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Running Journal • November, 2017


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On the Cover: Brent Ewing (#5962) was first and Alexander-Macias second at the Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival Open 10K in Fayetteville, AR, on Sept. 30. Photo by Megan Sebeck

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Grand Prix rules Grand Prix points will only be awarded to runners residing in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC, at the time of the competition. Double Grand Prix points will be awarded at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL. In each half marathon, 25 bonus points will be awarded to each runner scoring in that race. Awards will be presented to the top 3 overall male and female finishers, top 3 male and female masters, grand masters, senior grandmasters, and veterans. Points will be awarded in each race as follows: -- Top 20 males and females overall. -- Top 8 male and female masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59) senior grand masters (60-69), and veterans (70-over)

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Just Breathe (and be careful) My wife and I had the opportunity to spend a week in Colorado. The first four days we stayed with our friends Kelly and Joe who have a log cabin on a mountain in Conifer at an elevation of 9,700 feet. The first night Joe offered me a beer and an accompanying glass of water I was told I would need to offset the effects of drinking a beer for the first time at that elevation. Initially I laughed to myself because it felt like drinking a beer with training wheels, but in time I realized it was a necessity because for the next 24 hours it felt like my head was wedged inside of a vice. That was nothing compared to the next morning when Kelly and I went for a run … and my lungs felt like they were on fire! It made me think of what my admin always tells me when things get a bit tense at work: “Just breathe.” In this case, easier said than done because in order to breathe there has to be some oxygen, and at 9,700 feet there isn't a whole lot of it. I believe Kelly and I ran (and walked and gasped) a total of three miles in close to an hour. Yes, we could have probably just walked and finished quicker, seeing as every time we ran we had to stop for a spell to catch our breath. By the fourth morning I could tell I was getting better acclimated to running at elevation because I was able to complete five ridiculously steep miles in only 65 minutes, a much faster pace than the first three days. I quickly decided if I could train in the mountains of Colorado for a year I could give the Kenyans a run for their money. That, and be 30 years younger. The next four days my wife and I stayed at a lodge in the mountains at Estes Park, near the edge of the Rocky Mountains. As the elevation was 2,200 feet less than in Conifer, running didn't seem to be quite as difficult, which I attribute to having four days of altitude training under my belt. “Bring it on, Kenyans!” is what I heard my younger 32-year old self saying. The only major breathing difficulty for the remainder of our trip was during our drive through the Rocky Mountains along the Trail Ridge Road. At times we would be driving at an elevation of 11,500 feet, which would be difficult enough without having to literally drive on the edge of the mountain road with nothing but a painted white line to separate you and an 11,500foot plunge over the side of a mountain! Although there was a posted speed limit of 20 miles per hour, I doubt I managed to reach double-digits. I found it difficult to drive any faster holding my breath and planting my eyes firmly on the yellow line in the middle of the road, the line that I thought was in my best interest to straddle for 48 miles; I didn't want to take a chance driving over the side of the mountain. But getting back to the running, I logged close to 100 miles during our eight days in Colorado, saving the toughest mile for last.

By Scott Ludwig

I was just about finished with my run and was less than a quarter-mile from the lodge when I encountered a large bull (a male elk) grazing on the side of the road. As it was bugling season (or mating season, as a nonColoradan would say) I didn't want to take a chance getting anywhere near him. So I stopped dead in my tracks and decided to do my short yoga routine at 7 a.m. in the middle of the road until I could hitch a ride with someone passing by. (I could have returned to the lodge a different way but that would have required running an additional four miles and Cindy and I had something planned so I needed to get back rather quickly.) Fortunately, I was able to flag down a husband and wife going hiking. They were reluctant to stop at first, but when I said I was from out of town and I wasn't sure if I should run past the bull or not they knew I was out of my element, because they said the bull was indeed dangerous. They then offered me what amounted to be quite possibly the shortest hitchhiked ride in history: 100 yards, just enough to get me on the other side of the bull. When I returned to work my admin asked me how I enjoyed the trip. I told her it had some ups and downs, but most of all I was just glad to be breathing. Although it wasn't always easy, I somehow found a way to follow her advice Scott Ludwig is the founder of Darkside Running Club (.com). He lives in the Atlanta area and is the author of 11 books 7 about running - and is working on others. Scott's book “Running to Extremes: The Legendary Athletes of Ultra Running” is now available. It features stories on Ray Zahab, Dean Karnazes, Larry Macon, Mark Covert, Ed Ettinghausen, Mike Morton, Tim Twietmeyer, Ann Trason and seven other amazing athletes of long distance running. You can find it on Amazon and most major booksellers. The book is inspired by and dedicated to the enduring memory and legacy of Ted Corbitt. Scott can be reached at He also has a blog at where his books are available - or at any major online bookstore.

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Running Journal • November, 2017


Inspired Daily Finding the Bright Side after Disappointments The first weekend in October I took my cross country team to the most magical cross country meet on Earth, the Disney XC Classic at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Expectations were high and everyone was excited, including the coaches! We arrived nice and early, check in was a breeze, but no backpacks. Disappointment number one. Many of our athletes ran slower than they hoped. Disappointment number two. We were not able to take our team to Blizzard Beach water park after the meet. Disappointment number three. We had beautiful weather, a skilled DJ/announcer, a great timing company, fun music, food, merchandise, over 100 teams from all over the country, and 19 races over two days. I think normally that would be enough to keep the athletes happy and keep them occupied with all the amazing things going on around them. But they seemed genuinely disappointed that either New Balance (the title sponsor) or Disney or both decided to discontinue giving every participant a backpack with the meet logo on it. They started giv-

By Rae Ann Darling Reed

ing out these colorful backpacks a few years ago to the top ten varsity for each team and a string backpack for all the remaining junior varsity athletes. It has become a nice bonus that the kids really look forward to. I reminded our team that we have our own team backpacks on order but everyone loves Disney and having that backpack was a great memento. Disney did create a custom timing chip with the meet logo on it that the athletes were able to keep as their 2017 memento. The slower times were the biggest disappointment to overcome. Only one ran

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Coach Rae Ann's MHS XC girls with Mickey before the race

her personal best time, and one other ran her season best time, while the rest ran slower than the previous week and slower than they had hoped. I try to give them the time and space to feel their disappointment then learn from it and move on. I don't make excuses for them but rather have them talk through the race to see what they can do better next time. The course was pretty soggy from rain the night before, so much so that they had to change the course they used Friday night to a totally new course for the Saturday morning races. The grass was mushy so feet would sink in and trying to take sharp turns quickly resulted in a few runners sliding and falling. There were 288 girls in our race so to say it was a bit crowded is an understatement. Getting boxed in and having difficulty passing were tough obstacles to overcome on the narrow trails through the woods. Yet we still managed to finish right in the middle, 17th out of 34 teams. Our top runner (who was not real happy with her time) placed 14th out of 288. We chatted about strategy for the next race and by the time we left the meet, everyone's spirits seemed a bit lighter. Disappointment number three had the best outcome yet it started as a logistical nightmare for me as the one who plans the trip and does all the paperwork to make it happen. It has been our team's tradition since before 2003 to enjoy the afternoon at Blizzard Beach after the meet. Our school district passed a new policy this summer so we are not allowed to take students to water parks anymore. This disappointment was quickly turned around for the team as I was able to schedule a later date for us to enjoy some team bonding at Disney's Hollywood Studios. No matter how big or small the disappointment, there is always a positive take away whether it is to appreciate what you have, learn something that will help you do better next time, or discover that change can be good and result in something even better! Rae Ann Darling Reed runs, coaches, and writes in Florida. She is an RRCA and USATF Level 2 certified running coach, Glukos Energy Ambassador, and has been in the Brooks Inspire Daily program since 2010. Rae Ann is a Fit Expert at Fleet Feet Sports Sarasota and coaches cross country and track at Manatee High School. Follow the RunnerGirl's adventures on twitter @runnergirl or


Running Journal • November, 2017

This Running Life Raleigh Woman Defies MS, Rides First Double Century Sometimes when we set hard goals for ourselves, we post out progress on social media, agonize over every twitch and sore muscle. Monitor our food intake. Cross train, stress out, and ultimately, we just go out and do it. I completed my first 100-mile bicycle ride - a century - about 10 years ago, in the Multiple Sclerosis Society's Bike MS program in New Bern, NC. It was such a huge milestone for me, but in the years since, I have met cyclists, runners and other athletes who persevere in the face of challenges far greater than any I likely will ever face in my lifetime. One of these is Elizabeth Page of Raleigh. Last September, more than two decades since symptoms of stiffness, weakness, numb hands and feet and extreme fatigue resulted in a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, Elizabeth triumphantly completed her firstever double century ride at the Bike MS Greater Carolinas weekend in New Bern,

By Teri Saylor

N.C. For Elizabeth, who is 50, this 200-mile achievement is more than a long-distance bicycle ride, it caps 20 years of determination to gain the upper hand on a body that is under attack by a relentless, unseen foe that won't be vanquished until the medical world discovers an ultimate cure. And until that day comes, she rides. Elizabeth learned she had MS when she was 31, the average age for this diagnosis.

Elizabeth Page prepares for her second day of cycling when she will complete a double century ride for the first time. Photo by Teri Saylor

By the time she was diagnosed, she had been experiencing the symptoms for four years. “It's a difficult disease to diagnose, and it's what is known as a disease of exclusion,” she explained. “So if you exclude all the other possibilities and when you don't have anything left to explain the symptoms, then you say it's MS.” When Elizabeth's symptoms started, she had stiffness on one side of her body, coupled with weakness and a heavy fatigue she couldn't shake. She felt pins and needles in her hands and feet. The symptoms would last for extended periods of time, sometimes up to three weeks. A young mother with two small children, she often felt Lhermitte's Syndrome, a jolt, like an electrical shock that traveled from her neck down her spine when she bent over, or while driving when she turned her head around to check on her kids in their car seats. Elizabeth has been active all her life. Growing up, she played team sports and loved riding bikes. After she married and started her family, she cut back on cycling, and stayed fit by walking and running. Then her family moved from North Carolina to California for a few years, where Elizabeth first started participating in the MS Society's cycling and fundraising events. In 2000, Elizabeth's friends and family formed a cycling team and named it “Missing Spokes.” The National Multiple Sclerosis Society was started as the Association for Advancement of Research on Multiple Sclerosis in 1946. Since that time it has become a national, multi-chapter, non-profit organization. The organization raises money through a variety of athletic events, including Bike MS - Greater Carolinas in New Bern and Winston-Salem each September and at Sunset Beach in October. Bike MS Greater Carolinas is now in its 29th year. At $8,910 as of Oct. 8, Elizabeth is the 11th highest fund raiser for the 2017 Bike MS - New Bern event, and has raised more than $320,000 since she started riding and raising money in 1998. Her Missing Spokes team raised $46,074 so far in 2017, becoming the fifth highest fundraising team in the 2017 ride. Since 2000, the team has raised over $850,500 for MS research. Not bad for a team with fewer than 30 members. New Bern is a picturesque, 250-year-old town in eastern North Carolina. Situated at the confluence of the Trent and Neuse Rivers, the town is located about 35 miles inland from the ocean. It is the site of North Carolina's original State Capitol - Tryon Palace, also the former Governor's Mansion. The original palace burned in 1798, but in the early 20th Century, local officials started a 30-year mission to create a replica, which they unveiled in 1959 to

great fanfare. It welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The MS ride is scheduled right in the middle of hurricane season, and most years, including 2017, the ride has defied the odds. This year, Hurricane Irma threatened, but diverted into Florida, sparing North Carolina's coastal towns. Hurricane bands extended into New Bern, providing some mighty challenging headwinds on both days, but ultimately resulted in cooler-thanusual temperatures and generally pleasant riding weather. The New Bern ride is a two-day event, offering four different routes of 30, 50, 75 and 100 miles per day. It's situated on a flat course with a lot of friendly rest stops. For Elizabeth, whose decision to ride 200 miles over the course of the weekend was well thought out and orchestrated over miles of training rides, the weather was a blessing. “If the ride had been cancelled because of a hurricane, I would have found a way to ride a double century anyway,” she said, and laughed. Since she started riding in the MS event, she has reached for the upper limits of distance and endurance. “The first MS ride I ever did, it was all about the physical challenge, and I wondered if I could ride 50 miles without my body saying 'I can't do this,'” she said. Over time, her distances grew to 75 miles each day until she reached the century mark, and over the past few years, she has settled into a comfortable routine of pedaling a century on the first day of riding and 75 miles on the second day. “Sometime around the beginning of last summer, I realized this year would be my 20th Bike MS ride, and I said 'okay, I'm going to do it because I've never done it,'” she said. She also realized her summer schedule would give her time to train for it, so she set out to tackle this huge goal. Her training regimen consisted of riding every weekend, slowly building up over the summer, starting with 25 and 30 miles and working her way up to 50 or 60 miles on the weekends. In the weeks leading up to the big weekend, she joined another MS training team - Team on Draft - and rode up to 18 miles with them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that made all the difference. “Those weekday rides made a big difference in maintaining my fitness level and endurance,” Elizabeth said. “It's also nice to enjoy the social aspects of riding after work.” She works as a fundraiser for HealthNC, a non-profit news outlet that covers health issues in North Carolina. Besides the mental and emotional satisfaction of setting fundraising and mileage


Running Journal • November, 2017

Masters Running and Beyond Coping with Irma, On and Off the Run Everything was going great. I ran a 5K on Labor Day and won my age group! And I enjoyed seeing several of my running buddies again after a long summer hiatus. My training was going well. The weather was getting a little cooler, making it easier to complete those long runs or intervals. And my new website was just days from being launched! But then there was Irma. She first appeared as a little blob on the weatherman's chart, way out in the Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. A tropical wave, the weatherman called her. Soon she became Tropical Storm Irma, and then Hurricane Irma. Soon everybody was talking about Irma. At the Labor Day race, it was what the buzz was all about. She's coming here, will we evacuate or stay?? I started to panic, since I had never experienced a hurricane before. It was with some hesitation that I had moved to Florida two years ago, knowing well that Florida can have hurricanes. For a long time, Florida was not “on my list” for this reason. But then I decided to move here anyway. Of course I would have preferred my first hurricane to be an “itty bitty” Category 1. But here was Irma, churning towards us as a Category 5, destroying everything in her way, on Barbuda, St Marten and other Caribbean islands. I figured I should probably evacuate, but with my two cats that was easier said than

Damage From Hurricane Irma in Naples, FL

By Lena Hollmann

done. Also, it looked like Irma had staked out the entire state of Florida as her playground! Finally I decided to stay put, when a local friend of mine said both I and my cats could stay at their place during the storm. It was a sturdy concrete house equipped with hurricane shutters, but still I found it somewhat scary to stay in Naples. Especially when we were warned that parts of town could be inundated with a life threatening storm surge. When Irma finally arrived on September 10th, she turned out not to be quite as ferocious as the experts had anticipated. Interacting with Cuba has weakened her somewhat. She also went a little further east than originally predicted, saving us from the worst of the storm surge. But there were still serious damage in some parts of Naples, with roofs blown off and water entering homes and businesses. In the “bunker” where I was staying it wasn't quite as nerve racking when the

storm pummeled through as I had feared it would be. But obviously, it was no day for running! I had gone for a short run the day before, however on the 10th of September I was cooped up in my friend's house the entire day. And so were my cats, seemingly oblivious to what was going on outside. But during the week immediately after the storm I ran almost every day. My daily run became a blessing, and a stress relief. I went for a run the day after Irma to go check on my house, as my friend's house was less than a mile away. Luckily there was no major damage to the house. But there were several trees down, in the entire neighborhood. I will especially miss the palm tree at the end of my street, which I would run or drive by every day. A beautiful Bismarck Palm, which was no match for Irma to knock to the ground! Each day I ran by myself, and I ran in my own neighborhood. With streets full of debris, and with gas in scarce supply, it was a challenge to drive anywhere to run. Group runs were also canceled, including my club's “Dash and Dine,” a group run and social event that is a recurring item on our calendar the second Tuesday every month. There was never any official announcement that it was canceled, since there was no easy way to notify members when power was out everywhere. But with everything in a state of shambles, it was obvious that the run wouldn't happen.


By the Saturday after the storm, some club members met for their weekly long run though, an hour later than usual in order not to have to dodge tree branches and other debris in the dark. It will be some time before I can run at many of my favorite venues again. The greenway that I normally run on once or twice a month is as of this writing closed indefinitely. I tried to run on streets near the beach, but with debris piled up on the sidewalks and numerous maintenance and repair vehicles driving by in the road, that turned out to be difficult. So I returned to running in the subdivisions near my home. As of yet I haven't met up with fellow runners in my club since the storm. But I'm looking forward to seeing them at our October Tuesday run, which will be our last for the season. So, I miss my running venues, and my running buddies! But I still consider myself very lucky, considering that Irma (along with Harvey and Maria) caused so much misery for so many people. All that Irma had in store for me was a week without electricity (although my friend got her power back sooner so I continued to “camp out” at their house), a few weeks with erratic Internet, and several tiles blown off my roof. Plus a bunch of canceled events, both running-related and otherwise. And again, fewer choices of places to run. But no races canceled, at least not for me. September is normally a slow month for racing here in Florida. We got our Labor Day race in before the storm, and our next club sponsored race, a 5K for corporate teams, is set to go off as scheduled in early October. As far as I know, all remaining races on the calendar this year are also a 'Go'. At least here in Naples. So I survived my first hurricane! It was scary, and it was bad. But not bad enough that I will pack up and move. Before moving here I had heard of Hurricane Donna, who barreled into Naples in 1960, on a track very similar to Irma and equally destructive. And on the same date, September 10th! Then 45 years later, in 2005, there was Wilma. Like Irma, Wilma was a Category 3 hurricane when she made landfall very close to Naples. I had hoped there would be at least another 45 year hiatus before the next hurricane would descend on Naples, but it was only twelve years until Irma showed up this year. Now, after visits from these three “evil sisters” I'm wishing for a long period of quiet here in beautiful Naples. But only time will tell whether this will be the case. Lena Hollmann is a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise (ACE), and also the RRCA North Florida State Rep. She lives and runs in Naples, FL, and can be reached at


Running Journal • November, 2017

Running Through the Bluegrass Denny Krahe's Adventure into Running and Coaching The Internet has allowed more runners to work with coaches - and for more people to become coaches themselves. Just like runners, the story behind each coach is different. The how and why they decided to coach, and how they go about it. Denny Krahe only recently became a runner - but worked as an athletic trainer, in physical therapy, and as a personal trainer, first. Based in Lakeland, Florida, when he finally caught the running bug, Denny caught it hard. Now a running coach and host of the popular running podcast DizRuns, Denny is on a quest: to run a marathon in every state and to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He played other sports growing up in Michigan, but said he never cared for running. When he came to Florida for college, running three miles around a nearby lake was a common pasttime. "I'd do it begrudgingly,” he said. "My wife was more of a runner. She'd run ahead, and then run back. But eventually it got to be more and more of a thing.” Denny was a trainer at Middle Tennessee, working with the track team. He was constantly around runners and at meets. "Running just became something that I didn't hate -now I couldn't imagine life without it,” he said. Denny and his wife moved back to Lakeland after he finished graduate school. "I thought to myself I should run the Disney half, but it was sold out,” he said. "The full was still open, though, and I thought to myself if I waited until next year I'd probably forget! The Disney marathon was my first race longer than a fun-run 5k.” He did it - and then said he would never do another one. Well, we all know how that goes! He considered 2010 the start of being a “real runner." Denny was a full-time athletic trainer until 2012, and he was also a physical therapy contractor for a theme park, providing preventative care for entertainers. Then he went into personal training exclusively for about a year and a half. “With personal training, the hours are always before and after work, because that's when people can come, and that didn't work with my family,” he said. So he asked himself what he could do that was different.

By Tracy Green

"I started a podcast talking about health and fitness, and I had my own running blog,” he said. "I wondered, what if I did a show where I talk to people like we're out on a run? And the DizRuns podcast was born.” As the podcast's popularity grew, Denny would get asked if he offered running coaching. "I was turning them down because I didn't have a coaching certification, he said. “Then I looked into the certification and realized it wasn't any different that my graduate coursework.”

Denny Krahe

Denny started working with his first coaching clients in August 2014. He cites Matt Fitzgerald and his "80/20” method as a key influence in his coaching. "With my clients, heart rate monitoring is my preference,” he said. "We also use perceived exertion and the talk test, plus communication with my athletes to know how a workout felt. A lot of my coaching is getting them to slow down and then go hard enough on the hard days. The target keeps moving as you get fitter.” Currently, Denny offers both one-on-one coaching as well as the Coterie, a hybrid of individual and group coaching. Clients get their training program two weeks at a time. Denny is also putting the finishes touches on his first book, designed for people who aren't ready to take the full coaching plunge. "If there's one thing I'm not a fan of, it's one-size-fits-all training plans,” he said. "I don't know why we've bought into this idea. We're all unique. We all have our different needs, our different preferences,

different components of our lives that have to be balanced. If you want to get the best out of yourself, it's my belief that you need a training plan that's designed for you.” Recognizing not everyone can afford a coach, Denny designed his book to bridge the gap. His book, “Be Ready on Race Day,” will explain how runners can structure their own training plans. Denny's “DizRuns” podcasts includes interviews with runners of all abilities as well as helpful tips and injury prevention based on his background in athletic training. Find it at (and find his interview with me in episode 387), where you can also find info on his book. Tracy Green is a runner and writer living in Louisville, KY, where she lives with her husband, Chris. She is a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete and certified Pilates instructor. Find her at @TGRunFit on Twitter and Instagram,, or

Running Journal • November, 2017


Down the Road Partial Eclipse of the Sun, and the Run? A total Eclipse of the Sun is a big deal. You know; the one that swept the U.S from Oregon across the entire mainland and exited through South Carolina on August 21, 2017. Unless you lived in the 'total line' like Greenville, Columbia and Charleston in South Carolina (and other cities in other states) were lucky enough to get, you only got the 'partial'. A partial Eclipse - less so, but that is what most of us got. During a total Eclipse, the sun is fully covered by the moon for a couple of minutes and you can actually look directly at the sun (without suffering eye damage) since only the corona is exposed all the way around the edges. But to get that experience you had to be dead center in line for the total Eclipse. The rest of us got a partial Eclipse. Since Rock Hill where my wife Kathy and I live was just slightly off the perfect axis, we were told we would get a 98% Eclipse - or more properly a partial Eclipse of the sun. We assumed it would get dark and we would get a picture perfect Eclipse. We were wrong. It did get sort of darker - like a heavy cloud covered day (even though there wasn't a cloud in the skies). But without Eclipse glasses it was impossible to look and tell that the sun was

By Cedric Jaggers

being eclipsed. A big disappointment for us and for all the kids (and adults) in the neighborhood who expected the total Eclipse experience. But it sure makes you realize how bright the sun is when it only takes 2% of the surface shining through to light up the area as brightly as any typical cloudy day. So when the bright sunlight is hitting us with less force and power and a decline in the light, it can be hard to tell that it was lesser. The same goes for runs. Have you noticed the partial eclipse of the run? I'm using the word run here for races. South Carolina like the rest of the states in the Union per Running USA statistics is undergoing a decline in the number of and the

participation in races. Some of you know that I try to keep up with all the races in South Carolina and have been doing so for years - in fact since 2002. According to the number of races I could find and get information on the number grew every year from that year until the peak of 619 races in 2015. Then there were 570 in 2016. So after the decline to 570 races last year and now with eight months (as this is written) two-thirds of the year over, we have 306. So we would have to get 264 races crowded into the last 4 months of 2017. It's unlikely to think that could happen since we've been averaging just 38.25 races per month this year. So (double check my weak math, and if it is correct) we are on course to end the year with about 459 races this year. That would mean a decline in the number of races for the second year in a row. And the decline would be even larger. Not a great trend. We would have to average 66 races per month for 4 months in a row to equal last year's total number of races. The other downward trend is a smaller number of finishers in most races. I haven't counted to see the exact numbers, but a

close estimate is that 2 out of 3 races have had fewer finishers than they had last year. So we are down in the number of races, and down in the participation numbers of finishers But maybe it is just a partial Eclipse. Let's hope things turn around. Are more races starting to give 'participation medals' to all finishers to try to attract more Millennials to races? Would that help race participation? Are too many Baby Boomers aging out of race participation? If you have a solution for that I'd like to be the first to know. The great thing about the Eclipse (total and partial) of the Sun was that it came back full strength after a short period of time. Let's hope we see the same with the Run (races). You know we want to see you racing and running down the road for a long time to come. Cedric Jaggers was elected to the South Carolina Road Runners Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the author of Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run. He lives and runs in Rock Hill, SC. He may be reached via email at

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Jeff Galloway Race Weekend December 15-17, 2017 | Atlanta, GA J E F F G A L L O WAY 1 3 1 . C O M


Running Journal • November, 2017

Running Psychology Let's Just Call it “Discomfort” One of the main reasons people cite for not liking to run is running “hurts.” Even today, in many sports, running is used as a form of punishment. You're probably familiar with the line, “my sport is your sport's punishment!” Some people will do almost anything to avoid the so-called “pain” brought about by running. Why in the world then do we go out and subject ourselves to this brutal torture called running? Are we masochists that love pain? Or on the other hand, are we some super-humans that don't feel any “discomfort” when we run? There is indeed a certain amount of physical discomfort that comes with running, especially when we push to our physiological capacity. I really don't like to use the word, but yes, there is some “pain” involved with running. The pain I'm talking about has nothing to do with the pain of a running injury. What many refer to as the “pain” of running is a result of metabolic by-product build-up, such as lactic acid, energy store depletion, and eccentric loading of the muscles. All of these things can lead to the discomfort we experience during running, especially hard running. However, our mental state plays a very large part in how we perceive and interpret the discomfort we

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.

may feel while running. If we are really concentrating on a on a particular pace or competitor during a race, we may not actually be aware of any discomfort until something breaks our concentration and we become aware of how we're feeling. Concentration is certainly a mental skill and if we're concentrating on the task at hand, i.e. the race or run, and not on ourselves, we tend to not experience as much discomfort. Certainly our beliefs about pain can greatly influence the pain we actually experience. What about the placebo effect? If we expect a pill to reduce pain then we may actually get some relief, even if the pill is only a sugar pill. If we expect something to hurt a lot then the pain is going to be worse. Our cognitive expectations can greatly influence the sensations we experience. Pain is a very individual phenomenon. Some individuals seem to tolerate and cope with pain much better than others. Do they just feel less pain or do they somehow know how to reduce it? There is really no way to accurately measure pain because the only way to do so is dependant upon the perceptions of the individual experiencing the pain and also how they describe the pain. What one runner may term excruciating pain may be completely inconsequential to another runner. Pain is a very difficult thing to study and research because it is so individual. We all experience the intensity of pain differently and we all cope with the perceptions of pain differently. So how can we better cope with the “discomforts” of running? Almost all programs that are designed to help humans endure and cope with pain are designed around the thinking process. In other words pain management strategies are usually cognitive in nature and involve concentration on something other than the pain itself. So to be better able to deal with the discomforts of running we need to direct our attention away from thoughts about ourselves and more toward thoughts about what we are actually doing in the present moment. When we actually concentrate our thoughts on our body and how it feels we are said to be using “association.” Research has indicated that the best runners associate and monitor their bodies quite well. They

