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Boston Marathon $2.50

Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 mile Rose City Run 10K Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10K Quarry Crusher 3.72 miles Youth Villages 10 miler/5K

Running Journal • June, 2014



Columns Down the Road, Cedric Jaggers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Inspired Daily, Rae Ann Darling Reed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 This Running Life, Teri Saylor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Natural State of Running, Nicholas Norfolk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Women’s Running, Carolyn Mather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Masters Running, Lena Hollmann . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Running Through the Age Groups, Mary Margaret McEachern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Running Through the Bluegrass, Tracy Harris . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 He Said, She Said, Mary Marcia Brown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Running Fitness, Ellen Jaffe Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Learning from the Young Guns, Ryan Warrenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 The Athlete’s Kitchen, Nancy Clark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Running Psychology, Richard Ferguson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 For the Love of Running, Bryan Graydon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

ON THE COVER: Sarah Vance (#363) and Robert Castellvi (#2) splashed through the mud pits at the MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears 5 mile mud run at Camp Lejeune, NC on April 26. See story on page 31. Michelle Hazelton won the Divas Half Marathon on April 27 in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Photo by Kathy Peraza See story on page 28.

Race Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 Features ‘Streakers’ top 2000 daily runs, Bill Gorman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3 A return to Boston, forever changed, Jamie Merriman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Races I Never Ran, Annie Brennan-Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

Race Results

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Running Journal • June, 2014


'Streakers' top 2,000 daily runs By Bill Gorman First let me explain the picture and dispel any myths. The picture depicts a component of our current running journey. Yes my wife, while Ruth and I are “streakers,” we are not the clothesless variety, but the “run at least a mile a day kind.” Needless to say streaking is a part of our running program and, God willing, when you read this we will have surpassed 2000 days in a row. Streaking may be somewhat compulsive, but for the last 5 _ years it has helped us stay injury free while enjoying our running. Each runner's journey has a different beginning. Our running began as a cross training program to improve our racquetball game in the early 80's. When our state of the art racquetball facility in Ocala, FL mysteriously burned to the ground, we were forced to find a new athletic outlet and as you would surmise it was running. Now 32 years after our first road race we are still pounding the pavement with the same passion we had for that first competition, just a might slower. There have been many changes in running during our journey. First of all, runner demographics have changed. In the early 80's,women made up only 20% of the field in the Jacksonville River Run. This year (our 19th running of Gate River Run) women outnumbered men 54% to 46%. How about entry fees? If you chose to run the Marine Corps Marathon in 1988, your entry fee was only $17. Today, if you can get into the NYC marathon, it will cost you over $250. The bling has gotten bigger and better, such as the Space Coast and Mercedes awesome marathon medals. Look at running apparel, there are now endless choices in color and style compared to the limited primary colors of the 80's and the 1.5” inseam running shorts. Shoes are now feather light with weights down to 5 oz. compared to the 1620 oz. clunkers we wore. I have also observed that carbs are out and protein is in although I should check with Nancy Clark on today's running diet. There are some running aspects that could be improved. Running needs a mentor, another Dr. George Sheehan. He was the running guru, philosopher of the late 70's. He was able to inspire, guide runners and all athletes with his ability to tell how to experience the oneness of mind and body through running. Amby Burfoot would be a good candidate. Our sport also needs better press for our top runner ath-

Bill and Ruth Gorman letes especially in promoting marathoners. We don't have the runner heroes that other sports produce through the media. Thirty years ago everyone knew and followed “Joanie” and “Boston Billy,” along with Grete Waitz, Ingrid Kristiansen, Alberto Salazar, and Frank Shorter, to name a few. I now hope that, after Boston, runners will recognize the names “Meb” and “ Shalane” for the world class marathoners they are because of good press. Through our journey some things have not changed. Over the years, Ruth and I have had a lot of different training partners. We still run with a couple of the originals. After spending countless hours, and running endless miles in their company, some conclusions can be drawn. Runners are people we want to be around. Runners are mentally tough, they are goal oriented, determined, intelligent, generally reserved and have the ability to plan. We have always trained with a group throughout our journey, and for the last half dozen years we have run with the “Ocala Turtles Running Club.” As you would guess by the name, this is not a hard core training group, but is made up of runners of all abilities. But this group continues to inspire and motivate us. Why else would we be out running in the dark at 5 a.m. three days a week? We count runners as some of our best friends and you really, really, get to know someone if you have trained together for a marathon. Another aspect of our running journey that has not changed is our love for racing.

Some of our runner friends have stopped running because they can no longer compete at their “PR” level. But your best times don't have to stop when you have passed your prime. Today you can level the playing field of your current times using age-graded percentages and equivalent times for your age. Speaking of PR's, I have always liked this quote from the past, but unfortunately cannot remember the author for proper credit. “Your Personal Record (PR) is one of running's greatest treasures -- it gives every runner a way to win.” The thing I like about road races is that they are not subjective; no official is going judge you on arm swing, midfoot strike, or stride length. It is just you and the clock. In it's truest form, your race performance is based on the planning and training you put into it. Race times are as varied as the genetic ability of the race runners, so you should not compare yourself against other runners, but compare against your own goals. Ruth and I feel very fortunate that our running journey continues. We have always looked at running as a gift, not a right or some entitlement, and are thankful for each day that we are able to run and compete. We plan to extend our running streak. We are currently working on achieving the USATF 2014 Phidippides award for the fifth consecutive year. We will continue to strive to meet the Masters All American Standards of excellence for Long Distance Running. So far we have attained the award in the 5k distance.


Running Journal • June, 2014


2014 Semi-Annual Marathon & Long-Distance Directory JULY 4 - We The Runners Half Marathon, Cumming, GA 7:30am/Half & 10K, 7:45am/5K, 9:45am/Sparkler Trot (10under). Contact: JULY 12 - Grandfather Mountain Marathon, Boone, NC 6:30am. Contact:

XTERRA Harbison Half Marathon & 5K July 13, 2014 • 7am Columbia, SC Course: Harbison State Forest trail race. Beautiful shaded trails, some single track with a few rolling hills. 2013 entrants: 400. Avg. temp.: 86º. Contact: Victoria Seahorn 1401 Sanden Ferry Dr. Decatur, GA 30033 404-421-3231 JULY 19 - The Scream! Downhill Half Marathon, Jonas Ridge, NC. 8am. Contact: Greg Duff 828-452-5572, greg@gloryhoundevents .com.

JULY 27 Nova Scotia Marathon Half Marathon & 10K Barrington, Shelburne County Nova Scotia, CN 44th Annual. 8am. Generally flat course. Not a closed course. Canadian Certification. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 250. Contact: Anna Kenney, POB 100, Barrington, Nova Scotia, CN B0W 1E0, 902-637-2903, barringtonrec@, AUG. 9 - Lynchburg Half Marathon, Lynchburg, VA. 7:30am/half, 8am/5K. Contact: Riverside Runners 434-846-7449, AUG. 16 - News & Sentinel Half Marathon, Parkersburg, WV. 8am/half, 8:10am/2-Mile Race. Contact: Lindsey Spanner 304-485-1891 (x459), AUG. 23 - Patrick Henry Half Marathon, Ashland, VA. 7am. Contact:

Don’t miss our next Semi-Annual Marathon & Long-Distance Directory (Jan. thru June 2015 events). To be included with our December 2014 issue.

It’s Time to Plan Your Fall Marathon It may not be summer just yet, but it’s already time to look ahead to fall – Fall Marathon Season, that is. If you are thinking of running a marathon this fall, we have the info you need to pick that perfect race. The following pages contain our semi-annual Marathon and Long Distance Directory covering marathons and other long distances events through the remainder of this year. Not ready to take on a marathon just yet? We’ve got you covered, since there are many half marathons and other long distance events to check out. And we haven’t forgotten about those that want to go beyond the marathon – there are ultra events also. Our directory includes many of the great races throughout the South as well as several in other parts of the U.S. We hope you will use the directory to plan your long distance racing schedule. Enjoy your training and have a great race! Be sure to check the Running Journal website calendar ( often as we make frequent updates to our race calendar throughout the year.

1st Annual

HOTLANTA Half Marathon August 24, 2014 • 7:30am Atlanta, GA Prize Money: $1,200. Course: Start/finish at Underground Atlanta, course is a scenic tour of Atlanta passing Turner Field, Olympic Rings, Capital, Beltline, Piedmont Park, GA Tech, and Centennial Park. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. Contact: Rachel Langelotti, Orion Racing, 4290 Bells Ferry Rd., Suite 134 Box 590 Kennesaw, GA 30144 770-315-6537 15th Annual

Pocatello Marathon August 30, 2014 Pocatello, ID Start times: 6:15am/marathon, 8am/half marathon, 8:45am/10K, 9am/5K, 10:30am/Kids 0.2 Mile (8-under), 10:45am/1.0 Mile. Course (USATF): Fast, scenic course. Entry Limit: 500-marathon, 425-half, 225-10K, 225-5K. Time Limit: 6 1/2 hrs. for marathon, all courses close at 12:45pm. 2013 entrants: 495-marathon, 323-half marathon, 143-10K, 122-5K, 50-1.0 mile, 50-0.2 mi. Avg. temp.: 40s at marathon start. Contact: Mike Calley, 1410 Kelsea Pl Pocatello, ID 83201 208-233-4754

AUG. 30 - High Country Half Marathon, Boone, NC 7:30am. Contact: Stacy Sears 828-262-6116, triplecrownraces@,

AUG. 30 Charleston Distance Run 15-Miler Charleston, WV 42nd Annual. 7:30am (all events). 5K Run, 5K/10K Walks, 15 Mile 3-Person Relay. Prize $ ($9,625). Start at State Capitol run along river, through downtown, uphill through residential neighborhoods, downhill, recross river and run through historical residential area to stadium finish. No Race Day Entries. Time Limit: 4 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,500. Avg. temp. 63º at start. Contact: John Palmer, Race Dir., POB 11595, Charleston, WV 25339, 304-345-5433, charlestondistancerun@, AUG. 31 - Tupelo Marathon & 14.2 Miler, Tupelo, MS. 5am. Contact: AUG. 31 - Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, Virginia Beach, VA. 7am. Contact: Competitor Group 800-311-1255. SEPT. 6 - Tortoise and the Hare 1/2 Marathon, Canton, GA. 6:30am. Contact: Toni McAlister 770-256-3844,

SEPT. 6 Divas Half Marathon & 5K Peachtree City, GA

SEPT. 12-14 Lake Tahoe Marathons South Lake Tahoe, CA 19th Annual. Prize Money: Triple Marathon. Three Marathons and Half Marathons in three days. 9/12: Emerald Bay Marathon & Half Marathon; 9/13: Cal-Neva Marathon & Nevada Half Marathon, 72 Miler; 9/14: Lake Tahoe Marathon & Half Marathon. Trifecta (13.1 miles x 3); The Triple (26.2 x 3) or Super Triple (26.2 x 2, 72 x1). Beautiful, hills, point-point; USATF. Time Limit: 8 hrs. 2013 entrants: 2,500. Avg. temp. 40º-68ºF. Contact: Les Wright, PO Box 20,000, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151, 530-559-2261,, SEPT. 12-13 - Divas Half Marathon & 5K, DC’s Wine Country, VA. 9/12: 6:15pm/1st Wave 5K. 9/13: 7:30am/half marathon. Contact: 800-733-7089, SEPT. 13 - Run 4 Shelter Half Marathon, Stevensville, MD. 7:30am/half, 8am/10K, 5K & 2 Mile Walk. Contact: Aaron Baxter 410-507-1935,

SEPT. 13 Bays Mountain 15 Mile Trail Race Kingsport, TN 9th Annual. 8am. Prize $ ($100 for overall course records). Part of Skelton Law Racing Series. 15 mile trail race on scenic trails of Bays Mountain Park nature preserve. SFTC King & Queen Competition, Trail Series Competition & Long Distance Series. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. 2013 entrants: 123. Avg. temp. 50’s & 60’s. Contact: Race Director Mark Skelton, Law Office of Mark A. Skelton, 121 S. Depot St., Rogersville, TN 37857, 423-272-4812,, SEPT. 13 - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, Washington, DC. 8am. Contact: Jay Jacob Wind 703-927-4833, SEPT. 14 - Talladega 21000 Half Marathon, Talladega, AL. 7:30am/Half Marathon, 7:45am/5K Lap Around the Track, 9:30am/1 Mile Fun Run/Walk. Contact: Jill Edwards, 205-870-7771, SEPT. 14 - Revenge of the Penguins (ROTP) 20 Miles & 10 Miles, Carderock, MD. 8am. Contact:

3rd Annual

8am/first wave start. 7:45am/5K. Breathtaking scenic course; USATF. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. Contact: 800-733-7089,

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon

SEPT. 6 - Run for Life Half Marathon, Radcliff, KY. 7:30am. 5K & 10K. Contact:

September 14, 2014 • 7am Washington, DC

SEPT. 6 - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, Marathon, Half Marathon, 40 Mile & 5 Mile, Douthat State Park, VA. 7am/40 mile, 8:30am/marathon, 10am/half, 11:30am/5 mile. Contact: 540-444-4422,

Accompanying race: Navy 5 Miler. Course (USATF): Both courses start and finish at the base of the Washington Monument. Passing many of DC memorials, the course takes runners along the scenic Rock Creek Parkway and fast and flat East and West Potomac Parks. Entry Limit: 10,000. Time Limit: 11:00am. Contact: JBAB, MWR 12 Brookley Ave. Washington, DC 20032

SEPT. 6 - High Bridge Half Marathon, Farmville, VA. 7:30am. 5K. Contact: 434-392-3060,

SEPT. 7 Canton City Marathon Canton, OH 3rd Annual. 7:30am. Half Marathon & 10K Walk/Run. 26.2 criterium-style Boston Qualifier run entirely within the city; starts & ends downtown. Time Limit: 7 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,000. Avg. temp. 70F. Contact: Usa Mears, 2618 Fulton Dr. NW, Canton, OH 44718, 330-438-0100,,

Running Journal • June, 2014


SEPT. 20 Marine Corps Half Marathon Camp Lejeune, NC

OCT. 5 - Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon, Mount Vernon, VA to National Harbor, MD. 7am. Contact:

7am. Run shoulder to shoulder with America’s frontline...U.S. Marines. Start and finish at Russell Marine & Family Center; scenic and flat course and lends itself to setting personal best records. Contact: 910-450-1342,,

OCT. 12 - Dirty South Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, West Monroe, LA. 8am. Contact: Tara Knight 318-366-4188,

OCT. 19 - 7 Bridges Marathon & 4 Bridges Half Marathon Chattanooga, TN. 7am. 2 Bridges 5K. Contact: Denny Marshall 423-902-4659,

OCT. 10-12 - West Virginia Trilogy, 50K, 50 Mile & Half Marathon, Circleville, WV. 10/10: 7am 50K; 10/11: 6am 50 Mile; 10/12: 9am half marathon. Contact: Dan Lehmann 304-924-5835,

OCT. 12 - Hokie Half Marathon, Blacksburg, VA. 7:30am. Contact: James DeMarco 540-552-9339,,

OCT. 25 - Braswell & Son Soaring Wings, Half Marathon Conway, AR. 2-Person Relay. Contact: 501-849-2253,

OCT. 12 - Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon & 10K, Charlottesville, VA. 7am/half, 7:30am/10K. Contact: 434-218-0402,

OCT. 25 - Silver Comet Half Marathon, Mableton, GA. 7:45am. Contact: 404-422-2195,

SEPT. 20 - Run for Green Half Marathon, Davidson, NC. 7:30am/half, 7:40am/10K & 5K. Contact: Justin Ratike 704-338-2279, SEPT. 20 - Piper’s Promise Half Marathon, Goldsboro, NC. 8am. 5K & 1 Mile Run/Walk. Contact: SEPT. 20 - Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon, Townsend, TN. 7am. Contact: Salem Stanley 949-295-3302, SEPT. 21 - Bluegrass Half Marathon & Relay, Johnson City, TN. 7:30am. Contact: Sarah Poret 423-914-3119, SEPT. 27 - Darlington Marathon & Half Marathon, Darlington, SC. 7am. 10K & 5K. Contact: 843-206-4389, SEPT. 27 - Women’s Running Nashville Half Marathon & 5K, Nashville, TN. 7am. Contact: Competitor Group 800-311-1255,

OCT. 11 NU Hartford Marathon & Half Marathon Hartford, CT 21st Annual. Prize $ ($30,200). 8am. 5K, Marathon Team Relay, Kids. The best of city and country - spectacular foliage, flat and fast along the majestic Connecticut River; USATF. Entry Limit: 3,200-marathon, 8,000-half. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 14,500. Avg. temp. 55º. Contact: Race Office 860-652-8866,, OCT. 11 - Southernmost Marathon & Half Marathon, Key West, FL. 6:30am/marathon, 6:45am/half & 10K. Contact: Liz Love 479-200-4689, OCT. 11 - Bethel Half Marathon & 5K, Waynesville, NC. 8:30am. Contact: Lucas Sorrells 828-734-4099, OCT. 11 - Cannonball Half Marathon & 5K, Greensboro, NC. 8am. Contact: 336-793-4311, OCT. 11 - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock, 50 Mile & 26.2 Mile. King, NC. 7:30am. Contact: Rich Swor 313-304-0903,

OCT. 4 Jacksonville Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon & Freedom 5K Jacksonville, FL

OCT. 11 - Historic Georgetown SC Bridge 2 Bridge Half Marathon, Georgetown, SC. 7:30am. 12K & 5K Run/Walk. Contact: Daniel Newquist 843-436-6131,

11th Annual. 7am. Prize $ ($2,000). Course starts at Metropolitan Park at EverBank Field, runs through downtown and into Riverside; USATF. 2013 entrants: 3,800. Avg. temp. 70. Contact: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217, 904-731-1900,,

OCT. 11 - Lowcountry Trail Half Marathon, Johns Island, SC. 8am/marathon, 7:55am/10K. Contact: Charleston County Parks 843-795-4386,

OCT. 4 - Michelob Ultra Atlanta 13.1 Marathon & 5K. Atlanta, GA. 7am. Contact:

OCT. 4 New Hampshire Marathon Bristol, NH 22nd Annual. 9am. Half Marathon, 10K, Healthwalk & Kids Race. Prize $ ($1,200 all totaled). Beautiful course around Newfound Lake during peak foliage. Challenging course, small town race. USATF. 2013 entrants: 600. Avg. temp. 50-60º. Contact: Dan MacLean, 30 N. Main St., Bristol, NH 03222, 603-744-2713,, OCT. 4 - Winchester’s Southern Tennessee Plunge, Marathon & Half Marathon, Winchester, TN. 7am. Contact: Brie King 931-967-8288, OCT. 4 - Freedom’s Run, Marathon & Half Marathon, Shepherdstown, WV. 7am marathon; 8:05am/half; 8:30am/5K, 8:40am/10K. Contact: OCT. 5 - Ladies First Half Marathon, Ocala, FL. 7am. Contact: Jim Shields 904-318-8104,

OCT. 5 Run Crazy Horse Marathon Half Marathon & Marathon Relay Hill City, SD 5th Annual. 8am. 5K & Kids on 10/4. From the World’s largest mountain carving, Crazy Horse Memorial, to finish on Main Street in Hill City, SD. Time Limit: 7 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,400. Avg. temp. 60º. Contact: Emily Wheeler, 8510 Kings Ct., Rapid City, SD 57702, 605-390-6137,,

OCT. 12 - Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12 Miler, Chatsworth, GA. 8am. Contact:

5th Annual

Prairie Fire Marathon Wichita, KS October 12, 2014 Prize Money: $11,000. Start Times: 7:30am/Marathon & Half Marathon; 7:50am/5K; 10:15am/Youth Runs; 10:45am/My Life-My Heart Fun Run/Walk. Course (USATF): The PFM promises runners a flat, fast and exciting course, taking runners through the City, the entertainment district and beautiful residential areas. Time Limit: After 7 hrs. runners asked to move to sidewalk to finish race. 2013 entrants: 800-full, 2,200-half, 5505K. Avg. temp.: 52º-56ºF. Contact: Robert E. (Bob) Hanson, Race Director, 515 S. Main, Ste. 115 Wichita, KS 67202; 316-265-6236, OCT. 12 - Iron Horse Half Marathon, Midway, KY. 8am. Contact:

OCT. 18 - Montgomery Half Marathon, Montgomery, AL. 7am. 5K. Contact: Hardy Sellers 334-356-7271.

OCT. 18 Monster Mash Marathon & Half Marathon Dover, DE (Kent County) 4th Annual. 7am. Flat and fast Boston Qualifier - USATF. Race will start on the famous Monster Mile Speedway, travel through the City of Dover & Countryside. Benefiting the “Wounded Warrior Project”. Entry Limit: 5,000. Time Limit: 7 hrs. 2013 entrants: 800. Avg. temp. 68ºF. Contact: Kent Buckson, Monster Mash Marathon, 19999 Sandy Bottom Circle, Unit #6303, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, 302-331-8797,,

OCT. 25 - Urban Bourbon Half Marathon. Louisville, KY. 8:30am. Contact: OCT. 25 - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon, Greensboro, NC. 8am. Contact: 336-793-4311, OCT. 25 - Spinx RunFest, Marathon & Half Marathon Greenville, SC. 7:30am/marathon, 8am/half, 8:15am/10K, 7pm/Big Punkin 5K Haunted Run. 8:30am/Kids Marathon. Contact: OCT. 25 - The Haunted Half Marathon, Kingsport, TN. 3pm/Half Marathon & 4-Person Relay. Contact: Hank Brown 423-963-1045,

OCT. 18 - Baltimore Running Festival, Baltimore, MD. 8am. Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Relay & Kids FR. Contact: Customer Service 410-605-9381,

OCT. 26 - “Running for the Bay!” Marathon, Apalachicola, FL. 7:15am/all races. Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K. Contact:

OCT. 18 - Cherokee Harvest Half Marathon, Cherokee, NC. 9am. 5K. Contact:

6th Annual

OCT. 18 - Greensboro Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K Greensboro, NC. 8am/marathon, 8:30am/half, 8:50am/5K. Contact: OCT. 18 - Go Commando Half Marathon, Clarksville, TN. 7am/half marathon, 7:30am/10K, 8am/5K, 11am/Kids FR. Contact: OCT. 18 - The Upper Cumberland Haunted Half Marathon, Cookeville, TN. 7am. Contact: OCT. 18 - Rock and Road Relay Marathon, Nashville, TN. 8am. Contact: Katherine Williams 615-657-6671, OCT. 18 - GRT Marathon & Half Marathon, Cass, WV. 8am. Contact: Brian Horton 918-508-1482, OCT. 19 - Athens GA Half Marathon, Athens, GA. 7:30am. Contact: 706-548-1973,

OCT. 19 Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Myrtle Beach, SC 5th Annual. 10/19: 7am/Half Marathon. 10/18: 7:30am/ Coastal 5K, 8:30am/Doggie Dash. From its famous amusement parks and prestine parkways to some of the nation’s most visited beaches, the course takes you on a tour of one of America’s most scenic beach communties; USATF. Entry Limit: 4,000. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. Avg. temp.: 45º start/66º finish. Contact: Continental Event & Sports Marketing 800733-7089,,

OCT. 19 Music City Half Marathon Nashville, TN 8th Annual. 8am/cst. Start and finish at LP Field in Nashville. Out and back to Shelby Bottoms greenway. Entry Limit: 2,000. 2013 entrants: 550. Avg. temp. 65F. Contact: Tomas de Paulis, 205 Woodland Ct., Hermitage, TN 37076, 615-390-6977,, http://

Florida Halloween Halfathon & 5K October 26, 2014 • 7:05am Ft. De Soto Park Tierra Verde, FL Course (USATF): Extremely flat course runs on paved trail in beautiful Ft. De Soto Park, recognized as the "Nation's Best Beach" in 2009. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. for half. 2013 entrants: 1,300. Avg. temp.: 59ºF. Contact: Chris Lauber, Race Director, Florida Road Races, POB 47774 St. Petersburg, FL 33243 OCT. 26 - Hallowed Half Marathon, Wake Forest, NC. 7:30am/half, 8am/10K. Contact: Sharon Casper 919-524-7104, OCT. 26 - Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, DC. 8am/marathon, 7:55am/10K. Contact: 800-786-8762, NOV. 1 - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, Wynne, AR. 8am. Contact: Ethan T. Cook 870-238-4610,

NOV. 2 Boca Raton PAL Half Marathon & 5K Boca Raton, FL 14th Annual. 6:30am. Flat and fast scenic half marathon along the ocean; USATF. Time Limit: 3 hrs. 2013 entrants: 750. Ave. temp. 70º. Contact: Tom Vladimir, 3195 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431, 561-361-1950,,


Running Journal • June, 2014 6th Annual

Jazz Half Marathon November 1, 2014 • 7:00am New Orleans, LA ✖Accompanying Race: 5K. ✖Course (USATF): New Orleans CBD, Warehouse District, historic Garden District, beautiful Audubon Park. ✖Time Limit: 4 hours. ✖2013 entrants: 2,300. ✖Avg. temp: 55º-60º. Contact: Staci Arceneaux 200 Henry Clay Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118 504-495-0871 • NOV. 2 - USA Beach Running Championships Half Marathon & 10K, Cocoa Beach, FL. 7:15am/Half, 7:30am/10K. Contact: Mitch Varnes 321-759-7200, NOV. 2 - Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon & Rex Healthcare Half Marathon, Raleigh, NC. 7am/Marathon, Half, 4-Person Marathon Relay & 7:20am/ 10K; 7:30am/YMCA Kids Marathon Mile. Contact: NOV. 2 - Carolina Sports Medicine Battleship North Carolina Half Marathon & Bay Six 5K, Wilmington, NC. 8am/half, 8:10am/5K, 7am/walkers. Contact: Ed Fore 910-398-5539, NOV. 2 - Marshall University Marathon. Huntington, WV. 7am/Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay; 7:15am/5-Mile Fun Walk. Contact: NOV. 8 - Red Ribbon Half Marathon. Lakeland, FL. 7am/half, 7:15am/5KRun, 8am/Kids FR. Contact: InnerAct Alliance 863-802-0777,

35th Annual

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Half Marathon, Junior Marathon & 5K November 8, 2014 • 7:30am Fort Oglethorpe, GA Course (USATF): Scenic, mostly paved, challenging but not extraordinarily difficult, winds through nation's oldest military park. Boston Qualifier. Half is RRCA Southern Region Championship. Entry Limit: 1,500 for half/full. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,900. Avg. temp.: 420 low/650 high.

Contact: Jenni Berz Chattanooga Track Club, POB 11241, Chattanooga, TN 37401 423-842-6265 NOV. 8 Mayberry Half Marathon & 10K Mount Airy, NC 7th Annual. 8am. Prize $ ($350). Come run through “Historic Mayberry” and the course will incorporate 2 greenways along the Ararat River. Entry Limit: 1,000. Time Limit: 4 hrs. 2013 entrants: 500. Avg. temp. 60. Contact: Mount Airy Parks & Recreation, 113 Renfro St., Mount Airy, NC 27030, 336-786-8313,,

NOV. 8 - Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay. Savannah, GA. 7am. Contact: Competitor Group 850-450-6510, 800-311-1255. NOV. 8 - Camp Croft Half Marathon, Spartanburg, SC. 8:30am. Contact: Seth Novak 864-978-3378, NOV. 9 - Michelob Ultra Fort Lauderdale 13.1 Marathon, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 6:13am. Half & 5K. Contact: NOV. 9 - Pensacola Marathon & Half Marathon, Pensacola, FL. 6:30am. Contact: Pensacola Sports Association 850-434-2800, NOV. 9 - Outer Banks Marathon & Southern Fried Half Marathon, Outer Banks, NC. 7am/half, 7:20am/marathon. Contact: 252-255-6273, NOV. 9 - Virginia Running Festival Half Marathon, Newport News, VA. 7:30am/half, 5K & FR to follow. Contact: Flat Out Events 757-880-8843,

4th Annual

4th Annual

Magic City Half Marathon & 5K

Christmas on the Country Music Highway Half Marathon

November 23, 2014 Birmingham, AL Start Times: 8am/Half Marathon, 9am/ 5K, 9:30am/Mile. Course (USATF): Fast and fairly flat half marathon and 5K course in downtown Birmingham. New for 2014 the event will start and finish at Regions Field - Home of the Birmingham Barons. Entry Limit: 2,000. Time Limit: 3 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,500. Avg. temp.: 50ºF. Contact: Jeremy Davis, Set Up Events, POB 6591, Greenville, SC 29606 864-420-5169 •

NOV. 15 - Chosen Race For Adoption Marathon & Half Marathon, Tampa, FL. 6am. Contact: Yolanda Lemons 813-523-3023,

NOV. 27 Subaru Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon & 6K Jacksonville, FL

NOV. 15 - Meridian Marathon & Half Marathon, Meridian, MS. 7am. Contact: Bonnie Earley 601-917-6602,

31st Annual. 8am. Prize $ ($500: $300, $200, top 3 M/F). Beautiful course through Mandarin section of Jacksonville; USATF. 2013 entrants: 5,200. Avg. temp. 56º. Contact: 1st Place Sports, 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217, 904-731-1900,,

NOV. 15 - Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte, NC. 7:45am/marathon & half marathon; 8:15am/5K Run/Walk. Contact: 704-358-0717,

1st Annual

Summerville Sweet Tea Half Marathon November 15, 2014 • 7am Summerville, SC ✖Prize Money: $1,000. ✖Course (USATF): Starts downtown to recreational running path through neighborhoods, path, through town to downtown finish, flat. ✖Entry Limit: 500. Time Limit: 4 hrs. ✖Avg. temp: 60º-65º. Contact: Kelly Hazel, 200 Downing Dr., Summerville, SC 29485 843-822-2461 • NOV. 15 - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, Richmond, VA. 8am. Contact: 804-285-9495, NOV. 16 - X-Country Marathon. 30K & Half Marathon, Lithia, FL. 7:30am/Marathon & 30K, 8am/half, 8:30am/5K. Contact: Jim Hartnett 813-232-5200, NOV. 23 - Women’s Running St. Pete Half Marathon & 5K, St. Petersburg, FL. 7am. Contact: Competitor Group 800-311-1255, NOV. 23 - Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville, TN. 8am. Contact:

NOV. 27 - Atlanta Half Marathon & 5K. Atlanta, GA. 7:30am. Contact: ATC 404-231-9064, NOV. 27 - Tryptophan Half Marathon, Cumming, GA. 7:15am/half, 7:30am/10K, 8am/5K. Contact: 770-633-5511, NOV. 29 - Kaiser Realty Coastal Half Marathon, Orange Beach, AL. 8am/Half marathon, 8:10am/5K & 1 Mile Run. Contact: NOV. 29 - Northern Central Trail Marathon & 2-Person Relay. Sparks, MD. 8:30am/marathon & relay, 8:45am/8K. Contact: NOV. 29 - Mississippi Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, Waveland, MS. (Stennis Space Center) 8am (all races). 5K Run. Contact: Leonard Vergunst 228-380-7037, NOV. 30 - Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon, Cocoa, FL. 6am/half, 6:30am/marathon. Contact: NOV. 29-30 - Secret City Half Marathon Weekend, Oak Ridge, TN. 11/29: 5K & 10K 7:30am; 11/30: Half Marathon 7:30am. Contact: Katy Brown 865-482-7821,

DEC. 6 Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon Baton Rouge, LA 21st Annual. 7am. The course is a certified Boston Marathon qualifier. It is a flat and fast, double-loop course. Entry Limit: 1,500. Time Limit: 6.5 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,000+. Avg. temp. 65-75º. Contact: Craig S. Watson, 3909 Plaza Tower Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70816, 225-292-3800,, DEC. 5-7 - Palm Beaches Marathon Run Fest, West Palm Beach, FL. 12/7: 6:30am/marathon, half marathon, relay; 12/5: 6pm/5K & 10K. Contact:

December 6, 2014 • 8am Paintsville, KY Prize Money: $500. Accompanying Race: Paintsville Jingle Bell 5K (150 entries extra). Course: Challenging but fair course through the streets of Paintsville, and along the Big Sandy River. Entry Limit: 300 (450 both races). 2013 entrants: 220. Avg temp.: 420F. Contact: Anthony Skeans, 124 4th St., Paintsville, KY 41240 606-791-2902 • 13th Annual

St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend December 6, 2014 Memphis, TN Start Times: 7:15am/5K, 8am/Full, Half & Relay, 1:30pm/Kids & Family Fun Run and Kids Marathon. Course (USATF): Experience a scenic course that showcases the soul of Memphis, including historic Beale Street, legendary Sun Studio and the inspiring campus of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Entry Limit: 22,000. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 20,000. Avg. temp.: low 38ºF, high 56ºF. Contact: Erin Martin, 501 St. Jude Place Memphis, TN 38105 • 800-565-5112 DEC. 7 - Divas Half Marathon & 5K, St. Augustine, FL. 7am/half marathon, 7:25am/5K. Contact: 800-733-7089,

DEC. 13 Nike Rocket City Marathon Huntsville, AL 37th Annual. 8am. Prize $ ($8,500). Gently rolling and fast; only two hills over 35 feet; primarily scenic residential streets; USATF. Entry Limit: 1,500. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,500. Avg. temp. 42º. Contact: Suzanne Taylor, 2722 Carl T. Jones, Suite 2B, Huntsville, AL 35802, 256-650-7063,, DEC. 13 - Cajun Country Half Marathon, Lafayette, LA. 12/7: 6:30am/marathon, half marathon, relay; 12/5: 6pm/5K & 10K. Contact: Scott Schilling 337-781-9416, DEC. 13 - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, Kiawah Island, SC. 8am. Contact: 13th Annual

Florida Holiday Halfathon December 14, 2014 • 7:05am Madeira Beach, FL Course (USATF): Flat, fast course through exclusive residential areas in our beach communities, along smoothly paved Pinellas Trail and through shaded parks. Time Limit: 3.5 hrs. 2013 entrants: 1,150. Avg. temp.: low 52º, high 72º. Contact: Chris Lauber, Race Director, Florida Road Races, POB 47774, St. Petersburg, FL 33243 DEC. 20 - Ole Man River Half Marathon & 5K, New Orleans, LA. 8am. Contact: 504-304-2326, DEC. 27 - Three Bridges Marathon, Little Rock, AR. 7am. Contact:

32nd Annual

Jacksonville Bank Marathon & Half Marathon

Sunday, December 28, 2014 7:00am • Jacksonville, FL Prize Money: $2,000. Course (USATF): Very flat and fast keyhole type course. 80% shaded. Entry Limit: 3,000. Time Limit: 6 hrs. 2013 entrants: 3,000. Avg. temp: 560F.

Contact: 1st Place Sports 3931 Baymeadows Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32217 904-731-1900 •

Ultra Events “Take the Challenge in 2014” JULY 12 - Full mOOn 50K & 25K. Perryville, AR. 8pm. Contact: Susy Phillips 501-837-3104,

JULY 20 Rosaryville Trail Runs 50K, 25K, 10 Mile & 10K Upper Marlboro, MD 6th Annual. 7am. Single to three 9.5 mile loop on low technical single track. Entry Limit: 300. Time Limit: Depending on progress. 2013 entrants: 265. Avg. temp. mid to upper 70’s. Contact: Ronald Bowman, 598 Pinedale Dr., Annapolis, MD 21401, 410-570-0003,, AUG. 2 - Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K, King George, VA. 6:30am. Contact: Vic Culp 540-310-4803, AUG. 3 - Hot to Trot 8 Hour Run, Lithia Springs, GA. 8am-4pm. Contact:

Running Journal • June, 2014 AUG. 9 - Kanawha Trace 50K Trail Run, Ona, WV. 7:30 am 50K, 9:30am 25K & 10K. Contact: Cory Richardson 304-416-1015, AUG. 9 - Six Hour Race to Sunset at Blankets Creek, Canton, GA. 3pm-9pm. Contact: AUG. 16 - Tick Tock Ultra 12 Hour, Lakeland, FL. 7:30am-7:30pm. Contact:, AUG. 30 - Iron Mountain Trail Run, 50, 30 & 16 Miles. Damascus, VA. 7am(tentative date). Contact: SEPT. 5-6 - Blue Ridge Relay, 200 Miles, Asheville, NC. 6:30am. Contact: Ken Sevensky 336-877-8888, SEPT. 6 - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, Marathon, Half Marathon, 40 Mile & 5 Mile, Douthat State Park, VA. 7am/40 mile, 8:30am/marathon, 10am/half, 11:30am/5 mile. Contact: 540-444-4422, SEPT. 12-13 - Ragnar Relay Washington, DC, 200 Miles\, Cumberland, MD to Washington, DC. 7am. Contact: Ragnar Events 801-499-5024, SEPT. 20 - Chase the Sun Ultra & Relay, Savannah, GA. 7am. 6 and 12 hours individual and relay. Contact: Dan Hernandez 912-398-9941, SEPT. 20 - 12-Hour Adventure Trail Run, Triangle, VA. 6:15am. Contact: SEPT. 26-28 - Birmingham Stage Race, 53 Miles, Birmingham, AL. 8am. Contact: David Tosch 205-262-9714, OCT. 3-5 - Grindstone 100, Swoope, VA. 6pm. 101.85 miles Contact:

OCT. 26 - Mutual Mine 50K. Inverness, FL. 8am. Contact: Terri Hayes 352-341-0765,

NOV. 1 Nashville Ultra Marathon 50 Mile, 50K, 60K & 70K Nashville, TN 7th Annual. 7am. Metro Parks Greenways, 90% paved, 10% grass trail in and around downtown Nashville. Time Limit: 14 hrs. 2013 entrants: 250. Avg. temp. 66 high, 44 low. Contact: Dennis Freeman, Nashville Ultra Marathon, POB 160858, Nashville, TN 37216, 615-445-5077,, NOV. 15 - Tortoise and the Hare 50K Ultra, Blue Ridge Recreational Area, GA. 7am. Contact: Toni McAlister 770-256-3844, NOV. 22 - Tranquility Lake 50K - & 25K Trail Run, Birmingham, AL. 7am. Contact: David Tosch 205-262-9714,

NOV. 22 - JFK 50 Mile. Boonsboro, MD. 7am. Contact: 301-739-7004, NOV. 29 - Derby 50K Ultra Run, Derby, NC. 8am. Contact: DEC. 6 - Masters of All Terrain, 50K & 50 Mile Ultra Sorrento, FL. 7am. Contact: DEC. 7 - Pine Mountain 40 Mile Trail Run, Pine Mountain, GA. 7am. Contact: DEC. 13 - Tallahassee Ultradistance Classic. 50K & 50 Mile. Wakulla Springs State Park, FL. 7am. Contact: DEC. 20 - Lookout Mountain 50 Miler. Chattanooga, TN. 7:30am/50 Miler, 8am/10K. Contact:

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OCT. 4-5 - Arkansas Traveller 100 Mile, Perryville, AR. 6am. Contact: 501-803-9411, OCT. 4 - Swamp Rabbit Urban Ultra 50K, Greenville, SC. 7:30am. Contact: Steve Baker 864-325-8303, OCT. 4 - Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Race, Chattanooga, TN. 8am/50K, 7:50am/11 Mile. Contact: OCT. 11 - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock. 50 Mile & 26.2 Mile, King, NC. 7:30am. Contact: Rich Swor 313-304-0903, OCT. 11 - New River Trail 50K, Fries, VA. 8am. Contact: 336-846-6267, OCT. 18 - WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon. 50K & 50 Mile, Charlotte, NC. 5am. Contact: 704-391-3900, OCT. 18 - Table Rock Ultras 50 Miler, Morganton, NC. 6am. Contact: OCT. 25 - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon, Greensboro, NC. 8am. Contact: 336-793-4311, OCT. 25 - Jack’s 50K & 30K Trail Run. Flagler Beach, FL. 8am. 10K. Contact: Dawn Lisenby 386-986-8572, OCT. 26 - “Running for the Bay!” Marathon. Apalachicola, FL. 7:15am/all races. Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K. Contact:


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Running Journal • June, 2014

A return to Boston, forever changed By Jamie Merriman The horrific events in Boston in 2013 have served to further define me as a person. The scenario and subsequent lasting effects are nearly impossible to adequately relay. In a split second, I was transformed from a person who viewed the world as relatively safe to one being caught in a world of terror and absolute chaos. The subsequent weeks that followed found me traversing through a myriad of fear, anxiety, sadness, depression and, finally, anger. The anger repressed all other feelings and soon evolved into determination to return to Boston on 4/21/2014. I began my year-long journey to be “Boston Strong”. Larry and I arrived in Boston on 4/17/2014. The moment the airplane touched down I felt a surge of emotion. I knew it was time. We got settled - met with our dear friend Dave MacKenzie and his daughter, Mindy, who had arrived earlier that day. Dave is an accomplished marathon runner who decided to run Boston to show his support not only for the town of Boston but also to make sure I was okay. The weekend that followed our arrival was nothing short of amazing. The expo was terribly crowded - the streets were full of runners with their families and friends, it almost felt like a normal pre-marathon period. But something was different - delightfully different. Boston had taken on an ambiance of love and an almost small-town friendly demeanor. People on the streets offered assistance with directions (before being asked), yelled out of vehicles - thanking us for returning and wishing us luck in the marathon. The South church on Boylston Street had orchestrated a marathon scarf project - collecting over 7,000 hand-made blue and gold colored scarves from all over the country - having been prayed over and lovingly constructed for all runners and survivors from last year. A volunteer from the church wrapped a scarf around my neck - hugged me and wished me luck. I wore that scarf all weekend and will cherish it always. We then made our way to the library to view the memorial that was constructed to remember and honor those affected. I found myself sobbing. The artifacts from the make-shift memorial constructed on Boylston Street and then moved to the library had been beautifully displayed. The messages, pictures, shoes and assorted items all forged powerfully together. One of the best parts of the pre-race weekend was reuniting with the wonderful people who entered our lives last year. First, we met with Lisa (runner from Colorado) and Terri (her friend/Boston resident) - the two ladies who wandered the streets with me for 3 hours after we had been stopped after last year's explosions. Seeing them again in a much happier scenario was priceless. Next, Larry and I reunited with our New Jersey Angels (Lori, Danny, Judy and Dave). They are the four marathon volunteers who were instrumental in reuniting Larry and me last year. It was a tear-filled - joyful reunion. Those four will always hold a special place in my heart. Monday, April 21, 2014 finally arrived. Larry, Dave, Mindy and I headed for the buses early that morning. Dave had dropped back to ride with me-even though he is a lot faster. Security was tight and we had to show our bib several times. My marathon began at 11:07. The start was packed and throughout the course it was a little difficult to maneuver. One girl tripped and fell shortly after we began. Water stops were littered with cups from the 25 thousand runners who passed before us. I actually crashed into a guy who stopped abruptly in front of me at a

Jamie Merriman after the finish of the 2014 Boston Marathon, medal in place. water stop. The weather turned warm and the sun shone brightly. It wasn't ideal marathon weather - but I didn't care. Time didn't matter elements didn't matter - what mattered was the estimated million people lining the streets, the runners overcoming adversity to run - the victims of last year bravely attending at the finish line. I started high-fiving everyone who had their arms outstretched. I thanked volunteers, I stopped for water - walked when I needed to and basically wore myself out. I am not an elite runner - I am a “squeaker” and push myself to do the best I can. The last few miles of a marathon usually are a battle of intestinal fortitude vs. an overwhelming desire to be a weenie. That day it was different. I struggled until I approached the last mile. Something inside began to ignite. By the time I turned right on Herford my pace had picked up - I immediately recognized the point I heard the first bomb last year - my emotions became hard to control. As I turned left onto Boylston the struggle to suppress tears had become too much, then as I passed the point where I had been stopped by police, I realized how dangerously close I had been to the second bomb. I found myself running faster - and yelling out “Boston Strong” to which the crowd responded. My marathon was tough - my year of preparation was difficult - but my finish was strong. As I crossed the line and the medal was presented to me, I felt a giant weight lift that I had been carrying. Larry was there and had the crowd chanting my name. Why I was a part of all this I will never fully understand. My running career has spanned less than six years. I ran Boston last year in an attempt to better my performance from 2011 when I ran with a bruised bone. My shallow selfcentered reasoning turned into something much bigger. God's grace became obvious. Through the incomprehensible horror and terror of last year's bombing emerged strength - courage and the ever enduring - amazing - tenacious human spirit - the one that supersedes any attempt at evil. I will never forget this past year and will never be the same person. And, of course, I will always be “Boston Strong.”

