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Running Journal • August, 2016


CONTENTS On the Cover: Gabriel Geay & Edna Kiplagat were winners of the July 4th AJC Peachtree 10K. See story page 14. Photo by Bruce Wodder, Photo Run Betty Burrell was the Female Veterans Champion of the 38th Running Journal Grand Prix. See story page 22

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Columns Ultra Running, Ray Krolewicz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 This Running Life, Teri Saylor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 He Said, She Said, Mary Marcia Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Inspired Daily, Rae Ann Darling Reed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Learning from the Young Guns, Ryan Warrenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Down the Road, Cedric Jaggers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Running Through the Bluegrass, Tracy Green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Masters Running, Lena Hollmann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Women’s Running, Carolyn Mather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Distance Memories, Scott Ludwig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 The Athlete’s Kitchen, Nancy Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Running Psychology, Richard Ferguson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Running Fitness, Ellen Jaffe Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

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39th Annual Running Journal Grand 45-49 Prix Schedule The following is a list of confirmed races for the 39th Running JournalGrand Prix. Additional race dates will be announced on our website (www.running.net) as they become available. August 26 Midnight Flight 10K Anderson, SC November 20 Magic City Half Marathon Birmingham, AL December 10 Rocket City Marathon Huntsville, AL January 7 Mississippi Blues Half Marathon Jackson, MS Date TBA Winter Flight 8K Salisbury, NC March 4 Dasani Myrtle Beach Half Marathon Myrtle Beach, SC March 12 Germantown Half Marathon Germantown, TN May 29 Cotton Row 10K Huntsville, AL New this season: Scoring for each race will be done in the following categories only: Open (top 20 male/female) & to the top 8 male & female in the following categories: Masters (40-49), Grandmasters (50-59), Sr. Grandmasters (60-69), and Veterans (70-over). Final awards will be given to the top 5 in each of these categories.


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Running Journal • August, 2016

Ultra Running Transcontinental Run Questioned Records are made to be broken. I was told that by Ted Corbitt once, as he encouraged me to break records he had set. We have all heard that adage. Earlier this year a man from England, Robert Young, set out to break the record for a transcontinental run. The old record of 46 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes by Frank Giannino Jr (with its own set of doubters) appears easy to break…. On paper. A number of runners in the Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race have gone further faster. The difficulty lies in covering 60-plus miles on the roads, between here and there up and down hills, coordinating aid, rest, meals and everything else that can occur during more than 40 days on the road. At the 3100 the runners are coddled. They run a .5488 mile loop with a fully stocked aid station always available. If there is something desired and not present, every effort is made to obtain it. But along the roads, some items may not be available for days. Questions were asked about the legitimacy of the record attempt by Young. It appears he was going too fast. Faster than the likes of Kouros, Feges, and many other successful multi-day runners on closed short loop courses. All of this was done while crossing the desert and climbing over mountains. The running community was skeptical. There were those who advocated the run be scrutinized. Back on May 18, I posted on the ultra list (http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A0=ULTRA) that I was going to have a look see on my way home from The Great New York Running Exposition (June 18-19). That was not to be. By early June the “need” to check on Mr. Young was considered great by many people. A crowdfunding effort was begun to send a team to observe and report on the effort, and its legitimacy. Somehow, I found myself a member of the Team, Team Geezer, named because of the advanced ages of the team members…. All of us in our 60s, and all with more than 120 years of ultrarunning experience, among us. Gary Cantrell, his wife Sandra, Bill Schultz (a successful transcon runner himself) and I were joined by the youngster, Mike Dobies, a statistician, and handler for Joe Feges in his 580, 606, and 550 mile six day efforts…. The man knows multidays. Early in his run Young had days of 81, a low 50, a high 40 and another low 50 for his first four days. That looked a lot like my first four days at the Last Annual Vol

By Ray Krolewicz

State in 2013. At that point I “crashed” for 14 hours, sleeping 9 _ of them. I got up and finished the run with days close to 50 miles to finish in 6 days 10 hours for 314 miles. At the same point where I crashed, Young's RV got stuck in the sand while he and his crew were cutting across, rather than following the paved road. This is allowable, he would still be running coast to coast, and his route had more than enough mileage required for the record to allow this shortcut. This was the first place where the time spent covering miles came into question. Young “ran” 38 miles in about 4 _ hours, according to their records, while the crew waited for a tow truck to pull them out of the sand. 4 _ hours would be an excellent time for a 60K (37.28 miles) in a supported road race. To run this alone, unsupported, across a desert would be amazing. The run was further suspect as Young claimed he left the tracker in the RV during this run. The RV, and tracker, rejoined Young later,after being pulled from the sand. I do not know what happened. I was not there. Had I been there I do not think I would have left the crew and RV. I would have worked hard to free the vehicle, even while waiting for the tow truck. At that point, exhausted from the time in the sun working to free the RV I might have justified getting back on schedule by riding to where I would have been without the long delay. I am not saying Young and/or his crew did this, but I might have. I know I would not have set out across the desert unaided and alone. I met Young, when I joined the other Geezers in Illinois. He is indeed a likeable and friendly man. (This does not say anything about his running ability, his previous claims, or claims during this run. My objective was to observe and report. I am doing that now. The fact is, however, that he is friendly and welcoming. He converses about a variety of topics, and is somewhat naive about many aspects of running, particularly multi-day running.)


Later that evening I joined Young for a portion of the run. We began by walking. Soon Young began to run. We covered the next mile at about 9 minute pace with him gradually increasing the speed. He asked if he was going too fast and I told him I had a 100 miler coming up and wanted to run closer to the pace for that event. Young then blasted off running the next mile at or around seven minutes, he slowed slightly, got a drink from the RV than began walking shortly afterwards. I plugged along at 10:30 per mile pace, and within a mile we were back together, three miles down the road and walking again. The same behavior was observed for the next several days. The 70 and 80 mile days were gone. There was some fast early running followed by walking and long breaks. Young had sunburned, after three weeks on the road. He was tired, and becoming footsore. Over a six day period he completed 280 miles over relatively flat terrain. This was in stark contrast to his initial “six day totals” of 333, 397, and 461 as reported by his own data. Young expressed concern about not being believed. I told him there were many questions about his data. He claimed people were looking at small sections of data. I agreed that while this was true that there were also people looking at maps and taking point A then point B 10 days later. They were concerned that his 10 day totals were international class, with some sections world class. He stated he would like to run the Sri Chinmoy 10 day race. He said he feels his best talent is in multi-day running. While the Geezers were observing, Jim Barnes arrived. Barnes is a long time ultrarunner and had met and accompanied Young during the transcontinental race a year earlier. Barnes was a supporter of Young. He had come out to run with him and help with the effort. Still, once on the scene he made observations. “My main take away was lack of preparation and knowledge about mult-days by both Rob and his "crew." Also his complete disdain for traffic made me very nervous. As for the cheating, I will wait for the "report."” Barnes believes that Young is talented stating, “I agree about ability and hope he gives a multi-day a try.” The Geezers tried to be impartial and fair. We observed, and unfortunately, what we observed did not match the earlier claims. There was GPS data that was going to “prove” the authenticity of the early days. There were many questions about that data. Ultimately, the run was halted. Young has a small fracture (avulsion) of the small toe on his right foot. Worse was that there was also cellulitis present. Young and his team abandoned the effort shortly after Indianapolis. He has since stated he will run a six-day race. I hope he does, I hope he performs well.


Running Journal • August, 2016


This Running Life Runners Cross the U.S. to Break the Ice on Mental Illness When it comes to talking about mental illness and addiction, all it takes is someone to break the ice to start the conversation. That's what Charlie Engle had in mind when he led his team of ultra marathon runners on a rollicking, 25-day odyssey across the southern states last spring. Pied pipers for sobriety, the team collected more than 6,000 friends on Facebook and 335 followers on Twitter. Engle, who organized the run with fellow ultramarathoner Chris Martin, has no doubt his team touched lives from the west coast to the east. Both men live in Wilmington, N.C. “I know we deeply affected many of those who followed along, and they will be changed forever,” Engle said. “Even though some people we met may still be drinking or using, one day they may seek

By Teri Saylor

counseling. Once you know there is an answer, there is no going back.” Engle and Martin hatched the crosscountry mission a year ago. Both have struggled with demons in the past. Engle's past bouts with drugs and alcohol have been widely documented and reported. Martin has suffered from debilitating depression.

From left Chuck Dale, an ultra runner who came along to crew for the team, Phil Nimmo who subbed in for runner Chris Martin who was sidelined with an injury, Catra Corbett and her dog TruMan and Rusty Fennell, a fire fighter from Wake Forest, N.C. who caught up with the team for a day of running. Photo by Teri Saylor

In 2007, Engle ran across the Sahara desert, his run captured in the Matt Damon documentary, “Running the Sahara.” The next year, he attempted to break a world record for running across the United States, but injuries cut his run short. “I was considering trying again, but I have a book coming out and so much going on, I knew I would not be able to put in the time,” he said. But Engle thought he could find time to put together a team and cross the country relay-style. With presenting sponsors, Mental Health America, The Herren Project and Break the Stigma Project on board, he and Martin assembled a dream team to join them on their epic run. “I needed to find four runners who could handle the distance,” he said. “It's no big deal to run a marathon in a day, but to run a marathon for 24 days in a row is difficult. I needed people who wouldn't quit or complain.” Engle and Martin also wanted social media celebrities, runners who have a big following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and who would post and tweet as they navigated the country's small towns and backroads. Most of the runners they had known for years. Catra Corbett, a colorful and prolific runner, 22 years sober, who brought along her running partner, a plucky dachshund

named TruMan. Corbett, who lives in Fremont, Calif., has completed more than 200 ultra marathons, and recently finished an epic 200-mile run. The dog has completed many distance events, including three 50K runs with a PR of 7 hours and 13 minutes. Pam Rickard, of Roanoke, Va., a recovering alcoholic, 10 years sober, who has run more than 40 marathons and ultra marathons in the last decade. She is director of the Herren Project's THP Runs. David Martin, the author of a book “Out There: A Story of Ultra Recovery,” transformed himself from obese drug addict to sober vegan and is a world-class ultra runner. He is a two time Badwater finisher and owns Snap Fitness in Louisville, Colo. Sophie Kashurba, the youngest runner on the team, is a former collegiate cross country runner at Gettysburg College. She credits running for helping her heal from a pattern of self-harm. She is program director at the Charlotte, N.C. Nonprofit Running Works. The runners left the Santa Monica Pier with great fanfair on Sunday, May 16 and ran for 25 days straight across 11 states until they arrived in Alexandria Va. on June 9 where they spoke at Mental Health America's 2016 Annual Conference. Using two support vehicles, the runners


Pam Rickard (left) fistbumps Sophie Kashurba at a runner exchange point in Raleigh. Photo by Teri Saylor


Running Journal • August, 2016

He Said, She Said How Did You Help Break the Ice? The road between mental illness and mental health recently became a bit shorter and much smoother thanks to a 3100mile, transcontinental journey that six runners embraced and recently completed in June. The Ice Breakers running relay team, comprised of three women and three men, embodied experiences of despair-to-determination, struggle-tostrength, and addiction-to-recovery as they allowed their personal past strife to fuel their feet and start an important conversation. Breaking the ice of tough subject matter can be difficult and daunting. The 'right words' can seem impossible to articulate. On May 16, Catra Corbett, Sophie Kashurba, Pam Rickard, David Clark, Charlie Engle, and Chris Martin allowed their running shoes to do the talking and

By Mary Marcia Brown

initially break the ice to an important national conversation about mental health. I reached out to a couple of the runners this month to learn more about their inspiring cross-country trek and ask, “How did YOU help break the ice?” He (Charlie Engle) Said… “Putting the team together was my job,”

Pam and husband, Tom, when he and youngest daughter (Sophie) surprised her in South Carolina.


the start. Agreeing to lead the runners from their starting line and out of Los Angeles, Kostman rode his bike as the Ice Breakers ran the first 10 of their 3100 miles together. “Taking those first strides was such an amazing payoff for all of the hard work. I knew we would have some hard times, physically and emotionally, on the road across the country, but I was confident we could get through any challenges we would face,” Engle shared. The team did have challenges. The biggest challenge was quite probably the torn Achilles tendon that team member Martin suffered after being chased by a dog. Martin was directed by a doctor to cease running around Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, it was around that point in the journey that Phil Nimmo had joined the voyage for support. He ultimately filled in for Martin for the remaining miles. The rest of the runners were sprinkled with sore muscles, blisters, and belly concerns, but little more. “I think our health was testament to our solid training plan provided by Bart Yasso, our team coach. Bart made sure that we were mentally and physically ready to run for more than three weeks,” Engle said. It was right at three and a half weeks on June 9 that the Icebreaker team successfully completed the journey that took them across 11 states and landed them at the Mental Health America Annual Conference. There, the runners rested their running shoes, and opened up about mental illness, depression, addiction, suf-

said world-renown ultramarathon runner, Charlie Engle. Of course, that was not his only job. He and fellow Ice Breaker team runner, Chris Martin, conceptualized the run. “Chris Martin and I both live in Wilmington, NC, so we run together often. That means we have way too much time together to dream up new running adventures. Usually that means a marathon or a 24 hour race. But in October 2015, we met to talk about a cross country relay adventure. That was the seed that grew into the Icebreaker Run,” Engle shared. Martin agreed to identify companies that could help fund the project and Engle delved into creating a team of runners, a support team, plotting the course, and handling all of the many related details. With May having the designation as Mental Health Month, the team agreed to meet in California and jointly take the first strides of their 5-million step migration, starting at 6 p.m. on Sunday, May 15. “I have been a part of many long expeditions so I know that logistics are the biggest challenge during preparations. Once we were all together in Santa Monica, I breathed a big sigh of relief,” Engle said. Badwater Race Director, Chris Kostman, knew some shortcuts that would save the team some time and keep them safer from CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

Ice Breaker Team almost exactly 1 mile from the finish line in Alexandria, VA.


Running Journal • August, 2016

Inspired Daily

www.running.net and broke my heart. I put the blame on greased monkey bars. Extreme obstacle racing is killing my adventure run star. Progress and change often leave beloved things in our past, but I feel like it is not time for the Picnic Island Adventure Runs to end. I strongly believe that if more people tried just one, they would be surprised by how much they enjoy it. ning high school cross country. After all, not only is it the last of the reaI have often called Picnic Island sonable adventure runs, it is also the most Adventure Runs the great equalizer as the fun you will have while running! winners are not always the fastest in the field, but rather the strongest. I have Rae Ann Darling Reed runs, coaches, and proven this numerous times when I have writes in Florida. She is an RRCA and finished before many of my own high USATF Level 2 certified coach and part school athletes who normally beat me in of the Brooks Inspire Daily program. 1-mile to 5K races and the many adults Follow RunnerGirl's adventures on twitter who have beaten me in area road races. I @runnergirl or facebook.com/runnergirl have always been a strong runner and pretty good at hills - both up and down and then last year I added consistent strength training which has helped me tremendously. I was fortunate this summer to finish as masters winner in May and June, overall winner in July, and overall winner of the series only to find out after the race that due to participation numbers dropping significantly this year they will only hold one race next summer. That unfortunate news was the inspiration for this month's column. (Play the song Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles or at least reference the tune in your head while you read the next few lines.) In our minds and in our hearts, can we rewind or have we gone too far? The need for extreme racing came

The Last of the Reasonable Adventure Runs Just like video killed the radio star, extreme racing seems to have taken its toll on my absolute favorite races, the Picnic Island Adventure Runs. This three-race series began in 2003 and consists of one race per month usually in May, June, and July. In 2006 one of my cross country/track athletes ran her first one and finally convinced me to try one in 2008 (thank you Lauren!). I was reluctant but glad I took the chance. I had more fun than ever. The challenging terrain, the competition, the big unknown of what comes next on the course, and the most amazing awards all had me hooked. I try to run all three races every summer but sometimes life gets in the way. I am pretty sure I have run at least one per summer since that first race eight years ago. I have written about these races in the past but here's just a brief description so you have the visual: It is approximately 3.6 miles long with beach running, lots of uneven grass, hills, a couple of very small sections over pavement, three minor obstacles, which vary each race, such as crawling on hands and knees through sand, running through a few big, inflated tubes, a short backwards run, and push ups. The toughest section of the course is through the mangroves. Oh the mangroves! You never know what to expect until you get there. High tide always brings in the deep, warm, muddy water or as I like to call it, the little bit of “ick” factor, especially if you go splashing through and get any on your face. Don't get me wrong, it is challenging but at the same time it is accessible to all runners and walkers from beginners to veteran racers. Another reason to love this race! Families, kids, young, old, serious racers, and recreational fun runners can all toe that sandy starting line and “have the most fun you will have while running!” My cross country and track athletes always laugh when I describe it that way but I know it to be true and they discover that as well once they give it a try. I won't name any of those other races by name, but I just don't see the appeal of those extreme obstacle races where you literally sign away your life and risk injury or death from the dangerous obsta-

By Rae Ann Darling Reed

cles along the course. They are more about the obstacles than the running. Maybe because I am a runner of 32 years I prefer races that focus mostly on running. The Picnic Island Adventure Runs are safe, fun, off road runs where the terrain challenges you and they throw in a few fun little obstacles that anyone can complete. They are as fun or as competitive as you want them to be. Imagine running as fast as you can out of waist deep water trying to lift your knees, then hitting a soft sandy beach to sprint to the slight uphill finish of a 3.6 mile race. I can still remember how my lungs and legs burned and the uncontrollable smile the very first time I ran Picnic Island; similar, I imagine, to many of our first experiences run-

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Do you have an interesting running story? Or do you know someone who does? Running Journal is looking for stories from our readers. Maybe you’d like to write about how you train, where you train, your favorite race, your favorite training partner, or just share a special running experience. Or you may want to tell us about someone else who deserves recognition for a running accomplishment, whether it be running their first marathon or running their first mile! Please send articles via e-mail to: rj@running.net or mail to Running Journal, P.O. Box 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Articles should be between 500-700 words or less. Please include a photo if possible. Rae Ann Darling Reed, overall July & series winner with Race Director Jim Hartnett


Running Journal • August, 2016

Learning from the Young Guns Marathon Long Run Hitting the wall. It may be the most well known phrase in all of distance running. One minute you're running along breathing effortlessly, your legs feeling rhythmic and light, feet popping off the pavement with every stride. The next minute your breathing becomes labored, your legs feel heavy as lead, and fatigue courses through your body from head to toe begging you to slow down. There are many factors that can lead runners to hitting some version of “the wall� in a marathon, but there are just as many things you can do to break right through it. When implemented properly the long run may be the most effective weapon that can power you to a strong finish at the end of a marathon. One of the most difficult things to determine when planning your training is how to schedule the long runs. When starting any training plan you should structure your training in 3-week blocks where you have 2 “up� weeks where you run more and 1 “down� week where you run 10-15% less in order to allow for the recovery that will allow you to absorb and adapt to the training. The same model applies to marathon training, and the long run schedule reflects that with longer runs on the “up� weeks and a shorter long run on the “down� weeks. However, in order to make sure you recover well week to week stagger the long runs so that on the down week the long run is 10-15 miles; on the first of the two up weeks it is 15-19 miles; and on the final week of the three week cycle the long run is 18-22 miles. These are wide ranges that are dependent on your individual goals and training background, but you should aim to get in 3-5 runs that are 18 miles or more. As you plan your long runs and the routes, keep the race course in mind. If you are running a hilly marathon do at least 3-4 of your longer runs on a hilly course similar to the race course. If the course is flat, be prepared for that too. Believe it or not, 26.2 miles on flat ground will cause problems if you aren't used to it during your long runs. Likewise, most marathons are run on pavement and while I'm a huge proponent of running on soft surfaces you do need to callous your legs to the pounding you'll experience on race day. Not every run needs to be on pavement, but the majority

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

of your longer runs should predominately be on the surface you'll be racing on, whether that is pavement or not. There are several things you can do in the execution of long runs to be in the best possible position on race day. The first is very simply starting them slowly. Most people start their long runs too fast and it leads to over exertion, struggling at the end, and even having to cut them short. It's easy to get geared up for the big long run and get in over your head early, but starting too fast can crush you confidence and spiral you into a fatigue cycle that is difficult to recover from. Additionally, going out too fast on race day is the single worst mistake you can make in a marathon and those habits are tough to break if you develop them every week in training. Start the first few miles of your long runs 90-120 seconds/mile slower than your race pace and focus on easing into the run so you finish quicker than the start. There are two different styles of long runs we incorporate at ZAP in our marathon training. The first, and most common, is a long run finishing with pickups. This is a training concept admittedly stolen from Bill Squires, the most successful marathon coach in American history. As an example, over the final hour of a long run you would throw in a 1 or 2-minute pickup every 5-6 minutes. The pace of the pickups isn't critical, but you should be able to resume your normal long run pace immediately after the pickup. If you have to slow down to recover you're doing them too fast. I suggest starting them at marathon effort and moving forward throughout the sequence as you get the feel for them. The pickups serve two critical purposes. From a physiological perspective they improve your ability

to finish fast at the end of a race when you're tired and improve your body's efficiency in burning fuel, a key in avoiding the wall. Additionally, the pickups provide great psychological training as they force you to break up the run and focus on 1-2 minutes at a time. If you can translate that idea to race day and narrow your focus to a few minutes at a time you'll run much stronger over the final stages of marathon. The other type of long run is running significant portions at goal race pace. An example is 2 x 5-6 miles at or a little quicker than marathon pace with an easy 1 mile between each within an 17-22 mile run. Another example is a progressive long run where you finish the final 10-12 miles of an 17-22 mile run starting 1020sec/mile slower than marathon pace and finishing near half marathon pace. Using a half marathon race as a marathon paced long run with a few miles warm-up beforehand works great as well; just run the first 8-10 miles at goal marathon pace before you speed up with a fast finish. These types of runs should be done only 2-3 times during a marathon buildup. When done properly they necessitate a lot of recovery and doing too many will put you on the fast track to over training or injury. If you're ever in doubt dial back the intensity and know the most important thing in avoiding the wall on race day is simply getting the miles in. Some days in marathon training that will be the best you can do, and that's okay. Be purposeful and patient with your long runs and you'll break right through the wall on your way to a strong finish. ZAP Fitness is a Reebok Sponsored nonprofit facility which supports post collegiate distance runners in Blowing Rock, NC. ZAP puts on adult running camps during the summer and is available for retreats all year. The facility has a state of the art weight room, exercise science lab for testing and a 24 bed lodge. Coaches at the facility include 2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier Zika Rea, 2007 USATF National XC Champion Ryan Warrenburg as well as head coach Pete Rea. For more information go to www.zapfitness.com or call 828-2956198. You can reach Ryan at zapfitness@gmail.com.


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Running Journal • August, 2016


Down the Road Are Marathons And Half Marathons Shrinking? When you read the Running USA report or the Wall Street Journal story, showing that running events shrank by an average of 9% last year and so did marathon and half marathons, did you believe it? Or did you go to your database of all the races in your state and pull out the races and see how your state did. I did the later and I hope that there is or will be someone in each state who keeps up with all the races and can do this for their state and send it to Running Journal to perhaps be published. If you think it is easy to keep up with all the races, just ask my wife Kathy who said “Yeah, somebody will be willing to give up half their time every week to track down races? Don't think so.”That is because you have to check all the races in your state on the Running Journal upcoming races list, and then chase down all the obscure unlisted websites - like RaceMine.Com or RaceSplitter.Com or all the small (and some of the large) finish line services in your state. Maybe she is right and nobody will be will-

ing to do it. But maybe one of you in each state will prove her wrong. There were 11 marathons in SC last year. I will say I can't imagine why anyBy one would run a marathon or half Cedric Jaggers marathon that is uncertified since the USATF won't recognize any records set on uncertified courses because those courses might be any distance. So I've put the uncertified races in small case. If my math is correct (and it may not be) there were 4,521 runners who crossed a marathon finish line in the state in 2015 versus 4,588 in 2014. Therefore, marathon participation did decline in South Carolina as it did nationally. So how about Half Marathons you may ask?

If my math is correct, there were 1,573 increased half marathon finishers (up) including new races and 1,973 (down) finishers so South Carolina's 33 half marathon total finisher number decreased by 400 finishers. That's the trend nationally and in South Carolina. Was it true in your state too? I was not joking when I said I hope someone in each state will do the research and the math for their state. I always want races and participation to grow, and as you can see it did not happen in 2015. Will the downward trend continue? Runners will vote with their feet. Will we see you running down the road more or less at races in 2016 and in the future? Cedric Jaggers was elected to the South Carolina Road Runners Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the author of Charleston’s Cooper River Bridge Run. He lives and runs in Rock Hill, SC. He may be reached via e-mail at JaggersRun@comporium.net


Running Journal • August, 2016

Running Through the Bluegrass Being Organized Reduces Stress I'm currently surviving by relying on dry shampoo and McDonald's unsweet tea, and sleeping in my running clothes. I'm four months out from my next marathon and already hitting 60+ mile weeks, running as the sun rises for a minimal relief from the heat. I work full-time and teach Pilates three days a week, plus various writing projects like this column and my blog. One of the biggest hurdles to fitness success is often time - it can be hard to carve that time out into your schedule. My pet peeve is when someone uses “I'm busy” as an excuse. We're all busy. So the question is not IF you have time, but HOW and WHEN. The first step is to become ruthlessly organized, which is not something I can tackle in a running column. But if you haven't read “Getting Things Done,” I highly recommend it. A huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I hired a coach. Mentally, not having to plan my own schedule is huge. I literally don't think about it. I open the Training Peaks app on my phone and there it is. I review the week ahead on Sunday and block off the time on my calendar so I know which days have obliga-

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By Tracy Green

tions that restrict when I can run. I also lay out my clothes for the week on Sunday. People seem surprised by this, but it's really helpful. I include all my undergarments and accessories, too. It saves an incredible amount of time each day. Sunday is also for menu planning and grocery shopping. We tried a meal delivery service for a while, and I loved the convenience but the food itself wasn't great (or enough food for a couple logging a combined 30 hours of exercise per week). On that front, I use Evernote to collect all my recipes and I'll make my shopping list in there. You can link to other notes, so it's real-

ly easy to make a note for the week with links to each recipe along with the shopping list. I also put the meals I'm cooking on my calendar. In the evenings, I pack my breakfast, lunch, and Hammer Recoverite. And really, I literally sleep in my running clothes on a regular basis. Especially this time of year when I just need shorts and a sports bra, why bother with pajamas? Otherwise, if I'm running in the morning, I put my running gear in the bathroom. I also tuck my safety gear, heart rate monitor and keys into my shoes by the door. If I'm doing a workout after work, those clothes are also packed and put in my gym bag. And if I'm getting ready at the gym, my makeup bag and hair stuff goes in now - I've left without my makeup bag many times. And, if I'm getting ready at the gym, I pull one of my outfits from the closet and get that packed. I wasn't kidding about the dry shampoo, either. That stuff is a lifesaver. If I could pull off the look, I'd buzz my head in a heartbeat. It's not the washing that's so time consuming - it's the drying and styling. Cutting that process out saves me 20 minutes a couple of


days a week. Hammer Nutrition also keeps me going. Obviously, their products fuel my workouts gels, bars for an easy breakfast, Recoverite so I bounce back for the next day. But they also make a number of supplements. Tissue Rejuvenator provides natural anti-inflammatories and joint supplements, like turmeric, chondroitin and glucosamine so I can avoid taking NSAIDS. I recently started using their REM Caps because I have a hard time going to sleep early enough during the summer. Key ingredients are melatonin and valerian root extract, which not only help you sleep but have other recovery benefits as well. Having everything prepped in advance ensures I get my workouts in and reduces my stress levels. I've forgotten shoes for work, bottoms for yoga, makeup, etc. It's frustrating and usually both time-consuming and moneyconsuming. In fact, the time I forgot my work shoes, I went to Target to buy some (faster than going home) and my car battery died and I ended up having to wait for AAA anyway. Save yourself the time, stress and AAA calls - plan ahead! The extra time investment upfront pays huge dividends. Tracy Green is a runner and writer living in Louisville, KY, where she lives with her husband, Chris. She is a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete and certified Pilates instructor. Find her at @TGRunsFit on Twitter and Instagram, Facebook.com/TGRunFit, or TGRunFit.com.

Mississippi Mississippi MArathon years Running

Jackson, Miss. www.msbluesmarathon.com Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, A Mutual Insurance Company, is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.



Running Journal • August, 2016


Masters Running When Racing Brings You Lemons, Look for the Lemonade! After running competitively for over half a century, including road racing for almost 40 years, I can now look back and muse over some unintended mishaps that for the most part ended well. After all, things don't always go as planned when we race. Sometimes races we have prepared for for months get canceled for reasons beyond our control, like the Naples Half Marathon earlier this year. Or we get injured before or during a race, and are unable to finish. But mostly it's the little things I remember, things that did or could have gone wrong but turned out fine in the end. Like the time when I tripped and fell on my face midway into The Provident Marathon in Philadelphia, in 1979 if I recall correctly. But I was able to quickly get back on my feet, and probably only lost about half a minute. And I finished in first place with a personal record time! Although with a scraped knee, so I was whisked into the medical tent as soon as I had crossed the finish line. Then there were times when trouble was brewing on the race course, impacting every runner and not just me. While attending the 2008 RRCA Convention in Cincinnati, I was running the Flying Pig Half Marathon. There was a full marathon also, and both races started together. But the start had to be delayed by 15 minutes, because of a fire on the course. It was at mile 22 on the marathon course, so beyond having our start postponed, it didn't affect us half marathoners. However, the full marathon course had to be taken around the block where the fire had occurred, which meant that marathon runners completed a little more than 26.2 miles that day. I remember that their times would later be re-calibrated, i.e. a mathematical formula was applied to figure out what their times would have been on the correct distance. That way nobody was cheated out of a Boston qualifying time, if they would normally have qualified. Sometimes it was friends of mine who had mishaps, often by no fault of their own. While running a 10K in North Carolina a few years ago, I saw a friend who was much faster than me whisk by me about half a mile into the race. I remember being quite surprised, since I would expect this friend to be far ahead of me right from the start. So I asked him afterwards how come he was running behind me for the first half mile. Turned out the race had started a few minutes early, so when the gun went off he was at

By Lena Hollmann

his car changing shoes! He made a beeline to the starting line and caught up with most of the field. And he still managed to win his age group! For this column, I asked other friends for their stories of minor mishaps. By far the most common, at least among those who answered my inquiry, was forgetting their running shoes. Or maybe bringing the wrong shoes, like John Farrow of Albuquerque, NM, did once. But at least he had brought one right and one left shoe, so he decided to give the race a try even though the shoes were different brands. It didn't go too well though, and he had to drop out after a few hundred yards, with aching knees. But when Helen Bac of Holly Springs, NC, realized on the way to a 5K last year that she had left her running shoes on her front porch at home, she stopped at a Walmart and picked up a pair of $15 Danskins. Not the brand she would normally run in, but they were good enough for her to PR in the race! Then there was a friend of a friend who had to borrow shoes from a volunteer for one day during a three day mountain race, because she had forgotten to bring her own. They were a little too big for her, but got her to her destination that day. Wayne Baker of Garwood, NJ, also forgot his shoes once when running the Belmar Five, a popular summer race at the New Jersey Shore. He decided to run the race barefoot, but his calves didn't feel right for several days afterwards. Shoes are not the only essential that we need in order to finish with an official time, and maybe with an award. It's equally important that we wear our race number when we toe the line, and these days also a timing chip. I almost forgot to pick up my chip at one race, but remembered five minutes before the start! I had just enough time to dash to the table to pick up my chip and tie it to my shoe before the gun went off.

And Susan Wingate of Fanwood, NJ, almost forgot to put her race number on once. It was a 5K right before Christmas, and a friend of hers showed up dressed as an elf. Upon seeing him, six feet tall, in green tights and a jester cap, she laughed so hard that she left her number in her car! But luckily she remembered to put it on right before the race started. Sometimes the turnaround could be in the wrong spot, or it is not marked clearly so the leaders run right past it. Or maybe it's a turn that they miss. The latter happened in the 1985 Charlotte Marathon in North Carolina, when the first three or four guys missed a turn, and had to turn around later and retrace their steps. The order of finish may have been slightly different if the first few guys didn't miss that turn. And when the turnaround was not marked clearly for the leaders in the 5K accompanying a Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA, one year, the leaders went right past it. After they finally did turn around, the front runner was so fast that he passed everyone on the way back and still won the race! So, with so much that can go wrong during races, it seems amazing that most of the time everything still goes right. Maybe we didn't run the time we had expected or hoped for, and maybe the weather was too hot, too cold, too wet, or too windy. But usually there are no unexpected curveballs, and we finish. We can reduce the likelihood even more that things will go haywire, by taking a few simple actions. Some fall upon us runners, others primarily on race directors and volunteers. First, we can make a checklist of what we need to bring to a race, and double check before we leave the house or hotel in the morning: Do I have my running shoes? My watch? My chip and race number? What about shorts and other clothing, gel packs (for longer races), and sunglasses? Then we can hope that all turns will be clearly marked - or study the course beforehand and not lead the race (easy if you are slow like me, maybe not so if you are a five minute miler!). We can usually assume that the race will not start before the announced time, but best to show up at the starting line a few minutes early just in case. Also, make sure we leave enough time for the potty line. Although nobody has told me they were on the potty when the starting gun went off, I am sure this has happened to some runners. There's a downside though in making

race preparations an exercise in precision and organization. We won't have anything to laugh about later, when we look back on years of running and racing! So maybe it isn't that bad after all if we forget our running shoes every once in a while. Especially not if we end up running a personal best in a pair of new shoes, bought cheaply and on the fly! Lena Hollmann is a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise (ACE), and also the RRCA North Florida State Rep. She lives and runs in Naples, FL, and can be reached at lenahollmann@gmail.com.

GO! Mile One Lap, One Mile, One Fast Little Race By Kelly “K2” Richards RRCA At-Large Director, ROADIE and 3 X GO! Mile Competitor The Road Runners Club of America added the mile to the slate of National Championship races in support of the Bring Back the Mile (America's Distance) movement. For three years running, the GO! Mile presented by go! Running ®, has been the RRCA National 1 Mile Championship. A one mile race held in June in Little Rock is guaranteed to be hot, fast and fun! How hot? A steamy and sunny 80° by 7:00 AM hot. How fast is fast you ask? Six Arkansas State Age Group Records were set and the men's winning time was 4:21.49 while the women's winner set an AG state record in 4:43.28. In other words, don't run over to the porta-pottie or you'll miss the finish fast! What about the fun? For me, it's any time I'm not running because I'm a marathoner and running a mile is way harder than it is fun, but I have three favorite race heats (there are seven heats total) listed in the order they take place. 1) The First Mile, this heat is for novices and beginners. For most participants it's their first race and therefore their first mile. Everyone finishes feeling accomplished. I thought it was fantastic that race sponsor CHI St. Vincent had over 70 employees participate in the First Mile. Erin Taylor, co-owner of go! Running ®, has run the First Mile with her father, John McCarthy who was in his eighties, the past three years. John passed away suddenly last fall. This year, Erin, all four of her children and some special friends ran the First Mile together in honor or John.



Running Journal • August, 2016

Women’s Running Grandmas Marathon Celebrates #40 As is usual at this time of year I have my report on Grandmas Marathon and all of the magnificence of this event. This year I volunteered for two weeks in the office and really got totally immersed in every aspect of the weekend of events. Grandmas Marathon and Duluth, MN, will always hold a special place in my heart, as my husband Steve finished his first marathon there in 1994 and broke four hours in the heat and humidity. This year I thought we might have snow as the first three days of race week the temperature never reached 50 degrees. But Mother Nature put on her usual show, and race day dawned very sunny, hot, and humid. The people of Duluth wait all winter and spring for a day like race day, but unfortunately the conditions were not ideal for a marathon. But leave it to the organizers in Duluth, as the events went on and were filled with fun, excitement, and slow times for most of the marathon field. The weather did little to dampen the spirits of those present to cele-

By Carolyn Mather, RN, PhD.

brate the 40th running. The staff and volunteers exhibited their incredible dedication as every one of the 15 aid stations had fluids, ice, sponges and lots of cheering and support. The black flag came out about two hours into the race and the majority of the elite field avoided the worst conditions, but runners listened and slowed down with the worsening conditions. So although times were very slow, there were very few serious medical issues. The weekend started on Thursday when the race expo opened that afternoon.


out hard and won by over a minute, but her 2:33:29 was well short of her 2013 record of 2:26:32. Nick Arciniaga of Flagstaff, AZ, finished as the first American in sixth place. American women duly impressed the spectators taking third through eighth places, led by Clara Santucci of Dilliner, PA and anchored by our own Esther Atkins of Blowing Rock, NC. The day just begins with the races as both Friday and Saturday nights there is entertainment under the big top. The crowds were incredible for Saturday night as many runners danced the night away. I suspect the Friday crowd was huge also but I must admit I was in bed for my early wake up. As I have stated many times in the past, Grandmas is a must for any runners bucket list. Nobody does it better. Granted they have yet to figure out how to control Mother Nature, but I have yet to find a race director who can do that. Shane Bauer, in his debut as executive race director, did not disappoint. I watched him and the rest of his staff work nearly 24/7 race week and the results proved that the folks at Grandmas know how to do it best. They are a cohesive, committed group supported by an outstanding board of directors and volunteers that have no rival. They have more loyal spon-

Business was brisk and the expo area was filled with runners shopping for various items. The Expo continued on Friday along with a host of activities including guest speakers and the ever popular pasta dinner. The new William A. Irvin 5K course debuted at 6 pm and took the participants on a scenic tour of the waterfront. Everyone loved the new course. Buses began loading early race morning for the Garry Bjorklund Half and Grandmas Marathon. Marathon participants had the opportunity to ride the train to the start in addition to the buses. That was a real treat. Getting the elite runners to the start I realized that it would be a tough day. I was sweating just walking to the start. But two former winners prevailed in the muggy conditions. 2015 winner Kenyan Elisha Barno pulled away from a pack of four late in the race to repeat in 2:11:26. Despite the conditions Barno's time was less than a minute slower than 2015. Course record holder, Kenyan Sarah Kiptoo went CONTINUED ON PAGE 18


Distance Memories The Third Rule - and Running by the Numbers Running, like most any sport is governed by numbers. Miles, kilometers, meters … hours, minutes, seconds … heart rates, BMI, stride length … how far or how short … how fast or how slow … whatever it is, numbers rule the sport of running. And like any sport, running has its fair share of numerical rules and axioms. For example: • When you begin running, limit your weekly mileage increases to no more than 10% a week. For example, if you start out running 20 miles a week, you should target no more than 22 miles the second week, 24 miles the third week, etc. • You can proficiently run race pace for a distance equal to three times the length of your average daily run. For example if you're running 20 miles a week your daily average is three miles, so you can successfully run a race of nine miles. • Run three consecutive months of 60 to 70 miles a week to build up a sufficient mileage base to complete a marathon. (This is an axiom to the rule immediately above.) • Multiply your 10K race time by 4.55 to get your project marathon time (assuming

By Scott Ludwig

you adhered to the axiom immediately above). (Another way to predict your marathon time is by using the formula for Yasso 800's, which states your time in minutes and seconds for a workout of 10 times 800 meters -two laps of the track--with equal recovery time is the same as the hours and minutes of your marathon time.) • Target an even split for both halves of a marathon, but you should realistically expect to run five to seven minutes slower for the second half. • Expect to lose 1% of your speed every year after you reach 40 years of age.

