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In order to carry out my research for my media products I relied heavily on the internet as it was an easy source of access in order to gain vital information for my products. By having access to the internet i was able sites such as Google and YouTube which have many links and sources to gain information needed.

In order to make my digi-pak and print advert as professional as possible I used Google images in order to get examples of other artists album covers and posters in similar music genre to my artist. I also used YouTube to get ideas from other music videos so i can integrate the ideas into my own music video. This was important as it enabled me to learn how certain cut shots and the pace of the music video should be in the same genre as my music video.

I mainly used Photoshop and InDesign in order to design my digipak and print advert. Photoshop helped enhance the look of my pictures and make them more eye catching to the audience. InDesign helped to actually built the foundation of my poster and digipak and add effects to give it more of an appealing look.

I used the Fuji cameras to take my pictures of my artist, the Fuji camera is a high quality camera which lets me take clear cut photos and also giving the whole product a professional look. I also used Facebook in order to get ideas for my print advert and digipak and gain feedback on what the album should be called so I can get make the best product for the target audience.

To record my music video i used a HDV video camera. By using this camera it brings out the mis en scene in the video in a much better format than any other regular camera, but in order to complete the music video i used final cut pro on the apple mac computers in order for my editing and adding effects onto the video. At first i was not confident in using final cut pro however after some time and just generally playing around with the software i eventually got the hang of it and managed to produce constant cut shots within the video so it does not look boring. I also added effects onto the video in order to make my artist stand out from everyone else so we can focus on him.

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