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This Residents’ Journal represents a fresh, innovative approach to local media, whilst retaining a traditional feel. We will deliver intelligent editorial with integrity and depth on subjects that matter to the residents and business community within Battersea, Balham, Clapham and Wandsworth. Published on a monthly basis with the kind support of a select handful of relevant advertisers, we will present regular editorial contributions from prominent local residents and members of the independent local business community, as well as seasoned journalists who live locally. If you live or work in these areas and have a particular interest in contributing to the Residents’ Journal, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email us at; or telephone us on 020 7987 4320

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Dear Resident, We are positively possessed with the idea of ghosts and ghouls this month, exploring the area’s intriguing haunted history on p. 7, just in time for All Hallows Eve. There are certainly more than a few tales to make your hair stand on end. However, it’s not all satanical spectres and restless spirits in the borough of Wandsworth; one story in particular made us smile and that tale centres upon Mrs Mary Tealby, the Friendly Ghost. Across the path of history, it has often been remarked that our canine companions have a heightened sensitivity with regards to detecting visitors from the other side, but no-one bargained on the animals actually drawing spirits to a specific location. It is said that the benevolent ghost of Mrs Mary Tealby, founder of the organisation in 1860, roams the kennels checking up on the new inmates. Described as a ‘kind old lady with grey hair,’ this petite spectre watches over the abandoned pets and their care-workers to ensure all is well. Now that is a hands-on approach to protecting your legacy. This month, I also had the pleasure of speaking with a local author who has been shortlisted for a prestigious prize. Thomas Mogford takes time out of his busy schedule penning thriller novels in his Battersea loft conversion to talk to the Residents’ Journal (p. 14). Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s issue (November), as we shall be printing a full list of all the charities nominated for our donations and will be revealing how to vote for your favourite.

Aviator From Dialogues With The Past © Krystyna Szczepaniak at the Affordable Art Fair (p. 13)

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NOTEBOOK Keep your finger on the pulse with our round-up of local news

BATTERSEA I mage b y Stephen C annon

Here at Journal HQ, we’ve heard whisperings of a new Speakeasy bar set to launch in SW11. The whole affair is shrouded in mystery, but there is an active Twitter page (@SpeakeasySW11) which we have been keeping under close surveillance for details.

LIGHT ON, LIGHT OFF As the UK’s busiest rail station, Clapham Junction is a beacon for many travellers, one which signals either crossing the threshold into London or leaving its boundaries for adventures untold. This means, however, that energy consumption for the building is considerably higher than the average public building. In a bid to make savings and combat wastage, the station is set to introduce intelligent lighting. Open Technology’s LiGO clever control system will provide the exact light levels required across the station, matching lighting use to train timetables, passenger presence and daylight levels. The new system will reduce light pollution and enable Clapham Junction station to dim its lights or switch them off if the hub is closed.




THE GREEN LIGHT Park lovers across the borough can rejoice in Battersea Park’s prestigious Green Flag Award bestowed by Keep Britain Tidy. The accolade was awarded this summer, with the organisation labelling the green space, ‘The jewel in the crown of London’s parks.’ After the flags were bestowed, the public were given their say, with all the green spaces nominated for a People’s Choice Award to find the nation’s favourite. The winner will be announced this month. Wandsworth’s environmental spokesman, Cllr Jonathan Cook certainly believes that Battersea Park is in the running: ‘We know Battersea Park is the best in London, and we believe our residents agree.’ Keep your ears to the ground.

New research, undertaken by the Local Government Association, indicates that the pressure on primary school places in Wandsworth is set to rise dramatically between now and September 2016. According to the figures, demand could rise from its current level of 17,949 places to an estimated total of 20,481 over the next three years. Wandsworth Council has already initiated plans to provide extra classroom spaces for four and five year olds, adding 25 extra reception classes in schools across the borough to meet this growing demand. -4-


MR. P IS ON A MISSION Balham author Roger de Kassel has been busy this month. Not only has he put the finishing touches to Mr. P and the Bully Birds, the third instalment in his Mr. P series of books for children but he has also penned a rather special edition for charity. Mr P. and the Red Poppy is due to be released in mid-October in time for this year’s Poppy Appeal. All profits made from the title will be donated to the Royal British Legion. The vividly illustrated tales tell the story of Mr. P., a pigeon who lives near Trafalgar Square, and each is littered with important environmental messages. The charming books make an enjoyable read for children and adults alike, so if you’re on the hunt for new bedtime reading material with a charitable twist, look for Mr. P. on the shelves at Waterstones or WH Smith.


A TASTE OF SARDINIA We have recently discovered EnaCorda, an artisan pasta stall that forms part of Balham’s Hildreth Street Market, and cannot recommend it enough. Open Wednesday to Saturday every week (10am-5.30pm), Mario Ena and his team produce delectable fresh pasta that showcases the excellence of traditional Sardinian cuisine. From speaking with Mario, we learnt that he is originally from Cannigione in Sardinia, but he flew the coop at the tender age of 18. He quickly fell head over heels in love with both the UK, and a certain lady (now his wife), and has settled comfortably in the local area. ‘My part-time business partner, Stefano Corda, and I started EnaCorda because we loved the idea of being mobile and bringing fresh produce to the street,’ says Mario. ‘By making the pasta fresh on the stall, our customers can see that we are the beginning and end of the line. There is no mistaking its quality and authenticity.’

FOR A SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD Have you met your Safer Neighbourhood team? Visit the Metropolitan Police website to see exactly who will be patrolling in your area, and what their crime-fighting priorities are. You’ll also be able to see details of upcoming local meetings, bicycle-marking sessions and other community events designed to keep you, and your borough, safe.

To find your Safer Neighbourhood team visit

FINGER-LICKING CHICKEN From the same group that brought us the Cattle Grid Steakhouse chain, Poulet Rouge is a rotisserie chicken restaurant dishing up Goosnargh birds sourced from Reg Johnson’s renowned farm in the Ribble Valley. Opening last month with great success, guests can enjoy all meals accompanied with chips and Poulet Rouge’s punchy signature sauce. Poulet Rouge also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner – the whole shebang. With an assortment of crêpes, salads and galettes also on the menu, mealtimes at this latest eatery are guaranteed to be a hoot.

No reservations taken, 7a Chestnut Grove, Balham SW12 8J ( © M ichaelpuche




THROUGH THE KEYHOLE Who lives in a house like this? Residents with an interest in art are urged to save a space in their diaries for the annual Wandsworth Artists’ Open House event this October. During the weekends of 5 and 6 October and also 12 and 13 October, artists across the borough will be opening the doors of their homes and studios to showcase their works to visitors. Last year’s event, organised by Wandsworth Council’s arts team and an artists’ steering committee, generated an estimated £250,000 in sales and saw approximately 15,000 visits made to more than 100 venues across Wandsworth.

A list of all open houses across the borough will be available via the Council’s arts team, call 020 8871 8711, email, or visit Staff Yard, Battersea Park, SW11 4NJ (

FREE NHS HEALTH CHECKS An apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away – but just in case you are not so lucky – Wandsworth Council is offering over-40s free NHS health checks in a bid to reduce heart and kidney disease rates, as well as cases of strokes and diabetes. The appointments will be held in community centres and even bingo halls and mobile clinics to supplement the already well-established NHS Health Check Programme delivered by GPs in the borough. After a 20-30 minute appointment, free advice is offered about what to do to stay healthy. The mobile clinics are at the following locations: Wandsworth Asian Community Centre, Tooting, Mondays 1pm-2.30pm, Alton Community Centre, Roehampton, Mondays until 7pm, Focus Hall, Minstead Gardens, Roehampton, 6pm-7pm, Gala Bingo Tooting, 11am-7pm, Hestia Age Activity Centre, Tooting, Wednesdays, 12-4pm. Checks can also be undertaken at a number of pharmacies in the local area.


To find out more information, call the following freephone number 0800 061 2999, or visit

Resident permits: new or renewed permits

Wandsworth Civic Awards The deadline is looming (11 October) so nominate your local unsung heroes now. The Awards recognise anyone who deserves to be given a pat on the back for dedicating their time and effort to others.

For more information, visit

New parking and permit charges will be implemented across the Borough of Wandsworth from 1 October 2013. Ensure you are up-to-date with the latest developments.

Permit duration

First permit at address

Second and subsequent permit at address

Over the counter


Over the counter







Three months





One month (new residents only)





Greener resident permit





For more information, visit

WORDS / Louise Hart -6-



HAUNTING As Halloween fast approaches, the Residents’ Journal takes a journey on the midnight express to Spooky-town, embarking on a trip that will examine the local area’s paranormal phenomena and supernatural sightings. Katie Randall explores things that go bump in the night



herself off a bus on the way to work one particularly harrowing morning. The poltergeist was known under many guises, all of which, at one time or another, it would respond to, knocking out messages for Shirley and the various paranormal investigators who visited the family home. The ghost claimed to be a boy named Donald who had once played with a young Shirley; Spooky Willie, a family relative and an illegitimate son of King Charles II France. The situation became increasingly desperate when the poltergeist decided to casually take up penmanship, penning letters and sending them via the Royal Mail to various living recipients. Many theories have arisen over the years as to the truth behind this tale, with many assuming that Shirley had made up the whole thing. Still, some argue that the girl had psychic capabilities which attracted this supernatural being from the other side. As the house no longer exists, perhaps we shall never know.

Far from the Madding Dead Is it true that the spirit of one of the greatest writers of the Victorian period still lingers in his old Tooting home? A blue plaque on the wall of 172 Trinity Road proudly commemorates the fact that this abode was the former house of author and poet Thomas Hardy, but as reports indicate, this is not the only reminder that the writer resided at this address between 1878-1881. One story tells that Hardy’s ghost has been seen in the kitchen of the first-floor flat, while another resident told the author of Haunted Wandsworth, James Clark, that a painting in his living room randomly fell from the wall one evening. This incident in isolation was not enough to arouse suspicion, but when, a month later, a shelf in the kitchen holding several glasses came crashing to the ground in the middle of the night, the inhabitants began to question the reason for such occurrences. Spectral interior design by a long-dead author? Stranger things have happened…


ook no further for ghastly tales of intrigue and deceit, shimmering spectres and bloodchilling apparitions; the most infamous residents of the Borough of Wandsworth are not among the living. Whether an evil demon capable of performing gravity-defying leaps before descending upon its victims, or a malevolent staircase enacting tricks which call upon long since passed residents to strike fear into the hearts of the living, the borough has many tales of restless spirits and ghouls. These ghostly residents and their stories refuse to dissipate into the mist, lingering in public memory and gradually slipping into folklore. The Residents’ Journal calls in the Ghostbusters, ready to explore some of the more infamous stories abounding in our locale.