Running Journal • June, 2014


Down the Road

Inspired Daily

Boston Billy Storms and Charms Charleston

Close to home and one year stronger

Have you ever met someone and instantly liked them? Bill Rodgers is that kind of guy. He was in Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run and to promote his new book Marathon Man. The book is sub-titled 'My 26.2 Mile Journey from Unknown Grad Student to the Top of the Running World.' The sub title really tells you the story of the book, and indeed the story of his life. When someone has won the Boston Marathon four times and the New York City Marathon four times, it is pretty obvious he is a great runner and great at marathons. I won't review the book here, but I will definitely recommend it. The book is easy to read, and I'm proud to now own an autographed copy. Bill himself was more the story in Charleston than his book. His booth at the race expo was much sought out, and he never seemed to tire of talking to people who approached him. He was easy to talk to and fun to be around. He admitted he wasn't in condition to race the Bridge Run, but was looking forward to running it. Bill said he had run a couple of races in South Carolina, but never in Charleston. I had met him at the race he ran in '88: the Myrtle Beach Classic. It was a race that was really working to draw a big crowd of Masters division runners. It featured Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter and a South Carolina favorite Bob Schlau. I was there and met Bill and bought a copy of his earlier book Marathoning. The race attracted 611 finishers, and it was fast. I looked in my running log and found that I was 16th in my age division and 78th overall. My time was 37:33. Bob had surprised both Bill and Frank by beating them at the Los Angeles Marathon. Bill told the story that when he passed Barry Brown and Frank Shorter in the race he assumed he was the first master. He was surprised when someone told him there was another masters runner ahead of him. Bill ran 2:20 to Bob's 2:19. Bill said they raced again later that year at Falmouth Road Race and he told Bob he wasn't going to let him beat him at that race, and they both laughed about that. Bob added that Bill took off at the starting gun and he was ahead the entire way. He also said he wished he had run the Bridge Run before, but that he had always had a commitment to run another race which was always held on the same weekend. I asked Bill about his plan for the race and he said he and Bob had agreed to run the race together and to take it easy since he was not in race shape. Bob told me they had agreed to run an 8-minute pace. At the Press Luncheon the next day, Bill made a brief gracious speech.

I remember receiving all kinds of text messages, phone calls, and facebook messages last year asking if I was in Boston. Thankfully I was not. I could not imagine being there during the bombings. My heart went out to everyone there and continues to go out to everyone it affected, especially those who were physically or emotionally hurt. I wasn't there physically, but it still hit close to home. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Yankee as a person from New England. I am most definitely a Yankee. I grew up in Monson, Massachusetts (about an hour west of Boston) where I spent the first 22 years of my life. We had Patriot's Day (Marathon Monday) off from school and always watched the Boston Marathon on television. My dream as I became a runner at age 11 was to run it one day. I have run it five times so far -- 1997, 1998, 2001, 2011, and this year. After last year's bombings, I wanted to be part of the 118th running of the Boston Marathon more than ever. Luckily I had already run a fast enough qualifying time in January 2013 to register and make the cut. My husband and I decided to make Boston our vacation this year and spent almost a week enjoying the true history of our great nation that can only be found in New England. Somehow the whole experience, despite it being my fifth time there, seemed more exciting and special than ever before. Maybe it was the fight, the spirit, and the determination to show that we were one year stronger. It was literally all around us. We spent four hours at the expo. We have never spent so much time at an expo before but there were so many amazing people to meet, including Dick & Rick Hoyt, Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway, Deena Kastor, Kara Goucher, and one of my favorites “Boston Billy” Bill Rodgers. The weather was pretty cold for this Yankee who has lived in Florida since 1995, but race day warmed up to a near perfect 60 degrees and sunny. Everything was pretty much perfect the whole trip. Even my first half splits were near perfect; sadly, a little too perfect on those downhills. I did try to hold back and stay relaxed like you need to that first half. I had a pretty strong emotional moment in the first three or four miles when we ran by a large crowd outside a bar screaming, holding signs, and blaring music. When I reached halfway, I knew my legs were toast and this would not be a good second half. Despite how annihilated my legs were with 13 miles to go, I never even considered dropping out. I knew I had to finish and be part of the 36,000 who were there to show that we were one year stronger. I am a very competitive runner so it was quite the epiphany for me to stop caring about my

By Cedric Jaggers

Race day was tough for a lot of runners since it was warm and humid. It wasn't bad if you were standing around watching. I had told Bill I'd take a picture of him at the finish since I wouldn't be able to run the race for the first time after doing it 35 consecutive years, due to a car accident. Once the winners had crossed the finish line I was asked a number of times by runners who had finished and by the local press “Where is Bill Rodgers?” I told them he and Bob Schlau were running together and planned to run it in about an hour. When Bill and Bob crossed the finish line arm in arm a big roar went up. You would have thought they had won the race. And in a way they did. Bill was swarmed by runners and by the press. He didn't brush anyone off. He was willing to pose for pictures and selfies with everyone who asked. When I asked him what he thought of the race course he said it was a beautiful bridge and an interesting course. He said the Bridge was made for runners and that he wanted to come back, and that he had run it with Bob and had an interesting time. Their time was 53:28. He never mentioned his hamstring problem, but Bob told me they could have been faster, but Bill had to stop and stretch and massage his hamstring coming down King Street (which is after runners cross the 2.5 mile long bridge). Bob also said they had talked the entire way, about the races where they had competed against each other and about everything. He said one of them was talking the entire time during the race. Bill Rodgers is a great runner and a charmer. He sure charmed everyone in Charleston. If you ever get the chance to meet him, don't miss it. He's the kind of runner who gives the sport of running a good name. Cedric Jaggers was elected to the South Carolina Road Runners Hall of Fame in 1992. He is the author of Charleston's Cooper River Bridge Run. He lives and runs in Rock Hill, SC. He may be reached via email at

By Rae Ann Darling-Reed

finish time or mile splits and push through the pain for something so much bigger than myself. Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston. Words cannot adequately describe the feeling you get when you turn left on Boylston and can see the finish line. You cannot hear your own thoughts. I almost had tears running that last stretch to the finish. I am definitely not happy with my finish time, but I was incredibly happy to have finished Boston Strong. This city, this marathon truly inspired me. Rae Ann Darling Reed is the RunnerGirl and a Brooks Inspire Daily, USATF Level 2, and RRCA certified running coach in southwest Florida. She coaches high school cross country and track, as well as adults of all ages and abilities. Follow her on facebook or twitter: @runnergirl or contact her at

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Running Journal • June, 2014

Back in those days, you could ride forever, And despite the dangers, we still manage to and never get tired. have fun. Feeling the wind in our hair and the asphalt Today, I can look out my window and watch under our wheels, we were free and wild, and the neighborhood kids ride their bikes on the we believed we could go anywhere we wanted street in front of my house, jumping over the - at least as far as our two wheels could take speed bumps like they are in the motorcross. us. And on the Farm-to-Cycle tour, I watched the It's different now. adults ride their bikes, and I realized the kids We worry more about cars and distracted and adults are really not that far apart in our drivers. attitudes and thirst for freedom. We have too much stuff to carry. As adults, we may have fancier equipment. We have to observe traffic laws and ride in We wear aerodynamic clothes with padded bike lanes. britches. We clip our feet into pedals and don't We have to protect ourselves against road even think about riding barefoot. We are old By rage, as it is now legal for drivers to carry enough to know when we are tired, and the Teri Saylor guns and even to conceal them in their cars or only feeling of wild childlike abandon is when in their pick-up trucks. we blaze downhill as fast as our wheels will On the Farm to Cycle ride, we passed by a turn. It's the uphills that get to us now. lovely farm with horses grazing in a pasture. And I think deep down inside, even the On the pasture fence hung a sign that read most sophisticated cyclist is always going to “Warning: Due to price increase on ammo, do be a little barefoot kid at heart. Outside bikenot expect a warning shot.” riding. When I ride on my own, I stick to riding in the parks and greenways on my mountain Teri Saylor writes and runs (but not every shorts or gaudy aerodynamic bike clothing. bike, and only venturing out onto the road- day) in Raleigh, N.C. Contact her at Or even special shoes with cleats for hooking ways in a group setting. into clipless pedals. The most important thing we considered before we selected our favorite two-wheeled wonder was how the pedals would feel under our bare feet. As kids in the south, we couldn't wait for summer and for shedding our shoes. My brother and I would have contests to see who could acquire the toughest feet, and we would go out and walk on rocks and hot gravel like fire-walking believers to toughen them up. When we could step on a bee and hardly feel it, we knew our feet were ready for summer. In Raleigh, as in other cities, I imagine, there is a class of young urban cyclists. They drag out their street cycles and converge on downtown in swarms, wearing street clothes with not a helmet on a single head. A couple of years ago I wrote about an alley cat bike race sponsored by North Carolina State University. Kids, young and old, turned out on bikes of all shapes and sizes, from beach cruisers, to retro 3-speeds, to mountain bikes, to banana seat bikes with high-rise handlebars. They had dragged their bikes out of crawlspaces under their parents' houses, found them covered in cobwebs after years of storage in barns and sheds and under porches. They bought them off Craig's list or at yard sales. Some were rusty. Some were shiny. Some had bells, and others still had colorful streamers hanging from the ends of their handlebars, a nod to the glory days of youth and what kids think is cool. There was not a single racing bike in sight. As a kid, my brother had a banana-seat bike and loved to compete in heated contests with the neighborhood boys to see who could pop a wheelie and hold it the longest. Some of those boys could ride a wheelie the entire length of our neighborhood street. We loved riding our bikes hands free. On the 4th of July we'd go speeding down the street arms out and holding sparklers in each hand. We used clothespins to attach playing cards to our wheel spokes, which made a silly flapping noise, which we thought was cool. We rang the bells on our handlebars at random, and stayed out until the fireflies came Ann Guevara (left) and Teri Saylor are all smiles after a grueling, hilly metric century bike ride around out and signaled it was time to go home for Hillsborough, N.C. supper.

This Running Life

Capturing childhood on a bike Gasping for breath after pedaling up and down rolling hills for six hours on a beautiful sunny afternoon, my friend Ann Guevara and I mustered enough energy to cheer as we made it to the end of a grueling metric century Cycle-to-Farm bike ride, sponsored by Velo Girls of Black Mountain, N.C. The ride was billed as “flat and fast,” so we thought we could conquer the 62-mile distance, even though we had hardly been in the saddle since last fall and had minimal training. But considering the tour was around places with the “h-word” like Chapel “Hill” and “Hills”borough, we had our doubts about “flat and fast.” Plus, the elevation chart showed an ascent approaching 2700 feet, including a short steep hill with an 11 percent grade. In short, the whole thing looked mighty hilly on paper. We sighed, and reckoned that since the ride organizers were based in the North Carolina mountains, these rolling hills were indeed “flat” by comparison. And as the lily-livered, wimpy flatlanders we are, we knew we would just have to suck it up and ride it out. Ann and I had set out the night before the ride to see just how hilly the route was. We scouted shortcuts, and we got lost along those country roads and gravel pathways. We found compass apps and downloaded them into our phones, just in case. Turns out, we didn't need a shortcut or even a compass after all, but at the end of the day, I don't know if I could have forced my pedals into one more rotation, and the only point to point map I cared about anymore was from the finish line to the finish line party. I have often wondered how slow you can go up a hill without falling over. Struggling for balance on that ride, my abs were fully engaged, and it felt like I was pedaling through mud as I wobbled over the crest of the steepest grade at a stunning speed of 3.7 mph. Of course, what goes up must come down, and I was rewarded for that pitiful uphill effort with a glorious downhill screamfest like a roller coaster running at 30 miles an hour. Spending six hours on a bike gives you plenty of time to think, and as we worked our way across the countryside, I thought about growing up, and I thought about bikes. When you are a kid, you don't cycle. You go bike-riding. I grew up in neighborhoods full of kids. My hometown is Winston-Salem, a hilly, medium-sized city in North Carolina's Piedmont area. During the summertime, we kids lived on our bikes. They were our wheels, our transportation, and our freedom. We rode without gears, without helmets and without shoes. Back in those days, we didn't select our bikes based on sleek styles or weight; expensive titanium or carbon frames; aero bars or seat structure. We didn't worry about a drive train or components. We didn't wear bike

Running Journal • June, 2014

Natural State of Running Long runs and challenging courses Hoof It For Heifer 20K

By Nicholas Norfolk

RussVegas Half Marathon

make. Most are usually the same, but this time I saw one that was new. It said, “Run like this is the Hunger Games.” Having read the trilogy, I immediately began playing scenes in my head. I turned down the jellybeans and Gummi Bears at the aid stations, but it was good to know they were available. I didn't pass on any of the high-fives. Seeing many of the ladies wearing their Women Run Arkansas shirts brought a smile to my face. Some ran while others volunteered. I helped coordinate the pacers and they all did a great job. Pacing is about sacrifice. You're sacrificing your time in order to help someone else reach his or her goal. The only person to stay with my pace group the entire time was hoping to finish his first half marathon. Having attempted it before, he was skeptical about finishing. I say he was destined to finish after learning he won his entry. He stuck with us and was a swell guy to run with. I'm happy to say that Curt finished this time! The course wasn't as flat as I thought it was going to be. I heard people saying, “I was promised a flat course.” It wasn't too bad and nothing

Josh Madison in Hoof It For Heifer 20K

Oh, how I love my Arkansas State Parks, especially when people put on races at them. Heifer International has hosted Hoof It For Heifer 20K for three years now. Each year, race director Wanda Eason finetunes the race. I remember the first year when almost everyone got lost. It's a trail race. It happens. This year I don't recall anyone going off course. There were two spots where it could have happened to a Petit Jean newbie, but I'm pretty seasoned on the course. It's a beautiful course regardless of the time of year, but after a hard rain, it's even better. The course makes use of most of the trails at the state park. Most know Petit Jean for the iconic Cedar Falls. Although not part of the course, toward the end of the race, you can catch a glimpse of it from the overlook. Different this year were the sights of trees sprawled out on the course or uprooted. I kept telling myself I need to remember to tell the park staff. One of my favorite sections of the course is a steady downhill before making it to Blue Hole. With the added obstacles, it wasn't as fluid as years past, but it remained enjoyable. I passed others out hiking and enjoying the different trails. Seven Hollows is part of the course. It's a four-mile loop. I would have to guess it's the second most used trail at the park. That's where I encountered most of the hikers and backpackers. After crossing the bridge that's close to the finish many make the mistake of turning left. If that happens, you basically start the course over except for the first 1.5 miles. This year I had to laugh because there was a sign that was more that obvious. Forrest Clark set a new course record finishing in 1:45:01. Deb Baker was the first female finisher in 2:25:39.

Start of RussVegas Half Marathon

I'm sure not many thought a half marathon in Russellville would sell-out or have 1,000 entrants. Easily one of the biggest events to be hosted in Russellville, the RussVegas Half Marathon was billed to be a great event and it delivered. The team led by race director Chris Olson bedazzled us with a race that all could enjoy. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, the course had a liberal cut-off off time of 4.5 hours, if you included the early start. Participants were able to choose between red, white, and blue shirts at packet pickup. How many races do that? The day of the race the weather was cool at the start, but it did heat up. There were seven aid stations on the course. Next year, an increase wouldn't hurt, especially if it's hot again. However, water was always cold and the Gatorade was strong. The aid station volunteers were properly trained and enthusiastic. Being that it was RussVegas there were a few characters spotted on the course. I saw Elvis at an aid station. He must have a twin. Lady Gaga ran past my pace group. She would later win the female costume contest. The prize was a $100 gift card to Go! Running. Chick-fil-A had some cows on the course and they were moo-ving! The atmosphere created was as infectious not only from the volunteers but also from the spectators. I love when a city embraces a race. It shows they really care about their city and they want to be hospitable. I always enjoy the signs people

really crazy happened until we approached mile 12. It was an overpass. People were saying, “WTH” and that doesn't mean “What The Hill.” This was it. Depending on how you'd run, this could sabotage your time. It reminded me of the way Soaring Wings Half Marathon finishes. Once you crest the hill, it literally is all downhill from there. I heard the roar from the finish line as we got closer. The finish line had vendors that had apparel, food, and an area for children. Carson Miller (1:18:52) and Natalie Ragsdale (1:32:26) are the first two winners of the race that has transformed Russelleville to Runnerville. The race had runner amenities that can't go overlooked. I often hear people say a race shouldn't be advertised as chip-timed unless there is a timing mat at the start of the race. Stearns Race Timing took care of that. Using disposable chips and the post-race e-mail with my results were other small, but important aspects. I guarantee it will sell out sooner next year. Registration will open in the fall in case you think you want to run the “other” strip. Ouachita Trail 50 The same day as the RussVegas Half Marathon was the 24th Ouachita Trail 50. Last year was my first year to do it and had I not already committed to RussVegas this year, that's where I would've been this year. It doesn't look like I'll be there in 2015 as the RRCA Convention will be that weekend next year.


It's the only 50-mile/50-kilometer race in the state. With a 13-hour cut-off because of the longer distance, first-time 50kers are attracted to this race. Add to it the supportive and skilled aid station volunteers, race director Chrissy's hugs, post-race vittles from burgers to chili, mystery Hasher aid stations, and a finish line that erupts every time a runner approaches, how could anyone pass this up? The course starts at Maumelle Park and takes the Highway to Hell to connect to the Ouachita Trail. Within the first 3 miles of the trail, the course elevation increases dramatically. Summiting Pinnacle Mountain is part of the course that can be dreadful. The majority of Arkies have climbed Pinnacle at some point, but to those not familiar with it, it will catch their attention. Fortunately climbing over only happens once. After coming down, the route continues on the Base Trail. A race in the fall, Race the Base, makes use of the entire Base Trail. Known for being technical, keeping your eye on your footing is imperative. Next, the course heads out of Pinnacle Mountain State Park and up to the 50K turnaround, where you can make a decision to drop to the 50K if you signed up for the 50-miler. There are some good views along the way that shouldn't be ignored. I've never done the 50-miler, but I've run on that part of the course. Before deciding to drop down to the 50K because of worrying about more rocky terrain, consider the course after the 50K turnaround is easier to find a rhythm on. All of the awards are handmade by the race director. This year the top finishers had something extra since it was a RRCA State Championship. I made my way to cheer on friends after RussVegas. Everyone knows that ultra runners know how to part. There were 46 finishers of the 50-mile distance. Brian Hurley (7:47:13) and Gia Dawn Madole (9:38:41) were the 50-mile winners. There were 123 finishers of the 50K distance. Thomas Chapin (4:35:35) and Rachel Furman (5:31:24) were the 50K winners. Nicholas Norfolk is president of the Little Rock Roadrunners Club. He frequently travels to races as a “running ambassador.” You can reach him at

Lalita Flagg at the Ouachita Trail 50


Running Journal • June, 2014

Women’s Running Wrapped In Love And Courage As I waited in line to pick up my race number at the Expo on the Friday before the Boston Marathon, I noticed a number of runners with varied blue and yellow scarves around their necks. I found it fascinating that people knit scarves to celebrate the marathon. Little did I realize then that the scarves had a meaning beyond individuals. Later that afternoon as we headed back to Somerville on the T, I saw runners congregating just past the Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street at the Old South Church. The gothic revival building, a national historic landmark with elaborate stonework and stained glass windows, was opened in 1875 but the congregation itself dates back to 1669. It has been the church of the finish line since the first Boston marathon in 1897. Members of the congregation were distributing scarves to runners. I returned the following morning, with my teammate Amy, after we had finished volunteering at the 10,000 participant BAA 5K, to find out the story of what was happening. There were hundreds of runners talking with church members who had many scarves draped around their necks. Amy (whose husband Bryan was injured last year while spectating from the front row of bleachers) and I met Priscilla who asked us about our participation in the race, told us the story of the scarves and blessed us and gave us beautiful scarves and even one for Amy's husband. The emotion was overwhelming and being the ever curious reporter, I wanted to find out more. I got the project's coordinators names and contacted them when I returned home. As the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approached, members of Boston's Old South Church United Church of Christ had mixed feelings. "Some are facing the anniversary with a spirit of defiance and determination, some feel a growing sense of unease and foreboding, and for others it is a time of grievous loss," said the church's pastor, the Rev. Nancy Taylor." As we approach the first anniversary, feelings are complicated. Every athlete competing in this year's Boston Marathon is facing down fear and defying it. These scarves, knitted with prayers of love and courage, will literally enfold the athletes, touching their skin and blessing them on their way." So the church, located about 100 feet from the marathon's finish line, where the bombs went off on April 15, 2013, chose

By Carolyn Mather, RN, PhD.

to celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit through the Marathon Scarf Project, an effort to wrap each runner of this year's race in love, hope and prayer. Church members Marilyn Jackson-Adams and Diane Gaucher, inspired by the Synod Scarf Project, which encouraged UCC members to send handmade rainbow-colored scarves to General Synod 2013 in Long Beach, CA, as a stand against the bullying of LGBT youth, had the idea of giving a yellow and blue scarf to each marathon participant who shows up for the traditional blessing of the athletes on Sunday before race day. "On this first anniversary, Marilyn and I wanted to do something special for the runners who come to our 'Blessing of the Athletes' services the day before the marathon. (usually ~100 or so runners). We have had this special service since 2008. The number of athletes who attend has grown each year, and we know that many of the athletes come back year after year. It is one of our favorite services. We LOVE blessing our athletes!" But when Gaucher and Jackson Adams realized that Easter was the day before Marathon Monday, they realized they'd have more runners - and need more than a few hundred scarves. The Marathon Scarf Project was organized by members of the Old South Knitters, the church's group of about 30 knitters, crocheters and weavers. The group began collecting handmade scarves in the colors of royal blue and yellow, the official colors of the Boston Marathon, measuring approximately 4-6 inches wide and 60 inches long. On Feb. 11, they started putting the word out, first on Facebook, then in the knitting and crochet websites and message boards. In 10 weeks they received 7,400+ scarves from around the country and beyond, many marked with tags describing their origin. Nearly every state and 11 countries sent scarves. By creating a scarf, each person shared in a very pub- lic proclamation of love over hate and a very personal moment with the athletes. The message given to each athlete was:" In this year of remembrance and hope, we will wrap you in love and prayer by presenting you with a handmade blue and gold scarf. The scarves are a labor of love by knitters across the country and beyond, specifically for this year's athletes. May the scarf warm your spirit as you maneuver a new city, as you carry the weight of a somber anniversary year, and as you look down 26.2 miles with resolve." For two days scarves were presented to marathoners, survivors and first responders. Then on Easter Sunday at the blessing of the athletes the church members asked that the runners be kept safe from harm or injury, that they might serve as an example of peaceful international competition, and that God would grant them the stamina to finish the race. "The service is tied in with the marathon - we have the runners stand and the congregation blesses them and wishes them Godspeed and a safe run," said Diane Gaucher, an Old South Knitter. "We thought it would be such a nice gesture to give them something extra this year and wrap them in our love." And thus the remaining scarves were distributed. The scarves were precious to everyone involved in the project. "Through the Marathon Scarf Project, Old South Knitters are doing what they do best: weaving messages into textiles," Rev. Taylor said. "Every athlete is staking his or her life on the proposition that the world's oldest peaceful, international competition - a competition requiring only the spare form of the human body, a competition requiring no protective gear, a competition often won by persons from among the poorest nations on earth - is a sacred and worthy undertaking." To give hope and bring healing was evident as members who presented scarves

told the story of the scarf, listened to the hopes and fears of the runners and looked into our eyes and assured each of us that our scarf was stitched with courage and love, wrapping us in courage and love and encouraging each of us to know love wins! Each scarf was unique and represented a world of love and sharing. My scarf came to Boston from Covina, CA. A friend's came from New Zealand. In barely two months, more than 7400 scarves knitted with great care came to Boylston Street where they each found a special owner. "Who knew that with skeins of wool and a lot of needles you could literally knit this world together?" Rev Taylor said. "I didn't. But I am now a believer. I have come to believe in the power of wool and knitters." The Marathon Scarf Project gave all of us a glimpse of how much recovery and courage meant to more than just runners. Each person who created a scarf had a stake in the power of love and courage. Each scarf had a tag which stated "This scarf is interwoven with love and courage." A second tag provided the origin of the scarf. I cannot begin to tell you how this outpouring of love affected the recipients. It was an act of unselfishness and love that each creator gave us. It demonstrates how much good there is in the world when people knit for the well being of someone they will never meet. I personally will treasure my scarf forever. Thank you is not nearly enough to say but I hope each participant realizes how they touched the runners and the city of Boston. This was a project of true magnificence. Carolyn Mather, R.N., PhD. lives and runs in north Georgia and is a member of the adidas elite team of the Atlanta Track Club Competitive Team. She can be reached at

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Running Journal • June, 2014


Masters Running Distance Running: Healthy Exercise or a Potential Killer? Is there such a thing as “too much running”? And can we actually kill ourselves by doing too much of a good thing? Recently I have seen discussions, on Facebook and elsewhere, referring to a 2012 article in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The article was authored by Dr. James O'Keefe, a cardiologist in Kansas City. After reviewing data from several previous studies of marathoners, triathletes, and other extreme endurance athletes, O'Keefe concluded that long term, excessive endurance exercise may be harmful to the heart. With “excessive” he meant running more than 20 miles per week. “Regular physical exercise at a moderate level has significant benefits and can prolong our lives by up to seven years compared to non-exercisers”, O'Keefe said. But he also warned that if we exercise at an extreme level over time, our life expectancy could retreat and become more similar to that of a nonexerciser. He claimed that when we repeatedly perform hard exercise that lasts for several hours (such as running marathons), muscle fibers in the heart will tear, resulting in inflammation and scar tissue. This could in turn make us more vulnerable to abnormal heart rhythms. These conclusions have been challenged by other researchers, and many of his contemporaries are asking for more solid scientific proof. Yes, there could be tears in the heart muscle after prolonged intense exercise, but this is the case with skeletal muscles also. If you want to make a muscle stronger, you have to exercise it so hard that you damage it a little. But it will heal itself, and in response to the stress it was exposed to, it will become stronger. During the healing process there is some soreness, something every runner or exerciser has experienced. It is very important to take an easy day or two between hard workouts, so that our muscles (including the heart muscle) will have some time to heal themselves. If we do hard workouts several days in a row, our muscles won't have enough time to recuperate, and we will literally “run ourselves down”. It has been said more than once that rest is the most important part of the training process, and the older we get the more we have to heed this advice. It takes more time for muscles and other tissue to heal as we age. So, O'Keefe may have been at least partially right. Very likely there is a threshold beyond which more running (or other

By Lena Hollmann RRCA Southern Director

exercise) will do us more harm than good. Other studies have come to similar conclusions. However, this threshold very likely varies from person to person. For one individual it could be 15 miles per week, and for another closer to 50. There are also other conditions, arthritis for example, that can put us on the sidelines without directly impacting our mortality. Our health and longevity is largely determined by genetics, but we can influence it to some extent by exercise and a healthy diet. Some of us, like myself, are able to exercise vigorously and run long distances for several decades without much noticeable damage to our heart or joints. But others are not as fortunate. Jim Fixx, author of the 1977 bestseller “The Complete Book of Running,” lived a healthy lifestyle but still dropped dead during a run at the age of 52 in 1984. More recently, there were two runners who suddenly fell down and died during a Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in Raleigh, NC. Both were male, and only in their 30s. Those deaths were very sad, and put a damper on what otherwise was a festive event on a beautiful day. My thoughts and sympathies go out to their families, who had to face such a tragic and sudden loss of a loved one. So, could running long distances be dangerous and potentially deadly? When two runners collapse and die in the same race for seemingly no reason we might pause and wonder. Even though they were “only” two out of over 12,000 participants, it is scary. Then add the O'Keefe analysis, and maybe we will stop in our tracks and question whether we are doing the right thing when we lace up your shoes for yet another run. Or more likely, our non-running friends and relatives will. We may hear that instead of going out for a 10-mile run, we should take an easy walk around the block or on the treadmill. We are confused and not sure what to do.

As of this writing, the cause of death in the two young runners at the Rock 'n' Roll event has not been publicly announced. But according to cardiologists who were interviewed in local media, most likely they had some abnormalities in their hearts that they were not aware of. Sudden deaths in races are very rare, and when they do happen the cause is almost always a cardiac event. In an older runner the most probable cause would be a heart attack. But since the two runners who passed away in Raleigh were only in their 30s it was more likely due to other abnormalities. We do have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease as we get older, whether we run or not. We tend to develop atherosclerosis as we age, i.e. plaque builds up in our arteries. But how early in life this starts happening and how fast it accumulates depends on genetics, and to some extent on lifestyle. Our heart and other muscles need oxygen to operate, and they need more of it during exercise than during rest. The oxygen that we breathe in is supplied to the muscles via the arteries. But if they are partially blocked by plaque, then not as much blood can flow through, and our muscles get less oxygen. (This is a partial explanation why we cannot run as fast or as hard as when we were younger, by the way.) If there's a blockage in the coronary artery it could lead to a heart attack. It could happen while we are running, or while doing something else. However, several studies have indicated that regular exercise slows the buildup of cholesterol that contributes to plaque formation. This is one of several reasons why running (or other exercise) plays such an important role in keeping us healthy as we age, and it may also cause us to live longer. However, if we already are “a heart attack waiting to happen,” or have other cardiac abnormalities, then exercising hard could have disastrous results. As we get older we may also have other conditions that are contraindications to running. Therefore the American College of Sports medicine (ACSM) recommends that men age 45 or older and women age 55 or older get a doctor's clearance before starting any exercise program. Both runners who died in Raleigh were younger than the recommended minimum age for men to get a doctor's clearance to exercise. And I have no idea whether or not they were examined by a doctor before participating in the half marathon.

But even if they did have an exam, it would probably not have revealed the underlying and presumably rare conditions that became their nemesis. It is impossible to rule out every potential health hazard before we take up or continue with running. Many conditions are very rare, and as long as we are experienced runners or have a physician's clearance, we should be good to go. We usually get in our car without worrying too much about getting killed on the highway. Likewise, we have to gather the courage to go out on a run without worrying about passing out. We need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of more common perils (heat related illness in the summer, for example), and stop running if we feel dizzy or “off ” in some other way. If you love running marathons or ultramarathons, and your body can handle the training, then go for it. No reason to give up or curtail doing what we love, simply on the premise that if we retreat to the couch we might possibly live a few years longer. There's quantity of life but also quality of life. And for us runners, the latter usually includes running! Lena Hollmann is a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise (ACE), and also the Southern Region Director for RRCA. She lives and runs in Cary, NC, and can be reached at

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Running Journal • June, 2014

Running Through the Age Groups 'Runner's Butt' a back problem? If you're like most runners who've been at it for some time, you've “enjoyed” your share of aches and pains. I've had a long history of injuries, both running-related and just bad-luck related, and I would even venture to say that over the past 30 years, more than half the time one thing or another has ached. Having endured everything from a collapsed lung to a ruptured Achilles tendon, I've learned some tough lessons about how to react to and deal with pesky aches and pains. It always seems to start with that first tinge of an ache or pain -- when you hope it's just soreness and you're basically in denial for awhile. This involves the inevitable, agonizing decision whether to train through it and risk exacerbating it, or whether to take time off and risk losing weeks of hard-earned fitness. Then, after resigning yourself to the fact that it's an injury and not just soreness, the decision becomes whether to see a doctor or try self-help. If the injury is serious enough to send you to a doctor and to warrant -- God forbid -- diagnostic tests, then the ultimate decision involves whether to treat the injury conservatively or surgically. Being no stranger to surgery, I recommend considering that route only after all other options have been exhausted. Over the past several months, I've dealt with this pesky pain that originated in my right glute and at times ran down my hamstring. It started after a half marathon in the mountains for which I had not properly trained. The extreme side-sloping streets that dominated the course did a ringer on what I thought was my glute and hamstring. Since that race, which was eight months ago, I've had pain varying in intensity from almost non-existent to almost excruciating. About a month into the “injury”, I saw my doctor, who prescribed physical therapy. Not wanting to mess with therapy - I didn't have a lot of faith in it -- and convinced that I could run through the pain as I was training for a marathon in November, I ignored the doctor's advice and pressed on with my training. In October, I ran a challenge race, consisting of a 5K on one day followed by a half-marathon the next day, as a tune-up to the marathon. The 5K went really well, but when I awoke the next morning for the half, the pain was pretty intense. Convinced I could push through, I did so and finished the half, though my time was not what I had hoped it would be as dealing with the pain actually made me more tired than I would otherwise have been for

By Mary Margaret McEachern

the given effort. After a few days off, the pain subsided enough to resume marathon training. When marathon weekend arrived in November, I was confident that I could get through the challenge of an 8K on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday, but I remained quite aware of the continuing and very frustrating pain in my right leg. I got through the 8K in fine form and in a good position to place well in the challenge. Once again, however, I awoke the next day feeling a bit sore and concerned about whether my leg would allow me to cover the marathon distance on a relatively tough course with several hilly off-road miles and a gigantic bridge near the finish. Well, I managed, but again due to the nagging pain, the time was nowhere near what I had hoped to run. After the marathon, I took two weeks completely off. The leg once again felt better as I resumed training for a 1mile/5K/half marathon challenge in March -- I am a glutton for punishment! Bear in mind, I was still ignoring my doctor's advice regarding therapy. March came, and once again, Saturday went well, with good performances in both the mile and the 5K. When I awoke at the crack of dawn Sunday, I could tell the leg had about had enough, but I pressed through the half, and this time I ran my fastest in years! My leg, however, felt worse than ever, and I had to take considerable time off. Having reached my breaking point, I decided to finally listen to my doctor and go to physical therapy! What I learned on the first day was that the problem was not actually a running injury at all! My therapist pointed out very logically that muscle and tendon injuries do not last for months with virtually no change in pain level. In fact, the problem was one I had caused over my many years practicing law by too much sitting -- yes, too much sitting! I spent the majority of my workdays slumped over a desk with terrible posture and often, due to time constraints, I would jump up and take my run with virtually no

warm-up. Over time, this lifestyle adversely affected my lumbar spine, thereby causing an intrusion of disk material into my sciatic nerve. This manifested as a literal “pain in the butt,” which ran down my leg and sometimes all the way to my foot! While the injury felt exactly like a combination of hamstring strain, piriformis strain and upper hamstring tendonitis, it was actually a structural lower back problem! I admit that I was initially quite skeptical of my therapist's determination regarding the source of the pain, but I knew he had worked with numerous runners, and was therefore quite familiar with the “runner's butt” phenomenon. He prescribed various exercises to both increase flexibility and strength in and around my spine and hamstring, and - presto! - after only three weeks of therapy, my pain has magically and almost completely subsided! I've been able to run some really fast speed workouts, and last night I even did my first hill workout since the pain started. I have been afraid for months to run a pace under 7:30, let alone attempt hills, but the other day I was able to complete several 400's at 6:00 pace and the hill work felt wonderful!

I've learned several things from this experience. First, if you have a pesky ache or pain, don't simply ignore it; try to listen to your body and make a well-reasoned decision about whether to train and/or race through it, or take some down time. There is, after all, always another race! Second, if you do decide to see a doctor with the injury, then for heaven's sake heed his/her advice! Third, have surgery only if there are no other options … the body loathes surgery. Fourth, if your doctor prescribes therapy, go! Fifth, do the exercises your therapist prescribes -- I know, this is hard! Finally, keep an open mind; what at first glance might seem to be a common “running injury” could in fact be something more sinister, like a “sitting injury”. Mine was a wake-up call to not only take care of my training and nutritional needs, but to also get off the couch, pay attention to my posture and stop ignoring my spinal “foundation”. Until next time, I wish you a spring and early summer of happy and healthy running! Mary Margaret can be reached at

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Running Journal • June, 2014

Running Through the Bluegrass


Races I Never Ran By Annie Brennan-Smith

America Was Not Deterred Crossing a race finish line, especially a marathon, is always a victory. That sense of accomplishment, of pride, is something every finisher gets, regardless of his or her time or finishing position. And sometimes, that finish line means so much more. As finishers crossed that fabled blue and yellow line on Boylston Street, they crossed for themselves. They crossed for the 264 injured in last year's explosions. They crossed for the four people who died. They crossed to prove that Boston, that America, is not easily deterred. Boston was my first experience with a marathon. I had never seen one, never even thought of one, until I started my freshman year of college in the city. This was when the marathon still started at noon, and we packed into Kenmore Square cheering for runners and the Red Sox. It would be five years before I came back to run the Boston Marathon -- I started running three years after that first time watching at the mile-to-go sign -and every second was awesome. I went back again in 2009, but I haven't been back since. Last year, I spent most of the morning live-tracking friends who were racing. They were all done by the 3:30 mark, and I went back to actually working. But not for long. Part of my job legitmately involves Twitter, and it did not take long to hear about the bombings. It was really a pointless day at work. Everyone in our office started checking news reports; some people had friends running the race, others had family who lived in the area. I was checking in on friends, and soon was helping the local paper compile a list of locals there and verifying they were okay. The school district I work for had at least two teachers running, so we checked on those, too. This year, many people ran to prove a point. I didn't go mostly because I didn't want to run a spring marathon this year. And, certainly, we've all seen by now the photos and stories of the bandits this

By Tracy Harris

year who made headlines. Were there more bandits than usual? Possibly, but that's not to say there aren't bandits every year, especially at Boston. Everybody wants to run Boston -- especially this year -- and sometimes they will do less-thanadmirable things. But those people, like all the runners, had a story for why they wanted to run. And this year it was bigger than 26 miles, bigger than a BQ, bigger than the country's oldest marathon. Bigger than the 36,000 runners, the 100,000 spectators, the countless bottles of water and discarded gel packs. Boston is one of those cities that encompasses everything that makes up America. Diverse, proud, old, new -Fanieul Hall to Fenway Park, South Boston to Back Bay. This year, when I watched Boston, I saw everything that makes our country special. Others did, too, and were buoyed by that spirit. Hometown gal Shalane Flanagan made a run for the win and came away with a PR and a strong showing -- and everyone, even non-runners, know that Meb Keflezighi came away with the win. He became the first American man to win since 1983, and it came this year as a resounding exclamation point to the end of our country's statement: Boston Strong.

Tracy Harris is a runner and writer in Louisville, Ky. She runs for the New Balance Louisville team and with national title winning youth team the Derby City Athletic Club. Find her on Twitter at @tfltft or online at

A word or two about the ones that got away. Oddly enough, they were every bit as important as the ones I raced, some even more important. I trained for them with all the dedication, gusto and passion I could muster. In return, I received the gifts of discipline, focus, clarity, and a heightened sense of purpose and peace. I never knew until race day whether I would be at the start line along with everyone else, or not. Anything can happen, and usually it does. For example, right knee, like right brain, has a life known only to God. It registers a rise in barometric pressure before meteorologists even know there is one; it has a heat and humidity index built in with a default set to instant inflammation if either one surpasses the day's tolerance range; it gets all red and hot as if swarmed by hornets when junk food is ingested; it doesn't respond well to hyperextension, except when my life is in danger - then I have the elasticity of a rubber band; it dislikes emotional disturbance, mine more than anyone else's, and it can be hunky dory going to bed at night and an inflamed mass of mush when I wake up, as if someone battered it to a pulp all night long. Go figure. Some days I have a hefty share of the magic glue that holds everything together, and some days, it's no closer than Jupiter. Many races went by the wayside on race day. At the time, it was disappointing to let them go, but they had already given me what I needed, a richer, more focused life, and every one I missed deepened my passion for, and dedication to, the next race.

Annie Brennan-Smith

Nothing was ever wasted. Nothing ever is. Payoffs are routinely delayed by decades, even centuries. Months and years are nothing by comparison. It took all those missed races, as much as the races run, to get me to this moment in time, still racing today. It turns out disappointments are what you make of them. They can be just as easily setbacks or stepping stones to the next accomplishment. Perception is everything. We could, individually, eradicate disappointment entirely by viewing anything that doesn't work out or come to pass as a positive prod in the right direction. Wonder what that would look like, a world without disappointment? Which begs the question, how important is it to have dreams materialize at all? Isn't working to make them happen, whether they do or not, the most important thing and what the pursuit of happiness is all about? After all, nobody gets to know while they are working toward a goal whether they will actually attain it or not. We're all sliding along on faith and footwork. I don't know if I will make my next race in a few days. I wouldn't want to know - that would spoil the preparation. If I'm not going to make the race, why prepare? However, if I think I will, I must prepare, and that preparation can be cashed in anytime. It has a shelf life that expires when I do. Dreams appear to be as flexible as the mind that molds them and as strong as the passion that keeps them alive. All a mystery to me.


Running Journal • June, 2014

He Said, She Said When did your feet complete a feat? A spectator positioned at a marathon finish line can expect to witness an expansive array of raw emotions as runners realize their 26.2-mile goal. From the torrent of tears flooding from the eyes of novice runners who never knew the distance was possible, to the joyful elation of veterans achieving victorious personal bests, marathon finish lines are filled with goals achieved and dreams come true. Few will dispute that finishing a marathon is an accomplishment. Yet, as a runner, you likely realize that running accomplishments reveal themselves in sorted speeds, different distances, and with or without the glory of celebratory finish line applause. They may be aspirations you purposefully set out to achieve or they may be bounties of success surprisingly bestowed as a result of your committed running regimen. Regardless of the defining framework, you probably remember just how fulfilling that final step felt. This month I ask, when did your feet last complete a gratifying feat?

