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Running races

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Les courses Ă pied

dans les plus beaux endroits du monde

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por los lugares mĂĄs bellos del mundo


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Stage Trail Training Camp Ultra Trail

4. Italy 5. Nepal 6. Mexico 7. Switzerland 8. Iceland 9. Turkey

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10. Italy 11. Oman 12. Morocco

14. Utah U.S.A. 16. Algeria 17. Malaysia 18. France 19. Turkey 20. Spain 21. Slovenia

km 94 in 6 es



Amalfi Coast Trail is a trail-running stages race in Italy organized by Mandala Trail. 3 different participations options: Race, Running and Guiding experience. There will be many services available to participants: yoga classes every day, massage service, hiking guide, mini-trail for children, pizza making with our chef Nicola, visits to discover Pompei archeological site and Vesuvio crater. 4

Amalfi Coast Trail est une course en étapes en Italie organisée par Mandala Trail. 3 différentes options de participation: Race, Running and Guiding experience. Il y aura de nombreux services à disposition des participants: cours de yoga tous les jours, un service de massage, une mini-trail pour les enfants, des visites pour découvrir le cratère du Vesuvio, le site archéologue de Pompei et une démonstration du préparation de pizza.

km 170 in 8 es



The Mustang Trail Race is an 8 stages, 170 km, high-altitude trail race through the fairytale landscape of the culturally Tibetan region of Nepal, hidden just behind the stunning 8000 m Annapurna Massif. It mixes challenging running on centuries-old trading trails between oasis-like villages at altitudes from 2900 m to 4,300 m!

There’s plenty of downtime for recovery and exploration of the culture: caves, traditional villages, monasteries & Hindu temples.You run with a light pack, everything else is carried for you. You sleep in ‘tea-houses’ on comfortable mattresses and we feed you big cooked meals.


km 100 in 5 es



Carrera De Baja is a unique multi-staged trailrunning race in Baja California. Dry riverbeds, luscious sierras, deep canyons and white sands beaches amongst some of the natural attractions, while going by historical missions of Camino Real. We stay at great hotels and organize plenty of leisure activities for you off-race hours, while tasting savoury local food and sampling local culture. 6

La Carrera de Baja est une course de 100 km, divisée en 5 étapes, qui serpente à travers le désert de Baja California, dans l’ouest du Mexique. Vous allez courir entre les montagnes arides et la mer, sur une île de sable et parmi les cactus géants des hauts canyons, et à proximité des anciennes missions jésuites. Les hébergements se feront dans des excellent hôtels.

km 65 in 3 es



A running trail full of natural surprises starting with the scaling of stone steps before diving into the woods, that will change their appearance several times between pines, beeches, birches, rustic. While running you will come up to streams of water that finish into small waterfalls.

A race that will continually surprise you for its constant changes of scenery. You’ll run through forests of beech trees and pine trees as well as cottages, lakes and mountain huts; you will feel like being part of a movie


km 110 in 5 es



Run Iceland is a race of 110km, in 5 stages, taking place along the magnificent natural beauty of Iceland’s south coast and highlands. Logistics provides accommodation at good category hotels, half board. In the program various guided tours are scheduled to visit volcanoes, geyser, waterfalls and glacier lagoon and several other highlights of this magnificent island. 8

Run Iceland est une course de 110 km divisée en 5 étapes qui ont lieu le long de la magnifique, et naturelle, côte sud et les hauts plateaux de l’Islande. L’accueil se fait dans un bel hébergement, en demi-pension. Le programme prévoit également des visites guidées aux volcans, geysers, cascades et lagune glaciaire, et plusieurs autres attractions de cette belle et unique île.

Meet your limits! Lycian Way Ultra Marathon is an international high challenge sports event. It covers 250 km of The Antique Lycian Way. The race course has its unique place among the primary ultra-marathon destinations of the world with its difficulty level and natural & historical beauties. Each day one stage is completed in the 6 stage race. LYUM promises an unforgettable experience for everyone.

tage gle s s m sin 70 k 6 stage mn 37 k 0 km i m5 16 k km - 2 120


L’Ultra Marathon de la Voie Lyicenne, est une organisation sportive se basant sur le défi et l’endurance. Le marathon comprend les 250 km de toute la Voie Lycienne. C’est un parcours qui détient une place unique parmi les destinations d’Ultra Marathon primaires au monde avec sa difficulté, ainsi que ses beautés historiques et naturelles. Chacun des 6 étapes sont complétés dans les 6 jours de cette course. 9

km 68 in 4 es


ITALY Running on 3 active volcanoes. This is the “Sicily Volcano Trail” an trail running race in 4 stages. The whole length of the course is 68 km, with 3050 meters of positive elevation gain. A trekking program for supporters and families has been created, for those who want to follow the athletes during their run. An experienced trekking guide will lead the supporters and families during all the week. The same paths of the athletes, but in a shorter length, will be walked in order to enjoy the landscape, the volcanoes and the athletes passages.


