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Running Journal • July, 2018

CONTENTS On the Cover: Runners start the 39th annual Mercedes-Benz Cotton Row 10K in Huntsville, AL, on Memorial Day. See story page 12. Photo by Jason Clark

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Distance Memories 40-Time Loser at Peachtree Road Race Possibly by the time you read this I will not have won the Peachtree Road Race (PRR) in Atlanta for the 40th year in a row. When people find out how many times I've run the PRR they invariably ask me if I've ever won. When I tell them 'everyone's a winner at Peachtree, I can smell the disappointment oozing from their pores. When I counter by telling them that running Peachtree isn't comparable to firing a shotgun blindly at a flock of geese - you know chances are good you'll hit one regardless of your aim - it doesn't seem to lessen the impact of me failing to win the race at least once in four decades of trying. Although I won a 'Top 1,000' finisher mug 11 years in a row, I never ran fast enough to earn a coveted spot for the awards ceremony following the race in Piedmont Park. When I first moved to the Atlanta area in 1979. I went to a local running store to register for the PRR and I told the young man behind the counter I wanted to run for the Atlanta Track Club. He then asked me what my times were for 10-kilometers (6.2 miles, the distance of the PRR) and when I said I could regularly break 40 minutes he seemed disappointed. Apparently he thought I wanted to run for the ATC's competitive team, which meant I should be running 10K's eight or nine minutes faster. Flash forward 15 years and I was running for the ATC's competitive team. Well, the men's masters team anyway -- for those 40 years or older. I ran for them for almost a decade until I transitioned to running races of distances far longer than 10 kilometers and lost some of my speed at the shorter distances. Ironically, the year I won the men's national championship in the 24-hour run was the year I no longer ran fast enough to qualify for the competitive team. But that didn't dampen my spirit to run the PRR. I realized my faster days were behind me when I ran my slowest Peachtree in many, many years in 2006 -a little more than a week after I had run 100 miles in the mountains of California. My legs were hammered, and after coasting through the first three miles of Peachtree (mostly downhill), the heat, hills and humidity of the last three miles took their collective toll. It was on that day that I knew I would never run another competitive Peachtree Road Race. And I was OK with that. I set new goals: Running my time in age (i.e. 55 minutes when I was 55), running with friends and finding out what it would be like to start at the very back of all 60,000 runners in the race (It's exactly like they say: If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes). So while not winning the Peachtree Road Race for the 40th year in a row, I'd like to say that it's been a good run. Next year when the PRR celebrates its golden

By Scott Ludwig

anniversary I can't say for certain I'll be there, but I do know of one gentleman who wouldn't miss it for the world. That would be the incredible Bill Thorn, the only person who has run every Peachtree Road Race since the inaugural one back in 1970. Bill is a personal hero of mine, not only for his running prowess but also because of his career as the uber-successful cross country coach of Landmark Christian School in Fairburn, Georgia. In fact the 'Bill Rose' character in my book 'Best Foot Forward' is my personal tip-ofthe-hat to Coach Thorn. And next year, when he crosses the finish line of the Peachtree Road Race for the 50th time, I'll take a little bit of comfort in knowing that even the distinguished Bill Thorn never hit one of those elusive geese with his shotgun. Scott Ludwig has been an avid runner since 1978; in fact the last day he didn’t run was November 29 of that year — he’s run every day since. Scott is the author of 13 books, nine of them about running. His latest book, Running Out of Gas was released in January 2018 by Meyer and Meyer Publishers. His books can be found in Barnes and Noble stores as well as on Amazon. Scott lives, runs and writes in Senoia, Georgia where he lives with his wife, Cindy, and their three cats. In his free time he enjoys being ‘G-Pa’ to his grandson Krischan, something he’s been training for his entire life.

“We Run The South”

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Running Journal • July, 2018


Running Through the Bluegrass New Device An Improvement for Myofascial Release

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As runners, maybe we just can't help but be uncomfortable. After all, racing as an exercise is being uncomfortable. So when my sports chiropractor came out with a new myofascial release tool … I was in. I went by his office, Kentucky Sports Chiropractic, for a demonstration and explanation of this new torture device, which looks like a therapy band with four golf ball halves attached. Launched about six months ago, Dr. Kyle Bowling created the CTM Band to improve on tools already on the market. It stands for “compression, tension, movement” - the three things required for actual myofascial release. Backtracking a bit, self myofascial release is the technical term for when you're using a foam roller, stick roller, lacrosse ball or compression band. Your fascia connects your muscles and tissues and can get “bunched up” if you will. These release techniques are designed to help relieve the pressure points and smooth things back out. But, Kyle says, it's a bit like Goldilocks. “When I ask people what treatment they've been doing at home, they frequently say they've been using these tools but they just can't quite get in the right spot,” he said. And, research has shown that you need compression, tension and movement simultaneously to affect a response in the tissue. That combination is nearly impossible to achieve on your own with existing tools. Kyle, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida and former collegiate runner, was inspired to bring several tools together. “Floss bands are great, but there's still that feeling of wishing you could get a little bit deeper,” he said. “I started first with stealing my kids' little bouncy balls and gluing them to attach them to a band.”

By Tracy Green

In essense, the CTM Band combines flossing and lacrosse ball techniques into one device. And then he assembles it in his basement. Really. “There's that 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. window after the kids have gone to bed where I go downstairs and assemble them,” he said. In February, he and his wife welcomed their third child. Basically, the man does not sleep. “There will come a point where I can't keep up with assembling them at home,”

Kyle said. That time may come sooner rather than later. The CTM Band has already shipped to 37 states and 12 countries, with the likes of Boston Marathon champion Wesley Korir using it. Several other elite runners use it, as well as three DI running programs. Oh, and a few NFL teams and some professional motocross riders. “Our current model is best for extremities,” Kyle said. “Plantar fasciitis, foot pain, runners knee, calves, quads, hamstrings, shin splints …” But in addition to all the common running problem areas, the CTM Band also works well on the arms - shoulders and elbows in particular. Each band comes with four removable attachments. How many you use depends on the body part, although I'd recommend two as a good starting point (one if using on your feet). Situation the attachments so they apply pressure where you feel like you need it, then wrap the band tightly around the attachments and around your leg or arm. Tight! “We're using it as a very short term tourniquet so your body will send a rush of blood to the area when it's removed,” Kyle said. A good reminder to not exceed the two-minute mark with the CTM Band on one area! Of course, the band requires an educational component, so Kyle has created online videos to provide instruction. And, while many of us think of myofascial release as something to do after we run, Kyle advocates using the CTM Band to warm up. “Many of the injuries we get are from not warming up properly - doing too much too soon,” he said. “We can prepare these areas for the repetitive motion of running by using the CTM Band first.” And before you say you don't have time … “Two minutes is the target time per body part,” Kyle said. “Stimulating blood flow, loosening up connective tissues, and taking them through a range of motion is a really good pre-run routine.” When I told Kyle my idea of warming up was walking down the stairs and out the door, he suggested I simply put the CTM Band on before walking down the stairs. Genius! "Compression, tension, movement - if we have those three things simultaneously, we can truly cause a release in the tissue.” Learn more and access videos at Tracy Green is a runner and writer living in Louisville, KY, where she lives with her husband, Chris. She is a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete and certified Pilates instructor. Find her at @TGRunFit on Twitter and Instagram,, or


Running Journal • July, 2018

The Athlete’s Kitchen


Sports Nutrition: #ScienceNotOpinion Running performance starts with fueling, not training! The best way to fuel to be a better runner seems to be a debatable topic these days. To keep on top of the science regarding food, exercise & performance, I look to SCAN, the Sports & Cardiovascular Nutrition practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Here are some tidbits of information from this year’s 35th annual meeting in Keystone CO, May 2018 (#SCANSymposium) • In your search for sports nutrition information, Leslie Bonci RD CSSD wants you to find #ScienceNotOpinion and #FactsOverFallacy. Here’s some of what science supports: —Exercising in a fasted stated leads to muscle breakdown. Think twice before eating nothing before your morning run. —The keto diet does not enhance performance, but rather leads to a down-regulation of the enzymes needed by carbohydrates to fuel a surge or a winning sprint to the finish line. —Whole30 and Intermittent Fasting are just two more fads to add to the list of unsuccessful diets. You never want to embark upon a diet you won’t maintain for the rest of your life. Otherwise, diet backlash (binge eating, weight gain) takes it toll. Learn how to eat smarter, not diet harder! —Carb-phobia refuses to go away, despite the plethora of research supporting the performance benefits of a carb-based sports diet. #Don’tDreadTheBread. • Omega-3 fats (DHA, EPA) found in oily fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel) are related to brain health. Animal research (rats, mice) suggests giving intravenous DHA within an hour after brain or spinal cord injury contributes to better outcomes regarding recovery. Would the same help athletes? Could DHA help with reducing the damage done by brain injuries? According to Michael Lewis MD, athletes, war fighters, and others at high risk for getting concussed should consider taking 3,000 mg. EPA + DHA per day as a protective strategy. Omega-3s can also help treat depression, and that might help reduce suicides. Among soldiers with adequate levels of omega-3, the suicide-rate was 62% lower than soldiers with low blood levels of DHA. • Should runners take anti-oxidant supplements? Likely not, according to exercise physiologist Scott Powers PhD of the University of Florida in Gainesville. The body has a natural balance of pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants. An imbalance can lead to muscular fatigue and molecular damage. Anti-oxidant supplements can down-regulate the body’s natural production of anti-oxidants, and that can blunt the training response. Runners can ingest a performance enhancing balance of anti-oxidants (including vitamins C & E, zinc, carotenoids, and polyphenols) via all sorts of colorful fruits and vegetables: blueberries, strawberries, tart cherry juice, grape juice, broccoli, spinach, carrots.... • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, along with the American College of Sports Medicine and Dietitians of Canada, have created guidelines on nutrition for athletes. ( But what about nutrition for fitness exercisers and weekend warriors? If that’s you, exercise physiologist Asker Jeukendrup PhD of suggests you match your nutritional guidelines to your athletic goals. That is, are you running for fitness? to be an elite athlete? or just to invest in have fun? When it comes to fueling during extended exercise, Jeukendrup stated the recommendations are similar for both serious runners and less fit joggers: For running that lasts

Don’t let nutrition By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

from 60 to 90 minutes, you want to maintain high energy by consuming from 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate (120 to 240 calories) per hour of exercise (this includes what you eat right before you start to run). If you are doing extended training for more than two hours, you might want to target a bit more, up to 60 to 90 grams carh (240 to 360 calories) per hour, depending on body size (more) and intensity of exercise (less). Start at the low end of the range and train your gut (the gut is trainable!) to tolerate the amount of fuel that maintains high energy, enhances your performance, and boosts your enjoyment. • An estimated 35 million Americans are older than 65. By 2030, 70 million Americans will exceed the age of 85. Unfortunately, as we age, we lose muscle strength. That loss is associated with frailty and falls. Because the daily diet of an estimated 25% to 40% of older people lacks adequate protein, muscle loss gets exacerbated. Research suggests that older people, including runners, should increase their protein intake to 1.4 g to 1.6 g/kg per day, and up to 40 grams after hard exercise. Exercise physiologist Robert Murray PhD of reports this could help boost the muscle-building response to exercise. If you are an older runner who weighs 150 pounds (68 kg), this means. 95 to 110 gram protein per day. That’s about 25 grams, four times a day—much more than in a bowl of oatmeal or a handful of nuts! • The health risks of yoyo dieting are more harmful than the (short-lived) benefits of weight loss. Julie Duffy Dillon RD of the Love, Food podcast reminds us that weight cycling (yoyo dieting) contributes to malnutrition, muscle loss, reduced metabolic rate, and feelings of deprivation. The binge-eating that occurs upon “blowing the diet” is linked to fat gain, inflammation, elevated blood pressure, and insulin resistance—to say nothing about disordered eating. Dieting is the #1 predictor of who will develop an eating disorder. • According to sports dietitian Nanna Meyer PhD RD of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, climate change is here. It’s time for all athletes to think more about how we can be good Food Citizens and take better care of the earth that we enjoy. This could be by eating locally grown foods, choosing more plant foods, buying sustainably farmed fish, using fewer plastic water bottles, eating less food in wrappers, and buying from local farmers. We want to eat with integrity and respect for the planet! Nancy Clark, MS, RD counsels both casual and competitive athletes at her office in Newton, MA (617-795-1875). Her best selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook and Food Guide for Marathoners offer additional information. They are available at Her online workshop, is popular with health professionals and athletes alike.

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• enjoy better workouts • lose undesired body fat • feel great!

Run with energy to spare—and even lose weight at the same time! Worried about hitting the wall? Learn how to fuel for the long run.

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Running Journal • July, 2018

Learning from the Young Guns Benefiting from Summer Heat It is well documented that many of the world's best distance runners live or train at altitude part of the year. While spending weeks at a time away from home at altitude training camp is commonplace for many American professional runners, it's an impractical luxury for most of us. And while the thought of escaping to the cool mountain air during the summer is tantalizing, research has shown heat training to have similar performance benefits to altitude training. The mechanisms that lead to those performance benefits differ, but the keys to reaping the benefits of both are strikingly similar. Just like altitude, training in summer heat and humidity can just as easily break you down as it can build you up. The first 10-14 days of hot weather is the acclimation period where the weather hits you the hardest. The warm days that cause us to wilt in April and May feel like a cool fall days by the time July and August arrive because of that acclimation process. That's not to say running in hot weather ever is easy as running in cool, dry conditions, but once you're acclimated your body does manage it better. When athletes go to altitude for the first time the adaptation period can take up to 3-4 weeks, but the initial dip in performance is similar to that of adapting to the heat. According to Dr. Robert Chapman, the Associate Director of Sports Science and Medicine who oversees altitude-training camps for many of American's best distance runners, “training intensities and volumes should be adjusted (reduced) to avoid over training and allow better acclimatization.� He could have just as easily been dispensing advice about heat acclimatization as altitude acclimatization. The thought that the summer heat could actually improve your performance sounds so foreign because few heed that piece of advice. Training in the heat and humidity will slow you down just like altitude will, and if you don't adjust your training appropriately you're at high risk of over training. Acclimating to the heat doesn't make training in the summer easy,

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

and it doesn't mean your races in the heat will suddenly be faster than fall or spring, but it does mean that if you adjust your training properly your fitness can benefit greatly. East African athletes who have lived at higher elevations for generations still run faster at sea level than they do at altitude, and unfortunately no matter how well acclimated you are to heat and humidity you'll still run faster in cool weather. The late Dr. David Martin was one of the exercise physiologists responsible for the heat-training program marathoners Deena Kastor and Meb Keflezighi followed ahead of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games where both medaled in the marathon, and he advised people to avoid hard workouts if the combined heat and humidity was over 165. In those conditions your body can't effectively dissipate heat and you're likely to do more harm than good by attempting a high intensity workout. Dr. Jack Daniels, one of the leading exercise physiologists in the history of long distance running, has a useful online calculator for adjusting your paces on warmer days. However, no calculator or training plan can be inside your body. You know your body better than anyone, and being able to understand the effort you're putting out in a way that is independent from pace is critical to managing heat and humidity. Easy days must remain at a conversational pace, even if the pace is slower than what you think it should. One training adjustment you can make to keep from over cooking your workouts

is to shorten the intervals you're running. If you're scheduled to do a long tempo effort on a hot and humid afternoon, you're better off breaking the workout into tempo intervals. With long, steady workouts it's very difficult to keep your core temperature from soaring on hot and humid days. Adding some short recovery pieces can keep your effort in the right place overall. For example, try breaking a 30-minute tempo run into 5 x 6 minutes with a slow 75-90 second recovery jog between each. The recovery jog will help bring your heart rate down a little bit so it doesn't continue to climb as it works harder and harder to cool your body. In those instances it is very easy for a tempo workout to turn into a race effort. You can also lean more heavily on workouts like fartleks and hill repeats during the summer because in addition to having rest intervals, they are also structured to be more effort based than time based. Another more obvious key to managing summer training is staying properly hydrated. This is true of altitude training as well due to increased ventilation and drier air. Being chronically dehydrated will impair your performance but also your ability to recover day to day. It's good practice, especially in the southeast, to weigh yourself before and after your run each day. Aim to replace every 1-pound of weight lost during your run with 16 ounces of fluid. You'll also lose electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium through sweat. It's important to replace electrolytes along with water to maintain proper fluid balance in the body. Managing recovery is critical during the summer because the heat and humidity are an added stress placed on our bodies, on top of the stress of daily training. Managing the environmental stress is where most people falter in the summer. We're used to managing the training stress, but once summer hits we do a poor job of taking into account the impact environmental stress has on our training. However, with the proper adjustments to

training intensity, attention to hydration, and a focus on proper recovery the summer heat can help take your performance to the next level. ZAP Fitness is a Reebok Sponsored nonprofit facility which supports post collegiate distance runners in Blowing Rock, NC. ZAP puts on adult running camps during the summer and is available for retreats all year. The facility has a state of the art weight room, exercise science lab for testing and a 24 bed lodge. Coaches at the facility include 2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier Zika Rea, 2007 USATF National XC Champion Ryan Warrenburg, head coach Pete Rea, and Matt LoPiccolo. For more information go to or call 828-2956198. You can reach Ryan at

ZAP Fitness Adult Running Vacations SUMMER 2018 CAMP DATES: June 27- July 1 Outdoor Adventure Weekend Guest Speaker: Amy Rudolph-Carroll July 8-13 Bear Week Guest Speaker: Bill Rodgers July 16-21 Blue Ridge Running Vacation Guest Speaker: Carrie Tollefson August 5-10 Marathon Week Guest Speaker: Cathy O’Brien Sept. 13-16 Half Marathon & Marathon Weekend Guest Speakers: Kim Jones and Jon Sinclair

Running Journal wants to print YOUR Running Story! Do you have an interesting running story? Or do you know someone who does? Running Journal is looking for stories from our readers. Maybe you’d like to write about how you train, where you train, your favorite race, your favorite training partner, or just share a special running experience. Or you may want to tell us about someone else who deserves recognition for a running accomplishment, whether it be running their first marathon or running their first mile! Please send articles via e-mail to: or mail to Running Journal, P.O. Box 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Articles should be between 500700 words or less. Please include a photo if possible.


For more information visit:

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ZAP Fitness P.O. Box 192 Blowing Rock, North Carolina (zip) 28605 • 828-295-6198


Running Journal • July, 2018

After the Run Walking & Running to the Beat of Her Own Drum A year and a half ago, 32-year old Rachel Saintfort could be called a mom, and an aspiring musician, but she could not be called a runner. That's because, at almost 300 pounds, Saintfort was severely obese, suffered from Lymphedema (waterretention swelling of her legs), and found it challenging to move without becoming fatigued and running out of breath. “My health and music career were [some of the] reasons that I had to do what I had to do,” Saintfort said - but just what was it, that Saintfort felt she had to do? Having been denied opportunities in the music industry because of her weight and having her 10-year old daughter taunted by classmates who called her mother “fat,” Saintfort (who was realizing the effects her weight was having on her physical health) resolved to take serious action. She set a goal of losing 100 pounds, and she set out to lose the pounds naturally. To aid her efforts, Saintfort turned to the sport of running to help her meet the goal. January 29th of 2017 was the official “start date” of Saintfort's weight loss journey. Her plan was simple - limit her daily caloric intake and knock out six to twelve miles by exercising twice per day. Simple plans are not always easy plans, but Saintfort was tenacious.

Rachel Saintfort BEFORE losing the 100+ pounds

By Mary Marcia Brown

“I vowed to never quit, no matter how many times I missed,” she said. “I went hard! I literally had no days off. I was so determined.” Saintfort arrived at a local lake in her hometown of Lakeland, Florida every morning at 5:00. The lake is framed by a lit, 3-mile paved trail that Saintfort decided would work perfectly for her daily miles. She began by walking one to two laps around the lake each morning only to return each evening to complete an additional lap or two. “It would take me one hour to go around Lake Hollingsworth when I first started my weight loss journey,” Saintfort shared. The singer began listening to music while she circumnavigated the lake. She

found listening to the music to be therapeutic, allowing her to clear her mind, and perhaps even pick up her pace. A month into her journey, Saintfort began to incorporate a slow running pace into her laps. “I would walk to one light pole then jog to the next. Or I would jog for an entire song that was playing on my phone and then walk the next one,” she recalled. Some of those songs were her own original recordings. Saintfort used her laps to listen to and critique her music and discover the places in the phrases where she could improve. The miles became a way to increase the quality of her craft while accelerating the pace of her strides. “I always wanted to run around the entire lake. I would admire others doing it and knew that my day was coming,” she said. Saintfort's friend, Kristina Collins, was one of those admired runners. Collins would run a slow pace around the lake and Saintfort would always do her best to keep up. Finally, Saintfort's persistent efforts paid off, and before she knew it, she had run the entire 3-mile trek without stopping. “Completing an entire lap around the lake for the first time felt amazing! This was something that I watched others do

Rachel Saintfort AFTER her weight loss journey.

and only hoped to do. I felt unstoppable! I was so happy! I went from barely walking to completing a 3-mile jog nonstop,” Saintfort said. She also did something else. She achieved her 100-pound weight loss goal in a matter of 10 months. Since then, she has lost another 10 pounds and is on her way to losing 10 more. She has also continued her newfound healthy way of living and can now complete the 3-mile lake loop in just over 40 minutes. Like many runners, Saintfort, who initially turned to running as a way to lose weight, has already set new running goals. She has worked her way up to a one and a half-lap run around the lake and she aspires to run two full laps without slowing her pace. She also has completing her first official 5k on her radar. For now, however, she continues to create and listen to her own music while relishing in the realization that running helped her reach her first goal. She also continues to encourage others by sharing her incredible weight loss story through her lyrics and her conversations. “Running definitely helped me on my weight loss journey,” she said. “[It] can be very intimidating, but one can definitely do it. It just takes patience.” Mary Marcia is a runner and fitness professional navigating her way through the unpredictable terrain of life. She is president of the non-profit organization, the PHEEL GOOD Foundation, and she can be reached at

Running Journal • July, 2018

Down the Road How And Why To Build Your Own Race Database You may not even think about it, but someday you probably will. Who was running just ahead of me and who was just behind me that day when I ran my 5K Personal Best (or personal worst) or just some random race you ran? No problem, just go to the internet and Google or Bing or (my favorite) DuckDuck.Go search engine, look up the race, and pull up the results from their website. Simple, right? Maybe, but there are some problems. Such as races that don't store their results or list their results anywhere except on the finish line service website. So you have to find the finish line service name and address. Okay. You've got it made right? Well, not exactly. Some race services only show the current year results, or just this year and last year. You are out of luck unless they also posted the results on a site that keeps them there and goes back in time. There are also some race services, particularly some that use so called 'Live' results and have only searchable, non-copy able results. I won't say what I think of those sites, except, hey they are better than nothing. But they don't give much consideration to runners who care about the big picture of looking at the results of all the finishers and like to have a copy to refer back to in the

By Cedric Jaggers

future. Races should be listed with the runners by order of finish. But wait, some races are NOT in actual finish order. Computer chip timing allows the order to be re-arranged by the computer into Chip finish order instead of actual finish order. So runners may or may not be shown as the people who finished next to you. Instead it might be that guy or gal who waited a little while until the rain stopped or the headwind died down and then ran a minute or 2 faster than your 'chip time' - even though they crossed the finish line behind you and have always finished behind you when you ran in a race that used actual finish order- or when you could see them the entire race and passed them near

the finish. Of course this is the reason that the USATF does not recognize chip time for records. But the better race finish services list both chip and gun (actual) race time on their results if chip timing was used, and you can look at the times for those who finished near you. I'm glad to say that if the race was posted on the Running Journal site - you can click on results tab, and fill in the 'to and from' date section to choose which months and years to search for your race. Unfortunately not all races get posted but most South Carolina races do. When you find your race (on whatever site), you can copy the file into a Word document and save it. I like to convert the races I find into PDF files and save them in a folder by year. Then you can open that file later on and use the PDF search box by just typing your name and going straight to it. That's helpful if you can't remember your time or place in a race. Think that won't happen to you? If you race a lot, you might be surprised. I've run just under 800 races and can rarely remember exactly where I finished. Sometimes you want to know, and the more races you have run, the more scattered the results can be, so it pays to get them while you can. Here's my recommendation. Make a fold-

13.1 miles – Coastal 5K – Doggie Dash


er in your computer and name it My Races. Then search for every race you run and get a copy of the complete results. Put it in your folder. Someday you will be glad you did. You can look at them later as your running changes (for better or for worse) and see who your competition was and who it will be. It can be fun to do. Okay we've covered the very thin basics. Here is an offer for anyone who is interested. I've also created a South Carolina Races Database. If you have run races in South Carolina and want a copy of the race results I may have them. As of today as I write this article, I have results of 171 races from 2018, and race results dating back to 1976, (only 2 for that year - the Governor's Cup 15m/5m and the South Eastern Invitational 25 mile relay). The largest year is 2015 with 619 races. I have the results for all 41 Cooper River Bridge Runs. So if you want a copy of any races you have run in South Carolina, just e-mail me with the year and name of the race. If I have it, I'll send you a PDF copy. Wish I had more, I only have 6,689 so far. My goal is to get all the races ever held in South Carolina but the old paper results (if they ever existed) are getting harder to find. Let me hear from you and I hope you end up running more races than I have. Running and racing are fun. Enjoy. Cedric Jaggers was elected to the South Carolina Road Runners Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the author of Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run. He lives and runs in Rock Hill, SC. He may be reached via email at




Running Journal • July, 2018

Inspired Daily Summer Training Can Be Beneficial It's not just for high school runners! Last month I wrote about the art and science of coaching. This month, I encourage you to look at summer training. Many recreational runners and yearround racers train the same way all year long and run the same races year after year. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you are looking to have a break-out performance like setting a new PR, winning an award, or tackling a new distance, then you may need to restructure your training plan a bit so you peak for your goal race. For my high school cross country teams to peak at the end of the season, which is late October or early November, they must start summer training in late May or early June. They require a 10-week base to develop aerobic capacity, build endurance, and strengthen ligaments and tendons. It is lots of easy running plus

By Rae Ann Darling Reed

strength training that builds the foundation upon which their whole cross country season depends. It is easy to tell who ran over summer and who did not once our season starts in August! Races begin in late August and continue through late October when we start tapering and then peaking for our goal races. Runners of all ages can benefit from similar structure in their training. The peak performance will be worth it. It may mean giving up some of the local races you run year after year (something I really struggle with) in order to keep the goal race or the big picture in mind. The more focused, structured, and perhaps tougher training will not only help you achieve your goal, but will be easier to handle if you give your body some down time like with summer training. I know some runners who take most of the summer off to focus on swimming and cycling. You don't have to go to that extreme, but definitely add in lots of cross training, strength training, flexibility training, and keep the running easy. Literally think of it as building the base of your pyramid with tons of aerobic capacity, endurance, and strength. This summer I am focusing on cycling, elliptical, rowing, strength training, and yoga. Granted I have a stress fracture that I am forced to rest right now, but I know I will come back stronger from this injury having worked on many of my weaknesses. Sometimes being forced to do it is the only way this old dog learns new tricks. After a couple of months of summer training, you will feel strong and fit and

have the confidence to start building up that pyramid, adding specific workouts like speed work, tempo runs, hill workouts, pace runs, long runs, etc. Your body and mind will have had a couple of months of recovery from your regular training and racing routine and be ready to tackle these tougher workouts. You continue to build on that strong foundation towards the top of your pyramid peaking for your goal race. I tell my high school cross country runners that summer training is the key to their success. It can be yours too! Rae Ann Darling Reed runs, coaches, and writes in Florida. She is an RRCA and USATF Level 2 certified running coach and has been in the Brooks Inspire Daily program since 2010. Rae Ann is a Fit Expert at Fleet Feet Sports Sarasota, a Brooks Wear Tester, and coaches cross country and track at Manatee High School as well as adults of all ages and ability levels. Follow the RunnerGirl's adventures on twitter @runnergirl or

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Running Journal Rae Ann's cross country team enjoying a summer training run at Robinson Preserve

Running Journal • July, 2018

Running Psychology Get Your ZZZZ's Sleep has recently become a hot topic of discussion in the sport science literature and rightly so. Outside of sports, lack of adequate sleep is associated with decreased work productivity, increased accidents on the job and even automobile accidents. Some even estimate that a lack of sleep causes more automobile accidents than does the use of alcohol. Lack of adequate sleep in runners is certainly linked to decreased running performance, impaired recovery and even an increase in injury. So just how does inadequate sleep lead to problems for runners? During sleep is when the pituitary gland releases Human Growth Hormone, so inadequate sleep can actually lead to low levels of Human Growth Hormone. HGH aids in tissue regeneration and muscle recovery from exercise, so without adequate HGH, runners may experience extended recovery time, chronic muscle soreness and difficulty performing at a normal level of running exertion. The lowered levels of HGH, along with increased sympathetic nervous system

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.

activity (Stress Hormoes), can lead to feelings of fatigue that often mimic being over trained. But it's not overtraining that causes the fatigue, it's under-recovery due in part to inadequate sleep. Another reason inadequate sleep can make runners feel bad physically is a possible increased inflammatory response. Lack of sleep is associated with higher than normal levels of cytokines which are involved with inflammation. Increased cytokines

mean increased muscle soreness and stiffness. Increased cytokines are also associated with a compromised immune response, which is one reason inadequate sleep increases the risk of infections. Certainly the risks of getting colds and other upper respiratory tract infections is increased with inadequate sleep. Along with an increased risk of illness comes an increased risk of injury with inadequate sleep. Much has been written recently about numerous movement screening procedures that are supposed to predict injury, however a better predictor of injury may actually be not getting enough sleep. Less than eight hours of sleep per night may actually almost double the chances of getting injured. Of course fatigue from not sleeping can increase the risk of injury, but also cognitive performance can suffer as well and that in turn can increase the chances of getting hurt. Lack of sleep can mean decreased alertness and slowed/improper decision making. That's why so many accidents are a result of inadequate sleep. So maybe that decreased alertness causes hanging toes on roots or rocks on a trail and falling or even running out in front of a car on the street. Information processing is slowed and things happen that normally wouldn't with enough sleep. Mental sharpness just isn't what it should be with sleep deprivation. Yes, life is hectic and stressful for many

Women’s Running Training Equals Breakdown And Recovery As the heat builds, and runners try to continue the training loads of May and June, I hear an interesting complaint from many women runners in the hot and humid south. If only I can get these workouts done, I will be ready for fall racing. If I can just tough it out in this heat, I will have an edge over those who do not have to train in this misery. I am woman watch me roar!! So they continue to torture themselves, drenched in sweat every day and miserable in their workouts. Losing valuable electrolytes, they seldom take the extra time to replace that which is lost. To both statements it can only be said: Take a break and remember that less is more. If you go over the edge, all is lost. You are either injured or hopelessly overtrained, or anemic or worse. Then you do not even get to do those fall target races. Remember that training has two components - breakdown and recovery. Doing nothing is doing something as it is 50% of the concept of training. Do you really realize that rest and recovery are as important to your running as training? But trying to get this into the brain of a competitive athlete, man or woman, with a strong training plan is not easy. Rest seems like a dirty word and something that is not to be a part of your training program. If you do not get more workouts and more miles that your competitors, how can you possibly run better and be fitter? Again I

By Carolyn Mather, RN, PhD.

repeat 50% of training should be recovery and as we become more age challenged (i.e. older), you may require more than 50%. And if you manage to get injured, returning to normal becomes a much longer process than when you were younger. From one perspective, remember training in our high heat and humidity is a real stress, just like going to 7,000 feet altitude, or training with a 10 pound weight belt attached to your body. Considerable quantities of blood intended for muscles for oxygen and fuel provision is now going to the skin for cooling. And sweat lost during training makes the blood decrease its volume, so you get a double whammy, as both the muscles and skin have less. Chronic dehydration is a real risk in prolonged warm weather. Added to the dehydration is the potential iron lost through sweat. True, the

iron concentration in sweat is not large, but over weeks of summer heat, total sweat volume is large. Thus anemia can creep up on runners, especially women, over time. As your body acclimates to decreasing iron, you may feel tired and slow. And of course you will blame the nasty heat and humidity. I remember one team member who kept getting slower and was tired all of the time. After months of this, she finally went to her physician, who was totally amazed she could run at all, as her body had gradually adapted to decreasing iron stores and she was quite anemic. If this had occurred overnight, she would have most likely been in the hospital. From another perspective, however, remember that improvement in fitness does not occur as a result of the breakdown of tissues that happens with the interval session, or the long run, or weight training work. Improvement in fitness comes from tissue restoration after the breakdown.This is the recovery period. Additional stored energy supplies in your muscles, increased muscle enzymes, and increased muscle tissue mass and/or quality, all will combine to produce what we see as improved performance capability. But this takes time - typically more time than occurs between daily breakdown sessions. This is why periodically a day of total rest is required. If recovery is not complete, improvement will not occur. One


runners. Finding time for training and rest can be a challenge. It's hard to say exactly how much sleep is needed for everyone, though it's probably somewhere from eight to nine hours a night. Some may say they do just fine on four, but the evidence says otherwise. With a hectic schedule it's important to maximize the time you do have for sleep. It's one thing to be in bed for seven hours, but what if you only actually sleep for four and spend the rest of the time awake worrying about some stressor? Strive for quality sleep time. One of the biggest culprits of poor sleep may be electronic devices that emit blue light. If you spend a lot of time in front of a phone, tablet or computer screen in the evening, the blue light may suppress the production of melatonin, thereby inhibiting sleep. It's probably better to read an actual book before bed. So have a dark, cool room with no noise and settle in for a good nights sleep. Sleep is not a waste of valuable time. Sleep is necessary for humans to function normally. Get more sleep and you will probably think more clearly, feel better and run better! Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Science Department of Averett University and is an AASP Certified SportPsycology Consultant. He may be reached via e-mail at woman I have coached for nearly three decades continues to run extremely well despite the normal aging process. She has never had a problem with taking a day off and her training has remained as consistent as have her performances. You must listen to your body and alternate hard and easy sessions and do fewer hard sessions as you age. Think of starting a big race for which you have peaked. Because you tapered, you now feel physically so fresh and mentally so hungry. Somehow athletes have the notion that such recovery does not belong in a training phase. Days off are to be avoided and two a days are like money in the bank. If you have no pain, there is no gain. You have to be tough and not miss a day of hard efforts. Well, I am here to tell you that if you are ever feeling a bit on the tired side, pretend that I am your coach and that you asked me if I would recommend a day or two off. I would accept responsibility for any loss in fitness that might happen if you skip a day or perhaps even two. I will gladly make that recommendation because I can almost guarantee that tomorrow, having taken that time off, you will have an awesome training session because you will be fresh. Furthermore unknown to both of us, what might be tomorrow's injury just may have sufficient repair that it never becomes an injury or even an issue. Isn't that what training is all about? You are doing quality stuff, emerging unscathed, getting more fit and loving it. Less is indeed more!

