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The future of convenient travelling: RIMOWA Electronic Tag. Check in your luggage with your smartphone wherever you are and drop it off within seconds. Find out more at:

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Rose gold case Rose gold openworked movement Integrated split second chronograph Big date at 12 h Hermès alligator strap Made in Switzerland

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A U G US T 2 0 1 6

contents on the cover 28

Margot Robbie From soap opera star to Scorsese’s leading lady


Drive of your life How upmarket car makers became luxury tour operators

92 La dolce vita Why Italy will always make for the ultimate road trip


Ready for Rio

The Greatest Show on Earth is back, and Britain means business







CITY LIFE: 14 The Edit The commodities and consumables raising our interest rates this month 16 The Social Terraces, clubs and drinking gin in Iceland

COLLECTION: 35 Flying Colours Bremont’s new celebration of aviation heritage 36 Diving in Raymond Weil unveils its first ever dive watch

STYLE: 42 Come fly with me Sharon Stone models the latest collection from Austrian label Airfield 56 Travel tidy Fail to prepare, prepare to be a sweaty, irritable mess

OUT OF OFFICE: 74 the super-uv Maserati unveils the hotly anticipated Levante SUV 82 Unshackled audio It’s time you made your sound wireless 84 Art & Interiors: Mary Heilmann An introduction to another artist that should appear on your agenda 100 Travel: Amalfi Coast Live the simple life with great food, wine and scenery in southern Italy

HOMES AND PROPERTY: 126 Let there be light From glass-roofed atriums to 24-hour concierges, city living has never looked so good

60 8


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IN THE HEAT OF ACTION, THERE ARE THOSE WHO TRUST THEIR LUCKY STAR – AND THOSE WHO PREFER THE EMERGENCY, THE WORLD’S FIRST WRISTWATCH WITH BUILT-IN PERSONAL LOCATOR BEACON. Equipped with a dual frequency micro-transmitter, this high-tech survival instrument serves to trigger search and rescue operations in all emergency situations – on land, at sea or in the air. The first ever personal locator beacon designed for wrist wear, meaning literally on you at all times, it shares your feats around the globe while guaranteeing maximum safety. Breitling Emergency: the watch that can save your life.

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issue no.


A U G US T 2 0 1 6

f r o m t h e ED I T O R


On Brand nce branding escaped , it was like a virus,” said John Murphy, th e man credit ed for single-handedly launching th e global branding industr y via hi s 1987 book Branding: A Key Marketing Tool . “ Th e concept of brand s, branding and

brand valuation has di sappeared into th e realm of fair yland .” Ever y on e has an ego and th e w orld’s most successful brand s know it.

No institution app eal s to our narci ssi stic t endencies more than a privat e m emb ers’ club, and th ere’s no more successful m ember’s club than S horeditch House. L ast month , th e rooftop pool of th e convert ed east London warehouse played host to O rlebar Brown’s summ er party – anoth er brand that has catapult ed itself to success by appealing to our craving to be cool . As branding exerci ses go, it was a match made in h eaven – highlight ed by th e presence of th e capital’s top styli sts, scen est ers and wannabe socialit es. We all turn ed up to b e with th e cool kid s. O n e sector that i s increasingly looking to profit from our sense of selfw orth i s th e automotive industr y. Luxur y car manufacturers have reali sed th e ego-inf lating ef fects of inviting us to exclusive, factor y-organi sed ‘ lifestyle’ trips. From ice driving in th e Arctic, to racing your own F1 car, we round up th e w orld’s best driving experiences on page 76. In Rio, self-confidence will count for nothing if sport ’s leading stars can’t p er form on th e plan et ’s biggest stage. Reputations will be made, egos will blow up. We look at our gold-m edal hopeful s on page 66 and wi sh th e St ella-McCartn ey-branded Team GB all th e luck in th e w orld .

Richard brown, editor

NottiNg hill & hollaNd Park A U G U S T 2 0 16 s £ 5




Sharon Stone for faShion brand airfield & thiS SeaSon’S moSt popular country purSuitS

s an edition of the KenSinGton & chelSea maGaZine s

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On the cover: © Adidas/Ben Duffy. Replicas of the Team GB and Paralympics GB kit by adidas and Stella McCartney is available from Editor’s note: Last month, we said that Jennifer Mason’s piece on the Caterham Academy would appear in this, our August issue. Having blagged a press trip to Tahiti, Jen’s piece will now appear in our September issue.

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E d i t or-in-Chi ef Lesley Ellwood

Editor Richard Brown

D E P UT Y Editor katy parker

E d i t o rial a ssistant david taylor

Se n i or Design er LISA WADE

B RAND CONSIST EN CY Laddawan Juhong

Ge ne ral Manag er

Alexander Beer

George Chapman

Paul Joseph

L o n d o n - b o r n f a s h i o n , sp o r t

H av i n g e d i t e d m u l t i p l e l u xu r y

Pa u l Jo s e p h h a s w r i tt e n o n

a n d a dv e r t i s i n g p h o t o g ra p h e r,

d r iv i n g m a g a z i n e s , G e o rg e i s

l i f e sty l e , sp o r t a n d t rav e l

Mr B e e r s h o o t s f o r a w i d e

n o st ra n g e r t o t h e h i g h - e n d

for publications including

ra n g e o f p u b l i c a t i o n s a n d

m o t o r m a rk e t . Tu r n t o p a g e

T h e In d e p e n d e n t a n d T h e

b ra n d s , i n c l u d i n g G Q , E s q u i r e ,

7 2 f o r a l o o k i n t o t h e f u tu re of

Te l e g ra p h . O n p a g e 2 3 , Pa u l

P u rd e y a n d R i c h a rd Ja m e s .

R o l l s R o y c e a n d MINI , a s t h e

details the highs and lows

T h i s m o n t h , B e e r v i si t s t h e

B MW G r o u p c e l e b ra t e s

of f a t h e rh o o d , a n d w hy h e

E a st E n d t o s e e i f i t re a l ly i s

its centenary

w o u l d n’ t c h a n g e i t f o r

l i k e f a t h e r, l i k e s o n ( p . 4 6 )

Hyde suit, £405, Richard James,

t h e w o rl d

The Italian Job – 40th Anniversary Edition, £9.97, dir. Peter Collinson,

Fiona Fenwick

P r od uc tion Hugo Wheatley Alice Ford Jamie Steele Danny Lesar

P r ope rt y D irecto r Samantha Ratcliffe

E x ecutiv e D irecto r Sophie Roberts

M a n a ging Dir ecto r Eren Ellwood

Surf Aston Martin Edition pram, £3000, Silver Cross,

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One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AX T: 020 7987 4320

James Lawrence

Jennifer Mason

Mark Westall

A self-confessed wine

Je n n i f e r, a n av i d c a r f a n a n d

Mark is editor-in-chief of online art and culture

Members of the Professional Publishers Association

obsessive, Jam es i s our go-to

a m a t e u r ra c i n g d r iv e r, w r i t e s

g r a p e c o n n o i s s e u r. Fo l l o w h i s

a b o u t c a r s f o r l u xu r y l o n d o n .

m a g a z i n e FA D a n d o u r

pointers on how to navigate

c o . u k . T h i s m o n t h’s m o t o r i n g

regular source of information

a fearsomely encyclopaedic

h i g h l i g h t i s t h e h o t ly -

about interesting artists. On

wine list (p. 20)

a n t i c i p a t e d Ma s e ra t i L e v a n t e

page 84, Mark introduces

responsibility for unsolicited

SUV, t h e f i r st i n Ma s e ra t i ’s

u s t o C a l i f o r n i a’s

submissions, manuscripts and

1 0 2 - y e a r h i st o r y ( p . 7 4 )

Mar y Heilmann

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1995 Château Potensac, £271/ case of 12,

Levante scarf, asphalt, £76, Maserati,

Primalon Ballroom, 2002, Mary Heilmann, Whitechapel Gallery until August 21,

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City Life


Renaissance Redesigned in a world of steel and glass, St Pancras Renaissance is a building to stop you in your tracks Opened in 1873 as the Midland Grand Hotel, and built by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the hotel fronting St Pancras station has had a mixed life. Sir John Betjeman called it “too beautiful and too romantic to survive” in a modernist world, and he was almost proved right when it fell into disrepair in the 1980s. It was saved, however, and reopened on 5 May 2011 as the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – exactly 138 years to the day after guests were first let through its doors. Find out more about its remarkable rise from the ashes, and the man behind the rescue mission, Harry Handelsman, on page 86. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Rd, NW1,

THE architecture

swiss sophistication Completed last year by Alp Architecture, this contemporary cabin is built on the edge of a village in the Vollèges municipality of Switzerland, near the Italian border, and overlooks the beautiful Entremont valley. Living areas are found on the ground floor and the living room has a generous double-height frame and sliding glass wall. The cabin was finished in just eight months and balances the fine-line local regulations demanded for equality between wood and masonry to create a natural, unique style of Swiss cabin. ©Christophe Voisin + ©Alp’Architecture.

the wish list

t i d e e th

ife] [City L

mab onsu c d n nth es a oditi es this mo m m o The c erest rat nt our i

les ra


Thadee trilby, £415, Maison Michel,

Woven leather belt, £80, Anderson’s,


Long-staple cotton classic t-shirt, £60, Sunspel,



4 5 6 7

215 acetate sunglasses, £192, Movitra,

Ribbed-knit sweater, £390, Maison Margiela,

the CAR

Revved-up Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce showed that you can have the best of both worlds when its Wraith and Ghost Black Badge cars ripped around the Goodwood Hillclimb at the Festival of Speed. Amongst NASCAR monsters and Formula One hybrids, the supercar shootout proved to be the centrepiece once again, and in the rain and mud, Festival favourite Justin Law drove the Wraith to a quicker time than entrants from McLaren, Aston Martin and Ferrari, finishing the 1.16 mile course in 65.05 seconds. The Ghost, decked out with LED race lights and Goodwood decals, was this year’s Course Car.;



Cambridge button down shirt, £165, Private White V.C.,

Suede Chelsea boots, £220, FOLK,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

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THE BRAND Aether Apparel utilises technical fabrics to offer sportswear for the outdoorsy type who wants functional clothing without sacrificing looking good. Urban modern designs mean you’re prepared for a countryside snowstorm – or city drizzle.

Field Jacket, £420

Bowery Jacket, £180

Crew neck sweater, £72

the hotel

Dakota Edinburgh

the watch Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase Lumen Few brands unite watch geeks in near universal adulation. A. Lange & Söhne is one of them. The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase ‘Lumen’ is the third model from the German watchmaker to feature a semitransparent sapphire-crystal dial. A light-permeable coating allows numerals to absorb a sufficient amount of light energy, meaning they glow in the dark for several hours. Once properly set, the watch only needs to be corrected by one day every 122.6 years. £POA,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Launched in 1935 as the world’s first commercial airliner, the DC-3 granted the American public access to one of life’s ultimate luxuries – international travel. Fittingly, when Scottish hotelier Ken McCulloch was devising a way of delivering high-end hospitality at more affordable prices, he chose to name his new hotel chain after a military derivative of that legendary aircraft... Dakota. Having established the Malmaison brand during the ’90s, McCulloch opened the first high-spec-low-cost Dakota in Motherwell in 2006. The business model was rolled out to Edinburgh in 2007 and Glasgow in 2016. The City Magazine visited the former earlier this year. Outside, Dakota Edinburgh is a lessthan-appealing black cubic new-build, which has taken architectural cues from sci-fi saga Tron. Inside, all is forgiven. The hotel is a veritable man den, replete with fire pits, aged brickwork and aviationinspired artwork. Heavy curtains and low lighting hide the fact you’re situated in the middle of a retail park (a 25-minute drive outside of Edinburgh). Rooms resemble Manhattan-style loft apartments; more exposed brickwork, chrome lamps, and dark upholstery. Huge TVs, high-speed Wi-Fi and monsoon showers come as standard, even in the cheapest rooms. So good was Dakota’s Bar and Grill – winner of several hotel restaurant awards – that we chose to have dinner there twice. Rooms cost from £90 per night. We’ll wager that you won’t find a better value hotel anywhere else in the UK. RB.



the cut So good, they named it twice: Barber Barber, in Spitalfields market, is bringing back the art of a good gentleman’s cut. The space harks back to the golden age of barbers, with traditional seating, loud conversation and expert men’s hairdressing. Start downstairs at the bar (yes, bar) for a pre-cut tipple while discussing with the barber the life you lead and the style you want to reflect. Back upstairs, hair is beautifully cut via traditional methods. However, it’s the little things that make the difference: hot towels around the neck, for instance, or a close shave at the edges of your cut. This is men’s hair cut the good old-fashioned way. 51 Brushfield St, E1,

the cuppa According to Good & Proper Tea, 165 million cups of the good stuff are drunk every day in the UK. However, in comparison to the range of coffee on offer during the day, tea drinkers get a bad deal. The Good & Proper Tea venues on Leather Lane and Old Street showcase a huge variety of teas from across the world, served in Japanese ceramics and brewed to perfection. There’s also a full sweet and savoury crumpet menu, including treats such as salmon and cream cheese, and the classic homemade strawberry jam. A proper way to enjoy a chai. EC1,

l a i c o s The

ife] [City L

the ZES Y CRA ed WITH AR h IN is r CUL ou s and ure n nche e epic u h a t l G t tes KEEPIN e’s La re mil a u q s

the club The City’s latest private members’ club is staking its claim as the alternative to the usual Mayfair clubs. Devonshire Club occupies all six floors of a listed 19th-century Regency warehouse in Devonshire Square, a few minutes from Liverpool Street. Spread over 58,000 sq ft, facilities include three bars, a 110-seat brasserie, 68 bedrooms, a screening room and a private gym with personal trainers. The rooms are decorated in a ’50s style, with Hypnos beds, high-speed Wi-Fi, Nespresso coffee machines and 24-hour room service. Having opened in June, interest has been high, especially for founder membership, so join quickly to be one of the first to enjoy the City’s next big thing. Devonshire Square, EC2,



T h e E x h i bi t i o n To mark th e 350th anniversar y of th e Great Fire of London , th e Museum of London has design ed on e of its most imm ersive and int eractive exhibitions to dat e, chronicling th e night b efore, th e de vastation during, and th e recover y of London’s p eople aft er a fire that destroyed a quart er of th e city. Pudding L an e i s set to b e fully recreat ed within th e museum , alongside a huge moving panorama of London in f lam es and art efacts and lett ers showing th e destructive power of th e fire famously start ed in a baker y. Until 17 A pril 2017, Museum of London , museumof london

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

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Madison, EC4

Rooftop bar Madison plays host to a series of ‘Ibiza in London’ style DJ parties over the summer. The RITUAL series started with a party with rockstar DJ SASHA, followed by an event that saw DJ Eats Everything take to the turntables. RITUAL’s next events are on 6 and 20 August and 3 and 17 September. We’ll see you there.

Le Méridien Piccadilly, W1

For a slice of the French Riviera a few floors up from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly, Le Méridien has the goods. A boardwalk surrounded by deckchairs and parasols decorates the hotel’s usual bar, open to the public for the three months of summer, inspired by the surroundings of Le Méridien Nice.

BLOOM Gin terrace @ OXO, SE1

The OXO Tower’s restaurant and bar has created an exclusive cocktail menu with BLOOM gin. The honeysuckle, chamomile and pomelo botanicals in the gin have been paired with everything you’d expect from an English country garden, from lavender honey and bee pollen, to a simple serve with strawberries and mint.

Aperol Spritz Terrazza, EC1

Bird of Smithfield’s rooftop bar has gone all Milanese, with a terrace inspired by the Italian fashion capital’s Terrazza Aperol. Alongside the eponymous aperitif, a series of ‘Socials’ designed to get the people of London talking are on until the end of August, including craft sessions and radio DJ masterclasses.

Jungle Book Terrace, Old Bengal Bar, EC2

Inspired by the renewed interest in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Old Bengal Bar has been decorated in the style of Mowgli’s jungle home, with cocktails such as the Baloo, made with vodka and Aperol, and the ginheavy Mowgli.




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l a i c o s city

ife] [City L

special tipples

Packs a bigger punch than normal JD, with richer tones and a smoother finish. Single barrel, £44.99, Jack Daniel’s, store.

the trip Just before Iceland’s incredible run in EURO 2016, David Taylor took a whistle-stop tour of the volcanic nation with Martin Miller’s Gin. There must be something in the water…


he weapons-grade 4x4 we were travelling in was dangling off the edge of a glacier. The two cars in front, even heftier versions, had slid up the bank with little difficulty, but our group had unfortunately hopped into the unlucky third. As we all leaned ever so slightly to the left, and began to come to terms with the inevitable plunge, the wheels finally caught grip on the snow, and we painfully pulled away from the edge, and to safety. If this had looked like the end for nine unsuspecting journalists, the owners of Martin Miller’s Gin hid their horror well. “Well, you’ve definitely earnt your next gin and tonic,” was the jovial reply. Make that two, please. A small reminder that Iceland is a land of beautiful extremities. The three-day trip had brought together journalists and gin enthusiasts from across the world – Britain, the United States, a huge Spanish cohort, and a Portuguese film crew, to name a few. The itinerary was detailed to the very minute: from taking in rugged Reykjavik and dining at the National Opera House, to the fateful foray onto one of Iceland’s biggest glaciers, we travelled among lunaresque outcrops and into polar wastelands via modern towns steeped in tradition and mysticism. No wonder, then, that Martin Miller’s bases its operations on this small rock in the middle of the Atlantic. However, this is by no means just a lifestyle choice. The secret is in the water. Co-founder, David Bromige, explained: “When you blend alcohol with water, it sits inside the water, and it wants to evaporate and escape. The alcohol comes out very quickly with de-mineralised water, as it has very low level surface tension.



“With Icelandic water, the process of demineralisation had a very dramatic effect on the surface tension. We had this lucky thing where the surface tension of Icelandic water is an inhibitor. When you actually put your nose into the glass, the juniper had all but disappeared. You had a bit of juniper, but also citrus, and it had suddenly softened the rough edge.” Next on the itinerary was a visit to Martin Miller’s HQ, on the outskirts of the remote village of Borganes. However, we weren’t gathered from the four corners of the world just to see a few bottles being labelled. It’s now that the owners unveiled their latest creation. Seventeen years after the original Martin Miller’s gin,

Japanese sake blended by a French master blender. Junmai Daiginjo sake, £90, HEAVENSAKE,

9 Moons, a cask-aged gin, is a huge diversion from the usual fare 9 Moons, a cask-aged gin, is a huge diversion from the usual fare. 98 per cent ABV gin was put into a single exBourbon cask and aged for nine months. After much discussion – and tasting – the decision was made to bottle the gin there and then. Starting out with a strong scent of oak – giving it a hint of whisky – the juniper breaks through in the middle, and citrus notes at the end lend its distinctive gin taste, that merges with the oak to create a longlasting finish. The gin is a limited run of 1,600 at the moment, but there’s room for a more sustainable line. This isn’t a given, though, so strike while the gin makes its way back to the UK from its stunning homeland. 9 Moons Gin 350 ml, £40, Martin Miller’s,

The UK’s first English grape brandy, aged for 23 years. Lamberhurst fine & rare grape brandy, £150, Chapel Down,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


OLED’s next generation pixel construction allows for unique screen architecture which is so light and thin it can be bonded to a transparent piece of glass. This stunning television produces an incredible picture with infinite contrast that is complimented by an innovative sound bar stand that produces superb audio. A masterful television from LG’s award winning OLED TV range.

