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NOVEMBER 2016 • Issue 54

Of all our fine properties, these are the most valuable.

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Dear Resident, For me, nothing says autumn more than strolling along the cobbles of Belgravia, wrapped up warm with a coffee in hand and stopping to chat along the way to residents and traders. November is one of my favourite times of the year, and although the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, I’m relishing every moment of the here and now. Being a huge food enthusiast, I love that autumn brings with it hearty produce – pumpkin soup, butternut squash risotto and apple and blackberry crumble are just some of my favourites. To find out more about the seasonal ingredients available on your doorstep, turn to page four. Elsewhere, on the topic of dining, we bring you the latest food news on page 12 and review the recently opened The Franklin restaurant on page 14, along with much, much more. Enjoy the issue!

COVER: An illustration of Jo Malone by Russ Tudor. Turn to page six for more information.

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[LOCAL INTEREST] Chef of the season

Scotland’s youngest Michelinstarred chef Tom Kitchin is launching a week-long popup in Harrods from 14-20 November. The chef and founder of Edinburgh’s leading Michelinstarred, award-winning restaurant The Kitchin, and popular gastro-pub The Scran & Scallie, is unveiling his first ever dedicated pop-up restaurant and is also creating a range of dining-to-go for the Food Halls. He says: “I hope guests and customers enjoy the collection of dishes as much as we have.” Highlights include game terrine for starter, rolled roast turkey and roast ham with honey and mustard for main and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL, 020 7730 1234,


Our round-up of local news, events and more

All change

Soane’s autumn range is on the shelves. Inspired by co-founder and creative director Lulu Lytle’s personal collection of antique textiles and fabrics, there’s a range of new designs, including Fez-striped wallpaper in Indian Yellow. It has certainly inspired us to redecorate! 50-52 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8LP, 020 7730 6400,

Apples and pears

If you’ve not yet headed to Pimlico Farmers’ Market, make sure you go this autumn to check out the bountiful produce available on your doorstep. As well as apples and pears, there’s a range of fruit and vegetables on offer including tomatoes, green beans, aubergines, peppers and squashes and nothing says autumn more than pumpkin. And if you’re more of a carnivore than a vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed; on the South Downs stall you’ll find everything from pheasant and partridge to wild duck, veal and venison. Every Saturday 9am-1pm, Orange Square SW1W 8UT, 020 7833 0338,


On the move

The Grosvenor Stationery Company has moved from its premises on 47 Elizabeth Street and is, in the short-term, operating by appointment-only. Clients can now pre-book a slot at The Sloane Club on Lower Sloane Street or in the comfort of their own home. Belgravian resident Henrietta McCauslans plans to look for a new atelier in the new year. 020 7730 4515 07715 339 382

The best present you can receive this Christmas is not doing the washing up.

Join us for Christmas 020 7730 0070

the belgravian



The scent of success

Jo Malone has faced it all, from selling her company and rebuilding her name, to fighting cancer. She tells the Journal about her new book, her Elizabeth Street family and having no regrets emily adams

Illustration by Russ Tudor


o Malone, the woman behind the fragrance empire and the Jo Loves brand, is as much a household name as her fragrances are household scents. Her story is one that has been told time and time again, but now she’s telling it herself in her new book, My Story. Jo tells me that it’s the tale of someone who sees life with all five senses, and the one that has got her so far, is of course, her smell. What many people might not be aware of is that Jo is extremely dyslexic. “I’ve been told I probably have synaesthesia too, as when I see colour I smell fragrance straight away. It’s a very predominant sense for me.” Every scent Jo creates is an important memory in her life. For example Pomelo, her first fragrance for Jo Loves and one dear to her heart, was the memory of walking along a beach in Parrot Cay – the pages of the new book are even scented with it. This is a book that Jo has been asked to write for many years, but she tells me that it never felt like she was in the right place. “Although it was a

happy one, my childhood was not the easiest and I needed to be able to unpack those memories without having regrets. It was painful. From the age of 11, I was the breadwinner of the family.” For Jo, that was just one of many tough periods in her life. After selling her first company to Estée Lauder in 1999, she was famously prohibited from working in the industry for five years, a time she recalls as “the hardest of my life”. I wonder if she had her time again, would we still be sat here now? “Yes,” she says firmly. “I would still have sold my company. I would have done it very differently, but that’s life.” She explains that without that tough decision, she wouldn’t have become an ambassador for British creativity or started writing for the Evening Standard. “I’m not going to sit and regret anything.” How hard was it for her to return and after fighting cancer? “Coming back from cancer wasn’t as tough as recreating myself,” she says surprisingly. “Fighting cancer, I knew I was either going to beat it

or I wasn’t. I had to trust the doctors,” she says. “When I was building a business, I had no idea what was going to happen. I made mistakes that I had to pick myself up from.” But Jo is a fighter and she describes her ‘fight’ as the roar of a lion. “Coming back, I lost the roar for a long time. I didn’t know who I was and I couldn’t find my identity. About 18 months ago I found the roar of the lion again,” which brings us to 42 Elizabeth Street. Jo credits finding the home for her second business as the moment everything changed, and her history with the street goes a lot further back than you might expect. “This is where I had my first job,” she recalls. At the age of 16, she worked in a flower shop, where you’ll now find TomTom, and then a delicatessen, now her shop, both owned by iconic restaurateur Justin de Blank. “I loved the flower shop but when I tipped a bucket of water over someone, I was fired and sent up to the delicatessen to work,” she laughs. On her 49th birthday,

Jo’s husband gave her a box containing a key to the former delicatessen. He said, “Go and be a shopkeeper again!” In that moment she had a realisation: “I thought, ‘You will change the world of fragrance in this room again’,” and with the success of Jo Loves, no one can deny she’s done it again. “This is my stomping ground,” she says fondly of the area. “I love everything from Pimlico Road to Elizabeth Street. From the Thomas Cubitt team, to Peggy Porschen and Donna Ida, this is Jo’s family. “It’s a wonderful position to be in. Retail is tough so it’s a great thing if you can work together and find unity.” Jo tells me that as well as planning more stores, the brand has just launched in travel retail with Emirates airline. “I don’t want to sit twiddling my thumbs. This was always going to be a global brand from day one.” Who knows where Jo Loves may jet off to next, but one thing’s for certain: Jo’s roar is loud and clear. 42 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9NZ, 020 7730 8611, 7

[CULTURE] Friends in high places

As post-war Italian art continues to pour into the market, thanks in large part to the scaling up of Italian legislation that requires an export licence for any work that is more than 50 years old, Mazzoleni Art is showing two significant artists – and friends – side by side. Lucio Fontana was a leader of Arte Povera and remains so at auction today (his Concetto spaziale, Attese achieved £1.4million at Christie’s in October and examples in white, blue and copper are among the works in this exhibition). Fausto Melotti’s sculptural reputation is perhaps less well known, but as Mazzoleni illustrates, both artists explored the great industrial changes taking place in Italy through their masterful use of space and form. Fontana/Melotti: Angelic Spaces and Infinite Geometries, until 18 November, 27 Albemarle Street, W1S,

Fausto Melotti (1901 – 1986) Tre Tempi, courtesy Mazzoleni © Fondazione Fausto Melotti and Hauser & Wirth


Past and present

Famille Roseenamelled turquoiseground bats vase, Qianlong period

We spotlight an exhibition a stone’s throw from Belgravia and showcase prize lots from Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses


