthday. But as we sit down in the dressing room above the bridal boutique off Knightsbridge, Oldfield, in his dark jeans, crisp white shirt and perfectly tailored navy jacket teamed with bright, fresh red Converse shoes, appears rather reluctant to be entering his seventh decade. He says it sounds so “old”. I suggest “60 is the new 20, or something”. But he needn’t worry. Architect Oscar Niemeyer is still hard at work and he’s in his 90s. In any case, maybe it’s freak lighting, but today this British institution doesn’t look a day older than 45.

Oldfield’s mother was a young married Irish woman who struggled with epilepsy and his father was a Jamaican boxer. Oldfield spent the first six months of his life suffering from gastroenteritis at Great Ormond Street Hospital, was fostered till age 13, and spent the next four years at a Barnardo’s home in Yorkshire. While growing up, his guardian didn’t know how to explain his origins to him. He finally told him that his mother was married when he was born, but not to his father. Oldfield’s childhood records reveal when he was aged eight that his foster mother, a dressmaker, believed Bruce would be a fashion designer. “Expectations for children at Barnardo’s were very low. They thought children would end up either working in a factory, the armed forces or in jail,” says Oldfield, who went on to fail art O Level twice and initially trained to be a teacher. But Oldfield graduated in 1973 from St Martin’s School of Art to critical acclaim, and staged a one-man show for Fifth Avenue boutique Henri Bendel that same year. So, does he think people who have a rough start in life are in a better position to scale the heights of success later? “No,” he says, smiling. “It’s a combination of a tough beginning and the personality. People say I’m driven, I say I’m pushy.” And does he think that combination helped him fight cancer? “I don’t know really,” he says. “I guess you could say at 60, I’ve done quite a bit. I’ve ticked things off the list.” Oldfield’s biological parents have both now passed on and he never met them. But did they know who he was? “My mother died in 1975 aged 51. I had been featured in Vogue by then.


concierge weddings

As Barnardo’s most famous son, today Oldfield is vicepresident of the charity. He has also scooped up three honorary doctorates, the most recent awarded in 2009, and an OBE for services to fashion and industry


Perhaps my mother read Vogue?” he wonders. Today, Oldfield is in touch with his half-brother and niece, Rebecca Oldfield, an actress. Last year, Oldfield was featured in the Daily Mail, lamenting the scarcity of women under 50 who carry themselves with style. “Women over 50 have an upbringing rooted in grooming. Some brides come here wanting to go down the aisle in denim,” he says, citing a recent client who was about to sign on a venue in East London’s fashionable Hoxton – Oldfield initially can’t remember the name of the neighbourhood and mistakenly calls it Hoxstead. “But common sense always prevails in the end. We see some Bridezillas and lots of changing minds and capriciousness. But I’ve been cultivating the avuncular part of my personality. My fitters help to calm everyone and the brides often end up calling me Uncle Bruce.” The almostHoxton bride ultimately opted for the safest venue in London – Claridges.

While Kelly Brook wore a Bruce Oldfield gown at the Oscars last year, Oldfield says that all too often at similar red carpet events, very young girls simply want to wear the most revealing dresses and that, behind the scenes, stylists take bribes. “Sometimes, when looking at Hello! magazine, I have an urge to give some women a makeover,” he says. “Lady Diana Spencer was a kind of awkward little Sloane Ranger – she got gorgeous later on,” he has been quoted as saying of his possibly most high-profile client. Oldfield says his “first posh client” was Lady Annabel Astor, David Cameron’s mother-in-law. His first bridal client was in 1975 – Irene Forte, a descendant of the Forte hotel dynasty, who had her wedding at the Great Room in Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel, with “1,000 of her closest friends,” according to Oldfield. Today, Oldfield’s clients are the big spenders of the day, “the aristocrats of finance, carpet supplies and car dealerships” and he continues to attract a new generation of celebrities, which includes Princess Diana’s niece, Kitty Spencer. Yet Oldfield says women aged between 35 and 45 are his best clients. “There is something about that time. It’s when women are usually at their most confident, their most refined. They listen to my objectivity and they know which parts to leave at home.” n

The latest dining experience in canary Wharf Sfizzi If you know the Italian pronunciation you will receive two for one Sfizzi the next time you dine with us*.

Contemporary Italian Dining

Four Seasons Hotel London at Canary Wharf I 46 Westferry Circus, London E14 8RS Tel: 020 7510 1857 * to qualify Please bring this page with you

Stephanie Allin 17 CHILTERN STREET LONDON W1U 7QP 0207 486 7310 city2010SINGLESymphony.indd 1

81 NEWTON ROAD MUMBLES SA3 4BN 01792 361477


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Aisle Style As stores begin to put out their winter collections, now is a perfect time to start looking for the ultimate wedding dress

V Clockwise above: Jet Set by Ian Stuart, Lizzie by Stephanie Allin, 020 7486 7310, An American in Paris by Stewart Parvin, 020 7838 9808

intage is everywhere right now, on the catwalks and in the home, and bridal wear is no different. For a new take on the ever-popular strapless silhouette, opt for shoulder detailing and asymmetric oneshoulder styles stepping straight off the catwalk. Add a bold pearl bracelet on the opposite wrist to balance. Draped off the shoulder straps adorned with bows or embellishments are sure to make the shoulder the new focal point this season. If this is where you’re thinking of going make sure that you check out Stephanie Allin’s Marylebone store where elegant silhouettes and sophisticated shoulder details abound. Body contour styles are gracing the international runways and this trend influences the latest bridal style, with sleek styles, elegant columns and emphasis on the waist, with many designers featuring corset style tops and bow or brooch detailing. Stewart Parvin’s couture range boasts some fabulous floor skimming gowns in classic shapes not to mention Stewart’s legendary corseted construction for the perfect fit. His American in Paris is a wonderful example of the latest styling with detail at the waist, fitted bodice and full skirt. Another hot bridal trend for this year is the mini-wedding dress, perfect for the City bride or the bride who would like to change into a second wedding dress for the reception. Look out for Ian Stuart’s 1950s glamour mini dress. Bridal dresses are always romantic but this year the texture of draping, ruffles and flower details intensify the theme. Tulle (or netting) is a key fabric in this year’s bridal catwalk collection, alongside transparent layering. Look out for dresses with ruffled tiers from the waist down or the bottom of the gowns (these ruffles add texture and movement to the dresses). Celebrity favourite, Bruce Oldfield’s Morgan dress is a great example.


concierge weddings

As you can see the most dominant colour in bridal dresses remains ivory as it has for the last decade and rather than splash out with bold colours (deep reds can be seen as winter favourites) accessorise with some beautiful handmade feature pieces. In the current climate, small veils, jewelled hair slides, statement had bands and fascinators are favoured over grandiose pomp. In line with the 1950s inspiration traditional Jackie O style pillbox hats and short gloves are all over the catwalks bringing Old Hollywood glamour back to the fore. The final piece of the jigsaw is the flowers; the most popular for the bouquet are ivory and vintage pink roses – a clear winner this year and for the last couple of years. The trend for 2010 is small hand-wired posy with very small, expensive flowers finished with satin ribbon, lace or brooches. The bouquet is now being thought of as an essential accessory. n


Main picture: Morgan by Bruce Oldfield, Above: Charlotte hair flower by Chez Bec, 0845 652 0892,



In fact, Karin is so committed to providing her customers with the best in chic and flattering modern design, that if she can’t find the perfect jacket, top or skirt to add to the collection in the boutique, she will get it designed to her discerning and knowledgeable customers. Hot off the fashion press, this season Belle has commissioned and will be stocking a luxurious, limited edition signature coat created exclusively for the boutique by local designer Ella Sharpe. Woven in charcoal grey, the retro vintage cashmere-mix coat, comes with a detachable collar.


of the ball A chic and independent women’s wear boutique in the heart of Greenwich, Belle has come to be a unique and much loved feature of this cultural and historic area


Housed in a beautiful Georgian building

savvy shop managed Ruth. Both are

on College Approach, the sumptuous

dedicated to making their customers

and welcoming interior of the Belle

look fabulous and act as trusted style

fashion boutique is decorated with

advisors to many of their customers.

antique furniture, chandeliers and

Karin feels it is this close and mutually

full-length mirrors, reminiscent of a

respectful relationship between her

boudoir. Belle sits in the centre of

and her customers that really marks

Greenwich’s most interesting attractions

Belle out, commenting: “We always

and shopping areas, only minutes from

listen. We don’t make assumptions,

the Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich

we get to know our customers.

DLR (and not much further from Canary

Sure, we will encourage a lady to

Wharf), making it a convenient and

be experimental and try something

integral part of a visit to one of London’s

different, you know, encourage her

hottest spots.

individuality – perhaps she doesn’t

This wonderful little gem of a boutique

realise what great arms she has and

is founded and owned by Karin

that she can afford to show them off

Tearle, who makes it her business

or which cut of dress is going to make

to provide customers with a great

her curves ooze with sex appeal”.

selection of fashion from outstanding

This personal and style savvy service

contemporary labels from around the

means that at the start of each season,

world. Karin searches out the best

Karin and Ruth will even call customers

that London, Europe and the US have

to let them know which of their

to offer in casual wear, office wear,

favourite labels have arrived in store,

evening and accessories and the

happily reserving pieces and seeking

result is a boutique filled with carefully

out different sizes where possible. Belle

chosen, very special items, each

gives loyal customers a VIP discount

characterized by wonderful fabrics,

and will open its doors earlier or close

flattering cuts and eye catching detail.

them a little later for those who need to

Karin can be found in the boutique

make an appointment to fit in around

on most days, along with her fashion

their busy schedule.

Amongst the great international labels currently stocked at Belle are Sita Murt, European Culture, Velvet and Paige Jeans, Francoise Pendville, Karen Cole and new label Oscar, with its flattering maxi dresses. Belle 20 College Approach Greenwich SE10 9HY 020 8465 5777


Bridal Bliss To preserve your wedding dress and all its precious memories, it’s essential you have it cleaned and stored by specialists to prevent fading and damage Efendi is a specialist dry cleaner based in the heart of Canary Wharf, renowned for cleaning the most delicate and detailed wedding dresses to the highest of standards, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your special gown will be exquisitely cleaned, pressed and packaged using the safest methods possible. This service extends to shoes and veils also. Furthermore, Efendi’s stunning bridal chests use the most advanced acid-free tissue, certified by the Natural History Museum as the best way to protect and preserve delicate garments. Efendi also offers all kinds of alterations and repairs, as well as customising your dress to your request. Ensure your dress receives the finest craftsmanship with Efendi’s dedicated and experienced staff, who’ll always give your dress the special attention it deserves. Don’t trust any dry cleaner with your special gown, trust Efendi to make your dress and memories remain timeless. Efendi Dry Cleaners, Mezzanine Level, Jubilee Place Canary Wharf London E14 5NY




Engaging conversation These days it is a brave man who goes out and chooses his fiancé’s engagement ring for her. Gemmologist Jason-Paul Hirsh of Hirsh London passes on a few hints and tips based on a family history of playing cupid


hoosing an engagement ring is perhaps the second biggest decision that one can make in their life, the first is choosing your partner for life. A great salesperson should be able to help you choose the style of the ring if you can provide even just basic information such as the colour of her hair, eyes and the shape of her hands. If you decide to propose and then go ring shopping just know that you might be leaving your financial comfort zone. You know what you can afford and while we endeavour to try to find the right budget we are unable to stop the reflexes when the heart is involved. ‘Ohhh darling but I like that one’ can easily cost you double your initial budget. When it comes to the 4c’s (colour, cut, clarity and carat weight), most will tell you how important they are when choosing the perfect diamond. What the 4c’s actually represent are different prices to the consumer. The difference between a 1ct DIF Excellent Excellent round brilliant cut and a 0.95 GSi1 Good Good round brilliant cut can be several thousand pounds, that is for two diamonds that look identical to the naked eye. It certainly takes a bit of the romance from choosing the stone, you should be able to see what makes a diamond beautiful, all the light should reflect back to you like the brightest mirror and that is special. In the past few years, we have seen a much higher demand for precious colour stones especially emeralds, sapphires and natural pink and yellow diamonds. Few actually realise that there are more natural colour diamonds than there are colours of the rainbow. Certain stones suit certain people and while there are those that think they should only buy a diamond, sit back and wonder why. Could it all be because of advertising? If Coca Cola made Santa wear red then it’s pretty plausible that women want diamonds because of the many adverts for diamonds in the last few decades. They are a girl’s best friend after all!

Look back in history, however, and you will find that antique engagement rings with sapphires, rubies and emeralds held equal footing with the mighty diamond and that provides quite a wide spectrum of choice for finding your perfect engagement ring. The most important question is how to propose and while great ideas like putting the ring in a champagne glass or getting down on bended knee might seem clichéd, one must understand the nerves and pressure faced with the task of actually asking someone to marry you. I have always kept a list of some great way’s to propose that are a little out of the ordinary but the best was from a customer of mine in Toronto, who asked me what he should do? I told him to take her on a helicopter ride over the nearby Niagara falls, instead he got all his employees together in the park and they all held up a letter spelling “Shernee, will you marry me!” as they hovered in a helicopter above. Certainly better than when I blurted out some Swedish gibberish to my wife (hoping her sister had actually taught me the right phrase), but they both worked and thank fully “Vill du gifta dig med mig” did actually mean will you marry me…and she said yes! n For further information, visit


Bellisima Setting Engagement Ring by Hirsh, POA



of the best A wedding day demands complete perfection from the outset. From understated elegance to glittering grandeur, make your Big Day even more special with our pick of five beautiful venues to suit your own style HeArt oF tHe City Steeped in unique history, the trafalgar tavern is quite simply a tribute to old London and one of the capital’s most



unique wedding venues. the grand space of the Nelson Banqueting rooms overlooks the thames, offering stunning views of the City to complement the plush surroundings. this evocative late regency gem combined with the flexibility of its wedding package makes it an ideal choice. What’s more, the illustrious tavern also has a Civil Wedding Licence for up to 200 people. 020 8305 3091

PerioD PerFeCtioN Situated above the colonnaded entrance to Greenwich Market and built in 1832, Clarence Hall is a former music hall that has been lovingly renovated to provide a glorious venue for a wedding reception. the doubleheight splendour of what was the main auditorium has been accentuated and sprinkled with eye-catching adornments. the main bar’s back-lit panels are complemented by a pair of Anthony Stern hand-blown coloured glass chandeliers, giving this historic venue a fresh and intimate feel. 020 8858 2437


RiveRside RevelRy set at the top of an amazing lighthouse-style building designed by the legendary Philippe starck, the Battery Restaurant & Bar combines spectacular panoramic views across the City and docklands, stunning interiors and a fabulous modern european menu. if it’s understated chic you’re looking for, then this beautifully refurbished venue, with its floor to ceiling glass walls on three sides, definitely ticks all the boxes. Completing this truly one-of-a-kind offering is the Canary Wharf Pier immediately outside giving you the option to arrive by river for a special day that’s even more memorable. 020 8305 3089

ClassiC Cool Tompkins is a stylish new restaurant and bar set within the stunning Pan Peninsula development. divided into four main areas: a bar, restaurant, lounge and mezzanine bar, the interior has been designed to create an intimate, homely feel, with both eclectic and dramatic elements, incorporating an eight metre-long, bronze-fronted bar, bespoke Tom dixon chandeliers and a Foscarini cloud mural. This stunning restaurant and bar is suitable for up to 200 guests and also boasts a spectacular outside terrace, the largest waterside entertaining space in the whole of the area. 020 8305 3080

WinTeR WondeRland The east Wintergarden is a prestigious wedding venue at the heart of Canary Wharf. licensed for civil ceremonies, civil partnerships, parties, receptions, wedding breakfasts and much more, the lavish venue prides itself on catering for all communities, religions and nationalities. Whether you have 40 or 500 guests, The east Wintergarden’s magnificent 27 metre high, glass arched ceiling and the italian marble floor, combine to create a spectacular backdrop for your special day. opposite is Jubilee Park, with its beautiful ornamental water features, providing a matchless environment for photographs. 020 7418 2775


Conditions Treated: • Head Injuries • Spinal Injuries • Stroke • Rehabilitation following Amputation • Rehabilitation following Critical Illness • Functional Restoration Programmes

Neuro Rehabilitation Unit The Wellington Hospital Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit is a private facility dedicated to providing the highest standard of care. The Unit comprises of a 46 bedded facility with extensive gym and treatment areas. In 2009 at our sister Hospital The Portland we opened a dedicated Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit for Children. Both Units provide individualised rehabilitation programmes, which are Consultant led and delivered by our multidisciplinary team of experts. For further information on both units please contact the Wellington Hospital Rehabilitation Business Office: Tel: Fax:

The Team comprises of the following professions: • Consultants • Dieticians • Discharge Co-ordinator • Language Interpreters • Neurophysiotherapists • Neuropsychologists • Occupational Therapists • Paediatric Intensivists • Paediatric Play Specialists • Rehabilitation Advisors • Rehabilitation Nurses • Residential Medical Officer • Speech and Language Therapists

020 7586 2462 / 020 7483 5349 020 7586 2462

Or visit the websites: Wellington Place, St Johns Wood, London NW8 9LE

5341 WELL Rehab Canary Wharf Ad.indd 1

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health & beauty


muSt have Item: kukuI oIl By ConnoCk london

health & beauty

news Benevolent Beauty

Beauty is about feeling good about yourself, and what better way of doing so than adding a little goodwill into your grooming routine? This month, Tweezerman launches the limited edition Pink Ribbon Slant® tweezer in support of Breast Cancer Campaign. Featuring Tweezerman’s much-celebrated precision plucking technology, and the Pink Ribbon incorporated into a stylish design, £2 from each item will be donated to Breast Cancer Campaign. Macmillan Cancer Support and TONI & GUY have also teamed up to create the new Strength in Style service. Now available in TONI & GUY Canary Wharf, this innovative and altruistic move aims to offer specialist support and advice on hair care for women, men and children affected by cancer.

Connock London’s new launch is based on the ever-fashionable kukui oil. Sourced from Hawaii, the oil has been used there for centuries to keep skin smooth and soft, and has become increasingly sought after for its great skin conditioning properties. The oil can improve skin texture, elasticity and even sooth minor skin irritations. WWW.BeautIque.Com

tonI&Guy Canary Wharf Canada Square, Canary Wharf 020 7987 6222

treatment of the month: BRAZILIAN


The Brazilian Blow Dry at the Anita Cox Chelsea salon is one of the hottest new treatments around. The intensive treatment softens and straightens hair, leaving you with a long-lasting, silky smooth finish, as if an expert has styled your hair each morning. The treatment works by injecting pure keratin into the hair (found naturally in nails, skin and hair) to restructure and strengthen from within. After the keratin has completely soaked in, special extra hot keratin straighteners are used to lock in the frizz-fighting formula and leave your hair feeling manageable and immaculate, without flattening its natural shape and texture. As the treatment is semi-permanent, lasting up to three months, it will also shave a significant amount of time off your daily grooming routine, making it easy, even effortless to knock your hair into shape each morning. Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment Anita Cox Chelsea, 55 Old Church St, SW3 5BS 020 7751 4527


Get larGer lookInG eyeS ‘Bigger, Brighter Eyes in an Instant’ Fall 2010 Colour Collection is Clinique’s newest launch, designed to create a wide-eyed and wonderful look, with the help of a few special items that will make a great addition to your new season’s make-up bag. Start by giving your brows a groomed and shapely curve with the Instant Lift for Brows, a clever little tool that will also let you fill in brows and add a sweep of highlighter along the brow bone, to create a lifted, youthful look. The Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duos come in three on-trend tones: Beach Plum, Like Mink and Blackberry Frost, and are great to shade, highlight, line and contour the eye area, providing an infinite number of flattering looks. Finish off with a sweep of the new, limited edition High Impact Mascara, clinically proven to make eyes appear three times brighter, and in a deep black shade to contrast with and brighten the whites of your eyes.

Brought to you in association with The Wellington Hospital, one of the world’s leading private hospitals.


concierge health & beauty

Scent ON THE

As the summer sun wanes and autumn draws near, we find the perfect perfumes to encapsulate the spirit and tone of this transitional time of year

AFTER DARK This autumn, Estée Lauder launches Sensuous Noir; a new perfume that creates a deliciously dark and intense image of feminine sensuality. Designed to be worn after dark, Sensuous Noir will envelope you with an aura of enticing and inviting mystery with this soft, seductive and unmistakeably luxurious blend. Scent Notes: Exotic Purple Rose, Rose Essence, Spiced Lily, Jasmine, Black Pepper, Vanilla, Amber and Honey

Scent notes: Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla, Patchouli and Amber

ENGLISH ROMANCE Inspired by the last great English Romantic poet Keats’ ode ‘To Autumn’, the newest scent from Jo Malone captures that fleeting moment of when the last days of summer are edged with fresh, clear autumnal airs. English Pear & Freesia launches this month.


GOLDEN GIRL Echoing the love of luxury and the careful construction of a Dior Haute Couture gown, Dior’s new fragrance J’adore L’Or takes its essence of being from the most precious of metals: gold. Made with the finest raw materials this exquisite fragrance has exceptional intensity and a burning golden colour thanks to its uniquely rich concentration.

FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY Quintessentially English perfumers Penhaligon’s originally created Jubilee Bouquet in 1977 to honour the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Now back on their luxurious shelves this enchanting floral chypre is light, fresh, elegant and charming.

Scent Notes: King William Pear, White Freesia and Patchouli

Scent Notes: Bergamot, Chamomile, Clove, Jasmine, Violet, Ylang, Iris, Rose, Sandalwood, Musk, Moss and Amber

ape up with a new


Watch our free video at and receive your

exclusive 30% cut and colour saving now

Our stunning new Collection features a range of unique & versatile hair cuts designed to keep you on trend with soft feminine beautiful hair

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A complimentAry 5 niGHtS StAy At Any SmAll lUXUry HotelS oF tHe WorlD property TM

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Mykonos, Greece

Hotel Viura, Rioja, Spain

Hotel La Perouse, Nice, France

Ca’Sagredo Hotel, Venice, Italy

how to win Please send your name, address and the title of the magazine you would like to subscribe to: Terms & conditions: Entry is open to residents of the UK except employees (and their families) of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) and Runwild Media Group, its printers and agents, the suppliers of the prizes and any other companies associated with the competitions. The editors decision is final. By entering this competition you agree to your details being used by Runwild Media Group for marketing purpose. Please see subscriptions for full terms and conditions.

Simply by subscribing to this magazine for free Small Luxury Hotels of the World is an unsurpassed collection of over 500 hotels spanning more than 70 countries, which together offer an infinite variety of experiences. Whatever your inclination, Small Luxury Hotels of the World is guaranteed to have that exclusive hotel with its own unique character and charm. For reservations visit


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We take a closer look at this summer’s exam results




As predicted, A-level pass rates this summer rose to another record high of 97.6 per cent - and 27 per cent of entries achieved an A, intensifying the competition for university places, both this year and for prospective undergraduates next year. Overall, the A-level pass rate rose for the 28th year running, increasing by 0.1 per cent from 97.5 per cent who passed at grades A to E in 2009. Schools minister Nick Gibb defended students against claims that exams were becoming easier, saying: “There’s no question that whether you take an A-level today, or whether you took it 28 years ago, it all requires a lot of work. Any student you talk to who’s sat their A-levels this summer will tell you that over two years they’ve had to work incredibly hard to achieve the grades that they’ve achieved today. To achieve an A* or a B in the A-level requires a huge amount of hard work.” This year also sees the addition of the A* grade which has been introduced for those attaining the highest marks (+90 per cent in second year exams) – and this summer just over 8 per cent of the entries were awarded the new grade. The A* grade is meant to help the most competitive universities select the best candidates, but leading universities are divided over whether to use this as a reliable indicator. Among the Russell Group, Cambridge has made A*AA its standard offer in most subjects, while Imperial has requested it in seven courses, UCL in four and Warwick in just one. Oxford, has not used the A* in offers due to a concern over the accuracy of teachers’ predictions. Gibb also defended the new grade saying “The A* grade represents genuine top-level attainment. The most competitive universities have long wanted to differentiate between top-performing students. The previous government introduced the A* to help them do this. It is now down to universities to decide how they use it.”