What the Experts Say



LG 55EG960V MAY 2015


10/06/2016 16:31


how to…

Order wine like a Pro Navigating those encyclopedia-sized wine lists can be a major headache, but follow these pointers and you can’t go far wrong Words: James Lawrence


ontrary to popular belief, there isn’t an art, or certainly not a science, in choosing wine at a restaurant. It’s simply a matter of taste, budget and preference. Choose intelligently and don’t get ripped off:

1. In any restaurant, starting with

a glass of house white or red while perusing the wine list is always a good idea. It’s quality will clue you in as to whether this is a cellar to take seriously. A poor, flat or neutral house wine is a likely foretelling of what’s to come, so don’t bother to spend a lot.

2. Sommeliers can be your friend.

A good sommelier won’t baffle you with jargon and will instead help you choose a bottle that’s right for you. But equally, they can be hellbent on shifting surplus stock. So be very wary of repeated announcements concerning ‘a special offer’ on a certain wine. It’s likely to be mediocre, at best.

3. If you want better value for money

then the so-called ‘New World’ offers some real gems. Wines from Chile or South Africa, for example, are likely to deliver more flavour than their European equivalents.

4. However, European wines from Germany, Italy and Spain are usually slower to move and also better value. Rioja offers particularly good value, as does German Riesling and Italian whites like Vermentino. 5. Stay away from the second cheapest wine on the list. It’s the wine with the highest mark-up, as restaurants know that nobody wants to look cheap. 6. Let’s talk bubbles. Many restaurants, 20


especially Michelin-starred venues, slap a gigantic mark-up on Champagne and Prosecco by the glass. To add insult to injury, the bottle may have been open for hours, and moreover, the price of just one glass is often more than half the total cost of an equivalent bottle in retail. If you fancy some fizz, it’s much more sensible to order an entire bottle and share it with friends.

7. If you feel like spending serious sums

on an expensive bottle of Bordeaux or Burgundy then take precautions. These wines can be memorable, but remember you are paying over the odds, as that bottle will often cost at least two to three times the retail price. There is also the crucial issue of vintage. The quality of the harvest in a particular year is everything in regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy: the more cynical sommelier will buy up weaker vintages at a discount price, slap on that mark-up and count on a name selling the wine.

Below is a list of memorable Bordeaux and Burgundy vintages: Left bank Bordeaux (Medoc) 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2001, 2000, 1996, 1995, 1990 Right bank Bordeaux (St-Émilion, Pomerol) 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2001, 2000, 1998, 1990 Red Burgundy 2010, 2009, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1995, 1990 White Burgundy 2010, 2009, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1996, 1995

8. Finally, don’t forget that BYOB in London is on the rise. Once confined to Asian restaurants, many top venues will now allow you to bring your own bottle for a modest corkage. The following is a selection of leading restaurants that offer BYOB deals: Hakkasan Mayfair, M Grill, Vinoteca (various locations), Hix Oyster and Chop House, Hawksmoor (various locations)

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

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Our man-about-town, Innerplace’s Nick Savage, gives you the insider lowdown on LONDON’S most hedonistic haunts

Taberna do Mercado © Joe Woodhouse



Spitalfields’ restaurant revolution

pitalfields is one of those areas that one of the hottest dining destinations in flits through various iterations as the city, and along with Gunpowder is one matures as a Londoner. Initially rebooting the Spitalfields area as one of it feels cutting edge; a bold, ambitious the best spots to grab a bite. Spearheaded Innerplace neighbourhood that separates our city by chefs Andy Oliver and Mark Dobbie, is London’s personal from smaller pretenders. Then it begins Som Saa champions authentic Thai lifestyle concierge. Membership to pale in comparison to areas such food with many dishes borrowing provides complimentary access to the finest nightclubs, the best as Maltby Street or Broadway Market. inspiration from the Isaan region. restaurants and top private members’ Then, eventually, it often becomes They’ve done an impressive job clubs. Innerplace also offers priority a weekend destination for when in replicating the experience of dining bookings, VIP invitations and a relative is visiting. However, it’s in Thailand, in both uncompromising insider updates on the latest openings. recently received a shot in the arm of spicing and flavour, and a dining room hip, edgy restaurants, restoring it to its that feels like it could be lifted from initial glory. Sukhumvit, Bangkok. The first to put it on the map is Fergus Otherwise, there has been a spate of Henderson’s seminal St John Bread & openings reinvigorating the area. Pitt Cue Wine, which has recently been refurbished Co settled on Devonshire Terrace as a to keep it contemporary. Serving up spot to flex its foodie muscles in the City. Henderson’s unique brand of offalYotam Ottolenghi has opened one of his informed British fare, it also boasts one wildly popular eponymous restaurants of the finest bakeries in London and an on Artillery Lane, serving Mediterraneanenviable selection of wine. influenced cuisine. Hotbox opened its Harneet Baweja has been offered doors to hungry Londoners looking for a helping hand by the staff at St John barbecue. Chuck Burger is due to open Bread & Wine. A native of Calcutta with soon, serving one of the city’s favourite a background in property development, foods. If you aren’t sure which, it’s in Harneet has won a devoted clientele and a the name. slew of critical plaudits with his restaurant Of all of these, though, one of the best Gunpowder, which serves up fiery small places to open recently is Nuno Mendes’ plates that borrow inspiration from various Taberna do Mercado. After making corners of the subcontinent. Bethnal Green Michelin-starred with His wine list comes courtesy of St John, Viajante and taking the helm at Chiltern and as many of the restaurants nearby Firehouse, he returned to the east, do not take reservations, he’s happy to where he’s been involved for many years, give recommendations for others in the to serve a daring take on his native surrounding area. “Everyone has been very Portuguese cuisine. kind and helpful,” he adds. “In terms of But why Spitalfields? “I have been going product I’m a big fan of St John, the newly to Spitalfields for many years,” says Mendes, opened Frog off Commercial Street and “and I see it as a perfect location to showcase excited by the arrival of Som Saa.” a restaurant concept that offers all-day Som Saa formerly resided in Climpson’s dining and also a strong element of takeaway Arch near London Fields as a pop-up, and and retail. It just seemed logical to open through crowdfunding managed to raise Taberna in a market-style environment, FROM TOP TO BOTTOM Chuck Burger; Gunpowder; the seed money necessary to become a which resembles the bustling markets in my Taberna do Mercado © Joe Woodhouse bricks and mortar restaurant. It’s now native Lisbon.” Says it all, really.

s luxurylo nd o n.c s




@luxurylondonofficial 

@luxurylondonofficial 


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speakers’ corner

In The Name of the

Father As a dad of one and with another on the horizon, Paul Joseph feels like he’s got fatherhood licked. Nevertheless, life as a dad has thrown up plenty of surprises along the way


nspired by a nature documentary about animals that are born able to walk, feed themselves and keep themselves warm, I recently asked my pregnant fiancée – and mother to my two-year-old son Louis – a hypothetical question. Given the choice, would she rather endure a standard nine-month pregnancy before giving birth to a helpless newborn, or – as is the case for some in the animal kingdom – gestate for two years to finally deliver a significantly more developed life form able to fend for itself ? Her response was unequivocal. She would gratefully suffer the aches, pains and nausea of pregnancy – not to mention the unflattering maternity pants – for significantly longer than human nature intended if it meant avoiding the travails of looking after a newborn. The unspoken rule with parenthood is that any lamentations for what we have lost – namely good sleep, a social life, a sex life, the ability to travel, disposable income, cleanliness and peace – must be accompanied by a firm qualification that you wouldn’t change any of it for the world; because what our miraculous bundles of joy provide in emotional fulfilment far outweighs the sacrifices we make to have them. The problem with this romantic notion is that it makes it difficult to talk about parenthood in an honest way. This, in turn, contributes to the perception that everyone else is dealing with life as a new parent much better than you, when, in fact, we’re all grinning through gritted teeth. Traditionally, the issue of parental guilt is considered a problem that afflicts mothers, not fathers. But in an age of increased shared parenting (I went parttime in my job to take on some of our childcare duties), perhaps it is time to consider whether men too suffer these

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military-esque planning around feeds, naps and baby paraphernalia that it can drain all your enthusiasm for the occasion, while their 30-second attention spans mean that kicking back on the sofa to watch the footy on a Sunday afternoon becomes a longforgotten dream. 3. Your respect for single parents goes through the roof The real heroes of this world are not soldiers or nurses or social activists, but the super humans who bring up kids on their own. For those of us who embark on parenthood with a partner, we are left dumbstruck by the idea of doing it solo, staring at these Herculean individuals with a mix of awe and pity while muttering “There but for the grace of god go I”. same kinds of conflicted emotions. And so, in a spirit of good-humoured honesty, I give you the biggest lessons I have learned as a dad, the things that no one else tells you about... 1. Time moves slowly, not fast Of all the fallacies about parenthood, the one that caught me most by surprise was this bare-faced lie. “They grow up so fast,” I always heard. “Cherish every moment,” they implored. Well, I’ve been a father for nudging two years and it has been the most grindingly slow time of my life. That’s what happens when much of your day consists of staring at a clock as its hands tick towards the blessed release of nap time or – even better – bedtime. 2. It is like being in prison – albeit a nice one with occasional day release Only illness, physical injury or prison have the ability to remove your freedom to the same extent as babies. Every social occasion with your child requires such

4. They’re just not that into you As a cat owner, I am used to being ridiculed for insisting our love is mutual when, in reality, it would be a matter of hours before he began chewing the flesh from my corpse. But if we are guilty of anthropomorphising our pets, we also do something similar with babies. Sure, they are more content around us than strangers, but that’s based on familiarity and trust, rather than because you’re actually a cool dude to hang out with. 5. I wouldn’t change it for the world Ok, it’s true, I wouldn’t. For all that the above is a fair reflection on the realities of parenthood, it has never once crossed my mind whether I made the right decision. I guess that having children appeals to the human need to always look forward; representing as they do our futures, even beyond the grave. Being a parent may not be for everyone – and I would never judge anyone who decides against it – but for me, nothing beats being a father.



Historian Peter Frankopan’s recent book The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, aims to re-evaluate our Western centric view of history. The East is where the power lies, says Frankopan. Europe is not the centre of the world anymore. In the wake of Brexit, it’s time to look towards the past words: emma johnson


he Brexit result in the early hours of 24 June took almost everyone by surprise. People had talked about the possibility of such a vote, but no-one believed it would happen. Despair, shock, anger, confusion abounded, and, as the UK awoke to the news of a Leave victory, one thing was on everyone’s minds – what would the future look like now? The referendum in Britain has had ripples that will be felt the world over. The problem is, it is hard to envisage this new future. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Forecasters, analysts and experts predicted the initial drop in the pound, and other financial instability, and they have so far been proved right, but as the dust settles on the scramble out of Europe, what do the coming months and years really look like? How will this look in real terms for London? What next for the City?

THE SHIFTING AXIS In Frankopan’s book, it is clear that major world events in history have radically and permanently altered our financial centres – the Plague; the Black Death; 9-11 – all took major tolls on major cities. According to Frankopan, Brexit will have a similar effect. “Any sustained ‘black swan’ event that persuades international investors to look elsewhere for returns will radically alter the financial standing of a country,” he says, “We need stability for prosperity and tolerance. We’ve just committed a version of ritual suicide by choosing to exit the European Union. I hope – and think – that we will be able to work together to contain the worst of the damage. But there is no question that the vote to leave has reduced London’s position worldwide. The weakening of the UK, EU and London will all accelerate the demise of Europe, and of course bring about the rise of the East that much more quickly.” But it is not only Europe where things are looking uncertain. “There are lots of



potential flash points in the world,” counters Frankopan. “The South China sea, where I can see many things going wrong; Russia, certainly, in lots of different ways; Saudi Arabia and the Gulf too. Big picture history teaches you that small incidents can have huge global consequences. And we know that. That’s Lesson One of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand [the Austrian archduke whose assassination led to WW1].” In the light of Brexit, centres of strength will shift and change. London’s particular rise to prominence over the past four centuries was in part due to the socio-acceleration of Northern Europe, and its position in terms of global trade routes. The question now will be whether we are still so tied to Europe’s successes and failures. “London has long been prominent because of its global position,” says Frankopan. “In the last 400 years, London’s role has been as the fulcrum for global exchange, regardless of where goods and products actually end up. The problem is that ideally there is some overlap between the two. The world that I work in – the region east of the Balkans (Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, Iran, India and Pakistan, China and South East Asia) has increasingly little need for western European institutions – hence the rise of Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi. Europe was once at the wrong end of the Eurasian landmass. It looks to me like that’s where we are headed once again.”

LOOKING EAST Our focus on Europe may have left us missing the bigger picture. “We are completely out of position and out of touch,” says Frankopan. “We don’t have a friend east of Greece: we disdain the Turks, can’t bear the Russians, think the Middle East and Iran are aligned against us, spend no effort on Central Asia, India and Pakistan, and don’t understand China. This world is knitting together. I was just in

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Astana at a big Silk Roads event – it’s amazing what is going on, out of sight, and barely reported over here.” He is talking in part about the development of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), an increasing presence in political, military and economic circles. Founded in 2001, its members include China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. “It is becoming increasingly influential, and gradually turning into a viable alternative to the EU,” Frankopan writes in his book. On the 24 June, as news of Brexit trickled in, Tashkent, India and Pakistan signed the SCO memorandum of obligations, thereby starting the formal process of also joining the SCO as full members – a fact that was barely even reported over here. While even Turkey, frustrated with their delayed EU membership process, has been looking towards the SCO. The Turkish prime minister announced in 2013 that his country would seek to join the SCO as a full member. The SCO he stated, “is better and more powerful and we have values in common”.

IN THE CITY London’s place in the world is shifting, and it’s clear that the referendum is likely to have accelerated this change. Frankopan explains that in the past, as now, to make money in finance you had to be in the right place. This used to mean things like location, natural resources, trade routes; today, the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) ranking measures the top worldwide financial centres on things such as financial sector development, infrastructure, human capital and reputation. This ranking has always put London in the top five, and in March this year, it was at the top of the list. “I imagine the GFCI ranking wasn’t worth the paper it was written on the morning we woke to learn we’d voted for Brexit,” says Frankopan. For Frankopan, ranking a city in this way is to miss the point completely. “Economists like ‘data’ and think that it is possible to extrapolate future trends

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from past ‘facts’. Funnily enough, historians – who, after all, work on the past – never look at the world in these terms. We focus on fragilities and continuities.” And, when you compare the City of London with other financial hubs – New York, Tokyo, Zurich, even Dubai, Shanghai, Seoul, Tel Aviv – they all have their own very specific brand of brilliance. “London is a city with a unique and very particular set of advantages,” explains Frankopan. “But, then, I see all cities in this way. Like Venice in its heyday, or Samarkand and Bukhara. The point is that those advantages often turn out to be an Achilles heel. That’s why understanding the rhythms of history is so very important. Nothing lasts forever. Understanding the factors between the rise and fall of cities, of empires, of languages, of businesses is absolutely fundamental to any investor, any CEO and citizen. Put simply, we should listen to historians more. All banks have a chief economist; why not a chief historian too to explain what is going on in the world?” Frankopan warns that for London to maintain its position, there needs to be a soft touch and a lot of care. “I think my current anxiety is trying to work out what the City will look like in 18 months’ time. It’s not unusual, by the way, for countries and states to slit their own throats as we’ve clearly done with Brexit – and, in fact, we won’t be able to properly move on until we’ve understood why we did it and why those who voted Leave did so. What I can tell you, though, is that when the decision is made to go it alone, the same thing always happens in the long run: an acceleration of decline and system collapse. We’re going to have to roll our sleeves up to stop that from happening.” The Silk Roads was the No 1 bestselling non-fiction book in The Times and The Sunday Times charts in June 2016. It is also a New York Times Bestseller and has topped charts in India and Pakistan. The Silk Roads : A New History of the World, 2015, £30, Peter Frankopan, Bloomsbury Publishing PLC,;



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hot ticket Margot Robbie’s Hollywood star exploded in 2013 when she took on Leonardo DiCaprio as his terrifying trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, she’s about to bring crazy criminal clown Harley Quinn to life in DC’s Suicide Squad. Be afraid... WORDS: JAKE TAYLOR

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Squad. Robbie says the film’s incredible ensemble cast represents her ambition to “keep looking for roles where the main interest will be in the character itself ”. As Harley Quinn, the deranged accomplice and sometime lover of Batman’s most intriguing antagonist The Joker, Robbie has already set the internet alight – with equal numbers of DC fans falling into the love or hater camps over her casting. Like Naomi, the role of Harley Quinn will give Robbie the chance “to play a very charismatic and clever woman”. Unlike Naomi, the role of a comic book villain whose backstory includes a bubbling pool of shape-altering acid required her natural beauty to be caked under several layers of thick make-up. “It’s so much fun getting into the costume, and you can act however you want because you feel so separate from your normal self and that makes creating a character so much easier,” she explains. “Having said that, when you come in three hours before everyone else, after six months of that you get pretty sick of it!” Robbie’s unique cocktail of talent and beauty makes her perfect for the comic book genre, but as Halle Berry and Ben Affleck can testify, the level of scrutiny when it comes to comic character adaptations is only heightened by the legions of existing fans. One only need recall the furore that accompanied Gal Gadot’s unveiling as Wonder Woman last year to see the importance superfans place on getting the right actor in the right role. Fully aware of this, Robbie did her homework. “When I first started researching, I had to look online because


t may be unorthodox – even downright unheard of – to transition from soap opera star to Martin Scorsese’s leading lady in just two years, but hell, somehow Margot Robbie pulled it off. The former Neighbours actress is now one of Hollywood’s most coveted female stars, off the back of her critically acclaimed turn as Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street, a role she might not have landed had she not gone for the bold move of slapping Leonardo DiCaprio mid-audition. “I was supposed to walk away from him, but I just got really into the moment and turned around and smacked him and said, ‘F**k you!’” laughs the 25-year-old. “Once I did it I was like, ‘Well, that was a terrible idea, but at least I got to smack Leonardo DiCaprio.’ I started apologising, and Leo just laughed and said, ‘Hit me again!’” Wall Street was a critical and commercial success and catapulted Robbie from relative anonymity to super-stardom, partially aided by the Australian beauty’s frequent flesh flashing – all part of the plot line, obviously – which caught the audience’s attention just as much as her undoubted acting talents. “I’m not very thrilled with being labelled that way,” admits Robbie of her reputation as one of Hollywood’s sexiest women. “It kind of minimises your work in a film like that where you’re working with Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t want to be reduced to the clichés that come with being called sexy.” In a world where the ‘sexy woman’ tends to get typecast pretty quickly, I ask Robbie how she can keep the focus of other people’s attention on her acting ability. “I won’t take parts where the female character has no substance and nothing to offer,” comes her answer. “Even when playing Naomi, I made sure she had different layers and that there was a lot more to her than what was in the script when I first read it.” Robbie’s latest project, following the release of The Legend of Tarzan last month, is upcoming DC superhero flick Suicide

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Robbie’s unique cocktail of talent and beauty makes her perfect for the comic-book genre

Images Margot Robbie promoting The Legend of Tarzan, images courtesy of

this is a character with such a big fan base,” she says. “I wanted to know why people liked Harley so much, and a lot of comments were about how she has this sense of humour. It was obvious people liked that happy side of her, so I definitely didn’t want to lose that.” One thing that marks Harley Quinn apart, says Robbie, is her ability to stand out even when surrounded by prominent male actors such as Jared Leto and Will Smith. While comic books and their subsequent cinematic adaptions have often been criticised for relegating female characters to little more than eye candy, Robbie is hopeful that her part in Suicide Squad will change that perception, not just in terms of comic book films, but across Hollywood. “A lot of the time I think of the




scripts I’ve read and I love the male character, but I’m not that excited about the female character,” she explains. “I wouldn’t pigeonhole it just to comic movies; a lot of movies are sexist. This project is probably the strongest example of me picking up the script and thinking the female character is actually better than the male ones. It’s so nice to have that opportunity.” And despite her skimpy outfits – “Toronto hasn’t been as warm as I thought it was going to be; I was really cold!” – Robbie’s Harley has been featured prominently in the promotional footage for the film and her interpretation of one of the comic world’s most independent and unpredictable females is sure to be a huge draw for fans across the globe. “She’s absolutely nuts and you never know whether she’s going to kill you or laugh and give you a hug,” Robbie grins. “It’s fun getting to do crazy things and live vicariously through your character in that way.” Robbie’s love affair with Quinn may well continue long beyond the August release of Suicide Squad. Continuing the eternal theme of comic book characters inspiring a seemingly endless slew of sequels, reports are circulating that Robbie’s character will return to the silver screen in a spin-off with a difference, in that it will feature a host of DC’s most prominent female heroes and villains, with Robbie adding a producer credit to her ever-lengthening list of attributes. There’s clearly a lot going on for Robbie, and as one might expect, she’s grateful. “Sometimes I wake up and it’s like I’m living in this other world, like being in a dream. Just getting to be in The Wolf of Wall Street was a shock and ever since it’s just been great to have all these opportunities,” she says. “It’s exciting to step into the production side of things. We’re trying to get a couple of projects together, and all are female-driven stories with female writers and female directors.” As for Robbie’s own position as a female role model? Despite her enduring status as a sex-symbol, Robbie is adamant that this will not lead to her becoming embroiled in any sort of scandal. Indeed, it seems she’d be happier to be left alone. “I admire the way Cate Blanchett has built her career; she’s done such excellent work and been in so many great films while being able to enjoy a very quiet private life,” she says. “You never read anything about her in the tabloids and I would like to follow that approach and keep my personal life as private as possible.” With her stock at an all time high, that may be easier said than done. Suicide Squad is in cinemas from August.