Two Human Beings. The Lonely Ones, Edvard Munch

SOLD: £1.565 million (estimate £400,000 £600,000) “Edvard Munch is universally recognised for his innovations in printmaking, pushing the medium to its greatest effects. The notable provenance of this exceptional impression of Two Human Beings made it all the more appealing to collectors: it was acquired directly from the artist in 1942. A striking combination of colours give the work an ethereal quality, making it one of the most desirable prints by Munch to have come to auction in recent years.” – Séverine Nackers, head of prints at Sotheby’s Europe, 8

UPCOMING: estimate £700,000-£1million Bat imagery tends only to appear around Halloween in the West, whereas in China the mammals are said to symbolise health, prosperity, virtue and a tranquil, natural death. The word for bat – fu – sounds the same as the word for happiness, thus their image appears on many Chinese works of art. This piece is from the Qianlong period. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art at Christie’s King Street, 8 November,

B R YA N E L L E RY b r o n z e p o r t ra i t s

commissions undertaken b r ya n e l l e r y. c o m



The face of good fortune The Journal meets the man behind some of Belgravia and Kensington and Chelsea’s most famous bronze portraits, Bryan Ellery FRANCESCA LEE-ROGERS


rom placid English aristocrats to boisterous Chinese shipbuilders, Bryan has portrayed a fascinating array of personalities from around the world, always insisting that the sculpting should be done in their own homes where he says, “They tend to be more themselves”, before adding, “I also get to see the world!” Various local residents have sat for him in central London. For example, the late Andrew Dalton, one time Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea, and the Earl of Gowrie (pictured here) who, Bryan remembers, kept on a bow tie at all times, and loved listening to Maria Callas at high volume. Bryan’s sculpting career had an inauspicious start, when at the age of seven, he built a caricature of his headmaster in clay, for which he received three strokes of the cane. But, later at Exeter University, he gained a better response when he produced a prize-winning bronze of his professor, Moelwyn Merchant, a copy of which is now in Eton College library. Moving on to Exeter Art College, Bryan abandoned what he felt was ‘too traditional’ portraiture, 10

tells me frankly. Indeed, it’s Bryan’s skill of being able to capture someone’s real uniqueness that makes his work stand out. Ever the modest man, he tells me: “Portraiture is such a frightening challenge. I’m insecure enough in front of each new face to wonder whether, in each and every case, I will succeed.” Over many years he has donated his portrait skills to help charity drives in local London schools, such as The Garden School in Belgravia, and Thomas’ in Kensington and comments, “It always provides quite a large sum for the charity,” and often, he adds wryly, “a follow-on commission for myself !” So many faces, so many characters and so many places, make Bryan a fascinating man, and his work even more so.

Earl of Gowrie

becoming intoxicated by the spirit of the sixties, even joining a rock band, moving to Italy, teaching at Urbino University and putting on sculpture shows exhibiting what he describes as ‘English Pop’. But as the years went by, the lure of ‘the face’ once again became paramount and he returned to his favourite occupation. “Making a portrait of another human being

Photography: Sarel Jansen

is the greatest privilege imaginable to me,” he

To commission a portrait, visit

Sweet thing

Wine and sweets? Yes, please! Harvey Nichols has launched Sugarfina Yes Way Rosé gummies for adults. The California-based candy brand first introduced the limited edition product in the USA in June this year, and it was such a success that it sold out in less than two hours. Flavoured with Whispering Angel Rosé wine, several cases are poured into batches to ensure they taste just as good as they look. Get yours while you still can. £15.95,


food & drink Tasty treats on the Belgravian food scene

Say it with chocolate

Godiva has launched its Christmas Collection. Featuring an indulgent range of Godiva’s most cherished chocolates and truffles, as well as five limited Noël choccies, it’s bound to make any chocoholic’s year if a box is sitting under the tree on Christmas Day. With homages to European classics such as Christmas cake and yule log, it has certainly got us into the festive spirit. And with boxes of four, nine, 20 or 32 chocolates, you can decide if you’re going to be naughty or nice over the next few months. From £5, godiva 12

give thanks

Whether you’re an American or not, we don’t need an excuse to celebrate an occasion so that’s why we’re super keen to try out Mandarin Oriental’s Thanksgiving menu. The three-course set menu offering includes pumpkin soup for starter, turkey complete with stuffing, sweet potato and cranberry compote, to name but a few, for the main course, and pecan tart with bourbon ice cream for dessert. Thank you executive chef Thomas Piat! See you there on 25 November. 66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA, 020 7235 2000,


Signed, sealed, delivered

New food delivery app BringIt has just launched in Belgravia, making dining arrangements simpler than ever. Just download the app, register, find your address and choose which restaurants, grocery stores or coffee shops in the local area you want to order from and wait for your breakfast, lunch or dinner to arrive. The Journal took the app for a spin and treated itself to lunch, only struggling when deciding which of the 200 restaurants it wanted to try out. Indecisive residents, be warned – you can genuinely order whatever your taste buds desire.

Brunch buddies

There’s nothing better than a boozy brunch. That’s why you’ll be sure to see us at The Alfred Tennyson over the next few months. The gastropub has introduced its bottomless brunch where you and up to five guests can sip on Billecart-Salmon Champagne, all the while feasting from the menu. This includes pancakes with vanilla and pecans, roasted peach and mascarpone to a more substantial beef pastrami with rocket and poached egg, as well as English muffin with mustard hollandaise. And, with the chefs using seasonal and sustainable produce, what’s not to love? Weekend brunch from 9am to 4pm, enjoy two hours of unlimited Billecart-Salmon NV Champagne when dining, £32 per person for up to six guests. Food is an additional charge. 10 Motcomb Street, SW1X 8LA, 020 7730 6074,

Tea with a difference

This year, The Halkin celebrates its two-year anniversary. And what better way to toast the occasion than with a cocktail or two? Ametsa with Arzak Instruction – The Halkin’s Michelin-starred restaurant – has teamed up with Sipsmith to bring two cocktails, Sloe Gin and Rosé Cava with a twist to its afternoon tea offering. Created by Michelin-starred chef Sergi Sanz, the menu draws on the principles of Basque cuisine. The usual sandwiches have been replaced by a selection of savoury tapas including strawberry and tomato soup that’s sweet and tangy, traditional Basque skewer and spider crab tempura that has a crunch, while the sweet options include churros with chocolate, elderflower trifle and Sangria and passion fruit with lemon sorbet. These are all washed down with either Jing tea or afternoon tea. Delicious! £32 per person, served Monday to Sunday from 2.30pm until 5pm, in The Halkin Bar and lounge, 5-6 Halkin Street, SW1X 7DJ, 020 7333 1000, 13



Smoke and mirrors The Journal reviews The Franklin Hotel’s restaurant by Alfredo Russo Francesca lee-rogers


can’t seem to get the word ‘swanky’ out of my mind as I look round The Franklin Hotel that has opened after a transformation by interior designer Anouska Hempel. A member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts LVX Collection, everything is brand spanking new and shiny, so much so I’m not sure whether I’m in the foyer or a hall of mirrors. Here to try out the restaurant by Alfredo Russo, I head to the even more mirrored Martini and Champagne bar for an aperitivo (it’s important to follow in the footsteps of the Italian owners, after all), and find James Bond certainly wouldn’t look out of place atop one of the bar stools. The restaurant, overlooking the garden, is split into two intimate dining rooms and the interior is oh-so decadent with its silk velvet tasselled

warm loaf is brought to the table and I’m keen to tuck in but am made to wait as I’m told the homemade butter isn’t ready. I also have to ask