A Poltergeist with Split Personalities Far from being the reserve of horror films, poltergeist happenings have been recorded across Battersea over the last decade. Perhaps most chilling, the tale of Shirley Hitchings has fallen into folklore, but for those who may recall the details, it still proves as puzzling a tale today as when it was occurring in the late 50s. The events began at 63 Wycliffe Road, home to Walter Hitchings, a London Transport motorman, and his family. The Hitchings quickly gained nationwide notoriety as word spread of the poltergeist in their home, which had formed an attachment to Walter’s teenage daughter Shirley. Initially, small objects would be moved around the room by this otherworldly being and a strange thump began to emanate from beneath Shirley’s bed. At its height, this invisible character supposedly threw knives at walls, started fires in the home and levitated Shirley above her bed. The knocking also followed the teenager miles from her home, forcing her to throw -8-

Thomas H ard y’ s f ormer home. I mage courtesy of Duncan R immer

Do you d are to take a step?

Spooky Staircase The ghost hunter Elliott O’Donnell’s (1872-1965) tale of the haunted staircase in an unnamed Wandsworth abode is enough to send shivers down your spine. In Haunted Houses of London (1909), he describes the curious tale of the ‘Scaran’ family, who moved into a large old house near Wandsworth Common. The family were all given fictitious names to protect their identities, making the story harder to trace for a modern audience, but O’Donnell’s telling of his experiences with the Scarans captivates nonetheless. According to him, when entering the property one was greeted by a wide entrance hall dominated by a flight of low, broad oak stairs, but when one examined the ceiling, there were marks apparently mapping out where the stairs had originally been fixed. Many of the Scarans had unfortunate experiences with these stairs that had a mind of their own and seemed hell-bent on terrifying the residents, but none more so than ‘Will’, a guest of the Scarans who visited one December. One night, after the rest of the family had gone to bed, Will stayed up late to work on a lecture he was due to give the following day. Eventually, tiredness overcame him and the house guest started up the stairs to bed. Before he had reached the fourth step, an invisible figure bumped past him coming down the stairs and a deathly chill crept across the entrance hall. He took another step, only for this to happen again and again. He then became aware that he was not alone but crowded in the midst of a gathering of men and women all dressed in brocade and swathed in perfume, with the men donning swords. A more distinct noise suddenly struck, it was the pounding of a horse’s hooves and its shrill whinny. Frozen to the spot, the terrified ‘Will’ dared not turn around as the animal drew closer to the house, its hooves pounding across the gravel outside the property. It burst into the entrance hall and began to ascend the stairs as the rider uttered words -9-

of ‘admonition’ to the assembled crowd. A highpitched, pitiful scream followed, which was answered with a whoosh of swords clattering in to action and then a gunshot sounded before the stairs crumbled and everyone – ghostly and living – fell to the floor. Will lost consciousness, but when he awoke the staircase was in a slightly altered position. O’Donnell explains that after research, Mr Scaran unearthed a story that shed some light on the weird occurrences – but as for its validity, we remain uncertain. Attached to the house, there was an old tale of a lady who had poisoned her husband within its walls but was then killed by her victim’s twin brother on the very evening she was due to run away with her new lover and accomplice. The brother rode his horse into the hall, but was shot himself after taking his revenge and his body was thrown into a grave with that of his brother.

A Victorian Murder Mystery The curious case of Charles Bravo, a Victorian barrister who was poisoned at his home in Balham, stands unresolved to this day and has inspired a whole host of theories and accusations, some unsubstantiated; some not. Charles resided with his wife Florence at The Priory on Bedford Hill, a house perfectly poised to inspire nightmares with its early 19th century Gothic style, imitation turrets and battlements and gleaming white façade. On Tuesday 18 April 1876, some time between 10pm and midnight, his bedroom door was flung open, making the household aware that something was awry. Stumbling out onto the landing, Charles supposedly called for hot water in his dizzying state, before he vomited and collapsed. Despite


the best efforts of several eminent doctors, the young professional in his early thirties died a few days later. A post-mortem confirmed the cause of death was poison, specifically tartar emetic, a derivative of antimony. The question on everyone’s lips, consequently, was it murder or suicide? Though suicide is generally disregarded as there was no apparent motive, the mystery shrouding the victim’s death has never been successfully solved; nor does it explain why sightings of his restless spirit, bringing with it a freezing chill, have been recorded in the building several times according to Haunted Wandsworth. James Clark writes: ‘The story he heard [writer James Ruddick, who was researching a book about death whilst at The Priory] involved a woman who slept in Bravo’s old room one night and awoke a little before dawn to find the room deathly cold and the apparition of a man standing at the foot of her bed, gazing down at her. When her host later showed her a photograph of Charles Bravo, she identified that man as her ghostly visitor.’ Other reports suggest that Bravo’s wife Florence has also been spotted dressed in a blue cloak in the grounds of a property adjacent to that of The Priory. Several murderers have been suggested, including Bravo’s own wife, their live-in companion Mrs Jane Cox, his coachman George Griffiths and Dr James Gully, a famous physician of the day and Florence Bravo’s former lover. It is generally believed that the Bravos married, not for love, but for convenience. Was this the match that ultimately proved the undoing of both parties? Florence had money, which attracted Charles, and due to an earlier illicit affair with Dr Gully (both Florence and Gully were married at the time, Florence to her first husband) prior to meeting Charles Bravo, Florence had been exiled from society but was desperate for a respectable marriage so that she could enter its fold again. According to reports, Charles was a forceful husband and sexually aggressive as he was desperate for an heir. Could this behaviour have prompted Florence, scared for her life after several miscarriages, to murder? Certainly at present, it appears the mystery will continue.

Spring-Heeled Jack During the 1800s, Barnes Common and much of south west London was little more than an isolated piece of land on the south bank of the Thames, frequented by robbers and bandits. Few chose a route through the common at night as it was nigh on impossible to cross without courting danger, but in autumn 1837 an overworked businessman keen for the comfort and warmth of home took a short-cut past the gates of the cemetery. Paying little attention to his surroundings, the man was suddenly confronted by a demon with pointed ears and glowing eyes who had vaulted effortlessly over the walls of the cemetery. This was the first sighting of the mythical Spring-Heeled Jack: The Terror of London. Just a few days after this initial sighting, Jack began attacking young women after dark. His first reported victim was Mary Stevens, who was walking home down Cut-Throat Lane, Clapham Common, when a tall figure dressed all in black sprang out of the darkness, grasped Mary around the waist and attempted to molest her. When Mary screamed, the mysterious offender melted

Spring- H eeled J ack ll tra o b oa a ilbert

away into the darkness. At first, Mary’s story was blamed on an overactive imagination, but when the masked miscreant continued to strike, the Victorian community began to sit up and take notice. Many believe the original ‘man behind the mask’ was the reputed Victorian trickster Lord Henry de la Poer Beresford, the 3rd Marquis of Waterford, who had a wicked and often cruel sense of fun; but as the attacks continued long after his death in 1859 this theory holds little credence for Spring-Heeled Jack investigators. The mystery continues. All we can know for sure is that the creature’s legend that began on Barnes Common will live on, as sightings as recent as February 2012 of a cloaked figure bounding across a motorway before leaping a 15 ft. bank keep the nightmare alive. As many a wary parent through history has warned a curious child: ‘Shut your eyes tight when you sleep tonight, else Spring-Heeled Jack will get you!’ n

For more information on many of these stories and more read the fascinating Haunted Wandsworth by James Clark (The History Press, 2010), £7.19

- 10 -

OUT & ABOUT The events and activities on our radar in central London a e


i e

e e i e



MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY The Dorchester hotel will once again play host to the annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party this month. The Promenade will be transformed, in association with the English National Ballet, giving children the opportunity to dress up in some of its authentic archive costumes. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, dancers from the English National Ballet will pirouette around the promenade tables, while tiers of finger sandwiches and scones are tucked into.

5 September – 15 November

Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1QA (

CHANEL: A NEW PORTRAIT Artist Marion Pike is due to exhibit a portrait of her friend, the late fashion designer Coco Chanel, for the first time at the Fashion Space Gallery. The exhibition will feature five canvases, personal items and haute couture gowns, which document the friendship between the Californian artist and the legendary designer who first met in Paris in 1967. In the same year, the sartorial doyenne had refused a request by Pablo Picasso to paint her portrait and granted Pike permission instead, sparking the lasting friendship revealed in this heart-warming exhibition.

London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes Street W1G 0BJ (





For one week only, the Witch Academy will be taking on new recruits and invites families to join in the ghoulish fun at The London Eye on a Halloween storytelling capsule. Children can join the High Witch to take on the ghastly Grimly Grim and help foil his despicable plans to steal the Crown Jewels. Every graduate from the Witch Academy will receive a special badge of honour and will be invited to join the Witch Academy Alumni.

Foodies hungry for a bite of the capital’s food scene should loosen their belts as the gourmet hopping ways of the London Restaurant Festival returns this month. Designed to tickle the tastebuds, the food trails mean participants can eat their way around the best Spanish, Italian and Japanese eateries in town, plus a specially issued passport can be used to redeem a dish and a drink in each of the participating venues, for just £50 a head.

To book, call 0871 781 3000

( - 11 -

WORDS / Kara Wright


THE CALENDAR A selection of the best events happening in the area

1-6 October

16 October

18-19 October




In the relaxed surroundings of Battersea Park, the Decorative Antiques and Textile Fair returns again with its usual high-calibre artefacts and collectibles. Interior design fans and discerning decorators are sure to find a steal if looking for unusual English and European antiques, original 20th century designs and works of art from all periods to the present day. Established for more than 25 years, the fair continues to entice international trade and retail buyers, interior designers and private customers seeking unique and unusual furnishings.

Cineworld Wandsworth is screening a live production of the Royal Ballet’s Don Quixote for seven days this month. The enduringly popular novel about the adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza has inspired operas, theatrical productions and films. This new production features Principal guest artist Carlos Acosta who brings his own distinctive vision to the work. Alive with Spanish flair and atmosphere, the melodic and distinctive music playing throughout ensures that the ballet is definitely worth a visit.

An adaptation of award-winning author Oliver Jeffers’ book Up and Down comes to Clapham this month to introduce children up to the age of seven to the joys of live theatre. For a limited period only, GaGa Theatre will bring the magical storybook to life, evoking the importance of friendship and reaching for one’s dreams. The production marries traditional theatre with modern technology and takes it to the cinema screen, where a mesmerising sequence of illustrations from the book will captivate young audiences.

£10 on the door, Battersea Park, SW11 4NJ (

Wandsworth High Street, SW18 4TF (

£12, Clapham Picturehouse, 76 Venn Street SW4 0AT (

© Draw the World at The V & A

© erpe e aller a ilio b l aro i a a d d ardo o to de M oura w ith C ecil B almond - Arup

he e ora e A a d e le Fair





24-27 October

30-31 October

Throughout October




If an interior makeover is on the cards, then a trip to the Affordable Art Fair should present countless possibilities to inject a dash of colour, vibrancy and personality to sitting rooms throughout south west London. Those with an eye for contemporary art will flock to Battersea Park later this month to browse and snap up paintings, sculptures and prints from more than 100 galleries. Affordable by name and by nature, the artworks will be priced between £400 and £4,000.

