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rammy news V WARRINGTON TOWN 19-04-14

TONY CUNNINGHAM AND THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF NON-LEAGUE FOOTBALL Welcome to the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium and a special welcome to all our friends from Warrington Town. We’ve already played the Wire twice at their place, and it currently stands at 1-1. They were one of the four sides that saw our campaign get off to a miserable start by beating us 1-0 in the league, but we returned there once we had found our form, and beat them in the FA Trophy 2-1. Whilst both games could be regarded as important, today’s fixture rises to a new level. May it be an entertaining encounter. THE END IS IN SIGHT After eight months of high octave football, the finishing line is in sight. What a season it has been. After that afore-mentioned dreadful start, we have, at times, excelled, as we have maintained a consistency throughout the season which sees us viewing these last three games as an opportunity to gain a place in the endof-season lottery, and a shot at promotion. Our visitors today are in the same position, although they are sitting somewhat more comfortably than we are. They are virtually guaranteed a play-off spot, whilst in reality, we may well need to win our final three games. It is certainly not beyond us, but football being football, I reckon there will still be a few slip-ups between now and next Saturday. Let’s be honest, at the final whistle over in Farsley last week, it was a case of general despair. We had thrown away three invaluable points in the final five minutes. Then to return to the dressing room and realise that the other five clubs chasing the four places, had all won, really was a sickener. Farsley then compounded the feeling of doom by doing what today’s visitors had done two days earlier, that is winning at champions Curzon Ashton. After the season the Nash have had down at the Tameside stadium, to buckle against two of our competitors had me tempted to ask the FA to set up an enquiry! But on the same night, we rejoiced with the news that New Mills had done us a massive favour by beating Lancaster City, which not many would have forecast. The following night, our mood lightened considerably, as we saw that Northwich Vics, themselves on a superb unbeaten run, had mauled Bamber Bridge 4-0. Whatever we felt at 5 o’clock at Farsley was mirrored by the feelings of both Lancaster and Bamber Bridge in midweek. Football really is an emotional roller-coaster, so we look forward to today’s game with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and concern. There is so much to play for, but, as they have done on many occasions this season, I’m sure our lads are up to the task. What a week we have in store!

President: J Smith

ELSEWHERE Our situation will be repeated in leagues up and down the country, but to those clubs who have already guaranteed promotion, I offer my congratulations, none more so than the biggest non-league club of all, Luton Town, who have suffered an horrendous last seven or eight years. Those who have had relegation confirmed, no doubt, will be looking forward to the next campaign to rid themselves of the memory. But that’s the way it goes. Football is a constantly changing panorama.

Team Managers: A Johnson, B Morley

SUPPORT The support the Rams have had this year is probably the best ever. We have attracted a number of new fans, and long may they stay with us. The vocal backing the lads have received, especially away from home where we have regularly outnumbered home supporters, has been superb. Thank you, and well done! Irrespective of today’s result, can I ask that as many of you as possible get down to Moor Lane on Monday afternoon as we take on Salford City in our penultimate match, and of course, please turn up in huge numbers next Saturday. What a season it has been! Enjoy your non-league football!

Chairman: H Williams Secretary: A Cunningham 07973 416580 Matchday Secretary: A Edmunson 07875 565261 Treasurers: H Williams, C Woolfall Committee: C Woolfall, A Edmundson, G Lay, D Wolfenden, K Topping Life Members: FA Rothwell, L Read, A Whalley, F Rothwell, J Wolfenden, P McSherry, A Mcleod Programme Editor: R Moss Hospitality Manager: I McCool Catering Manager: S Fletcher

First XI Coaches: J Hunter, G Moses, D Green Physio: K Brooks Recent Honours: NWCFL Champions 2011/12 Premier Runners Up 2010/11 2nd Div Champions 96/97 2nd Div Trophy 95/96 Bolton Hospital Cup Winners 2005/06. 2006/07, 2007/08 The Harry Williams Riverside, Acre Bottom, Ramsbottom, Lancashire Tel: 01706 822799

glenn moses

Good afternoon and welcome to the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium for this important clash with Warrington Town. We welcome Shaun, as well as all staff, players and fans that have made the journey over, and we hope they enjoy their afternoon. Warrington have had a fantastic season pushing Curzon for the title so we know we are in for a tough afternoon, and come 4:50pm this afternoon we'll both have a better indication of what we have left to do to secure the highest position we can. Last time out was our trip over to Farsley in what turned out to be a fruitless visit.. As the clock ticked into injury time with us leading 2-1 we all thought we had made a massive step towards securing that playoff position, only to be left heartbroken with two late late goals and go home empty handed. Not only was it a massive disappointment to us but also to the traveling army of ever growing supporters that we take on away days. I must say what a great feeling it is for the lads to see little old Rammy taking a coach full of supporters who were still singing as we left the pitch, so a massive thanks to everyone who made the effort to travel. Like I’ve said in previous Columns, there is likely to be a few more twists and turns before the season closes and this week has already shown that. The midweek fixtures saw a couple of our playoff rivals drop points, and even with just three games to go there will be some more suprises to come; so jump on and buckle up for the last ride on what has been a rollercoster for us all. Let’s see if we can raise the noise levels again today and hopefully take another step towards the playoffs. Enjoy the game "Oooooooooo Rammmmy United"