Rafael Martin beginning his 250-mile Run for Hope

He (Rafael Martin) Said… “When I finished the 250-mile run I knew that I had accomplished something that few people in the world have done,” 45-year old Rafael Martin said of the five-day run he conceptualized and independently completed in March. Losing his mother, Ligia Martin to stomach cancer in 2005, Rafael Martin set his sights on doing something dramatic to capture Florida's attention about the epidemic of cancer, while honoring his mother's memory. In 2011, Martin began to toss around the idea of running from Lakeland to Tallahassee to speak to the Governor about increasing funding for cancer research. Having been out of shape and overweight most of his life, Martin was unsure if he could physically tackle the 250-mile feat. Two

By Mary Marcia Brown

years later, he took the plunge, committed to his 250-mile run, and announced his intended journey to commence March 21, 2014. The days sandwiched between the disclosure of Martin's expected run and the run itself, were saturated with 12-hour per week running, three weekly days strength training, a 50-mile run in December, map questing his course, securing hotel stops along his journey, and some very surprising, untimely, and unwelcomed news just days before the dawning of his inspiring ultra run. “After I committed to [run the 250 miles], and I announced it in November 2013, I discovered I had prostate cancer on March 5, 2014,” Martin shared. His spirit undaunted and his intended path undeterred, Martin accepted his diagnosis as the ammunition to fuel his 'personally meaningful'turned-'even more personal' run. Geared with his mother's picture, a purple Tenoroc Titans hat from the high school where he once taught, a cell phone, some spending money, and a backpack full of supplies, Martin began his Lakeland to Tallahassee journey from the parking lot of Polk State College at 6 a.m. on Friday, March 21. Chase Woolman of Positive Body Fitness Center helped sponsor Martin's run and was there to bid him safe and successful travels and witness his very first stride. So. too, were a handful of friends, Martin's pastor, and a Bay News 9 reporter and cameraman. Yet for the next four full days, Martin trekked alone. Averaging 62 miles per day for four days before finally arriving at the capital on day five, Martin managed the miles with his determina- tion, occasional calls from friends and family who were worried about him, and the assistance of strangers who offered help along the way. “Floridians asked me what I was doing, [and] offered me food, water, and donations. I was amazed at how nice people were,” Martin recounted. These gestures were particularly appreciated on the first day of Martin's run when he realized he had underestimated just how much water his body would require to safely endure the day's miles. He ran out of the water supply he was carrying in his backpack, and began to feel the effects of dehydration before he could make it to a store to buy more. His requests for water from both a business and a home along the way were granted. Combined with a brief rest under the shade of a nearby tree, the gifts of water rehydrated and re-energized Martin to continue his journey. Roadside memorials were impactful reminders of the loss others had weathered as Martin steadfastly trudged the final miles of his own personal pilgrimage in his mother's memory. With a giant blister on his left foot disguised beneath the protective barrier of duct tape, and with a smile to suppress the intense pain of his plight, Martin successfully arrived at the capital on Tuesday, March 25. Governor Rick Scott was not there to meet him, but he did send a message through his Communications Director and the health department. “They told me that Governor Rick Scott had increased the money for cancer research by 30 million in the new budget,” Martin shared. “I knew I had made an impact.” While Martin was disappointed that the Governor was not in Tallahassee to meet him in person, he was explicitly clear that the hopeful meeting was not the reason for the run. “I ran for the memory of my mother, for all of the cancer survivors in Florida, and for myself. I pushed myself past whatever limits I thought I had. I also learned my body's limitations, and when I do another ultra-run I will be better prepared,” Martin said. As for his next inspiring run, Martin's wheels are already turning. Of course, he will need to successfully recover first from his recent prostate surgery, but Martin is prepared to embrace the challenge and have his feet complete yet another gratifying feat. “I envision running capital to capital, Tallahassee to Washington D.C., in hopes of meeting the President of the United States. My goal would be to raise awareness about the epidemic of cancer across America, and I would

ask the President to do more to increase funding for cancer research on the federal level,” Martin said. “It's just a dream, but so was my run to Tallahassee before I did it.” She (Mary Marcia Brown) Said… During a recent visit to North Carolina, my feet successfully completed the most gratifying feat of the year. It was not an ultra marathon, a marathon, or even a half marathon. It was a simple 7.5-mile course that simply wasn't that simple. Let's face it - our feet are fantastically phenomenal to conquer the courses, resiliently recover, and contently consent to taxiing us through additional miles we decide to travel. Yet on any given run, the message for them to move comes from somewhere other than the metatarsal territory. Something from somewhere else, turbo charges our feet to tackle the terrain that lies ahead. Typically, it's the mind. I marvel at the mind. It is almost magical how our thoughts evoke emotions, our visions construct physical reality, and our mental affirmations beget goals fulfilled. But what happens when the mind is weighted with heavy thoughts, fogged by clouded visions, and afflicted with affirmations of negative mind talk? What fuels our running feet to realize a feat when our minds are filled with DEfeat? I'll take “What is the heart?” for $2000, Alex (TV quiz show). Have you ever pondered the idea that there are people who “lose their minds” every day, but they endure in running and in life. You may have even had someone tell you that you must have lost your mind for running like you do. Yet without the beat of your heart, you are lifeless. Without your heart, there is no message to live, and certainly no message to tell your feet to run. Thankfully, I had a full heart to fuel my recent 7.5-mile NC run with my dad. We ran past cursing cars, barking dogs, and the field of naked pecan trees where we picked a fruitful harvest beneath the crackling leaves of fall more than a year ago. My dad had, had a tough week and so had I. As he ran, his eyes were full of tears, and mine had no more to cry. I reached for his hand and palm in palm we ran past the parade of pecan trees, picking up our pace to jointly realize a real running achievement after a challenging week. It was undeniably a feat turbo charged by the heart. Post-run, we walked down the long dirt driveway, both drenched in a sweat that seemed to wipe away the week's sullied slate. I thanked my dad for giving me the gift of running that has helped me through some trying chapters and rewarded me during some joyful journeys. The most joyful have been the ones shared with him. As we approach this month's Father's Day, I want him to know in his mind and in his heart how very important he is to me. The weight of the world may try to threaten the magical mystery of the mind, but with full hearts our feet move us forward. And if we are lucky, they are laced in running shoes and prepared to complete gratifying feats with the ones we love the most. Mary Marcia Brown is a writer, runner, race director and personal trainer. Reach her at or by visiting

Running Journal • June, 2014



Running Journal • June, 2014

Running Fitness Senior fitness includes resting, exercise One of the most amazing things I've read about Kenyan marathoner's training is not their training, but the way they don't train, that part of our training regimen we know begrudgingly as that dirty word, “rest.” What shocked me was the amount of time dedicated to rest. I read that it is common practice to literally sit on a couch and watch TV for several months until training begins again. Kenyan marathoners couch potatoes? Seriously? With medical care as we know it in the western world not readily available everywhere else, rest is nature's way there, of taking care of aches and pains on the road to recovery. If these kinds of pros are taking the summer off, what can that mean for us in Florida? I'm imagining that most of us won't feel like heading for the couch. All the books on senior fitness I've read say less can be more. Many of us used to run every day -- or perhaps you still do. Maybe we took one or two rest days. But the jury seems to be weighing in on mixing it up. As a personal trainer, rule one, besides eating that carb and protein snack within an hour of an intense workout, is giving muscles at least 48 hours to recover and rebuild. Delayed onset muscle soreness, that pain that makes you take note 2-3 days after a big race wondering, “Where's that pain coming from?” can be minimized by not overdoing too soon after a big event. One coach I know says to take off a day for every mile you do in a race. To mix it up, cycling works well in the cross-training world because you use your leg muscles, but not the way you do with running. In my own informal poll, the fastest runners I know also bike. Make sure to get the bike fitted to your frame at a bike store. If you don't, you can end up with knee pain from not being positioned correctly. When you pedal, you want to have a very slight bend in the knee, but not too much. Now that the summer is almost here, the Gulf and ocean waters are already optimal for some of us. There's nothing like jumping into the water after a run. Some runners swear by the inflammation-absorbing properties of the salt water. If you live close to water, bike to your run, and then jump in for your own personal triathlon. Runners being the impatient souls that we are, love to find ways to maximize our workout and times. Don't forget weight training a time or two at least during the week. It increases your muscle strength as well as oxygen uptake. Weight bearing exercise is one of the top recommendations to combat and prevent osteoporosis. The jury is out on how much to weight train a runner's lower body. Some say it is not needed. Others say squats and lunges are good. Personally, I do walking lunges twisting from the waist and free weight squats. I always used to have knee pain doing them, but once I learned proper form and got orthotics to correct my runner's knee, the knee pain vanished. The key with both exercises is never letting your knee extend farther than your toes.

By Ellen Jaffe Jones

Pretend like you're sitting down on a chair. Another trick is to use a large ball on the small of your back and press against a wall. Where I live, we are fortunate to have yoga offered on a donation basis almost every day on the beach. There is nothing quite like yoga on a peaceful beach. Our neighborhood has a kayaking club. That's a great way to work the upper body, which runners often neglect, and get vitamin D at the same time, another component in the race for strong bones. A strong upper body helps us use our arms to aid in propulsion. It also keeps our shoulders and back in optimal position to support our hardworking lungs. I in my 69th 5K at Bradenton's Desoto Parade 5K. For those of us who will never get to Boston, it's as close as we will come. I love the great community spirit along the parade route. Namaste! Gotta run! Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day,” “Kitchen Divided” and just released, “Paleo Vegan: Plant-Based Primal Recipes.” She is a certified personal trainer (AFAA) and running coach (RRCA) and can be reached at

Running Journal • June, 2014

Learning from the Young Guns Boston Strong This month is a departure from my typical monthly running advice. I was fortunate to be a part of the Boston Marathon several weeks ago and the experience expanded my view of our sport. I spent the better part of my running life attempting to get every ounce out of my body (my left hip will attest to this). I prided myself on competing fiercely every time out -- don't we all? Today I spend most of my time working with professional runners who compete against the best in the world. The competitive side of running has shaped me as an athlete and a coach. The allure of running, though, is that it doesn't require the absolute dedication of a professional athlete or world-class talent to be competitive and strive for improvement. That communal spirit of struggle and achievement is what brought 1 million people to the streets of Boston to cheer on the marathoners, and it's what kept them there hours after Meb Keflezighi became the first American man to win the race in 31 years. They were cheering on Meb and the other top athletes, but they were also cheering on their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Competitiveness and dedication were on full display in Boston, which you could clearly see etched in the faces of the 36,000 participants. However, the Boston Marathon, this year more than most, was more than just competition. It was a shared celebration of achievement between participants and those cheering alongside the course. This year it was a cathartic celebration of different proportions, but perhaps in the most fitting tribute possible, it felt a lot like a typical Patriot's Day in Boston. Several years removed from my competitive running days, I was inspired to run the marathon by cheering on the course last year and witnessing the incredible spirit of the race. My decision was forged in the aftermath of the bombings and the groundswell of support surrounding the recovery. This race would be different for me though, I wouldn't be targeting a specific time, I was simply running to experience the spirit of Boston and contribute whatever amount of support and resilience I could by participating. In the interest of full disclosure, running a race for fun is not something I had ever embraced or felt comfortable with.

By Ryan Warrenburg, ZAP Fitness

There has always been a little part of me that never understood why someone would run a race and not put forth a race effort. I mean, that's why they call it a race right? I traveled up to Boston with a group of local runners from Boone, NC. Some of us were running for fun, some were running with the hopes of turning in a PR. It was the first time I've traveled to a race as an athlete or a coach and not been fueled by competition. And it was strangely enjoyable. We coordinated a group run with ZAP friends Sunday morning and chatted our way down the Charles River before showering and meeting a larger group of ZAP supporters at a local restaurant. I made the comment during our gathering that I couldn't think of a better place and a better time to get everyone together and share time. And then it hit me; the experience was akin to going home for the holidays and seeing old friends. The shared experience and community is what makes our sport so special. The communal experience of running is shared by millions of people around the country, many of whom were out on the course either running or cheering in Boston. I'd never taken the time to enjoy that communal experience during the course of a race until this year. I'd never understood the value of taking time to enjoy the experience of a race outside competition. As I ran with friends over the first few miles of the course, I noticed a sign with the words of 8-year old Richard Martin on it, “No more hurting people. Peace.� Richard was the youngest victim of last year's bombings, and his memory, along with those of the other victims, was celebrated to the best of Boston's ability. It gave greater meaning to our run, and it was emotional to be reminded of such

tragedy. But for everyone there, and everyone watching, the triumphant spirit of the race carried the day, as it always has in Boston. I know several runners who, despite having rough days, stayed on the course when they otherwise might have dropped out because finishing this race meant more. Giving up wasn't an option, not on a day dedicated to the resilience of a community. We ran past the various college campuses, kissing the Wellesley College coeds and doling out high fives until our hands stung. I ate orange slices from kids on the street, tapped people's “slap here for more powerâ€? signs, and came dangerously close to taking a beer from a Boston University student at mile 17. I ran down Boylston Street with Zika, ZAP cofounder, and my partner in qualifying last fall in Erie. We whooped up the crowd, and despite most of my body protesting, relished the moment. As simple as it seems, that was something new for me. I had developed an appreciation for participating. Don't get me wrong; there is great value to competing. You find out more about yourself in the final mile of a race than in many other places, and the struggle is what makes the victory so sweet. Sometimes though, it's worth stopping to smell the roses‌ or in this case, kiss a Wellesley girl. Editing Note: In my April article on building a training program I gave an example of what a 6 week training block might look like using the 2 weeks up/1 week down format. The example should have been the following weekly mileage numbers: 20, 24, 22, 27, 30, 24. I apologize for the confusion. ZAP Fitness is a Reebok Sponsored non-profit facility which supports post collegiate distance runners in Blowing Rock, NC. ZAP puts on adult running camps during the summer and is available for retreats all year. The facility has a state of the art weight room, Alter-G treadmill and a 24 bed lodge. Coaches at the facility include 2-time Olympic Trials Qualifier Zika Rea, 2007 USATF National XC Champion Ryan Warrenburg as well as head coach Pete Rea. For more information go to or call 828-295-6198. You can reach Ryan at


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Running Journal • June, 2014

The Athlete’s Kitchen


Carbohydrates: Why are they so confusing? Don’t let Carbohydrates seem to be a source of confusion for marathoners and fitness joggers alike. Due to the Paleo Diet, Grain Brain, Wheat Belly, and other trendy diet books, many runners don't know what to eat. They just think they should avoid pasta, bagels, juice, bananas and sugar --even if these foods are non-problematic for them. Yet, most of the carbs are evil, fattening and bad for you hype is targeted not to runners but to the masses of overfat, underfit people whose bodies do not handle carbohydrates as healthfully. What are “carbs”? Some runners are confused about carbs because they do not even know what carbohydrates are. One marathoner claimed he “stayed away from carbs.” Yet, he routinely ate oatmeal for breakfast, whole wheat wraps for lunch, and sweet potato with dinner. He failed to understand that oatmeal, wraps, and potatoes are carbohydrates. He was actually limiting his intake of refined sugars; there is a big difference! Here's what he needed to know about Carb Biochemistry 101: • Carbohydrates include both sugars and starches. Carbs are in fruits, vegetables, grains, and milk (lactose). These carbs all digest into the simple sugar glucose. Glucose travels in the blood and, with the help of insulin, is taken up for fuel by the muscles. Runners who restrict carbs pay the price -“dead legs” and inability to perform at their best. • All carbs -- both sugars and starches -- are equal sources of muscle fuel. Regardless of whether you eat a starchy potato or sugary candy, the end product is the simple sugar glucose. Some of that glucose feeds your brain; some of it fuels your muscles; and some gets stored in muscles as glycogen, ready to be used for fuel during hard and extended exercise. • Sugars and starches are biochemically similar. For example, an unripe banana (or any fruit) is starchy. As it ripens, it becomes sweeter; the starch converts into sugar. In comparison, peas (and other vegetables) are sweet when young and their sugar converts into starch as they mature. Are carbs bad for you? Regarding health, some carbs are better for you than others because they offer more nutrients. For example, the sugar in sport drinks provides "empty calories" with no nutritional value (unless they are fortified to give a healthier appearance). The sugar in orange juice is accompanied with vitamin C, folate, potassium, and many other vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that contribute to good health. While juice offers slightly less nutritional value than you'd get by eating the whole fruit, most anti-juice hype is targeted at overfat people. Liquid calories from juice, soda and sports drinks do not contribute to satiety (fullness).

By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D.

Hence, drinking sugary beverages with meals adds extra calories that can contribute to undesired weight gain. Yet, for active people who want to gain weight, juice can help a skinny runner easily boost calorie intake while simultaneously adding carbs for fuel that enhances muscle-building workouts. Even though refined sugar adds “junk calories” to a sports diet, you need not eat a sugarfree diet to have a good diet. A fit and healthy runner's menu can accommodate 10 percent of calories from refined sugar (World Health Organization's guidelines). Yet, if you frequently consume sports drinks, gels, and sports candies-as well as other sweets-you can easily consume more than 250 to 350 calories (10 percent of calories) from refined sugar. Please don't displace too many fruits, veggies and whole grains with empty calories from sugar. What about high fructose corn syrup? High fructose corn syrup (HFCS), also deemed evil and fattening, is less evil and less fattening than portrayed by the media (1). (Ninety percent of 567 media reports on HFCS since 2004 replaced science with opinion and were biased to the erroneous (2).) HFCS is a double molecule comprised of 45 percent glucose, 55 percent fructose -- the same as honey and similar to white sugar (50 percent glucose, 50 percent fructose). The negative hype about HFCS applies primarily to overweight folks who consume excessive calories of sweets, soda, candies and processed foods sweetened with HFCS. While no one needs excessive, lack-luster calories that could be better spent on nutrient-rich fruits, veggie and whole grains, does an athlete really need to fret about a few calories of HFCS in ketchup? Are carbs fattening? Despite popular belief, carbohydrates are not inherently fattening. Excess calories are fattening. Excess calories of carbs (bread, bagels, pasta) are actually less fattening than

are excess calories of fat (butter, salad oil, cheese). That's because storing excess calories of sugar as body fat requires more energy than does storing excess calories of dietary fat as body fat. This means, if you are destined to be gluttonous and want to suffer the least weight gain, indulge in (high carb) frozen yogurt instead of (high fat) ice cream! What about sugar “highs” and “lows”? Sugar “highs” and “lows” can easily occur in overfat, underfit people. Most runners, however, can metabolize sugar without problems. That's because exercise enhances the transport of sugar from your blood into your muscles with far less insulin than needed by the body of an unfit person. The unfit body contributes to the rise in blood sugar that triggers the need for excess insulin and leads to the “crash.” The most common reason for “sugar crashes” (hypoglycemia) among runners relates to running out of fuel. The shakiness and sweats are because the athlete did not eat enough carbs to maintain normal blood glucose levels and the brain is now demanding sugar. One marathoner thought the 100-calorie gel he took at mile 16 caused him to “crash.” More likely, he needed 200 to 300 calories to meet his energy needs, not just 100 calories. You are an experiment of one If you have intestinal distress relating to wheat, gels, onions, milk or any of a multitude of fruits, veggies and grains, your best bet is to figure out how much (if any) you can tolerate. The dose might be the poison. If you need to eliminate wheat due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance, you might have trouble getting enough carbs to fuel your muscles. That is, you'd need to eat three cups of blueberries to replace one bagel. Not only is that expensive, but also puts you at high risk for undesired pit stops. Consulting with a registered dietitian (RD) can be a smart idea! The referral network at can help you find a local sports RD who can address your food concerns and take the confusion out of carbohydrates. Boston-area sports nutritionist Nancy Clark, MS, RD counsels both casual and competitive athletes at her office in Newton, MA (617-7951875). Her best selling Sports Nutrition Guidebook is available at, along with her food guides for cyclists, runners, and soccer players. For online education, see

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Selected References 1. Lowndes, J, S Sinnett, S Pardo, V Nguyen, K Melanson, Z Yu, B Lowther, J Rippe. The effect of normally consumed amounts of sucrose or high fructose corn syrup on lipid profiles, body composition and related parameters in overweight/obese subjects. Nutrients 2014. 17; 6(3):1128-44 2.

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Running Journal • June, 2014

Running Psychology The Post-Race Let Down: Now What? You trained all winter for the “big” race. Maybe it was a marathon, Boston even, maybe it was an ultra, or maybe it was the local festival 5K. The point is, you worked really hard and put a lot of physical and emotional energy into preparing for the race. Your race has been run and you feel really happy with your time and finish place. In fact you are exhilarated and on a natural “high.” The hard training was all worth it. Maybe you finished your first marathon, ran a new PR, or simply participated in your first race. It really doesn't matter, you just feel really good after the race. Gosh, running is great! It may take a few hours or a few days, but ultimately the high wears off. In the days following a personally important race you may actually begin to feel down. Emotionally, you feel flat and may even begin to wonder what comes next with your running. You might have a great deal of fatigue and soreness and you wonder if it was all really worth it. Strangely, the postrace letdown seems to be bigger after a really outstanding performance. I have even

By Richard Ferguson, Ph.D.

heard runners who have had really good performances feel “disappointed” soon after a race. It's as if you look so forward to the big race for so long that afterward you realize that the race is over, yet you are the same person, whether you had a great race or a poor race. In reality, when you point your training to a big race you make a large emotional investment of yourself in that race. You commit yourself to preparation for a long period of time and you commit yourself to a hard effort during the race. Not only does

and gentle running and stretching will speed recovery. There are also a number of things you can do to speed your emotional recovery following a big race. In the days following an emotionally draining event you may want to follow a pattern of active rest. In a period of active rest try to exercise some, but change it up from what you would normally do. If you do some light running or jogging do it at a different time of a day and in a different location from your normal training. Give your mind a rest by getting out of any training rut you may have developed before your big race. You may even take a few days off and not run at all. Instead ride your bike, take a walk, or just do some light activity that you didn't have time for leading up to the race. Give both your body and mind a break. Be sure to give yourself plenty of positive reinforcement in the days following an important race. Maybe you had hoped to run a little better or maybe you didn't reach a specific goal you had set. Remind yourself that you prepared well and you gave a good effort in the race. Always be proud of a great effort and simply try to learn from any mistakes you think you made both in training and during the race. Move on and always have pride when you give your beseffort, because in reality, your best effort is all you can ask of yourself. Treat yourself Continued on page 24

training and racing make you physically tired, training and racing makes you mentally tired, especially training for and racing a long race, like a marathon, to your physical and mental limit. I can remember during the 1980s when I was running sub-2:20 marathons that I would often feel physically recovered in a couple of weeks after a race, yet it was very difficult for me to feel emotionally prepared to invest an all-out effort in another marathon for many weeks afterward. Many runners I consult with today are concerned that they just don't have the emotional interest to train after an important race. They feel fine physically, but it seems as though they need time to recover emotionally as well. So having an emotional letdown following a race is really not unusual. The big question is how can you avoid letting the post-race blues negatively affect your running and life in general? One thing that can really improve your mental outlook following a big race is to be sure you do everything in your power to recover physically. When your body is tired and sore it's very difficult to feel up and energetic about things. That's one of the reasons why chronically overtrained runners often suffer with symptoms of clinical depression. While it's beyond the scope of this article to cover physical recovery in detail, certainly eating the proper diet, staying well hydrated, getting plenty of sleep


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Running Journal • June, 2014

For the Love of Running Success Can Be Twice as Nice We all like having a running partner to help push us to get faster and make the miles go by a little easier. Some people By may even go as far as dressing in similar Bryan Graydon outfits on race day. But how many of us President, can look over at our running partner and Lakeland Runners see the spitting image of ourselves? Twin Club brothers Ben and Drew Martucci have been there for each other through countless miles on the roads and track and now in the coaching world. It all started in the seventh grade at Parrott Middle School in Brooksville, FL, each other, we just wanted to take first when the brothers joined the school track and second at each race we ran, “ said

Twin brothers Ben (L) and Drew (R) during their senior Cross Country season at Florida Southern College.

team and posted times in the mile around 5:15. In those early days Drew would finish a little ahead of Ben. By the time the boys started their freshman year at Hernando High School, Ben was battling for the number one spot on the team with Drew in the top 5. From their sophomore years until graduation, Ben ran in the top spot followed by Drew in the number 2 spot. They didn't, however, see it as a brotherly rivalry or competition. “We would train and do certain workouts together, pushing each other to do our best, “ said Ben of their high school days. “We weren't so concerned with beating

Drew. When it came time to consider the next step after high school, they said 80% of it was their parents wanting them to stay together, but the brothers were excited to continue their running success together in college as well. They landed at Division II, Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL, and the success did continue. Their FSC teams won the Sunshine State Conference title every year they were there and the regional title their freshman year. They also made three trips to nationals. Just like in high school, Ben was competing for the top spot and won the conference championship his junior and sen- ior years while Drew was contributing to the team and trying to stay healthy from injuries. After college years were over and it was time to move onto their careers, running was still in their hearts and minds and both ended up in the world of coaching. “By the time I was in my senior year of college, I knew how to train myself better than my own coach did. I knew if I could do it for myself, I could do it for others,” said Drew. He had brief coaching stints at Hernando High School in Brooksville, and Teneroc High School in Lakeland before landing at Plant City High School in Plant City, FL. “I got accustomed to having one stud runner, but one stud will not make a program,” said Drew. “My hall of fame high school coach, Ernie Chapman, taught me it takes three to four years to build a good solid program and that is what we are working on now.” Ben's path in coaching went in a slightly different direction. “I knew I always wanted to coach college and work with runners more on the elite side of things, “ said Ben. And that's just what he did in accepting the job at his alma mater, Florida Southern College, less than a year after graduating. He was now coaching some runners who were once his teammates, but the transition for him was easy and he felt some of the athletes had more issues at first with him coaching them than he did as being their coach. The new lines were quickly established and everyone understood their roles. Success came quickly and in Ben's second season as coach, his cross country team won the 2013 conference and regional title and placed 27th at nationals. Ben was named the conference and region Coach of the Year. Not bad considering he had only graduated less than two years before. The twins are both very happy with where they are and, while they are still young, they have a good idea of where they want to end up. “I'm happy where I am, so I'm good to stay and build a lasting program,” said Drew of his future. Ben is also happy with his current job saying, “I like coaching at my alma mater and staying in Lakeland. A Division I job could be somewhere down the road, but I'm happy here.” Bryan Graydon is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and also president of the Lakeland Runners Club. He lives and runs in Lakeland, FL, and can be reached at

Running Psychology Continued from page 23 like your best friend would treat you. Don't put yourself down with a lot of negative self-talk. Also, try to surround yourself with running friends that give you lot's of social support as well. Work to hang on to those good feelings and good images you had following the race. Learn to savor your races like a fine wine, especially the good ones! If you do feel a little down in the days following a big race, try to recall that special feeling you had when you crossed the finish line or those feelings of happiness when you told your friends how you finished. Visualize the positive parts of your race again to bring back the positive emotions you felt, both during and after the race. Remembering the good aspects of a race can lead to many positive running emotions years after a race has been run. In the days and weeks following a big race not only should you savor the outcome, but you should also begin to think about some new races to run and some new goals to strive for. A good way to get yourself into future goal setting is to do a little self-evaluation of your past race to determine if there are any areas in your training and racing that could be improved upon. Some common questions that you may ask yourself might be things like; were you tired before your race or were you full of energy? Did you feel relaxed or tense during the race? Was your concentration good in the race? Were you thinking in the present? Did you use positive self-talk in the race or were you negative with yourself? Did you follow your race plan? Did your mental state help or hurt you during your training and in the race? If you had to run the race again is there anything you would do differently to improve your performance? Once you have answered some postrace evaluation questions you will be better prepared to begin thinking about some new races and setting specific training and racing goals. Post-race letdowns are a natural part of running and racing, so when a letdown does occur, don't be freaked out. The letdown is a way your mind recovers from an event that required extreme concentration and emotional investment. Remember that you need emotional recovery, not just physical recovery after an important race. Just work on trying to limit the post race blues so they won't effect your enjoyment in training for, and racing another important event in the future. Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness, and Sport Science Department of Averett University and is an AASP Certified SportPsycology Consultant. He may be reached via e-mail at

Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS Boston Returns "Boston Strong" How can one begin to tell the story of the 118th Boston Marathon? Race director Dave McGillivray stated it was "an epic race for the ages." This year's race was about recovery, healing, processing, planning and executing. The execution was flawless. The pressure to stage this year's event was immense but Boston and over 10,000 volunteers got it done. A record 99 percent of the 32,408 starters finished (32,344) despite 3763 requiring medical assistance with 192 transported to area hospitals and 20 staying overnight. It was all about taking back the finish line and getting across it. The crowds were incredible. They were lined 10-20 deep at some points and the cheering was deafening. There was not a place along the 26.2 mile course without supportive spectators. The day changed from perfect weather to a very warm, sunny day. But that would not stop anyone. Spectators provided oranges, bananas, candy, frozen ices, impromptu water stops and even bottled water. Beer was even available in several places. People cheered for hours from the wheelchair races to the back of the pack. The emotions of the day reached a pinnacle when Meb Keflezighi took back the Boston Marathon with a win for the USA after a 31-year drought. Keflezighi began training for this on April 15, 2013 shortly after the bombs detonated and wore the names of those who died on his race bib. He stated " this is the most meaningful victory of my life." This comes from the only man to win New York, Boston and an Olympic medal. He utilized visualization especially on his mechanics and focus and used the noise of the crowd to get him up the Newton hills. His lead dwindled to 5.3 seconds but he ran with his heart and using a variety of mind games found that extra gear to take the victory, the laurel wreath and the $150,000 check. Sports unite everyone and on this monumental day there were great strides taken for U.S. distance running. Spectators actually made signs to let the runners on the course know "MEB WON."Three U.S. men were in the top 10. On the women's side Shalane Flanagan set a wickedly fast pace from the gun and led until the hills began. Her strategy was to get out by herself and run 2:22. Yet she was never able to get away as a pack stayed with her and three broke away as the hills began. Rita Jeptoo blazed along the course destroying the course record by two minutes. The first three women broke the record. Flanagan ran her 2:22:02 and was seventh. Desi Linden's 2:23:54 was good for 10th. Four additional U.S. women finished in the top 20 with times that would have placed them higher in any other year. Jeptoo was gracious with her third win and was able to celebrate her 2013 win as well as this year's. She was not comfortable with the

Brady 38:46, David Wilder 43:30. 65-69 – Ron Mitchell 39:51, Stephen Marshall 45:59, Phillip Fields 46:57. 70-74 – Kent Welsh 45:11, Bill Bowman 47:57, Bobby Scott 48:25. 75-over – Will Wright 47:09, Lee Echols 58:12. Female, Overall – Mary Finn 31:52, Jessie Stone 32:05, Lauren Lemon 35:12. Masters – Rhonda Collings 36:07. Grandmasters – Eva Burnett 40:04. Senior Grandmasters – Marian Loftin 46:07. 9-under – Cammie Waite 54:11. 10-14 – Adelane Stroh 37:11, Sicily Hardy 45:55, Keely Sands 57:31. 15-19 – Tatiana Finan 50:58, Ashley Forwood 58:48, Victoria Tew 58:54. 2024 – Suzanne Crifo 42:00, Kaitlyn Nelson 48:52, Julia Bradley 54:14. 25-29 – Mary Burnett 39:37, Carrie Stuart 42:20, Maria Vidaurre 44:08. 30-34 – Suzanne Sweetser 37:24, Susan Angerholzer 41:02, Mary Meares 41:59. 35-39 – Jessica Jones 35:13, Rebecca Bell 36:34, Kelly Steele 37:52. 40-44 – Andra Bruce 36:41, Tammy Ford 36:57, Chassity Ebbole 45:12. 45-49 – Suzanne Clark 43:40, Diana Curc 44:14, Camilla Wayne 46:45. 50-54 – Maureen Van Devender 40:30, Jean Powers 42:14, Laura Lovelace 44:34. 55-59 – Suanne White-Spunner 41:18, Katherine Dubuisson 52:58, Bonnie Ketterman 1:02:21.60-64 – Cay Welsh 49:29, Anne Wall 57:49, Susanne Spafford 1:01:03. 65-69 – Barbara Sharp 1:01:22. 70-74 – Miriam Turner 1:06:31, Mamie McCall 1:29:45. Racewalker – Barbara –– Will Wright Sharp 1:01:22.

early, fast pace but she has great respect for Flanagan and was determined to stay with her until she made her move to the front. Jeptoo took home $175,000. Boston rose this day after Easter to take back the marathon and unite the entire community. The 30 plus thousand at the start were handled with magnificent efficiency. The waves went off on schedule, clothes were discarded and bagged, and the course stayed full the entire way. Runners encouraged each other and spectators made a variety of signs to entertain the runners. There was a lot of cramping and blisters but everyone was willing to do whatever it took to get to the finish line. There will never be another race like the 118th Boston Marathon. Everyone who took part, in whatever capacity, will always have a piece and memory of the most special day in distance running. Boston is indeed "Boston Strong" and it was an epic race for the ages. Male, Top 15 -1-Meb Keflezighi 2:08:37, 2Wilson Chebet 2:08:48, 3-Frankline Chepkwony 2:08:50, 4-Vitaliy Shafar 2:09:37, 5-Markos Geneti 2:09:50, 6-Joel Kimurer 2:11:03, 7Nicholas Arciniaga 2:11:47, 8-Jeffrey Eggleston 2:11:57, 9-Paul Lonyangata 2:12:34, 10-Adil Annani 2:12:43, 11-Josphat Boit 2:12:52, 12Craig Leon 2:14:28, 13-Mike Morgan 2:14:40, 14-Koichi 2:14:56, 15-Lusapho April 2:14:59. Female, Top 15 - 1-Rita Jeptoo 2:18:57, 2Buzunesh Deba 2:19:59, 3-Mare Dibaba Bridge Street Town Centre 2:20:35, 4-Jemima Jelagat Sumgong 2:20:41, Half marathon 5-Meselech Melkamu 2:21:28, 6-Aleksandra Huntsville, AL – 4/13 Duliba 2:21:29, 7-Shalane Flanagan 2:22:02, 8Male, Overall – Josh Whitehead 1:13:53, Sharon Cherop 2:23:00, 9-Philes Ongori Erik Debolt 1:15:12, Andrew Hodges 1:16:59. 2:23:22, 10-Desiree Linden 2:23:54, 11Masters – Reid Vander Schaaf 1:29:00, Belaynesh Oljra 2:24:21, 12-Yeshi Esayias Marty Clarke 1:29:09, Chuck Branson 1:29:18. 2:27:40, 13-Tatiana Petrova Arkhipova 2:30:29, 15-under – Liam Davis 1:44:16, Alex 14-Lanni Marchant 2:30:34, 15-Adriana Nelson Peplinski 1:57:11, Tucker Putman 3:03:17. 162:31:15. –– Carolyn Mather 20 – Alexander Gipson 1:26:40, Matthew Huddleston 1:32:37, Nick Roman 1:56:56. 21ALABAMA 25 – Isidro Arroyo-Solano 1:33:47, Myles 8K By the Bay Hathcock 1:36:27, Jordan Johnson 1:38:22. Mobile, AL – 4/12 26-30 – Mark Fleming 1:22:44, Daniel Sillivant Male, Overall – Jack Bishop 30:49, Andrew 1:23:50, James Andrew Durr 1:28:06. 31-35 – Pigott 30:49, Brad Roberts 31:05. Timothy Pitt 1:29:10, Brad Coan 1:37:54, Scott Masters – Timmy Jernigan 33:13. Amacher 1:44:34. 36-40 – Jason Reneau Grandmasters – David Jeffrey 34:42. 1:18:26. Rob Youngren 1:18:54, Eric Charette Senior Grandmasters – Paul Baswell 36:01. 1:29:42. 41-45 – Brandon Chambless 1:29:33, 10-14 – Thomas Repoll 45:38, Harry Repoll Bronson Lee 1:30:18, Edwin Churchill 1:40:41. 1:00:35. 15-19 – Steven Stearman 1:09:08. 2046-50 – Tim Vinson 1:29:42, Danny Potter 24 – Daniel Clements 45:11, David Etherton 1:35:33, Scott Butler 1:36:44. 51-55 – Kevin 51:58. 25-29 – Cory McGee 36:43, Francisco Plank 1:33:08, W. Osborn 1:33:42, Tony Uribe 39:49, Bret Hawkins 40:34. 30-34 – Keith Pearson 1:39:18. 56-60 – Paul Woodfin Bell 33:20, Ian Brady 35:00, Aaron Freesmeier 1:33:25, James Hess 1:41:50, Randy Ellis 35:54. 35-39 – Juan Cortes 31:29, Jonathan 1:43:13. 61-64 – Barry Ege 1:39:13, John Aikin Dick 34:09, Clay Smith 38:57. 40-44 – Wayne 1:44:03, Paul Legrand 1:47:54. 65-over – John Pierce 34:53, Paul Patterson 36:10, Shane Larsen 1:57:59, Tom Junjulas 2:17:09, Daniel Sullivan 37:46. 45-49 – William Brown 37:56, Kreber 2:19:38. Christopher Strayhorn 39:41, Takeshi Kamei Female, Overall – Rebecca Payne 1:39:21, 39:59. 50-54 – Victor Birch 35:10, Jean Powers Kerry Fontenot 1:42:07, Kelcy Brunner-Miller 42:14, Laura Lovelace 44:34. 55-59 – Chris 1:42:30. Lasonde 35:26, Craig Ferguson 36:59, Ben Masters – Susan Adkins 1:44:14, Melissa King 37:27. 60-64 – Ron Danley 38:07, Bill Boothe 1:44:15, Michele Brock 1:49:08.


15-under – Anuska Narayanan 1:49:59, Elizabeth Armstrong 1:53:52, Madeline Whitesell 2:19:18. 16-20 – Ryann Taylor 1:56:30, Madison Courtad 1:58:46, Eric Connor 2:06:03. 21-25 – Emily Boulanger 1:45:15, Lydia Osterndorf 1:45:21, Kay Cook 1:49:05.26-30 – Kylie Lemon 1:44:35, Brianne Kobeck 1:50:40, Janell Hill 1:54:02. 31-35 – Natalie Fahey 1:44:31, Katie Davis 1:47:43, Sarah Walker 1:49:03. 36-40 – Amy Smith 1:44:02, Jill Falling 1:47:31, Joy Martin 1:49:51. 41-45 – Katherine Levan 1:49:50, Patti Holmes 1:53:17, Laura Hutchins 1:54:10. 4650 – Teresa Crain 1:52:07, Renee Stephenson 1:54:04, Cindy Jackson 1:55:37. 51-55 – Sup Fravel 1:51:54, Eugenie Candon 1:54:17, Diana Bibeau 1:55:56. 56-60 – Sarah Green 2:10:28, Joanna McMichael 2:24:18, Linda Reynolds 2:25:20. 61-64 – Erin McGuire 2:20:36, Sue Crowe 2:29:18, Cheryl Raymus 2:31:55. 65over – Linda Brewer 2:32:32, Linda Tolliver 2:51:34, Jean Sims 2:59:46.

Hospice Celebrating Life 5K Decatur, AL – 4/18 Male, Overall – Sean Miller 22:23. Masters – Chris Butler 21:59. 11-under – Sam Martin 31:34, Lawson Dobbs 33:47, Turner Weinman 40:26. 12-15 – Lucas Martin 24:39, Malachi Compon 28:56. 16-19 – Will Lovelace 22:26, Mason Sparks 22:34. 20-24 – Seth Campbell 21:52, Cole Oldacre 24:18, Thomas Holt 25:48. 25-29 – Jimmy Hanson 21:38, Jacob Wilder 33:09, Carson Landers 46:15. 30-34 – Meg Wilder 25:24, Robyn Deen 25:26, Courtney Perrin 26:32. 35-39 – Steve Harper 30:26. 40-44 – Jeff Towry 24:50, Brad Vest 25:41, Brad Rikard 25:54. 45-49 – Ricky Morris 24:58, Marlon Morris 25:46, Rich Thompson 28:37. 50-54 – Bruce McLellan 26:16, Rickie Williams 27:28, Anthony Lee 30:58. 55-59 – Tom Davidson 24:20, John Edington 24:55, Jim Barnett 26:19. 60-64 – Haruki Yokochi 24:52, Mark Heard 27:12. 65-69 – Heinz Wiegand 22:22, Tommy Stine 40:32. 70-over – Tony Cocciolo 27:00. Female, Overall – Lauren Boyd 22:23. Masters – Kelly Elmore 25:21. 11-under – Markayla Parker 40:22, Journey Oden 46:11. 16-19 – Whitney Pacil 28:44, Landry Oden 36:23. 20-24 – Summer Dutton 25:08, Jessica Earwood 29:24, Nichole Clark 31:03. 25-29 – Brittany Hanson 26:48, Rachel Pittman 27:24, Hannah Clark 32:44. 30-34 – Meg Wilder 25:24, Robyn Dean 25:26, Courtney Perrin 26:32. 35-39 – Stacey Howard 25:56, Tinasha Shelton 26:13, Kimberly Dillard 27:14. 40-44 – Dottie White 27:55, Kim Linley 28:43, Monica Coyle-Overstreet 29:04. 45-49 – Lori Plemons 26:39, Tanjie Schrimsher 26:51, Tracy Eddy 29:20. 50-54 – Carla Kirkland 26:12, Wanda Butler 29:22, Carole Davidson 33:15. 55-59 – Bonnie Weinman 31:37, Janetia Owens 36:17, Veronique Edington 36:42. 60-64 – Nancy Green 36:35, Barbara McDonald 45:58, Brenda Dodd 47:58.