Carolyn Mather,R.N.,PhD. lives and runs in north Georgia and is a member of the Atlanta Track Club Elite. She can be reached at


Running Journal • July, 2018

Providing Age-Graded Awards By Haskell Murray As we age, most of us slow down. To keep older runners in the mix for awards, many races have added a masters category for 40+ year-old runners. Some races have added a grandmasters category for 50+ year-old runners. Races also tend to give a plethora of age-group awards. I propose that race directors consider moving away from these categories—which favor those in the early years of the grouping and disfavor those in competitive age groups—and instead provide agegraded awards. For those who are unaware, age-graded calculators, such as the free online Runner’s World calculator, provide a percentage-based grade, using your time and the world record time at your age and gender. For example, according to the Runner’s World calculator a 3:00 marathon by a 25-year old male is approximately equivalent to a 4:00 marathon by a 69-year old male or a 3:30 marathon by a 44 year-old female (68-69%). Switching to age-graded awards could have the following benefits: Broaden competition. In many local road races, some age groups do not have even three participants. In those races, you podium just by finishing. Age-graded awards would include runners in these typically weak age-groups in the main competition, on a level playing field. Improve fairness. Age-graded awards more equitably distribute prizes than age-group awards. With the typical age group awards, a 31-year old who runs a 19:00 5K could place higher in his age group than a 41-year old who runs an 18:30. With the proposed age-graded awards, the 41-year old would always, properly, finish much higher than the 31-year old. Encourage full effort. At too many local races you know the usual suspects in your age group and you are tempted to coast if you are ahead of them. With age-graded awards, full effort would be encouraged because you would not know, until after the race, if someone was running a better age/gender adjusted pace. Lessen need for so many awards. Even small, local races often give age-group awards threedeep, in 15 or so different age categories, for both men and women. Costs for these ~90 awards must add up, but races do this to engage runners at ever age group. Age-graded awards would still give runners of every age a reasonable shot to win, but could do so with a much smaller number of awards. Provide opportunity for better awards. With fewer awards, perhaps race directors could afford better, more useful awards. For example, maybe include a small gift card to a local running store. Here is the way age/gender graded adjustments would have changed the top performances from major 5Ks in my hometown of Nashville last year (2017). Races include the East Nashville Tomato 5K, Franklin Classic 5K, GraceWorks Turkey Trot 5K, Mid-TN Shootout 5K, Oktoberfest Bier Run 5K, Purity Dairy Dash 5K, and Tom King Classic 5K. Unadjusted Results (1) 21M - 15:38 (2) 28M - 15:46 (3) 26M – 15:48 (4) 21M - 15:49 (5) 22M - 15:49 (6) 25M - 16:03

17 Selected To Attend RRCA’s 2018 RunPro Camp RunPro Camp provides valuable information to post-collegiate runners seeking to pursue a professional running career Arlington, Virginia – Seventeen up-andcoming distance runners, who have recently graduated from colleges and universities throughout the country, have been selected to attend the 7th RunPro Camp. The 2018 camp, hosted by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), will be held in Arlington, Virginia, July 19-21. “We are excited to host the 7th RunPro Camp in our continuing efforts to keep talented distance runners in our sport,” said Jean Knaack, RRCA executive director. “We’ve seen great success in recent years from athletes that have attended RunPro Camp in the past six years. This year, with our biggest attendance yet, we have another great group of rising stars that we hope will have success on the roads and track as professional distance runners.”

Haskell Murray

(7) 23M- 16:05 (8) 24M - 16:05 (9) 30M - 16:14 (10) 29M - 16:15 Age/Gender Adjusted Results (1) 57M – 86.41% (18:02) (2) 57F – 85.91% (20:49) (3) 24F – 83.58% (17:40) (4) 26F – 83.51% (17;41) (5) 21M – 83.03% (15:38) (6) 60M – 82.52% (19:21) (7) 28M – 82.35% (15:46) (8) 37M – 82.23% (16:19) (9) 40M – 82.22% (16:41) (10) 26M – 82.17% (15:48) In the unadjusted results, all 10 of the top-10 were male runners, and all 10 were age 21 to 30. In the adjusted results, 60% of the top-5 and 30% of the top-10 were female, and the age of the runners ranged from 21 to 60. Two, hopefully minor, implementation hurdles exist. First, race directors would have to convince timing companies to include age-graded percentages in their results. Adding the age-graded calculation to the results does not seem like it would be very difficult, but it would require some programming updates. If the programing fix is too difficult, race directors could give head starts to runners based on age and gender like the famous Dipsea Trail Race does. Second, age-graded awards would increase the temptation for runners to lie about their ages. However, given how small most road race awards are, and the fact that most results (with ages) would be posted online for all to see and check, I don’t see age falsification being a widespread problem. If you like the idea of age-graded awards, ask some of your local race directors and timing companies to consider it. Age-graded awards could create a more inclusive and competitive race experience for all runners. (Haskell Murray is an associate professor of business law at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and runs with the Nashville Harriers Running Club.)

Colin Schultz – Liberty Univ. Madeline Strandemo – Univ. of Minnesota Emi Trost – Univ. of Minnesota Duluth

2016 U.S. Olympic marathoner Jared Ward will share lessons learned from his career during the Camp’s Friday night VIP dinner. The goal of RunPro Camp is to encourage, support, and provide the tools for more top-collegiate distance runners to pursue a professional running career on the track, roads, in cross country, and in the growing professional world of trail and ultra running. Along with the Roads Scholars program, RunPro Camp continues a long tradition of the RRCA providing resources and financial support to pave the way for the future of American distance running. A few spots remain for interested athletes to attend 2018 RunPro Camp. Runners who are completing their NCAA eligibility by June 30, 2018, along with runners who have completed eligibility within the last 24-months, are encouraged to apply. The RRCA provides travCongratulations to the following athletes el and lodging to qualified applicants. Learn more at: that have been selected to attend the 2018 RunPro Camp: Christine Bendzinski – Bucknell Univ. Joey Berriatua – Santa Clara Univ. Allie Buchalski – Furman Univ. Jacob Dumford – Univ. of Notre Dame Alexandria Hackett – Abilene Christian Univ. Michaela Hackett – Abilene Christian Univ. Michelle Howell – Jacksonville Univ. Karis Jochen – Texas A&M Univ. Christopher Marco – Monmouth Univ. Jamie Morrissey – Univ. of Michigan Jaimie Phelan – Univ. of Michigan Chandler Reid – Adams State Univ. Troy Reeder – Furman Univ. Maria Scavuzzo – Miami (Ohio) Univ.

About the RRCA: The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is the oldest and largest national association of running organizations and runners dedicated to growing the sport since 1958. The RRCA champions the development of community-based running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition. The RRCA’s vision is to see an organized running club established in every community in the U.S. RunPro Camp and were originally developed by Team USA Minnesota. Learn more at and at

Walk, Wag, And Run To End Domestic Violence ATLANTA — Ahimsa House, Georgia’s only nonprofit to help human and animal victims of domestic violence, will host its annual Walk, Wag & Run 5K and fun run on Saturday, Aug. 25. Since 2004, Ahimsa House has provided more than 81,000 nights of emergency safe shelter for animals in abusive situations. This allows domestic violence victims the chance to look for safe housing, and 87% of clients have been reunited with their pets. One such client, Janine, reached out to Ahimsa House one evening in panic after her German Shepherd, Star, jumped on Janine’s abusive boyfriend to stop him from strangling her. She desperately needed to enter her local domestic violence shelter but it did not accept animals. Star entered the Ahimsa House program and stayed in a foster home while Janine was able to recover. The two were reunited less than two months later. “Without our help, I shudder to think what might have happened to Janine if she had to

return to her abuser,” said Myra Rasnick, executive director, “but thankfully we were able to reunite her with her dog, who has now started a violence-free life with her.” Sadly, demand for their services is increasing. In 2017, Ahimsa House answered 3,340 calls to their 24-hour crisis line and assisted 161 people and 283 pets in escaping domestic violence. During the first four months of 2018, Ahimsa House provided 3,354 nights of safe shelter for 106 animals. The Walk, Wag & Run allows Atlanta residents to show their concern and support for domestic violence victims across the state. Funds raised support a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, veterinary care, and legal advocacy. The 5K race is a Peachtree race qualifier and runs through Lenox Park in Brookhaven. Dogs are welcome. For more race details and to register, visit:

Running Journal • July, 2018


ARKANSAS In Living Color 5K to End Lupus Hot Springs, AR – 5/19 Male, Top 25 – 1-Zeke McCain 19:15, 2-Scott Baber 19:26, 3-Evan Armitage 19:33, 4-Bobby Williams 20:15, 5-Jason Armitage 20:41, 6-Donnie Brown 20:53, 7James Helms 23:17, 8-Pedro Torres 23:33, 9-Earl Rutter 24:19, 10-Jeff Maxwell 24:40, 11-Pat Daniel 25:21, 12Keith McCain 25:36, 13-Anthony Brunet 26:14, 14Charles Moulton 27:33, 15-Ryan Richardson 28:30, 16TySean Hannah 19:18, 17-Richard Braley 29:18, 18-Jim Lewis 29:36, 19-Jerry Rephan 29:48, 20-George Kokemuller 30:44, 21-Brad Brady 31:15, 22-No name 31:27, 23-Chris Samuel 31:56, 24-Kyin Jamerson 33:59, 25-Sebren Ray 36:32. Female, Top 25 – 1-Anne Perry 22:45, 2-Crystal Kennedy 26:23, 3-Lisa Coakley 30:37, 4-Jackie Buck 31:25, 5-VAlerie Brassell 31:35, 6-Lisa Crutchfield 32:49, 7-Christina Rowen 34:25, 8-Brandal Brunet 35:08, 9-Sheila Malone 35:17, 10-Irene Heller 35:30, 11-Wendy Bryant 35:40, 12-Ladonna Daniel 35:53, 13Tamala Dookin 35:57, 14-Donna Snow 35:57, 15Monica Longtin 36:44, 16-Georgia Longtin 38:21, 17Whitney Lewis 38:46, 18-Sarah Brady 39:24, 19Tamara Baker 39:52, 20-Melissa Zavadil 40:47, 21Ashley Maffit 40:47, 22-Lacey Cantwell 42:06, 23-Lenzy Brnet 42:00, 24-Rylie Pierce 42:57, 25-Ginny Moulton 43:42. Wheelchair – Denice Holiman 48:50.

Nutty Runner 5K Faytetteville, AR – 6/2

Male, 5K: Overall – Derek Yorek 19:29, Ben Putnam 19:44, Byrt Bradbury 22:20. 21-24 – Isaac Herrera 31:47, Luke Hall 41:12. 25-29 – Cason Morse 24:23, Andrew Smith 24:48, Bobby Cottam 26:19. 30-34 – Lucus DeBuhr 25:09, Nathan Connoers 28:05, Joby Olguih 28:23. 35-39 – Antonio Lombeida 26:59, Nathaniel Johnson 32:54, Rusty Rainbolt 39:29. 40-44 – Randal Dickinson 41:19. 45-49 – Don Wallace 35:42. 50-54 – Bady Paddock 28:20, Darren Townzen 32:53. 55-59 – Bruce Wilkins 29:11. 60-over – Richard Ashworth 30:36. Female, 5K: Overall – Brittany Rodgers 25:47, Theresa Yorek 26:26, Elise Keech 28:19. 21-24 – Lauren Graham 45:33. 25-29 – Brittney Mohr 36:10, Lauren DeClue 40:13, Shani Millar-Vaughn 41:17. 30-34 – Stephanie Rainbolt 40:03, Antoinette Grajeda 48:23, Meghan Newman 52:03. 35-39 – Christina Day 32:36, Anne Lombeida 35:57, Stephanie Freedle 41:10. 40-44 – Teagan Roberts 1:01:21. 45-49 – Brenda Bishop 1:01:42. 50-54 – Tracy Mulvenon 31:53. 55-59 – Cindy Knott 33:59, Debby Winters 36:05, Michele Sears 41:50. 60-over – Becky McCain 1:04:18.4, Jacki Tighle 1:04:18.5 Male, 5K: Overall – Scott Linday 23:05, Derek Lee 23:22, Ankur Aeora 23:25. 14-under – Kele Estes-Beard 25:20. 25-29 – Matt Keller 29:23, Glen Christophersen 30:29, Alex Mardian 44:30. 30-34 – Brett Marino 28:35, Matt Mitchell 30:32, Eric Peltier 33:50. 35-39 – Matthew Day 24:17, Mark Vaughn 39:01. 40-44 – Jon Hoskins 28:51. 50-54 – Danny Allred 23:46, Jeff Seiter 28:00, Chris Miller 30:36. 55-59 – Thomas Smallen 30:23. 60-over – Paul Gugliuzza 24:13, Geald White 33:56. Female, 5K: Overall – Lyndsey Marks 28:26, Kelly Ford 28:29, Connie Townzen 28:32. 20-24 – Madeline Oxner 43:00. 25-29 – Rachel Gray 31:43, Madison Miller 37:28, Hannah Beavers 42:52. 30-34 – Leisha Atwood 34:17, Leah Gayowski 36:34, Lisa Jansen 37:27. 35-39 – Jayme Anderson 30:26, Molly Dillon 32:26, Brittany Vaughn 39:01. 40-44 – Erica Estes 33:11, Deborah Deere 41:50. 45-49 – Rhonda Robison 56:05. 50-54 – Dana Scott 34:44. 55-59 – Cassandra Christophersen 43:03. 60-over – Mary Ann Gugliuzza 44:26, Donna Wood 56:05, Sharon Daniel 1:04:18.

FLORIDA Lake Mary 5K Lake Mary, FL – 5/12 Male, Overall – Canaan St. Lewis 16:37. Masters – Angerlo Cauano 18:40. 13-under – Jevae St. Lewis 19:32, Tyler Nunez 20:32, Austin Jahns 21:37. 14-16 – Nicholas Youngren 19:02, Dylan Engle 19:15, Blaine Farrell 20:29. 17-19 – Dimitri Cabrera 19:48, Kolten Kossler 20:05, John Demeter 20:17. 20-24 – William Field 19:53, Tyler

Wierengo 23:07, Marvin Corea 24:20. 25-29 – Darin Gingras 19:30, Andrew Spielman 23:36, Ryan Anderson 26:00. 30-34 – Vladimir Tejkal 17:16, Mike Godby 23:06, Joshua Cash 24:21. 35-39 – Chris Kempink 18:37, Alan Coulson 22:11, Aaro Godby 22:27. 40-44 – Dave Demeter 21:46, Jamie Foley 25:18, Jeff Matos 25:49. 45-49 – James Snook 22:40, David Goldman 25:11, Tom Henning 25:43. 50-54 – Elvis Camos 20:38, Matt Reifler 20:54, Todd Engle 21:39. 55-59 – Bob Lapiante 25:05, Jose Zabala 35:14, George Lasher 43:45. 60-64 – Daniel Baker 23:02, Dennis Ramsey 28:46, Brian Hersberger 30:43. 65-69 – Adam Rafalski 25:14, Richard Dunn 34:40 Tom Nett 35:05. 70-over – Jerry Kinglsey 25:40, Giles Williams 33:56, John Corbett 37:39. Female, Overall – Michelle Nunez 18:43. Masters – Lee Beem 21:33. 13-under – Ana Diaz 26:13, Anna Carlson 26:39, Teagan Jahns 27:46. 14-16 – Holly Gates 23:42, Alina Nunez 23:47, Emily Pounds 24:54. 17-19 – Martha Ladd 20:44, Jenna Gould 26:53, Abigial Duncan 27:17 20-24 – Sarah Liheureux 22:46, Hailey Reardon 29:54, Susi Reynolds 30:34. 25-29 – Victoria Polk 20:57, Claitty Mencia 33:30, Ashleigh Mertle 33:39. 30-34 – Jessica Ackley 24:04, Caterine Tejkaloa 24:11, Cristina Santiago 26:09. 35-39 – Diana Lowe 21:06, Erin Foley 26:41, Theresa Otterness 28:12. 40-44 – Brandi Dellacava 26:02, Lynnae D’Antonio 27:35, Michelle Krause 27:40. 45-49 – Stephanie Epifanio 22:50, Colleen Jahns 25:01, Cheryl Braddy 28:25. 50-54 – Doreen Niemann 25:21, Holly Jones 27:12, Silvua Adyrouck 29:02. 55-59 – Sue O’Grady 26:25, Ellen Lee 36:30, Linda Barker 36:34. 6064 – Christine Banta 24:50, Lori Anderson 29:49, Edna Ramsey 30:45. 65-69 – Jackie Snook 37:49, Jody Menzl 39:19, Terry Davis 43:45. 70-over – Carol Williams 40:34. – Jim Shields

Southernmost Seminoles 5K Renegade Run Key West, FL – 5/26 Male, Overall – Edward Clarke 19:21. Masters – Finn Hassing 21:38. Youth – Jackson Bernhard 28:59. 9-under – George Clarke 32:20, Anthony Barrows 40:11. 10-14 – Jackson Bernhard 28:59, Ryan Kight 42:02. 20-24 – Logan Matlock 22:41. 25-29 – Alex Wolfe 27:20. 30-34 – George Cook 26:00, Jamos Brinkley 31:54. 35-39 – Israel Bryan 24:18. 40-44 – John Solinski 29:39. 45-49 – Robert Morrison 24:17, Bascom Grooms 25:58, David Monroe 28:09. 50-54 – James Ensminger 26:52, Randal Castle 27:04, Tony Difolco 33:38. 55-59 – Gregory Brown 22:17, Mike Gaffney 22:45, Eric Mealus 28:37. 60-64 – Jay Abrahams 29:58. Female, Overall – Varinka Ensminger 19:31. Masters – Becky Michael 25:05. Youth – Reese Kight 42:03. 10-14 – Olivia Monroe 47:17. 15-19 – Bianca Bernhard 32:36, Jesse Brady 37:42. 25-29 – Joy Wolfe 27:25. 30-34 – Nicole Saurini 27:50, Breanna Kight 30:53, Stephanie Martinez 34:02. 35-39 – Samantha Komely 27:44, Kara George 34:26. 40-44 – Christine Limbert-Barrows 40:12. 45-49 – Kelly Anson 32:51, Leila Garcia 36:12. 50-54 – Judy Clarke 32:21, Sheryl Graham 46:30. 65-69 – Gail Newton 32:33, Patricia Eables 43:01. 70-over – Haley Herriott 30:08, Vicki Culver 35:44. – Don Nelson

49:05. 30-34 – Michael Klipper 40:51, Willy Utrilla 42:09, Shannon Quin 48:43. 35-39 – Justin Wood 38:43, Jeremy Anthony 41:28, Alex White 44:57. 40-44 – Justin Clement 41:12, Robert Lee 41:22, Derek Barr 45:28. 45-49 – Javier Bueno 44:49, an McCorkle 46:55, Greg Morin 47:46. 50-54 – Greg Waddell 40:48, Patrick Hatch 50:18, Joe Johnson 52:52. 55-59 – Glennn Alex 48:24, Robert Monteverde 48:55, Steve Soper 49:29. 60-64 – Randy Ballew 43:41, Ray Wood 55:04, Booker Orlsey 57:09. 65-69 – Claude Ray 1:00:42, Richard Harrison 1:03:46, Lynn Smith 1:12:47. 70-74 – Gary Hansford 1:00:32, David Watkins 1:05:07, Bill Tweedell 1:08:49. 75-over – David Turner 50:52. Female, Overall – Krystina Stoner 40:59. Masters – Melissa Landers-Potts 43:26. 11-14 – Caitlynn Krumm 57:47. 20-24 – Hibah Abuhamdieh 41:35, Abigail West 42:11, Piper Francis 48:23. 25-29 – Sally Kirklewski 41:44, Amy Kesler 49:07, Caroline Hansen 49:59. 30-34 – Margeaux Harvey 45:19, Dorothy Todd 47:59, Kristin Schmidt 48:12. 35-39 – Rhia Kilpatrick 42:06, Robyn Rubio 44:53, Sara Freeland 48:21. 40-44 – Sarah Everett 44:58, Jennifer Whaley 50:19, Jodi Kerr 50:39. 45-49 – Monica Huff 46:35, Jessica Parker 49:24, Becky Taylor 49:40. 50-54 – Mariosa Molina 53:30, Lisa Hatch 57:21, Susan Dodge 58:20. 55-59 – Julie Luft 46:34, Susan Adams 53:57, Janet Muse 55:11. 60-64 – Karen Swann 57:16, Karen Smith 1:25:19. 65-69 – Janie Sanders 57:55, Raeanne Watkins 1:06:17, Barbara Puckett 1:16:16. 70-74 – Donna Presley 50:52. 75-over – Mary Lou Kau 1:38:08. – Classic Race Services

Dacula Memorial Day 5K Dacula, GA – 5/28 Male, Overall – Ben Butcher 17:13. 10-under – Tyler Cloer 22:42, Landon Thomas 25:21, Brendyn Crabb 26:08. 11-14 – Hayden Squires 19:31, Corbin Squires 22:26, Mims Mobley 23:51. 15-19 – Ethan Selph 17:21, Michael Fabiano 18:15, Daniel Hollander 19:15. 20-24 – Caleb Daymude 17:39, David Patterson 29:53. 25-29 – Adam Aldridge 18:25, Kyle Bickwit 21:33, Wesley Nichols 27:41. 30-34 – Peter Holmes 20:52, Wesley Cronic 22:24, Kenneth Waters 27:38. 35-39 – Timothy Sperbeck 22:04, John Gay 23:06, Jason Drennan 23:23. 40-44 – Mike Beaudreau 19:49, Charlie Hollingshead 25:36, Chris Crowell 30:33. 45-49 – Kevin Squires 22:34, Wade Bell 22:44, Lewis Cooksey 24:09. 50-54 – Craig Nassal 26:56, Craig McKinnon 27:08, Ozzie Montalvo 27:09. 55-59 – Jim Schulte 26:42, Steve McGinty 27:03, Bernie Connelly 29:59. 60-64 – John Ward 25:01, Mark Anderson 26:14, Perry Patterso 29:26. 65-69 – Allan Tucker 37:53, George Roberson 46:58. 70-74 – Ernest Smallman 46:58, Brian Haley 47:18. Female, Overall – Kenedi Rodney 20:39. 10-under – Danielle Burke 43:17, Maya Hodge 49:46. 11-14 – Karsyn Rodney 23:55, Reagan Gakstatter 27:20, Samantha Carrera 28:44. 15-19 – Andi Wells 22:32, Joy Tifrea 24:30, Nataly Flamenco 26:40. 20-24 – Jordan Dills 29:53, Ashleigh Walden 30:23, Meghan Bush 35:05. 25-29 – Morgan Alligod 30:32, Jana Proctor 30:40, Lori Bailey 32:31. 30-34 – Jessie Nelson 25:32, Hillary Jones 28:53, Courtney Cannon 28:58. 35-39 – Jessica Drennen 28:01, Lindsey Fincher 29:27, Mandy Henderson 32:19. 40-44 – Mandy Fortune 30:43, Mary Katherine Cloer 31:31, Shelley Meeks 32:54. 45-49 – Liza Montalvo 27:03, Dana Brooks 29:07, Kim Hurst 32:16. 50-54 – Donna Marshall 27:24, Kim Jaeger 29:04, Amy Stancil 30:06. 55-59 – Sharon Williams 31:34, Karen McGinty 37:22, Pamela Rodenbeck 38:05. 60-64 – John Ward 33:29, Kathy Rioux 36:43, Rita Eason 51:23. 65-69 – Sue Chastain 36:36, Deborah Franklin 38:20, Gail Tucker 42:26. – Classic Race Services



Marigold 10K Watkinsville, GA – 5/12

Fat Boy Nola 3 miles New Orleans, LA – 5/26

Male, Overall – Justin Weaver 33:45. Masters – Michael Ross 38:03. 11-14 – Nathan Smith 42:54. 15-19 – Max Pearson 40:45, Connor Bible 1:00:26. 20-24 – Isaac Krumm 36:59, Trey Callahan 46:09, Riley Duke 50:37. 25-29 – Kevin Kesler 33:45, Matt Just 46:51, Joshua Johnson

Male, Huge Load – Mike Johnson 21:27, John Dickerson 24:01, Dustin Weber 24:31. Enormous Load – John Combs 23:59, Tyrone Palmer 24:02, Donald Howie 24:22. Trememdous Load – Marshall Loeffler 24:29, Scott Burst 25:25, Joe Stassi 26:55.


Immense Load – John Schwehm 28:49, Joel Reddish 31:02, Matt Wandstrat 31:50. Fat Boy Wanna Bee – Ian Carr 15:29, Nick Baez 17:23, Matthew Kinler 19:23. Female, Amazonian – Erica Svoboda 28:55, Melissa Weatherman 29:46, Valencia Hardges 30:57. Megazonian – Eliana Ginsburg 31:11, Alice Garcia 35:18, Michelle Hall 35:55. Ultra Megazonian – Danielle Keath 37:29, Michelle Blanc 39:05, Lenetra Jefferson 42:11. Ultra Deluxe Megazonian – Destiny Hihar 37:43, Auldyn D’Antoni 43:23, Kathryn Charboneau 44:51. Athena Wanna Bee – Danielle Rankin 21:53, Kirstine Campbell 22:39, Arissa Galas 23:56. – Chuck George

MARYLAND National Federation of the Blind 6K Dot Dash Baltimore, MD – 6/3 Male, Overall – Peter Jackson 22:43, Anton Gravets 23:46, Peter Gregg 23:48. 15-under – Henry Lentz 29:58. 20-29 – Jacob Begis 26:20. 30-39 – Moe Khalil 27:32. 40-49 – Phillip Gullion 28:16. 50-59 – Chris Rahl 30:26. 60-69 – Roosevelt Jordan 37:31. 70-over – Carl Knoettner 38:22. Female, Overall – Evynn Overton 28:00, Susannah Cafardi 28:58, Clare Lentz 29:12. 15-under – Shannon Flynn 36:27. 16-19 – Caroline Grosse 36:26. 20-29 – Jessica Deihl 36:30. 30-39 – Lisa Green 31:56. 40-49 – Carol Specogna 33:17. 5059 – Antoinette Jordan 36:39. 60-69 – Nancy Halverson 1:18:37. 70-over – Sharon Maneki 1:33:17.

