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The Many Reasons to Keep on Running G The Peoples Bank Midnight Flight 10K/5K G H i g h l a n d s Tw i l i g h t 5 K G B r o o k l e t P e a n u t R u n 5 K G St. George Island Sizzler 5K G Springdale 5K at Sunrise


Running Journal • October, 2017

CONTENTS On the Cover: Runners start the Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on Sept. 2 in Virginia Beach, VA. Photo by: Bruce Buckley

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Many of us have been running for a

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Columns Running Psychology, Richard Ferguson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 This Running Life, Teri Saylor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 Running Through the Bluegrass, Tracy Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Distance Memories, Scott Ludwig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 The Athlete’s Kitchen, Nancy Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Learning from the Young Guns, Ryan Warrenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Down the Road, Cedric Jaggers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Ultra Running, Ray Krolewicz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Women’s Running, Carolyn Mather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 After the Run, Mary Marcia Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Inspired Daily, Rae Ann Darling-Reed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

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40th Annual Running Journal Grand 45-49 Prix Schedule August 25 October 15 November 19 December 9 January 28 March 3 March 11 May 28

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Anderson, SC Fayetteville, AR Birmingham, AL Huntsville, AL Salisbury, NC Birmingham, AL Germantown, TN Huntsville, AL

Grand Prix rules Grand Prix points will only be awarded to runners residing in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida,Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC, at the time of the competition. Double Grand Prix points will be awarded at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL. In each half marathon, 25 bonus points will be awarded to each runner scoring in that race. Awards will be presented to the top 3 overall male and female finishers, top 3 male and female masters, grand masters, senior grandmasters, and veterans. Points will be awarded in each race as follows: -- Top 20 males and females overall. -- Top 8 male and female masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59) senior grand masters (60-69), and veterans (70-over)

Grand Prix Scoring System Place Top 20 overall Top 8 scoring

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Running Psychology

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boom of the late 70s and early 80s, we began our running journey with Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers and Joan BenoitSamuelson as our role models. Through the years and decades we continue to run, because we still enjoy it and derive varying sources of satisfaction from our running. However, this is not to say things in running are all peaches and cream and are getting easier as we age. No matter how long you have been running, there are challenges to overcome. Injuries, bad weather, recovery from hard runs, low motivation, disappointing performances and maybe even brief periods of dropping out from running. If you run long enough you most certainly have met these challenges multiple times and overcome them. On the other hand, years of running bring many, many satisfying moments. New personal bests at different distances, feeling great on a long run, successfully finishing many marathons. Not to mention all the health benefits of running, like optimal body weight, stress reduction and lowered risks of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, are all benefits of a long running career.I would venture to say that all the positives you have gained from running far outweigh any temporary negative setbacks. I f you're over 40 years of age you would most likely agree that running is not quite as easy as it was in your 20s. This is not to say you don't still love running, but running is a little more challenging. If you're in your 50s or 60s, running is probably more challenging than it was in your 40s. Honestly, are there times when you wonder if running is still worth the effort? Have you stopped running or are you considering giving up on running? Well, I'm telling you to keep at it! Sure, time is marching on and like a competitor in a race; time is not going to wait for you. Running is becoming more challenging as you get older and it's not just your imagination! It takes much longer to recover from any hard effort. What once took a day to recover from may now take five days. Any little injury seems to hang around forever, even if you take time off. You just can't seem to do the volume of training you used to do and if you try, you feel so tired that it takes weeks to feel right again. Probably, most painful of all is seeing your performance times slowly decline. I always say that I run just as hard as I ever did, but it sure takes a lot longer to get there now. You might think, “how can I work this hard

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.

and run this slow?” It happens, it just does. Sometimes you maintain your performance levels for a year, or months and other times your times slow drastically in a matter of just a few months. Sure, it's normal that these declines can lead to some negative emotions, but there are certainly many major reasons to keep at it and continue your running career. There are the obvious physical benefits like better bone structure, decreased cholesterol, decreased body fat percentage, maintenance of lean muscle tissue and so on. But there are many other benefits to keeping at it! There is a growing body of knowledge that postulates intense exercise like running may actually slow down cognitive decline that is often thought to occur with aging. If you have a normal, healthy brain running may very well help you maintain brain function, memory and cognition. No question about it, running can have physical, psychological and social benefits as you get older. As you age maybe performance becomes a bit less important than it used to, but other aspects of running may become more important. The shear enjoyment of running in and of itself may become more important. You may find that it's great just to get out and run, with less worry about heart rate, miles per week or average pace. The social aspects of running can come to the forefront. You get to meet new people and hang out with other runners you have relationships with from your past years of running. An often overlooked benefit of running is a better sense of self-worth and a more positive identity. Running can help you feel good about yourself because it gives you feelings of accomplishment and a sense of being competent at a task. When you complete a training run or race, you just feel good about yourself. In a way, running can indeed keep you thinking young. Always ask yourself, “how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?”


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Running Journal • October, 2017


This Running Life Raleigh Running Store Keeps Welcome Mat Out, Builds Good Will Author’s note: This is the first in a series of “This Running Life” articles on how running builds community. I was running late on a recent steamy summer evening and as I parked my car, I saw runners already hitting the sidewalk. It was a special night in downtown Raleigh, just a couple of weeks after the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. The owners of Runologie, the only locally owned, independent running store in Raleigh, had routed a Strava valentine around the heart of the city and encouraged local runners to demonstrate their support for the residents of Charlottesville and to take a stand against hate. The “Run Against Hate (and for Love)” took place on a Thursday evening. Brent Francese, one of Runologie’s owners, admitted his team had come up with the idea just a few days earlier. “We wanted to create a direct and positive response to what happened in Charlottesville,” he said. “We know that running is a uniting thing that people can do together. We knew we had to stand up and make a positive gesture.” Downtown Raleigh is laid out on a grid, its streets running north and south, east and west without many twists and turns. Francese said the grid made it relatively easy to design a run in the shape of a heart. Running the perimeter of Raleigh, which covered the state government complex, merchants and restaurants, high rise condos, and even the local homeless shelter, felt like we were giving our city a big hug. It came out to 3.2 miles, an almost perfect 5K. Francese estimates about 80 or 90 runners showed up, and most of them stuck around to enjoy beer and fellowship at the State of Beer, a bottle shop next door, which shares some of Runologie’s owners. In addition to his ownership role, Francese splits management duties with fellow owner Alex Warren. The store was founded in 2014 by David and Kimberlee Meeker, two local marathoners whose passions for running are matched only by their passion for their community. Meeker’s father, Charles Meeker, served as Raleigh’s mayor for five terms. David Meeker is also a co-owner of State of Beer, which comes in handy when the Runologie team wants to serve their customers a complimentary cold one from time to time. Francese, who grew up in Charlotte, started running track and cross country when he was 12 and stuck with those sports through high school. He moved to Raleigh to attend

By Teri Saylor

“The people who supply these services are our friends, and we like to expose our customers to other local businesses in the community,” Francese said. They even team up with other running stores from time to time and explore how they can lift each other up and grow together. “All of this builds good will,” Francese said. Last Fourth of July, Runologie sponsored a new four-mile race dubbed “Keep Raleigh Independent.” It took place on the former campus of Dorothea Dix Hospital, which is slated to become a city park and is becoming a popular running course for shorter races. The store teamed up with Healing Transitions, also located on the Dix campus, which is a residential treatment center for men suffering from addiction. The store also partnered with Justin Garrity, a former Healing Transitions resident who is in recovery, studying for a Master’s degree at N.C. State University and employed at the facility. Garrity, who has started a run club there, recruited volunteers from Healing Transitions to volunteer as course monitors and hand out water. Runologie also recruited elite runners to represent different neighborhoods around Greater Raleigh and announced them one by one before the race started, adding a uniquely cool, local vibe to the event. After the race, runners trouped across the street to a swinging Fourth of July party at Trophy Brewing Company, which the Meekers also own. This fall, Trophy Brewing will sponsor an inaugural “Trophy Trot” 10K on Thanksgiving Day. Since its opening three years ago, Runologie has held events such as an open house for local runners who qualified for the United States Olympic Trials, a “Run with Meb” night when Meb Keflezighi was in town promoting Skechers shoes, and a special reception for a new event in Raleigh that’s gaining traction – The Sir Walter Miler, a mile-race showcasing male runners’ attempts to break a 4-minute mile and female runners’ attempts to break 4:30. The store hosts watch parties for local parades, and any type of activity the owners can dream up to bring the community together. Above all, Runologie supports runners – especially the talented amateur runners who are working hard to reach their dreams and fuel their passions. “People don’t know how hard it is to be

N.C. State University, graduating with a degree in architecture and design, became hooked on Raleigh and stayed. The 2008 recession took a toll on his career as a designer, but sometimes great things are born out of necessity and Francese migrated into the world of the running retail business. He worked for Fleet Feet and even designed a couple of their stores before joining the team at Runologie in 2015. A decade ago, Raleigh was home to four or five independent, locally-owned running stores. But over time, the owners sold them to retail chains, leaving Runologie as the lone independent. On a Monday morning workday, the store is open, but it’s empty. Located on a shady street, about a mile from the N.C. State University campus and a few blocks from Raleigh’s Capitol building, its spacious showroom displays a variety of running apparel, shoes, accessories, books, and even a tote bag specially designed for Runologie by local designer Holly Aiken. The bag, which comes in a variety of colors, features a runner girl silhouette cutout on the front. The owners are looking to develop an exclusive line of men’s running shorts and, staying true to their mission to keep their work local, are working with Eagle Sports, a small manufacturing plant in eastern North Carolina that specializes in making sports clothing. Runologie is a welcoming space, where anyone can walk in, sit down, do a little work, watch television, drink a free beer (or a mimosa on weekends) and just hang out, which is a popular option. Especially when beer is involved. Francese estimates on a good day, he’ll see around 100 people come in and out of the store. On Thursdays, the store hosts its group runs, many of them themed. They also invite physical therapists to make presentations and give advice, massage therapists to provide services, and other professionals. It’s part of Runologie’s strategy to build vital connections within Raleigh’s running community and neighbors. CONTINUED ON PAGE 10


Running Journal • October, 2017

Running Through the Bluegrass Run Gum's Nick Symmonds' Last Pro Race a Marathon We all have running goals we want to achieve - running a specific race, hitting a certain time, racing in every state, grabbing that Boston qualifier, or maybe running a distance you never thought possible. Nick Symmonds, 800-meter specialist and two-time Olympian, is no different. “You know, I was looking down at the running bucket list I had written when I was a kid,” Symmonds said. "I've done everything I wanted to do - break 4 minutes in the mile, make the Olympic team except run a marathon." He will give 26.2 a go December 10 at the Honolulu Marathon in his final race as a professional runner. In January, he announced that 2017 would be his last competitive running season. After missing the 2016 Olympic Trials due to injury, he was eyeing the 2017 World Championships as his last chance to represent the USA. He knew making the team was a long shot, but he wanted one more chance to leave it all out on the track. He failed to advance out of the prelims at the national championships, finishing seventh in his heat in a time 8.57 seconds slower than his personal best. But by all accounts, Symmonds, now 33 years old, had a longer pro running career than anyone would've anticipated including himself. Symmonds ran NCAA Division III track for Willamette

By Tracy Green

University, where he won seven individual NCAA DIII titles. He chose Willamette over other schools that offered athletic scholarships and majored in biochemistry. “I never planned on being a pro runner,” Symmonds said. He signed his first contract with Nike, later moving to Brooks, but never thought of running as his career. Now he's transitioning from pro runner to professional, dedicating more time to his company RunGum, an energy chewing gum. So how does a recently retired elite middle-distance runner train for a marathon while running a rapidly-growing company? Easy: he takes weekends off. From work - and from working out. Symmonds trains Monday through Friday, single sessions only. He does intervals on Tuesdays and goes long on Fridays. Six weeks into his training for

Honolulu, he's at 45 miles a week. He's a morning runner, preferring to go before work, using the quiet time to plan out his day before heading to the RunGum office. He trains solo, as he has for the past few years. Training for a marathon doesn't look a lot different, he said, but the community does. “Marathoners are very positive people, very supportive,” he said. “Track and field is very competitive, very negative. If you're having success, that means you're taking away from somewhere else.” He's set himself a goal of 3 hours, which he thinks is “appropriate and realistic,” but also says it's a 50-50 shot since there are so many variables to the marathon. “But I want to make sure I have fun, that it's not a death march,” he said. “Being prepared will definitely make that easier.” He's run 70 mile weeks in the past, but had never run more than 13 miles until Labor Day weekend. Symmonds is also maintaining his strength training regimen, slightly changing his weight-lifting routine to use less weight for more reps. Since taking over as RunGum CEO shortly after not making the Olympic team, Symmonds spends much of his time focused on the business. As an elite track athlete, his job was running. Now? “I'm training for this like an average guy who works a 9-5 job,” he said. "I get the miles in when I can.” In fact, his trip to Hawaii will be part work, part run, part fun - in that order. RunGum is a race sponsor, and Symmonds will be at the expo for photo ops at the RunGum booth and speaking on several panels. Many of the RunGum staff will be there to work, and they're bringing their families. Everyone plans to stick around after the race and enjoy Honolulu. It'll be a chance to celebrate the company's success. “We're doing phenomenally well,” Symmonds said. “And I'm not saying that just as the chief evangelical.” RunGum turns 3-years-old in October; Symmonds describes 2017 as a “rapid growth phase,” focused on building out staff so they'd be ready to scale up. He now has a team of 10. “I remember when I was running professionally, I was so happy I wasn't working a 9-5 job,” he said. “But now I love the structure of it, and I love having my week-

ends back.” Founded by Symmonds and coach Sam Lapray, they made RunGum because it was a product that Symmonds wanted to use himself. It provided the perks of an energy drink, but without worry of GI distress. Symmonds said he'd find himself wanting the pick-me-up effects, but wasn't thirsty and didn't want the calories or sugar in an energy drink. Initially well-received amongst other elites, the big question for RunGum was if non-elites would want to use it. According to Symmonds, they do. RunGum is now distributed in all 50 states and through a half-dozen e-tailer sites. You can think of RunGum as dehydrated RedBull. It has caffeine, B vitamins, and Taurine, and the ingredients are absorbed more quickly through chewing gum (they're absorbed sublingually) than by drinking. Despite the name, Symmonds said he hears testimony from people using RunGum in varied situations, like paramedics turning to it for a mid-shift boost. “You know, runners think of the name as meaning literally running, putting one foot in front of the other,” he said. “But other people interpret it differently. Fishermen think about salmon running the river. Mechanics think of an engine running. Running errands, running into meetings … it's about running the day and not letting the day run you.” With his team now in place, Symmonds is excited about 2018. “We've got more flavors, different product lines - I think people will be impressed,” he said. In the meantime, he's got a marathon to train for. Tracy Green is a runner and writer living in Louisville, KY, where she lives with her husband, Chris. She is a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete and certified Pilates instructor. Find her at @TGRunFit on Twitter and Instagram,, or

Running Journal • October, 2017


Distance Memories Sweat: Many Kinds and Circumstances Someone told me a long time ago that pure perspiration-the kind generated by pounding out 10 miles on the asphalt on a hot summer afternoon-has no odor once it dries. Old wives' tale? Maybe, maybe not; just remember I'm talking about the sweat that ultimately dries on your body, not the sweat that absorbs and then dries in your clothes. I had a friend that would pin his sweaty shorts and singlet on a shower curtain rod to put this theory to the test. Not only did his running ensemble stink to high heaven the next day, it was also stiff as a board. Rigor snortis, you might say. Now let's return to the concept of pure, unadulterated exercise-induced sweat. Thinking back to the days I ran hard enough to generate any, I don't recall any particular scent at the end of my run. So maybe there is something to that old wives' tale after all. Try it at home and see. However, from personal experience I can tell you there are several types of sweat that most definitely have a distinct and noticeable fragrance: • Anxious sweat. Sitting in a barber chair and noticing a lot more clippings falling on the floor around you than you had hoped to see. Anticipating how much the service manager is about to tell you it will cost to fix your car. Wondering if the doctor examining you is about to reach for his stethoscope … or his needle. On the odorometer scale of one to ten, this one comes in at about a four. • Nervous sweat. Driving down the road and noticing a flashing blue light in the rear view mirror. Taking your seat in class and finding out the algebra mid-term you thought was tomorrow is actually today. Your wife noticing that one of your friends on social media just so happens to be a girl you dated a couple of times back in high school. This one works out to be a solid six (and in extreme cases a seven or perhaps an eight). • Oh-my-God-I'm-going-to-die sweat. Riding a glass elevator on the outside of a 40-story building to the penthouse when your fear of heights already gives you the heebie-jeebies when you climb to the top of a 10-foot ladder. Riding in a car with a student driver who makes Mister Magoo look like a Formula 1 driver. Coming across a snake in the woods and having no earthly idea if it is one you can pick up to impress your friends or one that will bite you on the ankle and slither away as its poisonous venom courses through your veins. This type of sweat always grades out as a 10, and I guarantee it will be easy to discern. Allow me to present a few personal run-

By Scott Ludwig

ning experiences as evidence I know what I'm talking about. Many of you know I'm not much of a trail runner, although I have been known to try one on for size now and again. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the examples I am about to present all took place on trails, a surface meant for beast but certainly not (this) man: • Anxious sweat. Some people can run on trails effortlessly, as if they have been doing it since the day they were born. I am not one of them. When I used to run on trails I always had both eyes locked firmly on the ground, inspecting where my feet were going to land next. I didn't want to run the risk of twisting my ankle on a rock, tripping over the root of a tree or getting mauled by a bear. I will admit to falling several (too many to possibly count) times but fortunately none of the falls were fatal. That's not to say the falls didn't hurtbecause they most definitely did; it's just to say I would still break out in a cold sweat if I were to find myself running on a trail ever again (I won't). The lasting memory of tripping while running on a trail in California, fighting desperately to maintain my balance and grabbing onto a tree to prevent me from falling off the side of a cliff is all I need to remind me. Let me add this: There was a short but ever-so-sharp broken branch protruding from the tree that I impaled the palm of my right hand on as I tried to grab onto it. The good news: I didn't fall off the side of the cliff. The bad news: My blood was about a pint low afterwards. Comparable odors generated via anxious perspiration: Dog breath, cat urine, cigarette smoke. • Nervous sweat. When running on trails it is commonplace to follow a path marked by ribbons hanging from branches, posts, etc. placed intermittently along the course. During one particular trail race I didn't see a ribbon for many, many miles. I decided I had somehow gotten off course, which was totally understandable because I've never been particularly good at paying attention and besides, it's hard to notice ribbons hanging on branches when your eyes are fixated on the ground. Which leads me to my next problem: Since I wasn't paying

attention I had no idea how to backtrack and return to the spot where I became separated from the correct route. It would have been a good time to use the flare gun the race director failed to provide. So instead I wandered aimlessly until a teenager on a mountain bike stopped and asked if I was OK and why wasn't I 'with all the other runners over that-away' (while pointing that-away) which ultimately saved my life because I found my way back and turned a 50-kilometer race into 60-kilometers. I was sweating pretty good, but I knew that eventually I would be rescued in some way, shape or form … even if it meant running an extra 10-kilometers. It could have been much, much worse had the cyclist not come along. But then again I was in pretty good shape at the time and even if it meant running an extra 50-kilometers I would have still finished before sundown. (Note: This particular experience would score much higher on the odorometer if it happened today. Then again I know better than to run on trails now so the chances of it happening again are one in fuggedaboutit.) Comparable odors generated via nervous perspiration: Skunk, rotten eggs, foot odor. • Oh-my-God-I'm-going-to-die sweat. This particular experience didn't happen on a trail; rather in what was at the end of a trail. It was more than 10 years ago early in the morning on the day after Christmas in Chesapeake, Virginia on a run from my parent's house. I was five miles out when suddenly I was in dire need of a restroom. I glanced to my right and saw a trail that led to a gas station and as we all know where there is a gas station there is a restroom. To my surprise and delight I opened the door to the men's room and not only was it clean and warm (it was 20 degrees outside and the wind was howling), there was also soap, paper towels, running water and a sparkling white toilet. It was a true Christmas miracle. I took care of what I came to do and as I was about to leave I found that somehow I had locked myself inside the men's room. With the lyrics 'you can check out any time you like but you can never leave' in my head I started to panic. It was 6 a.m. the morning after Christmas inside a men's restroom at the end of a remote trail with not a soul in sight; screaming was futile since the wind was drowning them out. To make matters worse, no one at my parent's house had any idea of the route I was running; I doubt they were even awake yet. Questions swirled around inside my head: Would I be here for a couple of days until after the Christmas and New Year holidays were over? Can I survive on tap water that long? Could I possibly remove the grate from the

ventilation system and make my way through the air ducts to freedom? Was there enough toilet paper to last? Was I going to have a panic attack that could possibly evolve into cardiac arrest? So many questions, and no smart phone to answer any of them for me (which, now that I think about it, had I had one at the time it could have been used to place a call for help!). As I broke into a cold sweat I started violently kicking Ju-Jitsu style at the door handle and then the darndest thing happened: The door popped open! I was free! Drenched in sweat, five miles from home and close to freezing my tail off as I started running back … but FREE, and a little bit embarrassed. The nightmare-all seven or eight minutes of it - was over and I would live to tell about it , so I can tell you this: If you're not comfortable running on trails - and I DO KNOW what I'm talking about - watch your step. Comparable odors generated via OMGIGTD perspiration: Roadkill, vomit, New York City. I no longer run trails, and I no longer get lost or bloody on my runs. And I smell a whole lot better. Scott Ludwig is the founder of Darkside Running Club (.com). He lives in the Atlanta area and is the author of 11 books – 7 about running – and is working on others. Scott’s book “Running to Extremes: The Legendary Athletes of Ultra Running” is now available. It features stories on Ray Zahab, Dean Karnazes, Larry Macon, Mark Covert, Ed Ettinghausen, Mike Morton, Tim Twietmeyer, Ann Trason and seven other amazing athletes of long distance running. You can find it on Amazon and most major booksellers. The book is inspired by and dedicated to the enduring memory and legacy of Ted Corbitt. Scott can be reached at He also has a blog at where his books are available – or at any major online bookstore.

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Running Journal • October, 2017

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Why Am I Not Getting Leaner…? “I religiously track my food and exercise. I’m eating 1,300 calories (the number my tracker told me to eat if I want to lose 2 pounds a week). I’ve been following a strict diet and the scale hasn’t budged. My friends tell me I am eating too little. I think I must be eating too much because I am not losing weight. I feel so confused… What am I doing wrong?” I often hear this complaint from weight conscious runners who don’t know if they are eating too much or too little. They believe fat loss is mathematical. Running 500 calories more, or eating 500 calories less, per day will result in losing 1 pound (3,500 calories) of fat per week, correct? Not always. Weight reduction is not as mathematical as we would like it to be. Is it a diet or a famine? If you are already running like crazy and are eating far less than you deserve – but the scale doesn’t budge – you might wonder if something is wrong with your metabolism? Are you eating the wrong kinds of foods? What’s going on…? When runners have excess body fat to lose, they tend to lose it relatively easily. But when they get close to their race- and/or dream-weight, fat loss can slow to a crawl. That’s when frustration sets in. You might think reducing your calorie intake even more would be a good idea. No. You would deprive your body of too many valuable nutrients, to say nothing of lack energy to run well. When you significantly restrict calories, your brain perceives the lack of food as a famine. Doing extra exercise makes the situation worse, especially when your body is at a low weight. With no excess fat to lose, your body conserves energy and maintains weight at a calorie intake that historically would have resulted in fat loss. Nature protects the body from losing weight during a (perceived) famine by slowing your calorie-burn: The heart rate slows (not due to fitness but rather to lack of fuel). Blood flow to extremities slows in order to keep your organs warm. Your hands and feet feel cold all the time. The stomach/intestinal tract slows; constipation can become an issue. The hormonal system reverts to pre-adolescence. Women produce less estrogen and stop having regular menstrual periods. Men produce less testosterone. You feel excessively tired. You can muster up energy to run, but then are droopy the rest of the day. Fatigue becomes your middle name. Role of genetics When a runner complains about lack of fat-loss despite rigid food restriction, one of my first questions is “How do you look compared to others in your genetic family? Are you leaner – or far leaner – than they are? The standard response is far leaner. Remember, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Nature’s blueprint for your body might differ from your dream physique. Pay attention to what others say about your body. If your mom or partner says you are too thin, listen up and stop striving to be leaner yet. Rather than struggle to lose those last few pounds, gently accept your physique and be grateful for what your body does for you. It is strong, healthy, powerful, and able to do what you ask it to do (run a marathon, raise a family, train for and complete an Ironman, etc.). It is a resilient vehicle that carries you through each day. It’s good enough. Hopefully, you will not have to experience a broken leg or be diagnosed with cancer before you learn to be grateful for your body and how it allows you to walk, run, and live an active lifestyle – regardless of your size or shape. Eat more, get fat? You can stop the diet/famine by eating more; you will not instantly get fat. Rather, your metabolism will quickly return to normal. If your body is too thin, it will strive to restore itself to a genetic weight. This is why runners can have a hard time staying at their “racing weights.” Being too thin is very hard to maintain. If you believe you still have excess flab to lose, yet the scale doesn’t budge despite your strict diet, what can you do? I generally recommend eating more and exercising less. To the shock of many of my calorie-deprived clients, this tends to work better than exercising more and eating less. Sounds counter-intuitive. How can

Don’t let nutrition By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

that be true? Think of your body as being a campfire. When it has three logs to burn, it generates a lot of heat. When it has just one log, it produces just a small flame. The same with your body, the more fuel it has, the bigger the flame and the more calories you will burn. While adding calories, focus on the benefits: how much better you feel, the power in your workouts, your happier mood, and better quality of life. If you don’t trust your body and are fearful that eating more will end up with your regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose, get help. A sports dietitian can guide you through this process. Use the referral network at to find your local expert. Are fitness trackers helpful? Fitness trackers offer information that is interesting but not precise. Something strapped on your wrist can sort of measure what your legs are doing, but many variables impact accuracy. For example, pushing a baby jogger with straight arms gives a different step count than if you were to run with freely swinging arms. (1) As for energy expenditure, note that some of the calories reported as being burned during your workout include calories you would have burned in that hour regardless of exercise. Knowing calories burned can be dangerous… “Oh, I just burned 500 calories, so now I deserve to eat ice cream!!!” Tracking might not enhance fat loss. (2) Your body is your best calorie counter. Instead of tracking calories to determine if you have eaten the correct amount, try listening to your body. Before you eat, ask yourself, Am I eating because my body needs fuel—or because I am bored, lonely, or stressed? … Am I stopping eating because I am satisfied? Or just because I think I should? By eating mindfully, you will not over-eat nor under-eat. You’ll simply relearn skills from childhood, when you ate when you were hungry, stopped when you were content, maintained a good weight, and never ran out of energy. Life is better when you are free from being in food-jail. Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD has a private practice in the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875), where she helps both fitness exercisers and competitive athletes create winning food plans. Her best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook, and food guides for marathoners, cyclists and soccer are available at For her online sports nutrition workshop, copresented with exercise physiologist John Ivy, see References 1. Nelson et al. Validity of Consumer-Based Physical Activity Monitors for Specific Activity Types. Med Sci Sports Exercise, 48(8):1619-28, 2016. 2. Jakicic et al. Effect of Wearable Technology Combined With a Life-style Intervention on Long-term Weight loss. JAMA 316(11):1161-71, 2016 Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD has a private practice in the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875), where she counsels both fitness exercisers and competitive athletes, teaching them how to eat to win. Her popular Sports Nutrition Guidebook, and food guides for marathoners, cyclists and soccer are available at

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Running Journal • October, 2017

Learning from the Young Guns CELEBRATE 20 YEARS RUNNING

Perfecting the Marathon Taper At the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 8, Joan Benoit Samuelson will attempt to break 3 hours at the age of 60, something no woman has ever done. It would be another amazing feat from the woman who has had a career full of amazing feats, most notably storming to the front 2 miles into the 1984 Olympic Marathon in Los Angeles and never looking back. She will forever be the first women's gold medalist in Olympic marathon history, but it's amazing how close she came to never making it to the start line. A mere 17 days before the Olympic Trials, a window where most athletes would begin their taper, Joan Benoit had to undergo arthroscopic surgery on an injured knee. Incredibly, she returned to running just a few days after the surgery, toed the line at the Olympic Trials, and won the race. The conditions of Joan Benoit's taper were extreme, but illustrates that the marathon taper can take many paths. And while there is concrete purpose behind the taper, especially when it comes to the marathon, the taper phase of training is as much art as it is science. Highly trained athletes like Joan Benoit can typically afford to taper a bit less than the rest of us due to their unusual tolerance and acclimation to high training loads. For example, just 4 days before the Olympic Trials Joan, ran a 17-mile long run to test her knee, a run that would be enough to tank most people's race. Assuming the marathon buildup has gone well, I would recommend viewing the final 3 weeks as a taper phase. The last big 20 + mile long run should be scheduled 3 weeks out from race day, with the exception being a situation like Joan Benoit's where you've missed some time and haven't got in the necessary number of long runs before the race. (Although the only reason you should attempt to run a marathon 17 days after surgery is to make the Olympic team). In that case the taper should be shorter with an 18-20 mile long run two weeks out from race day. The overall mileage two weeks out from race week should be 10-20% less than the previous week, and most of that should come by shortening the long run two weeks out. The primary focus of this week is recovering properly from the big long run the weekend prior. This is a good week to skip your weekly workout and just run, or to do a very light one. A common workout I prescribe that week is 6-10 x 200-meter repeats at 5K pace with a 200-meter jog between each of them. This

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

isn't an overly taxing workout; the goal is to stretch the legs out a bit and turnover a little in the middle of the week with out stressing the body coming off the big long run. The long run that week, two weeks out, should be no more than 2 hours in duration. In addition to resting tired muscles, the science portion of the marathon taper is about maximizing your muscle glycogen stores. Your body can store a finite amount of glycogen in the muscles and you want all of it available on race day. Those stores should be full most of the time, but during marathon training they often get depleted and part of the taper is ensuring they are replenished. As we get within two weeks of the race this restoration and recovery takes high priority. The week before the race is your last chance to get in a harder workout that will boost your fitness. If you are a seasoned marathoner the middle of this week, 1012 days out from the race, is a good opportunity to include an interval workout. Otherwise a tempo effort fits perfectly and will give you one last hard effort before the race. The overall weekly volume should be 15-25% less than the previous week and the “long run” one week out should be no more than 70-80 minutes in length. Including some short, quicker running at the end of the long run, such as 8 x 30 seconds at 10k pace with 2 minutes and 30 seconds easy running between each, is a nice way to finish with a little bit of pep in your step. It's important to remember you can't gain any more fitness the week of the race, so when in doubt, err on the side of rest and recovery. It's also important to stick with your typical weekly routine, especially if training is going well. If you're feeling fatigued this week pull back a bit more, but otherwise your mileage during the week (not including the marathon) should be 10-20% less than


2013 Big headline shows have graced Savannah’s stage, but no one stands out more than Jackal who took a chainsaw to a chair in true rock ‘n’ roll style!

2011 Since its inauguration, Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah is the only event in the series where river boat ferry is the preferred mode of transportation to the Health & Fitness Expo.

2016 Hundreds of Savannah State University students turn out to cheer on marathoners as they complete 3 miles within university grounds.




M A R AT H O N | ½ M A R AT H O N | 5 K | 1 M I L E | R E L AY


NOV 4-5, 2017 *Applies to marathon and 1/2 only. Code expires 9/30/17 *Applies to marathon and 1/2 only. Code expires 10/29/17.



Running Journal • October, 2017

Down the Road The Best World Championship 10K Ever Did you watch the World Championship 10K on August 4? If you didn't, you missed something extraordinary. You had to see it live (even if on TV as Kathy and I did) to really get the building feel of excitement as the magnitude of the race seemed to build. If you just saw the local news sports coverage or even the Network weekend show - hope you only wanted the winners times locally or the final couple of laps nationally - you might assume it was like the typical championship track race. It wasn't. Most 10K track races are, as one commentator put it, a 5K warmup, sometimes extending to 7 or 8K, followed by a short kicking contest to determine the winners. This wasn't one of those. I remember seeing plenty of 10Ks on the track where the first lap goes out in about 69 to 72 seconds and the pack stays together until the 'real racing' begins in the final few laps. No wonder the TV broadcasts sometimes show only the first lap or two and then the final few laps. This year's World Championship was different. Mo Farah of Great Britain has won consecutive Olympic, and World Championship medals, sometimes running

By Cedric Jaggers

at the back of the pack until the final few laps, then kicking to a win. The TV announcers said that Farah's P.R was 26:46 (ERROR ALERT - He won the 2012 Olympic gold medal in 26:30.42) and that he has proven he has a superior kick. They said kickers like to believe they can outkick anybody, but all the other kickers have found out that he somehow outkicks them. They asked how you beat a great kicker, and laid out what they thought. You make them run faster throughout the race than they like to, and throw in surges and fast laps then slow down then surge again, and again and again. Then they said they thought

it would end up as usual, with a modest pace and someone trying to outkick Mo near the end. But thank goodness, they were wrong. That wasn't what happened. From the starting gun, the race began. The first lap went down in 61.01.02. I'm not great at metric to mile math conversion but that comes out to about a 4:05 mile pace IN A 10K. Wouldn't that give us about a 25:28 finish time? Way too fast to start out. They got to the second lap in 2:05.96 with Farah in about 10th place and the field starting to stretch out already. No pack with everyone bunched up together like in most of these type races. At 3:40 into the race, the dreaded “Let's cut to the field events” was uttered and we didn't come back until 5:40 in the race. This made sure there was no way to see or know what the first mile split was, but I'm sure it wasn't 4:05. You could see a long single file row of runners which is one way you can tell a race is being run, not your usual tactical (read that boring) Jog-A-Long (though it wouldn't be a jog for most any of us). Farah looked to be in 8th place. Then we quickly went to the inevitable commercials and returned to talking heads. It was great (yeah right) to listen to them talk about Premier League Soccer instead of showing the race. They finally back came with the clock showing 9:20 into the race. Farah was in about 15th place. No mention of the 2 mile split time. At 10:44 Farah moved into the lead. He held it a few seconds before one of the Kenyans took the lead. The commentator said that Mo had made his move after they had slowed from a 61, then a 62, then a 65, then a 66 second lap. At 12 minutes into the race we were switched to pole vault coverage. Then back to the race. They hit 4800 meters in 13:03.13 with 3 Kenyans running a 63 second lap and Farah drifting back into 11th place. The leaders crossed the 5K mark in 14:04.82. At this point the string of runners broke into 2 groups with the front 15 runners including all the really fast runners. At 6,000 meters the clock said 16:17.42 and the announcer said “We will have the conclusion of the men's 10,000 meters when we return.” And they returned with 19:57 on the clock. You could see the Kenyans leading with a Moroccan and then Mo in 6th place of the 14 in the lead group. The commentator said “This had been a great race. They have been like boxers out there, working over the body of Mo Farah. Going from laps of 66 to 62 to 67 then picking it up again. This is a race that will almost certainly go under 27 minutes, outstanding racing in a championship. The first group is taking turns taking the lead. Every time Mo moves to the front someone else moves to the front ahead of him.” Then they ran a cou-

ple of 63 second laps and the talking heads pointed out that Mo was covering every move. At 22:40 into the race Mo took the lead with 4 laps to go. He was passed by 19 year old Ethiopian Jemal Mekonen Yimer and a couple of Kenyans. They pointed out that Mo was 34 years old. With 22:48 on the clock Mo was in 5th place. I was surprised to see an American uniform hanging on at the back of the lead pack of 9 runners. The commentators did not point this out nor mention who he was. With 2 laps to go the clock showed 24:51.94. Farah surged ahead and held the lead. Bell lap came at 25:53.83. Farah led. Tanui of Kenya pulled up on his shoulder, Farah pushed ahead and Tanui came back. At 26:26 Farah started his kick and pulled away with 10 meters to go to win in 26:49.53 as the commenters say this is just a few seconds off his P.R. (what about the 26:30.42 in the Olympics?) The hometown British crowd went wild (as they should have since their man won). The talking heads then said Farah missed the Championship record by a few seconds (without telling us what that record is). There was no mention of who took the Silver or Bronze medal as they kept the camera exclusively on Farah and his celebration which included bringing his entire family onto the track. Finally the network flashed the names and times of the top 9 finishers and we found out who won the Silver and Bronze - Kipriu of Uganda and Tnaui of Kenya. The 9th place finishers name caught my eye since he was an American, Shadrack Kipchirchir. They pointed out that he ran a P.R. 27:07.55 and became the 3rd fastest American ever on the track. If his name rings a bell, he won this year's Cooper River Bridge Run 10K in Charleston, and I watched him outkick a good field to win in 28:12. Then at this year's Peachtree 10K he was outkicked in the final meters to take second place in 28:17. This championship was a wonderful race to watch. I hope you saw it live, it was special. It was a great, great competition, every runner who was there deserves praise for their fantastic efforts. In case you missed it, here are the top 10 of the 22 finishers: 1 Mohamed Farah, England 26:49; Joshua Cheptegi Kiprui, Uganda 26:49.94; 3 Paul Kipnegetich Tanui, Kenya 26:50.60; 4 Bedan Karoki Muchiri, Kenya 26:52.12; 5 Jemal Mekonen Yimer, Ethiopia 26:56.11; 6 Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor, Kenya; 7 Abadi Hadis, Ethiopia 26:59.19; 8 Mohammed Ahmed, Canada 27:02.35; 9 Shadrack Kipchirchir, USA 27:07.55; 10 Andamlak Belihu, Ethiopia 27:08.94. Cedric Jaggers was elected to the South Carolina Road Runners Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the author of Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run. He lives and runs in Rock Hill, SC. He may be reached via email at

Running Journal • October, 2017


Ultra Running Maybe I Should Be A Race Director I am thinking of taking up race directing, not as an occasional foray into putting on an event there is a need for, but as an occupation. I have observed the conversations about the costs to enter ultras. These costs, of course, are frequently varied due to facilities costs, as well as the expenses for support, permits, and other factors. A cost that I had never considered was a salary or stipend for the race director. For many years ultras were hosted by runners, or running clubs with an interest in ultras (this was true of all running events for many years). After a while races were used as fundraisers for very worthy causes, and many still are. Over a period of time, primarily in marathons, it seems, came the "big" marathon with swag, amenities...and increased costs. For some major marathons this was easily understandable. Without naming groups, they arose, and owned races, and some races were even sold. Then came the issues at the Portland Marathon. Many of the races through the years

By Ray Krolewicz

have been established as non-profit groups, and have done a great deal of good even as they frequently hired and paid essential staff. It seems Portland may have come in violation of some of the rules concerning non-profits, and is under investigation. While some ultras establish themselves as non-profits, many more in fact are for profit, and essentially as small businesses. Several friends, former competitors and aficionados of the sport have become race directors, some even conducting several races. For the most part they do good work for the ultra communi-

ty. There is obviously a need and that need is being filled, and will be supported as long as value is offered for the cost. So, I am thinking of becoming a race director. I have been a teacher for many years (42) and "retired" for 12 years, but I return to the classroom each year. I am already doing some coaching, so putting on ultras seems the next step. I envision a series, perhaps 50K, 50 mile, 100K and 100 mile, one race each quarter. Perhaps even a point series. The potential is endless. The only hesitation I have is that there may already be too many ultras. The RD ship may have passed. When I began running ultras travel far afield was necessary to find and compete in quality races. The sport has grown tremendously, but it appears the number of events has surpassed that growth. There were weekends in the early days (pre 1990) that there were no ultras to run. At this point I believe there is an ultra to run somewhere every weekend, with most weekends showing multiple ultras on the calendar.