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CURZON ASHTON Ossett Town Warrington Town PADIHAM AFC Liverpool - FA Cup NORTHWICH VICTORIA Ossett Albion Stocksbridge - FA Cup Stocksbridge - FA Cup Mossley DARLINGTON 1883 Barrow - FA Cup Radcliffe Borough Warrington Town FA Trophy LANCASTER CITY Wakefield ATHERTON LR Lancs Trophy WORKSOP FA Trophy 1Q Harrogate Railway Athletic Blyth Spartans FA Trophy Darlington 1883 NEW MILLS FC UNITED Doodson cup Worcester City FA Trophy Padiham Lancs Trophy BURSCOUGH CLITHEROE Kendal Town Curzon Ashton Chorley Lancs Trophy WAKEFIELD Bamber Bridge SALFORD CITY Northwich Victoria MOSSLEY RADCLIFFE BOROUGH Clitheroe Cammell Laird OSSETT ALBION Lancaster City Padiham OSSETT TOWN Prescot Cables CAMMELL LAIRD HARROGATE RAILWAY New Mills PRESCOT CABLES Burscough FARSLEY KENDAL TOWN Farsley WARRINGTON TOWN Salford City BAMBER BRIDGE

RES ATT STARTING ELEVEN 1-3 0-2 0-1 1-2 5-0 2-2 2-1 2-2 3-0 4-3 3-0 0-3 1-1 2-1 6-0 3-2 3-1 7-2 4-0 1-0 1-0 1-1 1-2 0-3 4-1 7-1 4-1 3-2 2-2 0-2 3-1 1-2 5-2 4-3 3-1 8-0 4-2 1-2 2-0 3-1 4-1 2-2 3-0 0-2 5-0 3-2 5-2 1-1 1-1 3-0 2-3

254 100 192 309 238 212 73 129 127 173 396 677 241 103 241 64 69 355 124 298 899 292 464 341 106 229 192 167 233 301 181 248 341 176 371 344 373 73 165 228 271 172 192 305 136 175 101 215 184 228 199

Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Chadwick Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton Shenton * Fearon Fearon Fearon Fearon Fearon

Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender 1 Warrender Warrender # Hulme + Warrender Warrender Hulme 1 Hulme Hulme Warrender Lomax Lomax Lomax Lomax Lomax + Lomax Toth Lomax Dean Dean Lomax Toth Lomax Lomax Lomax Fitzgerald * Hulme 1 Hulme 1 Hulme Hulme Hulme 1 Hulme Warrender Warrender 1 Smalley + Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Smalley

Pilkington Pilkington * Pilkington * Pilkington Roberts * Roberts * 1 Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Pilkington Pilkington Hulme Hulme Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Pilkington Roberts Roberts # Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington # Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts

Stopforth + Drew Drew + Drew + Stopforth + Pilkington Morley + Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth # Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth # Gaskell 1 Stopforth # Stopforth # Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Pilkington Stopforth Stopforth # Stopforth Stopforth # Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth + Stopforth Stopforth 1 Stopforth Stopforth Spencer Spencer Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth + Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth Stopforth

Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson Dawson + Robinson Priestley Dawson Dawson Dawson * Warrender Warrender Dawson * Dawson Warrender Warrender 1 Warrender Warrender 1 Warrender Warrender Warburton * Warrender 2 Warrender Lomax Warrender # Edghill + Toth Warrender 1 Warrender Lacy Lacy Warrender * Warrender Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender Warrender # Warrender * Howson

Hulme Hulme Hulme Spencer * Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson * Robinson Flannery # Flannery + Warrender Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Warburton Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley 1 Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley 1 Priestley 1 Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley Priestley

Morning * Morning + Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley 1 + Smalley # Smalley Smalley Smalley * Smalley Smalley Smalley 1 Smalley Prickett Smalley 1 Smalley 1 Smalley Smalley Smalley Toth Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley 1 Smalley Smalley Smalley Smalley * Spencer 1 + Spencer Spencer 1 Spencer 1 Spencer * Spencer 1 * Spencer Smalley + Smalley Spencer * Spencer Hulme Spencer Spencer * Spencer * Smalley Smalley + Spencer *

Spencer Spencer Stopforth Stopforth Spencer Spencer Spencer # Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer Spencer * Spencer Toth Spencer Spencer # Spencer Spencer Spencer + Hulme # Spencer Pilkington Pilkington 1 + Robinson 2 + Robinson + Spencer Spencer Spencer * 1 Spencer + Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Pilkington Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton Burton 1 Burton * Green Pilkington Pilkington Burton Burton Burton # Burton