Learning from the Young Guns Stable Hips for Injury Free Running Bill Rodgers is a freak. He is the only person to ever win both the Boston and New York City Marathons 4 times each, and that alone qualifies as freakish, but scrolling through a few years of his training logs online reveals another aspect that set Bill apart from everyone else. His ability to run mega mileage - sometimes upwards of 180 miles in a week - without ever suffering a major injury is astonishing, even by professional running standards. If you analyzed Bill's running form you would notice how he floats over the ground, but upon further inspection you would also detect a small hitch in his step. You would notice a slight lean to his left, a right arm that swings open with every stride, a mid-foot striking right foot, and forefoot striking left foot. All of which is surprising considering the immense mileage Bill ran during his career injury free. It turns out that asymmetry was his body's way of accounting for a significant leg length discrepancy. If someone had told Bill to change his arm carriage or foot plant we may have never had the Bill

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

Rodgers we now know as one of the greatest US marathoners in history. Some aspects of running form are unique to the individual and related to a person's physical structure, but pelvic stability is the universal foundation we all should be attentive to. There are many running related injuries associated with poor pelvic stability, including hamstring strains, lower leg injuries, IT band syndrome, and back pain among others. Another trait you would notice analyzing Bill's form is his pelvis is very stable there is no collapsing upon impact or for-

know what their body should feel like at different paces and points in a race. The key with association is body feedback is being monitored, not focused upon in a manner that takes thinking away from the race and on the actual physical discomfort in and of itself. On the other hand, if we think about something else when we run, like being at the beach or winning a race, we are practicing “dissociation.” During extreme exertion and discomfort even the best runners dissociate to some degree. Pain is indeed made worse by focusing on it and pain perceptions are lessened when we take our focus away from the pain. So just what should we think about when we feel the inevitable “discomfort” that comes with a hard effort? Well, the answer is quite simple: use a mental device. So just what the heck is a mental device? A mental device is not some piece of high priced, new wave technology. In other words, you don't need to fork out big bucks for some gadget that will sit in your basement or garage and collect dust because it's never used. A mental device is anything that takes your thoughts away from yourself. Counting sheep to fall asleep is a common example of a mental device. A mental device helps with relaxation and when relaxed, pain is reduced. The most common mental device is probably self-talk, or the inner dialog that we carry on with ourselves. We all have selftalk going on in our heads as we run. If the

CONTINUED ON PAGE 13 our Adult Running Vacationers here at ZAP, an exercise performed incorrectly simply strengthens the dysfunction. Step-Ups: 2 sets of 6 on each leg, progress to 2 sets of 12 Find a box or a stair that when you put one foot on top of it your thigh is roughly parallel to the ground. To perform the exercise, place one foot completely on top of the box and then step fully up onto the box using only that leg. As you step up be sure to use the step up leg to perform the work rather than pushing off with the foot on the ground, and focus on stabilizing the knee through the exercise. Finish the exercise standing on one foot with the other foot in the air in a running posture and your hips tucked underneath you in a level position. Clam Shells: 2 sets of 10 on each leg, progress to 2 sets of 30 Start by lying on your side with your legs bent and stacked on top of each other. Keep your ankles together while raising your top knee up as you squeeze your top glute muscle, the gluteus medius. The gluteus medius is one of the primary hip stabilization muscles, it prevents the hip from rotating inwards or dipping during impact, one of the most common hip stabilization issues among runners. Make

ward rotation, both very common amongst distance runners. With our ZAPReebok professional athletes most of the work we do outside of running is centered on pelvic stabilization. Critical to the efficacy of any strength exercise is the proper execution of it. The first step in proper hip stabilization is engaging your transverse abdominus, the deep abdominal muscle that stabilizes your spine. Activating this muscle will help keep your hips level rather than rotated forward, which is important for proper hip stability and gluteal muscle function, and should be the starting position for any strength exercise. Aside from the slight natural curvature of the lower back, this will also keep your back relatively flat and inactive, ensuring that the spine is properly stabilized. With those principles in mind, let's take an in depth look at 4 exercises you can do 3-5 times a week to strengthen your hips and become a more stable and efficient runner. Keep in mind, quality is more important than quantity - as I always tell CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

Running Journal • November, 2017

The Athlete’s Kitchen



Talking About Food… Food is fuel and food is medicine. Food brings runners together and is supposed to be one of life’s pleasures. Team meals are a vehicle for building relationships, enjoying conversations, and nourishing the soul. Unfortunately in today’s society, too many runners report they have no time to enjoy meals. Parents struggle to gather their student runners for a family dinner; practices and meets inevitably interrupt the dinner hour. And even when seated at the same table, some family members may be eating just salad while the rest of the family enjoys steak. So much for eating out of the same pot. Today’s food conversations commonly refer to good food, bad food, clean food, fattening food. We all know runners who don’t do sugar, gluten, white flour, or red meat, to say nothing of cake on birthdays, ice cream cones in summer, or apple pie on Thanksgiving. We live with abundant food, but we have created a fearful eating environment with our words. This article invites you to pay attention to how you think and talk about food. Perhaps it is time to watch your mouth, so you can start to change the current culture that makes food a source of fear for many health-conscious runners. Good food vs. Bad Food “I eat only healthy foods —lots of fresh fruits and vegetables—and I stay away from stuff in wrappers with ingredients I can’t pronounce.“ While this may seem like a noble stance towards being a responsible caretaker for your body, it raises a few red flags for me. • One, a diet of only healthy foods can be a very unhealthy diet. For example, apples are a healthy food, but a diet of all apples is a very unhealthy diet. • Two, a diet with only unprocessed food eliminates refined or lightly processed grains that are enriched with vitamins and iron, nutrients of importance for runners. For instance, “all natural” breakfast cereals like Puffins and Kashi offer only 4% to 10% of the Daily Value for iron, as compared to ironenriched cereals like Wheaties, GrapeNuts, and Bran Flakes and that offer 45% to 100% of the recommended intake. If you eat very little red meat (a rich source of dietary iron), do not cook in a cast iron skillet (a meat-free source of iron), and eat only “all natural” grain foods, you could easily have an irondeficient diet. This shows up as anemia and needless fatigue. A survey of female runners (ages 18-22) reports 50% had anemia, often undiagnosed. Yes, many hard-to-pronounce and unfamiliar words like niacinamide, ferrous sulfate, and ascorbic acid are listed among the ingredients of fortified and enriched grain foods. These are the scientific names for the same vitamins in pills. There’s a reason why they were added to foods in the first place. Adding folic acid to grains has reduced the risk of having a baby with a birth defect. B-12 is important for vegans. Will the trend to avoid enriched and fortified foods come back to bite us? How about choosing the best of both? Bad food vs. Fun Food When runners feel compelled to confess their nutritional sins to me (“I eat too many bad foods—chips, French fries, nachos… “), I quickly remind them there is no such thing as a bad food (or a good food, for that matter). Is birthday cake really a bad food? Is a hot dog at a baseball game going to ruin your health forever? Should you not make cookies with your children on a snowy day? Those so-called bad foods are actually fun foods that taste yummy and can fit into an overall balanced diet. Rather than critiquing a single food, please judge your diet by the whole

Don’t let nutrition By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

week, month, and year. Halloween candy is a fun treat in the midst of a steady intake of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and wholesome grains. So is pumpkin pie with ice cream. Depriving yourself of fun foods creates good and bad foods, as well as a really bad relationship with food. Eating a fun food is not cheating. The problem arises when you restrict fun foods, only to succumb to devouring not just one cookie but all 24 of them. Binge-eating burdens you with not only excess body fat, but also (self-imposed) guilt for having broken your food rules, and disgust with yourself for having pigged out. Eating the whole thing means you like that food and should actually eat it more often, rather than try to stay away from it. Contrary to what you may believe, you are not addicted to cookies. You are simply doing “last chance” eating. Last chance to have cookies (or so you tell yourself) because they are a bad food and I shouldn’t eat them at all. There’s a more peaceful way to live. Try balancing a cookie or two into your daily menu. After all, you need not have a perfect diet to have an excellent diet. A reasonable goal is 8590% quality foods; 10-15% “whatever.” Healthy diet vs. A single ingredient Salt, sugar, and saturated fat seem to be today’s food demons. Rather than look at each ingredient, I cannot encourage you enough to look at the entire food (and your entire diet). Take sugar, for example. Are the 3 grams of sugar in Skippy peanut butter really a source of evil? What about the 10 grams of refined sugar in chocolate milk? That (“evil”) sugar quickly refuels muscles after a hard workout. That’s why chocolate milk is an effective recovery food. After a hard workout, when you are tired and thirsty, but not yet hungry, the sugar in chocolate milk offers a quick energy boost that normalizes your low blood glucose and replenishes depleted muscle glycogen. While some runners focus on chocolate milk’s 10 grams (40 calories) of added sugar, I invite you to pay more attention to its high quality protein (needed to repair muscles) and abundant vitamins and minerals that invest in your good health. The fit bodies of runners can metabolize sugar much better than the unfit bodies of couch potatoes. The bottom line You want to enjoy an excellent diet, and not strive for a “perfect” (but very strict) diet. You can win good health and running races alike with a balanced diet, filled with a variety of foods, and enjoyed in moderation. Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD has a private practice in the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875), where she helps both fitness exercisers and competitive athletes create winning food plans. Her best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook, and food guides for marathoners, cyclists and new runners are available at For online workshops, see

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Running Journal • November, 2017

After the Run Proof Left on the Path Hurricane Irma's ravaging winds ripped regal oaks out of the ground by their roots, leaving them lying across streets and running trails. The force of her intrusion left 80% of Polk County, Florida residents without power - many for more than a week. Now, more than a month later, her destructive path still remains marked by fallen trees, broken fences, penetrated rooftops, and destroyed power lines. Nonetheless, more than 130 ultra distance runners converged on the Lake Hollingsworth running path less than two weeks after Irma's departure from the sunshine state. Undeterred by Irma's devastation, they stood strong and readied in their running attire, prepared to log as many miles as they could during the 4th Annual TICK TOCK ULTRA Marathon & Team Relay in Lakeland, Florida. With thanks to the City of Lakeland, a blocked, obstructed, and tree debris-filled running path had been replaced with a clean, clear course on race day. Where moss-covered canopied oaks once stood, providing a much more shaded route in years past, heart-shaped tree stumps could be spotted instead - perhaps signifying the undying love of the sport and resilient venue. Beautiful, white ibis birds flocked by the starting line like fresh sheets covering the wet grass, while ducks danced near the water in the distance. The fog horn sounded and hundreds of syncopated steps tapped on the pavement at a percussionist's time-keeping song. The runners were off. Their day of miles had begun and it would conclude in 6 or 12 hours,

By Mary Marcia Brown

with triumph or disappointment - depending on perspective and relative vantage point. For Malu Paredes, Joel Rich and Todd Alfuth, their 6-hour ultramarathon ended in victory as they crossed the finish line as the day's overall 6-hour champions. Paredes ran 31.24 miles and Rich and Alfuth both finished strong and fast, with 39.76 miles. A slew of fellow competitors realized their more-than-a-marathon ultra distance in that 6-hour period of time as well. Those competitors, each running at least 28.4 miles, also reigned victorious by running at least 10 laps and earning their official TICK TOCK ULTRA marathon medals. All of their accomplishments recognized, the ultramarathon continued as the 12-hour individual and relay athletes remained focused on their miles. Two hours before the conclusion of the event, winds whisked through, lifting tents from the ground and sprinkling lap recordation sheets with drops of rain. The runners ran unfazed and slightly cooled as a rainbow replaced the clouds and another 90 min-

12-hour Record-Breaking Winning Relay Team, PHEEL GOOD utes made more memorable miles possible. At the end of 12 hours, 2016 reigning TICK TOCK ULTRA champion, Sally Libonati, claimed the Overall Champion title yet again by logging 65.32 miles. The Overall Male Champion, Justin Miller, was just a lap behind her, logging 62.48 miles. Both the Female Masters Winner, Sara Medrano, and the Male Masters Winner, Blain Reeves, were just a lap behind him, each logging 59.64 miles. The winning 12-hour relay team also gave an exciting finish. Comprised of five members (Will Morrell, Joshua Prevatt, James Hurst, Jenn Walton, and Carl Lewis), relay team PHEEL GOOD (running for the non-profit PHEEL GOOD Foundation), broke the relay team course

record by logging 99.4 miles. They then ran another, unofficial, .6 miles to round out the day with a solid 100-mile victory. After all the results were read and the awards were presented, runners packed their tents, coolers, chairs, and gear in their vehicles, and left the Lake Hollingsworth trail. Unlike Irma's travels, no remnants of the runners' strides were left visibly behind - but their TICK TOCK ULTRA run was meaningful, and their miles will certainly be remembered. Mary Marcia is a runner, fitness professional, and Race Director of the TICK TOCK ULTRA MARATHON & TEAM RELAY in Lakeland, Florida. Reach her at or by visiting

Overall 12-hour Champion Sally Libonati with Race Director Mary Marcia Brown.

Overall 12-Hour Male Champion Justin Miller with Race Director.

Running Journal • November, 2017

Women’s Running The Importance Of Marathon Planning Over the past 20-plus years, I have written various articles about training for the marathon or for any distance event. I thought I would share a few of my insights attained from my 132 marathon completions and 40 years of distance running. There is really is no magic about the marathon. Training for the marathon is a BIG DEAL! It is mentally and physically tough and so much can go wrong in the race. Failing to plan effectively with all of the details is often the downfall of a marathoner. The major goal and the only thing that counts is finishing, so you must do your best to see that your goal is accomplished. To do this practice is a vital component of planning. Identify the challenges. Weather is certain to be a factor, so train under as many conditions as possible. In this way your body and your mind will be trained for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Know that weather will be the factor most beyond your control, so prepare for this challenge. Conquer the environment. Dress properly by dressing for the last 10K which is when you are most vulnerable to weather conditions. Cold wind on tired legs has ended many a marathoner's dreams. Being comfortable as you go the final miles is crucial. I remember running the Rocket City Marathon one year and a competitor had a coach who told her wearing tights was for sissies. As I passed her in the final mile she was struggling with cramps and the cold. I was fine in my tights and long sleeved shirt. That "little mistake" cost her $500. I also remember several elite athletes who did not finish their marathon due to the cold on their legs. Nowadays tights and other apparel is so light, there should be no issue in dressing for the last 10K. You will need energy. Lean means not fat; it does not mean thin. Muscle is necessary to power your legs. Muscles are 75% water so the solution to pollution (lactic acid) is dilution. A constant infusion of energy is critical in training and in the race itself. Energy drinks (and gels) are necessary to keep muscle mass highly active. It is a big deal to get enough energy into your muscles. Typically 100 calories are burned a mile and 2000 stored calories are in your body. You use 50/50 carbohydrates/fat to run. Burning fat is more difficult and causes you to feel awful ( this is why you"hit the wall"). The tendency is to slow your pace and your pace can get slower and slower. You must put in sugar to forestall this from happening. Thus you must practice

By Carolyn Mather, RN, PhD.

in training, drinking both water and the sport drink that will be used in your target marathon, along with whatever gels you may choose to use. You should never get into an energy deficit in training. Maintain your energy and hydration level at all times in your training cycle and during your race. Conquer the distance. In training, run time as opposed to miles. Your last long run should be two to three weeks before the marathon. Practice marathon pace by doing marathon pace 20 minutes by two (or three). Recover for 10 minutes between each segment. Do this run 10 days before the marathon with an adequate warm up and cool down. Divide to conquer the distance. Divide the marathon into three segments. The first 10 miles should be fun as you are at the starting line, injury free, not sick and well-prepared. You are good to go. The second 10 miles should be the questioning 10. How are you feeling? Do you need to back off? Can you do it? What is good or bad? The last 10K is the coping phase. If you are able to effectively develop coping skills in training, then you will succeed. You must learn to cope with fatigue, stress and pain. One trick used by many athletes is to convert the last 10K to friendly territory. Think forward not backwards. Your 20mile warm-up is history. Forget the twos and mile 21 is mile 1 of your 10K. You have run many 10Ks, so do it again . Mental preparation can develop your coping skills. The four major components for reaching your goals are patience, perseverance, the plan and support systems. The plan must focus on all of the elements covered above. Support systems include people and activities that will help you achieve your plan. Patience and perseverance are an integral part of the plan and include monitoring your rest and recovery and your nutrition. A final conundrum is to avoid injury. So do the least amount of sensible training to fulfill your plan. It is definitely better to err on the side of under training than over training. Do your long

runs, but not too frequently(every 10 to 14 days) and ensure proper recovery. One added thought to remember is to rest, hydrate and eat the week before your marathon. Do not make any changes in your diet. Just eat a few more carbs. You have planned effectively. Pack for any weather conditions and wear what you know is tried, true and tested. Do nothing new. Get to your marathon a day early if you are flying. AND do not check your luggage. My best example of this is when I was attempting to get the Olympic Trials standard. My husband and I flew from Binghamton, NY, to Jacksonville, FL, in early December late on Friday evening. I always carried my uniform and racing shoes with me, but not all my gear. Imagine my dismay when race morning dawned at 30 degrees and our luggage, which included my warm ups was lost. I went to the start in my heavy coat and attempted to warm up. It was ridiculous and I knew I could not race in shorts and a singlet. I did not start and our luggage arrived later in the morning. We flew back home and wasted all that training and money. Finally make a packing list during your training/practice and check off all of the items as you pack. I remember several athletes who arrived with two left shoes or just one shoe. Planning and preparation will get you to the start in fine shape. Now relax and have fun!! Carolyn Mather,R.N.,PhD. lives and runs in north Georgia and is a member of the Atlanta Track Club Elite. She can be reached at

THIS RUNNING LIFE CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 goals and achieving them, Elizabeth has maintained a healthy outcome so far in her own battle against MS. Shortly after her diagnosis, new drugs had come onto the market, and although they alleviated the symptoms, they did nothing to cure the disease. “For me, that was an aha moment,” she said. “I had never really thought about the fact that I had a disease there was no cure for because all I was focused on was dealing with the symptoms.” She also took a close look at her lifestyle and decided change was in order. “I'm very type-A, goal-oriented, and all of that, and I often denied myself sleep. I stayed up really late doing a lot of work, and I dialed all that back, putting more emphasis


on sleep, and on exercise,” she said. “I stopped burning the candle at both ends and in the middle and as my husband quips, 'only burning it on both ends.' Then I started on the medications and those things, combined with support from my family, set me up to have a really good outcome with my disease.” Today, nearly 20 years after her diagnosis, she's still on her original medications and has been visiting her doctor twice a year. She has been symptom free for several years, and her most recent MRI shows no new brain lesions, which indicates her MS is not progressing. For first time, her check-up schedule has been reduced to just once a year. “Does this mean the disease has gone away? We have no way of knowing,” she said. “In New Bern, there were a number of people who have MS whom I have known for 20 years. They are not doing as well as I am, and I am reminded of how fortunate I am.” During long stretches of asphalt on her recent weekend of riding, Elizabeth thought about how fortunate she is to be able to set lofty goals and to have a chance to achieve them. “On the second day of riding, I was pleasantly surprised how well I felt after I got to the 175-mile mark,” she said. “There was rough spot, halfway through that last 25 miles, and with 12 miles to go, I decided I would just have to do it.” She overcame the mental challenges and crossed the finish line. While Elizabeth is dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, she knows other people deal with challenges of their own - diabetes, high blood pressure, injuries. And for some, there are mental barriers and often just plain laziness. She insists riding 100 miles is not impossible for even the most average cyclists and beginners. “When I look at all the people who are at a ride like the Bike MS ride - and there's probably like 1,500 to 2,000 riders, I see the different body types, the different experience levels, ages,” she said. “And you'd think a lot of these people, if you see them walking down the street, you would never guess that they will go out and ride 50, 75 or even 100 miles at a time.” Everyone, even the most experienced, speediest cyclist had to start somewhere. Maybe it's three miles or five miles. In cycling it's easy to ramp up, especially when you ride in an organized function with rest stops every 10 or 12 miles. Joining a local team is a good idea too. The support you get from a team is tremendous and it's a great way to make new friends. I have heard if you can ride 10 miles, you can do a century. According to Elizabeth, who made it look easy last September in New Bern, “the hardest century you ever do will be your first one.” Teri Saylor lives, rides, runs and writes in Raleigh, NC. A double century bike weekend is still in her future. Contact her at


Running Journal • November, 2017


ALABAMA Hurricane Run 5K Dauphin Island, AL – 9/9 Male, Overall – Clayton Marshall 17:20, Israel Marquez 18:54, Douglas Sabo 19:05. Masters – Wayne Pierce 2:22. Grandmasters – Victor Birch 21:04. Senior Grandmasters – Mark Everest 21:12. Wheelchair – Arthur Cronenberg 19:46. 9-under – Lieven Stommel 26:25, Jon Martin 35:06. 10-14 – Jackson Bishop 20:19, Stone Smith 20:36. 1519 – Ben Truong 21:03. 20-24 – Jeffrey Bunch 21:42, Ronald Robinson 53:09. 25-29 – Gregory Looney 22:37, Levi Loya 23:58, Matthew Peterson 24:16. 30-34 – Clit Pagan 21:43, Stuart Holmes 22:53, Kyre Lahtinen 26:01. 35-39 – Nathan Dolbear 21:06, Craig Garendia 22:02, Adam Wolfe 22:21. 40-44 – Daniel Nichols 23:11, Patrick Peek 23:18, Jonathan Dick 23:26. 45-49 – Jeremy Summerlin 23:45, Michael Barbour 24:17, Shawn Smith 25:10. 50-54 – Tommy Gayten 21:57, Frank Harwell 24:02, Timothy Otzenberger 25:10. 55-59 – SM Johnson 21:50, Allen Johnston 22:17, Richard McLean 22:42. 60-64 – Steven Plakas 22:08, Randy Loftis 24:54, Marty Demouy 25:00. 65-69 – Paul Baswell 23:22, Bill Brady 24:24, Michael Harrison 31:47. 70-74 – Ron Mitchell 26:53, Bill McGough 29:20, Richard Lenz 35:54. 75-79 – David Jeffrey 22:17, Wayne Brannon 21:48, Paul Helminger 39:56. 80-over – Will Wright 32:26. Walker – Dennis Gavin 41:04. Female, Overall – Jessica Jones 20:36, Lauren Lemon 22:18, Abby Ferlise 22:54. Masters – Tammy Ford 23:20. Grandmasters – Barbara Turrens 24:48. Senior Grandmasters – Marian Loftin 28:05. 9-under – Nerys Stommel 26:40, Maddey Wolfe 27:49, Kaye Stommel 29:47. 10-14 – Lena Amare 26:10, Rachel Long 41:43. 15-19 – Sicily Hardy 32:03, Courtney Cayton 37:32. 20-24 – Meg Wasilko 23:28, Julianne Patterson 28:37, Heather Gavin 29:15. 25-29 – Patricia Evenson 23:19, Jazmin Scott 25:45, Holly Campbell 26:54. 30-34 – Lauren Bryat 29:07, Ashley Whitten 29:29, Faith Neese 31:00. 35-39 – Ashley Andrews 25:47, Lynn Coulter 27:24, Levins Angea 27:49. 40-44 – Melissa Auld 24:29, Leigh Ann Wiggins 27:47, Khanh Bailey 29:47. 45-49 – Rhonda Cllings 24:05, Nicole Amare 26:50, Monica Taylor 27:25. 50-54 - Laura Robinson 28:05, Kim Gartman 28:41, Diana Curd 28:57. 55-59 – Emma Jeffrey 25:55, Suanne White-Spunner 26:09, Susan Rhodes 29:11. 60-64 – Cindy Leonard 30:59, Linday Shirey 32:11, Cynthia McMillan 33:48. 65-69 – Cay Welsh 33:54, Anna Bowden 35:49, Patty Parris 38:58. 70-74 – Maryann Tuohy 46:00, Patricia Flanagan 47:24 75-79 – Peggy Black 42:29, Mary Goguen 43:31. 80-over – Luise Mitchell 45:56. Walker – Barbara Sharp 40:32. – Will Wright

GO Run 5K Mobile, AL – 9/16 Male, Overall – Brandon Rouse 18:34. Masters – Nathan Dolbear 21:44. Grandmasters – Victor Birch 21:58. Senior Grandmasters – David Jeffrey 22:59. 9-under – Ty Warr 36:22, Weston Warr 39:52, Crosby Ellison 49:54. 10-14 – Garrett Dolbear 21:30, Drew Pannone 29:49, Avery Wilson 29:55. 15-19 – Christopher Miller 27:58, Hunter Williams 35:29, Andrew Gates 48:58. 20-24 – Trevvor Stevens 19:34, Tanner Grow 22:24, Matthew Adams 22:41. 25-29 – Joshua Mather 19:02, Matthew Peterson 24:17, Daniel Clements 28:21. 30-34 – Gregory McAtee 20:45,

Matthew Lemond 21:03, Lance Johnson 21:33. 35-39 – Mark Perniciaro 21:15, Paul Scalici 22:38, James Contratto 23:44. 40-44 – Brian Burchert 23:37, Alexander Miller 23:47, Matthew Day 26:31. 45-49 – Teo Bracho 23:28, Jason Pierce 24:36, Jeremy Summerlin 25:21. 50-54 – Sergiy Musiyenko 23:00, Doug Geary 25:36, Brian Holderfield 26:59. 55-59 – Joe Wilson 25:45, Mike Collins 26:44, David Harris 27:05. 60-64 – Dewayne Holley 28:07, David Dutton 28:27, Steve Mills 28:51. 65-69 – Paul Baswell 24:24, Phillip Fields 32:35, Bill Keith 32:55. 70-74 – Bill McGough 30:51, Richard Lenz 37:19, Joe Antoine 1:06:33. 75over – Will Wright 33:16, Paul Helminger 41:17, Konrad Kressley 1:00:33. Female, Overall – Leanna Guinn 20:03. Masters – Marina Pitsios-Pappas 23:12. Grandmasters – Barbara Turrens 25:00. Senior Grandmasters – Kara Lindstrom 32:04. 9-under – Genevieve Romano 35:50, Sophie Dolbear 39:46, Olivia Kelley 41:32. 10-14 – Catherine Doyle 28:58, Wick Dinuki 32:21, Zoe Wise 34:07. 15-19 – Brelee Yarber 28:39 Christin Douglas 37:02, Grace Green 43:48. 20-24 – Kristin Sheehan 21:04, Kerry Edwards 25:02, Libi Jacobs 25:05. 25-29 – Sarah Leman 23:30, Katherine Grette 29:09, Samantha Lemond 29:33. 30-34 – Alicia Miller 23:42, Betsy Burchert 24:44, Melissa McKenna 28:54. 35-39 – Elizabeth Heidal 24:04, Brady Hall 25:32, Suzanne Sweetser 25:32. 40-44 – Tammy Ford 24:29, Kerri Cooke 24:54, Ellen Wilson 25:57. 45-49 – Yohalice Rodriquez 5:31, Mashawn Thrash 25:40, Cecilla Carlos 27:07. 50-54 – Zondra Yarber 27:21, Kim Gartman 29:29, Laura Robinson 29:31. 55-59 – Elinor Carter 25:10, Emma Jeffrey 26:1, Julee Waldrop 27:47. 60-64 – Maureen Higgins 33:05, Katherine Dubuisson 35:27, Sharon Brown 35:54. 65-69 – Anna Bowden 36:01, Renee Thompson 36:59, Debbie Baker 41:44. 70-74 – Phylis Logsdon 49:51, Sandy Williams 55:52, Karen Red Mease 1:05:56. 75-over – Miriam Turner 46:34, Mary Goguen 55:10. – Will Wright

