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Motorola MotoActv Review

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Motorola MotoActv Review Take a look to this Motorola MotoActv Review if you are thinking of buying this watch. A detailed description of all its main features will help you understand if it’s the best choice for you.

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MotoActv is a GPS fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and mp3 player all in one small device. It is capable of receiving software updates which mean that it can have new functionalities and enhance its features. Let me be your guide to some of its key features.

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Get Your Workouts Smarter Outdoors Gps tracker technology tracks your running data like time, pace, distance, speed and elevation. You can monitor these data live directly on your device during your workout or you can check them out later at home and see your performance. Indoors pace, distance and calories burned are tracked without the use of GPS, in case of using running, elliptical or step machines. If you follow a systematic workout program and need to improve your performance during time, then this Motorola gps watch will definitely help you achieve your goals. But if you are not interested to track your workout data and use running as just another way to get away from the daily stress of work, then this watch has nothing to offer you.



Follow Your Heart Beats Tune in to your heart throughout compatible heart rate sensors (e.g. chest straps, which are not included) and see how you perform in real time. Use your heart rate data to customize your heart rate zones and make your workouts smarter and not harder. Record your workouts and see how you can improve your performance. Heart rate is the most accurate parameter that indicates how much you press yourself during your workout. Very low heart rate means that you do not put enough effort and you will not have any particular improvement in time. On the contrary, very high heart rate shows that you press yourself more than you should do and if you continue that way you will probably cause some type of health problems. An ideal workout has to move within a heart rate zone which combines safety with increasing intensity. But every individual has its unique target heart rate zone which is formed by factors like age, fitness level etc. So if you want to have a more detailed view of your physical state during your workouts then continue reading this MotoActv Review. Otherwise if you think that heart rate zone based workouts are not necessary, then just do not bother!


Take Your Music With You The built in mp3 player gives you the chance to make your workout more pleasant and listen your favorite music while you are running. Moving one step further, smart technology can record which songs motivate you by measuring your performance against your music. Then it compiles songs in a high-performance playlist which motivates you to work harder and enjoy it at the same time. converted by

If you run outside alone and most of the times you are bored, then Motorola MotoActv watch built in mp3 player can become your best friend. Listening to your favorite music can change your daily workout from a repeated habit to an enjoyable experience.

Get Your Mobile With You RECENT POSTS You can have your smart phone wirelessly connected to the watch via Bluetooth and answer your calls or receive text messages. Very nice feature for people like to talk to their friends during their workout as an alternative of listening music.

Motorola MotoActv Gps Watch

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What Customers Say Great durability, sweat proof, rain and scratch resistant Works better than a lot of Mp3 players in the market Easy data access through its 1.6″ touch screen display Very accurate Gps tracker

Summary After an extensive search on websites for reviews and forum discussions about Motorola MotoActv watch my conclusion is that it seems to be a very useful and durable device with advanced capabilities and with no particular problem as most of the customers who bought it declare that they are very pleased. So i do recommend this watch and i hope this MotoActv Review has helped you in getting a clear and wide view of this product.

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Motorola MotoActv Review