Robinson # Robinson Robinson Robinson Gaskell 2 Gaskell Gaskell 2 Gaskell Gaskell 1 Gaskell Gaskell Gaskell Gaskell * Hulme Robinson 1 + Robinson 1 + Smith 2 Robinson 1+ Robinson 1 + Robinson + Robinson Brooks * Robinson Robinson * Brooks + Gaskell 1 * Gaskell 1 Gaskell 1 Gaskell 1 Brooks * Gaskell + Gaskell * Gaskell 2 Gaskell 1 Gaskell 1 Gaskell 2 # Gaskell Gaskell Green + Gaskell 1 Gaskell 1 Gaskell Gaskell 2 Gaskell + Gaskell * Gaskell 3 Gaskell 3 # Gaskell # Gaskell Gaskell Gaskell

Brooks 1 Brooks # Gaskell # Gaskell Brooks # 1 Hulme Hulme Hulme # Roberts * 1 Roberts Robinson * 3 Robinson Robinson + Brooks Brooks 2 Brooks * Brooks 1 Brooks 2 * Brooks * Gaskell * Gaskell Gaskell Brooks Gaskell + Hulme 3 Hulme # Hulme * Hulme 2 Pilkington Hulme # Green # 1 Green Green + Green 1 Green + Denham Denham 2 Denham Denham # Hulme Hulme 2 * Hulme * Hulme Hulme Denham + Green + Howson 1 Howson Howson # Hulme Hulme

Dean Dean Dean Dean # Dean 1 Dean 1 Dean * Dean 1 Dean Dean 1* Dean Dean Dean Dean + Dean Dean 1 Gaskell + Dean 2 Dean 2 Dean Dean 1 Dean # Dean * Pilkington Spencer Spencer 2 Spencer 1 Spencer # Dean + Dean Dean Dean Dean 2 Dean # Dean # Dean 3 Dean * Dean + Dean Dean 2 Dean 1 Dean 1 Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean 1 Dean * Dean Pilkington

SUBSTITUTES Drew + Warburton Warburton * Edghill * Pilkington * Bradbury Toth * Roberts + Flannery # Hulme # + Pilkington + Edghill + Brooks * 1 Edghill + Edghill * Edghill + Dean Hulme 1 + Toth * Toth Toth Toth Smalley * Toth Warrender *1 Toth Toth # Toth # Toth Warburton + Warrender Toth Toth Toth Toth Toth Toth Toth Toth # Toth Toth + Toth Toth + Toth * # Toth # Toth Toth Toth Spencer * 1 Spencer + Toth

Smalley * Smalley * Brooks # Morley Bradbury # 1 Edghill Prickett Flannery * Morley Brooks * 2 Brooks * Brooks * Hulme + Gaskell * Gaskell + Pilkington * Smalley + Pilkington Gaskell + Brooks * Johnson Robinson * Spencer # Hulme * Gaskell + Robinson * Pilkington + Pilkington + Brooks Bradbury Edghill * Pilkington + Brooks + Brooks Reece # Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Fitzgerald * Warburton * Green Green * Green * Green * Green # Roberts + Hulme + Green + Krou Green Howson * Krou *

Gaskell # Gaskell # Spencer + Johnson + Edghill + Prickett Johnson Brooks # Prickett Toth + Toth Toth # Toth Toth Toth # Toth Priestley * Toth # Prickett # Hulme + Brooks Pilkington + Gaskell + Brooks + Smith # Brooks + Brooks * Brooks Robinson + Smith # Brooks + 1 Edghill Robinson * Hulme * Firzgerald Lacy * Reece Green + Bradbury + Morley Morley Warburton Morley Johnson + Nuttall * Morley * Burton * Hulme * Hulme + Krou # Pugh

Toth Toth Toth Brooks 1 # Drew Toth Toth * Bradbury # Morley Toth Brooks * Prickett Dawson # Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Spencer # Gaskell * Chadwick Morley Warburton Chadwick Chadwick Warburton Bradbury Dean 1 # Warburton Johnson Hulme # Gaskell * Johnson # Brooks * Spencer 1 # Denham 1 + Denham 1 + Reece + Morley Morley Smith Johnson Johnson Bradbury Johnson Morley Morley Johnson Hulme # 1 Green # Krou # Pugh Dean

Bradbury Bradbury + Bradbury Roberts Warburton Morley Warburton + Prickett Toth+ Hulme Edghill Edghill Johnson Edghill Pilkington Warburton Dawson Robinson Chadwick Johnson Johnson Smith Roberts # Stopforth Bradbury Edghill Chadwick Bradbury Morley Edghill Chadwick Chadwick Johnson Edghill Reece # Johnson Green # Green * Morley Chadwick

Pugh Toth Warrender

REMAINING MATCHES Saturday 19th April Clitheroe v Curzon Ashton Darlington v Farsley Harrogate v Cammell Laird Lancaster v Padiham Mossley v Ossett Town New Mills v Kendal Northwich v Salford Ossett Albion v Wakefield Prescot v Burscough Radcliffe v Bamber Bridge Rammy v Warrington Monday 21st April Bamber Bridge v Mossley Burscough v Radcliffe Cammell Laird v Northwich Curzon Ashton v New Mills Farsley v Harrogate

