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Descendants of Mary (Molly) Therese Dinsdale (Nee Scullion)

The Brothers and Sisters (Our Parents, Grandparents, and even Great Grandparents)

John Dinsdale Joan Vurlow Frank Dinsdale Robert Dinsdale Kevin Dinsdale Jim Baulch Joy Kellett The Dinsdale/ Baulch family tree descending from the sons and daughters of Molly has grown both deep and wide with many descendants not having the opportunity to have ever met each other. With the elders getting older and more youngsters coming into the family, lets try to get as many together for a couple of days and celebrate the family we have. In the years to come this will become even harder to do, so before it is too late, I propose a weekend to remember, reminisce and reunite with new and old family members. A website has been setup to discuss this event. We are looking for ideas on dates and venues for this to take place. We would love your input if you are interested. Or email

Dinsdale Reunion Document  

A document about the proposed Dinsdale Reunion.

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