MISSISSIPPI Heart of Mississippi 5K Carthage, MS – 5/19 Male, Overall- Brent Watson 17:55. Leake County - Preston Breazeale 18:47. Masters - Charlie Creel 20:55. Grandmasters - Mark Lipking 23:21. 10-under - Daniel Hallford 23:06, Zhayden Hutton 32:54, Trace Parsons 37:43.15-19 - Bryce Harrison 18:56, Alonso Henry 19:02, Hardy Lewis 24:52.20-24 Blake Burgess 25:21.25-29 - Derrick High 25:47, Hillman McCann 27:55.30-34 - Zack Joiner 20:38, Thomas Carpenter 27:02, D.J. Ingram 27:23.35-39 Caleb Hammons 20:02, Donnie Lindsey 23:09.40-44 Dan Young 23:50, Terry Jones 23:56, Kyle Beckham 25:16.45-49 - Lex Davis 21:30, Philip Marler 23:23, Stephen Smith 46:30.50-54 - Terry Whittington 23:47, Sammy Lemonis 23:51, Craig Stevens 28:48.55-59 Charles Allred 24:03, Thomas Marler 25:30.60-64 Adolph Vivians 34:03, Daniel Mittan 38:06.65-over James Lewis 26:47, Steve Murray 31:22, Charlie Minor 34:44. Female, Overall -Teresa Crothers 23:07. Leake County - Katie Webb 25:52. Masters - Shannon Steele 26:22. Grandmasters - Miriam Allred 26:07. 30-34 - Danielle Mitchell 25:24, Rachel Jones 32:15, Courtney Killen 34:41.35-39 - Julie Vicars 27:28, Chris Alexander 29:56, Mandi Beckham 38:33.40-44 - Amber McKenzie 27:35, Shannon Posey 29:06, Catherine Kaime 30:33.50-54 - Doris McKinney 30:22.55-59 - Chantay Steen 26:44, Leigh Tanner 51:16.60-64 - Patsy Watson 29:53.65-over - Beth Shoemaker 35:49, Charlene Priester 37:58, Kathy Phelps 44:11.

NORTH CAROLINA Spring Folly 5K Kernersville, NC – 5/5 Male, Overall – Austin Britt 17:51, Walter Sellers 18:30, Jeremy Bush 19:36. 25-29 – Thomas Covington 24:08, Ryan Wendel 25:30. 30-34 – Tim Walker 19:59, Justin Shumaker 20:26, Ryan Struck 23:41. 35-39 – James Traub 29:25, Troy Hersberger 40:41. 40-44 – Rick Edwards 28:46. 45-49 – Brett Dixon 20:20, Markus Gebel 26:08, Aden Stoltzfus 33:12. 50-54 – Jim Valentine 22:41, Jeff



Running Journal • July, 2018

Course Record Set at 39th Mercedes-Benz Cotton Row 10K Huntsville, AL - Kenyan Linus Kiplagat, 23, broke a 35-year-old course record at the Mercedes-Benz Cotton Row 10K on Memorial Day. Kiplagat had a winning time of 28:39, more than 30 seconds faster than the previous record (29:10) set by John Wellerding in 1983. Kiplagat picked up the $5000 course record bonus to go along with $1,200 for first place. Fellow Kenyan Simion Chirchir, 34, followed more than a minute back in 29:43 to take second. Kenyan runners also took the next three spots, Kiproy Mutai, 31, was third (30:01), Jameson Wangechi, 22, fourth (30:08) and Eliud Ngetich, 24, fifth (30:09). In the women's race, Kenyan Margaret Wamahiga, 27, took the win in 34:20, finishing 20th overall. Margaret Kariuki, 26, was second in 35:11. Alana Enabnit, 24, of Huntsville finished third (36:29), Zipporah Cheret, 28, of Durham, NC, fourth (36:33) and Purity Munene, 31, of Columbia, SC, fifth (36:35). Kevin Castille, 46, of Baton Rouge, LA, led the male masters race in 32:22. Julius Kiptoo, 41, of Toledo, OH, was second (32:54), Rodney Stoker, 42, of Chattanooga, TN, third (35:24), Orinthal Striggles, 42, of Columbia, SC, fourth (35:44) and Kevin Betts, 40, of Lacey Springs, AL, fifth (37:07). Linus Kiplagat Photo by Jason Clark Lyubov Denisova, 46, of Gainesville, FL, was the female masters champion, running 38:40. Fifty-nine-year-old Eugenie Candon of Huntsville was second in 45:34. Linda Lamott, 45, of Lebanon, TN, took third (45:51), Roberta Hauck, 51, of Huntsville fourth (46:10) and Sheryl Dummer, 48, of Huntsville fifth (47:58). In the accompanying 5K, Seth Graham, 20, of Athens, AL, led the field in 17:24. Angel Sillivant-Moble, 22, of Huntsville, was female winner in 20:03. Masters winners were Kevin Betts, 40, of Laceys Springs, AL (18:37), and Kathy Youngren, 43, of Owens X Road, AL (21:21). The Cotton Row 10K was the final stop of the 40th annual Running Journal Grand Prix. Orinthal Striggles and Shawanna White, both of Columbia, SC, repeated as this year's Overall Male & Female Champions. Eight runners completed their 39th consecutive Cotton Row 10K. Those runners include: Don Hillis, 61, of New Market, AL (51:32), James Carroll, 59, Dickson, TN (59:16), Charles Vanvalkenburgh, 61, Huntsville (59:31), Kevin Jose, 57, Huntsville (1:10:27), Bill Albritton, 63, Huntsville (1:14:24), Bill McDowell, 64, Huntsville (1:15:40), Joanie Bell, 70, Huntsville (1:22:03), Jon Turner, 70, Ardmore, TN (1:28:55). Full results: all-race-results/

Male, 10K: Overall Linus Kiplagat 28:39, Simion Chirchir 29:43, Kiproy Mutai 30:01, Jameson Wangechi 30:08, Eliud Ngetich 30:09, John Murugu 30:17, Geoffrey Ngetich 30:20. Masters Kevin Castille 32:22, Julius Kiptoo 32:54, Rodney Stoker 35:24, Orinthal Striggles 35:44, Kevin Betts 37:07. 10-under Elijah Burns 51:59, Keaton Schroer 56:50, Hutton Schroer 56:51. 11-13 Grattan O'Neill 44:20, Sellers Brown 46:26, Asa Savoie 48:24. 14-16 Keaton Watts 35:56, Jacob Cobb 36:21, William Pinson 37:15. 17-19 Matthew Estopinal 35:05, Jake Russell 36:11, Cameron Cox 36:50. 20-24 Myles Scarano 34:50, Kyle Andrew Bustes Photo by Melissa Hopper Miller 35:17, Anthony Parameswaran 36:03. 25-29 Griff Graves 31:37, Richard Kimani 33:18, Blaise Binns 33:25. 30-34 Francis Waithaka 30:57, Harrison Kirigwi 32:46, Kimutai Cheruiyot 32:58. 35-39 Kasia Kasia 33:59, Josh Whitehead 34:10, Varick Clay 36:54. 40-44 Jason Reneau 37:47, Robert Youngren 38:09,

Linda Lamott (1006) leads group of runners over Mountainwood Hill Photo by Spencer Cox Blake McDonald 41:21. 45-49 Frank Mathews 39:02, Steve McCulloch 39:56, Anthony Brinkley 41:18. 50-54 Carl Rundell 39:03, Dewayne Satterfield 40:42, Robert Perdue 40:59. 55-59 Jeffery Dundas 39:27, Davis Tondydee 40:04, Brent Sherman 43:56. 60-64 Paul Woodfin 45:45, Joe Francica 46:25, Paul Bryant 48:53. 65-69 Pete Crumb 44:21, Wayne Heckler 46:50, Craig Cecil 48:20. 70-74 Bruce McIntire 52:56, Les MacDiarmid 58:55, Doug Everett 1:02:21. 75-79 Ray Fanning 1:01:00, Richard Titus 1:07:37, Graham Gallemore 1:20:33. 80-over Al Klimaitis 1:03:20, Jere Allen 1:23:50, Dewayne Morris 1:37:04. Female, 10K: Overall Margaret Wamahiga 34:20, Margaret Kariuki 35:11, Alana Enabnit 36:29, Zipporah Cheret 36:33, Purity Munene 36:35, Gisela Olalde 36:53, Esther Kipserem 37:51. Masters Lyubov Denisova 38:40, Eugenie Candon 45:34, Linda Lamott 45:51, Roberta Hauck 46:10, Sheryl Dummer 47:58. 10-under Anna Ragsdale 59:28, Lexi Crook 1:13:41, Audrey Holschen 1:17:24. 11-13 Maggi Peyton 53:30, Cassandra Berry 1:03:53, Gloria Sillivant 1:11:26. 14-16 Zoe Falkenberg 43:28, Svanna Fuchsberger 47:19, Holly Sillivant 49:44. 17-19 Reilly Hooie 52:40, Sally Ann Missildine 58:30, Ivalee O'Barr 59:47. 20-24 Caren Maiyo 39:18, Angel Sillivant-Moble 40:09, Danielle Patterson 40:46. 25-29 Kelsey Moser 38:35, Gladys Cheboi 39:49, Ellery Miller 45:04. 30-34 Justyna Mudy-Mader 38:03, Caitlin Morris 41:20, Margret Maina 41:21. 3539 Megan Lehr 41:50, Karla Hoggard 46:37, Brooke Pruitt 48:14. 40-44 Lana Watwood 51:54, Amy Carter 51:55, Christina Schmidt 51:55. 45-49 Carol Phelps 48:25, April Allen 50:32, Christy Scott 50:58. 50-54 Tammy Ruff 48:23, Whitney Hollingsworth 48:26, Shelley Sanders 48:40. 55-59 Elaine Sillivant 52:29, Tamra Smith 54:14, Madeline Mandy 54:58. 60-64 Debbie Anderman 54:44, Pam Taylor 55:45, Kim McCandless 1:00:26. 65-69 Kathy Harper 57:38, Erin McGuire 1:06:34, Dawn Drost 1:13:16. 70-74 Shari George 1:14:19, Ann Marks 1:18:15, Joanie Bell 1:22:03. 80-over Joyce Hodges-Hite 1:35:36. Male, 5K: Overall Seth Graham 17:24. Masters Kevin Betts 18:37. 10-under Carter Allen 25:13, Miles Hodges 25:25, Jackson Uptain 25:38. 11-13 Eric Xing 18:48, Zachary Takacs 21:28, Jackson Holland 21:39. 14-16 Hal Leighton 18:29, Matthew Livingston 20:18, Omar Myers 20:30. 17-19 Brett Clark 18:17, James Cain 19:05, Carson Levario-Slaten 19:09. 20-24 Riley Salter 19:36, Eric Farmer 20:38, Anthony Parameswaran 21:49. 25-29 Arash Taheri 19:41, Adam Thomas 24:42, Sam Winkler 26:05. 30-34 Joshua Swain 20:15, Jonathan Sampson 20:55, John Taylor 23:03. 35-39 Jonathan Spry 19:24, John Schumacher 19:36, Josh Haynes 21:27. 40-44 Adalberto Silva 19:49, Danny Harrison 21:08, Michael Cantrell 21:52. 45-49 Blaine Wilcher 20:50, Shane O'Neill 21:52, Michael Cantrell 21:52. 50-54 Darry Arnold 21:32, Tim Smith 21:57, Jim Schutzbach 22:04. 55-59 Gerard Tamez 20:50, Terry Quillen 21:31, Warren Page 23:28. 60-64 Paul Sheehan 22:45, Tim Franklin 24:22, Ron Leighton 25:36. 65-69 Steve Marshall 24:47, John Christy 25:50, Selba Beaty 26:18. 70-74 Dick Franklin 25:47, Mike Marshall 26:52, David Barnhart 31:21. 75-79 Frank Zimmerman 35:53, Graham Gallemore 44:06, Arnold Vanderschalie 48:47. 8084 Al Klimaitis 31:23, Charles Terrell 39:18. 85-over Mac McCrady 34:57, Bernie Morgan 1:02:19. Female, 5K: Overall Angel Sillivant-Moble 20:03. Masters Kathy Youngren 21:21. 10-under Rose Betts 22:28, Olive Turner 25:27, Addison Tomes 28:44. 11-13 Autumn Betts 22:52, Katelyn Atkins 26:41, Brooke Apse 27:33. 14-16 Sage Betts 21:49, Betsy Walker 23:21, Sarah Lewis 24:01. 17-19 Andisa Labossiere 23:14, Caroline Moody 24:12, Sara Hutchens 24:53. 20-24 Brooke Sillivant 24:13, Sarah Swanson 26:37, Katherine Brakke 27:43. 25-29 Kelcy Brunner 22:42, Lauren Sampson 23:52, Stephanie George 24:10. 30-34 Sarah Sampson 20:54, Linda Svavards 23:12, Andrea Hunter 25:22. 35-39 Jennifer Raymond 22:01, Brooke Atkins 23:23, Ava Caldwell 25:24. 40-44 Angiel Hogeland 24:34, Toni Apse 28:53, Patricia Moody 28:59. 45-49 Anna David 24:12, Carol Phelps 24:34, Heather Mathews 26:25. 50-54 Roberta Hauck 23:18, Cynthia Dobbs 29:54, Cathy Atchley 30:28. 55-59 Eugenie Candon 23:08, Maria Wood 23:54, Selwyn Reynolds 25:26. 60-64 Vikki Bralley 30:47, Marla Beavers 31:19, Donna Krembs 33:10. 65-69 Jody Coombs 30:51, Anna Skonieczny 35:43, Brenda McDaniel 36:49. 70-74 Patricia Hamilton 44:02, Linda Busch 54:01. 75-79 Hattie Lesley 42:17, Ann McDonald 50:18, Delores Eberle 1:01:29. 80-over Marge Hubbard 36:27, Shirley Argabright 39:34, Jean McCrady 46:11.

Running Journal • July, 2018



Anderson Area YMCA | Anderson, South Carolina 1 mile - 8:15pm | 5K - 9:00pm | 10K - 10:00pm



Running Journal • July, 2018

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 Howerton 24:26, Danny Inman 26:21. 55-59 – Ken Peterson 24:30, Jimmie Transou 25:04, Bill Norton 31:12. 65-69 – Eric Gibbs 30:54. Female, Overall – Paris Stankewich 20:37, Lesha Sabio 22:22, Amanda Vincent 23:23. 14-under – Ashley Cox 25:38, Mary Dehart 28:56. 1519 – Ashlyn Howerton 24:15, Sadie Stoltzfus 34:59, Jessy Edwards 44:50. 25-29 – Tiffany Sheets 30:44. 30-34 – Jennifer Covington 40:37, Terri Baker 49:54. 35-39 – Lindsay Walker 29:04, Suzanne Traub 29:24, Erin Garner 32:21. 40-44 – Trish Edwards 31:47, Melanie Jones 49:54. 45-49 – Sherry Sellers 25:13, Dana Bishop 26:05, Tiffany Stankewich 30:09. 50-54 – Cynthia Warner 48:49. 55-59 – Bridget Greene 39:37. 60-64 – Margaret LaDue 35:23, Barbara Jensen 36:33.

Exercise is Medicine 5K Concord, NC – 5/12 Male, Overall – Ryan Hill 17:12. 8-under – Thomas Irvin 31:18, Benjamin Woodward 32:15, Liam Smith 33:48. 9-11 – Brian Rodriguez 22:41, Beau Elliott 24:41, Braxton Turner 25:47. 12-14 – Tanner Smith 18:20, Albert Garibo Martinez 19:47, Justin Currence 19:49. 15-19 – Tyler Rorie 21:44, Blaine Mercer 28:43, James Coyle 35:39. 25-29 – James Lastra 23:55, Zah Anderson 29:09, Nathan Reedy 31:30. 30-34 – Willey Mobley 39:27, Randall Patton 49:05. 3539 – Shawn Turner 20:00, Sam Galphin 30:43, Derek Florance 31:32. 40-44 – Brian Miller 24:32, Dave Jordan 29:46, Keith Martin 30:03. 45-49 – Kenneth Clark 25:35, Scott Noel 26:41, Frank Adams 28:37. 6064 – Harry Warwell 24:25. Female, Overall – Ella Wheeler 19:59. 8-under – Hannah Workan 31:18, Melody Tock 39:45, Gabriella Amaya 40:46. 9-11 – Etta Noel 26:40, Reilly Turner 27:58, Serena Dougherty 27:59. 12-14 – Jocelyn Argueta 28:59, Elizabeth Norman 31:12, Ty Anderson 34:33. 15-19 – Janelle Dupont 26:57, Taylor King 47:05, Nahyme Romero 52:24. 20-24 – Frances Bremlett 28:57, Amira Kalala 59:20, Jenelle Felton 1:07:04. 25-29 – Brittany Gillis 26:29, Kaitlyn Armstrong 27:17, Bridget Hochwalt 29:08. 30-34 – Carrie Swanson 26:21, Darla Jones 31:18, Daniela Ingram 33:12. 35-39 – Lindsey Turner 28:40, Wendy Steadham 39:04, Tracey Lafferty 39:23. 40-44 – Melissa Orr 24:34, Cate Davis 26:56, Dana Rynk 30:55. 45-49 – Julie Crowell 27:31, Dallas Picard 28:10, Jodie Wheeler 31:31. 50-54 – Faith Neale 38:33, Lisa Underwood 38:34, Marianne Baltimore 42:36. 55-59 – Carmella Frake 38:13, Bethany Melton 40:35, Catherine McIndoe 49:00. 65-69 – Toni Cruz 27:00, Valerie Stevens 46:07, Wendy Miller 47:23.

Festival Frenzy 5K Asheville, NC – 5/26 Male, Overall – Joe Ainsworth 17:26, Jason Gulley 18:19, Brian Elmore 18:21. Masters – Randall Wilson 20:00. Grandmasters – Lincoln Crosse 20:35. 9-under – Gabriel Enos 27:14. 10-19 – Tyler Bell 23:39, Zachary Lawson 25:26, Gavin Leglise 26:00. 2029 – Caleb Baity 18:31, Coty Schuelke 22:15, Luke Powell 23:10. 30-39 – Bryan White 19:10, Dusty Bowlin 21:49, Josh Jessee 22:49. 40-49 – Marco Brancker 20:37, Bryan Smith 22:19, Thomas Lacy 22:47. 50-59 – Steve Downing 21:44, Michael Koerschner 22:02, Joe Barrett 22:02. 60-69 – Marc Voorhees 22:46, Steve Manfred 26:00, Dale Finkelson 37:27. 70-75 – Patrick Clancy 23:45, Ron Griswold 33:19. 76-over – Ray McKinnis 49:32. Female, Overall – Laura Mitchell 21:07, Katie Jones 22:07, Janet Bensley 22:07. Masters – Kathleen Rabenold 25:15. Grandmasters – Pam Anderson 26:23. 9-under – Lucia Hess 34:07, Isabella Toothman 34:07. 20-29 – Rhianna Scott 23:43, Melanie Wessels 25:44, Leah Stevens 28:27. 30-39 – Larua Gulley 23:30, Cady Baertschi 26:34, Lauren Ward 28:23. 40-49 – Karie Wik 27:32, Renee Sol 28:35, Anne Jonas 28:44. 50-59 – Cindy Eaton 27:22, Sherry Roane 30:01, Lisa Kreutz 30:32. 60-69 – Carol Rogers 30:29, Annemarie Clancy 36:26, Amy Large 38:54. 70-75 – Benita Auge 35:41, Martha Marshall 42:11.

Bare Bones 5K Salisbury, NC – 5/26 Male, Overall – Craige Farmer 19:14, Joshua Readling 19:48, Sonny Ali 19:57.

more results at 15-19 – Nate Turner 22:49. 20-24 – Hunter Whipple 24:53. 30-34 – Greg Simpson 22:58, Derrick Freeze 25:02. 35-39 – Alan Fowler 21:17. 40-44 – Stu Stepp 21:26, John Turner 1:03:29. 45-49 – Stan Price 25:50, Michael Brown 28:11. 50-54 – Andrew Annand 25:03, Morgan Huffman 26:17, David May 32:29. 55-59 – Mark Summers 30:33. 60-64 – Steve Staley 24:42, Lee Schenck 25:43. 65-over – Steve Shive 26:22, Ronald Hanson 31:13, Jerry Sofley 31:26. Female, Overall – Kelly Lowman 21:28, Meredith Julian 24:28, Alli Flannery 24:35. 10-under – Malaysia Dillard 37:05. 11-14 – Isabella Turner 32:19. 15-19 – Megan Deal 25:30. 20-24 – Sydney Khan 51:01. 30-34 – Vera Whipple 7:49, Brittany Rabon 41:52. 35-39 – Flora Brown 26:56, Amanda Turner 1:00:33. 40-44 – Shawn Roberson 34:02. 45-49 – Laura Zimmerman Clark 27:52, Jody Price 29:58, Diane DeJesus 39:47. 50-54 – Anne May 32:54, Sharon Burroughs 48:00. 55-59 – Luanna Fesperman 31:58, Kate Shannon 43:16, Linda Lilly 43:44. 60-64 – Karen Montgomery 44:27. 65-over – Rebecca Jenkins 33:07, Kathi Peterson 38:50.

SOUTH CAROLINA Governor’s Cup Half Marathon/5K Columbia, SC – 5/19 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Francis Kamiri 1:05:28, Cyrus Korir 1:07:42, Kipkoech Kirui 1:07:50. Masters – Eric Ashton 1:14:25, Mitch Musetter 1:24:23, James Vavra 1:26:30. Grandmasters – Larry Jourdain 1:32:37, Larry Bates 1:43:58, Doug Jewel 1:45:35. 14-under – Zander Jeffcoat 1:18:57, Jake Debenport 1:55:27, Leo Bugenske 2:03:28. 15-19 – Garrett Dean 1:48:30, Allen Foy 1:49:38, Caleb Wing 2:17:37. 20-24 – H.D. Stone 1:27:40, Jeremy Lewis 1:31:44, Steven Ellisor 1:52:17. 25-29 – Kipkoech Ruto 1:08:23, Brett Morley 1:08:55, Harrison Kirigwi 1:10:31. 30-34 – Kimutai Cheruiyot 1:10:10, Cole Atkins 1:10:40, Robert Wiley 1:27:32. 35-39 – Danny Ferreira 1:27:09, Matthew Rowe 1:44:10, Timothy Mayo 1:45:04. 40-44 – Toby Selix 1:28:04, Angel Manuel 1:34:51, Michael Nance 1:38:57. 45-49 – Chad Smith 1:34:32, Whitney Keen 1:37:47, Mark Hickman 1:41:25. 50-54 – Ravi Chokkalingam 1:46:21, Randy Westerkam 1:50:13, Ray Harvey 1:54:17. 55-59 - Francisco Mora 1:45:53, Phil Togneri 1:49:41, Ali Rizvi 1:59:28. 60-64 – Ralph Maynard 1:48:49, Paul Bruns 2:11:21, James Kirylo 2:13:41. 65-69 – Stephen Lloyd 2:33:26. 70-74 – Ron Steward 2:05:27, Michael Lambert 3:17:47. 75-79 – Jesse Smarr 3:07:27. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Zipporah Chebet 1:19:19, Caren Maiyo 1:19:22, Purity Munene 1:19:46. Masters – Heather Hunt 1:28:00, Miller Erin 1:29:24, Andee Swann 1:37:25. Grandmasters – Alsena Edwards 1:58:59, Leh Taylor 2:07:54, Cynthia Swift 2:08:09. 15-19 – Danielle Murrin 1:52:18, Alex Grace 2:07:50. 20-24 – Tavum Lovitt 1:20:46, Hayley Richardson 1:53:42, Laura Dekle 1:55:56. 25-29 – Janina Simmons 1:47:34, Courtney Baker 1:50:22, Ericka Bitz 1:52:22. 30-34 – Esther Atkins 1:20:37, Joy Miller 1:23:24, Shannon Bain 1:30:51. 35-39 – Shawanna White 1:27:53, Birte Fretwell 1:35:49, Leah Murnane 1:40:42. 40-44 – Linn Hall 1:39:58, Olga Elliot 1:44:26, Jasmyne Huffman 1:48:35. 45-49 – Jennifer Conrick 1:47:46, Joyce Welch 1:59:36, Lynn Long 2:01:33. 50-54 – Renee McCormick 2:09:12, Kirsten Lackstrom 2:15:51, Barbara Skarbek 2:16:23. 55-59 – Jill Nash 2:13:55, Myra Weeks 2:16:14, Nenita Talisesky 2:32:20. 60-64 – Carolyn Hallwr 2:22:20. 65-69 – Lynn Grimes 2:08:48, Sharon Williams 3:06:16. Male, 5K: Overall – Matt Shock 16:03, Drew Williams 18:24, Eric Allers 18:42. Masters – Alex McDonald 19:08. Grandmasters – Mark Bedenbaugh 20:06. 14-under – Jonah Wendland 20:49, Tyler Wardlaw 21:56, Cody Dedmond 22:41. 15-19 – Daniel Turnipseed 19:07, James Brophy 21:05, Henry Cooper 24:15. 20-24 – Benjamin Culbreth 23:55, Jon-Anthony Bretz 24:40, Travis Newell 25:25. 25-29 – Michael Diaz 20:11, Sigfrido Esperanza 20:48, Jacob Myers 21:33. 30-34 – Joseph Kiprotich 19:25, Andrew Bush 20:35, Ryan Harris 23:18. 35-39 – Bobby Bartley 20:31, Rob Whorton 21:13, John Ryan 21:35. 40-44 – Darrell Brown 20:12, Ivery Baldwin 23:02, Barnaby Dedmond

23:12. 45-49 – Johnathon Kirkwood 20:29, Andrew Ortaglia 20:41, Ted Hewitt 23:02. 50-54 – James Miller 20:49, Gene Zeigler 22:43, Tim Hornosky 25:03. 55-59 – Chris Muenzer 20:39, Clay Ham 23:51, Michael Lani 23:57. 60-64 – Peter O’Boyle 21:44, Ray Hardee 21:47, Charles Seastrunk 25:13. 65-69 – Danny West 21:22, Edward Bosch 27:17, Alex Ponomarez 28:00. 70-74 – Rich Weaver 29:38, Andy Richards 31:37, Richard Troyer 45:53. 75-over – Herb Townsend 28:49, Rocky Soderberg 32:58. Female, 5K: Overall – Michelle Ziegler 18:32, Ava Fowler 20:05, Sarah Allers 21:38. Masters – Mylinda O’Quinn 21:44. Grandmasters – Colleen Reed 24:50. 14-under – Ellie Hall 22:07, Ashley Wardlaw 24:30, Emma Britt 27:11. 15-19 – Grace Emerson 23:40, Natalie Weaver 25:08, Katherine Weber 25:10. 20-24 – Kaitlyn Guttridge 27:04, Sarah Gymburch 28:35, Brittany Miles 28:39. 25-29 – Lauren Lapic 23:53, Savannah Cooper 24:09, Jessica Buckley 25:18. 30-34 – Erin Harris 23:18, Jean Goette 24:57, Kara Stevens 25:34. 35-39 – Leah Wicevic 23:06, Megan Matusiak 24:12, Jennifer Borowiec 25:24. 40-44 – Marian Nanney 22:45, Amanda Wardlaw 24:55, Brie McGrievy 26:44. 45-49 – Tracy Tisdale 26:59, Eve Tucker 27:31, Shenequa Coles 27:55. 50-54 – Debbie Hoerner 28:49, Pam Bishop 29:09, Deborah Brown 32:04. 55-59 – Patricia Oubre 26:08, Edy Pearson 33:08, Tracy Miler 33:24. 60-64 – Susan West 28:11, Pam Chavis 39:19, Rosalie Browning 39:51. 65-69 – Kathy Stebbins 30:06, Pamela Courtney 32:13, Page Hodson 32:23 70-74 – Lynda Steele 29:29, Jeanne Richards 47:57. 75-over – Liselotte Delauder 46:59, Carol Montgomery 50:55. – Strictly Running

TENNESSEE Titans 5K Nashville, TN – 5/19 Male, Overall – Scott Wietecha 16:10, Chris Demetra 16:35, Ryan Snellen 17:05. 9-under – Jacob Porter 23:09, Kelton Reeves 26:41, Jake Wilkins 28:48. 10-14 – Elijah Harmon 21:09, Griffin Hebert 22:30, Maverick Mangrum 22:55. 15-19 – Parker Phegley 17:57, Noah Flynn 18:06, James Armstrong 18:09. 20-24 – Nick Guerra 17:39, Kyle Robinson 17:44, Nicholas Borkovec 18:54. 25-29 – Seth Carley 17:42, Kyle Kraemer 20:53, Alvaro Barrenechea 21:13. 30-34 – Phil Emmert 20:17, John Dombach 20:50, Nathan Alley 22:37. 35-39 – Alan Arpon 19:32, Anthony Passero 20:30, Josh Thurman 21:22. 40-44 – Blaise Buchowski 21:44, Roger Hebert 22:13, Drew Jones 23:32. 45-49 – Jason Roanhouse 21:08, Shawn Williams 22:39, Stephen Stewart 22:50. 50-54 – David Padgett 22:25, John Knouff 23:15, Joe Pell 25:23. 55-59 – Bart Modrall 21:22, Paul Hill 22:44, Bret Murray 23:01. 60-64 – Ed Mcdonald 22:46, Riley Walker 23:21, James Boccia 25:33. 65-69 – Dave Orewiler 32:10, John Guider 32:46, Danny Dorris 32:58. 70-74 – Jay Baker 32:27, Carl Conway 32:30, Michael Drake 33:24. 75-79 – Douglas Lamb 43:26, David Holder 43:31, Bob Hartman 53:45. Female, Overall – Melissa Haynes 19:59, Krista Kraemer 20:31, Laura Wind 20:41. 9-under – Caitlin Wall 27:08, Sophia Polumbo 32:17, Anna Porter 39:17. 10-14 – Riley Scott 24:41, Mariana Eidson 25:03, Miranda Pita 27:23. 15-19 – Halle Reep 24:55, Natalie Huffman 31:01, Abby Murray 32:24. 2024 – Danielle Mishkit 24:39, Alyssa Boccia 25:37, Emily Batiste 26:14. 25-29 – Maria Ralph 22:32, Charlie Wagner 22:56, Kirsten Perrey 22:57. 30-34 – Jesi Christiansen 22:04, Jamie Johnson 23:03, Kortni Koutrakos 24:16. 35-39 – Sarah Thurman 23:07, Jenny Christian 25:46, Annie Jones 25:59. 40-44 – Stacy Holthaus 23:44, Anna Barnes 26:26, Anita Adams 27:30. 45-49 – Kacey Flatt 25:46, Tammy Jones 28:34, Gen Celentano 28:50. 50-54 – Ginny Miller 26:05, Sharon Stewart 27:10, Jo Ann Hardy 27:48. 55-59 – Barb Petrik 23:50, Carolyn Washing 25:53, Tamra Smith 26:06. 6064 – Judy Franke 30:33, Elizabeth Hernandez 30:52, Anne Marie Kempf 34:04. 65-69 – Linda Hutherson 29:44, Jane Tao 33:04, Betty Sullivan 39:09. 70-74 – Sherry Lamb 43:27, Reba Smith 52:34, Sandy Hartman 53:03.

