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I love Nuun. I'm a girl. I have a blog. I love to run. I wanna run! I love Oregon. I seldom enter contests that have a "creative" requirement, but I have a really good feeling about this one - like I actually have a shot. I'm easy to get along with. I'd get to actually meet some bloggers not just stalk them online. I'm Canadian. You should have at least one foreigner on the team. I only have one running outfit therefore I will take up very little room. Wait. That means I'll stink. Note to self: buy more clothes. I like wildlife. Unless it's a snake jumping from the side of the road to bite my ankle. I don't want to see any road kill‌ unless it's the runners we've passed! I support two kick-ass Nuun ambassadors! Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieska are playing for the Stanley Cup, baby!! I have endurance. I may not be the fastest runner on the team, but I'll definitely get there. I'm NOT a super-star blogger. I'll be happy to represent the "little" blogs out there. I'll finally admit that Kona Cola Nuun has grown on me. I want to be amazed and inspired by the crazy fast runners that actually race HTC. I love road trips. It will be a break from being a SAHM. I love my kid, but a 4 day break sounds heavenly. Some people think that Seaside, OR is a great place for a vacation. I see it as a place to finish my vacation. I'm willing to be smelly. Please expect it. I don't glow. Nuun taught me that not all electrolyte drinks have to disagree with my stomach. I've lost most of my self-censoring since becoming a parent. Imagine what I'll be like with only adults around. I'm willing to wear a costume. Somewhere along the line I've lost my "but I'll look stupid" fear. I like running at night. I'll fight someone to get to be leg 1. Not only is it cool to be first, but there's a 2000ft elevation drop and I love downhills. I'm more than happy to let the other runners fight it out over who gets the uphills. I'll take time to thank every volunteer I come across. I won't hug them, though, as I wouldn't want to subject them to a ripe sweaty mess. I'll bring cool Canadian souvenirs. Or I could show up with a super-stereotypical jug of maple syrup. You'll have to wait and see. I'll be happy if it's sunny out, but I'll be just as happy if it's raining. It will impress my family. Maybe. Probably not. They'll just think I'm crazy. It will impress my friends. Well, at least the ones who run. The other ones will also think I'm crazy. I know the words to "The Wheels on the Bus". I can totally rock a headlamp. I already have one black toenail. What's one or two more? I don't get carsick. I can't tell a joke to save my life, therefore I won't be telling any bad ones in the wee hours of the morning. I'm good with getting as little or as much sleep as possible. Parenting has at least taught me how to sleep with one ear open. I'll be the annoying one quoting Dean Karnazes at inappropriate times: "It's supposed to hurt like hell". You talk about pee on your website. I talk about pee all day with my son. We have something in common. I get to be a sponsored athlete for a weekend! I get to remember that I'm actually a middle-of-the-pack runner once it's over. But I'll always have those days: "Remember that time at bandcamp HTC?" If you saw the pile of laundry on my bedroom floor you would understand why living out of a backpack/floor of a van doesn't sound so bad.

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I know how to make SuperNuun. I think I like it better than regular Nuun. I'll have a reason to dig out the sunscreen. It should be summer in the PNW by then, right? I'm willing to get a Nuun tattoo (temporary of course!). I know I would be inspired by my teammates. I'm in pretty good shape. I'll be in training for an October half and this will fit right in. You'd give me 11 friends for life. Or at least the right to crash on their couch if I was in the neighbourhood. I don't get to travel much anymore. Sure this is self-propelled travel, but I'll take what I can get. I have an inner 12 year old attracted to the slumber party atmosphere who is itching to get out. I'm sure I can come up with 12 plastic camping martini glasses and make virgin Nuun-tinis. Also known as Nuun in a fancy cup. Who wouldn't want to spend time with other bloggers? I have no fashion sense so wearing reflective orange will probably be an improvement! I came up with a couple of names for the Nuun-tinis: Black Toenail (grape); Road Rash (tri-berry). I don't get the opportunity to run when the sun is rising very often. I've always wanted to decorate a van. My husband would be jealous. I love Seattle (and found out that's where you're from). There's no I in Team (although I always joked with my track teammates that there is a Me if you jumble up the letters, but we never told the coach that). If this was a T&F team instead of a running team I could throw javelin for you. I won't be distracted by technology - my phone handles calls, texts and is good for about a day and a half before charging. No new-school phones here. This will give me over a month of blog posts if I break it down into 1 leg per post. I have awesome music on my iPod (and a cable for the car). I can introduce people to the awesome Canadian music on my iPod. If I steal my husband's playlist I'll have some sweet retro soundtracks, like Space Jam and Small Soldiers. And a lot of Brad Paisley. I'll get to tell my 4 year old that I'll be riding in a van for 4 days and he'll think I’m cool. He'll also want to come with me, but that's besides the point. I want to be famous! Well, no, not really. But it'll totally get me status with the people who read my blog. It would give me 4 days to feel like an functioning adult. I'm a good passenger. My husband never lets me drive on road trips because he hates just sitting there looking out the window. I'll totally buy team members salt water taffy in Seaside to celebrate the end of the race. I know the words to "99 Bottles of Beer". I'll change it to "99 Tubes of Nuun", but just this one time. This isn't going to happen for me any other way. I can pronounce your name. I'm not a backseat driver. Except for the tendency to sometimes hit an invisible brake pedal. I have (unspoken) aspirations to do ultra-marathons. I will probably wear the biggest shoes of any of the team. I won't be the tallest team member. Figure out how that works given #76‌ It will possibly help me lose the weight I've gained since my last marathon. I'll try to come up with names for each runner that correspond with each flavour (well, 11/12 at least). I'll be the obvious Alanna-Banana. I'll be the only team member with a calculator so that I'll understand the distances. Run, sweat, get back in stinky van = awesome. Blue is my favourite colour. Your logo is blue. Coincidence? I think not. I had to miss the movie since I wasn't able to drive 2 hours (+ border wait) to see it. Please don't make me miss the real thing! I thrive on having goals. This will make sure I don't slack on my weekday runs. I'm willing and able to leave my ego at home. I'll get to tell my friends that I participated in a relay that was the equivalent of driving from my house to my in-laws (makes sense if you're local). I might be able to convince my husband to let me get a new and cute outfit for the race!