For all those in need of a creative boost to brighten up the autumn season, Wandsworth Museum and the De Morgan Centre is hosting this year’s national campaign to get everyone drawing with the Family Arts Festival. Whether you are an avid artist, a silly scribbler or a budding Picasso, rally all the family and bring them to one of the workshops, where you can make good use of the museum’s dynamic archives to explore line, pattern, print and collage through experimental drawing techniques.

A local family-run business is offering courses for new and expectant parents to ensure they are confident and understand simple life-saving techniques for their little ones. With 20 years’ of experience in first aid, Little Aid provides courses that have been developed to cover the most common situations that arise and the most worrying emergencies that some new parents will have to deal with. The three-hour Paediatric First Aid course takes place on the first Monday of each month, though a home service is also available on request.

Tickets on weekdays £10 and at weekends £12. British Genius Site, Battersea Park SW11 4NJ (

£3, Wandsworth Museum and the De Morgan Centre, 38 West Hill, SW18 1RX. To book 83 Nightingale Lane, Balham, SW12 8NX your place visit (

I mages / From the b ook Up and Down b li er effer p bli hed b y H arperC ollins Pub lishers © 2 0 1 3 H arperC ollins Pub lishers L td

Aviator From Dialogues With The Past © Krystyna Szczepaniak

UP AND DOWN C hartw ell, E d enb rid ge a e i oprio © L ena B oyle Fine Art




- 13 -


Crime Story Investigation:

Can you tell about the plot and idea behind your latest title Sign of the Cross? The main character of my first book, Shadow of the Rock, is a lawyer from Gibraltar called Spike Sanguinetti. In the second, Sign of the Cross, Spike travels to Malta to attend the funerals of his uncle and aunt, who have died in what the police are calling a murder-suicide. All is not as it appears, however… A lot of Gibraltarians have Maltese heritage, and Malta is such a fascinating place, with its proximity to Africa and its history of knights and British colonialism. I was keen to send Spike there to see what happens.

Battersea The Residents’ Journal catches up with

How do you juggle your literary career with everyday life and a young family? With extreme difficulty! My wife Ali and I went down the dubious path of having two children 14 months apart, which has made it hard for either of us to get much done beyond nappy-changing, laundry and bottle-sterilising. However, the youngest is now eight months old, so writing windows are starting to jimmy open again.

Battersea-based crime fiction author Thomas Mogford ahead of the announcement of the winner of the Crime Writers’ Association’s John Creasey ‘Dagger’ Award, for which his debut novel has been shortlisted

Does Battersea and the local area ever serve up inspiration for your novels? Any time I get writer’s block, I go for a walk down Falcon Road, or around Battersea Park – there’s always something strange going on, so it’s easy to glimpse or overhear something that triggers your imagination and gets you going again. How much of your life finds its way into your writing? In the ten-year period before Shadow of the Rock got published, I wrote a lot of fairly autobiographical fiction. It was entertaining for me, and for the people who featured, but not necessarily for anyone else. A bit like showing your holiday snaps to someone who doesn’t know you. So I’ve tried to eschew the autobiographical by imagining what it would be like to be a Gibraltarian lawyer with a penchant for danger – that said, there are always a few details here and there that find their way in. Your debut novel has just been shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s John Creasey ‘Dagger’ Award for best new writer. How does that make you feel? I was thrilled and amazed to be shortlisted for the award, then terrified once I found out that the ceremony is going to be televised on ITV3 on 29 October. I am already preparing my ‘not at all annoyed’ face for when one of the other three shortlisted books is read out as the winner.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Thomas Mogford and I’m a crime novelist who writes books set in the Mediterranean from a loft conversion in exotic Battersea. How did you first fall into writing? I always wanted to write and always imagined living the life of a writer, but I assumed it would be an impossible dream. While at university, a friend and I used to talk all the time about ideas for novels and how it might feel to go into a bookshop and see your own work on the shelves. But it all seemed like a pipe dream – until my friend actually started writing a novel after we graduated. It took me another ten years to get published but I did it. AS TOLD TO / Katie Randall

Are you thinking about your next novel? Yes, I’m always thinking about it. The demands of the crime genre are such that the publishers like to put out a new book every year. So no sooner is one done than the next one has to get under way. Thankfully my wife helps me with each stage of the process – she’s the real brains in our house – so the load is reduced. The next book in the Spike Sanguinetti series, The Hollow Mountain, is completed and due out in April 2014. The fourth is scheduled for April 2015 – so it’s back up to the loft conversion for me. What does the future hold for Thomas Mogford? Dry-clean my black tie on Battersea Park Road and then pace around the borough until I come up with a suitably spooky plot for Spike’s fourth adventure. n


- 14 -

52 Abbeville Road Clapham SW4 9NF


52 Abbeville Road, Clapham, SW4 9NF

020 8772 9922

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for the community A group of local residents are making a big difference in Furzedown, raising funds for charity and spreading merriment. The Residents’ Journal speaks to Alan Feast, the chair of FACE (Furzedown Annual Charity Events) How and why did FACE come into being? One of my neighbours volunteered to do a horse ride across South America four years ago, to raise funds for the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF). Several of us heard about the challenge and thought it would be good fun to help raise a few extra pounds with a Quiz Night for locals at a church hall down the road. We borrowed the idea from the Furzedown Community Network (FCN), who work tirelessly to engage with the Furzedown Community, and who put on the annual Furzedown Festival with events over two weeks in the summer ( We roped in a few other neighbours, and the Quiz Night was a great success, adding several hundred pounds to the funds for BAAF. Being a sociable lot, we of course agreed to meet up after the event for a celebratory glass of wine – and this led to a discussion about how great it could be if we could fundraise on a more regular basis, and continue enjoying

ourselves while we did it. The fantastic support we created initially was based on a very clear desire to help our wider community, driven by two stories of what had happened to two of the families involved in our plans. This led to us choosing the Motor Neurone Disease Association and St George’s Hospital charity. Can you tell us a little bit more about those stories? One of our neighbours, Gareth, was told last year that he has Motor Neurone Disease, a progressive condition that causes increasing loss of mobility and difficulties with speech, swallowing and breathing. As a father with three young children, he has found the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) charity has been incredibly supportive and vital in helping him and his family face the future. Gareth hopes that together we can raise the funds to help provide a vital piece of equipment, a specialised wheelchair. We also fundraise for St George’s

- 16 -

All images courtesy of FAC E

Hospital charity, providing resources like computers and iPads for young people whilst they undergo their treatment. This enables them to keep in touch with their friends and family, to study and relax during a difficult time in their young lives. How often does the organisation meet? We meet about eight or nine times a year, but chairing committee meetings can become something of a challenge, given that they are held in our houses in rotation, and the host traditionally lays on an excellent spread. We take turns in chairing and have gathered an extremely talented bunch who are all willing to play their part. Are local residents always keen to get involved? It was dead easy to get started – we found we had a very motivated bunch, and whatever we’ve done we’ve had a very good response. Over the past couple of years we’ve been thankful for the support of two successive Mayors of Wandsworth, MP Sadiq Khan, local councillors, senior management of Graveney School and Heyland & Whittle, which has been one of our major and consistent sponsors ( What was your first fundraiser and how much planning went into it? Our first Quiz Night was a real eye-opener as to how much planning and forethought goes into such events, with much muttering of ‘it’ll be alright on the night.’ We didn’t realise what we were getting ourselves into. We recently faced a challenge of feeding almost 200 people in Graveney School Lower Hall. Using the chemistry labs to set out the food – hot mains and puddings – we had to organise everything

seamlessly so that the food was all served in 25 minutes so that we could finish the evening on time. Well, one of our number stepped in, top organiser Elaine, who had us all lined up at stations, practising until we had it down to a tee. Since that day we’ve fantasised about a FACE pop-up restaurant, but we couldn’t stand the thought of all the washing up! And what other events can we look forward to from FACE? We had a great meeting with Graveney School a while back, and although we had previously used their facilities for events, it’s now become much more of a collaboration. Our biggest fundraiser this year, the FACE Quiz Night 2013, will be on 5 October. For just £15 per head, people will experience an evening with a lovely two-course meal to which you can bring your own alcoholic beverages, plus a free prize draw and raffle. Can you tell us a bit about the local area? Furzedown has a great local feel to it, and not many areas can boast plenty of green spaces, loads of great restaurants, good local shops (although some areas are in need of some investment), pretty good transport links and a real mix of people and properties. Of course it has its share of problems too, but what with FCN’s primary aim of getting the community together and involved it is rather special. As one recent newcomer from Clapham put it: ‘I used to live near Abbeville Road and this area is a bit like that used to be – except the people are nicer...’ n

For more information or to get involved with this active group of lively locals, visit FACE’s new website To speak to Alan, email - 17 -

AS TOLD TO / Louise Hart


HEALTH & BEAUTY We test the latest products before you open your purse

CLEANSING & CLARIFYING Created by top LA dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, these face wipes are at the forefront of cleansing technology as they treat, repair and protect skin while removing make-up and daily buildup. Containing important beauty ingredients like witch hazel, algae extract and vitamin E, to name a few, the Murad Clarifying Wipes are clinically proven to help remove bacteria from your face and leave you with glowing, healthy and refreshed skin.

harlo e ilb r a i rea reat a d ra or oi t ri er F 1

£18 for a pack of 30 wipes ( r ale e i he ol e ita 3

YOUTH LIBERATOR Already a household name in luxury makeup and skincare, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty is now deepening its approach to beautiful complexions with its new YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation. Inspired by major discoveries by the YSL. SKINSCIENCE experts on the importance of glycans in the skin, this new foundation, the first anti-ageing foundation enriched with GlycanactifTM, was born out of a desire to create a complexion that is instantly radiant with skin that is visibly smoother and revitalised.

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation £32 ( WORDS / Jennifer Mason

. . . . . . ip el et der ro

i d


THE NEW BEAUTY INDULGE IN CHOCOLATE This October, it’s time to celebrate National Chocolate Week (14-20 October, in case you’re wondering) – but if you prefer your chocoholic moment to be calorie-free you can now enjoy the same smooth, richly indulgent experience for your hair. Colour Restore Chocolate Hair Toner developed by hair expert Scott Cornwall, works to restore depleted pigment levels in your hair and reintroduce chocolate tones to leave a glossy finish.

£11.99 ( - 18 -

With more than 20 years’ experience working at the forefront of the makeup industry with some of the world’s top models, Charlotte Tilbury knows more than anyone that when you look good, you feel good and exude confidence. In her bid to help all women feel amazing, Charlotte has poured her best-kept secrets into a new range of 100 skincare and beauty products with ten colour-coded looks to suit all styles and skin tones.

Available now at

Š Peter Lippmann

Baobab Collection Department stores: Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges London retailers: Gotham (Notting Hill) - Staffan Tollgard (Grosvenor Waterside) - Hill House Interiors (Chelsea) Katherine Pooley (South Kensington) - Lewis & Co (Marylebone) - Mufti (Notting Hill) Online:


THE PLAYGROUND Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are?