ARKANSAS Major Ronald Wayne Culver Hero 5K El Dorado, AR – 9/9 Male, Overall – Sam Geray 19:08. 10-14 – Bradley Claypoole 31:04, Andrew Clawson 39:58, Lex Nash 40:03. 15-19 – Clay Smith 48:57. 2024 - Devin Osbourn 19:38, Morgan Jones 22:18, Benjamin Harbour 22:58. 30-34 – Joseph Williams 22:54, Josh Bullock 30:16, Dadasaheb Salunke 33:23. 35-39 – Jose Garay 19:46, Christopher Hulse 22:01, Dan Mann 25:23. 40-44 – Brian Nash 25:56, Tracy Mills 26:07. 45-49 – Juan Reyes 22:13, Jason Dendy 24:29, Will Rankin 35:43. 55-59 – Jimmy Hines 22:25, Wilfer Henderson 22:38, Paul Easter 26:13. 60-over – Billy Blann 22:28, George Roscoe 23:27, William Bates 26:02. Female, Overall – Leslie Darden 21:05. 10-14 – Ali Looney 23:33, Kenlee McDuffe 28:01. 15-19 – Britnee Lynch 31:22. 20-24 – Jessica Dawson 30:14, Alex Rankin 35:43, Karleigh Hollis 44:16. 25-29 – Courtney Miller 24:06, Auderyanna Cameron 25:47, Clair Antoon 29:49. 30-34 – Chelsey Owens 23:57, Cristen Woods 27:56, Mollie Gathright 28:55. 35-39 – Jennifer Matthews 26:49, Lauren Lynch 32:50, Stephanie Tully-Dartez 33:07. 40-44 – Jaime McGraw 25:39, Monica Nash 28:24, Tammy Clawson 31:11. 4549 – Tammie Peppers 44:03, Leanne Harrell 47:59. 5054 – Genevieve 35:29, Missy Inman 43:57. 55-59 – Kathy Loper 26:21, Sandra Dixon 27:37, Kim Hall 36:27. 60-over – Jonette Anderson 25:44, Lynn Freeman 43:26, Keitha Davidson 44:06. Arkansas 20K Benton, AR – 9/16 Male, Top 25 – Adam Bradbury 1:15:14.39, 2-Brent Corbitt 1:15:14.55, 3-Nathan Smith 1:18:07, 4-Jerry White 1:20:32, 5-Todd Hink 1:22:23, 6-Jeffrey Grove 1:24:51, 7-Caleb Ault 1:25:29 8-Brian Sites 1:28:36, 9Eric Grant 1:31:22, 10-Alan Krenzelok 1:32:04, 11-Ted Holder 1:32:10, 12-Matt Burnham 1:32:45, 13-Joey Gieringer 1:33:04, 14-Zach Lewis 1:33:11, 15-Greg Massanelli 1:34:24, 16-Jeff Maxwell 1:34:42, 17-Kim Howard 1:34:52, 18-Nick Rule 1:34:55, 19-Dave Mundorff 1:35:13, 20-Robert Harrell 1:36:36, 21-Don Still 1:37:21, 22-Jerry Prince 1:37:49, 23-James Moy 1:37:53, 24-Greg Walker 1:40:38.05, 25-Phillip Walker 1:40:38.24. Female, Top 25 – 1-Kaitlin Bounds 1:18:06, 2-Tia Stone 1:29:19, 3-Natalie Ragsdale 1:31:59, 4-Kathryn Phillips 1:32:57, 5-Jenny Massanelli 1:33:23, 6-Gina Kraft 1:37:20, 7-Nicole Bradbury 1:38:49, 8-Carrie Satterfield 1:41:00, 9-Tammy Walther 1:42:24, 10Laura Kearns 1:42:57, 11-Beverly Smith 1:43:48, 12Kelsey Walker 1:44:21, 13-Rachel Hendrix 1:44:47 , 14Betsy Tucker 1:46:10, 15-Leslie Darden 1:47:00, 16Bernita Lovelace 1:50:06, 17-Carole Delaney 1:50:31, 18-Erin Lytle 1:50:51, 19-Christy Wells 1:51:21, 20Chelsey Owens 1:51:53, 21-Mary Ann Hansenn 1:52:17, 22-Pam McGill 1:52:55, 23-Jennifer McGarrity 1:53:03, 24-Amy Houston 1:53:40, 25-Katherine Williams 1:55:17. – Ken McSpadden

Chile Pepper XC Festival 10K/5K Fayetteville, AR – 9/29-30 Male, Open 10K: Top 50 – 1-Brent Ewing 33:14, 2Elijah Alexander-Ma 34:02, 3-Austin Simkins 34:03, 4Brian Hurley 34:12, 5-Chase Feltner 34:36, 6-Ryan Brands 34:50, 7-Brett Pedersen 34:52, 8-Aaron Caldwell 34:52, 9-Will Muirhead 34:53, 10-Brady Laboret 34:53, 11-Bradley Davis 34:56, 12-Dylan Allen 35:18, 13-Bret O’Meara 35:23, 14-Stuart Jacksonn 35:31, 15-Ryan Spruell 35:33, 16-Brandon Gardner 35:38, 17-Daniel Sanderson 35:47, 18-Whitson Bedell 35:50, 19-Travis Wickliffe 35:53, 20-Jimmy Herrera 35:56, 21-Grant Gueller 36:05, 22-Riley Markel 36:09, 23-Drew Conner 36:10, 24-William Godfrey 36:13, 25Rikki Hacker 36:28. 26-Cameron Efurd 36:56, 27-Noah Billig 37:04, 28Paxton Bennett 37:17, 29-Chayden Du Bois 37:25, 30Molly Williams 37:31, 31-Mitch Curtis 37:38, 32-Conner Noland 37:38, 33-Grant Skelton 38:03, 34-Quinn Simkins 38:15, 35-Preston Tiff 38:16, 36-Jon Bitler 38:36, 37-Cliff Pitta 38:41, 38-Grant Pledger 38:48, 39Joshua Sakon 38:50, 40-Carolyn Yang 38:51, 41-Seth Harwell 38:52, 42-Slater Smith 38:55, 43-Matt Blaty 38:59, 44-Michael O’Brien 38:59, 45-Michael Greaves 39:07, 46-Megan Rosa-Caldwell 39:12, 47-Mike Feldt 39:31, 48-Suriyah Fish 39:38, 49-Becky Angeles 39:48, 50-Josh Arkins 39:57. Female, Open 5K: Top 50 – 1-Mackenzie Wahpepah 15:50, 2-Al Maeder 15:58, 3-Samuel Bishop 16:19, 4James Gregory 16:23, 5-Kieran Taylor 16:28, 6-Reese Walters 16:28, 7-Hurley Brian 16:45, 8-Patrick Hunter 16:52, 9-Austin Salazar 16:53, 10-Kevin Gunawan 17:03, 11-Logan Buster 17:13 12-Ryan Thomas 17:21, 13-Jacob Sanders 17:22, 14-Hosea Soap 17:27, 15Noah McMurtrey 17:28, 16-Blake Thompson 17:36, 17Kraemer Jackson 17:42, 18-Chase Pareti 17:50, 19Judah Alexander-Mac 17:52, 20-Carson Been 17:53, 21-Trail McFarland 17:55, 22-Kobi Moore 18:08, 23Juan Orrala 18:15, 24-Bennett Paxton 18:20, 25-Caitlin Hammons 18:22. 26-Matt Williams 18:30, 27-Hashane Abeyagunawa 18:36, 28-Jamie Herrera 18:45, 29-Ronn Smith 19:01, 30-Evan Montoya 19:10, 31-Cashlee Rayas 19:18, 32Clint Daniels 19:22, 33-Kandace Young 19:24, 34Pauline Allen 19:26, 35-Ryan Billington 19:30, 36-Mary Morgan 19:44, 37-Anthony Amason 19:52, 38-Oliver Sillavan 19:54, 39-Sofia Estes 19:55, 40-Amelia Carothers 19:56, 41-Dan Munz 20:02, 42-Avery Silliman 20:08, 43-Taylor Carbonel 20:13, 44-Joshua Price 20:19, 45-Wes Sheldon 20:22, 46-Mike Herbert

20:26, 47-Zoe Bess 20:30, 48-Jay Long 20:31, 29Emily Gueller 20:35, 50-Josh Neago 20:37.

FLORIDA Run to Recovery 5K Gainesville, FL – 9/24 Male, Overall – Stephen Spangler 21:19, Tyler Charbonneau 22:31, David Hernandez Gonzalo 22:36. 15-19 – Barrett Pittman 49:52. 25-29 – Matthew Golden 24:33, Jeffery Smith 29:58, Derek Baker 30:35. 30-34 – Jacob Michaelson 24:49, Kyle Lammis 24:53, Edward Rada 26:40. 35-39 – Joe Munson 26:32, James Ogles 44:32. 40-44 – Matthew Steen 26:16, Pete Dobbins 37:06, Dax Urrutia 44:06. 45-49 – Matt Staras 26:40, Christopher Lavery 36:47. 50-54 – Duncan Kabinu 30:32, Joseph Smith 31:37, George Wilson 31:38. 55-59 – Bill Sanders 23:16, Steve Pittman 51:34. 60-64 – Grady Carthon 49:33. Female, Overall – Elisabeth Diamond 23:53, Megan Contini 24:51, Jacqueline Padilla 24:58. 14-under – Sean Richards 41:18. 20-24 – Lisa Deacon 26:22, Alexis Kurbis 28:23, Karen Tecler 29:19. 25-29 – Ashley Preston 27:26, Cailin Lewis 27:28, Audrey Rada 27:47. 30-34 – Rachel Walters 26:10, Laura Clark 27:52, Alesa Willis 32:52. 35-39 – Elizabeth Butcher 26:44, Cara Negri 29:22, Audra Burrell 35:52. 40-44 – Chandra Hardy 29:50, Amy Ladendorf 37:06, Jessica Watson 37:25. 45-49 – Christa Broadbent 37:13. 50-54 – Sammi Sanz 49:31, Tonia Werner 54:19. 55-59 – Kerri McLean 32:17, Carmen Bermudez 33:29, Terri Crawford 43:52. 60-64 – Carol Wilson 39:40, Barbara Scotti 40:27, Jackie Knabel 51:05. 65-over – Kathleen Waite 46:34. – Jim Shields

GEORGIA Reinhardt Run For A Day 5K Canton, GA – 9/16 Male, Overall – Jose Diaz 16:04, Jackson Helfrich 16:45, Samuel Davidson 17:03. 10-under – Jackson Berger 25:34, Hudson Skeeters 32:47, Christopher Leeman 33:48. 11-14 – Daniel Hill 26:45, Henry Leeman 33:47. 15-19 – Warren Taylor 17:34, Nasir Campbell 18:30, Robert Jordan 19:33. 2024 – Brian Vincent 17:37, Nathan Trother 19:07, Dustin Nelson 21:00. 25-29 – Brandon Esparza 25:01, Tommy Miller 27:35, Nick McClure 31:19. 30-34 – Jordan Turner 17:49, Dave Collinsworth 30:53, Daniel Bailey 35:48. 35-39 – David Messina 23:34, Chris Keith 24:04, Edward Rowin 29:11. 40-44 – Brian Osborne 26:12, Joseph Salter 27:49, Jody Weaver 30:18. 45-49 – Richard Leeman 22:45, Dave Rensel 27:55, Jack Tuszynski 29:50. 50-54 – Simon Peter Gomez 20:47, Fred Weir 21:33, Brian Hightower 28:46. 55-59 – Bobby Dyer 24:10, Rick Rowland 31:08, Joel Langford 32:59. 60-64 – John Turner 23:48, Roger Keel 25:43, Phil Cochran 32:58. 65-69 – David Oblinger 28:52, Vince Smith 29:00, Terry Moss 57:20. 70-74 – George Southgate 32:36, Ernest Smallman 44:53. 75-over – CR Hill 58:49. Female, Overall – Sophie Davis 20:47, Shelby Rensel 21:11, Savannah Rice 21:14. 10-under – Sarah Olvin 36:14. 11-14 – Caroline Olvin 24:00, Victoria Cote 35:05, Katelyn Fleming 40:13. 15-19 – Casey Bolan 21:21, Ashton Sutton 21:42, Jenna Chance 22:08. 20-24 – Melanie Gerdes 22:08, Ansley Avera 22:35, Jaleya Mosley 23:25. 25-29 – Brooke Thomas 24:02, Yamit Vodavoz 26:16, Shannon Mikszan 27:11. 30-34 – Ashley Diaz 32:47, Laura Skeeters 32:48, Maria Alfaro 33:11. 35-39 – Anna Watso 29:23, Amy Northcutt 33:14, Jennifer Bowman 45:35. 40-44 – Reverie Berger 25:34, Michelle Blanton 38:25, Tina Barker 39:36. 45-49 – Beth Bower 28:15, Peggy Alexander 30:38, Lisa Smith 32:22. 50-54 – Linda Ratchford 27:48, Sheri Fether 29:02, Shelly Love 37:17.


RUNNING PSYCHOLOGY CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 self-talk consist of things like, “I'm hurting so bad”, “I don't think I can finish,” or “this is really miserable,” then the discomfort is only going to be made worse because we are actually focusing our attention on it. Self-statements that keep us focused on the race or workout will help take our focus away from any discomfort allow us to cope much better. By using internal statements like, “stay relaxed and push,” “go after that guy up ahead,” or “I feel strong,” we will better be able to keep our focus away from any physical discomfort we may be experiencing. By using a mental device we can, in a way, disregard or at least not cognitively acknowledge that pain is present. The key with making any mental device work is practice! In order to self-regulate our perceptions of pain we must continually refine our ability to cognitively interpret the signal our bodies are giving us. Here are a few suggestions for your next “challenging” run. Since breathing is always present when you run, it can serve as a mental device. When you feel yourself begin to suffer a bit, simply focus on your breathing and absolutely nothing else. This is the same principle that is used in focused breathing during transcendental meditation. Once you master the skill of breathing focus, then imagine that each time you exhale you are blowing pain out of your body. In reality you won't blow out any pain, but you will take your focus away from the discomfort. Repeating a cue word is also a good way to reduce the focus on discomfort. Repeating over and over to yourself words like, “relax,” “easy,” or “warm” can take your mind away from discomfort. Combining these cue words with some positive imagery can also be a valuable tool when you're not feeling all that great. Finally, by simply focusing on the race or those you're running with can serve to reduce discomfort. If you're focused totally on the task at hand then you can't be focused on yourself and how you feel. Just think back to when you had a really good race in which you were very focused on a certain time or pace, or even very focused on catching a competitor. Did you really perceive any pain in that situation? If you were totally focused on the race the pain was secondary. Above all, don't focus on the feelings of discomfort. Doing so will only make the perception of the discomfort worse. Practice using some form of mental device to get your mind away from the discomfort and you will be able to cope much better. No, we can't totally eliminate discomfort, but with a little practice we can drastically change how we perceive it. Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Science Department of Averett University and is an AASP Certified SportPsycology Consultant. He may be reached via e-mail at

Running Journal • November, 2017

LEARNING FROM THE YOUNG GUNS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 sure that your hips remain stable through the motion and you avoid rotating the hip on top backward as you lift your knee, even if it limits the motion. Single Leg Hip Raises: 2 sets of 8, progress to 2 sets of 15 This exercise activates both the glutes and hamstrings. Lay flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grab one knee with your hands and hug it toward your chest so that only one foot remains on the ground. This exercise is often performed with two legs, but hugging your knee toward your chest better isolates the glute by preventing the lower back from becoming overly activated. Engaging the glute of the leg on the ground push through the heel to lift your hips into the air. Hold the position for 1-2 seconds before lowering the hips back to the ground. Bodyweight Squat: 2 sets of 8, progress to 2 sets of 15 Stand with your feet shoulder width or slightly more than shoulder width apart. Initiate the squat motion with the hips by sitting back as if you were reaching back for a chair with your hips. Keep your head up and the plane of your back level and flat - if you have to round your shoulders forward or deepen the curve in your lower back to gain the range of motion then you don't have the proper range of motion to squat any deeper. As you are sitting back focus on keeping your weight on your heels and make sure your knees aren't coming out over your toes. If you feel like you are going to fall backward you are doing the exercise correctly, you are simply limited by the range of motion in your hips and hamstrings, something this exercise will help improve. These exercises may not help you float along the ground like Bill Rodgers, but incorporating them into your regular routine will help you emulate his unique ability to run injury free. ZAP Fitness-Reebok is a non-profit facility which supports post collegiate distance runners in Blowing Rock, NC. ZAP puts on adult running camps during the summer and is available for retreats all year. The facility has a state of the art weight room, Alter-G treadmill and a 24 bed lodge. Coaches at the facility include 2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier Zika Rea, 2007 USATF National XC Champion Ryan Warrenburg as well as head coach Pete Rea. For more information go to or call 828-2956198. You can reach Ryan at


Head for the Fast Lanes in the Nation’s Capital at the Runner’s Rite of Spring

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk

April 8, 2018


oin some of the world’s and America’s fastest road runners competing in the PRRO Circuit Championship and the RRCA National 10 Mile Championship, both of which will be held at the at the 46th running of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk on Sunday, April 8, 2018. Who knows, running with these elite athletes amidst Washington, DC’s legendary cherry trees in springtime may inspire you to a personal best time as well. The course is flat and fast and passes within sight of the Nation’s most famous Memorials during the city’s loveliest time of year. The lottery for entries to the 10 Mile Run and the 5K Run-Walk opens at 10 a.m. on Friday, December 1, 2017 and extends through midnight on Monday, December 11, 2017. Or obtain a guaranteed entry by raising funds for The Children’s Miracle Network. Complete entry and fundraising details at Championship details: •






Running Journal • November, 2017


55-59 – Laura Miksan 32:37, Cindy Little 38:17, Sherrie Turner 38:45. 60-64 – Janet Hall 32:44, Karen Hawley 1:08:17. 65-69 – Brenda McKelvey 35:21, Cindy Moss 57:09, Jennifer Aglin 1:02:58. 70-74 – Jean Kafer 45:33, Linda Zeeman 50:15. 75-over – Jo Ellen Wilson 1:01:27, Sheila Randall 1:02:59. – Classic Race Services

KENTUCKY Kentucky History Half Marathon/10K/5K Frankfort, KY – 9/30 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Kyle Bowling 1:16:12, Glen Mays 1:17:47, Brian Lindsey 1:19:34. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Varinka Ensminger 1:28:52, Ava Lawler 1:38:24, Jenny Walker 1:40:51. Male, 10K: Overall – Trey Hieneman 42:43, Jacob Weimer 45:14, Mason Richardson 47:08. Female, 10K: Overall – Pamela Pabian 48:29, Ashleigh Freda 49:51, Mary Beckerson 49:52. Male, 5K: Overall – Daniel Hinton 21:38, John Wickre 22:41, Solomon Corkran 24:32. Female, 5K: Overall – Laura Columbia 25:01, Riley James 25:27, Jennifer Parker 27:52. Full results:

LOUISIANA NOLA Bluedoo 2 miles New Orleans, LA – 9/30 Male, Overall – Ian Carr 9:31. Masters – Kenneth Cooper 10:08. Grandmasters – Paul Thiels 11:06. Senior Grandmasters – Kenny Mire 13:09. Youth – Cameron Kerley 11:37. 15-under – Mason Donadieu 12:36. 16-19 – Matthew Schmitt 17:58. 20-29 – Casey Keiser 9:32.3039 – Richard Bouckaert 9:46. 40-49 – Matthew Phillip 10:50. 50-59 – Kenneth Massett 13:58. 60-69 – Bryan Smith 11:33. 70-79 – Perez Juan 14:29. 80-over – Dickie Longo 19:49. Female, Overall – Paige Fisher 11:29. Masters – Anita Rippen 13:37. Grandmasters – Terrey Perrault 16:48. Senior Grandmasters – Germaine Carroll 19:00. Youth – Fiona Collins 13:28. 15-under – Daisy Ohmes 17:36. 16-19 – Annabel Bailey 19:17. 20-29 – Morgan Evans 11;39. 30-39 – Grace Thacker 12:04. 40-49 – Lisa Merkle 13:39. 50-59 – Marianne Garvey 16:51. 60-69 – Patricia Carroll 20:27. 70-79 – Jamie Manders 22:24.

MISSISSIPPI Tupelo Marathon/Half Marathon Tupelo, MS – 9/3 Male, Marathon: Overall – Owen Bradley 2:54:42, Layton Dorsett 2:55:34, James Graham 2:59:07. Masters – Nathan Hall 3:13:29. Grandmasters – Dink Taylor 3:28:02. 29-under – Andrew Simpson 3:19:47, Stephen Otey 3:24:34, Daniel Farrar 3:38:59. 30-34 – Joshua Mixon 3:30:16, Josh Estep 3:31:43, TJ Pickering 3:47:26. 3539 – Jason Wheat 2:59:48, Ryan Wrigley 3:21:21, Jason Cheek 3:25:01. 40-44 – Mark Maclin 3:46:47, Patrick Newman 3:59:31, Marshall Nabors 4:14:56. 45-49 – Jeff Offhaus 3:16:25, Scott Hamby 3:17:07, Jack McDermott 3:23:01. 50-59 – Bryan Baroffio 3:36:31,

more results at Elmer Norvell 3:39:53, James Reynolds 3:52:20. 60over – Kenneth Massett 4:11:53, John Aikin 4:15:06, Stephen Crimmins 4:22:14. Female, Marathon: Overall – Kayleigh Skinner 3:29:35, Amy McCrory 3:30:00, Heather Duley 3:44:21. Masters – Rachel Walter 4:07:36. Grandmasters – Gay Chambers 4:46:12. 29-under – Olivia Ritter 5:26:49, Kim Brasfield 5:29:12. 30-34 – Whitney Townsend 3:58:09, Luisa Fairfax 4:07:44, Lorelei Clarke 4:07:55. 35-39 – Natalie Pribytkova 3:49:52, Jennifer Yoak 3:55:18, Morgan Brown 3:55:31. 40-44 – Tamara Robinson 4:09:48, Lori Lucas 5:43:56. 45-49 – Ali Levering 4:21:09, Michelle Paradiso 4:23:25, Tami Harmon 4:48:11. 50-59 – Mary Hennessy 4:52:55, Allison Barcelona 5:22:59, Karen Derrick 5:32:54. 60-over – Kristy McKibbin 5:35:23, Kathy Burkey 5:35:52. Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Degnet Masebo 1:26:22, Josue Capir 1:28:06, Seth Lynch 1:33:04. Masters – Clay Curtis 1:33:51. Grandmasters – Alan Smith 1:41:23. 29-under – Clayton Fulgham 1:33:42, Michael Garrett 1:33:58, McKenzie Weatherford 1:46:26. 30-34 – Cory Lee 1:41:29, Sean Hilsdon 1:43:41, Frankie Salinas 1:44:54. 35-39 – Russell Johnston 1:37:18, Todd Yoak 1:48:38, Matt Bromley 1:51:40. 40-44 – Diamond Vrocher 1:40:10, Adam Kent 1:44:34, Terry Sullivan 1:45:47. 45-49 – Patrick Weigand 1:35:22, John McGinnis 1:37:02, Francisco Monoz 1:43:27. 5059 – Terry Lawhead 1:41:30, Neil Solomon 1:42:48, Carey Rial 1:43:53. 60-over – David Clark 1:53:01, Murray Scott 2:00:23, Wayne Manord 2:12:10. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Emma Spencer 1:38:59, Rachel Tally 1:43:57, Lori Beth Ellis 1:46:24. Masters – Cheri Butzberger 1:51:08. Grandmasters – Jane Kersh 1:53:22. 29-under – Sarah Turner 1:50:59, Jessica Brouckaert 1:52:30, Arlana McKinney 1:57:10. 30-34 – Hilary Vrocher 1:53:26, Megumi Inoue 1:53:43, Kimberly Lee 1:54:54. 35-39 – Terri Clark 1:47:34, Leanne Pounders 1:48:12, Jessica Caldwell 1:54:25. 40-44 – Jessica Ferguson 1:51:42, Lori Bevering 1:57:49, Sonya Brown 2:01:49. 45-49 – Angela Curtis 2:05:18, Kelly Wright 2:08:48, Mai Fair 2:11:55. 50-59 – Cindy Hinton 1:54:42, Sherry Smith 2:00:39, Tracy King 2:01:20. 60over – David Clark 1:53:01, Murray Scott 2:00:23, Wayne Manord 2:12:10.

300 Oaks 10K/5K Greenwood, MS – 9/17 Male, 10K: Overall – Porte Spell 41:36. Masters – Andy Sanders 43:41. Grandmasters – Alfred Kuhnert 49:13. 11-19 – Jaylen Townes 44:45, Forman Stewart 48:57, Noah Overstreet 1:01:14. 20-29 – Donald Savery 46:50, Jon Runnels 409:21, Matthew Waldrop 49:56. 30-39 – Mischa McCray 45:01, Gary Dysterhouse 45:13, Charlie Swayze 51:55. 40-49 – Jeff Overstreet 43:48, Anthony Lowrey 48:30, Michael McCoy 50:44. 50-59 – Kenneth Hall 53:15, Tasashi Abe 55:39, Mark Johns 58:53. 60-69 – John Powers 1:00:26, Mark Eppes 1:02:17. 70-over – Gerald Dye 59:06, Thomas Shuff 1:16:18. Female, 10K: Overall – Angel Overstreet 40:20. Masters – Shannon Steele 49:39. Grandmasters – Amy Abe 52:28. 10-under – Sarah Grace Beck 1:00:50. 11-19 – Emma Overstreet 53:41, Isabella Escobedo 55:47, Allison Escobedo 59:38. 20-29 – Callie Pinkerton 55:26, Sarah Waldrop 59:28, Patricia Hernandez 1:01:48. 3039 – Katie Jones 56:23, Victoria Lagrone 56:56, Swayze Hicks 57:03. 40-49 – Gerard Stewart 56:01, Mistie Arthur 56:46, Cyndi Saia 57:13. 50-59 – Sharon Freeman 55:44, Andrea Nitschke 56:35, Donna Hodge 59:03. 60-69 – Kathleen Phelps 1:24:18. Male, 5K: Overall – Daniel Caddigan 17:22. Masters – Dee Taylor 24:59. Grandmasters – Nick Joseph 31:38. 11-19 – Parker Robinson 20:58, John Hollis Tackett 21:12, Mikeldrick Burch 22:33. 20-29 – Joseph Storment 18:06, Willie McMinn 25:04, Nick Onyshko 31:14. 30-39 – Alan B 21:41, Dave Grenley 21:56, Rafael Villasana 22:47. 40-49 – Lee Coleman 25:08, Chris O’Neal 26:38, Michael Lindsey 26:51. 50-59 – Scott Hemphill 31:49, Jim Miller 40:35. 60-69 – Alan Galbraith 33:30. Female, 5K: Overall – Madeline Kelly 24:07. Masters – Jennifer Taylor 27:21. Grandmasters – Katharine Davis 26:42. 10-under – Layla Escobedo 33:40, Ashlin Hill 38:43. 11-19 – Wenn Sanders 25:26, Campbell Williams 34:52, Sally Beth Freeman 37:19. 20-29 – Caitlin Dozier 36:24, Alyson Holliday 37:13, Sydney Rawson 37:50. 30-39 – Meagan Howard 27:00, Sloane Fair 27:18, Lizzie Powers 28:27. 40-49 – Beth Eubank 29:53, Owenoblyn Gilbert 36:17, Callie Bell 36:29. 50-59 – Cindy Brown 40:11, Sarah Flemming-Upchurch 42:03. 60-69 – Karen Albright 1:00:30.