Une course sur les volcans les plus active d’Europe. C’est le Sicily Volcano Trail, une course de trail running en 4 étapes. Le parcours couvrira une distance globale de 68 km, avec un dénivelé positif de 3050 m. Pour les accompagnateurs et les familles des athlètes, nous avons étudié un programme de randonnée encadré par un guide excursionniste. Les mêmes sentiers que ceux de la compétition seront parcourus, mais en version réduite. Les accompagnateurs auront ainsi la possibilité d’apprécier la beauté du paysage, de monter aux sommets des volcans et d’assister au passage des athlètes.

km 165 in 6 es



The Oman Desert Marathon is a race covering 165 km requiring each runner to be completely self sufficient. Six stages and six different perspectives of one of the most beautiful deserts of the world. They will pass semi nomadic tribes who still follow the Silk Route through the Oman Desert, wildlife and stunning sunsets and finish the race with an

explosion of emotion when they arrive at the shores of the Arabian Sea. There is a night stage when the awe-struck runners will be inspired by the silence, solitude and mysticism of the desert, illuminated only by the twinkling of millions of stars.


ni Trai ng + 20 k m


One week stage to begin or to train runners and nordic walkers in one of the most beautiful places of Moroccan desert: the Erg “El Chebby” of Merzouga. Learning tricks and secrets from Marco Olmo, the world greatest representative of the desert run. Nordic walking with dedicated instructors. This stage is for everyone. Daily lessons with an athletic coach and a nutritionist. 12

Stage di una settimana per allenarsi alla corsa ed al nordic walking nel deserto in uno dei luoghi più affascinanti del Marocco: l’Erg “El Chebby” di Merzouga. Imparare i segreti della corsa con il più grande rappresentante mondiale della specialità: Marco Olmo. Nordic walking con istruttori dedicati. Stage per tutti, lezioni giornaliere con trainer e nutrizionista.


km 33 - 55 km


Moab Red Hot is a race of 55 km and 33 km distances with a time limit of 10 hrs to complete. Runners will have beautiful views of Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park and the mighty Colorado River. While visiting Moab join us for a guided trail running tour. Our running tours explore ancient Anasazi petroglyphs, canyons, red rock spires or join us for a rafting trip on the Colorado River. 14

Red Hot de Moab es una carrera de distancias de 55 km y 33 km con un límite de tiempo de 10 hrs para completar. Corredores tienen hermosas vistas del Parque Nacional Canyonlands, Arches National Park y el río Colorado. Durante su visita a Moab Únase a nosotros para un sendero guiado corriendo el tour.  Nuestros tours corrientes explorar antiguos petroglifos Anasazi, cañones, torres de roca roja o unirse a nosotros para un viaje de rafting en el río Colorado.


5 km - 10



The Sahara Marathon (42 km) is an international sport event to demonstrate solidarity with the Sahrawi people. The Sahara Marathon includes the shorter distances of 21 km, 10 km, 5 km and the children’s race, is aimed at promoting sport activity among Sahrawi young men and women and financing and developing humanitarian programs.

- 42

m 21 k km -


El Sahara Marathon (42 km) es un evento deportivo internacional de solidaridad con el pueblo saharaui. Su primera edición ha sido el año 2001. El SaharaMarathon incluye de 21 km, 10 km, 5 km y la carrera de los niños, tiene la finalidad de impulsar la práctica deportiva entre los y las jóvenes saharauis y de financiar proyectos de ayuda humanitaria.

m 30 k - 50 km

Held in Bukit Mertajam (Penang, Malaysia), the 50 km and 100 km categories start from the eco village of Sungai Lembu, taking runners through oil palm plantations, rubber plantations, pineapple plantations, several Malay kampungs Chinese new villages, and Indian temples, paddy fields, the challenging hills of Seraya, Mengkuang, and the by now iconic Tokun Hills. This race showcases the typical Malaysian geographical, social and cultural heri-

- 160

km 100 km -


tage where the runners will meet and see ordinary Malaysian people and wild lives, flora and fauna in the rural settings with a distinct small town feel. During the race, the runners will be sampling the local cuisines in the food and drinks provided at the aid stations along the course of the race. Penang Eco 100 is part of the Asia Trail Master series and earns qualifying points for Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) and Ultra Trail Mount Fuji (UTMF). 17

km 35 - 80


5 km

The new Trail du Cro-Magnon is a race of 115 km to ride all in one go! It starts from Limone Piemonte in the heart of the Maritime Alps (Italy) and you get to Menton (France) directly on the famous beaches of the French Riviera. The race is set on ancient paths already covered by the prehistoric man Cro-Magnon. 30 hours is the maximum time at your disposal before making a well-deserved dip in the sea!

