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A reunited Blink-182 wows at Rogers Arena I


When a a band reunites there are many concerns, like whether the issues that caused the break up resolved, or wondering if they still have the same magic. For Blink-182, the answers are a resounding yes, especially to the latter. They brought down the house at Rogers Arena on Aug. 31 with – by their own admission – “the best line up of the tour,” including Against Me!, Rancid and My Chemical Romance. Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus in 2005 and each member went on to other projects. There seemed to be many reasons for the break up; Tom Delonge (guitarist) was burning out, and said there were creative differences. Post-break up, there was much speculation about who was to blame and why Blink-182 ended. Mark Hoppus (bassist) and Travis Barker (drummer) went on to create +44, and Delonge started Angels and Airwaves. But two events jarred them into reconciling. The first was the sudden death of long-time producer Jerry Finn in August 2008, then a near fatal plane crash on Sept. 19, which Barker barely survived. At the 51st Grammy Awards, the guys officially announced the reformation of Blink-182. Since then the band has toured all over the world, and after several delays, are set to release their new album Neighbourhoods on Sept. 27. The concert at Rogers was part of


Blink’s Neighbourhoods Tour and they brought along their friends from Rancid, My Chemical Romance and Against Me!. For a semi-well known band, Against Me! did get the crowd going. Rancid has remained in the shadows of their more popular and mainstream counterparts Blink-182, Green Day and The Offspring, but that suits the band and their fans just fine. Rancid’s hardcore following are al-

ways rewarded with an excellent show and this one was no exception. During the short set, the crowd sang along and mosh pits were feverish. My Chemical Romance was a different story. By the time the band hit the stage, many were getting impatient to see Blink and some expressed it with plastic projectile beverage containers. Others struggled to remember lyrics of songs from early MCR

albums.MCR rode on the energy created by the earlier acts and anticipation for Blink-182. Finally the patience of the crowd was rewarded. Blink-182 arrived on stage with a thunderous cheer from the crowd and immediately jumped into their set and classic Blink-182 concert hijinks. Known for their potty humour and poor taste in jokes, Hoppus and Delonge had the audience laughing as much as singing along. One point between songs Delonge started playing the joke song “I Wanna Fuck a Dog”, and then told the audience to “grow up” as the crowd started singing along. After “I Miss You”, Mark brought the crowd back from near tears with “We Have Lasers”. One wouldn’t have known the near death experience Barker went through, as he was on top of his game and demonstrated his mastery of the drums. At the beginning of the encore, Barker was suspended above the audience, gave a tremendous show before his band mates launched into the final songs. Blink’s set lasted over an hour and the audience soaked it up. Despite a great show, there was a somewhat disappointing attendance – the floor was full, but the stands were vacant. Perhaps the nearly five years apart have damaged Blink’s popularity. Hopefully Neighbourhoods will show fans of old that Blink-182 is truly back in action.

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Vol. 4 Issue 1  

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