Running Journal • June, 2014


ARKANSAS Ouachita 50 mile/50K Little Rock, AR – 4/26 50 mile, Order of finish – 1-Brian Hurley 7:47:13, 2-Kyle Grady 8:47:00, 3-Troy Potter 9:19:17, 4-Ryan Holler 9:24:43, 5-Stephen Baumgartner 9:26:40, 6-Michael Poole 9:32:50, 7-Erno Lindner 9:35:30, 8-Gia Dawn Madole 9:38:41, 9-Stan Ferguson 9:42:51, 10-Robert Trnavsky 10:12:15, 11-Leo Warmuth 10:21:15, 12-Jeff Foes 10:37:54, 13-John Stanfield 10:39:02, 14-Paul Turner 11:24:41, 15-Paul Schoenlaub 11:24:42, 16-Jessica Amy 11:22:17, 17-Teddi Schneider 11:22:17, 18Stan Sanford 11:25:12, 19-Josh Scherrey 11:30:49, 20-Tina Ho 11:34:02, 21-Mike Bonnette 11:42:54, 22-Aaron Dickens 11:54:16, 23-Sharon James 12:02:15, 24George Peterka 12:03:40, 25-Christopher Baldwin 12:08:52. 26-Von Ralls 12:10:57, 27-J.T. Patillo 12:15:50, 28-Courtney Munson 12:16:17, 29Brian Williams 12:17:42, 30-Tisha Deen 12:23:11, 31-Ronnie Daniel 12:25:49, 32-Rich Brown 12:26:54, 33-Gene Carter 12:31:40, 34Eunsup Kim 12:32:53, 35-Jen Freilino 12:38:34, 36-Jonathan Young 12:42:27, 37April Flanigan 12:44:14, 38-Matthew Pearson 12:46:08, 39-April Henderson 12:48:32, 40Tammy Walther 12:53:52, 41-Stephen O’Neal 12:54:34, 42-Chad Crank 12:55:43, 43-Cliff Ferren 12:56:38, 44-Jody Hodges 13:04:09, 45-Kurt Hauser 13:41:27, 46-Mark Roth 13:41:28. 50K, Top 50 - 1-Thomas Chapin 4:35:35, 2Jake Anderson 4:35:40, 3-Chris Ho 4:44:20, 4Trapper Pressler 5:22:15, 5-Matt Walker 5:24:27, 6-Rachel Furman 5:31:24, 7-Andy Capel 5:35:11, 8-Kyle Jacobson 5:43:05, 9Trace McIntyre 5:45:52, 10-Eric Jones 5:52:28, 11-Matthew Pickard 5:52:35, 12Scott Irwin 5:56:53, 13-PoDog Vogler 6:04:15, 14-Malcolm Smith 6:06:17, 15Christina Payne 6:08:28, 16-Chet Dycus 6:12:37, 17-Christine Rutlen 6:16:18, 18Jason Schloss 6:21:05, 19-Ben Mansur 6:23:55, 20-Greg Eason 6:23:56, 21-Joy Harwood 6:28:58, 22-Eric Burch 6:29:00, 23Hadyn Huckabee 6:31:43, 24-Carla Branch 6:32:54, 25-Brenda Bonner 6:32:54. 26-Kiran Hanumaiah 6:34:32, 27-Lance Biggers 6:37:16, 28-Nancy McAllister 6:38:27, 29-Christi Potter 6:39:28, 30-Hillary Hunt 6:39:39, 31-Phil Brown 6:41:01, 32-Kelly Henson 6:42:36, 33-Beaux Pilgrim 6:47:29, 34-Nate Smith 6:48:39, 35-Stacy Cox 6:49:33, 36-Brant Bishop 6:52:47, 37-John Hall 6:52:59, 38-Kevin Verkamp 6:53:50, 39-Justin Cloar 6:54:50, 40-Mark Evans 6:57:50, 41Deb Baker 7:03:50, 42-Adiel Looney 7:04:04, 43-Chris Mangin 7:07:10, 44-Todd Blanchard 7:07:11, 45-Chris Hartley 7:07:54, 46-Colleen Pasley 7:13:13, 47-Arun Jaganathan 7:15:46,

48-Brett Bassham 7:17:48, 49-Andy Halfhill 7:19:25, 50-Joshua Bornhorst 7:27:40. –– David Samuel FLORIDA Mariners March 5K Key West, FL – 4/26

Male, Overall – Keith Durden 17:25. Masters – Andy Kimball 17:45. 9-under – Andris Barroso 24:37, Tate Garr Toad Suck Daze 10K/5K 24:47, Ryan Gabay 26:35. 10-14 – Owen Allen Conway, AR – 5/3 18:27, Jack Shvero 20:16, Sean Croitoru 21:42. Male, 10K: Top 25 – 1-Kenneth Stice 15-19 – Oscar Lacayo 26:35. 20-24 – Daniel 33:38.24, 2-Mark Ferguson 33:38.46, 3-Lance Seeba 32:01, Larry Salinas 53:00. 25-29 – Beckman 35:27, 4-Ryan Lawrence 35:38, 5- Carlos Valdez 23:55, Robert Wright 25:30, Brian Sieczkowski 35:50, 6-Todd Hink 36:38, 7- Derek Wallis 28:22. 30-34 – Mikus Berzins Karl Lenser 36:43, 8-Noah Eskew 37:04, 9- 21:23, Bart Smith 21:29, Eduardo Vargas Homer Mason 37:12, 10-Ron Mitchell 37:14, 24:53. 35-39 – Puac Agustin 18:38, James 11-Erik Heller 38:14, 12-Caleb Ault 38:18, 13- Kidney 20:33, Derek McCann 20:52. 40-44 – Josh Whisenhunt 38:30, 14-Jeffrey Zern 38:56, Marcel Nemec 19:37, Matthew Novack 20:11, 15-Will Henry 39:11, 16-Joey Gieringer 39:14, James Moger 22:59. 45-49 – Edward Clarke 17-Richard Green 39:22, 18-Alan Stone 39:29, 18:28, Stephen Walser 23:31, Mark D’Arcy 19-Chris Ho 39:41, 20-Wesley Thornton 39:47, 23:34. 50-54 – Colby Fisher 26:14, David 21-Michael Gerard 39:52, 22-Jeffrey Grove Mastroth 26:16, John Gabinelli 26:20. 55-59 – 39:58, 23-Albeto Basilio 40:12, 24-Brooks James Mill 21:53, Lazaro Ledesma 23:44, John Browning 40:15, 25-Shannon Box 41:22. Potts 32:20. 60-64 – David Shield 30:23, Female, 10K: Top 25 – 1-Tia Stone 38:08, Michael Hobbs 34:13. 65-69 – Ray Olson 2-Lydia Thornton 40:29, 3-Sarah Olney 42:27, 26:37, Richard Breese 28:58. 70-over – Bill 4-Andrea Sieczkowski 43:40, 5-Tammy O’Brien 27:23, Tom Cannon 28:29, Terry Helmick 44:22, 6-Jessica Sanders 44:33, 7- Dougherty 42:00. Walker – Allison Krile 31:14. Amanda Potts 44:37, 8-Jenny Wilkes 44:54, 9Stacey Warren 46:01, 10-Randi Whittaker 46:06, 11-Talyn Billins 46:19, 12-Glenda Johsnon 46:36, 13-Laura Bailey 47:08, 14Amanda Farris 47:15, 15-Nicole Hobbs 47:39, 16-Carrie Satterfild 47:53, 17-Christine Ferguson 48:15, 18-Betsy Tucker 48:20, 19Mary Wells 48:54, 20-Krista Baily 49:02, 21Sarah Ross 49:17, 22-Lydia Felland 49:31, 23Susan Beverly 49:38, 24-Crystal Cossey 49:42, 25-Bernita Lovelace 49:58. Male, 5K: Top 25 – 1-Eric Goodwin 18:11, 2Jordan Brimer 18:13, 3-Hunter Drexler 18:41, 4-Jonathon Morris 18:51, 5-Caylib McGuire 19:01, 6-Chance Dryer 20:01, 7-Dean Danowski 20:10, 8-Seth Norton 20:17, 9-Rory Thompson 20:23, 10-Carson Willhite 20:34, 11-Jamie Holt 21:05, 12-Donald Bailey 21:09, 13-Cody Watson 21:23, 14-Gary Plouch 21:37, 15-No name 21:52, 16-Tim Ablondi 22:09, 17Grant Harkreader 22:53, 18-Sam Manion 23:09, 19-Charles Moulton 23:16, 20-Cory Shields 23:27, 21-Terry Willhite 23:32, 22Nathan Roten 23:44, 23-Ryan Atwood 23:48, 24-Christopher Herrera 23:50, 25-Anthony Crafford 23:51. Female, 5K: Top 25 – 1-Kem Thomas 19:49, 2-Caiti Rolfes-Haase 21:24, 3-Tish Pace 21:25, 13-year-old Nicole Matysik ran 20:54 to lead the 4-Rachel Barnhardt 21:42, 5-Mary Swindle females. 22:05, 6-Sara Holman 22:45, 7-Cathy Jellenik Female, Overall – Nicole Matysik 20:54. 22:50, 8-Beverly Smith 22:55, 9-Jessica Masters –Valerie Favreau 24:15. Mitchell 23:06, 10-Amelia Barr 23:27, 119-under – Ryan Braasch 29:32, Dharma Desiree Lewis 23:27, 12-Caroline Bellamy 24:19, 13-Wanda King 24:19, 14-Sarah Murray 32:41, Alesandra Zurheide 34:16. 10-14 Rampona 24:22, 15-Abi Stone 24:50, 16- – Lou Navarro 23:32, Cassadee Wellings 25:17, Whitley Wooten 24:59, 17-Elizabeth Diprince Marie Daley-Willy 26:11. 15-19 – Irene Crown 25:01, 18-Brittany Ullrich 25:02, 19-Karla 22:10, Samantha Hoeffer 28:21, Caya June Jones 25:06, 20-Emily Holman 25:08, 21- Cooper 59:55. 20-24 – Rebecca Woolington Denise Beavert 25:17, 22-Demetrice Woods 30:44, Catherine Beehler 33:20. 25-29 – 25:29, 23-Victoria Gerbholz 25:38, 24-Lenisa Caroline Walsh 24:45, Tahina Montoya 24:57, Kristin Dekeyrel 27:05. 30-34 – Mary Trible O’Dwyer 25:59, 25-Lacey Phillips 26:05. 22:18, Kelly Maatta 23:05, Dasa Erhardtova —Ken McSpadden 24:43. 35-39 – Ivona Roy 24:32, Michelle

Dafler 25:20, Wendy Zintsmaster 26:40. 40-44 – Lori Richards 26:38, Connie Warren 26:46, Jennifer Ryan 29:50. 45-49 – Pamela Smith 26:45, Renee Ullom 27:26, Raquel Robbins 29:00. 50-54 – Cindy Vincent 30:03, Kehaulani Murray 32:42, Donna Stabile 33:20. 55-59 – Barbara Deffley 28:44, Luanne Douthtry 36:52, Mary Stich 39:11. 60-64 – Marsha Deere 28:24, Brenda Gerosa-Beal 31:49, Patria McGee 40:00. 65-69 – Haley Herriott 26:18, Nancy Criswell 40:22. Walker- Terry McGee 39:23. –– Don Nelson

GEORGIA Cheerios 10K/5K Covington, GA - 4/19 Male, 10K: Overall – Kenyrik Alexis 38:35. Masters – Tim Locke 39:45. Grandmasters – David Bennett 41:47. Senior Grandmasters – Bill Gramzinski 50:12. 11-14 – Jallah Galimah 40:42, Jonathan Sugg 1:04:37, Marcus Richardson 1:13:55. 1519 – Harold Monte 41:42, Elijah Butler 47:40, Noah Shriver 51:09. 20-24 – Brian Gregoire 45:40, Benjamin Parchem 55:19, Michael Cason 1:06:38. 25-29 – Joseph Bermann 41:10, Clay Prickett 49:26, Ian Pierson 50:02. 30-34 – Ryan Archer 40:54, Brad Williams 49:00, Stephen Khodabakhsh 59:06. 35-39 – Justin Krueger 44:11, Sidney Benton 44:25, Sam Moss 46:49. 40-44 – Robert Meller 46:49, Reggie Hodges 47:44, Tim Johnston 49:58. 4549 – Kenyrik Alexis 38:35, Tim Locke 39:45, Douglas Scott 49:13. 50-54 – David Bennett 41:47, Tony Divanna 47:42, Tim Taylor 49:38. 55-59 – Norman Burdette 46:59, Johnny Thompson 56:10, Rick Dial 57:27. 60-64 – Bill Gramzinski 50:12, Michael Brewer 51:27, David Oblinger 54:12. 65-69 – Mac Gay 56:06, David Capell 56:48. 70-74 – Gary Brown 52:33, Bill Fortson 1:40:06. Female, 10K: Overall – Ashlen Bible 45:05. Masters – Courtenay Dusenbury 48:34. Grandmasters – Cary Leonard 49:59. Senior Grandmasters – Viola Greer 1:12:34. 11-14 – Addi Gilreath 1:00:44, Emma Camfield 1:17:44. 15-19 – Elizabeth Mansell 1:12:54. 20-24 – Ashlen Bible 45:05, Amy Schwartz 51:02, Katelyn Childress 51:48. 25-29 – Callie Carter 49:06, Becky Smith 51:13, Mattie Moon 58:20. 30-34 – Erin Tomlins 46:54, Mandi Allen 50:29, Debbie Kim 55:19. 35-39 – Janette Scharf 48:38, Kristi Greco 49:15, Alexandria Dickerson 49:39. 40-44 – Karen Moss 49:14, Pam Edge 50:47, Tanya Booth 54:18. 45-49 – Karen Anderson 53:18, Tanya Locke 53:50, Lynn Pierson 54:56. 50-54 – Courtenay Dusenbury 48:34, Maria Davis 56:43, Patty Potter 58:29. 55-59 – Cary Leonard 49:59, Paulette Crabb 56:08, Susan Webster 56:28. 60-64 – Viola Greer 1:12:34, Lillian Wells 1:22:54. 65-69 – Linda Zeeman 1:26:42. Male, 5K: Overall – Jody Glidewell 17:44. Masters – Kenyrik Alexis 19:18. Grandmasters – Scott Raymond 22:49.


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 Senior Grandmasters – Joe Carter 23:16. 10-under – Jackson Krueger 22:23, Montana Archer 22:34, Jaxon Dean 24:35. 11-14 – Jaime Jacoby 20:56, A.J. Rickman 22:56, Jordan Beam 23:32. 15-19 – Mitchell Clegg 20:02, Ethan Stanley 21:09, Garrett Nix 22:16. 20-24 – Jody Glidewell 17:44, Brian Gregoire 24:10, Franklin Clackum 24:40. 25-29 – David Allen 23:31, Bryant Hebert 27:24, Bruce Smith 27:38. 30-34 – Ryan Archer 20:04, Seth Wilson 21:44, Jason Owensby 23:41. 35-39 – Troup Kirkus 21:42, Lance Knight 21:53, Justin Krueger 22:24. 40-44 – Joel Gregory 22:22, Shane Beam 25:21, Bill Love 25:38. 45-49 – Kenyrik Alexis 19:18, William Schilling 21:39, Jimmy Worley 22:58. 50-54 – Scott Raymond 22:49, Michael Rogers 25:12, Paul Stevenson 26:42. 55-59 – Ricky Graham 28:36, Ed Durden 29:26, Johnny Thompson 30:08. 60-64 – Buck Innerebner 24:38, Al Ludwick 25:33, Michael Brewer 26:18. 65-69 – Gary Butler 26:44, David Capell 30:26, Roger Lindsay 30:36. 70-74 – Joe Carter 23:16, Kaleb Lahr 46:43. 80-over – Andy Holtgrewe 32:53, Joseph Bloom 43:47. Female, 5K: Overall – Megan Wheatley 22:01. Masters – Anna Calcaterra 23:53. Grandmasters – Felicia Britt 27:25. Senior Grandmasters – Diane Glidewell 27:43. 10-under – Hannah Scharf 28:47, Madison Gonzales 28:55, Georgia Larimer 29:09. 11-14 – Julia Towns 27:28, Elizabeth Cowan 28:10, Grace Anne Hanson 29:46. 15-19 – Sarah Hanson 24:59, Haley Barnes 28:40, Ilham Atiq 34:56. 20-24 – Ashlen Bible 23:36, Briana Fetrow 25:23, Katelyn Childress 27:45. 25-29 – Megan Wheatley 22:01, Rosey Glidewell 24:18, Austyn Dukes 25:16. 30-34 – Amber Mann 24:00, Katie Kitchen 25:47, Traci Pitts 26:20. 35-39 – Jessica Wollberg 22:51, Heather Richardson 28:09, Shelby Hodge 29:17. 40-44 – Anna Calcaterra 23:53, Jolie Tallant 26:21, Denise Osburn 28:13. 45-49 – Bernadette Johnson 24:14, Tanya Locke 27:32, Michelle Bammel 28:21. 50-54 – Felicia Britt 27:25, Claudia Rutter 27:26, Victoria Patrick 29:16. 55-59 – Patti Patterson 27:52, Diane Taylor 30:26, Karen Fain 33:37. 60-64 – Diane Glidewell 27:43, Lida Ludwick 31:00, Kim Davison 31:56. 65-69 – Christine Cardenaz 30:40, Laurie Dering 46:46, Linda Zeeman 47:54. 70-74 – Vivian Cowan 45:03, Barbara Rintamaa 1:03:05.

Coastal Georgia 4 mile trail run Brunswick, GA – 4/19 Male, Overall – Joseph Chandler 25:37. Masters – John Kenyon 30:29. 11-under – Bradley Jamison 33:53, Eli Harden 34:34, Jackson Kirkland 36:12. 12-14 – Ben Alexander 30:01, Jacob Alexander 30:04, Jonathan Kirkland 32:30. 15-19 – Erik Moran 26:19, MacKinnon Gibbs 26:38, Graham Goodstein 28:47. 20-24 – Kris Harper 28:01,

David Cox 28:25, David Keeler 32:58. 25-29 – Emmanuel Hernandez 25:38, Andy Strickland 31:13, Mark Meyers 31:14. 30-34 – Andy Cox 28:34, Nick Pajor 32:57, Adriel Furlonge 37:31. 35-39 – Brad Chapman 31:10, Chris Campbell 31:36, Shawn McLauglin 35:33. 40-44 – Billy Porter 31:50, Jordan Gardina 32:12, Ron Cloud 40:34. 45-49 – Michael Alexander 33:20, Kevin Thompson 33:28, Scott Sullins 35:24. 50-54 – Max Silman 36:11, Richard Morrison 40:35. 55-59 – Cary Grinold 34:35, John Shortman 37:29, Randy Griffin 54:07. 60-over – Ernest Lang 36:02, Buddy Jones 36:57, Tom Pegula 38:41. Female, Overall – Michelle Cox 32:39. Masters – Jeanne Spegal 33:37. 11-under – Emma Mae Kirkland 40:19, Madigan Kirkland 45:50, Sarah Weese 45:56. 12-14 – Mollie O’Steen 55:37, Olivia Ross 55:44. 15-19 – Carmen Garza 39:43, Kendall Thompson 40:09, Gracie Bennett 43:08. 20-24 – LaQuedia Kelly 35:42, Hannah Harvey 37:59, Pamela Reese 41:19. 25-29 – Vera Breyer 40:33, Amanda Zubrowski 40:58, Melissa Rowell 46:55. 30-34 – Correy Emmert 36:27, Andrea Gray 40:35, Gina May 40:35. 35-39 – Rhodora Tuten 35:56, Monika Branska-Carlos 38:07, Amanda Kirkland 40:21. 40-44 – Nancy Dominesey 41:12, Annette Williams 41:37, Jodi Jamison 44:50. 45-49 – Lynnette White 39:19, Elise Miller 40:36, Sia Hines 47:43. 50-54 – Diane Eberhart 48:57, Rhonda Hambright 52:30. 55-59 – Sue Brown 35:56, Bev Latvala 46:46, Sharon Griffin 54:25. 60-over – Diane Pejula 52:02, Margie Milgrub 54:01, Beth Jackson 55:10.

Rose City 10K Thomasville, GA – 4/26 More than 800 people gathered to take part in the 37th annual Rose City 10K and kid’s mile. The fog was so thick at the start that the lead male missed a turn and thus gave Chris Lake his fourth Rose City Run title in five years in 33:21. Joel Piotrowski, Tallahassee, was the male masters winner in 38:53. Noah Voyles was the Thomas County winner in 42:23. ty that totally sponsors the race, Mayor Max Beverly took home the top Public Official honors in 57:21. Robert Morris, 82, was the Casey Cason Award winner as the eldest finisher. Dr. Jim Story, and his wife Carolyn, have directed the Rose City 10K for all of its 37 years. The race is one of this writer’s favorites. They have the best volunteers in the world and the race is the best value in running! There isn’t a better 10K or mile race around. Overall, Top 100 – 1-Chris Lake 33:21, 2Nathan Haskins 34:26, 3-Matthew Cashin 35:28, 4-Victor Chicas 35:29, 5-Hunter Scott 35:30, 6-Jared Hoffman 35:31, 7-Kyle Buchholz 35:36, 8-Adam Wallerfelt 36:37, 9-Reikan Lin 37:56, 10-Josh Wallerfelt 38:21, 11-Joel Piotrowski 38:53, 12-Am HIines 38:58, 13-Cole Tessier 39:46, 14-Arnoldo DeJesus 40:04, 15-

Pauncho Hufstetler 40:14, 16-Tim Unger 40:17, 17-Daniel Becker 40:33, 18-Elena Oslund 40:34, 19-Philip Sura 40:44, 20-Mark Tombrink 41:09, 21-Michel Kennett 41:27, 22-Jacob Dodson 41:35, 23-Travis Parks 42:06, 24-Noah Voyles 42:23, 25-Gareth Pyle 42:36, 26-Al Whatley 42:38, 27-Cory Gerbrandt 42:40, 28-Richard Aarons 42:55, 29-Bing Zu 43:12, 30-Daniel Oldham 43:22, 31-Rocky Hufstetler 43:29, 32-Charlie Lang 43:30, 33Chuck Lang 43:31, 34-Chad Johnson 43:36, 35-Mary Anne Bullard-Grayson 43:38, 36-Cora Atkinson 43:44, 37-Larry Harris 44:10, 38Michael Labossiere 44:11, 39-Wesley Gentry 44:12, 40-Robert Skrob 44:14, 41-Tony voyles 44:23, 42-Kurt Anthony 44:42, 43-Perry Waddell 44:57, 44-Eric Dueno 45:00, 45Gregory Waddell 45:05, 46-Lance Parker 45:06, 47-Nick Murray 45:13, 48-Duane Joiner 45:27, 49-Paula O’Neill 45:52, 50-Ursla Dobersek 45:53. 51-No name 45:58, 52-Jonathan McDaniel 46:04, 53-Alicia Meng 46:08, 54-Willie Roberts 46:10, 55-Chris Holt 46:11, 56-Mike Burns 46:13, 57-Jim Martin 46:16, 58-Justin Williams 46:30, 59-Tiffany Roddenberry 46:35, 60Joseph Souders 46:40, 61-Zoe Sheldon 46:42, 62-Sarah Dugas 46:44, 63-Barney Ray 46:52, 64-Eric Laywell 47:15, 65-Michael Douglas 47:16, 66-Stephen Rubendall 47:24, 67-Arek Sankissian 47:37, 68-Trinity Costner 47:45, 69RJ Delaney 47:50, 70-Taylor childs 47:51, 71Dusty Dollar 47:59, 72-Dorian Osborne 48:03, 73-Sarah Carroll 48:04, 74-Alyssa Bork 48:06, 75-Beverly Hamilton 48:08. 76-Cassie Mills 48:14, 77-Skyler Ashley 48:16, 78-Mark Helquist 48:30, 79-Preston Shaw 48:43, 80-Sarjv Patel 48:44, 81-Marcus Watson 48:50, 82-Paul Norris 48:51, 83Martha Bademan 48:58, 84-Teri Grant 49:01, 85-Scott Wizce 49:08, 86-Bill Hooks 49:10, 87Kory Skrob 49:11, 88-Paul Pickles 49:20, 89Dylen Jones 49:22, 90-Hal Davis 49:27, 91Jerry Searcy 49:30, 92-Patrick Bius 49:34, 93Amanda Hudson 49:46, 94-Dan Stewart 49:46, 95-Derrick Howell 49:48, 96-Melanie Hall 49:49, 97-Nancy Herring 50:00, 98-John Wheeler 50:00, 99-No name 50:00, 100Stephen Sampson 50:04. — Carolyn Mather


27:53. 25-29 – Amanda Ryan 43:14, Ashley Williamson 48:29. 30-39 – Charesse Clark 30:08, Holly Freeman 36:20, Carriebell Roberts 36:39. 40-49 – Kristie Pope 29:17, Myra Simmons 30:18, Amy Mock 30:40. 50-over – Janna Blackwell 33:31, Rhonda Durden 42:42, Angie Sorrier 46:05. –– Jim Shields

KENTUCKY Murray Half marathon/5K Murray, KY – 4/12

Male, half marathon: Overall – William Carey 1:26:03, Lee Evans 1:26:56, Brad Averitt 1:28:13, Chase Darnell 1:30:15, Nathan Cruse 1:30:45. 19-under – Zachery Barker 1:46:38, Marco O’Bryan 1:49:26, Will Bloemer 1:59:07, Tristan McCallister 2:01:57, John Sterrett 2:04:06. 2024 – Chevis Hendon 1:55:37, Zachary Griffin 2:06:58, Benjamin Flanick 2:20:49, Jonathan Burkeen 2:31:53, Sudan Loganathan 2:34:00. 25-29 – Noah Green 1:40:17, Bryan Green 1:41:27, Joshua Cole 1:54:36, Tyler Brockman 1:56:38, Gary Singer 1:58:24. 30-34 –Justin Menees 1:37:45, Larry Schmidt 1:39:08, Ross Powell 1:43:00, Daniel Bonar 1:47:49, Blake Thompson 1:50:18. 35-39 – Eric Hobbs 1:34:43, John Shafer 1:42:29, Josh Adair 1:44:11, Geoffrey Ball 1:44:34, Jody Dewitt 1:47:23. 40-44 – Corey Wilson 1:39:16, Paul Walker 1:41:07, Jason Jones 1:44:30, Adam Knecht 1:45:17, Brad Boucher 1:46:13. 45-49 – Brad Miller 1:38:47, Steve Virgo 1:46:40, Mike Daniel 1:53:09, Brian Waid 1:54:24, Glenn Martin 1:56:47. 50-54 – Terry Quillin 1:38:40, Noriyuki Horiuchi 1:38:58, David Schapiro 1:39:24, Billy Brown 1:40:41, Warren Lee 1:40:51. 55-59 – William Yoakum 1:53:04, Charles Smith 1:56:59, Jack Sparks 2:00:59, William Pitman 2:09:50, Carroll Fletcher 2:19:21. 60-64 – Mike Howard 1:47:33, Edmund Zimmerer 2:04:07, Herbert Frederick 2:26:49, Joey Cooper 3:17:24. 65-69 – Tom Timmons 2:20:04, Wayne McAtee 3:15:41. 7074 – Leroy Sanborn 2:25:12, Richard Stevenson 3:33:57. Female, half marathon: Overall – Carolyne Tanui 1:29:58, Jennifer French 1:36:39, Amber Douglas 1:36:41, Karen King 1:37:37, Julia Lyles 1:39:52. Patriot 5K 19-under – Lydia Hayes 1:46:42, Anna Kim Statesboro, GA – 4/26 1:49:26, Jada Driver 1:57:56, Abby Siegel Male, Overall – Diego Fernandez Lazaro 2:06:47, Anna Collins 2:17:38. 20-24 – Kelsey 15:57. Greene 1:43:20, Chloe Zimmerer 1:43:23, 13-18 – Aidan Rogers 16:36, Steven Thomas Candace Bryant 1:58:27, Molly Hargrove 21:05, Logan Franks 26:39. 19-24 – Andrew 2:04:14, Kasey Wattley 2:05:01. 25-29 – Zipp 16:42, Andrew Lewis 16:49, Brandon Stephanie Donohoo 1:58:59, Felecia Mann Jacobs 20:28. 25-29 – Shaun Brooks 22:44, 1:59:38, Kristin Ham 2:03:26, Hope Travis Adam Pyle 23:19, Demario Cullars 23:29. 30- 2:13:13, Samantha Hobbs 2:17:36. 30-34 – 39 – Chris Jenkins 22:14, Dannon Dixon 26:28, Leslie Thompson 1:44:43, Beth Myers 1:47:57, Jonathan Smith 28:53. 40-49 – Tim Rowe Jessica Mathis 1:48:02, Amanda Lough 36:16, Scott Marchbanks 59:14. 50-over – 1:48:05, Brandy Thompson 1:50:15. 35-39 – Chris Thorpe 30:56, John Measmer 36:52, Aviva Yasgur 1:43:17, Mandy Hale 1:52:11, Bruce Dubberly 40:37. Jody Hatler 1:53:13, Molly Goodman 1:53:24, Female, Overall – Lauren Easton 22:31. Tory Daughrity 1:56:59. 40-44 – Danielle 12-under – Hannah Mock 26:26, Phoebe Pafford 1:57:55, Brandy Tinkler 2:03:22, Tracey Durden 42:42. 13-18 – Symone Chavis 28:37, Gibson 2:04:40, Tiffani Glassi 2:05:58, Connie Harriet Haisty 54:02. 19-24 – Aracely Tonzalez 27:18, Carlyn Ivey 27:36, Christina Martinez CONTINUED ON PAGE 28


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 27 Arnold 2:12:33. 45-49 – Katherine Mueller 1:42:29, Stacey McGaha 2:04:19, Octavia Vinson 2:08:47, Dawn Colonna 2:09:50, Kimberly Turner 2:12:38. 50-54 – Donna England 1:47:27, Ladona Lawson 1:50:26, Leslie Turner 1:53:07, Sherry Smith 2:00:46, Pamela Baller 2:01:31. 55-59 – Kathy Starfa 1:55:34, Sherry Crittendon 2:01:31, Rene Brittain 2:37:00, Rebecca Wright 2:46:57, Sonja Mathis 2:52:56. 60-64 – Myra Melson 2:18:52, Valerie Hunter-Kelly 2:37:02, Susie Lovell 3:05:49. Male, 5K: Overall – Marcos Macias 16:52, Jorge Tugnon 19:14, Tan Zhang 20:22, Clint Norton 20:22, Wyatt Dunham 20:55. 6-under – William Lanier 33:48, Jack Mantooth 37:05, Anderson Compton 38:03. 710 – Hunter Prince 22:16, Tripp Zhang 23:30, Preston Guthrie 25:13. 11-13 – Wyatt Dunham 20:55, Aaron Fennel 21:11, Trent Sirls 22:58. 14-16 – Caleb Rogers 24:56, Bryce Robinson 25:06, Jarod Ballengee 25:57. 17-19 – John Gallagher 23:11, Chad Covington 23:50, Bryson Elliott 27:31. 20-24 – James Simonse 22:04, Christopher Hall 22:45, Logan Burnett 23:03. 25-29 – Jared Harrell 23:15, Dave Lindsey 27:59, Mike Dail 38:28. 30-34 – Jason Kirks 26:26, Allen Besanal 29:27, Matthew Kopecky 36:02. 35-39 – David Bryson 23:50, Robert Hefner 33:18, Bo Ives 33:31. 40-44 – Ricky Garland 25:34, Terry Gass 27:07, Ken Ashlock 35:26. 45-49 – Larry Hall 36:32, Steve Parker 39:55. 50-54 – Clint Norton 20:22, Phillip Franklin 29:48, Tom Little 32:20. 55-59 – Bryan Watson 28:15, Royce Dukes 41:10, John Price 45:21. 60-64 – Mark Kelly 34:48, Robert Field 49:36. 65-69 – George Kipphut 32:07, Tom Tuck 41:24. 70-over – Wayne Huber 32:03, Mel Doughty 43:04, Martin Tracy 46:08. Female, 5K: Overall – Kelly Norton 19:52, Kelly Pearson 21:40, Noby Wilson 22:12, Danielle Estes 22:17, Heather Kelso 24:22. 7-10 – Ella Phillips 25:36, Zaylie Kelso 27:19, Lexi McClure 29:16, Kylee Aguero 29:37. 11-13 – Emily Miller-McLeod 25:32, Cheslee Wilson 26:34, Porter Mantooth 26:51. 14-16 – Bethany Morgan 24:23, Anna Morgan 26:57, Ocean Caporali 31:35. 17-19 – Jaime Staengel 25:47, Ali Redman 39:39. 20-24 – Danielle Estes 22:16, Valerie Bender 25:55, Jackie Reed 31:00. 25-29 – Melissa Kopecky 26:22, Melissa Groves 27:53, Rachel Vandermeulen 27:53. 3034 – Alyx Shultz 26:47, Lauren Reed 28:44, Tara Bogard 29:50. 35-39 – Heather Kelso 24:21, Erin Coleman 26:35, Rhea Ann Holland 27:16. 40-44 – Katie Mantooth 26:49, Melony Shemberger 27:14, Angela Darnell 27:59. 4549 – Belinda Jett 25:12, Amy Marohl 27:42, Debra Massie 28:30. 50-54 – Melissa Hutson 36:37, Robyn Shapiro 27:16, Thais Kely 39:15. 55-59 – Beth Brockman 27:41, Lauren Swing 28:30, Rose Grubbs 31:37. 60-64 – Eva King 30:13, Karen Olson 35:20, Beverly Hayes 36:25. 65-69 – Nancy Hanover 37:33, Mary Mantooth 50:53. 70-over – Brenda Sauls 57:06.

Derby Dash 5K Williamston, KY – 5/3 Male, Overall – Tyler Edmonston 17:12. 10-under – Donovan Passarello 28:05, Nick Hill 46:34, Connor Whaley 47:48.11-15 – Ryan Roth 20:22, Alexander Hall 20:27, Caden Tien 20:42. 16-19 – Edmonston 17:12, Cole Simpson 21:49, Alexander Smith 24:08. 20-29 – Dominic Carucci 21:54, William May 23:32, Macon Smith 23:39. 30-49 – Brandon Bullington 19:31, Leo Saylor 22:23, Dallas Hodge 23:26. 50-59 – Harper Smith 21:39, Bill Adkins 25:47, Barry Napier 31:31.60-69 – Art Billington 24:23, Daniel Wilson 26:05, John Phillips 36:55. Female, Overall – Jenna Webster 22:10. 10-under – Kasey Hill 24:03, Josie Smith 36:06, Hannah Herrmann 56:16.11-15 – Jenna Webster 22:10, Rachel Passarello 24:41, Makayla Centers 31:05.16-19 – Alexandra Stamper 27:11, Haley Spillm,an 30:39, Sarah Hicks 35:28. 20-29 – Jennifer George 22:22, Amanda Baker 25:06, Cody Sharp 26:35. 30-49 – Mandy Hudson 25:03, Teresa Blackaby 25:35, Angie Parson 25:41. 50-59 – Karen Schreyer 28:37, Donna Wallace 35:27, Lori Odson 52:19. 60-69 – Debbie Billington 27:00, Diane Stacey 39:44, Pam Workman 48:54.

MISSISSIPPI Corinth Coca-Cola Classic 10K Corinth, MS – 5/3 Male, Overall – Patrick Cheptoek 30:10, Robert Scribner 30:43, Joseph Chebet 31:17, Joseph MacGown 35:06, Jim Brown 35:28. Masters – Bo Boatner 35:23. Grandmasters – Donald Didonato 41:30. Wheelchair – Jay Poindexter 41:50. 8-under – Luke Piercey 55:30, Sam Johnson 1:09:16, Ben Brush 1:20:45. 9-11 – Will Wayne 47:19, Thomas McWhorter 48:04, Jay Huggins 54:02. 12-14 – Rhett Robinson 42:37, Joshua Peek 42:39, Tucker Witt 44:17. 15-19 – Joshua Lazore 39:37, Jakob Carter 40:31, Peyton Ewoldt 40:57. 20-24 – Jose Valle 38:45, Klyne Fawcett 40:23, Daniel Shawl 43:20. 25-29 – Colby Cuevas 44:40, Paden Buckley 45:37, Micah Welch 46:10. 30-34 – Aaron Ford 37:44, Sam Garner 39:59, Jesse Grady 42:46. 35-39 – Tommy Bonds 39:39, Matt Lathrop 41:42, Clay Curtis 41:56. 40-44 – Scott Tidwell 42:01, Marty Downs 42:43, Chris Raines 44:46. 45-49 – Israel Melendez 36:21, Shayne Fawcett 36:51, Gregory Halen 41:46. 50-54 – Terry Taylor 45:06, Edward Dean 46:24, David Friloux 46:40. 55-59 – David Clark 43:05, Bob Wilson 43:35, David McKinney 44:11. 60-64 – David Branner 44:30, John Aikin 45:36, Joseph Peters 46:17. 65-69 – James Martin 45:21, Frank Boettcher 48:40, Glen Stewart 48:55. 7074 – Neil Hall 53:38, Bob Teutsch 54:34, Vick Thayer 1:00:26. 75-over – Jerry McBride 57:00, Larry Marett 1:01:42, Jim Briske 1:07:04. Female, Overall – Carmen Hussar 34:46, Marion Kandie 35:51, Ashley Evans 37:17, Jane Shettles 42:31, Rachel Randall 42:35. Masters – Lori Goldweber 42:14. Grandmasters – Lisa Burnett 45:18. 8-under – Hannah Sanders 58:29, Eva Null 1:09:27, Sarah Curtis 1:19:58. 9-11 – Catherine Grisham 56:50, Raychel Sanders 58:29, Drew Brown 58:37. 12-14 – Yvette Evans 49:30, Mycah Sanders 51:31, Jenna Jolly 51:36. 1519 – Julie Johnson 43:46, Catherine Snyder 45:27, Kendra Sanders 46:11. 20-24 – Carter Glenn 42:39, Allison Martin 42:53, Hannah Orrick 47:20. 25-29 – Ashley Munsey 47:28, Stacey Hardy 49:07, Kimberly Lancaster 52:25. 30-34 – Amy Chandler 47:35, Emory Kirk 47:43, Lauren Darsey 47:44. 35-39 – Bridgett Jolly 43:06, Andrea Hall 43:25, Heather Duley 44:03. 40-44 – Esther Sanders 45:08, Alison Hammersla 45:15, Anna Morgan 49:31. 45-49 – Debbie Parker 52:29, Janet Smith 52:47, Tracy King 52:51. 50-54 – Jeanine Watts 48:43, Lisa Evans 49:21, Ladona Lawson 49:43. 55-59 – Nancy Adams 49:15, Joy Tait 54:30, Brenda Johnson 56:22. 60-64 – Sharon Chandler 53:27, Cynthia Harrell 54:43, Judy Thomas 55:02. 65-69 – Barbara Autry-Tall 1:00:39, Janice Woods 1:0057, Bonnie Bartridge 1:03:01. 70-74 – Elizabeth Watkins 1:06:24, Sue Burcham 1:19:04, Norma Boyd 1:26:37.

NORTH CAROLINA Morris Broadband Dupont Forest Trail 10K Dupont Forest, NC – 4/19 Male, Overall – Javaan Lapp 35:28, Peiweng Chen 36:11, Gary Curran 36:48. 13-16 – Aaron Speyer 37:49. 25-29 – Jason Carter 41:18, Stephen Buck 43:14, Alex Rodriquez 1:02:33. 30-34 – Sheridan Byers 41:32, Phil Gregory 42:26, Robert Keene 44:55. 35-39 – Kelly Whitlock 45:13, Doug Erber 45:28, Kendal Maybin 47:03. 40-44 – Kevin Prickett 43:21, Chris Boyce 48:32, Samuel Sterrett 50:50. 45-49 – David Workman 37:35, Brad Dellinger 39:53, Matthew Cammisa 46:56. 50-54 – Randy Wilson 39:32, Joe Barrett 41:34, Gerald Coton 43:25. 55-59 – Lincoln Crosse 41:32, Scott Hickman 42:25, Dennis Duffy 51:01. 60-64 – Thad Johnson 52:11, Larry Sands 58:22, Eric Johnson 1:13:08. 6569 – Wayne Boyton 53:16, Ron Griswold 5:50. Female, Overall – Amber Reece-Young 39:31, Emily Egelhoff-Whalen 42:43, Jennifer Ingle 43:33. 12-under – Erin Hovendon 56:47. 25-29 – Kimzey Ellis 44:36, Chelsea Bristol 1:03:50. 3034 – Robin Lenneer 48:23, Emily Bongarzone 51:30, Elizabeth Shown 53:32. 35-39 – Angie Collins 52:07, Carrie Krow 53:14, Molly Behan 55:14. 40-44 – Mickala Sterrett 50:31, Allison Grainger 50:41, Janet Sword 50:45. 45-49 – Connie Prickett 49:40, Kelly Schueneman 52:00, Melissa McDermott 54:21. 50-54 – Patti Enloe 49:26, Debbie LeCroy 56:57, Kellie Moylan 57:17. 55-59 – Stephen Lynch 51:04, Meg Chislet 1:04:59. 60-64 – Miriam Mulvey 54:11, Marta Prupas 54:31, Janet Bensley 56:27. 65-69 – Benetal Auge 1:04:41, Martha Marshall 1:24:52.

MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears 5 mile mud run Camp Lejeune, NC – 4/26 Morethan 1,600 mud loving fanatics (50 percent women) stepped up to the call when the MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears posed the question, “Are you tough enough?” Runners tested their strength, endurance, and commitment as they struggled to pull themselves out of chest deep mud pits over a grueling 5-mile course set among the same trails Marines from the elite Special Operations Command use daily. Mud-caked runners helped pull and push their fellow runners through chest deep mud where the suction was so strong that many runner’s shoes were pulled off their feet. Some runners left their shoes as a memento of their foray into the Marine tough grounds, lost despite layers of duct tape wrapped around their feet. Throughout the course, runners gave words of motivation and encouragement to their fellow runners. Many using the Marine Corps motivational “OohRah!” Some shouts came from Marines cheering from the sidelines. Being set on a fully-functioning, major military installation gives the Grand Prix Series its uniqueness. Runners are able to compete with America’s toughest fighting force, the United States Marines; run on Marine training trails, and to experience a taste of the Marine Corps lifestyle and their values. Barefoot, sock-clad or still with their shoes on, each finisher was given their MARSOC metal by a uniformed Marine with a heart-felt appreciation for those who weathered the tough course. The top male overall finisher, Jason Kut from Camp Lejeune, completed the course in 30:44. Finishing out the top five males were Michael Siringer, 30:51, David Bates, 32:32, William Hohmeier, 33:16, and Felix Santana, 33:23. The top female overall finisher, Marilyn Sixto, Havelock, NC, completed the course in 38:42. Finishing out the top five females were: Jane Greene, 40:46, Brandy Humphrey, 40:48, Bianca Ruano, 42:21, and Sarah Burns, 42:28. The MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears is one of seven races that make up the Semper Fit Grand Prix Series that is held aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and the surrounding area. Three of the “extreme races” in the series (Xtreme Endurance, St. Paddy’s Engineer Challenge, and MARSOC Mud, Sweat & Tears) are held on Marine training trails. The series also includes the mostly fun but tough SandSational 8K Beach Run, the official Marine Corps Half Marathon, the Remembrance Run, and the holiday themed Santa Shuffle 5K which completes the season. Runners compete for points in each of the races and at the end of the series, the Grand Prix Series champions are crowned. For more information on the Grand Prix Series, visit or email at Male, Overall – Jason Kut 30:44, Michael


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 28 Stringer 30:51, David Bates 32:32. Masters – Burke Gardner 35:40, John Meeting 37:46, Craig Clemans 38:35. 9-under – Mark Myers 53:54, Logan Spring 1:32:51, Sean Farish 1:37:36. 10-12 – Isaac Suter 42:25, Cameron Nezbeth 55:22, Ian Martinez 55:27. 13-16 – Stephen Clemans 37:01, Ryan Harrington 38:36, Daniel Baumgardner 40:38. 17-19 – Ryne Reece 37:15, Jesus Castaneda 37:28, David Peck 42:00. 20-24 – Jose Duran 37:03, Mike Ellis 37:32, Brett Gruber 38:44. 25-29 – William Hohmeier 33:16, Felix Santana 33:23, Matthew Drown 34:06. 30-34 – John Forshtay 37:52, Craig Humes 38:55, Joshua Thomas 39:03. 3539 – Kevin Hanratty 35:15, Chris Bradley 37:49, Chris Seigh 38:32. 40-44 – Daniel Baumgardner 40:43, Eric Cloutier 43:31, Darryl Dotson 44:01. 45-49 – Alex McCraight 42:13, Arch McLellan 42:27, Stephen Whalen 45:42. 50-54 – Roy Cote 47:07, John Van Dyke 47:57, Samuel Hammonds 48:47. 55-59 – Gregory Faison 47:42, Lawrence Rosenfeld 51:12, John Starzynski 55:36. 60-64 – Wally Bowles 1:15:01, Alan Roman 1:41:38, Michael Milam 2:09:03. 65-69 – Jeff Garren 1:23:44, Dan Jones 1:55:44. 70-over – Sylvester Howard 1:01:43, Ronnie Davenport 1:13:56.

