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CD Players for Kids: Why Your Child Needs a Sing Along CD Player If you are looking for CD players for kids as a gift for your child then you will quickly find that they tend to come in two basic types; boomboxes and sing along CD players. As your child gets older you will find that the sing along type will be packaged differently and they tend to be called karaoke machines, but the principle is much the same. Whether it is something innate within us at birth or learned, children quickly learn to respond positively to music. At the earliest stages this tends to be moving with the music (which later turns into dancing of sorts), and then later clapping, using percussion instruments, and of course singing. Through repetition children quickly pick up the words to simple songs and with a bit of practice can sing in time to the music. A sing along CD player can help children learn the skill of singing along with music, helping them keep in time and (approximately) in tune to the music. By using the microphone and hearing their own voice come out of the speaker makes the experience all the more enjoyable and few children can resist trying it out. By allowing your child to "perform" in this way can also help them overcome inhibitions and to grow in self-confidence. Many sing along CD players have two microphones which allow two children, or indeed a child and an adult, to sing along together, thereby making it a more sociable experience. Having two microphones also helps to overcome sibling disputes over sharing. A word of warning, however, you should ensure that the microphones are kept away from the speaker. If the microphone is too close to the speaker then the result is that a feedback loop is formed causing a rather loud screeching noise, which your child may find entertaining, but you probably won't! For older children, a karaoke machine works on much the same principle, but many have additional features including voice effects

as well as the ability to connect to a TV to display song lyrics. Of course the styling of such items is rather different to reflect the older age group of children that they are aimed at. Children can have many hours of fun from sing along CD players, as well as assisting in their overall development. There are a number of different models available and you will of course need to choose one which reflects the age and stage of development of your child. To help you find the right sing along CD player for your child then visit CD Players for Kids.

Why Your Child Needs a Sing Along CD Player  

Article about how sing along CD players are good for your child's development