VIRGINIA Fox Hill Community 5K Hampton, VA – 5/19 Male, Overall – Rowan Etheridge 17:38, Jakob Juhl 18:47, John Long 18:50. 19-under – Joshua Glaab 30:40. 20-24 – Adam Demharter 23:15, Elijah White 26:59, Wyatt Gretka

33:00. 25-29 – Mark Titcomb 21:17, Charles Steves 25:49, Ethan Bowen 27:42. 30-34 – Brian Eubank 29:46, Joel Middleton 41:15. 35-39 – Jim Highsmith 20:59, Arin Bennett 22:00, Chris Greene 27:19. 40-44 – Brian Monbeck 22:46, James Rose 24:46, Brenden Roark 31:54. 45-49 – Matthew Hoffman 23:54, Paul Clark 26:32, Rick Guthrie 38:34. 50-54 – Scott Wells 19:45, Richard Redman 21:55, Scott Fraser 22:40. 5559 – Criag Hmes 19:18, Roger Scott 19:51, Sony Stanley 25:39. 60-64 – Doug Carpenter 26:20, Ross Miller 32:16. 65-over – Michael Poff 27:10, Larry Arata 29:32, Richard Bosshards 29:57. Female, Overall – Karen Sanzo 22:29, Sheila Scotti 22:58, Jaime Lawson 25:29. 19-under – Natalie Pfahl 33:01, Taylor Fraser 39:13, Krista Nayadley 41:24. 20-24 – Kendall Collins 34:32, Cassy Todd 39:15. 25-29 – Lauren Copley 33:20, Donna Terry 34:10, Andriana Hench 36:00. 30-34 – Mary Eaker 28:51, Alison Eubank 29:47, Sara Brooke Bennett 31:28. 35-39 – Elizabeth Ware 33:44, Rebecca Banks 48:24. 40-44 – Peggy Todd 26:15, Toni Colton 28:02, Catherine Todd 30:05. 45-49 – Jeanne Fiocca 33:34, Bonnie Layton 34:05, Lisa Fraser 46:24. 50-54 – Tara Kniskern 33:56. 55-59 – Terri-Basil Flippen 35:12. 60-64 – Cindy Carpenter 35:18, Lorene Bernardo 40:34. 65-over – Martha Miller 42:14. – Bruce Davis

Alexandria Running Festival Half Marathon/5K Alexandria, VA – 5/27 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Enrico Kuhn 1:20:29, Jay Hudson 1:21;46, Jamie Hospers 1:22:04, Donald Castelucci 1:24:24, Benn Thomas 1:26:53. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Emily Potter 1:30:28, Hallyn Brewster 1:32:22, Rachel Ackerman 1:35:06, Ashley Scherbenske 1:36:30, Jenae Gureff 1;39:12. Male, 5K: Overall – Tyler Stone 18:30, James Coates 18:49, Russell Halliday 19:06, Paul Burger 19:11, Ben Brooks 19:14. Female, 5K: Overall – Meg Reilly 20:30, Meghan Kennedy 23:24, Katherine Kobeszka 23:53, Hayley Webster 24:16, Emily Riley 24:44. Full results: id=63975#racetop

Freedom Run 8K Yorktown, VA – 5/28 Male, Overall – Roger Hopper 27:35, Randy Shelton 30:26, John Piggott 31:15. Masters – David Lockard 32:25, Jack Lovett 32:43, Christopher Laws 34:22. 12-under – Braxton Lee 50:59. 13-19 – Hayato Hasegawa 32:26, Alan Wyche 38:42, Jackson Hunter 42:23. 20-24 – Matthew Bellerose 51:35. 30-34 – Clayton Ashby 50:21. 35-39 – Michael Lynch 36:54, David White 42:35. 40-44 – Hikeaki Hasegawa 36:41, Craig Politte 39:32, Shane Sawyer 45:43. 45-49 – Aaron Candella 35:06, Winston Trice 37:41, Steve Pautler 38:11. 50-54 – John Poffenbarger 40:32, Tracey Murchison 41:01, Scott Edmunds 41:13. 55-59 – Tony Kowalski 35:00, Scott Bartram 37:29, Timothy Hodge 42:45. 60-64 – Wyatt Cutchins 37:51, Wayne Williams 46:11, Bill Russell 46:47. 65-69 – Joseph Verdirame 42:52, Rick Platt 46:01, Jimmy Blount 48:14. 70-over – Michael Daly 4702, Larry Arata 47:34, Ronald Kellum 51:11. Female, Overall – Jennifer Anderson 34:48, Emily Honeycutt 35:54, Jessica Cunningham 38:15. Masters – Karen Sanzo 38:29, Holli Kowalski 39:51, Susan Hagel 40:18. 12-under – Brooke Swarringim 48:35. 13-19 – Alexis Haskiell 54:31, Katie Houck 55:36. 20-24 – Paige Edmunds 42:26, Evin Ouellette 46:23, Jessica Chandrasekhar 1:02:53. 25-29 – Yamilet Kangieser 1:13:54. 30-34 – Sheila Scotti 39:33, Jennifer VessMorgan 41:03, Veronica Warwick 42:59. 35-39 – Christina Fitzsimmons 38:46, Marcy Singson 39:18, Glenia Williams 40:36. 40-44 – Ingania Franklin 43:37, Crystal Davenport 47:03, Jaime Cox 49:45. 45-49 – Jennifer Shubzda 43:02, Mary Brown 44:21, Margaret Watkins 44:42. 50-54 – Valor Foy Jones 43:30, Wendy Calder 48:14, Carol Grantz 48:54. 55-59 – Lori Melle 44:17, Cynthia Wyatt 53:06, Patricia Wiedemann 53:32. 60-64 – Helen Worthington 44:23, Shirley Stephens 50:52, Susan Canedy 50:59. 65-69 – Patricia Travis 47:16. 70-over – Barbara Biasi 49:31. – Bruce Davis

Running Journal • July, 2018

RRCA Mental Health Guide To Assist At-Risk Runners Two Runners who participated in RRCA programs later took their own lives In 2013, the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) acquired both the website and its companion program RunPro Camp. Since taking over this important program designed to assist post-collegiate runners seeking to make the transition to professional running, the RRCA has sponsored sixty athletes to attend RunPro Camp, and further provided twelve of those athletes with a Roads Scholar grant of $5,000 as of 2017. “Within a span of ten months from 2017 to 2018, we were heartbroken to hear the news that two former RunPro Campers and Roads Scholar grantees had taken their own lives,” explained Jean Knaack, RRCA executive director. “As an organization supporting emerging elites, it can be a challenge to find the best course of action to assist athletes struggling with mental health challenges. We hope our new Mental Health Guide for Athletes and Their Support Network can help at least one athlete in need of a resource to find mental health support.” The guide was prepared for the RRCA by Rachel Tambling, PhD, LMFT. Tambling, a long-time volunteer with the RRCA, has a background that goes well beyond running and being an RRCA Certified Coach. Professionally, she is an associate professor at the University of Connecticut in the Human Development and Family Studies department. Her research and area of specialty focuses on client engagement and the improvement of therapy outcomes. For the 2019, RunPro Camp education program, Dr. Tambling will be presenting on the topic

of Taking Care of One’s Mental Health, a first-time topic presented at RunPro Camp. This education session will be coupled with a discussion about continuing one’s education while running pro with an eye towards life down the road, post running career. The goal of the RunPro Camp is to encourage, support and provide the tools for more top collegiate runners to stay in the sport, pursue a professional running career so that U.S. performances will continue to improve nationally and internationally. The RRCA encourages coaches, athletes, agents, friends, family, and loved ones to share this resource with someone they think could benefit from the information. The guide can be found on both and on If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide, act immediately. If there is imminent risk, call 911. For transient thoughts, or for someone to talk to, call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-SUICIDE. In many areas, dialing 211 will connect you to mental health resources and emergency psychiatric services. About the RRCA: The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is the oldest and largest national association of running organizations and runners dedicated to growing the sport since 1958. The RRCA champions the development of communitybased running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition. The RRCA’s vision is to see an organized running club established in every community in the U.S. To learn more, visit:

We Were Running Then But Staggering Today? By Wayne Bennett Arkansas Running Klub North Little Rock, AR

This article was first published in the June issue of Ark Rundown. In the early 1980's a club was born. One morning I found myself at lake number three running with a group of the charter members of the Arkansas Running Klub. We were running as a very close group because a very serious question had been posed. What are we doing? What is the correct definition of what we are doing? The discussion went on as we cooled down from our six mile run. When we finally started home we had come to the conclusion that we were running. It was decided that an 8 minute mile pace would be running, but if it were over 8 minute miles that would be considered jogging. We didn't get a copyright for coming up with those terms even though we did have a lawyer or two in the group. Recently several of us in my age group were talking about this very thing. None of us remember who coined this word. We don't run and we don't jog! We hurry!! I have tried to identify who gets credit for the new term but I can't find anyone that remembers the conversation or who was present. My family recently put this descriptive term to good use in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, as a 5-member relay race team. The

collective age of our team was 279 years. My daughter had done the relay before with a group of school teachers, so she knew the way it would work. We completed the 26.2 miles in 5 hours & 6 minutes, an average of about 11.5 minute miles. The night before the race, we checked into a new hotel close to the start line. They would have a shuttle running each hour on race day, and you had to get on the list to get a seat. First two for race day were full, the third would arrive just before the gun fired. It only had two seats left. Daughter Shuree lead off with a 10k and then wife Minnie Raye would do 5k, so they got those seats. Granddaughter Reagan did a 7.6 mile segment handing off to her dad, and my son Rodney, who would do a 5k before handing off to me at the 20 mile mark. I managed to keep from walking the whole way and passed many runners who were doing the complete mara-thon. I hurried the whole way and was accused of staggering after the finish. When my house was being built, one of the guys on the brick laying crew was 90 years old. One morning when I greeted him with, “How are you doing?" he said, "Oh, I'm staggering pretty good today.” Is that what we have evolved into, staggering? Sounds catchy to me. I'm sure my age group will concur. If anyone dissents, no one will remember who it was. So as we stagger on toward different degrees of ineptitude, please run if you can. If you can't run or jog, hurry. The stagger will come soon enough.


Andrew Colley Wins Lawyers Have Heart 10K WASHINGTON, DC — The Saturday, June 9th Lawyers Have Heart 10K, 5K and Fun Walk to benefit the American Heart Association boasted a diverse running field made up of top elite athletes, as well as participants from all walks of life. Race morning conditions allowed for a fast pace on the route that began and ended at the Washington Harbour in Georgetown. Andrew Colley of Blowing Rock, North Carolina came out on top at the American Heart Association's Lawyers Have Heart 10K with a time of 28:44. Colley is one of the most decorated athletes in North Carolina State University's history. Etagegn Woldu Mamo of Ethiopia won the women’s elite division 10K with a record time of 33:12. Mamo competes in middle and long distance races and won Gold at the Junior Africa Championship in Athletics for the 5000m in 2015. The 10K elite division had their sights set on the existing event records, with 6 runners beating the previous records – for the men, 29:51 and for the women, 34:32. This year’s USATF Certified 10K race also featured a new elite division with an international field made up of over 85 men and women. Athletes from Chad, Ethiopia and Kenya, along with incredible talent from the United States, took to the course to break records and win a share of the $20,000 in prize money. The 2018 winners are: Top Male 10K Elite Division: Andrew Colley, Bowling Rock, NC, 28:45 Top Female 10K Elite Division: Etagegn Woldu Mamo, Ethiopia, 33:13 Top Male Open Division: Matt Deters, Arlington, VA, 33:03 Top Female Open Division: Beth Conlon, Montgomery Village, MD, 38:08 Top Male Masters Division: Mengistu Tabor Nesbi, Washington D.C., 32:05 Top Female Masters Division: Jennifer Maranzano, Washington D.C., 36:37 Top Male 5K: Gavin McElhennon, Washington D.C., 16:35 Top Female 5K: Katie Schettig Raut, Arlington, VA, 18:47 Top Male Masters 5K: John Nakahata, Alexandria, VA, 18:16

Top Female Masters 5K: Joy Harrington, Arlington, VA, 21:21 “The competition this morning was incredible to watch unfold,” said Emily Wang Murphy, 2018 LHH Co-Chair and Partner at Thompson Coburn LLP. “We had our biggest field yet with over 6,000 runners and walkers crossing the finish line. A huge thank you to all the participants and over 100 corporate sponsors from the legal community who, this year, helped us raise over $1M in support of the American Heart Association.” Runners had their sights set on the existing event records in each division. “Often called the premiere athletic philanthropic event, specifically led by the greater DC legal community, we hope this race continues to grow as a destination for runners and walkers from all around the world,” said 2018 LHH Co-Chair Eric D. Reicin, VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of MorganFranklin Consulting, LLC. "Lawyers Have Heart enables employees and friends to give back to the community while improving their personal health and building positive relationships. I am already looking forward to next year's race!" Since 1991, Lawyers Have Heart has raised over $13 million for AHA and is one of the largest 10K races in the Washington D.C. area each year. Race day events included the 10K Race, 5K Run and Fun Walk, as well as a Post-Race Party with an award ceremony, live music by Soul Stew, a kids zone that featured a face painter and snow cones and a beer garden. Donations can still be made at About the American Heart Association The American Heart Association is devoted to saving people from heart disease and stroke – the two leading causes of death in the world. We team with millions of volunteers to fund innovative research, fight for stronger public health policies and provide lifesaving tools and information to prevent and treat these diseases. The Dallas-based association is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. To learn more or to get involved, call 1-800-AHA-USA1, visit

Be A Genius, Run In The 41st Running Journal Grand Prix You don’t have to be a genius to know running is great and represents a lot of energy. The genius Albert Einstein produced an equation about energy: E=mc2 (Energy equals mass and the speed of light multiplied by itself.) Einstein, a theoretical physicist, never ran in our Grand Prix series, which started 40 years ago, but running sure helps anyone understand the reality of pure energy. You’ll be light years ahead on understanding energy when you participate in Running Journal Grand Prix races. You can even reflect on Einstein’s theory while you experience the energy needed to get to the finish line. And imagine how many miles you might run if you were on a space ship going at the speed of light (186,000 mph). Let’s have our own equation:

E=gp41 (The energy you will expend in the 41st year of the Running Journal Grand Prix). Our equation may not meet theoretical physicist standards but you will get to the finish line before that spaceship reaches its galactic destination. Race directors interested in including the Grand Prix 41 race series with their race can contact RJ@Running.Net to learn details on how to receive extensive ongoing promotion of their event. Grand Prix races are promoted at Running.Net, in Running Journal print and digital editions, and twice monthly in our Racing South eNewsletter. The new series begins with the annual Midnight Flight 5K, 10K, and fun run the evening of Friday, Aug. 24, in Anderson, SC, and continues into mid-2019.


Running Journal • July, 2018

“We Run The South” Running Journal Race Calendar Race Directors: Submit your calendar information anytime on our website - Runners: Please verify information before traveling to a race. Abbreviations: RD = race day, RW = racewalk, FR = fun run, P/M = postmarked, W/C = wheelchair.

ALABAMA July 4, Florabama, Orange Beach - The Shark Run, 4 Mile Road Race, 4.5 Mile Adventure Run (2 Mile Road Race/2.5 Mile Beach Adventure Run), 1 Mile All Beach Adventure Run; 7am; First 300 registrants will receive sublimated running singlets; all runners registered will receive a shirt. Info: Register: https:// running/distance-running-races/the-sharkrun-2018; Website July 4, Huntsville - Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: (256)880-1980. July 4, Pelham - BTC Peavine Falls Run, 8.2 mi.; 7am. Info: July 7, Athens - Light Up the Night Fun Run & 5K, 7pm/FR, 7:30pm/5K. Info: July 7, Huntsville - I Love America 5K, 8am; Liberty Mile, 9:15am. Info: Donna Roby (256)489-7679. July 7, Ohatchee - The Dam 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Free Kids 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Casandra Maudsley (256)225-2082, July 14, Mobile - Africatown Bridge Challenge 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR; 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, July 14, Orange Beach - The Blue Marlin Miler 5K & 1 Mile FR for St. Jude, 1 Miler 7:30am; 5K 7:45am. Info: Brian Stewart (850)907-1902, July 21, Dothan - Tasty Tiger Trot 5K Road Race, 8am. Info: Mike or Carolyn Houston (334)797-3668 or (334)797-5641. July 21, Huntsville - HTC Twilight 5K Race, 1 Mile Kids FR; 7pm. Info: Ashley & David Cain (256)651-0546, July 28, Gadsden - Run for Glory 5K, 8am. Info: July 28, Homewood - The Trak Shak Twilight 5K Retro Run/ Walk, 7pm. Info: Aug. 4, Anniston - Woodstock 5K, 7:30am Kidstock 1 Mile Run/ Walk, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Decatur - Brooke Hill 5K & 1 Mile, 7am. Info: Aug. 7, Mobile - Crime Prevention 5K Run/Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Aug. 11, Birmingham - Just A Call Away 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Aug. 11, Decatur - Brothers for Life 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Gadsden - Hot Pursuit Glow Run 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7pm. Info: Aug. 11, Hoover - Save the O’s 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info: Trish Portuese - Aug. 11, Jacksonville - Celebrate Jacksonville Color Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Lincoln - Historic Lincoln 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Oneonta - A Midsummer Night’s Run, 5K & Kids FR; 6pm. Info: Aug. 14, Prichard - Chickasabogue 2 Miler Run/Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Aug. 18, Alexandria - Glow Run, 7:45pm. Info: Aug. 18, Huntsville - Running of the Bulls 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Aug. 18, Mobile - Mardi’s 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Aug. 18, Opelika - I Run Opelika Health Expo & 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 8:15am. Info: Aug. 18, Smiths Station - Smiths Station Summer Sizzler 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 19, Auburn - XTERRA Auburn Trail Run, 20K, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: Aug. 23, Birmingham - Here2Beer 5K, 6pm. Info: Aug. 25, Decatur - 7@7 7K, 7am. Info: Aug. 25, Dothan - Going for the Gold 5K Trail Run, 6pm. Info: Shan Ash (334)615-4555, Aug. 25, Oxford - Run Baby Run 5K, 8pm. Info: Sept. 1, Athens - Run Like A Boss 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Cynthia Malone (256)335-1733,

Sept. 1, Georgiana - Bernice Edwards Fountain Legacy Run, 3K-1 Mile FR; 7:30am. Info:

Sept. 1, Gulf Shores - Bloody Mary 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run at Tacky Jacks, 7:30am; Post-race party will include Free Beer, Food & Bloody Marys for all runners & walkers (ages 21-over); Final race in the Run The Coast Summer Series. Website Sept. 1, Huntsville - Monte Sano Road Races, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Beth Benefield (256)658-1162, Sept. 8, Birmingham - Monkey C Money Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Sept. 8, Dauphin Island - Hurricane Run 5K, 8:10am; 1/2 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Sept. 8, Decatur - Swing Through 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Alabaster - Backpack Buddy Run, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile FR 9am. Info: Sept. 15, Daphne - Jubilee Race for Life, 5K 8am; 1 Mile FR 9am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Sept. 15, Hartselle - Hartselle Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Sept. 20, Huntsville - Huntsville Hospital Autumn Chase 1 Mile Run (Grades Pre-K thru 8th); 3pm. Info: Greg Reynolds (256)4897280, Sept. 22, Anniston - League for Animal Welfare 5K & Dog Walk, 7am. Info: Christine Brightbill (256)225-7394, Sept. 22, Florence - Run for Their Lives Color Run, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Teresa Sesler (256)810-1965, Sept. 22, Hoover - Head Over Teal 10K/5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Sept. 22, Huntsville - St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, 8am/Run, 8:30am/Walk. Info: Erika Hailes (678)209-1059, Sept. 22, Vincent - Revival Center 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9:30am. Info: Sept. 29, Headland - Headland Harvest 5K Run & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Mark & Theresa Alexander (334)796-7677 or Rhonda Harrison (334)693-3303, Sept. 29, McCalla - Baby Steps Memorial Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:15am. Info: Sept. 29-30, Pelham - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info: Sept. 30, Huntsville - Church Street Wine Run 5K, 4pm. Info:

Nov. 18, Birmingham - 8th Annual Magic City Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am. 1 Mile FR, 8:20am; Running Journal Grand Prix Event; $80/Half thru 7/31, $85 8/1-9/30; $35/ 5K thru 7/31, $40 8/1-9/30; $15/1 Mile ($20 after 11/14). Info: Jeremey Davis (864)4205169,,

ARKANSAS July 4, Greenwood - Freedomfest 5K, 7:30am. Info: (479)9966357, July 4, Little Rock - Firecracker Fast 5K, 7:30am. Info: (901)2742202, July 7, Clarksville - RiverDawgs 5K, 7am. Info: (479)774-3612, July 14, Russellville - Heat Is On 8K, 6:45pm. Info: (870)3073983, July 21, Perryville - Full Moon 50K, 7pm; 25K, 8pm. Info: Susy Chandler (501)837-3104, Aug. 3, Bauxite - Friday Night Lights 5K, 7pm. Info: (501)5808131, Aug. 4, Batesville - White River 4 Mile Classic, 8am. Info: (870)307-4938, Aug. 11, Benton - Back to School Family Glow 5K, 7:30am. Info: (501)776-5970, Aug. 11, Dardanelle - Mt. Nebo Chicken Fry 10K, 7am. Info: (479)477-0909, Aug. 11, Fort Smith - Ainsley’s Angels 5K, 7:30am. Info: (252)4149229, Aug. 11, Hope - Watermelon 5K, 7:30am. Info: (870)777-1917, Aug. 12, Eureka Springs - Eureka Springs Multisport Festival, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Aug. 18, Jonesboro - Hot Pepper Nights 5K/10K, 6:30pm. Info: Daniel Shaffer (901)274-2202, Aug. 18, Little Rock - Easterseals Walk With Me 5K, 7am. Info: (501)227-3706, Aug. 25, Fayetteville - St. Jude Fayetteville 5K/10K, 7am. Info: (479)856-5666, Aug. 25, Little Rock - Run With the Flock 5K & 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: (501)220-4351, Sept. 1, North Little Rock - ARK 5K Classic, 7:30am. Info: (501)412-4520, Sept. 8, Little Rock - Minuteman 5K XC, 7:30am. Info: (501)2313730, Sept. 8, Malvern - BGC/HSC Half Marathon, 5K & 1 Mile; 7am. Info: (479)871-5988, Sept. 14, Jonesboro - St. Bernards Main Street Mile, 7pm. Info: Josh Roberts (870)207-0405, Sept. 15, Benton - Arkansas 20K, 7am. Info: (501)246-0716, Sept. 15, Clarksville - Ozark Highlands 5K, 8am. Info: (479)9798531, Sept. 15, Jonesboro - St. Bernards Back to School Color Run, 2 Miles; 8am. Info: Amanda Heringer (870)207-7823, Sept. 15, Winslow - Winslow Run Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Terry Bumgardner (501)837-3599, Sept. 16, Fayetteville - Raptor Trail Run, 30K or 10K; 8am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Sept. 22, Batesville - Band on the Run 5K, 8am. Info: (870)3079783, Sept. 22, Conway - ArkanSeals C21 5K, 8am. Info: (501)4507303, Sept. 22, Fort Smith - Race for Recovery 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Katie Priest (479)785-4083, Sept. 22, Hensley - East End Sizzler 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: (501)580-8410, Sept. 22, North Little Rock - Fans of Freedom 5K, 8am. Info: (501)952-1596, Sept. 29, Bryant - Fall Fest 5K, 8am. Info: (501)337-6754, Sept. 29, Clarksville - Light the Night in Johnson County 5K & 1K Kid’s Race, 7pm. Info: Brooke Milloway (479)670-1362, Sept. 29, Lonoke - Great Pumpkin 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (501)590-0441, Sept. 29, Ozark - Run For a Reason Chocolate 5K, 8am. Info: (479)209-1899, Sept. 30, Fayetteville - Razor Run 15K & 5K, 10am. Info:

Oct. 13, Booneville - 50th Annual Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: Booneville Chamber, 210 E. Main, Booneville, AR 72927; Philip Blankenship - blankenship044@, Oct. 14, Fayetteville - Fayetteville Firefighters’ Hero Half Marathon & 2-Person Relay, Walkers & Wheelchairs Welcome; Course time limit is 4 hrs.; 8am; $65/Half Marathon, $45/2-Person Relay (per person) by 7/14; increase $10 every month on 8/14, 9/14 & 10/12. Info: The Spark Foundation, Melissa Caffrey; Finish Line Festival, 495 W. Dickens St., Fayetteville, AR 72701; (479)387-7116, fayettevilleffherohalf@, Nov. 17, Hot Springs - Spa Running Festival, Half Marathon 7am; 10K 7:45am; 5K 8am; Spa Squirt 9:30am. Info: Cindy Baswell (501)276-8870,,

FLORIDA July 3-4, Dunedin - Kiwanis Midnight Run, 5K 11:25pm (7/3); 10K, 12:15am (7/4). Info: Ele Fox (727)647-3365, July 4, Cape Coral - Freedom 5K & Kids FR, 7am. Info: July 4, Fernandina Beach - Firecracker 5K, 8am; Kid’s FR, 9am. Info: July 4, Flagler Beach - Celebration 5K, 7am; Kids FR to follow (7-under) Free. Info: Joe Matuszczak (352)215-3134, July 4, Gainesville - Melon Run 3 Miles, 8am; Free Kid’s FR, 9am. Info: July 4, Jacksonville - Celebration Run 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, July 4, Jay - Celebrate Freedom 5K, 1 Mile FR, 8am & 9:30am. Info: Matthew Dobson (850)217-2603, (850)516-7676, July 4, Lutz - Lutz Independence Day Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 8:45am. Info: July 4, Key West - Rotary Club of KW 4th of July 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Melbourne - Firecracker 5K, 7am. Info: Denise Piercy (321)751-8890, July 4, Ocala - Iggy’s “Four on the Fourth” Freedom Run, 4 Mile & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: Chris Moling (352)637-2475,

July 4, Naples - Moe’s Firecracker 5K, 7am; Kids 1K, 6:50am. Info: July 4, North Port - City of North Port Firecracker 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Sebastian - S.A.C. Freedom Run 5K, 7am. Info: Christina Defalco (772)559-5745, July 4, St. George Island - The Spritzer 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:50am. Info: Kaiti Morgan Hathcock (850)653-6474. July 4, Tallahassee - Kiwanis Firecracker 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Rose Ledbetter - July 4, Winter Park - Florida Hospital Watermelon 5K, 7am; Free Kids’ Run, 8:15am. Info: (407)896-1160, July 6, Madeira Beach - Madeira Beach 5K Sunset Series, 7pm. Info: Race Hawk (727)420-4666. July 7, Tallahassee - GWTC Summer Trail Series Race 2 - 5 Miles, 7:30am. Info: July 8, North Miami - City of North Miami 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: July 13, Clearwater - Sunsets 5K at Sand Key Park, 7pm; Kids FR, 6:45pm. Info: July 14, Clermont - Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #2, 7am. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, July 14, Coconut Creek - Fun Fit 5K Challenge (cross training exercise every half mile), 7am/1st wave. Info: Cynthia Raes-Bernard (954)461-5515, July 14, Fort Walton Beach - Kiwanis 5K, 7:30am. Info: Diane Keller (850)585-1257, July 14, Key Biscayne - Shirley Enrico Foundation 5K, 8am. Info: Victory Sports Management (954)822-2777, July 14, St. Augustine - Bridge of Lions 5K, 7:30am. Info: 7:30am. Info: Jacob Smith (386)747-3532, July 19, Boca Raton - Run, Sweat & Beers 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Lauren Koblick (561)852-3257, July 20, St. Pete Beach - St. Pete Beach 5K Race Series #2, 7pm. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, July 21, Indialantic - Run The Tide Beach 10K, 7am; 5K, 7:15am; 2 Mile FR, 7:25am. Info: (321)426-8112, July 21, Jacksonville - Vestcor Bridge Run 5K, 7pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, July 21, Key West - Hemingway 5K Sunset Run, 7:30pm; Paddle Board Race, 5:30pm. Info: July 21, Tallahassee - GWTC Summer Trail Series Race 3 - 4 Miles, 7:30am. Info: July 27, Clearwater - Sunsets 5K at Sand Key Park, 7pm; Kids FR, 6:45pm. Info: July 28, Ormond Beach - Ormond PD - Cops & Joggers 5K Beach Run, 8am. Info: July 28, Sunrise - Kettle Krush 5K, 7am. Info: July 28, Tallahassee - Annual (except when it not) Devil Take The Hundmost Run 5K, 7pm. Info: Aug. 3, Madeira Beach - Madeira Beach 5K Sunset Series, 7pm. Info: Race Hawk (727)420-4666. Aug. 3-4, Jacksonville Beach - Tour de Pain - 3 Races in 24 Hours, 8/3: 4 Mile 6:30pm; 8/4: 5K 7am & Mile Sizzler 4:30pm. Info: Aug. 4, Boynton Beach - Cobra 5K, 7am. Info: Aug. 4, Pensacola - Bushwacker 5K, 7:30am. Info: Johnny Graves (850)939-8073. Aug. 4, St. George Island - St. George Island Sizzler 5K Race, 7pm; 1 Mile FR, 6:30pm. Info: (850)509-2191, Aug. 4, Tallahassee - GWTC Summer Trail Series Race 4 - 4.5 Miles, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Clermont - Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #3, 7am. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, Aug. 11, Lake Mary - Oakmonte Village 5K Fun Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Tallahassee - Breakfast on the Track One Mler, 7:45am. Info: Felton or Bonnie Wright (850)386-3500, Aug. 17, St. Pete Beach - St. Pete Beach 5K Race Series #3, 7pm. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Aug. 18, Casselberry - Run Yak 8K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Aug. 18, Jacksonville - Tiquana Flats Summer Beach Run, 5 Mile 6pm; 1 Mile 6:05am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Aug. 18, Lecanto - School Rules Two Mile Walk/Run & 5K Time Trial, 5K 7:35am; 2 Mile 8:05am. Info: Aug. 18, St. Augustine - Alex’s Capes & Tiaras 5K, 8am. Info: Karen Landis (904)814-6668, Aug. 18, Tallahassee - Miller Landing 8K & 5K, 8am; 3K, 9am. Info: Tom Perkings (850)894-2019, Aug. 25, Clermont - FL.Roc Trails: Clermont Clay Loop Howl at the Moon 10 Mile Race, 8:15pm; 5K Run/Walk, 8:30pm. Info: Joe Matuszczak (352)215-3134, Aug. 25, Ocala - Glo With The Flo 5K, 8pm. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104,