Kendal v Lancaster Ossett Town v Ossett Albion Padiham v Clitheroe Salford v Rammy Wakefield v Darlington Warrington v Prescot Saturday 26th April Darlington v Burscough Harrogate v Warrington Lancaster v Curzon Ashton Mossley v Farsley New Mills v Wakefield Northwich v Ossett Town Ossett Albion v Padiham Prescot v Salford Radcliffe v Kendal Rammy v Bamber Bridge

Sportsmans Dinner & End of Season Presentation Night

Steve Tindon

Friday 16th May, Rammy Cricket Club Tickets ÂŁ35 from Harry 01706 823029

today’s visitors warrington

Formed in 1949 under the eye of their late president, Jimmy Drinkwater the club began life as Stockton Heath and, after playing at a ground called London Road in Appleton. We competed in the Warrington and District league until 1953, when a move to the Mid Cheshire League coincided with the appointment of Freddie Worrall as manager. During his thirteen years at the helm, Heath were one of the most feared sides in Cheshire football, winning a string of honours including the Mid Cheshire League Championship in 1960, the League Cup three times, and making the more appearances in the Cheshire Amateur Cup Final than any other club. Several players from this successful period went on to join Football League clubs, including Ian Weir (Scotland & Hibernian), John Green (Tranmere Rovers), and Alan Foster (Crewe). The most famous son must, however be Roger Hunt who went on to score many memorable goals for Liverpool and gained the ultimate honour of winning a World Cup Winners Medal with England in 1966. At the 1961 AGM, it was decided to change the clubs name to Warrington Town, and in 1965, the club moved to their present home in Latchford. A neat, compact stadium with a capacity of around 3,500 the ground is on the banks of the Manchester Ship canal in the shadow of the imposing Cantilever Bridge which dominates the areas skyline, and from which the ground now takes its name. The late sixties and early seventies were mostly spent in the doldrums, and the club continued without success until the formation of the North West Counties League in 1982 proved to be a springboard for them to start to move up the pyramid. Originally placed in the third division of the new league, Town immediately gained promotion as runners up, and quickly established themselves as one of the divisions most powerful clubs, missing out on promotion by a small margins on no fewer than three occasions. 1985-86 saw Town's first serious attempt at winning the F.A. Vase, but following a tremendous run, they bowed out to eventual winners Halesowen Town in an epic semifinal replay at Buck Park, home of Telford United. Promotion to division one of the NWCL was achieved in 1986-87 and the club again excelled in the F.A Vase, making it all the way to Wembley sadly losing 3-2 to local

rivals St Helens Town. Promotion to the Northern Premier League was gained in 1989-90, but the club had very little success after that until 1992-93 when a fantastic FA Trophy run ended in the quarter finals at Sutton United, earning them a cool £5.000 for being the furthest non-exempt team left in the competition. On the away to Sutton, Town had beaten Conference Side Merthyr Tydfil, which earned them a team of the round prize. In the Cheshire Senior Cup, they were victorious at Macclesfield Town and Hyde United on way to a Semi Final Place, while in the League Cup, they went one further becoming the first ever Division One Side to reach the final, in front of a large crowd at Maine Road. Town matched Premier League runners up Winsford United all the way but Winsford took the trophy home following a penalty shoot out. To cap the clubs most successful season ever, Neil Whalley equaled the NPL transfer fee record when he moved to third division side Preston North End for £25,000 and just a few weeks later Liam Watson shattered the fee record, also moving to Deepdale for a staggering £60.000. Town were named "Team Talk Magazine" team of the year 1992-93. A high number of injuries together with problems behind the scenes and a disappointing lack of goals in 1993-94 hindered the team, although they reached the semi final of the Cheshire Senior Cup, beating conference side Witton Albion on the way, and were in with a chance of promotion until the last few weeks of the season. The 1994-95 season was another successful year for Town, who made it into the draw for the F.A. Cup First Round Proper for the first time ever, a last gasp equaliser at Hyde United forcing a replay. The winners of the tie would entertain Darlington but sadly Town have still to play in the first round proper, as Hyde won the replay 2-0. Town also took Chorley to a replay in the league cup, having beaten Barrow along the away, but once their interest in that competition was over the club, were able to focus on their main aim of the season, namely promotion to the Premier Division. An amazing run saw them win eleven games of their last fifteen but this was not quite good enough. Town finished in third place, missing out on promotion by just one point.

