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FOR INFORMATION ON THE YRCF, PLEASE CONTACT RACHEL AGNOLUZZI Or call the Children’s Fund office at 905-895-2318 ext 6103

Last spring, there wasn’t much that 8 year old Ashley was looking forward to with the summer approaching. With a difficult family situation and little money to make ends meet in her household, the school-yard talk of other children’s summer holidays and upcoming camp was making Ashley very sad. That turned around the day her Children’s Aid worker told her there might be an opportunity for her to go to camp – and theatre camp at that.

For Matthew and Martin, two young brothers with physical and intellectual disabilities, all they wanted was to go to day camp like other kids they knew. For their mom, who was working with York Region Children’s Aid following the break from an abusive partner, this was an impossible wish to fulfill. Because of community support, individualized aid was made possible to help the boys at camp. For Mathew and Martin, it was a week of smiles, laughter, and new friends.

BE a camp champ and help send a child to camp Many of us in a community like York Region encourage our kids to attend camp, perhaps remembering our own fond memories as a child. Day camp, sleep-away camp, sports camp, all with opportunities to make new friends, to develop new interests and new skills, to gain a sense of independence. For many of the children involved with York Region Children’s Aid Society (York CAS), without community support, childhood experiences like camp are simply not possible. Many York CAS families struggle to provide even the basics for their children. But you can change that. With your support today, you will help to ensure a deserving child has a camp experience. Positive, confidence-building experiences that are so often a part of camp help children and youth develop to their potential. For York CAS kids, camp also provides a break from difficult family and childhood situations, and can be an important strategy in helping to keep a child in their family setting while addressing child welfare concerns. In the past decade, approximately 1,500 camp experiences for deserving York CAS children and youth have been made possible through the York Region Children’s Aid Foundation and community support. But there is so much more we can do to ensure children and youth who need more positive experiences in their lives have that opportunity. York Region Children’s Fund Camp for Kids Campaign helps to provide kids with a camp experience that meets their interests and their needs. For some, the cost of “camper” equipment or even transportation can make going to camp impossible. When you make a donation in support of YRCF Camp for Kids, your gift also helps to ensure kids have what they need to take part in their camp program, to fit in, whether it’s a sleeping bag, appropriate sports equipment, or even special support to address a special need. This year, with our community’s help, we will help more kids like Ashley, Matthew and Martin. Our goal is to provide a camp experience and a summer full of smiles and laughter for each York CAS child and youth who has experienced difficult childhood circumstances. As a caring community, we can ensure that no child in need is turned away. Thank you for your consideration Regards,


Graham Brown Camp for Kids Chair YRCF Board Member


HOW WILL YOU HELP BRIGHTEN A CHILD’S SUMMER? I wish to speak to the unswerving assistance that allowed for my children to attend summer camps last summer. My children have benefitted immeasurable from these opportunities. I am moved by the thoughtfulness and the overall level of concern that is proven in these acts of support for my family in difficult times. Thank you! Client

If I were to sum up in one word the change I see in my children since having a chance to go to summer camp, I would choose growth. They have learnt how to dive and swim in the deep end of the pool and I now watch them swim fearlessly. They learned about ecology and the environment. The thing they loved the most was making new friends. Client


camp champ

Last year, Jake attended his first overnight camp. Jake suffers from extreme anxiety so for him to be able to commit and attend such a busy camp where he knew hardly anybody was a huge accomplishment. The camp experience helped him build his self-esteem and confidence and he now feels more comfortable interacting with other children. Family Services Worker

I see the benefit that a camp experience plays in the lives of kids living in difficult circumstances. Camp gives kids something exciting to look forward to, keeps them busy and introduces them to new friends, activities and interests. Without the support of the community, for many of our kids, this wouldn’t be possible. Family Services Worker

Jenny experienced her first overnight camp and she loved it! Jenny does not have a lot of friends at school but made many friends at camp and is even talking about going back this year, hoping to see the same friends again. Jenny even learned how to swim while at camp last summer and is so very proud of herself. Family Services Worker

With support via the York Region Children’s Fund’s Camps for Kids campaign, Ashley was able to spend a week immersed in theatre arts, and getting ready for the Friday performance. Ashley beamed as a star of the show.





DONATION REPLY FORM I / we would like to become a camp champ and send a child to camp:

Individual/Company Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________ City: __________________ Province: ___________________ Postal Code: __________ Phone: _________________ Email: ______________________ Contact Name (if company gift):___________________

I would like to assist with sending a child to:

p champ

$100 Camper

$250 Camp Councillor cam

$500 Camp Leader

$750 Camp Director

$1000 Camp Chair Other Camp Crusader $______________________ The cost of sending one (1) child to camp is approximately $250.00 and often significantly more for a child with special needs. Your support will make such a significant difference to these children’s lives.

NS DONATcoIO st of camp

Support the n to /from transportatio str regi ation, s, swim on ss le ming in camps. Swim ping bags, ra ee Sl ls. we to suits and spray, suntan g bu s, ot bo ponchos, s clothing/shoe lotion, extra well as ps m ca t for overnigh uipment for as athletic eq . sports camps

• I would like to make this an ANNUAL donation for a period of 1 / 2 / 3 / other years • I would like to make Monthly Donations of $________/per month (until I advise otherwise) (Credit card only option for monthly payments)

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PAYMENT TYPE q I’ve enclosed a cheque made payable to York Region Children’s Fund q I authorize York Region Children’s Fund to charge the amount specified above to my credit card: q VISA

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Cardholder Name __________________________________________________________ Card No._________________________________________ Expiry Date ______________ Signature _________________________________________ Date ___________________ q Visit and donate online to Camps for Kids.

MESSAGING & RECOGNITION We plan to celebrate support to the Camp for Kids Campaign by including donor names on the York Region Children’s Fund Camp for Kids webpage for gifts of $250 or greater. Please let us know your wishes in regards to this recognition: q I wish to remain anonymous q Include my support in any Camp for Kids Donor Recognition Program, as applicable. For further information, please contact Rachel Agnoluzzi at 905 895-2318 ext. 6103 Thank you.


A partner to York Region Children’s Aid Society, the Children’s Fund helps to address the exceptional needs of many of the children, youth and families served by York CAS, providing opportunities not otherwise available. With our community’s help and our focus on childhood enrichment, support for educational success, and compassionate aid, we can bridge the gap to happier childhoods and brighter futures.

Camps for Kids - York Region Children's Fund  

The online version of the Camp for Kids brochure.

Camps for Kids - York Region Children's Fund  

The online version of the Camp for Kids brochure.