NORTH CAROLINA High Country Half Marathon Boone, NC – 8/26 Overall, Top 50 – 1-Wilton Norris 1:16:10, 2Christopher O’Brien 1:18:39, 3-Caleb Masland 1:18:59, 4-Jim Brown 1:27:00, 5-Cameron Holman 1:28:17, 6Christopher Larson 1:28:19, 7-Caleb Critcher 1:32:08, 8-Alexander Jeffs 1:32:44, 9-Paul Jones 1:33:21, 10Derek Fenton 1:33:22, 11-Isaiah Franks 1:33:43, 12Gavin Stuart 1:34:09, 13-Brian Hayes 1:35:16, 14Allison Worsdale 1:35:51, 15-Tilda Helgesson 1:35:51, 16-DAmon Braxton 1:41:45, 17-Russell Galvan 1:42:58, 18-Bryan Jones 1:43:38, 19-Tara Komlo 1:43:52, 20Joshua Minor 1:43:56, 21-Nicholas Siedentop 1:43:58, 22-Owen Jeffs 1:44:11, 23-Jason Hoyle 1:45:24, 24Heather Justice 1:46:43, 25-Leigh Warren 1:46:57. 26-David Swingle 1:47:27, 27-Daniel Paprocki 1:47:32, 28-Adam Farrell 1:47:51, 29-William Hatcher 1:48:12, 30-Lydia Hughes 1:49:19, 31-David Brashier 1:49:50, 32-Sarah McMillan 1:50:18, 33-Wayne Middlesteadt 1:50:40, 34-Bobby Fancher 1:50:44, 35David Bowers 1:50:52, 36-Elizabeth Rollins 1:50:59, 37-Brett Nelson 1:51:19, 38-Stephen Spell 1:51:25, 39Elizabeth Marks 1:52:03, 40-Maryann Riley 1:52:48, 41-Caleb Cox 1:52:51, 42-Glenn Eller 1:53:12, 43Michael Wood 1:53:22, 44-Hannah Welborn 1:53:48, 45-Scott Loy 1:54:04, 46-Domingo Vasquez 1:55:08, 47-Brent Cawn 1:55:13, 48-Lukas Warren 1:55:50, 49Jason Radulovich 1:55:50, 50-Sherri Nemeth 1:55:56.

Run & Ride Carowinds Half Marathon/Qtr. Marathon/5K Charlotte, NC – 9/10 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Logan Miller 1:20:31, Joshua Doyle 1:20:31, Brad Daniels 1:23:26. 15-under – Toby Emch 1:48:31, Chase Ramey 1:57:11. 20-29 – Tim Mann 1:33:54, Chris Harr 1:39:54, Luke Hayek 1:47:45. 30-39 – Ryan Jackson 1:35:52, Matthew Query 1:41:36, Andrea Schmidt 1:46:28. 4049 – Castullo Allen 1:30:05, Matthew Rovenstine 1:36:26, William Chapman 1:38:34. 50-59 – David Kersbergen 1:36:28, Rick Emch 1:37:30, Michael Keeley 1:41:21. 60-over – Jesse Warren 1:49:54, Robert Black 2:21:46, John Flanigan 2:30:47. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Amelia Shea 1:24:31, Megan Hovis 1:24:42, Italia Jones 1:35:21. 20-29 – Amelia Shea 1:24:31, Sarah Windover 1:37:01, Alexandra Bennett 1:38:14. 30-39 – Megan Hovis 1:24:41, Jennifer Lee 1:39:38, Ahunna Freeman 1:4 3:37. 40-49 – Christine Rockey 1:37:54, Sarah Davis 1:40:29, Tonya Moses 1:47:44. 50-59 – Sunny L’Heureux 2:10:07, Dawn Tilley 2:11:59. 60-over – Jesse Warren 1:49:54, Robert Black 2:21:46, John

Flanigan 2:30:47. Male, Qtr. Marathon: Overall – Blake Reed 42:14, EJ Threatt 42:30, Lucas McFadden 45:38. 15-under – EJ Threatt 42:30, Sean Clark 48:42, Alex Harper 1:26:49. 20-29 – Jacob Shiansky 45:57, Ryan Eyester 49:27, Jake Gabelt 50:45. 30-39 – Lucas McFadden 45:38, Brent Kukowski 47:06, David Eidson 49:53. 40-49 – Marco Brancker 46:03, Randy Whaey 46:49, Peter Laatz 53:15. 50-59 – Doug Harris 1:00:15, Richard Coulter 1:05:55, David Tarrant 1:11:51. 60-over – Ed Reed 1:12:46, Dan Gray 1:30:41. Female, Qtr. Marathon: Overall – Amy Westerberg 52:38, Amanda Onkst 53:37, Meagan Glasco 56:54. 15under – Grace Mitchell 1:55:06. 20-29 – Amanda Onkst 53:29, Alyssa Even 57:22, Elena Belova 57:43. 30-39 – Amy Westerberg 5:34, Meagan Glasco 56:49, Nevada Ange 57:4240-49 – Sarah LeBlanc 1:02:04, Robin Beaton 1:02:30, Shonda Martin 1:02:57. 50-59 – Luanne Sheaffer 1:06:31, Kelly DeLong 1:07:09, Marcie Trogdon 1:17:55. 60-over – Katherine Black 1:00:55. Male, 5K: Overall – Ryan Morris 17:21, Zac Barbee 17:43, John Sokolowski 18:46. 12-under – Connor Rice 20:32, Landon Ramey 23:07, Jackson Lee 25:41.16-19 – Malcolm Nesmith 18:47, Blake Reed 18:52, Tyler Brown 18:52. 13-15 – Zac Barbee 27:43, John Sokolowski 18:46, Dylan Aron 19:15. 20-29 – Chris Harr 20:24, Travis Cooper 24:38, Michael Berrios 25:07. 30-39 – Kevin Ihme 20:35, Tim Mabe 20:58, Brandon McCormick 21:07. 40-49 – Randy Whaley 21:11, Mark Brown 22:16, Stanley Price 23:29. 50-59 – Tony Blevins 21:39, Lee McGranaghan 21:47, Sam Grimes 24:14. 60-over – Dale Rudiger 20:50, Paul Nelson 27:48, Ed Reed 33:22. Female, 5K : Overall – Taylor Wiggins 20:07, Taylor Conrad 20:43, Leah Terry 20:43. 12-under – Katie Walker 26:45, Mchaela Hinderliter 29:31, Billie Simanovich 30:03. 13-15 – Taylor Conrad 20:43, Kimberly Barrera 24:22, Mikhaila Hadnagy 24:51. 16-19 – Amanda Patton 24:25, Sarah Chacha 24:26, Stephanie Valencic 27:18. 20-29 – Anna Kinast 25:06, Rachel Stepanek 26:41, Heather Dailey 26:45. 30-39 – Kaitlyn Arnsdorf 24:13, Danielle Dahlby 24:31, Les-Lee Ihme 24:49. 40-49 – Leah Terry 23:05, Chasity Ramey 25:16, Genia Beggs 27:41. 50-59 – Bonnie Hunt 30:06, Suzanne Lindros 32:19, Phyllis Hughes 32:33. 60-over – Laura Parenteau 44:22, Lnda Tessneer 49:04, Nancy Purkey 49:58.

SOUTH CAROLINA Tunnel to Towers 5K Columbia, SC – 9/16 Male, Overall – Eric Ashton 16:43, Justin Bishop 17:21, Trey McCain 18:01. Masters – Eric Allers 18:29, Andrew Ortaglia 19:54, Johnathan Kirkwood 20:34. 10-under – Sawyer Ringer 25:51, Kaleb McCormack 28:30, Rohmar Verdeflor 28:43. 11-14 – Holden Tutich 21:03, Alex Winslow 25:15, Grant Dupree 25:46. 15-19 – KJ Mack 18:27, Harrison Hoskins 23:13, Trevor Dowd 23:43. 20-24 – Jacob McDaniel 20:59, Thomas Miller 23:14, Morgan Crver 25:15. 25-29 – Kentrel Owens 19:14, Elliott Penna 20:50, Bobby Scott 20:51. 30-34 – Caleb Ochal 20:17, Tyler Barnes 21:47, William Ferrara 22:11. 35-39 – David Adams 18:40, Robert Gilmer 19:21, Stephen Arnold 21:26. 40-44 – Rob Yerger 20:51, John Ezekiel 21:06, German Rodriguez 24:29. 45-49 – Dean Schuster 21:37, Fabio Franceschini 22:08, George Gentry 23:44. 50-54 – Jeff Brillhart 22:01, Francisco Mora 22:30, Joe Roof 23:26. 55-59 – Mark Waler 23:58, Todd Rickabaugh 24:49, Brian Leevan 24:49. 60-64 – Ray Hardee 22:00, Lorand Batten 23:20, Michael Carr 23:53. 65-over – Donald Smith 26:39, Jan Hardwick 26:45, Arnold Floyd 27:46. Female, Overall – Caroline Brady 19:44, Claire Kennedy 21:02.02, Megan Holden 21:02.94. Masters – Sarah Allers 22:22, Jessica Soto 22:51,



Vicki Allen 23:14. 10-under – Lydia Metz 30:09, Avery Poole 33:41, Alison Kurka 34:13. 11-14 – Madison Watson 24:20, Aly Lomoriello 27:14, Kyara Milton 29:54. 15-19 – Sarah Alvarado 25:54, Brianna Meador 27:36, Madeline Hall 27:57. 20-24 – Savannah Ott 22:46, Tessa Barbee 24:57, Hannah Slyce 26:54. 25-29 – Kara Blankenship 23:48, Ashley Guthrie 23:52, Roxine Chapski 24:40. 3034 – Shae Seelbinder 21:33, Ashley Ferrara 22:07, Kimberly Hardin 23:49. 35-39 – Gena Ochal 21:31, Emily Lucic 24:40, Chrissie Miller 24:42. 40-44 – Sheila Bell 23:49, Brie McGrievy 26:53, Colleen Mallett 27:42. 45-49 – Jennifer Conrick 23:46, Heather Hawn 25:18, Jeannette Farr 26:10. 50-54 – Lisa Meiklejohn 23:49, Missy Judy 25:03, Stephanie Sherman 29:58. 55-59 Colleen Reed 23:32, Jeanna Moffett 23:47, Julie Chapski 26:12. 60-64 – Dianna Smith 32:33, Dolly Rodgers 34:00, Jackie Moore 38:48. 65-over – Marie Bridges 34:08, Robyn Pekarsky 37:41, In Cha Browne 38:56.

Revolutionary Run Half Marathon Camden, SC – 9/23 Male, Overall – Ryan Plexico 1:20:40, Marc Truesdale 1:28:46, Robert Wiley 1:29:29. Masters – Eric Allers 1:30:27, Alex McDonald 1:31:53, Angel Manuel 1:32:27. 15-19 – Grant Maree 1:32:25. 20-24 – Ethan Ahern 2:02:32. 25-29 – Tyler Lofe 2:17:46. 30-34 – Trey Harvey 1:55:21, Thomas Outlaw 2:03:22, randon Sandall 2:27:46. 35-39 – Andrew Dawson 1:31:05, Scott Steele 1:32:29, Erik Heitman 1:44:25. 40-44 – Brandon McBrayer 1:54:31, Brian Jackson 1:57:20, Dino Teppara 2:04:40. 45-49 – Whitney Keen 1:32:54, Christopher Ferland 1:33:50, Todd Miller 1:44:56. 50-54 – Terrell Burch 1:50:05, Mark Chickering 1:56:33, Stetson Vanausburg 2:09:00. 55-59 – Larry Bates 1:40:29, Wayne Richardson 1:52:49, Cody Colquitt 1:56:11. 60-64 – Geary McAlister 1:38:14, Dave Trautman 2:08:11, David Graham 2:09:18. 65-69 – David Spark 1:37:49, William Iskrzak 2:16:12, Jim Morris 3:04:47. 70-over – Ronald Hagell 2:37:07. Female, Overall – Heather Costello 1:33:56, Suzanna Hall 1:40:57, Lesley Lavasser 1:41:21. Masters – Sarah Allers 1:42:26, Laura Pratt 1:51:17, Khamphiou Boualapha 1:52:07. 15-19 – Ashley Maddock 2:13:49, Lauren Western 2:35:43, Grace Bethea 4:05:16. 20-24 – Jordan Woody 1:58:20 Madison Woody 2:01:49, Chelsea Sandall 2:27:46. 25-29 – Sarah Silk 1:48:52, Janin Simmons 1:55:21, Natalie Kerns 2:04:50. 30-34 – Meryl King 1:42:36, Briahna Wenke 1:58:28, Jeryl Graham 2:02:44. 35-39 – Shelly Sloan 1:55:40, Stephaie Greenway 1:56:21, Rebecca Edens 1:58:01. 40-44 – Stacy Fletcher 1:55:34, Leigh Brown 2:00:20, Stephanie Roberts 2:01:17. 45-49 – Marianne Esparza 2:06:38, April McKay 2:08:11, Shana Herndon 2:12:28. 50-54 – Gwendolyn Williams 2:07:56, Melinda Cashion 2:09:18, Lori Tucker 2:13:19. 55-59 – Lisa Groome 1:58:54, Catherine Johnson 2:08:58, Myra Weeks 2:12:00. 60-64 – Carol Wallace 1:55:16, Elizabeth Floyd 2:06:35, Linda Graham 2:18:38. 65-69 – Lynn Grimes 2:06:35, Sandra Payne 3:23:20.

Mullins Lions “Run For Sight” 5K Mullins, SC – 9/23 Male, Overall – Jackson Jeter 19:51, Gage Floyd 19:58, Bobby Wilder 20:22. Masters – Mark Bedenbaugh 20:26. Grandmasters – Vernon Pajaro 25:17. Senior Grandmasters – David Donahue 24:27. 13-under – Matthew Kitchen 27:35, Evan Smith 27:46, Matt Bullard 28:16. 14-17 – Bryce Ford 20:58, Chase Rhodes 23:42, Aaron Ford 24:19. 35-39 – Lance

more results at Clair 22:04, J.D. Brooks 23:25, Matthew Haneline 23:40. 40-44 – Joey Postlewaite 23:27, Forrest Stewart 23:36, Eric Griffin 23:55. 45-49 – Brad Grow 29:09, Rich Smith 36:21. 50-54 – Jody Ricks 29:45, Joe Willard 36:57. 55-59 – Larry Gore 27:47. 60-64 – Ken Foster 25:58, Charles Elvington 33:23, John Bilder 33:49. 6569 – Harry Mitchell 26:21. 70-74 – Arnold Floyd 26:45, Sid Crouch 31:31, LJ Hunt 33:45. 75-79 – Terry Williams 37:46. 80-over – George Hagan 34:35. Female, Overall – Susan West 27:40, Sonya Foster 27:59, Michaux Johnson 30:04. Masters – Kristi Spivey 33:39. Grandmasters – Sherry Willouhby 38:17. 13-under – Madi Hope Smith 32:43, Lizzie McCaskill 33:11, Kate Bullard 41:21. 14-17 – Brianna Ellis 32:20. 55-59 – Syllvia Lesic 42:58.

TENNESSEE Run for the Dogs 5K Johnson City, TN – 9/9 Male, Overall – Nate Sloan 20:11. Masters – Robert Cathey 24:34. Grandmasters – Thomas Bosworth 26:11. 19-under – Thomas Flack 34:46. 20-35 – Logan Fleenor 25:38, Cory Moore 26:26, Chase Graves 28:39. 36-49 – Jeffrey Mercer 24:50, Ethan Caldwell 25:56, Mark Tipton 32:23. 50-over – Scott Whitmire 28:51, Richard Blevins 31;47, Tom Sharar 37:22. Female, Overall – Lisa Hazlett 24:09. Masters – Jodie Blevins 33:04. Grandmasters – Lori Whitmire 34:24. 19-under – Morgan Tipton 32:23, Kristen Flack 36:00, Madison Tipton 50:48. 20-35 – Katie Mercer 25:02, Makenzie Fulmer 26:50, Olivia Woliver 26:50. 3649 – Julia Guin 33:41, Mandy Fletcher 33:42, Shannon Snyder 37:19. 50-over – Dawn Williams 52;01, Christy Rabetoy 55:59, Kathy Banchs 1:02:31.

Bays Mountain Trail Race 15 miles Kingsport, TN – 9/23 Male, Overall – Zachary Russell 1:48:00. Masters – Jesse Fritz 2:00:20. Grandmasters – Doug Strickland 2:12:13. Senior Grandmasters – Wesley Miller 2:30:49. 20-24 – Cody Jessee 2:25:04. 30-34 – Dana Brooks 2:24:38, Ray Mullins 2:27:45. 35-39 – Andy Shelton 1:54:18, Cory Forrester 2:08:11, Scott Sikes 2:09:42. 40-44 – Shawn Becker 2:02:16, Littman Bustmante 2:13:35, Robert Bradley 2:15:13. 45-49 – Terry Jones 2:28:14, Barry Hurst 3:10:12. 50-54 – Blake Williams 2:26:07, Dale Reicheneder 2:29:42, Mike Reed 2:46:15. 55-59 – Rick Gray 2:15:26. 60-64 – Richard Tyner 2:53:02, Moe Brown 3:32:04. 65-69 – Gerald Bailey 3:07:37. 70-74 – Leeroy Hurst 3:21:31 John Marshall 3:23:37. Female, Overall – Lisa Hazlett 2:28:28. Masters – Kyoko Yamamoto 2:37:07. Grandmasters – Janette Adams Erchinge 2:44:54. Senior Grandmasters – Patti Turpin 3:41:57. 25-29 – Carissa Chambers 2:42:48. 30-34 – Megan Phipps 3:08:50, Sarah Haun 3:10:02.35-39 – Danielle Tipton 3:45:31. 40-44 – Susan Greineder 2:52:09, Amy Bradley 2:53:03, Liane Jennings 2:56:16. 45-49 – Tammy Huffman 3:24:37, Patti Roland 3:58:03. 50-54 – Kathy Spatafora 3:34:51. 55-59 – Nena Cooper 3:04:49. – Mark Skelton

Running Journal • November, 2017

VIRGINIA Mulberry Island Half Marathon/5K Ft. Eustis, VA – 9/16 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – Joe Kane 1:22:54, John Piggott 1:27:09, Doug Fernandez 1:27:18. 19-under – Cole Campbell 1:48:03. 20-29 – Stephen Robertson 1:43:23, Feysel Abdulkaf 1:45:47, Steven Centner 1:48:32. 30-39 – Eric Haselby 1:29:27, Derrick Dison 1:29:43, Michael Ellwood 1:29:54. 40-49 – Brett Riley 1:30:00, Robert Thornburgh 1:35:50, Chris Robertson 1:37:01. 50-59 – Gregory Dawson 1:27:21, Craig Hymes 1:31:02, Seko Francis 1:31:07. 60-69 – Jim Thornton 1:45:26, Dale Abrahamson 1:53:12, Donnie Wyatt 1:57:17. 70-over – Larry Arata 2:18:05, Gregory Frech 2:26:19, Doug Berry 2:30:34. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Sarah Heins 1:24:41, Tressas Breindel 1:29:18, Christin Hoffstadt 1:30:50. 20-29 – Kacey Gibson 1:34:56, Cassidy Belcher 1:51:26, Caroline Reardon 1:56:17. 30-39 – Megan Doty 1:37:40, Ruthis Kreuzer 1:48:19, Ruth Cortes 1:49:08. 40-49 – Jessica Carter 1:55:52, Cosandra Clark 2:02:42, Melinda Trahan 2:04:25. 50-59 – Nancy Delaney 1:53:27, Maureen Ventrice 1:59:03, Pamela Eddy 2:01:58. 60-69 – Patricia Travis 2:16:27, Annie Eide 2:26:59, Kathy Gallo 2:32:28. 70-over – Barbara Biasi 2:17:44. Male, 5K: Overall – Victor Flemming 16:30, Stacin Martin 17:54, Raphael Kimanga 18:11. 19-under – Clayton Ashley 24:10, Max Frishkorn 27:21, Joshua Krepps 30:12. 20-29 – Joseph McDermott 20:09, David Godsey 22:29, Brodrich Basher 23:52. 30-39 – John Ndungu 19:04, Steve Olukaka 22:24, Matthew Sabo 27:32. 40-49 – Steven Armitage 20:18, Carlos Perez 23:49, Carlos Pax 28:08. 50-59 – Steven Kast 22:03, Dean Wewetzer 26:11, Jack Knick 29:35. 60-69 – Curtis Parker 31:09, Walt Hardy 31:51, Bob Curtin 38:24. 70-over – Langston Shelton 24:06, Michael Daly 28:35, William Chadim 29:31. Female, 5K: Overall – Ashley Chitwood 23:39, Angelica Reese 23:46, Leslie Sampedro 23:50. 19-under – Ashleigh Clark 31:04, Nakita Johns 41:55, Bethany Journigan 43:11. 20-29 – Samantha Popovich 25:37, Felicia Tomasek 28:08, Rebecca Watkins 33:17. 30-39 – Kim Davis 24:45, Jessica Begay 26:38, Carrie-Ann Lefsaker 27:35. 40-49 – Herlinda McNeill 26:45, Melissa White 30:05, Marie Price 30:50. 50-59 – Janet Hardy 28:59. 60-69 – Paula Pennington 37:42, Barbara Lambert 41:42, Maria Gomez De Calero 1:01:35. –Bruce Davis

Virginia 10 miler/4 miler Lynchburg, VA – 9/23 Male, 10 miles: Top 10 – 1-Benard Ngeno 47:25, 2Jumeso Kauku 47:39, 3-Julius Kogo 28:17, 4-Elkanah Kibet 48:25, 5-Simion Chirchir 48:29, 6-Panuel Mkungo 48:33, 7-Joshua Izewski 48:42, 8-Edwin Kibichiy 48:56, 9-Tyler Penel 49:03, 10-Nicholas Too 49:46. Masters – Julius Kiptoo 52:33. Grandmasters – Brian Kelleher 1:07:24. Senior Grandmasters – Preston Evans 1:10:07. Female, 10 miles: Top 10 – 1-Biruktayit Degefa 54:31, 2-Monicah Ngige 55:26, 3-Sophy Jepchirchir 55:52, 4-Susan Jerotich 56:18, 5-Mary Wangui 56:36, 6-Sarah Rapp 57:40, 7-Margaret Wanjiru 57:47, 8Kelsey Bruce 58:09, 9-Tristin Van Ord 59:50, 10Susanna Sullivan 1:00:29. Masters – Catherine Phillips 1:10:20. Grandmasters – Pam Rickard 1:19:10. Senior Grandmasters – Layne Ferguson 1:32:39. Male, 4 miles: Overall – Cyrus Korir 19:27, Ryan Purrington 21:39, Brian Flynn 21:39. Masters – Matthew Wright 24:52. Grandmasters – Dion O’Mara 27:47. Female, 4 miles: Overall – Eglay Nalyanya 22:02, Ann Mazur Robb 25:00, Julia Yoda 29:22. Masters – Joy Phelps 32:32. Grandmasters – Nicole Cundiff 33:42.


For complete results: 5118/Results

WEST VIRGINIA Charleston Distance Run 15-miler Charleston, WV – 9/2 Male, Overall – Jason Pyles 1:31:48, Brian Floyd 1:31:59, Gerod Green 1:32:15. West Virginia Resident – Nick Bias 1:34:26. Charleston Resident – Brandon Merritt 1:35:54. 18-under – Kalvin Harris 2:07:57. 19-24 – Marshall Sharp 1:38:48, Sam Harris 1:39:36. 25-29 – Josh Holley 1:39:03, Caleb Keller 1:40:04. 30-34 – TW Moore 1:37:17, Nick Massey 1:45:09. 35-39 – Garrett Burnett 1:37:57, Nathaniel Orders 1:38:36. 40-44 – Aaron Walker 1:43:41, Chris Blanchard 1:49:32. 45-49 – Donald Peal 1:48:38, Rob Steptoe 1:55:41. 50-54 – Robin Nelson 1:49:40, Dan Lucas 1:55:26. 55-59 – Roger Tyer 1:59:15, Barry Barker 2:09:38. 60-64 – Gary Smith 2:08:43, Ron Asbury 2:10:58. 65-69 – Patrick Cathey 2:07:31, Steve Ledahawsky 2:24:26. 70-74 – Danny Keatlety 2:26:45, Ron McKinney 2:28:42. 75over – Walter Seamon 2:10:55. Female, Overall – Tammy Slusser 1:45:36, Jennifer King 1:45:57, Mikala Shremshock 1:49:41. West Virginia Resident – Megan Hevener 1:50:19. Charleston Resident – Nicole Werwie 2:04:55. 18-under – Nola Todd 2:53:56. 19-24 – Mikalyn Murphy 2:19:13, Rachel Morris 2:19:14. 25-29 – Hilary Bright 1:57:46, Lindsey Kent 2:10:43. 30-34 – Claire Sellards 2:06:38, Laura Jarrell 2:17:45. 35-39 – Katherine Kapo 1:51:49, Stacy Goff 1:57:52. 40-44 – Andrea Johnson 1:56:48, Kelly Holmes 2:13:23. 45-49 – Beverly Porter 2:00:49, Holly Bailey 2:05:01. 50-54 – Darlene Weaver 2:11:08, Susan Lederman 2:11:57. 5559 – Pam Rickard 2:05:55, Eve Fingerett 2:31:28. 60-64 – Debbie Kohler 2:21:24, Ellen Henderson 2:53:53. 6569 – Amy Rockhi 2:32:10, Diana Morris 2:38:44. – Gary Smith

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Running Journal • November, 2017

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Running Journal • November, 2017

“We Run The South” Running Journal Race Calendar Race Directors: Submit your calendar information anytime on our website - or see form on page 16. Runners: Please verify information before traveling to a race. Abbreviations: RD = race day, RW = racewalk, FR = fun run, P/M = postmarked, W/C = wheelchair.