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I'm going to tell all of my friends to like you on Facebook and tell you that I need to be on your team. I'm going to tell all of my friends who are on Twitter to follow you and tell you that I need to be on your team. I'm going to tell all of my blog followers (all 108 of them) to complete #81 and #82 as well. My "training race" is Warrior Dash Whistler. I think it would be cool to see how many empty tubes we could attach to the back handle (like tin cans at a wedding). I can get to Seattle. It might be by bus, train or thumbing a ride, but I'll get there. My husband has a Roller Massager I can borrow. Run and sit = a whole lotta potential to cramp up! Getting on the team would show my husband why blogging is a valid hobby/past-time. I'm reading Ultramarathon Man and it's making me want to run long! It will give me a reason to renew my passport in July. I'll be able to share a most-likely hideous passport picture with my teammates. If we need a van mascot I can see if my husband will let us borrow his coconut monkey (yes, he does have one!). I know how to change a tire. My friend keeps taking me on trail runs. Obviously she knows I need the hill training. I might finally be able to master "going" outside. Oops, #93 could get the team disqualified. I'll have to invest in one of these (and an empty bottle) in case of extreme emergency: Hopefully by running and blogging about HTC I can inspire others to live their dreams. If an average SAHM runner can do it, so can they! My son is old enough to remember "when Mummy went on that really long run." I'll have 31-1/2 hours to make up acronyms for Nuun, like "never underestimate unemployed nerds". It would totally get me out of my comfort zone. In a good way. I go with the flow. There are very few things that can't be overcome or forgiven. I'm already obsessed about finding training routes (like running down Mt. Seymour Parkway to simulate the elevation drop coming down Mt. Hood). I actually filmed myself for this entry and I know I’m atrocious at that sort of thing. I can't imagine myself not getting along with other blogger-runners. I could learn so much about blogging from the other team members. Right now I just plod along hoping I'm getting it right. I could learn more about running. Whether or not I'd be able to implement it is another thing‌ If I have to have a pre-mid-life crisis this certainly beats getting a sports car. It will force my husband to take vacation time. If he picks me up in Seattle I'm sure I can work in a couple of "rest" days in there. Score! I haven't had a chance to try all of the new flavours yet. I'm practicing staying up for extended periods of time by laying awake in bed trying to come up with reasons for this list. It will bring back fond memories of car trips as a child - like being stuck in the backseat of a Reliant wagon with a cooler between me and my brother. I could really use an adventure! I discovered that you support another awesome Canadian athlete, Jen Segger! I work for a store that sells Nuun. I recommend Nuun to pretty much anyone who looks at it (and to all my coworkers) even though I'm only a cashier. As much as it would be a fun-filled weekend, more importantly I would be able to prove to myself that I am capable of doing anything I want to do. I'm asking nicely. I could really use a boost of self-confidence right now. I'm getting excited about a relay that I only have a one-in-a-whole-bunch chance of getting into. My mum says that you should select me. So does yours. It's going to be a GBA weekend! You have to read a certain lady's blog to get that‌ can you tell me who it is? I need to start training for something that's long distance since I'm still eating like I'm training for a marathon. For all my grumbling about being sore, tired, smelly, etc., I will really be loving every minute of it! Kind of like hill repeats and speed work. I'm willing to run more than required if another team member can't run their leg. I'm older than the race. Or should I not have admitted that?

