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LN385 Dr. Hahm

Eleanor Heacock April 11, 2012

Exercise 1: i. You’re so negative I want to strangle you. Positive ii. I disagree with all of you. Positive iii. They’re always complaining about things of no importance at all. Positive iv. I can do nothing to help you. Positive v. Never before had they offered such good terms. Negative vi. That’s absolute nonsense, you brainless ninny. Positive vii. We finished the job in no time. Positive viii. Everybody hates lying, mealy-mouthed, pontificating little weasels like you. Positive ix. We can’t just not answer their letter. Negative x. There’s hardly any chance of them changing their mind. Negative Exercise 2: i. He had told neither the boss nor her secretary. He had not told the boss or her secretary. ii. They were impressed by none of the candidates. They were not impressed by any of the candidates. iii. We have nowhere to hide. We do not have anywhere to hide. iv. I saw no one on the road. I did not see anyone on the road. v. We’re taking neither of them with us. We are not taking either of them with us.



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