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The main problem I have found in this movie is that it's not a movie. 'The Ark of Truth' is an extended SG-1 episode with a running time of 70 minutes. I know, it's a dvd movie about a tv show just like Babylon 5 but this time I was expecting an exciting conclusion of the Ori saga and another exciting conclusion about the characters. The things that I have found here are just the same ones that we have seen many times on the show and it was filmed without climatic scenes. The final part of the movie is really disappointed because you think something like 'are those villains really the powerful enemies that Ori were at season 9?. Is this the greatest fight they can film between ascended beings?. How many times are going to use the replicators to fight with them?. Where is the sense of danger and threat about the Ori?. Can the writers do someting different and original for a while?. Why Adria is so unuseful in the story when she looks so cool with the flames?". A great fight between Morgan and Adria would be an amazing climatic scene to show the power of the ascended beings and we only can see 2 lights spinning around for 5 seconds. I've seen the final DVD copy of the movie, and of course there are good things like Vala and her dialogues with Tomin and probably all her scenes in the movie but there are too many wrong things on the script too, so I’m starting to accept the fact that I don't like the movie. I feel a little disappointed. 4/10


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