OK, so far you veterans haven't learned one single thing. Everything you read from this point forward is specifically for you. It's called Ludwig's Third Rule and it goes something like this: Once you reach the age of 60 expect all of the numbers you remember from your prime to be adjusted by one third. Brace yourself, old-timers because things are about to get real, it not downright ugly. Here goes: • If you ran 36-minute 10K's in your prime, once you become a sexagenarian you'll need to give it everything you've got to run 6.2-miles in 48 minutes, or one third (12 minutes) slower. • If you ran three-hour marathons in your prime expect you should now expect to run a marathon in four hours, or one third (one hour) longer. • If you ran 90-mile weeks in your prime, 60 miles a week (one third less) will require the same amount of effort once you turn 60. It will also take you the same amount of time it took to run 90 miles in your prime. (See entry immediately below) • If you remember what a 7:45/mile train-

ing pace in your prime felt like at the time, now a 10:20/mile pace will feel the same. I told you it was going to be ugly; real ugly. One last thing: If you're still going (reasonably) strong once you turn 60, you're well on your way to living a long life. In all probability you can expect to live to be well over 80, which if nothing else will prove one thing: Ludwig's Third Rule might not apply to age. Let's hope not. Can I get an Amen? Scott Ludwig is president and founder of Darkside Running Club (.com). He lives in the Atlanta area and is the author of 11 books - 7 about running - and is working on others. Scott's new book “Running to Extremes: The Legendary Athletes of Ultra Running” is now available. The book features stories of Ray Zahab, Dean Karnazes, Larry Macon, Mark Covert, Ed Ettinghausen, Mike Morton, Tim Twietmeyer, Ann Trason and seven other amazing athletes of long distance running. You can find it on Amazon and most major booksellers. The book is inspired by, and dedicated to, the enduring memory and legacy of Ted Corbitt.Scott can be reached at darksiderunning@comcast.net. He also has as blog at ScottLudwigRunsandWrites.blogpot.com where his books are available - or at any major online bookstore.


HUNTSVILLE ALABAMA www.runrocketcity.com


Running Journal • August, 2016





took turns, each running legs of specific lengths. Every day, 24 hours a day, a runner was pounding the pavement as the group slowly caravanned across the country. When Phil Nimmo, who is friends with Corbett, joined the team for two or three days for fun. A twist of serendipity changed his plans. Chris Martin had suffered an injury, ending his journey. Engle was resourceful. “I was bummed for Chris,” he said. “But I looked at Phil and asked him 'What are you doing for the next few weeks?'” And just like that, Nimmo went from being a companion to a teammate. He ran Martin's legs like a champ and helped the team finish the run. Martin rejoined the group at the finish in Virginia. For Engle, the run was full of many gifts, but the greatest gift of all was the opportunity to see the United States in slow motion, averaging 6 mph. “We weren't in a hurry. We couldn't go any faster,” he said. “Traveling like that forces your to slow down and appreciate the view.” To read a minute-by-minute account of the Icebreaker, visit Facebook. www.facebook.com/icebreakerrun2016

fering and hope. “The Ice Breaker Run 2016 is over but the conversation has just begun,” Engle said. She (Pam Rickard) Said… “It was our job to just show up, stay open, tell the truth and trust the process. Simple. Not easy, but simple,” 54-year old ultra runner and Ice Breaker team member, Pam Rickard said. Rickard, who is also a recovering alcoholic with more than 10 years of sobriety, said the run was the perfect training ground for her to “practice what she preaches.” “Day one was a clean slate, so I was very purposeful in making sure I paid attention to my thoughts, words and actions as we went along. I often advise people to 'trust the process,' 'do the next right thing,' 'savor being uncomfortable,' etc, so I really tried to apply those things to my experience,” she said. After she and her teammates ran the first miles together, Rickard was the first team member to run solo. Each team member was partnered with another runner for five to seven-hour shifts throughout the three-week run. Splitting the time equally with their partners, runners covered about 23 miles per day. Rickard said that the final stretch, from Richmond to Alexandria, VA, was her favorite part of the whole experience. The team ran 2mile legs at a time, and covered 100 miles in about 17 hours. Rickard said that the running was the easiest part of the adventure for her. The relentless nature of the day-to-day schedule was the most challenging aspect of her journey. “Small price to pay for the many rewards of the experience,” she said. The largest reward for Rickard was what she also considers to be her greatest accomplishment. While she began running at Ohio University in 1981, and has more than 40 combined marathons and ultras to her running credit, Rickard says the opportunity to use running to share the power of recovery is her biggest honor. The Ice Breaker Run allowed her and her teammates to do just that - before, during, and now, still weeks after their successful completion of the cross-country relay. Highly active with The Herren Project, Rickard said the team's goal was the same mission that guides the work of the non-profit that helps those suffering from addiction -- 'Help one person, one family at a time. That's how anything grows.' While the team traveled across coun-

Publisher’s note: For more on the Ice Breaker, see “He Said, She Said.” by Mary Marcia Brown on page 5.

The ICE BREAKER RUN BY THE NUMBERS What does it take for a team of six runners, in two vans with a crew to run, nonstop across the United States? Charlie and Stacey Engle give us “The Icebreaker Run by the Numbers.” Number of months it took to plan – 10 Number of runners – 6 Number of crew – 8 Number of miles covered – 3,250 Number of footsteps – 5,775,120 Number of dogs making the journey – 1 Number of pairs of shoes worn – 30 Number of gallons of water – 456 Number of visits to a laundromat – 15 Number of state lines crossed – 10 (11 states traversed) Number of police encounters – 31 Number of hours of sleep per night per runner (average) – 5 Number of miles covered per day – 130 Number of hours spent running – 584 Number of days it took to run across the country – 24.5 Number of injuries – 1 Number of guests who ran with you from time to time – 311 Number of towns and cities you ran through – 223 Number of high fives – Countless Number of volunteers, including from home and out on the course – 269 Number of calories burned by runners – 721,700 Number of countries that followed the run on social media – 16 Number of crewing runner pitstops – 1,560 Number of confirmed times the crew was asked “What are you guys doing in my driveway?” – 71 Number of dogs chasing runners – 258 Number of jokes told, although we can't verify that all were funny – 938, with David Clark edging out Charlie Engle in a close race Number of random acts of kindness – !! TOO MANY TO COUNT !! Teri Saylor lives and runs in Raleigh, N.C. Reach her at terisaylor@hotmail.com


try, helping others by shedding light and truth on the subject of mental illness, addiction, and suffering, they also gratefully received help as well. Dozens of guest runners joined and motivated the team along the way. Many of the guest runners were people struggling with mental health issues of their own. Some had struggled with addiction or depression while others were battling Bipolar disorder or PTSD. The team spoke to groups in communities along the way, and were grateful for the hospitality and fellowship they received from the Salvation Army in New Mexico, a YMCA in South Carolina, a church in North Carolina, a hotel in Virginia, and many more. The team's crew was also an invaluable part of the journey. The crew drove a van and stayed within three miles of the runners during their shifts at all times. “Our crew was exceptional and crucial to our success in every way,” Rickard said. The successful steps that concluded the team's run, took the group immediately to the open of the four-day MHA Annual Conference where the runners ran onto the stage of the main ballroom to share about their experience and what they learned along the way. Rickard's reflection was truly touching. “I'm still a work in progress, but I'm stronger and more teachable than ever after sharing the Icebreaker Run experience with these people and many others. I feel filthy rich and I want to give it away.” Publisher’s note: For more on the Ice Breaker, see “This Running Life”by Teri Saylor on page 4. Mary Marcia Brown is a runner and Race Director of the TICK TOCK ULTRA MARATHON & TEAM RELAY in both Florida and North Carolina. Reach her at marymarciabrown@yahoo.com or by visiting www.ticktockultra.vpweb.com or www.ncticktockultra.vpweb.com.

“We Run The South”


Running Journal • August, 2016

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS more results at running.net ALABAMA Watermelon Run 5K Mobile, AL – 6/25

Male, Overall – Jonathan Dick 20:57. Masters – Kenneth Powell 22:16. Grandmasters – Joe Wilson 24:30. Wheelchair – Michael Downs 29:03. 19-under – Logan Butler 37:45, Caden Kirkland 45:24, Colton Fowler 48:36. 10-14 – Ben Bailey 21:03, Joel Groseclosse 22:54, Destiny Bjorenson 35:09. 15-19 – Carl Ryan 21:57, Alex Robinson 30:20, Austin Caughhorn 34:31. 30-34 – Ted Johnson 31:21, DJ McGahee 34:27, David Brannan 49:44. 35-39 – Sean Costello 23:35, Jason Connell 23:50, Brandon Caughhorn 26:26. 40-44 – Heath Richter 25:51, Dwayne Lovelace 26:09, Paul Tillman 26:24. 45-49 – Chris Strayhorn 24:20, Steve Hrabovsky 31:06, Paul McGowan 1:06:28. 50-54 – George Cote 29:47. 55-59 – Mike Collis 26:29, Frank Bryant 33:56. 60-64 – Bob Clements 42:08. 65-69 – Bill Akers 31:55, Steven Wien 34:38. 70-74 – Richard Lenz 31:09. 75-over – Will Wright 28:35. Female, Overall – Linsey Hirabovsky 22:02. Masters – Whitley Byrd 26:00. Grandmasters – Maureen Higgins 31:54. 10-14 – Sicily Hardy 33:09, Josie McDonald 34:54, Destiny Bjorenson 35:09. 15-19 – Haley Hrabovsky 36:35, Erica Miller 47:08. 20-24 – Natalie Finnorn 24:42, Nike Bryan 45:41, Danielle Sanspree 45:42. 25-29 – Alicia Gould 31:39, Jill McGahee 33:42, Ashley Rust 38:54. 30-34 – Melissa Engle 26:05, Sally Ludke 27:45, Lorin Wynne 28:31. 35-39 – Ashley Benson 25:19, Stephanie Satterfield 34:35, Jennifer Butler 42:59. 40-44 – Karen Malone 29:51, Tracy Milstid 30:50, Leigh Ann Wiggins 3:22. 45-49 – Susie McDonald 26:38, Lori Driver 31:43, Cyndi May 34:18. 50-54 – Sharon Steelan 32:51, Ruth Nazarian 35:53, Rhonda Gardner 41:25. 55-59 – Marie Diaz 38:36, Donna Johnson 39:44, Suzanne Crist 41:45. 60-64 – Bonnie Ketterman 40:32, Jeanne Faye Berman 43:49, Sandy Akers 47:21. 65-69 – Mona Denton 38:06, Ruth Grubbs 48:45. – Will Wright

Shark Adventure Run 4.5 miles/Road 4 miles Orange Beach, AL – 7/4

Male, 4.5 miles: Overall – Matthew Lawson 33:01. Masters – Duane Brown 38:29. Grandmasters – Frank Opelka 38:44. 9-under – Matthew Pearce 49:55, Cameron West 1:42:52. 10-14 – Anthony Hogan 1:00:17, Evan Laycock 1:00:26, Landen Holland 1:09:46. 15-19 – Jack Verret 36:17, Colby Askins 42:29, Oliver Smith 46:50. 25-29 – Hunter Leo 44:27, Robert Hobson 45:38, Adam Graham 49:48. 30-34 – Brandon Rouse 35:12, Blake Gill 38:08, Chris Moody 42:55. 35-39 – Matt Swenty 38:00, Dan Collier 38:16, Jeff Winter 39:49. 40-44 – Todd Carpenter 38:40, John Moody 42:10, Shon Rhoton 46:07. 45-49 – Lane Gilbert 44:17, Jason Beasley 44:20, Denys Driver 44:57. 50-54 – John Wright 43:29, Dirk Guenster 51:34, Kenneth Logan 57:48. 55-59 – Emmett Pilkington 47:42, Jim Copeland 53:47, Darren Mason 59:18. 60-64 – Jada Leo 52:12, Brian Swenty 1:02:41. 70-over – Richard Watley 53:41. Female, 4.5 miles, Overall – Caroline Smith 35:44. Masters – Kristine Smith 42:19. Grandmasters – Jeffery Riley 50:16. 9-under – Perry Ellen Webb 1:17:12. 10-14 – Isabella Pawloski 36:40, Zoey Crawford 1:03:25, Lily Collum 1:05:05. 15-19 – MacKenzie Brownrigg 45:30, Madison Brownrigg 46:47, Rebecca Pilkington 53:30 20-24 – Stephanie Hopper 50:20, Megan Canny 1:27:09. 25-29 – Anna Nagel 43:26, Fabi Gutierrez 49:48, Amanda Coleman 50:38. 30-34 – Lauren Bryant 50:27, Jessica Roth 56:30, Chrissy Gilder 58:32. 35-39 – Dana Summerour 39:55, Laura Harber 45:10, Allison Cross 49:52. 40-44 – Tracie Sweat 44:15, Amanda Beeding 55:25, Emily Edmonds 56:01. 45-49 – Lane Gilbert 44:17, Jason Beasley 44:20, Denys Driver 44:57. 50-54 – Dawn Rippas 51:57, Jeffery Riley 1:00:32, Lori McDuffie 1:07:00. 55-59 – Dawn Peterson 50:29, Donna Kaiser 55:31, Tammy Mason 1:06:15. 60-64 – Susan Opelka 53:49, Sabine Schultz 59:36, Maureen Higgins 1:04:51. 70-over – Anna Collins 1:26:32. Male, 4 miles: Overall – Jonathan Taylor 21:48. Masters – Geno Phillips 22:15. Grandmasters – Tim Lee 27:25. 10-14 – Arthur Langley 25:31, Drew Saucier 29:45, Brock Warden 31:31. 15-19 – Jacob Bewley 32:07, Jacob Mosiniak 33:59, Jake Beavin 40:04. 20-24 – Josh Pearce 24:58, Chas Mitchell 39:50, Kyle Babitt 49:40. 25-29 – Daniel Gardner 25:19, Jeremy Reeves 28:38, Trey Clark 30:49. 30-34 – Michael Jones 29:31, Christopher Hanlon 30:43, Gene Spivey 31:03. 3539 – Matthew Hanlon 28:21, Jeremy Brownfield 28:39, Julian Sevilla 28:53. 40-44 – Eric Langley 25:31, Kevin Schneider 26:20, Steven Odom 27:04. 45-49 – Tim Emmett 28:11, Matt Van Hoosier 28:46, Dwight Reichter 30:34. 50-54 – Tim Rebowe 31:11, Lee Cox 31:41, Bhrett Bodman 32:54. 55-59 – Fletcher Gibson 30:09, Jamie Arrington 35:04, Sherman Ban 35:09. 6064 – Coak Matthews 30:25, Bob Hyer 33:03, John Sowers 35:18. 65-69 – Art Payne 49:37, Greg Beavin 1:04:45, Wayne Caylor 1:06:48. 70-over – Peter Rabideau 35:12, Bob Teutsch 38:24, Jack Spitzer 40:48. Female, 4 miles: Overall – Sam Gardner 25:27.

Masters – Susannah Emmett 30:50. Grandmasters – Sherie Corey 34:44. 9-under – Katie Pinto 51:38. 10-14 – Emily Little 26:27, Ruby Little 41:33, Jordan Woerner 43:52. 15-19 – Bethanie Dunn 31:54, Aubrie Ware 32:33, Alyssa 20-24 – Kate Kalaris 34:46, Taylor Galloway 41:33, Katie Bounds 43:13. 25-29 – Elizabeth Shaugnessy 30:22, Skyer Sherrell 34:31, Megan Harry 35:59. 30-34 – Jennifer Chapman 26:02, Jessica Cowart 31:47, Tiffany Taylor 31:59. 35-39 – Amber Douglas 26:28, Britton Miller 27:06, Kelly McNair 27:49. 40-44 – Amy Reed 35:42, Michelle LeBlanc 37:32, Suzanne Schultz 28:15. 45-49 – Nancy Rose 33:52, Stephanie Ravenscroft 38:29, Mitzi Moore 38:37. 50-54 – Sherri Askins 37:15, Susan Hutcheson 37:21, Tina D’Aversa 39:42. 55-59 – Jeanie Gunter 38:02, Barbara Low 40:31, Vicki Saucier 43:55. 60-64 – Debbie Renfore 35:59, Sue Buchanan 38:38, Sandy Wilson 40:01. 65-69 – Shirley Beavin 1:04:17. 70-over – Chris Cotterman 50:33.

ARKANSAS Pudding Cup 5K/10K Benton, AR – 6/18 Male, 5K: Overall – Jordan Woodson 22:32. 18- under – Joshua Leamon 31:10, Jacob Burgess 32:58, Gabe Jackson 39:48. 19-29 – Matthew Robbins 40:52, Zack Brown 48:05, Blake Martin 48:58. 30-39 – Jamie Wenzel 28:27, Ferris Jackson 31:36.2, Barrett Howell 31:36.8. 40-49 – Stephen Campbell 28:28, Randy Heath 28:31, Michael Dotson 33:13. 50-59 – Charles Moulton 27:45, Danny Bown 30:21, Terry Fuller 43:51. 60-69 – Drew Bunten 39:53, Tim McNulty 45:33, Jc Comet 58:19. Female, 5K: Overall – Nicole Purdy 25:31. 19-29 – Nikki Wylie 33:36, Jessica Johnson 39:39, Perri Walz 40:11. 30-39 – Missy Collins 27:57, Bricin Martin 28:19, Sommer Thomas 32:33. 40-49 – Tienna Claycomb 32:50, Dede Gillespie 37:01, Jill Brannon 41:24. 50-59 – Tinetha Grubbs 29:51, Pennye Bray 33:14, Karlyn Ulrich 45:56. 60-69 – Jolene Welch 41:24, Penelope McNulty 45:32, Jackie Williams 47:20. Male, 10K: Overall – Tyler Post 47:33. 19-29 – Casey Winstead 1:02:16. 30-39 – Jonathan Martin 53:07, Tim Riemenschneider 54:36. 50-59 – Scott Claycomb 51:27, Timothy McFadden 1:03:01, David Winstead 1:03:20. Female, 10K: Overall – Sara Claycomb 47:33. 19-29 – Morgan Henry 58:38, Chelsey Koppersmith 1:00:43, Tracy Curtis 1:13:19. 30-39 – Sally Howell 58:05, Charity Kemp 1:11:01, Julie McCallister 1:11:11. 40-49 – Dana Ramsey 1:01:01, Stacia Dewitt 1:05:28, Tracy Trumble 1:21:14.

24:23, Autumn Rouke 26:06, Ann Turner 27:11. 35-39 – Amy Mann 22:01, Jenifer Tomasello 25:31, Michele Polek 28:52, Aleaxander Martinez 28:53. 40-44 – Mindy Duncan 24:44, Jackie Dujkovic 25:45, Belinda McLeod 27:28, Malisa Price 28:49. 45-49 – Donna Pink 24:43, Marissa Bonham 26:22, Betty Kabel 27:37, Lane Dolli 29:14. 50-54 – Susan McKenzie 25:34, Lori Hipp 25:35, Velina Sweatt 26:18, Nadine Lawrence 29:10. 55-59 – Connie West 26:24, Martha Ramos 28:17, Sylvia Smith 29:01, Jocie Meza 29:36. 60-64 – Gisela Bauer 33:46, Niki McMahon 35:59, Kay Milonas 41:41. 65-69 – Jo Lowery 40:04, Rosemary Jette 41:45. 75-79 – Jo Sandlin 36:37. – Winston Howell

Rotary Club of KW 4th of July 5K Key West, FL – 7/4 Male, Overall – Owen Allen 18:35. Masters – Donald Bly 19:50. 10-14 – Michael Cates 26:33, Benjamin Romig 27:35, Wade Allen 30:26. 15-19 – Peterly Louis 18:55, Davis Bly 18:58, Jason Block 20:04. 20-29 – Jeff Insalaco 22:38, Dante Harper 24:08, Alex Socha 24:27. 30-39 – Matthew Semcheski 30:26, Gilbert Font 31:14, Jason Diaz 34:18. 40-49 – Martin McKenna 36:16, Jamie Moger 26:17, Michael Romig 27:37. 50-59 – Darrin Dolehanty 24:35, Dave Whetzel 24:42, Christopher Eckels 27:53. 60-69 – Ledesma Lazaro 25:27, Anthony Farretta 25:33, Rob Wolfe 35:36. Walkers – Chester Kalb 36:20. Female, Overall – Holly Bly 22:09. Masters – Katie Leigh 27:27. 9-under – Molly Elliott 50:06. 10-14 – Lou Navarro 24:55, Emma Bly 28:15, Madison Zintsmaster 29:52. 15-19 – Jane Welzien 22:56, Sarah King 42:13, Kendall Folsom 42:14. 20-29 – Kathleen Insalco 23:52, Priscilla Weeks 23:58, Alli Sherretz 26:28. 30-39 – Jenna Stauffer 24:09, Kelly Maatta 24:51, Laura Font 25:17. 40-49 – Lori Richards 29:51, Stacy Aguilar 30:54, Michelle Abner 31:18. 50-59 – Rosalina Maturo 30:21, Marlene True 31:36, Debbie Nelson 31:49. 60-69 – Tricia Eables 45:16. 70-over – Gerda Kalb 36:01. Walkers – Leeta Aquaro 44:52. – Don Nelson

FLORIDA Billy Bowlegs 5K Fort Walton Beach, FL – 6/4 Male, Overall – Dewayne Riley 16:46, Bradley Owen 17:07, Steven Cornelius 18:03, Steve Harris 18:06. Masters – Jose Reyna 18:26, Chris Neal 19:10, Todd Kellogg 19:39. Grandmasters – Fil Piazza 19:40, Tim Unger 19:42. 9-under – Ethan Milonas 32:35, Zachary Hand 38:17. 10-14 – Frank Daldine 20:56, Dillan Brainerd 21:22, Zach Brainerd 21:26, Kent Glover 22:51. 15-19 – Andy Holtery 18:53, Briston Smith 23:00, Frankie Muldowney 27:23, Coby Block 29:39. 20-24 – Ryan Kitson 18:29, Loy McGuire 27:09, Robert Barkley 27:26, Christopher Reis 27:41. 25-29 – Mark Edwards 20:06, John Griffin 21:13, Matthew Buyys 21:24, Ben Pereus 21:46. 30-34 – Martin Novak 19:20, James Baril 20:49, Cecil Chandler 21:25, Jeff Reaves 21:32. 35-39 – Matthew Hames 21:25, Michael Lowe 23:39, Ben Herring 24:01, Brian Dwyer 24:11. 40-44 – Aaron Bradley 20:10, Chris Fields 20:13, Marc Stanley 20:29, Eric Geren 22:31. 45-49 – Bob Walker 19:59, Chad St. Aubin 20:29, Kent Watson 20:30, Todd Scroeder 24:39. 50-54 – Frank McKenzie 19:42, Jeff Harris 20:58, J.C. Baltz 21:52, Karl Denninger 21:57. 55-59 – Boomer Sullivan 19:53, Felix Paulino 20:55, Kevin Swenson 21:54, Rolando Ramos 23:24. 60-64 – Bobby Scott 24:07, Terry Weimer 24:49, Jerry Williams 25:03, Richard Pfalzgraf 25:12. 65-69 – Nicholas Kern 24:00, Brad Philbrook 25:13, Doug Kirby 25:25, Bill Christie 28:21. 70-74 – Lance Jorgensen 25:02, Joseph Walker 26:19, Bill Larsen 36:06, Winston Howell 38:38. 75-79 – Donna Jackson 40:57, Tony Bordogna 43:21. 80-over – Frank Betty 45:59, Lee Wright 50:36. Female, Overall – Lillian Holtery 19:47, Sarah Griffin 20:17, Paula Piazza 21:23, Ashley Selvey 21:59. Masters – Donna Harris 22:07, Tina Brron 23:26, Eva Tucker 23:54. Grandmasters – Tammy Stone 24:41, Joy Kelly 25:05. 9-under – Rylee Zweifel 36:13, Shaylah Williams 36:13, Sarah Lowe 36:16, Payton Blumer 41:09. 10-14 – Delaney Cookman 22:26, D’Aun Riggs 24:05, Tara Sloan 24:10, Mallory Franklin 27:23. 15-19 – Sophia Tucker 24:14, Carolyn Van Zile 24:20, Cameron Lloyd 24:21, Sonja Daldine 27:33. 20-24 – Jamie Gantert 267:39 Lauren Chambers 27:41, Jessica Dalton 28:59, Sierra Lawrence 29:11. 25-29 – Mariland McCarthy 24:33, Melanie Marshall 25:58, Emily Dryer 27:43, Jessica Gibson 27:45. 30-34 – Marketa Rypova 23:24, Brittany Bryson

www.running.net 28:30. 60-64 – Randy Ballew 21:49, Booker Orsley 24:51, Michael Taylor 32:24. 65-69 – Leon McLain 31:06, John Gregg 35:13. 70-74 – Bill Tweedell 32:20, Jim Latimer 33:37, Bill Constantino 34:44. Female, Overall – Melissa Landers-Potts 20:13. Masters – Amy Bramlet 23:37. 10-under – Millie Smith 32:14, Abraha Boles 49:07. 11-14 – Dominique Jenkins 28:00, Kelsie Ballew 38:41, Faith Boles 38:43. 20-24 – Meghann McCord 29:53, Kayla Ballew 38:54. 25-29 – Melissa Mitchell 33:46, Jenna Straughan 36:02, Nancy Johnson 45:55. 30-34 – Margeaux Harvey 20:46, Rebecca Pruett 32:38, Rebecca Crowe 34:33. 35-39 – Heather Waters 23:18, Amber Reeves 29:09, Carol Anne Kelley 31:07. 40-44 – Lisa Kelly 26:14, Kim Smith 26:36, Jakemia Coleman 27:50. 4549 – Shawn Williams 29:36, Kathleen Wiltse 33:58, Lisa Chaney 34:20. 50-54 – Sherri Price 33:14, Donna Cain 34:18, Amy Neill 36:34. 55-59 – Mara Nance 27:24, Angela Willingham 37:01. 60-64 – Barbara Taylor 31:49, Martha Sutton 56:46, Deborah Tiller 57:10. 65-69 – Sue Chastain 34:07, Shirley Smith 39:29, Evelyn Benton 39:33. 70-74 – Mary Lou Kau 44:30, Trish Mathews 56:58. – Classic Race Services

Runners Beat the Heat at AJC Peachtree Road Race ATLANTA, GA - Sun, heat and humidity ruled the 2016 AJC Peachtree Road Race. Participants and spectators of the world’s largest 10K welcomed the summer conditions on Independence Day after last year’s rainy skies. The second annual Peachtree Cup was awarded to the top overall male and female. The men’s elite race ended with an exciting finish between three competitors. Gabriel Geay (Tanzania) narrowly beat out Daniel Salel (Kenya), who crossed the finish line first in the 2015 Peachtree Cup team competition. Geay finished in 28:48.50 ahead of Salel’s 28:48.65. Kenya’s Philip Langat was not far behind with a time of 28:51.40. “I’m very happy to win this race,” said Geay. “I didn’t know when I won, because those two Kenyans are very strong. But I knew I had good speed.” For the women, two runners pulled away from the pack early in the race and dominated for the entire course. Edna Kiplagat (Kenya) controlled the pace with Ethiopia’s Buze Diriba right behind, until Kiplagat made her move just before mile five. Kiplagat added to her lead before finishing in 32:24; Diriba crossed the line at 32:28. “I am happy today because I have tried three times to win this race and I didn’t make it, but today I made it,” said Kiplagat. For the second year in a row, the Kilometer Kids Charity Chase matched up our nation’s military branches in a two-part competition. In partnership with United Military Care, Team Air Force, Team Army, Team Coast Guard, Team Marine Corps and Team Navy competed for bragging rights in two areas: The fastest military branch and the team that receives the most donations for Atlanta Track Club’s Kilometer Kids youth running program through an online fundraiser. Team Air Force crossed the line first with a commanding lead to win the footrace portion of the Kilometer Kids Charity Chase. Captain Richard Elmore finished first for his team in 37:15. Team Air Force’s cumulative time was 5:09:11. At last check, Team Marine Corps was in the lead for the online fundraising portion of the Kilometer Kids Charity Chase with 33% of the donations. All proceeds will go towards expanding the reach and accessibility of the Kilometer Kids program in Metro Atlanta as part of a continued effort to encourage young people to achieve health and fitness through running. A portion of the funds raised through the 2015 Kilometer Kids Charity Chase were used to establish a Kilometer Kids program at Fort Benning, the first to be established on a military base. The Fort

15-year-old Owen Allen was winner of the Rotary Club of KW 4th of July 5K.

GEORGIA Let’s Move 5K Watkinsville, GA – 6/18 Male, Overall – Jonathan Jenkins 17:20. Masters – Luke Smith 20:26. 10-under – Chase Stephens 24:36. 11-14 – Griffin Stephens 18:44, Aidan Landrum 19:17, Kennon Conner 31:17. 15-19 – Dalton Shaw 18:39, Jordan Hilsman 20:43, Destin Howard 21:45. 20-24 – Christian Spiecla 25:23, Jeremi Clemons 32:39. 25-29 – Bradley Hamilton 32:49, Michael Elmankabady 36:00. 30-34 – Lawrence Dantae Robertson 29:28, Kevin Decastro 31:08, Charles Carter 38:44. 35-39 – Tino Johnson 19:23, Antoine Orsley 23:22, Ray Smith 34:23. 40-44 – Hobbie Eckes 20:39, Jeff Stribling 24:33, Derek Jesweak 28:01. 45-49 – David Beeland 23:54, KL Conner 27:20, Jim Todd 30:15. 50-54 – Mark Townsend 23:29, Mark Cain 33:19, Seabon Davis 44:12. 55-59 – David Moore 22:17, Jim Schulte 26:03, Randy Randal

Gabriel Geay, male winner of the Peachtree 10K. Photo by: Bruce Wodder, Photo Run



Running Journal • August, 2016

The Athlete’s Kitchen


Weight and Protein: Hot Topics at the ACSM Annual Meeting The American College of Sports Medicine (www.ACSM.org) is the world's largest organization of sports medicine and exercise science professionals. At ACSM's annual meeting in Boston (May, 2016), over 6,800 exercise scientists, sports dietitians, physicians, and health professionals gathered to share their research. Here are a few highlights related to the hot topics of weight management and dietary protein. Weight management • Do we actually know what drives the obesity epidemic: Is food intake too high? Or does body fatness reduce the desire to exercise? We have much to learn about this delicate balance. • Hunger, that irritating feeling that motivates you to eat, is related to muscularity (but not to body fatness). Muscular runners and triathletes have more hunger than their less-muscular peers and they need more fuel. Hence, if you love to eat (and be lean), lifting weights could be a helpful addition to your training program! • We each have hundreds of types of microbes in our gut that help with digestion. The microbe profile of people with obesity differs from that of lean runners. In mice, we know that obese mice absorb more calories from their food than do their lean counterparts. When the gut microbes of obese mice are transplanted into lean mice, the lean mice start to gain weight. The bottom line: eat a diet that makes for a healthy and slimming gut microbiome: fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grain foods. • Body fatness is strongly linked to sleep deprivation. In a weight reduction study with 123 overfat adults, those who slept the most lost more weight than those who were sleep deprived. In another study with 77 overfat men, a third of them had undiagnosed sleep apnea. They lost less weight than those who slept well. Clearly, sleep is an essential part of a weight management program. If you sleep poorly and struggle to lose weight, you might want to find out if undiagnosed sleep apnea is part of the problem. • Eating the majority of your calories in the earlier part of the day helps to maintain leanness. In a 20-week study with 420 people, the subjects who ate a late lunch lost less weight than those who ate an earlier lunch. Why does meal timing matter if you eat the same amount of calories, only at different times? Diet-induced thermogenesis (the amount of energy needed to digest and assimilate a meal, generally 7% to 10% of calories consumed) is lower at night. Circadian rhythms that drive hunger are also stronger at night compared to morning. Try to frontload your calories? • Should athletes in treatment for eating disorders be allowed to exercise? Traditionally, the answer has been no. Current research indicates no adverse effects, as long as the person is medically stable. Yoga, lifting weights, and aerobic exercise (30 minute limit) have been shown to be beneficial in terms of greater muscle mass and weight gain, with fewer disordered eating symptoms. Yes, exercise can be helpful for runners with eating disorders-as long as exercise is moderate and accompanied by adequate fuel. Protein • Protein is a positive addition to a weight management program. One reason, it is satiating (helps keep you feeling fed). Another reason, it helps to curb loss of muscle. (When deprived of fuel, the body breaks down muscles for energy.) The less muscle you have, the fewer calories you burn.


Don’t let nutrition be your

By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

• Despite popular belief, high protein diets are unlikely to harm your health (if you are healthy). Extra protein does not cause kidney failure, nor does it cause bone loss. Yet, diets high in animal protein can be filled with unhealthy fats, as well as be harmful to the environment. Moderation… • Eating extra protein is NOT the key to building muscle. The key is to lift heavier and heavier weights (progressive resistance exercise). Surprisingly, marathoners and body builders have similar protein needs per pound of body weight. • Runners should pay attention to not only how much protein they eat but also to when they eat it. Research with 20 grams of protein taken 4 times a day (80 g/day) shows better muscle protein synthesis than 10 grams taken 8 times a day, or 40 grams taken twice a day. Hence runners want to target about 20 grams of protein every 3 to 4 hours at breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack & dinner. • Protein needs are based on body weight (not percent of calories). While the total daily need is about 0.5 to 0.75 grams protein per pound (1.2-1.7 g pro/kg), a suggested distribution is 0.12-0.14 grams of protein per pound of body weight per meal (0.25-0.3 g pro/kg). For a 150-pound (68 kg) runner, this comes to about 20 grams protein per meal. For a 120-pound (55 kg) runner, the dose is about 15 g protein/meal. A 200pound athlete (90 kg) needs about 25 g protein/meal. Most athletes eat more than this; the extra protein does not build bigger muscles. • Dieters, serious runners, and masters athletes (who want to reduce muscle loss associated with aging) can benefit from another 40 grams of protein before bed. Extra bedtime protein reduces overnight muscle breakdown and enhances overnight muscle growth. Cottage cheese, anyone? • The “anabolic window of opportunity” (optimal time to eat protein after a workout to build muscle) is longer than initially thought. After a weight-lifting session, the muscles are in building-mode for the next two days. In comparison, the best time for refueling depleted muscle glycogen is within the first hour or two after exercise. Your best recovery bet is to enjoy a post-exercise carb-protein combination that both builds and refuels muscles. Eggs and toast? Chicken and rice? Chocolate milk?

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Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark MS RD CSSD has a private practice in the Boston-area (Newton; 617-795-1875), where she helps both fitness exercisers and competitive athletes create winning food plans. Her best-selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook, and food guides for marathoners and cyclists, as well as teaching materials, are available at www.nancyclarkrd.com. For online and live workshops, visit www.NutritionSportsExerciseCEUs.com.

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Running Journal • August, 2016


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Running Journal • August, 2016

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Running Journal • August, 2016

Running Psychology Your Training Ecosystem When most runners think about “training,” they immediately think about getting their running shoes on and going out for a run. But is running all there is to training for runners? Of course there is more to training than simply going out every day and running. Flexibility, weight training, nutrition, recovery, etc. are all parts of any sound training program. However, if we examine any training program closely, we will find there is much, much more to any training program than the aforementioned list of activities. All runners live in their own individual world, or in other words, ecosystem. Each of us is different and each and every one of us live in our own individual environment. We all must interact with our environment in our own very unique way. We are all part of a training ecosystem. So to really take a close look at training, we must look beyond specific activities that are designed to build endurance, speed, strength, and flexibility. To get the absolute most out of training and racing we need to learn to integrate all aspects of our ecosystems into our training. Training must be viewed as a total integration of body, mind, and environment. Training is all about putting stress on the body that the body is not accustomed to, and then allowing the body to adapt to the stress overload with some form of reduced stress or recovery. Too little stress and there is a less than optimal training effect. Too much stress and the body breaks down with chronic fatigue and exhaustion. So being over trained is really about too much stress and too little recovery. When discussing training for runners, we too often only think about the stress overload coming in the form of running. One of the cardinal rules of exercise physiology is that “training is specific” and to train to run you must spend the greatest percentage of your training time running. However, there are many other aspects to our own personal ecosystems that impact energy levels, stress, training status, and ultimately race performance. Our running ecosystem will probably consist of things like training load, sleep, relaxation, work, diet, weather conditions, illness etc., but we need to look at our entire ecosystem to understand how our running is impacted by the total environ-

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.

ment in which we live. Most people today don't have a lot of physical stressors in their lives, such as manual labor or long treks across the countryside to find food. Technology has eliminated many jobs that once depended upon physical labor and many things such as food are not even given a thought. Most of the stressors we face today are psychosocial in that they come from our own inner thoughts and our interactions with other people. Sociocultural stressors that drain physical and mental energy might be things like time pressures at work and home, negative personal relationships, financial concerns and demands of employers. Psychological stressors like worry, fear of failure, self-concept concerns brought on by media and even the pressure to perform in races can also result in energy drain. How are the above psychosocial pressures a part of your running training? The ability to physically adapt to the training we do and raise our fitness levels is based upon how much energy we have to expend on the actual physiological process of running, and how much energy we can save while recovering to aid in our adaptation to the training stress. With adequate energy we can run hard and then have the ability to recover, thereby getting the desired training effect from our running. In a perfect running ecosystem, bouts of hard training are broken by days of lower intensity training and the body is allowed to recover and adapt. Too bad that most of us have much more to do on a daily basis than just run, eat, and rest. We have to function in our own individual ecosystem and that means jobs, family, school, interpersonal relationships etc., and all of these take significant energy, and in many cases we simply don't have enough energy to go around. The result is that we don't get to train as hard as we would like and

www.running.net on top of that, we don't recover well from the training we do. The end product of all of this is a less than optimal training effect and sometimes chronic fatigue. It's not that we're training too hard or not training properly, it's just that the other demands in our ecosystem result in energy drains and we are under rested and under recovered for the training we actually do. We may feel tired and exhausted on a regular basis, but it's probably not from actually running too much or too hard, it's from under recovery. If you're feeling worn out, don't just look at your running as the cause; also look at your entire personal ecosystem. Training encompasses far more than simply going out and running every day. In the past when you haven't been running well, were there other things going on in your life that negatively affected your running? Job stress, personal problems, poor sleep habits or illnesses are all things that can sabotage even the most well planned training program. All can be insidious in how they affect us, both physically and mentally. While many events in our personal ecosystems are hard to control, others can be improved upon. Diet is one area that is directly under your control. More sleep is always a help to runners, so work to manage your time better during the day and you may actually be able to get 30 minutes more sleep a night. Also, while it is a challenge, work on becoming a better stress manager. Try not to get stressed over things you can't control and also work to change your interpretation of events so fewer and fewer things get you wound up and stressed out. Be positive and treat yourself like you would treat your own best friend! The energy you save from not being under constant stress is energy you can put to running and recovery! So when you map out a long-term training program, look at your entire training ecosystem and examine the entire “picture.” By understanding areas of your life that drain mental and physical energy you will be better able to conserve more energy for running and other activities you really like to participate in. A small investment of time in looking at training and your overall lifestyle can pay big dividends down the road. Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Science Department of Averett University and is an AASP Certified SportPsycology Consultant. He may be reached via e-mail at ferguson@averett.edu

WOMEN’S RUNNING CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 sors than most races and the city demonstrates a friendliness that is never seen elsewhere. People all along the course put out hoses, sprays, impromptu water, and first aid stations on the entire course. Oranges, bananas, and strawberries were available. Even Elvis and the Jolly Rancher complete with candy populated the course. There were entertainers and cheerleaders to keep you going to the ultimate prize of a great finishers shirt and a very awesome heavy medal. Plus this year you could complete the challenge to do the 5K and either the half or full. All events sold out in December. A group of Deb Voiles Run Tampa made the trip with 65 strong after Deb had heard me extolling the virtues of Grandmas at ZAP Fitness a couple of years ago. They joked afterwards that only south Florida folks could look like northerners on Clearwater Beach in the spring, as they traveled to near the Canadian border to get sunburned. They had a great trip! I want to congratulate Grandmas on making the 40th birthday party the best marathon yet. On a personal note the staff made my life a lot brighter with a huge bouquet of flowers and the promise (pending city approval) of a brick with my Steve's name on it in a memorial brickyard to be placed near the finish. Steve will be there long after the rest of us join him. My sincerest thanks and love to the staff, the board, the volunteers, the sponsors and the city of Duluth for a world-class event with true small town charm. Plan to be there on June 17, 2017. Carolyn Mather,R.N.,PhD. lives and runs in north Georgia and is a member of the Atlanta Track Club Elite. She can be reached at carolynmather@tds.net.

