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Choice of Portugal surf camp and surf university Racing using the surf ski is definitely one of the best sports that have been invented by mankind. With these advantages, there is no way for one not to try it at least once. You are going surfing and some people you know are telling you to be careful out there because of all those sharks. While there are sharks in the water, some are big and some are small; different areas of the world have different types of sharks. In places like Australia, they are a legit danger, there have been plenty of surfers who have been attacked, maimed and even killed by shark attacks. However, there are a ton of myths about our underwater predator that we need to clear up. Sharks are the predators of the ocean; there is no doubt about that fact. However, they are mostly located in the deeper parts of the ocean. They will come closer to the beaches if they are chasing prey and contrary to popular belief people are not their favorite meal choices. There have been many shark attack survivors who exaggerate their encounter story to lead people to believe that sharks are dangerous creatures that need to be exterminated. Most of the time sharks are not going to attack you unless they smell blood. Which means, if you cut yourself or your bleeding or even wearing a bandage it may be time to wait and surf another day after you've healed up a little bit. Sharks for the most part do not like the taste of human flesh. We are not part of the shark's diet, and the ordinary shark will never encounter a human being in its lifetime. If you are surfing and you see the fin (not a dolphin fin) coming towards you, don't freak out. Do not lose your cool and start flopping around like a seal; really, don't make a lot of sudden movements. Just start paddling away (with your legs on your surfboard) slowly. Also, don't be naive and believe that sharks are not dangerous. Even the baby sharks can nip you and cause enough blood loss so you won't make it to the hospital alive. You never want to play with a shark or feed it etc. If you see one, especially a big one, you'll want to call it a day. It is okay to let people in the line-up know what you saw, and even tell the lifeguard on the way out. Our bony structure is not an appealing meal for sharks, we are hard to digest. This is not to say that sharks won't take a bite before they figure this out for themselves. Sharks are curious creatures, and have a slow digestive system. They are very cautious about they take in, but they will bite to find out and that is not a pleasant experience. So, if you see a shark, don't panic. Just start moving away slowly. No matter how fast you think you can paddle you can't outrun a shark. So just chill, take a deep breath (think about french fries if you have to) and paddle away slowly with your feet on your board.

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Choice of Portugal surf camp and surf university  

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