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and then ended up asking myself why I spent so much on shoes that caused me a lot of pain.’ I ask her about the craftsmanship behind her shoes that rids them of this universal hitch. ‘Inside all the shoes there is a special padding made out of nappa leather. We’ve strategically placed the padding along the lining of the shoe and tested it so we could identify where the foot would feel most comfortable,’ she reveals. This, Aruna boasts, is why she has such a big bridal following. ‘We do lots of custom-made shoes, and many of these are bridal appointments.’ She notes that a pair of custom-made shoes can take up to 12 weeks to craft in Venice. Aruna’s shoes are exquisitely feminine, with most encrusted with Swarovski detailing or her signature crystal butterfly: ‘a truly beautiful creature,’ she tells me. ‘It’s definitely important that my shoes have their own wow factor, even if it’s just a plain day shoe. It’s all about the

I used to buy a lot of high-end designer footwear and then ended up asking myself why I spent so much on shoes that caused me a lot of pain detailing, the stitching, the cut of the shoe and what looks good. Brides in particular understand that it takes time to make their shoes as there are a lot of different factors that go into having them made, just as for their dresses.’ I ask Aruna if her father, a mogul of the sports shoe sector, has anything to do with her monumental success. ‘I’ve definitely grown up around shoes,’ she tells me, ‘so for me it was very natural to produce my own line. When I was younger I used to design shoes, thinking they were really groundbreaking inventions,’ she remembers, adding that she hoped to impress her father. ‘I think that really fuelled me to show him I could do it; actually have my own brand and do my own thing. I’ve done everything from the selling, to handling accounts and working in the warehouse, and I really think that, especially in fashion, you have got to see every aspect of the business.’ Aruna’s showroom is located just on the cusp of Belgravia, a location that was chosen for its proximity to Chelsea and Victoria she tells me. Once inside you are surrounded by a reserve of glamorous, high-quality shoes in an array of styles and colours, just waiting to be tried on. ‘I pride myself on designing shoes that are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world,’ she concludes. So ladies in want of the finest footwear can rest assured: a pair of Aruna Seth shoes are certainly not for the back of the wardrobe. 91-93 Buckingham Palace Road SW1W ORP, 020 8773 7859 (

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Belgravia Residents Journal June 14  

Welcome to the June edition of Belgravia Residents' Journal, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, arti...

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