“We Run The South”



Benning program launched last fall and more than doubled in size for its spring season. Donations will be accepted through July 31, 2016 at charitychaseforkids.org. Tatyana McFadden’s victory in the Shepherd Center Wheelchair Division of the AJC Peachtree Road Race earned her the title of the winningest women in the division. The Clarksville, Maryland resident finished first at Peachtree for the sixth time in 23:14. “It was definitely a busy weekend. There’s not much time between [Paralympic] Trials and this race, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” said McFadden, who was named to the Paralympic Team yesterday after winning six events. “I’m really glad to come down and it’s a great way to celebrate the Fourth.” Josh George (Champaign, IL) claimed his first wheelchair division win at Peachtree in what was his 10th time competing in the race (20:19). “It feels great. The past few years I finished second or third, so to finally get the win, it’s a pretty big one for me,” said George. The 2016 AJC Peachtree Road Race finisher’s T-shirt was a blue cotton-poly blend courtesy of Mizuno. A public vote chose Shay Harbaugh’s “Heart & Sole” as this year’s T-shirt design, which was inspired by three words: pride, heart and soul. “With every step the runners take in the race, they are putting their heart and soul into getting closer to the finish line,” Harbaugh explained. For full results and more information on the 2016 AJC Peachtree Road Race, visit peachtreeroadrace.org. Male, Top 10 – 1-Gabriel Geay 28:49 2-Daniel Salel 28:49, 3-Philip Lagat 28:52, 4-Abdi Abdriaham 29:24, 5-Jared Ward 29:29, 6-Elkanah Kibet 29:36, 7-Kevin Kochei 29:48, 8-Robert Cheseret 29:48, 9-Ben Payne 29:58, 10-Augustus Maiyo 29:59. Masters – Kevin Castille 31:19, Odilon Cuahutle 33:47, Aaron Totten Lancaster 33:47. Top Georgia Male – Ty McCormack 30:47. Female, Top 10 – 1- Edna Kiplagat 32:24, 2-Buze Diriba 32:28, 3-Lineth Chepkurui 33:24, 4-Neely Gracey 33:25, 5Madai Perez 33:40, 6-Maegan Krifchin 33:45, 7-Buzunesh Deba 33:55, 8-Katja Goldring 34:06, 9-Jen Rhines 34:16, Sarah Rapp 34:28. Masters – Jen Rhines, Amy Ertel 42:55. Top Georgia Female – Lindsay Billings 37:18..

more results at running.net 1:56:21, Charles Berlin 2:02:01. 50-54 – Kenneth Melton 1:40:07, Scott Black 1:54:42, Luis Ramirez 1:59:25. 55-59 – Kevin Byerly 1:36:11, Steven Kraus 1:49:55, Jimmy Brannon 2:07:11. 60-64 – Fredrick Jackson 1:48:36, Larry Brown 1:57:38, Randy Tephabock 2:00:17.65-69 – James King 2:06:37, Howard Griffith 2:34:34, Michael Boyle 3:15:52. 70over – Leroy Sanborn 2:21:25. Female, Half Marathon: Overall – Varinka Ensminger 1:29:56, Missy Moore 1:35:22, Holly Carey 1:50:00. 15-19 – Hayley Robb 1:54:34, Tori Hafner 2:01:37, Casey Vandenbar 2:01:43. 20-24 – Olivia Perkins-Mackey 1:54:27, Kathryn Wade 2:07:49, Makensee Osborne 2:19:44. 25-29 – Kelsey Gibbs 2:10:37, Hilary Johnson 2:14:28, Lauren Thorn 2:18:47. 30-34 – Carla Dehart 1:52:41, Kristen Carlson 1:57:49, Katherine Goodwin 2:10:43. 35-39 – Stephanie Lang 1:56:21, Anne Rademaker 2:03:16, Sari Liggett 2:06:26. 40-44 – Terrina Anderson 1:54:57, Melissa Abell 2:13:46, Kelly Mink 2:14:32. 45-49 – Debra Suiter 2:02:00, Laurie Belcher 2:06:59, Trisha Stragand 2:12:29. 50-54 – Lori Dawn Vaught 2:11:54, Lori Eppard 2:22:22, Jenny Waybright 2:23:11. 55-59 – Beverly Knight 2:13:42, Diane Zipko 2:38:11, Linda Sanborn 2:44:17. 60-64 – Monica Griffith 2:20:29, Crisanda Tephabock 2:52:45, Starr Gantz 2:56:23. Male, 10 miles: Overall – Mickey Garrett 1:09:46, Lon Hays 1:29:38, Stephen Kubiatowski 1:21:44. 25-29 – Nathan Collins 1:25:32, Brett Jessie 1:52:06. 30-34 – Gregory Humkey 1:22:58, Chuan Zhano 1:28:48, Jeffrey Kosuda 1:34:18. 35-39 – Brock Howerton 1:28:01, David Sellards 1:32:23, Yoshinori Inoue 1:58:02. 40-44 – Scott Lutin 1:24:36, Erick Hoffman 1:57:42. 45-49 – Timothy Canter 1:45:34, Jeremy Bowen 1:58:11. 50-54 – Jim Moore 2:06:45. 55-59 – Lon Hays 1:25:36, Jeff Scott 1:33:41, Williams Summers 1:35:06. Female, 10 miles: Overall – Alina Klimkina 1:19:37, Christen Barbercheck 1:34:18, Mandy Crider 1:35:32. 20-24 – Maryn Zipko 1:51:44, Victoria Royal 1:57:06, Stephanie Routh 2:12:29. 25-29 – Katie Trimpe 1:37:48, Samantha Demartine 2:09:33, Amanda Dame 2:21:27 35-39 – Katherine Grandfield 2:51:28. 40-44 – Susanna Bowen 1:58:09, Marci Cradick 2:03:37, Tara Bishop 2:13:15. 45-49 – Kelly McKenzie 1:47:01, Brend Hoffman 1:57:44, Amy Abbott 2:05:08. 50-54 – Charlotte Scott 2:01:08, Shannon Lancaster 2:36:39, Sabrena Fields 2:42:40. 55-59 – Donna Pickett 2:12:11, Lynn Klesmit 2:43:23. 60-64 – Katherine Klesmit 2:11:33, Jonetta Crusott 2:19:44, Jill Labandz 2:43:22. 65-69 – Rose Anne Bertram 2:37:06, Maryann Kolloff 2:43:58. Male, 4 miles: Overall – Kevin Tamariz 28:52, Alberto Tamariz 28:53, Dawin Wingate 31:39. 14-under – Ethan Hernandez 37:08, Emerson Balogh 37:19, Henry Vlk 51:45. 15-19 – Rollie Mills 37:30, Alex Mills 38:14. 20-24 – James Zarish 52:46, Edwardo Orgazlaguna 1:05:35, Zachary Foster 1:12:58. 25-29 – Kenneth Dailey 41:57. 30-34 – Jonathan Taylor 33:14, Alan Fitzsimons 34:33. 35-39 – Russell Windsor 1:14:35. 40-44 – Frederick Fisher 1:04:56, Jason Sawyer 1:14:09. 45-49 – Geoff Balogh 43:34, Brian Vlk 47:16, William Fooks 48:44. 50-54 – Jimmy Tamariz 37:46, Joe Beitzinger 53:41. 55-59 – Bob Wallin 58:32. 60-64 – David Royster 1:17:09. 70-over – George Vlk 1:14:27. Female, 4 miles: Overall – Ximena Tamariz 30:54, Sarah Holub 31:45, Mary Beckerson 32:43. 14-under – Kylie Hernandez 34:43, Ava Hernandez 38:39, Taylor Koch 41:39. 15-19 – Sanoma Blakely 35:59, Zoey Beitzinger 36:08, Jordyn Priddy 1:12:59. 20-24 – Katy Hinesley 43:3, Shannon MaCallister 50:37, Kathie Zarish 52:46. 25-29 – Katy Tucker 40:07, Chelsea Colgan 40:31, Katelynn Fanthorp 43:58. 30-34 – Becky Taylor 40:06, Courtney Honican 41:35, Briiteny Schaefer 41:55. 35-39 – Phillina Wingate 33:43, Kate Cotter 34:30, Ashley Reynolds 39:54. 40-44 – Theresa Stone 39:01, Michelle Poole 42:11, Suzy Fitzsimons 43:18. 45-49 – Sandra McConniel 39:03, Heather Garrett 44:28, Kim Myers 53:37. 50-54 – Stacy Neal 37:49, Katie O’Brien 38:56, Jacqueline Schreiver 50:11. 55-59 – Margaret Kraus 42:19, Suzanne Sinnett 45:03, Regina Raab 47:00. 60-64 – Becky Winburn 51:28, Teri Dowdy 57:59, Rita Jagoditz 1:07:17. 65-69 – Norma Royster 1:16:42, Carol Snyder 1:16:55. 70-over – Mary Ann McGraw 1:07:17.

Running Journal • August, 2016 15-under – Sophia Mouton 17:01, Madalyn Burke 17:14. 1619 – Emily Blanchard 12:51, Sydney Lee 15:54. 20-29 – Lauren Ybarzabal 12:52, Anna Rees 13:22. 30-39 – Rachel Quintana 13:19, Jescica Morris 15:04. 40-49 – Lori Gaston 16:21, Teri Larisey 16:42. 50-59 – Sherri Jones 16:46, Charlene Hirstius 16:49. 60-69 – Sandy Marquette 21:11, Marcia Finkelstein 21:48. 70-over – Jamie Manders 21:32.

Armadillo Dash Trail Run 3 mile New Orleans, LA - 6/25 This event is the Louisiana RRCA Cross Country State Championship. Male, Overall - Nick Accardo 18:40. 14-under - Alex Koenig 28:54, Daniel Martinez 35:52. 15-19 - Felipe Pelaez 18:58, Alexander Lewis 19:50. 20-29 - Casey Keiser 19:21, Preston Youngdahl 22:22. 30-39 - Preston Bourlet 22:04, Wilfredo Aguirre 23:13. 40-49 - Brandon Wingate 18:48, Brendan Minihan 21:03. 50-59 - Bryan Smith 23:00, Kenneth Massett 25:11 60-69 - Ralph Caddell 30:10, Steve Cook 25:59. 70-over - Juan Perez 27:53, Kenneth Wollfarth 38:37. Female, Overall - Emily Blanchard 23:46. 14-under - Alec Williams 37:27, Mekeila Santiago 43:50. 1519 - Emily Blanchard 23:46, Alexandra Munoz 37:21. 20-29 Meredith Dickey 26:26, Sara Graham 27:10. 30-39 - Callie Smithson 24:44, Raquel Gros 24:58. 40-49 - Ann Sullivan 27:45, Bonita Hall 30:44. 50-59 - Kimberly Greenwell 36:20, Caren Singleton 44:56. 60-69 - Jill Romero 44:52, Pamela Pulsifer 49:35. – Chuck George

Thunder on Water 8K Grenada, MS – 6/11 Male, Overall – Adam Berryhill 31:53. Masters – Randy Burt 36:49. Grandmasters – Felix Shipp 39:25. 14-under – Benjamin Han Owen 38:20, Ashton Berryhill 51:33. 15-19 – Benji Kendall 52:06. 25-29 – Anthony Golding 37:56, Nick Lansdale 41:50, Rodgrick Hickman 45:17. 35-39 – Payton Powell 50:53, Tillman Ballentine 52:20. 40-44 – Jason Bender 37:30, Doug McClure 39:29, Ian Clevenger 45:15, Scott Mason 54:26, Johnnie Sherman 57:42. 45-49 – Tim Roop 38:13. 50-54 – Rusty Harlow 41:53, David Theobald 43:01, Terry Aldridge 48:00, Mike Kotecki 1:03:12. 55-59 – Lewis Keen 52:44. 60-64 – John McCrary 40:07. 65-69 – Gerald Dye 45:31. 70-74 – Larry Tidwell 43:50. Female, Overall – Andrea Hutchinson 38:58. Masters – Maggie Moran 1:08:17. Grandmasters – Brenda Johnson 46:33. 14-under – Mak Kendall 52:05, Murry Catherine Alderman 1:03:05. 20-24 – Caitlin Bailey 41:34, Alexa Golding 1:00:50, Loran Stricklen 1:04:02, Britley Sanders 1:26:35. 25-29 – Lindsay Massie 56:48, Leah Tolbert 1:01:52. 30-34 – Lee Anne Rouse 46:17, Lindsey Barrett 1:00:49. 35-39 – Mandy Lea 42:54, Jenny Louden 51:24. 55-59 – Sandra Tamboli 53:52. 6569 – Bonnie Partridge 54:16.

NORTH CAROLINA Mitchell, Hutchins Win Grueling Grandfather Mountain Marathon GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN, NC - Mike Mitchell of Mint Hill, NC, and Suzanne Hutchins of Gastonia, NC, were winners Saturday of the tough Grandfather Mountain Marathon at the annual Highland Games. Mitchell, 32, a graduate of Appalachian State University where the marathon begins at Boone, completed the grueling course, much of it uphill, in 2:51:48. Wind, hills, and the strug-

KENTUCKY Bourbon Derby Half Marathon/10 miler/4 miler Paris, KY – 6/11 Male, Half Marathon: Overall – David Hays 1:26:32, Nikolay Ryabkov 1:27:21, Alexander Bruns 1:29:55. 14-under – Korry Blankenship 1:49:26. 15-19 – Barrge Blakley 1:48:06, Christian Ikensaa 1:55:40, Riley O’Brien 2:25:54. 20-24 – Eli Estridge 1:34:21, Chris Abell 1:53:31, Mark Rudy 2:04:55. 25-29 – Bradley McNamara 1:39:57, Zach Howard 1:46:43, Trevor Dunn 1:48:33. 30-34 – Jontai McQueen 1:38:45, Adam Reed 1:39:12, Jamie Dehner 1:42:30. 35-39 – Matt Perraut 1:33:34, Kyle Brumbaugh 1:39:41, Matthew Ellis 1:44:29. 40-44 – Madison Sewell 1:30:46, Steve Rohrs 1:48:56, Eric Branch 1:51:38. 45-49 – Herve Antoine 1:32:00, Jason Witt

Father’s Day Race 2 miles New Orleans, LA – 6/18 Male, Overall – Richard Bouckaert 9:52. Masters – Brandon Wingate 10:11. Grandmasters – Paul Thiels 11:53. Senior Grandmasters – Kenny Mire 13:45. Youth - Justin Unger 12:48. Racewalker – Jacob Thompson 20:53. 15-under – Jackson Shelby 13:03, Joshua Quintana 14:32. 16-19 – Kyle Montgomery 10:27, Sedrick Hawkins 10:47. 20-29 – Patrick Aucoin 10:05, Josh Browning 12:13. 30-39 – Matt Greco 11:11, Rob Stevens 11:42. 40-49 – Gerard Jarvis 11:18, Robert Quintana 12:09. 50-59 – Timothy Priest 12:44, Randy Schmidt 13:19. 60-69 – J Roger Brown 13:51, James Hebert 15:13. 70-over – Larry Schlueter 15:06, Rudy Smith 15:25. Female, Overall – Aislinn Roberts 12:31. Masters – Kimblery Blaise 13:56. Grandmasters – Linda Akhter 15:43. Senior Grandmasters – Germaine Carrol 18:37. Youth - Elise Lafleur 16:29. Racewalker – Elaine Joseph 24:13.

gle up to Grandfather Mountain make it a difficult course. Hutchins, 36, was racing the course for the fourth time and proved best among the women with a time of 3:11:58. She described the course as “rolling and hilly.” The race began at Kidd Brewer Stadium in Boone and wound its way up the Blue Ridge Parkway, finishing on the track of the Highland Games on Grandfather Mountain. The Highland Games is an annual Scottish celebration and the largest in America, and also feature Scottish track and field competitions. Patrick Woodford, 23, of Roanoke, VA, was second marathon finisher in 2:53:45, followed by Brian Fowler, 34, of Raleigh, NC, in 2:58:19. Second and third females were Kimberly Hefner of Rock Hill, SC, in 3:46:56.2 and Ha Green of Clemmons, NC, in 3:48:00.6. Joe Sinclair, 70, of Statesville, NC, completed his 200th marathon in the race, finishing in 6:03:40.3. Complete race results: http://www.leetiming.com/GMM2016_AG.htm


LOUISIANA Edna Kiplagat, female winner of the Peachtree 10K. Photo by: Bruce Wodder, Photo Run


Suzanne Hutchins, female winner of the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. Photos by Karen Thibodeaux, yoursportingimage.com

Rhododendron 10K Bakersville, NC – 6/18 Male, Overall – Matthew Sonnenfeldt 31:47, Brett Morley 31:58. Masters – Phil Roberts 38:55. 19-under – Michael Holland 33:48, Porter Bradley 35:39. 2024 – Tanner Cook 33:05. 25-29 – J Penny 34:00, Tony Casey 34:57. 30-34 – Tony McKinney 41:24, David Sheets 44:19, Matthew Hitechew 1:07:31. 35-39 – Jonathan Thacker 35:53. 40-44 – Niles Yantchook 43:35, Darren Williams 52:04, Nick Frazier 1:06:32. 45-49 – Brad Dellinger 40:42, Bill Fuller 52:20, Carl Forbes 59:08. 50-54 – Ross Smelser 49:17, Rick Hawkins 49:53, Lee Williams 50:28. 55-59 – Richard Rummler 43:53, Zan Sistare 47:41, Brenneman Thompson 48:53.. 60-64 – Finn Pincus 48:13. 65-69 – Lynwood Wagner 47:29, George Rollins 49:50, Bill Dickerson 50:39. 70-over – Terry Van Natta 46:02, Lee Roy Hurst 57:05. Female, Overall – Lucy Rummler 38:42, Holly Street 43:28. Masters – Karen Becker 45:17. 19-under – Keely Taylor 1:01:22. 30-34 – Trish Hauptmann 49:29, Anna Wilson 1:05:51, Cortney Taylor 1:09:41. 35-39 – Michelle Eggers 44:30, Jessica Garland Williams 1:04:47, Sarah Hitechew 1:07:31. 40-44 – Beth Satterfield 54:01, Suzie Buchanan 55:01, Corey Robinson 1:07:01. 45-49 – Janine Myatt 52:36, Teresa Duffy 57:45, Cheryl Shields 59:37. 50-54 – Heather Hawkins 1:01:14. 55-59 – Wendy Weidner 56:28, Patti Turpin 1:01:58, Donna McLamb 1:07:38. 60-64 – Rita Altman 1:29:26. 65-69 Marie Tedesco 59:10, Nancy Burleson 59:16, Barbara Taylor 1:20:57.

Conover School 5K Run & Roll Hickory, NC – 6/18

Mike Mitchell, male winner of the Grandfather Mountain Marathon. Photos by Karen Thibodeaux, yoursportingimage.com

Male, Overall – Mike Lawson 21:05, William Adair 19:52, Marco Santos 19:36. Masters – Doug Kenworthy 22:08. 10-under – Brian Schoellner 22:48, Luke Burkett 29:39, Cole Lewis 38:10. 11-14 – Matthew Adair 20:38, Jason Thomson 20:51, CJ Schronce 21:13. 15-19 – Timothy Tysinger 20:21, Hayden Conner 21:17, Devin Nichols 29:25. 25-29 – Chris Yoder 35:55, Chad Stamey 47:55, Justin Sturgill 48:01. 30-34 – Derric Lingle 23:04, Sean Eaton 26:57. 35-39 – Wesley Wightman 21:59, Jeffrey Eudy 22:25, Alex Boone 24:24. 40-44 – David Harkey 25:00, Mike Finger 28:06, Otis Duncan 32:52. 45-49 – Mark Brown 22:26, Dave Birkhofer 23:20, Philip Risch 26:03. 50-54 – Bill Johncock 23:25, Chris Booher 28:10, Bo Glenn 33:57. 55-59 – Danny Baucom 22:09, Joey Gilleland 22:45, Steve Schmerber 24:27. 60-64 – Robert Money 26:51, Gene Modlin 30:54, Leo Linn 39:04. 65-69 – Mackie Johnson 24:03



Running Journal • August, 2016


70-over – Laurence Penrose 28:52, Ray Shook 38:59, John Eggers 39:13. Female, Overall – Anna Boone 21:05, Jonna Strange 21:21, Chloe Fountain 23:40. Masters – Margaret McInnis 25:53. 10-under – Jayla Ikard 59:28, Maggie Gold 59:52, Lanie Swink 1:04:41. 11-14 – Sarah McNeil 32:12, Lea French 40:23, Sydney Glenn 51:06. 15-19 – Morgan Taylor 27:30, Cassie Fehrs 37:09, Ana Risch 44:51. 20-24 – Sara Stoltzfus 32:10, Jessie Lowdermilk 34:02, Jessica Schiefelbein 47:08. 25-29 – Jessica Everett 25:03, Michelle Hefner 26:23, Lindsay Stamey 27:25. 30-34 – Beth Covey 24:04, Stacey Bumgarner 27:56, Allyson Lane 28:23. 35-39 – Nikki Eaton 26:35, Jana Creed 26:39, Jenya Comfort 29:04. 40-44 – Connie Burkett 24:11, Lynne Carter 27:29, Suzanne Cadwallader 28:00. 45-49 – Cynthia Rosenbalm 26:31, Tami Fox 26:56, Tonya Schiefelbein 28:16. 50-54 – Kimberly Pressley 34:12, Lisa Mauney 34:29, Debbie LeFever 38:20. 55-59 – Nancy Anderson 31:37, Betsy Reynolds 32:15, Cindy Adkins 41:39. 60-64 – Carol Bostian 39:05, Dianne Wesson 45:09. 70-79 – Kathy Seavers 27:49, Mary Eggers 48:35.

Vertical Mile Challenge 1 vertical mile Hiddenite, NC – 6/18 Order of Finish – 1-Chris Hollan 3:25:47, 2-Brian Johnson 3:30:12, 3-Jonathan Hogan 3:37:17, 4-Tyler Peek 4:05:33, 5Mark Long 4:27:57, 6-Rachel Watkins 4:36:41, 7-Lisa Watkins 4:36:42, 8-Ben Smoker 4:45:47, 9-Tiffany Parris 4:46:51, 10Chris Ward 5:02:42, 11-Brigitte Spurgeon 5:05:42, 12-Stephen Freeman 5:16:16, 13-George Wahnop 5:16:17, 14-Danny Dyson 6:09:50, 15-Tara Grisolia 6:19:48, 16-Victoria Heater 7:15:34, 17-Tammie Langley 7:16:08.

Miles for Medicine 5K Cary, NC – 6/19 Male, Overall – Damon Nicholas 19:19, Gary Franks 19:42, Richard Gerstner 20:25. 9-under – Owen Burgess 27:19, Paulie Brooks 33:09, Chris Gillham 36:40. 10-14 – Marco Evans 22:55, Joshua Nizen 24:47, Parker Gillotte 33:16. 15-19 – Daniel Pearce 25:22, Caleb Fisher 25:44, Gage Holman 31:30. 20-24 – Evan Anderson 20:50, Christian Graven 23:28, Chats Chai 25:14. 25-29 – Jacob Cooke 24:22, Matthew Stevenson 25:30, Josh Grubb 26:08. 3034 – Chris Voss 23:27, Will Mosley 23:34, Thomas Payne 24:57. 35-39 – Jesse Grooters 21:53, Nicholas Beucke 25:12, Eric Moe 28:41. 40-44 – Eric Tulsky 23:29, Scott Pritchard 23:47, Dale Heeks 24:46. 45-49 – Brett Dixon 21:33, Art Baldini 28:42, Avier Jenkins 30:09. 50-54 – Rodney Gilmore 22:12, Doug Young 26:40, Robbie Roberts 31:46. 55-59 – Russell Anderson 22:32, Tim Beck 22:58, Bill Oneill 26:58. 60-64 – Layne Snelling 29:51, Robert Seligson 33:50, John Murphy 37:31. 65-69 – Zack Osborne 28:34, Frank Werner 31:58, George Costa 33:44. 70over – Gordon Powell 45:07, Robert Diez 49:43. Female, Overall – Lindsay Dimarco 21:58, Mallory Galloway 22:15, Lindsay Usher 24:32. 9-under – Sarah-Pat Hochanadel 35:27, Maia Lyven 40:21, Emi Lyven 45:03. 10-14 – Julie Yakaboski 26:17, Kyleigh Sheridan 33:18, Arianna Fynboe 46:59. 15-19 – Erin Tucci 25:48, Christian Harman 35:11, Rachael Stone 36:14. 20-24 – Leah Forster 26:40, Carly Jensen 27:13, Olivia Turel 30:46. 2529 – Charline Woods 26:27, Carrie Nign 27:02, Evelyn Curtis 30:04. 30-34 – Lindsay Kimbrell 25:53, Juanita Hill 29:00, Courtney Behrle 29:57. 35-39 – Jennifer Bunn 25:56, Shauni Lowrance 28:20, Allison Kupfiran 28:58. 40-44 – Jennifer Holman 31:37, Alexis Harris 31:55, Paige Dick 31:55. 45-49 – Melanie Phelps 27:21, Stacey Hamilton 27:29, Angelique Thompson 30:42. 50-54 – Sherri Schaffroth 28:58, Terri Gillotte 30:35, Maryann Hiscock 34:41. 55-59 – Karla Werner 26:43, Betsy Barnett 28:46, Elaine Ellis 36:22. 60-64 – Danita Reese 28:17, Linda Weidenfeller 33:16, Gail McKinney 51:42. 70-over – Lee Powell 45:07, Anneke Jakes 46:31.

Common Heart Firecracker 5K/10K Indian Trail, NC – 7/4 Male, 5K: Overall – Philip Abernathy 18:52, Andy Inman 20:10, Evan Smith 20:59. 9-under – Brandon Drescher 24:11, Bradford Cauley 35:04, Malachi Mays 41:20. 10-14 – Justin Jenkins 24:41, Ben Rosenbloom 25:40, Ryan Beger 28:28. 15-19 – Taylor Baucom 21:51, Benjamin Killion 22:12, Strider Frank 22:21. 20-24 – Munyenneh Griffin 24:12, Jarami Bond 35:26. 25-29 – Josh Hamilton 22:44, Andrew Petras 27:35, Nick Gaydos 30:00. 3034 – Steven Gibson 25:16, Randy Vanscoten 37:05, Andrew Pressley 55:09. 35-39 – Donavan McFalls 22:21, Brian Kelly 26:18, Christopher Pratt 27:17. 40-44 – Jason Krull 21:55, Brian Drake 23:03, Bernie Micalizzi 24:07.. 45-49 – Thad Routh 30:17, Russ Browning 30:38, Dwayne Bond 32:18. 50-54 – Eric Clark 21:02, David Mohler 21:26, Elliot Tenney 25:11. 55-59 – Dewayne Cole 27:09, Greg Hughes 32:26. 60-64 – Juan Alzate 25:55, Paul Strachan 26:36, Fred Ely 31:38. 65-69 – Stephen Frank 36:40. 75-over – Tom Schumacher 28:33. Female, 5K: Overall – Danielle Newcome 22:00, Jennifer Mohler 22:38, Shelby McMurray 23:21. 9-under – Ella Nutter 32:54, Alexandra Cauley 33:44, Kaela Tyson 39:21 10-14 – Ellie Drescher 26:08, Delaney Murphy 28:49, Jasmine Prakash 30:19. 15-19 – Rowan Baker 29:04, Emma Christie 32:56, Karson Eaton 35:19. 20-24 – Kristen Clark 26:19, Megan Benfield 35:40, Audra Mazzone 40:52. 2529 – Alisha Rebman 25:40, Rebecca Coble 29:50, Eryn Johnson

more results at running.net 32:18. 30-34 – Regina Forsyth 29:46, Suzanne Ingram 32:53, Amy Chance 35:20. 35-39 – Jennifer Potter 34:12, Melissa Guarin 35:34, Allison Cheek 36:54. 40-44 – Mari Prakash 26:36, Crystal Belk 26:38, Claire Reazin 28:05. 45-49 – Susanne Galletto 28:34, Debbie Bullard 30:25, Heather Moses 30:54. 5054 – Jenene Noll 28:19, Tami Weissert 29:54, Teresa Wingate 31:37. 55-59 – Melissa Meredith 27:57, Pamela Hughes 36:41, Susan Grubb 44:20. 60-64 – Ginger Hock 36:02, Johanna Miller 56:36. 65-69 – Susan Lewis 39:17, Pamela Demaria 39:32, Dreama Nutter 41:39. 70-74 – Lurene Ulrich 40:23. Male, 10K: Overall – Greg Shore 38:31, Martin Harrison 39:00, Andrew Inman 42:45. 10-14 – Tyler Carroll 45:02. 15-19 – Eric Schneider 44:51, John McDonald 51:09. 25-29 – Sean Treadway 54:47. 35-39 – Paul Halaburda 43:15, Jason Purser 45:30, Jonathan Bachman 51:38. 40-44 – David Andrews 54:59, Nobie Thrasher 1:02:02, Brian Alterman 1:09:19. 45-49 – Paul Neumann 44:05, Scott Shields 45:13, Michael Barilla 50:13. 50-54 – Mike Adams 46:28, Kevin Holley 51:02, Genious Monago 54:26. 55-59 – Paul Schneider 56:50. 60-64 – Tom Torkildsen 55:10. 65-69 – Randy Whitt 55:45. 75-over – Jim Giles 1:04:18. Female, 10K: Overall – Siobhan Havlik 46:24, Renee Murphy 47:22, Jessica Sabourin 49:36. 15-19 – Lydia Holley 50:55, Adriana Wilson 54:39, Clarissa Holley 1:04:13. 20-24 – Cori Burdette 51:29, Sydney Antolini 53:38. 25-29 – Tamara Mayo 53:34, Christina Vanscoten 59:19, Mary Blanchard 1:02:42. 30-34 – Courtney Efird 53:43, Randi James 55:28, Ashley Hilliard 1:00:54. 35-39 – Sumer Edwards 52:13, April Whipple 55:47, Heather Bachman 59:35. 40-44 – Ra Shawn Lee 50:48, Paula Baucom 1:13:31, Gina Duhigg 1:13:39. 45-49 – Kim Antolini 57:01, Ann Marie Wiertel 58:39, Garnett Jenkins 1:01:52. 50-54 – Mary Countryman 1:00:54, Tracy Burdette 1:02:55. 55-59 – Patty Reich 54:45. 60-64 – Terry Carey 52:36.

SOUTH CAROLINA Firecracker 4 miler Mt. Pleasant, SC – 7/4 Male, Overall – Mack Johnston 21:30, Chris Bailey 22:01, Brian Johnson 22:33. Masters – Dirk De Witt 24:12. Grandmasters – Harry Gregorie 29:13. 12-under – Ian Clark 33:51, Parker Strait 45:57. 13-17 – Cortez Gonzalez 27:11, Kyle Parker 28:22, Bradeb Minkel 30:37. 18-24 – Bayley Crosby 24:16, Remington Roth 24:22, Alec Schweinberg 29:15. 25-29 – Benjamin Draper 23:38, Geoff Guthrie 26:36, JJ Budzyn 30:52. 30-34 – Stuart Vik 26:59, Matt Moldenhauer 29:56, Michael Weiss 39:35. 35-39 – Ramus Dalgaard Laus 27:20, Wade Wiley 28:39, Larry Fuller 28:48. 4044 – Matthew Kent 27:33, Darrell Austin 28:54, Omalley Avant 28:56. 45-49 – Greg Barratt 30:27, Shawn Parker 30:57, Howard Smith 31:04. 50-54 – Jim Brown 31:41, John McFane 33:37, Vatsa Shamana 33:56. 55-59 – Terry Vik 40:25, Sutton Jaynes 50:53, Tom O’Rourke 56:30. 60-64 – Larry Gentile 30:00, John Edenfield 30:13, Gary Ricker 31:04. 65-69 – Ferris Stewart 42:44, Al Cusick 43:10, Joe Clark 46:20. 70-74 – Ray Havck 51:15, Joseph Myers 1:02:57. 80-over – Clyde Mizzell 51:50. Female, Overall – Kimberly Ruck 23:11, Meg Santanna 24:40, Helle Nielsen 27:36. Masters – Jacci Patterson 28:12. Grandmasters – Susan Zeleniak 32:43. 13-17 – Katie Keenan 40:03. 18-24 – Anna Fairey 27:48, Miranda Mila 36:38, Chelsea Freeman 46:47. 25-29 – Hannah Moseley 29:56, Kaitlin Schroeder 30:03, Allison Huebner 34:05. 30-34 – Kristin White 28:08, Anne Wulf 32:07, Erin Atkinson 36:51. 35-39 – Erica Watts 31:33, Elizabeth Murphey 36:14, Loni Evans 37:00. 40-44 – Alison Miller 32:53, Michele Wilkins 33:32, Julie Anderson 36:54. 45-49 – Meredith Nelson 28:56, Laura Boselowitz 29:12, Vicky Santiago 37:41. 50-54 – Chris Vilt 33:46, Sheri Nolte 36:14, Karen Coomer 37:53. 55-59 - Cherry Kent 33:17, Lori Pope 34:50, Rie Gibbons 35:33. 60-64 – Betsy Rivers 53:58. 65-69 – Nancy Curry 37:35 Judy Gilman 47:06, Deb Rogers 1:08:47. 70-74 – Anne Boone 51:16. 75-79 – Jan Mizzell 58:10.

Firecracker 5000 5K Hilton Head, SC – 7/4 Male, Overall – Ben Gilman 16:00, Ben Krauss 1644, Ben Boerma 16:47, Josh Tierney 16:56, Ryan Middleton 17:03. Masters – Paul Newnham 17:39, Dan Bonthius 18:08, Daniel Mendoza 18:22. Grandmasters – Andy Tedesco 19:59. 8-under – Timothy Swimmer 26:52, Grayson Cooke 31:23, Lakin Little 32:26. 9-12 – Avery Crowell 20:17, Jeremiah Mauch 21:21, JT Gordon 25:05. 13-15 – Cooper Castellaw 17:30, Carter Patterson 18:19, Nathan Lessard 18:39. 16-19 – Ryan Dvornik 17:18, Nahuel Coronel 17:25, Connor White 17:26. 2024 – Corey Large 18:02, Paul Huemme 18:30, Connor Roudabush 19:21. 25-29 – Ryan Johnson 17:19, Zac Yates 18:55, Zachary Bowling 18:57. 30-34 – Vince Ward 17:59, Ben Vaught 18:58, Andrew Rowland 19:12. 35-39 – Jason Sacks 17:49, William Demars 18:29, Rich Vidinha 19:35. 40-44 – Joel Wilson 19:07, Scott Mastbrook 19:40, Matt Hlobik 20:56. 45-49 – David Howard 19:00, Pat Castle 19:20, Dane Gordon 19:47. 50-54 – James Reily 21:10, Omar Morno 22:23, Dave Ginn 22:55. 55-59 – Stephen Kaugman 22:16, James Counts 24:20, Chip Janson 24:44. 60-64 – David Lieberman 24:12, Jeffrey

www.running.net Weber 24:50, William Vesely 27:17. 65-69 – Lanny Fraley 21:54, Fred Corpuz 25:11, Ed Fishel 25:49. 70-74 – Dwight Edris 25:18, Meredith Harlacher 26:25, Peter Uberto 27:00. 80-over – John Geisler 44:53. Female, Overall – Lycla Hollon 18:52, Erika Shaughnessy 18:59, Grace Gerlock 20:24, Megan Lordi 20:59, Abby Reily 21:09. Masters – Ale Kennedy 21:12, Laurie Householder 21:25, Karen Killeen 22:45. Grandmasters – Joan Dvornik 24:24. 8-under – Lydia Griz 30:43, Maggie Crain 33:28, Tevi Mullen 37:44. 9-12 – Kirsten Hoyt 25:43, Sarah Kath Henderson 26:34, Lauren Reynolds 28:00. 13-15 – Perla Jimenez 21:24, Helena Kummings 22:42, Anneke Furr 22:47. 16-19 – Megan Delamer 21:39, Madeline Hlobik 22:15, Allison Hampton 23:24. 20-24 – Natalie Bonthius 21:43, Kimberly Straub 23:24, Elise Engles 23:30. 25-29 – Rachel Bowling 21:19, Martha Griswold 22:09, Keren Rozensher 23:03. 30-34 – Becca Rowland 23:46, Susan Pinnick 24:12, Carla Bezold 24:20. 35-39 – Kate Rolen 23:40, Melanie Atterman 23:50, Erin Oakley 23:58. 40-44 – Julie Palma 24:33, Colleen Lynn 25:58, Carri Gaudion 26:12. 45-49 – Angi Castle 23:53, Angela Smith 24:13, Dana House 25:19. 50-54 – Ellen Kish 25:35, Becky Merlina 26:08, Suzanne Reid 26:13. 5559 – Lisa Carter 25:14, Kathleen Prindible 28:23, Tracy Hanks 29:26. 60-64 – Denise Lordi 25:43, Jami Gaudet 27:25, Monica Jacobson 30:25. 65-69 – Janet Mitchell 28:48, Mary Lauria 33:17, Susan McGreal 37:04. 70-74 – Jann Denoncourt 36:46, Betty Saunders 44:14, Lynn Sheppard 46:36. 75-79 – Jean Bongiorno 36:34. 80-over – Sylvia Zatkulak 55:00.