Any race held anywhere will draw competitors. The well-organized races that take care of the runners best grow and survive. Others have come and gone. Some have gone through a series of race directors. When the professional race directors began offering multiple events each year there were good and bad reviews. Most have progressed to meet runners' needs. A runner, who once complained about the cost and problems with a couple of races, stated that even with the higher entry fees, and problems the races were close to home, thus money was saved on travel, and "All races could have problems." Proximity is a positive. There are enough ultra runners in any locale to support most races at least modestly. A variety of races in a regional area would have the best chance of survival, and profit for the professional race director. There are so many aspects to consider. I shall ponder a while longer, but first I have to look at the ultra calendar and see what races I want to run.

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Running Journal • October, 2017

Women’s Running Tips For A Faster Marathon Or Half Marathon As we leave the dog days of summer, and begin preparing for a late fall/winter marathon or half marathon, it might be a good idea this fall to add a little speed to your training runs. After all, you want to be at your best at a race that takes so much preparation. Whether it is the mile or the marathon, you will run faster if you get stronger. The stronger you are, the easier it is to work at a given sub-maximum level of stress loading. Marathoning is all about running sub-maximally for a very long period. The faster this sub-maximum pace is, the quicker is your finish. Good milers spend lots of time in the weight room hoping to put on some muscle, and as a result to get stronger, so that super fast intervals will seem easier and the risk of injury will decrease. Milers have plenty of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles, and much of their training is devoted to a near maximum level effort to strengthen all of their muscle fibers. When they race every muscle fiber is used to the maximum as well, as that is the name of their game and they run very quickly. In a real sense marathoners are not much different, at least in principle. After all, we are all runners. It is true that most marathoners do not spend hours in the weight room (although I must say that Jordan Hasay's

weight training regimen and its frequency and intensity may have a bit to do with her incredible marathon debut). But the average marathoner does not particularly need increased muscle mass. And with a marathoner's specialization with a higher percentage of slow twitch muscle cells muscle means that they will not put on much, if any, muscle anyway. But simply training lots of miles slowly, means that you are left sadly with the ability to only race slowly. You get what you train for and slow training means that slow twitch muscle cells get well trained and your fast twitch muscle cells go unchallenged. On the average, even fairly good marathoners have at least 20 to 30 percent, and often 40 to 50 percent of their leg muscle mass in the form of fast twitch muscle cells. These fast twitch

muscle cells do not get activated until at least your marathon race pace intensity of training. So not to train at faster paces means giving short shrift to the development of a sizable number of muscle cells that could be helpful in performance enhancement. So, the secret of quickening half marathon and full marathon race times is to include two faster sessions a week in your training. One workout is race pace training. Do a warm up, then run a 20- minute run at race pace, then an easy mile, then 15 minutes at race pace, then a cool down. Even this minimal stimulus keeps those fast twitch fibers actively trained to assist on race day. When I was doing hard training for the marathon, I would gradually increase my race pace training until three weeks out from my marathon, I could do three sets of 20 minutes at predicted marathon pace with 10 minutes jogging between each set. You certainly do not have to go to that extreme but it really is a challenge and makes a difference. There are, of course, those obsessive runners who, if one aspirin will stop a headache in 20 minutes, will take 20 to stop it in 60 seconds. Although this is an over-exaggeration, as the bumper sticker in the 60 when drugs were in vogue said "speed kills." Too much of a good thing can be nasty and lead

come out the other side. We highlight their stories and they resonate with the entire community.” CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 The future is focused, Francese said and explained Runologie’s plans for the immean amateur runner trying to make it,” diate future. Francese said. “We support those who have “We want to build our race series,” he said. been through battles and struggles and have “Right now we have the Independence Day

4-miler and the Trophy Trot. We’d like to grow to four signature races.” Building the retail end of the business, and expanding its the apparel line are all part of the grand plan too. But most of all, the store owners want to continue building community and that means keeping the welcome mat rolled out. After all, Runologie’s team


By Carolyn Mather, RN, PhD.

to injury. Yet one additional speed training session a week ought to include faster than race pace surges and bursts of energy to again provide a total body approach to development. Try a free flow fartlek session of accelerations to the next telephone pole, then rest and recovery to the next telephone pole and repeat as long as you are comfortable. Or do 30 seconds fast and 30 slow for 30 minutes Or, for those who prefer much more organization, try a series of eight in and out miles (four of each), one being 10 seconds faster than your race pace and the next being 10 seconds slower. This will give you a wonderful sense of achievement and you can proceed to a massage, lots of water and a great meal. After you have gotten the adaptation of three such sessions in a sixweek period you will be tougher than nails and your mental strength will have increased also. Endurance will get you to the finish line but adding a little speed will get you there faster. If you do not prefer any of the above sessions, get creative and make your own. If you know your body , you will soon figure out what challenges you and what will work. As an aside, stay off the track. You are preparing for a long race, and as Joanie Samuelson stated as she prepares at age 60 to break three hours at the Chicago Marathon, “I have not been on the track in years as my body does not like all the turns.” Her solution is to "race cars" on the road. So whatever works for you, try some speed. Carolyn Mather,R.N.,PhD. lives and runs in north Georgia and is a member of the Atlanta Track Club Elite. She can be reached at doesn’t consider their franchise a run club. Anyone can join a group run or participate in a party, open house, race, special event or even simply walk through the door and sit a spell. Free beer included. Teri Saylor writes and hangs out with runners in Raleigh, NC

Running Journal • October, 2017

After the Run 8 Hours of Hell Felt Swell '8 Hours of Hell.' With a race name like that, who wouldn't be beating down the doors of the elusive registration hub, and securing a spot in one or more hellish 8hour ultramarathons? Add to the race name, a race description that lets prospective endurance runners know that they will be running during the hottest part of the day, at the hottest time of year, in the sunshine state, and you're sure to have a sold out event, right? The answer is, 'possibly.' For the past three years, Race Director, Justin Radley has organized and directed a series of five 8-hour ultramarathon races that concludes with an 8-hour Championship - and he has attracted a loyal following of hardcore endurance athletes. Each event takes place along a trail in a different Florida Park. Runners participate in as many or as few events as they choose before the top performing series runners are invited to compete in the sixth and final 8-hour Championship run in October. Before his death, my husband, Phil, thoroughly enjoyed joining Justin and fellow '8 Hours of Hell' runners, and would therefore travel to as many of the series' events as his schedule would allow. Phil enjoyed the relaxed and supportive atmosphere that Justin and his girlfriend, Jill, created at their events. He enjoyed the trails, and he enjoyed the challenge. Preferring a flat, paved surface, and cooler temperatures, I did not run the '8 Hours of Hell' races with Phil. I DID volunteer at one of the 8-hour events he ran, and I remember being very proud of him each time he rounded the bend and exited the trailhead of Ann Dever Regional Park in Englewood, Florida. As life's coinci-

By Mary Marcia Brown

dences will deem appropriate, the Ann Dever Regional Park was also the last place Phil and I ever ran together. Two weeks before Phil was killed in March, he and I visited his parents in Englewood. Instead of going to the YMCA for a workout, Phil asked if I wanted to go to Ann Dever Park and run together. The pine straw cushioned our strides and shells cracked beneath our feet as, in harmony, we traveled the trail sideby-side for a five-mile morning run. I have wished to have that morning back more times than I can count. When the 2017 '8 Hours of Hell' series schedule was released, I saw that the 8hour run at Ann Dever was scheduled for August 19th. In early June, when Justin reached out to me with an invitation to run the ultra, and an offer to reserve the bib number of my choice, I knew I wanted to be there. Going back to the last place I shared a run with Phil would not be easy, but it would be meaningful. Stamped with the race, date, and number of miles they achieved, Justin mails custom dog tags to each of his runners after every race. Mid-June, seeking inspiration and deciding it was time to train, I pulled out the last dog tag Justin mailed to

The starting area of the August 19th '8 Hours of Hell' at Ann Dever Regional Park,

Phil. It was from October 15th - the 2016 Championship race where Phil ran 36 miles. I clasped the beaded keychain around my sports bra, and felt the cool medal dog tag, stamped with Phil's miles, on my chest, resting (literally and figuratively) on my heart. I slid on my 'Phil Brown Memorial' rubber bracelet, and I headed out for my first training run. Both stricken with painful plantar fasciitis, my feet did not have a lot of miles on them. I worked to gradually increase my mileage over the few weeks leading to the August run. Although eleven and a half miles was my longest run over the few training weeks, I felt fairly comfortable approaching race day. I made the two-hour drive to Englewood the morning of August 19th. I drove Phil's car, and I parked it almost immediately in front of the Trailhead he had run in and out of on so many occasions. I could see him as clearly as the last day we ran together. My breathing became heavy as, alone, I approached the registration table in the covered picnic area. Justin welcomed me immediately. Then, he handed me my special bib. I had requested number 41 because I knew that if Phil were still living, this race would have been his first ultramarathon as a 41-year old. Not only had Justin reserved bib #41 for me, but he and Jill had placed a beautiful photo in front of the number. It was Phil. He was smiling and running across one of the bridges along the Ann Dever trail. I cried. I was so grateful for the sweet sentiment, and at the same time, I felt so incredibly hollow inside. My heart hurt and in that moment, I missed Phil more than ever. As I turned to walk back to the car for final pre-race preparations, I moved through a wave of heat and an unexpected weight of guilt. “Why are YOU able to be at this park today and run the race that Phil would have loved to have the opportunity to run?” my mind asked me.


I didn't have the answer. I still don't. However, I continue to search for it every day. I did have the will to summon Phil's spirit, walk to the start line, and prepare to run the day's miles for him. I hooked his dog tag to my bib and it hung right above his picture. I hit the trailhead and heard the crackling shells and sand - a sound made solitarily by my shoes this time on the trail. The tears came and went as I crossed the bridge Phil was crossing on the photo on my bib, when I spotted the turtle holes Phil would have found, and when I saw the running comrades with whom Phil had previously shared the trails and who were the subjects of several of his postrun stories. As I accumulated miles, salty sweat washed away the salt of my tears, and gratitude began to replace the guilt. I was so fortunate to have been gifted with any amount of time with Phil on this earth. I was fortunate to have learned from him, loved him, and now have the opportunity to allow his spirit to live on. I looked down and realized that my body heat had almost completely smeared the image of Phil on my bib. For an initial instant I became upset and then I realized… his energy had melted right into my running legs and it was propelling me to make it through each and every hot and “hellish” mile. By 4:00, plantar fasciitis was getting loud, and my heels were screaming. Though all of my other systems wanted two more hours, my feet won and my “eight-hour run” through and around the underworld concluded. In reflection, after the run, at the end of the day, and at the finale of an emotional journey of miles, with the entire experience taken into consideration, I must admit and I am happy to report - 8 Hours of Hell actually felt pretty swell. Mary Marcia is a runner, fitness professional, and Race Director of the TICK TOCK ULTRA MARATHON & TEAM RELAY in Lakeland, Florida. Reach her at or by visiting

Mary Marcia finishing a lap at the 8 Hours of Hell ultramarathon.


Running Journal • October, 2017

Inspired Daily


All You Need Is a Run to Clear Out The Clutter My first week of training for the Disney Marathon coincided with the approach of Hurricane Irma. Thursday's run went well but I skipped Friday's run to focus on hurricane preparations. By Saturday morning I needed the distraction after all the hurricane preparations and hours of watching the coverage on television trying to determine when and where Irma would hit the southwest Florida coast and how bad it would be. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get in Sunday's long run so I decided to move the long run to Saturday. It was extremely windy but other than that, pretty nice conditions for a run. It was a good move, too, since Sunday morning's winds prevented me from running at all. Saturday's 75 minute run was at a comfortable pace. I really didn't think about what I was doing and did not look at my Garmin for pace or distance. I knew the length of the loops so I just ran. With no one to talk to and barely anyone out on the route, I was alone with my thoughts. This was one of those incredibly memorable

By Rae Ann Darling Reed

runs, not for the distance covered or pace run but for the way my mind totally wandered. I got lost in my thoughts and it felt like my body was on auto pilot. I covered the eight miles without much thought of the physical work being done. I literally worked through every project, thought, and problem that I had encountered in the past several weeks. I finished the run feeling like I just conquered my world and figured it all out. I reflected on the amazing crew of volunteers who had just helped me put on our 25th Annual Canes Cross Country Classic on Labor Day. We received so many posi-

Rae Ann Darling Reed and her dog Peppermint right before Irma hit Southwest Florida.

tive comments on how well organized our event was and how smoothly it all went. I am grateful for all the amazing family, friends, team parents, and athletes who pitched in. I started a mental checklist for next year's race. I also worked through the issues I had with some of the parents of our boys' team. As a coach (and in general), I never enjoy confrontations and get frustrated when parents think their children should be the exception to the team rules but I dealt with it team wide and then just needed to work through it myself to put it behind me. I reflected on how dedicated and hardworking our girls' team is this year. I am still amazed at the fact that they requested to practice before school two days a week to make sure they could get in quality work on their speed and tempo days before the sun comes up. It is so difficult to run quality workouts at 3 p.m. when the heat index is over 100. I thought about our upcoming trip to Greenville, SC. And really started thinking about this training program I am just beginning; 18 weeks to not just the Disney Marathon but the Dopey Challenge. When I arrived home from the run, that clarity was then met with final hurricane preparations. Deciding what was important; what “things” would fit in the plastic bin that we would take into our safe room with us and the dog. We did lose power and have lots of debris in our yard but we feel so lucky that it was not as bad as originally forecasted. Between the run and the hurricane preparations I have now realized that so many of the things we have accumulated over the years are really not that important. My last run helped me remove a ton of mental clutter. Now I am in full “project mode” as my husband charmingly calls it when I am focused and energized on reducing the amount of physical clutter in our home. That with a full marathon training program and cross country season ahead of me should keep me busy for a while! Rae Ann Darling Reed runs, coaches, and writes in Florida. She is an RRCA and USATF Level 2 certified running coach, Glukos Energy Ambassador, and has been in the Brooks Inspire Daily program since 2010. Rae Ann is a Fit Expert at Fleet Feet Sports Sarasota and coaches cross country and track at Manatee High School. Follow the RunnerGirl's adventures on twitter @runnergirl or

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 7 the previous week. Resting too much if your body is used to training can result in feeling stale come race day. If you generally run 5 or more days a week take an extra rest day this week, but if you run 3-4 days a week stick with that. In keeping with the rhythm of the week, do some running at marathon pace 4-5 days before the race. For example, run 3 x 1 mile with 3 minutes rest between each, nothing hard, just something to move your legs a little and feel race pace. Nutritionally, if you typically eat a well balanced diet carbohydrate loading isn't necessary, but adding a few more carbs to your diet the final 3-4 days before the race isn't going to hurt anything. As far as the final two days of training, if you typically run 5 days or more per week then you should plan on doing an easy 2-3 mile shakeout run the day before the race. And if you are flying or driving a long distance to the race be sure to do that run after your travel. Above all else, when it comes to the last few weeks before the race, trust your training. It's common to over analyze every step of every run during the taper, but agonizing over fabricated problems is not helpful. You may not make the Olympic team 17 days after knee surgery, but perfection is an illusion, and if you've put the training in that will win the day. ZAP Fitness is a Reebok Sponsored non-profit facility which supports post collegiate distance runners in Blowing Rock, NC. ZAP puts on adult running camps during the summer and through ZAP Fitness Coaching Ryan Warrenburg and Matt LoPiccolo work with dozens of runners around the country. The facility has a state of the art weight room, exercise science lab for testing and a 24 bed lodge. Coaches at the facility include 2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier Zika Rea, head coach Pete Rea, Ryan, and Matt. For more information go to or call 828-295-6198.


ALABAMA Woodstock 5K Anniston, AL – 8/5 Male, Overall – Austin Duckworth 15:24, Jeffery Rhodes 15:29, Richard Kimani 15:34. Masters – Jay Pruett 19:41. Grandmasters – Shawn Garvey 20:34. Great Grandmasters – Wayne Heckler 22:31. 10-under – Cleat Forrest 24:02, John David Talley 25:44, Miles Ansick 28:48. 11-13 – Wyatt Knight 20:44, Evan Garner 21:40, Deshaun Foster 22:04. 14-16 – Sam Moultrie 17:04, Luis Rodriguez 18:23, Reed Robinson 18:45. 17-19 – Ethan Mines 16:34, Luke Thomas 17:31, Kevin Barajas 18:45. 20-24 – Gatlin Holland 16:52, Joshua Evans 17:18, Daniel Burton 18:00. 25-29 – James Graham 16:25, Layton Dorsett 16:47, Wesley Ormond 17:57. 30-34 – Marcus Harris 20:11, Richard Turner 20:41, Patrick Bussey 22:38. 35-39 – Chris Mahaffey 17:11, Janek Wasserman 17:40, Mike McCutchin 20:26. 40-44 – Jason Levi 20:47, Jim Ezell 21:16, James Stanton 22:46. 45-49 – Dennis Davis 20:28, Tim Wade 21:15, Cary Morgan 22:09. 50-54 – Michael Schulte 21:40, Kevin Washburn 22:18, Greg Stone 22:52. 55-59 – Tommy Lewis 20:37, Kirk Mueler 20:39, Tim Lee 20:7. 60-64 – Jerry Keith 22:41, Will Williams 23:42, Jeffrey Aiken 23:53. 65-69 – James Champion 27:31, Bill Prince 28:16, Danny McCarty 29:01. 70-74 – Nick Nichols 27:25, Bill Bowman 31:34, Larry Ballard 31:35. 75-over – Ken Brewer 27:49, Ted Hegenbarth 31:11, Donald Mundy 31:41. Clydesdale – Justin Hartley 26:26. Female, Overall – Hollyann Swann 18:32, Megan Wasserman 19:10, Emily Ansick 19:32. Masters – Tammy Ruff 22:09. Grandmasters – Susan Keith 23:30. Great Grandmasters – Minnie Moore 31:24. 10-under – Kensley Cramer 40:51, Addison Tidwell 50:57, Destiny McGilberry 51:55. 11-13 – Tierra Cathcart 23:15, Kathleen McCarthy 24:04, Adriana Sotelo 25:02. 14-16 – Abby Nunnelly 21:15, Meghan McCarthy 21:53, Callie Stewart 23:44. 17-19 – Mary Shelton 21:49, Briar Poytress 23:50, Madison Stephens 24:42. 20-24 – Ansley Chilton 23:34, Madison Murray 29:40, Kaelee Harris 29:53. 25-29 – Elizabeth Ford 25:55, Jessica Coby 26:08, Carrie Colton 26:58. 30-34 – Melissa Tippets 23:41, Lauren Waltz 24:03, Abby Turner 24:26. 35-39 – Stacey Johnson 22:39, Jesse Walsh 24:23, Janet Wilson 25:31. 40-44 – Jessica Johnson 23:32, Carla Grace 24:18, Kandas Cavender 25:27. 45-49 – Janet Smith 26:08, Janine Moses 27:19, Kim Phillips 28:36. 50-54 – Bobbie Williams 25:47, Robyn Talley 25:49, Laurie Wilbanks 26:25. 55-59 – Brooke Nelson 23:58, Theresa Burst 25:17, Gina Morris 26:50. 60-64 – Deborah Wesley 34:35, Susan Jeffers 34:47, Melba White 35:49. 65-69 – Linda Barger 33:27, Charlotte Alldredge 35:04, Susan Bentley 37:14. 70-74 – Mary Larson 40:50, Donna Corrigan 49:27, Rebecca Brown 49:36. 75-over – Virginia Parker 36:24, Mary Kay Staples 52:56, Nancy Grace 56:10. Athena – Ansley Chilton 23:34.

Miles for Medicine 5K Mobile, AL – 8/26 Male, Overall – Chris Lawson 19:25. Masters – Eric Davis 21:49. Grandmasters – Thomas Rich 23:29. Senior Grandmasters – Brent Cumbest 26:45. Wheelchair – Art Cronenberg 21:11. 9-under – Jon Martin 32:03, James McDonald 33:00. 10-14 – Davis Amare 21:45, Dominic Luthje

29:34, Joshua Vinson 47:14. 20-29 – Matthew Graessle 24:06, Willie Dunnam 27:08, Quoc Pham 36:34 30-39 – Joey Kelly 22:04, Joshua Moore 30:28, Michael Francis 35:12. 40-49 – Jonathon Woodward 21:54, Brent Rawson 22:53, Jeremy Summerlin 23:58. 50-59 – Matt Clark 30:29, George Coate 31:45, Fritz Randall 44:28. 60-69 – William Bradley 29:04, Doug Craig 33:38, Bill Keith 34:00. 70-79 – Ron Mitchell 27:56, Bill McGough 29:29, Cary Adams 32:06. 80-over – Will Wright 33:05. Female, Overall – Leslie Beech 23:17. Masters – Nicole Amare 27:46. Grandmasters – Maureen Van Devender 32:03. Senior Grandmasters – Jeanne Faye Berman 44:41. 9-under – Susie McDonald 37:04, Kelsey Mae Webb 45:25, Kayleigh Peden 51:37. 10-14 – Lena Amare 32:12, Summer Hurst 33:15, Faith Foehl 34:58. 15-19 – Sicily Hardy 29:20, Kayla McMillon 43:26. 20-29 – Jennifer Costello 28:32, Sarah Guisinger 30:17, Marissa Reusser 36:14. 30-39 – Holly Gafford 25:55, Stephanie Bulls 29:10, Jessie Odom 29:34. 40-49 – Leigh Ann Wiggins 28:22, Maria Rawson 30:04, Katrina Frazier 33:58. 50-59 – Sara Bradley 35:01, Cathy Randall 41:56, Leigh Buffkin 42:31. 70-79 – Peggy Black 46:39. – Will Wright

Tacky Jacks Bloody Mary 5K Gulf Shores, AL – 9/2 Male, Overall – Steve Harris 18:15. Masters – Eric Langley 19:02. Grandmasters – Brian Halmaghi 21:39. Senior Grandmasters – Tim Morrison 23:47. 9-under – Hayes Thomas 28:31, Lawson Boone 32:26, Xander Arthur 53:05. 10-14 – Arthur Langley 18:30, Daniel Hill 22:23, Davis Amare 22:50. 15-19 – Trace Hannah 21:05, RJ Cox 27:05, Jordan Higgs 31:56. 20-24 – Roderic Stovall 23:20, Sam Bolen 24:43, Carson Orwig 25:28. 25-29 – Dillon Froom 21:48, Thomas Moore 26:03, Cody Sanchez 26:36. 30-34 – Brandon Rouse 18:29, Seth McGonigal 20:47, Gene Spivey 22:11. 35-39 – Scott Roberts 18:59, Danny Gonzales 21:11, Kris Stanley 21:44. 40-44 – John Keahey 19:05, Haymes Snedeker 23:52, Andras Lascsik 24:04. 45-49 – Jim Kinder 19:06, Lane Gilbert 22:01, Anthony Rice 22:20. 50-54 – Rob Barnas 22:28, John Wright 23:59, Matt O’Connell 24:14. 55-59 – Eric Pearson 22:01, Dannie Skrmetta 22:54, William Lopez 23:40. 60-64 – Mick Seys 26:23, William Bradley 29:46, Alfred Woodhead 32:53 65-69 Bill Thomason 28:40, John Gardner 31:52, Ron Dennis 31:59. 70-74 – Bob Teutsch 27:48, Howard Patrick 36:51, Danny Turner 38:18. 75-79 – Peter Rabideau 28:37, Robert Hall 42:25. Female, Overall – Michelle Morrisey 21:33. Masters – Tammy McKinney 23:29. Grandmasters – Connie Townzen 25:30. Senior Grandmasters – Kay McVey 27:04. 9-under – Mary Brandon Langley 30:43. 10-14 – Lilly Langley 23:18, Lena Amare 28:10, Anna Thrasher 28:45. 15-19 – Nina Collins 26:43, Lauren Boone 27:04, Mary Barrontine 35:15. 20-24 – Heather Gavin 29:51, Kaelee Harris 30:12, Anna Wright 31:23. 25-29 – Tiffany Law 23:25, Ashley Burt 24:49, Margaret Wright 25:13. 30-34 – Ashley Trosclair 24:44, Stephanie Garris 28:05 Tausha Knight 28:18. 35-39 – Meredith Harris 22:35, Candy Taylor 22:50, Stacy Thornton 26:18. 40-44 – Shelby Singleton 23:46, Marlo Webb 26:57, Kristen Maday 26:59. 45-49 – Tere Dixon 25:53, Shannon Brabham 26:59, Nicole Amare 27:24. 50-54 – Jessia McMillin 28:44, Lisa Gardner 28:57, Jacqui O’Connell 29:56. 55-59 – Belva Durham 25:56, Kay Dobson 27:45, Melissa Foster 28:29. 60-64 – Susan Opelka 27:52,

Running Journal • October, 2017 Deborah Renfroe 28:14, Cindy Leonard 31:03. 65-69 – Janet Briggs 31:17, Donna Russell 38:51, Carol Howard 41:12. 70-74 – Chris Cotteran 41:50, Judy Tuner 45:51. 75-79 – Betty Lafferty 46:54.

ARKANSAS White River 4-mile Classic Batesville, AR – 8/5 Male, Top 25 – 1-Adam Trausch 22:17, 2-Brian Sieczkowski 22:48, 3-Homer Mason 23:36, 4Jerry White 24:25, 5-Marcus Rudick 24:29, 6-Greg Walker 24:34, 7-Gus McCoy 24:35, 8-Ricky Martinez 25:05, 9Jeffrey Grove 25:09, 10-Jeffrey Zern 25:19, 11Jonathan Dorris 25:29, 12-Josh Whisenhunt 25:33, 13Colin Hall 25:35, 14-Clint Pevril 25:42, 15-Shannon Box 25:52, 16-Bruce Oakley 26:24, 17-Alan Krenzelok 26:26, 18-Robert Blades 26:53, 19-Andrews Brister 27:18, 20-Frank Thurman 27:24, 21-Todd Doleman 27:38, 22-Bobby Finster 27:38, 23-Cade Wagner 27:40, 24-Brian Wagner 27:48, 25-Kim Howard 28:11. Female, Top 25 – 1-Jenny Massanelli 26:42, 2Kathryn Phillips 26:55, 3-Rebecca Boushelle 27:21, 4Nicole Hobbs 27:29, 5-Natalie Ragsdale 27:35, 6Lennon Bates 27:40, 7-Kayla Rose 28:43, 8-Jillian Jones 29:15, 9-Abigail White 30:06, 10-Joanna White 30:30, 11-Kathleen Rea 30:55, 12-Betsy Tucker 30:59, 13-Mary Wells 31:05, 14-Rachel Hendrix 31:24, 15Amanda Gay 31:25, 16-Beverly Smith 31:31, 17-Amy Houston 31:40, 18-Jennifer Dorris 32:10, 19-Crystal Cossey 32:45, 20-Cymber Gieringer 33:17, 21Katherine Williams 33:22, 22-Mindy Simonson 33:22, 23-Maggie Walton 33:23, 24-Stormie Wingo 33:25, 25Lori White 34:08. – Ken McSpadden

Hope Watermelon 5K Hope, AR – 8/12 Male, Top 25 – 1-Grant Jarvis 16:20, 2-Noah Eskew 16:32, 3-Brian Sieczkowski 16:53, 4-William Harrell 17:06, 5-Gideon Drake 17:54, 6-Hector Hernandez 18:02, 7-Jerry White 18:16, 8-Ricky Martinez 18:31, 9Jeff Haynes 18:38, 10-Dagen Ward 18:43, 11-Ryan Whitehead 18:48, 12-Josh Whisenhunt 19:03, 13Joseph Garay 19:07, 14-Ethan Sanders 19:14, 15Jackson Smith 19:15, 16-Colin Hall 19:27, 17-Ken Riley 19:31, 18-Josiah Henderson 19:32, 19-Jason Barker 19:37, 20-Mitchell Winders 19:39, 21-Cade Haak 19:39, 22-Jack Griffin 19:41, 23-Casey Eddy 19:45, 24-Zach Lewis 19:50, 25-Cameron Kendrick 20:00. Female, Top 25 – 1-Elizabeth Gillette 18:24, 2-Carli Langley 18:55, 3-Jennifer Found 19:31, 4-Kathryn Phillips 20:20, 5-Natalie Ragsdale 20:37, 6-Lennon Bates 21:07, 7-Nicole Hobbs 21:13, 8-Emily Montgomery 21:16, 9-Emily Milbourn 22:28, 10-Leslie Darden 22:31, 11-Mace McLean 22:58, 12-Betsy Tucker 23:05, 13-Angela Ramirez 23:20, 14-Anna Cree 23:27, 15-Beverly Smith 23:29, 16-Joyce Cates 23:38, 17-Laura Bailey 23:58, 18-Kathy Stevens 24:16, 19Ashley McLean 24:40, 20-Kayla Howard 24:59, 21Stormie Wingo 25:04, 22-Mindy Simonson 25:05, 23Phoebe Robertson 25:06, 24-Katherine Williams 25:06, 25-Karrie Irwin 25:08. – Ken McSpadden

FLORIDA St. George Island Sizzler 5K St. George Island, FL – 8/5 Overall, Top 50 – 1-Ryan Slyter 17:46, 2-Shawn Logan 18:48, 3-William Bridges 19:13, 4-Simon Hodgson 19:41, 5-Kyle Simon 19:56, 6-Duane Evans 20:01, 7-Philip Sura 20:13, 8-Kat Sack 20:21, 9-Tad David 20:48, 10-Austin Campbell 21:11, 11-Garth Eklund 21:12, 12-Michael Cipriano 21:22, 13-David Huggins 21:47, 14-Zack McFarland 21:56, 15-Richard Fernandez 22:22, 16-Dan Fortunas 22:26, 17-Mark Nichols 22:55, 18-Eden Keene 23:01, 19-Kieran Eklund


23:02, 20-Jordan Cooper 23:30, 21-Barney Ray 24:13, 22-Mickey Phillips 24:28, 23-Todd Ratcliff 24:31, 24Paula O’Neill 24:36, 25-Carolyn Houston 24:36. 26-Val Burgess 24:48, 27-Worth Corn 24:53, 28-Jim Tully 24:57, 29-Genevieve Printiss 25:05, 30-John Miller David 25:12, 31-David Printiss 25:15, 32-Julia Sura 25:17, 33-Heather McQueen 25:28, 34-Chris Averna 25:30, 35-Press Wott 25:42, 36-Michael Houston 25:45, 37-Autum Kotelman 25:51, 38-Mike Houston 25:52, 39Dvid Forrester 25:57, 40-Alan Ratcliff 25:57, 41-Richard Lenhart 26:01, 42-Keith Rowe 26:02, 43-Shelby Varner 26:16, 44-Curtiss Shorkey 26:38, 45-Belinda Wharton 26:41, 46-Desiree Kossen 26:43, 47-Jeffrey Van Welsen 26:44, 48-Mia Varner 26:45, 49-Lynn Varner 26:47, 50Jade Cothran 26:53.

Fort Hamer Bridge Run 10K/5K Parrish, FL 8/26 Male, 10K: Overall – Andrew Swanson 39:58. Masters – Mickey Hooke 40:03. Grandmasters – Jon Divine 41:52. Senior Grandmasters – Ruben Perez 45:48. Veterans – Steven Lenz 56:28. 9-under – Noah Baylor 1:02:07. 10-14 – Drew Clak 53:42, Jacob Rosenberg 1:05:41. 15-19 – Marcanthony Velazquez 1:01:40. 20-24 – Kory Swanson 55:48, Angel Guterrez 1:09:28, Benjamin Harrison 1:12:08. 25-29 – Shawn Augustine 41:19, Alvin Ducre 44:06, Sammy Duran 49:07. 30-34 – Brian Guidroz 41:52, Matty Knips 46:23, Bryan Fisher 51:29. 35-39 – Dale Lively 43:09, William Orr 45:15, Christopher Tana 49:14. 40-44 – Michael Giampino 40:31, Ray Jerauld 42:37, Todd Woods 45:08. 45-49 – Carlos Jimenez 41:42, Thomas Kotkiewicz 44:35, Daniel Ensign 44:58. 50-54 – Paul Morris 48:21, Allen Jones 49:09, Michael Williams 50:58. 55-59 – Gregory Schultz 45:43, Jeff Ealey 45:54, Jeff Williams 49:40. 60-64 – Edward Hawkins 48:07, Glen Muirhead 54:33, Gregory Berryman 55:37. 65-69 – Karl Peter Haas 52:19, Steve Kriegshaber 59:06, Prince Knight 1:23:09. 70-74 – Stephen Lucas 58:48, Richard Neal 1:20:51, Drew Stuart 1:24:06. 80-over – Chuck Van Duzee 1:12:15. Female, 10K: Overall – Diana Sitar 39:27. Masters – Fernanda Scalera 41:59. Grandmasters – Kathy Hendricks 49:29. Senior Grandmasters – Barbara Barentt 58:37. Veterans – Bettye Smith 1:21:08. 10-14 – Grace Shaw 1:08:03, Savannah Holmes 1:20:43. 20-24 – Yoalit Maye 56:30, Chanel Compton 59:21, Brittney Swanson 1:03:21. 25-29 – Sarah Miller 46:03, Sandra Houseweart 49:50, Megan Eliason 58:17. 30-34 – Melissa Lopes 43:11, Maria Lowery 48:20, Kirsten Jones 51:20. 35-39 – Leah Mitchem 44:57, Kelli Jao 45:14, Carolyn Renick 46:51. 40-44 – Rae Ann Darling Reed 46:06, Johana Lies-Cruz 47:57, Shelly Hawk McKay 48:42. 45-49 – Jennifer Rowly 44:22, Jennifer Tullio 45:34, Karen Dempseyu 50:37. 50-54 – Susan McMillan 50:13, Julie Dickson 54:10, Annette Aldridge 59:40. 55-59 – Maria Hazen 1:01:13, Sandi Taylor 1:01:31, Tami Pippin 1:04:06. 60-64 – Connie Shingledecker 1:02:37, Jessica Dirkes 1:04:47, Teri Principe 1:05:10. 65-69 – Edith Haas 1:29:47, Donna Tosoni 1:30:25, Ellyn Jack 1:31:29. 70-74 – Marge Merla 1:34:19. Male, 5K: Overall – Arthur Richardson 17:55. Masters – Bob Rogells 20:31. Grandmasters – Jose Almarz 21:17. Senior Grandmasters – Dennis Gallo 23:03. Veterans – Albert Bezilla 25:17. 9-under – Quincy Cash 24:12, Quinn Flammang 25:56, Zachariah Kersey 27:15. 10-14 – Brenda Roper 18:33, Jonathan Leatt 19:46, Christopher Hehn 20:29. 15-19 – Hunter Windham 26:22, Bevan Beard 26:25, Seth Schellenger 27:13. 20-24 – Juan Luna 19:43, Christopher Heier 24:44, Colton Heier 24:49. 25-29 –



Running Journal • October, 2017


Seth Pritt 21:54, Patrick Sweeney 24:56, Ted Barnett 25:23. 30-34 – Lijoy Cheerangal Joy 21:19, JT Edmonds 22:16, Dan Willis 22:28. 35-39 – Adam Marshall 22:32, Bill Heras 24:36, Ramon Gonzales 25:12. 40-44 – Danny Jones 20:43, Mark Leatt 20:48, Ryan Jones 22:21. 45-49 – George Imes 22:13, Dale Fiedler 22:37, David Cook 24:05. 50-54 – Jeff Csubak 22:02, Steve Laplante 22:57, Joseph Scott 23:10. 55-59 – Scott Dunlap 21:32, Bob Dannemiller 21:57, Walter Lysinger 22:26. 60-64 – Carl McCallister 24:07, Pat O’Halloran 27:05, Mark Ceci 27:54. 65-69 – John Bates 23:31, Stephen Watson 23:43, Billy Squires 25:15.70-74 – Richard Nelson 29:45, Ed Goff 30:43, Robert Hendrickson 30:54. 75-79 – David Ott 32:47, Michael Marrs 36:07, Ronald Morris 39:50. 80-over – John McFadden 36:31, Sam Vizzari 6:55, Mike Everson 53:39. Female, 5K: Overall – Anna Neal 20:17. Masters – Diane Limbaugh 21:40. Grandmasters – Kelly Belisle 24:14. Senior Grandmasters -Mary Quinn 25:49. Veterans – Donna Marrs 36:08. 9-under – Mila Deering 22:36, Alexis Hutter 24:58, Jackson Flammang 28:08. 10-14 – Mallor Cushman 24:59, Shaiel Jones 25:23, Tamlyn Leatt 26:12. 15-19 – Thomas Alexander 24:24, Grace Bernth 29:38, Darcy Graham 32:57. 20-24 – Karah O’Hallorran 20:28, Nicole Stroop 27:36, Lauren Kennedy 30:05. 25-29 – Lindsey Parkinson 25:29, Alyss Zint 26:02, Jamie Basilone 27:28. 30-34 – Jeannie Ferdinand 23:02, Lisa Barnes 24:05, Rachael Fossaceca 25:01. 35-39 – Holly Parton 24:07, Deb Cash 24:13, Martha Bako 24:34. 40-44 – Susan Hehn 24:00, Cordie Hentges 24:06, Chris-Anne Phelps 26:41. 45-49 – Leah Swarts 23:20, Carman Lugo 23:30, Connie Mendoza 23:45. 50-54 – Nemabraorgg Braff 26:35, Louann Jessup 27:02, Ann Maria Grace 27:06. 55-59 – Jackie Doucette 25:45, Stephanie O’Donnell 25:50, Connie Merucci 27:53. 6064 – Maggie Miller 26:50, Terry Yarian 27:44, Margaret Porter 28:43. 65-69 – Viv Laney 30:47, Brenda Cantin 31:09, Angela Finn 32:06. 70-74 – Phyllis Balestra 36:09, Fran Padett 39:08, Maryanne Morris 40:10. 7579 – Esther Van Duzee 39:10, Shirley Scherer 54:37. 80-over – Marilyn Everson 53:38.