MONSTERS & INK Kids change their minds about their favourite colours and characters all the time – but what if their shoes could keep up with their creativity? This Halloween, whether your little ones want to be witches, superheroes, monsters, ghosts or vampires, the possibilities are endless. The specially-designed Skribbies wipeclean shoe surface acts like a whiteboard, allowing you and your kids to draw and re-draw the perfect design for them every day. The handy Skribbies pen-holder wristband also doubles up as a ‘rubber’ for when it’s time to start again.

£35.95, sizes ranging from UK Junior Size 10 to UK 3 ( Talula Sheppard

The newly launched treasure trove of toys and gifts: Marmalade 250 is playing host to a Halloween party later this month. Round up the whole family and bring them down to the charming shop just a short walk from Clapham Junction Station where children can join in a whole raft of activities, including facepainting, mask-masking and apple-bobbing – a treat for mums and kids alike!

C hild ren’ s Sheep H at, £ 1 2

Online only Q uilted Pramsuits £ 3 2

G irl’ s Stripe Dress, £ 1 9

G irl’ s B ird C ord Pinaf ore, £ 2 0

WINTER WARMERS Keep your little ones cosy as the colder months approach with the new autumn and winter collection at Jojo Maman Bébé. Chunky cable knits, knitted dresses and quilted pramsuits are some of the garments in the collection that are sure to keep them all wrapped up this winter.

72 Northcote Road, SW11 6QL (


SITA’S STORY If you’re running out of ideas to entertain the children in the wet weather, the family production Sita’s Story presented by Tara Arts, engages children to learn about one of India’s greatest festivals, Diwali. Performers aim to captivate children in a 50-minute theatrical performance featuring dance, music and props to teach young ones about a diverse culture. The show is also touring schools around the UK.

£8-£10, 31 October – 2 November, Tara Theatre 356 Garratt Lane Earlsfield, SW18 4ES (

- 20 -

250 Battersea Park Road, SW11 3BP (

PARENT TRAP: NAPPYVALLEYNET has become an online sensation in the three years since founder Susan Hanage, aka. Annabel, unleashed it, with more than 80,000 visits to the site. An invaluable tool for parents based in south west London seeking to swap tips and share advice, we’ve teamed up to post some of the most pressing topics posted on the site

Puppy Training C lasses

recommendations about local estate agents for rental lettings and management. Any top tips on who is good and who is not?

Can anyone recommend puppy training classes or a puppy trainer in Wandsworth Common?

Re: Estate agents for rental Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:29 am

Re: Puppy Training Classes James Pendleton is very good! Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:11 pm Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:31 am Hi there I rent two properties (one in Clapham old town and one in Earlsfield) through Samuel Estates, which is brilliant – very personal service, great value and we’ve never had a void. Our tenants are lovely and both been there for a while.

I’m a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist living just off Clapham Common. I offer a one-off new puppy home visit to get you started, and also 1-2-1 training sessions if you need more help later. Please have a look at my website to get a feel for my philosophy and feel free to get in touch.

I used Palace Gates a few years ago, and the staff were wonderful – very accommodating, helpful and friendly. Their office is on Balham High Road, just along from Waitrose.

Best Deborah Colella / The Dog Nanny

Affordable Exercise C lasses

Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:41 pm A friend of mine uses The Dogfather for sitting and kennels and loves him. He may also do training, but I’m not sure. Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:19 pm I can highly recommend Corinne from Barking Mad! Here is the link to her site and she will come to you. She helped us train our Hungarian Vizsla and was fantastic! wandsworth_putney_kingston_index.php

Estate agents for rental We are looking to rent out our property in Clapham South as of December and I wondered whether anyone had any

Hi just wanted to know if anyone knows of cheap exercise classes in the Balham area? I’m really fed up with reading about ridiculously high prices for personal training & classes. I will be new to exercise & not super-fit but really keen to start ASAP & lose weight & tone up! If there are any other mums out there in a similar position, please get in touch. I look forward to any advice, thanks Re: Affordable Exercise Classes Wed Sep 11, 2013 12:39 pm Hi, Fit For a Princess does a direct debit £55 per month unlimited classes – I too have been investigating, here’s the website: ... et_up.html

PLAY DRESS UP The Dressing Up Chest, run by Richmond local Libby, specialises in children’s costumes of all shapes and sizes. All her costumes are handmade from quality fabrics, and Libby even makes bespoke costumes for special occasions.

This October, Residents’ Journal readers can get 15 per cent off their Halloween costumes by entering the code HocusPocus at the checkout ( - 21 -

All thread ro app alle et. o er a e ha e bee o i ed to prote t i di id al ide e a d altho h opinions have not b een altered , posts have b een ed ited into line w ith the R e s i de nt s ’ J ou r nal house style

Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:09 pm


THE CLASSROOM Education news from across the borough A ar t i pre io o the

i hed oh

o o


TRIED AND TESTED Imagine being able to see a school in action that might potentially take over educational guidance of your child, before you actually send them there. Parents whose children will be starting a Wandsworth secondary school next September are being offered the opportunity to visit local schools, speak to the teachers and examine the facilities, before making the all-important decisions. The borough’s secondaries are set to host a series of open sessions in October (though they started at the end of September) to help them make informed decisions. The council’s cabinet member for education Cllr Kathy Tracey urges parents to take advantage of the secondary school open days. ‘They [parents] will be able to speak to staff and form their own opinion of the school’s suitability for their son or daughter. It is also very important that they read the admissions criteria for the schools they are interested in, to get an idea of whether their child is likely to be offered a place. Parents can apply to up to six schools in any part of London, but they are always strongly advised to include at least one that is close to home,’ she says. The deadline to keep in mind, for parents making an application for a school place in September 2014, is Thursday 31 October and all applications from those living in the borough must be submitted to Wandsworth Town Hall or online by this date. WORDS / Louise Hart

The local schools that will be open for information sessions are as follows: ARK PUTNEY ACADEMY Monday 23 September - 9am to 11am Tuesday 24 September - 9am to 11am Wednesday 25 September - 9am to 11am Wednesday 25 September - 5pm to 7.30pm Thursday 25 September - 9am to 11am ASHCROFT TECHNOLOGY ACADEMY Monday 16 September - 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 17 September - 6pm to 8pm Thursday 19 September - 9am to 11am Friday 20 September - 9am to 11am BATTERSEA PARK SCHOOL Thursday 12 September - 9am to 10.30am Wednesday 18 September - 9am to 10.30am Thursday 19 September - 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 24 September - 9am to 10.30am Thursday 3 October - 9am to 10.30am BOLINGBROKE ACADEMY Thursday 10 October - 5.15pm to 7.15pm Saturday 12 October - 9.30am to 12noon Separate meetings will be held for parents of children attending feeder schools BURNTWOOD SCHOOL Thursday 3 October - 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 8 October - 9am to 11am Thursday 10 October - 9am to 11am CHESTNUT GROVE SCHOOL Thursday 26 September - 9am to 10.45am

- 22 -

Wednesday 2 October - 5pm to 8pm Monday 7 October - 9.30am to 11.15am Friday 18 October - 9am to 10.45am ERNEST BEVIN COLLEGE Thursday 26 September - 5.30pm to 8pm Monday 30 September - 9am to 10.30am Friday 4 October - 9am to 10.30am Tuesday 8 October - 9am to 10.30am Friday 11 October - 9am to 10.30am GRAVENEY SCHOOL Wednesday 16 October - 9.30am to 12.30pm Thursday 17 October - 9.30am to 12.30pm Thursday 17 October - 5.30pm to 8.30pm SAINT CECILIA’S, WANDSWORTH CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCHOOL Monday 16 September - 9am to 12.30pm Thursday 19 September - 6.30pm to 8.30pm SAINT JOHN BOSCO COLLEGE Thursday 19 September - 9.30am to 11.30am Thursday 19 September - 4.30pm to 7.30pm Saturday 21 September - 9am to 11am SOUTHFIELDS ACADEMY Thursday 10 October - 5.30pm to 7.30pm Tuesday 15 October - 8.45am to 10.15am Thursday 17 October - 8.45am to 10.15am

LOCAL SCHOOL RECOGNISED BY TATLER MAGAZINE Broomwood Hall, a pre-preparatory school for boys and girls aged four to eight and a preparatory school for girls aged eight to 13 in Wandsworth, was recently the recipient of high praise indeed. Awarded runner-up in the Best Prep Schools category at the annual Tatler Schools Awards hosted by The Dorchester, the school was delighted to receive recognition for its efforts in a formal ceremony.

In other news which only serves to corroborates this status, Broomwood Hall pupil Jemma has written a fantastic poem for the Travel Back in Rhyme Poetry Competition and has been selected as the best in south London. The Residents’ Journal asked for permission to print this excellent verse (below), well done Jemma!

If you would like to find out more about Broomwood Hall, the next open day is 8 October from 9am to 10.30am, or call 020 8682 8830 (

An Egyptian Wrap I’ve been around since time began, Near where the Nile flows, My heart was cut from the left-hand side, My brain came through the nose. They wrapped me up in bandages, My head, my feet, my tummy. Surrounded me with ornaments, Then they called me mummy. A great king was I, Once upon a time, Ruling over kingdoms, Whilst eating dates and drinking wine. Now I am in this closed up tomb, Deep down underground, Waiting for the afterlife, Or perhaps just to be found. By Jemma

CATCHING ZZZ’S Recent reports suggest that encouraging your child to take an hour-long nap after lunch could aid their learning by boosting brain power. University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers studied 40 youngsters and found that a short power nap helped three to five-year-olds remember their pre-school lessons better, with up to 10 per cent more information retained.

The full report can be found in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - 23 -

Maths and writing improves across the country Positive national results released in midSeptember indicate that more 11-year-olds are reaching expected levels in mathematics and writing, however, one in four still do not achieve the required grade for each of England’s Sats tests. This year, 76 per cent of 11-year-olds reached the expected level in reading, writing and maths tests (up one per cent from last year). There was a new spelling, punctuation and grammar test this year, with 74 per cent of children making the grade, achieving the expected level 4.


PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT Keeping you in the know about important street plans affecting south west London

FRIENDS IN COMMON On 25 September, Lambeth Academy hosted a consultation meeting which sought to decide who would have responsibility for the management of Clapham Common in the future. The Friends of Clapham Common are keen to implement the cooperative-style: ‘As a leading community group active on Clapham Common, we have explored the feasibility of these models as they might apply to our own green space and we strongly believe that a cooperative management model (a management committee is set up which includes council officers, councillors and community representatives) will best serve the common and the people who use it.’ Watch this space, we shall report on any decisions made.

NEW SECONDARY SCHOOL APPROVED Wandsworth Council’s planning application committee have approved plans for the new Catholic secondary school and sixth form college in Surrey Lane, Battersea, previously reported on in the April edition of the Residents’ Journal. The development will create a four-storey school building with outdoor play areas, as well as a new three-storey community building, two residential blocks and two town houses. The site will be a permanent home for the Saint John Bosco College (formed in 2011 by merging John Paul II School and Salesian College) and will increase the school’s pupil capacity from 529 to 1,300, including 25 places in a specialist unit for pupils with autistic spectrum disorders.

