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2019 Membership Packet

Ashley Plantation Country Club: 919 Greenfield St, Daleville, VA (540) 992-4653 info@AshleyPlantation.com

Ashley Plantation Membership Categories Golf Membership Golf members enjoy unlimited golf with waived green fees, discounted range balls ($1 off), access to membership tournaments, 10% off Golf Shop merchandise (excludes golf balls), 20% discount on pool membership purchase, discounted lesson fees, pool access at daily guest rate, pickleball court access, access to social events & activities, and club account charging privileges. Types of Golf Memberships:

• Individual - one person

• Family - shared address

• Junior - individual 18 & under

• Young Pro/Active Military Individual - one person under 40

• Senior - individual age 60+

• Young Pro/Active Military Family - primary member under 40

• Senior Couple - married, ages 60+

• Introductory Individual - See below for details.

Introductory Individual Golf Membership

Introductory Individual Golf members enjoy all the benefits of a golf membership with tee time limitations. Tee Time Limitations:

• March-October - Tee times after 12:00pm only. On weekends & holidays, after 1:00pm only.

• November-February - Tee times after 11:00am only.

Pool Membership Pool members enjoy unlimited seasonal pool access, pickleball court access, access to social events and club activities, the ability to bring guests at a set daily rate, and club account charging privileges. Types of Pool Memberships:

• Individual - one person

• Family - shared address

• Couple - married couple

• Swim Team - pool use limited to team practice and competition times only. Excludes above benefits.

Annual Cart Pass Full access to and unlimited use of the golf carts when playing. Golf membership required for purchase. Types of Annual Cart Passes:

• Individual - one person

• Family - shared address

Ashley Plantation Membership Application: Payment Agreement



Golf Memberships

Please check type(s) of membership you wish to purchase: Monthly Rate*

Annual Rate**

Individual Golf Membership



Family Golf Membership



Senior Golf (60+) Membership



Senior Couple Golf (60+) Membership



Young Pro/Active Military Individual Golf



Young Pro/Active Military Family Golf



Junior Golf (18 & under) Membership



Introductory Individual Membership



Individual Pool Membership



Family Pool Membership



Couple Pool Membership



Swim Team Membership



Individual Annual Cart Pass



Family Annual Cart Pass



* The monthly/annual fee will automatically be billed to your credit card on file, unless payment has otherwise been submitted. (Monthly rates subject to change during agreement period.) ** This amount will be billed to your credit card on file, all at one time, unless payment has otherwise been submitted.

Member Information: Full Name: ________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Home Address: ________________________________ City:________________ State:____ Zip:________ Home Phone #: (_____)______________ Cell Phone #: (_____)______________ Date of Birth: __/__/____ GHIN No: ________________________ (If you already have one and want handicap mainatined) Member #:__________ Referred by:

Member: ___________________




Family Membership - Full Names: _____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

Payment Information: (this portion will be shredded after payment is finalized) Credit Card Type: _______ Credit Card #: _________________________ CVC: ____ Expiration Date: ___/___ _________________________________________________________ _____________________________ (Signature) (Date)

Runk & Pratt Golf Membership Agreement We invite you to make an application for membership for Ashley Plantation Country Club and in connection therewith, agree to the following:

General terms, conditions, and benefits applicable to all memberships: 1. You agree to abide by any and all of the rules, regulations, and policies promulgated by the Runk & Pratt Golf Companies. Runk & Pratt Golf Company reserves the right, on occasion and at any time, with or without notice, to change, modify, amend or vacate its fees, rules and regulations and policies. 2. You agree that you shall always register at the golf shop before teeing off or making use of the practice facilities. 3. Golf Members are entitled to play as many rounds of golf at the club of their membership as the member desires, subject to the provisions of the Runk & Pratt Golf Companies rules and regulations. Tournament bookings and club-sponsored events take precedence over a Golf Member’s right to play a round of golf at the club. 4. Entry fees for special events such as member-guest or any other club event as well as outside events are not included in the membership fee. 5. Cart fees are not included in your golf membership fees unless you have purchased an annual cart fee pass, otherwise, when riding, the prevailing rates of all cart fees must be paid for each round of golf played. Cart fees are per person. 6. Golf Members shall be entitled to make tee times 14 days in advance. 7. The golf membership dues are non-refundable and nontransferable. The golf membership will be effective from the date of the membership application acceptance and will remain in effect until the following March 31st (unless otherwise noted on this agreement). Golf memberships may be suspended or revoked for non-payment or for failure to abide by any of the rules, regulations, and policies of the club. The golf membership may be recalled at any time at the discretion of The Runk and Pratt Golf Companies Management. In such case, if annual dues were paid they would be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the remaining months of the membership. 8. In the event that a certifiable medical condition occurs that precludes the utilization of your Membership for a period of four (4) months or greater, you may request in writing a hold be placed on your account. Approval for holds will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

9. The Golf Member will have full charging privileges (with completed charging agreement) at the Club and will be responsible for full payment of Club charges by date listed on the bill from the Club. Failure to make said payments in full will result in loss of charging privileges and a suspension of membership privileges. 10. The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage to any of the Golf Member’s or Guest’s property used or stored at the club or brought upon club property and the Golf Member shall look solely to the Golf Member’s insurance policies for any claim for loss or damage. The Golf Member / Guest herby releases the Club from any and all causes of action, claims, and liability with respect to any loss or damage to any of the Golf Member’s / Guest’s property used or stored at the Club or brought upon the property of the club. 11. Golf members are not permitted on Resident’s property at any time while playing golf. 12. All damage to Resident or Club property by golf members / guests are the responsibility of the golfer, and must be reported to the Golf Pro Shop immediately. 13. Member contracts are legally binding for a period of 12 months (April 1 - March 31). Early termination of membership requires payment of all prior charges and 50% of outstanding membership balance at the time of cancellation. Member account must be current at the time of cancellation. 14. Membership dues will be paid in monthly installments unless other arrangements have been made. 15. Memberships will automatically renew each April 1st unless the company receives written notice of cancellation/resignation at least 60 days prior to the renewal date. 16. Photographic Permission: The member agrees that their photograph(s) may be used in various Runk & Pratt communications including; flyers, website(s), social media and video recording. 17. This membership agreement supercedes any and all prior membership agreement terms. Automatic renewal will be viewed by the club as acceptance of terms of this agreement.


Agreed to on this_________ day of ______________________, 20_____ by:________________________ (print name) ____________________________ __________ Signature of Applicant


_____________________________ _________ Authorized Club Signature


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Ashley Plantation 2019 Membership Packet  

Ashley Plantation 2019 Membership Packet  

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