Aug. 25, Parrish - 2nd Annual Fort Hamer 5K/10K Bridge Run, 7:30am (Fort Hamer Park, Rowing Center Facility); $35/5K, $40/10K before 8/18; after 8/18 $40/5K, $45/10K. Info: Doug Schiller, POB 89, Ellenton, FL 34222; (941)932-6147,, Aug. 25, Tallahassee - Cougar XC Challenge 5K/3K, 7:15am. Info: Aug. 26, Boca Raton - Summer’s End 5K Runner’s Edge, 6pm. Info: Sept. 1, Daytona Beach - The Volusia Flagler Family YMCA Colorific 5K, 7am. Info: Sept. 1, Duck Key - Heroes Salute 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Sept. 1, West Palm Beach - Save the Jaguar 5K, 7:30am. Info: (561)533-0887, Sept. 3, Tallahassee - Bluebird Run for Brookie B 5K Trail Run/ Walk, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8am. Info: Bill Bowers (850)2281263, Sept. 8, Clermont - Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #4, 7am. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, Sept. 8, Indialantic - Turtle Krawl 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Jacksonville - Spartyka Fallen Heroes 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Sept. 8, St. Augustine - Feel the Love 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Cristan Carmon (843)309-5769, Sept. 8, Tallahassee - Run/Walk for Sickle Cell Anemia 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 7:25am. Info: Sept. 15, St. Augustine - Endless Summer 10K Cross Country & 5K Beach Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Jim Wauldron (904)6875939, Sept. 15, Tallahassee - Prefontaine Forest Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Doug Bell (850)510-7146, Sept. 16, Deerfield Beach - Badass Trail Race, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Sept. 16, Golden Beach - Town of Golden Beach 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 22, Clearwater - The PB&J Run, 10K 7am; 5K 8:15am. Info: (727)524-4464 (x1445), Sept. 22, Homestead - Stomp Out Sickle Cell 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (786)292-0908, Sept. 22, Miami - Miami Trail Festival, 5 Mile & 10 Mile Trail Run; 7am. Info: (561)768-7889, Sept. 22, Sarasota - Life Story 5K/10K, 8am at Nathan Benderson Park. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Sept. 22, St. Petersburg - One Step Closer To The Cure, 10K & 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: (863)381-2034. Sept. 22, Tallahassee - Women’s Distance Festival 5K, Women 8am; Men 8:05am; 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Tampa - WestBridge Run 4 Recovery 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Walk, 9am. Info: Sept. 23, Titusville - Red Carpet Run Half, Half Marathon, 6:45am; 10K & 5K, 7:15am. Info: Running Zone (321)751-8890, Sept. 29, Bonifay - Bull Run 5K & FR, 8am. Info: Mike Hudson (850)373-5003, Sept. 29, Key West - Red Shirt Run, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Sept. 30, Fort De Soto Park - Fort De Soto 15K, 7:05am; 5K, 7:20am. Info: Oct. 20, Jacksonville - USO Armed Forces Half Marathon & Freedom 5K, 7am. Info: Doug Alred, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217;, http:// Nov. 22, Jacksonville - Community First Thanksgiving Distance Classic Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Doug Alred, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217;, Nov. 24, Boca Raton - Boca Raton Sun Capital Half Marathon/ 5K, 6:30am. Info: Tom Vladimir (561)361-1950,, BocaRaton/BocaPALHalfMarathon5K Dec. 15, Jacksonville - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Doug Alred, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217;, https://

GEORGIA July 4, Atlanta - AJC Peachtree Road Race 10K, Wheelchair 6:43am; 10K 7:30am. Info: ATC (404)231-9064, July 4, Blue Ridge - Blue Ridge Freedom 5K/10K, 8am; $25/ $35. Info: Jessica Fulton, 224 W. Main St., Blue Ridge, GA 30513;, BlueRidge/BlueRidgeFreedom5K10K July 4, Cohutta - Run for God - Funnel Cake 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Cumming - We the Runners Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 8am; Sparkler Trot (10-under), 9:45am. Info: Kim Hall (404)769-4408, July 4, Cumming - Let Freedom Run 5K, 7:30am; 1K Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: North GA Running Co (678)771-8270, July 4, Cumming - Independence Day 10K & 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9:10am. Info: July 4, Dacula - The Great American 5K, 7:30am; FR, 8:30am. Info: (678)985-3921, July 4, Dahlonega - Dahlonega’s 4th of July Firecracker 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: July 4, Demorest - 5K Run for Glory, 8am. Info: (706)778-4063. July 4, Hampton - Firecracker Road Race, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile, 8am; Tot Trot, 9am. Info: (678)492-9939, July 4, Marietta - Inter-Faith 5K Celebrating Freedom of Religion 5K, 8am. Info: Marty Arrington (678)457-3834, July 4, St. Simons Island (Mallery Park) - Sunshine Festival 5K/ 1 Mile, 5K 7am; 1 Mile Fun Run 8am; $30 thru 7/2, On Site Registration 7/3-4 $35. Info: (912)577-7173,, July 4, Woodstock - Woodstock Freedom Run 5K, 7:15am; 1 Mile, 8:15am; Tot Trot, 8:30am. Info: (678)469-5726, July 4, Wrightsville - Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: Donnie Sweet (478)864-1040,

Running Journal • July, 2018 July 7, Atlanta - Night Nation Run 5K, 8:30pm/1st wave. Info: July 7, Clarkesville - Lake Burton Fun Run 2 Miler, 9am. Info: July 7, Columbus - Big Dog Heatwave 5 Miler, 8am. Info: July 7, Fort Gaines - Run for Freedom 5K, 8am. Info: Heather (229)254-0183, July 7, Kennesaw - The Sports Fanatic 5K, 8am. Info: July 7, Watkinsville - Oconee 4-H 4K, 7:44am. Info:, July 8, Loganville - Run Thru The Park Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7am. Info: July 13, Hampton - Twelve Days of Christmas (in July) 7K, 7:04pm. Info:, July 14, Atlanta - Hi-Tech Race Series 5K, 8am. Info: July 14, Atlanta - Westside 5K/8K, 7:30am. Info: Lowell Starr (770)633-5511, July 14, Covington - Sweet Spirit of Salem 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: July 14, Cumming - Dirty Spokes “Sawnee Mountain”, 4 mile, 2.8 mile trail run, 8am. Info: Tim, July 14, Dawsonville - Race for Grace 5K, 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, July 14, Hampton - Twelve Days of Christmas (in July) 8K, 7:44am. Info:, July 14, Macon - Back to School 5K Run/Walk, 7:50am. Info: July 14, Madison - Dean’s Run/Godfrey Gallop 5K, 8am. Info: Larry Strange (706)818-1045. July 14, Monroe - Kickin for Kids 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Wes Peters (770)853-4417, July 14, Savannah - Summer Soaker 5K, 8am; Kids 1 Mile or 1/ 2 Mile, 7:40am. Info: July 14, Valdosta - Barnes Drug Store 100 Year 5K Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: July 15, Atlanta - #RunTheATL Summer, 20 miles...ish; 8am. Info: July 21, Buford - Cross the Bridge 5K, 8am. Info: July 21, Carrollton - Kiwanis For Kids 5K, 8am. Info: July 21, Gainesville - ADA Memorial 5K, 10K & 1 Mile; 8:15am. Info: July 21, Kennesaw - Soak-n-Splash 5K, 8am. Info: (678)4009050, July 21, Lumpkin - O-Ma-Hot Trail Race, 14 Miler, 7 Miler & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: July 21, Richmond Hill - Richmond Hill Red Hot Chili Pepper 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 21, Rockmart - Homespun 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: Renee Owens (770)576-5291, July 21, Suwanee - Broadway in the Park 5K, 7am; Fun Run, 8am. Info: July 21, Valdosta - Bun Run 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: (229)242-8376, July 25, Gainesville - Christmas in July Mutt Strut 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Jonathan Chavarria (678)532-6617, July 28, Alpharetta - Denmark Dash, 7:30am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: July 28, Atlanta - Back To School 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am. Info: July 28, Atlanta - Run Atlanta Midtown 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Ed Williams - July 28, Cartersville - Georgia State Parks “Red Top Mountain”, 9.9 mile, 3.1 mile trail run, 8am. Info: Tim, July 28, Chamblee - Back to School 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am. Info: July 28, Hampton - 4-H 12K, 7:34am. Info:, July 28, Kennesaw - Hot Fun in the Summer Sun 5K. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, July 28, Loganville - Walnut Grove 5K Breakaway, 7:30am; Fun Run, 7:10am. Info: July 28, Watkinsville - Heat of the Night Retro Run 5K, 7:30pm. Info:

Aug. 4, Atlanta - 26th Annual Lekotek Run 4 Kids, 4 Mile Race/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 9:15am; $25 by 7/15, after $30. Info: Helene Prokesch, Lekotek, 1955 Cliff Valley Way, Ste. 102, Atlanta, GA 30329; (404)6333430 (x23),, Aug. 4, Dalton - Chattanooga Century Bike Ride & 5K/10K Run, 8am. Info: Mike Robertson (423)227-1575, Aug. 4, Douglasville - Boundary Waters Cross Country 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 9am. Info: Aug. 4, Hiram - Saving the Bounce 5K & 1K, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, Jasper - 5K Duck Dash N’ Dip Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: (706)253-2582, Aug. 4, Kennesaw - Run For Wounded Heroes 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Marietta - Dog Days Run! 5K 7:30am; Tot Trot 8:30am. Info: Anne Marie Pitts -; Des Yawn - Aug. 4, Moultrie - Run 2 Remember, 5K & 10K 7am; 1 Mile Run 7:15am. Info: Britney Wetherington Mobley (229)528-4967, Aug. 4, Suwanee - Dennis McCormack Road Race #rundmr, 5K Run/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Suwanee - Love Rolls 5K, 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Aug. 5, Snellville - Rockin’ The LP Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info:

Aug. 11, Actworth - Xterra Georgia “Allatoona Creek Park”, 8.75 mile, 3.6 mile trail run, 8am. Info: Tim, Aug. 11, Athens - Brain Fitness 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sherry McDuffie (706)540-5340, Aug. 11, Atlanta - Vinings Downhill 5K Run for the Kids, 8am; 1K FR, 9am; Dog Dash to follow 1K. Info: Aug. 11, Canton - Chick-fil-A Moo’ve It 5K, 8am; Kids 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Aug. 11, Cumming - Watermelon 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Duluth - Button Down Dash 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Jennifer Ott (770)232-8816, Aug. 11, Fort Valley - Middle Georgia Toys for Tots XC 5K, 8am. Info: Wendy Chadwell (478)320-6424 or Crystal Zion (478)808-5677. Aug. 11, Hampton - Lovejoy 5K Run & Walk for Education, 8am. Info: City of Lovejoy (770)471-2304. Aug. 11, Peachtree Corners - Light Up the Corners 4-Mile, 9pm; 1K Twilight Trot, 8:30pm. Info: Aug. 11, Rincon - Summer’s End 5K/10K Trail Run, 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Winder - Summer’s End Road Race, 10K 7am; 5K 8:15am; Fun Run 9:15am. Info: Aug. 12, Suwanee - Mustard Seed 5K, 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Aug. 18, Athens - Outpace Parkinson’s 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; 1 Mile Walk, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Atlanta - Atlanta’s Finest 5K, USATF Masters 5K Championship, 7am; 5K 7:30am; 1 Mile, 8:15am; 50m Dash, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Atlanta - Magnolia Run 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Augusta - Fort Gordon Glow Run 5K & 3K Fun Run/ Walk, 8:30pm. Info: Aug. 18, Bogart - North Oconee Titan Boosters Rock & Roll 5K, 9am; Little Titan 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Brooklet - Brooklet 5K Peanut Run/Walk, 7am. lnfo: Aug. 18, Conyers - Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race. Info: Aug. 18, Dalton - Run for God - Pinky Run 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Eatonton - The 4’s Races Two 4Ks for 4-H, Clover 4K 8:04am; Quafolium 4K 8:54am. Info:, Aug. 18, Fort Gordon - Fort Gordon Glow Run 5K & 3K, 8:30pm. Info: Aug. 18, Macon - Apple-A-Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Powder Springs - Achy Breaky 5K, 1K; 7am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Aug. 18, Roswell - Area 13.1 Half Marathon/Terrestrial 5K, 7pm. Info: Aug. 18, Young Harris - Dash to the Vineyards 5K, 8am. Info: Crane Creek Vineyards (706)379-1236. Aug. 19, Snellville - August Madness Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7am. Info: Aug. 23, Alpharetta - Mayor’s Corporate Challenge 5K Run/ Walk, 7pm; Kid’s FR, 6:30pm. Info: Aug. 25, Athens - Apron 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Atlanta - The ATL Relay 20K & 10K, 7am. Info: (404)441-0963, Aug. 25, Atlanta - Run for the Park 5K, 8am. Info: Adams Realtors (404)688-1222, Aug. 25, Atlanta - Walk, Wag, N’ Run 5K, 7:30am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info: Aug. 25, Atlanta - Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Dash for Digs 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Aug. 25, Cartersville - Cartersville Downtown 5K, 8am; 1 Mile to follow. Info: Aug. 25, Flowery Branch - Awesome ’80s Run 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info: Aug. 25, Jonesboro - Chairman Turner Fitness 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (404)596-8498, Aug. 25, Marietta - Digital Dash 5K Road Race & Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Valdosta - Blaze the Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Winterville - Mount Vernon Lodge Apron Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Michael Law - Sept. 1, Atlanta - Soul Rise Classic 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 1, Canton - Tortoise and the Hare Half Marathon, 7am/ 1st wave; 10K, 9am/1st wave. Info: Toni Mcalister (678)400-9050, Sept. 1, Columbus - Headquarter Nissan & Big Dog Running Co. Labor Day Classic 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 1, Mineral Bluff - Labor Day River Run/Walk 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: (706)253-2582, Sept. 2, Atlanta - East Atlanta Village RunFest, 5K 4pm; Fun Run 6:15pm; 1 Mile Competitive Races, 6:45am. Info: Sept. 2, John’s Creek - Boston Bound Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Sept. 3, Atlanta - Big Peach Sizzler 5K, 7am; 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 3, Avondale Estates - Avondale Estates Labor Day Road Race 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Karen Holmes (404)2945400, Sept. 3, Canton - Hickory Flat Out 5K, 7:30am; Kid’s FR, 8:30am. Info: (470)295-6747, Sept. 3, Crawford - Restoration Labor Day Run 5K, 7:30am; 11K, 8:30am. Info: Cary Fordyce (706)743-3113, Carole Black Sept. 3, Cumming - Labor Day Doughnut Dash 5K/10K, 8am; Fun Run, 9:15am. Info: Sept. 3, Kennesaw - Labor Day 15K, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: Five


Star NTP (770)633-5511, Sept. 3, Macon - Labor Day Road Race 5K, 8am; 10K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 10am. Info: F.M. Barron (478)718-0316, Sept. 3, Peachtree City - The Avenue Labor Day 5K, 8am. Info: Nicole Czaja (678)492-9939 (x104), Sept. 8, Atlanta - Craft Classic Atlanta Half Marathon, 7:30am. 5K, 8:15am. Info: (336)793-4311, Sept. 8, Cartersville - ORE 4 Miler, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Cumming - Race to Embrace 5K Run/Walk, 8:15am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Lawrenceville - Georgia 811 Run/Walk 5K, 8:11am; Kids FR to follow. Info: Sept. 8, Lumber City - Lumber City Farm Day Festival Fun Run/ 5K, 7:30am/1 Mile, 8am/5K. Info: Jeanette Ban (912)363-4643 or (912)253-2945, Sept. 9, Athens - Birchmore Memorial Run for Fun, 5K & 1 Mile, 2:30pm. Info: Larry Dendy (706)546-0431, Sept. 15, Canton - Born To Run, 5K Run/Walk 8am. Info: Dale Morrissey (770)720-5506, Sept. 15, Canton - Have a Nice Day 5K - a Salute to the 70’s! 5K 7pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Sept. 15, Dacula - Dirty Spokes “Little Mulberry Night Trail Run”, 5 mile, 3 mile trail run, 8:30pm. Info: Tim, Sept. 15, Fort Gordon - Tutus for Cancer Awareness 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Sept. 15, Roopville - Roopville Hornet 5K, 7:30am; Dash to the Finish, 7:35am. Info: Jill Young (770)854-4421, Sept. 15, Roswell - Team Maggie 5K/10K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Savannah - The Savannah Sunburn 10K & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Sugar Hill - Jogging for Jambos 5K, 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Sept. 15, Summerville - Twisted Ankle Trail Race, 10 Mile 9am. Info: Kendra Stallings (706)857-0826, Sept. 22, Athens - In Their Shoes 10K, 8:30am. Info: Tammy Gilland (706)475-7025, Sept. 22, Athens - Winterville Breeze 5K, 8am. Info: JoAnn Snow - Sept. 22, Canton - Express Your Super Power 5K, 8am. Info: Lowell Starr (770)633-5511, Sept. 22, Dacula - Xterra Georgia “Harbins Park”, 10K, 5K trail run, 8:30am. Info: Tim, Sept. 22, Powder Springs - Tyler and Taylor Foundation 5K, 8am. Info: Toni Mcalister (678)400-9050, Sept. 22, Sugar Hill - Timber Trek 5K, 8am; FR, 9am. Info: (678)985-3921, Sept. 23, Johns Creek - Run Your Happy Tails Off 5K Race, 8am; 1 Mile Race, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 25, Calhoun - XXV Unity Run 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Vickie Spence (706)602-5548, Sept. 29, Bainbridge - Dr. Eric Dueno Memorial 5K/10K Run, 8am. Info: Suzanne Angell (229)344-3182, Sept. 29, Blue Ridge - Tortoise and the Hare 50K/30K Ultra, 6am. Info: Toni Mcalister (678)400-9050, Sept. 29, Covington - Covington Autumn 5K, 8am; Fun Run to follow. Info: Joe Waters (678)878-6452, Sept. 29, Thomasville - Live Better 5K Pink Run, 8am. Info: (229)584-5520. Sept. 30, Duluth - Donut Dash 5K, 8am. Info: Gary Jenkins (678)214-5294, Oct. 21, Atlanta - PNC Atlanta 10 Miler & 5K, 7:15am. Info: Natalie Demarko (404)231-9064 (ext. 128),, Nov. 3-4, Savannah - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2-Person Half Marathon Relay, 7:30am (11/3); 5K & 1 Mile, 1pm-3pm (11/4). Info: Nov. 10, Fort Oglethorpe - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon, 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265,, Nov. 22, Atlanta - Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Natalie Demarko (404)231-9064 (ext. 128),,

March 17, 2019, Atlanta - Publix Atlanta Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Natalie Demarko, 201 Armour Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324; (404)231-9064 (ext. 128),,

KENTUCKY July 4, Elizabethtown - Tim Walker Founder’s Day 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (270)307-1130, July 4, Ft. Mitchell - Independence Day 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; Kid’s FR to follow. Info: Steve Prescott (513)777-1080, July 4, Fort Thomas - Firecracker 5K - Campbell County YMCA, 7am; Kids FR, 7:40am. Info: July 4, Frankfort - The Great Buffalo Chase 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Lexington - Bluegrass 10,000 & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 10K Run/Walk 7:30am; 1 Mile 8am. Info: (859)288-2927,


Running Journal • July, 2018

July 7, Elizabethtown - Freeman Lake Summer Trail Challenge, 10K 8am; 5K 9:25am. Info: July 7, Eubank - Shoebox Shuffle 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 7, Frankfort - The View: Trail Half & Quarter, 7:45am; 5K, 8am. Info: July 7, Jamestown - Jamestown Lakefest Mike Hill 10K/5K, 7:30am. Info: July 7, Owensboro - Stop, Drop & Run 5K, 8am. Info: July 7, St. Matthews - 4th Fest 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: July 7, Westport - Oldham County Parks Firecracker 5K Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: Gary Parsons (502)225-0655, July 7, White Mills - Historic White Mills 5K, 8am. Info: July 12, Frankfort - To Be Frank 5K Cross Country, 7pm. Info: July 13, London - 5K Glow Run for Love, 8:30pm. Info: July 13, Paris - Stray Dog Strut 5K & 1 Mile Fun Walk, 7pm. Info: (859)475-3232, July 14, Lexington - Lexus of Lexington 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kids Dash, 8am. Info: July 14, Mt. Vernon - Rockcastle 5K Run/Walk for Alzheimer’s, 8am. Info: Kaya Rowe (606)256-7767, July 14, Wallingford - Timber & Trails 5K, 8am. Info: July 15, Lexington - BreyerFest 5K, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: July 20, LaGrange - YMCA Oldham County Days Festival 5K, 7:30pm. Info: Jennifer Flowers (502)222-9358, July 21, Lexington - Man o’ War 5K-10K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: July 21, Louisville - PRP High School Cross Country and Track Team Alumni Run, 1 Mile; 8:30am. Info: (502)599-3806, July 21, Nancy - Mud Mayhem & Fun Lake Cumberland Obstacle Challenge 5K, 8am. Info: July 21, Paris - Bourbon County Glow Run, 5K Run/Walk; 7:30pm. Info: July 28, Augusta - Augusta Run Along the River 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: July 28, Flemingsburg - Joshua Teegarden Memorial 5K Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: (606)845-9511, July 28, Lexington - Shepherd’s House Run For Recovery 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile Fun Walk, 8:15am. Info: July 28, Louisville - Dr. Ed Morgan/Kiwanis Grand Slam 4 Miler, 8am. Info: July 28, Nicholasville - 5K for Amaya J. Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: July 28, Pikeville - White Lightning Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, Louisville - St. Matthews Street Festival 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, Louisville - Splash ‘n’ Dash 5K Walk/Run, 9am; 1K, 10am. Info: Aug. 4, Stanton - Stanton Corn Festival 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 5, Louisville - The Great Amazing Race Family Friendly Adventure/Obstacle Race, 1.5 Mile w/Challenge Stations; 4pm. Info: Great Amazing Race (513)518-0528, Aug. 10, Corbin - NIBROC 2 Miler, 8pm. Info: Aug. 10, Henderson - FOX on the Run 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Aug. 10, Owensboro - Friday After 5K & 2 Miler, 7pm. Info: Aug. 11, Buckner - Fastline Fun-Raising 5K, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Franklin - Garden Spot 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Lexington - A Midsummer Night’s Run 5K, 8:30pm; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 6:30pm; Fastest Kid in Town Race (3-up), 4:30pm. Info: Aug. 11, Mount Vernon - Lifeline Rockcastle Home Health Ren10, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Somerset - Miles With Maroons 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Wallingford - Hot Hot Hundred, 10K/100K/100K Relay Trail Races, 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Burkesville - Festivus 5K - Run for Health Of It, 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Danville - Superheroes for Hope 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Elizabethtown - Backyard Classic 8 Hr Endurance Trail Run (Individual & Relay), 8am-4pm. Info: (270)401-3490, Aug. 18, Georgetown - Georgetown Cancer Center Colors of Cancer 5K (Color Run), 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Somerset - Pack the Pantry 4-Mile Relay Race, 8am; Kid’s FR/Free .5 mi., 8:05am. Info: Aug. 24, Versailles - Southside Elementary’s Back to School 5K, 6:45pm; Fun Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: chavi.muniz@ Aug. 25, Alvaton - Family Enrichment Center MUD Happens One Bad Mud Run, 3 Mile Run w/obstacles; 8am/1st heat. Info: (270)781-6714,

Aug. 25, Chavies - Cameron Hoskins 10,000 - 5K Run/Walk & 10K Run, 8am. Info: Michael Smith (606)438-1760, Aug. 25, Danville - Dash for Danielle 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 25, Lexington - Run For You(ng)R Life Tanner Duke Memorial 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Louisville - Kicking Butt 5K, 9am. Info: Aug. 25, Whitesburg - Band on the Run 8K & 4K, 9am. Info: Aug. 31, Lexington - Cabernet Canter Cross Country 5K & 10K, 6:30pm. Info: Sept. 1, Georgetown - Finley 5K for SIDS Run/Walk for SIDS Awareness, 6pm. Info: Sept. 1, Monticello - Lake Cumberland 5 Miler, 5K & 1 Mile FR. Info: Nisha West (606)307-2043, Sept. 3, Bowling Green - Run For Sight 5K Run/Walk & 2 Mile Walk, 8am; Kids 1 Mile Bubble Run, 9am. Info: Sept. 3, LaGrange - KSP Trooper Island and Sligo Baptist Church 5K in LEspirit, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 6, Middletown - Middletown Chamber of Commerce 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Sept. 8, Corbin - Lion’s Chase 5K Obstacle Race, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Cynthiana - Born to Color Run/Walk 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Frankfort - Franklin County Humane Society’s Trails for Tails 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Frenchburg - Country Autumn 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Ken Catron (859)771-4182. Sept. 8, Lexington - CASA Superhero Run 5K, 9am; 1K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Louisville - Louisville pure tap® 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Pikeville - Scotty Hamilton 11.1K or 1.11 Mile Memorial Run, 9am. Info: Sept. 8, Somerset - The Lake Cumberland Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Whitesburg - Mountain Heritage 5K/10K, 9am. Info: Kyle Smith (606)821-7900, Sept. 14, Frankfort - Let’s Play 3K Fun Run, 6:30pm. Info: Sept. 15, Corbin - 5-0 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Elizabethtown- Light The Night 5K & Family Fun Run, 8pm. Info: Sept. 15, Frenchburg - J.J. the Jet Plane Foundation 5K Color Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Sept. 15, Georgetown - Slam The Stigma 3K Walk, 3pm. Info: Sept. 15, Louisville - Legacy of Life 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Sept. 15, Versailles - Run4DC 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Fort Wright - Smiles and Miles 5K Run/Walk in Honor of Maria Schaffstein, 4pm. Info: Sept. 22, Corbin - Salt Lick Six 10K Run, 9am. Info: Kyle Rogers (606)261-4206, Sept. 22, Louisville - Norton Sports Health Great Pumpkin 10K, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Mount Sterling - Finish the Fight at Night 5K Glow Run/ Walk, 8pm. Info: Sept. 22, Somerset - Race to Feed Kids 5K - Project 58:10, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Winchester - Gift of Life 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 29, Frankfort - KY History Half Marathon, 8am; 10K & 5K, 8:15am. Info: Laurel Harper (502)564-1792, Sept. 29, Slade - The Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon, 7am. Info: (606)359-3366.