James Bond certainly wouldn’t look out of place atop one of the bar stools seats, vast Venetian églomisé mirrors and open fireplaces. It seems a shame that no one else has caught wind of the new addition to the area as it is exceptionally quiet, but then again it has just opened. To start, a small 14

for a bread knife, which is disappointing and not what one would expect from a five-star establishment. My antipasti of tartaccio with shaved celery, lemon caramel and Raschera fondue puts the restaurant

back on course and is fresh and light. Meanwhile my primi of risotto carnaroli, extra virgin olive oil, zucchini with flowers fills me up so much that I have to ask for a mini break before tackling the main. After a 10 minute interval, my secondi of veal spezzatino, served with green beans, peas and fresh fava beans, is the epitome of a winter warmer – the meat is tender and the accompanying glass of red means it goes down a

treat. For dessert, I opt for the crème brûlée but also end up stealing half of my husband’s apple tart – it’s good to share after all. My verdict: excellent food, I just hope the atmosphere improves with time. 22-28 Egerton Gardens, SW3 2DB, 020 7584 5533,

healthy fine dining in belgravia fresh seasonal menus as loved by Tat l e r R e s ta u r a n t G u i d e 2 0 1 6

Dinner reservations welcome for local residents 11c West Halkin Street, SW1 +44 (0)20 7235 8900

F&B Advert Pink Beetroot .indd 1

14/10/2016 10:10


Let it shine

Body oil isn’t just for summer; it provides moisturising qualities all year round. Luckily for us, Liz Earle has released its new body Superskin Treatment Oil. Enriched with Alaria esculenta extract that’s harvested from sea algae in Brittany, France, it helps to firm, while leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. Containing different types of oil such as cranberry seed, British borage and rosehip, it’s one of our favourite releases from the brand’s autumn/ winter product range. £35,


SUQQU has released its Extra Rich Cream Foundation that responds to skin throughout the day, in a way that fragrances do thanks to its Glow Liquid and Reflexion Oil properties. Comprising top, mid and base radiance levels, it keeps skin looking natural and dewy from the first application to lights down. £66,



The Four Seasons hotel brand is synonymous with luxury, and it’s no surprise that Guerlain’s namesake is the same. Creating four scents, winter, spring, summer and autumn interpreted by Thierry Wasser and Janaïna Milheiro, the fragrances are limited, signed and numbered to approximately 20 bottles and each one makes a stunning dressing table edition in all its jewel-bottle encrusted glory. £12,500, 87-135 Brompton Road, SW1X 7XL,


HEALTH & BEAUTY The latest products this November

Sting like a bee

As the Christmas countdown begins – where does time go? – it’s time to get your skin in tip-top condition ready for the festive parties. Already a popular product with celebrities and Royals alike, the Gold Bee-Venom Mask aims to help slowdown the signs of ageing as part of a regular skincare regime. Containing the key ingredient, bee-venom, as well as vitamin E, organic rose oil, organic lavender oil, shea butter and even marshmallow (we were surprised by the latter ingredient too), it claims to lift, tighten and firm, all while targeting existing frown lines and wrinkles. £352,

7828 5602 0200207828 5602 48 Warwick Way, SW1V 1RY Pimlico-London 48 Way, 1RY 48 Warwick Warwick Way, SW1V 1RY Pimlico-London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic London (M&ACL) is located inSW1V the heart of Pimlico-London Pimlico in Westminster, London SW1V. M&ACL is a doctor-led Clinic specialising in medical aesthetics. We offer most sophisticated non-surgical, anti-aging products and Medical Medical&&Aesthetic AestheticClinic ClinicLondon London(M&ACL) (M&ACL)isislocated locatedin inthe theheart heartof ofPimlico Pimlicoin inWestminster, Westminster,London LondonSW1V. SW1V. treatments available on the market today. At M&ACL our philosophy is to artistically enhance your appearance in a subtle way M&ACL is a doctor-led Clinic specializing in medical aesthetics and advanced beauty treatments. M&ACL is a doctor-led Clinic specializing in medical aesthetics and advanced beauty treatments. and minimize the signs of premature ageing so that others will only notice a fresher, more youthful-looking you. We beauty most products and offer advanced beauty and mostsophisticated sophisticated non-surgical, anti-aging products andtreatments treatmentsavailable availableon onthe themarket markettoday. today. Weoffer trulyadvanced feel that we haveand a special practice andnon-surgical, we treat all ofanti-aging our patients like family. At AtM&ACL M&ACLour ourphilosophy philosophyisisto toartistically artisticallyenhance enhanceyour yourappearance appearancein inaasubtle subtleway wayand andminimise minimise the thesigns signsof ofpremature premature Aesthetic Medicine Treatments by Experienced Medical Doctor ageing others only fresher, more you. ageingso sothat that otherswill will onlynotice noticeaa fresher, moreyouthful-looking youthful-looking you. We Wetruly trulyfeel feelthat thatwe wehave haveaaspecial specialpractice practiceand andwe wetreat treatall allof ofour ourpatients patientslike likefamily. family.

Non-surgical face and body rejuvenation and lifting (with PDO Threads and Ultrasound)

Our isisto on delivery minimally OurGoal Goalmarks, tofocus focus onthe the deliveryof ofhigh-quality high-quality minimallyinvasive invasivecosmetic cosmeticand andaesthetic aestheticmedicine medicinetreatments. treatments. Stretch Cellulite management, Mesotherapy

Spider /thread veins removal
 Mole removal, Skin Tags Removal HIFU with Intensity Ultrasound which HIFULAB LAB withHigh High Intensity Focusedhands Ultrasound whichgives givesaatriple tripledepth depthlifting lifting&&rejuvenation, rejuvenation,skin skintightening tighteningand and Dermal Fillers for face, lips, Focused cheeks, rejuvenation rejuvenation, rejuvenation,eyebrow eyebrowlifting, lifting,periorbital periorbitalwrinkle wrinklereduction, reduction,jowl jowllifting. lifting. Anti-wrinkle injections HIFU LAB (Ultratherapy) with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which gives a triple depth lifting & rejuvenation, skin tightening, eyebrow lifting,Doctor peri orbital wrinkleMedicine reduction,Consultations jowl lifting, neck and décolleté rejuvenation Private ––General and Prescriptions Private Doctor General Medicine Consultations and Prescriptions We Weare areproud proudto tointroduce introducethe thenew newtechnology technologyin inface faceand andbody bodyrejuvenation rejuvenation::