Canes XC Classic 5K Bradenton, FL 9/2 Male, Overall – Gerardo Miron 18:53. Masters – Hector Guzman 19:00. Grandmasters – Tony McCarthy 19:20. Senior Grandmasters – Jerry Marsh 20:02. Veterans – John Shank 30:44. 10-12 – Brendan Roper 19:14, Aidan Collins 25:43, Ryan Abernathy 29:10. 13-15 – Dylan Underwood 37:00. 20-24 – Justin Miesner 24:27. 25-29 – Alvin Ducre 20:01. 30-34 – JT Edmonds 23:06, Jarvis Watts 29:51. 35-39 – Rafael Garofalo 27:24, Kevin Dodson 27:30, Adrihel Mendes 28:37. 40-44 – Ray Jerauld 20:50, Gilberto Placencia 23:29, Jeremy Wade 28:30. 45-49 – George Imes 22:44, Kevin Wells 25:22, David Shiner 28:38. 50-54 – Froylan Miron 21:18, Chuck Moonen 21:45, Allen Jones 22:14. 55-59 – Scott Dunlap 21:22, Bill Stewart 26:28, Mark Berte 27:02. 60-64 – Paul Tavemier 25:08, Bruce Black 26:51, Ray Corda 33:14. 65-69 – Ragnar Nilsson 22:17, Vincent Cafferty 22:58, Larry Jamieson 25:28. 70-74 – Silky Sullivan 32:12, Howard Brown 36:08. 75-79 – Patrick Zier 32:42, Donald Fialka 33:05, David Ott 33:10. 80-over – Walter White 54:46. Female, Overall – Kylee Bemthisel 21:37. Masters – Alexa Gemma 22:14.

more results at Grandmasters – Mary Quinn 26:17. Senior Grandmasters – Maggie Miller 27:53. Veterans – Maria Georgiev 36:41. 9-under – Alexis Hutter 25:26, Ashlyn Collins 30:31. 10-12 – Abigail Hite 28:21, Jacey Mandrell 28:24, Lakshmi Garofalo 32:42. 13-15 – Kylie Winters 35:0, Peyton Wels 38:34. 16-19 – Ana Mejia 27:08, Elizabeth Alvarez 29:49, Roselyn Ward 47:30. 20-24 – Chanel Compton 26:54, Alaina Ward 30:04. 25-29 – Lauren Wickman 22:32, Hannah Lemke 24:01, Marko Kiik 25:04. 30-34 – Lauren Udwari 22:11, Maria Lowery 23:39, Julie Gerharz 29:59. 35-39 – Renee Loosvelt 22:39, Amanda Gilbert 26:20, Kristen Collins 31:09. 4044 – Kelly Petrosino 27:31, Cherie Wade 31:16, Polly Mandrell 31:27. 45-49 – Lena Thoresen 27:51, Lori Dunlap 29:32, Michele Wagstaff 32:59. 50-54 – Linda Kibby 31:02, Flavia Zappa Medlin 37:25, Elizabeth Heisey 38:30. 55-59 – Sandra Marsh 31:29, Susan Jarvis 35:41, Vicky Killen 36:04. 60-64 – Pamela Wusthof 31:39, Teri Principe 32:58. 65-69 – Teresa Schneider 36:28. 70-74 – Bettye Smith 41:01.

GEORGIA Brooklet Peanut Run 5K Brooklet, GA – 8/19 Male, Overall – Noah Caplinger 17:39, Christian Scott 18:04, Dillon Calhoun 18:28. Masters – Brendan Vasher 19:52, Randy Totten 20:50, Paul Belden 21:43. 10-under – Henry Horton 25:41, Charlie Todd 27:19, Xavier Deckard 28:07. 11-14 – Mason Smith 18:55, Santos Cruz 20:12, Avery Jaynes 20:24. 15-19 – Kyle Samuels 18:36, Mason Lariscy 19:19, Greyson Gawthrop 19:29. 20-24 – Christian Clark 29:21, Jacob Stansell 20:27, Andy Bennet 31:26. 25-29 – Joey Campbell 24:13, Vince Moore 24:23, David Cromley 25:31. 30-34 – Matt Rogers 19:54, Robert Garcia 23:06, James White 23:34. 35-39 – Checo Colon Gaud 19:02, Peter Thomas 20:37, John Coleman 20:38. 40-44 – Joe Cook 22:09, Merritt Kearns 22:36, Charles McDonough 23:56. 45-49 – Chris Caplinger 21:45, Brian Ballagh 22:43, Michael Sears 25:03. 50-54 – Kevin Faircloth 35:27, Todd Hutchens 37:52, Wallace Brown 41:07. 5559 – Roger Doty 22:25, Joseph Shoemaker 24:21, Daniel Gleason 24:47. 60-64 – Dennis Larson 36:46, Randy Wetmore 39:17, Billy Sandifer 56:53. 65-69 – Dan Bonner 29:35, Earl Humes 38:05, Mike Smith 46:39. 70-74 – Ray Miller 31:21. 80-over – Bob Hughes 56:08, Bill Briggs 1:00:36. Female, Overall – Carlee James 20:52, Jenn Scott 21:36, Britt Thomas 22:08. Masters – Christi Ballagh 22:34, Laura Shaver 23:36, Mimi Potter 26:25. 10-under – Isabelle Cruz 25:42, Ryan Yancey 25:45, Avalyn Flores 32:42. 11-14 – Madisen McKeithen 25:30, Emmanline Scott 26:07, Kate Lattner 26:23. 1519 – Ansley Conner 22:35, Hattie Pitts 22:55, Katie Ann Bowers 23:22. 20-24 – Hanna Panch 26:12, Suzanna Smith 26:51, Savanna Fielder 28:11. 25-29 – Jessica Lucas 32:40, Casey Ford 33:54, Megan Jackson 37:39. 30-34 – Kaylan Anderson 26:40, Tara Miller 29:19, Jincy Hinely 9:23. 35-39 – Sarah Chester 24:08, Sara Kieffer 30:47, Andrea Bethel 30:49. 40-44 – Paula Johns 26:43, Louise Todd 30:44, Amanda Mitchell 30:52. 4549 – Christy Inman 28:58, Kellie Cruz 29:13, Stephanie Cook 32:47. 50-54 – Linda Upchurch 27:06, Jie McCardle 27:43, Sheila Malone 32:15. 55-59 – Jaye Meyer 28:04, Sheresa Steptoe 34:28, Debbie Gleason 34:58. 60-64 – Maggie Edmonson 26:33, Jean Marie Donovan 42:22, Rita Bird 46:04. 65-69 – Carolyn Lota 31:41, Martha Lane 32:22, Christine Addy 44:30. 70-74 – Denise McLauglin 44:52, Faye Kirschner 1:15:35. 7579 – Lois Roberts 37:08. 80-over – Joyce Hodges-Hite 42:03.

Butterfly Dreams 5K Watkinsville, GA – 9/2 Male, Overall – Jared Hauschildt 17:28. Masters – Hobbie Eckes 20:27. 10-under – Luke Phillips 26:51. 11-14 – Ben Waltman 20:49, Jarod Batson 27:59, Jacob Arnest 28:23. 15-19 – Nando Bodie 20:16, Zach Donahue 29:38. 20-24 – Nick Million 47:38. 25-29 – Jody Glidewell 18:15, Aaron Bristol 25:13, Dylan Schulte 28:09. 30-34 – Casey Mull 20:26, Craig Patterson 24:40, Nathan Stuck 27:32. 35-39 – John Gay 23:12, Edward Cottongim 26:42, David Cuddeback 27:03. 4044 – Steve Smith 22:12, Gary Venable 30:10, Shane Hannon 31:03. 45-49 – Slayer Gayer 22:02, David Beelan 22:43, Steven Durocher 24:12. 50-54 – Johnny Garner 21:42, Jim Carson 22:14, Brian Bledsoe 24:32. 55-59 – Mitchell Sinyard 21:22, Rick Hayes 23:55, Jim Schulte 26:08. 60-64 – Randy Ballew 20:34, Roger Keel 24:37, Bo Ryles 30:49. 65-69 – David Oblinger 26:33, Bill Chamblee 29:16, William Davis 31:28. 70-74 – Grover Higgins 30:21, Bill Tweedell 32:19, Sonny Abney 33:02. 75-over – Jim Latimer 35:25, Wilson Page 46:27. Female, Overall – Olivia Bledsoe 22:49. Masters – Christy Carson 24:06. 10-under – Reese Phillips 39:57, Lauren Arnest 42:01. 11-14 – Lindley Hawks 24:41, Ava Howard 25:53, Emily Lester 26:04. 15-19 – Amanda Ramirez 29:01, Laurel Thomas 29:41, Ansley Howard 32:20. 2024 – Erin Browne 28:05, Jenny Winberg 28:05, Mary Strother 32:55. 25-29 – Rosey Glidewell 22:58, Briana Fetrow 33:12, Kayla Ballew 34:33. 30-34 – Faye Deloach 25:21, Colleen Baskett 26:06, Jean Mangan 27:37. 35-39 – Heather Migliore 23:17, Marie Johnson 26:49, Sandra House 27:29. 40-44 – Kelly Ardoin 25:40, Tanya Phillips 27:23, Cindy Grier 27:56. 45-49 – Susanna Moriarty 24:59, Julie Gayer 25:09, Heather Caldwell 26:22. 50-54 – Melinda Black 25:46, Thayer Tucker 26:02. 55-59 - Norma Rainwater 26:46, Janet Muse 27:21, Mara Nance 28:15. 60-64 – Diane Glidewell 28:32, Margie Lyness 50:49. 65-69 - Linda Romero 33:05, Sue Chastain 34:59, Vicky Werner 39:10. 70-74 – Donna Presley 25:05, Cheryl Vail 25:54, Brenda Cooter 37:36. – Classic Race Services

MISSISSIPPI Moman & Harris 5K Jackson, MS - 8/5 Male, Overall: Jason Watts 16:55. NHBC Member: Christian Gines 21:08. Masters: Andy Till 19:43. Grandmasters: Mike Morgan 21:49. Senior Masters: Randall Hines 21:34. 14-under: Bryce Harrison 19:35, Christian Gines 21:08, Marco Shelby 25:36. 15-19: Jalen Ross 22:07, Ashton Greenwood 25:48, Ruan Sayles 32:36. 20-24: Thornburn McGee 18:48, Jaylan George 24:13. 25-29: Marcus Williams 42:17. 30-34: Josue Capir 18:52, Kyle Notvest 27:40, Senica Tubnell 27:41. 35-39: James Goods 18:35, Jordan Womack 21:32, Derrick McInnis 34:52. 40-44: Tom Rich 20:14, Terry Jones 23:25, Duane Poole 24:00. 45-49: Lex Davis 20:53, Robert Booker 22:09, Joe Elliot 24:16. 50-54: Terry Whittington 23:09, Bilal Hashim 24:47, Kenneth Hall 24:48. 55-59: Mark Lipking 22:30, Charles Allred 22:31, Leon Collins 24:27.60-64: Cal Peters 23:27, Vince Woodchock 24:51, Mike Pigford 28:52. 70-74: Charles Minor 34:37, Tom Shuff 35:07. Female, Overall: Teresa Crothers 22:18. NHBC Member: Gwendolyn Davis 27:71. Masters: Shannon Steele 23:07. Grandmasters: Chantay Steen 24:26.

Senior Masters: Mary Lohrenz 25:25. 14-under: Zakiyah Thompson 33:55, Lana Evans 34:52, Neida Ramirez 35:45. 15-19: Ayanna Moore 32:44, Kamryn Davis 32:54, Erin Cannon 34:53. 25-29: Gwendolyn Davis 27:51, Portia Coleman 33:34. 30-34: Allison Nooe 22:20, Heather Notvest 33:17. 35-39: Chris Alexander 28:31, Jana Williams 35:58, Yanesha Hollins 46:50. 40-44: Christie Barber 23:19, Catherine Kaime 28:16. 45-49: Renea Kane 27:08. 50-54: Dawn Polo 27:18, Doris McKinney 28:06, Felicia Ford 39:18. 55-59: Miriam Allred 25:58, Patsy Watson 29:26, Rowena Burke 43:56. 60-64: Monica Baldwyn 28:13, Matleaner Spann 38:56. 65-69: Charlene Priester 34:18, Gailya Porter 38:44, Erma Clark 41:05. 70-74: Maria Walker 31:11.

NORTH CAROLINA LEAF Art Dash 5K Asheville, NC – 8/5 Male, Overall – Joe Ainsworth 16:36, Ryan Bowser 16:54, Stewart Alford 17:12. Masters – Alford 17:12, Christopher Murrey 17:42, Dave Johnston 18:15. Female, Overall – Margaret Brennan 17:51, Ginna Reid 18;03, Christina Johnston 19:16. Masters – Brennan 17:51, Jody Smith 21:07, Lynn Knothe 23:15. For full results: nt/603953/Course/914736/Results

Twilight 5K a Shining Example of Hard Work Bringing Success By Richard Betz, President, Highlands Roadrunners Club HIGHLANDS, NC — The Fifth Annual Twilight 5K took place in Highlands, NC, on August 19, two days before the Solar Eclipse and in perfect weather conditions. The race was founded in 2013 as the Twilight Rock n Roll 5K by the Rotary Club of Highlands as a fundraiser for youth activities in Highlands. It is a shining example of how hard work on the part of many local community volunteers can grow a race and turn it into a premium event. Derek Taylor, Race Director since its inception, has spent countless hours trying to improve the race each year, and he has had many willing volunteers from the Highlands Roadrunners Club, which has been organizing races on different courses since 1994. The first Twilight 5-K had 130 runners and raised $8,500, which was used to purchase free weight equipment at the Highlands Civic Center. The next year, participation increased to 250 runners, and $11,000 was raised toward a new running track and softball field at Highlands School. In 2015, participation was up to 300, and over $14,000 was raised for equipment for the Town’s youth swim, the Highlands Hurricanes. Last year’s proceeds went toward completing a skating rink at the Kelsey-Hutchinson Park. As participation and revenues increased over the years, race organizers decided to have the course USATF certified (NC16004DW). The saying among seasoned runners is that if a course is not certified, it is probably short. Certification also indicates a level of seriousness and commitment to future growth and a desire to attract not just local runners but top runners from Asheville, Atlanta, and surrounding cities. Chip timing was another improvement that made possible instant, accurate results This year’s race attracted 391 finishers and raised $28,000. Race bibs were personalized, and runners turning in their chips immediately received a printout of their finish time, average pace, and place. A special feature this year was an eclipse-themed shirt and free eclipse-viewing glasses. Highlands was in the path of


Running Journal • October, 2017


Close Race Highlights The Peoples Bank Midnight Flight 10K ANDERSON, SC - The 40th annual running of the Midnight Flight 10K was held on August 25 at the Anderson Area YMCA. The popular nighttime event features a three race lineup with a one mile race starting the evening, followed by a 5K and finishing with a 10K. Many runners choose to run in more than one race, including several race category winners. The 10K was the official start of the Running Journal Grand Prix, now in its 40th season. Kenyans Cyrus Korir, 24, Geofry Ngetich, 32, and Panuel Mkungo, 23, all living in Chapel Hill, NC, took a clean sweep of the male 10K and 5K top three awards, although not in the same order in both events. In the 10K, Korir led the way in 30:28 in a very close battle. Ngetich followed just two seconds behind with Mkungo only one second back for third. In the earlier 5K, the three were equally impressive with Mkungo leading the way in 14:25, followed four seconds back by Ngetich. Korir took third place in 14:40. On the women’s side, Eglay Nalyanya, 21, also of Chapel Hill, NC, took wins in both the 10K and 5K, finishing in 35:18 in the 10K and 16:32 in the 5K. Nicole Dimercurio, 26, of Blowing Rock, NC, was second in the 10K in 36:14, while Purity Munene, 30, of Columbia took third in 37:47. Eric Ashton, 49, of Columbia was the top male master in the 10K in 35:53 after taking second in the division in the 5K in 16:38. Eddie Posey, 45, of Easley was second master in the 10K (36:07), with Orinthal Striggles, 41, of Columbia third (36:45). Striggles also finished third master in the 5K (17:10). Karen Becker, 42, of Travelers Rest, was the female masters winner in the 10K in 42:55. Kellie Eaves, 44, of Anderson (44:59) was second and Deborah Flynn, 61, of Cross Hill (48:17) was third. Flynn took first in the 5K, running 22:57. Dennis Funk, 61, of Greer swept the Andrew Baker grandmasters top awards with a 41:20 finish in the 10K and a 19:32 run in the 5K. George Sykes, 60, of Spartanburg was second grandmasters in the 10K with 44:37 and Jerry Hutto, 66, of Aiken was third (47:42). Christine Kitzler, 50, of Myrtle Beach, SC, led the female grandmasters in the 10K in 49:11. Kitzler also finished second in the 5K masters division, running 23:06. Gail Audet, 65, of Royston, GA, was second in the 10K in 53:30 and Christine Prado, 53, of Central was third in 55:20. Other winners in the 5K included Shawanna White, 37, of Columbia, who finished as the third female in 18:15. Susan Rogers, 54, of Spartanburg took third place for female masters, running 23:15. Judy Walls, 59, of Piedmont was the top female master in the 5K in 24:01. Sharon Cowart, 52, of Anderson finished second (27:28) and Susan West, 61, of Myrtle Beach was third (27:53). Frankie Adkins, 43, of Asheville, NC, won the male masters division in 16:25. Tim Stewart, 56, of Simpsonville was second in the grandmasters, running 20:05 and Danny West, 65, of Myrtle Beach was third in 20:36. In the one mile race, Fernando Gallardo, 44, of Anderson won the men’s race in 5:08. Andrea McCracken, 26, also from Anderson, led the women, running 5:54. Male, 10K: Overall Cyrus Korir 30:28, Geofry Ngetich 30:30, Panuel Mkungo 30:31. Masters Eric Ashton 35:53, Eddie Posey 36:07, Orinthal Striggles 36:45. Grandmasters Dennis Funk 41:20, George Sykes 44:37, Jerry Hutto 47:42. 11-14 Isaih Hackett 54:09, Zackary Carver 1:30:03. 15-19 Zane Whitten 57:32, Jacob Weaver 1:01:23. 20-24 Joseph McMahon 41:14, Nicholas Haddan 49:14, Axel Hetz 53:40. 25-29 Bretty Morley 32:19, Andrew Baker 35:57, Yannick Fischbach 37:44. 30-34 Francis Kamiri 31:04, Ricky Flynn 31:58, Phil Gregory 41:13. 35-39 Jeffrey Carroll 45:35, Rudolph Rudder 48:40, Jared Bears 50:57. 40-44 Fernando Gallardo 41:36, Billy Harton 44:11, Hasai Morales 46:27. 4549 Billy Hughes 46:26, Christopher Luplow 47:10, Marty Hallman 53:46. 50-54 - Dan Johnson 48:24, David Pressley 53:10, Watson McBride 55:04. 55-59 Wayne Doerksen 47:54, Rick Keizer 49:48, Edgardo Rodriguez 52:26. 60-64 Joey Anderson 48:58, Ted Rust 52:28, Victor Levy 55:59. 65-69 William Davis 1:12:59. 70-74 Michale Kasha 57:59, Terry Reeves 1:00:55, Darell Davis 1:06:36. 75-over William Beckwith 1:36:06. Female, 10K: Overall Eglay Nalyanya 35:18, Nicole Dimercurio 36:14, Purity Munene 37:47. Masters Karen Becker 42:55, Kellie Eaves 44:59, Deborah Flynn 48:17.

Start of the 5K Grandmasters Christine Kitzler 49:11, Gail Audet 53:30, Christine Prado 55:20. 10-under Abigail Marie McCallister 1:51:15, Erin Carver 1:52:38. 11-14 Erika Carver 1:33:46. 20-24 Mary Taylor 48:10, Erin Reid 55:41, Andrea McConnell 54:52. 25-29 Kennedi Kimbrell 51:54, Andrea McCracken 55:30, Jen Bossi 56:09. 30-34 Katie Chastain 58:15, MaryCeleste Schreuder 1:00:51, Lisa Taylor 1:01:30. 35-39 Shawanna White 38:37, Reagan Smith 48:17, Ashley Stone 51:54. 40-44 Darlene Rodillo 55:04, Chris Honeycutt 1:00:01, Kristen Lazarus 1:00:24. 45-49 Rhonda Whitten 59:30, Michelle Burdette 1:00:27, Sherri Hughey 1:03:42.50-54 Tamara Hemingway 1:01:01, Jeannie Craig 1:04:07, Susan McGraw 1:04:51. 5559 Shirley Smith 59:01, Lynne Ciufo 1:06:59, Lisa Wiles 1:07:17. 60-64 Sylvia Bailey 1:04:00, Martha Hutto 1:27:27. 65-69 Barbara Tidwell 1:28:33. 75over Joyce Hodges-Hite 1:38:05. Male, 5K: Overall Panuel Mkungo 14:25, Geofry Ngetich 14:29, Cyrus Korir 14:40. Masters Frankie Adkins 16:25, Eric Ashton 16:38, Orinthal Striggles 17:10. Grandmasters Dennis Funk 19:32, Tim Stewart 20:05, Danny West 20:36. 10-under Luke Hengy 25:23, Carl Hengy 25:33, Owen Hilliard 26:42.11-14 Jesse Sauve 20:46, Rocco Barbusca 21:05, Eliot Hengy 21:40. 15-19 Will Bearden 18:10, Jacob Lewis 18:29, Blake Dickerson 19:39. 20-24 Glen Burkhardt 15:42, Michael Darazi 17:16, Matthew Case 17:49. 25-29 Brett Morley 15:32, Andrew Baker 16:56, Yannick Fischbach 17:43. 30-34 Ricky Flynn 15:12, David Jourden 21:53, Dylan Jordan 23:32. 35-39 Ryan Carroll 20:35, Rudolph Rudder 22:09, Doug Thompson 22:29. 40-44 Fernando Gallardo 18:34, Kyle Ryberg 21:44, Michael Gowarn 24:51. 45-49 Eddie Posey 17:26, Roberto Lomeli 22:04, Stacy Kelley 24:22. 50-54 Gregg Seymour 21:41, Tim Borsum 23:53, David Strathern 24:06. 55-59 Allen Guest 23:02, Gary Bruhjell 23:14, Martin Williams 23:41. 60-64 Tom Wild 21:29, John Turner 23:55, Russell Hall 24:35. 65-69 Richard Dobbins 25:01, Waymon Ricky Barnes 26:36, Tommy Walls 30:42. 70-74 Vaughn Dagenhart 31:35, Stephen Wolken 32:37, Louis Rittweger 36:26. 75-over Jim Wilson 39:07, Terry Whitten 41:06, Doug Douglas 43:46. Female, 5K: Overall Eglay Nlyanya 16:32, Purity Munene 17:43, Shawanna White 18:15. Masters Deborah Flynn 22:57, Christine Kitzler 23:06, Susan Rogers 23:15. Grandmasters Judy Walls 24:01, Sharon Cowart 27:28, Yannick Fischbach Susan West 27:53. 10-under Ellie Moorhead 29:38, Sharada Gowda 29:56, Emline Hughes 32:48. 11-14 Kaylee Potts 20:55, Allison McCauley 22:32, Avery Nelms 25:15. 15-19 Madison Crumley 19:28, Morgan Roberts 19:50, Addison Berry 23:07. 20-24 Alexis Hartman 23:08, Daniela Warner 29:39, Kandice Hooper 30:53. 25-29 Andrea McCracken 22:10, Rachel Gibson 26:56, Emily Wentzky 27:30. 30-34 Beth Goldie 23:01, Jeanne McDonald 26:14, Kelly Mullikin 26:17. 35-39 Allison Adams 21:21, Heather Cartee 25:21, Melissa Haynie 26:10. 40-44 Sarah Ryberg 24:26, Kerri Kwist 25:24, Cynthia Camp 25:24. 45-49 Tammy Wright 25:27, Larissa Delo 25:56, Jennifer Huber 28:46. 50-54 Patty Slaughter 29:19, Bobbie Hall 32:01, Valerie Garrison 34:27. 55-59 Elaine Garrett 27:58, Shirley Smith 28:03, Bonnie Milks 32:04. 60-64 Cookie Jones 33:39, Susan Richardson 38:53, Jean Leard 43:20. 65-69 Jonniw Yarbray Murphy 35:55, Deborah Gentry 38:53, Barbara Couture 39:15. 70-74 Janet Kawa 32:08, Priscilla Whitten 49:49, Anna Webb 50:42. 75-over Mary Brassard 38:30, Sylvene Martin 47:06. Male, one mile - Fernando Gallardo 5:08. Female, one mile - Andrea McCracken 5:54.


Running Journal • October, 2017


totality, and many visitors came to Town to view the eclipse at the Park two days after the race. Other features have grown to include a band playing music after the race on the stage at the Park and plentiful food at the finish line, as well as a free pint of beer from the local Ugly Dog Public House. It is attention to small details like these that race organizers feel makes for a good road race. Most runners have encountered the frustration of delayed or inaccurate results, volunteers sending runners off-course, or not enough food or drink at the finish line. If the race is well-organizers, runners will return and spread the word. Highlands has been a resort community since its founding in 1875 by Samuel Kelsey and Clinton Hutchinson (thus the name Kelsey-Hutchinson Park) who, legend has it, drew lines on a map from Chicago to Savannah and from New Orleans to New York City. At the point of intersection lies the plateau they named Highlands, 4118 feet above sea level, and soon attracting summer visitors escaping heat and mosquitoes. Over the years it has become a popular tourist and second-home destination, not only for active lifestyles taking advantage of hiking and golf, but also for some of the finest dining and lodging in the South. It is especially a haven for runners escaping the heat and humidity of the south. With the continuing success of the Twilight 5-K, it is hoped that it will become a premium running destination in the area. Eli Costa (18:28.49) and Amy Passauer (21:43.89) were overall winners. Complete results: Race Website: Male, Overall – Eli Costa 18:28. Masters – Gary Ball 19:39. Grandmasters – Tay Bronaugh 21:32. Senior Grandmasters – Brian McClellan 23:06. 4-under – Will Waters 43:45. 5-9 – Rainier Finley 26:32, Peter Colwell 30:33, Jaden McKibben 30:44. 1014 – Luke Parrish 20:41, Dillon Schmitt 22:21, Justice Jacquot 22:28. 15-19 – Jake Newman 21:32, Matt Campell 21;42, Destin Gearhart 22;003. 20-24 – Davis Moore 18:40, Rob Whittle 21:29, Justin Muklewicz 21;52. 25-29 – Will Mathiowdis 21:02, Brian Elmore 22:31, Daniel McCarty 24:05. 30-34 – Jonathan Phillips 21:12, Jonathan Lathem 24:29, Aaron Vandermeulen 26:17. 35-39 – Canty Worley 19:39, Matthew Sammons 21;06, Jacob Whitlow 23:12. 40-44 – Lochlann Boyle 20:00, Chris Hamor 20:27, Ryan McKibben 21;38. 4549 – John Glover 21;40, David Beeland 24:00, Curtis Gunn 24:37. 50-54 – Allen Jones 25:20, Jerry Moore 26:23, Chan Caudell 26:58. 55-59 – Jerry Mattox 22:45, Ricky Hayes 25:32, Chip Baggett 26;08. 60-64 – Jake Renfroe 24:18, Joseph Nuzzaco 24:40, Andrew Chmar 26:28. 65-69 – Ernie McKee 25:42, Michael Hufler 28:57, Richard Betz 31:37. 70-74 – Richard Keogh 31:30, Ricky Siegel 36;03, Skip Randolph 45:55. 75-79 – Donald Snowsen 30:38, Fred Motz 32:21, Garth

more results at Barrows 38:46. 80-84 – Jim Askew 29:46, Boyer Royal 1;09:58. 85-over – Luther Turner 53:20. Female, Overall – Amy Passauer 21:43. Masters – Rachel Dyer 23:53. Grandmasters – Robin Tanner 25:33. Senior Grandmasters – Vicki Heller 29:34. 4-under – Currin Hudson 45:06, Ivy Dale 55:37, Zoey Hannan 1:06:06. 5-9 – Claire Worley 27:36, Nicole Taylor 27:37, Kate Mirgorod 31:50. 10-14 – Ellie Spears 25:21, Mackenzie Hicks 26:06, Anne-Marie Moore 27:11. 15-19 – Kate Massey 23:17, Charlotte Spears 23:54, Julia Egler 24:54. 20-24 – Caroline Jane Heys 23:14, Chimzy Dorey 27:20, Chelsea Pittman 27:54. 2529 – Megan Lucas 27:58, Creeden Kowal 29:22, Jodie Waldroup 31:55. 30-34 – Elba Mendieta 24:16, Addie Liening 26:30, Nancy Farmer 31;08. 35-39 – Jenny Coneff 26:10, Carolyn Morrisroe 26:41, Ester Gooch 29:28. 40-44 – Sonya Carpenter 26:33, Linds Gearhart 27:20, Tammy Mottox 30:36. 45-49 – Kay Moore 28:42, Sherri Miller 28:50, Dawn Sanborn 30:14 50-54 Jennifer Mirgorod 29:22, Eileen Carrier 29:33, Bevie Smith 30:05. 55-59 – Lee Bailey 26:55, Charla Green 29:47, Leda Newman 31:43. 60-64 – Amy Cooper 35:28, Karen Hawk 36:28, Gail Detraz 39:59. 65-69 – Linda Lauch 32:47, Bobbie McDonald 37:09, Carole Waldron 39:36. 70-74– Brenda Cooter 36:02, Carol Misner 47:26, Elizabeth Hankey 53:56. 75-79 – Glenda Bell 37:21, Ann Turner 1;03:59. 80-84 – Ann Cabaniss 49:43.

SOUTH CAROLINA Springdale 5K at Sunrise Camden, SC – 8/19 Male, Overall – Ryan Plexico 17:27, Samuel Messinides 18:15, Garrett Lawson 18:21. Masters – Alex McDonald 19:41, Whitney Keen 20:11, Mark Bedenbaugh 20:53. 10-under – Edwards Graham 30:32, David Sloan 34:38. 11-14 – Daniel Clyburn 35:01, Will Bryant 35:28. 15-19 – Parker Roof 19:07, Grant Maree 20:22, Ryan Robles 22:14. 20-24 – Trevor Whitehurst 32:04, Zach Thornall 54:45, Brittany Sullivan 55:24. 25-29 – Brent Keller 24:32, Kirt Neipp 29:05, Scott Morris 30:24. 3034 – Justin Jones 18:35, Kevin Hlder 21:43, Michael Wright 22:44. 35-39 – Jeffrey Graham 33:00, Brian Cavanna 48:16, Paul Sloan 49:38. 40-44 – Cliff McKittrick 22:06, W. Ford Graham 22:51, Mac McCallum 23:38. 45-49 – Doug Fielding 25:25, Doug Koeppen 27:15, James Ivy 58:57. 50-54 – Roy Fakoury 23:17, Joe Roof 23:57, Joel Dale 25:16. 55-59 – Jim Williams 24:42, Bill Huey 35:52, Rick Massio 36:47. 60-64 – Phil Elliott 31:49, Brad Branham 53:18, Carl Bradley 1:02:21. 65-69 – Mark McKinney 25:35, Allan Catoe 29:28, Hans Hansen 45:44. 70-over – Arnold Floyd 28:00, Donald Mathis 31:02, Kenyon Furlong 33:23. Female, Overall – Heather Costello 21:15, Julia Keen 22:25, Martie Gail McCallum 23:12. Masters – Diana Gillam 23:50, Lisa Huggins 27:04, Kara Clyburn 27:32. 10-under – Bailey Graham 33:00, Evelyn Cavanna 48:16, Cecelia Sloan 49:38. 11-14 – McKenzie Taylor 30:53, Grace Glascock 57:17. 15-19 – Kirsten Dale 27:14, Kasie Self 55:22, Carmen Tamayo 59:37. 20-24 – Haley Williams 30:10, Jordan Simes 48:22, Olivia Biddle 56:04. 25-29 – Megan Hanna 26:56, April Ferrall 29:04, Tiffany Fraley 33:41. 30-34 – Stefanie Charron 33:08, Sarah Floyud 43:13, Jessica Shipman 43:38. 3539 – Shelly Sloann 23:33, Sara Graham 31:03, Katharine Spadacenta 31:49. 40-44 – Betsy Long 28:47, Darci Marteeny 31:21, Paige Moore 33:12. 45-49 – Marianne Esparza 27:42, April McKay 28:15, Dalys Johnson 30:18. 50-54 - Torill Nelson 30:17, Lee DepretBixio 32:35, Annette Little 34:37. 55-59 – Darlene McKinney 36:49, Bettie Douglas 51:15, Deloris Harris 55:48. 60-64 – Linda Graham 28:08, Lynda Browning 34:17, Rosemary Gaul 49:10. 65-69 – Carolyn Drake 34:53, Brigitte Smitch 36:37, Flossie Stuckey 55:52.

Children’s Recovery Center 5K Murrells Inlet, SC – 8/26 Male, Overall – Robert Bluffton 18:26, Rion Keesec 18:33, Patrick Lanford 18:58. Masters – Brian Scully 21:22. 14-under – John Junkins 22:05, Jacob Schoen 5:28, Dylan Donohue 26:23. 15-19 – Jackson Junkins 20:27, Max Poole 20:46, Weston Stokes 20:51. 20-24 – Jaz Greene 22:49, Daniel Panetti 27:53. 25-29 – Jason McCormack 19:13, Petar Moskov 25:17, Joe Dismukes 25:42. 30-34 – Raymond Reiser 22:13, Matthew Powers 31:57, William Gainey 52:44. 35-39 – Scott Recupeco 21:51, Bobby Edwards 23:48, Ian Guerin 24:02. 40-44 – Mark Wierzbicki 22:58, Ray Smith 24:47, Brian Johnson 29:06. 45-49 –- John Wayda 23:03, Kevin Pontiff 23:51, Steve Allison 25:18. 50-54 – Lou Nordeen 23:05, Chris Fischer 23:20, John Thomas 31:31. 55-59 – Mike McGehean 22:33, Franklin Smith 26:19, Jim Adams 40:44. 60-64 – Curtis Lucas 25:50, Gary Golembiewski 35:28, Mark Falk 52:42 65-69 – Steve Plimmer 27:11, Harvey Crouch 29:55.70-over – Bill King 31:29, Tucker Lake 33:29, George Hagan 35:03. Female, Overall – Annabelle Scully 20:12, Donna Anderson 20:16, Ella Fata 21:08. Masters – Kara Stovall 23:58. 14-under – Alice Francke 22:42, Anna Loftus 24:31, Jade Caywood 24:39. 15-19 – Briley Arnold 22:30, Smaantha Lauey 23:57, Rylee Allison 24:28. 20-24 – Chelsea Thomas 31:31, Kayla Jordan 35:14, Chloe Spitzer 35:44. 25-29 – Ali Tobin 27:47, Rachel Ammon 28:14, Hannah Owens 30:13. 30-34 – Deanna Maltello 23:14, Raquel Neto 24:20, Kelsey Nichols 28:42. 35-39 – Jennifer Copplola 25:23, Maggie Caywood 27:03, Betsy Colacicco 33:05. 40-44 – Kerri Oxendine 26:17, Tonya Allison 26:38, Michelle Christenson 28:10. 45-49 – Rene Pulley 25:15, Whitney Lewis 31:55, Kristen Owens 31:59. 50-54 – Mary Spickler 37:38, Mary Ellen Walter 37:51, Kim Fowler 38:44. 55-59 – Michelle Richardson 29:19, Nancy Tobin 33:06, Helene Gerrald 33:34. 60-64 – Linda Crouch 37:16, Linda Nichols 48:37. 65-69 – Cynthia Eskra 45:24, Brenda Jenerette 52:27, Carolyn Ballington 52:27.