TENNESSEE Gibson Guitar 5K Memphis, TN – 6/11 Male, Overall – Cameron Thomas 16:37. Masters – James Murphy 18:03. Grandmasters – Tonydee Davis 19:38. 9-under – Sathiya Thiagarajan 27:13, Aidan Tague 27:16, Kade Hill 30:50. 10-14 – Jackson Williams 18:49, Robert Dawson 19:28, Connor Jackson 20:09. 15-19 – Christopher Rayder 17:14, Luke McNair 17:22, Christopher Walls 18:00. 2024 – Ben Ferguson 21:39, Klyne Fawcett 21:59, Andrew Tait 22:10. 25-29 – Jordan Michael 18:03, Samuel Schwaller 19:16, Andrew Thrasher 20:10. 30-34 – Andrew Chumney 17:16, Derek Morgan 17:54, Jacob Walker 18:11. 35-39 – Olaf Schulz 17:42, Eric Frey 20:12, Colton Cockrum 20:30. 40-44 – Ronald Scott 19:38, Jason Webb 19:40, Adrian Hall 20:03. 45-49 – Shayne Fawcett 18:05, David Haskins 20:42, Tom Coupe 20:53. 50-54 – Michael McKenzie 19:48, Ken Frenette 19:50, Don Mulhern 21:17. 55-59 – Frank Buscher 20:04, Robert Wilson 21:01, John Murrah 22:34. 60-64 – David Branner 22:51, William Nelson 23:53, Eugene Darnell 24:41. 65-69 – Bob Leopold 25:29, Jesse Redden 26:26, William Jackson 26:39. 70-over – John Sepko 25:03, DJ Kramer 27:59, Mike Ryan 32:18. Female, Overall – Laura Mathews 20:00. Masters – Cheryl McKenzie 22:39. Grandmasters – Lisa Berscheidt 24:29. 9-under – Ellie Dannehold 30:22, Savannah Chandler 32:21, Juliana Dixon 37:26. 10-14 – Meghan Turner 25:15, Mason Davis 25:29, Ireland Dannehold 25:58. 15-19 – Michelle Myers 20:12, Emily Churchwell 22:53, Emily Graham 23:46. 20-24 – Caroline Barlow 20:05, Kendall Reed 24:35, Nancy Margaret Wehby 24:35. 25-29 – Chelsea Smith 20:03, Amy McCrory 20:39, Mallory Bader 21:57. 30-34 – Kristen Leone 21:45, Charlene Yeung 22:41, Erica Singleton 22:42. 35-39 – Jamie Turner 20:38, Lenore Vollmar 23:35, April Flanigan 23:49. 40-44 – Jenny Cowell 23:06, Amy Stookey 23:28, Juliana Hurdle 24:02. 45-49 – Jeanne Oliver 24:23, Kristen Navarre 24:58, Reyna Anderson 27:34. 50-54 – A Anderson 25:23, Krista Wilford 26:26, Jill Brown 26:52. 55-59 – Mary Holcomb 25:27, Lisa Evans 25:45, Natalie Johnson 26:50. 60-64 – Jenny Yeates 29:36, Ann Stewart 30:43, Cindy Wright 35:58. 65-69 – Romney Grandi 39:57, Jayn Lando 40:50, Joyce Carimi 47:08. 70-over – Emily Spencer 37:39, Linda Lipinski 41:01, Beverly Midyett 45:40.

RC Cola and Moon Pie 10 mile Bell Buckle, TN – 6/18 Male, Overall – Kentucky Wempe 1:01:39, Brian Hutto 1:02:00, Matt Rouse 1:02:48. Masters – Jeremiah Tatum 1:04:34, Ronald Drumm 1:04:36, Phil Young 1:05:19. Grandmasters – Karl Lenser 1:05:35, Craig Nunn 1:11:18, Kurt Lenser 1:11:32. 14-under – Presttyn Rucker 2:04:38, David Kearley 2:19:05. 15-19 – Nolan Cole 1:04:34, Matthew Canonico 1:07:40, Jaxson Yancey 1:17:24. 20-24 – Tyler Freeman 1:03:12, Kevin Brrett 1:06:47, Josh Walker 1:16:34. 25-29 – John Woodman 1:04:07, Jonathan Williams 1:06:20, Will Methvin 1:19:37. 30-34 – Justin Brown 1:08:38, Andrew Wisniewski 1:09:03, Matthew Drewes 1:14:16. 35-39 – Kelly Bellar 1:09:52, Yuri Beghi 1:10:49, Robert Warden 1:11:18. 40-44 – Alex Short 1:10:40, Neil Clements 1:11:09, Brian Elrod 1:11:43. 45-49 – David Canas 1:11:38, Eliu Maldonado 1:11:53, Bobby Baker 1:12:57. 50-54 – Henry McFadden 1:14:16, Donald Poston 1:15:14, Bart Modrall 1:15:38. 55-59 – Thomas Dolan 1:14:02, Lee Piccirillo 1:14:15, Tommy Lewis 1:15:50. 60-64 – Gus Hutto 1:15:39, Edward Ahlmeyer 1:20:17, Riney Green 1:27:31. 65-69 – Steve Rice 1:16:45, David Metcalf 1:27:22, Robert Hardin 1:31:04. 70-74 – Don Vining 1:29:49, Tomas de Paulis 1:41:00, James Braunreiter 1:46:20. 75-79 – Dallas Smith 1:25:43, Dennis Christian 1:27:53, David Holder 2:19:43. Female, Overall – Evan Ferrell Adams 1:11:10, Margaret Jones 1:11:31, Meredith Smith 1:14:22. Masters – Tracy Watson 1:15:58, Theresa Saupe 1:16:15, Christy Ann Groves 1:18:12.

Grandmasters – Linda Fox 1:25:52, Dolores Lucas 1:28:51, Gloria Mersman 1:30:15. 14-under – Maggie Favro 1:44:19. 15-19 – Micadia Hawkins 1:27:56, Abby Blankenship 1:36:51, Jennife rDowd 1:45:54. 20-24 – Lauren Grac Himes 1:18:19, Olivia Hurd 1:30:39, Kelsey Naish 1:35:39. 25-29 – Mary Kathry Werdeho 1:20:55, Bethany Garrett 1:24:02, Ashley Wall 1:26:04. 30-34 – Lindsay Cox 1:16:18, Ginny Patterson 1:21:28, Megan McCormick 1:23:50. 35-39 – Angie Clark 1:15:44, Elizabeth Sloan 1:19:05, Amanda Cheuvront 1:19:13. 40-44 – Belinda Snellings 1:29:40, Hara Hackett 1:29:50, Wendy Gurley 1:32:00. 45-49 – Shelley Sanders 1:20:50, Jennifer Meservy 1:21:43, Melissa Matlock 1:23:27. 50-54 – Christine Powell 1:32:25, Pamela Hobson 1:32:29, Sue Damstetter 1:33:00. 55-59 – Diana Babeau 1:31:51, Vicki Schmidt 1:33:21, Kim Medlin 1:45:42. 60-64 – Marti Carrell 1:42:49, Janet Duncan 1:56:28, Kathy Bell 1:59:25. 65-69 – Marilyn Hamett 1:43:43, Erin McGuire 1:46:27, Brenda Cooter 1:59:04. 70-74 – Lynda de Paulis 2:05:51, Glenda Tetley 2:18:03. 75-79 – Joyce HodgesHite 2:26:59.

VIRGINIA Fox Hill Community 5K Hampton, VA – 6/4 Male, Overall – William Oudekerk 16:55, Ed Rietscha 17:2, Michael Stohler 17:24. 13-under – Matthew Fitzer 23:32, Noah Mertz 26:27, Nate Quiroz 31:17. 14-19 – Gaviin Roche 18:42, Matthew Palagyi 19:50, Jordan Grinkewitz 20:58. 20-24 – Adam Demharter 27:41, Max Smith 29:37. 25-29 – Jason Mick 19:59, Sean Ciske 22:27, Ethan Bowen 23:41. 30-34 – Bob Messick 19:28, Beau Bennett 21:39, Jason Peters 25:08. 35-39 – Jason Todd 18:03, Chris Greene 24:15, Shateek Major 26:33. 40-44 – Daniel Washko 29:04, Arthur Mertz 29:26, Eric Orgnon 20:34. 45-49 – Jeffrey Fitch 21:20, Dainyon Greene 22:51, Lewis Smith 24:02. 50-54 – William Palagyi 23:15, Steven Kast 23:48, Jack Taylor 26:57. 55-59 – William Jones 22:45, Clint Conner 26:28. 60-64 – Dwight Glover 30:26, Ross Miller 30:40. 65-over – Robert Wright 26:41, Jack Adams 37:23. Walkers – Warren Atkins 39:21, Bob Curitn 42:58, Grove Calvert 43:57. Female, Overall – Jaime Lawson 24:49, Peggy Todd 25:26, Stephanie Smith 26:00. 13-under – Madison Jung 51:00. 14-19 – Paige Washko 28:32, Caitlyn Jung 37:55, Krista Noyadley 39:51. 20-24 – Anna Malone 30:45. 25-29 – Andrea Coody 27:21, Tameka Glover 31:34, Lindsay Schneider 31:51. 30-34 – Shana Beaver 26:55, Laura Bryant 28:15, Kasey Tevis 29:02. 35-39 – Katherine Canalichio 28:32, Nina Ullrich 31:23, Alison Phillips 31:27.40-44 – Jeanne Ficocca 30:43, Jamie Greene 31:28, Corry Smith 39:14. 45-49 – Debbie Belin 28:50, Karen Forde 30:44, Alyson Wright 31:04. 50-54 – Kathryn Kilgore 36:00, Nickie Bishop 49:10, Lynn Smith 49:17. 55-59 – Thea Ganoe 26:59, Cathleen Rea 30:21, Patricia Glover 46:29. 65-over – Dorothy Silverthorn 49:04, Martha Miller 50:57. Walkers – Elizabeth Clemens 35:18, Jody Doyle 44:10, Bethany Feathers 45:44. – Bruce Davis

Yorktown Independence Day 8K Yorktown, VA – 7/4 Male, Overall – Trevor Cable 28:00, Mark Tompkins 28:04, Drew Midland 28:23. 10-under – Joshua Guthinger 46:18, Ethan Fletcher 52:51. 11-14 – Tanner Baker 33:47, Jacob Lohr 38:00, Christopher Potter 39:15. 15-19 – Cameron Wojcieszak 28:42, Joshua Shackelford 30:13, Cale Overstreet 36:57. 20-24 – Kevin Riley 30:48, Bryce Peterson 30:48, Zack Poelker 30:59. 25-29 – Ira Gallagher 30:23, Mikey Williams 33:26, Aaron Harlan 33:58. 3034 – Ryan Doupe 30:34, Andrei Priimak 31:43, Nolan Bount 32:04. 35-39 – Jason Todd 32:17, David Argabright 33:45, Jason Miller 34:32. 40-44 – David Phillips 32:36, Jason Gerard 33:57, Alan Foo 34:16. 45-49 – Mike Nestor 31:53, Steven Armitage 32:39, David Anderson 33:44. 50-54 – John Piggott 29:28, Gregory Dawson 31:25, Darren Cox 31:31. 55-59 – Robert Whitaker 31:15, Alan Van Zandt 35:00, Robert Keroack 35:46. 60-64 – Robert Williams 34:34, Donnie Wyatt 35:40, Wyatt Cutchins 36:10. 65-69 – Larry Coley 36:00, Bill Hart 37:33, Joe Day 39:02. 70-over – Louis Dwyer 41:12, William Moore 42:50, Larry Arata 44:49. Female, Overall – Jessica Riggs 31:47, Bethany Spector 34:26, Lacey Balliet 35:27. 10-under – Gabrielle Poffenbarger 45:43, Dacia Flynn Portnoy 46:44. 11-14 – Coral Pelton 49:36, Amy Leclair 56:23, Nicole Knight 59:33. 15-19 – Kaleigh Rnninger 35:56, Ambyr Ashley 53:47, Emil20-24 – Ashley Bruce 36:35, Zoemma Warshasky 37:00, Susann Naesheim 41:48. 25-29 – Brittany Harlan 39:43, Jenny Cable 39:47, Britt Gerloff 40:38. 30-34 – Sheila Scotti 36:39, Jessica Bergeron 39:24, Jessica Burcham 39:49. 35-39 – Eda Kininger 36:49, Robin Olsen 39:57, Jessica Begay 39:59. 40-44 – Susan Hagel 38:34, Carrie Tarabe 38:42, Sharon Anderson 39:52. 45-49 – Arlyne Spalla Benson 37:12, Jessica Gerard 37:57, Kim Ratcliffe 39:08. 50-54 – Helen Cox 38:20, Karla Havens 38:38, Valor Foy Jones 41:10. 55-59 – Norma Phillips 42:10, Noel Rissmiller 44:45, Sharon Yager 44:59. 60-64 – Helen Worthington 40:23, Susan Snead 42:45, Barbara Sadler 50:19. 65-69 – Barbara Biasi 45:06, Patricia Travis 47:11, Virginia Davis 57:12. – Bruce Davis


Running Journal • August, 2016

Running Fitness Defining Your Milestones As an author of 3 popular vegan books that have kept me on the lecture circuit since 2011, the book I dreamed about writing since my teens finally is about to be published in August, “Vegan Fitness for Mortals.” Many great vegan fitness books have been written, but they are mostly by men who do ultras or triathlons. I wanted to write a book that would cater to the average person like me, who after eliminating life-threatening conditions through a vegan diet, was looking for direction in how to begin and sustain a fitness program and “finish without injury.” This book, more than any of my others, has been the result of a lifetime labor of love. I undertook this effort decades ago, knowing that somehow my health outcome would be very different from my family's. They shaped who I've become and the choices I've made. Sadly, their misfortunes have been my classroom. My parents' and sisters' diseases and suffering instructed me how not to live and to search far outside the box for answers. One of the toughest decisions for an author is who to choose to write the foreword. I was deeply humbled when the leading authority in vegan body building, and two-time champion bodybuilder, Robert Cheeke, agreed to write mine. He literally wrote the book on the topic called, “Vegan Bodybuilding,” and has a website by the same name. Anytime I get the “where do you get protein,” question, I send people to his website which shows what the largest animals on the planet know…muscles build just fine on plant protein. It's always better when somebody else writes about what you do. Robert writes: “I have known Ellen Jaffe Jones for more than half a decade, and I can't think of another vegan athlete who has competed in sports more times than she has. It seems that every weekend she's either running a 5K race or out on a book tour spreading the message of vegan fitness. Of course, there are weekends when she's doing both--running a 5K in the morning and giving a lecture in the afternoon, as well as signing books throughout the day. The reason I mention Ellen's consistent effort is because leading by example is one of the most powerful teaching tools and the best way to model what you advocate. Ellen writes passionately about vegan fitness, but she also lives the vegan fitness lifestyle, walking her talk, or in her case, running her talk, to the tune of a new victory (for herself as a runner--and

By Ellen Jaffe Jones

“Ellen's evolution from a junk-food meat eater to a vegan coach, best-selling author, and champion vegan athlete is inspiration enough to embrace this book, but more than that, the insights she offers will help you become your personal best too. We're all searching for the key to happiness. While Ellen can show you how to exercise and what to eat, ultimately you have to find your own compelling reasons to make positive changes in your life. Will becoming fit, having more energy, reducing your risk of common degenerative diseases, and improving your overall health make you happier? Probably--but you won't know until you try. Ellen's wisdom and advice will help you discover what great things you're capable of when you believe in yourself.


As Ellen always says: 'If you want to be more fit, you have to incorporate more movement into your daily life. Adopting a vegan diet is part of the arsenal you can employ to make movement easier. And once your body is in motion, it's more likely to stay in motion!' This speaks volumes to the power of a healthy vegan diet combined with exercise. Her information and tips will be your guide to becoming as close to immortal as you can," Cheeke said. Ellen Jaffe Jones is a certified personal trainer, running coach and frequent speaker at US health an food festivals. Her 4th book, Vegan Fitness for Mortals, will be out in August.


for animals) every weekend. “Vegan Fitness for Mortals acknowledges the athlete inside each of us, regardless of our age, background, health, physical limitations, or experience in sports. Movement is the foundation of exercise and of being athletic. We move to stay fit, to keep up with our kids or grandkids, to keep ourselves healthy and strong, and to enjoy activities such as hiking that we may not even consider to be forms of exercise. She appeals to everyday people: men and women, young and old, athletes and couch potatoes. I have more than two decades of experience as a vegan athlete, with multiple championships in both bodybuilding and endurance running, and I continue to learn from Ellen as a fitness role model. “Even accomplished, longtime vegan athletes will find this book a helpful resource because we all have room to grow and learn something new. Ellen includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations for a wide array of exercise programs and a range of athletic levels, making this book ideal not only for individuals but also for couples, families, and groups.

2) The Elite heat because this is when the super speedy runners' race and it's just plain cool to watch a human body move that fast. 3) The Mini-Mile for Kids. I absolutely love the enthusiasm and joy the little kids run with. Allen Eke, a New Jersey native and recent graduate of Oklahoma understands being a Sooner means you get there first so he won. In 4:21.49! Compared to some of the close finishes in past years, he solidly beat second-place Christian Brewer by almost a full second. Not to be outdone or outrun, farm girl to NCAA national champion Razorback Jessica Kamilos took just 4:43.28 to become the RRCA National 1 Mile champion. She won by over 30 seconds, setting an Arkansas state record for females 20-24. Following the race and all weekend long, racers are encouraged to explore downtown Little Rock and the surrounding areas where they can receive discounts and free items at over 30 venues by showing their Victory Lap wristband. Participating businesses included museums, microbreweries, restaurants, bike shops, and more. I've raced in every U.S. state and the Victory Lap is hands down one of the best race schwag items I have ever received. In the roughly thirty hours I was in Little Rock I managed to make it to: Skinny Js restaurant, Core Brewing Co., Rebel Kettle Brewing and Big Orange. It's safe to say I consumed far more calories than I burned. Just doing my part to support those that support running! I'd like to acknowledge Gary and Erin Taylor for putting on a fantastic run. I thank them, Arkansas RRCA State Representative David Meroney and the whole Arkansas running community for making me feel welcomed while in Little Rock. I say it every time I'm in-state but it's true, the Arkansas running community is really special. RRCA 1 Mile National Champions Overall Male Allen Eke 4:21.49 Overall Female Jessica Kamilos 4:43.28 Masters Male Timothey Gore 4:39.00 Masters Female Kem Thomas 6:00.39 Grandmasters Male Bruce Oakley 5:32.24 Grandmasters Female Lynn O'Neal 6:25.22 Senior Grandmasters Male Jeff Maxwell 5:57.31 Senior Grandmasters Female Debbie Hill 7:26.58 Other race notables: • The entire women's field had two women from outside of Arkansas while the three of the four fastest me came from different states outside of Arkansas. • Arkansas State Age Group Records set: • Female 20-24 Jessica Kamilos 4:43.28 • Female 65-69 Debbie Hill 7:26.98 • Male 35-39 Brian Sieczkowski 4:37.95 • Male 45-49 Timothy Gore 4:40.00 • Male 65-69 Peter Mullin 5:33.77 • Male 70-74 Billy Bob Hardman 7:08.96 • Both the men's and women's races had an 80+ (years old) finisher • Marvin Engels, the AR M-75-79 and 80+ state record holder, was the oldest finisher at 84 years young. Allen Eke winning the National Championship


Running Journal • August, 2016


Champions of the Running Journal Grand Prix’s 38th Season The Running Journal Grand Prix ended its 38th season on Memorial Day at the Cotton Row 10K in Huntsville, AL. The series included 9 races across the south starting last September at the Midnight Flight 10K in Anderson, SC. Later that month, the schedule moved to Blacksburg, VA, for the Hokie Half Marathon and then in November, runners traveled to Birmingham, AL, for the Magic City Half Marathon. The series stayed in the state of Alabama in December for the Rocket City Marathon, the only marathon on the circuit, where double points were awarded for those scoring in the Grand Prix. The year 2016 started out in Jackson, MS, for the January running of the MS Blues Half Marathon. At the end of January, it was time to make a stop in Salisbury, NC, for the Winter Flight 8K. Runners got to take a trip to the beach in February for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon and the half marathon theme continued in March at the Germantown Half Marathon. Runners got their last chance to score points at the season-ending Cotton Row 10K. Runners had to compete in at least two events in order to qualify Betty Burrell for awards at the end of the season, so not all categories had qualifiers. All half marathons counted for 25 bonus points and double points were earned at the Rocket City Marathon. Only runners from the southern region are eligible to compete in the series. Repeating as the Female Veterans champion this season was Betty Burrell, 72, of Pendleton, SC. Not only did Burrell score the most total points (425) of any runner on the series this season, she won every race that she competed in. She started her winning ways off with a 1:19:31 run at the Midnight Flight 10K. She also competed at the Winter Flight 10K, running 56:23. Burrell beat all her competitors at the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon in 2:30:02 and finished the season with a 1:16:52 run at the Cotton Row 10K. The Female Senior Grandmasters winner was Erin McGuire, 65, of Fayetteville, TN, with 240 points. She finished first at the Rocket City Marathon (5:11:23) and fifth at the Cotton Row 10K (1:05:01). Sheryl Dummer, 46, of Huntsville, AL, led the Female Masters division, scoring 225 points. Dummer was second at the Rocket City Marathon in 3:38:38 and fourth at the Cotton Row 10K, running 47:58. Hannah Cutshall was the Open Female Champion with 185 points. She was 4th at the Magic City Half Marathon (1:30:19) and finished Josh Whitehead/Photo by We 14th at the Rocket City Marathon (3:19:40). Run Huntsville/Greg Gelmis The Male Veterans were led by 71-year-old Jack Hasson of Birmingham, AL. Hasson scored 235 points. He was first at the Germantown Half Marathon with a 2:01:44 run. He finished fourth at the Rocket City Marathon, running 5:34:49.

Wayne Heckler, 65, of Madison, AL, was the Male Senior Grandmasters winner with 255 points. He was second at both the Rocket City Marathon (3:33:05) and the Cotton Row 10K (44:43). Tim Vinson of Madison, AL, scored 240 points to lead the Male Grandmasters category. Vinson was second at the Rocket City Marathon in 2:57:20 and third at the Cotton Row 10K in 41:45. Josh Whitehead, 37, of Madison, AL, was the Open Male Champion with 230 points. Whitehead was eighth at the Rocket City Marathon (2:40:21) and second at the Cotton Row 10K (33:43). In age group competition on the female side, the 45-49 age group was led by Debi Secor, 48, of Hoover, AL. She scored 155 points. Secor was first at the Magic City Half Marathon (1:39:51) and seventh at the Rocket City Marathon (3:54:46). Bonnie Partridge, 69, of Columbus, MS, led the 65-69 age division with 250 points. She was second at the Rocket City Marathon Hannah Cutshall/Photo by in 5:54:57 and fourth at the Suman Silwal/MRuns.com Mississippi Blues Half Marathon (2:38:29). On the men's side, in the 50-54 age group, Tim Stewart, 54, of Simpsonville, SC, led the way with 195 points. He was second at both the Midnight Flight 10K (41:04) and the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:26:35). Bill Johncock, 51, of Hickory, NC, was second in the 50-54 division with 185 points. He finished first at the Midnight Flight 10K (40:01) and was second at the Winter Flight 8K (32:41). Bob Nelson, 63, of Charlotte, NC, repeated as winner of the 60-64 age group with 255 points. Nelson was first at both the Midnight Flight 10K (46:55) and Winter Flight 8K (38:38). He was sixth at the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:40:40). Theodore Rust, 61, of New Bern, NC, was second in the division with 210 points. He was first at the Magic City Half Marathon in 1:48:52 and second at the Midnight Flight 10K, running 49:55. Bob Nelson Sixty-nine-year-old Johnny Goode of Birmigham, AL, led the 65-69 division with 265 points. He was first at the Germantown Half Marathon in 1:40:10. Goode finished third at the Rocket City Marathon with 3:40:53. Wade Clark, 70, of Pittsboro, NC, was the winner of the 70-74 division, scoring 210 points. Clark was first at the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:41:11) and finished second at the Winter Flight 8K (38:31).


Running Journal • August, 2016

“We Run The South” Running Journal Race Calendar Race Directors: Use form on page 30 to send information on all upcoming races. Runners: Please verify information before traveling to a race. Abbreviations: RD = race day, RW = racewalk, FR = fun run, P/M = postmarked, W/C = wheelchair.

ALABAMA Aug. 2, Mobile - Crime Prevention 5K Run/Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Aug. 6, Anniston - Woodstock 5K, 7:30am. Info: woodstock5k@annistonrunners.com. Aug. 6, Mobile - Doughnut Dash and Dare 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Aug. 9, Prichard - Chickasabogue 2 Mile Run/Walk, 6:30pm. Info: Port City Pacers (251)473-7223, cindymcmillan74@gmail.com. Aug. 19, Cullman - Evabank Midnight Run 5K, 11:59pm. Info: (256)734-9157, wharbison@cullmanrecreation.org. Aug. 20, Birmingham - Just A Call Away 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: justacallaway5k@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Birmingham - Run For One, 5K 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:45am. Info: Sarah Shoop (205)967-0811, sarah.shoop@lifelinechild.org. Aug. 20, Birmingham - EVO 5K Fit Challenge, 5K 8am; Wave 1 5K Fit Challenge 9am, Wave 2 9:30am. Info: evo.fitness@yahoo.com. Aug. 20, Huntsville - Running of the Bulls 5K, 8am. Info: suzanne@fleetfeethuntsville.com. Aug. 20, Rainbow City - Julie Diener 5K, 8am. Info: David Smith, CPA (256)413-3057, dsmith@coneandsmith.com. Aug. 26, Hoover - Glow in the Park Hoover/Birmingham 5K, 7:45pm. Info: rich@triviumracing.com. Aug. 26, Huntsville - Secret Meals Shuffle Glow 5K, 7:30pm. Info: Jasmine Wells (205)348-5517, jwells@alabamacu.com. Aug. 27, Decatur - Bill J. Dukes 7@7 7K Run, 7am. Info: suebrantley@mhainmc.net. Aug. 27, Fyffe - Fyffe UFO Days 5K, Fun Run and Festival; Registration begins 5:30pm; Race Start 6:30pm; 5K is $25 if you pre register, Fun Run is $20 (ages 10-under); Challenging course, cash prizes, glow in the dark shirts, music, food, vendors and kids activities. Info: Mary Katherine Carroll (256)601-2224, marykcarroll@hotmail.com, www.fyffecitylimits.com; Register online at www.racesonline.com Aug. 27, Hoover - Save the O’s 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9:15am. Info: Trish Portuese - info@championship-racing.com. Aug. 27, Huntsville - Dog Jog 5K & Family FR, 8am. Info: wendy.perkins@huntsvilleal.gov. Aug. 27, Mobile - Kickoff Run for Sight 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Aug. 27, New Market - Moores Mill Intermediate 5K Warrior Run, 7am. Info: Jennifer Sticker (256)851-4700, jsticker@madison.k12.al.us. Aug. 27, Oak Mountain State Park - Ridge to Ridge Trail Race, 20 Miler & 10 Miler; 8am. Info: david@davidtosch.com. Sept. 3, Huntsville - Monte Sano Road Races, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Beth Benefield (256)658-1162, msrr@knology.net. Sept. 3, Montgomery - R3 Argo 8K Run, 7:30am; 2 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Dave Stever (334)273-8249, R3ArgoRun@yahoo.com. Sept. 5, Huntsville - Race for Hope 10K, 5K & FR; 7am. Info: amy321@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Athens - 9/11 Heroes Run, 5K & 1 Mile FR/Walk; 7am. Info: runrgirl@charter.net. Sept. 10, Birmingham - Give Kids the World 5K, 8am. Info: kristin.bachmann@hyatt.com. Sept. 10, Birmingham - Run for the Cause 5K, 8am. Info: Trish Portuese - info@championship-racing.com. Sept. 10, Dauphin Island - Hurricane 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 8:10am. Info: Port City Pacers (251)473-7223, cindymcmillan74@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Huntsville - Walk to End Alzheimer’s, 9:15am. Info: Courtney Jeffreys (256)880-1575, cjeffreys@alz.org. Sept. 11, Mobile - Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Sept. 17, Daphne - Jubilee Race for Life 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: florfellers@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Gadsden - XTERRA Alabama Gadsden 15K/8K Trail Run, 8am. Info: tim@dirtyspokes.com. Sept. 17, Hartselle - Hartselle Half Marathon, 7am. Info: jbarley@hartselle.org. Sept. 17, Mobile - GO 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Sept. 17, Ozark - Pass The Pastor 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: LaChrissha Culpepper (334)441-5460, obcsisters@gmail.com. Sept. 22, Huntsville - Huntsville Hospital Fun Run, Pre-K-8 Grades; 3pm. Info: Greg Reynolds (256)489-7280, gregory.reynolds@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Anniston - League for Animal Welfare 5K, 7am. Info: Christine Brightbill (256)225-7394, samsgram32@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Birmingham - St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer 5K, 8:30am/runners, 8:35am/walkers. Info: Amber VanNoy (678)274-8948, amber.vannoy@stjude.org.

Sept. 24, Huntsville - Once Upon A 5K, 9am. Info: onceupona5k@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Irvington - Lead the Way 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Margaret Olive (251)401-8039, mlolive@bellsouth.net. Sept. 24, Tuscaloosa/Northport - Canine Classic 5K, 8am. Info: Betty Freeman (205)737-7442, bettyfreeman77@bellsouth.net. Sept. 29, Birmingham - Corporate 5K, 7pm. Info: (407)848-0209, oscar@wepowercorporate5k.com. Oct. 8, Birmingham - Ruffner Mountain Crusher Ridge 42K & 21K, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: maryecambull@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Dothan - The Sandi McCool Champions of Hope 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: (334)673-4150, samcfoundation@samc.org. Oct. 16, Birmingham - XTERRA Alabama Red Mountain Park Trail, 9 & 4.5 Miles; 8am. Info: tim@dirtyspokes.com. Oct. 29, Guntersville - Pink Pumpkin Run, 10K 9am; 5K 9:15am; 1 Mile 10:30am. Info: Andrea Oliver (256)571-8026, andrea.oliver@mmcenters.com.

Nov. 20, Birmingham - Magic City Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am; Mile, 8:45am; Half: $70 5/1-7/31; $75 8/1-8/31; $85 9/1-10/31; $90 11/1-11/16; $100/Walk Up Registration; 5K: $35 5/1-10/31, $40 11/1-11/16, $45/Walk Up Registration; $15/Mile. Info: Jeremey Davis, Set Up Events (864)420-5169, jdavis@setupevents.com, www.magiccityhalf.com. See Ad page 8. Dec. 10, Huntsville - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; Kids Marathon, 8am; $90 postmarked through September; $100 thereafter or (online only through 12/1/16) or when 2,700 have registered online. Info: (256)650-7063, suzanne@fleetfeethuntsville.com, www.runrocketcity.com. See Ad page 12.

ARKANSAS Aug. 3, Russellville - Cyclone Glo Run 5K, 8:30pm. Info: (479)8576388, cycloneglorun@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, Batesville - White River 4 Mile Classic, 7:30am. Info: boakley59@hotmail.com. Aug. 6, Little Rock - Milk Run 5K, 7am. Info: Lena Strickland (501)350-2353, milkrun2013@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Hope - Hope Watermelon 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am (Wheelchair 7:25am); Melon Mile (Kid’s Run), 9:30am. Info: Don Still (870)777-1917, still1@sbcglobal.net. Aug. 13, Tontitown - Run For the Grapes 5K, 1/2 Mile; 7am. Info: (479)361-2612, stjoetontitowncy@att.net. Aug. 14, Eureka Springs - Eurekan Running Festival 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: (479)521-7766, bruce@allsportsproductionsinc.com. Aug. 20, Dardanelle - Running For a Playground 5K/1K, 8am. Info: (479)967-3699, staugustine@sjccr.org. Aug. 20, Jonesboro - Hot Pepper Nights 5K & 10K, 6:30pm. Info: (901)274-2202, s2finfo@s2fevents.com. Aug. 20, North Little Rock - Flames 5K, 7am. Info: (870)4896614, jon.w.hicks@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Bella Vista - Run For a Miracle 5K, 8am. Info: (479)5861646, oliviasgraves@yahoo.com. Aug. 27, Benton - McClure’s Fitness 5K, 8am. Info: (501)2691662, mcclurefitnessclub@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Bentonville - Run to Defeat ALS 2 Mile, 8am. Info: (479)621-8700, jennifer@als-arkansas.org. Aug. 27, Farmington - Farmington Stampede 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Sheryl Cash, Race Dir. (479)267-2664, farmingtonstampede@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Fayetteville - St. Jude Fayetteville 10K, 7am. Info: stjudefayetteville10k@yahoo.com. Aug. 27, Jonesboro - NEA Baptist Hope Run 5K, 8am. Info: brian.lewis@neabc.com. Aug. 27, Little Rock - Run With the Flock 5K & 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: (501)804-2343, denise.thrower@fisglobal.com. Aug. 27, Little Rock - Rollin’ on the River 5K Run & 2K Walk, 7am. Info: Kathryn Norton (501)227-3706, knorton@eastersealsar.com. Sept. 3, Clarksville - Run the Ridge 5K & 10K, 8:30am. Info: (501)514-0603, jessica.m.stmartin@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Mammoth Springs - Ozarka College-Mammoth Spring 5K Walk/Run, 7:30am. Info: jmspurlock@ozarka.edu. Sept. 3, North Little Rock - ARK 5K Classic, 7:30am. Info: hammerstein.brice@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Oark - FFA 5K, 9am. Info (479)292-3353, saundras@jasper.k12.ar.us. Sept. 5, Cammack Village - Cammack Village 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (870)550-3645, wkees2879@gmail.com.

Sept. 5, Rogers - Run For a Child’s Hunger 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: (479)246-0104, info@carecc.org. Sept. 10, Batesville - Band on the Run, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Melissa McSpadden (870)793-2464, britgirl4mac@yahoo.com.

Sept. 10, Eldorado - Nexans-Amercable Major Ronald Wayne Culver Hero 5K, 7:30am; $25 by 8/26, after $30. Info: SouthArk Foundation, POB 7010, El Dorado, AR 71731; Cynthia Reyna (870)864-7130, foundation@southark.edu, www.apexendurance.com/hero.html Sept. 10, Fayetteville - A Safe Place to Run 5K & 10K, 7am. Info: (479)282-4144, bltroutt7@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Lavaca - Lavaca 9/11 Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: (479)462-9629, wsanders13@yahoo.com. Sept. 10, Little Rock - Minuteman 5K/2K XC Invitational, 7:30am; 2 Mile, 9:30am. Info: (501)231-3730, bjtorrey@sbcglobal.net. Sept. 10, Mountain Home - Race to Remember 5K, 8am. Info: (870)425-6336, bcorbett@mtnhomepolice.com. Sept. 10, Ozark - Race to be Heard 5K/10K, 9am. Info: (479)209-0207, jxb003@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Rison - Race to the Fair 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (901)606-4162, pcmcclellan13@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Winslow - Winslow Run Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: winslowrun@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Yellville - Glow Run 5K, 8pm. Info: (870)449-7155, mrotenberry@arvest.com. Sept. 17, Benton - Arkansas 20K, 7am. Info: ar20k@salinecountystriders.com. Sept. 17, Clarksville - On Our Way 5K, 6:30pm. Info: (479)7744041, orcc.advocate@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Fort Smith - Race for Recovery 5K, 8am. Info: (479)785-4083, aperry@recoveryhhi.org. Sept. 17, Goshen - Goshen Gallop 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: (479)466-8493, goshengallop@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Little Rock - St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, 5K Run/Walk; 9am. Info: Mykila Cobb (901)373-5051, mykila.cobb@stjude.org. Sept. 24, Benton - Birch 5K Recover 1M, 8am. Info: (501)4132170, stacey.kuchinski@birchtree.org. Sept. 24, Fort Smith - Paint Downtown Pink 5K, 8:30am. Info: (479)650-0766, lornaarmstrong1@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Heber Springs - Fight Like A Kid 5K Run/Walk, 5pm. Info: gilmitchum70@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Lonoke - The Great Pumpkin Run 5K, 8am; 1 Mile Family Trot, 9:30am. Info:greatpumpkinrun@earthlink.net. Sept. 24, Mountain Home - Jog With Your Dog 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: (870)404-8363, pirateperry@outlook.com. Sept. 24, Russellville - River Valley Food 4 Kids Walk, 9am. Info: (479)886-2909, shanny@centurytel.net. Sept. 24, Sherwood - Sherwood Fest 5K/1K, 8am. Info: (501)4545185, krblakely@aol.com. Sept. 24, Vilonia - Every Soul Matters 5K, 8am. Info: (501)5191016, aduff@firstnlr.com. Sept. 24, Texarkana - Amanda Fussell Woodman Memorial Color 5K, 8am. Info: (903)748-4342, stephaniefussell@casatexarkana.org. Oct. 1, Benton - Benton Panther 5K, 8am. Info: (501)607-3678, michael.sims@regions.com. Oct. 1, Heber Springs - Paws at the Beach 5K & 1K, 8am. Info: (501)470-5999, hshumanesociety5k@gmail.com. Oct. 1, Little Rock - Autism Speaks Arkansas 5K, 8am. Info: Kim Knollmeyer (501)574-2555, kfknoll@gmail.com. Oct. 2, Springdale - Purple for a Purpose 5K & 1K, 8am. Info: (636)544-5949, 5k@juniorleaguenwa.org. Oct. 8, Booneville - Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk. Info: Stacey McCollough (479)675-2666, info@booneville.com. Oct. 8, Bryant - Bryant Hornet 5K/2M XC Invitational, 10am. Info: (501)590-6430, soury@bryantschools.org. Oct. 8, Cabot - FSM 5K, 9am. Info: (501)843-5291, fsm@faithcabot.org. Oct. 8, Little Rock - MEMS 5K, 8am. Info: (501)605-2654, 5krun@metroems.com. Oct. 8, Malvern - Ouachita River Challenge, 5 Mile, 20K & 5K; 9am. Info: (501)815-2383, alj_ins@yahoo.com. Oct. 8, Scranton - John Brewster 5K/1K, 9am. Info: (479)2526617, johnbrewster5k@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Sheridan - Timberfest 5K, 8am. Info: (870)942-3021, gccc@windstream.net. Oct. 9, Little Rock - Race 13.1 Half Marathon, 7am; 10K & 5K, 7:15am. Info: (866)561-5651 (ext. 301), info@race131.com. Oct. 15, Hector - Arkansas Zombie Challenge, 5K; 11, 11:15am. Info: Genney Baker (479)880-1195, casa5gb@suddenlinkmail.com. Oct. 21, Bentonville - The Burpee Mile!, 1 Mile 6pm. Info: Lizz Bennett (801)425-4730, lizz@gppnwa.com. Oct. 22, Fayetteville - Lewis and Clark Ozark Adventure Dash, 2 Mile & 7 Mile or Fun Run; 9am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, bruce@allsportsproductionsinc.com. Oct. 22, Van Buren - Sparks Stampede 5K/10K Race and Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Mary Jo Brinkman (479)650-0509, mary.brinkman@sparkshealth.com. Oct. 29, Conway - Soaring Wings of Conway Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay; 7am (Wheelchair races, 6:55am). Info: info@swmarathon.com.