ALABAMA Nov. 4, Birmingham - Vulcan Run 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Birmingham - Shelby Humane Society Paws for the Cause 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Dog Walk, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Gadsden - Dasche for the Stache 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Huntsville - Huntsville Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Marty & Carol Eaton (256)882-3706, Nov. 4, Huntsville - Coco for Kids 10K, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Jacksonville State University’s Youth Run, 25 yards through 1 Mile; 9:15am/1st event. Info: Nov. 4, Mobile - Wells Fargo Senior Bowl Charity Run 10K & 5K Run/Walk, 8am & 8:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 4, Valley - Running with the Band in Beulah Land, 10.16K 8am-CST/9am-EST; 5K 10am-CST/11am-EST; 1 Mile 11amCST/12pm-EST. Info: Roger Keel (334)524-2884, Nov. 5, Opelika - RehabWorks4Life 5K, 2:30pm; 1 Mile FR, 2pm. Info: Nov. 9, Mobile - Christmas Nights of Lights 5K & Fun Run, 6pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 10, Prattville - Strides for Rides 5K Fun Run & 1 Mile Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Anniston - Run for HOPE 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Birmingham - Run To The Son 10K & 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:05am. Info: (205)674-9206, Nov. 11, Birmingham - Red, White and Blue 5K & Fun Run, 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Daphne - Fit for Duty 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 11, Gadsden - Mocs on the Rocks 5K/10K Trail Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Millbrook - Iron Bowl 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Pelham - Moonlight Bootlegger 5K, 5:15pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Nov. 11, Trussville - The Blow Away 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Spanish Fort (Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay) - Battleship 12K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Athens - Rivalry Run 5K, 8am. Info: Alisha Cannon (256)777-9501, Nikki Bennett (256)278-6403, Nov. 18, Birmingham - BUTS Bearly Ultra, 27 Miler, 13.5 Miler, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Chelsea - St. Catherine’s Turkey Trot for Hunger 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR; 8:30am. Info: Eric Mancil (205)618-8367, Nov. 18, Chelsea - Hope Run 5K, 8am. Info: Brooke West (205)871-8131 (x12), Nov. 18, Creola - Turkey 10 Miler, 10K & 5K Run/Walk; 8:30am. Info Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Nov. 18, Huntsville - UCP Krispy Kreme Challenge, 8am. Info: Tracy Cieniewicz (256)859-4900,

Nov. 19, Birmingham - Magic City Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8:45am; Expo & Packet Pickup at Regions Field 10am-5pm (11/18); Race Day Registration from 6am-7:30am at Regions Field. Info: Jeremey Davis (864)420-5169,, Nov. 19, Mobile - Thanks for Giving 2 Mile Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 23, Cullman - Pilgrim’s Trail 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Daystar House (256)734-4942. Nov. 23, Huntsville - Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Mobile - Turkey Trot for Hope 5K, 8am; Gobble Wobble Fun Run, 9am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 25, Orange Beach - Kaiser Realty By Wyndham Vacation Rentals Coastal Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8:25am. Info: Nov. 26, Huntsville - Hobbs Island 10K Race, 8am. Info: Martin Schneekloth (256)655-5535, Nov. 27, Huntsville - Galaxy of Lights 5K, 6:30pm. Info:

Dec. 2, Huntsville - Ho, Ho, Ho...Get Up & Go 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Pelham - Blood Rock 50K & 25K, 7am. Info: Dec. 3, Huntsville - Mistletoe Madness 5K Run/Walk, 2:30pm; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 3pm. Info: Rhonda McDavid (205)222-2477, Dec. 9, Auburn - Active Auburn Jingle Jog 5K, 4:30pm; Santa Stroll Fun Run/Walk, 4pm. Info: Dec. 9, Birmingham - Jingle Bell Run 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 10am; Santa Chase, 10:25am. Info: Kayla Smeraglia (205)314-8440, Dec. 9-10, Birmingham - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info:

Dec. 9, Huntsville - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; $100 (online only through 12/1). Info: Dink & Suzanne Taylor (256)650-7063,, Dec. 9, Point Clear - Holiday Half Marathon & 8K, 8:30am. Info: Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Dec. 16, Birmingham - Meadow Brook Runs, 5K 9am; 1 Mile FR 10am. Info: Bob Cosby (205)991-6054, Dec. 16, Dothan - Running Highland Oaks Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Eddie Mason (256)335-6793, Dec. 16, Gadsden - Humane Society Reindeer Run 5K, 8am; 1K Woof Walk, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 16, Huntsville - Rudolph Run 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 23, Vestavia Hills - Pure Fitness Reindeer Dash 2 Mile Fun Run, 8am. Info: Jan. 6, Mobile - REBOOT Technology 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Jan. 13, Birmingham - MLK Day 5K Drum Run - Birmingham, 7am. Info: Herman Mannings III (470)444-9844,

Jan. 14, Mobile - Servis1st Bank First Light Marathon, Half Marathon & 5-Person Relay, 7:30am; LifeSouth Kids Marathon & 1.2 Mile Fun Run, 2pm. Info: Marty O’Malley (251)4382094,, Jan. 20, Elkmont - Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Jan. 20, Pelham - Adam’s Heart Runs, 10 Mile, 10K & 5K; 9am. Info: Jan. 27, Dothan - The Southeast Alabama Community Foundation Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Millie Armstrong (334)4460427, Jan. 28, Gulf Shores - Big Beach Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311,

March 3, Birmingham - 3rd Annual Birmingham Wine 10K presented by Lemak Health, 8am; $45 by 12/31; Running Journal Grand Prix Event. Info:

ARKANSAS Nov. 4, Dierks - Hunting For a Cure Fight Back 5K, 8am. Info: (870)557-1046, Nov. 4, Fayetteville - Veteran’s Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: (479)8717478, Nov. 4, Fort Smith - River Valley Run, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 9am. Info: Tyson Smith (479)649-8815, Nov. 4, Heber Springs - On A Mission 5K, 8am. Info: (501)3628118, Nov. 4, Helena-West Helena - Holiday Hustle 5K, 7am. Info: Nov. 4, Helena - Relay For Life 5K, 7:30am. Info: (870)6920398, Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Your Start Our Future 5K, 8am. Info: (501)982-4316, Nov. 4, Kirby - Ryan’s Call PeRSeverance 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: (870)223-1606, Nov. 4, Little Rock - Run for Shelter 5K, 9am. Info: (501)9526538, Nov. 4, Searcy - Well Done Run 5K, 9am. Info: (248)818-0315, Nov. 4, Wynne - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)208-6523,

Nov. 5, Little Rock - Arkansas ALE 1 Mile, 2pm. Info: (501)4926955, Nov. 11, Clarksville - Red, Blue and You 4 Mile, 2pm. Info: (479)214-3588, Nov. 11, Conway - UCA ROTC Veterans Day 5K, 9am. Info: (501)690-9681, Nov. 11, DeQueen - The Green Run 5K, 9am. Info: (870)7842867, Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Fayetteville Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Nov. 11, Fort Smith - Littlefield Oil Charity 5K, 9am. Info: (479)646-5243, Nov. 11, Jonesboro - Keep Our Women Safe 5K, 8am. Info: Walter Moody (870)530-0184, Nov. 11, Little Rock - Race the Base Trail 4 Mile, 9am. Info: (501)681-2801, Nov. 11, Malvern - Hot Spring County 4H Color Run, 5K 9am. Info: Tony Jenkins (501)815-2383, Nov. 11, Springdale - ArkanSalsa Fest 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: (479)310-0527, Nov. 18, Cotter - White River Marathon for Kenya & Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: Nov. 18, Dover - Pirate Dash 5K, 8am. Info: (870)635-2957,

Nov. 18, Hot Springs - Spa Running Festival, Half Marathon, 7am; 10K, 7:45am; 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Squirt 1K, 9:30am; $55/ Half Marathon, $35/10K, $30/5K, $10/1K, after 11/10 $10 late fee; Registration deadline 11/ 14. Info: Cindy Baswell, POB 1199, Hot Springs, AR 71902; (501)276-8870, cindy@, Nov. 18, Monticello - Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: (501)666-8195, Nov. 18, Ozark - Hillbilly Hustle 5K, 9am. Info: (479)508-8203, Nov. 19, Fayetteville - Run For The Parks 2.5 mi., 4.5 mi., 8.5 mi.; 9am. Info: (479)444-3463, Nov. 23, Conway - Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am. Info: (501)3275087, Nov. 23, Fort Chaffee - Mercy Thanksgiving Day Turkey 5K/ 10K, 8am. Info: (479)314-7400, Nov. 23, Jonesboro - Get In Gear Turkey Trot 3 Mile, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Little Rock - Go!bbler 3/4/6.5 Mile, 8am. Info: (501)6636800, Nov. 23, Magnolia - CCCF Thanksgiving Day 5K, 8am. Info: (870)234-4343, Nov. 23, Rogers - NWA Turkey Trot 5K, 9am. Info: (417)5408808, Nov. 25, Malvern - Turkey Trot 5K, 9am. Info: (501)467-6376, Nov. 25, Morrilton - MoTown 5K, Kids 1K; 10am. Info: (479)9707243, Nov. 25, Stuttgart - Great Duck Race 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: (870)673-1602, Dec. 2, Fayetteville - Jingle Bell Jog 5K, 9am. Info: (479)5308084, Dec. 2, Little Rock - Jingle Bell 5K, 11am. Info: (501)664-4591, Dec. 2, Lonoke - Santa Run 5K, 9am. Info: (501)676-6971, Dec. 3, Fayetteville - Jingle Bell Jog 5K, 9am. Info: (479)7502620, Dec. 9, Pine Bluff - CASA Half Marathon, 8am. Info: (870)5404911, Dec. 9, Springdale - NWA Jingle Bell 5K, 10am. Info: (501)6644591, Dec. 16, Dardanelle - Mt. Nebo Bench Trail 4 Mile, 9am. Info: (479)477-0909, Dec. 16, Little Rock - Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon, 7am. Info: Jan. 1, Fayetteville - Black Eyed Pea New Years 5K/10K, 10am. Info: (479)790-6491, Jan. 20, Mountain Home - David’s Trail 50K, 25K, 11K & 7K, 8am. Info: (870)404-8363,

April 14, Springdale - The Hogeye Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7am (6:15am/early start); 5K, 7:05am; $90/Half, $80/Half, $180/Relay Team, $35/5K. Info:

FLORIDA Nov. 2, Daytona Beach - Volusia Flagler Family YMCA Corporate 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Nov. 2, Melbourne - Florida Tech Homecoming 5K, 6pm. Info: Stephanie Bacon (321)674-7198, Nov. 4, Bartow - Officers Down 5K Run/Walk, 10am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Boynton Beach - Racing Out of Poverty 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Nov. 4, Clermont - Gobble Wobble 2.0 Workout Until the Floors Out 5K, 6:30pm; Mini-Wobble (10-under), 5:45pm. Info: Nov. 4, Crystal River - Seven Rivers Regional Kings Bay 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 7:45am. Info: (352)726-1931 (x2240), Nov. 4, Daytona Beach - Flying Eagles 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Elkton - Cottonmouth Quarter Marathon & 5K, 8am.


Info: Jacob Smith (386)747-3532, Nov. 4, Hollywood - Humana Hollywood Beach 5K Tune Up Run Series, 7:30am. Info: Linda Meyer - Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Pink for Jon 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Ryan’s Run 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Jacksonville Porchfest 5K, 11am; 1 Mile, 11:45am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 4, Key West - Zonta ABC 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Lakewood Ranch - Care2Tri “R” 5K Run, 8am; “Special Need Dash” & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:50am. Info: Greg Simony (248)8392687, Nov. 4, Lecanto - Colors For CASA Charity 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Longwood - SEA Fit&Fun 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; Kids Mile, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Melbourne - Caddy Shack 5K & 1 Mile, 8pm. Info: Nov. 4, Miama - Live Ultimate Seed Food & Wine 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Mount Dora - Waterman Village Alzheimer’s Awareness 5K Color Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Ocala - Run With the Law 5K Run & Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Orlando - Run Childhood Cancer out of Town 5K Run/ Walk, 9am; Kids FR, 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Palm Coast - Oceans 50 Relay Race, 50 Mile. Info: Nov. 4, Pensacola - Great Pumpkin Run 5K, 8am (wheelchair 7:55am); 1 Mile Fun Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Pompano Beach - Miles for Smiles 5K, 8am. Info: Bri Ploude (954)943-2253 (x114), Nov. 4, Sanford - The Fast and The Furriest Spay N Save 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Sarasota - New Balance FREE 5K Fun Runs, 7am. Info: Tonya Getzen Gowan (941)921-3696, Nov. 4, Stuart - Madison’s Miracles 5K Run/Family Walk For Babies Gone Too Soon, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Tallahassee - Deerlake Deer Run Race for Education, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Sylvia Carver (228)234-3545, Nov. 4, Tallahassee - CLA 5K Run the Race, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Vilano Beach - Run 4 the Jackets, 4 Miles; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 4, Williston - Run To Stomp Sarcoma “Team Paige” Just Beat 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (352)339-4900, Nov. 5, Boca Raton - Sun Capital Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K, 6:35am. Info: Tom Vladimir (561)361-1950, Nov. 5, Daytona Beach - Paint the Towne 5K, 8am; Kids Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Dover - XTERRA Wildhorse Trail Run, Half Marathon & 10K, 8am; 10 Mile & 4 Mile, 8:10am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 5, Fort Myers - Fort Myers Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5 Miler, 7am; 5K, 7:05am. Info: (239)653-7704, Nov. 5, Gainesville - Five Points of Life One-Miler, 12pm/1st wave. Info: Nov. 5, Indian Harbour Beach - Space Coast Classic 15K, 6:45am; 2 Mile, 7am. Info: Nov. 5, Jacksonville - Salute to Veterans 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Walk/ Run, 9am. Info: (757)288-1079, Nov. 5, St. Petersburg - Getaway 10K, 8:30am; 5K, 8:40am; 1 Mile, 8:45am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Mary Kreke (410)605-9381, Nov. 5, Tallahassee - Rex Cleveland Magic Mile, 4:30pm. Info: Nov. 5, Tampa - Big Guava One-Mile Race Series, 7am. Info: Nov. 5, Thonotosassa - Buddy Run 5K, 1 Mile FR & Buddy Dash; 8am. Info: Nov. 10, Ocala - YMCA Veterans March, 1.4 mi. (approx.); 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Belleview - Shop With A Cop 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Clearwater - Phil Doganiero 3 Bridge Race, Half Marathon 7am; 5K 7:30am; 1 Mile Fun Walk 7:45am. Info: (727)7932629, Nov. 11, Dade City - The Call of Nature Adventure Race, Elite 8 Hour 6am, Sport 4 Hour 9am, Family 1 Hour 12pm. Info: Nov. 11, Daytona Beach - BEACH House 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Gainesville - Tom Walker Memorial Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Gainesville - Superhero 5K Family Fun Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Hawthorne - Island Grove Winery Sangria 5K Dash, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 11, Jacksonville - Bailey’s Health & Fitness Mandarin Run, 5K 7:50am; 10K 8am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 11, Lakeland - Red Ribbon Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K, 7am; Kid’s FR, 8am. Info: Inner Act Alliance (863)802-0777, Nov. 11-12, Melbourne Beach to Miami Beach - Reebok Ragnar Relay South Beach, 200ish Miles. Info: Customer Service (801)4995024, Nov. 11, New Smyrna Beach - Brain Cancer Awareness 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Ocala - Sugar Hi Run 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info:


Running Journal • November, 2017

Nov. 11, Orlando - Help The Vets, Inc. And American Legion Post 112 Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Neil Paulson (407)376-7000, Nov. 11, Palm Bay - Turkey Creek 5K Trail Run, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Sanford - Peace, Love, Cure 5K Run/Walk, 7am; Free Kids Dash, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Sarasota - 3rd Annual Myakka River Half Marathon/5K “Run for the Memories”, Hosted by Florida Compassion Foundation; Half Marathon 6:45am; 5K 7am; Beautiful course runs through the park all on paved roads under tree canopies, along the shores of Myakka Lake; $95/Half, $35/5K by 11/5 (on Info:, Nov. 11, Satellite Beach - Represent (321) 5K Community Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Sebastian - Cowboy Run/Walk 5K: Honoring & Saluting Our Heroes, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Tallahassee - VetFest 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Tracy Godwin (850)567-9779, Nov. 11, Tampa - March for the Military 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Temple Terrace - Trot Thru The Terrace 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Winter Garden - Run for the Gift 5K Run/Walk, 7am; Free Kids’ Run, 8:45am. Info: (407)905-0999, Nov. 12, Deltona - Deltona Honor & Remember 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Fort Lauderdale - Michelob Ultra Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon, 6:35am Half Marathon, 5K 7:15am. Info: Nov. 12, Fort Myers - Jog For Justice 5K and Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Gainesville - Mind, Body & Sole 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 12, Jupiter - Zoe Loren “Make A Difference” Foundation 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Pricila (561)615-5701, Nov. 12, Lake Mary - The Paws to Run 5K for Veteran Rescue, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Pensacola - Pensacola Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Subway Kids FR; 6:30am. Info: Jason Libbert (850)434-2800, Nov. 12, Wellington - Beacon of Hope 5K Run/Walk in Memory of Kevin P. Enterlein, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Inverness - Water Safe Citrus 10K & 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 8:05am. Info: DRC Sports (352)637-2475, Nov. 18, Jacksonville - McKenzie’s Run, 5K Run/Walk 10am; 1 Mile FR 9:30am. Info: Tori Pappas (904)623-8621, Nov. 18, Lakewood Ranch - Tidewell Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Nov. 18, Ocala - Florida Youth Cross Country Championships, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Orlando - Hunters Creek Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 18, Sanford - River Walk 5K, 7:30am (rescheduled from Oct. 7). Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 18, Silver Springs - Critter Trail 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 18, St. Johns - Bartram Trail High School Band Spirit Run 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Tallahassee - Habitat for Humanity 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Tampa - Cross Out Cancer 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Vero Beach - Tactical 10K & 2 Mile Run, 7am. Info: Nov. 19, Lithia - The X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 19, Melbourne - Space Coast Lightfest 5K Run Among the Lights, 6pm. Info: Kevin Ronayne (727)455-9446, Nov. 19, Miami - The Great Chocolate Race Series - Miami, 10 Mile 7am; 5K 7:15am. Info: Crucible Racing, LLC (757)849-8566, Nov. 19, Ormond Beach - Rubber Duckie River Run 5K, 9am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Nov. 19, St. Petersburg - St. Pete Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Claire Jordan (603)630-4241, Nov. 19, Tallahassee - Marching Chiefs 5K, 9am. Info: Adam Thompson (941)539-4954, Nov. 19, Tampa - Humana Tampa 5K Tune Up Run Series, 7:30am. Info: Linda Meyer - Nov. 23, Boca Raton - Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Lauren Koblick (561)852-3257, Nov. 23, Cocoa Beach - Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Marlene White (321)783-6535,, Nov. 23, Fernandina Beach - Vida Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 23, Gainesville - Turkey Trot 10K, 8:30am; 5K, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 23, Jacksonville - Community First Credit Union Thanksgiving Distance Classic, Half Marathon, 7am; 5K & Turkey Trot 1 Mile, 6:50am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 23, Melbourne - Space Coast Turkey Trot 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Denise Piercy (321)751-8889, Nov. 23, New Smyrna Beach - Turkey Day 5K Beach Run, 9am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Nov. 23, Palm Beach - Town of Palm Beach United Way Turkey

Trot 5K, 7:30am. Info: Kristen Cummins (561)655-1919, Nov. 23, Punta Gorda - Turkey Trot 5K Run & Fun Walk, 7:30am. Info: (941)639-3162, Nov. 23, Tallahassee - Tallahassee Turkey Trot 15K, 10K & 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile, 8am. Info:

Nov. 23, Tamarac - 37th Annual Tamarac Turkey Trot 5K, 7:30am; $25 by 11/10, $30 11/ 11-11/22; $50 Day of Race. Info: City of Tamarac, 7525 NW 88th Ave., Tamarac, FL 33321, Melissa Petron (954)597-3624,, Nov. 26, Cocoa - Space Coast Marathon & Marathon Relay, 6:30am/Marathon, 7:15am/Relay. Info: Christa Mudd (321)7518890,, Nov. 27, Palm Beach - Town of Palm Beach United Way Turkey Trot 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Dec. 2, Apopka - Florida State Turkey Burn Adventure Race Championship, Elite 12 Hour 2am (start 4am), Sport 4 Hour 10am, Family 1-2 Hour 1pm. Info: Dec. 2, Jacksonville - Race for Presents, 2 x 2 Mile Race (total of 4 Miles), 8am. Info: (904)234-7258, Dec. 2, Jacksonville (Marco Island) - Children’s Way 5K & Family Day, 5K 4pm; Fun Run 5pm. Info: Dec. 2, Lithia - 5K Reindeer Run 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Dec. 2, Orlando - OUC Orlando Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:40am. Info: Track Shack (407)896-1160,

Dec. 2, Panama City Beach - Panama City Beach Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kid’s Fun Run, 10am; $80/ Marathon, $55/Half Marathon, $40/5K. Info: Dec. 2, San Marco - Children’s Way 5K, 4pm; 1 Mile FR, 5pm. Info: Dec. 2, Tallahassee - GWTC 5 & 10 Mile Challenge, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Tallahassee - Jingle Bell Run, 6:15pm. Info: Tallahassee Parks & Rec (850)891-3866 or (850)891-3860. Dec. 2, Viera - Run 4 The Future 5K, 4pm. Info: Dec. 3, Ponte Vedra Beach - Guana Back to Nature Trail Races, 50K & 50K Teams 8am; 12K 1pm. Info: 50K - Mark Ryan (904)3383230,; 12K - Bob Fernee (904)3422699, Dec. 3, Tallahassee - Reindeer Run 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 3, West Palm Beach - The FitTeam Palm Beaches Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 6:30am; 5K, 6:45am. Info: Dec. 9, Cape Canaveral - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am. Info: Mary Jane Binney (321)360-9936, Dec. 9, Jacksonville - Festival of Lights 5K, 6pm; 1 Mile FR, 5:30pm; 5K Strollers & Walkers, 6:10pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Dec. 9, Leesburg - Mistletoe Trot 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104,

Dec. 9, St. Petersburg - UnitedHealthcare Girls on the Run 5K, 9am; $25. Info: Laura Moore, 1000 Third St., St. Petersburg, FL 33701; (813)832-2826 girlsontheruntampabay, Dec. 9, Tallahassee - Jingle Jog Carrabelle 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info:

Dec. 9, Wakulla Springs - Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic, 50K & 50 Mile; 7am; $60/ 50K, $70/50 Mile, 7/1-9/30; $70/$80 10/1-12/4. Info: Nancy Stedman & Jay Silvanima (850)545-7074,, Dec. 10, Madeira Beach to Largo - Florida Holiday Halfathon & Relay, 7:05am/Walkers Early Start, 7:30am/Wheelchair, 7:35am/ Runners/Walkers Halfathon; $85 postmarked/online until 11/5; $95 postmarked/online by 12/3; $110 Race Weekend. Info: (727)347-4440, info@flroad,

Running Journal’s 2018 Semi-Annual Marathon & Long-Distance Directory coming in our December issue. Dec. 10, Punta Gorda - Divas Half Marathon & 5K Florida Coast, 7am; Save 10% with code RUNJOURNAL; $110/Half 11/ 1-12/7; $65/5K 11/1-12/7; $125/Half, $80/5K at Health & Fitness Boutique. Info: info@run, http:// Florida_West_Coast.htm Dec. 16, Jacksonville - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K 7am; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $32/5K 11/111/30; $80/Marathon, $55/Half, $35/5K 12/112/15; $85/Marathon, $60/Half, $40/5K on Race Day. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports. com, Dec. 16, Satellite Beach - Jingle Bell 2 Miler, 5:45pm. Info: Running Zone (321)751-8890, Dec. 16, Tallahassee - Tannenbaum 6K Cross Country Run, 9am. Info: Dec. 22, Jacksonville (Springfield) - Run Santa Run 5K, 6pm; 1 Mile, 5:3pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900,

Dec. 22, Lakewood Ranch - Jingle 5K Run/Walk, 7pm; Lakewood Ranch LWR Main Street; $35 w/short sleeve moisture wicking shirt by 12/16, after $40. Info: Doug Schiller, POB 89, Ellenton, FL 34222; (941)932-6147,, Dec. 23, Viera - Run Run Santa 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: Brittany Streufert (321)412-1830, Dec. 23, Winter Haven - Santa’s Run for Our Kids, 10K 7:30am; 5K 8am; Kids 1/2 Mile Run 9am. Info: Robert (Bob) Custer (863)393-7538, Dec. 30, Destin/FWB - Round the Bay Relay/Ultra 36.8 Miles, Ultra/36.8 Miles 5:30am; Team Event, 6:30am. Info: Dec. 30, Palm Coast - Princess Place Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am. Info: Joe Matuszczak (352)215-3134, Dec. 31, Jacksonville - VyStar New Year’s Eve Run, 5K 2pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Jan. 1, New Smyrna Beach - Flamingo 5K Beach Run, 9am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Jan. 3-7, Orlando - Disney World Marathon, 5:30am (1/7); Half Marathon, 5:30am (1/6); 10K, 5:30am (1/5); 5K, 6am (1/4). Info: (407)939-iRUN. Jan. 6, Brooksville - Croom Zoom, 100M, 100K & 50K 6am; 25K 7am. Info: (813)232-5200, Jan. 6, Orange Park - Resolution Run, 5K 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 10am. Info: Bill (904)980-9189, Jan. 12, Jensen Beach - Run for the Falcons 5K, 6pm. Info: Lisa Holland (772)631-6611, Jan. 13, Melbourne - Fight Child Hunger 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (321)610-1900, fightchildhunger5k@

Jan. 14, Key West - Key West Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:30am; Half: $110 by 11/1, $115 by 12/1; 5K: $50, after 11/1 $55. Info: Barb Wright (305)240-0727,, Jan. 14, Naples - Naples Daily News Half Marathon, 7am; $60 before 12/1, $80 12/1-1/ 8, $100 1/9-1/13, $125 Race Day. Info: Jake Hester, 945 22nd Ave N, Naples, FL 34103; (229)686-0173,, http:// Jan. 14, Ocala - Ocala Half Marathon, 7:15am; 5K, 7:30am. Info: (352)637-2475, Jan. 20, Titusville - Fly Fish 5K, 8am. Info: Jan. 21, Palm Bay - Bayfront 5"K9", 5K 8am. Info: Drs. Paul & Jen Sikoski (321)725-4609, Jan. 27, Atlantic Beach - Race Judicata 5K, 9am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Jan. 27, Green Cove Springs - Hellcat Races, 50K 7am; 30K & 10K 8am. Info: Chris Rodatz (904)655-6511, Jan. 27, Melbourne - Tooth Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Jerilyn Bird (321)848-5940, Jan. 28, Celebration - Town of Celebration Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Ken (321)436-9742, Jan. 28, Lithia - Florida Challenge Trail Runs, Half Marathon 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200,

Feb. 4, Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 10:30am;$85/Half Marathon, $75/Half Marathon Relay (per team member), $35/5K, $145/Speedway Challenge (both Half & 5K events), 10/1/17-1/31/18. Info: Volusia County Government, 123 W. Indiana Ave., Room 301, DeLand, FL 32720; (386)8225062,, Feb. 24-25, Tampa - Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic, 2/24: 15K, 6:45am (6:40am Wheelchair); 5K, 9:15am; 2/25: Half Marathon, 6am; 8K, 9:15am; $45/15K, $35/5K, $95/Half Marathon, $40/8K by 10/1/17-1/12/18; Michelob Ultra Challenges running multiple events 2/24 & 2/25 (see website for details). Info: (813)254-7866, information@, March 4, Palm Harbor - Made to Move Copperhead 5K presented by Osteo Bi-Flex at the Valspar Championship (formerly Par4Miler), 4pm; $25/includes chipped timing, a custom race bib, dri-fit race shirt, gallon of paint courtesy of Valspar, finishers medal, the chance to purchase a Valspar Championship Tournament ticket at an exclusive, discounted price and most notably, entry into the 17th green after you cross the finish line. Info/registration: March 10, Jacksonville - Gate River Run, 15K & 5K; 8am; Wheelchair Div.; Preregistration deadline 3/3/18. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900, events@1stplace,

GEORGIA Nov. 4, Athens - Athens Heritage Lions Club Roll, Walk Jog, Run 5K, 9:15am (Wheelchair 9am). Info: Nov. 4, Atlanta - Associated Credit Union All-Star Run 5K, 9am; MVP 1 Miler, 10:15am. Info: Marisa Smith (404)785-7376, Nov. 4, Atlanta - Cowart Family Y Mission Miler, 5K 9am; 1 Mile FR 8:20am; 50-Yard Dash 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Atlanta - Dia de los Muertos Festival, 5K Run 10:30am; Skull Sprint 12pm. Info: Nov. 4, Atlanta - Starry Night 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Nov. 4, Camilla - The Mitchell County Run for Funds 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: Brittany McInvale (229)227-2415, Karla Noble (229)336-9951. Nov. 4, Cordele - Run for Your Lungs, 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Walk; 9:30am. Info: Shelia Knight (229)881-7046, Nov. 4, Fayetteville - Harvest Classic 5K, 8am. Info: Marion Ferencz (770)460-4851, Nov. 4, Lavonia - CASA Superhero Run, 5K & 10K 9am; Fun Run 8:30am. Info: (706)886-1098. Nov. 4, Lawrenceville - Ordner Construction 5K, 9am. Info: Ilona Berman (678)380-3149, Nov. 4, Locust Grove - Storm the Watershed 15K Trail Run, 10am; 5K Trail Run, 10:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Macon - Ridge Run On The River 5K, 9:30am; Fun Run, 10:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Marietta - Mt. Bethel Elementary School 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile, 9am; 1/2 Mile, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, McDonough - Veterans Day Beirut Memorial 5K, 10am. Info: (678)492-9939. Nov. 4, Monticello - Deer Dash 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 7:30am. Info: Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce (706)468-8994, Nov. 4, Peachtree City - Keep ‘em Flying Run, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: (678)364-1110.

