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Jelly Bean Thirty Minute Circuit Do each set of exercises for 1 minute with a 15 second rest period -totalling a fifteen minute circuit. (Repet two/three times depending on my energy levels) 1. Squats (Second circuit - weighted squats) 2. Burpees 3. Russian Twists (optional use of weights) 4. Sprint (last twenty seconds flat out) 5. Plank (Second Circuit - Up-Down Planks) 6. Alternating Lunges 7. Obliques ( I stand up straight with a resistance band under my feet and in both hand. I then bend sideways to touch my knees) 8. 180 degree squat jumps (Second Circuit - one legged squats, 30 seconds per leg) 9. Push ups / lady push ups 10. V Crunchs (optional legs pulsing simultaneously - great for inner thighs) 11. Skipping 12. Bicep Curl (Second Circuit - Tricep Kickback) I use 3kg weights.

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Jelly bean circuit  

Thirty minute cross training session