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WATCHES & JEWELLERY Celebrating the delightful and the divine from the world of fine jewellery and haute horology

FLYING COLOURS In 1934, Australian confectioner Sir Macpherson Robertson offered £10,000 to whoever could fly from England to Melbourne the fastest. In a matter of weeks, British aviation engineer Sir Geoffrey de Havilland had designed and built the DH-88 Comet, a streamlined, twin-engine aircraft that he sold to Albert O Edwards, managing director of London’s Grosvenor House Hotel. On 20 October of the same year, 60,000 people watched pilots Charles W A Scott and Tom Campbell Black take off in ‘Grosvenor House’ from Mildenhall airfield bound for Melbourne as part of the MacRobertson Trophy Air Race. Fifteen years earlier, the Smith brothers had completed the journey in 27 days and 20 hours. Messrs Scott and Black managed it in two days and 23 hours, beating competition from around the world. Bremont commemorates the legendary achievement with the launch of the DH-88, a selfwinding chronograph whose rotor contains spruce plywood from the original 1934 ‘Grosvenor House’ aircraft. The spectacular, limited-edition pieces are available in either polished stainless steel (£7,995) or 18-carat rose gold (£14,995). A percentage of proceeds will go to the Shuttleworth Trust, a collection of more than 40 historic aircraft based at Old Warden Aerodrome, Beds. Bremont, The Royal Exchange,


Words: Richard Brown

choose the right watch for you Mike France, co-founder of English watch company Christopher Ward, gives his advice on what to look out for when buying a quality timepiece

C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600, £1,395

C60 Trident Pro Titanium 600-#2, £775

1) Do your research. Researching watch companies ensures a greater appreciation of each brand’s ethos. When considering individual watches, think about: a) What materials have been used? Take careful notice of the materials used in the production of a watch. Certain materials, such as stainless steel, for example, are more prone to scratching. Quality materials such as ceramic and titanium will ensure that your watch remains scratchproof and light to wear. Titanium is about half the weight of steel, but almost twice as strong. b) The quality of the movement. Watch mechanisms produced and assembled in Switzerland are the industry leaders. Many ‘Swiss’ made mechanisms do not fulfil the strict criteria to be considered Swiss. A watch is only truly Swiss if the movement follows certain regulations,



and is cased and given a final inspection in Switzerland. Watches that don’t meet this criteria may simply advertise themselves as ‘Swiss Movement’ or ‘Swiss Quartz’. True Swiss watches will be advertised as ‘Swiss Made’.

intricacy of their design and aesthetics, and the personal pleasure they can bring to the owner. A watch is often the first thing noticed when meeting someone, and adds a level of sophistication, class and timelessness to any outfit. A fine wristwatch can provoke thought and discussion, and serve as an extension Christopher Ward would like to offer a 10 per cent discount to of the owner’s interest and readers of The City Magazine. identity.


2) Don’t worry about making a watch an investment piece. Except in rare cases, To redeem the offer, please use the watches do not code TCM10 at make a good long3) Price doesn’t mean For terms & conditions, please visit term investment. As quality. soon as they are worn When Christopher Ward they immediately start was founded, we took depreciating in value, and time to analyse the market the nature of the watch market and found that many of the big means that trends and tastes make it players and household names were selling very hard to predict where the market is their watches at seven to 12 times the heading. Even for those watches that will production cost due to considerable hold their value or slightly appreciate, it advertising and marketing overheads. can take decades for them to do so. The Christopher Ward will only ever sell a beauty of watches is to be found in the watch at a maximum of three times the

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

| collection |

sewing machines

Christopher Ward will only ever sell a watch at a maximum of three times the cost of the production

cost of the production, including VAT. It is financially savvy to purchase a watch directly from a watch house rather than via a third party retailer, as doing so cuts out the middle man and their markup. 4) Well-known doesn’t always mean most reputable. It is important you buy a watch from a reputable brand, one which is held in high regard within the industry, whose staff are knowledgeable, which operates ethically and has excellent customer and post-sale support. Customers also need to be savvy with the watch’s warranty and return policy. Our famous 60/60 guarantee – the most comprehensive in the world of watchmaking – means you have up to 60 days to return your watch free of charge if for any reason you are not happy with it, and a 60-month movement guarantee. This means you can have complete peace of mind when purchasing one of our timepieces.

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Last year, with the help of Swiss embroidery specialists Bischoff, Hublot encased silk needlework within carbon fibre for the first time to produce the Big Bang Broderie. The timepiece won Best Ladies Watch at Geneva’s annual Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie, the most prestigious awards ceremony in watchmaking. This year, the collection is bolstered by the arrival of the Big Bang Broderie 41mm and the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull 41mm, each of which is delivered in 200-piece runs in ceramic, steel and yellow gold. Inside, you’ll find Hublot’s in-house, self-winding HUB 1110 movement, proving that eye-catching style hasn’t come at the cost of mechanical substance. Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull 41mm, from top: £11,800, £22,900, £10,200, Hublot,

diving in

Raymond Weil has launched its first ever dive watch, and it ticks a lot of boxes. Clean, legible looks; a credible, self-winding movement; a sporty rubber strap with double-push security system, and, for the few people who might actually use this watch for the purpose it was intended, a unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel with Super-LumiNova indicators, and a PVD-coated case that’s water resistant to 300 metres. Best of all? The Freelancer is available from £1,595 – a drop in the ocean for a watch of this spec. Freelancer Dive Watch, Raymond Weil,

best of both worlds It’s the paradox playing out at the heart of the watch industry – we spend thousands of pounds on mechanical pieces of kit that we know will perform their primary purpose less ably than a £20 digital equivalent. If that notion has ever struck you as slightly absurd, and you’ve pined for the majesty of a mechanical watch, but would really love to know the exact, not sort of, time, then Grand Seiko has created the happy medium for which you’ve been searching. The brand’s Spring Drive movement derives its power from a conventional mainspring and gear system, while its accuracy is controlled by the precise signal of a quartz oscillator. Promising to gain or lose no more than ten seconds a month, the Spring Drive is the world’s most precise spring-wound wristwatch. It’s recently become available in Black Ceramic – only 600 examples are being produced. Spring Drive Black Ceramic, £8,500, Grand Seiko,



Mad Mad World Carving an uncompromising path through the typically reserved world of haute horology, Roger Dubuis has existed as the industry’s enfant terrible for the previous two decades. As the brand takes over Harrods this month, The City Magazine sits down with the man behind the madness, creative director Mr Alvaro Maggini WORDS: RICHARD BROWN



s luxurylo nd o n.c s

| collection |


n January of each year, the watch houses owned by luxury holding company Richemont – Montblanc, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Cartier, to name but four – descend upon Geneva for the Salon International de la Haute Horologerie. Here, brands reveal to the press what wonders they’ve been working on during the previous 12 months. Amid a sprawling expanse of beige exhibition hall, one stand is more conspicuous than any other. Like everything else about Roger Dubuis, its temporary home in the Palexpo centre makes a bold statement, whether it’s with life-sized cuckoo clocks or giant, fibre-glass birds of prey. ‘We are different’, says the stand. ‘We are Roger Dubuis.’ Since 2011, the brains behind the theatrics have belonged to creative director Alvaro Maggini. With a background in micro-typography and high fashion – he previously devised creative strategy for Dior and Chanel – Maggini isn’t your typical watch industry suit – which, he says, is the reason he found himself working for Roger Dubuis. At the brand’s latest creative initiative – a pop-up exhibition and window display at Harrods – we asked Maggini if Roger Dubuis is too loud for the UK watch market and how his brand can justify asking £15K for its cheapest piece of wrist wear. What is the primary purpose of a creative director? To provide continuity; to make sure your brand is recognisable. Don’t change your brand image and your brand ideas all the time. The next most important thing is to make yourself current, to make sure you

are relevant. It doesn’t matter if people like the brand. Overall, your job is to provide consistency.

in shape, to stay healthy. Our muscles aren’t the first things you see. Our internal muscles will help us survive for longer.

What is the primary purpose of the creative director of Roger Dubuis? To think opposite, to not be afraid. Don’t do anything that has already proven successful for other brands. Do the absolute opposite. That doesn’t mean doing white just because everyone else is doing black. My job is to prevent the brand ever becoming boring, that means taking risks.

Is the UK market too conservative for Roger Dubuis? It is stupid to think that people only like traditional things; it’s wrong. Why is Lamborghini or Maserati successful? Why has Rolls-Royce made a comeback? Twenty-five years ago, Gucci was nothing. Look at it now. These brands are sexy, they are new, they are doing something different. Our watches are crazy, but actually the English are crazy, too. You are very fashionable, very design-focused, very creative. English people are all about obsessive extravagance. You can be very quiet, very shy, but you are very eccentric. In the street, I can recognise who is 100 per cent British.

How important is having one recognisable product? It’s everything. Everyone that knows the brand recognises Excalibur. Excalibur is by far our most important watch family, it is our Nautilus, our Portofino. Rolex only has just one product. It’s tried for six years to re-release the Cellini – it’s a very nice watch, they’ve done a fantastic job – but it doesn’t work. Cellini is not Rolex. Similarly, the Patrimony, for Vacheron Constantin, generates something like 70 per cent of sales.

Excalibur Quatuor with four sprung balances, £795,000

Who is your closest competitor and how do you distinguish yourself from them? Richard Mille. As a brand, Richard Mille is a young athlete, a body builder, very sexy, full of testosterone. But don’t forget that one day the body will be tired and old. What we try to do with Roger Dubuis is Pilates. We prepare our body, we preserve our inner muscles to stay

Why doesn’t Roger Dubuis invest in celebrity ambassadors? Look at Nadal. He is over. He is nothing anymore. I don’t want to see my watch with a loser. We prefer to invest in the product and in customer experiences.

Your entry level watch costs around £15k. Why spend that much on a watch? For exclusivity. When you buy a Roger Dubuis, you are buying something that is unique. Our watches are pieces of art. You don’t need a watch. You don’t need a painting; you can have a print. But it’s always nice to have the painting. If Roger Dubuis were a car manufacturer, which would it be? Lamborghini. Definitely Lamborghini. It’s edgy. We’re talking about the same sort of client. What statement is someone making by purchasing a Roger Dubuis? ‘I am different. I am assertive. I don’t care if you know the brand or not. I like it. I don’t need to be reassured.’ Roger Dubuis is hosting a pop-up exhibition and window display at Harrods until the end of August,;

s luxurylo nd o n.c s



HÉLÈNE ZUBELDIA Choker £349 / €479

LES GEORGET TES Cuff small £89 / €119 Cuff medium £79 / €109 Cuff large £69 / €89

CADENZZA Cuff £59 / €69Ring £39 / €49

AZZARO Cuff £59 / €69Ring £39 / €49

© 2016 D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH, Swarovskistraße 30, GmbH, 6112 Wattens, Austria. 30, HÉLÈNE ZUBELDIA Choker HÉLÈNE £349 / €479 LES GEORGET TES/ Cuff / €119 Cuff £69£79 / €89 CADENZZA Cuff/ £59 £39 Cuff / €49£59 AZZARO / €69Ring £39Cuff / €49 © 2016 D. Swarovski Distribution Swarovskistraße 6112 Wattens, Austria. ZUBELDIA Choker £349 €479small LES£89 GEORGET TES medium Cuff small£79 £89/ €109 / €119Cuff Cufflarge medium / €109 Cuff large £69 €89 / €69Ring CADENZZA / €69RingCuff £39£59 / €49 AZZARO £59 / €69Ring £39 / €49

© 2016 D. Swarovski Distribution GmbH, Swarovskistraße 30, 6112 Wattens, Austria.





T E L . 0 2 0 7 513 2 9 6 4

JUBILEE PL TEL. 0 2 0 ACE 7 513 2 9MALL 64


T E L . 0 2 0 7 513 2 9 6 4



Words: olivia sharpe

Set in Stone

Written in the Stars

As we await to see who will shine at the Rio 2016 Olympics, there is already a star burning brightly in Brazil in the world of jewellery. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Brazilian jeweller Amsterdam Sauer’s first of three Diamonds International Awards, and the piece that was honoured that year? The Constellation ring. To celebrate its jubilee, it has been transformed into a collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings created from the original gold cylinder design. As creative director Stephanie Wenk explains: “We are all looking at space. There are new revolutions in astrophysics, discoveries of stars, a reshaping of the universe. In a certain way, this excitement is a lot like the space race times in the ’60s when the Constellation ring was created…this collection makes women shine even brighter.” Constellation collection, from a selection,


Brazilian jewellery is defined by its bold, playful and unashamed use of colour and this has very much been reflected in native jeweller Fernando Jorge’s new collection: Bloom. First showcased at this year’s Paris Couture Week as six one-of-a-kind pieces, the collection has since expanded into 15 new styles for autumn 2016. The Morpho ring takes its inspiration from the eponymous butterfly native to the Amazon rainforest and incorporates cabochon Paraiba tourmalines with Australian chrysoprase. Meanwhile, the rare hyacinth macaw in flight has been brought to life through vivid Australian boulder opals and African tanzanites. From a selection,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

With multi-million pound turnovers, three standalone stores in London and an increasing number of boutiques worldwide, Monica Vinader has firmly laid down roots on the global jewellery scene. This month sees the eponymous company make its mark further with the launch of Petra. Named after the ancient Greek word for stone, this collection of semi-precious gemstone pieces presents a new direction for the brand, with its jagged hexagonal design that has been contrasted with sharp faceted stones. Mix and match the stackable rings – featuring pink quartz, moonstone or labradorite – for a great everyday look. From £65 to £390, 71-72 Duke of York Square, SW3,

Full Plume Bulgari has always remained faithful to its Italian heritage and its new high jewellery collection is arguably its most elaborate tribute to date. Aptly named Magnificent Inspirations, it has been divided into three lines – Mediterranean Eden, Roman Heritage and Italian Extravaganza – each of which has been designed by the brand’s creative director, Lucia Silvestri. From intricate floral motifs to sinister serpents and ancient Roman coins, the house’s most famous icons have been represented throughout, but the piece that stands out is undoubtedly the Divas’ Dream Gioco e Vanità necklace. Adorned with blue sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, it recalls the fanned tail of a peacock. From a selection, 177-178 Sloane Street, SW1X,



Come fly with me take to the skies with sharon stone and airfield – but not before packing those all-important essentials

Sharon Stone for Airfield

As actress Sharon Stone models the latest collection from Austrian label Airfield; we sit down with the Basic Instinct star to talk fashion, travel and women in Hollywood

On the Airfield campaign… When the request came in from Airfield, I was delighted; I love the feminine-sporty mix of the collection. I love Austria too and with the brand originating there I didn’t hesitate for long.

On travelling in style… When it comes to travel, I’m a great Côte D’Azur fan; the region around Cannes is a very special corner of the world for me. My travel essentials are a luxurious cashmere pullover, leather leggings and matching high heels – plus I always keep a pair of sunglasses in my hand luggage.

On style and sexuality… My fashion muses are the women of the



forties and fifties and I would describe my personal style as glamorous, sporty and elegant. Being comfortable is important too, though; even on the red carpet, I always want to feel at ease. For me, this is the key to being sexy: it’s all about having self-confidence. It’s the feeling of being present, having fun and liking yourself enough. Personally, I’m confident, I like myself and my body and I think the characters I play reflect this.

On maintaining a great shape… I have refrained from alcohol and gluten for years now. In addition, I exercise daily and avoid the sun; I find exercising with the Power Plate to be particularly effective. Once a year though I treat myself to a

Sachertorte flown in from Vienna and devour the whole thing by myself.

On being a woman in Hollywood… There is still a way to go when it comes to gender equality in Hollywood. We need to see more women in prominent roles. I myself have felt undermined as a woman in the film industry; even after Basic Instinct I never earnt as much as my male colleagues. I could do what I wanted to – but there was never any financial equality. If I had any advice for young actresses it would be to maintain discipline and focus – only if you have both do you have a realistic chance of making it in Hollywood.

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


top 5 travel essentials

double agent Panama currency zip case, £185, Smythson,

Cat Nap set, £395, Charlotte Olympia,

Passport Holder, POA, Dolce & Gabbana,

Layered Cat sunglasses, £340, Victoria Beckham,

Layla Rose Gold Headphones, £139.99, Frends,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Agent Provocateur is raising temperatures this month with the launch of a new campaign fronted by Australian model Abby Lee Kershaw and shot by Mario Sorrenti. Kershaw, who last year added a role in Mad Max: The Fury to her already impressive resume, is the perfect choice to promote the brand’s new A/W16 collection, which has been designed with the modern woman in mind. We particularly love the Lorna set [pictured above centre]; a fun, flirty fusion of femininity and sex appeal.