Race Directors: Don’t forget to send us your race information for our race calendar. September issue deadline is August 5. Calendar form on page 30 or visit our website: www.running.net


FLORIDA Aug. 5-6, Jacksonville - Tour de Pain Complete 3 events in 24 hours, 8/5 (Friday): 4 Mile Beach Run, 6:30pm; 8/6 (Saturday): 5K, 7am & Mile Sizzler, 4:30pm; $30/Single Race, $55/3 Race Series by 7/30; $35/Single Race, $65/3 Race Series 7/31-Day of Race. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com, www.1stplacesports.com/tour.html Aug. 6, Boynton Beach - WBRRC Cobra Country 5K, 7am; Kids Dash & Toddlers Dash. Info: westboyntonroadrunners@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Clearwater - Hotdog Summer 5K & 1 Mile With Thresher’s Baseball in Clearwater, 4:30pm. Info: (727)415-1988, xanaduracemanagement@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Daytona Beach - Pirate 5K Beach Run & Treasure Hunt, 7pm. Info: sparsons@blackcrow.fm. Aug. 6, Estero - Estero Summer 5K Run/Walk, 7:15am. Info: john@amppromotions.net. Aug. 6, Lake Mary - Oakmonte Village 5K Fun Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: info@run4acause.org. Aug. 6, Melbourne - Workman Warriors 5K Trail Run, 7:30am. Info: www.workmanwarriors.com. Aug. 6, Orlando - Grandma Got Run Over By The Reindeer 5K, 8am; Kiddie Dash/Free (9-under), 7:45am. Info: Samantha Diaz de Leon (407)913-0393, samanthadiazde@gmail.com.

Aug. 6, St. George Island - St. George Island Sizzler 5K, 7pm; 1 Mile, 6:30pm; $10$30 by 8/3 at 6pm Eastern; $35 day of race. Info: Hobson Fulmer, POB 416, Eastpoint, FL 32328; (850)509-2191, stgeorgeisland sizzler@gmail.com, www.stgeorgeisland sizzler.com Aug. 6, Stuart - Fleet Feet Furnace 5K Run/Walk, 7am; Kids FR, 8am. Info: run@fleetfeetstuart.com. Aug. 6, Tallahassee - Operation One Voice Florida Fallen Heroes 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Mike Terhune (850)212-2494, michael.terhune@talgov.com. Aug. 6, Vero Beach - Twilight 2 Mile, 7pm. Info: Jim Van Veen (772)643-7010, info@runvero.com. Aug. 13, Jacksonville - Jaguars 5K Stadium Challenge, 7pm; 1 Mile FR, 6:45pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Aug. 13, Jacksonville - PRS Race Timing Jax Open 5000 at Hyde Park, 5000 Meter XC Run; 6:15pm/1st heat. Info: matt@prsracetiming.com. Aug. 13, Naples - Beware the Bear Chase 5K, 7:15am/1st heat. Info: timkoe@collierschools.com. Aug. 13, Tallahassee - Breakfast on the Track One Mile, 7:45am. Info: Felton or Bonnie Wright (850)386-3500, bonniedwright@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Viera - I Run For Pizza Football Kickoff 5K, 7am. Info: events@runningzone.com. Aug. 13, Wakulla Springs - Wakulla High School NJROTC Warrior 5K, 8am. Info: Cpt. Bradley Martin (850)926-1944, bradley.martin@wcsb.us. Aug. 13, Wildwood - Muddy Brute Challenge - Florida Summer, Obstacle Course Mud Run, 3 Miles w/30+ obstacles; 9am. Info: info@muddybrute.com. Aug. 14, Delray Beach - Discrimination Free Zone Stomp Out Bullying Back to School Bash, 5K Run/Walk & Fun Run; 7:30am. Info: info@runforfundsflorida.com. Aug. 19, St. Pete Beach - St. Pete Beach 5K Race Series, 7pm. Info: Race Director (813)414-3634, beachraces@sprr.org. Aug. 20, Clermont - FL.Roc Trails: Clermont Clay Loop Howl at the Moon 10 Miler, 8pm. Info: redpointerproductions@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Jacksonville Beach - Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run 5 Mile, 6pm; 1 Mile, 6:05pm. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Aug. 20, Lakeland - Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K #4, 7am. Info: watermelon5kseries@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Lecanto - School Rules Two Miler Walk/Run and 5K Time Trial, 7:45am. Info: athleticsscoringservices@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Ocala - Glo with the Flo 5K, 8pm. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Aug. 20, Port Charlotte - Pirate Treasure Trot 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: raymond.chumbley@yourcharlotteschools.net. Aug. 20, St. Augustine - Alex’s Capes & Tiaras 5K, 8am. Info: alexscapesandtiaras@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Tallahassee - Miller Landing Madness 8K, 5K, 3K XC Run; 8am. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, tomperkinsfsu@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Estero - Health and Wellness 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run Walk, 8am. Info: info@endurancesportstiming.com. Aug. 27, Jacksonville - LUNG FORCE Run/Walk 5K, 8am. Info: Karen Hughes (904)520-7117, karen.hughes@lungse.org. Aug. 27, Merritt Island - Running On Island Time 5K Race/Walk, 7:30am. Info: debwells@cfl.rr.com. Aug. 27, Tallahassee - Ernie Sims HITS Foundation Lupus Support Network 5K & 1 Mile. Info: Alice Sims (850)224-5050, alicebsims@comcast.net. Aug. 28, Boca Raton - Summer’s End Fun Run, 5K 6pm. Info: (561)361-1950, runedgetom@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Harmony - Labor of Love 5K, 7:30am. Info: cathy@gemsevents.com. Sept. 3, Panama City - Midnight Chase 5K Run/Walk, 11pm; 1/ 2 Mile FR, 10:30pm. Info: Joe (850)774-0018, joeruns@yahoo.com. Sept. 3, West Palm Beach - Save The Jaguar 5K at the Palm Beach Zoo, 7:30am. Info: Events Dept. (561)533-0887, info@palmbeachzoo.org.


Running Journal • August, 2016

Sept. 5, Amelia Island - Turtle Trot 5K, 1 Mile Kid’s FR; 7:30am. Info: 26point2guy@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Jacksonville - Run Jax Labor Day Run, 5K 7:30am; 1 Mile 8:30am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Sept. 5, Tallahassee - Bluebird Run & Walk for Brookie B, 1 Mile FR/Walk 8am; 5K Trail Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Bill Bowers (850)228-1263, bowersb@centurylink.net. Sept. 10, Fernandina Beach - Joggin for Frogmen 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 10, Fort Myers - Tunnel to Towers 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: fortmyers@tunnel2towers.org. Sept. 10, Indialantic - Turtle Krawl 5K, 7:30am. Info: turtlekrawl@seaturtlespacecoast.org. Sept. 10, Jacksonville - Run with the Flock 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Sept. 10, Jacksonville - Financial Fitness 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 10, Orlando - Masters of all Terrain - Trail Half Marathon. Info: nic@mastersofallterrain.com. Sept. 17, Melbourne - Eagle Pride 5K & 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: 4haleys@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Palm Coast - Masquerade 5K & FR, 8am. Info: Kim Carney (386)846-5493, kimcarney@cfl.rr.com. Sept. 17, Palm Bay - Space Coast Mud Run, 5K 8am. Info: Elysee Schofield (321)254-3700, events@hbca-brevard.org. Sept. 24, Lake City - Pregnancy Care Centers 5K, 9am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 24, Newberry - Gator Clot Trot 5K, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 24, Sanford - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net. Sept. 25, Port Orange - Remarkable River Racing Series 15K & 5K, 7am. Info: (386)308-2155, angie@debcheslow.com; jennifer@finalmileracemanagement.com. Oct. 1, Clermont - Volition America’s Half Marathon & 5K Series, National Training Center (1935 Don Wickman Dr., Clermont, FL 34711) 7:32am/Wheelchair, 7:35am/Half Marathon, 7:45am/ 5K; $60/Half Marathon, $100/Double Duty Half (also includes Pensacola Half on 12/3) thru 6/2 $25/5K, $45/Double Duty 5K (also includes Pensacola 5K on 12/3). Info: info@volitionamerica.com, www.volitionamerica.com. Oct. 1, Satellite Beach - Long Doggers Kids’ Marathon & Half Marathon, 1.31 Miles & 2.62 Miles; 7:30am. Info: events@runningzone.com. Oct. 2, Fort De Soto - Fort De Soto 15K & 5K, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com. Oct. 8, Croom Park/Withlacoochee State Forest - John Holmes Trail Run, 50K 6am; 16 Mile & 9 Mile, 8am. Info: (813)232-5200, jim@tamparaces.com. Oct. 8, Delray Beach - AVDA’s Race For Hope, 5K Run/ Walk & 10K Run 7:30am; Kid’s Dash 8:30am. Info: (561)3611950, runedgetom@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Indialantic - Witch Way 5K, 5:30pm. Info: (321)7232242, witchway5k@indialantic.com. Oct. 8, Jacksonville - Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon & Freedom 5K, 7am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Oct. 8, Key West - Southernmost Marathon, 5:30am; Half Marathon, 5:45am; 10K & 5K on Oct. 9, 7:30am. Info: Liz Love (479)200-4689, liz@somomarathon.com. Oct. 8, Vero Beach - Beachside Half Marathon, 6:45am; 5K, 7am. Info: Cheri Sofia (772)563-9118, info@irchealthystart.org. Oct. 13, Melbourne - Florida Tech Homecoming 5K, 6pm. Info: sbacon@fit.edu. Oct. 15, Melbourne - Will Run For Chocolate, Won’t Stand For Violence 5K, 8am. Info: sferry@fitaviation.com. Oct. 15, Safety Harbor - SuperHero 5K, Walk & Stroller Roll, 8:30am. Info: Amy Foster (727)464-6528, amyf@galf6.org. Oct. 15, Tampa - The Tampa Bay Whiskey Run with Special Invite Shriners Half Marathon, Half Marathon 7am; 5K & 10K 8am. Info: (727)415-1988, xanaduracemanagement@gmail.com. Oct. 22, Amelia Island - ZOOMA Florida Half Marathon & 12K, 7am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: info@zoomarun.com. Oct. 22, Jacksonville - Creepy Crawl 5K/Fun Run for Bleeding Disorders, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Oct. 22, Vero Beach - Frightening 4K, 6pm. Info: Jim Van Veen (772)643-7010, info@runvero.com. Oct. 23, Apalachicola Bay - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, 10K & 50K Ultra; 7:15am (All with Wheelchair & Walking Div.). Info: friends@runningforthebay.com. Oct. 23, Palm Coast - Jack’s 50K, 25K & 10K Trail Run; 8am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8572, dawn@runnaturalcoach.com. Oct. 29, Melbourne - Ghostly Gecko 5K, 6:30pm. Info: info@runningzone.com. Oct. 29, Panama City - Tricker Trek 10K & 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Joe (850)774-0018, joeruns@yahoo.com. Oct. 30, Fort De Soto/St. Petersburg - Florida Halloween Halfathon & 5K, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com. Oct. 30, Orlando - Creepy Crawl 5K/Fun Run for Bleeding Disorders, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Oct. 30, Port Orange - Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: jennifer@finalmileracemanagement.com. Nov. 24, Jacksonville - Subaru Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon & 6K, 8am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com. Dec. 11, Madeira Beach - Florida Holiday Halfathon, 7:30am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com. Dec. 18, Jacksonville - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com, www.1stplacesports.com.

Jan. 15, Naples - Naples Daily News Half Marathon, 7am; Cambier Park in Olde Naples; $60 before 12/1, $80 12/1-12/31, $100 1/2-1/ 14, Day of Race $125; $15,000 Cash Awards for Open Division (Open Division/US Citizens Only; Masters, Grand Masters, Seniors Masters/Awards for all countries); $2,700 Cash Awards age group winners ($100 each age group). Info: (877)777-5622, questions@napleshalfmarathon.net, www.napleshalfmarathon.net Jan. 22, Clearwater - Clearwater Distance Classic, 50K Ultra, Marathon, Halfathon, 5 Miler & 5K Walkathon, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com. March 12, Fort De Soto Park - Florida Beach Halfathon & 5K, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com.

GEORGIA Aug. 5, Waycross - Compassion Run - 5K Glow in the Dark Run, 11:55pm. Info: Lori (912)550-3306, tessahenderson17@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, Athens - Outpace Parkinson’s 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: jarmistead@tntech.edu. Aug. 6, Atlanta - I Do Music 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (404)8749880. Aug. 6, Atlanta - Vinings Down Hill 5K Run for the Kids, 5K Run/ Walk 8am; 1K FR/Walk 9am; 1K Dog Dash 9:05am. Info: cheinz@heinzdaniel.com. Aug. 6, Duluth - Button Down Dash, 10K 7:30am; 5K 7:45am. Info: (770)232-3000, frontdesk@gwinnettchamber.org. Aug. 6, Flowery Branch - FBHS Falcon 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: events@runnersfit.com. Aug. 6, Jefferson - Jefferson Dragons USA Wrestling Trail Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Myranda (706)207-7177, msayne@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, McDonough - ARTreach 180 Freedom 5K, 8am. Info: Tammy Wiggins (770)957-7153, twiggins@crosswalkusa.org. Aug. 6, Suwanee - Dennis McCormick Road Race 5K, 7:30am. Info: collinshilltfxc@live.com. Aug. 13, Athens - Coach Mike’s 5K Health Run, 8am; Free Kids FR to follow. Info: Elyse Giles (706)543-6596, elysegiles@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Atlanta - Lekotek Run 4 Kids, 4 Mile Run/Walk 8am; 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk 9:15am. Info: Helene Prokesch (404)633-3430 (x23), helene@lekotekga.org, www.lekotekga.org/run.html. Aug. 13, Cleveland - The Family Promise Mountain 5K Mud Run w/obstacles, 9am. Info: (706)809-8787, events@runnersfit.com. Aug. 13, Cumming - Color Outside the Lines 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: (770)886-9505, info@safft.org. Aug. 13, Douglasville - Boundary Waters Cross Country 5K, 8am; Free Kids FR (.6 mi. approx), 9:15am. Info: greateratlantaathletes@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Hartwell - Wet ‘n Wild 5K, 7am. Info: Hart Co. Chamber of Commerce (706)376-8590, hartchamber@hartcom.net. Aug. 13, Monroe - Lions Club 5K Run for Sight, 7:30am. Info: Kathy Ivie (770)266-2332, kivie@waltonemc.com. Aug. 13, Oakwood - Muddy Spartan Fun Run, 3+ Miles; 9am. Info: West Hall HS (770)967-9826, events@runnersfit.com. Aug. 13, Rincon - Summer’s End 5K/10K Trail Run, 8am. Info: treutlen.wert@yahoo.com. Aug. 13, Roswell - Area 13.1 Half Marathon, 7pm; Terrestrial 5K, 7:10pm. Info: info@orionsportstiming.com. Aug. 13, Tifton - Run for Love 5K Road Race, 7:45pm; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 7:15pm. Info: Kelly Golden (229)387-1727, tiftcoccrfl@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Valdosta - Winnersville Football 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9am. Info: (229)671-6025, cthomas@gocats.org. Aug. 13, Winder - Summer’s End 5,000 & 10,000, 10K 7am; 5K & 10K Combo 7am; 5K Run/Walk 8:15am; FR 9:15am. Info: Erin Dunbar (770)868-2917, erin@gapiedmontymca.org. Aug. 14, Villa Rica - Flat Get It 5K, 5pm; Fun Run, 5:50pm. Info: Billy Lashley (678)873-6720, blashley@sheriff.douglas.ga.us. Aug. 14, Villa Rica - TCB/GPS 5K, One can start as early as 3pm and no later than 4pm w/GPS device in any direction for a total of 3.1 Miles. Info: Bo Ryles - boryles@gmail.com, Roger Keel rkeel@mindspring.com. Aug. 20, Athens - Brain Fitness 5K, 7:30am. Info: classicraceservices@gmail.com.

Aug. 20, Atlanta (Perimeter Mall) - 2016 Magnolia Run and Walk for Epilepsy, 5K, 1 Mile; 8am; 5K Timed $30, 5K Untimed & 1 Mile $25 by 8/15; after 8/15 5K Timed $35, 5K Untimed & 1 Mile $30. Info: Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia, 6065 Roswell Rd., #715, Atlanta, GA 30328; Kathleen Sullivan (404)527-7155, ksullivan@epilepsyga.org, http://events.epilepsyga.org/ magnoliarun2016 Aug. 20, Augusta - Fort Gordon Glow Run 5K & 3K, 8:30pm. Info: neil.j.smith.naf@mail.mil. Aug. 20, Baxley - Alive Kids 5K Mud & Obstacles Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: katelyn.sapp.2011@gmail.com.

Aug. 20, Brooklet - 16th Annual Brooklet Peanut 5K, 7am; $20 by 8/5, after $25. Info: Toby Davis, POB 313, Brooklet, GA 30415; (912)481-4050, margtoby@gmail.com, www.brookletpeanutfestival.com

www.running.net Aug. 20, Columbus - Lakebottom Park 5K, 8am. Info: caroleeluther@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Duluth - Dream Dash 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:45am. Info: whynotministries@yahoo.com. Aug. 20, Fayetteville - R(un) for One 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:45am. Info: krystal.brummitt@lifelinechild.org. Aug. 20, Flowery Branch - Awesome ’80s Run, 5K Run/Walk; 9am. Info: events@runnersfit.com. Aug. 20, Johns Creek - Run Your Happy Tails Off 5K/1K, 7:30am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net.

Aug. 20, Rome - Gary Tillman Memorial Clocktower 5K Road Race & 2 Mile Health Walk, 8am (run), Walk immediately following; $25/5K, $20/2 Mile by 7/31; $30/5K, $25/2 Mile 8/1 to Pre reg deadline (postmarked by 8/9); Online midnight Eastern Time 8/11); $35/5K, $30/2 Mile on Race Day. Info: Exchange Club Family Resource Center, POB 168, Rome, GA 30162; (706)290-0764, tillmanclocktowerrace@yahoo.com, www.tillmanclocktowerrace.org Aug. 20, Suwanee - Old Peachtree Road 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: katyale@pcom.edu. Aug. 20, Valdosta - XC is Fun 5K, 7:15am. Info: Info: (229)6301455, acourseline@earthlink.net. Aug. 27, Atlanta - Walk, Wag N’ Run, 5K Run/Walk 7:30am; 1K FR 8:45am. Info: shannon@ahimsahouse.org. Aug. 27, Atlanta - Atlanta Free to Breathe 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: Karen Odell (770)841-8963, kodell@freetobreathe.org. Aug. 27, Atlanta - Adams Realtors Run for the Park 5K & Tot Trot, 8:45am. Info: roadraceservices@comcast.net. Aug. 27, Columbus - Midnight Express 5K, 11:59pm. Info: neil@event-tech.com. Aug. 27, Jefferson - Primal Rush 20K, 7am; 10K, 7:30am; Kids Run, 8:30am; 5K, 9am. Info: Tree House (770)868-1900. Aug. 27, Kennesaw - Rock Around the Clock 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net. Aug. 27, Marietta - Digital Dash 5K, 7:30am; 1K FR, 8:30am. Info: jshort@digitalinsurance.com. Aug. 27, Oakwood - Backpack Love 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; FR, 7am. Info: events@runnersfit.com. Aug. 27, Powder Springs - Achy Breaky 5K, 8am; 1K, 7:30am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net. Aug. 27, Savannah - XC Kickoff Classic Open Event, 5K 7am. Info: chris@fleetfeetsavannah.com. Aug. 27, Suwanee - Hoofin’ for Habitat 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Carol Guse (678)644-6777, cguse@gmail.com.

Aug. 27, Young Harris - Dash to the Vineyards 5K, 8am; $25 by 8/12, after $30. Info: Candace Lee, Towns County Chamber of Commerce, 1411 Jack Dayton Circle, Young Harris, GA 30582; (706)896-4966, candacelee@brmemc.net, http:// www.active.com/young-harris-ga/running/ distance-running-races/dash-to-thevineyards-5k-2016?int= Aug. 27, Valdosta - Blazer XC 5K RR, 7:30am. Info: (229)6301455, acourseline@earthlink.net. Aug. 27, Warner Robins - CASA SuperHero 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (478)542-2141 (x336), casa@houstoncountyga.org. Aug. 27, Watkinsville - Running for Rankin 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Deborah Walock (678)753-3260; Carole Black (706)6807223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Canton - Tortoise and the Hare 1/2 Marathon, 7am; 10K, 9am. Info: Toni McAlister (678)400-9050, info@tortoiseandthehareracing.com. Sept. 3, Hahira - Alzheimer’s Awareness 5K Run, 8am. Info: eracheletter@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Jekyll Island - Jekyll Island Cross Country Invitational 5K, 7am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 3, Marietta - Celebrate Freedom Run 5K, 9am. Info: john.stirzaker@salematlanta.com. Sept. 3, Newnan - Sunrise on the Square Road Race, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: (770)253-8283. Sept. 3, Rock Springs - Labor Day 5K Mud Run w/obstacles, 9am. Info: Sandy Harden (423)596-7227. Sept. 3, Watkinsville - Butterfly Dreams 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Carole Black (706)680-7223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 4, Atlanta - East Atlanta Village RunFest, 5K 6pm; Fun Run 7:15pm; 1 Mile Competitive Races 7:30pm. Info: eavrunfest@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Atlanta - Big Peach Sizzler 10K, 7:30am. Info: rachel@orionsportstiming.com. Sept. 5, Atlanta - Blackstone Academy 5K for Education, 8am. Info: blackstoneacademy5k@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Avondale Estates - Avondale Estates Labor Day Road Race 5K, 7:30am. Info: kholmes@avondaleestates.org. Sept. 5, Canton - Hickory Flat Out Labor Day 5K, 7:30am; Kids FR, 8:30am (approx.). Info: (770)720-0005, info@hickoryflatout.com. Sept. 5, Columbus - Big Dog Classic 10K, 7:30am. Info: (706)322-2786, al@bigdogrunning.com. Sept. 5, Crawford - Restoration Labor Day Run, 5K 8am; 11K 8:30am. Info: Cary Fordyce (706)743-3113, Carole Black, classicraceservices@gmail.com.

Sept. 5, Kennesaw - Labor Day Be Your Own Hero 5K/10K/15K, 8am. Info: Lowell Starr (770)633-5511, lowell@fivestarntp.com. Sept. 5, Macon - Macon Labor Day Road Race, 5K 8am; 10K 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 10am. Info: fmbarron@macontracks.org. Sept. 5, Marietta - Holy Smoke 5K, 9am. Info: Lowell Starr (770)633-5511, lowell@fivestarntp.com. Sept. 5, Smyrna - Smyrna 5K, 8am. Info: Gary Jenkins (678)2145294, gary@georgiarunner.com. Sept. 5, Valdosta - Labor Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: (229)630-1455, acourseline@earthlink.net. Sept. 10, Atlanta - Craft Classic Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am. Info: tligett@roadrunnersports.com. Sept. 10, Blue Ridge - 5K Color Run Blue Ridge GA, 9am. Info: Carolyn (706)632-5800, blueridgefcm@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Covington - Covington Fuzz Run 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run, 8am. Info: info@covingtonfuzzrun.com.

Sept. 10, Evans - Half Crazy Run for Ovarian Cancer, Half Marathon & 10K; 7:30am; $30/ 10K, $60/Half Marathon by 9/1. Info: Traci Smith, 531 Meldon Rd., Evans, GA 30809, (706)373-1231, tracismith1231@yahoo.com, www.halfcrazyhalfmarathon.com Sept. 10, Dahlonega - Connectability Race for a Reason 5K/10K. Info: (440)480-8287. Sept. 10, Hampton - GICAA Cannonball 5K, 3K & Mile. Info: gicaacannonball5k@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Leesburg - September 2 Remember 1st Responders, 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Daphne (229)759-6012. Sept. 10, Lumber City - Lumber City Farm Day Festival Fun Run & 5K, 1 Mile 7:45am; 5K 8:15am. Info: Jeanette Ban (912)363-4643, jeaban2007@mac.com, www.lumbercityfarmday.org. Sept. 10, Peachtree City - Divas® Half Marathon & 5K in Peachtree City, 5K 7:15am; Half Marathon 7:35am. Info: info@runlikeadiva.com, www.runlikeadiva.com. Sept. 10, Pooler - Milestone Half Marathon & 10K Challenge, 7:30am. Info: help@savannahraces.net. Sept. 10, Winder - 9/11 Memorial Cross Country 5K, 6pm; Fun Run, 5:30pm. Info: Classic Race Services (706)680-7223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Winterville - Winterville Breeze 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Carole Black (706)680-7223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Athens - The Birchmore Memorial Run for Fun, 5K 2:30pm; 1 Mile 2pm. Info: Carole Black (706)680-7223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Athens - D.G.H.Y. 4.44K, 3:34pm. Info: Bo Ryles boryles@gmail.com, Roger Keel - rkeel@mindspring.com. Sept. 11, Duluth - Run in Defense of Animals - 5K, 8am. Info: idasarita@ymail.com. Sept. 17, Albany - Chehaws Thru the Zoo 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, jimshieldsmra@comcast.net. Sept. 17, Americus - Neon Night Run, 5K 7:45pm. Info: Sheila Bivins (229)931-5928, sbivins@magnoliamanor.com. Sept. 17, Atlanta - Sandy Springs Lightning 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:50am. Info: Phidippides (404)875-4268 or (404)255-6149. Sept. 17, Atlanta - Race for Rest 5K, 8am. Info: Stephanie Thomas - sthomas@furniturebankatlanta.org. Sept. 17, Moultrie - Race of the South, 5K Fitness Walk/Run & 10K Race, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Robin McCord/Trey Duncan (229)985-1154, rmccord@moultrieymca.org, tduncan@moultrieymca.org. Sept. 18, Athens - Superhero Dash 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: Dalena Nguyen - uga.mgc.pr@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Kennesaw to Ringgold - General 100, 100 Miles; team of 4-7 runners. Info: general100relay@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Lawrenceville - Forever Remember 5K Walk/Run, 7am. Info: Addison Baker (404)931-9065, abchord@aol.com. Sept. 24, Union Point - Junction Jamboree Jog 5K, 8:30am. Info: classicraceservices@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Winder - Piedmont CASA Superhero Run, 5K Run/Walk 8:30am; 1K FR 8am. Info: (706)387-6375. Oct. 1, Atlanta - Winship Win the Fight 5K, 7am. Info: Pam McAdams (404)727-6175, winship5k@emory.edu. Oct. 2, Tallulah Falls - Autumn Breeze 5K, 3pm. Info: Amy Jarrard (706)782-4526, ajarrard@rabun.k12.ga.us. Oct. 6, Watkinsville - Clocogwamoma 4-H 4K, 6:14pm. Info: Bo Ryles - boryles@gmail.com, Roger Keel - rkeel@mindspring.com. Oct. 8, Buford - Bubble Run™Atlanta! 5K, 8am. Info: info@bubblerun.com. Oct. 8, Jekyll Island - Under the Oaks Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Ginger Strehle (912)634-8177, gstrehle@sschristianschool.com. Oct. 8, Kennesaw - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net. Oct. 9, Athens - Athens GA Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: athhalf@athfesteducates.org. Oct. 9, Chatsworth - Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12 Miler, 8am. Info: mysterymtnmarathon@getguts.com. Oct. 15, West Point - West Point Scout’s Trail Trek, 5K Trail Run 8am; 1 Mile/5K Trail Run (Bonus 5K), 9am. Joel Finlay (404)7875597, finlay.joel@gmail.com. Oct. 16, Atlanta - AIDS Walk Atlanta & 5K Run, 1pm. Info: Maurya Lacey (404)870-7732, 5krun@aidatlanta.org. Oct. 22, Albany - Pancake Run 5K, 9:15am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: Shane Smith (229)438-0672 (h), (678)654-4181 (c). Oct. 22, Homer - Spooktacular Sprint 5K, 8pm; Fun Run, 7:30am. Info: Carole Black (706)680-7223, classicraceservices@gmail.com. Oct. 22, Savannah - Glow the Mall Pink Midnight Madness 5K, 11:55pm. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, runningmanwest@bellsouth.net. Oct. 29, Atlanta - Atlanta Undy Run/Walk, 5K & 1 Mile; 9am. Info: Colon Cancer Alliance (202)628-0123, undy@ccalliance.org. Oct. 29, Bethlehem - Jadon’s Run, 5K 9:30am; FR 9am. Info: Yvette Yancy (678)789-5918, Pam at Church at Winder (770)8678888.

www.running.net Oct. 29, Bostick - Gin Run 5K, 8am. Info: angie.howard@bellsouth.net. Oct. 29, Chamblee - Hustle for Hope 5K, 1.5 Mile FR; 10am. Info: Christy Murray (770)458-3251, cmurray@ecvc.org. Oct. 29, Mableton - Silver Comet Half Marathon, 7:45am. Info: (404)422-2195, contact@silvercometraces.com. Oct. 30, Athens - Jack-O’-Lantern Jog 5K, 2:30pm; Goblin 1 Mile FR, 2pm. Info: Sandy Creek Nature Center (706)613-3615 (x235).

Nov. 5-6, Savannah - Rock ‘N’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2Person Half Marathon Relay (11/5), 7am; 5K & 1 Mile (11/6), 1pm. Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510 or (800)311-1255, www.runrocknroll.com/savannah. See Ad page 17. Dec. 10, Atlanta - Barb’s 5K, 8am; Fit Kids Run/Walk, 1 Mile, 1/ 2 Mile, 1/4 Mile & 100 Yards; 9am. Info: (404)996-1485, info@jeffgalloway131.com. Dec. 11, Atlanta - Jeff Galloway 13.1, Half Marathon 8am. Info: (404)996-1485, info@jeffgalloway131.com.

KENTUCKY Aug. 3, Louisville - St. Matthews Mid-Summer’s Night 5K Run/ Walk, 8pm. Info: (502)451-4560, charityweek@thebenefitsfirm.com. Aug. 5, Ashland - Night Moves 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Alan Osuch (606)369-4403, OsuchRacePlanner@aol.com. Aug. 6, Lexington - LBX Dig Deep 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: rwilson@lbxco.com. Aug. 6, Louisville - Purple Stride 5K, 8am. Info: (877)272-6226. Aug. 6, Mt. Sterling - Back to School Classic 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile, 8am. Info: newkirk3@hotmail.com. Aug. 6, Prestonsburg - Riverview HealthCARE Center Football 5K Run, 9am. Info: (606)886-9178. Aug. 8, Versailles - John’s Cross Country Run Series, 7pm. Info: race@johnsrunwalkshop.com. Aug. 11, Winchester - Call Before You Dig 3K, 7pm. Info: Ken Catron (859)533-9504. Aug. 12, Gray Hawk - Run for the Music 5K, 7pm. Info: Keith Hays (606)438-1258, keith.hays@jackson.kyschools.us. Aug. 12, Owensboro - Friday After 5K - The Wesleyan Way, 6:30pm. Info: trowe@kwc.edu. Aug. 13, Danville - Dash for Danielle 5K, 8am. Info: dashfordanielle@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Elizabethtown - Freeman Lake Summer Trail Series, 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: will@etownrunningsoles.com. Aug. 13, Greensburg - First and Glow 5K, 7pm. Info: hodges062412@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Lexington - A Midsummer Night’s Run 5K, 8pm; Fastest Kid in Town Race (3-up), 4:30pm; 1 Mile FR, 6:30pm. Info: (859)260-6945, race@bhsi.com. Aug. 13, Louisville - The Great Amazing Race Kentucky, 1.5 Mile w/obstacle stations; 4pm. Info: Great Amazing Race (513)5180528, info@greatamazingrace.com. Aug. 13, Maysville - Project Malaria 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Keri Miller (606)759-7141, keri.miller@kctcs.edu. Aug. 13, Pikeville - Heroes Challenge Obstacle Course, 10am. Info: heroeschallenge_sh@yahoo.com. Aug. 13, Somerset - Pack the Pantry 4-Mile Relay Race, 8am. Info: pfjjr@hotmail.com. Aug. 16, Louisville - IHR Toys for Tots Poker Run, 5K 6:30pm. Info: Donna Younger (502)836-9814, donnalyounger@yahoo.com. Aug. 19, Versailles - Southside Elementary’s Back to School 5K, 6:45pm; 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 6pm. Info: chavi.muniz@woodford.kyschools.us. Aug. 20, Alvaton - Mud Happens, One Bad Mud Run; 8am. Info: (270)781-6714, info@familyenrichmentcenter.com. Aug. 20, Bowling Green - Dash for Dimes 5K, 7:30am. Info: liz82481@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Chavies - Cameron Hoskins 10,000, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Michael Smith (606)407-1760, michael.smith2@perry.kyschools.us. Aug. 20, Lexington - Morning Light 5K for Alzheimer’s, 8:30am. Info: jenbennett07@yahoo.com. Aug. 20, Lexington - The Kentucky Blood Run 5K, 1 Mile FR/ Walk; 6:30pm. Info: (859)276-2534, info@kybloodcenter.org. Aug. 20, London - Beat the Heat 5K, 8am. Info: Rachel Gaynor (606)682-1136, rachel.gaynor@laurel.kyschools.us. Aug. 20, Louisville - Kicking Butt 5K Run, 9am; 5K Walk & 1 Mile Walk, 9:10am. Info: 5K@kickingbutt.org. Aug. 20, Mt. Sterling - Small Town Festival 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (859)274-6350, info@msmcparksandrec.com. Aug. 20, Mt. Vernon - Renfro Valley 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: Kaya Rowe (606)256-7767, kayla.rowe@rhrcc.org. Aug. 20, Pikeville - Colors of Courage 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: (606)218-4509. Aug. 20, Somerset - Let’s Paint The Town Fun Run Color Run, 2 Mile; 6:30pm. Info: farrahbatesrowe@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Wallingford - Hot Hot Hundred 100K Relay/10K Individual Trail Races, 1 Mile Kids Race; 8am. Info: info@nextopportunityevents.com. Aug. 20, Wilmore - Asbury Athletics 5K for Missions, 8am. Info: alex.keyser@asbury.edu. Aug. 27, Georgetown - Finley 5K Run/Walk for SIDS Awareness, 8am. Info: finley5k@yahoo.com. Aug. 27, Hazard - Color Run For A Cause, 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk; 8pm. Info: Brittney Briggs (606)439-6823, bbriggs@arh.org. Aug. 27, Owensboro - Glow in the Park 5K, 8:15pm. Info: rich@triviumracing.com. Aug. 28, Lexington - PhiDE’s Gold Rush 5K, 10am. Info: phide.uky@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Harrodsburg - (un)Pleasant Hill Trail Runs, 5 Mile, 10 Mile, 25K, 50K Ultramarathon; Runners/Hikers 8am; 1 Mile FR, 10am. Info: (859)734-5411, info@shakervillageky.org.

Running Journal • August, 2016 Sept. 5, Bowling Green - Run For Sight 5K, 2 Mile Walk, 8am; 1 Mile Bubble Run, 9am. Info: bgnoonlions@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Jackson - Honey Run/Walk, 4 Mile Run, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: (606)594-1619, bcombs003@kctcs.edu, combsky5@yahoo.com. Sept. 9, Lexington - Lexington Firefighters Run to Remember, 4.03 Mile Run/Walk. Info: lexruntoremember@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Corbin - Lion’s Chase 5K Obstacle Race, 8:30am11am (Waves start every 15 minutes). Info: Jeff Sparks lionschase@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Cynthia - Born to Run 5K, 8am. Info: Chamber of Commerce (859)234-5236, cynchamber@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Frenchburg - Country Autumn 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Ken Catron (859)533-9504. Sept. 10, Henderson - Autumn Classic 5K/10K, 9am. Info: lyndsey.estes.mo4@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Hillview - Active Heroes Hike Bike Run 5K, 9am. Info: haley.warwick@activeheroes.org. Sept. 10, Lawrenceburg - Trooper Eric Chrisman Memorial 5K Walk/Run, 5:30pm. Info: (502)598-9383. Sept. 10, Lexington - CASA Superhero Run, 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1K Kids Run (12-under), 8:30am. Info: (859)246-4313. Sept. 10, Lexington - KHAKY Share Your Spare 5K, 9am. Info: bwmarie@hotmail.com. Sept. 10, Louisville - Louisville pure tap® 5K Run/Walk, 8:45am. Info: mclemons@louisvillesports.org. Sept. 10, Nada - Rugged Red Trail Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Joe Bowen (606)359-3366, joe@rugged.red. Sept. 16, Frankfort - Let’s Play 3K, 4:30pm. Info: amy.crumbaugh@franklin.kyschools.us. Sept. 17, Corbin - Candace’s Courage Race 5K, 6pm. Info: Heather Martinez (606)344-0217, hmartinez0309@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Lexington - Peace Love Run 5K, 9am. Info: workoutanytime5k@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Nicholasville - Rail Runner 10 Miler & 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: info@3wayracing.com. Sept. 17, Owensboro - Owensboro Half Marathon & 4-Person Relay, 7am. Info: Owensboro Parks and Rec. (270)687-8700. Sept. 17, Somerset - The Road Home Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: registration@theroadhomehalfmarathon.org. Sept. 17, Versailles - The Run 4 DC 5K, 8am. Info: (859)8794670, run4dc@woodford.kyschools.us. Sept. 17, Versailles - Woodford County Suicide Awareness 5K Run/Walk for Hope, 10am. Info: (859)753-1967, woodfordcosag@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Frankfort - KY History Half Marathon, 8am; 10K, 8:10am; 5K, 8:20am. Info: Mollie McClure (502)564-1792 (x4469), mollie.mcclure@ky.gov. Sept. 24, Lebanon - FNB Pokey Pig 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (270)692-3177, joannafiliatreau@fnblebanon.com. Sept. 24, Louisville - Bark in the Park & Woof Walk/Run, 5K 8am. Info: events@animalcaresociety.org. Sept. 24, New Castle - Friends for Michael 5K Run/Walk and Wheel, 9am. Info: (502)532-7979, gregwoods@twc.com. Sept. 24, Versailles - Culver’s Custard Classic 5K, 8:30am; Kid’s Dash (3-10yr.), 9:30am. Info: (859)296-0076, dlugosinskij@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Winchester - Run 4 Recovery 5K, 9am. Info: juanita.everman@calvarychristian.net. Oct. 1, Louisville - Norton Sports Health Great Pumpkin 10K, 9am. Info: info@louisvillesports.org. Oct. 14, Somerset - Rogers Scholars 5K GLOW Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Delaney Stephens (606)677-6000, dstephens@centertech.com. Oct. 15, Liberty - Ian Davis Memorial 5K Run/Walk, Kids Dash; 8am. Info: Crystal Davis (606)706-0344, run4ian@yahoo.com. Oct. 16, Midway - Iron Horse Half Marathon, 8am (EST). Info: Chuck Griffis, 317 S. Ashland Ave., Lexington, KY 40502; (859)3351818, info@ironhorsehalfmarathon.com, www.ironhorsehalfmarathon.com. Oct. 21, Louisville - Happy Hour Series: Trick or Treat Run, 3 Mile Adventure 7pm. Info: (502)230-8155, info@derbycityrunclub.com. Oct. 22, Louisville - Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, 8:30am. Info: info@louisvillesports.org. Oct. 30, Stanford - BrickHouse Betweenathon (19.65 Miles), Half Marathon & 10K, 8am. Info: (859)333-8498, runbrickhouse@gmail.com.