44:35, Amanda Turner 56:59. 35-39 – Lydia Richmond 36:44, Shannon Mills 46:55, 29 – Cassie Hagstrom 42:41, Katherine Ly Rebecca Kluttz 49:55. 40-44 – Tracy Lydon 44:01, Cassandra Lieberma 44:03. 30-34 – 34:03, Tori Scott 38:26, Beverly Hudson 39:07. Denise Pfeil 45:28, Rebekah Meier 51:47, 45-49 – Marissa Cogburn 32:46, Melinda Jasmine Hoversten 52:24. 35-39 – Crystal Dobbs 37:48, Stephanie Edlund 47:39. 50-54 – Brinson 46:22, Sara Rudy 50:07, Christy Laurie Wynck 30:24, Lisa Zerger 35:13, Diana Harness 51:52. 40-44 – Lisa Ruger 51:52, Byron 35:40. 55-59 – Jane Patterson 33:09, Kristin Whalen 52:08, Tiffany Oneal 55:28. 45- Carla Kennedy 40:50, Cindy Adkins 40:55. 7049 – Jennie Brooks 51:42, Elizabeth Henderson over – Margaret Hagerty 54:21. 54:29, Dianne Evans 1:00:06. 50-54 – Maureen Young 57:20, Laura Koene 59:39, Cristina Falafel 5K Sullivan 1:06:27. 55-59 – Marcia Mote 1:13:27, Asheville, NC – 5/3 Deborah Kornbau 1:20:19, Cheryl Blankenship Male, Overall – Dax Hill 16:29, Craig 1:54:46. 60-64 – Gray Lambeth 1:28:18, Donna Plunkard 17:28, David Workman 17:35. Bowles 1:32:55, Genia Locklear-Web 2:02:28. Masters – Gary Curran 17:47, Mark Ledyard

Sarah Vance (#363) splashes her way through the course.

Tom Cowden 5K Mount Ulla, NC – 4/26 Male, Overall – Gil Gilreath 16:51, Chance Brown 19:32, Alex Freeze 19:52. 10-14 – McGuire Smith 25:29, Nathaniel Turner 27:49, RJ Parker 33:07. 15-19 – Cade Harrell 20:58, Luke Hager 23:17, Jake Kennedy 37:16. 20-24 – James Cockerham 24:20, Colby Gregory 44:10, Dylan Cornett 47:03. 25-29 – Ryan Gregory 34:29, Josh Gregory 41:54. 3539 – Brad Kluttz 21:50, Brian Calvert 23:55, Jason Oliphant 26:41. 45-49 – Richard Ellis Robert Castellvi (#2) enjoying himself in the 20:44, Dale Cochran 28:53, Scott Key 47:40. mud. 50-54 – Henry Goodnight 22:47, Tim Norris 29:58, Kenny Dabbs 30:06. 55-59 – Billy Mills Female, Overall – Marilyn Sixto 38:42, Jane 24:27, Richard Taylor 29:41. 65-69 – David Greene 40:46, Brandy Humphrey 40:48. Oliphant 29:36. Masters – Teresa Hagerty 48:59, Mattie Female, Overall – Melissa Orr 21:15, Angie O’Shea 50:15, Vicki Seely 50:36. Ramos 29:03, Tammie Gillespie 30:08. 9-under – Ariana Workman 1:00:25, Jada – Chloe Welborn 39:26, Ava 9-under Rivera 1:50:23, Ryan Lambert 2:16:34. 10-12 – Ally Roth 43:04, Gracie D’Amico 48:24, Welborn 44:34, Callie Lineberger 55:18. 10-14 Ariitaimai Teai 50:21. 13-16 – Paige Horvath – Rebecca Beaver 56:03, Ivy Cowden 58:24. 45:16, Haley Schaeffer 46:21, Lexi McLellan 15-19 – Maleah Gainey 48:13, Sara Seaford 46:22. 17-19 – Lacee Scheerbaum 49:37, 52:51, Taylor Wilson 52:51. 20-24 – Elizabeth Madison Randolph 54:45, Rebecca Casey Satterwhite 34:08. 25-29 – April Gregory 36:37, 1:04:39. 20-24 – Bianca Ruano 42:21, Sarah Anna Lineberger 55:18, Amber Lemons 55:19. Burns 42:28, Samantha Hammonds 48:47. 25- 30-34 – Emily McNeil 41:12, Jill Welborn

19:08, Dan Schuman 19:11. 8-under – Bradyn Fey 21:44, Shep Goldstein 28:04, Juan Valle 29:10. 9-11 – William Pooser 22:05, Abir Mohsin 22:26, Greyson Harris 24:51. 12-14 –Hunter White 20:06, David Money 27:01, Levi Harris 27:59. 20-24 – James Burleson 29:03. 25-29 – Jason Carter 20:05, Jared Rennie 23:26, Ryan Coffield 25:22. 30-34 – Peiweng Chen 18:13, Matt Volk 18:53, Scott Stevens 19:44. 35-39 – Donavan McFalls 22:22, Karl Hinterkoff 25:12, Larry Golson 26:49. 40-44 – Arnaud Levasseur 19:30, John White 20:06, Wylie Paxton 22:48. 45-49 – Chris Campbell 19:40, Joe Watson 20:01, Vincente Gonzalez 21:36. 50-54 – Randall Wilson 19:26, Joe Barrett 21:03, Mike Alcorn 23:58. 55-59 – Lincoln Crosse 19:54, Scott Hickman 19:57, Randy Hughes 24:30. 60-64 – John Treleaven 23:23, Preston Jones 24:03, Lonnie Lepore 25:46. 65-69 – Ron Griswold 27:21, Robert Deutsch 30:17, Charles McFalls 30:26. 70-74 – Donald Hewitt 24:53. 75-79 – David Slobodin 33:25, Larry Fincher 59:01. 80-over – Lloyd Slocum 26:17, Richard Kranker 55:46. Female, Overall – Jennings Ganz 20:11, Sarah Volk 21:05, Ginna Reid 21:10. Masters – Diane Wilson 22:14, Kim Solomon-Gavach 24:08, Nadine Gnall 24:08. 8-under – Katie Johnson 30:33, Leah Dickinson 31:04, Ella Morgan 44:32. 9-11 Allyson Michelson 27:35, Selia Morgan 31:01, Ginger Hanlon 33:09. 12-14 – Chelsea Troutman 23:24, Sammi Stichel 19:25, Elizabeth Tsiros 29:25. 20-24 – Michelle Haramag 25:41, Jessica Crabtree 28:02, Grace Phillips 33:27. 25-29 – Shannon Jaquess 21:26, Kimzey Ellis 21:37, Brittany Ott 24:03. 30-34 – Erin Cox 22:03, Ashley Westmareland 24:58, Johanna Kerr 25:00. 35-39 – Blake Messer 24:32, Tina Rice 27:01, Debbie Johnson 27:11. 40-44 – Samantha Read-Smith 26:35, Devorah Holan 29:19, Esther Manneimer 29:37. 45-49 – Mary Winchester 24:56, Kelly Schuenman 25:52, Kathaleen Cooley 26:35. 5054 –Cindy Eaton 25:24, Jennifer Kaylor 26:48, Raylene Morrow 27:16. 55-59 – Donna Cope 28:33, Debby Lewis 29:39, Lesley Snitger 30:02. 60-64 – Janet Bensley 25:48, Kathy Stahly 28:23, Janet Oppenheimer 34:27. 65-69 – Benita Aute 28:41, Martha Marshall 38:31, Gail Stoneman 50:04. 70-74 – Peggy Glanz 44:41. 75-79 – Dinorah Kranker 45:03.


Tread the Thread 10K/5K Mount Pleasant, NC – 5/3 Male, 10K: Overall – Dexter Cherry 42:21, Dustin Branham 42:26, Brian Malarney 43:34. 19-under – Will Beam 1:00:31. 20-29 – Ty McNeely 47:12, Eric Smalwod 47:24, Anthony Shaheen 48:21. 30-39 – Steven Lucente 44:47, Thomas Arbuthnot 46:44, Scott Bodien 47:22. 40-49 – Jason Hedrick 50:51, Ted Pulliam 52:17, Peter Bouldry 53:00. 50-59 – Jeff DeMatthew 46:06, Stephen Price 54:55, Earl Smith 54:59. 60-over – Fletcher Wright 1:03:40. Female, 10K: Overall – Pamela Burgess 49:54, Amy Holzman 51:35, Jennifer dorton 54:47. 20-29 – Elizabeth Lamy 57:56, Olivia Smallwood 1:04:50, Jessie Hathcock 1:05:50. 30-39 – Carmen Abernathy 55:21, Ashley Branham 56:34, Christina Hildreth 56:49. 40-49 – Morgan Gramlich 56:10, Randa Macall 59:07, Wendy Roberts 1:01:49. 50-59 – Cindy Cooley 1:00:05. 60-over – Betty Schuster 1:18:36. Male, 5K: Overall – Robert Tolley 21:49, Brenneman Thompson 23:42, Geoff Fey 25:15. 19-under – Asher Neumann 41:22, Erick Neumann 51:09. 30-39 – Jason Miranda 27:31, Carl Hatley 31:02, Anthony Cresenzi 42:54. 4049 – Smith Ambrose 26:30, Bjorn Hansen 26:34, Richard Lyons 27:42. 50-59 – Richard Hammett 27:35, Tom Mount 31:30, Chris Smith 40:57. 60-over – Michael Protheroe 36:38, Richard Cosgrove 49:03, Lawrence Sullivan 51:06. Female, 5K: Overall – Jaime Kent 26:46, Lauren Jarman 27:01, Tara Eudy 28:57. 20-29 – Dana Goldman 29:17, Ashley Buchanan 29:35, April Kinley 29:46. 30-39 – Sarah Fraley 29:34, Trish Rendes 30:36, Laura Hickman 32:55. 40-49 – Debbie Smith 32:58, Sharon Fox 35:38, Dana Draa 38:53. 50-59 – Shari Hord 35:49, Mary Mattiacci 38:23, Cynthia Fish 41:25. 60-over – Kay Cosgrove 49:02.

SOUTH CAROLINA Cooper River Bridge Run 10K Charleston, SC – 4/5 It was warm and very humid at 64 degrees and 94 percent humidity for the start of the 37th annual Cooper River Bridge Run. Times were slower as a result for both the elite runners and everyone else as 31,860 finishers (up 401 from last year) could tell you. There were 38,472 entrants this year. Security had been increased noticeably for the race due to last year’s Boston Marathon tragedy, but most runners were not bothered by it, and were glad; one said she “felt safe” because of it. It was a good year for Ethiopian runners as they took five of the top 10 positions in both the male and female divisions. Birhan Nebebew who is only l9, broke from the lead pack in the final stretch to win the $10,000 first prize in 28:39, three seconds ahead of Mourad Marofit from Morroco. Defending race champion Simon Ndirangu of Kenya who led the race



Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 through 5k which he reached at 14:55, said he felt the wind was too strong going up the bridge and he faded from contention. Azmera Gebru, 21 of Ethiopia was female winner in 32:14, six seconds ahead of fellow Ethiopian Etalemhu Habtewold. Four-time Boston and New York City Marathon winner Bill Rodgers ran the race, though not competitively due to a hamstring problem. He and well known Charleston area runner Bob Schlau ran the race together. Rodgers attracted a lot of attention and spread a lot of good will with his friendly manner. He said “It’s a very interesting course. A beautiful Bridge.” In addition to the prize money division, the Bridge Run presented awards three deep in each age group with an additional top five percent award presented in each age group up to a maximum of 25. For a complete list of finishers including age group winners, see the Results section of the Running Journal website ( Male, Overall – 1-Birhan Nebebew 28:39, 2Mourad Marofit 28:42, 3-Julius Kogo 28:47, 4Belete Assefa 28:58, 5-Aschalew Meketa 29:08, 6-Simon Ndirangu 29:13, 7-Cleophas Ngetich 29:14, 8-Ayele Feisa 29:17, 9-Elijah Karanja 29:25, 10-Haile Mengesha 29:31. Top USA finishers – Michael Banks 30:19, Ricky Flynn 30:22, James Atkins 31:25. Masters – Ian Forsyth 32:07, Mikhail Romanov 33:06, Eric Ashton 33:11, Alan Black 33:18, Malcolm Campbell 33:26. Grandmasters – Irv Batten 35:17, Larry Brock 36:35, Marc Embler 36:54. Senior Grandmasters – Ric Banning 40:58. Dr. Marcus Newberry Award (local – Michael Banks 30:19. Wheelchair – Alexandre Dupont 25:20. Wheelchair masters – Rafael Ibarra 34:17. Mobility Impaired – Jeff Nolan 47:29. 5-9 – Garrett Brown 50:59, Hadley Shaw 51:31, Ryan Spychalski 55:29. 10-14 – David Melville 37:24, Collin Casey 37:29, Joseph Wilson 39:03. 15-19 – Brent Demarest 32:46, Matthew Brafford 33:31, Josh Rees-Jones 35:22. 20-24 –Chris Bailey 33:03, Jacob Nathanson 33:36, Austen Hughes 34:30. 25-29 – Michael Banks 30:19, Ricky Flynn 30:22, James Atkins 31:25. 30-34 – Tom Clifford 32:12, Bret Fransen 32:26, Matt Shock 33:44. 35-39 – Julius Kiptoo 30:29, Jay Upchurch 32:51, Karl Walsh 33:44. 40-44 – Andrew Kessinger 34:55, Andrew Musuva 35:38, Jason Annan 36:48. 45-49 – Joseph Ekuom 35:13, Eric Vandervort 38:12, Greg Brown 38:43. 5054 – David Quick 38:51, Larry Jourdain 39:20, David Ariola 40:45. 55-59 – George Adickes 40:15, Bill Tisdale 41:01, David Bourgeois 41:19. 60-64 – Charles Kellner 42:35, King Grant-Davis 43:01, Rob Kriegshaber 44:08. 6569 – Fred Reinhard 46:45, Lee Cone 47:28, Fred Corpuz 47:31. 70-74 – Arnold Floyd 50:08, John Foster 57:37, George Geils 57:58. 75-79 –

Lawrence Middaugh 1:00:31, David Watson 1:04:21, Bill McManus 1:04:38. 80-over – William Boulter 1:06:29, Edmond Dugas 1:09:25, James Skiles 1:18:27. Female, Overall – 1-Azmera Gebru 32:14, 2-Etalemhu Habtewold 32:20, 3-Makida Abdela 32:33, 4-Sophy Jepchirchir 33:02, 5-Susan Jerotich 33:59, 6-Tsehay Getiso 34:25, 7Simegn Abnet 34:29, 8-Allison Grace Morgan 34:31, 9-Caroline Kiptoo 34:36, 10-Caitlin Bullock 34:47. Top USA finishers – Morgan 34:31, Bullock 34:37, Michelle Lilienthal 35:38. Masters – Liubov Denisova 37:03, Firaya Sultanova-Zhdanova 41:57, Susie Smith 43:37, Sabrina Tillson 43:55, Dian Ford 44:11. Grandmasters – Sultanova-Zhdanova 41:57, Smith 43:37, Tillson 43:55. Senior Grandmasters – Mimi Sturgell 49:12. Dr. Marcus Newberry Award (local) – Caitlin Judd 38:10. Wheelchair – Cassie Mitchell 43:15. Mobility Impaired – Melanie Artz 50:46. 5-9 – Leslie Holt 50:11, Ally Dominiak 55:34, Ella McElveen 56:29. 10-14 – Callie Johnson 46:45, Caroline Hirth 50:17, Karly Ripple 50:30. 15-19 – Caroline Jennings 39:39, Alyssa Vassallo 42:01, Jacqueline Malayter 42:39. 2024 – Alice Kamunva 35:45, Alison Nolan 38:58, Chelsea Weiermiller 39:31. 25-29 – Lilian Mariita 35:16, Meserat Basa Ali 35:27, Adane Zekiros 38:09. 30-34 – Michelle Lilienthal 35:38, Dalena Custer 36:23, Loring Crowley 37:07. 35-39 – Sandy O’Keefe 41:53, Wendy Norvell 42:30, Sommer Baucom 43:18. 40-44 – Catherine Hollister 41:35, Linn Hall 42:23, Laura Norris 43:28. 45-49 – Sharryn Whitmore 43:31, Barbara Wiggins 44:01, Laura Boselowitz 44:19. 50-54 – Libet Anderson 41:17, Sarah Allers 44:19, Ashley Reynolds 44:43. 55-59 – Pam Drafts 45:52, Sara Schultz 49:04, Ann Elish 49:37. 60-64 – Darlene Knight 50:28, Margaret Staats 50:47, Debbie Howard 51:07. 65-69 – Linda Clarkson 52:19, Nancy Curry 56:51, Anne Boone 58:53. 70-74 – Joyce Rasberry 1:04:26, Sooja Sung 1:08:00, Hazel Farish 1:16:49.75-79 – Hedi Bishop 1:13:49, Jane Gregorie 1:16:43, Joyce Huguelet 1:20:21. 80-over – Shirley Bissett 1:42:20, Jane Bradley 1:43:04, Margaret Hagerty 1:57:23. — Cedric Jaggers

Palmetto Half marathon/5K Columbia, SC – 4/12 Male, half marathon: Overall – Omar Sharif 1:14:18, John Massey 1:25:00, Larry Jourdain 1:25:36. Masters – Jim McGowan 1:29:54, Eric Smith 1:30:46, Tom Marable 1:30:50. 14-under – Trey Best 1:34:51, Noah McCutcheon 1:39:53, Hayden Stansbury 1:58:59. 15-19 – Patrick Cleary 1:25:52, Matthew Isales 1:37:21, Elijah Bullock 1;41:21. 20-24 – Richard Wojan 1:25:49, Ben Lampe 1:25:51, P. Moore 1:29:40. 25-29 – Spencer Griffin 1:28:31, Tyler Mathis 1:35:03, Alex Wilcox 1:36:33. 30-34 – Thomas Delage 1:27:00, Will Whiteside 1:29:24, Todd Woodward 1:29:43. 35-39 – David Taylor 1:26:49, Robert Yerger 1:27:15, Anteneh Berhane 1:29:20. 40-44 – Brian Campbell 1:35:24, Tom Allen 1:36:20, Scott Flicker 1:39:20. 45-49 – Matt Bernthal 1:33:51, Randall Hrechko 1:35:06, Steffen Martin 1:37:32. 50-54 – Brad Marlow 1:31:44, Scott Collard 1:34:11, Howie Phan 1:34:53. 55-59 – Larry Bates 1:41:03, David Tait 1:50:49, Phillip Cook 1:58:02. 60-64 – Jerry Hutto 1:36:30, Rob Krieyshaber 1:38:20, Bob Auman 1:41:48. 65-69 – Jan Hardwick 1:46:19, Shawn Chillag 1:58:42, Carl Klein 2:01:23. 70-over – Fred Hammond 2:25:33, Sherman Hager 2:46:50, Jesse Smarr 2:47:19. Female, half marathon: Overall – Heather Costello 1:26:44, Mary Claire Cox 1:28:33, Cami Warner 1:31:19. Masters – Linn Hall 1:32;19, Sharon Cole 1:39:11, Chantal Faure 1:41:47. 14-under – Danielle Murrin 1:52:16, Darby Phillips 2:09:51. 15-19 – Alexis Zwilling 1:38;04, Jenna Dent 1:40:56, Anna Buford 1:46:52. 20-24 – Christina Phillips 1:41:50, Taylor Josserand 1:43:22, Alison Ceresani 1:46:03. 25-29 – Amanda Morris 1:31:47, Jennifer Lybrand 1:37:43, Amanda Nichols 1:38:27. 30-34 – Janelle Ralph 1:33:23, Erin Kesterson 1:39:19, Hadyn Gause 1:39:35. 3539 – Marcy Utheim 1:37:39, Bobbi Scott 1:43:38, Jessica Clary 1:45:00. 40-44 – Jen Jansen 1:46:49, Julia Early 1:47:01, Tracy Heldreth 1:49:01. 45-49 – Beth McCorkle 1:54:15, Mary Robinson 1:56:52, Melinda Cashion 2:01:52. 50-54 – Coleen Strasburger 1:52:39, Melanie Davega 1:54:06, Lisa King 1:55:49. 55-59 – Lori Bauza 2:00:33, Joan Donohue 2:05:06, Marie Queen 2:09:54. 60-64 – Sara Bryan 2:03:36, Jane Moore 2:14:43, Brigitte Smith 2:34:43. 65-69 – Marie Bridges 2:20:07, Brenda Cooter 2:28:22, Elizabeth Ritchie 2:28:39. 70-over – Sydney Daly 3:37:40. Male, 5K: Overall – Jason Dimery 17:29, Parker Roof 19:00, Jeff Brandenburg 19:10. Masters – Pierre D’Autel 21:22, Bill Wright 21:56, Larry White 22:28. 14-under – William Beacham 20:09, Logan Zeis 22:10, Lane Clarkson 22:56. 15-19 – Preston Bell 26:40, Jaydon Parker 28:04, Nicholas Bell 30:41. 20-24 – Rashad Pendarvis 29:16, Preston Huber 29:29, Danny Carter 30:44. 25-29 – Patrick Hahn 20:16, Matt Whisonant 21:44, Andrew Cullinan 27:00. 3034 – Jason Gray 24:00, Matt Odonnell 24:54, Michael McCracken 26:04. 35-39 – Enrique Cruz 19:35, Apollo Davis 23:41, Kyle Carlson 24:53. 40-44 – Paul Barilla 27:07, Sean Williams 27:28, Aaron Zynczak 28:01. 45-49 – Chip Lupo 26:36, Tom Tanner 27:55, Scott Sheckler 27:59. 50-54 – Jim Williams 24:27, James Hurlock 26:05, Mitchel Tulloss 26:59. 55-59 – Charles Winke 26:53, Lester Badillo 30:24, John Schrank 31:55. 60-64 – Alex Ponomarev 26:17, Gaylon Scoates 30:34, Gerald Alejandro 37:00. 65-69 – Robert Frank 34:18, Joseph Monda 41:12, David Gdovin 41:44. 70-over – Bob Elkins 34:46, Art

Campbell 55:17. Female, 5K: Overall – Nicole Berzins 22:17, Stephanie Kitchens 23:02, Sonya GreenSumpter 23:07. Masters –Barbara Brandenburg 23:22, Sue Porter 26:29, Angela Shepard 26:54. 14-under – Jenna Campbell 28:05, Jaida Mack 28:45, Zoe Barilla 32:55. 15-19 – Brittany Rountree 24:59, Amber Kistoson 25:20, Hallie Van Camp 32:59. 20-24 – Jennifer Monge 26:57, Catherine Nolff 27:03, Katherine Sandel 27:50. 25-29 – Ashley Horton 25:36, Jackie Branscomb 25:52, Shayla Rae Merritt 27:43. 30-34 – Sara Kloke 26:48, Sarah Brown 26:52, Chaska Barksdale 27:26. 35-39 – Mi Sou Hood 25:53, Courtney Neil 25:55, Kyon Cortez 28:14. 40-44 – Kristy Jarvis 29:49, Sharon Blakeney 30:31, Elizabeth Batthazor 31:15. 45-49 – Jamie Duke 29:02, Jennifer Reeves 33:08, Christina Chance 33:24. 50-54 – Lisa Smarr 28:08, Patty Zander 28:48, Erin Roof 29:42. 5559 – Janice Boyd 39:35, Judy Perez 40:47, Sharon Dulaney 44:40. 60-64 – Joanna Buergey 35:35, Ruth Shaw 29:22, Joette Gdovin 41:44. 65-69 – Caroline Hammond 33:30, Maureen Campbell 49:25, Delores Goodwin 51:32.

Dodger Runs 5K Charleston, SC – 4/26 Male, Overall – Dave Brodie 19:30, Nick Pillsbury 21:30, Stephen Byrd 24:45. 14-under – Jeremy Bruorton 29:48. 15-19 – Ian MacKinnon 44:45. 20-29 – Tyler Sgro 25:40, Colin Yee 27:11. 30-39 – Brian Tuten 29:24, Bradley Emerton 30:18. 40-49 – Nathan Williams 26:36, Steve Coates 29:18. 50-59 – George Gatgounis 36:20, Steven Jones 1:06:42. 60-69 – Mark Hansen 36:27, Bruce MacKinnon 44:45. Female, Overall – Andrea Gibson 24:45, Rebecca Elbert 25:08, Jill Neely 25:36. 14-under – Eddy Maliki 59:22. 15-19 – Madison Byrd 44:48, Izzy Crenshaw 59:53, Alyssa Alderman 59:53. 20-29 – Barbara Ditmer 27:40, Meredith Schuerman 28:10. 3039 – Jessie Henderson 27:53, Brooke Hardymon 29:53. 40-49 – Karen Coomer 31:04, Tracey Jackson 34:34. 50-59 – Kari Cunningham 30:35, Pat Steele 34:14. 60-69 – Babs Gambol 33:30.

Quarry Crusher 3.72 miles Columbia, SC – 4/26 Male, Overall – Jeremy Becraft 21:40, Robert Yerger 22:27, Winston Holliday 23:43. Masters – Dan Cole 24:37. 14-under – Bailey Hinson 26:51, Lane Clarkson 28:52, Jake Clarkson 29:10. 15-19 – Malechi Doren 31:15, Zach Kanipe 34:29, Dalton Lambert 37:32. 20-24 – Matt Talley 24:54, David Barton 25:38, Andrew Wilczewski 25:49. 25-29 – Kevin Raymond 24:07, Craig Wlaschin 25:13, Eric Sparkes 25:33. 30-34 – Jesse Hawkins 24:36, Andrew Balchin 25:55, Ryan Sacko 26:01. 35-39 – Michael Nance 23:55, Kenneth Cobb 24:14, Jonathan Calore


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 30 24:46. 40-44 – Steve Brooks 24:56, Scott Brewer 25:13, Dwayne Brown 25:33. 45-49 – Tim Scott 25:15, Kevin Anderson 25:31, Marke Wilke 26:00. 50-54 – Thomas Foley 24:56, William Jefferson 25:51, Bruce Balmer 26:47. 55-59 – Ken Sekley 26:17, Gene Brinson 30:09, Steve Jackson 30:15. 60-64 – Robert Sanders 31:45, George Montgomery 39:21. 65-69 – Shawn Chillag 31:11, Ron Hudson 36:54, Mike Dhunjishah 45:37. 70-over – Bill Linder 40:16, Carl Chase 45:03, Bill Watkins 53:06. Female, Overall – Cymbeline Wilke 26:01, Julie Bitzel 26:45, Caroline McNeill 27:06. Masters – Julianne Reynolds 28:28. 14-under – Ellajoyce Humphries 38:31, Cole Ellisor 41:24, Kaylle Schurlknight 46:09. 15-19 – Brittany Johnson 38:04, Aubrey Crossland 42:56. 20-24 – Kelsey Rudeck 29:43, Samantha Yeoman 29:54, Kelli Boyle 31:27. 25-29 – Rebecca Thompson 31:40, Sarah Barnes 31:59, Michelina Kauffman 32:25. 30-34 – Michele Kehrle 27:17, Cary Caviness 28:16, Alyssa Cairns 29:01. 35-39 – Marianf Nanney 28:49, Joann Zeise 32:06, Holly Frederick 33:18. 40-44 – Heather Alexander 31:14, Kate Boyd 31:44, Sheila Singleton 37:29. 45-49 – Barbara Brandenburg 29:12, Trisha Mueller 31:21, Renee Bland 33:41. 50-54 – Melanie Davega 31:31, Janet Kay 34:17, Lisa Smarr 35:05. 55-59 – Joan Donohue 32:45, Sue Porter 34:07, Kingsley Kaminer 38:16. 60-64 – Sharon Williams 48:07, Awilda Howard 49:53, Pamela Bulak 53:03. 65-69 – Kaye Hilliard 50:38, Anne Cushman 59:48. 70-over – Emily Walker 47:14, Linda Dhunjishah 1:02:56.

Divas Half Marathon/5K North Myrtle Beach, SC – 4/27

another beautiful day in South Carolina as almost 5,000 women, and a handful of men, took to the streets of North Myrtle Beach encountering some of the Grand Strand’s most historical areas. Michelle Hazelton from Charlotte, NC, won the half marathon in a time of 1:25:05, followed by Erin-Kate Aleksak from Mount Pleasant, SC, who placed second overall with a time of 1:26:44. Jennifer Meyer, from Wilmington, NC, came in third with a time of 1:30:14. The Divas® 5K participants were led by Becky Dougherty from Mount Pleasant, SC, who took first place with a time of 22:04. Kyla Ford and Tracy Snow, both from Galax, VA, placed second and third respectively with times of 22:53 and 22:55. The weekend’s events would not have been complete without the infamous feather boa and tiara station. Ideally positioned right before the finish, runners were able to cross the finish line in style. Not only were handsome hunks awaiting the lucky finishers with blinged-out medals in hand, but The Traveler Beer Company introduced their Curious Traveler Shandy to all participants at the finish line beer garden. Special thanks to House of Blues for lining up the course entertainment, the City of North Myrtle Beach, the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, Visit Myrtle Beach for their support and McLeod Seacoast Hospital for their medical assistance. Full results are available at The 2015 Divas® Half Marathon & 5K in North Myrtle Beach will take place on April 12, 2015. Registration is now available on

Female, half marathon: Overall – Michelle Hazelton 1:25:05, Erin-Kate Aleksak 1:26:44, Jennifer Meyer 1:30:14. 11-under – Angelmarie Wells 3:43:41. 12-14 – Marissa McMakin 2:09:10, Alexis Cunningham 2:22:18, Laura Gerber 2:26:33. 15-19 – Kristen Phlegar 1:51:19, Kylie Maynard 1:58:14, Kara Harrison 2:00:28. 20-24 – Breanne Harper 1:36:57, Desiree Gregoire 1:40:18, Marisa Ayvaliotis 1:42:10. 25-29 – Ashley Williams 1:41:56, Marisol Salgado 1:43:00, Amy Bailey 1:43:13. 30-34 – Izabela Amos 1:37:37, Joy-Lynn Alvarez 1:38:55, Mary Ann Welch 1:42:26. 35-39 – Melissa Salcedo 1:33:22, Wendy Colgan 1:40:12, Shauna Schubiger 1:43:20. 40-44 – Maureen Thomas 1:34:57, Caroline Tunnell 1:36:48, Lisa Enfinger 1:42:40. 45-49 – Chantal Faure 1:43:15, Shelley Malloy 1:45:42, Patience Larkin 1:50:18. 50-54 – Kristin Krantzman 1:47:06, Colleen Reed 1:49:23, Jeanne Friberg 1:49:33. 55-59 – Dawn Galloway-Hale 1:59:53, Ophelia Moore 2:03:16, Charlene Riley 2:03:53. 60-64 – Regina Hopkins 2:06:21, Pamela Keenan 2:11:30, Patti Hunnicutt 2:11:51. 65-69 – Susan Peck 2:33:00, Sheryl Bingham 2:56:49, Judith Kellett 2:59:22. 70-74 – Ann Covington 3:11:12, Peggy Rogers 3:28:29. Female, 5K: Overall – Becky Dougherty 22:04, Kyla Ford 22:53, Tracy Snow 22:55. 12-14 – Laila Jones 26:14, Kaylyn Nelson 30:21, Morgan Gentry 30:41. 15-19 – Brenna Fouts 25:26, Sabrina Leguizamon 29:20, Ashley Schofield 29:53. 20-24 – Brynn Starr 26:23, Stephanie Bennett 26:27, Amber Bowles 27:14. 25-29 – Meghan Nyers 26:51, Megan Pratt 26:54, Krystal Resendez 27:38. 30-34 – Kim Wah 23:25, Erin Brown 23:58, Jessica Simpson 24:15. 35-39 – Heidi Boroski 24:06, Amy Levine 26:44, Jennifer Newkirk 26:55. 4044 – Kelly Tison 25:53, Laura Thompson 26:18, Mariela Payan 26:24. 45-49 – Catherine Walsh 26:37, Karen Robinson 26:48, Christine Misso 27:20. 50-54 – Cindy Dudley 25:58, Sanna Greiser 28:08, Beverly Adams 28:10. 55-59 – Colee Giddens 27:34, Maribel Alvarez 29:23, Beverly Behm 30:50. 60-64 – Deborah Nardi 30:23, Tawanna Dennis 32:10, Cindy Grennan 32:32. 65-69 – Diana Vidal 39:08, Janet Kirk 39:13, Patricia Ferguson 39:26. 70-74 – Trish Elrod 39:14, Mae Watson 46:02, Jacqueline Rangel 52:01. 75-over – Alpha Bennett 44:00, Rose Wagoner 45:07, Connie Vatca 1:05:48. Male, Overall – Jared Woody 21:25, Philip Russell 21:34, Daniel Williams 24:38.

Swamp Rabbit 5K Travelers Rest, SC – 5/2

Bib #30- Michelle Hazelton(1st Place Overall Winner- HalfMarathon) Photo by Katty Peraza

The Divas® Half Marathon & 5K in North Myrtle Beach celebrated its third Bib #1633 - Trixia Lassiter year running on Sunday, April 27. It was Photo by Katty Peraza


17:42. 30-39 – Jonathan Allen 17:11, Eric Guth 17:42, Carson Blackwelder 17:59. 40-49 – Dean Sheorn 19:18, Wolfgang Dieminger 20:04, Stephane Cocard 20:15. 50-50 – Alan Blackwell 20:00, Mike Sullivan 20:33, Tony Sorrells 20:50. 60-69 – Scott Maurer 21:40, Roy Kulikowski 22:07, Dave Payne 23:12. 70over – Ron Davis 29:13, Guenter Full 32:41, German Canas 34:22. Female, Overall – Alison Nolan 18:30, Michelle Ziegler 19:05, Abby Stanley 20:44. Masters – Elizabeth Puopore 20:57, Anita Jones 23:39, Debby Tindall-Combs 23:40. 9-under – Karissa Sonen 31:20, Rebecca Earle 31:56, Charlie Schwalm 32:17. 10-12 – Emma Deadwyler 23:45, Olivia Henn 25:21, Mycal Bowser 26:18. 13-17 – Ashley Wilson 22:06, Mary Baus 22:54, Christiana Pusateri 23:50. 18-29 – Samantha Woloszyn 21:59, Anne Wells 23:31, Ashlee Lengacher 23:42. 30-39 – Michelle Ziegler 19:05, Karen Becker 21:07, Erika Ricghards 21:41. 40-49 – Victoria Baus 24:48, Bridget Peterson 25:31, Cindy Overgaard 26:54. 50-59 – Pat Galloway 24:27, Geriann Bell 24:29, Kim Johnson 25:22. 60-69 – Karan Maxson 28:47, Becki McKee 31:14, Meg Causey 31:36. 70-over – Anne Nixon 46:19, Mildred Wade 47:53, Faye Merck 48:08.

Team Northside 5K Seneca, SC – 5/3 Male, Overall – Ryan Nation 19:08. 9-under – Nate Thorsland 29:48, Cameron O’Kelley 31:44, Christopher Duncan 33:22. 1014 – Samuel Thorsland 20:15, Brandon Glenn 22:54, Rollins Baird 24:28. 20-29 – Joseph Richards 25:07, Dustin Gravely 28:04, Ben Ellison 29:17. 30-39 – Brandon Miller 23:28, Bobby Congdon 27:15, Robert Collins 27:31. 40-49 – David Cathcart 21:51, David Thorsland 22:38, Scott Moulder 25:50. 50-54 - Stan Glenn 46:27, Steve Robbins 53:15. 60-over – Patrick Kelly 29:36, Gale Driver 50:31, Thomas Glenn 57:33. Female, Overall – Shelley Stephenson 23:35. 9-under – Emily Pipes 27:17, Elliot Moulder 34:12, Olivia Draughon 38:37. 10-14 – Marina Owenby 28:52, Carson Towe 29:07, Gunnison Alexander 39:29. 15-19 – Allie Lee 35:23, Abby Kates 35:46. 20-29 – Charlotte Sheriff 26:46, Ashley Burkett 28:35, Megan Fowler 39:07. 3039 – Lydia Dever 26:51, Tammy Dolfis 29:23, Angela Chapman 31:54. 40-49 – Lori Feist 26:20, Karon Nation 28:09, Ellen Pearson 29:05. 50-59 – Elizabeth Sposato 38:38, Mary Anne Robbins 53:14, Susan Conway 57:30. 60over – Kathy Oglesby 40:00, Marsha Driver 50:31, Ann Aguilera 53:08.

Male, Overall – Josh Cashman 16:13, Aaron Iles 16:20, Matt Shock 16:26. Masters – Thomas Cason 17:18, Dean TENNESSEE Sheorn 19:18, Stephen Powers 19:51. Youth Villages 10 miler/5K 9-under – Lucas Pryor 25:49, Luca Memphis, TN – 4/12 Kamieniecki 26:21, Emanuel Flemming 26:57. Male, 10 mile: Overall – Christian Lemon 10-12 – Sam Blackwell 22:51, Isaiah Cole 1:04:18. Masters – Daniel Denowski 1:15:06. 23:22, Jeb McBride 23:22. 13-17 – Ben Baumgaraner 18:28, Joseph Dosher 19:01, Grandmasters – Jerry Ruby 1:27:03. Brooks Hovis 19:02. 18-29 – Ben Sessions 16:57, Daniel Marinelli 17:22, Cameron Fowler CONTINUED ON PAGE 32


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 31 9-under – Nicholas Trigg 1:46:22. 10-14 – William Trigg 1:46:22. 15-19 – Isaac Brown 1:48:30, Zachary McWhirter 1:49:31. 20-24 – Wesley Williams 1:07:56, Alex Jenkins 1:08:35, John Stevenson 1:20:57. 25-29 – Doug Earthman 1:08:55, Jose Moroles 1:11:16, David Moquin 1:46:57. 30-34 – Billy Tune 1:14:33, Atsushi Imai 1:30:46, Jacob Abart 1:58:18. 35-39 – Refugio Pantoja 1:25:36, Matt Garrett 1:25:44, Hans Parker 1:30:37. 40-44 – Doug Walenczyk 1:25:18, Tomoaki Tamura 1:27:38, Joey Dudek 1:31:32. 45-49 – David Friedson 1:23:59, Joe Bryant 1:24:58, Graham Warr 1:25:25. 50-54 – Marcus Trigg 1:30:34, Sid Hurt 1:40:10, Thomas Ratliff 1:43:49. 5559 – Ron Pennington 1:27:15, George Hiffs 1:33:13, Jonathan Dougherty 1:40:49. 60-64 – Ray Johnson 1:32:32, Sam Shaw 1:48:17. 6569 – Glen Stewart 1:28:07, Frank Ognibene 1:36:06. 70-over – Terry Connell 1:29:04, Jim Brooks 1:43:04. Female, 10 mile: Overall – Rita Jorgensen 1:06:57. Masters – Alison Hammersla 1:16:10. Grandmasters – Elizabeth Sumner 1:24:46. 9-under – Alexandra Ttrigg 1:30:24. 10-14 – Hunter Stubbs 1:43:27. 15-19 – Alyssa Jackson 1:50:56. 20-24 – Emily Williams 1:26:01, Mary Holland Doan 1:47:59, Abbey McCrary 2:04:43. 25-29 – Kaley Norris 1:22:16, Caroline Giovannetti 1:22:35, Natalie Mars 1:25:20. 3034 – Rebecca Neves 1:16:17, Christine Kays 1:34:04, Jennifer Sisson 1:38:16. 35-39 – Wendy Quinn 1:25:20, Julie Taube 1:29:56, Carrie Brown 1:30:17.40-44 – Larhonda Apata 1:34:17, Jennifer Walton 1:35:10, Kim Flaherty 1:43:44. 45-49 – Kathy Hauss 1:17:19, Sonia Watkins 1:30:45, Shannon Mullins 1:35:10. 5054 – Cynthia Gregory 1:27:32, Elizabeth Baddour 1:33:02, Carol Lott 1:37:42. 55-59 – Rachel Ragan 1:36:36, Patricia Scully 1:47:26, Trish Pointius 1:54:46. 60-64 – Margaret Garella 1:56:45. 65-69 – Elaine Levine 1:43:52. 70-over – Jane Cox 2:04:51. Male, 5K: Overall – Joel Smith 20:43. Masters – Glen Okui 22:50. Grandmasters – Shawn Jewell 22:57. 9-under – Reid Gulstrom 35:31, Caleb J 37:48, Michael P 37:48. 10-14 – Winston Shaw 21:10, Judson Fair 22:35, Alex Warr 23:34. 1519 – Jamie F 23:45, Donquarius A 24:34, Joshua G 25:37. 20-24 – Jose Cordero 21:30, Zacharias Giles 21:56, Antonio Evans 26:28. 25-29 – Alex Hughes 21:40, Jordan Nemeth 22:24, Ned Biggs 22:48. 30-34 – Neal Martin 21:59, Isaiah Webber 23:44, Eric Bleier 24:10. 35-39 – Conor Hayden 21:44, Dedrick Patterson 21:57, Eric Crutcher 22:26. 40-44 – Jeff Williamson 24:17, Kleatos Johnson 24:56, Corey Lynch 24:57. 45-49 – Nick Kelley 25:26, Chris Hope 25:43, Michael Koplon 25:53. 50-54 – James Kennedy 23:18, Edwin Olivera 27:54, Jay Pollard 28:34. 55-59 – Eugene Darnell 25:05, Dale Browning 25:32, Gary Beasley 27:09. 60-64 – Wayne Simpson 24:43, Derald Dancy 30:14, Fred Thomason 36:51. 65-69 –