WANDSWORTH RIVERBUS UPGRADE A new timetable has been introduced for the Putney to Blackfriars riverbus service operated by Thames Clippers. Under the new autumn timetable, some services continue direct to Canary Wharf Pier, instead of terminating at Blackfriars, making the commute easier for many travellers. There are also extra boats running morning and evening during peak hours to meet demand. All boats stop at Putney, Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, Chelsea Harbour, Cadogan, Embankment and Blackfriars Piers, and many services now also stop at Bankside, London Bridge, City and Canary Wharf.

( ( - 24 -

SAVE MONEY IN YOUR HOME Residents looking to make savings on their energy bills will be pleased to hear that the council is offering free energy-saving assessments for homes in the borough. As a part of the government’s Green Deal scheme, residents who privately rent or own their own home and are one of the first 145 people to take up the offer, will receive an assessment worth £140. The home’s insulation, boiler and double glazing will be evaluated for cost-efficiency and a report will be issued detailing findings.

Call Climate Energy for more information on 0800 035 2327 (


Planning Applications

A meeting at the end of September began discussions about the potential plan to allow cyclists to ride both ways down nine roads currently operating as one-way streets in Wandsworth. Proposals to allow bikes to pass through five ‘no through road’ junctions could also be part of the listening exercise. If residents support the schemes, the council could then develop detailed designs. A spokesperson for the council told the Residents’ Journal that it is very likely the executive group will approve the consultation, but decisions to change the roads will not be made until after resident feedback has been analysed. All the roads being considered are reported to have relatively low traffic volumes and introducing two-way cycling should require minor changes to road signs and road markings. The nine roads where ‘contra-flow’ cycling facilities are proposed are: Trinity Crescent, SW17 (Nightingale) Flowersmead, SW17 (Nightingale) Thrale Road, SW16 (Furzedown) Abercrombie Street, SW11 ( Latchmere) Atherton Street, SW11 (Latchmere) Candahar Road, SW11 (Latchmere) Cairns Road, SW11 (Northcote) Furmage Street, SW18 (Earlsfield) Harbut Road, SW11 (Fairfield)

ADDRESS: Pulborough Road PROPOSAL: Demolition of existing conservatory and the erection of a single-storey rear extension with side return including new roof lights DATE RECEIVED: 19 September ADDRESS: West Hill PROPOSAL: Installation of roof windows DATE RECEIVED: 19 September ADDRESS: Mysore Road PROPOSAL: A full width Mansard extension to the rear main roof and two Velux windows to the front roof slope DATE RECEIVED: 19 September ADDRESS: Laitwood Road PROPOSAL: Single-storey ground floor rear extension, rear mansard loft extension and side roof extension, with fenestration changes to front and rear including new sash windows DATE RECEIVED: 19 September ADDRESS: Hildreth Street PROPOSAL: Change of use from ‘A1 Retail’ to a mixed use of ‘A1 Retail’ and ‘A4 drinking establishment’ DATE RECEIVED: 17 September ADDRESS: Bucharest Road PROPOSAL: Erection of rear roof extension over part of the two-storey back addition DATE RECEIVED: 6 September


Planned roadworks and closures in and around October STREET




Chatham Road

Lay a new gas supply 7m in carriageway

Until 7 October

Fulcrum Pipelines Limited 0845 641 3010

Culvert Road

Cycle Hire Scheme – carriageway works, excavation and construction of foundations for docking points

Until 16 October

Transport for London 0845 305 1234

Clapham Common North Side

Footway Resurfacing (lane closures)

Until 18 October

Transport For London

WORDS / Louise Hart - 25 -


PROPERTY WATCH Experts share their invaluable knowledge and shine a light on local property news and developments

Best in Show Knight Frank Wandsworth get involved with the local community and also showcase some of their finest properites A fun day was had by all, celebrating the second Bellevue Road Street Fair earlier this month. The Knight Frank Wandsworth office was in attendance, giving out complimentary candyfloss and chilled Aspall’s charity cider on tap for an optional donation to one of three deserving charities (LandAid, Kids Company and Mary’s Meals). Once again, Sam Sproston of Knight Frank was asked to be a dog show judge for the Best Rescue category and chose a female Doberman due to her outstanding beauty. Rebecca Jane Higgins was a member of the committee of the Summer Fair and was the mistress of ceremonies for the street raffle, alongside Phil Spencer on the balcony of The Althorp pub with hundreds of hopeful winners below gathered below. Here’s to next year!

< Hendham Road, Wandsworth SW17 Asking price £2,650,000 Freehold This handsome semi-detached five-six bedroom house benefits from off street parking and a beautiful large private south facing garden.


Brenda Road, Wandsworth SW17 Asking price £950,000 Freehold

< Morella Road, Between the Commons SW12 Asking price £2,500,000 Freehold A superbly presented 6 bedroom Victorian family house of substantial proportions with a contemporary design perfectly located to Wandsworth Common. - 26 -

Pretty end of terrace 4 bedroom family house with wonderful entertaining space located within a short walk to a tube station.

For more information about Knight Frank or any of the properties in this feature, call 020 8682 7777 (

The Need for Speed Philip Bullman, founder of Bullman Booth, discusses his illustrious racing background and his competitive edge on the track and in the housing market


any of us have a burning desire to one day do something daring, such as climb a mountain, run a marathon or win a race of some kind. My dream, from an early age, was to hurtle around a race track; I always had an attraction to speed.

I started off on a bike before moving on to all things motorised with a lifelong friend John and at aged 15. We used to drive around the local private woods in an old Ford and, by the time I got my provisional licence, I had booked my driving test and passed first time. Fast forward a few years, and at the age of 18 I read an advert in The Times urging readers to ‘race and win with Jim Russell Race Drivers School’ so off I went for a trial day. Hooked immediately, I signed up for the course and took part in six races with the school. Validation for my efforts came in the form of victory, I won five out of six. Now, the big issue here is money. It’s an incredibly expensive sport, however, as luck would have it, my father had a contact, with whom we negotiated sponsorship for my first season to compete in two championships in FF1600. It was an incredible leap, I had no karting experience and I was up against some very experienced drivers. Still, I was never one to take much notice of what people had done before and it wasn’t long before I started winning races in my first season. On my first visit to Thruxton race track a family friend suggested I use a special thin oil that BP had just produced. It came with a sticker BPVF7, so I put it on the front of the car. I finished a very close second place in only my third race (first time at that circuit), and a man came up to me after the race to enquire if I did indeed have BPVF7 oil in the engine. Yes I replied, and what a good job I did. This man was the head of Motorsport

for BP petroleum, and it resulted in a three year sponsorship contract. This was a time when drivers were vulnerable and could pay the ultimate sacrifice. In the August of my first season, I experienced this first hand. On a sunny day in August at Snetterton, a ‘first corner incident’ occurred. The rest of the group re-formed and drove on but it was not long before word filtered back that the crash had ended in a fatality. As a driver you have to block it out and I drove as hard as ever that day. Why, I ask myself? I wanted to win because I believed an accident wouldn’t happen to me. This sport can do strange things to your mind; you think you’re invincible and that you can push the car through a gap smaller than its width. End result: you wind up in the barrier. The next season I moved up to FF2000, my first experience with wings and slick tyres. Hawk racing supplied me with a semi works deal and I repaid their faith in me by winning my first race and setting the first ever 100mph average lap for the Brands Hatch GP circuit. By this point, I was getting noticed, but I wasn’t going to hang around for a couple of seasons, I did however challenge for the championship set 6 new lap records and won 14 races in two championships, but I was completely focused on reaching F1. The following season saw me enter Formula three with drivers from all over the world. My budget was tiny and I had

Career Statistics 42 Race wins 25 Pole positions 15 Lap records

no idea how many races I would compete in. Immediately, I was up front and then, at the Monaco F1 support race, I was the only British finisher behind Alain Prost and Elio de Angelis. It was a tough time, but you have to keep believing that a door will open, as a small one did for me. BMW had noticed my efforts and I was drafted in to race in a saloon car championship for the rest of the season. Late in the year F1 finally came knocking on my door. John Surtees, owner of Team Surtees, agreed for me to race the TS20 F1 in the European F1 championship. Oh my goodness, I had waited for this moment. The pinnacle of the season was the Race of Champions at Brands Hatch, racing alongside Andretti, Lauda and Villeneuve. It was an unreal world and people would talk to me as if they knew me. It’s a heady place to be. Economically, the country was going through a hard time and sponsors were drying up. I had to resign myself to test and development work, and being an instructor at the Brands Hatch Race Driver School whilst I looked for another drive and more funding. The UK is a tough place to find sponsors and many drivers fall by the wayside at the very first hurdle. I don’t regret a moment of the time I spent in this sport and there is not a day that goes by where I wouldn’t jump straight back in. I now have two sons, one of which is showing an interest in Karts, so now I’m the target again, he will have to work for it. Competitive much, me? You bet. Whether it is cycling, running, driving or selling your house, I am dedicated to being the best. As my dear father once told me, no one remembers who came second. n

( - 27 -


Savills opens on the Northcote Road

Battersea Arts Centre’s ‘Great Hundred’ Victoria Farrar, director of Currell Residential,

Savills has opened a new office on the Northcote Road, headed up by Chris Lewis. The office will be acting alongside the already very successful Clapham, Wandsworth and Battersea offices, overseen by Robin Chatwin. With 15 years of experience in the sale of prime south west London houses, Chris and his sales team are also joined by an excellent lettings team, headed by Nathan Yendle. Chris says: ‘We already have a great track record in the surrounding areas and are lucky to be starting off in SW11 with a number of great instructions. We are expecting a busy few months ahead and we’re looking forward to providing a closer service to our clients in this area, especially as we’ll be open on Sundays.’

discusses the Battersea Arts Centre’s latest exciting venture Built in 1893, the building originally built as a town hall and now home to the Battersea Arts Centre, has been at the heart of the community for 120 years. To ensure that this amazing building can be enjoyed for the next 120 years, the Battersea Arts Centre is currently running its ‘The Great Hundred’ campaign. ‘The Great Hundred’ is designed to remember the 120 most influential and radical people in the buildings past who have contributed to its exciting history. Why the great one hundred? You might say, when it is a campaign celebrating 120 years. Before the 18th century, the ‘great hundred’ was how the figure of 120 was referred to, therefore the campaign alludes to this. Amongst the 120 people listed in ‘The Great Hundred’ are the local actor Toby Jones, who has recently starred in The Hunger Games, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and the first working class MP to enter the Cabinet, John Burns in 1892. The list is eclectic and shows off the rich character of the building’s history. Battersea locals are invited to nominate anyone they wish to see on the list and to join The Great Hundred Club, the fundraising arm of ‘The Great Hundred’. Victoria Farrar is on the board at the Battersea Arts Centre and therefore an active member of The Great Hundred Club. Excitingly, Victoria is paired with Vivienne Westwood, who is incredibly passionate about the project and the exposure that the Battersea Arts Centre gives to creative artists. Victoria says, ‘The Battersea Arts Centre’s mission is to invent the future of theatre. It is based at the top of Lavender Hill, directly opposite our office. The majority of support comes from locals and we are constantly looking to spread the word. The theatre productions are incredible and very reasonably priced. I advise people of all ages to pop along when they can and get involved!’ n