Ultrasound UltrasoundSan Santo toabdomen, abdomen,breast, breast,thyroid thyroid Fat Management Intravenous Intravenoussupplements supplementsinfusions infusions(vitamins, (vitamins,electrolytes, electrolytes,minerals minerals,,antioxidants) antioxidants) Endermologie with LPG Machine (Lymphatic drainage) for stubborn fat and cellulite Nutritionist consultations Aesthetic AestheticMedicine MedicineTreatments Treatmentsby byExperienced ExperiencedMedical MedicalDoctor Doctor Body composition assessments Non-surgical Non-surgicalface faceand andbody bodyrejuvenation rejuvenationand andlifting lifting((with withThreads Threadsand andUltrasound) Ultrasound) Stretchmarks, marks,Cellulite Cellulitemanagement, management,Mesotherapy Mesotherapy Private Doctor Stretch Spider Spider/thread /threadveins veinsremoval removal General Medicine Consultations and Private Prescriptions Mole removal, Skin Tags Removal Mole removal, Skin Tags Removal Ultrasound Scan to abdomen, breast, thyroid gland Dermal for cheeks, hands DermalFillers Fillers forface face ,lips, lips,vitamins, cheeks,electrolytes, handsrejuvenation rejuvenation Intravenous supplements infusions (IV) ,with minerals, antioxidants Anti-wrinkle Anti-wrinkleinjections injections Experienced ExperiencedBeauty BeautyTherapist Therapist Facials Elemis, Facialsand andbody bodywraps/scrubs wraps/scrubs with Elemis,Chanel, Chanel,La LaPrairie Prairie BY ADVANCEDwith BEAUTY TREATMENTS EXPERIENCED BEAUTY THERAPIST Hair HairRemoval Removal((Hot HotWax Wax,,Laser LaserHair HairRemoval) Removal) Massage Massage,Manicure ,Manicureand andPedicure Pedicure Professional make up for special occasions FORD products Professional make up for special occasionswith withTOM TOM FORD products Facials (hands on or with Elemis Biotec Machine) Hair removal with Hot Wax Lipomassage by Endermologie LPG for Cellulite Lipomassage by Endermologie LPG for Cellulite Face and Body Massage Professional make up for Special occasions with

Semi Permanent Make up Manicure and Pedicure Body Treatments ( Scrubs, Wraps, Peels)

Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior Treatments for problematic Skin

THE BEST fitNess prograMMe ever in six we e k s ta k e 5 inche s of f you r wa ist, lose a ston e , dou ble you r f it ne ss

“MasHer of tHe coucH potato, sHape-sHifter to tHe stars, tHe Bodydoctor is a god” Saturday Times Magazine

Stronger. Slimmer. Firmer. Fitter.

Coming Soon B odydoc to r - Fi t f o r Lov e be s p o k e 1 o n 1 , c o uple & sma ll grou p t ra ining

The Best Trai ni ng In The Wo r l d - A nd i t’s On Yo u r Do o r ste p w w w. bo dy do c to r . c o m / 0207 235 2211 / eaton square, belgrav ia sw 1



gold rush How Sharps Pixley is making investing in gold more accessible than ever before


ating back to 1778, the Sharps Pixley brand is one of London’s leading gold dealers, and this year, it opened its state-of-the-art showroom in St James’s. It is the only London-based bullion trader providing this style of retail physical precious metal bars and coins to UK investors on the high street. Its aim is to simplify and demystify the gold market, as well as to expand the reach of precious metals and create new ways in which people can invest in them. And now that the brand has its own showroom, it’s easier than ever before to browse, learn about and buy gold. The trend of investing in gold has increased in recent years and is seen as a rewarding investment, holding its value; which is even more important given the volatility of stocks and shares in recent months. Offering a range of investments, buyers can purchase anything from one gram gold bars starting at approximately £35 to market bars at £400,000 at Sharps Pixley, as well as a selection of UK minted coins that carry no Capital Gains Tax, and coins from other countries.

L-R,Gold bar worth approx. £34,000, Gold Sovereigns

The showroom also boasts one of the UK’s most advanced safe deposit

Now that the brand has its own showroom, it's easier than ever to browse, learn about and buy gold box facilities – providing a secure and unbeatably convenient storage solution for central London. With more than 2,000 safe deposit boxes of varying sizes, they are not only reserved for metal investors, but are also

available for a range of users with different demands and needs. The brand also offers an unrivalled online information platform where customers can browse precious metals’ news for free, as well as having the opportunity to purchase them. What are you waiting for? Visit them in store or find out further information online. Sharps Pixley Limited, 54 St James's Street, SW1A 1JT, 020 7871 0532,




Banking made easy Founded in Sweden in 1871, Handelsbanken has become one of the world’s strongest banks with more than 850 branches in 25 countries. Visit its latest Belgravia branch to discuss personal and business banking products and services A local focus from day one Handelsbanken was established 145 years ago when a number of prominent companies and individuals in Stockholm’s business world founded ‘Stockholms Handelsbank’. From the outset, the bank proclaimed that it would pursue ‘true banking activities’ with deposits and loans, focusing on the local market. In 1970, Jan Wallander, the CEO at the time, brought with him a blueprint for a decentralised organisation. Branches were given power to make decisions locally, since Wallander believed that those closest to the customer would understand their requirements and circumstances best. Since 2000, the bank has been steadily building up a UK branch network, supporting more and more local communities with their personal and business banking needs. This includes the opening of a branch in Belgrave Square in March 2016, covering both Belgravia and Pimlico. The Branch is the bank Handelsbanken’s decentralised model is 20

The bank was recently rated one of the strongest banks in the world for the fifth year running by financial information provider Bloomberg ( July 2015), and is also the only European bank to feature in every rating since they began. core to its success. Each branch operates as a business, enabling it to make decisions locally and provide a bespoke service. The branch has full power to decide the structure and pricing of products, which directly benefits the customer through swift decision-making. Relationships count Handelsbanken has a different perspective from most other banks. As a ‘relationship bank’, we are driven only by what our customers want, designing tailored solutions to suit their demands. As we are not target-driven, we take a long-term view, investing time to get to know our customers, their needs and ambitions. This approach is summed up in a quote from our book of corporate values: Our advice must always be what is best for the customer, not what is the most profitable for the bank at that time.

The most satisfied customers In 2015, Handelsbanken was rated top for customer satisfaction and loyalty for the seventh year running, in an independent survey* of British banks’ personal and business customers. In addition, Handelsbanken has been rated top current account provider for all sizes of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by a government-backed survey of 10,000 UK businesses**. These reflect the bank’s focus on building long-term customer relationships for mutual benefit, free from product campaigns, sales targets or bonus incentives. One of the world’s strongest banks Handelsbanken takes a prudent approach to risk, only dealing with customers we can meet and with whom we can develop a business relationship.

Experience the difference Your experienced local branch team will make sure everything runs smoothly for you as a Handelsbanken customer. You will have direct line access to your designated Account Manager who is available to address any query or a requirement in a helpful and timely manner. Handelsbanken’s banking services include individual banking, wealth management and corporate banking with products designed to reflect your unique needs. *Customer satisfaction survey conducted independently by EPSI Rating, October 2015 **Business Banking Insight survey, July 2016 14-15 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PS, 020 7838 9000, belgravia

Intelligent Risk Management & Execution


Why RVB?



If you are needing to convert currency

RVB assists you in understanding

RVB Currency UK Ltd is a UK

to buy or sell a property, RVB delivers

each and every step of the process, so

registered company, number 7586693,

a blend of intelligent and practical

that we can provide you with the best

regulated by the FCA as an Authorised

solutions, with the sole purpose of

tailored solution to meet your specific

Payment Institution (FRN: 593854)

protecting you from losing money

requirements, for any currency scenario.

and by HMRC as a Money Transmitter

unnecessarily due to excessive charges

Our core value is that your interests are

(license number:12653819).

and currency market volatility.

at the heart of every decision.