Nov. 4-5, Savannah - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2Person Half Marathon Relay, 7:30am (on 11/ 4); 5K & 1 Mile, 1pm-3pm (on 11/5). Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510, (800)3111255, Nov. 4, Tate - Tate Elementary’s Bulldog 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile Pup Run, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 4, Thomasville - Encounter 316 Run, 1 Mile FR 8am; 5K & 5 Mile Race 8:15am. Info: Nov. 5, Atlanta - Anything is Possible 5K, 1:50am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Nov. 5, Winder - For the Children 5K, 3pm; Kids FR, 2:30pm. Info: Victoria Patrick (770)307-7956, Nov. 10, Bethlehem - Joni Odum Bethlehem Elementary Starlight 5K Run/Walk, 6pm; 1 Mile FR, 5:30pm. Info: Bethlehem Elementary (770)867-2238. Nov. 11, Albany - Albany YMCA Holiday Chili Run, 7am/ Doubler 5K; 8am/5K & 15K; 8:15am/1 Mile Run/Walk. Info: Donnette Kline Lewis (229)436-0531 (x222). Nov. 11, Athens - Seize the Day 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Athens - Athens Free to Breather 5K, 11am. Info: Smedley Gerber (608)828-8849, Nov. 11, Athens - SOAR 5K, 8:30am. Info: Julie Evans (706)546-7721 (x65730). Nov. 11, Atlanta - DAV 5K Atlanta Run to Honor Veterans, 5K Run/Walk/Wheelchair, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Baconton - Mary Byrd-Davis Scholarship 5K Walk/ Run, 8:30am. Info: St. James Baptist Church (229)787-5534, (229)881-1163, Nov. 11, Bainbridge - Bainbridge-Decatur County YMCA Veteran’s Day Run, 10K & 5K 8am; 1 Mile 8:15am. Info: (229)2430508, Nov. 11 & 12, Buford - Lanier Under The Lights 5K Run/Walk, 5:45pm. Info: Runners Fit (770)967-9755. Nov. 11, Cartersville - Doughnut Forget Our Veterans 5K Trail Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Cumming - Ruff and Tuff 5K, 9am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 11, Dacula - XTERRA Georgia “Little Mulberry Park” 5K or 10K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Douglasville - Dayspring Road Race 5K, 3pm; 1 Mile, 4pm. Info: (770)942-9492. Nov. 11, Dunwoody - The Super Run, 10K Race 7:30am; 5K Run/Walk 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Fort Oglethorpe - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (est); 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265,, Nov. 11, Lawrenceville - Run For Shelter 5K, 8:30am. Info: Janet Russell (678)468-4224, Nov. 11, Mansfield - Holiday Haulin’ 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Dye Galloway (678)300-0559, Nov. 11, Oakwood - SMA 5K - Run for Zyah, 8am; Fun Run to follow. Info: (678)985-3921, Nov. 11, Perry - Segami Veteran’s Day Half Marathon Road Race, 9am. Info: (478)508-9734 (weekdays 9am-5pm); Nov. 11, Powder Springs - Miles for Maria Epic Run for Epilepsy, 1/3/6/12/24 Hour Options; 8am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631,

Nov. 11, Sandy Springs - 4th Annual SSEF Footprints for the Future 5K, 8am; Lake Forest Elementary, 5920 Sandy Springs Circle NE, Sandy Springs; $25 by 10/18, $30 by 11/1, $35 after 11/1. Info: Christine Young (770)349-5460,, roadrace/ Nov. 11, Warrenton - VETERUN 5K, 9am. Info: (706)4664705, Nov. 12, Eatonton - Race for the Rocks 5K, 2:04pm. Info:,

Nov. 17, Warm Springs - The Candlelight Tour Run, 1 Mile 9:30pm; 5K Run, 10pm; $25 w/shirt ($15 no shirt) by 11/3, after 11/3 $30 w/shirt ($20 no shirt). Info: Candlelight Tour Run, c/o Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce, POB 9, Warm Springs, GA 31830; Carolyn McKinley (706)655-2558,, Nov. 18, Athens - CANCELLED - Koala Krawl 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Blairsville - #239 Turkey Trot 5K, 10am. Info: Kaley Raper (706)994-8409, Nov. 18, Braselton - Dirty Spokes “Chateau Elan Muscadine Run” 5.5/2.8 Mile Vineyard & Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Butler - Firefighter’s 5K Run & Community Walk, 8:30am. Info: Race Hotline (478)954-2269,

Nov. 18, Cartersville - United Way Bartow Turkey Trot 5K, 9am; $25 by 11/1, after $30. Info: Cynthia Ball, 320 W. Cherokee Ave., St. 109, Cartersville, GA 30120; Cynthia Ball (770)386-1677,, or Nov. 18, Columbus - Soldier Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay Marathon; Wheelchair Div. Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Cecil Cheves, Nov. 18, Conyers - Turkey Breast Trot 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info:

Running Journal • November, 2017 Nov. 18, Lawrenceville - Run of the Mill 6 Hour, 7am. Info: (770)377-7763, Nov. 18, Marietta/Kennesaw - Early Bird Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 18, Palmetto - Cochran Mill Trail Race, Half Marathon 8:30am; 6.5 Mile 8:40am. Info: Tony Hammett (678)653-4773, Nov. 18, Powder Springs - Ken ‘Ya Run 5K, 8:30am; 1K, 8am. Info: Mimi Hamilton (678)401-4883, Nov. 18, Roswell - St. Peter Chanel 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Toccoa - Stuff the Bus 5K, 8am. Info: Leon Womack (706)491-7110, Nov. 18, Winder - Toy Trot 5K, 8:30am. Info: (770)267-8671, Nov. 19, Dahlonega - Ron’s Run/A 6K, 2:04pm; DD GPS 4K, 3:34pm. Info:, Nov. 19, Marietta - Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K Run, 9am. Info:

Nov. 23, Atlanta - Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; 50m Dash, 9:15am; 1 Mile, 9:30am; Half: $85 by 11/15; 5K: $35 by 11/15; 1 Mile: $15 by 11/15; 50m Dash: $10 by 11/15. Info: Natalie Demarko, 201 Armour Dr., Atlanta, GA 30324; (404)2319064 (x128),, Nov. 23, Cumming - Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Cumming - Tryptophan Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 8am. Info: Totally Running (470)239-4466, Nov. 23, Dacula - Gwinnett Gobble Wobble 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: (678)985-3921, Nov. 23, Dublin - Run for Grace, Half Marathon, 12K & 6K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Trista Kincaid (478)484-7789, Nov. 23, Fayetteville - Southside Turkey Trek 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Gainesville - Gainesville Gobble Wobble 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Hampton - Thanksgiving Day 10.16K, 7:44am; 5K, 9:04am. Info:, Nov. 23, Johns Creek - Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 23, Leesburg - Harvest Run 5K/10K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, McDonough - Turkey Trot 10K, 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: (678)492-9939. Nov. 23, Savannah - United Way Turkey Trot 4 Mile Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kid’s K, 8am; Diaper Dash, 8:15am. Info: Lisa Clark (912)6517706, Nov. 23, Woodstock - Woodstock’s Turkey Trot 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 24, Athens - Buddy Christian Memorial 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Buddy Christian Foundation (502)694-2370, Nov. 25, Climax - Swine Time Festival 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 25, Summerville - Turkey Trot for Wanda 5K Road Race, 1 Mile Health Walk; 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Atlanta - Atlanta Beltline Eastside 10K, 9:30am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Dec. 2, Canton - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Cartersville - Ore 4 Miler, 9am; Kid FR, 10am. Info: Dec. 2, Cartersville - Jingle Jog 5K, 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Commerce - Hometown Holiday Hustle 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Dallas - XTERRA Georgia “Mt. Tabor Park” 8.0/4.0 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 2, Locust Grove - Sleigh Bell Shuffle, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: (678)492-9939. Dec. 2, Marietta - Run the Lights of Life 5K, 5pm; 1K, 4:30pm. Info: Dec. 2, Milledgeville - Salute to Our Troops 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Monroe - Walton County Half Marathon, 8:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: David Dickinson (770)601-9809, Walton Co. Chamber (770)267-6594, Dec. 2, Peachtree City - Jingle Bell Trail 5K, 1 Mile; 9am & 9:10am. Info: Chris Castagna (770)631-3250, Dec. 2, Pine Mountain - Callaway Santa Claus Classic 10K, 5:30pm. Info: Dec. 2, Savannah - Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run, 1/4 Mile Kids Run, 7:50am; 5K & Double Pump, 8am; 10K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Sea Island - Sea Island Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Dec. 3, Atlanta - ATL Jingle Bell Jog 5K & 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Dec. 3, Fort Valley - The Pecan Tree 10.16K, 2:34pm. Info:,, Dec. 9, Albany - Jingle Bell Jog 10K, 8am; 1 Mile Fun Walk, 9am; 5K, 9:30am. Info: Phoebe Foundation (229)312-4483. Dec. 9, Atlanta - Atlanta Christmas 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Ed

Williams (404)993-1975, Dec. 9, Atlanta - Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk for Arthritis, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Atlanta - Monday Night Brewing 10, 10 Miles or 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 9, Canton - Christmas Sunset Cinema 5K Run/Walk, 4:30pm. Info: (678)400-9050, Dec. 9, Cumming - Santa Shuffle 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 9, Dacula - It’s A Wonderful Life 5K & FR, 8am. Info: (678)985-3921,

Dec. 9, Dalton - 30th Annual Carpet Capital 10 Miler & 2 Mile, 9am; RRCA State Championship 10 Mile; $30/10 Mile, $15/2 Mile by 12/1; $40/10 Mile, $20/2 Mile after 12/ 1. Info: Carpet Capital Running Club, POB 2446, Dalton, GA 30722; (706)537-3314,, Dec. 9, Dawsonville - Reindeer Run 10K/5K, 8:30am. Info: (770)633-5511, Dec. 9, Langston - Langston Road Jingle Jog 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Madison - Madison Christmas Rush Classic, 5K 9am; 8K 10am; 1 Mile 10:15am. Info: Cindy England (478)451-7113,

Dec. 9, Marietta - Sleighbells on the Square 5K/1K, 8:30am; $25 by 11/26, after $35. Info: Ivone Hughes, 70 Haynes St., Marietta, GA 30090; (770)424-2947,, http:// distance-running-races/sleighbells-on-thesquare-5k-1k-tot-trot-2017 Dec. 9, Perry - Langston Road Jingle Jog 5K Run & Walk, 9am. Info: Anna Henry (478)988-6160, Dec. 10, Cumming - Five Star 5K/10K Championships, 8:30am. Info: (770)633-5511, Dec. 10, Kennesaw - Locomotive Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631,

Dec. 15-17, Atlanta - JG 13.1 Galloway Race Weekend, Half Marathon, 8am (12/17); Barb’s 5K, 8am & Fit Kids Run Walk, 9am. (12/16); $130/Double G (Half Marathon & 5K), $85/Half, $32/5K by 11/30. Info: (800)2002771 (x306),, See Ad page 7. Dec. 16, Atlanta - Lakeside Viking 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Bishop - Will Chamberlin Memorial Santa Stroll 8K & Black Bag Race Series Awards, 8:30am. Info: Carole Black (706)6807223, Tom Bagley (507)867-8688, Dec. 16, Chamblee - Winter Harvest 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (478)444-9781, Dec. 16, Johns Creek - Jingle Jog, 5K Run/Walk, Jr. & Elf Run; 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Macon - Glow The Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:44pm. Info: Dec. 16, Marietta - Dashing Through The Square 5K Run/Walk, 8:08am/Timed, 8:20am/Untimed; 1K Rudolph Run, 9:50am. Info: Dec. 16, Moultrie - Santa Stroll ‘n Roll, 1.7 Miles; 6:45pm. Info: Carrie Lasseter (229)881-9078, Dec. 16, Thomasville - Red Nose Run Half Marathon & 5K Run/ Walk, 8am; Kids FR, 9am. Info: Mandy Hurst (229)379-7723, Dec. 23, Macon - Winter Harvest 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: (478)444-9781, Dec. 30, Atlanta - Stamp Out Poverty 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: (478)444-9781, Jan. 1, Athens - New Year’s at Noon 5K, 12 Noon. Info: Carole Black (706)680-7223, Jan. 1, Cumming - New Year’s Day 5K, 8:30am. Info: (770)6335511, Jan. 6, Columbus - Red Nose Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Jan. 7, Atlanta - Extra Yard 5K, 8am. Info: (404)231-9064, Jan. 13, Brunswick - CIA Sports Club 5K Trail Run, 9am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Jan. 13, Dunwoody - Freakin’ Freezin’ 5K, 8:30am. Info: (770)6335511, Jan. 14, Jekyll Island - Jekyll Island Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Tony Hammett (678)653-4773, Jan. 20, Brunswick - Ninja Race 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Jan. 20, Patterson - Superman 5 Mile Trail Race, 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: Jan. 20, Sugar Hill - Chilly Willy 5K & 10K, 8:30am. Info: (770)633-5511, Jan. 27, Dawsonville - Java Jog 5K & 10K, 8:30am. Info: (770)633-5511, Jan. 27, Macon - Go for Red 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (478)4449781,


Jan. 27, Marietta - Polar Bear Run 5K, 2K & Cub Run; 8am. Info: (770)795-3224, Jan. 27, Winterville - Winterville Snowflake 10K, 9am. Info: John Means (706)631-0402, March 10, Peachtree City - Run Like A Diva Half Marathon, 7:35am; 5K, 7:15am. Info:, March 18, Atlanta - Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Natalie Demarko (404)231-9064 (x128),,

KENTUCKY Nov. 4, Cynthiana - Haunted Hustle 5K, 9am. Info: Dr. Jerry Napier (859)234-8626 (x66457) or (859)213-1002 (c). Nov. 4, Elizabethtown - Mission Hope For Kids - Monster Mash 5K/10K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Georgetown - Run For Another 5K & 10K, 9am. Info: (859)215-0215, Nov. 4, Lexington - Dirty Dog Trail 4 Miler, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Lexington - National Horse Show 5K Run/Walk, 5pm. Info: Nov. 4, Midway - Hope For Tomorrow 5K, 10am; 1 Mile FR, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Morehead - Turkey Trot for a Cure 5K Walk/Run for Alzheimer’s, 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Nicholasville - The Provision School’s Mordor 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: (859)396-0644. Nov. 4, Prestonburg - Run For Shelter 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile Fun Walk, 9:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Wilmore - Flight of the Phoenix 5K, 1pm. Info: Nov. 5, Bowling Green - bg26.2 & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Lilly Riherd (270)791-2346, Nov. 5, Lexington - VA5K Run/Walk, 12pm. Info: Nov. 10, Eddyville - Zombie Glow Run/Walk 5K, 7pm. Info: Nov. 11, Ashland - The Salvation Army’s Bells of Hope 5K, 9am. Info: Alan Osuch (606)369-4403, Nov. 11, Brandenburg - Strollin’ for Golan 5K Run/Walk, 12pm. Info: Nov. 11, Elizabethtown - iPay 5K Run/2 Mile Walk for United Way, 8:30am. Info: Diana Baker (270)706-9472, Nov. 11, Georgetown - Colors of Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Hardinsburg - Breckinridge County Chamber of Commerce Veteran’s Day 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Lexington - Kentucky USATF Association Championships, Youth 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, Adult 6K, 8K & 10K; 12pm. Info: Frank Miklavcic (502)320-2264, Nov. 11, Lexington - Blue Devil 5K-Madness Fun Run/Walk for Veterans, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Louisville - Active Heroes Veterans Day 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Murray - Freezing Frenzy 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Mike Wicker (270)559-4984, Nov. 11, Mount Vernon - Renfro Rock ‘N Run Half Marathon, 8:30am; 5 Miler & 5K Run/Walk, 8:35am. Info: Kayla Rowe (606)256-7767, Nov. 11, Pine Ridge - Rough Trail Ultra 50K, 7am; 25K, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Lexington - Central KY Free to Breathe Run/Walk for Lung Cancer, 5K Run 2pm; 5K Walk 2:05pm; 1 Mile Walk 2:10pm. Info: Kelsey Holewinski (608)828-8844, Nov. 12, Louisville - Louisville Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K; 8am. Info: (224)757-5425, Nov. 16, Lexington - Southern Lights Stroll 5K, Competitive 5K, 6:30pm; Stroll/Walk, 6:35pm. Info: Nov. 18, Elizabethtown - Be Legendary 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, LaGrange - 360 Degree Chiropractic Turkey Trotter, 5 Miles 8am. Info: Gary Parsons (502)225-0655, Nov. 18, Lexington - The Gobbler Half Marathon, 10 Miler & 10K, 8:30am. Info: (859)475-3232, Nov. 18, Nicholasville - Turkey Strut 5K, 9am. Info: John Howard (859)396-9136, Nov. 18, Owensboro - OARWC Turkey Day 5 Miler, 8am. Info: Nov. 19, Owensboro - Raise the Roof 5K, 2:30pm. Info: Nov. 19, Prospect - Harrods Creek Trail Bash 5K/10K, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Henderson - Turkey Trot 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Lexington - Thoroughbred Classic 5K & Kay Collins Memorial Mile, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Louisville - Northeast Family YMCA Turkey Trot 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; Kid’s Trot, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Louisville - Hungry Turkey 5K Run/Walk, 9am; Kids Dash, 8:45am. Info: (224)757-5425, Nov. 23, Nancy - Pilgrimage in the Park 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am; Fun Run/Walk, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 24, Murray - Turkey Day 5K, 8am. Info:


Running Journal • November, 2017

Nov. 25, Cadiz - Reindeer Run 5K, 5pm. Info: Dec. 2, Lexington - Spindletop Stache & Sweater Dash 5K, 10am. Info: Dec. 2, Louisville - Snowman Stampede 4K - 8K Fun Run, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Monticello - Elfin Around 5K Run & 2K Awareness Walk, 10am. Info: Dec. 2, Owensboro - Care Net Reindeer Run 5K & Walk, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Paintsville - Christmas on the Country Music Highway Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Pineville - Nazarite Christmas 5K, 10am. Info: Dec. 3, Frankfort - Frankfort Frosty 5K, 2pm. Info: Dec. 3, Lexington - Kentucky 5K, 3pm; 1K Kids Dash, 4pm. Info: Dec. 3, Stanford - Stanford Jingle Bell Jog 5K Run/Walk for Alzheimer’s, 2:30pm. Info: Dec. 9, Lexington - USA Track & Field National Club Cross Country Championship, 10K, 8K & 6K; 9am. Info: Frank Miklavcic (502)320-2264,, Events—Calendar/2017/USATF-National-Club-CrossCountry.aspx. Dec. 9, Lexington - YMCA of Central Kentucky Reindeer Ramble 5K/10K Fun Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Louisville - Reindeer Romp 4K Run/Walk - Polar Bear Grand Prix, 9am. Info: (502)475-0024, Dec. 9, Nicholasville - Ugly Sweater 5K Run, 4:30pm. Info: John Howard (859)396-9136, Dec. 9, Russell - Sounds of Christmas 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Alan Osuch (606)369-4403, Dec. 9, Somerset - PT Pros Santa Sleigh 5K, 9am. Info: (606)677-2006, Dec. 21, Frankfort - Jingle Bell 3K, 5pm. Info: (502)875-1675, Dec. 23, La Grange - 12 K’s of Christmas, 7.5 Mile Run/Walk & 6K (approx. 3.7 miles), 9am. Info: Jan. 1, Lexington - John’s Run/Walk Shop “Make It” Resolution Run, 1 Mile to 13.1 Mile. Info: Jan. 1, Midway - Frozen Rails 5K, 2pm. Info: Jan. 6, Nancy - Rotary New Year Trail Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jan. 13, Louisville - Frostbite 5K Run/Walk - Polar Bear Grand Prix, 9am. Info: (502)475-0024,

LOUISIANA Nov. 4, Avery Island - Jungle Gardens 7K Trail, 5K Run & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Franklinton - Q50 Races Chupacabra Trail Races, 10 Mile & 5 Mile; 11:59pm. Info: Nov. 4, New Orleans - Crescent City Fall Classic 5K Race, 8:30am. Info: (504)861-8686, Nov. 11, Akers - Middendorf’s Manchac Run/Walk, 10 Mile, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: New Orleans Running Systems Road Race Mgmt., Chuck George (504)884-7565, Nov. 11, New Orleans - YMCA Corporate Cup 5K, 8:30am; Stroller 5K, 8:45am; Kids’ 1/2 Mile, 9:30am. Info: (504)304-2326, Nov. 18, Gonzales - Baby Steps Infertility Awareness Fun Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, New Orleans - Big Easy Running Festival, Half Marathon 7am; 5K, 9:15am. Info: (504)454-6561, Nov. 18, Winnsboro - Winnsboro Garden District 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, New Orleans - NOAC Turkey Day Race, 5 Miles & 1/ 2 Mile. Info: (504)304-2326, Dec. 2, Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: (225)337-0041, Dec. 2, Franklinton - Q50 Races Trails Relay Event, 10 Mile, 20 Mile & 40 Mile; 9am. Info: Dec. 3, Kenner - Lake Town Distance Festival, 10 Mile, 10K & 5K Run/Walk. Info: New Orleans Running Systems Road Race Mgmt., Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)884-7565, Dec. 9, Lafayette - Cajun Country Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: Scott Schilling (337)781-9416, Dec. 10, Lutcher - Bonfire Festival 5K Road Race & 1/2 Mile Kids FR. Info: Dec. 10, Shreveport - Log Jammer Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Matt McVicar (318)759-0032, Dec. 16, Gretna - Ole Man River Half Marathon & 5K. Info: (504)304-2326, Jan. 6, Alexandria - Wild Azalea Trail Challenge, 13, 27 & 50 Mile; 6am. Info: Spencer Maratin (313)806-6523, Jan. 6, Norco - Q50 Races Resolution Run, 10 Miles & 5 Miles Trail Run; 9am. Info: Jan. 7, Arabi - Jackson Day Race 9K, 8am. Info: (504)304-2326, Jan. 13-14, Baton Rouge - Louisiana Marathon Running Festival, Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (1/14); Quarter Marathon & 5K, 8am (1/13); Kids Marathon, 10:15am (1/13). Info: (888)786-2001, Jan. 20, Jefferson - Larry Fuselier Race, 25K, 10K & 2 Mile; 8am. Info: (504)304-2326,

MARYLAND Nov. 4, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Frederick - The Great Pumpkin Run: Maryland, 5K 10am. Info: (815)343-3525, Nov. 4, Germantown - Schaeffer Half Marathon & 10K Trail Run,

9am/Half, 10:30am/10K; 12pm/Free Kids Race (ages 2-11). Info: Nov. 4, Pasadena - Downs Park 5 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Upper Marlboro - Jug Bay 10K/5K Run for Wildlife & 3K Fun Walk, 9am. Info: Jill Lee (301)627-7755, Nov. 5, Kingsville - Little Gunpowder Trail 8 Miles. Info: (410)630-1580, Nov. 5, Mount Airy - Run Through the Grapevine 8K, 10am. Info: Nov. 5, Rockville - Rockville 10K, 8:30am; 5K, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 5, Takoma Park - Christalis Superhero 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (240)772-1131, Nov. 11, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Frederick - Ballenger Creek Elementary School Bobcat 5K, 8:30am; 1K FR, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 11, Westminster - Freedom 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: (410)848-2222 (x18), Nov. 11, Westminster - Island Green Family Fun Center - 5K Walk/Run Cross Country, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Chevy Chase - Candy Cane City 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, New Market - Lily’s Hope 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (301)919-4411, Nov. 17, Annapolis - Lights on the Bay 5K & Fun Run, 6:15pm. Info: Nov. 18, Annapolis - Annapolis Running Classic Half Marathon & 10K, 7am. Info: Nov. 18, Gaithersburg - Run Under the Lights 5K, 6:15pm. Info: (301)525-7984, Nov. 19, Gambrills - Cold Turkey 10K, 8am. Info: Kathleen Hanson (410)693-4466,, Nov. 23, Bethesda - Turkey Chase Charity Run, 10K, 8:30am; 2 Mile, 9am; 1K Challenge Run, 9:55am; 50 Meter Tot Trot, 9:40am. Info: (301)530-3725, Nov. 23, Pocomoke - YMCA Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: (410)957-9622, Info: (757)336-6266, Nov. 25, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 25, Gaithersburg - Turkey Burnoff 5 & 10 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 2, Baltimore - Race 13.1 Baltimore Inner Harbor Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Dec. 2, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Frederick - Candy Cane Dash 5K, 9am; 1K FR, 8:35am. Info: (301)834-9242, Dec. 2, Westminster - Christmas Camel Canter 5K & Fun Run. Info: Dec. 9, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Dec. 10, Annapolis - Anniversary Run 15K, 10am. Info: Dec. 16, Carderock - Gar Williams Half Marathon, 9am. Info: (202)468-2958, Dec. 16, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Dec. 17, Gaithersburg - Seneca Slopes 9K, 10am. Info: (301)525-7984, Dec. 23, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Dec. 30, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info:

MISSISSIPPI Nov. 4, Armory - Hatley Senior Class Color Fun Run 5K, 7am. Info: Kathryn Ballard (662)825-1522, Nov. 4, Clinton - Baptist Healthplex Fall Haul 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Josh Osborn (601)925-7916, Nov. 4, Greenville - Treyon Haynes 5K Run/Walk For Cancer, 8am. Info: Thomas Haynes (662)390-7270, Nov. 4, Olive Branch - Country Store 15K & 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Amanda Drogmiller (901)288-6295, Nov. 4, Olive Branch - 5K for MITC, 8am. Info: Mr. Darin Day (901)497-8673, Nov. 4, Oxford - Oxford Band Glow Run 5K, 6pm. Info: Jessica Roebuck (601)672-1529, Nov. 4, Pearl - MEMA Emergency Prepardness 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: Nov. 4, Pontotoc - Tanglefoot Trot 10K, 5K, 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: Robert Byers (662)871-6208, Nov. 4, Tishomingo - FCR@Crowsneck Celebration 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Brian Credille (662)423-8204, Nov. 4, Vardaman - Vardaman Sweet Potato Festival 5K, 8am. Info: Neil Wesley (402)917-8403, Nov. 4, Yazoo City - Yazoo Delta Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: Daniel (901)274-2202, Nov. 5, University - Rebel Trail Challenge Adventure Race, 5 Miles w/obstacles; 2pm. Info: Nov. 9, Starkville - Mississippi State Veterans Day 5K, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 6:30pm. Info: Ryan Harper (662)325-6719, Nov. 11, Batesville - Gateway to the Delta 10 Miler & 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Biloxi - Mayor’s Cup 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: (228)3807037, Nov. 11, Brookhaven - Forget Me Not 5K, 8:30am. Info: Lanell Colely (601)695-1634, Nov. 11, Burnsville - Kingdom Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Rachel Simmons (662)415-1107, Nov. 11, Greenwood - Milwaukee Tool Giving Hope 5K, 8am. Info: Amanda (901)288-6295, Nov. 11, Hernando - Tiger Band On The Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jenne Green (901)409-5134, Nov. 11, Hickory Flat - Bethel UMC 5K Wildlife Walk/Run, 9am. Info: Teressa Williams (662)224-9014, Nov. 11, Pearl - Sader Run, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile FR 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Ridgeland - Hearts of Compassion Family 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (601)956-5000, Nov. 11, Walnut - Eli’s Allies Color Me Cured for JDRF 5K, 9am. Info: Amanda Wilburn (662)223-0300, Nov. 18, Carthage - Teal2Toe 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Fun Run to follow. Info: Tabitha Mizell (601)507-6224, Nov. 18, Jackson - 12K’s for the Holidays, 12K & 5K Run 7:30am. Info: Joanna King(601)355-6276, Nov. 18, Meridian - Magnolia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Bobbie Earley (601)917-6602, Tim Irvine (601)938-9873, Nov. 18, Vicksburg - Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Sisu Race Timing (601)750-5257, Nov. 23, Ridgeland - Fleet Feet’s Turkey Day 8K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Chris Walker (601)899-9696, Nov. 25, Gluckstadt - Lake Caroline 15K Run/Walk. Info: Nov. 25, Stennis Space Center - Mississippi Coast Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (228)380-7037, Dec. 9-10, Pass Christian - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (12/10); 5K, 8am (12/9); 1.2 Mile Kids Marathon, 9:30am (12/9). Info: (888)786-2001, Jan. 27, Biloxi - Casino Bridge Run, 10K Run, 5K Run, 5K Competitive Walk; 8:30am; Info: Mike Pate (251)980-1045,

Jan. 27, Jackson - Mississippi Blues Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon & Marathon Relay; 7am. Info:,

NORTH CAROLINA Nov. 4, Albemarle - Harvest Hustle 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Asheville - ZERO Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 10am; 1 Mile 10:05am. Info: Nov. 4, Bath - BHS Preservation 5K Pirate Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Beaufort - Front Street Gallop and Salty Dog Walk, 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; Salty Dog Walk; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Bostic - South of the Mountain Trail Run, 5K Run/Walk; 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Catawba - Grist Mill 5K, Historic Murray’s Mill, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Chapel Hill - Eve Carson Memorial 5K for Education, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Charlotte - Team Braylon 5K Run, 8am. Info:

Nov. 4, Concord - Veterans Salute 5K, 9:30am; $15 by 10/27, after $20. Info: Sara Rodgers, 147 Academy Avenue NW, Concord, NC 28026; (704)920-5619, rodgerss@concord, Nov. 4, Eden - Eden YMCA Halloween Half Marathon, 10am; Freaky 4 Mile, 10:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Greensboro - Shea’s Chase 5K Run/Walk, 11am. Info: Nov. 4, Greenville - Bolt for Bikes 5K Run, 8:30am; 1 Mile Walk. Info: Nov. 4, Greenville - GCA 5K Glow Run 5K, 6pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 4, Hendersonville - The Salvation Army Moonlight 5 Mile Run, 6:30pm. Info: Nov. 4, High Point - GO FAR Family 5K & Fun Run, 8:15am/9am. Info: Kim Shue (336)508-4380, Nov. 4, King - Helen’s 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Lenoir - Meleah Mikeal Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 9am; $65/Half by 11/1; $35/10K, $25/5K, by 10/28. Info: Zack Carter, 1031 Jim Barger Ct., Lenoir, NC 28645; (828)757-2196,, MeleahMikealHalfMarathon Nov. 4, Matthews - Brookhaven 5K Run for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 5K, 1 Mile; 8:30am. Info: Emily Pritchard (704)771-9592, Nov. 4, Mooresville - Running With The Blue Devils 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Mooresville - Home for Our Heroes 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Mooresville - Blue Ribbon Run 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Murphy - Kickin’ Asphalt 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Cherokee County Chamber (828)837-2242,

Nov. 4, Pink Hill - The Great Commission 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Pinnacle - Jacob Pettitt Memorial 5K, 8:30am. Info: Allison Dotson (336)978-6586, Nov. 4, Ramseur - Millstone Creek Apple Cider 10K, 9am; 5K, 9:30am. Info: (336)824-5263, Nov. 4, Salisbury - 5K Run/Walk For Clean Water, 8:45am; Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Winston-Salem - Mission 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 5, Charlotte - Fight the Flame 5K & 1K Family Roll & Stroll, 9am. Info: Beth Stillitano (704)321-5608, Nov. 5, Kannapolis - Fall Back 5K, 1:50am. Info: Shane Pethel (704)920-4280, Nov. 5, Raleigh - BCBSNC City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay & 10K, 7am; 5K, 7:20am; Kids’ Mile, 7:30am. Info: (919)3965968, Nov. 5, Wilmington - Port City Orthopaedics Battleship North Carolina Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am. Info: Ed Fore (910)3985539, Nov. 10, Charlotte - A Shot in the Dark Night Race, 5K & 10K; 6:15pm. Info: Nov. 11, Cary - Cary United Walk & Fun Run, Walk 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 10am; 5K & 10K 10:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Chapel Hill - Alpha Delta Pi’s Ronathon 5K, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Chapel Hill - Into The Woods 5K, 9:05am. Info: Nov. 11, Charlotte - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Clemmons - Manna Meals Soup Ministry Souper 5K, 6pm. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 11, Davidson - Summit Twilight 5K, 6pm. Info: Nov. 11, Elizabethtown - Elizabethtown Rotary 8K Trail Run & Fun Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Forest City - “Go The Extra Mile” Patriotic Light the Night 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Nov. 11, Fort Bragg - Joint Special Operations 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Hiddenite - Run for the Dogs Trail Race, 4 mi., 8 mi., & 12 mi.; 8:30am. Info: Rick French (828)632-1093, Nov. 11-12, Kitty Hawk to Manteo - TowneBank Outerbanks Marathon & Half Marathon (11/12), 7am; 11/11: 8K, 8:45am; 5K, 9:30am; Diaper Dash, 11:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Matthews - Let Them SOAR 5K, 8am. Info: (704)8933800 (x103), Nov. 11, Newton - Run for Maggie 5K Memorial Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info: Nov. 11, Newton - Catawba Country Club Fore.2 Mile Run/Walk (4.2 Miles), 4:30pm. Info: Nov. 11, Raleigh - Kool Dans 4 Life 5K Run for Epilepsy, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Reidsville - Reidsville Family YMCA Turkey Trot, 5K Run 9:15am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Trinity - Jacob Carroll Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: Bill Masear (815)830-8957, Nov. 11, Troutman - Lake Norman State Park 30K & 50K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Wilson - Emery’s Run 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8am; Tot Trot (6-under), 10am. Info: Nov. 12, Greenville - River Park Rumble 5K Trail Run & Nature Walk, 4pm. Info: Nov. 18, Apex - Apex Turkey Trot 5K, 10am. Info: Karl Lyon (919)249-3345, Nov. 18, Bryson City - Cherokee 5K Turkey Strut, 12Noon. Info: Nov. 18, Charlotte - Let Me Run FallFest 5K, 9am. Info: (704)8933800 (x103), Nov. 18, Clayton - Flowers Plantation Gobble Till You Wobble 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info:

Nov. 18, Concord - Santa Scramble 5K, 2pm; $20 thru 11/3 w/shirt, $15 thru 11/3 w/o shirt; $25 thru 11/16. Info: Perry Gabriel (704)796-3542, santascramble5k@hotmail. com, Nov. 18, Efland - Camp Chestnut Ridge Trail Races, 4 & 8.5 Miles; 10am. Info: Alan Schumacher (336)214-7068,, Nov. 18, Erwin - NOTE: New Date (rescheduled from 9/23) - The Hawk Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 18, Greensboro - Zero Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 18, Hickory - Hickory YMCA Turkey Trot, Youth FR (age 412), 8:30am; 10K Run/Walk, 9am; 5K Run/Walk, 9:10am. Info: Nov. 18, Kinston - Miles with Meaning (formerly Miles with Mitzi) 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 10am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Airy - Mayberry 1/2 Marathon, 8am; 10K, 8:15am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Darren Lewis (336)786-8313, Nov. 18, Scotland Neck - Sylvan Heights Bird Park Fly for Five, 5K & Family FR/Walk; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 18, Shallotte - 5K Turkey Trot, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Tryon - Tryon Half Marathon, 8am. Info: George Alley (828)894-2988,, https:// Nov. 18, Smithfield - Gobble Waddle 5K/10K, 9am. Info: (919)9387581, Nov. 18, Winston-Salem - SPWOC We Care Run/Walk for Hunger 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 19, Greensboro - Race the Bar Crawl 5K, 3pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Nov. 23, Albemarle - Uwharrie Running Club’s Turkey Trot 4.2 Mile Run, 7am. Info:

Nov. 23, Asheville - Asheville Turkey Trot 5K, 9:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am; $30/5K thru 10/31, $35 11/1 thru Race Day; $15/1 Mile. Info: Jus Running, 523 Merrimon Ave., Asheville, NC 28804; Norman Blair (828)2527867,, or Nov. 23, Boiling Springs - Ruby C. Hunt YMCA Turkey Trot, 5K & Kids Half Mile Fun Run; 8:30am; $25/Y members or $30/non Y members by 11/12; after $30/Y members or $35/non Y members. Info: Shannon Hovis, 1322 Patrick Ave., Shelby, NC 28152; (704)434-0441,, Nov. 23, Boone - High Country Turkey Trot 5K, 9am; Adults & Teens: $30; Kids 12under: $10; by 11/16; after 11/16 Adults & Teens: $35; Kids 12-under: $15. Info: Todd Carter, 338 Brook Hollow Rd., Boone, NC 28607; (828)264-1237,, Nov. 23, Calabash - Calabash Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile - 5K Holiday Hustle Series, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Carrboro - Gallop & Gorge 8K, 8am. Info:

Nov. 23, Charlotte - University City Turkey Trot 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Kid’s FR, 9am; $30/5K, $12/1 Mile. Info: University City Turkey Trot, POB 480714, Charlotte, NC 28269; (704)5622760,, Nov. 23, Charlotte - Charlotte SouthPark Turkey Trot, 1 Mile FR 8:30am; 8K Run & 8K Baby Joggers 9am; 5K Run/Walk & 5K Baby Joggers 9:30am; Tot Trot 10:15am. Info: Race Hotline (704)3778786, Nov. 23, Duck - Advice 5K Turkey Trot, 9am. Info: Nancy Caviness (252)255-8124, Nov. 23, Goldsboro - Goldsboro Family YMCA Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 23, Greenville - Beau’s Buddies Turkey Trot for Tots, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile Fun Walk 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Hatteras - Surfin’ Turkey 5K, 8am; Puppy Drum Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Lexington - Thanksgiving Day Early Bird 5K & 3K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Mooresville - Mooresville/Lake Norman 5K Turkey Trot, 9am; Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, New Bern - Twin Rivers YMCA Turkey Trot 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kids Dash, 9:15am. Info: Nov. 23, Raleigh - Skinny Turkey Half Marathon, 7:30am; Just Think First 5K, 8am. Info: (919)376-9441, Nov. 23, Salisbury - Butterball 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Winston-Salem - Turkey Stunt 5K, 8:30am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 25, Carolina Beach - Wilmington Roadrunners Turkey Trot 4 Mile Trail Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 25, Elizabeth City - Kids First Turkey Trot 5K, 9am; Diaper Dash & Tot Trot, 10am; Gobble Wobble Family Fun Mile, 10:15am. Info: Nov. 25, Raleigh - Turkey Chase 20K, 10K & 5K; 7:30am. Info: Nov. 25, Spindale - Elves and Bells 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 25, Taylorsville - Rotary’s Reindeer 8K Romp, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Asheville - Jingle Bell 5K, 10am. Info: Glory Hound Events (828)400-5868, Dec. 2, Burlington - Run at the Rock Trail Race, 14 Mile & 7 Mile; 9am. Info: (336)793-4311,

Dec. 2, Charlotte - Krueger Reindeer Romp 5K, 8am; Kids Fun Run/Free (10-under), 8:45am; $35/5K 10/1-12/1 (Hooded sweatshirt guaranteed to those who register before 11/ 13), $40 Race Day. Info: Sharon Alber (704)716-6999, sharon.alber@ymca,

Running Journal • November, 2017 Dec. 2, Charlotte - ACC Fan 5K, 8am; Kids Mascot Run, 9am. Info: (704)644-4047. Dec. 2, Eden - Jingle Bell Rockin’ 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, Dec. 2, Huntersville - Girls On The Run 5K North, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Waxhaw - Gingersnap 5K, 8am. Info: Jill Connolly (704)910-9469, Dec. 2, West Jefferson - Christmas Tree 5K, 10am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 10:15am. Info: Jim Snyder (336)977-1606, Dec. 2, Winston-Salem - Mistletoe Half Marathon, 8:20am; 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run, 7:50am. Info: Dec. 3, Durham - Race Across Durham Trail Marathon, 8am; 10 Miler/Sold Out, 9am. Info:

Dec 3, Kernersville - 7th Annual Kernersville Foundation Frosty 5K Parade Run sponsored by Highland Industries 2pm; $25 before 11/29, $30 after and race day (entry fee includes free admission to Pancake Supper). Info: Brian Stewart (336)399-8045, or Dec. 9, Camp Lejeune - Naughty and Nice 5K, 8am. Info: (910)451-0025, Dec. 9, Charlotte - Jingle Bell Run - Charlotte, Certified 5K, 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 9:30am (registration opens 8am). Info: Kristina Aquilone (704)705-1798,, charlotte. Dec. 9, Charlotte - Girls On The Run 5K South, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Durham - Race 13.1 Durham, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 8am; Holiday Kids FR, 7:30am. Info: Dec. 9, Huntersville - Huntersville Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Bear Robinson (704)301-5932, hardcoreseriousfitness@ Dec. 9, Mt. Airy - Rosy Cheeks 5K, 9am; Kids Jingle Bell 1/2 Mile Jog, 9:45am. Info: (336)786-8313, Dec. 9, Pittsboro - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am; Kids 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Erin Suwattana (919)542-7449 (x114), Dec. 10, Asheville - JCC Hanukkah 8K, 9:15am. Info: Dec. 16, Charlotte - Santa Run 8K, 9am; Snowman Dash 1 Mile, 10:15am. Info: (704)338-2279, Dec. 16, Charlotte - We Believe Santa 5K, 12pm. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)391-3900, Dec. 16, Gibsonville - Fill the Sleigh 5K/World Running League Trail Championship, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: (336)263-4167, Dec. 16, High Point - Jingle Jog 5K, 8:30am. Info: (336)7934311, Dec. 16, Kannapolis - Frostbite 5K, 1 Mile FR; 10am. Info: Rhoda Waters (704)939-9622 (x718), Dec. 16, Southport - Southport Ugly Sweater 5K & 1 Mile - 5K Holiday Hustle Series, 8am. Info: Dec. 21, Morganton - Night of Light 5K & 1 Mile FR, 5pm. Info: Deanne Avery (828)391-9179, Dec. 23, Mooresville - Mount Mourne VFD Elf 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info: Chris Goodrum (704)807-2900, Dec. 30, Hoffman - Drop Zone Marathon & Half Marathon, 4pm. Info: Doug Dawkins (910)206-2095, Jan. 1, Sunset Beach - Day 1 Run & Polar Plunge & 5K, 2pm. Info: Jan. 13, Ocean Isle Beach - Run for Food Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 9am. Info: Mary Pritchard (910)579-4684, Jan. 20, Almond - Tsali Frosty Foot, 50K 9am; 30K 10am; 8K 10:30am. Info: Jan. 20, Pinehurst - Race 13.1 Pinehurst, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info:

Jan. 28, Salisbury - Novant Health Winter Flight 8K Run & 5K Walk - Oldest 8K in the State, 2018 RRCA 8K State Championship Event; 8K, 2pm (Push Rim Wheelchair) 1:58pm; 5K Walk, 2pm; 1/2 Mile FR, 1:30pm; $25/8K Run, $20/5K Walk Postmarked by 1/ 25; Race Day Registration $30/8K, $25/5K; Free for 1/2 Mile FR. Info: David Freeze (704)310-6741,, See Ad page 6. March 3, Brevard - Oskar Blues 4 Mile. Info: (828)242-1123,,

SOUTH CAROLINA Nov. 4, Anderson - Family Connection Run, Walk, Stroll 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Race, 9:15am. Info: Padgett Mozingo (803)476-7124, Nov. 4, Columbia - Heart Check 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Denetra Shine (803)553-7955, Nov. 4, Columbia - SVPC Bizarre 5K & 5 Mile Race for the Build, 8am. Info: Mike Greene (803)217-9191, Nov. 4, Folly Beach - Lung Force Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Margaret Ann Youngs (843)556-8451,

Nov. 4, Florence - SC Pecan Festival Run Like A Nut, Half Marathon 8am; 5K & 10K 9am. Info: Karen Leatherman (843)6296899,, https:// Nov. 4, Greenville - Run4Life 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am; 1/4 Mile Children’s FR (6-under), 8:30am; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Annabelle Sudduth (864)797-7758, Nov. 4, Rock Hill - South Atlantic Conference 5K, 8am. Info: Kayla Adams (803)981-5244, Nov. 5, Sumter - Base2Base Race, 21 Miles; 7am. Info: Missy Corrigan (803)773-1404, Nov. 11, Camden - Marion DuPoint Scott Colonial Cup 10K Road Race & Mid Carolina Credit Union 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Zenobia Corley (803)432-4841, Nov. 11, Charleston - Purple Haze 5K, 9am; Pups in Purple 1/ 2 Mile, 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Hilton Head - Hilton Head Bridge Run, 5K & 10K; 8am. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520, Nov. 11, Lexington - Run Hard Lexington Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Jesse Harmon (803)414-9508, Nov. 11, Mount Pleasant - Old Village Harbor 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Summerville - Summerville Sweet Tea Half Marathon, 7am. Info:

Nov. 17, North Myrtle Beach - Dashing Through the Glow 5K & 1 Mile, 7pm (both races); 5K-$30, 1 Mile-$25 by 11/15; after 5K$35, 1 Mile-$30. Info: NMB Parks and Recreation, 1018 2nd Ave. South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582; (843)280-5584,, Nov. 18, Columbia - Shandon Turkey Trot, 8K & 4K Run/Walk 7:45am; Family’ Kids FR 7:30am. Info: Strictly Running (803)7994786, Nov. 18, Columbia - Riverbanks Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sara Davis (803)602-0936, Nov. 18, Greenville - Paris Mountain Road Race 20K & 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Pleasant - Ultra Chili 10x5K (50K) & 5K, 7am. Info: Charleston County Parks (843)795-4386, Nov. 18, Orangeburg - CUCAC Health and Wellness Run/Walk 5K, 7am. Info: Treva Johnson (704)756-4703, Nov. 18, Pinopolis - Run For Thanks 5K, 9am. Info: Bill Greene (803)799-4786, Nov. 18, Rock Hill - Gobble Wobble 5K Run/Walk & 8K Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, West Columbia - Run For Our Troops 5K, 6:30pm (rescheduled from 9/11). Info: Brian Walker (803)814-5858, Nov. 23, Charleston - Turkey Day Run & Gobble, 5K 9am. Info: Joe Mule - Nov. 24, Columbia - SC Rivalry Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jaime Lomas (803)600-1800, Dec. 2, Anderson - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am. Info: Joe Drennon (864)716-6262, Dec. 2, Charleston - Reindeer Run 5K, 9am. Info: (843)7923321, Dec. 2, Columbia - Red Ribbon Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Daniel Casillas (210)264-9327, Dec. 2, Lugoff - Fitness Zone Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: George Gibson (803)438-3811, Dec. 9, Anderson - Cross Your Heart Trail Run, 5K & 10K Run/ Walk 8:30am. Info: Judd Bailey (864)314-4369. Dec. 9, Charleston - Jingle Bell Run 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Dawn Kahley (304)573-8472, Dec. 9, Columbia - Harborside Lights 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Ilia Owens (803)748-9622 (x130), Dec. 9, Greenville - Jingle Bell Run 5K, 8am. Info: Kelly Maliska (678)237-4468, Dec. 9, Kiawah Island - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Greenville - Santa Run 5K, 9am. Info: Kerrie Sijon (864)423-1482. Dec. 30, Charleston - Revolutionary Run 5K, 8am. Info: Kylah Jay (843)708-4412, Dec. 30, Columbia - Cold Winters Day 5K, 10am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, Jan. 13, Charleston - Charleston Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (843)790-9288, Jan. 13, Columbia - MLK Celebration 5K, 8am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, Jan. 27, Columbia - Run with the Saints 5K & FR, 8am. Info: Mary Claire Cox (803)413-4169, Feb. 10, Hilton Head Island - Hilton Head Island Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520,,

Feb. 24, Greenville - GHS Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info:

TENNESSEE Nov. 4, Brentwood - Harvest Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; Kid’s FR, 10am. Info: Camille Mickle (615)373-9622, Nov. 4, Franklin - Race to Cure Sarcoma 5K Run/Walk Nashville, 9:30am. Info: (301)253-8687, Nov. 4, Goodlettsville - Team Nashville 10 Miler, 7:30am. Info: Diana (615)347-5822, Nov. 4, Greeneville - Black Knight Challenge 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Noah Naseri (423)552-2725,


Nov. 4, Johnson City - Northeast Tennessee Veterans Ruck & Run, 8:30am; Kids Rucksask Rush, 5K, Half Marathon & Half Marathon w/Rucksacks. Info: Nov. 4, Johnson City - The S’Mores Run, Tweetsie Trail 3.5 Mile; 4pm. Info: (423)946-0519, Nov. 4, Lawrenceburg - David Crockett 10K, 11am. Info: Scott Benefield (931)629-3567, Nov. 4, Memphis - Race for Grace 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:10am. Info: (901)683-7329, Nov. 4, Morristown - Race For The Moon 5K, 8am. Info: Hope Ross (423)586-0522, Nov. 4, Oak Ridge - Oak Ridge Fall Classic 5K, 9am. Info: Michael Yates (865)719-7221, Nov. 4, Roan Mountain - Roan Mountain 10K, 11am. Info: Meg Guy (423)772-0190 (x107), Nov. 4, Sneedville - Kick Butt’s 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Knoxville - The Man Run, 5K & 10K, 2pm. Info: Nov. 5, Knoxville - Starry Night Knoxville, Fun Run, 4pm; 8.5K, 4:30pm; 5K, 4:45pm. Info: Nov. 5, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, Half Marathon 7am. Info: Nov. 5, Nashville - Nashville Free to Breathe 5K Walk, 2pm. Info: Nov. 5, Townsend - SOLD OUT - Cades Cove Loop Lope 10 Mile & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Holly Jones (800)845-5665, Nov. 11, Dyersburg - Fyrne Lake 10K Trail Run, 9:10am; 5K Fun Run, 9:25am; 5K Trail Walk, 9:30am; 1/4 Mile (8-under), 10:40am; 1/2 Mile (12-under), 11am. Info: Shannon Hall (731)676-5556, Nov. 11, Farragut - Farragut Fall 5K & Fun Walk, 8am. Info: (865)675-7057, Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Kiwanis 5K Reindeer Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Franklin - Battle of Franklin 5K, 1K Kids FR; 8am. Info: Jayde Jacobs (615)794-0903, Nov. 11, Hilam - Bigfoot Scramble 5 Miles, 11am. Info: Lynn Burnett (931)823-6124, Nov. 11, Kingsport - BAE Veteran’s Day Classic, Half Marathon & 5K; 10:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Knoxville - Y-12 FCU Gives Foundation YRun5K, 5K Race 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Memphis - Greenline Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Natalie Wilson (901)222-7267, Nov. 11, Norris - Norris Dam Hard Trail Race, 50K & 25K; 7am. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718;, Nov. 11, Smyrna - Patriot Dash 5K, 9am. Info: Melissa (615)7812000, Nov. 11, Thompson’s Station - Hills and Hollers Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am; Little Holler Run (Sprint for Kids 7-under), 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Union City - Reelfoot Road Race, 5K & 10K; 10am. Info: Bruce Brown (731)335-3258, Nov. 12, Knoxville - Subway Race Against Cancer 5K Walk/ Run, 3pm; Survivor March, 2pm. Info: Kay Smartt (865)331-1227, Nov. 18, Bartlett - LCPL Timothy R. Creager Memorial 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: So Chhim (901)857-2587, Nov. 18, Bristol - YWCA Women’s Turkey Trot 5K Run/ & Gobbler’s Gait 5K Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Franklin - Boots for Troops 5K Ruck Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Henderson - Chickasaw Chase Quarter Marathon, 11am. Info Lisa Bell (731)441-1469, Nov. 18, Kingsport - Santa Special AniMile & 1 Mile Human Race, 3pm. Info: Natalie Whitlock (423)963-1045, Nov. 18, Memphis - Ken Novotny Memorial Chilly Chili 5K & 1 Mile Family Fun Run, 9am. Info: (901)550-2114, Nov. 18, Murfreessboro - Love Your Kidneys 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile Walk, 9am. Info: (615)383-3887, Nov. 18, Oak Ridge - Secret City Half Marathon, 9am; 5K, 9:15am. Info: Lisa Kendall (865)685-5821, Nov. 18, Springfield - Farm Bureau Holiday 10K/5K, 9:30am; Kids FR, 9:15am; Bradley’s Jingle Walk, 9:45am. Info: Diana Pelham (615)382-9622,, Nov. 19, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, Half Marathon 7am. Info: Nov. 19, Nashville - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, 8am. Info: Trent (615)356-7277, Nov. 19, Oliver Springs - Bigfoot Blast 10K & 5K Trail Race, 2pm. Info: Nov. 23, Franklin - GraceWorks Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Kids’ Kilometer, 9am. Info: GraceWorks (615)799-0006, Nov. 23, Greeneville - Greeneville City Schools Education Foundation 5K Turkey Trot, 8am. Info: Amanda Waddell (423)8230001, Nov. 23, Johnson City - Up & At ‘Em Johnson City Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am. Info: (423)946-0519, Nov. 23, Knoxville - Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am; Little Gobbler Run, 8am. Info: David Black (888)217-5635 (x3), Nov. 23, Knoxville - Hot to Trot 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Maryville - Thanksgiving Day 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8:45am. Info: Ann Drake (865)250-9472, Nov. 23, Mt. Juliet - Two Rivers Ford Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Family FR, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 25, Crossville - Plateau Gobbler Gallop 11K, 11am. Info: Terry Walter (931)787-8684,