A Cinderella story Christian Louboutin is bringing a touch of fairy tale magic to A/W16, with a capsule collection of three exquisitely designed ‘Piloutin’ clutch bags, inspired by the story of Cinderella. Echoing the pillow on which the heroine’s glass slipper was presented in the classic tale, the soft, sumptuous treasure box-style bags are presented in three different ways, with each one displaying signature design elements of Maison Louboutin, including embroidery, leopard print and spikes.



| beauty |

GO, GLOW & GROW We reveal the secrets to an enviable glow and a mane to marvel at

Of all the facials I’ve had over the years, I can honestly say this facial delivered the greatest results

GO: 001 Signature Sculpt and Glow Facial

When I go for a facial, I expect to walk out blotchy, red and rather oily. If it’s a good facial, once the redness settles, I might notice that my skin feels slightly softer and tighter. Other times, I might feel pampered throughout the process, but I’m left with the same skin that I went in with. Neither outcome was true of my experience with Ada Ooi, founder of 001 Skincare. In fact, I could hardly believe the outcome of the 60-minute 001 Signature Sculpt and Glow Facial. Ada begins by diagnosing your skin so she can determine and tailor the mix of her awardwinning 001 Skincare formulas, blending to suit your precise skin conditions. From here, she applies the product through a series of unique massages and tapping techniques to lift and firm. Warmed volcanic rocks are then massaged over the face, before being used for meridian scrapping around the jawline for lymphatic drainage. It was this process that left a lasting impression. From here, Ada performs a relaxing cooling massage using her popular Eyecicle temperature therapy and precise massage techniques, which stimulate blood flow, boosting oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. When I looked in the mirror at the end of the 60 minutes, I observed a noticeable slimmer and contoured face, reduced



puffiness around the jawline, plumped and youthful looking skin, not to mention a brightened and radiant complexion. Ada says: “My facial is designed to make my clients’ skin look sculpted, plumped and glowing, without the need for makeup.” She has succeeded. Of all the facials I’ve had over the years, I can honestly say this facial delivered the greatest results. 001 Bespoke Signature Facial Booking fee: £50 55 minutes – Redeemable with two 001 products at F&M 85 minutes – Redeemable with three 001 product at F&M

WORDS: TIFFANY EASTLAND this, the Supreme Day Cream will also restore moisture and prevent water loss, while providing and instant tightening and glowing effect. Triple Protecting, Hydrating & Restoring Face Cream, £145, Dr Sebagh,

GROW: Extension Professional

Until very recently, my opinion of hair extensions was unfavourable to say the least – I’ve seen some seriously bad bonds in my time. So, whenever my (ex-hairdresser) mother confirmed which celebrity locks were not their own, I was shocked. How do they end up with these manes to marvel at, while so many simply get it so wrong? Then I met Louise Bailey, founder of Extension Professional, and it all made perfect sense. To start with, her incredible extensions are 100 per cent ethically-sourced human hair. Secondly, she offers a bespoke service, whereby her clip-in extensions can be cut, styled and blow-dried for a fabulous and flawless finish. I can confirm that you simply cannot tell where your own hair starts and finishes. Bailey herself has trained a team of skilled professionals who will carefully colour match your hair for a truly natural result. Clip on hair extensions, from £199; Styling service, from £50, Extension Professional at Urban Retreat,

GLOW: Dr Sebagh Supreme Day Cream

Defend your skin against free radical damage and provide anti-pollution benefits with a luxurious cream that contains a powerful blend of antioxidants. A true pioneer, this ‘Ageing Maintenance’ moisturiser helps to shield skin against High Energy Visible Light that’s emitted by laptops, tablets and mobile phones, which can often be as damaging as the effects of UVA and UVB light combined. Aside from

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


True velvet ruling the runways at the a/w16 shows, this plushy fabric is the perfect way to inject some luxury into your wardrobe

Lazy velvet dress, £280, Étoile Isabel Marant,

Roland Mouret A/W16 Valentino A/W16

Dearmer skirt, £625, Roland Mouret,

Ralph Lauren A/W16

Prabal Gurung A/W16

Velvet and stretch-crepe dress, £1,980, Tom Ford,

Rich , sumptuous velvet was a firm fav ourit e among design ers at th e A/W16 show s, with ever yon e from Balmain to Ralph L auren getting in on th e act. Add a spot of refin ed elegance to y our evening look with a velvet gown and accessories or opt for a shimm er y shade for a more summ er y feel .

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Velvet Pumps, £420, Chloé,

Lockett Petite bag, £1,295, Jimmy Choo,

Dolly Velvet Platform Pumps, £545, Charlotte Olympia,





s luxurylo nd o n.c s


Like father

Like son

“We think our fathers fools, so wise we grow. Our wiser sons, no doubt will think us so.” Alexander Pope STYLIST: Graham Cruz PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexander Beer

Peter wears Biscuit silk suit, £1,245, Richard James, Taupe roll neck top, £145, Paul Smith, Calf and check lace up shoes, £545, Christian Louboutin, TimeWalker Date Automatic watch, RRP £2,285, Montblanc, Copper Label pin, £95, Alice Made This, Ultramarine cotton socks, £12, Pantherella, James wears Cream suit, £675, DAKS, Cream and Tan cotton polo shirt £125, Gieves and Hawkes, Cognac woven leather shoes, £579, Ludwig Reiter, Face 2 face II watch, RRP £3,100, Hamilton, Yellow gold ring, £1,650, Cartier, Dark green cotton socks, £12, Pantherella, as before

s luxurylo nd o n.c s



Blue wool blend graphic Prince of Wales check suit, from £650, Hardy Amies, Slate grey funnel neck jersey sweater, £310, Emporio Armani, Blue suede loafers £420, Mr Hare, Yellow gold ring, £1,650, Cartier, White gold Bracelet, £5,300 Cartier, as before Red Merino wool Socks £13.50, Pantherella, as before Clear acetate sunglasses €150, Dampier,

| fashion |

Green linen jacket £595, green linen trousers £195, Gieves and Hawkes, as before Yellow and blue striped cotton shirt, £185, Turnbull & Asser, Grand Lange 1 Monophase, yellow gold with silver dial and leather strap watch, £33,100, A Lange & Shone, Blackened Sterling silver and yellow gold ring, £525, Thomas Sabo, Green and purple striped cotton socks, £14.50, Pantherella, as before Multi colour calf leather lace up shoes, £567, Versace,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s



| fashion |



s luxurylo nd o n.c s

James wears Blue cotton suit, £650, Boss, Green waffle knit sweater, £250, Gieves and Hawkes, as before Red Merino wool Socks £13.50, Pantherella, as before HyperChrome 1616 watch, RRP £2,200 Rado, Tan double buckle brogues, £345, Lathbridge by Patrick Cox, Peter wears Blue suit, £765, DAKS, as before Rust polo shirt, £340, Billionaire Italian couture, DS Podium Chrono Valgranges watch, £1550, Certina, Acetate and stainless steel glasses, €180, Dampier, as before

Orange cotton polo shirt, £125, Gieves and Hawkes, as before Grey linen blazer, £349, Tiger Of Sweden, Villeret ultra-slim date and small seconds watch, £13,360, Blancpain

| fashion |

Navy cotton bonded Mac, from £650, Hardy Amies, as before Cream cotton shirt, £185, Turnbull & Asser, as before

s luxurylo nd o n.c s



| fashion |

Green silk/linen mix suit, £1,975, (sold as 3piece) Thom Sweeney, White cotton poplin shirt, £85, Polo Ralph Lauren, Perforated leather Glasses, £415, Billionaire Italian Couture, as before ALT1-P/Blue watch £3,895, Bremont



s luxurylo nd o n.c s

Champagne wool 3piece suit, £695, Chester Barrie, Navy cotton white stripe shirt, £95, Hardy Amies, as before Photographer’s Assistant: Ben Duah Models: Peter Mnych @ AMCK James Rousseau @ Select Hair: Dany Mikael Make up: Jonas Oliver

maDE IN ITALY For A/W16, Hugo Boss has extended its Made-In-Italy range to shoes, the key launch for the season being the new collections T-Sartoria and T-Legend. T-Sartoria shoes are made using the Sacchetto method of construction, providing maximum flexibility by using a single piece of leather that covers the whole foot as if it were a ‘sacchetto’, or bag. The T-Legend dress shoe collection is cut from fine calf skin and features deep red lining and a painted sole, a distinctive characteristic of the new line. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection is available at the newly refurbished Hugo Boss store at One New Change and online at

travel tidy Make the plane journey that bit more bearable with technical suits and quality apparel MAGIC AL MERINO Hardvark takes Merino p er formance and puts it into garm ents that feel equally as comfortable on th e mountain as in th e city. Th e sp ecial fabric warms, wicks, stretch es, breath es and resi sts odour, w hich makes travelling almost b earable. Th e Merino i s al so a natural , ch emical-free solution to ironing, as th e w oollen fibres naturally bounce back to th eir original shap e, so y ou have on e less thing to w orr y about on th e long haul f light. Tailored p erformance Merino shirt, £139, Hardvark,

the art of travel Hackett Mayfair has expanded its travel collection to now include shirting, outerwear and accessories. The travel suits are still the main attraction, though. Made from crease-resistant fabrics, the suits retain their shape even when worn on a plane or stuffed hurriedly into a weekend bag. Available in plain navy, or checked grey/midnight blue, they’re probably the best bet to stay looking smart when eating freeze-dried plane food. Alongside these are Thomas Mason’s Egyptian cotton shirts from the Journey Range, treated to resist creasing, and a series of technical outerwear pieces, such as the Hackett Mayfair quilted blazer, made from flannel and technical materials to provide top comfort and presentation. All products are from the Hackett Autumn/Winter launch, and available at



s luxurylo nd o n.c s


pullover Another goes-withanything piece. Immediate luxury and style. Mens pullover, extra fine merino wool, £140, John Smedley,

t shirt Save your shirt from crumpling by slipping on a plain tee. Striped Mélange cotton-jersey T-shirt, £55, FOLK,


sweats Not just your usual loosefitting, given-up-for-the-day joggers. A tapered and tailored fit lend a more elegant look. Double-faced cottonblend jersey sweatpants, £370, Berluti,


Double threat piece – handy against the arctic aeroplane airconditioning, and is a ready-made pillow. Plain Cashmere scarf, £150, Aquascutum,

Make travelling a breeze with these must-have wardrobe essentials

Image Clipper natural leather holdall, £1,350, Mulberry,

black jeans Slim (NOT skinny) fit jeans that go with almost anything, and are comfortable to boot. Original low waisted slim jean in black stretch denim, £270, Saint Laurent,

loafers Laces = time-waster. Don’t be that person holding up airport security. Bullish blue with red trim loafer, £120, Duke & Dexter,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

sneakers Smart-casual is de rigeur. Try a plain, formal sneaker for comfort and appearance. Cap-toe sneaker with Cayman embossed leather, £135, Axel Arigato,

unstructured jacket When a formal jacket won’t do, go for the unstructured look – eats creases for breakfast. Spirit jacket, £565, Richard James,




57- 58 SOUTH AUDLEY STREET LONDON W1K 2ED + 4 4 (0) 20 7499 1801 PURDEY.COM

AW-Mayfair-Purdey-full page bleed menswear ad-19-7-16.indd 1

19/07/2016 09:36


Mac attack The raincoat is enjoying its time in the sun – come rain or shine

“I’m an

optimist, but an


who carries a raincoat” Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister, 1964-70 and 1974-76

FROM TOP Cotton raincoat, £520, Kingsman + Mackintosh,; Bonded cotton raincoat, £740, Mackintosh,; Faille-trimmed twill trench coat, £565, Wooyoungmi,

Despatch motor trench ventile, £975, Private White V.C., The Kensington long heritage trench coat, £1,395, Burberry,

Bolt Mac, £379, Oliver Spencer,

It never Rains, it pours The British weather never fails to surprise. Sure, August has the highest average temperatures. Yes, the smell of barbecue coals and charred meat pervades the air. But that doesn’t stop it pelting it down. Even without the traditional downpour, technical raincoats and trenches are enjoying their own Indian Summer, their lightweight fabric and stylish cut strangely suitable for warmer weather. Plus, there’s never any harm in a bit of forward-planning.

s luxurylo nd o n.c s




The full package august 19 marks Men’s Grooming Day, apparently. Helpfully, this sort of kit will last all year round

With names like The Woodsman and The Buccaneer, these beard oils are promising a damn manly experience. The balm also makes whiskers softer and soothes itchiness. Beard oil s and b eard balm , £26, The Auda cious B eard Co, theauda ciousbeardco.bigcartel .com

kick start the day

morning glory

Orange and lemon oil are blended with bushukan fruit extract for a citrus kick. Bushukan body wash, £20, Molton Brown,

Solid shampoo that’s won plenty of awards for its menthol scent and thickening properties. Scalp purifying shampoo, £9.95,,

Top quality badger bristles, wenge wood and a brass handle make lathering your beard a treat. Also comes with a handy stand Collezione Barbiere shaving brush, £218, Acqua di Parma,

Deep-cleanses pores, reduces excess oil and prevents new blackheads. Also soothes and helps skin to regain its natural moisture. Original black peel off mask, £22, JorgObé,

sun protection Water-resistant, non-greasy, and gives 5-star protection from UVA and UVB rays that cause 90 per cent of visible skin aging. Creates a breathable protective shield on the skin – think GoreTex for your face. Sun protect serum, SPF 50, £35, FIT Skincare,



silky smooth If you decide to banish the beard, go for a rich lather. This is good for thick beards, and for those who appreciate the traditional clean shave look. Collezione Barbiere shaving cream, £40, Acqua di Parma,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

It’s never too late...


Kidding around With summer school holidays officially here, it’s time to swot up on how to keep the kids entertained in Canary Wharf

Children’s Theatre Festival 2015

su mmer of entertain ment

august highlights Throughout Canary Wharf 3 August Lunch Market 6 August Royal Albert Hall presents: To Infinity & Beyond 7 August Ratburger by Heartbreak Productions 27 August Bloom: Big Wow Small Wonder


Family Summer


School’s officially out for summer and the kids are ready and raring to go. Luckily, Canary Wharf have the perfect solution to ensure the kids are kept entertained. The eagerly awaited Family Summer Festival is here and in full swing, bringing with it the opportunity to celebrate the arts in all its forms; free outdoor music, dance, song and theatre performances for the whole family to enjoy.

summer screens Enjoy the best of British cinema for kids in Canada Square Park presented by Citigold Wealth Management and Everyman Canary Wharf 2 August 12.30pm: Mary Poppins (1964) Cert U, 2hrs 19mins 9 August 12.30pm: Johnny English (2003) Cert PG, 1hrs 28mins 16 August 12.30pm: Oliver (1968) Cert U, 2hrs 33mins

kids special

2 courses for


Wildwood, Jubilee Place

Le Pain Quotidien, Jubilee Place

food for thought



Tom’s Kitchen, Westferry Circus

Canary Wharf boasts plenty of child-friendly options when it comes to eating out. Make the most of the ‘Kids Eat Free’ deals; head to Tom’s Kitchen, Westferry Circus or Iberica, Cabot Square, who also have children’s craft sessions over the weekend and take your kids to Pizza Express, Cabot Place, for a spot of lunch during the week. Take advantage of the set menus for children at Wildwood, Jubilee Place and Wahaca, The Park Pavilion, or explore Jubilee Place’s Le Pain Quotidien and Wagamama; their tasty menus are filled with dishes to keep any child or adult satisfied. Wahaca, The Park Pavilion

kids special

Dish & drink Wagamama, Jubilee Place


little shopper Didriksons Etna Kid’s Jacket, £34.99, Snow+Rock, Crossrail Place

Trailing Daisy Colouring Pencil Pot, £4, Cath Kidston, Jubilee Place

Stripe Baby Romper, £22, Cath Kidston, Jubilee Place


Mirrored Sunglasses, £8.99, Zara, Cabot Place

the latest

Velcro Shoe, £19.99, Zara, Cabot Place

Leather Ballet Shoes, £24, The White Company, Jubilee Place

Stevie Embroidered Short, £14, Monsoon, Canada Place

Pretty Flower Floppy Hat, £10, Monsoon, Canada Place

Dungaree Dress, £19.99, Zara, Cabot Place Dino Stripe Kids Backpack, £24, Cath Kidston, Jubilee Place

From Zara in Cabot Place and Monsoon in Canada Place, to Jubilee Place’s Cath Kidston and The White Company, there are plenty of first-rate shops you can visit in the Canary Wharf shopping malls to shop the best of kids fashion.

Uber vs


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Who’s W inning in thE battlE of thE cabs ?

Clooneys backsTage wiTh The planeT’s

busiesT a Vs power couple rIv her frausc





EuropE’s most Ex clusivE slopE-sid E EscapE s

The one-of-a-kind one-Man brand


N S & the Peloto

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you t bat improve r cricke ing you upgrad


How craze fitness biggest

Short Story

this season’s most stylish trunks


US MASTERS 2015 readS Summer d SugAamre tHis yeaPage r’s turners to change No Adjuicdeing bec your life

t h e

thE floa tin is back in g hotEl fashion

froM hippie hangouT To Vip reTreaT

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Sir l Michae caine n Job e ITalIa From Th easure onal Tr To naTI

Return of


Social Suicide

CoPyCAt Inves


social neT working When brands get it Wrong and The wisdo m of The in the digital World crowd

vs watson

whO’s your mOney On?

AheAd of the


connecTin g sTarTups wiTh ear ly adopTe rs

A Power for Go


The microfinancing plaTform s fighTing poverTy

Hell &

HigH Water

InsIde the OxfOrd and CambrIdge bOat raCe

A Cut


LOndOn’s best barbers UnCOVered


imUSanMASTERS 2015 extraryT ds The Man behind The Mask watch br Luxu most Ld’s or w e Mcilro y join th ort sp d te marke Vinnie Jones on his antics on and off the pitch


Frank sinaTra

celebrating the centenary of one of style’s greatest icons

vs watson

seize The day Trip

how to get the most out of the continent this summer

whO’s your mOney On?