+44(0) 20 3137 6885

18 Savile Row, London, W1S 3PW



PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT Important street plans affecting Belgravia

dry architects restores historic knightsbridge home

DRY Architects has made it its mission to restore a section of Lennox Gardens’ historic elevation to its former glory, completing this project by 2017 Existing

Proposed development


ennox Gardens is at the very heart of historic Knightsbridge and is composed of a variety of five and six-storey properties overlooking a beautiful private garden. The majority of the properties are Queen Anne-style with Flemish detailing, and are all Grade II-listed, having been highly acclaimed at the time of construction in the mid-19th century for being of outstanding design and style. This particular property, 27 Lennox Gardens, was originally designed as a single family dwelling, but was converted into flats and a dental surgery in the 1960s. The popular design at the time called for flat roofs and modernist lines, which resulted in it being a poor relation visually to its neighbours.

DRY Architects was commissioned by the owners to seek consent for an additional storey. As the building is listed and the roof profile designated Category 1, it would normally preclude any possibility of extending. Previous applications had also been refused in 1990, making the brief rather daunting. Over the course of two years, DRY Architects discussed the proposals with the Conservation and Planning Officers at the RBKC Council together with English Heritage. Together, they developed a scheme that returned the principal elevation back to the style and detail of the original and enabled the creation of an additional floor behind a new front gable. Extensive research was carried out to support the application and while DRY Architects was unable to trace any original drawings, it

did discover a photograph taken in the 1920s, which showed the building in its former glory, and was subsequently used as a guideline for the firm’s proposals. Planning and Listed Building Consent was granted in 2014 and the works are now in progress. The additional floor will create an extra 1,000 sq ft of space, making the internal floor area of the two-storey penthouse in excess of 2,450 sq ft. When completed, it will be a large three-bedroom home with a roof terrace. The style of the interior will be modern with luxury finishes. Works have commenced and are due to be completed by Easter, 2017. DRY Architects has earned a reputation for achieving difficult planning applications in central London and can be contacted at: 23




Date received: 7 September Address: Wilton Place, SW1X 8RL Proposal: Internal alterations including partition additions

Date received: 19 September Address: Lanesborough Place, SW1X 7TA Proposal: Internal alterations

Date received: 20 September Address: Halkin Street, SW1X 7DJ Proposal: Installation of secondary glazing to the front elevation windows at ground-floor level

a new lease of life

Harrods car park to make way for £200m luxury care home scheme


arrods’ car park on Knightsbridge’s Pavilion Road is set for a transformation into highend extra care residential apartments, after RBKC gave the £200m project the green light in August. It’s fair to say the 1970s Brutalist affair won’t be missed by many, and the development is a continuation of the top-end-care trend, making its way across Prime Central London: Johnny Sandelson and Karen Mulville’s Auriens acquired a prominent site in Chelsea for a £200m “later lux life” project earlier this year, and LifeCare Residences recently launched “London’s first luxury retirement village” in Battersea. Working for Dartmouth

Capital Advisors, architecture practice PDP London has designed 34 two-bed apartments with associated healthcare facilities, behind a countenance described as “a strong example of contemporary architecture”. The firm says the scheme will “lift the status of this island site and create a contextually refined landmark building in what is currently an unremarkable urban setting”. Hamiltons Architects will be in charge of designing the interiors.

Grosvenor Gardens House was built in 1867 and was Britain’s first serviced apartments. It was later turned into offices but is now once again being turned back into a residential block, with concierge services provided by The Goring. Grosvenor Gardens House, 35-37 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1W 0BS


PLANNed roadworks and closures

Until 25 November Lennox Gardens, SW1X Paving works - 175m2 Kensington and Chelsea 020 7361 3000

Until 29 November Chester Street, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, SW1X TfL Traffic Signal Modernisation Works Storage area for materials and welfare Transport for London 0845 305 1234

Until June, 2017 Knightsbridge, SW1X Diversion to allow hoarding installation during nine months for the refurbishment of the Mandarin Oriental Transport for London 0845 305 1234

A Rest Unlike the Rest

20 Chesham Place, London, UK SW1X 8HQ | + |

The Hari-Print AD.indd 1

10/8/16 1:13 pm

Local relationship banking At Handelsbanken relationship banking still lives up to its name. You only ever deal with people you know by name and decisions are made locally by us at the branch. Our simple aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers. Navid Shah - Corporate Manager Telephone: 020 7838 9005, email: Hajrah Dar - Corporate Manager Telephone: 020 7838 9013, email: Pretima Champaneri Phillips - Individual Banking Manager Telephone: 020 7838 9006, email:

1st Floor, 14-15 Belgrave Square London, SW1X 8PS Tel: 020 7838 9000, Fax: 020 7838 9016 Handelsbanken is the trading name of Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ). Registered Office: Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ), 3 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1WY. Registered in England and Wales No, BR 000589. Incorporated in Sweden with limited liability. Registered in Sweden No, 502007-7862. Head Office in Stockholm. Authorised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and the Prudential Regulation Authority and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our authorisation and regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request.



RESIDENTS’ CULTURE Sue Liberman brings us her monthly Belgravian musings

Motcomb Street The public realm improvement works commenced on 5 September. There was a slight delay to the start due to the overrun of the necessary Thames Water works on Motcomb Street that was due to the leaking water pipes beneath the road. The current public realm works remain on programme. The noisiest works for Phase 1 have now been completed and any further noisy works for this stage should be intermittent only. It’s expected that Phase 1 will be completed before Christmas. For regular updates of the works, please visit motcombstreetpublic Open House (The Pantechnicon Building tenants) and Grosvenor envision the Pantechnicon as a hospitality and retail destination for both national and international visitors. The hospitality team is currently in place, and is in the process

new electric substation installed in the basement of the Pantechnicon. Grosvenor is currently investigating ways to improve the structure, and have assured us that a pleasing, creative solution will be pursued.

of putting together a cutting edge retail team. Construction works of the Pantechnicon Building began in September and are scheduled to take 15 months. The layout of the Pantechnicon on completion will consist of:

Basement – Bar and restaurant Ground floor – Café, bakery and store selling accessories and quality gifts Mezzanine – Cosmetics & grooming for men

and women First floor – Men and women’s causal fashion Second floor – Restaurant Third floor – Bar and dining

Will anything be done about the new concrete structure in the courtyard at the rear of the Pantechnicon? Grosvenor recognises that the new concrete structure is out of place, but it is unfortunately essential to the operation of the

Trader news For the past 44 years Handelsbanken has had a higher profitability than the average for its competitors. They commenced operations in Great Britain in 1982 and have been ranked top for customer satisfaction for the last seven years. We’re delighted to welcome Handelsbanken to Belgravia. If you would like to know more about Handelsbanken, please visit or contact Julian Reynolds (Belgravia Branch Manager)

Handelsbanken 1st Floor, 14-15 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PS, 020 7838 9000, belgravia@handelsbanken. Until next month...