Dicus 38:56, Elaina Steely 39:21. 40-44 – Cindy Hughes 38:17, Ginger Daniel 40:42, Amy Smith Jim Moton 32:22, Hugh Jones 34:42, Paul 41:35. 45-49 – Pat Grant 45:53, Natalie Wiley Ireland 37:27. 70-over – Neil Hall 25:44, 55:41, Nanette Spencer 57:02. 50-54 – Marjorie Mitchell 36:32, Polissa Ezell 37:30, Marshall Jones 25:59, Hank Denowski 37:10. Renee Scott 46:35. 55-59 – Tina Smith 1:00:02, Female, 5K: Overall – Clara Glueck 23:34. Wanda Rockholt 1:03:52, Janie Milender Masters – Lauren Criswell 27:00. 1:06:34. 60-64 – Patricia Brooks 41:28, Linda Grandmasters – Celeste Long 29:06. 9-under – Evie Garrett 29:01, Caroline Dewberry 52:42, Fran Pusser 1:00:09. 65-69 – O’Brien 33:59, Lindsey Manguso 34:45. 10-14 Jan Woods 38:04, Virginia Vanatta 1:16:40. 70– Rachel Noble 25:29, Laura Baker 26:19, over – Sue Burcham 52:47, Jane Moore 56:44. Megan Turner 26:53. 15-19 – Danielle Martin Dogwood Classic 5K 33:15, Jakara A 38:25, Lauren Purifoy 40:42. Knoxville, TN – 4/26 20-24 – Porsha Chillis 24:43, Danielle Lagraize Male, Overall – Ethan Coffey 15:21, Andy 30:50, Alexis Hunt 30:50. 25-29 – Amanda Gitomer 28:39, Kerrie Cooper 29:22, Rosa Baksa 15:45, Adam Merook 15:56. Masters – Tim Ensign 17:17. Pittman 30:45. 30-34 – Leslie Williams 25:13, Grandmasters – Greg Johnson 17:35. Julia Patton 25:46, Courtney Rice 27:59. 35-39 Senior Grandmasters – Bruce White 21:17. – Scotti Anglin 33:14, Jeremie Klingberg 33:42, 14-under – Lonnie Saunders 21:48, Aaron Robyn Sharp 33:42. 40-44 – Rachel Baker 27:17, Christine Lynch 27:34, Kristin Landers Miller 27:15, Jonah Lawson 28:36. 15-19 – Eric 29:15. 45-49 – Kelley Kessler 28:03, Lillian Nelius 17:14, Trevor Hanog 21:15, Blue Reddic Jones 31:07, Melody Miller 31:32. 50-54 – 23:18. 20-24 – Travis Wilson 16:59, Casey Phyllida Stonecipher 29:23, Judy Herron 29:30, Fellhoelter 17:30, David Proffitt 18:05. 25-29 – Carmen Olivera 30:45. 55-59 – Patricia Ryan Smith 17:12, Todd Hunt 18:28, Luke Denowski 29:16, Vivienne Cleveland 30:23, Pfleger 19:24. 30-34 – Ron Wireman 17:33, Andrea Eller 31:38. 60-64 – Mary Crom 33:16, Matt Rouse 18:32, Scott Schmidt 19:08. 35-39 Marian Castroferde 37:50, Leanna Cerbu 43:22. – Stewart Ellington 16:04, Jeremy Sexton 65-69 – Margaret Stewart 32:14. 70-over – 17:44, Jose Salas 17:52. 40-44 – Lee Franklin Syliva Poll 35:10, Ann Vining 44:49, Pat 17:25, Keith Gemeinhart 18:05, Tim Gregory Denowski 48:57. 18:17. 45-49 – Lawrence Brede 17:57, Mark Hickey 18:11, Ray Wilson 18:38. 50-54 – David Run in the Park 4 miler Giles 18:08, David Price 20:05, Craig Schwartz Savannah, TN – 4/12 20:18. 55-59 – Jeff Bock 20:54, Ricky Caplan Male, Overall – Shayne Fawcet 23:25, 22:24, Arthur Funk 22:44. 60-64 – Dan Peyton Ewold 25:36, Terry Taylor 28:45. McAlister 24:24, Stephen Lowe 25:23, Robert Masters – David Prince 31:37. Burnett 30:48. 65-69 – Bruce Fox 26:03, Carl Grandmasters – Benny Murrah 32:51. Pierce 26:57, Brent Grishkin 29:23. 70-74 – Wheelchair – Jay Poindexer 24:20. David Silvus 36:13. 75-79 – Bill Woodrick 9-under – Caleb Brown 51:56, Coltan 35:44. 80-over – Rog Hollingsworth 35:45. Lindasy 58:58, Walker Dennis 1:18:32. 10-14 – Clydesdale – Jeff Chapman 19:08. Hunter Justice 58:26. 15-19 – Tate Butler Female, Overall – Gina Rouse 17:32, Kathy 35:17. 20-24 – Brent Carroll 33:01. 25-29 – Wolski 18:19, Betsy Heines 19:19. Raymond Marrow 34:43. 30-34 – Nick Krenn Masters – Jasmin Keller 20:34. 37:25. 35-39 – Jacob Michell 30:06, Michael Grandmasters – Laura Gearhiser 22:04. Barnes 30:55, Wes Johnson 32:04. 40-44 – Senior Grandmasters – Jeanne Fair 29:56. Scott Murray 32:08, Steven Lambert 34:49, Bill 14-under – Kaleigh Peevy 21:42, Maddy Kastner 39:35. 45-49 – Mike Pace 34:53, Fulkerson 36:20, Abbagale Saunders 36:41. 15Shawn Dawson 36:10, James Germany 41:49. 19 – Bre Snow 20:25, Morgan Elliott 25:59, 50-54 – Steven Shaw 34:28, Don Dorran 36:42, Crystal Florez 30:22. 20-24 – Emily Guillaume Michael Francis 43:57. 55-59 – Mark Hendrix 20:23, Haley Hatcher 21:12, Jamie Hatcher 33:34, Calvin Hinton 51:11. 60-64 – Richard 23:16. 25-29 – Allison Lallier 22:32, Austine Vanata 36:16, Paul Baillargeon 36:47, James Berkeley 23:53, Jessica Greer 24:01. 30-34 – Burcham 47:44. 65-69 – Jim Kastner 33:48, Andrea Ludwig 20:12, Gina Shouse 21:01, Woody Harrell 35:25, Gade Rao 53:09. 70-over Laura Branson 21:29. 35-39 – Lrri Carter – John Whiting 34:16, Frank McGiuley 42:05, 25:02, Amy Padilla 25:44, Jami Welden 26:09. Herb Perry 51:09. 40-44 – Pam Kimball 26:13, Courtenay Cruger Female, Overall – Nancy Adams 31:31, Gina 27:27, Heather Whaley 27:32. 45-49 – Valerie Johnson 32:01, Hannah Holland 32:48. Bachmann 22:05, Amy Jones 22:37, Sherry Masters – Beth Hosick 33:59. Dutkosky 26:11. 50-54 – Jennifer McKelvey Grandmasters – Cynthia Harrell 35:32. 9-under – Sarah Lancaster 47:41. 10-14 22:17, Brenda Fleeman 25:52, Jennifer Moore –Alli Franks 48:01, Danielle Snodgrass 57:08, 26:19. 55-59 – Becky Tener 23:48, Kris Corbitt Brandy Snodgrass 58:56. 15-19 – Shelby 24:07, Diana Condon 26:26. 60-64 – Pam Duren 1:04:44. 20-24 – Paige Burks 54:06, Arnett 32:22, Melinda Waddell 34:00, Charlotte Deborah Ruth 55:42. 25-29 – Kimberly Tallent 35:48. 65-69 – Paula Bellah 35:57, Ellen Lancaser 33:53, Jennie Novellino 35:28, Brewer 40:44. 70-74 – Vim Silvus 35:48, Joyce Cassaridea Krenn 37:24. 30-34 – Ruth Luong Ingram 40:53, Hilda Lipe 57:08. 80-84 – Wendy 34:10, Naomi Staggs 35:58, Jeanie Warren Williams 47:00. Athena – Leigh Grady 27:21. –– Jerry Scholl 41:18. 35-39 – Chasity Harrison 33:14, Misty VIRGINIA Hippity-Hop Easter Trot 5K Leesburg, VA – 4/19 Male, Overall – Miguel Anselmo 21:41. 10-under – Adam Hughes 29:01, Tyler Stevens 30:27. 11-14 – Grant Faircloth 24:38, P. Ryan McQuillan 24:54. 15-19 – Wesley Smith 24:36, Tommy Vu 29:00. 20-29 – Christian Parrish 26:50, Marcus Toschi 27:15. 30-39 – Chad Eirich 22:33, Dale Whitehead 23:44. 40-49 – Tim Burton 24:29, Bart Stevens 26:56. 50-59 – Peter Kimes 27:19, John Duffy 35:33. 60-69 – Charles Parrish 34:11, Mark Dailey 34:28. Female, Overall – Sierra Brooks 22:10. 10-under – Kendall Chapman 30:56, Maggie Ubert 32:06. 11-14 – Sarah Saunders 22:46, Camryn Ubert 22:49. 15-19 – Kaila Balch 26:07, Gillian King 26:15. 20-29 – Rori Toschi 27:15, Kathryn Coullier 31:15. 30-39 – Heather Taylor 22:42, Erika Caruthers 27:26. 40-49 – Kelly Saunders 29:58, Victoria Hughes 30:40. 50-59 – Cynthia Martin 27:49, Ann Acaya 33:11.

Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon/Half marathon/10K Roanoke, VA – 4/26 Male, marathon: Overall – Jeff Powers 2:52:25, Andrew Nichols 3:18:08, Jake Edmiston 3:18:08. Masters – Seth Jayson 3:23:06, Rob Moorefield 3:24:15, Brad Stone 3:29:48. 19-under – Eric Sheffey 5:37:44, Conor Hogan 5:39:15. 20-24 – Ben Pittsley 3:32:35, James Hurley 3:45:53, Christopher Purvis 3:54:50. 25-29 – Brad Atkins 3:22:13, Joshua Nichols 3:31:30, David Rodriguez 3:38:22. 3034 – Adam Childers 3:44:37, Chris Newton 3:45:22, Jason Shorter 3:56:31. 35-39 – Eric Fonville 3:40:34, Ricky Haro 3:41:10, Benjamin Campbell 3:44:42. 40-44 – Rob Krupicka 3:41:38, James Towey 3:50:21, James Oocumma 3:53:27. 45-49 – Sean Workowski 3:37:35, Jan Peter Brajer 3:55:25, David Jacobs 3:56:39. 50-54 – William Smith 3:38:02, Russell Gill 3:38:32, Jake Huffman 3:43:22. 5559 – Bruce Kesselring 3:46:21, Bobby Dean 4:08:38, David Feron 4:12:13. 60-64 – Mark Whisler 3:52:58, Mark Willis 4:07:46, David Van Wicklin 4:31:45. 65-69 – John Hunnicutt 4:42:49, John Wilt 5:00:05, Sompong Sombati 5:26:23. Female, marathon: Overall – Lorraine Young 3:13:48, Sarah Glenn 3:16:18, Margaret Smith 3:32:12. Masters – Francesca Conte 3:53:07, Janet Uhde 3:57:59, Laura Graziano 4:02:23. 19-under – Natalie St. John 4:10:45, Sabrina Doherty 4:50:01, Anna Reavis 6:47:22. 20-24 – Emma Betz 3:45:39, Emily Garman 4:06:24, Jennie Wyderko 4:26:32. 25-29 – Jillian Laplante 3:58:39, Heidi Tompkins 4:02:34, Lauren Cantwell 4:04:10. 30-34 – Gemesha Ancrum 3:45:15, Martha Wieser 4:06:18, Braden Reid 4:23:05. 35-39 – Mila Harris 3:43:00, Jennifer Pastrana 4:11:55, Kimberly


Running Journal • June, 2014

SOUTHEASTERN ROAD RACE RESULTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 32 Parker 4:12:14. 40-44 – Grandison 4:07:54, Janine Thomas 4:08:57, Carrie Parker 4:17:33. 45-49 – Brooke Curran 4:09:45, Stephanie Wilson 4:21:24, Heather St. John 4:41:29. 5054 – Susan Sheets 4:24:13, Suzanne Weightman 4:27:09, Margherita Scott 4:28:25. 55-59 – Dawn Weeks 5:07:17, Susan Anderson 7:39:57. 60-64 – Patricia Steahly 5:40:32, Donna Nixon 5:57:31, Donna Akers 6:26:21. Male, half marathon: Overall – Todd Bibb 1:27:44, Kirby Walke 1:30:25, Geffrey Moy 1:32:38. Masters – Ht Page 1:32:58, Bill Vickery 1:40:39, Frank Ellett 1:42:08. Hand Cyclist- Jose Pulido 1:38:35, Bill Poe 1:59:35. 19-under – Logan Goering 1:46:45, Samuel Baker 1:51:56, Brandyn Miles 2:06:05. 20-24 – Jp Blosser 1:35:54, Sergio Logan 1:39:35, Robert Wesley 1:40:44. 25-29 – Brendan Smullen 1:38:24, Andrew Miller 1:42:11, Matthew Atkinson 1:46:43. 30-34 – Jose Pulido 1:38:35, Joshua Goad 1:38:49, Chris Owens 1:41:50. 35-39 – Christopher Coles 1:41:49, James Kermes 1:42:12, Alex Nicholson 1:45:09. 40-44 – Carmen Dunford 1:43:36, Andrew Kartesz 1:44:20, Philip Settle 1:44:52. 45-49 – Stephen Hudzik 1:43:00, Wayne Deese 1:47:55, Brian Lang 1:48:56. 50-54 – Mac Cooper 1:45:32, David Cholewinski 1:53:09, Rob Leonard 1:54:49. 55-59 – R.B. Carter 1:47:33, Roger Koehler 1:53:02, Steve Cates 1:54:30. 60-64 – Allen Vaughn 1:57:05, Joseph Salmon 2:30:12, David Beckman 2:46:37. 6569 – Walter Allen 1:54:03, Shelby Dickerson 2:08:35, William Gray 2:54:31. 70-over – Harold Ingram 2:10:36, John Robb 2:53:18, Gardner Divers 2:57:32. Female, half marathon: Overall – Mina Demarco 1:31:43, Farrell Hudzik 1:42:17, Gretchen McDonough 1:43:32. Masters – Tabitha Walker 1:52:23, Frances McCarty 1:57:00, Peg Hoyle 1:59:12. 19-under – Seema Tailor 1:52:16, Hannah Mackiewicz 2:06:34, Anna Carter 2:06:32. 2024 – Adela Blahovcova 1:44:21, Rachel Taylor 1:46:05, Kimberly Heald 1:53:37. 25-29 – Susan Dickerson 1:49:18, Gwendolyn Fobare 1:59:48, Allie Graham 2:07:53. 30-34 – Sara Martin 2:00:43, Andreia Jackson 2:00:37, Laura Pollan 2:01:48. 35-39 – Bridget Durbin 1:59:16, Gretchen Vannoy 2:00:00, Becky Norton 2:06:19. 40-44 – Jennifer Burch 2:01:43, Teke Abshire 2:04:07, Nicki Alexander 2:04:34. 4549 – Liz Futrell 2:03:27, Cindy Fallon 2:06:58, Kim Ellis 2:19:09. 50-54 – Jane Harding 2:00:41, Linda Vick 2:02:01, Lynn Smith 2:12:02. 55-59 – Layne Ferguson 2:06:47, Jean Fallon 2:27:38, Debby Winters 2:31:01. 60-64 – Deborah Allen 2:28:18, Suzanne Mink 2:40:16, Margaret Batko 3:33:16. 65-69 – Stevie Long 2:19:55, Sally Evans 2:23:25, Brenda Gray 2:54:46. Male, 10K: Overall – Nick Whited 38:32, Jonathan Seidel 39:07, Nicholas Leblanc 41:08.

Masters – Sean McGinnis 42:42, Gary Adkins 49:45, Patrice Blackburn 50:13. 19-under – Craig Thornton 48:47, Eliot Davis 1:30:57. 20-24 – Joshua Norris 45:37, Lucas Prillaman 49:18, Michael Hays 50:50. 25-29 – Nick Reed 52:55, Christopher Steed 55:50, Jason Westmoreland 59:03. 30-34 – Richard Hutton 48:00, Derek Tolagian 49:14, Emanuele Roscioli 49:34. 35-39 – Robert Bono 50:00, Walter Sharpley 55:18, Tyler Pugh 59:28. 40-44 – Matt McGuire 51:04, Marc Pecoul 53:08, Chris Mincey 56:29. 45-49 – Andre Fouche 51:40, Gordon Zeigler 53:09, Florencio Garcia 53:30. 50-54 – Mark Wagner 50:58, John Ligon 55:32, Ramon Diaz Toledo 57:38. 55-59 – Frank Finch 55:54, James Rancourt 59:25, David Bernitt 1:00:11. 60-64 – Paul Hardesty 1:01:56, David Ferguson 1:35:45. 65-69 – David Henry 53:20, Kenny Wilburn 1:12:10. 70-over – Bobby Spencer 1:00:45, No name 1:33:38. Female, 10K: Overall – Lynda Gingras 45:14, Sarah Wassner Flynn 46:42, Ava Harding 48:02. Masters – Stephanie Harvey 55:15, Patti Rickman 55:41, Lynn Bradshaw 56:08. 19-under – Megan McMahon 1:17:08, Kawi Cooper 1:55:06, Lola Cooper 1:55:06. 20-24 – Kendall Robertson 58:49, Jemma Mottershead 59:13, Kayla Mabe 1:00:17. 25-29 – Chiara Fornari 50:24, Lori Chamberlin 51:18, Lauren Edwards 58:51. 30-34 – Casey Blankenship 55:11, Lane Destro 56:29, Courtney Wiegard 58:54. 35-39 – Jaime Bamford 52:51, Sarah Rosebrock 53:03, Karen McGuire 53:40. 40-44 – Helen Favor 58:54, Rebecca Carter 58:50, Betty Harrington 1:01:56. 45-49 – Ann ComerWoods 1:00:10, Linda Staley 1:04:53, Sheila Walker 1:08:44. 50-54 – Nancy Fulford 58:51, Robyn Mabe 1:02:50, Carina Hughes 1:04:25. 55-59 – Beth Anderson 1:03:23, Trina Nicholson 1:05:50, Kim Wilbourne 1:08:09. 6064 – Debbie Vreeland 1:09:37, Laura Gardner 1:13:18. 65-69 – Andrea Flora 1:14:13, Susan Loveman 1:14:44, Dot Howery 1:19:41.

Riverside Rehab 5K By the Bay Newport News, VA – 5/3 Male, Overall – Steven Brewer 18:17, Steve Smith 18:29, Matthew Garcia 19:01. 12-under – Tre Day 25:47, Michael Hayden 26:52. 13-19 –N’Kenn Boyd 21:23, Brandon Chu 24:10, Evan Scott 24:23. 20-24 – James Brittain 19:04, Joseph Conway 19:59, Jim Nicol 21:15. 25-29 – Phillip Novotny 20:18, John Hoagland 22:32, Alan Zedaker 23:14. 30-34 – Frank Newman 19:21, Douglas Nassif 19:35, Matthew Andrews 20:29. 35-39 – Christapher Lang 20:12, Adam Hendrie 21:08, Chris Laws 24:42. 40-44 – Marc Milner 19:23, Daniel Ballin 19:33, Eric Hunley 21:42. 45-49 – Maury Cooke 21:36, Donald Skrinjorich 24:41, Lovetta Ritchie 26:02. 50-54 – Alan Van Zandt 21:26, Brian Osmundson 23:36, Steven Keeter 24:13. 55-59 – Michael Byrum 24:43, Gene Thies 25:56, Greg Hedley 28:52. 60-over – Dale Abrahamson 21:46, Joseph Verdirame 23:58, Robert Wright 25:38.

Female, Overall – Courtney Chapman 19:00, Sheila Scotti 20:53, Sarah Rhiel 21:30. 12-under –Bella Cooke 31:32, Mya Day 53:57. 13-19 – Sequoia Waite 36:29, Jordyn Stith 39:20, Jennah Holt 39:59. 20-24 – Hannah Menefee 27:11, Cheryl Bare 28:27, Gabrielle Ritchie 32:49. 25-29 – Jessica Mason 25:14, Samantha Bradley 25:30, Vanessa Bates 25:55.30-34 – Michelle Ballin 21:37, Mary Hall 26:23, Alexis Rudd 26:53. 35-39 – Michelle Heckler 27:10, Cassundra Seward 31:15, Amanda Tilley 32:06. 40-44 – Sandra Velasquez 27:53, Anna Mitchell 29:44, Nedra Hall 32:23. 45-49 – Kim Ratcliffe 22:57, Jenny Cooke 24:56, Tammy Memory 25:03. 50-54 – Katie Staley 27:20, Angela Williams 29:31, Victoria Cook 30:29. 55-59 – Susan Lindemann 25:33, Petra Zayakosky 30:57, Lyn Hedley 32:00. 60over – Dottie Humphreys 30:40, Mary Lynn Harman 33:48, Jane Abbott 34:05. — Bruce Davis

WASHINGTON, D.C. Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-miler Washington, DC – 4/6 Male, Open – 1-Stephen Sambu 45:29, 2Daniel Salel 45:29, 3-Allan Kiprono 45:47, 4Edwin Kipyego 46:19, 5-Tolossa Gedefa 46:38, 6-Christopher Landry 46:41, 7-Dominic Ondoro 47:05, 8-John Kemboi Cheruiy 47:15, 9-Eliud Ngetich 47:18, 10-Girma Mecheso 47:22, 11Mohamed Trafeh 47:27, 12-Nahom Mesfin 47:31, 13-Ben Bruce 47:33, 14-Tim Young 47:45, 15-Matt Tegenkamp 47:57, 16-Joseph Gray 48:04, 17-Philemon Cheboi 48:12, 18Tyler McCandless 48:21, 19-Ian Burrell 48:42, 20-Lucas Meyer 48:46, 21-Nelson Makori Oyugi 48:48, 22-Mark Leininger 49:09, 23-Ben Sathre 49:28, 24-Christopher Barnicl 49:47, 25-Mark Allen 49:51. U.S. Men – 1-Landry 46:41, 2-Mecheso 47:22, 3-Trafeh 47:27, 4-Bruce 47:33, 5-Young 47:45, 6-Tegenkamp 47:57, 7-Gray 48:04, 8McCandless 48:21, 9-Burrell 48:42, 10-Meyer 48:46. Local – Young 47:45. 19-under – Adam Staveski 56:03, Ita Bezherano 57:24, Trent Herzog 57:33. 20-24 – Salel 45:29, Kiprono 45:47, Kipyego 46:19, Gedefa 46:38, Cheruiyot 47:14. 25-29 – Sambu 45:29, Landry 46:41, Ondoro 47:05, Mecheso 47:21, Trafeh 47:27. 30-34 – Bruce 47:33, Tegenkamp 47:57, Gray 48:04, Meyer 48:45, Christopher Sloane 50:57. 35-39 – David Angell 51:41, David Wertz 52:46, Wilson Komen 52:50, Aaron Church 54:48, Matthew Thomas 55:49. 40-44 – Philippe Rolly 52:37, Keith Matiskella 52:57, Chris Bennett 57:32, Paul Davis 58:08, Jason Tripp 58:53. 45-49 – Kevin Gard 56:55, Alex Hetherington 57:04, Peter Keating 58:04, John Zimmerman 58:34, Wade Oliver 58:46. 50-54 – Daniel Boyle 57:07, Mark Neff 58:05, Jim Zoldy 58:14, Kevin D’Amanda 59:37, David Haaga 59:43. 55-59 – Charlie Andrews 58:53, Greg Diamond 1:00:59, Dan Smithhisler 1:01:02, Daniel Bird 1:01:11, Christopher Ryan 1:02:48. 60-64 – Mick Slonaker 1:04:52, Bruce Wilkins 1:07:07, Bob Burns 1:07:46, Charles Morrow 1:08:22, Ken


Krehbiel 1:08:50. 65-69 – Ronnie Wong 1:15:18, Brian Byrne 1:15:28, John Delia 1:15:39, Barry Bupp 1:17:51, Eric Melby 1:18:22. 70-74 – Bill Filcheck 1:17:26, Jackson Eaton 1:17:32, Rob Wesson 1:25:11, Mike Matheny 1:30:05, Lou Shapiro 1:30:46. 75-79 – Chan Robbins 1:33:24, Thomas Berkey 1:34:54, Tom Cowley 1:35:14. 80-over – George Yannakakis 1:30:13. Female, Overall –1-Mamitu Daska 52:05, 2Janet Bawcom 52:12, 3-Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bol 52:16, 4-Sara Hall 52:54, 5-Makida Abdela 53:45, 6-Frances Koons 54:30, 7-Etaferahu Temesgen 54:30, 8-Susanna Sullivan 54:31, 9Brianne Nelson 54:33, 10-Jen Rhines 54:38, 11-Heather Cappello 54:40, 12-Meghan Peyton 54:42, 13-Millicent Kuria 54:49, 14-Sara Slattery 55:14, 15-Noriko Higuchi 55:21, 16Blake Russell 55:26, 17-Dot McMahan 55:36, 18-Tina Muir 56:37, 19-Megan Wright 56:51, 20-Melissa Johnson-Whit 57:10, 21-Liz Cmy 57:12, 22-Jennifer Bergman 57:13, 23-Mary Dell 57:57, 24-Christie Foster 58:01, 25-Claire Hallissey 58:18. U.S. Women – 1- Bawcom 52:12, 2-Hall 52:54, 3-Koons 54:30, 4-Sullivan 54:31, 5Nelson 54:33, 6-Rhines 54:38, 7-Cappello 54:40, 8-Peyton 54:42, 9-Slattery 55:14, 10Russell 55:26. Local – Sullivan 54:31. 19-under – Maddy Conover 1:06:52, Emily Johnson 1:13:44, Amy Edgemond 1:14:07. 2024 – Abdela 53:45, Temesgen 54:30, Sullivan 54:31, Bergman 57:13, Marini 57:45. 25-29 – Tuliamuk-Bolto 52:16, Koons 54:30, Peyton 54:42, Kuria 54:49, Higuchi 55:21.30-34 – Daska 52:05, Hall 52:54, Nelson 54:33, Cappello 54:40, Slattery 55:14. 35-39 – Bawcom 52:14, Rhines 54:38, Russell 55:26, McMahan 55:36, Kara Waters 1:00:21. 40-44 – Theresa Lowry 1:01:26, Brenda Schrank 1:02:03, Kelly Westlake 1:03:58, Kimberly Fagen 1:04:41, Shelly Hack 1:04:54. 45-49 – Liz Herbert 1:05:36, Denise Knickman 1:05:46, Christina Morganit 1:06:08, Lane Tingle 1:07:56, Gayle Hoffmeister 1:09:10. 50-54 – Cindy Conant 1:02:45, Robyn Humphrey 1:07:08, Jennifer Cooke 1:08:33, Eleanor Kerr 1:10:15, Connie Gardner 1:10:18. 55-59 –Sharon Vos 1:07:33, Deborah Flynn 1:10:50, Carole Jones 1:11:18, Dorothy Beckett 1:14:02, Kathleen Kilbride 1:15:41. 60-64 – Edie Stevenson 1:10:51, Linda Jennings 1:12:10, Amy Lease 1:16:40, Ibelinda O’Brien 1:17:15, Betty Blank 1:17:31. 65-69 – Alice Franks 1:16:36, Lee Smailes 1:25:37, Joanne Murphy 1:30:06, Janice Jacobs 1:30:18, Esther Buchser 1:32:35. 70-74 – Dee Nelson 1:27:18, Judith Harmony 1:28:27, Felicity Hawes 1:43:49, Regina Wright 1:44:50, Rosemary Schwartzbar 1:48:19. 75-79 – Heide Moebius 1:31:35, Ecris Williams 1:45:24, Imme Dyson 1:46:05

“We Run The South”


Running Journal • June, 2014

“Racing South” THE ONLY CALENDAR YOU NEED TO RUN THE SOUTH Race Directors: Use form on page 2 to send information on all upcoming races. Runners: Please verify information before traveling to a race. When requesting information, always enclose a SASE. Abbreviations: RD = race day, RW = racewalk, FR = fun run, P/M = postmarked, W/C = wheelchair.

ALABAMA June 7, Decatur - Mountain Mania 15K, 7am; 5K, 7:20am. Info: Stephen Brown (256)340-8038, June 7, Fort McClellan - Fast Feet 5K Run/Walk, 7am. Info: Samuel Green (256)239-2832, June 7, Good Hope - Mud Run, 8am. Info: June 7, Huntsville - Eurocross 5K & 8K, 8am. Info: Keith & Tracy Roberts (256)880-1862, June 7, Huntsville - Our Kids 5K Race, 11:30am. Info: June 7, Indian Springs Campus - Hoofin’ it 5K/10K Race & FR, 8:30am. Info: (205)419-RACE, June 7, Mobile - Via Bolt 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: LRH Productions (251)401-8039, June 14, Hartselle - Hartselle High School CC Team 5K, 8am. Info: June 14, Hoover - Glow in the Park 5K, 8:15pm. Info: June 14, Huntsville - Strong Girls 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7am. Info: June 14, Huntsville - Alabama A&M 5K Cross Country Race, 7:30am. Info: June 14, Mobile - The CAUSEway 5K Run/Walk, 7:15am. Info: LRH Productions (251)401-8039, June 21, Florala - 5K Alligator Trot, 8am. Info: Karen Johnson (850)951-5385, June 21, Fulton - Stampede 5K, 8am. Info: Sammy Morris (205)849-5740, June 21, Huntsville - Big Brothers Big Sisters BIG 5K Summer Fun Run, 5K Run/Walk 7am. Info: Lisa Quinlan (715)572-4168,

June 21, New Market - Mission Firefly 5K, 6pm; $20 by 5/31, $25 by 6/20. Info: Stacia Jones, 317 Thompson Ln., Hazel Green, AL 35750; (256)348-5021,, June 21, Rainsville - Rainsville Freedom Fest 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Jerry Clifton (256)717-5650, June 28, Fayetteville - Firecracker Chase 10.2 Mile & 5K, 7am. Info: June 28, Tuscaloosa - Hillcrest Patriots 5K Hero Run, 7:30am. Info: (205)369-5401.

July 4, FloraBama-Orange Beach - The SHARK Adventure Run, 4.5 Mile Road & Beach Adventure Run (2 mile road followed by 2.5 mile beach), 7am; 1 Mile Beach Fun Run; 7:30am: $35 by 5/31, $40 by 7/3, $50 race day. Info: Harley Sports POB 934, Orange Beach, AL 36561; (251)980-1045,,; Register online at July 4, Huntsville - Morning Side Baptist Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Pelham - Peavine Falls Run, 8.2 Mile; 8am. Info: (205)492-3670, July 5, Birmingham - Red, White & Brew 5K Run/Walk, 10am. Info: Joy Underwood (205)354-3932, July 12, Elkmont - Running with the Goats, 10K, 5K & FR; 7am. Info: July 12, Hartselle - J.P. Cain Stadium 5K Run, 6pm. Info: July 19, Oxford - Christ Against Cancer 5K, 8am. Info: Johanna Morgan (256)473-3567, July 26, Anniston - Anniston Runners Club Remembrance Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Brooke Nelson (256)239-9001, July 26, Birmingham - Hotter ‘N Hell Trail Race, 9 & 18 Miles; 8am. Info: David Tosch (205)262-9714,

Aug. 9, Birmingham - The Quest - Oak Mountain Adventure Race, 7am. Info: David Tosch (205)262-9714, Aug. 16, Hoover - Save the Os 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Trish Portuese (205)933-8911, Aug. 30, Gulf Shores - Tacky Jacks Bloody Mary 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info:

Oct. 11, Orange Beach - National Shrimp Festival 10K Run, 8am; 5K Run & 5K Walk, 8:30am; $25 P/M by 9/27, $30 after 9/27, $40 on RD; $15/students 18-under, $20 on RD. Info: Walt Graham (205)966-4366,, Frank Malone (251)747-1723,, Dec. 13, Huntsville - Nike Rocket City Marathon, 8am; $60 P/M thru June, $75 P/M thru Sept., $90 P/M thru Oct., after $100 (online thru 12/1). Info: Suzanne Taylor (256)650-7063, suzanne@fleetfeethuntsville. com, See Ad page 17.

ARKANSAS June 7, Clinton - Van Buren County Library 2K, 7pm. Info: (501)745-2100, June 7, El Dorado - Circle of Friends Glow 5K, 8pm. Info: (870)918-3382, June 7, Fayetteville - Tread Lightly 5K, 9:30am. Info: (479)7130930, June 7, Fort Smith - Chaffee Crossing Historic District 5K, 6pm. Info: (479)434-6774, June 7, Gassville - Gassville in the Park 5K & 1 Mile Walk, 7:30am. Info: Jeff Braim (870)421-4151, June 7, Green Forest - Rat Race 5K, 7am. Info: June 7, Greers Ferry - Hallelujah 5K, 9am. Info: (501)206-7209, June 7, Little Rock - Cheetah Chase 5K, 8am. Info: (501)6617208, June 7, Sheridan - Relay for Life 5K, 8am. Info: (870)484-2351, June 14, Fort Smith - Honor and Duty 5K, 7:30am. Info: (479)784-8185, June 14, Little Rock - Go! Mile, 7:30am. Info: (501)663-6800, June 14, North Little Rock - Race to Remember 5K, 6pm. Info: (501)766-5433, June 14, Siloam Springs - Wellfest 5K, 8am. Info: (479)5493141, June 14, Warren - Pink Tomato 5K, 7am. Info: (870)226-5225. June 21, Batesville - Sprint for Seniors 5K, 8am. Info: June 21, Benton - ArkansasRunner 2 Mile, 7:30am. Info: (501)517-7393, June 21, Bentonville - The Cancer Challenge 10K, 5K & 1 Mile; 7:30am. Info: (479)273-3172, June 21, Bryant - B-Fit 5K, 6:30am. Info: (501)416-6396, June 28, Benton - Pudding Cup 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: (501)6151090,

June 28, Malvern - Brickfest 5K, 7:30am; $20/18-up, $7/18-under by 5/23; after $25/18up, $10/18-under. Info: Tammie Teague, Malvern Brickfest, POB 26, Malvern, AR 72104; (501)458-1115, info@malvern, July 4, Fayetteville - Run for Veterans 4 Mile, 7:30am. Info: (479)957-8442, July 4, Greenwood - FreedomFest 5K, 7:30am. Info: (479)9966357, July 4, Little Rock - Firecracker Fast 5K, 7:30am. Info: (501)2210017, July 5, Vandervoort - Vandervoort 4th of July Picnic 5K, 7am. Info: (870)582-2328, July 12, Perryville - Full mOOn 50K & 25K, 50K 7pm; 25K 8pm. Info: Susy Phillips (501)837-3104, July 19, Little Rock - Twilight 5K, 7pm. Info: (501)231-3730, July 26, Arkadelphia - The Dam Night Run 5K, 8pm. Info: (870)464-7415, July 26, Bryant - Racing for Pitches 5K, 7am. Info: (501)2515353, Aug. 10, Eureka Springs - The Eurekan 10K, 5K & 1 Mile, 7:30am. Info: Bruce Dunn (479)521-7766, Aug. 16, Little Rock - The Milk Run, 5K 7am. Info: Lena Strickland (501)350-2353, Aug. 23, Fayetteville - St. Jude Fayetteville 10K, 7am. Info: Phil Davison (870)273-3323,

FLORIDA June 1, Boca Raton - Run For The Ribbons, 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile; 7am. Info: Darci McNally (561)955-4501, June 7, Clermont - Cool Summer Mornings 5K Series, 7:30am. Info: (352)394-1320. June 7, Delray Beach - 5K Muttsquerade Run/Walk, 7:15am; 1 Mile Dog Walk/Run, 7:20am. Info: Kasey Walden & Erika Schwartz (561)405-5584, June 7, Fort Walton Beach - Billy Bowlegs 5K Run/Walk, 10:30pm. Info: Ed Owens (850)240-5974, June 7, Lakeland - Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K Race #1, 7am. Info: June 7, Jacksonville - Community First Hale and Hearty 7K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: (904)316-8122, June 7, Melbourne - Bottoms Up Beer Run, 4K 6:30pm. Info: Anne Gregg (321)652-1302, June 7, Nocatee - Daddy’s Girl Tu Tu 2K, 8am; Family 5K, 8:30am. Info: (904)710-2458. June 7, Orange Park - Fleming Island Eagles 5K Race, 7pm. Info: (904)240-6054. June 7, Sarasota - New Balance 5K Fun Run Series, 7am. Info: Holly Johnson (941)350-9615, June 7, Siesta Key Beach - Running Water 5K, 9am. Info: Jonathan Kliewer (941)924-0107, jonny@ June 7, Tallahassee - Strides for Education 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Wanda Lewis (850)201-8312, June 8, Aventura - Cleft Lip and Palate Miles for Smiles 5K Run/ Walk, 7am. Info: Split Second Timing (954)749-6933. June 8, Osteen - ECHO Half Marathon & 5K, 6:30am. Info: (407)314-8583, June 8, Sarasota - Great Father’s Day Race 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: June 13, Bradenton - Pirates and Princesses 5K Home Run, 7pm. Info: June 13, Tampa - Picnic Island Adventure Runs, 3.6 Mile, 6:45pm. Info: (813)232-5200, June 14, Gulf Breeze - St. Sylvester Catholic Church Flag Day 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: June 14, Jacksonville - Run for the Pies, Nike Championship 5K 7pm; Open 5K 7:30pm. Info: (904)731-1900. June 14, Key West - Tutu Relay (10K), 8am. Info: Theme Runs, Inc. (305)747-8563. June 14, Melbourne - Brevard Rivalry 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: June 14, Orlando - ORC Race Into Summer 5K, 7:30am. Info: Michele Ward (407)766-6316, June 14, Sorrento - Masters of All Terrain Marathon, 7am. Info: June 14, Tallahassee - 5K at Fifth, 8am. Info: June 15, Tampa - Great Father’s Day Race 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: June 17, Sanibel Island - FASD Charity Walk, 8am. Info: Steve Litschauer (941)737-1593, June 21, Jacksonville Beach - Join the Movement 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am. Info: (904)731-1900. June 21, Monticello - 5K Watermelon Run, 8:15am. Info: Don Condon (850)661-8716, June 21, Pensacola Beach - Gary McAdams Sandshaker 5K, 7:30am. Info: June 21, Tallahassee - Inflatable Fun Mac 5K Obstacle Run, 11am. Info: (850)212-3513, June 21, Tallahassee - Summer Trail Series, Race #1, 5.5 mi.; 6pm. Info: Bobby York (850)443-6795, June 27, St. Pete Beach- St. Pete RR 5K Beach Series, 7pm. Info: Doug Schiller (941)932-6147, June 28, Deerfield Beacn - Freedom 5K, 7am. Info: Cynthia Rae Barnard (954)461-5515, June 28, Fort Myers - Neon Vibe 5K, 9pm. Info: June 28, Hialeah - Amelia Down-2-Earth Trail Run Series, 5K, 10K & Half Marathon; 7:30am. Info: (786)385-4204, June 28, Jacksonville - Get Inspired 6K, 8am; 6K FR, 9am. Info: (904)413-8491, June 28, Lakeland - Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K Race #2, 7am. Info: June 28, Ponte Vedra Beach - Big Bang 5K, 8am. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104, July 4, Jacksonville - Celebration 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: (904)731-1900.

July 4, Jay - Celebrate Freedom 5K & 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: July 4, Melbourne - Firecracker 5K, 7am. Info: Denise Piercy (321)751-8890. July 4, Ormond Beach - Solar Fit Firecracker Pier to Pier 10 & 4 Mile Runs, 7:30am. Info: (904)710-2458, July 4, Winter Park - Hunter Vision Watermelon 5K, 7am; Kid’s Run, 8:15am. Info: Track Shack (407)896-1160, July 5, Palmetto - NRFR Firecracker 5K, 7:30am. Info: Sean Peel (941)812-4673, July 12, Clermont - Cool Summer Mornings 5K Series, 7:30am. Info: (352)394-1320. July 12, Tallahassee - Summer Trail Series, Race #2, 4.5 mi.; 8am. Info: Bobby York (850)443-6795, July 18, Tampa - Picnic Island Adventure Runs, 3.6 Mile, 6:45pm. Info: (813)232-5200, July 19, Key West - Hemingway 5K Sunset Run & Paddle Board Race, 7:30am. Info: Barb Wright (305)240-0727, July 26, Baldwin Park, Orlando - Run for Africa 5K, 7:30am. Info: Katelyn Warner (407)792-6521, July 26, Hialeah - Amelia Down-2-Earth Trail Run Series, 5K & 10K; 7:30am. Info: (786)385-4204, worksmartplayharder@ July 26, Lakeland - Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K Race #3, 7am. Info: July 26, St. Augustine - Bridge of Lions 5K, 7:30am. Info: RaceSmith, Inc. (386)747-3532, July 26, Tallahassee - Summer Trail Series, Race #3, 3.5 mi.; 6pm. Info: Bobby York (850)443-6795, July 26, Orlando - Run for Africa 5K, 7:30am. Info: Lisa Pannell - Aug. 2, Melbourne - Homes of Hope Beach Run 5K, 8am. Info: Carrie Blanchard (321)728-9835, Aug. 9, Clermont - Cool Summer Mornings 5K Series, 7:30am. Info: (352)394-1320. Aug. 9, Ocala - Glo with the Flo 5K, 8pm. Info: Jim Shields (904)318-8104,

Aug. 9, St. George Island - St. George Island Sizzler 5K Race, 6pm; 1 Mile, 5:30pm; $10-$25 by 8/6, $30 day of race. Info: St. George Island Sizzler, POB 416, Eastpoint, FL 32328; Hobson Fulmer (850)509-2191,, Aug. 9, Viera - I Run for Pizza Football Kickoff 5K, 7am. Info: Denise Piercy (321)751-8890. Aug. 9, Tallahassee - Summer Trail Series, Race #4, 4.5 mi.; 8am. Info: Bobby York (850)443-6795, Aug. 16, Miami - Miami Marathon Kick Off 5K, 7am. Info: Cynthia Rae Barnard (954)461-5515, Aug. 23, Hialeah - Amelia Down-2-Earth Trail Run Series, 5K & 10K; 7:30am. Info: (786)385-4204, Aug. 23, Jacksonville - Lung Force Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Beth Jensen (904)520-7117, Aug. 23, Lakeland - Summer Sunrise Watermelon Series 5K Race #4, 7am. Info: Aug. 30, Melbourne Beach - Sister Run 5K, 7:30am. Info: Terre Luce (321)514-6858,

GEORGIA June 1, Atlanta - 5 To Thrive 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: June 3, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, June 7, Alma - Georgia Blueberry Festival, 5K 8am; 1 Mile FR/ Walk to follow. Info: Karen McCarty (912)632-8961 (ext. 1083).