Like A-level results, the overall pass rate for GCSEs rose again this year, for the 23rd year running, to 69.1 per cent. The results showed a rise in the numbers of candidates sitting science subjects, with Biology up 28 per cent, Chemistry up 32 per cent and Physics up 32 per cent from 2009. In the results released last month, overall girls still did better than boys, with a pass rate of 72.6 per cent at A* to C compared with 65.4 per cent for boys. The gap in passes between the sexes is slightly wider this year than last, when girls achieved 70.5 per cent of passes compared with 63.6 per cent for boys. However, this trend of girls outperforming boys, which has lasted for the past two decades, could be reversed as soon as next year, as boys beat girls at GCSE Maths for the second year in a row, following the decision to drop coursework. One of the most notable changes in the GCSE system this year has been the drop in coursework for several subjects. The coursework modules have been replaced with ‘controlled assessments’ which are extended tasks sat under supervision, but with notes permitted for assistance. The decision to remove coursework came after many schools and exam boards showed concerns over plagiarism. From 2011 onwards, 25 per cent of marks in History and Geography will come from controlled assessment, and 60 per cent of marks in Foreign Languages, Music and Art. A spokeswoman for the exam board AQA, considering flexible learning options, said that “Although some research suggests that boys prefer traditional exams and girls prefer coursework, this will not always be the case, so the idea of flexibility is really aimed at tailoring exams to meet the requirements of the curriculum by addressing individual learning needs.” n

declare your


Small independent luxury hotels. Memorable experiences.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ Book your winter beach escape at


THE ARTCORPORATE GIVING As Chistmas nears the horizon, we begin to think of gift giving and the merry office party and for those in charge of the corporate giftgiving the imminent stresses of choosing the right gift for the right person. Enter Harrods Corporate Service, your personal helper 1.

Companies that offer corporate gift-giving services abound, but they all seem to have their specialism; hampers, candles, cufflinks... What if there was just one company that you could turn to this year? And have a whole variety of gifts to choose from? Everyone knows of Harrods; world renowned and the largest store in the UK. Everyone also knows the impact that the mossy green and gold bags have on people. So, with over one million square feet of selling space, 330 departments and the luxury Harrods name, it’s a great place to go for your Christmas shopping. And there’s no reason that corporate shopping should be any different – there’s a whole team of people dedicated to the service (which is commission free). Working to all price bands as well as mixed levels of price brands the team takes a bespoke perspective on delivering your company’s perfect gifts. Briefs can be delivered by email, a phone call or a store visit and once received, the team sets to work to create a hand-picked selection of bespoke products for you to choose from. Our favourites and the most popular are the gourmet Harrods food and wine hampers, which are always a great hit. This Christmas, though, there are also offerings from Daylesford Organic, Caffé Florian, Jo Malone and Mungo & Maud, all exclusively with Harrods. Thus, you can get the trusted Harrods service with other luxury brands.



But there’s more than just hampers, there’s five floors to choose from. For the high-flying gentleman there’s fashion and accessories, gadgets and gizmos; from Hermès ties to fine watches, from F1-insired carbon briefcases to stingray skin cigar cases. For businesswomen everywhere there’s classic Tiffany & Co pieces, Christian Louboutin’s latest creations, Crème de la Mer and Montblanc pens. And for those who want the choosing of the gift to be the treat, the Harrods Gift Card can be loaded with a sum of your choice – from £10 to £10,000 which can be spent throughout the store as well as on the lifestyle experiences in the store, from facials to dining. The card is a simple and fuss free way to work without losing any of the impact. (It also makes a great incentive scheme for employees throughout the year.)


Gift giving is an art in itself to get right and corporate gift-giving even harder. That’s why the Harrods Corporate Service Team is on hand to help you to take the hard work out of gift-giving this Christmas. For further information, contact the team on 020 7225 5994 or email

1. The Harrods Gift Card (from £10


to £10,000) provide a desirable and fuss-free gift alternative

2. The Chelsea (£65) is a chic but affordable hamper offering a selection of favourite treats for the season including Colombian fine ground coffee, iced Christmas cake and festive bauble

3. The Daylesford Complete Larder


(£275) is everything you could need for Christmas: handmade cakes, chutneys and conserves, cheese, Prosecco and crackers

4. Tumi’s Croc Briefcase (£2,895) is finished in gold-brushed dark leather and incorporates an inner pocket for iPad

5. Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin collection gift set (£259) includes two colognes, body lotion, shower gel, body crème and home candle

6. Flip Mino 2HD Video Camera (£179.99) is the world’s sleekest HD camcorder with 120 minutes of record time and a two-inch antiglare display



w w w. b r m - m a nu fa c t u re . c o m For stockist enquiries please telephone +33 (0)1 61 02 00 25 J u R A LT D 0 8 0 0 0 1 1 2 7 0 4 - T H E WAT C H G A L L E RY 0 2 0 7 5 8 1 3 2 3 9 - F RO S T O F L O N D O N 0 2 0 3 3 7 2 0 1 0 8



Must Visit: 100% Design


100% Design will celebrate its 16th birthday this year, returning to Earls Court for its annual showcase of world-class interior design. Over 4,000 new products will make up this year’s show, boasting specialist areas dedicated to unknown and sustainable materials (100% Materials), and new and emerging talent from around the globe and the UK (100% Futures) all under one roof. An absolute must on the London Design Festival calendar, be sure not to pass this one by.



Traditionally reserved for the top end of the design trade market, the fair will be open to the public on the afternoon of Tuesday 28 September, allowing you to rub shoulders with some of the most influential designers around and get a sneak peek at the best brands in the business. This year is set to be a particularly spectacular event, influenced by the eccentric tale of Alice in Wonderland. Expect a very fitting, yet wacky, events calendar, including a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party complete with underground warrens and oversized furniture; an optical illusion display by international design duo Herme y Monica in their portrayal of Through The Looking Glass in the VIP area, and a much-publicised Hermès-designed helicopter sited just outside the marquee. With over 240 exhibitors showcasing new products and designs at this year’s show and a jam-packed seminar program, you’d be mad to miss it! 26–29 September 2010, Royal Hospital Chelsea, London SW3 020 7921 8408,

23–26 September 2010, Earls Court, London 01923 690 640,

Must buy: Origin:

The London Craft Fair

Scorpion Lamp, £985, Ochre at Decorex

23–29 September 2010 Old Spitalfields Market Brushfield Street London E1 6EW 020 7739 5561,

Outrace, Trafalgar Square

London Design Festival The most important event in the interior design calendar will take place this September. A major cultural and commercial event, London Design Festival 2010 will set the capital alight with an everexpanding array of activities, events and workshops. With major commissions and exhibitions planned for the festival focal point at the V&A, Trafalgar Square and the Southbank Centre, visitors can look forward to taking in the 200plus partner events and beautiful design districts right here in the centre of London. One event that is sure to get your attention is the Audi commissioned Outrace, a huge mechanical

Stop press! Origin will relocate to the newly refurbished Old Spitalfields Market this year, making an exciting new addition to London Design Festival 2010. Presented by Tent London for the Crafts Council, this annual showcase of original contemporary craft will bring together 220 makers, offering visitors a chance to buy directly from the stands on show. Perfect for those seeking one-off handmade pieces, the fair runs for a whole week, so make sure you pencil the event into your busy diaries.

octopus that will reside in Trafalgar Square over the festival’s duration. Six industrial robotic arms from Audi’s production line and some of nifty custom-made software will make this installation a fully interactive event. The public will be able to text in messages that will be transformed into light traces drawn by these synchronised mechanical tentacles, sending your scriptures to the sky above London’s Trafalgar Square. A great way to get involved in one of the capital’s leading artistic events, I’m sure this will prove a lot of fun too! 18–26 September 2010 020 7734 6444,

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10% off across the collection

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Tent London If it’s new and it’s hip, then you’ll see it first at Tent London. Set to be the biggest exhibition of lighting, furniture and interior collections yet, newcomers and returning designers will collaborate on some of the most impressive exhibits you’ll see this year. Go on, be the envy of your friends and take something truly special home that you’ll be boasting about for ages... 23–26 September 2010, Truman Brewery Brick Lane, London E1 020 7739 5561,

city 37-39 Commercial Road, London E1. Tel: 020 7426 9670


the trend Sim Smith uncovers quirky ideas for a Surrealist inspired hallway, perfect for those looking for something that little bit different

60-0004 Cala chair in cream from £1,524, Christopher Guy 020 7348 7366 ,

Acrylic glass, coated wood and yarn 365 Knitting Clock by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen, POA +49 177 682 6842,

Blue Absinthe scented candle, $38, Delirium & Co 00 1 888 656 3903, Bakelight phone lamp in black, from £550 Alex Randall,

Bone and horn tiles in black and white £650 a square metre, De Ferranti 020 7384 4424,



Skulls wallpaper in black from the Flock Collection by Barbara Hulanicki, £60 per role Graham & Brown, 0800 3288 452 Fine bone china Maurice-Poirot Moustache mug £11.95, Peter Ibruegger 07786 692433,

Hand woven wool aubusson Moghul rug by Katrin Cargill, £2,860, The Rug Company 020 7229 5148,

Pig table 01483 209 350, Surrealism, Movements in Modern Art Series by Fiona Bradley, £8.95, Tate Shop,

Plywood and timber Wrong Woods low cabinet £1,980, Established & Sons 020 7608 0990,


concierge interiors

the address book Sim Smith enjoys a selfish afternoon on Marylebone High Street

Daunt books One of the best bookshops I’ve ever visited, Daunt’s does not disappoint the reader, researcher or interiors enthusiast. Set right in the middle of Marylebone High Street, Daunt’s is somewhat of a landmark here, a shop steeped in tradition and a sanctuary for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle outside. Famed for its original Edwardian roots, not much has been changed here in terms of its interior composition. Beautiful dark oak shelves line every wall, filled with books spanning everything from history to biography, fiction and, of course, travel for which it has gained a specialist reputation. Its gargantuan proportions and quiet reading corners could mislead you into thinking it was a library. Arranged over three floors, including a beautiful galleried landing, the shop is flooded with natural sunlight and decorated with original brass light fittings hanging from above. Antique tables are dotted all around, from the children’s room on the ground floor to the underbelly of the shop downstairs, displaying favourite reads and must-buys personally recommended by their staff. Comfortable chairs are also provided, enticing you to sit down and leaf through your latest find. My advice would be to sit by the stunning stained glass window to the back of the shop, while away a couple of hours and escape the 21st century for a while. 83/84 Marylebone HigH street, 020 7224 2295,

DescaMps I can’t help but pop in when walking past Descamps. Usually lured in by luxurious window displays, I can spend longer than I’d like to admit browsing through shelves packed with fine linen throws and soft silk pillows. What I like about this shop in particular is that it’s light and airy, with architectural materials such as zinc, washed oak and enamelled metal perfectly juxtaposed against the tactile soft furnishings on show. Expertly positioned on a large corner plot, daylight fills the shop even on the gloomiest of days. Inside, installation like lighting hangs in the form of large conch shells set low over long tables, with delicate rays seeping out from backlit ceiling panels. The range of products on show is all-encompassing in colour, style and design. The company produces two annual collections across bed linen, towelling, beach, accessories, and Petit Descamps (the baby range). My coveted buy of the season is one of the beautiful dressing gowns that can be found at the back of the shop, delicately hung on doors of the pale grey wardrobes that seem to house the most gorgeous collections of loungewear. Now, do I want mine to fasten with silk ribbon or edged in linen? Oh yes – I forgot to mention, they offer a bespoke service too, so if you really can’t find anything perfect in store, you can customise your own! 6 Marylebone HigH street, 020 7935 0070,

rococo The small, petrol-blue frontage of the shop frames its intricate little window display perfectly. Fine pink tulle fills the window in large, summery blooms embellished with tiny boxes of chocolates and sweets in Rococo’s signature blue and white packaging. Inside, the shop takes on a slight Alice In Wonderland feel with pretty dressers towering tall, lined with delectable violet wafers and classic marc de champagne truffles, all labelled in the founder’s dainty handwriting. Above hangs a huge glass chandelier, almost like a giant jellyfish hovering over the space in deep tones of amethyst and brilliant coral. Original parquet flooring leads you past delightful hampers sat on garden chairs with cushions printed in Rococo blue and white. Then you hit the chocolate bar, a demi-lune shaped design, showcasing the most beautiful array of handmade chocolates made from the highest quality cocoa beans and natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. Rococo’s trademark is quality ingredients and unusual flavour combinations, fuelled by an uncompromising passion for chocolate. If you share the company’s craze for all things cocoa, why not pop by their flagship store to the Rococo School of Chocolate in Knightsbridge, and sign up for a couple of classes for the ultimate Rococo experience? 45 Marylebone HigH street, 020 7935 7780, www.rocococHocolates.coM




L O N D O N offers book London’s officiaL

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SEASON’S CHANGE Francesca Avossa, Ligne Roset’s creative consultant, has designed an exciting new layout in the City showroom to welcome the UK arrival of its stunning new collection

Ottoman comprises a two-seater sofa, a three-seater sofa, an armchair and a footstool

Oozing a strong architectural look, the TU table comes in a choice of folded, soldered steel bases finished in satin white, black or red lacquer, and also thick table tops in ebony-stained oak veneer, solid walnut, satin white or black laminate with natural oak edging

Celebrating its 150th anniversary during this year, Ligne Roset continues to be at the forefront of design and style innovation and the new season is no different, with products created by some of France’s most celebrated designers, including Inga Sempé’s upholstery range, Ruché; the Anneau armchair – one of Pierre Paulin’s last creations; the organic lines of the Ottoman quilted seating range by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and Philippe Nigro’s adaptable table base of the TU.

Its all-foam construction is sumptuous and sophisticated, with a strong synergy between the two injected foam cores of specific densities used to make the seat and back, and the additional Bultex foam attached around the periphery. These key elements altogether provide both comfort and durability.

Taking centre stage is Ruché by Inga Sempé. Slender and fine in appearance, Ruché combines rigidity and flexibility. Inspired by swing seats, Ruché is made from a solid beech frame finished in natural matt beech or beech-stained anthracite, red or blue with a distinctive quilted pad.

The beauty of Philippe Nigro’s TU table (Table Universelle, or ‘universal table’) lies with its practical and aesthetic qualities, which enable the user to ‘recycle’ any kind of table top already owned, whether the top has been used on a pair of old trestles, or an old door panel that is no longer functional as it is.

Alternately flattened by the stitches and set free, the quilting can ‘curl’ in places, giving rise to both its unique appearance and its name, Ruché (a gathered or pleated fabric which serves as decoration on a piece of clothing). Inspired by Morocco and with an overriding sense of well-being, Ottoman is the latest creation by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.

The quilted seat is best seen in a plain fabric. Bicolour versions are also available, with the exterior and interior offered in different fabrics of tonal shades or contrasting materials.

Providing the maximum of flexibility with its customisable, sustainable and reversible qualities, TU is a refined and carefully crafted object, which bears all the hallmarks of a future design classic. In comparison to a traditional system of trestles, the stability is remarkable as the top is clamped firmly in place by the feet instead of simply resting on top, maintained by its weight alone. To find out more about the collection, the team at Ligne Roset City looks forward to welcoming you to the new City showroom – the UK’s largest showroom.

Ruché includes a medium and large sofa, one-arm sofa (left or right) and a footstool in a wide choice of fabrics and colours. Furthermore, the one-arm sofa comes with an integral table at the end of its seat, which can be used as a low table for books or drinks

Ligne Roset City 37–39 Commercial Road London, E1 1LF 020 7426 9670


design LONDON

When people think of London, they automatically think of it as a centre for art and design, and this month’s London Design Festival is certain to reaffirm that view, assures Carol Cordrey

art & culture


Left: Outrace in Trafalgar Square by Kram and Weisshaar with Audi for LDF 2010 Right: Once Upon a Dream at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel Below: Staircase installation at the V&A Museum

his is the eighth year of the Festival that celebrates global creativity across numerous design disciplines by exhibiting exciting, innovative works in a vast range of venues across the capital. One of those venues, the hotel Andaz Liverpool Street, will host a number of installations and events such as the sleeping capsule, Once Upon a Dream, by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. Located in the hotel’s lounge, the capsule functions as a sleep pod that introduces a new way of helping a hotel’s residents to rest and recuperate from jetlag and to adjust to their new, journey’s-end environment. “A good sleep is a luxury few people can boast of when they are travelling,” comments Arnaud de Saint-Exupéry, general manager of the hotel, “and we feel the pod is reflective of the innovative spirit Andaz is known for.” Commissioned by luxury brand, Veuve Clicquot, the pod’s form is an amalgamation of fairy-tale and futuristic design created by Lehanneur after researching scientific studies carried out by specialists dealing with chronic insomnia. Once Upon a Dream offers a bed in an intimate space that cleverly optimises the sleep process. It achieves this within a 15-minute period by closing a curtain automatically around the bed, gradually increasing the surrounding darkness and reducing the temperature to 19°⁰C – the optimum for sleep. A “white noise” humming sound at a natural frequency is also produced, which isolates the user from unwanted noise and the pod receives a micro-diffusion of sea air at regular intervals that gently rocks the user. The waking process is equally sensitive as, at a pre-determined time, the user is automatically brought out of sleep over a 15-minute period by the gradual rise in the light and the temperature in the pod. As the hotel is expected to become a hub for people visiting the Festival’s other projects in the Liverpool Street area and the East End, the pod looks certain to become a major attraction both in the short and the long term.


Without doubt a feast of design for all tastes, for everyone to enjoy and for London to be proud of The Festival will transform locations such as Clerkenwell, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia Village and South Kensington into temporary Design Districts presenting a selection of unique exhibitions and experiences. South Kensington will also offer Brompton Bicycle Tours as a topical and practical way of visiting all areas of the Festival. Not too far away by bike or by any other mode of transport will be the extraordinary mechanical octopus in Trafalgar Square. Consisting of eight industrial robotic arms from leading car manufacturer, Audi, it is destined to attract a huge audience, especially as visitors seeing it via the internet can participate in its actions.

The world’s most famous design museum, the V&A, adopts a truly 21st century image by playing host to a variety of the Festival’s features that include digital tapestries, a stunning staircase installation and a dramatic garden sculpture! Liberty, famous for decades as the capital’s showcase store for designers from around the globe, will be holding an exhibition by Swedish company, ACNE, of its new range of sleek, sculptural sofas inspired by that country’s late, distinguished furniture designer, Carl Malmsten. Also being launched there will be a range of items by the design group, Roger la Borde, that includes its new collection of distinctive stationery, homewares featuring Victoriana illustrations with a contemporary twist, as well as original artwork and limited edition prints by internationally acclaimed artists such as Nelly Dimitranova, Aya Kakeda and Su Blackwell. Without doubt a feast of design for all tastes, for everyone to enjoy and for London to be proud of. n London Design Festival 18–26 September


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Two years’ free servicing with Audi Approved Used Cars* Docklands Audi At the region’s premier Audi Centre, there’s never been a better time to trade-up to an Audi Approved Used Car. As part of the Essex Audi Group, Docklands Audi can offer an unparalleled choice of over 400 superbly presented and fully warranted Audi Approved Used Cars, from as little as £9,995. And if you buy one of our cars through Audi Finance, we can even give you free servicing for 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Docklands Audi

So if you feel that the time has come to trade up to an Audi, call 020 7536 0555 or call into the Docklands Audi Centre today.

Docklands Audi

Marsh Wall, South Quay, Docklands E14 9SL Tel: 020 7536 0555 * Offer applies on all models except Audi A8 and S8 and is subject to a minimum advance of £7,500 over a 24 month agreement with Audi Finance. Offer ends 31st December 2010.

motoring interview gadgets

Abarth 500c bernie ecclestone ................................. latest & Greatest ..........................................................



B The Mazda MX-5 celebrates a big birthday this year; providing maximum fun for minimum outlay for 20 years

ack in 1989 the original Mazda MX-5 rewrote the rule book on twoseater roadsters, earning a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the all-time top seller in the segment. Now in its third-generation form, the MX-5 remains a clear evolution of the original and a clear hit for any petrol head – most of whom will have energetic tales to tell of their ownership Even Jeremy Clarkson likes it, stating that “... you get almost exactly the same amount of fun you would get from a Ferrari 430 Spider.” Whilst the latest generation came out to huge

trepidation followed by delight, making its UK debut at Goodwood this year was the MX-5 Superlight concept car; a topless, windscreenless, 144kg-less fully driveable concept, powered by a 125bhp, 1.8 litre MZR engine. Overall, it is a fun and extrovert character that distils essential driving pleasure. Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed for production, there’s a contingent looking for a fair-weather toy to add to their collection. n For further information, visit Romford Mazda, call 01708 735 735, or visit




bONDiNG Abarth would like women to drive the new 500C Cabrio. Sorry, says Matthew Carter, it might be cute, but this should remain a bloke’s car

f you’re a man, the chances are you’ve taken a look at the Fiat 500 and instantly dismissed it as a ladies’ car. And for that selfsame reason you won’t even have glanced at the Cabrio version; more than 90 per cent of owners are female. Not that Fiat is worried about missing out on the male vote; far from it. In fact, the vast majority of Abarth 500 buyers are blokes. Fiat 500? Abarth 500? One and the same thing, surely? Well, yes and no. The Abarth version is the hot one, re-engineered with more power, bigger brakes, wider wheels and an aggressive body kit. But Fiat insists Abarth is a standalone brand and the Fiat badge appears nowhere on the car. The result is obvious: Fiats are for girls and Abarths are for boys. But that might change with the arrival of the Abarth 500C, a convertible version of the little street fighter. The car (and the company) is named in honour of Carlo Abarth who, in the 1950s and 1960s, took standard Fiat machines and turned them into record breakers and successful racers. And creating the Abarth 500C has been tackled in much the same way as the Austrian-born Abarth would have done it more than 60 years ago: Fiat has taken a standard 500C and replaced virtually everything mechanical. That means it has a punchy, turbocharged 1.4-litre engine developing 140bhp – or 5bhp more than the hardtop Abarth 500, the extra power designed to compensate for the extra weight of the fabric roof conversion. It has deep front spoilers, lower side skirts, an extended roof spoiler to take advantage of the extra power, and it has bigger ventilated disc brakes to slow it down more effectively. The suspension has been stiffened, while inside there are excellent sports seats, a thick-rimmed flat-bottomed steering wheel and a Sport/overboost button, which quickens throttle responses, weights up the electric power steering and sharpens handling. Among the standard gizmos are the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which starts braking individual wheels if control is threatened, and Torque Transfer Control (TTC), which acts like a limited slip differential to kill understeer under cornering, and so deliver more fun.