For further enquiries, please contact the team on 020 3428 2222 99 Northcote Road, SW11 2RW (

205 Lavender Hill, SW11 5TB, 020 3668 1000 (

Clapham Common Westside Guide Price £12.5 million One of the most impressive new properties to come to the market this autumn is a substantial Victorian villa on Clapham Common Westside, built in the mid-1800s. Set behind secure electric gates and offering in excess of 9,500 sq, ft. of luxurious 21st century living, the imposing seven double bedroom detached house has been stripped back to the brick work, meticulously planned over five floors and comprehensively refurbished to exacting standards and no detail has been overlooked. Robin Chatwin, Savills’ director in south west London says: ‘This wonderful family home offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to live very close to the centre of London while having the space normally found in a country house.’ A two bedroom annexe, six-person lift, a gym and a cinema room are also included. - 28 -




THE DIRECTORY Whether whim or wish, all of the essentials are taken care of in our round up for harmonious living

BOUTIQUES FASHION Bunka 24 Bedford Hill, SW12 9RG 020 8675 2345 Denner Cashmere 114 St John’s Hill, SW11 1SJ 0844 922 0057

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Eaton House The Manor 58 Clapham Common Northside, SW4 9RU 020 7924 6000

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Foster & Partners 22 Hester Road SW11 4AN 020 7738 0455 Northcote Road Antiques Market 155a Northcote Road, SW11 6QB Granit Chartered Architects 020 7228 6850 112 Battersea Business Centre 99-109 Lavender Hill SW11 5QL Robert Young Antiques 020 7924 4555 68 Battersea Bridge Road SW11 3AG 020 7228 7847 ART GALLERY ArtEco Gallery Tonsley Fine Art and Antiques 533 Old York Road 338 Old York Road, SW18 1SS SW18 1TG 020 8870 3991 020 8875 0110

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- 31 -




Breads Etcetera 127 Clapham High Street SW4 7SS 020 7720 3601

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Macaron 22 The Pavement, SW4 0HY 020 7498 2636 Pio Café 366 Old York Road, SW18 1SP 077 9080 0281 The Black Lab Coffee House 18 Clapham Common Southside, SW4 7AB 020 7738 8441 The Georgian 27 Balham Hill, SW12 9DX 020 8675 4975

The Devonshire 39 Balham High Road SW12 9AN 020 8673 1363

Gazette 100 Balham High Road SW12 9AA 020 8772 1232

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Harrison’s 15-19 Bedford Hill SW12 9EX 020 8675 6900

The Magic Garden 231 Battersea Park Road SW11 4LG 0207 622 4844 The Regent 21 Chestnut Grove SW12 8JB 020 8772 0546 The Ship 41 Jews Row, SW18 1TB 020 8870 9667

The Pantry 342 Old York Road SW18 1SS 020 8871 0713

The Sun 47 Old Town, SW4 0JL 020 7622 4980



Cake Boutique 31 Lavender Hill SW11 5QW 020 7228 0023

Balham Bowls Club 7-9 Ramsden Road SW12 8QX 020 8673 4700

DeRosier Chocolates 81 Revelstoke Road SW18 5NL 020 8947 4456

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Marco Polo on the River Eastfields Avenue SW18 1LP 020 8874 6800 The Avalon 16 Balham Hill SW12 9EB 020 8675 8613 Tsunami 5-7 Voltaire Road SW4 6DQ 020 7978 1610 Rosita and the Sherry Bar 124 Northcote Road SW11 6QU 020 7998 9093

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Original Travel 21 Ransome’s Dock 35-37 Parkgate Road, SW11 4NP 020 7978 7333 STA Travel 18 St John’s Road, SW11 1PN 0871 222 9726

LIFESAVERS CLEANING Domestic House Cleaning 44 Battersea Park Road, SW11 4JP 020 3404 2452

CLOTHING ALTERATIONS The Alteration Station 28 The Pavement, SW4 0JE 020 7627 0167

COBBLER Timpson Ltd 192 Balham High Road SW12 9BP 020 8673 9212

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Clapham Junction Post Office 202 Lavender Hill, SW11 1AA 0845 722 3344



Clapham Locksmiths 70 Larkhall Rise, SW4 6LA 020 7627 0836

M.A. Dog Training and Services 07547 716076

Battersea Flower Station 16 Winders Road, SW11 3HE 07557 405 487 Clapham Flowers Unit I Clapham South Station Nightingale Lane SW4 9AE 020 8673 2958 The Flower Sanctuary 8 Hildreth Street, SW12 9RQ 020 8675 3799 The Stem & Petal Co. 132 Northcote Rd, SW11 6QZ 020 7924 3238

Oakley Locksmiths Ltd 81 Replingham Road SW18 5LU 020 8871 1238

PLUMBER The Hamilton Group 27 Byrne Road, SW12 9HZ 020 8675 5745 - 33 -

Vintage Jewellery and Antiques Purchased ‘Fran Murphy has a vast range of experience buying and selling vintage and antique items, from jewellery, china and glassware to silver, table linen, curios and furniture.’ 020 7652 1805

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Battersea 128 Northcote Road SW11 6QZ 020 7924 2000 (sales) 020 7924 2002 (lettings) Bullman Booth Battersea 127 St Johns Hill SW11 1SZ 0207 924 1469

Champions Battersea 64 Lower Sloane Street Chelsea, SW1W 8BP 020 7881 8080

Southfields & Earlsfield 24 Replingham Road SW18 5LR 020 8874 8822 (sales) 020 8874 8844 (lettings)

Marsh & Parsons Balham & Southfields 45 Balham Hill SW12 9DR 020 8673 4377 Battersea 118 Northcote Road SW11 6QP 020 7228 9292

Currell Residential Battersea 205 Lavender Hill Battersea SW11 5TB 020 3668 1000

Balham 11-13 Bedford Hill SW12 9ET 020 8970 7002

Douglas & Gordon Clapham Southside 30 Abbeville Road SW4 9NG 020 8675 4400 (sales) 020 8675 0888 (lettings)

Knight Frank Battersea & London Riverside 7a Albion Riverside 8 Hester Road SW11 4AX 020 3597 7670

Battersea Park 236 Battersea Park Road SW11 4ND 020 7720 8077 (sales) 020 7498 5243 (lettings)

Wandsworth 26 Bellevue Road SW17 7EB 020 8682 7777

Clapham 57-59 Nightingale Lane, SW12 8ST 020 8673 4111 Wandsworth 12 Huguenot Place, SW18 2EW 020 8877 1222

Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 98-100 Northcote Road SW11 6QW 020 7411 9965 Clapham 27-31 The Pavement SW4 0JE 020 7717 5295

Savills Battersea 238A Battersea Park Road SW11 4NG 020 3402 1900


On the m

Hillier Road, Battersea SW11, Asking price ÂŁ2,100,000 Freehold Knight Frank, 020 7786 0993 - 34 -

Waterside Point, Battersea SW11 Duplex penthouse with Albert Bridge views

A contemporary penthouse apartment in one of the riverside’s most sought after buildings, close to Battersea Park and with views of Albert Bridge, the park and London’s roof tops. Arranged over two floors with exceptional outside space. Excellent proximity to Battersea Park. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen, dining area, 3 terraces. EPC Rating C. Approximately 330 sq m (3,560 sq ft) Share of freehold Guide price: £5,750,000 (RVR130140) 020 3597 7670

Albion Riverside, Battersea Park SW11 River facing three bedroom apartment

A beautifully presented property with iews of Albert Bridge. ark wooden floors in the reception room gi e an elegant and stylish nish to the spacious room and an upgraded kitchen adds to its attracti e nish. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, reception room, kitchen, balcony, parking space, 24 hour concierge and leisure facilities. EPC rating C. Approximately 210 sq m (2,260 sq ft) Leasehold Guide price: ÂŁ2,600,000 (RVR0 011 ) 020 3597 7670

Battersea Reach, Battersea SW18 3 bedroom sub penthouse apartment

A sunny north facing 3 bedroom apartment with excellent river Thames views for sale in Battersea Reach. 3 bedrooms, floor to ceiling windows and generous li ing space, with a large roof terrace and views east and west of Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s iconic river. EPC rating C. Approximately 222 sq m (2,395 sq ft) Leasehold Guide price: ÂŁ2,475,000 (RVR130079) 020 3597 7670 Wandsworth Common West Side Generous proportions

A handsome house set on a corner plot with private parking and south west facing garden. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, kitchen/dining room, large cellar, south west facing garden, private parking. EPC Rating E. Approximately 260 sq m (2,800 sq ft) Freehold Asking price: ÂŁ1,750,000 020 7786 0993 (WND130205)

Englewood Road, Clapham SW12 Immaculately presented

Double fronted family house with a south facing garden close to Clapham South Tube station. 4/5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (1 en suite), shower room, 3 reception rooms, kitchen/dining space, utility room, store room, downstairs cloakroom, south facing garden. EPC Rating D. Approximately 283sq m (3046 sq ft) Freehold Asking price: ÂŁ1,850,000 020 7786 0993 (WND090149) Thurleigh Road, Wandsworth SW12 Potential to extend

he property bene ts from o street parking for se eral cars and a large pri ate walled south facing garden. 4 bedrooms, family bathroom, double reception room, conser atory dining room, study, downstairs cloakroom, south facing 6 ft. garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 141sq.m (1,51 sq ft) Freehold Asking price: ÂŁ1, 50,000

night wandsworth wandsworth 020 7786 0993 (

1301 7)

Hillier Road, Battersea SW11 Great location

Beautifully presented Victorian house with a south west facing garden located close to orthcote Road. 5 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitchen dining family space, media playroom, utility room, downstairs cloakroom, garden. EPC rating C. Approximately 226 sq m (2,433 sq ft) Freehold Asking price: ÂŁ2,100,000

night wandsworth wandsworth 020 7786 0993 (



Wexford Road, Wandsworth SW12 South west facing garden

An impressive, beautifully presented semi-detached family house of substantial proportions with a double garage and south west facing garden. 5/6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (4 en suite), 3 reception rooms, kitchen/family/dining room, cloakroom, utility room, wine store, garden studio, south west facing garden, double garage. EPC rating E. Approximately 418 sq m (4,500 sq ft) Freehold Asking price: ÂŁ3,500,000 (WND060011) 020 7786 0993 Gorst Road, Wandsworth Common A beautiful detached family home Presented in excellent decorative order, set on a corner plot in a quiet cul de sac close to Wandsworth Common. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 en suite), 2 reception rooms, kitchen and dining room, cloakroom, cellar, south facing garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 314 sq m (3,380 sq ft) Available unfurnished Guide price: ÂŁ1,850 per week 020 3597 7680 (BAQ183450)

Nottingham Road, Wandsworth Common Pretty Victorian house

A bright and well-presented house on this charming road, bene tting from an extended kitchen/breakfast room with conservatory and access to a private garden. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite), double reception room, kitchen/dining room, garden. EPC rating E. Approximately 141 sq m (1,516 sq ft) Available unfurnished Guide price: ÂŁ695 per week 020 3597 7680 (BAQ185127)

All potential tenants should be advised that, as well as rent, administration fees will apply when renting a property. Please ask for details of our charges.