If there’s anything you would like me to know about, I can be contacted on 07957 420 911 or at


[great british escape]

The great

outdoors Belgravia dwellers without a garden to call their own need not fret. The Journal discovers a home from home in the heart of the Cotswolds with enough tea on the lawn for everyone daniel poole


owhere does the countryside quite like the Cotswolds. The most quintessentially British villages you could ever hope to come across reside here in all their limestone glory, surrounded by rolling evergreen hills stretching over six counties, most likely sculpted by the primal mother earth goddess herself, Gaia. It comes as no surprise then that Barnsley House Hotel and Spa has succeeded and more than proved itself as a countryside retreat. However, this isn’t just down to its location; the hotel’s highlyacclaimed Potager Restaurant prides itself on using the freshest ingredients, taken directly from the hotel’s very own fruit and vegetable plot. Upon arrival, it’s difficult not to be distracted by the luscious lawn that has enough neatly chiselled hedges to give Alan Titchmarsh a run for his money – a rather appropriate description as the honey-hued Grade II-listed 17th century dwelling that was once home to the internationally-acclaimed garden designer, Rosemary Verey. The main house’s exterior has changed very little since its inception, with the proprietors 28

“I take my coffee out onto the patio and enjoy the bountiful garden bursting with English flora” simply extending over time to accommodate more guests. Inside, however, the original features remain, and it has been refurbished with a French boutique-theme inspired by the great outdoors with a muted-forest colour palette. Even Hunter wellies are on standby in case guests have an immediate desire to explore the acres-uponacres of surrounding countryside.

After making myself at home, it’s time to check into the Rosemary Verey Suite, which is also described as the night-before-the-wedding bridal suite due to its sheer size in order to accommodate brides and their maids as they prepare themselves for the day ahead. It’s no wonder they choose this suite; leading on from the sitting room, a splendidly furnished bedroom comes complete with a four-poster bed, not wooden, but embellished with hand-crafted metal roses intertwining up the posts and into a spectacular canopy, almost touching the wooden beam ceiling above. The beautifully-tiled bathroom, complete with freestanding bathtub,


his-and-her sinks and a walk-in rain shower, is top of the range. Even the most technological touches have been thought of – the lighting in every room can be controlled with the numerous dials tucked around every corner. Just when I thought I couldn’t unwind any further, I head to the spa. After a quick doze in the steam room, it’s time to soak in the outdoor hydrotherapy pool. Basking in the sunlight and overlooking the meadow beyond, I’m almost reluctant to attend my scheduled Hot Mineral Body Boost where the therapist uses a new range of Elemis lotions and potions. Having delicate skin, the masseuse is very accommodating in my need for oils that were suited to sensitive souls

and this makes my experience all the more wonderful. Next, it’s time to relish in those aforementioned fresh ingredients at the in-house Potager Restaurant. Kicking off the meal to start, I enjoy a knuckle of smooth Parma ham wrapped around a ball of creamy buffalo mozzarella, on a bed of salad leaves from the hotel’s own garden. To follow, I find that a juicy beef fillet is cooked to perfection and is topped with red onion jam, accompanied by crispy fries, crunchy green beans and a generous jug of peppercorn sauce. And to close, I delight in a pavlova swimming in fresh strawberries and raspberries. I had planned to take full advantage of the hotel’s very own on-site 30-seat cinema showing any movie of my choice from a library of 500 titles, but by this point the Elemis scrub, three-course meal and a bottle of Rioja has me ready for bed. Morning breaks, and with my suite not too far from the kitchen, I wake to the smell of full English breakfast and fresh coffee. I opt for a childhood favourite of mine: egg and soldiers. The eggs, of course, are from the hotel’s own hens and taste delightful. The orange juice is so fresh

I wouldn’t have been surprised if the hotel had its own orangery. I take my coffee out onto the patio and enjoy the bountiful garden bursting with English flora, old walling stone and manicured grass. It’s the ideal spot for afternoon tea, or perhaps a treat from the ‘Anywhere Menu’ serving cheeses, salads and soups around the clock. For me, I need something a little stronger than tea before checking out. Occasionally, you can take the man out of the city but you cannot take the city out of the man; an idea that’s not gone amiss here as the hotel comes with its very own cocktail bar. I state to the barman what flavours I crave and it’s concocted before me. I’m convinced he was a magician. I could get used to this. NEED TO KNOW Daniel Poole was hosted by Barnsley House, a luxury 18-bedroom hotel in the heart of the Cotswolds and is a member of Pride of Britain Hotels – a collection of 48 privately-owned independent British hotels. The hotel’s highly-acclaimed Potager Restaurant uses homegrown and local ingredients, and there is also a spa and private 30-seat cinema. A night’s stay costs from £199 per room (two sharing) including full English breakfast.To book, telephone Pride of Britain Hotels 0800 089 3929,



All of the essentials are taken care of in our roundup for harmonious living

Estate Agents Ayrton Wylie 16 Lower Belgrave Street 020 7730 4628

Harrods Estates 82 Brompton Road 020 7225 6506

Knight Frank Lettings 82-83 Chester Square 020 3740 4539

Savills 139 Sloane Street 020 7730 0822

Best Gapp 81 Elizabeth Street 020 7730 9253

Henry & James 1 Motcomb Street 020 7235 8861

Knight Frank Sales 47 Lower Belgrave Street 020 3811 2473

Sothebys Realty 77-79 Ebury Street 020 7495 9580

Chestertons Belgravia 31 Lowndes Street 020 7235 3530 (lettings) 020 7235 8090 (sales)

John D Wood 48 Elizabeth Street 020 3151 5724

Marler & Marler 6 Sloane Street 020 7235 9641

Strutt & Parker 66 Sloane Street 020 3553 8393




Food & Drink [BARS]

Amaya Halkin Arcade Motcomb Street 020 7823 1166

Tomtom Coffee House 114 Ebury Street 020 7730 1771

The Garden Room The Lanesborough Hyde Park Corner 020 7259 5599

La Bottega 25 Eccleston Street 020 7730 7411


The Library Bar The Lanesborough Hyde Park Corner 020 7259 5599

The Orange 37 Pimlico Road 020 7881 9844 The Alfred Tennyson 10 Motcomb Street 020 7730 6074 The Thomas Cubitt 44 Elizabeth Street 020 7730 6060

Health & Wellbeing

Motcombs 26 Motcomb Street 020 7235 6382 Tomtom Mess Hall 14 Eccleston Street 020 7730 1845 Enoteca Turi 87 Pimlico Road SW1W 8PH 020 7730 3663

Home & Culture






Grace Belgravia 11c West Halkin Street 020 7235 8900

Bryan Ellery Bronze Portraits 07760 227 878

Pullman Editions 94 Pimlico Road 020 7730 0547

The Beresford Clinic 2 Lower Grosvenor Place 020 7821 9411

The Belgrave Medical Centre 13 Pimlico Road 020 7730 5171


The Daniel Galvin Jr. Salon 4 West Halkin Street 020 7245 1050


Bodydoctor A bespoke personal training and nutrition clinic in Belgravia. Eaton Square 020 7235 2211

Luminaire Arts 19 Grosvenor Place SW1X 7HT 07966 236 969



Philip Treacy 69 Elizabeth Street 020 7730 3992


Herve Leger 29 Lowndes Street 020 7201 2590

Nevena Couture (clients by appointment only) Lowndes Street 020 3539 8738

Le Spose di Gio 81 Ebury Street 020 7901 9020





Handelsbanken Belgravia 14-15 Belgrave Square SW1X 8PS, 020 7838 9000 belgravia

Abels Moving Services UK, EU & International 020 3773 5796

Suzanne Thomas DHC MRes, Hypnotherapist/ Psychotherapist 07770 378791 suzannethomas@

Child & Child 4 Grosvenor Place 020 7235 8000


[EXCLUSIVE] The Caledonian Club 9 Halkin Street 020 7235 5162

Pickfords Gold Genesis House, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8LZ 0203 188 2544

[TRAVEL & hotels] Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel 21 Lowndes Street 020 7823 1234