But there are a couple of girltailored gizmos. The suspension is slightly softer than the closed version and, for the time being at least, you can only get the Abarth 500C with an automated manual transmission – something that’s not even available on the hardtop as yet. Abarth calls it Competizione, which gives a clue as to its sporting pretensions. There’s no central gearshift, but a selector allowing the driver to choose forwards or reverse and manual or automatic modes. You can then either leave the five-speeder to change gear by itself ,or shift manually by flipping the paddles behind the steering wheel. In everyday use, you’ll choose to do the job manually. The paddles might be a touch small, but manual shifts allow you to exploit the rev-happy engine properly: left in ‘auto’, the ‘box’ sometimes changes gear at the most inappropriate moment. Gearbox and barely discernible

power hike aside, the Abarth 500C and 500 are mechanically identical. The big difference comes with the roof. Like the Fiat 500C, the electric fabric soft top is more a giant sunroof than a full convertible hood. To keep the car’s structural rigidity virtually untouched, the complete body sides of the car are left intact, with only the central section of the roof turned from metal to fabric. Yes, there’s the occasional shimmy from the structure over seriously rough going but, by and large, this is a convertible that’s as rigid as the donor hatchback. The roof slides back and forth via two tracks in what’s left of the roof and can be retracted on the move at speeds of up to 37mph. It can be stopped in any position so that the rear window can remain in place, or folded, pram-like, so it sits above the boot lid – where it obscures rearward vision totally. Never mind, that’s


what the large door mirrors (and the standard rear parking sensors) are for. It’s probably the ideal compromise. You get wind in the motoring at the touch of a button, but without any of the problems of a traditional convertible, where the removal of the roof turns the car into a motorised jelly that wobbles round bends. Handling is nimble and performance peppy enough, given its comparatively modest power output. It also has a full complement of standard features including Xenon headlights, air conditioning, hands-free control of a mobile, plus voice activation for the sound system, which incorporates an auxin slot for an iPod. A neat extra is a fully portable satnav system that incorporates a full telemetry system, allowing keener drivers to download their lap times, gear shifts and so on, so they can analyse where to extract that extra tenth – vital on that rush-hour run between the City and Canary Wharf! Among the other extras, you can specify full leather trim (£800) or, for an extra hundred quid – £900 in all – leather, plus a two-tone paint job. Red brake callipers, meanwhile, are £150 extra. OK, so £17,500 before those extras isn’t cheap, but clearly there are many people prepared to spend that sort of cash on a chic, topless, performance car: just look at sales of the Mini Cooper S Convertible for proof. The Abarth 500C might be a little smaller than the Mini, but it’s arguably even more desirable, and will certainly be far rarer. I just hope it remains a bloke’s car – girls, stick to the Fiat, please. n

IN BRIEF CaR: Abarth 500C PRICE: £17,500 ENgINE: 1368cc turbocharged four-cylinder petrol PowER: 138 hp DRIvE: Front-wheel drive


TICKETS TO CHELSEA AUTO LEGENDS SUNDAY 5 SEPTEMBER The magic of the legendary Le Mans 24-Hours race is coming to London for the very first time to raise funds for the Chelsea Pensioners. This year’s inaugural Chelsea Auto Legends is celebrating the illustrious stars and great cars that have made the celebrated French day-night-day classic the world’s most famous and spectacular showdown for man and machine. For one day only, Sunday 5 September, the glorious grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea will be home to a spectacular collection of the finest Le Mans sports cars, many appearing in the capital for the first and only time. Founded by King Charles II in 1681, Royal Hospital Chelsea has been a retirement and nursing home for British soldiers for more than 300 years. Today, it is home to more than 300 Chelsea Pensioners who will benefit directly from funds raised by Chelsea Auto Legends. Adding to the excitement and drama, the event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Porsche’s first win in the French race as well as the filming of the epic Le Mans movie, which starred cult hero Steve McQueen. Many of the drivers involved in the making of the movie will be present to share their memories. Those already confirmed include five-time winner Derek Bell MBE, Britain’s most successful Le Mans racer and Richard Attwood the man who actually won the 1970 race (not Steve McQueen as in the film!) to give Porsche its maiden victory. On top of the Le Mans 24-Hours centrepiece, there will also be a huge number of mouth-watering prestige, exotic and supercars from both road and track. Aston Martins, Bentleys, Bugattis, Ferraris, Jaguars, Maseratis, Porsches and many other stunning marques will be out in force adding to the ‘wow’ factor. Indeed, with helicopter and military displays, there will be something for all the family. What’s more owners of classic, performance and supercars can also be part of the show. Adult entrance tickets are priced at just £12 in advance and those aged 16 and under admitted free if accompanied by an adult and are available from

Steve McQueen

THE PRIZE We have four pairs of tickets to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, email your name, address and telephone number to with AUTOLEGENDS in the subject bar. The closing date for entries is Friday 3 September, 2010.

Steve McQueen 917


Terms & conditions: The first four correct entries drawn will win the prizes. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

m{zd{ 3 AT ROMFORD M{ZD{.

Proof that fun and finance can go together.


} o}

Now available with typical 0% APR over 3 years with 50% deposit required.


The stunning Mazda3 is the next-generation Mazda that combines expressive design with inspired engineering. It’s a statement of individuality; the perfect choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Experience the thrill of the Mazda3 by taking it for a test drive today!

} o o -z } o zo

o z

o o z } o zo

To take a test drive contact us at:

Romford Mazda

299-307 Collier Row Lane, Romford, Essex RM5 3ND 01708 735 735

The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the Mazda3 range (excluding Mazda3 MPS): Urban 26.7 (10.6) – 48.7 (5.8), Extra Urban 48.7 (5.8) – 74.3 (3.8), Combined 37.2 (7.6) – 62.8 (4.5). C02 emissions (g/km) 175 – 119. Retail sales only. Subject to availability at participating dealers only on new vehicles registered between 1 July 2010 and 30 September 2010. ^0% finance available on Mazda Conditional Sale on all Mazda3 range models with minimum 50% deposit required. Finance subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be 18 or over. Guarantees/Indemnities may be required. Mazda Financial Services RH1 1SR. Model shown: Mazda3 2.0 5dr Sport. OTR price £15,030. Model shown features optional metallic paint (£410) and accessories available at additional cost. On the road price includes VAT, number plates, delivery, 12 months’ road fund licence, 1st registration fee, 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European Roadside Assistance. Details correct at time of going to print. Test drives subject to applicant status and availability.

22329_Mazda3 Advert Romford 210x297.indd 1

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Volvo is trying to replace a ‘safe’ image with new-found dynamism, as displayed in the new S60 saloon. But, asks Matthew Carter, why is Volvo so keen to dump its traditional strengths?


nocking over an innocent pedestrian is harder than it looks. With about 20 mph on the clock, an errant jaywalker suddenly hoves into view slap-bang in front of the car. Normally you or I would brake, sound the horn and expect him or her to jump out of the way. Not this time. My passenger told me not to do a thing and certainly not to touch the brakes. Just drive straight at the ‘target’ and see what happens. I did as I was told. It took all my willpower not to dab the brakes and just before the point of impact, I had to look away to avoid the pleading look of horror and shock on my victim’s face when he realised what was about to happen.

Stupid really. My victim was a static dummy, I was on a test track and the new Volvo S60 I was driving was equipped with Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto Brake. I knew no one was going to get hurt. Sure enough, once the car’s brain finally realised I wasn’t going to do anything about the impending accident, it jammed on the brakes and the car stopped about two inches short of breaking the dummy’s legs. I was, literally, no more than a passenger. The system uses radar and a digital camera mounted high in the windscreen, which determine what the pedestrian is up to. If it’s a moving target, for example, there’s a good chance the system will not operate at all, reckoning that if there’s not going to be an accident because the

pedestrian is jumping out of the way, there’s no point in jamming on the brakes and having the car behind slam into the boot of the Volvo. It’s exceedingly clever and exceedingly Volvo. All of which makes the company’s decision to promote the new S60 as ‘the most dynamic Volvo yet’ something of a puzzle. I mean, looking back at some of the less-thandynamic Volvos of the recent past, some might think that tag is damning the S60 with faint praise. As it turns out, it’s not a bad drive… just don’t go expecting BMW 3-Series levels of involvement. And neither is that damning the Volvo with faint praise. The point about the new S60 is that it’s good to drive without being overtly sporting. And as anyone


who has suffered a typically Germanic boneshaker ride will know, that’s a genuine blessing. Volvo, now under Chinese ownership, reckons the S60 is a fourdoor coupé, which might be stretching the point a little. The roofline does tumble away at the rear, but there’s still enough headroom in the back for most people: think of it as a saloon with some style, rather than a fauxcoupé, and you’d be nearer the truth. So, rather than calling it the most dynamic Volvo ever, they’d be better off saying it’s the most stylish Volvo ever. Swooping lines, a large grille and plenty of neat design touches give it more character than you might expect from a sensible Swede… though the clean, simple interior is pure Scandinavian. The wafer-thin centre console, for example, is clever and sophisticated at the same time. All in all, it’s a great combination. Volvo is claiming the S60’s dynamic prowess comes from “the sportiest suspension we have ever offered”. Possibly. But the really good news is that the chassis tuning was undertaken in the UK, where we are blessed with some of the worst B-roads in Europe. If the car can cope here, goes the theory, it can cope anywhere. The positive result is a car that handles well enough, but that rides exceptionally well. There’s a choice of two diesels and one turbo petrol just now, with other engines – including a frugal 1.6-litre petrol – due later. The 3.0-litre 304 hp petrol wasn’t available on the launch drive, but the two diesels were. Both are five cylinder units, with the 2.0-litre D3 delivering 163 hp and the 2.4-litre D5 producing 205 hp. While a 40 hp difference sounds a lot, performance-wise in everyday use, there’s precious little between the D3 and D5, though the smaller engine is much more economical. That’s the one I’d go for. I’d also plump for the SE Lux Premium grade, which has full leather, satnav, DAB radio and headlights that bend around corners, in addition to the expected equipment such as air conditioning, Bluetooth, alloys and cruise control. And you do get plenty of safety equipment as standard, including City Safety, which monitors the


road ahead and if the driver fails to spot an obstacle – a line of stationary traffic for example – it will automatically take over braking duties to lessen the impact, if a collision is unavoidable. Sadly, the Pedestrian Avoidance system is an optional extra, so if you’re a jaywalker, don’t assume you’ll be safe walking out in front of every new S60… n

IN BRIEF CaR: Volvo S60 D3 SE Lux Premium PRICE: £28,345 ENgINE: 1985cc turbocharged fivecylinder petrol PowER: 163 hp DRIvE: Front-wheel drive




Whole In one



rIse to the occasIon Montgomery Square in Canary Wharf doubled for an athletics field on 6 August when some of the most promising pole vaulters in the country put on a breathtaking display to promote Aviva’s London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace. A double-decker bus was parked next to the bar to give Wharfers an idea of the astonishing heights these athletes can vault. Great Britain international Max Eaves said, “We were in Trafalgar Square a couple of years ago jumping between two buses, but this is a much better location because there’s a bigger crowd. We’ve got the London doubledecker here and that’s only 4.60m high. All of us can jump over five metres, so we can smash that height”. The afternoon saw Eaves not only clear the height of the bus, but also set a new personal best of 5.47 metres.

saIl aWay City Sailing 2010 by LynxSports will bring the speed and excitement of sail racing into the heart of London at The Royal Victoria Docks throughout September. Sail racing has been shown to be an exhilarating spectacle at events such as the iShares Cup, the BMW City Challenge and the King of the Docklands in Sydney. With the 2012 Olympic Games fast approaching, an entire fleet of Laser SB3 racing yachts will bring sailing back to the city. Be inspired by the commitment and skill of sailors, including British gold medallist Sarah Ayton in their quest for Gold in 2012.

Golfers travelling to European Airports are welcoming the arrival of Clubs to Hire, a new company offering the convenience of booking golf clubs online with instant pick-up at your airport of choice. Avoid the hefty carriage costs of lugging clubs on your flight with this quick and easy service available at the arrival hall of leading international airports.

say What?

Hopefully we can show the fans we are a good team. I’m desperate to make them happy in the future. I’m hurting as a player and I’m sure the rest of the lads are as well.

england captaIn, steven gerard on the neW squad’s future

How to:

perfect your golf sWIng 1. Choose the correct golf club Take a four-iron instead of a five-iron or a three-wood instead of a five-wood, and so on. Your shots will feel solid and ultimately yield better results. 2. It’s Not All About Your Arms Try to think of a back swing as turning your back to the target, as if winding up a spring, before releasing the club from behind you. 3. Coil Your Body Resistance is created between the turning of the upper body and shoulders, and decreased turning of the hips and lower body. Practice this movement for a more accurate direction on the golf ball. 4. Don’t be Hasty Any time a swing begins to break down, the first correction is usually to slow down your backswing and take your time. 5. Don’t grip too tight On a scale of one to ten, with ten being as tight as you can hold the club, try a grip pressure of about four.



The Challenger World London Triathlon 2010 took place on 8 August, with this year’s event being the biggest and best yet. We take a look at the winners and results from this great event

Now in its fourteenth year, the London Triathlon raises millions of pounds for charity each year. This year’s event took place under the watchful and excited eyes of a staggering 55,000 spectators, who lined the streets of London to be a part of the world’s most popular triathlon. The event is aimed at all levels of expertise, featuring a race for elite athletes, as well as several great corporate challenges. This year saw record breaking numbers of businesses from both Canary Wharf and the City take part in corporate challenges, with industries such as legal, insurance, finance and media playing a big part in this year’s event. Overall, around 13,000 athletes took part, including celebrity athletes such as Formula One World Champion Jenson Button and TV presenter Vernon Kay. This year was Button’s second successive year at the London Triathlon, finishing with a respectable time of 02:14:15. The elite race saw Australian Courtney Atkinson take the men’s gold with a time of 01:49:03, whilst British Olympian Helen Jenkins took gold for the second consecutive year with an impressive time of 02:01:01.

THE RESULTS: The eliTe Race Male





Courtney Atkinson (AUS)





Tim Don (GB)





Jarrod Shoemaker (USA)










Helen Jenkins





Jodie Stimpson





Liz Blatchford





Settling the old Canary Wharf v The City rivalry Pinsent Masons took the honours for the City in the Sprint Distance, with a time of 01:15:59, and Deloitte also did the City proud, winning the Olympic Distance Team Relay with a time of 02:16:44. We take a look at some of the other corporate race events, seeing how the times fare across different industries such as legal and finance, and speak to some of the members of the winning teams to see how they enjoyed the day.

TEam RELay and CUpS OlyMpic DiSTaNce iNSURaNce

OlyMpic DiSTaNce FiNaNce pOSiTiON

TeaM NaMe

TOTal TiMe


TeaM NaMe

TOTal TiMe


DTRB Manchester 2



Willis Wonkas



Team Steve West



Team Richard Salter



Team Thomas Rees



Novae Old Timers



Team Matthew Timms



Chaucer 6



Mad Men






Stuart, Iain and Alex



Tooting Tryers



U can do ittt!



Chaucer 1



Ready Bloody Steady



Team Stuart Webb



Snow White and the Irish Dwarf



Chaucer 7



Flippr, Lance and Usain



Gard tri




Olympic Distance legal pOsitiOn

team name

tOtal time








Run Bike Swim (RBS)



Team Anne Jones



Team Mark Benson



Team Lucia Ricci



Really Bad Shape



Cowans Angels


“Participating in the London Triathlon was great fun. I helped organise four teams from my company to enter the team relays - we managed to win both the Sprint and Olympic events for the media industry! “It was a great atmosphere on the day, especially during the relays with everyone cheering on their other team members. It’s my second time participating as part of a team. I’ve done a triathlon on my own and the team relay is definitely much more fun (and easier –as you get to concentrate on your strongest discipline!). “I did the swim leg in the Olympic distance – having to get out of your wetsuit and run up the steps into transition is most definitely the hardest bit! “I’ll definitely participate next year – there’s more interest from my company so hopefully we’ll be entering a few more teams. It’s a great way to bring people together from across the company and creates a strong team spirit, as well as some good old competitive spirit.” Janine Green Arena Media, Arena BLM Team 1

Olympic Distance meDia Position

Team Name

Total Time


Arena BLM Team 1



Total Fitness Music



The Horribles



ZO No 1



Springer Whippets



Arena BLM Team 2


sprint Distance meDia Position

Team Name

Total Time


Arena BLM Team 5



The Spinners


“One afternoon at work we thought entering the London Olympic Triathlon as a relay team sounded a good idea, as it turns out it was a great idea. The whole day was a lot of fun, lots of amazing support from the large crowds all the way round the course, and in the end we managed to exceed our own expectations by a very long way! Roll on next year!” Kerry Black, Logica, Team 2010?

London Triathlon 2010 Legal Cup winners- Olympic Team Relay Team TRibaR: Charles bagot David White, Richard Viney

Olympic Distance it & telecOms cup Position

Team Name

Total Time


Team 2010?



Wavex One



Three Times a Lady



Dalston Dynamite



Thales B1 Team A



Wavex TWO



Inpoint 1



2 girls and a cyclist



Team Lynx





Entries for the 2011 London Triathlon are already open. For more information, or to register for next year’s event visit







Ranked as one of Britain’s richest residents and ringleader of a sport that generates close to £2 billion per year, Formula 1 ringleader Bernie Ecclestone is a businessman not to be messed with. Lee Brooks profiles one of the shrewdest men in world sport


f size were crucial to a business deal, Bernie Ecclestone wouldn’t have much of a look in. The pint-sized Englishman barely measures 5ft 4ins, yet his tiny exterior hides a devilish business instinct that has seen him almost single-handedly transform Formula 1 from a simple motor race into one of the world’s biggest sports. The 79-year-old is one of Britain’s richest residents, with a personal fortune estimated at £1.4bn, and despite his vintage age and heart bypass operation eight years ago, the business tycoon shows no sign of giving up the daily grind in favour of a retirement home and a place on the over-70s bowls team. As president of Formula 1 Management and Formula 1 Administration, he remains the primary force in motor racing. Son of a North Sea trawler man, Suffolk-born Ecclestone left school at 16 to start work at the local gasworks and pursue his hobby of motorcycles, but it wasn’t long before the inner businessman took over, and he set up a car and motorcycle dealership in Bexley, Kent. A dabble in racing cars resulted in a series of crashes, so he moved into driver management and then bought the Brabham Racing Team in 1972, which he ran for 15 years and scored 22 race victories. Ecclestone is something of a perfectionist. During his reign at Brabham, he would often been seen picking up a broom and doing the sweeping himself in a bid to maintain his obsessively high standards of cleanliness. He would also drive the mechanics mad if a sponsorship sticker was even slightly out of line on the rear wing of one of the Brabham cars.

The pinT-sized englishman barely measures 5fT 4ins, yeT his Tiny exTerior hides a devilish business insTincT ThaT has seen him almosT single-handedly Transform formula 1 It was during this time, in the mid-1970s, that Ecclestone made his move to transform Formula 1. The sport was hugely popular but lacked the direction to raise its profile. Ecclestone spotted the opportunity and cannily persuaded the other teams to let him negotiate commercial rights on their behalf, as well as organise the races. In return, he would keep a hefty chunk of the profits. Now 35 years on, the 2009 Sunday Times Rich List ranked the tycoon as 24th richest person in the United Kingdom and, while no longer a team boss, he remains in control of one of the biggest businesses in sport. Watching Ecclestone working the Formula 1 paddock is like watching a shepherd presiding over his flock. He glides from team to team in his standard uniform of Emporio Armani white

shirt, dark slacks and perfectly buffed black shoes, ensuring everything is running like clockwork. It’s also been Ecclestone’s foresight to take the sport to emerging new markets that has really boosted his already eye-watering bank balance. So desperate have the likes of Bahrain, China, Abu Dhabi and most recently Korea, been to get a precious spot on the Formula 1 calendar, that they have agreed to pay extortionate amounts of money to win the rights to host a Grand Prix, and then spend hundreds of millions building the most luxurious circuit money can buy. Ecclestone’s talents extend outside of motor racing, too. In 2007, he delved into the world of football when he purchased London-based Championship club Queens Park Rangers, along with good friend and former Renault F1 team boss Flavio Briatore and steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal. He is ranked as the fifth richest hotelier in the world, thanks to his ownership of the prestigious Olden hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland and in 2004, he pulled off one of his shrewdest business dealings to date when he sold the then most expensive house in Britain to his multi-billionaire business associate Mittal for £57m – a £7million profit – despite never having lived in it. He has spent his life hustling and cajoling his way into a position of unconditional power in a sport that tells royalty where to sit and governments how much to spend. But early last year, he almost lost it all. The sport’s teams threatened to leave Formula 1 and set up a rival championship, during which time Ecclestone was busy dealing with the divorce from his wife of 24 years. Slavica Radic, 28 years his junior and nearly ten inches taller, cited “unreasonable behaviour” that had caused her “stress and anxiety” for the divorce. The split is rumoured to have accounted for the £934 million decline in Ecclestone’s fortune, estimated in 2009. Twelve months on, though, and Ecclestone is still standing. The 79-year-old managed to persuade the teams to remain in the sport, while maintaining a healthy looking bank balance in spite of his hefty divorce. Formula 1 without Ecclestone seems an unlikely prospect and, despite his aging years, the billionaire insists he’s not going anywhere. “I’d be happy to die on the job, ” he said. “For me, that’s the only way to go. ” n

SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2010 24, 25, 26 SEPTEMBER one of the few street circuits on the formula 1 racing calendar and the only night-time event the singapore grand prix is a definite highlight of the season. Won by alonso in the inaugural year and hamilton last year, can Webber get his first win here and firmly secure his position at the top?






0844 558 1312

£50 VOUCHER *Subject to availability, first 100 joiners


A couple of city workers enjoying the evening

taking ownership

A group of city workers at the RfC ownership evening at Sandown

On Wednesday 28 July, the city magazine and Racing for Change held an exclusive event at Sandown Park racecourse Hosted by Channel 4 Racing’s Emma Spencer, the event was a sell out, with over 130 of our readers buying tickets to enjoy the evening’s horseracing and to learn more about racehorse ownership. Hospitality was provided in Sandown’s Park View suite, with a champagne reception courtesy of Lanson. In order to bring the guests closer to the sport, trainers Jim Boyle, Amy Weaver, Jamie Osborne, Stuart Williams and Jamie Osborne attended to network with prospective owners, and guests were treated to appearances from jockeys including Seb Sanders, William Buick, Richard Hills, Sophie Doyle and Hayley Turner. There were also representatives from the racing industry who talked to guests about the excitement of ownership and how to get involved. If you’re interested in finding out more about the thrill of horseracing, visit or e-mail for a free booklet on racehorse ownership.

Trainer Jamie Osborne with the host for the evening, Emma Spencer

Jamie Snowden chats to some prospective owners





golf courses

With this year’s Ryder Cup coming to Wales for the very first time from 1–3 October, the golfing world is poised for what is going to be an unforgettable event. However, as all eyes turn to the historic Celtic Manor Resort, it begs the question of how golf in Wales has risen from obscurity to become part of the world-class élite, with over 200 courses

Celtic Manor Golf course


he Celtic Manor Resort is one of the biggest resorts in Europe with its three golf courses and two hotels. Described as home to the best contemporary golf on the planet, the Ryder Cup 2010 is sure to be the event of the golfing season, with its unique buzzing atmosphere and relaxed

charm, which is found all over Wales. It is golf as it should be, stripped down to its traditional ways – challenge, conviviality, achievement and enjoyment. If you look hard enough, you’ll find many hidden gems in the natural beauty of Wales but, to help you along, we’ve handpicked just a few of the very best.