Hell &

HigH Water

InsIde the OxfOrd and CambrIdge bOat raCe

City in Kingp

A Cut

s r crudda how pete boy scout om went fr e’s iL m re ua to the sq n mous so most fa


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ready for rio


LOndOn’s best barbers UnCOVered

Britain Means Business: GoinG for Glory with teaM GB’s Gold Medal hopefuls d okers an Banks, Br rs: Vinnie Jones on his antics on regulato they leaveand off the pitch do e er Wh umer? the cons

The Man behind The Mask

margot robbie

From soap opera star to martin scorsese’s leading lady

Frank sinaTra

celebrating the centenary of one of style’s greatest icons

drive of your life

how upmarket car makers became luxury tour operators

seize The day Trip

how to get the most out of the continent this summer

la dolce vita

why italy will always make For the ultimate road trip


out of office AUGUST 2016

The game is on The Greatest Show on Earth is back, and Rio is its next calling point From 5-21 August and 7-18 September, the world’s elite athletes will convene on the sunny shores of Brazil’s second largest city to aim for sporting glory. After a disappointing London 2012, backstroke specialist Chris Walker-Hebborn looks to be back in business, winning the 100m at the British Championships in Glasgow and the men’s and mixed medley relay titles at the European Aquatics Championships in May. Qualifying for his second Olympics, the Londoner will be relishing the chance to exorcise the pain of his last run out, and be one of hopefully many Brits on the podium. Turn the page for more of our gold medal hopefuls.


the tips and tricks to keep you fighting fit


Laura Trott


The Brownlee brothers

HOMETOWN: Bramhope, West Yorkshire Discipline: Triathlon 2012: gold & bronze The first British brothers to both win medals in an individual discipline in more than 100 years when they won gold and bronze in 2012. Alistair and Jonathan know what it takes to reach the top

hometown: harlow, essex Discipline: Cycling 2012: Gold x2 (Omnium and Team Pursuit) At 24, Trott is already the most successful rider in the history of the European Track Championships with ten titles, and will hope to repeat 2012’s showing, when she won both the Omnium and Team Pursuit

Ready for Rio Team GB is aiming for a record medal haul. If the new kit is anything to go by, Britain’s best mean business. We look at some serious medal chasers ahead of the Rio Olympics and Paralympics


Max Whitlock

HOMETOWN: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Discipline: Gymnastics 2012: Bronze x2 (Team, Pommel Horse) Big things expected of the pommel-horse specialist and favourite to win team GB’s first Olympic gymnastics gold




Lizzie ArmiTstead

HOMETOWN: Otley, West Yorkshire Discipline: Cycling 2012: Silver (Road Race) Won silver in the road race in 2012, and is the reigning World, Commonwealth and National road race champion. Ready to take a step up the podium

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


[right] [below]

Tom Daley

HOMETOWN: Plymouth, Devon Discipline: Diving 2012: Bronze (10m Platform) Bronze in London was marred by an incident when a flashing camera put him off mid-dive. With his confidence back, a medal is on the cards

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Ellie Simmonds

Olivia Breen

HOMETOWN: Guildford, Surrey Discipline: 100m, 200m sprint 2012: Bronze (Women’s 4x100m Relay T35-T38) Made the final at the last Paralympics, and is in great form after winning gold in the 100m at the recent IPC European Championships

HOMETOWN: Walsall, West Midlands Discipline: Swimming 2012: Gold x2 (400m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley S6) Won two golds at the age of 13 at the 2008 Beijing Games, and repeated the feat four years later in London. World record breaker over 200 and 400 metres – hard to beat

the kit The Team GB and Paralympics GB kit by adidas and Stella McCartney is designed to help athletes go further and faster at Rio 2016. Adidas Team GB replica apparel and fan-wear is available now from

Jessica Ennis-Hill

HOMETOWN: Sheffield, South Yorkshire Discipline: Heptathlon 2012: GOLD The poster girl of London 2012, the Sheffield machine is looking for back-to-back Olympic titles, but will face stiff competition from a strong field

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Along for the


rriving in Palma, there’s not a cloud in the sky. As I make my way to Castell Son Claret, a recently renovated castle offering five-star accommodation pitched towards the cycling community, it becomes apparent just how popular Mallorca has become as a cycling Mecca. Cyclists litter the island’s picturesque roads everywhere you look. Even sitting in the back of a car, I can feel how faultless the roads here are. No wonder Wiggins chose to move his family to Mallorca



in pursuit of year-round cycling perfection. Castell Son Claret, it seems, is a cyclist’s paradise. When I arrive, £10,000 Colnagos, Pinarellos and Cervelos clutter the entrance, as intrepid cyclists devour well-earned lunches in a restaurant behind. One couple I talk to have travelled all the way from Toronto to be here. It appears this country has found a home in the hearts of cyclists the globe over. Wisely, the hotel in which I’ve been invited to stay has begun offering cycling packages to cater for this well-

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Inspired by the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish, amateur cycling has exploded, with cycling holidays now the new golfing breaks. Hugh Francis Anderson discovers how Mallorca became the ultimate two-wheel destination

heeled clientele. Opened just four years ago, and located near Calvia, one of the wealthiest municipalities in Mallorca, Castell Son Claret sits within a 325-acre estate bordered by some of the best cycling roads I have ever seen. At lunch, making the most of Claret’s amenities, I gorge on protein and carbohydrates at the superb Olivera restaurant, knowing that I will soon be burning through calories at speed. After lunch, I find myself clad from

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head to toe in the newest, most technically advanced cycling get-up from Rapha, and although I don’t feel like a professional cyclist, I sure as hell look like one. Meeting Guido Eicklebeck, manager of Bikecamp Mallorca, former professional cyclist and winner of the infamous Paris Roubaix, I’m more than a little nervous. After making the necessary adjustments to my bicycle, a brand new, fully carbonfibre BMC, we head out for the day. Guido, a man who cycles 20,000 kilometres a year,



makes the numerous climbs look easy, it’s the climbs and the ability to do every as I puff away, gritting my teeth to keep up. kind of training – you’ll find everything you “Cycling is the new golf,” Guido declares, need here.” as we approach the climb to Coll de sa Muntaner says that the island welcomes Crue, deep in the Tramuntana Mountains. more and more cyclists every year, and that “Last year, many of these cyclists would everyone who comes, normally comes back have been on a golf course; now they’re again. It’s easy to understand why – I’m in here, cycling. Cycling is growing faster and awe of the morning’s ride and itching to faster year-on-year.” discover more of Mallorca’s spectacular A quick sip of water and we’re off again. roads – albeit on a different kind of twoWe navigate hairpin after hairpin as we wheeled transport this time. rise, and at the top we’re rewarded with The following day I rent a 1974 Moto panoramic views of stunning mountain Guzzi 850-T motorbike from Albion ranges, Palma and across the Balearic sea. Motorcycles, a local vintage motorbike Before long, Guido edges his bike expedition company. Cycling may be forward and the race is on, cycling at well having a moment in Mallorca, but over 50kph all the way into Palma’s old motorcyclists have been coming to the town, via La Seu, the mighty gothic island for years. Roman cathedral, and along the I hit the road early, with Albion’s The Castell Son Claret coastline stopping finally for resident factotum and guide, ‘Cycle Mallorca’ package a much earned coffee before Marcus Weber. We ride through includes a three-night stay in returning to the hotel. the Tramuntana Mountains to an Estate Double or Deluxe room, “It’s a great way to explore Valldemossa before cruising professional road bike rental (BMC Mallorca,” says Guido, “You get back along the sweeping coastal Carbon Bikes Granfondo) and two half to experience the sights and road. Marcus tells me this is a days expert-guided Mallorca cycling sounds in an entirely new way.” popular cycling route, and even tours, from approx. £550 per room per Averaging 35kph for almost at ten o’clock in the morning night, +34 971138620, castellsonclaret. five hours was tough, and I there are dozens upon dozens of com; Albion Motorcycles, from immediately jump in Claret’s cyclists hammering the asphalt. I approx. £120 per day, outdoor pool to cool down. More grin, happy to be discovering some food on the sun-kissed terrace of of the longer routes from the comfort Olivera before heading to the spa for of a motorcycle. a massage and then onto Alaró, to meet This summer, like most summers, the former Olympic track cyclist and current Tour de France will see weekend cyclists Irish track coach, David Muntaner, to across Britain don their bib-shorts, lycra discuss all things cycling. I wonder what it shirts and SPDs and hit the road. When is about Mallorca that’s transformed it into the cycling bug bites, it bites hard. A mere such a cycling hotspot? two-hour flight from London and you’re “Firstly, it’s the weather,” says Muntaner. pedalling along some of the greatest “Secondly, the roads; the drivers respect cycling roads in the world. Trust me, it’s the cyclists so it’s very safe. And thirdly, a flight worth making.



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“It’s a great way

to explore

Mallorca. You get to

experience the sights and sounds in an entirely

new way”

Mallorca’s best Cycling Routes Route: Valldemosa & Coll de Sóller Distance: 50km Difficulty: Medium Exiting Sóller via the Coll den Bleda, this 50km route takes the coastal road west to the artists’ town of Deià. The route then moves inland towards the pretty town of Valldemossa, a great cafe stop. The route descends rapidly out of Valldemossa, then turns back north for the climb of the Coll de Sóller back to Sóller town. The route packs in more than 1,000m of climbing, so is also a great workout.

Route: Puigpunyent, es Grau & Valldemossa Distance: 60km Difficulty: Medium A 60km route takes in some of the most convenient climbs from Palma. Despite the proximity to the capital, most of the roads on this route are quiet. From Palma, the route enters the Serra de Tramuntana and descends into the valley. The small rural town of Puigpunyent is a great choice for a cafe stop and comes just before the climb of es Grau. After another descent the road begins to climb towards Valldemossa. From here is a fast drag back into the centre of Palma.

Route: Palma, Deià, Sóller Distance: 132km Difficulty: Hard A 132km (82mile) route on the west of the island. Featuring the climbs of Coll de sa creu, es Grau, Coll de Sóller and Coll d’Honor. A spectacular ride along the northern coast and a chance to stop at the historic and picturesque village of Deià. Mallorca Cycling provides cycling camps from January to May and September and October. Book for 2017 by visiting or emailing

Courtesy of Mallorca Cycling,

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100 C l u b

Celebrating its centenary in 2016, the BMW Group turns its attention to the next 100 years, unveiling two, jaw-dropping concept cars from MINI and Rolls-Royce Words: George Chapman




BMW-owned car maker Rolls-Royce has revealed what its ultra-luxury cars might look like a century from now. The stunning concept, named the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100, spearheads a total of four ‘vision vehicles’ planned by the BMW Group in its centenary year. Revealed to the public at London’s Roundhouse Theatre, the car is almost six metres in length – roughly the same as the brand’s current Phantom flagship.

Featuring swooping bodywork that almost fully encases its enormous 28-inch wheels, the design takes clear inspiration from both the Art Deco and post-war eras, albeit with a very modern twist. With its long bonnet mostly hollow to provide luggage space, power comes from two 250kw electric motors, located above each axle. Despite the lack of traditional V12 combustion engine, the Vision Next 100 is said to offer high performance along with zero emissions. Designed to operate fully autonomously, the cockpit lacks both a driver’s seat and a steering wheel. Speaking at the event, director of design Giles Taylor said: “The Rolls-Royce patron will continue to be a famous figure in the future. I envision that the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 will play a key role in these people’s lives, guiding and conveying them effortlessly through their life’s journey in an exquisite sanctuary where they can reflect in peace ahead of arriving in the grandest style.” Rolls-Royce also suggests that the future of luxury mobility will see a return to coachbuilt production methods, where advanced manufacturing technologies will enable customers to become even more involved in the design of the shape and size of future models. Taking personalisation to new, unprecedented levels will ensure every single car is completely bespoke. Owners will benefit from a highly intelligent virtual assistant, represented by a digital Spirit of Ecstacy known as Eleanor,

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which appears on a full-width transparent OLED display. The assistant learns the preferences of the owner and in turn advises on routes and points of interest. The car’s defining party piece however is saved for the destination. The entire roof of the car hinges upwards when the rear-hinged coach door is opened, allowing enough room for passengers to stand in the car without ducking. Then, a step emerges from the running board and a red light is projected on the ground – to simulate red carpet.


solutions to future mobility, such as the Cooperizer – a link between the driver and a form of digital intelligence. The device takes the form of the large circular dial that has become such a signature feature of MINI cockpits. Many existing MINI fans will also be pleased to learn that the driver remains the emotional centrepiece of future models – evidence that in a future seemingly obsessed with autonomy, this iconic, urban go-kart may evolve to become even more enjoyable to drive. Giles Taylor

At the other end of the BMW Group spectrum, MINI has revealed a centenary concept for the future. The MINI Vision Next 100 follows a philosophy of thoughtful use of the planet’s resources, while highlighting car sharing as a viable solution to personal urban mobility. In the future, fans of the brand will be able to call on a MINI tailored to their personal requirements, wherever they are. Available anytime of the day or night, it will even pick up its driver in a fully automated way. Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president of BMW Group Design, described MINI’s vision for the future: “MINI looks to offer smart and bespoke mobility in cities that engages all the senses. And in the future, you might not actually have to own a vehicle to enjoy the benefits.” The concept features some intriguing

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The Super-UV Maserati unveils the hotly-anticipated Levante SUV Words: Jennifer Mason


he Levante is the first SUV that Maserati has produced in its 102-year history, and it’s caused rather a lot of controversy among car enthusiasts and motoring journalists. “The Levante honours Maserati’s tradition for naming its cars after exotic winds, but little else about the all-new SUV sits quite so comfortably with Trident’s rich and noble heritage,” writes Richard Meaden in Evo. Although I’ve not yet been lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the new Maserati, I’ve got a rather different opinion. With the rise of the city SUV (or Chelsea tractor) Maserati would have been foolish to ignore the possibilities offered by a larger, more hefty model. And large it is; the Levante is 5 metres long and more than 2.1 metres wide. Weighing in at 2,205kg ( for the diesel version) it’s a beast of a machine. But the sleek design and clever suspension technology coupled with the impressive power stats suggest the Levante will be no lumbering off-roader. One question remains: just how much of a Maserati is the Levante? Will those sweeping good looks be matched by performance and drive? We’ll have to wait to find out. Prices for the Levante start from £54,335 on the road. First orders arrive in the autumn,



The Power The Levante is being produced with two engines – a 3.90-litre 430bhp V6 petrol engine, and a 3.0-litre 275bhp V6 diesel equivalent. Power is delivered through an eightspeed gearbox and Maserati’s Q4 AWD.

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the performance

the ride

The diesel Levante does 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds, helped by 442lb-ft of torque. The petrol version is quicker at 5.2 seconds, though the diesel’s CO2 figures of 198g/km are far more eco-friendly than the petrol’s 253g/km.

Improtantly for an SUV, the Levante benefits from advance active air suspension. This means five ride heights and six levels of capability and comfort – alongside Maserati’s Skyhook system of shock absorbers.

the interiors

the shape The Levante features classleading aerodynamics with standard active grill shutters and a low centre of gravity, offering perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution – as well as systems calibrated to increase driving pleasure.

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As expected of Maserati interiors, the inside of the Levante showcases the very pinnacle of interior design and technological innovation. The Levante featuers Ermenegildo Zegna silk, carbon fibre trim and audio tech surroundsound from Bowers & Wilkins.



Take Me Out Luxury car manufacturers are increasingly tapping into the powerful message that exclusive, factory-organised ‘lifestyle’ trips can impart. From ice-driving in the Arctic, to racing your own F1 car, The City Magazine rounds up the world’s best driving experiences Words: David Williams

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Glitz, glamour and those once-ina-lifetime experiences As the fleet of Bentleys swept into Florence’s ancient Piazza della Signoria, locals and tourists stopped and stared in disbelief. Home to Michelangelo’s David, the historic square strictly prohibits all traffic. But the 12-car convoy had somehow slipped in under police escort. Glinting in the Tuscan sun and with the square’s walls reverberating to the thrum of finely tuned V8s and W12s, the cars glided to a halt before the very doors of the Palazzo Vecchio. Onlookers whipped out their cameras to capture the scene as the mystery VIPs disappeared inside the imposing medieval palace for a private tour and dinner – followed by exclusive access to a secret tunnel running through the nearby Ponte Vecchio, constructed hundreds of years ago so that the Florentine nobility could move about incognito. “It blew everyone’s socks off,” says Neil Foulkes, Bentley’s head of UK marketing, as he recalls the high point of this year’s Extraordinary Drive programme, which aims to give customers unforgettable experiences. Just like rival luxury car firms such as Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari and Range Rover, Bentley is increasingly supplementing its marketing activities by seeking ingenious new ways to showcase its vehicles in glamorous lifestyle settings. As a prelude to that grand entrance in Florence, part of Bentley’s £12,995-perhead Dolce Vita extravaganza, customers had already enjoyed exclusive access to the Monza race circuit, a fashion-shopping excursion in Milan and a night in that city’s Bulgari hotel. “Our customers are discerning individuals who are used to getting what they want,” explains Foulkes. “It’s our job to deliver and surpass their expectations.” Bentley’s programme began with Power on Ice four years ago, a lavish private jet trip to an ultra-exclusive ski resort high in

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

the Finnish Arctic Circle. Here, customers mingle with other wealthy clients for a long weekend while, under the tutelage of leading world rally drivers, they learn to slide £250,000 Mulsannes and £150,000 Continental GTs sideways on a frozen lake. The luxury car firm didn’t look back. Its dealers enjoyed the clout it gave them with big-spending customers; the customers loved it too. One Russian client loved it so much he promptly re-booked all 40 places on the next Power on Ice trip – at £11,000 a head – so that he could entertain just three chums and have the vast expanse of frozen lakes, fine dining and husky dog sled treks all to himself. “What do we get out of our programme?” poses Foulkes. “It gives us the opportunity to get in touch with, and build relationships with, our customers – and it gives them a unique opportunity to network with each other, too. We have a little community of customers that meets up socially and ends up going on future drives together, almost like a reunion tour. Customers are willing to pay for these experiences and put time aside to be with like-minded people.” Today the programme – for which customers can apply via dealers – has expanded to embrace lap-of-luxury trips to California’s Pebble Beach, Dubai, and even Chile and Bolivia, with packages costing from £7,000-£14,000 per person. “When we launched Extraordinary Drives my first thought was that we had a lot of spaces to fill. But the demand from the first event has been astonishing. These events sell out.”



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Tailor-made trips on the world’s most breathtaking roads Not to be outdone, Porsche’s Travel Club offers bespoke driving tours of locations including Scotland, Germany’s Black Forest and the Côte d’Azur from around £900 £5,300 and ranging from a long weekend to 12-day adventure tours, studded with top hotels and gastronomic delights. The Porsche Travel Club has been running for almost 20 years. Along winding coastal roads, serpentine bends, deep valleys or breathtaking mountain passes, every year, around 100 tours are tailormade to meet the company’s clients’ requirements. Porsche Travel Clubs also operates in China, Japan and Russia.


Factory tours and F1 thrills Ferrari’s Esperienza Ferrari is a two-day activity with the first day dedicated to a Factory Tour and the second to a thrilling driving experience on the Fiorano circuit in the hills of Maranello. It is targeted principally at new clients, with the dealer usually paying the (undisclosed) cost for one person to attend in order to confirm interest in a new order, explains Jason Harris, Ferrari UK Communications Manager. The firm’s other events focus on existing clients who pay for trips offering exclusive access to Ferrari F1 through the Paddock Club. Ferrari also takes customers through its Pilota Course programmes, which span obtaining a race licence, entering a Ferrari Challenge race series, racing a GT car at Le Mans or even driving your own F1 car. “The philosophy is to ensure clients have the best possible experience with Ferrari, the company, the people, the racing activities and, of course, our cars,” says Harris. Search ‘Esperienza Ferrari’ at



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Land Rover

For those with a real taste for adventure, Land Rover has, surely, stolen the crown Teaming up with international luxury travel specialist Abercrombie and Kent, it offers customers ‘The most luxurious road trip on earth’. The ‘unrivalled’ 21-day trip takes place in five continents, eight countries and nine of the world’s very best hotels. Clients get to experience truly offthe-beaten track driving activities in the most luxurious Range Rover ever; the SVAutobiography, described by the firm as the ‘epitome of elegant and indulgent living’. The trip of a lifetime starts in the twisting mountain roads of Monaco and travels via the Italian lakes, includes lunch on a glacier in the Alps (customers are flown in by private helicopter) before moving on to Marrakech. It culminates in the Atlas Mountains with lunch at Richard Branson’s exquisite hotel, Kasbah Tamadot. Cost? A cool £100,000 per person. For those who are possibly cash rich but time poor, Land Rover, in conjunction with Abercrombie and Kent, offers no less thrilling off-road experiences in southern Chile ( from £4,750), Scotland, Thailand and Laos, Spain and Costa Rica.; or search Land Rover at

The trip of a lifetime starts in the twisting mountain roads of Monaco and travels via the Italian lakes s luxurylo nd o n.c s



Aston Martin

Celebrate the joie de vivre on a global scale with Aston Martin That most iconic of British brands, Aston Martin offers ‘beautiful and unexpected experiences’ through its Art of Living programme. This includes VIP access to polo at Cowdray Park while staying at Cowdray House, three days at the Villa Collalto, located between Siena and Florence while driving the DB11, and New Zealand On Ice – the marque’s first ice experience in the southern hemisphere, following similar successful events in Europe and the US. Upcoming experiences include a technology and architecture tour of Japan, a classic culture trip to Cuba, a Californian food and wine experience and a behindthe-scenes-tour of Paris, complete with an overnight stay at the newly refurbished Ritz Hotel.