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I will not (or at the very least try not to) complain about sleeping in a field in my sleeping bag. I'm a wuss when it comes to camping. Ask anyone. I'm willing to train on a local trail called "Cardiac Hill". My friend said that he biked it and "nearly wheelied and fell over backwards." I imagine it being like the junior high basketball road trip I went on. Minus the viewing of Silence of the Lambs that confirmed I don't do scary movies. It will bring back fond memories of university. I stayed up for 36 hours straight to finish the last paper I ever had to hand in. Port-a-potties no longer phase me. If I have to go, I have to go. I just need to remember TP. When I decided to start running my husband "stole" my idea. This is something he can't be better at (yes, if he ran too, but he's not invited). I'm as competitive as the next person, but there's no pressure to win this one. Right? I think I'm a fairly decent navigator, but my husband is probably correct when he questions how accurate I actually am. Maybe don't give me the map? I have a portable DVD player. Sure it's for kids and it's pink, but there might come a time when the distraction is welcome. I'm using Nuun to get over my addiction to pop. The closest I've ever gotten to Mt. Hood was playing Amped 2 on my husband's Xbox back in 2003. I'm going to need to de-stress after the Stanley Cup. Each game has been a nail-biter (except game 3‌). I came up with one reason per mile, not per kilometre. No one would have wanted to read 317 reasons, nor could I have thought of that many. I love that the baton is a snap bracelet. I had tons of those when I was a kid (and, since I'm a packrat, probably still do). The thought of having that much stroller-free running time makes me giddy! The suspense of finding out who else would be on the team is killing me. I've never run a relay. 4x400m in elementary school doesn't count. This would be the best thing I've ever won! My sleeping bag has been neglected since we don't camp as much as we used to. I can learn to be brave by running on my own at night. Sounds hokey, but I need to find me under all the stay at home mum layers. I need to add a medal to my collection. I seriously want this so bad I can taste it. Hello, blog exposure! What? That isn't what this contest is about? Since the odds are in favour of there being other mums being on the team I'll be able to find out how they manage running and raising kids. I need a reason to avoid summer-time television. Do I really need to watch another singing, dancing or "romantic" show? I am woman, hear me roar. Is that stuck in your head now? You're welcome! Our dollar is worth more than yours so I should be able to afford more "by donation" showers. Being a parent has taught me to be patient. Most of the time. I might still be able to find one of those ridiculously large cowbells that they were selling during the winter Olympics. I'm used to getting passed by other runners so I won't be demoralized by it. I don't care if I have shotgun. I'm used to wearing the same clothes all the time. Shh, it's my little SAHM secret. I read so many blogs that just speak to me and make me feel normal. If I could do that for a new runner I'd feel like my blog is about more than just me. I'm not high maintenance. I have a good sense of humour. I'm a pro at making peanut butter and jam sandwiches. My son would live on them if I let him. I'll be hugely disappointed if I’m not. I'm not easily offended. I have boobs. That, along with #29, is my husband's contribution to this list. I'm sick of thinking that there's no way I can do certain things. I won't know unless I put in the effort and try. I need to challenge myself. I'm conscientious. At least that's what pretty much every teacher I had in high school told me. Half of my running friends have run relays, but this would make their 100Km look puny. I don't mind eating bananas and bagels for all my meals. It would probably be best for my stomach actually. Just once I'd like to go on a road trip where no one asks me, "Did you see that car? Did you, Mum? Mummy! Did you see the red car?!?"

183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197

It'll be the ultimate girls' weekend. Only I won't know anyone. And all my real-life girlfriends will totally think I'm nuts. This list has made me slightly obsessive about running, relays, ultras and race reports. At least I've learned a lot! I had a craptastically demoralizing last marathon and I could use a fun event to help me get past it once and for all. I really hope (and think and pray) that this could be a life-altering experience. I've become somewhat of an armchair "expert" on HTC. I certainly didn't know this much about it prior to starting this list... My son loves Nuun and always refers to it as "Mummy and Daddy's running juice." He thinks he's getting a treat when I give him Kona Cola. I found out about Nuun through blogging. Ah, the powers of social media! Although they'll all think I'm out of my mind to do this for fun I know my family and friends will be proud of me. I'll be proud of myself! I asked my son what he would think of me running a really long race and he said, "You'd run really fast and you'd WIN!" I NEED to be. It's hard to explain, but I just know that I would get more out of the event. I'm looking for something I just haven't figured out what it is yet. I've gotten to the point where I have no shame and am flat out begging you. My husband doesn't think I have a hope in hell of getting in and I'd really like to prove him wrong. I came up with this exceedingly long list, darn it! Did I mention I love Nuun?

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