Cradoc Golf Club 18 hole, Par 71 (6,188 yds) Labelled as the green heart of the Brecon Beacons, Cradoc is set in stunning arboretum scenery just two miles from Brecon. With its charming and welcoming atmosphere as well as the tranquillity of its setting, it is no wonder that Cradoc was awarded Welsh Golf Club of the Year in 2005. Not a car or even a road in sight, its most distinctive feature is the informality and authentic experience of the club – a true haven of relaxation. Leather chairs, warm fires and a rustic ‘country pub’ style with good food and drink all contribute to the hospitable air that Cradoc Golf Club exudes. It is also extremely good value for money, with the chance to play one round at each of Cradoc, Builth Wells and Llandrindod Wells for just £60: a golfing experience not to miss. / 01874 623658


calibre sport

Nefyn & District Golf Club Links courses consisting of a front ten holes and two distinctly different back eight holes. Old Course – 18 hole, Par 70/71 (6,138 yds) New Course – Par 71 (6,538 yds) Nefyn boasts an incredibly distinctive links course, something that has become rare on a global scale, but abundant in Wales. A favourite of Welsh golfing legend Ian Woosnam, Nefyn is situated on one of the most photogenic golfing peninsulas on earth. At every tee you are momentarily distracted by the breathtaking views across to Anglesey, to Snowdonia and to the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. Set on a spectacular clifftop promontory, the holes hug the coastline, running along the edge of the cliff. You can hear the waves crashing and the wind whistling around you, adding to the challenge of the course. Along with its unique position, Nefyn must be praised for the quality of its tees, which are raised and surrounded by soft, springy turf – a golfer’s delight. Described as plain good fun, it is the favourite outpost of many golfers. / 01758 720966

Tenby Golf Club 18 hole, Par 68 (6,026 yds) Links course If you’re searching for a golf course with that ‘stand-out’ character, turn to the oldest and most sporty course at Tenby. Scorecards bear the legend “The Oldest Affiliated Golf Club in Wales” and the course is situated just moments away from the town centre, contributing to its historic feel. You can leave your hotel with your clubs over your back and in a few minutes be on the golf course, nearly tasting the sea, whilst taking in the remarkable views across Carmarthen Bay. This majestic and charming course attracts golfers for its springy turf, soft underfoot, high sand dunes and few bunkers. However, its most striking and charming quality is its quirks. Every hole is named after a person or a piece of history, with old-fashioned boxes on each tee containing divot mix. Upon leaving the fourth green, players ring a dusty bell, and on the seventh tee you’re so close to the old railway line that you could probably even offer a cup of tea to a passing train driver. All these unique characteristics constantly remind you of the history of this enchanting and authentic golf course. / 01834 842978

Southerndown Golf Club 18 hole, Par 70 (6,449 yds) Downland/Links course Situated just half an hour from Cardiff, Southerndown boasts some of the very best and tightest links turf. Bernard Darwin, golf’s first literary giant and grandson of Charles, described it as the course that his soul loved best. Home of the celebrated Duncans, a family winning a total of 14 national championships, the sense of competition and challenge here is exhilarating. It is a golfers’ golf course – hard work and hard walking. It leaves you with a tremendous sense of satisfaction and a feeling of physical well-being. Rich in Welsh beauty, you can hear the sound of bleating sheep, whilst absorbing the glorious views across the Bristol Channel to England’s West Country. Lightning-fast surfaces, rocky outcrops, and Merthyr Mawr sand dunes all present a difficult and fun downland course, but fear not – the seemingly indestructible clubhouse will await your return with its cosy and hospitable reception. n / 01656 880476 For more information on golfing and the Ryder Cup in Wales, visit


Come home this Christmas… At Lord’s, the most famous cricket ground in the world, we know a thing or two about tradition. So join us at the Home of Cricket for an evening of Christmas cheer with all the trimmings - swathes of holly and ivy, toothsome mince pies cooked by our talented pastry chef, and of course a magnificent Christmas dinner. Christmas comes but once a year, so make it a perfect one at Lord’s.

Pavilion christmas Packages The prestigious and historic Pavilion is a spectacular setting for your Christmas dinner, luncheon or reception. Enter the Pavilion via the grand staircase and enjoy the ambience of the most prestigious building in world cricket. Whether you’re entertaining your guests in the opulent Long Room or enjoying an intimate event in the Writing Room your Christmas celebration at Lord’s is sure to be a memorable one. From £80 per person. thomas lord suite Packages The Thomas Lord Suite, next to the famous Grace Gate, is the perfect setting for you and your guests to celebrate Christmas in true festive style, with good friends, great food and exceptional service. Offering you the choice of a sparkling or mulled wine reception with canapés or a full sit-down dinner, it promises to be an evening to remember. From £69 per person.

For more information or to book your event please call us on 020 7616 8501 or email MCC, Lord’s Ground, London NW8 8QN

Lord's Christmas.indd 1

27/08/2010 07:48:39


Jamie Carter presents the month’s hottest gadgets

Thank you for The music Music in every room – and no wires. That’s the promise from Sonos for a multi-room music system, and it delivers in spades, with some iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad control goodness to boot. In terms of hardware, what you need is two (or as many as your budget allows) S5 speakers (at £349 each) and a wireless broadband home network. Each ZonePlayer then links wirelessly to a PC or Mac in your home that houses your MP3 collection. What makes the whole experience come alive is a Sonos app, downloadable to an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad straight from Apple’s app store. Download it and link it to the units spread around your home (the set-up takes minutes), then give each ZonePlayer a name. Each one then represents a zone of music. Then simply pick a zone from the app, and play any song

or playlist on your computer anywhere in your house. You can even have different music playing in each zone, control the sound settings and volume in all zones, and compile playlists as you go – though it’s quicker to make playlists beforehand on iTunes on the host computer. Our only slight criticism of the software is that if songs are added to a queue, and then you select a new song to play immediately, the queue seems to stop. Best of all is that once the system has been set up, it doesn’t need to be done again however hard you try to upset it, and if you put one S5 either side of you, it’s a simple affair to create a stereo pair – to devastating effect. There’s more. As well as streaming your own music from a computer, the Sonos app gives you access to thousands of internet radio stations (albeit with some buffering), and favourites such as the local and BBC stations are preselected for you. is also included, as well as free trials for other music streaming sites such as Napster, Deezer, Wolfgang’s Vault (live recordings), Pandora, and Rhapsody, though no Spotify. The only drawback is that the host computers – whether they be Macs or PCs, desktops or laptops – must be left on permanently, which could jar with your energy-saving responsibilities. Reasonably priced and capable of some serious sonic highs, this is the kind of product that doesn’t come along very often; it’s so easy to use that, like the original iPod, it’ll have you rediscovering your music collection.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5 multi-room music system from £349

new gadgets

yamaha mcr040 iPod dock, £199

Knomo leather pouch for iPhone 3G with velveteen interior, £25



DoCk oF THE Bay

If you’re not so bothered about recording, but do want to see BBC HD, ITV 1 HD or Channel 4 on your HD-ready TV, you’d do well to find a better Freeview HD receiver than this mirrored black box from Technisat. Drab onscreen menus aside, the HDFV works quickly and simply, with hi-def channels spotlessly presented, though it does have another dimension or three. Plug in a USB stick and the HDFV can play digital photos, video or music files, stream files from a PC using a Wi-Fi adaptor, or even make recordings to an external USB hard drive.

The Bose Sound Dock may be the iPod dock of choice for many, but that’s largely thanks to a huge marketing push; Sony makes a play for Bose’s title by fitting its latest – and best – RDP-X80iP iPod/iPhone (including iPhone 4) dock with 20W speakers. Tucked away in its speaker grille is a dock that slowly and stylishly folds out, with another touch of class in the corner – a tiny OLED screen. Sadly there’s no FM or DAB tuner in this 1.9kg gadget, but what it does have is a rechargeable battery, making it totally portable for up to seven hours. Pushing out high-class sonics and impressive bass tones, this is one of the finest docks around.

Technisat HDFV Freeview HD recorder, £150

Sony RDP-X80iP iPod dock, £249



Pause for thought

An upgrade of one of our favourite ebook readers from last year, an extra 50 quid sees a better E-ink screen and a built-in Wi-Fi module. So we can download books without using a computer, right? Actually, no; this six-inch ebook reader merely uses Wi-Fi to connect to your computer, doing away with the need to use a cable to transfer ebooks. If that’s barely worth the upgrade, this iRiver is more versatile than the Kindle. But can its wide support of eBooks (ePub, PDF and TXT), rudimentary display of Microsoft Office files (XLS, PPT and DOC) and decent MP3/WMV music playback save it from obscurity? We’re not so sure, though its music player, voice recorder and SD Card slot edge it as close to the Kindle as any ebook reader.

Finding a Blu-ray player and a Freeview HD recorder in one package might seem the ultimate all-in-one solution, but this black and blue box has some limitations. As a Blu-ray, DVD or CD spinner, it’s hard to beat, but it’s armed with just one Freeview HD tuner. So while you might be able to pause, rewind and record 120 hours of high definition TV to its huge 500GB hard disk, you can’t change channel during a recording, set a series link or even schedule recordings in advance. Even more disturbing are its blue lights, which throb on and off to mimic a heartbeat, and though the BD-C8500 never flatlines, it doesn’t exactly leave us breathless. Nice idea, but decent separates will bring better performance.

Samsung BD-C8500 Blu-ray player and Freeview HD recorder, £550

iRiver Wi-Fi ebook reader, £199

Eclipse TD508 reference-class desktop speaker system, £680

Paradigm Seismic 110 home cinema subwoofer, £1,250 JayBird Sportsband Bluetooth headphones, £99


the invasion begins… Parrot, the leader in wireless peripheral for mobile phones, has unveiled the final version of the Parrot AR.Drone, a quadricopter for video games piloted by WiFi With its shaped cockpit driven by four propellers, the Parrot

broadcasts and streams what the drone is ‘seeing’ onto

AR.Drone offers great manoeuvrability and stability during

the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone screen, as if the player was in

piloting, generating its own Wi-Fi network (there is no need

the pilot position. This camera plays a major role for video

for an Internet connection or router). All you need to connect

gaming due to its use of form recognition, consequently

is an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. Once the ‘AR.FreeFlight’

allowing for augmented reality.

application has been downloaded, the iPod Touch/iPhone

With the AR.Drone, Parrot brings together the worlds of

turns into a true piloting station.

video gaming and radio-controlled models.

Two piloting modes are available: Beginner: two tactile piloting buttons to control the accelerometer / the direction of the AR.Drone and Ace: expert mode with a single tactile button to pilot. These technologies are usually used for professional applications and have been adapted to the gaming universe for the first time. Touch the take-off button on the screen and the Parrot AR.Drone starts its engine, takes-off, stabilises a few feet from the ground and waits for the pilot’s instructions.

In fact, this unique quadricopter enables users to recreate a large number of video games in the real world and also offers a multi-player possibility thanks to augmented reality. To allow unprecedented gaming experiences two games will be available for download on the App StoreSM: AR.FreeFlight which is mandatory to fly and pilot the AR.Drone and is downloadable for free on App Store; and AR.FlyingAce which for the first time, will enable a radio-

The Parrot AR.Drone has two cameras, the first located

commanded quadricopter to perform aerial battles £2.99

underneath the body, which helps the AR.Drone to measure

on App Store (available soon).

its horizontal speed and perform incredible stationary

The Parrot AR.Drone is designed for flying inside and outside.

flights, also allowing for compensation of turbulence. The second camera, at the front of the quadricopter,

For a flight outside, a shaped hull reduces the area to the wind and offers extreme manoeuvrability of the quadricopter.


3 outdoor hulls are available: orange and yellow, orange and green and orange and blue, designed in such vivid colours to enable the pilot to easily follow the movements of their AR.Drone.

try it for yourself Thursday 16 & FrIday 17 sEPTEMBEr Canary Wharf West Plaza

For indoor flight, a specific hull (with a white, grey and black cockpit) surrounds and protects the propellers if the AR.Drone hits an obstacle. Stickers, with colours similar to the shaped hull, can be fixed on each arch to enable drone battles inside. AR.Drone-Pilot Academy will be available from the website, dedicated to Parrot AR.Drone users and fans, hosting approximately twenty videos and detailed information on the AR.Drone. Parrot ar.Drone: a technological first The development of the AR.Drone required more than four years of research and development, and the creation of about 20 patents. For the first time, a consumer product encompasses a quadricopter made in carbon fibre and high resistance PA66 plastic, with four brushless engines embedded, an inertial unit with MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) combining video processing with an automatic piloting software to ensure very intuitive piloting of a radio controlled object , Wi-Fi and video streaming for a modern gaming interface with an iPod touch/iPhone and images processing software for augmented reality.

how to win For your chance to be one of the first to own a Parrot AR.Drone, email your name, address and telephone number to with AR.DRONE in the subject bar. The closing date for entries is Wednesday 15 September, 2010. Terms & conditions: The first correct entry drawn will win the prize to be collected at the event in Canary Wharf on Wednesday 15 or Thursday 16 September. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

For further information, visit The Parrot AR.Drone is available at selected HMV stores nationwide and online at and retails from ÂŁ299 MSRP


C o W ou me on ha ts an i th rf T de d s Se e 7 ube Ca ee pt th S nar us em & ta y be 8th tion r of

Making Contracting Less Taxing Bedouin Group’s unique payment solution massively increases your gross to net earnings ratio and frees you from tedious company or umbrella admin.

Call 0845 519 2 888 to speak to a member of our team or visit to find out more

personal finance human resources global living

property goals ............................................

. .............................................................


Liam Fox has called for significant cuts and reorganisation of the Ministry of Defence, but will this lead to a leaner, meaner military?


ritain’s Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox, has called for a cultural shift in the way the Ministry of Defence is organised and run, arguing that it needs to be made less centralised and more efficient. Fox has admitted that this move would not be an easy one, terming it “painful”, with the MoD looking at cuts to its budget of around 10 to 20 per cent. Whilst in opposition, Fox attacked the Labour government for creating a situation whereby the military contained 85,000 civil servants compared with only 100,000 soldiers,

pushing for a cut of as much as 25 per cent in the department’s running cost. The cuts would involve reducing the number of senior officers and civil servants. This announcement also comes in the wake of claims that the MoD and the Treasury are currently in the midst of a disagreement over which department is responsible for the £20 billion cost of renewing Trident, Britain’s submarine-based nuclear missile system. A strategic defence and security review is expected to detail the cuts further in a report due in October. n


“Your future begins here” EThames Graduate School is one of the leading, independent Higher Education institutions in London With a new campus in Canary Wharf delivering high quality under-graduate and post-graduate programmes (MBA, MSc/BSc, BA, PG Diploma and Certificate, HND/ HNC, CPD) It is the first Graduate School in Canary Wharf to offer corporate, professional and executive training programmes for both the commercial and public sectors Now offering specialist consultancy and training programmes for managers and administrators at all levels

Special Introductory Offer:

30% discount for bookings before 24th September 2010 From October: Chinese & English Business Language classes plus “Business in China” workshops on topics such as the Chinese business environment, finding good partners, and how to win negotiations

For further details please visit: or contact the Corporate and Executive Development Department Email:; Tel: 020 7531 7328 Address: EThames Graduate School, Thames Quay, 197 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, London E14 9SG. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7531 7320

foreign exchange


Deflation: the West’s worst nightmare Nick Beecroft, senior markets consultant at Saxo Bank comments on the self-fulfilling vicious circle of thrift and the impact on Europe and the USA The richest nation in the world, the USA, and Europe, its partner in crime in the still unfolding debt crisis which started in 2007, are sleep-walking into their worst nightmare: deflation.

A ‘sound money’ policy would ensure that all Eurozone countries, sooner or later, would emulate Germany’s laudable labour cost restraint, thus maintaining their export competitiveness. A nice idea.

I believe that, by the fourth quarter of this year, the markets will be gripped by a deflation scare, similar to the one which so pre-occupied them from 2002 to 2004. In November 2002, then Federal Reserve governor Bernanke earned the nickname ‘Helicopter Ben’, following his reference in a speech to Milton Friedman’s description of money creation by the Reserve as the functional equivalent of a “helicopter drop” of money.

At its most recent meeting, the Federal Reserve made sure it didn’t ‘inadvertently’ tighten, by promising to reinvest maturing mortgage bond holdings in Treasuries, and accompanied this announcement with a considerably more downbeat assessment of the economy.

In January 2004, Bernanke followed-up, saying, “Inflation is not simply low; for my taste, it is very nearly at the bottom of the acceptable range”. That same month, core Consumer Price Index (CPI) bottomed at a 40-year low of 1.09 per cent. Moving forward to the present day, in July 2010, core CPI inflation was 0.87 per cent, year-on-year. As the year progresses, the output gap, exemplified by the still chronically weak labour market and historically low levels of capacity utilisation, will lead inflation inexorably towards zero. The broad “U6” measure of underemployment stood at16.5 per cent in July , and average hourly earnings have risen only 1.8 per cent, year-on-year. The risk of deflation in the USA will surely be heightened by developments in Europe. Arguably, Europe faces even worse problems. The Euro was always a political animal, a well-intentioned plan to help keep the peace in Europe by linking inextricably the fortunes of North and South, and it was always flawed, launched as it was without a fiscal union. The death-knell was sounded in 2002 when France and Germany chose to ignore the Growth and Stability Pact. This was hubris personified- nothing would destroy the dream, however badly they behaved. The Euro was also always a deflationary beast, founded with the German fear of hyperinflation as an ever-present precept. How else could the European Central Bank have contemplated its extraordinary rate hike in July 2008, as the world’s financial system was collapsing around it?


What are the implications for markets? Deflation is not good for equity markets. The concern being that consumers and businesses will delay purchases of all kinds if they think prices will be lower in the future; a self-fulfilling vicious circle of thrift. So, the prospect is for renewed weakness in equities for the remainder of the year, with the real chance of a severe drop if Eurozone debt concerns re-emerge; perhaps because one or more of the Southern countries decide austerity programmes are just too hard to implement. US Treasuries will continue to be seen as the ultimate safe-haven; incipient double-dip and deflation fears will probably drive the ten-year yield as low as 2.25 per cent by end of the year. The creeping suspicion that the ultimate cost to Germany of a Europe-wide bail-out will keep climbing may ultimately put a floor under Bund yields. The US Dollar should strengthen as the year proceeds, as safe-haven flows start once more to dominate. An Honours Graduate from Oxford University, Nick Beecroft brings over 25 years of international trading experience within the financial industry, including senior Global Markets roles at Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank and Citibank. Nick was a member of the Bank of England’s Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee and appears regularly on business television channels, such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV, to comment on the financial markets. He is also regularly quoted in a plethora of financial publications, including the Financial Times. n For further information, visit


REUTERS SPECIAL REPORT: China’s hinterlands Reuters South China correspondent James Pomfret looks at the industrial and economic move of manufacturing to the interior of China

Above: Pig farmer Wang (C) poses with his wife (L) and daughter after an interview with Reuters in the village near the construction site of a new Foxconn factory building in Zhengzhou, in Henan province in central China August 11, 2010. Foxconn, a unit of Hon Hai and one of China’s largest manufacturers which makes electronics products like iPhones for Apple, has been scrambling to build a new manufacturing base in central China amid rising wages and labour shortages in China’s coastal regions. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu


n a vast muddy cornfield scarred with the tracks of heavy vehicles, two young engineers pore over a construction blueprint showing a grid of 100 rectangular factory blocks. Here on the outskirts of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan in China’s interior, Foxconn, the largest company and exporter in “the workshop of the world” has staked its future on a mammoth new industrial complex. New powerlines are being erected and roads built to the site under the watchful eye of local farmers who daydream about the entrepreneurial opportunities that up to 200,000 new workers in the area might present. Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group makes gadgets for a constellation of global brands including Apple, Dell, Nokia, and Hewlett Packard. Most of that production comes from its plants in Shenzen, in the Pearl River Delta area, one of the three major Chinese coastal manufacturing hubs, along with the Yangtze River area around Shanghai and Bohai Bay north of Beijing. With this leap into Henan province, 1,600 km (1,000 miles) from Shenzen, Foxconn is expanding aggressively inland, where wages are lower and workers more plentiful, keeping mostly higher-value, engineering, and R&D work in China’s coastal areas, company officials say. It will have as many as 1.3 million workers in China by the end of 2011, up from 920,000 now. Foxconn is by no means alone. Intel <INTC.O>, the world’s biggest chip maker, opened a $600 million plant this year in Chengdu and Hewlett-Packard built a laptop factory in Chongqing, both cities in the western province of Szechuan.

Cheaper labour is not the only attraction. The worker has become the consumer in China, with the government determined to raise household incomes and reduce wealth disparities. Locating factories nearer to markets makes dollars and sense. Foxconn’s move to the hinterlands will touch off a miniboom in an ancient Chinese capital perhaps best known for the 5th-century Shaolin temple that is home to its famous brand of Kung Fu. Foxconn’s suppliers will have to relocate as well. The workers will need housing and places to shop. Some may even be able to afford cars to commute to work on the new highways being built to the gargantuan Foxconn factory and its satellites.  Local governments are competing ferociously to build and expand cities on farmland to lure back millions of migrants from the coast in a project that could absorb more residents than the entire population of the United States in the coming decades. The drive is part of a strategic economic shift to rebalance China’s economy – and by extension the rest of the world’s – to rely less on exports for future growth and more on domestic consumption. The Obama administration has been pressing China to do just that. While some Chinese coastal manufacturers are moving some of their operations offshore, notably garments to Bangladesh and shoes to Vietnam, some experts see a much more pronounced move inland. A recent survey by Hong Kong’s Trade Development Council of 2,400 manufacturers found a quarter would choose to set up new factories in inland China, twice that of those who would opt for cheaper alternatives in Asia. Around half said they would stay in China’s coastal hubs.

special report

Left: A woman looks at a slogan which reads “Work at Foxconn, Live a More Prosperous Life” written on the wall ouside her home in the village near the construction site of a new Foxconn factory building in Zhengzhou, in Henan province in central China August 11, 2010. Foxconn, a unit of Hon Hai and one of China’s largest manufacturers which makes electronics products like iPhones for Apple, has been scrambling to build a new manufacturing base in central China amid rising wages and labour shortages in China’s coastal regions.    REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

MASSIVE REDEPLOYMENT The official Xinhua news agency said the new Foxconn plant would make Apple iPhones, generate more than $13 billion in annual exports and have a production capacity of 200,000 handsets per day. Wei Wei, deputy director at Personnel Exchange Centre, a major job recruitment centre in Zhengzhou, said Foxconn had asked his firm to help recruit 100,000 workers within three months time. Factories in coastal China, such as Foxconn’s sprawling operations in Shenzen, have been powered by an army of 130 million or so migrant workers streaming in annually from inland Chinese provinces. They are not given permanent resident rights, however and they often move on. Labour shortages have begun to be a problem for these traditional export centres as the growth of the working-age population slows. Moreover, a younger generation of migrant workers, better educated, more tech-savvy, and less accepting than their parents were of life in the factories – low pay, grueling hours and sometimes martial workplace rules – have launched wildcat strikes and protests.  Labour is more plentiful in provinces such as Henan, China’s most populous with over 100 million people – more than the population of Germany. At a recent Foxconn recruitment fair in Zhengzhou, thousands of hopefuls clamoured for places, excited at the prospect of working for the Fortune 500 firm. Already, a fifth of Foxconn’s workers hail from Henan. By moving workers closer to their families it might help ease a problem that plagued the company during the first half of the year – the dozen suicides mostly involving young workers leaping off buildings at its Shenzhen complex.

LURING A DRAGON HEAD Like all manufacturers, Foxconn depends on a network of suppliers. Unlike others, Foxconn is big enough to force a new ecosystem to develop around it. Jackie Ho, a Taiwanese industrialist making TV screens and mobile phone accessories in Luohe town, an hour’s drive from Zhengzhou, said the new Foxconn facility would help foster fresh industrial clusters in Henan. He is hoping to capitalise on what he terms the “Foxconn effect”, along with other downstream suppliers that will likely migrate up from the Pearl River Delta. Foxconn is what some supply chain experts describe as a “dragon head” industry that can nurture and sustain firms that otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to move inland themselves. “The key manufacturer is the dragon head, and there’s always a supply ecosystem that goes along with it,” said Edward Tse, the Greater China chairman of consultancy Booz & Co. and author of a book “The China Strategy” detailing the country’s business landscape and how multinationals might capitalise. In several villages ringing Foxconn’s Zhengzhou sites, red banners with pithy slogans were hung over roads and painted onto brick walls by local propaganda authorities, hailing the manufacturing giant as an economic saviour. “Welcome Foxconn. Swiftly move towards a well-off


society” read one. The government is clearly hoping that as companies and their “ecosystems” move to the countryside, more of China’s 1.3 billion residents will progress from a life of subsistence to one of greater domestic and consumerist comforts in landlocked provinces, perhaps better described as mid-sized nations rather than regions.     “You need to find jobs for these people who’ve been urbaniSed, instead of them continuing to be peasants working on paddy fields,” said Tse. “This is usually the first starting point like Shenzhen had done 20 years ago.” “The internal business of consumption is competing now with the export business for space, for people, and it’s driving the costs up in China. So that party (of cheap labour and exports) that we’ve had in the last 15 years is going away,” said Bruce Rockowitz of Li & Fung, a sourcing firm that works with clients such as Wal-Mart. But challenges loom for those moving to inland China. Yifan Hu, chief global economist at Citic Securities, said the inland business environment is hampered by poor infrastructure, high transportation costs and a lack of developed free markets “Some people think exports will not be the driver of China’s economy in the future. I agree,” Hu said. “But China’s exports are still very strong, accounting for 20 per cent of the world’s exports. The share may remain the same but the growth may decline.”  She said the export sector’s real contribution was to employment, rather than economic growth.