Labor Day Run 5 miles Columbia, SC – 9/4

Start of the Highlands Twilight 5K. Photo by Brian O'Shea, The Highlander newspaper

Male, Overall – Steve Rivard 28:40, Sean Marden 29:49, Billy Grimes 29:57. Masters – Larry Jourdain 31:38. 10-under – Gabriel Barahona 48:56. 15-19 – Isaac Homer 31:33, Jacob Wright 52:13. 20-24 – Ian Loughlin 54:51. 25-29 – Derek Hutton 30:57, McCray Weeks 32:59, Jeff Colfer 33:11. 30-34 – Joseph Kiprotich 31:39, Matt Gregory 33:59, Trey Webster 35:00. 35-39 – Joshua Taylor 35:25, James Hicks 38:03, Omar

Armstrong 38:12. 40-44 – Alex McDonald 32:22, Michael Nance 37:02, Stephen Sansbury 37:25. 45-49 – Johnathan Kirkwood 34:42, Scott Fleischer 36:47, Michael Jensen 39:02. 50-54 – Brad Marlow 32:47, Kevin Potts 37:23, Phil Togneri 37:28. 55-59 – Mario Alvarez 35:56, Tug Quarles 38:45, Jim Williams 39:15. 60-64 – Robert Wright 42:35, John Matheny 44:22, Paul Brujns 44:38. 65-69 – Danny West 33:44, Alex Ponomarev 45:37, Robert Paratore 46:11. 70-74 – Arnold Floyd 45:22, Peter Mugglestone 48:58, Rich Weaver 58:48. 70-over – Laurence Penrose 45:46, Henry Holt 50:29, Jesse Smarr 1:05:28. Female, Overall – Erin Miller 31:54, Ashlee Sears 33:42, Jeri Nipes 33:46. Masters – Linn Hall 33:57. 11-14 – Zoe Barilla 43:36. 15-19 – Maegan Togneri 55:57. 20-24 – Ashle Braun 45:51, Stefanie Brock 1:22:52. 25-29 – Kristen McLaurin 40:57, Kathryn Capogrossi 41:53, Natalie Kerns 42:54. 30-34 – Jennifer Kryzanowski 34:56, Jennifer Lybrand 38:41, Lindsey McCallister 41:00. 35-39 – Mackenzie Collier 40:40, Pamela Knapp 41:6, Kim Hills 42:01. 40-44 – Michele Parnell 38:04, Sherri Mims 40:08, Katie Blocker 43:09. 45-49 – Marchelle Gouvin 45:38, Sara Wilcox 47:38, Gretchen Lambert 48:36. 50-54 – Marycatherine Smith 50:33, Monica Wright 52:09, Susan Weaver 52:59. 55-59 – Penny Hoey 41:04, Jeanette Pine 58:05, Colette Callender 58:53. 60-64 – Alsena Edwards 42:52, Susan West 45:40, Marie Queen 49:27. 65-69 – Lynn Grimes 43:07, Brigitte Smith 59:10. – Strictly Running

TENNESSEE Pigeon Forge Midnight 8K Pigeon Forge, TN – 8/4 Male, Overall – Patrick Cheptoek 23:55, Francis Kamiri 24:17, Joseph Mullen 24:41. Masters – Orintha Striggles 28:00. Grandmasters – Brent Bueche 29:32. Push Rim – Jose Pulido 18:22, Matthew Porterfield 21:15, Matt Davis 22:21. 14-under – Alex Ogle 30:45, Caleb Ogle 32:21, Trace Butler 37:35. 15-19 – Emerson Fulton 29:57, Jared Tinker 29:57, Trenton Butler 30:40. 20-24 – Lachlan Dickie 26:21, Eric Nelius 26:46, Landon Bond 27:17. 2529 – Harrison Kirigwi 26:01, Ryan Courtoy 27:23, Travis Wilson 28:16. 30-34 – Ethan Coffey 25:11, Chonci Houston 30:26, Brandon Kibert 30:55. 35-39 – Alan Horton 26:53, Jason Bailey 32:22, Adam Harrington 33:01 40-44 – Jose Salas 29:36, Adam Sullivan 32:53, Rob Ehret 33:46. 45-49 – Matt Stegall 30:06, Paul Horton 30:40, Brian Huskey 31:39. 50-54 – David Hinkle 32:32, Jeff Whitaker 32:57, Timothy Rutherford 33:59. 55-59 – Kevin Lounsbury 33:04 David Price 35:04, Ken Shelton 36:38. 60-64 – Mark Nipper 40:07 Greg Donahue 40:33, Phil Barber 40:40. 65-69 – Edward Hill 45:18, Bill Varney 46:40, Alan Beddingfield 49:10. 70-74 – Les MacDiarmid 42:08, Leeroy Hurst 46:51, Lex Alperin 56:36. 75-79 – Chuck Schultz 42:26. 80-84 – Tom Parker 48:20, Charley Denney 51:58. Clydesdale – Luke Pfleger 32:36. Female, Overall – Gladys David 28:09, Gina Rouse 28:11, Shawanna White 29:14. Masters – Stacy Clower 33:42. Grandmasters – Constance Dickey 33:43. Senior Grandmasters – Becky Tener 43:09. 14-under – Macy Caldwell 33:15, Amanda Stiles 47:04, Hannah Byrd 1:03:07. 15-19 – Bailey Mullett 34:49, Jessica Lord 35:05, Annalise Hicks 36:01. 20-24 – Evan Adams 30:28, Robyn Collette 39:26, Haley Retterer 40:29. 25-29 – Tesha Haggard 34:11, Rebecca Dotson 40:58, Lauren McKinney 43:39. 30-34 – Purity Munene 29:58, Alicia Teubert 32:23, Elizabeth Whelpley 33:35. 35-39 – Jenny Vance 31:19, Michelle Horton 34:19, Hope Ross 43:46. 40-44 – Andee Swann 34:32,



Kristen Mullett 35:15, Jennifer Pressley 37:22. 45-49 – Valerie Bachmann 35:49, Megan Kenner 39:59, Susan Nelson 41:53. 50-54 – Nancy Moore 42:11, Cecilia Stewart 45:12, Kelly Davis 45:53. 55-59 – Jennifer Moore 43:22, Kris Corbitt 44:25, Lynn Patterson 45:42. 60-64 – Susan Rothchild 43:53, Leann Adkins 58:30, Charlotte Tallent 1:13:14. 65-69 – Wanda Kenney 47:19, Melinda Waddell 56:07, Elnora Thompson 59:15. Athena – Leah Meadows 42:00.

Greene County YMCA 5K Greeneville, TN – 8/19 Male, Overall – David Scott 19:56. Masters – Robert Bradley 21:11. Grandmasters – Clyde Kidd 23:10. Senior Grandmasters – Bob Hardin 27:50. 11-under – Garrett Doyle 27:04, Dean Howell 32:50. 12-15 – Alexander Leblane 26:18, Sam Woods 33:00. 16-19 – Benjamin Carpenter 23:55, Jacob Grabner 25:38. 20-24 – Andy Starnes 21;30, Carson Kenney 25:02, Jose Rosales 25:49. 35-39 – Scott Jaynes 23:02, Christian Bullock 27:42, Andy Waddell 31:58. 40-44 – Bart Hartsell 24;05, Mike Lundy 47:49. 45-49 – Will Runion 21:41, Nathan Keys 25:14, Scott Ball 28:23.5054 – Lee Williams 24:23, Randy Bowers 38:21. 55-59 – Mark Patterson 24;05, Arthur Ricker 25:21. 60-64 – Michael Lovelace 29:18, Moe Brown 32:49. 65-69 – Larry Harris 27:54, Noah Roark 34:34. 70-79 – Leeroy Hurst 30:07, Bryan Homer 34:57, Jerry Kische 36:10. Female, Overall – Karen Seiferth 24:07. Masters – Amy Bradley 24:10. Grandmasters – Janette Adams Erchinger 25:50. Senior Grandmasters – Patti Turpin 30:18. 11-under – Cora Bradley 26:11, Brynn Ferguson 27:07, Callie Bradley 30:19. 12-15 – Madeleine Bradley 24:21, Bonnie Bradley 25:51, Dalaine Matin 27:49. 1619 – Amee Hankins 37:41, Kelsey Gaby 37:41. 20-24 – Kansas Foster 30:51, Emily Couch 42:20, Mollie Bowers 42:35. 25-29 – Beth Anne Collins 28:54, Denise Wilson 42:13. 30-34 – Meredith Shrader 36:11, Melissa Lamb 37:38, Jennifer Waddell 56:47. 35-39 – Candy Allen 29:31, Kristin Girton 33:26, Jennifer Lashlee 35:07.. 4044 – Laura Lenker 27:30, Jan Matthews 29:03, Brenda Litchfield 31:44. 45-49 – Sheri Whitfield 26:28, Deanna Martin 40:38, Tammy Seabolt 42:29. 50-54 – Anita Conner 26:10, Dorothy Keys 26:53, Donna Ricker 35:40. 55-59 – Mary Rodriguez 30:45, Jeanine Franklin 42;29, Terri Hensley 47:52. 60-64 – Beth Hembree 36:09. 6569 – Barbara Sauceman 35:46, Dianna Shiley 47:46. 70-79 - Lana Butler 33:10, Barbara Taylor 41:29, Barbara Bogart 42:56. 80-over – Ruth Ketron 41:50, Mary Snowden 53:55, Eleanor Pendergraft 53:58. – Bob Townsend

VIRGINIA Transitions 5K Hampton, VA – 8/12 Male, Overall – Derrick Dixon 18:41, Craig Basel 19:10, Russell Gray 26:30. 14-under – Quinlan Carroll 33:21. 20-24 – Patrick Olson 28:05. 30-34 – Christopher Scolari 39:34. 35-39 – Erich Schwarz 30:12, Uri Cooper 48:34. 40-44 – Larry McKenzie 30:51, Statonm Richie 41:12, John Stover 44:11. 45-49 – Paul Clark 32:58, John Carroll 33:23. 50-54 – Thurman Radcliff 28:49, Ricky Volker 37:09. 60-64 – Eugene Thies 32:44. 65-over – George Fenigsohn 31:19, Joseph Plinski 31:41, Charles Terrell 35:03. Female, Overall – Emily Honeycutt 21:2, Karen Sano 22:49, Joni Baker 25:39.

more results at 14-under – Theresa McKenzie 32:24. 20-24 – Michaela Tonolli 26:55. 25-29 – Meghan Olson 25:51. 30-34 – Sanu Dieng 48:35, Melissa Thies 58:57. 35-39 – Diana Tyler 35:18, Jennifer Fitzpatrick 37:09, Rhoda Carroll 37:24. 40-44 – Toni Colton 27:20, Kelly McKenzie 37:17. 45-49 – Wynn Carol 41:11. 50-54 – Carol Bartram 28:17, Maria Peters 28:21. 55-59 –Thea Ganoe 29:01. 60-64 – Susan Thies 58:45. 65-over – Anne Graber 43:44. – Bruce Davis

Smart Smiles 5K Newport News, VA – 8/19 Male, Overall – Clint Gault 16:41, Victor Fleming 16:54, Willie Hinton 18:25. 11-under – Mason Griffin 28:22, Jack Gorton 29:29, Everett Highsmith 48:02. 12-14 – Luke Gere 25:40. 1519 – Colton Ferguson 18:43, Abdiel Maldonado 19:56, Tim Hoffstaetter 20:04. 20-24 – Nick Padavana 21:30, Kamron Dixon 21:41, Felix Villalobos 29:16. 25-29 – Paul Rodriguez 24:33, Levi Cull 25:04, Curtis Blauch 30:17. 30-34 – Ryan Doupe 19:16, Jim Highsmith 20:02, James Ramey 22:08. 35-39 – Derrick Dixon 18:48, Ed Rietscha 18:55, Stephen Miller 22:43. 40-44 – Christopher Laws 22:42, Larry McKenzie 26:54, Bart Debellis 50:46. 45-49 – Matthew Hoffman 24:00, Jeffrey Houch 24:32, Jamie Garrett 32:59. 50-54 – John Scott 20:36, John Poffenbarger 23:38, Kevin Smith 26:42. 55-59 – Alan Van Zandt 21:51, Terry Imbery 22:51, Mike Thomas 29:01. 60-64 – Wayne Williams 28:31, Anthony McCann 35:40, Eugene Thies 51:30. 6569 – Edgar Rangel 28:46, Andrew Medvec 29:40, George Fenigsohn 30:56. 70-79 – Larry Arata 27:38, Randy Hawthorne 31:10, Joseph Polinski 32:22. 80over – PJ Mendola 52:06. Female, Overall – Jennifer Anderson 20:46, Emily Honeycutt 21:17, Libby Miles 21:28. 11-under – Parker Anderson 35:55, Gavin Thurston 53:45, Natalie Oltrarender 1:04:07. 15-19 – Gabrielle Poffenbarger 25:39, Sophie Gere 32:00. 20-24 – Jen Duvall 33:08, Alanah Soper 33:49, Hannah Starkey 39:22. 25-29 – Karyn Spies 26:39, Heather Franz 27:13, Lindsey Harrell 27:14. 30-34 – Sheila Scotti 25:20, Angela Weatherhead 26:14, Amanda Phaup 27:02. 3539 – Delight Merrill 26:31, Jennifer Little 26:39, Amanda Collier 27:24. 40-44 – Susan Hagel 24:39, Carla Griffin 27:37, Rebecca Sweatt 32:48. 45-49 – Maria RamirezGorton 26:58, Amy Clayton 28:37, Alyson Kast 30:59. 50-54 – Valor Foy Jones 25:48, Christine Schaffner 25:49, Maria Peters 29:00. 55-59 Patricia Wiedemann 29:44, Christine Williams 34:00,, Minnie Smith 39:37. 60-64 – Helen Worthington 26:00, Susan Lindemann 26:55, Kathy Gallo 32:24. 65-69 – Dottie Humphreys 31:01, Cindy Balfour 35:24, Karen Nicoletti 57:19. 7079 – Ann Hirn 35:07, Sharon Paulson 42:26. – Bruce Davis

H20 Water of Life Ministries 5K Petersburg, VA – 8/26 Male, Overall – Aaron Hill 17:05, Lawrence Pearson 18:56, Robert Dudley 20:51. Masters – Bobby Woodfin 22:58. 15-under – Dylan Galler 36:46, Kasey Galler 36:47, Amy Friday 39:10. 16-over – Dillon Britt 21:33, Tim Vass 2:51, Jason Bonnet 24:02. Female, Overall – Linda Gulick 26:27, Kelly Harris 29:28, Andrea Hess 30:15. Masters – Kareen Gregory 31:27. 15-under – Jazlyn Galler 36:45, Tyra Harrell 36:47, Melody Bryant 58:11. 16-over – Rachel Weaver 32:55, Natasha Bonnet 34:35, Lady Kim Harrell 37:15.

Running Journal • October, 2017 Eggleston Dominate at Rock ’n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon VIRGINIA BEACH – The number one on Jeffrey Eggleston’s race bib at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon on Sept. 2, was symbolic of the place he stood on the podium afterward: the top. The 32-year old blazed the scenic course along the Virginia Beach oceanfront in an incredible 1:05:55. Although warm temps were forecasted for Sunday’s race, the thermometer at the start read in the high 60s, which made for a great day of racing along one of the most appealing race courses in the United States. Eggleston, who has worn the Team USA singlet at two World Championships, is no stranger to winning Rock and Roll races. The Boulder, Colorado resident has won half marathons in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. He said he was running the Sunday race to prepare for the Chicago Marathon in October. “I had a pretty uneventful summer and this was actually my first race since the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon [in June, where he won]. I had a really busy spring and just took the time to recover this summer,” said Eggleston, who has raced in Virginia Beach three times “It’s really nice to be at sea level, because I had been training at 10,000 feet.” “I love coming to Virginia,” he said. “It’s where I went to college and it’s always fun to integrate into the community here. It’s just a great Labor Day tradition and it’s a real honor to be here.” Eggleston said that when he finished the race on the boardwalk, he saw several bottlenose dolphins in the ocean. “That’s the highlight of me coming here,” he said with a smile on his face. Local standout Will Christian of Norfolk, took second place with an impressive 1:09:24. Third place in the men’s half marathon division was awarded to Andris Goncarovs(1:10:56) of Greensboro, NC. The women’s race also went to the top-seeded runner, Mao Ichiyama, who clocked a 1:13:50. The Japanese runner’s nearest rival was Nicole Aish (1:19:47) of Colorado. Speaking through a translator, Ichiyama summed up her experience at the race in one word: fun. The 20-year-old who runs for the Wacoal team, who ran a personal best in Virginia Beach, went on to say that all the fun, music, and excitement along the course raised her mood and helped her run for the win. Stephanie Andre, of Oklahoma, placed third in 1:19:53. Andre ran the Labor Day race as an opportunity to visit the beach with her husband and seven-yearold son. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect this morning,” she said. “I knew it was a fast and flat course and I was going to be running with a lot of women. I was able to hold back in the first few miles and then locked in to a 6:05 pace.” Andre was happy with her results and said she notched a new PR for the distance. “This course with its boardwalk finish sure beats running in Oklahoma,” she said. “The crowds were great. There were a lot of spectators and cheerleaders and that helped pick me up.” A Virginia state half-marathon record was broken today by Betty Brothers, 71 with a time of 1:57:09. The Virginia native broke the previous Masters 40 & Older record of 1:57:24 set in 2013. An annual Labor Day weekend celebration, the Rock ‘n’ Roll party was going non-stop with a Health and Fitness expo on Friday, 5K and the “Mile in the Sand” held on Saturday. The event is held in conjunction with the American Music Festival, which has provided participants and their families with even more chances to listen to live music while soaking in the sun and playing in the surf. Taking place in the 5K on Saturday was Virginia Beach’s own mayor, Will Sessoms. “Virginia Beach is the greatest city in the world and one of the reasons is because of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon,” he said. “The weather is perfect; the scenery is perfect. You can’t have a better place for a race than here.” Nextd year’s 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon will take place on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1 -2, and presale registration is available online Results – Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon


Place, time, name, age, hometown Men 1. 1:05:55, Jeffrey Eggleston , 32, Boulder, CO 2. 1:09:24, Will Christian, 34, Norfolk, VA 3. 1:10:56, Andris Goncarovs, 25, Greensboro, NC Women 1. 1:13:50, Mao Ichiyama, 20, Japan 2. 1:19:47, Nicole Aish, 41, Golden, CO 3. 1:19:53, Stephanie Andre, 34, Bixby, OK For complete results, photos and more, visit

Overall winner Jeffrey Eggleston Photo by Kevin Morris

RUNNING PSYCHOLOGY CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 Running is not the same for you as it was 20 years ago. No matter what you think, your body has aged and your running has changed accordingly. But keep at it as long as you can because running still has a lot to offer. Obviously, adjust your goals. Maybe begin to focus more on the actual process of running and a little less on the results. Get more in touch with enjoying the actual run than using the run to attain some kind of future goal. Be more in the present with your running and less in the future. Of course those competitive juices may still flow and that's why age group competition becomes paramount. It might be emotionally risky to make performance comparisons with a 19 year old if you are 60. Look at overall performances as gravy. Above all, don't get frustrated that you can't run as fast as you did when you were 20. Things just take longer now. You're still a runner, just a different runner. Still dedicated, still talented, just more experienced and a bit more like the tortoise than the hare. So you can't run as fast or as much as you used to, but just maybe you can actually do less and enjoy it more! Flush those negative, frustrating thoughts about getting old and getting slow. Just keep at it! Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Science Department of Averett University and is an AASP Certified SportPsycology Consultant. He may be reached via e-mail at


Running Journal • October, 2017 Grand Prix 40 Standings

Below are the standings following the first race of the season, the Midnight Flight 10K. Double points will be awarded at the RocketCity Marathon and all half marathons count for 25 bonus points. Point totals can also be viewed at next Grand Prix Race is the Hero Half Marathon in Fayetteville, AR on Oct. 15. Male: Overall Cyrus Korir (NC) 100 Geofry Ngetich (NC) 90 Panuel Mkungo (NC) 85 Francis Kamiri (SC) 80 Ricky Flynn (SC) 75 Brett Morley (SC) 70 Eric Ashton (SC) 65 Andrew Baker (SC) 60 Eddie Posey (SC) 55 Orinthal Striggles (SC) 50 Syannick Fischbach (SC) 45 Phil Gregory (SC) 40 Joseph McMahon (TN) 35 Dennis Funk (SC) 30 Fernando Gallardo (SC) 25 Billy Harton (SC) 20 George Sykes (SC) 15 Jeffrey Carroll (SC) 10 Billy Hughes (SC) 5 Hasai Morales (SC) 5 Male: Masters Eric Ashton (SC)100 Eddie Posey (SC) 85 Orinthal Striggles (SC) 70 Fernando Gallardo (SC) 55 Billy Harton (SC) 40 Billy Hughes (SC) 30 Hasai Morales (SC) 20 Christopher Luplow (SC) 10 Male: Grandmasters Wayne Doerksen (SC) 100 Dan Johnson (SC) 85

Rick Keizer (SC) 70 Edgardo Rodriguez (SC) 55 David Pressley (SC) 40 Watson McBride (SC) 30 Keith Hunter (SC) 20 Judd Bailey (SC) 10 Male: Sr. Grandmasters Dennis Funk (SC) 100 George Sykes (SC) 85 Jerry Hutto (SC) 70 Joey Anderson (NC) 55 Ted Rust (NC) 40 Victor Levy (GA) 30 Harold Benton (GA) 20 Doug Booth (SC) 10 Male: Veterans Michael Kasha (SC) 100 Terry Reeves (SC) 85 Darrell Davis (SC) 70 William Beckwith (SC) 55 Dan Shoaf (SC) 40 Female: Overall Eglay Nalyanya (NC) 100 Nicole Dimercurio (NC) 90 Purity Munene (SC) 85 Shawanna White (SC) 80 Karen Becker (SC) 75 Kellie Eaves (SC) 70 Maly Taylor (SC) 65 Reagan Smith (SC) 60 Deborah Flynn (SC) 55 Christine Kitzler (SC) 50 Kennedi Kimbrell (SC) 45 Ashley Stone (SC) 40 Gail Audet (GA) 35 Erin Reid (SC) 30 Andrea McConnell (SC) 25 Madeline Helms (SC) 20 Darlene Rodillo (SC) 15 Christine Rodillo (SC) 10 Andrea McCracken (SC) 5 Jen Bossi (SC) 5 Female: Masters Karen Becker (SC) 100 Kellie Eaves (SC) 85 Darlene Rodillo (SC) 70 Rhonda Whitten (SC) 55 Chris Honeycutt (SC) 40 Kristen Lazarus (SC) 30 Michelle Burdett (SC) 20 Sherri Hughey (SC) 10 Female: Grandmasters Christine Kitzler (SC) 100 Christine Prado (SC) 85 Shirley Smith (SC) 70 Tamara Hemingway (SC) 55 Jeannie Craig (SC) 40 Susan McGraw (SC) 30 Lynne Ciufo (SC) 20 Lisa Wiles (SC) 10 Female: Sr. Grandmasters Deborah Flynn (SC) 100 Gail Audet (GA) 85 Sylvia Bailey (GA) 70 Martha Hutto (SC) 55 Barbara Tidwel (GA) 40 Female: Veterans Joyce Hodges-Hite (GA) 100

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“We Run The South” Running Journal Race Calendar Race Directors: Submit your calendar information anytime on our website - Runners: Please verify information before traveling to a race. Abbreviations: RD = race day, RW = racewalk, FR = fun run, P/M = postmarked, W/C = wheelchair.

ALABAMA Oct. 1, Mobile - Bras Across the Cause Way 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 5pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 7, Birmingham - Ruffner Mountain Crusher 42K & 21K, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (205)833-8264, Oct. 7, Florence - UNA Homecoming 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Gadsden - Gadsden Rock-n-Run 15K, 7am; 5K Walk/ Run, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Ozark - Claybank 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Susan Owens (334)618-5189, Oct. 7, Semmes - SMS My Color Run, 5K Run/Walk; 9am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 13, Eufaula - Appalachian Series Day 7 - AL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Enterprise - Heels of Hope 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Huntsville - Fleet Feet Monte Sano 15K & 1 Mile Kids FR, 7:30am. Info: Mike O’Melia (256)361-3633, Oct. 14, Mobile - Crazy Socks 5K Run/Walk & FR, 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 14, Orange Beach - Shrimp Festival 10K/5K Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Dothan - The Sandi McCool Champions of Hope, Half Marathon 7am; 5K & 10K, 8am; 1 Mile Spirit Walk, 8:05am. Info: SAMC Foundation (334)673-4150. Oct. 21, Homewood - Blazer Bolt for Brain Cancer 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Huntsville - Liz Hurley Ribbon Run 5K, 8am. Info: Suzanne Mohler (256)265-8077, Oct. 21, Montgomery - Betty Hall Breast Cancer Walk (Wolverine Nation), 5K 8:30am. Info: Bernita Patterson-Ryan or LaSonya Dale (334)269-3636, Oct. 21, Saraland - Harvest Festival Runs, 8K & 5K & Fun Run; 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 23, Huntsville - Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Run 5K, 3:30pm. Info: Oct. 28, Calera - Calera Eagle 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Calera High School (205)682-6100. Oct. 28, Daphne - Prodisee Pantry Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 28, Florence - The Life Without Limits Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info: Oct. 28, Huntsville - Spooktacular 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Huntsville - Sparkman High School Jr. Varsity Cheer 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Oct. 28, Mobile - Lead the Way 5K Run/Walk & FR; 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 28, Mobile - Ram Run, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 28, Mobile - Dog River Ghost Chase 5K Run/Walk & Goblin Gallop, 5pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Oct. 28, Oneonta - Covered Bridge Run, 10K & 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Phenix City - Track or Treat Chris Patterson Memorial 5K, 9:30am/est; Children’s FR, 9am/est. Info: Lise Patterson (334)807-1140, Oct. 28, Priceville - Book’N it for Priceville 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Birmingham - Vulcan Run 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Birmingham - Shelby Humane Society Paws for the Cause 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Dog Walk, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Huntsville - Huntsville Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Marty & Carol Eaton (256)882-3706, Nov. 4, Huntsville - Coco for Kids 10K, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Mobile - Wells Fargo Senior Bowl Charity Run 10K & 5K Run/Walk, 8am & 8:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 4, Valley - Running with the Band in Beulah Land, 10.16K 8am-CST/9am-EST; 5K 10am-CST/11am-EST; 1 Mile 11am-CST/ 12pm-EST. Info: Roger Keel (334)524-2884, Nov. 9, Mobile - Christmas Nights of Lights 5K & Fun Run, 6pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 11, Daphne - Fit for Duty 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 11, Pelham - Moonlight Bootlegger 5K, 5:15pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903,

Nov. 12, Spanish Fort (Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay) - Battleship 12K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Athens - Rivalry Run 5K, 8am. Info: Alisha Cannon (256)777-9501, Nikki Bennett (256)278-6403, Nov. 18, Chelsea - St. Catherine’s Turkey Trot for Hunger 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR; 8:30am. Info: Eric Mancil (205)618-8367, Nov. 18, Creola - Turkey 10 Miler, 10K & 5K Run/Walk; 8:30am. Info Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Nov. 18, Huntsville - UCP Krispy Kreme Challenge, 8am. Info: Tracy Cieniewicz (256)859-4900,

Nov. 19, Birmingham - Magic City Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8:45am; Expo & Packet Pickup at Regions Field 10am-5pm (11/18); Race Day Registration from 6am-7:30am at Regions Field. Info: Jeremey Davis (864)420-5169,, See Ad page 8. Nov. 19, Mobile - Thanks for Giving 2 Mile Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 23, Huntsville - Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Mobile - Turkey Trot for Hope 5K, 8am; Gobble Wobble Fun Run, 9am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, Nov. 25, Orange Beach - Kaiser Realty By Wyndham Vacation Rentals Coastal Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8:25am. Info: Nov. 26, Huntsville - Hobbs Island 10K Race, 8am. Info: Martin Schneekloth (256)655-5535, Nov. 27, Huntsville - Galaxy of Lights 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Dec. 2, Huntsville - Ho, Ho, Ho...Get Up & Go 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Pelham - Blood Rock 50K & 25K, 7am. Info: Dec. 3, Huntsville - Mistletoe Madness 5K Run/Walk, 2:30pm; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 3pm. Info: Rhonda McDavid (205)222-2477, Dec. 9, Birmingham - Jingle Bell Run 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 10am; Santa Chase, 10:25am. Info: Kayla Smeraglia (205)314-8440, Dec. 9-10, Birmingham - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info:

Dec. 9, Huntsville - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; $90 postmarked thru Sept.; $100 thereafter or (online only through 12/1). Info: Dink & Suzanne Taylor (256)650-7063,, See Ad page 28. Dec. 9, Point Clear - Holiday Half Marathon & 8K, 8:30am. Info Port City Pacers (251)473-7223. Dec. 16, Birmingham - Meadow Brook Runs, 5K 9am; 1 Mile FR 10am. Info: Bob Cosby (205)991-6054, Dec. 16, Dothan - Running Highland Oaks Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Eddie Mason (256)335-6793, Dec. 16, Huntsville - Rudolph Run 5K, 8am. Info: Jan. 14, Mobile - Servis1st Bank First Light Marathon, Half Marathon & 5-Person Relay, 7:30am; LifeSouth Kids Marathon & 1.2 Mile Fun Run, 2pm. Info: Marty O’Malley (251)438-2094,,

March 3, Birmingham - 3rd Annual Birmingham Wine 10K presented by Lemak Health, 8am; $40 by 9/1; Running Journal Grand Prix Event. Info:

ARKANSAS Oct. 7, Benton - Panther 5K, 8am. Info: (501)607-3678, Oct. 7, Benton - Birch Tree 5K, 8am. Info: (501)681-7202, Oct. 7, Benton - Hudson’s Monster of a 5K, 5pm. Info: (501)5748914, Oct. 7, Heber Springs - Paws at the Beach 5K & 1K, 8am. Info: (501)250-4427, Oct. 7, Helena - Flour Power Run in Memory of Kenneth Freemyer, 5K 7:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Jonesboro - Hike for Hearing 5K, 9am. Info: (870)6350766, Oct. 7, Little Rock - Angel One 5K/10K, 8am. Info: (501)2309276 Oct. 7, Little Rock - Chills and Thrills 5K, 8am. Info: (501)6848006, Oct. 7, North Little Rock - Heroes Against Hunger 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 9am. Info: (901)274-2202, Oct. 7, Pine Bluff - A-State Steelers 5K, 7:30pm. Info: (870)8830901, Oct. 7, Springdale - Downtown Runaround 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 8:30am. Info: (479)725-4534, Oct. 7, Springdale - Purple for a Purpose 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (501)416-1452, Oct. 7, Van Buren - Sparks Stampede 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Mary Jo Brinkman (479)650-0509, Oct. 7, Wynne - Run 4 Their Life 5K, 8am. Info: Millie Lace (870)238-4329, Oct. 8, Arkadelphia - Walk a Mile In Our Shoes, 1 Mile 2pm. Info: (870)464-7415, Oct. 8, Fayetteville - Razorback Run 15K & 5K, 8am. Info: (479)530-8432, Oct. 8, Little Rock - Race 13.1 Little Rock Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Oct. 14, Booneville - Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Walk/Run. Info: (479)675-2666, Oct. 14, Cabot - FSM 5K, 9am. Info: (501)843-5291, Oct. 14, Clarksville - 5K Gumby Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (479)9797535, Oct. 14, Fayetteville - Lewis and Clark Ozark Adventure Race, 2 Mile & 7 Mile; 8:30am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Oct. 14, Fort Smith - Survivor’s Challenge 10K/5K, 8am. Info: Susan Steffens (479)424-1812,, Oct. 14, Jonesboro - Caring For Kidneys 5K, 8am. Info: (870)931-5400, Oct. 14, Little Rock - Race For The Cure 5K, 8am. Info: (501)202-4393, Oct. 15, Clarksville - Alumni and Friends 5K, 8am. Info: (479)979-1411,

Oct. 15, Fayetteville - Fayetteville Firefighters’ Hero Half Marathon, 8am; after 9/15 $75; Running Journal Grand Prix Event. Info: Melissa Caffrey, The Spark Foundation (479)387-7116, contact@myspark, www.herohalfmarathon. com Oct. 21, Conway - Soaring Wings of Conway Half Marathon, Relay & 10K; 7am. Info: Oct. 21, Lakeview - Big Bluff Challenge 10K & 5K, 9am. Info: (870)847-5129, Oct. 21, Malvern - Running For Cover 5K, 9am. Info: (479)5308432, Oct. 21, Texarkana - Race for the Cure 5K, 8am. Info: (903)4901786, Oct. 28, Batesville - Redemption 5K, 10am. Info: (870)2629849, Oct. 28, Clarksville - Ozark Highlands 5K, 8am. Info: (479)9798531, Oct. 28, Coal Hill - Goblin Gallop 5K, 6pm. Info: (479)497-1171, Oct. 28, Conway - Beauty and a Beast 5K/10K, 8am. Info: (501)777-5095, Oct. 28, Fort Smith - Spook’r 5K, 8am. Info: (479)806-3100, Oct. 28, Jacksonville - Here I Run 5K, 8am. Info: (501)9821333, Oct. 28, Little Rock - CHCA’s Spooktacular 5K, 9am. Info: (501)374-9734, Oct. 28, Little Rock - MEMS 5K, 10am. Info: (501)605-2654, Oct. 28, Little Rock - Creep N Crawl 10K & 5K, 5pm. Info: (501)371-4639, Oct. 28, Texarkana - 5th Annual “Don’t Look Back” Zombie 5K Run, 8am. Info: Richard Seymour (903)255-7755,, online-event-registration/121760/SMUCalendar. Oct. 29, Fayetteville - Halloween Monster Dash 5K & Fun Run, 2:30pm. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Nov. 4, Dierks - Hunting For a Cure Fight Back 5K, 8am. Info: (870)557-1046, Nov. 4, Fayetteville - Veteran’s Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: (479)871-7478, Nov. 4, Fort Smith - River Valley Run, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 9am. Info: Tyson Smith (479)649-8815, Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Your Start Our Future 5K, 8am. Info: (501)982-4316, Nov. 4, Kirby - Ryan’s Call PeRSeverance 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: (870)223-1606, Nov. 4, Little Rock - Run for Shelter 5K, 9am. Info: (501)9526538, Nov. 4, Wynne - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)208-6523, Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Fayetteville Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Nov. 11, Little Rock - Race the Base Trail 4 Mile, 9am. Info: (501)681-2801,

Running Journal • October, 2017 Nov. 11, Malvern - Hot Spring County 4H Color Run, 5K 9am. Info: Tony Jenkins (501)815-2383, Nov. 18, Cotter - White River Marathon for Kenya & Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: Nov. 18, Dover - Pirate Dash 5K, 8am. Info: (870)635-2957,

Nov. 18, Hot Springs - Spa Running Festival, Half Marathon, 7am; 10K, 7:45am; 5K Run or Walk, 8am; Squirt 1K, 9:30am; $55/Half Marathon, $35/10K, $30/5K, $10/1K, after 11/ 10 $10 late fee; Registration deadline 11/14. Info: Cindy Baswell, POB 1199, Hot Springs, AR 71902; (501)276-8870, cindy@spa10k. com, Nov. 18, Monticello - Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: (501)666-8195, Nov. 19, Fayetteville - Run For The Parks 2.5 mi., 4.5 mi., 8.5 mi.; 9am. Info: (479)444-3463, Nov. 23, Little Rock - Go!bbler 3/4/6.5 Mile, 8am. Info: (501)6636800, Nov. 25, Morrilton - MoTown 5K, Kids 1K; 10am. Info: (479)9707243, Nov. 25, Stuttgart - Great Duck Race 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: (870)673-1602, Dec. 2, Fayetteville - Jingle Bell Jog 5K, 9am. Info: (479)5308084, Dec. 2, Little Rock - Jingle Bell 5K, 11am. Info: (501)664-4591, Dec. 2, Lonoke - Santa Run 5K, 9am. Info: (501)676-6971, Dec. 9, Springdale - NWA Jingle Bell 5K, 10am. Info: (501)6644591, Dec. 16, Dardanelle - Mt. Nebo Bench Trail 4 Mile, 9am. Info: (479)477-0909, Dec. 16, Little Rock - Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon, 7am. Info:

FLORIDA Oct. 1, Deerfield Beach - Dunn’s Run, 5K Walk Run & 5 Mile Run; 7:30am. Info: (954)537-1010, Oct. 1, Fort De Soto Park - Fort De Soto 15K, 7:05am; 5K, 7:20am. Info: (727)347-4440,, Oct. 1, Miami - Miami Key Biscayne Half Marathon & 10K, 6:45am. Info: (954)213-6699, Oct. 1, Pompano Beach - Loco Rio 8K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 1, Tallahassee - Refuge House Stop the Violence 5K, 4pm. Info: Lindsay Pierce (850)922-6062, Oct. 1, Tampa - Big Guava One-Mile Race Series, 7am. Info: Oct. 1, Winter Garden - VFW Post 4305 Freedom Weekend 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 5, Naples - Moe’s Corporate 3-Mile Run/Walk, 6:15pm. Info: (239)208-2474, Oct. 7, Boca Raton - Saint Andrew’s Homecoming 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: (561)361-1950, Oct. 7, Boynton Beach - Haitians and Friends Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Brooksville - John Holmes Trail Run, 50K 7am; 16 Mile & 9 Mile 8am. Info: (813)232-5200, Oct. 7, Clermont - Full Moon Great Pumpkin 5K, 7pm. Info: Sommer Sports (352)394-1320, Oct. 7, DeLeon Springs - YMCA Camp Winona Mud Fest, 13+ Obstacles over 3 Miles; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Flagler Beach - Flagler Wagler Deputy Dog 2K Beach Run, 11am. Info: Oct. 7, Fort Myers - Busey Bank Run for Prevention, 5K Run/ Walk; 6pm. Info: Oct. 7, Indian Harbour Beach - Sprint For Sight 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: (321)773-7222, Oct. 7, Jacksonville - River House Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jeff T. Wight - Oct. 7, Jupiter - STRONGER than Cancer Young Hero 5K, 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: Barbara Scarlata (561)882-6336, Oct. 7-8, Key West - Southernmost Marathon, 5:30am & Half Marathon, 5:45pm (on 10/7); 10K & 5K, 7:30am (on 10/8). Info: (954)213-6699, Oct. 7, Live Oak - Busy Bee Boys Ranch 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Melbourne - Will Run for Chocolate, Won’t Stand For Violence 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Miami - Ajvar 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Mims - Mullet Festival 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Naples - St. Agnes 5K Walk-Run for Life, 7:05am. Info: Oct. 7, Ormond Beach - Lighter Knot Adventure Race, Elite 8 Hour 6am, Sport 4 Hour 10am, Family 1-2 Hour 1pm. Info: Oct. 7, Orlando - UNCF Central Florida Run/Walk for Education 5K, 8am. Info: Jazmine Barnes (407)896-6940, Oct. 7, Palm Coast - Bulldog 5K, 7:45am. Info: Kevin McCarthy (386)447-4345 (ext. 1859), Oct. 7, Rockledge - Run Domestic Violence Out of Brevard 5K Run/Walk, 5pm. Info: Oct. 7, Sanford - Sanford River Walk 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 7, Sarasota - Phillippi Shores 7K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 7, St. Augustine - Pink Up The Pace 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info:

Oct. 7, Tallahassee - Run The Race 5K Run & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Tampa - Treasure Chests Finish on the 50, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Sandi Lake (813)784-2266, Oct. 8, Flagler Beach - Flagler Wagler Deputy Dog 2K Beach Run, 11am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)8827422 (c), Oct. 8, Miami - 5K Run for Venezuela, 9:15am. Info: Oct. 8, Naples - Fall Four Miler, 4 Mile Run/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Oct. 11, Gainesville - A Race for the Ages 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Oct. 14, Avon Park - 5K Run Through River Greens for Camp Wingmann, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Bradenton - Conquistador Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K, 7am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Cottondale - Appalachian Series Day 8 - FL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Daytona Beach - True to the Blue 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Indialantic - Witch Way 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Oct. 14, Jacksonville - Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon & Freedom 5K, 7am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Oct. 14, Lake Helen - Ivy Hawn 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Lutz - Oktoberfest 5K: Streak for a Cure, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Marco Island - Take a Stand Against DV 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, New Smyrna Beach - Great Candy Race - Quarter Marathon & B5K Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Nocatee - Creepy Crawl 5K & 1 Mile Vampire Walk, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 14, Ocala - DAV 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Orlando - Hyatt’s Run in the Sun 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Palm Harbor - Glam Run 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Punta Gorda - Florida International Air Show 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, St. Petersburg - Ronnie’s Run - Not your Ordinary race, 10 Mile & 5K 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Sarasota - New Balance FREE 5K Fun Runs, 7am. Info: Tonya Getzen Gowan (941)921-3696, Oct. 14, Tampa - Hoofin’ It 5K, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Titusville - Wild Shrimp Shuffle 10K & 5K Run/Walk, 5K 7:45am; 10K 8:15am; Kids FR 9:15am. Info: Oct. 15, Boca Raton - AVDA’s Race for Hope, 10K & 5K 7:30am; Kid’s Dash 8:30am. Info: Oct. 15, Clermont - Clermont Clay 15K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:40am. Info: Oct. 15, Davie - Strong Against Cancer 5K, 7:30am. Info: Mike Roachford (954)292-3134, Oct. 15, Homosassa - Chili Cook Off 5K for Charity and Looper, 8am. Info: Oct. 15, Marianna - Appalachian Series Day 9 - FL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 15, Palm Coast - Pink 5K Run, 7:45am; 1 Mile Fun Walk (pet friendly), 8:30am; Kids FR, 8:45am Info: Oct. 15, Santa Rosa Beach - 30A Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:25am. Info: (850)420-5845, Oct. 20, Jacksonville - Monster Mash Dash 5K, 6:30pm; 1 Mile FR, 6pm. Info: (904)407-6139, Oct. 21, Amelia Island - ZOOMA Women’s Race Series, Half Marathon, 12K & 5K; 7:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Bradenton - Ghost 5K Run, 5pm. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Oct. 21, Crestview - Davidson Paint the Panther Color Run 5K & 1 Mile Kids FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, DeLeon Springs - Haunted Trail 5K Run/Walk, 7pm; .666 Scary Walk, 7:30pm. Info: Oct. 21, Englewood - Trick or Trot 5K Trail Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Fort Lauderdale - Funky Fun Run 5K, 3pm. Info: Oct. 21, Gainesville - Dog Days Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Gainesville - UF Habitat for Humanity Haunted Hustle 5K Run/Walk, 4pm. Info: Oct. 21, Jacksonville - Jaguars Stadium Challenge, 1 Mile FR 5:45pm; 5K 6pm/1st wave. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900,

Oct. 21, Jay - 4th Annual 5-K Boo Run/ Walk, 10:30am; $30 by 10/20; $35 on Race Day. Info: Jodi, 4414 Wildhorn Trail, Jay, FL 32565; (850)910-1494, hidden.lake@, http://www.hidden Oct. 21, Lake Placid - Mason G. Smoak Foundation 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Lake Worth - SuperHero 5K and Family Fun Day, 5K Run/Walk 7:30am; Kids Dash 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Melbourne - Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info:


Oct. 21, Middleburg - Black Creek 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 21, Naples - Gulf to Gulf 80 Mile Relay, 6am. Info: (239)4047007, Oct. 21, New Smyrna Beach - Zombie 5K Beach Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, North Palm Beach - 5K Ghost Run, 7:30am; 1K Goblin Run, 8:30am. Info: (561)841-3386, Oct. 21, Ocala - Scarecrow Scamper 5K Run & 1K Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Orange City - Retts Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Orlando - Run For The Russell Home, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Orlando - Panua 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; Kids’ Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Palatka - Ravine Gardens 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Ponte Vedra - Superhero 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Silver Springs - Harvest Hustle 5K/10K/Duathlon, Duathlon: R-5K, B-12 mi., R-5K, 8am; 5K Run & 10K Trail Run, 8:15am. Info: or Oct. 21, Tampa - Florida Hospital Bolt Run, 5 Mile & 5K Run 7:30am (Walkers/Strollers 7:35am); 1 Mile Family FR/Walk 7:45am. Info: Oct. 21, Vero Beach - Frightening 4K, 6pm. Info: Oct. 22, Apalachicola Bay - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Mark Henderson Oct. 22, Palm Coast - Jack’s 50K, 30K & 10K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8572, Oct. 22, Port Richey - Barktoberfest Barking Bash 5K & Fun Run/ Walk, 5K Run 9am; 5K Run with Dog 9:15am; Fun Run 10:30am. Info: Oct. 22, Sarasota - Run 941 5K Classic, 7:30am. Info: (941)5393756, Oct. 22, Satellite Beach - Sprint For Shade 5K, 7:30am; 1 Miler, 7am. Info: Oct. 23, Key West - Heroes and Villains 5K Walk/Run, 6pm. Info: Oct. 26, Orlando - Junior League of Greater Orlando Halloween Hustle 5K Run/Walk & Kids FR, 5:30pm-8:30pm. Info: Oct. 27, Jensen Beach - Monster Dash 5K at TCM, 6:30pm. Info: Oct. 28, Clermont - Nightmare on the Clermont Trails 5K, 7pm. Info: (352)394-1320, Oct. 28, Cocoa Beach - Fall Into Winter 5K, 8am. Info: Laird McLean (321)868-3252, Oct. 28, Destin - McGuire’s of Destin Halloween Run, 5K Run/ Walk & 10K Run; 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Fort Myers - ‘Soup’er Hero 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Gainesville - Flatwoods 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Inverness - Royal Run 5K, 7:30am; Kids FR, 8:15am. NOTE NEW DATE. Info: DRC Sports (352)637-2475, Oct. 28, Lake Nona - Ruck Sack Race, 12 Mile, 10K & 5K: 7am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 28, Lakewood Ranch - Boo 5K Run, 8:30am. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Oct. 28, Melbourne - Ghostly Gecko 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Running Zone (321)751-8890, Oct. 28, Melrose - Freedom Walk/Run 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Naples - Halloween Monster Dash 5K, 7:30am; Children’s Goblin 1K, 8:30am. Info: Gulf Coast Runners (239)404-7007. Oct. 28, New Smyrna Beach - New Smyrna-Ween Monster 10K Beach Run & Zombie 5K Beach Run, 9am; Little Devil Dash, 8:30am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Oct. 28, Oviedo - The Rising Run Through the Past, 5K Run/ Walk 7:34am; Kids Fun Runs 8:45am. Info: Oct. 28, Panama City Beach - Carillon Beach Anniversary 5K Run, 8am; Fun Run to follow. Info: Oct. 28, Penney Farms - Penney Farms 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Oct. 28, Pensacola - Paws for Veterans 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Port Richey - FrankenFooter 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 28, St. Augustine - Jail Break 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, The Villages - Running of the Squares Brownwood 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Umatilla - Umatilla Kiwanis 5K for the Kids, 6am. Info: Oct. 29, Apopka - Let’s Move! Day Apopka 5K & 10K Run/Walk, 7:30am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: (407)889-9761. Oct. 29, Cocoa Beach - Ron Jon Cocoa Beach Half Marathon, 7am. Info:

Oct. 29, Fort De Soto Park, St. Petersburg - 9th Annual Florida Halloween Halfathon, 7:05am; 5K, 7:20am; $85/Halfathon, $40/5K Postmarked/Online before 9/24; $95/Half, $45/ 5K Postmarked/Online by 10/22; $110/Half, $50/5K On-site registration 10/28-29. Info: (727)347-4440,, Oct. 29, Jacksonville - Evergreen Pumpkin Run, 10 Mile & 5K; 8am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900,


Running Journal • October, 2017

Oct. 29, Orlando - Creepy Crawl 5K & 1 Mile Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 29, Port Orange - Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: Oct. 29, Stuart - Treasure Coast Halloween 13.1, Half Marathon 6:30am. Info: Nov. 2, Daytona Beach - Volusia Flagler Family YMCA Corporate 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Nov. 2, Melbourne - Florida Tech Homecoming 5K, 6pm. Info: Stephanie Bacon (321)674-7198, Nov. 4, Bartow - Officers Down 5K Run/Walk, 10am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Boynton Beach - Racing Out of Poverty 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Nov. 4, Clermont - Gobble Wobble 2.0 Workout Until the Floors Out 5K, 6:30pm; Mini-Wobble (10-under), 5:45pm. Info: Nov. 4, Crystal River - Seven Rivers Regional Kings Bay 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 7:45am. Info: (352)726-1931 (x2240), Nov. 4, Daytona Beach - Flying Eagles 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Elkton - Cottonmouth Quarter Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Jacob Smith (386)747-3532, Nov. 4, Hollywood - Humana Hollywood Beach 5K Tune Up Run Series, 7:30am. Info: Linda Meyer Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Pink for Jon 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Ryan’s Run 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Jacksonville - Jacksonville Porchfest 5K, 11am; 1 Mile, 11:45am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 4, Key West - Zonta ABC 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Lakewood Ranch - Care2Tri “R” 5K Run, 8am; “Special Need Dash” & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:50am. Info: Greg Simony (248)839-2687, Nov. 4, Lecanto - Colors For CASA Charity 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Longwood - SEA Fit&Fun 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; Kids Mile, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Melbourne - Caddy Shack 5K & 1 Mile, 8pm. Info: Nov. 4, Miama - Live Ultimate Seed Food & Wine 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Mount Dora - Waterman Village Alzheimer’s Awareness 5K Color Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Ocala - Run With the Law 5K Run & Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Orlando - Run Childhood Cancer out of Town 5K Run/ Walk, 9am; Kids FR, 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Palm Coast - Oceans 50 Relay Race, 50 Mile. Info: Nov. 4, Pensacola - Great Pumpkin Run 5K, 8am (wheelchair 7:55am); 1 Mile Fun Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Pompano Beach - Miles for Smiles 5K, 8am. Info: Bri Ploude (954)943-2253 (x114), Nov. 4, Sanford - The Fast and The Furriest Spay N Save 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Sarasota - New Balance FREE 5K Fun Runs, 7am. Info: Tonya Getzen Gowan (941)921-3696, Nov. 4, Stuart - Madison’s Miracles 5K Run/Family Walk For Babies Gone Too Soon, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Vilano Beach - Run 4 the Jackets, 4 Miles; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 4, Williston - Run To Stomp Sarcoma “Team Paige” Just Beat 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (352)339-4900, Nov. 5, Boca Raton - Sun Capital Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K, 6:35am. Info: Tom Vladimir (561)361-1950, Nov. 5, Daytona Beach - Paint the Towne 5K, 8am; Kids Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Dover - XTERRA Wildhorse Trail Run, Half Marathon & 10K, 8am; 10 Mile & 4 Mile, 8:10am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 5, Fort Myers - Fort Myers Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5 Miler, 7am; 5K, 7:05am. Info: (239)653-7704, Nov. 5, Gainesville - Five Points of Life One-Miler, 12pm/1st wave. Info: Nov. 5, Indian Harbour Beach - Space Coast Classic 15K, 6:45am; 2 Mile, 7am. Info: Nov. 5, St. Petersburg - Getaway 10K, 8:30am; 5K, 8:40am; 1 Mile, 8:45am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Mary Kreke (410)605-9381, Nov. 5, Tampa - Big Guava One-Mile Race Series, 7am. Info: Nov. 5, Thonotosassa - Buddy Run 5K, 1 Mile FR & Buddy Dash; 8am. Info: Nov. 10, Ocala - YMCA Veterans March, 1.4 mi. (approx.); 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Belleview - Shop With A Cop 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Clearwater - Phil Doganiero 3 Bridge Race, Half Marathon 7am; 5K 7:30am; 1 Mile Fun Walk 7:45am. Info: (727)7932629, Nov. 11, Dade City - The Call of Nature Adventure Race, Elite 8 Hour 6am, Sport 4 Hour 9am, Family 1 Hour 12pm. Info: Nov. 11, Daytona Beach - BEACH House 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Gainesville - Tom Walker Memorial Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info:

Nov. 11, Gainesville - Superhero 5K Family Fun Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Hawthorne - Island Grove Winery Sangria 5K Dash, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 11, Jacksonville - Bailey’s Health & Fitness Mandarin Run, 5K 7:50am; 10K 8am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 11, Lakeland - Red Ribbon Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K, 7am; Kid’s FR, 8am. Info: Inner Act Alliance (863)802-0777, Nov. 11-12, Melbourne Beach to Miami Beach - Reebok Ragnar Relay South Beach, 200ish Miles. Info: Customer Service (801)4995024, Nov. 11, New Smyrna Beach - Brain Cancer Awareness 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Ocala - Sugar Hi Run 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Orlando - Help The Vets, Inc. And American Legion Post 112 Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Neil Paulson (407)376-7000, Nov. 11, Palm Bay - Turkey Creek 5K Trail Run, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Sanford - Peace, Love, Cure 5K Run/Walk, 7am; Free Kids Dash, 8am. Info:

Nov. 11, Sarasota - 3rd Annual Myakka River Half Marathon/5K “Run for the Memories”, Hosted by Florida Compassion Foundation; Half Marathon 6:45am; 5K 7am; Beautiful course runs through the park all on paved roads under tree canopies, along the shores of Myakka Lake; $95/Half, $35/5K by 11/5 (on Info: tracyhussey@, Nov. 11, Satellite Beach - Represent (321) 5K Community Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Sebastian - Cowboy Run/Walk 5K: Honoring & Saluting Our Heroes, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Tampa - March for the Military 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Temple Terrace - Trot Thru The Terrace 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Winter Garden - Run for the Gift 5K Run/Walk, 7am; Free Kids’ Run, 8:45am. Info: (407)905-0999, Nov. 12, Deltona - Deltona Honor & Remember 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Fort Lauderdale - Michelob Ultra Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon, 6:35am Half Marathon, 5K 7:15am. Info: Nov. 12, Fort Myers - Jog For Justice 5K and Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Gainesville - Mind, Body & Sole 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Nov. 12, Jupiter - Zoe Loren “Make A Difference” Foundation 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Pricila (561)615-5701, Nov. 12, Lake Mary - The Paws to Run 5K for Veteran Rescue, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Pensacola - Pensacola Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Subway Kids FR; 6:30am. Info: Jason Libbert (850)434-2800, Nov. 12, Wellington - Beacon of Hope 5K Run/Walk in Memory of Kevin P. Enterlein, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Jacksonville - McKenzie’s Run, 5K Run/Walk 10am; 1 Mile FR 9:30am. Info: Tori Pappas (904)623-8621, Nov. 18, Lakewood Ranch - Tidewell Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, Nov. 18, St. Johns - Bartram Trail High School Band Spirit Run 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Tampa - Cross Out Cancer 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Vero Beach - Tactical 10K & 2 Mile Run, 7am. Info: Nov. 19, Lithia - The X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 19, Melbourne - Space Coast Lightfest 5K Run Among the Lights, 6pm. Info: Kevin Ronayne (727)455-9446, Nov. 19, Miami - The Great Chocolate Race Series - Miami, 10 Mile 7am; 5K 7:15am. Info: Crucible Racing, LLC (757)849-8566, Nov. 19, Ormond Beach - Rubber Duckie River Run 5K, 9am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Nov. 19, St. Petersburg - St. Pete Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Claire Jordan (603)630-4241, Nov. 19, Tampa - Humana Tampa 5K Tune Up Run Series, 7:30am. Info: Linda Meyer - Nov. 23, Boca Raton - Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Lauren Koblick (561)852-3257, Nov. 23, Cocoa Beach - Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Marlene White (321)783-6535,, Nov. 23, Gainesville - Turkey Trot 10K, 8:30am; 5K, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 23, Jacksonville - Community First Credit Union Thanksgiving Distance Classic, Half Marathon, 7am; 5K & Turkey Trot 1 Mile, 6:50am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, Nov. 23, Melbourne - Space Coast Turkey Trot 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Denise Piercy (321)751-8889, Nov. 23, New Smyrna Beach - Turkey Day 5K Beach Run, 9am. Info: Swayne Parsons (386)944-7718 (o), (386)882-7422 (c), Nov. 23, Palm Beach - Town of Palm Beach United Way Turkey Trot 5K, 7:30am. Info: Kristen Cummins (561)655-1919, Nov. 23, Punta Gorda - Turkey Trot 5K Run & Fun Walk, 7:30am. Info: (941)639-3162,

Nov. 23, Tamarac - 37th Annual Tamarac Turkey Trot 5K, 7:30am; $25 by 11/10, $30 11/11-11/22; $50 Day of Race. Info: City of Tamarac, 7525 NW 88th Ave., Tamarac, FL 33321, Melissa Petron (954)597-3624,, Nov. 26, Cocoa - Space Coast Marathon & Marathon Relay, 6:30am/Marathon, 7:15am/Relay Info: Christa Mudd (321)7518890,, Nov. 27, Palm Beach - Town of Palm Beach United Way Turkey Trot 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Dec. 2, Apopka - Florida State Turkey Burn Adventure Race Championship, Elite 12 Hour 2am (start 4am), Sport 4 Hour 10am, Family 1-2 Hour 1pm. Info: Dec. 2, Lithia - 5K Reindeer Run 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Dec. 2, Orlando - OUC Orlando Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:40am. Info: Track Shack (407)896-1160, Dec. 2, Panama City Beach - Panama City Beach Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kid’s Fun Run, 10am; $80/ Marathon, $55/Half Marathon, $40/5K. Info: panama-city-beach-fl/running/distance-running-races/panama-citybeach-marathon-2017. Dec. 2, San Marco - Children’s Way 5K, 4pm; 1 Mile FR, 5pm. Info: Dec. 3, Ponte Vedra Beach - Guana Back to Nature Trail Races, 50K & 50K Teams 8am; 12K 1pm. Info: 50K - Mark Ryan (904)3383230,; 12K - Bob Fernee (904)3422699, Dec. 3, West Palm Beach - The FitTeam Palm Beaches Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 6:30am; 5K, 6:45am. Info: Dec. 9, Cape Canaveral - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am. Info: Mary Jane Binney (321)360-9936, Dec. 9, Leesburg - Mistletoe Trot 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104,

Dec. 9, Wakulla Springs - Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic, 50K & 50 Mile; 7am; $60/50K, $70/50 Mile, 7/1-9/30; $70/$80 10/112/4. Info: Nancy Stedman & Jay Silvanima (850)545-7074,, Dec. 10, Madeira Beach to Largo - Florida Holiday Halfathon & Relay, 7:05am/Walkers Early Start, 7:30am/Wheelchair, 7:35am/ Runners/Walkers Halfathon; $85 postmarked/online until 11/5. Info: (727)3474440,, Dec. 10, Punta Gorda - Divas Half Marathon & 5K Florida Coast, 7am; Save 10% with code RUNJOURNAL; $95/Half 9/16-10/31, $110 11/1-12/7; $50/5K by 10/31, $65 11/1-12/ 7; $125/Half, $80/5K at Health & Fitness Boutique. Info:, Florida_West_Coast.htm Dec. 16, Jacksonville - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K 7am; $70/Marathon, $45/Half, $30/5K thru 10/31; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $32/5K 11/111/30; $80/Marathon, $55/Half, $35/5K 12/112/15; $85/Marathon, $60/Half, $40/5K on Race Day. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900,, Dec. 16, Satellite Beach - Jingle Bell 2 Miler, 5:45pm. Info: Running Zone (321)751-8890, Dec. 22, Jacksonville (Springfield) - Run Santa Run 5K, 6pm; 1 Mile, 5:3pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900,

Dec. 22, Lakewood Ranch - Jingle 5K Run/Walk, 7pm; Lakewood Ranch LWR Main Street; $35 w/short sleeve moisture wicking shirt by 12/16, after $40. Info: Doug Schiller, POB 89, Ellenton, FL 34222; (941)932-6147,,

Dec. 23, Viera - Run Run Santa 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: Brittany Streufert (321)412-1830, Dec. 23, Winter Haven - Santa’s Run for Our Kids, 10K 7:30am; 5K 8am; Kids 1/2 Mile Run 9am. Info: Robert (Bob) Custer (863)3937538, Dec. 30, Palm Coast - Princess Place Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am. Info: Joe Matuszczak (352)215-3134, Jan. 14, Key West - Key West Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:30am. Info: Barb Wright (305)240-0727,,

Feb. 4, Daytona Beach - Daytona Beach Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 10:30am; $80/Half Marathon, $70/Half Marathon Relay (per team member), $30/5K, $135/Speedway Challenge (both Half & 5K events), 7/1-9/30; $85/Half Marathon, $75/Half Marathon Relay (per team member), $35/5K, $145/Speedway Challenge (both Half & 5K events), 10/1/17-1/31/18. Info: Volusia County Government, 123 W. Indiana Ave., Room 301, DeLand, FL 32720; (386)8225062,, Feb. 4, Tallahassee - Tallahassee Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am/est. Info:,

Feb. 24-25, Tampa - Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic, 2/24: 15K, 6:45am (6:40am Wheelchair); 5K, 9:15am; 2/25: Half Marathon, 6am; 8K, 9:15am; $40/15K, $30/5K, $85/Half Marathon, $35/8K by 9/30; $45/15K, $35/5K, $95/Half Marathon, $40/8K by 10/1/17-1/12/18; Michelob Ultra Challenges running multiple events 2/24 & 2/25 (see website for details). Info: (813)254-7866, information@tampa, March 4, Stuart - Marathon Of The Treasure Coast, Half Marathon, Relay, 6:30am; 10K & 5K (3/3). Info: Frank Fender (772)486-3946,,

March 10, Jacksonville - Gate River Run, 15K & 5K; 8am; Wheelchair Div.; Preregistration deadline 3/3/18. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900, events@1st,

GEORGIA Oct. 1, Atlanta - C5 Youth Foundation 5K Run/Walk, 2pm. Info: Jill Coutu (617)758-8967, Oct. 1, Chamblee - Buford Highway Half Marathon, 10K, 5K & 2 Mile; 7:30am. Info: Sean (678)237-5434, Oct. 1, Duluth - Donut Dash 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 5, Watkinsville - Clocogwamoma 4-H 4K, 6:14pm. Info:, Oct. 7, Athens - In Their Shoes 10K, 8:30am. Info: (706)475-3301. Oct. 7, Atlanta - Put A Freeze On Bullying 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Cool Kids’ Committee, Inc. (770)485-7919, Oct. 7, Canton - The Smile Run, Tot Trot 5:30pm; Fun Run 5:45pm; 5K Race 6:15pm. Info: Oct. 7, Carrollton - West Georgia 15K & 5K, 8:30am; Kids FR, 10:15am. Info: Oct. 7, Cartersville - Dirty Spokes “Iron Hill” 7.5/3.8 Mile Trail Run, 8pm. Info: Oct. 7, Cumming - iRun for BYOT 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Cumming - Frogtown Trail Challenge, 10 Mile, 6 Mile & 4 Mile; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Douglas - Health & Wellness Day 5K Run, 7:45am; 1.5 Mile Walk, 7:55am. Info: Coffee Regional Medical Center Wellness Group (912)383-6988. Oct. 7, Gainesville - Mule Camp Market 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Gordon - Fall Line Festival Great Locomotive Chase 5K, 8am. Info: Greg Bazemore (478)456-5042, Oct. 7, Jasper - Georgia Marble Festival 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Church Office (706)253-2100. Oct. 7, Jekyll Island - Under the Oaks Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: Ginger Strehle (912)634-8177, Oct. 7, Kennesaw - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Oct. 7, Lawrenceville - Paint Gwinnett Pink 5K Walk/Run for Breast Cancer, 8am. Info: Susan Oates (770)312-1011, Oct. 7, Lawrenceville - Georgia Race for Autism, 10K & 5K 8am; 1 Mile FR 10am; Tot Trot 10:30am; 100-Yard Kids’ Dash 10:45am. Info: Oct. 7, Marietta - Habitat Road Race 5K, 8am; Peter’s Mile FR, 7:30am; Habitot Trot (5-under) to follow 5K. Info: Ashley O’Neil (770)314-0130, Oct. 7, Martinez - Project Lifting Spirits 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Stacia Blevins (619)227-6986, Oct. 7, Suches - Run Above the Clouds, 5K & 10K 9am; 1 Mile FR 9:10am. Info: Oct. 7, Sunbury - Sunbury 5K, 10am. Info: Oct. 7, Tifton - Stepping Out for Your Heart, 5K Run 8am; Champions Walk 8:45am; 1 Mile FR/Walk 9am. Info: Mandy Brooks (229)391-3310, Oct. 7, Toccoa - Currahee Challenge, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 10K Run/Walk 9am. Info: Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of Commerce (706)886-2132, Oct. 8, Athens - Lifespan Montessori’s 5K, 2pm; 100 Meter Sprout Run for Children, 1:45pm. Info: (706)424-3861. Oct. 8, Cumming - Lily’s Run 5K & Family Festival, 5K 1pm. Info: Kingdom Kids (770)861-5925. Oct. 8, Duluth - Deon Lewis Memorial Hope Run 5K, 8am; Family Walk Mile, 9am. Info: Gary Jenkins (404)313-7710, Oct. 8, Tallulah Falls - Autumn Breeze 5K, 3pm. Info: Carole Black - Oct. 12, Lizella - Appalachian Series Day 6 - GA, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 13, Savannah - Hero Run 5K, 6:15pm; Kids Run, 6pm. Info: Oct. 14, Acworth - Voodoo Twilight Trail Run, 3.5 Mile & 7.5 Mile; 6pm. Info: John Purcell (770)528-8825, Oct. 14, Albany - Buddy Check 5K & 10K Trail Run, 8:30am; Kid’s 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Bruce Austin (229)446-4020, Oct. 14, Atlanta - Winship Win The Fight 5K, 8:30am. Info: Pam McAdams (404)727-6175, Oct. 14, Atlanta - Run Like Hell 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Atlanta - JE Dunn Hammer Down 5K, 8:30am. Info: Richard Cerretti (678)987-2581, Oct. 14, Atlanta - Sweating For The Wedding 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Brunswick - Ninja Race 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, Oct. 14, Canton - Zombie Fest 5K Walk/Run, 7pm; 1 Mile Fun Walk/Run, 6:30pm. Info: Oct. 14, Commerce - Tanger Outlets Fit for a Cure 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am. Info: (706)335-3354, Oct. 14, Cumming - Monster Dash 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 9:15am. Info: Oct. 14, Decatur - Phidippides Cross Country 5K, 11am. Info: Oct. 14, Ellijay - Apple Festival 5K Road Race, 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8:45am. Info: Donna Bowling (706)273-0047,

Oct. 14, Fayetteville - Find Your Way 5K, 5K Run, 5K Walk, 1 Mile; 8:30am; $20 by 9/ 30, after $25. Info: Annette Poindexter, 847 New Hope Rd., Fayetteville, GA 30214; (678)523-3971, annettepoindexter@, Oct. 14, Folkston - Mac’s Miracle Memorial Okefenokee Festival, 5K Walk 7am; 5K Run 7:30am; 1 Mile FR 7:45am. Info: Dawn Malin (912)496-2536. Oct. 14, Greenville - Lottie Moon 5K for Missions, 9am. Info: Ken Christensen (770)231-7503, Oct. 14, Homer - Spooktacular Spring 5K, 7:30pm; 1 Mile FR (12-under), 7pm. Info: Oct. 14, Kennesaw - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Cobb County, 5K Run 9am; Walk 9:15am. Info: (770)429-1624, Oct. 14, Macon - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Oct. 14, Madison - Firefighters’ Fall 5K, 7:30am; 10.2K, 8:30am. Info: Daniel Pennington (706)752-4300, Oct. 14, Marietta - The Bacon Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Toni McAlister (678)400-9050, Oct. 14, Monroe - Paws In The Park 5K, 8:30am; 2K, 8:45am. Info: (770)266-5331, Oct. 14, Powder Springs - 5Kemp Run Like a Cougar 5K, 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Oct. 14, Rome - Harbin Hero Hustle 5K & Health Walk, 10am. Info: (706)291-0766. Oct. 14, Savannah - St. Peter’s Kilometers 5K & 10K, 8:30am; Kid’s Run, 8:15am. Info: (912)598-7242, Oct. 14, Statesboro - True Blue 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Campus Recreation & Intramurals (912)478-5436, Oct. 14, Suwanee - Thin Mint Sprint 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Winder - XTERRA Georgia “Fort Yargo State Park” 8.75 or 3.10 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 15, Athens - Run Your Tail Off 5K and 2K Dog Walk, 2pm. Info: Bly Crane (706)206-8436, Oct. 15, Atlanta - WOW Run 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Dahlonega - Mountain of Miracles 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Savannah - Mattress Dash, 150 Meter Dash; 1pm. Info: Oct. 20, Milledgeville - Thriller 5K Run/Walk, 6:45pm; Fun Run, 6pm. Info: Oct. 20, Woodstock - Bobcat Boogie 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Dionna Walker (864)420-0298,

Running Journal • October, 2017 Oct. 21, Atlanta - Cupcake RUN! 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Batesville (Clarkesville) - Soque River Ramble 6K Run/ Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Duncan Hughes (706)7549382, Oct. 21, Braselton - Braselton Zombie 5K Run, 5pm. Info: (706)684-0369, Oct. 21, Canton - Fall Sunset Cinema 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: (678)400-9050, Oct. 21, Clayton - Soles4Souls 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Conyers - Race Against Violence 5K Walk/Run, 8:15am. Info: (770)860-9970. Oct. 21, Dalton - Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon & 5K, 8am; 2K, 10:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Decatur - Emory Homecoming 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Devon Bradley (404)727-6739, Oct. 21, Douglasville - Douglasville Moonlight Run, Doggie FR 7pm; Tot Trot (5-under) 7:30pm; 1 Mile Youth (12-under) 8pm; 5K 8:30pm. Info: Oct. 21, Dublin - Monster Dash 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Candy Run/ Walk, 9:30am. Info: Kim Walker (478)278-5019, Oct. 21, Duluth - Trick-or-Treat Trot Family Fall Festival & 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (404)943-1070, Oct. 21, Flowery Branch - So You Think You Can Run 5K, 9:30am; Kids FR, 9am. Info: Runners Fit Race Works (770)5611050, Oct. 21, Locust Grove - Goblin Gallop 10K & 5K, 9am. Info: (678)492-9939. Oct. 21, Macon - S.C.A.R.E. 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Kathy Frazier (478)755-1560, Oct. 21, Milledgeville - Julia Tarter 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Monroe - Dawgs Unleashed 5K, 8am; Fun Runs, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Powder Springs - Spooktacular Chase 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: (770)432-7280. Oct. 21, Savannah - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Oct. 21, Suwanee - Ridge Run to Color Cancer Out 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: Runners Fit Race Works (770)561-1050, Oct. 21, Watkinsville - Scarecrow 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oconee Chamber of Commerce (706)769-7947, Oct. 21, West Point - West Point Scouts’ Trail Trek 5K, 8am; 1 Mile & 5K/Bonus, 9am (must run the two 5K Races). Info: Joel Finlay (404)787-5597, Oct. 21, Woodstock - Twilight Run F.O.R. Cherokee 5K, 7:30pm; 1K Fun Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Vicki Benefield (770)841-8530, Oct. 21-22, Athens - Athens GA Half Marathon, 7:30am (10/22); 5K, 3:30pm (10/21). Info: (706)548-1973, Oct. 22, Atlanta - PNC Atlanta 10 Miler & 5K, 7:15am. Info: Natalie DeMarko (404)231-9064 (x128), ndemarko@atlantatrack, Oct. 22, Atlanta - AWA5K AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run, 1pm 5K Run; 2pm 5K Walk. Info: (404)876-WALK (9255). Oct. 22, Jefferson - Galilee Christian Church Mission Run 5K, 3pm; FR, 2:30pm. Info: (706)367-8072. Oct. 27, Woodstock - Monster Dash Glow Run 5K, 8pm. Info: Kate Borden (770)924-7768, Oct. 28, Albany - Pancake Run, 1 Mile FR 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: Shane Smith (229)438-0672, (678)654-4181 (c). Oct. 28, Bethlehem - Jadon’s Run, Fun Run 9am; 5K 9:30am. Info: Yvette Yancey (678)789,5918, Pam (770)867-8888, Oct. 28, Bostick - Gin Run 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Comer - Running with the Lions 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Dacula - Dacula Falon Homerun 5K & Trick-or-Treat Fun Run, 8am. Info: Hope Smith (770)722-2315, Oct. 28, Eatonton - Steeple Chase 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Angela New (706)485-5871, Oct. 28, Flowery Branch - Boo Run 5K, 9am. Info: Barry Roberts (770)540-9470, Oct. 28, Hoschton - For the Love of Missions Apple Chase 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Kennesaw - Garden Gallop 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Loganville - Loganville Police Department Donut Dash 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 10am. Info: Runners Fit Race Works (770)561-1050, Oct. 28, Mableton - Silver Comet Marathon & Half Marathon. Info: (404)422-2195, Oct. 28, Macon - Jay’s Hope Trek or Treat 5K, 10K, unSpooky Sprint & Candy Mile; 8am. Info: (478)238-6360, Oct. 28, Marietta - Dead Band Running 5K, 7pm. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Oct. 28, Molena - Pumpkin Run 5K For Missions, 9am. Info: Tara McCard (770)312-7450, Oct. 28, Newnan - Autumn Chase 15K/5K Trail Run, 15K 8am; 5K 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 9:15am; Tot Trot 9:30am. Info: Jessica Griffith (770)400-4954. Oct. 28, Red Top Mountain State Park - Pumpkin Classic Trail Run 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: (404)396-0978, Oct. 28, Roswell - Big Pumpkin Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Roswell - XTERRA Georgia “Battle At Big Creek” 5.5 or 10.3 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Savannah - 5K Run for the Homeless, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Stone Mountain - 5K Fruity Smoothie Run, 8am. Info:

Carmetta Maupin (678)650-9696, Oct. 28, Suwanee - Jonny and Xena 5K/Fun Run & Walk, 9am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Oct. 28, Watkinsville - Band On The Run 5K Run/Walk, 11am. Info: Oct. 29, Athens - Jack-O’-Lantern Jog 5K, 2:30pm; 1 Mile FR, 2pm. Info: Sandy Creek Nature Center (706)613-3615 (x235). Oct. 29, Atlanta - Atlanta Halloween Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: Oct. 29, Atlanta - drawchange 5K, Run For Arts, Run for Kids; 8am. Info: Oct. 29, Johns Creek - Stray Dog Strut 5K, 10am. Info: Kristen Rodes (770)366-0702, Nov. 4, Athens - Athens Heritage Lions Club Roll, Walk Jog, Run 5K, 9:15am (Wheelchair 9am). Info: Nov. 4, Atlanta - Cowart Family Y Mission Miler, 5K 9am; 1 Mile FR 8:20am; 50-Yard Dash 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Atlanta - Dia de los Muertos Festival, 5K Run 10:30am; Skull Sprint 12pm. Info: Nov. 4, Cordele - Run for Your Lungs, 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Walk; 9:30am. Info: Shelia Knight (229)881-7046, Nov. 4, Fayetteville - Harvest Classic 5K, 8am. Info: Marion Ferencz (770)460-4851, Nov. 4, Lavonia - CASA Superhero Run, 5K & 10K 9am; Fun Run 8:30am. Info: (706)886-1098. Nov. 4, Lawrenceville - Ordner Construction 5K, 9am. Info: Ilona Berman (678)380-3149, Nov. 4, Marietta - Mt. Bethel Elementary School 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile, 9am; 1/2 Mile, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Monticello - Deer Dash 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 7:30am. Info: Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce (706)468-8994, Nov. 4, Peachtree City - Keep ‘em Flying Run, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: (678)364-1110.

