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Rundle Academy

Grades 4-12 Independent School | Calgary, Alberta

Your path starts



WHY RUNDLE ACADEMY? EVERYONE’S PATH IS UNIQUE. SEE WHY RUNDLE ACADEMY HAS THE RIGHT PATH FOR YOU! You will experience the advantage of small classes You will know your teachers and they will know you You will understand how you learn and what works best for you You will belong to our caring school community Your character will be valued and inspired You can get involved in your school and meet new friends You will experience a premier academic program You will be offered countless leadership opportunities You can follow your path and pursue a post-secondary education And... we want you to be proud!

Adventure awaits!


Being in a class with fewer students will allow you to be engaged and focused. You’ll be part of a collaborative environment where you’re comfortable sharing your ideas and your voice is heard. Discover new passions and untap your curiosity. You’ll be part of a small community of like-minded, academically driven students who encourage you to achieve your best.

I LOVE THE TEACHERS and with small classes you get more attention so then you have more focus. Elliot C. | Grade 7 Student

YOU WILL KNOW YOUR TEACHERS AND THEY WILL KNOW YOU Building relationships for your personal growth and academic success

We know how important teachers are in your life today and in the future. At Rundle, you’ll build relationships with your teachers who will bring out the very best in you. Whether connecting with you in class, in the hallways, during extra-help sessions, or in the gym, your teachers will support you, inspire you, challenge you, and celebrate with you as you reach your goals and achieve success.

exceptional educators

My time at Rundle played a significant role in my career path. The teachers taught me that I was smart, capable and, definitely on many occasions, proved that they cared about their students.

You will learn from

Ethan Craig ‘09

YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW YOU LEARN AND WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU Success comes from knowing your challenges and your strengths

Not everyone learns the same way and that’s okay. Your teachers will know what works best for you and will teach the way you learn. Small class sizes provide the freedom to experiment with your learning style and to discover the tools you need to succeed. As you take your educational journey, you’ll understand what sparks your learning and helps you to realize just how smart you really are!

I am so thankful to the teachers for uncovering my potential and teaching me how to shine on my own. Bailey Martineau ‘11


When it comes to school, we know how important it is to belong, to make friends, and to be part of a team. Joining our caring school community means that there’s a place for everyone. Our values Together: Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Well speak to the importance we place on the health and happiness of our entire community. You, too, will be supported and cared for as part of our Rundle family.

You will find

your people

YOUR CHARACTER WILL BE VALUED AND INSPIRED What will your character say about you?

At Rundle, we enjoy celebrating uniqueness and the contributions made to our diverse and dynamic school community. Strong character is really important to us at Rundle, where social and emotional learning is just as important as academic learning. We want our students inspired to model moral and ethical behaviours to shape their character. If you’re looking for a place to be your best self, then Rundle might be just the right place for you.

Together we are kind, curious, and well

YOU CAN GET INVOLVED IN SCHOOL AND MEET NEW FRIENDS Make your Rundle experience the best time of your life!

Whether starting in grade 4 or joining us in high school, the quality of your Rundle experience depends on you. There are countless ways for you to get involved at Rundle. Surrounded with like-minded students who are driven to succeed, you’ll find others who share your interests and who might end up being lifelong friends! Whether it’s finding your groove in the classroom and working alongside like-minded peers, trying out for a sports team, being cast in the drama production, or travelling to far away places, you can find your place at Rundle.

You’ll be surprised at how much school can be!


YOU WILL EXPERIENCE A PREMIER ACADEMIC PROGRAM A Rundle education opens minds and doors

At Rundle, your educational experience will be a balanced approach between academic studies, character development, and co-curricular programs. We want you to be more than just a top score on your diploma exam. By the end of grade 12, we believe you’ll be confident in both your emotional and academic skills, and ready to pursue whatever further education you want. For you, maybe that’s Queen’s, UCLA, BCIT or somewhere a little closer to home. Rundle’s reputation is built on the success of our students’ achievements, both inside and outside of the classroom. A Rundle education, recognized as one of the best programs in the country, provides our alumni with numerous advantages.

YOU WILL BE OFFERED COUNTLESS LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Under those burgundy blazers are superhero capes!