LOUISIANA July 4, Erath - Erath High 4th of July 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Coach Skeeter (337)577-2534, July 4, Lake Charles - LAR’s 4 on the Fourth, 4 Mile; 7am. Info: July 4, Shreveport - Sportspectrum Firecracker 5K Race for Research, 5K Run, Healthwalk & Stroll, 8am; 1/2 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: July 7, Jefferson - RiverShack Tavern’s River Run/Walk, 2 Miles 7pm. Info: NORSI, Chuck George (504)884-7565, July 11, New Orleans - NOTC Summer Series #3, 2 Miles, 7pm. Info: (504)304-2326, July 12, Shreveport - Summer Fun Run Series - Querbes Park, 5K, 6:45pm. Info: oldfartlek@hotmail or July 14, Baton Rouge - Nolapalooza 5K Run, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: July 14, Lake Charles - Ainsley’s Angels Sunset 5K, 7:30pm. Info: July 14, Shreveport - Red River Balloon Rally 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 15, Norco - Spillway Classic 3 Mile Trail Run, 8am. Info: (504)304-2326, July 19, Shreveport - Summer Fun Run Series - Southern Hills Park, 5K, 6:45pm. Info: oldfartlek@hotmail or July 21, Jefferson - RiverShack Tavern’s River Gretna River Run/Walk, 2 Miles; 7pm. Info: NORSI, Chuck George (504)8847565,

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July 21, Mandeville - Big Easy Big Heart 5K, 9am. Info: Cesar Torres (504)390-8807, July 21, Shreveport - Run the Hive 5K, 8am. Info: July 25, Lafayette - CRRC Summer Series 1 Mile & Sneaux Cones, 6:15pm. Info: July 25, New Orleans - NOTC Summer Series #4, 2 Miles, 7pm. Info: (504)304-2326, July 26, Shreveport - Summer Fun Run Series - A.C. Steere Park, 5K, 6:45pm. Info: oldfartlek@hotmail or July 28, Baton Rouge - Happy’s 5000m & Beer Mile, 5K 7pm; Beer Mile 8:30pm. Info: July 28, Hammond - Christmas in July 5K, 7pm; Jingle Bell Mile, 6:30pm. Info: (985)345-0366, July 28, New Orleans - Power Mile Road Race, 1 Mile & 1/2 Mile Youth; 5pm. Info: Aug. 2, Shreveport - Summer Fun Run Series - Betty Virginia Park, 5K, 6:45pm. Info: oldfartlek@hotmail or Aug. 5, Metairie - NOTC 55th Anniversary Race, 3 Mile, 8:20am; Kids’ Half Mile, 8am. Info: (504)304-2326, Aug. 22, Lafayette - CRRC Summer Series 1 Mile & Sneaux Cones, 6:15pm. Info: Aug. 25, Mandeville - Q50 Races Bleau Moon 5 & 10 Miles, 7:30pm. Info: Cesar Torres (504)390-8807, Aug. 25, Shreveport - Run to Your Health 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 1, New Orleans - New Orleans Pride Run & Walk 5K, 10am. Info: (504)304-2326, Sept. 8, New Orleans - Saints Kickoff Run, 5K & Kid’s Dash Run/Walk. Info: Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)884-7565, Sept. 15, New Orleans - NOLA Bluedoo 2-Mile Walk/Run, 5pm. Info: (504)304-2326, Sept. 22, Shreveport - Mission: Possible Run, Walk 5K & 10K, 8:15am; 1/2 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Sept. 29, Lafayette - Big Pete’s 8K, 8am. Info: Sept. 29, Lafayette - Camp Bow Wow 5K-9, 5K & 1 Mile; 9am. Info:

Oct. 27, New Orleans - Jazz Half Marathon, Relay & 5K, 7am; $70/Half by 6/30, $75 7/1-8/ 31, $85 9/1-10/25; $30/5K by 8/31, $40 9/1-10/ 25. Info: NORSI (Chuck George), P.O. Box 2348, Kenner, LA 70063; (504)884-7565,,

MARYLAND July 4, Potomac - Autism Speaks July 4th 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Christina O’Neill (202)955-3111, July 7, Bel Air - Moonlight 5K, 8pm. Info: July 8, Westminster - Union Mills Women’s Distance Festival 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: July 12, Lake Shore - Annapolis Striders Summer XC Series 5K #1, 6:30pm. Info: (443)790-7365, July 14, Annapolis - Annapolis Striders Women’s Distance Festival 5K/Run After the Women 5K, 7:45am. Info: July 14, Baltimore - Baltimore Orioles 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Jamie Snyder (443)568-0064, July 15, Bel Air - Catch a Pig 5K & Bacon Stroll 1K, 8am. Info: July 19, Severn - Annapolis Striders Summer XC Series 5K #2, 6:30pm. Info: (443)790-7365, July 21, Edgewater - John Wall Memorial 1 Mile Track Run, 8am. Info: July 21, Rockville - DARCARS Rockville Rotary Twilight Runfest 8K, 8:15pm. Info: July 21, Thurmont - Run for the Pie 10K, 8am. Info: July 26, Millersville - Annapolis Striders Summer XC Series 5K #3, 6:30pm. Info: (443)790-7365, July 28, Annapolis - Endless Summer 6-Hour Run, 7:30am. Info: July 28, Chesapeake City - Run the Vineyards - Bohemia River Scenic 5K, 6pm. Info: July 28, Germantown - Blue Crab Bolt Trail Running Series Race 2, 5K/10K; 8am. Info: (703)338-3965, July 28, Middletown - The Heat is On: 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Main Street Middletown (301)305-4651, July 29, Baltimore - Baltimore City Recreation & Parks $5 5K Series, 7:30am. Info: BCRP (410)396-3835, July 29, Boyd - Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon & 8K, 7am. Info: Aug. 2, Millersville - Annapolis Striders Summer XC Series 5K #4, 6:30pm. Info: (443)790-7365, Aug. 4, Annapolis - Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Frederick - Frederick Women’s Distance Festival 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, White Plains - Charles Shelton Foundation 5K Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: Doris Shelton Aug. 11, Clarksburg - Blue Crab Bolt Trail Running Series -

Race 3, 5K/10K; 8am. Info: (703)338-3965, Aug. 12, Hydes - Charm City 5K Trail Run at Boordy Vineyards, 6pm. Info: Aug. 12, Rock Hall - Pirates and Wenches 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Kiddie K Run (10-under), 7:50am. Info: Aug. 18, Cumberland - Howard’s Run Festival, 25K 7am; 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 1, Towson - Under Armour Charles Street 12, 12 Miles; 7:30am. Info: (410)308-1870, Sept. 3, Boyds - Montgomery County Interfaith 5K Run/Walk, 8:05am; Tot Trot (5-under), 9am; Kids 1K FR (6-12 yr.), 9:05am. Info: Sept. 16, Carderock - Revenge of the Penguins, 20 Miler & 10 Miler; 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Gaithersburg - The Race 4 Recovery 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 22, Halethorpe - Loose Cannon 5K at Heavy Seas Brewery, 10am. Info: Jonathan Ewald (610)202-9666, Sept. 23, Mt. Airy - Linganore Winecellars Cross Country Half Marathon, 8am; 10 Mile, 8:15am; 5 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 26, Cumberland - Brush Tunnell Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 27, Frostburg - GAP Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 30, Cumberland - Cumberland C&O Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Sept. 30, Hancock - Hancock Marathon & Half Marathon. Info: Sept. 30, Potomac - DCRRC National Capital 20 Miler, 7am; 5 Miler, 7:20am. Info: Nov. 10, Annapolis - Annapolis Running Classic, Half Marathon & 10K; 7:30am. Info: Lisa Fontaine (410)991-5903,,

MISSISSIPPI July 4, Greenville - Firecracker 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Debra Wintory (662)378-3141, July 4, Hazlehurst - The Great Commission 4 Miler, 7:30am. Info: Amy Keywood (601)894-1616, July 4, Jackson - Farm Bureau Watermelon Classic 5K Run/ Walk, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Ocean Springs - Wesson Memorial 2 Mile & 1/4 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, July 4, Oxford - Stars & Stripes On The Square 5K Classic & Family Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Grace Gillespie (662)236-7631, July 7, Olive Branch - Mississippi Ale House Beer Run Relay, Team of 4 (1 Mile Per Runner); 7pm. Info: Angi Ramsey (901)5006998, July 14, Bruce - Bruce Sawmill 5K Run, 7:30am. Info: Ryan Berry (662)983-2929, July 14, Philadelphia - REZ Run for the Choctaw Indian Fair, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk; 7am. Info: John Ferguson (601)650-1765, July 14, Pontotoc - Flamin Fury Peach Trail Run 4 Miler, 8am. Info: July 19, Madison - Bruin Burn 5K Run, 5K Walk & 1 Mile FR, 7pm. Info: (601)668-8571, Aug. 4, Columbus - Paint Your World Purple Color Run 5K, 9am. Info: Joni Frye (662)245-5428, Aug. 4, Olive Branch - I Got Your Back 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Aug. 4, Pass Christian - Summer Beach 5K & 1 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, Aug. 7, Hattiesburg - Trek The Trace, Predict Your Time 2 Miler Race Series, 6:30pm. Info: Aug. 11, Clarksdale - Aaron E. Henry Community Health Center 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Aug. 11, Pontotoc - Golfin’ Glow Run 5K, 8pm. Info: Jeremy Maxey (662)419-0659, Aug. 14, Hattiesburg - Trek The Trace, Predict Your Time 2 Miler Race Series, 6:30pm. Info: Aug. 18, Diamonhead - Diamondhead 5K & 1 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, Aug. 21, Hattiesburg - Trek The Trace, Predict Your Time 2 Miler Race Series, 6:30pm. Info: Aug. 25, Madison - The Make a Miracle Superhero 5K & Kids FR, 7am. Info: Mike Bullard (601)977-0139, Aug. 28, Hattiesburg - Trek The Trace, Predict Your Time 2 Miler Race Series, 6:30pm. Info: Sept. 1, West Point - Prairie Arts Festival 5K Race, 8am. Info: Lisa Klutts (662)494-5121, Sept. 2, Tupelo - Tupelo Marathon & 13.1 Miler, 5am. Info: David Branner - Sept. 15, Greenwood - 300 Oaks Road Race, 10K Run 8am; 5K Run 8:05am; 5K Run 8:15am; 1 Mile Color Run, 9:30am. Info: Beth Stevens (662)453-4152, Sept. 15, Ocean Springs - Ocean Springs Bridge Run 8K & 1/2 Mile, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, Sept. 15, Sumrall - Zach Little Memorial Bike Ride & 5K Run, Bike Rides - 13, 28 & 50 Miles, 8am; 5K Run 8:10am. Info: Mary Ann Little (601)543-2763, Sept. 22, Cleveland - Hog Run 5K to Support Military Heroes, 8:30am. Info: Austin Klebba (228)223-4317, Sept. 22, Starkville - Run United 5K Kickoff, 7:42am. Info: Candy (662)323-3830, Sept. 29, Leland - Frog Fest 5K, 8:30am. Info: Kendarius Moore (662)390-3319, Sept. 29, Tupelo - Blessed Are The Peacemakers 5K, 8am. Info: Rhonda Brown (662)401-8447, wivesofwarriorsms@

NORTH CAROLINA July 3, Charlotte - Charlotte Firecracker 5K, 7pm; Fun Run, 7:45pm. Info: (704)893-3800, July 3, Greensboro - Fun Fourth Freedom Run, 10K 7:15pm; 5K 7:30pm; 1 Mile 7:35pm. Info: Junction 311 Endurance Sports (336)793-4311, July 3, Waxhaw - Rocket Run 2 Miles, 7:30pm. Info: Amanda Young (704)999-1800, July 4, Albemarle - Watermelon 3.8 Mile Run, 7am. Info: July 4, Brevard - Firecracker 5K, 10K & Fun Run; 8am. Info: Davis Whitfield (828)884-4529, July 4, Bryson City - Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Carrboro - Four on the Fourth, 4 Mile 8am. Info: July 4, Charlotte - American 4 Miler, 7:30am; Kids’s 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: July 4, Huntersville - Run White & Blue 7.4 Miler 7.4K, & Fun Run; 7:30am. Info: July 4, Kernersville - 23rd Annual Herbalife 5K Rotary Parade Run, 8:30am; $2300 in Total Prize Money (1st-$500 2nd-$300 3rd$200 4th-$100 5th-$50); Entry Fee: $25 6/2-7/3, $30 race day. Info: Brian Stewart, 270 Post Oak Rd., Kernersville, NC 27284; (336)399-8045,, elite runner contact info: Curtis Swisher (336)399-1039 or; more info at or July 4, Kill Devil Hills - Outer Banks Freedom 5K & Veterans 1 Mile, 7:30am; Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 4, Nags Head - Killer Dunes 2 Miler & Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: July 4, Raleigh - Keep RLGH Independent 4 Mile, 8am. Info: (919)376-9441 (9am-5pm),

July 4, Village of Lake Park, Indian Trail - Common Heart Firecracker Run, 10K 7:30am, 5K 7:45am, 1K 9am; $35/10K, $25/ 5K, $20/1K, by 7/2; after $40/10K, $30/5K, $20/1K. Info: Common Heart, POB 2761, Indian Trail, NC 28079; (704)218-9060,, http:// July 4, Weaverville - Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: July 7, Cary - Run for Liberty 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: July 7, Franklin - Moonlight Moonshine 10K, 6:30pm; Half Pint Fun! Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: July 10, Winston-Salem - 5 Dollar 5K, 6:15pm. Info: July 11, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 11, Fletcher - $5 5K Age Graded Run, 6:30pm. Info:

July 13, Lenoir - Blackberry GLOW 5K and One Mile Fun Run, 1 Mile 8pm; 5K 8:30pm or dark; $15/1 Mile, $25/5K by 7/4, after 7/4 $20/1 Mile, $30/5K. Info: Breanna McKay, 2301 Morganton Blvd. SW, Lenoir, NC 28645, (828)572-0802, breanna.mckay@shelter, BlackberryGlow5kandFun Run?remMeAttempt= July 13, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 14, Albemarle - Christmas in July 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: July 14, Boone - Grandfather Mountain Marathon, 6:30am. Info: John Weaver (828)262-3074, July 14, Fayetteville - African World Peace 5K Road Race/ Walk, 8am. Info: July 14, Greensboro - Moonlight Bootlegger 5K, 8:55pm. Info: Trivium Racing (3 13)304-0903, July 14, Norlina - Cantaloupe 5K, 8am. Info: July 14, Salibury - 5K Run/Walk for the Greenway & 1/2 Mile Fun Run, 8am. Info: Steve Clark (704)638-5286, July 14, Wilmington - Tri-Span 10K & 5K, 7am. Info: July 17, Atlantic Beach - Beach Run Series #5, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile; 6:30pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, July 18, Corolla - Christmas in July Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 19, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 21, Beaufort - Historic Beaufort Road Race, 1 Mile Run/ Walk 7:30am; 10K Wheelchair/5K Wheelchair/5K Baby Joggers 7:55am; 5K & 10K Run, 8am. Info:

Running Journal • July, 2018 July 21, Bryson City - Bryson City Moonlight 5K Run/Walk, 8:30pm; 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: July 21, Jonas Ridge - The Scream! Half Marathon, 8am. Info: July 21, Winston-Salem - Beat the Heat 5K, 7pm; NC USATF 5K Championship, 8pm; 1 Mile Family Run, 6:30pm. Info: July 25, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)4898239, July 26, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 27, Albemarle - Tour de Elvis 5K, 7:30pm; 25, 45 & 65 Mile Cycle Tour, 8am (7/28). Info: Vac and Dash (704)983-3274, July 27, Greensboro - Greensboro Distilling Bootlegger 5K, 8:45pm. Info: Trivium Racing (313)304-0903, July 28, Asheville - Highland Brewing Night Flight, 4.5 Mile; 7:30pm. Info: July 28, Forest City - Meet Me at the Fountain 5K Run/Walk for our Community, 8am; Munchkin Dash to follow. Info: July 28, Mooresville - Corey’s Run for a Reason 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Family Fun Walk, 9:30am. Info: Aug. 1, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)4898239, Aug. 2, Atlantic Beach - Beach Run Series #6, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile; 6:30pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Aug. 2, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 4, Asheville - LEAF Art Dash 5K, 9am. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, Aug. 4, Cary - Bella Rose Strides for Babies 5K Run & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Janna Fonseca (919)238-2009,, Aug. 4, Concord - Eagle Scholarship 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Danbury - The Rabid Squirrel 13 Miler, 9:35am. Info: Aug. 4, Franklin - 80’s Flashback 8K, 6pm. Info: Dave Linn (828)244-1596, Aug. 4, Jacksonville - Running with the Law 5K, 8K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: (910)938-5312, Aug. 4, Morrisville - Sole to Soul 5K, 9am. Info: Janice McGilberry (919)908-9308, Aug. 5, Wilmington - Summer Sizzler 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 8, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)4898239, Aug. 9, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 11, Beaufort - Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Run 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Charlotte - AvidXchange Music Factory 5K Rock ‘N Run/ Walk, 8am; Kids FR, 9:15am. Info: Aug. 11, Conover - Color Me SALLY Run, 4K Color Run; 10am. Info: Kelly Stewart (828)234-6065, Aug. 11, Raleigh - Read, White & Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Yasmeen Benton (919)890-3852, Aug. 11, Shelby - 7th Inning Stretch 5K, 8am. Info: Kim Davis (704)600-6599, Aug. 15, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)4898239, Aug. 16, Nags Head - Nags Head 5K/1 Mile Beach Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 17-18, Charlotte - Tread Nightly & Tread Brightly Half Marathon & 4 Miler, 8/17: Half Marathon 8pm, 4 Miler 8:30pm; 8/18: Half Marathon 8am, 4 Miler 8:30am. Info: Aug. 18, Albemarle - Strong Communities 8K & FR, 7:25am. Info: Aug. 18, Cary - Run for Life 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Kathy Klein (919)815-1369, Aug. 18, Charlotte - OrthoCarolina 10K Classic, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am; The Rookie Run ‘N’ Walk 5K (not timed), 7:45am; 50yd. Kid’s Dash, 9:15am. Info: Justin Ratike (704)968-5666,, Aug. 18, Charlotte - City of Immigrants 5K, 6pm. Info: (704)8933800,

Aug. 18, Highlands - Highlands Twilight 5K, 6pm; Start: 483 Pine Street/KelseyHutchinson Park, Highlands, NC; $30 by 7/18, after 7/18 $35, $40 on Race Day; Only competitive 5K in Highlands this year. Info: Derek Taylor (828)200-9226, hdcderek@, Aug. 19, Asheville - Tunnel2Towers 5K, 8:46am. Info: Joy Ponder (828)785-2315, Aug. 22, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)4898239, Aug. 25, Asheville - ZERO - Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk; 9am. Info:

Aug. 25, Boone - High Country Half Marathon, 7:30am; $65 by 8/6, after $75. Info: Mary Sheryl Horine, ASU Box 32102, Boone, NC 28608; (828)262-7557, horinems@, https://triplecrown.appstate. edu/half-marathon

Aug. 25, Belmont - Rivermen 5 Miler, 8am. Info: Aug. 25, Casar - Kickin’ 4 Kids Glow Run, 10K & 5K 8pm; Kids FR, 8:15pm. Info: Tina Smith (704)472-3378, Aug. 25, Charlotte - Yiasou Greek Festival 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Hickory - HCA Knights 5K Run, 8am. Info: Carol Johncock (828)234-5457, Aug. 25, Greensboro - Kirkwood 5K Run/Walk/Push, 9am; Kids Dash, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Greenville - Back to School Bash 5K, 8am; 1K FR, 8:45am. Info: Aug. 25, Wilmington - Copperhead 20K Run/Relay, 5:30pm. Info: Aug. 25, Winston-Salem - Hobby Trails to You 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 26, Greensboro - Growler Gallop Gibbs, 10K & 5K; 5pm. Info: Trivium Racing (313)304-0903, Aug. 29, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Sept. 1, Fairview - Drovers Road & Hickory Nut Gap 8K/15K, 9am. Info: Sept. 1, Fremont - Norwayne Alumni and Friends, Inc. 5K Walk/ Run for Scholarships, 7am. Info: or James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 2, Charlotte - Labor Day Trail Race 5K & 15K, 9am. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)391-3900, Sept. 3, Belmont - Gaston County Jaycees Labor Day 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 3, Cary - The Carying Place Labor Day Race for Home, 5K & 10K 8am; Fun Mile 8:30am. Info: Sept. 3, Matthews - Matthews Kiwanis Labor Day 5K & Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 5, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Sept. 5, Fletcher - $5 5K Prediction - Habitat for Humanity, 5:30pm. Info: Sept. 7-8, Asheville - Blue Ridge Relay, 200 Mile Team Running Relay; 5am. Info: Ken Sevensky (336)877-8888, Sept. 8, Beaufort - Crystal Coast Beacon of Hope 5K, Fun Run; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 8, Belmont - Run For One 5K & 1 Mile Kids FR, 8:15am. Info: Levacy Smith (704)813-8821, Sept. 8, Boiling Springs - Broad River Trail Run, 10 Mile; 8am. Info: Bill McCarter (704)484-4947, Sept. 8, Carolina Beach - Heart of Hope Run/Walk 5K for Hunger, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Chapel Hill - Head For The Cure 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Kids’ Fun Run, 9:15am. Info: Sept. 8, Charlotte - South End Shuffle 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile Family Run, 10:15am. Info: (704)893-3800, Sept. 8, Clemmons - Athena’s Run for GYN Cancers, 5K Run 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Goldsboro - WSE Titan UP 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, High Point - Heart & Sole 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; Fun Run, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Kinston - Shady Grove Race of Faith 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Sept. 8, Lincolnton - Kandace Helms 5K Run/Walk, 9am; Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Morganton - Sunrise Run on the Greenway 5K & 10K, 8am; Fun Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Salisbury - Hero 5K Run/Walk, 9am; Fun Run, 9:50am. Info: (704)638-9000 (x14480), Sept. 8, Smithfield - Run 4 Recovery 5K, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 8, Statesville - Dale Beatty Memorial 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Wake Forest - Faster Than A Pastor 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Chris Walker (919)556-5455, Sept. 12, Corolla - Lighthouse 5K Race Series, 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Sept. 15, Badin - Run The Valley Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Vac & Dash (704)983-3274, Sept. 15, Black Mountain - Rock The Quarry Trail Challenge 5K & Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Jon Neumann (828)230-2774, Sept. 15, Camp Lejeune - Marine Corps Half Marathon & 5 Mile, 7am. Info: (910)451-0025, Sept. 15, Cary - Amberly Charity 5K, 9am; FR, 9:45am. Info: Sept. 15, Cashiers - Tour de Cashiers, Bike: 100 mi, 62 mi. & 25 mi., 8am; Run: 5K, 8:30am. Info: Tony Hammett (678)653-4773, Sept. 15, Charlotte - Hit the Brixx 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 9am; 1K FR, 9:50am. Info: Sept. 15, Dallas - Running With The Good News 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Davidson - Run For Green Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Deep Run - JMB Memorial Run 5K, Fun Run; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 15, Fayetteville - Glow Fest 5K Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: Sept. 15, Holden Beach - Run Holden Beach Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:30am; Info: Sept. 15, Lincolnton - Rotary Club Apple Festival Road Race, 5K & Mile FR; 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Pittsboro - Chatham County Alzheimer’s 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am; Kids FR, 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Polkton - Stand Fast for Life 5K, 8:30am. Info:


Sept. 15, Seven Devils - The Hawk 7K, 8am; $30 by 9/12, after $35. Info: Ed Beck, 1356 Seven Devils Rd., Seven Devils, NC 28604; (828)963-5343, townclerk@, Sept. 16, Asheville - Asheville Off-Road Series, Duathlon (5K Road Run, 13.25 mi. off-road bike, 5K off-road run), 10K Off-Road Run & Gravel Grinder Bike Events (20, 40 or 60 mile option), 7:45am. Info: iDaph Events (828)684-0812, Sept. 21, Winston-Salem - Moonlight Madness 2018, 1 Mile 7:30pm; 5K Run/Walk 8pm. Info: (336)793-4311, Sept. 22, Asheville - Asheville Brewing Super Hero 5K/Super Villian 10K, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Belmont - Stop Soldier Suicide 10/5K, 7am. Info: Ronald Rhodes (704)214-0062, Sept. 22, Blowing Rock - Stick Boy Mayview Madness 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am; 1 Mile Kids FR, 8am. Info: Nikki Bauman (828)2642511, Sept. 22, Charlotte - Race 13.1, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Sept. 22, Charlotte - Wild Vine Half Marathon & 5K Trail Race, Half 9:30am; 5K 11am. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)391-3900, Sept. 22, Goldsboro - Paws4Paul 5K, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 22, Greensboro - Hamilton Lakes 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Sept. 22, Greenville - Run, Walk & Roll, 5K, 1 Mile FR, Kids Dash, 5K/1 Mile Wheelchair & Hand Crank Bike; 8:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 22, Hickory - Making Communities Healthier 5K Run/ Walk, 8am; Fun Run 8:45am. Info: Sept. 22, Morganton - Table Rock Ultras, 50K 7am; 30K 7:30am. Info: Sept. 22, New Bern - Colors 4 Cancer 10K, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 22, Raleigh - Carry the Water 5K, 10am. Info: Nolan Volk (919)438-2444, Sept. 22, Stanley - “JJ5K” Trail Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Troutman - Dancing Davis Shaking Off Cancer Foundation 5K, 9am. Info: Mika Overcash (704)746-5175, Sept. 22, Wilkesboro - Chad Lovette Memorial Trail Run 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 23, Asheville - ARX - Chasing Trail 8K, 9am. Info: Sept. 23, Cary - Cary Unity Walk & Fun Run, Walk 8:30am; 1 Mile 9:45am; 5K & 10K 10:15am. Info: Sept. 23, Chapel Hill - Kilometers For the Kids 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 9:15am. Info: Sept. 23, Goldsboro - Piper’s Promise 5K, 3:30pm; Mile, 4pm. Info: Harleigh Wilhide (419)564-5204, Sept. 23, Leland - Oktoberfest 15K & 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 23, Raleigh - Raleigh LUNGe Forward 5K Walk, Run & Rally, 12:30pm-3:30pm. Info: Sept. 28, Shelby - Harvest Moon 5K, 6:45pm; Fun Run, 6:15pm. Info: Sept. 29, Asheville - Race to the Taps, 7 Miler 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, Sept. 29, Chapel Hill - Super Cooper’s Rockin’ Run, 5K Run/ Walk 3:30pm. Info: Sept. 29, Charlotte - Isabella Santos Foundation 5K & 10K Race for Kids Cancer, 8am. Info: Sept. 29, Elkin - CB Eller Splash Dash - 5K 4 H2O, 10am. Info: Sept. 29, Greensboro - Miles for Matthew 10K & 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 29, Greensboro - Greensboro Run/Walk for Autism 5K, 9am. Info: Shelley Jarman (919)743-0204, Sept. 29, Harmony - Carolina Jubilee Run For Farms 10K & 5K, 9am. Info: Zack Wyatt (704)264-6088, Sept. 29, Matthews - Twanna T. Henderson Breast Cancer Awareness Race, 5K 7am. Info: Twanna Henderson (704)6844586, Sept. 29, Mills River - Rooster’s Revenge 30K Trail Race, 9am. Info: Sept. 29, Mount Olive - PUMC BOLD Run 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 29, Nashville - Missions Color Run 5K, 7am; 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Sept. 29, Newport - Sports Center Chu Run 5K, 7:45am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 29, Pinehurst - Flyers Fun Rock & Run 5K Trail, 9am. Info: Sept. 29 Waynesville - Power of Pink 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 29, Winston-Salem - Salem Lake Trail Runs, 30K 8am; 7 Mile 8:30am; 5K 8:40am. Info: Sept. 30, Charlotte - Fight the Flame 5K & 1K Family Roll & Stroll, 9am. Info: Beth Stillitano (704)321-5608, Sept. 30, Cornelius - Novant Health 15K, 7:45am; 5K, 7:50am. Info: Sept. 30, Durham - Duke School Dragon Dash 5K Walk/Run, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9:30am; Kids’ Fun Run, 10am. Info:


Running Journal • July, 2018

Nov. 3, Charlotte - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, 5K & Kid’s Run; 7am. Info: Nov. 17, Mount Airy - Mayberry 1/2 Marathon, 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Darren Lewis (336)786-8313,, http://

SOUTH CAROLINA July 4, Columbia - Born In The USA Four Miler, 4 Mile Run/ Relay, 7:04am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, July 4, Columbia - RCSD Memorial Event: Remembering Ryan Rawl - 2-Member Team Challenge, 8am. Info: Katelyn Jasak (803)518-8223, July 4, Greenville - Red & White and Blue Shoes 5K on the 4th, 8am; Kids Steeplchase, 9am. Info:

July 4, Hilton Head Island - 33rd Hilton Head Island Firecracker 5K Run, 8am (Shelter Cove Community Park); $25/Kids 5K Run (12-under), $30/Adult 5K Run; Add $5 late fee on all entries after 6/27 - $10 on 7/4. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520, bfs@hargray. com, July 4, Mount Pleasant - The I’On Club Firecracker 5K Race/ Trail Run, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Mount Pleasant - Firecracker 4 Miler, 8:30am. Info: July 4, Myrtle Beach - Independence Day 8K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: (843)267-7443, July 8, Columbia - XTERRA Harbison Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:10am. Info: Victoria Seahorn (404)421-3231, July 12, Charleston - Race the Landing 5K Race Series, Kids FR 6:15pm; 5K Run/Walk 7pm. Info: Lisa Deaton (843)224-7878, July 14, Travelers Rest - Carolina Reaper Marathon & Half Marathon, Carolina Reaper (10 x 2.62), 2pm; Ghost Pepper (5 2.62), 5:20pm; Habenero (1 x 2.62), 8pm. Info: July 21, Gaffney - SC Peach Festival Road Race, 5K Run, 5K Walk, 10K Run & Kids Run; 7:30am. Info: Shannon Wylie (864)4871586, July 21, Greenville - Tiger Trail 5K, 8am. Info:

July 21, Isle of Palms - Isle of Palms Beach Run, 5K/10K Run or 5K Walk; 8am; $30 by 6/ 15, after 6/15 $35. Info: Aaron Sweet, IOP Rec. Dept. Recreation Supervisor, #24 28th Ave., Isle of Palms, SC 29451; Aaron Sweet (843)886-8294,, July 28, Columbia - Guardians of the Night K-9 5K, 10:30pm. Info: Kevin Hoover (803)309-9413, July 28, Pickens - AnMed Health Cannon Doddle Trail 15K Challenge, 7:15am; 5K Trail Run, 8am. Info: Peter Schriver (864)9796636. July 26, Daniel Island - Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K Series, 6:30pm. Info: (864)279-3232, Aug. 4, Columbia - Hot Summer’s Night 5K, 7pm. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, Aug. 4, Lexington - Sweet Baby O 5K, 8am. Info: Allison Caldwell (803)528-0740, Aug. 11, Columbia - 811 Run 5K, 8:11am. Info: Misty Wise (803)939-1117, Aug. 11, Prosperity - Prosperity Hoppin Run, 5K Run & 2K Walk, 8am. Info: Karen Livingston (803)364-2622, Aug. 11, Spartanburg - Ready for Fall 5K, 9am. Info: Cody Ellison (864)431-8193. Aug. 18, Bluffton - Bobcat Scorcher 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 23, Daniel Island - Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K Series, 6:30pm. Info: (864)279-3232,

Aug. 24, Anderson - The Peoples Bank Midnight Flight, 1 Mile 8:15pm; 5K 9pm; 10K 10pm; Anderson Area YMCA; Running Journal Grand Prix Event; $20/1 Mile, $25/5K or 10K, $40/1 Mile & 5K, 1 Mile & 10K or 5K & 10K; $45/1 Mile, 5K & 10K. Info: (864)7166809;, https:// distance-running-races/the-peoples-bank41st-annual-midnight-flight-2018. See Ad page 13. Aug. 25, Columbia - The Goliath Obstacle Course, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: John Johnston (803)331-3873, Aug. 25, Greenville - Run The South Greenville Half Marathon, 7am; 10K & 5K, 7:15am. Info: (704)893-3800, Aug. 25, Summerville - Race for the Ark 5K, 7:45am. Info: (843)832-2357,

Sept. 1, Chapin - Justin Pepper 5K Walk/Run/Ruck, 8am. Info: Kari Pepper Mckeone (803)932-2222, Sept. 3, Columbia - Labor Day 5 Mile & Team Relay, 7am. Info: Selwyn Blake (803)799-4786, Sept. 3, Daniel Island - Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K Series, 6:30pm. Info: (864)279-3232, Sept. 8, Charleston - Dirt Dash Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K & 5K, 8:30am. Info: (843)478-1779, Sept. 8, Daniel Island - 9/11 Heroes Run 5K, 9am. Info: (843)597-9240, Sept. 8, Mt. Pleasant - Hope for Haiti 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 11, West Columbia - 9:11 Run For Our Troops 5K, 6:30pm. Info: (803)814-5858, Sept. 14, Columbia - Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5K South Carolina, 7pm. Info: Eggplant Events Production (803)6001800, Sept. 15, Camden - Springdale 5K, 8am. Info: Nicholas Julian (803)432-0951, Sept. 15, Lake Wylie - C2 Obstacle Trail Run, 3 Mile & 1 Mile Obstacle courses; 3 Mile individual 8am; 3 Mile teams 8:15am; Youth 1 Mile 9:15am. Info: Sept. 15, Sumter - Forrest Ray Classic 5K, 8am. Info: Robert Harden (803)775-4926, Sept. 22, Irmo - Lake Murray Dam Run 10K, 7:30am. Info: (803)799-4786, Sept. 29, Columbia - Rooster Run 5K, 7am. Info: Evan Costner (704)712-1802, Sept. 29, Columbia - Superhero 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 100m Kids Dash, 10am. Info: Alexis Scurry (803)439-5761, Sept. 29, Columbia - WIL to Run, 5K Fun Run/Walk; 8:30am. Info: Sept. 29, Isle of Palms - Citadel Brigadier Foundation 5K Run/ Walk, 7:30am; Kid’s Run, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 29, N. Charleston - Lowcountry Teal Diva 5K for Ovarian & Other Gyn (K)ancers, 9:30am. Info:

Oct. 20-21, Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, Half Marathon 7am on 10/ 21; Coastal 5K 7:30am & Doggie Dash, 8:45am on 10/20; $90/Half, $35/5K 5/16-8/ 15; $25/Doggie Dash 5/16-10/18; Save 10% with Code RJ2018 (valid through 10/18 for Half Marathon & 5K). Info: Continental Event & Sports Management Group, LLC, www.runmyrtle See Ad page 7. Oct. 27, Georgetown - 8th Annual Historic Georgetown Bridge2Bridge Half Marathon & 12K, 7:30am; 5K Run/Walk; 7:45am; Adult: $75/13.1, $65/12K, $30/5K until 10/25; Youth (Under 18): $60/13.1, $50/12K, $25/5K until 10/25. Info: gtownbridge2bridgerun@,

TENNESSEE July 3, Knoxville - Pilot Fireball Moonlight Classic, 5K 9pm; Kids Mile 8pm. Info: July 3, Memphis - Memphis Stars & Stripes 5K, 7pm. Info: (901)274-2202, July 4, Farragut - Farragut Freedom Run 1 Mile & 2 Mile, 9am. Info: (865)675-3338, July 4, Nashville - Music City Four on the 4th, 4 Mile 7am. Info: What Do You Run For (615)517-8477, July 4, Nashville - Run2Liv Firecracker 5000 In Memory of Peter Pressman, 5K Run, 1K Kids FR; 7am. Info: (615)958-2282, July 4, Sweetwater - One Nation Under God - Independence Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 7, Knoxville - RunKNOX Sunflower Run, 7am. Info: July 7, Smithville - Fiddler 5K, & 1 Mile FR, 7am. Info: (615)597-7370, July 7-8, Chattanooga - Burn Your Half Off, Half Marathon, Double Half Marathon (Marathon), 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: July 8, Knoxville - Beatin’ a Hastie Retreat, 10 Mile Trail 8am; Kids Race 7:30am. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718, July 14, Kingsport - Ballad Health & Niswonger Children’s Hospital Crazy 8s 8K Run, 8:58pm; 3K Run/Walk, 7:58pm; Little 8s & Special 8s age group races, 6:58pm. Info: (423)963-1046, July 14, Knoxville - Carter Mill 10K Splash, 7:30am. Info: July 14, Memphis - Hope 5K, 7am. Info: (901)755-7721, July 14, Woodbury - Take a Walk in My Shoes, 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: July 15, Fairview - Nashville Running Company’s Bowie 6 Miler, 8am. Info: (615)228-9191, July 15, Memphis - MRTC Road Race Series 1st 5K, 7am. Info: July 17, Kingsport - Wolf Run, 7 Mile Trail Race; 6:30pm. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4812 (w), July 21, Chattanooga - Scenic City Scorcher 2 Mile Race, 7:30am. Info: July 21, Knoxville - Moonlight Bootlegger 5K, 9pm. Info: Trivium Racing (313)304-0903, July 21, Memphis - Run 4 Fun 5K Stop The Violence, 7am. Info: JoAnn Lewis (901)830-4180, July 21, Pigeon Forge - Titanic Color Run, 7:30am. Info: Christina Swemly (865)603-7319; (800)381-7670. July 28, Erwin - BlueDevil 5K & 3K, 8:30am. Info: John Keasling (423)220-6257, July 28, Greeneville - Greene County Schools/Horace Mann Lace up for Literacy 5K, 7:30am. Info: Kristi Wallin (423)639-4194, July 28, Knoxville - Hope for Haiti 5K, 8:30am. Info: Courtney Bell Guider (865)964-1427, July 28, Morristown - XTERRA Panther Creek Trail Run, Half Marathon & 4.2 Mile; 8am. Info: July 28, Sevierville - Smokies Trot 5K, 8am. Info: July 29, Memphis - MRTC Road Race Series 2nd 5K, 7am. Info: Aug. 4, Bristol - The Pinnacle 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kid’s 1/2 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, Chattanooga - Still Hollow Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4, Knoxville - Back to School Kids 1 Mile Race, 8am. Info: Muna Rodriguez-Taylor (865)567-0358, Aug. 4, Maryville - Scholars Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:45am. Info: Aug. 4, Memphis - Miles For Melanoma 5K, 8am. Info: Aug. 4, Pigeon Forge - Pigeon Forge Midnight 8K Road Race, 11:59pm. Info: Aug. 4, Smyrna - Smyrna Parks 5K Challenge & Monty Mile, 7:30am. Info: Marty Smith (615)459-9773, Aug. 5, Brentwood - UpStander 5K, 9am. Info: Aug. 5, Cookeville - Blister in the Sun Marathon, 7am. Info: Josh Hite (931)265-3969, Aug. 7, Kingsport - Duck Island Summer Mile: Kids & Adults, 6:30pm/Girl’s Mile, 6:45pm/Boy’s Mile, 7:05pm/Adult Mile. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335 (c), Aug. 10, Johnson City - Fit4Life Glow Run 5K, 8pm. Info: The Goose Chase (423)946-0519, Aug. 11, Chattanooga - Missionary Ridge Road Race, 4.7 Miles; 8am. Info: Aug. 11, Jonesborough - Pioneer Pride 5K Glow Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: Aug. 11, Knoxville - Butterfly Dash & Burger Dash, 10K 8:15am; 5K 9am. Info: Christina Harrill (865)541-8668, Aug. 11, Memphis - Elvis Presley 5K Run, 8am. Info: Kelly Burrow (901)761-4277, Aug. 11, Oak Ridge - Haw Ridge Trail Race, 6.7 Mile 5:30pm; Kids Race 5pm. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718, Aug. 12, Bartlett - MRTC Road Race Series 1st 5 Miles, 7am. Info: Aug. 18, Gatlinburg - Reach Out 5K Color Run, 9am. Info: Amanda Perryman (865)661-0685, Aug. 18, Greeneville - Greene County YMCA 5K Run, 8am. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335, Aug. 18, Memphis - Memphis Runs for Autism 5K, 8am. Info: (901)274-2202, Aug. 18, Munford - Celebrate Munford 5K Run, Roll & Stroll, 8am. Info: DJ Watson (901)484-7113, Aug. 19, Nashville - The Stroller Run 5K & Mom Expo, 9:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Church Hill - Church Hill Medical Missions Flamingo 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (423)256-2408, Aug. 25, Erwin - Hope Glo 2 Mile Run, 9pm. Info: Tammy Callahan (423)571-3945, Aug. 25, Jackson - Let Love Glow 5K and Fun Run, 7:30pm. Info: Erin Holcomb (731)609-1864, Aug. 25, Lenoir City - Cancer Kicking 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Maryville - Rebel Run, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Aug. 25, Memphis - Forrest Spence 5K, 8am; 100yd. dash (8under), 9am; 1 Mile FR for Kids (12-under), 9:05am. Info: (901)2742202, Aug. 25, Milan - Dawg Daze 5K 8am; Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Robin Robbins (731)694-8650, Aug. 25, Nashville - Back in the Day K, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk; 6:50am. Info: Aug. 25, Nashville - It’s Just a Nashville 10K, 7am. Info: Aug. 26, Bartlett - MRTC Road Race Series 2nd 5 Miles, 7am. Info: Sept. 1, Bristol - Summer’s End 5K & Back to School Mile, 8:55am/2 Mile Walk, 9am/5K Run, 9:05am/Youth Mile Run. Info: Eric Reecher (423)956-1957, Sept. 1, Chattanooga - CHI Memorial Scenic City Mud Run, 5K w/obstacles; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 1, Memphis - Q 4-Mile Run/Walk, 9am. Info: C Smith (901)438-2223, Sept. 1, Pigeon Forge - Kickin’ Chicken 5K Race & Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Clyde Cummins - Sept. 3, Franklin - Franklin Classic, 10K Run, 7am (wheelchair 6:55am); 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; 1K Kid’s FR, 9:30am. Info: Rachel McQuiddy (615)790-0567 (x235), Sept. 8, Baileyton - Baileyton Celebration 5K Road Race, 6pm. Info: Ms. Diane McAmis (423)234-7702 (h), (423)823-1583 (c). Sept. 8, Chattanooga - Run4Love 5K, 8am. Info: Susan Mathews (423)402-0607, Sept. 8, Germantown - MOSD 5K Race, 7:30am. Info: Brittany Pellegra (901)484-1613, Sept. 8, Leipers Fork - Leiper’s Fork Heroes 6K, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Nashville - Steps of Success 5K, 1 Mile Family FR/Walk,

8am. Info: Demetrius Short (615)997-6841, Sept. 8, Townsend - Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Salem Stanley (949)295-3302, Sept. 9, Chattanooga - Run of Honor 8K, 8am; 1 Mile to follow. Info: Stacey Malecky (423)842-6565, Sept. 9, Memphis - MRTC Road Race Series 1st 10K, 7am. Info: Sept. 14, Memphis - Cooper Young Festival Friday 4-Miler, 7pm. Info: (901)272-2922, Sept. 15, Bristol - St. Jude 5K Run/Walk to End Childhood Cancer, 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Corryton - New Balance Fun on the Farm 5K, 5pm; Kids’ Obstacle Course, 4:30pm. Info: Ray Wilson (865)769-1594, Sept. 15, Gainesboro - Run 4 Don - Gainesboro 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Gallatin - Sumner Academy 5K & Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Alison Kanaby - Sept. 15, Jackson - Race Day at Augustine School, 4 Mile Extreme Obstacle, 2 Mile Basic Obstacle, 1 Mile Family Fun Obstacle; 8am. Info: (731)660-6822, Sept. 15, Kingsport - Bays Mountain Trail Race, 15 Mile; 8am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4812 (w), Sept. 15, Knoxville - Marine Mud Run 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 15, Memphis - G.E. Patterson 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Rob Hughes (901)577-2500, Sept. 15, Memphis - West Fight On 5K & 1 Mile Walk, 9am; Bike Rides: 62 mi. 7am; 34 mi. 7:05am; 18 mi., 7:10am. Info: (901)6830055. Sept. 15, Nashville - Hustle For The House 5K, Kathy Dungan 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Amy Southard (615)343-4000, Sept. 16, Bartlett - Stanky Creek 50K & Marathon, 7am; 25K & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 16, Chattanooga - Run For The Fund 5K, 8am. Info: Brenda Faulman (407)936-2494, Sept. 16, Kingsport - Reedy Creek Adventure Run 5K w/ obstacles, 6pm. Info: Amanda (423)765-3123, Sept. 22, Bristol - Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Sept. 22, Chattanooga - Calvary Color Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jamie Colbert (423)762-6984, Sept. 22, Dunlap - Bentley’s Smiles for Miles 5K, 8am. Info: Carie Whitaker (847)709-6316, Sept. 22, Hendersonville - Hendersonville Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Amy Ramsey (615)642-9250, Sept. 22, Johnson City - #BeThere 5K, 8:45am; 2K Walk, 9am. Info: Johnny Carnell (423)737-2391, Sept. 23, Knoxville - Rollin on Rocky Top 5K Run/Walk, 4pm. Info: Angi Lanciano - Sept. 23, Memphis - MRTC Road Race Series 2nd 10K, 7am. Info: Sept. 28, Maryville - Moonlight Mile, 10pm. Info: Sept. 29, Bartlett - Judge Freeman Marr Panther Pride 5K Celebration, 9am. Info: Jim Steinbrecher (901)848-1896, (901)3732620, Sept. 29, Chattanooga - Raccoon Mountain Road Race, 5K/10K Races; 8:30am. Info: Sept. 29, Jackson - The Lemonade 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Debbie Pendergrass (731)300-7181, Sept. 29, Leiper’s Fork - Hillbilly Half & Little Billy 5K, Half Marathon 7am; 5K 7:30am. Info: (615)861-1786. Sept. 29, Memphis - Mark Walden Sickle Cell and Thalassemia 5K, 8am. Info: Michael Jackson (901)552-4267, Sept. 29, Memphis - Miles for Memphis 5K, 9am. Info: Randie Smalley (901)523-7075, Sept. 29, Memphis - Lausanne 5K Run & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Kathryn Gillespie (901)474-1008, Sept. 29, Oneida - Big South Fork Trail Races, 17.5 or 10K Trail Race, 8:30am. Info: Bobby Glenn (865)548-7664, Sept. 29, Unicoi - Pinnacle Trail Challenge & Family Fun Hike, 8:30am. Info: Jeff Linville (423)220-9821, Sept. 30, Johnson City - Bluegrass Half Marathon & Relays, 7:30am. Info: The Goose Chase (423)946-0519, Sept. 30, Memphis - Camp Good Grief 5K, 2pm; 1 Mile Family Fun Walk, 3pm. Info: (901)274-2202,

Oct. 6, Erwin - Unicoi County Apple Festival Road Race, 4 Mile Run & 3K Walk; 8am; $20/ 4 Mile Run, $15/3K Walk by 9/30; after 9/30 $30/4 Mile Run, $25/3K Walk. Info: Frank Cooke, Unicoi County Family YMCA, 601 Love St., Erwin, TN 37650; (423)743-3361,, Dec. 1, Loudon - Run LoCo Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $25/5K; Pre-register deadline 11/30. Info: Michele Lewis, 318 Angel Row, Loudon, TN 37774, (865)458-8749,, RunLOCOMarathonHalfMarathonand5K

VIRGINIA July 1, Fairfax Corner - Freedom 5K, 8am. Info: July 1, Virginia Beach - Tropical Smoothie Cafe 5K, 9am; Jr. Smoothie 1 Mile, 8am. Info: July 2, Glen Allen - RRRC Cul-de-SAC 5K Series #1, 7pm. Info: July 4, Charlottesville - Kiwanis Independence Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Fredericksburg - Heritage Festival 5 Miler, 7:45am. Info: Bob Lang (804)225-1469, July 4, Great Falls - Great Falls Trail Blazers July 4 5K Fun Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: July 4, Lynchburg - Percival’s Island Firecracker 5 Mile Race, 8am. Info: July 4, Midlothian - Patriots 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: July 4, Midlothian - Brandermill 7.4K, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Reston - Firecracker for the Troops 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Roanoke - The HomeTown Bank’s Four on the 4th, 4Mile Run/Walk, 8am; Kids Fun Run, 1/2 Mile, 9am. Info: July 4, Shawsville - Shawsville 5K, 8am. Info: KC Shrader (540)392-1732, July 4, Staunton - Firecracker 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 4, Vienna - Go Fourth 8K Run & Race Walk, 7:30am. Info: Michael Cannon (910)261-8446, July 4, Virginia Beach - Independence Day 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; 1/4 Mile Tot Trot, 8:30am. Info: Mt.Trashmore YMCA (757)456-9622. July 4, Winchester - Liberty 5K & Kids Mile Races; 8am. Info: (540)327-5603, July 4, Yorktown - Yorktown Independence 8K Run/Walk, 8am; 5K Run/Walk, 8:15am. Info: (757)898-4910, July 7, Deltaville - Deltaville 5K, 8:30am; Kids FR, 8am. Info: July 7, Gloucester - Gallopond Gallop 5K, 6pm. Info: Michaela Lee (804)832-0479, July 7, Lexington - Balloons Over Rockbridge 5K, 8am. Info: (770)304-6757, July 7, Newport News - Hell Climb: 10K Run, 7:30am. Info: July 7, Reedville - Reedville Firecracker 5K Fun Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Reedville Fishermen’s Museum (804)453-6529. July 8, Thornburg - Runners: Start Your Engines!, 1 Miler (6-18 yrs.) & 1/5 Mile (5-under). Info: YMCA (540)735-9622, July 9, Glen Allen - RRRC Cul-de-SAC 5K Series #2, 7pm. Info: July 13, Mechanicsville - Papa John’s 4K Pizza Run/Relay, 6pm. Info: (804)365-7150, July 14, Fredericksburg - Downtown Mile for CASA, 6pm/1st heat. Info: Race Timing Unlimited (540)538-0600, July 14, Hampton - Trailzilla Joe-Zilla 5 Miler, 9am. Info: Thea Ganoe (757)272-2927, July 14, Herndon - NWFCU Foundation Neon Night Glow Run, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8:30pm. Info: July 14, Waynesboro - Summer Extravaganza 10K & 5K Race/ Walk, 8am. Info: July 15, Paris - Summer Lovin’ 5K Trail Race, 9am. Info: April Adams (540)550-3597, July 16, Glen Allen - RRRC Cul-de-SAC 5K Series #3, 7pm. Info: July 21, Arlington - Crystal City Twilighter, 8:30pm. Info: Pacers (703)248-6883. July 21, Lynchburg - Virginia Commonwealth Games 5K, 8am. Info: July 21, Winchester - 8K For MS Trail Race, 8:30am. Info: July 21, Wise - Grill Master 5K, 8am. Info: Emily Wells (276)3286194, July 22, Fairfax Corner - Birthday Bash 5K, 8am. Info: July 28, Yorktown - Coast Guard Day 5K, 8:30am. Info: William Hogge (757)856-2132, July 29, Fairfax Corner - Mighty Mile, 8am. Info: Aug. 2, Bristol - Dog Days of Summer Mile, 1 Mile Run or Walk (dogs welcome); 6pm. Info: Aug. 3, Blacksburg - Draper Mile, 6:30pm. Info: George Carter (540)392-4402, Aug. 4, Abingdon - Habitat For Humanity Mud Run 5K, 1pm; Kid’s Mud Run, 12Noon. Info: Aug. 4, Appalachia - Appalachia Railroad Days 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8am; 3 Mile Power Walk, 8:20am. Info: Randy Blair (276)393-9577. Aug. 4, King George - 3 H Trail Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Vic Culp (540)310-4803, Aug. 4, Norfolk - Night Nation Run 5K, 8pm/1st wave. Info: Aug. 4, Portsmouth - Cutter 10K, 7am; Coast Guard 5K, 9am; The Sea Otter 1/4 Mile Dash, 10:30am. Info: Road Rage Events (757)409-1913, Aug. 4, Williamsburg - Scares That Care 5K & Kids 1/2 Mile FR, 7am. Info: Mettle Events (757)373-4174, Aug. 7, Newport News - Tom Ray Memorial Predict Your Time 5 Miler, 6:30pm. Info: Christine Schaffner (757)898-3258, Aug. 11, Christiansburg - SWVA 811 8 Mile & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Perry Patterson (540)605-0301, Aug. 11, Hampton - Transitions 5K, 8:30am. Info: Heidi Olson (757)722-2261,

Running Journal • July, 2018 Aug. 11, Lynchburg - Lynchburg Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: (434)846-7449, Aug. 11, Norfolk - Armed Services YMCA Mud Run 8K, 8:05am; 1 Mile Mini Mud (5-12yr.), 9:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Salem - Salem Distance Run 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Health Focus of SW Virginia (540)444-2925 (x200), Aug. 14, Williamsburg - Lake Matoaka 4.3 Mile Challenge, 6:30pm. Info: Susan Hagel (757)754-4859. Aug. 18, Newport News - Smart Smiles 5K, 8am. Info: Emily Roman (757)223-7204, Aug. 18, Roanoke - Fab 5K, 8am. Info: (540)525-9452, Aug. 18, Virginia Beach - Surfer’s Healing 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 19, Leesburg - Leesburg 20K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Aug. 21, Newport News - Swamp Bridge Run 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Bruce Davis (757)989-0072, Aug. 25, Ashland - Patrick Henry Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, Aug. 25, Fincastle - Camp Bethel PEP! 5K Trail Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Aug. 25, Colonial Heights - TCRR’s Race for the Cause 5K Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: Brenda Beck (804)691-6672, Aug. 25, Suffolk - Lake Prince Woods 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run/ Walk, 8:15am. Info: Kelly Stewart (828)234-6065, Aug. 26, Reston - South Lakes 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 1, Duffield - Duffield Daze 5K, 7am. Info: Lisa Rhoton (276)431-2631 or (276)594-2247, Sept. 1, Roanoke - Roanoke River 8K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Jeremy Woods (540)589-3212,

Sept. 1-2, Virginia Beach — Humana Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon (Sunday, Sept. 2), 7am; plus 5K 7am and mile 8:30am (Saturday, Sept. 1). Info: virginia-beach. See Ad page 24. Sept. 3, Coeburn - Finer Miner 5K Run, 8am. Info: Donna Salyer (276)395-3766 or Eric Salyer (276)219-5871. Sept. 3, Fairfax Corner - Great American 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 8, Charlottesville - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Chesapeake - 9.11 Mile Freedom Run, 5K & Patriot Charge, 8am. Info: (757)382-2879. Sept. 8, Millboro - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Mile 7am; Marathon 8:30am; Half Marathon 10am; 6 Miler 11:30am. Info: Odyssey Adv. Racing (540)444-4422, Sept. 8, Newport News - Run for Achievement 5K, 8am. Info: Michael Garland (757)269-1995, Sept. 8, Richlands - Boys of Fall 5K Color Run, 6pm. Info: Amy Queen (276)963-5370, Sept. 8, Smithfield - Safe House Project Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Carre Sanders (757)769-0631, Sept. 9, Mount Vernon - George Washington Patriot Run, 10K & 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 9:45am. Info: Sept. 9, Virginia Beach - Summer Sizzler 5K & Kids 1 Miler, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 13-16, Front Royal - Shenandoah Tough Adventure Race, 3.5 day race, covers 250 miles; teams of 2, 3 & 4. Info: Sept. 14-15, Leesburg - Divas Half Marathon & 5K in DC’s Wine Country, 5K on 9/14, 6:15pm; Half Marathon on 9/15, 7:30am. Info:, Sept. 15, Dulles - Dulles Day 5K/10K On the Runway, 5K 7:30am; 10K 7:40am. Info: Sept. 15, Ft. Eustis - Mulberry Island Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Kellie Jorgensen (757)878-2097, Sept. 15, Midlothian - Jenny Stevens Memorial 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sept. 15, Reston - Susco 8K Run & 2K Walk, 8:3am. Info: Sept. 15, Rocky Mount - Eagle Strut 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Fairfax Corner - Mighty Mile, 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Fairfax Station - Run With WIFLE Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 16, Fredericksburg - Owen Lea Foundation Waffie Run & Walk, 5K, 10K & Tail Chase for Kids; 7:30am. Info: (703)652-4884, Sept. 16, Warrenton - Bodies in Motion 5K, 10K, & Fun Run; 8am. Info: Jill Smith -, http:// Sept. 22, Aldie - The Trail Mix, Half Marathon 8am; 10K 8:10am; 5K 8:20am; Mountain Bike Races 12pm. Info: Sept. 22, Chantilly - Becky Epton Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 22, Newport News - Race for Hope 5K & 8K, 8am. Info: Saffiatu Harper (757)358-7648, Sept. 22, Norfolk - Heart of Ghent 10K, Maury 5K & Children’s Run 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Mettle Events (757)373-4174, Sept. 22, Rixeyville - CAYA Run For Your Life 5K Cross Country, 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Salem - Amplify 5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 23, Blacksburg - Hokie Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: George Carter (540)392-4402,

Sept. 23, Fairfax Corners - 4th Annual Survive the 5 - 5K Charity Run/Walk, 8am; $25 thru 7/22, $30 7/23-8/22, $35 from 8/23 thru Race Day. Info: Robin Thompson (703)968-0975,, Sept. 23, Reston - We’ve Got Your Back 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8:45am. Info: Sept. 29, Hampton - Race for the Music 5K, 8:30am. Info: Rick Allison (757)850-5018,

Sept. 29, Lynchburg - Genworth Virginia 10 Miler & 4 Miler, 8am; 10 Mile: $50 by 5/1-8/ 1, $65 8/2-9/26, $100 9/27-29; 4 Miler: $35 5/18/1, $45 8/2-9/26, $75 9/27-29. Info: Jeff Fedorko, POB 982, Lynchburg, VA 24505;, https:// Sept. 30, Bristow - Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:20am. Info: Sept. 30, Reston - Perfect 10, 10 Mile & 10K, 8am. Info: Oct. 6-7, Hampton - The Neighborhood Harvest Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon & 5K, 10/6: 5K, 8am; Kids 1K 9:30am; 10/7: Half Marathon 7:30am. Shell Yeah Challenge (run both the 5K & Half Marathon). Info: J&A Racing (757)412-1056,, Nov. 17-18, Norfolk - Chartway Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon and We Promise Foundation 5K, 11/17: 5K 8am; Kids 1 Mile 9:30am; 11/18: Half Marathon & Relay 7:30am; Get Nauti Challenge (run both the 5K & Half Marathon). Info: Kate Napolitano (757)4121056,,

WASHINGTON, DC July 1, Washington, DC - Freedom 10 Miler, 8am; 10K, 8:15am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Bishop Events (540)842-5618, Sept. 8, Washington, DC - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am/non-competitive start; 9am/competitive start. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Sept. 15, Washington, DC - Race to Beat Cancer 5K, 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Washington, DC - Navy-Air Force Half Marathon & 5 Miler, 7am. Info:, Sept. 30, Washington, DC - Navy Mile On Pennsylvania Avenue, 8am/1st heat. Info:

WEST VIRGINIA July 4, Chester - Freedom Run 5K, 9am. Info: July 4, Hurricane - Valley Park Stars and Stripes 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Morgantown - Morgantown Running 4 on the 4th, 4 Mile Run/Walk, 8:30am; 1 Mile Kids Run, 9:30am. Info: (304)241-5223, July 13, Morgantown - Jim Dunn Memorial Scholarship Twilight 5 Miler, 7pm. Info: Mike Mosser (304)685-9126, July 14, West Union - Running by Faith 5K, 9am. Info: July 21, Durbin - Durbin Days Backroad 5K Run/Walk. Info: July 21, Morgantown - Avery UMC 5K Fun Run & Walk, 8:30am. Info: July 27, Fairmont - Run to Read 5K, 7pm. Info: July 28, Charleston - Cato Challenge 5 Mile Trail Run, 8am. Info: July 28, Harpers Ferry - Miner’s Lady 8 Hour Endurance Race, 6am. Info: For Love of Children (304)582-0748, Aug. 4, Ona - Kanawha Trace 50K, 25K, 10K Trail Run, 50K 7:30am; 25K & 10K 9:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Marlinton - Watoga State Park Mountain Trail Challenge, Half Marathon & 5K; 8:30am. Info: David Elliott (304)497-3526, Aug. 17, Morgantown - Rush Run 5K Run/Walk, 7pm; miniRush for Kids, 6pm. Info: Aug. 18, Chester - Coach Dick Bryan Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: Aug. 18, Parkersburg - Parkersburg News and Sentinel Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Sept. 1, Charleston - Charleston Distance Run, 15 Mile Run & 3-Person Relay; 5K Run/Walk; 7:30am; Kids Runs on 8/31. Info: John Palmer (304)345-5433,, Sept. 9, Helvetia - Helvetia 10K Mountain Run & 2 Mile Walk, 9am; Kids FR, 8:45am. Info: Sept. 29, Clarksburg - FBI Jerry Dove Memorial 5K & Kids-K (50 & 100yd. dash), 9am. Info: Sept. 29, Keyser - Barnum Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info:

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Sept. 29, New Cumberland - OGHS PE River Fest 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info:

TRACK & FIELD July 5, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 5, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, July 10, Jonesborough, TN - State of Franklin Club Summer Track Meet #4, Adults: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1 mile: Youth: 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1 mile, 100m hurdles, long jump; 6:30pm. Info: Donna Bays - July 12, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 6, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, July 18, Richmond, VA - RRRC Summer Track Series, Mile, 100m, 4x800m Relay, PYT Mile; 6:30pm/1st event. Info: July 19, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 7, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, July 26, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 8, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, Aug. 1, Richmond, VA - RRRC Summer Track Series, 800m, 8K Relay (4x400m), PYT Mile; 6:30pm/1st event. Info: Aug. 4, Whites Creek, TN (White Creek HS) - Masters Fall Classic, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Hammer. Info: Shawn Johnson (615)582-9713,

MULTI-SPORTS (Included in the Multi-sports calendar are single swimming and cycling events). July 1, New Roads, LA - Freedom Fest Triathlon, S-400m, B10 mi., R-2 mi.; Duathlon, R-2 mi., B-10 mi., R-2 mi.; 7:15am. Info: July 6, Santa Rosa, FL - RUN/SUP Summer Race Series, Trail Run-1 mi., Paddle Board-1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (850)231-0469, July 7, Marianna, FL - Freedom Springs Triathlon, S-0.25 mi, B-10 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: July 7, Perryville, MD - Diamond in the Rough Triathlon Festival, Tri: S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K; Du: R-5K, B-40K, R-10K; 7am. Info: July 7, Charlotte, NC - XTERRA Whitewater Triathlon, S-1K, Mtn. Bike-23K, Trail Run-8K; 8am. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)3913900, July 7, Knoxville, TN - Tour de Rocky Top, 31, 50, 65 & 85 mile bike routes; 7:30am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-3618, July 8, Fletcher, NC - LPC Retro Throwback Triathlon, S200yd., B-17.5 mi., R-5K, 8am; Kids Splasn N’ Dash, 10:30am. Info: iDaph Events (828)684-0812, July 8, James Island, SC - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Race 3, S-.3 m., B-12 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: July 8, Blacksburg, VA - Kids in Training Youth Triathlon, 8am. Info: July 13, Santa Rosa, FL - RUN/SUP Summer Race Series, Trail Run-1 mi., Paddle Board-1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (850)231-0469, July 14, Clermont, FL - Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #2, 7am. Info: (352)394-1320, July 14, Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Triathlon Olympic & Sprint 3 Race Series (Race 2), Sprint: S-0.25 mi., B-16 mi., R-5K; Olympic: S-1.5K, B-30K, R-10K; 7am/1st wave. Info: (352)6372475, July 14, Bay Saint Louis, MS - Bring It To The Bay Triathlon, S800yd., B-14.5 mi, R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: July 14, Meridian, MS - Sunfish Triathlon, S-1/3 mi., B-17 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: Lora Kennedy (601)938-0120, July 14, Charlotte, NC - Tri! Ballantyne, S-300yd. Pool, B-12.7 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Morrison Family YMCA (704)716-4650, July 14, Paris, TN - Paris Tennessee Sprint Triathlon, S-500m, B-14 mi., R-3 mi.; 7am. Info: (901)274-2202, July 14-15, Colonial Beach, VA - Colonial Beach Triathlon Festival, 7/14: Sprint - S-750m, B-14 mi., R-5K, 6:50am; 7/15: Olympic - S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K, 6:50am. info: July 20, Santa Rosa, FL - RUN/SUP Summer Race Series, Trail Run-1 mi., Paddle Board-1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (850)231-0469, July 21, Forrest City, AR - Mighty Mite Triathlon, S-1/3 mi., B13 mi., R-3 mi.; 8am. Info: (901)274-2202, July 21, Jonesboro, AR - St. Bernards Ride For Your Ribbon, 25, 50 Mile Road Rides; 7am. Info: Allison Lampkin (870)9190631, July 21, St. Petersburg, FL - Tom Gun Triathlon, S-1/4 mi., B10 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Duathlon - R-1.5 mi., B-10 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Race Hawk (727)420-4666. July 21, Clarkesville, GA - Chopped Oak Sprint & Super Sprint Triathlon, Sprint: S-400yd., B-16 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Super Sprint: S250yd., B-8 mi., R-2.25 mi.; Kids Team Challenges (5 categories); 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, July 21, Dalton, GA - Run for God - Dalton Parks Super Sprint Triathlon, Adult: S-300m, B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; 9-15yrs.: S-150m, B4 mi., R-1 mi.; 6-8 yrs.: S-50m, B-2 mi., R-1/2 mi.; 7am. Info: July 21, Sunshine, LA - Rocketchix with a Sole Tri - Women Only Triathlon/Duathlon, Tri: S-300m, B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; Du: R- 2 mi., B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; 7am. Info:


Running Journal • July, 2018

July 21, Nashville, TN - Eddie Ferrell Music City Triathlon, Sprint: S-300m, B-22.5K, R-5K, 7am; Intermediate: S-1.5K, B-45K, R-10K, 7:30am. Info: (205)595-8633, July 21, Sweetwater TN - Sweetwater Sprint Triathlon, S150yd., B-10 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Muna Rodriguez-Taylor (865)567-0358, July 21, Hampton, VA - Tidewater Sprint Triathlon, S-500m, B10 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: July 21, Arbovale, WV - The Green Bank Swim, Bike, Run! Mini: S-200yds, B-5K, R-2.5K; Half-Sprint: S-400yds., B-10K, R-5K; Sprint: S-800yds., B-20K, R-10K; 9am. Info: Rachel Taylor (304)4564331, July 22, New Orleans, LA - Wild Things Kids Triathlon, 7:30am; S-250yd., B-2.3 mi., R-1/2 mi. (6-8 yr.); S-250 yd., B-4 mi., R-1 mi. (9-11yr.); S-250 yd., B-5.7 mi., R-1.5 mi. (12-14yr.). Info: July 22, Asheville, NC - Asheville Triathlon, S-400m, B-11.6 mi., R-5K; 7:45am. Info: iDaph Events (828)684-0812, July 22, Greenville, NC - Ramblin Rose Greenville Women’s Triathlon, S-250yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: July 22, Nashville, TN - Eddie Ferrell Music City Triathlon, Sprint: S-300m, B-22.5K, R-5K, 7am; Intermediate: S-1.5K, B-45K, R-10K, 7:30am. Info: Faye Yates (615)415-3520,

July 27, Santa Rosa, FL - RUN/SUP Summer Race Series, Trail Run-1 mi., Paddle Board-1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (850)231-0469, July 28, Augusta, GA - Gatorfest Augusta Open Water swim, 3.4 mi. & 1.2 mi.; 7:30am. Info: July 28, Madison, GA - Firefly Super Sprint Triathlon, S-200yd., B-7 mi., R-2 mi.; 7am. Info: July 28, Philadelphia, MS - Heart O’ Dixie Triathlon, S-.5 mi., B27.5 mi., R-7 mi.; 6:30am. Info: July 28, Albemarle, NC - Tour de Elvis 25, 45 & 65 Mile Cycle Tour, 8am. Info: Vac and Dash (704)983-3274, July 28, Charlotte, NC - Amphibious Duathlon, R-5K, Paddle-2K, B-5K; 8am. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)391-3900, July 29, Miami, FL - Huntington’s Disease Triathlon, Sprint: S-.25 mi., B-14 mi., R-3 mi.; Olympic: S-.7 mi., B-21 mi., R-6 mi.; 6:30am. Info: July 29, Augusta, GA - Ride for a Reason - R4R, Bike 56 mi. or 28 mi.; 8am. Info: July 29, James Island, SC - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series Race 4, S-.3 m., B-12 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: July 29, Morristown, TN - XTERRA Panther Creek - Off Road Triathlon, S-800m, B-13 mi., R-4.2 mi.; 8am. Info:

Aug. 3, Guntersville, AL - Mountain Lakes Youth Splash & Dash, 7-10yr.: S-100m, R-1K, 5:30pm; 11-15yr.: S-200m, R-2K, 6pm. Info: (205)595-8633, Aug. 4, Guntersville, AL - Mountain Lakes Triathlon, Sprint: S600yd., B-16.2 mi., R-3 mi., 7am; Endurance: S-1 mi., B-32.4 mi., R-6 mi., 7:30am. Info: (205)595-8633, Aug. 4, Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Triathlon Olympic & Sprint 3 Race Series (Race 3), Sprint: S-0.25 mi., B-16 mi., R-5K; Olympic: S-1.5K, B-30K, R-10K; 7am/1st wave. Info: (352)6372475, Aug. 4, Jupiter, FL - Jupiter Medical Center Loggerhead Triathlon, S-3/8 mi., B-13 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: Aug. 4, Dalton, GA - Chattanooga Century Bike Ride & 5K/10K Run, 8am. Info: Mike Robertson (423)227-1575, Aug. 4, Marietta, GA - East Cobb Triathlons, Olympic: S1000m, B-24.5 mi., R-10K, 7:30am; Sprint: S-400yd., B-16 mi., R5K, 8am; Super Sprint: S-250yd., B-8 mi., R-2.25 mi., 8:30am; Kids Tri: Ages 5-under thru 13 yrs., 10am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Aug. 4, Benton, LA - Ironfish Kids Triathlon, 8am; S-100yd., B5K, R-1K (7-10yr); S-200yd., B-10K, R-2K (11-14yr). Info: Aug. 4, Greenwood, MS - Bikes, Blues and Bayous, 62, 46, 20 & 11 mile routes; 7am. Info: Beth Stevens (662)453-4152, Aug. 4-5, Canton, NC - Logan Half Tri (8/4), S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi., 7am; Logan International Tri (8/5), S-1500m, B-24 mi., R-6.2 mi., 7am; Logan Sprint (8/5), S-500m, B-12 mi., R-3.1 mi., 7:30am. Info: Aug. 4-5, Culpepper, VA - Culpeper Triathlon Festival, 8/4: Gran Fondo - 100 & 62 mi., 7am; 32 mi., 7:30am; 8/5: Olympic - S-1500m, B-24 mi., R-10K, 7:30am; Sprint - S-750m, B-16 mi., R-5K, 8am. Info: Your large, bold calendar listing will be in: Aug. 5, Sarasota, FL - Siesta Sprint Triathlon, One Month: $75. Two Months $130. Sprint - S-1/4 mi., B-11 mi., R-5K; Super Sprint --Running Journal --Digital Running Journal Three Months $165. Three months or - S-50m, B-11 mi., R-1 mi.; Duathlon - R-1 mi., --Racing South Newsletter --Featured Events Newsletter more is an average of just $55 monthly. B-11 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Splash n Dash - S-50m, R--Plus 24 hours a day in the Running.Net website calendar. 250yd. Info: Aug. 5, Benton, LA - Sportspectrum River Cities Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B-18.2 mi., R-5K; Announce your date far in advance to protect your race date. You will get low-cost 7:30am. Info: constant promotion in our monthly print edition, our digital edition, both of our Aug. 5, Chattanooga, TN - Chattanooga Sprint Tri, S-1/4 mi., B-8.5 mi, R-2 mi.; 7am. monthly email newsletters, plus the website. Info: Aug. 5, Williamsburg, VA - Virginia Duathlon, Option 1 - Super listings in BOLD, LARGE TYPE in Running Journal and our digital edition, bold 24 hours a day in your state R-5K, B-24 mi., R-5K; 8am. Info: Info: Mettle Events (757)373-4174, calendar section on Running.Net, bold in our twice-monthly Racing South Newsletter links to your bold listing in your state's calendar section on our website. We promote your race in five multimedia venues every month. Aug. 11, Clermont, FL - Cool Sommer Option 2 - Free basic listings in regular type. Add a live link to your race website, $20 monthly. Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #3, 7am. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, Aug. 11, Savannah, GA - Skidaway Island DEADLINES: August issue is July 9; September issue is August 6. Sprint Triathlon at The Landings Club, S-250m, Option 1 B-18K, R-5K; 8am. Info: Name of race: Race Date: Aug. 11, Scott, LA - Tour De Scott Triathlon, S-300m, B-13 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Dustin Distances(s): Location (City/State): Lamartina (337)288-8151, Aug. 11, West Jefferson, NC - Blue Ridge Starting Time(s): **Racewalk div. ** Wheelchair div. **Competitive Divisions (Distance) (Distance) Brutal, Bike: 102, 72 or 56 Miles; 8am. Info: (336)846-2787. Pre-regis. deadline: Late Fees: Entry Fees (early): Aug. 11, High Point, NC - High Point Sprint Triathlon, S-500m, B-12.4 mi., R-5K; 7:45am. Contact: Info: Aug. 11, Erwin, TN - Unicoi County Family City: State: Zip: Address: YMCA Triathlon, S-1/4 mi. pool, B-8.2 mi., R-2.1 mi.; 8am. Info: Frank Cooke (423)743-3361, Phone: ( ) Contact person: Aug. 11, Abingdon, VA - Iron Nut Sprint E-mail Address: Triathlon, S-1/4 mi., B-18 mi., R-5K, 8am; Youth Splash & Dash, 11am. Info: Coomes Rec. Center (276)623-5279, Web site address: Aug. 12, James Island, SC - Charleston List publication months for Option 1 Sprint Triathlon Series Race 5, S-.3 m., B-12 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: Option 2 Aug. 12, Midlothian, VA - Pink Power Triathlon, S-400m, B-11.4 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: Name of race: Race Date: Aug. 18, Auburn, AL - XTERRA Auburn OffDistances(s): Location (City/State): Road Triathlon, S-750m, B-10 mi., Run-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Contact person: Starting Time(s): Aug. 18, Flowery Branch, GA - Kid Fit Triathlon, Swim/Bike/Run; 7:30am. Info: Lowell Email Address: Phone: ( ) Starr (770)633-5511, Aug. 18, Lafayette, LA - MPCS Triathlon, SAdd Website Address ($20 per month for Live Link): 200yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 7am. Info: Easy Web registration: or, fill out form and fax to 423-638-3328. Aug. 18, Columbus, MS - Possum Town Triathlon, S-600 yd., B-17 mi., R-3.3 mi.; 7am. Send checks to (payable in advance or charge my credit card): Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville,TN 37744. Info: (662)574-5539, Need help? or call (423) 638-4177. Aug. 18, Kosciusko, MS - Little Mountain Visa/MC/Amex/Disc # Exp. Date TOTAL ($): Ride, 23, 44 or 70 Mile; 7am. Info: Donna Holdiness (662)739-0915, Name of credit card holder: Address: City: State: Zip: Aug. 18, New Albany, MS - Pedaling for Hope on the Tanglewood Trail, 25 mi., 50 mi., & Phone: ( ) Signature: 100K; 8am. Info: Robby Parman (662)842-1891, Aug. 18, Wilson, NC - Wilson Family YMCA

Tell the WORLD about your race and reserve your race date with our Bold Billboard MultiMedia Calendar Listing. Youth Triathlon, Ages 5-17; 4 categories; 8am. Info: David Caudle (252)291-9622, Aug. 18, Butler, TN - Watauga Lake Triathlon, S-1000m, B-35K, R-8K; 8am. Info: Scott Vandiver (828)963-3867, Aug. 18, Pikeville, TN - Tri Fall Creek Falls Olympic & Calfkiller Sprint Triathlon, S-1.5K, B-40K, R-10K or S-.5K, B-22K, R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)271-7535, Aug. 19, Winston-Salem, NC - Ramblin Rose Winston-Salem Women’s Triathlon, S-225yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: Aug. 19, Pikeville, TN - Falls Creek Falls Endurance Triathlon, S-1.2 mi., B-65K, R-12K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)2717535, Aug. 25, Sardis, MS - Dragon Fly Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B-18 mi., R-4 mi.; 8am. Info: Pam Routh (901)550-2114, Aug. 25, Wiggins, MS - Cultivation Nation Sprint Tri, S-600yd., B-17 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Brandy Maulden (601)716-4439, Aug. 25, Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Youth 7.03 Series Tri, 5 age categories; 4pm. Info: Aug. 25, Pembroke, NC - Tri-Warriors Youth Triathlon, 6-10: S50yds., B-3 mi., R-1 mi.; 11-15: S-100yds., B-6 mi., R-2 mi. Info: Aug. 25, Kingston, TN - Storm the Fort Triathlon, Sprint: S-600 yds., B-17 mi., R-4 mi.; Half: S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-3618, Aug. 25, Lebanon, TN - Cedars of Lebanon State Park Triathlon, S-200yd., B-9.6 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: (205)595-8633, Aug. 26, Bowling Green, KY - Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike, S-400m, B-23K, R-5K; 8am. Info: J.R. Hansbrough (270)791-9437, Aug. 26, North East, MD - North East Triathlon Festival, Tri: S1500m, B-40K, R-10K; Du: R-5K, B-40K, R-10K; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 1, Bentonville, AR - Celebrate Corporate Relay Challenge Sprint Triathlon, S-400m, B-15.7 mi., R-5K; 6:45am. Info: Ruth Sawkins (417)850-9923, Sept. 1, Crystal River, FL - Crystal River Sprint Triathlon 3 Race Series (Race 2), Tri: S-1/4 mi., B-15 mi., R-3 mi.; Du: R-2 mi., B-15 mi., R-3 mi.; Aquabike: S-0.25 mi., B-15 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (352)6372475, Sept. 1, Pass Christian, MS - Yak-A-Du, R-2 mi., Kayak-2 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, Sept. 1, Charlotte, NC - The Dry Tri, Flatwater Paddle-1.25 mi., Mtn. Bike-8 mi., Trail Run-5 mi.; 8am. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)3193900, Sept. 1, Charlotte, NC - Ride! Ballantyne, Bike 30, 46, 63 or 80 Miles; 7:30am. Info: (704)716-4650, Sept. 1, Greensboro, NC - Ridgewood Try a Tri for Hospice, S200m, B-10 mi., R-2 mi.; 9am. Info: Sept. 1, Knoxville, TN - Barley’s Cycling Classic, 31, 50 & 62 mi., & 100 mi. rides; 8am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-3618, Sept. 1, Loudon, TN - Redskin Romp Sprint Triathlon, S150yds., B-10 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 3, Flat Rock, NC - Tour d’ Apple, 100 mi., 100K, 45 mi. & 25 mi.; 8am. Info: iDaph Events - Sept. 8, Gulf Shores, AL - Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon, Sprint: S-300yd., B-12.4 mi., R-2 mi., 7am; Intermediate: S-1.5K, B-40K, R-16 mi., 7:30am. Info: (205)595-8633, Sept. 8, Scottsboro, AL - Frantic Frog Sprint Triathlon, S-400m, B-24K, R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Clermont, FL - Cool Sommer Mornings Triathlon & 5K Series #4, 7am. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, Sept. 8, Mexico Beach, FL - Beach Blast Trriathlon & Duathlon, Olympic: Triathlon - S-0.7 mi., B-25 mi., R-6.2 mi.; Du: R-3.1 mi., B25 mi., R-6.2 mi.; Sprint: Triathlon - S-0.35 mi., B-15 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Du: S-1.2 mi., B-15 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Sept. 8, Tarpon Springs, FL - Tarpon Springs Triathlon & Duathlon, Tri: S-1/4 mi., B10.3 mi., R-5K; Du: R-2K, B-10.3 mi, B5K; 7:30am. Info: Suzanne (727)226-7223, Sept. 8, Venice, FL - Venice Triathlon, S-.25 mi., B-12.1 mi., R3.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Lexington, SC - Dam Swim for Drew on Lake Murray, 2 Mile Open Water, 9am. Info: Karen Campbell (803)360-5038, Sept. 8, Greeneville, TN - Greene County YMCA Sprint Triathlon, 8am. Info: Tasha Ferrell (423)639-6107, Sept. 8, Dublin, VA - Claytor Lake Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike; S-500m, B-12.5 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 8:30am. Info: (540)2303019, Sept. 8-9, Evans, GA - Hot Dam Triathlon Weekend, Olympic (9/ 8): S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K, 7am; Sprint (9/9): S-750m, B-16K, R5K, 7am. Info: Sept. 9, Lake Park, GA - TCT7 - The Clock is Ticking 7 Mile Distance Swim, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 9, Lafayette, LA - CajunMan Triathlon, S-800m, B-20 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 9, Midlothian, VA - Hammerhead Full Aquabike, Full: S2.4 mi., B-112 mi.; Half: S-2.4 mi., B-56 mi. Info: Sept. 15, Sarasota, FL - Life’s A Beach Triathlon, S-200yds., B5 mi., R-2 mi.; Obstacle Challenges; 8am. Info: Sept. 15, Sumrall, MS - Zach Little Memorial Bike Ride & 5K Run, Bike Rides - 13, 28 & 50 Miles, 8am; 5K Run 8:10am. Info: Mary Ann Little (601)543-2763, Sept. 15, Cashiers, NC - Tour de Cashiers, Bike: 100 mi, 62 mi. & 25 mi., 8am; Run: 5K, 8:30am. Info: Tony Hammett (678)653-4773, Sept. 15, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Kids Triathlon, Ages 3-14yrs.; 2pm. Info: Sept. 15, Memphis, TN - West Fight On 5K & 1 Mile Walk, 9am; Bike Rides: 62 mi. 7am; 34 mi. 7:05am; 18 mi., 7:10am. Info: (901)683-0055. Sept. 15, Buchanan, VA - Buchanan Tri, R-2 mi., B-13 mi., Kayak-5 mi.; 2pm. Info: Sept. 15-16, Manteo, NC - Outer Banks Triathlon, 9/15: Half (S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi), 7:30am; Olympic (S-1500m, B40K, R-10K), 7:45am; 9/16: Sprint (S-750m, B-20K, R-5K), 7:30am. Info: (252)255-6273, Sept. 16, Houma, LA - The Macho Man Tri At The Y, S-200yd., B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Dawn Romero (985)873-9622, Sept. 16, Asheville, NC - Asheville Off-Road Series, Duathlon (5K Road Run, 13.25 mi. off-road bike, 5K off-road run), 10K OffRoad Run & Gravel Grinder Bike Events (20, 40 or 60 mile option), 7:45am. Info: iDaph (828)684-0812, Sept. 16, Greensboro, NC - North Carolina State Triathlon Championship, S-800m, B-18 mi, R-5K; 8:30am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Sept. 16, Greenville, NC - Splash 4 Dash Kids Triathlon, 2pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Sept. 16, Huntersville, NC - Ramblin Rose Charlotte Women’s Triathlon, S-250yd., B-9 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: Sept. 16, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Triathlon, S-.7 mi., B-25.1 mi., R-6.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 16, Collierville, TN - Memphis Thunder Racing Kids Triathlon, 7-10yr.: S-100yd., B-5K, R-1K; 11-14yr.: S-200yd., B10K, R-2K; 2pm. Info: Lesley Brainard (901)219-3998, Sept. 16, Knoxville, TN - North Knox Triathlon, S-150yds., B10 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Sept. 22, Mountain Pine, AR - Caddo Bend Paddle Duathlon, Kayak-2 mi., R-4 mi.; 9am. Info: Tony Jenkins (501)815-2383, Sept. 22, Deland, FL - DeLand Family YMCA and Four Townes Family YMCA Kids’ Triathlon, Ages 4-14; 9am. Info: Sept. 22, Gainesville, FL - Kids4Kids Triathlon - Swim/Bike/ Run; Ages 4-18; 8am. Info: Sept. 22, Jacksonville, FL - Up The River Downtown 10K Swim, 8am/1st Wave. Info: (352)637-2475, Sept. 22-23, Lake Anna, VA - Giant Acorn Triathlon Festival, 9/22: Olympic - S-1500m, B-42K, R-10K, 8am; 9/23: Sprint - S750m, B-15.5 mi., R-5K, 9am. Info: Sept. 29, Crystal River, FL - Crystal River Sprint Triathlon 3 Race Series (Race 3), Tri: S-1/4 mi., B-15 mi., R-3 mi.; Du: R-2 mi., B-15 mi., R-3 mi.; Aquabike: S-0.25 mi., B-15 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (352)637-2475, Sept. 30, Rolesville, NC - Tar Heel Youth Triathlon, Ages 610: S-100yd., B-2 mi., R-1K; Ages 11-15: S-200yd., B-4 mi., R2K. Info:

MARATHON July 7-8, Chattanooga, TN - Burn Your Half Off, Half Marathon, Double Half Marathon (Marathon), 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: July 14, Boone, NC - Grandfather Mountain Marathon, 6:30am. Info: John Weaver (828)262-3074, July 14, Travelers Rest, SC - Carolina Reaper Marathon & Half Marathon, Carolina Reaper (10 x 2.62), 2pm; Ghost Pepper (5 2.62), 5:20pm; Habenero (1 x 2.62), 8pm. Info: Aug. 5, Cookeville, TN - Blister in the Sun Marathon, 7am. Info: Josh Hite (931)265-3969, Aug. 25, Ashton, ID - Mesa Falls Marathon, 6:30am; Half Marathon, 8:30am; 10K, 7:30am, 5K, 8am; Kids Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: Dave Jacobson (208)360-9507,, Sept. 2, John’s Creek, GA - Boston Bound Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Sept. 2, Tupelo, MS - Tupelo Marathon & 13.1 Miler, 5am. Info: David Branner - Sept. 8, Charleston, SC - Dirt Dash Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K & 5K, 8:30am. Info: (843)478-1779, Sept. 8, Charlottesville, VA - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Sept. 8, Millboro, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Mile 7am; Marathon 8:30am; Half Marathon 10am; 6 Miler 11:30am. Info: Odyssey Adventure Racing (540)444-4422, Sept. 8, Washington, DC - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am/non-competitive start; 9am/competitive start. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Sept. 16, Bartlett, TN - Stanky Creek 50K & Marathon, 7am; 25K & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 22, Ely, MN - Ely Marathon, 7:30am; Boundary Waters Bank Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Wendy Lindsay (218)2064702, Sept. 26, Cumberland, MD - Brush Tunnell Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info:

Running Journal • July, 2018 Sept. 27, Frostburg, MD - GAP Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 29, Bristol, NH - NH Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K, 9am; 26th Running of the New Hampshire Marathon. Info: Karen Schaffner, 30 N. Main St., Bristol, NH 03222; (603)744-2713,, Sept. 29, Keyser, WV - Barnum Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Sept. 30, Cumberland, MD - Cumberland C&O Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Sept. 30, Hancock, MD - Hancock Marathon & Half Marathon. Info: Oct. 6, Key West, FL - Key West Running Festival Southern Most Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K. Info: (954)213-6699, Oct. 6, Bluefield, WV - Appalachian Series - WV Marathon, Half Marathon, 50K, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 6, Shepherdstown, WV- Freedom’s Run Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8:30am; 10K, 8:50am; 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Crazy Horse, SD - Run Crazy Horse Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 8am; 5K & Kids 1K on 10/6. Info: Emily Wheeler (605)390-6137,,

Oct. 13, Booneville, AR - 50th Annual Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: Booneville Chamber, 210 E. Main, Booneville, AR 72927; Philip Blankenship, Nov. 3-4, Savannah, GA - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2-Person Half Marathon Relay, 7:30am (11/3); 5K & 1 Mile, 1pm-3pm (11/4). Info: Nov. 3, Charlotte, NC - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay, 5K & Kid’s Run; 7am. Info: Nov. 10, Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon, 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265,, Dec. 1, Loudon, TN - Run LoCo Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $25/5K; Pre-register deadline 11/30. Info: Michele Lewis, 318 Angel Row, Loudon, TN 37774, (865)4588749,, Loudon/RunLOCOMarathonHalfMarathonand5K Dec. 8, Huntsville, AL - Rocket City Marathon, 7am. Info: Dwayne (256)226-3556, Dana (256)714-2681,, Dec. 15, Jacksonville, FL - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Doug Alred, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217;, https://

March 17, 2019, Atlanta - Publix Atlanta Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Natalie Demarko, 201 Armour Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324; (404)231-9064 (ext. 128),,

ULTRAS July 14, Frederick, MD - Catoctin 50K Trail Run, 8am. Info: July 21, Perryville, AR - Full Moon 50K, 7pm; 25K, 8pm. Info: Susy Chandler (501)837-3104, July 21, Kennesaw, GA - Maria’s Ultra Summer Spectacular, 26.65 Miler, 6 hrs. & 3 hrs.; 7am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, July 28, Harpers Ferry, WV - Miner’s Lady 8 Hour Endurance Race, 6am. Info: For Love of Children (304)582-0748, July 29, Lithia Springs, GA - Hot to Trot 8 Hour Run, 8am-4pm. Info: Aug. 3-5, Bristol, TN - Holston River Endurance Challenge, 8pm/ 100 mile, 24 hr. & 36 hr. events; 8pm or 8am 3 hr., 6 hr. & 12 hr. events. Info: Aug. 4-5, Shelbyville, KY - 24-Hour Run For Dreams, 24 hr. & 12 hr.; 8am. Info: Tommie Kendall (502)216-0378, Aug. 4, King George, VA - Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K, 6:30am. Info: Vic Culp (540)310-4803, Aug. 4, Ona, WV - Kanawha Trace 50K, 25K, 10K Trail Run, 50K 7:30am; 25K & 10K 9:30am. Info: Aug. 11, Wallingford, KY - Hot Hot Hundred, 10K/100K/100K Relay Trail Races, 8am. Info: Aug. 18, Elizabethtown, KY - Backyard Classic 8 Hr Endurance Trail Run (Individual & Relay), 8am-4pm. Info: (270)401-3490, Sept. 1, Damascus, VA - Iron Mountain Trail Run, 50 Mile 7am; 30 Mile 7:30am; 16 Mile 8am. Info: Sept. 7-8, Asheville, NC - Blue Ridge Relay, 200 Mile Team Running Relay; 5am. Info: Ken Sevensky (336)877-8888, Sept. 8, Sylacauga, AL - Rebecca Mountain 50 Miler, 7:30am.Info: Sept. 8, Millboro, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Mile 7am; Marathon 8:30am; Half Marathon 10am; 6 Miler 11:30am. Info: Odyssey Adventure Racing (540)444-4422,

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Publications ROAD RACE MANAGEMENT DIRECTORY: Over 500 pages of contacts for elite athletes, prize money races, race expos, suppliers, publications, retailers, event management companies and more - anyone who participates in or services the running industry is listed in this indispensable book. $139.00 includes postage and handling. Special elite athlete price is $89. Order from RRM, 4940 Hampden Ln., Ste. 212 (RJ), Bethesda, MD 20814 or at Sept. 15, Summerfield, NC - Doggettville 12 Hour Relay & Ultra Race, 7am-7pm. Info: Sept. 15, Triangle, VA - 12-Hour Adventure Trail Run, 6am. Info: Sept. 16, Bartlett, TN - Stanky Creek 50K & Marathon, 7am; 25K & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Sept. 22, Lakeland, FL - Tick Tock Ultra, 12 Hour & 12 Hour 5Person Relay & 6 Hour, 7am. Info: Sept. 22, Morganton, NC - Table Rock Ultras, 50K 7am; 30K 7:30am. Info: Sept. 28-29, Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC - Reebok Ragnar Relay, 200 Mile, 5am. Info: Customer Service (801)4995024, Sept. 29, Blue Ridge, GA - Tortoise and the Hare 50K/30K Ultra, 6am. Info: Toni McAlister (678)400-9050, Sept. 29, Morristown, TN - The Dirt Circuit - Endurance Trail Runs, 12 Hour & 24 Hour; Solo & Relays; 8am (all races); 12 Hour Night, 8pm. Info: Sept. 29-30, Pelham, AL - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info: Sept. 29-30, Rockingham, NC - Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic, 8am. Info: Oct. 5-6, Fort Mill, SC - Ragnar Trail Carolinas-SC Relay, 120 mi.; 9am. Info: Customer Service (801)499-5024, Oct. 5-7, Swoope, VA - Grindstone 100, 101.85 mi.; 6pm. Info: Oct. 6, Brooksville, FL - John Holmes 50K, 7am; 16 mi. & 9 mi., 8am. Info: Jim Hartnett (813)232-5200, Oct. 6, Kennesaw to Ringgold, GA - General 100, 100 Miles, 4 or 7 Person Team. Info: Oct. 6, Chattanooga, TN - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, 7:30am; 10 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 6-7, Ouachita National Forest, AR - Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile, 6am. Info: Thomas Chapin (501)231-0535, Oct. 13, Charlotte, NC - WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon, 50 Mile, 5am; 50K, 6am. Info: Oct. 13, Danbury, NC - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50 Miles, 6am; 50K, 7:45am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Oct. 13, Fries, VA - New River Trail 50K, 8am; 25K, 9am. Info: Oct. 13, Pamplin, VA - High Bridge Ultra 50K, 8am; 25K, 9am. Info: (540)230-3019, Oct. 19-21, Alabaster, AL - The Endless Mile & Endless Mile Relay, 10/19: 48 Hour Race & Relay, 9am; 10/20: 24 Hour & 12 Hour Race & Relay, 6 Hour Race, 9am. Info: Oct. 20, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lake Trail Races, 40K & 40 Mile & Relay, Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 20, Greenville, SC - Paris Mountain Ultra 50K, 7:30am; 25K, 9am. Info: Oct. 20, Pocahontas, TN - Walking Tall 50K, 7am; 25K, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Apalachicola Bay, FL - Running for the Bay, Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K; 7:15am/all races. Info:


THE SIX SEASONS OF A RUNNER’S LIFE. By Walt Esser, 128 pgs. A must read for any runner who wants to continue to be competitive as one moves up to the next age group. Physiological changes are discussed and training tips are provided for runners who want to continue to run strong and stay healthy throughout their lives. To order your copy, send $14.95 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http:// ✺✺✺ SEE MOM RUN. By Karen Douglass Thom. Illustrated by Lilly Golden, 32 pgs. The first children's book about running. To order your copy, send $15 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http://shoppingcart. ✺✺✺ FIRST MARATHONS: Personal Encounters with the 26.2-Mile Monster. Collected stories of 37 runners, famous and unknown, all of whom went the distance. Edited by Gail Waesche Kislevitz. Available from Running Journal for $22/hardback, $15/paperback (include S/H). Order online - secure server at http://

Quilts T-QUILTS: Make your own T-Quilt from your race T-shirts with this easy-to-follow pattern and detailed instructions. Just $7.95 plus $2.50 S/H to T-Quilts, c/o Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Order online - http:// shoppingcart. Oct. 21, Palm Coast, FL - Jack’s 50K, 30K & 10K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8572, Oct. 28, Powhatan, VA - Piedmont 8 Hour Ultra Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 17, Boonsboro, MD - JFK 50 Mile, 6:30am. Info: Mike Spinnler (301)739-7004,,

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