1 CHARMING DOUBLE FRONTED FAMILY HOUSE WITH GREAT FAMILY SPACE thurleigh road, sw12 Drawing room ø 3 further reception rooms ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom with dressing area and en suite shower room ø 4 further double bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø wine store ø utility room ø cloakroom ø store room ø garage ø garden ø 357 sq m (3,847 sq ft) ø EPC=D Asking £3.5 million Freehold

Savills Clapham Robin Chatwin

020 8673 4111

1 A TRULY UNIQUE GRADE II* LISTED VILLA WITH A HEATED SWIMMING POOL lyford road, sw18 Drawing room ø sitting room ø study ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom suite ø 5 further bedrooms ø 2 further bathrooms ø gym ø heated pool ø 147 ft south west-facing garden ø off-street parking ø 374 sq m (4,025 sq ft) ø EPC=E

Guide £4.8 million Freehold

Savills Wandsworth Emma Seaton

020 8877 1222

1 CONTEMPORARY HOUSE WITH WONDERFUL ENTERTAINING SPACE orville road, sw11 Sitting room ø cinema/media room ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom with en suite shower room ø 3 further bedrooms ø family bathroom ø further shower room ø study ø roof terrace ø 186 sq m (2,008 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Asking £2.15 million Freehold

Savills Battersea Mayow Short

020 3402 1900

1 SUBSTANTIAL FAMILY HOUSE WITH OFF-STREET PARKING elsynge road, sw18 Drawing room ø sitting room ø family room ø kitchen/dining room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom and dressing room/bedroom 4 ø 2 further bedrooms ø family bathroom ø south west-facing garden ø off-street parking ø planning for 2 extra bedrooms ø 270 sq m (2,913 sq ft) ø EPC=E Asking £3.25 million Freehold

Savills Wandsworth Emma Seaton

020 8877 1222


SUBSTANTIAL FAMILY HOUSE WITH OFF-STREET PARKING criffel avenue, sw2 3 reception rooms ø kitchen/breakfast room ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 4 further bedrooms ø 2 further bathrooms ø 2 cloakrooms ø 56ft garden ø off-street parking ø 208 sq m (2,247 sq ft) ø EPC=E Asking £1.85 million Freehold

Savills Clapham


Caroline Kennaway

020 8673 4111

IMMACULATE HOUSE WITH VIEWS OVER CLAPHAM COMMON clapham common west side, sw4 Double reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø 6 bedrooms ø 5 bathrooms ø utility room ø store room ø cloakroom ø south west-facing garden ø 295 sq m (3,180 sq ft) ø EPC=E Asking £2.5 million Freehold

Savills Clapham Robin Chatwin

020 8673 4111


IMMACULATE FAMILY HOUSE WITH A SOUTH WEST-FACING LANDSCAPED GARDEN brodrick road, sw17 Reception room ø family/dining room ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite bathroom ø 3 further bedrooms (2 en suite) ø further bathroom ø study/bedroom 5 ø utlity room ø cloakroom ø 88ft south-facing garden ø 253 sq m (2,731 sq ft) ø EPC=D Asking £2.7 million Freehold

Savills Wandsworth


Emma Seaton

020 8877 1222

SUPERB EXTENDED FAMILY HOUSE WITH OFF-STREET PARKING lyford road, sw18 3 reception rooms ø kitchen/dining/family room ø 6 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms (2 en suite) ø shower room ø second kitchen/utility room ø store room & cloakroom ø 75ft south west-facing garden ø off-street parking ø 340 sq m (3,660 sq ft) ø EPC=E Asking £3.3 million Freehold

Savills Wandsworth Emma Seaton

020 8877 1222

1 2



2 reception rooms ø kitchen ø master bedroom with en suite ø 4 further bedrooms ø 2 further bathrooms ø cellar ø garden ø 221 sq m (2,272 sq ft) ø EPC=E

2 reception rooms ø kitchen/dining room ø 3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø family bathroom ø south-facing garden ø 125 sq m (1,352 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Asking £2.3 million Freehold

Asking £1.175 million Freehold

3 4

Savills Battersea 020 3402 1900

Savills Clapham 020 8673 4111



Double reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø 3 bedrooms (1 en suite) ø family bathroom ø roof terrace ø west-facing garden ø 107 sq m (1,160 sq ft) ø EPC=D

Open plan reception room/kitchen ø 2 bedrooms ø bathroom ø cellar ø garden ø 74 sq m (800 sq ft) ø EPC=C

Asking £900,000 Freehold

Asking £675,000 Freehold

Savills Wandsworth 020 8877 1222

Savills Northcote Road 020 3428 2222

1 2



7 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø 4 reception rooms ø open plan kitchen ø garden ø administration charges apply ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

6 bedrooms ø 4 bathrooms ø 3 reception rooms ø open plan kitchen ø garden ø administration charges apply ø Council Tax=H ø EPC=E

£1,995 per week Unfurnished

£1,550 per week Unfurnished

3 4

Savills Wandsworth 020 8877 4820

Savills Clapham 020 8772 6989



4 bedrooms ø 3 bathrooms ø double reception room ø kitchen/dining room ø garden ø administration charges apply ø Council Tax=G ø EPC=D

3 bedrooms ø bathroom ø 2 reception rooms ø open plan kitchen ø garden ø administration charges apply ø Council Tax=F ø EPC=D

£1,400 per week Furnished or Unfurnished

£695 per week Unfurnished

Savills Battersea 020 3402 1905

Savills Wandsworth 020 8877 4820


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Pimlico & Westminster


Bishops Park



Little Venice

North Kensington

South Kensington


Brook Green

Earls Court

Holland Park


Notting Hill

Wroughton Road SW11 ÂŁ2,695,000 A considerably wider than average four-bedroom house on a highly sought after road in Battersea. This stunning and extremely rare period house offers a discerning buyer the opportunity to create a substantial property of over 4,000sqft (subject to the necessary planning permissions). The house retains many of its attractive period features, delightful original fireplaces and further benefits from a private secluded garden. Freehold. EPC=E. Sole Agents.

BATTERSEA: 020 7228 9292

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Turret Grove SW4 ÂŁ2,250,000 A unique, modern family house with over 3,200sqft of living space, beautifully arranged over four levels with a wonderful south facing garden and a separate garage. The superb accommodation comprises an exceptional kitchen/family/dining room leading to the garden, a generous reception room, a media room and a utility room. The bedroom accommodation includes six bedrooms (three en suite) and two stylish bath/shower rooms. Freehold. EPC=B. Joint Sole Agents.

CLAPHAM: 020 7501 3666

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Pimlico & Westminster


Bishops Park



Little Venice

North Kensington

South Kensington


Brook Green

Earls Court

Holland Park


Notting Hill

Fitzwiliam Road SW4 ÂŁ1,650,000 A superb four storey Victorian house located on a popular residential street in the heart of Clapham Old Town. the property comprises a double reception room, a conservatory, a modern kitchen leading out the 65ft garden, a separate dining room and a cloakroom. The bedroom accommodation includes a master bedroom beautifully arranged over the entire first floor with walk-through dressing room and luxurious en suite bathroom, two further bedrooms with a modern en suite bathroom. Freehold. EPC=D. Sole Agents.

CLAPHAM: 020 7501 3666

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Dornton Road SW12 ÂŁ1,250,000 A superb five bedroom family home with a south facing garden, in a quiet residential street. This beautiful spacious family home boasts two receptions with feature fireplaces, a large family kitchen with dining room leading onto a fabulous south facing garden. At the back of the garden there is an office and shed. The upper floors provide a master bedroom with built-in wardrobes, three additional double bedrooms, a study and a two bathrooms. Freehold. EPC=D. Sole Agents.

BALHAM: 020 8673 4377

Coming Soon, Chatfield Road

Launching in October 2013

Prices from £380,000 up to £675,000

Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Culverden Road, SW12 £2,000,000 A unique double fronted house. EPC: C Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

WHOOSH! (Our properties are selling at their fastest rate since 2007)

Pentney Road, SW12 £999,950 Freehold A stunning four bedroom family home. EPC: D Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

Because it’s important to you.

Balham Park Road, SW12 £375,000 A split level one bed apartment. EPC: E Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

Rectory Grove, SW4 £495,000 Leasehold A superb split level flat. EPC: C/D Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Beyond your expectations

Beyond your expectations

Elms Road, SW4 £2,550,000 Freehold A wonderful six bedroom home. EPC: D Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Ramsden Road, SW12 £2,500,000 A magnificent 6 bedroom house. EPC: C Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

Klea Avenue, SW4 £1,450,000 Freehold A beautifully refurbished family home. EPC: C Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Bolingbroke Grove, SW11 £500,000 A well presented two bedroom flat. EPC: D Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Sisters Avenue, SW11 £800,000 An immaculately presented property. EPC: D Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Magdalen Road, SW18 £1,600,000 An opportunity to purchase a family house. EPC: E Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 020 7924 2170

Property size Honeybrook Road, SW12 £950,000 A superb four bedroom family house. EPC: D Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

may vary

but quality

Tantallon Road ,SW12 £650,000 Leasehold A two double bed split level apartment. EPC: D Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

is consistent. Because it’s important to you.

Ramsden Road, SW12 £2,300,000 An elegant end of terrace period property. EPC: E Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2013

Lydon Road, SW4 £2,225,000 Freehold An end of terrace Victorian house. EPC: F Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Beyond your expectations

Gauden Road, SW4 £1,750,000 Freehold A substantial 5 bedroom family home. EPC: F Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Cubitt Terrace, SW4 £825,000 Freehold A traditionally presented cottage. EPC: D Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

The Chase, SW4 £3,250,000 Freehold A substantial six-bedroom home. EPC: D/E Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5439

Beyond your expectations

Salcott Road £850 per week Unfurnished A beautiful four bedroom family home. EPC: D Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998

Balham High Road, SW17 £750 per week A modern 4 bed home with garden. EPC: C Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

Harbut Road £875 per week Unfurnished A wonderful five bedroom family house. Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998

Overstrand Mansions £850 per week A beautiful 3 to 4 bedroom apartment. EPC: D Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998


Fisher’s Close, SW16 £350 per week Modern converted 2 bedroom apartment. EPC: D Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

(Our properties are selling at their fastest rate since 2007) Because it’s important to you.