That most iconic of British brands, Aston Martin offers ‘beautiful and unexpected experiences’ through its Art of Living programme

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Exclusive access, fine dining and a laid-back approach For Rolls-Royce, even the allure of licensed hooliganism on ice isn’t quite special enough. It specialises in curating what it terms ultra-exclusive ‘embassies of luxury’ at sumptuous private homes in dream locations spanning the globe. “Our customers are wealthy, incredibly discerning, incredibly sophisticated people. These experiences allow us to spend time with our customers and lets them spend time with our cars. They do not have to care about a single thing from the moment their private jet touches down.” In the company of other, handpicked high-net-worth individuals, the firm’s best customers are invited to party with senior Rolls-Royce executives as they enjoy untrammelled access to renowned artists, jewellers and tailors. They sample the finest food imaginable, enjoy rarefied sailing excursions on classic yachts – perhaps in California or in Italy – sip the finest wines and view priceless art in private collections. If the mood takes them they might even drive a car or two. “Our customers are very wealthy but time poor,” says James. “We have experts on hand to very gently, should they ask for it, say ‘Don’t worry about a test drive today – we’ll chauffeur you up to the yacht for lunch and if you want to drive the Wraith

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

or Dawn in the afternoon that’s completely up to you. If you want to join us at the winery in the afternoon that we’re running with one of our luxury partners that’s fine too. And why don’t you come to our party the following evening...’ “At this end of the spectrum our duty is to segue very gently into the lives of our customers. We don’t just want to slap our name on a bit of sponsorship in the mass luxury approach.”




Essential apparatus for keeping ahead of the curve

Unshackled audio

Your phone is cordless. Your computer is free and easy. Don’t leave your sound system in the Stone Age


t’s not every day that you get an invitation to Bang & Olufsen’s flagship London store for a worldwide launch. In fact, this meant I was half an hour late to the event, due to the fact that I couldn’t make my way around the (as it turned out) very straightforward courtyard near Leicester Square. B&O could have saved me the hassle by switching on a few of its new Beoplay A1s and letting them rip. The sound from one of these diminutive, gorgeous Bluetooth speakers is extraordinary. The tech inside the elegant aluminium dome, designed by the award-winning Cecilie Manz, creates a sound so unexpected that for a second it was as if the creators were playing some kind of elaborate prank, only to reveal

a new, much bigger set of speakers. The A1 weighs just 600g (1.3 lb), but delivers a bass as low as 40hz – enough to rattle the eardrums, and to make me doubt the quality of my standing speakers at home. Having actually tested it at home after the event, the sound kept impressing, continually performing highly with any type of music or audio, and filling my (regrettably small) living room comfortably. Dust and water resistance means that it works as well on your bed or at a barbecue, and 24-hour battery life makes entertaining a little easier – minus the unavoidable musical arguments that will ensue. To the design: flexibility is the key word. The beautiful aluminium finish

seamlessly connects to the double moulded polymer base, both protecting the internal workings and creating something you wouldn’t mind sitting on your coffee table. This isn’t its main purpose, however: the completely circular design includes no protruding buttons or legs, meaning that it’s as easy to slip in a rucksack or coat pocket as a phone. There are a lot of extra features – 360-degree speech sensitivity for high-quality conference calling, a free accompanying app to tweak the sound for optimum listening with each genre – but the takeaway message is clear: the A1 is a seriously good speaker. Beoplay A1, £199,

SoundLink Colour

Charge 2+

Best of the rest


The Fugoo comes in multiple styles, such as Sport and Tough, and its 40-hour battery life, sleek design and quality sound make it the biggest competitor to the A1 £179, Fugoo,



Great sound and battery life, and some much needed colour added to Bose’s usual technologically high-end but relatively sober output £99.95, Bose,

A strong bass and a nifty Social Mode, allowing three devices to connect simultaneously, mean that this a great speaker for any party £149.99, JBL,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

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Un ive r se i n your h an d Tiny1 has b een creat ed for amat eur astronomy enthusiasts as th e w orld’s first smart and social astrophotography cam era . Its creator, TinyMO S, says it ’s b een design ed around ease of planning, capture, processing and sharing on social m edia . Spatial sensors guide users to point at th e correct stars or plan ets in real tim e, through advanced star maps. Th e cam era al so contains presets to capture th e most popular objects and process images. Th e specs aren’t D SLR standard , but to capture th e night sky, th ere i sn’t much bett er, as y ou can see from th e images. Th e crowd-funding page has already rai sed three tim es th e mon ey asked for, so if y ou’re a budding astronomi st, get backing. Tiny1, $399 (£270), TinyMOS ,

The Fort Knox of phones

The luxury smart phone market has a new player in the Solarin. Its creator, Sirin Labs, claims that the new phone is a “military-grade super smart phone”, and looking at the specifications, it’s hard to argue. Alongside the usual features seen in the luxury sector – Gorilla Glass, Qualcomm quick charging, a 24 megapixel camera, huge storage, premium Italian leather back – the real development lies in its security system. Simply switch on the phone’s ‘shield’ to enter the specialised encrypted suite, to make end-to-end encrypted calls, send encrypted messages and emails, and feel like a regular James Bond. With partners Zimperium and KoolSpan, Sirin has used technology previously only available to the military and secret services. Cyber threat protection covers physical, network and malware attacks, and there are ondevice and remote apps to help if the phone is lost or stolen, including full disk encryption, location, lock, device wiping, and factory reset protection. Regular security patches also ensure the phone is ready for the newest threats. This phone is the toughest nut to crack ever produced, and looks good while protecting your sensitive information. Solarin, £9,500, Sirin,

s luxurylo nd o n.c s




Mark & Hannah Hayes-Westall have been working in, and writing about, contemporary art for almost 20 years. Each month, they introduce an artist that should be on your agenda



hat’s so interesting? We often hear works of art praised as being ‘powerful’ as a way of describing their emotional impact on the viewer. In fact, research has shown we value art that stirs up our feelings because of the way our brains are structured, with the areas responsible for emotion and goal-setting activating when we view art, leading some researchers to speculate that the creation of an emotional experience is the purpose of artistic expression. Of all visual art forms, abstract art might be said to stick closest to this as a goal, with an ‘art for art’s sake’ approach that values the creation of beautiful effects rather than representational accuracy. The high-minded idealism that this approach can engender has, over the course of its



development as an art form, often led to abstract art that is strongly and visibly rooted in theory, as evidenced by artists like Braque, Mondrian and Malevich. Set against this overt intellectualism, Mary Heilmann is a different kind of abstract artist; one who uses the power of pop culture and an almost synesthetic approach to humanise the rigorous theory that underpins her work, achieving a kind of emotional engagement that is a delight to experience. It was perhaps inevitable that Mary Heilmann would take an alternative approach to that of her peers. The Californian artist received her training, and took her place in the art world, at a time when the art of a young woman was by no means easily accepted.

The creation of an emotional experience is the purpose of artistic expression

ABOVE, FROM LEFT Crashing Wave (2011); Night Swimmer (1998); Maricopa Highway (2014), all by Mary Heilmann

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

| out of office |

Studying at Berkeley in the late 1960s painters like Matisse and Mondrian with with tutors including a young David works like Matisse (1989), a hand-shaped Hockney and the legendary Bauhaus canvas with a geometric motif in white painter and colour theorist Josef Albers, and dark blue. Heilmann tried to adopt the anti-painting Heilmann’s later works address key posture of many of her peers, moments in her life; places and proclaiming her support of people she loved and lived in, minimalist sculptors like roads she travelled, waves Donald Judd and Richard she surfed, music and Serra, but despite herself, films she absorbed. Her Mary Heilmann: Looking At she found she was drawn love of popular culture Pictures is at the Whitechapel to painting. runs through it all, with Gallery until 21 August 2016. Bringing her colourworks like Bush of Ghosts For further information visit drenched vision to the (1980) and The Thief of teeming artistic world Baghdad (1983) explicitly of early-1970s New York, calling out film titles, the artist found that she was while others, like 311 able to make a name for herself Castro Street (2001) holding a by loudly announcing her support personal significance. of painting as an art form, picking fights Recent works are inspired by both (or ‘beefs’ as she describes them) with the surfing and scenic ocean roads, with pieces artists hanging out at Max’s Kansas City. It like Maricopa Highway (2014) evoking the was a tactic that paid dividends and, while pure experience of a road trip in a summer she didn’t attract the fame of male peers like night, and Crashing Wave (2011) viscerally Warhol and Serra, she became accepted by capturing the evanescent world of the ‘blue them (Philip Glass famously installed her room’ at the heart of the wave. shower) and acquired gallery representation. Mary Heilmann’s work has been the Heilmann’s work is often bright, subject of numerous solo shows in some of with the interplay of colours supporting the world’s leading museums and galleries geometries that, in a deliberate rejection and is currently on display in east London’s of the cold perfection of much abstract Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibition work, show the artist’s hand at every point. surveys her career and includes some of Splashes of paint, hand-shaped canvases, her famously engaging slideshow works, and a collision of ceramics and materials where the pieces sit alongside images that add humanity to conceptual works evoking have inspired them and are soundtracked experience and sensation. by an expertly curated playlist that mixes Early works like The First Vent (1972) old and new, punk and acoustic. Also and Little 9x9 (1973) capture Heilmann’s shown are a series of chairs designed by impressions of architectural details in the artist and painted in her signature the spaces she inhabited and are made brights, sited in front of the works allowing tactile by her technique. In Little 9x9 she visitors to relax and consider the piece uses her fingers to create an irregular grid, in front of them. It’s somehow perfectly heavily applying paint mixed with bronze appropriate that this most human of dust before scraping it away to reveal the conceptual artists has applied such a level foundation beneath. In the 1980s, her of consideration to those who will view work celebrated the influence of Modern her art.

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Mary Heilmann’s work has been the subject of numerous solo shows in some of the world’s leading museums and galleries

ABOVE The Thief of Baghdad (1983) by Mary Heilmann BELOW, FROM LEFT Primalon Ballroom (2002); Taste of Honey (2011); Little Mondrian (1985), all by Mary Heilmann



Lofty n o i t i b am knack n has a a m ls e ion – Hand xt miss e n Harry is H . live olution ay we for rev w e h t change id Taylor Words: Dav

Manhattan Loft Gardens terrace


nyone who’s anyone on the London socialite scene will see the Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone as a mustgo venue for most special occasions. Its stratospheric rise – which has dragged the area with it – is usually put down to owner, André Balazs. However, the modern symbol of the rich and famous would have



been but a pipe dream were it not for its original developer; Harry Handelsman knows a good opportunity when he sees one. “When I identified the Chiltern Firehouse, sure, Marylebone was quite cool, quite interesting, but it didn’t have the pulse of the city. In order to create

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“I’m probably prepared to take a risk where other people would think it’s a step too far”

above The Hackney Fashion Hub circles from top Port East, West India Quay; The Chambers Club at St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel © Jeremy Rata; Bankside Lofts

success, you have to spend much more money than might be seen as necessary. We’re overstaffed, but by doing that, we’re giving the customer an experience they don’t have anywhere else. “I think that’s important. Let’s make sure we spend what is required and by spending all that money and spoiling the

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purchaser or customer, we can make it financially viable. If all my projects were financially unviable I wouldn’t be here having this conversation with you. “I’m probably prepared to take a risk where other people would think it’s a step too far.” Handelsman’s CV certainly isn’t one of an orthodox developer. The Munich-born, ex-New-York-now-Londoner isn’t in the industry for a quick buck: “I look at added value. I love this city, it’s really very exciting and there are so many people that can contribute. Chefs can contribute, opening great restaurants, designers can contribute by having an amazing fashion week, and developers can contribute by identifying locations that aren’t perhaps so much in vogue; not because they couldn’t be, but because they’ve been neglected. “What I’m interested in is broadening the scope of London; great cities aren’t just about one or two locations. I want to find amazing buildings and develop them in areas that might not be fashionable, but have an infrastructure that is fashionable, and then putting in a lot of effort and making it all happen.” This is certainly the case with Handelsman’s next big project: Manhattan Loft Gardens is ambitious, to say the least. The 135m, 42-floor tower neighbouring Stratford’s Olympic Village will house 248 flats, a hotel, restaurant, huge lobby, and two cantilevered, open-air gardens midway up. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), who also built Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the tower is set to continue the engineering firm’s heritage of redefining what a high-rise should look like. Heritage plays a major role in each of Handelsman’s projects. Ealing Studios, for example, was on its last legs before an eleventh-hour rescue: “I’m incredibly proud of Ealing Studios, because my concern



Manhattan Loft Gardens south facade © Hayes Davidson

“I love this city... I’ve got to make sure the city gets better through what I do” is that if I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have probably turned it into a superstore and that would’ve been so sad. “It’s a relatively modest studio, but what it has is an aura about it. It’s the oldest working studio in the world, and it has a demand – seven episodes of Downton Abbey – and we’re constantly busy. I’m not necessarily star-struck, but you go there and you see really charming, marvellous people who are there fulfilling a role with a passion, just hanging around, which is nice to observe.” It’s hard to argue against Handelsman’s track record. Possibly his biggest achievement, the redevelopment of the old St Pancras Grand Midland Hotel, was a disaster waiting to happen, with restoration costs more than doubling during the process, and disagreements over contracts. The result, however, is the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, a flagship for the area’s regeneration. “This building needed an incredible amount of commitment and expense”, said Handelsman. “It became quite a challenge. But turning it around, for people to really be able to experience this Gilbert Scott masterpiece, was a great achievement.” Over in Stratford, Handelsman is in no doubt as to the undertaking the Loft Gardens creates: “It’s totally ambitious, and people think you’re mad. I don’t have to do it in order to make money. I could’ve just built a lovely tower, like many towers going up in London, but what I want to do is create something that sets the tone; whereby high-rise living doesn’t just become a series of apartments vertically on top of one another. I want to try to introduce a sense of community to a particular building. “I want to create a community where people who are living there say: ‘My God, am I proud to be living here, I feel privileged, I feel great.’ Because I’m building something for you, as opposed to an investor. “With a loft, you can decide the size of your bedroom, you bathroom, your kitchen. It’s how you want to live. But it’s



also the ability of restoring some of the most wonderful buildings, and giving them a new lease of life.” An easy thing to say without any meaning, but the developer has let his actions speak for themselves, refusing to sell to buyers he thought wouldn’t enjoy loft living. In addition, it’s not just the people on the inside that are taken into consideration: the community that lives around a building is an important aspect of the structure’s longevity. “We don’t build just for one thing. Buildings stay for a very long time. If it was just an oasis where everybody within was really happy, but everywhere outside of it was miserable because of the building being there, we wouldn’t do it. It has to really fit; it needs to influence, needs to improve, needs to add value to the community. “I love this city, and if I’m privileged enough that I can develop something, I’ve got to make sure the city gets better through what I do.” New York’s loss is London’s gain, it seems. Does Handelsman have any predictions for the Loft Gardens? “I think we’re going to be building the most important tower in Europe. “It’s not just about connectivity, stadiums, apartments and parks; it’s also about culture – the London School of Art is coming there – and it’s going to make an incredible difference to the demographic [of the area]. “The amount of energy, effort and money we’re putting into that project will lead to a new discovery, and that’s what’s really exciting.” Staircase, St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel

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Some of the best developments from the regeneration man

Port East Apartments

Bankside Lofts

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Ealing Studios

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Chiltern Firehouse



Dhyana series by christine wilkinson Don’t be afraid to be abstract with the Dhyana series from photographic artist Christine Wilkinson. Showcasing a cool, calming misty palette of greys and blues, the pieces are designed to inspire thought and meditation. POA,

s e r a u q s n i life l feel ctura u r t s a s lend esign d l a ectur archit d n a ns atter h tric p e mont m o is ge rs th io r e to int

cubes ‘maison lacroix’

Maison Christian Lacroix is celebrating its fifth birthday with a collaboration with French furniture designer Roche Bobois. We love these vibrant Cubes, which will add a splash of colour to your home, while offering interesting storage solutions. €760 for one (approx. £634),

puzzle lamp Jonathan Adler has triumphed once again with this architectural lamp. Inspired by a house of cards and made of sheets of solid brass, the lamp is layered in a dynamic composition and is topped with a moody matte black shade. £1,250,

Jackson Walnut Coat & Hat Stand by dare studios Hang your hats and coats in style with the Jackson Walnut Coat & Hat Stand by Dare Studios for the Conran Shop. £1,450,



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Malibu chair Sunburst Chest Adding sunshine to your home on the dreariest of days, this Sunburst Chest from Ralph Lauren Home has a Victoria Falls Mahogany finish with polished brass handles and measures 114 x 53 x 116 cm. £11,825,

Relax and unwind in this sumptuous armchair from Jonathan Adler. Available in either pearl or charcoal bouclé with minimal brushed brass legs, this would look at home in an east London loftstyle apartment. $1,695 (approx. £1,281),

Crushed Bamboo Mirror Mirrors, when used in clever ways, can add light and the illusion of more space to a home. This simple yet chic offering from Ralph Lauren Home is crafted from crushed bamboo and measures 43 x 2 x 50 cm. £2,925,

Istanbul Indian Teal Blue Cushion Sporting a vibrant shade of blue and a striking geometric design, this cushion from Nina Kullberg makes a great statement piece. Kullberg has been known to produce cushions in the finest linen and is inspired by international culture and architecture. £68.35,

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L a D olc e Vi ta “ You may have th e universe if I may have Italy,” said composer Gui sepp e Verdi of hi s b eloved hom e countr y. A phrase that will resonat e today with many a modern traveller thanks to th e hard-to-b eat nature of Italy ’s of ferings. For th ere can b e few oth er places so rich in hi stor y ; so packed full of epicurean delights; so possessive of such an enduring charm . From th e fashion m ecca of Milan to th e ancient ruins of Pomp eii , thi s i s a countr y that i s as diverse as it i s captivating. O ver th e n ext 10 pages, The City Maga zine takes y ou on a road trip around Italy ’s fin est spots; getting a tast e for th e high life in th e L azio hill s above Rom e, b efore winding down to th e south of th e S orrentin e Peninsula to re vel in th e delights of th e Amalfi coast – complet e with sun , sea and that Italian essential , Ap erol .