Major problems behind the scenes over the close season resulted in the management team and most of the players moving to Curzon Ashton, and a completely new-look Town side lined up to face Alfreton for the first game of the 1995-96 season. Town lost 5-1, but new boss Tommy Lawson turned things around, and by Christmas, Town were once more a match for anybody. The close season 1996 saw yet another change of management as Tommy left for pastures new to be replaced by Alan Lord. Unfortunately the partnership parted just before Christmas and Simon Rudge came back and brought Ray Birch as his assistant. The change came too late to save Town from relegation but the run did show some promise. Financial problems both on and off the pitch beset Town in 1996-97 and a new committee was formed under Chairman Harry Boden & Steve Jones. Relegation to the NWCFL Div 1 was followed by demotion on ground grading criteria to Division 2 and a rationalisation of the clubs finances coupled with the appointment of Dave Hughes as Football Manager & Ian Dick as his secretary has saw Town's image improve dramatically. Sadly though Ian had to return to Scotland for personal reasons, and Dave stepped down to assistant manager, with Alan Blair becoming manager. The 99/00 season saw Town win the Second Division Trophy beating Tetley Walker 2-0 at Prescot Cables. In 200/01 Warrington won the Second Division title to return to Division One of the North West Counties League. Town finished 16th in their second season back in Div 1 and Alan Blair stepped down, Glenn Walker & Derek Brownbill took over and saw Town finish 5th in the league to gain promotion back into the UniBond Division One after the league restructuring process had taken place. For the first five seasons in the UniBond (Northern Premier) League Town found life fairly difficult finishing each season in the bottom half of the table, which included a couple of close scrapes avoiding relegation. The period was not entirely without success though as we won the NPL Fair Play Award, numerous programme awards, youth team championships and cup wins for the reserves. We also had a four figure home attendance against Liverpool in the Senior Cup and reached the third qualifying round of the FA Cup. A number of managers came and went in this time, namely Glenn Walker in sole control, Ian

Street and Paul Moore. When the North South split came for Division One Town spent one season in the south in 2007/2008 before moving north. In season 2008/09 ex Town favourite Joey Dunn took over as team manager and gradually things started to improve. 2009/10 saw Town record their highest finish in the NPL since the mid 1990’s when ninth place was secured. Off the field the club continued to prosper under the leadership of a new board of directors headed by Gary Skentelbery and optimism was higher than for many years that better football times were not too far away as we looked to further improve. The club has a positive air about it in all departments and everyone is hopeful for some success in winning trophies. 2010/11 showed that hope to have definite grounding as we spent most of the season on the fringe of a play-off position. However a disappointing last few games saw us drop away and even lose sixth place which had been occupied for the last three months of the season, apart from the final game, finally finishing ninth once more. In the close season superb new 3G five a side facilities were added in the open end behind the goal and the main pitch itself also had a make over as we sought to end the days of the Cantilever bobble once and for all. The 20011/12 season saw us threaten to take a play off position up until mid March when we slipped off the pace in a matter of one week. This resulted in the management team of Joey Dunn and Stuart Humphreys being replaced by Shaun Reid and former player Lee Smith. 2012/13 saw Shaun start to rebuild the squad and although success was hoped for it never really came to fruition and the season became a transitional one. A brief flirtation with a play off position did occur but with more games played than our rivals a mid table finish was the predictable outcome. 2013/14 should see the side move a gear as the promotion target is once more set. Updated 29.06.2013 Previous Leagues: Warrington & District 1949-52 - Mid Cheshire 1952-78 - Cheshire CO 1978-82 N.W.C 1982-90 & 1997-2004 - N.P.L (Evo-Stik) Division One 1990-97 & 2004/05-present Previous Name: Stockton Heath 1949-62 Best performance in F.A Cup: 4th Qual Rd 1994-95 - F.A Vase: Runners Up 1986/87 FA Trophy: Quarter Finalists 1992-93

today’s visitors warrington

James McCarten, Defender Previous Clubs – Everton, Aberystwyth Town McCarten began his career as a youth player at Everton and was named Everton under-18's player of the year for the 2008–09 season. Phil Davies, Defence/Midfield Signed in the summer of 2012/13 Phil has become a regular in the full back position making a host of appearance throughout the course of the season. Player of the season in 2012/13. Dylan Glass, Striker Dylan is youth team graduate that has made the step up to the first team. He is also following in his father’s footsteps as he too played for Town. Dylan has made a number of first team starts in the last couple of seasons and would appear to have much potential with a regular place now a distinct possibility. Ciaran Kilheeney, Striker Town pulled off something of a coup in signing Ciaran from Chorley in 2013/13. Ciaran has a proven goal scoring record and from early appearances it appears to be carrying on where he left off. He finished the season as top scorer for 2013/13 with 13 goals from 23 + 2 starts David Mannix, Striker Danny joined us from Colwyn Bay at the same time as Jon Newby making an immediate impact on the starting eleven. David started with the Liverpool Academy and Reserves before going on loan to Accrington Stanley. A spell at Norwegian club HamKam followed before returning to Stanley. He has also played for Chester City and Vauxhall Motors.