Nov. 4-5, Savannah - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2Person Half Marathon Relay, 7:30am (on 11/ 4); 5K & 1 Mile, 1pm-3pm (on 11/5). Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510, (800)3111255, See Ad page 7. Nov. 4, Tate - Tate Elementary’s Bulldog 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile Pup Run, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 5, Winder - For the Children 5K, 3pm; Kids FR, 2:30pm. Info: Victoria Patrick (770)307-7956, Nov. 10, Bethlehem - Joni Odum Bethlehem Elementary Starlight 5K Run/Walk, 6pm; 1 Mile FR, 5:30pm. Info: Bethlehem Elementary (770)867-2238. Nov. 11, Albany - Albany YMCA Holiday Chili Run, 7am/ Doubler 5K; 8am/5K & 15K; 8:15am/1 Mile Run/Walk. Info: Donnette Kline Lewis (229)436-0531 (x222). Nov. 11, Atlanta - DAV 5K Atlanta Run to Honor Veterans, 5K Run/Walk/Wheelchair, 9am. Info: Nov. 11 & 12, Buford - Lanier Under The Lights 5K Run/Walk, 5:45pm. Info: Runners Fit (770)967-9755. Nov. 11, Cumming - Ruff and Tuff 5K, 9am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 11, Dacula - XTERRA Georgia “Little Mulberry Park” 5K or 10K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Fort Oglethorpe - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (est); 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265,, Nov. 11, Powder Springs - Miles for Maria Epic Run for Epilepsy, 1/3/6/12/24 Hour Options; 8am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631,

Nov. 11, Sandy Springs - 4th Annual SSEF Footprints for the Future 5K, 8am; Lake Forest Elementary, 5920 Sandy Springs Circle NE, Sandy Springs; $25 by 10/18, $30 by 11/1, $35 after 11/1. Info: Christine Young (770)349-5460, roadrace@sandysprings, www.sandysprings Nov. 11, Warrenton - VETERUN 5K, 9am. Info: (706)4664705, Nov. 12, Eatonton - Race for the Rocks 5K, 2:04pm. Info:,

Nov. 17, Warm Springs - The Candlelight Tour Run, 1 Mile 9:30pm; 5K Run, 10pm; $25 w/shirt ($15 no shirt) by 11/3, after 11/3 $30 w/shirt ($20 no shirt). Info: Candlelight Tour Run, c/o Meriwether County Chamber of Commerce, POB 9, Warm Springs, GA 31830; Carolyn McKinley (706)655-2558,, Nov. 18, Athens - Koala Krawl 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Braselton - Dirty Spokes “Chateau Elan Muscadine Run” 5.5/2.8 Mile Vineyard & Trail Run, 8:30am. Info:


Nov. 18, Cartersville - United Way Bartow Turkey Trot 5K, 9am; $25 by 11/1, after $30. Info: Cynthia Ball, 320 W. Cherokee Ave., St. 109, Cartersville, GA 30120; Cynthia Ball (770)386-1677,, or Nov. 18, Columbus - Soldier Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay Marathon; Wheelchair Div. Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Cecil Cheves, Nov. 18, Butler - Firefighters’ 5K Run & Community Walk, 8:30am. Info: Butler Fire Dept. (478)954-2269, Nov. 18, Marietta/Kennesaw - Early Bird Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 19, Dahlonega - Ron’s Run/A 6K, 2:04pm; DD GPS 4K, 3:34pm. Info:,

Nov. 23, Atlanta - Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; 50m Dash, 9:15am; 1 Mile, 9:30am; Half: $80 by 9/30, $85 by 11/15; 5K: $35 by 11/15; 1 Mile: $15 by 11/ 15; 50m Dash: $10 by 11/15. Info: Natalie Demarko, 201 Armour Dr., Atlanta, GA 30324; (404)231-9064 (x128),, Nov. 23, Cumming - Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Cumming - Tryptophan Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 8am. Info: Totally Running (470)239-4466, Nov. 23, Dublin - Run for Grace, Half Marathon, 12K & 6K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Trista Kincaid (478)484-7789, Nov. 23, Johns Creek - Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Nov. 23, Savannah - United Way Turkey Trot 4 Mile Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kid’s K, 8am; Diaper Dash, 8:15am. Info: Lisa Clark (912)651-7706, Dec. 2, Atlanta - Atlanta Beltline Eastside 10K, 9:30am. Info: Five Star NTP (770)633-5511, Dec. 2, Commerce - Hometown Holiday Hustle 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Dallas - XTERRA Georgia “Mt. Tabor Park” 8.0/4.0 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 2, Savannah - Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run, 1/4 Mile Kids Run, 7:50am; 5K & Double Pump, 8am; 10K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Sea Island - Sea Island Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Dec. 3, Fort Valley - The Pecan Tree 10.16K, 2:34pm. Info:,, Dec. 3 & Dec. 4 - Run the Lights of Life 5K/1K, 4:30pm/1K, 5pm/ 5K. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, Dec. 9, Atlanta - Atlanta Christmas 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Ed Williams (404)993-1975, Dec. 9, Canton - Christmas Sunset Cinema 5K Run/Walk, 4:30pm. Info: (678)400-9050, Dec. 9, Cumming - Santa Shuffle 5K, 8am. Info:

Dec. 9, Dalton - 30th Annual Carpet Capital 10 Miler & 2 Mile, 9am; RRCA State Championship 10 Mile; $30/10 Mile, $15/2 Mile by 12/1; $40/10 Mile, $20/2 Mile after 12/ 1. Info: Carpet Capital Running Club, POB 2446, Dalton, GA 30722; (706)537-3314,, Dec. 9, Madison - Madison Christmas Rush Classic, 5K 9am; 8K 10am; 1 Mile 10:15am. Info: Cindy England (478)451-7113, Dec. 10, Kennesaw - Locomotive Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631,

Dec. 15-17, Atlanta - JG 13.1 Galloway Race Weekend, Half Marathon, 8am (12/17); Barb’s 5K, 8am & Fit Kids Run Walk, 9am. (12/16); $125/Double G (Half Marathon & 5K), $80/Half, $30/5K by 9/30; $130/Double G (Half Marathon & 5K), $85/Half, $32/5K by 11/30. Info: (800)200-2771 (x306),, See Ad page 9. Dec. 16, Bishop - Will Chamberlin Memorial Santa Stroll 8K & Black Bag Race Series Awards, 8:30am. Info: Carole Black (706)6807223, Tom Bagley (507)867-8688,


Running Journal • October, 2017

KENTUCKY Oct. 1, LaGrange - OCPR Skeleton 5K, 2pm. Info: Gary Parsons (502)225-0655, Oct. 1, Lexington - The Raven 5K & 10K Trail Run, 10am. Info: Oct. 1, Lexington - Sidney’s Country Fair 5K & Family FR/Walk, 1pm. Info: Oct. 6, Lexington - Run for the Horses 5K, 6pm. Info: Oct. 6, Lexington - Bluegrass Mile, 7pm. Info: Oct. 7, Burnside - BES Beta 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Carlisle - Cedar Hill 5K Trail Run/Walk, 4:30pm. Info: (606)776-6376. Oct. 7, Corbin - 5K Run/Walk for Homeless Animals & Dog Walk, 6pm. Info: Oct. 7, Danville - Run for the Son, 5K Run/Walk 9am; 1K Kids Run 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Elizabethtown - E’Town Fall Classic Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Lawrenceburg - Anderson Humane Mutt Strut 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: Linda Osborn (502)680-1052, Oct. 7, Lexington - VIPS 5K For The 5 Senses, 5K Run/Walk 9am. Info: (859)475-3232, Oct. 7, Mount Sterling - Run for the Donuts 5K Walk/Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Mount Vernon - Bittersweet 5K Run, 2 Mile Walk; 7:30am. Info: Kayla Rowe (606)256-7767, Oct. 7, Nicholasville - KTFMC Taylor Made Trot 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Richmond - Historic Haunt 10K Race & 5K Run/Walk, 5:30pm; Little Goblins Run, 5pm. Info: Oct. 7, Williamstown - Explore the Mud Obstacle Course Race, 3 Miles; 9am-12pm (heats every 15 mins.); $55/individual, $45/ group, by 9/22; $65 Race Day Registration. Info: Elizabeth Steffer, 105 Baton Rouge Rd., Williamstown, KY 41097; (859)363-2093,, https:// Oct. 8, Hodgenville - Lincoln Days Railsplitter Run 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Bowling Green - Spartan Stride 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Clay City - Clay City Lions Club 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Elizabethtown - HCP Heartland Fall Festival Spooky 5K/3K Fun Run/Walk; 5K/Fun Run 9:15am; Pumpkin Run 9:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Lexington - UK Women’s Club Fall Fund Run, 3K Fun Run/Walk; 10:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Louisville - Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Family Walk, 9:30am. Info: (502)495-7824, Oct. 14, Louisville - Bowman Field 4 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Nicholasville - Yes, Mamm! 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Pikeville - Paint Pikeville Pink 5K/10K, 1 Mile Fun Walk; 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Midway - Iron Horse Half Marathon & 12K, 8am. Info: Oct. 20, Somerset - Rogers Scholars 5K GLOW Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Oct. 21, Bowling Green - Med Center Health 10K Classic, 8am (wheelchair 7:55am); 5K Run/Walk, 7:3am; 1.5 Mile Fun Walk, 7:45am. Info: (270)796-2141, Oct. 21, Danville - Centre Homecoming 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Elizabethtown - Warrior Wes 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Junction City - Jaguar Jog 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Lexington - Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 9:45am. Info: (859)368-7133, Oct. 21, Lexington - Pumpkin Run 3K, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Lexington - The Kentucky Blood Run 5K, 5pm. Info: (859)475-3232, Oct. 21, Louisville - Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, 8:30am. Info: (502)587-7767, Oct. 21, Midway - Trail Run for Victory, Mind & Scholarship, 5K Trail Run 9am; 2K Trail Walk 9:15am. Info: Oct. 21, Salt Lick - The Reaper 30K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Oct. 22, Burnside - The Burnside Mile, 3pm. Info: Oct. 27, Frankfort - The Black Cat Chase 5K Fun Run & Walk, 7pm. Info: Oct. 28, Cadiz - Lake Barkley Trick-or-Trot 5K Run, 2 Mile Walk; 9am. Info: Chris Scott (270)924-1131, Oct. 28, Danville - Monster Mash 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Kids Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Elizabethtown - Officers Down 5K Run/Walk, 10am; Kids FR, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Frenchburg - Country Autumn Run 5K, 10am. Info: Ken Catron (859)771-4182. Oct. 28, Louisville - Pumpkin 5Spice K Halloween Fun Run, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Monticello - Run For Your Life 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Somerset - PCHS Cheer Halloween Scares That Care 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Versailles - Run For Their Lives 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1

Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Georgetown - Run For Another 5K & 10K, 9am. Info: (859)215-0215, Nov. 4, Lexington - Dirty Dog Trail 4 Miler, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Lexington - National Horse Show 5K Run/Walk, 5pm. Info: Nov. 4, Midway - Hope For Tomorrow 5K, 10am; 1 Mile FR, 9:30. Info: Nov. 4, Morehead - Turkey Trot for a Cure 5K Walk/Run for Alzheimer’s, 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Wilmore - Flight of the Phoenix 5K, 1pm. Info: Nov. 5, Bowling Green - bg26.2 & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Lilly Riherd (270)791-2346, Nov. 5, Lexington - VA5K Run/Walk, 12pm. Info: Nov. 11, Georgetown - Colors of Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Mount Vernon - Renfro Rock ‘N Run Half Marathon, 8:30am; 5 Miler & 5K Run/Walk, 8:35am. Info: Kayla Rowe (606)256-7767, Nov. 11, Pine Ridge - Rough Trail Ultra 50K, 7am; 25K, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, LaGrange - 360 Degree Chiropractic Turkey Trotter, 5 Miles 8am. Info: Gary Parsons (502)225-0655, Nov. 18, Lexington - The Gobbler Half Marathon, 10 Miler & 10K, 8:30am. Info: (859)475-3232, Nov. 18, Nicholasville - Turkey Strut 5K, 9am. Info: John Howard (859)396-9136, Nov. 23, Lexington - Thoroughbred Classic 5K & Kay Collins Memorial Mile, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Louisville - Northeast Family YMCA Turkey Trot 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; Kid’s Trot, 9:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Nancy - Pilgrimage in the Park 5K Run/Walk, 7:45am; Fun Run/Walk, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 24, Murray - Turkey Day 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Monticello - Elfin Around 5K Run & 2K Awareness Walk, 10am. Info: Dec. 2, Owensboro - Care Net Reindeer Run 5K & Walk, 9am. Info: Dec. 3, Frankfort - Frankfort Frosty 5K, 2pm. Info: Dec. 9, Nicholasville - Ugly Sweater 5K Run, 4:30pm. Info: John Howard (859)396-9136, Dec. 9, Somerset - PT Pros Santa Sleigh 5K, 9am. Info: (606)677-2006, Dec. 21, Frankfort - Jingle Bell 3K, 5pm. Info: (502)875-1675, Dec. 23, La Grange - 12 K’s of Christmas, 7.5 Mile Run/Walk & 6K (approx. 3.7 miles), 9am. Info:

LOUISIANA Oct. 7, Kaplan - Boogie On The Boulevard 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile Walk/Run, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Lafayette - Striding for Scholarships 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Lafayette - Cajun Road Runners Big Pete’s Classic 8K, 8am. Info: Oct. 8, New Orleans - Kelsey Bradley Favrot Memorial 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am; 1/2 Mile FR, 8am. Info: New Orleans Running Systems Road Race Mgmt., Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)8847565, Oct. 8, Thibodaux - Phi Kappa Theta: Salazar Strong 5K for Breast Cancer, 4pm; FR, 3:30pm. Info: Oct. 14, Bastrop - Chemin-a-Haut Trail 4 Mile, 8:30am. Info: (318)281-3794, Oct. 14, Cameron - Lighthouse Run, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 4pm. Info: Oct. 14, Lafayette - Tour des Atakapas Run @ Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, Timed Runs - 3, 5 or 7 Miles; Duathlon - Run1.5 mi., Paddle-2 mi., Run-1.5 mi.; 8:30am. Info: Scott Schilling (337)781-9416, Oct. 14, Lafayette - Footprints Forever 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, New Orleans - Walk For Education, 5K Run/Walk; 8:30am. Info: New Orleans Running Systems Road Race Mgmt., Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)884-7565, Oct. 15, Mandeville - Northshore Half Marathon & 10 Miler, 7am. Info: Oct. 21, Columbia - The Great Pumpkin 5K Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Houma - The Homestead Assisted Living 5K Race, 8:30am; Senior Fun Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Kenner - Oktoberfest Race, 2 Mile. Info: (504)304-2326, Oct. 21, New Orleans - Komen New Orleans Race for the Cure, Kids Dash 8:30am; 1 Mile Run/Walk 8:45am; 5K Run/Walk 9:30am. Info: Susan G. Komen New Orleans (504)455-7310, Oct. 22, Erath - Monster Dash 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Coach Skeeter (337)577-2534. Oct. 28, New Orleans - New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Nov. 4, Avery Island - Jungle Gardens 7K Trail, 5K Run & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Franklinton - Q50 Races Chupacabra Trail Races, 10 Mile & 5 Mile; 11:59pm. Info: Nov. 11, Akers - Middendorf’s Manchac Run/Walk, 10 Mile, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)884-7565, Nov. 11, New Orleans - YMCA Corporate Cup 5K, 8:30am; Stroller 5K, 8:45am; Kids’ 1/2 Mile, 9:30am. Info: (504)304-2326, Nov. 18, Gonzales - Baby Steps Infertility Awareness Fun Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Winnsboro - Winnsboro Garden District 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, New Orleans - NOAC Turkey Day Race, 5 Miles & 1/ 2 Mile. Info: (504)304-2326, Dec. 2, Baton Rouge - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: (225)337-0041, Dec. 2, Franklinton - Q50 Races Trails Relay Event, 10 Mile, 20 Mile & 40 Mile; 9am. Info: Dec. 3, Kenner - Lake Town Distance Festival, 10 Mile, 10K & 5K Run/Walk. Info: New Orleans Running Systems Road Race Mgmt., Chuck George, Race Dir. (504)884-7565, Dec. 9, Lafayette - Cajun Country Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: Scott Schilling (337)781-9416, Dec. 10, Shreveport - Log Jammer Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Matt McVicar (318)759-0032, Dec. 16, Gretna - Ole Man River Half Marathon & 5K. Info: (504)304-2326,

MARYLAND Oct. 1, Annapolis - Kids XC Series #4, 1/4 Mile to 1 Mile (12under); 3:30pm. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 1, Harwood - Annapolis Striders Metric Marathon, 26.2K (16.28 mi.); 8am. Info: Oct. 1, Mount Airy - Linganore Winecellars Cross Country Classic, Half Marathon 8am; 10 Mile 8:15am; 5 Mile 8:30am. Info: Oct. 1, Parkville - Mogadishu Mile Memorial Ruck 2017, 11am. Info: Oct. 1, Sparks - GPS NCR Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Brian Flowers (410)630-1580, Oct. 1, Upper Marlboro - Roller Coaster Run @ Six Flags America, 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk; 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Baltimore - Leakin Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 7, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Columbia - Oktoberfest 5K, 8am. Info: (410)308-1870, Oct. 7, Columbia - Janayitri 5K Run for a Cause (J5K), 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Crofton - AVFD 5K/10K Rescue Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Cumberland - Great Allegany Run, 15K & 5K; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Ellicott City - One Step Closer 2017 Walk & 5K, 10am. Info: Howard County Autism Society (410)290-3466, Oct. 7, Laurel - Caleb’s Corner Charities 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:15am. Info: Oct. 8, Catonsville - BIAMD Scarecrow Classic 5K & 1 Mile Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 8, Clarksville - Kids XC Series #5, 1/4 Mile to 1 Mile (12under); 3:30pm. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 8, Ellicott City - Mt. Hebron Viking 5K Cross Country Race, 9am. Info: Mt. Hebron Viking Backers (410)696-2873, Oct. 8, Piney Point - Lower Potomac River Ten-Mile Run, 7:45am. Info: Oct. 14, Baltimore - Baltimore City Recreation & Parks 5K Series - Zombie Zoom, 8am. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 14, Bel Air - Holly’s Hope 5K Run, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: SARC (410)838-9484, Oct. 14, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Solomons Island - Calvert Memorial Hospital Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: (410)535-8233. Oct. 15, Baltimore - Komen Maryland Race for the Cure 5K Run, 5K Walk & 1 Mile Family Fun Walk; 9am. Info: (410)938-8990. Oct. 15, Chesapeake City - Run the Vineyards Bohemia River Scenic 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Rockville - Home Run 10K & 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run, 8:45am. Info: (301)881-0300. Oct. 21, Baltimore - Baltimore Running Festival, 7:30am/5K, 8am/Marathon & Relay, 9:45am/Half Marathon; 9:20am/Kid’s FR. Info: (410)605-9381, Oct. 21, Baltimore - Leakin Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Burkittsville - Spook Hill Cider & Wine 4 Mile Run, 8:30am. Info: Bill Susa - Oct. 21, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Woodsboro - Woodsboro 5K Run, 9am. Info: (301)6765312. Oct. 22, Frederick - Crib Crawl 5K, 10am. Info: Oct. 22, Clarksville - Kids XC Series #6, 1/4 Mile to 1 Mile (12under); 3:30pm. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 28, Baltimore - Ready, Set...Sniff! 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk, 9am. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 28, Baltimore - Leakin Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Bel Air - Heather L. Hurd 5K Spooktacular Run, 8am. Info: HCC Foundation (443)412-2449,

Oct. 28, Carderock - Potomac River Run Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am & 9am. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Oct. 28, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Frederick - Headless Horseman 5K & 1K FR, 11:30am. Info: Frank Strakonsky (301)698-0958, Oct. 28, Hunt Valley - ASA RunFest 2017, 10K Race 9am; 5K Race 9:05am; 1 Mile Walk 9:10am; Halloween Hustle 9:45am. Info: Oct. 28, Ocean City - Seaside 10 Mile Run & 5K Halloween Bash, 10 Mile 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: Oct. 28, Rockville - Make Your Mark Montgomery 5K & 1K Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 29, Baltimore - Kids XC Series #7, 1/4 Mile to 1 Mile (12under); 3:30pm. Info: Charm City Run (410)308-1870, Oct. 29, Columbia - HCC 5K Challenge Race, Run. Climb. Crawl., 8:30am. Info: (443)518-1970. Oct. 29, Kingsville - GPS Cross Country 3 Miler. Info: Baltimore Road Runners (410)630-1580, Oct. 29, Thurmont - Friends 5K & 10K, 9am; 1.4 Mile FR/Walk, 9:02am; Tot Trot, 8:50am. Info: (301)371-7664, Nov. 4, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Frederick - The Great Pumpkin Run: Maryland, 5K 10am. Info: (815)343-3525, Nov. 4, Germantown - Schaeffer Half Marathon & 10K Trail Run, 9am/Half, 10:30am/10K; 12pm/Free Kids Race (ages 2-11). Info: Nov. 4, Pasadena - Downs Park 5 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 5, Kingsville - Little Gunpowder Trail 8 Miles. Info: (410)6301580, Nov. 5, Mount Airy - Run Through the Grapevine 8K, 10am. Info: Nov. 11, College Park - College Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Frederick - Ballenger Creek Elementary School Bobcat 5K, 8:30am; 1K FR, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 11, Westminster - Island Green Family Fun Center - 5K Walk/Run Cross Country, 9am. Info: Nov. 17, Annapolis - Lights on the Bay 5K & Fun Run, 6:15pm. Info: Nov. 18, Annapolis - Annapolis Running Classic Half Marathon & 10K, 7am. Info: Nov. 19, Gambrills - Cold Turkey 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Baltimore - Race 13.1 Baltimore Inner Harbor Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Dec. 2, Westminster - Christmas Camel Canter 5K & Fun Run. Info: Dec. 10, Annapolis - Anniversary Run 15K, 10am. Info:

MISSISSIPPI Oct. 5, Pontotoc - #Beawarrior5K, 7pm. Info: Murray Collum (662)507-5658, Oct. 7, Cleveland - Hog Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Coldwater - The ARK 10K, 8am. Info: Amanda Drogmiller (901)288-6295, Oct. 7, Corinth - Austin’s Shoes Run With Rotary 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Gulfport - Fear The Run 5K, 9am. Info: Belinda Riser (228)206-1868, Oct. 7, Hernando - Hernando Water Tower 10K, 8am. Info: Gia Matheny (662)429-9092, Oct. 7, Indianola - Cancer Awareness 5K Walk/Run, 7:30am/ runners, 7:45am/walkers. Info: Oct. 7, Long Beach - “Run for your Life” Halloween 5K & 1 Mile Run, 4:30pm. Info: Oct. 7, Madison - A 5K Run in the Country, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile 9am (approx.). Info: Chapel of the Cross (601)856-2593. Oct. 7, Nettleton - Small Town Run Around Down’s Syndrome Awareness 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, New Albany - BNA Bank Tallahatchie River Run 5K, 1 Mile Race & 1/2 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Amanda Kent (662)534-8171, Oct. 7-8, Oxford - Run Oxford Race Weekend, 5K, 8 Mile & Half Marathon; 7:30am. Info: Marvin King (662)715-9423, Oct. 7, Pontotoc - Costume Craze 5K & 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Whitney Vitagliano (662)419-3700, Oct. 7, Summit - Stop, Drop and Roll 5K Run/Walk, 10K Run, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Tougaloo - The AKA 5K Run, 5K Walk, 1 Mile Run; 8am. Info: Marilyn Reed (601)624-3825, Oct. 7, Tupelo - Zombie Fun Run, 8:03pm. Info: Shanta Jones (662)841-6440, Oct. 14, Brookhaven - Walk for an Angel 5K, 8:30am. Info: Courtney Martin (601)730-5001, Sandy Freeman (601)996-0328. Oct. 14, Flowood - The Milk Run, 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Linda Pittman (601)613-0531, Oct. 14, Gulfport - Fear the Run 5K, 8am. Info: Belinda Riser (228)206-1868, Oct. 14, Hattiesburg - Homecoming 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Hernando - Noah’s Gift Memorial 5K, 7:55am. Info: Glenda Gurley (662)449-5002, Oct. 14, Ocean Springs - OS Rotary Night 5K & 1 Mile, 7pm. Info: (228)380-7037, Oct. 14, Pearl - Buddy Run & Walk 5K, 8:30am. Info: Sisu Race Timing (601)750-5257, Oct. 14, Ridgeland - Run to the Latin Beat 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Kid’s FR, 9am. Info: Angela McRae (601)594-9835, Oct. 14, Southaven - DG Race 5K, 8am. Info: Amanda Drogmiller (901)288-6295, Oct. 14, Southaven - St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church 5K Color Run, 8am. Info: Angi Ramsey (901)500-6998, Oct. 14, Vicksburg - Over The River Run 5 Mile Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: (601)631-2997, Oct. 19, Jackson - Purple Dress Run, 5K 6pm. Info: Julie O’Brien (601)326-3758, Oct. 19, Ridgeland - Brawn & Bubbles Run for The Brain 5K, 6pm. Info: Oct. 21, Canton - Way’s Bluff 50K, 25K & 8 Mile Trail Run, 8am. Info: Matt Clem (601)613-1812, Oct. 21, Flowood - Second Adam 5K Run, Walk & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Sisu Race Timing (601)750-5257, Oct. 21, Horn Lake - The BARC 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Amanda Drogmiller (901)288-6295, Oct. 21, Jackson - Sun King Spooktacular 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:50am. Info: Elizabeth Montambault (601)572-6530, Oct. 21, Meridian - State Games of Mississippi Pumpkin Run 5K, 8:30am; Mini Pumpkin Run 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Tim Irvine (601)938-9873, Oct. 21, Meridian - Bonita Lakes Mall Health 5K Run, 2 Mile Walk & Kid’s FR, 8am. Info: Julie Boswell (601)693-3433, Oct. 21, Waynesboro - First State Bank Monster Dash 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 26, Pearl - Rankin Glow Run, 6pm. Info: (601)825-2268, Oct. 28, Bay St. Louis - Halloween Hustle Duathlon (R-2 m., B11 mi., R-2 mi.) & 4 Mile Road Race, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Jackson - Laps for Little Ones 5K & FR, 7am. Info: (601)956-6131. Oct. 28, Meadville - Homochitto River Festival & 5K Run, 8am. Info: Rhonda Huff (601)384-5206, Oct. 28, Olive Branch - Olive Branch Zombie Fun Run 5K, 7pm. Info: Amanda (901)288-6295, Oct. 28, Poplarville - Paint The Town Pink 5K, 7:30am; Fun Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Tara Rouse (601)403-1342, Oct. 28, Sebastopol - Sebastapolooza 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Michael Weaver (601)507-2573, Oct. 28, Tupelo - Hope Continues 5K, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Vicksburg - VCS Spooky Sprint 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: (601)636-2256. Nov. 4, Clinton - Baptist Healthplex Fall Haul 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Josh Osborn (601)925-7916, Nov. 4, Pearl - MEMA Emergency Prepardness 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: Nov. 4, Yazoo City - Yazoo Delta Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: Daniel (901)274-2202, Nov. 5, University - Rebel Trail Challenge Adventure Race, 5 Miles w/obstacles; 2pm. Info: Nov. 9, Starkville - Mississippi State Veterans Day 5K, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 6:30pm. Info: Ryan Harper (662)325-6719, Nov. 11, Biloxi - Mayor’s Cup 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: (228)3807037, Nov. 11, Greenwood - Milwaukee Tool Giving Hope 5K, 8am. Info: Amanda Drogmiller (901)288-6295, Nov. 11, Pearl - Sader Run, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile FR 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Ridgeland - Hearts of Compassion Family 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (601)956-5000, Nov. 18, Carthage - Teal2Toe 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Fun Run to follow. Info: Tabitha Mizell (601)507-6224, Nov. 18, Jackson - 12K’s for the Holidays, 12K & 5K Run 7:30am; 5K Walk 7:31am; Free 1 Mile FR 9:30am. Info: (601)3556276, Nov. 18, Meridian - Magnolia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Bobbie Earley (601)917-6602, Tim Irvine (601)938-9873, Nov. 18, Vicksburg - Turkey Trot 5K, 8am. Info: Sisu Race Timing (601)750-5257, Nov. 23, Ridgeland - Fleet Feet’s Turkey Day 8K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Chris Walker (601)899-9696, Nov. 25, Gluckstadt - Lake Caroline 15K Run/Walk. Info: Nov. 25, Stennis Space Center - Mississippi Coast Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (228)380-7037, Dec. 9-10, Pass Christian - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (12/10); 5K, 8am (12/9); 1.2 Mile Kids Marathon, 9:30am (12/9). Info: (888)786-2001,

NORTH CAROLINA Oct. 1, Boone - The Painted Turtle Trot 5K Run/Walk, 11am. Info: Oct. 1, Cornelius - Novant Health 15K, 7:45am; 5K, 7:50am. Info: Oct. 1, Durham - Ales for Rail Trails 5K, 2pm. Info: Oct. 1, Greensboro - Race the Bar 5 Mile & 10 Mile, 4pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903,

Running Journal • October, 2017 Oct. 1, Greenville - Run for the Ribbons 5K, 1 Mile Walk & Kids FR; 1:45pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 1, Hillsborough - Historic Hillsborough Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Oct. 1, Mills River - Healthy Kids Running Series, 50yd. Dash, 75yd. Dash, 1/4 mi., 1/2 mi. & 1 mi. run; 3:30pm. Info: Aaron Saft (828)687-2825, Oct. 4, Fletcher - $5 5K Skirt Chaser, 6:30pm. Info: FootRx Asheville (828)687-2825, Oct. 6, Denver - Track Attack 5K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Albemarle - Wadesboro 5K Glow Run - Special Olympics, 6:30pm. Info: (704)294-9060, Oct. 7, Atlantic Beach - Twin Bridges 8K Road Race, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Avon - HICF Positively Pink 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Buies Creek - Color Run for Ronald 5K, 10am. Info: Oct. 7, Carrboro - Carrboro 10K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Charlotte - Dirty Dozen Obstacle Adventure Race, Various Distances; 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Clayton - Cleveland High School Color Splash Run 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Clayton - Flowers Plantation 4 Our Schools 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Clyde - Power Of Pink 5K, 9am; Survivor/Honor/Memory Walk, 10am. Info: Glory Hound Events (828)400-5868, Oct. 7, Concord - Candy Corn 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Dunn - The Journey 5K Glow Run, 7:30pm. Info: Oct. 7, Durham - Durham, NC Ostomy 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Kids FR, 9:15am. Info: Laura Leininger (919)357-7610, Oct. 7, Haw River - Special Olympics of Alamance Haw River Trail Run, 8 Mile & 5K; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Hickory - Trick or Trot 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, High Point - Horneytown Run for Hospice 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, High Point - Knights Run for Disabilities, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Jeff Lloyd (336)707-1110, Oct. 7, Lincolnton - Talon Walk 5K & Color Run, 5K 9am; Color Run 10:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Louisburg - 5K Tar River Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Mills River - Be BOLD 8K, 10am. Info: Oct. 7, Mount Gilead - Smokin’ Pig 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Nashville - Missions Color Run 5K, 7am; 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Ocean Isle Beach - Run Ocean Isle Beach Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Pilot Mountain - Pilot Mountain 5K Trail Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Pinehurst - 1 in 8K - Run for Moore, 8K Run/Walk 8am; 1K FR/Walk 10am. Info: co’ Oct. 7, Raeford - Puppy Creek Fire Department Breast Cancer Awareness 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Raleigh - Race 13.1 Raleigh Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Oct. 7, Raleigh - Run for Their Lives 5K & 3K, 8:30am. Info: Cody Davidson (336)775-7088, Oct. 7, Salemburg - Salemburg Little Leopards Body & Mind 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Salisbury - Hero 5K Run/Walk, 9am; FR, 9:50am. Info: (704)638-9000 (x4480), Oct. 7, Selma - Selma Railroad Run, 5K 8am. Info: Joni HubbleZeneberg (919)965-9841 (x8002), Oct. 7, Statesville - Yokefellow 5K & Hunger Walk, 9am. Info: Aaron Morrison (919)395-4831, Oct. 7, Thomasville - ‘Run Friends Run’-DCEF-5K Walk/Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Thomasville - HiToms Home Run 5K, 9am. Info: (336)4728667, Oct. 7, Vanceboro - Wounded Warrior 5K Color Run & 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Wadesboro - 5K Glow Run/Anson Co Sheriff’s Office Special Olympics, 6pm. Info: Oct. 7, Wilmington - Run For The Ta Tas, Women 5K 8am; Men 5K 8:02am; 1 Mile Walk 8:03am. Info: Oct. 7, Winston-Salem - Maddie’s Miles 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 8, Albemarle - HealthWave 5K & Fun Run, 2pm. Info: Oct. 8, Cary - Cary Fire House Tour Marathon, Marathon (26.2 mi. + Extra Mile) & Relay 7:30am; Half Marathon (13.1 mi. +Extra Mile) & Relay 9:30am; 10K 11am. Info: Oct. 8, Greensboro - Qorvo 5K Run/Walk, 2pm; 1 Mile FR, 3pm. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, Oct. 8, Greenville - The Ghoulish Gallop 5K, 2pm; 1 Mile Fun Walk to follow. Info: Oct. 8, Mills River - Healthy Kids Running Series, 50yd. Dash, 75yd. Dash, 1/4 mi., 1/2 mi. & 1 mi. run; 3:30pm. Info: Aaron Saft (828)687-2825, Oct. 10, Fletcher - Appalachian Series Day 4 - NC, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 10, Winston-Salem - $5-5K Running Series, 6:15pm. Info: Oct. 13, Morganton - Howler 5K & 1 Miler, 5:30pm. Info:

Oct. 14, Belhaven - Darleen’s Flamingo 5K, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 14, Belmont - Dannie Benjamin Memorial Belmont 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Cary - O2 Fitness 5K at the SAS Championship, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Chapel Hill - Run 4 Peace, 4K Run & 1 Mile Family Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Charlotte - Rescue Me 5K, 9am; 100 Yard Dash FR for Kids (12-under), 9:45am. Info: Oct. 14, Clinton - Rockin’ Run to the Arts 5K & Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Cullowhee - CCR&T-TOC 10K Green Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Denver - SailView 5K, 6pm; Kids FR, 5:30pm. Info: Oct. 14, Greensboro - Women’s Only 5K Walk & Run, 9:30am; Girls’ Only Mini Walk/Run, 8:15am. Info: Jill McAllister (336)8328658, Oct. 14, Greensboro - The Cannonball. Greensboro’s Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 14, Greenville - Good Samaritan 5K Run/Cross Training, 5K Walk; 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Hickory - EmergeOrtho Oktoberfest 5K Footrace & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Jacksonville/Camp Johnson - USAA Grand Prix Series - Remembrance Run 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: (910)451-0025, Oct. 14, Kannapolis - Nutrithon 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Dianne Berry (704)699-4800, Oct. 14, LaGrange - Run 4 Christ 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Morrisville - TAP’s Strides for Speech 5K Walk/Run, 8:30am; Half Mile, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Mount Airy - 5K on the Greenway, 8am. Info: Darren Lewis (336)786-8313, Oct. 14, Mountain Air (near Burnsville) - The Ascent at Mountain Air 5K, 5pm; Fun Run, 6pm. Info: Glory Hound Events (828)4005868, Oct. 14, Pinehurst - Flyers Fun Rock & Run 5K Trail, 10am. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, Oct. 14, Pittsboro - Monster Dash 5K Run & Kids Obstacle Course, 8am. Info: Oct. 14, Princeton - Feel the Burn 10K & 5K, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 14, Raleigh - Triangle Run/Walk for Autism 5K, 9am; Mile, 9:40am. Info: Shelley Jarman (919)865-5051, Oct. 14, Raleigh - Oktoberfest 8K, 10:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Salisbury - Lion’s Run 6K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Selma - 5K Color Outside the Lines 5K, 9am; Mile, 10am. Info: Ashley Davis (919)631-5998, Oct. 14, Shelby - Earl Scruggs Center Rhythm and Roots 5K/ 10K Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Sparta - Run for Gracie 5K, 10am. Info: Daryl Simpson (336)359-8327. Oct. 14, Waynesville - Bethel Half Marathon & 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Wendell - Feed Your Neighbor 5K, 10:30am. Info: Oct. 15, Chapel Hill - Kilometers For The Kids 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: Oct. 15, Mills River - Healthy Kids Running Series, 50yd. Dash, 75yd. Dash, 1/4 mi., 1/2 mi. & 1 mi. run; 3:30pm. Info: Aaron Saft (828)687-2825, Oct. 20, Boone - NSSLHA Zombie 5K & Kid’s Costume FR, 7pm. Info: Oct. 20-21, Raleigh to Atlantic Beach - Tuna Run 200 Relay, 6am. Info: Oct. 21, Asheville - ADHD Awareness Eagle Run 5K, 8am. Info: Andrea Wackerle (828)456-3435, Oct. 21, Brevard - Pisgah 26.2 Hour Adventure Race & 10 Hour Race; Trekking, Mtn. Biking & Paddling; 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Butner - Helping Butner and the World One Step At A Time 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Cary - Say Boo to Cancer 5K, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Charlotte - Big South 5K Road Race, 8am. Info: Chad Cook (704)341-7990, Oct. 21, Charlotte - NewDominion Bank Rocktoberfest Half Marathon, 7:40am; 5 Miler, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Eden - Kimmie Shea Halloween 5K, 10am. Info: Oct. 21, Gold Hill - Gold Rush 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1/2 Mile FR, 9:45am. Info: Vivian Hopkins (704)267-9439, Oct. 21, Greensboro - Triple Lakes Trail Races, Half Marathon, 40K & 40 Mile & Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 21, Greensboro - Priscilla & Sam McCall Half Marathon Relay for Shriners Hospital, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Greensboro - Victorious Warrior 5K Walk/Run, 9am. Info: (910)228-9409, Oct. 21, Greensboro - Northern Guilford High School Harvest Hustle 5K, 6pm. Info: Oct. 21, Hendersonville - Trick or Trial 5 Mile & 1 Mile Spooky Sprint, 6:30pm. Info: iDaph Events (828)684-0821, Oct. 21, Hollister - Medoc Trail Races, 5K, 10 Mile & 26.2 Miles; 8:30am. Info: Rocky Mount Endurance Club - Oct. 21, Huntersville - The Amazing Race 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Kernersville - 5K Cross Country Classic in Honor of


