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High Fashion Up In The Air There is a good reason why a catwalk is called a runway. From the mini-skirts of the hippy era to the latest Burberry aviator jacket and other chic items featured at Fashion Week, no other industry has a closer relationship to fashion than aviation. Airlines around the world time and again commission top high fashion designers to make the most stylish aviation uniforms for them. Here are some notable haute couturiers that have made cabins and airport terminals legitimate fashion show catwalks. For more information visit Runway27. Giorgio Armani In the 1990s Giorgio Armani was asked to design elegant uniforms for the national carrier of fashion heavyweight Italy. The uniforms received almost universal acclaim from fashionistas to regular travelers. Christian Lacroix In 2005, Christian Lacroix was commissioned by the French carrier to design the wardrobe of its cabin crew. Lacroix is known to design for many celebrities, and fashion aficionados were suitably impressed with the fashion-forward designs. Julien MacDonald The respected Welsh designer took his hand at designing the UK’s flag carrier’s uniform in 2004. Julien MacDonald said that became involved in the design because he could not bear seeing flight attendants looking like old grannies. Adolfo Dominguez Adolfo Dominguez, whose creations are sought-after by Gwyneth Paltrow and many other celebrities, was also approached by Spain’s largest airline to make trendy uniforms. The Spanish haute couturier designed colored shirts to signify ranking. Richard Tyler Richard Tyler debuted his creations at the 2005 New York Fashion Week in 2005. The LA-based master creator was applauded for taking risks. The attention-grabbing red dresses were a hit back then.

High fashion up in the air  

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