LOUISIANA Aug. 3, New Orleans - Summer Series #5, 2 Miles Off Road; 7pm. Info: (504)304-2326, NOTC@runNOTC.org. Aug. 6, Mandeville - Q50 Races Bleau Moon 5 & 10 Miles, 8:45pm; Children’s Race, 200 yds. 8:20pm. Info: Cesar Torres (504)390-8807, info@q50races.com. Aug. 14, New Orleans - NOTC 53rd Anniversary Race, 3 Miles 8:20am; Kids’ 1/2 Mile 8am. Info: (504)304-2326, NOTC@runNOTC.org. Aug. 27, Baton Rouge - Ryan’s Run for Sickle Cell, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 8am/8:15am. Info: Lorri Burgess (225)346-8434, lburgess@brscaf.org. Sept. 24, Lafayette - Fatseaux 5K, 8am. Info: info@fatseaux5k.com. Sept. 24, Luling - Alligator Stomp 5K Run/Walk & 1/2 Mile Kids Run. Info: Chuck George (504)468-1488, chucknorsi@cox.net. Oct. 1, Broussard - 5K Hope Walk/Run, 8am. Info: Staci M Pitre (337)739-5597, staciadams@romanswingsofhope.com. Oct. 1, New Orleans - NOLA Bluedoo Run, 2 Mile Walk/Run; 5pm. Info: (504)304-2326, NOTC@runNOTC.org. Oct. 2, New Orleans - Kelsey Bradley Favrot Memorial 5K Run/ Walk & 1/2 Mile; 8am. Info: Chuck George (504)468-1488, chucknorsi@cox.net. Oct. 7, Harahan - Twilight Run, 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile. Info: Chuck George (504)468-1488, chucknorsi@cox.net. Oct. 8, Baton Rouge - Oral Cancer Run/Walk for Awareness Baton Rouge, 5K 8am. Info: Jessica Smith (225)588-5552, jessica.ocf.la@gmail.com.

Oct. 8, Kenner - Oktoberfest 2 Miler, 5pm. Info: (504)304-2326, NOTC@runNOTC.org. Oct. 8, New Orleans - UNCF 5K Fund Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Chuck George (504)468-1488, chucknorsi@cox.net. Oct. 15, Lafayette - Tour des Atakapas 3 mi., 5 mi., & 7 mi.; 7am. Info: Scott (337)781-9416, info@latrail.org. Oct. 22, New Orleans - Race for the Cure 5K Run/Fitness Walk, 9:30am; Kids Dash (100 yds.), 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Fitness Walk, 8:45am. Info: (504)455-7310, info@komenneworleans.org. Oct. 29, New Orleans - Jazz Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Chuck George (504)468-1488, chucknorsi@cox.net.

Nov. 6, Shreveport - Log Jammer Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; $50/Half, $20/ 5K until 9/16; $55/Half, $25/5K 9/17-10/21; $75/Half, $30/5K 10/22-11/3; $80/Half, $35/ 5K 11/4-5; Prize Money: Overall M/F $250 ea.; 2nd Overall M/F $150 ea.; Overall Masters & Grand Masters M/F $100 ea., 2nd Overall Masters & Grand Masters M/F $50 ea. Info: Matt McVicar (318)798-1241, run.srm@ gmail.com, www.sportspectrumusa.com

MARYLAND Aug. 13, Clarksburg - Blue Crab Bolt 5K/10K Trail Running Series - Race #3. Info: (571)251-6034, info@ex2adventures.com. Aug. 13, Frederick - Frederick Women’s Distance Festival 5K, 8am. Info: Harriet Langlois - info@frederickwdf.com. Aug. 20, Bethesda - DCRRC Cross Country 3+ Miler, 5:40pm; Kids’ Race, 5:30pm. Info: (202)744-5742, wolfewithe@gmail.com; judywolfe@gmail.com. Aug. 28, Annapolis - Annapolis Ten Mile Run, 7am. Info: Annapolis Striders (410)280-2923, a10@annapolisstriders.org. Sept. 3, Ellicott City - Ellicott City Labor Day Running Classic 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: (410)531-7594, knightsofcolumbus10krun@verizon.net. Sept. 4, Greenbelt - Larry Noel Half Marathon, 5pm; 3K, 5:10pm. Info: ben@dcroadrunners.org. Sept. 5, Germantown - MoCo Interfaith 5K Walk/Run, 8:15am; Kid’s Fun Run (2 heats), 8am. Info: (703)517-0728, interfaith5k@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Silver Spring - Be Brave 5K, 8:30am. Info: Danny Talmage (301)379-8553, bebrave5k@cornerstonemontgomery.org. Sept. 10, Silver Spring - Race for Freedom 5K Walk/Run, 9am. Info: (615)275-8274, race@justiceventures.org. Sept. 10, Stevensville - Run 4 Shelter Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 5K Race/Walk, 2 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: (641)715-3900 (ext. 616670#). Sept. 11, Damascus - Damascus Freedom 5K, 9:11am; Kid’s 1/4 Mile FR, 8:50am. Info: damascusfreedom5k@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Kensington - Kensington 8K, 7:45am 2 Mile; 8:30am 8K (wheelchair 8:25am); 8:35am 1K FR. Info: info@kensington8k.org. Sept. 18, Baltimore - Race for Our Kids, 10K 8am; 5K 8:25am. Info: kmeltzer@lifebridgehealth.org. Sept. 18, Carderock - Revenge of the Penguins 20 Miler & 10 Miler, 8am. Info: racedirector@mc-coop.org. Sept. 18, Rockville - The Home Run, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile & Fun Run; 8:30am. Info: Robin Lerner (301)770-8351, lerner@ceslc.org. Sept. 25, Annapolis - Annapolis Run for The Light House Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: (443)569-4209, events@annapolislighthouse.org. Sept. 25, Chester - The Kellie Thompson Shiley 5K Run/Walk, 9am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9:15am. Info: (410)721-9230, kgbellotte@gmail.com. Sept. 25, Potomac - DCRRC National Capital 20 Miler, 7am; 5 Miler, 7:20am. Info: miguel@dcroadrunners.org; races@dcroadrunners.org. Sept. 25, Towson - ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk Baltimore, 10K, 5K & Kids K; 8am. Info: Mercedes support@irunproductions.com. Sept. 25, Westminster - David Herlocker Memorial Bachman Valley Half Marathon, 8am. Info: (443)929-2933, wrrc.web@gmail.com. Oct. 2, Columbia - Discover Downtown Columbia 5K & 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (410)381-8555 (ext. 1), ilana@pixelworkshop.com. Oct. 15, Baltimore - Baltimore Running Festival, Marathon & Team Relay 8am; Half Marathon 9:45am; 5K, 7:30am; FR (12under), 9am. Info: Corrigan Sports (410)605-9381, customerservice@corrigansports.com. Oct. 16, Upper Marlboro - Roller Coaster Race @ Six Flags America, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk; 9:30am. Info: (434)951-8572, hello@rollercoasterrace.com. Oct. 22, Burkittsville - Spook Hill Cider & Wine 4 Mile Run, 8:30am. Info: (703)447-3151, sillybusa@yahoo.com.

MISSISSIPPI Aug. 5, Meridian - Meridian Moonlight Run, Kid’s FR 10pm; 5K 10:15pm; 2 Mile Walk; 10:20pm. Info: Parks & Rec (601)485-1802.

Aug. 6, Greenwood - Bikes, Blues & Bayous, 11, 20, 42 & 62 Miles; 7am; $45 by 8/4, after $50. Info: Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, POB 848, Greenwood, MS 38930; (662)453-4152, info@greenwoodms.com, www.bikesbluesbayous.com Aug. 6, Hazelnut - 5K Back To School, 5K Walk/Run 6:30am; Kids 1 Mile Run, 8am. Info: 5krunwalkback2school@gmail.com.


Aug. 6, Olive Branch - I Got Your Back 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: James Calhoun (662)895-6279, stpaulmbchurch@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, Pass Christian - Summer Beach 5K & 1 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, director@gulfcoastrunningclub.org. Aug. 6, Tishomingo - FCR@Crowsneck Celebration 10K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Brian Credille (662)423-8204, fcr@fcrcrowsneck.org. Aug. 6, Tupelo - Amigos 5K & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8am. Info: Leticia Gassaway (662)610-0960, gassawayi@aol.com. Aug. 13, Vicksburg - Tomahawk Tromp 5K, 8am. Info: Mark Bowen (601)279-4261, tara@tarawildlife.com. Aug. 20, Batesville - A Family Affair 5K Run, 8am. Info: boysandgirls@panola.com. Aug. 20, Diamondhead - Diamondhead 5K & Rotary Walk to Da Feet Hunger, 2 Mile Walk & 1 Mile Run; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, director@gulfcoastrunningclub.org. Aug. 20, Hattiesburg - Oak Grove High School Running Festival, 5K Run 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:15am. Info: robert.burgess@lamarcountyschools.org. Aug. 20, Jackson - NHBC Moman & Harris 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: William Bettis (601)927-8568 or New Hope Baptist Church (601)366-7002. Aug. 27, Granada - BSU-Holmes-Grenada Color Walk/Run, 5K 8:30am. Info: Jeremy Richey (662)415-6620, jeremy@fbcgrenada.org. Aug. 27, Hattiesburg - Hub City Service Dog Days 5K & 2 Mile Walk, 7:30am. Info: Hub City Service Dogs (601)596-4495, hubcityservicedogs@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Meridian - Caustic Adrenaline Challenge, Super 5K With Elite Obstacles; 7am. Info: Caustic Crossfit (601)480-1892, causticcrossfit@yahoo.com. Aug. 27, Pearl - Eastside SON Run 5K, 7am. Info: Ron Harrison (601)942-4644, rwh1963@att.net. Aug. 27, Senatobia - Ernestine Jones Memorial 5K, 7:59am. Info: Alitisia Smith (901)485-0476, thullette@yahoo.com. Aug. 27, Union - Country Day 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Union Chamber of Commerce (601)774-9586; emilyknail@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Ridgeland - Run To The Latin Beat, 5K Run/Walk; 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: jimena@mshispanicassociation.org. Sept. 4, Tupelo - Tupelo Marathon & 13.1 Miler, 5am. Info: tupelorunningclub@yahoo.com. Sept. 5, Ridgeland - Labor of Love Kettle Bell Run, 10K & 5K; 8am. Info: Becky Cade (601)955-9225, sawaofms@gmail.com.

Sept. 17, Greenwood - 300 Oaks Road Race, 10K Run, 5K Run, 5K Walk & 1 Mile Color Run; 8am; $30/10K, $25/5K Run or Walk, $20/1 Mile thru 9/1; $35/10K, $30/5K Run or Walk, $25/1 Mile 9/2-9/15; Pickup & Race Day: $45/10K, $35/5K Run or Walk, $30/1 Mile. Info: Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, POB 848, Greenwood, MS 38935; (662)453-4152, info@greenwoodms.com, www.300oaks.com Sept. 17, Jackson - Friends of the Poor Walk/Run, 7:45am. Info: Carrie Robinson (601)238-0872, lizjohnson@katebww.com. Sept. 17, Ocean Springs - Ainsley’s Angels Bridge Run, 8K & 1/ 2 Mile Run; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, director@gulfcoastrunningclub.org. Sept. 17, Olive Branch - The Linzi Easter Run for Lymphoma 5K, 9am. Info: linzi5k4l@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Walnut Grove - Mississippi Power 5K Run/Walk, 7am; 1/2 Mile Kid’s Swamp Stomp to follow. Info: (601)253-2321, mail@roux.ms. Sept. 24, Iuka - Eagle Run 5K & 1 Mile Color Fun Run/Walk, 8am. Info: 5keaglerun@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Jackson - Wellsfest 5K Run & Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (601)353-0658. Sept. 24, Olive Branch - Go Run - Race for Desoto Grace 5K, 8am. Info: gorun@mylifefellowship.com. Sept. 24, Southaven - Donnas Run For A Remedy 5K, 8am. Info: James Fischer (901)412-9184, jfyrfirst@aol.com. Sept. 24, Tupelo - Blessed Are The Peacemakers 5K, Kids FR/ Walk (10-under); 7:30am. Info: wivesofwarriorsms@yahoo.com. Oct. 1, Corinth - Austin’s Shoes Run With Rotary 5K, 8:30am. Info: Greg Cooley (662)287-1903, gregcfp@bellsouth.net. Oct. 1, Horn Lake - Delta Tech 5K, 8:30am. Info: Robyn Allen (662)280-1443, rallen@deltatechnicalcollege.com. Oct. 1, Lucedale - Pink Pumpkin Patch 5K Fun Run & 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Stephanie Chisholm (601)947-0709, schisholm@georgeregional.com. Oct. 1, Madison - A 5K Run in the Country, 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: (601)856-2593. Oct. 1, Olive Branch - 5K For MTC, 8am. Info: Darin Day (901)497-8673, dmday3000@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Vicksburg - Over The River Run, 5 Mile Run & 5 Mile Walk 8am; 1 Mile FR to follow. Info: (601)631-2997, info@southernculture.org. Oct. 15, Hernando - Noah’s Gift Memorial 5K, 7:55am/Skaters, 8am/Run/Walk. Info: Glenda Gurley (662)449-5002, noahsgift55@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Jackson - Sun King 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Elizabeth Montambault (601)572-6530, lizmontambault@gmail.com. Oct. 22, Olive Branch - Glow, Zombie Glow! 5K Run, 7pm. Info: Randi Carter (901)496-0056, blackbeltran@yahoo.com.

Jan. 7, Jackson - Mississippi Blues Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon & Relay, 7am; Kids Run, 9am; $85/Marathon, $75/Half, $45/Quarter, $190/Relay by 7/31; $95/ Marathon, $85/Half, $50/Quarter, $210/Relay 8/1-10/31. Info: info@msbluesmarathon.com, www.msbluesmarathon.com. See Ad page 9.


Running Journal • August, 2016


Aug. 27, Greensboro - Color Vibe 5K, 8am. Info: support@thecolorvibe.com.

Aug. 6, Buies Creek - Camels on the Run 5K, 9am; Kid’s 1/2 Mile, 10:30am. Info: Megan Kauffman (540)808-3335, mekauffman0115@email.campbell.edu. Aug. 6, Cary - Bella Rose Strides for Babies, 5K, Kid’s Dash; 8am. Info: Aaron Leininger (919)238-2000, aaronleininger@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, Charlotte - Backlight Slide, 500 ft. with neon glow in the dark water running down it; 7pm. Info: service@blacklightslide.com. Aug. 6, Concord - Eagle Scholarship 5K, 8am. Info: crystal.s.blair@bankofamerica.com. Aug. 6, Franklin - 80s Flashback 8K, 5pm. Info: bringingit2life@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Maggie Valley - Richard’s Fun Run 5K for Brain Cancer, 10am. Info: pennyredfern@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Mt. Airy - Downtown Rocks and Runs 5K, 8am. Info: United Fund (336)789-3087, office@unitedfundofsurry.org. Aug. 6, Shelby - 7th Inning Stretch 5K, 8am. Info: (704)6008599. Aug. 7, Wilmington - Summer Sizzler 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: Ed Fore (910)398-5539, edfore7628@bellsouth.net. Aug. 10, Fletcher - 2016 5$5K - Black Jack, 6:30pm. Info: (828)687-2825. Aug. 12-13, Albemarle - Tour de Elvis V 5K & 25-45-65 Mile Cycle Tour, 5K (8/12) 7:30pm; Cycle Tour (8/13) 8am. Info: tthorpe@ci.albemarle.nc.us. Aug. 13, Beaufort - Yo Ho Ho 5K, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Aug. 13, Beech Mountain - BeechMountain.Club 5K Run, 8am; 1.5 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 8:05am. Info: Sandy Carr (828)387-9423, sandyc@beechmtn.club. Aug. 13, Black Mountain - Sourwood 5K, 8:30am; Cheshire Pump & Run, 6:45am. Info: info@sourwood5k.com. Aug. 13, Charlotte - NC Music Factory 5K Rock N Run, 8am. Info: ncrockandrun@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Fayetteville - Hope for the Warriors 5K/Family Fun Run, 8am. Info: runforthem@outlook.com. Aug. 13, Greensboro - Retro Run 5K, 5:30pm. Info: mike@junction311.com. Aug. 13, Ocean Isle Beach - Sunbare Whispers 5K (Clothing Optional-Must be 18+), 10am. Info: (704)880-4561, buttsarunnin@aol.com. Aug. 14, Greensboro - Fire on the Track 5K, 4pm. Info: info@triviumracing.com. Aug. 14, Raleigh - Club Throwdown, 20K, 10K & 5K; Start 99:30am. Info: fitandablecoach@gmail.com. Aug. 19-21, Asheville - ARX - Asheville Running Experience, 8/ 19: The Happening 3-7pm; 8/20: ARX Half Marathon 7am; Funktastic Fun Run 6pm; Asheville Brewing Super Hero 5K 6:30pm; 8/21: Chasing Trail 5 Miles (approx) 9am; The Incredible Asheville Urban Odyssey 10am. Info: info@ashevillerunningexperience.com. Aug. 20, Albemarle - Strong Communities 8K, 7:30am. Info: kassietaylor@stanlyfamilyymca.org. Aug. 20, Cary - Run for Life, Mile 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: Betty Rogosich (919)418-0050, betty@birthchoicewake.org. Aug. 20, Charlotte - OrthoCarolina 10K & 5K Classic, 7:30am. Info: info@orthocarolinaclassic.com. Aug. 20, Charlotte - CRC Cross Country Run, 5K & 2 Mile; 8am. Info: (704)893-3800 (x103), info@s2fcharlotte.com. Aug. 20, Concord - Medical Missions 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Free Children’s 800 Meter FR. Info: bruggeling@ctc.net.

Aug. 27, Hickory - HCA Knights 5K Run, 8am; $20 by 8/19, after $25. Info: Carol Johncock, 3260 6th Street Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601; (828)234-5457, cjohncock@ charter.net, www.hickorychristianacademy. com

Aug. 20, Highlands - Highlands Twilight 5K, 6pm; Start: 483 Pine Street/KelseyHutchinson Park, Highlands, NC; after 7/20 $35, $40 on Race Day. Info: Derek Taylor (828)200-9226, hdcderek@gmail.com, www.highlandstwilight5k.com Aug. 20, Newton - Southern Biscuit 5K, 8:30am; Mile, 8am. Info: Newton Parks & Recreation (828)695-4317, mwinkler@newtonnc.gov. Aug. 20, Oak Ridge - Oak Ridge Ribbon Run, 5K Run/Walk 9am. Info: alexandra.e.pappas@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Raleigh - Read, Write, Run 5K, 8:30am. Info: Berkley Trevino (336)254-8668, berkleytrevino@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Rougemont - R(un) for One 4 Mile Trail Run, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 10am. Info: krystal.brummitt@lifelinechild.org. Aug. 20, Saxapahaw - Trooper Challenge Mud Run 5K w/ obstacles, Jr. Trooper Challenge (ages 5-12); 9am. Info: trooperchallengemudrun@gmail.com. Aug. 21, Cary - The Good Dude 5K, 8am. Info: Kate Donnelly (919)674-8545, kate.donnelly@dudesolutions.com. Aug. 26, Winston-Salem - Moonlight Madness 5K Run, 8pm; Fun Run, 7:30pm. Info: (336)253-3153, contact@onthemarksports.com.

Aug. 27, Boone - High Country Half Marathon, 7:30am; $65 by 8/9, after $75. Info: Mary Sheryl Horine, ASU Box 32102, Boone, NC 28608; (828)262-7557, horinems@app state.edu, www.triplecrown.appstate.edu Aug. 27, Cary - Shot in the Dark Prediction Run 6K, 7:30pm. Info: shotinthedarkrun@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Charlotte - Yiasou Greek Festival 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile Kid’s Run, 8:30am. Info: registration@runforyourlife.com. Aug. 27, Clayton - Flowers Plantation Pre-Labor Day 5K, 9am. Info: coachkurt@flowersplantation.com. Aug. 27, Dunn - Kellie’s Krew 10K & 5K, 8:40am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Aug. 27, Greensboro - Kirkwood 5K, (7:30am-8:30am checkin). Info: Michele Slaine - marketing@backpackbeginnings.org.

Aug. 27, Huntersville - Rock N Run 5K/10K, 8:30am. Info: rocknrun5k10k@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Raleigh - Love Where You Live 5K, 8am; Mile, 9am. Info: Michele Bandy (919)230-6551, mbandy@gracechristian.net. Aug. 27, Spruce Pine - Summer Splash Trail Races, 10K, 5K & 1K; Time: TBA. Info: Matt Hollifield (828)467-1812, matthollifield@mitchellraces.com. Aug. 27, Wilmington - Copperhead 20K Run & Relay, 6pm. Info: tom@iamwithoutlimits.com. Aug. 28, Cary - Miles for Melanoma, 5K Run/Walk; 8:30am. Info: jkitchen@melanoma.org. Aug. 28, Greensboro - Growler Gallop Gibb’s Hundred 10K, 5pm; 5K, 5:10pm. Info: libby@triviumracing.com.

Sept. 3, Blowing Rock - Stick Boy Mayview Madness 5K Run/Walk & Kid’s 1 Mile Fun Run; 8am; $20 by 8/31 $30 on race day. Info: Blue Ridge Conservancy, POB 568, Boone, NC 28607; (828)295-6198, zapfitness@gmail.com, http:// blueridgeconservancy.org/news-events/ annual-events/mayview-madness-run/ Sept. 3, Fairview - Southcliff Black & Blue Classic, 6.8 Mile & 3.1 Mile Trail Run; 9am. Info: greg@gloryhoundevents.com. Sept. 4, Charlotte - Growler Gallop Olde Mecklenburg 5K Run, 5pm. Info: info@triviumracing.com. Sept. 4, Charlotte - Labor Day Trail Race, 15K 9am; 5K 9:20am. Info: racedirector@usnwc.org. Sept. 5, Cary - The Carying Place Labor Day Race for Home, 10K & 5K 8am; FR 8:30am. Info: fitandablecoach@gmail.com.

Sept. 5, Charlotte (Reedy Creek Park/ Shelter #2) - Uplift Rocky River Labor Day 5K & Community Celebration, 10am/Fun Run, 10:15am/5K Runners, 10:20am/5K Walkers; Until August 5: $25/Individual, $20/Teachers, $15/Students, $10/Children (between 5-10), $80/Team of 4; After August 5: $30/Individual, $25/Teachers, $20/Students, $10/Children (between 5-10), $90/Team of 4. Info: Devonya Govan-Hunt (704)207-0640, devonya.hunt@upliftcm.com, https:// upliftcmlaborday5k.eventbrite.com or www.upliftchristianministries.com Sept. 10, Atlantic Beach - Atlantic Beach Chum Run, 5K 7:45am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 10, Chapel Hill - Aging in Stride 5K, 9am. Info: Tanya Makhlouf (336)848-4835, tkmakhlo@email.unc.edu.

Sept. 10-11, Charlotte - Run & Ride at Carowinds - Combine the thrill of the ride with the thrill of the run! 9/10: 5K, 8:30am & 1 Mile FR, 9am; 9/11: Half Marathon & 10K, 7am; Course is completely closed and contained wholly within Carowinds amusement park. Info: https:// adhub.active.com/Vyk6ieZrZx Sept. 10, Charlotte - PurpleStride Charlotte 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Walk, 8:30am. Info: glynch@pancanvolunteer.org. Sept. 10, Charlotte - Sundae Run 5K, 9am; FR, 9:45am. Info: (704)893-3800 (x103), info@s2fcharlotte.com. Sept. 10, Clemmons - Athena’s Run for GYN Cancers 5K, 8:30am. Info: athenasrun@yahoo.com. Sept. 10, Concord - Bubble Run™ Charlotte, NC! 5K, 8am. Info: info@bubblerun.com. Sept. 10, Eden - Kimmie Shea Glow Run 5K, 8pm. Info: taylorlelandslaughter@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Goldsboro - WSE Titan Up 5K, 10am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 10, Holden Beach - Run Holden Beach, Half Marathon, 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Turtle Trot; 7am. Info: info@coastalraceproductions.com. Sept. 10, Kinston - Race of Faith 5K, 1 Mile Run/Walk; 9am. Info: johnwms3328@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Mebane - Mebane On The Move, 10K & 5K 8am; 1 Mile Mad Dash 9:30am. Info: mebaneonthemove@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Mocksville - Josh’s Jog 5K, 9am. Info: joshsjog@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Morganton - Sunrise Run on the Greenway, 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Abby Gentry (828)438-5252, info@morgantonfest.org. Sept. 10, Pineville - Richard Sheltra Memorial 5K, 8am; Loop the Lake 1 Mile Run/Walk, 8:45am. Info: (704)889-0800. Sept. 10, Pittsboro - Chatham Alzheimer’s Walk and 5K Run, 8:30am. Info: prichardson@gallowayridge.com.

www.running.net Sept. 10, Raleigh - North Hills 5K, 8:30am; Kid’s Dash, 8:15am; Mile, 9:30am. Info: Spencer Good (919)787-3740, spencergood@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Sanford - Empire Color Run 5K, 10am. Info: linkouskevin@yahoo.com. Sept. 10, Shelby - Run for Hope 5K, 9am. Info: apeeler@hullsgrove.org. Sept. 10, Troutman - Race for the Kids 5K Road & 10K Trail Race, 8:30am. Info: sbest.bgcp@gmail.com. Sept. 10, West Jefferson - Ash Dash 5K, 8:30am; Fun Run (300m), 8:15am. Info: stephanie.craven@apphealth.com.

Sept. 11, Asheville - WNC Run/Walk for Autism at UNC-Asheville, 5K 1:30pm; 1K Fun Run/Walk 1:40pm; $30. Info: Autism Society of NC, Taylor Seagroves, 505 Oberlin Rd., Ste. 230, Raleigh, NC 27605; (919)7430204 (ext. 1153) tseagroves@autismsocietync.org, www.wncrunwalkforautism.com Sept. 11, Asheville - Asheville Duathlon (R-5K, B-10 mi., R-5K (trails), 10K Trail Race, Gravel Grinder Bike Races (20, 40 or 60 mi.), & Du 4 Kids (run/bike); 8am. Info: idaph events (828)4507514, events@idaph.net. Sept. 11, Asheville - Tunnel to Towers 5K Asheville, 5K 8:46am. Info: jponder@ashevillenc.gov. Sept. 11, Cary - Strike Out for Sarcoma 5K & Family Fun Walk. Info: (919)377-0799, strikeoutforsarcoma@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Research Triangle Park - See Spot Run 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 9:30am. Info: localmobilevet@gmail.com. Sept. 14, Fletcher - 2016 5$5K - Wounded Warrior, 6:30pm. Info: (828)687-2825. Sept. 17, Badin - Run the Valley Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 8am; 5K, 8:05am; FR, 9:30am. Info: uwharrierunningclub@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Camp Lejeune - Marine Corps Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: (910)451-0025, lejgrandprix@usmc-mccs.org. Sept. 17, Cary - Amberly Race for Our Heroes 5K, 9am; FR, 9:45am. Info: fitandablecoach@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Charlotte - Hit The Brixx 10K, 7:45am; 5K, 9am; 1K FR, 9:50am. Info: registration@runforyourlife.com. Sept. 17, Cullowhee - Dye Diabetes: 5K Color Run. Info: nmevans1@catamount.wcu.edu. Sept. 17, Davidson - Run For Green 5K, 10K & Half Marathon; 7:30am, 7:40am. Info: whitney@queencitytiming.com. Sept. 17, Falcon - Falcon 5K, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)9029712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 17, Goldsboro - Piper’s Promise 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 9:45am. Info: Haleigh Wilhide - hwilhide@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Hickory - Do the Unthinkable 5K Run/Walk, 8am; Fun Run, 8:30am. Info: juliet@fleetfeethickory.com. Sept. 17, High Point - Heart & Sole 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Jennifer Lambert (336)878-6292, jennifer.lambert@unchealth.unc.edu. Sept. 17, Lincolnton - Apple Festival 5K, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: info@racingtoes.com. Sept. 17, Smithfield - Run for Recovery 5K, 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 17, Summerfield - Doggettville 12 Hour Relay & Ultra, 7am-7pm. Info: dogg7460@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Wake Forest - The Buddy Run, 3K Family Run 8am; 1 Mile Family Walk 8:05am; 5K Run 8:30am; Itty Bitty Buddy Dash (5-under) 9:15am. Info: Rebecca Warriner (214)564-6654, trirebecca@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Beaufort - Running on Empty 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 7:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 24, Belhaven - Raider Run on the Pungo 5K, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 24, Black Mountain - Race to the Taps #3 at Pisgah Brewing Co., 7 miles; 2pm. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, info@kickitevents.com. Sept. 24, Charlotte - Be The Match Walk+Run Charlotte 2016, 5K Timed Run, 5K Untimed Walk/Run, 9am; 1K Adult Untimed Run/Walk, 1K Youth (17-under), 9:05am; Tot Trot (5-under), 8:45am. Info: Be the Match Foundation (800)507-5427, events@nmdp.org.

Sept. 24, Greensboro - Greensboro Run/ Walk for Autism at UNCG, 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, 9am; $30. Info: Autism Society of NC, Taylor Seagroves, 505 Oberlin Rd., Ste. 230, Raleigh, NC 27605; (919)743-0204 (ext. 1153) tseagroves@autismsociety-nc.org, www.greensbororunwalkforautism.com Sept. 24, Greenville - Run Walk & Roll 5K, 1 Mile, 100 Yard Kids Dash; 8:30am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 24, Morganton - Table Rock Ultras 50K & 30K, 6am. Info: Mark Rostan (828)261-6275, markrostan@valdese.com. Sept. 24, New Bern - Craig Brake Memorial Colors 4 Cancer 5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk, 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Sept. 24, Raleigh - The Patrol Stroll, Mile 8:30am; 5K 9am; Kid’s Dash 10am. Info: Larry McKeithan (919)436-3028, lwmckeithan@ncshp.org. Sept. 25, Boone - Blue Ridge Ascent, 15K Time Trail, 3.7 Mile Run, & Duathlon (B-5.6 mi., R-3.7 mi.); 9am. Info: Scott Nelson (704)450-2022, sconelson@aol.com. Sept. 25, Chapel Hill - Kilometers For The Kids, 5K, 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: Doo Park (610)730-9114, operations@carolinaftk.org. Sept. 25, Leland - Oktoberfest 15K & 5K, 8am. Info: Ed Fore (910)398-5539, edfore7628@bellsouth.net.

Sept. 25, Winterville - On the Run with Riley’s Army 5K, 1 Mile FR/ Walk; 3pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Oct. 1, Cherokee - Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:15am. Info: greg@gloryhoundevents.com. Oct. 1, Cherry Point - Cherry Point Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Berna Crosby (252)466-2208, bernadine.crosby@usmc-mccs.org. Oct. 1, Durham - Durham NC Ostomy 5K, 8am; Kid’s Dash, 9am. Info: laraosewalt@hotmail.com.

Oct. 1, Roan Mountain, TN (Start) to Rhododendron Gardens, Roan Mountain, NC (Finish) - Top of The South, 10 Miles, 7:30am; $75. Info: Ken Sevensky, 2385 Big Flatts Church Rd., Fleetwood, NC 28626; (336)8778888, info@wheresthetop.com, www.wheresthetop.com Oct. 1, Selma - Selma Railroad Run, 5K 8am. Info: Joni HubbleZeneberg (919)975-1411, jzeneberg@selma-nc.com. Oct. 2, Cornelius - Novant Health 15K & 5K, 7:45am. Info: registration@runforyourlife.com. Oct. 5, Fletcher - 2016 5$5K - Skirt Chaser, 6:30pm. Info: (828)687-2825. Oct. 8, Mars Hill - Run the Wolf 5K Race, 9am. Info: Becca Dion (828)689-2653, becca.newbold.dion@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Mooresville - Volition America Half Marathon, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: whitney@queencitytiming.com.

Oct. 8, Raleigh - Triangle Run/Walk for Autism at Halifax Mall, 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run/ Walk, 9am; $30. Info: Autism Society of NC, Taylor Seagroves, 505 Oberlin Rd., Ste. 230, Raleigh, NC 27605; (919)743-0204 (ext. 1153) tseagroves@autismsociety-nc.org, www.trianglerunwalkforautism.com Oct. 8, Raleigh - Race 13.1 Half Marathon, 7am; 10K & 5K, 7:15am. Info: (866)561-5651 (ext. 301), info@race131.com. Oct. 8, Waynesville - Bethel Half Marathon & 5K, 8:30am. Info: iveylj@gmail.com. Oct. 9, Wake Forest - Purr Partners 5K Run Until They All Have a Home, 9:30am; Mile, 9am. Info: Jen Tymula (919)410-9184, purrpartnerseventcoordinator@yahoo.com. Oct. 15, Boiling Springs - Color Dash 5K, 9am. Info: Brian Arnold (704)406-3552, barnold@gardner-webb.edu. Oct. 15, Greensboro - Cannonball Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Junction 311 Endurance Sports (336)793-4311, mike@junction311.com.

Oct. 15, New Bern - Neuse River Bridge Run, Half Marathon 7am, 10K 7:30am, 5K 8:15am; $55/Half, $35/10K & 5K by 9/1; after $65/Half, $45/10K & 5K. Info: Ann Jones, POB 14762; New Bern, NC 28561; (252)617-0798, ann@gameonnc.com, www.bridgerun.org Oct. 16, Durham - Bull City Race Fest, Half Marathon & 5 Mile Run, 7:30am. 1 Mile Run, 7:45am. Info: social@bullcityracefest.com. Oct. 22, Apex - American Tobacco Trail 10 Miler, 8:50amWomen; 9am-Men. Info: Brad Broyles (919)434-7700, att10miler2016@ncroadrunners.org. Oct. 22, Hendersonville - Halloween Race, 5 Mile & 1 Mile, 6:30pm (Note Date Change). Info: idaph events (828)450-7514, events@idaph.net. Oct. 22, Buies Creek - Walter S. Barge Memorial Homecoming 5K, 9am. Info: Glenn Jonas (910)893-1678, jonas@campbell.edu. Oct. 22, Fayetteville - Race 13.1 Half Marathon, 7am; 10K & 5K, 7:15am. Info: (866)561-5651 (ext. 301), info@race131.com. Oct. 22, Hickory - Mt. Olive Lutheran 5K Walk/Run, 8:30am; 1 Mile Children’s FR, 9:15am. Info: Mickey Barnett (828)324-6198, sportsref12@yahoo.com. Oct. 22, Stony Point - Run with the Cows 5K, 10K, 2 Mile FR; 9am. Info: Tim (704)872-2561, watsontr@newsterlingarp.org. Oct. 29, Asheville - Race to the Taps #4 at New Belgium Brewing, 4 or 8 miles; 11am. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, info@kickitevents.com. Oct. 29, Conover - Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun 5K Trail Run, 5:15pm; Kids Monster Dash, 4:45pm. Info: Robin Potawsky (828)3202718, running4vets@gmail.com, www.racingtoes.com/2016-events/ .Oct. 29, Greensboro - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, mike@junction311.com. Oct. 29, Morganton - Peak to Creek Marathon, 8am. Info: David & Rhonda Lee (828)432-6664, david@finishlinepros.com.

Nov. 5, Lenoir - Meleah Mikeal Half Marathon, 9am; $35 by 7/31, $40 8/1-9/30; $45 10/1-11/4; $50 on Race Day. Info: Zack Carter, 1031 Jim Barger Ct., Lenoir, NC 28645; (828)467-0810, zcarter@ci.lenoir.nc.us, www.cityoflenoir.com Nov. 12, Salisbury - Rowan Hospice Share the Care, 7:30am Registration; 9am 5K Walk/ Run; 10am 1/2 Mile Fun Run; $25 by 11/8, after $30. Info: Edwina Ritchie, 1229 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, NC 28144; (704)603-3900, edwina.ritchie@hospicecarecenter.org


SOUTH CAROLINA Aug. 6, Columbia - Hot Summer’s Night 5K, 7pm; 1/4 & 1/2 Mile Youth FR, 6:30pm. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, gstrictlyrunnin@sc.rr.com. Aug. 6, Greenville - Julie Valentine Center Run2Overcome 10K, 5K & Children’s Fun Run Dash; 7:30am. Info: Robin Longino (864)331-0560. Aug. 6, Greer - Tiger Trails 2 Mile Run, 8am. Info: Kevin Henson (864)354-3410. Aug. 13, Columbia - Able Club of SC Race to Press Box 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Amanda Holland racetothepressbox@yahoo.com. Aug. 13, Columbia - 811 Run, 5K Run/Walk, 8:11am. Info: Charleigh Elebash (803)451-7718, charleigh.elebash@sc811.com. Aug. 13, Pickens - XTERRA Table Rock Trail Run, 15K & 5K; 7:30am. Info: (404)421-3231, victoria@marathonmajic.com. Aug. 13, Spartanburg - RRCA National XC Champs - aka Ready for Fall 5K, 8am. Info: Mike Foley (864)982-2686. Aug. 18, Daniel Island - Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K Series, 6:30pm. Info: (843)580-6362, info@dihappyhour5k.com. Aug. 20, Aiken - Officers Down 5K & Community Day, Kids FR 9:30am; 5K Run/Walk 10am. Info: tj@officersdown5k.com.

Aug. 20, Camden - Springdale 5K at Sunrise, 8am; $30 by 7/31, after $35. Info: Erin Roof, POB 692, Blythewood, SC 29016; Erin Roof (803)665-6140, erin@eggplant events.com, www.springdale5K.com Aug. 20, Elloree - Back to School Bash 5K, 6pm. Info: Aline Tucker (803)378-2452, alinetucker@windstream.net. Aug. 20, Greenville - Edouard Michelin Memorial 5K, 7:30am. Info: Chuck Baker (864)458-4374, chuck.baker@us.michelin.com. Aug. 20, Lexington - Jailbreak Escape: Urban Challenge Run, 5K 8am. Info: Jesse Laintz (803)223-4423, jlaintz@lcsd.sc.gov.

Aug. 26, Anderson - The Peoples Bank Midnight Flight 10K, 5K, 1 mile. Info: (864)716-6809, www.andersonareaymca. org, www.active.com. See Ad page 16. Aug. 27, Awendaw - Francis Marion Dirt Dash 12K & 13.1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: Chad Haffa (843)478-1779, eagle.endurance@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Columbia - Palmetto Warrior Spirit 5K, 9am. Info: Mac Stiles (803)237-7582, mac.stiles@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Summerville - Race For The ARK, 5K Run/Walk 7:45am; 1 Mile FR 8:45am. Info: Megan Severn (843)832-2357, info@thearkofsc.org. Aug. 27, Travelers Rest - Swamp Rabbit Brewery Beer BBQ 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Mike Foley (864)982-2686.