Allison Brown, 8:30am. Info: Trivium Racing (313)304-0903, Oct. 21, Kinston - Mother Earth Brewing Ironclad Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 21, Lenoir - Sunshine Courage Adventure Run, 3-4 Mile Run, 10am; 1 Mile Competitive Youth Run & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 11am. Info: Oct. 21, Lillington - Harnett Health 5K River Run 5K, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 21, Mayodan - Running of the Bales 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (336)342-9676, Oct. 21, Morehead City - Habor Hustle 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 21, Morganton - Burke Color Run 5K, 9:30am. Info: (828)548-6961, Oct. 21, Mount Airy - The Zombies Are Coming 5K, 6pm. Info: Angela Shur (336)786-1537, Oct. 21, Newland - Camp Linn Haven 5K Fun Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Newton - Night Crawl 5K, 7:30pm. Info: Oct. 21, Polkton - Every Life Matters 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Spindale - TransformHer 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Women’s Only Event. Info: Oct. 21, Stony Point - New Sterling’s Run with the Cows, 5K & 10K, 9am; 2 Mile FR/Walk, 9:15am. Info: Oct. 21, Trenton to Atlantic Beach - Tuna Run 70 Relay, 5am. Info: Oct. 21, Washington - WMPCS 5K @Smoke on the Water, 8:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 21, Wake Forest - Paws for Life 5K-9, 5K 10am; 1 Mile 10:15am. Info: Kelly Larson (919)522-0727, Oct. 21, Wilson - #DOIT4EM 5K Memorial Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Winston-Salem - Ardmore RAH, 1 Mile FR 8am; 5K Run/Walk 8:30am; 10K 9:15am. Info: (336)403-5800. Oct. 22, Charlotte - Noah Graham Foundation 4 Miler, 9am. Info: (704)893-3800 (x103), Oct. 22, Durham - Quintiles/MS Bull City Race Fest, Half Marathon 7:30am; 5 Mile 8:15am; 1 Mile 8:30am. Info: Oct. 22, Goldsboro - Color Outside the Lines 5K Run/Walk, 1pm; 1 Mile FR, 1:30pm. Info: Oct. 22, Greenville - Sam’s 5K Road Race, 1K Kids FR; 12pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 28, Apex - American Tobacco Trail Ten Miler, 8:50am/ Women’s Race, 9am/Men’s Race. Info: Oct. 28, Asheville - Race to the Taps Running Series #4 Wedge Brewing Company 5 Miler, 11am. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, Oct. 28, Benson - Healthy Harvest 5K, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 28, Boone - Spooky Duke 5K & 10K, 9am; Costume March, 10am. Info: Oct. 28, Buies Creek - Walter S. Barge Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: Glenn Jonas (910)893-1675,

Oct. 28, Burlington - I will Survive 5K, 8:30am; $25 by 10/26 (9am), $30 on race day. Info: Bob Hill, 2235 Walker Ave., Burlington, NC 27215; (336)584-0621,, Oct. 28, Cary - Reasons to Run 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Chapel Hill - No To Domestic Violence 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Chapel Hill - Pumpkin Trail Run 4K, 5pm. Info: Oct. 28, Charlotte - Running Scared 5 Miler, 9am; Monster Mile, 10:15am. Info: (704)338-2279, Oct. 28, Concord - Trot 4 Tots 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Concord - Jack O Lantern Jaunt, 5K 4:45pm; Fun Run/ Walk 4:15pm. Info: Perry Gabriel (704)920-2701, Oct. 28, Dallas - Running with the Good News 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Dudley - Grantham Grange Rural Run 5K, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 28, Durham - Eno River Run - Tough as Trails Race Series, 11 Miles 8am; 6 Miles 8:30am. Info: Kim Page (919)2653904, Oct. 28, Greensboro - Hit the Brixx 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 9am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 28, Greensboro - Run 4 the Greenway, 4 Mile 5pm; 1 Mile 4:30pm. Info: Laura Lorenz (336)387-8355 or (336)457-7156 (c), Oct. 28, Greenville - Pirate Chase Race Fest 10K, 5K, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 28, Hamlet - Seaboard Festival 5K, 8am. Info: Duke Smith (910)334-1601, Oct. 28, High Point - HPU Panther Club 5K & 1 Mile Walk, 5pm. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, Oct. 28, Lexington - Hawg Run, 5K Run/Walk 7:30am; FR/ Walk 7:45am. Info: (336)249-2177, Oct. 28, Morganton - Peak to Creek Marathon, 8am. Info: David & Rhonda Lee (828)432-6664, Oct. 28, Morganton - H.O.P. Race 10K & 5K, 10am; 1 Mile Family FR, 9:15am. Info:


Running Journal • October, 2017

Oct. 28, Rural Hall - Flat and Fast 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Steve Hill (336)969-9511, Oct. 28, Salisbury - St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church 5K Run/ Walk, 9am; 1/2 Mile FR, 10am. Info: (704)642-8144, Oct. 28, Salisbury - Hurley YMCA Cross Country Halloween Dash, 1K, 2K, 3K & 4K events. Info: Ester Marsh (704)239-1622, Oct. 28, Shallotte - Shallotte 5K Trick-or-Trot - 5K Holiday Hustle Series, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Stanley - Stanley Creek Massacre 5K/10K, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Sunset Beach - Frightfully Fun 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Troutman - Wicked Fast 5K or not..., 6pm. Info: Emily (704)528-7600, Oct. 28, Wake Forest - Super Hero Run/Run for You 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am; 1.1 Mile Run/Walk, 8am; 25meter dash/free (5under), 9:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Windsor - Bertie Spooktacular 5K & 1 Mile Family FR/ Walk, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Oct. 29, Concord - Battle of the Bell 5K, 3:30pm. Info: Nov. 4, Albemarle - Harvest Hustle 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Asheville - ZERO Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 10am; 1 Mile 10:05am. Info: Nov. 4, Bath - BHS Preservation 5K Pirate Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Beaufort - Front Street Gallop and Salty Dog Walk, 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; Salty Dog Walk; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Bostic - South of the Mountain Trail Run, 5K Run/Walk; 10am. Info: Nov. 4, Catawba - Grist Mill 5K, Historic Murray’s Mill, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Chapel Hill - Eve Carson Memorial 5K for Education, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Charlotte - Team Braylon 5K Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Eden - Eden YMCA Halloween Half Marathon, 10am; Freaky 4 Mile, 10:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Greensboro - Shea’s Chase 5K Run/Walk, 11am. Info: Nov. 4, Greenville - Bolt for Bikes 5K Run, 8:30am; 1 Mile Walk. Info: Nov. 4, Hendersonville - The Salvation Army Moonlight 5 Mile Run, 6:30pm. Info: Nov. 4, High Point - GO FAR Family 5K & Fun Run, 8:15am/ 9am. Info: Kim Shue (336)508-4380, Nov. 4, King - Helen’s 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info:

Nov. 4, Lenoir - Meleah Mikeal Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 9am; $60/Half by 9/30; $35/10K, $25/5K, by 10/28. Info: Zack Carter, 1031 Jim Barger Ct., Lenoir, NC 28645; (828)757-2196,, MeleahMikealHalfMarathon Nov. 4, Mooresville - Running With The Blue Devils 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Mooresville - Home for Our Heroes 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Mooresville - Blue Ribbon Run 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Murphy - Kickin’ Asphalt 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Cherokee County Chamber (828)837-2242, Nov. 4, Pink Hill - The Great Commission 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Pinnacle - Jacob Pettitt Memorial 5K, 8:30am. Info: Allison Dotson (336)978-6586, Nov. 4, Ramseur - Millstone Creek Apple Cider 10K, 9am; 5K, 9:30am. Info: (336)824-5263, Nov. 4, Salisbury - 5K Run/Walk For Clean Water, 8:45am; Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: Nov. 4, Winston-Salem - Mission 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 5, Charlotte - Fight the Flame 5K & 1K Family Roll & Stroll, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Kannapolis - Fall Back 5K, 1:50am. Info: Shane Pethel (704)920-4280, Nov. 5, Raleigh - BCBSNC City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay & 10K, 7am; 5K, 7:20am; Kids’ Mile, 7:30am. Info: (919)3965968, Nov. 5, Wilmington - Port City Orthopaedics Battleship North Carolina Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am. Info: Ed Fore (910)3985539, Nov. 10, Charlotte - A Shot in the Dark Night Race, 5K & 10K; 6:15pm. Info: Nov. 11, Cary - Cary United Walk & Fun Run, Walk 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 10am; 5K & 10K 10:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Chapel Hill - Alpha Delta Pi’s Ronathon 5K, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Chapel Hill - Into The Woods 5K, 9:05am. Info: Nov. 11, Charlotte - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Clemmons - Manna Meals Soup Ministry Souper 5K, 6pm. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 11, Davidson - Summit Twilight 5K, 6pm. Info: Nov. 11, Elizabethtown - Elizabethtown Rotary 8K Trail Run & Fun Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Forest City - “Go The Extra Mile” Patriotic Light the Night 5K Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: Nov. 11, Fort Bragg - Joint Special Operations 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Hiddenite - Run for the Dogs Trail Race, 4 mi., 8 mi., & 12 mi.; 8:30am. Info: Rick French (828)632-1093, Nov. 11-12, Kitty Hawk to Manteo - TowneBank Outerbanks Marathon & Half Marathon (11/12), 7am; 11/11: 8K, 8:45am; 5K, 9:30am; Diaper Dash, 11:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Matthews - Let Them SOAR 5K, 8am. Info: (704)8933800 (x103), Nov. 11, Newton - Run for Maggie 5K Memorial Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info: Nov. 11, Newton - Catawba Country Club Fore.2 Mile Run/ Walk (4.2 Miles), 4:30pm. Info: Nov. 11, Raleigh - Kool Dans 4 Life 5K Run for Epilepsy, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Reidsville - Reidsville Family YMCA Turkey Trot, 5K Run 9:15am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Troutman - Lake Norman State Park 30K & 50K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Wilson - Emery’s Run 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8am; Tot Trot (6-under), 10am. Info: Nov. 12, Greenville - River Park Rumble 5K Trail Run & Nature Walk, 4pm. Info: Nov. 18, Apex - Apex Turkey Trot 5K, 10am. Info: Karl Lyon (919)249-3345, Nov. 18, Bryson City - Cherokee 5K Turkey Strut, 12Noon. Info: Nov. 18, Charlotte - Let Me Run FallFest 5K, 9am. Info: (704)893-3800 (x103), Nov. 18, Clayton - Flowers Plantation Gobble Till You Wobble 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info:

Nov. 18, Concord - Santa Scramble 5K, 2pm; $20 thru 11/3 w/shirt, $15 thru 11/3 w/ o shirt; $25 thru 11/16. Info: Perry Gabriel (704)796-3542, santascramble5k@hot, https://www.santascramble Nov. 18, Efland - Camp Chestnut Ridge Trail Races, 4 & 8.5 Miles; 10am. Info: Alan Schumacher (336)214-7068,, Nov. 18, Greensboro - Zero Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8:45am. Info: Nov. 18, Hickory - Hickory YMCA Turkey Trot, Youth FR (age 4-12), 8:30am; 10K Run/Walk, 9am; 5K Run/Walk, 9:10am. Info: Nov. 18, Kinston - Miles with Meaning (formerly Miles with Mitzi) 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 10am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Airy - Mayberry 1/2 Marathon, 8am; 10K, 8:15am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Darren Lewis (336)786-8313, Nov. 18, Scotland Neck - Sylvan Heights Bird Park Fly for Five, 5K & Family FR/Walk; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 18, Shallotte - 5K Turkey Trot, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Smithfield - Gobble Waddle 5K/10K, 9am. Info: (919)938-7581, Nov. 18, Tryon - Tryon Half Marathon, 8am. Info: George Alley (828)894-2988,, https:// Nov. 18, Winston-Salem - SPWOC We Care Run/Walk for Hunger 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 19, Greensboro - Race the Bar Crawl 5K, 3pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Nov. 23, Albemarle - Uwharrie Running Club’s Turkey Trot 4.2 Mile Run, 7am. Info: Nov. 23, Calabash - Calabash Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile - 5K Holiday Hustle Series, 8am. Info: Nov. 23, Carrboro - Gallop & Gorge 8K, 8am. Info:

Nov. 23, Charlotte - University City Turkey Trot 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Kid’s FR, 9am; $30/5K, $12/1 Mile. Info: University City Turkey Trot, POB 480714, Charlotte, NC 28269; (704)5622760,, Nov. 23, Charlotte - Charlotte SouthPark Turkey Trot, 1 Mile FR 8:30am; 8K Run & 8K Baby Joggers 9am; 5K Run/Walk & 5K Baby Joggers 9:30am; Tot Trot 10:15am. Info: Race Hotline (704)377-8786, Nov. 23, Duck - Advice 5K Turkey Trot, 9am. Info: Nancy Caviness (252)255-8124, Nov. 23, Goldsboro - Goldsboro Family YMCA Turkey Trot, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Nov. 23, Greenville - Beau’s Buddies Turkey Trot for Tots, 5K Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile Fun Walk 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Hatteras - Surfin’ Turkey 5K, 8am; Puppy Drum Run, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Lexington - Thanksgiving Day Early Bird 5K & 3K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Mooresville - Mooresville/Lake Norman 5K Turkey Trot, 9am; Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, New Bern - Twin Rivers YMCA Turkey Trot 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kids Dash, 9:15am. Info: Nov. 23, Raleigh - Skinny Turkey Half Marathon, 7:30am; Just Think First 5K, 8am. Info: (919)376-9441, Nov. 23, Winston-Salem - Turkey Stunt 5K, 8:30am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Nov. 25, Carolina Beach - Wilmington Roadrunners Turkey Trot 4 Mile Trail Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 25, Elizabeth City - Kids First Turkey Trot 5K, 9am; Diaper Dash & Tot Trot, 10am; Gobble Wobble Family Fun Mile, 10:15am. Info: Nov. 25, Raleigh - Turkey Chase 20K, 10K & 5K; 7:30am. Info: Nov. 25, Spindale - Elves and Bells 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 25, Taylorsville - Rotary’s Reindeer 8K Romp, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Asheville - Jingle Bell 5K, 10am. Info: Glory Hound Events (828)400-5868, Dec. 2, Burlington - Run at the Rock Trail Race, 14 Mile & 7 Mile; 9am. Info: (336)793-4311, Dec. 2, Charlotte - Krueger Reindeer Romp 5K, 8am; Kids FR, 8:45am. Info: Sharon Alber (704)716-6999, Dec. 2, Charlotte - ACC Fan 5K, 8am; Kids Mascot Run, 9am. Info: (704)644-4047. Dec. 2, Eden - Jingle Bell Rockin’ 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, Dec. 2, Huntersville - Girls On The Run 5K North, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Waxhaw - Gingersnap 5K, 8am. Info: Jill Connolly (704)910-9469, Dec. 2, Winston-Salem - Mistletoe Half Marathon, 8:20am; 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run, 7:50am. Info: Dec. 3, Durham - Race Across Durham Trail Marathon, 8am; 10 Miler/Sold Out, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Camp Lejeune - Naughty and Nice 5K, 8am. Info: (910)451-0025, Dec. 9, Charlotte - Jingle Bell Run - Charlotte, Certified 5K, 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 9:30am (registration opens 8am). Info: Kristina Aquilone (704)705-1798,, charlotte. Dec. 9, Charlotte - Girls On The Run 5K South, 9am. Info: Dec. 9, Durham - Race 13.1 Durham, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 8am; Holiday Kids FR, 7:30am. Info: Dec. 9, Huntersville - Huntersville Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Bear Robinson (704)301-5932, Dec. 9, Mt. Airy - Rosy Cheeks 5K, 9am; Kids Jingle Bell 1/2 Mile Jog, 9:45am. Info: (336)786-8313, Dec. 9, Pittsboro - Reindeer Run 5K, 8am; Kids 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Erin Suwattana (919)542-7449 (x114), Dec. 16, Charlotte - Santa Run 8K, 9am; Snowman Dash 1 Mile, 10:15am. Info: (704)338-2279, Dec. 16, Charlotte - We Believe Santa 5K, 12pm. Info: Jimmy Lawler (704)391-3900, Dec. 16, Gibsonville - Fill the Sleigh 5K/World Running League Trail Championship, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: (336)263-4167, Dec. 16, High Point - Jingle Jog 5K, 8:30am. Info: (336)7934311, Dec. 16, Kannapolis - Frostbite 5K, 1 Mile FR; 10am. Info: Rhoda Waters (704)939-9622 (x718), Dec. 16, Southport - Southport Ugly Sweater 5K & 1 Mile - 5K Holiday Hustle Series, 8am. Info: Dec. 21, Morganton - Night of Light 5K & 1 Mile FR, 5pm. Info: Deanne Avery (828)391-9179, Dec. 30, Hoffman - Drop Zone Marathon & Half Marathon, 4pm. Info: Doug Dawkins (910)206-2095,

Jan. 28, Salisbury - Novant Health Winter Flight 8K Run & 5K Walk - Oldest 8K in the State, 2018 RRCA 8K State Championship Event; 8K, 2pm (Push Rim Wheelchair) 1:58pm; 5K Walk, 2pm; 1/2 Mile FR, 1:30pm; $25/8K Run, $20/5K Walk Postmarked by 1/ 25; Race Day Registration $30/8K, $25/5K; Free for 1/2 Mile FR. Info: David Freeze (704)310-6741,,

SOUTH CAROLINA Oct. 6-7, Fort Mill - Ragnar Trail Carolinas-SC, Presented by Salomon, 120 Mile Relay; 9am. Info: Customer Service (801)4995024, Oct. 7, Charleston - School Spirit Run for Niger 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Charleston - Race for Freedom 5K Run Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Charleston - The Hippie Dash 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Fountain Inn - Laurens Hope 5K, Pump and Run; Pump and Run 6:45am; 5K Race 8am; Kid’s FR 9am. Info: Lori White (864)363-9653, Oct. 7, Greenwood - Race The Helix-Greenwood 5K, 1 Mile Walk; 9am. Info: Greenwood Genetic Center Foundation (864)3881801, Oct. 7, Isle of Palms - Isle of Palms Connector Run, 5K & 10K; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Lexington - Fallen Firemen 5K Run & Walk, 8am; $30 8/ 1-10/6, $35 on Race Day. Info: Erin Roof, POB 692, Blythewood, SC

29016; (803)665-6140,,

Oct. 8, Bluffton - Buffalo Run, 50K 6:30am; 30K 8:30am; 10K 10am; $70/50K, $55/30K, $40/10K by 10/6. Info: Palmetto Bluff, 19 Village Park Square, Bluffton, SC 29910; Rob Fyfe (843)815-1718, rob@palmettorunning, Oct. 11, Seneca - Appalachian Series Day 5 - SC, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Columbia - Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 7:15am; 10K & 5K, 7:45am; Walk for Life 7:50am. Info: Kristin Hudson (803)351-0297, Oct. 14, Goose Creek - Crowfield Plantation 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Karen Hauck (843)608-9897, Oct. 14, Greer - Benson OctoberFAST 5K, 8am. Info: Hannah Rainwater (864)877-1937. Oct. 14, Johns Island (Charleston County) - Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon & 5K, 8:30am. Info: (843)795-4386, Oct. 14, West Ashley/Charleston - Avondale 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (843)805-5800, Oct. 21, Anderson - Hyco Memorial 5K, 9:15am; Doggie Dash, 8:45am. Info: Oct. 21, Bluffton - Old Town Bluffton Oyster Run, 10K Road Race & 5K Fun Run; 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Columbia - Ray Tanner Home Run, 12K, 5K Run/Walk 1 Mile Run, Kids FR; 7:45am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, Oct. 21, Fort Lawn - Trick or Treat Trot Fun Run, 4 Mile Relay, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Greenville - Run for Thought 5K & 1 Mile Walk/Roll, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Greenville - Paris Mountain Ultra 50K, 7:30am; North Lake 13.1 Miles, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Liberty - Pickens County Meals on Wheels 5K Glow Run, 7pm/Walkers, 7:30pm/Runners. Info: Kim Valentin (864)6063745,

Oct. 21-22, Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, Half Marathon 7am on 10/22; Coastal 5K 7:30am & Doggie Dash, 9:15am on 10/21; Half: $105 8/16-10/19; 5K: $40 8/1610/19; Doggie Dash: $25 by 5/16-10/19; Health & Fitness Expo (if space available): $120/ Half, $50/5K, $30/Doggie Dash; Save 10% with Code RJMINI2017 (valid Half Marathon & 5K). Info: Continental Event & Sports Management Group, LLC - info@run, Oct. 21, Newberry - Running with the Wolves 5K Race, 8am. Info: Dean Skinner (843)295-0253, Oct. 21, Pine Ridge - Run on the Ridge 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Beth Sturkie (803)261-4175, Oct. 21, Spartanburg - Your Next Step is the Cure, Spartanburg, SC 5K, 7:30am. Ino: Anna Plaza (650)598-2857. Oct. 28, Branchville - Howl at the Moon 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Charleston - Race 13.1 Charleston Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: (866)561-5651 (x301), Oct. 28, Charleston - Charleston James Island Connector Run, 5K & 10K; 8:30am. Info: (843)478-5001, Oct. 28, Georgetown - Historic Georgetown SC Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon, 12K & 5K Run/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Greenville - Spinx Runfest, Marathon 7:30am; Half Marathon 8am; 10K 8:10am; 5K 8:30am; Kids Run 8:35am. Info: Ed Hughes (864)419-6788, Oct. 28, Hanahan - Charleston Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Irmo - YMCA Pumpkin Run 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kids FR, 7:45am. Info: Ilia Owens (803)748-9622 (x130), Oct. 28, Rock Hill - Great Pumpkin 5K Race, 9am; Fun Run, 9:45am. Info: Craig Marshall (803)230-0352, Nov. 4, Anderson - Family Connection Run, Walk, Stroll 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Race, 9:15am. Info: Padgett Mozingo (803)476-7124, Nov. 4, Columbia - Heart Check 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Denetra Shine (803)553-7955, Nov. 4, Columbia - SVPC Bizarre 5K & 5 Mile Race for the Build, 8am. Info: Mike Greene (803)217-9191, Nov. 4, Folly Beach - Lung Force Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Margaret Ann Youngs (843)556-8451, Nov. 4, Florence - SC Pecan Festival Run Like A Nut, Half Marathon 8am; 5K & 10K 9am. Info: Karen Leatherman (843)6296899,, Race/SC/Florence/RunLikeANut. Nov. 4, Rock Hill - South Atlantic Conference 5K, 8am. Info: Kayla Adams (803)981-5244, Nov. 5, Sumter - Base2Base Race, 21 Miles; 7am. Info: Missy Corrigan (803)773-1404, Nov. 11, Camden - Marion DuPoint Scott Colonial Cup 10K Road Race & Mid Carolina Credit Union 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Zenobia Corley (803)432-4841, Nov. 11, Charleston - Purple Haze 5K, 9am; Pups in Purple 1/ 2 Mile, 10am. Info: Nov. 11, Lexington - Run Hard Lexington Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Jesse Harmon (803)414-9508, Nov. 11, Mount Pleasant - Old Village Harbor 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Summerville - Summerville Sweet Tea Half Marathon, 7am. Info:

Nov. 17, North Myrtle Beach - Dashing Through the Glow 5K & 1 Mile, 7pm (both races); 5K-$30, 1 Mile-$25 by 11/15; after 5K$35, 1 Mile-$30. Info: NMB Parks and Recreation, 1018 2nd Ave. South, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582; (843)280-5584,, Nov. 18, Columbia - Shandon Turkey Trot, 8K & 4K Run/Walk 7:45am; Family’ Kids FR 7:30am. Info: Strictly Running (803)7994786, Nov. 18, Columbia - Riverbanks Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sara Davis (803)602-0936, Nov. 18, Greenville - Paris Mountain Road Race 20K & 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Pleasant - Ultra Chili 10x5K (50K) & 5K, 7am. Info: Charleston County Parks (843)795-4386, Nov. 18, Orangeburg - CUCAC Health and Wellness Run/Walk 5K, 7am. Info: Treva Johnson (704)756-4703, Nov. 18, Pinopolis - Run For Thanks 5K, 9am. Info: Bill Greene (803)799-4786, Nov. 18, Rock Hill - Gobble Wobble 5K Run/Walk & 8K Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, West Columbia - Run For Our Troops 5K, 6:30pm (rescheduled from 9/11). Info: Brian Walker (803)814-5858, Nov. 23, Charleston - Turkey Day Run & Gobble, 5K 9am. Info: Joe Mule - Nov. 24, Columbia - SC Rivalry Run 5K, 9am. Info: Jaime Lomas (803)600-1800, Dec. 2, Charleston - Reindeer Run 5K, 9am. Info: (843)7923321, Dec. 2, Columbia - Red Ribbon Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Daniel Casillas (210)264-9327, Dec. 2, Lugoff - Fitness Zone Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: George Gibson (803)438-3811, Dec. 9, Anderson - Cross Your Heart Trail Run, 5K & 10K Run/ Walk 8:30am. Info: Judd Bailey (864)314-4369. Dec. 9, Charleston - Jingle Bell Run 5K & 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Dawn Kahley (304)573-8472, Dec. 9, Columbia - Harborside Lights 5K, 5:30pm. Info: Ilia Owens (803)748-9622 (x130), Dec. 9, Kiawah Island - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Greenville - Santa Run 5K, 9am. Info: Kerrie Sijon (864)423-1482. Dec. 30, Charleston - Revolutionary Run 5K, 8am. Info: Kylah Jay (843)708-4412, Dec. 30, Columbia - Cold Winters Day 5K, 10am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, Feb. 10, Hilton Head Island - Hilton Head Island Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520,, Feb. 24, Greenville - GHS Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info:

TENNESSEE Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Chattanooga - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, 7:30am; 10 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 1, Germantown - Edwin’s Way 5K, 3pm. Info: Susan Smith (901)230-0650, Oct. 1, Memphis - Camp Good Grief 5K, 2pm; 1 Mile Family Fun Walk, 3pm. Info: (901)274-2202, Oct. 1, Nashville - Greenway Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, Oct. 7, Arlington - Pink In The Park Family 2 Mile, 10am; $20. Info: Rosalyn Brown (901)430-6391,,, Register at: Oct. 7, Brighton - Three Star Stop, Drop & Run 5K, 8am. Info: Brian Holland (901)626-5556, Oct. 7, Brownsville - Haywood Middle School Half Marathon, 10K/5K Run & 5K Walk; 8:15am. Info: Tom Orr (731)225-1728, Oct. 7, Burns - Two Lakes Trail Run, 7.6 mi.; 11am. Info: John Spencer (615)441-5915, Oct. 7, Campbellsville - Run The Rolling Hills Cross Country 5K & Kids FR, 9am. Info: Campellsville Area Association (731)5143725, Oct. 7, Corryton - Corryton 8 Mile & 2 Mile Races, 8am. Info: Frank Bushakra (541)786-5924,

Oct. 7, Erwin - Unicoi County Apple Festival Road Race, 4 Mile Run & 3K Walk, 8am; $20/ 4 Mile, $15/3K by 9/30; after $25/4 Mile, $20/ 3K. Info: Frank Cooke, 601 Love St., Erwin, TN 37650; (423)743-3361,, Oct. 7, Jackson - Delta Dash 5K & 10K, 7am. Info: Marcey Sweat (731)845-4464,

Running Journal • October, 2017 Oct. 7, Kingsport - Vulcan Quarry Run, 3.5 Mile Challenger Run; 8am. Info: Kathy Lowdermilk (423)247-3240, Oct. 7, Kingston - Moonlight for Sight 5K, 9pm; Challenge Walk, 8:30pm. Info: Cathy Willis (865)243-5139, Oct. 7, Knoxville - Iron Dog 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Memphis - CHF Race For Hope 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Nashville - Nashville Oktoberfest 5K Bier Run, 8am. Info: Adam Bowie (615)205-2500, Oct. 7-8, Oneida - Trailblazer Triple Challenge, 5K 8am & 10K 10am (on 10/7); Half Marathon 2pm (on 10/8). Info: Christin Neal (423)286-9500, Oct. 7, Winchester - Southern Tennessee Power Classic Half Marathon, 7am; 5K Fun Run/Walk, 7:15am. Info: Oct. 8, Kingsport - Duck Island Fall Mile: Kids & Adults, 2:30pm/ 1st heat. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335, Oct. 8, Knoxville - Pilot CrossKnox 15K, 8am. Info: Oct. 8, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, 10 Mile 7am. Info: Oct. 8, Nashville - RunWild Shelby Bottoms 6 Miler, 8am. Info: Nashville Running Company (615)228-9191, Oct. 9, Bristol - Appalachian Series Day 3 - TN, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 13, Memphis - Mid-South Firefighter 5K, 6:30pm. Info:, Oct. 14, Hampton - Goliath at the Gorge, 10K, 5K & Kid’s Race; includes obstacles; 10am. Info: (423)946-0519, Oct. 14, Maryville - Everett Hills Race for Operation Christmas Child 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile Run, 9:45am. Info: (865)982-7890, Oct. 14, Nashville - 5K Run/Walk for Literacy & 1 Mile FR for Kids, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Rock Island - Rock Island 5 Miler, 11am. Info: Blaine Wilcher (931)743-2461, Oct. 15, Chattanoooga - 7 Bridges Marathon & Relay, 7am; 4 Bridges Half Marathon, 7:30am; 2 Bridges 5K, 7:45am. Info: Oct. 21, Johnson City - Scarecrow Skedaddle 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run, 10am. Info: The Goose Chase (423)946-0519,

Oct. 15, Knoxville - Barefoot Benefit 5K & Fall Festival, 12pm Fall Festival & Registration begins; 2pm, 5K; 1 Mile, 2:15pm; Note: It is optional to run barefoot; Kids $10, Students $15, Adults $30. Info: Oct. 15, Knoxville - Ultra Trail Knoxville, 50K & 25K; 8am. Info: Janessa Taylor (541)274-0600, Oct. 21, Bulls Gap - United Way’s Halloween 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Wendy Peay (423)639-9361, Oct. 21, Camden - Pilot Knob 10K, 11am. Info: Mike Bell (731)441-1468, Oct. 21, Clarksville - Go Commando Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; 10:30am, Kid’s FR. Info: Oct. 21, Clinton - Clinton 5K & 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Todd Temple (865)919-0602, Oct. 21, Cookeville - Upper Cumberland Haunted Half Marathon, 7am. Info:

Oct. 21, Cosby - “On Cosby” Moonshine Run, 5K 9am (Smoky Mt. School); $25 by 10/ 15, after $30. Info: Linda Leslie, 373 Huddleston Dr., Cosby, TN 37722; (423)4874451, Oct. 21, Memphis - Big River Crossing Half Marathon, 8:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Peer Power Foundation (901)761-8463, Oct. 21, Milan - Fall Folklore Days 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: Allyson Wadley (731)686-3301, Oct. 21, Nashville - Rock and Road Relay Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (901)274-2202, Oct. 21, Nashville - Hope and Possibility 5 Miler, 8am; 1 Miler, 8:05am. Info: Sarah Hart (615)483-5823, Oct. 21, Piney Flats - 10 Miler/3K Overmountain Victory Run(s), 10 Miler 9am; 3K 9:30am; $35/10 Miler, $15/3K, by 10/1; after $40/ 10 Miler, $20/3K. Info: Don Davis, 452 Bayhill Dr., Piney Flats, TN 37686; (423)854-0152,, Oct. 21, Signal Mountain - Signal Mountain Pie Run, 10K 8am. Info: Oct. 22, Alcoa - Foothills Half Marathon, 2pm; 5K, 2:15pm. Info: Race Day Events (865)250-3618, Oct. 22, Defeated - Nashville’s Running Company Defeated Creek Half Marathon, 8am. Info: (615)228-9191, Oct. 22, Johnson City - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 3pm. Info: Oct. 22, Knoxville - I.C. King of Trails Race, 7-8 Mile 9am; Kids Trail Race 8:30am. Info: Tony Owens (865)323-3753, Oct. 22, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, 10 Mile 7am. Info:

Oct. 22, Memphis - GoGirlRun Memphis, Women’s Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: (573)445-2664, Oct. 28, Hendersonville - Fury Friends 5K, 7am. Info: Oct. 28, Hermitage - Halloween Hunt 5 Miles, 11am. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, Oct. 28, Jonesborough - The Haunted Half Marathon, 2 & 4Person Team Relay; 9:30am (Note: New Start Time & Location). Info: Hank Brown (423)963-1045, Oct. 28, Knoxville - Tennessee Sports Medicine Group Farragut Half Marathon/Relay, 5K, 7:30am; Kids Run, 10am. Info:, Oct. 28, Milligan College - Milligan Buffalo 5K & 2.5K Walk, 8am. Info: John Simonsen (423)975-8031. Oct. 28, Nashville - PurpleStride Nashville 2017 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (877)272-6226, Oct. 28, Nashville - Komen Greater Nashville Race for the Cure, 5K & 10K Run 9am; 5K & 1 Mile Walk 9:15am. Info: (615)383-0017, Oct. 28, Nolensville - Rollin’ Nolen 10 Miler, 7am. Info: Oct. 28, White Bluff - Montgomery Bell Monster Dash 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Chris Russell (615)446-0701, Nov. 4, Brentwood - Harvest Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; Kid’s FR, 10am. Info: Camille Mickle (615)373-9622, Nov. 4, Goodlettsville - Team Nashville 10 Miler, 7:30am. Info: Diana (615)347-5822, Nov. 4, Greeneville - Black Knight Challenge 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Noah Naseri (423)552-2725, Nov. 4, Johnson City - Northeast Tennessee Veterans Ruck & Run, 8:30am; Kids Rucksask Rush, 5K, Half Marathon & Half Marathon w/Rucksacks. Info: Nov. 4, Johnson City - The S’Mores Run, Tweetsie Trail 3.5 Mile; 4pm. Info: (423)946-0519, Nov. 4, Lawrenceburg - David Crockett 10K, 11am. Info: Scott Benefield (931)629-3567, Nov. 4, Memphis - Race for Grace 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:10am. Info: (901)683-7329, Nov. 4, Morristown - Race For The Moon 5K, 8am. Info: Hope Ross (423)586-0522, Nov. 4, Oak Ridge - Oak Ridge Fall Classic 5K, 9am. Info: Michael Yates (865)719-7221, Nov. 4, Roan Mountain - Roan Mountain 10K, 11am. Info: Meg Guy (423)772-0190 (x107), Nov. 4, Sneedville - Kick Butt’s 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Knoxville - The Man Run, 5K & 10K, 2pm. Info: Nov. 5, Knoxville - Starry Night Knoxville, Fun Run, 4pm; 8.5K, 4:30pm; 5K, 4:45pm. Info: Nov. 5, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, Half Marathon 7am. Info: Nov. 5, Townsend - SOLD OUT - Cades Cove Loop Lope 10 Mile & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Holly Jones (800)845-5665, Nov. 11, Dyersburg - Fyrne Lake 10K Trail Run, 9:10am; 5K Fun Run, 9:25am; 5K Trail Walk, 9:30am; 1/4 Mile (8-under), 10:40am; 1/2 Mile (12-under), 11am. Info: Shannon Hall (731)676-5556, Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Kiwanis 5K Reindeer Run, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Franklin - Battle of Franklin 5K, 1K Kids FR; 8am. Info: Jayde Jacobs (615)794-0903, Nov. 11, Hilam - Bigfoot Scramble 5 Miles, 11am. Info: Lynn Burnett (931)823-6124, Nov. 11, Kingsport - BAE Veteran’s Day Classic, Half Marathon & 5K; 10:30am. Info: Nov. 11, Memphis - Greenline Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Natalie Wilson (901)222-7267, Nov. 11, Norris - Norris Dam Hard Trail Race, 50K & 25K; 7am. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718;, Nov. 11, Thompson’s Station - Hills and Hollers Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am; Little Holler Run (Sprint for Kids 7-under), 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Union City - Reelfoot Road Race, 5K & 10K; 10am. Info: Bruce Brown (731)335-3258, Nov. 12, Knoxville - Subway Race Against Cancer 5K Walk/ Run, 3pm; Survivor March, 2pm. Info: Kay Smartt (865)331-1227, Nov. 18, Franklin - Boots for Troops 5K Ruck Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Nov. 18, Henderson - Chickasaw Chase Quarter Marathon, 11am. Info Lisa Bell (731)441-1469, Nov. 18, Kingsport - Santa Special AniMile & 1 Mile Human Race, 3pm. Info: Natalie Whitlock (423)963-1045, Nov. 18, Oak Ridge - Secret City Half Marathon, 9am; 5K, 9:15am. Info: Lisa Kendall (865)685-5821, Nov. 19, Memphis - EJ Goldsmith Memorial Road Race Series, Half Marathon 7am. Info: Nov. 19, Nashville - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, 8am. Info: Trent Rosenbloom (615)356-7277, Nov. 19, Oliver Springs - Bigfoot Blast 10K & 5K Trail Race, 2pm. Info: Nov. 23, Greeneville - Greeneville City Schools Education Foundation 5K Turkey Trot, 8am. Info: Amanda Waddell (423)8230001, Nov. 23, Johnson City - Up & At ‘Em Johnson City Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am. Info: (423)946-0519, Nov. 23, Knoxville - Regal Entertainment Group Knoxville Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am; Little Gobbler Run, 8am. Info: David Black (888)217-5635 (x3),