© Maurice Naragon



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DO AS THE ROMANS DO Live like royalty at Villa Elda, a sumptuous four-bedroom property 30 minutes from Rome WORDS: Mhairi Graham




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oman history attributes the birth of olive trees to Hercules; according to legend, every time he struck the ground with his staff, a tree would grow. If that is the case, Hercules most probably took a stroll through Villa Elda’s surrounding gardens – a stretch of fairy-tale greenery lined with olive trees, fruit orchards and flowers. It is not, however, the Italian horticulture that first grabs your attention. Nor is it the water fountains, the Japanese pond or the property’s very own private lake. It is the imposing grandeur of Villa Elda – a sumptuous, rustic retreat defined by grand pillars, sunlit mezzanines, stone-arched doorways and wrought-iron detailing. But let’s go back to that private lake; nestled in the hills of Lazio, the villa overlooks Lake Monterosi, a portion of which is for the exclusive use of guests, a mere half hour from Rome. Indoors, the decor is equally palatial – plush, tasselled chairs, gilt coffee tables, stately rugs and wooden beams; we are soon introduced to the lady of the house – a large nude canvas resting above a sofa. We also meet the housekeeper, butler and private chef, all on offer when you stay at Villa Elda. The four-bedroom property is owned by David Gold, founder of Gold Fever Hair Extensions, widely acclaimed as the original creators of hair extensions

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more than 25 years ago. Gold has been responsible for discreetly lengthening the locks of celebrities for decades, including Whitney Houston and Lisa Marie Presley. The villa received a moment of televised fame last year when it hosted Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her gang of musical hopefuls for the ‘Judges’ Houses’ stage of The X Factor. Not even the contestants’ tales of woe and Cheryl’s doe-eyed stare could eclipse the imposing splendour of

The villa received a moment of fame when it hosted Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for the ‘Judges’ Houses’ stage of The X Factor the sprawling Italian manor, swathed in greenery and rural charm. Villa Elda can sleep up to eight guests, although you are likely to perhaps lose one in the master suite’s expansive, walk-in wardrobe. The suite is larger than most London flats, and there are a further two double bedrooms downstairs, each with an en suite, and one twin bedroom. It boasts two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a gym, sauna and Turkish bath. It feels incredibly private and very secluded, apart from the occasional horse or deer that you are likely to see at the foot of the hill. The property is not all that far from where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes



tied the knot in 2006 and, had it been available for rental back then, I have no doubt that Holmes, Clooney and the gang may have popped bottles overlooking the lake, or made a quick getaway using the rooftop helipad. Like much of Italy, it is the perfect spot for La Dolce Vita days spent catching rays and drinking wine. You may also request a massage in the spa, or perhaps lunch and dinner cooked by your private chef, served in the chandelier-decked dining room or alfresco on the terrace. I am thoroughly spoiled during my time at Villa Elda; eating vast quantities of pasta, bread and creamy cheese (when in, or near, Rome); unwinding in the sauna and falling asleep amid crisp, white linen. For those less content with a sybaritic routine of morning dips, candlelit dinners and evenings spent in front of a setting



sun or roaring fire (glass in hand), there is plenty to do outside the property. There are two golf courses and several restaurants nearby, including the utterly romantic Il Postiglione. A family-run hotel and restaurant steeped in history, the structure can be traced back to 1463, and during the 19th century it housed Napoleonic troops sent to the area to eradicate highwaymen from the nearby Baccano Valley. Historical heirlooms punctuate the restaurant interior – a carriage, a coat of arms and a trough, a structure that has remained unaltered through the centuries. Indeed, I half expected Michelangelo to stroll through the door. The restaurant celebrates traditional, local cuisine – the squid and langoustine are particularly delicious – and as night falls, each archway is lit up by dozens of twinkling candles.

Rome is also a short, scenic drive away (there is an Audi Q7 at guests’ disposal), and while the Eternal City may not have been built in a day, I manage to see the highlights in a swift eight hours: the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon temple; a world of historic architecture, gladiators, trattorias, piazzas and pasta. The beauty of Rome is how effortlessly the old and new blend together; dinky Fiat 500s and Vespa scooters parked up beside ancient ruins; dinner served in the theatre where Julius Caesar famously took his final breath (Ristorante da Pancrazio) and flagship boutiques nestled in Baroque archways. It is also effortlessly stylish; not for nothing did Audrey Hepburn fall in love with the Italian capital following her Oscar-winning role in Roman Holiday (I doubt ‘English Holiday’ would have had quite so much flair). The city’s seductive glamour flickers in street lamps, boutiques and Renaissance palazzos; it carries that distinct Italian swagger, immortalised by the likes of Fellini, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond collection. When the bustle of the city gets too much, head back to base and enjoy a glass of bianco as you watch the sun crouch behind the lake. Bellissimo.

Like much of Italy, it is the perfect spot for La Dolce Vita days spent catching rays and drinking wine My Private Villas Ltd offers Villa Elda from €15,000 (approx. £11,000) per week. This rate includes accommodation for eight guests in four bedrooms, use of all the villa’s facilities including the Audi Q7 and helipad (helicopter transfer at an additional cost),

© Luca Parisse

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The London Shooting Show on the 16th and 17th of September is an invitation only exclusive event showcasing the best of British game shooting.

Expect to see tweed, fashion, luxury goods and prestigious cars alongside the finest English craftsmanship employed to make the finest guns. Experience the thrill of firing a large calibre rifle or shoot a Purdey shotgun at clay pigeons at this event filled show. Only 40 minutes from the centre of London. The British countryside comes to London in September so –

AIM... TO BE THERE! Book your invitation through


20/06/2016 14:30

hotel of the month: CAPRI PALACE HOTEL & SPA

At the foot of Mount Solaro, 1,000ft above sea level, in the small, unspoilt town of Anacapri – ‘ana’ meaning ‘above’ in Greek – Tiffany Eastland discovers the jewel in the crown of Capri


uilt in 1960, overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Ischia island, this stunning hotel was immediately a favourite among film stars and royalty. Having had the pleasure of reviewing Capri Palace for two nights at the start of the season, I can easily understand why, especially if fine food sits high on your holiday wish list. Our first night at the hotel was spent enjoying the traditional flavours of the region at the only two Michelin-starred restaurant on the island, L’Olivo. Under

back at L’Olivo enjoying a beautiful buffet breakfast a mere eight hours later. Following a morning spent exploring the town’s narrow alleyways and Villa San Michele, which now houses the Axel Munthe Museum, it was time to feed our growing appetites at Il Riccio, the one Michelin-starred restaurant and beach club. Just a few steps from the enchanting Blue Grotto, overlooking the postcard-worthy blue sea, this was an unforgettable culinary experience – thanks to both the food and the setting. Chef Salvatore Elefante prefers fish, seafood and specialties typically Mediterranean; however, one of the highlights was the ‘room of temptation’, an area to the side of the kitchen with the most spectacular assortment of sweets and desserts, including the best of Neapolitan pastry. We had just enough time to digest the food, before it was back to the hotel and to the spa for our appointment at the famous Leg School. Under the direction

of Professor Francesco Canonaco, the Capri Beauty Farm is the first certified medical spa in Europe, offering signature programmes such as its Leg School, which has proven highly successful in combating sluggish blood circulation and reducing cellulite and swelling due to water retention. Pampered and fed to my heart’s content, it occurred to me how hard it would be to leave, and then I realised we had arrived at our last day. Hardly deprived at this point, we indulged in one final lunch at the hotel’s Bistrot Ragù. Paying homage to the flavours of Capri, through local recipes, Bistro Ragù makes use of the hotel’s lovely terrace and expansive sea views. They say, ‘See Naples and die’; I say, not before reaching Anacapri.

Our first night at the hotel was spent enjoying the traditional flavours of the region at the only two Michelin-starred restaurant on the island, L’Olivo the direction of executive chef Andrea Migliaccio, the menu is divided by main ingredients: fish, meat, vegetables, pasta and rice. We ticked all boxes, and finished with an abundance of desserts, cheeses and herbal tea, a fine effort for our first night in paradise. Suitably stuffed, I headed back to my suite, which I’d not yet had the opportunity to properly explore. It was, in fact, only after dinner that I realised the 21sq m heated swimming pool, which I could see from my window, was not shared as I originally thought, but designed for my own private use. For the next two nights I had the pleasure of calling Suite Andromeda home. Measuring 753sq ft, this suite comprises a separate bedroom and living room, two bathrooms, one with a free-standing bathtub, a walk-in closet, and a ‘wellness corner’ with an exercise bike that was, of course, never used. I was

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Il Riccio Restaurant



THE SIMPLE LIFE The Italians have got it right. Great food, great wine and great company are all you need for a holiday to succeed. Annabel Harrison summers the Italian way


ometimes I like going back to basics, and Italy is the best place to do it. What more could I really want than local food and wine, sunshine and blue skies? On every visit, whether it’s birdsong echoing through the Roman Forum or lemon-speckled Capri, so vivid it should have an Instagram filter named after it, Italy’s smells, sounds and sights make me fall in love all over again. As such, it’s an excellent place for a wedding anniversary, my husband and I decide, and as we witness on several occasions,

CLOCKWISE FROM below Infinity pool, Monastero Santa Rosa; Game lounge, Hotel Romeo; Swimming pool, Monastero Santa Rosa; Sushi Bar & Restaurant, Hotel Romeo; Monastero Santa Rosa exterior; Sushi Bar & Restaurant, Hotel Romeo; Rooftop pool, Hotel Romeo


great for proposals too. She/he is bound to say yes, drunk on Aperol, fresh air and Italy’s charms. We fly into Naples, a city with a reputation that precedes it – in reality, this hectic, friendly and intriguing place is the gateway to a daisy chain of pretty pit stops on the Amalfi Coast. We zigzag through the streets to the docks – horns blare as cars swerve like dodgems – and bed down for our first night in Hotel Romeo. Outside, sleek steel and glass are lit up blue, while inside there’s an impressive, diverse art

Outside, sleek steel and glass are lit up blue, while inside there’s an impressive, diverse art collection



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collection. Our room, cream and dark brown with sliding glass dividers, boasts all the amenities you’d expect as five-star standard: large bed, lots of space, free Wi-Fi and a very welcome tea station. While the view from the lower levels takes in the ramshackle port, its buildings and cruise ships, from rooms higher up and the Beluga Sky Bar (where the continental buffet breakfast is served), visible in the distance is the prima donna of this whole region. We admire Mount Vesuvius herself as we bask in the spa pool on the roof before heading out in search of Naples’ famous pizza (as eulogised in Eat, Pray, Love). Most Neapolitans seem to disagree which local is best but we find that it’s hard to go wrong. Even a €3 Marinara in a side street café, dough and sauce made in front of us, results in a very satisfied silence. You’ll be grateful of this carb-fest before exploring the maze of classical ruins just a cab ride away. For €140 (approx.) a driver will take you out for a few hours, first to Herculaneum (“Beautiful!” our driver declares, as proudly as if he’s talking about his first-born) and then to Pompeii

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(“SUPER-beautiful!”). Words can’t do these wonders justice – go see them for yourselves and prepare to enter a spinetingling window into the past. Failing that, watch Mary Beard’s documentaries. Hotel Romeo is in the right place for the above but also for travelling onward (via car, ferry or helicopter) when you tire of city life. We retreat to the Amalfi Coast and find ourselves entering another window into the past – populated not by Pompeiians but by 17th century monks and nuns. If I had to perform religious duties, I’d do so willingly here – Monastero Santa Rosa is surely one of the most beautiful monasteries in existence. Thankfully, no prayers or psalms are needed because it has been converted with care into an exquisite hotel. The ‘Confessional’ remains so that guests can give feedback, and although we’re in the lap of luxury, even the Wi-Fi password – Simplicity – also harkens back to the property’s monastic roots and simpler way of life. Occupying a lofty spot high on the cliffs, the former monastery is an expanse



of cream walls and verdant gardens across four levels, dotted with red, purple and white flowers. God’s gifts to the natural world are on show in all their glory here – taste, smell and gaze to your heart’s content. The 180-degree view of the twinkling sea is awe-inspiring, dizzying and calming all at once. There are just 20 rooms, despite acres of space, and all are named after herbs that the nuns would have grown in the gardens for medicines. Corridors stretch out, cool and dark, towards arched windows that let light stream in. ‘Salvia’ (sage), our sea-view room, is actually a trio of rooms – a living area, bedroom and bathroom – and from all three I can see the infinity pool merging into the azure horizon. From its classic, clean décor and clever slide-out bedside tables, to pomegranate bath salts and the softest slippers, it’s practically perfect. Even the menus are worthy of mention; lemons and wine glasses and the moonlit hotel are all illustrated in pale, dreamy watercolours. During the day we bask in the sunshine, like lizards, on the round double beds in the gardens, with more cushions than we need and a convenient canopy. While my husband dozes, I entrust myself to the soft, capable hands of therapist Maria in the spa. She uses the aromatic oils of



circles, from top Rooftop pool, Hotel Romeo; Monastero Santa Rosa exterior (© Maurice Naragon); Lobby, Hotel Romeo above Monastero Santa Rosa exterior (© Maurice Naragon)

Santa Maria Novella to relax my muscles and my mind during a blissful massage. It’s a stunning spa – vaulted stone ceilings and rustic walls give the Thermal Suite a cocoon-like feel and nod to the Italians’ bathing heritage. Sun-baked and relaxed, we have cocktails on the spectacular Sunset Terrace – the signature Monastero Royal, pink and strong, and the more suggestive Dirty Deeds. Supper next; Ristorante Il Refettorio (simply, dining room) is where we will sample the finest food in Campania, from homemade pasta of every variation, to beef slow-cooked and grilled on Vesuvian lava stones. The rabbit from Ischia (an island nearby) cooked three ways is a particular delight. So we feast, enjoying the very best food and wine the region can offer, as the sky fades from pale pink to a cool blue. By the time our desserts arrive, the moon is reflected on the vast, still sea and the night is quiet. No bells and whistles, flair or fuss – if you really want to unwind, this is the way to do it. Rooms at Romeo Hotel from €214 per night, excluding tax, on a B&B basis,; rooms at Monastero Santa Rosa from €400 per night, excluding tax, on a B&B basis,

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top Rooftop pool, Hotel Romeo this image Romeo Skyline Suite, Hotel Romeo circles above Spa and suite, Hotel Romeo

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The Waterside Club For your health and wellbeing, coming soon to Royal Arsenal Riverside EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF THESE LUXURY FACILITIES Visit the Sales and Marketing Suite to view the 3D model 20m swimming pool


Vitality pool


Treatment room


Cinema room


24 hour Concierge

Manhattan Suites, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available. Prices from ÂŁ440,000. Call 020 3553 7093 to register your interest


Photography is indicative only. Prices and information correct at time of going to press. Estimated completion in 2018.

Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of companies


PROPERTY Covering THE CITY, Wapping, Shad Thames, Shoreditch & Islington

On the bright side Experts report on the fallout from the EU referendum

Rue Lincoln by Gérard Faivre Paris, © Mathieu Fiol


Keep tabs on the market, whether you are living or investing in the capital

SALES Nick Moore, associate at Knight Frank Islington, comments on the trends in the residential sales market The UK’s vote to leave the EU at the end of June has inevitably had far-reaching consequences both politically and economically, many of which have led to uncertainty in the property market. The sharp fall in the value of the pound immediately following the result and the subsequent fall in the FTSE 100 and 250 made many buyers nervous; however, in the weeks that have passed since the vote was cast, green shoots have started to emerge with many buyers adopting the attitude that ‘life goes on’ as they resume their search for a new property – albeit with a little more caution than they may have exercised earlier in the year. I think it’s still too early to tell the longer term effect that the decision to leave the EU will have on the London property market and it will undoubtedly take some time for the dust to settle. Fundamentally, though, the supply and demand dynamics of the UK market are unlikely to change.

After the initial shock of the referendum result, I am now excited about the encouraging long-term prospects for the UK’s housing market and its investors. It is going to seem like a helter-skelter for all markets for the next few months, but the medium and long-term prospects for UK residential property remain strong – Managing Director of property consultancy Surrenden Invest

Continued low interest rates and a weakening pound are likely to encourage demand The continued undersupply of homes, balanced against current demand, will likely underpin pricing in the most desirable and best connected areas. Continued low interest rates and a weakening pound are likely to encourage demand especially from investors based outside of the UK and should help to restore confidence as the summer progresses. The underlying strengths of the UK economy remain in place and ultimately property is an investment with a proven track record for anyone with long-term investment goals. With a new prime minister in place, a pound that is starting to strengthen once more and markets that are starting to rally, the picture is far more rosy than we were led to believe. Knight Frank Islington 020 3657 7340



some like it hot Selecting options for heating your home doesn’t have to be boring, particularly with the new release from Bisque, the UK’s first designer radiator brand. Lissett is the latest addition to the label’s Aluminium collection and boasts a slim profile and a subtle, elegant design, making it the ideal choice for a more contemporary home. The Lissett is available in six sizes – four horizontal and two vertical – and a range of colour finishes. Also joining the collection is the Lissett Towel radiator; both models benefit from eco-friendly technology and are crafted from recycled aluminium, meaning they heat up faster and are more energy efficient. It’s a win-win. Prices for the Lissett start from £439, while the Lissett Towel rail starts at £436,

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bathroom brilliance

LETTINGS Nicola Williams, lettings manager at Knight Frank Islington, comments on the trends in the residential lettings market

Create an oasis of calm in your home with the new bathroom furniture collection from Il Bagno Alessi. Produced in collaboration with Swiss manufacturer Laufen, the collection includes designs from leading architects Stefano Giovannoni and Wiel Arets and displays a chic, sleek aesthetic with soft, fluid designs and rounded edges. The simplicity of the collection makes it timeless, so you can always be in style.

Art de vivre

Ever wanted to live alongside works of art? Well now you have your chance, thanks to the Art Homes Concept pioneered by Gérard Faivre Paris. Having shaken up the landscape of the Parisian luxury property market, the interior designer is transforming apartments and properties into true works of art that are ready to be lived in – based on the principles of luxury, comfort and originality. Each property has its own distinctive style, and Faivre draws inspiration from the individual character of each property to create his design, looking for the perfect arrangement to fill the space with works of art, made-to-measure furniture and antique details.