Aug. 27, York - Summerfest 10K & 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9:15am; $25/10K, $20/5K before 8/27; $30/10K, $25/5K on Race Day; Fun Run/Free. Info: Greater York Chamber of Commerce, POB 97, York, SC 29745; Paul Boger (803)684-2590, info@greateryorkchamber.com, www.yorksummerfest.com Sept. 3, Bethera - Raccoon Pond Rush 10 Mile Trail Run & Relays, 9am. Info: Chad Haffa (843)478-1779, eagle.endurance@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Columbia - Labor Day 5 Mile Run/Walk & Team Relay (2-person), 7:30am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786, gstrictlyrunnin@sc.rr.com. Sept. 10, Charleston - Turtle Trek 5K, 5pm. Info: Stephanie Gabosch (843)579-8540, sgabosch@scaquarium.org. Sept. 10, Columbia - Coaches Classic XC 5K, 8am. Info: David Lee (843)762-2754, david_lee@charleston.k12.sc.us. Sept. 11, Cayce - Run For Our Troops 5K, 6pm. Info: Mac Stiles (803)237-7582, mac.stiles@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Chaplin - Lake Murray Invitational XC 5K, 8am. Info: Jack LeGrand (803)665-6140, manbehindthemustache@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Columbia - God Cares Charities 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (803)799-3535, projects@wordofgodcm.org. Sept. 17, Irmo - St. Andrews Rotary Club Dam Run To Irmo 10K Run & 6K Dam Walk, 7:30am. Info: Joshua Baynard (803)9845164, joshuabaynard@yahoo.com. Sept. 17, Johns Island - Barrier Island 5K Run/Hike, 9am. Info: Chuck Magera (843)364-2171. Sept. 17, Lake Wylie - C2 Survival Race, 3+ Mile Obstacle Trail Run, Youth 1 Mile Obstacle Fun Run; 7am. Info: c2survivalrace@ymcacharlotte.org. Sept. 24, Branchville - Howl at the Moon 5K Run/Walk. Info: patra@wmetts.com. Sept. 24, Columbia - WIL To Run, 5K Fun Run/Walk, 10am. Info: uscwomeninlaw@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Easley - Run For Missions 5K, 8am. Info: Monica Masters (864)430-6519. Sept. 24, Mullins - Mullins Lions Run For Sight, 5K 8am. Info: Dr. Franklin Mason (843)464-8324, fgmddsrun@bellsouth.net. Sept. 24, Spartanburg - Hub City Color Run 5K, 9am. Info: Kevin Brabham (864)594-4430. Oct. 1, Greer - Benson OctoberFAST 5K, 8:30am. Info: Hannah Rainwater (864)877-1937, hrainwater@gcminc.org. Oct. 1, Isle of Palms - Isle of Palms Connector Run, 5K & 10K; 8am. Info: Norma Jean Page (843)886-8294, njpage@iop.net. Oct. 1, Johns Island - Low Country Invitation XC Varsity Boys,

Running Journal • August, 2016 5K 9am. Info: David Lee (843)762-2754, david_lee@charleston.k12.sc.us. Oct. 1, Simpsonville - Laurens Hope Foundation 5K, 1/4 Mile Kid’s Fun Run, Pump and Run; 8am. Info: (864)228-1168, info@laurenshope.org. Oct. 8, Charleston - Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon & 5K, 8:30am. Info: Tyler Cross (843)762-4386, tcross@ccprc.com. Oct. 8, Georgetown - Historic Georgetown SC Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon, 12K & 5K Run/Walk; 7:30am. Info: Daniel Newquist (843)436-6131, gtownbridge2bridgerun@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Orangeburg - St. Peter A.M.E. Church Breast Cancer Health Awareness 5K Run & 2K Walk, 8am. Info: Zareatha Harley (803)465-0514, zareatha@yahoo.com.

Oct. 22-23, Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, Half Marathon 7am on 10/23 (course features the best of Myrtle Beach with over 5 miles of Oceanfront Running!); Coastal 5K 7:30am & Doggie Dash, 9am on 10/22. Save 10% with Code RJMINI2016 (Valid FOR Half Marathon Only). Info: Continental Event & Sport Management info@runmyrtlebeach.com, www.runmyrtlebeach.com. See Ad page 11. Nov. 12, Summerville - Summerville Sweet Tea Half Marathon, 7am; July-Aug.: $85; Sept.Nov. 1: $95. Info: Kelly Hazel, 200 Downing Dr., Summerville, SC 29485; (843)822-2461, kellynhazel@gmail.com, www.sweetteahalf.com March 4, Myrtle Beach - 20th Anniversary Myrtle Beach Marathon, Dasani Half Marathon & ABC15 Marathon Team Relay, 6:30am; Bojangles’ 5K, 7pm & Ripley’s Family FR, 5:30pm on Friday, 3/3. Info: (843)293RACE (7223), mbmarathon@yahoo.com, www.mbmarathon.com. See Ad page 2.

TENNESSEE Aug. 4, Johnson City - 2016 SFTC 5000m Track Championship, 8:30pm (time may change). Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335, bobtownsend@comcast.net. Aug. 5, Bristol - Holston River Endurance Challenge, 100 Mile, 24 Hour, 36 Hour events, 8pm; 6 Hour & 12 Hour events, 8pm or 8am. Info: netta73@hotmail.com. Aug. 5, Cookeville - After Dark Race for the Park 8K, 8:08pm; 1 Mile Kids Run, 7:30pm. Info: rwilliams@jsconstruction.com. Aug. 5, Unicoi - Hope Glo 2 Mile Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: Renea Jones (423)388-8889, renea696@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Bristol - The Pinnacle 5K, 8:30am; Kid’s FR, 8am. Info: Heather Hill - heather@johnsoncommercialdev.com. Aug. 6, Chattanooga - Missionary Ridge Road Race, 4.7 Mile Run, 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: mrdirector@chattanoogatrackclub.org. Aug. 6, Greeneville - United Way 5K & Let DYE Color Run, 10:30am. Info: Wendy Peay (423)639-9361, uwgreene@embarqmail.com. Aug. 6, Jonesborough - Pioneer Pride 5K Glow Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: jenningsm@wcde.org. Aug. 6, Knoxville - Hotter N Hell 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Jessica Brooks (865)558-4046, jessicad.brooks@cancer.org. Aug. 6, Morristown - Trojan Trek 5K Trail Run, 8am. Info: Jamia Hensley (423)307-0596, jamia.hensley@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Murfreesboro - Renewed Life 5K, 7am. Info: (615)4238749, run@rlmo.org. Aug. 6, Nashville - East Nashville Tomato 5K, 7:30am; Kids FR, 7am. Info: Callie Blackburn (615)228-5525, cblackburn@ymcamidtn.org. Aug. 6, Piney Flats - Piney Days 5K Run/Walk, Run 8am; Walk 8:30am. Info: Poplar Ridge Christian Church (423)538-6057. Aug. 6, Pigeon Forge - Pigeon Forge Midnight 8K Road Race, 11:59pm. Info: kimert@comcast.net. Aug. 6, Smyrna - Smyrna Parks & Recreation 5K Challenge, 7:30am; The Monty Mile & Family Fun Run to follow. Info: Marty Smith (615)459-9742 (x2622) or Kyle Mooney (615)459-9742 (x2615), marty.smith@townofsmyrna.org. Aug. 7, Cookeville - Blister in the Sun Marathon, 8am. Info: Josh Hite (931)265-3969, jhite@tntech.edu. Aug. 7, Memphis - E.J. Goldsmith Jr. Memorial Road Race Series, 5 Miler 7am. Info: April Flanigan (901)291-9423, aflanigan@memphisrunners.com. Aug. 9, Kingsport - Duck Island Summer Mile: Kids & Adults, 6:30pm Kids Mile; 7pm Adult Mile. Info: Bob Townsend (423)5257335, bobtownsend@comcast.net. Aug. 12, Johnson City - The Unity Race, 5K Run/Walk; 7:30pm. Info: Charnita Hammonds (423)773-3475, charnitahammonds@yahoo.com. Aug. 13, Chattanooga - Still Hollow Trail Race, 10K & Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: info@wildtrails.org. Aug. 13, Evensville - Rhea County Fair 5K, 7am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: rheacountyfair@yahoo.com. Aug. 13, Germantown - Madonna Learning Center 4 Miler, 8am. Info: Daniel Shaffer (901)274-2202, daniel@s2fevents.com. Aug. 13, Knoxville - Asa’s EB Awareness 5K Race, 9am. Info: Whitney Solomon (865)773-3306, wd1104@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Knoxville - KTC Youth Summer Greenway Series, 1/2 Mile; 8am. Info: munarodriguez@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Maryville - Scholars Run, 5K Run 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk,

8:45am. Info: Parks & Rec. (865)983-9244, kellyforster@parksrec.com. Aug. 13, Memphis - Elvis Presley 5K Run, 8am. Info: kburrow@livitupinc.org. Aug. 13, Oak Ridge - Haw Ridge Trail Race, 6-7 Miles; 5:30pm; Kids Trail Run, 5pm. Info: Laura Gearhiser (865)318-0108, lauragearhiser@hotmail.com. Aug. 16, Memphis - 2016 Pub Runs, 3 Mile Run & Brews; 6pm. Info: (901)761-0078, lovetorun@fleetfeetmemphis.com. Aug. 18, Bristol - The Bojangles Night Race 5K, 8:30pm. Info: Matthew Studholme (276)591-9242, sheddingcat@comcast.net. Aug. 19, Memphis - Celebrity Sunset 5K, 7pm. Info: Rosemary Hicks (901)435-1535, rosemary_hicks@loc.edu. Aug. 20, Chattanooga - Fast Break 5K, 8am. Info: (423)4006897, director@sceniccitymultisport.com. Aug. 20, Chattanooga - Affordable Botox Superhero Race, 10K 8am; 5K 8:20am; FR 9:15am. Info: superherord@chattanoogatrackclub.org. Aug. 20, Greeneville - Greene County YMCA 5K Run, 8am. Info: Debbie Overacker/YMCA (423)639-6107, Bob Townsend (423)5257335. Aug. 20, Harriman - Boys and Girls Clubs of Roane County 5K Race, 8am. Info: Tabatha Burke (865)617-5541, burketaba@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Hermitage - Wild “Thang” 9 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Diana Bibeau (615)347-5822, diana.bibeau@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Hixon - Scenic City Mud Run 5K w/Obstacles, 7:30am. Info: jay@sceniccitymultisport.com. Aug. 20, Johnson City - Run For The Hill 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: Gretchen Tongco (423)943-5017, wgtongco@comcast.net. Aug. 20, Johnson City - Nurses Strong: Walk, Jog Run 5K; 8am. Info: Carter Manning Wade (423)439-4076, wadecm@etsu.edu. Aug. 20, Knoxville - Butterfly Fund of East Tennessee 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Walk, 9:10am. Info: james.harrill@claytonhomes.com. Aug. 20, Knoxville - KTC Youth Summer Greenway Series, 1/2 Mile; 8am. Info: munarodriguez@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Maryville - Rebel Run, 10K 8am; 5K 8:10am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk 8:15am. Info: mcsf@maryville-schools.org. Aug. 20, Memphis - Dogwood Dash 5K, 8am; Kids 400 Meter Dash, 9am. Info: (901)274-2202, s2finfo@s2fevents.com. Aug. 20, Munford - Celebrate Munford 5K Run, Walk & Roll, 8am. Info: DJ Watson (901)484-7113, djroaddawg@yahoo.com. Aug. 20, Nashville - Nashville Urban Runoff 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: TDEC (615)741-9031, nashvilleurbanrunoff@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Nashville - Bubble Run™ Nashville! 5K, 8am/1st heat. Info: info@bubblerun.com. Aug. 20, Pikeville - Fall Creek Falls 5K & 10K Runs, 8am. Info: kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Aug. 21, Jonesborough - Little Ironman: Mud Run 3pm; 5K & 1 Mile Fun Walk 5pm. Info: littleironman@philfoundation.org. Aug. 21, Memphis - E.J. Goldsmith Jr. Memorial Road Race Series, 5 Miler 7am. Info: April Flanigan (901)291-9423, aflanigan@memphisrunners.com. Aug. 26, Blountville - Northeast State Honors 3 Mile Glow Run, 8:30pm. Info: jbhoneycutt@northeaststate.edu. Aug. 27, Burns - Read and Run 5K, 7pm. Info: Angela (931)6221843, reddenangela@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Church Hill - Church Hill Free Medical Clinic Flamingo Run 5K, 9am. Info: mjmontgomery@charter.net. Aug. 27, Cleveland - Junior Achievement of the Ocoee Region’s 5K Race & 1K Fun Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (423)614-8777, melissa.gunnell@ja.org. Aug. 27, Erwin - Nolichucky Triple Threat - White Water Raft + Obstacle Course + 5K Run; 4pm. Info: amanda@unicoicounty.org. Aug. 27, Gatlinburg - Reach Out 5K Color Run, 9am. Info: Amanda Perryman (865)661-0685, balikids@outlook.com. Aug. 27, Johnson City - Fit4Life 5K Glow Run, 8pm. Info: karenhubbs1@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Knoxville - The Man Run, 5K, 10K & 1/2 Mile; 8am. Info: (865)305-8583, cancerinstitute@utmck.edu. Aug. 27, Knoxville - KTC Youth Summer Greenway Series, 3/4 Mile; 8am. Info: munarodriguez@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Memphis - Forrest Spence 5K, 1 Mile FR, 100 yard dash; 8am. Info: Bridgette Flack (901)490-1264, btflack@bellsouth.net. Aug. 28, Kingsport - Mud, Sweat and Cheers Mud Runs, 5K Mud Run 4pm; Mini Mud Run for Kids 3pm. Info: Brett Trinkle (276)8066007, boonebrigade@gmail.com. Aug. 28, Knoxville - Forget Me Not 5K for Alzheimer’s, 2pm. Info: Angela Wampler (865)740-0381, angelawampler@charter.net. Aug. 28, Memphis - Breakaway Bardog 5K, 9am. Info: s2finfo@s2fevents.com. Sept. 2, Eastman - Eastman Youth Runs, 6pm. Info: Robin Hartley (423)224-7538 (w), rhartley@eastman.com. Sept. 3, Chattanooga - 5K for FCA, Kiddy 1K (5yrs.-under); Jr. Marathon (6-11 yrs.). Info: office@chattanoogafca.org. Sept. 3, Kingsport - Eastman Road Race, 10K 8am; 2 Mile Run 9:30am; 2 Mile Walk 10:15am. Info: Eastman Employee Center (423)229-3771. Sept. 3, Knoxville - Hal Canfield Memorial Milefest, 8am. Info: angienoye@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Knoxville - KTC Youth Summer Greenway Series, 1 Mile; 8:40am. Info: munarodriguez@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Murfreesboro - RUN FOR HIM Bruce Gilley, 10K 7am; 5K 7:20am. Info: wayneburns@comcast.net. Sept. 3, Pigeon Forge - The Comedy Barn Kickin’ Chicken 5K Run & Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Comedy Barn Theater (865)428-5222, cfcummins@bellsouth.net. Sept. 3, Strawberry Plains - Run 4 the Arts 5K, 8:30am. Info: run4thearts@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Bristol - Summer’s End 5K Back to School Mile, 2 Mile Walk 7:50am; 5K Run 8am; Youth Mile Run 8:05am. Info: Eric Reecher (423)956-1957, eric.reecher@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Franklin - Franklin Classic, 10K Run, 7am; 5K Run/ Walk, 8:30am; 1K Kids Fun Run, 10am. Info: Mercy Community Healthcare (615)790-0567, info@mercytn.org.


Sept. 5, Jellico - The Miner’s Mile, 10K, 5K, 2 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: Matt Rafalski (423)784-5771, minersmile10k5k@gmail.com. Sept. 5, Union City - Labor Day Race for St. Jude, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: sbethjk@yahoo.com. Sept. 10, Baileyton - Baileyton Celebration 5K Road Race, 6pm. Info: Ms. Diane McAmis (423)234-7702 (h), (423)823-1583 (c). Sept. 10, Jefferson City - FUMC 5K at 5, 5pm; Kids FR, 4pm. Info: brooki1@charter.net. Sept. 10, Kimball - Jasper Highlands 5K/10K, 8am; Kiddie K, 8:02am. Info: jasper5k@chattanoogatrackclub.org. Sept. 10, Knoxville - The Dream Connection 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Walk; 8am. Info: mpalmerc@comcast.net. Sept. 10, Lebanon - Sherry’s Run, 5K Run/Walk; 8am. Info: sherrysrun@gmail.com.

Sept. 10, Leiper’s Fork - Heroes in Recovery 6K - Leiper’s Fork, 8am; $30 until 8/1, $35 until 9/9, $40 on Race Day; Location: Leiper’s Fork, 4141 Old Hillsboro Rd., Leiper’s Fork, TN. Contact: Sarah Shearer, Race Dir., 5409 Maryland Way, Ste 320, Brentwood, TN 37027; (615)812-9144, sarah.shearer@frnmail.com, http:// heroesinrecovery.com/heroes6k/leipersfork-tn/ Sept. 10, Maryville - Team Faith 5K, 9am. Info: robin@goteamfaith.com. Sept. 10, Nashvlle - Gift of Life Walk & 5K, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Laura Nightingale (615)383-3887, laura.n@tennesseekidneyfoundation.org. Sept. 10, Somerville - Cotton Pickin’ 5K & 1K 2016 Cotton Candy Fun Run, 8:15am. Info: Pam Ros (901)465-3802 (x223), info@fayettecares.org. Sept. 10, Townsend - Great Smoky Mountain Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Salem Stanley (949)295-3302, salem@vacationraces.com. Sept. 11, Townsend - Townsend 15K, 8am. Info: Pam Haggard (865)207-6122, pamhaggard@ymail.com; knoxtrackevents@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Memphis - E.J. Goldsmith Jr. Memorial Road Race Series, 10K 7am. Info: April Flanigan (901)291-9423, aflanigan@memphisrunners.com. Sept. 13, Memphis - 2016 Pub Runs, 3 Mile Run & Brews; 6pm. Info: (901)761-0078, lovetorun@fleetfeetmemphis.com. Sept. 16, Memphis - Cooper-Young 4 Miler, 7pm. Info: S2F Event Mgmt. (901)274-2202, s2finfo@s2fevents.com. Sept. 17, Bristol - Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 5K Run, 8am; 2 Mile Walk, 8:05am. Info: Matthew Studholme (276)4929242, sheddingcat@comcast.net. Sept. 17, Cordova - Sensory World Memphis Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run, 8am. Info: sensoryworldmemphis@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Knoxville - Marine Mud Run, 5K 8am. Info: marinemudrun@comcast.net. Sept. 17, Memphis - Fight On: Cycle, Run, Walk, 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Tribute Walk, Cycle: 18, 33, 62 Miles; 7am. Info: westfestdirector@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Memphis - Book It 5K, 9am; 200 Meter Dash, 10am. Info: Julie Fike (901)767-6987, juliefike@holycommunion.org. Sept. 17, Murfreesboro - Rutherford Romp 5K Run/Walk, Kids FR; 9am. Info: shannon@shannonwheeler.com. Sept. 18, Kingsport - Reedy Creek Adventure Race, 5K w/ obstacles; 6pm. Info: Kay Vanover (423)765-3123, cleekfarm@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Kingsport - St. Jude 5K Run/Walk to End Childhood Cancer, 8:30am. Info: rebecca.tamer@stjude.org. Sept. 24, Kingsport - Bays Mountain Trail Race, 15 Miles 8am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4812 (w), markskelton@markskelton.com. Sept. 24, Oneida - Big South Fork 17.5 Mile and 10K Trail Races, 8:30am. Info: Bobby Glenn (865)548-7664, bgruns@icloud.com. Sept. 24, Pigeon Forge - Tiger on the Prowl 5K & Fun Run, 8am. Info: Sheena Cole (865)210-9450, tigersontheprowl5k@gmail.com. Sept. 25, Johnson City - Bluegrass Half Marathon & Relay, 7:30am. Info: Karen Hubbs (423)946-0519, bluegrasshalfmarathon@gmail.com. Oct. 1, Alcoa - Saving Little Hearts 5K & Family Fun Walk, 10am. Info: savhrts@gmail.com. Oct. 1-2, Chattanooga - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, 8am; 11 Mile, 7:50am. Info: brian@rockcreek.com. Oct. 1, Corryton - Corryton 8 Mile & 2 Mile Race, 8am. Inifo: Joyce Harrell (865)705-7684, corryton8miler@yahoo.com. Oct. 1, Kingston - Moonlight for Sight 5K & Challenge Walk, 9pm/runners, 8:30pm/walkers. Info: Cathy Willis (865)243-5139, c.willis1@comcast.net. Oct. 1, Memphis - Lausanne 5K Run, 9am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Paige Holmes (901)474-1008, pholmes@lausanneschool.com.

Oct. 1, Roan Mountain, TN (Start) to Rhododendron Gardens, Roan Mountain, NC (Finish) - Top of The South, 10 Miles, 7:30am; $75. Info: Ken Sevensky, 2385 Big Flatts Church Rd., Fleetwood, NC 28626; (336)877-8888, info@wheresthetop.com, www.wheresthetop.com Oct. 1, Unicoi - Pinnacle Trail Challenge and Family Fun Hike, 5+ Miles; 8:30am. Info: Jeff Linville (423)220-9821, red_984@hotmail.com.


Running Journal • August, 2016


www.running.net Oct. 1, Winchester - Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Frances Samples - stpc.marathon@outlook.com. Oct. 2, Nashville - Greenway Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am/cst. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, tomasdepaulis@att.net.

Oct. 8, Erwin - Unicoi County Apple Festival Road Race, 4 Mile Run & 3K Walk; 9am; $20/4 Mile Run, $15/3K Walk by 10/6; after $25/4 Mile Run, $20/3K Walk. Info: Unicoi County Family YMCA, 601 Love St., Erwin, TN 37650; (423)7433361, ebarbaau@aol.com, www.werunevents.com/ Oct. 8, Oak Ridge - Rock & Root 30K Trail Race, 9am. Info: Brad Spears (865)8044902, info@peakmountainsports.com. Oct. 9, Kingsport - Duck Island Fall Mile: Kids & Adults, 2:30pm Kids Mile; 3pm Adults Mile. Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335, bobtownsend@comcast.net. Oct. 9, Knoxville - Pilot CrossKnox 15K, 8am. Info: tmrebert@rebertruns.com, lindsayaparks@yahoo.com. Oct. 11, Memphis - 2016 Pub Runs, 3 Mile Run & Brews; 6pm. Info: (901)761-0078, lovetorun@fleetfeetmemphis.com. Oct. 15, Clarksville - Go Commando Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K Run, 8am. Info: gocommandohalfmarathon@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Cookeville - The Upper Cumberland Haunted Half Marathon, 7am. Info: runhauntedhalf@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Greenback - Lakeshore Trail Trek 16 Mile or 6 Mile, 8am. Info: Kathy Smith (865)806-5999, momexample@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Morristown - Dirt Circuit 12 & 24 Hour Trail Runs, Solo & Relay; 8am. Info: Ryan Roma (865)356-6984, ryan@dirtybirdevents.com. Oct. 15, Nashville - RollerGirl Derby Dash 5K, 8am. Info: nashville.rollergirls@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Piney Flats - 10 Miler/3K Overmountain Victory Run(s), 10 Miler 9am; 3K 8:30am. Info: Don Davis (423)854-0152, donfdavis@aol.com. Oct. 16, Chattanooga - 7 Bridges Marathon & Relays, 7am; 4-Bridges Half Marathon, 7:30am. 5K, 7:45am; Family FR, 10am. Info: jay@sceniccitymultisport.com. Oct. 22, Alcoa - World Orphans Run, 5K 9am. Info: Amie Martin (865)556-0738, amie@worldorphans.org. Oct. 22, Crossville - Jonah’s Joy 5K Race & 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9am. Info: Denise Weaver (931)456-8600, jonahsjoy@gmail.com. Oct. 22, Louisville - Gov Run 5K, 8am. Info: jenniferboling75@gmail.com. Oct. 22, Nashville - Rock and Road Relay Marathon, 8am. Info: Katherine Williams (615)657-6671, kat@s2fnashville.com. Oct. 23, Alcoa - Foothills Half Donor Dash, Half Marathon 5K Run/Walk & Kids Mile FR; 9am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-6318, martin@racedayevents.net. Oct. 29, Collegedale - Southern Shuffle Moonlight 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8pm. Info: Bob Benge (423)236-2855, rcbenge@southern.edu. Oct. 29, Crossville - Crossville Rotary Club Halloween 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Steve Douglas (931)200-2741, sdouglas13@charter.net. Oct. 29, Farragut - Tennessee Sports Medicine Farragut 13.1, 5K & Kids Mile; 7am. Info: Ray Wilson (865)789-1594, farragut13.1@gmail.com. Oct. 29, Kingsport - The Haunted Half Marathon & 4-Person Relay, 3pm. Info: Hank Brown (423)963-1046, hank@werunevents.com. Oct. 29, Nashville - Race 13.1 Half Marathon, 7:30am; 10K, 7:40am; 5K, 7:50am. Info: (866)561-5651 (ext. 301), info@race131.com. Oct. 30, Knoxville - Hops and Hope Octoberfest 5K, 4pm. Info: allanedwardmorgan@gmail.com. Oct. 30, Knoxville - VMC 5K Race, 2pm. Info: lhutton@vmcinc.org. Nov. 12, Thompson’s Station - Hills and Hollers Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am; Little Holler Run (Sprint for Kids 7-under), 7:45am. Mitch McKee (615)417-7190, mitchmckee@hotmail.com.


h o ka o n e o n e. c o m

Aug. 2, Newport News - Tom Ray Memorial Predict Your Time 5 Miler, PTC Summer Fun Run Series; 6:30pm. Info: Christine Schaffner (757)898-3258, weatherwizard1@juno.com. Aug. 2, Springfield - DCRRC Steve Thompson 8K, 6:30pm. Info: ianclem@yahoo.com. Aug. 6, Appalachia - Appalachia Railroad Days 5K Road Race, 8:15am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk, 8am; 3 Mile Power Walk, 8:20am. Info: Randy Blair (276)565-0406. Aug. 6, King George - 3 H Trail Half Marathon, 8am. Info: (540)310-4803, vic@farc.org. Aug. 6, Williamsburg - Mad Dash 5K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Jen Berberich (757)253-1947, jberberich@thewisc.com. Aug. 7, Dale City - Dale City Volunteer Fire Department’s “Station Run” Half Marathon & 8K, 7am. Info: mmoran@dcvfd.org. Aug. 9, Williamsburg - Lake Matoaka 4.3 Mile Trail Challenge, PTC Summer Fun Run Series; 6:30pm. Info: Susan Hagel (757)587-0699. Aug. 12, Lebanon - Get Physical 5K Run & Relay, 7:30pm; 1.5 Mile Walk, 6:30pm; Kid’s Run, 7pm. Info: rweatherly26@comcast.net. Aug. 13, Abingdon - Ryan Dixon Memorial - Creeper Challenge 5K Run, Walk & Bike Ride, 5K 8am. Info: dzpowers@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Hampton - Transitions 5K, 8:30am. Info: Heidi Olson (757)722-2261, holson@transitionsfvs.org. Aug. 13, Henrico - CFMD Race ‘N’ Roll 5K, 9am; 1 Mile Kids FR, 8:30am. Info: Stephanie Colorado (804)426-6522, info.cfmd5k@gmail.com. Aug. 13, Lynchburg - Lynchburg Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: Riverside Runners (434)846-7449, info@riversiderunners.com. Aug. 13, Salem - Health Focus of Southwest Virginia 42nd Annual Salem Distance Run, 5K & 10K; 8am. Info: Cindy Hannah (540)444-2925 (x202), channah@healthfocusswva.org, www.healthfocusswva.org. Aug. 13, Williamsburg - CDR SuperHero 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 8am. Info: Betsy Edwards (757)566-3300, betsye@cdr.org, www.5k.cdr.org. Aug. 14, Chesapeake - Dismal Swamp 10 Miler. Info: lionrun@aol.com. Aug. 14, Hartwood - Hartwood 10 Miler, 7:15am. Info: matt@mattboyd.org. Aug. 14, Madison - Grapes of Rad Trail Run, 5K & 10K 10am; Mountain Bike (1.5hr., 2 hr. & 2.5 hr.) 12:30pm. Info: info@rev3adventure.com. Aug. 16, Fairfax Station - DCRRC Paul Thurston 4.5 Miler, 6:30pm. Info: paul@dcroadrunners.org. Aug. 16, Newport News - Swamp Bridge 5K, PTC Summer Fun Run Series; 6:30pm. Info: Bruce Davis (757)989-0072, weatherwizard1@juno.com. Aug. 20, Newport News - Smart Smiles 5K, 8:30am. Info: Emily Roman (757)2237204, eroman@bagclub.com. Aug. 20, Quantico - Quantico Tri and the Quantico 12K, Tri: S-750m, B-20K, R-5K; 7am. Info: (800)RUN-USMC, (703)784-2225, msm.info@usmc.mil. Aug. 21, Leesburg - Leesburg 20K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Aug. 23, Arlington - NOVA Running Club 5K, 6:30pm. Info: (410)212-2146, erincmasterson@gmail.com.

Aug. 25, Arlington - Roosevelt Run 5K, 7pm. Info: James Scarborough (703)5367764, jbs1958@comcast.net. Aug. 27, Abingdon - Paint-It-Purple 5K/Walk on Creeper Trail, 9am. Info: Jacqui Pile (276)623-5279, bodyworks.tri@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Ashland - Patrick Henry Half Marathon, 7am. Info: info@sportsbackers.org. Aug. 27, Big Stone Gap - Big Scouts of America Physically Strong 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: brian.falin@scouting.org. Aug. 27, Croaker - York River State Park 5K. Info: Jan Brown (757)564-0001, jan@spiritworksfoundation.org. Aug. 27, Lynchburg - The Kennedy Mile, 1 Mile Track Meet; 5pm. Info: Kevin Shroyer (434)665-8046, yankreb1863@aol.com. Aug. 27, Newport News - Share HEART in Africa’s Race for Hope, 10K 8:30am; 1 Mile & 1/2 Mile FR/Walk 8:45am; 5K 9:30am. Info: (757)358-7648, info@shareheartinafrica.org. Aug. 27, Orange - Orange Downtown Alliance One Mile Kids Fun Run, 8am. Info: director@theoda.org. Aug. 27, Roanoke - Roanoke River 8K, 8:30am. Info: Jeremy Woods (540)5893212, runroanoke@gmail.com. Aug. 28, Reston - South Lakes 10K, 7:30am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Sept. 3, Christiansburg - New Blue Open XC 5K, 8am. Info: Brian Porter (540)3927550, brianporter@mcps.org. Sept. 3, Damascus - Iron Mountain Trail Run, 50 Miler 7am; 30 Miler 7:30am; 16 Miler 8am. Info: kkirkt@yahoo.com. Sept. 3, Duffield - Duffield Daze 5K, 7am. Info: Jacob Horton (276)219-5493 (before 9pm). Sept. 3, Saltville - Salt Trail 5K, 8am. Info: amcondon@gmail.com. Sept. 3-4, Virginia Beach - Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon & 5K on 9/ 4; 1 Mile on 9/3, 8:30am. Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510 or (800)311-1255, www.runrocknroll.com. Sept. 5, Fairfax - Great American 5K, 8am; 1K FR, 8:05am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Sept. 10, Alexandria - Alexandria 9/11 Heroes Run/Walk, 5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Walk/Run; 9am. Info: alexandria@911heroesrun.org. Sept. 10, Charlottesville - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: rivannagreenbeltmarathon@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Clifton - Hemlock Half Marathon & 10K, 8am. Info: info@ex2adventures.com. Sept. 10, Farmville - High Bridge Half Marathon, 7:30am; 5K, 8am. Info: (434)3923060, manager@farmvilledowntown.com. Sept. 10, Hampton - Bay Days 10K, 7am; Gallop FR, 9:30am. Info: Race Team (757)880-8843, raceteam@flatoutevents.com. Sept. 10, McLean - Food for Others Tysons 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: sara.singmaster@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Millboro - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Miles, 7am; Marathon, 8:30am; Half Marathon, 10am; 6 Miler, 11:30am. Info: Ronny Angell (540)444-4422, hq@oarevents.com. Sept. 11, Mount Vernon - George Washington Patriot Run, 5K 8am; 10K 8:10am; Children’s FR (11-under) 9:45am. Info: (703)780-2000, info@mountvernon.org. Sept. 17, Bluemont - Bluemont Fair 10K, 8am. Info: (540)554-8643, rick.gleason@loudoun.gov. Sept. 17, Dulles - Dulles Day 5K/10K On The Runway, 5K 7:30am; 10K 7:40am Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Sept. 17, Newport News - Mulberry Island Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jake Richmond (757)878-1483, jacob.c.richmond2.naf@mail.mil; Sports Office (757)878-0013. Sept. 17, Reston - Susco 8K Run & 2K Walk, 8:30am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Sept. 17, Salem - 21st Marine Mud Run, 5K w/obstacles, 9:15am; Pollywog Jog, 10:30am; Team Race, 11:30am. Info: Kathy Shepherd (540)556-7811, mclrvd426@yahoo.com. Sept. 18, Aldie - Willowsford Tenderfoot Adventure Race, 5-15 Miles; 9am. Info: info@rev3adventure.com. Sept. 18, Leesburg - Mighty Mile Just for Kids, 1 Mile (6-14 yr.), 1/2 Mile (4-5 yrs.); 8am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Sept. 24, Abingdon - Thin Mint Sprint 5K, 10am; 1 Mile Kids Run, 9:30am. Info: zans011@yahoo.com. Sept. 24, Hampton - HRPHF 5K, 9am. Info: Kofi Merritt (757)846-0893, rysingsun@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Herndon - NWFCU Neon Night Glow Run & 1 Mile, 6:45pm. Info: info@rev3adventure.com. Sept. 23-24, Leesburg - Divas® Half Marathon & 5K in DC’s Wine Country, 9/23: 5K 6:15pm; 9/24: Half Marathon 7:30am. Info: info@runlikeadiva.com, www.runlikeadiva.com.

Sept. 24, Lynchburg - The Genworth Virginia 10 Miler, 4 Miler; 8am; $50/10 Miler, $35/4 Miler by 8/1; after 8/1 $65/ 10 Miler, $45/4 Miler. Info: Jeff Fedorko, POB 982, Lynchburg, VA 24505; racedirector@virginia10miler.com, https://www.virginiatenmiler.com Sept. 24, Manassas - Michael Pennefather Memorial 5K, 8:30am; Color Fun Run, 8am. Info: (703)393-2892, therlyon@verizon.net. Sept. 24, Norfolk - Heart of Ghent 10K, 8am; Kid’s Fun Run, 9:30am. Info: (757)373-4174, team@mettleevents.com. Sept. 24, Spotsylvania - Baron “Deuce” P. Braswell II 5K Run/Walk Against Teen Violence, 8:30am; Youth 1 Mile (14-under), 8am. Info: Office (540)373-9292; (540)8342440, gsbraswell@verizon.net. Sept. 25, Bristow - Novant Health UVA Health System Prince William Half Marathon, 7am. Info: info@princewilliamhalf.com. Sept. 25, Reston - Perfect 10, 10 Miles & 10K; 8am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Oct. 1-2, Hampton - Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon, 8am (on 10/2); 5K, 8am & Kids 1K, 9:30am (on 10/1). Info: J&A Racing (757)412-1056, info@crawlincrabhalf.com. Oct. 1, Hiltons - Crooked River Half Marathon, 3pm. Info: Mark Skelton (423)2724812 (w), markskelton@markskelton.com. Oct. 1, Newport News - Hilton 5K Can-Can, 9am. Info: hilton5krun@gmail.com. Oct. 1, Norton - High Knob Hellbender 10K, 10am. Info: highknobhellbender@gmail.com.

Oct. 1, Winchester - Winchester Green Circle 5K, 8:30am; Kids Mile, 9:15am; $20/5K, $12/Kids Mile by 9/30, $25/5K, $15/Kids Mile on Race Day. Info: Edward Schrank, 285 Huntersbridge Rd., Winchester, VA 22602; (540)6642027, eschrank@su.edu, https://runsignup.com/Race/VA/ Winchester/GreenCircle5k


Running Journal • August, 2016

Oct. 1, Reston - “We’ve Got Your Back” 5K Race, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9:30am. Info: race@spinerf.org. Oct. 1, Williamsburg - Crapolfest 5K. Info: Al Albert (757)2213438, afalbe@wm.edu. Oct. 2, Alexandria (Old Town) - Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon & 6K, 7am. Info: Steve Nearman (703)587-4321, steve@wilsonbridgehalf.com. Oct. 2, Abingdon - Run Fur Their Lives 5K/10K Run & Strut Your Mutt Walk, 2pm. Info: Amanda Carrico (423)967-4892, happytailsofwashcova@yahoo.com. Oct. 2, Arlington - Kinhaven 5K, 9am; Toddler Dash, 9:45am; Kids’ 1K FR, 10am. Info: (703)525-4636, dasha_hermosilla@yahoo.com. Oct. 2, Fairfax Station - Run With WIFLE Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: (703)862-8376, wiflehalfmarathon@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Centreville - Glory Days Grill Cross Country 5K, 8:30am. Info: terri@potomacriverrunning.com. Oct. 8, Front Royal - Festival of Leaves 5K, 8am. Info: (540)6351773, karsten@fol5k.com. Oct. 8, Smithfield - Smithfield Hog Jog 5K, 9am. Info: smithfieldhogjograce@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Spotsylvania - Stonewall Jackson 20-Mile Ambulance Run, 7:15am. Info: Spotsylvania Parks & Recreation (540)5077540, lleach@spotsylvania.va.us. Oct. 8, Williamsburg - World Class Freedom Run, 8K Run/Walk & 5K Run/Walk 9am; 1 Mile FR 8:30am. Info: katbaby1024@gmail.com. Oct. 9, Blacksburg - Hokie Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: runaboutsports@gmail.com. Oct. 9, Charlottesville - Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon, 7am; 10K, 7:30am. Info: (434)218-0402, francesca@badtothebone.biz. Oct. 9, Front Royal - Shenandoah Leaf Peeper Half & 10K, 7:30am. Info: info@rev3adventure.com. Oct. 15, Lorton - O.U.R. Race to Stop Traffick, 5K & 1 Mile; 9am. Info: Nichole Fox (801)618-6034, ourracetostoptraffick@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Salem - LewisGale Salem Half Marathon & 8K, 8am; Kids Mile, 9:15am. Info: (540)375-3057, nwooden@salemva.gov. Oct. 16, Fairfax Station - DMV Run For The Warriors 5K & 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: (910)381-8272, rherron@hopeforthewarriors.org. Oct. 16, Reston - Fall Backyard Burn 5 & 10 Mile Trail Running Series-Race #1, 9am. Info: info@ex2adventures.com. Oct. 22, Browntown - Greasy-Gooney 10K, 9am. Info: (540)6351773, karsten@gg10k.com. Oct. 22, Newport News - ECPI 8K, 8:30am. Info: Jacqueline Williams (757)838-9191, jacwilliams@ecpi.edu. Oct. 23, Great Falls - Fall Backyard Burn 5 & 10 Mile Trail Running Series-Race #2, 9am. Info: info@ex2adventures.com. Oct. 29, Poquoson - Poquoson Seafood Festival 5K, 8:30am. Info: Judy McCormick (757)719-5055, judy.mccormic1@gmail.com. Oct. 30, Charlottesville - Danger! Zombies! Run! 5K, 8:30am. Info: (434)218-0402, francesca@badtothebone.biz.

8am. Info: daniel.jarvis@chhi.org. Sept. 3, Moundsville - Emotions in Motion 5K Trail Run/Walk for Mental Health, 9am. Info: Linda Lurie Mars (952)946-7998, lmars@save.org. Sept. 10, Spencer - Charlie’s Challenge Trail Run, 50K 7:30am; 25K 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: spencertrails@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Helvetia - Helvetia 10K Mountain Run & 2 Mile Walk, 9am; Kids Run, 8:45am. Info: irunwv@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Buffalo - Gritt’s Fun Farm Run, 5 Mile; 10am. Info: dantoddruns@gmail.com.