‘TREASURE LIFE’ Back at Foxconn’s headquarters in the Shenzhen district of Longhua on a late sunny afternoon in August, tens of thousands of young workers donned costumes, bikinis and bright wigs for the company-sponsored “Treasure Life” celebration. Hosting reporters for a rare visit inside the factory, Woo said the usually secretive Foxconn would now “open up”. Besides pledging to improve the lives of its workers through measures including wage hikes and capping overtime work. Woo said the future for Foxconn lay in moving its factories closer to China’s workers. “We want to take out the “migrant” from migrant worker,” he said. As the workers wend their way through the 3.3 square kilometre Longhua industrial fortress that pioneered the manufacture of some of Apple’s iPhones and iPods, there was the sense of an era coming to an end. The self-contained industrial city with its banks, bakeries, post offices, restaurants, shops, parks and dormitories catering to nearly a half-million workers, will eventually evolve into a higher-end research and development campus, with assembly work moving to the provinces. n For further information, visit  


comment personal finance

personal finance


Investor attitudes Women make better investors, so why don’t more of them do it? Sonia Rehill from the financial website The Motley Fool discusses More women are now investing in shares, according to recent reports in the national media. It seems that the days when online investing as an activity dominated by men may be over. However, women may still have some way to go before they can claim to have overtaken men in the stock market stakes. According to The Motley Fool’s share-dealing service, around eight out of ten of its customers are still men.

But why are so many women reluctant to buy shares? After talking to some friends, it seems that many women prefer investing in property rather than shares. The general feeling is that property is tangible – it is something you can see, touch and feel. What’s more, if the property market should flop, they would still have a roof over their heads. No one can possibly argue with that kind of logic, and nor should anyone try. However, now that Capital Gains Tax has been increased to 28 per cent for higher rate tax payers, investing in a second home, a holiday home, or a buy-to-let property may not be as attractive an option as before. It is also important to remember that, just because house prices have gone up in leaps and bounds before, doesn’t necessarily mean they will do so again in the future. That said, some of my other friends are acutely aware that putting all their ‘investing’ eggs into one ‘property’ basket can be risky. Consequently, they are mindful that spreading their risk by investing in other assets such as shares is something they might get round to eventually. By and large, these women enjoy a few of life’s little luxuries, they are savvy savers and they have considered investing. But what they lack is the confidence to do so. Some don’t even know how or where to begin. However, doing something other than leaving your money in the bank is vital. Just look around at the lousy savings rates on offer at the moment. It is nigh on impossible to protect your savings from inflation if it is invested solely in cash.

Historically, cash has never done that well against inflation, anyway. But when savings rates are clustered around 0.1 per cent and inflation is running at between 3 and 5 per cent, it is easy to see why leaving your savings in the bank is a terrible idea... unless, you need the money immediately. That aside, given that many of us have a desire to generate some wealth for ourselves, you would think that more women investors would be coming to the fore. But where exactly are they? This is indeed puzzling, especially since several surveys have suggested that women are quite good investors. In fact, they are consistently better at investing in shares than men. It has been also suggested that the reason for this is because women tend to build balanced portfolios, instead of betting on more risky stocks that are favoured by men. Here’s another thing, according to a survey by consultancy company MDRC; the number of rich women outnumbered men in Britain for the first time last year, boosted because they live longer and have an aversion to risky investments. Women are clearly different from men in their approach to investing. They do it for different reasons and have different motivations at different stages in their lives. In fact, for some women it may even take a life-changing moment such as divorce or bereavement to force them to get into the driving seat and prepare for a financially secure future. For others, it has more to do with whether it is the man or the woman in a relationship that plays the main role in managing the household finances. Whatever the reason, investing in equities can be intimidating and time consuming, too, especially if you are just starting out. But if you’re already financially independent, it should be less daunting. So next time you have some spare cash, try to resist the urge to put it towards your next handbag, and instead consider putting it towards a basket of shares. You never know, you may find yourself in a better financial position later on and treat yourself to two! n

Sonia Rehill, director at the popular financial website The Motley Fool



human resources


ECONOMIC MIGRATION IMPACTS INDUSTRY Clare Murray examines the impact on businesses of the coalition government’s new cap on economic migration

The new limits on corporate immigration are likely to affect your organisation if it currently employs individuals from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland, or plans to do so. Most UK employers hiring such individuals use Tier 2 of the current points-based system (PBS). This is a route for skilled individuals with an existing job offer to come to the UK to work. If your organisation is a licensed sponsor, it could make such a job offer and issue the individual with a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS). Full implementation of the coalition government’s new immigration quotas is due to take place in April 2011, but interim measures are now in place, from 19 July 2010 until 31 March 2011. These relate to all Tier 2 sponsors, as there is now a limit on the number of COS that can be issued during this period.

All Tier 2 (General) employees are included in this allocation limit, whether they are currently in the UK and extending their leave to remain, or are arriving in the UK for the first time. Intra-company transfers, from international group companies will not, however, be affected by the interim cap. The new limits mean that careful planning is important when it comes to managing migrant workers within your organisation. Is your organisation’s new interim COS allocation sufficient to meet the needs of the business? If your company has a pressing need for more COS than their assigned number between now and 31 March 2011 (for example, for employees whose leave to remain will soon expire), you must apply for exceptional approval. The new limits mean less flexibility regarding recruitment and retention of employees, and there are likely to be employment law issues that arise as a result. It is a criminal offence to knowingly employ an individual without appropriate permission to work in the UK. Although illegality may be a potentially fair reason for a migrant worker’s dismissal, businesses must ensure that a proper procedure is followed where a decision is made to dismiss due to a shortage of COS, to help reduce the risk of potential unfair dismissal claims. If COS allocation means the continued sponsorship of one migrant employee must be chosen over another, any selection process should be carried out objectively and in good faith, to avoid any issues of discrimination (for example in relation to sex, race or age). Consultations are currently underway to gather views on appropriate levels and mechanics of the new system due to come into effect in April 2011. If you wish to get involved in these consultations or learn more about the PBS, you can find further details on the UK Border Agency website at n

Clare Murray is managing partner at employment law firm, CM Murray LLP; email: The contents of this column are for general purposes only. Specialist legal advice should be taken regarding specific circumstances.



King &&allen ADAM KING Founded in 2003 by Adam King and Jake Allen, King & Allen has become one of the UK’s most popular bespoke tailoring companies. We speak to one of the founders, Adam King, to gain insight into the story so far

As you’ll find with most entrepreneurs that you read about in the press, Adam King and Jake Allen began their enterprising ways at a young age, meeting at university and launching their first venture together. Borne of the frustration of buying their first suits in preparation for life in the real world, the duo began exploring the concept of affordable bespoke tailoring, immersing themselves into the industry to really get to know their stuff. Today, Adam & King has fullytrained expert tailors in Hong Kong who have been trained according to Savile Row stipulations and the associated high standards. Adam King explains the concept: “The principle behind the company is to provide affordable bespoke tailoring in the true sense of the word. That means that all the money goes into the suit making. “So, whilst we have Tailoring Centres in Surbiton and Wilmslow (Cheshire), we offer Fitting Days across the country, hiring out function rooms in suitable locations and dressing them to fit our requirements.

KING & ALLEN FITTING DAYS IN CANARY WHARF 1, 15, 29 September 13, 27 October Via Fossa, 2 The Port East Building, E14 4QT


“It’s not as showy as going to Savile Row, but like I said, all the money goes into the suit. Our prices start at £250 for our Classic range and go up to around £1,000, but you’re buying the suit, not the shop fittings and champagne on arrival. “The quality remains the same; we always use high-end cloth (we have over 2,000 fabrics, including the likes of Holland & Sherry), comply to the Savile Row suiting guidelines and stay one step ahead. We offer baste (skeleton) fittings to ensure the perfect fit and a fully floating canvas, which protects the suit from the effects of the elements and drycleaning. We are affordable and we are bespoke.” But what of fashion trends, how do they influence suits and tailoring? “Bespoke tailoring follows fashion closely, but it means you can also get a really good fit. Look at the influence the TV series Mad Men had on lapels, popularising the trend for narrow lapels. “Currently the trends are dark grey, almost black. Gone are the overpowering pinstripes, in respect of the times. Bold and brash is definitely out. Respectable and sombre quality is in, with little hints of originality creeping in. “Handkerchiefs are in. All our suits feature a small piece of fabric that can be popped out of your top pocket to look like a handkerchief, adding a subtle splash. “The slim-fitting trouser style has moved into suiting too, following the casual trend into formal.

“Moving into the autumn winter season, there’s a move into subtle country-style check lounge wear. And we’re finding that for the young, trendy suit wearers, there’s a brave return to the double-breasted jacket, but that’s probably more for other young, trendy suit wearers to take note. “Bespoke tailoring is not just for men though. We have lots of female customers who, once they’ve found a suit that fits, they love it. And with women, the trend is definitely one for waistcoats.” For further information about King & Allen’s affordable, bespoke tailoring call 0800 027 4430 or visit


EXECUTIVE EDUCATION Faced with uncertainties in the job market, redundancy and increasing competition for top jobs, a growing number of people are signing up for executive education and in particular for MBAs There are many reasons for this trend – some see the recession as an opportunity to retrain, take stock of their career and focus on the self-development opportunities offered by the MBA. Others consider that the MBA will help them to compete for jobs alongside other less qualified individuals. All these are valid reasons to study, but as recent MBA graduates have found out, the degree is not an instant passport to a six figure salary and automatic career progression. Such results require hard work and a continuous drive for self-development. Having said that, the MBA is an increasingly popular way to reach these goals and while some training budgets may have taken a hit in the recent period, there is still very much demand for trained MBAs in business. To help inform corporates about the value of hiring MBAs, the Association of MBAs published a report using data compiled from its international business schools and alumni networks. The report was a revelation to those who still believed that the typical MBA student is male, aged 26, studying full-time with his sights set on a top job in finance. In fact, the average age of an MBA student is now 33 – so students come to the programme with a significant amount of work experience and practical skill. It is never too late to do an MBA and anyone, regardless of experience or background, can benefit from the qualification. Based on figures from the annual Intake and Graduation Survey conducted by the Association of MBAs, graduates from flexible learning programmes (part-time, distance learning or modular) are between 35-40 years old (full time MBA students tend to be younger at around 28-30). In one MBA class you will typically find students from twenty different nationalities with a diverse range of skills and experiences. In such an environment much of the learning comes from collaboration and networking with fellow students – for this reason teamwork and group projects are a key component of the course. Over 70 per cent of today’s MBAs are working outside the more traditional fields of finance and consulting.

In addition it is clear that a growing number of MBA graduates go into more entrepreneurial ventures and many enjoy a successful career running their own business. Roughly 70 per cent of MBA students are enrolled on part time courses or other ‘flexible learning’ options. Female students in particular prefer part-time learning to full time. For those considering an MBA, the first piece of advice is to focus your attention on accredited MBA programmes. There are thousands of business schools in the world offering courses, but not all have achieved accreditation for their programmes by the Association of MBAs. The Association’s accreditation has become established as the international standard for the MBA and has been achieved by 168 business schools throughout the world. Accreditation is not to be confused with media rankings which are based on a limited range of benchmarks. The accreditation process involves a comprehensive independent audit of systems, people and processes as well as a thorough and qualitative inspection by industry experts, taking into account feedback from students, alumni and employers. Schools achieve accreditation for a maximum period of 5 years, after which they are reassessed to ensure that the quality of the course remains high. You can find out more about the Association of MBAs’ accreditation criteria on the website, and if you are already considering an MBA, researching the schools is vital. A good place to start is the Accredited MBA Fair, where you can meet representatives from top business schools directly, attend free sessions about MBA study, learn about ways to finance your MBA and get all your MBA-related questions answered by the impartial experts on hand on the day. For further information, visit

Accredited MBA FAir Saturday, 16 October 2010 This event is FREE to attend Register online at Open: 2pm-5pm Grange City Hotel Tower Hill 8-14 Cooper’s Row, London, EC3N 2BQ


EXPAT POWER 50 There is one region in the world that certainly recognises the contribution of expatriates: The Arabian Gulf. The business magazine, Arabian Business, has revealed the second annual Expat Power 50, the list of the most influential expatriates living and working in the Gulf today. This list runs alongside the annual Arab Power list. Power is defined as influence. The more impact the higher the power. Nationalities represented on the list of the expat high and mighty in the Gulf offer an interesting insight into the changing global economy. It is significant that the number of Westerners has declined since 2009. The US leads the field with 12 top power brokers closely followed by India and the UK with 9 each. Other EU countries make up a total of 8 between them with Japan and Singapore achieving one apiece. In terms of sectors, finance has the largest number of names on the list with 12, followed by transport(8), media and marketing(6) and retail(6). Topping the list from the US is Anthony Armstrong, head of M&A at the Qatar Investment Authority which is set to invest $32 billion in 2010. It was Armstrong that led the team that bought Harrods earlier in the year. Coming in second is Briton Aidan Birkett of Deloitte who is responsible for the restructuring of Dubai World and in third place is Jean Paul Villain. The Frenchman is described as the strategic mastermind behind the world’s second largest sovereign wealth fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).

ESSENTIAL APPS Owners of iphones and Blackberries who are also expatriates may be interested to know of essential apps for their usage. The most essential must indubitably be This is a site that is “dedicated to telling you where the closest place to relieve yourself is and whether or not that place is worth even sitting or squatting (or standing) at.” The site currently has reviews of more than 95,000 toilets around the world. Caught short in Manhattan? Not a problem if you have your iphone with you. Next in line is a currency conversion tool offered by The app, which is free, can convert amounts for over 180 currencies and four metals. It is available on iphone, Blackberry and Android platforms. Also of interest will be the app for the Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet guides are now available on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Their location-aware technology gives hundreds of reviews, striking images and interactive maps – all searchable, portable and easily personalised. Inevitably in an expat’s life there is always the need to keep in touch yet avoid high roaming charges on calls. Thankfully Skype is now available and can be used over wifi or 3G. Free Skype-to-Skype calls can be made from any WiFi zone and you can also see who›s online and send and receive instant messages on the move. We will be featuring more apps useful for our nomadic readership in the future.

The Forum for Expatriate Management is holding hold a Global Mobility Summit in London, 15 November 2010 in association with The Telegraph. The Summit includes a full conference program with high quality speakers from leading corporates, an exhibition, plus a Gala Awards dinner to present the EMMAs (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards).at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square. For more information, please visit

global living





For global living international executives keeping up to date with the latest news is important

The Best Person

for the job

Earlier this year, Brian Friedman wrote that global companies will now frequently select the best candidates for a particular role without giving any consideration to physical location, today he continues the discussion


his is a reality of business even if national governments struggle with the concept and nowhere is this more obvious than in immigration policies. In the UK, the previous Labour government achieved the feat of facing both ways on immigration. It placated its non-metropolitan supporters, concerned that rising immigration led to higher domestic unemployment. They did this by introducing apparently stricter controls on different categories of immigrant. At the same it sought to re-assure the UK business community that the skilled people it required would still be allowed to come and live in the UK. The new ConDem Coalition is taking a firmer line all round. At the time of writing, we are coming to the end of “a period of consultation” about the introduction of quotas for non-EU nationals coming to the UK. (The period helpfully coincided with peak holiday months in Europe.) Major companies in the City and elsewhere in the UK have been told that they will have to survive

with importing far fewer non-EU nationals than in previous years. Some of them have made it plain via various employers’ bodies and advisors that they are distinctly unhappy about the prospect. It was significant that on David Cameron’s recent visit to India the major concern of his hosts was a limit on immigration to the UK. Barack Obama is likely to get a similar treatment when he visits India as the Indians have criticised a recent hike in visa fees by the US government. Rigid control of immigration for business is seen by some commentators as a potential first step toward protectionism All this is important on a geopolitical level because immigration policy can be seen as a measure of how open or closed an economy is. Rigid control of immigration for business is seen by some commentators as a potential first step toward protectionism. This view is not necessarily born out of fact. Some of the more successful economies on the world stage such as Germany, France, China and

Singapore have considerably tighter immigration regimes than the UK. The US has had a quota system of working visas for many years. Equally, on the macro-front in a developed economy there does not appear to be a direct co-relation between liberal immigration laws and unemployment. On the micro front, it is very easy for governments and companies to fall out with each other. Any casual reading of the history of the TNK-BP saga in Russia in 2008 will note that the immigration status of BP executives played a key role in the dispute. Similarly there was a very messy recent spat between the governments of Switzerland and Libya. Two Swiss citizens were detained in Libya for some time on visas offences. This coincided with the arrest of one of the Libyan leader’s sons for an alleged incident in a hotel in Geneva. On immigration, steps always need carefully watching. n Brian Friedman is the contributing editor of Global Life and founder of The Forum for Expatriate Management. Founded in 2008, the Forum already has over 4,000 members who collectively manage over one million expatriate moves. Members come from the leading blue-chip employers of international assignees both in the UK and globally.



REVOLUTION As London welcomes the European Future Energy Forum next month (19-21 October), Claire Saunders finds out more about the government ministers and companies getting involved, the future of clean energy technology in Europe, and the ‘green goals’ of the three-day event Last year, the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in

decreasing its global carbon footprint. By

Spain enjoyed huge success as the host

bringing EFEF2010 to the UK we will create a

of the inaugural European Future Energy

vibrant environment where high-level debate

Summit 2010 (EFEF2010) showing that there

can take place.”

is a large demand for high-level discussion

Industry leaders due to attend include

surrounding future energy solutions.

Dr Sultan Al Jabar (CEO, Masdar), Kumi

This year, the European spin-off of the World

Naidoo (Executive Director, Greenpeace),

Future Energy Forum (held annually at the

Anne Lauvergeon (CEO, Areva), Philip Lowe

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre will

(European Energy Director General), Chris

be based right here in London, from 19-21

Huhne (UK Energy and Climate Change

October and will build on the support already

secretary), Christine Lins (Secretary General

shown by UK leaders in debating the many

EREC – European Renewable Energy Council)

issues and opportunities that exist within this

and Boris Johnson (Mayor of London).

growing market.

EFEF2010 is an initiative developed with

With a dynamic mix of energy and climate

Masdar – Abu Dhabi’s multi-faceted, multi-

government ministers, utility chiefs,

billion dollar investment in the development

manufacturing giants, commissioners,

and commercialisation of innovative

regulators, NGOs and journalists, EFEF2010

technologies in renewable, alternative and

is a unique experience, offering a rare

sustainable energies – which has already

opportunity for the European community to

invested heavily in the European renewable

discuss energy issues for the future.

market including their commitment to the

“With previous Future Energy event speakers

London Array Offshore Wind Project.

including HRH the Prince of Wales, HRH the

“In the last two years, the World Future Energy

Duke of York, Former Prime Minister Tony

Summit has driven collaboration and dialogue

Blair, Lord Foster, Lord Browne, Lady Judge

around renewable energy policy, investment

and Jonathan Porritt CBE, we are confident

and innovation,” said Dr Sultan Al Jabar

of the level of support and debate that will be

(CEO of Masdar). “We now look forward to

achieved by bringing EFEF2010 to London,”

building on this platform in the UK in October,

says Richard Hease, chairman of Turret Middle

where we will take the opportunity to share

East, who are co-organisers of the forum.

knowledge, advance solutions and explore

“The UK government has set ambitious

partnerships within a European market.”

targets and is set to make major strides in

Hosted by Masdar, EFEF2010 will comprise

a high-level conference, detailed roundtable debates, an international exhibition and an abundance of interactive features, international pavilions and networking opportunities centred on renewable energy and clean technology markets. The event will also be supported by the UK government’s international trade promotion arm, UK Trade and Investment, bringing together the renewable energy and clean technology industry to explore business opportunities and showcase the latest technological innovations. Set to be the first showcase of the new government’s renewable energy policy, the forum will be providing a global leadership platform for energy ministers, heads of state and international renewable energy manufacturers, investors and service providers to debate the policy, financing and infrastructure required to ensure energy security and sustainability throughout Europe. “We are expecting an exciting debate and numerous business opportunities with political visions from around the world, industry reality checks, environmental campaigners and financial collaborations,” says Jo Tyler, Forum Event Director. “This is a chance to bring people together to really make a difference in the future.” For more information visit


news NEW UK GOVERNMENT POLICY ON ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE The new UK government is pushing for 30 per cent emissions cuts in Europe in addition to revealing hotly anticipated domestic energy policy. Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne will be speaking in the ‘Future Energy Movers and Shakers Panel Discussion: Where is the money coming from to fund the new energy revolution?’. He says “Climate change is the greatest threat to our common future, we must now go further and faster to turn climate change targets into real action. We also know that energy investors need certainty to make the substantial investment decisions that are required to decarbonise the energy sector. A meaningful carbon price would drive the deployment of clean energy technology and help secure our future energy supplies”.

EU COMMISSION ANNOUNCES €2.3BN FOR EUROPEAN ENERGY NETWORK The EU Commission has announced funding of €2.3bn for 31 gas and 12 electricity projects, the remains of the €4bn economic recovery fund, created in 2008 in response to the economic crisis. “Never before has the Commission agreed such an important amount for energy projects,” says Günther Oettinger, EU Energy Commissioner. “We have selected key projects which will help create a more integrated energy network in Europe.” The EU will fund up to 50 per cent of total project costs, leaving the rest to be leveraged on a national and private level. The announcement comes after the initial €1.5bn of recovery money allocation to 15 carbon capture and storage (CCS) and off-shore wind projects in 2009. These sectors require large and risky investments; the bold financial moves by the EU have been taken to give confidence to market players that the projects remain on track.

THE FUTURE ENERGY EXHIBITION Alongside the conference, EFEF2010 will feature a prestigious exhibition that will accommodate thousands of visitors and offer up to 200 of the region’s leading renewable energy suppliers, space to demonstrate solutions and business opportunities for the environmental technology market. The exhibition hall is also the meeting place for round table sessions, networking lunches, refreshment breaks and private business meetings.

ABU DHABI INVESTMENT FORUM Running alongside EFEF2010 will be the third annual Abu Dhabi Investment Forum jointly organised by the Abu Dhabi Department for Economic Development and the Institutional Investor. The investment forum will focus on the extensive trade and investment opportunities that Abu Dhabi is making available to the global investment community, showcasing together with EFEF2010, the Emirate’s economic competitiveness and increasing role as a clean technology hub.



fa c t s


EFEF2010 is unique in Europe for the level of international support from governments and senior business leaders alike; speakers include energy ministers, CEOs and directors


Across the three day event, Schneider Electric presents conferences and panel discussions on these timely topics in order to explore the issues more fully:

EFEF2010 will be held in London just once before moving on to another European venue next year


• Save Energy, Share Energy: When energy is saved in postindustrial nations, we make it available to developing nations. For millions, this translates into access to education, modern medicine, and hope for a better life

The Abu Dhabi Investment Forum (ADIF) will be co-located with EFEF, ensuring that this event will see unprecedented support from the UAE


• Challenges of the Smart Grid: By turning the classic linear energy grid into an intelligent and interactive network, we will change our behaviours and change the way we all use energy today

The debate generated within the EFEF2010 conference programme will feed into the 2011 World Future Energy Summit


EFEF2010 will draw on local case studies, experiences and development projects including a keynote speech by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (21 October)


EFEF2010 will cover all elements of future energy solutions including decision making and investment


Over 5,000 people are expected to attend from all over the world

According to Schneider Electric, official sponsor of EFEF2010, solving the energy challenge requires both behaviour change and new technology. “We want intelligent energy for all - Smart Grid and access to the grid; save energy to share it - this is our contribution,” says Jean-Pascal Tricoire (President & CEO, Schneider Electric).

