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Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review


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Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review





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Mizuno followers speak of wonderful running shoes with very smooth feeling and great cushioning. If you are unfamiliar with this brand then try to read this Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review to see if this pair of running shoes could be your next purchase. In this post i will try to present the key features of these sport shoes so that you will have a better understanding of what they have to offer to runners. According to Mizuno this Wave Rider 15 model integrates finest quality, great stability and lightweight ride to provide a pleasant running experience. Mizuno’s technology introduces a new model with a more open collar, a newly designed heel and a midsole with better support and performance.

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Foot protection Wave technology is responsible of directing impact forces away from your foot when it touches the ground. This way every step you make is safe and you enjoy great cushioning and stability. Much softer landings will convert your workouts to a real pleasure. Moreover the high-efficient rubber sole gives higher bounce and improved rebound which extends the life of the shoes.

Smooth feeling SmoothRide technology provides reduced acceleration and deceleration of the foot throughout transitions. Natural “back-to-front” movement of your foot is being promoted by flex grooves in the heel which provide a smooth movement across your pace. In addition its breathable upper gives you more ventilation and keeps heat and moisture away from your feet.



Natural motion Dynamotion fit technology scales down the pressure that feet apply to shoes when you are running. By assisting easy flowing at every pace, from heel contact through too-off, it follows the natural movement of your

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feet. With Mizuno Wave Rider 15 you will feel as you are running barefoot.


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What customers think Great cushioning and stability Well ventilated upper Great ride with smooth feeling Lightweight and comfortable Durable with long life RECENT POSTS

Summary Even though a few reviews i have red mention that Mizuno Wave Rider 15 are not so durable compared to their predecessors and not so flexible, i believe that in general it is a great pair of shoes which combines feet protection with lightweight feeling and makes workouts more comfortable. So if you have never tried this brand i hope that this Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review will help you make the next step and discover the world of Mizuno!

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Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review  
Mizuno Wave Rider 15 Review