Josh Ollerenshaw, Goalkeeper Signed on loan in December 2013 from Fleetwood Town with the laon period extended through to the remainder of the season at least. Jack West, Midfield Jack was a regular in the team sheet in 2013 and made a number of impact appearance when coming on as a substitute. That experience has stood him in good stead and he is expected to feature regularly again in 2013/14. Agile and strong running Jack has proven a handful for the opposition on many an occasion. Ben Wharton, Striker Ben signed for The Wire shortly after the end of the 2012/13 season from Radcliffe Borough where he boasted an impressive strike rate. Ben started out with Stockport County Youth following by spells at Rochdale, Accrington Stanley, Northwich Victoria and Buxton Chris Gahgan, Striker/utility player Chris has been a prolific striker for all the clubs he has played for including in his previous spell with Town. Indeed Chris twice ended up as top scorer (08/9 & 09/10). Chris re-signed for Town in the summer of 2013 having initially signed back in 2008/09. Previous clubs include Northwich Victoria, Witton Albion (twice) and Bradford. As always Chris impressed in his pre season displays and it is hoped he can add to a front with goal scoring the number one aim. David Thompson, Defender David signed in September 2013 having previously played at Vauxhall Motors. He made a winning debut in the 2-0 victory at Northwich Victoria, a landmark result for Warrington Town.

today’s visitors Liam Dawson, Striker Signed from Marine in March 2013 Liam adds pace to the side and looks to be an exciting acquisition for the Town side. It good that he has stayed with us for the coming campaign having impressed yet further in pre season.

Scott Metcalfe, Midfield Scott, a pacey left winger, signed for Town in late September 2013 having joined the club from Curzon Ashton. Scot’s previous clubs include FC Halifax Town and FC United of Manchester.


Carlos Meakin, Striker Carlos joined Town in mid October 2013 from fellow NPL 1 North club New Mills. Carlos had been a prolific striker in seven seasons at New Mills finishing top scorer on each occasion. He had a brief spell at Nantwich Town at the start of 2013/14 before returning to the North Derbyshire club once again. Louis Corrigan, Defender Louis rejoined the club for his second spell in January 2014 having played with Marine prior to that. Corrigan’s previous clubs include Skelmersdale, Shepparton United in Australia, Tranmere Rovers and Colwyn Bay.

Shaun Tuck, Midfield/Striker Shaun signed shortly before the transfer deadline in March 2014. He looks to add pace in attack and has an impressive track record, most recently with Vauxhall Motors. Previous clubs include Skelmersdale United and Witton Albion. Richard Anane, Defender Signed in January 2014 making his debut in the win at Ossett Albion. Richard was previously with Stockport Sports. Aaron Bowen, Defence/Midfield Signed on loan from Barrow FC in October 2013. Aaron made a notable impact from day one both in overall play and goal scoring. Aaron later signed permanently for Town following an extended loan period.

TONY’S NON-LEAGUE TEASERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

ANSWERS: 1. Alan Devonshire 2. Ryman Div. One North 3. West Auckland Town and Sholing 4. Broadhurst Park 5. Wakefield 6. Lee Gregory 7. Barnet 8. Halifax Town 9. AFC Fylde 10. Afan Lido

9. 10.

Who manages Braintree Town? In which league do AFC Sudbury play? Which two teams will contest this year’s FA Vase? What name has been chosen for FC United of Manchester’s new stadium? Which current Evo-Stik League side will play their home matches at Emley next season? Name the Halifax Town player currently heading the goal-scoring chart in Skrill Premier. Martin Allen recently returned to which side for the third time? Grant Spencer’s brother Scott has joined which other Skrill Premier side on loan from Hyde? Which club won the Doodson cup last weekend? Name the first team to be relegated from the Welsh Premier League this season.


Harry Williams Riverside Stadium 5th April 2014 Att: 228 Rammy Goals: Dean (1,40), Stopforth (32) Kendal Town Goals: The end-of-the-season chase for the four play-off places continues to be a fascinating race between six clubs, and Ramsbottom United did their chances no harm with a comfortable victory over mid-table Kendal Town. Having notched a goal in the opening minute, the home side had the points effectively won by half-time as they ran in two more goals, to return to winning ways after a couple of drawn games. The game was barely sixty seconds old when Lee Gaskell beat the offside trap by racing down the right before sending over a low cross for Phil Dean to convert with venom at the far post.This was just the tonic the Rams needed, having dropped four points during the previous seven days, and the home side controlled the opening half, with the visitors relying on the odd breakaway which rarely troubled the home defence.The Rams should have doubled the lead on 19 minutes. Jordan Hulme did well to create space in the box, before laying the ball on to Gaskell. The leading scorer rounded his marker, but somehow managed to flick the ball wide when a certain second goal looked on the cards. On 32 minutes, the second goal did arrive. A cross from Dean on the left found Gaskell, but his shot was initially blocked before bouncing kindly into the path of Gary Stopforth, who blasted the loose ball home from twelve yards.Moments later Gaskell raced onto a misplaced back-pass, but Danny McDonald in the Kendal goal sprinted off his line to dive at the forward’s feet to snuff out the danger.On 40 minutes, the Rams extended their lead.Good work from Dominic Smalley saw him thread the ball through to Stopforth on the right, and he took the ball forward before sending over a cross for Dean to nod in at the far post.The Rams went in for the break three goals to the good, and it was no more than they deserved, and possibly less than they could have had. Kendal, on the other hand, had offered very little, and the game was effectively over as a contest. The second half was something of a disappointment. Content with their day’s work, the home side backed off a little, and although the Cumbrians had more of the game, they rarely looked like troubling the home back-line.What little they had to offer was easily dealt with by Martin Fearon in the home goal, although the Rams themselves rarely looked like adding to their lead.Hulme created a couple of chances, as did substitute Grant Spencer, but clear-cut chances were few and far between as both sides played out a subdued second period. A place in the play-offs is now in the Rams own hands. Four tough games to come, but with the focus very much on making the final cut, expectations are high at the Harry Williams Riverside Stadium that the target can be achieved. It all makes for an interesting last three weeks of what has been another exceptional season in east Lancashire.