Alderbrook Road SW12 £1,000 per week A 5 bed family home. EPC: E Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

Abbeville Road £850 per week A gorgeous home in Abbeville village. EPC: C Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Beyond your expectations

Beyond your expectations

Lydon Road £875 per week A stunning four bedroom property. EPC: E Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Abbotsliegh Road, SW16 £345 per week Large 2 double bedroom furnished flat. EPC: E Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

Rozel Road £850 per week A larger than average period terrace. EPC: E Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Leathwaite Road £640per week Furnished A very spacious Victorian conversion. EPC: D Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998

Taybridge Road £795 per week A newly refurbished family home. Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998

Lumiere Apartments £360 per week Recently completed Henley Homes apartment. Hamptons Battersea & Wandsworth 0207 924 2998

Property size Ipsus 07, Balham Hill £510 per week A fully furnished luxury apartment. EPC: B Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

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but quality

Hillgate Place, SW12 £465 per week Modern 2 bed house with parking. EPC: C Hamptons Balham 020 8618 2014

is consistent. Because it’s important to you.

Victoria Rise £475 per week A beautiful period Conversion. EPC: D Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Elmhurst Mansions £375 per week A well presented spacious garden flat. EPC: E Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Beyond your expectations

Rectory Grove £395 per week A gorgeous one bedroom maisonette. EPC: D Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

Aldebert Terrace £1,000 per week An elegant period townhouse. Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

The Library £520 per week Fantastic two bed apartment . EPC: C Hamptons Clapham 020 7717 5541

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£725,000 £825,000 Share of Freehold Lavender Sweep, Cross Street, N1 SW11 to three bedrooms •• Two Converted Victorian factory refurbished •• Newly Spacious two bedroom apartment •• Roof Separate fitted kitchen, patio terrace

Fo rS ale

•• Spacious Central location reception room

£695,000 Freehold Tintern Close, SW15 • Four bedrooms £550,000 £299,950 Leasehold

• Open High plan reception Clapham Street, SW4 Upper Street, N1 • Private garden • Two double • Light and airybedrooms studio flat • Balcony • Two • Truly bathrooms central location • Open-plan • Lateral widthlayout taking in 4 windows

• Located Clapham high street • Situated on at rear of building

To Le t

£395 per week North Side Wandsworth Common, SW18 • Two double bedrooms • Secure parking • Outside space

To Le t

• Short walk to Clapham Junction

£1,695,000 Freehold HaltonperRoad, £485 week N1 • Grade II listedSW1 Georgian house Este Road, three/four beds • Four Threestorey, double bedrooms

£320 per week

• Excellent Generousdecorative reception order room with period features

Shillington Old School, SW8

mature rear garden • Wonderful Newly decorated • Available immediately

• One bedroom • Communal roof terrace • Close to Clapham Junction • Old School conversion

020 3668 1000

020 7226 4200


2 Bed house - SW11 SOLD in 3 days £800,000 stc

1 bed unmod - Prince of Wales Drive ! ! SOLD T! £430,000 T TI I I Y YY U U U B BB

Battersea High Street. SW11 BatterseaHigh HighStreet. Street. SW11 Battersea SW11 Exceptional 2 bedroom house with Victorian facade cloaking a modern interior. 2 double bedrooms, bathroom, living room, ultra smar Exceptional 2 bedroom house with Victorian facade cloaking a modern interior. double bedrooms, bathroom, livingroom, room,ultra ultra smart Exceptional 2 bedroom house with Victorian facade cloaking a modern interior. 2 2double bedrooms, bathroom, living smart kitchen diner, west facing garden, private parking in gated area, nestled in Restoration with easy access to Battersea Square, kitchendiner, diner,west west facing garden, private parking gatedarea, area,nestled nestled Restoration Square witheasy easySquare accessto toBattersea Battersea Square, kitchen facing garden, private parking inin gated ininRestoration Square with access Square, and river walks. FORFreehold. SALE £800.000 Freehold. andriver riverwalks. walks.FOR FORSALE SALE£800.000 £800.000 Freehold. and

3 bed maisonette - SW11 LET in 4 days £2,708 pcm

1 bed with terrace - SW18 LET £1,474 pcm


Spencer Park SW18 SpencerPark ParkSW18 SW18 Spencer A most spacious and Charming 3 double bedroom lower ground floor flat on lined this tranquil tree lined street running between A most spacious and Charming 3 double bedroom lower ground floor flat on thistranquil tranquil tree lined streetrunning running between Northside and Northside a A most spacious and Charming 3 double bedroom lower ground floor flat on this tree street between Northside and Windmill Road. Thecomprises accommodation comprises 3 double bedrooms, shower rooms, large central hall, kitchen breakfast WindmillRoad. Road.The Theaccommodation accommodation comprises3 3double double bedrooms, shower rooms,2large large central hall, kitchen breakfast room,spacious spacious room, spacio Windmill bedrooms, 2 2shower rooms, central hall, kitchen breakfast room, Northside Wandsworth SW18 Drive SW11 livingChillington room, boot/cloak room, wine cellar room, access to theoffering central offering a country walk and 2 tennis courts. Would suit fam livingroom, room,boot/cloak boot/cloak room, wine cellar room, access the central gardens offeringagardens acountry country walkand and tennis courts. Would suit family living room, wine cellar room, access totothe central gardens walk 2 2tennis courts. Would suit family or sharers. TO LET £2578 pcm Massive 3 bedroom with garden ~ High-tech data/sound system 2 bedroom flat ~ Close to river ~ Balcony ~ Parking sharers.TO TOLET LET£2578 £2578pcm pcm ororsharers. £2,700 pcm £399,000 Leasehold

Is your still onare the market? arethe you getting the offers you were promised? yourproperty property stillproperty onthe themarket? market? areyou yougetting getting theoffers offers you were promised? IsIsyour still on you were promised? call now for a personal review of your situation, and market appraisal.

Bullman call Booth Estate Agents asofthe No.1 agent in SW11 with call now is forlisted a personal review of your situation, and market appraisal. now for a personal review your situation, and market appraisal. www.bullmanbooth.c


ÂŁ1,795,000 Freehold Elms Road SW4 A beautiful family home boasting an array of period features and a large garden located on a premier road in the area.

Clapham South Sales 020 8675 4400

6 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 cloakrooms, Reception room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Dining Room, Utility room with shower, Study, Cellar, 78 ft. garden, EPC: E.

Give your property the best chance When you instruct D&G to sell your property it will appear on the 15 leading property portals plus our own website, which is probably very unfair on all the competition.

ÂŁ1,395,000 Leasehold Lombard Road SW11

A luxury riverside apartment with accommodation arranged over 1,430 sq.ft. creating an amazing lateral living space for entertaining.

Battersea Park Sales 020 7720 8077

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Open-plan kitchen/ living area, 2 underground parking spaces, EPC: C.

ÂŁ1,375,000 Freehold Narbonne Avenue SW4

A stunning family home, with fantastic dining and entertaining space, moments from the Common. 5 bedrooms, 2 en-suite bathrooms, Further bathroom, Cloakroom, Double reception room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Cellar, Garden, EPC: E.

Clapham South Sales 020 8675 4400

ÂŁ1,195,000 Freehold Stormont Road SW11

This beautifully presented flat is in an excellent location, perfect for a growing family.

Battersea Sales 020 7924 2000

4 double bedrooms, Family bathroom, En-suite shower room, Double reception room, Kitchen/ breakfast room, Cellar, Garden, EPC: E.

ÂŁ1,175,000 Freehold Engadine Street SW18

Situated on the popular Southfields Grid stands this charming, newly refurbished house. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Cloakroom, Double reception room, Kitchen/dining room, 40ft garden, EPC: D.

Southfields Sales 020 8874 8822

Can I see your licence? Every single D&G office has NAEA & ARLA licensed member status, does your estate agent? Only this accreditation guarantees you a qualified and trained agent and a route to redress should anything go wrong (which, of course, it won’t).

£975 per week Unfurnished Broxash Road SW11

A stunning family home located moments from the open spaces of Clapham Common.

Battersea Lettings 020 7924 2002

5 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Double reception room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Courtyard garden, EPC: D.

£950 per week Unfurnished Bramfield Road SW11

A well presented family home ideally located just off the popular Northcote Road. 5 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Shower room, Double reception room, Extended kitchen/ breakfast room, Patio garden, Cellar, EPC: E.

Battersea Lettings 020 7924 2002

ÂŁ875 per week Unfurnished Rozel Road SW4

A very well-presented family house in this quiet residential street in Clapham Old Town.

Clapham South Lettings 020 8675 0888

5 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Double reception room, Modern kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, Cellar, Garden, EPC: D.

ÂŁ775 per week Unfurnished Khyber Road SW11

This is a perfect family home with a large extended kitchen, leading out onto a pretty patio garden. 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Reception room, Kitchen, Garden, EPC: F.

Battersea Park Lettings 020 7498 5243

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£899,950 Freehold Simpson Street SW11

£725,000 Share of Freehold Lindore Road SW11

This extremely well-presented early Victorian terraced house is on this popular street close to Battersea Square.

This fantastic two double bedroom flat is exquisitely presented and has been newly refurbished.

3 bedrooms, Bathroom, Shower room, Double reception room, Extended kitchen, Garden, EPC: D.

2 double bedrooms, Bathroom, Open-plan reception room/ kitchen, Cellar, Garden, EPC: D.

Battersea Park Sales 020 7720 8077

Battersea Sales 020 7924 2000

£525,000 Share of Freehold Revelstoke Road SW18

£399,000 Leasehold Ravenswood Road SW12

Introducing this charming two bedroom ground floor flat to the market ideally located close to Wimbledon and Southfields Village.

This gorgeous one bedroom flat ticks all the boxes, with its own front door, a patio garden and off-street parking.

2 bedrooms, Bathroom, Reception room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Ground floor, EPC: C.

Double bedroom, Bathroom, Reception room, Kitchen/dining room, Garden, Close to local amenities, EPC: E.

Southfields Sales 020 8874 8822

Balham Sales 020 8673 0191

£675 per week Kenilford Road SW12

£634 per week Unfurnished Clonmore Street SW18

An immaculately presented double fronted family home which has been refurbished to a high standard throughout.

A spacious, newly decorated and newly carpeted five bedroom family house, positioned on the popular Southfields Grid.

3 double bedrooms, Family bathroom, Formal reception room Kitchen/breakfast room, Utility room, Patio Garden, EPC: D.

5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, Kitchen, Cloakroom, Garden, EPC: D.

Clapham South Lettings 020 8675 0888

Southfields Lettings 020 8874 8844

£576 per week Unfurnished Lavenham Road SW18

£550 per week Unfurnished Candahar Road SW11

A neutrally decorated and well presented family house on the Southfields Grid within easy walking distance of Wimbledon Park.

This newly refurbished house is in a residential area close to Clapham Junction and within an easy walk of Battersea Park and Chelsea

4 bedrooms, En-suite shower room, Bathroom, Double reception room, Kitchen, Garden, EPC: D.

3 bedrooms, Bathroom, Reception/dining room, Kitchen/breakfast room, Wooden floors, Patio garden, EPC: E.

Southfields Lettings 020 8874 8844

Battersea Lettings 020 7924 2002

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