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Cadogan Place 020 7235 1234

Passepartout Homes Ltd +32 50 69 99 10 The Hari 20 Chesham Place 020 7858 0100

Speciality Shops [CIGAR SPECIALIST]

Tomtom Cigars 63 Elizabeth Street 020 7730 1790


Peggy Porschen 116 Ebury Street 020 7730 1316

Pierre HermĂŠ Paris 13 Lowndes Street 020 7245 0317 R Chocolate London 5 Motcomb Street 020 7245 0993


De Vroomen 59 Elizabeth Street 020 7730 1901

VICKISARGE 38 Elizabeth Street 020 7259 0202 Elizabeth Gage 5 West Halkin Street 020 7823 0100

[PERFUMERIES] Floris 147 Ebury Street 020 7730 0304

[BULLION BROKER] Sharps Pixley Limited 54 St James's Street 020 7871 0532

[SECURITY] Vigilance Properties 20A Eccleston Street 020 3416 5340


Mayhew Newsagents

15 Motcomb Street / 020 7235 5770 Mayhew Newsagents is a local Belgravian institution. As well as supplying the area with national and international newspapers and magazines, it provides an extensive range of stationery, computer supplies and postal services. Opening times: Monday to Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-2pm, Sunday 8am-1pm Local delivery service available


Headfort Place, Belgravia SW1 Immaculate three bedroom mews house with terrace A contemporary and well presented three bedroom house that benefits from modern fixtures and fittings and a private terrace. 3 bedrooms, 3 en suite bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, dining room, dressing room, guest cloakroom, utility room, garage and terrace. EPC: B. Available 253 sq m (2,723 sq ft).   Available unfurnished (pictures as previously furnished). 020 3641 6005  

Guide price: £3,250 per week All potential tenants should be advised that as well as rent, an administration fee of £276 and referencing fees of £48 per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

BRJ - Nov Ed - 18-20 Headfort Place


13/10/2016 10:17:38

1, 7


West Eaton Place, Belgravia SW1 An elegant three bedroom apartment with fantastic proportions An immaculate ground and lower ground floor apartment benefiting from three good sized bedrooms, excellent entertaining space as well as a patio garden. Master bedroom with en suite bathroom, 2 further bedrooms (both en suite), drawing room, dining room, kitchen, WC, balcony, patio. EPC: F. Approximately 161 sq m (1,736 sq ft).   Leasehold: approximately 95 years

Guide price: £3,950,000 020 3641 5910 020 7730 0822


1, 7 West Eaton Place BRJ

07/10/2016 16:40:55



High flyers

The Journal meets James Forbes and James Gilbert-Green, partners of the Strutt & Parker Sloane Street office to discuss charitable donations and the importance of discretion EMILY ADAMS


he two men sat in front of me hold an almost unrivalled knowledge of selling high net-worth properties in the local area and for the last four years, their office has had the biggest market share in the whole of Knightsbridge and Belgravia. James Forbes and James Gilbert-Green are now named in Spear’s 500 list of top private advisers, as a Recommended London Sales Agent and a London Rising Star respectively – this is an office with a highly experienced group of individuals. “I think our clients see us more like a private bank than a normal estate agency where one size fits all,” Forbes explains. “Ultimately, our business is about people and I think we’ve driven it to employ the best who will then lead the service and the knowledge that one’s clients want,” James Forbes explains. What many clients go to Strutt & Parker for, and a key part of their service, is the level of privacy and discretion given to high net-worth clients. “Giving them a service they expect is so important,” James Forbes continues. Gilbert-Green adds that their focus is always on providing honest, truthful advice to clients and it’s that high-quality service that has made them the agent of choice at One Hyde Park, having completed eight out of the 10 re-sales in the building; they’ve just sold one of the one-bedroom flats for £6million, a value far above the original purchase price of £4million.

Chester Square, guide price: £29.5million

The top end of the current market, £30million and over, is very active, primarily driven by dollar-based buyers, James Forbes explains. Gilbert-Green is quick to agree: “Despite changes in tax and the effect of Brexit, there have been more high value house sales this year than any other year in memory.” In fact, they have achieved a number of sales above the £30million mark over the course of 2016. Gilbert-Green explains that they’re already seeing a more active market in autumn. “There’s definitely a demand for London, that hasn’t changed.” Although they explain that stock is low, the interest is there. “There are buyers who have been in the market for two years plus and are waiting for the right property but they still want to be here, it’s about getting the prices right,” Forbes explains. “If you get that

This is an office with a highly experienced group of individuals


right, and have the currency play as well, it will help boost the market.” Alongside a busy season of selling, the duo has managed to fit in a considerable amount of fundraising. This year they’ve supported the Sebastian Coe Charitable Foundation for Cancer Research UK and the recently-opened Francis Crick Institute. Each Strutt & Parker office has set themselves a challenge and as Gilbert-Green explains, “We decided to do something extreme”. A few years ago they held a spinning event next to the Bank of England to raise money for their chosen charity, but this year they took on Tough Mudder, a 10.5 mile course scattered with 22 obstacles and naturally, lots of mud. At the time of going to print, the team were close to having raised an impressive £14,000, nearing in on their £20,000 target – but for now at least, it’s back to the day job. 66 Sloane Street, SW1X 9SH, 020 7235 9959,

1 AMAZING LATERAL SPACE WITH PRIVATE PARKING AND CONCIERGE montpelier hall, sw7 45ft drawing & dining room ø kitchen/breakfast room ø study ø media room ø 3 bedroom suites ø direct lift access ø 24hr concierge ø 361 sq m (3,888 sq ft) ø 2 underground parking spaces ø EPC=C Guide £14 million Leasehold, approximately 992 years

Strutt & Parker

Savills Knightsbridge

James Gilbert-Green

Alex Christian

020 7235 9959

020 7590 5065


£2,950,000 LEASEHOLD


BELGRAVIA OFFICE 1 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JX +44 (0)20 7235 8861



BELGRAVIA OFFICE 1 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JX +44 (0)20 7235 8861

Eaton Square, Belgravia SW1W


This stunning three bedroom penthouse apartment sits beautifully in a prime Belgravia address and has been subject to comprehensive refurbishment and reconfiguration. Culminating in an improved layout, it offers stunning bespoke features and finishes throughout. The reception room is impressive with a raised ceiling height giving volume which is accompanied by a Arabesco stone fireplace. The free flowing reception area, combined if required by dark stain American walnut doors, gives space to entertain. There is a hideaway kitchen which leads nicely to a spacious dining area and access to the terrace compliments the whole living area. Approximately 1627 sq. EPC rating E. Master bedroom suite | Two further bedrooms | Reception room | Kitchen/dining room | Juliette balconies & terrace | Porter

Leasehold 147 years approximately

77-79 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0NZ +44 20 7495 9580 |

Ormonde Gate, Chelsea SW3


Enjoying beautiful views over the gardens of Burton Court, this well presented two bedroom apartment occupies the first and second floors of this prestigious address in the heart of Chelsea. Offering well-proportioned accommodation throughout with the master suite, utility room and reception room on the first floor. High ceilings and period features with sweeping views over Burton Court from the grand reception room further add to the character of this apartment. The second floor hosts a further bedroom, separate kitchen and dining room. Approximately 1,652 sq. ft. EPC rating F. Two bedrooms | One bathroom | Two guest cloakrooms | Separate kitchen | High ceilings

Share of freehold

© 2016 UK Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark licensed to UK Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. Each offïce is independently owned and operated. All information non - contractual, approximate and subject to error, change and withdrawal without notice. Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our offïces who can provide this information.