back on track

possession corners free-kicks won offside decisions won total shots shots on target goals

Stat Attack

This vital promotion battle appeared to be going the way of the Rams until disaster struck in the last five minutes. With the game entering time added-on, the Lancastrians were 2-1 up, but when the final whistle blew five minutes later, they had surrendered all three points, as the home side struck twice to grab all three points.To make matters worse, when the team trooped off, it was to find out that the other four sides involved in the play-off battle had all won, leaving a very down-crest Ramsbottom dressing room. The visitors had gained an early advantage after just five minutes, when good work from Joel Pilkington and Gary Stopforth set up leading scorer Lee Gaskell who fired home.The lead lasted for just seven minutes, when a static defence (more of that later) allowed a corner to be headed in the box back to Aiden Savory who planted his header home and restore parity. A foul on Jordan Hulme allowed Owen Roberts the opportunity to blast in a free-kick which was fumbled by the home keeper, but the Farsley defence managed to scramble the ball away, before another Roberts free-kick was blocked. Farsley were causing the Rams defence some problems, as the game played out evenly with both sides determined to grab the all-important three points. On the half-hour mark,the Rams began to assert themselves.Firstly a Gaskell free-kick passed inches wide of the post, before Grant Spencer had a shot cleared off the line.The second goal duly arrived on 37 minutes when Gaskell slipped a ball past the keeper and Hulme ran on to net with ease, giving the visitors a 2-1 interval lead. Gaskell almost added to that lead after 66 minutes when a poor clearance by the home custodian allowed him the opportunity to lob the ball back, but he over-hit it, and the ball landed on the roof of the net. Farsley began to take the game to the Rams who were indebted to goalkeeper Martin Fearon as he made two superb saves to maintain the slight advantage. On 75 minutes he pulled off a magnificent diving save to push a Paddy Miller free-kick round for a corner, before equalling that six minutes later, tipping over another free-kick. Hulme could have eased the Rams’ nerves but he finished weakly allowing the home side the opportunity to push forward in the hope of breaking the Ramsbottom defence. With time added-on approaching, it looked as though that defence had held out. Alas, having confronted everything the home side had to give, they wilted in the final five minutes, and twice stood and watched as Farsley’s forwards took advantage. Adam Priestley gleefully fired home on 90 minutes as the ball fell to him with his opponents standing and watching, and worse was to follow just three minutes later. Again a statuesque defence froze as the ball fell for Ross Daley just outside the box, and he hammered home to turn the game on it’s head, and create a massive dent in the Rams promotion hopes. A draw would probably have been a fair result, but to battle for 90 minutes only to give the game away in time added-on will have given the Rams management much cause for concern.Three games to go, and realistically, they all need to be won as the race for the play-offs remains as tight as ever.


Throstle Nest 12th April 2014 Att: 199 Rammy Goals: Gaskell (5), Hulme (37) Farsley Goals: Savory (12), Priestley (90), Daley (