\Aug. 4, Johnson City, TN - 2016 SFTC 5000m Track Championship, 8:30pm (time may change). Info: Bob Townsend (423)525-7335, bobtownsend@comcast.net. Aug. 27, Lynchburg, VA - The Kennedy Mile, 1 Mile Track Meet; 5pm. Info: Kevin Shroyer (434)665-8046, yankreb1863@aol.com.

Sept. 3, Washington, DC - “Don’t Touch Me!”™ 5K Fun Run/ Walk, 8am. Info: mishondy@theflynetwork.org. Sept. 10, Washington, DC - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, 9am/competitive start; 8am/ optional non-competitive start. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)9274833, racedirector@att.net. Sept. 17, Washington, DC - Race to Beat Cancer 5K, 8am. Info: info@racetobeatcancer5k.com. Sept. 18, Washington, DC - Navy Air Force Half Marathon, 7:05am/Wheelchair & Wounded Warrior, 7:10am/Half Marathon; Navy 5 Miler, 7:50am/Wheelchair & Wounded Warrior, 7:55am/5 Miler. Info: (202)767-8148, navyairforcehalfmarathon@gmail.com. Sept. 18, Washington, DC - CureFest For Childhood Cancer, Walk (approx. 3 miles) 12pm. Info: info@curefestdc.org. Sept. 25, Washington, DC - Rock the Creek Relay, 30 Miles (relay teams of 6); 7am. Info: (301)520-9511, bob@americanodysseyrelay.com. Oct. 1, Washington, DC - Washington Region to Rally for Children’s Health at Race for Every Child, 5K & Kids Dash; 7am. Info: Ashley Husich (301)565-8500, ahusich@childrensnational.org. Oct. 2, Washington, DC - The Navy Mile on Pennsylvania Avenue, 8am. Info: nationalcapitalnavyleague@gmail.com. Oct. 9, Washington, DC - Army Ten-Miler, 8am/1st wave (Wheelchair & Wounded Warrior, 7:50am). Info (202)685-3361, usarmy.mcnair.mdw.mbx.armytenmiler@mail.mil. Oct. 15, Washington, DC - Fall in Love 10K & 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: kvertigan@gmail.com. Oct. 30, Washington, DC - Marine Corps Marathon, 8am; 10K, 7:55am. Info: (800)786-8762, mcm.info@usmc.mil.

WEST VIRGINIA Aug. 6, Arthurdale - Roosevelt 5K Run/Walk, 9:30am. Info: rooseveltrun@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Harrisville - Ritchie Regional Health Center 5K Health Run/Walk, 8am; Kids FR to follow. Info: Cookie Law rcpcalaw@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Ravenwood - Ravenswood Ohio River Festival 5K Run, Fun Walk & Kids Races; 8am. Info: Tessa Kennedy (304)273-0008, tessa@honorresourcescompany.com. Aug. 12, Morgantown - Rush Run 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: rushrun5k@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Parkersburg - Parkersburg News & Sentinel Half Marathon, 8am; 2 Mile Race, 8:10am; 8/21: Junior Races & Tiny Tot Trot. Info: Abby Smith (304)485-1891 (x459), halfmarathon@newsandsentinel.com. Aug. 27, Chester - Coach Dick Bryan Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: coachdickbryanmemorial5k@gmail.com. Sept. 3, Charleston - Charleston Distance Run 15-Miler, Relay, 5K Races & 5K Walk; 7:30am. Info: charlestondistancerun@yahoo.com. Sept. 3, Huntington - Mountain Games 15K & 5K Trail Race,

Sept. 17-18, Morgantown - Morgantown Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 9/17: Mountain Mama 8K 8am; 9/18: Marathon & Half Marathon 7am; Marathon: 6/1-7/31 $95; 8/1 $105; Half Marathon: 6/1-7/31 $70; 8/1 $80; 8K: by 7/31 $35, 8/1 $45. Info: (304)8260311, rd@morgantownmarathon.com, www.morgantownmarathon.com Sept. 24, Keyser - Barnum Rail Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: events@altisendurance.com. Sept. 24, New Cumberland - OGHS PE River Fest 5K Run, Walk & Stroller; 9am. Info: tenochs@k12.wv.us. Sept. 24, Ravenswood - Charity Challenge 5K Race & 1.8 Mile Fun Walk; 9am. Info: lmfowler@operamail.com. Sept. 24, Wardensville - The Arthur Halterman Memorial Run, 5K/10K Run Walk; 9am. Info: Robin Kane (304)874-4073, robinkane@msn.com, www.wardensville10k5k.com. Oct. 1, East Lynn - Escape from Brush Creek 10K at East Lynn Lake, 1 Mile Fun Hike. Info: lacydavidson@me.com. Oct. 1, Shepherdstown - Freedom’s Run Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 8:05am; 5K, 8:30am; 10K, 8:40am. Info: mark@freedomsrun.org. Oct. 7-9, Circleville - West Virginia Trilogy - 3 Day Stage Run, 10/7: 50K 7am; 10/8: 50 Mile 6am; 10/9: Half Marathon 9am. Info: Dan Lehmann (304)924-5835, irunwv@gmail.com. Oct. 15, Clarksburg - FBI Jerry Dove Memorial 5K, 9am. Info: holly.henry@ic.fbi.gov. Oct. 15, Morgantown - Chestnut Mountain Cross Country Open 5K, 9am. Info: kinseyreed@aol.com. Oct. 22, Charleston - Fly Like an Eagle 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, 9am. Info: Lisa Long (304)541-5178, flylikeaneagle5k@yahoo.com. Oct. 29, Huntington - The Brady Steps 5K, 9am. Info: ricky@aptiming.com. Oct. 29, Morgantown - Larry “LJ” Haines Memorial Mohigan 5K & Fun Run, 10am. Info: blawrenc@k12.wv.us.

TRACK & FIELD MULTI-SPORTS (Included in the Multi-sports calendar are single swimming and cycling events). Aug. 3, Winfield, WV - WVMTR Splash n Dash Triathlon, Run/ Eat/Swim 6pm. Info: matt@wvruncoach.com. Aug. 4, Asheville, NC - Lung Buster Time Trial Series 20K or 40K, 6:15pm. Info: idaph events (828)450-7514, events@idaph.net. Aug. 6, Woodville, AL - Summer Sizzler Century Bike Ride, 7am. Info: Elizabeth Howell (256)653-0537, lhowell@fsc-hsv.org. Aug. 6, Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Triathlon Olympic & Sprint - Series #3, Sprint: S-0.25 mi., B-16 mi., R-3 mi.; Olympic: S1.5K, B-40K, R-10K; 7:30am/1st wave. Info: info@drcsports.com. Aug. 6, Jupiter, FL - Loggerhead Triathlon, S-3/8 mi., B-13 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: saawpb13@gmail.com. Aug. 6, Skidaway Island, GA - Skidaway Island Sprint Triathlon at Landings Club, S-250m, B-18K, R-5K Info: crisp@goraceproductions.com. Aug. 6, Waycross, GA - OTCC Miles for Smiles Tour de Swamp Bike Rides, 15.5 mi., 31 mi., 62 mi., & 100 mi.; 8am. Info: okefenokeetcc@gmail.com.

Aug. 6, Greenwood, MS - Bikes, Blues & Bayous, 11, 20, 42 & 62 Miles; 7am; $45 by 8/ 4, after $50. Info: Greenwood-Leflore County Chamber of Commerce, POB 848, Greenwood, MS 38930; (662)453-4152, info@greenwoodms.com, www.bikesbluesbayous.com Aug. 6-7, Charlotte, NC - Amphibious Duathlon, R-5K, Paddle2K, R-5K; 8am on both 8/6 & 8/7. Info: racedirector@usnwc.org. Aug. 6, Alcoa, TN - Springbrook Sprint Triathlon, S-200 yds., B9 mi., R-3 mi.; 8am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-6318, martin@racedayevents.net. Aug. 7, Benton, LA - River Cities Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B-18.2 mi., R-5K; 8am. Info: run.srm@gmail.com. Aug. 7, Boone, NC - Boone Gran Fondo, Cycle 100 Mile, 55 mi., 20 mi.; 8am. Info: info@granfondochampionship.com. Aug. 7, Canton, NC - Lake Logan International Triathlon, S1500m, B-37.5 mi., R-10K; 7am. Info: ncts@setupevents.com. Aug. 7, Reston, VA - Reston Kids Triathlon, 50-200m swim, 1.14 mi. bike, .6-1.4 mile run; 8am. Info: (703)435-6501, lbutler@reston.org. Aug. 12-14, Eureka Springs, AR - Eurekan Triathlon (8/12), 2pm; 20/100/58 Mile Bike Tour (8/13), 6:30am; 5K Run (8/14), 7:30am; 1 Mile FR/Walk (8/14), 7:32am; 10K Run (8/14), 7:45am.

Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, bruce@misterguy.com. Aug. 12-13, Albemarle, NC - Tour de Elvis V 5K & 25-45-65 Mile Cycle Tour, 5K (8/12) 7:30pm; Cycle Tour (8/13) 8am. Info: tthorpe@ci.albemarle.nc.us. Aug. 13, Huntsville, AL - Huntsville Sprint Triathlon, S-400m, B7 mi., R-3 mi.; 7:30am. Info: bigdogand4@bellsouth.net. Aug. 13, Clermont, FL - Central Florida Triathlon Series Event #3, Sprint: S-440yd., B-11 mi., R-5K; Super Fun Sprint: S-200yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; Duathlon: R-1 mi., B-11 mi., R-5K; 7:15am. Info: info@sommersports.com. Aug. 13, Columbus, GA - Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon & Duathlon, 7:30am. Info: info@tricolumbusga.com. Aug. 13, High Point, NC - High Point Triathlon, S-500m, B-12.4 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 8:30am. Info: info@triviumracing.com. Aug. 13, West Jefferson, NC - Blue Ridge Brutal, 57, 75 & 100 Mile Bike Options; 8am. Info: (336)846-2787. Aug. 13, Manassas Park, VA - Kids Triathlon 2016, 50m/100m Swim, 1.5/3 mi. Bike, .5/1 Mile Run; 8:30am. Info: (703)335-8872, k.collier@manassasparkva.gov. Aug. 14, Osprey, FL - Dirty Triathlon 2, Off Road; 8:30am. Info: rouillard64@msn.com. Aug. 14, Fletcher, NC - LPC Retro Triathlon, S-200 yd., B-17.5 mi., R-5K 8am; Kids Splash N’ Dash, 10:30am. Info: idaph events (828)450-7514, events@idaph.net. Aug. 14, Raleigh, NC - Rex Wellness Sprint Triathon - Wakefield, S-250 yd., B-10 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: info@fsseries.com. Aug. 14, Charleston, SC - Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series, S600 yd., B-12 mi., R-5K; 7:15am. Info: Tyler Cross (843)762-4386, tcross@ccprc.com. Aug. 14, Madison, VA - Grapes of Rad Trail Run, 5K & 10K 10am; Mountain Bike (1.5hr., 2 hr. & 2.5 hr.) 12:30pm. Info: info@rev3adventure.com. Aug. 20, Huntsville, AL - Kids Fly Tri, 8am. Info: kidsflytri@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Waycross, GA - Heels and Wheels for Megan’s House Triathlon & Duathlon Challenge, Tri: S-1/4 mi., B-13 mi., 3 mi.; Du: R-2 mi., B-13 mi., R-3 mi.; 7:30am/1st wave. Info: (352)637-2475, info@drcsports.com. Aug. 20, Columbus, MS - Possum Town Triathon, S-600 yd., B17 mi., R-3.3 mi.; 7am. Info: Brad Atkins (662)574-5539, bradandmelissa@cableone.net. Aug. 20, Ridgeland, MS - TBC’s Belgian Bike Beer Burger Bonanza Blowout, 30, 60 or 100 Miles; 7am. Info: Michael Bartley (601)856-0049, michael@thebikecrossing.com. Aug. 20, Cherry Point, NC - Cherry Point Sprint Triathlon/Relay, S-400m, B-10 mi., R-3 mi.; 7am. Info: Berna Crosby (252)4662208, bernadine.crosby@usmc-mccs.org. Aug. 20, Morrisville, NC - Babymoon Cafe Pasta Ride for MS, 100K 8am; 32 Mile 8:30am. Info: babymoonpastaride@gmail.com. Aug. 20, Wilson, NC - Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon, 8am (4 different distances). Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, james@runtheeast.com. Aug. 20, Johnson City, TN - Dive, Ride and Stride Kid’s Triathlon, 8am; Ages 6-8, 9-10 & 11-12. Info: Kelly Finney (423)4345749, kfinney@johnsoncitytn.org. Aug. 20, Kingston, TN - Storm the Fort Triathlon, Sprint: S-600 yds., B-17 mi., R-4 mi.; Half: S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-6318, martin@racedayevents.net. Aug. 20, Quantico, VA - Quantico Tri and the Quantico 12K, Tri: S-750m, B-20K, R-5K; 7am. Info: (800)RUN-USMC, (703)7842225, msm.info@usmc.mil. Aug. 20, Roanoke, WV - Stonewall Jackson Triathlon, S1000m, B-26 mi., R-4 mi.; 8am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, benji@jonesracingcompany.com. Aug. 20, Summersville, WV - Active SWV Family Triathlon, 2.2 mi. run, 5 mi. bike, 1 Mile Paddle; 8am. Info: Active SWV (304)2548488, info@activeswv.com. Aug. 21, Boca Raton, FL - Mermaid Mile Swim, 1 Mile 7am. Info: info@runforfundsflorida.com. Aug. 21, Bowling Green, KY - Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon, S-400m, B-23K, R-5K; 8am. Info: J R Hansbrough (270)791-9437, bg.sprint.triathlon@gmail.com. Aug. 21, Winston-Salem, NC - Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon Tour, S-225yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: info@ramblinroseevents.com. Aug. 21, Pikeville, TN - Tri Fall Creek Olympic & Calfkiller Sprint Triathlons, Olympic: S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K; Sprint: S-500m, B22K, R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)988-3906, kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Aug. 27, Sardis, MS - Dragon Fly Sprint Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B18 mi., R-3 mi.; 8am. Info: pamrunsraces@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Wiggins, MS - Cultivation Nation Sprint Tri, S-600 yd., B-17 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Amanda Hudson (254)768-1428, lisamccombs80@hotmail.com. Aug. 27, Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Youth Triathon Series #3, Ages 5 to 15 (5 different age categories); 8am. Info: E3 Endurance (336)543-8771, coachmatt@e3ehp.com. Aug. 27, Pembroke, NC - Tri-Warriors Youth Triathlon, Ages 615; 8:10am. Info: mdecinti1970@gmail.com. Aug. 27, Washington, NC - Washington Olympic & Sprint Triathlon, 8am. Info: info@fsseries.com. Aug. 27, Erwin, TN - Nolichucky Triple Threat - Water Raft + Obstacle Course + 5K Run; 4pm. Info: amanda@unicoicounty.org. Aug. 28, Huntsville, AL - Rocketman Triathlon, S-1.5K, B-40K, R-10K; 7am. Info: rocketman.tri@gmail.com. Aug. 28, Camp Blanding, FL - Hammerhead Olympic & Sprint Triathlon, Sprint: S-750m, B-20K, R-5K; Olympic: S-1.5K, B-40K, R-10K; Aquabike: S-1.5K, B-40K; 7:30am. Info: info@drcsports.com. Aug. 28, Burlington, NC - YOUth CAN Tri, Ages 5-15 (4 different categories); 8:30am. Info: info@epicracegroup.com. Aug. 28, Chapel Hill, NC - Tar Heel Youth Triathlon Race #2, 610yrs.: S-100 yd., B-2 mi., R-1K; 11-15yrs.: S-200 yd., B-4 mi., R2K; 8am. Info: joanna@kidstrinc.org. Aug. 28, Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Ride to Remember, 50+ Miles; 28 Mile; 8:30am. Info: mikebarto@comcast.net. Aug. 28, Spotsylvania, VA - Fawn Lake Triathlon, S-750m, B-12 mi., R-5K, 8am; Youth Sprint (6 to 14 yrs.), 10am. Info: robertstumpf34@gmail.com.


Sept. 3, Versailles, KY - Falling Springs Kidz Triathlon, 5-8 yr. 8:30am; 9-14 yr. 9:45am. Info: Rainey Johns (859)873-5948. Sept. 3, Charlotte, NC - The Dry Tri, Paddle-2K, B-15K, R-5K; 8am. Info: (704)391-3900, info@usnwc.org. Sept. 3, Greensboro, NC - Ridgewood Try a Tri for Hospice, S200m, B-10 mi., R-2 mi. Info: karen@coachbuxton.com. Sept. 3, Knoxville, TN - Barley’s Cycling Classic, 31/50/62 Mile Road Ride Options; 8am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-6318, martin@racedayevents.net. Sept. 3, Loudoun, TN - Redskin Romp Sprint Triathlon, S150 yds., B-10 mi., R-4K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)9883906, kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Sept. 4, Cary, NC - Plunge Pedal & Plod Triathlon, 8:30am. Info: fitandable@nc.rr.com. Sept. 5, Kingsport, TN - Warrior’s Path Triathlon by Barbarito’s, Sprint: S-400m, B-10 mi., R-5K; Olympic: S-1500m, B-25 mi., R10K. Info: janinepleasant@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Scottsboro, AL - Frantic Frog Triathlon, S-400m, B24K, R-5K; 8am. Info: jblove@scottsboro.org. Sept. 10, Russellville - RussVegas Tri, S-500 yd., B-18 mi., R5K; 1pm. Info: (479)970-4394, chris@russvegashalf.com. Sept. 10-11, Evans, GA - Hot Dam Olympic & Sprint Triathlon, Olympic (9/10): S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K, 7am; Sprint (9/11): S750m, B-16K, R-5K, 7am. Info: crisp@goraceproductions.com. Sept. 10, Lake Park, GA - TCT7 - The Clock is Ticking 7 Mile Distance Swim, 7 Miles, 3.5 Miles or 1 Mile; 8am. Info: jamesrosenbaum@att.net. Sept. 10, Long Beach, MS - Yak-A-Du, R-2 mi., Kayak-2 mi., R2 mi.; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, director@gulfcoastrunningclub.org. Sept. 10, Lexington, SC - Dam Swim for Drew on Lake Murray, 2 Mile Open Water Swim; 9am. Info: Karen Campbell (803)3605038, damswimfordrew@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Williamsburg, VA - Patriots Half & International Triathlon, Half: S-1.2 mi., B-58 mi., R-13.1 mi., 7am; International: S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K, 7:30am. Info: (757)570-9934, races@vtsmts.com. Sept. 11, Lexington, KY - Susan Bradley-Cox Tri for Sight Triathlon/Duathlon, Tri: S-400m, B-12.6 mi., R-3 mi.; Du: R-2 mi., B12.6 mi., R-3 mi.; Aqua Bike: S-400m, B-12.6 mi.; 7:45am. Info: triexpress@windstream.net. Sept. 11, Asheville, NC - Asheville Duathlon (R-5K, B-10 mi., R5K (trails), 10K Trail Race, Gravel Grinder Bike Races (20, 40 or 60 mi.), & Du 4 Kids (run/bike); 8am. Info: idaph events (828)450-7514, events@idaph.net. Sept. 11, Clayton, NC - Flowers Plantation Triathlon & Relay, S300 yd., B-16 mi., R-5K; 8am. Info: coachkurt@flowersplantation.com. Sept. 11, Powell, TN - Tennova Sprint Triathlon, S-150 yds., B10 mi., R-4K; 7:30am. Info: kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Sept. 11, Reston, VA - Reston Triathlon, S-1.5K, B-40K, R-10K; 7am. Info: Bunny Bonnes (703)380-1911, triinfo@restontriathlon.org. Sept. 11, Williamsburg, VA - Patriots Sprint Triathlon, S-750m, B-20K, R-5K; 7:30am. Info: (757)570-9934, races@vtsmts.com. Sept. 11, Neola, WV - Appalachian Du/Triathlon, Tri: S-740m, B-13.5 mi., R-5K; Du: R-1 mi., B-13.5 mi., R-5K; 9am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, benji@jonesracingcompany.com. Sept. 17, Black Mountain, NC - Lung Buster Time Trial Series 20K or 40K, 6:15pm. Info: idaph events (828)450-7514, events@idaph.net. Sept. 17, Ramseur, NC - Triathlon at Ramseur Lake, S-1.5K, B40K, R-10K; 8am. Info: info@triviumracing.com. Sept. 17, Memphis, TN - Fight On: Cycle, Run, Walk, 5K Run/ Walk, 1 Mile Tribute Walk, Cycle: 18, 33, 62 Miles; 7am. Info: westfestdirector@gmail.com. Sept. 18, Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Youth Triathon Series #4, Ages 5 to 15 (5 different age categories); 4pm. Info: E3 Endurance (336)543-8771, coachmatt@e3ehp.com. Sept. 18, Huntersville, NC - Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon Tour, S-250yd., B-9 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: info@ramblinroseevents.com. Sept. 18, Oak Ridge, TN - Anchor Splash Oak Ridge “The Big Chill”, 750m Open Water Swim; 8:30am. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-6318, martin@racedayevents.net. Sept. 24, Snow Hill, MD - Osprey Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B-15 mi., R-5K; 9am. Info: Maryland Coastal Bays Program (410)213-2297, mcbp@mdcoastalbays.org. Sept. 24, Fairfax Station, VA - Fountainhead Trail Tri, Sport: Kayak-1 mi., Mtn. Bike-11 mi., Trail Run-5K; Elite: Kayak-2 mi., Mtn. Bike-14 mi., Trail Run-5 mi.; 8am. Info: info@ex2adventures.com. Sept. 25, Boone, NC - Blue Ridge Ascent, 15K Time Trail, 3.7 Mile Run, & Duathlon (B-5.6 mi., R-3.7 mi.); 9am. Info: Scott Nelson (704)450-2022, sconelson@aol.com. Oct. 1, Vicksburg, MS - Bricks and Spokes, 10, 30, 50 & 62 Miles Bike Rides; 8am. Info: Kim Hopkins (601)634-4527, kimh@vicksburg.org. Oct. 2, Chapel Hill, NC - Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon Tour, S-250yd., B-9 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: info@ramblinroseevents.com. Oct. 8, Malvern, AR - Ouachita River Challenge, 5 Mile Kayak, 20 Mile Bicycle, 5K Run; 9am. Info: Tony Jenkins (501)815-2383, alj_ins@yahoo.com. Oct. 8, Hattiesburg, MS - Hub City Hustle, S-1/3 mi., B-20 mi., R-4 mi.; 8am. Info: jd@fpsouthms.org. Oct. 8, Long Beach, MS - Paddle, Pant, Pedal Triathlon, Canoe4 mi., R-5 mi., B-23 mi.; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)3807037, director@gulfcoastrunningclub.org. Oct. 8, Lenoir City, TN - Atomic Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon, Tri: S-500m, B-30K, R-5K; Du: R-5K, B-30K; 8am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)988-3906, kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Oct. 9, Lenoir City, TN - Atomic Man Triathlon - Half Iron, S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahan (865)9883906, kevin@endurancesportsmanagement.com. Oct. 15, New Albany, MS - Pedaling For Hope On The Tanglefoot Trail, 25 mi., 50 mi., & 100K; 8am. Info: Robby Parman (662)8421891, rparman@regionalrehabcenter.com.

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Sept. 17-18, Morgantown, WV Morgantown Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 9/17: Mountain Mama 8K 8am; 9/18: Marathon & Half Marathon 7am; Marathon: 6/1-7/31 $95; 8/1 $105; Half Marathon: 6/1-7/31 $70; 8/ 1 $80; 8K: by 7/31 $35, 8/1 $45. Info: (304)8260311, rd@morgantownmarathon.com, www.morgantownmarathon.com Sept. 24, Salem, SC - DNF Ultra 100 Mile, 50 Mile & Marathon. Info: withoutlimitsgreenville@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Keyser, WV - Barnum Rail Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: events@altisendurance.com. Oct. 1, Winchester, TN - Southern Tennessee Power Classic Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Frances Samples stpc.marathon@outlook.com. Oct. 1, Shepherdstown, WV - Freedom’s Run Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 8:05am; 5K, 8:30am; 10K, 8:40am. Info: mark@freedomsrun.org. Oct. 2, Nashville, TN - Greenway Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:30am/cst. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, tomasdepaulis@att.net. Oct. 8, Booneville, AR - Arkansas Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk. Info: Stacey McCollough (479)675-2666, info@booneville.com. Oct. 8, Key West, FL - Southernmost Marathon, 5:30am; Half Marathon, 5:45am; 10K & 5K on Oct. 9, 7:30am. Info: Liz Love (479)200-4689, liz@somomarathon.com. Oct. 9, Chatsworth, GA - Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12 Miler, 8am. Info: mysterymtnmarathon@getguts.com. Oct. 15, Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Running Festival, Marathon & Team Relay 8am; Half Marathon 9:45am; 5K, 7:30am; FR (12under), 9am. Info: Corrigan Sports (410)605-9381, customerservice@corrigansports.com. Oct. 15, Greensboro, NC - Cannonball Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Junction 311 Endurance Sports (336)793-4311, mike@junction311.com. Oct. 16, Chattanooga, TN - 7 Bridges Marathon & Relays, 7am; 4-Bridges Half Marathon, 7:30am. 5K, 7:45am; Family FR, 10am. Info: jay@sceniccitymultisport.com. Oct. 23, Apalachicola Bay, FL - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, 10K & 50K Ultra; 7:15am (All with Wheelchair & Walking Div.). Info: friends@runningforthebay.com. Oct. 29, Conway, AR - Soaring Wings of Conway Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay; 7am (Wheelchair races, 6:55am). Info: info@swmarathon.com. Oct. 29, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, mike@junction311.com. Oct. 29, Morganton, NC - Peak to Creek Marathon, 8am. Info: David & Rhonda Lee (828)432-6664, david@finishlinepros.com. Oct. 30, Washington, DC - Marine Corps Marathon, 8am; 10K, 7:55am. Info: (800)786-8762, mcm.info@usmc.mil. Nov. 5, Wynne, AR - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)208-6523, etcook78@gmail.com.

Nov. 5-6, Savannah, GA - Rock ‘N’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & 2Person Half Marathon Relay (11/5), 7am; 5K & 1 Mile (11/6), 1pm. Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510 or (800)311-1255, www.runrocknroll.com/savannah. See Ad page 17.

Race Date:

Location (City/State):

MARATHON Aug. 7, Cookeville, TN - Blister in the Sun Marathon, 8am. Info: Josh Hite (931)265-3969, jhite@tntech.edu. Sept. 4, Tupelo, MS - Tupelo Marathon & 13.1 Miler, 5am. Info: tupelorunningclub@yahoo.com. Sept. 10, Charlottesville, VA - Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon, 6:30am. Info: rivannagreenbeltmarathon@gmail.com. Sept. 10, Millboro, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Miles, 7am; Marathon, 8:30am; Half Marathon, 10am; 6 Miler, 11:30am. Info: Ronny Angell (540)444-4422, hq@oarevents.com. Sept. 10, Washington, DC - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, 9am/competitive start; 8am/ optional non-competitive start. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)9274833, racedirector@att.net.


Nov. 6, Bowling Green, KY - bg26.2 and Half Marathon, 7am. Info: (270)904-4348, info@bg262.com. Nov. 6, Raleigh, NC - Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon, Rex Healthcare Half Marathon, Relay, 10K, YMCA Kids Marathon Mile; 7am. Info: committee@cityofoaksmarathon.com. Nov. 6, Huntington, WV - Marshall University/St. Marys Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 7am; 5K, 7:15am. Info: director@healthytristate.org. Nov. 11, Springfield, VA - Cross Country Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: events@altisendurance.com. Nov. 12, Columbus, GA - Soldier Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 7:30am; 5K, 7:40am. Info: info@soldiermarathon.com. Nov. 12, Fort Oglethorpe, GA - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Half Marathon, Jr. Marathon & Fort Oglethorpe 5K, 7:30am. Info: Jenni Berz (423)842-6265, marathon@chattanoogatrackclub.org. Nov. 12, Charlotte, NC - Novant Health Charlotte Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon & 5K; 7:30am. Info: marathoninfo@runforyourlife.com. Nov. 12-13, Outer Banks, NC - Outer Banks Marathon, 7:20am (11/13); Southern Fried Half Marathon, 7am (11/13); 8K & 5K (11/ 12). Info: (252)255-6273, info@obxse.org.

www.running.net Nov. 12, Richmond, VA - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K; 7am. Info: Race Director (804)285-9495, marathon@sportsbackers.org. Nov. 13, Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Jason Libbert (850)434-2800, jlibbert@pensacolasports.com. Nov. 13, West Monroe, LA - Cotton Land Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: Tara Knight (318)366-4188, contact@dirtysouthrunning.com. Nov. 13, Outer Banks, NC - Outer Banks Marathon, 7:20am; Half Marathon, 7am; 6 Mile, 8:45am; 8K & 5K on 11/12. Info: (252)255-6273, info@obxse.org. Nov. 19, Cotter, AR - White River Marathon for Kenya, Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk; 7am. Info: Paul Gigliotti (870)4048363, rd@whiterivermarathon.com. Nov. 19, Meridian, MS - Magnolia Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Tim Irvine (601)938-9873, gsr5k@yahoo.com. Nov. 20, Lithia, FL - X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: (813)232-5200, jim@tamparaces.com. Nov. 20, Nashville, TN - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, 8am. Info: Trent Rosenbloom (615)356-7277, info@harpethhillsmarathon.com. Nov. 26, Stennis Space Center, MS - Stennis Space Center Marathon (formerly MS Coast Marathon), Half Marathon & 5K; 8am (all races). Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, leonardvergunst@cableone.net. Nov. 27, Cocoa, FL - Space Coast Marathon, 6:30am; Half Marathon, 6am. Info: (321)751-8889, info@spacecoastmarathon.com. Dec. 3, Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Craig S. Watson (225)292-3800, cwatson@brbeachmarathon.com. Dec. 3, Memphis, TN - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, 1 Mile; 8am/7am/1:30pm. Info: Erin Martin (800)565-5112, marathon@stjude.org. Dec. 4, West Palm Beach, FL - EAU Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest, 6:30am/Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay; 6:45am/ 5K. Info: info@palmbeachesmarathon.com.

Dec. 10, Huntsville, AL - Rocket City Marathon, 7am; Kids Marathon, 8am; $90 postmarked through September; $100 thereafter or (online only through 12/1/16) or when 2,700 have registered online. Info: (256)650-7063, suzanne@fleetfeet huntsville.com, www.runrocketcity.com. See Ad page 12. Dec. 9-11, Pass Christian-Biloxi, MS - Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon & Half Marathon (12/11); 5K Run (12/10). Info: info@msgulfcoastmarathon.com. Dec. 10, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: kiawah_marathon@kiawahresort.com. Dec. 18, Jacksonville, FL - Ameris Bank Jacksonville Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900, events@1stplacesports.com, www.1stplacesports.com. Jan. 7, Mt. Dora, FL - Masters of All Terrain 50K, 50 Mile Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon & 5 Miler; 6am. Info: racedirector@mastersofallterrain.com.

Jan. 7, Jackson, MS - Mississippi Blues Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon & Relay, 7am; Kids Run, 9am; $85/Marathon, $75/Half, $45/Quarter, $190/Relay by 7/31; $95/Marathon, $85/Half, $50/Quarter, $210/ Relay 8/1-10/31. Info: info@msbluesmarathon.com, www.msbluesmarathon.com. See Ad page 9. Jan. 22, Clearwater, FL - Clearwater Distance Classic, 50K Ultra, Marathon, Halfathon, 5 Miler & 5K Walkathon, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com.

March 4, Myrtle Beach, SC - 20th Anniversary Myrtle Beach Marathon, Dasani Half Marathon & ABC15 Marathon Team Relay, 6:30am; Bojangles’ 5K, 7pm & Ripley’s Family FR, 5:30pm on Friday, 3/3. Info: (843)293-RACE (7223), mbmarathon@ yahoo.com, www.mbmarathon.com. See Ad page 2.

ULTRAS Aug. 5, Bristol, TN - Holston River Endurance Challenge, 100 Mile, 24 Hour, 36 Hour events, 8pm; 6 Hour & 12 Hour events, 8pm or 8am. Info: netta73@hotmail.com. Aug. 6-7, Shelbyville, KY - 24-Hour Run For Dreams, 8pm. Info: Tommie Kendall (502)216-0378, tommie.kendall@dreamfactoryinc.org. Aug. 6, King George, VA - Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K, 6:30am. Info: Vic Culp (540)310-4803, vic@farc.org.

Running Journal • August, 2016 Aug. 13, Pinehurst, NC - Tick Tock Ultra North Carolina, 12-Hour Ultra - 12-Hour Relay, Marathon & Half Marathon; 7am. Info: Mary Marcia Brown - gallantgait@yahoo.com, www.ncticktockultra.vpweb.com Aug. 20, Wallingford, KY - Hot Hot Hundred 100K Relay/10K Individual Trail Races, 1 Mile Kids Race; 8am. Info: info@nextopportunityevents.com. Sept. 3, Harrodsburg, KY - (un)Pleasant Hill Trail Runs, 5 Mile, 10 Mile, 25K, 50K Ultramarathon; Runners/Hikers 8am; 1 Mile FR, 10am. Info: (859)734-5411, info@shakervillageky.org. Sept. 3, Damascus, VA - Iron Mountain Trail Run, 50 Miler 7am; 30 Miler 7:30am; 16 Miler 8am. Info: kkirkt@yahoo.com. Sept. 9-10, Asheville, NC - Blue Ridge Relay 200 Miles, 6:30am. Info: Ken Sevensky (336)877-8888, info@blueridgerelay.com. Sept. 10, Millboro, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 Miles, 7am; Marathon, 8:30am; Half Marathon, 10am; 6 Miler, 11:30am. Info: Ronny Angell (540)444-4422, hq@oarevents.com. Sept. 10, Spencer, WV - Charlie’s Challenge Trail Run, 50K 7:30am; 25K 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: spencertrails@gmail.com. Sept. 11, Bartlett, TN - Stanky Creek 50K, 7am; 25K, 7:30am. Info: events@altisendurance.com. Sept. 16-17, Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC - Ragnar Relay 200 Miles, 7am. Info: Ragnar Events (801)499-5024, info@ragnarrelay.com. Sept. 17, Summerfield, NC - Doggettville 12 Hour Relay & Ultra, 7am-7pm. Info: dogg7460@gmail.com. Sept. 17, Triangle, VA - 12 Hour Adventure Trail Run, 6:15am. Info: alexp@athletic-equation.com. Sept. 23-25, Birmingham, AL - Birmingham Stage Race 53 Miles, 8am; 3 Days/3 Stages; 9am/Day 1. Info: David Tosch (205)529-5142, david@davidtosch.com.

Sept. 24, Lakeland, FL - Tick Tock Ultra & Team Relay, 12-Hour & 6-Hour Lake Lapping Challenge; 7am. Info: Mary Marcia Brown gallantgait@yahoo.com, www.ticktockultra.vpweb.com Sept. 24, Blue Ridge Recreational Area, GA - Tortoise and the Hare 50K Ultra, 6am. Info: Toni McAlister (678)400-9050, toni@tortoiseandthehareracing.com. Sept. 24, Kennesaw to Ringgold, GA - General 100, 100 Miles; team of 4-7 runners. Info: general100relay@gmail.com. Sept. 24, Morganton, NC - Table Rock Ultras 50K & 30K, 6am. Info: Mark Rostan (828)261-6275, markrostan@valdese.com. Sept. 24, Salem, SC - DNF Ultra 100 Mile, 50 Mile & Marathon. Info: withoutlimitsgreenville@gmail.com. Oct. 1-2, Perryville, AR - Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile, 6am. Info: (501)803-9411, AT100@runarkansas.com. Oct. 1, Caryville, TN - Cumberland Trail 50K, 6am. Info: Brian Williams (865)851-6943, cumberlandtrailraces@gmail.com. Oct. 1-2, Chattanooga, TN - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, 8am; 11 Mile, 7:50am. Info: brian@rockcreek.com. Oct. 1, Fries, VA - New River Trail 50K, 8am; 25K, 9am. Info: Allison Bryant - mtn.goatracing@yahoo.com. Oct. 7, Swoope, VA - Grindstone 100, 6pm; 101.85 miles. Info: info@eco-xsports.com. Oct. 7-9, Circleville, WV - West Virginia Trilogy - 3 Day Stage Run, 10/7: 50K 7am; 10/8: 50 Mile 6am; 10/9: Half Marathon 9am. Info: Dan Lehmann (304)924-5835, irunwv@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Birmingham, AL - Ruffner Mountain Crusher Ridge 42K & 21K, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: maryecambull@gmail.com. Oct. 8, Croom Park/Withlacoochee State Forest, FL - John Holmes Trail Run, 50K 6am; 16 Mile & 9 Mile, 8am. Info: (813)2325200, jim@tamparaces.com. Oct. 15, Charlotte, NC - WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon, 50K & 50 Mile; 5am. Info: (704)391-3900, racedirector@usnwc.org. Oct. 15, Pinnacle, NC - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50 Mile & 50K, 6am. Info: Rich Swor (313)304-0903, rich@triviumracing.com. Oct. 15, Morristown, TN - Dirt Circuit 12 & 24 Hour Trail Runs, Solo & Relay; 8am. Info: Ryan Roma (865)356-6984, ryan@dirtybirdevents.com. Oct. 23, Apalachicola Bay, FL - Running For The Bay Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, 10K & 50K Ultra; 7:15am (All with Wheelchair & Walking Div.). Info: friends@runningforthebay.com. Oct. 23, Palm Coast, FL - Jack’s 50K, 25K & 10K Trail Run; 8am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8572, dawn@runnaturalcoach.com. Oct. 29, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, mike@junction311.com. Nov. 5, Nashville, TN - Nashville Ultra Marathon 50 Mile, 50K, 60K & 70K; 7am. Info: Dennis Freeman (615)445-5077, dennis@nashvilleultra.com. Nov. 19, Birmingham, AL - Blood Rock 50, 50 Mile, 50K & 25K; 7am. Info: David Tosch (205)529-5142, david@davidtosch.com. Nov. 19, Boonsboro, MD - JFK 50 Mile, 7am. Info: mspinnler@cvacmd.us. Nov. 19, Charleston, SC - Ultra Chili 50K/50K Relay, 8am. Info: Tyler Cross (843)762-4386, tcross@ccprc.com. Nov. 26, Derby, NC - Derby 50K Ultra Run, 8am. Info: runrbike@carolina.rr.com. Dec. 10, Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50K & 50 Mile, 7am. Info: Jay & Nancy (850)545-7074, tallahasseeultra@gmail.com. Dec. 17, Chattanooga, TN - Lookout Mountain 50 Miler, 7:30am; 10K, 8am. Info: randy@wildtrails.org. Jan. 7, Mt. Dora, FL - Masters of All Terrain 50K, 50 Mile Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon & 5 Miler; 6am. Info: racedirector@mastersofallterrain.com. Jan. 22, Clearwater, FL - Clearwater Distance Classic, 50K Ultra, Marathon, Halfathon, 5 Miler & 5K Walkathon, 7:05am. Info: info@flroadraces.com, www.floridaroadraces.com.

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RUNNING CAMPS July 10-15, July 21-24, Aug. 7-12, Sept. 8-11, Blowing Rock, NC - Zap Fitness Adult Running Vacations. Info: ZAP Fitness, POB 192, Blowing Rock, NC 28605; (828)295-6198, zapfitness@gmail.com, www.zapfitness.com. See Ad page 7.

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