June 7, Atlanta - Strong4Life Superhero Sprint, 5K 8:30am; 1 Mile FR 9:30am; $25/5K; $20/1 Mile FR Adults, $12/Children (12-under); $30 Race Day. Info: Renee Fraley (404)7857315,, June 7, Atlanta - Virginia Highland Summerfest 5K Road Race, 8am; Tot Trot, 9:15am. Info: (404)327-7738, June 7, Buford - Historic Buford Road Race, 5K 7:30am; 10K 7:45am. Info: Kim Sitton (678)464-1212, Carmen Hodnett (770)6149296, June 7, Columbus - MDA Fire Fighter 5K, 8:30am. Info: Chloe Welk (706)653-3520. June 7, Conyers - Monastery 5K & FR, 8:15am. Info: June 7, Cordele - Watermelon Races, Awards 5K Run 7:50am; 1 Mile FR/Walk & Dog Walk 8:05am; Second 5K Run 8:30am; 3rd 5K Run 9am. Info: Impact Fitness (229)271-1900. June 7, Dawsonville - Bootlegger Marathon, Half Marathon & 4 Miler, 7am. Info: (770)633-5511, June 7, Eatonton - Torture Trail 10K Road Race, 10K & 1 Mile; 8am; $20 by 6/6. Info: Farmers & Merchants Bank, POB 4450, Eatonton, GA 31024; Derek Hudson (706)485-9858,, June 7, Lawrenceville - Miles-4-Smiles, 10K 8:30am; 5K 10am; 1 Mile 10:45am. Info: Barbara Riley (678)871-8150, June 7, Lawrenceville - Trot to Clot 5K Run, 5K Walk; 8:30am. Info: Kirstin Downie (770)518-8272, June 7, Savannah - Survive The Five...K, 5K 8:15am; Kid’s Run, 8am. Info: (912)819-8784, June 8, Snellville - Rock the Park Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 6:30am. Info: June 10, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, June 14, Albany - Darton State College X-C Trail Run, 15K, 5K & 1 Mile; 8am. Info: (229)317-6558, June 14, Americus - The Home Run 5K, 1 Mile “Jay Walk” FR, 7:30am. Info: Rebecca Ferguson (229)938-3916. June 14, Atlanta - Hands Around the Hill, 5K Run/Walk 8am. Info: Ed Williams (404)327-7738, June 14, Atlanta - Braves Country 5K, 7:30am. Info: June 14, Columbus - MSG Jared Van Aalst 5/10K & 1 Mile Memorial Runs, Kids FR (13-under) 8am; 5K & 10K 8:30am. Info: (706)464-3678. June 14, Douglasville - Blake Gammill 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am; 10.5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile Run/Walk, 8:20am. Info: Douglas County Rogue Runners (678)873-6720. June 14, Kennesaw - Single Mothers 5K, 9am. Info: June 14, Kennesaw - Dream Dash 5K, 1 Mile & Tot Trot; 7:30am. Info: Rachel Langelotti (770)315-6527, June 14, Newnan - Father’s Day 5K Challenge, 9am. Info: June 14, Savannah - SARC Wet ‘n’ Wild 5K, 10:30am. Info: Andrew Jones (912)220-3474, June 14, Woodstock - Hope Mill Half Marathon & 5K, 8:30am. Info: Lisa Randall (770)653-4614, June 17, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558,

June 21, Alpharetta - Craft Beer Festival & 5K Road Race, 5K, 8pm; $30 by 6/11, $35 after. Info: Bob Marinich, POB 4133, Alpharetta, GA 30023-4133, (404)630-5109, b o b @ m y e z r e g . c o m , June 21, Cartersville - Red Hot Half Marathon & 5K Trail Run, 5K 7:30am; Half 7:45am. Info: Mark Vescio (678)895-2631, June 21, Columbus - CRR Summer Series Race #1 - Summer Solstice 5K, 7:30pm; 1 Mile FR, 7pm. Info: (706)596-9308, June 21, Pooler - JCB Mud Run, 4 Mile; 8am. Info: June 21, Suwanee - sheMoves Atlanta 5K, 8:30am. Info: June 24, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558,

June 28, Atlanta - 7th Annual HBCU Run/ Walk, 5K & 10K; 7am; $30/5K Run/Walk, $40/10K Run 5/1-31, $35/$45 by 6/19. Info: Marck Dorvil - hbcualumniatlanta@, 2014/1459/7th-annual-hbcu-runwalk June 28, Gainesville - Beat the Heat 5K, 7:30am; 1 Mile, 9am. Info: Brent Sexton (770)533-5840, June 28, Stone Mountain Park - Stop the Violence and Keep It Moving 5K Run/Walk 4 Youth, 8am. Info: June 30, Columbus - CRR Summer Series Race #2 - Rails to Trails 5K, 7:30pm. Info: (706)596-9308, July 1, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, July 4, Atlanta - AJC Peachtree Road Race 10K, 7:30am. Info: ATC (404)231-9064, July 4, Cumming - We The Runners Half Marathon & 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 7:45am; Sparkler Trot (10-under), 9:45am. Info: July 4, Dahlonega - Firecracker 5K & 10K, 7:30am. Info: (770)633-5511, July 4, St. Simons Island - Sunshine Festival 5K & 1 Mile, 7:30am; $25 by 7/2, $30 on 7/3 & 7/4. Info: Karen Stone, 14 Dunbar Creek Pt., St. Simons Island, GA 31522; (912)634-2514,, July 4, Wrightsville - Firecracker 10K, 7am; 5K, 8:15am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Donnie Sweat (478)864-3109,, July 5, Watkinsville - 12 Days of Christmas in July RacesOconee County 4-H, 4K. Info: Bo Ryles (706)542-3390, Roger Keel (334)524-2884. July 7, Putnam County - 12 Days of Christmas in July Races, 5K 9:14am. Info: Bo Ryles (706)542-3390, Roger Keel (334)5242884. July 8, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, July 12, Columbus - CRR Summer Series Race #3 - Big Dog Heatwave 5 Miler, 8am. Info: (706)596-9308, July 12, Kennesaw - Faith Cline Elf Trot, 5K, 1 Mile & Tot Trot;

Running Journal • June, 2014 7:30am. Info: Rachel Cline (770)315-6537, July 12, Marietta - Flavor Run Atlanta 5K, 9am. Info: July 12, Villa Rica - Troop Trot 39K, 10K & 39K Fastpack, 8am. Info: July 12, Wilmington Island - Summer Sizzler 5K, 8am. Info: July 12, Woodtock - Georgia Games Trail Run Championships, 6.25 mi.; 8am. Info: July 15, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, July 18, Hampton - 12 Days of Christmas in July Races, 11K 7:04pm. Info: Bo Ryles (706)542-3390, Roger Keel (334)524-2884. July 19, Blakely - Dr. James. H. Crowdis Run, 5K Run & 5K Racewalk; 8:15am. Info: Tony Gilbert (229)724-7660, July 19, Hampton - 12 Days of Christmas in July Races, 10.4K 7:44am. Info: Bo Ryles (706)542-3390, Roger Keel (334)524-2884. July 19, Decatur - Decatur-Dekalb 4 Mile, 7:30am. Info: July 21, Columbus - CRR Summer Series Race #4 - Flat Rock Park 5K, 7:30pm. Info: (706)596-9308, July 22, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, July 26, Eatonton - 12 Days of Christmas in July Races, 12K, 7:34am. Info: Bo Ryles (706)542-3390, Roger Keel (334)524-2884. July 26, Gainesville - ADA Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: Justin Pressley (770)540-0986, July 29, Albany - Darton State College Trail Running Series, 12 Races at 1.625 Miles; 7pm. Info: (229)317-6558, Aug. 2, Columbus - Audie Murphy 5K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 2, Kennesaw - Run for Wounded Heroes, 5K, 1 Mile & Tot Trot; 7:30am. Info: Rachel Langelotti (770)315-6537, Aug. 2, Leesburg - Walter Phelps Phun Run, 1 Mile Kid’s Run, 8am; 5K Trail Run, 8:30am; Toddler Trot, 9:30am. Info: Aug. 9, Woodstock - Peace Love Run 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Ruth Buckingham (517)740-5443, Aug. 16, Columbus - CRR Summer Series Race #5, Lakebottom Park 5K, 8am. Info: (706)596-9308, Aug. 16, Jefferson - Primal Rush OCR, 4 Mile Obstacle; 8am. Info: The Tree House (770)868-1900. Aug. 24, Atlanta - Hotlanta Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Rachel Langelotti (770)315-6537, Aug. 30, Canton - Animal Rescues 5K & 1K, 8am. Info: (404)2262883, Aug. 30, Milledgeville - ORHF - Old Capitol City Classic 5K & 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Connie Pitirri (478)454-3859, Sept. 6, Peachtree City - Divas Half Marathon & 5K, $90 3/16-6/ 15, $100 6/16-9/2, $120/at Expo; $50/5K by 6/15, $65 6/16-9/2, $75/ at Expo. Info: 1(800)733-7089,,

June 21, Flemingsburg - Run to Care 5K, 8:30am. Info: June 21, Lexington - United Way 5K on the Runway, 8am. Info: June 21, Louisville - Powered With Pride 5K, 8am. Info: June 21, Morgantown - Green River Road Race, 5 Mile Run/ Walk; 7:30am. Info: Jeff Whittinghill (270)526-6827, June 27, Lexington - Sunset Tiki 5K, 8:20pm. Info: June 28, Elkhorn City - Artists Collaborative Theatre 5K Run, 1 Mile Walk. Info: June 28, Frankfort - March for the Memorial 5K, 7:30pm. Info: June 28, Midway - Farmland 5K, 9am. Info: July 4, Elizabethton - Heroes Run, 5K & 10K; 7:30am Info: Tasha Parks (270)872-4422, July 4, Frankfort - The Great Buffalo Chase 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Lexington - Bluegrass 10,000, 10K 7:30am. Info: July 11, Lexington - Chick-fil-A Connect Race Series 5K, 7pm. Info: July 12, Falls of Rough - Magnolia 5K, 7:30am. Info: July 12, Grafenburg - Grafenburg Baptist Church 5K, 8am. Info: July 12, Lexington - LBX Dig Deep 5K, 8:30am. Info: July 12, Westport - Firecracker 5K, 8am. Info: Gary Parsons (502)225-0655 (x5402), July 19, Cynthiana - Hot Summer’s Night 5K, 7:30pm. Info: July 19, Louisville - Jill’s Wish 5K, 8:30am. Info: July 19, Louisville - Lunar 5K, 8:30pm. Info: July 23, Louisville - St. Matthews Mid-Summer’s Night 5K, 8pm. Info: July 25, Versailles - Tiki Trot 5K & Fun Run, 7pm. Info: July 26, Midway - Farmland 5K, 8:30am. Info: Aug. 8, Lexington - Bands on the Run 5K, 6pm. Info: Aug. 9, Owensboro - Glow in the Park Owensboro 5K Fun Run, 8:15pm. Info: Rich Swor (313)304-0903, Aug 12, Louisville - IHR Toys for Tots Poker Run, 5K Walk/Run; 6pm. Info: Donna Younger (502)367-7600, donnalyounger@ Aug. 23, Louisville - Walk Away From Colon Cancer & 5K Run, 8am. Info: Aug. 30, Winchester - Daniel Boone YMCA 5K, 8am. Info: Rhonda Morphew (859)771-7646,


June 4, New Orleans - Summer Series Race, 2 Miles 7pm. Info: June 7, Franklinton - Run to the Hills 10 Mile & 5 Mile Trail Run, 8:15am. Info: Cesar Torres (504)390-8807, June 7, New Iberia - Run Strong for Life, 5K Color Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Lana Prejean (337)365-9303. June 14, Metairie - Drenched 5K, 10am. Info: Jill Rizer June 15, New Orleans - Father’s Day Race, 2 Mile, 1/2 Mile; 8am. Info: June 18, New Orleans - Summer Series Race, 2 Miles 7am. Info: June 21, Alexandria - Out N Back Trail Races, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K & 1 Miler; 7am. Info: June 28, Lake Charles - Glad Tidings 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR, 8:30am. Info: Glad Tidings Church (337)477-7774, July 2, New Orleans - Summer Series Race, 2 Miles 7am. Info: July 12, New Orleans - Zombie Run New Orleans, 5K 9am. Info: Jessie Birch (855)464-6601, July 13, Norco - Spillway Classic Trail Run, 3 Miles. Info: July 23, New Orleans - Summer Series Race, 2 Miles 7am. Info: July 26, New Orleans - Blacklight Run 5K. Info: William Spata (877)228-4881, Aug. 16, New Orleans - NOTC Anniversary Race, 3 Miles & 1/ 2 Mile. Info: Aug. 9, Mandeville - Bleau Moon 5 Miles, 8:45pm; Children’s Race-200 yds., 8:15pm. Info: Cesar Torres (504)390-8807,

June 6, Harrodsburg - Beef Festival 5K, 6:30pm. Info: June 7, Carrollton - Three Rivers Health Dept 5K, 9am. Info: June 7, Central City - Rods and Ribs Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Tammy Piper (270)757-1723, June 7, Columbia - The Mustard Seed Stampede 5K, 8am. Info: June 7, Elkhorn City - Teal Everyone Knows 5K, 9am. Info: June 7, Georgetown - Miles for Missions 5K, 9am. Info: June 7, Greensburg - The Paxton Strong 5K, 8am. Info: June 7, Lexington - Share Your Spare 5K, 8:30am. Info: June 7, Monticello - Freedom Dash 5K, 9am. Info: June 13, Paintsville - Flip Flop 5K, 6:30pm. Info: June 13, Somerset - Red, Set, Glow 5K, 8pm. Info: June 14, Frankfort - Capital City Stampede 10K, 8am. Info: June 14, Goody - Hatfield McCoy Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K. Info: (606)625-5092, June 14, Lancaster - Cougar Crawl 5K, 8:30am. Info: June 14, Lexington - Wild Hearts Superhero 5K & 1K, 9:30am. Info: June 14, Midway - FOX 56 5K & Dog Jog, 8:30am. Info: June 14, Paris - Bourbon Derby Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: June 14, Russell - East Greenup Kiwanis Run By The River 5K, 10K Road Race or Walks, 8:30am. Info: Tim Gearhart (740)5320932, June 14, Taylorsville - Possum Ridge 5K, 8am. Info: June 14, Winchester - The PathHome 5K, 8:30am. Info: June 21, Elizabethtown - Lunar 5K, 8:30pm. Info: June 21, Flat Lick - Himyar Baptist Church 2 Miler, 8:30am. Info:


MARYLAND June 1, Ellicott City - Matzohball 5K, 9am; 1 Mile FR, 9:10am. Info: (301)317-1101, June 1, Sharpsburg - Run Through History 5K & 10K, 10K 8am; 5K 9am; Kids Trail Run 10am. Info: Dick Snyder (301)797-6464. June 7, Crofton - Crofton Kiwanis/Team Surlis Realtors 10K Challenge, 8am. Info: (410)451-3998, June 21, Elkton - XTERRA Big Elk Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info:


June 21, Havre De Grace - Walk On Water 5K Run, 2K Walk; 7am; $20/Adults, $10/ Youth by 6/14, On-Site $25/Adults, $15/ Youth. Info: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.-HCAC, POB 315, Aberdeen, MD 21001; Lora Williams (410)679-8681, w a l k o n w a t e r @ d s t,, https:// walk-water2013-1 July 13, Bowie - Merrell Down & Dirty Obstacle Race, 6 Mile or 3 Mile; 7am. Info: MESP Inc. (818)707-8866, July 20, Upper Marlboro - Rosaryville Trail Runs, 50K, 25K, 10 Mile & 10K; 7am. Info: Ronald Bowman (410)570-0003, Aug. 9, Towson - Charles St. 12, 12 Miles 7:30am. Info: Aug. 30, Chaptico - Chaptico Classic, 5K, 10K & Fun Walk; 8am. Info: Race Dir. (301)475-2886,

MISSISSIPPI June 7, Ackerman - Runnin’ for the Hills 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Tekoa Miller (662)547-6482, June 7, Hattiesburg - Pump and Run 5K, 8am-9am-bench press, 5K Run 9:30am. Info: Jay (601)497-8682, June 7, Meridian - State Games of Mississippi, 5K Trail Run; 7:30am. Info: June 7, Tupelo - Running with the King 5K, 7:30am. Info: Allie West (662)841-6598, June 14, Grenada - Thunder on Water 8K Run & 5K Walk, 7:30am. Info: Will Goff (662)809-8440, June 14, Hattiesburg - TBC Sports Hot Foot Race, 8K & 5K 7:30am; Kiddie K (12-under) 9:45am. Info: David Douglas (601)4503075, June 14, Meridian - State Games of Mississippi, 5K Road Race & 5K Walk, 7:30am. Info: Tim Irvine (601)938-9873, June 14, Pascagoula - Chevron Charity Run 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, June 14, Philadelphia - American Legion Post 138 5K Run/ Walk, 9am. Info: Ray Crocker (601)663-6674, June 14, Poplarville - Blueberry Jubilee 5K Run, 8am; 1 Mile Run, 7:30am. Info: Chamber of Commerce (601)795-0578 (d), (601)365-9185 (n). June 20, Senatobia - Optimist Club Five Star Races, 5K Run, 2 Mile Walk & Youth Races; 6pm. Info: Shirley Strimm (662)5624414 (x14), June 21, Jackson - Governor Phil Bryant’s Run for Health 5K Run, 5K Walk & Kids 1/2 Mile Run; 8am. Info: (601)359-3150. June 21, Laurel - Mission at the Cross 5K Run & 2 Mile Walk, 8am. Info: Dee Dee Lowery (601)270-3434. June 21, Leland - Hotter than Hades Tribbett Half Marathon, 6am. Info: Jamie Murrell (662)347-2920, June 28, Crystal Springs - Tomato Festival 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile FR, 7am. Info: (601)892-1711. July 4, Greenville - Firercracker 5K & Family 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Debra Wintory (662)378-3141, July 4, Hazelhurst - Great Commission 4 Miler, 7:30am. Info: Amy Keywood (601)894-1616, July 4, Jackson - Farm Bureau Watermelon Classic, 5K Run/ Walk & 1 Mile Wellness Run; 7:30am. Info: Margaret White (601)982-8264, July 4, Ocean Springs - Wesson Memorial 2 Mile, 1 Mile & 1/ 4 Mile; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, July 12, Philadelphia - REZ Run Choctaw Indian Fair, 5K, 10K & 1 Mile Run/Walk; 7am. Info: John Ferguson (601)650-1765, July 19, Hattiesburg - Run4TheKids 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Deleica Clayton (601)426-1336, dw.clayton@ Aug. 2, Pass Christian - Summer Beach 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, leonardvergunst@ Aug. 9, Philadelphia - Slow Poke 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile FR; 7:30am. Info: Ray Crocker (601)663-6674,

NORTH CAROLINA June 1, Winston-Salem - Indoor Insanity Marathon & Relay (2, 3 or 4 Person), 8am. Info: Kathy Mills (336)684-7463, June 6, Cary - Glow in the Park Run 5K, 8:45pm. Info: June 6, Salisbury - TWAM Mission Run, 1/2 Mile FR 7:30pm; 5K Run & Walk 8pm; $20 by 6/4, $25 on RD; $10 1/2 Mile FR. Info: First Presbyterian Church (704)636-1321,,,; Register at June 7, Asheboro - Run Wild 5K, 7:30am. Info: Becca Sigafoos (336)879-7250, June 7, Asheville - Asheville Half Marathon & 10K, 8am. Info: (828)200-5498. June 7, Black Mountain - Downhill @ Dawn Half Marathon, 6am. Info: Greg(828)452-5572, greg@


Running Journal • June, 2014 June 7, Boone - Hunters Heroes 10 Mile & 5K, 9am. Info: June 7, Charlotte - Race to the Taste 5K & Cupcake Walk, 9am. Info: RFYL Registration (704)358-0717, June 7, Charlotte - First Book 5K, 8:15am; Kids Dash, 8am. Info: Paige Hauff (704)287-7859, June 7, Charlotte - Noda 5K, 6pm. Info: (704)893-3800,

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June 7, Concord - Exercise is Medicine 5K, 9:15am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 9:20am; 5K-$20, FR/W-$8, Family-$60, Groups of 5+ - $15 each by 5/30; after 5/30 5K-$23, FR/W$10, Family-$70; no group rate after 5/30. Info: Perry Gabriel, POB 707, Concord, NC 28027; (704)920-2701, phgabriel@cabarrus, activelivingandparks June 7, Fuquay-Varina - Ninja Challenge, 5K, 9am-3pm (every 20 minutes); $50. Info: Mike Wei, 496 Lafayette Rd, Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526, (919)673-8403, http:/ / June 7, Fuquay-Varina - Run the Quay 10K, 7am; 5K, 8:30am; Children’s FR, 9:30am. Info: Lynanne Fowle (919)552-4947, June 7, Greenville - Skedaddle for the Small Fries, 5K & 1 Mile FR/Walk; 8am. Info: June 7, Linville - The Critter Crawl 5K, 6:30pm. Info: (828)733-2013. June 7, Matthews - Hit the Ground Running Trail Race, 2K, 6K & 11K; 8:30am/ 9am. Info: Mike Cothran (864)907-1742, June 7, Pinnacle - Marine Mud Run 5K, Individual Race 8am; Pollywog Runs 10am; Team Races 10:45am. Info: June 7, Powell’s Point - WestSide Athletic Club 3-ATHLON 8K, 9am. Info: Ed Beckley (252)256-1084, June 7, Raleigh - Race 13.1 Midtown Raleigh, Half Marathon 7am, 5K & 10K 7:15am. Info: June 7, Winston-Salem - Run For The STARS, 5K 8am. lnfo: Ruben Gonzales (336)817-2633, June 8, Washington - Panthers 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Amanda Ropp (919)8963916, June 12, Charlotte - River Jam Run: Race Edition, 3 Mile & 6 Mile; 6:15pm. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, June 13, China Grove - China Grove 5K Main Street Challenge, 9pm. Info: Aaron Crowe (704)857-7011, June 14, Asheboro - Stomp Out Prostate Cancer 5K, 8am; Fun Mile, 9am. Info: (910)536-9936, June 14, Asheville - Friends of Earth Fare 5K, 9am. Info: Greg Duff (828)452-5572, June 14, Boone - The Cub 7 Miler, 8am. Info: Stacy Sears (828)262-6116, June 14, Charlotte - Healthy Achievement 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: June 14, Charlotte - Brew Dash 6K, 11:30am. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, June 14, Louisburg - Midnight Run for Water, 5K 11pm. Info: Al Wheless III (919)496-2255, June 14, Roxboro - Sappony 5K Trail Run, 9am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Lisa King (706)271-7085, June 14, Wilson - Wilson Swamp Stomp 5K & 8K Mud-Obstacle Run, 8am. Info: Michael Darr (252)299-4212, June 14, Winston-Salem - A Brighter Path 10K, 8am. Info: Scott Bassett (336)2533153, June 15, Durham - Father’s Day 5K, 9am; 1 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Maggianos Little Italy (919)572-0070, June 18 (Wed.), Nags Head - Outer Banks Sunrise 5K & Little Kids Crab Crawl, 7:30am. Info: (252)489-8239, June 21, Bakersville - Rhododendron 10K Run - RRCA NC 10K Championship, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR/Health Walk, 8am; $15/10K, $10/FR by 6/7, $25/10K, $15/FR on RD. Info: 1(800)227-3912, June 21, Beech Mountain - A Cool 5 Race Weekend, 5 Mile & 1.5 Fun Walk/Run/ Wag; 8:30am. Info: Sandy Carr (828)387-3003, June 21, Charlotte - Charlotte Heroes 6K, 8am. Info: June 21, Charlotte - King Tiger 5K at University City, 7:30am. Info: Chris Elkins (704)503-1105, June 21, Conover - Conover School 5K Run & Roll, 8am. Info: Carol Johncock (828)234-5457, June 21, Davidson - RiverBound Race 2, 5K & 15K; 8am. Info: Josh Thomas (828)239-2171, June 21, Deep Run - Lenoir County Relay For Life Hope Runs Deep 5K Walk/Run, 7am. Info: Donna Bean (252)523-4103, June 21, Denton - Tour de Kale “Twilight Glow Run”, 5K 9pm. Info: (336)313-9544, June 21, Greenville - Greenville Jaycees Flat Out 5K & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: June 21, Midland - SHAPE Diva Dash, Women’s Only 5K; 9am. Info: Amber Chamberlain (661)714-8726, June 21, Sparta - 5K Walk/Run for AHS Ladies’s Softball, 9am. Info: Rebecca Hamm (336)520-8396, June 21, Wake Forest - Freedom 5K, 8am. Info: June 21, Winston-Salem - Home 4 Our Heroes, 1 Mile FR 8am; 5K Run 8:30am; 5K Walk 8:35am. Info: June 21, Zebulon - Greater Zebulon 5K Road Race, 8am. Info: Kim Valentine (919)269-6320, June 22, Fletcher - VeteRAN Jam 5K Fun Run/Walk & Festival, 2pm. Info: Hannah McArdle - June 26, Nags Head - Sunset 5K & Carolina Pig Pickin, 6:30pm. Info: (252)4898239, June 28, Cary - Run for Liberty, 1 Mile 8am; 5K 8:30am. Info: James Del Bianco (919)267-5284, June 28, Charlotte - Trail Run Challenge, 5K & 10K, 8:30am. Info: Ryan Gililland (704)589-0320,

June 28, Lenoir - Firecracker 10K & 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 9am; $20/10K, $15/5K, $10/FR by 6/21, after $25/10K, $20/ 5K. Info: Zack Carter, POB 958, Lenoir, NC 28645; Brandon Thompson (828)757-2196,

June 28, Fletcher - Farm 2 Table 5K, 1 Mile; 6pm. Info: Leslie Grotenhuis (828)338-8380, June 28, Greensboro - Fun 4th Freedom Run & Walk, 10K & 2 Mile; 8am. Info: Aislinn Spain (336)274-4595, June 28, Oakboro - Oakboro Freedom Run 5K, 8am. Info: Jeff Ross (704)2547910, June 28, Traphill - The Challenge of Devils Garden, 12 Miles; 8:30am. Info: Alison and Jason Bryant (336)326-5344, June 28, Winston-Salem - Ultimate Runner, Mile, 400m, 800m, 100m & Cross Country 5K; 4:30pm. Info: July 2, Fletcher - The Foot Rx Five Dollar 5K, 6:30pm. Info: July 3, Charlotte - Firecracker 5K & 1/2 Mile Family FR, 7pm. Info: July 4, Charlotte - July 4th Spectacular 4 Miler. Info: RFYL Registration (704)3580717,

July 4, Columbus - Columbus Firecracker 5K, 8am; $25 by 6/27, after $30. Info: Columbus Firecracker 5K, POB 1481, Tryon, NC 28782; Ross Fox (828)859-9979,, Register at: July 4, Indian Trail - Common Heart Firecracker Run, 10K 7:30am, 5K 9:15am, 1K 9:20am & Kid’s Firecracker Dash 10am; by 5/31 10K $30, 5K $20, then $35/$25 by 7/2. Info: Keith Adams, POB 2761, Indian Trail, NC 28079; (704)218-9060,, July 4, Kernersville - 19th Annual Herbalife 5K Rotary Parade Run, 8:30am; $20 by 6/30, after $25. Info: Brian Stewart, 270 Post Oak Rd., Kernersville, NC 27284; (336)399-8045,, July 4, Kill Devil Hills - Sun Realty Firecracker & Freedom 5K, Old Glory Mile & Little Sparkler FR; 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 5, Saluda - Coon Dog Day 5K, 8am. Info: Monica Pace (828)749-2581, July 10 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 12, Asheville - Highland Night Flight, Gaelic Gallop-5.6 mi., Saint Terese’s Scamper-3.3 mi.; 9pm. Info: Greg Duff (828)400-5868, July 12, Elizabeth City - Culpepper’s Rebellion 5K Mud Run, 8am. Info:

July 12, Lenoir - Blackberry Shuffle 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 8:15am; 5K $25, 1 mile $15, by 7/1; after $30/$20. Info: Breanna McKay, POB 426, Lenoir, NC 28645, (828)7580888,, July 12, Morganton - Athletic Quilt Street Light 5K, 9:30pm; $15 by 7/8, $20 on RD. Info: Robert Murray, 801 Briggs St., Valdese, NC 28690; Robert Murray (828)8792073, July 12, Onslow Beach/Jacksonville - Sand 8K Sational Beach Run - Semper Fit Grand Prix 2014 Series, 7am; $25 by 6/13, $30 by 6/27, $40 by 7/8, $45 on RD. Info: (910)4501342,, July 12, Pleasant Garden - Greensboro Moonlight Bootlegger 5K, 9pm. Info: Richard Swor (313)304-0903,

July 12, Wilmington - Tri-Span 5K/10K, 7am; $25/5K, $30/10K by 5/15; after 5/15 $30/5K, $35/10K; Race Day $35/ 5K, $40/10K. Info: Dalia Nir, YMCA, 2710 Market St., Wilmington, NC 28403; (910)251-9622 X246,, Register Online:, click on 2014 race season Tri Span July 17 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 19, Beaufort - Historic Beaufort Road Race, 1 Mile Run/Walk 7:30am; 10K & 5K Wheelchair, 5K Babyjoggers 7:55am; 5K & 10K Run 8am; Sea Dog Walk 8:10am. Info: July 19, Durham - Habitat Bull Moon Ride & Run, 12 Mile Ride/5K Run; 8:15pm. Info: Tammy Dorfman (919)632-5613, July 19, Jonas Ridge - The Scream! (Downhill Half Marathon); 9am. Info: Greg Duff (828)452-5572, July 19, Ridgeway - Cantaloupe 5K, 8am. Info: Tommy Tucker (252)213-0429, July 19, Salisbury - 5K Run/Walk for the Greenway & 1/2 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Steve Clark (704)216-2709,

July 19, Spruce Pine - Spruce Pine Skedaddle 5K & FR, 8am; $25 by 6/29, $35 on RD; $5/FR. Info: Heather Greene, 125 Hospital Dr., Spruce Pine, NC 28777; Heather Greene (828)766-1592,, http:// Skedaddle5KandFunRun2 July 23 (Wed.), Corolla - Christmas in July Santa 5K & Little Reindeer 1 Mile FR. Info: (252)489-8239, July 24 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 26, Winston-Salem - Beat the Heat 5K, 7pm; 1 Mile FR, 6:30pm. Info: James Banner (336)655-7716, July 31 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 2, Fort Bragg - ASYMCA Deep Creek 5K Challenge Mud Run & Kids 1 Mile FR; 9am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Aug. 7 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239,

Aug. 8, Woodleaf (Cleveland) - Tomato Trot 5K, 7pm/Friday; $20 by 8/7, $25 on RD. Info: Patti Safrit/ Unity Church, POB 28, Woodleaf, NC 27054; (704)278-4248 tomato, Aug. 9, Beaufort - Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle o’Run, 5K Jog or Walk & 1 Mile, 8am. Info: Charlie Burgess (252)269-4809, Aug. 9, Black Mountain - Sourwood 5K & Cheshire Pump & Run, 5K 8:30am. Info: (828)669-1902, Aug. 9, Winston-Salem - Mission 5K Run, 5K Walk & 1 Mile FR/ Walk; 8am. Info: Fleet Feet (336)722-8477. Aug. 14, Charlotte - River Jam Run: Race Edition, 3 Mile & 6 Mile; 6:15pm. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, Aug. 14 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 15-17, Lake Lure - Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival, 10K Dam Run (8/15), 7pm; Lake Lure Triathlon (S-750m, B-20K, R5K (8/16), 8am; Race to the Rock, 5K 8am or 25 Mile Bike 7:30am (8/17). Info: Aug. 16, Eden - Mud and Music Mayhem 6 Miles, 10am. Info: Benji Jones (336)471-3322, Aug. 16, Powell’s Point - WestSide Athletic Club 3-ATHLON 5.5 Miler, 9am. Info: Ed Beckley (252)256-1084, Aug. 21 (Thurs.), Nags Head - Village at Nags Head 5K Series, 7am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 23, Charlotte - Yiasou Greek Festival 5K. Info: RFYL Registration (704)358-0717, Aug. 23, Greenville - The Run for Literacy 5K, 1 Mile; 7:30pm. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Aug. 23, Hickory - Hickory Christian Academy Knights 5K Run, 8am. Info: Carol Johncock (828)234-5457, Aug. 23, Laurel Springs - Continental Divide Trail Race, 10K 9am. Info: Alison and Jason Bryant (336)326-5344, Aug. 23, Maggie Valley - Maggie Valley Moonlight Run, 8K & Sunset FR; 8:30pm. Info: Greg Duff (828)400-5868, Aug. 30, Boone - High Country Triple Crown, Half Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Stacy Sears (828)262-6116, Aug. 31 Charlotte - Labor Day Trail Race, 5K & 15K; 9am. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900,

Sept. 20, Camp Lejeune - Marine Corps Half Marathon - Semper Fit Grand Prix 2014 Series, 7am; $45 by 8/22, $55 by 9/5, $65 by 9/16, $70 on RD. Info: (910)450-1342,, See Ad page 8. Oct. 11, Camp Johnson/Camp Lejeune Remembrance Run 10K - Semper Fit Grand Prix 2014 Series, 8am; $25 by 9/12, $30 by 9/ 26, $40 by 10/7, $45 on RD. Info: (910)4501342,, See Ad page 8.

SOUTH CAROLINA June 5, Charles Towne Landing - Race the Landing 5K, 7pm. Info: Lisa Deaton (843)224-7878, June 7, Florence - National Trails Day 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Jimmy Tassios (843)777-3017, June 7, Spartanburg - Palmetto Hearts 5K Run/Walk, 9am. Info: Sara Wallace (864)416-7111, June 7, Sullivan’s Island - Floppin’ Flounder 5K, 8am. Info: June 12, Charles Towne Landing - Race the Landing 5K, 7pm. Info: Lisa Deaton (843)224-7878, June 14, Lake Wylie - Splash Dash 5K & 10K, 8am. Info: Lake Wyle Chamber of Commerce (803)831-2827, June 14, Liberty - Flat Rock 5K, 8am. Info: Patton Landreth (864)414-6238, June 14, Summerville - Sweat’n for a Reason 5K Run, Walk Roll - Super Hero, 1 Mile; 8am. Info: Emily Nolan (843)725-9301,

Running Journal • June, 2014 June 14, Simpsonville - Sunrise Run 8K, 6:16am; Kids Run, 7:35am; $20 by 5/24, $25 after. Info: John Lehman, 3001 State Park Road, Greenville, SC 29609, (864)385-6115,, June 21, Charleston - Summer Solstice 5K, 8:30am. Info: Virginia Wininger (843)408-9629, June 21, Greenville - Shriners Hospital for Children Candlelight 5K Run/Walk, 9pm. Info: Mike Foley (864)982-2686, June 21, Society Hill - BattleFrog: Carolinas Saturday, 15K, 5K & 1K; obstacles. Info: Greg Vogel (305)468-370, June 26, Daniel Island - Thirsty Thursday 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Virginia Wininger (843)408-9629, June 28, Fountain Inn - Bosch Rexroth 5K, 8am. Info: Tim Shelnut (864)881-1779, June 28, N. Augusta - The Father’s Heart Mentoring Ministry 5K, 8am. Info: Bill Raeth (803)640-8039, June 28, Walhalla - Lucy Goosey Sunrise 5K Walk/Run 5K, 7am. Info: Tracey Arthur (864)280-0550, July 4, Columbia - Born In The U.S.A., 4 Mile Run/Walk & Team Relay, 7:44am. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786. July 4, Hilton Head Island - Hilton Head Firecracker Run, 5K 8am. Info: Bear Foot Sports (843)757-8520, July 4, Greenville - Red White & Blue Shoes 5K, 8am; Kids Run, 9:15am. Info: July 4, Myrtle Beach - Independence Day 8K & 5K, 7am; 1 Mile, 8am. Info: (843)712-2618, July 4, Mt. Pleasant - Firecracker 4 Miler, 8:30am. Info: Jimmy Stephens (864)279-3232, July 10, Charles Towne Landing - Race the Landing 5K, 7pm. Info: Lisa Deaton (843)224-7878,

July 13, Columbia - XTERRA Harbison Half Marathon/5K, 7am; $45/$25 by 7/10, after $50/$30. Info: Victoria Seahorn 1401 Sanden Ferry Dr., Decatur, GA 30033; (404)421-3231,, http:// July 19, Fort Mill - RiverBound Race 3, Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Josh Thomas (828)239-2171, July 19, Gaffney - SC Peach Festival 5K Run, 5K Walk, 10K Run & 1 Mile FR; 7:30am & 9am. Info: Livia Hazlette (864)425-9836, July 19, Pageland - Melon Miler 5K, 8am. Info: Crystal Burch (843)672-6400, July 19, Simpsonville - Glow in the Park Greenville 5K, 8:45pm. Info: Libby Michel (517)331-4014, July 24, Daniel Island - Thirsty Thursday 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Virginia Wininger (843)408-9629, July 26, N. Charleston - Fight For Air Climb, 7am-Ultra, 8:30amClimb, 9am-Fire Fighter Challenge. Info: Melanie Baker Matthews (843)556-8451, Aug. 2, Columbia - Hot Summer’s Night 5K, 7pm. Info: Strictly Running (803)799-4786. Aug. 9, Walhalla - Book It 5K & Kids FR, 7:30am. Info:

Aug. 16, Pickens - XTERRA Table Rock 15K & 5K, 7:30am; $30/15K, $20/5K early, $40/$30 on RD. Info: Victoria Seahorn 1401 Sanden Ferry Dr., Decatur, GA 30033; (404)421-3231, victoria@marathonmajic. com, Aug. 23, Summerville - Thrivent Financial Race for the ARK, 5K 7:45am; 1 Mile FR 8:45am. Info: Cheryl Moniz (843)906-8059, Aug. 23, York - Summerfest 10K & 5K, 8am; Fun Run, 9am. Info: Paul Boger (803)684-2590,, Aug. 28, Daniel Island - Thirsty Thursday 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Virginia Wininger (843)408-9629,

Oct. 19, Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, 7am; 10/18: Coastal 5K, 7:30am & Doggie Dash 1.5 Mile, 8:30am. Info: Continental Event & Sports Marketing (800)733-7089,, See Ad page 23.