• EcoStruxure Solutions: EcoStruxure Active Energy Management architecture from power plant to plug delivers 30 per cent energy savings across your entire enterprise. Learn how to manage your largest controllable operating expense


SIEMENS NAMED AS SPONSOR OF EFEF2010 Industry giants and UK’s largest supplier of wind turbines, Siemens, have been named as a platinum sponsor for EFEF2010. “EFEF2010 is an important opportunity for Siemens and UK industry as a whole to lead the debate about how we can all move towards a low-carbon future” says Andreas Goss, Chief Executive, Siemens plc & Cluster North West Europe. One of the most hotly anticipated sessions will be the off-shore wind session (chaired by Alan Lowdon, Head of Research and Development, NAREC) which will be closely related to Siemens energy goals. Key issues to be discussed include; industry projections for 2020 and 2050; technology proving; maintenance, life-cycle costing and decommissioning; energy transportation; logistics; and future asset management. The forum will also feature the Siemens Green Technology Theatre.

THE FUTURE URBAN ZONE: insights into the latest concepts and developments in energy efficient living THE ECO-TRANSPORT SHOWCASE: showcase of eco-friendly vehicles, concepts, technologies and fuels THE GREEN IT AND COMMUNICATION ZONE: demonstrating environmentally sustainable IT and Communication solutions THE UKTI IGLOO: a programme of presentations and discussions looking at the UK perspective on subjects within the conference


DR ROBERT SORRELL, BP INTERNATIONAL Speaking at Technology, Research & Development: delivering a low carbon future Why is it significant that the efef is being held in the UK this year, and What can bP international bring to this event? The UK has a track record of innovation with UK Research & Development R&D second only to the US. The UK needs to translate R&D innovation into new business opportunities in order to meet the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. 45 per cent of BP’s R&D investment is in the UK and we are actively engaged in public partnerships like the Energy Technology Institute which is focused on accelerating the development and deployment of low carbon technologies Why Was it imPortant for bP international to get involved in the forUm and exhibition? BP is a major UK Energy Company with significant investments in the Alternative Energy business and we are keen to engage around the transition to a more sustainable energy future. What are the comPany’s ‘green goals’ for energy in the fUtUre – Where do yoU, as a comPany, fit into the ‘loW-carbon’ fUtUre mentioned in the efef literatUre? BP made a commitment to invest $8bn in Alternative Energy at its launch at the end of 2005, we have over 30 years experience in the Solar Business and over 1.3 GW of spinning wind capacity in the US. We have a growing bio-fuels business and are involved in CCS with hydrogen energy plants planned in California and Abu Dhabi. can yoU give Us an examPle of the loW-carbon technologies bP researchers have develoPed, and exPlain hoW it might be aPPlied in fUtUre? BP has been involved in the solar business for over 30 years and we are heavily involved in the bio-fuels area through a series of partnerships to develop the next generation of bio-fuels technology. A UK example is the bio-fuels demonstration plant we have in Hull in partnership with Du Pont and British Sugar. is it realistic to move these ideas/concePts from the lab into everyday/commercial settings? Relentless innovation underpins the Oil & Gas Industry; large companies like BP have the expertise in managing large and complex projects to bring technology to market either on our own or through our extensive experience of partnerships and joint ventures.


Join us in supporting The Wellington £1 million Appeal 2010, raising money for two charities that help children facing enormous difficulties.

Join us on this fun day out for all the family with: • 10km timed sponsored run • 6km sponsored family walk • Live music • Children’s entertainment • Food and drink for all participants

The Wellington e Appeal Challeng ober

To take part register now at

Oct Date: Saturday 2nd ich Park Location: Greenw or 6km walk Event: 10km run

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Get involved in our range of fundraising events or even organise your own...

To find out more and register your interest go to Contact: James Boyle, 020 7877 7105, or Hannah Scott, 020 7713 2039,

BritishRedCross The British Red Cross Society, incorporated by Royal Charter 1908, is a charity registered in England and Wales (220949) and Scotland (SC037738)

Registered charity numbers 295716 (England and Wales) and SC040123 (Scotland)

travel destination food & drink

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The renowned House of RĂŠmy Martin brings its finest and rarest feat to the light of day, the extraordinary Louis XIII Rare Cask


lready regarded as one of the most exclusive Grande Champagne cognacs in the world, Louis XIII has been keeping its rarest gem, an exquisite yet fortuitous accident of nature, up its sleeve. Until now, that is, with a launch that promises to delight and surprise even the most indulged and discriminating cognac connoisseur. Whilst conducting her regular tastings back in 2004, cellar master Pierrette Trichet discovered that one single cask had developed an extra strength (with an alcoholic level of 43.8 degrees instead of the expected 40), and an uncommonly rich and

intense flavour. After watching over this miraculous cask for a further four years, it has been released as a very special, limited edition launch. Aged for a century, Louis XIII is famous for its rich, varied and opulent flavours. To this, the rare cask adds an extraordinary palette of honey, nuts and mushroom, with the extra strength bringing an astonishing richness and aromatic intensity, all encased in the deliciously chic black crystal decanter. n Available from Harrods and Selfridges







On 28 September, Christie’s will be auctioning lots of vintage Louis Vitton luggage dating back as far as the 19th century as part of the Interiors: Style & Spirit sale. Some pieces still bear the original owner’s initials or labels from famous luxury liners. What could increase the charm and air of exclusivity of those iconic intertwined initials, LV, more than adding the unique flavour and character of someone else’s history and travel stories with a piece of vintage Vuitton? CHrisTiE’s sOUTH KENsiNGTON WWW.CHrisTiEs.COM

FOr MEdiCiNaL pUrpOsEs Keswick Hall in Virginia has developed an unusual alcoholic indulgence that is actually beneficial to body and mind: the Red Wine Vinotherapy treatment. Using every part of the grape (even the vine and the seed), the treatment relaxes and revives, with Gommage Crushed Cabernet body scrub and Pinot Noir facial, to name just a few of the grape-inspired treatments involved! WWW.KEsWiCK.COM

Leading travel experts Baobab Expeditions has teamed up with WWF-India (World Wild Fund for Nature) to create exciting, wildlife-focused tours that support eco-tourism and wildlife conservation, making them the only travel company in the UK to have made a move of this kind. Bearing this philosophy of sustainability in mind, Baobab has created an exciting new 13-day tour, India: Tigers, Rhinos & Wild Buffaloes, which will take guests deep into the heart of India’s wild landscape and give them the unique opportunity to experience and understand conservation challenges. Setting off in intimate groups of no more than 12 and accompanied by expert safari guides and naturalists, the tour will take guests to see tigers at the Bandhavgarh National Park, to Kaziranga, the best place in the world to observe the endangered Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, as well as on jungle safari, both in the back of a jeep, and on the back of an elephant! In addition to this exhilarating experience, with the chance to catch a rare glimpse of some of India’s most interesting animals, the trip will include a tour of Old and New Delhi, taking in the Red Fort, Lutyens’ Delhi and the tomb of Emperor Humayun. WWW.baObabExpEdiTiONs.COM

TravEL FaCT: The Caribbean is considered to be the most ecologically varied region in the world. The 14,000-acre Lower Morass swamp is the largest environment of its kind, with the greatest biodiversity in the entire Caribbean.

Website of the month:


Mr and Mrs Smith is a luxury and boutique hotel specialist which offers an impressive list of stylish and unique accommodation options around the world as well as luxurious priviledges and discounts. Why not stay in a “contoured sugar cube” villa on the Greek Islands, or a “Balineseboho beach” cottage in Grenada?

Brought to you in association with Small Luxury Hotels of the World, an unsurpassable collection of over 500 hotels spanning 70 countries, which offer an infinite variety of experiences.


the business of


One of the most exhilarating cities in the world, filled with manifold cultural and culinary delights, Hong Kong combines a distinct and rich sense of culture with a unique, modern and metropolitan edge and a highly developed eye for decadence and enjoyment. Penelope M Walsh extracts all the pleasure to be had from doing business in Hong Kong


ne of the original parents of the nowformidable international brand, the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong is a unique part of Hong Kong history and a great example of the level of hospitality that the island is famous for, making it a hotspot for business and leisure travellers alike. If time is at a premium on a busy business trip, you can satisfy just about any need or desire within the bounds of the hotel, without having to forgo that element of style and even decadence that marks out pleasure and luxury from work and necessity. In fact, amongst its 25 floors (a relative pigmy amongst the glass-towered giants creeping ever skyward on the island), the Mandarin Oriental houses ten bars and restaurants, a spa, salon, barber, conference rooms and a comprehensive yet refreshingly majestic business centre.

Rooms have wi-fi, making last-minute amends to projects and keeping in contact with colleagues and clients a little easier, with connectivity available through the widescreen, wall-mounted TV, which also shows the world’s top-rated business and news channels, in addition to extensive entertainment channels. Dependent on package, rooms also include a decent-sized and comfortable desk area, many of which are placed next to the huge wall-length and width windows, with breathtaking views looking out over Victoria Harbour and Kowloon beyond – making getting down to some work an infinitely more attractive proposal. Aside from the infinite list of amenities available, what marks out the Mandarin Oriental from other hotels of its calibre is that it does not fall into the trap of offering an experience of (albeit stylish but) entirely homogenised, ‘international modern chic’, devoid of any local colour and character. Instead, everything in the hotel is infused with



Left: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Below: Macau Suite Living Room Tamar Suite Bathroom

elements of the rich and ancient culture of which it stands a part of, from the distinctly Chinese hospitality to the strong influence of Chinese art in the dĂŠcor. As such, both the communal and private areas of the hotel feature Chinese latticework, rich black and gold lacquers, oriental silks, calligraphy and painting. For a uniquely Cantonese welcome, it was, quite frankly, joyous and a relief to find that the almost-anticipated bottle of French champagne was coupled with an impressive, almost grand ice bucket that looked as if it had been intricately carved from an almighty piece of granite, and unearthed from a dusty antique shop in SoHo. Adding to the local flavour of this welcome was Chinese tea in a beautiful silk brocade basket and a selection of exotic, dried fruits common to Hong Kong. This strong sense of Chinese identity transfers to the grooming and relaxation facilities on offer at the Mandarin

Spa and Mandarin Barber, which combine state-of-the-art treatments with traditional Chinese techniques, reflected in the modern, sleek but distinctly oriental dĂŠcor. The atmosphere of the Mandarin Barber imbues that most mundane of early morning tasks with an air of elegant exclusivity, with rich red leather and dark wood like a private club from colonial days of yore. Treatments include the Shanghainese pedicure, traditional Chinese wet shaves and plenty of other grooming treatments, perfect for a quick tidy-up to make the right impression with clients. Or if thoughts of meetings have been put out of your mind until you have overcome the jetlag, then perhaps the best way of doing so is by rewarding yourself for journeying halfway across the world with the Time Ritual at the Mandarin Spa. This twohour treatment can be used to concentrate on any area or concern you like, such as a facial, body scrub or massage and can be a great way to relax after a tiring day, or to energise and shake yourself out of a jetlag-induced coma. Hong Kong is famous for its light show, which takes place every day from 8pm, and is one of the easiest sights to take in on a busy schedule. The best way to view it is to charter a junk boat and sit in the middle of the harbour, with views of the illuminated skyscrapers on both sides in Kowloon and Central. But if, after a long day of meetings, voyaging out into the harbour sounds a little too tiring, why not slip in to the wide, deep bath, sink into the hot water, sip champagne and watch the light show with the artfully placed blinds rolled up, allowing for staggering views across the harbour from your bath?


connoisseur travel

Traditional Cantonese food is so world renowned, and Hong Kong offers so many fantastic Cantonese and international restaurants that it is no surprise that Hong Kong’s business world is up in arms about the recent news that they are likely to lose their traditional two-hour lunch break. Famous amongst Hong Kong’s gourmets, Man Wah is one of the many impressive restaurants in the hotel, serving fine, modern Cantonese cuisine. The interior is as deliciously sumptuous and distinctly Chinese as the menu, with gold lanterns and rich local rosewood creating luxurious and imperial surroundings. Man Wah’s tasting menu comes in a staggering eight courses, a lucky number in Chinese culture, and certainly a lucky experience for foodies, featuring delicious traditional dishes such as roast pork belly and shrimp wonton in supreme broth, as well as creative creations such as the delicious sweet and crispy shrimp dumpling with almond chips, and Chinese petits fours, delicate and colourful flowers suspended in gorgeous golden glass-like cubes. On the weekends, Man Wah also offers an extensive dim sum menu, another delight of Cantonese cuisine, for which Hong Kong is famous the world over and certainly not to be missed. For an authentic dim sum experience, you can head into any number of the restaurants in nearby Wan Chai to sit amongst the locals and enjoy the authentic taste and character of dim sum in a bustling, fast-paced and vibrant Cantonese restaurant. Well known amongst travellers as a dim sum spot, City Hall is virtually across the road from the Mandarin Oriental and perhaps the easiest option, being one of the last major restaurants in Hong Kong to serve dim sum on a traditional trolley. This allows you to see what is on offer and take dishes instantly from the trolley, before enjoying them in the vast Chinese banquet-style restaurant. Cuisine Cuisine in the IFC building and Dragon Eye in Lang Kwai Fong are also very close to the hotel and good options, with sleek, modern settings. Indulging in one of Hong Kong’s key national pastimes (eating), calls for a little movement and motion to work off all those dumplings. You can head back to the hotel to use the fitness centre or indoor pool, or you could indulge in one of Hong Kong’s other national pastimes: shopping. The Mandarin Oriental is connected through a covered walkway to the Prince’s Building, a large and exclusive shopping complex, and even houses several international, designer boutiques within the hotel, such as Chloé and Ferragamo, with a private entrance for guests. This can be deliciously dangerous if you go wandering with credit card in hand after breakfast, but is also a godsend when in desperate and dire need of new heels for a little extra closing confidence in that impending meeting. For dinner, head to Pierre, one of the Mandarin Oriental’s two Michelin-starred restaurants. Operating under the watchful eye of world-renowned French chef Pierre Gagnaire, the restaurant offers his revolutionary “note à note” style of cooking, which uses knowledge of the chemical and molecular aspects of food to create inspirational dishes. With fewer than 70 covers and decked out in a darkly decadent palette of charcoal, burnt cherry and midnight blue, the restaurant space has a sense of intimacy combined with exclusivity, making it an extra


Pierre Restaurant

special place to dine. Presentation is elegant and modern with a delicate arrangement of simple, clean lines and colours, while the construction and combination of flavours and texture are truly creative and exciting. After dinner, there are plenty of great facilities to enjoy a nightcap (or more), such as within the dark interior of M Bar with its fantastic views, or the rich, red leather and masculine style of the Captain’s Bar. If you feel like stepping out into the humid and heady Hong Kong night, Lang Kwai Fong is a good first port of call, and only a short walk from the hotel. Other options include Sevva at the top of the Prince’s Building, where you can enjoy fabulous cocktails from the rooftop terrace, with great views across the city. Or take the quaint and antiquated ferry across the harbour to Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon for cocktails at Salon de Ning in the Peninsula Hotel; and as the night draws in closer, move on to Aqua Spirit on Peking road to see the night through. Wherever the evening in Hong Kong takes you, it is sure to be filled with character, charm and pleasure. n

Don’t Miss Victoria Peak The highest point on Hong Kong Island, the famous peak offers astonishing views of the iconic city skyline and fantastic photo opportunities. Once you have run your camera battery flat, recharge your own batteries at one of the many restaurants and bars at the top.

Lamma island Home to a large fishing community and a vast number of ramshackle and authentic seafood restaurants set along the bay; get a taste for a less hectic and cosmopolitan way of life, as well as the delicious Chinese seafood dishes, so fresh you can pick out live mantis shrimp or oysters from tanks before they are cooked.

Lantau island Walk or take the cable car up to Ngong Ping Plateau to see the awe-inspiring sight of the Tian Tan (or giant) Buddha, a staggering 85-foot-high bronze statue, towering over the island.


Rooms at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong start from £238 per night For more information visit, or call +852 2881


Swiss Airline, Baboo now offers as many as 11 flights a week operating from London City Airport to Geneva, making it easier than ever to dash off to business meetings or a weekend away in this cosmopolitan and cultured Swiss city. Founded in 2003, Baboo has carried over a million passengers to date. Operating out of their hub in stylish Geneva, flying from there to 17 different destinations across Europe, Baboo offers two daily flights to Geneva from London City Airport from Monday to Friday with one extra flight operating during the weekend, and flights via Geneva to fantastic city break destinations like Venice.

Baboo offers two classes of service: Premium Economy and Economy. Combining a uniquely Swiss standard of quality, hospitality and style with originality at affordable prices, The airline offers a great service, treating every customer with care, attention and respect and working to make every flight a fresh and unique experience. Aside from the excellent service, part of the unique charm of flying with Baboo is created by their distinct and interesting aircraft, flying alternately with modern aircrafts like the Embraer 190 and the Dash 8 400. Baboo has recently introduced two new products: The Baboo Family promotion offers big savings for families as children only pay the taxes for their tickets. The promotion is valid for a family booking of 1-2 adults, with between one to four children, with infants up to the age of two subject to Babooâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s general terms and conditions of sale; and Baboo BIP (Baboo Important People) - a special promotion which offers discounted fares for young people aged between 16 and 25.

For more information visit

THE PRIZE Baboo is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a fantastic trip for two to Geneva, with flights and a two night stay in one of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World properties in Geneva. To be in with a chance of winning, email your name, address and telephone number to with BABOO in the subject bar. The closing date for entries is Thursday 30 September, 2010 Terms & Conditions: The first correct entry drawn will win the prize. The editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s decision is final. By entering this competition you agree to your details being used by Runwild Media Group for marketing purpose. Please see for full terms and conditions.


  

connoisseur travel


            






                                                                                                  

   

  

                                                       


                                                           

 Renowned as the gateway to the Dordogne, Brive  itself has a lot to offer 

Chateau de Lacan

  

What to see::

Where to eat:

Where to stay:

Chateau de Castel Novel

Dating back to the 11th and Intentionally regional in flavor, the cuisine  12th centuries, Chateau de Lacan presented by the Castel-Novel restaurant underlines the effortlessly blends its traditional riches of the region, notably the truffle, foie gras, poultry,  heritage with contemporary veal from calves reared on the farm and mushrooms. interior design, offering all In order to give these outstanding dishes their full   the modern comforts with the flavour, Nicolas Soulié has updated traditional recipes,  chateau’s original charm. as well as preparing some original dishes. But just to get   The chateau boastssweeping those taste-buds tingling, here’s a tasting menu: Creamy       the city of Briveviews overlooking Boletus mushroom soup served hot, Plain duck foie gras            as well as nestling in a with sweet and sour figs, Truffle pastry with vintage port,   la-Gaillarde       park of over a hectare. Sol fillet with curly kale and pig’s trotters, Wild thyme south-facing    The hotel has 15 individually panful piece of veal with autumn vegetables, Pan fried              designed    rooms, two duck foie gras escalope, Orange including                  and twoduplexes,       suites all of Armagnac liqueur                     are  temptingly named;  which   soufflé, Chocolate                  tenderness, pleasure...   sweetness, dessertwith                                      caramelised apple...            at €130       Rooms start            


                                                                

Where to play::

    


 


 



For wine and liqueur connoisseurs, visit the Denoix Distillery, master distillers since 1830, for a sampling of their thirteen liqueurs including Armagnac, Cognac and sugar syrup.


 

            

 

And for chocolate box photographs, six of Les plus beaux villages de France (the most beautiful villages in France) can be found close to Brive; Turenne, Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemonte, St Robert, Ségur le Chateau.

 CityJet offers three direct flights a week to Brive from London City Airport 

i 


For more information, schedules  and to book your flight visit or

The Gouffre de Padirac is a natural, 75-metre chasm beneath which flows an underground river. Descend the 103-metres by taking the steps or cheat with the lift and you are at the start of the your mystery voyage via boat and on foot, through the Rain Lake Chamber and La Salle de Grand Dome whose vaulted ceiling rises up 94-metres high with its own Lake Superior at 27-metres above the river bed. The visit lasts about one and a half hours taking you through 2,000 metres of underground caverns and grottos. The tour costs €9,20 for adults

For sporting fans a trip to Brive Rugby Union Club is a must, finishing ninth last season the 2010/2011 CA Brive rugby union club has a lot to prove this time around.

Gouffre de Padirac

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Clinging to the side of a gorge in the Lot valley, Rocamadour attracts visitors from around the world not simply for its unique setting but also for its historical monuments and sanctuary of the Black Virgin, which attracts pilgrims from every country and has done for many centuries. Wander around the lower slopes, along the medieval streets and you’ll come across artisan stalls and boutiques carved into the rock proffering local walnuts from the banks of the Dordogne (named the olive tree in Provence), AOC Rocamadour – a small goat’s cheese and leather goods.

Only 400 meters from London City Airport! The Ramada Hotel and Suites London Docklands has a spectacular waterfront setting with stunning views over London’s Docklands. The closest hotel to London City Airport, four minutes walk to Prince Regent - Docklands Light Railway station and only minutes to ExCeL, London’s largest exhibition centre. Ideally located for Canary Wharf, The City and London’s most famous landmarks. 153 comfortable guest rooms including interconnecting, family and disabled rooms, 71 suites with kitchenette, dining area, large workdesk and private safes. Stresa Restaurant and Bar, on the ground floor serves up home-cooked Italian fayre in chic yet warm surrounds. Wall to ceiling windows span one side of the restaurant framing fantastic views over Royal Victoria Dock Serving good quality, simple, freshly prepared dishes using the finest ingredients. The menu offers pizzas, risottos, pastas grilled meats and fish. This is the place in Docklands heartland to have the authentic Italian experience against a waterfront backdrop. Our two well-appointed Conference Rooms can each accommodate up to 20 people for a board meeting, with large windows and air conditioning.

www. telephone: +44 (0)207 540 4820 e-mail:

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love sailing, but I’m no Ellen MacArthur. My idea of a perfect cruise entails lounging on deck, cocktail in hand, watching someone else shin up the rigging. All that hearty Jolly Jack Tar stuff just isn’t my style, which is why sailing with SCIS is this slothful sea dog’s dream.  SCIS (Sailing Cruises in Comfort) has a fleet of five traditional Turkish timber-built yachts that really do sail. Established in 1983 and based in Turkey, this is a small independent company with a family feel. The captains, chefs and crew are employed all year round, and during the winter they work in the company’s shipyard, making sure that the vessels are shipshape and Bristol fashion for the next season.  At Bodrum harbour, I’m welcomed on board Nemesis by Captain Hakan Uguz and his well-turned-out crew. A gleaming, beautifully maintained Turkish ketch, which comfortably sleeps up to 16 people, Nemesis attracts admiring glances from envious landlubbers wherever we moor up. A masterpiece of classic design constructed from gleaming golden timber, with her sails trimmed to perfection, she cuts through the waves like a knife through warm butter.  My en suite cabin is compact but comfortable, and there is plenty of space on deck to lounge in comfort on one of the many sunbeds. Initially, I suspect sharing Nemesis with a group of potential strangers might be difficult. Yet, as Loes Doeze, director of SCIS explains, the company endeavours to match guests of like age group and interests. They also run themed cruises such as cookery, photography and yoga, and there’s no surcharge for singletons or the on-board water sports toys, which include water skiing. As my congenial fellow passengers share my interest in exploring historic sites rather than nightclubs, accord is assured.  Each day Captain Hakan lays out the chart and explains our options, leaving his guests to make democratic decisions dependent, of course, on wind and

in comfort Beverley Byrne sets sail around the islands in style and comfort with SCIS in Turkey

weather conditions. We are following a Greek island itinerary and our first port of call is Kos, where the harbour is fringed with bustling tavernas and dominated by the Castle of the Knights. Built in the 14th century as a defence against the encroaching Ottomans, this imposing structure stands near the Agora, an archaeological site that used to be the town market and is now a jumble of ancient Roman remains. Nearby is a gnarled elephantine tree, said to be more than 700 years old, beneath which Hippocrates allegedly taught his students. Our next landfall is Nisyros. This sleepy, sparsely populated, off-thebeaten-track island is dominated by a brooding volcano whose hissing, broiling crater still breathes sulphurous fumes into the atmosphere. Overlooking this is the picture postcard village of Nikia, with its dazzling, whitewashed houses adorned with tumbling geraniums.  Mandraki, the island’s brightly painted port, features Roman mosaics, Hellenistic statuary and clinging to a cliff, the monastery of the Madonna of the Caves built in 1600. Nisyros is a veritable repository of historical architecture and artefacts and, as Nemesis glides from the harbour, I reflect on the island’s elaborate past and its uncertain future.  In contrast to Nisyros’s enigmatic character, the island of Symi is a lively, lovely location with a bustling harbour, embraced by mountains the colour of putty and dusted with greenery.   On the other side of the island, the secluded Monastery of St Michael of Panormitis, patron saint of Symi and sailors, has gained a reputation for receiving messages in bottles sent by matelots from around the world. However, in the safe hands of Captain Hakan and his crew, we have no need to litter the Aegean with messages of hope. 


