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Bald Truths

Faced with the prospect of developing a ‘Friar Tuck’, more men are doing a ‘Rooney’. So, asks The City Magazine, are male hair transplants set to become as commonplace as boob jobs for women? Words: Richard Brown ©Joe Seer /

Have they or haven’t they? You won’t find proper celebs posing for before-and-after transplant shots at the bottom of The Sun’s sports pages. They’ve got enough money to spare the embarrassment. Goochie, Warnie and Platty have all blagged themselves new hair dos. Ditto James Nesbitt, Rob Brydon, Louis Walsh and Calum Best. About every other suspiciously lion-maned movie star, F1 driver and celebrity chef, we can only wonder. If you’ve sailed into your fourth decade with a hairline that still stretches from temple to temple, congratulations, you smug, Alpha male lady-killer. Chances are, you’ve never even heard of the Hamilton– Norwood scale. Nor have you Googled ‘Jude Law aged 30’. For those of us cultivating an ever growing wall of slaphead, solace is sought in online forums. A stupid place to search, frankly, given the sort of whack-jobs who post in forums. Far better to turn to a trichologists – a professional trained in the science of the scalp. Thank us later.

Steven Goldsworthy

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Founder of Steven Goldsworthy Tichology (10 Harley Street, W1) and associate member of the Institute of Trichologists,

Why do we lose our hair? SG: Some testosterone can be converted into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This causes hair follicles to miniaturise, shortening the lifespan of each hair. Usually, this is genetically determined. Can certain hair products contribute to hair loss? SG: Nowadays, most products are water soluble. If a new hair is trying to get through it might struggle if the follicle is clogged up, but it will come through eventually, like weeds through concrete. Is it possible to predict how much hair someone will lose? SG: If you’re in your early 20s and are already receding on your temples and crown, you are

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probably going to lose your top area. After 50, hair loss slows down. There are two types of medicine proven to halt hair loss; minoxidil (used in Regaine) and finasteride (sold as Propecia). How do they work? SG: Finasteride, taken in tablet form, blocks the production of DHT. Minoxidil is applied as a liquid or a foam and doesn’t actually prevent DHT. Minoxidil appears to work by widening the hair follicle, causing a thicker strand of hair, and by prolonging the anagen stage of hair growth. Hair loss will resume after both forms of medication are stopped. Neither is available on the NHS. Minoxidil is available over the counter. Finasteride is prescription only. Which medicine is most effective? SG: About one third of minoxidil users find it produces re-growth, a further third report no further loss and the unlucky remainder report no response. In a five-year study, nine out of 10 finasteride users showed visible results, with 48 per cent reporting hair re-growth and 42 per cent reporting no further loss.

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City Magazine March 2017  

Welcome to the March edition of The City magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles and r...