TENNESSEE June 1, Kingsport - You Da Man 5K Run/Walk for Prostate Cancer, 7pm. Info: Natalie (423)963-1045. June 3, Church Hill - The River Mile, 6pm. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)345-2335 (h), June 6, Harrogate - Light the Night 5K, 8:30pm. Info: June 6, Memphis - Harbor Town 5K, 7pm; 1 Mile FR for Kids (under 12), 6pm. Info: David Spratlin (901)848-9906,

June 7, Chattanooga - Color the Curve 5K & 1 Mile Run, 9am. Info: June 7, Coopertown - Barrel Fest 5 Miler, 7:30am/cst. Info: Vicky Bumgardner (615)382-4470 (x215), June 7, Cumberland Gap - Cumberland Gap Trail Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Jeremey Donahue (423)869-6228, June 7, Gallatin - The Gallatin Recon Run, 5K 8am. Info: Mark Wilson (615)604-5436, June 7, Chattanooga - Color the Curve 5K & 1 Mile Run, 9am. Info: June 7, Johnson City - Blue Plum Fest 5K, 9am. Info: June 7, Leiper’s Fork - Franklin Half Marathon, 6:30am; 5K & 1 Mile, 7am. Info: (615)595-0081. June 7, Morristown - Jackie Long Memorial 5K, 8am. Info: John Smyth (423)581-7594, June 7, Murfreesboro - Superhero Strides for CF 5K, 8am. Info: June 7, Oak Ridge - Secret City Mud Run 5K & 10K, 10am. Info: June 7, Springfield - Barrel Fest 5 Miler, 7am. Info: June 7, Waynesboro - Butterfly Run 5K, 8am. Info: June 8, Gray - XRoads 5K, 5pm. Info: Rob Aubrey (423)4772229 (x22), June 8, Millington - The Navy Ten Nautical Miler, 10 Mile 6am. Info: June 10, Kingsport - SFTC 5000m Track Championship, 6pm. Info: Matthew Studholme (276)591-9242, June 13, Memphis - Glow in the Park Memphis, 5K 8:30pm. Info: June 14, Caryville - Cove Lake 5K, 8am. Info: Clarence Lowe (423)562-1303, June 14, Cosby - Fear the Reaper 12Hr. Endurance/Navigation, 8pm. Info: Dan Schreder (423)200-9935, June 14, Elizabethton - Covered Bridge 5K Run, 3K Walk; 8am. Info: (423)542-1338, June 14, Greenback - Lakeshore Trail Trek, 16 mi. (approx); 9am. Info: Tony Owens (865)323-3753, June 14, Knoxville - Sam’s Club 5K Run 4 Kids & 1 Mile Fun Walk, 8am. Info: Patty Metheny (865)694-2175, June 14, Memphis - Gibson Guitar 5K Run/Walk, 7pm. Info: Race Hotline (901)274-2202. June 14, Nashville - 5K Run/Walk for Fatherhood & Family, 7:30am. Info: (615)876-7170, June 14, Nashville - Run for 9-1-1 5K, 7am. Info: June 20, Memphis - Memphis Farmers Market 5K Crop Hop, 6:30pm. Info: Sharon Leicham (901)521-9552,

June 21, Bell Buckle - Bell Buckle RCMoon Pie 10 Mile Run, 7am; $35 5/2-31, $40 6/1-19, after 6/19 $45. Info: Jenny Hunt, Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce, POB 222, Bell Buckle, TN 37020; (931)389-9663,,, (online registration until 6/ 19, 10pm). June 21, Chattanooga - Color the Curve After Dark 5K, 9pm. Info: June 21, Conyton - Oakes Farm Summer Solstice Seven K Cross Country Challenge, 6pm. Info: Doug Young (865)680-1971, June 21, Lenoir City - Tellico Summer Solstice Runs, Half Marathon, 5K & .4 mile kids run; 7am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)7287879, June 21, Memphis - Civitan 5K & 1 Mile Family FR, 8am. Info: Kelly Burrow (901)299-2553. June 21, Nashville - Shoney’s 5K Family Fun Run, 8am; Kids FR to follow. Info: Terri (404)786-7410, June 21, Walland - Oakes Farm Summer Solstice 8K, 6pm. Info: Don Young (865)680-1971, June 28, Bartlett - Ultimate 10K & 5K, 8am; St. Phillip Episcopal Church. Info:, June 28, Cumberland Gap - White Lightning 5K, 8am. Info: Tracy Brooks (423)851-3473, June 28, Knoxville - Soles of the City 4 Miler (ladder series), 7:30am. Info: Robin Bandy (865)680-1183, June 28, Oak Ridge - Ninja 5K. Info: Terri Reedy (865)4822302, July 3, Elizabethton - Stars & Stripes 4 Mile Run/Walk, 8pm. Info: Debbie Guy (423)543-6975, July 3, Knoxville - Fireball Moonlite Classic 5K Run & Walk, 9pm. Info: Mike Wortley (888)217-5635, July 3, Memphis - Stars and Stripes 5K, 7pm. Info: Start2Fnish Event Mgmt. (901)274-2202. July 4, Johnson City - Run for Ron 5K, 9am. Info: Steve (423)431-5542. July 4, Murfreesboro - 4 on the 4th - A Birthday Run for A Soldier’s Child, 4 Mile 7am. Info: July 4, Nashville - Nashville Striders Firecracker 5000, 7am. Info: Peter Pressman (615)293-8862, July 4, Nashville - Music City July 4th 10K & 5K, 8am. Info: July 4, Sweetwater - One Nation Under God Independence Day 5K, 7:30am. Info: Craig Brackett (865)207-9331,


July 5, Rogersville - Firecracker 4 Miler, 7am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)345-2335 (h), July 12, Brentwood - Race Across the Spectrum: 5K for Autism, 7am. Info: (615)385-7994. July 12, Knoxville - Soles of the City 4 Miler (ladder series), 7:30am. Info: Robin Bandy (865)680-1183, July 12, Nashville - The Glo Run 5K, 8:45pm. Info: July 12, Nashville - Moving Towards A Cure® Nashville 2014 Brain Tumor Awareness 5K Walk/Run & 1 Mile Survivor Walk, 8am. Info: (727)781-4673, July 13, Knoxville - Stalk Your Quarry Trail Race, 10 Mile; 9am. Info: Scott Gibson (865)588-1650, July 15, Kingsport - Wolf Run, 7 Mile Trail Race 6:30pm. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)345-2335 (h), July 19, Knoxville - Carter Mill 10K, 7:30am. Info: July 19, Knoxville - Run 2 Refuge Glow Run, 5K & 1 Mile FR; 9pm. Info: Robin Bandy (865)680-1183, July 19, Memphis - Design a Wish 5K, 8am. Info: July 19, Sevierville - L.I.F.T. Women’s 5K Run/Walk, 7:30am. Info: Laura Weathersby (865)266-9572, July 20, Fairview - RunWILD Bowie Park 6 Miler, 8am. Info: (615)228-9191, July 26, Goodlettsville - Goodlettsville 4 Mile Classic, 7am; FR/ Walk, 7:45am. Info: Leslie Davis (615)207-3136, July 26, Knoxville - Karns Community 5K, 8am. Info: July 26, Sevierville - Color the Smokies 5K. Info: Frank Damante (865)387-6784, July 26, Surgoinsville - Phipps Bend 5K, 8am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)345-2335 (h), Aug. 2, Auburntown - Red Apple Run, 5K & FR; 7:30am. Info: Roger Turney (615)464-4210, Aug. 2, Morristown - Trojan Trek 5K, 8am. Info: Stephanie Holbrook (423)839-9015, Aug. 2, Pigeon Forge - Midnight Road Race 8K, 11:59pm. Info: Aug. 2, Smyrna - Smyrna Parks 5K Challenge & Bill Nash Dash for Cash Mile, 5K 7:30am; 1 Mile 8:30am. Info: Aug. 10, Knoxville - Soles of the City 4 Miler (ladder series), 7:30am. Info: Robin Bandy (865)680-1183, Aug. 16, Chattanooga - Chattanooga Mud Run 5K, 8:30am/1st wave. Info: Aug. 16, Oak Ridge - Haw Ridge Trail Race, 7+ Miles; 5:30pm. Info: Laura Gearhiser (865)318-0108, Aug. 16, Pikeville - Fall Creek Falls 10K Run, 8am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)728-7879, Aug. 23, Franklin - Best Buddies 5K. Info: Katherine Williams (615)657-6671, Aug. 23, Hermitage - Wild “Thang” 9 Mile Trail Run, 8:30am. Info: Diana Bibeau (615)347-5822, Sept. 1, Franklin - Franklin Classic 10K, 5K & 1K. Info: Katherine Williams (615)657-6671, Sept. 13, Kingsport - Bays Mountain Trail Race, 15 Mile 8am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)345-2335 (h), Sept. 20, Townsend - Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Salem Stanley (949)295-3302, Sept. 27, Nashville - Women’s Running Nashville Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: Sept. 27, Surgoinsville - Phipps Bend River Run, 11 Mile Trail Race 8:30am. Info: Mark Skelton (423)272-4182 (o), (423)3452335 (h), Oct. 4, Burns - Two Lakes Trail Run, 7.6 miles; 11am Runners, 10am Walkers. Info: John Spencer (615)441-5915, Oct. 18, Clarksville - Go Commando Half Marathon Run/Walk, 7am; 10K, 7:30am; 5K, 8am; Kids FR (10-under), 11am. Info Oct. 18, Nashville - Rock and Road Relay, Full Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Katherine Williams (615)657-6671, Oct. 19, Chattanooga - 7 Bridges Marathon & 4 Bridges Half Marathon, 7am; 2 Bridges 5K, 7:30am; Family FR, 10am. Info: Denny Marshall (423)902-4659, Oct. 19, Nashville - Music City Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Tomas de Paulis (615)390-6977, Nov. 2, Alcoa - Foothills Half Marathon, 2pm. Info: (865)2503618, Nov. 29-30, Oak Ridge - Secret City Half Marathon Weekend, 11/29: 5K & 10K 7:30am & Half Marathon 4 Kids 11am; 11/30: Half Marathon 7:30am. Info: Dec. 6, Franklin - Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5K, 9am. Info: Dec. 6, Memphis - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon, Half, Relay, 5K & Family Race; 8am. Info: St. Jude (800)565-5112,, Dec. 13, Knoxville - Knoxville Jingle Bell Run/Walk 10K & 5K, 10am. Info:

VIRGINIA May 31-June 1, Williamsburg - Run For The Dream Half Marathon & 8K, 5/31: 8K 7am, Kids FR 10am; 6/1: Half Marathon 7am; Entry Fees: See Chart - RunForTheDream. Info: Deanna Hill (757)880-8843,, June 1, Triangle - Finish 2b Fit Series, 10K; 8:30am. Info: (540)446-6719,


Running Journal • June, 2014

June 7, Bristol - Woofstock 4K 4 Paws, 4K Run/Walk 9am. Info: Susan Taylor (276)591-5790, June 7, Ivor - Whitetails 5K (Clothing Optional-Must be 18+), 10am. Info: Sue Butts (704)880-4561, June 7, Richmond - Boxer Brief Battle 5K Run, 9am; $25 by 6/ 3 (online). Info: Mindy Conklin (804)334-0575,, June 7-8, Sterling - The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington DC, 50 Mile 5am; 50K 7am; Marathon 9am; Marathon Relay 11am; Half Marathon 8am; 10K 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: (757)284-6504, June 7, Virginia Beach - The OK5K Run, 5K Run 8:45am; 1 Mile 8am. Info: Debbie Redmond (757)486-2184, June 7, Virginia Beach - CXB 5K & Paddleboard Classic, 5K Run 8:30am; Paddle 10:30am. Info: Marcela Hopkins (757)969-9678, June 7, Warrenton - Fauquier Trails Coalition 5K Trail Challenge IV, 9am. Info: June 8, Fairfax - StarKid 5K & Family FR, 8:30am. Info: June 14, Burkes Garden - The Varmint 1/2 Marathon & 5K Run, 8am; 13.1 Non-Competitive Walk, 6:30am; 1 Mile Dash (12-under), 11am. Info: Charity McDaniel (276)979-8044, June 14, Chantilly - Born to Run Memorial 5K & FR, 8:30am. Iinfo: Robert Gibbs - June 14, Norton - Mountain States Rehab 5K, 9am. Info: Steve Childers (276)439-1452. June 14, Williamsburg - Warhill 8K Run/Walk, 8am; 1 Mile FR, 7:30am. Info: Frances Ford (757)871-8813, June 15, Fredericksburg - Battling Cancer 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: (540)741-1512. June 15, Reston - Run With Dad 5K, 8am; 1 Mile FR/Walk, 8:45am. Info: June 17, Hampton - Trailzilla Race Series 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Dave or Rhonda Venable (757)369-1618, June 20, Gloucester - Gallopond Gallop 5K, 6:30pm. Info: Valerie Cunningham (757)206-4957, June 21, Fairfax - The Fit Foodie Run - The Most Delicious 5K Ever!, 8:30am. Info: Michelle Metter (619)312-1212, June 21, Richlands - Freedom Festival 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Karen Deel (276)963-4811, June 22, Virginia Beach - Summer Slam & Kids Run, 1/2 Mile 8:30am; 5K 9am. Info: Road Rage Events (757)409-1913, June 24, Hampton - Trailzilla Race Series 4 Miler, 6:30pm. Info: Dave or Rhonda Venable (757)369-1618, June 28, Coeburn - Guest River Gorge Rails to Trails 10K Run, 1 Mike Kid’s Run; time tba. Info:

June 28, King George County - Dirty Lion Mud Run, 1 Mile & 5K; 9am & 1st wave for 5K 10am; $45 by 6/1, then $50 until race day, $60 on race day; free t-shirt deadline 6/13. Info: Gary Roach, 118 Hudson Rd., Fredericksburg, VA 22405; (540)840-2267,, Register at: June 28, Leesburg - Run for Independence 8K, 7am. Info: June 28, West Point - Chesty Puller Memorial Twin Bridge 10K Run, 8am. Info: Holly McGowan (804)843-3563, June 28, Radford - Run with the Law 5K, 9am. Info: Jenni Wilder (540)731-3603, July 4, Fredericksburg - Heritage Festival 5 Mile Race, 7:45am. Info: (804)225-1469, (540)373-7014, July 4, Reston - Firecracker 5K Run, 8am. Info: July 4, Virginia Beach - YMCA Independence Day 5K, 1 Mile & 1/4 Mile Tot Trot; 7:30am. Info: (757)456-9622. July 4, Yorktown - Yorktown Independence Day 8K, 8am. Info: Laura Cvitanovich (757)784-0960, July 5, Ashburn - REV3Glow Run, 5K 8pm. Info: July 5, Orkney Springs - Bishop’s 5K Run/Walk, 8:30am. Info: July 5, Tazewell - Tazewell YoungLife Heritage Run, 10K & 5K 8am. Info: Brad Pyott (276)988-4651 (h), (276)971-7854 (c), July 12, Ft. Eustis - Remembering Fallen Heroes, 5K 7:30am; 10K 8am. Info: Steven Webb (757)369-1618, July 13, Virginia Beach - Seashore Summer Trail Half Marathon, 8:30am. Info: Stacin Martin (757)839-7711, July 19, Hampton - Trailzilla Race Series 6 Miler, 6:30pm. Info: Dave or Rhonda Venable (757)369-1618, July 20, Lorton - Sweatfest Melt Under the Sun’s 5 Mile Run & 1 Mile Run/Walk; 8am. Info: (703)913-0313, July 26, Arlington - Crystal City Twilighter 5K, 6:30pm. Info: July 26, Ivor - Bare Buties 5K (Clothing Optional-Must be 18+), 10am. Info: Sue Butts (704)880-4561, July 26, Spotsylvania County - FCHC Twilight 5K Run/Walk, 7:30pm. Info: (540)310-4803. July 26, Yorktown - Coast Guard Day 5K, 8:30am; 1 Mile FR, 8am. Info: Katherine Long (757)856-2226, Aug. 9, Salem - Health Focus of SW VA Salem Distance Run, 5K & 10K 8am; 3 Mile Walk 8:15am. Info: Cindy Hannah (540)4442925 (x202),, Aug. 24, Fairfax - Run! Geek! Run! 5K, 8am. Info: (703)218-3555, Aug. 24, Reston - South Lakes 10K, 7:30am. Info: Aug. 31, McLean - The Falls 5K Run, 9am. Info: Aug. 31, Virginia Beach - Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, Relay & 5K, 7am. Info: Competitor Group (858)450-6510, (800)311-1255.

Oct. 12, Blacksburg - Hokie Half Marathon & 5K, 7:30am; $80/Half, $25/5K by 9/20, after 9/20 $90/Half, $30/5K. Info: James DeMarco, 801 University City Blvd., Suite 1, Blacksburg, VA 24060; (540)552-9339, james@runabout, Nov. 15, Richmond - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am. Info: Race Director, 100 Avenue of Champions, Richmond, VA 23230, (804)285-9495,,

WASHINGTON, DC June 6, Washington, DC - DC Front Runners Pride 5K Run, 7pm. Info: June 6, Washington, DC - Karaoke 5K Run or Roll Then Rockout Like A Rockstar, 8pm. Info: John (240)472-9201, June 8, Washington, DC - Year of the Horse 5K, 1 Mile Great Walk to China & 50m Kid Dash; 9am. Info: June 14, Washington, DC - Lawyers Have Heart, 5K 7am; 10K 7:30am; 3K 7:45am. Info: Brad Weisberg (703)248-1714, June 14, Washington, DC - PurpleStride Washington, D.C., 5K 8am. Info: Cassandra Clark (310)725-0025, June 14, Washington, DC - ROC Race DC 5K, 8am. Info: (858)2737223, June 15, Washington, DC - Fathers Day 8K, 6:30pm. Info: June 28, Washington, DC - DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance 5K Run & 2K Walk, 8am. Info: (301)442-3914, Aug. 2, Washington, DC - Glo Run, 5K 9pm. Info:

Sept. 14, Washington, DC - Navy Air Force Half Marathon, 7am; 5 Miler, 8am. Info:,

WEST VIRGINIA June 1, Kenova - AARF to the Rescue 5K, 2pm. Info: June 7, Morgantown - Deckers Creek Trail Half Marathon, 8:30am. Info: Ella Belling (304)296-6185, June 14, Clarksburg - Cecil Jarvis Greater Clarksburg 10K, 2 Mile Run/Walk, 8:30am; Kids K, 10:30am. Info: June 14, Daniels - Charlie Williamson Memorial 5K Run & 5K Walk, 12pm. Info: EJ Salon (304)382-1232, June 14, Wheeling - Color Me Au-Some 5K Run/Walk, 8am. Info: Kathy Shapell (304)639-5922, June 21, Berkeley Springs - District Dash 5K & 1 Mile Fun Walk, 10am. Info: Suzy Lucas (304)263-4376 (x2), June 28, Charleston - The Biggest Loser RunWalk Charleston Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am; Kids 1 Mile FR, 12pm. Info: The Biggest Loser RunWalk Race Series (815)464-1265, July 12, Martinsville - Race for the Place, 10K Run, 5K Walk/Run; 8am. Info: Bart Cookus (304)676-3263, July 19, Wheeling - Run/Walk/Roll 5K, 9am; Kid’s FR, 8:45am. Info: Chuck Miller (304)233-9058, July 26, Charleston - Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K. Info: (800)370-0179, Aug. 1, Wheeling - The Green Mile Run & Walk, 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile; 7pm. Info: (740)859-0704. Aug. 9, Ona - Kanawha Trace Trail Runs, 50K 7:30am; 25K & 10K 9:30am. Info: Cory Richardson (304)416-1015, Aug. 16, Parkersburg - News and Sentinel Half Marathon, 8am; 2 Mile, 8:10am; 8/17: Junior Races (6-11) & Tiny Tot Trot (5-under), 1pm. Info: Lindsey Spanner (304)485-1891 (x459), Aug. 30, Charleston - Charleston Distance Run 15 Miler, 5K Run, 5K & 10K Walks, 15 Mile 3-Person Relay; 7:30am. Info: John Palmer (304)345-5433,

TRACK & FIELD June 4, Winston-Salem, NC - Summer Track Series, Mile, 400m, 800m, 100m, 2 Mile XC; 6pm. Info: Bill Walker (336)725-0583, June 5, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 1, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)894-2019, June 5, Nashville, TN - Nashville Striders All Comers Youth & Adult Track Series, 5:45pm. Info: Peter Pressman (615)293-8862, June 6, Knoxville, TN (Univ. of TN) - TM Summer Pole Vault Meet, 3pm. Info: Tim Mack (865)368-7089. June 7, Nashville, TN - Music City Distance Carnival, 800, 1 Mile, 5000, 3000 Steeplechase. Info: David Milner (615)513-7327, June 7, Nashville, TN - Sam Smith Tennessee Youth T&F Invitational, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Discus, Shot Put. Info: James Curbeam, June 12, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 2, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)8942019, June 12, Nashville, TN - Nashville Striders All Comers Youth & Adult Track Series, 5:45pm. Info: Peter Pressman (615)2938862, June 14, Knoxville, TN (Univ. of TN) - TM Summer Pole Vault Meet, 3pm. Info: Tim Mack (865)368-7089. June 11, Winston-Salem, NC - Summer Track Series, Mile, 400m, 800m, 100m, 2 Mile XC; 6pm. Info: Bill Walker (336)7250583, June 17, Kingsport, TN - SFTC Track Meet 1 of 4, 100, 200, 400, 800, mile & 3200; 7pm. Info: June 18, Winston-Salem, NC - Summer Track Series, Mile, 400m, 800m, 100m, 2 Mile XC; 6pm. Info: Bill Walker (336)7250583, June 19, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 3, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)8942019, June 19, Nashville, TN - Nashville Striders All Comers Youth & Adult Track Series, 5:45pm. Info: Peter Pressman (615)2938862, June 20-26 - Franklin, TN - Tennessee Senior Olympics, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, High Jump, Shot Put. Info: Tennessee Senior Olympics (615)2008760, June 20, Knoxville, TN (Univ. of TN) - TM Summer Pole Vault Meet, 3pm. Info: Tim Mack (865)368-7089. June 24, Kingsport, TN - SFTC Track Meet 2 of 4, 100, 200, 400, 800, mile & 3200; 7pm. Info: June 25, Winston-Salem, NC - Summer Track Series, Mile, 400m, 800m, 100m, 2 Mile XC; 6pm. Info: Bill Walker (336)7250583, June 26, Tallahassee, FL - Summer Track Series - Week 4, 6:45pm. Info: Tom Perkins (850)8942019, June 27, Metairie, LA - All Comers Track Meet, 100 Meters to 2 Miles. Info: July 1, Kingsport, TN - SFTC Track Meet 3 of 4, 100, 200, 400, 800, mile & 3200; 7pm. Info: July 8, Kingsport, TN - SFTC Track Meet 4 of 4, 100, 200, 400, 800, mile & 3200; 7pm. Info: July 11, Knoxville, TN (Univ. of TN) - TM Summer Pole Vault Meet, 3pm. Info: Tim Mack (865)368-7089. July 18, Metairie, LA - All Comers Track Meet, 100 Meters to 2 Miles. Info: July 17-20, Winston-Salem, NC - USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor National Championship, Track & Field events. Info: Noel Ruebel (336)408-8367, Aug. 1, Metairie, LA - All Comers Track Meet, 100 Meters to 2 Miles. Info:

MULTI-SPORTS (Included in the Multi-sports calendar are single swimming and cycling events). June 1, Madeira Beach, FL - Mazda Madeira Beach Triathlon, S-.5 mi., B-10 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Youth Events. Info: Joe Fernandez (813)417-0324, June 1, The Town of Melbourne Beach, FL - Rotary Pineapple Man Triathlon, S-0.34 mi., B-15.4 mi., R-3.4 mi.; 7am. Info: Don Riordan (321)258-7291, June 1, New Roads, LA - Tri New Roads, Triathlon & Duathlon, Tri: S-400m, B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; Du: R-2 mi., B-12 mi., R-2 mi.; 7:30am. Info: (225)448-2878. June 1, Charlotte, NC - Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon, S200 yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: (877)293-6387, June 1, Raleigh, NC - Ironman 70.3 Raleigh, S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi. Info: June 1, Norfolk, VA - Breezy Point Triathlon, S-750m, B-20K R-5K, 8am. Info: (757)761-8931, June 7, Ridgeland, MS - Heatwave Classic Triathlon, S-.5 mi., B-24.5 mi., R-10K; 7am. Info: Wendy Bourdin (601)853-2011, June 7, Badin, NC - Badin Lake Triathlon, S-750yd., B-13.8 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 8am. Info: Kassie Taylor (704)982-1916, June 7, Charlotte, NC - McCarthy Kid’s Triathlon, 5-12 yr.; S75 yd., B-2 mi., R-.5 mi.; 3-5 yr.: S-25 yd., B-.5 mi., R-200 yd.; 9am. Info: Holly Johnson (704)716-6929, June 7, Erwin, NC - Erwin Wilderness Challenge Triathlon, B10 mi., Kayak-8 mi., R-3 mi.; 8am. Info: June 7, Spartanburg, SC - Middle Tiger YMCA Triathlon, S400m, B-14 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: June 7, Williamsburg, VA - Jamestown International Triathlon, S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K; 7am. Info: June 8, Cary, NC - Splash & Dash Duathlon, 8am; 4 courses. Info: Alisa Wright Colopy (919)673-4685, June 8, Gibsonville, NC - Dixie Divas Triathlon & Duathlon, Tri: S-300m, B-10 mi., R-2.5 mi.; Du: R-8 mi., B-10 mi., R-2.5 mi.; 8am. Info: Scott Bassett (336)253-3153, June 8, Henderson, NC - Kerr Lake Triathlon, S-1500m, B40K, R-10K; 8am. Info: June 8, Warsaw, VA - Naylor’s Beach Olympic & Sprint Tri & Duathlon, Olympic: S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K; Sprint: S-500m, B15 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Duathlon: R-2 mi., B-40K, R-6.2 mi.; 8am. Info:

June 13, Colonial Beach, VA - Pohanka Honda YMCA Colonial Beach International Triathlon, S-1500m, B-40K, R-10K; 6:50am. Info: June 14, Oakwood, GA - Mid Summer Super Sprint Triathlon, S250yd., B-11 mi., R-2.25 mi., 8am; Kids Triathlon, 10am. Info: Five Starr NTP (770)633-5511, June 14, Charlotte, NC - Tri Latta Triathlon, S-750m, B-17 mi., R-5K; 6:30am. Info: June 14, Smithfield, NC - 3 Little Pigs Triathlon, S-250 yd., B-14 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Marc Primanti (919)931-9262, June 14, Greenwood, SC - Greenwood Triathlon, S-1500m, B40K, R-10K; 7am. Info: June 14, Kingston, TN - Storm the Fort Triathlon, Sprint: S-600 yd., B-20K, R-4 mi.; Half: S-1.2 mi., B-56 mi., R-13.1 mi. Info: Martin Coleman (865)250-3618, June 15, Pine Mountain, GA - Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon, S-.25 mi, B-10 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am; $70 by 6/8, after $80. Info: Dave Johnson, 1930 Beaver Brook Ln., Marietta, GA 30062; (770)5655208,, June 20, Kill Devil Hill, NC - TRI Outer Bank Sports “Run Swim Run Outer Banks” Aquathlon Series, R-1K, S-400m, R-5K; 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, June 21, Ocean Springs, MS - Strawberry Moon Kayak Du (R2 mi., Kayak-2 mi., R-2 mi.); 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)3807037, June 21, Asheville, NC - Enka Triathlon at Biltmore Lake, S750m, B-17.5 mi., R-5K; 8am. Info: Greg Duff (828)400-5868, June 21, Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Off-Road Triathlon, S750yd., B-12.4 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Simon Gaskill (757)3038514, June 21, Surf City, NC - Surf City Double Sprint, S-375m, R-1.5 mi., B-15 mi., R-1.5 mi., S-375m. Info: Benji Jones (336)471-3322, June 21, Columbia, SC - Tri the Midlands, S-500m, B-14 mi., R5K; 8am. Info: June 21, Knoxville, TN - Salamander Youth Splash & Dash, 710: S-100m, R-.75 mi.; 11-15: S-200m, R-1.5 mi. Info: (865)2503618, June 21, Warm Springs, VA - Bath County Triathlon, S-750m, B20K, R-5K; 8am. Info: June 22, Florence, AL - Renaissance Man Triathlon, S-1.5K, B40K, R-10K. Info: June 22, Indialantic, FL - Indialantic Boardwalk Triathlon, S-1/3 mi, B-13 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Trish Facciobene (321)288-5758, June 22, Huntersville, NC - HFFA Kids Triathlon Series #3, 2pm. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, June 22, Wake Forest, NC - Smile Train Sprint Triathlon, S250m, B-12 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 8am. Info: Rebecca Warmer (214)5646654, June 22, Lenoir City, TN - Tellico Summer Solstice Sprint Triathlon, S-.5 mi., B-16.1 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)728-7879, June 24, Ocean Springs, MS - Strawberry Moon Duathlon, R-2 mi., Kayak-2 mi., R-2 mi.; 6:30pm. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)3807037, June 28, Huntsville, AL - Pesky Piranha Youth Triathlon, 8am. Info: June 28, Woolmarket, MS - Woolmarket Biathlon #3, R-1 mi., B11 mi., R-3 mi.; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, June 28, Shelby, NC - Shelby Sprint Triathlon, S-500m, B-20K, R-5K; 8am. Info: June 28, Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Challenge Triathlon, S-1.5K, B-45K, R-10K; 7am. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, June 29, Chattanooga, TN - Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon, S-1.5K, B-42K, R-10K; 7:30am. Info: (205)908-5970, June 29, Richmond, VA - I Love the Tavern Tri, S-650m, B-18.8 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: July 5, Knoxville, TN - Tour de Rocky Top, 31, 50 & 62 Mile Rides. Info: (865)250-3618, July 12, Meridian, MS - Sunfish Triathlon, S-1/3 mi., B-17 mi., R5K; 7am. Info: Lora Kennedy (601)938-0120, July 12, Greenville, SC - Tri the Swamp Rabbit at Furman, S250m (pool), B-16 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: July 12, Knoxville, TN - Westside Y Tri, S-200 yds., B-12K, R4K. Info: (865)250-3618, July 12, Loudoun, TN - Redskin Romp Sprint Triathlon, S-150m, B-10 mi., R-4K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)728-7879, July 12, Colonial Beach, VA - Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg YMCA Colonial Beach Sprint Triathlon, S-750m, B-14 mi., R-5K; 6:50am. Info: July 13, Clarksville, GA - Chopped Oak Sprint & Super Triathlon, Sprint: S-400yd., B-16 mi., R-3.1 mi.; Super: S-250yd., B-8 mi., R2 mi.; 8am; Kids Triathlon, 10am. Info: Five Starr NTP (770)6335511, July 13, Flinstone, MD - Xterra EX2 Off-Road Triathlon/Duathlon, Tri: S-.75 mi., B-14 mi., R-5 mi.; Du: R-3 mi., B-14 mi, R-5 mi. Info: July 19, Tallahassee, FL - Rez3 Triathlon Series #2 (Sprint), 8:30am. Info: Jennifer Kilinski (850)508-2335, July 19, Columbus, GA - Chattahoochee Challenge Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon, S-500m (duathletes 1 Mile Run, B-12 mi., R5K; 7am. Info: July 19, Durham, NC - Habitat Bull Moon Ride & Run, 12 Mile Ride/5K Run; 8:15pm. Info: Tammy Dorfman (919)632-5613, July 19, Knoxville, TN - Sharks & Seals Kids Triathlon. Info: (865)250-3618, July 20, Columbia, MD - Tri Columbia Kidz Triathlon, Ages 715. Info: (410)964-1246, July 20, Asheville, NC - Asheville Triathlon, Sprint: S-400m, B-18.7K, R-5K. Info: July 25, Kill Devil Hill, NC - TRI Outer Bank Sports “Run Swim Run Outer Banks” Aquathlon Series, R-1K, S-400m, R-5K; 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, July 26, Philadelphia, MS - Heart O’Dixie Triathlon, S-.5 m., B-27.5 mi., R-7 mi.; 6:30am. Info: John Williams (601)504-7285, July 27, Huntersville, NC - HFFA Kids Triathlon Series #4, 2pm. Info: Jones Racing Company (336)471-3322, Aug. 1, Kill Devil Hill, NC - TRI Outer Bank Sports “Run Swim Run Outer Banks” Aquathlon Series, R-1K, S-400m, R-5K; 8am. Info: (252)489-8239, Aug. 2-3, Canton, NC - Lake Logan Multisport Festival, Half, International, Sprint Tris; Aquathlon, Aquabike. Info: Greg Duff (828)400-5868, Aug. 2, Charlotte, NC - Amphibious Duathlon, R-5K, Paddle2K, R-5K; 8am. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, Aug. 2, Goldsboro, NC - Goldsboro YMCA Sprint Triathlon, S-1/2 mi., B-20 mi., R-3 mi.; 7:30am. Info: Aug. 2, Alcoa, TN - Springbrook Sprint Triathlon, S-200 yd., B-9 mi., R-3 mi. Info: (865)250-3618, Aug. 2, Fayatteville, New River Gorge, WV - New River Gorge Challenge Extreme Triathlon, B-12 mi., Paddle-8 mi., R-8.5 mi. Info: Adam Stephens (304)574-2337, Aug. 3, Benton, LA - River Cities Triathlon, S-.5 mi., B-18.2 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 6am. Info: Sportspectrum (318)798-1241. Aug. 3, Charlotte, NC - Amphibious Duathlon, R-5K, Paddle2K, R-5K; 8am. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, Aug 9, Columbus, GA - Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic Triathlon & Duathlon, S-1000m (duathletes 2 Mile Run, B-25 mi., R-10K; 7am. Info: Aug. 9, Wilson, NC - Wilson Family YMCA Youth Triathlon, Swim, Bike, Run; 8am. Info: James Orr (252)902-9712, Aug. 10, Greenville, SC - Greenville Triathlon, S-400m, B-15 mi., R-5K; 7am. Info: Aug. 10, Oak Ridge, TN - Secret City Triathlon, S-500m, B-15 mi., R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)728-7879, Aug. 10, Blacksburg, VA - TriAdventure Summer Sprint, S300 yd., B-10 mi, R-5K; 7:30am. Info: Lynne Krulich (540)2501220, Aug. 10 Richmond, VA - Pink Power Tri (Women Only), S400m, B-11 mi., R-3.1 mi.; 7am. Info: Aug. 15-17, Lake Lure, NC - Lake Lure Olympiad Sports Festival, 10K Dam Run (8/15), 7pm; Lake Lure Triathlon (S750m, B-20K, R-5K (8/16), 8am; Race to the Rock, 5K 8am or 25 Mile Bike 7:30am (8/17). Info: Aug. 16, Knoxville, TN - Dragonfly Kids Triathlon, S-100 yd./ 200 yd., B-2.5/5 mi., R-1K/2K. Info: (865)250-3618, Aug. 17, Bowling Green, KY - Bowling Green Sprint Triathlon, S-400m, B-23K, R-5K, 8am. Info: (270)791-9437, Aug. 17, Fletcher, NC - LPC Triathlon, S-200yd., B-17.5 mi., R-5K; LPC Kid’s Multisport Race. Info: Aug. 17, Winston-Salem, NC - Ramblin’ Rose Women’s Triathlon, S-225 yd., B-8 mi., R-2 mi.; 8am. Info: (877)293-6387, Aug. 17, Pikeville, TN - Tri Fall Creek Falls Triathlon, S1500m, B-40K, R-10K; 7:30am. Info: Kevin Mahon (888)7287879, Aug. 30, Aiken, SC - Langley Pond International Triathlon, S1500m, B-24 mi., R-10K; 7am. Info:

MARATHON June 1, Winston-Salem, NC - Indoor Insanity Marathon & Relay (2, 3 or 4 Person), 8am. Info: Kathy Mills (336)684-7463, June 7, Dawsonville, GA - Bootlegger Marathon, Half Marathon & 4 Miler, 7am. Info: (770)633-5511, June 7, Cumberland Gap, TN - Cumberland Gap Trail Marathon, 7:30am. Info: Jeremey Donahue (423)869-6228, June 7-8, Sterling, VA - The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington DC, 50 Mile 5am; 50K 7am; Marathon 9am; Marathon Relay 11am; Half Marathon 8am; 10K 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: (757)284-6504, June 14, Sorrento, FL - Masters of All Terrain Marathon, 7am. Info: June 14, Goody, KY - Hatfield McCoy Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K. Info: (606)625-5092, June 14, Storm Lake, IA to Marathon, IA - Marathon to Marathon, Marathon & Relay 6am; Half Marathon 7am; 5K Run/ Walk 7:30am. Info: (712)289-2246,, June 21, Elkton, MD - XTERRA Big Elk Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: July 12, Boone, NC - Grandfather Mountain Marathon, 6:30am. Info: Aug. 31, Tupelo, MS - Tupelo Marathon & 14.2 Miler, 5am. Info: Sept. 6, Douthat State Park, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 mile 7am; Marathon 8:30am; Half Marathon 10am; 5 Mile 11:30am. Info: (540)444-4422, Sept. 13, Washington, DC - Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Jay Jacob Wind (703)927-4833, Sept. 27, Darlington, SC - Darlington Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 7am. Info: (843)206-4389,

Running Journal • June, 2014 Oct. 4, Bristol, NH - New Hampshire Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Road Race & Health Walk at Newfound Lake; 9am. Info: (603)744-2713, race@nhmarathon. com, www.nhmarathon Oct. 4, Winchester, TN - Winchester’s Southern Tennessee Plunge Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Brie King (931)9678288, Oct. 4, Shepherdstown, WV - Freedom’s Run Marathon, 7am; Half Marathon, 8:05am; 5K, 8:30am; 10K, 8:40am. Info: Oct. 11, Key West, FL - Southernmost Marathon, 6:30am; Half Marathon & 10K, 6:45am. Info: Liz Love (479)200-4689, Oct. 11, King, NC - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock, 50 Mile & 26.2 Mile; 7:3am. Info: Rich Swor (313)304-0903, Oct. 12, Chatsworth, GA - Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12 Miler, 8am. Info: Oct. 12, West Monroe, LA - Dirty South Marathon, Relay & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Tara Knight (318)366-4188, Oct. 12, Charlottesville, VA - Charlottesville Fall Classic Half Marathon, 7am; 10K, 7:30am. Info: (434)218-0402, Oct. 18, Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Running Festival, Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K, Relay & Kids FR; 8am. Info: Customer Service (410)605-9381, Oct. 18, Greensboro, NC - Greensboro Marathon, 8am; Half Marathon, 8:30am; 5K, 8:50am. Info: (313)304-0903, Oct. 18, Nashville, TN - Rock and Road Relay, Full Marathon & 5K, 8am. Info: Katherine Williams (615)657-6671, Oct. 18, Cass, WV - GRT Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Run/ Walk, Family FR & Kiddie Dash; 8am. Info: Brian Horton (918)5081482, Oct. 19, Chattanooga, TN - 7 Bridges Marathon & 4 Bridges Half Marathon, 7am; 2 Bridges 5K, 7:30am; Family FR, 10am. Info: Denny Marshall (423)902-4659, Oct. 25, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 25, Greenville, SC - Spinx RunFest Marathon, 7:30am; Half Marathon, 8am; 10K, 8:15am; Big Punkin 5K Haunted Run, 7pm; Kids Marathon, 8:30am. Info: Oct. 26, Washington, DC - Marine Corps Marathon & 10K, 7:55am. Info: (800)786-8762, Nov. 1, Wynne, AR - Midsouth Championship Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Ethan T. Cook (870)238-4610, Nov. 2, Raleigh, NC - Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 7am; 10K, 7:20am; YMCA Kids Marathon Mile, 7:30am. Info: Nov. 2, Wilmington, NC - Carolina Sports Medicine Battleship North Carolina Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:10am; Walkers, 7am. Info: Ed Fore (910)398-5539, Nov. 2, Huntington, WV - Marshall University Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, 7am; 5 Mile Run/Walk, 7:15am. Info: Nov. 8, Fort Oglethorpe, FL - Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Half Marathon, Jr. Marathon & 5K; 7:30am. Info: Jenni Berz (423)8426265, Nov. 9, Pensacola, FL - Pensacola Marathon & Half Marathon, 6:30am. Info: (850)434-2800, Nov. 9, Outer Banks, NC - Outer Banks Marathon & Half Marathon, Half 7am; Marathon 7:20am. Info: (252)255-6273, Nov. 15, Tampa, FL - Chosen Race For Adoption Marathon & Half Marathon, 6am. Info: Yolanda Lemons (813)523-3023, Nov. 15, Charlotte, NC - Charlotte’s Novant Health Thunder Road Marathon & Half Marathon, 7:45am (W/C 7:40am); 5K Run/Walk, 8:15am (W/C 8:10am). Info:

Nov. 15, Richmond, VA - Anthem Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K, 8am. Info: Race Director, 100 Avenue of Champions, Richmond, VA 23230, (804)285-9495,, http:// Nov. 16, Lithia, FL - X-Country Marathon & 30K, 7am; Half Marathon, 8am; 5K, 8:30am. Info: Jim Hartnett (813)232-5200, Nov. 29, Stennis Space Center, MS - Mississippi Coast Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K; 8am. Info: Leonard Vergunst (228)380-7037, Nov. 30, Cocoa, FL - Space Coast Marathon, 6:30am; Half Marathon, 6am. Info: Info@ Dec. 5-7, West Palm Beach, FL - Palm Beaches Marathon & Run Fest, 12/7: Marathon, Half Marathon, Relay 6:30am; 12/5: 5K & 10K, 6pm. Info: Dec. 6, Baton Rouge, LA - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon & Half Marathon, 7am. Info: Craig Watson (225)292-3800, Dec. 6, Memphis, TN - St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, Marathon, Half, Relay, 5K & Family Race; 8am. Info: St. Jude (800)565-5112,,

Dec. 13, Huntsville, AL - Nike Rocket City Marathon, 8am; $60 P/M thru June, $75 P/M thru Sept., $90 P/M thru Oct., after $100 (online thru 12/1). Info: Suzanne Taylor (256)650-7063,, See Ad page 17. Dec. 13, Kiawah Island, SC - Kiawah Island Golf Resort Marathon & Half Marathon, 8am. Info: Dec. 27, Little Rock, AR - Three Bridges Marathon, 7am. Info:



Joint Ventures

All classified ads in this section also appear on Running Journal's Web site. You pay only 60¢ per word, an average of only $3 per line. Minimum charge is $5 per month. We appreciate payment with ad, but we're happy to bill you. Mail to Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744, 423-638-4177,,

JOINT VENTURES sought by Running Journal. If you have a quality product, we'll consider a joint venture to build your sales and share profits. Send info to Joint Venture, Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744.

Dec. 28, Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Bank Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K, 7am. Info: 1st Place Sports (904)731-1900,, Jan 31-Feb. 1, Melbourne, FL - Publix Melbourne Music Marathon Weekend - 2/1: Marathon 6:30am; Half Marathon & Relay 7:05am; 1/31: Florida Today 8K, 7am; 5K, 8am. Info: Mitch Varnes (321)7597200, March 1, Little Rock, AR - Little Rock Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K & 5K; 8am; 2/28: Little Rockers Kids Marathon/1 Mile, 10am. Info: Geneva Lamm (501)371-4639,

ULTRAS June 7-8, Sterling, VA - The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington DC, 50 Mile 5am; 50K 7am; Marathon 9am; Marathon Relay 11am; Half Marathon 8am; 10K 9am; 5K 9:15am. Info: (757)284-6504, June 14, Davis, WV - Highlands Sky 40M Trail Run. Info: June 22, Pembroke, VA - Eastern Divide Ultra 50K Trail Race, 7:30am; $80, after 5/31 $85. Info:, July 12, Perryville, AR - Full mOOn 50K & 25K, 50K 7pm; 25K 8pm. Info: Susy Phillips (501)837-3104, July 20, Upper Marlboro, MD - Rosaryville Trail Runs, 50K, 25K, 10 Mile & 10K; 7am. Info: Ronald Bowman (410)570-0003, Aug. 2, King George, VA - Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50K, 6:30oam. Info: (540)310-4803, Aug. 9, Ona, WV - Kanawha Trace Trail Runs, 50K 7:30am; 25K & 10K 9:30am. Info: Cory Richardson (304)416-1015, Aug. 16, Lakeland, FL - Tick Tock Ultra - 12-Hour Ultra, 7:30am7:30pm. Info:, See Ad page 16. Sept. 6, Douthat State Park, VA - Odyssey Trail Running Rampage, 40 mile 7am; Marathon 8:30am; Half Marathon 10am; 5 Mile 11:30am. Info: (540)444-4422, Sept. 20, Savannah, GA - Chase the Son Ultra & Relay, 6 & 12 Hours Individual & Relay; 7am. Info: Dan Hernandez (912)3989941, Sept. 26-28, Birmingham, AL - Birmingham Stage Race, 53 Miles; 8am. Info: David Tosch (205)262-9714, Oct. 4, Greenville, SC - Swamp Rabbit Urban Ultra 50K, 7:30am. Info: Steve Baker (864)325-8303, Oct. 10-12, Circleville, WV - WV Trilogy, 10/10: 50K 7am; 10/11: 50 Mile 6am; 10/12: Half Marathon 9am. Info: Dan Lehmann (304)924-5835, Oct. 11, King, NC - Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock, 50 Mile & 26.2 Mile; 7:3am. Info: Rich Swor (313)304-0903, Oct. 18, Charlotte, NC - WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon, 50K & 50 Mile; 5am. Info: Race Dir. (704)391-3900, Oct. 18, Morganton, NC - Table Rock Ultras, 50 Miler 6am. Info: Oct. 25, Flagler Beach, FL - Jacks 10K, 30K & 50K Trail Race, 8am. Info: Dawn Lisenby (386)986-8752, Oct. 25, Greensboro, NC - Triple Lakes Trail Race, 40 Mile, Marathon & Half Marathon; 8am. Info: (336)793-4311, Oct. 26, Apalachicola, FL - “Running for the Bay!” Marathon, Half Marathon, Ultra 50K, 10K & 5K; 7:15am. Info: Oct. 26, Iverness, FL - Mutual Mine 50K, 8am. Info: Terry Hayes (352)341-0765, Nov . 1, Nashville, TN - Nashville Ultra Marathon, 50K, 60K, 70K or 50 Miles; 7am. Info: Dennis Freeman (615)445-5077, Nov. 15, Blue Ridge Recreational Area, GA - Tortoise and the Hare 50K Ultra, 7am. Info: Toni McAlister (770)256-3844, Nov. 22, Birmingham, AL - Tranquility Lake 50K, 50K & 25K Trail Race; 7am. Info: David Tosch (205)262-9714, Dec. 6, Sorrento, FL - Masters of All Terrain 50K & 50 Mile Ultra, 7am. Info:

RUNNING CAMPS June 12-15, June 19-22, July 6-11, July 17-20 Aug. 7-10, Blowing Rock, NC - Zap Fitness Adult Running Vacations. Info: ZAP Fitness, POB 192, Blowing Rock, NC 28605; (828)295-6198,, See Ad page 19.

Publications ROAD RACE MANAGEMENT DIRECTORY: Over 500 pages of contacts for elite athletes, prize money races, race expos, suppliers, publications, retailers, event management companies and more - anyone who participates in or services the running industry is listed in this indispensable book. $139.00 includes postage and handling. Special elite athlete price is $89. Order from RRM, 4940 Hampden Ln., Ste. 212 (RJ), Bethesda, MD 20814 or at ✺✺✺ A PLANT-BASED DIET FOR RUNNERS by Wilson N. Truehart Jr. 71 pages paperback send $12.00 (includes s&h) to Wilson N. Truehart Jr., PO Box 41282, Baltimore, MD 21203-6282. ✺✺✺ THE SIX SEASONS OF A RUNNER’S LIFE. By Walt Esser, 128 pgs. A must read for any runner who wants to continue to be competitive as one moves up to the next age group. Physiological changes are discussed and training tips are provided for runners who want to continue to run strong and stay healthy throughout their lives. To order your copy, send $14.95 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http:// ✺✺✺ SEE MOM RUN. By Karen Douglass Thom. Illustrated by Lilly Golden, 32 pgs. The first children's book about running. To order your copy, send $15 (includes S&H) to Running Journal. Order online http://shoppingcart. ✺✺✺ FIRST MARATHONS: Personal Encounters with the 26.2-Mile Monster. Collected stories of 37 runners, famous and unknown, all of whom went the distance. Edited by Gail Waesche Kislevitz. Available from Running Journal for $22/hardback, $15/paperback (include S/H). Order online - secure server at http:// ✺✺✺ BANNISTER AND BEYOND -- The Mystique of the Four-Minute Mile. By Jim Denison, 256 pgs. Interviews and commentary from the great milers. To order your copy, send $22 (includes S&H) to Running Journal.

Quilts T-QUILTS: Make your own T-Quilt from your race T-shirts with this easy-to-follow pattern and detailed instructions. Just $7.95 plus $2.50 S/H to T-Quilts, c/o Running Journal, POB 157, Greeneville, TN 37744. Order online - http:// shoppingcart.

Race Services RACE TIMING SERVICE - Chip timing and computerized results in minutes. Call 828-3896982, 828-226-1610 (cell), ✺✺✺ CHIP TIMING FOR LESS. 770-432-8265.

MOVING - Send change of address to Call 423-638-4177; Fax: 423-638-3328


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