As well as exploring exceptional locations in Turkey and Greece, we anchor in idyllic, deserted bays and hidden creeks where we dive from the decks and take full advantage of the water sports. With chef Ali’s exceptional cooking, it certainly pays to keep active. As all the delicious, locally sourced meals and beverages, including alcohol, are included in the price, it’s all too easy to indulge yourself. And this is exactly what the inhabitants of our next destination, the ancient city of Cnidos, seem to have done! At the Captain’s suggestion, we head back into Turkish waters to explore what remains of Cnidos. As we sail around the headline of this ravishing coastline, nothing can prepare us for the sight of the extensive ruined city. Established in the fourth century BC, this strategically important, cosmopolitan centre was a fabled prosperous city where the cult of Aphrodite flourished. A reputedly beautiful, huge, free-standing marble statue of the goddess of love attracted thousands of ancient tourists to Cnidos. The notorious nude is thought to have stood on the site of a circular temple, the base of which is clearly visible. But the sacred prostitutes working within the temple precincts did not endear themselves to the Byzantine Christians who destroyed the statue. Although earthquakes completed the destruction of the city, it is still possible to imagine life as it was lived 2,000 years ago. Although ancient stone terraces, cracked columns and ruined temples give an impression of the city’s foundations, a well-preserved amphitheatre remains to put flesh on the bones of this atmospheric landscape. I occupy a marble seat overlooking the auditorium, watch a lone tortoise clambering amidst wild herbs, and imagine ghosts of the roaring crowd around me. This is an eerily theatrical location and the best thing is, there’s nobody here except me and my new friends from Nemesis. Too remote to be on the usual tourist track, Cnidos is just one of the idyllic sites we’ve visited that are best accessed by sea. Thanks to Nemesis, I’ve discovered places I never knew existed. Now that’s what I call sailing. n For further information, visit


DiD you know? •

The oldest, continuously held sporting contest in the world is the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling tournament, held annually in Edirne in Turkey since the mid 14th century

Turkey provides 70 per cent of the world’s hazelnuts

Anatolia is the location of the first known beauty contest, judged by Paris, with Aphrodite, Hera and Athena as contestants

The coast of Greece is 13,676 km long, walking along would be approximately the same as going round the Isle of Wight 141 times

Brought to you in association with Stanfords,


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Canary Wharf, Canada Place Unit 8B (next to Waitrose) E14 5EQ

Can ar Wha y rf Bran ch N Ope ow n



an Englishman’s

CASTLE Sophie Armitage revisits Bovey Castle, her favourite country retreat and most indulgent escape


Top: View of Bovey Castle from the third green Right: Grand State Room Bathroom

riving up through the lush green grounds to the main house, a visit to Bovey Castle is like stepping back into a Victorian novel. A stunning manor house, Bovey Castle is situated in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, in the heart of Devon, and is as far away from the stresses of city life as you can get. Built by Frederick Smith in 1907 (son of William Henry Smith, founder of WHSmith) the house has been used for a variety of things, from a private residence to a military hospital during WWII to a Great Western Railway hotel. In 1991, the house began to become the hotel we recognise today – the grounds and manor were expanded considerably, and one of the country’s finest golf courses was put in place. Alongside the name change in 2003, Bovey Castle also enjoyed the addition of 22 lodges, a luxurious spa and pool, and a sensitive refurbishment in 2008. Today, visitors come from all over the UK to stay. For us, Bovey Castle represents real escapism; a place where we can forget the hurly-burly of London life and concentrate on fine-dining and excellent wines, an indulgent spa treatment (or two), and array of interesting activities and experiences. This particular sojourn was our third visit to Bovey Castle, and the beauty and majesty of the place never ceases to amaze me. We stayed in a Superior Castle Room, with stunning views over Dartmoor Valley which provided the perfect backdrop to our weekend break and, gazing out of the window upon arrival, sipping a chilled G&T, the sense of tranquillity and comfort we felt certainly set the mood for the remainder of our stay. Food and drink are two of the most important (and impressive) elements of the Bovey Castle experience; we enjoyed two fantastic meals in the Art Deco-styled,

Edwardian Restaurant. As one might expect, all ingredients are locally sourced and each meal is accompanied by an excellent wine selection, recommended from the extensive wine list. Bovey Castle also boasts a less formal eatery, the Castle Bistro, where guests may enjoy a more relaxed meal. Don’t miss the huge terrace where you can enjoy a drink overlooking the picturesque countryside. For all those in search of some serious relaxation, Bovey Castle is home to one of the best spas in the south-west. The Anamai Body Reviver treatment (90 mins, £120) comes personally recommended. Meaning ‘vigorous health’, this incredible treatment comprises a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching and oil massage designed to release blockages, tune your energy flow, reinforce the immune system, reduce stress, improve posture and enhance your vitality. The verdict; indulgent but effective. There are many more ‘active’ activities that you can enjoy though, from hot-air ballooning, horse-riding and tennis, to archery, fly-fishing or golf on the championship course. Embodying all the very best of English hospitality alongside truly exceptional fine-dining, elegant surroundings and attention to detail, Bovey Castle is a unique hotel which will draw you back time after time. Well worth a visit (or several, in our case), it is our most indulgent method of escape and one we won’t be giving up anytime soon. n For more information, visit


W G OR N O K IN S F S A 3 TA ING TM 202 OK RIS 11 BO CH 75 0 02

Caribbean Scene Royale, the flagship restaurant, is a place to stimulate all 5 of your senses with exquisite food, delicious cocktails, aromatic rums, great music, friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. Voted 2 years running “Best Caribbean Restaurant in the UK” (Caribbean Cuisine Consortium), situated on the dockside opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel Docklands and just a short walk from London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre on the Royal Victoria Dock.

Simply call us on 020 7511 2023 Email: Or visit us at • Hospitality • A la Carte • Set Menu • Entertainment

Whether you are considering a romantic meal, a large party, corporate event or simply want to cater for that special function, our team is here to assist.

W G OR NO KIN S F S A 3 TA ING TM 202 OK RIS 11 BO CH 75 0


Caribbean Scene Hospitality caters for those special Events, Corporate Parties and Annual Functions at our Docklands or Stratford restaurants or at a location of your choice. You can escape to the Caribbean with our variety of tropical mouthwatering menus, from Canapés to Buffet or Silver service Choose from variety of packages of entertainment including: • • • •

Steel Pans Cabaret Singers Limbo Dancing Our live in-house band, playing selections of reggae, calypso, soca etc.

Catering for corporate and private events such as: • • • • • • •

Anniversaries Award dinners Conferences Corporate Entertainment Fundraising Product Launches Weddings

Contact us on 020 7511 2023 or 020 8522 8660 Email:

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BLue notes hot on the heels of the current trend for intriguing and unique food and drink pairing menus, this month Plateau and Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™ have launched exclusive food and whisky evenings, sure to enlighten and delight whisky connoisseurs and novices in equal measure. the perfect private party for discerning diners, the evenings feature a three-course menu, carefully devised to match and accentuate the complex flavours and aromas of whiskies selected by expert and Johnnie Walker® Brand ambassador, Colin dunn.

food & drink


LImIted edItIons at fIrst edItIon

anyone for tea? afternoon tea, that most quintessentially English of pastimes, has been creeping up the style stakes for some time now, with cupcakes and cake stands occupying fashionable kitchens and cafés, and Lady Gaga opting for a vintage teacup over a handbag-sized dog as the pet companion du jour. amongst the tea-crazed crowd, Katy Potts Utterly English teaware stands out for its beautifully vintage detail and craftsmanship. inspired by the golden age of English teaware design, Katy Potts’ nostalgic teapots have been produced in the Staffordshire Potteries (the home of English ceramics) and created with the utmost care, skill and craftsmanship; each piece takes up to 40 hours of firing and several layers of hand-finished decoration. the result of this rather retro process is a range of delicately designed and decorated teapots, imbued with all the typically English charm and antiquated elegance of a noël Coward film. avaILaBLe from LIBerty’s and

Food liNgo:

This month sees the return of the unmissable food and wine pairing evenings at Battery in Canary Wharf, and Spread Eagle in Greenwich. The events will take place on 23 September at Battery and 6 October at Spread Eagle, with the focus on South American wines.


to Book, contact or caLL 0208 853 2333

The word ‘concasse’ comes from the French verb to crush or grind, and is used in cooking to describe roughly chopped or diced vegetables. Concasse is usually made from tomatoes, which involves peeling, de-seeding and chopping the tomatoes.

fIrst edItIon, caBot square


QuotE: God comes to the hungry in the form of food MahatMa Gandhi, Leader of IndIan natIonaLIsm


First Edition, one of Canary Wharf’s independent restaurants and wine bars, will celebrate its 15th birthday with a charity art auction of limited edition prints and drawings. there will be a private view on 27 September, with the auction and a wine tasting taking place on 28 September. the artwork has been donated by artists from Canary Wharf advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather, with all proceeds going to charity.

The online arm of Raymond Blanc’s vast culinary empire, Maman Blanc is inspired by the woman that Raymond credits with inspiring his interest in cooking: his mother. The website aims to bring classic elements of the French kitchen that Raymond links nostalgically to both his past and culinary foundations to the English market, selling basic ingredients, kitchen tools and home comforts, as well as recipe books and other gift ideas. Perfect for gourmets and homesick Gauls.


Christmas party Prices from £59.95 per

person, to include unlimited drinks package

@ the greenwich Yacht Club

The Greenwich Yacht Club is London’s hidden riverside gem located next to the O2. The Club has a stunning purpose built event space available for hire throughout the year for up to 200 guests.

Peartree Way

Thamespath to North Greenwich tube

Bugsby’s Way

Bugsby’s Way

To Blackwall Tunnel

Peartree Way

Retail park

Christmas parties on the river

• Exclusive use of the venue and terrace • Cocktail reception • Unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks • 3 course seated dinner, bowl food or finger buffet • Decoration, table centres and atmospheric lighting • DJ & Disco • Cloakroom • All furniture and staff • Full event management and Liability insurance

For more information contact us on 0203 206 1278 or To get more info on the club visit

food & drink

On a


With stunning views from its fourth floor setting, Plateau has been at the top of Canary Wharf dining for seven years. Add a new chef and a new general manager to the mix and Louisa Castle is curious to see what this new blood brings to the table



lateau Bar & Grill has always been a favourite of mine but the attached fine-dining restaurant less of a regular haunt, more a special occasion destination for celebrations and real treats. As we were shown to our table on a Thursday lunchtime my prejudgments were proven unfounded; a lively buzz greeted us and the welcome sight of a full restaurant, suited and booted and creative clientele as well. There are two menus for lunch, à la carte and the menu du jour (reasonably priced at £23 for two courses and £26.50 for three). Looking for a little guidance we picked the brains of our charming French waitress Isabel, who, being French, strongly promoted the Parsley Risotto, sauté of snails, garlic butter (£9.50) and which, being in adventurous state of mind we agreed to. Our other starter was the Poached Divercaught Sea Scallops, white wine velouté with soft herbs (£15). Arriving on a parsley green bed of risotto the snails looked succulent and could have easily been mistaken for mushrooms. They tasted mushroomy too and a little gamey and after the first were eaten with all the gusto of the Galois. The scallops surprised us by being served in a shallow bowl, with white wine velouté. Tasty and creamy, I really needed a good piece of bread to soak up the remaining sauce, something I did feed back to Head Chef, Allan Pickett which he whole-heartedly agreed with. The menu caters for the traditionalists with the smoked salmon dishes and parma ham

and melon but also offers some intrigue, like the snails. It is intentional. With his menus, Chef caters for all and is always changing them (sometimes daily) in line with the freshest seasonal produce that he gets from his handpicked suppliers. To follow came the Darne of Cod, Aubergine Caviar, Piperade (£20) and Summer truffle infused Devon chicken, sweet corn, baby leeks, jus gras (£22) and two expertly chosen white wines to accompany. The cod was meaty and light with the flavours of the pepper adding a little kick and sweetness, the chicken succulent and enhanced by the truffle oil rather than overpowered. Plateau prides itself on its food and wine pairing so a quick word in the ear of the sommelier ensured that our palates were tantalised rather than tormented. Coffee and dessert later, a buttermilk panna cotta with cherry compote (£5.50), we were the last ones in the restaurant and able to quiz the Chef about his future intentions. It all depends on what is good from his suppliers but expect game appearing increasingly on the menu, oysters later this month and a possible truffletasting menu. So, with a new Chef, new dishes and a new general manager, can this team push Plateau to new heights? You decide... n Plateau 4th Floor, Canada Square, Canary Wharf 020 7715 7100


Allan Pickett joined Plateau as its new Head Chef in May 2010. His cooking style is classic French with a light and elegant contemporary twist and he is a strong believer in using the freshest possible seasonal ingredients. Allan’s early career saw him work with the likes of Michel Roux Junior and Marco Pierre White. His first Head Chef position was at Bluebird overseeing the private members club. He then went on to work at Marco Pierre White’s Michelin-starred L’escargot and Aurora at the Great Eastern Hotel, overseeing the fine dining restaurant; before he became Head Chef at Orrery and held a Michelin star. Allan later returned to work with the Galvin brothers at Bistro on Baker Street. He joins Plateau from The Aviator Hotel in Farnborough where he worked with the inspirational Ken McCulloch.



Gastro Pub


Second Floor, Cabot Place 020 7715 9360

29-30 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7513 0255

40 Canada Square, E14 020 7516 9145

THe gun

Middle Eastern

Byron HamBurgers


THe fine line

Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 0101

27 Coldharbour Lane, E14 020 7515 5222


THe narroW

gauCHo Canary

29 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7987 9494


44 Narrow Street, E14 020 7592 7950




65 - 67 Amsterdam Road, E14 020 7538 3008

THe Parlour

25 Westferry Road, E14 020 7517 9233


Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 0333

2 Yabsley Street, E14 020 7515 8177


The Park Pavilion, Canada Square 0845 686 1122

40 Canada Square, E14 0845 468 0100

CHef Collin BroWn

aniseeD Bar & inDian resTauranT



mez resTauranT

571 Manchester Road, E14 020 7005 0421 nina’s Taza exPress

322 Burdett Road, E14 020 7093 3552

Oriental iTsu

Level 2, Cabot Place, E14 020 7512 5790 roka

4 Park Pavilion, Canada Square 020 7636 5228 royal CHina

30 West Ferry Circus, E14 020 7719 0888

amerigo vesPuCCi

sri nam


25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0288

1 North Colonnade, E14 020 7715 9515

34 Westferry Circus, E14 020 8305 3089



Royal Victoria Docks Western Gateway, E16 020 7055 2119

gourmeT Pizza

Marriott Hotel, West India Quay 22 Hertsmere Road, E14 020 7517 2808

gourmeT Burger kiTCHen

Jamie’s iTalian

THe BaTTery

DoCklanDs Bar anD grill

Jubilee Place, E14 020 7719 6408

reeBok resTauranT

16-19 Canada Square, E14 020 7719 6408


CafÉ rouge

29-35 MacKenzie Walk, E14 020 7537 9696

2 Reuters Plaza, E14 020 7719 1749

18-20 Cabot Square, E14 020 7345 9192 Churchill Place, E14 020 3002 5252 45 Narrow Street, E14 020 7790 0077

Pizza exPress

Cabot Place, E14 020 7513 0513 QuaDraTo

31-35 Fisherman’s Walk, E14 020 7363 6633

The Four Seasons Hotel 46 Westferry Circus, E14 020 7510 1857




firsT eDiTion

25 Cabot Square, E14 020 7513 0300

Spanish el faro

la figa

Davys Wine Bar

Canada Place, E14 020 7715 7100


Chuchill Place, E14 020 3200 2022

Turnberry Quay E14 020 7987 5511

Turkish Hazev

2 South Quay Square Canary Wharf, E14 0207 515 9467

food &drink


The Grape Vine Mike Carpenter at Waitrose Food & Home, Canary Wharf travel to the new world of South America and the Chauil Vineyard in Chile



fish & chips The Great British Fish & Chip Shop will be opening in Greenwich on 9 September 2010


ituated just a stone’s throw from Greenwich Market and Greenwich Park, in a historic building on the site of the former Cricketer’s Pub, this new outlet serves traditional fish and chips with a twist. All the fish is delivered fresh each day from Billingsgate Market and cooked to order. Alongside traditional favourites such as cod, haddock and plaice, all prepared in the eatery’s special batter, are less well-known but equally delicious varieties such as gurnard, poutek and dogfish. Keeping with the unusual the menu also features a range of battered shellfish including scallops, soft shell crab and mussel popcorn. There is a range of healthier options such as grilled lemon sole and cold poached salmon, all served with homemade potato salad. A children’s menu is also available from just £1.75. Little ones can enjoy not only their own portion of fish and chips, but breaded chicken fillet and chips, fishcake and chips or chip butties. All packaging is eco-friendly and customers can either take away or eat in. The Great British Fish & Chip Shop also boasts an extensive drinks list with a range of beers and ales, wines and fine champagnes. Also on offer will be a number of innovative extras such as stylish hampers containing freshly prepared fish and chips and a bottle of bubbly – perfect ‘al fresco’ fare to be enjoyed in the park opposite. Opening hours will be midday until late, every day. n

The Great British Fish & Chip Shop 22 King William Walk, London SE10 9HU


Leyda Valley

deally, grape vines should be planted in soil that isn’t the best in the world. This ensures that the vines work harder to reach the nutrients. In turn, this produces superior quality grapes. Chile has one of the most perfect conditions globally for producing wine and this month our wine focus is on Vina Leyda Pinot Noir. The Chauil vineyard is situated in the Leyda Valley in Chile, 14 km from the Pacific coastline benefitting from a wonderful maritime climate. A relatively high altitude vineyard, west facing for best sun exposure and planted on the least fertile soil, the wine produced is quite a stunner. A medium to full bodied Pinot Noir, one gets voluptuous ripe red berried fruits with a superb hint of allspice and cinnamon on the mid palate developing to a wonderful dark chocolate on the back of the palate. There are soft, approachable tannins and good forward fruit and along with the acid, this balances the relatively high 14.5 per cent ABV. The last time I had a glass of this, the weather was superb and so I chilled the wine and believe me it was fantastic. So if the weather is good, do not be scared to chill this red wine for about an hour in the fridge. It is a match made in heaven for a slow roast leg of lamb, hard cheese or a beautiful plate of charcuterie. n Vina Leyda, Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, Chile Bin: 6047047 Price: £14.99 (price correct at time of print)

• 2010 marks the 150th anniversary of British fish and chips • The UK Fish & Chip market is now worth £1.2 billion • Fish and chips was the only take-away food not to be rationed during the Second World War. Food minister Lord Woolton even allowed mobile frying vans to carry fish and chips to evacuees around the country • Fish and chips is even popular at celebrity weddings….including Kate Winslet, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney to name a few

For further expert advice, visit Waitrose Food & Home, Canada Place, Canary Wharf or call 020 7719 0300



out about

out & about


French Fancy Arriving in Canary Wharf this month, Crêperie offers a scrumptious selection of authentic French crepes, made in the traditional style by Paris-trained chef Abdou Elkholti. With a range of sweet and savoury fillings including bananas and Belgian chocolate, Abdou uses the freshest and most succulent seasonal produce for his tasty creations. Crêperie is sure to be a hugely popular addition to the culinary landscape of Canary Wharf. Crêperie, Reuters Plaza, Canary Wharf E14 5AG

Battle of Brains Join quizmaster David Mitchell in the stunning surroundings of London Guildhall, to go headto-head against rival companies in eight rounds of fun and challenging questions. Now in its 18th year, this is London’s largest corporate city quiz in support of St. John’s Ambulance, with the winner is awarded the coveted Brain Game trophy. The Brain Game, 20 October, London Guildhall

Remains of the Day From works by Lucian Freud and Gary Hume to the very sign that adorned the company’s offices in Canary Wharf, the Lehman Brothers: Artwork and Ephemera auction offers a diverse selection of items which once adorned the walls of the British and European arms of the former banking powerhouse. This collection is expected to realise around £2 million, forming part of the administrator’s plan to wind down Lehman Brothers and Lehman Brothers International (Europe) to achieve the maximum value for creditors. Lehman Brothers: Artwork and Ephemera auction, 29 September, Christies, South Kensington


connoisseur out & about

festival feasting Now in its 19th year, Le Festival aux Quat’ Saisons, created by Raymond Blanc, is well established, showcasing internationally acclaimed artists from the worlds of opera, classical music and jazz. This unique gastronomic and musical extravaganza features a magical torchlit pathway to the neighbouring St Mary’s Church and pews bathed in candlelight – an intimate setting for a memorable performance. You’ll then return to Le Manoir for a fabulous, four-course dinner. Le Festival aux Quat’ Saisons, 7, 8 and 9 October Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons, Oxford

Model Behaviour

Best of British

Based on the hugely successful reality TV show presented by international supermodel Elle McPherson, Britain’s Next Top Model Live is set to be London’s biggest fashion and beauty fix. From fashion shows, beauty tips and pampering, to personal styling and catwalk glamour, this has something for every taste all under one roof.

Jermyn Street in the heart of St James is to be transformed into a traditional English garden party, celebrating the quintessentially British style that the street is famous for. From 12pm to 5pm, the street will be a traffic-free zone, giving visitors a rare opportunity to watch the specialist retailers and restaurants demonstrate their craftsmanship. The Cavendish Hotel will be offering a complimentary hog roast; Fortnum & Mason will be serving teas; cheese experts Paxton & Whitfield will be demonstrating the art of cheese making; and cigar specialists Davidoff will teach the secrets of fine, hand-rolled cigars.

