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Asics Kayano 18 Review

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Asics Kayano 18 Review Read carefully this Asics Kayano 18 Review if you are thinking of buying a pair of running shoes for your daily fitness routines. In order to choose the proper shoes you have to know their basic characteristics and also your type of pronation. This is very crucial because if you buy inappropriate shoes you may cause injuries or pain in your joints and muscles.

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If you either overpronate or underpronate then stop reading this post as these shoes are neutral oriented, which means that they are made for runners with neutral pronation. But if your pronation is neutral, which is also the ideal type, then keep reading in order to understand what this pair of shoes has to offer you.

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Protects your foot while running RUNNING FOR BEGINNERS Impact Guidance System (IGS). When you are running you never want your foot go side to side as it touches the ground. Asics IGS will keep your foot straight and protect it from any possible injury. Also thanks to Dynamic Duomax Technology it is much more stable and provides a greater level of support compared to its previous models.

Body mass does not matter Soft Top DuoMax enhances the whole platform comfort as it is designed to support larger body mass. Men which on average are heavier, tend to compress the midsole of the shoe more than women which means that in a short time they start to loose in comfort. But this is now fixed as in Asics Kayano 18 the midsole is constructed with a firmer layer for men and a softer for women. So if your weight is more than average, do not worry. You can continue to enjoy comfortable workouts for a long period!

No more foot irritations Heel Clutching System is another new feature which replaces the traditional internal heel components with a new exoskeleton heel counter. Now heel fitting is more comfortable and you do not have to worry anymore about friction or irritation as their probability is reduced in a great scale.


More light than ever Maybe you think that all previous technologies are great but it is certain that they will have a direct impact on weight. I am sorry, but you are totally wrong! This pair of shoes is even lighter from its predecessors due to the use of high-end materials which combine low weight with great durability. So if you are ready to enjoy lighter and faster workouts these shoes are your best choice. But if you are not yet convinced then try to read the last section of this Asics Kayano 18 Review which presents what customers who bought this pair of shoes say about.

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Customers opinion Extremely stable and supportive Superior cushioning and high quality materials Luxurious fit and great comfort Extra smooth feeling Good arch support

Summary Based on my research on different places on-line about this pair of running shoes i believe that it is a very good purchase although its price is quite high. Most of the buyers say that it is worth it and this is very positive. I hope that with this Asics Kayano 18 Review i have helped you and you have now all the necessary information to decide if this product is right for you or not.

Asics Kayano 18

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Asics Kayano 18 Review  

Read carefully this Asics Kayano 18 Review if you are thinking of buying a pair of running shoes for your daily fitness routines.

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