Eaton Terrace, Belgravia SW1W


A beautifully presented four bedroom Belgravia townhouse over four floors which has been recently refurbished and interior designed to a very high standard and specification. The house has generous and flexible entertaining space on the ground and first floors with a fabulous kitchen and family dining area leading onto a 40ft landscaped garden. Eaton Terrace is conveniently located close to fashionable Elizabeth Street and the amenities of Knightsbridge, Sloane Square and Belgravia. Sloane Square underground station is within easy walking distance. Approximately 2,669 sq.ft. EPC rating D. Generous entertaining space | Fully fitted kitchen/dining room | Landscaped garden

Leasehold 147 years approximately

77-79 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0NZ +44 20 7495 9580 |

Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria SW1V


One of just two absolutely unique double aspect penthouses within this new development in Victoria SW1. Crafted to the highest standard of design, the interiors have been exclusively fashioned by award winning interior designers Accouter Design. This penthouse comprises of an open plan living area and kitchen, master bedroom with dressing room and en suite bathroom, second bedroom with en suite bathroom, entrance lobby, plentiful storage, in excess of 850 sq ft (80 sq m) of outdoor entertaining space and the building has an in-house porter. Approximately1,625sq. ft. Two bedrooms | Three bathrooms | State of the art finishes throughout | Three private terraces | In-house porter

Leasehold 999 years approximately


© 2016 UK Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark licensed to UK Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. Each offïce is independently owned and operated. All information non - contractual, approximate and subject to error, change and withdrawal without notice. Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our offïces who can provide this information.

Chapel Street

Belgravia SW1X

ÂŁ5,975,000 long leasehold

A well-presented 5 bedroom Belgravia town house, located to the east of Belgrave Square. The property provides excellent well-arranged family accommodation & benefits from access to Belgrave Square Gardens. EPC rating E

Knightsbridge & Belgravia

020 7235 8090

Lyall Street

Belgravia SW1W

A 2 double bedroom, 2 bathroom lateral apartment in a smart stucco fronted period building with balcony in the heart of Belgravia. EPC rating D

ÂŁ2,950,000 share of freehold Knightsbridge & Belgravia

020 7235 8090

Eaton Place

Knightsbridge SW1X

£1,550 per week

A stunning 2 bedroom apartment immaculately presented, offering generous open-plan living space with direct access to a private patio garden. The property is ideally located in the heart of Belgravia within easy reach of all the amenities of Elizabeth Street, Sloane Square & Knightsbridge. EPC rating C

£6,716,67 per month Knightsbridge & Belgravia

020 7235 3530

Additional tenant charges apply: Tenancy agreement fee: £222 (inc. VAT) References per tenant including credit check: £60 (inc. VAT) References per guarantor including credit check: £60 (inc. VAT) Inventory check (approx. £100 – £250 inc. VAT dependent on property size)



Masters of the art of moving.

• UK Residential Removals • Worldwide Relocations • Weekly European Removals • Storage Services • Car Transportation & Storage • Office & Commercial Moving • Antiques, Fine Art Packing, Storing & Moving Telephone: 020 3740 1849 E-Mail:

Memb No: A001

Abels crate ad 248x175mm NEW.indd 2

FS 23942


05/10/2016 12:33

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Drawing of St Dunstan-in-the-West by SPAB Scholar Ptolomy Dean

Founded by William Morris, the SPAB protects the historic environment from decay, damage and demolition. It responds to threats to old buildings, trains building professionals, craftspeople, homeowners and volunteers and gives advice about maintenance and repairs. Since 1877 countless buildings have been saved for future generations.

Information about maintaining your home is available through events, courses, lectures, publications and telephone advice. To support our work why not join the SPAB? Members receive a quarterly magazine, our list of historic properties for sale and access to our regional activities. 020 7377 1644 A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales. Company no: 5743962 Charity no: 1113753 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY

SPAB C Life full pg.indd 1

23/09/2013 12:30

LOWNDES SW1 BASiL STREETSQUARE SW3 E G E R TO N three T Ebedroom R R AC S W 3maintained mansion building in the heart of Knightsbridge. An immaculately presented flat in E this, beautifully A spacious flat with fantastic westerly views over Lowndes Square from the principle rooms. The flat is The building is ideally located for Harrods and the shops and restaurants of the area, and moments from Knightsbridge located penthouse on the 3rd floor of this immaculate portered building andfloor is flooded with natural Stunning overlooking Brompton Square arranged across the fourth of this Victorian building.light. Unfurnished. 2000 sq ft. underground station. • Three 2 double bedrooms Bedrooms

■ ■

•• Four Bedrooms 2 bathrooms Two Bathrooms • Reception

■ ■ ■ ■

Reception Room

• Dining Room • Three Bathrooms

■ ■

• Reception room Entrance Hall/Dining Area

■ ■


• Cloakroom • Kitchen ■ ■ Loft Storage Area • Kitchen

Kitchen/Breakfast ■ ■ Lift Leasehold 133+Room years £3,250 per week fees remaining, £4,650,000 STC £3,300,000 Subject to Contract

• Two Balconies • Garden Terrace

■ ■

1397 sq• ft 24 hour porter

• Additional staff • flat Lift ■ ■ EE rating E (by sep neg)

• Lift • EE Rating C

■ ■

Share of Freehold

Grosvenor Crescent Mews, Belgravia SW1

ÂŁ5,950,000 Freehold

A low built family mews house with outside space in an enviable position within a highly regarded and secure Belgravia mews. Entrance hall | Reception room | Dining area | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Four further bedrooms | Family room/gym | Utility room/garage | Guest WC | Roof terrace | Mews parking | EPC rating C 2,304 sq ft (214 sq m

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959

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Wilbraham Place, Knightsbridge SW1

ÂŁ8,200,000 Share of Freehold

A superb first floor four bedroom lateral apartment in this prestigious Knightsbridge mansion black, with resident porter. Entrance hall | Two reception rooms | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Two further double bedrooms | Two further bathrooms | Study/bedroom 4 | Utility room | Porter | Lift 2,952 sq ft (274 sq m)

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959



Eaton Place, Belgravia SW1

ÂŁ8,700,000 Leasehold

A newly refurbished four bedroom maisonette completed to an exceptional standard. Entrance hall | Dining room | Kitchen | Master bedroom suite | Three further double bedroom suites | Guest WC | Terrace | Courtyard Garden | Utility room 3,012 sq ft (279 sq m)

Knightsbridge 020 7235 9959 Paul.Gransbury JSA: Knight Frank 020 7881 7722



60 Offices across England and Scotland, including prime Central London.

Resident’s Journal

Knowledge. Integrity. Discretion.

NOVEMBER 2016 • Issue 54

Of all our fine properties, these are the most valuable.

At Strutt & Parker, we have unrivalled knowledge of the finest properties in London’s most prestigious areas. We offer access to buyers from all over the world through our affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate. And we provide a trusted and personal service. All of which has helped us become one of the leading agents for exclusive properties in prime central London.

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Resident’s Journal w w w. R e s i d e n t s J o u r n a l . c o . u k 020 7987 4320

Written for the residents of BELGRAVIA NOVEMBER 2016 • Issue 54

Belgravia Residents' Journal November 2016  

Welcome to the latest edition of Belgravia Residents' Journal, celebrating the dynamism of the area and bringing you the latest features, ar...

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