Rentals have remained strong in Islington and the City fringe throughout Q1 and Q2 of this financial year and while prices have dipped slightly due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the area continues to outperform the majority of London on a year-toyear basis with Knight Frank reporting a modest 1.8 per cent growth. As the fallout from 23 June begins to play out, it is inevitable that we will see some effect on the rental and sales market in London; particularly in

The area continues to outperform the majority of London on a year-to -year basis Islington and the City fringe. While I would suggest that at the time of writing it is simply too early in the process to give any clear advice, what has been evident is a large swing of potential tenants coming into the rentals market who have previously been looking to buy. These prospective tenants are looking for high quality, well-built properties to use as ‘homes’ rather than stop-gap residences. This means that the standard of the building and the facilities within it remain key to any decision that this new class of tenant makes. One other point that has become evident postBrexit is that the currency play is far more attractive than ever, meaning that London – particularly for international tenants looking to pay large sums in advance – has become more attractive than ever. The summer months in Islington are consistently the busiest of the year from single corporates to students and families all focusing on a move between July and October. Already there is a lack of quality property in the prime market and these three+ bedroom houses are in high demand. Knight Frank Islington 020 3657 7340

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SELLING HOMES LIKE YOURS ALL YEAR ROUND We pride ourselves on exceptional service and unrivalled market knowledge, with a global network of 417 offices across 58 countries that can showcase your property to the widest possible audience. To arrange a free market appraisal, please call us on 020 3641 5935 or visit       Guide price: £1,300,000

Aspect Court, Imperial Wharf, Fulham SW6 Beautifully finished throughout, this riverside property has stunning views of the Thames and London skyline. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, reception room, 2 balconies. EPC: C. Approximately 100 sq m (1,076 sq ft). Leasehold: approximately 982 years remaining. Office: 020 3641 5935    


Guide price: £2,150,000

Albion Riverside, Battersea Park SW11 Located on the 4th floor, this contemporary apartment enjoys views across the Thames towards Chelsea. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, utility room, reception room, balcony. EPC: C. Approximately 130 sq m (1,399 sq ft). Leasehold: approximately 976 years remaining. Office: 020 3641 5935  

Resident's Journal August 16

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WHAT'S YOUR NEXT MOVE? To find out how we can help you please contact us 020 3823 9930    

Guide price: £550 Per week

Wiverton Tower, Aldgate, E1


Brand new one bedroom apartment located in Aldgate Place. This modern development offers 24 hour concierge, gym and communal roof terrace. The apartment is located on the 15th floor offering spectacular views over the London skyline and a spacious open-plan lounge, with winter garden and fully fitted kitchen, stylish bathroom and light and airy bedroom. The apartment is also offered fully furnished. Office: 020 3823 9930

All potential tenants should be advised that as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 and referencing fees of £48 per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit


Guide price: £1,195 Per week

Bezier Apartments, City, EC1Y Outstanding twefth floor apartment to rent in the stylish Bezier development on the corner of Old Street. It has been furnished to an extremely high standard, with an open plan kitchen, 2 double bedrooms (2 en suites), dressing area to the master bedroom, main bathroom. Also offering a 24 hour concierge, communal gym, steam room and sauna. Office: 020 3823 9930

City mag aug

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COMPANY PROFILE Knight Frank’s New Face This month sees change underway at Knight Frank’s Wapping branch, as local expert Lee O’Neil joins the team left to right Gary Hall, City and east regional lettings partner; Lee O’Neil, head of sales; Andrew Groocock, City and east regional partner


ee O’Neil takes up his new position as head of sales at Knight Frank Wapping this month, bringing a significant 20 years of experience along with him. Having spent most of these years working within Wapping, he has detailed knowledge of its property market and has been in a position to see how things have evolved in the area over time. As such, O’Neil believes the location is one to watch right now. “If you said Wapping to people ten years ago, they had no idea where you were talking about. That’s changed a lot and it is firmly on the map now,” he begins. With the Olympics generally having had a positive, regenerative effect on the east London housing market, O’Neil also attributes Wapping’s popularity to its improved transport links. “It was always a problem for Wapping that transport in and out was difficult, whereas now the station is really well looked after. It even has plants and hanging baskets. Growing up in London you’re not used to seeing pretty stations, so it makes a difference and the friendly staff help add to the whole village feel.” This village feel to the area, which has somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 homes, is noticeable when spending time out and about in Wapping, as O’Neil



describes seeing an increasing number of families with young children. This is something that’s potentially a challenge for the team. “We’re starting to see more people set up a base in Wapping and stay longer now, so, as agents, we’re not going to see as quick a turnaround on properties. That’s a challenge in terms of instructions. We want the stock, but it’s also a positive for the area that more people would

“We’ve got to manage expectations on what people can and can’t get” choose to raise a family there now.” In terms of what kinds of properties Wapping offers, it’s an area that has a mix of both modernity and heritage. “It’s probably [warehouse] buildings that draw people to the area but on the back of that, we’ve got to manage expectations on what people can and can’t get. Wapping has a healthy blend – some warehouse conversions, Edwardian buildings and the new builds.” Different tastes are well catered for, and for those selling rather than buying, O’Neil is confident the Knight Frank name is one that clients can rely on. “Knight Frank is a huge

brand in Wapping and the exposure these guys can give is so valuable.” O’Neil also plans to ensure he and his team maintain a high profile in the area, not letting the seasonal nature of the business get in the way of keeping the team busy. “One thing I have always done in quieter times is have the guys go out and do a bit of informal networking, visit the coffee shops. They invariably bump into someone they know, have a chat about the market and it keeps the brain ticking over. A lot of the housing market scaremongering is done around dinner tables and in coffee shops, and we need to get out there and tell people the good stories as well. This is ultimately a people business, and that counts staff as well as clients.” Such a welcoming attitude is sure to keep the team motivated and drive the business to further successes in the area. “My move here was a big one since I’ve only worked for one other company, but it was actually quite an easy decision to make – I’m looking forward to the new adventure and I think we’re going to do really well here,” he closes, brimming with confidence at a time when it is much needed. 1 Wapping High Street, E1W 020 3811 2370

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Studio apartment ø kitchen ø bathroom ø 24hr concierge ø residents gym ø 37.3 sq m (406 sq ft) ø EPC=B

Reception room ø kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø bathroom ø parking ø storage ø impressive views ø 96.2 sq m (1,036 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £600,000 Leasehold

Guide £950,000 Leasehold

Savills Shoreditch 020 7578 6200

Savills Wapping 020 7456 6800



Warehouse conversion ø 2 bedrooms ø bathroom ø balcony ø concierge ø exposed brick ø waterfront ø secure parking ø 141.7 sq m (1,525 sq ft) ø EPC=B

2 reception rooms ø plain english kitchen ø 4 double bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø utility room ø private courtyard ø original features ø 209.9 sq m (2,259 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Guide £1.5 million Share of Freehold

Guide £2.5 million Share of Freehold

Savills Wapping 020 7456 6800

Savills Shoreditch 020 7578 6200

3 4


2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Fully furnished 24 Hour concierge

● ●

On site gym EPC: B

Price £725 per week Furnished For more information, call Neil Short 020 3813 5949 or email

Potential tenants are advised that administration fees may be payable when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

16-17 Royal Exchange London EC3V 3LL


2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 24 Hour concierge Large 721 sq ft terrace

● ●

Approx. 827 sq ft EPC:B

Price £1,250,000 Leasehold For more information, call Bernard Cully 020 3813 5949 or email

16-17 Royal Exchange London EC3V 3LL


Buckingham Street, Covent Garden WC2

A spectacular three bedroom penthouse to rent with unrivalled panoramic views This exceptional three bedroom penthouse apartment to rent in the West End is located on the fifth floor of a fantastic new development situated next to the tranquil Victoria Embankment Gardens close to the River Thames in the heart of Covent Garden. The apartment boasts a spectacular roof terrace with incredible views of the City, the London Eye and the River Thames, solid oak floors throughout, electric blinds, two bathrooms and high quality furniture throughout.

Guide price ÂŁ1,550 per week +44 (0)20 7205 4611

East Central, Clerkenwell EC1

A state-of-the-art development of luxury one, two and three bedroom apartments Offering the quintessential London life, East Central combines cutting edge contemporary architecture with the effortless character of its historic EC1 location. Apartments consist of spacious open plan interiors, integrated Smeg/Bosch appliances, views over private patios and blaconies and hotel style bathrooms.

Two bedroom apartments from ÂŁ750,000 (Except for the view image Computer Generated Images for indicative purposes only.)

+44 (0)20 7205 4553

Mayfair Showroom 66 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3JL 28 offices in Central London and over 60 across London

Myddelton Square, EC1R ÂŁ6,500,000

Completely renovated in January 2014 this Grade II listed Georgian family home on Myddelton Square has five floors, six double bedrooms and comes with two private garages. From Myddleton Square the busy high street, shops and Angel Underground station on Upper Street are just over a quarter of a mile away. Dexters Clerkenwell 020 7566 0052

Dering Street, W1S ÂŁ3,500,000

A high specification lateral two double bedroom air conditioned apartment within a recent modern development behind the original facade with porter and lift. This building is located less than half a mile to both Oxford Circus and Bond Street underground stations, energy rating b. Dexters Mayfair 020 7590 9590

Adams Row, W1K

Torrington Place, WC1E

This truly unique four bedroom Mayfair home has been completely remodelled throughout and incorporates a private gym, cinema, terrace and garage, energy rating g.

This Gordon Mansions apartment offers spacious living throughout with five good sized double bedrooms, a large eat in kitchen and a bathroom, energy rating d.

Dexters Mayfair 020 7590 9595

Dexters Bloomsbury 020 7833 4488

£8,000 pw

£1,100 pw

Tenants fees apply: £180 per tenancy towards administration, £60 reference fee per tenant and £144 towards the end of tenancy check out report (all inc VAT).

Artillery Passage, E1

Leman Street, E1

This unique and quirky Grade II listed four double bedroom house retains much of its original charm and is based in the heart of Spitalfields with Spitalfields market on its doorstep.

A luxury two bedroom apartment located within the Sugar House development. The property has a great open plan reception/kitchen area with separate dining space, energy rating d.

Dexters City 020 7392 9111

Dexters City 020 7392 9111

£815 pw

£695 pw

COMPANY PROFILE From strength to strength The team at Dexters insists opportunities abound in the post-referendum property market


ondon’s leading independent Estate Agents, Dexters, is in a bullish mood about the property market following the referendum. Well placed to comment on market trends, Dexters has 28 offices in Central London and over 60



offices across the wider area. Typically, the company deals with over 20,000 landlords and sells over 3,000 properties a year, reporting that activity levels are up compared with 2015 and saying they are expecting a busy summer.

Dexters founder and chief executive, Jeff Doble, explains: “There is a real upbeat buzz in the London property market at the moment; our customers feel confident about long-term prospects and are keen to work with us to find the best way forward

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


in the short term.” “Post-referendum, very few people have changed their plans. Some buyers have used the opportunity to get a slightly better deal, but they rightly sense there will be limited price movement as there are a lot of other buyers around and there’s relatively little to buy. “Far from the gloom and doom forecast by some commentators, buyers are jumping in where they find good value, good locations or both. Mortgages are readily available and interest

rates are at record lows. Investors and international buyers continue to see London as a safe long-term bet, with reliable returns from a buoyant lettings market. We are anticipating normal business levels throughout the rest of the year and although London property prices will be subdued, we expect them to rise again in early 2017.” Dexters is now a leading estate agency in central London. The first office opened in 1993 in Twickenham and the business has grown from 16 0ffices to over 60 across London in the past eight years. Dexters’ presence in central London has been enhanced by the acquisition and rebranding of 28 offices with strong growth prospects in prime areas such as Westminster, Marylebone, Mayfair, Kensington and Chelsea, as well as the City and Docklands.

“We are


only major

Estate Agency

which is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)”

The company’s specialist services cover the full spread of professional disciplines and include property management, land and new homes (working with property developers and house builders), investment management, corporate and international lettings and relocations, and professional and surveying services. Asked to comment on the rise of online estate agency services, Jeff Doble says: “The world of backstreet and online estate agencies offers cheap solutions, but most people want their important property assets to be handled by experts with local knowledge and our success and plans for continued growth reflect this. We genuinely believe the future of selling and letting homes is with professional companies like Dexters who represent clients’ best interests and work hard on their behalf.” Jeff Doble says: “When I started the business I set out to do things differently and change people’s perceptions of an

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

estate agency. I wanted to build a strong business with a great name built on brilliant people. Our continuing growth and success has meant we really can be altogether more effective across London. We now have more offices than any other central London estate agent. I know that our clients notice the difference – our people are better trained, work harder, go the extra mile and are proud to be professional partners to our clients.” Dexters has trained all of its 1,200 staff at its London training academy, spending ten times the industry average on doing so. “We are London’s only major estate agency which is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and we uphold their worldwide reputation for integrity and professionalism,” says Doble. “Given all of this, it’s no coincidence we get such positive feedback from our clients and that over 70 per cent of Dexters’ business comes from recommendations and referrals. “We are in an exceptionally strong position to continue our growth and we will continue to work hard to deliver the very best professional services to reflect the changing needs of the market. Our lettings business, for example, has expanded significantly to respond to the demand for more rental homes in London. Looking ahead, we are excited about our future prospects.” Dexters City, 5 Sandys Row, E1, 020 7392 9111,

Jeff Doble, CEO, juggling in Covent Garden



We have London covered!


WEST LONDON North Acton W3 020 8896 9990


WESTMINSTER Monck Street SW1P 020 7222 2005


COUNTY HALL Southbank SE1 020 7620 1600


WHITEHOUSE Waterloo SE1 020 7928 7007


NINE ELMS – RIVERSIDE Vauxhall SW8 020 7582 7989



NORTH LONDON Drayton Park N5 020 7359 4488


TOWER BRIDGE – CITY Shad Thames SE1 020 7234 0666


CANARY WHARF Millharbour E14 020 3668 1030


CROSSHARBOUR Baltimore Tower E14 020 3846 3330


EAST LONDON ExCeL London E16 020 7476 0125


GREENWICH New Capital Quay SE10 020 7476 0125


DEPTFORD Deals Gateway SE10 020 8692 2244 20/06/2016 11:28



£700 pw | £3,033 pcm


Altitude Point, 71 Alie Street E1 • 9th floor apartment

• 24 hour concierge

• Resident’s roof terrace

• 0.2 miles from Aldgate East station

• 0.5 miles from Tower Hill station


CityMagazine_July2016.indd 2

For more information call our Tower Bridge branch on: 020 7234 0666



£850 pw | £3,683 pcm


Grafton Mews, Kings Cross W1T • Moments from Warren Street station • Stunning interior design

• Flexible availability • Master bedroom with deluxe en-suite bathroom

• Beautiful secluded apartment

For more information call our Westminster branch on: 020 7222 2005

20/06/2016 11:28

In just 5 minutes you could be home at London’s newest hotspot!* Now available to view, nine brand new two bedroom apartments. Positioned in a Zone 1 location and within one of London’s most exciting regeneration projects, Elephant & Castle. Prices from £565,000 Book an appointment to view:

020 7820 6090

Selling agent

maple court

London SE17 2LN

Developed by

GUILDMORE *By London Underground, Bank to Elephant & Castle (source TFL)

NOW’S THE TIME TO BUY A NEW HOME! Mortgage rates are as low as they’ve been for a very long time, and we’ve got some great summer deals... there couldn’t be a better time to move.

With an incredible choice of superb 3 & 4 bedroom houses, Kings Park is the perfect place to live.

PRICES FROM £450,000

AND we can make them even more affordable thanks to Help to Buy*

• • • •

High specification with flooring included throughout Luxury fitted kitchen with integrated appliances Just minutes from Harold Wood station with the Elizabeth Line in 2017 Fantastic incentives available

01708 348578 *Help to Buy on selected plots only and subject to terms and conditions, please ask a Sales Consultant for more details. Prices and information correct at time of going to print. August 2016.

6287 CPUK KP ad 297x210.indd 1

18/07/2016 10:49

INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO let there be light From glass-roofed atriums to a 24-hour concierge service, with desirable new developments and investments spanning from Camden to Vauxhall, city living has never looked so good

CARLOW HOUSE Carlow House in Camden is a recent development from Galliard Homes. With bright, eclectic and colourful apartments, and a glass-roofed atrium overflowing with greenery, it is made all the more interesting by its heritage dating back to 1886, and its use in the 1930s as the railway ticket exchange and supplies warehouse for the London Underground. Built over 47,941 sq ft, Carlow House has seen excellent sales to date, with only 22 remaining apartments of the initial 85. The spaces include suites and one- and two-bedroom apartments, and feel almost akin to Manhattan



lofts in style, thanks to the refreshing, contemporary approach of award-winning designer Rabih Hage. Hage’s ‘rough luxe’ style is both raw and polished: the show apartment boasts statement artwork, a bold and multi-coloured colour scheme and state-of-the-art appliances and finishes, which are juxtaposed against the round soft curvature of the furnishings. The living space is vibrant and exciting, in the heart of bohemian Camden and near Regent’s Park, Mornington Crescent and Camden Town tube stops. And it’s just ten minutes on foot from Primrose Hill, with its excellent cafés and restaurants. Carlow House, NW1

from £699,000 for a suite 020 3770 6320

s luxurylo nd o n.c s


BERMONDSEY WORKS Telford Homes has launched Phase Two at Bermondsey Works, a new collection of one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, villas and penthouses. Each of the apartments has been tailored to a high standard of specification, with open-plan living areas featuring designer kitchens from Urban Myth and fully integrated state-of-the-art appliances. All apartments also have video entry phone systems and underfloor heating. The development is just an eight-minute and 18-minute walk from South Bermondsey train station and Bermondsey Underground station, respectively, offering swift and easy access to the City and Canary Wharf. Bermondsey is now home to shops, restaurants, bars and galleries, making it a desirable neighbourhood in which to live and work, and it is set to benefit further from the announcement that a new London Overground station will be opening as part of the £1billion ‘New Bermondsey’ regeneration project. Designed by awardwinning architects Stockwool, Bermondsey Works includes a 24hour concierge service, private gymnasium, underground parking, bicycle storage and two roof gardens for residents to enjoy. First completions are expected from Summer 2017. Bermondsey Works, SE16 from £507,500 for a two-bedroom in The Villas 020 3538 3457

The development is just an eightminute walk from South Bermondsey train station

s luxurylo nd o n.c s

keybridge, vauxhall An area marked out for serious regeneration over the next few years, Vauxhall is rapidly shaking off its industrial reputation and is fast emerging as one of the city’s most dynamic and exciting residential areas. With completions scheduled for next year, award-winning developers Mount Anvil and FABRICA by A2Dominion have launched their latest joint venture in Vauxhall in the shape of Keybridge – a landmark development that will provide new homes, open spaces, shops, offices and a primary school. Located in a prime position in London’s Zone 1, close to Vauxhall Bridge and the River Thames, the site was previously occupied by one of the world’s largest telephone exchanges and is arranged across four buildings. The new Keybridge incorporates one acre of open space and features the iconic Keybridge Lofts, which at 129 metres high (37 storeys) will be the UK’s tallest brick residential tower. In total, the new development will deliver 441 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom residences and penthouses. World-renowned architects, Allies & Morrison, are responsible for the design, placing Keybridge’s elegant brick façade into a cutting edge context, referencing Vauxhall’s industrial heritage and blending fluently with neighbouring mansion blocks. Residents will have access to a host of exclusive facilities including a concierge, luxury spa with a gymnasium, a 15-metre swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, secure cycle storage and underground parking. Keybridge, Vauxhall, SW8 from £575,000 020 3553 7086




2 Bedrooms from £525,000 3 Bedrooms from £550,000


High-end interior specification


Outside space with every apartment


Zone 2 location


Occupation from August 2016


All apartments benefit from the use of the residents’ private dining room overlooking the Dan Pearson designed courtyard garden

A LIFESTYLE TO SHARE When it comes to an address, King’s Cross has it all – right at the heart of London. Unbeatable connections, an historic, canalside setting, beautiful parks, gardens and squares, shopping, eating, culture and education. Two and three bedroom apartments at amazing King’s Cross from £995,000. Visit the show apartment and marketing suite Monday to Friday by appointment, contact us on 020 7205 4246

14-15 Stable Street London N1C 4AB


Insider Knowledge

Spotlight on Deptford Diana Alam, Head of Residential Development Sales, JLL Images for illustrative purposes only

Deptford Foundry by Anthology

How is the central London residential development market performing at the moment? The central London residential newbuild market has been exhibiting signs of slowing in recent months. The number of sales per quarter has eased in some markets, while demand has tempered with price impacts at the top end of the market. This is a direct result of investor and second home stamp duty changes together with the uncertainty surrounding the EU Referendum. However, demand remains strong where potential buyers see the most value and south east London has been one of the most robust markets in the capital over the past year. The area has seen sales increase as demand continues to rise, with purchasers looking towards the outercore locations that represent better value and good transport links. Price growth of 5.6 per cent in south east London in the year to Q1 2016 is notably higher than the central London average. We are also seeing development activity skewed towards the east and south east with the number of units under construction equalling 5,180 at the end of Q4 2015 compared to 4,360 a year earlier.

The Timberyard by Lendlease

Two notable schemes that are helping to transform this up-and-coming London location are Deptford Foundry by Anthology and The Timberyard by Lendlease strong sense of community and a district that is steeped in history, Deptford is emerging as one of London’s newest most desirable destinations, promising a very positive outlook for the years ahead. Two notable schemes that are helping to transform this up-and-coming London location are Deptford Foundry by Anthology and The Timberyard by Lendlease. Both schemes when delivered

will provide over 1,400 homes (316 and 1,132 units respectively comprised of both private and affordable housing), together with significant regeneration of the local area and much public realm. JLL predicts house price growth of 9.1 per cent for new-build development in London from 2016-2020. For more information please contact Diana at 020 7337 4004

Which areas are proving popular with purchasers and why? Deptford is an exciting area in south east London that is undergoing a rapid and significant transformation as the benefits of the location and the value for owner occupiers and investors has become increasingly apparent. Located in Zone 2 and boasting excellent transport links, a



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The City Magazine August 2016  

Welcome to the August edition of The City magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles and...

The City Magazine August 2016  

Welcome to the August edition of The City magazine, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, articles and...