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A vertical turbine pump is a specialized pump which is designed to move water from wells or a water body that is deep underground and hence cannot be accessed by normal pumps. These vertical pumps are also popularly known as deep well turbine pumps. They consist of a pump shaft, a rotating device called impeller, and a motor. The motor in this type of pump is placed above the sources of the underground water. Vertical turbine pumps work using a hydraulic system. Airflow is produced from turbine pump suction when the pump piston moves up and down. It pushes fluid outwards when the piston moves upwards. It can easily transfer fluids from one water body to another.

Vertical turbine pumps are normally driven by an AC induction motor through a right angle drive, something like a diesel engine is also used in place of AC induction motor. It starts working when the water enters the pump from the bottom and then moves into the first stage impeller that increases the velocity of the water. After this the water traveling with a high velocity enters the diffuser bowl and a high pressure is created that pushes the water ahead, into the next chamber, and it continues flowing there. The installation of this type of turbine pump is as simple as drilling it and so is the maintenance. They are so adaptable that they can be made into any size for any combination of flow, velocity and pressure.

Vertical turbine pumps are popular where water body is located deep underground. For example wells and pumps from where pulling out water requires high velocity and pressure. These types of turbine pumps are excellent when it comes to pulling out water in such conditions because flow is a bit above the range of turbines and it is preferred because the motor is mounted above the pump. It is used in wells that are specially made for irrigation purposes. Municipal corporations heavily rely on these pumps to supply water to large areas, normally where the water table is much below the surface; they are an excellent choice to supply water in such conditions. Industries use it to provide the plant make-up water and industrial water.

While vertical turbine pumps are preferred for water bodies that are deep underground, they are slowly starting to be preferred to pull out water from rivers, lakes and reservoirs. They slowly are becoming popular within areas where water surfaces are inconsistent and it keeps fluctuating. Industrial setups use it because they can run on both internal combustion power as well as electric power.

They are multifaceted, indigenous and adaptable. Its flow can range from around 50 gpm to 30,000 gpm and can go even higher. It is also reliable in terms of amount of head generated as pumps can be built in one stage or many. They are very effective in wastewater and industrial applications and fire control operations as well.

These types of pumps did not exist in the past and were much looked down upon as inferior beings when they were initially launched. But with the changing times and the ever increasing need of easy and trustable devices to set up and boost the efficiency of work and at economical costs has caused a paradigm shift in the industries and vertical turbine pumps have suddenly taken a massive leap in terms of popularity as the general perception towards them has greatly changed and they are being preferred over conventional methods.

By Marcos Esteban

Vertical turbine pumps designed to operate in wells & sumps  

Vertical turbine pumps are popular where water body is located deep underground. . It is used in wells that are specially made for irrigatio...

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