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swim to save Yoox, Australian label We Are Handsome and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation have collaborated on a sixpiece swimwear capsule collection, Yoox Loves The Reef. Proceeds go towards preserving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, which has itself inspired the swimwear’s vibrant print. From £87, Yoox,

health & f i tn e ss t h i s s u m m e r , t r e a t y o u r b o d y t h e w ay i t d e s e r v e s WO R D S / c h a r lot t e p h i l l i p s

don’t resist The newest class at Canary Wharf’s Third Space is The Method, devised by female trainers. We gave it a go, and found it was full-body sculpting and toning, using resistance bands and your own body weight. Each exercise is performed at three different tempo variations, to work muscles to maximum capacity, with a serious abs session at the end. We’re still aching – in a good way. Third Space, Canada Square

bubbly as can be Aqua Carpatica’s water is naturally sparkling, nitrate-free, and low in sodium. Volcanic activity has enriched the water with electrolytes and minerals – it contains potassium and calcium. From £0.65 for 500ml, Aqua Carpatica,

drink your salad Each Roots Collective vegetable blend contains a quarter kilo of vegetables. As thick as a shake, they can also be enjoyed hot, like soup, or frozen into an ice pop. Each £2.95, Roots Collective,

breathe deeply In hay fever months, just breathing can feel like a struggle. Enter Livsdal’s efficient and beautiful air purifiers. The seven-filter technology improves air quality and reduces health risks; the sleek, customisable Scandinavian design is a bonus. From £8,300, Livsdal,

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