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RUMS Education (Y1&2) Newsletter This is the first edition of the RUMS Education Newsletter for Y1&2 students. I’m this year’s RUMS VicePresident for Education (Y1&2) and am responsible to representing any course related matters you may have to the Medical School. I do this with the help of a team of around 20 academic reps from both years and chair the Student-Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) meetings throughout the year. I hope to use this newsletter to bring you information most central to your learning at UCLMS and also to communicate to you what goes in the SSCC meetings.

Ravi Mistry RUMS Vice-President: Education (Y1&2)

SSCC Meeting Update: Unconfirmed minutes at: Lecturecast Students requested the possibility of lecturers having audio recordings of their lectures should they not want them filmed due to copyright/intellectual property/personal preferences. This will be further discussed at the next SSCC. Personal Tutors Frustrations with the vast variability and lack of rapport with the majority of new personal tutors. Formative OSCEs Students are anxious about formative OSCEs, particularly given the lack of direction by the Medical School. In response, students were advised to not to focus too much on OSCE as it is a “work in progress” and shouldn’t let this detract from revision for the summative exams. Lecture-slide e-copies Students requested lecturers have white backgrounds on the .PDF copies of their slides. This uses less ink when printing and makes annotation easier. Reading lists Expressed gratitude of new centralised reading lists and encouraged module leads to continually update and add comments. Requested librarian to make searching for them easier and more intuitive. Cruciform Library Development Kate Cheney, the Cruciform site librarian, updated the committee on plans for the redevelopment of the library. Students expressed concerns at the loss of study space during the displacement and uncertainty of where the collections will be moved to. VM: Concerns were expressed at the high volume and frequency VM surveys this year, leading to more than double the number of surveys we are requested to complete compared to last year. Second point raised was at the students’ frustration in the usability of the VM Moodle page and the buried timetable.

Important Dates: Wk. of 11th Feb: Y1 Feb Formatives Wk. of 18th Feb: Y2 Feb Formatives 26th Feb: Y1 Exam Talk (RUMS) 20th March: Y1&2 SSCC Meeting

MBBS No-Show Should any of your teachers not turn up for a timetabled session, please text the MBBS year, location and time of teaching to 07624 805103 This is an anonymous service. MBBS Academic Reps 2012-13: FHMP: Timothy Jones I&D: Georgina (Bryony) Pieres, Joshua Solomon C&B: Rakhi Ghosh, Felicity Norris FNM: Sarah Forrester, Hannah Newman MMB: Erin Hopely, Mohamed (Adam) Ali, Hannah Froud N&B: Julian Lim, Sujitha Selvarajah, Sharif Omara Endo: Ravi Mistry, Dilini Srikantha RGD + Cancer: Alex Harper, Laura Bannon Y1 VM: Kirolos Michael, Jian (Alvin) Soo, Owais Ahmed Y2 VM + Pharmacology: Liora Wittner, Lady-Namera Ejaimike

RUMS Education (Y1&2) Newsletter Library Latest A massive thank you to the 200 or so of you that took part in feedback about the Cruciform Library, Pilot Rooms and meeting the architects of the redesign. A Summary of the plans is as follows: -

All but LT1 and LT2 in the Cruciform basement will be inaccessible from 10th June 2013 – Jan 2014. The cluster will move to where the pilot rooms are The books will move to the current library corridor The library will be converted to mostly study space. Once completed, during the exam season, all seminar rooms will be available solely for students to revise in

Concerns are raised about the current lack of study space provision for students affected by the displacement and at the reduction in the number of computers that will be present after the redesign. On the latter note, the library team hope to resolve this issue with a laptop loan scheme in the future from the ISD. If anybody has any concerns, questions or comments, Kate Cheney, the Cruciform site librarian welcomes you to email her at: SSC Update: I requested this so students are aware of the SSC block 1 allocations. A special thank you to Prof. Campbell for his efforts in improving the information given to us when selecting our preferences; and thank you to Carol Farguson for providing this data. It is reassuring to see that all Y2s got one of their top two preferences and likewise for just under 70% of Y1s. Y2 Block 1 SSCs: 1st Preference 2nd Preference

313 Students 231 Students 82 Students

73.80% 26.19%

Y1 Block 1 SSCs 1st Preference 2nd Preference 3rd Preference

325 Students 157 Students 70 Students 98 Students

48.30% 21.50% 30.15%

Year 1 Exam Information Talk Feeling a bit lost after the Feb Formatives? Want to know how you could perhaps do better? Want to know how pass marks are set? RUMS Education will be holding a talk for Y1s to discuss the summative exams, providing advice for preparation and practice as well as signposting resources to help you study. The talk will be at 5pm on Tuesday 26th Feb at Cruciform LT1. Module Feedback Summary FHMP: Avg. rating = 3.5/5.0 Liked the light timetable, but too many ‘introduction to’ lectures. 80% response rate I&D: Avg. rating = 4.5/5.0. Very positive feedback on module organisation, delivery and lecturers. 43% response rate MMB: Avg. rating = 3.9/5.0 like clinical context of module but leg anatomy was too rushed. Students wished for a bigger interval between lectures and dissection. 50% response rate.

RUMS Education (Y1&2) Newsletter  
RUMS Education (Y1&2) Newsletter  

RUMS Education Y1&2 Newsletter Issue #1 Newsletter covering academic affairs for Y1 and Y2 students at UCLMS relating to the autumn term of...