- 11



Le nouveau Trail du Cro-Magnon est une course de 115 km de rouler en une seule fois! Il commence à partir de Limone Piemonte au coeur des Alpes Maritimes (Italie) et vous rendre à Menton (France) directement sur les célèbres plages de la Côte d’Azur. La competition se déroule sur les anciens sentiers déjà parcouru par l’homme préhistorique Cro-Magnon. 30 heures disponibles avant de faire un plongeon bien mérité dans la mer!

m 21 k - 42 km

Get ready for a non-stop, matchless challenge of 100 miles race in Turkey! Runfire Salt Lake promises an unforgettable experience on the endless white of Salt Lake for athletes of all levels with 4 different categories. Here is the unique and challenging ultra-marathon adventure that you will never forget on the dried Salt Lake in 21K Half Marathon, 42K Marathon, 80K Ultra Trail and 100 Miles categories.

- 160

m 80 k km -


Préparez-vous pour un défi nonstop, incomparable de 100 milles course en Turquie! Runfire le lac Tuz promet une expérience inoubliable sur le blanc sans fin du lac «Tuz» pour les athlètes à tous les niveaux en 4 catégories différentes. Voici, l’aventure ultra-marathon unique et stimulante que vous n’oublierez jamais sur le lac «Tuz» asséché en catégories comme cela: le 21 km, 42 km, 80 km et 100 miles. 19

m 26 k - 49



The UTSM is a 101 km Ultra Trail race in Costa Daurada and Priorat Mountains (nearly south Barcelona). The race offering an skyline, mystic and charming path around the Montsant Natural Park. Choose your race distance and enjoy the experience. Also, you can discover the Costa Daurada: good wines (Priorat), the beaches in the coast, mediterranian cuisine and a lot of sun!

- 101

m 67 k km -


L’UTSM est une épreuve 101 km Ultra Trail à Costa Daurada et les montagnes du Priorat (à peu près au sud de Barcelone). La course offre un horizon, un sentier mystique et charmant autour du Parc Naturel du Montsant. Choisissez votre distance de course et appréciez l’expérience. Aussi, vous pouvez découvrir la Costa Daurada: bons vins, les plages de la côte, la cuisine méditerranéenne et beaucoup de soleil!

8 km - 21 km

A perfect ring, starting by the sea, first along the Gulf of Trieste, then to enter the highlands of the Bora wind, to reach the snowy Mount Slavnik, running on the border ridge between Italy and Slovenia, between Slovenia and Croatia and coming back to Italy on the CAI 3.

- 167

m 57 k km -


A continuous alteration of fast sections, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste and steep paths in the magical and wild beech forests of Slovenia. A trail that embodies all the variety of landscapes and terrain, from the dry limestone and Dolomite to the snowy peaks of Slovenia.


Run our races, collect km and win this unique medal This is the world’s only medal rewarding athletes completing 1000km. The distance is a sum of different Run The World races. You can add km by running different competitions within our circuit and you can only participate a two editions of each one. You can find the complete list of present and past races on our website. Join the challenge and choose new races, there is no time limit for this unique medal.

Ceci est la seule médaille dans le monde qui récompense les coureurs qui ont couru pour 1000 km. 1000km sont la somme des distances des courses dans Run the World. Les kilomètres peuvent être combinés avec un maximum de deux répétitions pour chaque course. La liste complète des courses au fil des ans ont rejoint le projet “finisseur 1000 km” est situé sur notre site. Participez au concours et sélectionner de nouvelles races, il n’y a aucune limite de temps pour gagner cette médaille tant convoitée.

Esta es la única medalla del mundo que recompensa a los atletas que completan 1.000km. La distancia es una suma de diferentes carreras por el mundo. Puedes añadir quilómetros corriendo diferentes competiciones dentro de nuestro circuito y solo puedes participar en dos ediciones de cada una. Puedes encontrar la lista completa de carreras puntuables en nuestro sitio web. Únete al desafío y elige nuevas carreras, no hay límite de tiempo para esta medalla única.

“Run the World” is a network of independent running race organizers united in the common project OF SHOWING some of the world’s most beautiful locations for running, training, stage races and ultra marathon. “Run the World” est un réseau de plusieurs organisateurs de courses réunies dans un projet commun, proposent les plus beaux endroits dans le monde comme une base pour l’exécution des séances d’entraînement, des courses par étapes et ultra trail. “Run the World” es una red de organizadores de carreras independientes, unidos en el proyecto común de mostrar algunos de los lugares más bellos del mundo para correr, entrenar, realizar carreras por etapas y ultra maratón.

Run The World Running Catalogue  

The best independent races around the world. Run the world experiencing the uniqueness and authenticity of locally organized races, with the...

Run The World Running Catalogue  

The best independent races around the world. Run the world experiencing the uniqueness and authenticity of locally organized races, with the...