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THIS ISN’T JUST ONE MAN’S MISSION TO RUN 2900 MILES IN 100 DAYS. It’s an incredible journey of courage shown by those battling cancer. It’s the passionate determination to make the lives of people with a terminal illness more comfortable and dignified. Thank you for being part of stage 5 of the run around the world on the “Road to Astana”. It’s great to have you on the team! Who is this man on a mission? ‘Run Geordie Run’ is the nickname given to Mark Allison, a regular guy from the North East of England with a huge heart for raising money for charitable causes, and a good pair of running shoes! He is running 20,000 miles around the world in 8 stages. He has previously run 874 miles from John O’Groats to Lands End in 2007 and followed that up with a 3100 mile run across the USA in 2011, 2384 miles across Australia in 2013 and 2633 miles across Europe. Next up is stage 5, the 2900 mile “Road to Astana”. What is the “Road to Astana”? The aim is to run 2900 miles (5472 km) unsupported from Belgrade, Serbia through Romania, Ukraine, Russia to Astana in Kazakhstan and raise at least £50,000 for St. Benedict’s Hospice. Isn’t running that far impossible? Or crazy? Quite possibly. It means running 31 miles a day most days, for 100 days pulling all of his supplies behind him in a specially designed buggy named “Chappie”. Running unsupported for over three months, in the heat of the Summer pulling 100kg. To most of us, that would be utterly impossible, but to Run Geordie Run, that makes it worth trying to do. All in the hope that people will show their support for the charity that he’s running for. When is this happening? The race against time starts in Belgrade, Serbia on June 4th 2018. With a huge slice of good luck and an unprecedented amount of effort, Run Geordie Run and Chappie will arrive in Astana, Kazakhstan 2900 miles later on 11th September 2018.


The map here shows where Run Geordie Run nee ds to be along the route, to fin ish in time! You can track his progress on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or his blo g, www.rungeordierun.c om

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! If you’ve been inspired and want to be part of making this mission a huge success, there are three ways you can help: 1. Shout about it! You’re holding 1 of 5000 leaflets printed. If you read it and pass it on, and connect with Run Geordie Run on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, you can play a huge part in helping us spread the word about this mission. 2. Cheer him on! Every message of support online or in person will spur Mark on to reach the finish line. 3. Make a donation The simplest way to donate is securely online at

Day 3 Romania Jun 6

Day 27 Kiev Jun 30

Day 50 Half way Jul 23

Day 61 Samara Aug 3

Day 82 Kazakhstan Aug 24

Day 100 Astana Sep 11

Details of other ways to donate are on the back of this leaflet. Thank you. Mark writes: “The bar is raised with each new stage of the run around the world.

Day 1 Belgrade Jun 4

Day 11 Ukraine Jun 14

Day 35 Russia Jul 8

The Road to Astana

Running 2900 miles for 100 days on my own pulling a 100kg buggy across foreign lands is without doubt the most difficult of any stage ran so far.”

Why would anyone choose to run that far? Tragically, Mark lost both of his parents to cancer when he was just a young man. He has since spent 24 years raising funds for good causes in the North East of England. To date, thanks to the generosity of so many kind people, over £300,000 has been raised. On the “Road to Astana”, Mark is hoping to raise another £50,000. See the back page for ways to donate. Mark writes: “I greatly appreciate people’s support and I never take it for granted. Seeing donations come in to St Benedict's Hospice while I’m running will serve as the ultimate motivation that I require to complete this near impossible task.“

Run Geordie Run

St. Benedict’s Hospice & Centre for Specialist Palliative Care

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Leaflet (panel 4 6) v0 1