Good afternoon everyone and Happy Easter (if you are that way inclined!). No chocolate eggs for me thanks!! Damn, blast, bugger, grrrrrr and other expletives that instantly spring to mind, some of which are not that suitable for a family publication like this. But there were all in full effect on Saturday afternoon when I was down in Portsmouth after watching a rugby match down there (no, it certainly wasn't football, thats for sure!!). At 2-1 up, I was feeling quite content. I had had a pleasant afternoon in the southern sunshine and we were winning. Even the Farsley twitter account were admitting that "it didn't look look" with just a few minutes remaining. And then, it happened! And how disappointing was it. Very! So, we are left with three games - today against Warrington, Monday down at newly-moneybags Salford City and then the final home game of the season against Bamber Bridge. Must wins all of them now given all the other results went against us last weekend so its nail-biting, nerve-jangling, pressure-cooker time. We are still within touching distance of something amazing, given our horror start to the season and the three point removal, should we really be in this position at all? Of course we should because the lads have done us more than proud. I am going to be at today's game and, if I can wangle it, maybe next week as well. I just urge every single Rammy fan to try and get to all of these games, back the lads and cheer and shout them on. You know it makes a difference and so do the players. It was great on Saturday evening when I popped into Trojans Rugby Club in Southampton and had a chat with a bloke that I didn't really know but have met on a couple of occasions over the course of the season. As per normal, I was checking out our scores on all of the occasions and showing my affiliation to the Rammy cause, sighs when we conceded, cheers when we score, that sort of thing! Well, I saw him again on Saturday evening and he said "how did we get on today" .... and he meant Rammy! I told him we lost 3-2 in injury time and he was disappointed. Yes, the Rammy name continues to spread. In fact, he has told his lads. Initially, they were a bit "what are you on about Dad" and it was a bit of fun but they are now looking out for our scores. And it really is that easy to spread the word of our 'little' club and it was heartwarming that my enthusiasm for non-league football and a club 230+ miles away from home has developed a few more followers who are taking an interest. So, continue to spread the word, tell your friends and acquiantences about Ramsbottom United because if I can do it down here, just think what we can do more locally!! Well, here we go then. Bring on the football and lets see where this roller-coaster continues to take us. OHHHHHHHH RAMMY UNITED ...... OHHHHHHH RAMMY UNITED!!!!!

Joint Manager and striker Anthony Johnson Joint Manager and midfielder Bernard Morley

Coach Glenn Moses Coach Darren Green

Goalkeeper Martin Fearon

rammy squad

Left-back Owen Roberts

Centre-Back Billy Priestley

Centre-back Steve Howson Centre-back Andy Dawson

Centre-back Dan Warrender

Midfield Joel Pilkington

Midfield Tom Toth

rammy squad Midfielder Gary Stopforth

Midfielder Grant Spencer

Left-wing Phil Dean Right-wing Dom Smalley

Striker Jordan Hulme Striker Lee Gaskell

Striker Jon Robinson Striker Darren Green


Blimey, what a rollercoaster! As a Rammy fan it’s easy to forget what a real football rollercoaster feels like. Tony will tell you, as he’s a life-long Bury fan, and I can remember countless damp miserable days stood on Deepdale’s derelict Kop watching 0-0 draws with teams like Colchester United, wondering whether avoiding re-election would be an option for the second season in a row, or standing on the away end at Burnden watching North End relegated as Bolton rampage up to Premiership glory. At least with Rammy’s rollercoaster we always seem to be at the right end of the table. I’ve heard one or two people mumbling about those critical three points that we had deducted for playing Wodge against someone - I think it was Lancaster - when he was supposed to be suspended. Graham Shuttleworth’s cock-up with the paperwork was exactly that - a massive cock-up. At the time I was pretty calm about it - this kind of stuff happens in football at all levels, and I can imagine just how mortified someone of Graham’s professionalism must have felt when he discovered it. We all hoped that it wouldn’t come down to just three points by the time we got to April, but sadly it has. I had a chat with Dave Holt about it during the week, and I’m afraid that I’ve changed my mind about not being annoyed. Claire said, “Well, you could point to conceding in the last minute at Burscough, Farsley and Mossley, or not performing better against Prescot” and she’s right, but those things are the fault of the team, players, managers. Yes, you chuck away stupid goals now and again but that’s in your own hands and on your own head. Chucking away three points off the pitch is nothing to do with football, and might just be the difference between a play-off place and spending another summer gazing sadly upon What Could Have Been. That’s not to say that I have it in for Graham for his genuine oversight, or want to dump six tonnes of manure on his drive (as allegedly happened to Tony Ellis when he signed for Blackpool), or that I’m annoyed at the league for just dishing out a fine to Sunderland while we get docked three points - thems the rules in our division, and we have to abide by them. In fact, that’s the bloody worst bit about it all - being annoyed without having anyone to rant at, which is what this column seems to be turning into; me having a rant. But... after a couple of results going our way in the week, including the thumping of Bamber Bridge by Northwich, things are still very much in our hands. I reckon we can take Warrington today, as we did in the cup and very nearly did in the league, and our old friends Salford City have always seemed to provide us with happy hunting grounds. Then it might, just might come down to Squeaky Bum Time when Bamber Bridge visit next Saturday. I hope the lads get to the play-offs, I really do. After the ridiculous amount of hard work they’ve put into making up for the poor start to the season, and being ditched out of the playoffs in the last minute at Skem, I reckon they really deserve it. As far as I’m concerned though, it’s a rollercoaster that I thoroughly enjoy being on!

Managers: Anthony JOHNSON Bernard MORLEY


Manager: Shaun REID


Referee: Gareth Mellor Assistants: Martin Ashworth, Thomas Hodgson Next home game: Saturday 25th April 3pm, Rammy v Bamber Bridge

31 Ramsbottom United v Warrington Town  

31 Ramsbottom United v Warrington Town Matchday Programme

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