Running Journal • November, 2017

Nov. 25, Memphis - Recovery Run 5K, 9am. Info: Rachel Bolding (901)272-7751, Nov. 25, Spring Hill - Spring Hill Turkey Burn 1/2 Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Rebecca Mischke (931)486-2274, Dec. 2, Johnson City - Girls on the Run 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Knoxville - Girls on the Run 5K, 10am. Info: Dec. 2, Memphis - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 10K 7:30am; 5K 9am; Wheelchair start 5 minutes before each event; Kids Marathon 1:30pm. Info: Erin Martin (800)565-5112, Dec. 2, Nashville - 12South Winter Warmup 12K & 6K, 8am; Kids 1K, 7am. Info: (901)274-2202, Dec. 2, Nashville - Rudolph’s Red Nose Run 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Nashville - Girls on the Run 5K, 8am. Info: Tiffany Patton (615)356-4829, Dec. 2, Winchester - Tim’s Ford Deer Trail 6 Miles, 11am. Info: Denny Elston (931)455-6553, Dec. 3, Alcoa - Reindeer Run 5K. Info: Dec. 9, Andersonville - Loyston Point Scramble, Half Marathon & 10K, 11am; Kids Race, 10:30am. Info: (865)548-4718, Dec. 9, Buchanan - Over the River 8 Miles, 11am Info: Mike Bell (731)441-1468, Dec. 9, Burns - Bell Ringer 50K/25K, 7am; 2 Mile/1 Mile, 9am. Info: Megan Dunn (615)797-9052, Dec. 9, Mt. Juliet - Panattoni Mt. Juliet Holiday Half Marathon & 5K, 10:45am. Info: Dec. 10, Knoxville - Leftover Run 5K, 2pm. Info: Andrea Collins (865)335-4292, Dec. 10, Sevierville - Santa Hustle Sevierville 5K, 7:45am. lnfo: (847)275-0965, Dec. 12, Kingsport - Love-Share Christmas Lights 8K Run & 3K Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Dec. 16, Chattanooga - Lookout Mountain 50 Mile & 21 Mile, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Knoxville - Rock’in Santa Half Marathon & Sunshine 5K, 9am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)988-3906, Dec. 16, Limestone - Pioneer 5 Mile Run, 11am. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335 (c), Dec. 30, Memphis - Starry 4K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Natalie Wilson (901)767-7275, Jan. 6, Cleveland - Trail of Tears 7 Miles, 11am. Info: Dan Smithhisler (615)290-0121, Jan 6, Memphis - Hill and Dale 8 Miles, 11am. Info: Andrew Forsdick (9091)842-5555, Jan. 13, Norris Dam - Norris Dam Challenge 12K, 11am. Info: Dorn Kile (865)621-3942, Jan. 20, Counce - Race 2 Landing 6 Miles, 11am. Info: Michael D’Orio (731)607-9098, Jan. 27, New Johnsonville - Johnsonville Charge 5 Miles, 11am. Info: Angela Redden (931)622-1843,

March 3, Nashville - 24th Annual Gupton Jeep Tom King Classic Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk Info: Peter Pressman (615)2938862,, March 11, Germantown - Germantown Half Marathon & Mayor’s Cup 5K, 7:30am; Part of the Running Journal Grand Prix Series. Info: Start2Finish Event Management (901)2742202,, March 24-25, Knoxville - Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7:30am (3/25); 5K, 7pm & Kids Run, 5:30pm (3/24). Info: Jason Altman (865)684-4294,,

VIRGINIA Nov. 4, Annandale - Westminster School 5K & 1K FR, 9am. Info: Gildas Le Moigne (703)256-3620, Nov. 4, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Ashburn - “Salute For Service”, Loudoun County 5K Race for the Homeless, 9am. Info: Terri Martin (703)689-0999, Nov. 4, Fredericksburg - Hoofin’ it 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9:45am; Cow Chase (5-under), 10:15am. Info: FCA (540)899-3422, Nov. 4, Richmond - Deep Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Virginia Beach - Race For Breath 5K Run/Walk, 8:45am; 1 Mile Walk/Kid’s FR, 9:45am. Info: Sara Peterson (608)828-8833, Nov. 4, Yorktown - Yorktown Battlefield 10 Mile & 5K, 9am. Info: Frank Alcorn (318)331-3600, Nov. 4, Winchester - Battlefield Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Frederick County Parks & Rec (540)665-5678, Nov. 5, Arlington - Global Strides 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 5, Great Falls - LifeMeUp! 5K & FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 10, Springfield - Cross Country Trail Marathon & Half

Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Arrington - Full Nelson 5K, 9am. Nov. 11, New Market - Fairway 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Amber Dennison (540)740-3432,, Nov. 11, Hampton - Hampton Christian Academy 5K. Info: Becky Chapman (757)599-3277, Nov. 11, Norfolk - ZERO Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: (202)303-3110, Nov. 11, Richmond - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, Nov. 11, Sumerduck - Sumerduck 7, 7.5 Mile Road Race & 2 Mile Fun Run; 11am. Info: Nov. 11, Virginia Beach - Warrior 8K Challenge, 9:30am; Fallen Heroes 5K, 8am; Jr. Warrior 1 Mile, 11am. Info: (757)409-1913, Nov. 11, Warrenton - Well Run Race Chris Dove Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Alexandria - Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon & 6K, 7am. Info: Nov. 12, Fairfax - The Dominion Consulting Veterans Day 5K & 1K FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Middleburg - Jim Schatz Memorial Trail 10K, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Newport News - Virginia Running Festival, Half Marathon 7am; 5K 9:45am; 400m FR 10:45am. Info: Flat Out Events (757)8808843, Nov. 18, Arlington - Jennifer Busch-Lawson Foundation 5K & Family Fun Day, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Quantico - Turkey Trot 10K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (703)784-2225, Nov. 18, Virginia Beach - 5K: A Run for Kendra, 5K Run/Walk 9am. Info: Nov. 18-19, Norfolk - Blue Moon Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon & Relay, 7:30am (11/19); 5K, 8am & Kids Race, 9:30am (11/18). Info: J&A Racing (757)412-1056, Nov. 19, Lorton - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series Race #4, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Alexandria - Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Miler, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Chincoteague - YMCA Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: (757)336-6266, Nov. 23, Earlysville - Earlysville Turkey Trot 5K Run, 9am; Kids Half Miler (12-under), 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Fredericksburg - YMCA Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 9:05am; 1 Mile & 1/2 Mile Youth Run, 7am/1st heat. Info: Nov. 23, Lorton - Turkey Trot for Parkinson’s 5K Run & 1.5 Mile Gobble Wobble, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Manassas - Prince William Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Newport News - Fast Before the Feast 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Norton - Dairy Queen Turkey Day 5K, 9am. Info: Sarah Smith Carlson (276)376-4514, Nov. 23, Virginia Beach - Charlie Normiles Turkey Trot: Race for the Fallen, 5K & 1 Mile; 9am. Info: Michelle Nassan (757)201-8301, Nov. 23, Williamsburg - Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9:45am. Info: (757)476-2583, Nov. 26, Fairfax Station - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series - Race #5, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Virginia Beach - Reindeer Trot 7K & Reindeer Rally 5K. Info: Road Rage Events (757)409-1913, Dec. 2, Tabb/York County - Run with the Son for Haiti 5K, 8:30am. Info: Judy Townsend (757)876-2417, Dec. 3, Fredericksburg - Fredericksburg Blue & Gray Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:35am. Info: (540)310-4803, Dec. 3, Williamsburg - Christmas Town Dash 8K. Info: Race Team (757)880-8843, Dec. 9, Bristol - Girls Incorporated of Bristol Snowman Stampede 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Dec. 9, Fredericksburg - Tacky Sweater 5K Fun Run, 9am. Info: (540)446-6871. Dec. 10, Fairfax - Holiday Half Marathon, 9am. Info: (703)9130313, Dec. 10, Portsmouth - Santa Claus Shuffle 5K Race, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 16, Virginia Beach - Surfin’ Santa 5 Miler, 4:30pm. Info: (757)412-1056, Jan. 1, Hampton - Sentara 5K, 11am. Info: Carla Smith (757)7662658. Jan. 1, Williamsburg - Hair of the Dog 5K Run/Walk, 10am; Kids’ FR, 11:15am. Info: (757)373-4174, Jan. 13, Newport News - Menchville Winter Chill 5K, 9:30am. Info: Danny Garay (757)725-2100,

WASHINGTON, DC Nov. 4, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Washington, DC - National Race to End Women’s Cancer 5K, 1 Mile Walk; 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Washington, DC - Fidelity Investments Parks 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Washington, DC - C&O Canal Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Washington, DC - Veteran’s Day 10K & 2 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 15, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info: Nov. 18, Washington, DC - Vida Thrive 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Washington, DC - Trot for Hunger 5K, 9am (Timed); 5K, 9:15am (Untimed); Kids’ 1 Mile Turkey FR, 8:30am. Info: (202)797-8806. Dec. 10, Washington, DC - Jingle All the Way 5K & 15K, 8am. Info: Dec. 20, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info: Jan. 17, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info:

April 8, Washington, DC - Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run & 5K Run/ Walk - PRRO Circuit Championship and the RRCA National 10 Mile Championship, held at the 46th Running of this event; The Lottery for entries to the 10 Mile Run & 5K Run/Walk opens at 10am on Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 and extends through Midnight, on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017; 10 Mile 7:30am (Elite Women @ 7:18am); 5K Run/Walk 8:40am; 1/2 Mile Kids Run on April 7, 9:30am. Info:, Se Ad page 13.

WEST VIRGINIA Nov. 4, Elkins - Color the World Orange 5K Fun Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Huntington - Shake Out Run 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Milton - City of Milton 5K - Race to End NF, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Salem - Run 4 Haiti - Zombie 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, St. Albans - 3 Betties Foundation Ribbon Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Huntington - Marshall University/St. Marys Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: Nov. 5, Morgantown - Donut Dash 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Charleston - For Our Families 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Canary in the Cave 25K+ Trail Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Morgantown - Race for Relief 5K Run/Walk, 11am. Info: Nov. 12, Huntington - Jeannie’s Run In The Sun 5K, 2pm. Info: Nov. 17, Charleston - Children’s Therapy Clinic “Light the Way” 5K Walk/Run, 6pm. Info: (304)342-9515, Nov. 18, Barboursville - Run For Los Ninos 5K, 9am. Info:, Nov. 18, Charleston - Cato 5-Miler, 10am. Info: Kelsey Gilbert (304)348-6860, Nov. 23, Barboursville - Racing Hunger 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Charleston - Union Mission Drumstick Dash 5K, 9am. Info: (304)925-0366 (x142), Nov. 23, Huntington - Turkey Trot 5K Fun Run/Walk, 9am. Info:, Nov. 25, Kenova - Feed The Need 5 Mile Run/Walk, 2 Mile Walk; 9am. Info: Alan Osuch (606)369-4403,

Dec 2, Charleston - Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run, 5K Race & Walk 9am; Kids Kandy Kane Fun Run 8:30am; $35/5K 9/111/1 and $40 11/1-12/2; $25 1-mile walk; $30 Jingle in Your Jammies, $15 Children (up to age 12) 9/1-11/1 and $20 11/1/-12/2, includes Kids Kandy Kane Fun Run and the JBR Run/Walk. Info: Cathy Schrader (304)2051514,, Register: Dec. 10, Charleston - Charleston Parks & Recreation Winter Series - 5K Run & 3K Walk, 2pm. Info: kelsey.gilbert@, Jan. 14, Charleston - Charleston Parks & Recreation Winter Series - 8K Run & 4K Walk, 2pm. Info: kelsey.gilbert@,

TRACK & FIELD Dec. 2, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Vanderbilt Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith, Jan. 12-13, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Commodore Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith,

Jan. 19-20, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Vanderbilt Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith,

MULTI-SPORTS (Included in the Multi-sports calendar are single swimming and cycling events). Nov. 4, Tyronza, AR - Tour duh Sunken Lands, 52 Mile Bike; 10am. Info: Linda Hinton (870)487-2909, Nov. 4, Arnaudville, LA - The Bayou Teche Brewing Bike Bash, 9, 18, 27, 38, 46, 66 & 100 Miles. Info: Scott Schilling (337)7819416, Nov. 4, Ridgeland, MS - Koz and Back, 112 Miles Bike; 8am. Info: David Hartman (601)212-6298, Nov. 5, Abbeville, LA - The Giant Omelette Celebration Bike Ride, 10, 32, 42, 56, 65 & 100 Miles. Info: Scott Schilling (337)7819416, Nov. 18, Charlotte, NC - Ride & Seek Mountain Bike Adventure Race, Various Distance; 9am. Info: Dec. 3, Brooksville, FL - The Dirthead Off-Road Duathlon, Middle Earth Du: B-10 mi., R-8 mi, B-13 mi.; Sprint: B-10 mi., R-3.8 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (813)232-5200,

MARATHON Nov. 4, Wynne, AR - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)208-6523,

Nov. 4-5, Savannah, GA - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (on 11/4); 5K, 1pm (on 11/5); 1 Mile, 2:30pm (on 11/5). Info: Competitor Group (858)4506510, (800)311-1255, savannah Nov. 5, Fort Myers, FL - Fort Myers Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5 Miler, 7am; 5K, 7:05am. Info: (239)653-7704, Nov. 5, Bowling Green, KY - bg26.2 & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Lilly Riherd (270)791-2346, Nov. 5, Raleigh, NC - BCBSNC City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay & 10K, 7am; 5K, 7:20am; Kids’ Mile, 7:30am. Info: (919)396-5968, Nov. 5, Huntington, WV - Marshall University/St. Marys Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: Nov. 10, Springfield, VA - Cross Country Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Orlando, FL - Help The Vets, Inc. And American Legion Post 112 Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Neil Paulson (407)376-7000, Nov. 11, Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (est); 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265,, Nov. 11, Charlotte, NC - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Richmond, VA - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, Nov. 11-12, Kitty Hawk to Manteo, NC - TowneBank Outerbanks Marathon & Half Marathon (11/12), 7am; 11/11: 8K, 8:45am; 5K, 9:30am; Diaper Dash, 11:45am. Info: Nov. 12, Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Subway Kids FR; 6:30am. Info: Jason Libbert (850)434-2800, Nov. 12, Louisville, KY - Louisville Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K; 8am. Info: (224)757-5425, Nov. 12, Washington, DC - C&O Canal Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Cotter, AR - White River Marathon for Kenya & Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: Nov. 18, Columbus, GA - Soldier Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay Marathon; Wheelchair Div. Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Cecil Cheves, Nov. 18, Meridian, MS - Magnolia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Bobbie Earley (601)917-6602, Tim Irvine (601)9389873, Nov. 19, Lithia, FL - The X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 19, Nashville, TN - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, 8am. Info: Trent Rosenbloom (615)356-7277, Nov. 25, Stennis Space Center, MS - Mississippi Coast Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (228)380-7037, Nov. 26, Cocoa, FL - Space Coast Marathon & Marathon Relay, 6:30am/Marathon, 7:15am/Relay. Info: Running Zone Foundation, 430 Delannoy Ave., Cocoa, FL 32922; Christa Mudd (321)7518890,,

Dec. 2, Panama City Beach, FL - Panama City Beach Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kid’s Fun Run, 10am; $80/ Marathon, $55/Half Marathon, $40/5K. Info: Dec. 2, Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: (225)337-0041, Dec. 2, Memphis, TN - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 10K 7:30am; 5K 9am; Wheelchair start 5 minutes before each event; Kids Marathon 1:30pm. Info: Erin Martin (800)565-5112, Dec. 3, West Palm Beach, FL - The FitTeam Palm Beaches Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 6:30am; 5K, 6:45am. Info: Dec. 3, Durham, NC - Race Across Durham Trail Marathon, 8am; 10 Miler/Sold Out, 9am. Info:

Dec. 9, Huntsville, AL - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; $100 (online only through 12/1). Info: Dink & Suzanne Taylor (256)6507063,, Dec. 9-10, Pass Christian, MS - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (12/10); 5K, 8am (12/9); 1.2 Mile Kids Marathon, 9:30am (12/9). Info: (888)786-2001, Dec. 9, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Little Rock, AR - Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon, 7am. Info:

Dec. 16, Jacksonville, FL - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K 7am; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $32/5K 11/1-11/30; $80/Marathon, $55/Half, $35/5K 12/1-12/15; $85/Marathon, $60/Half, $40/5K on Race Day. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900, events@1stplace, Dec. 30, Hoffman, NC - Drop Zone Marathon & Half Marathon, 4pm. Info: Doug Dawkins (910)206-2095, Jan. 3-7, Orlando, FL - Disney World Marathon, 5:30am (1/7); Half Marathon, 5:30am (1/6); 10K, 5:30am (1/5); 5K, 6am (1/4). Info: (407)939-iRUN. Jan. 13-14, Baton Rouge, LA - Louisiana Marathon Running Festival, Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (1/14); Quarter Marathon & 5K, 8am (1/13); Kids Marathon, 10:15am (1/13). Info: (888)7862001, Jan. 13, Charleston, SC - Charleston Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (843)790-9288,

Jan. 14, Mobile, AL - Servis1st Bank First Light Marathon, Half Marathon & 5Person Relay, 7:30am; LifeSouth Kids Marathon & 1.2 Mile Fun Run, 2pm. Info: Marty O’Malley (251)438-2094,, Jan. 14, Jekyll Island, GA - Jekyll Island Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Tony Hammett (678)653-4773,

Jan. 27, Jackson, MS - Mississippi Blues Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon & Marathon Relay; 7am. Info:, Jan. 28, Gulf Shores, AL - Big Beach Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Jan. 28, Celebration, FL - Town of Celebration Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Ken Zambito (321)436-9742,

Feb. 4, Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am/est; $60/ Half, $90/Marathon, $126/Relay (4-person total) by 11/30. Info: marathon@gulfwinds. org, Feb. 9-11, Birmingham, AL - Mercedes-Benz Marathon Weekend, 2/10: Superhero 5K, 8am; 2/11: Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon Wheelchair, 7am. Info: Kim Gillikin (205)870-7771, Feb. 9-11, Jacksonville, FL - Donna Marathon Weekend, 2/ 11: Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 2/10: 10-K, 8am; 5K & Family Fun Run, 10am. Info: (904)355-PINK (7465), Feb. 10, Lake Village, AR to Greenville, MS - Mississippi River Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (501)650-3400, Feb. 10-11, Melbourne, FL - Publix Florida Marathon, 6am; Half Marathon & Relay, 7am (2/11); 8K, 7am; 5K, 8:15am (2/10). Info:

Running Journal • November, 2017 Feb. 10, Hilton Head Island, SC - Hilton Head Island Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am; $90/Marathon, $65/Half, $35/8K by 1/2. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520,, www.bearfootsports. com Feb. 11, Greensboro, NC - St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Marathon & Relay, 10am. Info: (336)793-4311, Feb. 18, Greenbelt, MD - DCRRC George Washington’s Birthday Marathon & Relay, 10am. Info: Feb. 24, Ellerbe, NC - Ellerbe Springs Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Doug Dawkins (910)206-2095, Feb. 24, Cookeville, TN - Cummins Falls Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: (931)261-3471, March 3, Myrtle Beach, SC - Myrtle Beach Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 6:30am (Marathon Wheelchair & Crankchair 6:25am); 5K (tba); 3/2: Family Fun Run. Info: March 4, Little Rock, AR - Little Rock Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K & Kids Race. Info: Gina Marchese (501)918-5321,

March 4, Stuart, FL - Marathon Of The Treasure Coast, Half Marathon, Relay, 6:30am; 10K & 5K (3/3); $95/Marathon, $70/Half, by 11/ 27. Info: Frank Fender (772)486-3946,, March 18, Atlanta, GA - Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Natalie Demarko (404)231-9064 (x128),, March 24-25, Knoxville, TN - Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7:30am (3/25); 5K, 7pm & Kids Run, 5:30pm (3/24). Info: Jason Altman (865)6844294,, April 14, Springdale, AR - The Hogeye Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7am (6:15am/early start); 5K, 7:05am; $90/Half, $80/ Half, $180/Relay Team, $35/5K. Info: May 27, Burlington, VT - Vermont City Marathon & Relay, 7am. Info: (802)863-8412, (800)880-8149,, June 3, Steamboat Springs, CO - Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sarah Leonard (970)875-7006,, June 3, Deadwood, SD - Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 5Person Marathon Relay, Info: Emily Wheeler (605)390-6137, www.deadwoodmickelsontrail Aug. 25, Ashton, ID - Mesa Falls Marathon & Half Marathon. Info: Dave Jacobson (208)360-9507, Sept. 22, Ely, MN - Ely Marathon, 7:30am; Boundary Waters Bank Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Wendy Lindsay (218)206-4702,

ULTRAS Nov. 4, Palm Coast, FL - Oceans 50 Relay Race, 50 Mile. Info: Nov. 4, Nashville, TN - Nashville Ultra Marathon 50 Mile, 50K, 60K & 70K; 7am. Info: Dennis Freeman (615)445-5077, Nov. 11-12, Melbourne Beach to Miami Beach, FL - Reebok Ragnar Relay South Beach, 200ish Miles. Info: Customer Service (801)499-5024, Nov. 11, Powder Springs, GA - Miles for Maria Epic Run for Epilepsy, 1/3/6/12/24 Hour Options; 8am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)8952631, Nov. 11, Pine Ridge, KY - Rough Trail Ultra 50K, 7am; 25K, 9am. Info:

CLASSIFIED All classified ads in this section also appear on Running Journal's Web site. You pay only 60¢ per word, an average of only $3 per line. Minimum charge is $5 per month. We appreciate payment with ad, but we're happy to bill you. Mail to Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744, 423-638-4177,,

Joint Ventures JOINT VENTURES sought by Running Journal. If you have a quality product, we'll consider a joint venture to build your sales and share profits. Send info to Joint Venture, Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744.

Publications ROAD RACE MANAGEMENT DIRECTORY: Over 500 pages of contacts for elite athletes, prize money races, race expos, suppliers, publications, retailers, event management companies and more - anyone who participates in or services the running industry is listed in this indispensable book. $139.00 includes postage and handling. Special elite athlete price is $89. Order from RRM, 4940 Hampden Ln., Ste. 212 (RJ), Bethesda, MD 20814 or at ✺✺✺ THE SIX SEASONS OF A RUNNER’S LIFE. By Walt Esser, 128 pgs. A must read for any runner Nov. 11, Gaithersburg, MD - Stone Mill 50 Mile Endurance Run, 6am. Info: Nov. 11, Upper Marlboro, MD - Rosaryville Veteran’s Day 50K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Troutman, NC - Lake Norman State Park 30K & 50K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Norris, TN - Norris Dam Hard Trail Race, 50K & 25K; 7am. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718;, Nov. 18, Birmingham, AL - BUTS Bearly Ultra, 27 Miler, 13.5 Miler, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Huntsville, AL - Dizzy Fifties, 50K 7am. Info: Don Alan Hankins (256)694-8187, Nov. 18, Lawrenceville, GA - Run of the Mill 6 Hour, 7am. Info: (770)377-7763, Nov. 18, Boonsboro, MD - JFK 50 Mile, 6:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Pleasant, SC - Ultra Chili 10x5K (50K) & 5K, 7am. Info: Charleston County Parks (843)795-4386, Nov. 24-25, Benton, AR - Sunset 24-Hour Run, 7:30pm (11/24); 12 & 6 Hour Run, 7:30am (11/25). Info: (501)517-7393, Nov. 25, Ellerbe, NC - Derby 50K Ultra Run, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Pelham, AL - Blood Rock 50K & 25K, 7am. Info: Dec. 2, Manchester, KY - Redbird Crest 100K Trail Race, 7am. Info: Dec. 2, Blacksburg, SC - King of the Mountain 50K, 7:15am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Dec. 3, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Guana Back to Nature Trail Races, 50K & 50K Teams 8am; 12K 1pm. Info: 50K - Mark Ryan (904)338-3230,; 12K - Bob Fernee (904)342-2699, Dec. 9-10, Birmingham, AL - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info:

Dec. 9, Wakulla Springs, FL - Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic, 50K & 50 Mile; 7am; $60/50K, $70/50 Mile 7/1-9/30; $70/$80 10/112/4. Info: Nancy Stedman & Jay Silvanima (850)545-7074,, Dec. 9, Burns, TN - Bell Ringer 50K/25K, 7am; 2 Mile/1 Mile, 9am. Info: Megan Dunn (615)797-9052, Dec. 16, Chattanooga, TN - Lookout Mountain 50 Mile & 21 Mile, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Virginia Beach, VA - Seashore Nature Trail 50K, 8:30am. Info: Stacin Martin (757)839-7711,


who wants to continue to be competitive as one moves up to the next age group. Physiological changes are discussed and training tips are provided for runners who want to continue to run strong and stay healthy throughout their lives. To order your copy, send $14.95 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http:// ✺✺✺ SEE MOM RUN. By Karen Douglass Thom. Illustrated by Lilly Golden, 32 pgs. The first children's book about running. To order your copy, send $15 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http://shoppingcart. ✺✺✺ FIRST MARATHONS: Personal Encounters with the 26.2-Mile Monster. Collected stories of 37 runners, famous and unknown, all of whom went the distance. Edited by Gail Waesche Kislevitz. Available from Running Journal for $22/hardback, $15/paperback (include S/H). Order online - secure server at http:// ✺✺✺ BANNISTER AND BEYOND -- The Mystique of the Four-Minute Mile. By Jim Denison, 256 pgs. Interviews and commentary from the great milers. To order your copy, send $22 (includes S&H) to Running Journal.

Quilts T-QUILTS: Make your own T-Quilt from your race T-shirts with this easy-to-follow pattern and detailed instructions. Just $7.95 plus $2.50 S/H to T-Quilts, c/o Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Order online - http:// shoppingcart. Dec. 30, Destin/FWB, FL - Round the Bay Relay/Ultra 36.8 Miles, Ultra/36.8 Miles 5:30am; Team Event 6:30am. Info: Dec. 31, Huntsville, AL - Recover From The Holidays 50K, 8am. Info: Christy & Tony Scott (256)508-1925, Jan. 6, Brooksville, FL - Croom Zoom, 100M, 100K & 50K 6am; 25K 7am. Info: (813)232-5200, Jan. 6, Alexandria, LA - Wild Azalea Trail Challenge, 13, 27 & 50 Mile; 6am. Info: Spencer Maratin (313)806-6523, Jan. 20, Mountain Home, AR - David’s Trail 50K, 25K, 11K & 7K, 8am. Info: (870)404-8363, Jan. 20, Almond, NC - Tsali Frosty Foot, 50K 9am; 30K 10am; 8K 10:30am. Info: Jan. 27, Green Cove Springs, FL - Hellcat Races, 50K 7am; 30K & 10K 8am. Info: Chris Rodatz (904)655-6511, Feb. 10, Florahome, FL - Iron Horse 100 Mile, 100K & 50K Endurance Runs, 7am. Info: Chris Rodatz (904)655-6511, Feb. 23, Callaway, MD - Frozen Heart 50K, 34K & 17K Trail Run, 7:30am. Info: March 3, Fontana Dam, NC - Fontandango 50 Mile, 6am; 50K & 50K Relay, 7am; 10 Mile, 8am. Info:

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Running Journal November 2017


Running Journal November 2017