Leadership comes in all forms, actions, and people. It can be loud and energizing or quiet and thoughtful. At Rundle, we integrate leadership opportunities into the curriculum giving our students opportunities to build confidence and to develop their own leadership style.


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.


John Quincy Adams

YOU CAN FOLLOW YOUR PATH AND PURSUE A POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION Everyone’s path is unique. Choose the right path for you.

As a university preparatory program, the experience at Rundle gives our students the best opportunities to further their education. For many, a Rundle education affords them admission to some of the finest universities in Canada and abroad. For other Rundle graduates, success is found by taking a different path altogether. We want our students to follow their curiosity and to find happiness while pursuing their path. Greatness is found around every corner of life. Where will you find yours?

1,930 # of Rundle Alumni

Each year, our graduates and alumni are accepted at some of the finest educational institutions across Canada and around the world. We celebrate their hard work and extraordinary achievements in their pursuit of further education at their chosen postsecondary institutions. Our Rundle graduates continue as lifelong learners in diverse fields of study such as the arts, business, science, and education. Many graduates continue their athletic passions as student athletes. Rundle graduates have also been awarded top academic scholarships and entrance awards. Collectively, our graduates have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from various scholarships. We are proud of our students’ scholarly successes; however, we are equally proud of the impact our graduates are making as global citizens of strong character.

Rundle Graduates Around the World CANADA Acadia University • Ambrose University • Alberta University of the Arts • Bishop’s University • Brock University • Carleton University • Concordia University • Dalhousie University • Emily Carr University of Art & Design • Georgian College • Grant MacEwan University • Humber College • Huron University College • McGill University • McMaster University • Memorial University • Mount Allison University • Mount Royal University • Queen’s University • Quest University • Royal Military College • Ryerson University • Simon Fraser University • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology • St. Francis Xavier University • St. Mary’s University • Thompson Rivers University • Trent University • Trinity Western University • University of Alberta • University of British Columbia • University of Calgary • University of Guelph • University of King’s College • University of Lethbridge • University of Manitoba • University of New Brunswick • University of Ottawa • University of Saskatchewan • University of Toronto • University of Victoria • University of Western Ontario • Vancouver Film School • Vancouver Island University • Waterloo University • Wilfred Laurier University • York University UNITED STATES Arizona State University • Babson College • Baylor University • Bentley University • Berklee College of Music • Boise State • Boston University • California State University • Chapman University • Colorado School of Mines • Dartmouth University • Drexel University • Florida Southern College • Harvard University • Hawaii Pacific University • High Point University • Hofstra University • Lewis & Clark University • Loyola Marymount University • Lynn University • Montana State University • New York University • Parsons School of Design • Pomona College • Princeton University • Rollins College • San Diego State University • Scripps College • St. John’s University (New York) • Stanford University • Syracuse University • Texas Christian University • Texas State University • University of Arizona • University of California, Berkeley • University of California, San Diego • University of California, Santa Cruz • University of Colorado • University of Denver • University of Hawaii • University of Michigan • University of Nevada, Reno • University of Omaha, Nebraska • University of Southern California • University of Missouri • University of Nevada, Las Vegas • University of Oregon • University of Rochester • University of San Diego • University of Texas • University of The Pacific Western • Washington University • Wellesley College • Whitman College GLOBAL Ayub Medical College • Bond University, Queensland • Bristol University • Cardiff University • City University, London • Demontfort University • Durham University • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences • King’s College • Tsinghua University, Beijing • Universidad de Los Andes, Chile • University of Alcala de Henares, Spain • University of Cambridge • University College London • University of Edinburgh • University of Exeter • University of Glasgow • University of Melbourne • University of Oxford • University of Queensland • University of South Australia • University of St. Andrews • University of Westminster • University of Wollongong, Australia • Utrecht University

BE PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS You, too, can overcome obstacles and

move mountains



It’s been 8 years since leaving the halls of the Academy, but I haven’t forgotten about Rundle. I am an active and proud Rundle Alumni in the community and, as of late, have had the pleasure of serving on the Rundle Alumni Committee.... Rundle gave me the tools to create my own successes...and taught me the great importance of self advocacy. I encourage all of you to cherish your time at Rundle. Lidia Jones ‘11

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