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Notification PRO Review: Unlock the secret to building a HUGE contact list and get open rates of over 90% every time you send people a message!

Notification PRO:

Do you know that traditional email list building can be such a pain! With things like double opt in, spam filters, the auto responder company's telling you what you can and can't send, bounce rates and people signing up with fake email addresses, it's no wonder that email marketers are happy with getting a 18% or 19% open rate. That's crazy! With a 19% open rate that means that 81% of the emails you send are never even read by anyone 81% of your list is totally wasted! Are you going to be happy with 81% of your marketing efforts being a total waste? Notification Pro eliminates ALL of these issues! By using one click sign up with Facebook, Notification PRO allows you to get their real email address and the ability to send people Facebook notification messages any time you want. They even have built in auto responder capability that lets you pre set notification sequences that go out totally on auto pilot. You can use the included drag and drop app builder to create awesome in Facebook sales pages and link your notifications to them, or you can make your notifications redirect the user to any website or URL you want. Watch Demo Video of Notification PRO here:

Notification PRO's Key Features: 

Build huge lists faster than ever by using custom sign up with Facebook button, after people sign up you can redirect them to any website you like OR you can have them download a .zip file. They will even host the download on their secure servers for you, so you know that only people who sign up get your opt in offer.

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Send notifications any time you like to your list. Notifications get huge responses and 'open rates' that email just can't deliver. The first thing 90% of people do when they log into Facebook is check their notifications. People are trained by Facebook to click that little red number. Create your own sales or offer pages that works right inside of Facebook. Even Facebook mobile using the built in drag and drop app creator. Send people who click your notifications to you in Facebook sales page or offer page. No need to direct them off of Facebook (but you can if you want to). Put your notifications on 'auto pilot' by setting up custom Auto Responder style message sequences.

Put your sign ups anywhere With Notification PRO's text link sign up you can put your sign up / opt in button anywhere you want. Even places you could not put a normal optin form such as in your email signatures or web forums.           

Create unlimited sign ups with Facebook buttons that you can add to any website Create unlimited lists Send out unimited notifications Create autoresponder style notification sequences and put your marketing on auto pilot Integrate your sign up with Facebook button with the most popular traditional auto responders ( MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse ) Download the ID's of your Facebook signups for later retargeting Full stats and click tracking Schedule messages to go out at any time you like Full hosted on their secure server, nothing to download or install and you are always instantly updated with the newest features. Text link signups ( put your sign up link ANYWHERE, forums, your signature ) Built in drag and drop Facebook app builder that lets you build sales pages and squeeze pages right inside of Facebook!

How Does Notification PRO Work? Step 1: Create custom facebook connect buttons that let your contacts opt-in with a single click.

Step 2: Build awesome sales pages and landing pages that display right inside of facebook, even on mobile devices.

Step 3: Use facebook app notifications to direct your contacts to your landing pages and get conversions that email marketing just can't deliver.

Final verdict - Your Turn! There’s no better time than right now to boost your opt-ins, increase your clicks and maximize your sales, and you won’t find a better way to do it than Notification PRO They've finally made split testing easy, simple and affordable and with the incredible Early Adopter pricing, free lifetime updates and 100% satisfaction guarantee there's absolutely no risk on your part today... Remember, the current 'Early Adopter' price is for a Lifetime Pro account, there are zero monthly fees, no annual renewals, no additional product upgrades needed. Equally there are no restrictions on how many tests you create, how many domains you run test on or how many visitors/clicks your tests receive.

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