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The co-operative membership How do I join?

The card with a conscience

It is free to become a member, simply phone 08000234708, visit or alternatively by completing an application form which can be found at the checkouts.

How Does it differ from other loyalty schemes? The co-operative membership is more than just a discount and a reward scheme, being a member of the co-operative makes you one of our shareholders so the more you spend the more you share in the profits. The points you earn with us can be converted into money or gift vouchers, depending on how much profit we have made that year.

Where can I earn Points? Points can be collected every time you trade with our businesses that is the Co-operative Food, Co-operative Pharmacy, Co-operative Travel, Co-operative Financial Services, Co-operative Funeral Care.

When will I receive my share of the profits? Profits are shared twice each year in the summer and the winter. Last year we paid out £38 million to our members so don’t miss out.

The co-operative good with membership

coop customer flyer  
coop customer flyer