Britain’s Next Top Model Live, 22–24 October, ExCeL London

Movie of the Month

wall street: Money never sleeps

The Art of Being British, 4 September Jermyn Street

Certificate:....................................tBc Release Date:......24 september Director:..................oliver stone Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf star in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Douglas is back in his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko, whose iconic “Greed is good” mantra and daring corporate raids made him a rock star of financial titans. Emerging from a lengthy prison stint, Gekko finds himself on the outside of a world he once dominated. He now has to play catchup and redefine himself in a different era. But a young, idealistic investment banker, Jacob Moore (LaBeouf), learns the hard way that Gekko is still a master manipulator.

in full swing

nods numerous There are one’s St in e vi mo of to the first ec surr tion VERDICT: opportunistic retake seriously ’s hard to assic, but it current his 1987 cl portray the to ts p em att ’s lm the fi imate. financial cl


The Waterstone’s autumn book signings in Jubilee Place mall are underway, with professional golfer and former Ryder Cup Captain Sam Torrance signing copies of his book, An Enduring Passion: My Ryder Cup Years, on 7 September. Also signing copies this month is former SAS soldier Chris Ryan, with his thrilling new bestseller The Kill Zone, on 16 September. Headlining October’s signing will be Sir Michael Caine at 12.30pm on 7 October, when he will be promoting his autobiography, The Elephant to Hollywood. Book early, though, as this one is sure to be busy.

Sponsored by

0871 200 2000 11 Hertsmere Rd, West India Quay


For reservations and full details for all signings, contact the Waterstones store on 020 7719 0688.

Amtico Brintons Crucial Trading Dalsouple Karndean Luxaflex Pergo Porcelanosa Vincent Sheppard

Japanese Panel

Amtico and Wood


Blinds and flooring Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got it all covered

Est. 1881

470-480 Roman Road London E3 5LU 0800 716 783


PROPERTY ShowcaSing the fineSt homeS in your area

c o v e r i n g c a n a ry w h a r f, D o c K L a n D S , wa P P i n g & t h e c i t y


Moran House, Wapping Lane E1W

Sugar House, Leman Street E1

Beautifully presented two double bedroom apartment set in this purpose built block in central Wapping. This lovely apartment has a modern open plan kitchen reception room, wooden flooring, a private roof terrace and underground secure parking. Available furnished

Brand new one bedroom apartment in the popular 24 hour portered development. This large one bedroom flat has been finished to a high standard offering a large reception room with high ceilings, fully fitted open plan kitchen, beautiful bathroom suite with separate shower cubical. Available furnished

£415 per week

£425 per week 020 7480 6848 020 7606 1560

New Crane Wharf, Wapping E1W Well appointed studio apartment set in this popular 24 hour portered development close to Wapping under ground station. This furnished apartment has excellent storage, wooden floors and under ground parking. Available furnished £250 per week 020 7480 6848

Towerside, Wapping High Street E1W Smart newly refurbished two double bedroom 4th floor unfurnished apartment to rent in Wapping next to Wapping station. This bright south facing apartment has a good size reception room with a newly fully fitted kitchen, wooden floors and great river views from the private terrace. Available furnished £450 per week 020 7480 6848

Arran House E14

Medland House E14

An attractive and light apartment located on the third floor of a well maintained purpose built development. Presented in good order throughout, the flat profits from a private balcony with views over the inlet.

Spacious two bedroom apartment located on the fifth floor of a portered purpose built development. The apartment is presented in good order and benefits from a private balcony which offers views over Limehouse Marina.



Guide Price: £385,000

Guide Price: £500,000 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966

Belgarve Court E14

St Davids Square E14

Well proportioned two bedroom apartment situated on the eighth floor of a sought after portered development located on the Canary Wharf estate. The flat profits from a private balcony giving views over the river and towards the City.

A superb top floor (5th) apartment in this well maintained and much sought after development. The property benefits from three double bedrooms and a large reception that leads to a terrace with views to the river and Canary Wharf.



Guide Price: £625,000

Guide Price: £625,000 020 7512 9966 020 7512 9966

Ivory House, E1W

Hermitage Court, E1W

Guide £1.05 million Leasehold

Guide £775,000 Leasehold

Charlie Fisher 020 7456 6800

Charlie Fisher 020 7456 6800

St. Thomas’s Wharf, E1W

Pan Peninsula East, E14

Reception/dining room n kitchen n 2 bathrooms n 2 double bedrooms (1 en suite) n changing room n terrace n roof terrace n porter n protected parking

Reception room n kitchen n 2 bedrooms n 2 bathrooms (1 en suite) n river views n balcony

2 reception rooms n kitchen n 2 bedrooms n 2 bathrooms (1 en suite) n roof terrace n protected parking n porter

Guide £625,000 Share of Freehold

Reception room n kitchen n 1 bedroom n 1 bathroom n 24hr concierge n state of the art gymnasium n swimming pool n hydrotherapy pool n 50th floor cocktail bar and residents cinema Guide £425,000 Leasehold

Charlie Fisher 020 7456 6800

Lauren Ireland 020 7531 2500

Pilgrims Mews, E14

West India Quay, E14

Guide £630,000 Freehold

Guide £725,000 Leasehold

Lauren Ireland 020 7531 2500

Lauren Ireland 020 7531 2500

Reception room n kitchen/dining area n 3 bedrooms n 2 bathrooms n cloakroom n waterside garden n garage + 2 parking spaces

Reception room n fully fitted open plan kitchen n 2 double bedrooms n 2 bathrooms (1 en suite) n car parking space n 24hr concierge

E1 Waterside, E1W

New Providence Wharf, E14

Ben Rodgers 020 7456 6800

Ben Rodgers 020 7456 6800

Luna House, SE16

Sandpiper Court, E1W

Ben Rodgers 020 7456 6800

Stefan Saul 020 7531 2500

Ocean Wharf, E14

West India Quay, E14

£365 per week Furnished

£650 per week Furnished

Stefan Saul 020 7531 2500

Stefan Saul 020 7531 2500

Fabulous London landmark views n 2 reception rooms n open plan kitchen n 3 bedrooms + 3 en suite bathrooms n guest wc n large terrace n lift access n 2 allocated parking spaces £2,300 per week Furnished

Panoramic river views n reception room n mezzanine study area n open plan kitchen n 3 bedrooms + 2 en suite bathrooms n family bathroom n balcony n lift access n 2 allocated parking spaces £1,800 per week Furnished

River views n reception room n open plan kitchen n 1 bedroom n family bathroom n lift access n 24hr porter n allocated parking

River 02 views n reception room n seperate kitchen n 2 bedrooms + 1 en suite bathroom n 1 family bathroom n 24hr porter n communal garden n lift access n allocated parking £475 per week Furnished

St Katharine Docks marina views n double reception room n seperate kitchen n 2 bedrooms + 1 en suite bathroom n family bathroom n balcony n lift access n 24hr porterage n allocated parking £850 per week Furnished

Reception room n open plan kitchen n 2 bedrooms n family bathroom + 1 en suite n lift access n 24hr porter n allocated parking

Move on, Move in, Move up. Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re buying, selling, renting or letting, there are so many exciting opportunities out there right now. So itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to talk to Savills. Our personable and proactive team will help you make that move. Call us now or visit

WE HAVE THE POWER TO MOVE YOU. Savills Canary Wharf 4 Westferry Circus Canary Wharf London E14 4HD 020 7531 2500

Savills Docklands Execution Dock 80 Wapping High Street London E1W 2NE 020 7456 6800

London ec2


Tapestry Building is an 18th century warehouse, originally built by the East India Company, and now converted into exclusive urban apartments. Located on New Street opposite Liverpool Street

Station, Tapestry Building offers heritage in the heart of the City, combining its striking industrial architecture with the high specification requirements of modern city living.

Tapestry launches on 23rd September 2010 Be part of this exclusive event by registering online Prices from ÂŁ1.4 million 0845 474 1771

0196 Tapestry_CWharf.indd 1

25/08/2010 20:07

homes & property



DELIGHTFUL DUPLEX A superb riverside duplex apartment with impressive views from each of the principal rooms. With floor to ceiling glass walls, balcony facing the river and modern openplan kitchen, the most is made of the property’s advantageous positions. Accommodation includes reception/dining room, open-plan kitchen, three bedrooms (master bedroom with en suite shower room), bedroom three with en suite bathroom, study/office area, guest WC, balcony, porterage, two secured parking spaces. Located on the bank of the River Thames, Luna House is part of the vibrant Shad Thames area, boasting award-winning restaurants and bars and excellent transport links.


£750,000 Leasehold £2,100,000 Charlie Fisher

020 7456 6800 154

UNIQUE HOMES, UNIQUE SERVICE, UNIQUE PEOPLE P e r s o n a l P r o p e r t y C o n s u l t a n c y f o r B u ye r s a n d S e l l e r s o f D i s t i n c t i ve H o m e s

PARKGATE - BLACKHEATH SE3 Stunning four bedroom, four bathroom home in excess of 5,000 sq ft. Designed to offer spacious, luxurious accommodation with superb entertaining and family space.

£3,250,000 F/H

Joint agents with

ORCHARD COTTAGE FARNBOROUGH PARK BR6 Luxury 6,700 sq ft, six bedroom detached house with exquisite attention to detail and the finest specification.

£2,850,000 F/H

London Office 116-118 Bermondsey Street, London Bridge, London SE1 3TX Tel 020 7089 6500 Email

Kent Office


First Floor, 13 High Street, Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5AB Tel 020 8378 1222 Email


homes & property promotion

St William’s Court

The Landmark

Docklands lettings soar thanks to New CaNary wharf


With new towers coming on stream at Pan Peninsula and The Landmark, the lettings market in Canary Wharf is going through the roof says Marc von Grundherr For most corporate tenants, quality of life is top of their wish list when it comes to choosing a rental property. And, with ever longer working hours and the daily commute a real grind, many are finding that living near the office takes much of the stress out of the working day. It’s this demand from corporate tenants looking for a home close to their work that is fuelling the current lettings boom throughout the Canary Wharf area. Here at Benham and Reeves Residential Lettings we’re seeing a staggering increase in enquiries, with the number of new tenants registering with us up in the second quarter of 2010 by 34.7% over the same period in 2009, and up 29.1% in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period last year. So why this huge rise in popularity? “Increasingly, Canary Wharf is becoming a sought-after residential area in its own right” explains Marc von Grundherr, director of Benham and Reeves Residential Lettings. A year or two ago, executives coming to work in the City would live here as a stopgap, before moving on to leafier or more prestigious areas such as Hampstead or Chelsea – but, with swanky apartments in new developments such as Pan Peninsula and The Landmark transforming the local area, we’ve seen a marked effect on the lettings market.


It goes without saying that both developments offer high end luxury. You’ll find a health and fitness spa and 24 hour concierge service and at Pan Peninsula there’s even a waterside restaurant and private cinema. And, of course, many apartments have panoramic views. With prices starting at £335 pw for a one bed apartment at The Landmark and £350 pw at Pan Peninsula, prices are very affordable too. “Add to this the desire to work closer to the office, and of course, Canary Wharf’s growing appeal as a residential area,

brimming with restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as parks and squares and arts and entertainment events and you can see why tenants are choosing to stay in the area – in fact, the average length of a tenancy has increased from an average of 8.3 months in the second quarter of 2009 to 17.4 months in the second quarter of 2010. Tenants really are impressed by the fantastic lifestyle at Canary Wharf.” The huge growth potential of the Canary Wharf lettings market prompted Benham and Reeves Lettings to open a dedicated office in the area only two months ago. It’s the company’s tenth London office (making Benham and Reeves Lettings the capital’s largest, independent lettings-only agent) and is already its strongest growing office in terms of rentals concluded. “Before the opening of our Canary Wharf office, we handled rentals in the area from our City & Docklands office so we know the area very well” says Marc. “But even we have been amazed by this surge in demand. The availability of properties is reducing – down 14% on the same quarter in 2009 – and, as a result, rents are rising across the board as demand increases. Where tenants are renewing their existing tenancy agreement, rents are up between 17% and 23% - although the largest jump was a staggering 35%. And on new tenancy agreements, rents are also up by an average of 19%. The upshot is that our landlord clients, who have invested in these new developments, are already reaping the benefits, enjoying rental yields as high as 6%.” The new Benham and Reeves Residential Lettings office at Canary Wharf is located at Level 33, 25 Canada Square, E14. Lisa-Jane Stratton is the main office contact; she and office manager Mark Wellington can be contacted on 020 7038 8057 or via email

London’s Letting Agency

Canary Wharf

£270 pw Furnished

King’s Cross

From £300 pw Furnished


From £345 pw Furnished

Studio/Living Space | 1 Bathroom | Lift 24 Hr Porter | Communal Fitness Suite & Cinema

1/2/3 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 1/2 Bathrooms Porter | Lift | Residents Gym | Amenities Nearby

1/2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 1/2 Bathrooms Lift | 24 Hr Porter | Modern Development

Canary Wharf 020 7038 8057

City 020 7213 9700

City 020 7213 9700

Canary Wharf


£350 pw Furnished

£450 pw Furnished

Canary Wharf

£550 pw Furnished

1 Bedroom | 1 Reception | 1 Bathroom | Porter New Development | Lift | Balcony | Fitness Suite

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms Porter | Lift | Balcony | Near Old Street Tube

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms | Lift 24 Hr Porter | High Specification | Fitness Suite

Canary Wharf 020 7038 8057

City 020 7213 9700

Canary Wharf 020 7038 8057

Canary Wharf

Chelsea Borders

£600 pw Furnished

£750 pw Furnished


£795 pw Furnished

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms | Lift Porter | Balcony | River Views | Close to Tube

2 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms | Lift Third Floor | Modern Development | 2 Balconies

3 Bedrooms | 1 Reception | 2 Bathrooms Recent Development | 24 Hr Porter | Parking

Canary Wharf 020 7038 8057

Imperial Wharf 020 7348 7620

City 020 7213 9700

Ten offices open six days a week: Beaufort Park 020 8732 7980 Canary Wharf 020 7038 8057 City 020 7213 9700

Hampstead Highgate Hyde Park Imperial Wharf

020 020 020 020

7435 8341 7402 7348

9681 2335 9866 7620

Kensington 020 7938 3522 Knightsbridge 020 7581 2112 West Hampstead 020 7644 9311

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ESTATE AgEnTS SALES £975,000 Leasehold

Lothbury, City of London, EC2 Alan Selby and Partners are delighted to present a rare opportunity to own a luxury home in one of the most exclusive addresses in Europe. This unique one Bedroom Grade II * Listed apartment is located on the first floor of this dominating Venetian-Gothic building which has undergone extensive restoration and is centrally located opposite the bank of England in the heart of The City of London. The Luxury apartment has been sympathetically designed to compliment the building heritage and as so is adorned with an array of original features to include a dominating fireplace, arched floor to ceiling sash windows and ornate plasterwork and cornicing throughout. The open plan living area leads onto a state of the art kitchen boasting Siemens appliances as well as individually designed kitchen cabinets. The sweeping spiral staircase leads onto a fabulous master bedroom with a stylish en suite bathroom boasting quality fixtures and fittings from CP Hart. The apartment also benefits from a heating and cooling system that can be individually controlled from each room. Developed by Marldon, a design and build partnership with a reputation for quality, this really would make an ideal Pied a Terre within our fantastic financial capital.

• • • • • • • •

Luxury one bedroom Arranged over two floors State of the art Kitchen Separate cloakroom Imposing dual aspect reception Floor to ceiling sash windows Original features throughout 1,035 Sq Ft

Please visit for full information and floorplans.

020 7519 5900

lAnd & dEvElopmEnT conSulTAnTS SALES Franklin Building

£349,995 Leasehold



• Top floor apartment • Two bedroom/two bathroom • Larger than average separate kitchen • Juliette balcony • Views across gardens onto the river • Secured parking • 24 hour concierge • Leisure facilities

£475,000 Freehold

£299,995 Lesasehold

NEW INSTRUCTION Langbourne Place

Telegraph Place

Jefferson Building

• Two bedroom • Two bathroom • Gated development • Fitted kitchen • Secured parking

• Three storey town house • Three bedrooms • Kitchen/diner • Rear garden • Garage • Private drive

• One bed • Newly refurbished kitchen • Juliette balcony • 2nd floor • 24 hour concierge • Leisure facilities


Tel: 020 7519 5900 Fax: 020 7538 0139 Millennium Harbour, 22 Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 8LW

London's Finest Properties



Utah Building, Deals Gateway, SE13

West Carriage House, Royal Arsenal, SE18

New Providence Wharf, Fairmont Avenue, E14

Ontario Tower, Fairmont Avenue, E14

£276 per week

£275 per week



Caspian Wharf, Bow, E3

Marmara Apartments, Excel E16

The Watergardens, Canada Water, SE16

Gainsborough House, Canary Central, E14

£275 per week

£595 per week



Mulberry House, Richard Street, E1

Strata Tower, SE1

Westgate Apartments, Excel E16

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Furnishing Available • 4th Floor • On-Site Leisure Facilities • 24hr Concierge Service • Nr. Deptford Bridge

• One Bedroom Apartment • Fully Furnished • 3rd Floor • Close to Local Amenities • Close proximity to Langdon Park DLR & Bow Road

Westgate Apartments, Excel E16

• One bed/8th floor £290 per week • One bed/10th floor £277 per week • One bed/13th floor £300 per week • Two bed/9th floor £320 per week • Two bed/12th floor £325 per week • Two bed/13th floor £350 per week

• Two Bedroom Apartment • Two Bathroom • Fully Furnished • 3rd Floor • Balcony • Allocated parking

• Three Bedroom Apartment • Three bathrooms • Fully Furnished • Balcony • Allocated Parking • Nr. Custom House DLR

• One bed/Ground floor £330 per week • One bed/Ground floor £345 per week • Two bed/1st floor £400 per week • Two bed/2nd floor £500 per week • Three bed/1st floor £550 per week • Three bed/2nd floor £550 per week

• 10th floor apartment • One bedroom • Balcony with amazing river views • On-site leisure facilities and 24hr concierge

• Excellent condition • 9th floor apartment • Two bedroom • Underground parking

• Two bed/16th floor £420,000 • Two bed/18th floor £430,000 • Studio/24th floor £279,000 • One bed/26th floor £340,000 • Two bed/33rd floor £487,000 • One bed/38th floor £375,000

• Stunning 4th floor apartment • Two bedroom • River views • Moments from Canary Wharf/tube DLR

• Large ground floor apartment • One bedroom/one bathroom • High ceilings and floor-ceiling glass windows • Great condition • Leisure facilities and 24hr porterage

• One bed/5th floor £265,000 • One bed/11th floor £275,000 • One bed/11th floor £265,000 • Two bed/9th floor £359,000 • Two bed/11th floor £330,000

Sales | Lettings | Corporate Services | Property Management

Central London 020 7582 7989

West London 020 8896 9990

Docklands 020 7476 0125

Deptford & Greenwich 020 8692 2244

River Habitat

Property Brokers

EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY ON THE DOORSTEP OF CANARY WHARF Canary Riverside, the only Residential Complex in the Canary Wharf Estate Located in the most desirable location close to Canary Wharf is a premiere development called Canary Riverside. A few minutes walk over the octagonal designed Westferry Circus garden will place you at the doorsteps of banks such as Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse. In additon, the new JP Morgan Building is being built closeby. The residents of these properties have all of the comforts associated with top class, professional living. In addition, they have great communication links with easy walks to Westferry DLR and Canary Wharf Stations on the Jubilee Line. Canary Wharf will also soon have Crossrail. London City Airport is couple of miles away and Canary Wharf has two large underground shopping areas as well as myriads of restaurants, wine bars and pubs. There are four blocks in this development each named after a famous London Squares: - Hanover, Berkeley, Eaton and Belgrave each with their own porter and marble floored lounge and waiting areas. The infrastructure is unique with the Four Seasons Hotel and Restaurant, a Virgin Active Gym with a divine pool overlooking the Thames and a number of name brand prestige restaurants such as the Gaucho Grill and Royal China.

Belgrave Court. 1,843 Sq. Ft. 9th Flr 3 Bed Flat w/Direct River Views and pkg £1,300 p/w £1,300 p/w

Eaton House. 1,692 Sq. Ft. 3rd Flr 2 Bed Flat with Direct River Views and parking £850-950 p/w

020 7791 9830

Berkeley Tower. 1,816 Sq. Ft. 12th Flr 3 Bed, 3 Bath River Views and Parking OIRO £1.4mio

Berkeley Tower. 1,402 Sq. Ft. 2, 8 and 10th Flr 3 Bed Flats with Direct River Views & pkg £850,000 LHD



InvErnEss MEWs



cuMBErland housE


ontarIo toWEr


•  Stunning one bed in Galleons Lock •  Riverside Development •  Spacious Lounge/Diner •  Secure Parking •  Close to DLR •  Close to local amenities

•  Two double bedroom apartment •  Direct river views facing towards     Canary Wharf •  Fully fitted kitchen •  Secure parking •  Concierge •  Close to DLR and Mainline station

•  A modern studio suite on the 9th floor •  Views towards canary wharf •  Fully fitted open plan kitchen •  24 hour concierge •  Leisure facilities •  Short walk to canary wharf underground     and local amenities






•  2 bed 2 bath 2nd floor apartment •  794sqft plus balcony •  Concierge •  Residents Riverside Gym, Sauna and    Solarium •  Residents Business Centre •  Undercroft allocated parking •  Short Walk to Pontoon Dock


thE sphErE


•  Two Bed/Two Bath Third Floor Apartment •  24 hour Concierge •  Opposite Canning Town Station •  Area set to benefit from extensive     regeneration




•  Stunning 7th Floor Luxury Apartment •  880sqft •  Large Balcony with Superb Dock Views •  Allocated Underground Parking •  Close to Excel Exhibition Centre •  Short walk to West Silvertown DLR


SPECTACULAR VIEWS oxygEn BuIldIng •  Two bedrooms •  Two bathrooms •  First floor •  Furnished to a high standard •  Open plan living room •  Central cooking area •  24 hour concierge •  Easy access into the City


tIdEslEa toWEr


•  Stunning penthouse situated on the 14th    floor with panoramic river views •  Concierge service •  Underground parking •  Short walk to Thames Clipper Riverboat    service to Canary Wharf •  Ensuite to both bedrooms •  Floor to ceiling glass in lounge and bedooms


BalEarIc apartMEnts


•  Three Bedroom Luxury Apartment •  Two Bathrooms (one en-suite) •  Spacious Open Plan Livign Space •  Spectacular Views overlooking the     Royal Victoria Dock, River Thames     and Canary Wharf •  Located by Royal Victoria DLR •  Leisure Facilites •  Underground Parking



wharf s e pFebrUArY t e m b e r 2010 2010

Investors who are familiar with FX trading will no doubt already be aware of Saxo Bank’s prominence in the market, a view endorsed by our impressive collection of awards. They may not however, be familiar with the fact that as an account holder of Saxo Bank, they can utilize the same technologies and platform to trade a wide range of instruments across a comprehensive array of global financial markets. Account Features: •

Multi-financial instrument trading, all on one platform

Trade 155+ FX Currency Crosses, including Spot, Forward and FX Options, 7000+ Equity CFDs, 16 Index-tracking CFDs, ETFs, Futures and Stocks from major Exchanges

An award-winning platform that can be as mobile as you wish. Available as a desktop application, web based or on your mobile technology

In-depth Market Analysis, Streamed News Reports and Advanced Charting to aid informed decision making

Fast execution - full range of order type and one-click execution

Our service includes complex derivative products which carry a high degree of risk and are not suitable for every investor. You can lose more than your initial deposit and you should ensure you fully understand all the risks involved. With a minimum account balance of just £6,000 to open a Saxo Trader Account or £60,000 to open a Saxo Premium Account, you can make full use of our advanced trading platform and renowned Market Analysis tools, with whichever instrument or market you choose. For more information visit us at or call 020 7151 2100

Saxo Bank A/S is authorised by Finanstilsynet, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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