Nov. 23, Knoxville - Hot to Trot 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 25, Crossville - Plateau Gobbler Gallop 11K, 11am. Info: Terry Walter (931)787-8684, Nov. 25, Spring Hill - Spring Hill Turkey Burn 1/2 Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Rebecca Mischke (931)486-2274, Dec. 2, Johnson City - Girls on the Run 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Memphis - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 10K 7:30am; 5K 9am; Wheelchair start 5 minutes before each event; Kids Marathon 1:30pm. Info: Erin Martin (800)565-5112, Dec. 2, Nashville - 12South Winter Warmup 12K & 6K, 8am; Kids 1K, 7am. Info: (901)274-2202, Dec. 2, Nashville - Rudolph’s Red Nose Run 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Winchester - Tim’s Ford Deer Trail 6 Miles, 11am. Info: Denny Elston (931)455-6553, Dec. 3, Alcoa - Reindeer Run 5K. Info: Dec. 9, Andersonville - Loyston Point Scramble, Half Marathon & 10K, 11am; Kids Race, 10:30am. Info: (865)548-4718, Dec. 9, Buchanan - Over the River 8 Miles, 11am Info: Mike Bell (731)441-1468, Dec. 9, Burns - Bell Ringer 50K/25K, 7am; 2 Mile/1 Mile, 9am. Info: Megan Dunn (615)797-9052, Dec. 9, Mt. Juliet - Panattoni Mt. Juliet Holiday Half Marathon & 5K, 10:45am. Info: Dec. 10, Knoxville - Leftover Run 5K, 2pm. Info: Andrea Collins (865)335-4292, Dec. 10, Sevierville - Santa Hustle Sevierville 5K, 7:45am. lnfo: (847)275-0965, Dec. 12, Kingsport - Love-Share Christmas Lights 8K Run & 3K Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Dec. 16, Chattanooga - Lookout Mountain 50 Mile & 21 Mile, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Knoxville - Rock’in Santa Half Marathon & Sunshine 5K, 9am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)988-3906, Dec. 16, Limestone - Pioneer 5 Mile Run, 11am. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335 (c), March 24-25, Knoxville - Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7:30am (3/25); 5K, 7pm & Kids Run, 5:30pm (3/24). Info: Jason Altman (865)684-4294,,

VIRGINIA Oct. 1, Abingdon - Run Fur Their Lives 5K/10K Run & Strut Your Mutt Walk, 2pm. Info: Amanda Carrico (423)967-4892, Oct. 1, Brambleton - Race Against Childhood & Canine Cancer, 5K 8am; 1 Mile Dog Jog/FR 9am. Info: Oct. 1, Bristow - Prince William Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Oct. 1, Clifton - Hemlock Half Marathon & 10K Trail Run, 9am. Info: Oct. 1, Fairfax - Strategic Water Alliance 5 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Oct. 1, Norton - Raider Hero Glow Walk/5K for St. Jude, 7pm. Info: Oct. 1, Reston - We’ve Got Your Back 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:40am. Info: (703)766-5404, Oct. 1, Richmond - Short Pump Mile & Express Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Amy Belcher (804)467-2430, Oct. 1, Stafford - Margaret Brent PTO 5K & 1 Mile Color Fun Run, 5K, 8am; Girls Mile, 9am; Boys Mile, 9:15am. Info: Oct. 7, Aldie - The Trail Mix, Half Marathon 8am; 10K 8:10am; 5K 8:20am. Info: Oct. 7, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Breaks - Breaks Park 5K Cross Country Run, 10am 5K Open & HS; 11am 1.5 mi. Run (5-8th grade). Info: Jon Rife or Ricky Owens (276)935-2181, Oct. 7, Centreville - Glory Days Grill 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, King George - Howlin’ Coyote 10K Trail Run, 9:30am; Wily Pup Trail Dash, 9am. Info: (540)295-5300, Oct. 7, Lynchburg - Lynchburg College Community Health Clinic Halloween 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 7-8, Hampton - Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon, 8am (10/8); 5K 8am & 9:30am/Kids 1K (10/7). Info: J&A Racing (757)412-1056, Oct. 7, Marion - Seaver Brown 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Blake Frazier (276)783-7107, Wayne Kinder (276)685-7031. Oct. 7, McLean - McLean 5K Run, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Norton - High Knob Hellbender 10K, 10am. Info: Oct. 7, Richmond - Deep Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 7, Saltville - Super Hero 5K, 11am. Info: Sarah or Lori (276)783-3161, Oct. 7, Springfield - O.U.R. Washington D.C. Race to Stop Traffick, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Virginia Beach - Coastal Edge Surf For The Cure 5K Walk/Run, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Woodbridge - iWalk for Acts 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Oct. 8, Bluefield, VA/WV - Appalachian Series Day 2 - VA, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info:


Running Journal • October, 2017

Oct. 8, Charlottesville - Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon & 10K, 7am. Info: (434)218-0402, Oct. 8, Norfolk - The Riverview Village 1 Mile Dash, 9am. Info: Mettle Events (757)373-4174, Oct. 8, Purcellville - Train to Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 8, Virginia Beach - Kempsville Oktoberfest Lion’s 5K, 10am; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 9:40am. Info: John Moreau (757)7545890, Oct. 14, Annandale - Taste of Annandale 5K, 10am. Info: (864)360-3726,, 2017tasteofannandale5k/select_competition. Oct. 14, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Centreville - Blood & Guts 5K Wildest Zombie Obstacle Race, Info: Oct. 14, Chesapeake - Bre’s Butterfly 5K, 9:30am; Caterpillar 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Michael Zalud (757)560-8367, Kirsten Mahon (757)560-8361. Oct. 14, Fries - New River Trail 50K, 8am; 25K, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Norfolk - Wards Corner 10K Road Race, 8am. Info: (757)373-4174, Oct. 14, Richlands - Boys of Fall 5K Color Run, 6pm. Info: Amy Queen (276)963-5370, Oct. 14, Richmond - Step UP for Down Syndrome 5K & Family Festival, 8:30am. Info: Terri Lancaster (804)447-4713, Oct. 14, Salem - LewisGale Salem Half Marathon & 8K, 9am; Kids Mile, 9:05am. Info: Ashley Durkin (540)375-3057, Oct. 14, Smithfield - Smithfield Hog Jog 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Waynesboro - Fall Foliage 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: Waynesboro Parks & Rec. (540)942-6735, Oct. 14, Williamsburg - Run for the Hills Fall Fest, 1 Mile FR 8am; 5K Run 8:30am; 10K Run 9:15am. Info: Vicki Vawter (757)6452649, Oct. 14, Wise - NCH Heart-One Cardiac Rehab 5K Run, 9am. Info: Steve Childers (276)439-1452. Oct. 15, Arlington - Kinhaven School 5K, 9am; Toddler Dash, 9:45am; 1K Kids’ FR, 10am. Info: Kinhaven School (703)525-4636, Oct. 15, Ashburn - Sprout 5K & 1K FR/Walk; 9am. Info: Sprout Center (703)597-8601, Oct. 15, Front Royal - Helltown Half, 7:30am; Leaf Peeper 10K, 7:35am; Festival of Leaves 5K, 7:45am. Info: Oct. 15, Hiltons - Crooked River Half Marathon, 3pm. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4812 (w), Oct. 15, McLean - Breakaway 5K Run/Walk & FR, 8am. Info: Breakaway Fitness (703)944-4576, Oct. 15, Reston - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series - Race #2, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Spotsylvania - Run Through History 10K, 8am. Info: (540)735-9622 (x2022), Oct. 15, Virginia Beach - Angel Run 5K Trail Run/Walk, 10:15am. Info: Heather Wilson (757)263-8479, Oct. 15, Virginia Beach - Halloween Beach Monster Dash 5K & Spooky 1 Mile. Info: Road Rage Events (757)409-1913, Oct. 21, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Ashland - Ashland Harvest Run, 10K 8am; 5K 8:10am. Info: Julie (804)647-8645, Oct. 21, Emory - Emory & Henry Wasper 5K, 8am. Info: Oct. 21, Hampton - NASA 100 Year Dash 10K, 7:30am. Info: (757)880-8843, Oct. 21, Manassas - Falcon & Bruin 5K, 8:30am; Mile Girls, 8am; Mile Boys, 8:15am; Mile Adults (may run either time). Info: Ashland Elementary School (703)583-8774. Oct. 21, Newport News - ECPI 8K, 8:30am. Info: Jacqueline Williams (757)838-9191, Oct. 21, Norfolk - From Here To Eternity Twilight 5K Run/Walk, 5pm. Info: (757)619-9540, Oct. 21, Petersburg - Petersburg Halloween Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Oct. 21, Suffolk - Chas Foundation 8K Race & 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: The Chas Foundation (757)489-2427, Oct. 21, Tazewell - Halloween Hustle 5K Glow Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Jennifer Bourne (276)988-5583. Oct. 21, Virginia Beach - Joggin’ For Frogmen 5K & Team Race, 9am; Kids Tadpole Trot, 10:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Williamsburg - World Class Freedom Run, 8K Run/ Walk, 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Rick Platt (757)229-7375,

Oct. 22, Arlington - The ART of Driving 3rd Annual “Survive the 5” 5K/10K Charity Run/ Walk, 10K 8:45am; 5K 9am; Venue: Bluemont Park (329 N. Manchester St.); $40/10K until 9/ 30, after $45; $25/5K until 9/30, after $30; Children’s 5K (12-under) $20 until 9/30, after $25. Info: (703)968-0975, robin@theartof, Oct. 22, Leesburg - Great Beginnings Recess Run 5K, 9am; Fun Run, 9:45am. Info:

Oct. 28, Arlington - Costume Caper 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Kids Run, 8:30am. Info: Encore Stage & Studio (703)548-1154, Oct. 28, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Ashburn - Ghost, Goblins & Ghouls Spooktacular 5K, 4pm; Scarecrow Sprint FR, 3pm. Info: Oct. 28, Ashburn - Glow Willowsford 5K & 1 Mile, 8:25pm. Info: Oct. 28, Brambleton - Brambleton Zombie Run 5K, 5:30pm. Info: BCA (703)542-6263, Oct. 28, Browntown - Greasy-Gooney 10K, 9am. Info: (540)6351773, Oct. 28, Charlottesville - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 28, Charlottesville - CatHalf Trail Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Oct. 28, Madison - Uncorked 5K Trail Run, 9am. Oct. 28, Manassas - Joshua’s Hope, Inc. Zombie Fun Run & 5K, 9am. Info: (571)241-2170, Oct. 28, Manassas - Pennington Blue Jay 5K, 9am; Hero Mile, 9am. Info: Pennington School (703)369-6644, Oct. 28, Newport News - Hilton Hustle 5K, 9:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Aime Clinkenbeard (757)742-6778, Oct. 28, Newport News - Tuff Enuf Challenge 5K Obstacle Course, 9am. Info: Oct. 28, Poquoson - Poquoson’s Run for the Bulls 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, 8:30am. Info: (757)719-5055. Oct. 28, Stafford - Halloween 5K & Kids’ Monster Mile, Girl’s Mile 7:45am; Boy’s Mile 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: Jeff Rouse Swim & Sport Center (540)318-6332, Oct. 28, Virginia Beach - Anthem Wicked 10K, 8am; Monster Mile, 10:30am. Info: (757)412-1056, Oct. 28, Williamsburg - The Governor’s Land 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Trish Armstrong (757)253-8408, Oct. 29, Arlington - Book It For Books 5K, 1 Mile FR; 9:30am. Info: Mia Mason (703)795-8055, Oct. 29, Great Falls - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series - Race #3, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Oct. 29, McLean - Monster Mash 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:50am. Info: Nov. 4, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Ashburn - “Salute For Service”, Loudoun County 5K Race for the Homeless, 9am. Info: Terri Martin (703)689-0999, Nov. 4, Fredericksburg - Hoofin’ it 5K, 8am; 1 Mile, 9:45am; Cow Chase (5-under), 10:15am. Info: FCA (540)899-3422, Nov. 4, Richmond - Deep Park parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 4, Virginia Beach - Race For Breath 5K Run/Walk, 8:45am; 1 Mile Walk/Kid’s FR, 9:45am. Info: Sara Peterson (608)828-8833, Nov. 4, Yorktown - Yorktown Battlefield 10 Mile & 5K, 9am. Info: Frank Alcorn (318)331-3600, Nov. 4, Winchester - Battlefield Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Frederick County Parks & Rec (540)665-5678, Nov. 5, Great Falls - LifeMeUp! 5K & FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 10, Springfield - Cross Country Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Arlington - Roosevelt Island DC parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Arrington - Full Nelson 5K, 9am. Nov. 11, Hampton - Hampton Christian Academy 5K. Info: Becky Chapman (757)599-3277, Nov. 11, Norfolk - ZERO Prostate Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: (202)303-3110, Nov. 11, Richmond - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, Nov. 11, Sumerduck - Sumerduck 7, 7.5 Mile Road Race & 2 Mile Fun Run; 11am. Info: Nov. 11, Virginia Beach - Warrior 8K Challenge, 9:30am; Fallen Heroes 5K, 8am; Jr. Warrior 1 Mile, 11am. Info: (757)409-1913, Nov. 11, Warrenton - Well Run Race Chris Dove Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Alexandria - Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon & 6K, 7am. Info: Nov. 12, Fairfax - The Dominion Consulting Veterans Day 5K & 1K FR, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Newport News - Virginia Running Festival, Half Marathon 7am; 5K 9:45am; 400m FR 10:45am. Info: Flat Out Events (757)8808843, Nov. 18, Quantico - Turkey Trot 10K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (703)784-2225, Nov. 18, Virginia Beach - 5K: A Run for Kendra, 5K Run/Walk 9am. Info: Nov. 18-19, Norfolk - Blue Moon Norfolk Harbor Half Marathon & Relay, 7:30am (11/19); 5K, 8am & Kids Race, 9:30am (11/18). Info: J&A Racing (757)412-1056, Nov. 19, Lorton - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series Race #4, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Alexandria - Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Miler, 9am. Info: Nov. 23, Earlysville - Earlysville Turkey Trot 5K Run, 9am; Kids Half Miler (12-under), 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Fredericksburg - YMCA Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk, 9:05am; 1 Mile & 1/2 Mile Youth Run, 7am/1st heat. Info: Nov. 23, Manassas - Prince William Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Newport News - Fast Before the Feast 5K, 8:30am. Info: Nov. 23, Virginia Beach - Charlie Normiles Turkey Trot: Race for the Fallen, 5K & 1 Mile; 9am. Info: Michelle Nassan (757)2018301, Nov. 23, Williamsburg - Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9:45am. Info: (757)476-2583, Nov. 26, Fairfax Station - The Fall Backyard Burn Trail Running Series - Race #5, 5 Mile or 10 Mile, 9am. Info: Dec. 2, Virginia Beach - Reindeer Trot 7K & Reindeer Rally 5K. Info: Road Rage Events (757)409-1913, Dec. 2, Tabb/York County - Run with the Son for Haiti 5K, 8:30am. Info: Judy (757)876-2417, Dec. 3, Fredericksburg - Fredericksburg Blue & Gray Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:35am. Info: (540)310-4803, Dec. 3, Williamsburg - Christmas Town Dash 8K. Info: Race Team (757)880-8843, Dec. 9, Bristol - Girls Incorporated of Bristol Snowman Stampede 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Dec. 9, Fredericksburg - Tacky Sweater 5K Fun Run, 9am. Info: (540)446-6871. Dec. 10, Portsmouth - Santa Claus Shuffle 5K Race, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Dec. 16, Virginia Beach - Surfin’ Santa 5 Miler, 4:30pm. Info: (757)412-1056,

WASHINGTON, DC Oct. 1, Washington, DC - Boo! 10K Run & 2 Mile Tidal Basin Walk, 8am. Info: (703)786-8581, Oct. 1, Washington, DC - Border Patrol Foundation 10K, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 1, Washington, DC - The Navy Mile on Pennsylvania Avenue, 8am. Info: Oct. 7, Washington, DC - Dead Man’s Run 5K, 6pm. Info: (202)543-0539, Oct. 7, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 8, Washington, DC - Army Ten-Miler, 8am. Info: (202)6853361, Oct. 8, Washington, DC - Dupont Circle Club 5K, 9am. Info: (503)975-7050, Oct. 14, Washington, DC - Run for the Badge 5K, 9am. Info: (202-737-7134, Oct. 14, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 14, Washington, DC - Polish Embassy 10K & 5K, 9am; FR, 10:15am. Info: Oct. 14, Washington, DC - James W. Foley Freedom 5K Run/ Walk, 10am. Info: Oct. 18, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info: Oct. 21, Washington, DC - Children’s National Race for Every Child, 5K Run/Walk 8:45am; Kids’ Dash, 10:15am. Info: Oct. 21, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 22, Washington, DC - Marine Corps Marathon, 7:55am; 10K, 9:15am. Info: (800)786-8762, Oct. 28, Washington, DC - Walk & 5K To End HIV, 9:15am. Info: Whitman Walker Health (202)332-9255, Oct. 28, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Oct. 29, Washington, DC - Georgetown Half Marathon, 9am. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Nov. 4, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Washington, DC - National Race to End Women’s Cancer 5K, 1 Mile Walk; 9am. Info: Nov. 5, Washington, DC - Fidelity Investments Parks 10K, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Washington, DC - Fletcher’s Cove parkrun, 5K 9am. Info: Nov. 12, Washington, DC - C&O Canal Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 12, Washington, DC - Veteran’s Day 10K & 2 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Nov. 15, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info: Nov. 18, Washington, DC - Vida Thrive 5K, 8am. Info: Dec. 10, Washington, DC - Jingle All the Way 5K & 15K, 8am. Info: Dec. 20, Washington, DC - Tidal Basin Runs, 5K, 3K & 1500m; 12pm. Info:

WEST VIRGINIA Oct. 7, Bluefield, VA/WV - Appalachian Series Day 1 - WV, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 7, Ona - Kanawha Trace Darkness Falls 3.5 & 7 Mile Night Trail Run, 8:30pm. Info: Oct. 13-15, Circleville - West Virginia Trilogy, 10/13: 50K 7am; 10/14: 50 Mile 6am; 10/15: Half Marathon 9am. Info: Adam Casseday (304)636-4944, Oct. 14, Madison - JPBCF Spooktacular 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 21, Wheeling - NAMI Wheeling Walk for Awareness, 10am. Info:

Oct. 29, Huntington - The Brady Steps 5K, 9am. Info: Oct. 29, Morgantown - Larry “LJ” Haines Memorial Mohigan 5K & FR, 10am. Info: Nov. 5, Huntington - Marshall University/St. Marys Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: Nov. 11, Fayetteville - Canary in the Cave 25K+ Trail Run, 9am. Info:

Dec 2, Charleston - Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run, 5K Race & Walk 9am; Kids Kandy Kane Fun Run 8:30am; $35/5K 9/1-11/ 1 and $40 11/1-12/2; $25 1-mile walk; $30 Jingle in Your Jammies, $15 Children (up to age 12) 9/1-11/1 and $20 11/1/-12/2, includes Kids Kandy Kane Fun Run and the JBR Run/ Walk. Info: Cathy Schrader (304)205-1514,, Register:

TRACK & FIELD Dec. 2, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Vanderbilt Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith, Jan. 12-13, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Commodore Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith, Jan. 19-20, Nashville, TN (Vanderbilt Univ) - Vanderbilt Indoor Invitational, 60, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Weight Throw. Info: Steven Keith,

MARATHON Oct. 1, Nashville, TN - Greenway Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, Oct. 7-8, Key West, FL - Southernmost Marathon, 5:30am & Half Marathon, 5:45pm (on 10/7); 10K & 5K, 7:30am (on 10/8). Info: (954)213-6699, Oct. 7, Bluefield, VA/WV - Appalachian Series Day 1 - WV, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 8, Cary, NC - Cary Fire House Tour Marathon, Marathon (26.2 mi. + Extra Mile) & Relay 7:30am; Half Marathon (13.1 mi. + Extra Mile) & Relay 9:30am; 10K 11am. Info: Oct. 8, Bluefield, VA/WV - Appalachian Series Day 2 - VA, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 9, Bristol, TN - Appalachian Series Day 3 - TN, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 10, Fletcher, NC - Appalachian Series Day 4 - NC, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 11, Seneca, SC - Appalachian Series Day 5 - SC, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 12, Lizella, GA - Appalachian Series Day 6 - GA, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 13, Eufaula, AL - Appalachian Series Day 7 - AL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Booneville, AR - Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Walk/Run. Info: (479)675-2666, Oct. 14, Cottondale, FL - Appalachian Series Day 8 - FL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 14, Greensboro, NC - The Cannonball. Greensboro’s Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 15, Chattanoooga, TN - 7 Bridges Marathon & Relay, 7am; 4 Bridges Half Marathon, 7:30am; 2 Bridges 5K, 7:45am. Info: Oct. 15, Marianna, FL - Appalachian Series Day 9 - FL, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, 6:30am. Info: Oct. 21, Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Running Festival, 7:30am/ 5K, 8am/Marathon & Relay, 9:45am/Half Marathon; 9:20am/Kid’s FR. Info: (410)605-9381, Oct. 21, Hollister, NC - Medoc Trail Races, 5K 10 Mile & 26.2 Miles; 8:30am. Info: Rocky Mount Endurance Club Oct. 22, Apalachicola Bay, FL - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Mark Henderson - Oct. 22, Washington, DC - Marine Corps Marathon, 7:55am; 10K, 9:15am. Info: (800)786-8762, Oct. 28, Mableton, GA - Silver Comet Marathon & Half Marathon. Info: (404)422-2195, Oct. 28, Carderock, MD - Potomac River Run Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am & 9am. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Oct. 28, Morganton, NC - Peak to Creek Marathon, 8am. Info: David & Rhonda Lee (828)432-6664, Oct. 28, Greenville, SC - Spinx Runfest, Marathon 7:30am; Half Marathon 8am; 10K 8:10am; 5K 8:30am; Kids Run 8:35am. Info: Ed Hughes (864)419-6788, Oct. 28, Charlottesville, VA - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Nov. 4, Wynne, AR - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)208-6523,

Nov. 4-5, Savannah, GA - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (on 11/4); 5K, 1pm (on 11/5); 1 Mile, 2:30pm (on 11/5). Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510, (800)311-1255, See Ad page 7. Nov. 5, Fort Myers, FL - Fort Myers Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5 Miler, 7am; 5K, 7:05am. Info: (239)653-7704, Nov. 5, Bowling Green, KY - bg26.2 & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Lilly Riherd (270)791-2346, Nov. 5, Raleigh, NC - BCBSNC City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay & 10K, 7am; 5K, 7:20am; Kids’ Mile, 7:30am. Info: (919)396-5968, Nov. 5, Huntington, WV - Marshall University/St. Marys Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: Nov. 10, Springfield, VA - Cross Country Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Orlando, FL - Help The Vets, Inc. And American Legion Post 112 Orlando Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: Neil Paulson (407)376-7000, Nov. 11, Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am (est); 5K, 8am; Jr. Marathon 12pm. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265, marathon@, Nov. 11, Charlotte, NC - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: Nov. 11, Richmond, VA - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, Nov. 11-12, Kitty Hawk to Manteo, NC - TowneBank Outerbanks Marathon & Half Marathon (11/12), 7am; 11/11: 8K, 8:45am; 5K, 9:30am; Diaper Dash, 11:45am. Info: Nov. 12, Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Subway Kids FR; 6:30am. Info: Jason Libbert (850)4342800, Nov. 12, Washington, DC - C&O Canal Towpath Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Nov. 18, Cotter, AR - White River Marathon for Kenya & Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: Nov. 18, Columbus, GA - Soldier Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay Marathon; Wheelchair Div. Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Cecil Cheves -, Nov. 18, Meridian, MS - Magnolia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Bobbie Earley (601)917-6602, Tim Irvine (601)9389873, Nov. 19, Lithia, FL - The X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200, Nov. 19, Nashville, TN - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, 8am. Info: Trent Rosenbloom (615)356-7277, Nov. 25, Stennis Space Center, MS - Mississippi Coast Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (228)380-7037, Nov. 26, Cocoa, FL - Space Coast Marathon & Marathon Relay, 6:30am/Marathon, 7:15am/Relay. Info: Christa Mudd (321)751-8890,,

Dec. 2, Panama City Beach, FL - Panama City Beach Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kid’s Fun Run, 10am; $80/Marathon, $55/Half Marathon, $40/5K. Info: panama-city-beach-marathon-2017. Dec. 2, Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: (225)337-0041, Dec. 2, Memphis, TN - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am; 10K 7:30am; 5K 9am; Wheelchair start 5 minutes before each event; Kids Marathon 1:30pm. Info: Erin Martin (800)565-5112, Dec. 3, West Palm Beach, FL - The FitTeam Palm Beaches Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 6:30am; 5K, 6:45am. Info: Dec. 3, Durham, NC - Race Across Durham Trail Marathon, 8am; 10 Miler/Sold Out, 9am. Info:

Dec. 9, Huntsville, AL - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; $90 postmarked thru Sept.; $100 thereafter or (online only through 12/ 1). Info: Dink & Suzanne Taylor (256)6507063,, See Ad page 28. Dec. 9-10, Pass Christian, MS - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (12/10); 5K, 8am (12/9); 1.2 Mile

Running Journal • October, 2017 Kids Marathon, 9:30am (12/9). Info: (888)786-2001, Dec. 9, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Little Rock, AR - Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon, 7am. Info:

Dec. 16, Jacksonville, FL - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K 7am; $70/Marathon, $45/Half, $30/5K thru 10/ 31; $75/Marathon, $50/Half, $32/5K 11/1-11/ 30; $80/Marathon, $55/Half, $35/5K 12/1-12/ 15; $85/Marathon, $60/Half, $40/5K on Race Day. Info: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217; (904)731-1900,, Dec. 30, Hoffman, NC - Drop Zone Marathon & Half Marathon, 4pm. Info: Doug Dawkins (910)206-2095, Jan. 3-7, Orlando, FL - Disney World Marathon, 5:30am (1/7); Half Marathon, 5:30am (1/6); 10K, 5:30am (1/5); 5K, 6am (1/4). Info: (407)939-iRUN. Jan. 13-14, Baton Rouge, LA - Louisiana Marathon Running Festival, Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am (1/14); Quarter Marathon & 5K, 8am (1/13); Kids Marathon, 10:15am (1/13). Info: (888)786-2001, Jan. 13, Charleston, SC - Charleston Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: (843)790-9288, Jan. 14, Mobile, AL - Servis1st Bank First Light Marathon, Half Marathon & 5-Person Relay, 7:30am; LifeSouth Kids Marathon & 1.2 Mile Fun Run, 2pm. Info: Marty O’Malley (251)438-2094,, Jan. 27, Jackson, MS - Mississippi Blues Marathon & Half Marathon. Info:, Jan. 28, Gulf Shores, AL - Big Beach Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Jan. 28, Celebration, FL - Town of Celebration Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Ken (321)436-9742, Feb. 4, Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am/est. Info:, Feb. 10, Hilton Head Island, SC - Hilton Head Island Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520,, March 4, Stuart, FL - Marathon Of The Treasure Coast, Half Marathon, Relay, 6:30am; 10K & 5K (3/3). Info: Frank Fender (772)4863946,, March 24-25, Knoxville, TN - Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, Half Marathon & Relays, 7:30am (3/25); 5K, 7pm & Kids Run, 5:30pm (3/24). Info: Jason Altman (865)684-4294,, April 14, Springdale, AR - The Hogeye Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay,7am; 5K, 7:05am. Info: May 27, Burlington, VT - Vermont City Marathon & Relay, 7am. Info: (802)863-8412,, June 3, Steamboat Springs, CO - Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am. Info: Sarah Leonard (970)875-7006,, June 3, Deadwood, SD - Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon, Half Marathon & 5-Person Marathon Relay, Info: Emily Wheeler (605)390-6137,

ULTRAS Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Rockingham, NC - Hinson Lake 24 Hour Ultra Classic, 8am. Info: Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Chattanooga, TN - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, 7:30am; 10 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 6-7, Fort Mill, SC - Ragnar Trail Carolinas-SC, 120 Mile Relay; 9am. Info: Customer Service (801)499-5024, Oct. 6-8, Swoope, VA - Grindestone 100, 101.85 Miles; 6pm. Info: Oct. 7-8, Perryville, AR - Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile, 6am. Info: (501)231-0535, Oct. 7, Birmingham, AL - Ruffner Mountain Crusher 42K & 21K, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (205)833-8264, Oct. 7, Brooksville, FL - John Holmes Trail Run, 50K 7am; 16 Mile & 9 Mile 8am. Info: (813)232-5200, Oct. 7, Morristown, TN - The Dirt Circuit - 12 & 24 Hour Endurance Trail Runs, 8am. Info: Ryan Roma (865)356-6984, Oct. 7, Pamplin, VA - High Bridge Ultra 50K, 8am; High Bridge Trail State Park. Info: Anne Jones (540)230-3019,,

Oct. 8, Bluffton, SC - Buffalo Run, 50K 6:30am; 30K 8:30am; 10K 10am; $70/50K, $55/ 30K, $40/10K by 10/6. Info: Palmetto Bluff, 19 Village Park Square, Bluffton, SC 29910; Rob Fyfe (843)815-1718, rob@palmettorunning, Oct. 13-15, Circleville, WV - West Virginia Trilogy, 10/13: 50K 7am; 10/14: 50 Mile 6am; 10/15: Half Marathon 9am. Info: Adam Casseday (304)636-4944, Oct. 14, Stearns, KY - No Business Hundred - 100 Mile Trail Run, 5am. Info: Oct. 14, Charlotte, NC - WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon, 50 Mile 5am; 50K 6am. Info:

CLASSIFIED All classified ads in this section also appear on Running Journal's Web site. You pay only 60¢ per word, an average of only $3 per line. Minimum charge is $5 per month. We appreciate payment with ad, but we're happy to bill you. Mail to Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744, 423-638-4177,,

Joint Ventures JOINT VENTURES sought by Running Journal. If you have a quality product, we'll consider a joint venture to build your sales and share profits. Send info to Joint Venture, Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744.

Publications ROAD RACE MANAGEMENT DIRECTORY: Over 500 pages of contacts for elite athletes, prize money races, race expos, suppliers, publications, retailers, event management companies and more - anyone who participates in or services the running industry is listed in this indispensable book. $139.00 includes postage and handling. Special elite athlete price is $89. Order from RRM, 4940 Hampden Ln., Ste. 212 (RJ), Bethesda, MD 20814 or at ✺✺✺ THE SIX SEASONS OF A RUNNER’S LIFE. By Walt Esser, 128 pgs. A must read for any runner Oct. 14, Danbury, NC - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock Ultra Marathon, 50 Miler & 50 Mile Relay, 6am; 50K, 7:45am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Oct. 14, Fries, VA - New River Trail 50K, 8am; 25K, 9am. Info: Oct. 15, Knoxville, TN - Ultra Trail Knoxville, 50K & 25K; 8am. Info: Janessa Taylor (541)274-0600, Oct. 20-22, Alabaster, AL - The Endless Mile & Endless Mile Relay, 10/20: 48 Hour Race & Relay, 9am; 10/21: 24 Hour & 12 Hour Race & Relay, 9am; 10/21: Alternative Start for 12 Hour Solo Race, 9pm . Info: Oct. 20-21, Raleigh to Atlantic Beach, NC - Tuna Run 200 Relay, 6am. Info: Oct. 21, Naples, FL - Gulf to Gulf 80 Mile Relay, 6am. Info: (239)404-7007, Oct. 21, Canton, MS - Way’s Bluff 50K, 25K & 8 Mile Trail Run, 8am. Info: Matt Clem (601)613-1812, Oct. 21, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Races, Half Marathon, 40K & 40 Mile & Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 21, Trenton to Atlantic Beach, NC - Tuna Run 70 Relay, 5am. Info: Oct. 21-22, Troy, NC - Uwharrie 100 Mile & 100K Trail Run, 6am. Info: Oct. 21, Greenville, SC - Paris Mountain Ultra 50K, 7:30am; North Lake 13.1 Miles, 9:30am. Info: Oct. 22, Apalachicola Bay, FL - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Mark Henderson - Oct. 22, Palm Coast, FL - Jack’s 50K, 30K & 10K Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8572, Oct. 28, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Races, Half Marathon, 40K & 40 Mile & Relay; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 28, Turnersburg, NC - Allison Woods Halloween Hobble, 6 hr., 12 hr., 24 hr. & 100 Mile Individual & 100 Mile Relay Endurance Run; 8am. Info: Nov. 4, Palm Coast, FL - Oceans 50 Relay Race, 50 Mile. Info: Nov. 4, Nashville, TN - Nashville Ultra Marathon 50 Mile, 50K, 60K & 70K; 7am. Info: Dennis Freeman (615)445-5077, Nov. 11-12, Melbourne Beach to Miami Beach, FL - Reebok Ragnar Relay South Beach, 200ish Miles. Info: Customer Service (801)499-5024, Nov. 11, Powder Springs, GA - Miles for Maria Epic Run for Epilepsy, 1/3/6/12/24 Hour Options; 8am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)8952631, Nov. 11, Pine Ridge, KY - Rough Trail Ultra 50K, 7am; 25K, 9am. Info: Nov. 11, Gaithersburg, MD - Stone Mill 50 Mile Endurance Run, 6am. Info: Nov. 11, Upper Marlboro, MD - Rosaryville Veteran’s Day 50K,


who wants to continue to be competitive as one moves up to the next age group. Physiological changes are discussed and training tips are provided for runners who want to continue to run strong and stay healthy throughout their lives. To order your copy, send $14.95 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http:// ✺✺✺ SEE MOM RUN. By Karen Douglass Thom. Illustrated by Lilly Golden, 32 pgs. The first children's book about running. To order your copy, send $15 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http://shoppingcart. ✺✺✺ FIRST MARATHONS: Personal Encounters with the 26.2-Mile Monster. Collected stories of 37 runners, famous and unknown, all of whom went the distance. Edited by Gail Waesche Kislevitz. Available from Running Journal for $22/hardback, $15/paperback (include S/H). Order online - secure server at http:// ✺✺✺ BANNISTER AND BEYOND -- The Mystique of the Four-Minute Mile. By Jim Denison, 256 pgs. Interviews and commentary from the great milers. To order your copy, send $22 (includes S&H) to Running Journal.

Quilts T-QUILTS: Make your own T-Quilt from your race T-shirts with this easy-to-follow pattern and detailed instructions. Just $7.95 plus $2.50 S/H to T-Quilts, c/o Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Order online - http:// shoppingcart. 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Troutman, NC - Lake Norman State Park 30K & 50K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Nov. 11, Norris, TN - Norris Dam Hard Trail Race, 50K & 25K; 7am. Info: Michael deLisle (865)548-4718;, Nov. 18, Huntsville, AL - Dizzy Fifties, 50K 7am. Info: Don Alan Hankins (256)694-8187, Nov. 18, Boonsboro, MD - JFK 50 Mile, 6:30am. Info: Nov. 18, Mount Pleasant, SC - Ultra Chili 10x5K (50K) & 5K, 7am. Info: Charleston County Parks (843)795-4386, Nov. 24-25, Benton, AR - Sunset 24-Hour Run, 7:30pm (11/24); 12 & 6 Hour Run, 7:30am (11/25). Info: (501)517-7393, Nov. 25, Ellerbe, NC - Derby 50K Ultra Run, 8am. Info: Dec. 2, Pelham, AL - Blood Rock 50K & 25K, 7am. Info: Dec. 2, Blacksburg, SC - King of the Mountain 50K, 7:15am. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903, Dec. 3, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Guana Back to Nature Trail Races, 50K & 50K Teams 8am; 12K 1pm. Info: 50K - Mark Ryan (904)338-3230,; 12K - Bob Fernee (904)342-2699, Dec. 9-10, Birmingham, AL - Blood Rock 100 & 50 Mile Endurance Run, 5am; 50K & 25K, 6:30am. Info:

Dec. 9, Wakulla Springs, FL - Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic, 50K & 50 Mile; 7am; $60/50K, $70/50 Mile 7/1-9/30; $70/$80 10/112/4. Info: Nancy Stedman & Jay Silvanima (850)545-7074,, Dec. 9, Burns, TN - Bell Ringer 50K/25K, 7am; 2 Mile/1 Mile, 9am. Info: Megan Dunn (615)797-9052, Dec. 16, Chattanooga, TN - Lookout Mountain 50 Mile & 21 Mile, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: Dec. 16, Virginia Beach, VA - Seashore Nature Trail 50K, 8:30am. Info: Stacin (757)839-7711, Dec. 31, Huntsville, AL - Recover From The Holidays 50K, 8am. Info: Christy & Tony Scott (256)508-1925, Jan. 6, Brooksville, FL - Croom Zoom, 100M, 100K & 50K 6am; 25K 7am. Info: (813)232-5200, Jan. 6, Alexandria, LA - Wild Azalea Trail Challenge, 13, 27 & 50 Mile; 6am. Info: Spencer Maratin (313)806-6523, Jan. 20, Mountain Home, AR - David’s Trail 50K, 25K, 11K & 7K, 8am. Info: (870)404-8363, Jan. 20, Almond, NC - Tsali Frosty Foot, 50K 9am; 30K 10am; 8K 10:30am. Info:


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