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Beach is their mother, Man is their father, Sand is their land Of these monsters walking around.

Published in Athens by the Department of photography in T.E.I., 2014

LOST ON THE BEACH Rufina Bazlova Laura Hangiu Madalina Tichie Alexandra Dimache

Athens 2014

The hole of the life It’s a gem of the size 8 bugs can pass through But none can stay into.

Monsters can’t stop eating Once they felt the beating Of the humans’ heart, They will tear them apart.

When monsters were born in the city They abolished the humans’ community Camouflaging themselves in hunters They become the new headmasters.

The heavily polluted air Turned into the worst nightmare For the fish which had to see The space monster sank into the sea.

When human created the monsters Some of them did not answer As the man had expected So mutants were created.

Walk on land, Roll in sand, Swim into sea, And raw meat you’ll be.

The beautiful sunset light Is in fact the twilight Of the factories’ smoke Which will give you a sunstroke.

If you can’t see the evil in each other This means you should look harder To find what lies under the reflections Of all these good intentions.

Open your eyes so you can see What this creature turned to be The desire of your life Asking it to be your wife.

One, two, three After you’ve seen them you can no longer be free.

Seasons come, seasons pass Blood still flows really fast Monsters suck their time, But humans think they’ll be fine.

To water a plastic Is as drastic As the wish of human mind To eat fruits he could not find.

Falling from the sky Gives it the courage to try To rule the sea world In order to become their lord.

Three legs of its own, One shoe left alone Shooting that ball Will keep man to the wall.

The last “hi” from monster’s eye...

The book appeared as a part of the “Free Eco Art workshops” project. This time we collected rubbish from the Athens’ beaches. All these monsters came alive from things that we’ve found.

Concept of the book: Rufina Bazlova, Laura Hangiu, Madalina Tichie, Alexandra Dimache Illustrations, graphic design and book binding: Rufina Bazlova Texts: Laura Hangiu

Athens, 2014